Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 5, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 5, 1855 Page 5
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Krt nfh (Im Fixtures *wl HechanKal hmpt i.? 1 Tim subscriber has jn?l returned from Parts, where he nmde the mo<t complete sulei.tkjii?l vlch ohlsolls'l ohiwifr ?em, brackets, ? :<iw>n and clocks, wUch he oilers at iho lowest rtiniuierauvo j>i*w. All articles warranted. .Liberal discounts to Ute trade. II. DAKDUN viu.i-:. ?4j Broadway. K?W Pu|* r Hammings, Wholewile and Ee tall ?'I HOMA5 FAYF. A CO importer* uivl mMumctuivri, 2M and 267 Broadway. dirt-illy oppotdte IMOttf Hall, New Tflrk New ? tylos ( I IftMOH for retail, all styles, for the court try trade, at wholesale, at liic lowest Gash prices. Uitil Bargain* In China and Ola**, at the China llall, 813 Broadway, above Klsveelh street.? f ine uluio stone wure dining sets in r <mlv 415; chamber win, tan pieces, ?or 83; tumblers, Sh. per do*CD? cups and saucers only -is. per *wen. J. K. hEIUt. A Wogtr?We that a Heavy OHcr, which was pending between several gentlemen verted ki such matters, liauju-rt beeu decided. The point In uuesilon wan, whirti w>ii9 the best London Corillsl Olii now in the mar ketl A committee to whom the decision was submitted decide. I ki iavor ol Charles' London gin. Those wlio appreciate u rare oardial loulc beverage, bland, yet Willi a delioate pungency, will find their palates wonderfully tickled by u.?iug this aiitcie, which can be had of all respectable druggists and grocers iu this city. nn-i in Brooklyn of Mrs. Hayes, Fulton street; ,1. 1,. ,v B. A. yutnibv, 100 Fultou street; David M. Ijuvh, 1.12 Fulton ?(reel: Geo. V. Milne, 217 Fulton street.? N? w York Sunday Courier. DKVKRIOUK tit CI1AUI.KH, Sol*' Importers, 13M Pearl sti eet, N. V. From dark till tight, Why will you tight Wltn bedbug and musqnltof For Insect* lalth l ? Ws powder's death; m For rats lila pills are dltln. Depot for Lyons' Ma^nrUc Powder and l?k for Insects and vermin 424 Broadway and t! Soitii Eighth ?fcreet, Philadelphia. I*' Only Effrrtnnl Riternilnntor Wltlkont danger or stench ?HENRY R. COSTAK'S effectual rat, ?ockroach, A<\, exterminator, Wholesale and retuil depot, 388 Broadway, .New York. H. T. IiOVtl'n WnJupene? An Indian Vc|(cta kle preparation, will restore gray hair to Us youthful appear ance and cure baldness. ( 'ail at 7<i3 Bru.ulway, and see the rietor, who has keen gray and bald, with a good bead of Batrhelor'a Hair Dye, Wlge and Tonpeea ? Ike best In the world. Nine private rooms for applying his ?Clival led dye. Beware of Initiations; they result in ridicule. Wie largest Mock of wigs and toupees In America, wholesale and retail, at BATCHELOR'S, 233 Broadway. Tan, Pimples, Freckles, Krnptlon, Halt. rheum, erysipelas, tetter, prickly heal, and all skin deformi ties, positively cured by GOURAUD'S Italian medicated soap, besides being the very bcstshavlng compound ever uaetl. Pou lire subtile uproots hair from the forehead, or any part of tho kody. Rouge, lily white, hair dye uud restorative, at the old depot, 67 Walker street, lirst store from Broadway. Mrs. Hayes, Brooklyn, Ac. Whisker* and Mouluhrs forced to Grow ki six weeks hy my onguenf. which will not stain or Injure the ?kin. $1 a IxHtle; sent to any part of the country. It <1. tilt A HAM, US Broadway; Zleber, 44 South Third street, Philadel phia; Briggs, 37 State street, Albany. Hill's Improved Iiiatantaneoun Hair Dye.? Fear shillings a box, black or brown, best In the world . recom mended by chemists, doctors and editors. Sold or applied at M?. 1 Barclay street, near Broadway. Hill, Inimitable Cotter of Hair and Whle kersat No. 1 Barclay street, adjoining Broadway. Hair curl teg and shampnontng; shaving six rent*. Ilalr dye, black or brown, best in tho world, four shilling a box. ' Hernia. ? Only Prize Medal awarded to MARSH A CO., by the Industrlrl Exhibition of All Nations, lor their new patent radical cure truss. References as to lie superiority? Professor Valentine Mott, Wlllard Parker and Jehu M. < 'amoeban. An exteuslve Hat of names of mercantile aad other gentlemen cured by this truss may be seen at M Oo.'s, No. 2>i Maiden lane, and Marsh, Corlcss A Co. 's, No. fi West Fourth street, Cincinnati, Ohio. Open from 7 A. M. until 9 P. M. Free to San Frnn< lsco_ Persons who wish to go free from attacks of cholera, dysentery colic and seasick ness, should not fail to get a bottle of Dr. TOBIAS' warranted Venltlan liniment; any kind of water rau be drank without any ?I effects by adding one teaspoonful of this celebrated liniment; It la worth its weight In gold; no one should Kail without It. Price 26 and 50 ccnts. Depot b0 Cortlandt street; sold by the drug gists throughout the I'nlted States. Holloway'a Ointment and Pills.? The krotbrr of his Ilnllucss the Pope was advised the use of.these medicines In 186S, for a seobutlc. eruption of a serious nature. He was completely cured. No skin disease can long with stand ibelr combined healing influence. Hold at the manufac tories, HO Milden lane, New York, and 244 Strand, London, and fcy all druggiste, at 23 cents, 62.' i cents, and 91 per pot or box. Ur. S. 8. Pitch, Author of the "Six Lectnrei Consumption, office 714 Broadway, will De pleased to afford relief to those who have been injured, or who have (ailed to be benefitted by the speciality of itflialation tor diseases of 'he lungs or throat. Open dally (Sundays ??oepted,) from B to 5 o'clock. Treats consumption, aatluna, diseaws of the heart, and all chronic diseases of rahsand feinaies. Con.-ultation free. Ilr. i?. H. Pitch li always at home, and Lhere is no person elsewhere, ?raTelHng or otherwise, in any way connected with him, OT anther lied to hail from his office, or refer pallenta to MutIc<1, On Sunday evening, Sept. 2, by tli? Rev. Dr. Millett, at hia residence, 171 Kust Heventeentli street, Mr. Hiram T. BrmIT. of Norwich, Ct., to Miss SlUA.N Maria Bexnctt, of Binghainton, N. Y. On Thursday, August 30, at No. 70 J.uic street, by the Btv. John Krai-h, >Lr. WittiA* IIaiik, of St I/iuis, to Mi*s Jmam Run Wright. daughter of Mr. Johu Wright , uf this city. On Tuesday, August 28, by the I lev. Mr Watson, of Ro chester, at the residence tit Mr. ("ha-. T. Cherry, .Sarah A., only daughter of J. Foreman, of New iork, to Philip WiLLKiJt, of t leveland, Ohio. Oi^Tuesday, Sept. 4, "by the Rev. Dv. Ferris, at the rhnrrli corner of I'niversity place and Tenth street, Mr. David Vomcrcb to Miss Kijauutiii A-uijnr, dauguter of the late Frederick Ashbey, all of tills city. On Monday, Sept. 3, in Emmanuel Church, by the Rev. Alexander IS. Leonard, IIknuy Kim, M. D., to Sophia, eldest daughter of t-Jward Eccleston, of this city. In Brooklyn, on luesday. Sept. 4, at the Church of the Holy Trinity, l>y the Rev. William H. Lewis. I). 1)., Mr. Joii.N MtKKY, to Miss Mart Eioihk Dominh h all of Rrook lyn, L. I. In Brooklyn, on Tuesday. ^pt. 4, by the Rev. Dr. DUler, Col. H. J. Km i: to Mrs. Martha Votet. la Brooklyn, on luesday. August '^8. by the Rev. K M. Johnson, of St. Michael's. W*. MuRst to Fra.ncB< Ann McBride, both of KngLand. Died. Ob Tuesday evening, Sept. 4, at the residence of her parents, at the Western Hotel. Mrs. Kkkduui* It to only daughter of D. D. Winchester, aged 'M years, 10 months and 2 days. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, from the Western Hotef. to morrow afternoon, at three o'clock. ton Tuesday, Sept. 4. alter a short am painful illness, Mi< iiaki. Morgan, aged 23 years and fl months. The friends and acquaintances of the family, also the members ot the Young Americus Uuard. 