Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 9, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 9, 1855 Page 5
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Josepbioe, i* their diflnet, correct and musical enuncia tion. Oar limited *pace prevent* us from extending our rtmark* as tally u we would d-slre, end we mu?t 006 corn-Wee ?lth the simple remark, to conclusion, -tu?i tfceir succeefc was established in * single night. in? comedy of "Masks mid Face*," In which they ware sap j?,it?l by llr/Whentlelfc'h and a poitlon of th,c7"P*"';^ trodu. ed tln-m to the people of -an Fi:inctsco.aud diet! a of "Udle* Beware" cioewl thetr brat ; ?? the 10th, "The Uve Chase," with J"??Phiae as . G-ns?ance and Adelaide as Lydl*, W?? V? connection With the far?'? of "The Goo? d f ? jj xsiih Jocephine a? Nen. Ml m Joiepalne a stance surprised and gratified all, ^(}A11 ,? ra?ter ^ was by far the bent representation ?! < he. lJeiious have had ?n our board., on the Uth. r? Jeawu Wife," and 'l^rf<<:ti.m? were ^rformfd with *r.* I ee* a with Joaephlne aa Mra. Oakley, a , . . BarTiet Ku.-set , in the former ptay. and Adelaide m Kate O'Brien and Josephine aa Ho^n, m the i u ter. The comply was repeate. on the Wtl i, m with the farce of the Win dm! II, on the 16th they ?? Masks and Face." ^aa "produc^^On appeared in the f ^^X^wo turo - On the 17tli, MU< 1 <>ve," in connection witu two iarc , ? quitted themselves with marked ?bl,lty ? ["The Oourt and the Stage" la 'The Kin*1*, JTom Taylor and C. Kea le.] Some of the other pipe" aay that the houses were thin. The American ?a* closed The Rousset sisters ipened it for three nights mkI then sailed for Callao. The Union thfctre h*. been reopened by a French company who performed "Lea Pari, lens de la Decadence ' a piece which we never heard of, but whleh the California patient, celebrated for dramatic discoveries, inform u< tad a run eq-ual to the "Corslean Brothers." Borhsa had had a benefit, when ?' Der Frischnta" wae done in German. The orchestra included nine violin*, two viola four violoncello*, two double ba?ae?, two flutes, two clario nets one okoe, two horn/, two cornets, one bassoon, one trombone, one ophicllde and drum, triangles, * thirty Instruments. He waa very MW theatre In San Francisco was to open i-eptember 0, . A. King and 0. Kyer, managers. I?e * Marshall t circu wax at fan Francisco. A paper of the 18th says Mm Sinclair and troupe are still on ??our through the foUHor townV where Key J'ave ^rmed thus tor, /*nns{rferable Huccens. Mr. and Mrs. StarK ait p?ay Si at the Nevada theatre, which establishment they have uicd and are doing an excellent business, fllg. Lan ioni, Mile. Tbierrey and Vlons. Betnedelli, sailed on Tuesday laat, on the ship Afrlcalne for Callao. M|?l. Anna BishoD is arranging for her Australian tour, and wuTdej'art m a f irtuight* p0 Backus Minstrels sailed for Australia on Thursday, the l'ith inst. Personal Intelligence. ?enor Bon Antonio Jose de Yrlsarrl, on the 4th inst., presented his credentials to the President, and tvas re Lived aa Minister 1 lenipotentlary of the States of Guate mala and Salvador, in Central America. ARRIVALS. _ At the Smithsonian noise? Hon. (??nUv ' liertl B. H. Hill, U. H. A.; Hon. Tll0">f J ",'m ' ' r i^Vurih' N-w University ; CoL Furgufon? y'. ; Br. Stein. Richmond. Va. Id the steamship Northern ^^^^tf.lhSe?' child and servant, A Griesnian, 0 J MellRen, H W . 0'C^no7,prWh'nil40& O Bnidbury! Puv.on C A Koce. Freeman k Co'? e*|)re?s JS!? 'w I [ ,.iP 'o II Wines A Co's express messenger, J t (1 W Wolf W " (taker. Wells. Wx? * express flssisss ; wife and chUd, and 862 In uteerage. From Savannah, In ?'eom*hlp AutfU?ta.?K. Thomtpon and lady, Mr?. K?n<loine, MJbh i BeUou' W. W*. !????% a f Mm John N. ?>? neiion. n. ??. Amntn, William Lynn, T. D. Alh\m^ w^AdamTMM. 8*. Mr Arthur M Smith K. P. Vanvcl?or% R. w. Acianw, ??? "? Tombs fl'eo. W. Shaffer ^^GUrk, Wm." K. R OlS-. Hol,rt H. Itunkcr. O. r. By*h, A. A. Solomon*, lady, child and uur*e, ani 4 ?'from Charleston. In stcawhlp ^utherneT.-R. No^nJV w Heerher C. C orren, John Kenpefeck, i. a. B. f-cbrcnder and lady, A. ('ai-siln iuid lu j'^ is^ ^ ^ three children and uurse, J. F. Ureen, u. .>aiuan , the ateeratie. _ DEPARTTTRE0. Vor Southampton and Itremen. h. steamship Bnstlnn Rohrliitch, Mrs : S'abl and , ; ? vv B',,r<k, Vender t.ioelien and child. Dr ? . ?? I A I aw. ^ aial?? ftlhat1 (.:bKa0tFln"'k And/ Roab. Mr H??m...?ke. &faJ?Mr jt wlbeT!/ Wb\Vie^ itttnd 2 chlldn n Mrs Weyrauch, sister and daughtert Mrs v** Ml.^" vs"r'l i li Julius itiiller, .1 vandervoort ? Total 9ft. n ?d^?v:r wi^ ^r?iVrs A^ph ?^r^w,T.rvi! ' Herm b? rc, lady and ch d. B O SiMn, H r ^ y. and two servant*. H Merrill, WlUlamt, uray^ ?, ? ?> J Wellsand iniant, GW*e A ? orr j , vldr'>n. T c Wdlard, ? V It .ole. T^Barl Ke. ^ ^ T H 11 ' 1 S'wTtaS1 Mtol ?S!SSSf sSi ? K't, mVant'anrs^rvant; W L Janett, and 40 In the steerage. ... k,? j For wnm h,"" r^.r.'Ohn Mct!reKor,.lr,h^in|H, , M 1 Krl^cls"' h^rry A Tupman and Ly. ten U 9 seamen. , t?l- B soldiers, and 15 In -he s-eera?e. I Political Intelligence. TBK NOMINATIONS IN WISCONSIN. The folio wii jr are the nomination* for ffato offlcors, rade by the I?'m>>eratifi 'tatc Convention in WinCon?in : fit.vernor ? William A. Barstiw, of Wauke.liA. Ij*ut. Governor? Arthur Mr Arthur. of Milwaukie. Srcret?-y of State ? D. W. Jones, of I-afayette. Birnk Cnnptroll r ? William M. iJennis, of Jffferson. Treasurer ? <liarif-i Keolin, of Manitouwoc. Attorn1 y flenetal ? Wllli.iin K. t-'mlth, of lows. Commissioner of State Prison ? Rl*ard ry. of Podge. State Superintendent ? A. C. Barry, of Pacine. Gov. W'lnflow, of Alalm-na, hm come outa^ain-t Know ynthiugisnt in a lelter to hi* friends in tiilnesviile, in which he proi]"an. en it tlie greatest political liaraling ever attempted to ha practiced on an enlightened people 0. If. Hillyer, etlior of the tffctchM Courier, hu bo 'a nominated by the Know Nothing" as the can hdate f jr Congieas in opposition to Gen. yuitiunn. Kapenacheld'a II a ta.? The Great Demand from gen'lemen of taate triumphantly demon-.'.ra'e i tlie pop'i larlty of Ma splendid fall hat for 1MB. Those tn want of a ?a Br or nrtlc le should uot .ail to call at 118 Navtau utri' .t, near ekmatt. Aiiionl DaKiitrrcelypn^-targe HIm for 30 eenta, colored snd In a nice raw, tarlre the size u'hers lake for BO rente, slid equal In quality and aire to I bo ? made else wbrru lor 12. ANbON, oH) it road way, oppoen t MelropoliUtn 8andny thinking may n* well be upon tlie so' >ject ol our Kotriv dow it lo posterity ihrouttb the ?Renr\ of :? rent daguerreotype* imd splendid 1'. piioiour.ipUx. and lo know we <an obtain them of the ArtinV Club, 2W ilrnadwiy, as other a lae. dsnm Horace Wsttn' Modem improstd ptanoa, possessing in ihetr Inijiroremeut of action and over Minn a flower and compass often* -"via I 'o -he Rr*u<t pianoa. Bote ?tastney for T. Oilliert A t'o.'s llalle l A Voaaen'l, Wood ward A Brown's, and .1 ?<>?> * 'bickering's Bortoa plat.oa. aud constantly In stole pianos froin some dm of the boa. Vtw York awnafaeirrles. barb Instrument g tarai.ieed to jtvn enure satisfaction or purehaae nn*e) re'ui ned. Second band ptaocf ef all rarletles and at great bargain*. Price* frnta $3u to SIM Mar oe?a?n piano*, with Iron frsinrs, fur tiao I'iarv< - '? mil, and rent allowed on purcbaee. Plaooi for *al* on nam b ly lattvnt.. Sole atirani for N. I> A II. W nr'9 kin ied nte'odeot.s, iiuiied 'he equal teinj.erainen I II OR A i V. W ? Tf 5H, B) B. ?dway. Thf Plaiio.?Sowlhri n a d Wntern Dralrn are tnHtrii to ersmloe .1 A 0 ' I i Hfilt' ' new < I ala -evi* betn* the ' e?' ?? I s-ron e ' j-'ji os *o fir i ? rind Minn fariory and warerwa .'43. Ho, MI and MB Tartti'y-elgbth > tree;, near NUjUi ar^cae. T'?e Rachel Polka, by J. II. Cromwell, hiu ?waved *o i e ? ri. rldc : favorite. V tlusn I, WW -<fi - re e>**ii otileied wl'lmi he la*' week > nr. ( oonWeu tl tit ViNploae* mn/lr tearhr.s we will'* ",*>i I; ?