Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 9, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 9, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. H9S2. SANTA ANNA'S ABDICATION. MANIFESTO TO THE MEXICAN PEOPLE. Proposed Annexation to the United States. Ac., Ac-, &c. We And iu lit* IHaro tir I a Marina of 2fllh August the text of Sent* Anna'* Address to the Mexican I'eoplc is sued from the town of Perote, in which ho abdicates the Presidency. The following in u translation : ? Mexicans? Tranquil la the retirement ?f private life and lessoned l?jr experienae uf cos ly directions, I was passing my day* far (rum njy country, icsolripl lo die in the exile to which the ingratitude of the majority of inv compatriots had consigned uo, when the demands of some of them, the fervent supplications of ethers, and the almost unanimous voice of all, came to take me from the place of repose which I had chnsun, by iilTi-i ii.v me the allurements of ample and cnuijilule power, which I had never ambit ioncd fur. The nation. iu the miilst of the de bility of which It wua the victi.-u i n auoaiU of iu wq?t of treasure, credit, conflation- , p- we?". force, aud prts tige, and on the point of succumbing to the anarchy and minexation which threatened it, applied to mo to wire it. It called me, and I wait not nlow in re ponding to the call. My summon" is shown in the eo.iveii i. n which the whole nation recognised, and was afterwards realized by the commissioners appointed for the purpose, and shown to be the general will and most ardent desire of all. The creation of discretionary, ample ami extraordinary pow er, capable of re-establishing social order, wan consented to by the whole nation; and ttie election of my persou to exercise it was tho almost unanimous re-ul' of the au thorities of the States to whom it wa- committed, m so lemnly declared in the decree of the 17tli ol March, 18M, before I trod upon the shores of the republic. If the ori gin of power ia to be found in the will of the nation, as I acknowledge it Is, it does not lecugnize anv other princi ple; and if the legitimate title to exercise it is the public and general consent exptessud and oilcn reiterated, that, too, has been manifested in my favor. Resolve.! to em ploy all my oJTorts, and to make whatever sacrifices might be necessary In behalf of my country, for Its good and prosperity, I uocepted the supreme command thin spontaneously conferred upon me. 1 occupied mysell with zealous care iu ho important an object, when the unanimous will or the peo P|e, expressed by the oifpi ?s of thoir authority, ratifying the complete power confided to me, decUuut that I should continue to exercise tho faculties with which it h&d invested me tvs long a* I hUouM j mlga ne cessary for the con olidation of public order, t be secu rity of the territorial integrity, aud the cum let" r?gula tion of the branches of the H<iminihtr;.ti<>n: tfivlng mo power, also, to choose a successor in nur of my (loath, or of physical or moral impossibility on my part to exer cise power. Obedient to the will of the nation, I tesigned myself to tho resumption of the carea, the self-daubls, the priva tions and sacrifices to which 1 had c in -ui'.iuti.l myself, refusing the jiersoual liuuors mid ? ccuiupcusea which weie accorded to me with so much liberality. And a- if the reiterated manifestations of tlie nation were not suf tlcient, I desired? in order to deprive of eve -y pretext the Infamous rebellion which was raited by cri ae and fomented by perfidy ? to consult more directly the national will, by appealing to the people. th*t they should freely and frankly manifest their opinions. Tho result was the solemn declaration of the Council of State, ba *d upon the majority of tho votes cast in the popular assem blies, declaring, on the second ot February last, that it wus the will of the nation tluit I sUjuld continue in com mand of tlie republic with the same ample power* that I then poFsehsed. This, Mexicans, is the origin of the lower whioji I have exercised, and of the titles conferring the supreme command of the Itepublic upon me. And what have 1 merited for the promptitude shown by inc in listening to the call made upon me, for my obedience In carrying out tho national will, for the abnegation with which 1 hate devoted niy-clf to the public service, sacrificing my own tranquillity, my ? repose, my safe ty, and the last days ef my existence f What have I merited for all thus)1 Curses, calumnies, perfidy, trea son, and that tho same persons who proclaimed me the saviour of the country, and who ri corded their Voles I in favour of giving me com; lcie power, should .an,e the 1 standard ol tebellton ? calliug me '? u-urper" aud ' ty- | ranty" i'osteiity will one day wonder at so much Inconsistency aud Ingratitude. la tbe meantime I fulfil my duty by repelling, In the face of the nation, and of the whole world, the iniquitous and atrocious charge which hu been made against iue of usurpation and tys ranny. No, J have not seized upon supreme power. It U the nation itself which has placed it In my h I nds. 1 have not resisted tho will of the people; I have hearkened to their call. I have not violated any pre-uxisteut order of things; I have endonvorcd to consolidate that established by the nation Itself. But my continuance in power h insde ? pretext for the Infamous rebellion which desolate* towns, delivers cities to pillugp, destroys the fortunes of men and makes this unfortunate country bewail unnum bered calamities. Bobbery, violations and murders arj committed by the banditti und fcctionUts, who invade de fenceless towns on the pretext of usurpation and tyranny, against which they pretend to fight; and their dishonor anil porlldy, are currish to the extreme point i i associating ttiemrelves, not only with the filibusters of the north, but with the troops of the United States who, capping the frontier on tho pretence of >>elng deseiters, are led by rebellious and unworthy Mexicans, who show them the road by which they shall invade this country, to assassinate with their rlHes the Mexican soldiers who dofend tho sovereignity and integrity of the territory. It is the duty of the government to resist the armed rebellion which has caused so many disasters, aud has carried ruin and desolation into so luauy families , an I no means within the power of my government to that end have been omitted. Tills government, which incendiaries and assassins do scribe as cruel aud sanguinary, has frequently granted pardons and Issued amnesties , and those acts of unman Ity, of goncrosity, and of clemency, have been ro^ai dod by some as acts of weakness and by others as signs of fear and cowasdice. Tho rebels, to escape punishment, l.are associated with themselves those who were par doned ; and these latter have returned to the theatres of their depredations and of their infamous and unheard of crimes, declaring that tboy are lighting agalust usurpa tion and tyranny. It was thought by some that a political solution would deprive these revolutionists of any pretext for their crimes, and that to anticipate the time tor the political organization of the countiy would Ire the m ist efficacious mode of accomplishing It. I convoked the Council of Slnte, and the opinion of that respectable body, given, doubtless, with the ntmost good faith and the wisest intention, only made the bandits and conspira tors more ineolent. They rcgnided the measure :h ihi act of weakness on the |>art of tin; government, ami cried out that the lime tor concession had not come? that they wished nothing from tho tyrant ? and that the revolution would triumph in spite of him. In tho blood ol the usurp er snd his courtiers. Tlie disturbers of order beromi more darlngand insolent, and in fuebla. In Orlzab i, in this capital, and at other points, the horrihie projects of the robbers anil assassins broke out simultaneously. The political measure proposed was made a new pretext tor revolution, and, although it was my desire that tho ni tion snoula be organized according to its own will, It necessary to susixnd the adoption of the measure indi cated, snd to ptisecute with th" strong hand of power the destructive and infamous revolution. In the meantime this disastrous civil war was being indefinitely prolonged, causing Innumerable lo -?i to agriculture and to commerce, ruining families, and de vastating towns. The revolutionists, at the cry of '1 ? -t In lil-rriail v miurtf In Urania!" flnn/ live liberty, and death to tyranny ',) deliver them < Ives up to every kind of crime ami excess. Who is Ignorant of th" horrible atrocities which are committed by the bandits In the | towns and in the rural district Upon all clsisei of the j people, without distinction of condition, age, or -ex* I tm very certain that the government, with pro|>er re sotircM at its disposal, would triumph over the r<-be|, in | this shocking strife. The revolution I- powerless to d?-?- | troy the government; but In the meantime the people tre being sacriflcetl and suffer from the depred^tl ins of the malefcetor-, who allege as their pretext usurpation ?nd tyranny. Is it not my duty to guard agai-i?t the mnihllaUrvn -f the people, and to banish then iror?of civil war by taking away the pretext which is Invokol? I hsvc consc.cntlously judgis'. it ?o after longand serlo < i mislltation. Thus the nation and the whole woild , will fee _ that in repelling the chuge of usurpathr.i and tyranny w) l -h has be i so nn justly made sgsiust roe, I am very far fr nn de I ring j to cntinr. > In the command which I did not seek, but i which I a '-eided with the resolution to make any sacrl flre, ever, test of existence tt- ? If, for the g >oi| nf tny ' country. I rerign the command with the greatest plea- | sure, W'-cn my continnance In 11 i; male to s^rv ? as a preter* to the enemies of the puhli: tranquillity for the j perpetration of Iheir crimes, and for making ln-roes of freeimi of men who are nothing b-?s than thr" i~hlef< of high* ay men and robbers. My gratuitous enemies ? those whe Judge that I am embifu ned for nothing but power, a?d that I had no other de?ire tVian to keep the command I ? will see that H 1 scripted power I did so rrerely for the rsl of my country, snd that 1 now, without a p'vug, lay ' lnwn for the same g<H<d. * b>-n my honor an 1 my eon- ' science tell me that I ought no I itiger to eon'intu- ton ??rclse It. No persog can -sy thst he who has gone forth med sgwHi%t a foreign enemy under circumstance* the | most haiardous, quails before ml er.ible hor !<?? of robh rs I and ass?s?,us. So ot;e can ?ay that he who has sou -ht them three times in the Held, when no law c i I elled Utas to plaee hlra-elf (.t the h.-ad of the nat on vl ' treop? Is actuated by fear. Ko fine can argue that he ' who ha been reen toiling with the utmost self-d< n vl, r.nd without re-t In the public service, h ac'uateil t,y eenti on ] t bv a de ire for hi- own convenience, if he abdicates in the hoe ef the nation, the p- > ? , ,-r wbl -li lis hs.r | ? eieed frerin when he conscientiously heHeves thst the food and j ro j?erity of the country to lequlre. Ve? Mexlcuns, yes: the man who has trade so many | ?acrlflees fbt hi- country? he who has shed bis blood fbf J lier taft hundred flghta? -he who carries on his body the honorable mark of his valor and patriotism ? he who, lor- ) letting sneicnt Injuries, was prompt ?t ronres.ll ? h" who j has untiringly endeavored to re estah'lsn order to organ- I ire the army, to aim the ro " for the common dsiv-i-sj to regulate the administration to hnprore the eounlry i and to rai?e It from the selection sad contempt into which It had fallen, is nevertle -le.-s an obstacle to your I prosperity end aggrandisement, and ?erves as a pretext ? lor yonrrnin he must for your sake rem- vethal pretext 1 r.nd leave yen to consult :i" j< -i mny your own food ami I I appincss If the power wl.Ich y?u conceded to him !? to l-e called U"Ui pat on for the purpose of continuing war nod if the amj le fa' ultles wJ.l.ft you yours. Ives a , | even three time*, conferred on him, are to be railed if ranny, so hi. to allow man to deliver themselves up t" pillage and butchery, it become* bin bonir kad bin c m science to abdicate that power a no those faculties in tuc face of the cath n which granted them to him. 1 have leeched newer from the hands of tbr dew-d iary who win- named to deliver U to me, ] return it to the nation, uud deposit it in the band* of the person* whim I have named. Authorised to do k>, with > *?t rk fhn* wliicb I deem convenient, by the declaration of the 16th December, 186a, 1 judge vary worthy ot forming tie provisional executive power, the President of the Su prime Tribunal of .lUBtkq,audtlivlieucr?la o( hlviaion I -on Mariano !-aU? and Don Martin Cairaia ? this provisional t ower is cunterred. a* jou may haw M en in the decree o 8ib August, for the uujrjMM of pia*?rvlng publie order and tianquiltity. and with uu fui thai mlai ion than that m mk a convoking the nation in the n.uiinet wlii-h it deem convenient, to make a constitution according to It* ow will. Circumstances independent of ray will have ln-teuel the day which 1 longed for, of letiriug to the dome ti hearth to end tianquilly the days of Kir whiili retruUn to nie. May it felcuse Heaven tlia' thus may he hastened the day in which my country may be happy and n?v her self oigunired accoiiliog toher oun deohe I but i can n''t dissimulate fiom you the great griel which ali'icm me when I consider the immciaac evili " hicli threaten her. 1 tee approaching, excision, anarchy, dissolution, atjii th# loss forever of nationality. May I rovidence not i*i toM tba realization of these lny feurs ; ami may it ? atl'Vr plea-elli* eternal counsel* to prepare fur her days of be) pinegK and of progress ANT T0N10 L. DE SANTA ANNA. r?CTE, August 12, 188f>. Ficpcltd Annexation of Sltxlco to the Vntted State*. In view of the detracted state of the Mexican republic, the New Orleans Villa i f August 27 already di?cu sses the question of annexation. V, e quote. *????* There is but one remedy for this slate of thing* (tbo wretched con ditio^ . f Mexico). It i? familiar to c. uryone, and has been discus, cd a thousand times by the public lire**, but it inv< We* to grave und serious u problem that many j.eo|Je turn from it in dismay. And yet the remedy inuxt he ttitd. and the problem solved. Our own security as a natii n, our jeah usjr of Furofican l owers, the g adual dev elopt tuent ot ' ur immense energies, the very *wai lui-.ig Oi bis l.ttge American bivc. which has become a yeaily occurreiu e ? will force us to grapple with the difficulty, and sc-ttie it one vuy or other for ever. The renudrto which we allude la the annexation of Mexico totliu I'tiitcil States, and the problem growing out of it is ? how to govern a people whose manners, mode of life, and even language, are different jrom our own. It will not be denied that, in a man-rial p' fnt of view, the annexation of seven millions of men, inhabiting a ic-rtile and I eautiful country which lies on the very Haul of our icpublic, and (* therefore powerful for defence or < Wince, wool-! lie an immense gain to this country. and a i plcndld