Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 2, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 2, 1855 Page 6
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Our Boston Correspondence' Hostov, August '25, 1 Poli'ifal Meeting* and Mcvtmemft ? fVho it to be Fusion Candidate for Governor f ? Judge Forbes and Mr. Stro.ig ? WThigt to have Candi dates Conti-ibutioii in Aid of the Norfolk Suf ferert ? Military ?ncampment ? Opening oj The aires ? Stme Account of a yew Tragedy, $C% The gentlemen who, to the number of a hundred and now, met at the United States Hotel oa the 22d, for tli# purpose of " fusing,'' did uot accom plish as much as was expected of them. Not that considerable was not done, but there was a sort of grodgingness about the proceedings that did not promise well. The Chapman Hall delegates, as a general thing, bore themselves well, only the Adims clique coming the grand style over tho o who would not submit to their impudence. Mr. Hoar as sumed to be the master of ceremonies, without con. suiting others, and " mntual admiration'' was ai visible as it generally is in a collection of person-* like those who met at Chapman Hall. There are t be two conventions ? one a mass, and the other a de legate convention, at Worcester, on the 20th of nex . month. Some preliminaries remain to be arranged but they will not present any difficulties, I suspect. The real difficulties of the f unionists will probably commence with the meeting of the convention-). A Governor and other State officers will then have to be nominated. Who are they to be? There will be tae rub. Governor Gardner's chances of a nomina tion certainly do not increase, aud most likely they will decrease during the next three or four week*, not only because the wliigs will insist upon his beiug dropped, but because they will be joined by the free soilers. Mr. Poster, who had good prospects, has fallen considerably in public estimation. Mr. S. Hoar is too antique in his IdeiB to lie run. He thinks that a great mistake was made when Louisiiiua wan purchased, so that he goes back to first measure*, if not to first principles. Mr. E. iv. Hoar has much ability, but he is not popu lar. He is supposed to be aristocratic in his ide is on government, and it i.-i thought that he wenld he influenced by the Adams-Dana clique. Mr. S. C. Phillips is not unpopular, but his associations are with the Adams men, though he has too mnch nerve and independence to be governed by them. Mr. E. M. Wright, Secretary of State, is as ready to take the nomination over Gov. Gardner's head as he was, a year ago, over Gov. Washburn's; but he has no chAnce. Gen. Wilson could be nominated and elect ed, but he has more sense than to leave the Senate, where he is safe until lHJS Mr. Boutwell would run well, but it is not likely that he is anxious for the nomination. Mr. Batiks Las been named, but he U better off where he is, in Congress, though he may not think so; the Governorship dazzling people. even when it is notorious that it kills off everybody who get it as summarily as the Sultan of Tartary was used to dispose of the young ladies whom he married in the evening to strangle and u very nice time the young ladies most have hud of it on their wedding nights, with such a morning before mem. Among the leading whigs of the western part of the State who have gone heartily Into the fusion, I see the names of Lewis Strong and Judge Forbes, of Northampton, mentioned. Mr. Strong belong* to one of the historical families of the country, and is a man or talent. At one time he waH much talked of as the whig candidate for Governor. Judge Forbes in one of the ablest acn in Massachusetts, though he does rot make mnoh pretension. lie was for some time one of the justices of our Supreme Court, and left the bench only because he hud too much independence and self respect to submit to the tyranny which Chief Justice Shaw has established iu our highest court. They are said to have quarrelled. Judge Forbes, not having been recently connected with party poli tic*, and having the requisite character and t.ileuts, would make a good candidate 1'or Governor, though perhaps not a better one than Mr. Strong would be. Their being from the West would not harm them, though one of our whig papers, the other day, did sneer a', the whig politicians of that qnartor, uud de clare that the fusion was a valley-of-the Connecticut contrivance to get offices for men who would other wise l>e destitute of hope. I think it may be regarded as a settled thing that the whigs are to have a candidate for Governor, though whether they will have a pnrty for their can didate is notuuite mj certain. Mr. Dexter is thought to have established claims to the nomination, and that would be the bent way of rewarding him for his late lon.luct. The old whin, however, repudiate the idea of uniting with tho democratic party. They aie right, for what could come from the uuioa of two cypheis? The determination of the anti-coercion ists to act on their own basis, has much amazed onr democrats, who had expected to git some thousands of votes for the administration by affecting a great honor for the Maine law, whereas they care no more about it than a Hottentot does a Unit the settlement of the Si cation of the authorship of Junius, or the name of e man in the iron mask. The ndhesion of Mr. Houtwell to the fusion party annoys the administration men. They have lost one who,' in spite of some faults as a politician, carried great weight with the put 'lie. The sum of $1,262 S3 has been contributed by persons connected with the thai lestown navy yard, in aid of the Norfolk sufl'erers. 11, 075 53 were contri buted by mechanics and laborers; by civil offi cers, and $111 by naval officers. The encampment of the Second division of Massa chusetts volunteer militia at Winter Island, near Halem, commenced on the 2'M of August, and was broken up on the eveuing of the 24th. The division was not quite so full as it was last year, but still made a very creditable appearance, even in point of num bers. Governor Gardner reviewed it yesterday. The weather was excellent throughout the whole time of the encampment. The National theatre w ill open for the season on Monday ? veiling, August i7, under the management of Mr. Fleming. Among the principal performers are Mr. W. F. Johnson and Miss Charlotte Crampton. Tbe Boston theatre will be opened on Mondav evening, September 10, a little later than was origi nally expected. It is understood that the troupe of Spanish dancers, who have succeeded so well at the Him market theatre, London, have been engaged by Mr. Barry, and will appear ut the I lost on daring the sctison. A new tragedy, by a distinguished literary gentle man of this city, is soon to be put upon the stage. It is In five acts, according to the good old orthodox custom, and is eutitled, " Semiramia, Queen of As syria." The scene is Babylon, and the characters are Ne minimis. the Queen; Amices, orNinius, her son; Ar.ema. a l'rincess of the blood of Bclus; Aasorus, .? PHjh e of the same illustrious lineage; Orves, chief of the Magi; Otanes, the Queen's minister and con fidential adviser; Mitraues, captain of the guard, and a friend of Arsace"; Miletus, a soldier, attend ing on Arsaces; and Ccdron and Armon, followers of Assorus. Arsaces has just arrived at Babylon from the wars, at the opening of the play, having bwn summoned there by Scmiramls. He is attached to A renin, who Is also loved by Aasorus, who wishes to marry her in order thnt their united claims to the throne of Babylon may be made effective; but A/.c ma is attached to Arsaces and will not listen to the ambitious dreams of A sorus, who thereupon endea vors to have him assassinated, in which moral under takiug he fails. The