Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 2, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 2, 1855 Page 5
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D^ey, Joseph Kahr, W A N Lyon, J O I'-ppcr, W -j t Kogtrn, A J VJulliivxi, nu<l H ill the steerage. Criminal Law Lb the Eau Indies. *D? PiFKEHENlE BETWEEN A SCOIe UM AN A>D A BENGALIS. [Frr id the Calcutta Englishman, June SO. J The Judges' address to Bissoo Dosn when pa'siug sen Wore of death upon him, r?mu to have b-en inaceu lately reported in our pape^Hferday, We wore net nreeent, but we have no doubt >?ir Ja?os Colvile n??st M?e spoken to the following ?*W>ct Plenoo Doss, you hate been found gail'y of the biTba ?oub murder of a little child, whose innocence ought to tare induced you to protect rather than to injure it. You have had the advantage of beius brought up in <i civil ized country, of having Ween early Instructed In religion, and of having had the example of piety and morality net you by all your relative** and acquaintance*. Under such circumstance* I can hold out no hope of mercy, for 1 can not find a -ingle extenuating circumstance in your cane. Do not be misled by the lenity shown to Thorns; there were many circumstance* In hi* faror. In the first place the woman he killed wan only hi* wife; ho hail no tomp tation, and you had the base one of money ; next, he Van one of a barbarous race, a Highl ander, a people so ignorant that though they live In a very cold climate, ihey have never been able to contrive garments to cover ihetr lower extremities; next, he was not prohibited by his religion as you are, from the use ot intoxicating drink, and it is clear to me that he did not know what hewasabout when he killed his wife; and lastly ho is a Scotchman and you are a Bengalee ! The sentence is <>f this court therefore in that you be hanged by the n?ck till you are dead on the 3d of July next ensuing. Beebc A Co., ISO Broadway.? Fall Fuhlwi fcr gentlemen's hats and caps; their assortment is complete. To Youix Jtten? Attention la HcapcctlhUy solicited to RUCKOLDT'S tall style of gentlemen's bats. For beauty of uiatei la I, elegance of finish and durability, can act be equalled. Call aud inspect them, at 309 Broadway (late Eapemheld'a Fall Style or Hatl for 1844 la entirely new and unique. It it the richest fabric we have yet seen. Who would pay $4 for a bat in Broadway when one su perior in every respect ran be purchased for 10 U) at 110 Nas sau street, near Beekman. Daguerreotype an<l Photographic Chemi cal* and liquor flavorings, bromine, iodine, cyanide po'-in ?dum, nitrate silver, pure ether, pyrogalllc, sulphuric and acetic acids, iodides and bromides, ammonium, cadmnlum, colodlon, hyposulphlde soda, best and cheapest cognac oil, Otard and Ko'heile brandy, peach, cherry, apple and prune essences, gin, rum and whiskey, for sale by Dr. L. KElJi'lI TWANOER, 9B Maiden lane. Photayapli Portrait*, Colored to Natue? Atmospheric, six times larger than the $1, daguerreotypes for 93; sky parlors expressly for the photograph; two shilling daguerreotypes by extra skylight, and double camera, taking mix hundred daily, at 289 Broadway. Photograph'*? Plain or Colored, by Hnylar, Mi# Eighth avenue, having fitted up this gallery in connection with our daguerreotype business, we would be happy to havo our friend* give us a call. E. iluylar, first operator; Professors Lelneand Hunt, assistants. Photograph*, Ambrotypei and Daguerreo types, at BRADY'S, :is9 Broadway, over Thompson's saloon. Auction Satire? Hruri. P. A. Vrede Si Co., will sell alauctlon.on Thursdayand Friday, at 10 o'clock each at their extensive warerooms, A9H Broadway, third house above the Metropolitan Hotel, (by H. II. LEEDS A CO., auc tioneers,) their entire valuable stock of first clans cabinet fur nlture, of their own manufacture, all of which ha* been made expressly for their private custom trade, and Is as well made and finished as though made to order, and embraces every variety of good anil desirable styles of rosewood, mahogany, oak and walnut, parlor. library, dining roam and chamber ltirniture, and which it I* beleived consists or the best assort ment to be found In the city. This sale presents a very tavor able opportunity for housekeepers to supply themselves with first class furniture at auction prices, as the whole stock will be sold without reserve. Terms of sale, four months for all sums over two hundred dollars, with interest, for satisfactory en dorsed note*. Pianos. ? Horace Waters' Modern Improved pianos, possessing in their improvement of action and over string* a power and compass of tone equal to the grand pianos. (Sole agency for T. (filbert A Co.'*, Hallett A Cumaton'*. Wood ward A Brown's, and Jacob Chickerlng'* Boston piano*; and constantly in store pianos from some five of the best New York manufactories. Each Instrument guaranteed to give entire satisfaction or purchase money returned. Second baud pianos of all varieties and at great bargains. Prices from $30 lo $140. new <>? octave pianos, with iron frames, for (ISO. Piano* to rent, and rent allowed on purchase. Pianos for sale on month ly payment*. Hole agency for 8. I). A H. W. Smith'* cele brated melodeons, (tuned the equal temperament.) HORACE WATERS, 833 Broadway. Hew Mualc. ? The Rachcl Bchottlach, Com posed by Thomas Baker, Illustrated with a correct likeness of the celebrated tragedienne in her famous character of Camilla price 26c. plain, 38c. lithograph, published by HORACE WATERS, S3 Broadway. Kid Glove* at Fifty Cent* per p?lr^-E. H. LKADBEATER A CO., 347 Broadway, on Monday, the 3d inat., will open one case of ladiea' French kid glove*, slightly ?potted, At AO cents per pair; alno, gentlemen's cravats, under ganuent#, Ac. Silks-? Silks from Auction.? Several Large kita of new and elegant styles ot dress Bilks will be offered "n Monday, the 3d in?t., at great bargains; also, a large lot of Ml perlor black silks. warranted to wear well, finally eheap. ?. H. LKADBEATER A OO., 347 Broadway. September, 18.1.1. ? Opening of the Fall Cam paign, at EVANS' clothing warehouse. No*. 66 and 68 Fulton *tr?:et. Splendid business ooata, 96; blue dreaa coata, 910; tine Ma<*k frock coats, 98; fancy caaslmero pania, 92 SO; beautiful fall vent*, 92. JmIihii A Purdy'i Celebrated Shirt*?- For finish, workmanship and tit they cannot be surpassed. Uemle men In want of thla moat Important article of their wardrobe will do well io leave their orders before i?olng elsewhere, JACKSON A PURDY, i?l H road way, ? under the Irving Home. The Truth to Traveller*.? Gentlemen Pa?< ii.g through the city sometimes require a lot of shlrta made to order in double quick time. The Ural question la, "(Jpou whom can I rely t" OREEN, No. 1 Aator Houae, la (enarally tlind upon In tbe?e ca*es. So much lor careful titling and pro verb 1*1 punctuality. For Protection against Moaqnltoei and In. ?acta. ? Haxkln'a patent improved portable canopy net, a ??re guarantee against moequitoe.s, without obstructing the circulation of air. W. ."TTRATTON, sole agent, "JO Chamber* street. Iron Cane Umbrella.? A Small Iron Walk* teg i ane containing In It a beautiful silk umbrella, so arranged aa to be all cane or all nmbrella. May be instantly changed from one to the other, leaving both perfect, one ahowing no trace of the other. Call and aee them. BYRD A HALL, 12 Warren airoet, up atalin. Great Bargain) In Carpeting. ? AJ We are about to open a in' w more at 364 Broadway, corner of Frank Hn street, we -ahll sell off a Urge portion of our stock at 432 Pearl at, at astonishingly low prices. Oood Brussels carpets at 7*. ur yard, and other goods at an equally great sacrifice. TOUNO * JAYVK, 432 Pearl street. ?Lo?nda' Patent Pen and Pencil Case" la the name of a ntw Invention made In gold and sliver by W. M. WILMARTll, 44 Maiden lane. It will command the attention of the trade aa being the most durable, beautiful and conve nlent form o( pencil and pen case ever offered to the public. W. M. W. makes alao every variety of gold and silver pencil and pen cases, and gold pens. Herring's Patent Champion Fire and Bar afar proof safe, with Hall'a patent powder proof lock. Beth received price medal* at the World'a Fair, London, MAI. and Crystal Palace. New York. 1863- 54. rilLAM C. ?KKR1NG k CO, 136, 137 and 139 Water street Defiance Salamander Safe*? Robert M. Pat. SICK la the aole manufacturer In the Cnlted States of the above celebrated safes and patent powder proof detlanee locka and cross bara. Depot 192 Pearl atreet, one door below Maiden lane. Looking Olaasea, for the Fall Trade, at S*?