Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 5, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 5, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. MORNING EDITION-WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 1855. (ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. NEW WBUCATIOSi S. A GREAT SLCCESS ? The new noTel by t'.ie author 01 ''A. ae"i 11 iE HIDDEN PA Til. By Marton Harlaud, of lUchmoart V> Two editions ro1<1, third edition printing The extraordinary auccesa of Mlw Ha 'and'h "Alone" ??running through edition after edition with great Vapidity; republished in EngUud with t -<1111 larger h ilo; translated into the French and Gvi iiiun language, With marked auccess ? is, perhaps, the t rvi'lca.-e of the originality arid popularity ol her ilings. In the l?n (juagc of an eminent critic, '^he tu.iv hi icef -rt "? lake rank am?ng the moat successful norcLsU c: 1 ue Uui'.ed titatep. One 12m'>, rol. Pi .Ye #1 'V . . J. C. DRBUY, PublUlier, UD Na sau street. For sale by alt bookseller* VINEYARDS IN AMERICA? UK 13>J OkSTH. with remarks upon temperance, (its foundation,) Intemperance (its causes anl remo.liiM ) the culture o! the grape Tine in the United S tate*, an! othe- matter* of laportan' e to rich nnd poor. It;, J.ihu tKl.oru, of Oporto, In Portugal, and New York. For aal' I No. 45 Bea>t*i street, New York. Copies transmits . free to any part of the I uiieil states on receipt of Qfteen cea _t in pontage T AMES .SHOULD REE FRANK LESLIE'S GAZETTE 1 1 of Fashion and the llcau Monde for Sep'ember, con Win ing all Ihe new fall fashion*. jnat received from Paris, before making their purchases. The part just Issued contains nume roua beautiful designs for cluuks, dresses. caps, bonnets, Ac.; patterns '.or needlework, new music, and the latest fashionable Intelligence. For sale at ell the bookstore*. VTEW WORK ON CALIFORNIA.? J>l D. APPLETON A CO., Wfi and 348 liroadway, Will publish on September Mh, Till! ANNALS or BAN rKANCISCO, Contain* a Summary of the history of the first discovery, ?etlleinem, progress and present condition of CALIFORNIA, And a complete history of all the important events connect ed with its great city, to which are added biographical memoirs of some prominent citizens. By Johu Hotilc, John II. Ollion, M. D., and James Nlsbct. l large vol., Hro., elegantly Illus trated withXUO engravings. Prloe in cioih, $.'1 60; roan mar ble edges, $J; roan gilt edges, >i so. This work is the result of several years of observation, labor End research, of gentlemen who have occupied positions af fording ample means for correct information. The work may therefore be relied upon as being the only lull, Impartial and interesting history ot California and lis great city that lias over been jjlyen to the public. Agents wanted to aell the above valuable work. The i<ocket.? tiie oreat local romanoe-a pari ol which was published in the liroadway Mclle last winter? Is published tills day, complete, in book form, and can be had in ance of the trade at the ollico of Ihe liroadway Belle. Btoadway, price IB cent*. P. F. HARRIS, Publisher. The escaped nun ano the Jesuits.? notwith Mauding Hie renewed efforts of the Jesuit* in disguise to nislead the public w ttli their promises, and injure the sale of *' The Escaped Nun," that nw-t remarkable book of the season continues to win l's way to public favor, and the demand for it is rapidly ou the Increase. .Menu ho have received so many favors ai the linml of Jesuits high In power, do not desert their benefactors und become "Know Nothing" without a cause. T1IK ESCAt'ED NUN ; OR, Dtscioamtos or Content I.trr and the Confusions of * Sister or t ii a iiity, will reach M).tXM> copies, in spile of all tlin mean Insinuations nnd low i.'iuendoes of loud professing patriots. Patriotism manifests itscll In deeds, not words. We have issued more anil-Catholic works than any oilier house in the I! tilted States, and none but Jesuits enrteavor to Injure us. The only reliable work on ihe Iniquities of convent life, and tiie vile practices of priests and nuns, Is "The Escaped Nun." Price $1. HEWITT A DAVENPORT, Publishers, Nos. IliO apd it'* Nassau street. POtmtAL. AT A MEET1NO OF THE UNITED REPUBLICAN AH soi lii I ion, held at 110 Greenwich street, on Tuesday even ing, Sept. 4, the follow ing resolutions were adopted:? Whereas, liy n recent act ol the Legislature of this State, a new great monopoly hss been created whereby we are de prived ot Ihe nji ins of obtaining our lawful subsistence; and Whereat, We have been legally licensed end heavily taxed for the privilege of pursuing our bu.lncss, and believing our selves to be grossly wronged and oppressed by this enactment for the bench! of a few wealthy mouo,iuliHis ? Therefore, resolved, As we number from three to four thou, ?Ud men engaged in the Emigrant and Weetern tiuatness and all ha vim: votes are determined to use them at tlia coining ??lections, und to show ourselves united and inflexible on this one question. Ke-olved, That as the Coammb sloners of Einigratlon have Tiolatcd all laws nnd principles of Justice and respect lor the Working mi n. and the interests of the citizens of the lower wards nf this city, by .using (.'as1 Garden us an emigrant de pot, and aa Qiey are encouraging to build up a powerful anl oppK?tlu. mooopaly lo the detriment and Injury of a large portion ot the citizen* of this city, w. arc determined to use our pow er and inlluenoe to oppose them. Itesol ved. 'Hist we dcmai il ihe attention and respect of a'l candidate),, wlUioutiiiniliietl, ,11 ol party, to the grievances which we hereby prri ent to public notice. Kcsolved, Tliut tho motto of the Insignia under which we rally and will tight is "Down with all Monopolies," and tha' we will unt'onipinmlsliigly oppose all men who will not lie friend us in thia our time of need. WM. WILSON, President of Association. 8. Mevek.h. Secretary. Democratic republican general committee. A regular meeting ot till- fun mitte* will beheld at Tain mopy Hull on Tb irsday etering, September (, at (J o'clock. Punctual a'lendanoe Is requested. RuMERT KELLY, Chairman. Jjmos I. . Buns.mct, ) Hecretanr., At->B?D < BJtKC?IXO?, ) ' FIFTKKN i II WAKD YOUNG MEN'S INDEPENDENT Democratic Club.? At a lar??sn<i enthusiastic meeting of the al ovc i :ub, convened at J. ii. Hilllcr's, corner of Hoiin ton and Mulberry street*, on Monday evening, Sept. 3, 1S&5, J una J. Uuiii'ilclon was elected President, and John J. Dy aond and Wllliana Hepburn, Vice Presidents, and Ohas. Henry and William Martin, Secrelarle . On motion the following committee were appointed to draft resolutions exprcs*lvn of the senttmeBts of this meeting:? Messrs. John J. Dymond. Wm. Hepburn ?ud Wm. Martin; whereupon they reported the fol lowing resolution*, w hich w ere most enthusiastically and unan hnously adopted: ? Resolved, That the hypocritical knaves (the abolitionists) and *11 thi.?e who seek to dismember this republic, by their repeated resistance to tbe taws ot the hind awl the will of th'i people, merit nut unqualified condemnation an l abhorrence, and that we indignantly denounce *11 fellowship with men who trample the conetitutlon under foot, and pulillelv |iro. latni their prefer ??nee lor Ihe negro to the v. el! are of the L'uion. And tha', as re publican d' mo. rats, wc are oppoaeed to and abhor the so called !Malne Liquor law, and will use our utmost endeavors to have It erased off the statute book. Resolved. Tbal we know no party faetion, and endorse the Baltimore platform of InA'Jaa l'iiii>ndem<ier ^ais. JAMES J. OVMBLETON, Presldeut. C*A.s. Huxnr, Ifi--. Jon.