Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 6, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 6, 1855 Page 2
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jjtr REPUBLIC OF MEXICO. H*yert*nt OfleUl Domuueato-Tlw War Hot Yet ItnUhcd by Alvwei. towaVT or tbs Dd-akthbnt ur V?u Qui. Ob'aktmeit or tub brnauoR. We Moet Serine Highness the General President has hv?i pleased to direct to me the following decree:? ^toiONK) Lore dk tUNTl Amu, &e., President of the Mexi can Republic, to the inhabi'ants thereof, be it known: Oku Artkik? The paper which I left closed In the De partment of Relation* on the 16th of March, 1864, shall Mpubluthed, its tenor being as follows:? f. The actual President of the republic haying ample authority. granted to him aolemnlv by the nation, to wk a successor who is to take charge of the public power in case the former, from death or any other im pediment, may find himself unable to exercise it, for such a contingency an executive power Is named, composed of kis ExeeUeacy the I'resident of the Supreme Court of Jus tie* of the nation, and of their Exoellencies the Uenerals mt Division Don Mariano Salax and Don Martin Carrara. M one or both of these Generals should die. his or thai r shall be occupied by hie Excellency the General of on Don Romiuo Diaa de la Vega, and his Excellency the General of Division Don Ygnacio Mora y Villainll, iu the order in which they are named. 2. These persons shall enter Into the exercise of their factions wnenever the -actual President dies, ordeclaros, tgr an order signed with his hand, that he can no longer eontinue in the sapreme oemmand, from any impediment which be may judge sufficient. 3. The executive power being installed, Its chief duty haM be the maintenance of order, and its first act to csn ' 4h the nation in the manner which it may consider proper, that it may constitute itaelf according to its Palace of the national Governsucnt, In Mexico, on the tk of August, 1866. ANTONIO LOPEZ DE J?ANTA ANNA. *> m Mivutbr or thb Intbbjob. And I communicate it to your Excellency for your in feroatlon, aad the ends consequent thereto God and Wbertyl Mexico, August 8, 1865. The Minister of the Interior, YGNACIO AGUlhAR. **? his ExooJlem y the Governor of tbe Department of Vera Cruz. GOVKRNMllNT or T1IB I>CTJkBTMB.NT OP V?U CBUR. (IrnCE OK Tilt CB.VKKAI. 1.\-C|IIB1?. Tom FXcblucict: ? Through the proper departments yen were informed of the departure lor vera Cruz of the Cenerat President, and of the decree of the8tli instant, ka which he ordains who is to sucretxl Itim in the govern ment in case of death or his resigning the power entrust ed to him. I was on the point of publishing the commu ?ieatien which he has addressed to me from l'erote, when fee majority ol' the troops of the garrison, of the muni cipal corporation, and of thfl inhabitants of this capital have proclaimed and sunt to me the "acta," of which I herewith accompany a copy. In sucli s state of things, and wishing to avoid the sad evils which would be the ?atnral consequenco of an opposition to the wishes ex pressed by the garrieon and the inhabitants, and having been acknowledged as the General -in Chief, I have deter mined to carry out the provisions ot the first article of the "acts," and accordingly named the junta which, ?omposed of two members from each department, Includ *>g the district, shall elect by an absolute mnjtrity ol votes, the President j>r? tempore of the republic. Desiring that no false coloring be given to the facts, aad that the government committed to your charge m iy greeted in conformity with wliat has been done In this eity, I have the houor of informing your Excellency thereof, earnestly begging you to give uuitormity to pub He t pinion, and at the same time watch over the preser vation of order and the public tranquillity, in order to endeavor that the nation, after so many trial-:, may suc ceed in establishing a firm government, which may lead it t* that prosperity which is demanded by civilization and the benignity of its privileged soil. In presenting to your Excellency, with due weight, the necessity of avoiding the 'excited state of the passions which give rise to conflicts between the different classes of socicty !n the department wder your ehaige, I earnestly recommend to you the greatest prudence, and that, governing according to law, vou cause the action of the government which is about feeing established to be waited for. [and which willbecom asnnicated to your Excellency at a reasonable time. 1 offer your Excellency renewed assurances of my dis tsnguished consideration. Cod and Liberty I Mexico. August 12. 185!>. HOMt'IA DIAZ DE IA VB3A.. His Excellency the Govkknok of the Department of Vera Cruz. Ins CmzHN Rom-io Diajs dk la Vima, Genkkai of Divi sion, A.VII UKMERAL-IN-ClllKF OK THH tjAHKIKOX AND THE Phipij of Mxxioo, to his Fkllow-Citubbm: ? Mexicans! As an old soldier of the conntry, 1 have ;il ?Ways consWleied it on imperious duty to obey itH will. The requii ements ot public opinion, w general anxiety, the state of confusion in which the country fin is itself from the ab-once of all government, have caused ras to fcrm the resolution ofjadopting the action of the inhabi tants and garrison of Tnis enlightened capital. In the plim which has been proclaimed, 1 lie necessity baa been acknowledged by convoking the nation, that ft aaay constitute itself, and sufficient securities have been given to the army, the defender and brother of the peo ple. This plan puts an end to discord and resentments, and it will be the salvation of the republic. Fellow Countrymen ? My name lias never appeared In 1 1 pronunciumiento." 1 have the satisfaction of leel iog that, as a citiien and as a soldier, I have never taken to unfortunate dissensions; and now I merely join e who wiih to form a government with a view to the avoiding of oontlicts and disorders which would be our rain, and at the same time dishonor us before the world. n your patriotism, on your prudence, depends the oou lalidntion of the republic. Fellow Otlienr? I do nothing more tlian bow to your win, and thus save you from anarchy. Understand that ] have no other ambition than the public welfare, the asaintenance of order, and for the attaining of these ends count upon you. For my. --el I I desire nothing; for my ? euntry all. .^o soon a- social order is secure, I shall Mire, without aspirings, in private life; and if there bo a 'areign enemy to threaten, or if the public peace lie in anger, in the ranks of the aruiy will he again present himself. and will hegive buttle as a good citizen, who is vaur fcllow-citincn and friend, ROM l" 1.0 DIAZ DE T.A VE''A. Mxxiro, August 14, 1 86.' . ? ACT OF ADHWION TO THE PT.AN OF AYl"Tt-\ BY Till QCVRBAU WHO RtWKlHC TO IT. In tho city of Mexico, on the loth day of August, 18" j, the generals who subeciihe Itein.; prefCut bytheinvim lion of his Ixctdlency the (ienerai of Idvision, Don IU? ?nalo Bias de la Vega, commanding and (iovernor of tiie alrtrlet of Mexico, his Exccllcuey made known to them that be had received tW" telegraphic despatches of an official character, in which the chief clerk of tho War Department and ill* excellency (General Don Antonio Lo- | pet de Santa Anna advise that he has redgued the su preme command of the republic: th'it the execotive ap pointed by the decrte of the 8tli in taut not having bee a able to ?ssoinble, the troops who form the garrUou ot this capital, animated by the desire ot ?atisfymg?ie re quirements of public opinion have raise I an "act i"in which the necessity is acknowledged of adoptiug thcpUn proclaimed in Ayutia on the 1st or March 1864, as in it are laid down tho principles and rights w'aich the n i ; ion peeks for the temporary organization of a national go vernment which may con?oll late the futi re well being; that, taking into consideration the resignation of th executive power fleeted by Ids Excellency, (ieneral Smta Anna, he asked if the (ietie-nl* present adopted the action of this garrison; that he nt the simo time ina'Je known the imperious nccc-ity of re-entabli hini. without delay, public conhdenre, by putting an end to the eriLso! wu. and to the uncertainty which existed iu regard to 'ho privileges and rights of all the citizens. The ticnerals present having ducuaae 1 on the propriety of accepting the plan adveited to a" ? termination o' the present crisis, and in the same terms in which it was adopted Vy the garrison, unanimously re?olvei upon tiie following article? : ? Whereas, the plan of Avutla i* the national wish; whereas some of its article* are no longer to ths p'*int, flnr the revolution has been cou lunuutted in th ? c ? dial; whereas the resignation of his Excellency General Santa Anna has put an end to hUadmlnlst ration . therefore the ?aid plan is adopted in the following term' 1. As this plan has beta adopted by tho majority of the nation, the (iencral-iirClii'M ac';'v>wlod{(d in fieh in this capital, shall proceed immediately to appoint a "Junta, '' composed of two pertous for each department, hw.luding the dist rict. 8. This "junta'' shall oMtmble immediately alter it ?ppointment, and shall proceed i > eli-ct at one stall? sit ting, by an absolute majority ? t vote-, the President *>. the Republic. 