Newspaper of The New York Herald, 1 Eylül 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 1 Eylül 1855 Page 2
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THE CANADA'S MAfLS. IPKHU DEFEAT M IB TODUAIi Hi tanUniao Genera] Hoatuicchio Mortally Wandcd. HOBBEW OF AMERICAN TRAVELLERS IN ITALY. Ike Reported Capture of Four Thousand Enadana. 4 c.j Ac., Ae. THE WAR. fbv BATTLE op the tchf.rnaya-re WEaT OP THE RUSSIAN ARMY -ITS PROBABLE CONSEQUENCES. I Prom the European Times, Auj?ust 18.] We team from Lord Panmure's brief announcement <???? tbe attack commenced on Thursday at daybreak? ?,.t the Russians bad between 60,000 and 60,000 men the command of General Llprandl engaged In t ? that the battle lasted three hour*, and ended in the de feat ot the enemy. with the loss on his part of some 4,000 ?? S 000 men, and what shows still more unmi^ababhr a. character of the victory, about four thousand of Km trvtps uxre taken prisoners. This last announcement is ?enchisivc ait to ihe deteat being complete, and it is only ?xeelled in importance by the a-^uranoe in the War Jtfaixter's despatch that the las a on the part of the allies vnmi very small. A second edition of the Liverpool Kmet, issned at f> ?'?lock A. M.. on August 18, the day the Canada sailed, haa the following ? It appears that the mo veme i of Ae Russians was in consequence of orders t .nsnutted feem St. Petersburg to the Kusnian generals to attack ?ar lines before the end of August. The reasons which induced the Kmperor Alexander to ate such orders, and fix a date for their execution, were me urgent representations of his commanders, who ?eat despatch alter despatch to thuir government. Manning it of the derih of the means of transport ana mt provisions, whic'i v*s making ilself severely felt, and threatened u> prove fatal to the very existence of his amies if the moath of September should find them la AeU then portion. In vain tbr Russian generals attempted an v.rtt/k when we nvKte reconnol-uuices. Ihe allied yps.ruls were too wise ; smd the consequeecc was thc.t tin Kus i n ii r had no course left them hut to retree.Vinte the in terior of tfw country where their want?ieoiti? be stip yfted, abandoning Sebastopol to Its fa*e, so far as the Stray of *e!M was conceded, or to nftke otn more des perate effort to drive the invaders into the seo, and thus nave the stronghold of the Czar and retrieve the honor ?f his anna. The last Intelligence from Oncral PelerWer leaves the Boosiads in full retreat upon M'Kcnzle's lurm, beaten, BerwweU, and short of provisions. Tls-- Russian army ?f ?beervatien, for the time, has no esistenw. It must aarsae its retreat for safety's sake : and. instead of re ?cviag its comrades, must itself seek mlicf. Hie'SlBed commanders have seized upon the moment hen their own soldiers are burning with victorious en thasfcjrm. and when deep dismay must exist umongst the Make of the defenders of i-'ebastopol, to re-open our ttre, afta-ttoment, too, when our approaches are so close to the cmny that hand grenade* have become the favorite wea M of offense, and it needs bnt a short mine to blow his ?Ml and rampart into one of ruins? e short rush to phm our gallant soldiers in possession of the long desir ?dKalokeff. At the moment we write, the bombardment ?? proceeding from the mouths of ?uch an armament, as wven fc'ebjrtopol has not until this moment felt the weight and it is not improbable that by the time these lines eneet the public eye, the assault may be made and a new Mai harfrwon glory added to tlie united flag. Tcrix, Friilsy, Aug. 17, 1855. A despatch hss been received here from General La Vailuon, in which he says, that " the l-'rench despatches WO show whetlier or not the Piedmontese are worthy to %ht beside the English and French. Two hundred of the Sardinian contingent ere put hors sferswt lot. ?meral Hontevicchio Is mortally wounded. The liondon \cnt of August 1(1 says : ? A singular <lls ??very has been made at Aix-la-Chapelle. In a bale of action shipped from the I'nited Slutes to Warsaw, byway ?f Antwerp, thero were found several six barrel revolvers and a quantity of powder. Tlie same journal of August 17 adds :? A letter from Ais-la-fhapelie of the 11th iust., contains the following xeawkable statement : Yesterday a quantity of fire arms, in course of transmission to the Russian govern ment , were discovered here nnd confiscated. One hun dred and forty-five bales of cotton from Antwerp for a heme at St. I'etersbnrg, had been declared. Thero were seasons for cntcrtaiutng suspicion, and the bales were ?pened, when the arms were found. They were at once anaed and a prosecution was commenced against the reti cent parties concerned in the affair. Every hole con tained twenty-four revolvers, with flufaL moulds, and ?ape. The cotton has been declared a forfeit to the arown, and a very heavy tine has been im|s>scsl upon the eender* of Ihe Imles. Cholera continues to spread in the I-omlmrdo-Venetian provinces. The total number of esses at Venice, from be 6th of ifay to the 7th of August, amounts to 1,113 ; at Padoa, from the 18th of January, sl?. The JVnpalton Prmllf. The following are the regulations .(published) involved hy thr Emperor of France respecting the prccedcnce of members of hla family: ? Article 1. The sons of the brother* and sister* of the ?knperor Napoleon T. who <lo not form part of the impe rial family will add the title* of ?'Prince" and "Hlgh nem" to their family name.- ? viz., bis Highness Prince ?harle* Bonaparte, his Highness Prince 1/iuis I.ucieu Bonaparte, his lllgnegs Prince Pierre Bonaparte, hU fflgfcncsH l'rince Antoine Bonaparte, hi Highness Prince lacien Mural. Art. 2. At the second generation the eldest son" alone will bear the titlea of -'Prince" find ?'Highness;" tlie ethers will only assume the title of "Prince. ' Art 3. The daughter* of the princes n lathes ol' the Anperor will enjoy, until their marriage, the title of "'Prlnccas," but when inarric-d they will only assume the ranee ana titles of their husbands, unlcs* a special de cision to the contrary be adopted. Art. 4. Coun'ctts Napolronc C&mcratn is authorized to hear the title of "Prutctts Baciocchi," nud to assume that of ' Highness." Art. 6. The princcs and princesses of the family of the Bmperor, to whom his Majesty gives a rank ut court. Me: ? His Hignes* Prince louis l.ucien Bonaparte, l\i? Highness Prlnco Pierre Bonaparte, her Highness Princess Baelocrhi, their highnesses i'rince and I'llnress l.ucien Murat, his Highness Prince Joseph Bonaparte (son of the Prince de Omino), their Prince nud Princese Jsnchlm Murat. Art. S. At the third general ion the eldest wn alone will bear the title of " Prince;'' their brothers and sMet* trill only bear the tUfcn which it may plea* the EmpcToi to confer upon them. Art. 1. When the Emperor i< on the thr, me and at pub Be ceremonies and audiences, the princes of the family of Ma Majesty having a ranlk at court if it 1?> not otherwise deerced by the hiuporor. v. ill occupy the places a-u.gti<sl to them by tlie dtguitlee with which they ore invested, or By the functions they exen i?e. (>n other occasions the princes and princesscs of the lamily of tlie Emperor i>*^ hsfmf the ministers, but aticr the foreign umbo.- wiora accredited to the Coort of the Kotperor. and Alter the sunt* ssad rosso*. Art. 8. Tlie princes of the Cunily of Iho riuperor who do act enjoy the title of " Highness, liold Do rank at coart. Art. 1?. Tho princesses of the tamily of the Kmporor ?parried to French or foreign pi irate per-ons, will hold mo ether rank at court thun that of their husbands. Art. 10. The armorial l>eailnfr? of each of the princes and princesses of the (srallv of the Emperor wilt be llxfld ??cording to the report of an licriAoiC committee ap pointed te that effect. Art. 11. Her Highness tlie f.mnd I>ucsl Ptlnce"< Marie, Vnchess of Hamilton, being ? foreign princess, shall t>e treated at court a.