Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 10, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 10, 1855 Page 6
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ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED mU DIT. ?AL?H AT APt mSV A I.HKR'l H. MI COL AY, AUCTlONHl^-wn.f rKI.f.. thi" i*i . Sept. iu, at 12f-i o'clock, (|tb Mitrtm*' Kl t stum, for account of whom li may concerns 11.200 Mcrcfr louni) (l'cnn.) 0 per eeni bond.* . ? B.000 Ctei eland aud TOkd* Railroad cunw rube l?W|g 1,000 < ./it -so and Mlsiiisnippi Railroad l(i per convcrt'lide income bund*, each ft, 000 Terr* Haute and Alton Railroad 3d u>ortg ???" l,<,,n^; 10.000 dilcna ant Vumco RaUroad i-i morigM? bai'd? 1 100 HhkTM Now York Central K aliroi J. *?<??': ?? 'V 2 do. Galena and Chicago 1'nloj. Itallrtad. eai h. . .. 100 M do, UUtenK' Bank. e.ieli ??? ? ? \v ~ "J? do. Brooklyn fire Insurance tonipaujr. each ? 17 3ft do. Uamiliou Fbv liuurauee Company, each. tf JO do. Weltalcr Fire Jusurwuce Company, each 80 61 do rninn Irtillariilibsr t-ouipanj, each 100 10 do Touluiune Quart* Miuiug ?. ompany. each 10 W do Ran* <tf .America, ?rai J i , ,100 Term a OI ssle ? Ten per cent this <i?y, and the balance before 2 o'clock fn in. rrow. 1 lie accrued Interest on ull the bonds wUi be chargid W) the purchaser. Next regular sale on Tour-day, Bepietnl'-r I" mT10.V NOTICK.? EDWARD 8CUENTK. AUCTION err.? KRWARD 8CHKNCK will sell at auction, on 'fliunrflay. isept. 13. at 12 o'clock at the Merchant*' Kichangx. Tlif Oral i 3 Poiy ftanio house and lot. No. 7.T7 Thirl avenue, between Forty-ninth and Fiftieth streets. The loi fs CI i mi, the house *1 i ;H>, with t'roioa water on ever; lloor, and 10 fins railings through. nr. T2,'K)i) i an remain on bond unit rnnr<#age. For uia]> and further particular*, luqulre oi the auctioneer, lt? Wall street. Auction notke.-edward schknck will sell. Ibis da>, 8ci lember 10. In front of his store, lb Wall ?street, wiiluiut reserve, nt 12 o'clock, one pair of sor.-el ponies, 14 hands high, sound mid kind lu all harness nod good under the saddie: ?i?o, an elegant coupe, made b\ Ford to oriler, ha tieen used ? m a lew times; also, a light trotting u agon, ciiv inadc. Tunis rn*h. AUtTIO.N NOTICE.? A GENTLEMAN INTHK AUCTION . and foniudsaion business, holding a commission, wi-he in n>ak ? ion ugemcuts u lib n houso In the business, aa titles man or tj o -e bl.- lufluencc In prucnliug consignments. or would .i partnership arrangeaienl to open a ston with Mine out Iwvuig a small capital. Addres* Auciiouerr, Her ? I Otttic. Auction notice.? PEJiKMrroKY s.vli: o; readv made clothing. WILLIAM TOI'J'INU A CO., No .V! Hroiul s>iiet. will si 11 i>n Tucwlae, Sept. lldi, ha) Io'h, ;ilK>at 1,200 f ?i:n< nu ol seasuuable clollilng, lncludiu* overco i:-. truck urn. I.iclv CO .ts, paiJialoona, vests in every i irletv, ju*t inade up fer 'ill w.iwn'i Utile, and to be soid for cash, without reserve, to 1 1 en concern. Catalogued and goo-la ready eirly on ? TMP* i wit AUC1IO*. NOTICE.? CROCKERY, GLASS AND ClUNA. ? ltyj S W. HARTLCTT. uui tioneor, Tuesday, tt.-pieru ber II, a< 1 o'? Iwk, at 281 sire t. In lots from tin -liehes, fotny cr:Ue? best W. G., blue printed, painted, dipt, \V <)., RocVi.kI.iu: and atone ?ip-y ware; u large a-soriiueiit of Klafairarc, all kinds; rhiua tea ?el, forty four pieces; < uile. y, Mrltaunii *a.e. Ac. Sale peremptory Auction notice j. booart, auctioneer.? uy 8. Tuesday, i' lo1. o'clock, nt Cie auctloti rf>oin't comer of Frankfort and William streets, mortgage atle of hot .witfild fttrniture, niuiiogany fobs, lounges. mMiogany Fn'n<h c'liir.-. parlor suites tn bmcatcle; marble top tables, card anil rn ' oeaiiy dining 'Rblcs; bureaus, hat Rhind, carpels, cane will ( liiiirs; French bedsteads, hair mattresses, mirrors, table euitery, kitrhen fuin'turc. Also, nil Invoice of rich decorated rhiil/t tea sets, tetc n-tato si-is, china vases, holder- match aafes, lan.y toys, 4c., Ac. Ant 1IOS NOTICE? JOHN HOUGH, AUCTIONEER.? Jnipoi' nit wile of nietrunt and subsuniliil household fur niture, rd. piano forte, pier ami oval mirrors, velve and Biuaacls carpets, oil paintings, mantel decoration-. Ac.. Ihis doy, (Jflonuay) at lOJj A. M. Those goods are ihe ootlrc raotenisoi the residence No. 70 Murray street, near College pises. Tlie furnltBre ts In excellent order, having been in use but a slior Hme, and was made, by one of the best city makers. Following is a partial list, viz.: Two solid frame "rosewood suMes in brMRlfla; rosewood 7 octave piano forte of beautiful tone, and telly warranted by the maker; rose wool etegero with plaU' g'^i-- doors atd back; ladlis' escrutoire ricltlv inlaid ihrw.gliou' ro-Mvotsl marble top centre, side and pler'tables; ro-ewood aial mahogany bedsteads, bureaus, wain stands, ta bles, Ac.; pure Mir matlrcjsca; French plate mirrors; tapes try, velvet and flru carpets; ni ihogonr and can" sent cl.airs, a rliolce Collection of oil paintings; silver lea sets, eak" baskets. rriW<?r?, Ibrlc iJ spoons, Ac., china dinner and tea sets; ivory cu Icry; beauUlully decorated vases; purtan marble stiilu.u y ; cut glass ware. Ac. Ac. Catalogues at the house. 8wk% without regard lo weaiher. AUC TION NOTICB.? DAY, RVHSKLL A CO. WILL SELL this uiornini; (Moniluy). at 10*? o'elook, by auellon. at heir s'or. so Nubssu street, a lar^o stock of housi hulil furni ture uod oil paintings. mirrors, <ic. Careful packin.1* done on l^e premis' . Those lu want of furi.lutr ? should call. JOHN' Fi RC8SUIX, Auctioneer. AUCTION NOTICE.? M. DOUOIITY, AUCTIONEER.? Ioirge imd peremptory sale oi household furniture, this day, ?: in).', o'tlock, at lh? store 27 Centre street, viz.; miho sany coOts, sola lounges, ten dozen nt ihogunv p i r ? inr elinir-. liookcsses, centre, card, ex'cnslon and fancy tables, French and cottage bhilate.'ds, bail' mattresses, Ac'., with a very hirer and general assorimcnt of secondhand lurniliirc, stove#-, Ac. Auction notice.? thos- bki.l, auctioneer? by UKU. k BUSH, Ihu iliy, at 12 o'clock, will Uc sold, by vlrlie of a mortgage. at Uie corner of Fortieth si reel and Nlnui avenu*, tbi e''>ck, fixtures, of an apothecarv .mil u.'? glH. tod* fuuK tin, bocr pump, Ac. also 6 vear's lease of the promises I>. r. WAI.DEx, Es.j.. Attorney. Tuesday, eitcnrivc nail valuable s.ib> ol' furniture , In our auction n.nn.s. 12 North Wllll:\m?tri _t. Aociion notice.? special kale ok DIAMOND A gold j.-welrv, i,old tin 1 silver w-itcbi-s, plated ware, Ac., M.wAkH M;HF.iNOK will aell at auction, on Tuesday, llth U St. . and W'dntvday 120i lust, .it 10' . A. M., at hi* sale* room 16 Wall at., by ordi r of L. I*. lk)K?r>fiiK. usaltaee, the entire s'rok o< one of onr laired manufacturing und Importing touacs, mi1 iaiing In part of superb >1! seta of bracelet, pins and cat rings clusior un I alnglo noun p!;ts ami rin^sln rlm in .iv) sctilng ; tt?o-aic nnd gold stone seis, do., do. ; Flo. ren iae and Roman mobile stud* nn-1 shove Imiinns ; Indies e tncllttd watches set with diamonds; pl.iiii do. It mrul double time keepers; IrinUng, and open face do. by Breiing, lUiolei, Olraud, Cooper, To1 Us and others also b: areteo-, pins and ear rings; vest and gu-r I chains; seal rings, k"y:i. a. a!'< chains, Ac. ; wither wpn mu involec of superb plitn it war*, ;? 1< b alio the fttrni tire, to be mid without reserve. A LOTION JfOTICE. ? lOH. U SMITH, AUCTIONEER, will eelt. this nay, Moii'lay, at 10,' j o'clock, at 7 It I'raak tin mrrr>. a large ai-sorimcnt of parlor, bedroom and kitchen ftiroiiure. in en* Item urder, com-ilstlng of ro.ewood suits , tn satin brocade, one suit In plinth, cost #278; one aeven octave plane, made by Nunn A T'Uher; rosewood tureens, wash-lands centre. Hide nnd sofa laon ...I iviuh marble lops; corner stnnli, large oral and pier pfissei, cloeka, oil palatini;*, china vast's, enami>liod ?ttlt?. chain, rirpcts, ollcloCia, hat sUnd.t, bibles, snfim, silver ware, crorkerr, glkeswere, and -jvcry arllule to be found ill a Bi~t class uouee, Igmwurum to reeutloti. ? Assignee's sale ok suddlery. harness. ac. JOIIN W. KOMKRINDYKR, Auctioneer, will h.