3. The ' junta'' shall Mi ve as a council to the I'ron atonal Provident during tiie short pc: i'>d of his office. 4. The l'resident pro trm. shall 1m clothed with an pie powers for the maintenance of the eecaHty anl iudepen dance of the national territory, and for the t ikla,' * a ?' af the other branches of the putdlc administration. 6. Within fifteen days alt.-. baiiug en ere I into the discharge of his fuaction*. the I'iv *i '.<mt (cm. shall convoke the Congress exttoordinary. in conformity wit'i the basis of the U? wliich, with a like object, was qiren Sn the year 1841, whose sole occupation shall be, within the perrmptery term of six m>aOi- . to constitute the nu tion, under tiie form of a representative, BOpular eptih Re, and to revise the nct< of the provision! exe utlve ?. As to the arm r pertains the maintenance o! order and of the civil rigb's. the provisional government -dull take care to preserve It, and to watch over it in th^ man ?er require*! from its neblc Institution. The provision*! C eminent shall likewise take osre to protect th ? li ty ot commerce, both foreign an 1 i nt*- rrxal, eitablish tag with the least potsible deuy the tariffs wldch are to he kept. 7. From this irv>m<-iit the effects of existio^* la^rs on the easflng of lots and on pa-*ports. and likewise tne las imposed on the inha'duots under th? aam? ot "eapitstiori " cim. Done on the day and year nirm i?>; RtlMlli) 111 A/. l?r. I. A Wt. rONACIO l)K Mor.A V VII, l Asm MAiSllS CA KHr.ll A. Bmiln 1 gt iRT*Rf or thi crnM.u-iv niiw. Torn Exruui.N'T? By the acc >mi>au/iai im s iui i t ions your Vjte^lency wiil be Infoi ioe?t of the r m this or.pital, b* which I have lieea seknowledg.'-l a < Oenera In tTilef. and likewise that an election f.>, -i p .. wWoaal Pre.ldent will at rmc be heM. Tliis au'hn. ity Will orlrr such measures as it nny enttider P" >()*,' H ?he preset elrcmnstanees. But time pisse*. an to? plan of Aynlta having been proclaimo 1, tt>e i-lvil WAi ii P no longer anv object, and it is convenient and him-in to economise blood With this important end la vie v. I ? e edbimend to ynur Kxcellency thst the troipi of tus ?!?*? partment un*i<r your chsrge nnd the division and -*c sietie subject tc your ofte.-s preserve the inOit >?7e." dtaclpiine and thepoeitlons which ;?i present they h , I ?ad that they romait Bo i,<Mtile act, unle** provoked the is to. or onlees som eelghbori^ town i>e threttene I wilk renberv by som' i snd ot plunderer*: and a* I lie Have tha' that depa'troent aad tl?> t ooi? ?Lili*inel therein will second tiie is'ivcm?tit ot th" capital I ata confident that the diT'<i"Oi and pilirVct whi#i hitherto had been in a stata of revolt will act iu tie -ame manner, ?nr the attaiidng of which yva will cn-np*ra ? pmd ntl. ?nd, I likewise bo(*e CoalUeatty th.t ail my tellowr-cian'uymcii Will hold cls.irly iu min i tba' tl.e aause fc r wht'h Mexican mlrb' ! ??* opaa one an ?*l^r a' enemies has ce seed *nd that U.* ijAine and k ?od of the rrpuhMe ioi|.ei iousiy rl'niaod 'hatit 1 f ir enemlei XbDf other < than these wlio, ?> tiling of the >aviog prio triples of moiety, may disturb the public order and keep the country in conn tut alarm, whoae flret nv<e*dty, al ter what it hait suffered, is the repone founded Id the en- j toyment ef legal liberty and on the most euual and in vai iable justice. God and liberty I Mexico, August 14, 1865. HOMULO DIAZ DC LA VEGA. QVAKTma OP Tins OBfBUL-IN-CHUO'. Tor* Ezckujkct ? At a meeting today of the "Junta'' of representatives, of which articled lit and 'id of the "aeta" of this capital, adopting the plan of Ayntla, ?peak, and of which I accompany to your Exoelloncy a copy in a distinct communication, held for the purpoiie of electing a provisional President of the republic, the result has been that his Excellency the General of Divi sion, the citizen Martin Carrera, has been elected. I have the honor of communicating it to your Excellency for your information. God and liberty ! Mexico, August 14, 1855. ROMUUI DIAZ DE LA VEGA. To his Excellency the Governor of Vera Crux. DKhAXTMXNT Of THE INTERIOR. Yom Excbwncy ? From the communications which your Excellency has rect4ved from his Kxeelleacy the Oeneral-in Chief ot the garrison of this capital, you will have been apprized ol the events which have taken place 'within the last days; and, in congruence, you are ap 1 rized of the adoption ot the plan which is printed in the } apers accompanying said communications. The "Junta" i f kthe representatives of the departments, districts, and territories, electod yesterday, to tako charge ?f the provi sional Presidency of the Republic, his Excellency the General of Division Don Martin Carrera, who, alter 1 lav ing taken the proper oath, has entered into the exercise cf the supreme jHiwer of the nation. His Excellency, who has never refused his services whenever they have been considered -useful to his coun try, has consented with pleasure to accept a place always ull of thorns, bnt much more so in -a crisis like the pre sent, because he Is likewise convinced that something may yet be done for the common benefit if all Mexicans, without distinction of opinion, consent, with sincerity and good taith, to co-oporate with the government in the reconstruction of the social edition, and il' the authorities of the departments and territories stcond with loyalty and patriotism, as his Excellnncy hopes, the measure < which it may lie convenient to take. Hi Excellency, the provisional President, during his administration, will direct all his efforts to the preserva tion of the national independence, to the union of all Mexicans under the principles ol liberty and order, avail ing himself, ior the attainment of objects so important, of the power which the representatives ot the nation have deposited in his hands. 1 have the honor t? communicate the above to your Excellency by [supreme command, adding that until his Excellency the President organizes the Ministry which will act during his brief administration, the chief clerks of the depaitmeuts will take charge of them accordingly. I protest to pour Excellency the assurances of my oon eideiatlon. God and liberty ! Mexico, August 15, 1855. JOBB0B MAMDOB. To his Excellency the Governor of the Department of Veiu Cruz. The Epidemic In Virginia. NORFOLK. EXTRACT 01' A LITTER DATED Norfolk. Sept. 2, 1855. Resw ted 1'kik.M): ? Your &vor was received to-day, and 1 war pleased to learn that all were well. All of my family arc well to-day, and to morrow 1 shall make ar rangements lo leave for Baltimore or elsewhere. The deaths to day have nearly doubled, and not less tiian ULy huvc been buried. Our acting Mayor has proclaimed martini law, with a view to obtain vehicles to bury the dead, lie., by improssmcnt; and to-day carts, wagons, hearses, an.l every other two and four-wheel conveyance has lieen used for that purpose. Some carry one, some two, some three, a.ud some four bodies at a time. It would be ini|io:.siblo to give you tho faintest idea of tho distress. To-day, women with children in their uruH were running about the streets, crying, "Bury my poor husband:" but it is hard to get the dead buried, and various kiiid.t of vehicles are now rapidly moving past my house conveying the dead to their last resting place. Several offmr old playmates and acquaintances are num bered among the dead to-day: ? Edward Daly and wifo, Tbos. Elear, Ignatius liigjjiiis, Letter M. Boynse, Jas. M. Drunks. Ihos. V. Foreman, Zach. Balance, llenry M. Gar land, Win. Wi Iglit, Dennis O'Brien, of the linn of O'Brien & Quick, Dr. liaison, A. Feret. chief clerk Exchange Bank, and Frank Fitzgerald. Our mend liarri ;on's family are better. John lielany has just died. Monday, Sept. 3. 