Newspaper of The New York Herald, 3 Eylül 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 3 Eylül 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW TO WHOLE NO. me. I K II ERA ID. PIUC'K l'.WO CENTS. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EFER1 Dir. NEW PI BUCATIONS. A GREAT SlOCfc.v".? 'lhc new novel by tlie author of ' Alone'1 : HIE HIDDEN PATH. By MftdoB Harland, of Richmond Ya. Tiro editions sold; tlilnl cdl'ion printing. The extraordinary success of HUs ilutluu d'a "Alone'' ?"?running through edition uftor edition ?itU gr.-M rapidllv; icpuMi hi-J in Ejijfluud, .\itli a .-till Wcget sale, tianhla'ted into the French and Ce<-raan language* with marked iucce-9 ? in, perhaps, the beat evid? nop of the originality- and nopulai ily ol lier ? titing*. la the lan guage of an eminent criiic, "i'hc nitty henceforth Uke rank among the moat bucceraful uuvellete ol the luited Btatef. One lCnm. vol. Price $1 Uf>. J. C. DRUBY. Publisher, 11# Na ? au itr?et. For sale by all beukaelicrs. V DOTARDS IN AMERICA? FKICE 12 CENTSL with remarks u|?on temperance, (its foundation.) tantcmperan e (its causon anil remedies.; thti cul:ureof the grape vine in the United states, and other matters of importance to lich and poor. By John Osborn, of Oporto, In Portugal, and Now York. For r ue ut No. 46 lMavei street, New York. Copied transmitted free to any part nf the l ulled States on receipt of fifteen cents in joitags ?tamps. VEW WORK ON CALIFORNIA.? ?\ . 1). APPLETON A CO., 340 and JW Broad n-ay, Will puV.Wh nn September fllh, tub assaiji or iujr raisnvo, Contain? a luminary of the history of the flril dl CO very, aettiement. proxies* uud present condition ot oaLifob.via, And a complete history of Ml the Important events counect ed with lui great oily to wlikh are added btographii .?i m-in .lr? of some prominent citizen*. Ry John Sonle, John II. Ulliou, N. 1>., and James NIsbet. 1 large vol., Cvo., elegantly llliie trated utthltflo engraving!. Prli'r lu cloth, >3 80; roan mar ble edge*, ?l; man Kilt edges, %* 50. TliU work li the res 'lit ol aeveral years of observation labor and reiearcb, of gentlemen wlio have occupied positions at fording ample means for eorrcrt lnl'urmatlott. Tlie ? ork iuh ? therefore be relied upon ax being the only full, Itupitrti il ana ?interesting history or California and It.-. gr'< at city that ha* ever been fjiven to the public. Agent* vrautul to Mil Uto above valuable work. Pl'BI,l.-HEl> T1I1S DAY, III NTKlfS MKI'li VI. fPK c-Lulist ami Journal ot tbe Disease* "I fie Cheat.? A moir.lily ptriodusl ot 16 pages, 4tn. . donMr columns, un der the edlior.-bip ot'R. llrMTVH, M. I> . and devoied in tlie discussion of dL-eases of tbe throat and limn* Atunnij 'he ion tenia ot 'hi. number u ill be louud ar.icle* on Medicated Inhalation. Diseases oi tbe thro?t and limb"1. Medical (specialities. Asthma, Ita nature, tauten and turf Nasal Catarrh. The prevalence ?tn<l Importance of Tuoerculous Diseases. "A Concentrated Ninny." statistics, M 4c? ,te? ir.m The following extract* from tbe Specialist will *' once ?ejpbiin bow wide a Held thU periodical Is intended to otcu py:? We shall write for tlie public at lame, as well n? for the members of tbe protceslon. ? * ? ? We kno? Irom expe rience thai the iiublic ju?ily appreciate every eflort inaile toltu pert to (hem information on aubjceiH of w hich thc> have hern hitherto kepi In belpltma Ignorance: and Ilia' while tbe.v protlt by the lesson- taught them In matters of vital lrnporlanee to tlielr health, their physical and mental perfection, and '?onk '.pient happiness and enjoyment, they do u"t fall to re -u-'u./e lhc a l vantage of irustlng themselrea for direction and management to those wiio arc duly oualiiied to uiiderUike so grea> u re sponhlblllly. i?ee??-eeee Ottr views re>.'urd:ng tie poj'Ular dlsens-lon ol medic tl subjects are nV ndy well Vtion n throncb tbe new spaper press. We have long entertained the opinion that tound In formation given to the people on ail matl< rs of heal'li. ? III arm them against the Impositions of quackery, and r.l.l ibem In co operating Blih tbeU- phjnici-itia in the preaervailon or re-?ov try of their h'aM), aa diev could not do If nnlntorue d. The oages of Hit S' pee la Hal will be lounil of very treat Interest tn tbe genrr:>l reader. The dl-eusslon of disease* of lh>- tbroit and lung", unlike many o?hcr medical sulijec'a. Is tree Iroiu Ulit'lhlng tu the vllghtesl de ree object tollable. * ? ? ? ? The Specialist may, Uicreti considered l?i t lie light of a family medical paper, and we trust to ece li et'enslvtfy pa tronised by tlie heads of families throughout the t'nion. The Specialist L? published at *1 per nnniim. or 10 ceni^ i >r ? nnmher. and may lie obtained of all book^dlM-, aud ngeata thiuus'bout the I ni?n. SHKUMAN A CO., No. 1 Ve-ey sir -el. Alter House, Sew York. TIIE l'l'HF. C1LMK11V1UJB 001T.SE. i~ i/? TROlTl.Nt.? I'l RSF. I >>00. mile heats. beat thi et in lift In harm"*; to come off wptember 17th. Trpe for nil trotting horses. 1'urse $u00; two mils bfila to wagon wi?t{"ii and drirer to weigh 276 pounds. Fi >-e lur all trotting \n.r *es to c.iine off September 20th. Thru* or more to make n race, and two tp Mart lu the above named race". Entries to close a! I a lk land A Duiyee's, corner of liist Ilr'iadwav and Catherine alieet, on Huuuuy evening, H-pteuiber !>{, at 0 o'clock N. U. ? Tl?c entrance moncv to l>e paid in the a I. '.re purees at tUe iluieol entry. JOELOOKKUN, Proprietor CENTRE V IIAK t'ol KSE. f,. I. TROTTIKfl. Tl KKpAY September U. ai :t o\ luck. iout< b $1 ms>. tw n mile beau to wagon-. 