stride on the road which our 1 manifest destiny " compel us to tr?T?l 'I he only question 1a whether the tain would not be more than counterbalanced by the i net nveniences and tumbles which would lie experienced in !iie management ot sucba tuibuleut, vain -glorious and unr, table population. It apj ears to us that the chief characte, istlc of our po litical constitution is its wondciful adaptation to the s'rargc-t and most peculiar circumstances. That power 01 accommodating themselves to every new phase of life which Augustln I hierry attributes to the ancient I tanes belongs to the American people also. In Ilrazll or Houo iulu tliey contrive to get the "upper hand" as Well a* In California or Kansas, and wherever tiiey go. the native populaticn acknowledge! their supeilor in elliKeiwe, and gradually adopts their political idens. The Mexicans are by nomt.ins or troublesome or un-American a people as the Mormons, and yet we have expe. ienced little diliieulty in the goverwr.eut of (Ttah up to this. Indeed, the for Inti have n'-ne of tfae wild fanatacisai and brutal mii moiHy to '? the 1 eatliei," wbicb charaeteriie <he follow er a of .foe Fmith and Mother Hriidi?h, ami time uud wis il> m would go far to sotten down their natioual p?t-u llaritiea aim educate them into the dignity of citizen ship. In Califoi nla the native Mexican race ha< la-en found tractable em ugh. The men soon contract American lia ble of thought. Their language is the lirst thing which di appears, ftir the bastard l atin of their nation cannot stand for any time apainst the conquering power of the robust and ban'y i nglish, which Is ultimately destined to divide the empire of speech with the equally robu. t and tardy Itnsplon. Their political leuiimentallum and anarchical tendencies follow rapidly alter the language and, by degrees, the absorption ot the people becomes complete. Pojpose Mexico annexrd. Puppose American ftirnw in tioduced into her courts of law. Suppose the a rniy ills banded, anil a mi re police sulxtltuted in its i lai-e. Sup pe?e. turtl ev, the foimulss of the American oonatltntion y.'ariMi in the hand-- ot the <-Uing gcr.crn iun imi nude as familiar to the children as their alphabet. Supj-osc. Without infril ging the right* of the State, our system of public education ungraftcd upon iu gonei al ]iolicy. Then consider the immense immigration uhlch would eios. the Iiloti'rande uud establi. h Itself on Mexican soiL Con sider the commercial ictercouric which would be the re sult of annexation. Consider tin- inevitable dominance of the American mind over an inferior race ? and theu answer fairly if ti e dangers of the measure alluded to are ?o insurmountable as they appear at fir at sight. Hut the Mexicans are not lit for liberty, r Ium ' .-ir, no people were ever (It for liberty until they were free. You cannot exicct a nation which is enslaved to cultliate the viitues o^ freedom, any more than you hopo to we a man with fetters on his uiiklea outstripping the *perd of I emmpte or l*xington. Free them lir.^t, an l criticise theui aftn wards. If, on tbo receipt of liimrty they be bate like Jamaica's emancipated negroes, you may then ?sseit tbat they are not lit, and Dvver coull lie tit. for self-government ? but not till men. They should be tried bcf"ie they are judged. in in the ccntidei allocs which we have hastily out lined above, we aie convinced that the annexation of, Mexico Is piaeticalile ami would lie beneficial to both r'.iiiit I b | in every r< si e>-t. What 0| UtsM tb?- MM Cabinet of the Cr.ite<l -tates entertains on the subject, we are not able to say; but It will be soon called upon to de fine its position. Events are hastening rapidly to a tl voui mmt. Hut If Mexico reject thi< policy ? if annexation is pre mature or impossible ? the next be?t thing for the country Is to select its 1'renident from amongst those men who bave shown the leant personal ambition, and the most patriotism, since the commencement of the revolution. This policy would utteily exclude Caravajal and all intri guers of Ills kind, who aie loud in their profession* of nationality, while their own vanity Is gratified, and silent when simple justice is to their supcilors. <lf theie inen? the true patriots ? the foremost are Al vurer, Orallos, Comonfort and Vldaurl. It Is well known that Alvarei dee- not seek the 1 "residential chair, and l? in favor of Comonfort or Cevallos, though prepared, per haps, to ratify the nomination or Vldaurl, if ner-ssanr. Comonfort l as won the ie<[>ect of the Southern lilie mis without a exception, as Vidaurl has gained that of the liio (Jiandc contingent. Tlie latter has dis played eminent qualifications as a ruler since the com mencement of the struggle, and Is universally esteemed by the gallant toen who volunteered ag linst -anta Anna. Having hemmed Woll in ? like a scorpion ringed with lire ? he adopted the most moderate policy, and guaran teed peine and security to the |?<-ple of the neighboring country depriving civil war of all its asperities, as far as his meuns woe Id allow him. Attc the victory of Saltillo, lie ordered his followers to return to their and attend to their private hi -lne-s, holding themselves prepared meanwhile, to volunteer under his standard whenever nece-siiy re quited their ?ei vices. Such Is Vidauri. Either he or C' lnonfei t, or Cevallos, would mak" an excellent I'resldi-nt, and, of course, the absurd provisional government ol Cartera an not hold a month at tin I?rth" t. It ti e policy of annexation t.e I piprac'li able let one of the?e three men lie nominated to Nic 1'rcaiilency. and a new ei^ commenced. Tin- Revolution In lli tlro. The i nc of the revived Hb< ral pre.nww of Mexico, thu* riiwu**** Ihr rilutloi ol alfaiM: ? Ikf |??k kindled in the outh hy * few patent ?, though weak nnil (tingle handed, yet could mi' >?? jiterh id by the I ietator. i'he in-urgent humbled him In 'he ! utile Held, Bin! fleeing from the defender* of liberty, lie letaired to pa*? under triumphal archc?, which the nin. n hie* di n hi though the element* Bought to ?r n et him l>y tl.<ir dcticion. The conflagration *prr?4 to Michiriun, to Jali on, CMhult, Neuv.i Leon, T*H(II|<<S I" Vim Crux. Battle nail joined he'weeri tie rnuntry u nil one miin; between liberty and oppree ?loo. lU n ?.;> to tiii. i. j, li- The revolution alim *' without a I i tipple, beeatu it ?w Ju*t ami holjr ? bocuune It ile?lred the onanclLallun of reven million* of p... j.!b reduced to rivltudt ? herauio- it caino to vindicate the trampled ii>ht* ot In ninnitj ? because it lame to blot out the fool *t? in which i l< arcd on thi* con l treat the hi?'?ry of Civilization am. of chrl*tl?nity. W Iio w*? to conquer? lb* (? opla, opinion. beraMe it m Um ?l< oi?r(i of I'roiri t'.irce lhm u'.t gotrinmen'n which aeparat* tu rn the peo ple and opinion, be hurled headlong to the ground. Who have couqueied tytainy4 Who have made the deaocrt fir ? to renn.te nhor**, causing him to tremble le.nt In bad exhauatatf the genero >t> of thi* people and taut tin- iln idful lo or of national Ju !? e liad arrived? Whof A fe> work) t? in '.he field*. aluioetananned. at^ rei'. In nm*!l tattle* in 01 r mountain* and vaUey*. Of what aMiil tlie tre*>uf? extorted fn m the country, ot what the racritle of an many Victim oi what the ^iddy, the latilgve*, the hand* and c.ueltv ? of what, to make mi le lion lla'irtg the rout nod flight ef th trtut to mal e more tc rulgrnt the tilum|ih ot liber i.y ana Ju*ilre; to give more fore* to m.und principle*? Thi- hand of Hod * -<*n la tl>ir event; the hand of <iod, ?ki w itrior ml i ? a jeopk- who ci.mpii'hend th> ir mi- ion or nation* who have with in the future. Tin1 Maekeat and ino*t I amefhl | ?g" of oti i history t? fall there wa? no longer t?