* prteea. Buyer* are Invited to examine ft?1* purchasing elsewhere. RICH A Kits, KINGS LAND A CO., manufacturera, 110 Chamber* street. ?cad the Sew York Pleayvne, the Only American Illustrated comic paper. Eacti number contains caricatures and humoroua reading In every variety. Prlee J cents; one dollar per year. Bold everywhere. Office 114 Nas ran street. Every Saturday, J. R. HtalTard'i Olive Tar, the New Elec trical remedy. ? Olive tar is Inhaled and applied. It la not taken. Ourea diseases of the throat, lung", nerve*, muscles, joints, and akin. Price. JO cents a bottle. Hold at the Company's depot, XI and 24 Ntw atreet. Batchclor'a Hair Dye, Wigs and Tonpeea? The best In the world. Nine private looms for applying hia unrivalled dye. Beware of Iml'aUona; they result In ridicule. The largest flock of wigs and totipeea In America, wholesale and retail, at BATCH KLOR'N, ?53 Broadway. Hernia.? Op ly Prise Medal Awarded 14, MARSH A ro. by tne Exhibition ot All Nations, tor their new patent radical cure truas. Referencea aa to Its supe riority ? Professors Valentine MoU, Williard Parker, and John M. Carno< ban. An extensive list of namea <>t mercantile and other gentlemen cured by this truss m.?y be seen at Marsh A Co.'a, >0. a'. Maiden lane. New York, and Marsh, Corllea A Co.'a, No. S West Fourth street, < Inclnnatl, Ohio. Open from 7 A. M. until 9 P. M. Hlll'a Improved Instantaneous Hair Dye.? Four ahlillngs a box, black or brown, t>eat In the world, recom mended by cbemiats. doctora and editors. Sold or applied at No. 1 Barclay street, near Broadway Hill, Inimitable Cotter of Hair and Whlo* k era at No. 1 Barc.lay street, adjoining Broadway. Hair ciir|. Ir-g and shampoonltig; '?having six cent*, llalr dye, black or brown, beat in the world, four shilling a box. Hollows y S Pills, Prepared from Selections from the vegetable kingdom, po*se?e the most miraculous vir tue in correatmg derangementa of the liver and aumiach The* also strengthen the digestive organs and Increaae the appetite Hold at the manufactories. HO Maiden Ane. New Tork and 244 Strand. London and by all druggist*, at 20 centa, '7', cents and 91 per bci. Hegeman, Clark dt Co., late Roahtnn, Clark A fM. ? Oenuine cod liver oil.? The ^reai aueeaaa attending 'he use of this valnable remedy In consumption having laduuw all kltH^Of Imltatlona. purchaser. are rautlnnrd to notice thai the slgni. tare liegeman, ,t'lark|A Cb., to full la over lie cork of ear h bottle without whk b It la not genuine. IIKtlFMA V i I.AKK A CO ?ole ? licensors to Rnshton. Clark A Co. lit IT-l, 111 *r.d 7* Br. adway. Wholeaale depot, His Broadway. Hyatt a Lift; Balsam? Rheumatism In Ita ?w?t pain'1 1 1 forma, alao. scrofula, old ulcers, an I the worst ??mart M diabases of the blood, great debility, liver corny lain t ktdwya, Inradent conaumptlon, A<\, are most < ertaitiiy eured by ttva grea> purifier. Principal depot. 246 Grand street. 74 (Cuts per boU^'. Dr. 8. S. Ftt* h, Anthor of the ??li I^wtnree ea Cansrmp'i n, ' < flice 714 Brtadway, will be please*] to aford relief to tho. " who have been injured, or who have failed to be be netted bw 'he -penality ,,f Inhalation lar dlseat-ea of the l^nfa or tftroat. t'pen tUlly (Fundajrs s?eept?d.l from 9 to 5 o'elock. Treata conaumptu.n, aethma, d;-<a?es of the b"S> *n'' ?" chronic llseg ,,( ?tales and fet.-.ales. CoQioIti 'ion free. I'r. M '. J'itch k always at t' me, a&d there u' n0 peraon el-e*b*re, toewlhi.g i. r cthertTi-e. la any *a> conn?-c..,i ?,th h .o at authorixeo t? ua.l frtio hi? cf.ce, pr p* i?Sta to h<ar. Cvwatt Sense of Bftndrothi Cnlveml Pi !I?. ? Many physicians of the present (lay fear the um oi purgatives n diseases attended with great prostration oi stre*?gia. ll ih< y would bear in mlad in every 'as.; 01 this kkid there m always accumulations of morbid matter lodfed in tlx: stomach an<l bowels, and to Una it In be attributed bom i ho origin and continuance ofth ? <Usee-o jud the debility wtiicb exi.-ts. The remedy isto purife with Br-iu Iwth's pills. What the bowel* contain is <fr>ln;r m) ijool, in nil seWS 'sick ness the contents of the bowels ars always I .) u,i shoulibe removed on< <? in iwenty fiur bourn, at leant. These matters ar- already out of the circulation, aul io remove them trom the system cannot weaken the body. Every hour they remain they are beixiuittii; more and more poisonous; even th--lr odor affects all the vessel* In tlioir vicinity. In la t, Uieyare often the ocoasi>? i>f great dizziness, and not ilo:n p iplexy, faint ing * ' Kxpel, then, these morbid accumulations from your bowels and you restore to ihem ih* lr natural function*, you improve appetite and digestion, and instead oi weakening the pal lent, you nourish, support and strengthen. Another objection to purgative * I*, tli?t in disease whore but Hum 'food la Ink en, there can bo no u-o in physiclng the bowels, for they com bare little In ihem. And though the natural and matted evacuation* maybe Irrerutar, this u no more than ought robe expected w ben little food is taken. Ilut oven the ?m>ill quantity of food taken in disease, thai little Is generally badly dl Rested, a ud there 1m constantly being thrown Into the Intentlual ? anal humors which ouuht to be speedily removed. The se cretions frem the liver, spleen, pancreas, and oiher organ*, find ttafr way Into the lnto,(innf canal. In fact, the b??lyN wastei* continually helng deposited there, ready to be re ?noved;and tf thin 1* not douo by nature, Branlretb's pllln must bo used. Ify modi in ebemlalry we have learned that increased heat In fevers dries or dissipate* the more fluid part* of our humor*, leaving 'lie remainder thickened. Heroin i* accounted for why ?Iter and during the course of fever*. Brundreib'* pill* are re quired In largi r doses than usual to produoo their known ef fect. Let thin Idea be thought upon by those who use Bran dretb'H pills. It will often account for their peculiar effect. in dysentery, anil all disease* of the bowels, their uao is more certain to cure than all ihe v.irlous cholera or other mix lures, which usually contain opium In norae shape or other. Iirundreth'* nlll* cure because they take away the offending humors wbii b keep up the irritation, and a few full done* uf four or six plls soon n stores ihe healthy secretions and the bowels to their proper action. Case* of cure of bowel com plaint? could be inserted, but it I* fhr better to comprehend ,i principle than to have before u* a hundred cases of cure. A regular physician, who understands the application of pur Citlvti* In all cases of disease, always In attendance at 1)K. BANllUKTH'tf oOce, 43 Canal street. Advice gratis. Brandi-eih's pills are sold at 2S cents a box, with fulldlrcc lion*, at the principal office, 43 ('anal street, Brandreili's build bigs; at Hurnton's book store*, 241 Hudson street and 2V<> Bowery; also D. D. Wright, titf Houston street, corner of Lewis: J, Kerr, 813 Broadway. Mrs. Hayes, 179 Pulton street, Brooklyn, and by all respectable medicine vendors In the world. The Great Inhaling Remedy for Asthma, consumption, and all disease* of the throat and lungs. Dr. Car Us'* hygeana. Thousands have been restored to health the past year by the hygeana. Principal office 343 Broadway, and ?old by O. IT. King, 199 Broadw ay. Price only C3 a package. Dr. CURTIS will lie at the office dally from 10 to 3 o'clock, where he may be consulted free oi charge. Without Danger, Without Stench, and sure to exterminate effectually rats, mice, cockroaches, Ac., and no humbug, 1st 'OHTAR'H exterininaior. Wholesale and retail depot No. 348 Broadway. From dark till light, Why will you tight With bedbug and musquitof For Insects faith I His powder's death; For rats his pills are ditto. Depot for Lyons' Magnetic Powder nnd pills for insect* and vermin 434 Broadway and # South Klgbth street, Philadelphia. Hollowiy's Pills Possess the Most Astonish ing power in the cure oi' general debility and in renova ting the system. The surprising effect of these wondarlul pills in suvli aH to restore health when it appears lost for ? Vor. Sold at the manufactories, 80 Maiden lane, New York, and 244 Strand, London, and by all druggists, at 25 cents, 92 v, rents, and $1 per box. Harried. On Thursday, August 30, Mr. Joint J. N'blson, of Troy, to lii>s Bariiiu Ann Broww of Philadelphia. At New Brunswick, N. J., on Wednesday, Augni-t 29, by the Rev. Mr. Woo<lbridge, of the Dutch Reformed fliurch, the Rev. J arkd W. S'TDDKR, of India, to Mis* Jim C. fi Godwin, daughter of R. M. i.'O'xl win, of Savau nsh, fieo. Savannah papers please copy. At l'ensacola, Florida, on Wednesday, August 18, l.laut. I'lUMTB B. IttsHUA w, L'nlted States Navy, to Ueori.ia.vna, daughter of Dr. John Bi osnaham, of that city. Died. On Friday, August 31, Joskph B., youngest nun of John and Sarah ti. Carman. aged 1 year and tl months. The relatives and fi ienda of the family, also the police of the Eighteenth ward, are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, from the residence of his parents, No. 147 East Twenty-fifth street, this afternoon, at one o'clock, without farther notice. Boston and Charleston n papers please ropy. On Friday, Augu-t 31, JO ?