*ml .n ea-h a f?TT ers'ls in s re :ld Jie Ulv? rvis'e > n \ iej r. jelpt of II.W?? oeu;? lo preptv jm ? 's.'**. I'i i-e, m b the oean'lf il p*t# to va?>hlr Mkei. '?s or Baeii*, la dlaolors. 80 eeiV" WWimw l, lwvr*pli Jb mua. bant w aoypsr' >w I n on free ol p. %ca o..)K A ni: ? . Hrooiway, 5?.le .?t?'ii< .or H-'oa's .Vuw I'ork. and tlrowa A Allen's |ir? n.l'.mfJ?s>ton l'Unt KhI *?. *1 Mr. par Pair.? I". II. f.ra<l hea'.-r * Of ."K7 He?ad? ay. rw Monday. S. w |i?>h will ?.p< n oo" ol ladlaa' rr> nrh kM <mras, alhrb'. i spotted si 4s. per pair. A *o, foma" orav tm, wmttrr a> u s, Ar. ffUkal SID^ifl fkxmt A nethsn.? Several lusrije lots ?f navv and eteean' atylna of tr?es alias wtll be tt^r?d on kfrrftdav. f-'pt 1(1%. at areaf Strcaas. A Ian, a larM lot at -iiL.eria'- black slika, w..rran;e? ?? vt*r sreil. e mallr ritetp. ' k\ H. I.KADBKXTKH * !??> . Ur svlwsy. A FImk" net to h? If -t art *?* K*fry l>ay.? 3 net reretretf * larK>' lot of ??ry aaparlo f Madl freoah okA dresar<.ai> aoM.'e in tke latest t*yte, )tie?i 'nrou.twuii wnau>e f nest sa'tn'dr selling st t VANS' ? '"Mini Warebo j?e, Km. 6? aad ?8 fniion afraa t. M *9. CJreen'a Shirt Pnrnlnhln^ Store, Wo. I Aatnr llot se ? Ansn'i'-n la Innfed 'o Ihe superior art, *S In ihs K"n llenien's fhrtilshlnf drpar'rr.ent 1h? arU^iasta ' I-I?e?ery aartety of aadar starts, drawers. ti?s. ctratrata, (lores, aaifbo e ?'.awls. t'OW slnrl s'nds and slrere boMoaa V''tnl- 'I sn<t (dhrre !?<?, tu.prirt??l for the Call M win'er trada* pri'.ca arc axxiarate and the aaeoi tment .n? i wind. i For Pwtertlw inlMt IwpHw and all 1 in..ect*.? Husklu's patent Improved uoimpy and net? eombtn 1 lei; teayiy, cUtpiicm aiul enure security ufaiiwt Inserts, wtihottl'?*>s'ructti?|i (he olrculatlon ur ?l r. ft t? constructed so thai K will fit any bedataad, and the net la no ariuugod that It will -contract and expand by m cans of rubber braids, to that It will tit securely at all times and on all bed-'euds, thereby af fording entire protection against Insects. It can be attached i to the beds'ead in less than 'wo minutes, and .-an l>n taken down lu >o equally short apace of Ume; vol whllo It atlords ihe B tec ion vouch!, It Ik a Iwauutul and ehiufte ornament to the . Particular attention paid to order*. It 1* Indispensably <0 Invalid) not only by night but during >he day. W. bTBATTON, Hole A*eni, 90 Chambers street, N. Y. Great Bargains In Carpeting. ? We have now In iitore a large sloek of fall importations. couiprls'n,', velvet. lapestry, llrtiMiels, three-ply, and ingrain earpnts, floor oil dobs, Ac., which we offer at exceedingly low prices tor ori.Ii; rich BruaMla, Is. au<l 8*. per yard. SMITH A LOl'tlhBKKY, 4M Broadway, near Grand street. Something I?w._J)lrertl]r Oppoelte Tay lor's Haloon, In Broadway, corner of Franklin street, a new and elegant carpet warehouse has just been opened by the en terprising Arm of YOCNQ .1 JACQUK, who, we are Informed, have just received the latest patterns of velvets, tapestries 4c. , and ? hleh are offered a' extremely low prloe*. Good Briuaeln at tl per yard. Caiie CmhwUM.? A Stw and Beautiful Ar tlcle; the cane la very small, made of wrought Iron and very genteel intappearance; the umbrella la made of silk, so ar ranged, lhat It may be used for either or both; no traveller should be without them. BOYD A HALL, 13 Warreu street, I up stairs. Defiance Salamander lafts? Robert M. Pat RICK la the cole inanulacturer In the United Stales of the above celebrated safes, and patent powder proof dctlunce locks ami cro?s barn. Depot 193 Pearl street, one door below Maiden Herring1! Patent Champion Fire and Bur glar proof safr, with Hall's patent powder proof lock. Moth received prbee medal* at the world's fail', London, UM1, and Crystal Palace, New York, 1K63-M. 81LA8 C. IlEKBINO A CO. , 135, 137 and 13V Water street. Lealrtng Gloaaeo, for the Fall Trade, at greatly reduced prices. Buyer* are Invited to examine ?er slock betore purchasing elsewhere. BICHAHDH, K1.NIM /AMD A CO., manufacturers, 110 Chambers street Sew Paper Hanging*? At the Old Batab Mshmcnt, 436 Pearl street, to which we it. attention of dealers and oonsumers generally. O'suLLIVA* a PAY, Importer') and Manufacturers. Hew PspJr Hanging*, Wholeaale and Re all.? THOMAS FAYK A CO., Importers and manufacturers. 26C and 2ft? Broadway, directly opposite the City Hull, New Yerk. New Btvlcs of frescoes for retail, all styles, for the coun try trade, at wholesale, at the lowest cash prices. Batchelor'a Hair Djre, Wigi and Tonpees . She beat In the world. Nine private rooms for applying Ills ?arivalled dye. Beware of Imitations; they result In ridicule, she largest stock of wigs and toupees In America, wholeaale and retail, at BATCH KLOR'H, 233 Broadway. Inhalation for Consumption Only Proper In certain stages and cases. Qnackery has already been the cause Of too much suffering. Chronic diseases, disease of the chest, Ac.? Dr. A. H. HEATH, No. 860 Broadway, respect fully Informs bis friends, patrons and the public, that ho par poses hereafter lo devote his entire professional attention to Jie treatment of all chronic affections, nervous diseases, uud mwlaQj all diseases of llic throat, lungs and chest, and ge nlto urinary organs; also the other specialities to which he bus devoted mi many years. Although Ur. Heaili approves and :ommends the zeal of many members of his prolessiou, in studying pariicular diseases or classes of disease, vet b" can not OOntl' 'nn too strongly Uie great and growing evil of axclu slvene narrowing down to a single subject of attention, l'hyatciaus and surgeons liave to minister to the whole human physical and menial organisms, with all their sympathetic vi bration* and vlial Consumption ami most outer serious diseases are the result of general rather than specific causes. Hours ot consultation from 3 o'clock A.M. to 1 P.M. The Great Inhaling Remedy for Asthma, Consumption, and nil diseases of the throa' and Itin .'s. IT. I uttln's llygcnnu. 'thousands have been restored to health Ilia punt year by the b ygeanu. Principal ofllco No. .'WJ Hro id way, and sold by C..II. King, So. 196 llioadway. Price (3 a pnrkiino. Df. Curtis will be at the olllcn dally from 10 to 9 o'clock, where he moy be consulted iree of charge. 1 never dared to touch a plant, To peaches I became a stranger, And though I longed f< r pears to come, 'I bey always pu. my llle In danger; But nuw I eat them all securely ? I know >be Cognac bitters 'II cure me. 1 Ms famed rented v lor cholera, levers, bile, Ac., Is lobe ob tained of 8. STUNKKLD, 70 .Nassau street, .V. y. Hollowny'a Pills? Prepared f rom Selections from the vegetable kingdom? possess the most miraculous virtue in correcting derangements ?l the liver and stoma.-)!; they also strengthen the digestive organs and Increase the ap petite. hold at the manufactories, No. HO Maldca lane. New York, nnd No. 244 Strand, London and by all druggist*, at ift cents, ti:>, cents and $1 per bos. He rnia Curttl. IIonnKrN, Ang. 22. 1868. My Dear Sir? About three months aro I was advised by my physician lo procure from you a truss tor an Inguinal hernia, encouraged by the assurance that, with proper care, I might look for a cure In about a twelvemonth. I vlsted you last May, and In compliance with your advice, 1 took one ot your ra Ileal cure trusses, which I have faithfully worn until its further us? se< tu< d to me unnecessary. The liernia In three motives was to all Intents and purposes cured. I know you will learn this result with pleasure. In addition to the satisfaction you must naturally derive from every new proof of the efllcacy of your admirable Invention, there must be to you an unlalmm source ot ploasare In the r el lug that yoor ingenuity la atlordtng dally relief to thousands of yi ur feliow men. Allow me to conclude with my best thanks for vottr Invalu able services, and with the expression of a hope that you may li.ii^' be spared lo those w lio need the resourc, s of vour art, 1 remain, my d' ur sir, with sincere gratitude mid unf Igned regard, yours truly, A. l'KRRIN, West lloboken, N. J. fo Mr. 8. N. Mithsn, No. 2*j Maiden lane, N. Y. Dr. 8. S. Fltrli, Author of the "Sit Lcrlnree on ( onsumption," ofln i' 14 Hroadwsy, will be please. I to ali'.rd r< .let to those who have been Injured, or who have fail ed to I e benefitted by the speciality of Inhalation, for diseases of the lums or throat Open dally, (Sundays excepted.) from 9 to 6 ri'ciw k. Treats consumption, asthma, diseases ot the li ??art. sod itll chronic diseases o, males ami females. Consultation free. I;r. H. S. Fitch Is always a' home, and there Is no person elsewhere, travelling or otherwise. In any way connect-, I with him, or authorized to hall from his office, or relcr patterns u> him. Birth. "n Thursday, July 12, Ruperta H., wile of Geo. Alexin Baker, of a (laughter. Married. On Thursday, Sept. 6, by the Rev J. Bra?h. Joiiv Fro> ma.v to M ic? f.UXAiimi M' bwEV, of Edinburgh, Sco'tand. DM. In 11, e country, on Friday, .