Newspaper of The New York Herald, 5 Eylül 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 5 Eylül 1855 Page 3
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ADTEKTISEHENTS RENEWED ETEST DAT. BOAKDING AND LODOINO. <J7ft HROADWAY.-A HANDSOME PAHLOlt AND Ol v bedroom to let, with hath*. Iliien and towels, and at tendance. l'rlce $4 per *?t Gun lu the rooms. Q BROADWAY, UNION SQUARE.? HANDSOME OOO furnished parlor* anil bedrooms to let. together or ae pirate, with or without hoard; prvate table if preferred; bath ruorn, gas, Ac.. English basement fur a phytic an. Q7Q FOURTH STREET.? ELEGANTLY FURNISHED O I t 7 rooms to let, with or wlUiout board, for respectable gentlemen, or gentlemen and *l?e?. The houite is strictly private and genteel. <>Q /I BROOME STREET.? A SUIT OK ROOMS, FRONT r)UT and bark, with cloaet, on second floor, to let, wlthfnll full <?r partial hoard, to gentlemen and wires, or four sliwle Ken'.leuien. where Uie comforts ol home and agreeable society iiuty be enjoyed. Terms moderate. OQA SIXTH AVENUE.? DESIRABLE ROOMS, FUR ^jOU nlahed and unftirnlahed, with gaa, bt>( and cold water. Home newly painted and location convenient, both to cars and stages. Gentlemen and their wive*. or tingle ucnileinen. will find here the coxul'orta of a home. Family small. Terms fill:) derate. tl "- r FOURTH AVENUE. ? FURNISHED ROOMS TO MiKJxJ let to gentlemen, with partial hoard. The house con talna bathroom and gaa; alt urn Ion convenient to the Union Club Hotut; a restaurant opposite. *)(\A SECOND AVENUB, NEAR 1STH STRKET.-GKN ^VJTC tlciiien ran obtain a choice of handsnmelv furnished rooms. with full or partial lioard. If desired, in a limine having ?every modern convenience, and a very pleasant location. 1QQ WEST FIFTEENTH STIf KET? THREE ROOMS ON third Unor, and lock parlor, to let, furnished or tin* furnished, with I'ulJ or partial hoard, suitable for gentlemen and their wives, or single gentlemen; it pleasant location ; gas noil hath. References exchanged. Easv access to earn and atagrs. m HUDSON STREET.? DESIRABLE ROOMS FOH patliesof single gentlemen or families cau be obtained at the above place; houae with model p luiprov einetit*; location pleasant , near St. John's Park. Reference# exchanged. m FRANKLIN STREET, TWO D0OH3 FROM HUB son.? Furnished rooms, with or without board. De sirable front rooms, for single gentlemen, may be secured lor the winter, by applying soon. Two gentlemen can have a fur nished room, with breiikl.iat and tea, for W SO per week. 70 -too DUANE STREET.? ROOMS ON THE SECOND J. DO floor, suitable for a gentleman and his wife, also a large room for two or three single gentlemen. can he had with board; terms moderate. 1A7 HUDSON STREET, FRONTING ST. JOHN'S JL jT I park.? Furnished rooms to let, with hoard, to single gentlemen or gentlemen and their wives; also a handsomely turnlshed front room and bedroom on the second story. House newly furnished with all the modern Improvements. Vll NINTH STREET. THIRD DOOR EAST OK 8B0AD _T^t 1 way, a suit of liand.-ome furnished rooms, and single rooms, with breakfast, If required; also No. 6 College place. Iiri GRAND STREET, A FEW DOORS WEST OF Jlu2 liroadway.? Twoor three gentlemen can be accom modated with single rooms, and hoard. If required, also, a gen tleman and bis wife, with furnished room on Ural floor. 1 07 PRINCE STREET, NEAR BROADWAY? ELEGANT JLU I ly furnished aparunents, sultahlo for gentlemen and ttielr wives, or single gentlemen, with or without, board; houae first class; gas and bath. TOfi WAVERLEY PLACE? THIRD DOOR WEST OF lVt) Washington park.? A hall ra>m to lot, wlih board; also two rooms on fourth rtoor, a front basement lo let for an oOlce. Location dellghttul. FRANKLIN STREET, FIRST HOUSE WEST OF w ? Broadway. ? Suites, and large single rooms, furnished, on the first and second floors, for gentlemen; breakfast served 11 required. The first, a good location for a physician, or would be lei for light business purposes. Inquire as above. CA BLEFX'KER STREET.? PARLORS AND BED V x rtamis, furnished or unfurnished, fo let, with or without I>oard; also single rooms for gentlemen; bath and gas In the house. Apply as above. ?A WALKER ST., FIVE DOORS WEST OF BROAD way.? Two rooms to let on the seeoud floor, and one on the third, to single gentlemen or gentlemen and their wives, with or without board. Baths in the house. CO BOND STREET.? OENTLHMEN AND THEIR WIVES. or single gentlemen, In search of comfortably turnlshed apartments, with full or partial board, arc requested to call at the above desirable location before making application else where. The bou-e possesses all the modern improvement*. AMITY PLArE, ONE DOOR FROM BLEF.OKER Street, a little west of Broadway? Elegantly turnlshed pa tor*, and separate bedrooms, to let to gentlemen, wlUi break last and tea 41 desired. The house Is very neat, and the family is small. 6 ST. MARK'S PLACE.? FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET. with board or without, In the first class house No. OSl. Mark's place. ____________ ft A -TWO GENTLEMEN, FRIENDS, WISHIN'l TO room together, can meet with a comfortable room, on third llnor, with gm*l bo ird, and In a pleasant location. Ap ply at 65 Henry si., BrookUn. djO CA -BOARD DOWN TOWN CAN BE OBTAINED. at Uie Farmers' Hotel at the above price per week, without lodging. One week In advance required. 247 Washington streei. A PARLOR AND BEDROOM ATTACHED TO LET, JA. with or without a private table, In Twenty -fifth street, near Madison I'srk. Terms moderate. The house contain* all the modern Improvements. Address X. Y. Z., Herald offloe. A FEW SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN IIE ACCOMMOP A led w ith first class hoard, (breakfast and supper,) In a small family. For particulars Inquire at ??l Teulb street. Re fereucsa exchanged. AT DOBBS' ferry? to let, WITH BOARD, UNTIL spring, or longer, a pleasant room, capable ofaei ommn dating three persons. The house Is within tire minutes' walk of the Hudson River Railroad station. Address A. B., box 8,049 Post Office. A PRIVATE FAMILY, OCCUPYING A MODERN house, in a quiet, desirable location, near Union square dr? Ire to let s well furnished suit of rooms, with lull or par tlal board, to a party of gentlemen, or a tamlly without child ren. Address Irving Place, Union square Post otllce. A FURNISHED PARLOR AND BEDROOM TO LET to a gentleman, location desirable, being a few bouses west oi Broadway. Apply at 12U Ninth street. A FEW ELEGANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS, SUITABLE J\ for families and single gentlemen, to lei with board. In Uie brown stone house 411 West Twenty-second street, near Fifth avenue. The house la delightfully situated, near the iasliionable squares, and convenient to railroads andomoi iwsses. References required. A PRIVATE FAMILY RESIDING IN A MODERN built bouse In a pleasant location up town, would like to have a gentleman and his wife, and one or two single gentle, men, lo board. References exchanged. Address R. p>. T., bos 3.087 Post office. A WIDOW LADY, HA VINO A MODEKJJ BUILT HOUSE, near Broadway, would let a parlor and bedroom adjoin tug, together or seperatc, to oue or two genllemeu. or a gen tleman and wife, with full or partial board; also, ii lew single rooms to let. Apply at 118 Greene street. AOOUPLF. OF SINQLE GENTLEMEN, OR A GENTLE mau and his wile, can be acoommodated with bond in I private family, in a house ? 