Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 3, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 3, 1855 Page 6
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yVEHTlSEMENTO BEN b WED KVKRV DAY._ at Aixnox. ALBERT H. NI COL AY, AUCTION KICK. Wll.l, ,-KC.L ihi? day, Sept. ft, it i: ? ' k? k, it IIm Mm bun** change, fop accoun' oi whoiu it mny < ourern : ? 160,000 Breckenrldge Oaiinel Oual CerUUca?<M (Hypotlii* ? w*!), each $/,(K) ' tXOUU Orwmo and tfyraouaa Kailroad, each f J.0A? tft,000 Toledo and Illinois Railroad bit mortgage bonds eucb. ........... fK,000 Chicago and Rock Island Railroad 1st mortgage anuo New York and Ki le Convertible Bonds. }<%}> 060 Mercantile Mutuil Insurance Scrip m 1"<? 900 shares Hampshire Coal .ind Iron Co. (hypot iei 86 do.' ' BMkwick 'iia ' iiiwwwn ' Bridge and TarupUw Iload Co. (7 per mdi preferred mock,) each too 1,000 do. Gold Hell Milling Company, earn fB 1.UU0 do. Union Mining Company, each...... ..... ? ???*? Terms of Sale? Tec per cent tlux day, and the balance belore 9 o'clock lo morrow. The aeerued interest on all the bonds will be charged to the purchaser. Next regular sale on Thurs <lay, Sept. 8 Auction icotick.-jokepii l. smith, auction eer, will sell, this day, (Monday), at 101-, o'clock, at "? Prankltn street, fourth house weal of Broadway, one rosewood piano, of brilliant tone and finish; parlor furniture of solid roM-wuod; rich carpets, oilcloth, oil paintings, largo oval pier glasses, rocking and easy chairs, mahogany and maple chairs, sofas, dining and lea tablet, rosewood and mahogany bed steads, bureaus and* to match; best hair msttresiie*. cioekery, glassware, clocks, silver ware, Ac.; three ouain.lled ctwiage suite*. Auction notice. -crockery, olass and china. ?By J. 8. H. H.YltTLKTT, auctioneer, Tuesday, Sept. 4. at 10 o'clock, at 281 Pearl tree I, In lots from the shelves, W crates best W. G. blue prlnteu, dipt, C. C. yellow, Korklnxhtuu Slid stoneware, 100 pack i!?es glassware, all kinds. Also, elilna leu sets, cutlery, Britannia warn, Ac. Goods well pucked for shipping. Sale peremptory. Auction -notice.? j. booakt auctionkkr?by 8. Bogart, Tuesday, at 10>j o'clock, at the aiK'tion room-*, corner Of Pranklort and William streets, large assortment of genteel household furniture, romo* "d for convenience ol .-nle, mahogany sofas, do. choirs, mating, any rockers, splendid rose wood hat sutnd, do, iron, in.ihOii.tny Kreuch bedsteads, do. dining and ten tables, hair mattresses, spring do. , parlor suits, kitchen furniture, Ac., Ac. Auction notice.? j. uouart. auctioneer -by 8. BOOAKT? Store corner of Frankfort and Willi, un s' reels, this day, (Monday,) at 10)i o'clock, at No. 1 Carlisle si., household and note I furniture, iron bedsteads, feather bed" mid bedding, tables, chairs, kitch*ii and barroom lurnlfire. Auction notice.? thoh. bull, auctioneer.? by BKLL A Bl'SH. ? Special sale.? This day, at 10,Hj o'clock, in <he auction rooms 12 North William street, to close a mort irnge. eight Pre rich bedsteads, seven bureaus, one bookcase, three Mita beds, four tables, aud other articles; also three Mor gun rifles, one splendid Loudon gun In rase, lour fine watches, jewelry, dry goods, sugars, Ac., Ac. Tuesday, large sale of household und counting house furniture, iron safe, Ac. Auction notice.? m. doughty, auctioneer.? Thi> day, at the store 'St Centre street, at In ' j o'clock, a large assortment of household furniture, beds, sofas, tele a tete?, sola bedsteads, French plat'! und other mirrors, mahogany cliulrs, mckearm, extension tables, centre und card do.. Kreneh aud cottage bedsteads, hair mam-ease*, klicheu arrangrm -n'a, cooking move. Ac. Auction sale-by order op tiie hhrrikf, on Wednesday, September 5, at 10)< o'clock, at the sales room No. SI* Pine atreet, HENRY B. IIUKTS, JK., auctioneer, will sell, as above, the entire balance of stock remaining unsold, and not called for from previous sales of ceolce groceries, wine*, liquors, from bond, Havana sesars, Ac., comprising in purl, line gunpowder, young hyson, twankay, hvson skin, oolong and souchong teas; white and ground Java co'iree, white and brown sugars, soap, candles, olives sweet oil, sardines, anchovies, raisins, ttgs, preserved fruits, Ac., Ac. ; also, rholce brandies, otapl, Henucsey, Doluce Central Company cogna.'. colored chsbnnl da, Dull' Gordon, AinontUado and South Hide sherries, Port, Madeira, Claret, St. Eatepbe, 81. Jullen, Chatau, Margsux, Hockhelmer, l.elbfru.unltch and other stock wines, sins, ram; Mair A Son's Edinburgh ale, Byas' London porter, Iletdslck and. other champagnes, champagne elder, Havana cigars, all bfelag the entire balance of stock of a large whole sale dealer and Importer. Terms cash, a deposit required fioin all purchasers. By order, FREDERICK L. VULTK, Deputy Sheriff. TTRAcflVK AUCTION SALE OK UNRESERVED cabinet furniture. ? John P. Russell, auctioneer. ? DAY, lit stjELL A CO. will offer at public auction, to morrow, (Tuesday,) September 4, at 10% o'clock A. M. . at their oxien , sue aalesrotnns, 85 Nassau, two doors from Kultou street, (late U. C. Kemp's,) a large collection of superb houseliold furnl lure, compriihu;, In hruat variety, boukiwses, wardrobes, sofas, burMus, rich parlor suits in rosewood, Ac., sofa and lounge beds, mahogany parlor chairs, mahogany aud other bedsteads, mattresses. Ac., rich enamelled chamber suits, sideboards, ro? king and arm chairs, uiarblu top and other tables, exiensiou > ablos, oil paintings aud mirrors In rldi gilt frames. Cain lotiues will be ready, and furniture on view, early mnrnlitg of sale. Packing ou the premises. Sale positively without re serve. C= ? iratk F ftY GLASS AND CIIINA.- AUCTION fcO *J. WALDllON, ttUctionoor.-Thii rdnurcTS"1 '?? ? if TufHdcy Heptembor 4, by llenry G. Evans, No. 92 owSuy dealers wiJ Und It to their advantage to attend those nulerf, ns the ware olIW ed will l b' e ot U e best quality aud -old In lota to suit the trade Iromthe "l elves or by the package. Catalogues can be had on MoU i <J?y. doods packed in the beat manner for shipping. Da HOUGH AUCTIONEER. ? 6AI<K OF RICH AND .I..UU miwood aud mahogany furniture, rosewood "!K JS?- rinntulav ^ at 10*4 A. M. the content** of the ^rhlvfunSSei dwrlllns No. 'i0 Murray street, near Col.ege J^bMbkit two rosewood parlor suit-.*, lu brocatel; rose L^?2?E^Jp^fo^J superior tone, and fully war rosewood etcgere, with plate glass doors and E?jf?l^d??escrutoire, richly Inlaid, rosewood marble top pvnir*. slic and Pier tables; rosewood m>i?le stands and corner a ctolie ooUecUo t of oil painting*, by artWaof nc S^K^idtolent ro^woot and mahogany bpUteada. bu to1S?iSid without reserve. Catalogues on morulas ol sale. 2. n KABH AUCTIONEER-STORE 810 BROADWAY. glass, brushes, flxtnrea, Ac. nnnRrsF COOK AUCTION KKR? LA KOK 8AI?R Of rown*; *}' and oak furniture of every de ^JSSSbaaxuutsr- *? - !S!.y^3la!Sf marble top pier and centre table*. * rench ''Mmrnt ot chamber and kitchen I urnl are. ? ? GRfX'KMRI i llORSE, FEATHER BF.DK, SOFAS, ?iaoJS3^hmidi?y, September 4, lO^ji o clock, at 37 / XSSBE^XS*. soup, sUiren, raWn-oHre r off ^?erring?b^?, coffee, tea.aeflara, tobacco, claret, b?njj. dog collar*, talvi'S and fork*, sclasor*, saw*, tiles, ? ales, clock*, .hlI*i?0??, coat., caRTBR, Auctioneer._ ' tKMUlttW * CO., AUCTIONEERS. ? ELRO AST hou*ebQld ' furniture, moatly made In ^,r'\ort''.^: -smiMftH nearly new. having been In use but a few "andonlnc^ell n i' j ^ ^ wfli ?u by auction on Tues S.T2ht?StoS*r ifhSi pail leu o'elook. at No. W West Twenty thSEBrw' near Ninth ?venue, opposUe the Ijandon ?ivrrsce sdltte furniture contained In the large brown stone dwT^MabX all U. perfect order, consisting of elegant JviriveU of the newest style; crimson and gold satin yylvet carpeu^ l%ctf curtains and tassels; corntee* park* suits, covered In crimson and ma ^^'X^*r?rS and parlor chairs, rosewood arm EStaln chalni' covered In French brocatol; faiiteuUs. covered ?f ll2?Set "St/li lowing chairs, covered In tapestry , Ac. ; In moquetJKiW ?i) ' . , Joors; centre table, pier do., mar ^^k^Q^mSes of^ptr mache. Inlaid with pearh b,t . * ?<n?eb carved seven ocUve rosewood ?^VJt^?htKi attl^toeSt. Jiwde by Hallett * Davis, cost piano forti ..Ww the rich velvet rug, elegant mahogau) se Parts b5s* ?'? rose ladles; S iMrv inotinusl In omulu; do. Jardlnere etegere, Ac., * splendid sffSra x&v?^?ari ^SSse ta dbaas: 5SJ3?3S??Sfc!?ax? IT'JSm ure* Ac5 be e*Smlned on Monday , pre vjoui to'ke sale. The Fourteenth etrect stages pass near tue hottse every few minutes. ttVNRY H LKBDS, AUCTION K.K.ll ? HUTKRII CAUI H Jf*4 JTlilS'S'a^ntid 'rn every pa^.Ur, at 'the even descrtptloa, and '*?. ?? A Vre.foA Co., 6I*< Broadway. "'v* 7L*ieffC?i?iwTob will sell by nuotlon, on Thursday HKNRY H. LEKD? a CO. ? I *>U y ^ Oitenslve nod Friday, at W tfetock ^y.