Queen having resolved to marry, in compliance with a celestial revelation. M she regards it, to herself, announces her determina tion to ralfe Arsaces to her throne and bed. This announcement creates a general consternation. Ar saces is opposed to his own promotion, because he is attached to Arcma, and probably loves u young Princcss, in the abstract, better tnan an elderly Queen. Asttorus sees in it a hindrance to all his de designs, and is therefore patriotically opposed to it. Orves is opposed to it, because he is ac quainted with reasons therefor thnt are not known to the other parties. The ghost of the mur dered Ninius appears at the meeting, and breaks it up in great disorder? Arsaces obeying the summons of the ghost, and following it. He has a brief interview with it in the opening of the 4th act, Imt nothing is then cleared ?p, though the ghost announces that Ninius the late King's son, "still lives,1' and shall reign. In a meeting between Arsaces and Annua, the latter sus pects the former of desiring to wed the Queen, and they part. Anorns comes In and endeavors to win over the Princess, but in vain, until lie threatens the life of Arsseen, when sh?i feigns compliance. When be leaves her, Arsaces returns and tells ber that Ninius is living, and that, as her affianced husband that Prince will claim her ; but to this the Princess puts forward bar most decided veto. She says, ttd grettlng Arsaces:? For myneif, I#t N tains, and the Queen, ber or tic Ins, Ana tbu immortal ktMltnl of the tom'i, I'atte tUeir to dispute the way Of the enthroned loverstgn in my heart, To imprecate tn<t nerve me to be fkloe. i/ove still ?VisUflnti me tme. If anght divide* u?, 'TU thine own cruel and Inconstant will. For tbee I tire; for the* I ran but die, When then art to?t, and nothing more remain* For aM to live for. Otvm here comes in, and at the demand of At mem, proceeds to clear up the mysteries by which that brave soldier finds himself surrounded. Orves does this la a very comprehensive manner. He takes the royal crown from s casket that had been brought la by his attendants, and proceed* to crown Arsaces. announcing to him that be is Ninius, and liiM to Ute Uuvue. lu tl?< nidnt of iu? rcre bitions fiemiramin eaters, accompanied by (Hint), and Orves leaves them. A fiery interview follows, iiiul the act < loses with the reconciliation of the mother and son. The fifth net bring* things to a crisis. Assents resolves to kill Arance* In thet>'inb <>f Ninius; but the plot is revealed t> his inUmlfd victim by Astema. lu the darkness of the mausoleum A reacts, or Ninius, wounds Semiratnis, w hd bus entered unknown to him. and afterwards fights with uiul alnys Ass >rus? the eutrance of Orves and others having caused some light to be introduced. Semir&mis lives long enough to tell the spectators who Amices is, and to proclaim him kiug and Axe ma queen, and then dies. Ruth is a very rough i, ketch of this play, which lalx,rs under the disadvantage of being a theme which writers of almost every kind have handled. It is well written, and abounds with splendid scenery and tine music. It is a tragedy in the completed sense of the w ord, there being nothing of the comio element in it from l>eginning to end. Without being mach of a judge of such matters, my impression is that the play deserves to succeed, and that it will succeed. The verse is smooth, flowing and vigor ous, and many of the dialogues are maintained with great power, and the general interest of the piecc is kept up unto the close. There is no flagging, and there is a total absence of those inequalities which wc often find in dramatic works that are otherwise excellent. Opinions will dift'er as to the propriety of omitting everything of a comic kind. The ex ample of Shakspere is in favor of dashing tragedy with lighter things; und the experience of life shows tnat even the most sad and sombre career has its lightsome moments. The tragic and tiic comic elements march side by aide with us through our whole lives, und leuvo us not while wo have breath with which to laugh or to sigh. Borne of the most amusing poitions of Sliakspcre are to be found in his deepest tragedies, as in Hamlet, for example, and the derision of the Knglish audiences that the grave-digger's sccne should not be left out of that play, is generally approved. Alcjoha. Trade of tlie Canals. Statement showing the quantity of the several article* fist cleured on the ennuis at, and the qua utity left at, Mew York, during t lie last week in August, 1855: ? Merchandix ? Cltareil. Article*. Bri* Canal. Sugar, lbs 1,644,037 Molasses 361,911 toffee .106,040 Nails, spikes and horse shoe* .... 110,726 Iron and steel 870,148 Railroad Iron 2,934,200 All other merchandise at 4 mills. 4, 396, 800 Hides 80,000 t'otton 71,400 Pig iron 341,600 Castings and iron ware 78,400 Foreign salt 1?,100 Flint crockery and glass ware. .. 128,400 Stone, lime and day 78,200 Mineral coal 728,600 Sundries 702,400 J-rmn Krit Arrived. Canal. Flour, bbls 8,282 Wheat, bush 400 Com 298,6:10 Barley 1,800 Bye 2,700 Oats .'10,300 Bran and shut stuff, lbs 1,008,900 Asbes, bbls 200 Beef 11 l'ork 123 Hams and bacon, lbs ? Butter 34,700 Lard, (allow and lard oil 118,000 Cheese 9,600 Wool 312,100 Domestic spirits, mils 27,400 Boards and i-eantling, ft 1,849,000 staves, lbs 3,656,700 leather 304,700 1 cmestic cotton 62,200 Merchandise at 4 mills 306,700 Sundiics 776.800 Fur and l'eltry , lbs 600 Shingle*, M 4,300 Timber, 0. feet 3,300 Hides, lbs 9,100 Tobacco 11,600 Hemp 5,800 Clover and gi nss seed 83,700 Hops 2,000 < 11 meal und cuke 1,065,000 Furniture 13,100 liar n nd ]>ig lead 229,000 Castings and ironware 27,800 Domestic woolens 18,200 ConiesHc salt IVY, Ml Stone, lime and clay 67,000 Mineral coal 213,-00 Copper ore 3,400 1 ig iron ? Bloom and bar iron ? Nails, spikes and burre shoes .... ? Railroad iron ? 6?t<ne, lime and clay ? Tolls received, $10 t!59 XI. Champ lain Canal. Fi-nnt Cham plain Canal. 53 240,000 45,000 69,800 162,300 808,600 218,1,00 39,000 221,900 72.700 1,673, 400 Fibe in Cincinnati A lire broke out on the 2-1 tli inst. iu it three story house ou Broadway, ad joining the Broadway Hotel, belonging to the heirs of Archibald Irwin, one part of which was occupied an a shoe shop by J. H. Brandt, ai d the other as a boat stoic and Warehouse, by John Hagarty. The loss amounted to about $1:1,000. The damage done the house is tstimated at $>,000? no insurance. Capt. John W.ilson.of the steamboat Telegraph, 1< Bt household furniture and a valuable library worth *1,500. Among other valuables be lost a numlter of family relics, such as pictures, portraits, and the like, which cannot be replaced. M. J. Blair lost about #1,500 worth of furniture. Capt. Jos. Gormly lost a lot of old Monongahela whiskey, valued at $1 ,.r)00. Brandt's loss is estimated at $2,000, insured in New York. On the whole amount of losses there is J4 ,000 insurance. Tlio loss of Messrs. Taylor 4 Cassily, whose oBice was in the second story "of the building that burnt, was very slight. ? Cincinnati Covivntrcial, August 25. ITio Boston Trovllrr of th<* IKHli in?t. says: ? There vrn* quite n flout, in |ilm-e?, In HhDihui. this morning ; ?ome clothe* wbicli wore left on the Hue on lSlhain Inlaid (ho < allot) through the night, were frozen stiff this morning. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MONEY MARKET. Saturday, Sept. 1?0 P. M. The stock market was a little more buoyant to day. There was, however, an unsettled feeling in the minds of holders, which looks as though the slight improvement in prices was not considered permanent. Operators for a rise are not at all eaay_ and it strikes ns that in the course of a week or two holders of stocks will be glad to realize prices con siderably below those now current. At the first board Pennsylvania Coal advanced | per cent; New York Central Railroad, 1; Reading Railroad, J; Michigan Ccutral, J; Cleveland and Pittsburg, 1; Oalcna and Chicago, f; Cleveland and Toledo, 1J, The rapid declinc in Cleveland and Toledo induced the bears to put out contracts very freely, without a thought of anything else but the utt^r worthlees r.ess of the stock as an investment for dividends, and the temporary demand for the stock for deliv ery has caused a temporary inflation. It w ill" be very short lived. TliOf-c who keep in view the lit tle value the stock actually pos?< s-?s, and operate in the market accordingly, need have uo fears regard ing the ultimate result. Reading sold to some ex tent to-day at an advance, but fell oft' towards the close. New York Centra! and Erie sold at better price*. At the second l?onrdthe tendency irni downward, ond in some instances lower prices were accepted. Cleveland and Toledo fell oft' 1 per cent; Reading Railroad, J; Kric Railroad, ;. Chicago and Rock Inland advanced i per cent. The steamship North Star, from this port for Havre, to day, carried out ? r.7,4s9 in specie. The transactions at the Assistant Treasurer's of fice to-day, were as follows I al<l on Treai"irjr acount $13, SIR ,12 l'ecet?e<l do. 00 Italance do. C>,i>v:,;t8i f.J l'ald for Assay office 190.028 81 I *1(1 on disbursing checks 41.300 41 The warrants entered at t'te Treasury Depart ment, Washington, ou the 2oth of August, were as fellows : ? Kor the redemption of ?tock . .IK. 480 64 Kor the Treasury Apartment 4. <>$3 V'or the Interior I)ep? . tnient 81 War warrants received soil entcre.! ;,<#) 00 ( oreied in from mNcellaneow source" 870 48 On si count of the Navy 3 880 JO The annexed statement exhibits the transactions in the Assistant Treasurer's department during the month of August : ? i M i ic* o) no: Asswrm Twr-ismrn, tJ. s. N'rw York. SKtJITS AMI PISJU ItSKMI NTS. August 1, 1864 by balance $?_' o 0 8.W litnlpti 'luring th>' M<>nth ? >u account ?.f Cu.tninN H,o78 348 I'stent fee* i|706 Port fpffice Department. .'tsjsga Trsn.frr. 4flfl 000 ?iM'<'Uuucuu? 7,100 ? ? - 4,890,047 Payments ?- ?&a oos TrMMrr dr^ts ?j.4ai'.7w ' ' lost WBce draft* 130,333 - ? a.Mi.on# Aur>?tM, INtiMHCtiiui *>,?&>,** By balance, Cr.. 4irtt>nr?lng acc't*. $1,336,190 By receipt* Juiuu tlie month 1,611 410 ' ' 2,947, ttW To -? 1,550.820 Balance , By balance, C'r., ialWHt accounts, To payments Balance $66'636 By receipts foe < 'nxtoiiw in August, 1856 91 378,348 ?? ? ?' 1861 5,349,609 Decrease in Augu?t, 18o"> $d62,3Tl By balance Cr., bullion and expense account for A -say Office 2,552,000 By coin received during tho month. $1,068 By tine liara " " . 1,680,186 1 ? 1, Ml, 844 Total $4,303,651 To (iiyinenta in coin...., $18,571! '? " line bars 1,666,466 ? 1,705,028 Rilancv $2,528,812 By coin in hand, in Assistant Trcasonr'a Office $6,763,182 By c< in in luind, in Assay Office . . . . 2,187,434 By fine liars '? " .... 341,877 By imparted bullion " .... 1,239,726 8,060,617 1,681,104 Total Statement of business at the United Stute3 Atuuy Office at New York, for tbe mouth ending August 41, 1855 Deposits ol gold? Foreign coins Foreign bullii 31,000 I'nited State* bullion, (Including Cal. Br. Mint, bars, $75, 0(H)) 2,216,0n0 Total Deposit* of sliver ? , ^ Foreign coin* Foreign bullisu iJ'tmi Vuitcd States bullion, (contumcd in gold)... ' Total Total deposits ? - Payable in bars Payable in coins 4o-"u0 Total Cold bars stamped 1,680,186 The annexed statement exhibits the average daily movement of the leading departments of the bunks of Boston during the week preceding Monday morn ing, At' gust 27, 1855: ? BASKS Of Booto.v. Loom and Cireu //on' i. DinammUt Syrrif. rtqrM'iis. '"'"J"; Atlantic $8'<8,239 $66,919 $263,138 $1-7,014 Atlas 808,819 41.824 26?1,273 Bluckstoue 1 326,8*0 31,366 464.602 283,8,.l "ostcn . ::::: .lefts' Mi.**? 208,540 Bo t I- ton 809,342 29.660 302,913 207,884 Broadway ... 200 937 6,960 30,421 48,051 civ . 1,421 ,737 57.839 292,394 127,477 Columbian 1.194,664 53,821 360,526 MS, .34 C< inmerce 3,137,042 166,070 676,153 261,400 K 1 238 093 89 178 494.078 184.669 Uio, 937,361 51,887 194,292 148.620 rscbange 1,932,049 IOC, ,201 527,124 243,593 Kancuil Hall.... 996,055 04.275 372,950 201 ,318 Freeman's 801,573 29,170 241,14 Globe 1.666,270 139,750 291,137 JW,i96 Granite 1,385.757 88,449 400.028 102, ,83 Grocers' 1.243,554 86,243 336,313 1.9,980 Hamilton .. 946,713 84,341 340,932 154, 5J9 Hov'ard Bk 'g Co . 828,352 6", >278 208,107 177,558 Market ......... 1,940, 0*3 46,009 237,607 147,562 Mamchusetts... 1.087, 460 82,186 284,993 121,805 Maviric! 708,202 23,673 142,397 200,731 Mechanic*' '139,559 14,445 133,931 l*^j,-6l Merchants' 5,823,461 190,933 1,653,160 472,771 National 1,079,769 38,760 227,879 158,948 New I'nglaud .... 1,414, 385 60,494 263,709 13., 800 North.:. 1;:<W..;80 47,817 356,889 154,054 North America. . 1.160.989 86,727 342,502 l,.?,4i4 Shawmut 1215,966 51,510 268,638 195 871 Shoe irl..l'' alers' 1,773.!'59 94.550 860,028 179.5110 Ptitc 2 71">, 284 203,872 688,417 189,015 Suffolk ' ' .'....2,025,018 326,944 1.250,968 418,234 Trader-1' 1.158,767 53,963 238,310 150,232 Tremont 2,049,463 126,901 633.270 295.727 Culor 1,562,073 80,783 395,592 160.618 Washington 1.221,057 54.367 334,045 177.619 Webster 2,472.857 132,640 726,628 354,227 Tot;,! 868,688,440 a, 847, 014 16,841,003 7,lii8,f?tK; Tlie aggregates of the la*t returns, compared w ith tliot-e of the preceding week, exhibit the follow ing result: ? A>in.20th. Capital Mock 532,710,000 $'"2,710,003 I'nclinugeil. I.ositis ami discounts. 53,001,686 63.683,440 Inc. .$71.1)05 specie in bank 3 163.8M 8,347 014 "? 193,128 IH.efrt mother bank* 7 502,910 7.168,808 I>ec..334.10l Doe to other banks., 5,814,409 5,763.171 " 51,298 I 'cposits 15.071, 305 15,241.00 '. Inc . .109.098 Cii coin Hon 7.21*9.642 7,128,688 Iter. .107. 070 Block Kitlianjtr. Satiupay. Sent. 1, 1853. * 5000 U. S. 0'* 117 v, 100 Mis N Y C l!ll b'W) 100 (K!0 Kentucky 6'*. . 102 200 Eric Railro4d.. *8 5'.!'; ( 500 Viiginia O'k . ,-:i 98 5(10 do s30 52 500 California? 's'70 87'j 100 do MiO 52 ?COO City li'g, '58.03 07 100 do *10 52 30C0 Citv fi's. '60.1)8 97 326 <lo ill 52 1000 Illinois Int. *10 106'., 3(0 ?lo c 52 .lOCONYAXHbdn '06 82% 200 do 62 6000 HR 3d mt bds.c 75% 100 bio 62% 3000 Paua bds 2d is. 108 200 do b20 62',, 25000 111 C RR bds.s3 85?,' 100 do b30 52', 18500 <lo 86% 50 do hrtO 5 2 1 4 150C0 do 1)80 86 100 do b30 52 5000 .lo b3 sr.ri lOO do c 51 % SflOOIlCllRFb wp.p.i. 84 S50HnrlemRR 28'; 10000 NY CRRl>ds.s3 91% 2C0 do btM) 28% CMCIefcPdh bda. 70 100 do I,:i0 28 'i 500 < lev &T div l?l* 83% 26 Nor 4Wor Rll. . . 37 50 ell; 1 henix Bank . 114 llf.0 Heading Hit b?0 0(1 % 10 City Bank 118 200 do *60 96 % 26 Ocean Bank 85 900 do.. *3 06', 106 I'el&HudCan Co. 131 50 do c 90 250 Canton Co *3 26% 100 do b'SO 95 V 100 do *60 26% 100 do *60 95 ?? 20 \ic Tvan Co 18?,' 60 do b60 90, KO do bOO 18% 272 Mich Con Rl!...c 99 100 do *00 18 % 100 do *30 99 :.00 do *3 18, 'J 200 Panama RR .*00 107 V 100 do b46 18% 8Clev, Can<lCin.. 109% 150 do 1,3 18:, 60 Clcv k Pit RR *8 08 "OPenn Coal Co. . .*3 103% 100 do bOO 70 80 do *3 108% 17 ?ial k Chic RR. . . 110% 100 do b60 104 60 do Ill 50 Cam Coal Co.. b3 27% 100 do bOO 111% 100 do blO 27% 110 Clev k Toledo..*.1) 87 ."60 do b30 28 100 do 800 87 350 do 27% 100 do b20 87 <4' ir.0 do c 27 J, 350 do 1,60 87% -00 do *00 27% 100 du 020 S7X 600 Ward Coal Co. bio 1% loo 87% 100 do *10 lVj 8"?0 do 87 '4 6 N Y Cen RR 99% 200 do blO 87 X "00 do bl4 99% 25 do 87% 65 do 99% 52 Ch & Rock Is Kit 90% SECOND BOARS. $1< 00 Virginia 6'*. s3 98^ l.">0 =h* Krio RU . . . . c 51 'i 6liOO Missouri 6'*.. . 93% 500 Rending UR .. b30 95'i 7' 00 N /lb k Fal 8V. 88 100 nilnola Cen RR . . 