> A. Bi_aiu . ,'ged 31 years and 3 months. 'I he friends and relatives of the deceased are respect fully invited to attend hit funeral, from his residence, No. 3 Pearl street, this afternoon, at three o'clock. On Saturday, Sept. 1, Maroarit C., daughter of Cordt and Anna Gerken, aged 1 year, 1 month and 17 days. The friends and acquaintanees of the family are res- i pectlully invite<l to attend her funeral, from her parents' lesldence, No. 642 Broome street, this afternoon, at two o'clock. <>n Saturday, Sept. 1, A m;ii.iqi, aged 75 years. The friends of the bimiiy, and those of her son-in-law, Mr. D. Homergne, are res[>cctfully invited to attend her funeral, from St. Stephens Church, Kast Twenty-eighth street, to-morrow morning, at ten o'clock. On Saturday, Sept. 1, at the resMencc of bis parents, No. 417 Tenth street, Kir G. TuoMrsoN, Jr., aged 1 year, 1 month and 17 days. The fiiend-s of the family arc respectfully Invited to attend his funeral, this afternoon, at two o'clock, without further Invitation. On Friday, August 31. Kuward Heath, youngest son of George and Maria L. Price, aged b years, 5 mouths and 23 days. Suddenly, on Friday, August 31, Mr. Dai.kt, in the 70th j ear of his age. J he relatives and friends nre respectfully invited to attend his funeral, from his late residence, Twenty-fifth street, between Tenth and Eleventh avenues, this after noon. Ills remains will be taken to Calvary Cemetery, in Williamsburg, for interment. on Friday, August 31. THOMXf, aged 19 years and 0 months. The friends and relative* of the family, and also the members of the I'niteil Association of Journeymen Marble Cutters, are respectfully invite'l to attend his funeral, Irom the residence of his parents, 608 Third avenue, near Forty-first street, to-day. On sa'urdsy, Sept. I, FlU*'H> Mrnpirr, daughter of John and Mary Murphy, aged 1 year, 7 months and 5 days. The friends of the family ore respectfully invited to attend her funeral, from No. 16 Rose street, this after noon, at half past two o'clock. <hi Saturday afternoon, Sept. 1, after a lingering illness which he bore with Christian fortitude and re signation, Mr. ArihiuaM) .Vhw.v, in the 40th year of hfo age. His friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend hi* funeral, from his late residence, 319 Nine teenth street, near Tenth avenue, to-morrow morning, at nine o'clock. On Saturday morning, Sept. 1, Sarah Awe Lutltcm, aged 7 months and V days. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, from l'-Ui Clinton place, Kiglith street, this afternoon, at two o'clock. Troy [tapers please copv. on Saturday, Sept. 1, Jon* Tmuu*, infunt son of D. J. and Julia Driscoil, aged 11 months. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, from '?',\ West Twenty-first street, this afternoon, at one o'ciork. <>n Saturday, Sept. 1, John (i*i Lahiiicr, brother ol Jameti and F? II* Gallabger, native of Ballyshannon, county Donegal 1 1 eland. The friends and lelativei of the family are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, from his late residence, 19 P.eade street, to-morrow afternoon, at one o'clock. Mia remains will be taken to Staten Island for Interment. <>n Saturday, Sept. 1, of consumption, at the residence of his parents, lht Uvinfston stieet Brooklyn, L. L, Jon SroKitiA, aged '.fi years, '1 months and 'J3 'lays. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend his luneral, to-morrow afternoon, at three o'clock, without farther invitation. In Brooklyn, on Saturday morning. Sept. ], AbtMXB, wife of Peter W. !-tootlioff, aged 37 years. The friends and acquaintances of the family are res pectfully invited to attend her funeral, from t il Smith stieet, Brooklyn, this afternoon, at two o'clock. On Saturday, Sept. 1. Mahv, child of Patrick and Mary McMahon. aged 7 months and sixteen days. The funeral will take place from the re : '.ence of her parents, corner of Atlantic aud Hicks' streets, Brooklyn, this morning, at ten o'clock. Suddenly, on Saturday, Sept. 1, Mrs. In* Hark *. Her friends ami those of the family are respectfully invite>l to attend her funeral, from her late residence No. 7 Monroe place, Brooklyn, this afternoon, at half pa* t one o'clock. <>n Saturday morning, -ept. 1, Captain IUvTO. Dote,*, in the 41st year of his age. 1 he friends of the family, also the members of Corner Stone lxtdge No. 867 of K and A. M., and the fiaternity in general, are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, fr<m his late residence, No. 48 South Fourth street, Williamsburg, this afternoon, at five o'clock. At Santa Crui, Teneiilf* on Monday, July 23 Jomkth C. Hart, of this city, Vnlted States Consul for toe Canary Islands aged 6? years. ADVE&TISEIENTS RENEWED EVERT DAT. PERSONAL. Any i, a or wis in wo to adopt a* infantum her own, a few day- old, may besr of a Cavorable oppor innlty For any desired information, address K, W V , t*a MB Herald office. rr THIS flHOCLD MKKT TIIE BYE or EDWARD DOMO 1 VA.V, late of Ibis i-tty, who went to fowa about twsl re months ago. he will please to communicate his wb?reahon'? lo hl?trr Any Information of him wUi be thankfully rooadyfd at 24 Division street. INFORMATION WANTED-Of CHAEI.RS fORRKxTEE ? land Bridget .Volan Any It. formation "I ihem will t>e thank fully rer-*|ved hy Mary Nolan at Jfo S Madison street. Wi?n last beanl from werh In Jersey City. 1 NEORV ATfON WATTKD? Or BETSEY Tt'RVER BY 1 her sisier Anne. She went to Brooklyn about two months since, snd Ins not been heard of sin - she is I* years old, J feel two inthes hl*h. (air conpleiioo, hair trimmed thori. Ap ply at 41 Worth street, late Antfcooy. Mr coR.sri.n s iicrrard wii.i, rixo if ih motiikr In law, Mrs Harriet M Knspp. from Daabury, Conn., at HW West Twenty seventh street, between Eighth and Vlnth avenues. REUdlUlU .*OTI( E4. CP'RITCALI-M IS HROOKI.YM -REV R V AMKt.ER O will |eei0fe at the Br'stilyn Ins'liole this -u elari ?<icr anon, at *W o'dwk. Public ronferen-e every Weltesday evening, tseats TTNIVERSAI.IXT ."Hf Rt If OR' If * RD STREET VK t R -V "r^2n" Servte.?eat III', o'olock In the,* ant <,'i o '"-e* in 'he 'rrntaf. H?? Mr P td'-rs. a E? t a. re ? dfrfach iiciiij n'4 f>?t,r ?? * IPEO AL NOTICVS. A GENERAL UKVTTNO OF TlIE STOCK HOLDERS OF th? Bute hern' Real Eetate Hide Association of the city of N< w York, will be beld at the oflice of the tton, ntuate on the come r of First avenue and Street, iu the *ald cltjr, on Monday, the 10th day of Sep tember next, at half-past 3 o'clock P. M.. when a resolu tion will Ve offered ami voted upon for the dissolution of the eaiti association. By order of the Trun t>-e?. S. !'. lATTElwSON, ('resident. EDWARD HHIIJJP8, Secretary. GEORGE W. ( AMI'BEIX, Treasurer. New York, August J, lhS6. COSMOPOLITAN I'M B.-TniC MEMBERS OK TUB COS mopolllan Club are ceiinented u> attend their regular month Iv meeting on Tie^itay evening, 4' ti instant. (Punctual atteu dance I* requested. EDWARD biskfi i., tr. wall strut, attorvet and counsellor at law, notary |>ublle, and lata l'urver 0. H. navy, devotes hi* whole attention to ease* voming before L . S. Court of Claims, to the recovery of claim* of all kind* against the U. 3., to procuring, buy ing and selling land warrant*, aud in 36 hours obtain* V. S. passport* to travel in foreign countrie*. MASON 10 NOTI'K.? WILLIAMSBURG ATTEND ? The membar* of Corner Ntou? laxlge No. 