-<epf. 7, Worn* fiATUt *on of f amucl and Ma firaydon. aged 1: month* wil l 1 lay. ibe relathen and frien?l* of the (ainlly are invited to attend hi* funeral, from the Market utreet Church, thi-i afternoon, at two o'clock. im Friday, Sept. 7, Jonv BAnwr.t Vdto, son of Jo vidi and kliia Veppo aged 19 month*. The Mend* of the family are reapectfully Invited to attend hi* fum ral from No. 18 Hamilton street, Lhig afternoon, at two o'clock . On Friday, Sept. 7, A.*x Loi-?*a, daughter of Jarnes P. Stanton, aged It) year*, 1 month and 1.' day*. Ihe frieiids and relative* <if tlie t.imily are reipertlully iiiMted to attend her funeral, from No. 177 Kldrilgo Mr. et, thU afternoon, at two o'clock, without further li ritation. </n iiiday, Sept. 7, of Consumption, <'iiarlei 1I< A< till F W, aged JA year*. The Ii iendi ui the family, and tho-e of hi* brother John, and of ( batle* Neary, Km|., are feepecffally luvlte,| to a t<>nd hi* funeral, from No. 314 iludnon ?trie', thi* afternoon, at one o'clock, without farther notice. Hi* remain* *111 be interred In Calvary Cemetery. On satnrdav Sept. 8, William U. IUldwlv, *on of John Baldwin, age! 1 year and 5 month-. 'Ihe Irieiid* ot the family are raspeetfulljr invited to attend hi fui.eial, from No. l.j 1'eok i lip, thi* afternoon, at two o'elock. < allfoinia paper* ples?e copy <m Friday, se^t. 7, of the ?cerlet fever, Hwr.v Maui.a rvt, infant daaguter of T. W. and Jane I'aulacn, aged 2 years and '2 iu< nth 1 be triind* and relative* if the fhmily are n?p<-<-lfiilly invited to attend bor fnmral, from No. 271 We<t fhirty hrNt street, thi* afternoon, at two o'clock. <<n .-a'uidi.y morning, feti- . 8 Maroarpt Bmoro.*, wit* of Charles llylngton aged 4a tear" and 8 month The ftlend- and relaiiV"* of the family are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, from the residence of her hro'hi rdti law, Jamea K. Buwden, No. .0 - anion street, to-niorn w morning, at ten o'clock, without further notice. Her remains will We interred in (?!? enwood (>. metery. \S mum -hurg and 1'lnladelphi.i pa;er* pleam copy, tin ,-attnday, rept. 8, Roosir. HI* Arlenda and a'-?|nainfanc??* are re?pectfully Invited to ait.i.d hi* funetalf from hi- residence. No. H8 I Jeventli sireet, lie-ween lint and Second aveuua*, thi* aftern "in, at Iwo o'clock. ' n -at u i day, :'ept. *, Catiikri-.f U'fcBruB, from the parish it hllcotily, county (ialway. Ireland, *** 1 41 year*. I?er friend" and acquaintance* are reijieoiiully invi'od to attend her funeral, from No. 110 Koo-eveit ?treet, to morrow afternoon, at two o'clock. uu uturdav morning - ept. 8, afier a long ai?l linger nig il.i.e ?. Ira<i N. T. Mi A am t h. mm of l-a? : .??. and fa. ah Ann Tucker, age I 18 year*, 3 month, ami 18 i?y?. bt* friend* aad acquaintance* are reepeetfnl)/ Invited to hi. funeral, fiom the residence of hie par-nt*, No ,,f,a H?hlh avenue, to-moorrow afternoon, at three o'clot k. Albany paper? please eot>y. <m ca uiday, -epi 8, ? I", SiKt rx, y ingeit *<>n of < barte-i and Jaun Ani.e <>'! eary. aged 4 noMhi 1 he ft lend* and aoiiiaiiiunceH of the family * ?? rn. ]e<tfnlly invited to attend hi" funeral, from IDi VI ,tt tre?t. tbi* alt'-rnot n a' two o'elock. 0?H?turday, ?ept, 8. Hcon Imxi>9 wn o' <\ n tantln" I ill' n, of the town ot Dally *haan<>n. couc y Iionegal, Ireland, The friend* of 'he family a'* re"p*ctfuily invited to atttnd hi* funeral from hi* re?idi i|i-e w ni Cora metee and Van Itrunt ?treet*, .-<< nih Br'joklyn at three o'chek I*. M . without further no'ic? In Brooklyn, on satur'lay, -Vpt. 8, af'< i a -hort Ulne??, WniiAW I . J< I'**' v ?on of the Lite Win. r i'-linwo, ?fi d year* and '? mon h*. Tlie relative* an 1 fi >nd* of the family, and of F ttii-ii -kii.rty, a<e r**peet/nBy invited to atteiel bin funeral, fiotn 'iiace Chotrh. Brooklyn Height*, thi* afternoon, at two o'elock. In Biooklvn, ?nddenly, i n fatnrday 8. uj*, wife if Itaniel W. Uarriogton, and daughter of John 1*. ktiowle? formerly ef Charleatown, R. I the lewtive* and friend* of the fam:ly are ra?p<>i-tfmly Invited t<> attend her funeral, from Rritoe ?tr*e* Bapti*' < hurch, this afternoon at oii<- o'elock. Her remain- # U be int"rred In <'ypre?? Hill* Cemetery. la?Wn papei* ple?*e c/ip y. ' n Sator.isy, v*r ? 8. Mjjhvi wifi- if Ia< < ?l/ngtn. f| imerljr off (aeinnatl, f/blo, and daughter of W.o. X . r. I .-arah Martha Marvlea, r-g*-! '26 yean, fi m ,i'ii? tul d*??. Ihe friend* of the family ami Ihrtwf of !.er i,n<!? ih - ma* and 11 eary llarnden. a e r* p?r f . ily inv -d to a* 'end li*r funeral, from th<* ici f her !a' ie No. 171 sgAd* iirerf, Brooklyn, to-tLv;:0 , n two o'clock. Htr remain* will b? eonreye.! to Green wood *er interment. (id Mtt nrd?y, Sapt. 8, after a lingering illntMg, MuiT Kiizii mh. only 'laughter of John T. t'lapp, agttl 5 ywar*, - mouth* and VI day*. The f. i.-nrin of in? family arc regretfully invite 1 to attend her funeral, from her father'* re idence, corner of ? ;r<ive ?tieet and I'roepect flare, JerHey City, thla aftar not n, a' two o'clock. Her remain* n ill be taken to Orrea wood lor interment. i n Friday, t'ept. 7, of disease of the heart, SUraii, wife ol 0*ra l/Llfy, natiie of county M?n<ihan, Ireland, in the 66th year of Iter age. 'llie frienilii and lel.itiTeH of the family are reepectfully invit-d to attind her fonernl, from her late residence. North Ninth mreet, Williaiu?burg, thin afternoon, at h-ilf-pant tw'> o'clock. At North Hampton, Man*., on Tueeday, S-pt. 4, Mr. llk>hv bi t tu. native of ;Saxony, tieruiany, and for many yeaix a rri-idcnt of lloboken, a#ed f>8 yi-arx. In NorthBeUi Ma-?., of roimumplion, on Friday, Aug. SI, Jtl:t citA A. hki.TON, wile of Merttli II. Kelton, of Will uim-burg aped 30 years. Monti rHer (VemiontJ |?i| em copy. ADVLRTWi;m.NTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. HEW PI'IILIC ATIOIVH. AVOICK TO amkrioa Will be ttubl tailed on Satdrday, Rnpt. 8, A Voire lo America, or, the, Model Republic, it* Olorv orlta Fall; with a Keilew of the ('iiUHc* oi'the Decline and r'ellur* of the Republic* of South America, Mtixleo, and of the ?.>ld World; applied to the present crhda In tlie United tjiates; one handtome volume, over 400 pa^e*, cloth Kilt, $1 25. Con enta oi'thr llie I listed State*? Proapectlve and Retro<p?** live; The Ancient Republics ?Early tlvillzauou; HparUi and Athene; The Kali of Rome; Italian Liberty In the Middle ag?w; Mexico, and the South American States: The llcroeaof Liber ty; '1 he Boundaries of Countries ? how Established; The Anglo Saxon Race and Liberty; Romanism and Freedom; The Right* of Conscience ; Kellgloua Toiera ion; The Bible, the Charter of Liberty; The Principle* and Perils of our Common (education; What t onstll ntes the HI to; The riff ht of thi Maj ontv to HuJe; The effect* of Romanism and I'rou stantlaui on Cm lizaMon; The Political Power of the Pope; Necessity of Insti tutional Safeguards; Demoralizing Intluencoof Demagogui-un, American Citizens? native or adopted: Romanist or Protest ant 1 <iually Interested In reaUtina Foreign Influence* Kvlla ot Militsry Orguui/.atlons KicJoalvefy of Na'urallzed Oul/eua; Secret hoc let tea? their I 'no and Abuse* The (?UUen of a Repub lic; N* uraltzatlon Lawa of the United Htates; American Na tionality ; 1 be Common Cau ae. Thla work eminently claim* the attentive perusal of ev?ry Amnrkio citizen. B. WAL KI-.R, htblwar, 114 Fulton wtreef. and may ????. hid OK All book sellers and agents throughout the Unted Htates. APPLKTON'8 NEW CATALOOLK, (<KCOMU KDITIO.N. A NEW CATALOGUE OF AMERICAN AND KNOLIHII HOOKS, ComprlHlntf a moat extcnatve uaaortment of TUK BKHT WgKKS In every department of literature and acience, WITH A COUPLE! K I.Hi'l.I. Price 25 centa. On r? remliiancc of 25 e?