Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 5, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 5, 1855 Page 6
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1DTKRTBEIENTS RENEWED EIERY DAT. SITUATIONS WANTED. CONTtNUKD rSOM TUK P1FTH PAUK. fANTRD ? A SITUATION, HY A KKSPKCTUI1.E girl, to do charaherwnrk and waiting or to do chamber t and assist In (he washing and Ironing: would Use e.iie or flnnd reference. Call at "V West atth ?? ^^Sd-a situation, as good COOK, by a vY respectable English woman, In a ?enjleman s Pril4' f*. mill; Ua good washer and Ironer. Good ctty reference. Call ?? m ad st.. near 1st avenue, tor two dar?. Wanted by a protkhtant girl, a situation a* chambermaid and waiter, or lo do ehamhrrwork and Washing Good city reference. Please address a note to 160 Btii avenue, which will be attended lo Immediately. ANTEP-BY A B ESPECT A BLR WOMAN, A SITU A Uon as cook; she perfectly understands her business ill yii | if branches; is a good baler of bread and biscuit; will as idst iu washing If reuulred. Good referi'ncel. Can he seen for two days at No. 6 Marlon st., between Sprlug and Broome, i la the store. ] ANTED -HY A RESPECTABLE youno woman, a situation, In a private family, as chambermaid ami waller: ran give unexceptionable references from her lust place. Can be Heen for two days at 381 Greenwich at., second floor, back room, WANTED- BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation, to do chamberwork and aaslst In the washing; has the best of city refc fence. Can be seen, iintll engaged, at 8b6 3d avenue. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as rook, walker and Ironer. or chamber Uald; good referenre. Can be seen tor two days at UK West Still) St., between 7tb and nth avenues, third floor, back room. WANTRD-A SITUATION. BY A VEBY RR8PECTABLE steady Ctrl; U a good plain cook and a fla^t rale washer and Ironer; wtll do chaVnberwork. and Is good In taking care of Children. Call at 50 Rldrldge st. , for two days. Best of refer ence given. ANTED? A SITUATION, I1Y A REsPEt 'T ABLE young woman, to do plain sewing and chamberwork; beat of city reference given. Call at 222 30th St., between 8th and Mh avenues, for two day*. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A YOUNO WIDOW woman, as nurse and plain sower; good reference. Ap ply for two days at Wi tith st., third lloor. trout room. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE neat, Udy English girl, to do chamberwork or housework. Can be seen for two days at 18 Stanton St., In tho rear. Ann Cronln. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL A situation in a small private family, as chambermaid; Is A good washer and Ironer; would take rare of children. Any person wishing the same will please call at 127 33d St.. helw ecu <th and 7 th avenues. WANTED? BY A RESPECT ABLB GIRL, A SITUATION to take care of children or to do the general housework ?fa small private family. Oood Oily reference given. Please Call at 620 tith avenue, between Stitb and 37th streets. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE STEADY WOMAN, a situation as cook; she undi r.-tands her business per Teotly. soups, pastries and bread; has lived in Ihe most respect Able families in the city, and has the best of reference. Please call at 34 Greenwich avenue. Can be seen Cor two days if not engaged. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, to do chamberwork and flue washing. or to take care o' Children. Can give the best city referenre from her last place, Where ahe lived for nine years. Can he seen from 9 till 2 O*clook, at No. 46 East 13'h st., rear house, for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO WOMAN, AS waiter and chambermaid. Good el'y reference from her laat place, where she has lived seven years. Can be seen for two day at 08 Bergen st., Brooklyn. a WANTED-A SITUATION, 1!Y A YOUNO GIRL, TO DO ckamberwork and watting, or to take care of children. Baa the best of city reference from her last place. Call at 132 West 32d at. ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH WOMAN, a situation as nurse and seamstress, or its seamstress and chambermaid. Good city reference If required. Call at the thread and needle store, No. 137 Pacific st.,' between Court and Boertim st*., South Brooklyn. ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITl'A lion as plain cook, washer and ironer In a private family. Oood city reference. Apply at the corner of Hamilton avcuue and Woodhull St., .South Brooklyn. WANTED-A BITUATION, A WOMAN WANTS A Si tuation as cook; she Is nn excellent baker; has no ohjec Uons to assist a little Iu washing, ('nn give satisfactory refer ence. Can be seen for two days at 280 '.Mi St., between let and 2d avenues. TITAN TED ? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A SITl'A T v Uon as good cook, washer and ironer; no objection to go West. Good references. Apply at 308 Mott si., near Bleecker. Can be aeen for two dsys. WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION AS rook, and to assist at washing and ironing. Has most unquestionable ctty reference. Can be seen for two days, at 172 0th st., between avenues B and C. TIT" ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE fi woman, to do general housework or chumherwork and plain sewing tor a private family. Good references. Apply ml 46 Humeraley at. , In the rear. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, A SITUA tion In a small private family as chstnbermald and good plain sewer; can give good rel'trcnce. Call at No. 6 Hester at,, la the front basement, for two days. WANTED? A HITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, lo do general housework; Is a good plain cook; un derstands her business perfectly; Is a first rate washer acjJ Ironer; prefers a situation In n small prlTMft. fer^' 2? iw? best of ctty reference Tram her -x l ?h be seen lot two days at 13S We?' ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE * , young woman, as cook, aad to a* -1st In the washing and boning ol a small family; the best of city reference can be given. Call at 213 I2th st, WANTED-BY A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE PROTEST ant young woman, a situation as chambermaid and laundress, or to take rare of children and do plain sewing, and Is willing to make herself generallv useful; the best of e|t\ re ference glveu. Can be seen lor two day- at 229 7th avenue, corner of 26th *(., in the drug store. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A NEAT YOUNG OIRL, aged seventeen, as nurse and chambermaid; Is a neal Elrl in the nursery; would do the washing and ironing for a aby. Excellent city reference. Wages $4 a month. Call at 160 East 22d st., second lloor. w w w TL'ANTKD? A SITUATION, BY AN AMERICAN WO ?f man, as cook. wiieher and Ironi'r; best of city reference given. Can be M-en for three days at IM Ludlow >1. TV' A NTEI) ? BT A RESPECTAULE YOU NO WOMAN, V T a situations plain cook; In a ilrst rale washer anil troner; no objection lo do general housework or ehainberwork In a enial private lamllv. Chy reference from her lust place. Call at W1 Bridges!.. Brooklyn. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation ns cook. washer and Ironcr. Good clly refe rencc. Can be acen for two days at 311 ythltt., front room. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE (1IRL. A SITUATION ?a chambermaid and waiter, or chambermaid and lo as ?1st with the washing and Ironing. Can produce the best clly reference aa to capability and character. Please call 459 2<1 avenue, between 2Sih and 2!Hh slrcets, room 17, up stairs. ANTED? BY A YOUNO OIRL. A SITUATION AS chambermaid or wnsber and Ironer, or an chambermaid and to do plain tewing. The beat of reierenee. Apply at 137 13th at., betw een "th and 8th avenue*, for Iwu days. WANTED? A BABY TO WET Nl'RSE, AT HER OWN residence, by a healthy respectable married woman, Whose own baby waastlll born: good r lOfMim |tnn tan be seen until suited, al 579 Or and st., rmiu Tlr ANTED? BY A REAP ACT ABLE. NEAT, TIDY YOUNfJ ? r gfrl, a situation as waller, In a private family; the best of clly reference given. Call for two day s at 128 Varlck si. . front basement. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY TWO RESPECTABLE young women, one as chambermaid ami waiter, and t lie Other to do general housework; good reference given. Call for two days at 218 Rlvtngton st. