Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 5, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 5, 1855 Page 2
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C! TcUaw Revrr lit Sorftlk and Port*" ?Willi fTrem the Riciimond Dispatch, Sept. 3.] The accounts from the infected cities are of a most me lancholy character, in Norfolk on Friday there were 40 fcnrlals, and nine deaths after the lint wan made up. lite Augusta, Saturday evening, brougQt up several persons who had gone down V) tend the Hick, some ot Beui having yielded to the earnest advice ot physicians, who assured them that to remain wasalniMt certain *?th. Among them are I>r. Hi-'ks, of Charlottesville; Mr. Clark, ofPetersburg, and Messrs. McDeruiott, Jor den end Koran, of Richmond. ? , Our informant, who left Norfolk on Saturday, say. that *0 state of things there is truly appalling While walk taw one ?f the principal streets, he saw a man lying on a Mllar cap in almost the agony of death, with no one in eight of hun. A little further on he saw a young child rash screaming from a house, and upon going in found ik.? ooe of her parents had just died, and the other was (ring on a bed of death. , Mr. Ignatius Higgins, Teller of the Virginia Bank, was thought to be dying on Friday. The Kev. Wm. Dibrell, as we have ascertained on reliable authority, was ill on Friday. Mr. John Brooks, grocer, was down with the fever. On Beaver street there are a great many cases, among them Wm. Britiel and his wife. Miss Catharine Baylor, an interesting young lad v of fifteen years, died Friday morning. 1-our of Lieut. Whittle's children are down with the epidemic. Dr. Higgins was much im proved, and had gone on to Philadelphia. Dr. Hardgrove, Dr. Crow, and Walter Scott, of Rich wend, are all down, and the latter is very ill. Mr. Wm. Cain, proprietor of Cain's Hotel. In Norfolk, Bad J. C. Shield, lormer editor of the Norfolk Courier, died in Richmond on Saturday. Hie new hospital which has been opened in the City ?at el, Norfolk, is called the " Woodis Hospital," anil was chiefly under the direction of Mr. Henry Myers, of fee Richmond Hospital, until that gentleman returned M Friday, to resume liis duties in the hospital here. Two Philadelphia physicians are reported to have died. Among the nurses sick are one of the Sisters of Charity, ~ tar Mary Ann,) who was taken sick at Jelepji Hospital; Quigentusse; of Philadelphia; Dr. Baerd, of New <?r ?ni B. B. Walters, Ksc|., proprietor of National Hotel; Mr. Jordan, (confectioner.) and his mother, on Main ?treat. In Augusta, Ga., t600 1ms been collected; at the White ?hur Springs, Vs., ".00 ; at Port Tobacco, Md., $221; $16 from Oriental Lo<lge, Odd Fellows, Washington. Drs. Williams and Jackson left Washiu^on for the in fected cities on Friday. On Friday the following persons came up from the Booth, to render their services at Forte mouth and Nor felk, viz. E. E. Jnckson, Mr. and Mrs. Parker, and a eolored boy, from Charleston, S. C. ; Dr. Campbell, Capt. Ives, (Treasurer of the Howard Association,) and ten fe asale nurses, from New Orleans; Drs. J. B. Read and R. J. Finn. alsoT. J. Charlton, J. E. Godfrey, J. J. McFarltnd, and R. W. Skinner, medical students, and Wm. Ebbs und John White, assistants, from Savannah. In the official list of deaths, published in the Argu-i, for the twenty four hours ending Monday, we find the names ef J. W. Batkins, Thomas Pressar, Miss Davif and Miss A. Bangs. . The following is from the Norfolk Argui:? Truly our soul is sickened and depressed at tho gloom aaw hanging ov< r our devoted city. The sword of the Bestroyer is still suspended above us, and ever and anon deecends and tweens from our midst some of the noblest ?f our people. All that human effort ? all that the self eeeriticing spirit of the few who remain with us, can ac complish, has b?en done to turn aside tbe devastating progress of the scourge which the Almighty in His wis dom lias indicted upon us. Mercilessly li?B it taken friend trcm friend, parent from offspring, offspring from parent, brother from sister, sis'er from brother, husband von wife, wife from husband? souring neither youth nor age nor loveliness. There is nothing to relieve the dark aeas around but the exertion! of those gallant spirits who aaem determined to do their duty wi'li a self-devotion which wiU ever reflect honor upon their efforts. May Biey reap the Christian's reward. KKVKR IN PORTSMOUTH. The Portsmouth T. unscri/^wUich was issued on Friday again, has the following review of his lield of misfortune axe its issue four days before: ? Tbe number of patiebts visited in tnwn on Wednesday, I ?cached about Ave hundreil, including new cases. On | Tneeulty the deaths nuinbeied thirteen. And on Wodnos eleven died. These data the writer has collected feom the reports of the attending physicians, ami an al lowance for those who failed to report. On Thursday the number visited amounted to live hundrod and fifty, in eluding eighty-one new cases. Tlio deaths, as reported by authority, were thirteen in town and fourteen at the knited Mates Naval Hospital, making a total of seven toon. It is tbe opinion of the profession that the disease to assuming or lias assumed a milder type. Tbe statements just mude exclude the cases under treat ment at the U. S. Naval Hospital. We wore there Sun day last, and have been there daily, with some excep tions, since. There has been a diminution of cases sent there, and the deaths also have been less during the week. Tho number of our people thete approaches nearly eighty, ?very attention is lief towed upon them, and Surgeon Mi nor, a gentleman of ability and enlarged experience, with Us talented assistants, Steele, Harrison and Walke. are Indefatigable in their care und ministrations t> those wader their charge. Our Indefatigable Mayor is yet down, but we trust will pass through the disease and b?* ennhh-d in due time to re enter upon his duties. He has been devoted to the service required of h'm, and bus nobly co-operated in the chari table work which demands the co-operation of all of us wdo remain. Winchester Watts, K^j., and Dr. Maupin, are entirely ??covered. They diued at the residence of Mr. John (?. Wat ton on Friday. Samuel A. Forlies in dead. Dr- Maupin, at the llovpital, is con i ulescen t ; and Or. Behooltleld in occasionally seeu upon o ir street*, but too enfeebled yet to resume ni- professional duties. We now have ample medical attendance ? Iho "Macedonian call" having been nobly responded to by our friends abroad. Bach in the nersi nal state of matters, and although tho ?amber of sick does n?t decrease, yet wc are perhaps ?ow in better condition to respond to the necessities of than we have been heretofore, ||?pptn-*? followiny Hst, of deaths since the 27th ?tat. : Aug. 28th? .Tames Hainahan, Mr*, Burhan, Mrs. John son. Mm. Maitha Rnder, Thomas Wreitn, Mrs. Godfrey, Airs. Randolph's child, orphan at the Academy, Nathan iel> Churles C. Tatem, three childre* name* Met received total 1;!, ?vg- ttlth ? of Mr. RucWner, Mr. Trapple, son of Ualachi Williams, negro child at l>r. Peete's; Coleman Donahue, child of Charles Myers, Mrs. Charles Avery, Bobert Powdrs. Mrs. Hurwood, Miss Sophrunlu Gwyun, Km. N. Manning ? total 11. AugustaO ? Mr. Cooke, Newtown; negro man of Mrs. Brlckey, Mrs. Mintes, Cuptuin Samuel Forbes, Mr-. Frances (Jwynn, Miss Billsoiy, negro child at Mr. Bo hannon's, negro child at I)r. i'eete's, Win, l'ebwnrth, ?on of Mr. Broughton, negro man (Hill) of John CocVo, Miss Morrisett, Mary jane Nosay, and four at the Hospi tal? total 17. A letter dated on Thursday. from Portsmouth, says: ? The deaths of to day, up to three o'clock , have been fourteen? twelve in town and two at the hospital. Rdo* are some of the names: ? Major Samuel Forbes, Mrs. Wil liam tiwynn, child of \\ lUiutu Broughton; Bill, negro hoy, beknging to John Cocke. A negro man, belonging to Mtoe Brirquet was found dyad this morning iu n kitchen an Broad Rock. Mrs. Colonel Charles (Vissell, Mrs. John B. Davis, and Virginius Haynes, her son, were taken with the fever thin morning; also Ned, a negro boy belonging to J W. Collins. There is so little communication lietween Norfolk and Portsmouth that we hear but little from the former place. I have just learned that Miss Morrlset. daughter of ?tfbert Morrlset, of Newtown, is dead, Mrs. Maty Ho hanon is aU*o dead. John Emmerson U out, having recovered. His brother Arthur and Mrs. Armistead are both well. A great many reports have been in circulation in re Bard to J. (.ustavus llolliday, leq. The truth of the I natter Is. that by bis corstant enJeavors to relieve the nick and destitute, he over exerted nimself, and went to the Naval Hospital for a day or two to recruit himself. Tbia is the whole truth of the mutter. LATER FROM NORFOLK AN!