* J. 1?T* 1MB, i Vice l'r..y? Wm. Mantis, Wm. Hvevaff. }*'eerre*ts. VTOTICE.-TO THE IN DEPEND ANT DEMOCRATIC i\ uorki.'i.' men, \o'er of the ci.y an I totolf of New York, el o my tiunu ioii:- friends and scqusln'ances, that I am a can dltdae loiMierdl. JAMESjU. liKi.NNiCN, No. 7 avenue D? Eleven'h ? ard. ^ mo THE TLECTORS OF THE TRIRTY -SEVENTH J. Council District, Fourteenth Ward.? In conformity :o the wl.'he < of m> friends, 1 announce myself a candidate for ?Councilman in the above district, and If eleccd I pledge my ?eli' to serve uiiUtuliy tUu luUtc. and houor of it) coostl'.u en's, and iti all my ouicial acts will bo guided by the principles of true reform. Antl-Matae law and Know NothtBg, andantl innattc candidate. JOHN KIEltNAN, It Marions reet. TUB irmiCMXX. A" T A KI'Ki IAI, MKETIHiO OK OOMTBaiAlf KN'OIVK Company No. 14. held hi ihe eaklne ho;i?t, on r 11'' MiAj rrrmiiur. ^r!<teniber 4, 1HM, Uio following preamble and r>' )? Jutlon-. *i rr unaniinotlaiy adopted;? wiipir. , Ii Ium planned the AimUi.tjr Baler of Ike utrftmroe, ta :lie wlr lUpenaatlon of hu divine prori leuee, to r-. ta ira frouioui n. I : r??n lat? worthy a? o>:leto ami bro bur Drum in, Wm. K. MtSnw, and, wttercaa, th.' me'ancbnMy event ?! (Hint- front u- mi expression of our trelintja; therefore, be It Bonlved. That wfalf?t we bow tn humbto tubml Ion to lUn dreiee of mi *l w I e Provlden ? our Uoer ere I in ? row at the k< of one endeared a tit by mauy lie; of friend ?Ulp atid ti!t rttoo. Mnny of an we?? hU l?oo:i companion* from im. Iv Im'vI nort; for it number of ve?r* na^t. hivln -? ?eryel na a member nf tht* nNMeny, In* i! -rfi.trtfeq the duHea devoir ln< upen h.:u with <beeeTUlnr<? ?nd ?fll ieni v, always on In >v m W by ht? own noble eiample o In-ti'cave ta the mind . of bt? lOiurad*. *l>elr duile* In upholding it'd main: uuiu* I'm knoer m>4 lull. iditjr nf Ibe Fire Department. W c<->n- ry reailie ?tf mournful evnl of hit .|e.-e??? when we romam plat* the brief pe iod which luu el* paed ?lno? he otjuoainKi- I wHh ih ii, oti. many joyou? u i . i , bti elm, he li.ttoep* etl, rain mo no I by ihe greet Chief ?',?????, who prealdea over u ail, to a tower the le1-! roll mil of trauian dentlny. Re'Olved. That In prlvnic Bfe he fi?r bore in enviable repnUHon < tn honorable end unrlgtt eltlfen. and?.i"irn hlmviftoali who Iwl the plea mi re or bt? acquaintance, an! in hlr rt. .i'h o-;?ty ha- loet one of IN bright ? ' orn linen'-" R<-olved. That we deeply ? mp ' Iro wl'lt the reln'lye* in I ftrtend? of o '.r dr 'ea-ed coniint'", to lil? *'i vlelnit alater, w'h?, wMi rbera irlallr iMdtnm, walaM by bl< h*hMe and w. nilii 'ered .i hi- wattUt during bU nevera iltn<"\ we 'ender oar atocere condolence, and In the dark hours of her norrot* and afl'i kin-, wticn thntuUta laden Willi heartfelt i mill- i lerrpat 'v port* of the t/rave of her beloved brotbi r. ? ? rtnnniMH lif o haee (atth Mtd neek connolatton in ih'' -w ' ' '. religion of II in w'Kidiy'h all ihlrni- for ft?l. in' I who elone riyniflir: her In her b?re**"uient. K.- ii \-e I 1 ha' thee# re?olntloo? I"' jwibllehed la the Herald, DeUy v r -wl Murdiiy Berenry, an t thai a ropy of the Mate be pre " , e.| r> l!i* 'ainl.y 01 U>? <M0M I emu. A. i"i iv, Ser'y. J AS. POB3Y ill, Koremm. At a si'E' iai- mkktimi of ATLANTIC rxotxk Prtr.p itij No. IS. li' ld a' the K' ;!ne I' me, flepiember ?4, **5. *li? folio* i ^ pre anble h.t! reeolutMtu w -r t unnul m< ?iy ?d?.- d:? Whe. ea?. ?c are anddi-nly railed upon t/> mmm ibe losi o t nor in ,rb evii-rni'-d frl'n<land lellow member, .'obn mil ?. ehn :o?' h life by ?et Ident on Ihe .-toning of ifce VI In tan', while In ih- Mt dtt,, uai ,a of UU duty ai a member of Ui.? epmpany; iberefdre? Retofved, That we. the m?mb<"?of AtlesHc Rnslne r"om pany No I dei jily feel Uie lo?? we h ivu MiatMiaed of oil' who bad endeared himmlt to u? by hi- Mod and Hfiitleronily d porttnenl I'Oti a? a nu mber and a lrl.-nd. Kr ilv. I. That we a^ncercly jrinw?ihi?.e with (he bereav I Mfent* aiid reinilTea oi the deceaa?d, and would eonim "ml Mm to 'he rare and protection of 111 m who. In Ilia all wiae provlden. ?? !m- ?e<-n fit in brln?ttbu awful and aoddea :? reaveme" 'tpr.n them and n?. R.-elvel. That the en*tnc ho'i?? lie draped tn mourn n. and iiat tii' mrnihera ot tb? -omp ?ny wear ib>- u-'ial embl ->rt r* mou. nla? to ilnrty dey?. KefcOlred. Tba' 'he memHers ot tV mmpany attend hit fun" raJ, and we reMMl Ibe ofll'-er" and m<-ml>era of the ftrn d'' par ni'-nt c*,ie,-*lly to unite with na in p.tylng to om deeea e I cotnrr le the la?t trlhute of re^p'ri. Re?o,ved, Thai a c-opy of theae r? oluilona be aent U> the (Mailt of f lie dera??ed, an I Uut they be pnbllabed in ih* Rrokolyn Kajle, H'ar, New York llcrald, and Hundar M. r "ttry D. H. < I MKSTOJf, Hecre -u, r Brookiyn, Kept. 4, IW TirK MRMRRR.4. HOViK * RV MKWRKKH AMI KKIKVf* ! ot f'oiiini .iai, Ktiifieir Company 14. are berebe nottAed i > rreei a' the euKlne hon>e, <m Tbnraua/. (t^pt. ?, at 1 o'clock P M., lo attend the funeral of our late brother member. Wm. P. Met (raw. The members el the Board of RepreaeaU'ivee of 'he New fork Fire Depart roea' are atari reapectfully Inrbel ut attend. Hy order of the com tuiv Cieo. A. U?>r, Hcc'y. jm, F0B4TTH. Foiemba , MASS MEETING OF MRKINGMEN. TDE "PEOPLE'S PARTY" IN TflE FIELD. (ALL FOB A STATE COKYEHTIOX. .SPEECHES AND RESOLUTIONS, Ac., Ac., Ac. A mM? meeetlng of vorkinxmon was held la?t ottuln it BoptCliiptl, Broudin;. The object h or the nmtint are bet forth in the call, which if In the following worts: Mam Mrmiro or Wobkikokcn ? The worklnisin?n of th? city ol New York a*? Ucribv convened at Hope Chapel. " Ik Ilroadwny, (oppoaltc the New Vorlc llo'el.) on Tun* (lav evening, H?pt. 4, at 7>? o'clock, to lalut Into con .idera tl<>n the I < si means ol securing? Ut. The aholltton of the coo tn-.ct system. 