< such. She v III pat after the linseital flnnUy, and her husband, the Ituko of Hamilton, will ps<s ?lth the members of the civil tamily of tlie K.mperwr hav ing a rank at court. . flMgand Robbery of American Traveller* In Italy. fNnples (Aug. 8,) Correspondence of the I/indon Ncvrs.) The following Incident was tecntly made the subject of a despcteh by Mr. Owen, the American Minister ut Naples, to the Minister tor Foreign Affairs; ? Thtee Ame iltien laillrr ? Mm. Kyle and her two da tight- r s?necoiut? ?Mlij a guide, not long since paid a visit to the h> ights ef Qs naldoli. As being Isdie.t, thev were of couiae com pelled to wait outside the monastery and whilst wan 4eri^ about that delightful spot, four hungry- looking ?obbers, in the shape of Neapolitan soldiers, dsrtM out upon .them. t Jne seised the bridle of Mrs. "Kyle's donkey "wilhrt another drew his sword and threetrued to kill her if she did not give up her puise. adding that he and his cumxaJes were dying with hunger, and must eal. Tho guide interposed, but ill is only called down fre*tj e>ths. and the fresh expression of a deterininu'.l>>n to U*v. vhtdr monfv or Aheir Uvea. The men irere lnfonni d tliat tb? fedies had only two piastres about them, which they r a. sntel to Jake, and the soldier reluctantly put <:p his nword. 1I<\W the matter hn< terminated I do not kn >w Kaeema tha^the men had draerte<l. :ind that they had kdn concetlcd for thiee days OiHtalMy ?m? the Onke or Unthrr land 'a Katatrs. The tfortkrm Un i^u (Scotcli paper) ha* the lollowing: las email hoi.* In Tubeg Skenay, in th* pnrlsh of Toegae, lived a Highlander and his wife, within l??*ttutu a quarter of a *?e of the hotue in whlc It they wne both k?rn aad brought. \ip, and whieh their fathers stilt oern CsdM tenants tinker the Ihike of .Sutherland, Mr. K?? rtftorBborouvb i>?ing factor. Shortly l?>lor. the oc enrrtace which ou confrnijioi-ary relates, William K'Kay's wlfo was e<u>&ne<l of her fourth ehlld. ami *a< atlll in j.nd, and unfit to lie remore-1 from it. But on the SBth of /nne, a neighlor info'me-t M'Kny ihi4 a p irty of law were cr-raU'f! to turn himself and f.imJly out. 31>e hushuid hastened to the liou?e to inform his wife, *?d) of course < t.n?o!e fcer. In an ijwtn ni the me-?-en l* ?t-Minii with his ;>artv, were ut the door; their .'"f heard by Uie poor wom:in. and she liegan *>M petfpi ration covered her bod} -ill over, ?rtilu *?Vr r>-ie in, and ?oon de<?iej the hoiue ef ereiy lwtm . /**EKwrc . ?nd, iastlv, the wife, aud her?>wly "?? '"f, Tlie mid wlb re oflw crs said they woman w?j. In ""?'r commission. The po*x he nrmoveO." lhe-e <** their Instruction' ? but ,of 'J', 1 tc* ^ad. thev Said. fctMk.wa Which w.,i?? *1?p danger of ipterlering irltK " lh' dWirary and They mtrrouiuled her in tl,? eornlr iL" ^iT^ laid hold nf the shea! or tovorln. > llli<,b >h" ? ?arriedhiriMitof theiwn v, ? ivl plse^i ."u"1"' ll*rl " dlstsoet*, ?nd s|^i In - k ?<? the wJX^f ?23? 1 u ilivots sn?l MvM were thrown n ^rooll ?eo <w, the b?".h( ' tut .'own 4* and In i vtry short time the roof of th? hut disappMrad, and to did its destroyer*. Tt?ey had mor? work of a kin dred nature to perform that Jay. la Ml agvuj of feel ing, the biuband ran off a distance of flTe mite* to pro cure medical aid, while hia wife, with her new born In fant, lay on a little straw upon the ground; and it wh not till night that, by the Undoes* of Mr poor neigh bor*. *he and her children were deposited in an empty ba?u. We cannot, except ill tome of our EngfcUh poor law cru?*Kie?. recall ?ucn a eli enmat&nce wbkfl has oc casioned ufl deeper Indignation than the incident* of thia painful narrative, nor one which demand* stricter inves tigation. In the former, we hare. Indeed, had cruelty in its worst possible form an Jar as the i?cts themselves are concerned. We can understand the workhouse official, snatched perhaps from starvation by the salary he re ceives, and eager to recommend himaelf to his employers by an economizing use of his functions, committing acta of humanity at which one feel* horrified. But that snatching* can take place under the eyea of the Duke of Sutherland, Alia us with as much astonishment aa pain. It is not many months since the ladiei of England appeal ed to their sinters in America on behalf ol' the poor Macks, imploring them to exert their inlluencc to put an end to the deplorable and shocking system of slaverv: and the first name which the signature to that appeal We, waa the name of the Duchess of SuthA-land. Will that worn'' look at home and think of poor William M'Kaj's *? carried in a sheet out of her nut, and laid tretnb'' __ the ground, with her new born intent in her anr . ?he speak one eloquent word of remonstrance ' _ "J. the pqar whites who have the miafortur.e, ,t uj. ment, to hava their holdings on her hy^jr Interfiling frOTj OU* MADRID CO*" gjgpoNDSWOS. Mauhid, Avgast 10, 1855. Bad Slab of Spanuh JJJbir The OoUrul Join* the West ern Powert?Tumtii fir e rhonntnd Tfoopt for the Crimea ?Conflict Between it* Corto and Ike Oabinet^-fhe Sjwn ith Harnett? Ory<r nixuion if A? Militia?Marriage or Jfto KirlcpatrU k} $c. The situation 0f the cwfctry continue* to be la mentable in -the highost degree. It is alre? >1y seen that the v ,en who at* ^t the head or aflWrs are not competer t to govern. ?*; is a full year since ?>e revolu tion overthrow ? demoralized and tyrannical government, and. 'we are 'Jet waiting in vain those great reforms wlr'ioh would nhow it leant a desire lor progress. There if a cancer in the body politic of Spain which in wanting "its existence; and seeing ho mnch political error we are almost warranted in suspecting bad fiiitii in the govern ment, teeing that evils continue, ami there is no bold and frank ftvirch towards anything. A government which permit* the >(irinciple of civil au thority to be trampled on, as is d?nc by the clergy in the tittWr of the release of lands frwn mortmain? a gov ernmert which treats with so much consideration that insofertt Titan of Rome? that Pope, who disposes of our thing? as if they were bis ? a government which main tains in public off) cm lta own enemies, and leaves its de fenders unattended to, is certainly calculated to provoke suspicion and lack of confidence. It is raid, and I ngree to It, that the chief of the Cabinet is a man of proved patriotism, and one who has given evidence of his love of liberty; but it may also be said that by his negligence, his political indolence, his lack { energy, and, perhaps, of something else, the liberal party was ruined in 184.'!, ami we are marching over the same identical road. It cannot be sail, either, that the Cortes has denied anything which he hud asked of them. It can not be said that he has encountered obstacles in any body to going on wherever he pleased, and the opinion of the country Indicated, and if tho situation is bad the fault is the government's, which does not know how to govern ? which does'nt nerve for that purpose. It is necessary to confess that, so long as the disbursements are not balanced by the income ? so long as the great mlarien of some employes are not cut down and the budget thoroughly overhauled? eo long as the government <Toes not do something to put an end to the devouring thirst for oillco, and does not moralize the country with works rather than words, the state of anx iety will continue, and must necessarily come to an end which will probably bo fatal to existing institutions. 