Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 7, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 7, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 6950. MORNING YORK HERALD. EDITION-FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 1&">5. PRICE TWO CENTS. {AMKRTISEMENT8 RENEWED HUM DAT. MEW PI BUOATIONS. A GREAT SCCCESS. Tlw new novel by the muhur of ''Aluae" : THE MIDDEN PATH. By M&riou liar la ml, of Kiehinoud, Va. TV J edition* sold; third edition priii' ing. The extraordinary success of *li-?? lla land's 'Alone" ?wrunuing through edition after edition with great rapidity ; republished In England, with * <'ili la;ger sale; translated into the French and German latifunges with marked success ? -Is, perhaps, the be it evidence of the originality and popularity of her writing. In the lan guage of an eminent critic, li8he may henceforth take rank anitng the moat succ -sfu! Dovelis'a o[ '.he United States. i On? 12m<>. Tol. ('rice >1 2i. J. C. DllRBY Publisher, 11# Nfeau Htreet. For wile by all hot k sellers, VOICF TO AM Kt' 10 A ! Will be published on Satdrday, Bent, ft, A Votro to AimrVti . or, the Model Kepublf.', ha Ulory orlta Full; with a Review ofthe Can- .ofllie Decline and Failure of 'lie ltepuhli s ol South Amrlna, Mexico, and of ttie Old World; applied to tlie present crisis in th? t'nl>i States; one bimdHom" volume, over 400 paces, cloth Ml', $1 25. Oonten'a ol'thrwnrk: ? The United ? - Prospective and Ratrospeo tive; The Ancient Republics- u iy OivilKa'ioii; Bpirta and Allien-; n.- Fall of Rome; ("?.'>.> Uiierty In the Middle age.; Mexico, and the South Arr. -rlc m Stales; The Heroes of Liber ty; 'Ihe Boundsrl ? ofOountrlea -how Established; I lie Anglo Hnxon Race and Liberty; Uouisttlsm ??nd Freedom; rhe nights of Conscience; Religious Tgler v'iou; The Bible, the Charter ol Liberty; The Principle* and Perils of our Common Education; What Constitutes the Kight to Vote; The right or the Majority to Rule; Tho effects of Romanism md Protestantism on civi lization; The Political I'ower of ihe l'ope; Necessity or Insti tutional Ssfeguards; Demoralizing Influence of nem tgogulsm; American Cittaens? native orHoptel; Horn mist or Protest - ant Kqnallv Interested In res! Ins For el it n In luence: Kvlls of Military Organizations Exclusively of Naturalized Cltliena; Secret Bocletlea ? tlielr Use and Abuse: The Uitlzen of a Repub Jic; Na' ur:i I izallon Laws of the I " iiltoa H a'os; American Na tionality; 'flic Common Cause. Tills work eminently claims the attentive perusal of every American citizen. I. WAL KER. Publisher. Ill Fultonstreet, and may he bad of all book seller.. and agents tltroujhout the Umed Slates. 0REAT (' A LIFORN1 A HISTORICAL WORK. I>. APPLETON A CO., .W and .'548 Broadway, Have now rc.a ly THE ANNAI.H OP SAN FRANCISCO, And Hutobt or C iufojihia, lly Jonii douu, Joua H. flmon. M. I)., an I dints N'isbet. One large volume, of S21 pages, ELKOANTIiY IM.UHTR AT ED With ISO tin" steel and wood engravings. and beautiful Maps of San Frani !sco and California. Price iu cloth 18 At) : roan, martde edges $4 j Roan, gll' edges f I SO. This work is the result of several years of observation, labor, and research, of gentlemen who have occupied positions affording ample means of correct Information. The work miy therefore ho relied upon ns being the only full, impartial and Interesting history ol' Caiilornla, and Its era11' city, that has ever been given to the public. 10.000 topies liavo been subscribed for in advance of pub- i Mcatlon. The engravings embrace all the principal objects and views In tho city ol Sun Francisco, piu tin! prensnt, sketches of various suctions of t 'alllornla, representations of Interesting and slartling events, aisl portrait* of prominent Individuals. These have been mostly prepared expressly for this book, and are from daguerreotypes and pcncu drawings, taken for Ihn purpose, and hit now rendered in rn valuable from i be fact that they are the only existing illustrations of many places that have been destroyed or otherwise passed away. Tho extraordinary circumstances connec'.ed with Ihe rise anil progress of Han Francisco and other places named, afford more rnniter thai is calculated to Interest the lovers of the marvel lous, as well as to Instruct th * aeeaers of blstorlsal lacts, than luis ever b<-en given In any o'hor portion of the world. 'Ihe memory and records ol many of the events here nirrs led are fast parsing away, and but for their preservation In nome authentic historical work, much must be lost that will hereafter be ol Incalculable valuo to tho s'-itestnaa and hiato xlan. The entire press of Han i'ranclsco has, In the strongest lor ms. con. men. led It to public attention, and thoir favorably expressed opinions have h en endorsed ill Ciiltfornla by the most generous subbcrlpttciis that have ever been given to an .American hook. CONTTNl.S Or J1NNALS OF 8.IK KI'AflCtlCO AMD HISTORY 07 OAIJ rouxu. Fart I. ? A Micclr.ct r.nd continuous narrative of tlie disoove ry, settlement, anil prn^n ? ? ol ' ;ill!ornla. including an acoount ol the aboriginal lniuihiiants, and the rife and decline of the priest cltit-s (their aove reigns,) whose domination ali'oi-ilsa most peculiar and interesting ; liat'e in the general history of the coiinirv. The causes, progresi and consequences of the war of between tlie Mcucan and American btates ? the cession of California to the latter? the dl' covery of fold nn I Its Immedi ate effects upon the pr< -perity aud | opuUtlon of the country "-the admission of California a-s a Statu lnio the American I'nlon. A description of its phyplni! geography, Ms commercial, ag riculliiral, pastoral ami mineral m .iltn, and lla capacity to re Ceive and sustain millions of iwl.lttfonst inhahltunts. I'art II. ? A description ol he progress and the various Inol dents which happened year by yea:-, and month by month, In the city otS in Fraud co, froni the period w hen California was ceded to the Americans, up iti Joue lv lssi. I'nrt lily? Minute f'.