Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 8, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 8, 1855 Page 3
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AFFAIRS IN EUROPE. Onr London, Pari*, An^bnr* and Jirnna Cor ropourienfft dc., Jcc., & c. Oar London t'ori* -pondene*. I/OB3K, August 'J4. 1855. Popular War haling in Evglawl ? Yhs Sweabarg Tsick? Uattlr of T.tsJ.h'r Bi lilf.c?'/actii? "J lh' Rtistiant? Lu dicrous Pof<>iim 1/ the AUied Army ? iV'hy Hoyal Fiji's Are Pwbrtakcn ? Orner Pasha?Louis tTajxAnin's Cnirt and Queen Victoria? fMiitg oj the (Mi Preach tfobililtj? Hie Enjiliel, Aristocrat* ? Untmcrs and Traite? Theatricals. The I.'nglish government are really at their wits ends to iKitl-fy the craving of the public after some satis factory result either iu the Hallic or the Crimea. Two years of war have nourly elapsed, with immense expenditure and vast armaments equipped, and yet Sebas topol in not taken, nor Crons.adt oven as-ailed. To ercsp* ridicule and to subdue popular clamor, the government is obliged to resort to downright trickery uud the Uul ic tlvet was conse.; jontly ordered, before coming hi. me. for the second time, to make Home kind o demonstration against some pi, too or otbor, in order to get up tlie tcmblancc of a victory. The mock assault upon Swesboig therefore, caruo off, anil which really en titled of the buruing of Hut 3tiod nud outhouses, bu which wa . ridiculously masrnltiod by tuu government of ficials into a successful bombardment splendid victory. The truth is now discovered, and the London Punch of this week iiiui. e* fun of L >nt I'almerstou's '"blute of triumph;" and the Time* in ho annoyed at havlo? been duped, that they give insertion thin morning to a scathing exposure by fir Charles Napier of tiie non-destruction of ifweaborg. Then, again, the great hubbub made Kst week about the greet battle in the Crimea appears to have no founda tion in rctults. It Is suspected tlie Russians made an ad vance and a letreat only with a view to draw the allies after tLein Into an ambuscade, but that the Utter were too cautions to follow. The Russians lost men by tho manceuvie, but it if evident that the allies gained no thing by It. since they are always in the same position, and are Ukely to rt main thbie. Tlie fact r Imply this, that the allies are convinced by this time their position in the Crimea is nothing short of ludicrous. Alter trenching away lor monthi they are compelled to admit that tlie hour for storming is come, and yet thoy undertake It n of. W ly C simply bo cause tbey are sure that if they force I heir w.iy into the southern side of tho town of Hobastopol, they will all be blown in'o the air, ah it Is all un dermined. Should they escape this danger they forth r know they could not keep their post l ion because the batte ries of the northern side of the towa completely c 'mound the southern side. U Is said that Ihoie Is u gun for every house. Now, what are the poor atlio < to doy To rush on destruction is bud enough, but to give up Instantly all they might gain by it is still worse. In this state of tilings the English and French governments arc far more occupied in drawing off the attention, and diverting the uilpds of their respoctlve peoples, than in fighting the Russians. For this pur pone the trip of Louis .Vapuleaa to England iu Apiil last was got up, and by the time the e ffectofthat had died an ay, the vi it of Victoria to l'arls was brought about, and the journals of both conn, tries are cr&mined to excess with the details. Willi the view also of get ting I he public mind away from the CVimea, Omer l'a.-hu aad the Turkish army are to bo sent into Asia against the Russian army there. There Is likewise tulk of the allies goltiog up an army to re turn to the 1'anubisn principalities aVid to march on Bessa labia. You see that England and France after all th?ir enor mous expenditure, vast preparations, and frequent hard lighting, are no better off, nay much w.irse than at the beginning, Mi l at the pre-eut moment thoy uro perfectly at a loss what to do, or how to proceed. Tucir cXirts to escspe responsibility and evade popular censure by artful exaggerations and cunning stratagems ruanot go on forever. If sotqulblng positive 1j not accomplished before many mouths, a storm of dl"ipp ?'ntrnent an 1 In ritgnation will lie up at home .hoi 1 .0 1 1 i s Napoleon and iArd I'almersh n w III be as li.tlo ablo io cope with as thus far with Hie Russians. The visit of Victoria lo l'arls has gone off so far very pleasantly, 'lhe weather has favorc I it, an 1 the crO'vds and enthusiasm arc reported to oxc -o I all precedent. It is said the Quecu was curious enough to >ee Paris, but had much repugnance to associate freely with Louts 1 Napoleon and his rr*nue Empress. Policy, however, required it. It Is a subject of much remark here that, amongst the persona Invited to the festivities in honor of the Queen at I'aris, not one of the great names of France appeared, only those ol tho olttclals employed by the government, or ot the mushroom nobilliy created by the first Napoleon. All tliegrctt French l'uniili ??<, nud her leading statesmen never go near Napoleon, or his court, which Is composed eiitliely of his hangers-on, both mat? and female. lhe English are very aiistocrati; and by no means much fluttered at their Queen being obliged to keep up so close an intimacy with anch a court as they secretly consider that of Na poleon Uf. T hey admit I.ouis Napoleon to be a very sharp fellow, mid are w illing enough to make use of him for their own Inteiests; but they don't care about their little Queen and court being ol such very intimate terms with his doabtful set as they regard them. It is said the Queen would gladly have avoided going to I'aris. bu that Louis Napoleon insisted on it, both from political reason*, as 1 have already explained, and also with a view to spite the French sristwiacy, who have cut him. He desired to show he had got into good company out of France, if it was denied to him within. In flnanciul matters nothing stirring. The Turkish loan of five millions sterling, guaranteed by Kngland and Fran**, has been gobbled up by Rothschilds, and is at a premium. It may be considerably below par one of these da\ 1. It is a strange thing, and significant, too, that Ruasian bonds have never gone down, which shows that the knowing ones consider that government to be a more solid affair than many that have sprung up of late years. In the bu"ii ess world generally, there is some little improvement, but all inteiests are waiting to see which way the war is going. As that still continues more tluln doubtful, there is corresponding inactivity. Theatricals are dull enough- but that is the case at this time of the year, wheu all the cockney world has foUowpd the uristocratlc exodus, antlgone to divers pisses alongshore and elsewhere. TRAVEl.lFUt. On r Porta Correspondence. I'AUM, August 17, 1865. fate '</ S'ai?t Hapolerm ? Qwrn Victoria' t Vini? G1or,u ly Ji'rm in irmrt* ? Mr. FUlmort. at Court ? It it R crption ami It t DiJJtcvttia ? (Mhtr A'utabiMtiei I'rr.*n/*>i ? Admiral Movri'r'i Mittiun. The Bole motiie aligned by the Journal* for tha limit# imposed on the public rejoicing* at the Festival of Saint Napoleon this \ tar, Is, of course, the benevolent solici tude of the Emperor for the widow* and soldiers who hero already (leriahed in the Crimean campaign. The Hum of IsOO.OOO franca usually supplied t>y the State to the cele bration of lliix/i^, ha*, at hi# instance, (.eon consecrated to their relief. To be sure, it require* but little arithme tic to reduca this Imposing liberality to about 10 francs or $2 for each bereaved fauiily, or, subtracting the fees for the four or Are certiflcatei indispensable In every ca?e, to f> francs or 11. But let u? not subtract all merit from the moll re. Moreover, of the 300,000 franca also voted tor the/W' by the Municipality of Paris. IOO^iO have been applied, at the requ?..t of the Emperor, to the Mme charitable purpose, while 80,000 have been dKtri buted. according to annual custom, among the indigent of the metropolis. Tlie Journals fitly praise these cluiri flea, without alliyling, however, t? the "economies" ne cessitated on the pari of the 3tate ar.d the municipality by the extraordinary ex [?eaten of the vi?it of the li'ieen of England. The Oianvlns or ultra Napoleoniirt* of the British pre*?, falily mit-CUauvtn their rival* on thts i-ida of the channel, in giving, by an'lcipation, a d.<zih?g picture of thia viait. Bat one Journal at icmst, he /tatlii 7e'?v/rupV venture* to slia<!e the picture with a few -om'ire remlals ?*nce*. It cite* diaries II, who became the tool and hired a (rent of K ranee; James II, alio l>miuie the tool of Lcuia XIV, as Hugrant examples of the lac I that Frene.i eympathle- and alliance* have never br iightliiek to Kng llsh prince*. It d">s not doubt that bcueath the mask of urlionity piescrHied by etiquttte. the Kmperor of the French must cone<nl his real ?en Intents, that be cannot forget that his royal guct Is granddaughter of Oeorge 111, and nieee of Oeorge II, by ahom his Immortal uncTi? wis tracked and hunted like a wild liea.