Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 5, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 5, 1855 Page 7
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ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. FOH SALE. dhor nnrv -fur sale? an old establishf.o. hni-lne*w, now doing a first rate -ustoiu an 1 trtiwient trade; will pay $4,on0 10 (A.mlO profits, and expenses ?err light; about t4,tji)6 reotilred, which ran be pftliloaUw easiest possible It* Mil-. Inquire of INGALLS Jt CO., 212 Broadway, room 13. ? FOR BALK? A FIRST CLASS BROWS , stone house, In one of (he bwl k>oal Ion- In l Brooklyn. It will be sold at a great sacrifice for sag. Apply lo WALSTEIN H. BROWN, 24 WUltam ?treet, room 23, ?rat 106 I' Dion sueet, Brooklyn. fQ AHA ?FOR 8ALB, A THREE STORY AND HASH O.UUU. ment brick house In Brooklyn, wlili Bore lot feet l.y IIS, I (utile and other accommodation*. Mini be sold ?heap. Also a hoiixt- on New York avenue with carriage house. *4.000. Apply lo C. U. THOMPSON, 81 Nassau street, room No.'T. " . <fcO THKiBKST PRINTING OFFICE I.v THE (1^,4 UU city for sale; 4oe* work for the A ppletons' and Harpers' ; profits $40 per week; employ* 10 hands; $3,000 <>r work on hnml. Rent $8?). Reason for selling, going Wert. Wall at 2HJ Broadway, room 1L Mcnn ? VKRY VALUABLE STORE LEASE TOR .OUU. sale, with a rash business In this city, ivell et lahUalieil, Including the entire atore, fixtures ana .furniture, ?ow on Ihe prcinlaee, necessary for a profitable contlnujuiee of tbc business. which yield* $-M)0 to Swi<)0 weekly. Owing to ether Immediate engagements, the advertiser Is Induced to write this notice. Address, for three day*. A. B? I'ont olllce. Al CAfk OR $1,000.? ONE HALF OR TUB WHOLE ol a t-'"od paying business, now established, I now offered to an enterprising person. Terms and l ull par Oculars given on addrcsflng James Qordon, Herald olllce. (fcl'onn ?FOR HALE, KIOIIT LOTH OK GROUND, 2ft bv 12ft feet, well storked with fruit trees. In Weal ?beater cotuity, N. y., near the I lluli Bridge. I'art of the pur chase money will he taken in cloths and I II n Inierei Address J. B., Herald office, stating when and interview can be had. ?nnn ?WANTED, TO PURCHASE A GOOD PAY .?/ v" V7. lug business, or would like to cng>tge aa part ner with some tood business man. Any person ntiout retiring from business having such to dispose or on fair terms, will please address J. H., Herald ninre. Mfifkfl ?FOR SALE, a MANUFACTURING BUS! ?UU", ness, with steam power, utensil*, tools, and everything complete, and now In successful operation. The business established will pav a handsnmo ami sure profit of 33 Cr rent on the sales, and done strlrtly for cash. Apply lo C. BOWtB <t CO., M .Nassau street. A7nn -OROCERY, GROCERY, GROCERY? FOR VlUU> sale, a first elsss store, upon one of tbe beat corners In this city, doing a large cash mule; pr"snnt pro prietor about retiring will give a long lease, at a low rent; stoek light; will be sold cheap. Apply to CAMPBELL <t Ol?., 113 Chandlers street. djrnn ?BOOT AND SHOE STORE FOR BALE.? CoUw. ? Good kieation, cheap rent, nice stoek, an excellent chance tor starting a toriunn on a small capital. Cheap, as it most be sold. Apply to THOM AS K1RKHEAD, 243 Eighth avenue, or io Barker <t Oetraader, 1 47 Broadway. dMTA-FOR SALE, THE LEASE, STOCK AND FIX x * /" / tores of a feed store, 1ft years established, now do kng a large and profitable business. Kent free. Tn any tier Hen wishing to engage In the alcove this Is unquestionably a rare chance. Apply Immediately At 2H'.l Broadway. room 10. GEORGE W. HIMEKS. -FOR BALE.? THE LEASE. STOCK AND FIX tures of a torelgn and domestic fruit store, situated In one of the most business thoroughlares iu this city. Also, a splendid -egar store, lu an excellent location: price 1AM). A ii ply at ifc9 Hroudway. GEORGE W. SIMERS. tonn ?FOR SALE. A LIGHT, PLEASANT CASH <f *' v/l J, business, now pairing well, sold on account ot' the proprietor leaving the city next week. Receipts average $41)0 per week Address Williamson, Herald olllce, lor particulars. "IAA HORSE POWER STEAM ENGINE FOR SALE ? lvv A new and superior built engine, built by one of the best London steam engine builders ; will be sold at a bargain. Apply to PECARE, BERNSTEIN A PHILLjJ'S. 51 Liberty St. 3 BEAUTIFUL LOTS FOR SALE, CHEAP, ON THE heights i back of lloboken; apply In person or by note, to C. J. ROE, No. t> Spruce street, second story, or ou l'allsade avo nue, third house above Luitou's office. AN EXTENSIVE DRUG STORE FOR SALE IN THE city of BrooWvn. ? One of the oldest established an 1 most profitable stores In the place, will be sold on easy terms. Ave rage business doing, about $16 per da v. For lull particulars, apply lo B. W. RICHARDS, 807 Broadway. A LARGE BOARDING HOUSE. IN THE UPPER PART of Broadway, for sale. Tbe turni'tire will lie sold, on reasonable let ins, part cash and part ou time. The house now has twenty five regular boarders, and w ill accommodate about farty. Price $2,000. Apply to C. II. HOWES A CO., 84 Nas asn street. Books and stationery.-a new and costly stock selling by retail strictly at wholesale prlooa; also, two handsome case-; of drawers and sheh ing. twenty feet long, with glass sash, suitable for any genteel business. Most be sold. Apply at 438 Broadway. Bakery for sale.-the stock and fixtures of the old establlseed bakery 120 Fultou streut, Brooklyn; will be sold low. COAL YARD FOR SALE, UP TOWN-WITH TWO horses, carts, screens ? all lu perfect order, doing a go<sl business . Reason lor selling, the owner having other business ?n hand out West. Application to lie made to LUSK A MOORE, real estate brokers, 21I6 Fourth avenue, corner of Twenty-third street. COTTON MILL FOR HALF, TO CLOSE AN ESTATE ? The stilifrriber will sell at private sale tbe cotton mill at Patr.rson. New .lersev, known as Harmony Mill, containing ?e venleen looms, one *11 Ions, iwo nickers, nineteen cards, two drawing frames, fire speeders, one grinding tiamr, a? o? fork spinning n ames, two pairs of inules, warping mill ami reeling frames, with all other fixtures and utrnsel* for rnantt featuring, all In good running order. The ini>l and dwelling house stand on leased ground, with light rent and a jierpetnai fcaae: In.iulre of 1MERRE J. HERTINK, Administrator, 24 Vfarren street, up stairs, or JOHN H. HEDI.EY, Attorney, W Nassau street. DBER FOR SALE. ? THERE ARE FIVE VERY NICB young fiiwrni jut-t arrived fr<im WbKHiiiln, wlilch lutve born r h i - ? ? 1 by domestic care, and are tery tame, at A. ORIEYK's biraatore, 150 Chamber* street. Dbuo STORE for HALE.-ANEATLYFITTBD store, tlolnt: a gtssl boaine**; rrn1 low; will ho sold cheap. The proprietor being a phy sician, wlshe* to rontiuc hlinat'lf to practice. Apttly at 351 Tenth avenue. Dbuo stork kop, hale? good business. la roe mock drug*; Kill be sold at a valuation, If required. Lowest n iii in the city. Lease for tuo year*. Call at 125 Greenwich avenue. Dbuo store for kalk-worth $:t.ouo, will be sold for $1,200. Musi l>e sold In a few days, owln? to a death 111 the fotiuly anil the owner going Wert. If not sold would take a partner with from >400 to $500. Wanted, a elnrk; one who ran couie well recommended. Apply at 132 9th av. Farms for sale? in and near the villaoeof Madlnon, Morris county, N. J. Nlue (anna. varying from 12 acres up to 220i? res; they are good farm*, and beautliully ?iUiated. Alao, *everal liounes nnd garden* In the village; building alien lor cotuitry residents*. All these properties are ?Hualaa near the Morris and Erie Railroad, and near the Madl aou depot. These farm* would he e.xcUaugt d for New York or Brookl) n property. For particular* Inquire of S. D. HDNTINO, near toe aepu*. PABM OF 101 ACRES IN A BEAUTIFUL VALLEY. 