> ? t>.i'. o! whatever things were most pc culiar and interesting ? physical and lnf II.' -tti 1, social and moral, and their oauses and coote-numices? wliieh mirked the progress of the cite, and ; vo It a world-wide reputation for good or lor evil. (Iti tills divmion of the work will f>e included geogrnphieal and ri!gMw<l skt tihoa, and an doU s of th" morn prominent and dlst Wiishcd ac'orx in th- bus'.llnc scenes of Uie time, and whose names are closcly asaociat"d either with Ihe general Malory of < 'aliiornla, or the particular rtsa and pro gress of Han Francisco. Fart IV.? Appendix containing rnplous statistic". opinions or tiik CAUMiKM t rnesa. (From tlie San Frauclnco Chronicle.) This work will become a recognised authority, and a vain nbte work of reference for the early history of Ihe city. The chapters on tho Vigllanco Committee, the nounds, the grea* fires, the gambling liou?es, anil tho stirring events In the early tiU'nry ol ihe gold mines, ere very ent -rtnliimg an 1 Instruc tive. and would possess mu h Interest even to persons at a dls tanee? Strangers to CaUfornhi? and the persons who acuitl wondeilul parts upon lu-r wonderful stage. The statistical matter in Uie work is vuluable, [From the Daily Callfornian.] The long and anxiously looked for volum" has been laid upon our table by the agent of the publishers, t's appearance fully tustlfies the anticipations formed concerning it, and from the Biistv glance allowed us through the hook, we are Inclined to think that It will be received by tho public, both here and else where, with that high degree or favor which the enterprise so Justly merits. The labor and expense bestowed upon the get ting up of the volume Is Immense. As a history of th" rise and progress of San Fran'-isco, as the Importani events eonnitelcd w 1'h the history of California, this work is Invested with the deepest Interest. The work re fleets hii,h credit upon those engagaed iu Its preparation for the press. IFrom the l'laocr Times.) Its history is reliable, and it places on record nu mere us events which will be !?und useful loriuturn references. We think we nui recognize In many of Its pages the careful Compilation of Mr. Nisbet, while on others the dedant spirit breathings of Mr. Boule, stand boldly forth. Both these gentle men wield graceful and vigorous pens. TINJTAIWS IN AMERICA? PRICE 13# CK.VTB. with remarks upon temperanco, (Its foundation,) ts'.emperance (its causes and romedles.) the culture of the g. vine in the I'nited States, and other matters of linnortenee to rich and poor. By John Osborn, of (Jporto, In Portugal, and New Yoik. For sale at N'o. 40 Beaver street. New Vork. Copies transmitted free to >ny pwt ?f the I'nited States nn receipt of fifteen cents in post*K? ft amps. fr'EVK AllTS, Rachel. An Hrcurnle full p?i?ed liken eti? of thlj dLtlnguMied Ac trM* < an be wen on page No. l.'!0 of tli u charming and popular book, BE1.I. SMITH ABROAD, The fifth 1,000 of which U just ready. One elegant 12mo., H luntrated. Price, tl 'AS. J. C. DEBBY, Publisher, 119 Nmmiu itreet. Ami far Mk ? by all bookseller*. tilngle roping wot by mull on receipt of price. WATCH KS, J | : VV Y, &C. (1 AI.I FORMA DIAMONDS,? WK IN VtTK THOSE A BOUT J piirc-uistng jewelry to c ill and we our California diamonda, mounted in every ?iyle, and e<|tial hi briltUrwy and appear an. e ???? u*> i eal diamond, and at priori will-in the reach of evoty one. 1 hote Kenla' duster rina are aLill *n. L. A J. JACOBS, 407 ilro y. Btmnui \%rt?up. TITAI-KI K EQUESTRIAN INSTITUTE, T? (v.< .ind 61 South FourUj sliuet, Brooklyn, SMtern dl?rio?. Orrsmo Kmht ftrc'irur, 8, 1*5.1. The prnprli tor* ol' the Kqu.-enlftn Institute reap. ctfiilly an oounre to in public thai, Uie t'.ul.n<( School having Ijmi er. Urged and undergone ex' repairs aul embai li*fcmcntn, will be re op. nrd in Bj 'irday, the SUi of,. in ber. 1?M. tinder the :. n and nperinvndeii. of a ccmim lee ot tUe patron . and tViend >f th?* hooi. COMMIT! r.K OK \ Kit ANO KMBNTS. BitooKi.rn, r. n. Wm T. Ueltob, Alderman Sparks, TLoni.. , Doyle, K. L. UiiUortlald, B Warner, Wn?. ft. Bishop, ?'i*y Heik, Win. R. t'ofm it, John Broach, C'aaplan A. .NfMirko, Jarnea Clark, Wm. M Welling, .limlah l'?tri<lget Win K Wlnan*. A. Waahinc, John Di in. Oeo. B. Bliacbard, F. B. Smith, IMrid Bruce, Jr. anooKi-TK. w. i). D. 0 Miller. Isaac Walker. N. S. Htuit'T. J- J. Howard. ?rw *onK. K. Caldwell, I?r. P. P?y!?on, gram le ?' J WmTeii H. l>ey, John C< don, Cbas, L. Cornisii. WIWTOW*. John firth. ' J. J. Howard, Secretary, V. m. T. Leltrh, CHalrmm. r?>/> ns. (Chairmen nf General Commit? pink und *hi'e ro*e" '.Mini- - < ? -n-rn' t'n.nml i< ' m m m. coimnim. {Reft, .'mwii- Mm ? r.n.1 wtj ?>. P?*te I L.J .? . wlilu* 'moan. Tb* aaloon? and ring will be ?rrn (? mi,, lr-t -i In < bar/'- tucir pareola or guardian*. from 10 A. M to t P j .V ' ' ...i: -I Wulk'T 1 :i. fpf ladle* From 7 tn 11 ..'rlnrk P M.. for ladiea and ren'lemen, inler I tJ- ?? i l. ii . :?'? (<e-n'i *: Ci ;..m ???.. free) .1 i- < utioiis h?re In i n ei'. ud~l t-i tb? t" -:iers arvl u>( rU*? I.: il?c tensile depar -ncut at our Public Krhori,., tb.( , (illnrdlng ? !<i:er? an oppoitunity to bccom? ac niivta'ed v. ,'li >?cheMi nnd pnplif. KKHmW, Tbe Wilier E<i'ie?trlan In lute, W ?nd SI fleirli Ft h Vreet, Brooklyn. K. II.. !?> by :ar tb' Urge*' eatab'l hm .n of lh? kind In the United Htatea. if not In the world, ii. ?ai.K)r.?, ?ng and ? t, oupyln.' a>cn el'y .-.nrl1, tir * ironnd ftwg the giuund 'otba dam* W mr*atj a refit ? (t ? b< ? . bicd end r< ' ?'? d : i l any ? i >. i. . >r i i . i ? Ion I f?e hundred e ml' 1 ..ill . rHe , .,? ?a<ttT i i'-ii. <-.| i.' . '? ? RiM 1 < i ? e doee'.e frnin .Ve ,v V- -it or i. ny p r' it t. jy city raii. ,iad? ?t'>HeK awl lerry b<*'?. fr*m P?e? > .irant ind linn ..n i-tree,?, ai ?r . hour of'beda> ?.r t ub', H -r-br for I i, ifi: tl:r m'?u, . * < ol aui v-m .. aad lealtli : ,e.-eL e In Uw United vat. ... mm. fwen ? . >?^>na >J) ??> 'nflte Ir *ou? II >. I ? a I no u*d J 5) Klr.?rta>. ainisn. weotj- tour UikeM lift) I?*:e TieVtVf. * 71 HPEOIAL WOTICHH. _ C ACTION.? TWO CKBTiriOATBS, NOB. fclOO A*D 6,101, without signature, have* bvna stolen trim the crtfee of the Cumberland Coal and I roil C? Hiany. Any toiormalten respecting them In requested at the ruber corner of Broadw ay ana Wall atreet.? New York, dept. $, IMA. Fulton febby accident.? any passkngkbs who were eye witnesses of the drowning acritlaol at Urn Fulton fcrrv on Monday last, will confer a particular favor ou tbe aubscrlber by leaving tiirlr name an4 address wltli him. CHARLES PFIZKB. 18H.^ Water Kreet. IRISH AID SOCIETY.? THE FINANCK COMMITTRK OK tills iisn* latlon commenced their humane labor* on tubs ?lay last. The following gentlemen coiopeae the cointaiUeo viz.: ? Michael Cox, Patrick Mellray, James Sanders, Mkhae I'epfWd, Wm. P. Powers and J *me* MuH'gan. Upon Uia occasion several new member* were admtUad to the aasocia Uon, Hiiil donatloiiH wen- received from the following gentle till 11:? Messrs. Allen, ol the New York and Brie Bail rind Com pany. $30; Mlas C. Herring, second donation, 936: H. 1*. Pur ?It, i'J5; Patrick McKlroy, Sin; Peter Mananhon, *10; Timothy Daly, 1 10; Richard II. C'onnallj, >28; Mlclaicl Cux, $10; Ml rbaet Tracy, $10; John Chamber*, Fourteenth ward, $10; An llony Do Uro, $2ft; Charloa Devlin, contractor, #20; Wm. H. Imke. tlovi rnot ol A lm.sliuuse, $10:, I . H. COiv Iry, $1 J, Joseph l.ynch, contractor, $10: Uaniei Gihuarlln, $10; .iaiueatial higlmr, $6; John Egan, *0; Deo. W. Brown, $6; M ulicw (ireen, !?'