Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 10, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 10, 1855 Page 3
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6u>") l*H, eirea by the boarder* at Gregory'*, which ??" nwaerouMy Httei. led by tbe gueaU of the other hateU. i"he po?.tuTi*"?( n. though manufactured principally by t'"''r * a?i(-r? would hure don* honor to Ikjonge, bv the nicety w:th which they weie adapted to tat character* *eprcsent??j. Among the mo*.? conspicuous, both for benity of dreei i?nd the .nuniK i in which th<-y tiutitiiineil their respective rort< wen- V Lvi I,. \ () ?f. Bridgeport. who repre wiW an Indian (.nicen, in a ntyle becoming a natjec , Mwi H> b n. of your city, attired a* ft bride, wl4 con sidered by mim t Ii" l>elle of the evening ; Mis? K? h, a. thi' Maid of the Mist, well liename thr character, by li i nuturai tia?idi(T ; Ml?3 M. U ?. of Ne? Votk, a* .1 Swim* Pea int," attracted all admlrllg -eyes ; Ml?s K V . t* , of N e ?, York,* as a Quukert j , aiistainvd th* htottty ueuall; attributed to the young ladies of tliat feet ; tier eout- u, Mins E. V aroaaed in I'omj.a tour htvle, vim n worthy representative i>f tbt Court of Lonlc Xf\.; H? -d, in a coatume pot or for the onra ?>ion , aad tin- - R? ? 1, ori" as Night ayl the othi i as Murninic, utl 'acted eOB*ld#tablfc attention ; Itigs H efNew York. tlio gli not in enetamft, Was much adinired 1 Pas?ij)i to 'l?e luarrled tadlei, Mr?. H t, ai U Kille du Hcgl.i en! J;r?. K ~d. a- a llarohlftt>es? and Mr?. r n, In 1 laacjr dtM, were in no way inTeri^r loan\. Of the gentiiUHMS, Mr. J. I> h. of New York, n*< a n igicinri ranked lirnt, bia itn?4 belug the l?e?t in t)i ro>m, bo'n <ow|.leteaeea and careful attention to the mlnuia- tl tin- character; Mr. K. K n, ta artre-so' , n.i.rle-i II.; and Mr; J. I, -e, In oftlcer'i: drew. are th ? only othe thy of attention ? 'lie rwniinder being it tlrediu ti?. u-nal varieties of aailort, Joel. let, an'l tb other co?tu' .e- which generally abound oa inch ocea flcuo. V&it In-; v? * kept up till two in th morning. an I a!to^eth< 1 tl.e iilf"ir watt most agreeable to those who f, pnrticijiutui iu It. ? ?fcc frhouM a i.> ' i.if or ?aoii j, again call my pen mto -i e ) the rea ii - .'i 1 1 . !l:,iwn ihall not be forgotten WEST POINT. /. ? Hoi fx, IVm I'oist, -,;>t : 1W>6. 77i. yy'n : -j 'i ?" ? fJiniwivtt c' HVd l'oin'?(lrn. trmonr ' " Ml ?T it nulTh ?'riraU <(?>?,< t< TUto uio- > wiigliUul of all- summer retreats, waa last Evening ii. of gay and hllirlou- enjoyment. Never bai.- '? held together a mnv elegant and re fined eotei ie .iion'-'-ijring women or agrei-abli m>-n. 'lis not extrivap .n! fur u- to say tlwt beauty reigned para mount, ?t)4 upp! r-ten lora was in the "-eendunl. At eight o'clc"'.. :< targe ti umber of person*, consisting of the rMtei . from tin I'pper Tlotel, the resident* ot Went Point, ond the ocjupi.nts of thU house, were assembled in the mogiiilic. nt drawing-room, for the purpose of wit nessing ? series of toMrawr, 'which were gotten up by a few enterpri- :*t ond amiable Individual <. whose whole object seem* to > to leToie theraielvos to the happiness and pleasure of those amongst them. It would be im poatible to portray In suflicient'y glowing colon the ad mirable representations wi<h which we were delighted. Of a few of the roost familiar to us, and which, In the crowd we -ere aide to see, we will make flight mention. We regretted that we were too late for the opening scene of -'Chow Chase;" but as we entered the room, tbe exclamation of "beautiful!" burst upon nor ear, and if we cau Judge of the wholo by the glance we caught of the lor olv Miss W a, as the curtain fell, we would ci-eerfu'ly 'respond, "beautiful Indeed.* The characters were impersonated by Hisses McB-? y anu W 1, and Lieut*. C? -n and O a. "Night and Morning" created a great sensation, the subjects being each in hor own jmculiar style. Miss g with her blonde hair, was a lino representation of Aurora, white our charming friend Miss Josephine H d made, as she ever doea, all hearts glad by the ex auUlte auitaMeuess of her dress and tho correctness of her personification of Night. A beautiful Juliet, U.0. in two scene* was enacted by the same lady; and most judi ciously was her Romeo selected In the accomplished Major V , who was in demand on many occasions. hweet Anne l'age did not lose her sweetness in the amiable toce *>f Ibt* petite Mum W S anjJ G as Slender, waa the embodiment of the bard it character. We trust our courteous and estimable host will not abuse us for etpying him in tho sly corner of the tableaux, as figure No. 3; for capital as he was, his face ia one we lore to look upon, and wh cannot omit him. Much mirth was excited by a plcturc with whom^ all are 4^n versa nt ? -Sparking," with the laiighter loving Ii< MtOLunt 1. a* the rustic admirer, and the fascinating Miss McH , of BO-itou, as the Tillage belle, driving with her arch and mis chievous glatict*. her lover to such a state of distraction, h* seeks r. ' i<?- in Apple Eating; grandma was most ^ad mirable pictuicd t y the amiable and. Int -reaUnf Mrs. C s; three changes of sccue elicited shout s of laughter and peat t?>p rotation, each being con/klcrad better than ^MissM. 0 s, as Ophelia, was highly appreciated for her ladvti"? deportin?nt. and the expression of her charming face. contrasting withjthe noble form of Major V? ? rTttamUti gave decided tone to tho picture. A brigand' r. wife re ild not have been better Illustrated than by Mrs. J n and in her courageous protection of Uer huaband, alio h:u>d!cl her carbine with a spirited and reso, ,UJoanof Are, by Miss F h, could only be per?<m.-.t^a by the lady her-elt; the effect was startling, and the enthu siasm at tbe close of the thlid scene was as as at ^Mi'aMrP -t like her alster, ww eminently surooss ful. A? Tlocahont* ', she could not have fallal to gain more than the grat itude of " him " (Lt. C? ? a) lite she 31' ed and we are not aure her bright entreating eyes may not have u lingering effect in "l'owhatana ^ Therein of" the evening was a beautiful living pU-ture Of "< onr'id and Medor-iJ1 Sweet Susy M ? i, lorely and fresh a* the blush of morning, won the smile, and thanks of all for her modest, childlike and re tiring manoei- - Her character was beautltully repre ?acnted. and Conrad by her uncle, young 1! I, add ?*\?*?ve not'jwtkse to this brilliant affair, and o.