'Ml and Ui? fraternity In geueiaUre ie?jue-<tc<t to meet rtt Masonic Hall, 146 Grand street, Williamsburg, this day, (Sunday ) at 4 o'clock P. M., to pay the la* ' iributo of respcct lo our late Brother Daniel Dodge. A 1 * ill attendance i* nuueM'eti JOHN D. OK BEN, W M. Chaile* Ciimber-om, WlUlam H. Boyd, Orrumlo B. Lewi* and Joseph R. Thomas, committee of arrangement*. VTOTH K IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT ALL NOTES ANO promise* io pay by the contractor* for building ibe lug dry dock basin and railway at (be Navy Yard, California, must be signed hereafter wltb the Individual signature* ol Ihu surviving parties lo the contract, who are RUTHERFORD MOODY. JOHN S. GILBERT. New York, Aug. SO, IMS. ZENO BECOR. VTOTirE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT NO PERSON EVRK Xv was or Ik authorized to slgnlor our liriu, except Mr. Win. Kunsile; and that no draft, note or bill ?igned by any p^rwm other than tbe above named. will be re-ngnl/ed by u*. KUNSTI.E k CO., 37 John street. NOTICE.? TIIK MESSRS. II. A D..OF WILLIAMSBURG, who wenr overtaken bv the rain, in an open wagon wltli ladies, on Sunday afternoon lasi, would take iht* opportunity <>f expressing their high sense of gratitude to Mr Benjamin Neilaon of Klatbush, for the very handsome manner lu which he tendered to them the use of tils covered wagon to convey them bone; the ladle* alwj beg leave lo return theli thanks to Mr*. Nellson, for her very kind and courteous treat ment, and for the excellent supper provided, they would also state to gentlemen wishing to take a pleasant tide ol an after noon through the beautiful village of Flathush, dial for a supe rlor glass of Otard, or a choice segar, at Mr. Nellsou's hotel tbey can furnish the *ame, and cannot bo beat. NKW YORK HORTICULTURAL HOCIETT.? k B*OH lar monthly meeting ol the society will be held at their room*, Clinton Street Hall, Astor place to morrow evening, at halt' past seven o'clock. I'ETKK B. UKAlt, Seeretar y. PARTIES HAVING CLAIMS AGAINST THE LATE Arm* of Huntington A Llnsey, Hun'lngtoo A Co., and Charles B. Huntlngtnn, will please send thrni Into the sub fcrlberonor belorn September luth. CHARLES II. HUNT 1NQT0N, 62 Wall street. THE TVR P. C1I.N 1KI:V II I.E cor I WE, I. I. ? TKOT1 ING ? Pt'RSE ) 1600, mile heats; liest three in live, in harness, to come off September 17th. Free for all trotting horses. I'urse $600; two mile heats to wagon, wagon aad driver to weigh '275 pounds. Krce for all trotting horie*, to come ofT September 20tli. Three or more to make a race, and two to start In the above named races, Kntrieito close at Falkland k Dnryee's, corner of Kast Rriiadway and Catherine street, on Monday evening, September 3d, at 9 o'clock N. B. ? The entrance money to be paid in tlie *l>ove purses at the time of entry. JOELCONKLLN, Proprietor C1KKTREVII.LE COCItSK, L I. TROTTING, TUESDAY / September II, at .1 o'clock, match 12.000, two mile hea's to wagons. J. D. McMann, names h. m. Klnra Temple; Hiram Woodruff, name* ro. in. l<adv Franklin. This race will come off without regard to wcatber or condition of track. JOEL CONKL1N, Proprietor. CENTREVILLE COURSE L. I., TROTTI.VO.-WKDNFS day, Sept. 6, at 3 0M00k, Purse and stake, t7D0, mile beats, best tbrae In Ave to wagona. Samuel Gage, Jr. enter* ch. y Bakir Boy; Wm. Slmouson enter* h. g. I'eacock; 0. t'arll enter* ch. g. Sheppard; J Ia>ox*tatf b. m. (jueen Mary; W. 11 i nters bl. g. Wild Billy; Wm. Wheelan enu-rs g. g Gray Eagle. JOEL CONKLIN, Proprietor Bed hoi'se. harlem this favorite place of resort I* now in complete order, and ready fo accommodate the sporting and riding public. The Go tham and Baltic Rase Rail (Tub* play on the beautiful green attached to the house and afford much sport to the visiters of this beautiful place. The best of refresh, ments always on hand. WILLIAM A. BROWN, Proprietor. FOR SAIJv? THE CELEBRATED TROTTING STAU Hon John Ferris, five year* old, dark chfttnut; has trotted a mile in 2:36K>, in public, out of tlx, In a race, and his challenge remains open to trot, to witgons or har noss, any stallion iu the world, warrant*'! sound and kind, and is a capital road horse for any gentleman. For terms apply to SAMUEL TRIIEKDELL, 1T2 Merccr street, or to JAMBS IRVING, '?1 Washington market _ POLITICAL. A CARD? MR. EDITOR? KKKINO MY NAMK AX nounced In the Herald, Allan anil other |>aMm u a can delate for Sheriff 'of thla city and county, I would reapectfully inloi in the public that I am not a candidate for any office In the Klft of the people, having rec ??wily accepted a very Important office, which I* now opened at the corner of Twenty ?even<h wtreet and Eighth Avenue, where I can be couxtantly found *ut?tjlylnir my follow citizen* with the celebrated Rreckeiirldito Ixiolgn, Black llcuth, and red and white R?h coal, which will make uinllllCH happy, contented *n<l warm during the coming winter. My coal In not of any political party, hut will impart 1 1. ?< uaiuith fiiuuDv to whli( or <!crn<v n?f, Know Nothing or Know Something, hard or aoft. All of every party purcba*tiig coal of me, I know will do all they can to nuataln me in niy present office after uetnjt my coal. EPHRAIM L. 8NOW, twenty seventh street and Klgth avenue. ASS MEETING OF WORKWOMEN ?TIIK WORKING men of the city of New York are hereby convened at Mope M Chapel, 71" Broadway, (oppoaRe the NV? York llo'cl.i on Tuesday evening, Hept. 4, at lj o'clock, to 'ake Into ttMUnri Hon the beat mean. c! securing ? lit. The abolition of the con tract ?yntein. 2d. The improvement of the nt|t>||c land* and low belonging to Hie city, for the benefit 01 the tenantry >1 The election to Iculiiliitlvr nfllcr* of representative* of working men; and 4th . The *nl,ml'?lon of all law* Involving tMiie. not decided prior to and hy the election o< the reprcmtUilve*. to the direct vote of the people. "Work lor all," at lint, living wages; " Home* for all," at low, and ((radially dlmililahing renin, ?nd the integrity ami perpetuity of repreaetuaxlve demo rratie inatltntlotia. Every man in favor of the ahove measure*, will not lull to attend the meeting. The Park ' 'omruiiie* will leport a plan ol organisation lor the enaulng election. WILLIAM ABBUTHNOT.1 W 11,1.1 AM WK.-T, WILLIAM BOWK, HKNJ. PRICE, f onunitte*. n r. iikndkmon, J J. BRAIMHAW, J INETKKNTII WARD BKOCLAB DEMOCRATIC WHIO charter nomination*. for Count ilmnn? Hiram A. Maynard. For A*n?umor ? Jno. H. Dlnjrrldeln. For School <'omml?"kmer ? Robert H. O ray. For School Inapectoi? < harlen I.. KitK For School Tmike< < harlen Smi'hfu?n, M Win. J. Flow*. Constables? Jan. Tallman. " Wm. Cart wrlght. ininccvofti or electioh. Flrnt I ?i^?ri* t?- ftavtd Tenbrook, " Inalah Kelnrr. Se? ond Dlatrlcfc? John II. Van Taeaell, Chan. McCarthy. Third I)l*ti let? Frederick L Seeley, M Kdward (tone t. N "firOBKIJIOMKN LEOI8LATR FOR YOl'KMKLVKft ? T v A maa* meeting ol the American democracy. on Moii'lay evening fepitnvlier td, at Ho'clo. k.M Mechanic'* Hull, IW lte.|ei itree'. All who are opposed to the Know Nothing* Maine Liquor law, the 'Ontract *y*tenj and all other ?pe< le- of oppreaalon, and are in favor of lc?!-latltig for their own rights, are Invited to attend By order, M. B. DAVIH, Cluiriuan c ?' "ITOI'NfJ MEN'H DEMOCRATIC UMIOM CLUB ? A BE 1 gul ?r meeting will l, e held thl. (Monday) evenlug -I-' Sd. at 8 o'clock, at the Chinee A??-m'<lv R,?iui? MB Broad way H, WALLACE Pr -id. m. I?* f 'aiix Hecj? tary. TIIK uuioa (ltR*TIO?. _ ClHAMPACNK? J. mkykr, JR., HOIJC IMPOKTKR Ol J WUecart ?alm<na verxenay champagne, 14 Broadway invite* tbe attention of the trad, to his n?A ablpinent of this celebrated brand of wine. Order* ailed upon Boat liberal terma. K. M. TOMl'KlNrt, Agent. Ctl AIUT WTNE IS CA.-ER ASt? PER txC/.HV, OF VA / rbjti" price* and ijoality; white brandy for pre. ?erviri)r, hlacktierry brai.ily, an mecllent r>tt9dy T.r diarrbt??, pure hran^ie*. wini* and liquor., JWrt<h ale., 1/ ndon and Dublin p?.rter ?<-jf*r., k<-. >or >ai? by VNWhJillJ. k MATTUtaON, llrtH.iue .treet. BRA.VDIK8? BBANDIRf -COOJIAC, B(? IIK1XK A.vit Itordeam hf?ndle". m half., qu ?rter. ?nd <e"ave? no* landinf. and lor -ale from I ond, ar< ompanied with <*rufk?ie. from the < olicctor, by L. H SIMP-OS A HOy-i, 19 Heaver ?'ree t < la bet wm m nm, avdsoo ii ALf n ol line clan t? now .ai.Uiujj and for aale from W<d cheap Ai?o, S.OOO Ca*r? by L. II HIMPtWiS A W).VH 1? Bearer. (1 IW? OIN - U? PIPKS Of TBI CRLKHB ATEO Dot HI.K J "?an brand', now lan<llnir. aiul for aale hy the Importer*, from bond L. II HlMP>O.V A >M)SJ l? Ite.ver .'reet H MIIICAL. AINE'fl NKW YORK A SI' BROWS M AU KS ?> nremiii m Boaton piano.? Retailed at wh"b--*i* price* for raah. Piano, fully warranted a let jfuarant?~i fo ifire .ati.fac'i n, or pnrchaae money refun4?"i. A large aaaortment of mti>ieand mol.?lg n? OXiK k Blt'/TjnCh, .4.1 Bf a-Iway MEIvODKOW, Ml'SICAL A.VD EXHIWTION HAir. < leveland. <tbio, having l)e*n tljoroughlT venfila ted, painted and repaired with new i<-en?ry. ?- it to lot by the day. week, month <<r yoar or f*v 'rabl* t?rm? nt*l' with Iwnd* of mln.trela *nd all ki?i* of eghibfti' A*, by the proprietor. Addrea* Mel<xio> n, CVv*ian l obi ?. \LAIiV or EXPERIKN' K, AH A V NIC TK*' IIKR, Wt.he. to enter a family where ln.tni' 'Hwi mi the pkm '"rte will received a. compenaaitoo 1m boar I Hhe U a!?o de.irou* of ei.iiag) men', u viemn* tea< her In t>?e Kngl.'Jj tranche*, french, Ac Addreaa KaiwrtM, lie:; >,l oA <e or W Henry xrwe t, BtorAlyn, po-' paid. ? EBESCff iriln.w LA r>Y, A PBOriciKVT J\ it.<'hrr <o the pure, fo; >, ij, ?ir, . f,n-i ?4 in * ? '-nteei private family, where i.a-.M ?ooei be '?*? u *a a rt noratkm. Apply at ;*t Broadway.