1st Company Oouverneur Blues, and Americus Kngine Company No fi, are respectfully invited to attend his faneral, from the residence of his mother, 128 First avenue, to-morrow afternoon, at one o'clock. On Tuesday morning, Sept. 4, of dysentery. Samiil Fot, aged 21 years. IBs friends. and those of Mr. Huss*v and Edmond J. Kelly are respectfully invited to attend hlafuncral, from No. 3 Monroe street, this afternoon, at two o'clock. Suddenly, on Tuesday, Sept. 4, Mrs. Jam Mohrm, aged 68 years, ? month* and 2 days. rae relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, from the residence of her son, 41# Cherry street, to-morrow afternoon, at two o'clock. Her remains will be deposited in Greenwood. On Monday, Sept. 3, Waito.n Nomn, only child of Charles and Matilda A. Nodine, aged 1 year, 0 months and 18 days. The friends of the family are most respectfully invited to attend his funeral, from the residence of his grand father, fhrlstopher Wut?on, Fordham, Westchcster Co., N. Y., this afternoon, at three o'clock. Yes, he is gone our little roue bud, To the cold, damp, quiet tomb, Though his little soul is in Heaven, Where forever it Will bloom. California papers please copy. On Tuesday, Sept. 4, at his residence, Forty-seventh street, between Tenth and Eleventh avenues, Skth Firth, a?ed2? years. His fnends an \ acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, this afternoon, at tw j o'clock. His remains will be taken to lireenwood Cemetery. On Tuesday, -ept. 4, JoeBtn.Ni Hanoi, youngest ?laugh ter of Samuel W. and Martha C. Hawley, in the 13th year of her age. The friends and iclatives of the family are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, from the residence of her father. No. hank street, to morrow alle noon, at three o'clock, without further in\ift*tion. On Monday, Sept. 3, of consumption, Izaa' McKkvxuc, aged 3D yesrs. The relatives and fi lends of the family, also the mem bars of the Independent Ixclge 1R5 of t . and A. M., and the congregation of the South Second street Methodist Episcopal Church of Williamsburg, and the Methodist Episcopal churches in general, are r??pectfnlly invited to attend his funeral, from his late residence, 104 Orchard utreet, this afternoon, at two o'clock. On Tuesday, sept. 4, ol cou>oniption, llama N". Rowi, aged CO years. The friends of the family are respec'fully invited to attend her funeraJ. fresi her late residence, No 250 Thirty-ninth street, this afternooa, at one o'clock, with out further invitation Her remains will be conveyed to Trinity Cemetery. On Tuesday afternoon, Sept. 4, after a short l!loe-w o ' consumption, * " ?*? Oram, aired 20 years, 4 u. juths *n>! 14 day*. The friends and relat ives of the family are tsepectfolly invited to attend her funeral, frt,ro the resident- .f her uncle, William llesson, U3 (V-^r street, to-inorrow Her remains will be taken to Calvary Cemetery. O n Toewlay. Sept. 4, Mi Joanna M tmr, aged M year-. Her funeral will tak" place from her late residence, No. 154 Thompson street, to morrow. On Tue.'iay, -sipl. 4, W?. F. McUk. w, in the Ktth year art his ag The relatives, fnvn-ls ai.d acquaints es of the, also the member# of Columbian Kngiue ( ompany Vo 1 1 nnd the Hoard of F preventatives ot the New Y?rk Fire Drpartmen', are respectfully invited to attend his fune ral, from the residence of his brotker-tn law, 'tl.'hiv I Campbell, No. 47 Harth Moors street, c uer of Hudson, to-morrow aftolBOon, st two o'clock. ?>n Tuesday, Sept. 4 CWWIOIA A W.I- of Ja ic* V. iilBord, af <"l CT v-ar-. 7he relatives and frlen'lii of the tarnlly a. e respectfully invited to attend her funeral, from h"i late r< sMence, Vo. lift West Kleventh tre- t, !? m;ii < fternoon ? two o'floelr, without further invltat. i. On Tu> vlay Sept. 4, buiAii 3. Tiliwiv, aged 90 fur*, t) months snd 10 dayl. His relatives and friend--, aV> the men ' *rs of the VatWiDal are wisttfoUy inriiel to u'^t I the funeral sorvteee, from lata res tonee, No. 10 H- < J - 1 ?trert, to-morrow morning, without furtbtr li t remains will be interred in the Auiuly lot, on Hilton i Heights. Ulster county. in Brooklyn, Hucldeoly, on Monday, Sept. 3, John ^Ttiv, nieintier of Atlantic tingiue Company J.,, l.l. y;<.. j !i0 y>??r?. The relatives und friend* of the family, al-n the m?m- ' be h <>f At Untie tugine Comjiauy No.'l.t, and the Kire T'ejiai tinent in general, are respectfully invited to attend hi* funeral, from bin late residence, No. 10 Hoeraui street, Brooklyn, to-imwuw alfleil>ri< n, at two o'clock. At Bedford, Brooklyn, nn TiKiiay, opt. 4, lUai I.ef MB'TH, in t he 85th year of his ut. The f r icntlrf un<l relatives of tiie family aio re-pectfully inv ited to attend hi* funeral, from hi* lute re-ideuce, to morrow aflcrnnon, at two o'clock. Cn Monday, . 3, Mr. John <hutR>i>R, native of Tirn bleinore. county lippcrury, Ireland, -tgtMi M years. The frieuds and acquaintance. of the launly are re i pectfully invited to attdnd his funeral, from the eoroer of Yanhrunt and Sullivan streets, South Brooklyn. this afiernoon, at two o'clock. t>n Tuesday morning, at three o'clock, !hai:ki i A, the and ilcai ly bt.lori j child of Jamei and Ma ry Anu Anderson, aged tf months. The friends of the family are resj>ectfully invited to attend her funeral, from the residence of her parent.. No. 3 Wai-hii:gton Terrace, Ifoboken, thin afternoon, at two o'clock. Her remain* will be Interred in Greenwood. On Monday, Sept. 3, Mr. Thomas Couias, In the 5'.Hh year of his age. The relative* and friend* of the family, al-o the friends cfhls non. Bernard, AM respectfully invited to attend his funeral, from his late residence. No. 9 ~hip|>inville street liobokcn, this afternoon, at two o'clock. On Friday, August 31, at Bergen, New Jertey, AN*t? Ciark, only daughter of William ami Annie Withers, aged 1 year, 2 mouths and 10 days. In Williamsburg, L. I., on Tuesday, Sept. 4, Christian II. BMHR, aged years, 5 months ami 4 day. The friends, also the member* of the New York Scandi navian Society, and the members of the North Fifth street Methodist Episcopal Church, are respectfully in vited to attend his funeral, from his late residence, No. 74 North Third street, this morning, at half-puH ten o'clock. At Taylorville, Fort, New Jersey, on Tuesday, Sept. 4, HaviI) I ahltv, infant sun of Win. H. and Helen M. Tay lor. aged 4 months and 18 days. The funeral will take place from the house of William Taylor, to day, at eleven o'clock. His remains will be conveyed to Greenwood. At Newport, on Sunday morning, Sept. 2, Ai orwra Mart Kile, aged 48 vears, of the firm of Martelle & IIoI dermann. Their friends are respeottully invited to attend his fune ral, this morning, at 11 o'clock, from his late residence, No. 24 Bond street, without further invitation. At East Cheater, on Tue.iday, Sept. 4. at the residence of her son-in-law. Alexander Masterton, Jean Mormon*, naiiue of I'ertbshire, Scotland, aged 91 years. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, from the Bronxvillo Church, to mor row morning, at twelve o'clock. Harlem cars leave City llall at ten o'clock. At Newport, R. I., on Friday. August 31, Carounb I-oriSA, Infant daughter of tl. Douglas and i'ranc-s Au gusta Brewerton, age>\ 15 months and 11 days. At Woodville, Baltimore, on Wednesday. August J9, Swan Omood, daughter of Geo. S. and Caroline M. Kigg*. aged 3 months. At Montreal, on Thursday, Ang. 30, euddenly, of dis ease of the heart, G. N. Tahkkntk, native of Naples, Ita ly, anil a resident of this city. ADVERTISE NTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. VIV1E ANU 4GVB* NKW PRINCIPLE t NEW REMEDY I NO POISON !? K HOOKS' FEVER AND AGUE CURE ! Oh. Aktidotk to Malaria ; For the prevention and ur ? of Fever And ague, or chill fever; dumb ague, and other intermit u?nt ana remittent fevers; also oi bilious fevers. ao CMipinifld by typhoid symptom*, typhoid lever, yellow fever, ship and jail fever, general debility, night Hweuta, And all other forms of disease, whir h have a common origin in Malahu oh Miarwa. The diseases are common to many localities of the United State#; but wherever they prevail? North, HouA, Bant or WmI ? they all equally spring irom the damn miasmal cause. The great variety of svmnfoma and form* of disease U owing prin cipally to difference in age, hti, constitution and habits ?? the sufferers; but as the cause in tl^e name, they will all ciually yield to a lemedy that is competent to overcome or remove that cause. By the lawn of nature, overv principle ha- ita opposite, and for every disease or cause ol disease then- la a rc agent, or 1 n other word* a specific remedy. All malaria, whether arising from marshes, stagnant water, decomposition of animal an 1 vegi table matter, or even naw) j oleana lauds. Is ft una character and etlect; in a poison floating in the atmosphere, cauain^ dlaeane to all who breathe it. In accordance with those unalterable iaws coVf>rniUK the unerring? atlinlty wubnlMt iu? bfctweeu oppo?ite^, there la in the preparation before us, ottered to the public, THE NATURAL ANTIDOTE TO MATERIA, whleh nentrstlias the pqIboq whenever 11 o tnea In on tai-t with 1?, even in the open atr, and when taken internally completely purl tie the syatem affected by It of Ita baueful lu tluence, and thus restores and prenerves health. The remedy Is believed to be entirely new and unknown to any hut the proprietor, who distinctly claims the following ex traordinary results from it* use: ? It will instantly check the ague in persons who have suffered for any leuj<ih of time? from one day to twenty years; and by continuing its use, according to the directions, ?i radical euro will be effected, the patient continuing free from the complaint for years. In lis operation upon the poison In the system, it will Imm" dlately relieve all the dlstri ? sing symptoms of blllious or ague diseaM-s, and when the disease i;- cured i! will entirely ore vent Uie ?>n ol (JKNEKAL DEHILITY AND NIGHT SWEAT8. which so often follow the adminiMtration of Other in 'dlcines. The pailent at om* bet Ins to recover appetite ami *tr?nicth, and continue* to improve until rwtored to perfect health. lJv Its u*e lever and ague may be banished irom every family and class in the community. Farmers, mechanics and all lat-oring people may he usinr this article mt A I'RRVKNTIVK, and pursue their respective avocations in perfect sakuy from ague ??r bilious attack* during the sickly seasou, whico is often tu them tin; moHt valuable part ot the year. Since the introduction of the cure In every part, of the United State*, it h success haa been sio complete and unvarying a1* to have fully proved these a*?crtlons in favor of its extraordinary DM i i'. ? When the*e declaration^ were made at the date of Its tn'ro ductloo.lhey seemed incredible to many, even of* the most candid minds, because all the resource* of science had been taxed in vain to.subduc ague or blliotiM disease*; and what was mill worse for ague sufferers, all their remedies or treatment. m i ether scientific or ? mpirlcal, have boon limtte 1 I o tlae use m potftonotiM and destructive drug*, such aa arsenic, ijuimue, mer cury salldne \< TbeefRwti ot hem torn i i than the disease they subdue, and when such remedies fall, or ?:ive only temporary relnj, their poisonous ? ifecta are ? up*: rod tied to the poor sufferer's first complaint. On this accouat ague sufferers should be particularly careful about using any secret fever and ague remedies, n<>? withstand in g the max em of them uniformly assert they may betaken wi'h perfect safety, evn when it is notoriously well Known that their potency depends solely upon destructive polaoiia. Now, as a proof that the remedy is not only valuable on ac count ol It* power to cure disease, but 'hat "is also WORTHY OF PUHU? UONFIDKNCK, actwr sr. or us 8INOCLAR AND BNTIRK II AKMLEKHSRSH. the following certilica'e from one of the most celebrated chemists in the United titatHi, has been obtained, and a copy of it Is attached i oevery bottle:-? XlW Yon a. June n. l?A. 44 1 have made a chemical culmination ol ' Rhodes' Fever and Ague <'urc,' or ' Antidote for Malaria,' and have tested It for arsenic, mercury, quinine and strychnine, but have not found a particle ol either in it. nor have f found any suUsUnoe in its composition that would prove injuriou t to the constitution. JAMKH ft t'HIl.TON, M D., ?*hemlst.M It is a stubborn fact, therefore, that this remedy is destined not only to relieve the human family from malarious disease, but to do an equally good work by preventing the taking of other medicines which do harm. The entire absence of any baneful ingredient make* this r ? mi 1 v ? ?/ inon \ al wb e ., i ? i .? than - . ' ? . enU\ ?? No class ol disease* In so oas'iy managed as the one under considei ation, II the medicine be tuken In advance. This is owing to the niseascs belnu produced by one and the warns ? .% < ind Qwrcfoi c, a b h n Ideoli md rave lit i, ah . : protect themselves by the timely ase of this preventive, and not wait for the poisou already lurking in their veins to develop** itself in a violent attack, fake the cure as a preventive, and so destroy the poison before it does harm. Dtrr.? Directions for diet are highly Important, snd must be closely observed. The diet ithould be dimple plsiuly prepared, and in other respects such as the pstient has found to agree beat with him. If, however, bo is naturally bilious, much meat v* bile In a hot climate will be found to be decidedly Injurious, and a vegetable and highly nutritious diet far preferable. Thoae differently constituted tnay use a more generous diet. Meat, when eaten, shou Id bo tender, juicy and not overdone. The food should be thoroughly maet w aled, and regular hours for meals observed. Hinee < ostlven* m or unhealthy loosanesa of the bowels is very pernicious during the sickly season*, the state of the bowels should be closely watched, and, U possible, regu bs : ?'? '1 1 1] Ufent in in moot cases, easii.* rompiish this most desirable end by refraining from tnin^s whi? h constipate, and taking such diet as loosen ti?e bowels if costive; and *?? on the contrary, if too loose, avoid everything of a relaxing nature. Among other articles of diet, die following posse as consti pating auabiie*:? Common line wheat breod. mora especially Uiat mane by 4i the baker." becauae it too often contains alum in its composition; tootled milk, ' I iee??e pepper in any form, salted and smoked meats a nd fish, a nd refined sugars; but coarse wheat bread of domestic make, corn bread, corn and rye bread: fresh butter, raw milk, rarely cooked fn^sh rnent*, #?* picUilly vemx<u and pork, raw sugars and moiasse*. aro laxative. II isits or Mrs.? Avoid out doors air from the line of ?un*et until aa hour or two after aunrl- ? , for the malaria, or mine mata of lnfectad dts^iicts is most abundant and acuve during Uic night? a bright sun soon causes it to disappear Also avoid etposnre to damp, chilly winds, overexertion, irreg ilarity ?jf hnbita, aniiety of mind, or other like predisposing cause. H h oping ai artments loeaied In ti?e upper stories are much mort* bee. lt(y than thosi* <>f the first, or lower one because fhc poisonous sir Is the bcavieat. The system should tiave all n? ecfuary repose. Home consUtution* are able to resist all influences for iiyetht or years, while others are prostrated by an agu^ aoaek after only a few day* exposure. And It generally happen* that tb"*e ca?es mo** speedily produced are the most sp*?