* our gentleman friends wo must beg pardon for not par ticularising more; but time will not allow us to^expa tiate, end all must be sacrificed to the shrine ol the gent ler eex. M-inv thank* are due to that amiable and ac complished lady who arranged the whole the band. ?n<l t4f?U wmed merrj M a marriage b?U. ?Mid v<>uth and l>eauty 'twas pleataant to hear the cheerful vote* of the nobl ? an/gallant Oen. Scott, makingallaat^ fied with themselves. We need say mo more. All who are in this delightful place will come again, for its attraction* are unaurpa -ed. the scenerv beyowldeseripton, the company unexceptionable, the ho*t T known m<A to ba be duly appreciated. ASMODEt s. SARATOGA SPRINGS. C.MTKn S*tat? Hotki. Sept. 0, 1854. Summary <f*t Gvy fkaxm ? Sara/oga ? t Tim After AU. Deepitc all the egly predictions, Saratoga ha? achieved ?or the aeaj-ona UrllUant triumph. Not lee- than twenty Ave thousand people, from all parts of the world, and em bracing perhaps the most cliu ever at this great summer resort have visited us during this year. Notwithstand ing the .harp rebukes uttered by tbe extreme Southern partv. that js,ition vl the Union **s never before bette. repre-ei^. It lu>? been a common observation that even* nW-e elegant and accomplished party from .the STuth has bcs-.^Tith us this year than ?vr t^fere. This is particularly the ca>e with the ladies from th*. who for beauty of pe rson, quiet manners, f?on 1 breeding and great intelligence, are models of female chara-t'-r i'oiywberi'. It U the air, the tone, the conversation? thesearc the attributes which mark the man or the w<i laian of true iUstinctl<m. Intellect ha- an immortal v.>uth l_an Imperishable lustre and Ix-auty of It* own. N>-ver I was tkia fa cl 'n tti r proved than by th? society at .-ara h oca this sea ^n. A targ<- number of pers >n- and families Kave been here from Cuba, from South America and r.u '-Saratoga," said a Southern lady of distinction khc other oar, "i* *ltogether internatl..n?l In Ita charac f,r_it belongs toall tbe world? it la 4evoteri to hiimanity I? and althoi gh we of the Sonth deeply row effort* to Imerfere ?l?i our institutions, we wdl not be driven , way from this lelighUul summer retreat. The clo-ina scenes of the season, though more qn et, Ure been r- nduoted in bet ter t?st- and liave b-en alto lether -legant- tlian ou any occasion of Ihektnd. lhere has bs-en a deal of flirting as usual. ?h*ti- au a<' ? m|>animent of idlenea*? but it has been I onducK d<u an exreedingly reserved and civil tnow this haWt ia condemned very severely, e-p^- daily i who art blesae.1 with ?<tle attent.orj-but afu-r ( flit i? or: au expression of nature? in ? ff i - of th. . iws of < ur being to enforce their own pi .si?i"iis? the [ here eivili'o-s otlrtereoiirse l^tween 'he ""*"*? 1 "hap ,1-ismor. apparent here than In msny -the. ,.1?.- ?. lali eve. its. the -ea-on Us t^< U very sucr -sfulln rming int -.nacle of tho kind, the ea-1 whercoi is not THK mpointa sulphur waters. Sjii 1 UrtrBiR Brwtvf#, Va.. Aug 3ft. 1M5. '/ a /ba y Pr"< H-'" "" "r? ? '* Itrtriinp lo tk' La'!** a muiutude of other <ngag< n.ent- 1 liu 1W at' l. n 'i leisure moment Jn?t to giv^ y a ? hurries Hck.f <h fancy and dres* ball wh. h took place at e,eS, .;rg? on the evening of the .'-d lint. It is no. ?ugh to .r>y that it wa. admirably g t-n up and tha Lnc-eed-t . mlrably. It could not n.iderlng all L,m <- n-<..> have been g?t up or hase r .ne off I , t? MM The fallowing gentlemen were .ipp.dn-.ed to I It *s nn or minagers:? Me?*r*. Samusl Dubo- T, I jhb_ Tb??. Middieton if -outhCa oUna. Thomas I iDevereex North Carolina: A- I". 1 1 I? Yo ' Ml It. r.i*min Jones nnl l'r % >^i? Virgtn a. Junior nu.nagtr*:? Meo.r*. ?. ?. Bedtotd o ? 1. Tor' W i'o'lier ot Washington; Wrn B. flan lolpb ? a. A. Chapman and N. Hairteejl * ? * ? : ? , 4. ,l?l.n U*rle*toi?. U r. linger T. V I '"n'" ? iAUj ir.".S.IWI,W.H Hilftmsand I nn.Vr lrving^ 7 J s.oth Carolina : Jame. W. If M I i I .niT.* I 'ugh l/.u*i?na About the hour ? ' V, r. he.tra ib'aded by M. Isdllager. that ac ? mi.' the or.he.ira (ii " 7 f * ballet, m I I 5 ; Hi ,o r**' v 1 .T ? V i? I'gf1** aeveral married ladie* with ? Grmd the halte: are not gf|WJW>. I ... ,p- .'.nate garb, aid well '? 'I'm I ?p, , :,..?n'. lent m.i-li gra.e and 'v,-" " " 1 , ? P ? ? p.ennns am...*.< t ?< w- re M . - ? ? v <? the to, me, a. \j> "? H'' ' ' H i,|' I, , '*??? ver ? .fill t?l ' i fCh 'rfee the Hral Mrf M ,o( the ? S M?i.. If!..! jl'' C'1 1 Q.iak?re- to perfee j ? . ?r,.l waa mmS ?dmir^l. H r psW fa" b - . b< c v? ' .!?> di*n.ty of ilepf.fmeut an1 repo ? | r , h? | no ln-l'It nil ee"'!e I tor a (tutuftry, or for the pt-ut'U of ft Raphael. Kin !' ,cf I ft. wns the cliarmlug iinpprtnatktlcn of '?Bed Ki't uf Hood." Her d?'llc*t<- tigiire, her pl-.cid i 1. 1 y le of beauty, her Madonna-like fate, t"r oiquisite drea*. he, irra^ofnl ahawitm, her geaUeae%a b ith ot tank- ' nor tD I < * [ires -ion, her sylplidike movement. iu the rtnuw, hi." gt ther L>rme<l a oon'rast to the terrl ble welt nh" ocea'ilor ?Uy showed his teeth, and growled defiance at hia Sv 1/ counterpart, aa if it would hvre given him great plea ? ure to devour her. Ml?> ot , wa- drta xlin the ?tyleof Maiiime da I'mnpvioar, and was ii capital hit. Her Uml m'v'-' nan truly admira ble Iter niifuie In jarllenUir. with R little m>re pow l.-r, would been positf.ely perteci Her maimer*, t?o, tie e.,nalljr Young a* klie appears to be, she I h.n tl ?:? *in/i frr.irl of iensibfiltv, the clmrromj im;>*Hil iitv of the VUi-iinnt Bclnion,'?ut hia vioe?. SUolmr*, i ! 'j s. ilan'-e- rides an 1 ev.-u shoots, with e?iu il suec? t ,. j In 'in rl. she c .mblnes in a rare, aome of the uin euime qualities of I'entlie ilea with the splendid vdec and aofter attractions of Si^nora Truth. Mlm 0 ???, of.-. C., as "Maid of the 111-t," w.i? a great (*v irlte wit.i Ixi 1 1 1 aeses, and was evidently one o! tuc Mb * of the evening. Mits V , of Bil'.U?'ire, assumed tue diameter ot a <?ipay Fortune Te'ler, nn I. tat> )< t in hand, delivered her oracles ip the true dniphic f'yle, ;that t-., either in poetry or in prose,) to tho-ie who ' hid ill.' courage or tlu curiosity to consult he.-. Her beautiful ba r and shoulders did not detrart from tho ef feet of t), e oriele. o:- fr<iin the interest and admiration W ich tiie Py thin lierm'lf in. pired. Her fair cousin HUa I ? ? , looked atill fairer, if possible in tiie Wiite veil and MU'-sn rifteitig habiliiuente of a ".Nuu." Mini It??, of N w York, was the beau Ideal of a pretty, but coquettish ?'? Illume Girl." Ilia- I! , of Va., persona 'ed the eha ra'-te: ot a "t?reek Oiil." Her bright her bU-k lia'r, her beautiful complexion, her pl[iiot atyle o beauty, and her orient eo tume, presented a vry tiap;jy representation of the Hellenic ehaructee alio atjwnel The two Mlaees 1> . of South Carolina, fpnr niM' so ottiM, I tho one an "Spring," Mid the othi r as the ''Bar Maid" i? "Slif> Stoops to (V.nnut r," were a* lovjljr in the part* 'hat they as-uuted, n ? in thAIr on a rea' eh ir ,?ctn and appearance A few m 're hummer*, and n? '.h"r T 'li>t no' An;; hi trite, till 1h> imrd to p tsoiuU wilii Hu h material. Both were dro'*i si very li?imii(i/, b it the cohtutnc of the elder Miss 1, wis particula'lr striking and appropriate, and argued ma h t.t ,t? a well as tact in getting up. MIm M. 1'. I, , another little arlr.n from the '-.inieg ioil atocK was very p.