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT girl, as lady's maid; understamls cu'ting and lilting la dies' and children's dreiwes; also. doing up muslins ami house keeping. Best of city reference given. Address M. P. C., llerald office. W ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT OIltL. a situation as dressmaker nnd scamsiress Can be wi ll recommended. Please call at 113 W. Uih st.. between 5ih and 6th avs. ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE. COMPETENT PER son, a situation as seamstress and nurse; In a good shirt maker, and perfectly understands all kinds of needlework and Ifcmlly sewing; Is a Protestant; has lived two year* In her lust 8 lace. Unexceptionable reference as to character and caps - lllty. CaH al 4fl0 Houston st. , tor two days. ?MTANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNti WOMAN, T" a situation as chambermaid and waller, or lo assist In wsatUng and Ironing. Can come well recommended from her last place, and be aeen until engaged by applying al 302 llicks at., Brooklyn, room 14. days al W West I4'h st., between glh and 7ih avs W ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, Y? a situation m chambermaid. ean give good rity reference m in W last place. Please call al *X) Bridge st., Brooklyn. ?tVAKTED-nY A RESPECTABLE OIRL. A SITU i atlan as cook and to aaaist with the washing and Ironing. uf.HrSP'"*'1'' '*mUy; understands bread and pastry. Call 12 MoU street, near Maeckar, third floor, back room. Can tot seen for two day r. A RESPECT A BLR COMPETENT WOMAN, If ih? fcJIoS'SP0. M "*>*; u willing to assist wlih the w ashlnir Em? ISA st wn*11- APPly at lier present employer's 15 W "* 'J' iTl?N BY A RESPECTABLE - ry^wwaan aa chambermaid and seatnstresa, or as Pl*^fr * * .ri im iv lhr T" "f "ferenee from her HHyfttSoi eagSgTd. Nineteenth street, for two artlngLIa8|3 tss&tts&T* fu" ^ ri- " WANTKD? A SITUATION, BY A RRflPECTABI K young woman, to Uke care of children , la a good nlaln ?ewer, or would do chamberwork. Can be well re, ommende I Apply at 88 avenue B. corner of (Kh si. , lor t wo da n X ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPKCTABLE ?ne *!KI woroan. to cook, waah and Iron, or to do chamber fcrdffaLT^, lifi!?'' ???? of eltv reference. Can be seen ^ -^*y. al H8 7th avenue, fourtli floor, back room. WA?S^^^.Ii5^^rATI0,,? nT A RRSPICTABLE ??si IrooeeVInUi., S'lni*n M ?* ?n etcellent washer ner IMI lliCitSr Quired. Oood cliy reference from Ml. I im i ? airrJT i she ||vrd two year*. Apply al 114 rv *Dd w*?er- thw from W ATIOW, HY k fllOHLY RE* PRC . f 1 ?!**"* "fffT.y** woman to take a i-.iu-keeper's place r\Ten/<3dldr2r<Jot>dHi ?" '?*? a h.-ad nnr,.? Oood gv reference ean he-,,,, j Cal at lOf nowery. uan b?v?en for two days If io .ngaued, "I IT ANTED- A SITUATION, BY A RESPECT A'4|,V ? v yiMing woman, aa chambermaid and lo assist win, wao, |r - s:,d Ironing, or to do Ida waahlag of a small respectable f , Can l>e seen for two days at U4 First svenue near m #t ? is ifj ace, crw Ike bakery. u*> g ?d ^ty rt:? react, SITUATION S WANTED. * Tir anted- AN INTELLIGENT YOU NO GIRL, TO DO y> the general housework for a single gentleman, and noma hunt work in a store. Satisfactory wages will be paid, aooord lug to I be capacity. Address M. O. M., Post Office. TTTANTED? A SITUATION, BY a RESPECTABLE Tl young girl, aa chambermaid noil waiter, and would be willtug to assist Id tbe washing and Iroubig. Iliio the best of city reference from her lust place. Call at 396 6th aveuue, third Uoor, front room. TT ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE WO T T uiun. to so to New Orleans with a tauilly ; good reference*. Apply nt Thomas st., for two days. "117 ANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE II young man, an porter Ilia hotel or aaloon; Is a good oy sternum. run clean knives by hand or macbiue, andcau keep his own machines in repair. Can give the beat cltv refe, renee from kilr- last place. Please call at 13 Clltl'at. . third floor, for three days, Iroiu 0 to 4 o'clock. IV" A NT El). -A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE M young woman >ia plain cook, waalier and Ironer. Can come well reeoiuuieuded; hug good city rel'erenee. Please call ut :!H East lhbt street, between llroudway anil 4th avenue. "l\r ANTED? BY A RESl'ECTAllLE YOUNtl WOMAN, ? I a situation uh cook; la willing to turn tat with the wusklug and ironing, llaa the beat of city reference, l'leaae i all at 233 First uv.. In the (tore, between 14th and lftth at a., lor two daya TIr ANTED? FOR A NEAT, RESPECTABLE PROTB8 IT tnnt girl, aged 14 yeara, a slluulloit, with a respectable private family, to attend to small children and do light chain network; la very kind andatl'crtlouute. Addsess A. J., Herald office, or 146 Columbia at., South Brooklyn. TIT ANTED? BY A MIDDLE AGED AMERICAN WO it imtn, a situation na cook, in# small private family. Hood city reference can Ijh given ?a tii character ami ? inability. PleuM) call at 279 tith avenue, between 17th anil 18th aireeia. "117 ANTED? BY A GOVERNESS, PROM THE 1ST OCTO IT ber next, a situation; competent to give a sound English education. with instruction lu music and French, and alao In the plum and ornamental hrunrhea of needlework. Referene i to the luiiitly by whom she la at present engaged. Addreaa M C. A., 211 -tl live., or box 1,667 Post oOlce. "llrASHING AND IRONING-WANTED, BY A RES T I ptMbb woman. WsMnj to take to her own house; has done washing for first rale families in this city. Goo 1 reference given. Apply at No. 3M -titli sU, second story, back room, be tween lti.ii utid llth avenues. ?flTANTKP? A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG Tl Woman lo do gi ncra 1 housework In a amall family. Best Of reference, licusccullut 11!7 Wuahlngton at. \\-ANTKD? BY AN ENGLISH GIRL, A SITUATION Tl us chambermaid mid seamstress. Call at 209, la Woos ter st. ""'"ANTED? SITUATIONS, BY THREE SISTERS? ONE it ii a mi experienced < ook. ami who understands her busi ness in all its brunches; one aa chambermaid and laundress, and cuii do the best or line llutlng; the other as waller and seamstress, nnd cun cut and fit ladies' and children's dresses. The three prefer to live with one family. Best of references. Apply for three days, ut 224 26th St.," between Hilt and 9th avenues. TXT" ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A COMPETENT WIDOW II wofcnm. us children's nurse, mid to do sewing; lias no encumbrance; la capable of taking the entire charge of an In fant from Its birth. Can be seen lor two daya at her last place, at 54 East 22d st., near 4th avenue. "IV" ANTED? A SITUATION, I1Y A RESPECTABLE Tl young gil l, aa seamatress III a private tatnlly; under stands 'nil kinds of family sew ing, and can cut and lit children's dresses; no objection to do light ehatnbcrwork; the beat ol city reference cun tie given lroni her lust pmce. Call at 98 West 19ih at., between 6th and ?th uvea., for two days. "\VrASHING AND IRONING WANTED? BY AN EXI'E I ? tieneed woman, by the dozen or month; good refer enres given. Inquire for Mrs. Parrel, 145 Elizabeth st., In the rear. "IITAN'TED-BY A CAPABLE, TRUSTWORTHY YOU: Q ?1 girl, a sil nation as chambermaid and seamstress, or a waller; la willing aud obliging. Can produce the moat sa'i - taciory city reference from her last place, where ahe has li\ d seventeen niontlia. Please call at 121 K. 20th street, betwc n 2d and 3d avenues, for two daya. ?flT" ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUA ?T lion to cook, wash aud iron in ^ small private family; la H good plain cook, washer and ironer; alao la it good bread ba ker. Good city reference. Apply at 84 7th St., near 1st avenue, second floor, back room, for two daya. TIT A NTED ? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION AS II chambermaid; no objection to do lino washing; or would take a situation to do plain sewing; la competent to fill either sltuotlon, and can give good recommendations l'rotn the IuhI place site lived ut. Call nt the corner of 12th at. and University place, No. 27. _ WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION AS scuinstrcst; she can cut mid lit children's dresses, and la an clegunt shirt maker; she Is ulso very hnndy at dressmak ing. Can be seen at ber present etnplover's, 61 Lcxlugton avenue, during this week, from 7 till 2 P. M. TXT ANTED? A SITUATION AS NURSE AND BEAM Ti stress. Can give good references at her present employ er's, 71 26th St., between <Mh and 7th avenues, where ahe can be seen for two days. TITAN TED? BY A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE GIRL, A II slum ion as chambermaid and waiter, or aa waiter only; fhe lias lived with some of the moat respectable families In this city, to Whom ahe cun refer. Addreaa M. M. H. A. Kerr's, cor ner of Sib st. and Broadway. Can be seen tor two duya. TIT" ANTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A SI T I tuulion as chambermaid and waiter, or as cbambermtiid nnd seamstress, or to do general housework In u small private family. Good city reference. Please call at 166 Smith at., se cond door from Bergen, Itrcoklyn. arANTFD? A SITtTATIftV, ni A RESPECTABI ? II Aok, washer and Ironer, or to do llgrn inberwork in a small family, or housework. Good city re ference. Can be seen for I wo days at No. 124 Broome si., lu the front basement. "11 r ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE PRO T I tesiant woman; is a good cook, washer nnd ironer, also a good baker. Wants to live In a small family. Hood city re ftTcnce cun be bad. Apply at 88 Sands st., Brooklyn, for two days. WANTED- A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN. II with first class city reference, to ilo plain cooking, wash it!g and Ironing in a small private family. Can be aeen for tw j days at 146 East 13th at., between 2il and 3d avenues, where she has lived for the last ten months. Tl7" ANTED ? A" SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE II young girl, us seamstress and chambermaid; can do all kinds of fumtly sewing; understands dressmaking for ladies und children; din mend boys' and gentlemen's clothes; good cttv reference from her last place, where she lived ten years. Call at 173 West 26th St., near 8th avenue. TV" A NTKD ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT young girl, to do general housework In a nmnll private family; lx a good washer and ironer, and plain cook; la willing mill obliging; lum tin' best or city reference from hrr laat place, where she lived two years. Call for two day* at 112 Sullivan M CrM llo<ir. in ihe rear. Tlr ANTED? BY A COLORED GIRL, A SITUATION AS 1 1 chambermaid or lanndreai", or assistant waller. Beat ol city reference given. Please call at 98 Went 30th at., for two days. TTASTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE 11 young girl, 1H years of age, to lake care ol children and do plain hewing or housework In a small family. The bent city reference can he given. Please call at 14 10th si., near Cih ave nue. In Ihe rear. TIr ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AlIKO W I It niMii. a ^ i 1 1 nt t ion n." mi cm* and plain si amstress. Hen | cliy reli rente, being In one family m ven years. Apply at tlih avenue. TXTAjiTED? A PIT1ATION. BY A RESPECTABLE TT voting girl, to do general housework in a small private r .tnl l> : I- a good washcrand Ironerand plain conk. Hood city reference ft urn her last place. Call at 30 Horatio at., front basi rreul. for two dav?, TITANTED-A SITUATION AS GOOD PLAIN COOK 11 and first tatc washer and Ironcr; understands all kinds ol linking. Satisfactory reference from her last employer, where die tuv lived two years and a half. Call at 132 East 22d n.,lirst Door, for two days. TV-ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, a 11 situation as plain rook, washer and Ironer, or to do gene ral housework In n small private family. Best city reference. Call tor two days at 110 West IJth st. "WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE ? voting girl, as chambermaid and waller, In a private f. mil}; hns live \ curs' experience In American families, will l.elp to wash anil iron. Good country and cliy reference from her last places. Can be seen, for a lew dajs, at VH*-i 3d ave. TIT ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, A SITUATION, TT as plain rook. In u gissl washer and ironer; has no ob jection to housework. Can produce the best of city reference irom her last place. Call at No. 60 West Washington place, room No, A, up stairs. TI'ANTED-A SITUATION. BY a RESPKCTABLK TT \oitng woman, as go?*l plain cook. ami is a good baker; Is Killing to asslat In wanning and ironing. Best of 'city refer ences can be given. Call, for two days, at West ITtli si. TIT A NTKD ? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG OIRL, AS 11 cook, washer nnd Ironer, In a private family. Good city re n rem c. Cau he set n, for two days, at No. 101 Went .Kith st. T\rANTEI> ? A SITUATION, BY A RKSPKCTAiiLK TT }0ting woman, as nurse nnd to do sewing, or do cliani l ei work, Good reference from her last place. Please call at x . I'O .Main st., Brooklyn. Can be seen for two days. TirANTlCD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT girl, to do the housework of a small family; Is a good wa>her and Ironer and plain cis>k. Can :1i ? eltv reference. Plence call at lM?i Monroe street, near Montgomery, for two days. If tint engaged. TVANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTAllf.K WO v? man. as rrok and to assist In washing and Ironing: Is a gis<l bake r and understands paslry; In wllllim to takeibe en lire charge In a private family, Good ell) reference. 1'leaac call at fit. 16th street, between Ml) and tith avenues, top room. Tlr ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG GIRL, AS M laundress; or would do rhainberwork and assist In the washing and Ironlni;. (food eit > reference from her last place. PI? ase call or address, at 40* id avenue, between 2ftth and Itith streets, for two days. IV'ANTED-RY A RBSPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITI'A TV lion as cook; "lie understands her business perfectly well. Urwd reference. Would assist |u the washing and iron inc. Call at 1? 11 ih street, between 1st ami 2d avenues, for tw o days. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECT ABLE WO TT man, as first rate nok, or Wotlkl assist with the wa?h im: nnd Ironing If required, would prefer a private family IJiKsl reference. Call at No. 4 Lawrence place, East Brooklyn WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE WO t t man, as plain rook, waahar and Ironer, or would aci es chambermaid: good city refervnie. Apply at MTSdav.. between 39th and 401b sts. Can be seen for two days. "IV" ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE WO TT to do genr ral housework In a small prli ate family; Is a ge?1 washer nnd Ironer; gisal city reference. Can be seen at her last plat e, No. 207 Division si., for two days. Ttr ANTED? A SITUATION, TO DO GENERAL IIOfsE TT work in s small family, or as rhambermald In a Isrge family, by a respeetalde glr/, who can produce a reapeciai da testimonial. She ran be seen at 113 Baltic atreet, between Hoyt and ltond streets. South Brooklyn, place at James Scully's, for two or three days. T1TAVTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT young ?t?t y chambermaid and plain sewer, or to do chamber wirk, washing and ironing; has lived six years In Iter last place. Can be wen for two days at M Ilamersley ??. RANTED- a SITUATION, RY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS v* dressmaker and sexmstre-s In a private family , she un dera^nds cutting nnd fitting Indies' and rhlldrens dress**, wcolkhave no object ion to travel with a Udy, ran aire good ref. retse. Hesse spply for two days at M K. ljtb ?[., t*twf?? , tlu if mm! ilmdway. I SITUATIONS WASTED. WANTED? HV A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITU A lion, as nurse and seamatre** or to do chambcrwork mid sewing; good city reference given. Call at 'AH Hunter Ml., near Ct ..Ire. room 19. TIT ANTED ? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECT MILK ? T woman, a# cook, who thoroughly understands her ?>??*? MM; would have DO objection to assist In the wa<bln<; good city reference! given, cuu be seen for two days at 683d aveuue. n the rear. WANTED? BT A R EH I'Kt TABLE YOl.NO OIIU. V situation to do general housework. washing and iron in:; city reference can be given. I 'all at 60 6ih avenue, corner 2Stb Can be sct n for three days. "|\T ANTED ? BY AN EXPERIENCED GIRL. A SITU T t atlon at chambermaid and waiter, or tojassisl w i'h the wii hlng, or as nurse and seamstressjbest of eltjr reference Can be seen for two days at 120 Weal 39tli sL WANTED? BY A K ESPECTABLE PROTESTANT OIKL, a situation to do ehaniherwork and line washing: ha- no ol. i el ion to do general housework in a small private family; go. d cltv reference, l'lease call at 497 tth avenue, between ?It li and 41st sis., in the rear. , _ ?\Ir ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, Vl a situation as chambermaid, and to do Que washing and Iron'ng. or as chambermaid and waiter; the best of city refer enee can be given, l'lease call at IH8 12ih ?t., between 1st and 2il mvs. , fourth lloor, from room, for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to lake care of children and do plain Hewing, or ;im waller hiiiI line washer. No objection to city or coiinin. 