3d. The Improvement of the public lands and lot* belonging to the ciiy,di>r the brneflt of tin- tenantry. M. The election to legislative offices of representative* of working men: and lili. TbcLaubmimdoo ol alll.iwa Involving lasue* not derided prior to nnd by the elecuonofthe repreaonlatlve*. to the direct vote of the people. "Work tor all," at 111st, living wiige*; "Homes for all," at low, and gradually dimiuisliliu; rente; and the Integrity and perpetuity of rtpregenUUIve demo initio Unlitutiotw. Every ruan In favor oftnc above m?unri'i. win tiot fall to attend the meeting. The tirk Committee will report a plan of organization for the rnautito election. WII.LIA* AKHUTHNlT.l WILLIAM WKSX. 1 WILLIAM KOWR. ItlCNj. I'RIOR, > Commltiee. I?. ?. HKNDKRHO.N-, J. J. UKADS1UW. \ ho gathering was not a Urge one, there being at a., time wore than three hundred pewon, preVn, The proceeding* were noisy, bot tolerably harmonic'. Air. Wm. ABBUTHKOT wag colled to the rhnlr* i *?_ following Vice Incidents and t-'ecreUrie. were afcintJ^ VICE ramiDivR,. *?tnteij. ynhRowe, ratrick O'lfea. r *f'?u*un' J-hn A. Collin , A;<r. Jan. Morrison, ' ,eterI"1'"> Dm ild Marih. I). C. Uenderaon, ^"""wward Steiger. m! Joneit,m Tvt^' ' Jofcph (iutnian, The Park Committee, appointed Anm.i t r.._ ,1 organising end concentrating the pollMcaniiwer ^ Vh''1'""' iu*.nenoFlbl,rily, respectfully ripo' ,1 ^ " ?' ,he "ork considers 1cm of tVe'i wp'rtance or'/i, ,d Rf"'r mature lng, nnd the ??rlfinsnl tl.^iZ ;." ' aru "^..plr ble llirm' lll'eCTl'ffo'bJ^'t b/iheVn^" 7""'' a<l *'n* may be from timo to Umc requV^ i!,7 .0.t.s".c,h '"I1 " lh?'y fdiail be n* fnlln 1 ^ul being sws saw sm&t&F1 cities of the Stale To lorteit i>> ii. . , 'h > several towns unii ?aH5iS^'S?aS^7sS35 aI?w io flulmltali wwinient of f ?n?u?,i,,e,J further recommend-? supreme In their own lieulES.' h':"".v,,ral ??oria?ton. shall ho alt:. Ira In their own way, exr^p"' Sit th'o^iiU'.li rinmV^? J;"'"' aiasssas kS2?~h|S? That the huslnaaaof fills foriimit:e,. ' J,?!h^,"nimV re'lull"'v organizations with all p^ibT. s e?t .1 V n""1'^ ??rd lor local and g"ner?l ?Hires nut In nm.tai? ? !?"'11'11'11 ar.d reef mmend to the ? ilirrHi', ^ hy ,f'lh,-r P-triles, they may obtain sa(.sf?eiorv Dled -es ihiPi i'I. " "?*'} the above mentioned n^aWs * ' aro ??W of COKHIITKE? THE Orrtl KHS or TtlK KCkriau. "?Martin Dlvon, ^SfaBiani^i n. t$: fe BSSSS3S jSEEESF' '-w!!!!Tr^!i?no,, IftlThJmSS Waft?1?' 6? 1 homes HaJter i Jft"??1' 7? ICben W. Morgan, }l~Thtgdff? Keeler. J-Bi. har.1 Rowe ' Ur H"^n' 0? John Maybell, a?j I oT1 10- J. m. ? I;?. Laifontaine, t?w,D "r,,^n Heamiin, ?-a?|2i At Lah<;k? DcdIk McLanghlln. tass.ssro.isur & szz The re|Kirt was adopted ttrm. ,vn solution':!! Wo""K,fl'tl'c? ?ubmitted the following re Hesolyed, That this meeting in behalf of the worWino. men of the city, do hereby Commend ?? I ?l72 m^S." convcnfton of the worklngmen of the ,-ute to m ? in ne??Cr y ?n ,he *oc,,n'l Tuesday of October next, for the purpose of nomisuting a tirke- f,r their nat?l'r^l?r W AD*.tnch '-atfi' late- as are already nomi nated, who may be the most acceptable to them. Mr. Woouarrr ,nld_I should I lire to see. general or f? rns'T throughout the Mute. Hm lar ron. * "" ?" <!'? one now proposed hare been held in for. aw^jsssysr--' r""1 ?" -saftS/a?S5 wj'jss ,fc' m/il' ?- A"i8ht ,h* ?honld indicate the {? in wWfh delegate* should Im .ent u.the convention deleglfte* 'SCh A?"?Mbly district should send one tun^Z^uZjm ,hat 10 f"rmor ?">wntloM the rur?i nmrlctn ha<l h<?en very partially roni ?*h?ii(^i a KS" WOU,,, pr"b"b" aW4U" "n^e' t in .,i??^ '*T ?' en/"i':? The report which has Inst been adopted pro* ides for a -:tate convention, to consist of de the rent r# nn?l *prr*it out to the clrcumfarmcr Whin once we hav. folly organic here, ha^eWrd from other part* of the Mate trom frien.U deroted to the mo> ? m- ut, the 1 r. visional or Vigilance Omimittee thst b<rn appointed will, of conrse p?|| a contention A* t.7in'at!L P'.' T,'i.r*' 'D w hU WOrk ?he labor must begin at l?m,e, and ivhen we have perferte | ?ur nr ,hni I m*y,,(ro f"rth nnd to conquer. , Mr . Oowk was the next speaker? I think, be said that enr attempt to cnll a rttate C mTention wonld he decided ly premature, and like all other similar at.rmpts ? r ti e Working men in the past, would be -u.e t? !. | tl. rough. t fortuna'elv. allittenipts to* the WOI king f lasses hsve faile,| for the want of a definite understanding to be2ln with about prlnriples and men and about orgaaiiat/r.n,. rh . hI?n,,, . . noW(lbow; ^ ' mnn?t#Hl. A Htat# ootiyention w,uM inyolre th ? working r In *h>h jn extraordinary r p< n* whl h t o* -re not * condition to meet. | (l?.f >,v the r -??granr . rf Ihe eommltt.-e thatthey .re pro,,. . for th TZu, n ' /h"? "v (|<.e*tlon ? the right of the je- le o .ut.tifi'e tro*e n<nt eostract* Im em'fet work. Vow t'.ii. h * , ' KK2;. rsl "" h,ln :'^ "f th* won. ng cla.V r?th. r I ,hJ , T ",H1? Who would rath, r a thousand times that the s?rk was ne by pr**ate contract than -hat the ? ,vernr/i n' "li< <il I have anything tr, d? with |,. The ".vernme" det ir?? the confidence of the people *efl, j.niK Ifl?,';''"; Th" ^"""n'tt'.-o aN . rer ?,I end k * ? F't >? I' ' f th" eneiimV?rrd e?t?t*. . I(ev adonted fl'^nh t'r;b"'h ,'*,ll*1rn"nt ?v"?r ' ?m perfecUy (led lh,,f the application of that law to of life r xcX rentf?,r?p.rty ef Ireland w?, nece-ary to cl^r^nt wa'!. ris^iVv in 1Trirfdf '!T fTitU*'"y b? that law h.Vrl Ti 7 ariatocratlc gove-nm >nt. who mi iron Jwr?f had been jpreaaed on the nr. k of |ri?i l,i-.r-v f r ?even bondi.d year,; | woni(, ?ot ,hi, mnimU'rtJ 'h"2 Uk* ur ,h' threadbare g,r. nwiifa 4,1 any arlatoeratic goreni-neat. /t,;ieer. , Afler ?. ma farther disenssion, Mr Wouimiirwl I ti at be ha., no do-bt th" oral diririr*. would re.,.. ,n.| hi*rtil)f and ^ner' ti^lv ta the '?*!! r??: .. r/J#(MI ljor?. He knew aome*h{n(f >,f t Jje linyx t) i? wmLtfit> cla?te? lo the M%hhorho<>'!e ttf Itf^a R'v h'Mter Tr ? and Alt any snd he wa. -atlsfled that the worllngmen r t th .Ity would he am; ly repaid |,y meet^ .h?., ^#|) eMTHrttw. Mr. All <? I h#H ??M ? 1 unpport th? mo'iou t,t tl <? coavrati' n bWam* I belkTt it will ?ld in br;n 'in^ *bO?t, not* I, at MM of !h? r. minl't'* Wl'li to bring al'Ut. bul tb? (fr< ?t m*- - of j'u* w .'kinymM( >1< - r . .1 <1? not wi?b to Ij? p"r?nuil to any on> In nun Mftmlbij '"it I nrr- r will b# tb<- Uy,l If I know It > f "any prlitlml party. rurmt rh-";'.ag | | tmcf will o h?lp Mg <;?l ' iljiiglitor and ron- 1 I ch*?r*.) 1 am 'n from what I hara b tat 4klt*, thHktr (tan i* not an attempt now i<> ma>i ? tool of ir' <.'>d fiint i may b?- wron?, tint I wim toii w trkiiif man iigalnit te inj m*'!*1 tl. to..'.? <d < '*rW n u.?n ? n that platfarm. (U>ud ch?* .) Tb^ir oly ? t la to log-roll f..r Ela" (n th* Af?mbhr wh-r<? tb?r "ill b? ? b!" to male w* t? th? *rormifigm*B'? eomt irt and h.pprv-. (? itm of fxxl.f ?l. > W? barr t'>u long h*?n tii<- ?to' ?? of thla ayatam. Otattnnrn <-oin? h*r? to grind thtii av- ' at our q^n r (1'iuil rba?r?.) Ivwirf of th<* in irtfiiaafa I go lor th? cow ntii n at Albany, and I h p lh< Nactltin* will b? *<loyt?<l. Mr. W mrr ? I demand tb? prirll?n? o' nayng a *of I. I will only aay that If tha gmtlrman liuit up i*f<> r?l t. my m<>t|T?a hla rrtnarka wi>rt rntlraiy tia-*ll?d ft>, an-1 lrr?U-wint. (<VI#? <A or.lar, aad moe)i nproar I . *?? J-f ? ap?