1th all Uie modern Improvement, SUeli as gas, bath, Ac. Kcierenre required- Apply St l?i Twenty second street, between Sixth ana seventh avenues. A PRIVATE FAMILY, RESIDING IN JERSEY CITY having more room ilian they require, would like loac commodate a t arty of single gcutlemen wnli partial hoard? n fine parlor, wttli two bedrooms ruininunlcatliii:, on (be second floor. Rtlerence required. Apply at M Jersey avenue, or address 0. W Herald otllce. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OR TWO SINGLE GEN tlemen. can be accommodated with hoard and s comforta ble hon.f , by applying Immediately at 2 2ft t ourt streei, Brook lyn. AIjADY HAS TAKEN A HOUSE, AND WILL ACCOM modate a few- gentlemen wlUi furnished rooms. Those desirous of (In- eomforis of home, and a pleasant location, will do well to apply Immediately, at No. .1 Huber' street, near St. John's park. References exchanged. A SPLENDID Ht'IT OF Fl'RNISlIEO ROOMS, WITH bedroom* attached. 10 let, toKctheror m'parair. lu * prl vale bouftr. * 1th all the uuyl'm buproTement*; al*o * (ingle room, with grate iind ??? In II. Apply at 96 Prtnce meet. a fry. door* ?f?l of kroadway. AHINODON HOfAKE.-A FKW OENTLF.MEN On fJKS tlemen Mid their w lv??, ran b? lutn laomeljr aeromiuodat ?d In a hoiice with modern iniprovi-trviil?. ?or) pleaauntly lo mrd In flew of Ihr Htioaon rlTer. Cir* anj threw jh,.-? of muff* paaa Ihr door for *11 part* ot thr rlty. Apply at .VtA llu I ?on afreet. corner of I tank. Abingdon ?i|U*rr. wi-m ?M. . .No. 2. A PRIVATE FAMILY, OCCl'PTIJKO a PI. BAH A NT J\. hon*e, mill bath. K??. Ar , nnd hairing more room than u? y require, enn acrom modal)' a genilrui in an 1 hi* ? If.- with board. Apply at 128 Weal Twenty wind aireet, bettveen Sixth and sercntli avenue* Hrhrrnr" rirhaiii<e.| BOA HI > ? IN A PRIVATE HoCSE, TO I.CT TO A OEN and lii.i wife and a few *lu#le gi-ntleinen, three or lour bandaotneljr furni*hcl room" with partial board for the fnntlemen. location central anil rerr plea ?cnt. Apply at 1 Tl Kant Twelfth utreet, between Second and Third avenue*. BOARD ? NKATI,YI?rRNI*m:T> ROOMS. WITH BOARD, ran be had I y applying a: HI Went Twentf *l*th utreet, a lew duor> from Willi avenue. The houae la flrnt < hum, the ?? aation pleaaant, and term* moderate. Board.? a of.nti.kmas. his wifk and two daugh'er*. 9 and 4 yean nf age. d??lr? board with two an furnl-bcd n??m, In a private family baring a tlr Ha** boiirc location preferred below Twentv iliird atroel, and he - Ween Fourth and Hirh aTeuum. Adart.w J. S. boi i,tfO Pint nflkr P*c e : <UMZ. "'^u W"1 "**" A??/ ? 14 H-arreS Board? 8inoi.k sknTLkmen wiij, find oood armmihodatiotui at :W| For*) th direct near Walker; atngle or doable hod*. rlean. airy mom*. ?lih cvrrr attention lo 'he eoenlW ef boarden Re*p?. table MeWnwIII d<. w. li to call. Term* moa! reasonable. A few day boarder* Wkrn Board -a hiit of rooms to to a oenti.b ?>an and w if*, or two or three atngle (trntlrm^n, with fttll or partial hoard; aub. tingle room- and a banrrnent lulta ble li.i a pt.).i< .,n in a fir* , taaa homa. Apply at No. ?? Went Twenty third atrect. Hafrrenre en-hanged. Board -a privatk family. ha vivo morf room than tbey rciuW*. w UI ?. MMnlaM a *emieman ami wife cr two alnalr ?enUcmeB with h'janl and plraaant r.?>m-< An ply at fiS We.t Thnt< nih atreti. near Huih arena.- Refer encea requlri-d BOARD-A PRF.NOn FAMILY CA!* ACCCMWODATR one or iwo K'-ntlenieo w ith * furnUhnd room, with hoard In a bonne w|tb all Uw nuid?rii lniprrnemrnt?,*a?, Ac. Dinner M e o'clock Addree* Y.. HeraM o Hire. Board -onf or two si its of h'kims for ore l.-mcn and thdr and alan f >r ?ln*le i??i,tl.-ni?n, withal the Tl* -l.-rn nrproTrmi-nta '*n hr otMalaod at M HV?i ?l M . war btto Ifniiif. Hrtfrrnrrn ,-ak hi a. ?">?ern built hoti... * >'rtv*u- "wmiy oee?py 1?, . ?jnton* ? htm,, marlTt^lw ?n'1 wTer.fh, Place I -baric- Mrt i-t ' rcall/c.i. Apply at No. ? W?i r. j BO A R F i ? Fl RNIHffED ROOMS TO HP.M r<> I AHILIF ?<r -little eeuil'inen. ?Uh full or par-ui i ?irl Th Imiiv i? pl?a?ai,tiy locati do)ipo?ll?il?? Park Referem ? . . ? ha . I Ar f'y ?' 3 Unl'^o place near K?*' l ifit'u'ii ?<rw BOARDING AND LODUINU. ROOMH.-A SUITE OK KLKOANTLY FURNISHED i rooms and two single rooms suitable for a party of three or lour single gentlemen of high respectability, w|ih or without MNird. In a private family. The house and furullure new and first class. Aj>]>l)r a> llv^i Ninth street, live door* wnsl of ?roadway. Board-in ninth strict, between fifth and Sixth avenues, ill a private I'nnill y ; two nulla of room'", furnished or imltirutshed; private table or not. To parties of Hie first respectability terms will lie reasonable. Address, witn name mid number, 8. W.. A-tur place Host twice. BOARD.-flEVEUAL PLEASANT BOOMS, WITH hoard, may he Intd at the eligibly located dwelling 141 Eighth alreet, opposite the Mercantile Library. Reference* exchanged. BOARD? GENTLEMEN AND THEIR WIVES. OR SIN gle gentlemen, can lie accommodated with full <>r partial bourd, at V> Went Washington place. References required. Board down town.? two on threr single ob.n tlrmeneaii be accommodated with full or pur I il Imard lit a private family. Location retired, atul near ?U Johu'a park. In<)iilre Ml No. a North Moore strcel. Reference required. Board down town.? two or three gentlemen can l>e accommodated with l>oardi also, two young ladies, al 172 iMiaut alreet, neur lludaon, oppoalte the Duaue street park. Board in clinton pi.aoh.-a very pleasant suit of room* for a gentleman and hi- wife or tor single gentlemen ; also a single room for a gentleman, at 97 Clinton plao*. Board, with fijnished room. wantki>? for a lady and gentleman, hoard for the lady only, in a plain private family, lor which M> week will l>e paid In advance. 