-II on Weil'iewlsy, Pept. 12, at 10 o'clock, at 8U9, a 0ne asaortmonl of aaddlory, liartieiu, to close an asslcnmeni; imn tlaM maca, Ac. 1 PHILLIP ilKERY, Aitslsnea. GBOROE COOK. ArCTIONKHR. ? KXTBNSITK SAI.K oi new and fashionable furnlturis, to-morrow, at H?, o'clotk.a- "ales rooms 117 Va*tau at reel; aUrgaaod splendid aavcrtmrni of roarwood, m.iho^any, oak and walnut furniture, and housekeeping articles of urery deRcrlpiiun. (i.italoeucs on the morning of aale. Krnry facility ? u'orded purchasers for boxln; and oli;pptttg, at a moderate charge. GR0CEB1ES. KISII, DUANDY. OI.IVK OI!., 11KBF.? ? Twsditr, Sept. H, ?t 10\ o'chKk, at 57 Dry struct, comer cf Orreo'tich? Raisins. Hits, prnnea, t?,ip. Hour, pork, Haliunn, lean, colli es. seuare, lobaeoo, knives, forks, sclsaora. nails, pUnc.<, Meam table, shirt collars, uenk lies. W. A. CARTER, Aucilonecr. HFKHY B. HERTS. JR., AUCTIONKER.-ON TUESDAY, Kept. 11, at 11 o'clock, at the Kilc?room, N'o. Pine Mrert? Xaaignee'a anle of a large lot of tine jewelry; watches, (ilialoa. pins, ringft, earrings, Iwnif.Hil jewelry. French clocks, bronrea. Ac., bcinx the entire stock of n large dealer, nnd well worthy the attention of the trad*. Terms ensh. Hnle posit ire. JM VANDEWATEK, AL't'TIl'.N EKR.? TUESDAY, ? ftepteoiiier 11 at 10,' j o'clock, at 47 lt-ekinan s'reel. and follow jm days until tho whole fhsll be 't.sposc'l (,f? T?i the Irndc -.nd others? I,ar:e. attractlTa and peremptory sale of rich cabinet hou'ehnld furniture, to clos ? a cabinetmaker's atoi*? By order of the tntir' ><ageo, removed tor convenience of sale? "s. I e sold on Tn ?iUy, September 11, and following days until distuned of. at No. 4" Bn km?n vr t. The s o. 'k con sults ot re?cu nod, mahocany, walnut ntitl o k manutac.ure. In etery rar'-'y and siyle, bookcases. w?r.lrobe?, serrc'.arles of roreuood. and walnut; snp-r'. parlor sulia In rich aMln brotatel and in rich nlush and h ilre'oth; lounges, otto mans, sofas t?te a tetes, dlv^na. ehalra and rockers; various tkri <a-y and VnHalre arm cliairs, li lies' sewing do . marble top ceutre, aide and pier tables of all d"serlpilou?; corner book and w.'tkaiands.etegeres, Vicr h piste gla.s, si'lelKMrds, dlnlnt tables, with falling leaves, lea do., e . enslun do. from lt? to ICf. el. In oak, mahogany anil walnut; card and chess ta ble*; a ?re?t variety of Fmeh bed te.Ms i every -tyle and deei-rlitiion. la rosewood, mthoijaiiy ate! w ilnut, carved; mar ble lop dreasinc and plain bureaus of till styles; do. do. w ish ?lands, *owe| rarka, bedrivm c.ialr- iiul roakers, comple'e er*m?Tled chamber sul's. uisrbl,' tops and plain, hair nist trenaesol the beat quslltv, palUaaea. i'- t!te a hole comprising an aiMirtmcnt worthy the attend, n ot t ie and otters. Bale peremptory. Unfinished Wori-?h<KS,voo>l a. id toslioi' iny sotaa. 'eie n teu s, easy and Voltaire claim, parlor do. In mus tin; also en ss?orlmenlof flrsinewrnk. Un.nis carefully Note I on the pn inise: snd ailppr l. Tern' ? i\> r i'.'.'SI, leu day*; over t MO, four months, approve I endorsed paper. Interest added at 7 per rent. Catalogues one .lay ! c*ii e the sale. JM J.W .jBON, AUCTIONEER.? CROCKERY. OHSt? ? and i... ua ?Fourth fall shelf sale, Tuesday, September IMi. a1 10 o'clock A. M., by Henry tJ. Evans, 02 Vearl si.-eel. lOOreatoeof beat w. g. c. e. Rocklughan; and common ware ; also, J00 pa< kages best flint and green 'i"s ware. In lou to ault deal -ca Goods well packed for dipping. Catnlngues now ready J?*HI * 0. ABBE, AUCTIONEER ?A UBE ,i BOHi.V SON. r<? Wall stree'.? jforlgane fure io tu t*.? Will lie sold at am Hon. on Hit- premises, M6 Clllnlou s'.reet, on Wedneadny. Sept II, at IIS t/cloek A. v., a superior tolled and tinlshetl roacwrssl pianoforte. 6V| oetaves nia'..' t'> order, and In n e but a al nrt tunc. JOHN A. VAN BOK HELEN, Cons;able. m MORRI1ANIA.-AT AUCTION, SEPT. I2TH, ON THE ? ^"''""**"1 a! II O'cle. k, nnou, a "? . torr, attic anil base TW?yae and Ib*. fWc mtnntea' walk from l.? depot, situat sl Railroad avennat fourth Imju e ..l?,ve !) xh:h alreei, house 18 ve oi: isssi? 4no P HILIP fi WILKINH, Af CTl' 'NnKH? iirrr? VKIM' .E Mir ol iwwno.1 an. i ml. ,, , f?rn,' lUV h ' 'r Fepi^nher li at 11 o'clock, at No 'e I a, .. , re. wonmcnl of rosewood and BMlHigaii^ flt nloir- eons.aiin* of aofas, utea-tcles, ehalra and Voltaire u.irs.e u"-, IwtiiiMtin bntcatel and velvet, centre and sofa u ? b ma Me um,. disibls ar.d single French beds'ctids, i.ur.Miis tlr. - MM. -11,-eti'u ptanlel otlrrcr, bldcltoarth-, vx'eu.lon ? ulrg ijblr u. ?n torgr star, Utge M>0ks,?ul.abl4t tor a hotel or 'Uoon; armrhatra ?C CVttaloe-iies ran lie bad at Uie ?C1 m ?>( uie an. Uoneer, No. 2 Broad straet Tills sale, which w is adjourned on the lih Inst, ?D Se^abuiit'm ,he WVli wi.! poslllrcly take pla-e SL WESTrorr AC TTONKKR. -nOUSH loV <^taak embM<i,^J",r" fh! '?>? Septeml'er It), at iSri;ii..]..^it. i!!i. "?aotiiti-eUsud.- tie roso'vood and tat K' kh! ma. n?l fifh^r wj;,o? nt Urn ,?i |> re.nm nllttre In aSTbrlctVle, t^'tyV Irm'i. u pSSfpiffrfa "es toe (tcgere. aerml beautiful Ian I-.- pi e;ega?iT china maAM ornatnuht-, la- ? nvewood and mahogwny aofas, sprit . ? msewrsdaml mahogany b<diiMivl.i. p .- Iwr nio't'i. "" leajK r Led*. rt,.ewTWl and mabogt uy i n le loi. imr ". i ?ne.'oard wntb lands, Mlkt aels, dam A totingr ; plain mirmra. dining and breakfAst tab;, ?, ?rrf,.i ir. book l*?e. rldi chins sets, ailver wara, cull- ry, Jte , *rt h s Ikrie Vwrt>ar?tt of kitehen and b?dr?<>m tttetiit w, v -? i> . , ?peekJ aNeotvm v ftsj* ^kd'*pors and d*aJe: Ales at motion. l?l< !l vu;? WALTER*, AUCTIOHERB. ? 1 lll.t DAY AT f\ 10 ; Vilork, Mi C i!ti b.- .% Waller, will Ml at aurtioa rmfo* i a lieritie ?tre#t, a nuuntitv o / valuable household furot t ire < of mnrhlc fr.j. tabW-?, bt.rrao ? Kurt Wiu>teatM>K -in .{ ?f-ii ebsir? B-irt rockers, llrir?,+', three-ply cirpets. Also, ;?r. brei ch-t'sidin:; rltles and C) nan It )' oi percussion csps. Sale* punctual mil w Uiout reserve. rntMH MORRKIJ. A17CTIONKKH.? AN EXTKNSl VK I hi i vs;it?4 nock of eublnei furniture will be -old n '?u< 'loo, ?his f Mondavi morning, ai 10'j o'clock, at hi KM'ia utrrf' . l.s ii''- tvi, otcI for convenience of sale from an extensive minu OW'irri In tli* uppc part of the cuy. Circuimtauees ?re s'irb dial i' rnns' he eonl Hi].. day ? cousitiuf of w.irdjrohat. I urvnus, vwi.liki.HMK i-ofus, tete-u teles, bedstead* lonnges easy a;i<l rocking chair*, oMotnans, crib, cradles, .o:? and i ? ri '?> li -, i > ii : >1 lie ?it -, ro>.cwnod : m l mahoaai book ca-ea, rosewood psrlor nixl chamber nulls, extension 'dinine tables, hair maUresse*. ball suitids; worthy the at'eMlan ol di-a'crs 'i* wi ll as private buyers, Evet; auenUcu pall to faell.'uie shipping. * TV NI3 MOB): I'M., At'CTlONRKB.-OIL PAINTINGS will be soli' thin I Moii l i \ i mi ruing, at 10 V o'c oek, a' HI Ns -au street, consisting ol a ploaslng variety of figures, scenery, Ac., richly framed oroe of which.ue t vtraonl n try. Al?o, u number ol oluilee mirror*. At the sainc lime fural'nr? will In -old In large variety, u'? .ire, Ac. \\r S. MKLLOB, AUCTIONEER ? BY HOUGHTON A f t . MKLl.Olt? Tuesdar ami Wednesday, September 11 an I 1 11 lUis o'clock, st llie large and spaclou- wsreroumi, 4"' Hrundway. one door from the City AHSemlily Rooms ? Lar :e unit peremptory >ale of valuable, rioh and Costly New i'ork Mill I'aris inai ufac lured cabinet 1 Ilrnliurr, contained Ii. the #l?ivi private v. a re rooms, the richest collection er?r offered 1 1 n nai lor kb el ite s:ih in llil rily. For llie accommodation n' ountry ineri hauls. v. e have i. tdearran reuieat* with cow pi vni persons fur peeking anil shipping of purchases ma le at this ssle. 'I'lie hi oek will embrace llie most fa hiooablu atyl^s efio-nwood, oak. maliogany, w .iliiut. euamcllrd parlor, eli?m im ? liiiiu ? room unil library luruliure, elaborate^' rarveit unit tiuWieil v?IMi llie most eoatly materials; vl/? i-le?ant curved rosewood pa !'lcr furtillure ''n suite, slyleljc'iii- XV. au*! KHzabetliian, cov r. l In I'reneli bnx'.ide. satin, lour colored brw jitel, tniN|i|c', figured repk. plitsb, French sattn delaine, Koglikh lia.r clo li; i .lie-' in.