Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 5, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 5, 1855 Page 4
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3JEW YORK HERALD. JilKI GORDON UBNNKTT, ntOPRlKTUB AMD EDITOR. imiCI K. ?. 0OANEB Or NASSAU AND FULTON ?T% Wo. *40 AMUSEMENTS TMlrt KVKNiNd. ?ROAJIWAT THEATRE. Rro*dwmy? MiciC Pills? Hi*. ?HTI BltOTHJUUI ? Duo.1 H DilUUTLK. lltELO'8 GARDEN, Broadway? Djuguiek or the Recii-' BOWERV TTTEATRE, Bowery? Dom Caesau de Bazar? ItogBBfKic Lor?a? Two Qkeoobies. "MBBTON'fl THEATRE, chamber* nt.? Delicate GROr.s'D ? bnu Devll? Tchhiku tub Tables. WOOD'S MINSTRELS, Mechanic's HaU, 472 Broadway. ?COELEY'R BURLESQUE OPERA nOUSH, 639 Broad way? Bc?les?ce Opeha aud Neoho HummuT. * Mew Turk, Wednesday, September 5, 1850. 9UI1) Aw SdNfc. Bf TORI HERALD? EDITION FOR EUROPE. fee Colli no mail steamship Pacific, Gapt. Nye, will leave s port to-day, at noon, foT Liverpool. he European mails will close in this city at ha If- pent i ?'clock this morning. ?? Herald (printed in English and French) will be _ bed at ten o'clock in the morning. Single copies, fe wrapper*, sixpence. Subscriptions and advertisements f?r any edition of the Aar Yea* Hgmn will be received at the following place* ft* Europe:? InwooL..John Hunter, No. 12 Exchange street, East. SesBON ...bandford & Ob., No. 17 CornhilL " Wm. Thomas It Co., No. 10 Catharine street. PAMB....Y. -Livingston, Wells & Co., 8 Place de la Bourse. 7k? contents of the European edition Of the Herald ?| embrace the news received by mail and telegraph at fee efflce during the previous week, and to the hour of peklicatioc. Mali* tor tbe Poetfc. (BE NBW YORK HERALD ? CALIFORNIA EDITION. Dm United states mail steamship George Law, Captain ?ray, will leave this port this afternoon at two o'clock, ?> I Aapinwull. the mails for California and other parts of the Pacific wtH close at one o'clock. Vie New York Weekly Herald ? California edition ? ?ontaining the latest intelligence from alt parts ot the MtU, will be published at eleven o'clock this morning. Siagle copies, in wrappers, ready ror mailing, sixpence. Agents will please send in tJieir order* as early as poasi M?. The Hews. The steamship Atlantic, from Liverpool for this port, is now in her eleventh day oat. She brings a week's later news. We have to record another Berioos railroad catas trophe. It happened on Monday night, on the Bos ton and Btonington Railroad, abont three miles from Kingston, at a bridge, and was caused by a rail having been removed, apparently by design. Besides the ?ngine, Ac., the train comprised two second class Uri six first class passenger cars, and carried be. tween four and five hundred passengers bound for ' New Y ork. The entire train , with the exception of two flnt class cars, was thrown off the track; the bag gage and second class cars were totally demolished( and ten persons were severely injured. One man bad his legs so badly crushed that immediate ampu tation became necessary. Most of the baggage was Mv?d. Subsequent to the accident a meeting of passengers was held on board the steamer Plymouth Kook, when appropriate resolutions were adopted, and a subscription amounting to $103 was collected In aid of the injured passengers A list of the wounded, together with full particulars of the dU aster, may be found on the first page. Ibc Coroner's jury at Rurlington, N. J., had not agreed upon a verdict with reference to the railroad catastrophe, at a late hour lact night. Tbe Stato election in Vermont yesterday resulted Id the re-election of Gov. Stephen Royce. He was supported by r.higs, republicans and Know No things. The Legislature will be in the hands of the Know Nothings by a large majority. Alderman Rrigjs yesterday held a meeting of the committee appointed to decide upon the question of the nativity of Mr. Matsell, Chief of Police. Alone lie did it; none of his colleagues were present. The leport of Mr. Stephen II. Bianoh, who has recently returned from Kngland, where he had been in search of evidence against the Chief, wns read. It will be found in oui columns to-day; and all New York and its pnburijs will be on a broad grin just about breakfast time, or we are great'y mistaken. It is a rare compilative. Messrs. Coleman i Stetson, proprietors or the Alitor Honse, have been arretted upon a charge of violating the provision J of the Prohibitory Liquor law. The complaint was preferred by the Secretary ?f the Temperance Alliance of this city. The de. fondants pave bonds in one thoumind dollars to an. ?wer the charge, and the trial will take plaac in the ? Court of Bpecial Sessiouf, before Recorder Smith, on Friday next. Charles Biloy, of the Eleventh ward, was nomi nated by the whigs of tbe Sixth Senatorial district taut night at candidate font Senator. Ertntus Brooke, the Know Nothing neminee, was sharply denounced, as will be Been by the report elsewhere. The Yonng Men's Committee met at TaAmaay Ball lost night.oud passed resolutions in favor ?f the candidates nominated at Syracuse by the ?? .ft Convention, and also in favor of the Nebraska bill. A meeting of the republican and temperatoe party of the Twentieth ward was held last evening at Continental Hall, and the platform of the party agreed upon. The principles of tins party are de cidcdly averse to the admission of any more slave Territories or States into the Union, and arc favor able to the enactment of good and effectual laws for the prevention of intemperance, considering the present law to be inedioient in the "restraining power." A worklngmen's meeting was held at Hope Chapel iMt evening. A full report of the proceedings, to gether with tbe platform of the party, is given in la-day's paper. Thomas Francis Meagher was yesterday, by spe. da) order of the Supreme Court of this State, sitting at Albany, admitted an attorney and counsellor in an tbe courts of New York. We have Galveston dates to the 2">th ulL N? farther election returns had been received. With respect to the vote on the Debt bill the returns were *ery imperfect, and It appears that very little in terest was taken in the matter. Barbadoe* dates to the 12th nit. represent the market* as