00>,' 21 OONYCen RR lis. -3 91% 100 Clcv ti Tol Hit -CI 80% 50 *hs Canton Co. , . 28% 20(iulena&CliirliR. Ill 100 NIc Trnn* C0.?30 18-, 20Chic k It 1 lilt. .1,3 96% 50 do b30 H% 76C'ler k Pitts RR., 70 500 19 100 Harlem RR 28^, 100 do 18% TRADE REPORT. S \TVB0AV, Popt. 1? P. M. A-n: J?. ? Sales abont 100 bbls., at $0 26 a 86 37 for pots nnil 87 for pearl*. Some Montreal pots were report ed at $0 50. The stock on band the 1st in-t. of both port j, was "50 bbls. Bmj uwii H*. ? Flour? Tlie market was dull and closed at l'2%c. a 25c. per bbl.. anil in (tome casos of Wustern ?it 37c. a 50c. lower. The *<rte* embraced about 6,000 a 7,0o0 bbl?.. including ci>mmon State, at $7 26 a $7 50, i>r.H fancy with extra, at t~ 00 a $8; Western ranged from $7 87 a *5* 30 for mixed to fsney and extra brands: round l oop and extia Ohio were reported at 88 a 88 25, in Wilding l,0CO extra for export, at $8 06%; Canadian v. a* nominal. Southern was dull an 1 inclined to droop: 700 ii Ff,0 bbls. were sold at 88 08 to 810 for the whole i.iiige id inferior cummon to extra, itye flonr was !? wer, of 1,000 bbls., at *5 75 n $0 for tine, and 87 26 a 87 76 f<ir superfine. .Meal w m unchanged. WliCtt ? The sale- embraced 7, (MX) a 8.000 bushels, incliid ing So? thei n red, at 81 72 a 81 80;and Southern white, at $1 92 81 95; imluilod in the above were 4.H00 bndiels gi(d White, for export, at 8105, and 5o0 bushel* Jaine s l:irer nhitc old nt 81 92. Corn ? Tlie sales wereconflned to abont 20,i.00 a 30,000 bnshels Western rnlxod, at 87c. a*7' c., and some small lots sold eaily at 88 ?. Rye? 1,000 buiiliels fol.l ut 81 10. Oat* were dull and lower, v ith s/ile* i f Western and Chicago at 50c. a 54c. O ihj?. ? Al*<ut 2.500 mats Jaia were sold at p. t., and I 00 1 $gr R|o at ll>Bc. a 12c.; 100 Maracuilio at 11%C. Cirllox ? The -alei embraced aliout l.Oisi Imles, e losing nt 11c. for middling uplands. He. for do. Mobile, ana II 1 , ?*. for New Orleans do, nuacHT?. ? Hie Biivsnce in rati s demanded by ship cm nets checked ti?n*actlon?. To Liverpool, 1,000 balis <1 rotten were engaged at ;'-lod.: for grain und other articles lilgber rates rtre denirinded. There was no ( h ' nge of mcnent In rates for the Continent and Call fi iii:a. II.iT v.n. fat 70c. a 75c., and dull. Iin\.? VOO tons Scotch pig were reported at $35. sit months. Mot *!?*?>? ?100 barrels New (?i leans were s<dd at 87c. N'axai Sroca. ? Hplilt* were tirmer. with buyeis ut 43c., wliile 44c. was asked. I'no\ uoo.v- ?Pork ? Market firmer, with sales of 1,200 n 1,200 Iwrrel*. including new mi *s at 823 37, and at 822 50, buyer's option, 15 days, und prime at 819 50, ? Id was quiet. Be f? 100 tierces repacked we*tern sold at 810, country mess and i rime wa* firmer at yester ( ay's i Ki iday) rates, of which about 260 barrels were -"M. t ut no at* and bacon were quiet and firm. I.arii *?- ttrm, witli sales of 200 a 300 bbls., at 11 a ll%e.; rhee*o and butter unchanged. Kin liim. eo casks were told at 8c. a 6%c. per lb. St iiiw.-' Tlie sales reached about 1,2W hluls. Cuba muscovado, at f %c. a 7%e., with s?.me Porto Iticos at 7%c. The market was i,o. a \?c. higher. Messrs. Stu arta, leftoers, eorrei ted Ust. made since our la?t report. Ifike* a still blglier range for same grade*, and stand* as follow*:? Oftoole reSaed loaf sugar, lo^e per lb.; dou ble refined crushed sogat, lCS'e ; r^^nd Mgsr, 9?<c.; cirele A crushed anger, lie. Wnwon ?Sale# were mad? of about WO V.?W. Obi i and prtooe. 88 Kf-, j m. iBTEITUKHiem Reamt mi D4Y. 6 OR k UOODtt, AC. Srtfi f|i|h WORTH OF DRY GOODS AT OKKAT BAR ')" ' ? v/ * /" 'gains, M th.- ton it j Savtnfti S'nr>- , lij Bower; : lint ttaiuM'l", white and colored. | lain and t willed; Elegant German Mtrlnns. its. (id. to 3s. (>.1 itcaii'tlul Fit nth delaiiu-s, 1 . tsl. tu U*. lid. lUSHed black filks. t>'. U>9?. Scotch ginghams. onellcM. K Goad litieu handkerchiefs, . Very Dm do Is Ueuticnu-ii's liortlered do. per llmto, $1 50, S2 50 and SJ. Ixil of family 11mm, u. h. Ul., 3>. uu l In. Printed French shawls, Embroidered loug wool shawls, 8.1 Itaiinii merino iol>cs, at f'J and 00.? These good- cost a'>ou'. f 1 lo Import them. Flue Maine sliln Ins", very flue, fie. Excellent sheetings. do Is. DOM KsTIC UOODS detailed at whole-. ,1.' price*. Country merchants and pedlars liberally dealt with. One price, and I but marked in plain figures. K W. A W. F. GILLKY. ,".(Z 1IROADWAY.? GENTLEMEN'S FASHIONABLE i)?J Furnishing Baraur.? LEWIS ASF.ACORD In rite spc il attention to the lurgest and most complete assortment of shirt fronts in the city? -particularly to new design* and orlgl nBl styles ol latest Purls fashions ? on sale or made up la war i anted artistic biting shirts. ASVPEBB STOCK OK RICH DRESS S 11. ICS, ENTIRE ly new, designed for (he fall trade, will be opened ou Monday, Sept. 8. CBSDELL, PF.IRSON A LAKE, 471 Broadway. Arrival op a most fashionable and kle gant stock ot Preach goods, which have been selected by Mr. Rot>erts fiom the most beautiful designs ahown at tlio < \hlblt!on latclv held in Parts. The stock will be ready for nspcction on Tuesday, the 4th Inst. The ladies of New \ oi k, ; ml stranger* are invited to cull, PETER ROBERT."' & CO., 75 Btoadway. BRODIK'S FALL CLOAKS.? GEORGE BR0DIE, NO. 61 Canal and 6ii Lispenurd street, bus now lu storo a large assortment of novelties in velvet., cloth and moire antique cloaks and mantillas, to which he invites the inspection of wholesale cash and short tine buyers. BIXPIN'S OPENING FOR THE FALL. Ok Mommy. Skftkubku 3, 1855, of a most superb collection of PARIS CLOAKS AND MANTILLAS, Al His Newly Arranged and Commodious Show Room*, No. Stll linoADWAr. The Inspection of the ladles of New York, Brooklyn, Jersey Cttv, Hoboken, and surrounding neighborhoods, a,, al-o of st ran iters visiting the metropolis, is moat respectfully solicited on tli.- above named day, when will be presented tor their ap proval what Is believed to be the most recherchfi and beautiful array of fashionable novelties In cloaks and mantillas ever Im ported Into this country. GEO. BI'LIMN, Paris Mantilla Emporium, :fa?l Broadway. /"1ASIIMERE STELLA KHAWLL.? A LARGE ASSORT VJ liicnt of this elegunt style of shawl just received, w ill be otTered on Mondav Sept. .'Ird. UP8DELL, PE1RSON k LAKE, 471 Broadway. CALL AND SEE BROWN'S NEW STYLE, FALL BON nets. ? A beautiful assortment now ready tor inspection, of entirely new materials and desluna. Also a large assort, men! of pattern bonnets for milliners. WM. BROWN, 443 Broadway, up stair*. CHEAP POCKET HANDKERCHIEFS.? 1,00!) DOZEN men's linen cambric handkerchiefs; pi lees from 2s. lo 6s. each? a great bargain. A. T. STEWART A CO., Broadway, Chambers and Reudu streets. Ct F, BARTHOLOMEW, WILL Ol'EN ON MONDAY, ) . Septembers, a splendid assortment of new fall maurii ing goods of every description, at low price*. BARTHOLO MEW'S, 551 Broadway, between St. Nicholas and Mctropoll tan hotels. E'MBBKOIDERIES at HALF PRICKS? auction ifgoodr.? HX) Swiss aed cambric I ollars at 5-., 7s., 10s., lis., aiidMH. each; 2W) children's collars at 5s. each; 500 cambric bands, 4 Tils, long, It's, each; 150 black spotted veils from SI 50 to?!. Only one price. JAMES MADDEN, (i-t.'t Broadway, second door above Bieecker street. Fashionable fall millinery ? We would call the particular attention of ladies resident und visiters to HW York, to the largest and choicest assortment of dark straws and Neapolitan bonnets ever opened III this cltv. Now readr for Inspection at CARTER S EMPORIUM OF FASHIONS, 503 Broadway, opposite Metropolitan Hotel. F ALL tiCODS AT RETAIL NOW OPEN. A. T. STEWART A CO., Broadway, Chamber* and Iteade streets. (BENIN'S BAZAAR, 5 IS BROADWAY.? (IRANI) OPEN y lug, Thursday, September 6, ? The public Is most respectfully Inlonued ihsl ou the day above named a choice un oi inent of the laksl novelties in ladies' and children's ap parel will he ou exhibition, All of the very best make, aud Bse.'