25 miles from New York, near a depot; soli very rich, plan tjr of wood and water: may he divided Into two or Ihree (anns to anil purchaser* at a low price, on account of deceaae of lata proprietor. Apply to W.J. BRUNDRED A CO.. 78 Na^aau street TpARM OF 29 ACRES HIGHLY CULTTYATKD, RICH r Joamy soil, in a beautiful and fertile valley, near a depot, 1>? hours' ride from New York; hoiwe' "infor'aiile, hams new, mrarh and apple orchard, wood and water; a very deairu Me place. Price $2,250 Apply to W. J. BRUM 'RED A CO., 78 Naaaau itreet. F)R SALE?. 150 A' 'RES IN ORANGE COUNTY, wMi two houses, bam and other outbnildln ta, frtilt Irtm In full bearing, well watered and In goo I cultivation. Apply at 61 N asisii t atreet, room No. 9, from 10 A. M. to 4 F. M. fTtOR 8ALK? 00f ?D INVESTMENTS? TWO THREE 3T( )RY JP haute*, on Twenty-eighth street, bo ween Madison and Fourth avenue; two on Twenty-sixth street, near Lexington avenue, two on Twcn'y-IJrat etreet, between Seennd and Third avenue*, $5,000, one in Tweat/-*evonUi atreet, n*ar Sixth avenue $7,000, one on Tweiity-eiglith atreet, $0,100. E. B. KIN8H1MER, 21\i Fourth avenue, kern 3 to 7 P. M. r>R HAL*? A HANDSOME SMALL BRICK HOUSE, built In the beat style, with all the modiu n Improvement*, la a good nefcftkbarhood. Price. $5,100. Inquire at 130 last Thirty hfiii atmt, near Third avenue. r)R HA LB? OR TO LEASE FOR A NUMBER OF years. on reasonable terms I'J^h'i "O lute, 2 ft by ll)0, known aa the Onttanberg ferry property, 'rooting the North river, op ete Sixtieth street, with lb" water privilege, suitable for her or coal tmetoea*, ship building or nian' it act tiring pnr pears. In a growing neighborhood for partic tlars. Inquire of L BBCKBB, Worth flahokee. II II A I' BRUNJES, WaaUngton street, or OLANDMR A STKIL, 91 Murray streeL F>R HALE? THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A crockery store, doing a good bmsiurv foe the times. Apply ?1M} Sixth arrtiue. 1JV)R HALE-ON BAST THIRTY flCCOND STREET. BE JU tween Islington sod Third avenues, a small genteel ,h--ae alary house, In ne order, mod era improvement*, Ar , pose.-* oton lat May next. Price $ft.??i Also two on fewi-M between Herond and Third arena** Price $5,000 K B kJNMiiMKIt. $19 fuueth o HKHH B SALE? A FIRST CLASS FOCIt STORY BROWN nUnie front house, on West Thirty ?e<".oDd street, han1 ily situaied. law sll the modern improvement* and n h fixture", lot halt the block deep, l?au?e 5t> (art deep, '1'ia *t: will he sold verr low. For particular*. Inquire of HiLL A JAyt'KS, 142 Centre street r>B SAI.K? TIIE STtS K AND FIXTI RBS OF AN OLD established tailot W eatabhshmeal, and store to let, in Ughth avenue, in the \ Hiiiiy '4 Fourteenth atreet. The reason tor aeillng f the present occupant I* about leaving the ctiy Address J H . Ilerald od)ce, stating wlnti and trUere au Inter Ttow ran be had. r)R SALE ( HEAP? A tiOt'D SODA WATR8, PORTEK and ale nianutactorv. C<?>1 horeva and ? agon, and arer^tblng nfvipi, 14., wttii gtssl ro tte?, 4 c Mus: b?- sold, if] arrnunt I>f the proprietor learlnv the c*y. A line adlrtauitd tu Soda Water, ili tald offlce, win reeatve prompt afestiuo. FiK'R SAI.K? A REAL ESTATE A ND IIOI SB AOKM Y bii?tne*s, wt'h o?ee (Inures complete. The buaue^s 1* now paying bImiuI two tho\.?and psr year, au \ can be toereased. Addreoa J. Randeckar, Chattiam square Post tMrm, with real name and where an Interview can l?e had Price $m<. r)R BALE? TO RHTaTB AGENTS AND AI'CTION ^?ear*.? The proprl< tor <>f a well fu rui?h..t , in wkWi a uplerdld bttsiness can be done, will dispose of Uie iatne at a ?wy low price fnr ca-h, or would revive a partner willing to Inveat $St*> Address Tbeoron, Hr raid oBice. r>R HALE -THE STOCK FIXTCR KS AND LEA4K OF f?e of the largest mlllinerT cstabllshinenta in in* of Hraokl) 11, doing a large and -afe busines* So out need appiy unless they can commend about >2.t??t t ash A good ehanca tor any o?ie wWlttg to <omtoence businesa. Addrea* M. If. O., Herald ofllce, for three da J* jtOR HALE? A BARROOM AND HOTEL. HITf'ATBD in 'be eery best location in Brtwtklyn. being in the tmme dlate net*bb?rle>j>l ol the Gouverm Ur and Bistre street rerrl, *. and Mtrronnded by factories For further lofi>rm*>i aa apply to MB. MILKM 0?REILLEY. 172 South s'ret N Y. R HALE-A THREE HTORY BROWN HTOVR frovt iHiase in Kourman place, Thlrtv thlri street, between k ami Moth avenn^*. with lush * ..iu and all the ov lertt tafroreiuen's Inquire of A CLOHK. ?I Gree?*H> xtrect, F ?.* To R li JIINE^ 561 SUlk ay*nu FOR. MALE. Bion SALK? A BLOOD BAY HORSB, SEVB.V YEARS okl, fourteen hands hlub, warranted sound und kind tit kuril' -?, will stand without tying; n outd b? u vahiatiie horso lor a family or a Uix 'or. Sold for went of uae. Apply at US l.c Hoy atreet, corner of (ireenwlcb. FOE 8 ALB? AT BTAPLETON HEIGHTS, H. f? FIVE miniMes' walk from tin steamboat lending, a very valua ble ami desirably located lot ol bind, beiuR Hi feel front and rear, and 131 fuel deep, with several (Inn t'rult trees tbcrenn, with the new mid and wall (mill 1 \vu Minry bullae situated on the former Boyd place, on the Richmond road, between Wrbjht und Court atresia, opposite Smith's terrace. TIk bouiie I* well arrangi d, bard fliilalu d n alls, and parlor* communicate with sliding door*, and marine mantels, piazia in 1'ronL covered with tmroof. all in complete order. The location ot tills pro pct'iyinnltvpuMd. For terma of sale Inquire ut tba house, on Maten Island. If not sold at private sale, will be Hold at auction on Thursday, September 6. ISAO. at 12 o'clock, noon, by A. II. MT LI. Kit, ut the Merchants' Exchange, New York. For ha lb ? a kink grocery and liquor storb, with the Mock, fi#ure* und gas; also a line home, wiwoti und Mai le, wllh four years' leaae aud cheap rent. Sold on ae muni of the owner folnx Weal, Inquire al No. 174 Twimly III it) street between First and Second avenue*, In tho ooal yard. FOll SALR-TI1R THRU STORY BRICK HOUSE AND lot, No. "0 Went Twenty aeventb mreet, near slnli avenue und hroudwai ; has all ilie mod) rn Improvements, and will be rold on such term* that c.iuiiot tall to cult anyone who wants to purchase. Possession any lime required. For furilinr partlcu bra Inquire of J. HE.SSON, Mercer House, cot tier of Brooms and Mercer streets. For sale? a splendid location? at brown's Point, Ave minutes' walk from steamboat landlm; of Key port boat, t luht acres of land,* with a cood home, barn an I ?table, with a splendid well of water, and line bathing, toiteth r will, u lina selection of various irult and shade tree*. Tills pro fi'ily will be wild In whole, or In part* to suit pureliaaera. emia easy. For particulars Inquire of JAM KH LYON, ;fll Fllih Mreet, New York, or on the preiulaes. Sale to take |iiace on Thursday, Sept. li, IMJfl. _______ For half? a small two story and attic bouse and In', complete wiih modern lmprovem 'tit*, -,11 u ated In n respectnhl iglihorhood, with the fnrnlture If ilealr eil. For further particular-' Iniinlre between T and 'J A. M. und 6 und 0 P. M., of 0. W. PRICK, 111 Wo*t Washington place. For rai.b ? tub lease, stock and fixtures of ik well established w holesale end retail llo nor store, now doing a food bualnexe: will be sold at a great bargain, on ac count or the death of lltn proprietor. Apply between It) aud 12 A. M. Oil* day at 88 Rooaevelt street. I 10R SALE -A FIRST CLASH FOI'R