>ke nart. Hr -aid 'tt-er? !? h.4 In tWa rMolation ? prinripl^ of Tital impo'tan*"* to the ??rkte? wga who to ban-fit 0r . coo l Wm I and that of hi* toiling brethren. blmpl* ih the rcs?'?. | tion lt>, there is aomeihing which we muat guard again ? or we f?ha.! be deatrojed by the truacherr of (he w? aJtby ne arc h iere for the purpose of endeavoring to elevate the working ^clause* from (he position into which they have hm f>iung<-<l by the power of capital. SI" . ?. ?y " c,,nT">tlon at Albany. Who would be ?en I to that convention- W:,y, rich men whose iStOTMti are diametrically opposed to our*, and who al ways will make laws to crush us. A workina man ha* ' no power in any political party. No man can get a no mination from the democratic |>arty? either the hard's or the softs, unlets he Las tho dimes. (Cries of good. ) Cn til we nave a better organ] ration than we hare now. it is impossible that we run send men ton State convention Ti .??W, "present u? ?nd whose interests are identified with ours. When we hare a proper or (fan ligation and can raise money to nay the ex pease* of our delegate*, then and then only, can we send de l?g*te* to a Suit- convention who will truly represent us After acme further cli*cu?ion, the amendment ofleiel by Mr. .Isgne was voted down, and the original reiolu 'v "? calling for a mass convention, was adopted bv ai clainalKui. ' A Mr. B.-.iu.v then obtained the aoor, aud after statirur ti nt he bail always been n friend of thr working man proceeded to read :i lon^ string of resolutions, unou ;i' most every conceivable subject The mmn object 01 them appeared to be to denounce the Know Nothings the free soflcra and the prohibitory liquor law. The reading of the. e rceoliitions create.! much uproar and confiuil .u. A dozen nieu sprang to their fret ftt tho name moment. Some moved to table the resolutions, other to refer them to the S.ute convention, und others to refw them t> a committee of five. The OuMtux, in the raidat of the confusion, recojr nlml flic latter motion, and pitting it hastily, declared itcairied. Mr. niui'Mi.twp ru-hed to the front of the platform in ? ffste of great excitemeut, and said This proceeding i s without a parallel. It 1/ iiuttiug us uuiter the kvk law. (Cheer*, his* ex, and shouts of "hear him") I anion- of Die committee, end I claim n right to speak 011 the resolutions that ha>e been offered. A Von E ? (io ahead. No tool of Smith, Sick le? k Co. oe.ght to come he:e to cjnm resolutions d<>wu ovii throats. (Cheers.) Mr. Bwwtawi ? \ e , fellow ? orkin^men, we have n? 11 coming here pretending to he our frfoni*, aud offering 1 ?trinffl of resolution* a* long si their arm:', which me in nothing but to put themselves into ottico. (Cheers.Wl Now 1 wi.-h to put thin gentleman of the Custom House or centinl committee 10 the test, and nee if he is reilly the friend of the ivorkiturmen. (Umghter and che?r<> ) I A Vonr ? 1 hnpe no (illusion will be made that can hurt Mr. Bniley's feelings, even though he doos occupy tseat till' Custom iloune. (Ki.tru of laughter and great vi'. Hkadhuwf, ? I (Ink the gentleman, will hi' help t i nominate und support no man for otlice who Is not a bona fill* wotkingmsn? OM who work- by physical strength r (VeUmint aud prolonged ches.Uiir, and shouts of "Thikg |?.") Mr. "Baii ? ? I want to explain wh\t my seat In the Cuftoinjioiife is, since allu-ion h:ui lifn ma le t > it. Mionttpf "Answer the question." Mr. continued to gesticulate for some moment*, but not aYord he uttered could Ik- heard .it the reporto i table. Hiv did not, however, attempt I1* an wer the question a<Mres ed to him. Mr. mounted the platform, and wher he could obtain a hiring mid ? These resolutions L>vr be.. 11 thrown in *Moiig*t u* as a firebrand, (Cries of 'That'* so" and "Away with them.'') How can it beneli4 u |IV adopting a political platform that has b- en laid do?n b'v >ome other association > We want no political pliitUrm. (Ureat chewing.) The Cimihma.x here reminded the meeting that the^> was no question iH'fore it. the obnoxious resolutions liav irg been referted to a Committee of Five. He then ap rxjlntivl the following gentlemen as said committee:? Me trs. CtilUna, Shei\?uod, .laques, lk>eny *nd West. ?;n motion olJHr. Boauhmwii, It was resolved that none hnt U-pn fidf working men should be elected delegates to the State convention to be held at Albany. Before an adjournment took place speeches were made bT Mr. Frniler and Mr. West, the lalier of whom held lerth at some Ifliiffih against the contract system, and In favor of tenaut rights. City Intelligence. l lTAL A< 1 mr\T AT T1IK OlK.MtX OK RWKMAV A >1) ViHSAI' -TBfia. ? Yesterday a serious accident occurred in tho building or the Dai\>j Timet. It seems the AVui Turk Of.fTt?r has it- composing rooms in the upper story of the Timet building, and i -nd their "forms" down through the Timet hatchway, und in the Tint'.i box. ^e'ten'ny afternoon, as two young men, named Wil Ibin H. Tlmpron, Mge l 18 years, and Thomas Ste v??Kon, SR<d 1? jears, both cmpleyed on the Mrw Y ?k Cktntr, were descending fiom the upfier story of th buidlng through the hatchways in ihe bog In which th ? "fiimii" are let down, at the fourth story the box caught u [.< n the floor, the chain by which it was held, hi w?v?r, continuing to unwind. The boys a < soon as po*r ble fn ed the box rum the fttmr, but before they c? ull do so, a yard or so of loo*e chain had unwound to the l?glh of which the hox fell as soon as cleared, the j> rk 4 the fall hreakiig the chain and precipitating the two icys Into the basement. The spine of ewsh hoy Is bioktv and neither one i? expected to recover. The chain in its rapid inotinji, also injured Mr. Thomas ii. Carr, ?ho was wounded in Ihe leg and side. Htevenson and Tlopson were taken to the City Hospital, where tho f< r mettled at .-it o'clock in the evening. The latter is not expeted 10 live over to day. There liave been several accidees of thi* kind lately, and ft behoove < those who have to to with hatchwnjs to ts' be very careful. The 1 MFIOMQci t < ? 1 a it 1 > . ? ' The Independence <>um I, .lames A Doylt, Lieutenant commandini' parade.1 yc teriJay t' conuir morutc the birthday nf their former Captsin. .ohn T. Csirns, (the well known tactician ) anl al 0 to ciebrate the eighteenth anniversary of tho orgsnitatha of Ihe corps. The (iuard belonged ori^i c&Uy to thudd 2T'h Ke?iment, since better known as the .Vatiomt Cuard, 7th Kegiuient. in 18 -7. owing to roine difficuty in that t- giiio nt, a split ensued, and the malcontents those J. F. Cairn- for Captain, an ! adopted their pteseni name. Tl.ey ?o<.n aeifutred a (treat reputs tien fcr dirridlne, and are not even now -iirpsn-e 1 by any other coitpany in ibe city. The (ioard I- attache! to ihe 1-th Ritiment, N Y. S. M. After mar<hinx p*-i tl ? llniilD oilce. the (iuor l jiroce'de.1 to the Pa k, where they wet- reviewed by their uewly el?