> rORTXMOPTII. By way of telegraph trom Petersburg. we are placed in possesion of the most melancholy news from Norfolk | and I'orsmouth. Rev. Anthony Dibrell, one of the most widely known minister- in \ iiginia, died on Satur 'day. Ignatius lllggins, ol the K-xchangc Hank, died on Satur day. John Andrews, a member of the Norfolk Blues, also died on Saturday. In Portsmouth the ravages of the fever are represented aa awful. Yesterday morning Copt. Allen, of the Sea board and Roanoke Railroad, waa taken with black vomit at the N'aval Hospital, and his recovery wad considered "ess. Saturday John Woodley, Dr. Collins' nephew, died. There were eighteen deaths from fever in Portsmouth fjaturdny, and from sunset Saturday evening to sunrise yesterday morning orders were given for fifteen eoflius. Dr. I,eon Oelbardt, of Richmond, arrtved In Petersburg yesterday evening, from Portsmouth, completely ex hausted. He says he has not now and has not had the ?rrer. He was snunned at the depot as if he had t>ecn a wild beast. He took lodgings in the town, and was hos pitably cared f?r. The gallant Ricardo, of New Orleans, had telegraphed to that city for twenty more nurses. The accounts from the two lnfe-ted cities are appalling. BIBnOP potter's circular. Animated by a true Christian spirit, the Right Rer. Bishop l'otter, of Pennsylvania, has addressed the follow ing circular to the congregations of the Protestant Epis copal church, in the city of Philadelphia, and we feel ?very confidence that it will be responded to In a manner creditable to the hearts and sympathies of our citi zens:-. !?*?* Bmihwc ? The ante pestilence which is now desolating two of the most considerable towns in the Wate of Virginia, st*re? no rank or description of the in habitants. Its weight, however, mi* necessarily with ?met fbarfnl severity ujK>n the poor. Many of them can ?either flee from Its attack, no* command the appliance which, in the case of those more favored, often allay the Intensity of disease, and mostly increase the prospect of recovery. At the same time all the ordinary penults of hidnstry are suspended, and thoee who depend upon their daily labor for support are stripped <if all means of pro- | riding for their daily waate. Much has t>oen already done Ty the spontaneous contributions of the hecevolcet to meet this exigency, bnt more is needed. The plague stdl advances with unrelenting tread, and our hearts ?deken at the thought of the awful suffering and -orrow which mast now darken manr a late happy num.'. There la every reason to apprchend'that stern necessity and the Call rains will compel many, who are now absent, to re torn home from their temporal y encampment In the woods, near the infected cities, and thus add fuel to a disease which rarely abates before the month of Oc In his wonderful mercy and goodness, God has thus far epared onr city from a like visitation. I*t us testify our gratitude by remembering our alillcted brethren in this Weir day of dire necessity, and le> us do what we may by ?or thank-offerings to soothe their distress. I-et our prayers be odbred. that our lleavenlp Kather will be B" ?sed to arrest the further pr.,grr-?, of t),j, scouige ? t be will continue to raise up generona spirits, wh > will hasten to succor the de-orte l nod h?l| less hy their j j*r'0Lul ministrations? that he * 1U op n ih{ haud| gl the faithful to n apply all necessary mean* ? and. above all, teat his llulv Spirit may descend u|>on us all In new measure* of wimldni and grace, that we may apprehand better than ever the vanity and insufficiency of life, if it be not consecrated to work* of bene licence and the faith ful service of God. I hereby recommend and affectionately re ] thnt on the morning of Sunday, the ninth day of September, in stant, collection* he made in each of oar congregations for the relief of the sufferers in Norfolk and Portsmouth, and that the amounts offered be paid orer immediately thereafter, to the committee appointed by the citiaena of Philadelphia to receive such contributions. The citizen* of New Haven have subxeribad $1,025 for the relief of the sufferers at Noifolk and Portsmouth, and an ice company of that city has xent on fuur hundred tomi of ice, which la valued at two thousand dollar*. Governors of the Alms Honae. | The Board met at 4 P. M ? present, Governors A. Town send, (in the chair) Draper, Smith, Tieuianu, Duke, West, Pugro, and Taylor. The Governors were all punctually on the ground, with the exception of one or two of the recently nomi nated candidates for office, of whom it wax facetiously remarked by one of the Governors, (a Council coroora tion in perspective,) that they were probably stopped in ' Striker's" bay, a well known locality in the neighbor hood of the Ball of Records, where " strikers" spot the politicians. In due time the mUsing Governors turned up, wearing on their faces that profound look of resigna tion usual with politicians before election time. The effice seekers were tenderly condoled by the other Go vernors, who sympathised with, while envying them in their affliction. AT Tire WATERING PLACH". A communication was received from James C. Ruther ford, Clerk of the I.unatlc Asylum, notifying the Board that his leave of absence has been extended by the Com mittee on that Institution. He explains the circum stances under which the extension was granted, aud adds: ? " I write this to undeceive you, as I understand that Dr. Ranney has made a kind of half whining com plaint of not being able to get away, when the fact is, w e had a perfect understanding on the matter, so much so that I informed him that if he should change his mind, and write or telegraph me, 1 would return at once." VKNT1 l-ATION AST) DRYIVO. A communication was received from H. Eldridgo. the Warden on Randall'* island, complaining that the drying department in the waxhhouse is very imperfec', calling the attention of the Board to the great importance of having this departmei t so perfected that the children may at all times have dry and clean clothes, which he is sure will reduce the number In the hospital. The atten tion of the Board is also called to the necessity of venti lating the buildings on that island, particularly the sleep ing apartments occupied by the children. The Warden is convinced that the bad air in those apartments, caused by the large number occupying them, contributes to the prevailing diseases of the institution, especially sore eyes, and he is sure a better state of things would mani fest itself with better air. Gov. Smith remarked that while the arrangements of the washiooms had answered every purpose, those of the drying room had proved an entire failure. He offered tne following resilutlons: ? Resolved, That a building be erected for the purposes tf a boiler aud drying room adjoining the Wash house on Randall's Island. Also, to furnish a new boiler or boil ers of sufficient size to heat the drying rtioni, and supply steam for all the culinary purposes ol the cook house. Resolved, That $2,600 bo and arc hereby appropriated for the above work nnd materials. Rctolved, That $.r>00be and are hereby appropriated to ventilate the dormitories iu the nursery depu tment ou Randall's Island. Governor Draper opposed the resolutions relative to the drying room, for, he said, so far as his observation went, those attached to other institutions were also nearly useloea; clothes were generally dried in the open air. Governors Tiemann and Smith explained that f ho failure was directly attributable to 'he small size of the stoam boiler, and conseijuett limited supply of steam. The resolutions were then adapted. SCHOOL Hot MI ON HAN DAM '8 ISI.AND. The following was moved by Governor, nnd after some debate, adopted: ? ? Resolved. 