exceedingly dull, with large stocks on land. Our Rto Bravo correspondent, dating at Reynosa, ?? the luth of August, states that the forces of Santa Anw, muler Colonel Cobos, had been defeat ed at Tula by tli? revolutionists, under Colonel Sayas, on the 2?tb July.wrth a loss of three taindred men in killed, wounded and missing. The Reynosa revolutlo were in full march to assist their brethren. A*"1 ZicatecM, Colonel Zeraga had twelve hundred mot n,ed riflemen route to at tack Colonel I'aven, . ^an ',U'H Potowl would twon pronounce. <^en *rl' ^ fortifying Mata-noros tor the party Oi * "1? dictator, but the town v>oald be completely invested. The citiacns were tying from it daily. Our file* from Buenos Ayes. dated the ,0th of Jtne, coiitein a more compreh- '""'v summary of Uie ftate of commcicial, legi-dutivi * nn(1 P'>Mt!cnl af fairs than that furnished us by w ~*i" England, dated to July At the cud of June ' wa" P tr* tkulnrly firm in tbe market, ,u.d Vmer Jmnber commanded a good pri.-e. Flour advaming. Tlfe exp rt maiket wm gloomy. In dry hides the United f'j'c- hi,) ,inne * trade. Senator Calvo h?J "t'r l?rej eis-l t im portant bilk into the LegUIatur<-. whlrta, if p, '?ed, will Live a decidedly good ef" t in rect-lnting t *??* pert duos, impoiU r's dept.* ts and exempting from duty wfcufl u ticks of iapvrt aud oport. Liu, ? gmtiep will also be permitted by one meoawe. Dr. Porte in hod resigned. In giving in our paper of Monday the totals of the killed ami wounded by the principal railroad acci dents which have occurred wittiin the past two and a half yenre, w did not intend it should be under stood that the figures represented the whole number of victims by railroad accidents, but only those of the 111 ort disastrous ones which were enumerated. The following table will show the numbrr of killed and wounded by railroad accidents during the years 1851 and 1%54, and the first eight months of 1855 : Killnl Womdtd. 1S63 234 490 Hi54 l&rt 589 First eight month* in I860 . B'i 3X5 Total 483 1,400 A despatch from Charleston aanonnces that the ship Ariel, from Mew York for Shabghiie, bad been taken into that port, the captain having been mur dered at sea, oo 3he 17th ult., by two apprentices, as is alleged. The Ten Governors did ranch important local business yesterday. Resolutions were adopted rela tive to taking measures to properly ventilate their departments, and effect other sanitary re forma therein. An interesting report was received from Dr. Sanger, relative to the condition of the peniten tiary hospital, in which much nseful information was communicated. As most of the Governors are candidates for offices this lall? we must not expect them to do much work until after the election is over. The sales of cotton yesterday embraced afcont 2,000 bales, the principal portion of which w4b taken for export, and the remainder mostly for spinners' use. The market closcd firm. Flour, in a general way, declined about 12$c. a 25c. per bbl. Wheat experienced a heavy decline. Fair to good Southern red cold at 165o. a 175c., and white do. at 175c. a 185c. Corn was also easier and closed at 84c. a 85c. Pork was firm at $22 37 for new mess Other provisions ' were also steady. Sugars Were Bold at very full prices. The transactions embraced 800 hhds. Cuba, 350 boxes brown Havana, and 4,000 bags Pernambncos, at prices given in another column. Freights were better, with more doing. About 50,000 a 56,000 bushels of corn and wheat were engaged for Liverpool and London, and 500 bales compressed cotton to the former, and 2,000 bbls. flour, with 1,000 do. rosin, to the latter, be sides the free engagements of grain noticed above. Abolition Fusion Movement*? National Con vention of the Free Soil Know Nothing Philadelphia Seceders? A Warning Voice. We have published the call in behalf of the free soil and abolition Know Nothings of Indiana, Ohio, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Michigan, Vermont, Maine, Con necticut, Illinois, Rhode Island and Iowe, for a national convention at Cincinnati, Ohio, on the twenty-first day of the coming November, in pursuance of the action of the late Etate Council at Beading, Fa., thus making thirteen States the parties to this general anti-slavery Know Nothing or Know Something movement. A margin is also left for all others that may choose to come in. As to the platform of this extraordinary p?" litical conglomeration, we are told by the committee that they "desire to see represented all those who are in favor of civil freedom and religious liberty; all who are opposed to political priestcraft and ecclesiastical tyranny, and in favor of the privilege of worshipping God according to the dictates of individual conscience; all who oppose the importation of foreign paupers and criminals, and who favor an extension of the period required for the naturalisation of foreigners; all who arc in favor of perpetuating the Union of these States, of purifying the ballot box, of preserv ing national virtue, and of bringing back the government of the country to the enlightened patriotism of former days; all who are op posed to the violation of national faith by the rockless sundering of snared national com pacts, and who are in favor of 'the uncondi tional restoration of that time-honored com promise known as the prohibition, which was destroyed in utter disregard of the pojiular will ? a wrong no lap&e of time can palliate, and no plea for its continuance can justify.' " In these specifications the *l>ject of this mong.el coalition is very distine'ly betrayed. It is to seduce th'- Northern Kn-.w Nothings into Sword's Holy \nti-slavery Ad'.iance. The declaraiions concerning "ecclcau^'-ical tyran ny, v -'the naturaluvtion laws,'' 'importation of foreigu paupers ac d criminals,*' "perpetuat ing ttie Union," Ac., are the bait with which the verdant membort of the American party in principle ipposed tc the institution cf South ern slavery, Are to be -rapped. We ,v ill give you so much cf your own platform, will only join us in ihe great common cauec of the North, which is the humiliation of tbo.routh, and the extinction of slavery. This j; the great point: all the rest is "mere leather and