^ l^ly [>f ^ ?n,l miabllalunMtl. JkJ h**1 j_ llw r|ty ,-onsisting ot sn gubstaoUsi lurnlturo to pftvered Id evi^ry variety ot cosUy ^^TT^nm^n Iiut'euils^rin. parlor, and recepllon flMUerteljd^mmwn, o0t|e4egerlwlt wlth ranopte*, A?.? rbaln*, rtcy cw%hI, vrood; r^sewood. oak, and plaie and sfleboards, some of whleh are ele t'la<k w.l^buQeU ?M '1(.h c(irvcd (f>n,rr tables, saotly carted m irame, nowrr?, . Ar ; bookf.i?*e>i and extensk? toblea, ?ne^ uhr^I T* ( ,?'S In oak, rosewood. retorto* Pla g^ . Fi-ench liedsteads. some are mahogany and bto dressing bureaus, rfo ;rouehes; very elegAt^mou? * r hairs, library furniture, d'nlnf r?^r^j?,^?e'.. ani ..'her line and "-.tly arnt richly palWJdrWtW *?> ^ extensive e?taldishment. t ..n be ture usually "J??. r?vdA vorertous to the ails. Terms-! or ?\t TiS^ S jMWuSr toto m-ntlis credit, adding inlere,-. tor . ..ilslsctory paper. ? TAOOB l^ABT^^OS^-BTJ.. BOfMBT. (1 ''ore cotner Fra^wrt ami Wlinain ( No nn nt ol furullare. Hale positive. ?sm.vsiar }? aboe and pbbsmptobt sale op a MAftrrAc i luring mantilla and mlUtn-ry eaiabUshmenl.? A. M 1L?K .orttooffr, ? Bowery, will sell on Monday, Tajft Jfjhgfc, the whole and entire slock, c onsisting In part_? ! JmM?(dlk. worsted and ' <*ion braids and fnaji s, twist, *, TZT*. f-'-f- Cashmere Thibet, Rok Koy snd 5ii2? dhaSwalMse lot of ribbons, ie. Also, about 1,010 5*^ fur bonncta. cum. head drowf*, Ac. , of vinoil S^tea SdOllW- Alao, worateil, collars, embroldsrles, press -1- rariOSKKR -BY CROFT A BII,I.INI> alr sdloaroom M William street, corner ol moor 8. at 10*4 o'clock, a large and *a r aod sBOOPd hand furniture, ennsts'lng N%3?. sisrw satin braeatoli to ?able*. mart.? t??, w"'? usea. s{?ring maweases. book rartis. lounges and bedjleart*. AKo^sli>-r. an ei<*Uent Mock of iurn lure from wetl tn'.Wn fu inrlr. for work, A?. Also, oil nalotHtf* and mirror* ?u, Ktu frames. Hale will commence I, ?haeeo*d *#ndarttdles, tisa t umw.boih fsaey and oseml, slM, eteeHeel a*g*?- ? h ? Mr.n?>r? will hire every a? tenl <e- - AIMTIOKP.V.V. -I WM.1. sPJ.t, AT YY 1 Oaflierlne slrec-t, u,\? il ,y, Die winter sl.x-k 4nrphy, cnnsi w French nn I Knglisli nmense '-S r inenl of H. oirh nn-i \ in"f 1*'M1 , keu. A> I eOtars sml beV Is .>i , ,a?i ?? >!p. Salt A M AT AICTION. K WILKIN'S. AUCTIONEER. ? RECEIVER'S tale of elegant household furniture, by order of the 8u prcme Court. Philip It. Wilkin* will Bell at aucUon on Tue* day, September 4iii, at 10 o'clock. At 18 Kami Twentieth street. I clegs nt household furniture, confuting in part of rosewood and mahogany sofas, t#-te a tetes, chairs and Voltaire chairs, cover ed ui li satin, velvet and brocateli; sofa and card tables, with Egyptian marble tops; sideboards, Mingle and double French beti-tead-. <itreauM, dressing bureaux. mantel mirrors, arm chu iTi, \ A ho, a very large extension tUnlxig table. Cata logues caat ? U ui ? the otlice of the auctioneer, No. 2 liroai street. RUSSELL W. WKSTCOTT. AUCTIONEKR.-ROSKWOOI) and mahogany household furniture at auction, on Wednes day, Sept. 5, at 1 ij% o'clock, embracing a large and elegant as sortment of parlor, chamber and basement furniture, in hou?c No. 72 Kit; lull avenue, near Fourteenth street, all to be Hold without re??erve, rHin or shine, consisting of rich tapestry, Brus sels aud Wilton carpcts: superb suit of rosewood parlor furni ture in satin brocade; elegant rosewood piano, stool and cover; flflHd NMWMd etegere * uh pi ite doora and back; suit of p trior furniture in hair cloth, two aolas, aim chain, si* parlor ehairs, two large French plate tib r glasses, lace curtains and shades, rosewood marble top tables, nine oil paintings richly framed, costly mantel vases, bronze clocks, rose woo 1 and mahogany bedsteads, pup' hair mattresses, leather beds, rosewood anil mahogauy bureaus, marble ton wash-stands, toilet seta, mirrors, sofa -, French tete a tetes. rockers, lounges, spring scat and cottage chairs, oilclotlis, stair carpets, Ac., with the dining room and kitchen furniture, extension tablet*, china, silverware, cmier y, Ac. Depositee required of every purchaser. mo STARS OF THEATRES.? A. M. CRIST ALAR, AUC JL tioncer, 2Ji bowery, will aell, on Thursday, 6th inst., at lll)9 o'rhN'k, in bis large show room, upstairs, one of the hand umicst and richest lots of theatrical robes atid dresses which hHsever been in any auction n.oin; they are embroidered with gold and silver, and surrounded with rubies, pearls, ein"raids an*i oilier precious stones; they are on rich velvets iod latitn. Abo. seme gold watches, diamond star, rings and pins, and a number of other theatrical jewels. Also three Ia>ndon guns, in cases; three do. pistols, dirks, Ac., and a number of other taney articles. TITM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, W1LI, SELL, OX HON' ? I day, at 10% o'clock, at the corner of Greenwich and Troy streets, the stock und fixture^ (if a first class grocery store con Misting of a full assortment ol first class goods; also, the store fixture, large quantity of teas and sugar*, gas fixtures, Ac. T ir S. MKLLKR. A V CTION KER. ? HY HOUGHTON A ? f ? Meller, Tuesday, September 4, at 10)? o'clock, at the sales room, 113 Nassau street? Elegant cabiuet furniture ? live superior tone rosewood piano fortes, carpets, silver plated ware, one iron salamander safe, gold watch, Ac.; cabinet fur niture Hill consist in part of parlor suits, covered in the most fashionable style of costly materials; e teg e res, writing desks and cabinets; costly centre tables, rosewood etegeries; several suitoot rosewood, walnut and mahogany chamber furniture , with marble tops, suites to match: three superior extension dining tables, fourteen feet long, with bcffela and chairs to do.; rich iiilaid fancy tables, several bookcases and secretary In rosewood and mahogany; do. do. wardrobes; fancy stauds, Ac. in great variety; together with several suites of richlv enamel led chamber suites. Also mahogany tete-a-tetes; parlor chairs, cane seat cottage do. easy and rocking chairs, ounges ami lounge beds. Gothic and stained cottage bedsteads; also, about ten pure hair mattresses, palliasses, Ac. The piano fortes will be sold at twelve o'clock precisely. Goods can be packed for on the premises, at u reasonable charge. The trade ami country merchants are invited. Catalogues will be issued on morning <n sale. *|lrJtk Dl'MONT, Avctionekb.? UNITKI) status mail Tt snip Southampton. ? Win. Dnmnni will well at auction, by order of the Navv AgeDl, on Saturday, Sept. 15, at 12 o'clock, nl (he N?vy Yarn, Brooklyn, the United States ship Southump tun, ns ?he now Ilea at the Nuvy Yard, Hrooklyn, &77 tons, cop ?ered and copper fastened, built of while oak and hard pine, he hull with one *et of spars, will be mild, anil the vessel i eudy lor I Hoped Ion one week previous to the day of Hale. The Hparn are in the Nuvy Yard, and mnsi be removed with the hull within one week after the sule in tlio expense of the pur chaser; a copy ol' the Inventory can be obtained of the auc tioneer, No. 4 Wall street. Terms, caglt on the day of sale. THE mUTAHY. AT A REGULAR MEETING OK THE MONTGOMERY Light Guard, held on Tuesday evening, August 28, it wiis unanimously resolved Unit the thanks of the Company are due to, and are hereby most respectfully tendered to Thorn is Hughes, late Captain of thin Company, for the prompt and efll cient manner in which he has discharged every duty Imposed upon him, us well as for his urbane and gentlemanly deport ment town r da every member of the Company. II. BERREIjL. ) J. K. PATTERSON. JOHN GERA1I. ( Committee. NICHOLAS LAMBERT- J The members ok the willett guard ark heri'by notified to attend drill at Military Hull, Bowery, on Tuesday evening, Sept. 4, at 7 o'clock, also those who intend accompanying tiicm on their twelfth annual parade, on Tues day, (let. 1 J AS. W. UONOHO, Oaptaiu. (ir.o. H. ilitaDr, Secretary. IIORSKS, ( UUUAVE8, <SM. At the bazaar, 31 crosby street, will be oold ul auction at 12 o'clock, nine elks, from the Rocky mountain*, of all sizes; also, a number of horses, wagons, harness, Ac. JOHN H. GATFIELD, Proprietor. A. C. Tint LI, Auctioneer. A MORGAN' HORSE FOR SAI.E-SIX YEARS OLD last spring, is Hi hands hish, bright bay. and can trot a mile in three minutes; has no tricks; warranted sound and kind; is very handsome and stylish. Apply at 72 West street CtARRIAGEK FOR SALE-A DOCTOR'S GIG, ) Ion, andMop buggy, second hand, will be sold low; also new carriages ol every