'J hat the matter of tho school house ou Ran dall's Island be referred to the Committee on the 1. land, to confer with the school officers of tlio Twelfth ward iu relation to the same, and teport to the Board. 1IIE PENITENTIARY HOSPITAL, BLACK WELL'S lSI.ACT). The monthly report of this institution, for August, by the Resident Fhysielan, J)r. Win. W. Vanger, is a sugges tive document. iutd ??? regret thnt we have not space to give it in actenao. Tine number of patients under treat ment during tht .month is suited as 48'), namely: 100 males, and ;!89 females. Of these, lfi8 wore admitted to tho hospital riui ing the month of August, and the statis tics relating to these admissions show that males and 99 temales were under :>0 years of age. There were 40 American born patients in the number, '29 of whom were natives ot this State, tlie remainder belonging to Maiue, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts. New Jer sey, Pennsylvania, Alabama and Georgia. Of 128 foreign CIS, Great Biitainaud lier colonies contribute 117, Ireland alone having furnished 94 subjects. In this connection, another table shows that of these foreigners 34 have been less than 6 years in the United States, 41 have resided here between & and 10 years, '28 from 10 to 1& years, anl svi on. The education, social condition, habits, religion, 4c., of these persons arc nil exhibited; thus 19 (only) could "read and write well," while 87 were but Imperfectly educated, and t:0 totnlly uneducated; U8 were single. 40 married, and 'J'2 widowed; 18 were of temperate habit*, 46 claimed to be "moderate drinkers," 8;l were confess edly "intemperate, " while 19 owned to being "habitual drunkards. '' Of these "intemperate.i" and "habitual drunkards," we find that 611 of the former and 13 of the latter were under JO years of ago. There were admitted of Protestants, i!l natives and 19 foreigners; of Roman Catholics, 11 natives and 86 foreigners, and of those who did not profess any creed whatever, 8 WltiYVS and 'J) foreigners. A list of the occupations of the pat tents prior to their admission, includes bookkeepers carpen ters, shoe makers, tailors, teachers, dressmakers, seatn ItreiK.?8,' ""rrants, and others tw numerous to tran scribe. ^''"g the month 171 wcio discharged, 101 of wV u T\ere cured, and B9 relieved; but by far tlw most pi ,,U' 1 ing feature in the results of the month, Is tCC very small rates of mortality, death Laving Occurred in only 4 rases, an average of 1 for every X'l'l patients treated. These lacts alone speak most eloquently in favor of the hospital, and clearly demonstrate that neither talent nor attention lias been overlooked in its medical arrange ments. The prominence which is given to the statistics of this institution, by the regular presentation of these valuable repoits of Dr. danger's, U a most pleasing sign of tUe progressive movement of that principle which regards the outcatt and suffering poor as (it objects for other treitment than is accorded to criminals, and we hail su '1' documents with pleasure, because an> thing which dra'r* tlie attention of the public to the matter must eventually aid the cause of humanity. INMATES OK THE LNHlllillOSS. The numlier of inmates of the various institutions at the elope of last we ek, was as follows:? Bellevue Hospital 612 l.unetic A.-ylum 577 Aims House..... 1,22*2 Penitentiary !*88 IH> Hospital 326 Work HouFe 661 SnaallpoxJIIospital 1 Randall's Island 838 Po do Hospital ~ 201 City Prisons 680 Colored Home 261 Ilo Orphan Asylnm ISO Children at nurse in the city ? ??? 15 1 Total 5,939 Admitted during the past week 2,747 Died 43 Illschnieed 2,4(9 Scut to Penitentiary 235 2,727 Increase 20 United State# District Co art. Ttefore Hon. Judge Hetts. Sept. 4. ? TbeCourt was opened this morning, the (irarvl Jurv panel called, and a sufficient number not answering to their names, the Judge ordered an additional panel, and adjourned the criminal calendar until Tuesday next. The admiralty calendar will be called through during the month. Court of General Sessions Tills Court assi-mbled yesterday, Recorder Smith pre. siding. The following gentlemen were **urn grant jurors:? I.uther C. Carter, foreman. Ebeneztr Peek, Pavid W. Itelden. Hubbard (t. Stone, Henry A. Coster, Asa Hinckley, Cornelius Siwlth. Panlel M. Pe Vevoe, CerardtiH Boyce, Michael I.. Iranian, Francis P. lowler, ftm. K. Mott, Jr., Thomas Trainer, Abraham Satrd?, Harrison M. Iiadeau, llenj. C. Wandell. Calvin W. How. James (? Moll.itt. Tlie Recorder gave to the Grand Jurv a formal charge, simply instructing them in the law that ruled their d'? hlitiiations, afier which they retired to deliberate. No tbffljr else of imjsirtance was djne, when the Court ad journed until to-day. Jersey City Intelligence. A PrwiiAH Aiuuktkh ? (?n Monday night Mr. Patrick McCortnick, residing in Morgan street, beard some one in his autbuildlngs, and upon searching caught a man there supposed to be a burglar, whom he arrested. Me gave his name as James Andetson. Mr. MeCormlck handed him oi er to the authorities and he was lockel up. t'pon bis person were found a Jimmy, a lot ot skelet m keys ami a number of other keys. Yesterday morning he win committed to the county Jail toawait trial. I'm tel.? Patrick Flirgerald, Margaret Kltrgerald and Peiiiinbiuo (>st were comniited yesterday by Justice Csidner for drunkenness, and Patrick Shaumpoy lor as sault and l attery. Tnr Tax*.? The Assessors of Hudson county met at the Court Iloase, < n Monday, and fixed the county tax to be paid by each ward snd township. Tlie value of the real and personal estate in the county and the taxes thereon, are as follows :? Valuation. Jersey (ity ?13,98(1,180 6, 110, Ml Hudson City 2 l)?t .904 Bergen 8. H l,8f>0 North Bergen 2,rt2rt.l.'lO Harrison IMooo ?Jfl.a-.r2, 61ft 820,000 oo In Plymouth county Mass., a number of young IvUes are reported to be in training for the female hnr'emin ship, which Is to make part of the exercises at the An pjnil Agricultural Fair In Bridjew?ter. Hewi from the Bio Hmto. OCR BKYN08A CORKKSPONDBNCB. Rctnoba, Mkxico, August 19, 1855. Jn Amateur Revolutionist ? General WM'i Defence Mea sures ? Affairt in Zacatecas and San Luis PuO?i ? Defeat of Santa Anna's Troops at Tula ? Preparations to Attack MaJamorot ? Its Desertion by the People , the. In search of military excitement, I have left my humble home, and am now within what wan until lately his Serene Highness' dominions, ready and willing to take a bund in the overthrow of thin low and infamous tyrant. I'p to the time I left Brownsville, Woll continued enjoying htnnelf in burning down houses, fences and fields, una was fast fortifying himself to give iw a warm reception. He ?hall have a good chance to show his pluck, if. contra ry to what 1 believe of the man, he will make a stand and fight desperately, as many continue to believe. Owing to the information received by Governor VI daurri from Zacatecas, Col. 7uaza, with a force of 1,'iOO mounted riflemen, was detached to assist the citizen* there in organising their revolutionary government, and driving I'avon out of the place, who was there with some 600 of the despot's forces. San Luis I'otosl would have pronounced before now, 1 they only bad arms with whicli to arm the citizens. On the 29th ultimo, Lieut. Col. Sayan officially reported that he had attacked and defeated at Tula, in this State, the government forces under Col. Cobos, which constated of some 300 men. The Colonel, accompanied by his order ly, made good his escape after the loss of his entire force, in killed, wounded, captured and dispersed. To-morrow, the fedei al forces that are destined to ope rate against Matamoros, will commence concentrating at Coma go and Hier, on the Kio <!rande, and after organ izing, it will consist of some 3,000 men, rank and tile, with the necessary artillery for attacking