1 o< ntlon went of Broadwry and below Fourteenth street. A1 dreaa l*. b. M., lludaon atreel l'oat office, stating location und tertoj. Board, in a private family, with pi.easa.nt rooms. furnished or unfurnlatwd.? Three or tour stn'tle f-'em lcriH-ti ? iin be accommodate I with partial bo.ird. ?i 2tl t'ol lane place, between Houston and Uloevker street .. Reference* given and required s Board in a private family? with very plea -mil. large and airy rooms, can he hud on application at No. 109 West Twenty seventh atreel, a lew dooi> We ?t of the Eighth avenue. Tlio house contains all the modern improve ments; convenient to cars and mIhs'Cs. Boabd AT HURL GATE.? A PARTY WISH I NO TO spend the lull In the country may obtain u suite ol' line large i ooma, just vacated, nt a pi Urate residence on the K ut river, having extenalve grounds, hath house, Ac. ; exeallent U-th lug atul boating; carriage and stable may be had; access to the city every Ave mluutea, by the Second, Third and Fourth ave nue cars. Address Autumn, Union square Post office. Board in Brooklyn.? sinole gentlemen oan be comfortably u< rommodated with full or partial board In a f rlvatc family, living In a beautiful location, within the mi nute* u?lk from South lerry. I'leaae call at 248 Henry alreet, Brooklyn. Board in Brooklyn? with a private family. Two or three geiMleinen can oMaln pleasant rooms, where they enn enjoy the comfort* of a hoine, at No. 219 Adams street, near Jolmson. IrfMa'lon la pleasant, and convenient to the ferriea. Terms moderate. Board in rrooki.yn.? a gentleman and wife oi one or two single gentlemen ran have a large front and hall room, or back parlor, with gas, either furnished or unfur nlsbed, with board, in a unlet, agreeable family. House ia within three minutes' walk ol' Hamilton ferry and eight of South ferry. Inquire at yu President street. Board in brooklyn.-a gentleman and wife, and a few slugle gentlemen, can ba accommodated with gissl board and a comfortable home at No. 1 Willow place, Ave minutes' walk from South or Wall street ferriea. inquire us above. Board in Brooklyn.? two or three gentle men can obtain fine rooms, with breakfast and tea. In a pleasant location, within live minute*' walk of the Fulton ferry. Term* very moderate. Apply at No. 4 Sands atrcet. Board in brooki.yn.-a gentleman and wife can have a large, pleasant unfurnished room on second lloor, with partial board for gentleman, In a plain, private American family, wllhln three or four minutes' walk of Fulton ferry; also a room for a sliiglo gentleman. Apply ut M High street, corner oi Adams. Terms moderate. BOARD IN BROOKLYN? PERSONS WISHING HOARD In Broolyn, will find pleasant and desirable parlors, u 1th or without bedrooms attached, furnished or uniurnished. In second or third stories; also, small rooms suitable for single gentlemen, with board, by calling at M Pacllic street, third door from Henry. Reference exchanged. Board in brooklyn-a gentleman and his wile, also two single gentlemen, can be accommodated with w bole or partial board. In a private family, wllhln three minutes' walk of Fulton terry. Terms moderate. Apply at 4A High street. Boarding on Brooklyn heigbts.-a gentle man and wile, and two single gentlemen, can be accom modoted wllh board nt No. (1 Willow street, near Fulton and Wall street ferric*. The house Is pleasantly -Itna ed, and well calculated for gentlemen. A view ol the bay unsurpassed, Board on Brooklyn heights ? very dksir \ hie rooms, furnished or unfurnished, to Id, with board. nt rr Bemsen street, Brooklyn. Board in jersey < ity.-a few single gentle men, or a family, ran be accommodated with two hand homely llnlsliCd rooms, on the second story of a house con taining all the mislern Improvements; the sleeping room Is fur nished with hot and cold water, and large pantry, and heated el her by hot air or grate. Terms from $6 to $7 each. Address F. M., box SBfi New York Post ofllee. Board wantkd-for a ladv, in a respecta hie Ismlly up town, on moderate terms. Address 1" . I) Herald ofllee. Board wanted? in a rrti vatk FAMILY. WMM there are no other boarders, for a lady who will reautrs acute nu rsiug in a few months. Address O. F. Sigma, New Brunswick, New Jersey. Board wated-hy an invalid of.ntleman, in a small quiet private family, where he can have the beat ol care and attention. Terms uiuat be reasonable. Please address J. It. ,M., Herald ofllee. BOjPRD wanted? for two or three ge.vtlk men for the whole winter, uptown, but nol above Twenty third sired. Address, stating particulars, I. B., 19V, Herald ofllee. B BOARI> WANTKD? IN BOITTH BROOKLYN, BY A young man, In a private American family, where (here U young wKlelv. and where there will he no other i>o*rd era taken. A plou* family preferred. Wouhl require aa rarlv breakfast, and would ba permanent U suited. A llreaa Fred, Brooklyn Post office. Board wanted? in Brooklyn, with unfi-r nt?hed room*, near the Wall atreet or South ferry pre lerred, by a gentleman, wife and three children. Addreaa O. P. U? Herald office. OARD WANTKD? IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, (WIDOW lady preferred,) where there are no other hoarder*, In either New York or nelghliortni! elite*, h> a gentleman anil hi* wife, with board for lady only. Tenon not to exceed }1J a week. Addreaa T. O. M., Jertey City I'oat office. Board wanted? by a youno lady, in a rr readable family, on the went tide of the city, not above Twelfth atreet; she require* u plea*anr room, Itoaril not U) ex ceed t<i h week; references exchanged. Aiidrc?* A. J. H., Ilerald office. BOARD WANTKD-BY A YOt'NO LADY, IN A PRI Tate family, or flr?< clan* boarding bouse; prtrate family preferred; reference* given and required. Addre.nn Home, llriKtdway Poet officc. Board wanted-witii an imfcrnisiied rih>m, l>y a widow lady. Private family preferred. Address L. M. L., Herald oflii e, for two day*. Term* from H to tft per week. Board wantkd- for a okntlkmaM, iiis wifk, child two year* old. and servant, In a botua w ith mo lern Improvement*; child'* wiinhlng to he done In ine banae; three comfortable room* required; MA per calendar month, ami to pay monthly. Aildrea* I,. M , Herald office. Boarding.-a gentleman AND Itw WlfK. OR two or three alngle MBffiaBaa may llnd a pleasant fiom1* In a ama II family, when*V^W>inforia of a home ran be mi Joyed; the house In rery phnnaritlv situated. and ot easy accra* by car* and itage*. Apply at 3H2 fourth avenue, BOARDINO.- NBWLY FIRNIPIIKD ROOMS TO IIH Knted, In mill* or alngly, ,n required. With full or partial Mttrd, In a new kOUW, with all the modern Improvement*; pleasantly altuated.tiear Htuyve?ant ptirk Apulyat IMOeiecood avenue., 7 to 9. Dinner at h o'clock. BOARDINO.? A OKNTI.KM A N AND IIIH WIFE. AND a few single gentlemen. can he ?r. ommodated with neatly furnished room, with or without l>nard, in a raaperiahle locality of the city. Apply to Mr*. rALDWKI.I, M I'uivor *lt) t>lace. BOARDfNO.-PAMII.Y ABOUT MAKIVU ARRANGE meutafor the winter can be aecotaoiodaied with two knit * of 1 0,1111*, hxri'l-omely furnlahed, with t till or partial hoard; house ha* all the modern improvement* Apply at 44 Union square. Kelerenre required. BOARDINO. -A ROOM, BEDROOM AND PASTRY, unf urntshi-d, with board, for a gentleman and wife. can be had at <11 Ea*l Broadway: Alao room for two kindle gentle men. BOARDINO.? IIANDHOMKI.Y FURNISHED ROOMS, TO he let rtnfly ?T In *uit*. with full or parUal board, in a new home, with ail modem improvement*. In one o, the Banal dealt able location* tip town. Apply at 32 Ninth alreet. Itofer encin exchanged. BOARDINO.? RLAKBLOCK'H HOTEL, ,t75 REUOND avenue.? Families or single geoilemon can otrtatn han l some parlor" and lidrooins. wuh board; two sulta or room- on "?cond Hoot 'o let. A good pianolorte *IU l>e taken in ex change for iioard. L Itl.AKKI/K'K BOARDINO - A Or.NTI.KMAN AND HIS WIFF. OR A single gentleman, can he ?