x'kw mi ?i? ?ji >t pi nn-nn?- tiik BAnirr. A" I ""h a ><ao-if.|! ,N.ri.;?. p r r* pka4 from IM Meg pHmovraphic portrai* Rachel ? ?o, |..?ed hy <1 R ivjn*. II. piiec. Ml wl hotp ad ncraph -?rr? A Ttie Po.? . ' >,t I < (>-* P .4 en'. Th..e I'.ikaa we prrnexukc,^ pre?, >,? *v, have beard I^mb *a ie4 free tf mmuun. i 'jfjk A LH'JTW" m' ii?a<*rt, )*J Bc.adway * * auu at AjDcnoa. AUCTION NOTICK. ? JOSKl'II L. HM1TII, AP..TION Mr, wilt tell, to ricrrom (Monday), *l ll,l? o'clock, at ?ft Ki ' ttklin utrw t, fu>i. ill hcuM' w.-at oi llroaiiwuy, <ni? rr?''*r(?> t l>wno, of bi illlaul foi?* iii'l tlr.l?h. parlor funutur* uf null I rtvc wood , rteti rarpru, utl' Uxb, oil i>?1nhni<*, large unl|>Mr |Uiwv, rfH'klntr aiul rA<*y < h*.r^, Iiuuf >'hji y .kin I inipit* oh urt, Milan, dllilliK uiiil ffa .uMi-h, roiewood and DUiu^uit/ fo.*<l ad?, bureau* wvl waarfiH'atMta to beat tiali' matir<">? i locki ry, jtlaaawarc, clock*, ?Uv?>r war.*, ; !br?e ? uaiiv led i otlat'e ?'ii Auction xotiok.-crockkrv, ouum anoohiva ? liy J. H. II. BARTLEl'T, auctioneer, Tuesday 4, Mi U) o'clock, uf >1 I'earl *?ire?-t, in io<s Iroui the shelves, 40 crate* best W. <1. blue printed, dipt, ?\ t \ jellow, Rocainghiiu and stoneware, 100 packages glassware, all kind*. A!*o, china tea net*, cutlery, Britannia ware, Ac. (JooN w?'J packed for shipping. Kale peremptory. Auction* notick.? j. bojakt auctioneer.? by 1, Hogart, Tuesday, a? 10'i o'clock, at the a icttm I u< corner of Kraniiiort an t William Urge assortment oi genteel hou*eU?ld furniture, removed for ? oov*'uten "*>. of *al*, mahogany ?oi?4H, do. chairs, mahogany ro*Wers, npl?>ndld to wood hat Miami, do. Iron, mahogany Fr nch bed^-al*, do. dining and tea tables, hair mittress .?*, spring do., parlor < n s, kitchen furniture, Ac., Ac. AUCTION NOTICE.? JOHN H. RUSHKLL, AUjTION eei ? Attractive and uureserved auction s,t,le ot ^npr? 1 j cabinet furniture. Ac. bay, Kn^cll & Co. will oiler, alpubli auction, on Tuesday, September 4, at IQ)? o'clock v M ,i their extensive salesroom. ?5 Nassau street. two door* trowi Fulton street, (late K. C. KrmpV) a large collection comprising the following articles, in great variety, viz: ? bookcase#, ward robes, bureaus. parlor suit* In rich wood and upholsLcritig, "OUh, tele a tetrs, parlor chair*, sofa and lounge beds, rock in# and i? rin chair*, -kleUmrds, rich enamelled chamber suit* all descriptions of marbletop table*; SO oil paintlm;* and k>I frame minor*', Ac., Ac.; al*o, a quantity of second hand furui ture, from a family declining housekeeping, with which the sale will commence. Catalogue* early on morning of sale. Hale positively without any reaerve. Terinacaxh kV, on^pur cha^iiiK soo<ia to N ave thi* city can have them packed ou the; rood aud tafe carmen in attcn<lan?*?*. Al'( TION 8ALE-BY ORDKR OP TUB HIIKRIFF, O.I Wednesday, September ft. at 10U o'clock, at the sale room No. 5), fine street, HKNHY B. UKRTH, Jit., auctioneer will ?cll, a- above, the entire balance of atock reiuauniiK unsold, and not culled for from previous sale* of ceolce groceries, wine*, liquor*, from i>ond, liavuna iegar*, Ac., compri^tiw in part, tine ttuoi>oMder, younK h\*on, twankay, h) +>n 4kln, oolotiK and bourbon# lea*; white and Kiound Java colfoe, white and brown ?UK&t h, ?o.ip, caudle*, olive* sweet oil, aardlne*, anchovie*, ral*in*. !}?.'?. preserved fruit*, Ac.. A^.; also, chot?*e brandies, otard, Henne^-v, Deluce t'entral t'ouipanv cogna \ colored chal ani do., Outf Gordon, Amontila^lo and South Hide Aberrie*, I'ort, Madeira, t;iaret, Ht. Katephe, St. JuJlen, ('hataii, Margaux, llocrkheimer, Leibfruandteh and other stock Wlltea, flna, rum; Mui r A Son's Fdiubuo:h ale, Bya?' Lon?loo poster, leldnick and other champagne*, champagne elder, Havana cigar*, all being the entire balance of *?ock of a large whole nale dealer and importer. Terms cash, a deposit required from all purchaser*. By order, FUKhKKIt K I. VI Ml'. Depu'y Bhciifl'. CROCKKRY, OLAHfl AM) OHXA.-AUOTXOX 190 lice.? .1. J. WALDRON, auctioneer ? Third regular shelf aale.? Tuesilay, September 4, by Henry O. Rvan*, No. W i'earl street, t'ity and country dealer* will Ihnl it to then advantage to attend these sale*, as the ware ottered will be of ( the best quality and ?old in lots to *ult the trade, from the shelve*, or by t Fie package. Catalogues can be had on Mou day. Ooodi packed in the be-<t manner for shipping. DH. IfOUOII, AVHTIONKKR ? SALK OF RU:iI AN|> ? elegant rosewoo?l and mahogany furniture, roaowood pianoforte, velvet carpet*, oil paln'lng*, pier and oval mirror*, marble statuary, mantel uecoratlona, Ac. IV S. HOUUif will j ??ell to niorrow, (Monday,) at 10*^ A.M. the contents ot the richly furnished dwelling No. 70 Murray Htreet, near t'ollege place, embiacing mo rosewood parlor suite*, In brocatel, row woo<l seven octave pianoforte, of superior tone, and tully war ranted; carved rosewood etegere, with plate glas* doors and I I back; lady's e*crntoire, richly inlaid; rosewood marble top centre, mine and pier tables, rosewood music stands and corner etegere*, a choice collection of oil painting*, l>y artlataof ac knowledged talent; rosewood and mahogany bedstead*, bu reaiis, waftlmtand*, Ac.; pure hair mattreMes, velvet, Bru**eis and ingrain carpet*; lace and m<i*lln window drapery, china dinner and tea, cut gla** ware, ivory cutlery, aiher tea *er vices, casters, cake i)a*ket*, spoon*, fork*, Ac., Ac., the whole to be sold without reserve. Catalogue* on morning of sale. C1KOROK COOK, AUCTIONEER? LARGE RAI.E OF JT furniture, Ac., on Tueaday neit, at lo1^ o'elock, at -ale* loom*, 117 Nassau street, a large and extenalve iisrt?>rtrnent oi i oaewood, mahogany, walnut and oak furniture oi every d<* Mcrlption; also, gilt frame mirrors, oil painting*, < hlna and glassware; table cutlery, silver plated ware, A''. Henry h. leehs a co., auctioneers.? elkoant ! household furniture, mostlv made In Paris, or by M. Bandonlne, all nearly new, having been in use but a few month*. Ilenry II. Leeds A Co. will *eil by auction on Thurs ttjr, 40b September, at haJf-paat ton o'clock, at No. IM West Twenty third street, near Ninth avenue, opposite the London Terrace, all the furniture contained In the large brown *ton?' dwelling, a* above, all in perfect order, consisting of elegant velvet carpet*, of the newest style,; crimson and gold satin damask curtain*, with heavy I/icc curtain* and tassel*; cor nlces to match, rosewood parlor suit-, coveted in <-i untoii and ma roon *ilk, viz., sofa* , arm and parlor chair* , rose wood arm spring chair*, covered in French brocatel; (auteulin, covered In roquet i.< w iQrle; wvtBC ohatoi) eoeered In tapestry, lo.; rosewood music can#*, plate door*; centre tabl", pier do., mar | hie do., clocks, uusrtcHea of papier mache, inlaid with pearl; ormolu chandelier*, superb carved seven octave rosewood piano forte, with the attachment, made by llallett A Davis, cost 1700 a slant time since, rich velvet rug, elegant mahoKany *c | cretary and bookcase ma?le In Pari*, bois de rose ladles' H**cr?