-'t, and tLieo imprisoned on a rock, whe-e Ills last moment* were tormented by acta id crui ltj and by Insul'a. nor ran he 1* displeased, st the bottom of bis heart, to lie a witnes of the homili* tlrn of England, and to let It bo seen that the nephaw of "Sir IT>ul-( n Isiwc'a General Bonaparte'' I* to Jay thi fl leaded aHy of lite Mate which was the mo?t ardent per ?eeotor Of his uncle. But, if we are to trust the opti n l-ta of Lotion ii nd Paris, all this i< an odk>n? re opening of old aore- Waterloo has l?een forgotten, and th' me nacing attitude of the French fleet till t'herbonrg, mhich more recently alarmed and armed the English mlhUa. niuat also be consigned to ancient hist >ry. ? It cannot be doubted that Napoleon Is earnestly intent >>xi receiving Victoria with Ihc utmost external lemonitra ?.ions (it Imperial hospitality. Ind. e.l, |>e is so lnt*nt upon ihls that It maybe *u*|>erted he 1 >?es sight of an 'the more distant and. II must '?? adinltte I, lo*l fervent ally than the Kngli-h sovereign he soveri igo pe iple of the I'ni ted State* 'he representative# of *ho??. government are not Infrequently subjected to slight* anif iuiperlin?t,CM on the part of the liveried onderh-iga o. his eourt. whl^h he either winks at, oj else doe* not see. Uttle love, however a? I presume the Rmj^eror and Empr?a* cbeii-h for the "filibustering rapubMcana" oi the other side of the Atlantic, e*pe tally since the secret* of the Ostend t on ference were re1 ealed hy the Nrw V iuk !Ik&au>, 1 am in ellned lo regard Napoleon 111. a. too shrewd to hare an thoHred the regular system of jety Inaulta? some of them, Indeed, gi<"M? enonjrh? which certain offi cer* of the impei lal hou-eh' Id <-m to have eatba lished a ;ain-t Aneriran <i?itcri to the Toilet u-s. It Is difficult to tx lleve ihst the Kmp'.-ror -ho.ild have sent a fat and ssnry valet of tlgh degr<-e 'o tomplain to Mr. Mj< ? on, our M'tti-ter that 'hew.i- convening the^ b?JUj?f r f the I'renrh r? public should I n e I ept the (g-PnilM C<f the In ' . tale* Millard FlUnior* danclof a'veii ancc for nn hour and fc hi if fa xn auto-ch rnber of ? he Tullerie-, until every l>edii?.ied ajfvat of every Utile court In Europe In I beea honored with an interview with hi* imperial Wn J?ntjr. But lam a-sured it is a fuel, 'hat a fat and turner valet o f high de;rre?< <lid favor the American Minister with a homily ou ttit* indis e^lminate exeiei.-e of hi* privileges as nn ambassador ? ? homily which llr. M; -nn .-pce<tlly Interrupted b y Mb >winv him the letter ol the I Mike of ('.ambsci re*. Amia)>ie aid polite iif jir. Ma "u is, ho might well have shown luai the door also, an-1 even lent him a crutcu or a cane to 'expe dite his ?ll," When Mr. Fillmore arrived with Mr. fi rcoran. of Washington, for the special interview to which lie Lad been expressly invited at the Tuiierie., h must huve bceu surprised to find only two plain black coatt ? lii ? own and that of hi# companion ? In a n<l motley collection of Joseph '* oovt* of tunny colon, and (Ten 'he petience of our worthy ex -Chief Magistrate diust l.a vc leeu well nigh exhausted by being obliged to wait until (ill the unifo: ms and court suit* lind pa Jed bef ire bis modest apparel into the presence of the Imperial patron of Iiuenntoy, the Uouleiard tailor of hU Majustjf Mr. Dion I'iatt, our popular Secretary of Legation, i< blec. ojl with more j atiiotism than patience, and what he posse-sea of tfie latter quality all evaporated in a very legitimate tzplonion of w-utli against the rude indifference with which liin lirst poll"' rumoastrauces, authorized by Mr. Mason, were roc< Ived b/ an otllcial to whim ho ad dressed himself in the nb.-enceof the Duke 01 Catnbacere*. Tlie French in which Hr. Idon I'iatt began hi? parley was noon exchargi'd for Fni^fch, more emphatic thin elegant, and the astonished llufikey at length understood enough to feel obliged to make a bungling npol g y. Now, Mr. Filhnoie. alihoiigb at present but a p irate ci'izcn of the I tiled Hatm, in our eye# and hi* own, it mill, us ex-President of the V'nion, a " Highness " in the eyes of Europeans and. when Invited iii> such to Iho palace of a European ?overelgn, in ert-ainly entitle 1 Id n (Htfeieut reception rrom that w'aich be ha# hadatMie Tuilerie#. it has lifen remarked that In the M.nil ur'? elabo rate account r?f the trial of ugi icultnral impli-nants at la Truppc, luai Tue day, a long ll.-tt ot ti e no 'abilities "vrcrent. from tlm Prince Napoleon t? i doren of agnail and cald# and tax-gatherer# from Afrl i, including Mdi llauicd Bout.audouru, Krouida-hMi-Mi mounn n<l the rent, wan scrupulously given, but^hit ti'i month n wait made of the nan o of Millard Fillmore which, certainly, "doth hfpome the mouth an well," or of Mr. 'lot mhs and Mr. Mam of t:.*or^ln Mr. Valentine prt'li fle-it and Mr. Gillman, secretj^y. of the Central Coni ml'.tee of American CommissioMre, Mr. Hel.chmann and C< 1. Cnxe, member# of the international jury, Mr. Elliott of South Carolina. <!en. IMt'rej of Louisiana ? In a wr.t, of unv of the many ''distinguished Atuerlfan-i" will weie present on the occasion. What is .atill moie noteworthy, the main e\ploits of the day, J the victories achieved by the three American , tiiuchinon of Mct'orinick. (not Macl'oriniule, a# the M>ni (>-in hat it.) Muiiny and Wright, receive but two liih'i of ! notice in an article of two or thief long colamni. But I I'itth' admirable threshing machine get# .? tew m liae?, and the Arab#, ?e aie told, particularly admired It, as ?ell tbij; uiight, both for itself and by theifisolves, for in | rgiiculture they arc lo#s In the rear of their rrench i luaateis than might 1h' huppo*et, and themaclilne i.< worth* ofthoprui e which they honestly be?towed upon it. | Tlie Jfimitnir is careful not to omit tlie annonucc- j ment of tlie reception at the Tuilerieg of the En v<.y Fxtro ordinal y of the Danish government. Vice Admiral Motier, who, as it informs us, hi. delivered to his Impoiinl Maje ty the bulges of the Order 1 of the Hephant. It says nothing, however, of what I , hi ve rea#on to believe Is another and more ini)Hirtant ol> feet of his nii.sion, to invoke the intervention ot th? j riench Kovernment in the difdcuUies between Deumirk and the I'nited States of America, In couM>nuence of the . official intimation of the latter l ower of their refusal to .I-ey the duties of the Hound after the ex pi ration of the com | mercial treaty now existing with Denmark. Vice Ad- t ^ miriil Moricr's welcome was unite different at the Tuilcr- ? ' ics from that of Ex-President Fillmore. Dut, honeter Eur<>| 0?n sovureigns and oouutrie- may I treat Americans, the hitter c&tinul complain of the ii> difference or the Ignorance of European winn'i. the 1 " King# of intellect," as these might be called, it they | were not ( ntitled to the tn ire honmjible title of " CIU ?<en? of the Kcpuhlic of Letter*." To cite only a few | instance#, without alluding to the ''gold raedali" which , the charts of Maury, and several machine* of American invention, exhibited in th^ I'alaie of Industry, will be-.! richly entitled, the Academy of Sciences at Berlin haj j just etccted U honorary monitors, i'n.f. Dan i. of New ! Haven, and Dr. Asa tiiay, of Cambridge; and the 1'rnncli i Academy of Inscriptions nnd Htdles l^ttrea at ? recent meeting, voted speciul t banks to Mr. Ueorge Suuiuer, aa American < Iti/en, for his honoiable effort to save the j mureum at Kertch from destruction. 'l'Ue letter, In which Mr.Humner a|>peulel to the British governm nt In ' behalf of history aud art v>n you remember, published | in the London Tim". Unluckily, it was too late lor Its j si eeial purpose; but it nngh' well be cite I to serve ano ther. and shut the m >uth of John Hull when he upbraid^ ' 1'rother Jonutluin for his '? bump of dektructlrenejs ." j Cur Aut(Htiu:'H Cormpoiidtni r At cswnti, August 13, 18?>5. Avitria dill .Vitfrti if ihr Situation ? fm/mrtant Trraty lv>rn fj.ain t'n<l /'Vnnrc rr^jxctiny th' WfArn Powrr?? Tltr P<mm?ion of fiifa Guam ntetd to Spain, an ! 2/1,000 ianh to Ir .S '< nt to thr Crimea ? American LHpl'jnui j in Eur>ji ? 31 r. Pinre'i Popularity with th' Wttlrrn /' vers on th> lncrras* ? Thr Fren-h Prett on Mr. Pierre and American Rapat it? ? CottdUUm vf th' BeHiy r-ntt? Who ui {ul Con'iition of Frarur. T1 e war In the Kaat ir gradually assuming a European aspect, though Anst'Ia !