< ti d Colonel, Richard Krencli and the 12th I'-egiment staff. I Ik y then marched to theiirammercy Honee, near the juaie of that name whev-, after difseusMni? a good 'fnnur, np propriate and el^uent spe*'<:hes were made by Captain Boyle, IJeutenajt Wat<?. Quartermaster Weeks, 1. I Harrison and o^ers !hec<mi*uy spent n g>?sl1in." in felicitating thivrelvn' as well they might, on thei, excellent appoemtce. I odtrorth'e Band wu ? in attend sne. Ihe < enipi^y separated at a late hour Tnr E'otr Uvp> tttni1, Mtmbering thiity-two moahet" f apt. B. K. Murpi*. pr' eeded on their 'lord annual target exc rslon togort i^e on Monday 3d inst. Tiey contended fi.- ixte-n prist*, and in no amall decree dl< played their rklll asfood Knrksmea. Tl elr aptwaranee ras good, and thei arrugenMeta gave >a fation U> thi n.selws and frienls. Tfi Kiito\ fferET Vimoi ?Aii in-iue t was ye,ter day held by Con ner f'I>onnell upon the body of The I'< ecker the ynnn^ m n v no wns drown' d at the 1 niton l< r?y 1 n ttnduy night Itapiear* de eased stai' "ii a inn to u-t on bWnl fee forty Wit Mtnhattag. * . ? li liail juat J< rt hfr r, I it in Juini ing a.'.'-r he: h" '??11 h< rt of hl? m?i> ?nil j tingr'l inf'i ill'' In". I : forta made to anve ? ut *? h* <li<l not riiu? to tha ler* they pr> fe?l frulj. Hewn* a native ot (it: li any, Hj^anoM. am! % ,a m; loy-'l .1^ 1 <lori m 'li? <!i ug it?H of Mr. tin*. Ofinr, 1 V, -Vmth ?treet At ?R* or Kir i* nr:| li irr-i Dwtki/t.? About 1') I <? < li.'A nut III. ht th* ain % >f tir" in CJt'l ar atrivt "a <1 ?? 1 y bur ling ... ^ par! 0! -rid - andiug l.jr ti 'ing -I'.r i.( GmL? fcfci.r.-'. ?, X 117 and If) . sr Mreet. It Fa# >um,ot. tn hat' !?** 11 ..11 tir? I \ .me boya out nftniarbtf. I ?.w it 1/ -nn.-ui v? #??? a< ' 1 (I 1fc ?*>.? Wl.'il 11- uit,*r of ;all? n' ? nailer MUinait. '0 u> * patient _ CCO ii' n . d at 11. rir t 2!fJ; ., a' lb ? < 1 j.. n?jrjr (?|a**likil ?? li'mm), l.U ? l?i<# e f th' 1 Co litcj. ami 1. 1.7 of tkc i ? *'i ;.n>t aM ????> fr*er? Ire., iti ?.t the ?je aid rir h . > fbc ?kln 11 <( ?i trie n 70 of ehi.drao. i|/ir%l lep.1. tui"ilt, 17 ?J. I,. ? lUigeijr, ; ll fa> '.!?.? inn, l?i. T'.tai III. ? ?? . 1 T8T (torn in the r nllwl ?t. '?? 840 in I ' lan?1 1 Wi. la i>?h?i roMlrlo, -8. J< nt t?. the ho- "! I t< ? i?l r? rt ini?i 1 jr i.m ?r tntnwl ??). 1 ij> i ? ' in Ji | Mi r?J dariag tb? u.. uti, ft 044 William Inw UIr- . >? e. Aim Itni ri 1< 1||? ?A tiertuan t-?rl"r. 1.? 11* ' An !.?' i while -'"Pl?ng Hi" li d <? '.I M II rer.', 1 -it I ??n -treat, 1 ' tempt' d ?rlfiie* u .11) . tiding th. arterlaa in both ?f hi? aiti?. Mi II !h e ? hi* al' 'iati. n n ?m ami fall' In ?? -r wh ? <lrf-ed tlia wound- ami ( ronomi' tli' au I *il?U n l.tmianj. ami tn? fart t4*t I.' 1 n . "n| . -I iriniK wl'h h'-r am! al-'i hi? inability V??>l< ?iu w r!? inaj ?jpl* n hia rf la art. B? B'iUiat ? Tfcc prami"? 'if M't-n. Imp-o ? an I Til lian--. No. 10 ???v' t-rtx nU'rxl f*< ?? ? n in 11. ami th? f irmer ??? 1 W> I of It ami ? U 1 r a' il ft No arrf.t. Aituijteti !\'?*d **!?*? At nm? o 'n<* k n ' > ii ,ht an attempt vaa n?> t? <lr? the rt?i<i??ir* Mr. I em? Devltt, the >?*?' mrt;t of whlrli 1 . k junk if ut, h wa? tiirown a Uj* of I *h'.' .1 11 * A ? m raat? vetc >?t < n fue hut ?<? a *'.i.|( >1 Ii'<1. IVi' f tfc tin. ?ljr arrival of Mr. I*vtt hU h . i"? t n.l rnlj r.ther ft ante bnthlinf* woulit H"| <1 tr j. <J. Ht mny IWani ? A ah'*wi?i?er. oaa ?<| |'Btrl < V" 1 rr?i<lin( at the miner ofl mirth at. '. Nor' -lu-on ? rli?.| t< ?t?rday of 4W..c of lb" hv.rf. '0rh ? ii' Terrtlrtrif lb' joij ?umm. m t by (> ,, n n,n Aut* ? Hugh M Unj^nn, a,Ul> ye?t<T.i?y morninr to Nor'h "Ji,,. ^ . t|l hurV

? he rating In of the e.rtb, ?rvt, . , , , , , him nut ha ??? m?an .b.a >M!* |,r ~. t i 1 liim If ? ? " t* ? <?. . , ? ., ?. ?b(3 MOTHER 8EBIOCH KAILHOID ACCIDENT. T"? Hertowly Injured on the ftfon Injfton Hullroarl. INTKKESTI.NlJ ACCOUNT Br A PAH3KK0KB. to tnk wrroK or tic* iikkaui Stkvmkk Plvmoltii Rix'k, .Sept. 1 H;j. girc you bei >w a* oacls* a statement of * *cci<,et?< on flic StonJufton line as I coul 1 gather in the confusion of the occasion. Vou can rel} on the foi lowing a- being correct : ! lett Newport yesterday afternoon and took th?? trail whirl, left Vr,.r;,lo?co .,t 7* P. M . lio.ton at 6* P. M . *?' ' *0rk" Ml' "?ivKl at Kington at 8.10, unl left "? 8:15 When about three mile, from Kin*, ton myvelf ? if., tn-i child, l?.ng in the thii a first ciasa. ?r. and eight C,1 r? f: ? them engine, we were auddenly surprise I by a rucking, a? if ?? w0ro )o faU # pn>ej | ' *' 1 ,1",n" ?*?'" ?<"!>? The excitement befog over toic rf, wn ii lamp and went forward, and .neli wreck ,v. presented tUelf ran scar. ely be described. The engine nud U-nu. r ?.?. oil the track, in. ?!?> the eprlakler, the tw.> ti ck of I Igg Ke crati'4 were pitched peU meU over Ihe fence. oa the left aide. Then cam,, tho destruction. The two secon 1 eli,g;, or deck .were Uteraliy *.Ui4.bed to at. ins and the poor creatures contained in thetn burial in the ruinjp; the first first cUm car also amaahed up the ^ond one ilted over, and tho ti.inl one. in which 1 oat alM. off the dark on u billge. which caused the h:?voc; out tiiu car waa not upset. and the third behind it re roamed quite Rate. 1 lie first Impulse was, of course, to look after the suf ercra, In which I w a* kindly assisted bv tlie Hon. I'. , s r. * . P. Commissioner to Chin... who happened to >e.i piv-enger, and. bein? a *utgo..n, was .juito useful. H.e conductor, Mr. (ieorge H. Smith, Immediately s<?t word to Kingston, three mile, back, and alio to Stou,,,*. tot). 24 unles Oil, whfch was reached in one and a uuirte. hours, on a band car, obtaiued at the next depot. At about 12 o'clock Dr.s. Anthony and (arr. ol Kingston ?r r, red and at about 2H oVlock a train of cars arrived from Houingtcn. bringing along Iir. K Palmwanl ?o? of Ptoolngton, and In*. Hazard and.foIin-.nn, of Westerly who, together with Hon. I'. Parker, did ail they could ?or the poor sufferers. The Dame., as I glen* t!ieIU are follow s: ? M''- Simmons, of North Kingston, farmer, "7 both lege crushed go badly they had to be amputated! wl.K1. was dene by the abore named doctors. whiUt he was under the influence of chloroform. Robert Jauressen, mail agent, ri^ht leg compound frac ture: set and doing well. I 'a trick Hognn, log and chest bruised. Wm H. Mnlth, (Harnden'i express measenfer,) ancle badly biuiged and sprained. J-ia. Crosby. Bolfast. Maine, hurt in the back. 1 avid McNeil, Helfast. Maine, spine badly hurt. Ann Wire, ^ak'm, Mass., very much bruin* I, K Ilice, of I fa Howell, Me., ancle sprained. Mi s. I ear y, Nalern, severely bruised. Mary Itarry, Nsw York, hand an. I arm Some other, were slightly hurt, and it seems almost \ miracle how, under the circumstances, so many of us ?? .ped an instant death. It seems to be tho Impression the a< cMent was causo-1 by some flon.1 in human Up- wreuching off a rail from the bridge with a crow >??; the marki of which roul.l be plainly m-en, and laying tlic ail across the track. We finally got the baggrg and ?rrengem transferred to the other ear., le&Ting the wcatfed at a hoaw about a mile distant from the wreck, whet they had been previously carried on Utters, arid ?tartrt fur M.mington, where wo arrived about five 0 < ocl md went on board the s I '..'liner u -? lor Ne. York. Most of the '.i" g"t out safo. I wa" no (o fortunate ? mine having l>e>.4? pat in at i'rori dence ln? second cktss or fr.