&? total HW0. Hesldo* the above, a numiiur ot ainaller sums were given by various gentlemen a;' tii-Mt donation*. which will bo enumeratM tn our next report. The above sia'etncnl .hows a satisfactory Increase In the fund* of the association, miJ di plays an accession ol tienoroii* and respectable donors which Is pleasing to contemplate . By those mmiu the action ol the association Ih enlarged, and numbers of families uow destitute nod n burthen to our citizen*, will be removed to a part of the rountry where their labor la needed and w 111 be solidly an predated. It in sincerely hoped thai the press will give its support to tills truly benevolent and uaeful movement, bv which the] country at large will bo ultimately benefitted. We row call upon all clause* who take the interests of the country to heart to come forward with their mite, be it ever so ? mall, and assist In alleviating mlaery and peopling the glo rtons West, whoae virgin soil teema with fertility, ready to give up lis golden treasure* to 'he lir.-.t ellort ~ of industry. JAMKt) MULLIOAN, President . MICHAEL COX, Chairman. M. T. Kkkijer, Secretary. Vim. T. WaBllALL, Recording Seoretary. LECTURES ON DENTAL SURGERY, KTO.? DB. O'llRI HN, In conjunction with Mr. JOHS?N lorrn ,-rly surgeon dentist lo the renal family of England, w u ommence a course of lectures ou the anatomy ami physioli ;yoi the teeth, their disease* and treatment, with demonstrations of the mode of re pairing their dullclcnolca by artilicial meana, on Monday, Oct. I. For particular* apply at M Bond Htreet, between 1 1 and 12 o'clock, where private instruction may be obtained a* visual. VTOTICK TO THK BONDHOLDERS OF TUF. PHENIX Xi Mining and 8Bnutiehirini Ooinpnnj ot Virginia. ? Thosn liondholdera wlio do not accept ol' the proposed arrangement ou or before the 10th day of September next, will tbeu have to depend entirely upon the security they may hnvo under the KUpposcd iimrtnage, asthe present proposition will not be con Untied or rem wed alter dale. For full particulars apply at 13 Broadway, between 9 and 12 o'clock. DAVID D. TOOBHKRS. PABTIES HAVINO CLAIMS AOAINST T1IK LATE lirms of Huntington A Llnsey, Huntington A Co., and l.'lmrles K. Uuuiington, will pieaxe send them Into the mh scrlbcr ou or belnt e heptembcr 10th. t'UABI.KS B. HUNT INGTON, 62 Wall meet. T1HE MEMBERS OK LAFAYKTTK LOlKJE Nf>. t!4. F. A A.M., are earnestly requested to be pone! nil In attend ance bt the regular meeting, to lie held litis (Frl lav) evening, at the Masonic Temple, corner Broome Mid Croaliy streu's. I' of tuipot tance will be brouglit before the lodge. Hv ordcij W. IBVINO ADAMS, Secretary. TTTE UNDERSTAND THAT THEKE IS A LAROE NUM V T berot our military and tanjet companies visiting Newark. R. J. , tints aeaaon tor target pracUee; amongsl IIm ml lite police department oftho cltv of Hrooklyn, who visit that place on the 26ih Inst., they all dine at Military Hall. This lathe best place In th? Statu tor companies, their being aiujih acco modalioii?for any number from one to live hundred. TV no CAN BEAT 1TY-A CUCUMUI'.B, FOUR FEET ft and two Inches In length, raised In Italiwav, N. ?!., can bo seen, gratis, lor one week, at DKNMAN'8, ti;t V m lam at. PKUHONAI,. TtTKIOHEBF' OFFICE, CUSTOM HOUSE, NEW YOBK, T* September 1, 1M65. Moara F. Oplix, Eau.:? Dear air: The nnderslgn'-d United Slates Weighers, In view of tlie pCibllc unnottneemn! thai you have i signed the arduous and responsible posMi'iti o! Assistant Collector at thla port, deem thla the proper occttslott an 1 Uti. the liberty of expressing the hiiih admiration an I esteem in which vou at held by us, as an lior.orablc man and an excel lent public oili er. We have witnessed with much satisfaction, the prompt, fear It's i, and Indep . dent manner in width yon have discharged the duties of jour late office, and congratulate you upon the enviable reputation you have established In the mind* of all test and minded men, (who are at all l'.< miliar with the lal i i .oua, complicated dhd oftentimes vexatious nature of the ?ervicea you have been required to perforin,) a* an efiii.ient public ollici r and on tntelllgeut, energetic, and trustworthy businessman. While you have by precept, example and direction, en leivor ed lo enfon c a rigid and exa t performance of duty upon othet s, to (.ncli extent as at timea to be accounted aonietuluK like severity, yet tt aifords us plsaanre to be able to ?ny, and cheerfully acknowiedge, that yon have at all times stood a* a shield to protect faithful officers trout improper Imputation t and un lusl accuiatton*. Wishing you the success which wc know you do and will con tinue to deserve, In your new otisiness enterprise, an I all tbe liappinaM and proaperlty life can aflbrd, we mu.forlbc o u names and n main jour Irl nds Ac., truly, Jamm Cam rm.tx, D. O. Iinamsu.. E. A. Kimrau., lticiiAi'ii Nov Mil, Job* Cox, C. C. Wau kb, Quo. J. tlAU-icntn, Dasiki. (ii utr, Ron. B. CiABt. J i x li. Cisco, \V. E. ('nceftH, A. KtM.snToR, lll skY VAfDXWATnt, Druts McCartbt, J os xrit Whitb, Wk. J. littows SamI'I.L H, COLKM4*. LOUU DiFlO.V, O. A. Newman. N'nw Yoke, Sept 5, IMS. To thk U. P. Weiohkks: ? Oeii'lemen: I am iureeelptof voi kind l"tter of the Ni inst.. commending my oillclnl service* in the porltlon I liave recently vacated. Yo'i also exprcl* warmly your feelings of interoat in my future welfare. You all having from your experience, togctie r wiili your good judgment, a just estimate of w hat Is requnb'd at the hands of a public officer, adda to mv pleasure in reooivlna your com munication. I do not dem It a thing ol little worth to have the good wl be oi no worthy an asuoclat .on as tho Board of U. S. Weighers. Let me a -sure you thai your unqualified endorsement of ray official life, covering a* it doe a period ot over eleven year*, is highly prlxed. It i*4ncre*hed In the fact ..ia'. sou;c of you have held place longer than my sell, hence my 11 ol ? rvi ? u known to yon, others of your number knew me In iny boyhood day i. und others again, when, lu my earlier matirood' we me! in other ecenea and aasoclai ion*. Home of you I Urst met In tiie Incidents pertaining to tud growing out of our respective posi tions in the revenue department oi this district? we met a* stranger*; It Is plea-ant to know that we separate officially as trletiur. 1 can only add, lo be w? li;licd in the i-alan-'es of ?o excellent a corps of officers, and in the scale* of your good |iidKtn>-ni not foui.d warning, Is better than hom.ns ai d lands, and will I am mi in In alter life. nfTord uie more satinfactioo. You will each of you uleasa aeotp' mv sincere and b"arty itshI wUlics for your future prosperitv nni ha ph. . in i.Biec or out, 1 trust vou and "your*' will ever hav?s Ike benig nan' smiles of a kind Providence to alt' tid you through I ;rt>. believe me ta be, jours slncely. M. F ODELL. 