>i<t ? third of bcr army, and the smaller (iciman State* ha to followed ii? example by jfi n ntinj; extensive furlough*. I bare, in my former letters, shown tliut Austria, by liar military and diplomatic maua-u vrcs. hiiH nearly become master of i rent*, being In a po itlon alternately to incline either toward* Kus?ia or the Aliics, a. circumstances may render it pru<lent to arrest either the progress of the victor* or to arrest the defeat of the party must suffering from the fortunes of war. She baa secured Uer neutrality by oc cupy ing the Principalities. wliich, in the han<l* of the Allien, might have formed the basis of military operation* not only against Ru*ala, but against Austria heraelf. From the Principalities, Transylvania and Hungary could have been operated ujion, while Poland might, in turn, l?ve been reached through Hungary. Austria possesses now, and la determined to keep till tha conclusion ui peace, the key to Kuhulu and Turkey, and occupies thus the vantage ground which securc* to her a military and diplomatic preponderance. To counteract the c< nwi|uence< of that position, or ralher to guard against them, the allied Power* are more than ever anxious to secure the co-operation of the smaller Power* of Europe. Spain and Portugal in the Fouth, Sweden and Denmark l^he North, are to be drawn at any price, into the conlitfon, and it appear* that the negotiations which weie commenced on this subject with Spain, have at last been successful. The French and F.ngli*h presses hate thus far guardi-d a dignified reserve on all subjects (elating to Spain, fearing, no doubt, the effect which all such communications must necessarily produce in the United States; but tbetierman press? and at the head of it the Augsbnrg Journal ? is not deterred by similar considerations from giving It* reader* the new* of Ihe day. A very important treaty, and of graie con ijuonces to the I'nlted States, teems to be agreed upon between Sjain and France, In virtue of which Spain igree* to furni*b the Allies '.5 000 troops, bei-ldes grant ing them tie privilege of enll. ilng within the king, d'm a Fori'gn I.-gi< n. on condition that France, fir the Allies, assume the guarantee of the new Spanish 1< an, and of the possession of t! e i-laii'l of Cuba. I en dee n translation ?>f the two oiiginal letters from Ihe Vadrid correspondents ?>t the A"ir?burg Journal, coq. i detirg them important documents and sufficiently fnte testing to the American render to be puhllshel in -r' n?o bv the Hki sih. I would yet remark that. In addition to t fit- unaided sili nee by the French and Kngli.-h pre?s. s on tni* most important subject to the I nlti-d State*, the Spanish |*| er? cairird their ilMiuulstion so far a< to positively teny that any mi .h negotiations had ever been thought of, or that propositions of the nature I have Just eonitnunlrnicd lave t ver 1? en made by Fi ance and seiiovisly cntei tained by Sj.atn. Hie French Fjnperor ag?d the whole matter with his usual prudence andfacl Utnl'v. He ka? w that time anil tven'.s would come to his a i-'. ? t/jMt the weak adnilvistia'ion of K-paite;o would not be able to maintain itsi If at the head of affair' without the lilrnd-mlghborly efforts of France to close the kingdom again-t the attacks of t),e Carllsts, and therefore -4?w tiut too clearly that the weak administration In Washington would throw no serlun* obstacle in the w*y ot ac complishing his T>hjcct. Spain is (>(s>r, the large landel I rojerty Is mostly in the hinds of the clergy, and there i? no order whatever In the financial ?y?teni,'if there be s financial system at all. The want of such a system, and the ) < pcleeMie s of e?t?tilishlng on ? In time to rave ?-|sln from univer-al bankruptcy must necessarily destroy public credit : so that Spain is pretty much In the ccndllion of Turkey, which may b?>rrow as much morey as the | les"-?. provided France and KngUnd en dors* her Inrm!'. but not a ib'UM on her own acr junt. The voluntary loan It is now apparent,' will not answer ihe purpose, and sn extension of th? period within whirn It was to be subrcril-ed for. has Just been granted ?)lie 1st of August is fixed as the n- ? fersiiwtu A 7^0 | but iinle s France and F.ngland intervene, a further In ?'.eftntte extension will b.ive to be resorted to. There is no doubt, then that tl.e French offer Will be arcepted, and that S|aln. wl,o cau spare men mor> easily than n.ori-y, will be glad of the chare e. U>-ide? if the allies or Iniuoe ij' u will uotiro tha' the letter of the Madrid c(.i lesjiondcnt of the Aug-1>tirg Journal does not all'i'l' 'o Vr.gli.nd at ?U) guaranty the |?.*res?lon of Cube to tl.e ciown <f Spain, a portion of the troops stationed in the Inland may l? rhlpl ? l t<i the 'jlmssi, white a Fron'h 1 Miuadron will fltm it convenient, at the approach ?>f the >i,uln< x. to sail f< r ti e tiulf of Mexico, to winter in tlie V est Indies. France will want men to reinforce her army in tlie Fa at , but ih* may spare any number of ships >,t w*r aller he unit'^l fi?(t? shall withdraw from the Taltlc. the tiueen of Spa.n. who is n<? yet reeognlre! by Ilus tla is neti rtl.elets rewjrted to be personally oppos'.-d to the French treaty which h?? t?oer, sgreed up?n in < ebi^ net Countil With' t h?r knowtetge or consent, end of which she was only Informed after the couriers < f th? French and Ingl.cli i tubs -ies had left Madrid on their way to 1 arts sad ? ondoo. Tlie objeet P*ns of the Queen, however, will soon I* overrole?l She ha- no site, native but to submit, or lie herself de'hromd by either a demo cratic or Cullst Birtrnnt. i-paln is now complet' ly at the mercy of Fran- e, and this tne m re so. as tue we g!it j of Ameri<-an diplomacy In Fun pe Is absolutely e [iia! 'o 1 ?ero. "Do not talk lo me of your cabine' In Washing 1 t< I was toid the otbei day, by a diplomat friewtly ' to the I'nlteJ states, 1 it di*s not eilsf for Knoie, your 1 diplomatle agent* Co not understand the situatU?u.' and 1 for tbe n>o*t .'art, are so awkrard and indiv reet that ft I Is dar.geron* for one of us to inform thrm of what Is go 1 lag On, wbfU- H I* difflctill id t*l! vkfth#rf<Mii a,f*ot I t- U>it r?r \ by yotir government. No one will trcut, or oven Confi dent Lit ?/ comerae with ? person subject at id/ time to b? recalled or disavowed. We mean to tr*?t them civilly ; to r really tbey >eeu? to be very barmliu person#, an<l quite Innocent of any aertou* design." It ?!? imi>o*slhle for me to contradiot htm, Dow that Mr. Fouii has returned to the tniu I State*, and ao very " clevor *' n fellow as J lodge ha* nueeeeded l him. Have not the official organ* of the French guveru urent, as if in mockery of I Ue administration In Washing ton, and with the eotiiposore resulting from the coniclou* di hh of *upe> lority , c inmenci d prai-iug Mr. fierce ?* a man Mho, alter all said nud done, seem* really honestly dispoied "to repress the rifpacious deposition of the American people," I jet Mr. Tierce coutinue another year in his present unhorsed condition as reginh Cuba, and I have no doubt the Krcnrh Kinj?eror wtJ honor hiui with an autograph lett ur, approving entirely of hu con duct and assuring him of his everlasting gratitude and friendship. It i-eeum as if Mr. IVrce, who has been no eminently sucreei-ful in combining nil the hauling faction* of the I nited Mates to hhaumort, were destined to meet with the same eminent sum-** in Europe, where the We tern and the Kn-stern I'uweri vie with each other in the expression of resj?ct for hi? private and - public vir tue*. 1 he allien . are undoubtedly mnking provisions for a winter Ci<ra|?lgn in the 1'iimea. and It in for this purpose piiniijuMy thai they look to a coalition with all th ? Western l'owera of the second rank, (spaln, Portugal and yaiolnla arc tobe an offset to the dangerous neutrality of Ausliia, and Sweden and I ennurk are to corajieujate foi the more than dull !oua position of Prussia. The war will undoubtedly extend over a larger theatre of action in 186(1, and in the meantime all proportions for peace, from whatever quarter they inay come will prove ahorthe. The war which U popular iu Fngland, has become a neoo ...ily to the Fren h giverit nient. 'llie q re it ion i? not whether to return to ih ? 3'u Ins rni'i ants tillum, hut whether things i iiail retro; ai to the position of 1R16. Napoleon III. fully ennrrehend the Kltvution, ami posse-res far greater abilities a -ta 'exilian, if not us a S'ddier, than (he world i< dlip'ise I to glv# him credit for. He hail, morotiver, a knowlelge of itten. and the means of iullucm ing thorn, without which all abstract statesmanship I of little or no ac count. llis last visit to liiurritc furnishes a splendid In starce of Ids appreciation of character. Zsvili, th" 8j nnir-li Minister of Stwte, was to meet him there "i ji wrflei mo lilm, but the Kniperor p-efe>red nut to see Urn. f'lsraga, the Spani.-h Minister at I'srU. who accompanied him, was hettei calculated to produce the desired eliect on the mind of the Premier. without exciting doubts or national jcalou-ir ?. resides meeting K| nln haltwsy nnglit bavr caused her timid statesmen to recede. i're nt ing the 1'iench alliance a* a bono t > be i i?t .1 r?r lyr ac c< plod or hurt, was tliC ? nly means of clinching the bar gain. and ityiovcd entirely successful. li e papers k: ill continue to throw discredit on the ru mor that the dowager Kinpress of ltiissl* ha* written an autograph letter to the Archduchess Sophia of Austria, 11, oilier of the pit sent Kmperor of Auatrla, remonstrating against the pre en' attitude of Aus'rla as compared Willi 1 ti-i ?? V? . and the rumor Is we'll authenticah -d and ir< fio rulty believed. Austria and Kus-ia are both will La# to re njien negotiations; but there Isnomch prospect before the rettlnK In ot winicr. The allied Heel in the fUltic will bombard iieleingfoiK or make homo other deui' n el ration, previous to the autumnal equinox; but it ia alinoat certain that nothing will lie undertaken ag&inat lYot sladt It e.inni t he disgui?e<I hoareier, tiiat the rigid blockade of all lluaoian ports, and the total prostration of P.uaKian eomnu rceand manufactures which follows from it as nn immediate eontie ]ue<ice, d'M*s nitre harm to Kuiialn than the battering down of half a dozen i-toue fortresses. The loss of a foitiflel place might intllrt n n vere wound, but the nation at large would not feel It; whi'e the eutire prostration of commerce, and the im poH.