STORY BROWN alone Irnnt house, on Fourteenth street, near Eighth ave ntic. Iliui all the rii Improvements. Tenui eaay. For particulars Inquire of Newman A Co. W Maiden lane. IjlOR SALE, IN TIIK MOST HEALTHY AVI) PLEASANT part of Brooklyn, two neat cottiiKC built and lo commanding one ofthe flneal views In tho city. Houses two ?tnry and basement, l>ard finished and corniced centre pieces, urehed parlors, Urge tola, !Uil31; price only ft.NM; terms easy; considered cheap; will double In value. Apply on tho premises, Hcrgen atreet, Orand and OImhou avenues. r'ulUm ovctiuc cars pass within a abort distance. FOR SALE LOW FOR CASH? THE STOCK, FIXTUBES und lease of a fancy store, with the dressmaking and clilldr' ti's clothing; it htv* been established over ten years; lh? location cannot be aurpaased, b' lng ^liuate,! In a lutaltioaa hUeet. There ate five rooms, and fiont and back basement w lib i he store renf 54110. Reaaon for sellltni. on ncoouut of 111 lualth. Addnna llouao and Stoie, Herald olllce. IM)H SALE OR EXCMANOK? A BBAUTIKUL COTTAOB 1 limine at MorriHinla. marble man'i Is, sliding doors lioau til ut garden, tastefully ai ralli ed and well enclos d, for Brook ivn or New York propci y. Wanted to rent, a nice hou-n in the city? $1^0 to ?',(J0. Apply to C. O. THOMPSON, Hi Nas ?ait ureal, iiwi No. 7. 17V)R BAIJIORTO I,ET, VERY CHEAP? ON EIGHT Y . ninth street, near avenue A, two new three story bousea, each htvsing thirteen rooms, bath, wikler closet, wash traya, tic ? tour lota, with fruit and abrubhery. Fare C)?c. by railroad. Apply lo S. HlCIlARltON, 212 Fifth avenue. IilOR SALE OR TO LET- A HOUSE AVI) TWO LOTS hi the village of New Rochelle, near the New Hikveti Itnil road dc|?)t, Miltulile for a duelling and store, Tttrms e.iav. Apply on Hie premises to CHARLES RONTON, or to EDWIN BuhTON, 47 lhiuaton street. Houses for kale-two brick houses on Elm street, near White, $.1.(100; two on Twenty eighth atreet, near Fourth avenue, fci.ftou; on > on Weat Wasldn^^on plane, near the aqua re, fll.OOn; one on Twenty aeventh street, f7,tMM); several liandsonie brown sloii" bouses on Thirteenth street, til), 000. E. B. K1NBHIMKR, 319 Fourth avenue, 8 to 10 A. M., and :i in 7 P. M. n HOUSE ANI) LOT FOR HALE -TIIK HANDSOME basement house .112 Sianton str"et. third bouse east of Lewis atreet, about 211 by SO feet, lot 20 by 75 fee'. Po? ssion Immediately. Terma$I.U00<loi\n fl.MJt) to remain on bond and mortgage as long a* desirable. Apply on the premise*, ol /AS. dilwortii. TTOUSE AND FURNITURE Ff?R SALK OR TO LET J 1 No. 219 WohI Thti-ty fifth pric? ? u v-ry gi'iiteel r?'Ki<l?*nc4'; nl^o, tlie fli?? dwelling Iioumh 2A WpmI j hlriv fifth ?trei*(: pric? fl'^OUO. In<|nire of UENGDIOT A OOIT, corner ot Pint-, ami Na**au nireeU. IAaND FOR PALE? EKiTIT ACRE8 OF IIIOHLY OUL J tlvHt?'d land. In Orei'nviJli*, town of B?rx?n, t'nim J envy City ferrv. |Iouh?* and h?rn Attuched. T#?riiu #??nv. In quire of JOHN ll M1DMER, Point BrrezeHol ?*1, or ot Jam EH L. BENEDICT, Hurvcyor'ii office, 32 Wall mreet 1)UULIO HOUSE FOB SALE.? THE OLD ESTABLISH BP nubile hotifle, 231 (irand ?lrr?'t, do<n? a ?<**! biiHltuwM, with riirnif*li?Ml lodttfnK aiid club rooma; live yearn' lea*#?, A<*. : a nplendld chancf) for busineM. For further particular* iu<|uire on the PUOPF.RTY IN NEW YORK TO KXCHAN'IF. FOR propert\ in Wi-Mlchcater county, Ixmg Inlaud or New .ler p# v. A flret cIam four atory houee and jot U) exchau^e iura email farm. Apply 476 t ourth atreet. SiRTn AVP\rg LOTS ? FOUR LOT8, RITtJATRD ON a comer aoutn orlhe ??..?,? ?nd ajj ip.ntiiu' on the avenue; an cicellent opportunity for Improvvmeru u? speculation, as they will be w?fd at a p^wltive bargain. A. J. 1ILKKCKKK A CO., 7 Hronil xtreet. j TO BREW ERR. ?THE 8UB8CRIBKR WISHER TO HEM, Qie wh<4e of, or an Internal In. hi* brewerv and' house, In PouKlikecpate, Dutches* county, N. Y. Capacity of Brewery about 10,000 barrels: nil In good order. Terms ?aey. Add re? L. M. NORTH HOP, Ponghkeepelo. TO RILVKRRM I Tf IS.? FOR BALE, A COMPLETE RET of silversmith'* fool* and *l*op fixture*, In perfect working order. Will lie sold cheap If applied for Immediately, a* FALKKNAN, POLLACK A CO. *8, rear of 1*3 Duane street. rDKNTISTR? A DENTAL OFFIC E FOR SALE, TON' pint! tig of ?o#m1 parlor and operating room, furniture, In atruments, allow case, male and female fa^oa, In good ? inter, situated In one of (lie best thoroughfare* In the city. Addrca* J. W., Broadway Post Office. TO DRUGOIRTR, PATENT MEDICI VEfDE A LERS AVf) others.? Desirable dm^ store for sale, down town; la com Eletely and handsomely fitted, am! dolus: a good business. MlsTactory reaaoti* fclven for selling by calling on F.^HALK, HO N annuo afreet. TO PHYSICIA NR.? A PHYSICIAN WHO RERIDEH about twelve mile* from thi* city, in a larire growiri vll lajje. and enjoy a an excellent village und country iirac lc ?, wishes to dicPONf of the same on account of alcknea* in nh firm Iv, It la srldoui auch au oppor.umy oilers. Address Medico*, Herald office. mo BILVERf MITH8.? FOR HALE, A COMPLETE RET 1 ol .silversmith'* toola and shop fixtures, In perfect working order. Will be aold cheap If applied tor ltninedlnteiy, at TALKENAU, POLLACK A CO.'H, rear of 83 Duane at reel. TO WATCH MAKERS. ?FOR SALE CHEAP, THE FIX ttire* and good will of a nice Utile atom, with a g?K>l c<m nexlon; a good ?lmn< e for an Industrious man of kix*! ability; satisfactory reason given for wiling. Apply at IV7 Seventh avenue, near Twenty third afreet. VALIAUIJC LEA BEHOLD PROPERTY FOR SALE AT auction. by E If. Ludlow, on Thura'lay, fiUi September, af lie Ex? han^e at 12 o'c lock noon, under the direction ot K. D Hackett, referee. The premises extend from Weal u i Waahiug ton street*. and are between Reach and North Moore at re***, In Ule city ol New York; about 50 feet by 237 feet, and have near ly After o veara ??t the unexpired trrm. Ground reut $1,000 per am. urn. payable <jnsrt*rly. There are aereral building- on tin ? land cak'nlatad for Iron works. flee auutionoer's aale. The leaae Is from the Rhine lander estate. ftPORTIWG. IjlOtRTH POINT BREEZE REGATTA ?A RF/JATTA ?.111 take place. off Point Urease, New York bay, 3', mile from Jersey City ferrv, on Wednesday, r?*pt 12. at 1 o'clock P. M. Free for all lib and main**li under thirty f.v*. Prise* 4M0 to winning boat- llo to accond in. Canal time fhen on starting. Entrance, fb Six boat*, or no race. All oats to be entered before the day ot race, at Point tlrncie Hotel. JOHN II MIDMEK. FH>R KALE? AT NO. 7 JAY STREET FOUR DOORS from Hudson, a liver colored pointer dog three years <?l I well broke, and warranted iu every re*pe?t. Valund?u975 and will be mAd for f 10 pEGATTA? THE FOUjOWIOO PRIZES WILL BE XV ttlven In a repatta, to rrnne ol! on Thursday, li.'i liw*?ut tr#*? for all boata ^ fret and under, rlz. &4i to first host, (.m t/? aecond, awl $15 to third. Dlatancr. ta?*nty mllaa; t/? start from Atlantic 11 or el. Hoi. ok en, at 1 o < l<?dt P. M Ta?? mlnalc? j??*r loi?r allowed for dlfTeren re in le-ngtJi Entrance tn be rn^le at or before 10 o'eWx k on the day of aalltng. This regatta la l(i farided for an opportunity to teat Uie mertt? of the variola rx>at bulkier* in tlila vlctiilfy. ABRAHAM BARKER, Proprietor. RKOATTA op TMKSEARON? A SPLENDID REO ATT A Mill take p la ?r on Thursday, tli#. l.*V?h of Hr|>trrii*>er a' J M 1)1* N LAP'S, Hellgale ferry, foot of Kkghiy M *th ?tre<*, Ea-t river, for jib ai4#l nuiin- ilM-oa^, from tH feet hi leu/tb downwaru*; to start from Puniap's dock, b iwecn the hou s tH lO'i A H and IP M . and -ail around the huoy at Thro^ic' Potot and bark to place of starting All entries m'Mi be rn ? te pr? vtou? to tiie day of tailing Entrance Id The prise* aIII be a> follows;? For the utmilnx ??oet, |L??; for U?e !