< m for ft?tth< n adne>.? or IniqatB. Th* gT0te*qn? tragedy witch her i>een rept em oted for WMrt than two ytai ? et'-e* la ? dirty fcrre. The coun try ia left wratlM and impovariebed, without jowr r to Haunt h her W tin<l? hot at th- nut of (treat **crt'i?e the I ietator. who He fed to thit?t to avenge hiin<clf for the glortouK revi lu' ' n 1 f *l;e fith I'ecewlier, 19*14. ha* wi-hed to leave tM a legnrv nf anarchy. ami on having, heltivtng him- elf vr-ted wl'h fccoltiee which hi aer< r tiOa*e**M, date to dl?poM? Of th< linie* rf ),.? native lar d. In hi* m*'1 pride, he fkndi* 'hat wi rsenno*. I.'re without him, a* If that were life, the agony In whi- b he b?* held tl e republic . We are ioi kli.g i.pon thi rte ? lation an-1 rtilu in tr'nrk the country r? main*, and on r n^int I* cl' tided. We >.-?r that If the pret Uu* mi ment* be lo?t, we may he >uiak foteter in a frightful atate <f anarchy, whoneat tan he no le?- II uu the eatln' tion of our nationality. There W a rllftii nit ar.rk to ffTect, to reatoie an e'liii'*1 which II"* in ruin- to reronetrnct a disordered ?i>rP 'j to cut the | ' * Iter i ehli h lied [ i .nr ipi.e* have left an I to r*'i'or?' U'e I tlfnr >Dd e?r np ton union debitltaWd n*H eulhiiated by the moot venomous tyranny. Our foreign relation.! complicated by sad incapacity without revenue, without public order, without in a<1mini.->t i u 1 1 -n. without Um, without institutions ? everything ha* to tx> created. Never Van their l?m no great a ncces ity for e mrage and til nines*, Thrre arc* thousand difficulties; hut they Me net invincible. Jit n the kindness of Providence. ami tba patrinti<rni uf M< xii ans we hope thai, finding themreVre.- free from the joke wbieh bos crush*.: th?m ihey wtll know how, with prudMt nioderatii n am! derision, to save tbetr country and establish U|Kin a solid ha. is her lilierty. The l*?*on Lar betn tremendous ; amy it la usciul, though it were severe. ix*t u* never bigot what have Itren trie result* of const! vative ptiuei) les. Ah to the men who prtifca*, or ufleci lo proft-**, such principles, "bv their ft urn hhali ye kuow them." b ANTA ANNA AMD HIS ACTH Or OPl'UKflMGN. h gl" AJjt ol Aigust 12 coutalui the billowing in toesthg article on Mexican aftair*, the tyrnany of .-Santa Anon Ac.: ? I'oweTer ex'rserdinary may appear the grave event* which we liitve ju*t witne.- -ed, they do uot surprise us, the are natural and Inevitable conaequeneet of princi ples, agi.inst which, for sixteen years we lmve contluu ully battled, because we clearly foresaw that their appli ca inr. would be iho degradation and ruin of our country. * * Cenci :?! aula Anna was uot called liy the people, a* we told blm ia this journal when he landed at \eia Ciaz. dictating te hlui that chance brought liiin, n.i explaining to him what man tho situation of the 01 titty. He paid no attention to our words. ;uid heft : mad lib ministry all hope waa ln,t , nine* he had de livered biuirell' up to a party ? diurnal, immoral incon sistent, and coaajmsed of deserter*, or of Ignorant nCD. who comprehended neither the progress nor the exigencies of the peiiod in which we live. From nut nu mcnt, in the mountains of the South, in that re fuge of tiie cause of Independence, where ltufjirte tnfurl ed the I aimers of 19&1, where Inter slill, cowards daggers itrmoltUil Guerrero, re-echoed n erv of Indignation, which wirly warned the I h tator that he w* > erring from his path, Shortly after, on account of the cluarur . ing of the National Guard in Vera Cruz ? of those hmvo heart* who fought the foreign invader ? the blot*! of our brothers began to llo*r on the scaffold ; It was a crimc on 'our p?rt to mourn for \ lives of those innocent men ; we were puui. hflft ?? ill* timbers of the public order, and that punishment will always be n token grateful to our conscience' a* men 1 ItM Mexicans. From that moment reigned over our un -r luippy land despotism and tyranny, incapacity and imtnu-l ralltv. until the republic wag converted into a stagnant! pool of blood and filth. A thousand days would nut surilro Y to recount wlmtfl Vevlcans have suttcred. impi isoument, ' banishment. punishment. arbitrary treatment, vexatioua at all hours, oppression* of the filthiest character, enplon age everywhere. letiesm manse which left the cabins of the pi or desolate ami the fields a banilotied . Imposts even upon light, letters upon everything, forceit loans, des poliationa. and all for what !? to sell at a wretched price the National territory, and to waste the t. rod vets ; to sell as slaves the Indians of Yucatan ; to sell* and em ployment, to truflic in every thing ; to accumulate eo b asal fortunes and Impoverish the people ; to create the Older ol Guadeloupe, and amuse themselves with the farcer of a carnival. I'uited with tyrunny. incapacity : with despoti*in, puerility. City Intelligence. Tiie Nf.w York amiST. John's Bhat Ct t its Tlie \"ew York Hoat Hub, it will be remembered, was beaten on the 6th July last, at the Milldnm, Boston, by the St. Johns. N. !?., I nion Club. Kver since that time the New Yorkera have endeavored to Induce the N'ew Ilruui wickers to race with them, but the latter will not come t itetms. although professing entire willingness to do so. Wo published the challenge of the New Yorkers and I certainly it wan n fnir one, n.? it allowed the Union Club any terma they wished; but they can neither he coaxed ' or'slmmid into racing again, though they have kept up - a corre-pondence on the subject with the N'ee Vork tluh | nil summer. The New Yorker* have, of course, been i ar.xiou* to retrieve their reputation, as they are confl ! rient it was a combination of unfortunate circumstances J that allowed them to be tieaten on the 6th of July. In j the first place they carried a coxswain weighing one - hundred and twenty-six pounds, o functionary and : weight the St. John's elttb dlspr tiHed with altogether, i H,in the J. 1>. H. l*ntm?n. which, tU uiirh au excellent 1 1 at, was very light, an l being strained overmuch in the j ince of the iluy l?lore, luiko't, and before she arr(ve<lat the ilrst stake boat, cs riled from tiliy to a hundred pound* of wa'er in her Mti n. Again, the member* ol the club were weaiied < ut in tU' rac* of the day before, and wc e not iu a tit condition tore*, while the New Pn.nswickers, who weie not in the rrgetta on the 4th of were treeh and in (rood coudluon. latioiing under thre di? B<tvatnu|res, the New \ rivers eereot course ??m. and now k-ul ixiiuewhat pt.(ued a> '.be Ynt. 4 luh for uot c< edng to some arrangement whereby they ruijiht have a trial again under moie equitable uuspicea. In wi ver. it i* not too late yet, jieriieps the I nion C'ltib leny yet relent, and consent to bo htaien handsomely by out boatmen ifurii g tho pnaent fall. Come on. Axc/iiim A' I'll IK. NT os tiik Nt.w J ctiskt ItAHKO.lD ? A P.|| i;a<.? Cah PvAf urr. ? i he seven o'clock train on eatur. day morning fr< m I'hiladelpbls, un the New Jersey rail ri ad, a nanow es-ape irom another terrible accidi-n when between Huhwayaml ilizuhc thlown. 'Ibis part o tlie read is in proce s of repair, ami a |*rt of the rails I.K'ti'g raised, a sudden jar hurled ibe hagg;>gc crate off the track ovei a fenee Into an adjoining field, unite twen ty rods iff. The crate was broken iu pieces and the hug gste .