1'. Me.Vmm. name* b in. Flora Temple; Hiram Woodruff, name- r<>. in. l.ady Fiauklln. This race will tome off w I thorn regard to weather or condition oliruk. JOEL it>NKM.V. i'ropi le r. ClEMKEVIM.E COIRSE, f,. f? TROTTING.? WEDNES ) da;. Sept. ft, at 11 o!':ivvk. l'vll'-e and stake. J7'SI, mile heala. be*t three in live to wicona. Samuel (lave. Jr. can rw eh. E Bski r Hoy; Win. Clnvmsnn enters b. p. I'moik; f. Cartl enter* eh. g. rtheppard: I<ane?t*lt h. m. ifmen Vary; W. H? enlera. bl. y. Wild WHv; Wm. Wli'-elan snter? U- t Gray Eay>. JOEL CONKLIN, Proprietor. trVIOK rOfRSK. I,. I.? TROTTINO.? ON Tlll'RSOAY, Ht pi. 6. ?? -V - o'clock. a *?ve?i>sCtkcs ol W!M, mile 111'*'". be>l three In tii'e, to Dkele'uo wof|<>u?. 11. W<mdrulT n*ui '?r. K. Gen. Pmnsm: K. llait names eh. in L?ady Umoii; J. Ward name* h, ut. Rachel. The above horses are all froni Plilla le! phis. HIIAW A Will I K. ProprV'or?. RKI? HOlVE, IURLEM.? THM FAVORITE PI.AIT of rt?nrt i- now In coinpMe order, and ready to accommodate the spor'lng and riding public. The Go tham and Rattle Base liall Clubs play no the U'antiful green attached to (he lion"', and afford much ?pwrt to The rl?iter* of this la autifiil place. The be-t of refresh ment! alwaji on hand. WIUJAM A. BROWN, Proprietor. FR fvAT.F ? THE CK1.F.BRATFO TRO'ITING STAf Ib n John Ferris, fire yearn old, dark cheainut; h is trotted n mile in 2:M}?, in public, out of fix. in a race, .id his challenjfc remain- open to trot, to wagon* or har ness. anv ?talfion in the world. warranted sound and kind and 1* a capital road hor?< for an/ gentleman. For term" apply to SAMl'KI. TrU'hMlELI., 172 Maicer street, et to .IAi!l> IRVING, 22 Washington market riuc Liuioii tjimwrmM. BHOOKI.YN.-THK KINOf COUNTY MQUOR OKAI. eri>' Association will hoi 1 their r>*galar m ni bh ui iilna 1?| T0)nbee'g holrl, Montai^ui plan-, Ihla day, al 2 o'clock P. M All m*< mber" are renueaied ii>V' In aiiend*h>'.i htI lirtnt: ib'-lr ?leken- of nraibmUp. Bualix -- of imp<>ri " *111 he br?i lit kefore th* niee<ing. TllnMAH TOYNHISK, l'reHt?l"ni. ALPUKO KONK, Vice Pn *lden'. P. f'Lrai inn, Pecri tary. rpili: MgrOK DKALKRB* HOCIKTY UOl.It ltF-fil'l. \R 1 merilnpr- ai the Odd Fellow Hull nverj Holiday ereiiln*, *i a o'rloi "4, i >r the purpn?e?> ol 'U?cii ?ion and ilw trainarttnn "fgi-mral bu*lne*?, w hen members ?r? eipeei?l to attend Ko pen-iti .idmltted ? idwut a aard of membership. J. S. II I YwARD, Pn ?ident. n. H. Piter, leeretary. n. r. Bt'KCI, Vice PreaMent. CHAMl'Af N'F.? J. M-.-YER, JR., SOIJC litilirtTKR Of Wllfart KaUnon* ?er?,nay champagne, 14 Broadwa y. Invite" flit atti nlion of the trade to his new shipment at this eelebrattfl brand of wina. Onlera AUml upon Um most Hhcral terms. ?. M. TOMPKl.Y*, Agent. CfLAKfT WINE IX CAi<KS AND PER DO/J.V, OF VA j rioua piices and nuuiity, while brandy, for pre set ving; blackberry brandy, an excellent reioady t or uiarrtiuaj puie brandiea, wine* and liquors, Scotch aim, IjiiKlon and Dublin porter, i-egars, Ac. For sale by 1'XDi KIili.L k MA1TK1L--ON, 1J0 llroome street. BRAM>I??BRAMDIim.? tXKJKAO, IOOIB.I F WO Bordeaux hnmdle?, lu ball/-,'ei ? mid octaves, now land Ins s;id 'or ?ale from bOlid, a< onipanled with certlle s'ei from Hit Collector, by I.. If. HlMP^i.S A f ON Beaver tree'. (J IN? <il\ -IM PIPF.S or TIIK < KI.K1IR VTFO D0TRI.R T Hmu. '?n?nd?. now laiHhnu, and lor -tie by Uie lmportpr?. from bond. L. II MilP-oX a 4<?>s, ly lie.,< . .n. m. RKWABD*. 41/lA KKTA*D.-UMT, NTOLF.t UK hTRaYEO ?^1*'** Prcm fh? ? .i j .' lio'm* No. lAYorlMreH, itfi f-anirday V mu brilidle Steer awl one brludie eow, li toa kt 't *11^ ? i on 1 1.** !?' i Ms atsd bifi ft ?m,< n, it,.- a'K>\e rewa^i will Im- xheii mi e?ioHettoo of me iHI<-f . 1 1 stray -d, the nt?b r will tie auMabt) rei\ard 1. C1IAS. eYK'lV^ |oH Bridge - i cel. Hinoklyi'. djO*; p**w \bi>? mr rx >t.??i" s n, net broaowav c*>r;iei i*f lltrtis'iy ?l. "ei differs 'went ? Are drdl*?rs to any lad> or s*'iitleiwan wi ole ri > hi* sy?t*m 'S petinno-h fi. sod lails f*? v. ri e .i i*'?sl I *? e It ind. ? i S*mii Ire-n dliui bow e,rr ba<l, ci.ii.'i'etf aud tt i tomlfiy the orhftaal j-*sd at; be Apjdy bl. da' , J?OxT RKWAltD WT1X W* P\ll> FOR TlIK lOXTK' ""w*' Havinrgt m*U?<* 'be 9* -n "r j> r->> ,??'.o on the n 'eh" is ? j -it | hut ?lnru. . i a-t'er, t h U?>' aril siitf d*.,re i* i<l R.*!, in il*, Than* of Sew Roe Set Is, W. I ?Ma?r, r ^:rit; Lar>d ttole Mrefruaa kaol". ?hoea an l [aii-ra, o -' ei:. ,e i UON RAO ROTH %. New I'vle e, 4, |v A |1() brward wrr.r, rv I'trn pur the arrk-t f'" , any ?ie pt luile , ?r ptirp.?rit,g to peddle, (XM ?*"? HKSny B. POHTaB^M Broadway. lost AMI FOCKD. LOU "N Trip ^IST OF Al'UI'-T. A^MTKKR^iE tV*k Sn 179, fur ilw ? '^r of the W?a, Mb MepiemiH-r for fan Irase-is o, bi the Nlcarafito line, in naioe p, NCnbatteL Sodoe Ot H# !??? ba? la-en liven ai the firttre, and ft Ja Iiwb ?? lo any <?!?? but 'be "Hit. rbe r wlU be sulta. My rewarded by l< avlng '> at the ogite of Use i.n ?, So. > Mow ltn? fir er. Lt?fr? <>N INlNOAY, Al'tll'HT 10TH. AT nT AT FK l?lan<1. a sir ar *anll btn a f*N 'be nam* itf the n?u-r o', !?, J I,. RsuMtau. Any P*-I >ri IM|m It. wlai trill p!es-e leave |? ai 121 H< arte ?>reei. will bo II "er ally rew arded, so I tbaakru'ly motved. j. L. ii an oa c. Lt ?**T? A?\~* ATI KIIAY MOBVINli, AT 9 O I'l 's'K. 1* t ei .ire njarkci, a, eoauunln* a not) ft.r ?ral fllW ea#lt. The Siller will eoafer a faior b/leaiiacUie >?mr a' 37 John ?tr??H. or ai the lb raid uttct. Tic ?MU' i J> ?> Jii %46M84IOl4 THE BUHLIKGTON TRAGEDY. Third Diij' of the foronfr's InYfHtisnlion. IMPORTANT AND INTERESTING EVIDENCE. A STOCKHOLDER OH THE JURY. Discussion on the Question of Interested Jurymen, &c., &c., ?fcc. CORONERS INVESTIGATION1. 1 HIKD DAY ? MORN1NO HK3810N . William Gilbert, of liurlington, sworn ? Q Rave you ever been near a railro.-d when tlie train vra i approach ? ing? A. 1 have, on the Mount Holly Railroad, about a year a 70; I ?aw br. Haunigan < u that occaMon. s'oing to ward* down town; ) saw the train coining, and Mopped about twenty tt*t a* ay. perhaps when the Doctor pulled his h ' r?eH up li wn- within a very ehnrf distance of tin- 1 ra n and he baieiy escap d, though driving - lo v? at the time. By a Juror ? (). What 1* the character of Hr Hanoi Kan)' Iloet lie not drive in a peculiar w:iy, jei'. 1 ng bis hovso at time*)' A. 1 never noticed |iartictilarly. Q. r'd y on never notice Ills manner* A. No Ii< nry fche.wood, - * urc-I am awitch tender at the up per Mutton; I wtt? looking at the train when it cunu down. Q. Md you UiiT? a flag' A I did, a w'u te fl g 'u my bund. 'J. Whv did you have a while ling' A. Because I thought all hsh rlenr. ( Q. In watching the ten o'clock train wh*vt did yon nee! A. I -iw t!ie tiain -tiikini; the boraoi; It i? about a mile from 'be Mount liolly junction, at tin* Mouut Holly crow ing; the junction i? above. tj. Vou aaw th? train atriketho boraes? A. Vet; the horse* were on the track ; I nan them apjpmai i.iug the 1 1 a in i). l:id \ nu h< (1 r a warning from that train)' A. N"o ; and could hare heard it had been I lown. 1/. i* it customer} for engineers to blow the wni?tle A- Ve?, it i". </. I-'d it occur to you thai the train uae backing at any unus'iai tpaad^ A. No. if. lion many switchee have you en that junction? A. Four: I heir the whiMleof warning often be tore it ap prcacheo the ? ronlng. y. !