>??%? In, 9li. for the third boat In. ?10 WnUe the walling b?*?t. are linger a ay, thr-re will be a rowing match for 19 o ? t working boa's. Entrance t'2 each, an I a p-iraeof f ju will be gireu to the winning >>oaf. Mile heaU. best ihrer in flfe, QfOITIXO ?FOB SALE AM) FOR STOCK, At J. TI1F li eh* . tee breeda of dogs also an Infallible cure for Ttwtagr* aorea, and dli*en*#?? "4 U?e ?kin In d?jga, A* , beautifyhig *i\A pnewiiiir ?l?e iirowtl. rrf hair and exterminating flrae, Foe wale ai JTA Water irfrert, corner Fulton. Price fifty ef?nte. JUmilACl, 4k*3. ALAltOR QVANTITY OF CAST OFF CLOTHING wanted ?OefitJeenrn having left otf wearing aopaf> j i/? <1 \n\umi tn kMTge uoasl kKa. will reo#te tUr very Id iwn pr.c? for them by calling f?i or a?l TH^tS l? TON ROY. 191 Penii e'rret, hetweet) City flail place and ('entre street / u/rtuTx< ? i.adies or a k*tlmkn~7mTFn< r AN V " (odlsptM of, can receive a fair price hy a *odUig ti??- tir?r?i. 12 laurena -tree*, near Canal, or 5 J Wnai Brua^lw a>. Indies attended by Mra. H Cobe n. h OOHEN. /iW/THINO AND FCRMTTRE ?PERSONS HAYING \ ai v -A he at?oee 'o dlafMiae ot can receive Ui>< hlk'tv* <a>h for be n?ioc by fsndine'oL M Dnaaeldorp. 15 Kin MfN'. N B ? LadW?e a trended hy Mr*. Duaael^j rp. rM/?THTNO OF ALL KIND4, RCOCRRD. DYED AND \ r+\H . ? ?* i o*ej r??at* r< ??lor. ?l and re fin^l si) lao^y c?' ora ebh* r i > su#r??i or toned; n?'U''?ry coata ?'lennrd wiUk. ti f? king off the l^ce ..r abrutklnjr -?.twls c>arvd in a superior m\ le Tailoring Moder*v prlcea. Fifty pair af fai?cv eat met p, nta, at >1 50 a pair ???*? Bi -idwar. <> L> VIE UN'S AND BOY-' < UrTHIN i WlfOI.F -ALE ANI> RK tall, K) to .A) \ s*r cent leas than general p ice, at J VAN W RUfLI'S, 57 Fulton street. Persons buying to ?ev a*?tn C f.wH fall to make from to it** l^r eenl m any par' the f ate>?. t nutng taught, and pattettst femlshed ?o the trade. erOI.KW (iOODS. ()' tFFICE OF TIIF. CHIEF OK POMCM. ItF.PT 4. MY ' Owners are warned at ilw* First iHatrlet Poike Out, (T- m??a> t mtre -tree" f?^ a Ptrins or bars of raUr'??d li ???, 2 bnistjeti a# ?>nck aktn irstu, and i ry l *< striped c.arp^'. \ th iblrd IHetrlet Poilrc '*o??r* (K ???*?* ^'reetj i r \ jU mu y '/ h rr>pe and ron hr*?ka, all of whleh ar* .^unpraM I Ui hare neen *t thle oolce fov a red wee^cn sltawl found t?? a Proedw.y ^age 6KO W. M ATSKLL. CWoT P;U" ? IIHPPINO. PM)H UVBU**?OL. ? UNITED rf ATf> UAII. WTAM ?hip PACIFIC, txra Nye. commander ? Ibi* ?tu?iu *Jiip will depart *i a the linired -date* maih for Kurupn poellvWy ?n Wednesday . Sept ft at It o>cloo* H. , from tifr berth at the foot of Canal *ireet. km tr eight or p?--age, having ine>|ualle< accommoda tion* for elegance Hint comfort ?i>|>lv to KDWAKD K. An Wall hirewt Paafrager* ar* requested to be on board at 10 o'clook A. M. Shipper* pieaMi take notice thai the *lupa of ttu* lire cannot carry ?uy good* contraband of ?' All letters tnm-t pan* through ha Post Oflloe ? auy other* will be returned The nteumatiip Atlantis will micceed 'he P tile, and ?all Sept. 10. THK BRITISH AND NORTH AMKRICAN ROYAL mail ?teanuihi|>a mi* i??w York to uvmroou Chief cabin pannage 9130 Second cabin pantp.,.,,,,, it nti'M BOtTMN TO UMDtriKII. (tlef cabin ptMuiit $110 Second cabin parage AO The >-tii|>? freni Bo*tou call at Halitax. ARABIA, Capt. Judkin*, AMKItlt'A Oapt. l?ng, I'kJiMA, Capt. Ryrie, KURopA, Capt. Shannon, ASIA. ( Iipt. K. O. Ulit CANADA Capt. Stone, AFRICA, Tapt. llarriAon, NIAliAKA t'apt. la-itch. Thene ve*M'l* carry a clear white light at mast head; green on *tarboaid bow, red on port bow. America. I ang. leaver iio*ton Wednosilay, Aug. 20 (aim d/i. Stone, " Uonton VVedne .day, Sept. 12 Africa, Harrison, " Boston Wednesday, .--opt. 'in America, iang, " Boston Wednesday, Oct. 10 < ? nmla, Stone " Beaton Weitne?day, < tct. 'J4 Africa, Harriaon, " Boston Wodneoiay, No*. 7 Aula, l ott, " Hoxton Wednesday, Not. 'il Berth* not *ecured until |?id for. An experience.! surgeon on board. The owners of there ahiaa ? ill not be accountable for gold, aiher, bullion, specie, jewelry, preciuua ?time?, or meials, u ii lean bill- of lading are nigned the, dor, and the value thereof therein expressed. For freight or pa*sage apply, tb K. CI nA'.D, No. 4 Bowling green. There will be no ateainships of this line from *>ew York until further notice. |/U)H BHKUKN VIA St II 'Til A kill UN ? THK CNITKD r State* mail ateamsliip HhltMAN N E. lliggiii", conimaniler, will nail for Bremen, touchingat 3ouUuun|> ton to land the mail* and passenger* for Knglaud au'l France, on Saturday, September 8. a' VI o'clock M., from pier No. 37 North rlfer. ? funn or mmuujB im m nvw tokk to aornunrroN on hh? ??. in llrit cabin, main Miimn 9130 In (tint Cabin, lower saloon 110 In i.econd cabli ' 0 An experienced surgeon la attached to each ateatner. specie delWered ill Havre or Ixindon. All letter- nnutt through the Po*t< iftice. For paaaage or freight, ap ply U C. H. SANK, Agent, VI South William *treet. Die vieamer Washington *111 *uecead the Hermann, and xail (Jet. A. FOH SOUTHAMPTON AND HaVKF. THK UNITED State* mail attamer AKAfiO, D. Ijnen, coininander, ? ill leave for llarre, touching at Soullunii|it on to land 'l,e mail* and pa?*eiiger*, on raturdav, .-eptember 22, at 12 o'clock from pier .17, North ri?er, foot of lleach (treet. Price of pusaage? tut cabin ?l;gi ' 2d cabin...., 976 Thli "teumchip, in lier con*lruction coiublniut un e?|uull?(l nafcty with miengtli, liaving lire water tig ,t compartment*, nnd no completely protecting the engine* that, even in care of collUlon, no lujury could occur to endanger the itafeiy either of the ?es*el or |iu**eugera. An experienced Hurgexn on board. I.uggugc not wanted d'iring the voyage mould be *ent on Im aid Ibe day before Milling, marked "Below." No freight taken on hoard after Tlmr*day, Sept. lit). l-or freight or panaage a|iply to M. IJVINtiSTtJN, ft.'i Broad wa> . The meamor Union will Nucceed the Arago, and aaU October i.0. EJ-DICH) PBICIf FOUR HOURS FROM ockaN to Oct*n. by l anama ii&ilruail. ? Meali furnhhoc to hteernge pa**cnger* on the /Htntniin free ? Mou huudred Ibn. h*g),age freo ? Through for California, via I'arutma Kailroud ? No cholera on thi* route. ? The United Htate* Vnil -teaninhip Company intend to de.ipntcb for A*pin wall, on Wednenduy. Sept. 6, at 2 o'clock P. M. precUelf fiom pier fiMit of Warren *treet. North rlTer, the well known himI fuvoriie *ienm*hip t.WIUJK LAW I'aptaln A. (i.tiray. I'nHM-ngerHand ma,U will Im> forwitnh'd hy I 'annua Kailroad anil connect at 1'annmu witli one of the f'acjflc Mnil -teniiikhip Company'* magnificent ?teiirn-hip? which will "c in teadinee* and leave immeiliately for San Kranci*c? they will etnburk free of exfieinte from the new pier of 'he kallroad Com|iany. The public are informed that 'lie P. M. S. S. Company alwayx iiave one or more extra at en mere lying at Panama ready for Mia, to avoid an> poniiihle detention of pa**enger* or maila. For pa*. aire ipply to 1. W. RAYMOND, at the only office of the com pniiien, No. 177 We*t ?treet corner of Warreu, New York. ItOR I.IVEKPOOI^PACKKTOrTUEfiTII HKPTRMRRR. ? Thetplendid new and favorite packet *hip KOHKKT K KM,Y, < *iii Baratow, will poalilvelv nail on Thuraday.Rep tember ti. iter accommodation* for cat, in, necond caliln an 1 Kteeraite |>a?M ni-cr* ?re ao?ur]>a**ed. K*rl> afipUeation ?liould be made on board to neeure lienha, at