*liiy cured, while tho^e whoae c onstitutions liave t>^?-n grx t'iaUy umiermtnad by the subtle potson lurking in the system for a length of time, vv^ulii: a greater pcr1o<l in wbkh *o regain tbeir health. In moat instarecs there tra several days' wamtng given, by s- o-i it wire to heed the?e and by commencing the use of thin modi cine, ae< ording to llreetiotis, you are a.-sure*! of arre <ting It m ad I'm nee, and of being entirely free from any ague atari dur tng iha whole seacrm Just compare the trifling '?ost >4 th?a srticle witli tlie immense loss by um< r onsum***! by otcfcneiM, and observe a hat an argumeot toe great differenee Is in favor of usloa this certain preventive. The following direcUor?s lor using this medicine must be ?frlrtly observed:? li the patient is suffering from any form or Inumnl'teaa fe ver, or ague. It should be tsk? o three ftmcs a day. h* t an tao ir be. ore ea? h meal, and so continued until tha XMtfient T?-**ls that a permanent and radkal cure is effected, acrely "breaking the chbl ' is not curing U?e disease?!' Is only the commence men'. H the patient has t een diaca^ed a kmg time, or for a long time ? -xpr^ed to malaria, the greater U*e periol re^uireil for an efleetual cure. ItMk may require several bouie* o. ihi? remedy One or two t?ottles aiil sufll e for f.rdlnai y caa# * on*- bottle will occasionally answer, but mnnof. be always re lied uf on for a permanent cure ft win alao * e prudent to tak* I' or twiea a day, ac- ording to the urhea L.-iea* of * a bewrj frrmi sppears If in i ?>ai or uispa rate i iimate if wh- r* fros*>. do oot oecur,1h' n St abr;..M '>e uk en til! "ome iiuie time after every vestige or aonpkkint has disappeared. It # ill generally be fonnd ne^ess^ifjr to pweed* this ffie# tine oy a mild i.i liarti^ or ant! hi. f is pnriisftve The very be*t iHL?g lor ge:.? r*l use la a modem*' d? f 'tor o^L She otojf r\ of which Is to cleanse tbe sujtoach af> I fr*e * . si|ir, y pse?sgea. K? member tl wfcere la r. ** or ih. . s reatlvtness i?, mtic be taken, or the operation the aatW?3te wtll i>e serlotisgr obstru^'cd. Ti k iinsc ? (hf bottle must first be ihal^ ?: ?. all the ? gr- ilsats ate thoroughly mix* d. The y an aduu '.a a lab i? s|ooa:ul. It will be howe\ :r, fo. Lod io paii"a?s to ^?,mmeO(Oe w|t|? two thirds tfee ouantity . A' 1 *? n ?atom ng fisi?aeii% or unpkaaant. feellrvg at *he ? n na^b * ??? nal for the dose to t,# leanest. U<-- p^opl?* i d Ut ? U?n??s the amount without any nn^orrjforta. W . ?<r ? t or children above ?u ,g abou' rrrr elt of* h'e vp'oefal. arwl from rkrea to sit >?..? o ? i '4 at ? ?poonfut From ??ie to three ritttt, thirty drr t' Vs and eo-.^r one year ten to fifteen &rrp* ^kcn c??ur vf 1a a MUe water FEVEtt AWD \OUK.0 Much larger quantities, however, than are necessary to expel ditcuae, may be taken mahout any iuj iry. C>m.y CAtmoh? Id oer am fpecilied pour the contents of i ine or more bottle* of the < ire into hIihIIow v< wi?, (dltdng ' plate*.) and place them m hIci pine room*; for the vapor rising; iroiu the tnedl< inc, and alto Uai air waft*' i aero- -.4, or circulate*! over the dreg* of it, alt er the liquid is ovupora'e I, will counter act and destroy, to a degree. cotmncnaurato with Ita exposure, the uiiuMiiataor poiaon contained in the aparun nt. Tnta mode j of exhibiting the cure should likewise! be resorted to, when very j young infant* are exposed u> inalariou* situation*. The bottles in which thi* medicine ?* put up, have the worda "Rhodea' Fever and Ague Cure' ' blowft iu the gla*>*. an 1 on the outside wrapper In the n.m.e oi the medh Ine, (Uio copy right of which \* *vur? dJ and the aignature ot ibe proprietor. These precautions ate adopted to pi event counterfeits anl iml fallout*. The reliance for if a sue e-s ia en :r?*lv upon ita actual merit* wherever Introduced and used. fh? m* will be considered sufficient. Prepared and sold by the pre prletor. J A M KK A. KHOUKH, Providence, R.I. LSTTER 1 UOM A FO^TM ASTER. Muwwx, 1)?- in ware C^., Ohio, An*. 19, WM. Mr. J. A. Rhodes: ? Dear Sir ? Your tn<'dt<'lnc. has inei will! the most favorable succ?-hh in this ueighnorhoo I. I have about tivo bOttki left I gave It to tjb$m At flnt "If no cure, no paj 1 - a irtiou^'li 1 wax not author!/* d by you to do so; but I took the ri'suoiwlblllly on myself. It ut not a bottle had eotne back, and as i am almost out ??! the article, 1 wish you would forward me one grosa ot the bottles, if you ?'e proper to do mo, and 1 will be pun* tiial in payment. 1 v.ocUm' fifteen dollar* oil the tnedl ? ine I have received, for whi- h plejt>? <ciid me a receipt. Ship the cure to me a* noon an you can. There never haa been as much chilla and fever since 1 lived in the State an at pr?scut. Yours, Ac., Hit HARD M YRT1N, P. M. Boston. Au,'. 2/, IM35. Ja*es A Kikiw.h, Eso..? Dear Sir? KneWd please And tweuty dollar*, with which pie aw* redlt our account. Being in this city, we make yon this remittance, nt being about the amount due you oo wUea of your Ague Cure, Will render you statement of account when we ;'et home. The cure sells well, and gives good satisfaction. We never had aa ready sale for a medicine, con dfterwj; the abort time I since it littH been introduced in our neighborhood. Yonra. re ppertfully, ('ATTK'LL A I* ATT M It SON, ol iiakilwa, 111. 1 Tl.e toflo win# letter Hhowa the ko-k! effect of " Kuoofc*' Fb I vfr and Ague Cork." and the bad elfecta of poiMmoua uiedi cloeH taken previously, which (he lady will probably uever ^et rid oi':? South 1>e!>uam, Maaa. Auk. 2 ft, 1HM. Pea U Sir? Ycu wished me to write a n to the health of my patient, after taking the fever and a^ue mcdeeinc you *eni, v.hleh I now take picaaure in doiim. ? 1 he patient waa my mother. She haa lived In Alleghany county, N. Y., for t?\o year*, and Uui fall, for the tirat Utne, had the fever and ague, which, aha cured in a nhort time i?y die u*e ?>i ??-?'??? fisTif and ifqeptUe; bm Iml KUnr nhc came here to live with mo, and in May wan taken a^ain with it. She liMM taken the medicine which you ncnt ? %lio took the last Home four weeka ago ? and nii" nee ma to be cured of the dlHeane, and her health ia oulte ?ianl now, but her joint* aud boncH ceem to be ?ore, ano pain iter aome. 'I he mediclaftj thtmr ih very ?ood, and I could recommend it to a^ue nutnMH, and 1 would procure it before any other with in my knowledge for that dl?ea-a Youra truly, t'HAHl.KS R. KNOWLTON. WHAT THE WKHTI.MN Ih a H?HH BA Y I I'aovfDcacK, III., Auit. 23. 1S&S. Dear Km? 1 have ju?t received a letter Irian yon daied the Mh. r# t ? ? Your medicinu is ceitlii^ a meat name in lllinoifl, and I think it will not tie a great, while before it will be the only ague medicine lined. The doctor* are becoming very munu op | toned to il, but the only tan It they can find with it, la ita not containing artei or qvuna wbi b bey aav ail a^-te medi cine muat contain to be good, and they can tind a good many {?eopie that fhey can make believe as they do. I m m confident (hat nuch meu will aoon loeo the moat proflfa ble part of their practice, In proportion a* the virtue of your medic ine become* more generally known. With much reaped, your*, JOHKP1I SMITH. PA5TEOO, N. t;., Aug. '?T7, lHAft Dr. JxMLf A. Riionra? Deam Sia? I uke pleasure in aiaur ing you of the complete recovery of my daughter from fever and ague, of which ahe ha* Kuffered almost without Intenni* ?