-e til/ hnhited as un ' IlaHnii ]'iasant." Iji-i. liul onl.i lca-t in point of age. whh little Mia? M S. R. H ? , of V?., a* *a jy'ife ! tn./r". Among t the geutleftien v> ho a^pi-arud iu charac ter, we noticed Mr. y? of South Carolina, a< an ,:Ita* linn I <u n< t i t ; " ' Mr. tl , of .New York. ** a "l .eaeh Sailor:' Mr. 1' , of Waidiingion, us a "Returned Californiun." Mr. B . of S. in a Tyro\.-#n fm-v dress; Mr. 1? ? 1 , oi S. ('., a< an Kuglmh I'ustif Hon. Mr. A I , of S. C., as a Tjwolt e pc*<ant; Mr. A , of b. as a gr'ntb-nian of Hie old tchuol; the two Messrs. (!., of?. n< peasanU? m<- of them ft^ an Italian and the otlier In lh |>ea-ant garb of Urittnny. Mr. I' , ofVa., had tlu> honor of making a wolf of himaelf. to complete the character of B<>d Biding H?ol; j Mr. H , Va., wore the simple dn-ft' of Ibrahim I'.iehu ; at the Court of Krauce; Mr. 11?, of S. C,, went aa | Hamlet; Mr. M , of S. C., and Mr. 0 . of S. C., ap- ' poared us monkh, nut of the order of Jolly 1'rlarri, but i lean and languishing, like a hall-eta rred follower of Lojola; the Spoilt Child, and her too alleetlonate and bustling Nurac were iniiiiitubly represented by the twe of B.C.; these wcro the I'aul Prv and the Indian of the lust taney ball, in which it was illf& ult to determine who played hia part to moat advantage. Tie ofTort* of the old nura* to keep lier darling Gargiu tua out of mischief, and th* enlivening exhibition of ft (junker dance, formed an agreeable episode, or rather in terlude, to the regular performances of the evening. In fine, everything went off finely until the hour of one, uhen Bacchua gave way to Sonmua, and the curtain dropped. 8TEU.A. YOUNG KENTUCKY. Ehnu. Smi.vofl, Eptiij. Co., Ky., Aug. 18A.V A Jh e I.iiirt from thr Mod fh'kionable Walerinp Pl<w in Krnlurl.-f/, AcmrJing to Our Cori'rjpomlrnl. Thinking th: j a fen linos from the mo* t fashionable water ing place in Kentucky would prove interesting to your read er*, I proceed to give you and them a |>artial description of the place,' company, Ac. 1X111 Springs are situated in Estill county, high up in the mountain*, about forty fire miles from Islington, in a soul bent direction. The means of getting here are by coach, from Lexington to l<ichmon>l, over a superb turnpike, au>l from Kicliurmd here by what * ill bo a plt;e In a few yearn, if there Khali be travel enough to throw the rock down. Of all things in the world, a new pike U the most uncomfortable to tnivel orer, and von are ready to declare that nothing ?ill induce yon to try It a second time. However, tt doe* not prevent a large crowd from congregating at K -till each summer, and c.a tin' ro?d is improving each yiar. it is to lie expected that the uumber of guests will increase likewise. The ^pi ing- are under the charge of Col. Hialcs, end the building will accommodate ahoat thrie hundred nnd It it v - r ? ? omtortahly, although they have had from mx to seven hundred at one time. Hii* season, the liighe.t number pre. cm at any one time was four hundred and fifty, and we were crowded at that. The tprings are four in number, a id consist of White Sul phur. (the principal spring ) Red and Black Sulphur and Chalybeate. As a resort for invalids it l? not in very high repute, hut as a pleura at hummer resort there is no place in Kentucky that stands hither. The present *ca son has been, so far, the gaveat thU Kstill ever expe rienced, and there is no doubt but tha! the company was more select than any other watering place 1 1 the Union could hoait of. It is a common remark that there never was in Kentucky such a gathering of beautiful women; and you know that the Kentucky ladle are by far supe rior to all others. If I should undertake to mention those that are striking fur beauty, 1 should have to n:im<i each and every one of the numerous ladle present, but I abnll be excused for speaking <>f af-w that are stilUngly so, and whose claims are acknowledged by admiring thousands. Being a married man myself, | mutt, of course, give preference to th? married ladles, and nami them first, and first of the first Is Mrs. Cladd Johnson, Ot Mississippi, a lady wonderful for her ba-vuty. whi-li l< so striking that, I understand, at a recent visit to Washing ton and New York she created a perfect fwnr. la botn cities. Mrs. H., of Arkansas, and Mrs. C., of Now Orleans, likewise dejerve meution with Mrs. J. Of the young ladies, ai a matter of course, there is gi ester diversity of opinion, and each young man would undoubtedly swear that hU favorite Is un<|ueJ'loua bly the "belle" of the springs. Miss B? r. of New to leans, Is certainly a roo-t beautiful young lady, and no lot* attractive on ac-onnt of her manners than of her beauty. Mbta Bettle S 11, of I/>uUrille, is another par ticularly sweet girl, and la universally admired. Mis* Kate Y a, also or l/>aisville. is ijulte a favorite with the young gentlemen, and appears a very amiable young lady. The Mlseea Mat tins, of the same place, have a crowd of admirers, and are by some thought the mi<t beautifnl yonng Iodic* ore sent. Misa N s, of the same party, ts, In my opinion, the most charming among them all, and had 1 a hand to oiler, she would know me better. The bal> room presents a very gay appe*ran<-e each evening, and the music of Straus*' band cannot be beat. Mr. .lotn Chnles, ton of the proprietor, strives to makes it plenaant for all. and succeeds. Mr. Turner la likewise a good assistant nnd a great favorite. The young gentlemen are all gay and gallant, and the nwrried on" i aa much so. HOI'RBOM. CI.IFTON SPRINGS. Obed M. Rice, of Rochester, N. Y., (and a brother of Mr. H. H. Rice, of this pit/,) ha? jttrt aeearod the contract for putting tin exVnaitre addition* to the Water Cure establishment at Clifton. The new ( building* . of a main part i.i fe"t front b y 6!i deep, three stories high, which are to he connected with the preaent building by a wing 20 feet front. In the rear i? to lie a bathing arrangement requiring a building 12 by 40. The whole atrnr turc I* to be or brick ? neat anil aubat.wtial. The e ort will be aome ? I2.IW#) to The architect Mr. Austin, of Rochester. and Mr. O. M. Hire, the contractor, which la a sufficient guaranty tiiat the work will lie ner fortr.ed with promptness and denpate.h, and reflect trt tiit upon nil parti"- interceded. He baa till April .nth to ? oanicta hla contract. Mr. Rice la the United Ht>?te* Superintendent of Public Worka, at tin' port of Gene-ee, antl hns re cently cor* atrncted one of the mo*t autetaalial pi'-w at tbe mouth of tte Genesee river, on the Western IaI.'i'm. extending out into l?ikt Ontario a diMsinoe of 2,fMK) feet, and surmounted