* tary, mounted in omttlu; do. Jar?lln??re etegere, Ac., a *plen<lid suit oi narlor furniture, made In Paris; covered, nurple aial gold silk brocatel. sofa, chair*, Ac., new style. Bedrooms? Brmsels carpets, lace curtains, superb suit from I'arls, carved bvdstead, trimmed with criinsou silk; dressing bureaa and martle top, with large plate class double washstand and i binet. marble top. rose wood chairs, black walnut bookea*ie, enUre suite In carved rosewood, bedstead, bureau and g!a*?? cabinet, washstand, Ac,; cottage suite, painted, together with | tine mattresses, bedding, Ac., mahogany suit, very finely made, baudvienne, rosewood dining nsim suit, covered in | hair Clot b, extension tab! gas flxturc*. beautiful oilcloths, the bouse new **yU\cblna, plated ware, glass, hatrack, kitchen turulture. Ac. The above can be examined on Monday, pr** ; vious to the nale. The Fourteenth street stages pas* near the | house every few minutes. Jacob hog art. aictionkku -by h. boo art. *fore corner Frankfort and William atreeta, will *ell on Monday, September 3, at 10 o'clock A M..?t N'o. Irt7 Read#* Min t t, a lot ol btHiitfadit, fc?<hftr bed*, anu a *pl*ndid a-?ort meat of furniture. Hale positive. IAROK AN I> PKRKMPTORY HAl.KOK A MA.NUFAC J ?un ng mantilla and millinery ??*tabll*hm#r?f.? A. V CKIM TALAIC. auctioneer, Zi Bowery, will *? II <?n Monday, Id In**., at 10l4 o'rlork, thn whole and entire ato* k, '"onaiailng in part -.1 a lar*?* lot of Milk, worn U*d and ? otfon braid* and fringe*, twlit, *Uk*. la* e?, Klo\e?, lining*; CwlimTd, Thibet, Rob R<>y and other aha win; a large lot <?f ribbon*, 4k*\ Alan. about I dm hose* of tab*, for bonnet*, cap*, head drcwi, dr., of variou* ?t y |#*m and c olor*. Alao, worsted, collarii, fmbroMeiVf, pr^M boat da, Ac. MS t'ROFT, AI <TIONKf?R ? BY t'ROKT A BILLINO? ? will cell at tl;*lr *al? "room, 63 William *t reef, eortier o f (Yiiar Monday, September 3, at lOf, o'clock a large and va lied aaaoriment of new and aecond hind furniture, con -taring of -ul'* and part a <?! *ulfa, chair*. bed*tead?, lounge*, erlbit, dflfkl, clocks, Ac., alao, 4O.UU0 aegar*. FIILIP R WII.K I NH, AUTIONKK.K ? liK? KJVKK'H hale of elegant hou*ebold furniture, by order ol* U*e tfu p rewe Ooui*. rblllp It. Wilkin* will *e|l *t au* *ion on rue', ?lay, September 4?h, at 10 o'< Ire k ai lh Kiii' Twentieth atreet elegant bouaebold furniture, c*?n*u?'lng In part of roaewood and maho^auy w?fa*, 'ete a trtee, chair* an I Voltaire ehair*. ?o vcr fl with am in, velvet and brueatell; *of* and ? ard table*, wl'h Kgyptian marble top*; aideboerda, aingle arid double French be*f*teada, bureau*, dreaaixtg bureau**, m intel mirror*. ?rm ' lai.f. A?\ A l*o, a very large eitenaton dining table fata logue* can be bad at the (?ffirq of the auctioneer, No 2 Broad afreet. 117 M WITTKRH. A I tTIONK.KR, W ILL SV LL. t)N MOM ?Y day, at 10*g o'clock, at the corner of Green wirb and Troy aUeet*, ihe Htof-k and (III lire* of a ftrat elan* grocery aiore ? on ?t*ting of a full aftftortment ??f ftrat ?-Lae* good* al?o, U?- aiore future large <|>i*ntity of teaa and augara, ga* liiturea, A \1T ? MKLLKR, At<rNONEKR.-BY HOrOHTON A ?? ? Meller.Tueaday, Heptember I, a* 10* j o'clock, *t tb* **!??* room, lid Jfaiweo utrcet? - Klefaot cablnn lurniture*? flfe ?,kperta>r tone loavwoo*! piano lor<?**, rarpH*, niW?*r piat^d a .ii r, lirm nalau)and'<r *af?*, told w?tch, A?' ; <,ahin? l tar nlture will ronniMt In part of parlor mil'*, rove red In the numt ta?hionable ntyu- of ro-tly ma^rtal*; eteK?*r?*?, wrltlnf d?*-k* #*nd eablnete; roitly em're tabli-*, rneewoo?l +u-ier\r*, *#-v?*ral *mI??* ol rote wood, w?in<iti?o<l n<*lw??*ny r harrier furnliure, with mar Me topa, ?uj|f? * to nuMi, fnrre auperlor * dlnlnir table#, fourteen feet Jonjf With ^elf^'a nn l < lutii* to do rich Inlaid fanry table*, *?*vi-iaJ book 'aura Mtid a^'*r?*'ary In ro*eaood and mahogany, do rlo w*rdrot??*a, fan'-y *land?, A> In cr^at variety; logefber with *ereral *?iI?#ni of ri? hly ?*naine| led t ham be r Alao rnabo^ari y t?*0: a teten; parlor ? halra. raiie *eat r<nf*^r do. e?i?y utid rorklnK 'haira, 0'inf a Atvl loQn|fe brda, Oothte arxl xlalned ? oUatf<- tti?o, ahoiit ten pure hair matin aaea, pallia***-*, Je. The ptano forte* will be m;I*1 at twelve O'rlork pre* laely. fi?*o-l* < an b?* pa- k**d for thinping oi? th?? premiaea. at a reaaonabte ? harge Th?* trade and rountry merrhanta are IfifMed. t Vaiogu* a will be I** d on n.ornlng ol >^Ue. MIftCKIX A 1VBOIR* rtAII PIOFLK -RANtiK FOR HALF. FOR (ink I HIUD ? MM J it* value, if apn lied for Immediately, the own*-r l#br* o leave, ot??* ot" patent, iartf'-*' ?t/e r, early new, by a hu h you run cook a dinner for ftv? hundred people. Ap ply at Jl;2 William a?r* et, up atalr*. E^RKNrii MfBCHANYCAL LAMW, 'A Rf'KtJt, AND n oderafor*.? Ju*t re' e|ve<t ? new irjvoV e of Uieae beau Hfnl lamp*, alwj a great variety of French g a* ftxtijrea, rape *erd #al, gla**?%are. Af t>rmirlng and Are gilding ?V#r.e on the | re m lee*. Urn pa cleaned f?r?d repatre?i hy c<?mpetent w,tk men. II I>AHI>ON Vil.LK. 446 Bn>adway SllftW CAHFJ* ? H< HMITT A RROTIfKR*. MAM KA' tory and wareroruna No. 6 North William afreet, near Fraafcfort, N Y . and at 77 We?* Third a?r?e* (Incinnati, fMno A large aaaorimeot - on*fan'ly on band old ahow e aae? uken in eaehange, ?.r*i? r* provnp'l v *? ie' uo.1 Hrhmltt A Brother* re ceited the pri*e medal at ti?e laat Cincinnati exhibition. STHAW ASH HAY '1 TTKKf ? II0\TY * 0>., MAKK at tb* ii.?iiuf?ct'.ry prir?- For ??!? bf A. U'Sh KTI. M nl Oorn*t rsHot ?tr??* N'tW IJiillT, 8II.VIC OII.OR I>fA ?')*[> J.I'itfT ? Tl/K lA?yM* Mi l t>?*t li*hi e,?r ilunorMtMl H -M w t? -<??!<? I*r Mil"!! r*i?il i/n? rtllrm turii> li*) b>. ir?, ? 114m to r?* or ' ?ni.Ui,? 4|k] n<<! Urn?r .'i> UouttM oil wlHHMitic UMl I?<?ri by II rARMC.HTKK Tram ir?r WWlc Oil Co ?*4 rrvK r<isTAK ^ RAT RI>A< II 4<" KXTKRM1N AT* >R I !'?? Oatar'i rat, roach, Af , eftertttlf?a'"t . I *? Oiatar'* rat, roa# h, *e , eit? nrr?inau?r. i ?? < rat, ???ar ???. Ac , toln *u?c. If M ? ^TAk H Hep/*, m Br?*adway, New t- ? TUK nUCMKH. N frTK r -THK M?MKKR|4 or *ARK*N llfKi? **fl U'M.r l'4fri|MA) Ko IS, I ?#j rr.*-* I Hitb 'It. Il.firjr Hffird IJ.If ,1 f r Wi., If? 0.1 <l?y M|Kltikfr Z ?' I << ? <r t, 'o * ?<vl 'f.? ( i- ?t?J <A < >ii <->r>oic<l frWrwl. It.<-t.#r.l M KMmrU HyofUrtd Mil IIAKI. II fHIIKK littr R. luvrti, N orn r.-THK mn? or iia!?I's ii'?- > If. 17 f. -I " I 1/ .Iff.'l ?<, a' ?h?ir '11 corni'Miy 'h? flMir/ K<l%4 IMl li' ?.<!, '.I. 'kM *' , ' l>\ V mtf 'ir .. 1> V, Vl 'hf < trrml '*"??? .1 ,1 ,. M K .< !.*. -1 W K..' ?r-? II. I ' J A< 'III It Mil.I.KK t ut Jon* Qnco ^rrMati TUK MILITARY. v oiit k - 1 if k mkmrkk* of nir mkvhv r. nroi?i> ym 0?iard are hereto; n"t?&cd ?o meet at ! oWfi If* : n-rmt 'A Fourth gr?*t aM aeenwe C a* I o***k#"k 1?'? 4ay >t pa t r>*ir laa* trtlvt# ef r?"?p*?'? tlie mewviey uf *>ur wa<e - //j raoe H* t?a?d M lUAairw. By *.e4er o< be * v| f> l/Ml i S >fu ? N'f?W-A.t?AY Of'ARI'- ATTRIPTION'-TIII? MKMBKH ? and a 1 tk^**e wi^htng ?o yen i? ie eif *e#r>ft4 uw?u 'i firiW. are p?lk uwifii re^nr?i#.t to ?u#M a if tIM atHiva ee*mpai*y *a t"*??iAay a at I '/ *** k , at W >ad<| uarter* **0 Brrabdoay Uy . >r, ???' 'wiaj, r, v, ri.* w*^-. r.OCCATIOlV. ^ A -ja --h tiorruouN married, who is wh.i. ? ??piainted with the principle#..! hi* n(n language, tad hfM> French aud Italian. Inland* to devote A part of bin tima to liioiructioii* In the SpaniKh 'angua?e. Ieim* very moderate. l-?di>? and gentleman who daaire to I'tm ibi* rlcb btfi^ua/**. may apply it No. 1&3 Ihuu.bera ibnt, ttiat floor. IJIUHCB TAY ANDHOAHDIM; WBOOL IIIKWTKn >'jr tl.e Int.' Drofen*orfl <*f Mr. IVugnet ? Unmr* I Mt iiinnii**- atui Smith ? removed from 3U lUioinm.t utieet to Ma cdouL-al mrwit, corner of Clinton place, reopeui Sep t' tii l>< r 3d. MW?. MEAH.S' FRENCH AND CNCUTO RTURMNi < n<! d*y x'honl, for yon ng ladle*, (32 and .10 W?t Hf U!?-n'b utreet, below Hftb avenue,) re opana onThuraday, Bep'emler 0. Mr*. Mean will be at home to reoaiva pa ?ema in ' guardian* who wiab to eouter with bar, froo d"U'lajr September 3. It. AM) Ml--'. CHAIUJGH CANHA'H BOARDINO and <la> K<'h<>ol for )roui))( latliea, No. 17 l*fay.'tla placa, * ill bt- re-o|.em d 011 Wednesday, SeptomU'r 1 2. Madamk vander wkydk, krom kuanc*. wh.i. open ber institute for young ladle* on Monday, -ejjt. 10. lie-idea tba common lirancb.-it. a thorough In ftruction in French and mimic in Iter principal pnrpoee ?be in a*Mat<:d by the liert of teacher*. Soiree mu?l<'-aJe clai niijue for acboUra and relatloaa every month. Wren larn arc at Mr. Lincoln'* muaic ?tore. Ml) Ilroa<lway, be low .*?<.