Woll's fortifica tions. The third part of this force will be composed of well mounted cavalry, and all to a man feel confident of success. To oppose this force, Woll will have some U.000 men in fortified positions, which ought to be enough to hold the place against ns. The true cause wlty Matamoros has net been invested by this time is. that we are short of ammunition for the artillery, but this is being rapidly prepared in sufficient qnantities to justify an attack on the place. From Matrmoros, the families continued to go out of the place, and Woll's atrocities have concentrated public opinion to a man ugalnst him. The final success of the revolution is now beyond ques tion. We shall sec bow Santa Anna's miserable creatures will attempt to justify themselves when brought before the tribunal that will try them for their manifold crimes. My position in the federal army will enable ine to keep you correctly informed of what may transpire, and the numerous readers of the IIkkald, who take an interest ip what is transpiring on this line, may be assured of being well posted up through its columns. RIO BRAVO. Newt from Bnenoa Ayrra. The hark Kanawha has arrived from Buenos Ayres with advices to the 11th of July. She left the United States steumer Water Witch, short of powder, not having enough on the Fourth to fire a salute. The British Packet of last date, in a retrospect of June trade, says : ? The customary supplies from Brazils and the i'nited States are in brisk demand, and maintain full prices, with a decided upward tendency. Sugar, coffee, tice. yerbn and tobacco are scarce, and consequently high. Salt and American lumber maintain the advance mentioned in our last. Of salt and lumber the stocks on hand must be very heavy; and it is difficult to account for the sudden reaction and firm tone, especially of salt, t)ie demand for which ut the present moment appearing rather problematical. In our last we alluded to the high price of flour; and it is now our unwelcome duty to report a further advance during the month, of from 2ft to 30 per cent. In these circumstances wo feel warranted in repeating our earnest protest against the established import duties on flour and wheat. We continue to receive small quantities ol wheat from Montevideo, bu'. nothing to check the upward court c of our market. To do this effectually we require at leust tour or fiie formal cargoes of American bour. In exports we may repeat the word# of an experienced and competent judge, who assured us that "lie had never seen the produce market in a more deplorable stale." Of salted ox and cow liiiles a lair proportion have been des patched to (ireat Britain; but in dry. I'uly, Spain a'.id the I'nited States have latterly been taking the lead. France, while importing heavily, has been rather moderate in ex perts. \Viib regard to our quotations of export produce, it must be remarked that the prices are to a considera ble extent nominal. We give a synopsis of the bills introduced by Senator Cnlvo in the legislature: ? The first suppresses all port dues on national and foreign vessels; ami, moreover, docs away with stamped paper in the entry or clearance out of vessels. The second entitles all aitlcles, without exception, to the privilege of deposit, at the option of the importer. Third exempts from import duty a specified number of articles, including tools, machinery, coals, charcoal, Iron, and building lmileitnls generally. Fourth Exempts from export duty all produce of the country shipped from Bnhia Blanca. Hfth dcclaie* the port of Villa del Carmen, in Rio Ne gvo, i'atagoues, a free port, for import and exports, for the teim of ten years. t-ixili provides for the exportation of count ry pro duce free of dnty irom the |Kirt of San Nicholis de los Arojos. . ft Tenth authorizes the executive to establish and re cover pontage dues, and other imposts, for the purpose of erecting bridges and otherwise repairing aud improv ing the public roads. Eighth establishes an abatement of the import duties on goods introduced in vessels that bring immigrants, according to the follow ing scale, viz: from 50 to 100 immi grants entitle the Tessel to n discount of three per cent on the import duties of the entire cargo; from 100 to iiOO, to a discount of fi\e per cent; from -'00 to 300, of 7 per cent ; from .'-00 to ?100, of eight per cent; from 400 to G00, of 9; and of more than 600 to a discount of 10 per cent. Hie passage of these bills is advocated by the press. Br. 1'ortela having tendered his resignation as Minister of Go\ eminent, Dr. Alsina had been named in his stead. A number of parties have been apprehended on the cliarge, it is said, of complicity in a conspiracy, respect ing which we have heard many conflicting reports, but no reliable details. The Sterling Murders. OCR fcTKRM.NO COKRESrONDEXCB. Stkmjnq, Cayuga Co., Aug. "0, 1855. Last Jtoni (ids nf the Murdered Boy ? Remorai qf the Mur derer to Prinon ? I lis Kndeavour to Implicate Otters ? Pattick Fitzgerald Ex</ner<Ue<l. Our unuiilly peaceful town wan thrown into a state of terrible excitement thjs morning, by the perpetration of a deed which strike* a chill of horror to every heart. A boy by the name of John Fittgerald, with Ufc delibera tion of n fiend, put an end to the lives of hismther, mo ther and youngest brother. The family had retired to rest, with the exception of the criminul, who bad been quarrelling with lus parents, and had refused to go to bed, but lay down on the lloor in the kitchen, 'towards morning lie arose and took an uxe, went into the room of his parents, where at one blow he neirly severed the head of lib) father from his body. He then attacked hU mother, who raised her head, and after four or Ave blows, any one of which seemed cm ugh to accomplish his object, he succeeded in killing her. Ue then went into the next room, where his brother James, a boy of fourteen or fifteen years old, lay sleeping on a lounge, lie struck the boy on the face with the axe, making a fearful gash, and breaking his jaw bone; with another effort he cut higher up into the cheek ot the child. By this time the remaining brother, I'atrick Fitzger aid, was awakened, ho supposes by the tailing of Jauics from the lounge. He hastened out of the recess in which he slept, (for it was in the same room), and was nut by John, who pointed to Ills parents' rhambor and said, " There is a man in there." I'atrick saw his brother James on the floor, weltering in his bh.od, and wild with fl ight he flew to the door and mitdt his e cape, and alarmed the neighbors. James O'Neal was the tirst man to reach the scene of the hor rid butchery. The boy was still lluug. Ho had straggled around the room, bad been to his mother's bedside, and seemed to recognise O'Neal, and cried '? Take me away , take me to your house." Ho lherully lilcd to death. The neigh bors gathered in, and, eve. whelmed with horror, tiiey gazed in the fearful spectacle ? the now ?en-.eloss and dying boy, with his clothes completely drenched in blood, while the same fearful color dyed the floor over which he had walked iu his agony, and the dead pa rents in each others arms in that lied now soaked in their ow n gore. And there stood the murderer ? a flno looking boy of between seventeen and elght<?n ycats. He expressed some concern, but the iinj icssion of hU guilt was too strong with that awe-stiicken crowd for liini to excite any sympathy. I luring the while day till the arrival of the coiouer in the evening, the gteau>*t confusion pre vailed; |?ople were pouring in from all part* of the coun try. 'I lie unhappy boy has confessed his crime, but wl?hes to implicate others.? their names not being given publicly we will wait the result of the examination to morrow evening. Augu-t 31, 185V An examination was held this evening before Justice Tilfnrd. iiuring the day John lia 1 mentioned his brother I'atrick as nn accomplice, but afterwards denied his huv ing any knowledge of the intent. To-uight he refused to ftnswci any questions, and the alTuir no* adjournal till to morrow at two o'clock. September 1, 1855. The excitement ha* in some degree subsided, in con sequence of the removal of the criminal to Auburn, and the full and sutlMactury acquittal of l'alrl:k of any i<uilt. Brooklyn City New*. l.jmxei a Corner Stom. ? The corner stone of the Ve'bodist K.pisco pal Oiurch on highteonth street, Rear HMiaeenue was laid yesterdav afternoon nt four o'clock, with appropriate ceremonies. The following minister* were present nnd nflicia'cd oil the ncc.isbm : ? Ilev. Sir.