0 in give the best of reference. Can be seen until milted at 31 Spring St., corner of Motl. ?fjy ANTED? BY TWO SISTERS, SITUATION'S TO v T gi liter, one as cook, washer and ironer^the ollur to di> clirmbcrwurk mid sewing, or to assist in washing and iiniln The best ol city reference can be given, fan be seen for two ?la; s at 39 West 13th st., between Sih and Oth avs., tir-i lloor. "WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECT WILE It young womnn, ns laundress and cham'iermaid, or waiter, In a private family. Can give reference froui her la-tt place, where she was employed for three years. Address. 31 Si. Musk's place, lor two days. TirANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AO 81) WO TT mini, a situation as good plain cook; is a good wither and troner; bus gt?od city reference. Can t>e seen lor two d.iys, from 9 lo 12. at 1UU llayard si., tirst floor, fr6nt room. "11TANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITU TT ation lo do general housework in a small private family, or lo do chunibi rwork and nsslsl In the washing and ironim:; no objections lo go in the country, lias good reference Iniin her last place. Please call at 132 Chrystle si., in the rear, lirst lloor. ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE T ? young woman, to do elinmberwork anil the washing and ironing'. Can be seen for two days at No. 8 Union court, ne ir Ui..versity plaee. "11 r A NTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT girl, to do general housework, cook, wash and iron, in a hi. all family. For reference apply at 126 Lexington avenue. "a r A. NTED- II Y A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, T T late lrom England, a situation as nurse and seuimtr.-i*; is particularly fond of children; no objection to travel or goln the country. Please call this day at 00 Sixth St., oorncr 1st at., thinl Mr, front room. WANTED? A SITUATION AS NURSE AND PLAIN Tl seamstress, or would do lfrht chainbcrwnrk and wall Ing. Can give the best of ciiy reference. Can be seen at 44 lllcks si., Brookh n, for two days. nr ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A YOI N(i WOMAN, TT lo do general housework, or as clinmberiuald and waller, or would mind children and do plain sewing, lias city refer ence. Apply at 2U0 11th si., lop lloor, front, room 19. "TiTt' ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO OIRL. AS TT senilis! reus and lo lake charge of children; would be willing lo Instruct them. Can give three years' reference. Please cull hi 160 East Twenty -flfih sireet, for iwo days. ~\\T ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, A SITUATION T I SB chambermaid and waiter In a private family. Hood city reference from her last employer, ('all at 169SulLdk St., near Houston, second lloor, back room, for two davs. TIT ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT woman, lo cook, wash and iron; no objection to do 1 nusen ork In a small private family; good city references given. Apply at 77 19th St., between 6<h and 7th avenues, lor two days. ?fir ANTED ? A SITUATION BY A STEADY WOMAN, T T hs a professed cook III a private family; understands her business in all its hrnnrhes; best of city reference given. Ap ply at 180 Wesl | i;i h St., between 71b and 8ili avs., for two days. W"ANTED-A SITUATION. BY A PROTESTANT WO TT man, us cook; understands her business thoroughly; good reference given. Apply at 56 Irving place, for two days WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, it situation lis cook and to nsslsl In washing nud Ironing in n retail private family; she understands business, can make bread and bulscult, and Is a good pustry maker; best of city reference given if required. Please call at 272 10th St., be tween w m, und in. c, for (wo days. "WANTED- A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE T T yourg man, us porler In a hotel or saloon; Is a good oyster man; can clean knives by baud or machine, and c m keep his ow ii machines in repair. Can give the best of clly references lrom lils last place. Please call at 113 Cliff street, third lloor, from 9 10 1 o'clock for three days. "11 r ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT young woman; Is a good plain cook, linker an 1 washer and I roiier; no objection to <lo general housework In a sin ill faintly. Good clly reference given. Please call at 24A West P Hi st.. between '.ah and lotli avenues. W ANTED? A SITUATION BY A RE8PECTABLB J*oui?K Ml* I. as chambermaid and waiter, or ti? waiter or to BpcM In wanning and ironing. ria? itm bent 01 ruy reference from her la*t place. Can be seen at 125 West Slut si., corner of 7th avenue. W ANTED ? A SITUATION AS CO OK, BY A YOUNO T T woman who understands her business; Is a good baker; would assist in washing and ironing, in a small family; die best of city reference given. Please apply at 47 Moll St., In tho siore. Can be seen for three days. WANTED-BYA RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUATION TT to cook, wash and Iron, or as laundress. Good cltv re ference from her last place. Can be seen until engaged, at 97 West 16th St., In the rear, between 6th and 7th avenues. WANTED-BY a RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL. A T T situation as nurse and seamstress. Good city reference, ('an be seen for two days, at 1MJ 16ih st., near 8th avenue. "WANTED? BY A RESPECTARLE WOMAN, A SITUA 11 tlon as rook, who would assist in the washing; she Is an exi ellent linker ofcbrcad and pastry; no objection to go n short distance In the country; good rliy reference run be given. Call hi 216 23d at., In the (tore , between 1st and 2d avenues, for two ilavp. "WANTED? 11V A RESPECTABLE YOU NO WOMAN, Tf h situation to do general housework In a small family ; U n good washer anil Ironer and willing to work; has 110 nhhjf Hull to go II abort distance lu the country. Apply at 62 Went Washington place. m WANTED? HY A RESPECTABLE YOrNG GIRL. A situation ah chambermaid and to do plain sewing, or take t are of children; the beat of city reference given. Plea?c call at : '. '.i l-i avenue, between 23<1 and 24th st?. WANTED? SITUATIONS, BY TWO RESPECT AilLE young women; one an waiter, and Is willing to do a little chamherwork; the other ns chambermaid. and to assist in the washing and ironing; good city reference ran be given from their last place, l'ieasc call at 211 lid avenue. Can be seen lor two day*. "WANTED? A SITUATION AS 000K. HY A OOMFE* n tent pcraon, who understands her business in all lis I riu clii a; ban no objection to n-slst in washing and ironing < an produce the best city reference. Please call at 101 11th ?in et, lor two days. WANTED BY A RESPECT A RLE PROTESTANT YOINO woman, a sliuat ton lo lake rare of children or do eliam lierwork; Is a good plain sewer; wages no object. Can he well ri commended. Please call at 2&3 1st avenue, for two day*. WANTED? A SITUATION TO DO GENERAL HOUSE ? oi k lor a small family, by a girl who haa been a year in her present place. Good reference given. Apply at & 2d ?t.( tor mo days. "Wanied? by A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A TT Munition a* rook, washer and ironer. Good city refe lei re. Can lie seen lor two days al 120 l)lh at. TITANTED? A MAN, Wno UNDERSTANDS SALTING TV ami trimming hide*. Address immediately E. A H. , He raid oflire. ?WANTF'r)-A SITUATION AS WAITER, IN A PRI Tv vale family, b} a Protestant young man, who thorough, ly understands his liuslness In nil Us branches; lias lived wl h some of the beat families In the riiy, and can be Well rccoin mended. Haa no objection to town or country, or totrav, I with a gentleman or family. Pleu-e address M. R. S., lleral 1 oflice, lor two days, "WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECT A RLE "T colored man, as porter in n down town store; l>e?t of clt\ reft rence given. Address Porter. 332 Greenwich at., or call in the store. TV-ANTED? A SITUATION AS FARMER, BY A SCOTCH v T man; is a married man; has bud many years' e\p"rli nee in ilila country, and has a thorough knowledge of farinlni! ai.u vegetable gardening: his wife has no objection to a dairy or ' oanlinu workmen. Kor reference apply at A. Smith'* see l s on , 64 White atrret. TV7" ANTED? A SITUATION AS COACHMAN, BY A TV steady man, who perfectly understands his business In every rrsiiect; I* a caicftil driver, and is willing to make him tell n?eful In other respects, and can produce thi* best uf ciiy reterence from Ills late employer. Please address W. II., No. Id West 16th St., near 6tli avenue, rear building. Ilrat lloor, lor two days. W ANTKI>? A SITUATION AS CLERK OR PORTER IN vv a wholesale alore, b* a young man, n ho Is perfect!