-' wood cabinet lined 'Mtk sa'ln wood: etegerci vw Ii I'reurli plate mirror front-; richly earved mtinl'yaba ete. nitutli w."nl-; Kll7.abelhlan styl - carved ros ; wood cenlri tables wltli htaek and cold, Kij.vpllan an 1 walte Iiulian marble iop?; richly carved mnho/snv fofax; tele h leies V ol alr" and rt r. ?; i' a' parlor and on chairs; dliiini. rot in ind llbrarv furnlturo; rose woo 1, Diubojaoy, wal ma ,.i.. I oak eueruilou illnlnjt IuM 'h, eliairi lo match, ooveroi in plash l'lsurcl n-p* and caue seats; sideboards, buiTei-t, rlob boi'k . ?c - and sec ???lurles In walnut, oak and mahogany cases; chamlxT furniture; elc ;antl} carved loaewood and mahogany b' d ie ds; drt mlna bureaus w iih marble tops, and Freach pialc glsases; marble lop eue'oi ed washslau au 1 commu lc*; rich v decoratod euHmcUcd cottage chamber suite., sevoral of v.hli4i ,.ie verv valuable; wardrobes, carved auii>ur? with I ri nch plalc gln'S deotT, lined ?l'h salln wooil and cedar; loitntrcx, touu^'ebciN, In fancy delaine, reps and hair, ch ilrs ?tut niiomans to mulch; ? ilniit collage furniture; ro*" wood and tum-r dressing tables; plain mnhoitany and walritit cham ber luruiturc. three .ultn in oak Ionian U; rockci-s. dlrans and sow In^ cbulrs; bull ftirnlturo rh'hly carved; rojcwooJ, nnho gsny, onk and \./linu hall stands; eliairaand tables t? in itch. Also, aluit llKi pure Minih America hocse hair matTew, pal lla.-es, Ac. Also, stivci rosewood tijj, 7, 7 Ki octavc piano fbrtcs, one of which Is valued at by Win. l.liiUc munn i Son, New York; fully warranted lor 'wo years. Also, tweniy-flve Ironch plate, pier, mntilal nnd oval mir.rars, lu ihe latent and most fashlonabio styles of ornamented frames. The whole of the above for absolute sale; worthy the attention ol the u .ele, country merehanlM and those about refurnlsh'n;. jimm. W-BAN.IO TACOHT IN SIX KA8Y LK330V8 ? Terms, 9A in advance. Pupils taught at their rest uenrea. Banjos from f 1 M to 925. Oan lie seen all day, and in die evening from A to 0. 8. B. JACOBS, ItanjoUt. At J. Cohen's banjo dopot, No. Wl Hudson street. BABGAINS.? ROSEWOOO 6?i OOTAVB NKW PIANO, for only 9175; one (Ulbcrt's, second hand, in good order, $110; oue Cnickci iug, $116; one 4>? octave meliMleou, lor $10 S. T. UOllPON, 297 Broadway. FHEO.K HUDSON, PIANIST, HAVING BBTUBNKD for the season, is prepared to contlnuo his uinadforte aud ringing lessons, as usual. For nil iiitormatlon apply at Ihe store, (Depot d'Artieli s do PsrisJ ('Union slreet, two doors from At hiiitle, Brooklyn. Mr. Ii- purposes forming a select vocal cIkmi. N. B.? Schools attended. Great sacrifice-grand diagonal sevb.v or lave rosewood pianoforte: elegant ease, by best maker. ( o-' s::o and warranted; will be sold for $"iti0; been usod about three loomlis. The owner leaves the cliy In a few days. C'au be seen at HI Ninth street, from 10 A. M. to 3 P. M. Great sacrifice? a gentleman, going to Europe, has placed with u-i for sale ft 7.i octave plauo. by Gilbert, of ?Vision, with the a>oll><u attachment, of superior fini h; ii w 111 be sold al half the cost. M'LOl tJHLIN .t O' N Kil., Agency ofllce, 41 Howard street, corner of Broadway. J A C. FISCHER'S PIANOFORTE MANUFACTORY ? and tvareroom, 243, iMfi, '.'47 and 24U West Tvveuty -eighth street, near Ninth avenue. Fle.nos with a-ollan, the new clr. ctilur M ale with patent lube, suspension bridge, aud the ties, Impi o'. cuienls. I'lanos lo let, tuned, repaired and exchaagcd Mrs. seouin's academy of mcsic, no. 9 st. C ement's place, between Waverhy place and Eightli streets.? Mr. <. Scguln begs to irifoi-m her pupils and the ladles ot New York, Brooklyn, ir., Ihat she Will re?itmo her lessons rn Monday. September 3. S'l:c also announces, for the accom modatlon of the many pupils t he was unaole to lake l*?t sea snn, thul a lady ha? ni en eagjund to prepare children and oe glnners. Thc.v will bo under llie Hupei vision of Mr-. Sequin, ar.d the eliartjc will be inane aeeorillngly. One day In the we -k will be set uparl lor lustri" lion to teachers aud those Intended for thai branch; l wo for indies studying for ihe church, concert room or htiiue. For '.he la ter, Mrs.'flcguin's ext nulve operatic Inn :u v will be in u*e, its well as vocal und speaking pur* i. The piano tu unlit, and particular attention palu to the aceom piimuit ins of*, Ac. Mrsu AT. INSTRUCTION? AN ENGLISH I. \1>Y, FROM the Royal Academy, l.onion, anil llio Conservatoire, 1'iiri -.. .?> pupil cil 1 terxJQarcIa unit the first masters, tut* leisure to rtwlvi 11 few pupils In ftlnttlng, music, harinouy or compo sition; she prepares vocalists lor pulillr, anil would be li ippy to trral with puMlidii rs for coruno-ilUona of acknow lwl?c'd merit. Addren* I". II., at Mr. N. I*. 11. Ourtiss' Music Ware house. 447 Broadway. Musical instruction.? a lady, a proficient In music, (planolortu and vucn!,) und experienced la usuhlnit, wishes to Increase the number of lier pupils In Brook lyn. Term* per le*Ma, 00 cents; lor two or man- pupils s re duction made. Addrc-s by leiicr Hln M. AKDHKUi, 37 Hi!?f street, Brook I J n, rsif AND FREMH TAUGHT BY A LADY.? FOR lcrm?. apply Ui Madams T., 27 Bond street. PREMIUM PIANOFORTES.? 0. ? H. BARMORE. NO 34V Bleccker i.ire?i, liavlog beon extensive manufacturers tor twenty yearn, offer a l.irpo assortment of elegant, auperlor ptaOi s, ftt th? lowest possible price. Having also perfected a new stylo oi piano, Ibo grand diagonal, Iba) would call parti enltr attention of purclia rr?. M X\T ANTED? BY A SOPRANO SINGER, OF FINE CA TV pslillltlea, a situation, In a church choir. For partlca lars apply to Mr>*n. Scharlcuborg A Lull, 769 Broadway. WANTED? BY TWO GENTLEMEN, A PARLOR WITH lictlroom attached, and partial hoard In a private family; location either South Brooklyn or New York. Address, N., Poet office, box 70P. , A DWCIXG ACADEMIES. D0DW0RT1P8 DANCIN(i ACADEMIES. N i.w Yor*, No. Sim Broadway, opposite Kleventh street. Hrooklttv, No. 137 Montague plana, near Court street. Mr. DODWURTII has the bonor of announcing that the Classes and Lesyona will commence lor the season tR'fhe New York Academy, on SATURDAY. Oct. 6, and at lh': Brooklyn Academy, MONDAY. Oct. 8. Otrtulara coniatlflhg terms, Ac., can be obtained at either of th>' academies. Mr. DODWORTn has the pleasure of informing hi* frianda that, agreeably to their repeated FoUcltatioas to estatdlsh a Dan> Inp Academy In Brooklyn on the plun so successful In New York, ho bap erectcd a qurinu building combining ovary eon venknee that could be KUw;o.-'.ed by many years' experience, anil In every way adapted to the healthlm exercise to which It will be devoted. The location la one of the most accessible In Brooklyn, the Court street, Fulton and Myrtle avenue railroads mealing at the head oi Montague place, but a few steps from the Aciidemy. Soirees exclusively for pupils and parents. BROOKES' DANCING ACADEMY, NO. 961 BROOME street, between Broadway and Bowery Several new claaeea are now form lug, to <*?mniencc Immediately. The opening snliec will take place Wednesday evening, 12ih Inst. PROFESSOR O. MIRASOLE (NOW ACKNOWLEDGED to be the first teacher of dancing In New York>, respect fnlly Imotnus Ids friends and patrons that his establishment, No 811 Broadway, will reopen on Monday, September 10. Open dally from 10 to 1 for ladies' and gcnUnmou's lessons, and ft-om to 6 and H to 10 In Uie evening for practice. TR A V ELIJAHS' GLIDE. C1HF.AF PART FOR ALBANY AND TROY.? PARK TO ) Albany, 12'j cvnis; Troy, 2ft cents.? The swlli s- dllng strnmer IlhRO, Cupt. II ittcox, loaves th? north si In ot' Robin son tercet pier every Tuesday, Tburvlny a jd Sunday at C P. M., arriving by t A. M * FAIL and WTNTF.'t ARRANGKMF.NT.? THE PAYOR lie r.nd well know n steamer EXOI.K, Onpt. C. Morford, w ill run for Port Monmouth, Red Bank, Shrewsbury and Ling llrunrb. from the foot of Murr ?y street pier, dally, at 1 o'clock 1". M. On t be arrival ot tl.e boat at Foil Monraoiith s'nites will bo icady to convey pa -enters lo all parts of the country, ihi brr return, sin- will leave Fort Monmomli at 7,S A. M." Pas sensn s for this route will lind it by far the most couvenlnnl and expeditions i.raov by which they cau ?eck ;te omtnoda ?i. .ti Fai l ?> For Monmouth 2t> cents; io Ked Bank. IriOR KKY P??RT AND iORT HAMILTON.? THK STF ' boai KKY PORT leaves Murray street pier dally, (*un day* ixcpted,) at 3 o'clock P.M., and Key Port at i o'olock IrioR KFTYPOKT AND VNIO.V.-FARF 12'. OBNTS. On and i fler Moo-lav f-'cu'. u, the steamer i HON AH tl. IIA10HT, will leave Union ivharf, daily a* 7', A. M. Itetmn ng. leave New Yoi-t, Too' oi Murray straet, at J P. M. SPORTLVG. Boat raci% f<?r ?joo.-a mat h n \cf for ?.?io Wiil n*iie off mi Thursday, Sepi 13, front Hartefn brvlge. between Umi eelebmte.) )>o?ts Loiii?.i Isne and t ?ti>?y. Boats Ui start from Harlem bridge, around Thmw'? P.4nt hmw and bacK. Tills wlllbi the moM uMraaHag race of the ima aa It was made to testUie superiority of the boUdcra, Buats to etiurt be weco t!