-nth a copy of the rata!ogue will be sent, aid, to any part of the United State*. 1). APPLTTON * CO Publlnhem, .146 and i4M llroadway. Triumphant hucckhs. 16,0i)0 corica *oi n im tiikkr wr.raa, or MKMOIHH OF HKNNKTT AN1) IHrt TI.WKS. With a fine Mkualuon Pouthait . 4M pagea. Price $1 26. Cwy body Si reading thla truly ohanntng biography ltd trlumpnani auecena ia (?rove?l In the ranld aalca of "liteeu thou aand copl**a wlihln thref* wcfk? of the day of publication. li Im roncedt'd i>v rwry pt-r^.n win li i- r- ?t l ih?- wih k that I* embrace* wUhin ita contents an amount of varloua facta, t4> gether wlih a phlloaophical aurvey ol ll'e in all Ita pliaaea. enri< ^ e^l and enlivened by ancedotea *uch aa are aeldoui comprta?s l \m a hln tie volume. It pUe *a the character of Mr. Heunett abov? the cavlla of partlfiiina, while it. compriaen nn entire hlaiory m hla remarkaole career from poverty to ailluence? -from the humhleat Htailon to politioal pow?-r. The work, In fact, t* the. only truthful nortralt of the eminent JovrMUiftf c?i 1 h? Herald Nen , iper and Imp ull ? i!y . AMUrleai ;v aixl fanhlully aurveya a period of thirty Ave yeara, together with ail the IncUlenta of prominent public Importance. From the thousand independent journal* that have heartily welcomed and commended tin* very valuable and Intensely In Icreailin: work* we select the foilowimt ?? The hook Is, as a life ot bctiuctt aliould he, a history of our own timea and the men and thtuKS that have floured in them. Ihe tone ot it ia impartial and Independent, and It ia evidently the product inn of a ripe scholar. ?Philadelphia City Item. It pour rays with Mpparent fidelity thu life uid times of one ol the most HUicesMl'ul ? ditors ot the nreaent century. It will be read with deep InU'rcat.? Hunt's Merchants' Maga/inc. '1 he author lias performed his labor with great ebUUy. He hit* produced the moat naii factory and able hioi?ratiiiy that we hav* come acrnas a?r many yeara.?Cnited .Sbite* Review. It p<?seH*e* a general Interest. 1' la not written in 'he apirlt of fuiaorii** a<l ilia ion. nor with a partisan /.eal for a per^mil favor 'Ite.? Ilarpcr 'h Ma^a/lne. STRING ?R i TOWNHKNO. PubUaiiera, So. 222 Hi oat I way. N. B.? Mailed on receipt of price, free of pontage. rpiIK NKW SOUTHERN NOVKL. 1 1 IIK IIIDIIKN PATH. My Marion ljarland, Author of ''Alone." One neat 11 mo , price $1 25. Tb?* en<1or eim nt of the Northern pre**: ? ** It will every way ^uatain the praise ao Worthily won by the auttor'M Orwt ellort. It cxhlidta the same healthful aenti m* nt uud beauulul ic^eling. i he *ame truthful simplicity and y? charming isegancc, die -am.- ^umi appreciation ol diil^retit phases of focal and domestic Hie. lie' tale la one of Ameri can life, and I* moht aptly and gracefully wrought.''? N. Y, Courier and Enquirer. " The Hidden Path' In a work of originality and genius, full oi *triklng thoughts, beautuul deacrlptiona, and Kru eful eonvervitdon, and lust interesting enougnaaa Htorytocarty he rea<ler tliiougn a Volume from the per una I of which nue j ?vs heUer at 1. art und wlUi a more get, kul kindly feeling toward liumanlty In a#*neral."? Bos on Daily Journal. "We t4lk?' the liberty of confidently cmntu'-u ling iUo our readers a* one of three gen le, eameai bonks, which will t?e found acceptable o all pure hearia, and becotne, woalncorely truht. an eapeclal favorite with the women readers of A me rles." ? I'huadeiphia bvenlng llulletln. Twelfth 1.000 n<?w rcu<ly. J. C. HKItltY publisher, New York, and for Male by all booftaellcr*. "ITINEYARD8 IN AMKRICA? PRICK 12*a CKNT?, WITH v remark* upon temperance, (its foundation J Inumpr ance, (l?a causea and remedies,) Uie culture of the grape vino In the L'niled htaten, and other matters of ImporUnce to rlali and poor. Hy John Oabom, of Oporto, In Portcgui, an I V?-w York. For aaie at No. 46 lieavrr afreet .New York. Copies transmitted free to any nart of Uio United States, on receipt of fifleen cents In postage stamps. PEKMllVAL. 11^ II. CAN ?K FOUND WHERE YOU LEFT HER, AT N. Jm 11 ? New Jersey. MR. CHRISTOPHER NPROAT? WHO OALLED ON Mr Young at thr? Navy Yard on the 7'h Innlant, is r?* q?ieafed to call a* soon as wnvenh nt, or send the number of hla residence. rpO CARRIE F ? Vol RH Jl HT RECEIVED- ME X at the place mentioned at half pant eleven, to day. M. POLITICAL. IT IK lU'MORED Til VT T P JACKSON WILL BE TEN. I di ied ihf notidnailon of AMmun hv tba M<l?'n* 01 'ha 'I writ !> ward A** the MO| !<V can Udara if Tom aocep'a wttii bl? own person* I popularity, l.a'ked Itj> t>y tba I.iquor I >.-al.-ra> Uitoroat, hr will hurry up an ITM of ilia Dint tantnaoi the 1 walfih. CIXTII WARD DEMOCRATIC NOTICE -BV DRSIKKOP 0 my uolliical ilemucrallo frit: nil." of Did ttldh ward, 1 01 Iter myaelf aa a randldaia for th? ofll of ?or. A UK A II A M CORTMMOS, ,V>3 Pearl a: r.-cl. rro TIIK CITIZENS OF THE POURTRENTH WaRIi, I 1 litrty ?? ventb Conned diatrtrt ? T broutfb tho urf* nt ?i i 1 nation of numerona lrtend< I hava eona^ntad io ar iinw h? f'.rr 'he public tm the peoph-'a caodWula tof Owioell in id of aaid dMrict, ud tboa hi I hi- ele v. I | ?i l pr ??. ? ? my Irirada ibai ibelr MlocUoo was not vuwonbjr. Your obedient ?ervanf, I1KNKT It ROOMS IPECIAL NOTICK*. LUVE POINT* MINION.? BKV. MR. P a?< lit of Uii. Ladles' Mt*a*on ut tl?> fin centl) nok twi'iiiy <-ivbt denatoie ibjilfu to lllmoia, wlcre b? baa placed ei, n In a yo?id home, it now In 'h>. 'itjr for 'he purpofi- oi obtaining a Idnioua) ? hiMr. n. for whom >?*??? Ittmt homo hare boon ><-"urod. M, V. M wUI re urn to iho Want II <1 to* dais. anil wi-hea lo >ji|t<- with him man, wooi-0 and ildldren. A puhll'' maatlng will b* bald at tba ehapal rtf the Mt'okwi, 61 Purk mreet, thla evening ar ball p??i 7. a' ?hl h ima *ir. \un Me er will preaant * nuabar orini?rniat focia In relation to iba Wc.t. iha children fcn baa 'ah'*n lhare, ami the homea pruv>dad for tham. All mar te I In thla ii' bl< woik are mtinil In a' lend. MAtONIU NOTICK.? THE MKMHKKH 'IF KI'RKK \ I>Kt||r No. nil Benevolent fridge No. JR, V. V V , are hereby dlreeu-d io inaat al dta daaoulo Temple, flornir ill If room* ami Croaby alrr?u, on Sunday, Nap! 9, al I o'clock P. M.. i racwly, k> pay iha laai Ulbttia o> mrlaU bro'bt , (ioarita Dartna Mrniiinra ot all uthar kxlffea ara rtap?.'if iWlj r*.|U' "ni Ui ait. oil. liy oriVr. WM. If 1 KDKRHIM. W M Kur.^a l^> l({<! No. Ml Wr. J M bk i', rfoa'y BtiicToU-n'. I^^hta No. ?*. \i a sonic notice? thk mkm bim or static riohth 1*1 l^dic. No, 1 1 f A M ara ra*|oaat^'l t, > i>^ ji m lalln ?tKudance ai the rriiular commuiiWtlim. on f ?y arfnin r, m j.'i nihi l 10. ai hualnaaa oi loipurtanr- will i>.. ii >iM '?!. liy ortlrr, OKO. ELY. W M J. J, Drkw. SacreUtfT. Von Tfl MIl.l.r.NKRH, DRKKMMAKKRft AND LADIES t' lierallj ? Tha ribbon ant Irimraliif at?ir? of VI l< LI< IITI.SfiTlKN, W llonrjr, MHrd llr tcr MnM, will ha elnard urrrj ha:urlay nil avnlnf. 1>ARTIf'- IlAVINf) (T.MM-I AOAP T TIIK I.ATC firm* r,t tluntbiKtmi A Un?ey, llun'ln<lon * i '?i a,, i < harlr? It H anilntfOm, will pktaaa aand tham In <o 'h' aul> ? rn rr on or liatora Saji am'.ar IWii. t 'HAKI'KH H IIEJat INUTON, M Wall .'rrai TRKWMTI HNFAUM AhirtOf 'IATION - ONETHOI HAND m< tnher- ? Kami laml> In Wlanouatn.? . ftiaa of a for * ?rrafi.rin *l'ha?ulag* plot payable In io xiili.y iruu i ni ii'a ol fH Sab? rll.^r* r^Tlvwl ai any imr durio : tba. da / pv. ii nr ? .? 