1865. Sad, sad. aud K'ooniy! All is death! Poor Margaret is ('.end; her son Thomas is at tho hospital sick with the fever, and Hilly is in the hands of strangers, hut will soon he cared for. Your sister and both of her children aro down with the fever. She will no doubt recover, but the chances of recovery are against the children. The dead from Saturday at 12 o'clock to 1 2 o'clock to-day, forty-eight hours, are nearly on? hundred, and more sttli lemain unbui ted for want of coffins. Yesterday numbers were burled in common rough boxes, and to-day numbers aie pi.trifj ing for want of conveniences of burial. Mr. Burnhain and his wife were taken down with tho fever on Saturday. It. will go hard with Anna. Tho news from every source is so heartrending that 1 have stopped asl iug who is dead. The rapid conveyance of the dead to their last resting place speak volumes, and is easily understood. 1 am still enabled to say all of mine are well, I n no one is safe an hour. p. 8. ? W. H. Hallctt, of the ilrin of Dixon A Huliett, is dead. [Correspondence of 'he Richmond Oispatch.] ' Norfolk. Sept. 2, 1S.V>. Semen of sfllirtlon conlinueto multiply a* the fatal fever processes. Families are broken uj>? children made orphan ? wives hushundlesa and childless ? widows lose tii'-lr only stay and support ? buried wlih their negme ! Oh poverty ! Oh desolation ! Oh pes Silence ! well d ye go ahead in hand together, and faithfully have ye performed your work ! Mr. '/,. !-y!se.?, the Assist ant Inspector of Sheet*. giies us a gloomy picture of the melancholy i-ceiie* he Is doomed to witneis in his daily round,'. The other <lay he had occasiou to inspect a lot on Charlotte street. He found In the yard three curly headed little chiMten, romping about, rolling un the ground, with unkempt hair, and dirty, tattered gar ment*. He Inquired for their father ? "Pa? pa is de < ' "Then where is your mother t" "Ma ? ma is dead, tool" "Yes,-' i.ddod the youngest, "and a big ugly black man came an<l carried them away directly they wore dead !" '??ood (Jed !" continued Mr. Pykes. shocked at the scene, "andwho have ytw to take eare of you t" "Nobody, sir!" "Who gives you anything tocitv" "Mary. the colored woman, next door, gives us tone hreal every day " Never, said Mr. Sykos, have my feelings been ?i> pained. The forlorn condition of the little orphan i ? their tender year*, and childish insensibility of their great Ion, made me sick at heart, and I could not re strain my tears. We need not add that the bereaved in nocents were taken in charge by the Howard Anoci* tion, and will be Inly provided for. Several of our prominent citizen ; fell l??t night. Anion; the list we regret to announce Or. Geoige J. HaWon; A. Ferret. E?<j. bookkeeper a*, the Exchange Bank; ffm. II. Oarnrtt. an active ofceer of the Howard Association; and young Wm. Silvester; ftobt. S. Bernard, the druggist, was taken down thi< morning; also, John Clarke'* father, wift and dai.ghter. Dr. Cntnpos is very tick; John Wil liams is better; 1'ax Pollard is said to he dying, also tho ' son ot lient Whittle Mr. O'Brien died this morning; Or. W. Selden i* belter: Hallet! very ill. We note below t te la teat deaths to 5 P.M.: ? Sally Petree. Popper's la:i": slave owned by John Croat: Mrs. Jone*. Magazine lane: Mary Knvenau-h, ??? een slreet; Rowinna Pettot ; white child, liroad 't.e<!: refer Holland; child of MM. Murden. Addlngton's l.ine Mr.-. I undrnin. Gain's Housekeeper (alio died in ten l ours ?(:??:? her uftack); Wiiiiatn Heirybat nctt: Wm. Mlve'ter: A. Ferrett; Or. Weorge Hal ton; M Wright, of ihe firm of Webb k Wright; Mr. Dolly and his wife; Mis. Burke. Broad street; I,. Bradford (tree eolo. - ed), Frv, slave of .<. Parker; Thotni- Foreman; R. B.I lance: '/nek. Bsllancc; l'k. Fitzgerald ^tb ? purser s son); J. M. Bnok* grower; Mr. I.cpagc'8 grandian; O'Brien, of the firm of O'Brien & Quick; 'ive negroe- ? total, thirtv < ne. Wm. !?'. fu.miu^ham editor of the Hca on, waa se verely attacked hi*' m^ht. U, W. Camp's wife and throe children are down: two suns of the late Rov. Mr. DtbreU were taken last eieuinc; Turn. Kealin; vvas tAken down last night. flie:e were orle.s for fourteen coilins in Portsmouth at 8 o'clock this morning. We will bury here at len -? fort) to-day. Fifty oofhn arrived from Hi! timore this moiuing. They aro greatly noe led. Weoopv lielow. fiomothel sontce name.) of pe: ? >n? ?lead iu Norfolk, nut given "jy our oorreopon lent i . ^ iggans. 'i. I Is^'t Or. Wutson, K. Dueaberry a it I wile, Wm. Ounba Mis. Wilson. Miss GiseHa. Mr. Hal'.eti, Wm Seym nr. \.*ts I'. Trueinan, liiflma* Trueiu Ml. Ihe-e names > ?? fiom the list ol oar friend, by the Cu tls Feck, who adds: ? There are about fifteen l>lng dul now. and no cutin- to bury ihcni. Forty t?> were ourie.1 on Ki id;< \ . ttfiy-tive on Saturday, an -ixty on Sunday." From ine repot t o( the Board Ot Health of Friday a:id N?t in day, we add : ? Mrs. King, Henderson's lane; Mi-1' 0. Gale, Sib Cumberland street; Natluini-I Hill, Ne oca tie street; * hite 111 in in Summer!'' row. Water street; three blacks; Mrs. Mahone, Vary Hand, XT, rear National Hotel; Catherine Ooihoun, 4;i \\e?t Main street; Mr. Wlthey. tiueen street; Mrs. Flaherty, Main street; Wm Hoyt. 10 t oncoru street; l.ydia iio: ?e. \tb I'.othery - Une; one coloi ed. Tha Norfolk Arjfn? of yesterday .-tate- that the ?*iitor had obtained fri'Tii tb# bo(>ka of Cio II *wArd Assocint on the name* ol only about twelie, wh > li.idd.ed during the t wentv-tour houi , ending Monday, 2 P. M.. and adds that tbey were ouly about oue-fmrtli of ;h<? Tictlrn-* w bo had fallen? sjiy (if y. Private account* ^ iy th 1 number reached -ixiy "a Si nday evening. A letter ilate l Hatnr duj evening state ? mat boll. ?? h id Icen exp "v?r tlmty hour*, wiiiiing tor c <fba*. Amon* iheaick lu Vottidk is Mr. John Williams, elerk of one of t'je eon r ts. id. F. MaUory. irom Richmond , had arrive I In Norfolk and commenced nnrring th" sl-k. POUTS MO t TH. The following dea Mis oecurre.i ;rom ran*et -a'urla; t unri e Monday morning: ? Wm. Weston, JBw lilril tllil.i. C lild of ilc irifeTlionip son, Colonel Cis-ell. Mrs. CasJat mil,-olv M ^ John i i-h. two negrms beknging b> Mr. floater attd W. \V. ''a*i", Marshall Ai Onugiitery I . S aiiil sgent and flV' deaths not leported. Iroried Suodfi* 3- and t igh! e tilins otder?"l for the Vnrnl Hospital. A despatch from Petersburg gi'e< a? ihe foil > win < a d''.HJona1 uaniW the dead Ot ?undi) in Port-iconth:? Thomas Huildren. Wm. rd. a ' "l of Or. \l u? of the Naval fi 'stital. Mi?a Itosalia Tal'a and John O. <owp, r we have the follow iu? a Idili'-nal mioriaation fiom I'' rt mi nth ?'a l'etersbnrg: ? Vi m sunset s-itnrda; t? sun-et SnnJay *v?aint, !h"re weie f i r lui' diel r f"v i -*es in Port??natn. The eipetwUtm-n for ?be set ring averages dailv. An apis- il 1? i oiitemidate I to the C'tUBtie* of ^'irglnli fin ,ld. BUMF to* Nonroui \xt? rr>irsMorrH prFrp. kkih. At a meeting ot the general cemailttao hel l S?pt. 5 at No. 13 Insn ..n e ll ii>ding New Yuik, the folloA'iug prneei dingo wtie bad; ? t 'n niotion of J<f--epU U. Collins, K.n,, It was ra*olMd tbilt tin an. n of two thousand dollar* io addition lo 'i, thonaami .lolUrs i.:i vi.iosly seni ) t?. reojltte.1 to a no loitsimu h In . u h sunn, uti I at nab tlmei, as tLe cbairmsn and fre :?urer aliall deem ?*s>. The eha', iu the ah ere ?i gf !i? 'reii-ur. r lie ente.l the foil. " lut' !e'ter;? W. H. Man, f><) ? a jr- My ' n (sig j?^rt "f afe) I ss sktsms^bskb? with your other collections for that JJa^k'baNKS. ' ?ery tnJy, A ^ettar wm received, of which the \$s,J ffiJ 2S5r,5tFS5 Httt1 ?^?E2E-33 it-bi/twdte hundred and seventy-two dollar** . donations, and Ordered, That .M Mlntah , of the . ?onau n ' . i the of the donors, be published tn cnronoiu* ?f On 'motion of Geo- P X.tTti that the committee adjourn to IMmMw, one P. M. E. Mehia*. 