>e hours of 11 A. M. and 1 P M. CTl A FJ.EN <Te? Til E FRIENDS tiF TBI; \ A' I1T ULIT Hell ebalien^e au> boat. no? e (needing a r<- i a Inches in lenftth. to sail a miteb on the sksneatei s lake, ford.tnni thtr< e btndnd dollars a side. The tat I rare to ha I* talles t* windward and hack, nnd to I ?? a^xwnpH U" 1 * "Inn flie lu,>u? fri in tin- time of star' ng. Tlx -ii.1 rac- to coma ,,n d itiiu 'he prueent month. The Blue Bell is Zlfecttnlen^h. i o fn,. -r l arleiiiar* apph lo J. S. ROtM. Seeretor) ?' .h- sk< , ^ Mo,'. I Yai ht CTnb, 8kanealCl< a, Onotvl eottB'y , N . V FH)h HAI.K? A Y KR V~ lTnrt"K 1 1 1.t C K N?;wroi*ND. land dog, of tlK' pure bread, two years ol<l, and an - 1 eilcm yrnl watch. A1 a, a few llolion gray lowl-. Apuli to Mi JtARSIl, IM WUIlata s*r< t. Ci orTiNc.-Ai.t. TliErHOlCF: BKKr:i> - ofdo?;s for t - le aiul for su>ek.- Manre tlulnii nt and lea <?iertn!naior, inlhllihly enrlr' all sores and diseases oi lb" "kin, dealing snd dei. di iirnciion in Ce 's and loigs on dogs, Ac. Price <H)c. JU". w ster street, corner ot Fubon. I*T1 NO. ?PERSONS WlhlilVti TO PT RcTTwfRKr) -vtif-r pupf t^n of th? pur^*< and bc?i cm hr * ip f applying Ui Me srs. UIImou ,t Funuer, Rc.| l<o He I)?k.t?sa ot lURth hi reej, Ilailem. The sire and dam w.tre .ii , ' lrom Ii-Iuod, and ere. j aiicuii?iu bus be.o 1?||| lo keep the lin ed [ ure. FtlOPO*AI?H. rHtiPOSAI< -til i n i; OT TnE GOVERNORS OF THK Alir hons. An_ 1 Ifl IV,, _T, p|ninbs;r?? !4eal?i pro aitheu otWce Ro'uiida, Park un Vble \ wniH0 JJSl t\ .kl'Tm' /' 1' "niihW'"r? ?f. w "?'# PM Hospital on t ,VJi n- i"a , t ! ' '**?* u"' abore wt>rk Mil ii. T ? U?'lr efti. e, sud | i-oja??,, I'ibe s.-eotunaiikd with 'be names of tiro resfastidlile persoiu., ?it|, ,h ir .^-,1 i. ?tjyto?,M purity r. , the (..:Afoi ptHbrasuwi ?, ( .sTTTei" ? Oi i ernerv er'epvr te Ibem-el, f, t(,,. , M aay Md aO offer* ?m? de .?? ?' b ik'ui *4?ai.U l5!i TENANTS' RROI9TER. 7f'0 D ROADWAY? TO LET BtHTtf OP BOOMS F I'R I melted; iw-rood ?**r park** ; two bedroom ; ehnJe Item, 1*4 Mid OOirf wVer, Mid wafer closet on Hie *uiie, with dumb Manor ?*1 MMMre um. of Utottrn; Uiml (lor r pirlor, large and email be<wo<a>, sua au4 all motori. liupijveBietiif. Al*? four room? on the Pmr.n door. AlUMMmU SUIT Of UOOMrt, with bath boo*. Af-ConUajifUrf, to let, together or aaparately, (n lh-? n?w i boUM tWW Tldr?*i?lli street. near Fifth a\ onus. Th-hoti'o r- nt*iu? all the nicdern icaprotreuienU. I'aiad; private . Krle I ri uit? i uhangod. AOOOD CHANCE JO MAKE MONEY. -TO LET AN unlertakur'a dor*, htork i t colfou, Mr., for sale, situ I aud 2lf<fceven'h avenue, an exo*l>nt nt?ml, wh?re there i? ; do 0|>t>Okltir.a. Thl- rhiinre Is l-oking alter, an It is a ! miri and ~m '"*? uivestnient CtOTTA'.K TO LE I. -A BKAUTIFUI. OOTTAUK HOUSE / tip tot. 'i, urnr Ktgiitb inQW.iD a good neighborhood; house t?u Mi' i ><M and ba . enient, painted wall*, stoop In front hi cl ret", C't'.-d pillars- In front, a largo grapevine |n the yard. Kit. i'ouMWlun snmediatelr. Appi> u? HM1IH A WODELL, 444 Eighth avenue fH .11 iflK 10 BENT *>ll Fl.BNITUBK FOB SALE ? " / One ot tlie collates In Twenl> lourth street, betv; ?< n Nuitli and Teu:li avenue*. handsomely furnished, an I contain i i 4 a!, thi' modern improtenu n s. Possession given iminrdi a'el> . .ddrt'M bov Puwoniee. /"ihk. '.h bents.? pour houses to let. in sand ' ' I -:nv Williartisburg; renl $125; brick built, tin ec -. i'j Eusdifc baM-nienl house*. Apply at LM Naiaau at. i 10RM.R or HBOA!>WAY AND OB BAT JONES Mroet.? Sieni landaomc roonia, inemdins a aulle or l?e ltl tliul imi loin, ai e < i>\? to let, In the vepv dedrably located hou -o No. 1 t>re it Jonr ?:re?t, cot tier of Broadway. fHiBMSHl'D BOOMS TO LET IN THE FIRST OL YHS houne ', 6 Broadway; a cplenjid mill ot parlor.-, on th : li*Kt II. or \\ lii Jra andetelufcU': kin-lien; U4<o, two single rooms en the upp- r lloor, soltulile for Mingle gen'leni.n vi-hio# to ecciiomtse in lodging*. Apply before 13 A. M. lit! 11M8H I.J) HOUSE TO LET? DRHI R ABLY I.Of VTF.D on l'our ecatll s.!ree; ; four ntorj' lir >wn Ktone, wiHi ill th ? modern iniiirov tnent*; ibn owner, wife and dattgh'er ?.o d l Ik ard w tii (he 'enant Kyi pi.- ir'il i-- :.pplj to It 1>. UUOD VV1N, bUh limn Iv.u), >h hi Urace cbtutb, Also, rna;iy o'.ii jr 1? .!>#;< - 1 fn kale and to Ir> JU'FtNIHHl O HOI sK TO LKT, IN TW HNTYSF.COM) sine', noar Fourth aT< nu? three atoriw, thirteen room btalde,. bslli and pf.n:iie.; thro*- rooms deep Arid Boor anl bawment; furnltn t nearly new: r^nt $12fi per month, piw Wx-lon l.'imi" Ua eh Aik>1> t<vli. C. KEA1>, iii Honth ftrtct. at IS o'clock. ^ FUKNISHKIl 1'AnLOi: AND BF.DBOOM (FKONTi TO let, with use Ot 4er\ariin bedroom If required, desirably tdtiiat.-d. betug exat "ly oppoaitt Nlblo'aOardfn, 575 Broad way. HOISE AND STOBEU1 OR AND BTBKET, WILLIAMS burfl lo let.? I nqtiefitionabl) one of the best In the city for an) buMne*?; the nlore L? neatly lilted tip for and oceupfed a# a hat More, the preoenl oecu;innl being engaued in the Hiietlon mi l real twtate InuiiieiH can give it no atte.ntlon, eouo qut ntly ll will be disposed of at a aacrt&oe. Any pemon wKliing to t nga^ie in a genteel profitable luudnesn, in a nrsi rate locution, will find ti?i? an opportunity rarely met with. Apply on the premlKa to JOHN iL COLAUAN, Auctioneer anu tteut Kc'ate Broker. HOI si: IN BROOKLYN TO LET OR FOB KALE. COB i-er of (Vliimbia and Foplur t-ireelH, two mlnutea' walk from Vulton ferry! proapeeu beautiful: capital cellars; rent JOoo. .\pp!; lo J. Sl'fll, M Eaal FiUt-cmh street. Union Mi'ittre. ^tabling in the rear niaj bo had, If desired. Lofts to let, in oreknwk.h ptbeet, between Ve*ey and llarelay? eecond lott weU ndapte l for the job bing bualnes.-i. Ini|ture of ALFRED F. I.AURA VE, on the premMea, 220 Oreenwicli street. Rooms and offices to bhnt, in appi.kton's Building, corner of Hroadwn.)- and Leonard Ktreet.? One large front room, one - mall rootn tor an ofnee, one larn'e room <1(1x20, aeeontl lloor; two room, on the fourth floor: an artist's room ou the 5th lloor. Apply lo D. Al'l'LKTON A CO. Kent for boabd.? a tine three, story house, in the upper part of the city, Will be rented low to a *nj 11 genteel family, and the rent taken in board. Permanent arrangement desired, and good terms given. Address O. B. L., llersld otlice. SECOND STOBT STORE AND LABOR BASEMENT, ON ilroadway, to let. 8. T. GORDON, 207 Broadway. Studios in bbooklyn.-to let, in dodwobth's new building. No. 137 Moulin* place, near Court street, four Mtidlo-, flued up with every convenience, exprcsaly for laiitL-eane or portrait artiHlx, two tui ring high north Itglil* and two wltii north rkyllghta. C'an be seen at any time. For terms apply ou the premier?, or at A. DODWOBTH'S, 806 Broad way, N. Y. (JTATEN L-LAND.-TO LET. A NEAT I1EDBOOM WITH k? use ot parlor, wltli or ? iUi'iut board, In ft private family rtfidlng within three mluutea' walk of Fort Richmond lerry. I'len'C iiddrisJ Mrs. Wm. II. llniley, Port Hiehmoud, S. I. References exehangod. A few children would receive a mo ther's care, and If required , an excellent English education. OTATEN ISLAND? CLIETON.? TO LET, A COTTAOE. O Willi it i -le and nine room . Km t $100, until 1st of April. Ten minutes' wulk fntm \ anderbtlt's landing. Apply tit 171 Water street. rro LET? A SMALL STORE IN BLEEf'KER STREET, X oixh feet from Broadn ay. Apply at 644 Broadway. TO I.ET? THE HOUSE KNOWN AS THE ROSE HILL house, 107 Eaat Twenty fourth street; bar, gas fixture# mid rnn;'e complete. A flr-i rale place for business. Inquire at the stalde adjoining. riH> LET? 4810 PER ANNUM; POSSESSION IMMEDI 1 ately , the recoud Uoor over the store In brown stone limine 250 Ninth avenue, near Twenly-atjvauth Hlrea': Km, bath, w?ler closet, Ac. Also, told, Hitril tvud fourth Uoorn, bouse ISA East Fort lath street; real *J>5 andXs.1; per month. Apply al '?? Niu'Ii avenue. A. DAVIS. r) LET? WITHOUT BOARD, TO A BINOLE GKNTLR nu>ii, a genteel turnl-died room and p.intry, wiih us.' of baths, At.. In a small private fainilv. Terms moderate; loca tion sixteenth street, within a few door* of Kturvemnt park, convenient to stage aud car routes. Address t. L. H., Union square Post office. TO LFT? THE MOST CONVENIENT NEW BROWN stono medium sized bourn IOC1, St. Mark'* place; has all Uic fa' hlomible requisites; juit tbc thing for a morchant, at* moderate rent. Inquire next door, or to A. S. LEW, It* Wall ?tret t . r LET? THE COTTAGE HOUSE NO. K> HORATIO H reel and nil cloths and carpet for sale. Bent $.10) ? year. Carpet#, Ac., 9IM). Also, the bull' of Iho English basement lioit?e No. 1 Houston street ; rent $200 a year. Inquire at 293 Broadway, rooms 32 nnii SS, between 11 and 12 o'clock. TO LET-TO A LADY AND GENTLEMAN, OB TWO OR three single gentlemen, two parlors, furnished, with bed rooms attached. with or without partiiil hoard; also, a front basement. furnished, suliabln (or ? physician's oflk \ Hons? has all the modern Improvements. Apply HI West Sixteenth atreet. TO LET? A FURNISHED ROOM. INQUIRE IN FRONT room, second door, northeast corner of Caual and Grcetw alrccti. TO LET-TO A SINGLE (? ENTLRXAN ONLY, A HAND Fomely lurnl.