prunella." Thi? national invention, in ?"ict, proposes to do on a large s'ale what Seward, Thurlow Weed, nod their piftps and spies have been attempting here in a nnall way amcng the Know Nothings. The Cincinnati conven tion will ?nly l?e the repetition of the late Cleveland and the later Rochester Know Something convcnticles, enlarged and im proved. The question with the regular Know No things of the Statce enumerated, in a very simple one. They have only to choose whe ther they will maintain their pontoon at< the members of a new and independent national party, or merge themselves unong the hireling tiddlers and dancers of the Seward holy nig ger worshipping alliance. This Cincinnati gathering is a movement for 1K56, so the.t eve ry man who participates in It will have defi nitely chosen his party for th? Prcsidcncy. We believe that there is still, in every one of the States named above, a large proportion of the original American party in favor of or independent national American ticket for the succession; we believe that between this day and the twenty-second of next February, when the regular National Council of the Know No things ie again to meet, many events aud movement# will t ike place to their advantage, both within and without the Order; and that oven from present appearances th<" prospects of the regular Know Nothing" for the highc?t candidate to the House of Representative* are at least as good ai> those of any other party in th* lie Id. We consider a rub race for the succession as inevitable, and that we shall have no lew? than three candidates before the people, and ther-' may be half a dozen. There will lw the demo latic spoil candidate, the candidate of the auti? lavery alliance, and the regular American cu. di late, at all events. To give the victory to ward it will only be nceo-a ty lor the Northern Know Nothings to fuse with bN anti-slavery coalition; but if the Ame rican |i 'ty of the North adhere to iheir o*-n ticket in co-operation with their Southern hictfjrcn, ib*] will at lca*t cairy the election . up to the House, where the defeat of the sedi tious sectional coalition of Seward & Co. and the administration ticket is amply provided for. The policy of the Northern Know No thing*, therefore ? even of those who may feel a little weak in the knees upon the nigger ques tion ? is to avoid any juggling with these Phi ladelphia bccedem, and to wait patiently the upshot of the American Natioual Convention of next February; for the chapter of accidents in the interval will most probably make it the commanding movement in 1856. ? Again: The Northern States in their elections to the new Congress, have done all they can do for a year or two in behalf of the restora tion of the Missouri compromise. There is, therefore, ? no necessity for any immediate anxiety on the part of our Northern Know No thing anti-slavery men upon that subject. Let them await the showing of hands at Washing ton next winter, before they commit themselves to the impracticable humbug of the repeal of the Kansas-Nebraska bill. Meantime, we trust thtft our November election will Btrongly serve to show that the game of the Northern Know Nothings is their own national ticket for the succession. Let them bide their time. Incidentally, while upon this subject of abo lition ftision, we may state that a terrible omnium gatherum of all the anti-slavery odds and ends of Massachusetts is to come off on the 20th of this month at Worcester, and that a general convention of radical political aboli tionists is appointed for Boston on the 23d, 24th and 25th pf October, the call being issu ed by William Goodell (white man), and the Rev. Dr. James McCune Smith, (colored man), both of the State of New York. These pre liminary gatherings will probably throw con siderable light upon the Know Something Cin cinnati Convention of November. In the in terval let the regular Northern Know Nothings shake off their fears of the present anti-slave ry furvrt, and keep a sharp eye upon the over tures and the agents and the spies, pimps, and traitors of the Seward Holy Alliance. Hon. Henry A. Wise and our Democratic Union Ci.ub? Glorious Enthusiasm? A New Party.? We published yesterday the pro ceedings of a meeting of our Young Men s Democratic Union Club, under the inspiration of another and most gloriously enthusiastic democratic letter from Hon. Henry A. Wise, of Virginia. Outside of a regular good old fashioned Methodist Jove-feast, we know of nothing to compare with the inexpressible rap ture, the " perfect bliss," of this Democratic Club from the soul-cheering letter of Harry pf Accomac. It lifted them far above the earth, "to the infinite right? the heaven reaching right ? of liberty of conscience, re ligious liberty, the right to casement in the way to God."' And the effect upon these young, impressible and inspired soft shells of this toploftical Napoleonic letter, touching the nigger question, was miraculous. The | Club instantaneously and enthusiastically, and in the face of John Van Buren and the Syracuse Administration Convention, resolved to go the whole figure, clean and square. But here wc must begin a new paragraph, for the glory of the Bubject commands it. This soft shell Administration Democratic Club, cheered on by Mr. Wise, resolve, first, that he is the " Champion of State and indi vidual rights, both ' finite and infinite j next, they fearlessly denounce the Maine Li quor law, -the canal jobbers and canal rob bers,'" and the Know Nothings, and " all other ' secret, black and midnight ' alwrninations, and then they are in favor of supporting in a ?' frank and manly manner, without carping or reticence, a democratic federal administration. And here it comes: They step forward in a regu lar flat-footed, double-breasted style, and de clurc in plain Anglo-Saxon, "that they are in fa vor ol the Kansas and Nebraska bill, in all its de tails, without hesitation or reservation, believ ing that it is a practical recognition of the de mocratic doctrine of ^ tatc rights. Hurrah ! Thus answer our Young Men's Democratic Union Club the thrilling, willing, cheering and en dearing second epistle from Mr. Wise. A young girl with a second love letter before Lor. ^praising her to the skies and popping the question, could not be happier than this \ oung Men's Club with their second letter from Ac comac. What were the vicissitudes of men, parties and empires to this club, upon the reading of that letter? What cared they for Sebastopol. or Gyracuse, or the flight of Santa Anna, or the price of flour, or the advent of Rachel, or for Stringfellow, or Atchison, or the Maine liquor law? Nothing! nothing! They were like the clown in the circus, who " dreamed that, to the music of Yankee Doodle he was floating among the clouns, wrapped up, in a warm buckwhcat cake, and feeding ofT the edges aUck with butter and honey."' And what is the result? The high toned, coarageoufi.'tiat-footed resolutions of this Union Cftib establish a new cemocratic party in this State, so that wc have now three of them. each- claiming to be the legitimate democracy, to w?U: ? 