-ildllty of ex(lian);leg the vast produce of Kus-la, oauae agriculture Itaelf to be neglectnl, and every other Hjieciea of industry to lay waste. In this resjieet the po flti'm of Prance ami i ng'aud offers a favorable contrast. There is nothing new from Sthsstopol, though the French and l'.vissutna are sufficiently near each other t'? pelt rue another with bloues. 1 clore this letter with curious sta'istic.- of the linan cial con<lition of France, which may be perused wflb a i vautage by hoiii* of your Wall atieet subscribers: ? t'ranif. 1.08 Us contracted within the last sixteen months I, M?, OM.OM floating ilebt 20" 0"X),000 I'loa ring (lulit inclusive of tre asury, notes and having Fund 1 100,000.000 Tx'kh of March 11, I81VI 260.000.000 1 1 (wn of I'eet mlrer !i0, 1^04 Mj0,0<m,00J I I.oan ( f Jn!y 11, 1S.*>6. 750,009,000 : The ratio ol the money wanted to the money sulwcrlbed I U approximately as 1 to 4. Additional Interest 011 the public debt, /' *?<?? chargeable to the bmlget , per nnnuni. . . . 7'.' 009,000 1 ?or equal *0 the yes rly expenditures of 144,000 workiug mi n'M lamilies. toiai. *Mof.vT or riutviit naifr. hr'tnc . I In 1M0 5 .01:1,770 001 I In 1R1R 9,409, 42t'. 000 I In lM?i 7,662,000,009 I er bead 1 f population, 'J10 francs. Inc:ea>e U d( lit rlnee 1RI8 1.0 P 00!) 000 Inciease of population. 0.002 per cent per annum I'ro- j poition of public debt to yearly revenue as 7:1. OHbtXAKT KXrt:.M>ITi"lll? AT l>t?r*R**T IHHIOIM. Fran-"'. In 1610 l,055,8.'rt,000 1 In 18'Ji' H 14, VI I tfw I lu 1H-I7 1, 708. ft g), 008 In 18W1.'. 1.6'Jt,0:g) t/JO You know liest how to comment on the e data. F. J. I Oar Augftbuj-g ('orir?poit<Icnr< . AriiPinriuJ, August 21, 185"). 7V Affairs- of Spain and the A tlirt ? / ?/? ''nntin ffixl?Mr. Ikxlff' and I he H'tl ?f American /h/itomiit* tn Kurt if* ? Mwi. Sndkanan anil J/'i ton ? Kniire /wi/<o Unry of Mr. 1'ierre't Apnth in Earnpe ? t'limplete Itola t i'-n ijf American /Hplomaie Aijent/ ? Th ? Krwrhan Ungiith AUi'in-'f ami It* Kelmum In lh* t'nilrl Wall? U' latum* qf the Cnitnl Valet to Auttria an t 1'riitria? Our Krlatiofu with /Htmurlc ? TV .Souwl Du<-< ? Sjpcntf Daiiith Jfiuvm to J'arit?Conili'um <if l'r?t*i infl Den mark apainM the Unitrt Stats ? ? A mrrira A;/iin /VW? The Quern (f Unglantl in Parit ? Xwealorg ami the t' her naya?CtmtlitiOn </ the BeUlgertn tt. Tli# Is t news I had the duty of communicating to you from thin place in regard to Spain, it confirmed In all In detail*. Spain will no do* lit furnish 'A 000 men to the Hilled, and I have but little doubt bat that Portugal will in dne time follow the example. It U promised in Spain to take V00 or 300 men from the crack rtglments fur the auxlllaiy nrmy. and to complete the Spanish army after wards with the mobilized militia. People may talk ai they please about the ."p.ini.h army, the troop* are not to be despised, especially when comm*ndeii or dir. '?ted hy men of energy. The Piedinontese have juit shown what they can do when fighting aide by aide with the I F nghsh and French. There is nothing ao catching in tli* J world aa fcor or eourstge. Meanwhile, I lay lew ?tiea* on the 26,000 men which are promised by Spain tlmn on i the privilege granted to ttic English and French to re cruit freely throughout the kingdom, und enlisting the troops already organized by engaging the officera on half ] ay, or waiting ordera, who will certainty prefer whole pay to half a pr> mise. The preaent unarchical po-itlon ol Spain die ?* more for the recruiting servf e of hrtglan I mid France than the treaty concluded with the Spanish Cabinet against the Inclination of the Queen. Afler the f astern war i? oyer, that matter may be atteflded t" l>y a Western Congress. I do not know what Mr. fridge may be dong in Spnin? whether he has protexte I against the treaty, or whether lie liaa heard of it In time to Inform hi* government . cer ? tain it ia that nobody In F.urope cares three straws for the diplomatic agents of the I'nited Wates, since the ?tu j i wlous Mise of the Ostend conferences. The ptignneloua n anm r in which that "Cougrcas" wa? convened, and the cowarilly way In which it wax finally disposed of, have di'grncd Mr I lerre'a administration In the i-ye# of th* clvllited world. This dance of "forwaid t??" ami " ba< k again, '' may do tolerably well at a public hall of a '"itft'n order In Washington, but It haa robbed the d ? 1 plotuatic agents of the Cnited States of every parti le of ri ?pect they enjoyed heie and hia rendered them wholly unfit for ri' ing "dther g'?'d or evil. I dotlbt whether any Minister i f our* to Madrid could hate aveiU-l the rata** troj he. The imbecility and wej?k?e?- of Mr Piece ?ev il o pet* nt-to cauae the cabinet* of l"arl? or litindon e\.*i a moment's uueaaine.s, Mr. i'h ree'e waut of popularity I at home ? h * per tonal predilection f.r low rorupmy. Ue I affecti d courage and r? al cowardice have all pa>?' d into pioveiba heie aa in the I nl'ed Statea and I Uacard 1 roihirg in piedicting that A.oei lean iutluerice wiJ nut If i filt iu Kui'.pe ae Ion? a* a |>er??in coocvtM *ith ? Mr. Pieic?> administra'l' n. > r anr [>er^< n holding oflbre under him liall lie eeesected wi n the adminia'ra ion uf public affaira. In vain will Mr Uuchanati in?nlt mei iber* j i f tl.e i'.iitlih l ai lament at his -wn tahle or tell tbe<? j with that peculiar lancs.terian dlrec'nn* whicli haa kl waya distlogwiel ed him, that 'we i 1< ?tv- 1 ikw t like ron, Frgli-hioea in will Mr Mjwn ia l'arl? peat j with the I w peror, and di?eu?a over a Myitr the probata lily of hi* ?pe<dy <lownfall? ?urh euoduet i? ie t : Vxik*4 np< n aa a ptoof of c<i?ra|e but -luiply a i ?an tit |i,t- ! breeding, least <4 all to be earuaed in dipl< matlst. Cur dip!' mats in F.urnp* Bt<t not imitate the tone of the g' r r..inent organ n Wrah'ng'.on, by mi taking careeae ? an I tare. tire for ?tiei gh, or fiiacy that g vernroer.'al facie can be talked down and written lown, a. Mr I'ualiing < tp?-rta t > talk and wiite down thft Njiw Yon* lljauijj by a co ibl of tsg* t-aued In the fideial city. ls-t us ran ecober tria' our Ministers in Ismdon, I aiia and Madrid are com pletely Isolated ? that 'here Is not one Power in Karope? that I* to aay, not a *iDgl* Minister at any of Uiete court*, whose good offices c<uld !?? made available ia 'a r? < ! en ergi ncy. The Ruaslan Minister* hare lefi 1/ n I <n and PaHa long srn, and as Ru- -ia never rec.<gni?ed the gov tri ment of l*sliella II, there n of rour?" no Ku??t?n 'fin irter in Madibl. The openly e*pre*?e.| dishke f ?r K'ig laixl ?r.d Ftatee, bo?e??r we may feel as a pei pla, I* a (ilplomatlc blunder , for It ? rve? to rivet tWai alli?n. i of I tl,? ee l ower*, and to give It a duration and a milat lor l-eyond the ooiniiutatw n o( either i nglish or French ? 'ate- men. The alliance of Kngland and France eertalily j l? de- n? g< ?d to the Potted Stat<*?, bu" treating ih' m alike 1 a' gh'tly and telllr.g them both, on a)' e? ibte asions, thai "we d?n'T like them ' ,? no ^ans of | 1?.?< ning ti.etr mutual ndb*>lon. Tow faawot a aft a Co , .ji ett< ot the fancy si s may hare taken for another per ? ri by telling her that ?he has gr *o o'.ij and ugly or I tha' JOII hive beat' wed your affeettoa* '.r< her m ivtai ' ttl> m'y I pi- iratlc H*?? .nUoo. are b- *? sffe^tad aa ii ch' lo let i y , by rjj^tlv* afbnity. that is by attrt'tb a> In op y *ite d reciwns, not l.y repuUions <?ar dlj i'.rtacy having made flatm m I^vnd' a Par.s aad Ms 'ril, Ik' only pinres a l.etr there i> t rka ? '<f -v ' ta i ?re Vlmat tad tier Jn Uut faavt w* u.' tMs?d ? fiotiah quarrel ?|,<>Dt an ob- c u re Indl ridus 1 with A?i*trt;. I and theieoy uiiei.ated Povwt Not that I ilo not ' fully appreciate tbe hemic conduct of Captain In* attain, l;a^r f,,r Buncombe, which fallowed tlmt act id Waahington, und which to secure to Mr Pl?cetb*li*rvwit ofCapt. lnfrabnm'a plantations, haiuu noceeMiniy exa-p?ruicd the goverwnio its of Kurope, with out exciting more than delusive expectation* among the ' Ubeiula o I I urnpe. Tho liberals ol i . ? 1 do not m<an the communist* and red republicans -ha\e ?l:i<i | been -ntirely ilL-illui-i' m il n* to Mr. Pierce'* love of uni ' veiml freedom ami hi* contempt tor Italian ?? fdom lhey appieciate the apecUlc weigh! of hi* ball*, uud ilea (.ise hi? policy a* much a* the court* and prince* yt Ku rope. Mr. Herce'* noIi*y ha., done more toward* alienai iug the people of Kurope from the great republic i.f the nineteenth century than all the roralixt pen.* fin tlx taut half century.