-died bedroom In n private family; reference ri qulri d: bouse tlrst class, with modern improvements. Ap ply at 26 Eighth avenue, near Blecckcr street. TO LET? TWO HOUSES, WITH ALL THE MODERN Improveinenta; (hey are new aud well llnlshed; gfctaca > ion Immediately, al 100 aud 111 Weal Twenty-fourth ? reel, between Sixth and Seventh avenue*. Apply to M. WILSON, corner Cortlandt and Broadway, under the tillaey building. r LET? APARTMENTS IN HOUSE tW WKST FOR tle.tli street, between Broadway and Sixth avenue, con sisting of a parlor, two bedroom* and kitchen. The bouse Is handsomely finished with marble niivutels, wa'er, gas, und all the modern improvements. Rent mole rate. Inquire on the premises. r LET-IN THE LOWER PART OF THE CITY, A small liolel, near Broadway, which will accommodate 100 pt r-ons; the lease and furniture, everything In perieet outer, for -nleon ensy terms, with Immediate possession. Situation unMirpas cd fot transient hoarder*. B. W. RICH AB PS, 307 Broadway. TO LET? THE FIRST OR SECOND FLOOR AND FRONT basement, consisting of four rooms, closcta and > aulL The rent will be moderate to a good tenant. Inquire lit 126 Hsm ei clay ^reet. TO LET? TO A RESPECTABLE FAMILY, THE SPLEN dM two story and attic Engllah basement brlek hon e llenry street, having been entirely painted throughout, an I v. itli all the modern Improvements; hot, cold and vapor tia'k- ; aire gas throughout the house, w ith t"? room attached. Can b i seen from 9 till 12 A. M. and 2 till 0 P. M. TO LET LOW? WELL FITTED UP AN D WELL LOCATED offices, 166 Broadway; also, a large and rctneetahle house at M<u>leton, Staten Island, with iari/e ground". *r., and a number ot other houses anil parts it houses al Staple oa aud Cllit on. Apply loC. BARTLETT, 166 Broadway. up stairs. TO LET, IN BROOKLYN? A GENTEEL SMALL THREE story and basement brick house, desirably located, a few minutes' walk from South ferry, lient $.Y>0. The furniture I* nearly new, and will be sold cheap. If application be m ide soon, on the premlses.No. 3 Harrison place. Brooklyn, (id ween IXair' it ihI Cliutnii streets. rp<) LET IN noBOREN? A NEAT THREE STOP.Y E.VO J llsh bseement hou >e. Islely built, in Tlilrtl s'roet, between (isrdt'ii and Bloomlield, within live minutes' walk of the ferry. Inquire ol Dr. ilKNNON. Third street, or of A. F. LAG 11 .VV ft, C2j Greenwich fired, New York. LET OR LEASE? THE NEW VIVE STORY MARBl.E . froot store, 04 Bowery. 28 by W0 fee! w ith oasemew, sub cellar and vaults: l'osae >lon gl\ -n immediately. AppIv to M. II. * 1>. CAsHMAN, No. 5 Beavet suhei. rl.FT OR LEASE ? THE SECOND AND FOURTH floors of 3HI Broadway, corner of White street, lelng vary ele?. mt sale-room-. Po-e-siu. imp. lla'.-h ln ;ui: n oa th'> premlaes. r> LET OR FOR SALE? ON FAVORABLE T Kit MS, A handsome roe age and clsbt lota ot ground, siiuiie on Mitb avi line, l^tween l2Mh ana I2*>th strents; ?ls to lei the Iitko house No. #."> Hint -on stre?', with the l>irnitur."; rrnt W.tWjolso, a no?t three story brick hou>e, >tss, Imih, k ., 1,0 West SWi siiei t, near KltflHn avenue; rent fl.Ti; al?n. ? store r.nd it v elliUk' on Eighth avenue, between Thirty . I .'hth and 1'hirty ninth atrecta; rent (.ViO; also, a large Its II in Bleeekar e1 1 cel. J. DKXIIAM, coruer of Eighth aveme and sixteenth street. rIH1 M VKI'FAf Tl'RI RS, AC.? To LEY OR LEAfK LOW. J. A tax . large, new live story bulMlng, well lighted and ceiitislly Silo.. I'd. ui n tc-|iousible party will be Icsse i or reni ed l"v *pply to IIAItDMAK A 0^1l0lt.,f, Agent-, A. , 1KT Wslk, r. comer llowt ry. 'rv> DAOUERRKOTYP1ST8 AND OTHKRH.-TO LET, I tin thl U| | r llo<ir? ol building No. !? Bow ei y, U>k 'th r oi r< nariot ly; H6 fee1 deep by ?1; rent motlTale. InouTrt In Ailllll It DON M'J.I.V'S carpel -torj, 9k llowcry. TIIE LOWER PART OF A GENTEEL HOVSK TO let, on the ea>? aide of lite elty, with whole or p.trt of fund turr for ssle, whkh Is enUtely m w. TH > house ton' tlns b.itii aiMl ga? A.Mrr-- K. Morton'. Cb ibetu rquarc Po t office. EXTRA PAY. i^X~?A^Y Bol'NTT LAND AND "EXTRA ? l*n?l wsrran'a, "extra pay" and balances of wages due all I nitrd States navy htiilora. In all wan since 1TM, utelr wMowa and botrs, pri'tupth olttalnml and naid and ail kU. ?fdatmaacalnrt the Inli^d fo.te, ^WbT . , , ? _ ? KltWABD BISSRl.U A?eni, laic Pmraer U. S. Navy, aod Attorney and

Counsellor at Law. m WallatreM. ITRMTl RH. C^IOYTAOF AND PAN0T FURNTTUnE WARHBOOMfd / At M4 Hro.i4ir?y, Cfposltn (lie St. Nle?tol.,s Komi u 4 TIIEWB A ST ACKT off>r for aale the nxe>i cvtenslve awr r< fnen' Of fsnej, ralUet, anamelled and rreoc'.i furnl ore In Ihr I r ted fttato^. al refltUK-d prtoea; emer V Vaifiy << Mhiirtm** beU'tra, tr . a' tnaaufsotunc $600 .000. mAKCUL. -MO.VJCY TO IOAN ON DI VMOKM. w j watches, jewelry , dry g?od*. ?c ;ar*. Ae., < r bought tor ca*t.; ?looks, noCFI. mortgages, 4c n"iolialed. llusiriefs ?mfidrr!fil mid prompt. My THOMPsOS Ji t O., bro k?-rt> ?tid comin>-km merchants, 102 Nu >s?u atreet, c<*aer of Ann, rootii No. 2. t?coiul floor. <J>fT Af|A TO I/O A*? ON WATCHES. DI\MOWDS. 3p?)tJ|?UUVr jewelry, so^hi- i, and ere rj description or wilunble property, oi bough' for c;i?h, !?y JOS. K. ISAAC, basement ouice, 11 < hu !: ibers k reel, from 0 <411 6. Bushiest* prompt and confidential. Old gold tad silver bought. N. 11 ? No biutnea* transacted au Saturday. (fro A AAA MELONOIKU TO AN WTATI IV TRUST ' \J\J to lend lor (i terra of iitrf on bond aud mort gage, on goo 1 productive real est.Ur In this city only. It will be loam d IP muds of $25,000 and antler to null np;>ll ' ink. Ap ply lo S. 8. BItOAD, 1.1 Wall street, second story, front roo'ttJ 0>() A Al | WANTED? FOB A YEAR, ON ONE If \LF ifw.UUU of h rotwei. The port will bring more tlian twice tlie sum wanted any time. Address A. it. U. . Herald office <fr"l r.AA TO LOAN FOR FIVE YEARS ON 1IOND *UU aiidiiuortgage, on first class productlrc property, unincumbered, in thu city; alo, any person havuig a t'Kti mortgage hit $1,000 ti dispose of, may flu I ? cash pur li tseroo application to t>. W. RICHARDS, yr, Bro>d?ay. Any amount of cash loaned, or purchased at unfit, for lotr price*, on diamonds, ws'chcs, rich j' *'cl ry. plate, mer< hnudiae, und valuable personal property gene rally, by It. W(H M?, 80 Fulun street, second floor, Croat ruooi, tr< [i, y A. M. to 6 1*. M. ANY AMOUNT OF MONPV IV SMAL1. OK LARGE mni' . cun always be obtained Instantly onsec'trUlet. merofcamil/e. valuables and property of all kinds, at the old responsible Faolfle Agency ami rrivute Loan Oflice, over Pa cific lliink. All transactions prompt, safe, confidential atidaa Usffcctorj, or no dia -ge. FuiliMnstired. UlOrwllu'itt, ANK OF THE OHIO RAVINGS INSTITUTE. TIFFIN. _ Ohio.? 1 be paper of the above institution will be rt'C mii at 1 (on") pereen' <11 count by tlia underpinned. V . CL.VKfc .vl't No. 1 llauiirer - reel. rtAhii liberally advanced on .iBWi'.Mtr, wat ' ?' c)ii , met cbuu Use, iiiann . furniture, horse*, wh joos. <>r bought tor t uah at sigh', by ratling at llrovlway, room 38, 'lilrii inory, front, irom to I'.'