3ec'y. IiitwwHug ftrom Kenm. SBawnb Mission, Kaunas Ter., Aug. 21, I860 Effort to Organise a Democratic Party? Approa-hing Convention ? Education ? County Boundaries? Personal Affair Between Mr. H. C. Pale and O. H. Brown', a Member, in Which the Baiter Succumbs. A strong move is being made to establish and vivi y '? I rioeiples of the old democratic party. The citizens o I?mnworth held* meeting* few days ago, adopted re , options of an administration odor, and recommended the people of the Territory to hold similar meetings, to appoint delegates to a cowerttion to meet at Tocumse on the SOth of August lust. The abolitionists of course took part; they erldeitly hope, by this, to assist Boeder, and if the organization should succeed, must do so, be < auie the pro-slavery men go into it wHfc reluctance, supposing there is a wasp in the basket or flowers; eome oueitly, the abolitionists will command a majority and cany all power for Reeder. However, some of the old liners think this new organization wiU unite with the pro-slavery party; this is speculation on moonshine. We know the old whig party was the bo<t organized nation* party in the country, but fell to piece, from the rotten oess of the Northern wing on slavery. The present ad ministration has fallen from the highest honor to the lowest degradation, because of that coalition doctrine in which an attempt was made to harmonize two fanatica elements. The Know Nothing giant has taken a violent ,U. mmltlon of Yankees in Massachusetts, anil now Present* a paie consuniplive feature, beyond the ft ael? of medicine. So the democratic party must soon v. away from our national annals and live alon . in blstSry. The slavery monster, like Aaron s rod, w J"1? of which is encouraged by the reactive portion* nf the I'nion it# impossible ever to be united on any i i. rinriTilr. an much impossible as to mix oil and ^or CarK and disgusted with the old parties rh? siav?ytssuo lH the on?y issue. No true Southern ^^f^'Norther^ymi^thy ?^*"utticrn8|nHue,Me!<>'M .educed toT se ttlement, Ranee* must have askance liom (ho North next seesion of Congress, or she Wtil g by^he board. All the whigs-and^w^be =r und young men iu convention, will support Col. Isaac XViffiSSf jeSSm.' -*> r'r thcCaw river, two miles from Ixj Compton. The the is to be most. delightful; also an act establishing coiuuion schools and granting pre-emption right on school land*. volumes for our Territory. All seem inclined i o en coni age ?ve"y bill in reference to education if it be " YesUrday afternoon, just before adjournment, every one was thrown Into astonishment by reading the foil .w ing (iird, which was put into the hands o! members . PERSONAL AFFAIR. . ti pii\v Pate will nmkr a few remarks touching a personal P M. L. School, Aug. 30, ISM Mr. Pate took his stand on the steps fronting Ugisla tivc Hall and remarked In substance as follows ?? ?'(fentlVinen-On the 25th of July last the Kansas Heu e of Kepresentatlves went into Committee ot th Whole on Feeder's veto message. Several members spoke. Yl.e st eukers was Mr. O. H. Browne. As mem her ?l tl e Heuse Mr. Browne had a right to spoak as cor respoudent ?>r lh? St Levi' Xrj*Uican I had a right to . .lii?-i>e his sneecli; but Mr. Browne <mi not think so. foi it ^ms on a^ubs,-<iuent occasion, that he attacked me in mv absence in a disrespectful manner. Gentlemen told ne Lt Browne's reinarks were insulting. Not sutUfted with heat"ay, 1 address..! lun. a note, asking him if he had intended to insult me or not, and to answer by letter, or in a public manner. (He;e tl,e\pe?k,r ,ead theAote) Mr. 6rowne ^ntme word that he would write out his speech and submit it a- to whether it win insulting; nearly a week passed and no written iteech eamr. My friend Mr. Mokey then wrote a note to Mr. Browne politely requesting l'n **' ofati'n He replied 'that he was a stranger to :,lr. late cerfonallv, and therefore could not entertain any ersonal intention, concerning him." (Here uote read ) IcrhapsMr. Browne cannot insult a man he ,1 **not know but if he cannot, he differs from most otheis. This apology was not satisfactory, und I told him i so in a note, in which 1 asked hini lo say yes or no, as to ?hothor lie 'ntended an or not. (.Here note read.) He pro mhed to answer, but did not. I gave him ample tune to so Now, 1 that Mr. Browne was at. aid to say ! e intended to insi.ll me. nud he was afiald to say that he Tu i not so int end. lcoinehere, then to de^e^n vour hon ring ? us 1 would In the hearing of .ill the wc rll that 0. II. Browne, member of the Kansas House ol Hei> ici tnta'.ives, is a coward. , t l,. ?? 'lid* created considerable excitement and talk. Mr. C?o hM not, and. as 1 understand, doe. not intend to lOMnt the iusult. Marine Ciinrt. Before Hon. .ludge Thompson, without a Jury. A SUIT FOB BOARD OKDBX FAMILY DIFFICULTIES Sett. 4. ? Hmry X n?. Thomas P. Wendorcr, ? This whs a sidt for $!&? for over two years partial board, for Jlirgtiret K. Wrndovor, a young lady, a minor, duugli ter of lUlendnnt. It api c.trcd lliat the d< fondant, n (ten tleman somewhat advanced in years, took unto hiin-olf a sec nd helpmate some two year* nf'er the docea?e of hi' first wile. Idfflcultie* atote in the domestic o range. ti. nits, and it is alleged lhiit Margaret was forbid to make hi r apj.o;irnnce nt meal*. Iudlgnnnt at lieing 1 eprimmd ? <??1 u nil thus repulsed. she look refuse under the roof ot the ]>l;iiniilt who is married to nor elder sister, and braided with him for over two year*? -dee jiingevey n'ght in hoi laUirr'n hotllt. The evidence a No went to 1 how that Mr. Wendover used abn-ie und Unr-h hin guns'' l''* daughter. Hcmtii. C. A. May and Roome tor plaintiff, Mr. Wa keman for det'endnut. The first witnesa called wan tha young lady in question. Vargnret E. Wendover, who deposed that Uie plaintitf i her btother-ln law and the defendant' is hoc father. I dm eighteen years of age; I went to hoard with tlv pJainliB on the loth May, 1853, and am there to the pseeeut time; the olaiutitl has lurnlslied me with tea und dinner dining t-he whole of the time; he has not furnished me with any other meals; sometimes lslolgeJ with the plaintin. 1 only idept there now and the i; i went to my brothei in law's house because I Was forbid the table nt tny father ?x: my father for bid ma the table : sometime*, w lieu 1 went to gat to.>d. my fithr,- refund me anything till I lu.d clowned the bra/*.; h" told nit' ou a Sunday, in the yurd, whan no one ??? . prevent, that 1 UUft Ml stay any laager, and he OOOU not have me ;,ny"Tinger with him. and that it was a pity to hav? a virl of my Bge oti the town ; he Nlid thu to m* about three month" ago. <>n cross -exa initiation by Mr. Wakoroan. fir the de fondant, the witness -aid plaintiff live# at 111 Ureenw icU avenue; I slept nearly e\ery night at my father* fth ' defendant'*) houhe: I went out mantilla making, at which I have beon working two or thrae year*; the w lines- went on t>> state that her father foihl i hsr to come to the breakfast table, and that *he wa* Compelled to go to her b other -in-law for board. (?eorvicna L. Wendover, sister of the above ?? ita>-s, pue similar testimony, and depoeed thai her fatiier u. t v?ry severe language to Margie. et, and refuted to buy he' ahoafl when badly in want o| ihem Margaret w?? di ing buslnea* m a st< if in Broadway, ot *3 per week. Two brother* of MIm Wendover testificl that th ru titer's conduct ta Margaret wa* rather unkind since hi second marriage. >01 the di titin , It ?*?* <-?ntendiM that the young lady intractable, uodutifal and abnsitc i > licr lather; ttiut she remained out late at night*; that her (oudact ?!? -uch a* n parent should reprimand. and that she left her lather'* hou*r without his consent, Heji'lon re erred. flu|M rtoi- Cuait ? Weiieral T< rm. Before lion. Judges Ihier, Slo*^)n and Hoffman. /*)-<! M IV. J a into (J. L t/. ? Api>eal di*mi<-ed w h $ W conts. Mayor'i OtMn . TltK INCITJttBKANl'E OP RtPUtVAl.ES. Mayor's Omit, Nkw York. >i_,.{ 6, 18M. iiryWRAt. riu>EH. To ' ?|?< i?i?trlrt Sm? 4<o builder or nm-on, or other pcrsm. is all'" ?e<1 to nmnle undei the sidewalk or earria?'* or to enci.mter the saiiw for building purposes, w ithout a per mit, lo 1# ohtolned at the Mm t Commissioner'* ofBce, a nd to tie appro- ed ty the Mayor. You Will tu t nllow uny such ef.ivattoo and enru'u binnce by nt>y js-rvm within your district without such a peimlt I* cxhibiUst wli?-o (t will! )>e your duty to se>" that its c< adltloiw aiM re-tri tlons arc strictly coajplled with. > oo will tee ti nt e?rry meml"'r of your cuummd fully . r.inpneh'nds and etirys thf- i rder bu! the resjmnsibihty of ita t'eWliiM nt rc?t? alone upon you. FKRMANnO WOOn, Mayor, tiro W. M'lartf, Chief of I'oll.-e. Mrs Taylor, lesiiiing uear Brooklyn I^ka, in I iuwMrii* erunty. Va., and ? s> n nine ye?r? old, were drowned on 'he 31 -t .ill . Mr-. T., it appears, lost iyti life in a vsin ..ttrn'pt to >ate h?r 'in. aod Mr. Tavlrfr who plungsl in tie water to res- ue hla wife, be tug seited with crimp, awe ?> y n <!T p?r'"t 'i>f <r> li the tdlie s TV;. ? , orOMiKUmen. met .at 5 o'"*** J?*ter4?y afternoon, at the eludr^Tt " ^ ( ' H>ll Councilman Barneys in *" 1 10 "bseuee of the President. bmsm^iIZ? " ,n ?r4erJ the most Important ??vaU* 7*\oa ' "'P?J bv l,?flO citisens, taking for ??e*C?t^? ^""""txUtiona between New York and. Je??7 "ty- T ,il Pe inon ih referred. frem th^twf , ,TX ' ' V)r<k'r> ? report was presented vor of Ln^ ?" WharTes> Pl?"?n<l Slips, infa