oler No. 5, N.H., or to T Al'St OTT AOO.,M South mi ret. IftOR MVKRPOOL-A FIRST CI.AHS CMPPKR HIIIP will positively tall on Wedie *duy. 6th September i ';m take a few more (erond < uliln and *ti*erage paM*n|' ?e plying lo DKMARKAT A JONK8, 40 Houui *te~* "tifl 36 Old nlfp. For iiavkr via boutw a mftow? th k v*nokr hilt Kurorean line of ateamahlpa? -The first elata n#*w *team?htp AlilKL, 2,.'M> form. I*-fevre, mMU r, will l#*arn New York from pier 20 North river. fool of Chamber** atreet, at r.oon preeiaeiy, on Saturday, He pb'mber 23d, for Havre, calling at South* nip ?on to land mails. pa*atengers and njwk. n?K? clana psaaa ge to Havre or Southampton 91 10 S< fonU do. do. |<W The Arli*! will be followed by the North Star, tvtober Ivft Tim owner of the?e ve*?el* will no? be accountable for gold, j stiver bullion, n?d8t jewilrjr. nradkma stooM or mrtak >i.? In k hi) la of liMltrtK *re "Igned therefor. and tin- value th? . <4 flu-rein expressed. Hpeele and good* taken at imimI r*te??. No freight received lifter noon of the <lay before nailing. No berth nee Tired until paid for. letter* prepaid IM* rents per halt o/. , will be received at the office up U? II A. M. of the <Uy of nailing, and will b? carried In ntrong India rubber baga un der )o#k . and on arrival at Bouthampton and Havre. will be | Immrdtaielv deposited In poet ofTlo * there. Parcel* taken, ra< li prepaid, one dollar and upward#. run# da ts of saiUffO raoa wrw itmm. _ vmtm mavma. Ariel Sspt. 22 Ariel topt. 1 North Star Clef, j.1 North Star Sept. ?1 Ariel ...Nov. 3 Ariel.. # Oct. 1.1 North Star Nov. 3 Arbl Nov 24 These ntesmnhlpa are elapsed A 1 at ??*? Inaurarx-e oli" ?. and apeele and good* will be foaured In them at a- low r*<?*a af preniiuin a* tn any other nt* arnahlpa that exona the o-ea n. r or Irelahl or pa asape apply to II. TORRANt'K. N". 6 Howling Ore?*n( Plew York. Af.HKKT N. rilKYKTIK, No. 6 Place de la Bourse, Pari*. CHRTFTIK, Srill/KSSMAN A CO 27 ^'?al Casamlr I>?*lavtgne, I lav re QTEAMsHIP QY'AKKR < ITY THR AMKRICANSTft AM U shfp < <<ii.panv offer for aale their superior a' learheel n'? a nu4np ^uakt r tlty, built lu l*M. The hull, by Vau^tian A Lynn, I- diagonally braced throughout, and rnpfwr Uataaod length of deek 2fl feet, reglalrr meantiremciit 1 ,A2H fiU fttldtia. The machinery by Merrfcrk A Sons. The ensln#* In a low pma sure aid# lever marine Cylinder *6 U?che<l'n diameter, eJght Iret mioke; four Iron tubular b^-a. a n^la furuiahod wlti* )*lr??o&'? lre*li water eoodenaer. t'nliin n? < iA ttie moat elegant deactinikma, with lar#** and airy fuOer -noji, vlded Wrth life I out*, lite orenertern, Ae., m a?*^r?erlane?* *%;fh net* of t'onrfi-m relaUni? twrHo For ?pe#fd, wfHy un 1 '''.'n for* ?he la ? quel to any nteamahln Ui the CnlD'*1 rtiatea, aa no <-g pefiae l?a^ been ppan d Iimke her ftrnf In her nrwiarmr (ton. la dow fan order for Inimadftata aarfioa. ftirfMv partleularn li; quire of i apt JAM KH If lfol><i|M).V, UmONLY authorized arent (or the aale >m tKiard the ?lilp, alM#re Vine street, in the port of i'lflLA PKVJ'IfV A. At KTHAMA- PIONKRB 1ANR? 4'ARRYINi) T1IK IV S Mali The new and heauUfui elipper ?hip Ml. A?'#v e^A. I>. <^a?e u,a?ter. n<?w at her herb, p'- r 9, Norh rH ?? , a 111 poalUvely Mill on or before ItHh September. The ae/ r#rn modatlrfna fbr a I'mlted number of pa?fenjp-rt are on ihe mnot ?ppmed prtnetplen for Whf. ventfja'Wm aiel ooitilort. < ? ail on deck The *uerM??i fif ihe Pk#neer bne ?tn?w !j? flr* ? hobmeiit loor veara ago l? paibapa unpiee<vlented ? no % <KM noeldf lit hatlrw occurred, and no claim hartn^ l?een ma le on he Insurance ? flfle. *, uhlle amraur the ih<#*i*an<T? t#f p.?? . ufir* alteolufely no Plcknesa haa been kn .vwi. Tlie adranta^* t >4 en.ploytng flrpt eJaia ahln* snd aipertenoed con</nafeler<i H de mr-0?fratr-d by U?e foi;r*atria revnaiiiable j . ?*fc'e? n ver e?(iiallrd from thle country ? Kotna iieean Ste^i, W* <ta>* Fly u p J*eod. > 4a\a. Windward aT daya, NlKhtinKale *4 lav* t?# !*< ude, (*) day?. The Hiark Sea will be *ueeedrd b> U?e clipper bark Nlmr?id. on her third voyare, t#? nail r#n or before let October The fa?t naJilmf aldp vandalla lor Srdney, *t'h Immediate deapaicJb now loaolna at pier 12. Kaat river. For Ire.*, Li or pa**a*e apply tmard ar o> It W t'AMKKoN. No. 6 Bowline Ureen. A l hTRAMA- PIONKKR MN K ?^IIIPPKRS PKR VAN J\ l)A I.I A will plaaae rJrar U*e|r f**l* a' tK#^ C.'uatom H-uae M? dar, a? *l.ip foes to sea on Wednesday shippers per I I A i li yKA will aiao a# nd In their bills c4 ladir*j( tud da*r ibeir goods prl??r t?? the 04b tost W W CaMKRON, No 6 B#?w!ln* <ire?n At ^TRAUA -TO SAIL NEXT WKDNRHDAY SKrr ftih 1 lie beautiful new dipp* r ahip TKX AS a, i **4i for Jbtlbottme 00 W* dnaaday lien ? un liandaomely late a f? w more p ?eenifer?i if ipplle/l for lnitm*U.? i/ ?xi txjMuV at pter If# fcuiai t iter, foot ol Wall ?tre?jt. C. IIARftY FVlR PA V ANN A H? FARK HKIM < *KD? TIIK f 'NfTVfl Pftm mall KVCYtTONK HTATK, fafit H lUr ? e. will leave Pbiladeiphia for flaTassah on >A ??.b ???*! ?;? !^ep #mber ft. at lu o'rlo-k A H ?are $'J). .u*e Mr r:?e H'ate *4 tie/iCfta will laa*e aa %^?ove, 00 Wadoe*!**, Sep# fj, taenia In New York. S< H ASTON A TAIXMAN, 19 Old i-t# aheie ptate room* may be aerured Fv#r savannah Awn n/>RfDA?? rm r?n marr* nail tone ? 11*? new and ele*an? ?'eiinahti* ? NOXVIfXR, ?i# air. ? I? L*idk?w will leave New York tm Savanna#, m Wttftm^da} ^pf?Mi*l>e.r Wi, fr?wn IVr No 4 N It , a- 4 fork I' V Bill* '4 lading Riffled 'a? ^oard. F'#r freight a it , )> r?n board, or f* pa* a*e * A %fi KM, M I iflLL.n ! r*?'1aa> >?r Plsrtia. *hr*>Ugh *leke?a fffm I Mew York u? ark?<mvliie. f 'i IMiatla, HtS The Florida t'aptaln W >A ? ? n will ^uerfiBd an#l leavt 00 r>ai?irday, Hcpo-^i'mr >vh I'aa^aa ? f2ft FV H t If ARLK-TON- SKMI WKP.KLY f NITV.n KT VT rrtali 'in# ?Ute b#*w ppiendiJ, snd vary fa*t Kr> rtf wla* bp N *te1tVlLI F. If l(erry, t'*a?mar?der ?j|| l?*are ptec \o 4 S#r h riv+r >m Saturday ^pt a at 4 o ? i . k |? ?f r,f '*#e3jr. ht DrplcM apply on boar l where aiJ bill* af SaVnf Wili le ai4-n?d. and fm panaage. CharUsa snpert* a <*#rr <* ?.a at the 4*. e 0/ APOFFOKR fn.F.-'TOV A t>) ? I roan a av t^litti i#aa?ge, lift Tl?e Sr?uth?4rs^r wlU p ?*' ? ee?J sno leave ? W .-di ewlay 12*h N'OTIt *. ? iTSAMPIlff ROAITOKR. - I s rjnenee of t^e ^naranUria retfoUtAon* wtU? r^aar 1 u> % ? un an 1 P.ri?n o ?'b tii1* ?hlp wfll aavl w , % eo'embar direct for Peteraonrg. Paaaer .gers for 'li tie landed St t ?id P</nt r<ofnfort, 'IT u?r>y r ,n r??re#d Soo'h rla Pet#-rabura wMli *? m-i^a eAp^i'?K?n nd aa ebeapiy aa 1 la Nr#rfr*ik Kichfna>?d p*P??'?.rer? w;ii ?.# nt Mp ?a umiai bir railroad fr?#vn f^ty Po4n* Pa * ? ant re o Old Point P# teraburg or Kw"hn*of.d $b> f ? . ke?a to t,yn?l?t>'irg, 914 Through ttrk<*a to ?l>e \i v u?u fttngp LI Id.AM A PT!F. AS A *TS S3 Rroadaav >o ireight can be rece4ev<d for Pocferfk. WAK KRI, JKHKf.llV, AU . / * ALIFOPNf A r)f AMONrul,-Wr INV/TFTII' ?K ? lP?f*T ^ ptiff ^?ng jewelry te rail and pr#- '(??r , i? rkwM m a*err style, aad equal In brlJWaoey ,?ol tbpMr pi #^s b ti e real insmrmd. and at prVea wphio the poach /aver y of e T*oae genta ciaater pioa are mu,i $a L 4 J. JAiOOf, 4fC U. - ' '( FINANCIAL. A BY AMOUNT UK HON MY ? IN SITS* TO SC1T, CAN b? obtained ?ithout di-bkj, on arenritien, valua ble., prn| ?rty. and merchaudl^* Kenerally , uti<-ur nut ni - iiej <U*rf untnl ?t luwenl ral??, Iittfbvwl prioflr paid tor loieiffn *?