. Business sirlcily conn dential. CASH ADVANCED IN ANY AMOUNT, ON ALL diaerip'iotis ot lewelry, ,1k1. , dry (.cvmK. ntauon. or tin,, other property, at 41 Howard Mree1, corner of Broadway, t ho oldest and mo'sl re-prt^t'lt oBlc? in Hie rity; honor atid e ? ill deuce obf< m-u. ' Mi l.OUOllMN A O'NKIl.l.. Kosk iiill sayings ltvNh*.? no. ki tihru avk tiue, open litiljy from 10 A. M. to '2 I*. M., and Woilnesday and HaRirday evetun(|9 from "5 to 8 o'clock. Intere^1 at 6 per cent on nims ol yfiOO anil ttniler, l?nil 6 per rent on k.iiiis over ?0M). WILLIAM H. FLATT, Presl leot. JAMr> li. KF.KLElt, Vice i'ros't. H I.oornonnOTS, Pecretarjr, B Euicmos. dil A ? BOOKKEEPINQ, TIME UNLIMITED, WRITIXtr ?pAU. arltlimetU , Ac. ? I'riir* retluci'il at FAINKS', Uraiid street, eornth- of Bowery; 108 Fttlton t-troet. Brooklyn. Open day and evening. ?Col. M. S. Paine. Thi? popular and rtuewuM teaehev of penmanship baa serure i tin- largest scliool ever obtaluwi in thin place.? Dally News, Newport. til A ?WHITING, BOOKKEKl'INQ, ARITIIMETlf!.? tpl u, MR. IHJIJilOAR, 609 Broadway, corner ot Houston street, recelvee chirp < la?B and private pupils, and guarantees to make elegant b^inecs writers and practical double entry bookkeepers on the most favorable terms. N. B. ? Bad wri ters are specially Invited <o call. A CARD.? 1 TIIF. SUBSCRIBER WILL RECEIVE APPLI cations daily this week for Instruction in penmanship, elo cution, bookkcepli'g and arithmetla. OLIVER B. GOLDSMITH, 882 Broadway, corner of Franklin street. Brooklyn collegiate and polytechnic in atltute, Llvlmrston, between Court aud Boerura sireuts.? llie Trufteea bet; Ictive to announc? that the buildings will be specially opened for public inspection on Thursday evening, 6th lust. AU Interested in the success of the institution are in vited to attend. J. O. LOW, Sec'y. jOOKKEKPING, ARITHMETIC, WRITING, AC.. THO > roughly tanfiM. upon very favorable terms, by W. J. RENVILLE, 289 Broadway. Each student la separately and carefully Instructed, and enabled with facility to apply In pr ic tice the knowledge Imparted to him. Open day and evening. Board and education for young misses l'arents and guardians desirous of an eligible and comfort able home for their children, with the advantages of a good education, will plea?e apply to Miss ANTISKLL, Port Rl"h moiid. Stolen Island. Reference given. 0OLI.EOH OF ST. FRANCIS XAVIER, ::9 WEST FIF teenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. Clashes were resumed In this institution on Mouthy, September .Id. n applying. Tetnv ? For pupils over B( Students are received on 9 years, $12 60 per quarter; those under, i MICHAEL DKISCOL. FRENCH AND GERMAN? TRANSLATING.? THE UN derslgned, favorably known for his prolV clonal compe tency, continues to receive uew pupils for private Instruction in tin- above languages and literature. E. TELLHKINQ, 483 Broadway, near Broome Mreet, third lloor, room 24. INSTRUCTION.? MR. CHAMBERLAIN'S CLASSICAL and Commercial Institute, lor ladies and gentleman, Is opcu day and evenlnn, at 4^'' Broadway. Evening clamcs in t!ie Frwich and English lansuages are now being organized lor the euaulng .season. MISS STEELE'S FRENCH AND IWOLISH DAY AND hoarding school, for young ladles, No. 6 r!ist Thirtieth htrect, between Klftli smd Mudl'os avenues, will re-open oa Thursday, September Cth. Misers TAYLOR'S SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES? 102 Waverley place, two doors went from Washington H<i?iarp will re open on Monday, Sept. 10. MISSEf! O'BRIEN'S BOABDINO AND DAY SCHOOL for young Indie?. 12.'i West Twenty-second ilrwi, between Suih and Seventh mv< uue*. will hp re-opcntd on Monday. September 10. Circulars with references, Ae., obtained at Ihelr residence. MADAME COUTAN'S FRENCH AND ENGLISH BOARD lug and day ecliool for young ladles, 270 Fifth avenue, corner ot Thirty flrsl street, will re-open on Monday, Sept. 10. An omnibus in ultaclted to ton establishment. Mrs. hix's boarino and day school for young lad1?, 101 8t. Mark's place, U now open for tba re. eeption of pupils. Circulars, references, Ac., Ht the iustl tuilon. Mrs. mkars' French and enolish bo.ardino and day school for young ladias, (112 and SO W est fifteenth street, below Flllh avenue,) re open* on Thursday, September ?. Mrs. Mears will be at homo lo receive parent* and guar dians who wish to conter with her, from Monday, September. 1. \fLLE. FVISTKR CONTINUES TO RECEIVE NEW 1'U 1*1 plla for instruction In Kreueh and Oerman, at her roouut, bowery, between Rivington and Stanton. Mr. l. de grand-yal's classical, enolish, French and Spanish boarding Institute, Hudson and Wax - lugtou Terraces, llohoken, N. J., ia now open for the reception ? pupils. Circnlars, references, Ac., at the Institution. MR. AND MRS. CHAS. CANDA'H BOARDING AND day school for young ladies, (No. 17. La Fayette I'l tee) will bo re-opened on Wednesday, Sept. 12th. Rensselaer polytechnic institute-design > ed for the education of architects, and olril, mining, and topographical engineer?. For copies of the Annual RugUter, giving full inforruu'lon respecting tho Institute, apply to B. FRANKLIN ORKENE, Director, Ac., R. F. I., Troy, N. Y. rE FRENCH INSTTTLTK FOR YorN(i OENTLEHHN, boarding and (lay school, No. 48 East Twenty-fourth street, directed by Mr. EIJK CHARI.Il.H. of l'uris (former ly H. i'angnet'K school), will open on Wednesday, .Sept. 12th. rIE MISSES IVES SCHOOL, NO. 14 PAVONIA PLAfTE, South Filth street, Jersey City, rc-opens on Monday, Sept. 3. qnioMAs r. dolbeai:. noo broadway corner of JL Houston street.-. Dear Slr-*I should do Injn lento my fe?l ings not to acknowledge tho grall'lea'lon 1 1 ?> < at the ripid Improvement mj sons have made tn penman up under >otir instruction, At the end ot their iwelilh lesson tl.ey gave me a specinun of their rnpid ofl hand writing. I rotist cou'e.+t I waa astonished? never hud I mn such improvement In so short a time. The more particularly was 1 grstited, a* I had alw ays supposed them to be hereditarily bud wrl cry Respectfully \ours, Ac. JOHN YOl'NO. Tl' H. DISBROW'S RIDING ACADEMY, FIFTH AYE II ? nue, corner of Thirty-ninth street (Murray lllil), now open tor Hie reception of pupils, dully (Sundays excepted). Hours for Indies, from S A. M. to 3 1*. M. Hours lor geatletnen. from t> to H A. M. mid Sto 6 P.M. The evening pur Jen will i omm< nee on tho 12th Inst. Horses for the rued, or parade, to let; also, hoarding horses received, with ihe privilege of the owners' u?lng them In the school. TOl'NG LADIES' INSTITUTE ? NO. 110 WF.ST TWENTY fiflh slrw t ? Opens on Mondav, Sept, 10. Fr tieh nnd music the principal objects U study. Private elt.v lor Gcrtimii, French, painting, piano and singing. Soiif-o ma ! cal* clneelqno every month. Principal Madame VANDEIC WXYDK) graduate teacher from France. DKNTISTRY. A CARP. ? I AM INFORMED, BY HAYING RETURNED ?fV tonic of my circulars, that several persona bsve been afearged for delivery, which b sn Imposition? hiving paid the peixin, I cave them to deliver. Monday following be In lurms me tlmi he delivered all but tlfly, which he pat Into the general Post office, prepaying them, but which to mv great regret I find to be not the ease I beg therefore to be excused b; all who had to pay the postage. D. S1UNBKRO, Dentist, C3C Broadway. CALIPORNIANS OR OT1IKR.S? WHOSE STAY IN NEW Yi rk In lln.lted, nre iniormi d thut having increased mv fiw llltl> s lor mn>?faetiirtng artlflelal teeth. I ran fnrnLsh bei'er wwk In s sliorier tltnc, n-jd at lcs- prices than UKtiai. N. B.? A grcst ImpmveMent has recently been made, !>y which the t'ollcwinr imponunt xlvatitagcs are gshwd? freal- r cieanll m i-s? much rcater strcraMh an l duraMlity? a pe. r?d resem l>lan< e to nat ire, by th. reatoratkm of the lonturoa to ihelr ori ;;inal position, and n SHVliyc in expense. H. O. LL'THKU, Dentist, fl* Broadwar, PERSOKR WISIIINO \ BEAUTIFUL SET OK TEETH will lio well to ewill on Dr. NAPOLEON PRKTEKKB. All Ills di-ntal wot Ks prove to be ihe be'1, and In i rices the eh.'ap. r?t. T< i lb ran be In crU d on gold plate without cxuacMig Ihe roote. 4.V. lb i uilway, corner of Howard s're. HOiLIAHIM. An im*i*nsh him.iard i?ei?-i was the first lo Introduce lite slate and marlde beds. Bectu- tin ? cat the cloth* have experimented much Ui super d.' them ; la irig ?oecewfnl, ha?e now two at S Ann and 1.9 I niton ?Ireet, and challenge the world to equal them for 91 U. 000. I'ur chiiscr-s arr sure. If ac'i'talnlall with all parts of our tables. (>ar tililai Ij ourrn lilons ami bid 'blob defy com] itiUon and are ttseil as pattrrna by all otb< ? makers. Tr > ibroi bi fure buvtnf. Onr cu hlons are lageti' : I use tkcvngboui Ktirotie, Be<t( r proof caunot U given. Clo. I< balls, Ac t'nrs-iln. ' \. HAMiiXHU) it RF.KA.-A PERFECT BII.l. I < M TABLE AT~I,\ST JV MICHAEL P1I ELAN'S ntmi l.liard talil. t.i'h lit mm eoMbloa'ion cushions, the eni) 1 - 1 ror 1 onAruetc I ilia' give correct anuli*. Fur sale on). 'tUltamSeni sire?i tieit to lttrtou's theatre, up stairs, (it 1 see the 'u. Ite?