* there a curve on the road near the track1- A. There is. the l'octor did not cheek hi* hor-e ou the road, a- he *honM hare done. y. 1? it customary to wbialie 1 11 the bank down: A. 1 d' n't know. Q. I>id it nppeai to yon Ihnt he attempted to cross the track? A. Yes; I use a red flag when there is any dan ger: 1 am instructed as to the une of u,y ttng*. [A copy of the fiagnu nV instrir tii >ns dated .March 10 w:i- here shown! Witness? | hiol a ccnversnti 11 witli the rear brakemnn of that train, who said be Miw a cow on th" track, and went back to his poM to ring the bell; tkii was when Dr. Hanuignn ?a.- coming up in hit tr;ig.>n; it was on thi* account !}??? train was mopped; I bad no conversation with the engineer or other btakeman. At this i". at Mr William**. Hail, one of thejuron. re e and -;.i' that he understood there were come of the juror* present who irn? interested, ei'lier glre< t'y l>r in lirecUy. in tlie welfare and prosperity of the Camden atul Amboy Railroad : and as the public might be iuipre- -d with tbe idea that the.c might te a majority of thi jurov- so interested, thus convcving the idea that the , ury In *htlr verdict would favor ihe company, he no ve l that th question. "Do you ponsew any Mocka or ei ti flcate of !lie aanie in Ihe i Vr.e'eu nn l AmtiO) Itailroad Company ' " be put to each o( tbejurora Thi majority of lh: jury thinking till tjtiestinna on", the to 1 ? man, Mr. .lobu R. Roper*, put U10 t|U< ;-t:"u to en cb of !he J'lror", with the folliiwlnj? r. soil ; ? Mr. William A. Tog' rs r> plied In the ncgatlie. !? lixha IV'.d'n '>0, do W J. Hall do do Seth lliouia- '\i ? . 'lo . Handl!' n Mcl'owel! 1". do Fredcn M . RaenhrVlgo do do. John l?r?-lere do do Rol rrt T. WUletta do do Ame- Hntchln do do Uwis RothtrttS do do. J. !!. Kogera do do K'.ward Voaete 10 .lo HenneM Kaulkinburgh do, to. Budd sterling do. lo. >'anmel K'inilv do. lo I.ewUC. I.ews do. ihi John Mitchell ''o. ,lo Richard A. W ioIimu do do I n the foreman coming t*? the name jf llr. William W. Miller, that gen' '.emau replieil that he wa? the owner of ?ome (took of lite railroad eomiwnr. (Sensation. ( .e of the iuror>. here remarked that the <|U#Mn n ' Ban von a fri-e ticket on thp road W i*ked each of the jmoi ?. Mr. Hamilton McDowell here got up and ?aid that al though tbe tlr-t question* a- a good and proper one, jet the latter, ' baie you got a tree ticker!" ?a a veri fooiuhooe. He did not owe the t^mden aiid Amlx'j l'.iilr< tid Company any favor? and If he had a free ticket he did not think it vmild be the means of biasing III. verdict in the leaat. The flr?t was a direct question, and was a proper one inasmuch as it would tend to r< tn">e any i>npre-."fon the public might have in r luti>>n te 'be Integrity and disinteie-i- dne-s of the jurj Mr J." K. R -g -rs. foreman of the jury taid that alien b<- wu? the editor of the Burlington 'iitritt. he ha<l a ticket presented to him. hut that wh ?n h>- gave up t lie paper, which waa ?omi time ago he gave up the ticket ami ha-< had none aince. .'u-tlce Karl (acting Ol'rofver.)? This ii a matter that the jury have nothing wbateret to d ; with. Th<-jnry have no* ight to deprive unv juror worn lieie to try tins cs'p ol the privilege of sitting on the jury, no matter whether he holds stock iu tbe Camden uud Amis ?? Rail road Cotiiiiany or not. Mr. J. R. Ki^ei-. ? As fir aa that is concern* <1, eiery one fifus. everj' citi'/en of New Jersey, liaa 11 common la tere*) in the ruili(*d. *0 far as it aQeci - the prosperity of the ftale. Mr. William J. Hall 1 beg ie . ve to diirer from the la?t gentleman: I for one, alihougb I am a clti/eu'of the ftate. I am not. nor do 1 consider myself interested in any way in the ('aiiwieni and Amboy Railroad Comi-any. Mr. Mel low ell ? We orast nil hav e some interest, more or leso. in tbe impn vemen' < of tbe ^-tate, and it is onli proper that we anould. I don't Ix lieia however, that there is a man on tbe jury who will be bia ted 'or a tew d< Ilai a. Mr Hall? Well, that may be. but I tell you (hat if this juiy w?? campoiod of nineteen Jer.-eytnen. and all of tl.em holders of stock or otherwise intere>te?l in the Camdan and Amboy railroad, a ngiiteoua verdict woui 1 not 'e render d. and I U-li? ve tbe public Would not b. sati-fed v ith the result of the laiestigation at all In a criminal or 1 ivii suit I know jurors Interested in tin- re ruit of the suit aic not p> rmitted to sit. nor are they looked u(k n us compel en' men to try 'neb causa. Mi J. It. Rog> 1 - ? 'ibat liar notbiiig Whatever to do \% 1th this case Ibi' I- not a ei? II or criminal tri n tin! rneieli a coroner's inveatigation ? a jury of imjue-t Justice fail beie deel let! 'hat the J it > a > right tf e*l el anvone of their nu tuber* baoauae hi wwa 'ha owner of ?t0i k in the t'amden and Amboy Kailcnd f^apany Mi Miller, the subject of all theae remark*, then ro?e and raid:? (>entlem< n 1 will retire If you think p' . | < r I have no anxiety to lie one of vour ?umber; bitt I do think, and trwy believe, that although I am thoowaar at *tock In the unulen and Amboy Hailronjl tV.mpanr, yet I can act here a., an impartial juror, and l>el quite confident that I can render a true verdii t a' C' r link' l > the evifb nee i reaer.ted. It ??t here moved and seconded that the regular ord? r of business be proceeded with. ^ Agreed to 1 lha> Mr Wile- was. in tin oplaion of tbe jury, fully competi ni to a< t a . one of Iheir n'.ml^ r and herl the question of Id tere* ted juror* waa dropped an>l tbe matter settled -j ti fa- torflj to all parties. It Phrtfve one of ths b-akeni. n, sworn? I Ws- sitting In tbe lorward car, and noticed the train runnimr up> n th< morning In qacatUa, I nlno 1 ?ticei( it w?- %< fig at al?ait ten or twelve o.ile. an l?our aod wa? c< n -Id- rably -l?'