< romioodated wuh furnlahed man* and board, with a tirlvate l?mtly la a bouse with *11 the modem Improvement*, situate 1 at iy, Islington arenue. BOARDINO AT IJJ AND 123 t IIAMIIKRw STREET.? Fine. pleasant. newly furnished r s?n?, for farullte?, with every convenience; alao, pii'??an: r'?om* for Rlogle gen"lemei1( and lame plea-ant room? that will a<<omm -late a party of lour gentlemen. I>t) boardera accunimiodaled alao. Kefer ?fMWa required. BOARDINO IN BROOn.T V ? ON* fiR TWn ?INOI.K r?mn>? 00 tin aecovid and third ll?>ea woaUl t?e let hi ?ingle pntlemen, with full or partial board A roativ >n th* fewer floor auliaMe U<r KmUefnan and th>-lr wlvea lloune flr?t I- lane, with all the Improve omnia. Kxfi-ren' n ^iv?n and re-iUired. Addreaaor apply at 46 t iifwort atr?et, ltrui,klyn. BOARDKRS FRKM TIIK COUNTRY,? IT H IIIUH time that per*on? wlahlng boarder* for the win or *hoold apply. A great many hare *lre?dy aeeiire.1 th>-lr ^m-a. very truinr ? %j.o? apnlv (ng I >*? not be behind tlmJ^ Bn?r-ler* directed n'ee of iliarge. office MM Broadway, nearjuf Oraca t htirch (10VNTR Y BOARD, NKW RfK'IIKf.T.K? l.ADI KM AW) ^ gentlenien will find excellent ai'i nnimnaiflom at Mr? Franklin'*, the hotiae ta heautiltn.y mtnated for heniih with a fine view of the Sound, and wtthln ten mtnote? ine de Tern>? imeti epthaia)' e F01 t artKti!ar* a; , -1> to Mr* llr.K HKKT. M For.yth rtreet. Ft'RMHHKI) RflflMH-rOR OKNTLIMIN, AT NO. II liapeoanl ?*r> eL Ft'RNIHHKI) ROOMS TO I.KT-IN T1D MR ST CLAJW lioo?e, 776 Broadway , a liandMime [ trior aol hedr -> n toa Hngla gentleman. Aim, a ^lendtd ?'ilt of pai IMI on 'he Prat B??r, wl'h extra aleeptng roama. and arery coareman^a I" r h*,ii?ekeeplng Apply bef.^a 12 M FL'RNIHHKD ROTiMH TO I.KT-WfTII OR WITHOtT I reakfaM, to geutlemen, .1 ?2 t, real J 00.. it r -el The goo** nx til itt# tTt?\*n, imprt rtrtn+ut* F''"NIeHRl? PARIXm* and HFhB'KiW ? HVJTA HI.F fi?r fa?r,i!te? aa4 fee ? gen'emen with 1 1 , u.e rrewlaa. Iv ?w PI ^ ate rteee^ frcm ?Uf u? th- Ha e - , Re I ?OUMHIW IJf" UHwm^ Fl'KN ISIIKI) I'ARLORH, WITH ItKDROOMS OOMMI.'Nf eating. for familial or altifrlc i;entlcmcn. mty he (ouud at No. 2M KounJi aveuue, our door above Tweutieth atreuf. Gknti.kmkn and thkiii WIVES MAT BK AOOOM modaled Willi board and pleaaaat ruonu, In ? prl?al? family ?, liy applying al 107 Went Tweltch alreet, between CtfUi and Ruth avenue*. Iteterenoea required. Look hkrk.? kinoi.k gknti.kmkn okokntlkmkn and llielr wives can he accommodated wlUi pleaaant room*, ami fcood board, by applying al the nnrthwMt corner of Jay and Greenwich orcein. Reference, required. IAW and OnnJUTO DKSIRIN i T<> mark J arrangements for t he winter, will ftn<l suitable ap.irt men's at 13 Carroll place, Bleecker street. References re quired. VTTO 2 LK ROY PLAPK, BLKKCKKR STREET, OMR l.i blin k west of Broadway. ? Furnished room* to real to gentlemen. intruding two splendid parlor*; bouse and furni ture entirely new ; bath and gas m Uie house. l?ocaUou uiwur panned, ana term* moderate. ONKOR MORK SINOLK GKNTI.KMKN CAM UK ACCOM modated wtth desirable room*; partial board, If required. CW llousum afreet, near Yarick plare. PARTIAL HOARD. WITH VKRY DK8IRABLH ROOMS, In suite or otherwise, may be obtained al VI Rant Thlr teen'h street, l?y single gentlemen, or a gentleman and lady, desiring lirsl els** aeeornm(sbti?otis in a small family. House ha* all the modern improvement*. PARTIAL HOARD A A LARtiK, COMFORTABLY FITR , nished front room, lighted with gas. on the set-on I iloor of a very neat, quiet house, will be let to two or three gentlemen, with breakfast if denlrco. The house is desirably locife I. arii very accessible to business. Address Nelly Hly, Herald Offlco PARTIAL HOARD WANTKD? BY TWORINOLK OKN I ilemcn, in a genteel private lamlly, where the comfort* o, h home may be enjoyed IVrnw moderate. Location not l>ei ow f ranklin, and not above Fourth street. Addrcas L. A O. Herald (.11 re. atating terms and location. PLEASANT FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED ROOMS to let, with board, for gentleman mi l their wive*, or sin ?le remit men; 1 ath and gas in the house. Inquire at Ninth Mtreet. near First avenue. "DOOMS TO LET? WITH FULL OR PARTIAL BOARD, I % furnished or unfurnished. In a genteel neiuhborhoo I, with a small private taru ly. The rooms are suitable for single ?^.n tiemen, or gentlemen and their wive*. Bath in the bouac. Please apply at 119 Franklin street. Q1NOLK GKNTI.KMKN CAN BK ACCOMMODATED 0 with rooms or suits of rooms, furnished or unfurnished, wnb full or partial board, at No. 5 Ninth street, between Fifth ai d Hxth a\ enuew. 1 he house in handsome and has all the u.oderu improvements. rpWO LARtiE ROOMS. WITH ALL THE MODERN IM 1 | roveiuenia, suitable lor gentlemen and I liter wives. Also one Mnaller room desirable for a slnirle gentleman. e ?n be had with board, at 4tM Fourth n're* t. Addon plac e. Ixa'atlou plea sanf, and eonrenlenl in the ears and Broadway stages. 1H) LET WITH BOARD? 1 TO A OENTLKMAN* AND WIFE, a buck parlor, neatly furnished; also, a eouple of roomn for single gentlemen; gas. bath, *<?. Referanoo required. Address at 1 JO (iieciif Kirevt, second door from PrUioe. WANTKIt? A PEW OKNTLKMKS HOARDERS. FOR llir winter n?'n??in, hi \o. S Horatio Mtreet, tn a iiriraio family. furiit?hi-d or unfurnished roonn, Uu house lia^ ih"> modern Improvement. Addri-xi M A L, hm ahovn. Meal* *? rved In room* If required. Convenient u> a Stage route. TirANTKl>? BY A OKNT1.KMAN AND HIS WIKR, A ?T furnished parlor and bedroom attached, with full board, In a private family, whose house la a first rlasg otie, sltuateil he iween Waverley place and ffld at., anil II mil ftth aventina. Dinner at fi or 6. AilUrcaa box No. 1 Herald otllee, Slating full particulars and price. XKT ANTKD? BY A RINOLK OKNTI.KMAN, A OOMK0RT f T able furnished bedroom. In a gculcrl private luinlly, up town. Address K. M., Herald office. TKfti Aft'TM' MHMUi J (to broadwa v ? to in win ok roommTVdr ? I " ' w nlshed; second floor parlura; two bedrooms, clian le Hers hot and cold water, and water nloaet on the same, ivlth dumb waiter and eiclualve uie of kitchen; third floor ptu'ior, large and small bedroom, gas and all modern Improvement*. Also lour rooms on Uie fourth lloor. m BROADWAY ?A FURMBIIKD I' ARDOR AND two or three large alrv sleeping apai tmeu'n to let. One contains a fire place. No boarders In tho house. Bath, gas, Ac. References required. AllOMK -A KINK rSOlfT BOOM. WITH WATER AND gas, In a house occupied by a private family raaldlng U|) tow n, between Eourth and Kifth-avenues, can he obtained by one or two gentlemen on reasonable terms, by addressing lit me. Herald office. A PRIVATE FAMILY IN BROOKLYN* WOULD LET to (Ingle gentlemen, of fillet habits, tun flne unrurulsho l rts ins oti third lloor, with tl replaces till I i:s., within leu mi miles walk of any of the ferries, M per week for fvh. Ilest *>f references required Apply ut '.?