1 told you It wus reported that the Accidental Powers hiid requested from Spain a boily of troops for the Crimea. What was then doubtful is so no longer. 26,000 men is the number. The Council of Ministers has been occu pied with this serious aifuir, and has res >lvod to adopt the principle of the Alliance, reserving to the Cortes the decision ot the terms In which it shall lie veriltod. Rut what n (1 vantages is Spain going to gain by its co operation? What is our intervention going to be? purely military or diplomat i(*iliof Will our soldiers go to the Crimea as allies, or only as material aid and brute co opera tors )/ It is of no importance that the government has given its consent to the tending of 25,000 men; the decision of the Coi tea ri mains to be seen, which will take into ac count the state of penury in which we are. Spanish dig nity will not permit that her troops march in the pay of anybody but berrc)f;but thereure no pecuniary r esources for this expedition, which, unvlted to the fact that we have no business nor motive at all to mix ourselves up with the oriental question, makes it most evident that the government will be routed completely when it pre ents this disagreeable subject to the Oortes. I'nder the titlo of provincial militia, a kind of reserve for i nc active army is being formed, numbering eighty battalions and tO.OOO men. in the territory sf tho Penin sula and Balearic islands ; the^c are immovable, except in certain cases: are officered by officers of the regular army, and will be a most valuable force in ca*e of tnva. sion or civil wa r. 1 he memorandum of the government was received in Rome on the 4th of August, and the I'opo immediately called together tho ConsUtorv of Cardinals to .treat of ? bat should be done with Spain. The cholera is cutting down whole villages at a swoop. Proprietors are forced to give the half of the crops t# those who will turn out to ifap them. l>ead bodies lie unburied in many parts for lock of hands to bury them. Trade is paralyzed, and famine is threatening in m districts. Cii|^P Tbc Wheeler Slave Cur. KVIM NCE 01' JANE JOHNSON? EXCIT1.MKNT AROUND THE COURT HOUSE. (Yrom 1hc Philadelphia Bulletin, Aug. 80.] Tlic t'inl of the colored men Mill, Billiard and others charged willx riot and asrault and battery w? continued this morning before Judge h'elley. in the Court ofQuarter i-'essiona. lhe Commonwealth i? represented by Wm. B. Mann. Pepu'.v District Attorney, assisted by Ihtvld Web ster, r-H-. and James C. Van liyke, Charle.t Gib bons, appears for Wm. Still and Wm. Birney and Wm. I ierce, Ea<|. , for the other defendant*. Captain Heath was the iirit witness examined this morning. His testimony was an follows: ? 1 was in c<>romand of the steamboat Washington on the 18th July, 1866; the b<*t laid with her head up the river; I wan talking before the boat started on the after noon named with Mr. Field and Captain Myrtle; I hoard a bov cry "murder;'' I went to the gang plank and saw a crowd coming off; I asked what was the matter; the crowd fsld a little l?oy bad run away from hi* mother, and theo I miw Jim Martin shoving or lifting one of theee little boya Mong; he had hold or the boy's arm: he ?aid, "Harry,*' or "phove aihnre;" the boy was holding back all lie could: I mppo.-* there were twenty whiter ami blaeka in the crowd. [Ihe captain here identified Martin, sod (aid he Is employed in Mr. (iat/.-ner's office.] 1h<- affair occurred two or three minutes before the boat started. Cr< s#- examined ? 1 have known James Martin for some two or three year*; I have always known him to be of peaceable di-po?ltlou, and a si might forward upright man ; I wa* thirty or forty feet from t!ie boys when the boys first cried:*! did understand the cry to ho murder; I did not see Sir. Toinlln?on until after the atfair was over: 1 thru : aw him on the boat or on the gang plank : I saw no di no weapons nor rioting on the wharf, there was no shouting by the crowd at the time that I heard. John Aydellott, sworn?I am pilot of the Washington; I drat saw on the hurricane deck of the steamboat, u whit* man and two colored men talking to the sU\f: th" mm persuaded the colored woman to go athore, and told he. if .-be did mi she Would be fiee: the two colored men tl>o j cmuaded her to go athore; I let t to ring the five mi nut" bell; when 1 came back tbc colored mon Wm. CufMa and James Martin. Iinsl each a bay under their ami", taking them ashore: 1 saw them on the upper (trek, about twenty feet from the after part of ftie 1m>bI; there wa? considerable of a crowd; aonie fifteen or twen ty person.. ; I: produced an excitement; I understood t'ie 1 i.ys to halloo murder; thev went to the stairway, fol lowed by th# crowd; the woman Wt (juiet while being persuaded to go. Ci cM-cxamined? I heard Williamson ask her (Jane. ) if she wanted te be free; she told him she was not free': that wa< .<1! 1 hoard her aay ; the pilot house prcvente I my seeing them alter thev started from the seat; I saw nd vi spoils; I hoard the cry of murder from the boys: tl.e di ' i ?ilen between the parties lasted about live mi nute- Col. W!.e?ler fat 'iuletiy, spoke moderately and in an rwdlnai j tone - f voiee; these men (Martin and O.ts ?!".> are porters on tbe wharf: I did not nee <Msti>' or any bony rise aelaa C?L Wheeler, I <?ae .ibout five or six feet fr..m the narlh < at tlie time they went around the pilot house'. 1 did not see Col. Wheeler endenvor to stop the woman by foree; h< asked her if she did not want to see her children In Virginia. >TVt s\ie said she did. I remember ! tuiing to Mr. Pierce thnt she could gi wlwt it'< r she rwiiif hack from New York and lie free i *ln' wished to be "o: Isaiah Moore rui'l Martin are pouee aide tneii s? favss I know. Cu*tls lanot ?\togethr rpes<e ulib ftbpnt ihe wharf: I don't kn-"* much about Brad do -' ; I hi > d uo tin < ats. H< (*..'e n ? I'or-.ius might luive taken hold ol Colonel W'. id< t without my seeing it. I don't know that tfie eoloteil u-W a'snit the wharves usually carry moi pons. M'tn. FdwanW* cwem-?-l was on the wharf when tK's occtiriei. I 'Mr t*o leiys lathe hands of two c lorrsl men, "'"in jig off the lip: a crow! followed, in <tlv ol csilurtst persons they fussed over tlie wharf s od ihen alotg Wi rvid? * rei>J Iean't recoguite any of the men; tliote v. ? a goM d< it of confusion aikl udltiuilt, tlie Ci ( wd wa.- ribou* twvdvr or fifteen In nuniltcr. (^i'??-iiwhntit*i,"l aaw ? fighting. HVMyw and heard no threats; in* no police oiiiceis about; I ub< lit five or ten feet Iron* the crowd. Joseph Mirfcio, w'. rt* ? I was at \t'-Wnu* street on the boil oj> tbe * >-asi m-; 1 first saw the crowd ? the boy* (m s? ming a- 1 liMren ? DI when frightened? s umingdown thr gangway f'om tbe ^v^meivade iks l, I saw a bl* k ni :n ejurvlng a boy, a ictorel w<n.ian following ufU r she 1 8 I a* fun n?d an umta'alls in her hand; they rtished ashore uddenlv; I MIoweJ them ashore; they did not g . ,!f tb< lejjnlar pa?sen?ei gangway, but through tlu> freiglit jsiviigi way; I followwl tun au l *a? a number of colored men bm"'-) ing away > i'h tlrn w.wn?n; ten i>r a doten color d rnf n were in the cn'Wd; they were all shov (tig t* gather; T reeognixeCuatls; he was shoving ?n I?aw Stmicpu'hinJ on s&o; I saw Martlrr on Ihe boat. t'lO?a-exan>Tnatlim I hrurd no ilhrenta; the crowd in b*l off a if tiny wan'ed to get away; I was not on the i.pper 4r> k; I made n? ?rre?ta: I raw nothing to tall f in oi v witerfrreoce. .laoies X'*U>i'vre, swowa- liTso in tseeond. below IWk; dr. re haek on ilw 18th of July, liW.; my carriage that itUrncno ?U)0d at the cprsct of t'ruuv *??' floe* flrf I*; J a crowd of negroes f?me to my carriage and pat in * on { ioied vobu ftnd two colored boy*; Still got In V ' them ; two other porters got in the carriage , they *r b?'i >? , a mam with a sear on hie neck got into the r ?