'he a? ?" t. lon'a flm- *1 ha jiiO' on of Aa nr plare and Bghth K'roa', frottilnc .1 ?? ihwrr juHN .-rr;vK^H, Pr ?i.iri,'. H ? Jcnf, .lun-.^Oi rcury THF. MRKUfKN, \T A MRKlINQ OP ALERT HOhR COMPANY N't of Rr"o*lrn, h'kl at 'ha nrrlaja Innna Hoyt ?' n . aiurday uttntug, i-? pt. i?, IK6, tb. folfeowli % raa>4qUufia wara nfi?nif?i?i?alr ^Coi.'nl ? W l am*,., |t ha h plni?a?l an .llirlaa Ood In th? ain ' Mi ditlnr | . r ? I V- . ' io raro'>?o trim "ir in'lat (by ilaaihl W proiil- ni jMi lata i<ir>-Bi*n. William K M*an; ao-l * berr ?, wa da. m h ? doty Inawnbant upon w 'o t?.?ufy i i-^apprwru 'toiw I hla dxraalar aa a Irian, Ida #? :iar t.tty a? .? friaod. bia ?arvic ? ?a a fir-man. and 'he daap and ?ltirar? grW wa a< l la rariy di ml" ? ?h. rafor", d That j| flrta dl?P' n?Hnn of Wrlna ProrWriy ? W" b?l ? 'W t up' n Uj raroanii"- tba mnrrr itoiy of <?od. an l to ra w r ti< r il a runliy nt all human aonaaaia and parp. <. I'.' "< ? M, 1 '.at wWla in. in dim lb~ loaa i.t our fi i?*?d <??>?? rada a. ha?^ a crtfaful raf .ami ran''.- of bla omtr**" i? iuh r? h:? aalf ?/-r Mtit la I or? whll ? ilw 'hjaf ofll- ? r of U?a onm p.inr, hl? i.i wr'jmi wl*d> in and 4??|> lidaraat In 'lia walfara of lM Plro Dapartmrnf, at.d th. many rtrtnaa an-l ? ?..-u * whtnb boa r^ndi-rrd Ida mum .|nt. wl h ua ow </ rnlarra<l p"ap^rff o 'ha ??? mpany. ai.d of ?< *1 nnl'; and lote aitami Ma mam Eaan'rc4, That wr t< i,4?r t" hi* nHiictad widow arwl faiJi' y ' m aioaara f.allnfa of ayrnpaihy *nd wmdolrfM'** In tb^ir bo r*?T< Npni , ai d ?. faal (bai It will Im .?? iii.g ID tt?..m In r feeiin< that fa la ?o i[> ?arally mo>ima4, ?i I'ballila >ir o?* ara rrrrtmbar.-d and abt rnem.^y r.-narao d Roolaad. 1 hat tha bntfaa an-l ^Bpara'iia I a lreaaad Inmoom lr ' ari l that ?ro waar th^ 't?ual t.adi."' of mournltu tor tldrty day a. Jtr t.l'll II (i r JOHN. Chairman W 11.1.1AM II HIOOIX" | JOHN VIRKH, I. _ WII.I 1AM A #AI,KFif ( JOHN yt'IICT ADAJH.) I\TKLUHEXI R OKKK KM. iju'r HROAOW AT, CO RNER OV R,.s|.i; -Iill I M 4?v I M'ttIh, i 4 I o ??, <>' . ir?pT'*.*" ?? it* im?n. ? i. liffli. !?'"*'*'*? Ii mmI fri*li hflp, f#*r br9t?*i>' wtl** ?; ?i ? (?ru,*r <irr1 *?^ Of II- ? r?u b tuber, m t% Iv~*4 aK^e PHY QOQpg, AC. ' 4^0 nnn wobth OK dry qoodh at aaevr bargain*, it the llowery Huvtii#* ?Uire, Mo. lit, I o?ery. Kliie ll?nn?l?, white and colored. plain and twilled. Klaganl German mrrtnoe*, ?. Urt. I a V. (id. l.tkiiWul Kr. neb de lulntja, 1 1. 1?| to f 9. lti*H<*l I > lack ?tUx, 6k u< Hrou-Ji (Tin ham?, e?<v||,nt la. (looe Hncn haiidknr>'hit>f?, r,c. Very Ui>? do , u. aaoTletiMD'i bordered do., per 4m., 11 50, M SO awl IS. I o! oflainily linen*. ?i l* tfd., .1- m l 4a. I'rlined tbawU, IS. Ktnl roldered l?i? wool ?)mwl? f '* Italian merino rabee at fH ntid ta M. The*e good* OOtt about U a import th? m. Fli.e Maine very flue, 6c. Excellent hLtt'Ui.^s, do. , In. DOMESTIC OOODH retailed at wliolesale prices. ( cuntry merchants and peddler* liberally dealt with. One price, and (hat marked in plain figure*. K. W. A W. F. GILLEY. 6 XX BROADWAY.? OKVTLKJftKN'M FASHIONABLE t)?) furnishing bazaar.? LEWIH .1 SRACORD Invite *pe elal a '.fnii ion 'o in#j largeHt and nwMt complete assortment of shirt Irout*. in 'he c'.ty , our ticulai ly to new de^gn* and orixt nal atylen in tin* latent Paris fashion*. Onsuleor made up to order in warranted artistic titling shirts. Z J VALENCIA PLAIDS FROM AUCTION. - THIS *J* a bc.iUtUn) material in manufactured expres*ly for tall wear. Price one dollar per yard. A. T. 8TKWAKT A CO., Broadway, t'bainber* and Keade streeta. A FULL ASSORTMENT OK HHAWLS, INCLUDING every qualify? Broche hbawls. Stella Hhawla, Plaid shawls. For wile cheap at LORD A TAYLOR'S, M, J37, jyj and 261 Grand St., and ne w numbers 47 and 49 < ahorlne at. ANOTHER ARRIVAL OF A MOST ELEOANT AND fashionable stock of Prenob :????? modi, whiob htvi been geiee ad by Mr. Roberta at tte oihittnn lately held Ip Paris. They are of the mom beautiful design*, aud in point of style and i|u lit) 1 1 1 1 - u r i >*? r I The .a?iie* "I Now V I k .ui'l Iran gers are now Invited to rail. PETER ROBERTS A CO., Broadway. A CARD.? OPEN I NO OF NEW FALL AND WINTER dry kooiIn. rem en A DINOU, BM ami lift fcUxth eve tinti, one door below FourteenUi ulreet, would mnat partirti Inrly call th?t att?*n(ion of their cu*iom?*rs and the public to ?) > ir large .< n?i eompratenaife iioek <?i new (ktt cobda, now oi-fnuw'. '"?'n?|?ri-u ? i a*?or ??rii??nl ot ?llk", -h % v% : n? rln<H?e, ilflalitvH, woollen, plaUiH, hombazm?>H, Hnena, white KMdi, embrotdeiief, boaiery, tloree. lo,, vktak tat ityli ud , iir.ipi:.' .mnot be aurpaaied lu thlacity, \n inapeoUoa (a recpecttxiiiy nolleitedU toaSpriM marlMd eo every ^eoe ol t'oodM iii plain OKurt'H, and no deduction therefrom. KKMSKN A DIKOKK, 204 and Nlxth avenue, one door below Four teeuth street. At. ktrwart .t co. will opkw, on mondvy, ? S?*pf? rnl?er 10th, twenty caaea of u**w Hlks, HiiitabU* for the Kennon, b? autitul in design, and of timtrata ?|ualitv. Price one dollur per yard. itroudway, t'tiainberH anu Reade streets. BROC HK AND 8TF.LLA m AWtX? 2S0 RICI! HTFJ.LA rba* In, 17 5o, ^lo M. AIno, a larue lot of bro?*h?, ea?-hmer?* ion# and ftquarr *>Hawia at exceedingly ?ow pri<'?*?, from the recent auction *al? N. RKMHKN A DINOKK, *04 ami 20(3 Si?*h door below Fourteenth ntrcet. BRtlDlK'M FAI.I. (1X)AKS ? 4iM)RGE BRODFK, NO. ftl (anal and lispenard street, haa now in atore a aige aaaortment of novelties in velvet, cloth rind moire intlqu" sloaka and mantilliia, to which he invites the 'rape* tioo of whole*iel?? caah ami short tfcne buyers. BA1LKY. FARR1NOTON A WILL OPEN, MONDAY, Fent. 10, the store No. 0-3 1IUO A 1>WA Y, With an entire new uud ??xt"in?lve -?o? k ol th*? choi?*e-t KKKN0II KM ilROIDKUIKH, RK.aL LAI KS, MOURN 1 NO OOODH, MCHLINH. H\NI)KKK? HIHFS MITTS. A nd every other dencrtptlon of rich and fancy qoiwln to be found a' any Ktenilar houite in tho city, and at pri''c-4 unprece dented)! 1 v I he Inspection of the ladle* of New York, a ? aI?o of strangers vlxltinK the city, In ?np? .tally United to examine the ?p lend Id nnd eztamilvc array oi fanhionable novelties combined here for th* ir approval an?l purclau.o. Bltl S8KKS LA( EH.? Jt'HT RRCRIVKD, A COMPLETE Assortment of n II varieti?*a of point laeea, m>me very rich 0nd costly, and entirely new designs; also Mechlin, Ouipure, Hint Honi'oio*, In every variety; Paris embroiderlo* in collars, sleevea, band aerchlefi, Ae , unsurpassed m style or quality. MILLER ?k GRANT, 371 Broadway. rs\lh AND ??KE BROWN'S NKW STYLE, FALL BON \ J net*.? A beautiful aaM>rtment now ready for inspection, otcnMicly new inaterlaU and deNiKim. AI??i a lar^e assort ment of pattern bonnet* tor mtiltu?T? WM. BROWN, 443 Broadway, up stairs. / 1LOA K.J? < 'LOA KH. ? MOLYN'Kt'X BELL, Vh < AN.1L " ) street, i* now exhibiting bla fill irnpor alioits of cloaks, in alt ?he new material* and ?iyl?**, and calls the attention of mer'' 'bant* Irom all parts of the lruion to hh unrivalled let tn? liberal. P ^BROIDERIES AT HALF PRICRH AUl TION (iOODfl. a ? MINI SwIn* and rambrtc collar*, at fta., 7s., lo* , |'A<., and Hh, each; 2tsi eblldren'it collars, at 6a. each; .*nS) caiiii^ri'* baml*. tour yarns long, 10s. ca< h, IfsJ tila* k npotn I veils, from f I fti) to f 4. Only one price. jAMKM M AODKN, t>4,'J Broadway, m ci nd dia?r above Bleecker ati eet. I FRENCH M Kid NOUS AND CASHMERES? E\ety quality, color and price, ju*t received from auction md direct Itnpor'atlon, bein*< the lar?e*t k oi tbe-c fpx>>ia ever exhibited, and far exceeding our Immense display of l.t<t ?eaaou. LORD A TAYLOR 5ffi6, 2X?7 . .'.Viand 2H1 Orand **., aud new nurnber* 47 and 4*J (Catherine st pU/UNrKD SILK ROBES ?AN ELKO A NT 1 ment. enUrttly new and very cheap, will be oiler??| n ? onday, M-p'onc er It'. I BSDELL, PKfRSON A L \ K K, ? ?l Broadwav, betwc,?u 1 1 rand aud Broome **ree<?. IMMKNSE STOCK OF FALL OOOD8? I including every variety of deNirable Dry Ooods tor the >*ea*on. Opening sale* will e.ommence *?n Mon lay, September 10, at LORD A TA YMlHN, 257* I'.VJ and Jil Oraud St., snd new numbers 47 and 19 Catherine ?t. I C MAt'ORKfiOR PRESENTS HIS ( <)MPLIMK\TS *) ? tp bU old %n,| 'he p t'dic ^??fcrally, an I w?ml I lutorcn them bat lie lsa> removeil irom bis old utaod.