.iitiOt tie surpassed if paralleled in this city, OE.VIN'S llu zanr, St. Nlcholaa Hotel, 51S Broadway. Jl'. MACOREGOR PRESENTS Ills COMPLIMENTS . to his old patrons and the public generally, anil would Inform ilicm that lie has removed trom htsoldstand. <7 way. to BOB Broadway, opposite the Metropolitan Hotel, where lie itUers n lull nSf'Or' inent of Roods in his line for their ex iml nation. A new and choice assortment of acarli, cravats, ties, stocks und tinder wear of all descriptions; rolie de cham'>re; alto, his celebrated lialltrund kid gloves. Shirks ru.ide to order and warranted to lit. Ocwlemcn can ri ly upon having their orders executed In the bc-t manner. Bathing suits. ] At ICS AND KMl\ROT DRR1ES.? Jl'ST RECEIVED, A J splendid asforiment of Hi usscls point, Valenciennes, mech 1 til. mid blm k giilpun lai es; also, it new line of line French embroideries. UEM.VS Bazaar, St. Nicholas Hotel, 5l.t Broadway. MILLINKRV ? ESPECIAL NOTICE TO COCNTRY MIL lluei>.? Mrs. Raliiints, NJ Canal stri ct, will oncn cases ol rich French pattern bonnets on Thursday licit, ia-\, in which she Invites their early inspection. ?frs. ICALLlN'iS, H7 Canal street. OIRE ANTIQI'K SILKS, JOO PIECES OF THE RICH est quality maiHitactnred, comprising evi ry hade o. color imii cut In iinv lengths to suit purchasers, will be opened on Monday, Sept. 3d. UBSDELL. PEIRSON Ik LARK, 471 Broadway. M Mom. VI NO MILI.T VERY. ?FOR TUB ACCOMMODA Hon ot fctriintfei"- vM'hijt Ihe city, we will op,-n on Mon day, September .'t, a beantilul assortment tt Pnria mourning bonnet., which in point (H beauty. elegance, imil taste, cniiiiot be Mirpnmed. C. F. BARTHOLOMK \V, Now Mourning store, CM mdwift bctWBeu 81. Nicholas ud Metropolitan hotels. Madam blauvelt, latk mjprrintkxdbnt ok dreMionklti-; at ? nln's Bazaar, bus t-ik^n r'wras at 1 10 firing (one block from Broad* ay,) whore all or-lcra for <ire*sca will be attended to with promptness and dispatch. Mrs. a. spencer hah bemovkd from 313 bowery to 4tfi Houston street. and Would be pleased to nee ber trienda. New fall gooi>r.-j. beck a ro., will open 00 Monday, September 3, a new and spleudld stock of uney and staple dry goods, silks, velvets, alia wis, cloaks, me rinos, cashmeres, ladle*.' oJoth, plain and printed delaine a, plnkls, calicos, linens, white muslins, l>oinna linos, embroi <!erlea, laces, hosiery. Klores, Ac. The above s?ock will bo lound on inspection to be the lftr?est, richest and cheapest over t ffcred In this city. Noa. 356 anl 367 Broadway, 786 and Broadway. NEW FALL GOODS.? S M. PEYSEU, 4M7 HROADWAY. rorner ot' Broome street, near the St. Nicholas Hotel, respectfully Informs the ladies and merchants, 'bnthewlll open on Monday. Sept. 0d, a splendid assortment of dr^s*. ef< ilk and mantilla trimming ot Ida ?>wn importation, destined lor the tail trade, which will be sold whole wile and retail at the lowest market prices. He would particularly call the at tent ion oi dealers mid dreaom^kors to tie; ubove, as tt will be to their advahtau" to examine this excellent and carefully selected stock, which is far superior to anything like 1? in the city. At the same time he will open a splendid a* onmcnt of Parisian head dreane* which leave nothing to bo do -i red in regard to laste aed eler'am-e. S. M. PEYSER. ?1ST Brow! way, turner Broome #t. near the St. Nicholas Hotel. V EW PALL DRY GOODS.? GEO UG REYES, 341 EIGHTH JLi avenue, ban just received hia first importation of dy rim is, iidnpted to the full trade, " nsiatins of new and beautiful de ?lens of ro? 'ire antique silks, cashmeres, do laincs and shawls; French morinoa and paramuttaa. In ever)' shad**; algo, carpets, oilcloth ', w indow hlu(dc<t Ac., Ac. XTKW noons FOR the fall trade-kbpokia, ;> PEIR.-ON A LAKE. Will open on Monday, Sop' .VI mi iinaneme >toclt of fashionable ilm.* good*, eon<l.tlu? ? iioh ?itk?, French do laines and caahmorei, plaid ?ood? of every description, id.uWl', filk. velvet., French merino*, calico., Ac. 4(1 Broadway, be' ween Grand mid Broome. P\HJS EMBROIDERIES? IX WIIIOII WILL BEFOCXD every novelty, and al prices l<> < oinni ind a popular Tad". ' A. T. STKWAItT A III)., Broadway, Clu tuber* . ind Reade a'r -eK D Alt IS FK VTIIKRS, r FRK.VCH FLOWERS, AM) STRAW GOODS, We l.?vojtnt received. direct from Pari*, fir Iho full trade, all tlio newest atylea ana ehol< cat , olor* of French flower* and I'arla fcatbrr., which we oiler al very low prlcea for ca?h. Aleo jiiM ree< Iviil? '."il raw. rlrli cMorod itraw anil lace lmnueK l?> air' on ?olon d larc and rtioho I v HOMKR A KBTCIirM, CA and 05 .lohn s'reet, corner of William, New York. CII KS. ? J. 1IECK A CO. WILI, OPEN ON MONDAY, * Sept. 8, 60 ca*ea now allka, it,' ricbrsi and cbesip '.L ever nip< r'ed. iSM and 7P0 Broadway. UTRAW TRIMMINOR- WtUKKR UROTHF.RS, IN por'ora .ind jolibora of rlltbnn., velvela, irlmmlni', em l.roldeHM, and millinery gnoda In general. 04 ?nd tfi John r'ic ' (orncr ol William. IIOVSKS, BOOHS, AC., WASTED. I I.ADY W1SHKS TO HIRE A Ft I'.MSHKI) BOCSE, 1 V ai a tump rnio ront. that would aoooinmtxlate a few tint i la.-* iKiatder*. Ixx'ation between Kltchih and Twenty aeveniji ?'reel* and SeccMI and Ntllli arenuea. Addraaa M. II., Horald < ifiro. lor two day-. (t A HRIAGKS FOR HALF ? A DOCTOR'S ()|i), PH-? J ten. andjtop i'iia;, aer-imj baud, wlfl be aold bt\r aim ne w eurila^'N u, every dim I iplhin i lamlaMai of r>>'kH W,I \ I'nrroiulie., busiiloH, nlih and without topi ll^lit oxpreaa v .i .oii, with ahltllnx ?eat lor on- or all per*o<>?, at 314 Hr"? ' \?a?, <>t>|>o?|te St. Moholr. Hotel. ||B IjlllRNlsHKn HOI WA N'TED? FROM TIIK 1ST OF 1 Ottotier to l?t of May; one or modoiai'1 nl*r, for a ?m*l lamlly; Ibehouae moat bare the un> lorn Iniprnrrm-nta, und bo.Huuied in a good nel ;b)?or!?i".l: Seventh ward pr*ioi rod Foratteh a pla. a iloali abln tenant ma y he ohtaiin-d by ad di i "-.ItiR a line to boi 2,133 Poat oflb-c, ?t.-.iinj terma, Ae.; rcn moderate. PHYSICIAN'S OFFICE WANTKD-IN A SUITAUI.K JT local li n, between Stmh aiul .Ninth aventien, an I Twenly 111 >b and Ibu i) -ebthib Mreota. AddroM Doetor, llerald ollieo 110 DRl'GOISTS.-A tiKNTLKMAN WISHKS TO BI YA di UK "lore, on ibe We<t ?ldo nf tbe city, dnlni{ an averase Lu?lne-? of titan ||I2 to f2D per d.i > , al a t.urca-li price, or would enter a" aetlre partner Into a whoto-Mlo nnd roiall hu-l n< <4 already eatabUabed. Par'ioiilar. with price, looa Ion, re Irrenec.., Ae.. are rnqneatod under addrew of William I'hlillp., Broadway 1'iai < fflee. lor one week. "llf AKTKD ? A SMA1.I. HOUSE WITH (YlNVENIKNCFa J J of Croton water, plea'-antlj nit uated in this city, not above Tbiiticth htrent. Rent from WOO tu Woo! Addresa box 3.67^, Poat Office. WANTED? AN KNOINE AND BOILER, OF TWFNTY VI borae power, cither new or aecond band, wtih all the modern tniprovrnu nta. Any one lu>7inx aueh to diaffwe ot cheap, ran addn w T. B., Herald office, staling particular.. WANTRD-A I.AROK FimNI<tIVID ROOM, WITH t??a:d, in tbe Iippei part of the city, for two gentlemen. AiMiea. P. II K., Ileiakl ofllee. 1irANT,,:l>-TO P? Rt'll AttR, FOR CASH, A HOCHF VT and lot, not *1 ore Thtr'eonth *tre?t, on beJoo t'liam lee. Prlee not to e?r?*d Bltin Addraa. Y KIRK, V?l?n | rfPo?teffict, Cone btv. o*a?ri n??d iRtwrf, BOARDING AND LO 1)1. 1 JVC.. t r-r bijekcker street, opposite dktau bow? -Le^ | E :giblo location neir Broadway ? hoer&sg with "Ujciior xui e ol rooms on the xecoud floor, for - mi:n and wile ; al-o rooms tor single gentleuipn ; ?!?'