-ion for over five year* past, although I had tried varioua kind* ot medieine and treatment. At my rcqueaf, .Mr. Reddick ordered from you two dozen, and I can say that it ha* not on! v cured my daughter, who took two bottles, but every one who haa uae.d it. Thla part, oi the country ia very awampy and alckly. With thia Mr. Reddick aend* you the money for three dozen more. Reapectfufly yours, JAMKS OAYLORD. HAD THE AOUr. FOR TWELVE YEAR* I Providence, June 29, 186A. Having been informed of the illne-aof a poor, but worthy wr man, who han not been iree from fever and ague a month at a time for the laat twelve yeara, laupplledher gratuitously with lihodeb' fever and ague cure. She took In all four boU lea, which completely restored her to health and atrength, aud an four months i.avr ir.v. . i i| -? i then li no fwooiodoiibitbi permanencv of the cure. 1 am alao aware of many other Ciisee In which it naa bee n used, and have never known It to fall. t\ A. P. MASON, Apothecary. OKORtiE II. BATES, wholesale agent, 1!U Water atreet, and for sale by Clui H. Ring. C. V. Cliekener A Co.. and Wells A Co.; Iirooklft'n? Mr*. M Hayes; Newark. N. J.? A. II. lllll A C<?. ; Philadelphia? T. W. Dyott A Hon*; Detroit? Pratt A llanmer; Chicago ? J. D. Yerrlngfon; Milwaukle? (Ireeri ?fc Button; St. lajuis- Kdw. H. Whcatou; I ndlanapolia? Robert Rrowntng; OlndnnaU? John D. Park; BiHlinoft "E EL Onb ler A Co.; New Orleaiw? >J. Wright A Co., and drugglata gene rally throughout the United State* and Canada. PKIIBONAIj. It THE LADY WHO CALLED YESTKHDAY AT MESSRS. Turnbull A Kecch'a printing olll^e, Ann street, will call agning the iniormation ocsli '.d can be obtained. INFORMATION WANTED? OF CtlARLKri FORRESTER I i?nd liridget Nolan. Any Information oi them will beihmk fully received by Mary NoUn, at No. Carl street, lUoolljti. \% hen laat heard from were In Jersey City. MISH JUI.IA K. Wit.!. ATTEND T!IK IIBOADm AY theatre thla evening, to -ee Oabiiel Ravel Ma the Uand Mime dandy In the "Magic Pill*.M 1>ATRICK KKKUMAN, .WHO MARR1KD MAllY Loulaa O'Brien, can hear aomethlr.g to hi* advantage by calling tui J. C. H. Davla, llu Broadway. POST OFFICE IVOTICKH* |>OST OFFlt'f: NOTICH.-THK MATLS I OR EUROPE, I p? r L lille.l States mall it' ?fii* r I' At If 10. will eloae ?t this ofllcc on Wednesday, the ?#? li <?t s? p emin-r, at lo'a o'clcn-k A M. ISA At* V. FOWLER, Pualmai?fer. TJOHT OFFICE NOTICE.? THE MAILS FOR CAMFOR I nla. per Unite d States steamer UMHt'lK LAW. will chaw at 'hi- office ot? Wednesdav, Keptemberfl, at one o'clock P. M ISA At* V. FOWLER, PcMMmaater. TUB TUHF. (1ENTREVILLK COURSE, I#. I., TROTTING, TCKSDAY J Heptemher II. at :i o'c lock, mateh $2,000, two mile beat* lo wagon*. J. I>. M Mann name* b. m. Flora rempia; Hiram Woodruff. named ro. in. Lady franklin. Thin rar<? will coine ?fl w.hout rcg ard to weather or condition of track. ___ JOE L OONKLJN, Proprietor. /1RNTRKVILI.E COl'USE, I, I TROTTINO.-WKDN1W v day, Sept. 6. at 3 ?Vkxk. Pur** and atake, $7<W, tnfle he Ala, bent |)iM? in ftvf to whu'.hv hamu?*l tiag<*.Jr ??nter* <b.*g Haker Boy; Wm. Mmonm/n enter* b. g. Peacock; C. Carll enter* r h g. Kheppard; J. lAiifiUfl Ij m. (jueen Mary; \V. If filer* bl. K* W lid Billy, Wm. Whflan enter* g. k Oray Eagle. JOKL CoNKMN, Proprietor. (1ENTRKVILLE < OURKE, I. I? TROTTING? WKD J nepday, Heptember ft, at 4 o'clock P. M., nutt-h tor $201), nit> h? ata, beet tiiree in live, In hamea*. John Moti naineaf. ru. Or ay hufloik, J. I. name* b. g. I?aw renoe. JOEL CON K LIN, Proprietor. (IRNTREVILLK COURHE, L. I . ?? T R< >TT I NO ? W EON BH J day. Sept. ft, al 4 oVlock P. M. Match $V)0 mile h^as beat three In fire in harne*a. J.J. name* b. m. Lady Law re nee. John Mott name* g. in Grey H iffnlk. JOKL CONKLIN, Proprietor CENTREVILLK COUtHK, L. I.? TROTTING.? THURfl day, pu-tuber 2D, at & o'clock, P. M , pur*?\ffl?M, two mtJe heatfl to wa^ona; uagon an?J driver to weigh jpwuffcla. Geo. hipieer enf'*re b. g. Frank For n*'rt , J. I). McMaiin en Urnh. in Flora Temple: J. M Daniel* filter* b. g Ctu'.igo Jack: l>. PfWrr entera cii. m. Mlifer'a DamaH. JOKL OONKLIN, Proprietor (1ENTREVJLLK COURSE, I.. I.~-TKOTTINO~-M<?NI?A Y, J heptember IT, ?< three o'clock P. M.-I'uw, $600; rntfe heat*; beat throe In five. In harnee-* Oeo. Hplecr entera br. g .Mar; J. I). M' Mann pn??'ri b. rn. Flora Temple; If. W<M?lrufl enter* b. g. Chicago Jaek. JOKL CONKLIN, Proprietor. ID HOUHK, HARI.EW-THIH FAVORITE PLACE OF re-ort In now in complete order, and ready to aooommo date the aportlng and riding public. The Gotham aud li.?lti? Bai?e Bail Club* nlay on the beautiful green attactied to the houae, and aflbrd much aport tn the v letter* of thin i>eautiiul plare. The beat ol rrfrr l.incnta tlwaya unhand WILLI \M A. IlKQWN, Proprietor. rTNION t'OCRHE L. I.? TEOTTINO.? ON THURSDAY, ; Sept. ft, at o'clr^ k, a Awrr^-takca of f7W?, mite heata, beat three In five, i/>*kejeton watfonn II Woodruff nanv * i g Gen. Putnam; K. Hart namr* < b. rn. Lady Myron; J Ward narnea b. m. Kachei. The Above hoi ???* are uil fr?mi Pfclladel phla HIIAW A WHITE, Proprtetora. H THE Mill OH H1 KMTIOW. rro LIVI'OK DEALKRH A Nil OKOCERM? NOTICE fH JL hereby *ivfn, tl-at w?- liavt- now Undini; from abipa Milton and f?atir?*ria, fr? m Ii< rd* ana and l^% Rocbelle, a ?U|>*rtor ae ?ortmcnt c?l fine winea and braadiea, whk h w?' ofTrr at the low eat mark**i price*, Ui octatca, nuar'er* and iiatf pipe*, tn U?e ori?irial packaK***. from th** wbarf, or UlM Hiate* nond?d n a rebowe, each package being a'*?:ompam??d f*y a crtUJ ate of Lmportatkm from the Col lei '?.r "f 'he port, thereby ac<rt<J:ng any diflkulty by thf Maine law All artklea warranted aa ft prem nted. and * Id on lil^eral terxne*t by L. IJ. MIMPSON k RONH, 19 leaver afree*. i T.FRFD VACKT1AVA *ER, 119 WILLIAM ? hTRKKT ? J\ {Imported wtr?e? and liquor* of anperior quality. DnbbW ine rtiraf ao llkeur, fabriek Van Wijnand i?#ckina, ^owttunla?. W qinrura puj?erfi?en de Bordf a it , aa cr#me de Nofiui, aan <le tantwtaie, parfait atnotjr, alkermea, 4c. Fine Irencn eorka. p reaervrU vegrtabiea from L*ibe<;k. / MI \ MPAONE -J MEYER, JR . HOLE IMPflRTER OF V' I lilrrai t ralift' i 4 vcrxenay thatnpacne, 14 Br** id way, inritea tl?e attention ??t tl;e frada to h?a new ahlpmentof Uiiace ie f>rated brand of wine. Order* filled upon the m'*t liberal terms. der? ' lied upon the m"*t llbem E M. roMPKlNa. Agfttt ? 1LA RF.J WTNE IN CAr KM AND PER DOZEN OF VA * ri?u? prlre- and > .u,"> wbi'e brandy f??r prenervinjf blackberry brandy, an excellent remedy for diarrhoea pare bntndleff, wine* and fk)*iort, Heotch ale*. Iy>n<lo<i ?nd fitintin porter ^^ai - A ..for .ale by I'NDKKllILL A MAI TF.K-iON, i?2 Broome ??r^e?. (M.ARF.T WINE*? HHpf AND >*l HALF lllfiw J of line rlarefa, now anting, and for aaie from bund cheap . MMPSON A AON?, 19 Heaver ??ree*. IrUT LANDED ANI> FOR * Af.E? JAMAICA HCM IN (Kjtkd, high quailty and *irengih, well eoloTod: Jamaica i'ig w</Od ,H> b/na, bhea her! gj.ger V? iairrel*. w%tte b^i?ie* empty, champagne, wine and porter: Iim*a *nd peppf-ra in brine, green ginger in g A - rder; hirer wood, a "m^U U* Jama * ?"Jgar i2 barrfif flr*t ?{Oa..t/ rne jmr.9, 3 ptm cbeona, very pure. b?de?, h rna and v ag. I?AA? KOllKIUI K2, No ft Wtl .am Mrr -< Il'v. OBK IN BONO ?'VfNF.M, BR ^ ND18VI AND OIN, J in paekage? f virp ? ?>/?-?,? h r'tfW a'^4 .f tn j or'a ilon fr ' m cuat?i? bou-e, i??r ai*- low *? r ? wd>. by I* II HMl*nON A *f)S "? 19 H'-af'tetwt. "nj) l)< '/* N r K't ?* ? ' " ' d'aUB f ?no|e^ brandier, wlo'i, mml pnrtor, A?* . twenty per etas |c#h fihan Kr?ta'i*vav pn rlne Port nrei ?herr> for mM r.e. $1 per boti'e trUne Mwan A ait m,RH?#V#, in lt>. k-r ttr-ef near iwwrry. nroinon wjirrsu. Alary or mi'cii kxi'krienob'in tra vkixi V/ would l?kf (o accompany i lady or family foln ? to Km- i> ?, hAx i.evi-r h.-i n ,m.l I muke liorMlf r*.ry ujus. .i iit-nl nt refwrnoe. Addr<"*H 1. , Hemld for iw i day*. A? BR MA l? I.ADY, OK SUIMUilOK QUAMKIOATIONA awl cijirsckT 1" dc?ii ohm ol ohtatniag ; liliuaiiiin i.