* Dean -tieei Itr H.wijn. AKVHNISIIED IIOI'BK TO I.KT-A THREE SToRY house, containing twelve rooms, completely furnished uuti in n g' tsl location, wllh k*-., water, He. Apply ?t Ornnd sliv''1. betwtsu 10 and 12 o'clock. Furniture fuf sale, u' J? sli ci Apartments to let-si itaule for a diikbs maker or small ftimlly A front room on flr^t iloor. with private entrance Irom the street, with basement, situate. I in Mulberry street, comer of Orand. Rent Hi) a month App'.y In tlic drug store. N B.? Large yard and every convenience. A STORK KITTKD I'P AS AN OFKIOK TO LBT? \?r\ low, and the furn u re for nab cheap ill good Uia I tionforany business. I.< nation Ninth n'reet. fhe furniture | will be sold separate. Addresi W. Retlaw, Herald office. ALAROK FRONT ROOM, BKDROOM AND PANTRY plain and e<?mb?r'ablv furnlHited for two gentleineti. to b rnTr Uvetiier <?r srpamte, cheap. The hon*e is respectable nr?d quiet; no children or bo*rder?. the location g<?<sl. Apply a No. I OrHtoe street, corner of Tanal, over tho a r> goods store Broadway bii.i.i a?i> rooms to let -Two rooms at 536. opposite the t'ollatnore H??tei. am] adjoin in# the 1'rescott House, for billiards, bowdug or slusitluK C10TTA0S AT HARLEM? TO LKT OR FOR HVLK cheap, on 1JCW street, between Fifth and Hlxih avenues two and a hall stories hl^h, filled in with briek. ttln<* rofims cellBr, Ae , and six lot? of ground, covered with fruit tress Terms easy. Apply to II. If. KH'K, Superior Court t'lerk's office, 1# ( ny Hall. Possession now. FFOT'R and FKKD RTOBK TO LIT TBI ATOM B doliUC a good buvb\<-ss with customers side to pay. The | prevent proprietor* have opened n eoal ysnl on the siuue pre mises, and < a?mot attend Us wiling feed, Ac. Apply to It. HTKVENKON, No. 21M Court street, Brooklyn. Front and back offk'kh to lkt? firht floor No. H6 NaasMU street. Tertns very reasonable Inuul ims to l?e made either on the premlaet or of William Ruhl, No. Hdt'Ml'X TO LKT.? TIIRKK KLKOANT nOUSRH IS River terrace, Hoboken, three minutes ' walk of the ferry, eominnodliitf a benu'lful view el the bay and efty (tf New York. Wbh both, KSs. hot and cold water, Ac., lo famUlotof tine hrsl reepectMbility onlv. Iiaiube at Uie ofFl' e, comer of Heennd and Hu?lson stteets, HoUoken, of KilWAKl) MARTIN HOI SRTO LKT? a HVPKRIOR TIIRKK ATORY HlUlf basement brown stone h<?u-e. ,*U4 Henry street, Br' silt j>u, s few minutes' walk from the Atlantic ferry The locaUon f-aiituH be ?urpas^e<l. Rent from n<?w to M*v ne?i nos session given immediately. Inuulreof Mr. JOHN K. llUttA, W Fulton street. New York. HOI HKH TO LKT? A TIIRKK STORY flOL'HK ON sixteenth street, $700; one on Twentv sixtli street, IBiK); one f?n I^exinet' O avenue, s four story brown stone Iwiuse on Twenty eighth street. fl.tsiU; ooe on KlglueentJi *r<*i*f, fl.ltlO. one on Irving jtlare, fHfttt a small house on Twentv sixth street. a l??ur st??ry Itou-te on Prince street, $JQt). K. B KINsHIMICR, 319 Fourtb avenue, tt to lo and U u? 7. HOl'HKS Tf> LKT.? A WPKRIOR FOCR HTORY BROWN stoiH house, on Twenty eighth street, fl.ltSI, ?aie on Kaat r.lghfei-iith ?tre??(, fl.luo. one on Fourteenth street, $1,1100, ftir niture for sale; a nice three story brick house on Irving pUee, IW/O; one on Ninth street, one on Islington aven?ie, tarn) II. KINHHIMER, 319 Fourth avenue, from 8 to 10 A. M, and * 10 7 P M. HOl'SK TO LKT IN BROOKLYN, AND FURNITl'RK for sale. The house \% clone to the t'lty Hall, and the fur nlture will be sold eh??ap, for cash, if de?dred. The house will l?e let without tl?e furniture, or the furniture will be ?otd s? p* rately. Address Kdward Carroll llrookiyn Post Office. LV;,| purS^d. ??" gi!i ?iid '<'roi"ii 'water iV^hW. XT Broa-lw.y. HOCRR TO I,KT AND PI'RNITt'RE FOR HAI.K -A large four ?tnry houae In excellent onler. m*?r In ion Kjii?r<- Furniture muni In pgrchunl H U? uwiut la itaoi leavine ill* H'jr About >2 000 re'imrel , u;rm.i M Wf. A1 dr?*?* t wUr, llirnH o? <-e. 1K< TI KK ROOM-i -TWO f.A ROE ROOMS TO LIST I1Y J diT, ?Mk, month or /ear ai and 3/7 lioaMoa <*r?rt; ? 111 *( <:oiiini<*l*te aliout >?' p<r?ofi? In rich, will on moderate term* Apr l? I.. .IAMF.H P. TRYNKR, 8r Jl<"? t?u, i>r N. J'lerron, 1* lllee<-krr ?ireet. NO Kin's* FOR HIGH KKNTH ? XO KXCrrtg OAJCT gr I a ?uiUklilr pte'-r of l ii?iw>i Hrnadtrar M?rrari'fl? m.r'hTlirti' < ffifi- , |M t>?r imniUi >nl tli.Vi, Hr?wi*?y irMvt l.onr ??lr?r'?.m?, ??!>? p?r annum and tiftl, wl'h or ?rtili<ttH counter*. dmfci K*? fl?'nr??. Ar, complete; Broadway loft ?etond, third, fourth and filth floor mT an'ilc room ? and >111 r.V MMiioK-ilt per annum Applj KHIHDH'IK f F OX. for ?. k:i.d? ??( Hr<?d??y Imrx" ?>.'?) end ?mali 1 1 .*?> r? >U< I'i r> IZ'jO. Ii*?- menu, rlilj. r *1 121 .r >1 Broadway Nice apartmknth to i.kt at no wwex rfrRKKT <V>n?l>iln( of a front liaemenl. flr?' ihtrj nnra ui 1 two nitir r<?>n.? A ?i. I be let ?? * I'-n'o^l ?iiut.'l furolly R'ti' 114 |>?r mouth. Inquire at 127 Rirlnitton ?<rr?l from 3 toft o'clock. R<rfl*P. WITH HTKAM POWKB, TO I,KT ?TIIKY ARK ? If* kll<l?<ll ll?t.l<-l, Muf lu * li'l?l!.<iri.'-?t Hill ?%? t?w??Me for ?nnafWrturtnf piifinnw U ?-? ? i , . and drying ?ppa>*tus (iiroiiih ll? wU.le >iuiuitn|. Inquire on 1"* pre Oi ?n IZ?rid II Pitt at , n i'?r Orand STORE TO MIT-AMD FlXTl'RKw FOR HAI.E. Ht'lT 4 tii? for any liUttlfv ili'julrr on the pri-ml??? M Bon very, Dear the How er> ibmin. A dealnn* la attached STl'DIOK IV RROOKI.YS ?TO I.Kf. I* IkiIiWi iRTH'H In w l i.lMmc. Ko 1.17 M'iiiU?ii r p.*'*, new t>?*lrt lotir >tudKp>. nu*<i up ?i'h i-rrrr rMinllwt, ?tprr??ly [<> hMltr?M or jwrlrM irtwa. l*o htdni bl|k no Hi ll*iiu *nl ??n ? nh m iih ?kyllilit- C'nn l)? wn ?t ?nj lun? twm? ?pply cm Hir prrmw - or M A. DOliWORTII'M, mr, Hr.?-I ??y, S. T. r) urr-PiJtAHANT htory ani> attic room In hoo?? 1ST Ellmlieth M/wl, n??r Hrr.imr *i?i, tii' h j'?rlof mkI Irom bateu.rn'. wiUi IwottlOn r ?>in- Apply el Ijt.-r i? 4 mnrt Ti IJ.7 ? THK .-TORE NO. ?? RF-AWC -rmUT IT?TY M rut i if Brovlwny, nn^otlte r*nt HOO per year, iljumirrtl room, fur li^ht tnaniib/'turliiir pur ntn bou*? M I'tiane itreet. flint Uoum- rut u in t?y. Appljr at i.KMMKI, n, :HU |lro*<i*ajr. T) IJCT-THX HI I MX NO 221 AVDW f/HtVTR FW?VT. log <>? 'anal uwl Walla *treva, 70 feet ?n ?i h i'iM The vfiola b'llMiu* la well a4*|,l?H fur any baaiBeax r? i|bitlnff a etrony llfht an4 Utility for exhJkitioo w,i| be let in aeparate a|>?rtniMta or together or, If d- -ire-1 <)lTiile?t Into oMeea mumi etoree hr to atiut tenant* For further jartirulan luqulre of 1 M 123 Hro?4waf rljn, IN BMWJki.VN? A t#Wn'TKF3 riMAU. THR*F. ?lory ao I N?? io?o' brtr* Mr. durably leMlei, a Mr mi?ut?e *al* 'r?>?i rtnotli f<-rrf R?at $ !)0 Tke furtUture U wa'ty ?re, ami etll ta e>M rlieap if ?y {.lir*ii-ri tie mei" 'tf-u >.? ttu pi'eaL??v Ha. 4 Harrj a | ft* ?, Rf?.