(Joodjcn, rresldlng klder; Kev. J. M. Keel, of Washing ton as^nue church; l.ev. Mr. I'erry, of Kleet street church, l'.e* Mr. Inaklp, of the Centenary church; Hev. Mr. Katies, of Withers street church, and the I'a-tor, Hev. Mr. Hovt. The exercises were comtnet with singing by the choir, after which a portion of the scriptures was read by the liev. Mr. Varies, wilt, b was followed with a prayer by the Hev. Mr. tiooderson. Pfv. Mr. Heed then delivered an able an I appropriate addles" when the 1'ev. Mr. Inssip ipt.esl.-d to ti e aiidlenc* for a lllwral collection, slating th i? the Trustees wanted t'i,Q0Q which would wipe out the debt when the eslilic.' was completed. I he appeal wis re p m I i d to in a creditable manner. While the '|ieal:er w.i ? so liciting lontiibutlons a little girl, a mem tier of theSab t.atb n'hoed, presented him a bo* containing *50 in be half f the echoed, as their inlte towards erecting the building. the hev. Mr. 1 erry then proceeded to lay the corner *<ote and deposited in it the following article- A Bible, a Hymn book, a copy ot the discipline, a list of tlie i ani> s of the c nti Ib'itoi ? to ti'O church fund, and the names of the mrmliors, names of the pastor and t rustees building committee, and a copy of the ?liferent daily pa |ers pi.bllsl e.l In New York and Bri* klyn. The child'en of the habbath -ch"?l we e In at'end.mce, and a large cono< uise of | e?<| le After the Uj ing i f the corner stone, a ben< ilictiou ly the Hev. Mr. (io s|ers..ii, closed the In teresting proceed ing The church if to Sc f'atue with a biiJi ba.wtatp'. aftj will be la ? intensions 45 feet by 60. The cost of the struc ture, n.'t ncludiog the lot*, will be $8,000? About the half of v ich is already suU-cribeJ. Fumh. ? A fire broke out on Monday night, about 12 o'clock, in a (table owned by J. Gould, on Atlantic ave nue, near Cla?son, ami wax entirely destroyed, with its content*, together with a ho rue belonging to Hugh Ityan, valued at $150. Mould's loss on the stable, iioo. The flames alao communicated to a dwelling house owned by Gould, and occupied by Georg* Gorman. The houae was considerably damaged, but the furniture of the occupant was saved. Gould a loss on houae and stable about $V0. No insurance. The Sre spread from the stable in which it originated to a stable adjoining it, owned by Wil liam Burns, which was entirely destroyed, ft also spread to a small dwelling adjoining, owned by the same man, and occupied by the families of John Maloy and Michael Colgan. The houae was destroyed, but the furniture of the occupants was saved. Burns' loss on house and stable will not exceed $600; no In surance. About three o'clock yesterday morning, officer Elias, of the First district police, discovered a fire in the dry Kods store of John J. Henry, No. 73 Fulton avenue. ie alarm was given, and the fire was speedily sup pressed. Damage about $600, to stock; fully insured in the Iieekman and Broadway Insurance Companies, New York, in the former for $1,200 and in the latter for $1,600. Henry, the proprietor, was arrested by officer Ryan, of the > irst district police, on susphion of setting the place on fire. He was locked up for examination. The CorRj?.? ' The City Court met yesterday morning, but no business being ready it was adjourned till ibis morning. The Court of General Sessions met yesterday morning, Judge Moore, presiding, and Justices Stryker and Ftnmons. The grand and petit jurors were called, but the requisite number not answering their names, a new panel of grand and petit jurors, was ordered to be summoned, and the Court adjourned till Thursday mninlng. Ji 1M B Cri.vKR'g Saijikt. ? At the special term of the Pupteme Court, yesterday, before Judge Rockwell, the muiidamus sued out by Judge Culver, to recover Ills sala ry for services at City Judge, and which is withheld from him by the County Treasurer, in compliance with a reso lution of the Board of Supervisors, was argued. Judge Lett appeared for the defendant, and Mr. Van Cott for the plaintiff. Decision reserved. Bold Burglary. ? I'he house of Mr. Stark, In Bedford avenue, between Pai k and Flushing, was enterad on Mon day night, and the bureau taken out oi the house, to the fr< nt stoop and robbed of all its content*, containing two gold watches and other valuable articles. JjJSv ppood Pickpockets. ? A gang of twelve boys were ar rested by the Second district police yesterday, charged with picking packets in Fulton street. They were all committed for examination. t oho.vkb'b I.mjukbt. ? Coroner Redding held an inquest yesterday on the body oi a young man, named John Stnltc a member of Engine Company No. 13, who vti accidentally killed on Monday night, by being run over by the engine, while running to a fire in Atlantic avenue, lie only lived a lew minutes after the engine passed over A verdict in accordance was rendered. Skktkxckd.? John Turner, a notorious burglar, was brought to the Court ot Sessions, and pleaded guilty t. burglary in the first degree, whereupon he was seiiteucti to Hug Sing by Judge Moo re for tilteen years, he beiiif an old offender. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MONEY MARKET. Tuesday, September 4 ? 6 t'. M. The tendency of quotations at the opening this morning was downward, and before the o'ose lower prices ruled. The only stock on the list in which there was any improvement was Erie, and the ad vance iu that was a small fraction. Reading, Nica ragua and Cumberland sold freely at a slight de cline. Pennsylvania Coal was in more active de ntand. Western railroad stocks were generally neglected ? those having real merit not offering and those of a fancy character finding no buyers The cobweb railroads of Ohio are daily losing caste in this market, and we look for a depreciation in their stocks similar to that which has overtaken most of the New England railroad*, particularly those of Vermont. At one time the railroad* oi Miinnichu etts were considered among the best in vestments of the day. Now they are among the won-t. Western railroad stocks have the same diffi culties to contend with that ruined the Eastern roads? competition? and the result will be the san e. At the first board to-day, Albany Exten sion Bonds declined 1 per cent; Erie Bonds, 187">, 4; Illinois Central Bonds, J; Canton Company, J; Nicaragua Transit, 4; Cumberland Coal, 4; Cleve land and Toledo, A; Michigan Central, 4; Reading Railroad J. Erie Railroad advanced | per cent. The upward movement in Erie is attributed to the increased business derived from the Hornellsville road. It is estimated that the gross earnings this month will exceed six hundred thousand dollars? a larger sum than ever lefore earned. There is u strong movement in the stock, and it may be par tially guiceesful. After the adjournment of the board the following sales of stocks were made at auction by Simeon Draper: ? l.r> -hart'* Chatham Hank 90 10 do. St. Nicholas Rank 95 >3 lV3 <lo. Webster Fire Insurance Company 01, 200 do. Proprietors City of Brunswick stock. .. . V1.: V0 do. Catena and ChlcBgo Railroad 111.1* 100 do. Delaware, I ackaiuann and Western R.R. "6 000 do. C'blo and Mississippi (K. division). 11 j. At the second board the market, with the excep tion of Erie, wftB lower. The transactions in Erie were large, at an advance of ? per ceut. Heading fell off 4- The steamship Pacific, from thin port for Liverpool, to-morrow? Wednesday? will take out about half a million of dollars, and the Hermann, from this port for Southampton and Bremen, on Saturday, will take out about eight hundred thou sand dollars. The total shipment for the week will not vary much from one and a quarter millions of dol lars. The Sub-Treasury will absorb during the week upwards of half a million; ho that at the time of the next bank statement, nearly two millions of dollar* will have been taken out of this market. The bank* must, therefore, make a very poor show of specie next week. The amount reported on haudon Satur day last, the 1st hist, was smaller than any previous period during the present year. The transactions at the Assistant Treasurer's office to day, were as follows: ? 