1. 'fhe Dickiuwm Hard Ghell democracy. 2. The Piercc Xan Burcn Soitshel! Spoils democracy. 3. The Wine Y?uu| Men's Democratic *'nion Club. Ti<c hards are ahead in pouu or priori!./. as there?.l democracy; the softs *re ahead in the matter of the spoils; but the Young Men's I-e mocr.iUc Union Club ape ?"ar ahead even of thv administration itself, and doubtlers very ibugL to the di nruPt and astonishment. of Marcy, in their endorsement of Mr. Wke and ihe Kansas and Nebraska bill. What & pity Mr. Wine didn't mite one of his inspiring letters to the Solt Shell .Syracuse Convention f What a pity I Mb. Pikbce's Check Siiirt.? So*tfe of our co temporaries are amusing themselves with the chotk hhirt which Mr. Prpsident Piercc is re ports d to have worn or his late visit to the Virginia Springs. We think nothing could have been more appropriate as illustrating his cheeketed administration. Furthermore, check hides dL 'i, and is thus a good article for a shirt on a dt?*iy journey. Consequently, while other pc?pl<*may endorse the foreign and financial policy of Mr. Tierce, we prefer the approval of hi* check shirt. Let it be check. Not to be l*-v r> as Tk.npi.vs. ? We are inform ed that the aoft Julls, before they prevullcd upon Mr. Stetson to >un as their candidate for State Comptroller, offered the nomination to, i nd it ?a>t suecewrfvcly declined by, Charles A. Slann, Arpiiaxad Loomis, Robert Campbell, V aid Hunt and San ford P. Church. They de clined further to bcutod ae udmiuistration ten pins It don't pay. Hbckbt Tiueaty Between tub Allies and Dominica. ? England and France are not so fully occupied by Russia but they can tind time to watch Brother Jonathan, and keep control of the pates of the Pacific trade. A reliable correspondent in Madrid assure* us that a pri vate treaty has been made by Franoe, England and Spain, with the Dominican government, in which the latter, for a certain consideration, has pledged itself to the following conditions, viz: ? No settlers from the United States, of any class or color, shall be encouraged % to hold lands or take up their residence in St. Domingo No land for mining purposes, factories, or coal depots, shall be sold, leased or ceded, ? either to private companies or to the American government, without the prior consent of the French and British governments. Now let us examine the meaning of these conditions : ? The island of St. Domingo covers the free passage of our trade by the Caribbean Sea and the Isthmus of Darien,as Cuba covers the Gulf of Mexico and the use of the Tehuantepec transit. It is a cardinal objcct with England and France to keep to themselves the com mand of those great gates of communication between the various sections of the American Union, and to prevent us from controlling the West India market. This explains the prompti tude with which those powers sent their order | to St. Domingo to cancel the treaty with the United States, and which they effected without the least remonstrance from our Cabinet. The tame acquiescence of our government in this outrage encouraged them to follow up their advantage by a triple treaty with Spain for the general protection of negro and European interests in the Antilles. This compact with the Dominican Republic takes away from the United States the only chance open to them for a commercial foot hold therein, and the Allies may now take their own time to hand over Cuba and Porto Rico to Sambo and Satan ? the rest of the West Indies is theirs already. True Soft Shell State Ticket ? Tub Leaven of the Buffalo Platform. ? The Buffalo branch of our late Soft Shell Convention not only secured a declaration of "fixed hostility" against the introduction of slavery into Kan sap, and a denunciation of the "border ruf fians," but they also obtained, with one or two exceptions, a clean Bufi'alo Van Buren State ticket. The hard shell organ of this city gives the following information of these soft shell Syracuse nominees: ? Hatch (for Secretary of State,) wan a CasH man in 1848, turned soft next year, and ran a8 the anti-Nebras ka candidate for Congress in 1864. Stetson ( for Comptroller,) was a Van Buren free soiler in 1848. Hawley (for Canal Commissioner,) was a Cass man, turned soft in 1863, aud Hindoo Know Nothing in 1864. l.uut rummer he was an officer of an anti-Nebraska meet

ing. Jervis (for State Engineer,) was a Van Buren free soiler in 1848. Thurston (for State Treasurer,) was a Van Buren free foiler in 184$). Tilden(for Attorney General,) was a Van Buren free soiler in 1848. Agan (for Stale Prison Inspector,) was a Van Buren free Roller in 1648, and a Jerry rescuer in 1860. The American Organ , at Washington, in refe rence to this last nomination says: ? On the 1st October, 1861, a fugitive slave named Jerry, wan rescued from the custody of the Untied States Marshal at Syracuse, New York, by a mob. One of the instigators of the riot was Patrick H. Agan, one of Ihe editors of the Syracuse Standard , a free soil demo cratic paper. Another editor of this paper, Moses Sum mers, was ui tually engaged in the riot, as a ring-leader, and was indicted for the crime by the Uniled States Grand Jury at (luifalo. To show their sympathy for tlio res cuers of Jerry, and to secure their votes, the administra