* competent. Alblresa Joun r. Hall, box 1 80. Herald oflice. WA*NT,!r,-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG MAN. IN A II lea or retail grocery house, or as as salesman or aaslstan' 1 n kkccpcr In a whole-ale store; can procure the mnai sail* laetory reference as to holiest) and ability Address |>. |). Hi raid oflice. T?TANTKD-A SMART BOY FROM 1.1 TO 16 YEARS OP v f aae. lo attend in a but alore. Must runic well recom mended inr honesty and Industry: none else need apply. Ap ply at 44fl llud-oii at., corner of Morion. IRTIUIGRNrK (IKKK ES, BROADWAY, CORNER OP RRADI STREET, AT *>OI Moirla ('ohnert A Go's, can be obtained respectable t.erman. English, Scotch mid Irlah help, Inr hoiela an I private ismilles; aleo. waiter*. coachmen, fartnera and mechanic*, at Oil# or the branch cfllie, 102 Greenwich ?t. Term* inoderite pniCTUM HOME FOB FEMALE SERVANTS. VTB V. St., between 4th and Lexington avenue- ? Ooverncsses, 1 on-ekeepera; abo servants In every caparliy supplied from thl> in Utution. w ' ANTED? AT 60 EAST FOURTEENTH STREET. Twelve rooks. Seven nurses Ac , Ac., Ac, B.? Bring good reft ri new. W ANTEI>? BY TWO IRISH PROTESTANT AND TWO colored gtrls, also by an English girl, situations ?s ks, chambermaid* or gem ral house workers They are well rn e mm' riled and wnu'd go to the country, If required. Call at No. 4 Sands direct, Brooklyn, basement. * ~ mi aIith. IJATHEI -an ACCURATE FULL PAOEl) LHCE'OHS Ik of Ibis distinguished acln *s c*n I c seen on t.ngr No 1-0 nf 'hnt rharailn* ami popular l ook. IW-U unl h Abroid." die hl'h lf?4i of which Is just n idv One eletsnt l2u,o. illus Ira'eil Prior >1 2S J C DERBY publish) i. No ll# Na? saus'iee*. an t for sale by *11 book*eiU r?. Nn^le cople# wnt ukU en rcceipt of rr|?'. , HEI.P WANTED. A PROTESTANT WOMAN. UNDERSTAND! NO COOK ?up. ?I'.-IiIiik and tronlnu. nn.i come well re'omna?nd ed. hi. ) " PI' ' y "1 F. Or fllnj's, Clinton avenue. be ween M\ rile and ln-Knlh avenues, Brooklyn, from rt to 10 A. M. A YOUNG OR MIDDLE AGED LADY, TO TAKK diarae of 11 hoardlnc hoiiHe. A suitable person may se riu"? 'lie comforts of a homo and cood wa l:ph, by ad Iressin? Jut-. Webs'er, Chahnin square Post odliv, giving name and residence, lor n few days. AOOOI) OOOK IS WANTED AT 00 EAST 14TH ST., with references fbf < apahtlity, honesty, anil sobriety. A NATIVE FRENCH TEACHER IS W \NTE1> IN A female seminary In I he country. In addition 10 French, one competent lo teach draw ing an i music wnuM bs prefer red. Apply lo Julius A. hoy, Kllzabethtown, N. J. Agents wanted? IN every state, to NBX ? slieei anil pocket maps of the most popular a n ? 1 useful character. Letters of Inquiry fully answered by return malL Catalogue find specimen copies sent free to the trade. Agents are making Ironi 16 lo till n day. and any active man cannot fall lo do wull. A. II. JOCELYN, Publisher, fit) and liO Fulton ittmt. AGENTS WANTED.? A FEW YOUNG ME.V, OF OEM led address, lo go Soulli and Went, in a new, llu'lit ami prolliiible I usincss, where there Ik no competition. Capital necessary, from $30 to $200. Call (for one week) at No. 127 I'laufibcrs St., I nsement of Girurd House. A WAITER WANTED-AT THE OI,D STAR HOTEL, 01 and 06 Lispenard street. All applicants niual be pre pared to produce >es Itnnnlals as to the best qualifications tor I e same, and from some hotel In the city. r A It KEEPER WANTED -A HAM TO TEND BAR IN A _ rcHtiiurant. lie must perfectly understand his business in d have unquestionable city reference. Inquire al li09, way, basement. pl.OAK MAKERS WANTED IMMEDIATELY.? NONE V Ini' (li st rate hands need apply lo W. It. MACKENZIE, I t lied Suites mantilla and cloak store, 45 and 47 Canal mi. fiOOK WANTED-ENGLISII. SCOTCH, FRENCH OR GER I man; one who understands her business well, to onil iron for a private family. Apply at at 'JO Franklin street. DRY GOODS SALESMAN.? WE ARE NOW PRE pnred to make engagements with three good, steady U" ds on liberal terms. BRINCK A RI.'SSELL, (id Canal street. Goon kngi.isii, scotch or german servant wanted. Immediately, lo cook and wash, for a small fatnl CtU al No. 1 lhimersley st. HOUSEKEEPER WANTED.? A YOUNG AMERICAN ' lady would like a situation as housekeeper, in a genteel pr vale family. Address Marietta, Broadway host ofD 'e. I WANT A SMART MAN, WITH $1,000 TO $2,000 TO JOIN J me in a patented enterprise? a fine chance: Apply to WILLIAMSON, 102 Nassau st., room No. 4 Milliners wanted? several young ladies, lliotoui lily acqnainted with the millinery business. Are wan led in. mediately, at 020 Broadway. SALESWOMAN.? WANTED, A COMPETENT SALES woman; salary not so much of an object as lo have an experienced person. Apply at Nicholson's, 342 Bowery, be Iwocn Bond and Ureal Jones at. . STRAW HAT TRIMMERS WANTED? NONE BUT THOSE w ho are perfectly acquainted need apply to A. LKLA.N1> A CO., 171 Pearl st. TWO OR THREE GOOD MILLINERS W ANTED ? IMME dlatcly. Apply tit No. 02 Clinton place, Sth st. "11 r ANTED ? TWELVE EXPERIENCED MILLINERS; TT also three apprentices. Apply at Mrs. K. Suiythe's, OIS Broadway. TV' ANTED? TWO COLORED. WOMEN; ONE TO COOK T t nnil do the lower work; the other as chambermaid and lum.dreKs; those from the country preferred; they must bo neat and tidy, with reference from their last place: also a Pro t. plant girl, as seamstress, one who perfectly understands ber business? at 06 7th street, alter 10 o'clock, A. M. TIT ANTED IMMEDIATELY? TWELVE GOOD TAILOR ft esses lo work </n the best of vests and pants. Apply to HONEY A CO., 200 Bowery. W ANTED? A YOUNG LADY CAPABLE OF UNDER liikj/ig the management of a millinery establishment; t he must be a pood bonnet maker and trimmer; to such, wages i.o object, and constant employment. Also, six good milliners, 1*0 apprentices and improver*. Apply at 537 Broadway. WANTED? BV A LADY, GOING TO RESIDE IN Tl Europe, n woman lo accompany ber, who Is accustomed to children, Is not liable to sea sickness, and can make herself useful. Must have good reference. Apply, without delay, at 110 V a rick at. WANTED- A PROTESTANT (1IRL, TO DO THE GENE T ? ral housework of a family residing a few miles from the c<ty. Tonne who would suit, a comfortable homo and a pern aiient situation will be alforded. Apply at 30 Suilblk st. XV~ ANTED ? A MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN, TO TAKE 11 charge of tin Infant, where there are no other children. Not e need apply who cannot bring unexceptionable testimo nial us to character and capability. Apply at 190 4th st. W"ANTED-TAILORESSE8, TO WORK ON COATS. T Y Apply a 1 113 Mulberry st., room 11, WANTED? FOR A SMALL SPANISH FAMILY, A cook, wlm can speak the .Spanish, French or Italian, anu knows ber duty. Apply at 114 Waverley place. W-*NTKI>-A STEADY GIRL, MIDDLE AGED PRE T? l'crrcd. to do the general housework of a small family, and lave the care of a child three years old. Applv this (Wednesday) evening, at or aftyr 4 o'clock, at the bookstore, 42Q Kth avrnuc. W"ANTF:r,-Iff A SMALL FAMILY, A GIRL TO " do general housework and assist In attending In a small store; must be elean and tidy, of respectable manners and wil ling to Observe the rules of the house. Apply al 234 W. 17?t> St., lor two days. ' WANTED? A GIRL TO PUT ON GOLD AS USED IN gilding leather goods. Washburn & King, 14S William si., up stabs. Tl'ANTED? A PROTESTANT GIRL, AS NURSE AND T? seamstress, logo to Statcn Island. Apply at 41 Warren St., between 10 and 11A.M. TV~ A NTF.D? TWO NEAT, RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT T T girls, to go to Illinois; must understand taking care of a dining room; also one middle aged lady, to go to the City of Washington, to take care of one child. Apply at Morris. Coh nert A Co.'s, 287 Broadway, corner of Readc sU, bctw eeu 9 and 12 o'clock. ? \\rA NTED ? A PERSON WHO UNDERSTANDS T I making up lure* Rinl embroideries. None need apply but Iboee experienced. MILLER A ORANT, 371 BroAdway. "V\r ANTED? A OOOD COOK, WASHER AND IRONEft; TT one who ran come well recommended. A Protestant pi fcrred. Apply at 126 Charlton street. WJ" ANTED? A OOOD COOK. AN AMERICAN OR KNO TT llsh woman ran have n Rood home In a *mall family. Vpply lor two days 10 Archibald Young, 140 Broadway. TIT ANTED ? A NICK. TIDY OIRL. f PROTESTANT PRE TT frrred,) to do Hie work of a -mall family; *he must lie a Mod rook and an exrrllent waaber and Ironer; none other Quad apply. Apply Immediately at 1> Tlmmpson at. WANTED? A OIRL, TO DO OENERAL HOUSEWORK, TT In a small family. None but Americans need apply, all on Mr*. Van Winkle, 110 Lawrence St., Brooklyn, until Imiodiiy iilternoon. \l* ANTED? FOUR OR KITE OOOD DRESSMAKERS ; T T also, two lir-l rule milliners. Apply at ZiS Bleeeker st. \\T ANTED ? A CHAMBERMAID; ONE WHO IS CAPA TT lie of waiting, and understands her btiaineaa well, may i.