-catteied in all directions. The greatest excitement and terror was errateil by the alfalr uioouk thepai.en gers in the train, but fortunately Do one wa< huit. ThU rosd d late seems to be aflli< ted wi'b a strange latallty, as y.t have had to record accidents on it repeatedly. Fali or a Hi iikim:. ? On Fr iday afternoon aome labo. rcr* engaged in tearing dnwn an old building in Mercer sltcel, betwicn l*rlnce and Pprlng, were eating dinner ? u the first floor, when the second tloor, i d which win piled an unusually lnrge amount of bricks and rubbish, gave way fuddinly, and burleil the men latneath the ma n. < ne of tlie number, I ennls Fo'ey, wa ? severely injured ai.d other- whose nun.e* we could not a-certalri, received slight c< Btuki' ns. The Mlllfai y. Fxct !'>!' % < v tiik X?.w Yon IiwlLivD Giia. ? On the 6th inat. Hip Hiprliiand tiuaril of thin elty utartdl on an ' *? ruriinn to Albany. Troy aad ."?urat'.jjw. ?>??! return'' I fr^m their trip < n Kri<!ay morning. The Guard ware rernivo I at the nl can) bout landing. at Albf-jy. l>y ti e Scotch U^ht Infiiii'ry, (ton which place, after n ri Iglnchiinp of tlx u?i:al civilities. they * ere marrl.i 1 to the (station of the Nirtbcin Railroad, and pt< ceeded In the truln to -ara t?fa. Ihi Highland (itjntil were arc mpaniid by Robert ?inn lai.i), anil attracted no little attention a* they n.nrrtied i.hngthi> atnet? 1 1 Albany. On arriving at t a rati fa I hi y nrre nw t by th* L'tlrn < Itlxen Corp*. nith wlnui they ( aradul, end alterwarita dined at tb<' hotel Altei having a giOd timr at !-aiati ga. theOuurd letuin to All ury and were rccehed by the Worth Guard, who, trgi lhirnlth Engine ( oiunaii} No. 11, eacoi tel them with ti n blight* to thi ir 1m Km?*. 'lhe albiir i? dear ri had ?r being very fin> . On Thui .? day I hey vl>lted tl.e Alb.iny nen target ihootlng at Iirennoo'a, on the Tn>y ii U'' and. if tbeti pr< gian ma tru ? arriw! out, returned in Thursday nlghta boat. Tli* liiinn UrAYItn. ? On Thursday the Garde* la fayttte, Vajor |r Clerc, maile an ex< urai'-n to la "t ,VV? ^ i rk, to oelrbrat* appropriately the blrthdey ol Ofrn il 1 pt'aje tr On arriving at the ground, they writ through ci ii i fii Id niano uvie*. after which they ,'.t do ?r? to din ni r. when, after the knife and fork eiorrl*ea were g' 'ire throcgh with, tonat and arntiment* nm drunk ami tpeecbea made. The memory of Lafayette w?* ml}' r< nm. i morale ! The l-at <a Ii ? n turn d ntt very atrong ard then appearance elicited geiwrnl encomium. They returned to 'he city late In the evenfn?. lllUT/Mf ? The < ity Hitler, under the comiil of Capf. Fowler, will rbif Prinictun. Niw Jet-ey, i n tl ' 11th Inat., to celebrate the tath arinltci ?ary of the or ganiratioti ' f the i niri| any. They will give a military i ili e In the evening, and return the we*t day. A P>!" OTATli'". . ? He Nati. rial 'irey-, ? .f Kingaton. hare pri *entnl '.eacral Va d B. |. inwttt with a dagiicr tentpje icpri entirg tlw New Ymk Vol inle?i a < they ai|?ared on ti e laie ei ramptnent ?t that iilace. "Die I'M i r. t a t i 1 n wa? mad< thn ugh John |/>ng*nrth ( m| . , of Kint; <t? n, at wbr-e m?u?i<in t b< Volunteer* wer huapltably enlirtaini l. Ccnrt ol H< htlniia. A rOL ICR JVfiTH R I KI'OKK TTIK HI COnm.R FOJt ? "V TI MPT or COI BT, Venter day forenoon, Jnatie Connolly caim bet oon'.ar Anith, is tho Court of fleneral H'ulwi upon ?n

mder iaaued again*t him by tl.e record r, requiring him to ahow eauai- wliy h'- ahould not la pii^-e<dei| agaim! finr contempt of (ourt, t/r not btingiag lot" lie Ci>un >: .?e-?|i,n? the tftilona |api r? in tie exaiiiinatii'tiK whi'h irad nme i^-t- re him nurtng the in'mtii p?-\ a police II.H1II-I rate The utatute acrordiug to the oi ter o I th Heroii'er, la lm| erative up>n the JeaHfaea to hand of - to tb' ( ourt of n? -I ???Ion." at the ooening of e*. h t< rm, thr r a| er? In their poa?e?alo? p frrring Ui exan.ina tl"tta In criminal canea. Juftln Cmnolly, io i!rf. nr?, aai.l that tie p?i*i-n, 'lamination beft re I in I. ad t?en mi ii I or lout, lie ha l eiorrlaed the neer t r ' i preservation and ti ey were intrua " i ol lua court, arid could not r ow be foond Tl.e Ren rder aaid l.< Would .? i.-ider thiaeicme' i# nt io tha pieaeat iaatan< e. and diacharg the ear Bat lx -aid,* be cornented to i>v<ilix>k thi? caae, at the -laine tin e he W ubl remark, that rieik of poUee i>urla Weienot the proper |.artie> with whom entru't paj< i ? ot { thla kind. In* law niaile it the uty of tl e juatir. ? to p-. ? ? rte tbeae paper- andailerkrf then courta waa i<nly I an amtauer^aia of tl e Juatii e. and not a ri-i- n iMa i-(b ? er. lhe ea?e we* then dl?ml--ed. Jfiaey Clljr Irwi. Fr n till.? On Katerday morning th' wife of Mr -t- rr aged abeut twenty two yeara, re?mlng at Hi Uailr -ad Avenue, committed aulclde. It appear* that -ha had Iwn dej re*?e.| In apiriU rtnee th* death of a J'ltiag dai b al.nh ?he idi i /id (in Frtiiay morning ?he tried t/. ; ?, rt. re laudanum to effect lier purpi ?e, but failing U> d <*t ? ate te ' Ived to drowti beraelf In th' riatern ' <tP f?. ii?ieate.l her h' labaad to take their Infant ebiM %fi|e ?h" ? . 1 1 in'ii til* yard. Ko??n after one of the r irn( jn ? I i hi?B*? heard a aplaah ai d Wnead>'iag we'-er tad ?? rrarhir* the a y>\ Ioib.i her '.0^? 4, 1 1 h?v f | !f/w ard beri?lf la ?ho?t ai* .,f water. Thr Turf, UNION COt'K^K, l? I. ? TMOTTIXf). A awcep?tnk.? for >190, mile licnts, heat three m Ore, to wagona, in romrwifrf cm Thursday last, on the I nlou court*, nud finished on 1'riJny, night coming on the f) rat day before the nttnir wmn eettled. The amee of Uie ??g? were timers! I'utn.vm. I mAj Byron, and K.vchei, nil fri m Philadelphia. Jew wltneaeed llic rare, but the tew that were there ei> the drat dny eviels more " noise and eewfusion" than were nc.ewwnry t? preserve a f ? I name for tin tiaik. 'J li i o?* heata were tiMte.l on niura day, (icaeral I'utiuun whining tan. and Ward, of I'hila dtlpUia, the third. That i?, tin' thinl I. eat nn* given t? him tor diiviug lair, although fitr belnud the other two hop ea, diivco by Hiram Woodruff and Wrn. Wn-Uu, v. ho It war thought, by the judges, had taken Hbertie i with the rulrn. Thi.' do<d,i..n id tb? Judge caused au ?X] lotion among the flnan icra, which ua? auh.liied by the judge.- declining all be, a. IT, and that the rac ? should b< flnl.-hcd the following lay. On Friday 11. mm won ?mother hen I, and the IVJadelphiii atvicp stake*. The following is a tsuainiary ? Hiram Woodruff named r. g. C.eneial I'ut nam 112 1 J Ward named b. m. Hachel "> 3 1 din F. Part named s. ni. ltyi..n - 2 3 dr. lime 2:4' ? '2:60 ? 2:55 ? time not taken Next Tuesday'* rare between IToia Temple an l Franklin i the absorbing topic among the turfmen? I ranklio haiing the call. | Crlvkt t. KKW YBKK TH. PHILAI?KLPI1IA. The retui n mutch between an eleven of the Nt# \ ork Cricket ( lub, and an eh ven of the Philadelphia nud Ken aiugton Cricket Clubs, commenced lnt?t Monday on the ground of the l'btladolp hi a Cricket CTubat8outli Cam den , and was concluded on the next da y by the New \ oikera winning the match in their aecond inningn, with f out the Iom of a wirtet. There wan a di tailing rain iferli g nearly the whole of the uuitch which rendered the occimicn one of extreme discomfort, and 1st tlmeH the players had to retire from the field, which was thoroughly mtuiali d. making the ball very slipi ory and difficult to retain. and caashig *omc mishaps in the I eid but tor which a very dlff. rant aspect might have been put on the There wan some tedeniption to thU utate ol at fii ir.i In the fact that there has aeUlom been a more bountilnl end reception to a party of cricketer* tl an tl.erc ba- been on thla occasion by the I'liUadel phisni, on* and all, to the New York era, even extending to many of then ? whllet rUltlng the puWii: institution* nud environs of l'hiliidel| hla for two or three days after the natch : the supply of i?t>'Mhinentn duiin? llio match wh? niveremling on the two days; and a first rale dinner aerred up at Mr. Bradshaw'it residence adjoining the ground. It wa?a teal cricketers' dinner and got up under direction of the Committee or Arrangements, by Mrs. lbadsbaw, and * hen we nty lhat It was the nc pt lit uttrrf of cooking and catering, it Is no wonder that the ct icketers, on parting, drunk to Mrs. Ilradshaw's health and gare a hearty Hiree time* three. In the evening of the second day the whole paity with fereial members of other cricket clubs, viz: ? the St. fit orge, Harlem, Albany, RoMon, Newark, l'aterson, Ceimantown, fcc ? were Invited to a reunion at Jones's Hotel, where tl.ey were met by the principal orb kelera of 1 hiladelpbia and nelgbl?orh??