tion, or Soft Shell Convention of New York, have nomi nated the aforesaid Patriek H. Agan for the oflice of State Prison Inspector. Now, we are anxiously waiting for the opin ions of the organs of the administration de mocracy of the South touching this Soft Shell Convention, its resolutions, and its no minations. Let us know where we stand. More Cheating, Perhaps. ? Some of the soft shell Syracuse delegates, as we are informed by the Evening Post , deny that the second reso lution of Mr. Cassidy, declaring the repeal of the Missouri compromise an act- "unwise and uncalled for.'' ever passed the convention. Will the committee having the subject in charge be good enough to put the resolutions together that were adopted, so that we may know officially whether their platform stands upon two legs or upon three? Bringing orr the Old Fogies. ? They are making a stir among the old whig journals of New Jersey in favor of the nomination of Theodore Frelinghuysen as the old fogy whig candidate, rtdivivus , for the Presidency. Who comes next? Tiie CJsntrai Park ? A Plaw for its Amun<ie*k.vt. The Commissioners of the Great Central Park in this city, bet* ccn 69th and 106th streets on the north and south, and Fifth and Eighth avenues on the east and west, have at last made a partial report, which leads us to hope that they may finish their work at no very distant period. Other people have been more active In the matter, and we hare been shown a beautiful plan for the improve ment of the gronnd made by Messrs. J. II. Thorburn k Co., Mr. Samuel J. Oustin and Mr. Eugene Beaumann. These gentlemen are well known among horticultural people, and the announcement of their names is a suffi cient guarantee that their plan is a meritorious one. Th?y have acted upon the idea heretofore suggested bjr the Hauls, and they leave the ground in its natural configuration. A garden should be graded ; but this must be a park and a garden at the same time; and we must have the primitive picturesque hills, valleys and lakes preserved. Also, they have planned beautiful drite*. and in fact made the park a miniate re paradise. The proprietors of this plan are now awaiting the final report ?9 the Commissioners, which has oeen promise I during this month. When the report Is made the plan will be presented to the publi , and will be opet to criti cism on he own merits. We have been waiting fo? nearly tfcree years to are the Wo Hi upon the Central Park commenced. The parsons | who objects to it have been eitenced, If not convinced, and ail that the Commissioners have to do i* to go ah?.?1 and finish tlujij- work as soon a ? possible. Tnt Rri'PJ! Iio./?m> fk>wn Snow ? ' The "Bbode lata ad ,-w iety for the "Kneourajferaent of DomMtte Industry" announce an exlrA>itioncfhorfte? and cattle at IVovidenoe, to eminence on Tue?<lay, September 11. and fontinuc thr<*.?h the week. Die programme, in far a? the borae* are fwcerned, is nearly the Mine a* that of the great (4i(iW at Springfield, which tva* ?o mceeseful, two y?ar* ?g*\ TV1 premiuma are very liberal. There will also ke a content iir speed between hm s?? that never trotted fur money, owtera to drive, and they to be peraonx who n?ver drove . n a race for money. D P. Johnson, the eateemad .Secretary of cur Agricultural Poelety, will de liver an jtddreaf, nnJ on Thursday there will be a grand banquet. The affair aeeraa to have been gotten up on the moat liberal i a!e, and it will doultlcsa attract a large con cotiru) of people from all partn of the country. Theae ? tliibitiona |re esceedingly uaeful to all cla-*e< of tlie r mm-mity, and of Incalculable value to breeder* of cat tle and hor*ee. A : ic-T on nre Porrti ? During the <t.~rm Monday n^-ht en the Sound, the steamer ComnmnTeahh, when off .vaod'a Point, broke her starboard shaft, and was taVen ia tow by the MetropoUn, of the Fall River line, aitd broug'.t gnlUntly through Hellgate to her dock, whi h wan reached at about eight o'clock? the Metropolis I av i<? been delayed two hour* in her effort* to a.??ut il e< eauEonweallh. The Metropolis brought thrnogh the laMfe*' number of pn??engera ha' ever panned through il e ound cn a ngle ateartier ? it&ny o( tbeoi Southern T.iit^rt to th? Norlh, be i ad heir, e. TBS JL AT JC8T WJBWH. BY MAGNFTIC AND PRINTING TELEGRAPHS. Vermont Slate Election. Momtfeijkr, Vt., Hcptf uib- r 4, 18o&. Our State election took place to-day. TUero wa* con siderable cxcitoment, an'l a very full vote was east. Stephen ltoyce, the present Governor, has be<>u re chosen by a handsome majority. He was supported by whig*, republican* and Know Nothing*. Merrill Clark was supported by the democrats, and Me*sr*. Bhafter, (tempeiancc,) Wheeler, (whig,) and Slade received some scattering vote*. The result for Governor, in the principal town", In as follows:? HoyaUUn? ltoyce, 160; Clark. 61: scattering, 27. Hurlint,U>n ? ltoyce, 343; Clark, '185; scattering, 23. Vrrpt-nnrs ? Hoyce. 128: Clark, 20; *cattering, 2. Chtster ? ltoyce, 167; C lark, 75; scattering, 2. Middlrbury ? Royce, LI36; Clnrk, t"6; scattering, 21. Kutland ? ltoyce, 427; Clark, 139; Hcattering, 16. Woodstock gives bhafter 211; Royco, 137; Blade, 97; Clark, 62. The Know Nothing republican party have carrlod the legislature, without doubt. The returns from -18 towns, received here, r-how that result by 3 to 1. Ritland, Vt., Sept. 4 ? 9 P. M. The election to-day has been a more exciting one thun was anticipated. The return* received here, ho far, indi cate that Royce (republican) is re-elected Governor, and that the whole fusion State ticket ha* been ?BBBMlftll. It also seem* probable that the Know Nothing* have car ried the Legislature. Nearly all the town* heard from in this county have elected Know Nothing representa tive*. The Know Nothings have probably carried their Sena torial ticket in most of the counties. Prom Washington. FUNERAL OF* JUDGE CHANCE ? TUB NORFOLK 8UF 1ERKRH. Washington, Sept. 4, 1855. The funeral of Judge Crancl) took place ti>-<lay. The members of the bar. judges, municipal authorities, Pre sident l'ierce and the Attorney General were present. The services were performed by Rev. W. H. Furuess, of Philadelphia. The Norfolk Committee waited on tlie President to en deavor to obtain Fort Monroe as a refuge for the citizens now remaining in Norfolk. They were ciurteously re ceived, and the Cabinet i* in session to-night to consider the sublect. The committee anticipate a favorable an swer to-morrow. All the ward committees appointed hp the members of the Mfrchaots' Exchange to collect moaey for the suffer ers from fever have not yet reported, althouth thirteen hundred and twenty-three dollars were paid in to-night. ?Ills, added to previous contributions, make* about live thousand dollars for that purpose. Know Nothing Judicial Convention. Albany, Sept. 4. 