-* lady'* c??rn? anion, or to take Hie entire charge of a tew children and oversee d< me*tk ailalm. References exchanged. Add r\u*4 bo* IV . H I'oHt office. A vorw; woman wishes a situation, with J.\ go<4 city retci?nces, to do hovinework, or chamber work, Inquire at o7U liowery, between 4th and 5th *u., for wu du$n. An AsrrmcAS young lady wants to at tend a confectionery, bakery, or any respectable stor*?. lias good reference, and perfectly under stands her bualnc?? please ru:i at 192 East 12th st., second floor. A RESPECTABLE GIBLWIHHKHA SITUATION; IK 1 good rook, washer, uoner, and baker. l'loa?o call .it Arkhpkctable young woman wants a situ a tloii to apprentice herself .is dressmaker. Apply .it 34d tilt avei ue. ARKSPFcTABLK YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A HITU aum to do chamber work. Hat no objection to a*sU?t h? the v.a>hi andliiNiiiiK. tan give good city reference. Han lived two yenis in her last situation. Can be seen for twodhys at 100 Thompson st., room No. 0. ABr>l'K( T MILK PROTEST A NT YOUNG WOMAN writhes a nit uatioti to do general housework In a small tutnily, or a* chambermaid and to make her -elf generally useful. None but Prole* ants need apply, for Klixa Love, 2L12 W? st 27tb at., n< ?r 10th avenue, third floor, trout. I A SITUATION NURSE WANTED, MY A STKADY, trustworthy woman; she is perfectly capable of earing a child tr? m Its Inn iin y. lias ihe b"st oi city rrforen* t'allat or uddr< sa .spring st., for two day AilTl ATION \S 1NTI l? BY A VER V 111 SPK4 I ABLE young woman. She Is an excellent cook, washer and lroncr mak? s go<sl bread and understand* all kinds of pa. try. Beat city rcfei i ? , w ? u PI cam all u( 150 3d aveuu , 1m tweenzelh and 20' h nta.. room 11, np suilrs. AtBSPKCTABLB TOCIfO GIRL WAFTS \ siri alion in a private himily. Ik a cook and Aral rate walker and lroncr. Bent city reference can be given. Please call at 230 cast HHh st. ('an be ge<*n for two days. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITif ATION AS SEA M stress and chnrubertiuild. She undersian Is all km Is -if> sew m?. Would be willing to go Koutb with a family, ? r In die country. She 1ms the best of cvy reference I'imiiuiiUv where she has lived lor three yearn. I I case call at 7H6 :w ave woe. nmr ftoth st. AWBLL KDUCATRD YOUNG WOMAN WIS I IKS A sltuaiiou it- scMrnstrchf., or would assist In keeping house I'lcase call, address by note, M. S., for one weck,.id<> Istav An BXPSR11 NCBD DR8SSNAKKR AOCI STOMKO to w ork lu lamllleH by the day, wIiomj time is not fully occupied, wishes employment. Address Dressmaker, Union square l*o?*f ofllec ior two days. AKKSPEfTAHLK PltOTRSTANT OlltL, W1SIIKS A situation as cliambermald in a respectable family; Kood re ferencc. ("an -ccn lor two day-Mil Ihe corner o; Myrtle avenue and Division st., between llayinond and Canton sis., Brooklyn. L RR8P10TABLR WONAH WANTS \ SITUATION AS it pi ita ei oki or neel n( 1 u !i ? ? , oi ?<? do i mi bt i w -rk, lui" the best of city reference. <! m be seen lor two ?lays at 2K2 9th st., between 1st ave. and ave. A. A LADY. THOROUGHLY OOMPF.TKNT, IS OKSUtOUK of an engagement as seainatrenH In a respectable lamliy Api'ly at 44 tbarl'.on st., rrxxn No. 7. APROTE8TANT OIRL WOULD LIKK TO GKT A SITU at Ion in a small private family to do general housework; Is a good wu? her and Ironer. Good rity reference. I'Iciho call or two days at 57 Kant Tt tb m t., Irom 10 until 3 o'ekrk. FIRST RATE DRF^HMAKER WANTH A SITUATION in pome first class family; she Is a very line seams'ie**; can <iho cut and fit children's clolhin;;; understands titling ol a lady's w ardrobe; the best of references. Address A., 13 West 'isthst., near Broadway. ARESPKCTABLK PROTESTANT WOMAN WWTS a situation, either to take care ol an invalid or a* hoo<?e kreper, and would do cooking or >?ke care of an inlant. Oan be seen for two days at No. 1 Bond st., three do^rs from Biood way. H8P1CTABL1 PROTISTA NT OIRL W1 n? I \ situation to do chamberwork and pUln sewing, or to ih? the housework of a small family; is v.illing to nuke hcrsWf generally utelu). Can be seen tor three da> at 114 Pearl sf., Brooklyn. Anv I | !'Y IN' { JOlirOftT V BUS ( I SOU || IT VN( w tsliitii.' 'o adopt an Infant from blrlh, may do s>> by ati U I casing a note lo M. H., Herald olllce. ATI i NO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AM OH AM berinald and plain sewer, or children's nurse; ( m be seen for two dajs at Iff/ 13*h st., between 3d and 4<ii avenue:'. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU'ATION TO DO genei ul houkew?>rk ior a small family, or chamber maid, liest ci city re lerence. 1'lea'ie call at West I^lh Mt . , n the rear. All PECTABLB YOU NO WOMAN WISHES A SITU alien in a "mail private family, 1o - isik. >v,vh m i iro/?, or as cliNrnlji rinuld and to *.*r.lst wlUi the wa'ddng and lro:ibn{ Good city ref?trt in e. t 'ati be seen at her prenent place, No. 5 (I Jones r.t . A: ? PECTABLB TOUNO OIRL W1 1 1 v ; UA . tion In a r> peccable private family, as n.irs-a and nearn stress or as chntnbermaid and scum s'rii' e U?n be I wo days rit310 bth st. i Yri'Vf: UlIlL OF KM'Ci# fVVi'k'. tRU'iTWORTIIY j"\ -?? idy aiKi ini', w : be a -:t>, ?don In a f u 'Haui'i turtdly, a>? ? 1 unbermald and wai'er; i - al o in ' *e? le??t Linn dr. s, and brbo < with her the high ev v.n.omaH i f ? %i t all or addr > for ti.o?!;.y at 317 0th <t., bei-r.v J'oujpklu* ! qua re, m ? ond floor, front i iwiu, \YOf * O OIRL v\ ISH1 I A SITUATION I CIIII D" ", or chambermaid, or waiter. In * private family, or do * .1 itti I- and (rotdng; iwoanda half years reference. Call at No. V I'iit sf., up stalifi, for two day ?. Avep.y NK\T and TIDT girl, with the ihcst <.f . . ..n ne nda/ions, wants a situation, to *1* ? pliin e ^?a in'', washing and ironir u or hoos* work . sh. ts weii able to <U> < l.i* nd ? rwork. Can be seen, utnl! engaged, ai >12 ??h avenue, nearitahsf 4 M , , . . M l M vii WOMAN WiM \ II | j\ tl. ii ; h ? I ,in.t . rm ?el >r vainer* v* In a priva'fl lain., and Is wllllnil io a> I4t In tie w?uihiiiK and Ironing; ths b? f cttvn' nice Cull b? seen for two days at 104 La at lOtii ?t , between Island avem es. A A A LADY WHO, FOB THE LAST THREE YEARS HAS vi laiueted an e*tet.-l%?> miHia ry ^^tabbshment, lnc??i.i?tv U'li w h the a? e ?nd ? rnbi - 1 1? r ; bus.n am, and wtc> perfectly indc r lands LoUi w i b< ?* a s; enaaa* ment, in a cll> mum - list am e from New York, a itt? ..lary and the iMait nnei'1 >p'l< nnble r"f? r? nc? * glv. n and re. j red k'Uir* ** or one wrek, A. P H., Post ?<fli? w Haven. c?mj). i YOI NO LADY IS DKSIiiOUK OF ENG AGIN i WTTII J\ a dr? c?rrukrr foi tnipiov i#ent. Ad In -??< M.-s F . Bi .tl way I'ost ofl.1 e. 4 I.ADY IS DEMROUS OF OBTAINING A HITU ATION J \ o take ? k.aivc <-t a t V ak and m u.'llla e?iab?.-Jimer,t , i. per rlectly " inpe'eni. barvio* had many >?-ar'?' ? ipertrie e in t|??* first ei- M' li'i.fin nts in the e|ty; fati ,.K tory refcrene* i wi.l te given. Addiess M., Ilr??aifwity Post (ifljee A SITUATION V\ ANTED? BY \ RFJPE< TABLE WO J\ fnnn. us < ok ; one who Is fully e-mp< fent for ?jiktnd*"f <tA)kU>n, arid a.? o i"i pi< kiinii and jwc^rving; j.;ooi ? i'y r.**er ru ? i'. Canl e ?*m ???r ?wu 'U_. s it I0< f .^' I.Vh *' , be tween 8d siid /#h aventKw. AYOVSG MAKRIKO f,Af>V, WITIf UKR HUT rhlld, * to obtain at her own r?* M#m* ?? ft oti ? ! ?<? v.rtnur*?*. I' f?r Uue?? <U><i a'. 3M UUver -it., drat .I<jur A!-E*PK0TABM5 VOI/NU WOMAN WlNTH A HITI* A UOn ?? fltlid'a nurw* and to do i>htn Mining; ah#* Uv#*i in her la*t idace <*n year , ran give !h? lt#*?t of eJiy refer?