* "nl with Still; when 1 started I heard aomebody *rrUf'' was the matter ; they said it was a tick won . Mil wk* down ftont to Fine, up Pine to .-Seventh -?W?i ' drove Lombard and up to Tenth street. No , then down to tion. . crosa-examina Wm. ?. Pieice, F?q., asked in *e" Braddock, that the bill should aiioa to Moore and jury and a direction given to ^ he law before the guilty, no evidence having t render a verdict of not Ihe object of the applies -een adduced against them, nesses for the other def' Jon being to use them as wit Judge Kelly refused vndants. would not give his ' * the application, and stated that he at tome suboequ' /eason* now, but would, if necessary, Open appHc J*t time. departure f* ation of Mr. Gibbons, the Judge allowed a Bumminr .om the usual rule of Court, contlning the be alio .. Bp to one counsel, and the defence will therefore oonr . <rad om speech in opening their case, and two >sel will address the jury after closing the evidence. ? dr. tttraey opened the case for the defence. After di lating upon the peculiar social position of the prosecuting wltuem, his political Htandiag? the very different posi tion of the defendant!, the excitement, prepossessions nod prejudices occasioned by such esses. aa the present, the learned counsel glanced at the evidence of the Com monwealth, and argued that no riot could have occurred at the wharf on the occasion of this rescue of Mr. Wheel er's slaves. Kven the uvxault and battery (Mr. B. con tended) was not fairly made out. Objection wan made by Mr. Webster to Mr. Birney's re viewing, at this stage of the case, the Commonwealth's evidence. Mr. Uirney, resumed ? Jane Johnson had made known her desire to be free to more than one person. She wa? not forcibly abducted, but went away from Mr. Wheeler of her own accord. The character of the parties, be said, will be laid before the jury, to show that they were not on the wharf on that occasion in consequence of any conspiracy. The transaction, under the laws of this State, can be justified. An alibi can be prored in regard to Batlard. The testimouy for the defence was then opened. M. Sundgratn, sworn ? I am a plumber, at 47 South wharves; 1 was on tfae promenade deck of the steamboat Washington on the 18th of July last; I was leaning against the pilot house; my attention was attracted to a crowd withe starboard (tide of the deck; I saw Colonel Whee>er and Mr. Williamson-and Still standing in front of a colored woman with twochildren; I heard Mr. Wheel er say, he understand* all about it ? she is going to New York with n>e, and then coming back;" Mr. William son said, "I want to hear it from her own lips;" he then told her she was as free as the air she breathed; she could go ashore at any moment; Wheeler called her by name and asked her if she wanted to leave her children? she said "No, but I want my freedom;" Williamson put bis band on ber arm and told her to go ashore with him; he assisted her to rife; she got up with hia assistance, ; and while passing around the pilot house, Mr. Wheeler stepped 'before them and raised his hands up ently; they were going towards the passage way; r. wheeler's hands came against Mr. Williamson's breast; Williamson put Wheeler one side gently, two persons took hold of Mr. Williamson; they were white men; I could not recognise the persons; they said to Wil liamson, " Would you rob a man of hU property 1" his reply was '? No, but 1 will tell the woman of her rights;" he then went down the passage way to the lower deck and one <Jf the men struck at him as he was going down; my attention was particularly directed to the children; a small colored boy took hold of one of then ; 1 saw no one take hold of Col. Wheeler except Mr. Williamson, who put bis hands on him gently; the affair occupied about three minutes; saw no violence done by anybody; I heard no noise except from the children; heard no threats, and would have heard such it any were made; there was no thing like a riot that 1 saw; Williamson took hold of the woman gently, in the way a gentleman would take bold of a lady; sbe then rose on her feet and passed round the pilot house to-the gangway; the crowd walked with hor, and closed around her; Col. Wheeler. 1 think, passed his arms around her; I could not see ijistinctly, because tho crowd closed in; I don't think I heard Wheeler say any thing then; I understood <3ol. Wheeler to say that after she cKinc from New York she would be at liberty to go ashore; I don't remember exactly tho words; four or live colored persons were, perhaps, on the hurricane dock; took but little notice; there were several, a do/.en or more, of white men there at the time: tho man who struck Mr. Williamson wan rather corpulcnt, and waa dressed in light clothcs; 1 know all the defendants, by seeing them on the wharf for some years past; I know in thing about them except from seeing them upon the wharf: I have heard people say they were a pretty clever set of dai-kios who didn't trouble any one. Cross-examined by Mr. Webster ? I have seen Still once or twice since this transaction occurred ; the lunguago I have leportcd here, I am positive was that u*e<J hy tho woman I Jane; I did not. see Williamson put his arms around Mr. I Wheeler; Williamson put his both hands on Mr. Wheeler, and put bim one side; the negrous and women and boyn then passed by and left Mr. WiliiaiUkon standing with Mr. Wheeler; 1 have not contributed any money to support this defence. June Johnson sworn ? 1 can't teU my exact age; I gnoRs I uni about twenty- five; I was born in Washington City; i lived there this New Year's, if I ?\e to see it, two 1 years; 1 came to 1 hiladolphia about two months ago. Where did you come from? Objected to. Mr. Webster contended that the only <|uestion in the case was one of public peace ; that collateral matters would only uolmria^s the case. Objection sustained. I eamo with Col. Wheeler; I brought mj two children, ne aged ten and the other u year or so younger; we went o Mr. Sully's and got something to eat; wc then wont to he vhuif; then into the hotel. What occurred while you were In the hotel? uiijecteu to. Objection overruled. Col. Wheeler tuld me to Mny on tho upper porch anil did not let ine go to dinner, mid sent by thesorvants.-oino dinner to mo, but I did not desire auy; after dinner he Hiked it J bad dhincr; I told him I wanted none; while he was at dinner I haw a colored woman un<i went to her, and told her I was a ?lave woman travelling with a very curious gentleman, who did not want me to have any thing to do or cay with colored person.' ; she said she wan sorry for me; I said nothing more; then T went back, took ray peat where I had been ordered by Col. Wheeler; he bail teld nie not to talk to colored person*; to tell every body I was travelling with a minister gonigtfo Nicaragua; lie i-cemed to think I might be led off; bo did not tell nie I could be free it I wanted to, when I got to 1'biladclphia ; on the boat be (aid he woold give me my freedom; he never i-aid so before; I had made preparation* before leaving Washington to get my freedom in -New York; I made a suit to disguise myself in, (they had never seen mo wear It) to escape in when I got to New York; Mr. Wlieeier has that suit In his possession, in my trunk; I wasn't willing to c roc without my children, lor I wanted to free them; I liave been In Col. Wheeler's laiuily nearly two years; ho bought me from a gentleman of Richmond ? ? Sir. Crew; he waa not