by a bene on twenty four feet high, iihiminated by it beautiful Frcnel light, imported by the government front Pari3, for O ut pnijHiec, at a cost of about * too. CAPK MAY. TWO THOCAND LADIFS BATHINt) AT OVK TIM 'v. j The Cape May conr-pondeut of the Baltimore I A Mil if en rays: The Iicai it pie sauted a acene t'Hiay (Monday ) of the most spirited and interneting char acter. Die numlier of of bnthera nxeeeded that of any preceding day. Between eleven and one o'clock there could not have le*>n le? than four thonaand in the snrf, (blly one-half, n- n-nal, t>< ing la<lie?, many of wbnin can swim, and one lady 1 saw floating on the xrnrface ol the water, and tiding over the Kwclling mrf, with tiie greate-t ei^e i:n,igin?l>le. A Keeat nimtler of lndiee were nnattended lait wet c fully as able to tike care of themselves as the -tem<-r sex. Tlie tleeomm or the surf is n- ver violated, and any ore who wonM dare to bi-sH or annoy a lady while btthlug would find him-eli acrronnde<i b? a boot of avenger*. The American ehi?ra< ter in thi? re ]<r> t is displayed at Cape May to it< folle t extent, end, I'Olhon Khore andnmoritrtliebre.iker", the ladies feel a greti ter freedom from fonnalitlea of ull kinds than they wonld at home. TOI'RNA.MKNThIn VTRGOriA. Hie t tonniament came off* at Capon on s itnr dav in si. One of the boi -e-timing? not C.wk-, bat ?Green*, of Pananier, wa>! the victor. Ho aeic<-tod Misa Wifher*, of toe same county, as Qmt n of lo e and 1 eaui v. Then' will lie two more moltpi of tie - mie kitid' there during the next few weeks. On the 31*t in-t., one will i? given at the Wurrenton Hfiringa, now under the excellent .natiag> utof Alex. H iker, formerly of (lutke county and more'.dy of the Potomac Hon?c, Wa-diiagton. Bf?-W Pu teuta I*awe<l. Ii?t of Intents l-?u'sl fr'M tte UllHed ?*' te . !'a''-|J'. OtUre t>ir I lie * eeV ending ?JCjtemV r 4, 1865, ea- h IX u - ing that dnte;? J' s. Al< x . A'' aw, of Brrxik lyn V V. for iaiprore 1 ma liine for electrot j |>(ii(r. (<dlln? B. ilro* it, of AUou, HI, fer imprrV' uiant ia I iihih Ing rnscliloe?. 11?< iras I'atty, <il CrrKiklyn, X. Y., tot improvi meat in <ti}jottn^f -hips' tops iiN. Aim. poyd, i f C? mberUnd N. Y., for imprnveoient >a telerrapbie iw< osU>g?i. I HMliiaai M. tamp, of Sew Haven, Ci., far Improved | ch mney f'sck or cap. Mr .? r. ? srniT a ad Kananti t!athbo?i? of Hronliln *> V . f"i y04 mould tor tsfktig eteetr -type ah*il<. .'?l.n J. H *4 l"Wltdel|*i?s IS f?r IwJ IH?f Jonathan Haine*. a? Prim, 111., fur improrein^nt In I rrprr tar'wteri. A V- Krogee, of alt, ft., for improvement tn bar ve?ter*. W. ?f (iermnntown, |\i , fur tinpr??M np j smtui to pi event tin ov<<r-*M|>ply of coal to the firc-Uoi ot hot nn' farluict**. I hilip W. Markcnxir, of Jenfc-y citjr, N. J., for improve merit In vbItch lor reg li 'i.igr ?'pjb engines. "lh.'uiu- Ms -du ll, of franklin, 1a., for iujprovp'aen'. ia conh':nii..j e>-oa|?- -<< aiii a.J no aljuuct in heating fur nace r. lluliard Ray, of lAubport,. Ivy., for iuiprorM miule of opi-r*tlug *nd <luni;.iug i .rth ear*. 0. fc t?. SU'ph naou. of ri iiu(i?l l, Mm?., for Improve ment In K.-cding uuu hlue?. Mu is Strange and Thoma* R Smith, ol TVintoa, Mi.i , for m.tcliii>0 fvr Hawing h'>ou?. .1. Vnn Homo, of Magnolia, 111., for improvement ia grain eeparator-i. Joseph Al?x. Vl.-trr, of Montgomery count/, ky., for improvement in brick machine*. < .purge W. While, of tlie villa?* ?f Mount VVrnon, town of I ?-.t Chester, N. V., loi iinprovod touii'.iln prO.I Amos Whllt'inore, of L'umhriilgep jrt, u?., lor ini provemont in #i>ike machine. Solninon S. (.raj , of .-'iiuUi lloaton Ma'ii., ???'gnor to hint, ell ami 8. A. ol Ham? place, lor Improve 1 uniiersal <1 < foi pinning uiacltinea. folonoM liiliri'll of IWc'ie^ter, N. V., for improve I lo comotive lump ruse. IWiR.N". ? Thuiiiaa l*wi,., of MaMou, M ? m , for do-sign for tra<le mark*. Wm. T. Cugge*ball, of Fall I'-Wer, Ma-ut , for le-igri lor co<>kiiifr (tovca. FINANCIAL ANO COMMERCIAL. HOSBT NABKRT. Sunday, Sept. !> ? <5 P. M. At tbr- done of tlio market >ft4erdn> there wa< moni di-|?nMiti??u to sell stocks, and buyers won by no mentis Money continued abundant wit limit change iu rates. Tue dcrnind i - active, principally for commercial purposes, and binine ? in steadily absorbing capital. Tlio crops have not jet commenced moving with maoh force, bat avhU ill coon have a full tide Belting towards the *e tburd, when there will lie more inquiry for money, at higher rates of interest. The bonks will not show In their nfxt weekly statement nnch change in the discount line. A. II- Nicoluy's regular semi-weekly auction Hale of stock. 4 and bonda will take pl*ce oa Monday, the 10th instant, at 12 J o'clock at the McrcUantV ^change. Ttie cx|?ortation of ppe.'ie from thin port last week wns not bo large as anticipated. Sereral large ?hij? ping hoaaes re<luced their remittances m.iteriilly. This will belp the bank statement for the week. PmpMKNts or Sr? kiiom tiis I'oiw or Nv.?r Tork. Bri(j Wlnthrop, tavanilla, <IoiiM<h>d< 81, J0-' W llrig J.tniah Jv*. t'apo lla;t>ii. Ananr jfulil. . H.OIU IM) Steamer TacHir, lJM<rpool, do .. 1 6'J,0 -f? 00 I? do Rotd bar*.... 151. 1?7 00 Ih) do Koj{. gold..., 3,'.?9>i Hi I)o do Png. Nllver.. 3'! Do tin Max. dollars. 60.000 00 Pteamahip Herruann, Bremen, gold barn... 4ii,T.'tl 'iS " " " gold coin.... 47. twO 00 Total for the weeL Prerioualy * 110,6*2 HI 2^.607,661 0) Total for 1866 $23,4*0,907 34 The receipts of gold by the Northern Light wm not in time to go into the lank 4 before m.ikin? up their weekly report. The bunk - will, without doubt, show a moderate reduction in their specie. There is still much activity in the anthracite coal trade. For the week ending on Thursday last the Reading liailroad brought down 53,H9G ton*, making for the year 1,041,3.10 ton*), ngainst 1,462,- i 149 loan to the Hanie time la?t year. The coal ship ment on tho Schuylkill Navigation, for the welt ending on Thursday last, were 81,156 ton*, making the tonnage by that conveyance, for the M-ason, 714, WO tons, against (521,300 tons to corresponding time lakt year. Tho shipments on the Lehitfh Navi gation, for the week ending on Saturday la?t, were 4.">,,r)'!l tons, makiug for the sea -on NIG, i>71 tout, against 704,0*7 tuna to tho same time laut The shipment" of coal from Richmond, (Reidiug Railroad depot,) during the week ending Sept. 1, was as follows: ? All*ny, N. Y 1.033 New Haven, Ct 9U Itaiwnr, Mc 170 Net Ixjodon, Ct 1(W Piokley landing, Pa.. 60 Newport, I N-l 0 Hrldcabtirg, I'a 1?>6 N. Y. and Brooklyn., 7, 4o4 Ilrldgrport, Ct 4<15 Xyack, N. V 3>1 )l??t<>n, Ma?a w 089 riwtucket, K. I 065 Camden, Mr lit Portland, Ma ::90 Camden, N. .1 W1 Portamuutli, K, H. . .. .'i&i Cambridge. Mb*h 061 Pougbkerp-iv, N. V.. 76", Chelsea, Man 011 I'erth Amboy, N.J... 8.' Charlestown, Unrnt... 