1 nid on Treasury Account $10,820 47 I'eeelved " 137.7SO 0!" I'alanre " 5.477,748 V i aid for Assay oHice 307.&S'.* 1 aid on disbursing checks 01,581 00 The warrants entered ut the Treasury Depart ment, Washington, on the 1st inst., were as fol lows: ? For the Treasury department... $35,906 For tbe Interior department 1,080 '."0 For 1 be Customs 30,214 22 War warrants received and entered 40,000 00 On account of tbe Navy 1.322 70 The Grocers' Fire Insurance Company his declar ed a semi-annual dividend of eight per cent ; the St. Mark's Fire Insurance Company, five per cen: , semi-annual; the Pheuix fyauk, Hartford, Ct., four dollars per share; the Shawmut Sugar Refining Company, on demand, a dividend of four per cent; the Lawrence Manufacturing Company, of Lowell a semi annual dividend 01' four per cent. We are glad to sec that the New York Central Railroad Company hav? no intention of rescinding the resolutions recently passed regulating the trans fer of stock. The directors adopted the new system to guard the interests of stockholders, and we do not see why they should consult the convenience of the Board of Brokers In this matter, more thau the protection of the public from such frauds as the past year or two have developed. The company is bound to protect its stockholders and the public first, at all hazards, aud the directors have nothing to do, in thctr official capacity, with the Board of Brokers. The valoe of import* and exports of this port dur ing the month of August this year, compared with last, was as folio wi: ? Commhrci or thk 1'#kt <>r Nrw York? V .vim or Imports *ni> Exrwra. Impart*. Jvfiutt. 1854. lUftJi. Dutiable merchaoAb* 9tT, 470,992 918,890,758 I'rce do. 1 .0fS.flS2 1.2U1, 75' 1 Entered wareh?u#e 4,123,787 1.356.4.8 Specie and bullion 175. <>92 48, M3 Total $23,085,133 $16,600.5,0 hjjorH. romestic merr!iandi<e $4,487,819 $4,821,481 Foreign Jo. dutiable. 515, '.'70 222 176 I)o. do. free 263, *5i 161,482 8|ecleand bullion 4,548.:t20 2,609,39 1 Total 805,068 $7,2'>4.5::2 The excess of imports over exports in August,, 1S54, was $13 ,280 ,0ft,? ; iu August, 1855, it wa* but $9,243,047. Here is a gain in the month of 14,038,* HIS. The decrease in exports wa< principally in specie. Our foreign trade this year has been large ly in cur favor, compared with last, and the ship rot nts of specie have not been governed so much by our indebtedness on our commerce, as in previous years. Mr. Btuk, the individual who is so anxious to be elected cashier of the Mechanics' Bank, has made two attempts to reply to the oalm, dignified statement of Ur. Edmonds relative to the administration of the affiurs of that institution. This Mr. Burk has held a sub ordiate position in the bank about four years, and he not only makes an e/fbrt to give an account of the management of Mr. Edmonds during that time, bnt has actually been overhauling the books for many years previous, and trying to explain what be does not begin to understand. The post, tion of the bank gives a little importance to some of his statements; but he exhibits so much bitterness, so much spite, such a narrow mind throughout the controversy, that even that importance is destroyed. In looking over the books of the bank from 1840 to 1S44, this individual, who is so great at figured, has discovered that there was no credit of discounts re ceived on drafts, and he at once jumps at the con clusion that Mr. Edmonds must have privately dis posed of the amount received. Had he not been so blinded by his prejudices, he could easily have learned that during the period named it was not the custom of the Bank to receive drafts as cash which were at any discount; consequently there could have been no discount to credit. It is also well known by those whose memory extends further back than Bnrk's, that Mr. Edmonds was taken sick in June, 1840, and was in the bank very little for several months. In November that year he went to Europe, and did not return until August, 1841, Mr. C. Stebbins, of Cazenovia, acting as cashier in the meantime. From January first until about the mid dle of April, 1842, Mr. Edmonds was in Albany, ob taining an (Iteration in the charter of the bank, per. mitting a reduction of its capital. During that time Mr. Knapp was in full charge. It is barely possible that Buik knew nothing of these facts when he set about Ranting up items to strengthen his case, and little Inew who be was implicating in his charges* Tlieie was a very interesting story published in a recent number of Dickens ' Household Words, called tlw "Toady Tree," which we recommend to Mr. Fnrk for careful perusal. We leave him to apply the moral. This individual is, we hear, a candidate for the vacant cashiership of the Mechanics' Bank, an institution which holds the funds of the city treasury, and has enjoyed a high degree of credit under the mrfhagenient of Mr. Edmonds. It is to be hoped that so long, at all events, as it holds the city'n funds, it will continue to be well managed, and it is therefore necessary that Mr. Edmonds' place should be tilled by a man in whom the com munity at lar^re have the highest confidence. The directors of that bank have a duty to perform to tho public as well as to their stockholders, and we trust they will exercise their best judgment in the selec tion of its oliiiers. ? ; Stock Exchange. Ti ksdat, Sept. 4. 1855. $10C0 Ohio C'n....'C0 105% 30O !<ti8 Ward Coal Co 1% 500C0 >li.?nnurifl'?.bt)U 94 10 < leve, C k CIn R. 1OT 1C000 do 93% 30 Cleve AI'ittsb'gK 70% COOOfVli)V>min7 V70 88 '200 Cleve &-Toledo.s3 80% 1000 liar let mt bdn_ 80% 100 do bOO 87 & 1 COO liar lid mt lids. 79 150 Mieh Cen ltlt... .c 99'4 1000 Albany hx Cert. 50 12 Hudson Kiver Rlt 40m 6000 Erie Cbd '03. b3 85% 100 do b60 41 GOCOErie bd '83 ex. i. 97 50 do s3 40% KCO do 97% 200 Erie RR h3 52% 5000 Erie bdB'75.b:iO 90 % lOO do b3 52% 20000 do s8 90% 100 do 62% 10C0HR id mt bd.?3 93 250 do sOO 52',' :.(0OHR I!d mt bd?. 76 400 do h90 62 2600 111 Cen RR Ms. 85% 300 62% 400011Cl:KFb.w.p. 84% 300 do ?3 52% 4C0O III F bdn ex. int. 88% 100 do slO 62% 7600 NY Cen RR bd*. 91% 60 do r.;;o 52% 10 f hs Bit ?tnte N Y. 107 % 200 do 52% ."0 Continental Rank 106)4 ;Mi0 do bOO 52%' 200 Canton Co .... WO 2ti 150 do s3 62 ICO do c 25% 300 do s90 52 10 Nic Transit Co. .. 19 250 do k30 62% iCO Ho 890 10 50 do 1)60 52% 4f,0 do 19% 50 do 62% ?-00 do bOO 16% 150 Harlem Rlt...n3 28% 100 do btO 19% 200 do b?0 28% 6(0 do s.'i 19% 50 do hlO 28% 100 do b3 19% 13 New ler?ey RR.. 125' 25 I'enn Coal Co. . . . 104 500 Reading RR..s00 94% 50 do bt.0 104% 860 do b3 95 60 do 1.60 104% 100 do b ;0 95% I.'O do bOO 104% 200 do bOO 95% 1 00 Comb Coal Co . . c 27 % 200 do b30 96 1 ? 4..0 <lo ?C0 27% 200 do c 94% 100 d?i bfO 27% 200 do a3 94% K'O d" hiO 27% 100 do c 94% 800 do ?3 27% 200 do b30 95 350 do 27% 400 <lo C 94% 2(0 do b30 27% 250MSANIaRK.sl2m 100 ICO do gtO 27% 0 do 101% II,0 N Cieek Coal Co. . 2 200 do bOO 102% 25 (ialena k Chi.?30 111 30 do ?3 101% SECOND BOARD. $10000 Louisa 6'g.blO 93 200 shs Erie RR. . s60 62% 5000 111 Cen RR bd?. 85% 100 do h3 62% 100 oils Harlem RR.. 28% 50 do *90 52% 200 Reading RR 94% 120 do b3 62% 100 do b3 94,% 100 do 52% 17 do 94% 350 .lo h60 52% 200 do M10 94% 26 do sfiO 62% 100 Illinois Cen UR. . 86% lOOfi alona k Chic RK 110% 0C0 Erie RR 52% 20 Mieh So &N IuRR 101% ICO do blO 52% 50 do 101% 300 do hCO 59% 200 Mich Cen RR.. ,e 99% 200 do b3 52% 100 Clev k P 11R. . sSO 71% 100 do b3 52% 100 Clev k Toledo RR. 86% TRADE REPORT. . Ti rbdat, Sept. 4 ? 6 P. M. A.