a member of Col. Wheeler's timily : Cil. Wheeler was not more than halt au hour at dinner ; l.e eamc to look at me from the dinner table, and found me where he had left me; I did not ask leave ot absence at Bloodgood's Hotel. While Colonel Wheeler went on bourd the boat a colored man asked me did 1 want to go with Colonel Wheeler; I told hlui ''ho. 1 do not;" at 0 o'clock that night, be said he would touch the telegraph tor me. and some one would meet me at New York: I said I was obliged to him; no moie was said then; 1 had never seen the man before; when Col. Wheeler took me on board, be took me on tlie upper deck, and i-at us dow n alongside of him; while sit ting there 1 Niwa colored mini and a white one; th-' white mnn beckoned me to come to liim; the colored man asked did I desire my freedom; the white man approached Mr. W heeler and suid he detired to tell me my rights; Mr. Wheeler said, my woman knows her riglit". They told nre to go with them: ho held out his hand, but did not touch mine, and 1 immediately anise to go with him; I took my oldest boy by the hand; the youngest was picked up by some people, and became very much alarmed, and I proceeded off the boat us quickly as I could, being perfectly willing and desirous to go; Mr. Wheeler tried to stop me; no one else; he tried to got b? fore me, as he wanted to talk to me; 1 wanted to get (ft the boat, and didn't listen to what be had to say; I did not say I did not want my freedom; 1 have always wanted it; I did not any I wanted to go with my master; I vent very willingly t<> tlie carriage; I w as very glu} to go; the tittle boy raid he wanted to go to hU m?ssnr be wus frightened; I did not say 1 wanted to go to Colonel Wlieeler; there was no outcry of any kind; my little boy made all the noise that was made. Cross examined ? 1 have a child aliout 12 veors old In Virginia; 1 was binru ubout the time the ItHti'h burnt the Capitol ut Washington: t saw that bay about two yeara: lie was pietty largo then, I did not ask Colonel Wheeler for my dinner; he asked me to go to dinner; I raid I did not want it; the children had lunch at Mr. Sully V I made no other preparation for getting off from Col. WhecJer than getting the dress I rpnkc of; I trusted in l*ri vidcnce to csejipe when 1 got to New York; I told C< 1. Wheeler once that every om ouvht to be free; he raid I must be an abolitionist; I did not complain U i Col. Wheeler about mv place In Washington; I was born in Mr*. Ik-ale's family; Col. Wheeler bought me to keep me in the family; my sister was in the snine family; I did not see anyone toke bold of Mr. Wheeler. y. When you were put into tho carriage, where did they take von tot i objected to, und the objection was sustained by the ?Judge. Cidni examination resumed ? I was j^t as cool and calm on the boat a? I am now; I can't recollect who I first told this Rtorv; I told It first to th? .fudges in New York; I in ibl- city on Monday; I live not spoken abou< tlie maiter since I came to the city, except to a lew Iadle?; I don't know when I live now; I lire with >oli red |sople, I faw till on Moii'taj . 1 don t know where I mi w liim; I name on with the object of testifying in this ease. Vitcbcll Stuirigtani, a lad of about 12 years of age, ?woin ? I was on the upper deck of the boat- I heard tiic colored woman ray she wailful fo be Iree; I do not recol lect anything el e; I -siw no riot and heard but little noice. Cro?a -examination ? Mr. Wheeler an id Jane knew her rights, and something else, I uon't rccoUcetwhat; J don't r? - i-lleet wl <'ber I s aw Mr. Willisunion take Imkl of Mr. Wheeler or not; I wa? on the outskirts of the crowd; theie were about 10 or 1ft incu about; I did B d hear all the woman said. the appearance of the ? i 'inHrU slave of t'ol. Wheeler miouit g.ive i i - < ? to mu- li talk, and several I nlN-l Mates officers Ix-lng feen out-ide the court house, gave rise to a rinnor thai it wus designed tn arrest the womm as i fugitive and tune hot liefore the 1'nifed States Court or a Commissioner under ti e fugitive l??c biw. A grefct crowd outside the huiMiMg wa? Uie result, and a large itt.mber of colored persona were In the throng. Information was >ent to the City llall, and a ntimlier of police oP r ci s wee s?nt to the spot to preserve th p.- ice About fiteen minutes before two o'clock, the woman havlig (lm>hed her evidence, waa brought ont of the Court I louse by the Sixth street entrance; a strong posse of police kept ihe crowd back here while the Wom-ia, ae. Ci mpenioil Ivy mveral officers of the court, who ha<t tiken her thither on a subperna. got Into a carriage with her and the fully *?? driven up Chosnutstreet. There was no etPwt at interference, and the part v in the carriage was ivd dlstnrhe.1. After the woman bad gone a rumor tearl od the erord that the carriage had bioktn d?wn alter going a sh- r distance, and that .laua bad ' een arrested It was further .aid ffcat the lyneh b#?? takep tut j>uej"?*ly by ?o?- &: Jjfr eofjnjfs, | ftat we twtoe that there la no truth in the rtory of tltt MMk down. _ . .. .. Accosting to the Iawi of the State, no authority what e*?T ??? interfere with a p?rty takon into a Mate ?r

County Court on it writ issued by the latter, nil til the party shall hare left the court and gone to their home, or to some other place. Pnder tlie?e circumstances a conflU t of authority be tween the State and United fieates authorities ?M it least T ^^new dcTdopementu may yet grow out of this sin gular and exciting case, we, of course, cannot anticipote. A female equestrian treat took place at the Doylestown (Pa.) fair, on the 28th inst. Tw elve ladies entered on the race courses* competitors lor prizes, among whom there were three professional rider* front Philadelphia and Bos ton, who figured conspicuously. The first premium was awarded to Miss Mary Aun Koberts, of Doylestown, Pa, ; second, to Mrs. Aaron, of Norristown, Pa. ; and the third, to Miss Jenkens, of Montgomery square. There were about 30,000 people in attendance to witness the ladies' horsemanship. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. KOIIT MARKET. Friday, August 31 ? P- M. The stock market continues in a very unsettled state. At the first board to-day there were very large transactions, principally on time, buyers and Boilers' option, and in many instances at lower prices. The market is depressed by the quantity of stock pressing for sale and the withdrawal of call loans. At the first board New York Central 7'a fell off A per cent ; Pennsylvania Coal, 4; New York Central Railroad, Michigan Central, i; Virginia 6's ad vanced j per cent; Illinois Central bonds, J; Cum beland Coal, 4; Erie RR, i\ Reading Railroad, 1; Cleveland and Toledo, 14. The little improvement to-day was a slight reaction after the- rapid decline of the past few days. In a day or two we shall have another downward movement. The money market is likely to become more stringent as the season advances and holders will be compelled to realize. The outward movement of specie will ad mit of an abatement under the influences at work to encourage it. The banks are rapidly changing their call loans to legitimate discounts, and among Htock speculators money is likely to be moife stringent than among the commercial classes. After the adjournment of the board the following tales of bonds and stocks were made at auction by A. H. Nicolay:? $6,000 Chicago & Misriaaippi R. R. In. 10s, Int. added. 82% 2,000 Mushing R. R. lnt mortgage do 70?