<d, and many Inlluential gt uilttren of ITiMndelphia, aid enjoyed thenjsel^s doling n moat convivial evening. Pongs and !? ii-t-i w<*re li e order of the night. Among the latter? 'Sucews V> ? i lcket. and may It 1* ^ttw . sfulVy practised In all the colbge- arid con n, n r< hools and educational in-titu Hi us in the fn.ttd Mali - ; o?v,?a, an I '.lianV. t.. tl em for the honorable winner in which tbey p' ^formeil ihrlr du'.le*." ? To Mr. ?i a', haw, the lather of eii-ket In 1 hi'adei] hia" (W" have heard that Mr. Ilobt. Waller, i t .heS-t Utorgo'a < hjb, ha- a < laini on that score, by emi.blirhing tl.e old I ni. mi Crtcket Club.. I'.iriiR th? . venii K alter lor. Itradsiiaw's form of " The ('iickrter< I and other g?Ht!einen had eit-ayed to vocah*"1, a vry 1 iniubn toembt i wt tl.e 1 liiladekphia Club tl'rof - -or 11 M?h' lis ? tourh i delighted the company by ? ing.og the ' rekiiateil coiapoMtlvn' of " Watb.een Mavo?i?e?t> and ' kathleesi Heat," and aei-"ini|?ioieii him elf on the piano torte lie was raptuvouely eneored, nn?l dmlnn the dining lenvr ? M' lv lawn,' Widow Maihror," and popular ?org-. totlie gnat delight ol tlificoinjiany. The pai*y broke up In time for acme of tliem to return I y the bight express for New Yotk. lor the match, It ii ay lie Mated that the excnalve wet state ? f the turf renden d ? veiything mitfhty uncertain, except the Is.wl irg which it helped to alnot; and as .Sims and Marsh wire ptetty well on the wickeK, ami were, if possible, tester tbi.n e*er. it was quite falal to the I'biladelphlaiM, re pa.ticularly In the tit t Innings. Tlie te.wllo? of .s-i nlor and < t< sley wa- also vet y tine? Senior l/etiu "' 'I on the wicket and yhj fast. Holland was p it. ..n for si me time In the first overs ugain-t New \ ? rk, but as le was hit away '{as the analj sis will show), he waa taken i If in In Tor ot Crosier. The veteran IlradiMinw relieving renlor lor a tlnn with bUI? Uk i lag lows," fioin whb h |?ss runs were made In propottl- n to the overs than by bis fast bowling c< mpeers. While on this "ovsi we riwy as well try and bowl down the fast bowlers, oi m other woi da those who have brought ovethand Isivllng to >ui h a alate of perfection and velm ity that It woukl seem to teiiiilre the umpires to take a course of study in anatoniv to enable them to Judge whether by any twitch I I the musrVs of the arm It I* a thiow or not. "ne tl Ina M certain ? we never knew an American to uao any other term as api ll?d to the action of the arm in mwlerp round aim Is wling, 'ban throwing. It eei tamly de ? troys all the pleasure of cricket, for It involve. Hie ne MCtriity of | adding ono'a sell all over to pi event oeiuf hint. To play it t be acti< li is merely m'-ehanie.ii, iu an tlciiation ol the ?up|Ooed coiiriM- lii'i ball may eoiue. To play bnwaid, you are apt, u lhat fini playc. W ilby d. I, til poke It Up for a catch , oi why did Sharp play hi - |slnt M. far In front if the wicket? Wm rei^at it, that the.' inoie leal pleasure In cilckct from slow overhand bowl ing, both |or battel. . tleidi IS and spe. latom, and more l.ealiblnl ixeiclse In teeing an innlng? b.|iuinnte for a hundt" d run than all the cibvet matches put t' gether vlure they aie put out for twenty or thirty mm. whilst at the same time It has beni prove.; that when. a? H has b< en i loved in I rgUnd, the slow bowler have l.e..n eiitial at I be I at to the la t Is.wiliv. tie t.i t biwlcr< have not I ecu ni l- to stand at tie wicket sgamat the iiutrlirir hIowk, much for th< irh-n < of thy irtine In cru'arl-n to blind hltll: * (P'kin,-. rlipp. , which i. all that can te done v.'ltii last bo a . og so . ailed I m in lealitv thn wmjf. Ainiin, in low bowling ther.. i- mi ie healthful I X' r. I-e. for who b < i k"t wa - In-titu ted, ar.d which i? so much renulre l. i lor the t*. .. ?? wb ch In the mislem gime of ci -1.'' the katn- or bus. bull Is fast gaining groond. 11. ?? ?iiIm- ? : . ? i" Illustrated In the < a-, of Flet, he <n I res ton tw < Hist l-.'e hn" i against f..-t 1 ..wllllg- <>M lb a My t..o* b>. h tl efr wicke* ? 'II." analysis show lbs' in e! n . . rt tl.eie w?re flv? mil Un?, only nine an! two. I ,t rate wi. Let", i'.ut more piitticulafly to tin play The n.eiits if the playr* ha*'- lieen so itilly ? > vu . and so well kncwnt-aU cricketer., that v w.ll n .e.y u,.e a general d'vrrip'ion of be run-, n " | tlcnlei touts. Ut the uninitiated uno. s'?"d. '? th* first p'ace, that the ).artl at- all n 'rVe?er? and that n.. ?t ol tb?*m aie fir-? * an II ev SCI in II e SCI re that onie I.f tb'io bav- n i .6 II' .) < r nrtblrg, W.'t u? inform our pu|i! that it '? n>. t . I. w flat tliey played hmlly. for. ?nth? pn.'l ' ' * J llarvey, lilgham and rl.nip aie my s.,...- ? and eatable ol making an vXtiaoidioary nan .1 of ruua but. I, tbl-. era i.n ei.ln, ? b ..II, . ? 1. ?? of he tbrnnirg n?d?r, b?ti|?He a- fair a an. awl Jar.h ? e. mpletely bet' > b- ... . . nd the t,,.r,.t|..o T.;, y i .-t to sb.wr te wHeif kave catch frernM r-h t.. Wtlby Jf'im off Holland'* bowling. K- en Jams, a pr f. -ional p.ayer ar.d ptaeflslnj c< ntlnunlly, ??? '? f'" or ly thirteen. Paiker, anolb-i -ti ady playr w-mta*eii by the sme t*.wl?r. B'it the life '.f th- Inning* wj. In y. ong W' fi. who, although pot eipisl to iveial of th. .t|er? made his tw-n'y tn tine, .Issuing tye atvl n a<:e sorb good, safe, forwnrd? 'that s ti ? 1'"*?-, ^ 'H was the a.'.n.ltat."n and tav -'lta of the wh"* ? ".>.d. A' ( II. Id his two ea'ches show that h- I- g'e-1 ? ' ? poin* ..f thi i^an e. I la r ilia n in ? - a ?; .' ! cat. I *? ' > iX'.llerit field, although not a his*. late but "a.. i '? not to have I e?n In the matcn n?t that h?!i 'if ' ? '' (uyp aa ? bonier, for We th;nk fiiyp has i , .-or. thb. cootie, nt but bia ll<- o ins thr lattleg and fl.-ldiiig. lilghnra taking f:- I .1 '<? wicket sr sorely ft. m .Jeni?, who !>!d?~ *< I'hi > It I. .o admirably, that I 'niton was run < at. I!< ? ? ho had been liow led in the hr-t in' <e '* by wa* .n the secof d Innings run out 'y P?*y' ? f>*'1 '' Varsh. and supping nut of hia i^roij.l. i.f brew ? the ball in an Instant, and MtK'^in too* l i- *"'? lac. n lieinf rw out In n.ucb thi -aine w r- i ley la Ir g stumfwd by Hiiibam. s jalii froi. Mara'.. I^? . shaw had, for Ike ftr.t time la twenty )??'? "> out in tarings, wltl^itit s'< rln?r A "t. tie ? (. irg r tl his pad into hia wit?t * R *'l?l ' sje. *.|l i d In th* recomt inoi-^e. with ttr*a' P " *' li t 1 1 *1 to succumb to Ve> d1 . We imgM p. on e ii. I a ting all th? p. '.i - 'bs t ?y keeping Of Higham ?<? "n. ?.