-tiU'.? sale* of about 50 bbls. wore made at 90 37 for both sort?". BRKintrrcm.? The market closed heavy at a decline of from 12>a a i6c. per barrel. The sales embraced about 10,000 a 12,000 barrclit, included in which wore common to extra State brand*, at $6 75 a $7 25 a 97 60, including peine lots of inferior or -'bogus" an low a* 9*> 50. Western ?M also dull and lower, included in the sales, of which < xtra Michigan at (7 75 a $7 87, with lot* of Indiana and ( kio, mixed to fancy, at $7 60 a 99 50. Cana dian wan quiet. stock light, and prices were more or leg* nominal. Southern wan dull, with a downward tendency iu price*, with Nile* of 1.400 bbt*. at 97 87 a 910for com mun to extra. Wheat fell off about 10c. per bu*hel. The xalis embraced aliout 20,000 bushels, included in which were 10,000 hushel* poor, or interior North Carolina n il at 91 00, and 10,000 a 12,000 do. good red at about fl 1 5 a ?1 70, and white ranged from 91 70 a 91 85. The transactions embraced consideiable parcel* for export. Corn? The snleg embraced about 60,000 a oQ^iOO bushels WW em mixed, at 84c. a 86%c., included in which were nevii :ii thousand fur export. Kyc was scirce. Sale* COO bushels were msde In lots at 91 11. 'Vita ? Sale* of ate and Western making at 45c. a 50c. Prime Chicago weie scarce. Corns. ? The mniket wo* *tendy, but quiet. Rio ranged from 10c. u l.'c.. and a very prime lot was sold at 1-HC 160 bag* I Jiguyra mid at ll){c. ; 250 do. Cape at ip'ac.; 400 mats Java at 14c. CoiXI ? The i ales embraced about 2,000 bales at steady pi ice*, the market closing firm. Iskjuiits ? There was more offering for Liverpool and I., i ", n and at Improved rates. To the former port 500 bile* com nerved cotton were engaged at 3-l(*i. 25,000 a 30,0tft bushels corn in bags, at 6d. a 0 '4 a5)tl., with some lots of Hour at private term*. To l-ondon 16,000 a 20, 000 bushel* of wheat w ore engaged at 6)jd. in shipper'* bag*, and at 6)^ a 7d. In hip's hag*. 1,600 bbls. rosin at 2s. To Antwerp 1,000 bids, rosin were engaged at 2s. A vessel wa* taken, the 1 oriU'Jat. to load at City Point for Venice, with tobacco, Ac., at 4">s. To Havre coin wa* engaged at 10c. per bosh el. Hour t. as at 60c, ashes at A and 7, rice at 7, hark at 8. and bono nt \c. To California freight* were dull. Ilfcur wa* quiet. 1'ew rotted American was at 170 a 9180. and dressed do. 9260 a 9246. Hay. ? The supplies offering were limited, with small sale* at 9' . Ikon. ? The market has undergone a marked improve ment tor scotch pig within a *liort period. ^Uh sale* at 93d a 936 60. and 60 do. sola to day at 937 ? six months. Live.? Sales ol 1,200 bbls. weie reported at 00c. iur common, ond 91 26 for lump. 1 jlai> Sale* of 140 ton* Spanish, part to arrive, were made si six month*, and 2,000 Kegs (ialena at 96 86, tine and interest, with 60 tons English blocks at 90 ;>n MaUMBS, ? .-'tie* of 300 bbls. New Orleans were made at 37c. Naval Btmh. ? 1.000 bbls. rosin were sold at 91 06 per 310 lb*., delivered, and 800 bbls. spirits turpentine at 4"!;e. a 43>)c., 660 of which were at the inside figure. (nig. ? Whale and sperm were unchanged. I.insee 1 ? ontin icd dull; whole parcel* were at 90c. a 91c. lor American, and 91 92 a 91 03 tor Kngllsli. lUm -I ork? The sales embraced about 700 bhls. , including new me>*. at 92! 37 ; new prime do. at 919 75 a * .9 97 , 919 for refuse, and 921 26 for thin me**. Beef continued tun. with sale* uf atiout 200 hbl*.. including country mess, at 911 76 a 913, and prime do. 100 bbl*. repacked (hi' ago sold at $16 40; prune m> ss was quiet. Cut rot a tie we re fum, hut without mile* of moment, Lard c intitiued dim, with sales of 300 bbls. at U&c. a 11 7{r. , wi lls lie <u- asked. Butter wn* steady; Ubio ranged fi hi 16- lie., and State at 18c. a 22c. Cheese was ?eliii g air extent for shipment at 9c. a 93?c. Sfkinut was liimer, sales were made at 6c. to arrive, now held at ?>.,c. The sales during this week here and to arrive, have amounted to about 500 ton*. Si oars. ? The market continue"! quite Orm, and further ?ales were made at very full prices. The tran*actlnn* embraced about M)0 hhd*. Cuba mu?covado. chiofly at 7c. a 7>?c. ffsi good to prime qualities. ;160 boxes ?t i V a 8c. and 4,000 hags i'ernarabucoat 6){c., with 150 hhd*. I orto liico at 7J{c. Torino is iu moderate request, at former quotation*. Sab * of 1<)3 hhd*. Virginia and Kentucky were made at " Uc n 11 ?c. '149 Havana at 'Ibc. a Sac., t>4 do. ( uha at private terms, 20 do. ^ara at Pr'T*te terms, li-3 oases feed leaf st 7 V a 14?., and 44 hales South Ameri car at If) '4" ? > ,n *??*? The following i* the stock ol S Mulsh tobacco In store on the 1st inat.:? Piirs. Si- fw ffirau. Cvhn gaa, Ytira. g *. On hsnd Atig. 1,1865? liales. 2,009 1,192 ? ? 415 f-ecdved since 1,W? M70 63 240 42 Total 4,37U 3,071 ra 2M 467 sale* to Aug 81, 1866 1.948 1,3.13 tU 100 14<1 gtock on h..?l ?eyt.l,1855. 2 530 1,738 ? UO 311 iBfRITISEMERTS REP! WE? EfElT BAT. SPECIAL notices. ACIWKRAtTmKETING OK THE 8TOCKHOI.DERS OF the Butchers' Keul Estate Hide Association of the city of New York, will be held at the office of the associa tion, situate on the corner of First avenue and Fifth street, in the said city, on Monday, the 10th day of Sep tember next, at half-pant 3 o'clock P. M., when a resolu tion will be offered and voted upon for the dissolution of the aaid association. By order of the Trustees. 8. P. PATTERSON. President. EDWARI) PHILLIPS. Secretary. GEORGE W. CAMPBELL, Treasurer. New Tork, August 20, 1865. \ MKRICAN COTERIE.? THE MEMBERS OK TUB J\ above are hereby notified to attend the regular monthly meeting io lie held at On' Crystal, 228 Grand street, this even ing, Wednesday, Sent. 0, at 8 o'nwk. WM. R. GWYN, President. Tuso. P. Wukklkk, Secretary. Excelsior debating society.-the members of ibis society are hereby notUied to attend the first regu lar meeting lor the tall and w Inter season, to be held In the veslry of the I nlversalist Church, on Twenty loiirth street, at t o'clock preclseTTT The public are respectfully Invited to at tend. By order of ABB AM J. POST, President. IlK.Nkr ||. SKAVait, Secretary. Masonic notice.-the members op indepen dent I/sige .No. IMS of F. and A. M., and tbe fraternity in ge neral, are re-pectfully requested to meet at lite lodge rooms, tW East Broadway, ibis day, (Wednesdsy,) at 1 o'clock, to pay the last tribute of respect to our deceased brother, IsAac McKeu le. By oi-iier of HENRY SHRODER, W. M. John W., Secretary. Masonic benevolent lodge, no. &? old cox slltutlon.? The members are requested to attend a regular meeting of Benevolent Lodge. No. 28, In their lodge room, Kree Mason's tlall, t'sW Broadway, this (Wednesday) evening be fitli day ol Sept.. at 7 o'clock. Business of linportanoe will e brought before Ibe Lodge. By order of WILLIAM. A. GODFREY, W. M. I. 11. Coiston, Secretary. Notice.? mount vernon lodge no. u ambki cau Protestant Association, meets every Friday evening, at ihe northwest corner of Hudson and Christopher streets. PARTIES HAVING CLAIMS AGAINST THE LATET llrms of Huntington A Llnsey, Huntington Jt Oo.,ana Charles B. Hundngion, will please send iliem Into ihevub scrllier on or belore September 10th. CHARLES B. HUNT INGTON, 62 Wall street. THE WESTERN FARM ASSOCIATION.? TO THE PUB 11c.? This associat Ion Intends to procure from fifty to one hundred thousand acres of land In Wlsconslu, lor division amongst one thousand or more members. They have secured advantages that oiler great Inducements for persons to join with thi in. and invite the public to attend a meeting at the Union Buildings, 103 llowcry, at eight o'clock on Thursday evening next, Sept. 6, where full explanations will be given. Every person who subscribes for one, two, three, or four forty acre terms w 111 lie entitled to a village plot of oue quarter of an acre wbh each farm. Instalments $5 monthly. Constitution* may be obtained at the meeting. JOHN STEVENS, President. Wx. Jones, Jr., Secretary. UNIONPORT INDUSTRIAL HOME ASSOCIATION, No. 2.? Tbe members are hereby notUied to attend tha meeting this evening, as the tinal report of the committee will be submitted. By order of the committee. J. A. HANDSCHURCH, Sec. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICES. <Ufl 9 AND A PARTNER WANTED? IN A tPI^.uUU very extensive and profitable business, In winch a lot-tune tnay be realized in a few years. The b unities* is already well established, and Is wortlimhe attention of any me desiring a safe and profitable Investment. Address Trebla, box 3,63t> Post office. (to Ann ?partner wanted-silent or ac ?]P?).V/UW. the, hi a wholesale manufacturing business, w ith a cash capital of ?3, 000; the manufactory Is now in suc cessful operation and doing well; the business can be enlarged Address W., box 10D Herald ollice. d.41 ?CHANCE FOR A MAN WISHING TO COM iPi.iJI/U. mence business.? Tbe advertiser Is well ac quainted Willi the grocery business, and wants a party (would prclcr a young man) to join him with (2,500, and purchase a. In si class grocery store. It l? In a good location, long estab-* lbhrd, well slocked, and doing a business of from 930,000 to i-HJ.tWO a year. N. B.? A knowledge of the business not neoes sary. as it could he learned in one week. But good reference required. Can be seen any day this week, from II) to 3, at l'ctch it lugall's office, 345 Broadway. <fc9 lin/l-A PARTNER wanted with TII8 fZii'lUv, above sum, to engage In a manufacturing business, where Ihe profits are large. One lo attend to out door business. None but those with the above sum need apply. Address T. F., 2a Sacked st., Brooklyn, or to box 164 Herald office. ? THK ADVERTISER, HAVING THE ABOVB .1u". amount, wishes to Invest the same tu a re spectable, safe, profitable and pleasant business, In this city or elsew here. Those having sueli to dispose of, please address, glvin lull particulars, (no others need answer,) M. C. H., Herald Uice, for two days. <lfl nnn ?WANTED, a partner in a cash busi tJP-L.UUU. ness, which can be made to realize $10,000 or fell. UlO a year. An interview will satisfy of Ihe fact. Please call on Mr. Hope, from 7 to 10 A. M., and from 4 to ti P. M., at 2SI Sullivan street, near Amity. ({Jl nnn T0 *2, boo-? A partnkr or purchashk V liUVJu wanted, for a line drug business, which enjoy* the advantages of over twenty years' gaud management, does a. solid retail trade, and can do $20 to per day In jobbing. Owner goes West, and must sell or gel a partner. Inquire at 14 Hudson Btreet, corner of Reade, by H. R. R. R. depot. <5:1 nnn ? A partner wanted in the lum 9JL.UUU. ber business; has been established for the last eight years, and the profits will exceed $fi,000 per vear; Ihe former partner having retired from |uctlve llle, an honorable it nd a business man will be taken in his place. Apply to C. B. HOW KS A Co., 84 Nassau street. <fc7Cn-A PARTNER WANTED IN A MANUFACTUR qp I uv; lug business that has been established three ears, with l.tHIO customers. The right kind of a man will find his a cspilsl investment. Apply immediately for all necessary tilormatiou to C. B. IIOWES A CO., 84 Nassau si. (fcenn -PARTNER WANTED, TO PURCHASE THIS ?P?JUU. Interest of s retiring partner, In the real estate mid brokerage business, that has been long established, and paying loth parties handsomely. No further capital Is required In the business. Reason for selling, on account of going West. 1 his is a rare chance to make money. Apply to A. CAMP BELL & CO., 113 Chambers street. (fcrrnn -PARTNER wanted in a business THAT qptJUU. lias been established ten years In the lower part of the city; Is light, genteel, and ready cash; to an energetic man who can live on fl,300 a year, this otfers great Induce ments to get into bustnesss. p. B. HOWES A GO., 84 Nassau street. djOnn -WANTED? A UENTLEMAN OP OOOD AD ipOv/U. dress and perse veranre. with this amount, lo join tha advert!! er In Ins business "f auctioneer, estate agent and commia s on merchant, already>slabllshed In a neighborhood alt'ordluK unprecedented facilities for success. Address, for two days. Alpha, Herald ollico. (Jhl (lA -THE ADVERTISER WISHES A PERSON TO ?J>-LUU. join him In a reapeetable and very pleasant and lucrative business. This Is such a chance as seldom happens for a person to travel and see tlie country, and at the samn make money. Apply Immediately to Mr. GUY, at Petch A Ingall's Real Estate office, 346 llroadway. A PARTNER WANTED? IN CASH BUSINESS THAT bids lair lor a fortune; the articles manufactured are In daily consumption and roav bo extended through the United Stales; It pays u profit sufficient to satisfy any man, and Is done strictly lor cash; tbe partner mar be slleut or active in tbe business. Address C. B. . Herald oflce. strictly confidential. A PARTNER IS WANTED, FOR A PANORAMA BU0I. ness. The subject Is new and very Interesting. The et penses of Ibis work will not be large. Address C. A. Falter, :-21 Fourth avenue, between Twenty fourth and Twenty-flfUi streets. BUSINESS CHANCE.? A YOU NO GENTLEMAN OF UN doubtcd capacity nnd t oaponalhtHty wishes to connect with present offlce business a good profitable acency, of any <I? scription, or would not object to a partner with uie above onallftcaUons. Address Dtspaich, Herald offlce, with full par ? nlufM. Dissolution ok copartnership.? notice is hereby given that the copartnership heretofore filming be tween the undersigned, under the Arm name of Diutenburr t Arthur. has been this dav dissolved by mutual consent. Ttw? under 'signed. Iiunlcl J. IHinenhury. Jr.. U alone authorised to settle (lie business of said partnership. DAM EL J. DUSENBURY, JR., Ntw York, Sept. S. 1865. ALEXANDER ARTHUR, 1JAKTNER WANTED? ONE WILLING TO TRAVEL, IX a genteel and agreeable business, and who hns tl,2U0 at rt mmaiid. can tod an op|M>rtunltv to realise from |n,UOO to ft Ant) within one year, by Mid rearing A. L. M. A Co., box IH II. raid offlce, with name and where to be seen. PARTNER WANTED? WITH FROM THREE TO F1VB thousand dollars, In nn old established me-hanlcal busi ness. to lake ilmrgeof the financial department. A note ail. d re sued to It. S. O., Herald office, will meet prompt attention. rito BUSINESS MEN? ANY MERCANTILE HOUSB A wishing to extend Uteir bnalnftss, or realize a aubsiancfl for the shadow, by addressing this application will find on.: pur feclly posted In business allium In uie United Htatea, having travellt d moat of the time for tineen Tears, and having a fair business acquaintance ; middle aged. Unexceptionable refe rences In tkui ctty. No one seed answer ei|>ecUag aniall ga la ry to remunerate. Add rem, with real tuune, Theodore P. B., Poat office. "WANTED? A PARTNER, WITH A CASH CAPITAL. v v of flft,000 or S2U.M00, to take a hair Intereat In a cash en lerprlae, already established, tlie dally profits of which now average from $iS to f 50 . The business can he Immediately In creased Ml per cent l.y the aid of an active partner, with meaoa Address H. C. H., box I.7SH l'oat office. Fl'RBIITUREi C~^OTTAfirANrr FANCY FURNITURE WAJREROOM8? . At 51* Rroadwav, opposite the St. Nicholas Hotel. II ATHKWS It 81 ACKY offer for aale the noet extenalva assortment of fancy, eottafs, enamelled and French fur niture In the United States at reduced price*; every va riety of mattresses, pelllaasee. pillows, bolsters, ho., at nianuCacturer'a price*. FURNITURE. -HOUSEKEEPERS WISHING TO Dis pose ot all or part of heir household furniture In gocl order, at moderate price, will hear at a caah customer, by ad dressing ham. Herald offlce. COAL. f'OW.tfi 25 PER TON -FIRST QUALITY RED AND white ash Sclmy 1MB coal, cm or stove sire, delivered in New York, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Jersey City and llobo krtt. Apply Immediately at the People'' Coal and Flour Aieney, IK Ilroadwiy. real by the single ton or earfo. Ex tra tlonr fit) per bbt. No monopoly C'OAL.? VERY BEST QUALITY OF RED ASH, STOVB ) and egg slje coal, screened and delivered dry and In gorst ori'er from tinder sheds st, $0 .10 per ton. and white ash at 96 35, Irt m yard Mi Ooerc* stree'. Welghtand quality warranted. EAT. CLINTON. ? EXTRA PAY. I 1A11RA PAX-WAVY BOUNTY LAND AWD 'TtXTRA | yj 1'sy" Offlce.? Lead warrants, "extra pay" and balaneM 1 ot -*ati s due all United Htatea navy snllor*. In all wars alncn ? 17tsi, ikelr widows and heirs, promptly obtained and pakl, and ' all kinds of ( lalma against the United States recovered bv EDWARD BEtSKLI., i Agent, late Purser U. S. Navy, and Attorney and Vvwku* m faiF. 51 jmtm% |