* a, 000 Cleve., rainesvllle & Anntiibulu R. 7s. do 85 2,841 shs 111. Cen. R. R. forfeited Htock 96? a 96 '* At the second board there was a better feeling amopg holders of stocks, and certain descriptions improved. Reading advanced 1 per cent, with ac tive sales; Erie, Cumberland, j; Michigan Cen tral Railroad, 4; Galena and Chicago Railroad, New York Central Railroad fell off J per cent, with large Pales. It is reported that tho tonnage of the Reading Railroad Company during the week ending Thursday, 30th instant, was 58,600 tons. This will make an aggregate for the month of August about 25,000 tons greater than for the same month last year. The quotation, a few days since, of 40 shares Utica City Rank at 81 J, was an error, no such sale having taken place. The warrants entered at the Treasury Department, Washington, on the 28th and 2!>th inst., were as Al lows: ? For the redemption of utock. $.160 03 For the Treasury Department 27,481 50 For the Customs 26,060 01 For the Interior Department 9,766 .18 Interior repay warrants received and entered. ti.OflsJ 28 War warrant* received and entered 70,603 la War repay warrants received and entered..,. 426 76 On account of the Navy 9.1,932 66 Covered In from Customs 1,316,414 ?8 Covered in from lands 245,000 38 Covered in from miscellaneous sources 18,036 67 The interest coupons on the bonds of the Water town and Rome Railroad Company, due September 1 , will be paid on presentation at the Peoples' Rank. The cry of " bear," " assertion," " misrepresenta tion," "falsehood," Ac., heaped upon us so liber ally in reply to the few. plain statements we raw it to make last week in regard to the Cleveland and Toledo Railroad, may possibly serve the immediate purpose of the clique of h peculators who make them, but we apprehend they will hardly be deemed satisfactory by those who buy stock for investment It is forthe latter class of individuals that we write. We care not a fig for the millionaire, or the Wall street bull or bear, who may choose to speculate in the stock. The clique of speculators who took or the company the large amount of income converti ble bonds privately at 65 per cent and under last winter, and who have since that time been bidding up the stock with a view to shoving off their bonds, may play their game out successfully against the bears, or they may not ? it is all the same to ns; but we must take the liberty of cautioning the unini tiated small dealers to keep out of the way. So long as the fight is confined to the bulls and bears of Wall street, we do not care which whip*, but we are bound to protect outsiders who are .looking for a safe and permanent investment for their money. We will new notice briefly the charges of misrep resentation and falsehood which have been laid at our door. We will do so in the first place by review ing what we said, and in the second place by admit ting every material fact claimed by onr accusers. We admit them not bccause we believe them, but simply to see how much better off the concern is with ttu-m. In regard to the capital of the company, we stated that it was $7,000,000. It turns out that it is only $6,449,000, exclusive of the floating debt. How much the floating debt is now, it is difficult ti say. On the 1st of July it was $132,000. Altera good deal of quibbling, this has finally been admitted. The capital thenetauds as follows: ? March 16, 1865 ? Capital ftnek $2,900,000 " ?' ?Bonded debt a.Otw.Ooa Jnly 1, 1866 ? Mottling debt 132,000 Total t8, Ml, 000 How near thin comes to about $7,000,000 we leave for hair flitters to determine. If it its a mistake at all it is certainly a very small one. When it is consi dered that this in a clow corporation, having an ex tensive range of private offices in this city, with apm tuieott) and inner aportmentB, where they man ufacture bonds and paper ad libitum, and distribute them privately for jost what they ran get, without notice to the public or even to the stockholders, the difficulty to an outrider of stating the grand total to a dollar on any given day, will readily be seen. We stated that the (276,000 of bonds issued for the last dividend, formed a part of those lecently cold by tac I company. This we frankly admk was an error. The dividend bonds were a fresh batch issued specially for the occasion and delivered direct to the stock holders. The idea intended to be conveyed by our s-tateinent was that a large lot of convertible bonds bad been sold by the company at ruinous rates? sixty -five per cent and nnder. This is a fact which no one denies. Whether some of the dividend bonds formed a poition of that lot or not is quite immut< - rial. Those who have so londly condemned as for letting a little daylight into the finances of the Cleveland and Toledo Railroad Company csnnot doubt the correctness of our figures in cal culating for the next dividend. We have shown that under the most favorable circumstances not more than two per cent can be earned. Official re turns for fonr months enable us to estimxte pretty accurately for the remaining two; and allowing lsit fifty per cent for rnnning expense.*, leaves n simi not equal to two per cent on the capital as it ex isted on the 18th of March Inst. All over that rate must come out of capital and go into construe tion account. We should not be surprised to see this company declare a four or five per cent dividend in Scptcm. ber, payable on the 1st of October. It is so much for the Interest of the management that a dividend tlionld be paid at the regular time, that we have no doubt it will be done at any cost to the company Aa Individuals they will be so much benefitted, hrrt the company will he sacrificed. It would upset all their financiering schemes to fell in a dividend now. When they have ftolly feathered their nest, will be time enough to let the dividends depend upon the net earning*. The principal object In keeping np a large establishment in this city, with numei hi* officei*, cJcrk", Ac., late carry 09 the financiering ao necessary when dividends are paid without being earned. Hera ia a company doing bupiuess tive hundred miles away from this city, and instead of being ao the spot to see that the property ia well taken carc of, we flud the officers here, with full liberty to manu facture and sell bonds, or paper of any kind, at any price, to any amount. A company five hundred miles off that requires its officers to be stationed within sight of the New Tork Stock Exchange to * watcf its stock, requires itself to be watched, and that pretty closely. And a stock that falls six per ccnt during a temporary absence of the chief finan cial officer of the company, and risea three per cent the day he returns, may reasonably be set down aa one of the class alluded to. When the same party ia seen running from one broker'a office to another, just before the opening of the Board of Brokers, giving a dozen different members each an order to buy the same stock, he evidently " wants the stock,'' for that s the way people generally do when they want to get stock at the lowest price for "investment."' It has been one of our peculiar American vanities to suppose that dnring a period of war or commotion on the other side of the Atlantic, foreign capital would rush in for our securities. The fallacy of this ia ehown in the disposition of revolutionary France to prefer its government's promises to pay, at low interest, to our more seductive rates, and the Eng lish do not hesitate to act upon the belief that there is no end to the resources and ability of their gov ernment to pay interest The enormous amount re quired to subdue Rupsia will continue to be furnished, and the eane of our money market has gone far to aid the supply; and the bankers of Europe, holding cart loads of our stocks and bonds, will not hesitate to seud them back at the profitable priccs at which they may