description, consisting of rockawuvs, barrouches, bungles, with and without tops; light express wagon, with shining seat for one or six persons, at 514 HrW way, opposite Ht. Nicholas Hotel. FOR SALF-? TWELVE CAYUGA AYATFSCO. HORSES of superior style and action, four of them warranted to trot one mile in three minutes, in single or double har ness. To be setn at the Hippona stables, 65 and 07 Watta street, corner of Canal. For sale? a brown mare, nine years oi.n, perfectly sound, kind in single or double harness. Price $100. To bo seen at N. DIAMOND'S stables, New street. For sale? two past horses; one bay, six years old, one of True John's colts, can trot la three mi nutes; Hie oilier, a dark sorrel, nine years old, can trot in two minutes flfiy seconds to road wagon; both sound and kind, and sold for want of use. Apply at 437 Fourth street, at the Em plre stables, near Second avenue. For sale? four horses, FROM THE COUNTRY; one trotting pony warranted to go a mile In 2:46; one Black Ilawk half Morgan staliion, 4 years old; one team of neat Ca nadian ma ree bronght in by the breeder, to he sold cheap in consequence of the owner's return to the country. To be seen at McCaffry's stuble, Fulton avenue, corner of Adelphl street, Brooklyn. For sale? a fine house, on west washing ton place, near the square, for $11,000; a four story Eng llah basement bouse on Twenty-second street. 26 feet front, $12,0IX>; a superior brown stone houm on Lexington avenue, $12, AM; one at $0,000; two on Twenty-second street, near Isl ington avenue, $12,000; and a number of nice three story brick houses at W,M0. $7,000, $H,000 and $9,000. E. B. KINSHI MKR, 819 Fourth avenue, from 8 to 10, and 3 to 7 FOR SALE? A LIGHT SHIFTINO TOP WAGON, IN good order, by one of the best makers. To be seen at Hylvestres' stables. West Twenty fourth street, near Sixth avenue. Morgan horser-ten young horses, just from Pomfret, Yt.; three of them are fast, and would suit Southern gentlemen wishing well bred stock; the balance are round, pony-built horses, suitable for the road; several would make One doctors' horses. Apply at Mlydenburg's stuble, 21 Unci um street, Brooklyn. SADDLE HORSE FOR SALE.? WILL BF. DISPOSED OF < tieap, and may be seen at No. 14V Maiden lane, between the hoars of 11 and I o'clock. SECOND-HAND CARRIAGES.? TWO ROCKAWAW AND a number of buggies, wi'h and without tops, for sale bjr ISAAC FORDjli SON, 118 ElliaDoth street. ANTED? A OOOD STOUT WORK HORSE, WITH vT cart, truck, wagon and harness. Apply at 00 West street. Hops ? JO bales of 1NS0 tor sale. MUSICAL. HAJNE'S NEW YORK AND BROWN & ALLEN'S premium Boston pianos? Retailed at wholcaule puces for ca-h. Pianos fully warranted and guaranteed to give sntisfacli ..n, or purchase money refunded. A Urge assortment of music and melodaons. COOK ti BROTHER, .113 Broadway. Mrs. psouin'8 academy of music, no. o st. Clement's place, between Wnrerley place and tight h streets. ? Mrs. Seguin begs to inform her pupils and the ladlt r ol New York, Brooklyn. that she will resnme her lessons on Monday, September 3. She also announces, for the accommodation of the many pupils ebe was unable to take last season, that a lady lias been engaged to prepare children and beginners. They will he under the supervision of Mrs* Seguin, and the charge will he made accordingly, tine day in the week will ho set apart for instruction to teachers and those intended for that branch, two for ladles studying for the church, concert room or stage. For the latter. Mrs. Seguln's ex tensive operatic librarv will lie in use. a? well as vncal an. 1 shaking parts. The piano taught, and particular attention paid to the accompaniment* of songs, kc. IK PIANOFORTES, AND MUSIC THOKOtram.V </ lancht on ibe pianoforte, singing, guitar, accordeon and violin. Terms moderate. Fifteen pianos and the above lot ?aie or to let, very cheap, by Prof. DUMSDAY, 220 Grand street. A TENOR AND SOPRANO SINGER, OF FINE CA pnclUes. are desirous of obtaining situations In a church choir. le ssors given tn vocal and Instrumental music. Refer# to |>r. A. Sioepel, 341 Sixth avenue; and Wm. Hall & Son. 23V Broadway. MVSIC.? A YOUNO LADY. EXPERIENCED IX GIVING Instruction on the piano, wUI receive a few more pupils ' ?? t ? r r< sidence, st two dollars per nionih, with privilege ol I r ?c<irc. Pupils attended at th. ir residence, at ten dollars per | .iiarter, Apnly at 23K Eighth avenue, between Twenty s.-cond ?i 4 Tw-nty third street*. N? KW MUSIC ? JUST PUBLISHED-" THK RACIIEI. P'.'.ka," with a beautiful colored lithographic picture, ?'??!??) from the latest photographic portrait of Rachel, com , f-*?fdbyO R Cromwell, Price, Men's. without lithograph, i'. i eti<*. Aleo, " The SkyUrk Polka." by J. C. C<s>k. Prloe, jr. I enu. These ioUl?? are pronounced pretty hy all who have heard 'hern Mailed free ot posuge. COOK i BROTHER, music deal* r*. .143 llroadwsy. DKKMIl'M PIANOFORTE.? O A II HARMORK. NO X VW Rleecker st 'eel, having been even-ire manufacturers tor twenty years, offer a Urge a'sonment of elegant, superior pianos, at tfie loweot possible price Having -ilso perfected a new style of piano, the rrand diagonal, they would call parti rular mention of purchasers. THE UNDERSIGNED. WHO HAS BEEN FOR THK last three years past professor of music at th- Paiapsko Female Institute, ot Ellioott's Mills Maryland Is open for an entacemenl. Address Maurice L Bode. Herald odlse mi ART*. TinrDDINO, TIHITING, AT HOME AND BUSINESS TV sards engraved and printed In the most fashionable ,ty le, we.idmg envelopes. An* stiver plated door and numl>er I !?ies risiUng and business cards printed from the plate, with th* u no- < neatness and despatch. Order* by mall punctually attended i? R. LEOOBTT, Engraver, 4 Johu street. KXPXUBBBBB. PACIFIC KXPREM COMPANY ? OR* AT REDUCTION la price- Freight lo California only 19% cents per lb. Onr neit r? ruler express for California, Oregon. South America and the s?nd?tch Islands will be despatched Septem ber 14, by the I nH< <1 Mates mail steamer George Uw via Panama, and Mar of the tea. via Nicaragua, In charge Ot special tne sweaters Ripresa freight throudi, w ith th* United Wales malt, *? U.s rsduc-d rsies Freight to go through by succeeding Me, rnsr at NM eenta. Small i> i<-?age. and tellers reorlved 'in'ii l.s. past t o> lock da) ot ssjina, I WM H. HAM Age. |. " o lit Hrv '? \j ct cijor of '.War I g'rect. Tit WANTS' REUfltTBK. Houses to LET.?' THKBt JCJBAMt JW08& IN Rm* twwoi, Hoboken, throe mlnuW walk ot er -y, commanding a beautiftil view of the hay and eity of New York, with bath, gas, bot and cold water, fee., to familiui o^'the tirst respectability ouly, Inquire at the otfice eorcar of ae<-<>ud aort Hulvn streets Hobo ken oi upward martin HOUSES TO LET. ? A SUPERIOR POOR STORY BliOWN stone Uou^e, on Twenty-eighth street, >1,100; one on Pant Eighteenth street, #1,100; on? on Fourteenth street, Jit.OU), furniture for wle, a nice three story brick hou.e on Irving place, 9860; one on Ninth street. 9800 one on Islington avenue, WOO. E. B. KlN'Sltl.MKR, 319 Fourth avenue, from 8 to 10 A M. and it to 7 f. M. Large and small, ok business, daguerrean anJ show rooms to let or lease low, at 669 Broad way mo 1 i.T ? A TWO STORY ATTIC AND BASEMENT I house, No. 69 Laiglit street, near St. John's park; has all the modern improvement*,, bath, hot ana cold water. Ac. Bent only 9600. For. particulars apply to Mr. LEU1JO, 47 Division street. LET? THE STORE NO. 40 RKADE STREET, FIFTY feet oast of Broadway, opportte Stewart's; rent 9600 per year; also several rooms, tor light manufacturing pur pose*. iu house 80 Duane street, first house east front Broadway. Apply at UEMMEL'S, 3012 Broadway. IJW TO LET, IN RBOOKLYN? A GENTEEL SMALL THREE story and basement brick house, desirably located, a few minutes walk from 3outh ferry. Rent 9360. The furniture is nearly new, and will be sold cheap, if ap plication be made soon, on the premises, No. Si Harrison place, Brooklyn. OQ ORKAT JONES STB &KT. ?THE ENTIRE THIRD OO floor of ih- above house will be lei on reasonable term,, furnished or unfurnished, with lull or partial liosrd. The house is new and replete with wod'rn ImiirovemHiits. Loca tl on utmurpai-.