-k ened w ben e mi "g to the crossing Q. Caul.' on >ee a gig t pattlo-iim** A Vo u I id vou 1< ok out at a II '.' A. I lid, at tbe tii m> the wbl-'le bl?w thi ce Q. Ind v> i sea the condacior thst n?"t'i og* A Ve?, -it I t Win on ibe * iy car. when we aaaae :nto Bur lington tj Have ymi t fa veiled mne>( on thi- ri..olv A. \V?, Vor; oftm. y. H? ? e T<-u -ft. n tra ? elled with y<-strat>d, tbe e^a '"c. tm- A. Ve. .lr. <t Wlat i hi- "pataU n a* an tiftrt? A. He .sail tt> l<? one "f he ta>?i men on 'he road. % * JaroP? Did VO'I V^-ar ths atjlstle tflits th< train an harlltf A yes sir ill In '!y wto a within 1 n o b ufldi ct j afd* ot *hc e, tim Ity the wbhs'l* C'-nlinned to blow until wt'hin in* I. md ed an<l tttf yae-1* af tU< po -ii g H I* the bilnt t<i blow on all afrsainga. fll ie i eees* of ten miautea was takan J Examination raanmed Q. I'oy.u know anj Ibing tnor?- of this acti'leat A. 1 jumped If tbe traia ?>?>?? po-?|tde and f nw-l the old'.iuiaa who Wa? ia the e*rrl?g< wi'b the d?"<r. abo -a d that tie was looking for tl e up t^ain. hot I ik ed down and >iid not see any. (>a looking the otfoei way, ho said. " There it goe? m w." Tbe old gaatleraan sal I the d 'U?r kept OO driving, aril tbe first thin{ hi knew waa. tbe cari w*r?- right upon them. They sl-o aid that they b.-ard the whi-tle. whetwupol eltlier he or tbe docn r mMm! a watch and (aid, "that is the up train '' He (tbe ?itnes?; told tbe engineer nvt to worry himself "O long as be was d ot to l lame M A Juror? ftB yon hear the eog.taer \j annbiog' A. lie went on at a drevlfn' .-at' itwi taHufl >? ' > >1 v he bad silled ail the p< 1 1?- >a tlie wotl' U> aid b?? - av- r, he bl'. w the whistic. y Hj a Juror? Are yi u n an* wav cr ??e?1?d ?ltl tbe railrri?<i company ! A.N' 1 am not. iiugb I in ier, on- of the injur*-! i*ua>- ng?ra, te? <1 , ? I li- e >n !?/? 1 eighteen mil*a frtm ftu'iuqu*. f raterljr r*?> del la fhSadalphlk, I wa* la tbe train that runoJ tfc other day . we were backing, aa n?ai aa I con, t jwdgf a :a .aft! U to 14 nuito iu boar , 1 bitt c*iih r .wiiki Vv*nttLHl iW V) UfeMi^NI i " ?gent I noticed tin- train ?*?wirne<l nil the w? do?n liy? wliietle, t>hirh km lAiwn ?e?er*l timet; I looked out the find u? cattle on (he tr?c?. w**4 I think; Immediately I wa- tn :><!??) . n the grourrt and *Uc cam inn cur mr I took the wtihili for ? trirnkH lir. Jnniff W. Taylor, urt rm il : ? I reiiide in Hurtinirton; I Wac oa the ground ehnrtly af rr the ui-ciden' occurred, I know I'r. liuno fan. y Do you knfiH ?i,e'l.e> he ie, or U not ? c>irelenf dri *erv A. The only time I erer- noticed LU driving Slu ing up the r<ad i ne day towards my h?u-i* wheu I met a |*rM>ii on tin n ad *l<!e and i?top[N-d inv horae; the i-haW (fir. llar.nif imV wagon |ia? d through the buck curtail* if un carriage ; this w ui- ut Ihe ti>|> of (iaiinwn Hill, on a level place. Q what did the doctor mi}1 A. lie did not atop his hor-e : there was another id-son in the cn r rift ire with me; DQithei of u? were injured; it wan rit.ii-nne?N on hi* (ail; he ili'uMlen* wu? in h hurty to we h ?nitienl. It w?f heie moved that tli* jury adjourn till Monday morning on account of the death ?f a brother of one of the jurors. Thii- wiih not dcenwd it niifliclent ren*on fur the inreMlgntion to hoid r, o ihev aaijourtied to meet a^io iu ibi aflorno' n. AFTKItNOON' KISglOR. M . Van TTnrn, super internment of the drpet at Camden stated to the jurjr that 11 Yankee," the bmkeman, wa* t?o una n bruit .-d and injured t In* ' hi* could not attend. H hid tnft Mm that morning in a rrippt* d condition, and i n asking him if it would not be nfc^wry for him tuiKendwn witin h< replied that it would be im pm-il U? f>i him to do ao, ?? I e v h> bail* injured. At tl.c rc?|Uc-t ol one of the juror Mr. Van Horn wa rworn, when th?* following ovi< enct was ellfited:? <j. Were yr?u here *<>on utter the accident ? A. I </. I ?? yon know who wan ti p rear hrakoman on that tiuin' A I do not; he g? neralb went by the name of ik Yankee." (?. Wh< te was lil* po-ition? A. '?n the forvard plat fc?i ni ??t the rem car. Q. Was he in that position when the train left Camden ^ A. He was. i). What were hi* dutltaV A. To attr-rvl to the rear pa it of the train parlicule < ly ; to appl; the brake at the signal given b\ the engineer. *.}. 1* it ie?t hi* dutj to g \f t!ie aitnn and watch for the Hf.-ty of tl i train A. tVrtainly. Q. How ?]? *?s he jiivo the signal? A. Hedoesit by pulling t! ? rope attached t<< .? lull o n the locomotive. if I'oee the rope extend o?er the whole at the trains A. It doe*. t<- n ? thin hell nn the cnginf.or the tender ^ A 1 should fay it -va * attached thi engine. In what train was Vanlu ? A. in the 10 o'clock train firm f'aruden to New V??rk. tV. What wan hi* condition tl. ? morning* A. lie com plained oi being . cry sou*, n.i appen ?m much bruised. ij. Had \ ',\i any conve rsation aith him relative to the accident ? A I had. y, i-tateal at he aaid \. In answe< to my -lUC-tmnH he ? aid : ? A- the ear went a w; y from lluiliegton, he saw a number of cow on each hide of th? track After the* commenced hacking to return, he thought cf the cow* r?nd looked out and saw of them eroding the track. He .mppnaed 'hev were the n from half to three-fourths of a mile fi?.m th cows. Hr wn* not ratified ? f the vie* fum hut position, on account of tbe dust. aul pas ed into the tear car The rear door open and }*e*w?>b tirm there that the mw? ha?l olea red the track, lie thinks he get about midway in the cai am! was reluming to take his position, but before he gut to the snot and while in the < a : . lie lelt a era*h as though the end triiek o. th? car ha<i l?een knocked om? the end i f ihe rear <-ai ?t. uck tin ground, and when he got out it ci inrucnci 1 living In | aH'e.i. the hot+om ..wit vcial of the eats near him tftw .? round; he was thrown out ol the car. hut in nhat ma oner he could not de-eiilx he said aJ-o thai he saw uc hor.?e? or carriage I ill he tell \ on tl. at if triid to pull the rope* A H aid not; he aaid he was not t hi* |>o?t i* the time* ol the cr.oh. but was ab< ut r?*tu**riing t<? It tlu-ough the ? ar ?*1. in e tc.t t) i* c.dlL'UuA. and therefore lutd u?.? thai to I ai -. 'he alarm. it. To which of the enmpan' did th<- train t?eWmg* A Tie cara b<-loBf*?i re the Vew.h-'aey liailr<-ad. with ! Ihe ? |?ii n t?t the retr ? ne Wheh belonged to i }(lvi(ki< road. In the 10 o'r\ -el an?l f> ? clt^k train which run f;< !u Cbmdcn to Jer e> <'ity. the ( ain iee and Arob -v i u.pT-.ny i to ploy ? ne train ao \ the New tympany the other do thet not:* A. Vo?. 0 Were there any du^t eutU in* -.'