be Bold in Wall street. The steady drain for coin is unquestionably the result of withdrawal of foreign capital, which must continue as long as the facilities for borrowing money on stocks are afforded so freely. There is nothing in our commerce, nor do our importations warrant this constant exportation of gold; there is no other solu tion of the problem than the one we have given. The banks do widely in contracting at this moment, or we shall be plunged into inextricablc difficulties, We are not yet able to pay our foreign indebtnees, even in r-mall instalments. Baring's circular, of the 17th of August, says American Ktocks have been generally quiet this week; but there have been transactions in Maryland 5's ster ling bonds at 93; Virginia 6'b hterling at'80, untl Penn sylvania 6's dollar bonds at 84. No Pennsylvania in scriptions for sale under 80. Sales have also been made ol'Louisiana State bonds fi's at 82 of Alabama State O's bonds at 92; of Quebec City O'l sterling at 103 )?; of Cana da ft's at 114)i; of Pennsylvania Central Railroad bonds at 92; Ptinama ,'s sterling at 90: of Illinois Free la ad at 84; of New York Central at 96; of Camden and Araboy Railroad at WJf, and Chicago and Mississippi. E. F. Sattherthwait'a London circular of the same date, says : ? The market for American securities has been steady, without much doing. We note transaction* in Virginia sterling 6 tier cent and Maryland sterling 5 per cent, at rather higher prices. In railroad bonds wo note transac tions in Erie third mortgage and New Vork Central 7 per cent convertible, at full rates of last week. Illinois Cen tral construction bonds are freely offered, with few buy ers. Preeland are in better demand at our quoted rates. Shares continue heavy, and freely offered at 3 discount. Erip Sinking Fund bonds ate dull. Michigan Central 8 per cont aie In slight request, at railier Armer rates. We note transactions In Marietta and Cincinnati 1st mort gage at 81, and moderate sales of Cincinnati, Hamilton, und Tay ton 2d mortgage bonds. The returns from the Bank of England for the wrek ending the 11th of August, give the follow ing results, when compared with the previous week : ? Public deposit".... ?4,266,890 Increase ?1.114,609 Other deposits 11.C04.444 Decrease 25-, 884 Rest 8,360,660 Increase 9,788 On the other side of the acconnt Govern't MH>uritics?12.766,?24 Decrease ?84,406 Other necuritics. . . 14,239,692 Increase (MA, 707 Nolo* unemployed. 0,166,845 Increase 264,645 The amount of notes in circulation is ?20,493,430, being a decrease of ?215,860, and the stock of bullion in both department* is ?16, 27.1 ,295, showing an increase of ?43,561 when compared with the preceding return. The annexed statement exhibits the quantity and value of foreign dry good* entered at this port for consumption, for warehouse, and also the withdraw als from warehouse, during the week ending and in cluding Thursday, August 30, 1855: ? MovEMKKffl a Korbi'n Dry good*. Enterul for Consum/Mion. Qtum'iiy. Manufacture* of Wool 1,0^8 " Cotton 8*5 ?? Silk* " Fla* 189 Miscellaneous Vain r. *19 44<? 151,:?W 1,238,777 HO.r.Tli 218. W90 Total 3,543 Withdrawal' front H 'ar'hoiur. Manufacture* of Wool 204 " Cotton l.'.l " Silk 330 " lljut 11C Miac?UaDeou* 28 Total 818 Enterrd for Wart to me. Manufacture* of Wool 1C " Cotton 42 " Silk 7 " Flax 8 Miscellaneous 5 $1,699,20$ $63,459 "1 ,880 10,097 2ft,0ft4 6,"28 $215,804 >14,80? 8,205 ? '..841 2,177 60 0 Total 128 29,631 Value put on the market during the week 92, 21ft, 022 Meek ExthaBge. FiattAV, August SI, 1856. *ft00 Ind State 6k... 84 ,'>0?tn Krie RK. . b?K) hl\ SCOOTeueMfef ?1b'?2. 96 '? 100 ! :>r0o Virginia 6* . . . . 1001 0 do. ]00t) V Carolina 6* , 99 200 b30 96 '4 200 400 KOO MUtOuri rt*.... 9li"? 1QO "000 Ci'y 5c, '70. . . . 100 200 160(10 Rrie lxl? '75. ?5 W0t? 260 10;:00 111 OnHRti.nJO 8i'f 60 6000 6C00 K. '.00 7000 ?IfMiOO K000 do *3 8ft J J 100 <lo 85 V 2)10 do 85"; do UO 8? d? CM do b'JO bti'. 10CO UlCIRFbawp 88 .'0(0 do b30 87?i oJO .'COO VY C.n 7* .... 10a ? r>50 1000 do n3 lfti lOOOChAKlRRbde 9? ?C0 (.hs Ward Coal. . . 1 POO Jilc Tram-it.. btO 18?< VX? < 50 do 18',' 1400 17 I anama I'K lui .'t 500 125 I inn Coal Co. . . . 103 lco do ??o lo;i 1(0 do l^O 10.!>i do bdO 52 do ?60 61 % do ilO 511? do 51 >, do bl5 51 X do *?0 51s. do b*>0 52 do Mi 51 .\o 51 V do C 51 200 Harlem Hit. . . *00 28 150 do 28 U 100 do !?\ 100 Rending J!H. . .*3 P4 700 do ?'tO 91 do s.<0 94 'i do 94 U .to bS 1H}{ do ?20 ?*X .lo blO 94% do 1.80 04 , .lo .bOO 94 ^ do MW 94 X do b:i 94X do %3 94 ,l? 100 4?10 400 150 400 V5 Tludwin J!. K. . . 401,' 12 do 108 <2 100 do K? 40,^ no do aCO 103 ?? I OS Mich Ota. RB... 08 v., ;IG0 Curnb Ccal Co. . . 2i !, 200 do I.J5 27 V 4oo do bSO 27 ? 525 do 27 5C0N T Cent RR.bOO 99 ?, JtO do 99 100 do Mft 09 SO dr 1WMJ 99 '4 lOo do 100 .lo 75 do 50 do U>0 98 X 60 Mich SAN IdRRc 101 200 do b?0 102 100 do bSO 101 V 19 100 13 Ifich S A. V Id Con 96>,' 150 Clevc ft Pitt* RR 07 50 do 07' ( . .c 9R", 10J do t flO ?',8 nt!0 HI".,' 67 'ialft Chicago RR 110# 100 < ,1rve ft Tol R R 20 86 100 File R R 51?,' 100 do MO 85'* .00 do 51# 126 ChfcfcRo-k I>1 RR 96 *. ."0 do. do. 3 51 >4 racoNV so a no. 010000 Krie bo '76.. a3 90'., 60 Erir Rnilroad. 1COOO 1U C RR bdo ,f>3 85'i 100 . '0 shf Nic i r Co. . . . 18 1 j iro do ?.C>0 18>4' 100 do MiO ft2 do *10 51V do 51', d? 52 f I'OO <!o *;.0 18 ? 100 Tlui'.etn Hailroa l. 28>; 410 .io 180 18 >, 100 Reading RR.. tilO ?:>>t 700 Cutnb ( 'oal Co . . . 27 % 800 do at 95 < do . Im.O 18 V 1<)0 MO 28 600 100 Gilpworth Co . . . 2 ? 500 216 N Y Crnt RR 98', 50 do ?*) 100 do b3 98 }? 2T0 do ICO do do . . , , . , n3 95 do >30 9ft >4 tOO HI Ont RR '.b'?t 90 ', 50 n. V k Toledo RR 80 25 Rich ''em RR . . . 98 'j 100 do <?>2 bl6 98 '? 100 (j',ile 1a k Clii R It 110 H JifW York Di-y OemU .Market. F lunar, Anyont ,.1, IA.m. Ihrrp l.a* brcn (in acti?c bu-ineee trin?act(-d durlnft the w. rk in f"i*i^n dry fo?d<, liicluding ron*idrrable K.'ilr* nt auction, ilo art. VanWr.-k, Town?on.l k Wnrren I < Id a In rp enlo on the i'Ott ult. of f'r^neh importation* of *t?il* and tancy goods, which drew a go d and ?|drit en roinfany, and the (utuloga. *a* p>ncr?lly jrono thmegh with at M.ti*t?' tory prlc^. All kind* of *tn(T/i hare l<on active, and *omc lieary lnip?rtore ate more o, .<>?* bore of eupplio*. The lower gratiee of iwratnnltn* and Coburgs hare become reiy *c?roe, and liarc ad ranced in price*. Finer qualitlce liurc al?o commandod bettrr prlree, but have not ndvancad in proportion to the wirMr qualitiea. Printed irivele have bwn *old a* lila-li a? 42)?c. a 46c. Wo?,l j.Uid- have l^ orro ecarce. rind <* mmand b?jt<>r pri. . Rkck silk*, of I .wer and n:<Hlin.*n g?de?, ere moa?nrnb!y ont of market. Frfnch *l!k?, kiiown a* 'Jro d? Phi?"^, liave a.lvanre<l 10 a 15 per crnt. Thl' advance in l.-rti^n good* ha* tiern pro Uucrd by impoi tation* (. ml>in?l with ??.? ?