<i: at No. fit) East 23d It., from 9to 11 A. M., for two day*. TirANTED-AN AMERICAN OIRL, TO DO OENERAL TT housework, and make herself generally useful. In a "iniill private family; mum be a good washer and Ironer, and coine uell rerommeiided. Apply at 11m Meadow at., Hobokan, N. J. "\V ANTED ? A OIRL. TO DO OENERAL HOUSEWORK: TT a Rood washer and Ironer, and plain cook. Apply at 21 l.aat Broadway. WANTED? OOOD MANTILLA MAKERS AT MOLY TT neui Hell's, V I annl ft. TV* ANTED-AN AMERICAN. ENOLISH, OERMAN OR TT Scotch girl, a* waller and chambermaid, In a small pel ?atc family; mu*t lie a Protestant. Apply at 36 We>t IWth at., between ten ami twelve o'clock. X\T A NTED? A OIRL, TO DO PLAIN COOKINO, Vt washing and tronlng; wanes $7 per month; also, h smirt : i? t . girl to do the ehamberwork and waiting; wages $A. Norm n> thore who understand their bualne** need apply, at No. 2U ( illvir at. WANTED? A COOK AND MAID OF ALL WORK; must produce r?k1 ctiy reference. Apply at the Old Star tli el, f>4 and Mi Llspenard street. w ANTED? A OOOD MILLINER AND AN APPREN tlce lo the millinery business. Call at 430 Ilnds.,n at. "Of ANTED? TWO SERVANTS, ONE AS FIRST RATE TT cook and seamstress, the other as waller anil chamber maid; both muni be civil, fully rompetentaml well recommend ed. Apply at 2ft IiOtidon terrace. ?td St., between 9tb and 10th MM W ANTED? A SEAMSTRESS; ONE WHO UNDER TT stands dressmaking. Aiiuly at M Se>euth aveuue, be w een Ihe hours of 111 and 12 cr clock. "Iir ANTED? DRY OOODS SALESMEN FOR THE WEST. TT Apply to Adams A t o., 209 Orccnwlch at., between M and 'J o'clock A. M. WANTED? AN EXPERIENCED SALESMAN FOR TT boys' clothing department of Oenln's 1 la .Mar M.j Broad Tl' ANTED ? ONE OR TWO SALESMEN, IN A RETAIL T I dry goods store. Apply before 10 o'clock A. M., or after (?o'clock P. M.. this day or to morrow, to Thomas Tale m.i> nnl st., corner of Oreene. WAN1E,>? A MAN AS COACHMAN, AND TO WORK TT on a plare In ihe country; he must understand the cure oi I crses well. Apply at No. i Nassau at., second story, bai k ? Uice. WANTKD-SIX YOUNG MEN OF OOOD M>DMM,TO T T deliver and roller! samples of Roods used In every family, liulutir ous men can make from WO 10 ft*) per month. Apply nt 'it. Cedar St., from V till 10 P. M. W A NT !? D?V O ( nil). S M ART MAN. TO WORK I << TT and about tlie store. Addreas, w lih ow n hand writing, M. O.. Herald office. W ANTED?TWO OOOD ABLE BODIED MEN", TO TT w oi k on a larni In New Jersey. They mu*> understand he care ol row s and know how to milk. Call this day on John 1 jaii s. 87 Muh avenue, from 1* lo 12 o'clock. U'iirn WANTED? A SMART. ACTIVlf COLORED TT boy. alKintOfteen years of age, In a saloon; none need a Dpi) unless tliex rome well recommended. ('all at the saloon, H Broome St.. between 11 and 1 o'rlork. w ANTED-AN Ai'TlTE. 1NTBRPRISINO YOUWO OR TT mi Idle aged man, w ho run loan his employer t3)0 on iod security. to trarel with a lecturer to everv rlty of Ihe I cited Hale*. Wanes WO per month, and all expense* paid; ialor very ll|fht. Address William K. Stanton, Hi *Iway 1 r? t office. __ _ Tl' ANTED? AN ACTIVE ENEROETH ' YOUNO MAN. TT American of good address. who writes a fair html and est I eep account", as clerk In a book store. In a village In ren j ? I I i w York, tine acquainted wlthtlie business preferred. Ad.lms stating terms. wUlchmuat bem<slerale. 11. O., Herald ,.o . ? ANTEIWAW .ACTIV?, INDUSTRIOUS AND HONEST ' ' n.*n. of gentleman,)- address, as travelling agent to soli t ( n'ers '^noouMi ?! re fr' retire* will he required Salary l.rat v I ar, fWO. Add rem TEA w AMKI'-A BOY, AORf) FROM TK.V TO TWKliVF. > ff* r *. ;o Atlfjyl ?o ?n ?r wiik h|sl ' Inqtiirr 1*1 .HI I on*l between the hours of P?o<l HKLf WUTKU. AGENTS WANTED IMMEDIATELY? TO HEM. ?i > \J ' The Contractor's Manual Mid Itullflrr's Pric Hook." 'In rc:|\?i and intelligent agents a good commission will be al lowed. Apply to J. Burns, l'.K! liroaUivay, room 10. 1 (i'RI 8 WANTKD? AS COOKS, OH \MBERMAIDS, lOv wallers, Ac. ; also colored girls, in every capacity, at the American anil Foreign Employment office, No. 8 Sands at., Brooklyn. inn AGENTS WANTEO-TO HEM. A NEW WORK JUU just pupllshed; ft work that sells reinirkahly wi ll, and 'akes the lending oulcrs by our ngcnU, anil those that rail in make money; also, some on salary; >10 In gjO per inonib. For particular* apply at 334 Broadway, room 11. Of fice I. ours I rout HA. M. to 5 I*. M. u THE TRADES. _ WATCHMAKER W A N'i'ED? ONE ACQUAINTED A with all kinds of repair, and having gissl recommendation, u,ay lin.l Hifinly employment at YMOUR HQYT A CO. Boot and siioe cctter wanted.? a man Ex perienced In cutting and fitting up men's aud wumen's Lcs.isiumI shoes in a customers' shop ran hear oi a good situ ation In a rliy h short distanen Iroin New York, on aimlicatlon at the More of W. S. Wllkey, No. 8 Kerry street, by rhursday noon, 6th lust. C CONFECTIONER WANTED? ONE THAT UNDEK i stands iiinklni! table ornauienta, pastry, Ac. A good work iuau rail apply at 19 Vulon square, between 1 and 4 P. M. IiWOiNini AND MACHINISTS.? WANTED, BY A U person who thoroughly understands constructing nm chlnery a sltiniilon as constructor or foreman In the above business. Address Maclilnlat, tit J. l'reuUce's, No. 1 Chambers street. No objeetlon to the country. FI'R CUTTER WANTED? OOOD WAGE8 WILL BE paid. Apply at 14V Water street. rpo GOLD l'EN MAKERS.*? WANTED IMMEDIATELY, X three Ural rate bands who thoroughly understand the bu siness. Very liberal Inducements will he ottered. Situations aim procured lor watchmakers, jawellers, engravers, chasers, silversmiths, die cutters, platers, and artists generally. Tlie trades supplied with artists. Apply to TltACx A MclNTOBH, Artist' anil Mechanics' General Agency, 34,' j Pine street. TO PAINTERS AND GLAZIERS.? WANTED, A OOOD workman; one who writes a good hu-ltiesa hand, and Is Willing to make himself generally useful in the shop or out. Apply to 11. Phillips, 214 Henry at., Brooklyn. TO JEWELERS.? FANCY QOLD CHAIN MAKKItS wiinied. Apply at Messrs. Gill A Gordon's, Harlem Rail road buildings, Wliiie st. THE NEW PENCIL AND PEN CASE? " LOWND'S patent," In gold and silver, is, without exception, the est, most eotnjiuct, durable and convenient article of the kind ever made. Manufactured and for sale by W. M. W1LMARTH, 44 Maiden lane, where also may be found a general assortment oi all kinds of pencil cases and pens. PH0LSTERER8 AND VARNISIIERS WANTED. IV. quire of Hauglilou A Miller, US Nassau St., for two days, TITAN TED? A FOREMAN TO TAKE CHARGE OF A ft fancy fur manufactory. Apply at li 8 Water St., from 11 tog. TITANTED? A JOURNEYMAN CONFECTION Kit; Isfi'ST v? understand pantry, ornamenting, Ac. To a kcmwI work man (none other need apply) c onstant employment and good wa^es Kiven. Apply, troin 10 till 2, at 44 Division Ht. EDUCATION OQQ BROADWAY.? BOOKKEEPING, ARITHMETIC, ZOt/ writing, Ac., have been taught hy W. J. RENVILLE, at the above number, during the pant eight years. Students are received upon lower terras than are charged by other coin pet exit teacher*, while the knowledge imparted 1* readily avail able in practice. <t*"l A ?WRITING, BOOKKEEPING, ARITHMETIC.? MR. DOLBKAR, 600 Broadway, corner of KInus'on ?treat, receives cheap class and privaie pupil*, and guarantees to make elegant busim-sn writers and practical double entrv bookkeepers on the most favorable terms. N. B. ? Bad wri ters arc specially iuviied to call. Brooklyn collegiate and polytechnic in. stitutf, Livingston, between Court and l*oe rum streets.? The Trustees beg leave to announce that the buildings will bo specially opened for public Inspection on Thursday evening, 0th inst.' All interested in the success of the institution are in vited to attend. J. O. LOW, 8eo*y. R. AND MRS. CHARLES CA^DA'S BOAKDINfl and day school for young ladies, No. 17 I.afnyett? place, will be re-opened on Wednesday, September 12. Madame vancer wkyde, from france. wn.i. open her institute for young ladles on Monilay. Sept. 10. Resides the common branches, a thorough in struction in French and music is her principal purpose. She is assisted by the best of teachers. Soiree