*?ler the cars that morning? A No. ^ VV li n wtrie there n m A. U Uv New Jersey > euipany none ou their car B\ wb; t cosnj.any w? .?* t. e employed on that trainv A. Ihe biakeman and In arr/age roaater were em ployed by th* Nev? .let M*y ( * *>|iHity while the conductor, engine*-! ati< fireman. wLc? changed at New lirun-vvick, w>i\? in the employ of th*- t i.ideu an I Auib y com pa q\ . What i- the gvneiul ilmai erof Maxwell, tin for ? A. I den't knoa .uu? h about him but he must hare had enough ??t e\|*eriefiC4- wtUU la our ein I It v to urderslnnd the iuh- of the coio'-any. I wouM I ?e t.?( that! ha*e full power jci v? n t le to ?tUcliarge anr brakeman or cmfdoy^ In the ly^trwerekre who n ay t? evnlv* In hif du?l*> . It I- m\ duty t*? ae? .hat the train is in order when it -fartr f u taiuden and s;C that the bell rope Is In -rd -r. William f!. I'm lton l*eing dtl . afflrrn? dr depo. < d that he reshhd at Columbus. Bnritngrou county. f%?. la.roi; know f'r. Hannigai.' A. Ve*" Q. ^ i at if his general reputation f *r skill in diiring A. I h?*li? ve him to Im- a very awkward and un'kilfui dri er. an 1 such to the l?e?t of i.y Ix liefU hi? reputation. (,?. V<"411 you be kind en"Ugu t?? Indira e to tli? iur> jmm method of driving !r A. th ha ? kind ot a v.aj of pulliag aie erkir.g the lines of the hi r. *? , which certainly not H ^er. ii. Have;, ou ever seen him ail'-mpt ti rr< -? a railroad when lhete wti? a train appreaehlng A I ?io not know tbat 1 have. Abtaham Kelly being duh sv>orn, wan examine?t an f< n. .. . ?? 'J- H>i"P In it rr--;d- \ A* Ihf Biirlia^t< a Houm-. <]. 1 O vna km.w Tlx. inn- I. Antrim f A. 1 <1>>. 'I I i ? v. u lieu, liliti M* unrthiuc tbout lln- ?? tM. nt A. I di?l. ' <J. Wlin t di'l hf ?ay ? A- H<- 11M th?t Ib.y wcrceon i/iiffri m tin: livn t?th. i?ili(.i.i.tli?t li>- And Dr. B?uul* Kai> ami. I tbink, tljiir two win - .in I lii? (tmutluioll.n , .crtridbiff ?!odj[ ?hen tli'- ?" i<lent occurred: iancon M iMiliuu Aiiliim tuiil villi Mi A <l.i in., the ?nglnttr. Iliv Lutte: Mid, ' My I toi. 1 K?rf kill.- 1 nil lli.M p<-< pie, lli*r( 'i|., u Mr. Anl. i ill Mid, ' No you linn not ? DO onr ItliiB.c you.' ' (J. 1 '..I u.u hour liiin i.y ilmt ltt< v lieurd tbl- whittle i A. S ?. 0. 1 ? ji u licar Itiui <ty tluti tin ili.i tor *?. 1.1m... A. No, but he >..iU thai li' i Mfinet-r vru. not to t>e kltlMd. U- I'id vmi f-vrr M>?> Dr. H.nniviin attrtnpt to crn ? t! i> lr*fk whlli it train >u nppn k<- Fi ; iib-i- A. I -?? :Ui cat* fti i!>?. hi* carriage .ouir ix year. IV. Vlirr.ahont* vm. 1 1 r A *t the corner of Urwl oivl Y or k itrrtli, in thin rltr. </. Which vny ? i * the (Ji .-tur com ng A. The doctor ? nc i-omln/ w< -t. Q. M hi h way wa* tlif train f i'K'' A Th* utui?. i v li. ,. u;d tic foioi* I" K't 1 "'? I" ? ' A. I don't know; I ein't ->y vh.-ther he inn into the tis'o. or ihe tti i*n in' ' htm. <V. W .i- I!.' .ln i -? !< . A. No but it ?!i- tors loi -<? tu n th. w g n and t' i v?-l. I ? .?? ??- nj. rt. '!. Wh- Dr ilannigi n in the wi !iv A. f <v.n" ?y I ut I i wa? 'line in a h w u inn .- afu-rwiirde there were two ladlen in the wagon, ?"p *b'^n *a? bmt. ?/ Waa the doctor burt.* A I think not. '{. I'j.n jou tell unythiiig the pofilion of thai n If r'age l^for.- the twin tti rck H' A. I rantwd. Were tli. h>IW? fi iKhli n. d * A. I can t % b ' th" atrr.d wir wide ftinuvh for him te keef out nf th> ??) . I'o ywti ktwm w anj miabap : luit o< < .i red : > I,# it i ft.-r y A I 'l.i not . (V Idd y< '1 . veib'a.of Id. romlnj in t nUct with tbo tr ,in at HiverSr. I did not. I). 1 1.1 yi. ; . vrr ! . .r |ir Hannlrin "in aoythiof al^.nt ?hl" . rr I ' n,c. after ward- ' A. 1 did not. t?i it U .. ! t(|i. Hut I ten. iri'? r ?hat he dl'1 ay. lirit>? 1. lloiVt##, l?elnjt aHirmd, ni part 1 that I i Bn-linv"! ; I r.>?dl' -t the* ?idont that be !? 1 1 r llannlftn at ?he i rw-r 1 1 Bi ad and Vork 'trect?: he -a d that ? t. ttat md< n hi. wjg n ?a> n clinrye ?tsr.'hi r p mi ?? h - a" \ l-.ii- jr a patbnt when llf trail caiin : I' i c, i.nd >'ru* : li' vehicf) II jrh t o'te): bH' K dot* n? rn dej . d ?* folloe ? ? Wf ere do y< n re l.le * A. In 1! irlinjrt. n. i;. 1 lyr .iini . anything about thi ?C' ?d< u' ' A. Nut ri gre.-it flenl. i,i W) at tiine did the tnln V "I A AVont 11 i.'rli?k. W b? 1 wet. you ?t th'- tlin<- A !'i (he middle <4 C'uiM'l (li d. innr t)i. . ailioad alu ut a mile and it qua I 'i r fi -ii t!.r die. t) H.ivr i n .lid j I ?(? the -titnc tr. !n return l A In ? I ir mlnu f. (J Itdjon h? r th" eriKine. : <1 hacking train I :? ? iii." ir1 i lef A. Ve. if. f . ? . i. t| ll? thi train *i> n-.king ? A. VI. Pc ike '?? 'i *b lifcekinpr. <V. V. i ' i ' hk 'hi 't I '.ov- A A 'hort one I I ; 'it, a. w unj t]tfi.g ai. .ut ti c- <lgn*U .' A. I do " |f.w Sr the r'Ot'lllf did the win "lie blow* A In .. I g the I.- M wl?< re | waa working. <; H* I' "w af ." tbl. '? A It did n< t ' "... .1' ? i. I r??i 1 hi I It II It It. 1>|. wn? A.I ).- M I >. i :.k "l would. II * 'ai 'hi- 1 U1 ?h ?< the c to*. r..? w e i tlii a 1 1 '? ni i'cCui red A I *hi I t *a? It ut ? mile Q. Ton a.' ure It did not * h. -t nft. r tu? t A. i ?r > J !.n I.. Wi jfl.t was then 'iu'y '..Hi w ? '} 1 o y n TC*ld? at n.uHnjrt' n A. ! do, U. loT.'iltiow the gr.'Ot' 1 wb-ie thi- acji . ul ot t lirrod ( "t W dm - 'aj } A 1 <b ?V. Could ?.Mi rccr fo'/t.' the .j**t where Mr. II. ward w* taken out ot 'h' I ?nk ? A. 1 eo 'd. <j. Do eon roeoOect Ihe p? i'lon ' f the car ' y ?b cb h? wa. pn>hed Into th? t?ankr A. I do It la>d ? >?g i*?lty neroetl the track. Ik w '*r ? a? It from that e? a alb n up to th? cro?? roadr A. Iwo hundred and flit; 0t?yar'> lymyo-eo moiiont. i} II. w far !? It frr.m 'be eentro . f tlie 'rack up ? ? tl* ? :?t ' ..?l e? tit) the ilret rt*dv A. I r. u. tl.t north rail . ti It to lie uti :nea>urement J4.t ? o- Lno'iMd an f fly J *id*. t. How far did the engine rnn aft r .triklnf lb' I i? A. It mutt run on. hv.n>: ?l and ? ith > y? i.'? and 'be length o' th? train. <V. U t' e.eany i-ora. bt??h ? or tr?e* U, lo? be Itteri U>? Wer i '*d and tbe i.i / ?d fn t* gi.ianewe r?j?.d? A ll.ere It act iuj 0 lira (a,- up tbe rood a i. yoq^? the train aff'M i , X Bt'wt^ -,ha^ Wt^bad *.h? diiv.'fg down 'ho river you can ace a nrig the '? fiixn tin ec -eighth' to hal! J* mile. ex..ed in one *?? wl ere the road being hollow 10^ ?