river "EL V*' at ?** of ^"th -treet, Kast Whole P WM referred to Committee of the tan?e? nTi^ 1)a"l1,,e" of no Particular impor tance, the Board adjourned till Friday next. Commliiloneri of Emlpratlen. The regular week* meeting of this body wan held yes terday at their rooms, 81 Anthony street. There were present Messrs. VerpUnck (in the chair). Carrigan, Gar rique, Kelly, Purdy, Camming, and Morgan. WARD'S ISLAND MATTSRS. A communication was received from the late matron :^M/i5e.H0"plU1' Mkin? to be reinstated. It was accompanied by a note irom the physician, saying thn A Vfl? T f? D"C'M- T,'? wasTnied warten^War^.M T rr'red fr??nCharlia Kiddle ? ! Island, resigning his post. lhc resia nation wa a accepted on motion of Mr. Oarrfoue. iJ l3in^f?<'rt wa? ^"'""Itte l by a special commit tee appointed to consider and report in relation to a warden or superintendent on Ward's Island. They sav Impressed with tlie necessity of placing a vigUau and competent officer at the head of the little army .,uar Z " ,MU.n<J- U>? undersigned eariy "* k to oh!!Iin?l U'T1U *hether ?uc" ? person ceuld IK) obtained. A gentleman in evory resneui. well qualified for Superintendent they be! levo to be with.n the reach of the Board, and pUrsuan Patu'rdav * thi L aPPJ,i.ntment; lll? committee, on . aturday, the 26th inst., visited Albany for the purpoa. ^ Wl,h Mr- PUabury, who noi is dantnOl^u ?.JT" Pa,t' the efficient Huperinteu dan t of tfie Albany 1 enitentiary, and for the tifteun vear.s Slld^ Wttr.d''? ?r the Sf?tc prison at WetLrs fi?I ' ^ ?noct'c"t, both ol which Institutions, under the sole management of Mr. Pllsbury, (as may be seen by J lie reports,) nre model* of their kind." , 11 u'? Proc?t'd at ??? length, highly eulogis tic of Mr. 1 ilsbuiy, and remark that, "When ft is vim v~fbv lhhaVUpWa,,d,?f $j00'0*0aro upended in a single year by the Commissioners, as was the case at Ward's Island in U64, which should, if It has not, mainly pass effi^'.i n ui'e warden> ft wiH be ?een that an dntl? In '|Uallfe<l person, with large experience fnnH iwjinewhat similar, may *ave to the ?miirrant fund many times the amount of the increased compensa The committee submitted the following resolution Lesolved, That Amos I'ilsbury be, and in hereby an ?*?* iM.TOof d?nt ?f Ward'8 ,slaDd- at an '-^?1 Mr. regretted that he could not endorse the po. commendations of the committee. There had been a movement commented and persevered in with a view to he/nCr i expenses of the commission. Salaries lia.| !,T 1 rmpy''H *hose services conM he di j.ensed w ith have been discharged, and yet it win now pioposed to raise the salary of tke warden on Ward's Indmore^tl'T' ^ lhat ?ftl>e<iovernorof the .Stale, nd more than any similar officer in the State receive-. ^?r* Moroah reminded the speaker that the knliLt-v ni the Health Officer on Staten Island is $5 000. "<0,k! correct?!; buthe had yet to learn that poverty was a crime, uud in hin judgment no great dis f? devoted to the?r*cawf*<' "Up' HDU>od tho tastltuUons Mr. Moroan defi'nde.1 the report of the committee and eulogfaedMr. Hlsbury. He .aid bis appoimmentWouW relieve the committee 011 Ward's Island from their oner TccSUJ???e.P'irn,an' M'- "? '*> w-ld l.?^ Mr. replied. He said the very beat physicians ol the times were employed on Ward's Island, and the returns showed that two-thirds of the inmates wore generally immediately under their charge. The warden could not interfere with tho duties of the physicians and would not attempt Jt. He hud .said nothfc? Sogitory cf Mr.Pilsbury. He was no doubt, a very good ma^f but he received but $2,00(5 in his present rJdtion Tnd wli^ hi log him here and give him double t hat sum!" ' The commissioner became a good deal excited in reidyimr to the intimation of Mr. Morgan that after Mr. ril&'s appointment he (Kelly) would tind his occupation gone Wa.d'flTh nd wiT), *"\yiT M onf! <lf th" c.iinmitteo 011 Hon minutenoss and evident sclf-sjitisDic iir.nri'.P^Tll"kJed '^at the consideration of the resolu tion he postponed. He desired to present his objection" views in fovo"?anif.r a?^c?"ramltfif had present* d their i orT in invls -V 1!e.u,,l<ed- how could the committee re lort in tavorof giving one man four thousand d< liars v hen, but a few days ago, they reported in tUvor of re during t he salaries of the washing women and ntirse alleging that such reduction was necessary on account of he almost bankrupt condition of the treasus^ An ? "',W ,7 Ken'1 out of ,ho ci,y "r New York for an of ihi's'titv ?!",] let any office . ould be found in fact v RDy mc",bt'r that such was not the Mr. Mori i an* reminded the eoutloman il.m tv,? _ mission was not a city but a *fote in *Uu tion Mecsrs. Knxr aud I'ibdy then n ad r.rote-ts nraiust J"1 ? u.?U,5^ Noeir? Messrs. Kelly and 1'nrdy. ss ihe Loard i^oon after n<Ijourn*\J. , ^^RIVALS AT CASTLK (1AKQKV. tK,r]i l nZ'T?,t0* ?n tlie- landing I)epot, re week endTng^in Uie'4 thTns":? " ' ^,le ^or ,!?? Sk irr BandaUe BoVaiia', from Havre ^ James Foster. Jr.. Liverpool ! !;?? & t s Otphens d? 91 American Congress, Umd'on '. .' ! '...I j? 80 (.azetteer, l iveijiool r. *<?,' Jft WeMer. do.' .1* J St. Nichclas. Havre i , Occan s Favorite U ghorn .' 2H 1 i?4 U Christiana. London 188 Ontario, Liverpool. " " " i;." | ?' N. P. Ha nan, Marseilles ji vw m Sir Robert Peel, I ondon '.'.'.108 o,?_'8 8S Total 2,7117 $111,301.2:; 'iheie worn al-o 21'.' piisi-engi-rs not liable io bond, runci^n wkrkiy statement. Number rf emigrants arrived to August '20, 1855.. 92,lfW Do. do. Io, aiaot to Stpi ?, . . . ;;.83n Total 95.94.' To time date in 18.VI 215,46? 18<>6. 1854. Number of inmate* In institution at Ward's Man.i 1.88rt 2,:tW Maiine Hospital 122 201 Total 2,008 2,602 Balance in bank Jan. 1, 1R66 901,192 4?i Afrgirjjut'- receipt* to Aug<|S29 $201,682 U2 Received since to Sept. 6 for com mutation of alien passenger*. . . . 6,412 00 288, 0(M .:2 Total $339,296 ,8 Disbursement* to Aug. 29, 1866. . . . $.197,0"."' Oil Sundry eipensw> paid. do. do 2.660 88 399, 705 91 Overdraft Sept. 6, 1806 $7o,449 13 The Board of Eilncntlon. The regular monthly meeting of the Board of rdua| lion was held last (Wednesday) evening at their hal! g Croud street, when there was a pretty full attandaaee I the members. Tlie President, Mr. William H. Neil in the ehalr. The major part of the time of the seaMon wna occupied with the transaction of routine taslneos, after whio'i Uie m ini-u iinuiil report of the (Hty Superintendent (S. S. U 111 d:ill) was lweived and ordered to be printed ; it states in detail, that all the Ward schools have been examined or hcaid from within thiee days, sn.l that of fifty sohi >ls. forty-one wore opened on the 8d iu?t., with an increased average attendance over that of the name |*riod 1h- t year. The eihool building a No*. 47 rind 48 are not yet completed; and of the remainder, five (No*. 2, 15 24 80, and 40) aic pnde. going rcpalrt and improvement*, which will le soon completed. The new achool house* in Thirty-Seventh and Twentieth Mteet* (No*. 49 and .'<0) ?siU l'-o ie?dy for occupation dining the next wo,', th teacher* being now employe ! In registering the nunv ot pupils ; th<y will together tic 'omtnodate three thou and t-oholars, ? hich number V ill be forthcoming, Hie fifty eight ptimary schools are opened on the seme il-iy, with Men ,1 full attendance. The bull Hnir* are gon??? tally In gi'Od condition . The report hi action 1 ?. I he relief of those primary school* at print ?. ??upjir.g damp, incorivenient and ill vm'iluted basement*. The several eoieted school*. wit'i the prin.aties, likewise opened on Monday nndor (womb a us] fit*. Out of 11 j'Ward* of a thousand tea her* in the employ oi the Board only twenty wero absentia ... <.c boots Which opened , and of that uQnWf fourteen v .? previ nt< d liy sickness or other in' 1. mount, tblc ob a eUsfi.m n;tendinu; about ooe botfrel hsve been e laved in by the non-opening of the oth'-i chool*. The semi-airooal examination- will com men on ut about tl.e ';0th in?(ant. ?^| Ibe i'resMeikt then celled attention to th4 present re lay* in the payment of small kills for temporary or ne cc? a y repair*, and lot the cleaning of --U ?>f room*. Ac., wee -Hated by the requirement of the lioar!, I'ut tl t l'ie blent ahould ce rtify to all such accounts w h a view to the amelioration of the rule. Some iliaciwloa arose on the ^atstio*, and several moM iu? were offered ly Icaiinis'ioi ers to obviate Mii*ditt< nlty, hut the mat tar an- ultinutiiy referred Io the ( oiuutttee ,,n Hn-itce tu icpoit. An npplii atlon of the K* or u live Committee of the .Snitnal ecbool we< rewired. asking for an app.,;iriu tion of two thousand duliars for expenitNurtw. when, pending the ft**ti"n, it w*? found that s qoornai wai not pi' *<nt and Ifo' &.i. stoe , adjourned. Baval Iiifrlll^mre. 1K> l"*.ited State* Fulton, Capt. Mitchell, a' n .1 i I it ,(r iH/ieis at ft arrlrigtou, 1 la., on the i8th ult. Bee e#cer? ? '?d .