> rooms tor a gentleman mid lad/, or singl ? i{enib*m'?n at No. 46 Grove street, near Bieccker. IWlbrnicM ex changed. pr /r AND 67 WIM* TWENTY-THIRD STBEKr A Utl few seUct fiuniline and gtiiitlumen of the lirt-t re spectability, can now l>? accommodated with suit or Mingle room*, wi'h lull or partial board, in that eligible brown ?tone building, which in delightfully locate.!, a< it it situated between Broadway and Sixth avenue, it u one o. the broadest stiocts in the city. Apartments scitabte for families or single gentlemen, wishing to secure board for the winter, in :t first clam private boarding hou?e ; location plea am and central, accessible by cars and stages fiorn all parts of the city. Apply at No. 4 Abingdon square, vreat side, two doors fioui Bank street. Board? in a private hocsk. to let to a ohk tleinan and his wif? and a few single gentlemen, three or four handsomely furnished rooms, with partial beard for the gentlemen; locatiou central and very plea sent. Apply at 1'22 Fas I Twelfth street, botween Second and Third avenues. Board.? a raw favour? ash single Sevtlk mcn can be accommodated with full or partial board; rooms furnished or unfurnished; also a back par lor and bedroom attached, in a house where all the com forts of a home can be had. No children la the house. Apply at No. 9 St. George's place, East Thirteenth street, near Seconi avenue. Board? a scit or rooms to let, suitable for a gentleman and wife or two or three single gentlemen, <with full or partial b'ard also, hingl 1 room s, and a basement, suitable lor a physician, in a first class houre, with all the modern Improvements. Apply at No. 7t> Went Twenty-third street. References exchanged. BOARD? 1 LEAP ANT ROOM I, WITH HOARD, MAY be obtained, by gentlemen and their wives, or by single gentlemen, at 48 West Washington place, near Washington parade ground. Tito honse is pleasantly situated, with bath room, he., and U convenient to th<' cms and stages. References exchanged. Apply on the premises. Board in bkouklyn? a small private fa mily, residing within two minutes' walk of the South ferry, would be happy to receive as inmates for the winter a gentleman and his wife, or two single gentle men. They would find all the comforts of a respectable home. French as well as English spoken by the family. Apply at 37 Pacific street, between Henry and Hicks. QtVMER BOARD ? ELM PARK HOUSE. RYE. WE3TT 0 theater county. ? A few rooms vacant at this de sirable retreat. Gcod fishing, boating. Ac. Attention paid to the comfort of guesta. Accessible daily by steamer from foot of Catharine street; hourly by New Haren cars. Apply as above. QWA BROADWAY? PLEASANT SUITE OK ROOMS TO OIU lot, for famine* or single gentlemen, with broiktasi; or a family can have an exclusive kitchen, with suite ol rooms. 1 CTJ CHAMBERS STREET? FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH 1 r )0 or without board. Gentlemen wishing rooms down town can be accommodated here; only a few other boarders taken. Spanish, French and English spoken. m PRINCE STREET, NEAR BROADWAY? ELEOANT ly furnished apartments, unliable for gentlemen and their wives, or single gentlemen, with or without board; house first class; gas and bath. HA WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET? A VERY OESl I *x ruble suite of rooms, comprising the whole of the second tloor, and consisting of two large rooms and two bedrooms, with pantries, suitable for a gentleman and his family, or two gentlemen and their wives, may be obtained, with private table, if desired; also, one large front room on third floor. pro RLEECEER.? 1 TO LET, WITH PARTIAL BOARD. t JO one large room, on the second floor, with pantry alia ii cd. Also several comfortable single rooms. "I Q BOND STREET-GENTLEMEN WITH THE! R WIVES, I r * also single gentlemen, can he accommodated with fur nished rooms and board; the bouse has all the modern Improve ment. Dinner at tj o'clock. 1 A CARROLL PLACE, BLEECKER STREET.? A GEN H " tlemun and his wife, and two or three single gentlemen, can be genteelly ai eoinuiodatcd with very desirable rooms, with bcdiooni and pantries attached, if desired; bath, gas, Ac., In the house; locatiou unsurpassed; references cx"hansed; terms rea ouable. "1A AMITY STREET, NEAR BROADWAY-TO LET, A J_v" front parlor ou second tloor, neatly furnished as sitting roi in and bedroom, to a gentleman, In a plain but re?p< ctable private family where there arc no boarders; partial board wlB be lurnlshed. If desired. Terms very moderate. <i>e) r.|| -BOARD DOWN TOWN CAR BE OBTAINED ui Die Farmers' Hotel at the above price pe, v/eek, will. out lodging. One neck in luhince re<iuired. A WIDOW LADY, OCCUPYING A PLEASANTLY LO catcd i ou-e, west of Bioudway, near Cana I street, co.i t? Inlng baths and gn?, would nceommodate two or three ladles with rooin? and board. Those willing to pay a fair price will this ii good opportunhy. Board in advance. Addrc s Mrs. Gilbert, Broadway I'ost Otllce. NEATLY FURNISHED ROOM ANI) BEDROOM, with fas end tiath, for a lady and gentleman; board tor lad> only; up town, one Mink tnnii Fifth avenue. Stages - tin door and acce-. by Sixth avenue car\ Address Sr., 'ail way I'ost otllce. A A FKKNCU TEAC'HKR OFFERS BOARD IN II IS J.X. pi i\ lit" hon*e to KciHlrnuu li ? vv i-li to lea r 11 ii mob ? ? v practice*, and by living with his family, who, tut well a* hliuaelt', nre ti? in Purls." The terni* will Include hoard and all tlif nc cr*?ary Instruction. Apply at Tenth ntrcct, near Second avenue. A SUIT OK ELEGANTLY FURNISHED BOOMS, AND two single rooms, to lei to single Ki-rii lemeu oi high res pectability, In a private family. The house anil fitrnliure now, ..nd first els'-* in every particular. Apply at 119,'j Ninth street, five itoom wr*t of Broaaway. Abingdon squabe.? a few genteel boarders ran re h?mwely accommodated in a house with modern Improvements, very pleasantly located, in view of the Hudson river; cars ana s:a?cs pass the door for all pari* of the Uty. Apply ui 6H5 Hudson sirec', corner ol Bunk, Abingdon square APARTMENTS FOB FAMILIES OB SINGLE GENTLE men, Willi lull or partial board, ai moderate prices, ran lie obtained at '.'5 Clinton place, between Fifth and Sixth uvc MM. A LADY DESIRES TO BOARD AND I.VSTBUCT TWO or three little children In the primary branches of an English education; piano ntid vocal muaic can be taught, If re quired; the be it ot reference Riven. Address InstruetreM, Herald offlce, stating where an Interview can be had. A PRIVATE FAMILY HAVING MORE ROOM THAN they re<|itlre, would lei a neatly furnished room on the seicnd not r, to gentlemen without board; or, if required breakfast Mo ved in their room. In<|tiire at 111 Macdougal sireet, Brst house above llleccker, west side. \ WIDOW LADY OF BE-PECTABILITY, OCCUPYING a very line house In Rrisiklyn, Is desinms of receiving two or three gentlemen Into her family, as partial boarders, where they can enjoj the eonfarta of ? bone on moderate terms; a r?**l table and gund soeletv. The honie Is within a few minuter' walk ol Fulton or Wall sit ect ferries. Please l ull at lil llenry street, corner at Onwga. A HANDSOME FURNISHED HALL BEDROOM. ON XI. the first lloor, suitable for a gentleman and lady; hoard tor the lady, it required; or one or two single gentlemen. Call at ft) Woost' r (treat. Term* moderate. A PLRASANT FRONT ROOM AND BEDROOM, WITH Ax. board, for u gcullemaii and wife; also, eue or two (Ingle gentlemen ran be aeri mmodulcd with board, si SI Market HOARD-SINGLE ROOMS OR SUITS OF BOOMs! 