Tl.eie remuin.i, then, nothiug but tlx' c >urt of llerlin or l'otf<taro for a tielt of American diplomacy, an I it aeem* to be well plough'-d by Mr. Vroouiy who pos*otaes at leant one eaidinal virtue of a diplomatist ? nee re* j Nobody cen even gue** at what he ia doing? n?>t even Con. Marry 1 do not know whether Mr. Vroom hut fal lowed the 1\ iryj of I'ruaiia on hi* late trip to Frdmau* dorf. If he ha* the paper* have shrewdly roo^eal 'U 111 -i naiue. i!ean?|j|l( On elliclAi pen* at Iteliu and l-elpdc are by nc means < -omplliiicntarv to our government and Institution*, nor doe* tocic y any whore seem to be ia chmtcd with the extreme) politeness ofou dlploniatiat* or the daz; Mug tulllmucy of their conversation Nob ?ly kuspffct* tint Mr. I ierce la merely retaliating oil t tip courts of kurepe for sending noflung but their diplo mat!' ri tu e o Washington. tor seme time | a?t tho I'uropenn pre** l<a* dUeuf-ed tl c mattei ofthe Sound due*, which, It ha* been slated, up e toi inalh- protea'ed against by the government in ' Washington. It w*s even elated that the gnverutneut of ' the United btci'ea had given notice to that Of Denmark that the comu eitial lieaiy lici ?e?<n the two conntrte* must cease, unliv* lVuuark yiell to the jiHt de irian !' of tile V nit < <1 Mate-. There can be n .tiling more uej.i*t or ume?. suable than the <\a<tn>n of the Sound due( by Ihe government of 1 emnark. Y?t 1 doubt j whether tLia waa I lie moat chosen moment lor founslly protecting aguinal them. Iten um k in at thin m< inent in n .very precarious puai tiai Hhe la urgail by 1 ngland atid rranvf t" Joia the alliiiiioe agiliist Ku i.i. while both Ita cajdUl and Iti fleet ft e at the mercy of the o fnwara. No liuadtn vetnel of win ban le'l t i on > adt or : w> aboig to foitity lleninfirk or ^?rltcll in il.eir pur, me of flontinuing a atri t neutral 1 1 y , but the reul or imaginary threat of ihe Unit ed .s,.iten i baa alieady iroduced it> oiTect upon lieamark, th? | 1 arl*<h Mce-Adalial Mourie." han arrived oa a apeclal | mix- ion to 1 at la, accompanied by the iuaignia of the Order ol the Elephant, beatowed l>y the King ol Demn^tk up< n the I uipei or of the French. Ho you aee the Kuipe ror bn* acen " the elephuut," at nil eveuta. The i|uetil<>n now la, what will be ,to wi.h him Itenuiark, it i^ be tiered, bii^i sought Ihe me lialion of the 1'iench Knperor. and H e latter, It i .uid, baa ai.gge^te.l that IVnmarh al. on Id Join the coalition a^aiimt Kua^iu, when, under the law ol i.attona, tt will become tlie duly and tli*> i iglit of l-mnre to protect an nllv agaliMt preten-iont rui<ed in wl a < ver quarter. No ffaiht ia entertalueil but that the preteualona ol the American govci uiuent In thl reipect will be ah en: lly ailenced a* tboae in regard to the Hand wicb 'tlanda, M. Liomingo or t'ubu, no< w itlutanding the tbiratu thiown out by our Mlul.^ier# In Kurope at their dinner table*, or over tlie pull- of n ae;;.ir. 'l'hreata are not cannon', and M-giir* no t'oogreve rocketa. Put aertoui-ly apei^lng. are we not r ipldly drifting Into a unr- not with one Power, but with hall a dozen f And will, in cnne ol war, the fix frigates which Mr. 1 ierce ban built to take t uba, nufllc? to waid of a joint attack of the naval Power* of Kurope 1 Governor Man y may attWe for the reputation of Kablun rum-tu tor; but the vacillations or Mv Pieroe do not deaerve the i>ame of policy at all. VTe have taken aidi-a in a great European quanel without ranging ournelvea with eltbii belligerent, and incur aU the annn< aitie* of the one without deriving the Icii't aid or comfort from the O'taer. We ?eem to have no otiject either in our lo>e or ilfalike, and i xclte the ill will of one party without M-curii g ni' ip than unuieauliig tint < 'y In the other. It I*, no dotibt, the polity of Rua-ia to Involve u* in a w;ir with her lietc'lilarv enemy ? Kng'and rtucb a diver l ion ?" uid be of immen*n value to her cause; but what object have t)>e United Mate* accomplish by nuoh a vni' HuMifa ha* nothln/f In cminon with tt* except hostility to our rivuITand will not puraue the war a day longer then it i-ult* her purpo c Her antu.'oni>m t> 111 e.ol Institution* in | "i mam V? it i4 of the e <*enf ;? of Ik r goifrntti ul , while her alliei are clio-en a' cordmg to i the <!ictate? i ( material inter<-?t?. It i * true we have ' nothing <o tear from Hua?ia, and nun h to apprehend fii in tbe i nion ol I i :mc< and Kngland', but till* very po Villon of alia 1 1 ? ought to make u cautioax. Dur friend rbip !>? in rth much to any Power on which we eh ?we tu be.-tow it? it if mi alu o*t inexhauallble aoorce ol wealth, iitul will n?t I e i aaltt forfelt^-d l>y any Power v. lninj bet ci nun1 rcial proeperliy. I et other nation* know that we -hall bcktow it on the worthlent, and not thieaten, and bully, and advance and f ill back, and at Irflt ha e re toui n'1 to Molding and fwitiing Ilk < a very Atab. Let there lie aome digniiy an I eerne?tb(a> in our loreiga inter conne-.tud above all, let our foreign diplomacy not rbift, taid turn and twlut witb every State elejtiou. lie kldea the Itntneaaurable deg ad.itlon which te*ult?from a cour-e to tbe fo !"r I government and to Ihe pen pie of the I'nitcd fctatec, toreigo goverivmenta will never : c< uipr( bend tbe motlvei ol inch a coorae, and either nlaee too h gli or too low a value >>n the official outgiv- ( ii ga In Warliii g'on. Above all thing*, if Mr Pierce U determined to liilve tbe country Into ;? war, let hlin a? j ceitnin bcforibai. l whether he i . Iirm in the raddle, and ; wh'-thi r Ho people are r a''y to tollow hi Ie? I I.i t n* ? not i mi ate Auhtiir- by ilrawfng the nword at an Immente I outlay of no tey in or cr afterward* to pu* tt ImcU again into M i arabbiiril. 1 he t,'ueen i f 1 ngUn-1 i* In France, -uvl Die Parlalknf about wherever rbc i-how* her-elf in public. Tin I'a rl'b n* are i very e- citable people; they (houted at Ik* coron*ti< n of the ' 1,0*1 ki"iu* iL ' ?i 11. ?*? tinn,?, they nj.oute<l at the return ofl^iui* XVIII., lit the . ..r .nalioii of ' barle X., and at ti e advent of the ' Itiicen King. Ibty aienlnny* shunting, thew modern Alheuinn.*, wlei require notblog but a I'doo-thi nc* to erf War again it Ibllip!" I have beaid them cry In IH40 when their acfeni* we: 1 leea iik lialioux. llut tbe l'ariabm-' are al ?ay? atnia'de, alwar* polite, alway graceful. Tliey lovt an 1 foiget quickly; but thi-lr aSectlon is very in teore, nay, ol entraghei while It butn With no pi-ople in the world ha e toe leitna 'honor and glory" a more antique ,en*e. (hey candle, not only tor an idea but for the aliadow of an idea I would sooner Injure 1 than inni'lt a Ireuchman. Hie alTalr of Hweab 'rg, in fpite of the lev i ty of the Itns- Ian t> I'-ginph. wn? eally much more dl*a*troua than ! tl e ht'ftliiU Ilumt would have us believe, though the > I ferich ami KngH'h account* are evidently eiaggerate<l ' '? r the J*' re w taking place in Hail*. It wik, Indi-ed, :Iou? enou gh f'fi wio the repube of the Ku niasu- near the Tehee, naya by the French and Sardinian*. The latter l^hav 4 exticmely well, in spite of the raalcdlr.iiorut uiel excom niunlcation* w hleh have la en abowered upon their king and government by the l ope Had GenOfSl IJpr.>D<li whipped thern wiih bis ro*-ack?. the Holy See woall have txpbtimd the tact a* a vl-jtatlon of Providence. | Die of IIopU is now Importuned l>y *o iruvny pray- 1 1 ? of the faithful, who all Implore hi* aid again-', toe { iufidtl*. that it require* more thsn a Pontilical alloc* j '.Ion to determine on wbb h >lde the i ivlne bloalng wl 1 . finally descend In the meantime, to u*e one ?( th>' IIkuai p'h favoitte phraaea, "let n? watch and pruy.'' 11. e atl*lr* in the Crimea, ivhile not much Improving for the aDle*. ,ire evidently taking a W. rce turn f r the Hu-ainn*. Iliey are clo*efy pre?*"-d, and they are de -i | ioa*e<l t>y diaen-e. The war lUt-lf ha* not yet ? meieneed ( in earnest . ? F. J. 0. Our Vienna Cnmiponil/nrr. Vl ."O, AiXMiy of thr t'.mjiur nf Aurtrin?IKs Papula rit <t? Th" Aingnf tVi/Vr dud th/ l'1}* ? /V* Cr>njt< *in / /{rjtjr'i Jium Swraborg Loitm tf Ik' T ir1 at Tt> 'etii liruktf? 7 h> fionhnvini Cut fji ? /tuition Hi m -nt <<n fA? n?/ ? Omer Parhct ? Affnir* at Ht!nr'nr +? ? I'rj i<i n-f P'Utn'l? Pinwr if ^llirfrfa? Mvrfet*. lUbWUijof tlx Kmp*rov Fiudi Jo??pb I. ??? i ^eiahrated hn? on 'he llth \>j th# ptrlormarif* if High Ma a in the ftalh'")u>l end ihiir'he- and of dlrin# < r Tire In *11 other r* < u? < lUihiUhiuen'.- <iicb n?'hi|>*l?, I "J nng? (fu* ?, 4'- , *r. The whol? narrl-on of tb? city ??> drawn up o4 th<- Ma ' la. and High M i < perform iil in tb?lr prM?nr? by the mlliUry M?hop Th- Areh fltika* K iii ?r ait I llrnry iltw4?l. Al 1- o'clo > a'J (It* uxifiUm of tb* imperial f*rnl)y at pr*?' nt in V iriint. r< pai:*ii to ufetthutg f >r th* pat|i?M ot rongratiila'inif 1 tl * Eirj*.or. who 1* eiiterlnjr opon hi* 3ffth y*?r. It i may t>* not inopjfrtone 'o n1at* at 1) ? pr?--ei t tla>? ' ihat h* hn? ^lu?-< grant popul?r|t) with th* p?opl* lt? , g> v*rci? and ha?. cine* hU aciraaloa to th* thr?n in . 1MH al?|.lnjn<l a iran ? dincieln/n and jndftoSBl i tar l.