>k'f? ^ TEHAim* KEGI9TKR* ' mO LKT-ONK riRST CLASS roc* STORY BROWN X atoue Im hum* , w till Kiifrli^ii haaemuni, oppoalto Stuyveaant it<|ttArr Thla hou*e contain* nil the modern Improvements. Far*le* wishing to w? 11m? Interior ol (ii? bou*o wiiJ pleaae call mi No. II*) Rant Seventeenth afreet, between the hour* of 1 Send 3 o'clock P. M . tti 212 Pearl at reel, up Mtaira, froiu Id to 4 o'clock I*. II. mo LET? TWO NICK NEW BUILT STORES, IN A FIRST X rato bualnes* locality ami two dwelling it in Main atreet, near Hrid^e. Fltublux, L. I , at a low rent. These atorea are weU adapted for any kind ol *;enteei bu*lne*?, helm; situated |r^} (he cemre ol a good bimine*a locality. I nnulre of M. 41. LI011 1KNHTKI N. <* Bowery. LET? TO SMALL FAMILIES, FIRST FLOOR, TON plating of parlor, two bedroom* an. I kitchen, with Croon j water, urns, Ac., rent $l-\ alio, ae< ond floor with im* and ! water. rent 111'; mm t third floor, *ame a* eecoOKi tloor, rent $10. Apply to A. C. LooMIS, M Wont Fortieth atrcei, aec?md door | went of the premium*. i OX) LET? THE FRONT ROOM AND ENTRY BBDROOM,

J. ou the second story, with the trout baaeiuenl, of hou.o* 7** Wc*t Eleventh afreet, to a email Jamlly . Kent $12 p?*r month. TO LKT-TWO NKW FOUR STORY BRICK HolHES, wbhintslem Improvement, in Fifty lirst atreet, between Third mid Fourth uteuue*. Po*sca*lon Klveu Immediately Inquire of J. K AYFER, corner of FllUctb street and Fourth IveoWi TO LET? A TWO HTORV ATTIC AND BASEMENT boiiM . 4" Hank utreft. 1 1 .?m till the modern improveuieo *. Apply on the premises. rro LET? ON FT I. TON' STRFRT, RETWEKN BROAD X whj Mini NiitMMu afreet, t lie upper stories and baaemeiita o the tnuii le front more a No. IIV* and 140. Apply on ihe pre, mlac* to K. MACOMliKK. TO LET?TO A SMALL FAMILY. A NKAT TWO STORY mikI attic house, lu comp let e order, newly painted and iiapereri, Raa and flxturi s complete, croion water, A?.; Iia* a liMiidMxue Mnd larige )ard, Mud la at present unoccupied; root f/*4) per annum No. I42Thomiiaon street. Addres* Mr. Wood, I4| 'llioijip?oii Mice'. rpO LBT-T11E PLEASANTLY SITUATED HOUSE, X bnnv nnd about 12 lot s ot u round, corner of Fifty *eveuth fir eel and Firat av? nue, with bnuiedbite po.iHe-wlon. Apply ut 192 liu ndvay, from 11 to lu o'ebw-k. or nt ?.W Ka??t I \s. nty >-eventh hirer t, ol i'KTKH A. II. JACKSON. rp() LKT-HKYKRAL OF'NTKKf* IIOI'SKS IN SACKKTT I afreet, in*i?r Columbia Nlre?t, South Brooklyn, about tbr?*? tninuieh' walk from HamUtou avenue ferry. Will be muted reasonably io^imxI ?? imn'M. Apply t?? KDWAlll) b. JAMKS 'i'i Na^au atreet, NY. rpo LF.T-1N THE Sl'LENOID FIRST CLASH RROW.V I. htour building, corner of White afreet and HroadwMy, the laiKO auctioii and coiurniahlou aalea i'iniui, formerly occupied by Lyman ft Rnwdou; alao, a lar^e exhibition or aliow riniru, I '20 leel ill d? pth, and Mi lu width, ul>^o, two lar*(e lolla, 1 JO by 60 feet, MtiltMide tor printer*, botikldndem, Ae., alnu, never. il deal ruble rooms tor ofllcea, faney aalea rooma, Ae. Rent mode rate. liiiuireof if A LIN FERKYt on the premlaea, from 10 to 12 o'clock A. M. rpo lkt im i mm clam hoi with oau 101 X bonne in the rear, ple.v?antly MUuated In Thirty ninth atreef, near Lexington avenue; will be rented very b?w t?? a K?x>d tenant. Apply to LL'sK ft MuullK, real e?ta*e brokers, Fourth avenue, corner ol Twenty third atreet. rpo LET ?> fUQOM ani> fBOMT HAwnwmr, X with Croton water, tfaM, marble m inela. nnd all mo lorn Improvtnnenta. ln.pi. re on the pr?*uu?r<i, No. 144 E,i?t Thirty Ht cond aueef, between Second and Third aveuuea. T) LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY, THE UPPER PART OF hoiiM* No. 76 Greene atreet, rnnat?tlni( of aecond ll?H?r ol liree roouiM, and front buhcinent. Apply at No. Hi Canal at. T\ LET? A FCRNISHF.O ROOM, BCITAULE FOR TWO id m<le* gentle men. Term* 13 per week. Apply at 14o Weal Nineteenth Mtrect, third ttnor. T TO LET? AT 172 WEST TWENTY THIRD STREET, near Kiicbth avenue, a handsome ault of unfurnl-hed rooun, aultable for one or two Kcntlcmeu, who in iywNh to lurnl Ji their own apartment*; the bonne contains nil the mo lern im prorement*. and occupied bv a ama II private family. Al*o, a luixement to let, lor a physician'^ oflice. fPO LET? THREE THREE STORY IIRICK IfOUMRS. IN X Fifty third atreet, between Fourth and Fifth avenue*. Rent of eac h &VOO a year. 0 ftr-THBO BOURN i n BBOOKLTTK? TWO IB Pean atreet and one lu Second plie e. Will be let very rea Huiable. Apply to HARVEY A CONOLLY, .Xifl ilrc^adway, room No. 80. TO LET? TWO LARGE ROOMS ON THE SECOND floor, furnished or uniurnlnlM'd, lo K'*utlemen and their wlvcv, board for lady only, In a pleaaant Ioca Iuo d<nvti town. For further pa/tlculara addrc** S. I)., Broadway I'ost ofljee, for tin ( fl dft> ? % rpo LET-SEVERAL BE At TIKI L FIRST CL\^S J houaea, located In the vicinity of K^lith avenue and Tlilr ty fourth atreet as follow*:*? No. IdX) Wc.t Twenty ebtbUi street, three fine brick hou?es In Thirty III ih street, near Ki^hth avenue, fbtNi each, Forty second *'i cot near Elah'h avenue, 961 a); Thirty fifth street and Fourth avenue 17t), 172 and 1^4 Wcbt Thirty seventh a?reet $??.'*) each, lftl and 1>? T\ . - Tn r 1 * i ; I, $oO0 " Broadway and -i ai^ct, KUi'ai-lc reduo'lyu luvteon Hbove Vncf??T>i ui?* l./.abCi iV. '.1.1* ye.r Apply to "Mi ill A \%>j liKLL, 444 Eighth avenue, near i'hirty fourth *'rcet. fpO LET (I'OS.-KSSION GIVEN IMMEDIATELY!? Til K X l ulklln^.oi any |imi t, known a? the Pfwdltc, !()?) feet w from Broadway ; rfHiiu ot the ft mi floor 1UM feet wld ?. * -oud nai lor floor benutlful a? a show room, or t ?r an bite t^., tb t>HM'ioeut &U by 2a, h firs l raU- nltuaUon tor lb ? u-i- pluot U04, iKx l, trunk, or rr-'*urant busiie-*a. Apply 10 Mr. M I* K R A Y . 01 the ower, Inroad way. mo urn r ctiap \ ? > Din >&? with i iBLimi X for twenty live hor*w. Apply to UULl' K, No. 7 Henry afreet. TO LET OR I. EASE IN IIOBOK LN'-A THREE STORY mill t>a*cment houae In lfud*on street. Apply to A. Sk|S, No. ^ William a' reel, near Hanover a*joa re. rpo LET OR FOR SALE A VERY UFA lfTIFCLLY FI R. 1 ni'hed houae. In a fine locution In Br?*>aiyn, a ahor' dta tam e from 'he South ferry, new, and h*n *11 mrsleru Improve menu* None but reaiMimonlc famiha* will in quire per ^nonaliy, between II and 12 o'clock, at 27 Beekruan *trect, fu*1 U?e?r, up *Utlr*. r> LET IN BROOKLYN? A FINE THREE STORY AND Itarineut brick dwrihoic Iioom*, on <>>urt atren 1, n?*ar Amfty, five minute** walk from the South ferry. City Railroad can, from K uimn ferry to Ureenw 004, pan* the premi*et every five oifnate*. A deelrahle r**i'l-nrr for a ^enleel lainlly. Rent moderate. Ponaeaaion i^lveo lmtnedlatcly T") LET OR LEA ME? TllE PEOONI) AM) KOI UT1I flocmi of "fir i ?f the fin*** rorwr h<?uaea in Broadway. be low t'anai atreet, fit fT?r nalearnom for any buatntaa. PimkmIuA g 1% ? ii ItniijedlateJy. AiMr. wi t . L. II. TLET on LEASK-THF. SECOND AND POt'TlTII floor* of >| liroadaay. rorutr of WhWe ntreet, being very ???e .ant -alorooDi*. rifosvtuiuu uiiiut- dlately. Inquire <ju t* I ?r Uii^e-. TO LET OR LKAftfe? Ttftt SECOND A VP FOT'RTil fioora of one o i the finest corner bouaea in Hr?