'Jo D. O. lx>!'dell, Jsmei Campbell, K. A. Kimball, and oihi rs. C. H Weighers of Dl trlct oi New York Antonio.? your iirotiikkh wn.r. cau. for you "lu Kui Twenty-third Mrec', a* before. on froJtir Uy morn i a#, Kept. n, a little alter ten o'i look. Tbi-y wl-b very tuucli t<i ?:c you attain. Do not rfliiappolrtt them. INFORMATION- WANTED ? OF JOHN OR4ADY, II Y HH I flmrr Catherine Ore ady : any Infornu'lon <it btm will be th?r!i fully rewired at 1 49 Kliiabmh atre ??. When but hisarl of bo wa?t In Chicago. <!Mcago paper* pie**" e.jpy. IK A. 0. WIIX RETURN TO HER MOTHER. SIIK WILI, I In it of Bomi tiling to her advent* \JK. < K. UVINUKTON, OK NEW YORK. WHO jlJ rh*ii."d bis rall?? for one mark 1 Jov ph v-wel), food na, Wt*., w'll oblige by calling .it the. Cttotoa lloU i. THE U^l'OR il'KSI liiV. rpiK UQIOR DEALER*' I'ENTRAL UONYU VT(0\ 1 will nn on TburiiUy cynlt.,', at a ?' .<? a' i n .il Hail, .'II Canal ?treet. Member-" aw) partlctlarly r f'l'ie .tcl o l>e in attendance lor the trauaactloa ot Important limine* , liy order. I'. W. I.N'i}:?, Pi"-.lden W. ^KArrT.r., Hee'y. p. Moiji. r , V ? l'i n' rro LIQUOR DEALERS AND ORO< KB." -NOTI'T. IS 1 hereby given, ilia' we have new land1' fr >m ? lp< Mil'ou and Ijiiireim, from HeriVatn a..d 1-i itochelle, a superior at ?crimen- nl Cm- wli.ea mid brandies, wLl -.i oljfcr at the low |* mi rket prlee*, In oetavea, .jmir'era i.d i.ulf ply In the original patkajte*, fhmi the wtarf, or Culled W? 4 bondnl u a. i-honae, each parkas* b"ln;r aeoor-.parile'l by a eerUfl a'n hi Ins | ? rtatli n iroui 'be Ooilri tor of the I'urt, thereby an.d..,.; tti.y OIBlculty by the Malno law All artM a warrant") a- re . ? i-ireU. ai d wld nn literal teriui'?, by I/. II Sl.MJ'SON k HOlsH, 11? beaver street. "A(\ DO? N CLARET WINKH, I' ROM ttTOUfiOPKR tloreu.? 'In lee brand e*, ttiiirt, aim, porter, Ac twenty per cent le?,? 'han Uioadway prleo*. Fli.e Port un i ulif'iy, tor medii ino, II per bottle: prime eegaM, a:, a' 1'IKKhON >?, 18 Uincker (Creet, near bowery. * LFRKD PACKH AKl'riER, 190 WILLIAM/ STREET ? .O flni| "fted wlries and liquor* "fstiperiir oua'ity. I? i',bW '? itir.irao llkeur, tabrtek Van Wlju*f?<f forking, KmM lam. Ll queiira aupe.tine* de liuid>'a>u, an ereme In Noyaur, ean dij ?antelair, tiarlait ainour, alk?rme <, 4e. Kiod /rencb yorkt. rresenreil ?et;i'tcblc? fiom Luberk. / 'H A MrAtiNK ?J. MEYER, JH , KILE IMPORTER OF V t)tlle<-.\rt imlmoCK veittttay eb >Oi; cnt, 1? llioadway, lnvl'< a ",e atiemlon of tfcetrtule to I la tew alitpmunt of ibti. ele liiated brand of vrlne. Ordera Bllud 'jpon the mo?t 1. ierat term* E. M TO I'lwf.Vr , Ag nt. / I.^KE'i WINK IN l.'AMRH AND I'KI: DOZEN O T YA " t noua prlnea and ijualit> . whuo brandy lor pre- ?rnn? t. iy klert) ' randy, an ei.eileut remedy tor dlar'onj: pur? i raroie-. 'vlnea a/id !)quor?, ^ otiji a.e-,. I.- trlon and Oublln t? ru r. aecarn. Ae. wr ?al? by UNDER lIILt. i MAl'TEKfi'JN, \Jl l.r?aM /'OONA?, RO< HE1.1.K AND BORDEAUX RRA' DIK' ' /' in \i, anj ej?I.? ? For M|e m bond, or du'let paM |x)r". beir.e ?, and Madetra wuje ? In the iieual ?<? d liaengo, ? ini very oM and ehoicej ai??, por-.e , harr patron, ' i,et*. -r .1 Mr. V or ?alo low by WARD t. < O lai l oncrt ai*l job er- . Ill) Murray n'ri'tt. 1 IOlO*-?lN BOND.? WINES, RRANI'tEX AND QIN, li In park. ,e?(Jf v^rloua *!/? -. tllkm ifoafeqt.i import 'km ft' ro custom hi w, * r ?al>- low f. .? u?.i, y L.H. MMFWJN km S-* \? ri"*r>r ?*- >? RKM'.IOI t NOTK m. CVMAOOOUF, OHEKNKKTRKKT.? T?i UF.V V fiPKin k ? NfH. iveoi Vienna, Ixinion a. el Uir.n .n,li a flfo ?> * 11 fp. V.) offl-.a'e on 'be apt r. .? inr.^ nMy lava, --..a y an efl ? em . uotr Heat* n,?y >M nb>alnel on applke* or n'b Tre er , at th' ii ro?n, on nuoday oett, 1R1> lua' fiorn S 'ill lOo'rlnei A M OKSTINTHY> ACARD.-l AM IMFORMRD, HYHAYINO RETtRNEI) ?nine of my elreular*, tha ??rer?l 'fnm* hit* ?>? n I eharge<1 tnr ilillTery.^ V btt h |? ao lini^att,' r ? iiar rui y to po-dage fTFIN(fTI'? 0 -n ut POLITICAL INTELLIGENCE. Meeting of the H?H Hhell MIttf Committor. Pursuant to notice, the Ha rd ;>heil Stat.- Ootra! Coin mltW met yaaterday, vt the Aitor House, at l'J M . to Dominate a candidoU- for Htate itngiuear, in piac* cH George Cote, of Buffalo, wbi rrfanod to lie run on tbc hard ?hell democratic ticket T}? aeaaloa of tbe commit tee wan one cf no little interest <?> citjr politician. . ?>h? Mippoaed tint aome resolutions w.Aiid be pas-ed am <li? ? position ahowv to Mitten ilown, lurid perhapt nrmrinate the soft candidate for that oflire But, Contrary to al expectation, no public exprewiou ofi piuion wtt> had, anil llie cumiida'o who received tV> nomination it an o.t ami active adamantine. Tlie committee met at l'J U , Samuel H'owler, of Orange. or<'upjini< the chair, and John Y. -'avave, of New YorU, ut. idled by Louij M. Glover, aii-o of N.'W York otliciated a* lecrctaiios. On calling the roll it was discovered tha nineteen member* of the committee out ol the twenty four, constituting; that body, were present. After the organization, the purposes of Ui? meeting were hi icily explained by the chairman, after wbi-bsotne informal cou> creation wait had an to the proper course (?> pursue. About half past one o'clock the conventi n ad jeumed to take a drink and think over tike mutter. After the recess they re-a?*?ml>led at half pant f.iree o'clock, and unanimously nominated John I>. V:iy of Monrce county, as the h d candidate for State Fngi neer. When the nomination ?#.i announced it gave great natinfactUin to the outrode lobby. Mr. Fay ?m the hard candidate for Slate Knglneer in IMS. and made a good i ui>, an ) would hn?o been elected but for one unfortu nate circumstance ? namely, he did not receive vote* enough. John S. Clerke. on the whig ticket, wax the ?ioccesalul candidate. Mr. Fay was also the hard camM date in 184t?, but ??as withdrawn before the election came oil'. At present he is a Division Kngiueer on the canals, ana is a very competent olllcer. The hard shells have taken fresh courage since the meeting of the Soft State Convention, wl?o<e anti slavery platform they thluk will disgust a great many and induce them to return to the fold of the hards agnin. In order to thorough!