-ed. 38 (Ireat Jonesstreet, near Lafayette place. A SPLENDID SUITE OF PARLORS, AND BEDROOMS, will tie vacated, on or about the middle of Sept.. Iu the tlrst class house No. 77R Broadway, suitable for a fainliv, or a party oi gentlemen, wishing to live on the European' plan, there being an exclusive kitchen. For term- aud particulars apply us above, before 12 o'clock M. CtHEAP RENT, 920 A MONTH. ? THE WHOLE OR PART > of one ot tho-,1' neat and convenient new cottage three slorv houses in Fifty sixth street, between Fifth and Sixth ave uues. within five minute* walk from Third. Sixth or Eighth avenue cars. Apply on the premises, of JOilN 11. DAYTON, or at 161 West Twenty seventh street. (1L1NTON AVENUE, BROOKLYN.? TO LET, BASK J men', entire second floor, and bedriHiin on third floor. A geiilleawn mid wife having the above would let to two or three irrown persons, for ?200 per annum. Apply to JOHN BIS Al ls' KRD, Wall street ferry, Brooklyn. FOR RENT? A SPLENDID MEDIUM NEW BROWN Htone bouse, with all the fashionable Improvements, lliitVJ St. Mark'., place. Inquire next door, or ot A. 8. LEVY, A.tor" ney-ai-Law, 19 Wall street, HOVSE TO LET? FURNISHED, IN FOURTH AVENUE, between Twenty-Ural and Twenty second streets, newly papered and painted. To i sure tenant will be let low. Ap ply between 11 and 3, to JAS. HARROW, rtaro!llcH, 18 Ex change place. HOUSE TO LET? TIIE DWELLING PART OF TIIK house No. II Carmine street, consisting of the second, tlilrd and fourth floors ami basement. Possession immediately. Well adapted for a I ourding house. Would be rented to one or two lamlHes. Apply on the premises. HOUSE TO LET? IN BROOKLYN, AND FURNITURE tor sale. /She house is close to the City Hall, and the fur nlture will be sold cheap, for cash, If desired. The house will be let without the furniture, or the furniture will be sold sepa rately. Address Ldward Carroll Brooklyn Post office. HOUSE TO LET AND FURNITURE FOR SALE.? A large four story house In excellent order, near Union square. Furniture must be purchased an fhe owner Is about Jeuvlng the city. About 92.01)0 required j terms easy. Ad dress Foster. Herald office. TO LET? THE LARGE AND COMMODIOUS CORNER room on the second story of (lie building 20C Broadway, corner Fulton street; also the Urge room No. 2 second story of building 304 Broadway. In quire of E. BLOOMICK, 208 Broad way. TO LET? ONE FIRST CLASS POUR STORY BROWN* xlone house, with English basement, opposite Stuyvesanl square. Thin bouse contains all the modern improvements. Parlies wishing to see llie interior of the house will please call at No. 130 East Seventeenth street, between the hours ol 1 - ami 3 o'clock 1*. M., at 212 Pearl street, up stairs, from 10 to 4 o'clock P. M. TO LET ? TWO NICE NEW BUILT STORES. IN A FIRST rale business locality, and two dwellings In Main street, near Bridge. Flushing, L. I., at a low rent. Tlie^e stores are w ell adapted for any lund of genteel business, being situated iu the centre of a "ood business locality. I tiquire of M. H. LICHTliNSTEIN, TO Bowery. TO LET? A GOOD THREE STORY ATTIC AND BASE x inent house No. 105 Wooster street; Gas and Croion water rem !<S75. tattnlN immedlalely. Also, house No. 69 Nasi sauaireet, Brooklyn: rent 9450, wltli lmme<iiate possession. Inquire of A. M. KAN NINO, 432 Houston street. rpo LET? TO A SMALL FAMILY. A NEAT TWO STORY J. and attic house, in complete ortlnr, newly painted and papered, gas and fixture* complete, croton water, Ac.; has a hiindKome and large yard, and Is at present unoccupied: rent 96U0 per annum. No. 142 Thompson s'rect. Address Mr. Wood, 147 Tnompsoti street. TO LET-ON TENTH STREET, NEAR BROADWAY, west stile, n large front basement for an office suitable for n phvatciao. Rent low. Also two nice rooms furnished or un furnished, to single gentlemen. The house la now occupied bv h gentleman and his wife. No children. Apply to E. B. K1NS11 1MEK. 319 Fourth avenue, from 3 to 7 o'clock. TO LET-A VERY FINE HOUSE. ON SECOND AVENl'E, between Eleventh and Twelfth street; has just been painted all through, and newly papered, with gas fixtures. Croton water, balhs. Ac. Pine locution. Can be seen from 10 to 12 o'clock, or address a note to 302 or 109 Front street, for J. E. D. r LET? THE CONVENIENT THREE STORY HOUSE 106 Waverley place, near Sixth avenue; tho premises are Incomplete order having recently been palntod throughout; also having baths, gas. water closels. Ac... Ac.; rent low to a private family. Apply to R. L. SUYDAM, Waverley place. TO LET-STORE 610 BROADWAY, WITH OR WITH out an extension building, opposite the St. Nicholas Hotel. Inquire of J. P. WALKER, on the premises. TO LET-ON TWENTY SIXTH STREET. NEAR FOURTH avenue, a small three story brick house; rent $.(30. Also, two three story frame cottages on Forty-third street, near Broadway; rent 9325. Apply lo E. B. KINSU1MEK, 319 Fourth avenue, from 8 lo 10 and 3 to 7 mo LET-AT 54 HENRY STREET, NEAR MARKET. J. furnished or unfurnished rooms, on second and third lloors, for gentlemen mid tlu4r wlvcn, or single gentlemen. Also, rooms on fourth floor for gentlemen. A few day boarders can be accommodated. TO |LET, TO A SMALL QUIET FAMILY THE FRONT Imm inent, hark parlor on first floor, and one room In the at'ic, In house No. 106 Allen street. Rent 911 50 pel month, or front parlor on first floor, f 13 50. TO LET? A FURNISHED PARLOR AND BEDROOM. X together or separate, pleasantly situated in a small pJlvale family, where there are neither children or boarders. Terms moderate. Apply at 203 Prince street.. r LET? TO A RESPECTABLE FAMILY, THE SPLEN did two story and attic English basement brick house 4H Henry street, having been entirely painted throughout, and with all the modern improvements; hot, cold and vapor baths; aim gas throughout the house, with tea room attached. Can be seen from 9 till 12 A. M. and 2 till 0 P. M. TO LET? TO A SINGLE GENTLEMAN, A FURNISHED bedroom in a private American family, where there are no Itoarders. For terms inquire at 18 Fifth street, near the Bowery. I'O LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY, A ROOM AND TWO bedrooms on the stcond floor. Itcnt 911 per month. In giiire at '.A Fit sl street. rro LET? THE TWO STORY BRICK COTTAGE HOUSE 25 1 lloratio street and furniture fur sale. Inquire on the lire iium's or at 2Ki llroadwa > , rooms 32 and 33. between U and 12. rro LET? THE NEAT BRICK TWO STORY AND BASE 1 it.etit collage house, 12S East Thlriy fifth street, complete, with ull the modern Improvements; run 9286 trom Sept. 1 to llu> 1. For fttr'.her particulars apply on the premises. rpO LET? SEPARATELY, THE SECOND AND >HIRD 1 lloors. front and back parlor, with two bedrooms on each tli or. convenient, with pamrles and closels. Rents 915 and 917 p. r month. Neighborhood pleasant and desirable, near Eighth awnuc. below Twenty third street. Apply to B. W. RICH A It PS. 30J Broadway. rpo LET? THE SECOND FLOOR OF A FINE HOUSE, I pleasantly situated tip town, (Murray llill.l havinu ili i n improvements; balance of bouse obcui>'?< a small ti nieel American lanill) Will be let ?? " gentleman and ? Ife or w Idow ladv and daughter reference exchanged. Ap p j to KNAl'P. 4T7 Hr?i "ay. Kent low r| O LET-IN A GOOD LOCATION, THE NEW FIRST 1 Cla^s four Story Enall-h basement. 144 Thirty ninth street. I I tween Seventh and Eighth avenues; it contains all the mo it. rn Improvements, with splendid gas fixtures. Rem till May } :'t). Inquire on the premises ot E. Kennedy. ri O LET-A LARGE CONVENIENT FURNISHED HOUSE 1 In Hudson stre-t, near the opening of lluane street, w ill it ake a capital plate lor an enterprising person, for a restau , III and boarding house; to such a peixm a rare opportunity v 1 !*? offered. Or It -vill l,e let out in furnished suns of rooms for offices or otherwise, as It Is In a place of rapidly increasing business. Inquire at 40 t est Broadway. rt LET-A Sl'ITE OF ROOMS ON THE FIRST FLOOR of hou-e 37 Crash) street. SI/|J wiiod hoiise. Croton water, Ac . also, to let apartments in ob^r houses. Inquire on the pri mis< s, bet wren the honraol 9nn<.toV|,,rk. r|M> LET? <1N THE MART OF BUhwjag) A RAnK 1 chance lor Importers and Jobbersor w.U w My ? h, business, that fine s*le?rwm, (ne*rly (lilt l-"t de. wU|i l[K,rp loom above, it umiU'd.) 161 Hrondmiy, ncur ( Rent ver> io? loa go?-l .enani Apply to C P. Acker.,.,. ' the premise#. betweisn 10 and 3 o clock. TO LET, AND IMMEDIATE POSSESSION GIVEN'? ? neat three story dwelling house, on the northerly side ol Thirty -first street, with Cmtoo water, gas, Ac,, rent 9H.'i0 per snnum.' Apply lo GEORGE 1IARGAN, 72 Well street, third story. mo LET. IN BROOKLYN.-THE HANDSOME THREE 1 store brown stone front house. 376 Pacitic street. The nnh Iviiac from the corner or Bond. In a row ot similar houses, in perfect order. Ba lb, (a* and water fixtures. Possession immediate. Ben' low to a good tenam Apply u> } COCKER ft CO, K4 John street, N. Y. DKNTIKTRY. TO VIRGINIANS. TENNESSEANS, MISSISSIPPI ANS,' Ac ? C Baker, dentist. Informs his former friends, Ac., oi the South and In New York, that lie Is at 609 Broadway, cor ni r of Houston street, mom No. 8 Persons waited on at iliclr Ik tela. Tiothache cured. Teeth put In without pain. OLomrao, &c. / AST OFF CLOTHING OF EVERY DESCRIPTION \ wanted.? The hlgheat price given, and cash paid in cur rent money Genilemen wishing to dispose of rlohlng of a rim d quality, for a liberal casn equivalent, nrr requested lo call on or address JAMES MORONHf, II Baxter, late Orange street (1LOTIIINO.? LADIRH OR OKNTLKMHN HAVING ANY J of the same to dispose of < an obtain a lair aid rasS prl |.\ aendlog for th- stitxartbe*, al his residence, No, 11 |j?urfn?