^ifV Broa/1 way t? iW Bniadway, op|>oait,t 'he Metropolitan Jlotel, where he ofler? a full ?<i<?.ortineut of tfools in nU line for their e* initiation A new and choice aN-o. (merit of aoari*, cravats, ile*, n(<h k", *nd wilder W ar of all lee'rlpflons; ro??? de chao> bre; ?>o hi* celebrated b.alifrand kid ? love*. Shirts ma le to order arjii wariai.ted to fit. Oentienien can rely upon having their orders executed tn 'he beet manner. Batfdng suite. MTRINO PL A 1 1 is OF SUPER IOR HTYLKS AND QtTA Ce ities. We thall open on Mondav, Sept. 10 live cases of te shove j?oode, *t 5s. tel. p?*r yarn. AIno, three ca*e* ??f p ' aiti val' iM Ian, at ..s tW. per yaru. KleicarU pattern* und fine quality. REMM N <t DiKOKE 2i>4 and Jtsi Hlxtb avenue, one door below Fourteenth street. Mot s. HKLAINEM AMI llRK-x U'HifW. A mil "iiinn,' r r iM-amiriil Pari* d'nlnnii will M i - j.< ?!???! and rr ady for ?alo, no and altar Monday, Vtpli mb< r 10; n!?o, luw prlrr.l delalnm null <1: r*a k *>li In Kr*'iv varl?:'y. LORD A TAYI.OR, 288, 287 ZftUand Ml (Irani ri?'W inimbrra 47 an I ti i'u h< ? ! i . m. ?XTKW FALL <JO Xl Vphrilatrry. Curt a La material*, an<l frmrh iHper Iian|fiii|fg. tfOUiMON * IIAUT \u. 24.1 Broadway. ur?' now r<"?itliu( ? full alipply of full g<*rU, aul'aMr for Curtalnx Kurnltura f'otnrlnj, ?mi interior danormtlos, wl.lrh thajr 'ilTrr Wkiolmale an I retail f jx.ti tli? m-'at Canrable t?rm?, ro wlitcb lliay .n*ltr tlir at1*n?>"D of ?.b* TKAHK AVI) PCBJJC. IVor" Mured on Saturday*. NKW FALL OOODH J HF K .1 CO . *. ill orr.? o* irnun.? 10, a wr two "rvzfvw ?r<?-n or rixi v and mru iutv ooodr. SUka. vrlvata, nhawla. Cloak*, nian'Uia*. ui*Tln<f0, i MkiMrn ladlr.,1 rii.ilw, F1i.ii ai. l printed lainra, plalda, Cftll' on. I teen ? white trnaiiri*. tmbupx, .-ml n Idrrt>?, larra, Ko*ler> , K'- i rea, tr , Ac. The above - "< k will br found on ln?i>?<-'lon lo ba '.be .ar*r?i, r.. Vil a till i bea| rat arer oQftr* 1 in Jiln city, Nua. S6A mi't V.7, 7M and *W Broadway. N'SW FAU. filKlDh ? H. M. PKVHKR. ?K7 MROAIlWAV of Broome MRd, near the e*. Nkbol.'* llo?e| r<-prctlullj li.lorm* 'li*' ailira at >1 ??rr< hanu, 'hatbrwi.l ii)cn?u M'i<l?). Kept. 34, a ?pimdld aawwtmant of >Ir. r oak ar.d mentUla thnmlrtra .>( hi* own Importation, dr?i|(r,.,l ?'.r Ik- .all ii .xl* wmi h wl.l tor ??, lil wlnl-aalr ftfld mall a' the l<m? ?' in?rke: pnt ? a. Ilr wo'il l iiamo't arly call ih? at Or.tion 01 deaiera arid dr< 'tnakera <1 Un* aboee, aa It will lir io 'hrir tdiiDluii to r*a itkrtr th-^ r tier Urol ??4 carrfully Mlrrird Mack oh.-bufar mipmior 'oarivhti* llklUlnltn rllj. A ibr H?i r lir will aprn a ?rU?ndld *i ?or'iti' ii' oi I'ai i- an I.' ad drr?j?? ahkh ir??r nMMnf 'olia drurrd lu rt-iard *o l??'r aiKl ri. .aiirr, K. y FKYHKH, Vi brnmlwf <?,ri.rr lir<^ inr ?i nrar Jm- -i Mu ioIm HvMI. Vj-fcw ?;? M ?t)H ro* TIIK PALL TRADR.? ? HUPKRR ? < r|i of ii?'h drnaa "Ilk?, lir?irhr ?t.-'ia uyl Ma'.iflffrv ruli F i o* Ii rn-tim.rra unl nwM ? iln l?-liin ?r<rrh n>Tino< ?n-1 I'aratrmi '?? ?'?>! ina l? ?<lli . . open UiU i..<>r ..!???( a' UKORUP. KI.V1-, lit Hn("h awunii Nvw r in* pau# Tmr?: i u nri i. PKIKIWJ* A l. ikl. wll oprn <m ?'? i.lay m->ri<i>.< rpl. 10 aft ln.ll.rl.MI *'<>rk ?>' fa?ltM %lt|r l.rIM r*l rm ?t l|.. ol r .* b Mia, y rr i?. b dr lain** ?ti I ''i'hrii tr- nU.?l o' r?<ry daarrfpiloai <m?k i| i rn.tru frit wh mrnna. r?l| orr Ar A . No. 4.1 liroadwar, brlwr-i Or^arf ana l ornir alii i.. V Nrp.W ?*!? RI< II KMHROiriKUIRM ? KKn.v A I'C* ? .?"f lir* 'o rail *h? a<i>ntinn <A lad tra i? ttwlr ?4 ? MrplM aawrtmrM of ?r^r-b r id || 'mb, rr.?l?f,i ?r, l 0?/w '.p?r> f'rr I , , wftlrh tor ?' *l? MMMMp ? i d arir# |a 'imlfall*' I la h" riijr rlfh ll-itp. rr t!#whlin Va i rfcn'ira ar.d Yr Kihh Ibrawd ?<???. aK ? :arg? ?< f ? irnli rr?l, Uoia1 Uafhad *4?d 'apa I.'>rd^ra4 uorri lurries fur ? , Ir w al?<? ?ri<l r> ' ?? II <-ti '?|.r, tn i?!l'.a and a~U, ? Uta.i'b fhry wilkH alari In**'- jur !? I'ar alu i>' -r, o tK tr Lu trt ?irw*< whkii ia n.,w rrplri- wl>h rvrry .anr?r ? ?-> ?r.d " !or for la<llrr frnikmrn m,l rii)ldr> n ? wrar. ?r..' -r llimfia, 4 r | H ? tu * rwrllud a f/a?li Mfplf Har r :?-:.r?rrl Aiu<rt ?n pr! tit^i f Mt *u . tfr --tt.b MliM, trroad daor ' '-low I W . ? , -<U rri N'? v. < \ni-m- n.R tick rAf.i. trmil:- irokhr HKVKf MRili'ktnaM b* ,??! r? ?n?i a I*/ <? <>?l (il" ndld ?????'??? tit M ?r|?r(. l!r .,?-r ?, lhr"T pi . ?i, 1 Kri.n . ru??. roata, i..aMi ng w o<t??r ?! <4r?, all h? 1 IT r- ,? i ?kraa?d wld'h* of ?U clufba. fr?r> half y?r4 <<j <u?bt yar la <M pOPITITr.l.T THK l.AUT WKRK-MI KT HK ?*?? * I o'M 'o 'Soar op h# ' 'ntf#ri ' - r ?- * 'r ?f i trrwrj arat I rrad In tb.? rtijr ?? '?r?r-. and oil dao.a. a> (H* lar(? >mr?at | > ? ra Ml Ibywrr* ibrwr itr> r? ii?t? llr-> m- ?r~- M"vr W| .?? II I ftrnrra f?rf aair Omm (ppanwaMy iw a '?ttmh drvr I ? fcnjr - rt (l>? > aiafcr? << 'Kr ?>, i t a> mnaJi<a af?-r 'br mm ? rrt 1 hr .?? k waa pirrtva??d wh?n r?rpr ? wrra w I , . ?rr , h/w a< a-itlan, i?4 -km? ara mi .tn? 4k a\ <riT a> > nn r ?? radoriu* fr?w> b? rt?'|iirr Ii , ra?*.?a a T?r? r?r? l . -roai ? ?<> bo<?l and )*> .** rapara, and any ?m W?, ?????? *1 I *??< '?? ?*??? fonda H.a mmtr.r ?aa r, v -ar i andfrit ' "?b? fcaaa vliaw..! *; p.r rt,t frow< kaat -pr> ,* .?*.?? "! M.- ? ??U! -???, rtaaa a wall awlnxad a^?ir>rr. .? ?* ? >f?| ??;?? r*?i Ifcrar ply Mr) ionraim >?rpau on MM lb I 'o m ? IM, wub a la "-ar aa* .^a.rn* <?< mm raara, i .ir- I w>-?? -n arx, . au>?? '<.r?a-- ? laMM W I 1 | u .4 ?M M*, I ?!??.? W?r. ? tirxunr ? r?r. 1 DRV GOODS, Ac. PAK1H K \MHIONH rOR TIIK KAM<-MAI>AM HARRIH A hON, d7l lird*dwav. beg to Invito the ladies ot New York and vicinity to c.*ll ami Uiap??ci their tteauiiul euick ol F rvucb bound*, which they have received l?y tho Atlantic, bo iur, mide of the newest atylea o t material, new before *een In New York. Rich fall and wintw hilkm A full a*?<>rtm*ni ot brocades, piald*, moire and ail other leabUMiable ailka, lllO, plum and low priced rtlfca. In treat variety, at LUMP A TA YLoR'fl aw. ?a:, 209 ami rn Orand at . aud ww number* 47 and 4V t 'athertne *1. I Kl< II and r UBION Mil l: i i08 poooa. l>a<lu M would do well to *UAi?iu? (before pur.;?a*uw i iho ? boice *tock of lace good*. conalaUn: of capes, collar*, col lam and *leev*?a in seta, head urease*, bertha*, 4c., In great variety at t'AKTKHH I?acs Manuf "u * ^ ... United Ktatee,) MM! II road ? or old lace* altered to laahiouable aiylea I* PILLlt'N, LAIR OF 166 WAT Kit hTKKKT. WOULD repectfully Imorm hi* friend* ami ih? public at large, (h it he ha* opened at 02 Wi. Until a rret, corner of Cedar, wliere he otters to a bow to Ma old ctiatomer* aud all peraon* buy true tura, one of the largest and boat aa*or ment* of fura ever offered in the I ulted Male*. and at asUmlahingly low prlcea. Call and ciamlne. SILK ROUEN AT It RT AIL ? ARNOLD, CONSTABLE A Co. will offer 011 Monday, the 10th Inat., <i large assortment ti new and elegant *llk robe*. Alao *ilk robe* at very low prices, receive*! per steamer Atlantic. 02 Canal *tre*i. SILK ROBKH IN C'ARTOONH.? FIVE I - AHEM WILL BR opened, on Monday, September loth, Pries moderate. A. T. hThWART A CO., llroadway, Chamber* and lioade a tree is. t CAKTEltft I*aee Manti! ietory. (ilio only manufactory In U?e llmadway. Lncca made to any pattern, SILK 8. HILKti.? -REMriEN A DINGER, NOg. JU AND 21 Ki Mith avenue, will open on Monlay, rteptomber 10, thirty Iota of new fall allka from the recent large auction aaie:? ? 