-rew were all well. 1h< t.roy-of war Oyane, Cij>t.VllM, sal'e rr ui War rirgti r. 1 'o thq^'b nit. for > ew York. Thfietr?t?rn no -iek->e?S at-'he Willing r. lie.. r.a>y ti ? "a?on. Bwtkljm City News. 1 Nrw Com Hot 'tot ? At a mating of lh? Board of Supervisor! yesterday afternoon, Supervisor Bogart of fered the following resolution:? Resolved, That it bctand the name to hereby, referred to the Committee on Court*, with power to procure plans, specifications and estimates for the erection of a build ing for th? Accommodation of the courts held or to be held in thin county, and for the accommodation of such of the county officers as the Board may determine, upon the rite purchased by the countv for that purpose order the act of the Legislature passed June .10, 1863, and to report the name back to this Board for their action , at their earliest convenience. An amendment was moved that a reward of $500 be offered for the best pMh and specifications, ami that two additional members be added to the committee. The re solution as amended wan then adopted. 1'irKrocucr.? Tbe gang of boys arrested on Tuesday afternoon, on suspicion of being pickpockets, were all brought before Justice Smith yesterday, and all discharg ed but one, whose name is George Edwards, he being the only one anything could be proved against, and he was sentenced to the Penitentiary for four months. Mciuei. roufUMAN.? A policeman, b* longing to the Ninth ward, wan arrested by officer Hall, of the Second dl strict, for being drunk yesterday morning, lie was taken be fore Justice Smith, In full uniform, minus his can, which had gone astray. The Justice not considering htm sober enough to be tried, postponed the case till this morning. Williamsburg City Sew?. Coujfion. ? Last evening, shortly after 8 o'clock, as the l'eck slip ferry boat, Onalaska, was about entering the slip on the New York side, she came in violent colll-ion with the stoain-tug Huntress, causing quite a crash, hat fortunately no jerson was injured. The consternation i mongxt the passengers was considerable, and a general stumpede wss made for the after part of the boat. The Huntress was going up the river close into the shore, and it is said did not stop until the collision took place, while the bell of the ferry boat had been rung to b:ick. lxTXMrKBAX'X ? There were but two arrests for drunk ennness in the Fifth and Sixth I'olice districts on Tues day night. They were disposed of in the us lal manner yesterday morning. Hutted rnox Drowning. ? Yesterday afternoon, as an aged lady, relative of Mr. Holmes, in South Second street, attempted to go on board of one of the Grsnd street ferry boats, she accidentally tell off of the boat into the river, and was being carried out by the tide, when l'reestoue, oi<e of tl.e employes, jumped in and rescued her. Luring yesterday and the day previous there were four other persons that got overboard by jumping after the boats nt the l'eck slip and Urand street ferries. Th;?y were all rescued. Theatres ntid Exhibitions. Hroadway Theatric. ? The Kavel troupe continue to /draw large audiences. 'Ih< ir engagement being nearly concluded, those who love light amusements should avail therm elves of the present opportunity of seeing their pleasing performances. The bl'.l for this evening com I rises the fairy pantorqime of the ''Magic 1'ills," und the popular pantomime of "Nieodemus," Gabriel sustaining the leading characters in both pieces. Bowuiy Theatre. ? The historical drama of the "Rebel's Gauntlet," the comic ballet, entitled the '? Eccentric Lover," nnd the drama, called the '-Maniac Lover," will be represented to night; the casts of which embra -e tbe names of the entire company. Such an attractive hill of amusement cannot fail in drawing a large assem blage. Niblo'8 Garden. ? The grand romantic fairy opera of '? Cinderella" is to? be represented by the 1'yne and Har rison 1'nglich opera compuny this evening, being posi tively the last time it ean be performed. Miss I,. I'yno will sustain the rofr of Cinderella, introducing Bishop's heautilul ballad of "Lo ! Hear the Gentle Lark," und Mr. W. Hanison, that of thel'riuce. ? Btrtoh'S Tiikatrk. ? Tliis theatre has been well at tended since the opening, and the performance") enthusi astically applauded. The programme for to-night Is very attractive, consisting of the beautiful comedy of ''She Stoops to Conquer," and the laughable farce of the "Man and the Tiger." Messrs. Burton. Jordan, Bradley, Burke, Marcbant, Miss Kaymond, Miss It. Reignolds und Mrs. Hughes, will sustain the principal characters. Metropolitan Theatre ? Mile, ltachel is to personate the eharacter of Ailiienne this evening, in tlie Ave art drama called ''Adrienno lAcouvreur." She will bo sup ported in the othercharacters by Messrs. Random, Chery, nine, I-atouclie. Beauvullet, Dieudonne, Bella vault, Chery. jeunc., Miles. Sarah Felix. Lise Fell*, Dinah Felix, Briard, Ilurrey, and Mme. Ijitoucho. WeiOD'B MiNSTiun." ? The burlesque called the "Double redded Room," will be repeated this eveuing, together with the nsuul negro performances. BccKi-KY'B Skrknaiikrp. ? This company are delighting full audiences every evening. The programme for to night is vory attractive. Mr. Walter O'Kkktk. the popular Irish comedian of the Liverpool, Dublin, TVaterfonl r.nd Cork theatres, is at present in thu city. Mrs. Ptacr and Mr. S. WinntroMB are playing at the Ameilcan theatre, New Haven, Conn. Destructive Fire in Philadelphia On Mon day night a kt w?b discoveied la the rstm<ivc ?aw and phtnlrg mill at the northeast corner of Broad and Olive stieits, in the fourteenth ward, known as the Eaglu Factory. North of tlie ketoy a UM story brick build ing, ow ned and occupied by Mrs. Hinkev, proprletrea i of the raedlcine known as the " restorative to health," caught lire, and the up] er part of tli? building wo* mos: ly <!< . troved. Tlie greater part of the furniture was i avid 10 ii r'amaged condition. The line church at the coiner of firoud and Brown streets, known as the Broad stieet Baptist Church, was separated from the dwelliog of Hn. liinkey by a narrow court. But the e fforts of the firemen were successful in preserving it from the llumes. The slate roof resisted the (ire thrown upon it, rod thus contributed to the safety of tlie structure. I'p on the south side of Church uvenue, there were seven una 11 brick dwellings. The icar windows were attacked by the Haines from the factory, and the whole ?(>w was badly damaged, so as to render their repair an expensive work. Iliey were occupied by tlie families ot Wm. Thomas. Mrs. front, John 1*. Miller, Adaui Donald, (,'eorge W. Hiadlev, James Rtoughton and Thomas Kobl>. These families all sutfered from tlie liastv removal of their furniture. The thiee story brick dwclfing on the south east corner of Broad and olive streets caught from the burning factory, and the roof and the upper part ol the building were destroyed. It was ocmipisd by Mr. Morong, herb doctor, and owned by Mr. Miitlack. The lo-s on the building is covered bv insurance. A three story brick store and dwelling south of this, occupied by Jacob Kinkier, baker, ami o?nnl by Mr. Matlack, had the tipper story destroyed. The loss is Covered by WUUW. A row of holies on the smith side of Olive street, below Broad, was nioch scorched m d bad their loots damaged. Other houses iu the vi cinity of the factory were also scorched, and the occu [auK suffered much loss in the hasty removal of their furniture. Wilson k Van horn, sash and blind manufac turers, were the lessees o! the mill, and the owners of the engine and most of the machinery in the building. This Hun occupied the second and third stories for tlieir besinoss. Thtdr loss is about $4,000. $2,700 of which is ci.xcred by insurance. Keeley A' Ikdhy occupied poitlons of the (iist story. and the second story of the re.; r build ii ? i f the mill. Their In. a is estimated at $2,600, upon wbirh t l:f y have an insv.taticc of $1,700. Tliey lost nil tl.elr bocks. Edward Hinkhardt, hydrant turner, who occupied a portion of tku first floor, sutlers a loss of alout$500. The H.inies commenced in this part of the bt llding, bui its there is no fiie used there, it is pre si inert that the conflagration was the work of an Incen diary. (a-per Booming. scroll awyer, occupied a |K>r tii nil the first floor. Ills In s is about $103, which is covcied by iu urance. K. H. Wheeler, turner, occnpiel aportiinot ihe sec nd ttoor. Ill- loss is abou* $1,IKK). upon which there is no insurance. Robert Aitliur, bt.IMer, whose pla cc was buried out a few wee' ' since, fccupied temporarily a portion of the building. His loss i> not of much iiiotucni. Ti e lactoty belonged to Ro'??;-i <-r..y, hrtwer. It w.utli abort SI IWO ju! Injured for h.',' Q0.