>?? allver; gold ilrnrt he. butignt, at the l ink Vite and Specie UOW 4A'J Itrovtwny <>|>1*> it* l aHri. Hank. JOHN liixii'b A A0AM8. AL- ONCUKHKNT NORTHERN, EAHTKKN AND southern bank note*, broken bank note*. Kuropoaa tank ??te? fmaigu gold ami nilver gold duet, bare, As., tmcght it b??t rotes. cart titrate* 01 deceit iwM. ool lecti<>m made * ith prompt return*. and all bu?iuM*< up nertaiaiug t<i bunking doom an liberal l*rnw, at 4b'i Brnarivav, ODDOalU tiie i'anlir liiiuk. JOHN HOOPE k ADAMS. ?{'00 000 ? NONKY T0 ,,nAy ON DIAMONDS, JUUll(VVV? wal'-he*. Jewelry, dry fooda, wgnrn. Ar , or botiflit lor xUirkK, nutaa, mori#aK<'?, Ar , negotiate*! Hueti?'Hi ronlHienUa) ami prompt. By TlfOMfWlN A tn>., tiroki raand eoimnlaeioii merchant*, MR! Naeaau ilreel, corner oi Ann, room No. 1, neeond Uoor, $557 000 T? ,/OA-N? ?V wirallw, DIAMONDS, valuable proper baeemtti' nfflee, lj i'IuuiiIiith afreet, from 9 liil ti _ jewelry, M'gara. and every dewrtptlon of riy, or bought for rush, by JOS. K. ISAAC, & 40.000 dire, In In rjje or * nitineM transacted on Saturday. r\r\ (1(1(1 rv CAS" TO ADVANOR OH DU ?PJL t7t/*v/V/\/ monds, watches, Jewelry, wkiim, Ac , (or Louahiout) on reasonable ami confidential li'rmn. R?*al csuni bought and sold, and commissions generally negotiated with promptness, ar 29 Ann street, room No. 4. TO LO AN ON DIAMOND#. WATCffKtf, jewelry, and every description of tnerciian mini 11 sums; different to other ofllces; html ifideutial. Apply to 698 ilouaton aire**', ono block from Brotdvay. 8. MYKKS, Agent. ftflft ~"ANY PERSON HAVING TUB AIIOVK ?P 1 v.UIm amount, ran Invent It in bond and in'>rgatfo on first class cliy property In a central location, worth double thcquiiuum. Apply by letter add ridded A. H, Ml Houston itrelt. <kr\C\(\(\ WANTKD? FOR TIIH K K V KA Its, ON ?Ft/*UUl" property In New York, worth four times tin* amoiiit. This property I* free and clear. The Intercut will bo paid punctually. AddreM A. H., boi 104 Herald ofllee. No brpkfraxe given. Any amount op cash loankd, ok pcrcivahrd a' fl|;l)l, lor fair pHeen, on dUimoudN, wairhea, rl?'h Jewel ry. plate, men handlac, mid valuable personal property tfeno rally, by H. WOOD, ti9 Fulton utteet, Mecond fl?x)r, front room, turn ? a m to iv m. 4 LIHKKAL ARBANGKMRNT WILL HK MADK, AND j\ g<HKt mcutity Kiveu, to a single gi-ntlcuyui havtnK the erntrol of from fltNMo f.'iOO lie ?-an liave a flue parlor and a room, furnlnh?'d, without board, In u private ramll> , location cHitral; or the rooms will be let toother or n? para(e on rea stfinble terms. Address K IV H,, Herald oflp e. 1 J A 1U M i; ' ) BAVINU8 INHTITUTION? TflIRD WK 1 il nue, corner oi Ninth streeU? For the benefit of all oIums 0 persona. I i iik oiicn dully from 9 A. M. to 2 IV M., and on WKDNKH 1 A\ ninth AT I HDAY KVKNINOS from ft to 8 o'clock. Iuteiest on ilcponiU of $600 and under HIX I'KR t/'KNT. Isaac T. SMITH . 8?er?t*r) MONK Y ADVA.VCKD FOR SHORT I'KKIODS ON IIKiL es afe, diHioonds, watches jewelry, plate, pianofortes, .r\ Mod rat .? htm i mdi ? deaorfption of propefty, \\ ihe re-ponslble Kinpire Koiin ?t n?I Agency t'omp niv. IV WII I.H, AKent, Broadway, opposite the Brtswlway ihvatra. To OXMBBOUfl hnam Hilt- CMOO ffAlTlO. OH bond (i nd mortgage, for one year, tor wbl' h a liberal bouus will be paid. Address D., boi 107 Herald ofllro. TO I RAKOI A BOKD FOR IM80, Wl IX 8BOURKD for real estate, or a well sto< ked and k?smI firm near wa ti r. A !??<?, good farming lands for wile or exchange at $2 per ai re, three aa> s travel from tills city. Other lands to exchange Apply to A. J. HERMAN, 37 Chambers s'reet. 1H> INSI RAKi'K COM I' A SIRS, SAVINOS RAVKH OR capitalists. ?f 10,(M)0 wanted, on a first class bund and iiicriga^'e, without brokerage. Reference given auto prompt! i tide in pnying Interest. Address box 278 Chatham Square l' )st Ofuec. WANTKD IMMRDIATKLY? BY A LADY. LIVINO lTP town, in a tlrst class boose, the loan of $;t00 or S40<), for wl irh she will glre the ose of u parlor and bedroom, with I c??rd, und oilier w-rurlfy and references, lo any rewpecfable i ni'l? man who may be looking #nr a pleasant and agr 'eable in me for hlinselt and family for th?> corning winter. K?ery thing made satisfactory to honorable parties wishing sunortor srcomni'slations. Address, for lour days, C. C. C., Cnlon a>tuare I'oal office. IIOISKH, IUHIMS, WAVTKI). Fit RNIHIIKD liOI'^K WANTfCIH-A MODRRATK SI7.KD genteel hfiute, above Fourtii street, fur a small iatnlly. A f? e will be paid to sny iMfent who can procure one cheap, .id dress J. F I)., boi 3,563 Poat ortb e. HOt SK WANTKD TO PC RCII ASK? I.OC AUTY HK tw? en Fourth and Seventh avenues and Tenth und Ttilr ty fifth streets. Addicts S. M., Herald office, with descripUon Mnd terms. TlOtSKS WANTKD- TWO TIIRK.K STORY ORNTKKL I 1 houses, west of Fourth avenue, oetwten Fourteenth ?.? 1 i wenty elgbih ?tr? ets, a< f<ss? to $]<?o rent, for sriiall genteel tamilles. Apply to K. II. KINSlllMKR, .'119 Fourth avenue. TJOISK WANTKD? TO LKASK FOR A TERM OF J] y ears, a substantial three story brlcfc Iwmse. with high Vm^emetit snd sub < e)Ur Crotim. gas. Ac., from Twwlie hto 1 h.rtleth streets, and lietv^orn Fourth and Klghth avenues. It fi*t not to except $",isi No rhillren Tuibitit unetcop tionabl*. Apply for four 'lays at 234 We^t street, up suira. TJOI SK WANTKD-1JY A HMA1J. ItKSPV- '"T A lll.F, K A I"f mo.*, pari oi u Mimiu noone ne ween ilonntAn ami Twen 'teth streeti*, any one having Miich u house to let ruav find a dc Hirahle tenant by addi*?^*aiig II. F , M^fropoUtao Post uflic?t, Itilde House. MO! HK WANTICD To ITRrif AMK-A MODERN myl? hrniM*. \\1U? the lat?M*t tmpruv*nta, attuatwi L>rtw**?n i Hi-Hill and Thirty Uilrd ??i r^M, L#*iiiurton Hlfth 4V??u elating all ptrtlouiiir*, A. F. W , lf*?raUf oflicr. Masi factuhimo iinuifNO.-WAVTED, to rvn i b?*?', of )??a*<- lor 11 U*rm of yt>nr?, a HMhi, mi?>*IaiiUiI I uil'linv, of about 50 feet In width ?n? I I M fr"*t Ui l**r?i<th, four *uirt? *, with watrr power, elao * aupplyof Btttr water, autia Mr for nuititifairturLng pm iKMco, ind cunvculeiii bv r.itjro.ul <?r *at?r ? ommunb atiou to tb*< < Ity of Mew York Aj? ply '<? iJ?? lUl'icHbrr, ftioflW ,1A Will it/Ml. J. T. flL&AHON. SAL K8T ATH--W ANTKD TO UKST- A HM AM* IfOtTHF., turtii?hed or anfuruliih^d, In a Qrat r?u? In w York or uear; addrcaa box 3/Jlfl, i'ont Ottftoe. K "II'ANTKD? A FI'RNIriffKD IIOIriK. WITH AIJ, FM IT pr?vf*nrr?i?, In tb? ut>p?T part of th* city, for a ic*?itl** nmii and bin wifi?. Addr<*M bo* 1 'Zt * Poet offke, *lib 1< cation \l* ANTF.D? APAKTMKNTri, f'ONrilOTlMO OF TWO f ? i ouiiim and dir. ?? lx>drouui? on ?? ootid Hoar, by an Am* rkanfamih of uro* n (M?rM>ni end on ?* child Rant n?* to ? xw* d f i2 M |?? r month. None but A m?r rlcaim run**! un^v^ r ill,- Addrcaa tfehimbla, Herald oflU:?% uttiing teruta, Jooell tji Ar ?\rAMKH-MY A OIHTUDUlf AND ItM WtFfl ?? board nnd an alr> room a itli r*<iulalf r"i?Tmirn<f>?. ?bfro 'nan nri l>ut few boerdrr*. W?*?; Mriatdwav or Ifu lew o'ro-i preierrad Trrm* not ?o $* n*r *r*k IM;?t uf n inn eg Ad?lr. -a* pre paid bot .'4 fi, I I'oat office U' ANTF.D? A IT KIJ. Ft ft N frill KD FHOVT ROOK, i m flrat i?r ?m-< ond floor, for a u? r.fleinan and * if*. I,oiH f ?rihr lad) ? >?*!>. board ik* ?o ??*' ????*! |A p? r w?v k I*l--.?a?* ad 4r?*aa t . A#t<?r, ll? laid oflkf. Wbifv, there a r? no 'Aher b?*ud tit preferred. ~\Ir ANT KD?HY \ KMAIJ. FAMII.Y AKl'IToF ROOM*. ? ? fmrU b' d or unfurn*?b?d ?r part of a -m/ill boiHDln* nHfcbboi hfod In tb#* upper pur ? ?>f 'tic elty, w?*nt ?id?i pril rrtd. Adilifanf*. II JH:, fi'-rald \ITANTKI> TO 1 1 1 It fC ? W1 1 II TIIK FHIVfLKoK OF f* nuy.njf, a farm from ?l it y to <?n? hoiKlml tim, rno* tin v<- irfiod btiUdinu* on, Ar. Anvml" r- ?r|t|iln two h'owlr <->i .