*u MS If required. ('all at fifi M wodnntfal at lor fwo ?!*)?? A MTI ATION W A NTKIl ? MY A RK ?I'K? T A Mf-K JV ?' inan, a* flood plain ' w o*l In a Mm* nite wi-hrr ,??*d Irootr, and ucMJrrNtamli her bualti' ?* In all Ita bititfhH <,*n have k< *\ city rid# r*n> * * all at 101 HtiiHb h? , betw#^u tier gen *nd I># >n 0U., for two daya. A01RJ, W I S II Krt A HITIUTIOn IN A OKNTI.K man's th 11 i f an CM>k, and ha* no ohjm 'Ion* ts> a* iat In tli#* 'h#* t.? *t of r#*f? rt*n##* Klven; ^au Imj weo lor two d i>?. ?"all *1 246 MoU ?t., front n*?m, op aulra. Avoi no ammihan ainr. u vk\kh ok aok v?U1?tn* MituaJfcovi to ta*" ear** <?? nhlMt- n a??#t <k> j?Uu? im win* I'Ichw rail for t?>i diri M 10K K**t CVt* ? i i 'wr^o 3d and 4 h ?vn., front room fimt fJ #or. ARUMPKCI AHLK VOl NO WOMAN WfMHKS AHlfTA Umi a# cbambennai'l ind to do fine wa?Mnjt, or wimM b#? v?lUlMf 'o tak#* a puUn plac*- tn a p?1v*?#* firmly ll'^ riry r#Jejrr.e#\ t in bfl a*?n until tolled, at 51 Til ?r/ ?f in the rnr, llrt-ohiyu. AS AMKKK AN LADY WOt'LD WKII TO OKT A Mttiaiinfi to uver*re * pent l*rna Vm hoo*#?. in*] kirn H*r d& tighter to tM#-h U.? pUno Mould rv/ oly?- t Addrr^n M. I, I) , Po-t ofllc**, for ' nc Wfr^lr AhIT! ATHiN WA NTH/K-hV A KK>?'K' T W!J,K IMl#, tr^ ??i?t jrooB4 woojftfi, m rinn-d and ? "frwicrr*., or rhunil?rrnij"id *nd waiter T?h !>???* .,f f jfy r? '? . <*i*? r jgivrn f '*n t M-ro for oue 4*y al >72 W- #t 'JM ,f , r, ;?!> -rvl Hli i?ennr?. AFITTATIOK WASTh ll-V.Y A RK-PK* T A HJ.K YOf ' %?> W llMf) '* Fl' ' "MO' ) f' i tfi tf ; ?. \ K or pUM Mjwfnf. fall lit I4A Ttfi ftTf n ***. op "'Mir , In *" ? A. j . i . ) ? HI , YO v i WOMAN W < N Hiifi. ft? nurw ftf??l "'?inmir^m m< ukl ? *r*i '/f a bftlty from if# Lar^h fl'xid ? i'/ rr>r? r>' < ?<? !>#* mru for tferte doyt ftt '?V2 1st Utwrrt IT -i? ftn*l IWj ? AKKUPMTAHfJS MAHHfKI? WOMAN Wf UPX A n iihIIhj, m wftwirw l|? r fc*!?y * ',hr?w m ' ? ?! I ?nd ?? rtry h^iiKhy ?nd a jfr**ft' #onply 'if tir ? i?Uj? I' - I -???*? V A!-", a I'r ?> - ? U'in Ur** ? r ? tftlif can of rhiklrftt, And d<? jiUm **? wltitf aod 'lo??d i ?-Vr#n^?- PieMr apply f'iT two da>? at I ft . ?I . iO t^r rrar. A Hr-pMCT 4 Hf.r qirtr. w\*r# a r'* r? . aa ccod f? mm and fir?< rata waah^r *.? ! !ro ?-r l'.^r w i ?4 r?3 2Hal? ?? . t?tw??ft a/,d 7th ar Oo>>4 r^.'ar - r? \Vf>l VU WOMAN WANT* A *tl U "*- ? i.K dr- ?# <if rtnf'.t>?fjTAirt ar?d IftMsdr ? * > ? w* AHEhJ'KCTABI.K TOIJNO WOMA n Wl |f? ? tM*? aft aaam atrr?a; '?n *??! fi ?' ft*?4 * attd do aO kint? of .j?* ai. I r. r?,s J > fait at KTI Wat ItMi at , In alor*. \KXKP0CTABUt VOI NO MAN Wl Ml - ? ? '#? to 'ki ? ItinMrw ift a?.l ftf. - at^f f ?a ' t? n.l ?rmai*l xnd J*?n Ar*m In a ov* f I tit#* fa i' r r*-ai K*k' r> ?i& tain a*rn??- ?. ?r . * * 4 o<K?r? PMf * COO* WAiryu A MITi/Al il ? #o.. '*o .? -i H?a*. - ?tfl f '???? #: . 1:4 HKf frltfft'# r|ff?M <*'! ^ ta? lata at i?4 h?t*#?n llard a*.d t<mr via arawwra. ?? w r*o#. H^I'^TAHI* fOI N'l HI HI. WANT #4 4 Aw ^ if ^ W# ? * *-'t ?' I ' : A a lad ? h a *?! mm 4 #in ATioif w*rrriw#r a atort a'titk in J1! '# l??r' ?* ? I" "?#? ??*.!? ? ??r? <?r v? .??r?. *.} ? ? . , ,/? r#fw< :.r <kr>? - ? ? ? " " n " _ ^ 'hlMHIM W IMWWIII'I/ 4 r.-ibitn-u ? ? *? ? , ??t ?<? ??*/? ? #?. ?? ftrrvATMiva w%.vrKD. A "K1-'" tahi.k young woman wihhkh a hitc a I' ?' ?"I"', I'' ' ml!* . ' M iw '<> if p?imi?nI ? '?' * r*r** f a dairy. 0***1 reference roMmnT 1 *???*?** two da>a at 1 II Huiilv.ui .f . front YOlNO I'ROTICTANT CURL WlhllKrf A Hi TIT I j\ ailou ax ' i u:n>>ertn ' d it to .mi travelling Phniae cuil at I ID WQOater ft. To l)?' h ?n for two day*. A HITl'ATION W \ N TKI) IIV A Rl>l in WILK YOi NO i\ wonmi ? I ? ?. ? ? . i work In a |frtvai? family. Oood city run n?> *een for two day*, lit jttM K tt., rear, nea r avenue <*. i R] i i 1 WiLE YOl ?'(! WOMAN W I II /V tion 1 1 ? m to w uniting ami Ironing, und do plain Hewing. Heat oi ?*it y r? lirenre; lived t wo year* and a half In her l.ud place. full II I 1 2th Ht., eeinttd floor, front room, between Ut avenue ami avenue A, tor two day a. \BWPItCTAHUt TOCNO WOMAN WANTS A HITI v (ton aa chau ertnald and aaalatuut tn waahlug and Ironing, ut* waiting, who la etfpa'.ilc ?d doing n;> i.mleV mn?tin? ll? 1 oi city reference given Can he ????ii for two day* in !,<*>* Broadway, between 2?Wh and 27th at*. \YOI MO WOMAN WANTS I ITUATfON Ml OOOK underatanda 'uking the entire ? hut i >? of a kitchen; would ?to the washing and ironing If require I. Ooo 1 1 eh rem <> given. I'leaae %ll, I ? ? ?? ihree daya, a* 1 ? il liuuicim aiivet, bet\ven h ai and BBmn k* i In um i i A4 \ B F.N I K< T A HI. K PROTKNT \ NT WOMAN WANT* A rituatlon its 1 1 u rue. Will cut ami make 'he <hlld.en cluihca, and make heraidf very tta'dul In a family. Oood role rcnce. fall ut 1A2 Prluco ut. \ WIDOW i ID1 WIMflMI TO OBTAIN \ srri AT ION aa nurac; the dr*.t baby, ono month old. fan be ^ceii at .44) Mih at., between avruue* A and II- , until engage I \UKHVAN niOTKKTANT <OOK WANTM A HITl'A Hon; undcratuuda her buafneaa thoroughly, and ta a perfect laUftdr* *a. Han the I ? *' rity reference. Apply at the < dice iM'ili avenue, near 23d afreet. RRFPKtTARLK A NO OOMPKTKNT YOlfNO ?N<1 U?h w otiiuti ?.Wire* u ultuattuu an iu''at and paMt?*y e<a*k; will a *<ai ht In mt*hinj{ end ironing; in well recommended; no objection 'o the country. IMcime apply of l!7 1 llowery, thin 't*y or to morrow. A SITUATION WAKTS0 BY IN AMKRICAN YOITNO woman, a^ chambermaid and waiter or to a?*Ut in 'he uhmIiIiik and Ironlnc. The be?t of city reference glv n. ?'an be n ?' ii till emtHKed at M Vandam ?ilre? ' A RKM'K(TAIII?K PROTKCTANT CIIll. WANTH A HIT ?'! ua Ion to ocok, wa?h and iron, or dotheKeneml Ikhim work of a ?itiull nrlvutf* family; M m ?.o???l bak<'r. t'mi be -??? .i in the Munition m>c 1" about to leave, lw? Ad' lphl af., Hi?x?kl>n, tii rd horn*' north ot Fulton avuiue, where ahe will bo well re com me tided . A A jnL year* old, in the country, with a farmer, or C?? learn a tiado; coilhlry trefeired. Kefer?ncea Addre*n Wm. IJennetl, Herald ofllce, cuiuponiif luun, fifth atory. \YOl'NO MAN WIHIIKH A HITl?ATlON OF A S Y UK fpcetable kind, either indnora or out, would lAve no ob jeetlon o no out of the city; writ cm a fair hand. Addre**, nu> iuK nature of |.udii? ' ?, compensation allowed, Ac., N O Mi tropoiitan l'o??t ofllce, Ant or ph?ce. Apkotkktant you no man, a HWIMM, WANTH a Hltuailou an waiter, In a private family; he underhand* the ? are ot hor cx; a place ut* <oi' hin?n pieU'i r^d lle?i? re lei em e givm. Addrt hm to M Kugetie l>U|?uy, tKW Broadway, corner Houston ut. AYOl NO MAN OF HTKAOY ANI> HOIIKR II \ bit n, wtfheM u hit nut ion hm porter In a whok?<tha or retail atoie. t an write a M>od, Muiart tuitid.can ttutik w?<U. city reference; la well acquainted wltii the city. Addrc??i J. 11., Me i aid rllice, hot No. 170. No objections to the e<i inti y. YOrNO MAN. 17 YKAItH OF AOK, WIHIIKN A BITIJ atloo an clerk In any wholesale or retail eaiabllNhment V\ i it# h a \ mI band, Ih very quick, at fttmrea, and can Ive the >,i i of cHy^referem - Ad ItiM id. W. D . Hmld oflle AYOl NO MAN, HAVINO BKKN RNOAORD FOIt TIIK lent four yi .u ? a * a liquor and K<-#ar Importer, and luvina a run of ? a-di cU'fornern, would like to obtain de?k r<nun with HJini' one in the above bu^iii? ^, where ll would he \ Ivan ta/:? oum to boili. ' Herald ofllce. \BI>hPK' T AHJ.K I'HOTKHTANT YOI'NO man i?k ?dn- h HiiuaUoii n* porter, in a dr> <;ool? Imnoriiun or jobbing l < ukc; hi Ih willing to work, nndd<?.o'? ?.i time u, t (?<? inti r? ? ' t t b; ? ? mploycr; salary not ?o much H#kei| fur a a t?< rcnaiif ti' situation Addrf^ 1. Il? i il loUl ^ which wnl Le putictuiiily attended o. k ITUA1 ION VI Nfl l? BY \ NO (AN WHO ^'\ ran i;ive the I cm of rt;fer< neen ;.nd who i* a?t well ae ?