~-Philailcl]ihia GatcUty Sc/ t, 5. Tim Aiused Sr.xvn Resistance Case. ? The examination of Jacob K. Unt, pilot, on a charge ot *?l> ttrt:rtu^^^ 1 . S. Marshal iu serving a warmuf on i Ik aid rl^Traoonf r Mary r. Smith, resulted in holding him for trial in the sum of $500. Tlie examination of ,i r< ?n? V. Kuip-un, shipwright, on a charge of reilftnnee (not fitting out a sLiwr, as has been stated) will take I late on Thursday of next w<c'.% . It Wa- testified to for theiieSem a in the oa?eof >'r. l.unt that he oRertd to hca\ e the ve-tel to. if the Marshal w muH show Li authority ; and that l.ieu". i routy, of the R?v er<i; e Cutter, told the Mar-bal that he had no a-itho ity. and advised him to go on board tlie steamer. Tlie f'.im in ssioner raid that tlipre was sufficient er;denc" to hold ihe accnstd iu i i< lefusal to heave to whan informed oi tLe nati.rc of the visit of th" diners, though he did not believe that he di ligcedljr intended to ob<ti'icl them in tl eir duty, and that all v. io belpid to (r? t the to vd un der weigh, after ihe order was fciveu to heave to. were equally guilty.? It- ?: .'on !!>? >y.\ Ii. Frcct in CoxNEt tutt.? Tliia morning was ijtti'e < ! illy nii'i !n "? me places out < f the city thi?e w is host. ! ? Wethet .-field it could I " -een and scraped o?T th? finu . 4ka a common vhite frost at the latter end of Feptemlier, though It wa> 'lul'e light, a-> much i as to lead to i! e hoj ? that the tobacco and other crop are not njure<l. It was observed in a numbar of lawns to the e.ift. tr<ltu and west of thi., . 1 y. in all cases, however, it ?ll^ vciy light. The tobacco is ca-lly Injured by frost, and a little atiffrr one wot'ld h ve dona damage to the rxUntot hundreds of ffcontand* of d dlnrs in this Slate. Ibo Cl op is now being fathered. The potato vine-' all along the line cf the rail; cad between Boston and Fpriug f,< Id plalntv hovid the rffect i f th? ftost thi rootnlng. ? I tariff rtl fiMtn, Aup, 81. I.orisiANA Sdoar Chop of 18A4. ? The qiiuntity < t egar made in lx>uisiana in tiio above year, was 34fi,. (?.'hhds. Ibis !? n deficiency from the previous year of 8o bbils. Ihe product of this now necessary article '?( con>iiiriitii n, for the last ten years, apptvus to have Is i n as tolliiWs : 1'5-J :t4?,?CS hhld hhds. )f.V 4JO.:tii4 IMS 230,isjo 1MV 8&1.S04 1M47 1CM :.!fi,547 l(W?i 140OI0 If.'O 211.203 184ft lfW .vio Aversge |er year. 'J< 0.700 hh<t*. Average for the te-i years previous, say from Iffl to 1B44. w.x ?7 ViO hh i ihe ciop ol being only 06,0(10 hlids. Tlie rrrt >ays a man ome w> '! known in the btiMne?<* community, but who for sevetal years bas lieeu fa't ran nirg down, was brought betore th ? Police Court, in Bo ton, and f nU'ncod. as a vngalmnJ, t" lour months in the 1 louse of Industry. It is related of his assumptions in his early davs, when surrounded with the advantages *M< h wealth gave hhn, that be objected to having an? other party, less fiiT< red j It i-cit to him in church; in the revolution* '1 the wbci I ol 'orton> be Is a > sgrant. i i.<t hie de?|l-ed neighbor toe > f the large- 1 ship own rs ef thi* l.y ilTBKTISEKEirrS t&NEWEB BVEEY DAT. SPECIAL HOTICE8. A GENERAL MEEHNG OF THE STOCKHOLDERS OP the Butchers' Real Estate Hide Associate of tho city of New York, will be held at the offlce of thtMenci* tion iltuiie on the corner of Hrtt avenue and Filth street. in the said city, on Monday, the 10th day ef Sep tember next, at half-peat 3 o'clock P. M., when a reeclu tion will bo offered and voted upon for the dissolution of the Mid association. By order of the Trustees. g. p. PATTERSON. President. EDWARD PHILLIPS, Secretary. GEORGE W. CAMPBELL, Treasurer, New York, August 20, 1866. A CARD. -STREET COMMIHSIONER-TO THE EDITOR of the Herald : Dear sir? In your paper ol 29th I observe with great pleasure that Charles Devlin In off-red for Street Commissioner. A mora fit or better nomination could not bo made In the whole democratic body; having known and been associated with Mr. Devlin In some ol' the hardest struggles tor the successful triumph of the genuine uusophtstlc ited princt ples of JeO'eriiouian and Jacksonlau democracy, and never tor a moment bare I known blm swerve or deviate from ths straight forward, uneompromlslng and fearless advocacy of these pure national democratic principles wbleh have elevated our ooun'ry to her present enviable pos Hon. My a^attaln tance with Mr. D. has been Intimate and oi' long standing; It was not acquired yesterday ; It reaches as far back as UfjW, some twenty -live years mho, snd I feel pleasure in saying 'Bat that Inilmacy has never Ween Interrupted by a dlffjreme of opinion or action on political principle, nor otherwise; and no nomina tion could secure to the ticket a lurxer lnllu<-tioe nor bo a surer guarantee to the public for the faithful discharge of the duties, of so Important an oHlce; his honesty of purpose, his sterling Integrity, his Industry, sobriety, snd lnu itjcn ? s, together with his long and praHical experience In business, l<irth pub 11: and private, ail concur to po.nt hUu out aa the most judicious selec tion that could be mude by the democracy ol tin; fourth ward, i r Indeed of any oilier. As the coming election Is likely to be i ne of more than ordinary Importance,. both to this city and to (be State, It behovoe* the friends of true and national liberty lo be cautious In -electing for ofline men of lived and undoubt ed Integrity ; there are too many vital lnMroataat stake now i equlrlng the exerrlMe of sound and matured judgmeut, of liberal and enlightened Ktatesinansliip, men superior to the I Kins of the day; this Is not the time In send novices, bigots, and clerical fanatics, lo represent the people In the councils of the State? men bending beneath the welitht of prejudice, from whom just and Impartial laws are expecte-l? the thing Is ab surd. What the people want is tnonof enlarged inkiest, efprac ileal eiperlence, superior to the narrow prejti li :e* of the day r and just such u mini Is C. Devlin, a man who lias dona more to Impede and resist the torrent of vice and Uum uallty, than all the men In the Fourth ward. Mr. D., does not seek office for mercenary or seltisb purposes, having always refused when applied to; ever ready to assist others by every means in bis power, by pcr?i>nal Influence, nnd otherwise, lor the last twen ty years, ne now comes before the democracy and his fellow citizens with clean liauds, pure and honest Intentions, relying on the support of a (.-onerous and enlightened public, confident they will give lo honest merit that support which has been too often given to those of doubtful Integrity. b.NE WHO KNOWS. Seventh street, August 29, 1866. A CARD.? I AM INFORMED, BY GETTING BACK SOMB of rny circulars, that several persons had to pay for dell very. As 1 know very well that such circulars should be paid for by the sender*, I aave them to one person, wbom I paid for delivering on Monday, the 5th. He Informs me that they have all been delivered except about sixty, which he brought to the Pom oltice, and paid for. By Inquiring today, I was In formed that he only paid one cent on ea 'b le'.t 'r; thoreforc I beg you not to blaitie mo. _ D. HEINBERG, Dentist, t3 1 Broadway. CAUTION.? TWO CERTIFICATES, NOS. 5,100 ANI> 5. Ull, without signature, have been >tol u from the olllee ol Ihe Cumberland and Iron Company. Any Information respecting 'hem Is requested at the otllce, cornsr of Broadway und Wall street.? New Vork, Sept. 6, l?u5. CORONERS.? IT SEEMS TO BE GENERALLY OON cede d i hut one of our four Coroners should be a highly edu - caled Ocrnian Medical Practitioner. We see from soine of tho tie. man papers, that Dr. Joecken, of the Seventeenth ward. Is urged by ihe German population as a candidate for that of Are. Ills extensive medical acquirements and long prac'lea among the Gi miau* of this city, combine to make blm a strong candidate. Will the democrats nominate him* Edward bissell, b7 wall strekt, attorney and counsellor at law, notary public, and I tie Purser U. S. nuvy, devotes his whole attentlou to esses coming before the I'. S. Court of Claims, to the recovery of claims of all kinds against tho U. S., to procuring, buying and selling laud war rants, and In 3t? hours obtains II. 8. passports to travel In fo reign countries. Harmony lodge, no. 44 1. o. ofo. f.