1855. The American Convention for the Third Judicial dis trict met here to-day for the purpose of organizing the district. Every county was represented. The nomina tion for Judge is to be made October 4th. From Kansas. Sr. Louis, Sept. 4, 1855. The Squat 0-r Sovereign of August 28 nominates Mr. At- " chison for the next Presidency. It denies the rumor of an intention to annex Platte county, Missourri, to Kannn*, and says that Kansas Is deprived of aid from its Southern allies because it has become a prey to the North. It ex presses a hope that the next national Congress will be the last. State Convention or Colored Men. Tboy, Sept. 4, 1865. Th6 State Convention of colored men assembled here this morning. It organised by electing Wm. Sich, of Troy, chairman. A platform was reported, and will be discussed to-morrow. Fred Douglass addressed the con vention this evening. Pearfnl Ravages of Yellow Fever at Norfolk. 8UTY-FO0R DEATHS IN ONE DAY. Baltimore, Sept. 4, 1855. By the boat from Norfolk we have the most awful ac count of the ravages of the yellow fever In tint city yet received. A letter from Dr. Morris says that there were no less than rixty four deaths in Norfolk on Mouday. The Hnald givos the names of thirty- five persons who died on Snnday, and says that fifty bodies were buried on that day . Fifty coffins were sent down from here on Saturday, and orders have been received for one hundred more. The boat brought np a large number of people who are flying from the scourge, some of whom took refuge in the rotunda of the Exchange until they can procure lodg ings. A committee of citizens of Norfolk, headed by Dr. John McCabc, paused through here for Washington, to a*k the President for permission to remove the remainder of the inhabitants of their city to Fort Monroe. At Portsmouth the fever i* abating, the. deaths ave raging about ten a day. Admission of T. F. Meagher to the New York Bar. Albany, Sept. 4, 1865. At the general term of the Supreme Court of the State of Vow York, held at. the Capitol this morning, in full bench, on motion of Nicholas Kill, E*<j., Th'una* Francis Menglier was, by a special order, admitted an attorney and counsellor to practice in all the courts of this St ite. The Court, by the lion. Chief .lustico Parker, In grant ing the order, made some highly complimentary remark* on Mr. Meagher, and stated the pleasure with wnich the court recognized hi* talents and character by this special mark of its consideration. Murder of the Captain of the Ship Ariel. ClIARLKHTON, Sept. 3, 1855. The ship Ariel, from New York to Shanghai', was brought into this port by the revenue cutter Allen, the captain, Ayis, having been murdered at sea, as was sup posed. by two apprentices, named Henry Girard and George Anderson. The United Sta'es authorities have charge of the vessel, officer* and crew. Tho cap'ain wa* found dead in his berth on the 17tli of Augnst, by the first mate, who. at the request of the passenger*, officers and crew, put the vessel back. The apprentices both deny the murder, but crimlnato each other. New York and New Haven Railroad Com pany. New Havkn, Sent. 4, 1865. A meeting of tho stockholders of the New York and New llavcn Huilroad was held in this city to day, for the purpo^ e of considering the expediency of accepting the resolution of the late legislature, authorizing the ?direc tors to pay or purchase the whole or a portion of the out standing bonds of the company, and for that purpose to issue new bonds. The said resolution was accepted by a ritu vote vote. The other resolution of the legislature, by which the directors are authorized to add to the capi tal stock of the company, In order to arrange tho difficul ties growing out of the fraudulent issue of stock by Schuyler, was fiercely debated, but was not acted upon. The meeting adjourned to meet on the first Tuesday in Pecember next, in this city. The attendance was quite large. Boston "Weekly Bank Statement. Boston, Sept. 4, 1866. The following are the footings of our Bank statement for the past week : ? Capital stock ?32,710,000 leans and discounts... 63,763,243 Specie in banks 3,141,552 Amount due from other banks 7,836,889 Amount due to other banks 6,867,49'.* Deposits 16,918,472 Circulation 7,144,870 Rhode Island Cattle Show. Pkoviosnck, Sent. 4, 1865. The arrangements for the great hor*e and cattle exhi bition, are now being made on an extended scale. The time for the entry of trotting horses ha* expired, but all other horses may be entered on any day previous to the opening of the exhibition. The number of truUing horses is very Urge, and the U*t embraces several dis tinguished ones, letter* have been received from -eve. ral members of Congress and other distinguished per sons, accepting invitations to be present. Fire at Detroit. Dktroit, Sept. 4, 1855. The warehouse of S. 0. William* k Co., in this city, was destroyed bj Ore last night, loss about >20,000 ? insurance $8,000. The Steamship Tennessee at Hallffcx. Halifax. Sept. 4, 1R">5. The steamship Tennessee, Capt. Wallace, irorn Havre on the 19th Inst., put In here at six o'clock this morning, short of coal experienced heavy gale* ami sus tained some damage. Sho bring* no later intelligence than that received by the Canada, and proceeds on her voyage to New York this afternoon. Disaster to the Brig Philip Lara be*. UolmW Hols, Sept. 4. 1865. The brig T'hillp Ierabee, of Bath, from .Savannah for Itnatc.n, while at anchor on Sunday night, had her stern cut ofT to the water's e>lge by a propellor ; name unlu>?'