*. School 110 Went Tw. nty 111th atreat, fcet?een S|*th and Seventh avenue*. The erknch inkttti tk eok Yon.vti okntuuikn, boarding and day ichooL No. 4N Kant Twenty fourth atre.1t, directed by Mr. EiJK CHAKl.IKIl. of I'arU (former ly H. leugnet'a school^, will 01<?u on Weduonday, Sapt. lath. M' WKiriNO ANl) BOOKJUQCTING ? 844 BKOADWAT. Oeetlemrn (ledroaa of attaining. without lo?? a* time, a roaaterly kuowle.lga of boothfai'ing. e lagan r e ia oeriman-hip, Ac., ara Invited to call at KfMTKIt t lUXOX'S aetabliKhmant, Apple ton'f Building, tnapeet tpa simena and obtain referaooaa. $10. HOOK K Kl'I'INO, TIMK tJNMMITFl), OK til) tor n full rormnrrHnl eotirw#*, rint?raelnj( pmcflral I.uwIi????m %mIUihcv t>4jt*kk<-4*t>lttK, oomiucrcUl arl?hin?*tU* ami n ore uiitu, ut M. H. FAINK'rt, iTU (Irand mrt-i't, Nrw York. It*> Fulton ?*ti ?>?*?, l?M*>klyn. ruptln uuikM separate, ami ran cwnmrnco utiy Um<*. private i Umcn $2, tw**lv<* AH'OTi ll LADV. CAI'AHLK OK INSTHlTTINa IN* raitmlr, Frrii' h mid <lr?w inif, mid ih? orditmry liraorhfla oi tin KtiKlUh rdii'-mton, wl?hf? lli?* wKimuon ? *t gtivcrttr** ^I'h^r In a prlvA'e lAiiitiy ur ?* 1hm?1. Addrena Mr?<. .1. A , Mrr Aid BOOKKKKI'INCi, WKITINU ANf) A ICI rilMKTIi' -MK UOIahK AH, ln? A<h*i*) , < ? rii?*r ??i llounioti ?Lre?i, re ?4U?"?'n K^nOrm* n aihI lAdlMi, ?*ii^ak'Iii^ ?*lA?whi'r?*, to ? Ail And t-iAmin*' IiIm pr?? (I'-aI m?*Umd ??f FtiuiU m ?tIhk ???? M?m?Uy Iiav ?* thr ? of hour*, And priVAUl <ni without r?lr a chArg?. Ijidlm' dmiuih prtvAUv C101J.K0R OF KT. FHANriH ZAV1RH-NO W WRHT i Klftrrnth hetwi^n FllUi nnd Hinh Av??na?'< Th? rlA*M?*? will hA r?-?uni#Mi in thl? InNtUutlon on HoudAv, Ut?* M ?if K?ipUinb#r. TArm?? For itiid^nUi ovor ijln?* y#??rn of a{? $12 40 |>fr <iUArtrr; lor Ui(h? under UiAf ak? M IHlI-rol., M J I EDUCATION -Mil L. DK GRAND VAI/H <XAMHI<?AL J Kr.^il^h French and Sii.mmh HoahIUim Inatltute. Iludron And WA?hiti|(ion (erraci h, flobolieii, N. J Mill reopen on Mqudayj Kepuwber 3. H OBOKF.N ? TIIK MIKHKS UOrKHKI.I.K'S IIOAKMNO And day n??hoo) Tor yowi# 1a?U?*ii will n* ??p?'n on MoodAy, ih?? ltd of K#ptrinh??r. For rnnlii of u rnm, referenda, A??., ap ply at No. 3 lludtM>n pla? ?, opp<mlte Franklin lurrunc, MR H. FAMAK1KH, lift KAHT THIRTY THIRD HTRKKT. n?%ar I^-ilni(ion avenue, will re open h,'r Kr^u^b Aful Knitll-h t>OArdj?K and day n? hool for young ladt<*n ot> Monday, Frpl. B. % M F.f'lt A NIOS1 IVKTITCTK HtUtXIL, U <'l| AVtltKKK ?treet, re open* Hepl. 3, ISM. M THAi.'Y. MURIKR, CAHUIAUKS, Ml. AT TIB iMZ.AAlt. I CBOMBT DTKIBT, WtU, HK J\ ?*old at auction at )'? oNdt^k, nlrn* ??Ik*, from the Ue*-ky monnfa ' " * haroe?ii monntaina, of all Ms?*, hI?o a nuiiiNer of hor*r?, waffon?, JOHN If. <J ATFIK1J), I'roprlCor . Tvttle, A'U-tloneer. A .MOlttMN IIORHK FOR HALF? SIX YKAHH OM> lant ^prinw, Ia Iti tmndH ttluh, Itrtght tiav, and %? ai trot a inllr in ? hi ?*?* lolnutrii, han no trick*, warranted Aoutid mid kind, la very liamtMime and etyliuli Apply At 72 W?*?t direct "LIOR HAlaB-TWfX^ VK CA YIJQA k YATW (X). IIORMSH J of superior Ulyle And Action, four of th?*in warranted to trot oue mile in three minuten, In aii^Ic ordouhlehar ncM. To \j* aeen at the litppijuA ntable4t Oi and C7 ^ at<* ?tteet> corner of Canal. f1()R XAIX?A BltOWN MARE. SINK YF.ARH OLD, 1 y miuihI. kind In *lugl?* or double h.ii n<- **. I'rl <? ?10" To b# wi n at N DIAMOND'H nUtblen, N* w ?trff*t. I!K>R SAl.K-TWo FAST IIORtfKH ONK BAY, I \ yum old, mil* of Trur Jol>ii'? ioIu, < *n u ot to tbr?*o ml uu'f*; lb# o*h* i , a <1mi k torrid, tarn year* old, < nn trot In two minute* fifty ?u < ond? to road wugon; both ootid and kind, and told lor want of ?um- Apply at 4.'I7 Fourth ttr?.'?t, ui lh?s Km pir** *'abl***, rn'ar Hr? ond avnu#. FV)H *ALK? \ MflllT MIIIFTINO TOP W AOON. IS good ordrr, by on** ??f ih?- lieat tit ?k?*r? To I mi tern it Hylv?*iti?V ttabfo ?? Wmt Twenty fourth *in*?ot u<*ar su*h iiv B " UOR WALK ? TIIK FOLLOWING IIORHKH Wll,!. IIK F ?old mi public mi' tion, at ?h?- atablr ol K I Nodlri** Pl?n pODl ?fi?**f, Itiooklvn. on VVVdn**day, Krp? V at II o'^lo- k t. M : ? The ^??Ifbmird trotting Million |V||; * Ma< ft polug m are, n*m* d s??t?\ with toal, tb?* w? u kiiuwit Hh?tl*nd ?ieil}on I'Lllly, a nali mi fill** I'M y liotw# |t'? haul* high, iniio-d T? in mid rliNrlfN AiiffUMtoM, hIm?, a Mr ml I Iron gtay horn*'. w?*ll ? aUulatrd tor a hualu* at qorw, warr?int<-d ?oond ntxl kind, narn'd N?m For further pwi tl< uiar* apply ?t tb?* ?i.?id** of f * NO lU.NK, or (JBO H I'lLLI'M' IVriepoui ?<rt.t, Hi ookl yn. JjlOR HALK-POt'R HORHKJt, FROM TIIK t'or.VT R V, r 004 trotting poo y *.irnin(*d ?<? go * tail* in J #.'1, .>u<? 11!.* k If/* wll half Morgan k'Mlllon 4 year* old; ?*ie ? vit of i '? oedlaft mar#* brought if) by ?ha In ?<dfi ?, to b? mold ? b?*.?p in ? on*rqoeo?-? of tb# owo?*r t ir urn to the mutilnr To 1*! a' M< t Mill y'n ?'*!>)??, Fallot! *?tOU??, coiotl of Adolf'/il Brooklyn. wi'h mnr>l? room for rsrrUit?*?. i? *wM*?i#in imtiHU>?>l). Apply to IHF.O T WiLMKKDINU.M B*m%rr?u.. t V*AI?I?I.K IfOR^K FOR h AI.F. ? WII.J. HF. [?I-PO^KO OF O ' wild iu?) ?**ti No. li'i 11 : kt.?' fwrmi ?bf Hour* of II mid I o < k SFtONIf HASnCARRIAOK-.? TWO RiK KAWAV- AN' I) a number < f l>tiK|f ' ?, with and without t'?pn fot al^ ly I.WAA< KORIHA o\ 1ID Wiiaf^th ?W?-I RftWAAM. tfc'UlO hkwarh r.oHT os ti k oav arrri in>t. ?P# J"/"/ ? ?mail ?rrount I ?v-k tfolfijf fr ?rn 'n l. ird 'r# - ' in firwiid Mr***, to arid Kmwi to "irfrt nod iv? iiu* A. Ily returning It o tl?? dry g/wxi? ?> .r?? ?/< ???iii? A w?4| rr^lTr tlM r? w?rd nod ui* tl??nk? '4 1?? owurr ?? It i? of fio t|M* to any otbrr p#i imui HKWAH!)-?THA\K|i OR nToLF.N ON OR ab*'o( *li#? l?' ?#f Ailifj"' |-?%5 <1 lot^f.t hmy t. r t \ ?*r* ' id hbont M hands h>ieb; two hind f?*-t ? lilo j<i*t <%?-r IIm? ftM>-k. 01 w f'ie fowt whit** ju?t '/vi?r thr ltf?f, ? lurif* ?tar nn forrh***! 1 ?nlh "n 'h- n*?** liifi font. i? long t>la< k 'ail? i?*A alvnd, riw *bo*?> tf*?i I wiil \* paid on fh#> return <>t t| |M rw ? ? ANDRF.W FI T/J'\THl> ti -ii'li itffaue aod Ul?t ?trr. 1 llmt * m. RKWARfl -UN |KI|JtF A R rtf? ItROAOWAV rnrorr of lf'>u>fon aT* *-t, hUJ *iv#* ' *ny >? ly Ui u* n'kmaii wh*? wllJ l^arn hl? if?uvi <if |i?DmaMhl|' wl</i"ut ' ring ablf to writ#' a ro?*l frr* h*od wplir???t fe>w '?rr-r t ad, rrimr^d and 'r? int.llog u*r rigiiwil ban I ro ay !#*? Apply "ti Monday ^|i| RK.WARO Mfl.f. HV. I'Alf) FOR T If K AKRF.-T ?T I " of any onr prddllng, ??# purpo m* to p#4dJ?* ? ''??* lAR S tat, r?? kroa' h, A' . ? i'rrrolo*tof 1 ? ?? 1# p? I art HI. SKi It i <w?TAH llM?a'lw?y 4;,- RKW A RI) ? 1.1 ??T ^ H1I.VF.R TfiRA'^l Bo I with tl?? ruirn*- <>i 1 I nt < r m^ratrd 'tj top Tlr t rid^r mil pw'Hfu t Lt abo?^ rfwafd ^y i? a ring W. ?* ftiroMM, m a r lU'i'-r AO RKWARIl -MifcT-A B I . A < K ANUTa* FSOMMIf ^rrtar ?h?* lb* finder wiii iW rrwaid by li.g 1'. at /2? lo?if?b t*l HF.WARI) KH I' MR t?| *' *Lrf ?. ,f? * 0*mr.?li ?t' rtf**' W'.'b W vr ?' 1 '?II It ? Tb# f?rvl#r will r?w*t*? th* at^ot# rtwaH on leaving th?tu ?t the ' oal office, Attorney afreet M>*T AVD FOI ID. noo l,f?^T -l/WT "It HTOf.F.N O* rilf R-fur tfen log ia*l, fiorn XM lW?w**?y, a *foail t a'?a V?g. ail wbttf. wi h r i ?p?i< o ??f a ?mail ?? ? k , ti? on ?a^b *mt A ?tiitable reward w til paid v? ..of p*r* ft rtfttrniai ?aal df*g fo tli? abort addrr r i.kt-on tiii: iht of * rr.m ia?-k Jj l??. for tlfce ^*ar Of 'n tor H#f, rram?rr?, by b# Wka??? a '4 II. Mdi ?Cftbnffrl of Ma v? ba? ' ?oi , a* 'V off. at*d N i? oarkwi ?'? any but '.wa#r T * '?4# ' will ? iifa t Jy r^atrdf I i-y i? t ? .og at oc oftct of Jr tu?- > / 2 fV/w jltif fJrren Ifi-T- A JfOTF AT HfS*TY PAY- ? A? Of *7 J vt mada by f AT lbi?Mi. o 'be onW of iobo f. Vao d^wavr !< r NC no* tnitr^d Ail j*a# ? ?r? ' 'r d ng -be ran&e tb# finder w ul pleaae r? *irn 'hm tv/4 to Jf'. lil Waid#w ?ar?f I fraT-A II AIR HH A' I I. FT WITH OOf fi f'l.Ael' J i. - < ? * U.. g- .'.g .'/'.fin NiO'li *'/??? '4. .. I i. > ? / ? ity p;a/ ^ f"*ir*h mrm* 'm Wrdn#*4ay afWt*?w? av if W?i? 0 'f^t f b* fsudri win p #>a?* >?t? it at r? H^wke e#te< ?u} a toi'ai. a r? ward wio bt pai4 FN ? FIFTY rWyfJ.ARH R ITW A F. I# WllJ. HF i'Atft i' igd ii|r4 f? 'h* r+*?*+ry of ttk* fa^owing ?Uter war# Of --4 Mit?f f'#l? II rflftf ^ I w/rer lalf* I ?!.?## tarf.* I d??**rt *y*A.? i 4' >~f ' *h* I 1 ? ?ri Un4>4 ??utt#f iittfc and ?? ' jtli'H ?<d f ??? rin >4 ?h# af?"*? an1 tr#f|#d wvb V .?Vf ? r4w '??! ? r-d | an ? b || r V V / T H V r I ? i ' COAL. \ixiai. r a mi ro* ?ui b-.ij-i *r#/< mr < <?* , ft?? ?< Sfcl *M k Ii.tio -tm ?,.? M, ?t? > 1 1; of Hf ? V ft ii4'WMI><i'< ?r. v^Ci'irt, ?? 4m k*M |r?iT~ ?!