<nd tiiiy mil** frmit Sr? York will aif?rr, Any p> r-*m lw?v in a farm fo d^l?i?*, of on tb?* romtitlon? a ill l?ir of a niMomrr bjr ?<l ln*-iinf J. F Wnilani?, So A3 1 Tlilrd Atrnt e, fttettotf loratloo, i>rU"+, Ar W'AMIIt TO Ft HCH ASfv? f.V ItH'M >K f,V \ , \ Mori f? '? rti I utl1 tbr* f ?'orv, t*r < wo * ?ir\ and aulr b/^kb- i^ , if**, in ti t- vl' lnl'y of ?br f**rrI?-?. F? rt* nrri to *%< > *?<! f. ,!?? ?ddr****n O .I , ll**r?:d 00c Tl" AXTRU? TO flfflR, TIIK HIW'OVIJ riToRY A M? It I-*" no-ni T*?* h in 4 b"tn?#? wb *r* lt\rr* l? ??? !?n,i {* in mi b?* ?Moalc4 bi th?? F??iirw?*nUi ward, himI In m r? ? i l. ? ; ijihi < rl ?md, ai>?l r*jnt mo'leiat^. Addr*v*M l>naot. Hr'wt wi) F<iai ??!! '*??. f \< I ftKlOVH. I^xrt usio.v TO TIIK FTHIUXO HANKri.? TltK I'T.KS i <*ld I**t mid mi I* k#? ?'R'?Tt?H Win II 1 . ??!, m ill n.??k?' tr u? lb* FlattlliK liankaOfi Tor lay I ir? ? hi id f r>Uy of lid* *r?-k, I*- ? . \im n* fi?)i?? .* ? ? ? 1' , ^ m rrck -llli. 7-10; hpiiio- - n It i u r .No. .1 .N K . JHTuj. A band of raumr ?iii ancrioi^aoy b?> boal. fi Xd ItMnN TO TUB FIrilfINO hT VKH ? TIIK I. ? m** r f.AI M.I K ^ A 1*1* will iu^k^ cm f?jnr?>m to ? Fbbiiif H?n>? "ri W??dn? ?Uy mornlit|, &*b ItiVlng -prinn tir+r* ai 1H- fd?r .1 N. |(.,?<*V|?rk A? M rUU. 'I h*< *.X I Krl? N TIIK WAMMMtilfiV *TA H Ari J w ? ai)' n. d ><? tak* pla?-^ on T1inr?lay , Urb u)i ii *"? i?m #|i?rn' *? Uii* a#** WJ?-?it t? i|>? *>aii ?**r Hiivtli ! i.'ii i'mi'i i,M ur'lt ? * **r . ? i? K ftp'*! .u*ui' 'I b* I < a ' n nd barf r will l^avis ?t vh? m?u?- fiia- >?* iifl uiii# * r?J ???. I||T ??.ly d!fl? r*'!*'."!* b* 4?if 10 *li^ ffntug tb? ? lnirttm t??u? io f?kr j I u *? THAVKIXf liM' H>K. CIO* KY I."!. AND AN1? FoKT lUMfUOV ?ON AN|> af^-r Monday Atifnut '/7, ti?a 'Uaim-f .S'?#MWAI.K wiiJ m*k* only two trip* a ?Uy For* *n^ (ftity '*i?nd laarlnf Ainoa ?trf<rt at aod \\ i"">g at | k 2 I* M |d#r So 5 N K , at it> A If I 2*t I' M U-avlfigf < on^y Inland at 12 and toaH> ' jr at ior' Han lluon ^a# h ?ay l-ara lor U*a #h 4# -% eur? i# n kA rvnta Foil Car# f<<r rhiMtixi /MIFAF V AHK M'fl i f JH A N Y I % INK rA?T*>7 * io#r ?<t? tfc* rtt^r "?^ry T'wwbiy, "niurrl* ar<1 4 ,n ?l?) PiAMff |}|t 1M rmnn.-AUr'tm ?" * t?*r IIKRo .t V HairfV'i DiMirr lr?rr? <bf ?if ?l? iMf <4 It/*' ??*? t>k#r b?ai'.vr ui nt ovarii I' %l . arrlvlnir al frwir ?? riort k V l ? pftmgr by twi?ro or l^itl^rp IbUirmd, or an# r?w,.? a) |*ly board. t (/yi4 ^ ?FAf.f, A RltA J?'#KHKPfT? ^ If A If' #ROF ffOf'k ?Htl'irDrtfO l^tl Trrr I** ng l^ar* li^ ?n?a T n?r? ? I.IFI^iM will laava pkv f-*ri of llairi?"*i a*ra*?' rtli nit* . f .oday* ? ?' - al kai/ wa k ?r?- rm\ *4 M *.+/*>/'*?? IAS' ? ft< ?' a, lai a fid ifm;* N VCSPKKMMC*. I A* III' K*FRI>v f*?WfANY ? 'iRKAT firm ^TION I In j rV*? fr^Mfbt u? ? ahfamVa 'mly l**k par > ' i r b^i* ntqiai e?pre?? for f'#ltf"mu, Or^ofi n.t : -fa *r <t ?la? t*an/? ? wl? ?t!i N# r I? by ?>**] ?Wa?^r <????? (aw ?t Piuryi, aii4 Mar of tl?* H?ri, via *?>ara<*oa, in '4ar >m i " al o>a^*ti*rr? F? prtaa f/ ?daM ihn*i* h wMh ?*> r | ttmi ?*?'?? man at r %i+m Fr?4#h f <<0 I i y ?'aiiitir *i IK ^ >Nn? fvHif ?. i * ? f#?#Ha4 uoUl baJf f %?4 2 a>^t 4af or %*J ri \ If II If A Ii' A*#??i, >? IK Wrt<a4aray, ocw erf 'W| .r W tj4# r*iioo * noAw W'ttMUt ?fr.i ?r.vri 1w?f >t'i? ? 'o <???<??>? ?*, ? ?i/l ! ?/!'- "M*J '4 ?vi'/. Anwrv* ??. WWtr>? ?> f I'U. If htr^r*?u? M ? -f n I Tt.itm inn ''I wk I'M. ?' rotvaH IUM f ? f ? lb' rwHinl *irUI li H ^ t^/-| I#'/... 4 ? ?f pft*< ??mB i ?r ?!? fit** w?l ! , f l< 'x ? . w? 4 m j ..1 ?. ?r ftn < ?->??, ? U4?d tf 1*? HoMi -i ? t> j? i7I7r* fr?4l B AMrXKMEtT*. K<> A l>W A Y TltKATIlK-K * "IT, SOIJI J Lmn IXk.,,?,? n lo commence ?< iY Thia -Wr.ii^iuhiY) <*v < iiiiir k. ,>? j ? ui d? iM-rfornnxl _ tiik dkmon'd iiaI'outrr. I>uk?*de r.rilM If Collet Tl>.? I)? m< n'.. Uauithi. r MUh ( vi.-uu, f>?D. k Cut??k'kl > !'<? r'n'.l ll? li > hy THK MAKTINVm BBorilKHH M All If IMU.i fl.nwly OrlnaMo. li ilirlel R??ei Thcfrruf I*- li.rtlli.ltl I IViUrdl tl V\ i*lw tiarnbta J. Mnrtiwul | M>rrli? nil,. r?iicl g'*"> .Mile Itralr* Bowkkv tiik \tiik raoranrro* ami mvnackr 1. r. WaMinn, fltJMe Muurr. >1 II DriMiJi-. Hrtaea at ?illnl>?Wili ? K'liiii, 26 ccn'a, I'll, 121, renin; li&lWrr, u*'; cvBU; bun., |B Wednesday, Heiil ft. will I n uirUrrtwd ? IH1N CJWAB l>K KAZAN Dun ('? ?ar. . .. Mr. J J. Priori MMri>niii<* ...Mr*. W M. Ward TrtK KOCKNTBIC UlV KK. TIIK TWO (iBKUOBIBH. BVBTON'H, cmambbrh HTRKKT ? Now Ocb* rim thk Kiiidii, wlib the old fmrurtten, uud many new .m l e?i ftcur* (o m?4t WKDNBXDAY. HKl'TF.BIIKK 5, ihe drum* of DK1.ICATB O ROUND, Iti which Ulaa Rk ) n,< 'li il will mil ki' til' I llj II li] ['H4rnx)r0 l)ii. Hi M - < HI . '1 lis conic piece of TUB LITTLB nBVlt.. Carlo (wlih? wjnjt) Mm Kmc lli l^m,!.!. (Her llr.l appMrtiM lien- I I'l l dinand (hi* flrni *p|icarrtnre hen ) . . . Mr I.eOiUKWvll Tlir jji enl l.i n-e of TUB NINO TUB TABLKH. Jack lluriiiilirb'*, ami Oeneral Jarko. Mr Hiiri >n Ji'ri inlah Hump* Mr U .Ionian To noHHuw-The rooM-dr uf HUB HTOOl'H TO COf'Ul KK, and Ihe farce of TUBMAN A.NI? 1111. TlllRB. /^KO. CIIRIFTY k WOOD'B MINBTBRUI, 472 BROAD I J hh y, above druml nireH.? Ol'KN KVKKY KVK.VINt). l?y I! Wood Hfajfr Viinajfer . (Jto. t'briMy Kor ihia week? K'b.optmi Mhi>>n Uy, ooncludtnjr wltii tho ntil'll/.K ?iKW>Klf IIOOM. Cnupln Pornnr t , Oeo. <*hrl*ty 1 lit* ti? w Hull <444 llroadwity ), hullf expreaahr for thl* eoi*i nany. will be opened on or about the liMfi of Hct^mb^r ln*t. It will b<* die l*rj;e?i, the bun't-oinrm and ih? bast vrntiJjtted plan* of Kihloplan eftlerUUtinieiit in lii?- world. The pe riorum nrvft will rouit>ln?' Mill il%* nov?*lvy and oilgiiu^i ty for whlrh ? htM comjmny h m> rrlobrtU'd. Poom o|??' n u? 75? o'cJork ; io coinmcnoo ?t H. Tl< k?*'f ... 26 rfnn QXB OAB&IKL BAVRL IN TIIK rtl?I.KNI>lI> PANTO O inlior, At ?li?* llro.wlHMv (in nirti, if you wkii to UuMh and drive ?***> dull cart. JOHN K fiWTH'8 ORAND TOTO Of KI'ltui'K A.V? f) hIKfiK OK HKIMKTOIM)!., At ('iiimu-i Awtmru r Kihi?< ft. 0 Hkoa t>w ? r, ?howlviK "NK nVNhliKU VlKWH, tony f? ? ? wide c? I ?b?' nrlnripul i ItlF.h A Nil CiHJK< TK OV IMKURHT IV RrROPR. I' vi i) ? vt nnuf, ??t m o'clrx'k, mid i?v?*ry MUurday HPrru'-^n, at .1 Tin nnialc by Mr A Iw vn K ?? Id, ??f l.oii'lnn Admiring liiotiMtiidii nu tuly ti ? lly that ttiln m thi* larfff*, inont ii?ii rintiiin and #"li*?am i titf-r'alnnn-ut In N? w V?t #i purn rn haw !??*? n iiiOat v?i?nd? rtul. AdnitMidiin 2&rrnui Tin I*M fhri-i- wr. kM in N'? h Voi k, and r:i(ANi> adiutionh to tiik tour or kitropk. Tin K.rn i F*p?'?IUIon m now coinplei^, and lh?i wlMik fW*?* will tiKcntpt tbr h?'u? k, ntid hKHAhTOPOL PA MX To NIOICT. MH. HAUNI M 18 INKOItMl OTIIAT TIIK KUOO MOW l>< rforiitlfu: at tlwo IJroadw?y Uifa'rt*, In thu 'Ma^Wr I'llU,' U n?>i foi Kali*. rrilRAIRirAL notkk? a t\\RI> ? IT II aviso ukkn 1 Mtntrd to m?*. I?y fiotna of ?? ? v frl*nd? and paCrtnui. thut tt In grnvrttlty uiuIvihUmkI 1 tiad r?tir?*d trtwiv iltf ?????*, I laka lliU op|iortunit> to atMOiri* them un l t ptiWlir iliat ?nu'h Im not the ? ?ut* , nor havi* I tiny ld< a <% dolttff mi, until I *???? pi'ttii' inort* ^ortln rofnpftitor lor tin* ioii.i1*' oi tin* uoirh t/i )?? IjiiiH Tift d Tyrcmi rowi?r, wlinw |?? TM?tiailon of IrlMi -liata* trr, bo'li an j>**r and i^a^ant, dM honor to' hU rounlry. '? ? In* prolt'Nulon, and v ivp drllxht lo thi* lnu?lllj?? rit ?utd ^rowd'^l houMr* h?> ni* trr laili'd tit atlrurt. AfU-r tullllllnu an i*ntfai{<* tin nt at tl??* ht. l,oul? th?*atri* In Hrp i'inhi'r, I nIihII n*Him to Nrw York (?? kIvi* a rift* of charartrilatji! uiu?