/ or ganize the State, a motion was made and car ried to appoint a committee of two persons from each As sembly district who would act u < a correi-poading an 1 organising committee, to bring all the hard forces into the held. After the transaction of some purely private business the committee adjourned. Among the outsider* in attendance were J. F. Nsfew, of Albany; Johiah Sunderland, Fred. Follet, (Jen. Aaron Ward. Dr. Burr of Broome county, John Peitaon of Troy, T. V. Aitkeus ofKings county, Judge t'oheu ot Queen's. 1 aniel Wager of L tlca, and Hon. Tho J. Munday of New York. Cllj Politic*. HAKD SH1.I.I, OKNKltAL COMMITTEE. A meeting of the General Committee of the hard hholl.t of New York wns held hint evening, at Broad way. There was u pretty full attendance of the members, while of ''out-Men;" there ?a* hut a hinali number pre Kent. There were a few. however, who watched with great eagerneKg or the least symptom of a ' fusion" feel mg in the Committee. FJorace K. Clark occupied the chair, and John Y. lavage, Jr., and John W. ISoyce officiated it secretaries. Hie appointment of the lavt named gentleman to the \a. cancy occviyued by the alienee of one of the regular *ee rifniies. Mr. I'eter B. Sweeny, wan greeted with smilea ol approbation hy the few outsider* atoresuid, and they aoon alter took their leave. The Committee proceeded with their business, unattended by a lobby. On motion of Kka.'Ti h W. Glovkm It Kenolved, That a committee of even )>e appointed by the ( hair to prepare a rail for primary election!) in the several waids, to elect deleguto* to the various nominal irg e< nventiuux. and report to tlii.-i committee next Tues day evening. The Chair appointed as such committee: ? K. W. Glover, W. Ii. I'araons, John W. Hoyce, Oeorge K. Al den, A. McCarthy liobert Mclntyre, and Joseph M. Mar.-h. The following gentlemen were then appointed a com r.dttec to report i evolutions for the consideration of the Con luiUt'e:? John 1'. in, Thomas J. Uarr, ? ? Make. K. K. Beuton, and ;tuart. The Committee (hen t< uk a rece an ol fifteen minutes. 1 pen re-aascmbli'.;: Mr. Haski.v from the Committee on ! enolutions, reported the follow In? which were lead and loudly ap| lauded: ? I ! ' ? olvcd , 'i Jii?' .lie .Siitlonal Democratic ???-rtal Commr'e* ??I the rlt.v i ,:nl com,: v ol N> n hereby ttjiloru* and ap pi ore the address adopted at the Htale Clonic;,' Ion Of the n? dem * racy, held at Kjt eu?e on the ?l<lol August, IVtV and 'he lollnwtuu resolutions alio adopted at such convention, a* containing a dear, dlatUi't and hon"?l enunciation of till; r:.itiorro and prliielplos oi the national democratic party of lin, '?, and of ilm Union:? lt? solved, That the national democratic party of New York hereby le fir-ei t their an'iCren. c an I devotion to the principles of the national democracy. and ot the constitution ; that they idbere to and sustain In theory and practice the re. lutiom of the Iletnocratl. National Conventions ot 1 M6 and 1HSJ. at con taining the cardinal principles of the democratic party of the I'nlon. They re-adopt them with hearty will, bellevlm: tluit time anil experience lutve demonstrated 8ic|r lmrKj ami sonrdness. and the necessity tor a strut adherence ttienttn. Rewired, That the loiconsoi the lathers ol* democracy teach frugality ami economy in ill administration of public affairs, and that we adhere u> them as enduring articles ol democratic faith. Resolved, That we Insist, aa an article of our creed, npon the welt eaiatillshed (iemocratic doctrine of Hlate i1(ht?, of a strict construction ol the con iltuiign, and the prlnetple ol nou Inter* crt'on upon all domestic Mta'i questions? und that the peaee and fjti:' i l i tLi ' oun'iy demand that II should he leii to the i" opl" el the T( i . ,u>i . 1 1 pei taln? to the p.'oplc oi tic State , to determine lor 'hi m selves all In -ul question i, In In I Ins 'lie subject of slavery, to ihe end a subject -o dl<turb lng In it* nature and Influence mar he v. holly excluded from th. action ol the government ol the Voloo; and Hn>t. In furthei aiiee of tie ?e principles, we ?lv ? our un'|i;alined adherence to li.e K.o - Nehra ?a hill, and o] | '? au> ellort to re . -lalillnh tin Missouri proiiihluon. Resoived. I hnt the national drmoeracy ts opposed to all ?<? cret political ocli-tifM, and that the sir*1 principle, ?f a free K?v ernmeui demand open and unrestrii en dlsi Ui?i on In all nta' tcr ot p . ,r concern, that th' guarantees ol lie ' loot or re llgkitis lallh Hid Wor-t-'p nulle d In our Ktate and federal coiifdiutioiis 'le ii he i iinda .on of our u. 'lonal llherti 'S and pio-perfty; that .'iiy attcmtit to ahrtdi:" he prlriletfi s now ftrantedto u u na, of hecomini- etltr.ens and owners of the noil amona us, Ol to slfeet the rijthta ot adop'ed citizen* m a full and ?{uai partii'lpailon In soveremenia) affairs, ?s deilned tiv 'he constitution. ' until lo he roaiateil as nuta^onistlcai to the

i'"t:iu.i ot repuhljifan Instil utioha. and >f,a we. aa demre rat-, rci cgnue an cvalenee of udeltty oi merit no distlneUon of btnh or reliflotui crrnd, heBerh i |i , ??,.? mbrfmi or the de morraey to proclaim and mahilain the ki ear iioctrtnes of ctvtl arid reUi'ton* Hh**rty, ami to uphold ant eritoree the oonstlfii lion in Ha M.l '.trie -|p> ol iiKtice ,md < jtiaii'i It. -oh' 1. 'Hat we raaanl th ' I'loliltii'ory I.Hiuor act. pa? l I > '- l.c, I ; i'ure of *'iia Su- ? a' U.? i a -t - -evion. ai iaj' only a v uon ol'tte erit'-1 ..uiton, but a i as suhverslve of persnnsl Ul ? rty ard the rf-hie ,r pu s . propei tt . and ".at Us re pi al la, In our opinion, imperatively deioa- M !'? ? veil. Tl'at ail * ho it^r ?; in ;i Iri'-fpt* upon the leading cjui-s'!ouk of the d*V 'ho'iM ii ' i t'ic. . , ?c flcsa ol minor ismsldi thai we cordiallv mvlie e;l wlma.-. ee with us in the docii r.m heie citnncla'e#). e^irdlesa . I .rtuer asso ui Heps lo ut ile with us in engrafiln* it:em up' ti the polit y of th' i oUr.lry ; hut it Is upon principle ?t0. ? ,j,?, we Invito a tmloi . We denotui'-e ai/eoa it mis ol hose ho. ding hostile sen timer"', ns utiprlnclpled and dcmoraHrina iii o.ved, Tra' ihM romni "fii- hear^Ty renpond to and i auly 'l e '..on.:; ??n.i.a made at t !, > ?.? < mukm; tha' ?' lo 'ail' a ' .>r> 01 'Itir .1 : h'iat. s 1, .mi and I' al le na'.i i a. demoerais ol tr| d rjperi.-n -e. capa'!) ai,d lu'eiriiy nelti. c: slum helonged to lie* Van iluren and Ail. tt.s free s,.ij .iho.nlon lair y of lMe, or supnorf d thai poll 'ii 'her sy, 'he Wllrnol >*rovl ?>. ' i aa the moat of the caiull date- on ti.e ?ftmlnlu'r?t|on Mate ticket did.) ami we command ?i * - It.- tt .i act cat dlitc'c i t'i the i n.ighti ucd supp'?rt of tuc d' n . ?? v of Ih.e connty snd ^'a*.'. Kesolvid. That we deplore the present frlendle.? i-oodltion f >i led< ia| administration In ihfa Hlaio, Irui'mtiA aa, at lis Hie stale '.'onveu'l .n. the ? flicial condnc <* only twoof the taoitcl (Outhrle a:,d Mai .) In their ftnaneWI aid toretgu iciri was approvi] while ita important lenuiail.-e a. t inn and erebortj mc natloi I di nxKtia'le prne lnl?i ? ilie K.ii. s-Sef raim ?. ?? was ' ndemn-'i ind repidl.i >?!. and 'be "r. titer one" 1 1* "Wiln ' 1 I'rortao" r' ? r'<nof 1847 ado;.i est, "wi'h t'reat ur..ii.lull' V ot fri'ilng," upon Uj" ti^,'l. n and under the ie? i of John Van liuri n. and w. h th' a. ijul enno ,11-odl'fi I "4a?