13 furnished or unfurnished, suitable for pentleiuen end their wives, or for simile gentlemen, In a fir-t cl lis house, ran be obtained by applying early ut 2hO West Twentieth street. Board? ioo and n?? hast fourteenth street - A few room-., in suits or single, may now be secured, with board, by single gentlemen, or families, without children, in the above desirable location; the houses are newlv flnl?bed ind tarnished throughout with all the modern conveniences. Ac., Ac., desirable in first class house*; referenoca exchanged. Board. ? neatly furnished rooms, with board, ran be had hv applying at 81 West Tw enly sixth MreeL a tew doot from Sixth avenue. The house is fir-t cl >-<, the lo i iiion pleawnt, and terms moderate. Board? a widow lady, occupying a pi,ea. sanlly located house in Brooklyn, bnds Unccessarv, in con . . quence of a severe reverse of fortune, u> seek MHO" parly to whim she could rent her rooms. To tlios" liberal! t disposed, she w ould take pain* to secure the comforts and 'freedom ?i home. Address Mr*. C. C. f\ llrooklyn Pest office. Board ? a handsomely itrnisiiedpront ro<>m on second story; thehou-e is complete with all tiie mo. dern Improvements; terms on .derate. Apply ai l.'l Crosby st. Board i if c ack-a large and niso siiint Iv furnlabeil rmim. suitable for two jentlemi n, can be hail, Willi board, at No. I Carroll place, Bleceker (tree*. l>OARD. SEAR ST. JOHN'S PARK.? NOW VAC A ST, A _I> large, ec iniortably furtdshed rnoni, Willi full or pmiial i , aii', lor two or three gentlemen, In tirst das* house No. It Yerleksttcit; buih uud ga?. References exchanged. Board in Brooklyn.? a family and two or three slnalc uentleincn will find very dealra'tla rooms, with I oard, by applying at No. 341) Henry street, betW'-en <!ou gress arid Amity. Tb" situation Is unsurpassed and oove ni< ut to both Wail street and South ferric*. Bo\rd in rrooklyn? for a gentleman AN? wife nr twostnel" gentlemen. In a desirable location nn mlDUtea' walk from Ihe South Icrry. Apply at W t'oo^ress street. Board in Brooklyn.? two sixolh gentleman* Can have partial hoard. In a privste Em lisli family, where ihe con. torts of u bnme em be enjoped; bedi oafns isrrc end well furnished; loeailnn within ten tnlnuies' of either W? I or Fnlum sired ferries; no children nr mhi r boa tiers , ref ?r encea exchanged. Addn -s, jawt paid, box SJK, I^M tifllee Board on Brooklyn iteigiits.? two GRNn.K men can be aeenmm<Hlat<ad w id< lull or partial tmard, t<y applying at volumbia strict, between Pierre poitt and t lark, wbMn three mtnti'c> walk ot the Wall sireet or Fulton ferry. Referent eg ext ban :; ?<!. Board wanted? unfurnished rooms in a private family fur tw o geni|em"n, with their wives, oue child, three years old, and nurve, and one atogla geatinaasa, three large rooms and one tnediotu sice, in some pleasant I oca lliy above Eighth street from 1st of October. Terma rutin be tntferate, with use of laundrv. Best references given and rei| olred. Address box 2,711 ' Post Omee. giving location, ae commodation. terms, name nnd references. Board wanted-in a pbivate family where their are no other boarder ?; one or two resi.ectable young men can he accommodated a- above, by applying for Mrs. Heaps, ? Oliver street, up sulrs. Boa juTwa xtsd-bv A siNti i* oentijwan, in a desirable |?rt of Brooklyn. A private family de. irons of renilna a room, wlih breafa-iand iei anddtnnei on Sunday, may have an oppertnnity by addressing A. B.. Iios 3,137 Post oMce. Board wanted-in Brooklyn, between mox tagite and Atlaatlc streets. sltMn ten mlnntes' of the le mes, hy a single gentleman I'rWate fsaaily preferred. Ad dresjW. P.. Herald o?ce BOABD AND LODGING WA.NTF.1i? BY A TOUNO French gentleman Pail.nn, in an American prlvat* tsmCr. not too Itigh up u.?n, at moderate term , l< wi.iing to Klrc f renohl.^: reft^ns.>. e,.^; J, AlOitf |UlUB| !??[?*; wJi ?, 1. 1 , U'l Sin U.jat* vS;v, IWaKUIAu Atfli LODUlBtt. BOARDING ? TO LET? A I.AROE BACK PARLOR OH thehrst lloor , :?L-o,n vi?ry dnurublo trout room on the second Uoor of a IU'?I rla** lion- -, with b<uh, ???, h,, au.ivil* for single lenUemen or gentlem. n mi l uirn, on mtdar*ta lerti licut ? very qu ei tod retired. Apply at ??: .ulUvau alreel, n< ar Amity. BOARDING.? A WIDOW LADY AND DArOHTHR has 10 let wlib fu!1 or partial board. twoor Ihrw vnry dem' ruble m m*. tuHnblefor married or single gentlemen. TUi houM> i? in good ordir and fUMi Hew inqti're at B:> F ditto street. Brooklyn. Boarding.? a i.aroe room, with pantry at tachcd, unfurnished, 'o let, wl'ii board, to a gentleman ond Ills v. if.-. Also, a ii>otii suitable for a couple ofslujl? gen tlemen, where tbc ecanfnrta of a Ik. me nu be en loved, a* lucre an- but few other boarder*. Apply at W Henry street. BOARDI. NO. ?.NEWLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO BK ren'cd. In Milts or singly , a - required, with full or p.u-tiil hoard, In a n< w bouse, with all the modern improvement*, pleatantl situated. near StUfvesatil park. Apply at SSOSecood avenue. Breakfast, 7 top. IHnner at 6o'cioek. Boarding.? family about making arranqr. meals f? .r the winter run be aceouttnodatod Willi tw? ??til ? of room*, handsomely fiirninbed, with lull or parted board; house has all the ino<lern Improvement*. Apply at M Union square. Reference required. TDOARMING CAN I1K HAD FOR A FBWMXOLHHEN, ,1J> wiili good rooms and ele.m bed*, at 114 Third avenue, be iiuoii Filteenh and sixteen h streets. Boarding, nkar Washington park -a smau gnuec! family will let ilieir entire eecoiiil tt'-or, Ihreo noma deep, with pantries, baths, gas, Ac., and ele^.inlly ftu liial i d, in desirable pernios. Inquire at 1U Neil." on place, on? block from Bioadway, between Kliihta street end VVaverlef place. BOXI) STREET, NO. 3.? FCRMSHED BOOMS TO LET. without board, loin milieu or single ?. nUetnn. Tli ? house in occupied by a small private faintly. IXo'ela and restaurant* in the vicltiHy. Boarders fpom hie country. -it is qigii time that all persons wishing boarders for 'lie winter snoMid apply. A great manVhsre already aecurel their homes; very many are now apply lug lor Ixtaril. I>o not be behind time. fXflr? MS Broadway, near Chore h. R. D. (KKWWIN. Brooklyn ? two conxrowng front rooms on the second Hoar and a finale one on the third. furnished, with full or partial board, r>n reasonable terms. Home first class, with bath Ac. Location and neighborhood very dcelr* ble, and near South and Wall street ferric". Apply" Henry Btreet. Brooklyn.? pleasant room ox third floor. with Rood board, to let to a aingle gentleman. Terms *;i to per week. Loeatlon desirable, nnd mid way b?tweeu FiiIimi and Wall street ferries. Breakfast early, If desired. Apply at 68 llonry btreet. IjH'RNISHKD ROOMS TO I.KT? WITH OR WITHOUT breakfast, lo gentlemen, at 12 Great Jones street. The hou-e has all the modern improvements. FURNISHED ROOMS To LET? PLEASANTLY SITUA ted, ? itli hoi and cold ? titer, In a private family. Inquire of P. COLE, at Cifi Broadway, t wo doors above Union square IIUBNttHED BOOM. WITH FILL HOAItD, WANTED by a single gentleman. Address, stating terms, which must be reasonable, T., box 2,7?J ofllce. (GENTLEMEN AND THEIR WIVES MAY BK ACCOM T modated with board and pleasant room.-', in a private fauillv, by applying at 107 West Twelfth street, between Fifth and &xtli avenues. Refereucca required. NOW p.? A PRIVATE FAMILY WITHOUT CHIL dron, l?o servants, lnrse house, modern fixtures, near bniad * ay and Fourth street, can let a south parlor and bedroom, connected and furnished, to a sindc gentleman; bnrhelor prri'crrrd. Breakftint can be acrvcd In tae room, u defired. Addre.