?tie?4, or r>l Wtst Broa.lw?i or:htvu#hthvPtHlolli Ladle* a' colfd t f Mr? frneu, b, C0UK.>, EOl'OATION. MB8. MEAJB' rtJtbC* AND CM'UJKH RIALDIiW and day school, for roung ladle*, (3'1 aid 10 WeslFlf U?otb ilreet, below Fiftfc kvnue, i rt? opena on Viuralt/, September 6. Mrs. Hears will b* ?? home to rtxydre pa rente ami guardiane who wiat to eoolar with her , triad Vend*/ , bepletube.' 8. MP. ANI MR.-; CHARLES CANDA'S BOARDING and day school for young ladles, No. 17 Lafayetw place, will be rv -opened on Wednesday, September 12. MADAMK VANDER WEYDE, FROM FRANCE, WILL open her institute for young ladies on Monday, Sept. 10. Besides the common branches, a thorough in ?truction in French and music is her principal purpose She is assisted by th" bent of teachers. Soiree musculo clawtique for scholars and relation* every month. Circu larv are at Mr. Lincoln'* music ?tore, 619 way, be low ft. Nicholas, Sehool 110 We?t Twenty-fifth Street, between Sixth an J Seventh avenue*. mHE frencb i.ssmTTK for young gfntijcmen, I boarding nnd day school. No. 48 East Twenty-fourth street directs! by Mr. KL1E CHAKI.IKK of Paris (former ly II. I'eugnet's school), will open on Wednesday, Sept. 12th fTfrWTlNG AND BOOKKEEPING? 34? BR9ADWAT. Y ? Gentlemen desirotu of attaining, without Ion w Utne, ? masterly knowledge of bookkeen.'ng, elegance ii Kmnanship, so., are invited to call at FurtTER k ION'S establishment, Appletoo'* Building, inspect *pe oimea* tnd obtain reference*. OQQ BROADWAY.? BOOK KRK PINO. ARITHMETIC, writing. Ac., have been taught at the abort number by W. J. Renville, during Uie pas! eight year*. New itudentii ore received by blm upon much lower term-" than are charged liv any other rompetent teacher, while the knowledge imparl ea is practii all) a\ ailable. 4*1 n -BOOKKEEPING?TIME UNLIMITED? LADIES' 5b1A"? writing classes, 92 twelve lessons; commercial urlth inetir at reduced price*, at PAIN'S, i'V'i drawl street, corner of Bowery, and liKi Fulton aireet, Brooklyn. AJ1 pupils arc enti tled to separate Instruction, and can attend hour* to suit their own convenient e. Rooms now open for the season. A MARRIED GENTLEMAN OF RESPECTABILITY, who !? engaged In tuilon till 2 P. M., wishes to devote a portion of his leisure time either to private Instruction, In the various branches of a superior English education, in attending a lady's seminary, in the capacity of writing master, Ao., in copying, or in any other way iu which hi* time could !>>? ad vantageous!) employed. Apply to Mr. White, I8i Wooeter St. BOOKKEEPING, WRITING, AND ARITHMETIC.? MR. Dolbeor, tit Hi Broadway, corner Houston street. Invites gentlemen and ladies' to call and etaiplne his practical method oiiem-hing. Those who enter this day, have tho choice ol hour* and private lessons, without extra charge. Ladies have private rooms. COLLEGE OF ST. FRANCIS XAVIF.R? NO. 3St WEST Fiileenth street, between Filth and Sixth avenues. The classes will be resumed in this Institution on Monday, the 3d of September. Terms ? For students ovor nine years or age $12 SO per quarter; for those under that aye tT'i 0. M. DRISCOL, S. J. French and German languages.? transla tin;;.? The undersigned, favorably known for years lor hi* professional competency, continues to receive new pupil* fur private instruction in the above language* and literature, at tils rooms 4KI Broad wav, or those of hit pupils. K. TELLERING. HOBOKEN.? ' THE MISSES ROUSSELLE'S BOARDING and day school for young ladles will re open oil Monday, the 3d of September. For cards of term*, references, Ac., ap ply at No. 3 Hudson place, opposite Franklin terrace. INSTRUCTION.? MR. CHAMBERLAIN'S CLASSICAL and Commercial Institute for ladles and gentlemen, is open day and evening, at 483 Broadway. Evening classes in the French and English languages, are now being organized tor the ensuing season. Mrs. famariss, us east thirty-third street. near Lexington avenue, will re-opea her French ana English boar dug and day school for young ladles on Monday, Sept. 8. Miss Steele's French and English day and boarding school, for voung ladles. No. 8 East Thirtieth street, between Filth and Madbon avenues, will re-open on ThuiMiuy, September 6th. SELECT BOARDING SCHOOL.? PORT RICHMOND Slaten Island.? The Misses Anllaell will receive applica tions for a few additional boarders, (young ladies under twelve years of age.) The number being very limited, the children enjoy Uie comforts of a home. Tcrihs moderate. The misses ives school, no. 14 pavonia place South Flfili street. Jersey City, re-opens on Monday' Sept. 3. HOTHKH, ROOM8, &C., WANTED. Apartments wanted.? part of a small house, three or four rooms, by a gentleman nut his wife, In a respectable neighborhood, by the first of October; would pre fer Weil aide of Broadway, hounded by dual, UcDoVfll anil Amliy streets, with convenience of Croton water; reference* exehanged; rent paid in advance, If required. Address E. R., Ilroudway Post Mllce. House wanted? a small, genteel house. in Brooklyn, in a Rood neighborhood, rent not to exceed tNfiO per annum. Addrera A (lood Tenant, Herald ofllce. MANITACTUKING BUILDING. ? WANTED, TO PUR chase, or leant for a term of year*, a good, sub ial building, of about 60 feet in width nud 120 feet in length, four stories, with water power, also a supply of pure water, suitable for manufacturing pur poses, and convenient by railroad or water communication to the city of Ne? York. Apply to the subscriber, at office 35 Wall ftreet. J. T. GLKASON. PHYSICIAN'S OFFICE WANTED? IN A SUITABLE loeat ion, between Sixth and Nin'h avenue*, and Twenty linli and Thirty -eighth street*. Address Doctor, Herald ollice. PART OF A HOUSE WANTED, UNFURNISHED, in Brooklyn, not further than fifteen or twenty minute** walk from any of Die ferries, by a young married couple. Please address, stating location and terms, to <1. F., Herald otllee. TO DRUGGISTS.? A GENTLEMAN WISHES TO BUY A drugstore, on the West side of the cltv, doing an averagn business of from $12 to S20 per day, at a fair cash price, or would enter as active partucr into a wholesale and retail bud ness already established. Particulars with price, locaiion, re ferences, Ac., are requested under addresa of William Phillips, Broadway Post ofllce, for oye week. Tl*" ANTED? A SMALL COTTAGK HOUSE, RENT $U0 T T or 9200 per year, in New York or Brooklyn, convenient to car*. Also, part of a house In New York, where there w 111 be but two families in the house. Also, board Tor a gentleman and wife, at fU per week. Address Stone, segar store, 72'a Chatham street. WANTED? A SMALL HOUSE WITH CONVENIENCES of Croton water, pleasantly situated in this ci'y, not above Thirtieth street. Rent from $300 to $4(J0. Addresa box 3,872, l'ost Office. "11 r A NTED ? A LARGE FURNISHED ROOM, WITH TT board. In the upper part of the city, for two gentlemen. Address C. I?. R., Herald office. "lir A N TED ? A FURNISHED HOUSE IN THIS CITY, TT below Bleccker street, suitable for a boarding house by a respectable lady. Rent moderate. Address Tenant, 158 Atlantic street, Brooklyn. WANTED? FOR A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, A WELL TT furnlahed Iront room on tint or second floor, with bath and gas, where there are no other boarders preferred; hoard lOr the lady only; terms not to exceed per week; above Grand atreet. Please address Wilson, Herald ofllce. ? HOTELS AMD MMMKH RETREATS. COI.IJNS HOTEL, SITUATED FOOT OF CANA1 ?treet, and directly opposite Collins' IJverp?ol Jin* of steamers, with a full view of New Yotlc bav i;n<l har bor. The pleasanteat location for families in New York, and will let to permanent or transient, on moat rouot able terms, with parlor suits or single rooms. IALLMAND ft RAi'Bj. Proprietor*. New tore bay hotel, 2* mii.ks from jer *ey City ferry, on Bergen Point plank road. The most beautiful summer residence in the State. Fishing, bath ing. boating Idnners and suppers at an hour's notice. _ Private ctrriagea to e*id from the house to city. Now open for uermanent ami transient guests. Apply at the house, or \? Captain LKi&K, Poat Office, Jersey City. "VTOTICE. ? THE PROPRIETOR ok RICHMOND HIFX Hotel, Ktaten Island, begs t<. Inform the public that the house will be kept open for accommodation of j ai ties visiting the island dining the 'ji\i season. Hoard will be ffiaweek; children and servants <3 50- hmc? (4 60. Particulars at S. W. Benedict's s to>?, y0- 5 \v,tJ stieet. New Yoik. The Richmond stage at V?twl?.r|,iltJa landing meets the 8 and 0 o'clock boat in th? morn ing, and at 3, 4 and 5 o'clock iu the evening. J. P. KELLTTi. (1 ENTEEL AND ECONOMICAL LIVING? RKSPECTA T ble pcrtii s desiring 10 have the coinlorl of a home, without the (rouble aud expense* of keeping servant*, ran provide their own mat kriliur and have it rooked, ni a moderate price, by an attentive and clean |.?rt\ , In the gentoel house north west cor wr of Broadway and V.lst *C; where very desirable suits of Apartments, unfurnished, can be hart low Baths and wtaer closets, Ac., aud every attendance If desired; no children In tha house. Itnehelor* are particularly Invited; 61 West 31st St., corner of Hr< adway. T'HE PAVILION HOTEL ROCK AWAY. -IT IS PUR jwH-ed to keep open this hotel (ill Tuesday, UVh September First class room* e.ui now be i*?' . mod . ?