* email 1 1 ???? being i i the nay, \ru rantot ?ee Die ear* more *ban 600 yar#u o I. I,'. fin v f(>u (Tfr cinploynl (A)a railroad* A. 1 hav? actad an tin man, about tw?ot,> ytar* ago, on th*' ( ami i n Amboy 1 : ail road. 4*. lo yi-ii Vth-w anything about tlir* Hpi-ei of barking Aralm* A. VfH iinve you *v#r (cfn a backing train run oil traeit A. V? . ! have ruu one oil my -oil. V. Wi*t w it A. Nothing uu re than the locotno tivi lei d#w ami a roujU of baggage iar?, it happened in :ir Amboy It h? ie tunouurcd that one of the tfuffererH, Mr. feiil*s}^e, lying at tite City Hotel. had just breathed liji la-t. Uii tin li >n, 11* (Vncrrun of the jury an?l tbf Coroner. nfir appointed to * it** the body of the de rrai 1 11. It v? hire mo\ etl that the io<{uert oe adjourned until M ?n? h? m airg. ut W o'clock, provlattii tv which a mo tion to cl< -c tbf te*timcny w ut* put and lo-t. TO TflK If 1UT0K OV Till! JCFW YOft* HKH A I.I>. ( f ?-f the m?-t providential encapea happened to Mr*. K>> d - k. a lady of advanced age. which lius not yet been aenti - ned. Hhe occupied the laid #*< at of one cf the earn, arid when the audi t'?ok place the .oof fell before her ani covered all the j 4? engert hi lr< nt of her. leaving her, however, entlr* h fret- and almo-t uninjured, except that the neat imim lia' - 'v 5 eiorcber br< ke down and fell on the lower j a rt of her leg. wbirh woe considerably bruised. With great ev Hon* -he fucceedwl In extricating her limb wi'hiut ft -^Malice Uii how i>be got out of thecarahe d( vh not n member. A gentleman occupying the "cut in froti * id her wa^ knocked down, and h!i? thought him dead, but after a wi ile *he In&rd hkn groan. he l?*t t tbe dm* day for New Vork. where * he found h?*i rela tive t.naware of what had takrn |ihice Thf j hy*\< in tii" offerfst their amMan^e to her tKit *h?' lefn ni t<- aec pt it. there I e ng Koamuy in a mc.rcdr^u I t . 1 i?(toatioii| th? re were, however mmiic kind la'hf^ who aft ? rwarda did all they enuld for her, ? ? ? Nkw Vofciv, ->pt. 1, c, Tt^^v^^T E#v ? ^ I h.\H S.r? ln;? much a^ you neem to take a gitut ileal rf it tereM in. ahow iog thi- t'auidou a?r Amhojr Railroaif up 1 the c< mniunity it* a proper and true light, 1 de? ui* j a 1 ty ut i#j? I o^e not only to myaelf but tv? Uie peo |.le in g? Bf*ral t< uc^i aint you with the fi*?'t that after havlrg aitlvcl r? tuw* city In Company alth my wife, v b<> - fle'^d muc h ?u eomie<|uenc? ot this* lll^t trugely cractt d y thai coiwyani '? oi!i? ei>, I ua <le irons to t?' turn * Pi tiingion for Hie purpo-e of lookhig after my wife'*- j- eU uh 'harr ininhin^. and mad? application to ! tin avnt of th'- r oil i j, an., on thin hUW of tho line for that l?u? j o-f? thnt g^ntb-man. ulth th# u?ual tnoilouty wh ch I r|?i" t> leii.i ? .he in ?jo. it i of tho ottt lala and infect or* i f that eon.panv. Infmiu?*d me that if I wante l togoou for that l.tidn*^ 1 muat pay my faro aiel 1 waa cunv pelb-d to submit to ?hia ext??rti? n UKSJ.J. LKVV, 110 Hleeckor street. LAW OF M W J Kfif.y IS KKLATION TO KAlLlSOAll At C!f)l NTS. Air f> 7" ? if witlrttf* ftort. th ? i>.'r of h't/mutivr n*;/inr< 1 , f(i | ' J'a**nt Mittvh w/r I M.'it#. (ft, s 6tM.) }'(?<) I %n . //*.< J><0 I. i ? ?.th n 1. I wry incoq?oruted '*orr?pnny that hath been . i 1 yrenflcr i' B} t e ;iuln? ilvml to con*>tnn}t any rail caX thb? *? rjt ft*. ?l.aMnii'*' to l?e pi;i? ?'d on aoim- part "i < v? IfH-t .{? !h? 1 1 ?ffb.w ii -I'd by any ???i h c .mjxiny a i pi! i t ? w* igb' not It- ^ 't i thirty j - in d?, whi h t bey I > I aM . at fce '<? 1" ..nt' ? t a dl fan'', "t at le-i. t th'ee hun dti ?' yard*- f n m th^-iHtce \%hei v any auch ririlroad cro I atort j-ike m d? hlghw.iy upon a l< vol witli the .? 1 ??U' i. M.-l t? lejit rii.ging un'il the engine hi? I r i ' - ur >t turnjitVr r r higt.uay or him atom^ed. }??(? 2, f.eetj ?uivh fom|>any Fhall ^ati ca tmard with | tbi In ? 5j-tion I if V out for the locinmti . e/% to bo - ret id and n.aiti linn' \*her ver the road of nuc > com l?t.y ir?r? y Vf'* r'-jed. a? afore aid. )>r an,) turn; lk?* r ?a l o? ptibllc highway, po nn to be canity attn by traTtUera. -? lfanv'Ujh eompany ^all tet eorn?gl t to ii n?| 1\ vdh itio ??t the fi*tc(roir?g provi'lon* thev f. rh \* I r c-vr.y ii h ritu al or n? g!ect the uni of el 4). to 1 ' wut t for I a the clerli of any atich tuwrifblp whore ncgler* "i Kdoaal hall creur. for the n e ?f -nhl ton r??b j' it'd to 1-4' te- oyeretl with co*^ in an action of ???bt It) a Hi court 1 a v'ng ? gnl/m< c ttu.M*aif. \ 11 at ridhitig hf rin enntaliitd hall be roriatrued to taki* r.way f.< m ar,y . \Wdlunl or* an* t ight, h ot r he ma i ha%e to iei i ier damage* for am Injury w ib h n ay .li'Mirn hi an; ief?i at or n? gleet to comply with ?he iCfjUlremeiiN ni thi uet. Stiff] *' nimt i'J th' ntjn* Mnrrjt 2?V 1H.VJ. Section 1. Kvery ineor jaoated c uipany that hath lein or ber fa ft it may be, author i?ed to toudrnctany taiiri-ad In thin Mate rhali can mo to be plnced on ?onie , tart of every locomotive i*ngin? m-ed bv ,n h company. h b< II of a weight pot !e> n than thirty pOunl*. or a ftfum wkiille unirh f?n l*? heard dUthic'ly a' a di? taro n * f at le?4f three bun lre?! yard- anil -hall cati-i ?neb bell to l?e rin g, or aoch ?hl?(I?? to t>e blown at a di ance i f at I' aat tbree huodr *d yards f. oiu th plat e where any ?m h railroad e'o#M-? a turnpike r<aid or highway ti|?< n the name level with ?aid railroad and auel hell shall he kept tinging, or aiiclt ate.nn whi-th ?hall continue to U blown, until the engine ha* cro- i ! -uch \ r it ) iko or highway or ha -h.p-.ed, .wi ?<* V Any c mpaiiy whi< h ? hiatl refu?e tocomph wl'Ii the prnvivflona of thia art, <?f tbe art of wbl^h t'di i ? merit ?hall he liable to all the penultiwi containe d in the act to w hich tbia ta a aupplerncnt f?r< ? oh l tiiat I all i . inj laint * f anv refoaal or neglect to coinpiy with I nald prOM-loiiM "ball have l?een made within ten da y alter any -uch regie# t or refu ?!. : Tt i" a' t alia II take etTc t loimedla ely . and all |.rovi/?ion'> of the act to whifh thi* is a auppiernent. I wi t h may be iucomd-U-iit with tht* act, be, and an i hereby, rejealed. ?mnl Railroad Disaster*. It '? it lanu-ntai It fart that I?m ri^nl i? had for tin ?iMy if I be tra?i Hlng c umin nit/ iu the t'nlte'l H iti? than In an* other eountiy. Our poofd* aeim oMtvinu ? to the ill ? I I j nf | k ting -trliiR'iit law*. > > otilitr to tlii. e .n m .c in Euiope, and the an relating t<f tin ie?