*?-1 w,?y, belo w ( anal atr eet, tit tor f?*r any bunlne** Poah-oIoii glveu immediate!) Addr* ?a t'. L. II ,' Herald odkc. TO RENT? TO A SMALL FAMILY. THE UPPER I* A f(T of houae 17fl Monro* street, eon??lattng of four room* on aerond floor, * If h Cro on water. h?4*e>inerii and bod room ? an be Iwid, if wanted, now oo upled by three *du>ui. Inquire <?n th? premlae*, or at 4I.*J Water utreet RKHAIIDN. Q ( O REWARD? LO*T, O.N HIM) AY, HKCONI) INST, ?J1 * / while going from Madlaon ?t re?**. near ? Vherine, through Catherine ?ureet, Howery, and Third avenue to York vlile, s nofieiwififiale, <onb?inln(f about $7".** follow* : 94 l) In North Carolina f* in t.anada bllla, fl.'r In bi?l? of Me ? hertU-a' H/t/ik of thin ? ,ty our f?'. aold pla* ?*. and aome allver logetl ter with me morn no urn*. The finder will rr< elv? Uw alove reward by leaving U?? maun at VI Mn<ti?<?u atr?*e? $20 ItKWARD.-LOhT ON THE 11HT ACOCHT, from New llrlgbton L I ft ainootli built row boat feet long. palnied white, wrn r? ?l end koM utripe and gr"en floor#rt<i bOftOOi. The above reward will be paid on Um; re I ?over* of the boat, by applvtng fo CARROLL I IVI.V'iSToN, CI Wall ?'ro+t. ?11k REWARD WILL HE PAID ? ??: TIIK ARK 1 JJ U,of any one peddling, or purporting to pedd! ? 1 \R'ri rat, cockroach, A? .. eilermmaior. t^oafar fata no pad lari HENRY R. COHTAR. 31* Broadway d>1 / \ REWARD -LOST OR STOLEN, Hl??M < O'/.XK N* ?PI'* f?andlnr on the ui;?h? of ?h?* 27'h *n?f?nt, n M^'i' row 14 feet Joiu', wrU t^fre ?el-"! MW lo k* ml (inu'rl ! white, with a lend <oJ/?rvl utrtp* ??f? the OuUHe, and w-'h t)i?? j | name HuUr rfty p*lnt? d on 'be ?'? ro 'xard, Any pei re ' turning <m?H boat wlJI receive tbe ahovf; re ward R1C1IAR1> HOPPKR, ( oiwnV l?o?e?, We*t Polat <*?r REWARD? >f<OHT, HY A f'LERK fV roftfri I '1*1* t) y%J the Tb',:d airi nu?" enr?, on Mo'jdav a p %? Va??e ol I a | ?? ra addre^ed to hi errif?.o> ?-r I he under wj:J r> ' (he a?.o%e reward, and no ooe*Unr.? aaked, t?y aialllnif th' aau?? .? addfeaalni; b?i 2,%2 I*?J?t oAre. ntaUng w here ttiey uM|r b< | font d. Toe paper a are vahieje** ei^epi to he owner AC REWARD -TAKE* RY MI-TAKE FROM HTEAM ?p?# Umt Empire h?afe of? Hun tar ^?'h Kngnm . a lar^* t?i.? a Mm* trftteUfor ba?;. 'be owner 0f a ?Imiiar 'ai# taken at th* ?aritr tima and plate, ran l?a\? It b> returning il*e a?K>?a <o 7*i 1'earl afreet, or the abort reaar I will be p?i?l Sr, REWARD -LOKT% O.V THE 4TII I.S.-TaM, AT a ? / AM . from the 'f,rner of f hr)i?ti?- arel W ? ? ? ? ? .Newfoundland d?f(. e?>|or hla k, with whu- (.*?' ar?^1 br^aat, n?ark ftfrue over Mt eye wa* a#e?, fo foi.- w a flu? v ? a m ? wlfi la kbown. If h? wuirr'aru tn. d??sz ha wiUr^ * >?itw above reward. If ?of h<? will be pr<aw uted W WlirTE, TSH'.wery HKWAKH ? Urt*T. A < "<?TTAOE PL AN DRAWN HY Win ar* bin ? ' w * . | e,. at the offt^'*, rorn* r of T my ai?d Oree<irwkh Mre^a or a? ! P. Itouart '*, No ,t Pine nir^et, and receive th<~ ?'?? .. reward and the thanka of the ow ner AO REWARD ? WIT OR -TOLFN FROM *r Wtf?T ?P?r 7 meniy nrtb "free", a gray pvrro* ???j?a re-1 a I ?# above reward will h* paid U# an f peraOB w)?? will #?? owa the parrot to ?be at?ove addr**" llhTELH AND Nl MMKR ItKTHEAT*. T iKLANHfT fDrtTRE.?DTTt^A RfRT Hot -r Nr? I " w?. *d*ay, eorn**r "f I* ater>y p, . O/j.p ^ ^ N w Y?.rl llofelj harlnjf been re# ? rjlJr d^^oratavl and Laiof?-d ta -> ?? prepared to furnlah rwtm* In aulta '*r ?tn<je wch pr1**'e Ubla, aa rMWaa^i^ fta oOnM" flrat ' aaa /a E H Kf DDKLL j^cmcau-' THE PROPRIETOR ftp RKTYMOVI) R1IX Hotel, ?-Utan I?laa1, !##*? t/, In orrn tha inai <h+ hontl Wtll U kep' ojjen f'rr Ml* a^ omm aiatwm # par tie. Vialting tha la! -nd dufi/?f 'b- fall ?^a^/fi. IV?ar<5 ?rill U- |r, a wwefc , eUl4r?n aa-t M-r-anta $4 fiO b r?aw M fiO. i artleulari at H W ltarf?h't'? ?trfra no. 6 Wal atrr-at New York Tha Kiebm nd -la#1" ftt Vender sdt '? r ' ' ? 'he H at,d '?# '? ' -rfJk re^a* . ? u ai r *r,d at J, 4 and I o ?i la tha ?v?nln| J. P. kUJJTJ r " ' tt y HlfXMRDff, ]t in )m-. h a r ? v ^ Pi' llAl . I fir 1 AN H Wflei trllarl tat, ? - aa new r<HtMliatioB raabkeria U?a only '/faaa ev?-r coe rtrt 'W. tha* flva corra ll anfV4 Pae a*i# oaiy at J# ' >?aml#'i atraet, pail la H . './a I U?aatei, ap a^ira (io and ?** thein II vivo tnncmit a wn* *rr' i ormuj?*p (?< "liNa Irf ??) rtX > ul, V) ? t . ??? ?!! |r?^ rttfiilK# (M' l[, I W UM v*i/rn it ? i'f *i fam' ix, HAIKU AT Al'CTIOl*. . ALKKHT U. NH'OLAV. AUCTION KKft -KXTKNSIVK *** '* choice purr li'mmrinn wine*, i??ri. >h rry Hit f?lri'?M ***? m?ported >l*\ anai^m*.-? Albert H NloO lav Mhl m-ii ai amnion, on Thuraday, Mept. 6, at II o'clock. at wlf)>nx>fil No II Ui <>?*?! nifi-t-t, mii nUiiwvr hkuii iiu>*(|I of itlfl Importation* from thn hou-e or f. A .fallen A Co IV cb Hun ??ry? ^foiwi, aberry, Mad< ira ttr?4 KhiinMi;w> wine*. rou nd o?%rd, nop'if AtV^. Revenc A ?%?.. no. I to , i?.i dook bran die* and ai*>ut *,.VtmO Imported Havana *egar? of Mtleet* I brand*; Ibo \?hol? to In* po-duvely aol t lo i io-te ad v 4 ore 4 and make room lor oilier good*. ALHKKT II NICOLAY, AIJCTIOSKBR -HTAOON ANI> heme#* at auetion.? Albert If. Nloolav will *?il on Thttr* (Ujr, fif pi 6, >1 12 o'clock, In frooi of ilow No II Binid in ? one -mall latully carriage nearly new, and In complete order, odd V/v+u he*ter wagon, cpy make (J. Ilreaater A Hon*), o,?e year in iim?, with wmi. lor tour or * ti peraoua; one *et doildw Lame**, complete; one *a<ldl* Kngllali pattern. one bridle with double relua; till o! which will be aold vsUimut r?vrvf, to clone. m conccrn. AUCTION NOTICK -~HY HOWARD KCIIKVCK. ON ? Thuraday , September ft, at 10^ o'clock, a? No lt? Wail Mrec I, large I** Importer** *tork of line old winea, bnuid.eH, I Ar., lucludiuK Hume of ilio iitn?( tod oireol thu aeaaon, vii . Ka*t India, Madeira*, Amontillado an I Huff Oordoti d?errlea; l^oiulon |?ort?, l<ottdoti dock brandie*, In c i-en mid demijohn-, (lodiird i ogha< , 1*4)6. JuinttlcR ruin. Hcouii whiakcy. A'' , all cii which are warranted pure, and will be u> (Morn reedy for delivery. A I CTION NOTJCH-M POI'OHTY, AfcrioN KKK ? Large and peremptory *?le ??l hnuaehojtfc furniture, mlr lora, Ac., tht* day, at 10^ oVIork, at the atlearoom. 'J7 Centre iireot, conaUtmg of parlor, dining room and (banner furniture, tn toaewood, walnut and mahogany; French pUte, pier and oval mirror*, balr main i-km*, Ac., to pay advam ?*, alao, the entire furniture ot a family, removed from Kltth a*e fiiic *? Mahogany bedab-adn, burefioa, M'aibNtandfi, cliklra, r?r prt.-s oilrlutb, one nice malu)|{aoy piano, beddmx, ku? *r - laiitfetneiita, china, rro<'k?,rv iind n la aa w ire, cooking atove, Ar. worthy ol aiu-ntloii. Sele poremplory. Auction notick.-j iiofiAHT auctiovicrr ? by H. <Uy, u> 10 H oVlo? k, at No. 1 < iu'Ual?' Htji ft. bon.a'bold ftirnltiii'v ali .UUy demised by tin* la ?? lire, lot ??f Iron twdateeda, leather and t?? I linn, l?t ' ? l?