-ight car, wa? smaahod up with it aid thrown into a ditch; otiv ti unk was taken out complete^ saturated and contents mined? the oth?r? I hate not >*t ?e.n, /mc"tlnr?.f passenger* wailodd on Iroard the boat, r< liliilions | issod, and a subscription of flDfr taken up for 1b? b?M0t of the sufferocs. II. H. 1|., Jr. 4K OTItKU ACCOVttT Or THE IHHAHTEIl. The following C.ct. wera carefully gnthere.1 at the place of the accident by passengers in the ear., and may (*? rolled on as sut.stantially correct : ? TJ e engine, tender, spriukler, two dock earn, with crate., two second clan, cars, an ! sii first eU s p,.s?,-n ger cars, with letween four hun Ired and Are hundred pas e, gr-rs, were all thrown off the, except the two r>i.r passenger s rs. The two sound class cars were thrown acros. the, and rompletely demolished. 7be accident occurred about three miles this -i.ln r,f K'irg.ton -tation, at a i.rMge sorn. twenty feet wi le and whore a rail appeared to have be"n removed by :gn. An attempt to throw the train from the tra'-k has before been rna.le at this place. lb- foil, wing are the names of the wounded P. rjaruin Pinimms, o' .V, rtli Kingston, lost both l"g RoV?i%l awrenceson n.a I agent, one leg badly fra tUi e?l. I'atrlck Hogan, !eg ind . 1 est l*dly bruised. I .i\td McNeill, ot i>;ifa t. M itoe lu?ck and spin*. s? rioufly injured. Mary tarry of S' w York, arm -everely bruised. Hmitb, 11I Harnden'-. exprw.- f.xrt ba.Ur cruihed. ' >.1111 W- ?, of Siilem, Mass.chusette, bully bruised ab?nt the limbs and b?. k, but doing well Mr.. 1 1 ary, of ralem, Mass., . on?idera!jly brui.ed, but doing well. Several others wl o-e names we could not ascertain, were more 01 I*.. injure?l, but weie able to take are of therriaetTo., Too much praise .annot tie awarded to Or. Parker for his attention to the wounded. He also added to hU labors the liberal sum of il'.O W? the sum made up on Ixsird of the lioat. (.'apt. Stsnc, of the l lj rnouth Rock, on hearing of the accident, in^medr.teiy tepalres) to the .cene of tb? disa. ter, and rendered very ?fli'.en. aid In takln/ care of the 1 a- ?ei'ger * and their l?gg .ge The Tarf. .-even fine b?'. trotter, contend this sf .-moon na ? ?e?; atakes at th< l entrerille O.urse, the largeet nuni ber of .o?sl hor*"' 'h?tha*e tieen en'ered for some A capital r.ce may be looked f.*, br?ide? the noTeity of th' num1#! 1 he horses are all about the same .pe*d, whi- h will add to the nterest. Ii will take a shrewd fel low to name 'he w:rt *r 1 1. ra T> m| 1* and l*o> Kiansiin trot next Tueaday, two mile heats t! wajp.n '. Tbia will b<- a gr?at r*<-e 'liej have b"th made the 1/ee time on recor 1"? H.^ra in ' tior- , snd 1'ranklin to wsgon. . have b'-aid that nrir illation" ..e yriyeaslng for a r e lotw.-en Prim* and Irank Korrester, f.,ui mi!e I. . . f., llO.OOt, .? this f?li ,1 I'll nil .1 loiter are matcha.1 to go thia fa! f'rlrkrt. : i w v?pk rmstjB raiUKLriiA. n?ii4i)fimu cm b /Yrj' / n ni l// ? .M l n li Mui ' li I! Ilafid ' . 'nor .. tc r'- ? ?>. ?????? . . 'en r b. IJi.h! I,. - I . H?i '? W II. * I h >f?r h ? .:,y I). M?r?h,... i i. '<.11 ; .r. . . i.i l< / rot ' ut ? v? i kin I V>r I II ll)('b< n h. fmi,? W . lr? 3 try* I on/f I , ,inp 0 run put J r W|i*/?.rfj |i w?r?h 1 rtiti '.ul I ?i .?aau t. Iltnlwig... 0 b. Mar )i. 4 b. WjHh 1 i . W>,Mrtna b Mar* b 0 abWnl 10 ?rp 'l lligliam b Ht ili 1 U'4 .'i ?> Mar?l< ... 4 y* 'I *i'hM li T '. I I to rV ? It *DU,t .... H a: ?< n i. < 'ft .1, IfitKim b. -i... t.... U ??iii ' CiunWy ...... IS i ! ' l*l, .<?* b. b 1 i i?i? <>?? ' S- krt t?. i mi* J M- ? ? i- *? Milfcy !?? H' ' La.) * M.?i> b. (*?u .r 1 ' Ait if. & t ? llm ?>* b. KolUvri 9 I . r i ft (>< ? }*? 2.,.. * 92 Total.. HW TM|? <tl ?. !?? t OKt,, . , Tata), r< < > *.< ? 01 HIJ'OW ( Ofirrr N. Y. - W? ftt.4 ii? I !l? II udcti r?<' nty Immtrn* tJ?* r**!l aa*NM wf , w 'i IU n?? vkl'b ?? .0I1W11 - |?r?? t "?T ? ...... Jl 717 itvU ... )4u4*>?i ? Ifa." ? ll?l*nj.. iii? ? ' :?* ?*?? City Politic*. 01 XTJI HKN AT0H1AL DIHTR1CT 1TIJIO CON VRNTIOW? ? | hKNATUB BKOOKH DKNOUNCKP ANI> UhPlUTKl*. 1hc WhJ# Senatorial Co nTent ion of th?' i ixtli Senatorial dUtrlct innt lii t*t evening at Thooipfton'*, in Fourth nff nu*. near Twrnt jT M?vrnth atrert. The dUtrict n ? poaed ot the U*rm\h, Twelfth I ifWntb, Hut^nth, !? Nineteenth, Twentieth, Twenty Unit and Twenty ?econd w trda, each o f which wm repreaented by thre* delefatrv Th ere vm not a Iir** out ???!<? attan dance but thn#i? pr**?e|)t were Appa* ?ut)r a go?vi deal interested tn the reattlt. Coo W. liiunt, of th.> Fifteenth v*;?r?l. wan apjtmnti'd Cliuinnnn, and Hwoj. J. Khodc* or tl ut Klavonth ward, and ('ha*. 1*. Aliiier, of the Twenty tir*t ward, cUiiMnScf retariefl. I ending u motion to proceed to ballot for a ? an?H 1aV for Senator I Vivid II. Kerr, of fh?' Twenty M-rond w?nl, offered i rr oliition to tin* offset that no jp*nt Ionian *h"uM I e pre*<?uted for nomination who wa* nut prote-*?edljr o;? poi-.^l to ilu* pro*criptive principle** of Know N'ot hingUm Attcr aouie akirtuiahing, it wa* ou*r*laugh<<d. and th* M'UTftl wnida caJied on to pre>wnt '\indidalfc' for nontlni Uou Hie following uatued gentlemen were pre*ent??l.? < l?a;le* l Alley, ot tbt4 KScVinth waul. Olivei II. 1 .4 ^ of the Sixteenth fm d hi. A. Drown, of the Twenty rtr*t ward. K/aittun Itrook*, ot the Kight^'nt It ward. Hlien a deleft* from the Twenty 'flr*t ward novnina'e I M; Hrook*, Matthkw l>. Urjcknk, of the d<M"f{ation from that want, and "in- of Gov. HiirkN harbor roaster*, mm e turwaid and Kui>l hi* the delegate did not Intend to *peak l? i him. Mr. (hook*, in hU ju<hrni<'ut. wa* u > *hig. Ufa j ?ner, the New Vork Kjtyrni *, proved thU. It i wan filled with denunciation.^ of the whig party ? It-* ineuiler> were denounced an blackguard* and row tie*, unworthy the aMaocfation of honorable men. Jawkh M Tmomphon ot the Kighteenth ward, defended Brook*. He raid he. Mr. II., v* i i a ? ro ipon ilbli fm wltat appea: fd in tho Columna of tli<? A Irpreu. Him bro ti.ei Jkiiit-a wit. pilncipal propiitftor aul ixlitor, ?o<l KjiihIu* lia<l wver written a liu<- of the ulu?rtioi?Mi< ttrtlrle?. Mr. Chkkm retortoil thai Kriuitnt *?? wllli hi* ill till' sole ownorHhfp <il tin- A Uprtu, rirept lain ra itgtgpn which i cite<l u|...ti It. 'lhc dUcunKloii w?< <-<>!> t in u I tn r<itmli!