510 l*rt>\ tncetown, Mam.. 21! Charleston, f. C 210 Providence, K. I 1,0'lt <Ti^t;t?r, Pa 97 I1iilad>d|iiiia 031 1'elawar* City, Del . . . Wi l'oitit Shirley, Mont. . 2".) Dover, N. H 91 PrrUklU, .V Y nil I'lghton, Mao uOO Pali-mburK, I'a l.l 2 I'anverc, Maot 228 Qutnoey l'oinl, Ma??. . 407 Fall, Mar 413 RirltnjAnd. Va 801 FUhkfU, N. Y 108 Rondout. .V. Y 214 Flushing, L. 1 20TI ltnckland. Mn 604 Frankford, Pa 204 Roxbury, Ma?? 1,383 (ieorgetuwn. D.C.... 114 Saco, Mc 1X1 Harlem, N. Y 210 .^lUmi, Ma-1* ... :,5t0 HaTeratraw. N. Y.... 146 Snlrm, N. J 130 Htarnum, Ct 100 Hlng bing, N. Y 002 H'dmt-iiburg, I'a 04 Salisbury, Ma.?? 186 tindfon, N. Y 474 Savannalt. (Ja 100 Jer?ey City, N. J.... 214 Shrewsbury, N J 162 King ? Hrioge N. Y.. 203 Smyrna, Pel 26 I.ynn, Ma*? 312 fWoaey Point, N.Y.... US Maapetb, I.. 1 14J .-tti?V'"ant landing, Mtdford, Ma-c 276 X. Y 100 Millvllle. N. J 30 Troy, N. Y ....1,072 Marcutt Hook, Pa 87 Washington, D. C.... 215 MaohaUanville, N. Y . 140 Warren, R. I 1M N'aotiicM, Hju< 140 Wareltam, Maaa 10 1 Newburyport, Mn?.. 200 WiMtport, Ct 290 New Hamburg. N.V. 240 Went Farm*, N. Y.... 1M> Newbuig N. V 813 Wilmington V. C. ... 183 Norwalk, Ct 568 Vonkcrit, N. Y 80 Total 41,771 lor neaton 1,073,408 laut year 950,949 The earnings of the Galena and Chicago Railroad Company for tbo month of Anguat, in each of the j?*t two years, were as follows:? t.iljt* A Nil CtU< UK I HmIMOAII. Ai'g. 1864,(180 mil".) 18 65.(221 ii>i7m.) Iif .'it" Freight <00,024 16 *141,688 87 ?72,5 4 7 i 1-,I .Ml .. 33,041 W.W W 28.44877 MalW, Arc 1.460 13 2,201 01 746 81 TcUb. 0104,122 07 VW. Wil 37 >101,764.11 The earnings of the Chicago and Burliugton R til mad line for the month of August, 1 ?.?."? , were ai followt-: ? Fn-feht* tlMttMO 48 l'?i>?*ngrr* 37,189 34 I'nited -t.. te? Mail I, .'it# 2*t Total 0189,274 11 The projiortiouH of earnings for each road fortaing th'> line, am as follows: '?al^rui ?nd (Wcago t'nlon . ... . .825,517 fK> fhirngo. Durllngton and Qitlnof 73 Wi 14 (<DtrnJ Military Tract .'i i.tvu", K 1 e< ria and ()?t<iawka 7.811 M Total $139,174 11 The increase in July wa.s e<j ial to (boat one h'Jti tlrnl p> r cent, and now we have, in Aaj<a-t, an in create et| u:t lly great. At this rate, the aggregate earnings for the present ll^ctt) year will be upward* of t?o anil a half millions of dollars, which, with thr surplus in hand at the commencement, will make a total of Thecompaity estim it? the groM earnings for the present year at $2,0<mi,0<K). In th<* estimate, August is put down atll^O/iOO. The a"tua' (?amines were ISflS^l 17. lucrc.ise on txtimate in one month, 37 To the plain unrarnished statement of fa< t< ah I fljnirea wlil'h we hare made in reference t> th" Clovilntid and Toledo Rail mud Company, w<- have aa yet *e? n no oilier reply than the cry which usual jy com'1- from speculate when any of their rotten schemes are exposed. Not one mateii it stvletnen made b) us, baa or can be denied. We shall u>?l atop to Itandy wortla or qtiiMde ti|ion fmctional item?, either with our cote mporarics or eorri-^s'Liie .jU. We give tht flgitn-s in pruof of every ciatemen' Made, and if wrong, wonld like to l<e put ri/ht. An or.'?itii nt the clique of bull 8|teculat/tr-> nod' rtook a few di?ys since to ahow that the Clc-v'tlaod an 1 Tokd?i Railroad Company eould jny t?-ii |?er c. ot dividtnd out of the net earnings of the p*e>e>t I seal year, ending April 1, Isfld. It putf. dow? 'he capital .it receipt*. |l,0?.i,0tKl ; i'ltere't, j 124 d/Xrf) ; < |x rating eapenara 4& |s r ce tt? k-^ring 1 for di? i?knd, f.'ils/Hio. Now we nndertalc ti sty | and proTf.thit n.?t one of the al?o*c >ital? cnta are eitlu r com ct or even approaching pmmln -? lh? t?|>.tal stated, r.ot the entire uplul bj at leart tl?e ^Itole floating debt, am >uctlng a? itdmiUed. on the 1st of July L< 1111^0. T rrolptM arr orer-eai'ma'ed by at leaat llW.'>i)J. Tbe intereUt la fttu.>ly the Inter 4 or tht tU* * (**?<?. s of Ixinda, sad i]om n ?) !??? l-jde <.*? 4all ?? of ?nVere>d o &?: io*'- 6 d?-M w aaaof' name, ami last an J most absurd of aU, the opt ? rating expense* are put d'?wu at 43 per oent, which i? too low by at least. 10 per cent. No ram of any expene nee in railro*4?. who know* the ?ituation of the (lev el *04 and Toledo, e?timite-< the opera'iug expends at le*a tUan CO per cent W? are willing, however, for the moment, to call it I*. per cent, ami show by the following table that in etead of liaving $31^,009 for ilir: Jf>ad ??. there will be a much smaller #um: ? (rroMt ib.eipU to Ajiril l*t, lV?i ftri* ai'iath. offl i.tlly kii'>?" ?fo> w'H) Operating ?spen*e? 56 per con' SIWi.000 Interest "U lumltii ili-lit 'J4fi U >'? latere*! and eipeiwes on floating 'J6,0 >0 linking 1 1 1 nd oue (ier ceut on $3,690 JW *.16,0)0 MOO, 000 Toi*. net incoro-* f . r dividend-. M'Sl.OSl A farther allow;) ace should be made for general depreciation -an item which manager.! of railroad* are fast (Intling out to be of no small importanoe? which would seriously reduce the above una! I balance. Itailroad property is deceptive. It is an easy matter when a road is new to pay high dividends, eipeclally while a constriction account in kept open, info which can be flmugglcd a sufficient ainoiint of the car rent operating expenses to lea* ? the required b?l mce for division among stocknolders. Wiieu, however, the dsv arrives when no more stocks and b ?nd* shall be issued and the con<tru< tion account Is closed, and the road requires, hs all rotvds niusl in a very few years, rp/fl>"In;*, lenewal of engine?, Ac-, Ac , all to bi paid for out of earnings, then the company , with no sin plus on hand, nofeecrvation made far the extra ordinal % t xpenditure i, finds uu accumulation of ye irs of wear and tear on ita hunfi, with no me nu to meet it except to escape paying dividends, llallroail companies which have for years paid large dividends, and paid out more tha;i their groM in come every year, have at las* been not only obliged to suspend, but have had to i-t-mc new bonds for a general renewal of track and equipment. Conijtanics which pretend to operate their roads at such a wnall |>er cent of rios i earnings, invariably have to stop their dividends and increase their debt to repair their track. Ac. If the construction ac count of the f'leveianil and Toledo Railroad Com pany was clewed today, its gross income would be rapidly absorbed in properly operating aud r?