* , etiaira, waNl>tandn, kltclien an<l barroom furniture. ?te. Tlitiraday, at lOlj o'i l?- k, at '^70 Spilntf a*r? ?*t, between Varl< k vo l H\j 1-on, a r* neral a?? ortmeiit ?>Mmn .? k? epio^r ertlrji**. I'arUrularit to morrow Saturday, at o'cba k, a I7n K^nei wtru^t, houte bold luruitut^'. \l?tT!ON XOTirK.? THOS. IIK1X, AlIt'TFONKKR, II Y HK1J. A III Hl.?Tbl- day, at lot? o'? If* k, will lie ^ ?l l in our irtieMon room, 1* North H^illlatn ^t , tb'- i?alan? e oi the e* < ellent furnUitre li oin VVa\ erley plarc, ai-^o the eotli e I uriilture of a K?'"ierl family leaving tlie ? lty, foinpritliiK h tfeneral va nety ot -upei inr arflrieM in ttu- li?ujM?kei-ptii^ line, elialte, la bli Mjftofa -, pl? iitlid "la Iwd, b<?oki a?ea, n irdrolx m, Fn iH'h bedMeada rjtwkery, ehln.i, rln- t, aKo vuluahle nhow > ? ??<?, 1 'Hunting Iu'iom* de<kt, liou aafe, glraadoiea, A< ^alMj a v?'ry Hi ? rt^i wcMMi pianoforte. Alt I K?N HAI.K-IIY OltliKK t)K T 1 1 K SIIKKIf K, ON W? ili>? >??lay , Keptwmber 5, a' IV)1-, o'elia'k, at <h?? room Nt). ft1, I'Uie atieet, II K.N It V it II rill In, J K , ancUonerr, w tfla, h, a < a> ove, tlie ?'ntlre halanee ot ?*ti>ck rental uliiif Uliaoi I, | and ot a railed lor from previous aalen of rralr# tfw*rl<", wIim a, llquora, from l>ond, Havana Nu'gai a, Ac , rompruuiM In pai-t. fine Ktinpowdfr, VOUUK bv?on. twauka), hyai?u akin, oolong and aoii?:hon.^ tea.; while an?J uto<md Java ro tee, wht'e and brown au*/ara, ^oap, < andlen, ollvm *we??t oil, aardbie*, ancbovlea, talalna. ti*;?, preserved fruit*. At:., A?'., alao, (iioi<e brandiea. o-ard, llennewy, helucu ? ? /i?ral ? oio|iany eotfna< . roloted rhal'aid do., Ihifl Oordon, Amoutllado .?n 1 Sou'h si lo ativnlea, I'ort. Madeira, Claret. Hi Kat?*phe, Ht .lulien. l3h??uu, Hainan*, lloeklielmer, uaiuiteh and other nUirk win.-, , IiiiM, rum; Muir A Hon'a Mlnburidi ab\ Hya*' Ixmlon no t.-r, ! Irldairk and other rhauipa^'nea, ciianipagne <-ider, Havana clgarN, all beUiK the entire balan^f of a'oek of a large whoi<* Kaji* dealer and iruporUu'. Terma caali, a depuaii r**?|Ulre?l fiom all purchaaer*. liv order, yUKUKHli K I*. VULTE, I ?eputy Sheriff ; Dl). NAHM, ACCTIONKKU -HTOHK *110 IIHOADW W ? ? HhertflV wnh* of pain ta, A< , thin day, Wr*dn?*iel.ty , rt^pf ft. 111 A. M., at 2Z\ Canal h* r ??el, coiulatiog of palntn, oil*, Khtaa, paint brudiea, flxiure*, Ar. IjllUKNK 11 FRANKLIN', A Ct-TIONKKU? JIY I HANK J lin A Nl? hoi*, at their wal? * r?*>m, 79 Nai? au atrert, n?*ar I* ultoii, Uiinday, at 10 o'clix k -Sale of the entire at<? k ol a eahlnetmaker retiring from bu*lm *a, nmniailn^ in part of r?aniw<*id aulten covered in rh h Krencli criumon and mamiNi colored broraN'l, velvet pluih, haircloth, A< . ; ro*rwi*??l, rna botany, and blaek w alnut marble top dr?* ^ainM liureaua a id waidiMaiida; ri/a? wiwal etr^eri ji, crenii |ia?, h<a?k? ??? ward robea, Ac.; i^llt frame French p ate mirror*, oil p ?i<iiifu<?, ail ver phtted ware, clock a, carpet*, *?#*!*, A a.'H??, |mI'?i?I i luirnelled eltainber furniture, en *uM#v A' twelve oYlock, l y order of AKNi^nee, will aril u heavy Pruuaylvanla draught hor*e. bay, alit?*en and a h.tlf h ind- hUli, ?'l?<fit < old, pei ft i Uy hound an I lUnd. warranted. N 11 Country buyera ran ha\ e tbrir k??o?Ih |?a< k? d on the nrernia? a, at r'*a*o'iani? f liar*:? , and ahlpprd to any part of tin* Union. I'ci aortal attrn lion oald to out d.ior ^ah"* id furniture, cl? a. drv Ac. IJIm i.iI c.??*h advaurm made on con*tjfnu*eut?, all ton algtilticnta fully Untitled. Ft < Ol.TON, AlrCTIONKK K ?I. A HOK HTtjCK OF JCO.iK , ? wiaal and mahogany calilnrt furtiiture t-otiage do , par ( lor ^ultM, 1 leiii h pif* and oval inirrora, oilcJ?eii?, A< ? K COl/lON will M'll tlil day, Wedne*?da) , Mept. .1, t?t Id1* o*, ht< k, ? at Ihc auction loom* No. ftt# lieekmau alr? e?, H?cfinil aUa > , a J , ? Hii'l romf?h*U? aH*/ii ini<,n' ?.?k, tuaim.iafM and i ohcwixmI rabinct Mi nlMire, from a dealer d' .inmg the bu?i I itr<-< The *to? k la Urge .and will embr nee ever y tund and d" i m ription of oak. naw-a**' 1 and malw^any parlor, dining nx??n. I b?Hlit*>m and Ii?m tneut. anions th? a*?>rtineut m\y 1? ? hmsvi on* or more lull auit - of partor ftirnlturo in r#p; ^w {/A tyjd t/f 6 i Vt, iv-tr^vV'l Wv* W?. ?'.ia,'M| UardioVa, .\mi n* ' u'\'t ? ktrfiatou tabli *, r ctitf ^. eard and >"'fa do , marble 'op dn a*lng* M all ptttrrrm, a^rfa-, tau> u trtea, lo>iug? *. I French, college aud go' hie bedatca<la. malxi^au^ cm: lor and spring h?atrliaira, Voltaire ntul '?f ?rrn *nd Klin ?b?*M?e*m an , o.?k, Ida' k walnut and other lnaik<j? .?*, balr rn* tm?-j ?% ] carprta, oilcloth*, Fieiicli plate ami oval mirror-, oil p iin'ltu'a, X'' N li,? - All *!?? above luinol good* m i-' be p? i "mn ? <r? 1 > rold to cloae the cot?*erii. Omnln can be p?? k? d and aljlpped at cliort liOile.e ati<l at r? anonabh* ? barge*.* (iko o HAYnocK ArtrrioNRKR ? i.Aiirv. am? T i hlldicrra t iothing.? CV?flln A llayd?*k will n?ll. nt No VI l.nwid afreet, oti all month k' credit, on Friday, Hept 7. ?%' 10 o'cloc k, the entire ito# k of a BrteMlwey furnia'dng h'>'i?< , < mi alMting of l.idn a' under linen, rotawi, wr?*[?|x r*. eiul?nfid* r?*?l *>kiit* lai) k coala, overrorttw, *"?pca, t.nin .", mt?e* mi'l lo f*n'i>' dfM't'aea, rob e*. Ar , A' , aliwi p Jt) rU'h velvet eloth and tnertno ? '? >k? eiid?roid?-r? d maiitillae. Infant*' do . ffflit'tM I a **ort men t of rnaterlala l??r rimklfr' untie ?'?<???' de k fiption ot good* ('?lalogu?-M and a'tniphM^Ml (he m oumg of aale ' (UIOROF cook ACCTIONKKB ? ff HMTCKK k ? J Ihka day. Vt ? dnexday, at lli^ o'r.?- k, ?*' h.*:. 117 Na*?au afreet , a lai ?e a ?oi fluent of new inHl faahnmaMe |<jr future eonalatinx of ro^ea?**l and mahogany fiarlor IdinKare. eo anile. In bnaatil, ban cloth and p,?n?h eb gere*. Iaa>k rake- marble top ceii'i e. uMi* and *ota tabid* cuniorn m ide ? i ' fenwirai dining taniea *ofa a, fete a let***, lounge*, arm *nd other j chair- cprlng ?e?l parlor eiialra, rraieaond and oaiL ^'any h? f Mee?lii, marble top drea?inf bureau- and aa<di?'and|, U ?ir iimi |fre**en. pallia *?*+*. I?ed-, bedding alao, gilt frani- fini iora, , oti |jelntiiig- china and gla?* ware feble cu'lery, allrcr placed ware, Ac. j Jf. Plimi. At fTfOXKKK -AHTION NOTH.'K ? Rliciit bfwaatooM furnlMira, tht? WitimiUy nwliit. at 10^ nV TO Kmnklln atrial i,' ir Hr*?%4w*v , > -nt'i* tihic <?< < ???t|y t*-, of brilliant Urn *i*t f\t* parlor luml'urfl In i o*? w?.<xl, ?l< h t ? Ml , lar/a mirror*, m?l.oc*ny ??.(**. i?>?kin; ?twira, oUOg?'-. <i'nin# ?!?<! ?**!# nfttOli taLlr.*, hiruiiiif ro' f'w W'Vl nu 1 |hnho4ikf>)r I'lirfU'i - r | v. a*h?ia ri'1' to rnaUb, !?? *1 halt* jna erg Ac;/, < iina wa/r, cJo> k-, *IJvrr war*, Ar HK K K y II I.KKlrn, ArirriO.NKKR.-^l'FKItll CAllI nH fumWiirr, m?4i in th* la?*?4 *iy$r, 'f n?i>' y (IfrripUoa, ?ivd wiituiird in uterf i?.?rt?< nUr, at ".attiru Hivr wararooiviN *#? 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