^TORK FAMn.Y HtlTEL, NKW BRIDGE STRKCT I I.udgate hill, London. ? The abov* liou/e is cen t rally aituated, baa an excellent eff^e room, ten or twelve private sitting room*, between forty M,d nf,y (lJ bedroom*, a good smoking room; warm c.aj ^n,] V ' baths alway* ready. A night porter in a ? ten. 1.. . fl*ed charge fr>r (errant*. The New York Herald l? THOMAS QTARTERMALVE (al*o proprietor of the Cron., and Sceptre, and Ship taverns, Greenwich,) tenders hi* grateful Uutnks to hla American friends for the favors he lias *0 long enjoyed at their hands, and solicit* their ?*ntlnued patronage and recommendation r . . . BMJslAHPW. TTH'RKKA. ? A i-VRFECT BIIJJARD TARLE AT LAhT. Vj ?MICHAEL PHFI.AN'S model billiard table*, with his new combination cushions the only one* ever oon structed that give correct angle*. For sale only at 30 Chamber* street, nest to B rtoa'e theatro, up atair*. 60 and see them. ATWMoR Bn.l lARI> TAI:t "?<, WITH OCR MATtTI le** cuehlon* and everyltii 7 of the best material* connected with billiard* can b had cheaper than any ether place, *t the old establish. .snufactory of O'Ct INNER ft OOLLK ? I Kit, 41 Ann street. Order* hy mail promptly exeeutt 1 HTLlURDR? IIAVlVfrfNVKN > A NKW STYI.E OF cusbK n. of superior ela*tle|ty atn rrectne**, we invite bnyi ra to roll and examine our aio- V rimming*. On" ?e cond hand table for sale. CRIFFIitt \ HKt'KKit, KillUrd Table Mannfactoi 911 Ann street. PIsAYITU ('ARI)s. 8~LAYINO CARDB.? THE 8UBSCRIHK1; HAVE THE exclusive nale of A DougbertyN m .niloctur* ol ring eard*, and have constantly on hamt all the dlf at grade*, Including his celebrated ho n dealing card*. A. VAN VAIJCKNBURGH ft 00., Nn. 118 Pml ?tmt, manulaolo:/ T? OUf ?tav?t. BOAHUIltU ASO f;OD()IIVU. IJZC) BROADWAY? TO LET, AN ELEGANT! T I furnished suite of pom.* on the Or .( flour, to a fiinily or aingle gentL-meu. Private ta'iie onljr ; the house ie 8 rut class BIEIEKER STREET, OPPOSITE DCPAU ROW? Eligible location near Broadway ? boarding, with superior suite of room* on the second floor, for gentle man and wife ; nl?> rooms for single gentlemen ; also rooms for a gentleman and Lady, or lunjp" gentlemen at No. 46 Grove atreet, near Ble>-cker. Keterenoei e? c hanged APARTMENTS .Sl'ITABTE FOR FAMI1JES OR SINOLE gentlemen wishing to secure board for the winter, In a tirkt clans private boarding house, location pleasant and central, accessible by earn and stages from all pur tit of the cltv. Apply at No. 4 Abingdon square, west side, two doors from Bunk din ft. BOA IU I? IN A PRIVATE HOl'SE, TO LET TO A GEN tleman and lila wife ami a few aingle gentlemen, three or four handsomely furnished room*, with partial board for the gentlemen; location central and very plea Bent. Apply at 122 East Twelfth street, between Second and 'Ihird avenues. Board ? a gentieman and wife, or two single gentleman, can lie accommodated with an elegant parlor and bedroom, with pantries attached, and full or partial board, in a first class private house, with modem improvements, situated between Houston and Fourth streets, a few coors east of Broadway. Address S. J., Herald office. Board in brouki.yn.? a smaix private fa mily, residing within two minutes' walk of the South ferry, would be happy to receive a.<< inmates for the winter a gentleman and his wife, or two aingle gentle men. They would Qud all the comforts of a respectable home. French as well as English spoken by the family. Apply at ST l'aciflc street, between Henry and EUcka. Board in Brooklyn.? singie gentlemen can b? comfortably accommodated with or without purl!. il board, in a private family, living in ? beautiful loriilinn, within live minutes' walk from the South terry, where they will enjoy all the comforts of a home. Please call nt 218 Henry street, Brooklyn D/'O BROADWAY. UNION' SQUARE.? HANDSOME CUO furnished parlors and bedrooms to let, together or se parate, with or without board; prvatn tshlc tf preferred ; bath room, gas, Ac. ; Bngliah baarmem lor a physician. ~/'9 BROADWAY? TO LET SUITS OF KOOMS. FUR I Qa ulshed; second floor parlors; two bedrooms; chande liers, hot and cold water, and water closet on the same, with numb waiter and excluslvo use of kitchen; third flour parlor, large ami small bedroom, gas and all modem Improvements. Also lour rooms on the fourth floor. 979 SIXTH A VENUE, NBA? SEVENTEENTH STREET. ? To let, two or threo pleasant rooms, furnished or unlurnlshed. with or without hoard, gas and bath on the same l.oor, citliir lor single Gentlemen or gentlemen and their wives. 17A FRANKI.IN STREET, TWO DOORS FROM IIUD 1 I U son ? Furnished rooms, with or without board. De sirable Iron' rooms, for single gentlemen, may be secured for the winter, by applying soon. "I (\rr PRINCE STREET, NEAR BROADWAY? F.LKOANT J.U I ly furnished apartments, suitable for gentlem"n and tltelr wives, or single gentlemen, with or without board; house first class, gas and baUi. ? QO TWELFTH STREET, SECOND BLOCK FROM ?7U Broadway. ? A gentleman and his wife, ar a single gen tleinnn. am liriil tlr.-l tkM aecommodatlons In every particu lar, with board. Rooms are furnished, and situated In the second story, and contain hot and cold water bath and gas. Terms reasonable. References exchanged. Q"1 PRINCE STREET-WEST OF AND NEAR BROAD i/l way, a handsomely furnished second story front room, with board tors gentleman and wife, or two single gentlemen; also, a neat single bedroom; house lirst class; location desira ble; l aths and gas. f? A AND B2 VARICK STREET, ST. JOHN'S PARK UU ? Handsomely furnished rooms, In stilts or separately, with private baths, Ac., attached, U> let, w ith hoard, to fami lies or single gentlemen. First class accommodations. Inquire as above. * WHITE STREET, A FEW DOORS WEST OF UU Broadway? Furnished room* on second, third and fourth doors, to let to single gentlemen or small families, on moderate terms. Also, a flue fhow room on ground floor for any light business, anil a basement suitable for an office, or dusk conve niences in the same. CI BLEECKER STREET.? PARLORS AND BED UT ri oms, furnished or unfurnished, to let, with or without board; also single rooms for gentlemen; bath and gas In the house. Apply ss above. 3 ASHLAND PLACE, PERRY STREET.? A FBW SELECT families, or single gentlemen, ran be accommndntiMl with suites or single rooms, with full or partial hoard. House new, lour slory, having all lUc modern Improvement*. A cress by Mxth avenue cars and Amity (trout stages. Permanent ar rangements made. References exchanged. Apply as above. <ti9 r:n ?board down town can be obtained tpiJt'M/. nt the Farmers' Hotel at the nhove price per week, without lodging. One week in advance required. 