>p iir ing the road. The construction account ranaot lie closed. To a dividend paying company U la of tho highest importance that it all mid be kept open. Not a railroad in the country could pay more than two or Uirve per cent dividend per annum, without a construction account to take in a portion of the current operating expense*. The Mew York Cen tral Railroad Company let ita track and equipments run down so low, in ita efforts to pay large divi dends, that an expenditure of $3,000,000 was re quired to bring it up again, for which a new isauc of bonds waa made, and that amount added to the company's debt. The Rtonington Railroad Company suspended its dividend* about a year since, to apply its earning!; to relaying the track. The Ilarlctn, New Haven, Hudson River, Eric, and scores of other roads, find so much of their earning'! actually ubsorbed in operating, that dividends are out of the question. The Cleveland and Toledo Railroad is in an un finished condition. It is but 100 miles long, and has already a capital of nearly $7,000,000. Bond* after lionds have been isaued, till there are rlrrm ditlinrt in the market. The la.<t iaue was sold under &'> |*r cent. Whit the next will bring is beit known to those who privately parcelled out the last. The aKuurdity of valuing Cleveland and Toledo at Iti present market prices will, perhaps, bo more re ?dily perceived by comparing it with some other roads lociited in its immediate vicinity. If Cleveland and Toledo is worth ?7 per cent, we can show that some otlier roads are selling at only about one-quarter of their actnal value The Cleveland, Painesville and AstabiiJa Itailroad from Cleveland to Erie, (ninety miles.) flni died, cost Jj, 000,000. Earnings for six months ending July 1 >501 .000. The Krie, Northeast and lluftiio (State line) roads finished, Erie to Buffalo, ninety miles, cost $2,000,000 Earnings for six mouths ending July, $tW,0.)0. The Cleveland and Toledo, unfinished, 10 ? miles cost $6,700,000. Earnings fur six months ending July, 1W.6, $44?,75H. Tlietwo roads from Buffalo to Cleveland, ISO miles, cost $6,000,000. Earnings from July lftfit, to July 1866. $1,860,000. The Cleveland and Toledo, 109 Biles, cost $0, 700,000. Earnings from July l<t54,to July $7!?4/?00. If a stronger or clearer illustration of the absurdi ty of paying aiything like market value for Cleve nd and Toledo, or of holding it at present prices, | vanted, than this, all we can say if, go on in your blind Ignorance and like the consequence*. To place the matter, if possible, in a still stronger light, it la only necessary to ahow the financial position of the Catena acd Chicago. Amount already expended onfJalena m l Oil cagn ?5,H'V..2ft3 KatUDated eipen<tltur*?, I, .17(1, i*>0 Total $T,24l,8?U This road will coat when lini'hed but $500,000 more than the Cleveland and Toledo, unfinished, and only one-half the length. The Catena and Chi cago earned in six months, ending September 1st, $1,133,810, and the Cleveland and Toledo in the same time, only $424,744. The earnings of the Catena and Chicago In August, the poorest month in the year, exceeds the earnings of the Cleveland arid Toledo for the last Ihrtt months by $4'J,43?, imd only lack* $27A.10 of lielng equal to the re ceipts of the latter company for the 1st /our months. When in addition to the above figures it is considered that instead of a floating debt to be livanciered for in tliese squally times, the Galena and Chicago has an surplus of over $330, 0W, with a road easily worked at 45 per cent., and not a patch-work, double-jointed, d'lable-guaxcd, hydra be ided concern like the Cleveland and Toledo, we do not think it <an lie denied that either one st ick Is >-e||in(t too high or the other too low. The annexed statement exhibits the quantity and value of certain nrth ie* exported from this port dur ing the week ending Friday, Hept. 7, 18.*,.-,, distia Koifciiin# the destination and extent of sbipnr fits to each place:? Cossinf!) til* Cum i* \r? Yotl-TtMt Kir .sr? u\ mrvoi . y??n<. N. pinn'. y<il lott'n bs...A,6?l tw u,t k nulir J |J ?/ i ; l.,m ?u I.MW li.,147 Mai Me OR* )i MJ0 riour, bt4< a,?_'i I'l.tsio K|*rm oil, ?l 1.7JW 3 laa Whest. ba . 5.<oo Unt oil A>, | Mo lot. i rro hhd* '?>? ? Mar Moerr r,. j r. (3 I. It. r 'st?, e? lOt ?,??? Hooks, e ? 3 i<w i lis? i Ibvl la, 7^1 fai peuoerin't i! i., < HI c?k?- ?r? ir/> VO?l !?? 2 pft btii?... 7.M) 1,31# Inn 1 0C^ W n W >? . 'J* Ml !?!> plunk |M. 53-'i 6 000 I'ppei lbs. 1,15s 7, *7<l H?j?, ba li \o 1" 'CO U ft 00 1,S?0 .yUvi 'Jo \<V) 1 (V'j IMa'i/e- t>U* 180 4 0St Rwtn t,t, .. Vy) r23 eL#. .. 7 J,07i; Tae 1CA bs (fju " 1 'I te?rl .-tie. bl 39 1 1? To'*1 $??< 371 i/wrwi , , i;.ur, MiN. ..1,31^ t.T.rXM a ellh fll t/ s s, ??.<?( tin :.,S70 7.000 \*rn i, 717 T??'?ee. , ib 70.W.7 I?.W U? hin-,y. r. s 1 001 I I: M 1M 7,1'A Wine, , fk. 10 IJ3 I he#*e 1' la', ft42 I3,S.W Inifmim? I 'J) i <il?*ke le? HS0 V> M MaliOfSfi/ U 2 Mt 7 7s', I ?in, tiM I 10 4 r/A ( Inn 1 SI/, Oil n e?l ? :>? I 67# Jk h- 4 JO I '**1 lobaern hh'it 10 7<* ' /li*er art,ci<- ? 1/7 I b? # 1,fsw iura?. C'lllnr, tulfi 79J $13 777 e? fj a'^l lt..ur, I I- MS) ? -M |h* Hi aao 11<A~ Vv 1,' * I?I?I. '**1 1 *70 1 'aim r. I h ? t'- 7 > :?.,?? ?fc. i I, n 4 r*< ' *? ' Jin <h M 1*1 | VI i 1 I?in Mb. 41* 1 *71 Hair, k>Ua || ZL It #1-1. *? 7i V/71 I ,IU , I (/li'ii '.'-b I 1*0 11. Hi 4, j | ? T' ??!./? M M 7,7W? ri'4Ml? ...y | ao ?: SO Mania i v, t? Mr, i . i,.h? II ? ' k II as. Ha??. {Hi I I" ta.ea 4 HI <s*t,eT w^iai ?> ,M0 y gf, ?jale*. 1< i.m ____ ..a*:,1 #J? VAMMMf t JH 1 fiKrlr, l?kkU 1 '"4 ?!> '.'** , J, <?ri| $ ti# ? ^ 1*1, ir CotUKI lM<n> 1 .4 I r d -oi". ? ilHti pag*. W? 24ft lUwio . IW) 1 ?t cloth c? II bone.llia. 15 1 */ ll0|M, Uiia-.. ?.'> Oil rul,.. *> 1 bneato, L^? . 98 n Total Hour, l.ol*. ..00 r, Iixii. 2,83.! c\. }.???, (Mrs t,m IVr-Wa It>. ??p. turjit ,1.1. U l(V> I'ultlHh, bUi< . II ' r<*wi ii'ii. . , , id Horiey tc?. 1? A-f iiult m cw 1'.' fob, <<*??, lib ? i '.t> 0Nf. bbb..,. 01 Roalit TOO ToImkm O. hUU (J I'miitin^". c? . 8 Mat trie v ii I. . 21 llfWWl 97,4??7 H?tu? Hark 2^,009 l.llufit 808 AaptlAituitl, ? k 8, Idl t lu. [j'm-.Mj I,**?* I ofvoifd t'.ri* T,IU HpnngM, bala ?ill 8tava? 71 Fuatir t 9.328 6xt& 0 Ito'tki., c? &ii,UOil I K |(im>iU, ?J4 '.>*0 Cry I'al i(i i tat ifc?>t?. imi i,)ioa 0aa* . . . 4, 099 Caadle*. I .~~*ltpelie -01# ~k?* Nta t? . 178 1,822 Trial . >?'. HI 1,62ft 821. J 200 lJII *NO? 'liar Mil ? 111 Sp turp V i,i>, u>. 1 >? ? ? 1 1 ?? .tic. <il ' ilnl 8'J?.iM)7 r>i rot in*? mmni a unui ,\> .m Hour, lihl/i . .6,330 941, MH ohceta. Port 24A Tobtw'CO, II. - v,874 M :? Cfc<? II.* 5- 'it rt/e Hour, bbl 2*7 r. Hi 1.1 ... lt)0 f'tiro, tni> .2 050 Corn intlll, blm .<*1 Hi-. , ^ 6 57! 1,878 01 Wil -MO I'M Ci.lfec, l.\ Whiti' Ii* t.| , j.4>* no Alcohol, I'ipi ' 10 Corner, III 2,1)1 Safer itun, pf? '.II Other ?Hk1 ? '.7# I li?i , I.I.I . , .'.ml Meal . f.1) M. rcli.iiid>,e* I?o liny, b/ilon. Jl*) Bilk goi'd* - rJS .. MtJTWIl ?l.-l I Ml. I Mini "2'n)0 267 V? lltolltlliit* 0 l.'g grla*??a 2 < H? ii Otbet artMea ? .ftlOUJI Cork, tit.U. . ml i jiiJ. tii>. . . llutt.r 2,8ltf llrviut, C?w 101 ChcOt.". lb 10, 466 ll'dmiv I'twaa 399 I>rii;r*.6. ,p'?fH a: Ml Tobacco, lb* 1,1'ifl l.r n'il?,r?i"'n. f? .?I raw pitii'r,r.2.000 "? M liny, Iium hlli v v agull . . Ail., i.i r. !