*j- n ! hi* j?ar> It In not unlik*l? that diMM h- ' llr* *o in 'I'lranc") age An tr In *111 t.w 1 h* . *'f In th* i enjayne-nt of n a'ijr l<t-?rtl*? ami ptlffliy* to *hieh bt ! I *? hitherto h*en ? atrangrr. "1.* conduct of the C abinet of H*p'*a ha* inel with hi Ii'tl* ?ymp*lhy nt th* CXiurt < f Vienna that Couat ltn< I , ha* (bcbght lit tn dtUttr Hi* < < pout illation' < f th* AoatiUn ' r T*rnn.. nt to th* l'rln<< J>tu*l ? who ha* ?lr ady I r ?*r .<<t th' m to t| < Ni ?polltan < ?fi rt It U ?ald how- i i-t ir that th*y ha** Bid bun r*ry favorably i*'. red I and !? >ed It nj.pear" a< if hli.g I fid. and II. *a? d"in ] all In I In poeer ftrr th*- p'niK. * it# promoting th* cUtr:. ?tid |n<>-i*?t of th* party <. f Wurat. TtMoppma^ion whkk I I tMioh < d in hi* d> wlniuM i* <t*-<-r<i #1 ?? fciro*' hta^ ita ImnMf an unnhavn ard or ? oat ??Ian' br-lny l#?m "i an < Oi-ncrof oiltrliai mi( nii'dl* to tn a-ign It* w*?r" lO prlu n M'?n?!il!f th* l'(i|? lo<tk? *Hh th* tirmx fjmia'h* on Mi?-^ judi>-iai *^'??trir<?*. and W lm?**d th" only ft lend wbi> h Hi| F*r<linand p>r% * ?< tal part *Mk |U t#n pr*/r>ant with mllltury mat 1*i ? and ha* ?l**n rt*? to an liwn*t>?? a o ant tmtb iloruK.i' n ni.a doubt. Int* l vi ? t?f H m Ui 1. th ii>?t ><fart at'ark by 'lie ft** l of th* all!** opt'O h?f ahoig, th* ?*road >trot.r<- <t f rtrMl In tha l?lt>c i d uti* if Ui* Itii GitnlUn m Ui* Ntrth. Aconlbf Ik* ' 'm? Ian hulirtin, a b?' in I* t of th* moat *t?. ? nt rhara t?t ?a? BiainUtnad uBiitarrupt^dly '<,t t??. taya ?l>4 two nlsht* th* tun ?(? whl^b *<? l"i a Urief en. (In* ! to th* itaatru' thm of a f#? ?tnall b?a?*i Th* I'ntuh Adniiiel'* ai'< uat oa th*?th< i l.atd. Iff- - *?*> *1 l?f?tbjy f Om thl?. Arc'idtif t ?> th* d**f?Ub of A in tial I un '??, U.? to?n ?i b th* ?i?a^ U> n o# tl.* f rilf:' at."n? " <ra? totally <i ittWf d *hti# AlWrai I matid* ahla tiMr* th* trt '<4?r. |f*< a >V. fai th*r and ln''/fTo? ItU f '?*rnm??t ' ).at Utr t4*? mtM ei'.i tnu l all, ar. t- tally annihilated It ia n> -t V tnneb *o ray that >om? arm "r ???<?? nf th*'iot > ir.itaU nui-t ha>* t**n (uilty -t a great unt atk ?hi>. prottahly, all three ha** aU*t he*l th* au' ?' r(,B> deral ly. It ?**?!? e??**'.mty ttranga. If aM< t*i * turn*' out ar> advant*K*ou*ly f ?r th*?,lta? that ofih'lrjpa \*+'? did ?nt attempt th* [a??ag? -tp t ? ?*. irrrfor?, ?h*r* a gre?l portWn of th* Hua?ar. geet ? It' ?a t" I# riding a' aaihvt, aod ?he?* an *at*n?t a i.?a?"old afT Td Nt?lh*( aia bt Ibatr tff t- a , > UMblhdb. Vet, oti th* 0th*' kaa4 Ml* laHli f> ?> gkM ' > h*it~r* !)<*( B*ry b>. *?<i*< <4 eerry 4aa*Hpt i 4. barged d?; m4 mgh* p r torly eiffet b??ra ?i b oot uim <1?m >Rf of ? mori1 iKnnne cherset* than (bat wouil be enUilmJ b) tb? doatructiua of ft few houN. I VI 11/ now turn from the North to the Houtb, Vlwrt we Irani that Uprtn<*i advance!, < n the 1Mb, ftcroaa the riier Tt-hei nujrft, for the purpo ? of breaking the Hoe of the alliee, de ' atM*d on thia aide by Tvika and Sardinian*, bnrkod up liehuid bjr tin- Kr?ucU. llic number uf the Kuaaiaiia who *<l?auc?-t to the attack i* *ariou?l) eali uialed Hy (?en. I'allaaier and Oni Sltrpaun II la atated at fiO.OOO, liy (Jen 1ft Marmora al Im Iwecn 60, (WO and ft). 000. a ud by On Prince <jort?cb;' T v- uot en wdinff men UowuTer tliia tnay ?> the t'.uaalaoa to .k advantage of ? rumor that props ' . Uona won makiuf lor aatonu, in thr hope tbat the liui would be autlnit-nt ly weakened to enable them to force in with cumparatlte e??e. The Turku wore driven ba'k w :(hout much dlfll cully, ii. <1 tin I litenmntfta* were com i ter?l>l v dUurdercl. when Ihiee Kieni H diriaiona aitoanrlrg to their all the Itu, nana were dilveu to their <*ld poaltlon in the nrvjjti hot hood of Mcl onrte'ii fnrm. A ileapatcb waa received l4ere yo teiilay evening to the etfeet that the laiinharit n ent would begin on the 17th, but whither the project haa been pr< v. iilfal by the late attack I aiu st preterit ii ii able to tell you lie loaa of the Itu ?iaua la deacrllied an great, namely. from four to live tlwm-m.l that of the allien wo do not Know, but It U will to be con?ider?li|v lew. The latent letter. jioeelred from odeaaa contain n t matter o? any ureal importance, but ?)>e.ik tn lamerilahl ? ti-mn ol the dotructlon of the harveat by mean* ttU' drought and |i?il T hatfe heen matched from th ? North of I'uaein lo the fortreaa ot l?mi?ll, on the Danube in n ii>N|iieuy, II ia falil, of infer rnahon lately receh ed by I iluce t.i rtcchakofftotlio effect that an army of^O.OdO mrn una H> be landed in the nrf'gbhorhooii of thia for tieaa, which, alter marching .>! rig the <? iaat under the pi elect Ion oi the licet waa to coojornle in union with the aitny en lbs Tchernaya. All di?po*able troopa are eou^eiiuenlly to be *errt to Meaaaru bia. from ('ou.itmtlni'p'r we hate received more contra illctory leporta le j e-tiiig lh? luture deathiftUon of lime Iniha, who 1> a|iendiiig nli tin e In fenating M home, while liia ai my ia in Iho ('rim eft. SotiieUtnun we hear that he will |. o to Aaia, and o.lnellmea to the Crimea, but uu ? ne can I e n rlnin w'hh'h ?iai'*nn iit ia true until be ha* arti-ally tak"n ! i>? diO'iirturi I etfei h fri in the frf ntloia of K <alnn I'oland 1 n for tn u< thftt it la cot. IiIiiM InMpftdient to traualor any m ire treoi.a lo the (*) Imcn al pieaeut, ami ei n e<|neutly a atop hal tN'en put to the reintoaacm -n tn. Meanwhile all el. b rt k are tiimeil ti wftrda provi-lotiinx I li <? o/>o,ufl0 troops which lire n 1 1 1 ady loc*t< d Ihere anil loiaida au|>pl-!iij{ thrill with ftll ihc ni< I'.?.ui#? for tl'"ir vvlntei i I hoire Icene iietarl incnta wii! le left ?t * ftaiidNII lajeolT, i ? n 'y to join th> army in the t'l In ea r>t the en rile, t pun klble notlra, Ihoi 1 1) it ia not tirobable tjieir a?aiai aiic. w ill In rebuild din inff the winter W e learn fr< in i'erli n t Jtft t alnee <|ie revival of the 1'ulUh ij i cation it at i let wa'ih baa been act up >u the Ittias. |'i II, h reftiif"!.. in I'ruaia 1.1,000 of whom area! loe oil to live in a atate of toon ation on the bortler* of ltiaala. Ikaide thcae ."00 ether* are lyiotvij to be living In dome purl Of I'ruaalft, but their wherwalaiut a haa not yet bivii dieeutered, though the fa.lii e aremak iog i veiy poaalhle effort to find thrm, in order to de ll* er tin in over to the morciea of Kui-aia. Our H rlln 1 1 inula indied ai im locllui' l lo U- ratlin aev-'re with tliPae Ipdl^duala. Ihey muat, howerer, < atcb Ihem before thepr can cook them. Nolwnhatiimling ti>6 little proa|rf>r'a there aie for the i r. ee<ly termtnatiMi of the Oriental pnmplleatlona, and the eoni-e<|iient critical poaitl' n ol Anatria, more ?.pe eially In icfeten'e to btr aadty teismged lin incea Vio-re hna been of late, that la. wi nln ti e laat ait weeka an alnioat uninterru|.ie<l Impruvi merit in the dep. >?. li%i I ,n of the Auatriau curiency In the U-xinn uj of July the piemluni on itlvir waa hi ill u\ aViot vb per rent hiila on 1 1 ndori at the aame time balug WHh from about 1 111 60 to l'.tl where* . aeroiriing to our to ilaj'a Ijuntllt n\W<T is nt 1 C to 17 ]M?r <*4*ut prftiilutii, au?l I i 1 1 on LomJrm %t IIhih fin'l iht*l thr iinpro 'rin^nt in quentlon amount* to nbout from H i<? lo p#r ci?nt sl?r?? U ? IM of Julv, \%hiUi tot t|M* ???!??? tim* tbo Au.tiiun fund"* I hVt* ftillf n v<*? y r oini<l?*rnblv tl ou|(h not iu ton <c|?nl rntlo. <-n tl ?* l-.t of July A* *1iian flvr )xkrc?4nt ?tfirku, ibt* Intifi ent ju-jhM** In jm.-fr m-Tu/, ir;i? w. rth nliout 80 to81 ] ? r w*wt. nm\ t !??? naiicn^l loan, i?? liai (I c/i^h, w?i '* w ??i tb fr < m 85 to |>?f to- ? lay t l.o foi luvv in ut 75^ i?er vent. '?n?i tbrlAiter at p?r r??nt. I I i- vvident that these fluctuation ? hHV ? K?m-u princi friliy tiMitiff to the tnrioun rumors of font'* gieat flnanrlnl "jorathm. which It * Miniatar of 1'titanre, llaron HrucK, hiiM in cont? mj ifttinn 'J'lii*- cul nmu ht?# t ikvn upon him1 th * ar<!uou* ta t of r tahiiHiiiiig the i ii ti lrx>ic vhIuo ?,r the ciirrennjr of the ( 'ountrv , with th?* lei.nt pc< 'll?lc ilt-Uy iW thU ??j.<?ra t Ion bo will b#* mabJet) to kf-ep n Kaiut.u> clierk u|am th*- foreign ? Re?. 'I here tu ?? n jfieat many rumor* iWloat wnli )t?nn) to thi* naturo ol the gran<l (inanol'tl ' jr?aU? iih Kitid t<? \<e iu conteuiplut ti?n V r t/ cu ti i?, hut ?< ornft h to relinhie infornmii' ii I ifn.ri thnt i* will probably c^nnist in a tu" . u, ? ? I in?'toa I tafi* ti- n. Hip following wore tho |?r ic**^ . t tl TrU*nte market <lur !fj(f tfie j n*t (oU niiil wnreh lively, e?p< dally Hi > ?lHtieir<* vti'fra J j.per Ml 1?? r < n .ho-Mj hut ii?*l ? n i?tli?n, ti.e ton! let belnjf ?'!! rnaintalood. ('"m market le? ?* a* life t Ha ?l?? w ? decline. r|'lrlt? Hat P.VtM.Ki. An/ aA), iHfS. lb'- f'one*?filat waa .-igned in this rity "ti the IHtli ult tb? blHb?h?y of the l inperor, by th< lv-| ? '* ntern inc'??, VU ta I'tela tm<l Archtitrhop t'hetralier <le h? n, <?n the j art of Aoatria the ratification thereof being, o course, re trved. Tbla la doabtleAH a very importan' u alter, which, especially iu retcrenre to(?ermauy a large, vt ill not fall toopeial# n in eiampte for the l-ett r'gu^ation of ti e internal alfalfa of the Papal Church which, by the ( ? n^onlat in que^tl'm, will now, far a Auaitu <<i concerned t?e rtlietcd fr?'