-the mem bet s of the above l.udge are hereby notified to meet at the l.odge room, M> Bowery, this day (Thursday), a: 12}^ o'clock . for the purpose of attending the funeral of onr deceased bro tber, James Dunbar. My order, " WM. J. PIKE, Secroiary pro tern. IRISH AID SOCIETY ? THE FINANCE COMMITTER OF ihla association commenced their humane labors on Tue day last. The following gentlemen compose the committee, viz.:? Michael Cox, Patrick Mcllray, Junto* S lndecs, Michael l'eppard. Win. I'. Powers und James Mulligan. Upon that occasion several new members were admitte* to the assoela tlon, and donations were received from the following gentle men;? Messrs. Allen, of the New York and Erie Railroad Com pany. >20; Silas C. Herring, second donation, JH5; B. P. Pur dy, $25; Patrick McElrov, $10; Peter Manny, han, $10; Timothy Daly, $10; Richard H.' Connally, $25; Michael Oox, $10; Mi chael Tracy, $10; John Chambers, Fourteenth ward, $10; An thony De Groot, #25; Charles Devlin, contractor, $20; Wm. S. Dnke, Governor of Almshouse, 810; J. H. Cowdry,$10; Joseph Lynch, contractor, $10; Daniel Gllmartin, fit); James Gal lagher, ?l; John Kgan, ?6; Geo. W. Brown, $5; Matbew Green. $6? total WTO. Besides toe above, a number of smaller rams were given by various gentlemen as first donations, which will be enumerated in our next report. The above statement shows a satisfactory Increase in the funds of the a* oelatlnn, and dis plays an acce* sien of generous and respectable donors which is pleasing to contemplate. My those mean* the action of the association i- enlarged, and numbers of families now destitute nnd 11 burthen to cur citizens, will he removed to a part of the country where their labor Is needed and will be solidly ap predated. 'It Is sincerely hoped thst the press win give its support to this truly benevolent and useful movement, bv Whlch thed country at large will be ultimately benefitted. We tow call upon all classes who take Ihe Interests of the cottnuy to heart to come lorward with their mite, be it ever *0 1 mull, and assist In alleviating misery nnd peopling tho glo rloiis West, who-e virgin soli teems wlih fertility, ready 10 give up lis coldcu treasures to itie first ell'orts of industry. JAMES MULLIGAN, President MARTIN COX, Chairman. M. T. Kekler, Secretary. Wn. T. Wakraii , Recording Seci-etary. IT ECTUBES ON 1 DENTAL HL KGEK yTkI'C. ? DR. O'BRI" J F.N, In conjunction with Mr. JOMSON, formerly surgeon 1 enlist to Ihe io\sl l .mliv of England, will cominenee a rauw ? f lectures on the anatomy and physiology of the teeth, Uiclr 1 iseases and treatment, with demonstration* of the mode of re pairing their deficiencies by artificial means, on Monday, Oct. . For parik uiurs apply at 5fi Bond street, between 11 and 12 t 'clock, where private instruction may be obtained ss usual. Masonic notice~thk~ members ~ of "ktjrek a I<odge of F. and A. M., are requested to meet at Ma-sonlc Temple, on Thursday, Sept. 6, at II A. M., lo make arranne ?uents lor a iuoeral. My order, NICHOLAS PIERSON, 8. W. Notice to the bondholders "of the~phenix Mining and Manufacturing Company of Virginia.? Tboee bondholders who do uot uccept of the proposed arrangement on or before the 10th day of September next, will then have to depend entirely upon the security they may h ive under the supposed mortgage, as the present proposition will not be oon llnued or renewed after that dale. For full particulars apply ut 13 Broadway, hetw cen y and 12 o'clock. DAVID D. YOORHEES. PARTIES HAYING CLAIMS AGAINST THE LATE linns of Huntington A Llnsey, lluu'.lngton A Oo.,aml Charles B. Huntington, will please send them in lo the sub. scrlber on or helore September 10th. CHARLIE B. HUNT INGTON, 52 Wall street. The western farm association.? to the pub Mr. ? Jli. association intends 10 procure trow tiity to one hundred thousand seres of land In Wlsro .sln, for division amongst one thousand or more members. They have secured advantages thot offer great Inducements for persons to jolt, with them, and invlle he public lo utletid a meoUng at tho t'lilon Buildings. IBS Bowery, at eight o'clock on Tuorsibiy f evening next, Sept. 8, uhere full explanation* will be given Every person who subscribes for one, two, three, or four forty nrre farms a lil be ruiiiled 10 a vllhtKe plot of oue quarter of ?ti acre with euib fin m Iustnlmeuts $6 monthly. Coosttiuttou* may be obulncd at the meeting. JOHN STEVENS, President. W?. Jours, Jr., Hecrc'st y. _ COPARTNERSHIP NOTICES. WA.M'ED.-A partner, with from ?TPl/?v/\ M f f; .'100 to in a large manurac.nirini? buai nc*s, wh?re then- h no mk, and (urns out t*rnm$l,<HJ0 * \\< rtb of cai-h ni ti< per week. No rointmuiicAtkMifl noticed, except with lull name ind iddrew, Address Vfanufacturer, b< x 1 2ft Herald oft?ct\ tor two darn. til OnO 10 fM-00.- ANY PERSON WISHING TO ii?ve*f - above amount in a lucnitife m mn lictorini bo nine *. wbk U i- wurwl by* letters patent, wtoteti have 12 veat* Jo run, e.?n fin ! n favorable opportunity to do *0 1)V railing at the corner of Whbe and I..111 Meets, *ecoud floor, room 44. i 'fill lioni 0 to 12 o'clock, and from A to A P. M., for three day*. dfeo nnn wanted? with an active outdoor burin/* man of Rood add re**,. to make wile** U* a mannia< tnrin? and mercantile establishment. in thla city. A Ityf raillery will be paid. AdJr^ R., Herald otttce. <5il /inn ? THK advkbtiseb, having tub above vL?i"v? "mount, wi?*he*? to Invrnt the name hi a re ftpcctable, *.?!e, profitable and t*lea*;int bu<*ln'>?*, m thie oity or eV cwhere. Th-*e having tuck to dtapope >?, ideate addr e?a, pivln/r full particular*, (no other* noed an wer,) If. 0. II., Herald office, !or '*0 days. til Aft -THK ADVERTISER WIHIIES A PERSON TO ?iP J "V# join him in ji respectable and very pleamuit an 1 profitable buplm *? Thfta !?? aueh a chance c? p* Mora happen* tor n person to travel, see the country, and at the *an?c inv make ran*/. Apply Immediately to Mr. tJUY, at Patch * Ingall't real c*Umc Hike, JM5 Broadway, BlWtfm ( HA NCR.? A YOTNCI OK NT LEX AN OP US doubted eapocify iu?d responsibility wiahaa to cornier with present offic e buMOc*t a goo 1 profitable a-ren^y, of any de*c? Ipiton, or r.ouU not object fo a partner With die above quaiiflcaiUma. AdJiaa* Dispatch, Me.atd oCke, with full par ticulari. DISSOLUTION OF COPAltTNKRMIUP ? NOTICK I* hrroby Rite:. ibal 'he c >pariticr?hlp hcraunr* piMmt he tween tin undei jn l nn i? r firm name M PtwenbiiTT A Ar'lnu-, haa Ixf ii 1 hi. day 4lmotr?d by mutual <?n? 'BL IV nndi'i crnral. Ih.uii ! fhifenbury, Jr., in alan? aulhorUed to the burlnen "f ??l d P?i inwwilp. DAKIKL.f DOSKNBURY, JB-. Nrw Vob?. Prpt. n. 1-M_ AI.KXA.VDKR A HIIIUR, TO BOIMKWI MFX -ANT VFIlt A V1II.K HOD8E wlfhlim lo rYii "1 Miflr buslmw, or riMtmr a ?nb?Unr? Pnr thr abadow, by a<li1r< UUa appltcnrtmi will (hid on'1 per fcclly wartrd la btialMn aflnir* In (Jin UoM StalM, kartac irat'll" <1 motl of Hie iiin<' for i ftm Ti ar?, ?Dd Uvlntf a fair bnatnfM aequalnlnnrr ; middle I'd' it" nablx reft! mirpa In thla rtly. No one ncod anawt-r unall ?a Uirv to r< uiunriH *. Addrtm. wbh real nanM-, Theodore P. M., 1'Oal off, re TnK OOPARTM;r?HIP BEKSTOrnRK KTlHTlNfl BF. iwr< n Tintna- I aiTan and Jnnuw Bovl, in th<" mtntila. Hire 'rf inlnaral v.'alri ?, and sale ol ikm- ?r, ale and cldar. ?Hu a'?d at W Mficer Mmt.ilt* York, htbl' day dialled b mn'iial ton^rrit. THOMAS FAIIRA.V. Anrimtin IT/ JAM* BOV1). Ihialnr. - * ill '?? roaHMtt by .Inme Boyd. wr ABTED? A PABTXKn, WTTII A V tHII ''AfrTAr. II of ?Ift.OIW I. '?<' IWM" lake a half Ui'e, . ?t m a ea?!i e,i of which now I imni<dhi(?|y in wltt meaua W ' KD.Oln, lo lake a half lii'r; t lerj i iw, a|f?i.djr caial l. lied, the dally profl'i of avirafe from ten (o t.'A Tlie r.iri b<- imm rn ami M per < "in i y llif fcldfyl a lai ilrr parUter, i Addrri* H F , box ITS" l'oat ofllf. TlrANTF.P? A rABTVKB IS A Fllf-T < l,As* PAJill.V M irorcn wKh '??h capital of taon. i|>? >v>r? la an old and wall MuanllaliMl oil' , and now lining a iaree ia<h b<j*tni>?- . ilie r?woii ilir owner at.nia one. |j iliat be ha* iwn ??re, am' l? uua!.;e io atimd lo boih. Fc* MrUculara apply lo the ?ro eery ?>ore. corner of lluil'on And Jane ?'?. _ ram ivriT. ""WowpMAwrAB iif. i <ii.Y Mp (Man*! liani.-* ?1 * ? ?' ?* R'-awan ? Pcrwniff w iahifif a nk*^ Rat of 'n#th will d?i wall lo . all I?| Dr X U'O! F<i\ I'RKTF.KRK aJ bla d'BHI work rfMi ? to he tt.e be?t and HI pr ,r ih? "heaMai. ?S6 Mroadway, (.oratr of liowurd <*r??K.