*i<'al mit?*rOUii mi'iitfi, jrlvrn by im* t?lih di rldt d ?urr?*a? in ih?* prturlpal'dtu** hotifh Hnd Wi'Rt, rornpi l*>ln^ drarua'lf llluntratlmH of IrUh charart?*r, lrl>h ?torl?*n sittd an?*cdot? k, and a rludrn ??'(?*n?loo of I *1114(111, ?onjr?, dtji'tn, Jkr , from the t>t Miitlfnl molodl? -n of Ir?* Iflnd'' ItnfriorfaJ hard. Torn M'Htr**, hiiIi kiuim from tin* rn<ait |>o|Hilai' l.nt'llHli and fortdfin op ??riot, nidfd l?y vofil nod lnntru infit'al lalrnt of tli?* llr?t fla?? , al*?>, rliaractitr mm** by ^arfn !,ov. r, hn tttiiiff I ? v no* In all Uu" Uiratrm. Af\i*r wlili'ti, I -ball In* I uppy to ruHfcf ftrrHtitfi'nii'nt* altli tin* rnanagrm of (h? prli npal tbratr**? for thf prndurllon ni mmw w* romrdWui n#1 Kin i'?, wr Itf i*it ripr**an]y for im\ witli wvi-ral of Tyronn Pow rr'? brut iiiirtu, uitd mtiravor, iot far ?? my humble oi|*a blilU* m u 111 allow, to cto JtiMfU rit, bu iuiin?* iwl th?* bcii Irtah pU'Ci'tt on tb?' fttitgi*. I bavo tin* honor to r *matn. Um* publlc'n tnoat obrdti nt nrrvani. JOHN COM.IN'H, ( Vunrdlan ?nd voi nUnt, Hontii Rcvfotli *' . PhUadi'lnhl*. IV H ? All umuugtm vt^bliiK to ni' -i{oi|ati> v*lll pb a <? addK'Mi an abovi*. fro MANAtiKR^ -M1XK \ DKI.I NK. I.ATK PIIK.MIKII I dmoi ui><* of th<* (lroad way and oUh i Uir*tri?-?. n now In lb' rlty and U prc?par?'tl to nuik# an rnt{>?tfi*m' tit t"i > In* fall and winter w:m?n. Add mot, car? of Mi Dan^kln, MDIti<>?d UOhToN TIIKATRK ? TMK Y?AHV EH AND OK NT I. EM KB rnj(a?*'d at tbUi r?taMt?lum nl wiU awM?mbla ?n *r??i n i ru on 1 bnrMlay n#?? hepU inbi?r l?. at II o'clock In Umi forw noon. TIm theatre *U1 re <n?riKid f??r Un? mwm"'I? on MmwlAf , h-pi.mbtr 10. TUfiH. HAKKY, l^?nn^. ASTKOMKiY. AKTONIHIUNO TO AbL-MA DAMK MORROW.? TRIM blKbly gtftrd lady U* witl*o*it . (it ion. tb?* moat wia>?l?r tut a*trf>W>nliit tit woild, or Utat ban bi ? n known. Kb** will o n ?ii ??.- , vrnu nl lllr, rven tiia rrry U 'ttixhia, aiwl will >?ll?. .Iie.rtj nnrri.|j~, ?.?J will .ItflW llie IlkelfM lit liie In trndi'd liu-biindi>, Ui tj,#- fin at* ?.? mi wIm* vi?li b?*r Norhargi*. If not natiafled. llrouuifl street, near Cattoon. (ifiiMniiin not adtnUtid AHTONlHIflNO TO AIX.-M. 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Pyue I oom tiMffi at 7 , Overturn Ui uu.iu. doc *t 7 V curtain rtaM af f kirk prectoely. Tlrkrt*. Fifty etnlj I'rli air Ho?r? ??? H (Irrliralra fitlMH ?? ? ? ? , ? ? . ????} H. i .11 rr r.lx n 'tall/, from # A. M ?. ? H. M , tor mrinUig Or it ? .Ha Krai. aixt Pr1\?tr IIok-k ouly_ \ll morOLITAN TMKATKK 31 Or, Tilt K.^llAY, ?ta|>l*rnlmf ?. I)?N>ra open al eontnimof HiH pr*cl*ij . wiU? Srrlli? ? |>*p uur 4r.???, In tlvr ai>kif*nk I.KCOtTVRKrit. A<ti(rnnc ......... . . . > > ? Mite- jUchc 1 rku rj or aiuuakion to mu.k. *a<*hki.'b rsiureaMAHCe. Or* lifiu r*rat?, rar?|ort .?ml P?rauct IVcle. W Flrai rirele $*?' | Oivb? Numbered "ata may he Aeeiired 111 MdVMIMMI Al (M MOVO price*, ?n h ik ?m*il oldlUon <?( 26 e?*?ta per MM&. by *PP'W at the M? 'rojM.nuu theatre, fioin 9 A. M. U> 4 P M , AfMMtM ofli? e 4V W nil ?trert, room at, from 10 A. M? U> 3 P. M. *99 Private husra, apply *" Above. Meat* may be A I M> wflurnl, in advAnre, for Any o1 the we?k . tit the Above time aim) ..fllcea U' AI.M'T HTKF.KT TIIF.ATKF - v? Tburaday eveblmr, hepiemhei It, Mr an>l Mlea RUU I S<^ * III IILik* their III ?t Appeal .Am e at the AhoVenAIDAd e? ubli^hmcnt, Af i-r hi) aI'M U'r (if mo jcaia, m tbe pcpulAT A tuerlcAti comedy of KXTHKMKH MArk ^berry Mr R^h!n|H Witlow < '???!*> <*t?h aOtt*a)_ ? *rutlu? KVcMlutf* nrc'KI.KV H 8FKKNAPF.RH, MM llli< >a i>w a y.? Kvrry cvrnln* tbu ucek KTHIOI'IAN MIVSTKKIJ4Y and OPK.KA Tb? rclfliriiH O. S v* Alii Muckley itn*1 It HUhop HucAUty io their great eliara<tera. q ( ouct rl rouiDM act'M at \ o'clock. TVketa, 2ft centa. II R ANDMIHH RICIII SOU WII.L M AKK TIIICUl F1RHT ^?1 ApfK'AlMK C. ?f?ff uit ?b?fll<,4l o( Iwn vcAr n Uwi WAlOut turret ilirAirc, PhiUid??ll)hU? on T!iuiAdA> rvenltttf Hry t? nihrr <1. PuriiiK tlwlr bitrf rnxA?r?*m?nt !b**y will th?* popular A oierlrAo com* .fy of " rlnr?'fii?,?,'r And pro>l ?r? for i)i? flrwt timo li? AinrrlrA. u'lMpi?tlofiA of r#?k?iiniu*l tpr rAn 1 1 "l.'K'oiir du Nonl. ' by r, *n?l ?'Tb* Horr? rrAA." by !l??U*<*loi, Mn?t a n?\% aim! oi^I.iaI IiaIUh pWky, ?nil IN 'Muj uolU. i|>r ? Till*! of i hr Plowr." wrlitou npr?MUy foi Mr am! Miah Klrhuitf* t?v An?iu f). i WUt, ?'?q , alitor nl i)i?? HuITmIii IfoiiiliiK Kiprr.- I |i?*a?? .-Hi A4?rdlllAry II. A l-.vr l .rni Ioiik In pr?|?< r?unn. Thi* AoorM Ami o(Jm r */*? .?r? Otto* of Ihc ??P?' >i< hn*r ?... MO Hot nr. I frum P?rl ,^MW r oAluiiiir*, nutnvn uA ami vtrN, iiumIt fioui oriKUuU inodrlt bjr a kuown comumrr, ao?1 Uo- whoir k au ii up uivW u?? i imm?Nlliiie nuprrvNou, a ml at <Ue imllviuiiAl ?iip#?iw?, o < Mr.. Hi. hltif*. pi lit Th?* ?inly jiUn- ?f the kiwi In ti>* worM.? Tke bur que, llCItt Ul'bh, < very rrenliiK ihli work ?Tiro, M K. 8 flu ford, Preri'dlnn 'be (mtrv. m cortcill Tbr InimltAfehl HANFORD'H nil MA TIKU l*K, ?Im* Urgft KOiktfd tn 'roi|>o In tin norld. pr*wlo< in* nrnr An<l ori^iOAl pleor? weekly HAMI KL H HAN^ORU, Proprietor *Ml M*i*u+r rrHK MAMMUTII TIlKK OK < Al.fH?HKI A? 1 Vwl rn.r hi-. if. rire%nnfrrrnr? MIO fe? i; ?1!aiiw l+r .11 fret Theeilrl tii>n of tbU om | 'billed rn'MiAfh of ifir will CloAe on the |m( of (>Clubrr m it I he pAln'Uttf*. ?!*(u*ry. A<*-t in- dill ntiMhlhHlmi 1 ? ..fen rnmH A kl un it > r. 1A? AtlmlMion 2b rvul*, ? hi?4i**n hail pure /1|| AVII *r.K. TIIK fl Kf: \TKhT I.IVIVii A< THKhH, \ Jl |(a < !?ri Opera iflA?*eii u?r *ule aielldraalM ooi.fN li.M 'II I- It H, the ? IpilciAli, Mr * vil'ou street i * AIKTY I IIKA i HK "l l.ado * de-lt ?.???* of ei.raartnent for tbo baltat mi ihla ObMi ti*? <IuiIhk "be eiiHuior winter acamiii. In New Ortoai?? tQiy npnly each W<*dnr*dM? and hat??rtl.?v l*r' wr* ii 2 ao*l 4 o'ebvn ( a' , 2 Frank Hit aIWN. IM'?N M? >r Iti'M' Al'l. I / 1 A I ET Y TIIKATHF "l MurlcUo* f??r M??< ..r? h? *?r* de?lrn?i? <if eng(Vtf^rti?*M( i hi a ihrA're, durtnjf 'he eriAiiln^ winter -"AAoti, In New Or lean" m'aj eppl> dally, between 12 and 2 ??Vl?*-.k, at mr re?l driifi*. !U( Hi?h Avenu'' Noun bui perf??rmere of 'ne flr*t rUM need apply. HO H KMT ITTOflt 11 r FU.NFtf I) A Y, HK.I'TKMHFH .1, HOT 1 1 IN TtIC AFTKR* y f htAjn And w+utitf, TIIK VO|?KI. ARTIHTKH, ntiinherfiiB' AOOM of lite Ane?( formed women in i/j* wor ld, wtfl opp? mi at the flMNKI.IN MVHKIH, Sp &1 llowerv, In a number "1 beautiful re|ir<**eni*i)'?tn, mIU> utaer popuWur enterialnmeuia. A< VIKI.'H PEKPORMANrRN TKKKTU HAY RR HK* ur* d at tbe nffi re 4?? Wtl! afreet, room JN, fr??m 10 A. M. to R M and A/u r to iiierrtiw (XatordAj ?, m> the Melro*o)lw ~ aUMtl (li?atre. from M M to 4 I' M Kveo nuin' rrA Mre ftold iheatr ? an t t?dd number* a< the 4'i WmII aUeat. I'rtvaMl hoieM i<> be had only In WmII a'reet, Kaciifj/h^ -hraTn may r?r nr. cored in advam ? f<?r un> prrfor n.anrr of neat week, Ml tfc? Mhm e ofhr< ?, but th. money Mill br received and Ika elwkclMI deliver* '1 ? -My on the in? > ml o? of ?*? h i . rf'?rnau?ee, trxtm 10 A. M to 1 V M att?i wbl' h time tw kela will be dUptaMMl at. RAUIKI. Pl.AYH -PRIVATK \UilVM AND RFifRRYrD ?* Ala, In the lieAl k*e*iUm?, ffir th? m? aiiraotlve p*rU>rm auri * *?,, i i Aiwa ? rored i m1 ai ? Al ikr th#tr? ^rtMli lat Dflh-kili A Opiia Altd n liCerl Ueaet ufllrr Ji.'mIa'* ukiiIc -?ore, All! liroadwa) ? ? uii'ry order*, writ a reudtuu^ee, prwipHy ittiiiilti I (1ACBKI PRITATI ROXRf \*-l?it> KAffD tftATf IV can he ?eeur*d in a?!tan' e f or any of ItAcbePa perform ?neee. 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