?i Mmt ?pecie? of In* larftrence on tLe j-art of tho Uurcaurra^y wnohha hitherto gireK rh e to no many confij?jtirig opini >na. Political Intelllgr r. MAfMAI IIUHrrTb DEMOCRATIC t'OKVKKTION. Hie Dr-moerotlc Htoto Conrarillrm of ???tl? W?i hold At Worcaator on tho Mb inat Tba (olio* !n( ticket *>i iioii.uiab'l ? ? lor Gi/rorwir? Ero*?tl? I). Dw b of Paring Aoi4; f - I leu'anant fitiTarnor ? Chlab (*'??(?? n, >f Rrolntiaa for Trcoaurar aril i:>Tilrer liruril ? f-fHrium Muttruk, of Comotdifcr s nfinry of sutf ? Jotutt ?n 1 K'n-lt, if Stuckbilafo, for Altoro^ Omttl Nillmlil J IaH .f -ulitii kot Auditor ? blntt bttnu, ?>( Hi# followlt.y ore auy : % 0* r??-4*lli w which were I aimed' ? ttewilyo'l. That the praaant rr> I- .ri our M.tinl- y aa.U u| nn the democratic paity for * rmrttl <<pi??)on of l!i-ir oithoraiwa to tbe (real '!<?? t rlnea promolgolMl bjr JtfTerai u, <lf 1 1 loi*-', ni?'?linvl ?nd fit' I by Jtrlaon and moat trlumplnnlly vliadirolod by the Aiinri-an people hi the ele> tlon of I runklin fterc*, npOM the Haltimore plat fi tin of 1852. Kowlvoal, T1j.iI the eonelltutlon "f (!i '.'nl'M -fato> abllo It | remlaaa a common !<? ??! ' n nor I'aion, K?i?raii t*eo to aarh St*t< ond to Uie OO pla U*< Ir lulu . *ot and iwrttd r iphta . that ? atrial ol.?ei yam e of Ita i.bllratl -ii owl t-? fiij t ? nil- ? la tbe < nly mi-ana of preventing that i ktlotwl ??t rt *b fh deatrny* 'be ? %nty of l hi* p< pb, iBd ml' *n Mtti ??'! immiinitlee t> i atMipgle between port hutao and i..o|.ig?ndL?i-, in irhb h oil Ihe rlgbta I'f rliliroahlp or? ??! ?t oa.^lit. and mat *i- will aoatam Interpretation of tha oioaUnllio which ha* already r.r.. !>?.?. I our |..ity iJJuatf.. i? on I *bi> h eatolluihaa that etiilio i , u; '/'/ and 'lial mutual r< rifi tacrr- throughout oar ootib iitotlmwhleh n# the ? ?!) f'-ut ' at.' n i f ? K?nuina conotlttii' i*.l r< fuii/i >.( w> ? tfiar irl!* may cii t tttt'mg oa J l}it tl.op.-eai.t naUinoI :i iini ? t r -? I i -n h*? l/O'U Id It j* Ii' j it >. ? tr* ? ?, ' ai.r ,i 1 i y t r tie limi lai ir' , IM IM '' t Hi oml j.? tihitlc t'n |fn poluty: tot Is* nbilful ni>nO|fi riiiol >t tba 1 not f tiol fit, ?; i-? m.I It# i!c? ??tJon to tl. ? Oufniiv ?. 1 In tifilt/ Of oui i ' 'rittwn rouBl'7, It i' ?iiUi'i t. on ) rt- ! c /??' ' or i ami^t on>l l.iortt ?? pj?>rl. HmilrH, Iliot tl:" Kn a N'olfchif ' r*?nl?ntl< ?1. with Iti ?r ./(? 'ion aota of birth * 1 roHfbitit pr ?? rrtp i tl?n, Mtd Ita ot H | .' 'I :i . ? it ? ' i ' fy'.l >ral aatl'D la tba moat 'Ui^l" u? f?- 1 r, tiia* I ?> ? rrr Oil' ? ri in our obtiotr) , an,i t ir%i< i'-k it tiwt an artful ' ?'l*!fa tn o4vir>ra tin "Oiiia p r if.ij'.a* that WOra Iri^rp t?lHl Into 1> a allan laaa atyl mMj o '.ai'i-l t t th? "ta Dii.< i otlr port* on'-r Jalfirxn aarnr 1/ inT.k>ail 1 hov -t '!? !'!' rat? who bo?a ?? "iria anTii'M in' |t? ?a* . i-t Hiring r li i |*# to rapii'ila'a. aa th ??* la ban* a) laary ''on> , iha #in mpt '' i >itr? tl.i.r *T yi ir 1 iiOOMjr aiil'.l tboiioalvaa lM40r I.* fi *ii II ' .rmor- f It, a i it} ? a! i-i i < i?a? !<?...;? <?1 ,hot lb- thooko if ?) ?!? " r ?,! th? I i. ti 0 '? di '? Hon Jtro>y A I* f ot nlo f?a !? ? t I . ' > ft ita in a'. 'M/.(f th? tij>a of K ?.< w KolKiog ai i ?! -? I. rai'.sr % gl. ? M< - j in thiao piimipln ? h th/ra < a) In aokfirt "?i fix la otiiiiitoao. }!? < In i TTjat >r oia opp ? I to a , ibarol I w< oml pl^igo wiwliw to ' ho fanmaitiat* rapoal of U?a ot )(? i f ,1 i na' 'ii if ' ' I ?' o la ' I i t' u? whit h or? ? (.It.1 ii J a dtowioco t 1 l?i ul'l rnmnmti??alik I'rMiltid lldll 0< 0?a in far .r of t>. i('??t <h 'itoa of PI lor ii TOfOigDi; foi T trlt it Mail ' r ? ,t? ?n<I mo I > I jx -kI to ail I.ola' .< t?a ? >f it. aL? h t t,y ! Iia nojoat !i n i.f Oboll' - >a*? i f ?ha 'ia# ' *ti ? t by Ul Vl %| ftm>i?*a from tha aiota h'ataa. I ? load that tt* *>?'.? of M*a?Mhtt*aiU ahotl ' ? *?' iii'l ' O" ? t J-a* kUi I ' u.' > ral.r < ? n '?y tba ^?la . i 1o I* ?ala' '<<t ft? in *hi? - '.?t? oa ? or ??nl In a ri . ?!(? oi'b ll.' piafaioo < of a luijwi / f toa ?l?i' ?*?w mi n it. Aurora Tba ai.'i (t -hit', ioiilata 1 Va ? ??? n ' I a*" bO"! I i'a al Ii 'h? 'ai ita"- bt Ilia - 1ht?i if t^awi Uta oltaody 4nl '< AiOi' ? W a u flit lor Trifcatjta* a ? BMfaiia*!"-! Wi' .out til' ( In r. i lant or 4 f a t| araf ?o ordafo bla oomo W ta? 'a*"? i* Wn. lit ail 7 I atr alii n .? ton f t 4 M'a? alt t ? k-a 1 llil'oi 1 It A"nn?y O'fn ?i, .a ?. ' 'a'-. -ail.* l<-|.a. Tl.ara no on!r tb'aa ??? I t'aa U-fi tao of ?!.' w It I* aojit oi ?> * .?a. wt lob ? i lao o 'ha l nun llt?Hy tu I at With IK'Ukll^f ?(- 0 It hot 0 'OO'il , kit i.?noft,?'t. 11a t'a'a t'#| -.'iran f5ow?awt|?/?i la l'?aa?tW no roao'aotlir* wg koaawrti.a lb' Via /?. I'.-p ,141 raft ?"laiafillon im?ta ot halafc-an^ ? n tt.a Ifllh 'k> | Maaiarkafttli ftapabiliao (on>ao ..<u a' Watoaila to tl a Ccaart ?af Hpaalal itnrvi Haf'<?a ^la'tffa M?at*?i aair'ar 'rvn. CrfMrt a l. atvl, nwmd liorrw waa taf i ,?S' Jirfgr a foa 4?ya ago, apna ? writ I al'M o> rtit.-, ha !-a*f.o iboa at. lot Uaa aoatoaoo ft . ri roar' al, "i? bo ma/tad bp<>* O-a feip with tha lot aa |? 0*4 r'-aataa flf'jr ?0t) laM Mr fho 4<t?l to?a iaa-/? paoaoti* wta^o tho ?waa aaa alW a( hi# ijri,|0'i/a? ?n? ar. I i a', 1 . tha fa*ia*4, aia ? a ?vie at ti^ooaal o*4 *o4oi.'*aaa4 ).aa oartiaa*. fha < of Mr Ton..loa?a a aa itial Um oaaaaaaO au laaaaa ? b ? atiiia- iriaa' "A4, bo aorl Ula( rwaj aoaiUa I.f bia ir ao. Mr 1/ aal appaaraal oa ttae pazt ef tbo f?aa-?. mt Mr Tm^ioao a?ise*a4i>l la tloodM (kOf .M a. trt ta? tho roHaf '4 kla 0^1 bU." M' Jrmy\ Uor-<a * ?? ry ia?{ oa .at^O w>oo imlm It. tho altf 0 ajaor'b wo air;, oa ) lo lao l?fiay of U? how I oat f*v *. todt'I*. _ ? 1?w It k* to thb mm or Tim bkkald. The public prw generally appeara to Labor under a |TI< apprehension M to the nature and extent of the llilifimaa ?t the authors of the late fright lul accidental Bgrllii|tai. 10 New York, M well as la Ihlladeiphtn, the tmpreartaa firewalls that ?ult ran only be brought in Now Jara^r Ik* Camden aad Am boy Company, u<l on Ihla ground the probabilities of ereutu* Juslire being at tained are gravely doubted. The ITiiladelpbla l^tgm- ag September 7tb iii evidently under thin delusion, nod It to not lung since an article appeared in the Hkiuld wbiah In* Mill* urgid I bat l he extensive a?d overshadowing m llu'-n. <? poaneaaed by tlie company otrer yn- pockets eat run* truce* ?t ihelr .Irraey brethren won 14 seriously ad fret tb" tilal of auiu against II, and would render a oaw ? dcmnaUiry verdict In New Jersey almost unobtaiaaMe under ?o* circumstances ? hat ever. TliU optnlea tl your* in pro.isbly very correct. Tbe decision of the Oar - onei* Jury ia a prutif of y .ur assertion. The gciillotaaa of that jury *ho rrfiineu to *igu the verdict, end wb? ?ere, it neeni*, Inleteatnl In tbe company, would kita i>u IB red, In a civil action, to bare wrought a disagreement of tlie Jury, ant a cnti*ei|urul Meat ul tlie piaiaM* Hut it la my deaiie In -I. w to you unit tw the public at laif*. that then tt lend one mode ot obtaining redfeee fm any |i il lujiitlaa v minttted l.y the company, a luada Which will, pert) up* be hil t ptiiWtiblc by auob <M tlaa *ufle"r* n>, Ilia) lie di*| I to bring >1111 And la ao 4e li.g, let mi bete <ib em. that for the nalie or the arga nient only It in a.mmeil that the llurlinirton tragedy waa, in tiuth. the result u( negligence or carelea.ueas oa the part of tlie Camden unit Aintmy f'uuiptny, by iW a|(ctita, brtilu-turn, conduct its, t-tigtiuar* or other ex unit", it I* not certain, |M-iha|Mi list *uch la n,? r n - mid Uiviiture it la cimmW In order to >h .w what may lie dorm If tliu c<!i n le guilty l? It Im- lane cent of ull blame, tl ete 1* untiling Mr which to jiuiiah it I wieh, then, Inpiintout that tb?tamdon an I Am hoy ' Company. Instead of la in# only locally re pon ilt>tc for lha ? ?'a acciiicnt. rind amriiabio but in 1 la?* court* of New ; " Jrrecy may le proai cu ted In the court* ol I'etm ylva'tla, ? ai.d held to* a Tlgj'l m romiiability In a forum whicia ?lutM ! at lenit p"?> <-** liigUer c.ialuia (o impn ttall'.y than e*a I ri'nai-nallj l.i^capi-ctcd fiu:n u couitnunlly ahe/e creey tii* 11 ?? in un uitd ihll l, 1 re ry pi.pmtj lioldar or iai I payor, |ww e | ? ?lth <? pern ilary line, e?t in the *wr , juration Vor rcMw; u ot" tha ennmet n that rouat ! bind t?|fet!ii'r the huniiriil* ,( atocWhul'ler*, Imio ih il lera, [ 1 * 1 1 1 1 lot I** alati >n urn 'tor < \c., A.t,, and other ciUr -o <11 : New Jeraet whore livelibumi, 111 that of their frl 'iida and ri latii-ua, ia dc|'i>leul upon thn pro?[ierily ofth*?tra I any, it i* n fart t i'ry well known Ih it by m -an* a^a rnpi a'ion lux taken fioni lha pura? of eiary p?*?a?gei train- pot led over tbeii mad, the Obrndon afilAinbo/ Com i any actu iily supply a (ric?t portion of tlieei|H'w??* nl tin' ;-'ato, and Ihua tender New Jarney one of the rhcnpciit (;oiei 1 m< ilta in the ?m lil to |!? oali pcirfe, mul the iVtiri'Ht to 1 1 ??(??