.m. The brig reachel Edgartown leaky, where she will l>e re paired. Two Mnrdfitn Sentenced to be Hang. _ . _ . COIKJOBD, N. H., Sept. 4. ISM. ifopkell and the woman Brown, who wore c<>nyict<<d ,.f t>i- murder of Stephen C. Washer, were thin morning tanted to be hung on the 2d of October, 1806. The Ohio nndSUaataalppi Rallrosul. f*r. Locifi, Sept. 4, UH. At ax ? lection of director* of the Ohio and M{?mi?ipp? Railroad yesterday, iwo separate neta of director* eliilin o have i*J>.n elected. The Cape Cod Telegraph. ? RjtKNRTARIJL Sept. 4, 18S5. The BreW*r (k Baldwin line of telegraph l? completed to thl? pla<-e. The poles are now being erected to lWno? town on both1 ?"><*# of Cape Cod, and in a few wo?'ks will he enabled to at'riee the public of any disaster that may occur there. Market*. HIliVPIiraiA STOCK BOARD. Pmu?.?unu. r<ept. 4 ISM. Mi rrt-y unch.nped. i* 7fi !t 1ft: Morris Ca^ ?' 1 onnaylwanla fcnl.oar 46; I't nn-y I vauia Sta(o .. Jyju.iY, Sept. 4?1:30 I*. M. V lonr? J-'ales I 000 bbls. , * 97 M f"r f(> ,v.,,irP state, and *7 ??ll# for Southern, Ohio and Illinois Wh?at? Males b?'heN red Illinois nt ??f ., 0^nJK.i?ll,000 bush ??. f-.r Western mlied. Oat? dnll; RWr a 40c. *?' "J* al*<l "><!? for < r*KO m?!??are. hye ? Sale 2, bu?hrle at (1 1<?. v. ? ijts by canal to day? if! bt>K iNnri %>, 700 bushels curt The Burlington Catastrophe. RUvciVoM, N. J., Sept. 1855. The Coroner's Juty held two session* to day, but up to the hour of adjot rnmeut, had not been able to agrco upon a vc-.lict, They meet a^uin this evening, and from pweut appeara' rc>' heir deliberation* will continue un til a liite hour, with but little prospect of a verdict. 'lhe body that ha. t en a waiting identification, ha* at length been recfignircii an that of T. I/Oveland, of the firm of (ireen '.oveland ft Co., raerchanta, I-uconin, Illinois. I. was claimed lliiH evening, by Mr. Green, hi? partner, who came on from I'o.-ton. The remain* oi lli'ghes P.Jervis, of Newark, Delaware, who wan killed on t' e Camden and Atnboy Railroad, at Burlington, on W(dn?(l<y last, wero conveyeil to iiis home on Friday morning by hi* relatives. He wax a. young man of strict integiity, and wan beloyed by all who knew Mm. He leaves a widowed mother to motirn bin untimely end and irreparable loss. Marine Affairs. The steamship 1'acific, Capt. Nye, nulls to-day at noon for Liverpool. She takes out 110 passengers. The steamship Florid*, Copt. Woodhull, arrived yes terday morning Irom Savannah, after a passage of sixty hours. I- he brings 4,2fO racks of wheat. Launch of tiik Fcltox. ? The steamship Fulton, to run in connection with the Arago to Havre, t> was launched yesterday afternoen , shortly after thre o'clock, from Messrs. Smith fcDimon's yard, foot of Fourth street. At least five thousand persons, including many Indies, were present to witness the launch, which was fully success ful. She is a very fine looking ship and will rank among the fleetest of out noble steamers. The lannch of the John J. Boyd was unavoidably post poned for a dny or two. Naval Intelligence. The United Ftate steamer Water Witch was at Buenott Ay res on the 14th of July. She was so short of powder tKat she was unablo to fire a salute on the 4th of July. Personal Intelligence. ARRIVALS. At the Smithsonian House.? William Cox, Savannah, Geo: J Spooner, Providence. R I; E Robie, Greenland. N II; Walker Farr, Mobile, Aha; J Taylor Wood, 0 S Navy; A D Chapin, Mass; K B Foot, NcwJHuven, Conn; Rev R Watt, Louisiana; Rev B Foot, Mls?: Professor Reed, Indiana; Doctor Lake, 8t Louis; Col Tannchlll, Mobile, From Glasgow, In ship President Fillmore? Mr W Yuile and wife. From Bermuda, In brig Lady Chapman? Mr R Dunacombe. From Savannah, by the steamship Florida ? Edward Cur ran, A 0 Thompson, L K Johnson, T Butler King, Jr, P J . Tbrelkeld, James lien surd, J R Bllton.Wm Cox, A Pard, A (lumber, Geo M Waldberg, J J Marsh, Propper Hinkell, R H Bowman. B T Chandler, Henry Stlllman, <f M Mlddletou, J B II. will. ,J W Williams, Green J Blake, Wm B Farriss, John Nicholson, C S Arnold, Mrs R Depau, Mrs F Depau, Mrs How land, Mrs Wright, M Mltheny, L Goodall, C A Peabody, Mrs t? A Peabod.v, Miss Biighte, Miss Winter, O Oult'ner, Wm H Bailsman, Thomas U Maher, L Swartz, J H Ladson, James A Barron, E Chandler. A C Vail, Miss M A Goodall, H Mieuhart ?and 12 In the tteeruge. The Alleged Murderous Assault. New York, Sept. 8, 1855. TO TIIK EDITOR OF TUB I1EBALD. You will do an act of luttel to the proprietor of the public house called the "Smile," by inserting this con tradiction of a statement under the above head in your paper of to-day. It is stated in said account that a person said that be had seen me in the " htnile" a "short time previous." The person must have been mistaken, as I was never in the house nor in the locality for some three or four years past. Very res peel fully, J. G. SMITH. , Four hundred and seventy-one deaths occurred in New Orleans during the week ending the 27th ult., of which, three hundred und fifty-seven were from yellow fever. This shows a decrease of forty-six in tho interments, as compared with those of the previous week. Of this de crease thirty-seven were yellow fever cases, and of other diseaFCs only nine. Dismally Dear and Dreadfully Defective*? An alliterative heading sans sense or meaning, but answering very well the purpose of arresting the attention of gentlemen of taste and discernment to the fuet that KNOX, of the corner of Broadway and Fulton street, and No. 539 Broadway, has in troduced his fall style of bats. Tbe attractions of his article are. Firstly? It Is tbe cheapest, quality considered, obtainable In the city. Secondly? The style of manufacture, as the world acknowledges. Is unsurpassed und insurpassable. Thirdly? The utmost cure has been exercised In the selection of mate rials. Fourthly and'ly? Knox Is the popular hatter of the nfe, and everybody should be ami Is unxious to wear n Knox. It is fashionable, und fsshlQII must continue to enticc us. Bee be <b Co., 156 Broadway. ? Fall Fashion for gentlemen's hats and caps; their assortment Is complete. Try Espenacheld's Hats.? His Fall Style* are truly elegant, and their cheapness Is a marvel. We have priced tbe