<?r ot tniHattonj-. MOBTACI 1: IIAI.L BILLIARD rim, City I! .11, Pnoklyn.? Tito palm will fun! I) rtenilT ntumciitid and Imj new tillUerd tul le,, Willi inarl le tops, h 10m ihe laeiory of Mr. Wm. Sharps, UI 1 V01 1. .H LI A U. OO.W v PLA1IBO ( VHI? .. P LATINO CARD- OF ETKRT DKMII; a ule al the Vnloe Card Vi.unfac n<j W street, near I'madway. If^lndlnji alnaie and .1 in nan enird * J plsb snd l-p^slsli eariis A an ?iltanilMiW#,e i'?.>a.noed and warrvt"'. ?ad?e?,->re>'/4oc '.Pl'tr -'irilTlf ' ? 's esttbU -htnent . twelve eleuarit jit ; heenaddnl ?"I street. Ne? 1'ruprie.or. '?.V FOIi ? drvnd > bnait M artW' ?' '? rarf BOMtDINu AID LODUDTb. 07^ BROADWAY? PURNI8UEH ROOMS TOLKT rl \ ' A sp'mdld muI* of inrlors i-n tha hr-rt tloor. wTh 1 \ Ir.i bedru : jj ? and ei? lie-i-. e hi'' hrn, h! o 1 ? (1 limlacm* t-d r? onv< for f emit men These rwi? ar# worthy of at *nli?n ihe pri. ?? bein,', soovlerile. Ilreiktaat if d ?ired, ? ith the bt*f of a'<eot!JO. 7r.O BROADWAY? TO LET? UA N DtiOlf ELY FUR !?'? nlt.h."d rain.* f.i tamilioa or gi jtlemcr. Tb house 11 first claw, roucuias all the modern improvement*. Pn vair table U desired. /ton AND 614 BROADWAY, BETWEEN HOUSTON <)?j^ ad Bice, ker hirer . First class a-coinmod*' loo* forg.'n "lien and families wltbotU children. QOO FOURTH ATK.Vl'K. ? A PRIVATE FAMILY would accommodate a gentli-maa and tit* true or two single 111 ntlo nen, where llu comfort* of a ill) rue can be en joyed. II nice pleasant and of easy arcc?. Apply a* above 2,-r i> ' urn avenue -firmshed rooms to t)r} le' 10 gentlemen, with partial board. The bouse con lull.,, bathroom and ga*: sluiatiia cou-. euieu'. to the Union Club House; a restaurant opposite. "If-/* DUANK STREET.? A I RO.NT ROOM ON THE JUl) up' ond Hoor, ?uituble t.i. n Kondeiuun and ,il* wife, can be had wlh Ha id. Tcrm? moderate. I H7 TENTH STREET, B1TWKKN BROADWAY AND 1U I I uiver.llv place. ? A mlie of limlsimi'ty ttiru!?'icl rooms firi.i Hum front parlor, and two tirge bedrooms al. alli ed, with private table, or will lie let to (tingle geotlsin'-n, ?, villi or without board Terms modt-ra'e. inftTnOMIWV STREET, BKTWI.KN SPRING AND lUU I'rlui .?A fe a single gentlemen ool.iln dftsirable rooms > :b partial l?o?r<l; location ?ery ple:i muit an l oonve nient; balli mom* and gas Price* moderate 1 nr V) K.ST FOURTEENTH STREET.? FURNISHED J VJ (J rooms for selett famill- a nud ilnglc gentlemen. Rele rtnie r changed. 4 r GROVE STREET, NEAR BLEKCKEI: -SUPERIOR '. * -nlu of room* to let with board, to geuiicin n an 1 II1H1">: house replete with improvement?; loeaUon nv?l dc slralle, nod accessible to stage line. 07 KIN TIT STREET? HANDSOMELY PUBKISHEO ? ? I room.*, .uiiabie for gentlemen or g"nUemeit aud ? li ir 1 be '?-t with board, in the flrs' S7 Nln'ii k re-", . .ir J", h avenue. IOM I -i-v PLACE'? HOARDING.? ROOMS FOR Fl lfa lollies or *ln;(le pent Ir men, with full or partial bo ml, can l>e obialntxl b> applying dI IS NKIkhii place, one bio -k w hi of Uroadw ny, lietween Waverlej place and ElglMb ?treet, op jio:..i J'r. .'HUiner'* chtireh. f* M". MARK'S PLAOB.? FI.RKTSHKD ROOMS TO I.KT. f.) with or witnott' board. In the tim class hon-?, No. ti St. iaiUl place. CTA ?HOARD DOWN TOWN CAN BE OBTAINED 1 n> tlie Farmer*' Hotel at tha above price per woclc, vrlihou) lud^iny. Oue week in advance required. 247 Washington ?trcet. A WIDOW LADY, HAVING A MODERN BUILT OOlTflE, near Broadway, would let a |wrlor and bedroom adjoin iiif.:, together or separate, to one or two genllonu-n, or a gen tlemao and wil?, Willi full or partial board; alao, a fuw (Ingle rooui* to let. Apply at ID Grcone at reel. A PRIVATE FAMILY. HIVING MORE ROOM THAK they wi*h to occury, would let to a gcutlcman only a fur tilslutd parlor and bedroom, wHboul meal*. Local ion desirable, being a few bouse* west of llroadw-ay. Apply at 129 Ninth at. A FEW PLEASANT AND DKSIRABLK ROOMS, WITH full or partial board, ran be obtained by applying at 95 Clinton place. EleliUi * reel, between Fi.Ui and Suth avonue*. Reference* required. A party of gentleinen preferred. AGENTIJ5.MAN AND LADY CAN BE PLEASANTLY accommodated with furniriiod or unfurnished mom* with board for lady only, in a small family of a widow, In the vici nity of Houston street ami liroadway; gaa, bath, Ac. Address Stetson, liroadway l'oat oflice. A LADY AND GENTLEMAN WTSn A FURKlSnED room, with lull boRi d tor the lady and partial hoard for the gentleman. Addre**, staling terms, 4c., T. P. Harris, Broadway l'ost oflice. A DESIRABLE SECOND 6TORY FRONT ROOM, WITH board, for a gentleman and bis wife ; bedroom attached If required. Also, room for one or two 1 oung gentlemen, at IS) Marin street. AG11NTLKMAN AND WIFK, OR TWO OR THREE single gentlemen, can obtain rooms, with board, in a private family, where thero Is every comfort aud convenience, by applying at *H We?t Thirty second street, between Broad way and i'll'tb avenue. A FURNISHED PARLOR TO LET. WITH BOARD, TO a gentleman and lii< wife, or single gentlemen, tn a pri vate family, where there arc no other boarder*. Apply at 181 Mulberry m-cet, first house above Broome. References re quired. A PLEASANT ROOM AND BEDROOM FOR A GEN tlt uisn and wife, or for gentlemen, tn a beautiful and con venient lncniiort bath* and gas; private family. Apply at 07 Perry street, liettveen Blt.-cker and Fourth streets. A WIDOW LADY-RESIDING IN A PLEASANT PART ol Drijoklyn, within ton minute*' walk of Soudi ferry, and one minutes' walk of lh< Greenwood earn? la desirous in obtaining a gentleman and wife, or two hIdu'Ic gen'lemen, to board. Every attention will be paid to tlielr comfort. Apply a'. No. 1 Butler M cct, South Brooklyn. A PRIVATE FAMILY IN BROOKLYN WOULD LET to single gen tli men, of quiet habits, two fine tinliirnish.-d rooms, on third tloor, with fireplaces and gas. within ten nil mites' walk of any of the ferries; per week for each. Be*t ol relereiu i s rt quired. Apply at fs l?eau street, Bronkl;. n. A PRIVATE FAMILY, OCCUPYING A ROOMY HOUSE, within five minute*' walk of the l.'ltjr Hall, hailnii more room than tin y require, would lake a gentleman arid his wll'c, ortwoorlhric gcutlrinen. tn board. To genteel parties a com forlable home would be ottered; agreeable aoclelr principal object. Address M. A. L? Herald office. Ar/KTMENTS? CONVKVIRNT FOR FAMILIES OR single gentlemen ? In n first Clara private bosrdiug house; also it large otiiee, suitably furnished for a physician; locality central and pleasant; acceasable by cam and aiagea from all wris of i be eitjr. Apply at No. 4 Abingdon squaj c, west side, two men iroui Bank street. A PARTY OF OENTLE.MKN CAN HAVE NICE ROOMS, with full or partial board, in a first rluss hou/c In Twen ty fourth street, near Madison square. Private table, and no other hoarders taken. Address L. K. L, boi a, 601 Poet ofli.-e. A LADY WANTS TO FIND A ROOM WITH BRE \K faal and tea, for which she will pay It per weelc. l<oea tlou below Tenth street. Best of references. Address Imme diately, R. S? Broadway Post office. A splendid FURNISHED parlor, with one or two bedrooms, tc let to one or two single gentlemen In a private bouse wiUi all the modern Improvements; also ? iln','ifl rorm with grate and gas. Apply at 96 Prince street, n i.-w doors went of Broad M ay. B~6ard.-g ketlkmen and their wives, or. sin gle if ntb-nien, can be acc ommodated with full or partial Ual board at 4t> West Washington place. References required BOARD.-A GENTLEMAN and WIFE, OR TWO SIN ule wenilrmen, can obtain a pleasant room. In a private family, with '.10.-1 rd, on reasonable terms; references required. Apply at fti West Thlrteen'.b street, near With avenue. BOARD? A CEKTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR A PEW SI V rle (jentl .?men can be pleasantly accommodated with rwHi..--, by arr'yMg Immediately at 44 West Washington place. Board? in a private family, with vert pleasant. large and airy room*, can be bad on application at l'.<> Weat 1 w "niy-?evenih street, a few doom west of Eighth avenue. House contains the modern lmprorpment>, conve nient to cars and stages. BOARD.-KLRNISHKD ROOMS TO RENT, SUITABLE lor families or Mngle penileim 11, with full or partial board. The boupc is pleasantly located, overlooking the park. Refer ences exrbanued. Apply at No. 22 Union place, near East Fifteenth street. Boai:i> ? A family having more room than r. quired would dispose of excellent aceomuiodtliou* lor n gentleman and wife, or two Kindle gentlemen. House bns tin modern Improvements, and la it desirable location, acce*>ilble by mi .and atages. Apply at 172 West Twenty Brat strict, between Seventh and Hghll avenue*. Board.? a very handsome front room, with r-.uiirles and bed it Him attn-hed, to Ut. with botrJ, fur Ijielinl or unftirnifbcd, m a private liou-e: also, a single room. Apply at s Huaeli s'rect, opposite St. John's park. Oms and ball in the house. 