- It l< I lb' to au|iprne tlieae c'? i tim-'anra cannot hot havo * prodl^lotia eTect upaa thn uilnda ami lbt<'ie*t? ofa part? ll not upon the wb<?D? ; of every Jeraey jury. I'erhiipe It wlUi a rlew t 1 remedy the*e erila thai 'he I egUUI me ot I eana> Iratila, whnw < itlaena r niuluw *0 Ihik* a |M.|tl .n ol the tratelleri on (hi' ro/| l. on tka Vlat of Mar h, 1H4H, enariixt a law wlib-h gaea ta Ita court* I owi-r to render that iuntlre wliirii It apiaual Idilbt ult to Uml iu tlio-e ol il* il*tur Minorttfuly lif tbe M rriij'! aiM Hon of " An ai-l ?n (a' liitate the cotlectien <f debts *g?ln*t rorporatl >n* " It la. inlrr ali?, prafidad 'that In all *ulta or ' art Ion* leieattar to be broui(bt la any murt nl ??cnr<J In t lit* cummiinaealth again>t aaf I cni(>oratiiin or lioly cup. rat., not holding its cbartw | under the lawn ot lb a commonwealth, ? a e e a proce** may be ?erred u[mmi any "fli er a/cul or eagi tiii r nl *tich ror|Miratioa, either pi rm nilly or by copy, 1 or by leat lug a cerl'ded ropy thereof at the oAtca, depot, : or u*ual | In ?? ol bu>lue>* of fan) corporation, and aa*a ' m'ivb'0 shall In gnml and ralid In law I 1 all iitaoU aad (inrpoie*. ' ? (I amjh l?? . IHI'.', p il".) lint, it mul In- aioaeied, that 1 ?en tliongh this aal ' elii lir ng th' 'em den ind Ambi y '"oinpany Inio lha : court* <>' 1'en/iaylraBl.i yit Inanrancb an th? aceidoat bappeniil in New Jermy, *uit inu-l In- br ougb at the ' In iiu in 7U0, am) I bat the l"ann?j Iranla court* would ba I ci m|i4*l]eil todiiaile* tbe *i ti- 11 f ir lai k 1/ J 11 r ' ?' 1 1 tioaa 1 hi* a blunder abirh no lawyer could fall Into, bat ^liich v irI ? readily a layman, who con.'eaa4a criminal vitli'leil pn? reding- It the braVemau or oua dii'toi of the Di lated train In i|ue lion w?rr lo ha la d lid amhlrii d (01 murder o( * .suit, lluilln/t . n 1 motf, ???'*, ? "nil undoubtedly be the ?<-mc uf hia r?r diiil lint in a pei*onal iriion at cii il law the itelea ilant tray b* pro?e uie-l to Judgment wi.o eter he may U?'ul!y I wrreil ?it)i | 1 'e 1 and the nhject of the 1 1 i.nry lianln ai t wa> 1 rldendy to make *urb ?erelne law tui . it 1 i.d inu r t? 1 11 liefiue, b? opening Die dear PK*in t jnit to h a urporatlon ai tlie ( am leu and Aaa In j I inigbt 1 Ite <.he r ,*e f a pionu >ory noU, mid* ia New York, ehleb every one kimwaem lie reeorerad afaw 1 Hi I -ti n 1 r in 1 .11 ' .un 1 1' wb'- 1 i vm tba maki-r ran ba I .01 and eiti dwllbp ?' Hut ?t Woultbe unalnaa ? ? *11 I II to lit', tiate nod pioae a |<.?l!l 11 an clear, lha* a . ia a late care iu tlie I ant">yl?;in a book* hom-ier. that I i u.ii"t ief- liiti from cltii g -o diieetly i*-b van* l* It ta ti,' ti atlci in hand. The <"'i" o' tl 1 N?w Jer*ey lUUrnad t- fipaoy *1 Ki 111 id (! t ilarita, W3) in nd* tad lo tlala r 1 m | ui> y la iu n.u.011 repula'ton e*le?me<l In be vlraa ally tdentlcai with the t atndan and Amti?*y lltsto^k la miM to lie mainly l.?'d by tbe Utter corporation, and it ia a* .U ii'ly a 1 tl nl n connection ailii, and undi f the <x?a 1 tril of, tin Mhet line, And Hie Diet* of the caw, *a las a* gr 'iualu tu tbe point x-f' e ua, aic briegy reiaftta ia"?l hire, iu ordei to 1 ? nviio-e ti," mo*l inreeduloa* than the company may be r*?t 11 1 1 un?) Ivau a f irinjattaa 1 done bv it >n New Jer-er I Mr. ilaoiilng henuar l I the Arm of t'arnuia fc 0* , bd . i.e of the II. O-I dlalinguUtu d inercbant* la Fiiila r*i Ipliia,) li e ptainlill below, a*a un tli* f?th AugaeC IMU * tu, n-tijrer in the ? a r* of lb* New Jer?ey Ilalmm4 I 1 mj .in? 'Iri iln (-"Ui a of lb* Journey, th* car* peea oyer the ; ildge i?f :lin fvlaware and I'.aritan raaal, at Tientor,' In tbe ftate of New Jersey. "Tbe brbjg* dM r ot I*i4'tig to Ibe debmUnta, it waa not built by Ukm, III I w* . |1"I oil Ihefr ralln a l. " Mr K 's elnow betr^gyrw Jr (tail fr ? m the ear a'ndow came In c ii,Um t with lha wiHulai rk if the bioige and hi* arm *?? broken, whaaa* on ie hi' light ault 'it I'Mladrlpbla Ttii* a 1(1*1 vu Lixii op<>n tfie remedle* pr.lntml out by the act of IMt, wsa tried at Ni*i I'rla* I. (for* the late Mr. Chief Jaallaa Oii(*i u, then one (,f the -npreme fiiiarl, and ie* tiled la a verdict fi" Mr Kennard. Tb" fimpany to-jk It ap ta tl.i- *- 1 1 rio.e I 1 urt 11 f?inc wblrh allumed tb* ia Igaaeat of their brother tiibaon ?b'?e exrelb-pt aad learnad ? barjfe t . tb ? jury la well withy thi'rl/ae ;**ruaai Sf eiery railway I ?**eti*er and d.ieetor in America ibak night barn there ?eioethiag of bia relative righla aal dutli. f wlibb he *11 pioldbly Igti ranttiefda 1% nil tin* inly t? remark, that nowhere ?a* it oK)*eU4 t) al tha ar< ident bappeoe.l In another -tat* nor twM such a p< li t have iKi*?il'ly e.-ape-l the cnnsideraUaa t) * | re-ent I hlet .luatic" IHnck aho d( .lveir-| th* J'idg ment in a Ift r mation had 't (0**a-*ea<] the ailgfitett 'iala to atti ti'lon Tliua It may lie en that th> r* U no difficulty ia m aulfeier by the )!u> ington ihaaaler finding a trl lineal ? m|>teat t" red' ( as bis Wrong*, pri/Vi .?) In* eorpara tion 1* really ai 4 truly Iu f* II Hot thai l> a prohb m ?b. ch each vtr mi muet *' !?(? for btm?eif. Ult tie Innoieiit and Ilea from *11 Imputation of i^gH gerur? iffhe accl >ii' ?** re.t tic Inevila'd* i*?ult Has avar a tl at e|ih enorm .u' d iid*r.d? and the *teob lifty jer r ei,t abov* |ar, ie'uM?l In incur tbe expenae a# a dot,!/,# 1 ?rk or or aa intati ' ted prtde ih*l bold! f ft* 1 lain e : the Motii; "fence on e*rth of a mot*' poly, or a lioleed t be i' tn|*ii; lie a chartered libertine" end -wed wi h | leijiry and |ie?p*ii.el ? iglit I" maim eouud and 4e *tny i n ! tin ier e!,o?' wheel., ?. iinlri tlio* of th*car*f i/gnc*"' It i' blarphefnr for tnariglel dying m*a aad ? nan loeiei. aaorn.nt a reproach? if this l?e in* ' a*e, then it la 1 be pi ri and It iuiid( u doty nl ail 'O *a'Hnit la ? iteot *11 ' la'-re t what tl*ev lia<* ur?d?rg n* It'll M, on the < ' ntrary theie is any ? IT ? ier wki traiy h'dda aa oppoaits laid? a no lil evea that Ibe ?? n* of baaaaa > nils, a |>* ?1 In a momer. to iben a'ernal i*"kon ng nalght but tor tha iif|' ge?ee ? aiekonaa nt the ma>p>ay m il 1 1 a at. hail dli>*' ee bate at tin day s lil !/<-e? r?i, upon eai 'l ? It eana<<t t? t?ut surh a one on* o??i it a* a earreat duly to liael and 1 ian to lu ell Inet In bam Ilea |o tiling ' tie ? defy lev to jaa'lce TTa ta tbe 1 heaaaae* rh( (eo ha i*l* !(? *V(i(g? tlie aronga of tlx^ae throat Trim tl e (V or * "f life 'anh<>n**l*d 1, ia| ('a I ?nanneai*d, with all D'eir imperfrelw ru "O <hi|r i.e*(U lo glat lha t .(?*!y tb "at I- ? g' Id ' la < loi ar.y *h<iae * ml and b*ar< ran oiiiy be f . rid in II* T'i SU'h S one thai aoiee of bis tic.ttiei * t.l?e<t ralla from the grownd My I a a log over *i.(-ntiy a citrn ? the el t.m In a rn*aasra riitmi e* al It an ! If t*tl year or tan or twenty years hen'e he I* again called to wiep over the loang-*-] feraa (fa.'*o(|hter a lower nt a a II* crlpplal or slain by a as rale# i aigi/eer, under s 'aarripan? rare/ol nmtf of gsia, I.e will tav> lo lege't thai II waa hi* "wa I an ldl'g; m I*** I lade of- pi 1 it thai nad ? "ir*g?l pei*t*l'n'y a a. i- e ? f 1 ? nd' cl pn/dncti a I auct, rea ilta W Thr Hr? ( "mmlMtrtnrrf . A r -?? of of t'i4 M/a f'<?n?ntM "?ari ??? MB ."litin ty *yy uf f.,,no ?? ?,a?* In tb* 'Mi, ?h?n tv r t>?- 1 ???.? ?_ j, .4 u -vula ' '.?? ai'a<atiaa af MM ? '.? 'p-f I/R 'fa* til* rrft'lar M a '?#???? ?r fafittOM ?? iWf fi>|W ?i <V '' > ?? *'????' >fkiwt Cif ?? Mm U ? Uim iif Ih? ???<?>*. ut l? >#<| f ?f rantlaf Oti M I. - ? r ? ? I ? ?n( :? ?' i . ?,i ? *1 '.Mar r? j. ILryMil a (<?t a ??? *i#|.ua eenfaiif a< T Hkrit* wa* ');? ft ?J*l#'4'%?a I . r. I n< . f < v,#* Fiij ???? a<?i',*t ll <u fta Ma tf ? ? ran . '?# ? << 'lolivrt ??? than aiiaa a p. Th* far* I ?? ',|? Mai> 1 || it >#a *aa *iA ?at nm Uk? <???Va >a i, ??< U.n 1W ri<aa tUal ?M (a "*M?i . .. that )a? >aa ?*??*?? that b* *?? *m aila*?4 t> iiM /i <ba taia^'b la iteiaftj ?f iM 7) a | -? '!!? r. ? ? J..? a > iM a?*l ?' bit ft ??? ? r*n* ' ' fa '1 au thai r^*"Btal ?**> 'aJ ?ttaaaaaa ??? ? ??'.!? 11,#/ teat (lad l? tk? l??aJ .?j af ?? a i %. 1a at ? i??uUr Mtllaf ?!!???? ? ?'?a 'I. a' 'b# a?MI,? *a< G> l? ?? ?? -w'pai laa >, a^ainb >4 tha ' bM l'*!1"*" "'?aaO* I I aa4 Rw k ai* l ta^ '*r I ? >< - fcx ??????$ "at ?# Ma trlrt ???a 4>?b"??' tka fcr??r b""* *?< *???< t*? mW> aira<#i Iba ?-m.,la?at >A A la-war. II ??M A H?i ftf !? Il'"? ? #a1*l ?<! ??'a 1 1 a kitrrmn ?M ?a?aa?. Mr flu 4 t?fa~?1 ? a *?'? ?J|*? '? '? !*? ?tM? r'>t*b'a? at-? Ml H' ' ' la aa^4 1MM r >*r II, a.f ! *.?? 'k* w t" ?? ? V <u WatV. Mfta/* ? '? i 'a>?t <!<?? f Mi la -' -f Ja*aa II . '-"a '* IhltniitaM aa?HI, a/ki< .? II -? II ?? ? *awt?f tkerw4. Iw ataaUat tt ??? UI# ,(it ? -1. (ra ?? ?'Ka'lMai autM, k?t tka -4? r a* jmlyoul ? f??-ta?- a^ta^aa | *a f c/?b|4a f^<l ?< So ?0 bf raa*> af ? r *?>*?? afK*'*4 a*4 1**l?a<l tn 'W'al to tii- tort. <aaal<itii?'.>a|lWa?tlM t-> a" V*a' *? ' ?K?i?a?>?t a?? .aatvti <4 Mftl?t<a?* ?*? <a#a '??? *<>ta4 f'? a *aak. Ik hvttWt. ?*)ntnai P?ot>vC* Aruiif. TWar? >?ai IV [-r*a?il ? I tMM# i' ? W O.i a^ aa4 <tl'?a?*?" "?< f l*- wtat >a rat a?n? n# ?*?4?'* ^ . > rata . *t?aa( I TH.Mf W ??*a( * ? . aal af ?*'a ?u '?? ' ' 1 ^ ? 1 fcalii, ?t 4ru< ttMk