-a A. B., !'f'S Fourth at-ieet. PLEASANT ROOMS FOR GENTLEMEN AND THHIR wives, on the first and cond floors. Ali-o, two rooiui for sitigle geuU< lirn, al 62 Ea-t Twenty third street. ? PLEASANT FUBNISBBD OR UNFURNISHED ROOMS to lei, with board, lor goutleuien and their wlve.t, orain r!c gentlemen; bath and ga^ In the house. Inquire al y>*i Mnih alrce'. near First avenue. PARTIAL BOARD, WITH VERY DESIRABLE ROOMS. In Mfl'e or otherwise, may be obtained at Pj gttSt Thlr tetnlli Btreet, by single gentlemen, or a geutlenrin and lidy, (lesb'ing find class accommodations in a small family. House lias all the modern Improvements. ROOMSL WITH BOARD, AT GRAMKRCY PARK.? l ataHes i-elurnlng from the country will Und a 6-w de ibahlc ri-oini., liandii inely furnished; also rooms for single geiitk men, nl 106 East Twenty lhsl atrael, with ali the modern improremenu. Rooms to, with board.? a nick large r< oni, on ilie second floor, with clothes prerv. a r> J water, to a renllcuinn nnd wife, or <!n^ie gentlemen; also, n third alory reom, nnltirtils'iied. Apply at 111' l'ranklin street. ROGM^i IX BROOKLYN? IX A PRIVATE FAMILY without ehildreo? Two f entlemen < ?n be accommodated with rot'tus handsomely furrlalled, with or wlihottt board,** Fifi Atlems Btreet, Brooklyn, five uilmpes' walk from Fulton fei rv. ItO LET? AT 831 BROADWAY. FURNISHED ROOMS, snltuble for gentlemen, or geitl^men and their wives- fie rent pal lor* i n the tli-st floor: also, roomaand I >e-lri sin-s on the second and third floors: references given anil required. \\rA XTED? BY A YOUNG GENTLEMAN, A FCRXISff. It ed roem, ? Hit par tlul board, In some genteel private fa niily, r.ot far off downtown. Address G. L., Herald ofDee, slating locality and terms, w l.ieli musi be moderate. COFAHTH KR.S1) LP SOTICES. dblO rtftfl AND A FAMNKR WANTED? IX A ?PImiUuU very nMrt uud proiltable bluineiu, in whit li u fortune nuiv bo realized In a fc .v year*. 1 hi' hmmena U already well ntiDllfhtil, nnd I- worthy i'te attention of any i nc (!c Irlng !i -ai'e ami pi olii.i'ile inreatJMXlt. Addi e ? Trebla, box 3,?!6 Port ofli re. (1*7 nnn TO $10.000.? WANTED, a partner, with V ( ?' "M; $10,000 cash capital, in a inaiiiifacturtng jewel rv eatabllrhment In Maiden lane, where a ??fe nnd profitable trade I* established, or ntipcn venr.' Minding. Adorctifl t?oi ft, 9 I?o*t Ofllre. No commuoicallunn noticed except wtth full name and rddre-s. dj/t (Wirt -WANTED, BY A YOUKO MAN. A PITUA ?T'tJ.v VVr. Hon aa bookkeeper or salesman, in a hutuae** where, after one or two yeni c '.porlence, an Internal ean lie obtained bv the Inremnent of the ahore capital. The adver tiser I- well qualified by Ion* eipei ionee to Ull either ?itiiatlnn. and 1 an give iindntibted teatimuniala h< to ability and Im-inrs* tact, l.oib from preacnt employer* and other buainess men. All ctrnmnnli aiiiiiiH will be considered atrictly confidential. A'l dreaa with real name and particulars ol the bumneM to K. A. to r.AA TO $8,000.? WANTED? A PARTNER, WTTH Aiul/U a cash raptml oftUM) toM.onO, to embark in an enterprise thai la aure to pay tA.UOO prolft th?* flrat year. A* thl? lx no apt dilative matter, bul a strictly legitimate h'lalnaaa, parties having the meana can address or call on C. O.STKR LOH, Draudreth llouao. d?1 rnn -thi: advertiser wanth a person ?PlaU'/U. to join him, with an equal amount, and pur chase a drat claai hotel, it la aplendidly furnished. la on a lead ing thoiougbfare, long established, and doing n good business. Any gentleman of pleailng addroaa, with tl.MK), ean have either halt Intel est , or $1,000 a year, with good aecurily, for bia money. I'teaae Call on Mr. W., from 11 to 3, nt Tluitnpagu'rt Hotel, Fourtli avenue, near Twenty -bcTenth atreet. A PARTNER WANTED.-A GENTLEMAN OF BUST nesH habits, about leading a aim o down town for the anc itoo and HllillflMUII bwrtrteaa, wants to meet mme one with one thousand dollars or utore, and who w.iu's to get into bit'- 1 nem. Address York, box lis Herald office. New yobk, sei-t. i, mm.? the copartnership hlihcrtho existing between the aubacrlbers, under the name and firm of Ingram A Negus, I* thla day di-"ol?ed by mutual consent. The outstanding afljilra ot the firm will btt adjusted bj IJeorge Ncgua, who U alone authoi lied to uae tbra name of the f.rtu m liquidation thereof. JOSEPH A INfJRAM. IlKOHUK NKtiTS. Witness? H. R. Fcu.rti. Ihi' undersigned will continue the merebant tailoring anil clothing buidi.ech at llic old Maud, til Chatham street, on hia own account. (IROHOK N K'? IS. frilE copartnership hkrktofork SAUTING dn X der the name and lirmof Koe< nberg A Murtyn, waa this day dissolved, by mutual coiutent. S. Roaenlierg la alone au thorlzed to settle the htudnesi. S. ROSKNBKRO, J. >CW?Ur|, wltucaa. ED. MARTYN. IFOBTDIoi B0A1V.? riiEASUflR BOATS OF ALL DFSCRIPTIONH ran be found at the celebrated race, aail, barge, and tnncy bont and oar bazaar, 'M South atreet. N. H.? Sail t?<>nta ean be fitted out at two rtaya notice, together wttfc 200 other boata. Call and examine. C. L INGWWOIJ* For sai e-all kinds ok fancy fowls, tooe I ther witli a heauttlul aeleetion of luiicy do^aj four Kiiic Rjtarba*, blaek and tanned terrier", pointers, aettera, New becudiand, hull terriera and French piKwlle". Will be aoi<l el? ap. at tk Veaey ?t. JAS. Cl'MUKRLAND. CPOKTIM! ?FOR SALE AM) FOR STOCK, ALL THE ? < hi.lec breeds of doii ', alao an lnlalltble cure for inange, *, and diacii ??< of ihr akin In doga, Ae., be I'lUfjing aial ii.'itinp 'lie gtoivtli of hair and er'< rmlnatlnt lleaa. Ac. For i at St'5 Water atreet, eemer of Fulton Prleo fifty eenta. d la ot ihe Tan Tog Club will lake place, irnm the club !? round, at t'ollina Poin', Maniaroneck, two mllei north of New RochaUe, ou Tueaday, Hepu-iuber 4tU. Km. The prtai ? to eon abt <A mie pur-e of 1^40 and one i,: $to. Tho reirava i? opea In all ?all boat? of leet all l-ngth, and under. N.i entrance (V. All boai" to be entered by 10 o'clock on the morning of the t,ire. Au aliowanca of two minutes to llic fool to he made for differ ? nee In length of boats, measurement to Le over all. from Um loogeat part of Ibe atem, to the longeat part of the atera. Tba eotit -e ol^ ?ailing to be designated on the morning of Uie race. All txiaN to come furnl?hed with anchor and buoy, a. the atari *111 be tuade from anchorage TBAVW.I.BBI' CWIBB. CKKET ISLAND AND FORT HAMILTON.? ON AND ) after Monday. Aufuat 21. the ateamer NOKWAIJC ? ill make only two tripe a day to Fort Hamilton I ' oney lalnnd, leaving Amoe atreet at 9 and 1\ Sprtn* ?treet at OK and 2 P. M. , pier No. 3 N. R., at 10 A. tf. and Uy, 1'. M. . leaying Coticy Inland at 12 and &}., touch ing at Fort Hamilton eneh wny. Fare for the wnoie eX eurxinn j i enla. Full ?are lor children. TJEOtTLAR DAY BOAT FOR ALRANY? LANDTXO AT IV Yotikcr". Wert Puin', Newburg, I'o uhk epsle, Rhine I eck, t'at-klll and Hnd?m. .Vents served on lioar l. The a:aamer MKTItOPOLITAN, Oapt. I. Polbemna, will leave New Tork Irom pier foot of Jay atn-ot, M, nday, Wedn. day and Friday, at 7 o'clock A. M., arriving at Albany In time fbr the ? ara. R? inmlng wtll leave Albany every TV ^lav, Th'irsdav and Ha lnrday. For further par'lculnrs Inquire at 1"2 Wests rccl, near Jay atreet. Q' NDAY BOAT FOR OI.KN COVE N i:W P.OCHCLf.E. O Kirattenport ? the new and clegaui a'camer TIIOMAJ' O. BAIOHT? Mumlay, Ketitemlier 2, leaves North Moore -tree* at 5J* A. M : Peek ?llt>. at a; Ca'herlne marknl ahp. 8t?; D?" eey ureet. H"-i; Tenth "ireet. ? ; Twentieth s'reM. fc TWrly fourth sireet, Rciurnlug leave OlenOoveat S P. M:; Weer lbs- hell. .1\. Stratlenport, 3 Oiaul "Ut'pll 9T t 1 on beard rare lo fllcnein-e and New Rorbelle, Tire n y lr?6 centa; btra'tenport. Twelve and a bail oenta. ______ QI NDAY BOAT FOR ALU WT A N l> TROT -THE il fast nnd fujimnde'Uf. s'eamee llf ltt*. ?' W. Hsn">t, m.?e ter, leave* die pier feat of RnMank atntct. every Sunday a* $ P. X , arriving nt I A. M. aubwt. I'O WI>TKRN HtNK-? A OK. n.l.VAH IN THE 0FT9 of Ne ? Y?i k, haviTin over IJO.ilfat il. s,r*. ;?w agenry It ? Western I ank Hie faeliitie- IT a perraan it ( IroitataM ara large. Full partf nlar. ?tl! '??? direti upon an nicrtV* w bt note, pt u lcl Ibe app la a .1 i v l n . an I etu InaiMg ? pr.-t^ sl .'.n s*lth all ri ? e-sar^ , par ? ti boa Na. 70S New Voik Peetofllre AppM'aU " a i?- teej ! .r m m h "le, ?r? bt t.aiSica.a. ? nttr.itn; U' .

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