|" i r, S ej. r ,l.,i n ? Inane. I!ev lied, Tl at Ke a| | ' tl t" ail tr e ni.'.onal n.' , who have been seiloeed Into an tmholy coaliflnQ with abol.vmU's. Ci ?v ?cl>'? and time ?' rv r' til (eiurn tufhe regul.i r lationul lemo er- ii orfanl/aii'-n whi'? fhere I vi 1 time, and h - prepared ' ? untie and rejoice in the future ir.uinpha of fie d- rw rirj <,( it < l nion ihey wi ? < ?,;.,j*te ' i I. and wi'sh- i?. an. rentir.g vcice. A pi'ij,(,-i'lon to aj )< nt committix. ic>ig ??/< the pnity in those w? wh'f no irgu . .aiti' u "xhK, e ai- after t *t*r.d< d conte; ,??(, ti adoj>t*sl, and Win. A. Tnrnure, (!. K. <? ? ver, K. B. .41 1< n, I ll. i|..rV ar.<l aieither win n^me , ulj not I* a ".artainM. weie a( P*"n'id >ueh commitiea I Barr apjiointi ! o a vacuncy in the I t nance tc r.n . iMee. Mr. Andi^v Mc< ?rtl.y of the iV-ti nth ward, annouu e<l to the commit fl** the 'eathof r.e ot Uieir ill"?< ies Mr. t . Mctiraw of the Tliiid t, and after a l>n?f a ilogy ot the daceneed, moved the folloninc lesoiution ? Ki ojved, T^iat the Demi ratie tietieral * <>m.uit*ee nt th* city seal county of New York >arn Wiih feelmas ol di re . ret he Hidden death of th r lale eoI|e;.''i -, Wtfl, Y MctJra'.v, of i lie Third ward and efpre.- their de-i i pathy with hi? family and irti ndiat bla removal frtnn a a f -I r of ettendej awfu'.nesa, a? a man and a fi Bow in. li.e nw luiion waa untniinotjj?ly ail -pH -id the eon ? ittee adjourned to next Thursday evening As 'he members vt the cntnml'tee ush" "f from th hsll leading lo the commute room, a rough and tumhii tight. !a>tween fwo fast men lounging about 'he entran a iaWi n- ar by came off for th. i, <??! a' ion. I p. afed to enjoy the *c?ne lastly, whl'.e 'others tn-hed f n a aid to separate the comhatanta, which was r (fee tad ?i'h Wonncrful lac .i I jr. Kvery^hing ?' n assumed ita 'i juiet aapect. BOFT dllM.I. OKSJCRaL COMMITTTi:. ti;?o H. HhijaH offered a long .11 ? mbi a- 'igtbe followiuir points Ihe . eft iit neral Couimitte. riild Men si .. ? la-' ? gh. n Tamil. . nj IJj.ll ? Robert Kelly In he . ha n 1 Ian. I Benedict snd Alfred Chanc?*Uor acting ae a ? 11. ere n - a large lobby in atie^u,, ^ , 0I) deraS.e 'X" "t nm i.. **te?l ,a the r""'i?,linf? as ,t w?? unler <? the ?,rr. for ho4!!.(ih. mimaiyale o. I >. -n .s! .ire' le-oi'it . n. off -re-! in ,eV,en t , ".a ?? h' .te J., t' *1. An ' ng the cntsd le, *t ?i . c s? ?. *ial pirn,, nen' n'i?!y u' I) mk rs ? , oe- w.'.h .'sr of ?t nl'er ws ' jx.. , ? ltllt, f . f I <ai v*: t' a'.. ' |.-":ala?ri? . , Ilm.* r 'ft *f' 'V n.. t . e . ws ,%.d. I I. l?*lor?ui? '??? <??<*#??*? mm?*M V ??ia aat warmly. 8 ?t tW tutliin aa*M ??? ~4a?*a?a ?te;? MUllr 3. U>u<Jtat l hr mm* M* 4 Vn?l) o| |>?in( I itart M? ? MMk<N* ?? lfc? i.lalMu , prnfcitriting lhatnrfailwarfatovrf uAo Ua? TltrllMWr and - t. Fmi?? m tl?? *>?Wa 4 ? Wit Mlp Jehu I'ddiniir Ii?ti4 - ?vkUW) l ?'lf h?? ?l ' llllill ?? I - ? ' ' ?- ???!*?? ?.?!.< I ?-? at ipYat l??rU' ?f'?* ??<??. ?>? f ?? ? f?? ?? ?><* ? f j liitl* < ffu tn- ? tiwiyli l* ta ???? kam tfc? ' no iWkt) at (be iKrttilMt. M f !??? mwRw I<? ! ? M lor Via Mwv *ft MMk aa4 Htrljr aO d ih*?i uf k?Mi ?? w aa fc? u ?f ?oU |iriiMi|Jr. u< r yK au fMdfiJ ti (Wm? x4 IS f 'uatmn Mmm* thai .'?h'< haa fc?? W? *? > a tl.r (< UIII<I<U ?e fnij ? It |a <??!?. AIM Hi* pa-??*? ? f <?? i*a<l?ll *m?m ? m w mid mrriiWI thai Mir r'wnilln ?*r? In <>?? a I. in ? call l<>r ? primal v flawUaa (<? ftmmj (*f a*4 j Ju< wial Coavt nli'-> ? alii I? l? ?.< II I* ?a?l?r*l<> <1 lUat a (ran ! ?<a?? ? i?li^ m,l W ? at Tammaujr H?U < n tl> ???' < -? , t ?*4 ?? ? '<?' a< all It U aaid 4 *r? i i w. ' l>reaent. Tin. iKrriii ictK nm. Fw soil rrpuUi a cJt airava r?,< 4 ? ??? gau^-d ? mm; aaidef ?ii.< i it; Aa a ????"?< U im theii umibM are < <.rnp<>-.yi < '?? ?>*'??? ? '? ai?nj to uae the organisation for ?U. ?<*? pariaaa f<< l? ??*?. In Mttnl ol titr diatri-U taa ?a1 Uua> < ? dtlcjdUi Id M i ?c?? Iut? l> ? i ?(?< lihl ?a H r a b? ri irular , and Ihrra will ba aotiia <aa'u h. iW ?U? UrpuliUrAn Hate <'?nvtnti?u t?mt<a? ? ?>b . ? ?? rt ial delegate*. However, It 4u*e*?4 Mk* aark 4ilor 'enre *ho ar? admitted, I<<r ki ?? <?! U?? 4.-* ?? i^lf-clected, 1k<c<i . attnim In lh<- TMl ?! ? ? , tliri-e aat? ol <li>l<K?tia claim vg ?? b? im -4 i? Ibmi'wrrr noiinuati'l at I at . ?< II" < I. ue * ' ?> I'VPtilng, Wn?wn i<*?|<< < ti*?ljr ?- tt Hi* ?? partiaa. 11m oaly HiIb Um hrwi ha- a (altar la, that Uirjr *ni tr?at?4 Ui rl?M|taaMa aMai tka I u> mlnaliuu, al ilf lln lailai ba>l I'l r .?t> < t II - ?<a t with brfiodt an l ?-ul<-r Tim ?? u ,Uy aati. ? | rrgularity of (lu? tlrl H. BKrrnucAK ounkkai. ?? mum:' The central committee t>< tl.eirput.: ?? p? j s? < night at 466 Broome atreet, and .lei ih.iimM ?? a city committee aimih.r to the whig a?) commit teea. 'Ilujr ? >11 iuh'( i>ti ,, , , ?eme place to perfect tbelr arrangement. * KIOUTII W*HD RgrrSUt AM. A preliminary meeting of the 1epul.l1. an. ,.f n.. t, ward win hel.1 1(1*1 night at the M< <.er II i n pre-iding, when It waa determined to ? , ,1,. ' *emngat eight o'clock, to perf.- i th. .. ,i, WIliO AB8KKBLY MO KIK ATtQK Pint A**. mN\) iHMrul ? Hie Whig ( ?* Honor the Fln.t district (Hi-t and . nd v held hut evening at Atlantic (iarden, Tbom... < , . 'iding. and Jami'K K. Carter acting an , >?< et?r? P. ? II V an lioutteu, of the Kiret wxrd, wa- nominate) I tiPiiuly. Ni. dojegnt.- it large w..a in ruinated ?k,o,n<l Anrmtlw IH.-Irii.-Th>> IM?tr|et C.nien- ? ? at :l attcri <t IMe hut evening, iiw.-n W Hrn.m- p, siding. and Char lea It. loote acting an - y legate at large was cli men. II. S. fln-rwond, ot the Thli.l ward n?m . Henderson, of the Third ward, for A- . in My Mr. George W. William*. .1 n , , 1 Hubert U. Coleman, of the Third w w d and . 1 ? nomination w being duo the i<ivtli ward. Mi t o! , , , wan nominated. ?Mphmh H. N. Sherwood and < o?m> W Willi;, -.?? were api .Hated a committer- to notitjr Mr < < leu, lU of > 1. >? , Mf- Coleman ia thepreaeot Aaaeml.Umn. Ii m fllo The Tenth IHatrkt WW* A-emMy po,.-,i of .legate. from tie- Twelfth '. in. ? w. nty econd *m . met la^t evening .iv t., a ' 'vr H conn r of Ttilid iiwmk nod I r .j and on the third ballot nominate 1 J.?h . M It.- I , h. . i candidate. J I he Whig (V nvent Ion fir the 1-ourteenth A . .in' 1 U triet (Mtte.-i.lh and Twentle'b wa:.!., met I:. ? at ti e I lah Hon e, corner (.1 twenty fifth ?-,ee' ., fghth avenue, and organized by t!,e app. Utin.-nt . . ? aac I -i\ ton a* .. h.,ii man, und John II. ??re. , lary. The conrentin then jwo. >le I to t.?l! fate at Uitfte tl .-re being fivn from e-i'li v n t ,nl th llrat ..allot ioKt,lie<i an follow,.; Tranrl-- ii. ( liny ? tV ir. li. Bull " * | Hr. Cur rv appeared and iook hh eat' when ii. . ? T. ni'n.i edioilrned, to meet at the wine pb.