| Oli.-i' ility of railroad nnil ?? '? imiixiot rom|mni>' li'iil fi.r tl.? bi tlar ].ri?t(-cU<>o of trovidb r> p?? <-l ta tho te rn:.! state., are ii ? ? (rni'-rtl thing ?Imiwfulljr Irelnri i ml i>win to 1* ilruwrn up urily t?> las eV'i<!e<t, We m ier lnwr nf th. ?e terrible ilUantrr* fwimin- Is i'raii' ?r ? etrnarn c>r I nglnnil ; whlb ii In our mmirnfnl All) to ? y fhrutlrk OTenti cliuilM r U> the IJui llngtoii >'avjrbt?r. Tie t b?v hik ntrirti ftota lb'1 IIimiii i<i<iid > f iall?ii> iireHi-ut# ?b''i?- bow fre.'iut an I ??ul tb'?e ill aal - Ian boeii ? Mil >i '.i lMT-Twi |?i i-nger ear- thrown tm r to ? mUniioK nl, mi'' In.ivlirii frft h gli mi the llnltiiimre and 01 1? i'#?l In wbl' b ambient then > . ?? i filed It WiiindH 'j| Ti tal *. ?u A. -an -??, }IA2 ? Two train* ra?e n r at the 'in Michigan a r ?i Jllinofa Central rro* lie, whi''h ult' I In Killi il 2j Il'jnlH -VI Tula].. . 71 II ?r <1, !*'? ? .Tt e Xorwa'l tragi ij ? m?l n thi Vew ll? i n (' ail r ? ?<1 abi- h !? Hied in Wot'Bded k Tl ~ A I I 2, !? in inibut oc^mr* </n the Mr Mere anrl I ?la? ..-e ru I. K tiled Wi it mi# it . 11 M T"tal 21 AKirtl^llt? T?o train* raii.e u en ii "n on ll* I , I.v b>o0* Win 1 1 -ti t t'lftil wbl' I Killed M Hounrfid.... Ji Total H Jt ? * 4 1 V,4? An eXciu-U u t In ntare iUr jn en (< i tuin rtnte in i< III. i n no tie -ii?(i?i. ,.iu??li i*l, ? In' b molted m killo?l ku I * viii 'W, s? ( U..?? ? Killed. n Wo"t>4*4 total Tl Cilvna W ItM ? A u lli-t- n <*e?rre.| >|.ifn (? ? train* ?? tbi- l..e?? *i fin i'iad In ? ana- a, wli ib KSil?d . ?t Wi und<al W- ? . tl m T"tal Atiivf'.i )?"-1l,e a"l''iit i'*r l'u:.i"<l?i *. J , i n 'b? ( arnili >i ?n<! Ani??'j r< ? ' h U.d ? Wa*>a4*4... 7* Ti/tal M Tutali fti m Van U 57, ItU, to A gn-t .V 1*'* _ I Iliad A It > aided T"'al m Kt? War or ('OLlicriku Ai.tiari-mr-r- ? H* i,0 w |H?"n>lf w? ?w| aloi*?rrtt ttt ih an ?mltb 4JIJ ?oi?ia|aia?Mad tal< tWoaaoootb* ilii??> ueetlnn with a a'uitud m llrnao'7 Ion* *r **' I ?> ?H light IHk?T? the tr-'V ? to -i?i"b w?? I l" .en4 'nm ? bl. ? r*r'?I"ii? apM U. tlx T i'>?? ht 111 r?'t'!i ?? a?> a4l?itl?*ii'llt II' -mitb >??' i>' I>n?t ??..ia'? ?l?h tb? ajr eeb Tli? e^|i-"- p.V'i-bel t e *'?o ?ot Vnt jrtuni? !e if>4 i?) fl?? h ?aiir?l i?"?laf ke* !?<**? 14 U ? A. Iliiaumlk tiitd riu.l.ul M .ttrrt. llntiictl tin -tin in the <iijr i. iint>r?riutr The theatre 1 1 full fi g y nlgtil. nil I tl i #c'" Hie) in i im g?*i are l.ii j fifing iiii'l/ leu th? i'UnUtg ? m on, which *o beterjr pronfw rant*. # Mile, I{ ? i' * will n Ve her if<4 if In An>"ibvri Ihf- ??ven i?#r, at V.i i tpoliiuu thiati u * t'ainilb ?, In l.e (ll'.mliuM ) h Ri .an triftnlt, fouu<b?l upon tpe Hon ?5 the. intuit be' mi n the H<o a Hi and the t * ratii ki wL'n%L tin- h? . imli visual* ???? I u by n n.H <U tjwrrr on t k? part <?t tl*e very lu.-i of I he epponent*. f'at/*Wr (Ml> Mnehet > i*,i* Vr tw fhe Iforv lii, audi .i otlu $ to oi>e ?< the Cm uviJ? very inlutu nate kituntion, ??' iiM'iet-injf* th? per altar dirruiiraUMtC'-* the ea^e. 7bi- i? tf.-t part Ir* whfeU Mile Kiirhfl tmub her?#W,M' at tin Thvu'it- Ktiwr^ai . lull p*tbiU ?f ! the prior* ami *o forth* wi U be louuit in the advert W ! menf* J 'w-ry ow will ?-e I Cartel. and en-ii <>ni? *fll hate a mm -tlte opial ?r We <!* u >t wl*h t f?:. t i* public ?pinu u in the Ifii *4. Hi k7?r? '* Tiir *th! will I* opetM*i' thl* eii'tilnjr tor the #<*a*on, having beeu pu* In II r -f inter I"**** <* an pnny iiir > <i4< n nearly ?IJ the In vorlba of Ja f /oar ? MU? K.i\ uiotut Mr*. Hughe- <? Jon In 1) and oliicrf, d'<el If* ! \eial nevr mm m>dh of w heat v * km?w\ ? t,<l < ?hrrt are ?* t < ? ihr New Vork public. M? I*ot:, I rfiirtgwell and U. !#*?? nincmfr t>??* new eufjHrf rn?rit*. V'- i? ? o*- * . n?#? t tin ? \>\t* l/i I n-Miied (fentlemmn who i?? a cUvi i low comedian, will fill ti n j l. i e of Ui T. (?. Hooth who died lK?foi ? the th^atrr n?e bill tr? n V ii < lti<b 44 I b' Bn-firli nf IV'inl t " ' \ Ki*n In lii*- lurk. an?l 'I . i?l an a ' Mi. Hu t. *? j/lay* tw ??! very lnwt pHitw. lit# K ui ' .* \ ?t i ? ii! i In fit M?e Urf?Ml?n^ through till* veek. an ! t iihaf fh?- tliUil.f I ? cr?'W le 1 v\rt, e*enh:jr. A n?-w |mnu>iuim(? \r ?nn??uni ? l > r to ngj'it Mr. Mm-bnli '?f thi? fheJitn1, ieturn<"l fr"in hi- Muni l^un toil i I.. 4 nook, bringing I wo m tn . ail I, wl.*: I . ?ot n? imi toitiim, in?- oUtuhil U I, <m the Atni rletftii Mliifc*ti*r at 1 ointou to Mr. Man; A l.on'1 ?n co i re-| < i) lint i*\ ? ? I i'.b. Ma'sim't, ot th?- llnxfl * ;?y th?-..t'-, 1m nib king an ?u tit?* tout tin inonUi uuiMin-t our the.?t(c4 unit |ibice "J arui'iM iu? nt, with a vn a ? t - a . (? i yt m! the M'n?, ' in "Id liaiU^v ^arlau?''* i utira<* tU>ui he uei'iun! wt?rni the oulht) . ami wlut "i h hi* I tiikliig wai " ani] Hh? inl nlh-iN lo- hai in *?!??>! i/i Ji r . itig oil ii i'? njtl^ ol oui aetre v- who will U>th '? re^n ? t?*u anrt idIm^'U. ' hn oju? i? u >i-iy pn'ty i?l n bv iiume ??! i- iniiai I lading nnl MliHtilfi jh-i ?- tln.f hi y ne liketl m nnl ii n e?-s luiti hi i U'mU I . i t anil | e? -? ?n wt i It'll ?' I* I tl l'*b til CM J' ' VI' ,lo ??thiol ^lillllic ?? . till* III M' of Mhi*!.'iII% ???i < tnl prize ha inf.' aiwt |?l i - " btr'h/. ? wiu y no loot# bail t-1 I .iutnr l?t ? Ol '"III to } oui b*i in abb' tmtbe. lie tai't tb?' aiiiunl 1 1 1 ;? bUiUH nf your iii;jH;> m t < ? u ? Net* Voik -nl ebewLi*re bejErll) to bv retp'fta! bniva- HOrloun ??? I' lb. i ? ii I way.' lereivi-il in n lie heartiest ho-ii'tehty th? o ui' !u< n ine?"i ibnl on . ? om 1 1 . r I. ^ ami uiuti> ? j?" \ > n ?< t In 111 a t * ill .. a r n lv I !'? or I ' ? h| n r ? I Wit i t ? our ?on prbe to b-a rn l h/i . ' h'* linai atrial UM * ha . ? it m I i in i ? cm mm pp i. any ? - u ? ol i "i i i c ' i i ?' , or jm '1 ir t i?ii pot oi . am j I" >?- ntli i.l' to /ui. la n <? H "?tn t It. i- feiii|tta i io?o ; : ui t an otlei ? u !? r a ut|< to fhi Mai? 'ill Ih ||M' i . It I! U4II| n t anil ib?ni?I#4 ti'O ? if, ? Ml ll 'I ?' , but rthM i' M? [ ?