/lramc in l a > ope. Weirahle rtjle- oi Urncy I rencli *Ui? mret with quick xales on arrival, or as noon a* thoy can be got into mafket? the Jobbere being the chief MatonMM who aie in went of the rood* for their trade. French rnrnno* are itcarce. and (till command rorj full price*. Clotli goods ar? in good demand for all kinds, expe^ially the coarser qualities. Dowkinn of deiiirubie itjrk'd continno scarce. eHpeeially of the heavier description*. Finer qualitieH are rather more plenty. The trade during the week has been very active, compared with the same pe riod lait year, ana U considered to be conducted on m sound and healthy footing. Considerable mUea of shawls are advertised for auction, to com* off the coming weak. In domestic g^ods there has been increased animation the present week, and several now styles of goods pro duced by manufacturers have appeared in market. Blankets of finer qualities are in demand. Cloths are steady, with a fair demand. Satinets and ca Mime ret) have had a good run, particularly the finer finalities, and at steady prices. Tweeds sell well, and at full prices, lindsevrt are In moderate request. Canton flannels were in good demand at full quotations. Drills were la good demand for export, at 8c. a 8^c. for bleached, and 7 Vc a 8c. for brown. Ginghams were selling at 10c. a 10)fe. liousellne de lainee were In ?ome less demand, without change in prices. Prints were in fair demand and In good and beautiful assortments, but the supply wan urge and the' trade lees animated, with moderate sales. Bleached sheetings and shirtings were unchanged. Os naburg and bagging continued firm. Printing clothe were quite dull. Cotton duak wu lowe r, and prices Tored purchasers. The forthcoming week promises to be ilK anguished for rs much activity as the past. CITY TRADE REPORT. Friday, Augun 29?8 P. M. Aense ?20 or 30 bbln. (old without change in prices. BH?AUT[riw. ? Flour? The market was dull, with gtlt dency to lower prices. The sales embraced 7,000 a 8,009 bbls. ? including common to good State at $7 60 a 98, and extra at 88 25 a 88 60; Western at 88 a 80. Included 1b the Kales were 1.000 bbls. round hoop Ohio, ut 88 26, for export. Extra Genoese ranged from 89 75 to 812. The market was bare of Canadian, and prices nominal. South ern flour wan unchanged, with sales of 800 a 900 bbls. Rye Sour and com meal were unchanged. Wheat? The sale* embraced about 6,000 bushels Southern red at 91 80 a 91 86, and white at 91 86 a 91 96. Corn? The sale* embraced about 60,000 bushel* Western ini.ved at 8flc. a 88c. for boated to prime quality. Oats tanged from 60o. to 66c. for .State aud Chicago. Rye ? Salei 3,000 bushel# were made at 91 10. Coifek. ? Hie market continued steady, with sales of 700 a 800 bag* of Ho, at U>?c. a ll??c.; about 300 mate Java, at 14c. a 14^0.; 220 bag* Laguayra, at llj^c. ; 300 do. low grade lUo, at 10c.; 110 do. Sa vanilla, 10*?e.; 300 do. Maracaibo, lOVc. a 11c. Stock coffee, New York, 1st September ? Bio, 29,600 bag*; Maracaibo, 3,007; lAguay ra, 2.868; ,vt. Domingo, 1,.'40, Savanilla, 190; Java, 2,7?9 mats; I'orto iUco, 190 bags. Cotton.? 1 Ihc sales embraced about 2,500 bales, closing fiim at )s?c. advance since the Canada's new*. Middling uplands were at 11c. ; do. Mobile, 11,','c., and New Or leans, at ll)?e. Fruodts. ? To IJverpool. 1,600 bbls. flour were engaged at Is. 3d. ; 1,600 bales cotton, at 6-32d. a 3-ltid. ; and 1,000 bbls. rOhin. at Is. 4d. a Is. 6d. To London. 600 boxen cheese, at 26s.. and 800 bbls. flour, at la. ad. To Am sterdam, 160 bbls. ashes, at 26s. To Bremen, 60 tone logwood, at 2#s., and 200 bbls. shoe pegs, at 2s. To Ha vre, i'60 boles cotton, >?e. A vessel was engaged ahead to load for Liverpool, with eotton, at p. t. California rates unchanged. Hat was quiet at 70c. a 73c. Moi_if?E8. ? 100 bbls. New Orleans eol<l at ,17c. Naval inontn were unchanged and transactions mo derate. 1 ROVIHION8.? Pork ? The sales embraced about 1,000 bbls., at 822 V6 a 922 87; new prime. 919 60, and old mean was quiet at 921 26. Beef ? 200 a J00 bbls. were sold without change in prices. Lard was Arm, with sales of* 700 a 800 bbls., at ll*?c. a UJ<c., with retail lots at 12c. Cut meats were Arm and unchanged. Rich. ? Sales of 80 casks were made at flVc. a 6 >*c. Sncm.? 100 cases No. 1 nutmegs were sold at 2)<e. Fvoarb continued, with sales of 700 a 800 hhds. Cub*, at 6J?c. a 7c., wltli small lots reported at 7 Xc., and 160 New Orleans, at 7&c. The stock, 1st September inst^ stands as tollows Cuba, 18,643 linds.; I'orto Rioo, 1,777 do. ; New Orleans, 1,869 do. Total, 30,179 hbds. ; boxes, 22,210. Messrs. R. L. A A. Stuart, sugar refiners, have advanced their prices to the following, from and after the 1st September: ? Lout, llA?c. ; crushed, 10c.; ground, K&j crude, e. Tobacco continued firm, with a fair amount of transac tions. Sales ? 110 hhds. Virginia, 8,'4c. a lie. ; 80 bales Havana, -5c. a 30c.; 490 bales Cuba, p.'t.; 40 bailee S* gua, p. t.j 187 cases seedleaf, 6>?c. a 13c. WniFKKr. ? The sales embraced 1360 bbls. prison and Ohio, at 43^c. ? Wool, ?The foreign market this week has been unusu ally quiet, and nothing of importance transpired. The stock is light, and holders continue their former tiews. The demand for domestic has been better, and 176,000 lbs. fleece, common to full blood, have changed hands; prices have rated from C0c. to 38c., and 10>-. lor detain wool. The sales of pulled have been light, at 30c. a 34c. Family Marketing. RETAIL PRICES OP FAR* PRODUCE IS WASHIS0TON MARKET. In this department there la but little change to make in last w< ?'W'n report. Meats are about tho same, except ing perhaps a variation of a cent upon lamb ami beef (teaks, which have fallen thin much, lu the fruit line, ihn price* are varioua. The market*) are overflowing with peucheo. Old inarketmrn nay this U the greatest peach season within their recollection. Basket* after banket* are emptied into tho doeka, such is the amount already in the market. Apple* are coming hi great quantities, and in a ? e?k or no may I* ha. I lor a "Ong. Mellone ate still very plenty. MEATS. Beef? Sirloin, roast, per lb 01' Rib, roast, prime ? Rib, chuck.. .................. . ? Sirloin steaks.. " Porterhouse steaks 0 id Rump steak* 0 13 Plates and navels, corned 0 08 Muttton, per lb 0 10 per carcase, per lb.......... .... 0 07 Lamb? " " 0 00 per lb 0 11 Teal? ?? 0 06 Veal, fore quarters, per lb. . ? Hind quarters " ? Veal cntlets " ? Pork, fresh, per lb 0 10 Hams, smokid, per lb ? 18 Shoulders 14 " 0 ftJ hide* " " __ Si<les, pickled ?' _ Jowls " ? Smoked beef " Sausages " Bologna sau.age* " _ Tripe ?' o 07 Lard " POCLTRT AMD GAME. Turkeys, per lb 0 1ft Geese, " 0 W Mucks, tame, per pair 0 70 Chickens, per pair 0 fO Fowls, ?' 0 76 Guinea do,, " 0 75 Robins, per dot 0 7.1 Woodcock, 11 Wild pidgeon. per dot 1 (0 Snipe, ?' If) Plover, ?' _ nam. Smoked salmon, per lb 0 18 Bans, * ? Bluefish, " ? Wenkflih, " 0 06 Halibut, " ? CodBth, " ? Sturgeon. " 0 06 Eels, " ? Bluefisl), " ? Flounders, " _ I 'orgies. " _ Sail mackerel, " a Salt shad, " a Smoked haiibnt, " 0 10 Bo. mockeiel, " q jo Sounds and toogu.-s, per lb 0 0# Smoked shad, " 0 12 Soused filinou. per can 2 <x> Muokrcl salmon, per lb 0 lfl Dry codfish, " 0 04 SHELLPlU. (tysten-? Princes bay, per 100 0 t>ay Virginia " 0 Clam; ? Shrewsbury, per 100 0 little Keck', ?' 1 00 Uib?ten, per lb 0 06 Crabs, per doten ? " toft thell, per dotcn ? rum. P?nche?, per basket, Honest Johns 0 50 " Movons, do 0 fl " tarty Crawfoid's, do ft .'41 Apples, new. half peck OK Bukckberdett, per quart 0 1!\ Pears, per half peck 0 16 AprVots, per do7? n Mnsh melon*, each 0 0?! Wbter melons 0 15 Whortleberries. per quart 0 12 Plums, half peck Currants, per lb ? W7TEB, enKKSE, ETC. Butter? State, par !h 0 C4 Orange. " ? I'elawarc " 0 IS Chee?e, rer lb 0 10 h'nglisb. per lb..., 0 15 l int apple each 0 !'? All sago, ?' ? 'if?, per dox ? rwirmft Potatoes, Tjoob Island, per bbl 2 2ft " per rslf.peck . ? Bermuda, per bM 2 00 ? ' <? half perk _ Charleston, new, per bbl ;; ;? Cucumbers new, j cr dot String leans half peak _ Squaabe*. per <frt. ...... _ '?niotit, half p?<k ( ablm get ? new. each 0 04 Savoy cabbage 0 (? Peet*. per dot Carrote ? _ Salad, each 0 01 Green corn, per dot ? Cauliflowers, each ? Cnrllek, per ? T'adiahea, per bunch ? Tomatoes, half peck ? I eekt " 0 0? Fgg plnnts. per dot 0 76 Turnip*, vl. He. per dot. .... ? lima Mans, qt ? wret potatoe-, per dot ? Pepper*, " .............. ? f'ar?l#y ?