-e 011 ti. . ol (tctobcr. T Oeiapite* fr"tn the two ward* comparing th.- ? ie A t>< inoly dixtiict met at Ihe wnu- tiim and pl.i'-o, for I'.e puipoie ol elr,lnC i. U. leKate to leprcent the li.-riet In u.? ^approaching Whig Mate Conrention. An org,inv. . ". wa" elTecled by culling ha.miel Iv-lainaler to the chair, and appointing Jamea Xllwood .ecretmy. At . *te hour, balloting waa going forward f ?r a del m e at Jiirgf-, witb lit (l?? |)ronpect ot' nity ngrre mcnt. Tii>:>rrn*NTJi >f^r>inir (ox\KTrrov. 1 ' i ^ ^nvpnfiori nu t at Thorn j,?on'-s In th?? K-i-ir'li ' ' J " ? ? ' f ? " A (nblnsio ? ni - < te^ntli liiitrirt. 8t?vril bwotisgi wi*r? h i. I, i?ut ||| ? n>?-r n ? ? ? . ' n< t ;,r ' ;; . n .. ; ? t . . ' i' I . f ?' : ? ? 1 ? ? \ ?? ! r ? , ? ? ?. v ? ! n " '' ^ 1 lt' ??r" the in<livi<! a'- w!.<i >?< ? ? / ? i u ! I y Vl 1 ?' * 1 r 1 . | ,, ?cra? futar?* p^riotf. r r WOHXl NOMKN H PHOVI^JONAL COUHlTTEr. T1 i- committee met at the (V.ojer Home U?t eVe ,in(', and or;-.ini/< d by the election of William Arbuthuot m pv? - :dent, and William Went for ecretary A committee wan appointed to report to the r,. ,t in. - tiDf the nam. . of member* of standing . .mmi'tee. The -".nJitae ..r >. W. Ja.,ne., K. W. M.,rg.? and J. J. Brad.haw. fin motion, the Chairman and e> set 11 iv wtre a.ide.1. It wa* reaoWed to till th.- nan rornm'ttee at the neat mo-tuig. Ihe member* of the E*?cutlt? Committee were in - ''Ced to organize their ward committee* and to re port pregicKi at the n-tt rneell?P. The t ecretary waaa"! h? 1 i?.yl to prepare 1% 11. t of all l^t^'.v i ' ,r"^ "'fs' P"'- in n'>minati.,n or ray b- nomlna'ed ton... -ton Tue?lay ereniiur Adjouined at 8 o'clock. " NOT A KNOW NOTHING. H< nry P. John.-on, who wa* announced a* a candidate I v'Vui1* In*P*rtor in yeaterilay'* IhnAiJi, i* not a Know ill j?' therein rtta'.ed, but u nhoft ?heil adminintra tion <l< mociat. TO TttK EDITOR OK THE HERALD. r.. a?e rectify a ml*tale in naming Jacob K Moore for ' n.|.troUer. He 1* re, t 11 candi.U!" for tliat ..fll.-e ite ?|.eetfii"y JACOB ii'HJliJ:. . .-pttml^r 1, JM#. TO TBJI EDITOR OF THE IIKRALP. In your (.uper of thla morning, I ton.) ?,y name ,n t!.e "' aspirant for the demo^rati : nomination f. r er. I bate to -ay th.. ' I am no- ki.... ! ?t ?... d' . f,jr ,idmo-i. n. UK. KHKDKKICK W I'UtHV ?wm /. 6, 1^65. Colored Convention at Tray. Tl.i* Conv-ntlon met at Troy on the |tb Inat. Tl.< fol lowing 1* the call : ? The under*igne<! regarding the pio..-nt a* a fay.rable f"r 1^' inim* of the ? olored dtixoo. .,f thL. rate upvm the cmnderaUon ol our Mate gorernm. -nt -"ha , .lew ,., the ?f lh? , i l*1 i" th' ' ?'in, ?n?l t?. hi, ti f-oJiti u! nghhH, lakM the lil^.ty to invite theii fell,,* ,-iti. "?n to ae?emble, in -tate Convent on, in the.ity ?i r T' j on the OrstTue-.lay of M.pternl>er 1H ti. Th- ie |? .. - a "*d ohiiVa'ion re.t,r,?/ : a the |..r?i i,<n-ff K'V" Ho ??. f o.ii- f .-g. .tore I,.. r- ? t: ' -reiy leM and pi.litl.-al .>a(?.ily. Ih. r<igi... ! .apr-.. th. ,... ?. wh. . eu: I* 1 ..,-n to have eaery P..r -. til,. ' n cd in i h* ^onTftii ticjD. V. ii. 1:1. ); < f Tr y. I'roi l, , ? >\ . j .t< i" I.or 1 -V 111 Hum- ol Hud., r, .1 1/ ,1 . . '? " ?' " ' *'l.li4?n*l.-.ig 'vie.. ?" "t- and i.e W I.,.. , . v, 'f.w J w- ?? ?????. mm n, t/i J ri jr, i?*h. , V!''"r- -jnd lioii ?pp,?pr >ly . , . , h" ?< . II||. .ri.ent ol th-ir ,,-le. i.. |. 7he ' i..v, ,,an,ed th- t.i.'ow 1, ?? , , V "" V 1 , k ? ? I '? ? > . i4. ; ( li.rl.-H I'.ro. I ? ,,f 1 , r , . 'V r , " 1 >? - --e. v., -i t.:,. I Ill ; r ., Ira/1 l.oond* ,f New Vor* !,| ,t'" atte! ii.a.n, a' '? r ' I- -i In r .-y r\ ?? ? I wen olopoaed e< Mr. Iviogiae* rej-.rud a -eriw -M- " , l' w'T* prr" "lu" "Ja-'i " ? f til/ In tl". . ver.f.g, Mr f-ougla. .rd'.th. rent m^n . , e .1 ?rgfh a?l t7u. r fleet n ad*.-ca. y .,1 'be ill R1U1 In Um platfona. ' Hllll*ni.l.tir|( City Metre. .? I'tfltn ? A rxM- of*?iu.w fc-ver in r'.i- ?nth ! .a/, w ? re|?rte.l to the to, 4 ?mUh o ' nlng, h? pre. |r.rrtt an-' /'timer. The inva d i. , ' e.'i",Tr iT N""' ?' Mariw Htli j I "??ith f lUrer twted hiin y-?teida? ?>-e, . ar 1 m - wiU b# Uitn in tV r u, .4 . ^ rtainuv.* an -The tolloela, ^ 'I. M'* '???n app' lnte.1 >|. legale* to th- ? Tet? ... ..nreC.nvnli n fiom the Plrvt jUwmbl, \ >. a.oha ,J?hn Tb.-ir.n*. n, .n l John H W. II. nat.f? J. V Mearn* UoyJ -l^le, Mrrwn M B-. *n R...a.KT .< a Jrw?tr ^,.u.-.Ve.Ur.l., ^..ernoM a young man ateppM ffc?, .U >e??r, ^ j w l?a gt ? W 1. 1 and .trr^. which had be? left |n eb,,,, f a yeung w. man After ^mver-.a* ? f.^ .. . town- W'<eaaa'? itbttfw waa c.uTt ?fl fc- , ,.lllt , irg fr. m 'b? .howr,., , grid watcb, two r Id rh??. . r d Bre rap, two ?.l?.ble ria-r ^ onl^iT* t Wn!"" r' bWy *a? tatu i,/k. i ,,mrU' '*?? Three p?K? We. a b-o?gbt >*ior*Ju t . ? Jai?b?, of th. r,."b daatitet Meta?4.y ?i akeoo*"' and di.poa*] ^ u.a*. e?y^ w -????. T. Ttlr* Wig*! Adrtmnr." * ir%mtn c?mr?n, tmm.r*r U+ Hm~ ?? tfc. Ihaatrt u.t '???'h ? a ' H?<- (a ara m>'Wn than '??rawaUa ??? - ayad a roa??dy with tw,a ^ TWH-J waatk. HilniU a* M? l^?,? ,,1W> . trwa.lalta* of ha- In HH k-#a '#ay |, ,, ,rcr, ?r* U f.ayHufr.. *, Ml.. U' I Tw U.l?.t K.uik, **>**?"? aaat*. t * -wfc# >> |*K.#VJ> la t.* iaa i.?? .rlr?, af tlM> ? , ,f wttti,.,t. ^ hj n "??*? laali. . Vr lira ikxli tlifBi iNi., uj t|,, ft n * *. IA- .U-.* |f MU/ukfcr I A-lnaaa ha. falla-i to ? ? ? ? | ??g ??*??*. wl> h*. (u ,?t ? h, ??'? ? l? ' >?# ???111 ?? dr ?i> Thla I* bar Man "** v ? *?? . I I aha Mmw t 'l t|.m- auJ turuj ?a* la h# V I a?a* h.aaaa* V,. lit- < ..?? 4. >aaa I ha aw.ny IV ?n# jrowoj "' * ???..* 4*. aia.y aaaharraa ?aal **" ' ' * 1 **? <a?'i tan ????"* In . atry ->a !ho?.?< ,,, y,? 1^ m ^ ?.-.||| fill I* ?a>*k ? r.?? , i. a a.. |?? ? IHII I, a .a I hr art.-'! Ua W Uaa* *Hh bar la *4. f la I . .. .4 (rfaaa. M.ttara ?>? ta ?h*. a??t. ?!? Mai.. g>,m . 1 ' ?* * ? 4k ?*.?( -lat;,.. ,?a *)>?*!? fei . ?* iaMH^ibkr a... i i*,4 ,h?t A4rtaaa? k> aiw la ?>?#.) aadft,-<4a-?t,Uly Mwr ?f ???<M *.<? t? <*?? *?? XV MMWMtoMM* ?"???? ** r ? *?? ?' ?<? a a?i Via hrr -at * IV la ri n (a ih. li. Mt. h^. Ih)> >?*-* "? 'j "M^awaaa. h? lha f aith ?? fca*? A in. mm aarf ???.?' imatomg *?wm <V ?Miaa. al,.lr ?? !?? <? ?, at niitti In Nat ?< fcw I' ?4Hm >aa >.?*aga Ife4all*<* iMv,, t, ' ** ??' ,,."?4c4.|?(0, h.r-.i,, . 1 **"'* lfc* ' ?? to fcw ?i km..., a WfMUa Ma.k *" *? " ? ???' mi tog ? M? ?.a?hanl ?aaw?, 1 4r ??4 twua ?? ?? ?W *?4 i "<?'??( ia ?ttr Cilia ) lia' .w m ' "?*" ?* ?fc"1 fa?iaa "ha# an liaiw ??? ? a>'fc <to * ?? <rfaa aaw ? an* la- - * *"? '*? aa?ll?f ?# a atoa I Ua ^ *?,? || ar?i a ** wr ??#? a* a* ml hf tfc? ?%a?i ??' "-al 0..-fc w , tow??M, ? 4* -ajf" ?< a. ? ? v? to.a. W. ? luck taa If c?mm? ?? M !?< naa.' 1Wr? aia >**???' -?Hia? ? |>a>< la Ma ptm*i u, I ?M- rai tm .4rm. ?k> ha k,?