> i -I U! o Ma. hall of tin .i -u jv ihtftiie, eotocs IxiU* Uie tiebl and (^H>n tnfngitttMnfa t>*r all the b'H't' iU* iUi MM t 1 ' uif o. 'a lib b a <? 'I In ??' n u' ctb n wt')? btio, io n i it |? ? cit.b im ativ n i t to r<? , hiat' 'II ? ii - ? ... e? h t <n ulr u?a < r fr ?t eiwU ' f b?' aim H8 1 1 > h1' if. (??.'< U.eir a ' ? ? a? M "i ?? iF V\ ? \ *U iu< < ba n >i jooviih u -oiuc iotl, \ ? b-'. le in the a#n?e j ol a urn. jietti nkt tuoii?er tiuit ill not li?' n to a ?? ? ?<#i i ff i* ii |m iuip???( #?! Muni' fttVte in -nvfii ivii "*>? ?eri't iDMi'al |im? at - i." ??ut*' 7 th*? ft I '- i .? > no ?>/ thr? v ii i" ?? ?' hij of f tir - ni llnar o/-/ ? ?lar! ? >e t wftrb'erH. Ibi- ?a> t\ a piir.^e ha not t ? i a ? iV - ir live a" ii uiil; I" j t '#i/'' ?/'/?? I barn thnl M u 1 1 > :r tbtf i. ' Ti'-ii to n u,e o i ? be* bin** u-f lai i ^i to m r tin ntt b ?! o rt r- it hi ^r-tuMtofi ?l th ? oijfli Wl h fil Tia M bilihant ? will.* for ill wilt tin- I la item! et le? ?i. It la -t : 'l a* Mi n ii? \ Mi . Van. ah *T a ?? enroe > \ at the It .. . 1. (> ? ami tl.a .. ? .15 aj?j?"?i ia V - \ at ' i e ll m |,lny . p o?i,j i- > juv| n iir it Uv? i pool ; rnlN il V\ r ? M a ? . i " j.l . h i mi' ? M la i ii printi ?' At N ? ? v o \ ; i .^|}. h opi rn e.i?ou p rf. to the p? ' -i' 'i 1 H ? nnn^M ami tin amu ?mh n' the pu'-'lc. "" i " !' ? I'm alitor of .. Iti'/'.a i ' .. I be given vi?h Jon., 4 lyre a* Mirle. M It Ut - n \\ op?-j- ' ' an NV ?? " \ - In nrMvl t^a-'a- at At ir I ir ?. ihU evcuioif "Mi '?? i +, | la the fa nrlpul at', ?eno.i. Mr*. Wanl, '.1/ K. J hi* *n u ?ml Mi . ?? W I > w n'-. jiJ.i> tl - pi lie pii 'ti. 'Il.eltj ? b *!r. ( 1 n lo- 'ail. e-. i ' o, hy linini'i e bo " a - i j a ii I In .'lie iJo.Jui/c ol hi* 'July u, tbuC -lure ak' - pla?*?- lo rii|(li' a' f|?c ! ?' a?i' !??, aa ?In-ulon t te foir.*"t?'-u I he ? ?. a ? . ? [>? .f ainrn- in elude* till, j j lei i.'*t h It :*? ' ion , from tho m ??t popubir tMlipi rti* tli eileut p rfrmi'tm ? ar< amio.ijioad f'ii till- ?? .??nJiig ai . awl B> ? l< * ? iimtffU. t.'iai P, ki -Ir. i-tt i?- r WIMtii.n- jiil I ?r it* rn,,i in* In ?? fl' <n i* I'.int ?? Ailiauy tin m-nln*. M' 1MI1 ni !?-. . It* a Urr., l-ml,. 11 I* Mil, ' from Mr t?l? It ?< II. < l.r?t ?>( Ilia |>.U> I .< and al'b<ii."'i it lni<l mu I'lii I r 'I ? ? IIji ? IV'1 K inn < n "iin' i.'l -i it in Mr W ilium*, an I !i paid i 0"i ii i I >1.. Wiiilaina i>iii ? t lint te eotM wit gat - II P (IH .( , ;? i. it ?r Id) ' only 'ipJT ? V f rhwt tlllll' g> t V*rV t I Utll I TOO.V ?? 1 .11 J> t ? lilt I ittr i'l' i j| 111 * r-' " II II <1. ? I ' ? a "II ' Ii ?; . -*i mtli Mr. \v. | niilgi- In till? charm- rn <<f |'a il Pry rwt Pnw I tllirf dy, *,i- I uilli l l Mivit;. ? ( the W.iln it an cat tin a f i'iiiiailri, U>a *111 rum. in ? at I'i )??!/ i n Hi- lui , and fruni ' ,. ?> I ? ii a Ui i '? ur tl (i i.ijla tin* H. ii' I aii I t* ? ' It i.d rfi \ ni.- f i . nil, Mi . v ui di .* ir W r . J !li */?* i*i Mi?* Anna t rill** mul Mr* I lay a*' wen In Urwtt jp?'w ?lay ? >,r. , \V n -;?i ? ? 4 lint I *ng ?*? 1 V it j. Ur. ai 1 ii if t.-r af x- '.i / ?*? I'.'l (? * A* 'i !|M Mtoi iiln llMatiiM ra in a 1*4 ?*y in< I <? ?al?l i hat lli Ml* ? < t m / nl ? ii-. rnU b i ft aa i u Inn llrrr, . wa.. g i? l" - i !- ?t ? t' -1< fall ir* it' ''(ft" Hf urn ia lii* 1 <h ^jiifmlar ? ? f'.i . ligiMlg* rr. n j I.I l tij Ulftft ? Morrill Jl il ? < An.' i\l<> an making a << i.' ?rt t?ur <1 ? .i. tl tin .m> ..?i WllTIMI I" I'll'- I ha ?.|<niMy .f III A< i la V r " ? ! ? If ten f !'< '? i I vn i*i'?nf j|i -i l I oci r t? i, i ? , ?t*?l ?a tr. ? ? ;|i tat ' in' if ?) an i |n > 1.;. i . ui ? , r IU<Uall thf irfatMiiiic Im*i tii i ?. a'*iy fur i'ut <( Hi' I* > ? Matiai.U ?irii i ii Ii. I i ir. II tltl, m ''.Kilt, !?? i t?i ' 7 .I'I. 1 br I | at i. tiaaB fl'iau arouiwl an> M lb* b i ? 1 Ur ?t tli? ? a"i ii % j I* ' li' if' ' ? *? i - i V i'r? ?! j n ,?! * ? lila-1. ? ? i ? .< i ?i 'Ii hu n <A i. 'ii? a ' iia k? <iii'i*tinliy lat? l/>.i ? il t lia filJW'? ! r I a ' Mi-I-ivh, ,f I 'in 1 4'lt . | I I . i.i.iiljr ? bi|1? :iii a 1; rlt diaana ilt* lit #r? " . ?. l n ? loif Ix.'h "'i' t> i li't it TV ji i t f ncr? iiijiti.i ? an 1 ain*. iru II ' tlio ual i I'I ??! ,?l of. Willi l..? bluiiy ?f ml I I* 'In Ir* ink i. - ii* ~ ? Tl - it- - fea ^>r tl ? #niry "f ? !? In ? I ? f I. I f< r .!??'. i. i 'li i ? .1 I.IU at U? F/f? A>a<iiiiiy ar. tUmm \ f < n 'r ?if [ii | lia lar? I'm ai.iy ?>! < < ?i | ? ' ( f . '? "I* ' ? ? . p. Iff , i \:'f Ml,'. MUX - Ii la ? l?i ??>'r Ikaia a/<- ?<ty Ii ? ?? ia> )an? i fi B,t b? ?i ? tlii .l?JHr" i,?t i? ' ?' *? ? Mr. ' 'r '*t Ui i i?riy u. i l. I dli' ir ^t Hall ti i, 1 ,i ? l? ri ????/ fU at A* lif-a'iwa ? Tl trial ate'at ihrallP ' altlm- i } -utiii'l , ntf t*. I tl ,t ? 1 Ur mat -t Mr. fa*" *r *. * m ii*mh^ '? t? *i, L? r In1 ? II* i "li? *?< mj ii j %t i. J. A?il >'i'i ''1'. T S. a'- "r-y 1 ?t 'V 'T? ia f' ? ? .! ? f< n ]?; r (Id hi ' ?t '? . * . i.' i t tlila a?* ? Ur. f!i#i4*?i f \tWM .tnf lit# Una baiiirr ii ?>. i tu t?m tor In tl^- |i>?nu- r i,. ? t ?* ? ii illi ? iii . '! . ( f ? f i t. 1- t I*. * Ira '. | ii ?tK irf til. t , K*'bf> lui aot urn . ? i ja-rwla'li ts ?a iti l-lfi'i' 1 - n I 'a? ? > ? ? ) i ii ? i ft.,, '???. utM ? rn l*.|( -r.'i.- ?R i ?' r. Hir??ft I.t ? first |Mf ft (.ft* t '? '<?* ? aWI Ir? '?? <-?t,f* ? t . atira t ? t 1 . a t, ?- ? r?* ' ' rr h ? t'? i n at tKa -*?w. ? Var^ ii 1 I ' ?t ii ?? toam t p tot ' a ' -a ? i?< ? 'tagti?*?ta r-'ltrrrt ?* ? *>r 'I '? 'It ?>* *?<?? ?# **" ll IHtlM ? It* (.ui VIm4 W fKa XuatV. M< J. II A*Ut*m lai'lura l.t? a? M*?tt aa ' .*!??? ?-ir. lit. mm ?? ' '? M*ai <"*/ i^|? '?? <-? I rv 1 ? Ii i a;* inaiiiii' I i ? <t. * t ? M* a ?*' . ai 4 .i irtaa ? V J?l t. ?* lr? ??' '? ' "? a " I * i f ft a ? I * , UAr- a*i*t 'K**f ??"'? t ? ?'* t#rj t,,,,t ? t ? tr ?- ' I-*' ti*a s/r , . i.,. 4i*ft t? *B t' ? J" , r a ? ft" lm* ? ? , ,,,i? <1 a t- "???"< r 'f ?f?lttlf?.Hr?a?' ?< M afanrt. tow* M tto U? tfMrf <??4M , -ta. -t ?ka l,? 1.^. a ? '???- ? far'a imUiff t ' , , I ? Malta "? f *?'. I I *>n?a I 1IM I K? . a ku r a* U ,?*?. flbt-li Sift.litliaa ? u, 1 1,. , *.,ft, . <?? ? '?a'hiuf tlMMt < til* la ?n..*a |?a iVnlitr ? I f liu tot lr<t l'?: a lm I am II* i<**i a>*< a l n to at# ' ' ??<?'? aa to lia l*-t ' *4 at ? *|a-*"f ??*??? 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