ruusicaJe clnssique for scholars and relations every month. Circu lars n re at Mr. Lincoln's music store, ftlB Broadway, be low St. Nicholas. School 110 West Twenty-flfth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues. THE FRENCH INSTITUTE FOR YOUNG CENTIF.MEN, boarding and day school. No. 48 East Twenty-fourth street, directed by Mr. 101 J K CHARMER, of Paris (former ly H. Peugnet's school), will open on Weduesday, Sept. 12th. FRENCH I.ANOCAOE TAUOIIT BY A PARISIAN lady. Class for young ladles on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 4 P. M. Class for little boys every other day, at 8 P. M. Terms $3 a i|uarlcr: Ladles' classes every morning at 10 o'clock. Private lessons given. Apply at 259 Third avenue. French languaoe-madame dubos behs to inform the ladles of New York that she has reopened her French classes, mill that til consequence of the numerons appli cations she hss received for the study of Mile. R ichel's charac ters, the elssses will commence at 11 o'clock. Private lessons. No. lja Clinton place. Humboldt institute for youno gevtlemen.? Drs, Richards A llendsn will opens classical and mer cantile seminary, for hoarding and day pupils, conducted on the German plan, at 339 Fourth avenue, on Monday, ltlih of September. Circulars obtained at the I ustitute, and at Stringer A Townsend's, 222 Broadway: HOBOKEN.? THE MISSES ROUSSELLE'S BOARDING and day school for young ladles will re open on Monday, the 3d of September. For cards of terms, references, Ac., ap ply at No. 3 Hudson place, opposite Franklin terrace. MISS STEELE'S FRENCH AND ENGLISH DAT AND boarding school, for young laities, No. 5 Bust TUlrUclh street, between Finh and Madison avenues, will re-open oa Thursday, September 6tli. Mr. l. de grand val's classical. English, French and Spanish boarding Institute, Hudson and Wash iniMon Terraces, lioboken, N. J., Is now open for the reception of-puplls. Circulars, references, Ac., at the institution. MA. -PROFESSOR, GRADUATE OF FRENCH AND . Spanish, wishes to give lessons in a college, or In his oltlce. No. tK) Hroadway, from 7 to 10 o'clock P. M. Address to Mr. Lacordelle, barber, or at No. 57 West Twenty-third s'. MR. AND MADAME DON BERNARD'S FRENCH AND English boarding and day s< lns>l Cor young ladles, No. 20 Second place, Brooklyn, will be opened on Monday, September 10. Madame Don Bernard Is at home from 7 to 10 A. M., and li om 3 to 9 P. M., to receive parents who wish to confer with her. Circular-, with references, obtained on the premises. Madame martinet's French and enulish hoarding and day school for young ladles, No. 32 West 'I weniy first street, bet ?een Filth and Sixth avenues, will re open on Monday, September It). The misses ives school, no. u pavo.via pi.acr, South Fifth street, Jersey City, re-opens on Monday, Sept. 3. fpHE BANCROFT INSTITUTE, NO. 8D9 BROADWAY, A French, elsssiesl and English school (or boys, will re open en Thursday, September 13. Mme. Harrison's juvenile de partment on the same dav. BERTH AM 1IA HKISON, B. A. , Principal. VISITINO GOVERNESS. ? A LADY WHO INSTRUCTS In English, French and music, desires some pupils who would be nnxious for their own Improvement. She t.ikes par tlciilnr pslns wlih those married ladles whose education was neglected in youth. Address English, Herald office. U L RITINO AND BOOKEERPINO? 9M BROADWAY.? v" t icntlcmendesli-ous of obtaining, without loas of time, a masterly knowledge of bookkeeping, elegance In penmanship, Ac., sre invited to call at FOSTER A DlXOV'S estatillshtncnt, Applelon's Bnlfding, Inspect specimens snd obtain references. "II T H. DISBROW'S RIDINO ACADEMY, FIFTH AVE vf . nne, corner of Thirty ninth street (Murray Hill), now open for the reception of pupils dally (Sundays excepted). Itoiirs for ladies, from HAM to 3 P. M. Hours lor gentlemen, from flto MA. M. end 3 to 6 P. M. The Evening parties will o n.mcnre on Uie lflth Inst. Horses for the road, or parade, to let; also, biuiHIng horses received, with the privilege of the ow ners' using them In the school. MUSICAL. <3>f' W. W.? ACCORDION TAUGHT IN SIX KAKY LKH f v. M>tw, "ii n new mid improved method. Term* $S In ad vnnce. Aceordeou* mid Hutltia* made to order, nml repaired. Apply lo Profeaeor J. COHEN, manufacturer ?l aoonrdeoaa, barjoa, taiul ourlnM, I ?a.i, anare and toy drum*, Ac., (*) Hud ton pi reel. Ii^reji.k Hudson, pianist, having rkti rnkk for the "i-HMjn, la prepuce. I In continue hla pianoforte and >*n frlii ac ??* iimihI. k oral! Information apply At thfl nior*, (I cnot d Article* de 1'nrta,) I'llnton atreet, two door* from At lantic, Brooklyn. Mr. II pnrpoaea forming a aelecl vocal clu?a. N. H.? Reboot* attended. MUSIC? A YOI'NO LAI?T, RXPBRIRNt'RD IN <1IV Inn instruction on the piano, would like to take a few more pnplla, to Invtruct them either at their realdence^or her own. Apply ai 177 SmM lBih at. T RftSONR OIVKN IN MUSIC AND PRRNCH BY 4 -Li lady. For ternta apply to Madame T., X7 Itond *t. OCUI.ISTH AND At'KISTB. TORINO MY l.ATE VISIT TO RUROPK, I OIITAINRO J ' wwral new ln?tniineute, of Incalculable value In m v ?p? elallty? Drtnarre'a nplhalmoacope, which cmtblea the ocu liat to I Into the Interior of Ihe eye, and nee lip' npUc nerve and retina In amaurwl*. and 'he lena In Incipient cataract; lb? equally cjirnordlnary apcculum, for look Inn Info tbedrnmof 'l-.e ear. the cnita< Man ttilx-p and 'hroai; Jacob'* nradlea, for rtni'iTlBK cataract without pain nt danuer; the regulator, for ? nnlntln*; artificial tynipanl. for InaUtnily reatorlng hearing where the drum of the ear I* perforated or lout; artilfcUkl eye*, which look and mute exuctly like the iiHtural. Ac. Aflcr twenty year:*' eitennlve practice and eiperlenee. prin cipally In thin city, and my recent obaerratloua durln't my for elm tour, I trum It will not bo deemed unbecoming In me to aay that I comdder mv?elf competent to treat all thoae who may place ?>?? maelve* under my care, akllfuMjr, and to emend to tin m every advantage that can he obtained In either heml sphere. H* mcaiia of th? new tnatrnmcnta each iwe becomes pertecfty plain and vlalble. fallen!* who have been dl?cou rated and wearied travelling from one pbynlcUn to another, maytontnlt me with a positive awmanee that, at all event*. rOWKI.I,, V D., OctlllM, AtirUt, Ac., HOI Broadway, oppoalte the St. Nteholai. tRRURAICR. DRY GOODS, 4(C. Arrival ok a *>st fashionable and elk Jiniit stock of French too In, wfileli have linen "flelecled b* Air. Roberts from llie mom beautiful designs shown at Uie exhibition lately held 111 Parts. The Block will ready for inspection on Tuesday, Hie HI) ln?l. The Indie* ol Mew York, and *trangeis art invited lo call. PKTElt ROBERTS A CO.. 376 Broadway. A SVPF.RI! STOCK OF RICH DRESS fill.KS, ENTIRELY J\ new for Ibe lull trade, will lie opened this morning. U IIS DH.I., PE1HSON A LAKE, 471 Broadway, baiwoea Grand and Broome. BULPIN'S OPENING FOR TI1K FALL, On Momjav, rttTiiarEK 5, 18S5, ol a moat superb collection of ?AltIS CLOAKS ANI) MANTILLAS, At U1k Newly Arranged and Commodious Show Room*. No. 9111 Bkoadwav. The Inspection or the ladle* of New York, Brooklyn, J erne* City, Hoboken, ami snrroumltng neighborhoods, hh alao Or strangers vIMting the nielropollH, lit most respectfully solicited on the above nuined day, when w ill lie presented for tholr an proval what In believed to be the most recherch6 and beuuUfnfl array of faxhlounlile novelties In cloaks and iimntlliaa ever Im ported Into tin* country. GEO. 1IULPIN, Purl* Mantilla Emporium, 3HI Broadway. BRILLIANTBS AT ONE SHILLING PER YARD.? 1, 00# pieces, manufactured expressly for our sales, at Is. pec yard. \V. S. BOND, ItlH nml 110 Sixth avenue. BRODIK'S FAIX CI .OAKS. ? GF.ORG F. BRODIF., NO. M Canal and i?S Iispenard street, has now in store a large assortment of novelties in velvet, cloth ami moire antique cloAks mid mantillas, to whicu lie invites the inspection of wholesale cash ami short tttne buyer*. CALL AND SEE BROWN'S NEW STYLE, FALL BON nets.? A lieailllful aMsnrtmeiit now ready for limpoctidn. ol' entirely new lnnleriiils and designs. Also a large asaort meiii of pattern bonnets lor milliners. WM. BROWN, 443 Broadway, up stairs. C111EAP I'OCKET HANDKERCHIEFS. ? 