*hni' pk|r<- . . 11. .ix !?.!' - I '*iiikv.?.t? ? . . t.iiiiruofej< . Wlml- ?H (fill . 1 'fnl're.rniM-* lU^.dnjr felt r. 818 I 'Hll TUSH, lmi?H 1 l'?|?r li'inty. tun lUc ten , , . , . 15 I A dthlT, r ?(?<?? 129 <)?ni 12ft Total a mi 27 >1 Wl 621 I lit .IKl 4,1.:.'. H 'iOI sio m 0IKI i'H 175 fia7 1 T'XI 60 1 >7 V.'i 678 t:u* 1 A&O :'4>4 Mfi :iio 147 4<>2 144 ? iu W a^..n if . . I.tril oil if?l . I'nrfuiu'y ln< \ trnUb, bi/l? l'<it?t..< Applm I nlib?jir<' i ... Brtin <ii.r> II . ller, *< . I Cupper, fkw 'j Hi.turp.,bWI 42 Wbip*. cm.-- 1 Copju'r but in? Ii Oakum, bsl^a HO HhMkaiiU.b<1.2,t28 Knnrjf r I?,1i? i 7 SUrliDiy.lm 0 |Mw,eMM.. ?. Hoop, bl? ... 5U l alio* . lb> ,U|| Tar. bliU 10 J Wlni* boxm.. 'A I 701 400 ?JtW Station 'ry.l'V K.ipe, riilln . . . 'II r*. Other ai tb li'i .?6a,M{i 1 1onr, bbU. . . 160 Cork ilo .140 Uid, lba.... 2,140 Cb?H M do ... . 8.V1 Ifc^-f, bbirf.... -M fliinw, lli? . . .1.5100 IiIt, ? * ' . - . M Muck 'roi, Mil*. -0 Oidfinh. ilium. 120 Hutter, ilm.bsOliI nrrad, bbU. AO I)rU({H, b*?. . . 2 Hrgara, oa,, 2 HtaUuner/ ca. 1 Hor*. 1 mm. *1 120 HirirMitl... 1 0,311 < enillr., lu> . I.'ifi 272 hoap du 1,000 100 Tgbmo bain 91 1.1 lUidw'i)*. b? 1 lftO lla/. Mn,, . 20 Iflsi Hufur. bbU. .. 'M HI Kurnitum,ca.. ?'! 2,161 Hi.neT, Iba. . . 38 121 l>oini'?ticx, b?. 8 0(1 l ire I'.n^iiiix* Ii 2<>1 I uniUer, fl..6.'? 090 Other artlrloa. ? Hour, bbln... 66) ??? f WO I'ork 80 Ilret.d 884 I nrtl, U> .... 1 ,I^.i liutter f.70 Candla- be*. ."4 1 .??oap 12*1 CToVta'Bii.pkX1 Blioea, eurf I ai doll, Rain. . Hjienn <?T| lllee, blil<. (<>Bl*, b.tff* . . Vermicelli, bin Uouki, boxen. f'j.jy . I'.iU.. . I 1 Lm? . . . llaif 1 1 .1,8A8 I rattier, i ld"^ 100 Iiry kooiIk, ca. 19 Mln irt, tiot. . 1 flan- 2 C>.al cat a 12 rowler, k?i(~ f until lire, bv 7 . Ikirat, rtMw. 10 l^*ad, bole., . 60 (.an-, r?M-a . 3 Total Hon r, bbli . . 1,100 H... In 1&0 I 'tunfutir-*, Int. II Urd. Iba.... 6, 144 I'-a, client . . . 13 ."traw paprr.r 61*1 I'rf bs 1 Hegara 60 Flour, bbla .. 7."i Tobfteco Iba 4,047 T..?-r... bhtl.. 46 I)ot?eatlrJ>, ba- 47 .'?eipira, ca,. . . 4 <'o|'!*' - Tar, tibl* 2"> Total I l'.:i 7 1 2<? 20 4 21 4<>l 77 IW M *' l-H 16, IfWi 1.442 1,583 2,150 204 IV. 1,736 .108 l ?/?n 86 l."i ;>4o loo 70 24U MXH 88 ?M 305 3,400 107 17(1 2,131 <".75 1,0.10 824 17V 240 Total 21,796 j A>AI?l. fiakatn,halea.. 14'. 9704 llraii lv bbU. .V> 3i4 1 Ituia 4 82 | Wlni- ra?e?. 800 900 | IVuil,i.|.n? . . .In.) 201 { ('uiuio aeel.. 121 Will | lleana bbla :-u*ar. I ?rigf-, Ih. .'?* . ill \ ant lii'h.bhl' ii llati, rjt ?* , . 41 ?Hat*. bii?h 200 Hat Iw . r Iila 4 A Iron, Ii h - 118 (Vxttuh. c?*U? 20 Twtrie, i"i e St.iri-i., lM(< ltt.'i fltlaale*, i. ilk mi lied lea.l Le({? 50 t"onili?. ca?e. . 1 OtetMac... ... S Ikadu bo*,,. 1 Tolwero lial'n lo Copter. Dm . .C.W79 Tin, boxea .... 20 (.nttnr Una, 4 I it mlaar, f\ Other artirle ? MM ABU 912,000 Biorea, ke.,e*. 14 2>.2 Bmin 4 2, .115 llraiiilrrlhpilli>,r?I .8- ?, 782 lU'O llriiffa, bsa. 866 200 l.umbi r, ft . i,Wl Other article* ? 140 Total.. I KMV' Bi. 81. 1 OR llama, Iba M0 flara 7, IBH Carrie^ 81 T .'.'J4 l'ioiUloa?, ca 25 llirrlnf I, bxa 200 402 Otbtr aitlrlea ? 81 ~69 817,552 Hour, bbla. . . I'ork 619 Bread *41 I'ulalnea 5MI lleet 150 Maine, Iba. :i noo l.llfwo 111" 260 I'lUTaiM mriANA. 82,720 CurtiaKea.. . 7,169 liar, bal-a 2,145 IW*, bulk 1,100 <?ara 1,060 flieap M'.ift lloraaa .... OKI 1110 2 85 Match-a, ca. . 136 1,350 Tola! 819 9?1 Tna, rhe 1a. . 22 rioek*, ca . . 4 Hardware.... 12<i Hunt, punch.. 10 A7/>nm 91,084 Ware. 0 d00 210 Othar arlirina ? 623 6_'5 Total . 196 40 M0 . 541 . 813 1 18* Hour, bbl* I'oik <7.. e?e, lb? l?id Ill end, hl.i? llatter, Iba Hi. in' T'l.(\cco, 1 h'!? 1 I o. IU 1 'Mf. IjnfC I i.ll, k ??<? braadr, rt. l.i Hum, i.bU . . . l'O T'afnt l-K- 92 Sp. turj.., bbl? 4 I lnitr, bl.l< Hiijt ?r, ca . I ? tni atlca . Cutlery . Ku?, bb<l> Wlm vetnr" ca t l?tliln{ tjry im 81,760 HMO 126 75 312 1H5 l-aj IV) :A1 *i 1 ?oo 1 88i 117 70 Tl.llDK. f '.id 1Mb, bxa. . 10 Hardware, Ca. JU J'artbeaware 2 V(a< k?r?4, tibia 5 MuakcU, ca 2 Tar, bbla .... 28 'T *?"*l'i e?. M.wka Jewelry, bxa. 1 Iiroja, c?,... 2 l.nmbar, ft 12 80U Other article ? Total a rat* k %>iA H...U, ra. .. . H* |>tt (o?da 8 '.*8 liar laare ? 1 ??. Mualreta 11 1 1 H Hoap I.Xa >"4'l Hep-', oalta 7.18 Other artl"lea 180 iiio Total 1 ;?o aivTVAtit 8%4 17') latfaa. Ml 588 ?,'Tto 1,.im?^r, ft 171,118 a <4 4,57'i T-.W [ efi1 rt*4 lirtxf tbe fral 81 r*a<! do' 'if tl < a . ? k 9730 81 ..89 116 $m 80 ?A 50 IV) 78 mi J88 J/0 :..'i0 217 88,112 91 'ml 100 1,24 I 1 00 0 1 HI 154 187 921 089 91 47 6,183 817 '.Ml 238 229 Ml.l'.U la; 47 210 16 8 1 ?Sfc.??.. 1 I'ow.)?r, key 811? n.'ttr, bl la . ".,000 T .larr*., tK- 1 ; 2Wi I r. a. |.|. ? I. !0 liai' a I (0 ^aluc ofmerrhind. - V alu> of aperta < t jk Total ?'\|?rtali'^i. 7 ? tal iBij" rtattoa I xn > of OTer exj.' Va . 81 4J5 Tin folUmitu ia a e- mjr*rati*e ?taU merit of tl?? raloa of i *p?rt? from tlw; commenrameut of th?! y ?r to hrpt. 7: ? ? ' 186'. ft* V?.4*.' 2 219 '*?. '/|o.2Tj 2 *47 07 4 '^e7 '? 2 875 1 27 ft.' 771 ?28 I 'M < lit ?>n I laur. f aim r' IVf. I'ark. 1854 ? II 17ft, \0 5 781 fJ$ 228 *4 : .1 ra? m t 377,998 788 7:Jk 1 Ofix 481 /*n-aa ? 82.875 840 ? 2,828,921 ? ?* 7 47 _ 1 T*> 4*8 8400 I4M 21.1 901 ? 1 tor 0O? ? I .w Toiila *24 ;?7 t*3 917 '?* vn fti 740,118 99. 'M ' ?t Ilccia- *a Ml Npt. 7 188.'. . 90 81'/ 4*8 It will l/v urn l?y On- <l^ire UlJr that t)?e *h f> IT.I Ilt r.f |)H yjj-t .fT? llM cr.ifBI/KnC'l wUh cmaiilffa t.U' "jiirtl. T"I/.i*<Viii ih] I4i4fp"4 tb' > ?jr<irta t vti of floiir, <rbe.l an-J rom M ?w k ?M Ur* f lliaij tr liare brfoit rep?irt??J f-.r a. uty ru'/fttha. To )la*re po*ir ai?' ?r" tin ?klp;i?L In bit'..' 'e? there ha- lia-r ,'t *> Um W.l?i ,1 tiOMwnt. 7V h?i|^rtatl'.na laa wr^k were Uf/er tUn lor a. me ?i<k? prrTi''?? The f' e.j.U <<f fot'ijfr) .Jrjr (T.aala c*ce??l til raltie Oy^r- of (C"KT*1 mer. r.'VMtT I in Via Voat? Vatr* tar l?e-ara 8w ptryt* ? IV9?... I aekaia I at**.. M".. I taalea I rtaflra I I nr. real T'?<Vaw (balk., b e htaa 1 ?aMee* NfW?. V"" l?' l'*? 1 :?! .0 . 11 71 7 . 00 ft 49 t w Vua I |/.v !?? - 049 104 I 498 ?*?8 8 '-V7 4 ? .772 18 9*7 I '10 1 VW 8 "?VJ 19ft 19, H4 llaaaa ba Hair . 92 llalrabatb 7 llat'e fimfta 4 Iu4>a r abba I ? Peart* . , . 4* MaaUa . I IwriaM* Vna4ral Itwt*. '*? Matbe i aa4 d I Vaa itcal 8a I f>V<a'aJ ? ft 0M ttw'rf . t>< - 8- 7>? ft i?a 1.874 V 8*8 81 ")? 1 I ? %K ft vr ?l 900 ? 798 II oi? 1? "H Xfl J,2!W 2 2,634 1 420 4 . 12 it?"*.. 0*/. ??? hi "??? ft:;*-* Chf w .11 , u ; " 'rb;.7"u fe^.v fcrr;. - . '/'Vac.. f ,;<0 4) vf-' n aj Of), ' J ?Wlc*:;*' M 1M 177 T ?>, Um i;v, lot . 1 .471 - - Oil 1,61" OH painUnf* 74 MmrrarunJ.... 342 1,wl 1 iquora? ?,WW ltraiuii 21 l:w IWr S4 I 7M ?.tn T 100 I *?' lirr SO 2,;.o4 ltoot? 1 .Un?i If PiTiuitl riUM. 11! I'tllMKd 4i'. ? Mr'al fiKMlj? 