5 lota at da. tJd.; lido, at lis. (id.; 10 do. at He., 5*do. at l()a., 4 do. at 12a. and Ifl*. The above foods am considered irreat bar gulna, end an* offered at a very *mall edvauee from the auction price. URVKRAL PIF.CKS OK RICH DRRKH BILKH BY TIIK i; Mrd.wlll be opened ???? Monday, Keptember 10 UHH f'KI.ti, PRIRKON A LAKK, 471 llroadway, bet w een O rand and Hroouie street*. QTRAW TR1MM1NOH O WKISKKR HROTHKHH. linpor'era an?l Jobbera of Hbbona, velvet*, tlowfr*. C^Albcra, trinmilnKt*, enibroidern a and millinery kooiI^ In tfenerai, Noa 64 and 116 John ?t., corner William, up atalr* OTRAW OOO PH. ? JUHT KRCKIVKD, KOI'R l'\HKH O atraw Koodn, ?a aamplea of Uie be*i kliil and variety, lor sale at low ortcea, by P. PATURKL, 9 92 Pearl utreet. up auira. THE ATTENTION f?F WILLI N KM AND DKALKR.^ IN COLO UK I) HTHAW OOflDH. PAltlH KKATIIKKH, and PKKN?'lf FLOWRRH, la tudiclted to examine our alwk of /;o4?,l* In tliat line, which ha* been r? cent It Imported, and la offered at reduced price a lor ca*h, at Noa. 64 uud Jt>hu atreet, corner of Wllllain, New York. llOMKIi A KhTCIII'll Ju?t recelvefl? -10 ceaea rich colored Htrew and ChenUe i'onnetfl. TIIK TllRi^. C1KNTKKVILLK COURSK L. I., TROTTINO, TUKHDAY / Hepteuil>er II, at .1 o'cloe k, uu%t?-h f'i.iUNi, two mile Heata to wairon*. J. I). MrMann, name* b. in. Flora Temple. Iliram Woodruff, name* ro. m. I.ady Fraiikbn. Thl* iu? ? will come off without rrgerd to weather or rendition of tra< k . JOKL OUNRLIN, Troprletor. ( 1RNYRKVILLR COURSK, L. L? TROTTINU.? HRPTKM \J her lSlth, at & o'clock P. M-, mau*h $??**), mile heata, beat three m five. 0. Pilfer nameab. iu. Katy WooilrutT, J. ilrld^e* nunica br. g. YounK Emperor. JOEL CON KLIN Proprietor. (1KNTKKVILLK OOIJRHK, L. !.? TROTTINU ? THUU8 J day, Heptember 20, at It o'clock, I*. M.; porae, $T*I0, two mile heui* to aa^<iOM, v\aK*?'? ami driver to welKb 2, A i?'?uu?la. tieo. Hplcer entora b. #. Frank K<?rreater; J l> MrMann en teta b. in. Flora Temple; J M hanleiN enters b. g. Chicago J a<-k; l>. I'lUler enter a cu. m. Millers* thuuael. JOEL OONKLIN, Proprietor. (1RNTRKVILLK 00URMR, I-. L? TROTTINO ? MONDAY, J September 17, ?t three o'clock P. M.? Purae, <kkki; mile hi .it*; be*t three m live, in barnctn. Oeo. Hplcer elitor* br Mae; J. I). M? Manu enter* 0. in. I'lor.i lemole; II. W'?*lrulf enter* b. g. Chicago Jack. JOKL t'oNKLlN, Proprietor. RHO IIOUHK, IIARLKM.? Til IH FAVORITE PLACE OF eeaort la now in com|*|eUf order, arid ready to a<*ei?miiio date the Hporting and rUlioK public. The UoHiarn and Italtio Pane hall t luba play on the i cauUful Ki^en attacbtNl u? the l.i uae, and allbru much ?j??rt u? Uie vlmtera o( tiua beautiful piure. '1 he beat ol reireabmriii* itlwa>a oil batid. Wll.i.I.vM /i. liU'iW.V, Proprietor. "1 y MON COl'UHK, L. I.-THOTTI.VO, THCRSDaY, AT I / 4 P. M., pteu.ber V. Ma ? h lor f l.oou, unie heat*, '-???t tl.ree In five, in barneaa. Mr. i'en oly name, - *. Jotm lidirv, from Jtuaey, Mi* II. Wo?alrulf n noe ry, rrc _ frvui l;?.iaware. " Ml 1 W A WIUTK, Proprietors, "J y KION CO!' USE, L. I,? TROTTINO.? ON FRIDAY, Kept. 14, at half paMt 3 o'clock, pt eeUwl v, a rnab'b for 95<Ki, UiUe heat*, beat three 111 live, o waifon" Jl. Wo?n|rutf tianr-a m. Lady I rn. kiln; I) Pilfer natie-* a. m. Ml'.iei * l> *nie?-i. N 11. ? Ihla match will come off wiMiotit regard to weather. ^il.VW VV li li r., I'ropt leun *. If I ion COUBRK, L. I I it* ? i ! r O.-A PUR.SK ??!' J with an li able a'akeof ftJiio, bail lorfrli, mile he ita, b? 3 in 6, In beruea*, a>" a purae ot to* a), witli im io*i*lr ?tak* ot tall forfeit , \ VkO mil* ? t?*i 1 e,?? a . \o vn .i^o.i*, to nun ? o,l on1hor?<iay, hipt. /i, WMl I'm ? 'lay *?c i. Kn tie* oe'o?e on Mond??>,IJrpt, lo a'. VgcikP. M a I aikuufc I A I lure yee'a, cot ner of ? ?*t llroedway and ? a'liertne #treet rbree ? ?r more to make a race ?? : i? .to atari. N. It -Knuanr y and tnrlcH lobe (j|BWll|d a' IkM ol entry, 'ir. d YAy I e*M| ' d In botb iir?- a. HaW a Will IK Proprietor*. 'I Hi; ijltil iHl ULKNTION. fT!IK LIQLOR i? .l.M -? M |i;iv!|?|J> tKiCL\lt I li * ?? I14 M it III. ( d I m. ' :i.i.| every M?? 1 lay ulmf, at # '4 o'clott, lor pur^oar* tH dieeua-ion an 1 'he tramuvtMi ??l general bueiiifna, u ben uteiiti ? t ^ ire cxpecn d to atfettd- No pei ?>on admPuti wi lioir N It ltv?? 1 I*, h. Pa 10 . > II WW iHD, Pmaldelit / 'IfAMI'AONK ?J. VFVFft JR., HOLE IMPORTER OF \j MOMIN mtmam vcr/enay rbauip-tgfte, It JlMiKlara/, litv'va the attention of U.e '1 * Je o In* new ?oipin<Mioft bittted brand ol wine. Older* inle?i itpou tt??? ire ?? Inderal term*. ? M. imMPKIN.h, v ?t / M. A ft FT WI.M; IN C*M AND I'KU DOZEN OF VA ^ J nou a prl- en and qu idv, While brandy b*r MNMNMPtl MR blackberry 1 rantfv an ei ?? .e,?? ( ,* r. ??. f y 1.. .i,?rr* ???t, pure biai.dlea, wmeaand u?4?i ?? h ilc? i*?o be* I fttiMm jH r'er ?# ar", A< U>r -aie by I NDKHHILLA d U i KK^ON, rro m^hik in;\i.f p 1 bert y given, tbu' a. aod I-t aortment oi o? ?? wifma a*? l 1 andl* *. wtreh we o-frr at the low ? * t ni,?rket pi ???*, to tp 'a- 1 *, 'j *..? r e, * t?.?i naif |>lpe* to the cr'.rual pucfer ir? a. tr? m the al^r', ?>r t utt#4 s<a?*-t? inavdM aarehoe^* , * b pa* ln? ;? < .. .?? n,t.a i- 1 17a . n< >? a'e ot In | < rtat.? Iroin be t , ? . ,,r of ? e I'orl, 'h-mbt gvukllng joy difficulty ny the Mair??* ? .? * II ar*l? I , v*.*r ? # da*r? j r? aent# d. ?i d im 14 r?n t * 1 at uri ? t?y I. II *1 Ml .ON 4 IV 1> ? 1 ???? ? ? 1*1 \ \ N( I )L. |600.( H SSJKSSSK or iKfttcht fbr r**h. li' ii-n, iiKirtju**.'*", \* n 4't*wht*l. H tipfnr rn oittilu ???:-! 4/,'l ,<r ?p'. It v fifOJirsi#*. A < ' ?*r?? k>r?ii d eomriilMkMI m^rrh .n*n l<?4 V?#a*i wnorof Ann, r'om N ? 2. ?r?. -t r. Cwh llhtl ' ? 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"1 IH ir., I Bank 01 ftiKoino tv- i.i tr. tii i'in Uto I b?" o Ui*- ?(.'< . i- r. . 1 i .* . I r . r. . ? .m-l ?' I (MM) p*r iitii t ? ? . '? j jr ? r . n J W rLAHK A < '> MOfWf aiiVak : it ? < it ? "i r i-i i'ii. hi hi:ai. .K*i' . ? ? ? I * pmmrjtvrum, dry fcr r? ?. .arf t 4* ?/ ri^wm <t \J t by 'h# rc#p0tl?tll> ?J| . |M ry I 4 -tf i' H I l.l.\ ? >- 'h* l)t'i?l>vav Illl.f. ? tvixa* BA*)C "<1 * f'lKD AVB , , |,?-|, -If,. 1 ?? f ma ?! J I- M a l>i*%lay m4 Mitmsf rvnpfi (Vw % 'oi o'rVw* ifMfwi at I (<#r ft' '..i tin. 4 tti SCUU ?a I 'ii' t*r, tttd % i rii* , ? int. .r~r ?M<> wil.l.l ? M II d,U I IV ? ? Irli J*M> )l Kl ? I.KH. V?f Pr-? II l/iHoiinn, >->/ (? ,ry tiik MiLrrinv. /?(? IMI.II ll.l i A MTTI ?n;i " / ? i ? ? i <a |u?i i.'k ixwil ?i|i ?-???! -ii f wiir ?> "? II' .? r?l i rak4??y, ?,??? -ii 1 Aim; tm ai | 'i, . t > i * fur' .?) ?"?i .? l r*.?nr~l u . ?. ,a u> IHifW" In o .? l-rMurlit i ? n. '"Ii.? H) fi-i (> y rtUUV ' X.t.fcki/n* . p. <<?m Mr IXjN Al.ri MI IKtCThKRh A 11 ? 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A YOVNd OIHI. WIMUKH A SITUATION IN A N1?H XI family, aa plain <ooA. u a food w*?lwr u*j lr..n?r, or -* chambermaid and to aaniat in dm waahlu* and tr?*nn* n<y merencc ran o? flvm. <*an be mmvd for twu day* *i 71 Claik.* *oo "tltlt, MGood floor, bark room, near llutlaou. A FT AMKHIC/N HOI't- KK KKPKH, AlJBO BKAMHTRKH* JY and nuraa; Mry bl?hly rarnmtnawtad, r!m b? obtAkarl at Hit- Kbj|jIo> mailt Hoelcty, U*ai?r rooper. l-rmi.lrnt,) ISHUu<i, Aalor place. nan th. I'iwi olh.-n a i?rt? Mknf <* ? uperior ilomeatlca walUu* lor ailuatiiHia at the wm off ", mill lit H Hauda (tract Brooklyn N.?l> urlvad ciniKtuw, male and ft main, at tl Orawiwioh street A -ITl'ATION WANTED? BY A HOY U OR 14 j'\ ;?jri old, la the eountry, with a Urru?r or to I '-urn a tridr , country preferred. IWnrencea . Adrireaa Win. Bennett, Herald office, route, ?tfth utory. A tOl'KC! HAN, WHO**: PUKHISNT KNOAORMKNT J\ *til afcor'ly ?iplre, t? auilou* 10 engage In mSbut ?eroaii Uwi ho uk- ?* muimt bookkeeper, ?r entry elerfc, la which ? P'";"'! employed; I* wuiiuk Ui nutk' t,inut?lf *eoeraily u?ef\u Helrra in preaeoi employer lltu altw l>rrn lor ?n U.t< haiM* ore trade, I'U >u.o ?4dr?aa X. t , but UK llrreld office, r?r ihreo (in>> VVV.SINti KMrLOYMKNT? A Vol! Nil MAN Of TIKI J J rough It ti?lit>' <n liaiitt ? lutv iik it lr w hourn to ttturn la U.<i evening, tie ik>l til negotiate altta * raaporuioWi party for tbe "atn?\ Addrt*a II b . I oi luu II* rafcl otlicc. cm tTION WANTH) IIY \ I! Iv-mTA Bl.R YOU NO M woman, mm cfiambermald. and u> tuwua in ike woaUiag ai*l Iron in* . or competent ckiid * nor*# and OTamatreaa, r!