21" WuhtnglOP street. ASCII' OP ELEGANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS, AND two single rooms, to let to single gentlemen of hl?'h res pectability, In a private family. The house and furniture uew, hi, (I first class In every particular. Apply at 119>j Ninth street, Ave doors west ol Broad w ay. A WIDOW LADY OI RESPECTABILITY, OCCUPYING a very Une house In Brooklyn, Is desirous of receiving two or three gentlemen Into her family, as partial boarders, where they can enjoy the comforts of a home m moderate terms; a good table and good society. The house It within a few minutes' walk of Fulton or Wall street ferries. Please call at 61 HAry street, corner of Orange. A PLEASANT FRONT ROOM AND BEDROOM, WITH board, tor n gentleman and wife; also, one or two single gentlemen can be accommodated with board, at 33 Market st A PRIVATE FAMILY IN BROOKLYN WOULD LIKE to let, to single gentlemen of quiet habits, two tine airy rooms on the third floor, with fireplaces and gas; rent 92 per week for each. Best of references required. Apply at 98 Dean street, Brooklyn. A LARGE THIRD STORY FRONT SLEEPING ROOM TO let, furnished, to n single (tenth man, in a private family where there are no boarders ; in a very desirable location near tiramercy Park; or to two gentlemen with brcuklast and t?:?,lf required. Apply at 40 Lexington avenue. A SPLENDID FURNISHED PARLOR, WITH ONE or two bedroom, attached, to let to one or two single gen tlemen, in a private house, with all the modern improvements; also a single room. 911 Prince street, a few doors west of Broadway. OARD- lttfi AND 108 EAST rot BtBBBTH STREET.? A few rooms, in suits or single, m*v now be secured, with board, by single gentlemen, or families, without children, in the above desirable locution; the houses ?r" newly finished and furnished throughout with nil the modern conveniences, 4c., Ac., desirable in first class bouses; references exchanged. Board.? neajlyfurnished rooms, with board, can be 1 ad by applj ing st HI West Twenty sixth street, a lew doors t'rom Sixth avenue. The house Is first clans, the lo cation plea-. ml, and terms moderate. Board.? a h a ndsomeulel r jj^i i k i > front room on second story; the complete with nil the mo dern improvements; terms moderate. B Board.? several pleasant and well fu nlshed rooms, with hoard, may be had a' the eligibly loc-?. o d dwelling It) Eighth street, opposite the Mercantile Ll Board.-a private family, having more room than they require, will accommodate a gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen with board and iilea^ant mom*. Ap ply at 68 West Thirteenth street, near Six'h avenue. Relur ences required. Board.? a few gentlemen can be accommo dated In a small family wlih board; one young lady taken; iwo gentlemen taken to lodge. Reference required. No. .17 Bowery, corner of Rivlngion. Board? at no. a ninth street? fink furnish ed rooms, In HjjlM, and single, with or without board, iirst class bouse, frith modern improvement ?>, ami newly fur nisi ad. The entire MM flow can now M laid by one latnlly. The very best of reference given. Board ? a very handsome large front boom, with pantries attached, to let, with board, In a private house, furnished or unfurnished, suitable for a gentleman and wife, or a parlv of gentlemen; also, a room on ih rd floor; gas anil bath in boost ; M Beach street, opposite St. John's park. BOARD AND VERYPLFASANT Boom CAB BB ob tained by a gentleman and his wife, or severs! single gen tlemen. upon favorable terms, by applying at 18 Sixth street, cl:.!ii door* cast ot second avenue. The house c ontains all I Uu modern Improvements. Board at ioo bast sixteenth street, sboond door iron, Livingston plaee ami Stuv Tesant park, for a gen tl? msn and wife, or tw o or thn e single it* ntlemen, in a p drain ' until v; the rooms have large closets atla> le d, coutalnln; hot "?>1 <ohl water. Beferete es cxehaqged. BOA* I) in CARROLL PLACE.-A LARGE AND HAND ?omiv furnlsheil room, suitable for two gentlemen, can bo had, with l*?rd, at No. 1 Carroll place, Hleeeker ftree'. Board in ci.ivton place.? a verv pleasant ?ultc of ristms, It* M gentleman and hi* wife, or for single Kt ntlemen, at 97 t 'Union place Board can be obtained, on moderate terms, at IJ3 West Thirty-seventh street, third door from Eighth a venue , either fur single gentlemen or gentleman and v ite Itaih and gas throughout, and I* convenient to cars and stftgf*. HO\RI> IN MtOOKLYN.-MNOLK (JKXTLKMKN ('AN l?p romiorlftbh AcromiixHliiU'tl with full or partial board In a prtTfitr futility, living In a beautiful joralfcm, within flv? mi nute* \%n!k from South ferry. 1'Icmo call at 348 Henry Rf refit, Lrookhn. 1VVPD IN BROOKLYN.? A PRIVATE FAMH.Y tlemea,. VtV." mmodate a gentleman and lady, and single gen- I on very rc??flW, pleasant rooms, and full or partial board, lug all the ni'slerMrm*. In a bouse dellghtfull) located, bav w alk of the ferries, reti-wovcments and wltliln live minutes' street, corner of Congress, wt required. Inquire at 248 Henry BOARDING IN BROOKLYN. ? furnished or unfurnished, with panirp?flANT ROOMS lie* or gentlemen, with board, may be ob?aiM.?u, for rami street, eonvenl' nt to Wall or Atlantic ferries K^ttn Hleka changed. ?i Board wanted? unfurnished R/^ms in a private fnn.llv, for two gentlemen, with their wires, one child, three vesrs old, and nnrie. and one single fentiem in, three large riioms and one medium site. In some pleasant luce lity above Eighth street from 1st of October. Terms mtia bs moderate, wK use ?f laundry. Bc-d^ referenda , v?n^ and requlreil. Address bo* *,711 Po-t OHlee. tf*'- ?? ? **" commoda'lon, ternis, name and reference*. BfiAlll) WANTED? HY A SINGLE GENTLEMAN. IN deslrable part ofltUklyn A private Isn.lly 4M,o ? of renting a loom, with sndte*. and dinner on *Md4?, may have an opportunity by addressing A. B . box 3. IX P.-K office. OARD WANTEP-IN BBOOKLTN. WEmEEN MON B lerrjr# dl'RM " tVmi* nnd Mlantfc' "trefit*. wltWn minute*' walk of th? ies by n single gentleman Private fsmlly preferred. Ad iW. D.. Herald ofllce. Board wantkd-for a gentleman, his wife, lfr0 wnat: children and mirae. In a bouse with modern Inmrovi m"iit*. pleananllrsltnoted shove Houston street. 1 hey w ,sh two n'eely furnished rooms. Willi private lahle If po*slbkt. Temis not to exeecd r5?rH0*BK>Otl). Addrw fiTF. B , Ht* 9ta l"vr office BOIKDINO AID LODOINU. f JOARD WANTBD I!Y A WIDOW LADY? AN UNPU 1} lushed r<*>ra tn a private fantll > preferred Address L a. 1.. Herald oAce, lor two days. Terms not to raced $4 toft )? r week. * Boarding.? a large boom, with pantry at tachrd, unfurnished, to let, with btwrU, to a anntti1 una and liis wife. Also, n n* in suitable for a eeuple of single m til nil II, * lierr the comforts of ? home arty be enjoyed, aa there ore l ul Mr other boarders. Apply at *3 llenry street BOARIUNU.-A ROOM. BEDROOM AND pantry, unfurnished, w Itli hoard, for a gentleman are! wile, care tie lmd hi til Kant Broadway; Alio room for two (ingle genu* men. BOARDING.? A GENTLEMAN A.VD HIS WIFE. OR two or three single gentlemen may find a pleasant home in a small family, where the comfort* of n home can lie en joyed; He boose In very pleasantly situates, and of easy access by car* and stages. Apply at X?2 Fourth avenue. BOAItDI.NO.? HANDSOMELY F('?NISHEI> ROOMS* IK suites or singly, for single gentlemen or gentlemen ami their wives. tn a hr?t rlmui bouse with all modern irapeiwe nirats; the house is entirely new. Term* reasonable. K -tec enee i v hanged. Apply at ri-> Ninth iitreei. BOARDING.? HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS I'D let, With or without board; private table, if desired; tenna moderate, In advance, in Hen of reference. 157 S Bowel/ near the <orner of Broome street. BOARm.NO AT B4 WEST FOURTEENTH STREET ? Families nr single gentlemen wishing to secure Imiril for the winter, w ill find suitable apartments in n first class prtva'n hoarding house; room* plcii'-aiit nisi situation unsurpassed. Plea*e epply nt 04 Went Fourteenth street, between Fifth an t Sixth H\enuee. CORNER BROADWAY AND GREAT JONES STREiiT? some handsome rooms, including a milt of beautiful par nrs, are now to let in the very ftliglhlv situated botuo, No. 1 Oreat Jones street, cornor Of Broadway. Furnished rooms to let? with or without breakfast, to gentlemen, at vi < Jones street. The liou'e lias nil the modern improvement*. FX UNISHED ROOMS TO LET? PLEASANTLY SITVA led, with hoi mid cold water, In a private Uinllv. Inquire ot P. CO I.E. at 866 Broadway, two door.'' above Union square. TTH'RNIKIIED ROOM. WITH FULL BOARD, WANT KB J? by a single gentleman. Address, Mating terms, whlofc must be reasonable, T., bo* 2,7? < l'ost office. TTtURNISHED ROOMS? FOR GENTLEMEN, AT NO. Lg J Lispcuard street. FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, FOR GENTLEMEN only.? A large and ver> pleasant attic room will be let hi a siticle gentleman, at $1 At) per week, or $2 to two; breakfast and tea It required. Apply at M20 Broome street. Gikntlhmen and their wives may be AOCOM f modated witii board anil pleasant rooms, in a privsta ti mlly, by applying at 1U7 West Twelfth street, between Fifth in <1 siv h avenues. References required. NOT1CE.