> ?? sn i 'ne :?.? si.ppirir of lietelrf-r a. 1 l??r . w b-.'ii ? ef.her ?ithe thiee aft sat to Seat?. t war as ? t tr a ordinary In tbi? rjwteb en an ? of rain te.i th" ii i t Important p> fat r-malus te b? ' ?Hj d. 1h<;' rsisbip ol liighei/i sad th? wW-is-fKe . f kk* Men- - >? wa p. rte.'t pi. tare erb a. i tag? no '<* o* ??ba' ? tnf - eseiyfbirg Was, by .igi.s ?nd ail ' >?'? | ? in v?r we?a f ?*14 ?rw>ie a?fw.iraMr pk?e?d and rr. -n i n< ver waa ger^nal better tfoeled up by a fie' ' h ' * I hi adeli alana the r ' vef se ?f tbls tr/?.k place, a'* " . ? llrre * sir s<ne ei' pti n> th*" wast . i i I. n. < and f. j,. fog .s d and eapeble a <?? i.'c i i 1 II .haw '? ' ?|<ht t? elicit nn.r? i taJienre ami a", nil ? f . ? m I. ? e ' en . Vs hare w.ent J n* ! :h. * v^ef' ? ' , | f ' n I' <4 ta It in ta'nte n a'ches The elevens w>"* wi > tie saB?e as at the aiaUh ia*t fWebsj, at 11 - tl e rv^eftt- n c.f fan.s ?.? Cuvp and two ml <? >' < >' <f re. except a*w>nst then., by th' ? f *'? I , hn a inert eie?ll?nt field and fri' bat, and * b>. -,? ? rrevl^.d'he eiwb with a fr'^iml "? hie p' ? " I nd yet the fhl ;.a.leipht?ns won 'I T i fhfy-t no runs whilst the sen.- p%yer* ? ? "jj J' tbatrie'^ry. have Hue! In th ' h It ? ? * I log to their Maw Al Ihe tna -b le '? ' it dlMsd made hla 1* and ll Brs?Uh.w -Hat ? fran tl ' mulijr a liaid fought ticWl ) hi* f>7 mix) 6; rirnior, 7 and ..o , (r >li>, 10 ]0 WUl'j, I ??l 2f> .Vnior, it u tiua, I h> ltimle l>V. IP in ?.nf inning*. Ill thi* match, by r ery uiK.d | Iny . t'f k itn' fortune Of cricket. "tin- party Lav leti.imA hli lilj immniI with their *^?t t<> lliila ilclphta. lb! ir 1 tu- fir?t (Ticket wiuti h which lia* lawn ' plujcd therewith a club from uttdher htate fin uine |;car?. ?tuv w ii-ri,:iuvfnu cum. timing. Srtumd I nninflt. Ftf?n. ?>. Mnrfh..., ? rnnout,, 5 j Unhand, b .ham* 2 t. Wharton, b. Mar*h. , ? ; tirlnw, b. Sinif I run mit O f-?afor, b. Marah... .... I e. Hartiaou, b. S?in< 19 ' Pr?#?haw, b. ^iim" 0 It. Mar*h O I W It Wi???r, b. Mai *h 4 k. M?r*h H b. Marvh 4 a Wharton, b. Marah.... 0 IluWen, run out .. 0 attaint 0 Oro'i r, not out 10 at Higtutin, li. Mar?U . . . . 1 N? A>m, b. Mirab 1 not out 3 II. H%wthorne, b. itanm . 6 b. M'urah 2 Wliirn, 8; bje*, 1 4 Witlm, 15, bye*, 2 17 Tnttl Tl Total fl# MtW |V>HK Clf* Hurray, b. Senior 2 not ouf 2 Wharton, b Croaiey 2G' .1. HtfHuni b. fenior U hum*. ft. Croaley 13 t?r>l mit. li HHrh#r, b.Brad?h? 7 Parker, R. Croater fl Mit rah. a.Wilby.b. Holland 8 ("harp, b. KfOiur 1 t'acfle, net out H, b Holland 0 Preaton, h. Hrad*haw.. , . 7 Wide*, 8: byes, 2 7 W toa 2 Total? 79 Taial .20 A.VALYBUI or Til* WiwiJM SCW ruKh 111'#. Oi^rn. Hunt Krt'm. Whs. WiJ't. Sam?. ...... lit inning*. .21), 'J 14 17 43 ?' I'd <lo. ..3ft' 20 18 1 8 Marrh !?t do. .2(1 14 17 6 0 " 2d do. ..I6J< 23 13 0 12 ifi:i.Ai>kij*irrA ri.rt. Senior.... ,l?t inning* .22 31 9 3 0 " 2d do. . . 4'f 9 0 0 0 Cro*ley , . lat do. 20 IB 10 3 4 '? 2d do. .. 4 9 2 0 2 Pradvhaw. ,1?t do. ..11 9 0 2 0 Holland. ...2d do. ..10 13 6 2 1 Ilia S1 ?iaorgr'h Club piny their rat urn mttcli with the Philadelphia Huh alone at the la?t of thi? month. Ilia Albany and Umlaut club* play a mat' h to morrow at Albany. The Harlemite* lAatre in tb? Pram-la Hkiddy Ihi- evening. Kilend lary, look for Hutu to-morrow morning. City Politic*. Till: RKPt'IlLH' AN (IKNRKAI. CftMMITTFK. Tho (lenetal Cuniinltt' e of the Republican Party mat lai>t evt niug n( tlie M<t< or llouaa, Uua. rharten < ' l?i(ti la lha chair ; WillLas I'eei and i .aala II. Wat Ik acting h? iM'eretaiiea. A Commit ti c on Credential* wu- appointed, who re ported that delngitti'K from eighteen ward* were In at trndanee. A f rond ilelcgnlion aptK'ired from the Hen nth ward, and the aulijart w?- reh ired to the Com ?ilttea on rri ib nt iala, with in"lriiriion? to report at th? ne\l mM-ting. The rnntaat in the I hird ward *a* #et tled by the chairmen of the ri?al organization." diguing tin- ill uie riedentlii I ? A oraimlttM of fitre w?? appointed to report rMoln tiona nt the ne*l inecling. A craianitlca of three wa* appointed to procure a 1 In i e tor the next meeting. 11 e Cuirilnltlce ailjoiiruiHi to meet on Tuesday evening next, i? the hall, Opting atii el, at eight o'clock. Mm irii Afl'ulni. Tnc Maii Mnuxn IIwnan.m. Capt. lliggu * lot t ye-tei - ?!a y f*>r Ki^ilhamptno mvl !lr<^? n with 95 uriri $-184 (KHi in upecif* 1 ai m )?.? 'I ho l 1a i iun?>!<k'l whtMMior Win. !? Bur* riQvUn, <>1 R<4> to^\^ Imrilifn, wi?* l*unohe?l y<?n*rr?l?ijr < < i?y) ni or i. Iij (Vuiii the *hi|?vAr<l of Mr. i>kfoi<l <ir* cut <>mt. hbi* ii ownfd by Hioruuit I Hinluim, Vv . Hui rougliK, hiuI other*, an-l liit<*n?U??t f or [Umluim ! ion n'? Urn of , auiuli j tckel". IVrvnl Tlitfllt^ciM r. ItMV/T. f! Till . I.? ? I- ?( I -WAJt I'li ATtH. ? Jlii Pull". I h ?t'*H (*!fM j, < f wor 1 ? ? attir, I-i??o P. trrrett, M?{. , r?#in u ? r.?!cr trih i d %.'? Fin FrutriMO, Aufl. ti. fr<?t?? l'ngi*t otn'K 1),e h i? n lint nf Uh* oftrfm of U?'* Iw** tui 1 1 n uinn'l*'! ham* f". Meriett; liOiituniiritNi, fki \ mil fcli'Wllolon, Ai.'.:* wr J. hraUt*. Aji i?>n K. Actlrg I jcutfuaiit 'lie in*' .w'. J Arting Mi.ii r, rrtiix-Tn <1. 1 -< n ) ?* ??'! Mi<Uhi|trimii, ti A- Morrin. MhIfI i| Difii, ."I. t". ( aio|>l?JI, J. <i. Mitrhoii", < ',? j.Ujn'n (' f-r k Jutnw S. J^terrott , A' t ir ^ Henry Bright , AH in# (iuhiifi . li. SI. Hoiking. A' tin# Cnr|itiil?r, K Miller, Acting Ha Um*ker, A. K. Warren. Tit* Mayor** OJtlre* Trifl Hrnnr Fnrwr-Ijfl iv N*.w York? .Ann.. ;g tl,? many Ham** ?f |>oor J eojJe who I'M'I a ?*%!*? tenc* ly ch work from morn 1 ill niftM. tb*uaai' f?*? who, | erh*f i, la' or i?i??r?* and |f? I n than th?* poor j M-wiig gill*. < ??| imritfijr ?>f orphan*, ar? alone tn the wot Id, without any kind trlemt to protect or give tin hi ronn>ol they bar* t? rely wholly tij^n their own ewrtloti/' and Arc t.fum ?hauu Cully d< m i ?I and wronged by tivlr euijdoynfe, whn ata well i?ai? tliAt tlicy hATi* Mthittff to drew! from tlit biw ai the riitfi n't * fir* too j?o< i to bring any action iU(uln?t th?m or hold them to any other at count AbltUr. ? ft bora j i, ?'? ? r1 , li'tvn | menta, brother* and Mention' but Oicty are g< mo ally niml irr unable from their rtr. uru#* in ? * In life, to render Any it 'l .'mi" V* at? ? Iajt, tt wnitii wh< .* ,i| | < i?i .iarM would more than iHii*tr?t? Ui" ll?4*?fig f t the Shirt " a*AA to Mr. Semler, at tin* \t,?yi?r'? <>/!?.#?, to got hark for her %'l whi' b *h? bad depoaitad with th* k* ' f er of a riot Hit K *tor* In order tog?*t work Her ap ? ran?e wa p< ni? ?'l, th? i %\i imtokti'l. be wn un Aim-dean And tboogh not m? r?* than twenty-four j?ar* ?f nge, her count* nam:o anl d* meaner w< r? *d. and indlratl \ a of want * n?l nlaforturie. hhe *ald her husband Iia<! hwn f ? fc ?n aiok and tl.At a *bt bw! u i bfr g In tl e h'*u*' *he wentfto a ?b'-p to tf"t w??rU , 'h^l the I n piirtor fiTe bi?r tfll*<' hirtu to ma * At ?it cnta a plere, hut that owing to ? irkm.** *l.e w w* w>t abk' to < ? n.pleta tV?n at tha rei|ulr?il tint*. >hr th* ief* ia to k litem a few i!:iy* afterward* to the < *r who r? rtlu'il lb? ftUrtu, but refncA-'l to rtiui her ritl?#rr t|*? two flollari Ab? )?a'1 r)epo?iff r), or tba 1 ???t?ty two rwni* f'?r l.i*i lAb*o whl' li he aJli*j(**?l ^b?* bl4 fort* Hin| by rn*t b? *?lng tb? xi.lfte flni/?) e?l on tb* ?luy a re?"). Mr H? m Irr i?ent fitter f?ot||?< hibf wb r*?o??r#?! th? $2 11 Mieb ca*?a thfl ? nt bfitiy *k#t'*h"1 Ah*"* ar* *"7 and tb? "ffrtut m that th?ra I* no ? ly #* rej?t i c?til eiilt, for th'- | - or * ? < ? Thft pay f * ? ? i i'lC ar?<1 >fr^ing a min.ifi"?i w $| 7^ mrt 1 lr c -*' ? f r rurryiifon tb?- rult. am??ont tor ?>rwUi?n ?i?w ?iMwhi / f -4 <!uo to tb* in. It ^ i pl'y 'b** a ?.-? not lonw m.-i/n #?f n*he An ?mintnt lawyer of ii ritw U?inW* tl ?l tf P'wer w# rr gfffR to the Mayo#- to org tnix# a fit 'h* ctirt, wbfii tb? ?