*< M ?>V) on iw w?l >?ttaa auk or *M '?? ?!>- m?1 A fc*. *1 f moihim ??f r>. i? ? ("V'Al RRI J?s" WHIT* A-H Dfi A*ll ?T>?VK _> v il4 + ' WHIi (T***! *''4?r fr /?? vt !*??? ?? t?.? I -?t ??* -?'t ?.f ??), ?. l?j 13,^ b?U. *i-4 U run' f. ?? .??< f.y U J OfTAIt. / ? *: -tor ww <e Ai/nr or m> 'Aiir*iTvrit \ r<r-' . anH ? ????'' f"? j?/< ?*'??'? .? V.^ht *?> , MAT ?1Jsf in / iNiur <?<ai. *jr i n,7 . \ J Ml* > M 4aa*jk a?M ani mi - ? - ??.. l,. ? ? *>? ' I . " *1 a'. Vib>* very frw ??*.??> H?-'< r#>i ?nth *rg Af #?/ 1 # f H Jl ***"!? # v* g#< ^ ? ?*?? i ? ? - r * i * *" HAHO UMTU* o, rnm r,im ?< r??a4 ? ???, "ITI ATIONM W A VTED. \firi'ATION WANTED? BY a BOY 14 OR 1ft year* old, ia the country with a Ikwr or to learn a tiade; country ?l?hir?l. Hrferanrea fiira Addreiia Ww. IWuuett, Herald office, cuwao-.aa room, fifth Itorjr. VTOCNU IAD, ABOUT 15, VMOH A MTVAHON ill a reapectatle whoUMaln ?-?Ubll*l>m#-nt. where ha ran learn the bu?ine?ei real?l?? with lib mother. Ad* ?!ret>* T. H., llerald ottce. T) KAMIIJEH IN THE HOUTHKRN HTATK.? AM Kngllkb lad J, of conalderaM* . >p* i ienre la tuition, w1-l><? for an rngaiu'inent a a re?i<lrnt K<i?erue?e la a fen t tenia ii ? family. She Cn?tru<"ta in tiie uanal tir%nch?* of an hi*lii.b education, with French, mualo aud kingm*, und tl.e rodimeuta of Italian and (iarman. Addraa* t. H naddome, 0 ndon Poet <>Soe, t'unada Wrat. k IIOMK W ANTED- HV A.N OKPHA.N CIIII.D <A lBOVi, -i\ ton veAr? old, tn a r^?))AcWbte Atnortcu or OermAn fa i?Ujr >?r inch, r infortuAilon, pleAMj mil or Addrffta to |?r. 1I.OIN, Ko. 174 ? hryotte Mreet. AYOI SO (iKKM an lady ih DKBiKorsor lUKUfU un rnu?KMi,. nt with .* reftiieclable fofliUy, who mn '?hijdrell "h?- might inuru t in Ux? enmentArjr lir AJK'hOA, From h and Kioii*li, and mu*i<\ H?m r^uitucw given, by u| |>l)iitK At 101 413 rout Offlre. \B1 n i 1 1B! R WOM IN N i HM I I WW OWTUI Hi' II * ft ftftlillig , t'UU do Up ahlrta III the l|r?lc?t IIUIintT. Apply to Mm. Morun, (Vimby nt., to nth floor, room 14. T)OOEKEEF1NO.?A M1TTAT10N WANTED. BY A LA I) dy. who In an ?irriW>nt rhlr<>?r?phlat . ?ih1 thoroughly ??? <1< rkUiuia bookkeeping In ail It* br.tnrbea, ??llhrf by double or tingle entry, and f'AO furnlAhtbe l?? ?t r rfrrm< m<f ?Ui?dlng, A*. ? hr profem u ft holr?a)t or 1 4 umo*~ioti lioni*\ * ln< b ft ul r?M|ulrw ? irtuvlve Attention to the Wo*ki ? Addrean M. I*. ?V , U* r?WI /^KVn.t *? S IN l|OTK.I> AS!> OTllKR* I>V>IH1NI? \I their rlo?ne# dono up in a *uprrior uuumer, button* put on, dArtaod, <*a^futi? Attriided ?ud I'uucttiAlijr dc;ivet?<J HI ?d*ort l.O'lre At 51 West 3Ut Ml. norNKKKH'KH ^ SITl ATIt?N WAMKH HV \!.Al?Y who haa had tnii< b aip#trtrii* e; hotel or boarding bow** I ? referred. lie*! o i refer encta A4Ur? i>? Mri * yy*r\ h r+H omct. To ami imoupALi ok MAtna m n>u?if*aJ li>"'r mitrnm.? Wnr.t4- 1, a ?itoAtloit, bjr m you un nvMi h bo <?iu r^|>Atr, aii?1 pUy AltiMmt ?J| IUikI ol mmli iU U)Mtriimrnt?i ?? Mining to m*kt hiia??ii ff**n<*r<tlly un^fiji tn nU'Vr ?'up* Ity , or tfo as clerk, b?'ini( well * wi? h tin? bu?Jrir?? A?1?Im'mT It lUralU ofli *v USK JKrSF FR A VCAIHK, Ml* NIK OK OKtTX BRKVKTS (I'lriftiruf tlon, <16?lr? m?e plnr? fomitw |(MV?roMi? <fen* un? umilif* AmlrkfttM; eUa mi ? *i?fti?Ui l?* Fnrn V*i", I'Ali^iiMtMl et le | Uiui Kll* prut fournir <1? bou? r?ti ?v?*lK??< iijri,w. H AdreMier 4 Moum? ur T. W , 4J H*rcUy *t. UN JEI'NK IIOMMK I'ROTBMTAMT, DR LA Fmn^tt -Ai hftut i?ArfAttem?fl?i "Mii^nur ioe -'berAiit, <?# ?tr?? |?UM*#r Min m? cockrr <Um uue bottua fsrulU#, eu vlJI? ou a Ia rAnpftfne. mdilfunMi rii r>iWMiBd|itjga< tr?> obtenueA. nVTrr^per - be* M. Knf?ne Duptiy, 0CW|llrOA<Jw?yt ftU roln de Huston ?t. TITAWTBP? A H If ALL C09TA0I IIOCNK, MUTM If '?r|*ii?prr )r*r n H*w York or flr<#oiiyn, rotiTealiftt to ata aim), pArt of a boo** Ui S?w York, ner# 'hrjf A HI bA but tWO Infill ll>?l III lh? boU??* AlfhO, U-tAr* I for * K^ntkttuin ?iid ft if# mi 9* p* r ?e?*k. AMi**aa HIoaa, aa^at ?tore i2S ' lifttbftin i?rw' tl'KT M'RHIC.? WANTKD. A HlTL AXIOM AH WKT ? ? iiutMi I y i4 rr*pi < iftM* ro?irlr.l m ofiiAn ? nn give Umi t?r*t recomiii<*naAtkm? <'ai? I??p wn tor tUree dAy?, At 41 KaaI 21Mb | liitAwn MftdlMHi And 4ib AvnuueA. iy antko-a h it r at i o v , my a rkhpktt abi.r pro ? ? t#AlAllt young ft OtttAU, *M? ? bftinbn inni-l ai?'1 w?lu-r, or to wftviAt in ib?* KMhlni fttvl troikintr, or h<>viA^wot% In A vtiW-l umlly ; best of ity refcreni r. CaII 3ft 1>?ai> , llmoklyn, lor two dftji TtTAWrm-A BfTUATKOH, 14 Y 4 rbrpbctablb rao* Tf u#-'?nt WMMi, I# tsfct rAre of a fhlkl from H? tufftiiry. cooil rlty rrfrr*nr? given. Apply At Ml\ ftib A*0tJUA, betwerri 21 -t And ?Jd *t , reA r boti*^, third floor II' A XTim DT A Y0l? KO MAN or GOOD BtilMMp V V bAbltA, and who ftpeAfefl tlw* Krftnrh HpunUh and Kn# :uib IftViMilAKee .A ?ltUAtloli aa *A.r*ntAn in the ft l>? i#?Ale or reU^ll bu4iK??' ?* wfJlliii; io u.Ak" blniAelf generAlJy 'iMfiJ. PI?-aa? Addreac C, R., tier a Id office. WANTED? A H1TUATI0N AH HALKHMAN I ft A cirprl or dry gnt*U boua m, by a >oiuij| riaa who h*a bAd wvriAJ yeArs' Aiperleoee. no ot>/ectioa to go to MoOUe or New Orl#Aii?* Item of referemy* Kiven. Addreoe Mjruo, lleiftld oflire, b^loie 10 O'CiOfk 'bl? d my \ir ANTKD? TO no HO inn OR WRHT. a hituatiow. 11 )>y ? younc ?**?>. v?bo hii* a rood ? ointltnilon, au'I In uM Afmid of ft oik In Any ?bAp?, a gooi] aitiutlofi ft Kb a pro* poet of Md%Anrru.rnl n i'r* dfalttblit ?bin mUi y NUlftfftctory rw fciri, r given. Ad?lt r*A Attention, It^i Aid o(ti ft. lir ANTKD? BY A If A ft R I Kl) MA V. WHO IH .MOT ff wfruid to fti rk. nnv * iwln?*ft?* th*t wi>l Aff? d A fair rr-mu jirr? w ii Addre*A Worm, llerekf offi? e. IIKLP WABTIC1). T T woman In ? mllllD'rjr r?talil)abni<-nt In thla Mj, to wliotn a lltioral tnmpfiiMtlun will l? |?i'l ah* mu't tho roughly un<l?r-tan<l tli* ritual.- n |-*tUM>onit. at 110 Hlt-Krki-r ?'rt?i V> MU.1.ISKK." ? r*?>l|*illli ?<! ti mn "? ainl ?ala?wom?n aan<>4, 11 < AKTMl H M llinary "U.r*. ti'Xi llaultt;, "IIT ANTED? YoI NU MKN W1.-HINU TO OO TO UEA. VV ? < r whaling ?? jra (f', ail an<*" tllow-t of IM) i<? $'6, to outfit, kr. ntara ami b!a- k ? ?>nlM An Ij all thlt ami u??t month, to KaixUll a Hotocn l.'.| "oath itr??t, cornrr I'cck ?llp, it p >l*J/a .'HI HI r riNINIIEMH, riTTKKH, TIK AND HT'X'C rnakara aantfl at llraati'" ?liirt manufv !or> ISM 500 Fulton rw r?? >!<?? v#rylr*t"f a*w*r? ar*4 r?e t!*aA ?ut< hrrn neml apply To th?*w* < u?'aat 9Biplcf m*t*l an<| hlffh' it prVra will '?? girtfl. \Nf IIXP W A STEI*? AT 15 W> r rillltTV h I <XJ5fD air? c. \(.KMH WaSTKII ts ? VMiV -Islf l?> HK1.I. ?b**? aftri |?r#. lir-f mapa ?/ U?? ??/##< p?jf<uUr *f?J ttara' far V^Hara .rnjulf y fulljr au?war?-*i ?#* r* ?: ur| m*il. t 'a 'alnfii# .ltd ?! # n??n c<| .??? ???(?( fr?Hi Ui -ha <ra?l* Af?nt0 ? r?? dialing ff? Ut |fi ??? flft 4 ?!ajr. ? ?J any ?*-*!** if^n, ton. fHii'o.Jow. I A If J4H M.YN, l'uWlal.#i\ Ml **4?0 tufa* TOAK MUKKh WAMKIi-TWO Ht NORKO riMT r*J* h*?wla waM*<t ?t .*n | (>? *( , V ?'?If* To ?i|?rrl?0'? J b4ii t?, |4VW4 ? i?J l? niOil MAKKM WAX TKU-A MI'VIUR "?AK " rr.akara ?at?i?*1. K ItJHk' lt*r ?'<?*(. Sue* l> *i auft . * . - ? a?>4 . . U?| r ? I,' I alMll I,rf i a t J ? A. *1 a JiM * (fifl U? o rrrfcf?'U n.?l rit?Ar la, ^11 ?*aai ji tfiali b*r to l-wl I in. | ' I." A K MAK - If W*MU? I l? I Y KXVr.niVS Kf> " hmu**? r.? ? ^ '/}>*}?/ n.n,# 4 ?'# . / < ?. ' nu ir>d K'^ *ft|ra *PV1 t''* ?? IW Wnt Od x. , gfil door w? t qf Uli / WASTKh osr. WIU# V MIIKRhT a hp** If H hV I . i t ?? >tfgnUf 'b# ?'?Ji ttt 101 Wi'krw itrMt, 'ifi w? ?viay, Infer# 12 ovw M MIU4VB8 f AVTH OOOD HAVD ? a ^ |A? >b? If it' fit#- )1 |tr? JrfTr.l A^ijf UfWttl HlOWfci, *4.1 Mr?*4wif M Iti.isFu Vtsnii -wantbo ti uciiut' in h?r<l <? ii at" i.p fetiad aift f?i- | ,??,:? tllhaif CAIJ MAS WANTRO? IW ? KRTAII. I>H? iKKifm > ' "l a 'I- .ririailt a ?I'flt. ' l wife (Jmi f/ i .l . . <| lllf al 304i.rar>rl ?l ( WlilUttfbtifg an ii*t?iximkwt rot mj mm to i*? A? ? ? i 'i >1 W'ttaavart f. r a la t", 'Mat** .i-d a VV r>?? wri l? ? f'f# > ? w?u i k 'o 't.+ A-Wf^? HuM I'#1 off'-# A.^TKD-twici.vr. ni rmK^rKD mu.^ritn ; _ ?J?? 'tiff ?f'prtiMlr Apiiy ** Iff*. ? Uf A A r*OTE>?tAWT<l||||. TO DOTlfKHOr?ir ? rk '< ? ??? i family, nt'iif ityWrf'tM '*AW( ' mk i g U ? f/f?' f?,?* ???' *f. I ? /.# ? i? ?|r l/rw .f fihatfahjr <tfl?f?| i ?f a H'ly im?> wtjit, It ?4 1 ififwi. UfA*Ti:i>-A (ir.KMAH filHt. AM W 4 IT? K A^T? 'Uritl fiBdm] ?K? r?t ?' 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