#a#o cull at bur iaai emptoyor'a, i^'hi li??iur nt , Brooklyn, for tVkod?)ii. * To wii nunKKMi^A un wum a hituation nn liouiflu-fpn, or ii ?! inii i, in ? mu?r*?, or iuiy e+p**Uy xntobla for a My. A, Mr.-.. M W , Karald OSOA, MUu? v% hor** an !M*rvi*w ran In? I,?.i r|H> rtOlTHKRS ISA Nk KIM SHU MKK('|| AKTH ? A. JL you ua man, at pr??*nt rn*n^ ???! am t?il*r u? % lAnhfn* in ? t'Ifiitinii, but win >99 miaiili r?v|alrr.4 a ? t.aiu;? r.iuiwut. w?mS>I Ilk*! to *M(Ak* * Itii a h'oinh?rn Imnkinit or innrrAnUk in ilw enpacfiy of oirrk; ?h? b. rt of r?f? rruc<? flvrti a a??<r a?l drf ? <1 to J. V 0 . WillklDiblll | I l? ? Hank WlttllMlHtfV, 1 ? i will r?cHvo loiDt* ilal?* aii?riM>Ai. r'tiK DA MK QUI KM VJCVVK, DfXRK HK ITAdlC pour rhl%nr, a> iu flU^. <la?? u??? Uituli* Frtu oil tl u'y a ptLM U'autr?*? po<i?U)?ui?iJrcii; II lui f.m? da?i? ?ppar<^m^ntn garnla I'oii -aloti ?< I'auiro ?? ciiau?br? 4 <'0uekrr. h'tulrrniipr 4 W . H , boi I lr? Fo*t Offlo*, 9u uum inant I# prit, Ho. TTNK riW.K MtAN'AIHK I'.iHLAST FRANC AIM, AN I KiaiM ft A ii iuiAn l, ft ? onnuirMknt sr^n bt? u la ouUtua, dt *lr? rail 'rouvfr urn? lamlll' u w.rrtr, pourallor *iali(bfriw , dflonmN HtfArrnrea <i'*r??nt 4<mnA"? h'adrrM^r a?i Sc. 17 \Vaikrr itrect. \\! AKTKD ? A NUTATION It Y A VKRY f 1 ><ujiiir a Mii.?n Is .? Or*i raiu Wa?hor aixl ir<m?r. a t'<*i r?ron)iii?iKiAli?i> from fi#r ia?( u lam. t'aa b<i ?t#u f?r tan day* at No. W 27th %f, , balw^cn Mb in ) 7 'to av??uuc?. U' A M KD BY A VKRY REM'tfO AHfJC Of RU A. Mituatlon to <!?? ' 00k I' 1 jf U'Nuhlnif and Irtuiln*?, or n?* ??? ra) boo ?faork, in l.f ?'l?y or ' nun ry; Ua f?M*J c*?k, flrtrt ra'*t lauudrr**. and willing to pl. u ?? bcr imiployr r I'l^aaa o#U at i:il l'? ry. \\f ANTKP? BY \ RMI'Kt TaIK.I!, hTKaDY YOUNCI t f 11 an, a mtua i?ni In ? r- .ill fau- y dry Knoda ?U)r?\ who lian hud two )?ar?' ?? ip?* rl^not* in U?*? iiu^ttif^ ('mi b? aeon a iir?*f i.wii b nii??fl, ti<r lbr?*? da>? IIVLI1 WiHTKD. i UKiK WAMV.Il.-ONK NM U TIIORorotlLV UNPKU " utaodii brr lni!'ln#*?? . 11. ay lit* ar <?f a ?i'u.i, ion in a miiiuI taUilly, b) applyltiK at 'Z\ Wi .tut ?i. T\B Y doom*.? TWO KV PKUIKNCKP HKTAYL DRY 1 " goil' ?a1wni*,n. aan'i*d f??r tb?? ?"lty tradiv fn i?;t<?rri lor Ur *. rale ability, a ? ' od salary will ba paid Apply at lid brrt airat't, up utalt ?. <>?? 1 u?"n?tay inorniuy brtw**u 'i aifi l? o'clock, and '.and :> IV If DRt'fl rf.KKK WAVTI'D tiMI W? W. At'gi* AINTKD al!b tbr < |ty rf'all tr<u|< ar.d ?jw? ifij^ pr ??ncriptlon*. ?. Inlr nalrtrr and iirrmanrni ?Hu#?lo?. Sddr""? R. K. Boyd'a ? iprrs?, i& H 1 1 ii>* in ?/ p<i?t |>nI I. JfMI'l.ltYM KM KOR OM; Ml Xl'ltKU I'KDI f-'RM, JMWH J or fJrnUJ*?. m.K and ? aa;o, by 1 9 i.?jo t ^iauuitalati ( 4JU Green al'b ?irett, tor *i ' anal, Vflii.MKMtK ~wa\ti:d. rif kkk ooon vin j.inkr ^ , iff th#a? an u-i.'i -d t?> dntnif f.i-t *-i a*a <i*tuti* workman bavc <H>n?<'ant ?mp!o\ ni^nl and liStfh alary by applying at th?? fancy ?ti r? corner o( M?rk? i aiwl l?lv laJon - re?i?, VfiujNKKii waktkd wanti:d. \ new ocioij iff inllllnfr*. ??!#?? ? a /;t ?l ti1mm? r a' 40 ? aiml M. MIUJNKKY-A r J A K VIM A CO ARK I'RHPAKBCft 10 tit tar a bfau'Sfni .??? "?'?n??ni ol tail b?tnnela, ^?pl<Ntei a? t|r irom Jmpor'? ?l one* lb?? a-trnu<ui of wtranrTa la p?r tl? ularly IiuIUhI to*#2< mal ?in ? t :i.v a 1 til a am* woman naod apply . A| ply <0 Mr* ' |) >H l||('aiwir? npflRKI. Kll(^^ It \ fl. DRY UOOD SlJ>MkN WANTED I < n?* tor *b? ?ilk ?l", ? n?< nt o ?? r bo?i"rjf, aifl 000 lor lltien* and doon *tl?,?, none nf? d af?ply tmtiho ?? Imi* are w??i| iiiialMu-d, and c?n *?rln? t ?*???' r# ? rr-nre* vpV'ly? remu H m 'I A M . and", ui - r M , - M. I.N a DIN^KI' 3?4 ami JpI Hijub avt liUf . \|f ANTI.D? IIY A rAVILY ff ? Kl IU)I'K. AH V.i i. h ) ui?? v 11. ? ? .r ???, ?-? ? ho \? hoi ?a%?i>*k . a? for f?fr%Srra aiU e Itali* (*? v? ,1 vn tbo |?aa-a<r*. Apply a' l>k Weat 23d ir A Vtri> AN KIM . TKD Mll.MT WoMAN, f Ml' ? n 1 1 traral r ni? a UmlJy ftiinf u> i tn?<ruH tv t? . bi'df" rnjutrtd Add * ? f% * I r. i? Tl ? "HIT, I I 1 Rll 1 I ' I M^O ^ f? ill ? >! .??? fMpai'JO ' "Jflf ??? m i|< I dr##f* 1'. 1 omi ritln"! ? f ? ?*d ?!-pl> Sdilir*- wr? **. l*oltrm, Ko ,14 Kii.ji . Chorlaa 4 n. 4. 0 UTASTH* \ i'tll V'i tHntf' AN lad> i'i fe'rt 1 / an t i?i?r <ai?- to lialr. *? a fauuiy of yonoi l<ii'i.r" i; f k.? ??? f.'i fi,r "'tM? vv#. ?k, < 'lay, Moral'! .<m.e. Ur A'tir s Yor.vo Mns a? s *.f r- tvotfAM IW t t ?? 1 >i> t <n.- ?| ?ka Fim? l? and I .in* ? bper^'1' fi 'Hrr t V, Wn't ' ' \ir4STin i.yumi ri.o \ h 1 K kibh. ap ft ply IIDO ediatflr ?t /T V* ' r ltr A M KD-1 RfHRKIU' l'??l< MflLDII#.NH f V ft bat Appiy at ill! Hroatl'.ay, U' a v r r n-'i w? my <mkid <U'i.ii at? . ro qt'ii r "fi W W* ' f % WlUrjf, <i . ? n Wh+t 'm k U ! on 41 Broadway \1'aMU?? A rnw K. \ I'KRI KV? l,D f? A I.RaHr.M, TO It a - ?i * * ' 'if tb?- ui x ? ,p ?? ar?**** Naf??# < I ' r ' t 'ocnp?ian?, mtA wi**, <w| r?*f< ? *" ?, ? - * , al ;5 Ooid - U'AMU). S SIA*.* WIIO TIIOHO' Iilfl-Y I'lfDMR t* ??!. ;- *i? 1 nf.M \o g< L Oajitra tt'/m ti.A <* ) Aodr* ? ? i I 1^'l'^n.lB.r \l* A NT J i WAS. mm * i M-n I. uir fun TO ? I V.1 1 ? ii<l rr*pv. ?bla IXHlimi, oar ? fl ?t i) | ? ? 1-r-i - !>? .1 , II I iMkral >naift?r>. r ? ll ??'??' <>l "? Ki t ? k) l. ,i . ? I II -'Mdakj, rwftn .*?, II I fl i-knii/'ViPit A it j I M 1I'\.VTM> 'V I XI i IT VI Hi ll? * r? WWTK* A VI , II r> r k .111 ? -!/ IQ tftf lltolM m' Ik* la wiry , ?|||| I'ful*i?l? I.' II ?| ?? - ? | . !*??? otfc?r ih*>i i ? ? ? j i if i. ??l i ,r ? i !??*? I< in *(?&.*, % A tA* i . . ? r ii i I 4iwm. !<? I Will I r ft ?T ' I'ff.ftlVft f ? i, " ' ? A V tttlU | !>'? Ml I* I' or, Utmtlny ? 1?! fi' -?(?? |ij?li ifi-i llfli ia?v I II ? W ? *1 HMltl'M I'ifjt'i !? nr '??' ''?? it,'?f l/'iii ll.ol, M UiiH, M? U'AV1*I> AH<IAJ<<AV ?> '*? iTOIir.?'Tf? It" NNIIKI |i ?i|. Ii) l.|i r trf. IU4 *11/ IWftft a' I 'Ml|?t.l:??l lift f'ft^l WUftlMi ' ?(, 'T.O* A * '"ft f At >-? ri4.k ?'or* 4,(1 I'fftjl mrlTi^m 11/ i ll(- ? I'm,. M T- * A ii - ' I A i H T<? II Vrn.| n <fl <T" MM I OVt'.nf l? 'J* iftM MM it mm ni . mi? nr ' K? fffi?i?? r*'| 1 r*fj A (. ' 'I J l N ?ii ? X ?? M . ftt ui i - Til K TM (DM. I W ft VT? I) - <1*11 ? i?- ft -I' A<! A|f ; n I'v lift.u,. 4 iiKi v iW ft Miii ivk I H I i iirnvfi \|IV* KAMI! lO *?.'K ?M . . ;?( III I JV1 la, ' I- (M I'' ? '? V^ITI AiloN W A v*TK'? A* MnI'MH Wig HW 4 l 4. -fi . Ii ' - 'ftftl liftft h* 1 'ftMlj.*, , ni n f ?: ii.* i.f .11*1 uU ii f ?*1f i.t<* ft'" 1 ?? b*4 ?<?** ? i ,.i /i? n- . . . ? I, i . .<?- u ? ? iMwi <f I Iritts i .ffl. It- I ' r# A' ID ' I *1. ft'/ ft** ri'MMi *?*<?'- m<rrrn :* <ri r ,, owm J i|iut ? " ??' r u4 l? ii*/* "Vlft ? 'j J* r I-.W 1.. v I l ? I. .f I | I ? ? ftl Iw || i*f <??!?< , i. , .. .. ? . ? ?-'-?i m I U* A N 7 ? : ? I I A' D < <)l/ih OHtnn. ' ' T' *'? .#'/ '* ). 1 ii> vi? A n. ? ? " J U4 .|| 4?n>ii rw ?* ______ YV r<? *a?H- A A ?? 1 1 ? ?-.'T MT ? Wll# II ft t-i'Aft* k? r *?. -? III | ? ? ? " '?> ?'?- ftk-x ii ?' " | . 1 k ? ? * ** ?? H"? ?? mrxi I llDl I' loll \ IK "T niLM ikr? tkl.? At I.AUT J < ?in 1 1 ? ? i. fim.o < ? ?*? i W'^r i ?. ?m> u ? ? . *? '?* . iit ? ?fi >nr ?'i.r'r vi?| m ' * ? ? ft f ?' M < fcai 'i? ? >'ra>i . .i I ? '? ?. fUwwn v f ? ??'?'? f * i.i 'ii.i.i ? nn ?/m*i0i. f??>r<w. ie run ?'l v '? 1 ? " *'? at km *? -* rn a ? I * Iff I I>?*M ? ?? l?? ?ft ? flftll ?ftri.n iii i imi v f j . m ? -ft* >4 it ' ?" ' ' ?f/ ?? *??. ftla'iH* III f ? tn iii** *?w l * Jill A <1 'l'i*/AI ' - ??"? n.oiMi 'M<ii?. t>I.ATI*0 4 A ItfNft (/? ,;v? I r I" M.-II'X f',m I >1 ? I BSfl* <?H " rr ' .r.f > <I l!?.t kfftwlft, ? M'vtUMwIl.i 1 f?? MiU ? m i m?i t?^<. -fc/it. w*u~ m. i ? *4 a* i? ?*!, I.,^> ' | l'|f . -,f CAfci' till tu"'!*- mint rnn 1 #?? 'A ' ivlftl^^ Mr4?, aM ? . i , k. ? ? fi A ?aTtAIJI **?? u-.i. ? " "? ?' ?? Moaiw^wf ;? i-w ( " 4 s '' vi'iir i?n~H~~~* ? 'fi | in ,,, ,1. A ftp f'T O T 1 1 ft ???".' y I. ft o if? a* lu u-t | ' / 1 ' 7 ,c ' ITT mn ? f4?* K. *f ft*, 1 I ? -tftjo ?'??? ?? f' 4 ? <*?!%? at <???*.?* p. ; ^ * TT^7 *

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