1 ,000 DOZEN J men's linen cambric handkerchiefs: prices from 2s. to (is. each? a great bargain. A. T. STEWART A OO., Broadway, Chambers and Kcade streets. CASHMERE STELLA SHAWLS.? A LAROF, ASSORT ment of this elegant style of shawl, ^ust received, will be ottered Ihis morning. I'BSDELL, PEIfiSON A LAO, 471 Hroadwny. IJIMRBROIDERIES AT HALF PRICES? AUCTION lilgoods. ? hOO Swiss ncd cambric liollnrs at lis., 7?., 10s? 12a? anal 4s. each; 200 children's collars at fis. each; 000 cainbrn bands, 4 \ ds. long, Ids. each; 100 black spotted veils from (1 R to ft. Only one price. JAMES MAliDEN, 643 Broadway, second door above Bleecker street. Fall goods at retail now open. A. T. STEWART A CO., Broadway, Chambers and Reade street*. Fall flowers and feathers.? jambs tucker respectfully remind- the trade that the hulk of his rich an tiiinnul sloek is now available; basket* with fruit and dowers, and bridal wreaths for the million, at No. 387 Broadway, near While street. Fashionable fall millinery ? We w ould call the particular attention of ladles resident and visiters to NFV York, to llie largest and choicest assortment ofdurk straws and Neapolitan bonnets ever opened in thiaoHjr. Now read* lor inspection at CARTER'S EMPORIUM OF FASHIONS, 0!>3 Broadway, opposite Metropolitan Hotel. Fancy dresses wanted.? ladies or gentlh men having any fancy or or theatrical dresses todisposn of, can receive llie highest rash price I'of tlicm by sending to Mr. Cohen, Ifti Kim street, or 101 Chatham. N. B. ? Ladies attended lo by Mrs. Cohen. Feathers, flowers and straw goods, rich Paris feather*, French flowers and colored straw goods of\ every description, just received and offered, at very low prlcex lor cash, by HOMER A KKTCIII'M, No?. 64 anil 66 Joha street. GENIN'S BAZAAR, B13 BROADWAY.? ORAND A? lumn opening, Thursday, Sept. 6, lKftO. ? The public la most respectfully informed that on the day above named a choice assortment of the Intest novelties In ladles' and children'* apparrei will be on exhibition, all of tlio very best make, and such ns cannot lie surpassed, if paralleled, In tills cits. GENIN'S Bazaar, St. Nicholas Hotel, 013 Broadway. Milljners from the country, can nowbeh al CHAIN'S Bazaar, 513 Broadway, under St. Nlchotaa lintel, pattern bonnets, for the fall, of unusual and surpassing beauty. Millinery.? especial notice to country mil lllters.? Mr*. Railings, t!7 Canal street, will open cases ol rich French pattern bonnets on Thursday next, 6>u Inst., t* which she invites their early Inspection. Mrs. RAILINGS, 67 Oanal street. Moire silks.? 100 pieces of the richest qua Illy antique manufactured, comprising every shade of coiar snd cut in Any lengths lo suit purchasers, will lie opened (his morning. UBflDKLL, l'KIRSON A I.AKK, 471 llnmdway. N'ew FAIX COOIIP. Upholstery, . Curtain materials, and ! French paper hangings. SOLOMON & HART No. 'M Broadway. tire now receiving a full slipply of (all goods, suitable for Curtains, Furniture Covering, and interior decoration, which they offer Wholesale and retail , Upon the most favorable terras, To which they imite the attention of the TRADE AND PUBLIC. Store eloped on Saturdays. New ooods for the fall trade. -udsdru., PEIRSON A LAKE will open this morning an Immenaa stock of fashionable dress good*, consisting of rich silks, Frnneh de laincs and cashmeres, plalil goods of every descrtpfloa, shaw l", silk velvets, French merinos, calicos, Ac. 471 Broad way, between Orand and Itrnonie. PARIS EMBROIDERIES ? IN WHIST! WILL BE FOVND every novelty, and at prices to command a popular taste. A. T. STEWART A OO., Broadway, Chambers and Reade street*. OTRAW TRIMMINOS.-WEISKER BROTHERS, IH lO port em and jobbers of ribbons, velvets, trimmings, em broideries, and millinery goods In general. 64 and 66 Joha street, corner of William. MISCELLANEOUS. B I'TLER'S COMPOUND 1IALSAMIC MIXTURE IH more certain than any other preparation of cubcbe and copaiba, whether ?<ill(lUletl riiragln or One bottle. In hundred* or en-en, producing a certafc cure, Price $1. IIS Franklin Hi ret-l, and by drngglsta generally. CARD ENGRAVING.? WKDDINQ CARDS, VISITIHG, hi liome and business cards engraved and printed In the most fashionable alyle; also, a choice assortment of weddlaff envelopes, One iillver plated door and number plates, i Ac. Orders by mail punctually attended lo. K. LEOOETT, Engraver, No. 4 John I DAGUERREOTYPE*, 25 CENTS; PHOTOGRAPHS, SS. 2M) Broadway, Artists' Club. Gentlemen's Fashions for September, mm.? F. DERBY A COMPANY Announce amongst their inoti conspicuous PERSONAL ADORNMENTS FOR OKNTLBMElf, 1 hal the following may well be noticed. For morning frock coats, I he Brighton bearer and a new arti cle in flue Hath coaling. They are both bound on the edftea Willi narrow silk binding. For a walking or riillng drees, a hnzel nut brown or' Russian green coat ; the waistcoat of Thi bet wool, very line In tenure, and the pattern confined lo star* nnd riinnliig sprigs bound with the same oolor as the coal. Dress toatn an- made of blue, green or Bishop's purple, with black. For morning coats, n milled kersey In brown, blue or lilac k, and various double milled medley cloths ami undressed Meltons. Overcoats, a truly English double milled drab great coal, <?o very useful on most occasions, particularly in wagooa <it on borseliiii k,l lm hiding a variety of Custer, > laret and ollva blown treble milled rlotha waterproofed, yet cvaporable; all ol which we shall be prepared to exhibit on Monday, August 27, Together with a superb assoriment of waistcoatlnf* tod I itiv seringa, as nl?o every article requisite for male iiiUre lu novel aud elegant designs. 12 PARK PLAOK. Gas fitting and fixtures? stores, dwkl lines, factories and public buildings tirompily fitted with gas pipe aud fltlures at reduced prices, (las fUl urei of the la test si vies and designs, or made to order. JOHKP1I II. MARTIN, No. 9 Canal street, near the corner of Centre sireet. NEW LIGHT. SILVIO OIL OR DIAMOND LIOHT.-TII* cheapest and beat light ever discovered. Sold at HO cenbt per gallon retail, one gallon burna 100 hour*, giving a light equal to giu or rampLenn, and Dot dangerous. I?arapa and oil wholesale ajid retail, by H. I'AKMRNTER, Treasurer Sllvic OU Co., llroadwaf. TKAW AND HAY CUTTERS. ? I10VEY ft CO., MAKE at the manufactory price- For sale by A. LONGER ' MCUfatrMt. Corner Fulton street. CAN US' SARSAPARILLA. > * The ingredients composing this valuable and pleasant medicine are entirely vegetable. It U alike efficacious to chick Incipient rralady, and to coiinieract actual disease; for removing linh. n hv hi.n.nrs li mil the bioo?l, reanimating and invigorating the dormant energies of the systerp , It will bo found Inlinlteiy superior lo any other remedy. Prepared and ?old by A. H. A II. SANDS, druggists, 100 Fulton street Sold also by druggist* generally. TAILORS' NOTICE.? AI.EZ. D. REEVES CALM THE attention ol the trade to his new sys'em ofcutting < s vests and pants by actus] measurement. Office 2**9 llroadway, over Messrs. Till A Cook. Importers of tailors' trimmings. P. S. A new st vle of overcoat got up by Mr. R. can be wen at his office? the Alexander coat. THE FIRST NEW DUTCH HERRINO KXPKCTKD BT the next steamer from Liverpool, by L. J. MKLCHKM?, H# Front alree'. . rBOOT AND SHOE MAKERS IN GKNERAL? THI undersigned h ivlng obtained s palent for obviating Um si oe lift, wishes the trade lu general lo call and see bis net Invented spring horns, by which ladles ean have their shoe placed on ibeir feet without the usual routine or troable aa tending a new shoe or gaiter. Please call and see, aa U h ooi; w anted to be ? *n to W Imt'R Tl'RF OIL-FOR SORES (IK EVF.RT KIND which ma' the form of manor biast? Eureka of mMiHnea ITHK COSTA R'S RAT, ROACH, Ae., EXTERMINATOR. I'.e Costar's rat, n>a< h, Ac., exterminator. Use Coatar's rat, roach, Ac., exterminator. I'se Costar's rat, n*.< h, Ac., ext. t mini tor II. R. COST A* 'S Depot, 3M llroadway, New Vet*. tlrAX MATCHES. SEtlAR LIGHT RES, FI'SRKS, WAX TV lapars, gii^ lighters, po. ket botes, nli'ht lights, wax Lw randies, portable match sales, Ac., Ac., suitable tor druggtats, L'rocer', stationers. fancy stores, -egar dealers and others, are now otfer? d at the lowci wholesale price, for cash, at 17 Day street, up stnlr?. DKmSTBT. ?<X*??W?'M \ N t ' \ N HE 1'iil.Y WHO HAS FINE TEETH i\ ?J .1 K'sis' a i ? Person* wIshiiiK a nt - set of tooth. will do well to rail on Dr. NAF< H, HON PRKTERRE; all bia 'it o'al ?..ik nnuvts to be tlie best, and in pr ce the < hi apeet 4.V. llroadway , corner ui Howard atrssa. Teeth i? i xi raordinaAt priors i *i id u ok gold, warranted. Four premium received. New style ?n i heniitiful ? oriMuolwhlp Refereftfi-s freely gueo to pa iron* in th* city arid country. Thi?s? tnu*re*ted ate r>*ape*-t Itillv Invited lo cati on I ? K MANNON, d.-n'.si, ma Hrualtaaf , Iw utivd, ti.iacwd, 4;. >v? ?t; it K ptrwt Vetth uatnA

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