<'ralili> Icnittli, in wlii.h Mr. Hriokn' U?horn in the t^i'ncial f^iniuitttiH* ot wliin jri.uim m'-n, witp referred to Ui iNilliatiuu of hl? politiral iTcontrtcitli'i. f n .v in i m Kuidu itiu<i^ tn lultiuitM i- jM'Cfh , i^li'twiiiK uj* Mr. Ilrnokft' liroTrlnllrc couihc towuriii the wixiUr heiiiU, nmU r h iUinore - mluiiiiUtruttot!. hecauiie of their obji-r tion to the Fugitive .-.tive In w. He op| ..*e i Mr. Ilrookt hecaiiM- he wh- ii Know Nnthiiig ? aiu-artinK tlnti. ?? ?lrg? the* run 14 i?,i contlxtetitlj nominste * n>eml>er ol another nuU u necret political or|(aniMtion, arid h? eaiiM* he (Mr. Ilrook4^ wa? oppoae<) to the Prohibitory law. I, mnl Mr. Kiddle, am con?idere<J ? pretty noi?.( drinker. nn<l vet I atn in latror of that law. I lizard it ??* calculated to do more good to ui&nkind Hum any uicantiru of moileru time.. The (^iia:hma> HUjn<eitted tluit the principal object ou^tit tii he to Nccuie a candidate who wh. oppoHAd to the Kiuu<a and \ehrai*ka ouliagi', and inUnuited tliat u nu' Ii Mr. Hum V* would i>o acceptable to him. Hie courentlon then proceeded to ballot ? J. Iti'Mejraud J. P. C'ummlnj being appoint' d teller* ? with the lollowinx result: ? , nmbu Writ. Xnirri't. Id 14 Brookn l.'l la N-e 'i __ lirown 'J _ The nuiiilria1l"ri of Mr. 1'erley trii made unmiini mi and ? Committee ap|M>lnte l fo apprine him of hii n <mina lion. On the result of Ihe llrnt ballot l>cin<( announce I, Mr. tieorge W. Iliunt offere<l the foilowlug ru.oliillori HcMjlveit, 1'iu. t no peroon hUajI br rnipporte?t um n can. II IaIc for liny IcxUluiIri' ollice wlio will not m?>< aali^r, 'lory rvl dene ot bla deicrinlnatlon Ui ii/u> every proper ? lertkm to re peal that i lolutioii or publla Ul'Ji and Iri rdoin known aa U?e Ketirualui bill. 'Ilila was briefly advocated by the mover, and unanl moualy ailnpled, and after the nomination waa made, It waa Keaolved, That ii letter b? a<Mic?aeJ to Mr Perley, aakJllg bia uaactit to Ita arnlliui'nta. Tlii- ('"iirention tin n adjourned. Ui >i?' -* "* ol the wnKJ,L 0RNBH4I. fOMKITTKr? """Till! fcOKT HTATi: <,C>^ Vi:NTION RUfHOVKD A?I> TIIK nkbrahka nil. i. K*iKmn*D. The Young Men'* ,-o(t Hhelltieaeral (xrmmittea met la* t night In the < oal Hole in Tammaoy Hall? II. P. <*rr pro-i'llng undri. 1 . HaughWn ***?? H. ?? M :0i*Uoufli act ing aa aecretarie*. Tli? following re.oiutkina were lntr<eluce 1 ? Itcnlved, Thai <bt> l ommltte" bear'lly rc.ixn l <o the no nl nal'.'H" tnniln lit du' I leiiiocraiic Hep ' ? m i ohm niton, I)' I on i In- J>h, WCh mel .11 .1 'la>a ot Amu.l o ' . ti' ii. vln i a. liic, <lo thai It einiiiarra 'he !i?ui"? of well know ? '!?- noera'. capa ble, intelllieiii. boneal men, and tliai wo will gite Uei lie ii" ?oritlal aul heai i) auppo.1 Urn, luil, we mnllally endor.e -iC'l r? pmi'l lo lb" lln? of Ntale i*i i? v ma My reeoiniiieiiiieil ill i-'ie re^iliiii-m. pa "* I t?y aafcj < ouvenMoo, lieitevlnu thai "be poller null' "?-l la Ui onlv true pulley ol HUtUJ tfoteriiineni, an-l lieliarloi 'aat II l? la adoptnl tlial ibia Htote, with I. err it reaour eea. w III ?r> m re deem I'relT from ihe laliarjntli Uial the re cut whU l?<l- aio.a have Intolvcfl It In Kerolved, Tluat we hereby re.-tfTlrm our atf-whrn -ril to r prim iplea ol Hie Kan a? N?iira?ka l?lll lioaian1' -in < a< it 1 (o tbe people of tiie I eri i'oriea ol 'be t nlic I ntatna Hie r.*1!' t.? rnc'iiaie u.i-lr own domaatic alia ra In the r own way. an>l Hie rfuht lo adopt or dtaavow alarvry, ?? 'iiiliM hwrown eoticlualon* of rtgln or wrong K< ".Ivc'l. Ibat ibia i;..iiimin. e dlMTow th<l rljclat of a.ijr l> n > eratle Htale (taivenlfcin. eleeurt fr?- the pnip'i?" <4 notnfna Mlale officera, mil iteOnln* Uie principle, of ki?v uover mo nt. to be earned o?t by lli'iteuire'ratk' parry, to a Inpt a na io'u.l platform lor the democraey of U la I okm . u ?.na uiatm >1 Milt "> <bey tiavi I beym t dir power Inve.'e I In Ow 01 by lb" r cnriatltui-nta. ami 'liat aurh a r?iurae la calcuiaie*! ui do no *?'*. I . but 011 'be "rti'rary 'o liree?l dUienalon aiel illtlal#ai In o-ir rnrika ar. l be!levlri? further tba' power to ?tot a n Clonal piattoim of rtglit I" onualothe Nalu 1 ?I * ? only Ti e liiat three le.olutl na pa.?ed iinanlmoualy but the fourth rreate<l a warm dlaeu-il'in It *.t< a'lvo- ated by Mnurn. fur, (the chair ) ( Uatfleld, W .od awl other i, that tbe Mute ' onvrntbri bad Miiwtal lla |e w?ra In giving cipri >alon h> ita aantlmen'a en n.itl .oal irui'ter* laii'tnaoy Hall had atie d by the Ncbraaka act, and It wi < placxl In a fal-e p"-lt| n by thla action of the *-t? ? ''..(i. v*ntl?n Mi ier ? r'han an<l *? 1 rotiid ? ? no g-K?l to !?? 1-llec.teii by tbla reeolullon. It waa uaunl for the -*!ate (< n vent i 111 toglte forth ita opinion, onna'iona! ma'tei anil though the t uatom lb uf" mlgh' not like it all tb y could do now waa to grin and liear It Af'er ui" fur .cr ?!i?cino|i.ri the re?. lot i< n waa oar 1 d by a larg" majority, alter whlcli they adjournal. WUia (ol.l) Mtn'i) OKXKKAI. 1 OMMITTI X. IheMbig t.enei ai ('nmiuillM met l.iat night, a*, the Itroadway '.en Mali 'who bar entirely n-cov. . *1 from the effei ta ef H e a- r'.dant on the fouith of July) pp muing, aud Chaa. Tajpwn acting a - etary The meeting won not f illy attended and 'he ? ?ly b>|. toe .. tranam te.l u lated to the n>"-ti' g f 'he A? ernbly I1?'r1 t WI iff ?'?invention' to et?et <!e|w.a,ea to tl." -"y'*- ?" Hat* wing I ?nv*n'ton After a ?? i ,n of ab" it half m hour, lb* Cominittee adjourned, to n.e.t agi in a* the ?5i of the rhairman 'Ihc whig, do no' eetn h ghly d- 1 gb'e I with the pro r ect hell >re them . Indeed tli*y odfntt'.?"l 'h.t many "f thilr n< 1. initl'-na wrre put op to t>e kn'cked 'town a- It ia the 'leti rirln.i'ion of ?l,e I a/1?ra to gi e no aid or ? ouii trtiali' e to th< haow Soth ng v 11 1 ' w'.eh tbe. think bae oiili to b* kille't off when th* tiaightwb / will h ve ? fVaii'e .,r tailing a, a re oi/ar?U^t t 1 al'.n repmlliea n mo?iti?#t will take the ft ?? 1 1 a^ iln ? tli? Nek a-ka 'letnc raia. It l? not ilkely that th^ ? will t^ >1 n "t? I -ion lndwe*n th?' Ivie w N thlng. anl wnl"? in the city lor local ofgco*. MXTH jriiK I ?L DHTKNT WtlHi CO* VEITTIOJI ? Dl' - aorrkmbvt. TJif WIi * 'V;nTMitl"n ('? n miMl' ii f a tull J.I. f r Toll" Jun'lr# Ig th" ? *lh ft fitooqfb ail'l Iwiflty-flrm w?nl? ) mat la?( at th? comrr of iaantj-flmt ?tia> ? ao>1 Thf H mall' J .ha I! MDI of tb? lift. '???<!> till, praokM, Hft't Varn^l II C't-.J ' t, of t( ? T?hi!j(I:?i i> I '.?/? !?'?!?? Mvittoif. 1h? ? i.iitarilKn f/.m *? . ??l 1, tlMl VfoC'lBf lit'' t'riMi >/f !h? to ?*l?et i ?l Uif 'lli- ? ghifiiOi w. I tlm f r*H ? >*.) John V?mi ? ?, IM Hi" Iwrtj fif?t m.ti 'ib . ll I >rl>. ?? >u , . ? Kl*? ImlmU ??ra h?A ra . ti ? li?? 'o f, ? ? ?', ' h<-r.- b?lr>4 ii . (,/ ' I ?I| m num.. t|.?- < ? !??'? f. t4]o'.iu' I# ii'. u 7h'ii~l ij (f u< xt wfli. whio Mi^iv^ri'ib*. r-.a *><?*?*?, r. i rTmlb i.atikt~ #??!?> I ll!r?> rt Km "*?*? sunt*. Jlf'jr l> utOi I lalilrt ? J-. ?! HTj Bflh IVlHrt? rtaM/.n*r?(wl ?.*<?? T*' T*? T??nl| 6r?* W?i4? kitluf 1 h?lljr iM toiTbTO rim hbtubucam ?nr% .e*ti ?