* *,t , i? 4. TV (I?ff *.a?a a V k ?? <a?a> Hi f la Ma4a "' to ar' n ,1, *i l*yna( by b ? ^ I.imaa?w ? f A4r~mm Wn lUm thai tkar* la mm tftufm ik/ atoM.i In at't?a K la aa>) ?.??? vary !??*??, ? ; to a Mil fn? ar, aa* *?* Mtal ta taara, fk" rf>4 am >aatn la l^a M 'ia Vlf aa aa ?k' ><atol lt?i .?a ha ??>.<? k|-?a u? ??>..?! |?k 1 i.l k ? 'Ik 4 la p-?r !? 'I i ???m ( X !'?* f-h Irtjf a*rr r a ?T a ft nf Va#1 i?? ? ?,, ' ?a* "**?? ? ?p> I a , ??' ? total ?|? a la. at v?<k Ik- !??.. <t mt a 1 ..a.. 4, fcr'.T"?"t? k?' kwkn. ha ?a h^V' -aUaa-il .Urn.. , A. 4 ,f. , , W Ma 4 41 ha a K I ?ha MM la- .?,.?!??*, *?,|l. .?ial, |w f-Ua UumtM tka-t mw , .?> lt| 1 4 ?can Uag ?aa);4a. %i '^h? f 1 -k I it a ' r 1 1 at I | i 1 ? | ,11- , ^ ?a all ?*>r acliaaava .? Ikb - ?Ua ?... 1 u..? . . .. 1. * ? ^ |hkh li I l|af ar* ^4 a 1 ?a a aaf>*i? -a ? ii" ara nl aka* h*? nalafw p !? aa* pa U lh. aaw U?(a ?Uttatt r ih< 1 a . ! ? , a , a A 1 auni- iv #r. at 1 ?? *1 t ,a *.1. I, s wi?Vl ^ an ar 1 1 ally aa 1? ^? *a aa, Wa^ V? Ui|ui|f t?. . 1 |i, !.??* 14*1,..,' 4?"SiiAf 4U?>ii ?f i ?n4 n# i* l?*i> ? s Cnil If n?i attrai|ita4 U> ?* . ? ai I 1 -f t|,? r.,,? , w , , B# ?<f 1 it ItUii lb 'h it ? vua pr? , 'fa ' 14 lla-1 ay.., .ia.'alka'ai.i Ihm, ,n: 1 . - 1, . l/#? a rin a ?ot?- 4 ?f gl..' -mil with Intjiir r? ?. m UorMlMT I hay >ay ana ??l?r4 raay VT ? . .. M4 f <*b ?>? fr-an ? ? r v Oil* Vtn.tor 11., I <:.?|.rt ...? a,..,. , ,, natural rat.alna Ma- -a* ? T)i K ur .(J,, ,, brm.(bl bafcra y. j Ury. " ?? >. B tluea lat tV trn uii la t r?U. Tl? 1., n ,.1 , , ( (U a f? r 1 1 art rr plrai, ^i?ib- a. (? , atiali, ??J !? tba l.Vka.t tan- .?> b . a ,d J. ? ,??, , , M, CoiajwMu?r,i ai?kta.,_tl,a ??ffcl?,u)|t ? ?,,? | , , tbaatja, *ia4 tba *1 of iMIriuaa wk?a ak ikmk, bar l"'ar ?llli|.g al tl ' ri r ial :},a ?. ?. , . to bf.i ji aaay fi?m liar ar?. -ka a . l .y ?] , ,.f , .'a.k >?llay, aB ! lb# filial ^a,.i,.f ,.f Um | iatn prataal ailtb Iba m 1 f.rii.t. Irta" I.! ulia- ? Kti'at arl/am fully >?< T'-'l tba ha#*ii?, Iba' ?*. (?<:! I.l brr abart rba arax ?umu?.a -1 In 1 ??'I, aria in at I and of tba |,t?ca. Iba hour., va. filla.) In aaary |hM an ttb |? a ran onr il Ilia a||i . All t]< t*'. 1,1 ,t , 1 town aa^cnibl".) t.? .i? honor acuta in tba (t?*i . . tK'MOf Ihm ra-ntury. It'll# Harbal taa wall .iipp.,r'~l fatally, ailbiiafti Mainli f .?? iatli?r t.a> |<>n ? "4 . 1 >i .. 1 ,. m. acaudal loviuf, luauii'iua Al.l^ I .. laaib. cl, 1 a I . juat walk oaf out of Nin.,n <)? l? . 4r. , llg M '.la Sa.ah wu rb-t r to U,? At.|* an-l M. tVry (<I|^> (Tar. a ?na , t? of thi bru .jiie ftllhful, warm i..*rt?rl vj - fi*? r. Tba ah* ?-* ?. ... vary o,,.. ,t ,, , ml'.'ralil*. lb it -liouM h* at laaa' oa r I r a 'lrawlnf r'?? m. Wo think that night * h" i?# jr %. ,< Rocl,^r? Iriompb in thla r.ty ia ? , tj.< >ama> paa,|,la nt liar |?-rf,rnaa4?r?a a?., M , tbiM, aa m? laic If, U Uj? blfbaat ">naiiUM<??' ib ? an pui'l to hi r. Hi.- it a a amount#.! to tltf '? Wary Huat' t , a at IOK I<u1 a 01 of IU?- . will |n*rant L '. oa an % , , 'julil ua-zt ?i?k. MlliEHOUKLI l: *4f.nrb I II I.HI ."T LMWTTnCI. M f^tiliin' a 'a rT?n*l" trac- ?* u Hr?au> ..n'ulu unrt U1?^ tln.a, vttoifh.ia una gabaMarta ? y ,n. la dli larrlhlc ronf, r r i!a I'm,, at- ,a< U , , laniii franral. ? ai rlwataait maart p.i u u, . 'Ki ft i' Had*tn< i-?l!a Ka. lift u isaa.'a .?? ?hmt' o? |>s ? ilo n - lallito ? aai < |a ^rl , . la t? IK>0? i.nti-,1 " I^iur |*.->r i ,i ^o, .-al. I ar. if * ro?? Inl ?i? int. an tratatl ?a 1 1 |.| . ? ?..,u ?, lat' n qa* I'ln'rrat at la ral ,u.. r*] ri->*h-? !nni a rr> Jr j. ,r m j f II y atait 1. ula l.k-r in>r 11 ?'-lr.,t ,-?? m ?a,n.m< a crr'a n ,?a l'n?fia,'.tMt| 4o -jb4J * altar <|? '#? aujr. n'an* a ma* ir* , t* la U tat ^ la - braMtti'aaafcJt apyracaar ' ??a . , la/. a. 1 fir. 1 prodult par U'fc. Ka- H?| rv*/ II 4?, . . t,0 II, r?!ra at b 'r >^ana 4<lflt:ito? j. r ut' o a . L'atofinasimt at I *.UatraU< a alaa a^actaU .r- an- i I ri . r, . a a . , ? 1#d,ra.r#< iMla.-i U tra. y. tt T> rl%. , J, | aa trai. a mlUabJr . ' lmlliM'1, Mlla lla'h#l a -1* 1 Mla^ aff, t/ (a '( Vl Vinu t'a'at. ? n I, 1 a m p. 4 ?.r -ha# '/ua > MBpnrt?MMia ia lata far- ,ra a iMMl I" fi. - D ?1 a .vt#;4? aata ,???? |aa4 ? ,,, KraV rti.i nl a V whrr la? .? .ra taa plw tk , 1 .laa A.I., una, Mia Harlial m t ?anl a. la , bauiaui* >,ui a nt . Iranf. raa I M H-< |i?a. a a ? al pia4|aa 4# lanllaaaot a< 4# ft|.a <? ?.,a.ha .U al <1 '|U ail rau la au la t.-yaal an iaa k< IWI at ; ?a r?l I It'f, f+t a f ,..ny I* a .? / , olr fat I# I a . #t eatta Iba^rai-nt at rmjmilm* ^vt -a '? a fa ia li ", A'. I If rat L - a ??t p*t? utal f"r.>.a|/, nljr, , 'I. [4 t . ? ? t^.a |/.i<,0, |,I||I !a< l?HBt l'ah"i .* |? tf? ' a t n fui^a'a ?a aoua l'rnl?-t?r \ 'j ? t^rl ?! a.aa 1 ?a* (alia da rat'# p./u<lia fatal/ I Jl ha h.H ai/a lu >n? atalani 'll a a? .. U rt. ?n ft' 1# au 4a lira I# a.'?a ?f;ayaal la, ia aaa ahaj b> Ha#!# I yi faa "m.t.s Mum W tan> er<airhar lAii/ut, ajpalar I amaat ?,?#:> null .al'.. I/,r?/|t. Vila rat Mat ?a IftJ'aot a la >aw? a y"*ir 11 i.ij 4an> 1#< bra# 4< '#'?! 1 <1 a a jao^ia ? ?a? da I , t# r.ji t'ua aatalodr# (afca rai'a afl,ayXaU a..i d? la n. rt a*t lajllh W< al .a wi.a ^ ? ^a ^ U, ka Klatn 4a BrtdrWia. rut ra '(<?# l'art ;aut -loeear 1) U|na 1/^aa, Ka'1 -I a aa la trouaar aiM?i laa Hfata q?'all* (.nalalt a,?\ ^ aarara naa'a liar ?.:r 1#. .fa-lala-ira ... -r, e. t. r #at < n?- r?* wtoilraUr/w lv M Ha.bal 4" ?? -4?1 V- ar**, ... 4.a. aa . ? r> 1 a at *.? Kaai.a. a para rtr~r *al * alt i a I ? " Bap -ta! <m lail atait Ual ?| a. | .? ? , tt.<lt?a -ia- laa w- laaa 8>taia*| ^ 41^*. 4, , *?r r. a 4 1 fib ^aa laa Aar. -rWI*. a# a.a ? pa a, . . avia laa AaC^aa aa Ua I* i?a~ "'*##??? , ( rt u,-. .., a a a. ft liiktm :#M ???!, ARRIVAL OF THE ATLANTIC. ONE WEEK LATER FROM EUROPE.' Official Account of the BombardiMBt of Sweaborg. ? The Imprrial Fieri at Ilrhiagfon [inloacM. Till: COIHT BAT IE&II3 HI, LI. STilMHO* Details of the Battio of Traktir Bridge, the Tchernaya. PROflBEW OF THE SIEGE OF SEBmOPH. FrrparattoM of the Alliro to Winter in the Crimea. RUMORS OF PEACE NEGOTIATIONS. QUEEN VICTORIA IN PARIS* iMwri imroiDiT with the rtn. STATE OF THE MARKETS. ( ?niul? ?l l-H a 01 |-4. Ac , Af., Ac. n.'tru t '???!? 1 .,1 ? taaBI'il lp Allanli , Cap! ll'lgg*, .1 ? u'rlixk on tha ni'iinlux of Mala* lav. tfc - th nit W altar - amm. ? .r .. an >i* a' 11 '. A M i4 ni4*f, IU I - I ?* ? u 'l? ?>*t am . '.R U?ri|i?M, $nf aaat u4 fflttf. I. t- ? i. ?i. tipAi *!? I T r??M un ||? ? ?'?' hating Ua4n4 I* wififv yvaaaMaM Ui Marrv. ? I >? Hi II arr "I '! C-.wrm at tW ? .11 til afiwic II -t I <H?f, llir i4lh ult. ? *? I.IIJ...I tan.? liars nrcurrwi ,i .? tin ' Ui-ii' ara . .'fit .uji 4e . 'in ii( ?u.l tin- lialtla aa li. 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