{Utiiri'*^! with the rii riwtn an with tlie Kin.'Ji^b lan^oik'*^. He la w iiling to a ork for a Hniall alary the flr? t year, mu I would bk?i IO I e eiitfufed in mOUim wltttlmilq bi|^i..'-e f*.til or ad drt>a l?r. Ilgt-n, IV I i bryntle r*. \M I NO M\N. Al'.M T 17 YM! Ol.fl, IH \\ \ NTKII. a t , i .ii"* 'o a lady and r* itlenetn t. ivillin' Ad dren* lUiver, lleri Id ofllre, ?:a<lii4 when and where an n*? * v.t:w mr.y bo h'tij. t at.n j i-oo 1. One l orn 'be ? ouu ry pit (erred. < l)bK.-W>MKI?, Hi A ItK I F.?*TAIil.K WOMNN, t>F J f otter and - < ?*uy IimI m, a aituation aa prolesju d co^'. In a fn t>t * Ii.?h j rlv ??< iaioliy , 'be und'-i .???Lin bi pit klimr, p< ? vl/itj anil paatvy tf\ all IU l>ratvhr? 14* *i of ???? v r?*f?-i eie'** ''all, ! r two daya. In ror *? ntore, hJ Wt at 1 IUi at., be? we?u flt b k I mI ti'h aveiiU* K'H HIT I ATION WAN'I F.H? BY \ III. I'F'1 A HI.K i# Miaul wotoan; al%f>. aa ? h.iiithe r, byahua.f a live youn^ woman. lioMi hav?- tb?' b? ?? ? ri'yi'b i'i ?' ai.d underr'nnd thrir btnin* > 4 thoroughly, t ' i " d#y? at I'Jti jth avenue, near 'J5v I at,, ft *! Il<? pAUKOHN! ' -A Vol NO maw. 1 1 Y Vli-n'.s " J to ko to i . M-irnb" ? ?? !??? Ilevintf b? r h-iali ??. I to <? 'lf?* ?* v.Liild ri nd* r her i ? . during the voy?/?' and i ? ,v( ei am. ... It r< qu . ? d . ? h ? in.i k,<anl laiu^-ke??pvr. dome ' >? r< .unalde, j i ep< > - ? mg and well edu ate I. Addfc ?<* M . I < oil. e, for one week. nRt -?.ll \ J pcrleoce in b KM I. KM \ V OF I) > b# m.; <<Main a tuatlon. either in tb ?? if y or ihe i ilu.' ii-ii" ? - i ? ^ ?rd? elinr ir'er od cafiiM , cm lin ed Addi' aa W It., Herald ofllce, for four ?! a. KtOlii. lS, KTi A OKNTI.KMAN WHO H TOO roo*b y cimo r aiit with the dru^t boaiiit aa, wnnn a oi m < ii. 'I be mo-' f?u *ory ref. ?rn ?? or a*v*urity ??*u l a * urn. N H - Would boy a drug -'ore. Addr. n H ?" l'i ?d way Pod Office. 1 I^NoMhll OARDFNKR, ?>l Filial ff.VHH VMIMTIf j 1 1 tie fa Ida eivii ?*m to any gentleman re^piirma a fMii nai ? Ateiihtve espertenee; i? a pt tent U;. > .p. gardener, an I ??!>?? of the m>> ?' ? 'I- 'eennfttl eu.Uva'ora -?! l.ot grap m i hk eouiitry; l? a thorough g?>od plant grower, al?*n efie e n'. in t|?? unitary depart m< n. . iainorled, one rb l nae, II yen*: * ' ? t* ? ui?- l? ia'e, Addi'-'>*J. K K , A NiuiUi*', ne**! ?Uu t-( rV| I it? ?t. til F.K KKI'klt ITI'ATIO* WANTKH AN AMF. lierri lady *tt 1 1 ? flr?t re?p?'. ta'dllty, well eit?"rier?<r'Ni| ei Keke? p!i?k', wi?bea i|m* ?*r?tir?* ?o| i ? i?i??o of th#* 4ome-afJ' aid a jr* nti* loan'a houa^lwld, Utel?*f aianda ihe ra in,, urei would ? i ?*.*?? ;*a (ompanloti to % iadjr, b**?r ?. r itei Win and required* Addreca Mwa Auim, lir'MMlway li JJOl i KKKKfMl A I. APT. Of flKMTKKI. ADDitfJM II fn.?t re#j .? ? twbh;, k? . p? r, in a n?iv.? " \ me t trail family . wb?*r? ti** ? >?> at ?* t! eblldr. n. 1; ii owl 'in louL'i-d * . y r*.fer**i?" glr* n. aracter and a' - li-.i. aldnaui < J, Iter* :d (ilMKKH-KI.'S Mil A HON WAN.KH-MY A N F. ip* r uiid? ot, to fak?* chargi; e! li n? ? room in ? fa# ? i acqtjalli'ed wl?h It e bualm Or *r*in*'rr a?, ? an m?> I t -t Ol hlro i d un !'-rvand4 ail the f eul.y Uielai # b ' inr ( ui) I e ft n {or ' t>t day at lo6 Wan eti ?t 1 yd* I o# te?a# ling lw? . * A dd i ?? mi Mri I'apptt#* IAMK>' hl!??F BY % PfcKeoN J v?|.i. I p' been an I. ft n*l> da ' >i*r and b ?? I t.y He award of a prt/e m?-dai at the l> r loo I ?b *?".ou laAl t< r woi Kn?ai.^ht|< *t bl*h ehara#t* r and ? U|''um i,f<ta. ?en ii,n Oi t;or?t4 end aboea, ia Hi want of a ftttua'ftou aa |iMHi?^i,r. ( *r ntan ft ? uuer , baa two Knal ?r regiaie re?l re?w **t latrl ,? tF? rc.'n bn pi a << ai, at J *???;? '? ? ?n i * .??? t , ?>?? . ter Aodi Alpha HeiaJdoffit-e Nil' ?K.-TIIK HHIVH'H <?? (V KirKRIKtCKr) iiiirni (' r il>o ?l?li rj.ji V M Witalk <1 ?? jr ?<m <???>..' Mr*. I ll llritMl <<Bt> r Krlri w f >4 tf<r kl? tv ?' '.r 'i? r CITI'ATIO.V WARTM?-HV A TOIXU W'lKA* r> rl?*r ?ir , ri.< r?l L* .ii/lf -? Ifi a jir1??<. IammIv II . iIk- i.r?i ?('.? !<?(? ??;?? from h" ?.t ?l?i? ''mil ?> itli nvrt.'i#, 'hlr I ? ?**, if *# (t rw rn lur t ?wi*f* CITt ATH M WANTUI? A< ' II A MIlKRM A ll>, H* A ?> Irmy r" oyfii i r:. In * p?1? ?'? family '???! ? r? !i r?r>"' *n?n Mil tt MM Itr <l*f *< Irt Mtuiili w !<?**, l.roAlfH, Qin * no* waktri>-hv a.v rxrr.KiKNcrn ?? ?<???? n i) Kir I, u, <tn ???!??! |.< 'iMMort I* ? a> ?! la<it.<lM ?? ?.*?>* |>r- w<1 ?i?l iwij i..< ?>l? In >la l?HK<rj ? ?? r?-l?r t? 1.T I tmpbtjmt *!??? ?? tlirt r >"< f ' Ai.f Imlf *UI In Pim-M by rail iw *i *'? f ?? ? i'. 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Wt M AN, A HtTPATION AH < liPUilKiiiiald atwl wal>ri or to do trrnrralfiouaaw rk u a ? od w a? b r and Iron* r an 1 a t i>Uln '?'m.A , rwn ba w.l r? ntii.n dr d < in Vr ? ? n f? i .ao*Ia>i**l lar , rwu' *-m "jrr'", 641 AilaoUc #t . abo?? l'ow? r? ?' bi??-ialyn \ ' ANTI.r - HY A vol Sli W??y AN A HIT*1 At ION A?4 if ?haiiibrr nw.-l ai.d War i?r ?? rliiMliI" niiaW a vl *?*%Oi . v r,| non>*1 do )m>um aof k \-,r a unail ra?ja ? 'abir j roa'n (? My fan t?" *? f ti Ifi ' '.oi <li? ?? a K- h- rmcrb'rrn #' !*?? ? n Bond and Or* , l ro*4lya. M city r? ;? r? ui. br Klv* li s I I ' i OTI I ' -ali,? i r?, t?? |k ?? out by ?!*? a?fk >t i:i. t *-A 'akr r~i i 'if |?ro?* to i a nhor4 dl??ai?? ? in '!,r c---.'.try .. d fii i?. U*? ' H ?*'tj jti, I #?a?*? *"A*J ?. Ii il |i#?l Kt a - null ?' In i?* o**#, W **} w ,);"l VO OfHla A NITfATlo^ /.oi. ?V' x.1 :****? ; * HI>I K< TAHI K Olkf. I FT f ATI '4 I brrn aid or H ?f'ar l?r#< i?i r?ty ? i?<f ? ?f ? rrd If mm > a?| ti hi *m day*, at iK-r.o ? , fr*r?kf)?. II - AMI f)" * ITIMIION, It Y A !(!? >' UHI.R ? ' . a? )(.??? * I ? !>?! ? r i" I f ' ui/rr font 't y nrtt' r ra.f ib^al refera* a * ait ba ? in "i iilll Wi'?! IWtiff ll l'IH * 111 * I' ?* MV A Ml. *11 i 1 Alii.*! I I * mall a? imn 'k. .l? IJ . I I tl* a *? ? i.frt ? Ii 'Iran. ?i 'I > ) (>iM ? m't'-m . , | r?. !'m ' ' frt M b- l > ? | . rlrx* Mil it Itt Ik llruw M ?hi , ii 10 It alwl I I'll -i/'f-l lot two ilMya, la ib> ..*>')> M.rr? U' ? m i ri- a iti ?iimv, it* ? KMftryiAor I ' nr * ,mai ?i - waal,a> an, I Irwf "/ aa 'K"ti i'* n.?"l a Ml "? ' ?Kli 'If waJilii*. !n ? . ? . >k <.i. t m.i]g|ri r.r? ,/t r ?*a -i. *'aal rltf r !<r ? ? i ???!> I' ? ? I M IO ??" M*l?i VVlMrf litk , tin in m#h Inr 4ijri . ii . >Tr.n mv a it ?? ?rrjkiu.r. r<?i ? wo?w. II > . ? ? ri I ? '?*> ' ? I - a it ' ? ? ' " *ai 'i f ' ?? iligi tt Ui Rlli *imI, w?? n < au4 Nli ?*?!. k * ?? ? * i ? . f fr? i. ? r? ?( \4 AMIt' S MIT ATI' tl ?Y A Kr-l?' t A?I,r. M NflMlMl V/ttflf /''*? ?? r|uililMm?*l ml v?Mr. ir ?? 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II" A 1 1 1 I A NITI ATI?)*r |!(|||>|| Af!.* wo ?l o* a k-l.r.' art ./ ?? i >aa a<at |an t. a-r I S **!? ra i ? ' A 1 1 i a* )? ? tM * ?t >4A ?? , M ?a?n Jifc iM l?t a?? tar l?" la rt VI'ASTri ? ITt ATI' 1 IT A Mlb-r'KTAW^J H ma|i i. .?? aa ??* lalnAw a?. ' > < > i , ' 1 1 1 I ti. a ?' -a 'ai > t r* i i-<ara?<a I Im >a > ai! ai W Kaal k' a4aaf !?r (a; ? \l \hii-Ii \ >|ii *TI' * IM ? 'ICVTUMUMnrAW II ? h ?'?'? ?' aa aa .aattna i-aa, ttati w, I ? .. * a - # I trao'litt A faftlx ?? W - II" A I r |> HI HV * fimin TAHIJ! fOpV<i WO If a a i * "lih*?taa?i JM. I (aa Uf I ?J H IB ilK|' r IM??.;|| ii'a?tm> hv a KwrmtiKf IopSToiSl J II a. ta i?ii . at ., , Aft yaataaai la .am t. a niia ? (?Rt l*aa< -4 ? my itlrfana ' ? , al ? Bai' K l.???? IIkIiiM ll? li; m . Ht-alAJ f?.; ?1?1?. A HIT! All' ? lit A RMfSrTAtr.'l ? ***??? a* t >1 lulaf u>l Vfc" ' ? '1 , .1 a a I. , ; , ,1.,., ,, llaa/ -at t- 'arataaa. Ail ?' ?! ''b ?' . I til b >l? ata t? AS ri?->i* ? ilir ? 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