*. Hmht f?*r>u t -A Uuin.-j Ui' irpui'tu ?Wl?r> of tl>i ThJ? ' >td ?U? t?l iul?M Iwlnlt^ H .V p?*?44?l. A rf ln( - atla'taw'* I* ? <"* tb tW"!''* ol t?i> ')'!?(><*? U >fc? f/i% u? Ma'a I KifM.' u twr*ir-? lt? iwmr r Mut ?? KlgfcUvoUi ?irl I??. > y f ? t ? ? : A-.'*' g >' i i i v i .il T>. ? - .jm i?i? illiiil1 ?? ?" ? i ??? r ????;:. i 4 i V| < a>? ..I " ? .? I' ?> ? l?' V, ?'?? ??? ? ? rr> ?'-? ?! ?k? " '?? '*> *???"? ? ?'/ 4*. Ifi a i' ' -<??? P?< '.L -?l l?KWIi? A .? It "ttUt anU? Ik' t?*at/ ll?o>7 Vurf |rr?H?4 Bjcrr;H.ii ** ?*t> n*r?*i? ?. ?>r lb<- ln< **?'< '?? r ? ? ?f In ??H i*M 4*1 a (, lit J. (? ?? ? I* at<rar? u^, iHoibI in "f i t. 'It t ? t?i Tk^itrtai wm ' ??/ ??.? ?!' ' ??' **v ** ' >?**'?!? m .klmn ,v4 T A ?lt ? ? ? Afi <h* /f Um? r<tn>, "f Ik. 4?> a>**i)af 1*4 UMlr ? mm ? ?<? ?.,? ?>.?? .4J li h?.wi J IimhuM; W?i? ? ?! a praHmlMry m*~~' .f b*t<4 ./? tfc? VM ? ? ?'? ' ?> a> a ^totlvrar. ,?j, thai lfc*jr >a? !' that- t?~ I'j- *. a?< t+*4 'birtm <?? ? W ' ' V-,.fc?, ?a>1 apf r?*al?f tb ?? TV?? M ? '? ar? * .? >??*!?. ??* r?*. latv.*? ? * >?" t?* Ti. |-.a Srac*a. M|?| mvtm-/ nnw bef re our people I* whether fre*?dwn ?-haiJ dictate (few aet*o it hikI *v? tbe otijeet of our (tfrrtifAIOt, or ?U*1I *'av?r > l.t *rri*Ud iu n* pioiirea* of aiuiuUIn# Uir parauuMiui I r'lic'i ? .tir ? -n 'I'uUon; that b?. tfte Inherent rljcbt of afl rii' D ;.fr ii?.ert> and tfe pur till of happttie?," aial VM,.r, jji:? u u#. imt u form! upon the tottOU*) by ibe ? i .temand <.t tjw alare power. aided by Ui? roteo oi r?-pi m)mi mcpc r^f ml to tb?* iff# piiwipl? of "iir KuMnin?iti ?ut t??'tray??r? of their roitatlt 'tenia, m4 m vw \% (ii iht r. ? i ? ' r - < .? upon by llw1 NmUoimU O uri ** i |u limn.. Mt*ftuuri * ompn^, b) th?> Uw>m pi *' r; iiM-n ' V .. 'ii ! in Uu \r |t? . mion of kanaa*. their I truBi tmjc ou' <rf iu, ? ... r,.,i ,irw pf rran< hi**, and ibeiri n< -1 i !<? l4>i -f ? ih? tr t? ; .* upon th U ffi . i J ?* ,(|| HU'.lkoi Native b'iStoUtor* and the __ of thai , -I'ri* ?? by Ihe I'raoldeni ??< tne t: tilled iitatn*, in U** rw ut.\ Ur-bT. Um ui<) otttlal oj.pwot of llw Ml **4 nir I li? v m.J l>'>r*f< r mfD^n*; uUo b) Qie art of MM. known a* ih?? iukUIm* - .?*< i.-t. wh.-rvbr ih whnta ?rpicoow rrMt^l 'o fr? U'-iij Hi.. htmMtta ground or lfce ?tovc oltgar "f>>, and th* ? v?f \ ???r\irri of mate ufnrlala made lo Mjltaervc ihi? |ii*r reata of )!?? MiAvr poncr, for Ura* ?nd other tnmmterabi .? n/n twim an-: * oi ittonaol piuut^d laltla. I Ilia' f! ? nam** un I obj?*ci of naUotial b*yl&ia turr ehonltf b?* ?>r? ntt (Vcvlni!* lo *.|v tun- complete and utr petuale civil and n Ui*l< ? i? llb?*rt > to nW th* mit?bitanU of i*?r country. ?mt lo r rruio 4*rtJ?v *uU r-tnr nUrnry lo lb** Wiifoi wlirrr it i iui* t-xuiji, ami ulUaiMU'ly rt t iuuuau* tb?? hviUmhi *k buionu l>on4*','? 2. Kr*olvi*1. Tint wo will In rv.ry lawful utaituer iukIIo Ihr n'iiio?t o! our opp'*.?? Ow u liuivi^o tnto Um> (Joloa of any mtur *1 mvr t+rrUarv mhau^rr 3. Kfwlvr'l, I lutl iti'Miiuurli at mall ?m?? b?4d proprrl^ lit ujiin. hc v? ill l/i I; oi i< r ?h'- r?tp<aloiall li??* which eotnp"! Uw* MUttjn^a'l hi to fbv condition of cbaU*)* or Miavi <*oi m>i |?r??i friun't HitJiln ih** juMMllcUort of a free hlalc, v. t* -*l?? i Uu?r* vo until a ? 4 Hi'moltr t, i hn ' wb?I* IniMBpfrinrf U conrroi*d io bo a* ?rll t n?U) fircMtitcrlv# oi nuff^HnM. ertti*** and paunrrlam, 1% d?mai ?i- ihr mtIoui* attention of cvrry patriot and pKilaathto l?i?t, uliilr nearly ib?* ??nUrr popnlaUnn of Una rwmotrjr l^llrm i hat Inmv m rt?itu!a?a ihc u .title, and tntoiicattng drinba w??cr noei ??ary, lb#?> oavc hitherto found lnrtf?M*>uaJ In r*wtr*tai ItiK powrr, aiimUtlnK <Ua! opim uvH wnilmcnU ?tUl m lo Ibi beai uu'U?<# of Miin^ulihlnK ?b*' ?vi ! Mr th?*r aforo. in t itsw ot lUc tntifir t u<ir of ?!?? eot . upturn and liMimtixinR tallllflMitf iuioik*allci?( H^u?ti> ?\d? .?? our prinrtpir. tl?*t ^ool andttflrr ^ual las\ i* t?>? lu kn{>p)i ?<NUHi cot?M?*i?ni wiib t}??? low* of ||n? K'Tmt a.1 ffOtrrnniPfii ?n<i con *111 ut Ion of ibn hi a't*. houid bo cnaci^d ami rntorri* !. 5 It vr?d. Thai If In fh*? duly of ca' !? Hla?#? anl of tbo cH4 7t*u* thfrcut, io a\oid all onju*? lnli,ri?r?K,?' vrlih nci^hltonac NfaicM In flie cien i?c of their wm*fHuii?mal r?glifn f> Ri koIvi i) Thai ')??? iiropiT admin la? ration ??< ouraoram mrtif, bo'b Hlat? ?nd .NmionaJ, deporid upon (bo liHrOliMWi and rlrhio of lh?* |M?op|e, Iherefore ll l? III# liilparallrp dui) of i-nch KIhIo lo pr^vld* ?? h??<'l? of ?li#? liiiffmu order for Uia ixfu** Hon ot every elubl wi'hin Uielr iimiia 7 lt? oivt l Tliai in th.- ? nHl? .?u?.n of ibe a??il roniinia Mm rhlef ttmllh uod pro?perliir of a nation; it u ih?- dufr of a ertilnenl ' ? ?*M' oura^.?' and m tire lh" ?"?*llJeiiieo( of <?ur puidkr land* fiv donatlni: ttaail <|uan?til' * ihi-rr^ l*? t iilienn Utrraof, w lw? w 111 aetiia!l% ?>- ' ?ipjr and euitivata Uwm. un 1 nrnke a?i<# provUI'iria ol ih< pntdl< land . h?? vn 111 pi? v. ot th'* i brlnj| ui tto |?o|tyed l?y a rai??- l??u? h??rd?? of Uud ??!? ??' uU'om Meetinira will In- held ? cry week, tin* neft Indn^ art down lor iut**d?y cv^ulnu, ai the ?am" hour. Nodal# gale* Wf oolcclml, bul It U un4?r?t?KMl I hat they ao >u ?? ho. lUrbrl'g Hrrund ? Plirdrv. Pbi dre a 111 found a vary pleaaant plaoo hjr peaplo who hare an appetite for murder* lt? ? alendar U almnat an bad ** llial of our Court of dyer and Trrminiw Ita art: on all take* an In llota^o. In one irone, and thiuo in no inter mission hotw'^n tl??* acl? I (a ine Is <vm aidered a finer poet than f ornelPa l.jr ll?e criti??, but t? the Kn^liAh eat hia Aleiandf in? ?* are atlil more drmrj. The ureut* it lir?*ece Th^*ou4t the rri|fn>u|f Knif, '? ft fr#r (-tie of hU plermant killluic oxpedttiotif And its tellifonre f* brought that he {? d?ad. I'bAdre, bin d u eop?<-lat?a widow, comfort herself by making I ore to Hippolyfe her bu*t>and'? ?on l?y n f.>rrn??r affo. Th4a J0UH|r man. Iiifh^rto ln^on?lblo to the ton lor pa??)rm, U at the tuitiie time In to?* with Areia who be1oni(4 to a family under 1 ho loin ol flu- eun , !!<? rejet* th?? ad*ao^e^ ofhU ?tep mother, who h*4 tM-en on I ? rnaka lb?*iM by her fon/ tante <Ku -n?- I'hM' t)? n *.?!/??? bia ?word, and bcfpi that he will kill b* ?i ha da clUiee. Thooeu tun *?ei . an l nn i m aoino trnublo In i? per mmded by f Ki? wa, ?u |#rro aitli I'bedre, n ha 4t ?n i _ tji Uinai' rned t>r I- m wtlU ***? +*+" ?*' ml fo?\ V*<ptuno, bia patron, to k**p a pro???a I f r? mAd*\ ?nd fulfil hU ?r-t with by aanihllat)nf( II ' ' unata youtli. Naptniie Ii true to hla wnH, and ? several mon?Ur^ to m*** t HI|?polyie, wh ? to duly Abugh*er? i a< wording to rd? r iKn na# in ihm m? in\iine ha* had a row with tier mUt<e a, wb ? ? all ? her a nrnufrn ?aE*v toJJ ? , and ?enda hrr about bar bttaiaeaa. The amfi'lantr Jum; a into the ?ea fhMro con f^aaoa ererythififl to Th? -eun, and kill* her-rlf by p^ila^n. 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