market, and can recommend the establishment of ESFENSCHEID, No. 118 Nassau street, near Beefcman. Pianos. ? Horace Waters' Modern Improved pianos, possessing In their Improvement of action and over strings a power and compass of tone equal to tbe graud pianos. Hole agency for T. Gilbert A Co.'s. llallett A Cuinston's, Wood ward A Brown's, and Jacob Chlckerlng's Boston pianos; and constantly In store pianos from wmc Ave of the bcit New York manufactories. Each instrument guaranteed to give entire satisfaction or purchase money returned. Second hand pianos of all varieties and at great bargains. Prices from $30 to $140; new ti' i octave pianos, with inin frames, for $160. Pianos to rent, and rent allowed on purchase. Pianos for sale on month ly payments. Sole agency for H. I>. A H. W. Smith's cele brated melodeons, (tuned ilie equal temperament.) HOltACK WATEKH, 333 Broadway. Kid Glovra at ftO Cents per Pulr? K. H. LEAOBKATF.R A CO. ,.147 Broadway, will open to-day nnt> case of ladles' French kid gloves, slightly spotted, at 4-1. per pair. Also g cats' cravats, under garments, Ac. Bilks, Silk" from A dux? ^Ube offerST^v lots of new and elegant style" ^ lar?p |oi 0f superior black. ? Brow,way Hatln De Lnlnrs, Worsted Damasks, Ollt cornices, windown shades, Ac.? KELTY A FKltQUSON, 59t Broadway, have Ju>t received per steamer a splendid stock of the above goods; some new patents, very heuutifnl and rich; also, the largest stock of window shades and other window or naments In New York. We are prepared to oiler inducements lo purchasers of lhe above goods. 391 Broadwuy. September, 185ft? Opening of the Fall Cam paign at Evans' clothing warehouse, Nos. 66 and 68 Fulton street. Splendid busine- s coats. $6; blue dress coats, $10; Unei black frock coats, $8; fancy casolwere pants, $2 60; beautiful tail vests, $Z To the Indies ? Just Received, 300 Pieces of a superior quality of ohlrieal und colored straw trimmings; also, n splendid assortment or ladles' hats, ribbons, feathers, flowers and millinery goods In general, at Wm. 8. IRVINE'S. 112 Canal street. For Protection against Mosquitoes and Iiu, sects.? llask In 's patent improved portable canopy net, a sure guarantee against minqnitecs, without obstructing lhe sirculatinn of air. W. fcTHATTON, sole agent, BO Chambers street. Thomas McLaughlin, Shirt Manufacturer,. corner of Chambers and Greenwich street, N Y., where will be found the be<t assortment of the best ready made shirts to be found in the city. Men's furnishing goods of every do* scrlptlon. Know Nothings and Foreigners, Demo? erats, hard shells and soft shells, hunkers, Ibarnburners, silver grays, woolly heads, wblgs, all are Invited to call at 441 Broad way, and examine nur superb assortment of fashionable clothing, just manufactured for fall and winter wear, em bracing all sizes lor men and boys. You will all be treated alike, for we have but one price for goods and no deviation. Every garment well made ana appropriately trimmed. ALFRED MUNrtOE A CO., 441 Broadway. Carpets for Fall Trade, 1855_ Smith A I.Ol'NSBERY, 460 Broadway, near Grand street, have just received per late arrivals, several large Invoices of elegant velvet tapestry and Brussels carpeting, which they are now Offering, together with a large and select stock of all other goods connected with the carpet trade, at great inducements. Rachel Triumphant. ? The American Pub lie admits the vast superiority of tho great tragedienne, as It does that of the superb royal velvet tapestry, Brussels and Ingrain earpctg now selling at a sacrifice at HIRAM ANDKKSO.V'rt, 99 Bowery, Pocket and Pen Knives? Tlie Undersigned call the attention of tho-s In want of tbe above to their assort ment, anient: which will be found some of the mo-' beautiful and rare patterns ever Imported. A. A J. SAl'NDEKS, No. 7 Abler House and 3*7 Broadway. Portable Dressing Cases.? To Travellers and Others, these articles will prove miwt. desirable, they .ire very compact and eoataln only useful articles. A. A J. SAl'NDKRft, No. i Alitor House and >7 Broadway. Comb Factory ? Lndlrs are Respectfully invHed In eiamine the choice selection of dress combs at the subscriber's store, the variety Is beyond all doubt the greatest in the city. A. A J. SAUNDERS, 3H7 Broadway. Engraving and Printing. ? The Neatest and most fashionable styles of cards, seals, circulars, engraved and printed, i rders received by mall for cards, and '-very varlctjr of engraving nnd prir'int'. specimens sent by mall. WM. ff. I)L NNKIJ., 195 Hioadwuy, corner of Dey street. (Jlfts and Presents Just Received, and tor ?afe at reduced prle , ? liolcost selection of faoey goods, and sl-o e- , iy variety of * J", dre??ed slid uadre?ed dolls, gam- * of amusemeuis, fur t ..ddren, Ac., at HCMJKHS faoey store, 149 rti'Md way. Rotmxla Bxrbansr. Dr. Towi??i?d'? Bnlld fli ir . hi Nnr'nii ? reel. -pletwlld breakfaat Md dlnlu* . . ?Mu.hnmut la ni.w tu ??"*' operation. V. B.? Ofatera In ev?iv lite''. JO rent-, ainwed. lOeenta; oyater pi. ?, 10 Mm*. The bar will be i>p?neu 'bin day, with * free ! mob. from lt)j< to 11 o'c'ork M ? DrMmicr Ulnmtiiilfr ? Robrrt Id. Pal. BICK l? Ihe *?>? iBW.nflMturar In ihe I'nllel f?t?le? of th" ?bo rv W..I paiem powder proof driuirn-. k?k? an<l rro?i bare. Depot 1?2 Ftarl aireet, one door be to ?r Maiden lane. H'rrln|('? Patent Cluunptnn Fin an<l Bar ?iar proof aafe. Willi'a patent powder proof lock. Bo'-k r?reiT#d j rlaa niedala ft the World'* Fair. I/>n<loo, 1?M. .ind l'ry?tal I'alas*. New York, ISM-'M. ?11 AS C. aaaiL.No k 00, 13, S, 137 and 139 Water atree* lionklnv Ola??e?i for the Fall Trade, nt frrnl'v rtdni'ed price?. Hayrr? are n?iwd io eiamlno ear -'oek Im-I ire r 'iretaalJH "UewlK-re. H II 'II .Wilis, KIVM. LAN l> 4 UO., uia.iufn Hurt if, 111) t bambera atrial. Heal PrtMo-Hwin & t'o'llnk' Impnitdl ae?i pre??, ll*hier. handwimri-, and cheaper tl u inv now In um- S'hk mii'I prewe# of *b kind* on band; pfwrirlng and printing of all kind" n?ul> eie^-nied. MUNN 4 CXH-LIWIt, 16 Ntmiau tUi-el, ou'i d< or from Pine. H(W Pnui r H-ilnlngr-Al the OI?l Raiatv 1H meat, 436 Pea/1 r* 1 "> which wo Inri!.' tb?- a : ? ? vul C> muwei ?.? -eMlly unriifVAS t FAT. Importer* kbti JUitwj^'urt/t,