-A PRIVATE FAMILY WITHOUT CHIL dien, two seriants, large house modern fixtures, near Broadway ond Fourth street, can let a sotuh parlor and bedroom, connected and furnished, to a slnglo gentleman: bachelor preferred, Breakfitst can bo served In the room, if deslted. Address A. B., 381 Fourth sUeet. PLEASANT ROOMS FOR GENTLEMEN AND THEIR Wives, on (he first and second Uoors. Also, two rooms tor single gentlemen, at C 2 East Twenty-third street. PARTIAL BOARD, WITH VERY DESIRABLE ROOMS, in sniie or otherwise, may be obtained at 91 East Thir teenth street, by single gentlemen, or n gentleman and lady, desiring lirst clasa accommodations In a small t'amllv. Houaa lias nil the niouern Improvements. Rooms, with board, at gramercy park.? > Fulmiles returning from the country will find a few de sirable rooms, handsomely furnished; also rooms for single gentlemen, at 106 East Twenty first street, wUh all the modern improvements. Rooms ? a private family, of four phrsons, residing one block from Broadway, between Metropolitan and New York Hotels, desire to let a parlor and bedroom ad joining, on second story, front, to n quiet, respectable single fentlemnn. Break last If required. Address J. M., box 3.H61 'ost office. TO LET? FURNISHED ROOMS; A SPLENDID SUITS of rooms, with the exclusive kitchen; or to ? party of gen tli men, who wish to live in comfort, as If lu their own house. With attendance, at 871) Broadway. TO LET? A PLEASANT ROOM, NEATLY FURNISHED, to two gentleman w ithout board, or to a gcntlem in an1 his w ife, w ho could have another room, with privilege to cook In thu kitchen, or lo two ladies with the same privilege. Loea tlon pleasant and near Broadway. Good reference given aad required. Address C. M., Broadway Post Ollice. TWO OR THREE GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACGOMMO dalrd with pleasant lodging rooms In the aitie ol house H.1 Varirk street, on moderate terms. Application may be made for two or three days. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICES. dc~l 9 rnn ANn A pabtxkr wantkd? in a *4P_I i.uUU very extensive ?t?(l profitable business, la which ii fortune may hp realized In h few yours. The bmlnesa is already well established, Hiiit Is worthy the attention of any ? 'lie (It'-lrlnp 11 Kftfn und prolltnble Investment. Address Treble, box .1,6.%6 Post office. Icon TO *2.000. -A PARTNER WANTED, IN AN .? J" /V/ established business, where the general provision trntle enn he added with great advantage; an extensive conneo Hun already mailt! among good private families. The location nml s'ore first rale. Address A. 11. C., box 170 Herald office, with real nnme and address. No agent nepd answer. <tfcl nnn ? A partner wanted in a cash MANir iJpl,(IUU. fneturing business that pays a large pro it, and s done strictly for cash. A More Ik kept down town for the ale of the article* manufactured, and other goods aro kept. The partner la wanted tn take charge of the store an l finance f the concern. Apply to C. B. HOWES, M Nassau street. djQfjn ?PARTNER WANTED, IN AN OI.D ESTAB ?OUl/? lulled and profitable cash husinesa, done without, rick ; to one who can give his time and energies to bualncM will tlnd 1 bin a good opportunity. Apply to O. H. HOWES A CO., M Nassau tlrfM. djOnn TO MOO ? WANTED, AN INDUSTRIOUS MAN, V?)U1 ' of good bnelneiw habltii, with this amount, to Lake an 1 quiil interest In a respectable and gno<l paying buslne**, well established. Kor full particular* apply at Mt MAHON'S real estate office, 17f. Chatliain street. (t>1 fft ?A RARE CHANCE TO COME AS PARTNER with thla amonnt In a line established oyater restaurant anil drinking aaloon. Inquire immediately at 133 Delaneey ft reel. 4:1 00 ?T''E ADVERTISER WISHES A PERSON TO ?]pJ.Uv/. ;oln him In a respectable and very pleasant and lu crative business. This la such a chance as seldom happen* for a person to the wittering plnees. aee the eonntry, and at the same time make moiipy easy. Apply imuiediatelv to Mr. tiny, at l'etch A Ingall'* Mi> Broadway. A PARTNER WANTED.? A GKNTlAiAN OF B(J slncsa habit*, aliout leasing a atore down town for Ihe auction and commission business, want* to meet some one with one thousand dollar* or more, and who w.inu to get Into htifine**. Addrrs* York, Ikii IJ8 Herald office. Notice.? tub partnership of iiallakeator I* this day dissolved by mutual consent ; the management of I he business will still be contlnned at the old atand, M Third avenue, rear, by Ihe said Kealor. and by whom all claim* duo to and by the said firm will bo discharged and liquidated. New York, Aug. 14, 1805. IIENRV KEATOR, ? DAVID BALL. T'lE COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXISTINO UN der the ttrm of We*tcott A Co., Is thl* day dissolved by ton 1 11 il consent. The busincs* will be continued at the old aland. li:8 Hrimd? ay, under the management of Robert F. WpateoU, and bv w lioiu nil claims due to, and by thp said Arm. will be dirchargi d and liquidated. ROBERT F. WESTOOTT. JOHN R. TUORNE. mo PAINTERS ? A YOUVO MAN, WISHING TO MKKT _L with an old cstabli?lnncnt, with a good connection, cheap, in th* paint, shade, and paper hanging buainena, enn hyar of one by addressing H. S., box 1,-101'ost Office. ^pply *oon. \\T ANTED? A MACHINE MANUFACTURER. TO TAKE f V an Interest in ihree very valuable patent*. two of which have been succcsafiilly introduced. These intents require a Lirge amount of casting* and boiler w ork. The patentee ha* mo contract* on hand at thin time that will amount to tenor twelve thousand dollar*. For particulars addrcas Patent, Herald ofllc (?PORTING. 0 PORTING. ?FOB SALE AND FOR STOCK. ALL THE il breed* of dogs, also an lufalllble cure for mange. res, nt.d ili-cases of the *kln In dog*, Ac., beautifying ana turr.otlng the growth of hair and exterminating tleaa, Ac. For -ale at a 0 Water street, corner of Fulton. Price fifty cent*. KEC.ATTA.-THE FOLLOWIOO PRIZES WILL BE given In a regatt*, to ernnn off on Thurnday, Ikh InMant, in e tor all boat* 'J< teet and under, viz. : (AO to flr*t boat, $30 to >nd, :ind tlfiln third. IMHance, twenty mile*; to atari from .intlc Hotel, llolwjken. at I o'clock P. M Two minute* per .. allowed for difference in length. Kutrance tfl, to be mad* at or liefore 10 o'clock on the day of nailing. This regatta la In u nited for an opportunity to le*t the merit* of the rartou* boat 1 ullder* ln.thl* vicinity. ABRAHAM BARKER, Proprietor. TAU TOO CLUB RKfJATTA.? THK ANNUAL BKOAT ta ot the Tail Tog Club will lake plane, from the eiah ground, at Collins Point, Mamaroneck, two mile* north W New Roche lie, on Tuesday. September 4th, 1.16S The prixe* to 000 st>t of one purse of ftu and one of S30. The regatta i* open I* *M sail boot* of 28 feet alt length, and under. No entrance fee. All boat* to be entered by 10 o'clock on the morning of the raeat Au allowance of two minute* to the foot to be made for dlflkr ence in length of boats; iiiea?uremenl to be over all. from tha iuiigot part of the stem, to the longeat part of Ihe (tern. The course of -ailing to lie designated on the morning of the race. All boat a to come furnished with anchor and buoy, aa the atart will be made from anchorage. EXCURSMMIS. Excursion to the fishing ranks ?the did la-t and safe sea steamer CROTON, ('apt Wm. H. Ilrssi, will make trip* to the Fishing Hanks on Tuesday Thur*. ? Iny and Friday of thl* week, leaving a* follows.? Brooms "licet. E. R., at f A. M., Peek *lip, 7JI0; Spring atreet, N. R., >?; I'tcr No. S N. K . 8 JO. A band of music wtll accompany he bont. JjJXCTBSlON TO KKYPORT.? THK STEAMER GOLDEN Qate. t'apt. Char lea Anderson, will make an rvunM to Keyport every day In the week, Sundays excepted. leaving Murray street at 8>4 o'clock, aad pier 3 at 0 A cotillon Jnmm w ill l>e on board. The bxcxrsion or thb Washington star am s< elation, advertised to take place on Thursday, Wh uJt_ -jpnse.iuence of Ae accident to the steamer *fn 11 knur* .I?^*n r**tponed nnUl Wednenday evening ner . Ath Inauat. w"> ?< 'he am! place* 'fe.^ir^-sia.todha ,<.ly dlflereiKc being in Ihe 1 ajMn. TRA ? " CCIOCY IHlaAND AND after Monday Angiut 27, >-4ijlmU,ToN.? ON ANtt win make only two tiipe a day to rs*.M, NOBWAIJC Coney Island leaving >,?** atreet at S W aSk^riMw* ?treet at it^ ?n<l S P. M. : pier No. S N. R , at Tfir and 2U P. M. : leaving Coney Islaad at It and 6K, tank in* at I'ort llaniiltaa each way. Faro far the tnah ex cursion 'Ji cent*. Full far* for children. CI HEAP FARE FOR ALBANY? IN TH* FABTBtfT 1 *team? r?? the river, every Tneaday. Thursday and flan list. PaaMge IH; rent* The oomawdtou* ste.mer HKRO, J. W. Haneox rr.aater leave* the aorth aide of RobUteoa alreel p%r. a* atove. at *11 o'clock P. M , arriving ai hw o*cta* 4 h For paauge hy Western or Nofihertt BMlroad. ?r auta (????, "fF'f ??' CM7XTDB.