*in?'*int litlfatM #b ?ui ' not $10, wb^rw tbe?e rhoul i b*1 ? ? o?t* Uit ll? '? !> {Ubiant, ? rvl wb the j i ? xtt'lliHt wt'ohl 1m? ati iw?t ??-!>?? ii? ?unt * l jt'#? <1 might b?# done. or two jolii- u* o ^mld ?1o th?* iluti*'* ? f fon-taMi', nn tf M ? a - t ? M n Ami with the r??f[iilAr *nlft i y * f $70<? l,? i anu.i,. A* j t ? nut Mr. F?*nikt'? oft re [? erowtM wHb tJom^Ulfcao* - of thtAbo?* who aia !m# destitute 14# gtt to Uv . \? h| tlie Nalli. Ih? pt*'ijt|t ha* r? '???tfni/e?' I k< >4? (*r:?t wolii a* Con"?l of * wittvriAvl for tbo Mtat# calf Mirhtgao *r?l I ? BurkftM Krrretri* Afiila; a* f oaewl 'iew raJ ??f J .t/il t -r tho I ni'Ad **tat? ? 'the i>*"?it (?9B> *it wh?at. Cwi*f !'? r#-fAf !" l ? t P', "^!#r at tH ? Katrrf, Tb" rb' l?rA k*' ?'? ? iy >-*>; I ?? a! w- f 'i uimat. Ibe I "troit thmcrwl iay* tb* r? ha av r* , rmiait jfrr * n In M b ^AAnty, Wwk , than it any * th** ! Ailty #tfeelni"??. )* * ?bA fta^i ?ro n** *? n* town. Tba ofl f? e*tr*?**o ao*) ?aS?! At M 10 Mr p*?*ivt An si' 1 9 'i - I yiAfd fr ?i '-'?'?ft two'y pnu* :? rr?a* a# a **ry proft#Al?l? er+p Ann n*mri It** ?aa kiUi4 n '.er: an |jj**r t.f fAb'Oiv In lll.wauAtA, b lb* <vi Uit. f r?wo a^Auito) the b t*rob!?r? tfrtly i ?rAl j't^oi wf?en b* wa? ki*o^ke4 <kfA aJm! o- a*'ft I*. death Tt A foi/o# uf I off N II A' 'Ift*4 OH tb? l?i UmI a - My ' ?/a t?r by 4# ?r?A)?'.?%y 1l?e at.pM'-ation to tha t ?n?rt ?.? b, *,'t >a i, by tb* Kit. tff. H let* a ft# f?f % ? !"?? M- w '* ?'?b Wi?n> ltkW4( w ? grttt'4 At th' iwty *? *a 'A the tAAtimony vt* ib.t#d in th^ rai. Tb% damage bj tUt de*trt' * tow ?t tbA K- t Ja'*t and * a?' atega H* lf? ad In Mgr 11 ? tint-in'* l? Ml '?*' ??? ?ii ' ? f" I I * * r ? w>V) Cmh in *1* M v '*> k ???k l?< H '*.?*>?(? ha a ? u.i j ? . ' ? ?)>? ' nH?il -????? '?< Hj> II.' | ? '? ?? i j ' ? I II ? ru I 1 U* !?? jl. ? I'll 14 ' ?? f" ? '<? ??* ' " ? u 10 tilm >>. I 'It " > !??< | > ' *? t> 18 ? '??!<? ??-?'T V I' ?? ?*:?*! r- If. I S#> to ? (teip tlgtUiig *?r *??*?? I 8" * *? ??** ' f ' ft ' '*? ? - ?* ?J>U4. itowfufl NfH*4 ?< " '?*? *1 ?? j A r.t.. ?.( i; ?) ? ???. f ?nf f??~*8k* w "? i ?f ? htrtlf U? n>? ?n Ma*. ?? ?a . ^.,n. I laltrmaf f.f f <?>? ^ ir ?r8... ? | Xi.?? ||(4 . >**r? W ?. ' >??.' a^ b?* 4 > r*o?W? a? , r? rt,i iwi ?* lh?f*4af *J ' Mr '.Wwi?l !? !!?? I , t ? a< a ? a/ ?? vh?ahaft?lof .???. yufwr. i ih* r.*r ?'< m -4 8*?jUii4 ' al*?i?u? h*? W*> n ? a! !'.??? I'-l-. *!*"???? ?? T>.? tertilatiiw :? I *<?*! II I,, a'lf 't "Im? *?* frmtk i * a/uiwl, tai* l'r<w*l*i **, V* '/ ll'itt, RaWa?? ft "jWi it u H?j tn vni'Hhlii'nt IM'^U. ?IV l*-> IKI" 4 W7 ?k?> ?*? ib ?W? antll ?v hnrn?4 W 4aa'H 1T1.a an ?'1| ? l< ; "lalHaf la ImWii SI T ,r t iliti ? ' f 'b? ^4??m*r haa ? aaarflas. That that* k??? kM? ? **< ?"r ? ?? V ? a?l '-& '7 aM 'W?* ^ I* ARRIVAL OF THE NORTHERN LNVT ElliBTEEfl DAYS LITER FRO* CALIFORNIA. A Million of VroMnr* Arrived. Distsury of n Bonis (iold Diint Manufactory. buddtii Disappearance of I. f . Wood** CANDIDATES FOR STATE OFFICES. TIIE KNOW NOTHING PLATFORM. M&uacres, Murders, and Lynch Lasr Executions. Depressed Condition of the Markets. ?kbit nvmuMiM ntoti to mtimw. Col. Walker again in the Field. MOVEMENTS OF COL. KINNEY AT SAN JIIAN. Prosperous Condition of New Granada, Ac\, Ac., Ac. n i <? Act? "try Tmuxit Coir.pimjr'a atemn .hip Northern l ight. t'aptaln V I.. Tlnklrpaogh Mrrivrd j e?U-c day morning from f an Ju?u *.? Krj Wr?l with 44T paivngi-rit und $1,005,807, from a?> Kr?uei*?<? A .iguat 1Mb, |<er ?teani?hl|. I'ncle S*m. Nothing of Important* had or,- p.| .in' p tl.e laat atianipr excepting the departure uf 1. Wool* uf ttw Ann uf Allium It fur AuatralU ninl the dtecovery i?t a higu* gold duat iniuiUtai-t'iry RoM Continue ? to < mm iu plentifully from the iniup*, and money i? mucheaaier. The by lliin nli lp caul* through In perfect health th' ii' luring hern no rhob-m or other dl.oa* on tlip route for two month* pn.t The i Iter i. high, and the route in mont etrellent outer. file new lake I. ?*t. ^?n 1'artoa, raprihle of t arrying oue thmi-md pu ouger* comfort;, lily rommenred liar i eguUr ti lp* o?i tli>- ??'nit nl?. The company now li.irli.g three boat ? on tbo lake, there l? no pomdblllty of detention 1 lie air itill hkik iu the Intel in of M'.iragua <h$ the IKtll alt at Kaitre '.'4 higue# from 1 ||. (..ward* frgoylft, a Mil"1!) battle \>? I. night I'.taeen the g'??i rn n cat trt.opt. under liutnll. I* in. I th. demociatl i>*'ty under Mono- ft*. I?te.| br Altftren with force* from Hutiduraa, whli b te ilte.t iu tbo Compute defeat uf tiuardlnln rind the .'nath of llutio. Ou the i!9th, f'?Uio?i Walker lamleil at Kan Jitan ?!??! Kur with M men of hi* ronmiand rtvl 170 f the dcmoeratl army n n letting a ni?u? on bl< ?',ho tie of about M) men IU? wna enil? a?"rlng to i- rult from t be California | < . a?n ger? with but lltUe ?uere<? lie ..fl.'r.-d ? >ery f.i'tilt c tw the Transit Company proffering a giM't for tiic apa rit, ftp. fob nel I Innoy'a party ar" nt ill at ~ait Jtm i del Norte, lie ban Ju?t conrli.iliKl i contract for the *bej*?i.t Rrant i t lhlrt/0>e million. ol aere ol land on the Hn. jutto eoeat and Int. erit an ag.-nt to firenadu to get tiie g ant rot li ' rued I.) the Nb arngii >u g' fWUnnt urvi aieo Ii iilitata yai ulaalim t? - t tie in th utiilt-a lie i* tery ratfnlM '?( ?nepe??. lie dlreeti d a franie building of two jtorlai for a ) ' intlrig o:'. and l? t ? pi.bil.ti a p> |.er ti?n, ik< unites ial- bating anient on tl>e Kugilali ? tpaaer 1 1 the l?t ult *ilh * -.iiful lab. i nnl tl.lrljr men. The .Noithvin I -i?rbt left In tin hart??r of Juan. Aug. 1. the Kngll"li muij ateanier tl^d. Amerle^n ?'h'?>ner onliahye, Thomf .n of llaltlmore, from (tin 'field ? to han I a?. aaote .!ajr, and lil? >io.(n i? Vt?j?itjr ? /?.nt lurk. cept. o, Wt 33 10, b n. "1 4.1, ?.|iialt. e I twg I ken/ C. Hrooka, ?.f lU.atvn, ?tan ling north. Ihe 1 1 gli?b be>k ltnlnl?w b.a.tod ?tib >oal f >r llaeana. ?enl aaboie on Key Vaee?? Aog, '2*. eri?w ut."i er iwl and cargo total lata, IMg llunUtM, of l'liU?|. Ipbla, from iiij. au eentaeber* neat Iht rama |ila4e, ?aii?-4ay a* ll*e? loot , the ?e? *l we# g >< off ami brought into K?f Wet. Ihe following m t u? ern I* net rr.K moktii lrw liuiit Metroj<illtan lUnk J f"traua B?o? ?( $l'l I (A N V Hei.i.ll fe ltr<M 12 <m Well. latg.. Jkto IW '*) t. W e|,?niiU g IOWA <itd?r. .? '<*1 Jtx.U l.>.it k la I'oith At Mgar In; 4 eobn w '<*? J. I'atrbk A f'?i ?,ty? W tl.Uer r '.*<1 i bell, A I n 5rt,M? M Matbawa* t, <*+ W II "i "<l A* I lligr'ne S ?? W wr lignafi Wi II King A ou 'i ViO I'nnk ot Anien.x y| .'M J |W< hi It llrotb* r I lrn? l k Ifgenh lit W> ?*? Ilell.r.' r- . . 6 47t* It I. 7. .lor U'?ai lie- .141.. fl.lla JI0?? J.huf'i'k Jr.... '.immi ' ?ebiwM A rata IS, not) fiob' nlth, May k 7 Hil.iml -??. Mt 1 00 J?ei I - I e "a A fa-rier 14 .tori T t?H A<- 14, IK 1'e.lx^y fcfV, V) 0)0 A Jarol.- A to , l> ui |Uwk<ro*eil r 4 Ml !'?(-?> k Wll'fer |o '*t ManfiirigAMtari ? i??l 4 :"( Total II 00f, V/I We aie iiide bti-i te <. W W n?a K t .i ? t a fornia *1 |n#u, to M.tara Well* l argo k (?. u.-l ". tk. ?nlf?a ei.e., tianm depot ?< J W Holllvari *r,r niei of IVH'ti* Hllllilllniy itf III) C?tflilgbl'< !? W)| iKrom Ike A It* I al . r la , Aug in I ' n ti e after o on of th* .'d In-'ai ' a bi t .eil.og .? t; e oIJ b'. al.<y awl W*. .ington it/aat a few ilawim . a<t ol N<irit|. riwry, r. >"i|M hjrl. I lUtier k <?? aaablotei . ? >tablo hnwnt , ?m *i??'ljr tiiarel t>y a It'll. I' ? er el | ...i. h, t|i? .ink of a I ren -Itroan nenrfel l.ljao II.' p.>ei:?r ea? 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