2. Tuft r ii tier/ 44 ?I; ,2 Hardware . . . . S?" Chain* 2* NcwUra ...... 4 Kali* M Iron, iom. . .1.IW ? .hoot P.44# <? hoop . 444 " I"rM4tt,Nt <-?*< 2, <164 Tub*. 214 ^tl-.'l t'MUM I Wire 174 IVO Tin .'.*-.422 IS I. ..I H.''ll itifl) II A 2 K?t 1 OS MO : Ao? i U'i i *13 I 000 ?JW 10,912 1 1<> J 4,?M ? ?> rr l^_' 1,H>.I'. H Vl Ifi't Tin. 1 Of.4 paint", Ml kf - ? &?iU lire, inc. I*c. 'ly* l < <.W<"?1 In-tltf" i'? iii? Madder.... l'?\l?r? ? Hunwc . . . * ? * UiU. . . ?? (Klrv ... r?nk p??T' \ 1 ?? -il I i ?| ? \ ?? t ii . . ( rtitt*-? Nut* l4-iiwm.< . . . . Out ant ? ( hk'?<!"# 1 iimy.. . . I 0" ???? ' Im'H'urr Ir'wr. . ??? 1 i-li Kr?<l>rr? ... , K. . u lib (ii.X tii |?n > ? ?:ia?? ? 1 Ul<- ?ii"? Mii r*?> JT 14 (lifll 1!2 l-ll 1,7*2 1 1 .tftl ?J 1M 4<tS ?I, .IT ?: ivm 6 Ml 1 (?> W 510 ?? lil 671 0.11 :<w 7in e tv?l>l*l Saddlery T o til!-*'. W?t? W'tr Meld jf'MKb . . Hr? 1? Oil 1,,. |?l .... Ma hUiuary llu : 1 .tali*. I I lh I > MoIlM , . , . , I 'a J" r t'a;*r han> I*' luumi y . I" i|?t?. llic? 4I1 ?Iv|. .Mai n ifry . . hint In ? ?."-<? Tea ltf,404 II' r.t 4 00 OuT 2 107 1 UNI 3. 943 1 iw; 2,f?IT I'M 2- 'WW 7^'l 9<?.Ufr3 10(1 '.'Ii S8 ?Id I'^l lulai on , . . , T. 5 T? lim 'lllr? H ildio. . . ffinr. ... 0>aiNMffM VTxt.' Wim.I Hi*:.? W?ll <g:, || jr . I <?r I. wvmI . Willow I iimtK-i .... flwp < Khri arlli lr?. 1,714 I il 26 30 r?4 hxt. ?Z3 am ? T,?* i.m 1%S n,w :A,m I.N* im,9m 34JM 1,1M M I'* 12 19 ID I'la lor,,,.. .1,41# Itati'iii. ill 4.1 i.'-ivi II t? >v? : 114 1SI,4S4 6t,m I.Tt* ?rr 2,41s I.T4* 1,444 4,4T4 1,1? J, 044 1,444 1,144 444 1,4*4 A, 444 1T4 HM 1, 114 1,444 944 2,444 "S t?,4M 4,m '11,444 -?:,4H I1I.4J4 r.t, 1*4 lJS ?!Z 4.W4 l.d? 'jn.m 4,41* 1><1 20 W?S :i,24? 4,'.'.?7 1 ft70 7,140 ?,:??4 Vain* <>f (fnoral iiKTrhatill*' put th? iiiiiWrl Onrltic ll?r ??k 4l.Tlt.4W I II. dry gijml. Jo. <!<?. <!??.... 2, 144, M 14,444 n,444 Ti>1?llmi?>iUUi>nii 4^.1?24,I44 The Uilk of thin ftRffrrfriite i* mmlf up of i of nni?eiN?J roiunimptioii. Mi tai* furm 4 vary <04 |>ortnnt portion of thr total, lUilrond iron, 9100,44% tin, #Hl,4Sf; Irad, $6 2,7M; iron, t<4/>6?. N4?i% ; twenty live p<?r rent of tho hkkttr 4lo *11 ti Uirm- artlclm. Coffin, akin*, tea and nuffara la a grrut aaoiiut, were alio imported lant week. $ III la Iim|, '47. . wxw in U,,,, '.I)ID MUa tin fl't MKOfl 4u... MtO 1MW0 Uuh ? ?'* i-OO MOO do . . Ik'O 10009 'In. ..140 i.100 Vlrfin* 8 V ... KM) ll*> 1>I m<( l..| VOIW I 1 1" Con b*. '71 Mark Kim uu|f. KtTi MOAr, K*i?t I, 1 .161 *k ftta Kit . . . al I'M T8 M(4 U.I ' , Ki O.i >i U.1% l*>? 01 n i .t do. . . amt 'J 4*1 N luit IkU V0 I'M) (.1,. lj?'. 1,1. Ml 2V*W IB Cm RIl l?N MV 10(410 'In ?,n Kf. do CO HA', ?.'Hi N V ('? n ft'-. . vi >, MM N V Om TV Mi MJOOTarr*H(fcAH3d *0 Ufi I 1 ft 1 itt. In VI WKKJ |lu,l 1,1 |M- ",i. ', :?*mi iiuini*nd Hi* ? ??> 4m Ilk 'f Ociai . 10" . Id Mi'tn iiolllan IIV. W', 10 ('.urn f* IU. lUi ' , It. ( '?.ntlrfrital BU . 107 10 Atl.-.nlir Ilk v: Ml 111 ft lludd MO l."< SftO Si> Tr*n- Co ?.') 20', ?to ?la do. do do do ?to d . do ?to do 10 <*?, II ?i |i RK . Ulllor. ? ft (So 400 Harl' io RR. M0 liu ? ! >?l '.?K| do. . . )"? do... ioo ?!<? . <<m '.'i Sur ft *?? Iti'. ? ?MO {feeding Kil MU ?inoto Virginia <i 7<Wi IU Can Kit W?. MOUO .In m?o d<. . . . fi?o UH) d? aiiO . 00 ilu Sir Tr*n C? 100 d>i >10 Dm llm "u. >01 U I ltll* Ml* Kit 1.10 M> (lar ft Tnl Kit . 4<*l do It* do . . !,*) Ml *?,... liM> II 0 do >.?? ifll i.kJ A Oii<- KM .. IWIVi k Hlu lilt M d<? MCfini HOARD. 100 oh* K.'i k/i ao , tn 07',' <7 S ?7tf M ?? 111 70S' 70^ * I'M M0 Mi Mi'bOo RR a00 100 bl* RK *40 Ml too 100 -DO '?i'o 400 ?OO IIU 1'KI CITY 1%JU)K KRPtlHT, Pai' nptt, f?pi 0-4 P. M. Awaa?j^la. .4 a>?.ut 40 a M) I.Ua *1 0* *7 In fc?M ainU. M?<rk of li"Oi ?"f1? !<?? ? 771 blda llMii'iiiK-IVxir? '"tnii 'ir and ti.Miaaa fraOaa M ft. Mir advanra.t 13 We. y-t Mil , aklla tmnrf and 4IM u'.olilaf* ?'i? ? ?? l.arornd 71i'' '*!?? rmbntrt ibMt ? ,'?? a '1,0" l Mil*., Intludi|.( "?nir'>ft lo ?k"t<a lirul^ at 17 SO a $7 74 , aud aitr*, it M * M 14. <Ma4lM n?illii?r.| in tlalit a-ipt.lji and I h r HIT* *ri? natal - I *f taiit ^>uth?rn *a< t?lirr wtUi ?ol? ? t tmm ?i"ii t? rhrtrm lira nil* it M m II lit, 1*4 M Mtf % 4'' "S f'.r Ian j ant ? ilia I. aintiL lifaatt UI fair dmifcOd, liwludtn( ?m|? rt'ir tin" at 17 *7 aod ha ? J with ? it'* n2)v Afii'mt utl?*r a*U? ?n?4? w '? n <*Jt aacka (? )i*! 1.. I **> lib] r.) S'i?r, nudw fl ? -t II I allf- rina, al t? par LM lit' i'id* t in ttw aV?4MlM m r? I.UOO bid* <natiinno KU<? "It. daliri'ablr la IHa t' l *1 i; t'iH *i-,t ( '?! a ;,000tr?aWM ? .'m r ii r." ? ?? ?* a-., I in' I , '.,itf trA at II 70 ? |l It, I ? I. '? ?' ?l a ft Trim- ?, .alul- ? ?r-? la lifht ?uj Im ia'tait lr> 1 hi u|. * ?? i?- ',(**) l. i.h . ? < alifniaia t<. airl*, and '.i tj ? ?ft, al II a |l I* a ad a Ml ? Inlart'.r i.iv ' a< 1 1 M I'/ ro ? TTia martH wwt f?44i Una. and |.nn>" ai. ind *-l" 'Mf '*?? " rmlhar aoarAa Mi '..Jr. in I ra' ? ? a> - ?* I 4' OA a >i 'fMj I. . ?h? '? Wa imtid at II ?? * II VI a. tli 'l.? ? iW tr*i.aa''*? fl lit<*?l W In lwlla* |an'i> I ' n^rt Kja-n ?I 'i . ?'f? II a.U *111 Hall 14 l**u ?<t a Itk a*b "at* 1 'i I "lata *a 1 W* la ****** t/li?i d*r., a I 4<V a 4r. , iiri* ? v?ii? .4 I v<i l^? ?! IU> wra aud* at II** ? Ilk' lOo iiala Ja*? a' lie , a?. lMl M Oaaalaaa. Iti'ir ? l?H? tWi'" ?IV aak* ?T.'ir?'? l aboait ft* )?>? la IM% al a f?)i.r>2 i If .n |n">a uf *'- -il |I a ' <m Imv Ipa Vrn, ?nd at ?>- at S' "" kV?" fr???a Iti ? ? 40 * ."W it II S' >i4 J# MM ? 'am tartar at ?I' I fct It* _ "vt>4 t'l tl?a ; ?aJt?d f ' j \* a*4 ilqM I. I'lr* at' Ha I fa ililS' .Jt la H|a*l fW|MI Imiai4t>? ! *d n* ' ? ?'4tt?k \r ita nan waaw ? llira Ibf a),i|?'nt< rf I- 4k (raia and I'Mir, d*4a?r?M? < it I *+t>' di' 1 1 lh? ' " '*? '><4 ??!"? ?.aa an*tlM,Hl at Mnm4 win fVnr **? "op^M | * i i I, i at an-! f ain U li??i|^"d at 41m 1^ Mti.a Cur JJ?rrf?*.l, alfit half at ' i , *?-. do ail r<*|,i>?atl at al" t 100 l,U? ln? at U M T-. l/.aad?o ao I of iBii'-riaa^ tef la.,* Mko .|a>t??'at T? ???*? |?U.k" *?r? taftaa at M. II i 1 t. t.a Buc raan at vara tana* a4 ' * ..? 4W? 11m?? ?m ia" c1.*aa? Vi a-.t.'* la >a4ao ?d T*4afc '??I 'Ml immTSI fa. ?iiftj al Tttr ? 7W. 'la | >f a'. *dr ?t la ?a M f 00 |4fi "f iialoaaa Sji ' ntaaaa v r?. ? | M? ? (V l'"?h??i I *?'? aa>i*a ? I ni tat. ? f. r al- ?t I M'a ? i>? Ir^Jaal**' la tl?a a' -f fa. "t 9.: Ml f'i.' I 4t? I 1,1a i' Ut ('ita' at M al'l. i Ira ? ' #4a pila d a*. Ill > II Mil- IU i-??t* i ?< aai* *r?< vara *m4* at ?S? a", a* n?M aitO aaMll >oiaa M lia i ?*?> .jMHi-lra-r vilk afOM d, 77. -al.aew.WHe* . . at ?*. r * OttML ?/?. i.i, . b 7 a* a i dal.f*' hi* i* .. al n* 07 a *4 M?ft A.a aa< mam. ml I MM* ? aitr* a* -a at 111 attt.aM s' ? laaa a*4l t? *r#?? #. ? ???? ?itl,";- 'kaaa* I?r4-4M aa.r aa<Sa atll'^i alia, a* <? 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