'D CARD.? A VERY PLEASANT SUIT OF ROOMS. FOR X) u gentleman and bis Wile, or lor single gentlemen, at No. W Clinton place. Bo * r.ii? two or three gentlemen ami tiikip. wives, ol I lie highest respectability, may otvain plea Mitt iiti- in t\ private family , residing in Twenty -second atreot, near Filih avuBt. Addrcsa Helle*|ioul, llcrald olBce Board in a private house-to let. to a ftentlrirnn and bla wife and afew single gentlemen, tiirro ur four hiiudsomeiy furnished rooms, with board for the gentlemen. Ix < atloii rentrul and vary pleasnnt. Apply at IX! La>t T welilh street, between Second and Tltlrd avenue*. Boa hi* in e ast uroadway.-a private family having more room than thev deal re, would let a oomlort [ably furnished room wltli parilal board, to two cents wl?hln? in room together, or one single dent. No other boarders ? Magi a pas* the door. Address B. M., 4,213. Post hfficn. ?nntRii for the winter, at woodland man I) t- ion. ? Part lea ran obtain suite* and single rooms, for ih? la'l sml winter, on reasonable U rin*. House eaav ot a'-"e?s by llud (in Hlver Railroad, depot being at Uie'foo'. of Ilia (round". Apply to Mrs. Dl'SENBEKEY. at the Min-k>n. CormansvUie. l>OA HD IN BROOKLYN.? PLEASANT ROOM.-:. WITH J J I 0*1 d, for a gentleman and wife, and a few single g *utle mi 11. can be had at 1M Adaina street, Brooklyn, wt'inn >en ton uli walk from Kulton terry. BOARD IV BROOKLYN.? A FAMILY ANI> TWO OR I time single gentlcmeu will find very desirable rooms, with bo rd, by applying at No. 340 Ilcnry street, between Con fi< *" and Ainlty. The sitoation ta unsurpassed and conve nient .0 l.o(li Wail atrett and South ferries. I30AR1> IN BROOKLYN-? UNFURNISHED ROOMS ON l> an.1 m OQd Soon, flbr two (MllMMa aad wives; alao tun died "in.le rooms for two or three gentlemen, wlthboirj. In a i 11. a II lamtly, at 78 WllUmghby street. Location plea iui ind terms reasonable. BOVRD IN BPOOKLT.V.? GENTLEMEN AND THEIR I v. cs, also single genllemen. can find pleasant r?t()i?. I wt'll . u'l rr | artlal t- 1 1', lltcks i-'re -t, Brisiklyn bel(lus, v Mliln ? wo minn'rs- walk n < Wall strcjt ferry. IN BROOKLYN -A GENTLEMAN AND LADY and si ,gle gentlemen, can be aeeienmolaled with I U'ga 1 ? ooia. ftn ulshed or nnfnrntsl d, with run or p - i.l 1 m l. In * lu'M-e having all Uie modern improvement", ?nd in a ii.fM A naMe ltK-aiioii, widdn live mlnmes' walk of lti?- Soti'h or Wall s reet fiTiles. Reference required. In iulr a'. JW llturj -'.red, cornet rf Coogreas, ltrooVlyn T10ARD WANTED-BY A GENTLEMAN, WIFE, CHILD, .1 ) (lireejear old,) and kervant, from or before October I, fi 1 l! <? \?loter. between Eighth and Twenty-third airects and 1'i'iinli i.od f-eventh avenues; on<- large room, or two siu iller ?enne<dng furnished, with plaee tur servsnt. Ad.l - , de s< lit. In ? situation, and ternu. A. W. D., boi lJWt 1 0-1 1 (lite, l.'elcrrnce* exchanged. HO WA NTKD-BT A GENTLEM AN, HIS WIK. I) ehlid and servant. In a private famt y where ih-r. aio no m'-ei boarders; location botween Kli-hih and TWrlJeih Mreets nnl lourtnsnl Sesenth avennea. Tern is not to ei d *.?i P' r iiw mh. Addt e-,. bo? t,017 Po^t offien. nOARO WANTKD-BY A VOI NO LADY. IN A GEN I> 1 eei re.p* risble private family. In Um n. ighlKitlsK.d of rt'. s' Thirty eeofs! s nsev or some place near by. Address W A., Ileraid office ___________________ HCMRI> WANTED? BY a GENTLEMAN. FOR HIM aeifarid Mttle boy. In ??n? re.; ? V e> private lamtl). ^htr<? hi> etdld can ha?? (h# tare and a' .'a'-m of a lady. } <1 t" 1 ?ar I'ei-k a!!p T-rraj mjd.v- n Aprdf at 2? Water s'rre'. '< *? 8 ?'?<* slip ?pjjypmc am ^ miwajy, B0U1H WANTED IN' BROOKLYN V fcMALi ROOM and p?r!ll?) heard weateAliif * ynui?? gentleman. KKit cure git"*' Loeall?*?>e?r F i ?" erry .i Mr?w I) K A., In IK 946 ClM Office / BOARi> WANTKD BY Tift) 16TH FRONT PART.OK wlth;mntr? anil bedroom udioialng. on >hi aeoend Moor, me mil*-' carpeted; board l- ?r tli?- In ly aim partial l? !trd foe the'eenth in iu th* vicinity of Broadway; an Mfbei npthm Twelfth I. .hand K?? Indian isnhu \ llrese bjHOtc, Mr. William 11. JoUnsea i" II. -ratio, Boarding -snrs of furnished rooms, with nil !li ? m< deru lroprovnm . U, lor sln#te gentlemen, aa4 gentlemen and Uiolr wives. with or w Ithout bn>.rrt, !a ? <1 -sire Ele ?iid beautiful location. TIuw- wianiu* a comfortable liooan ?!. Ii I i no ly applying n> W Stu; . k'Mat st-'?t, biwee? Second :in?1 Third avenges. BOA Kill NO.- A BACK PARLOR. ON KOHT PMH?, to It"', toa gentleman ami vif-. ?r an!' !? slri j!e gentlo men, luri;U*h(u or untarnished, In !i or ;nit ii board, at 106 Allen sncet. . _ Boarding.? a large, handsomely m rni?:hki? rt ? in. suitable iur a geiitit wan and w liu without children, or two siimle gentlemen; als<>, t*o -Ingle rooms. in in ? house, with nil ih> ni'idern Improvement Apply etal Niii'n street. Refer, nces exchanged. BOAK1UN TIIUKK YOl'NU MEN CAN KK ACCOM undated with I oiird and KOOJ roots hi !W aid Sit lit p "f v eek. A!-o a man and liH wife, al T per week. I/?i|iitre si ?RI-in. tm 'reel, one block trout !!>?? It. >?? r; Down town furnished rooms? wra or with out board Families or (ingle giuttemen Cm 1><* accom mi dated Willi very denlrable room-, at modi-rat* price*. Yrati ?lent I.Hl^er- tn ??nmodatrd with superior rooma, at If H*ek limn street. A; > ? front basemen ?. suitable fur an OBkOu.. ' o let. DESIRABLE ROOMS. IN SUITS ok SI.PARATBLT. with t oard. at the pie stilly siuated leiii-u J1 Lafayette plaee, between fourth street ana A'' ?? place. DESIRABLE ROOMS.? TWO OK TURKU 01 . VbtiF.'iwf et?n ob'aln very desirable suites of ro >nt?. oi ?lti i O fiMiim. wl h p?riia: lioiiro, If required, In i fii i l i . bro\>"ti ii'otie front I;ouim>, v l'h iilt the nji-dern Intprotrc/n n1 1, eonvenlasl i* ibe*ie-. 1*0. 71 Weal Kjur'ec.itl, i,' oci.llrathMMi *i?t of Stuh aveutr. Ipi.KOANTI Y FI RMSIIKD ROOMS WIU. ill hVTt TO ?J two hiin ii- '.rullamcii, with or wlthotl' lnc?kf??t. lit aparlineni- oaonol be surpa^ed In reapti't locfiv.'nieni^, I# oniiou, cimlort and (jutm , The faintly I prlv.ite? no liuardora. The limine is lirKl c law new, h1i.Ii nil tne modern I niprora ineuti. Inqulic at 73 Eaat Twelfth ?i n o'. I V\ MIMES AMI SING I, K OF.NTLKMK.V CAN HE AC conimodnted wnli boaad at I 'Si liinouie s^icei, on?: i>K>oX ! rnin Broadwuy. The bouse U bnudsome, u id has til Ui( liioderii Improri'inenta, sos, hath, .Vr. FURMSHKD PARLORS, WITH BKDROOMS ..'OMMUWI ciiiiiie, for lunillies or single gentlemen, may be touaJat No. 2M Foiu'tli aveuuc, otic door ulio. e TwenUetli ^tioet. FURNISHED ROOMS WITnoUT BOARD-IN A PRI vmo bouse where there .ire uo t'oardern. Referi'tHM given and ? emitt ed. Apply at 11(5 l'l iinklin ?h eet. Furnished rooms? parlous and bedrooms, snllablt' lor rimllies and lor olnBle fientlemen, Willi lioard. In tlie lirst claw houne No. IS State street, fronting on th'1 Itul erj . Reference? cxehaagi d. Fine accommodations, with a genteel pri vate family, iu South Brooklyn, location pleas&ntect part of Ilenrv strict. Addrc?s box 8,082 Post otllrs, N. Y. Mrs. Caroline a. Lawrence, ho east four teenth street, will have, after the yi of September, a auk ot liand-omely furnished rooms to rent, with full hoard: nlsa. one or two Vlni;l? rooms, ituttable for KenHWien. Itouae strictly first class, with modern improvement*. Rcterenoe ec chtinged. PARTIAL BOARD.? A OKNTLKMAN BY BIRTH AND instinct, spending half his time In towu. desires a quiet, plcssant, genteel lo lglng room, with or wlihout breakfast, where there are no rhllarcn or boarders, and where all bome comlorU may bo enjoyed. Address t'o uiopolltan, Herald of flee, prepaid. PLEASANT FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED ROOMS to let, with board, for gentlemen and their wtvee, t tie gentlemen; bath and gas In (be bouse. Inialre at I Ninth street, near First avenue. Frsonb wishing laroe. comkortablt FUR nUha| rooms, with flr?t class board, can be acvomaae dated at 19Bond street. Breaklast at any hour, dinner al tire SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED with roums or suit* of rooms, furnished or unfurntshe^ whh full or partial board, at No. ,'t Ninth street, between Kin and Sixth avenues. The house is handsome and has aB fee modern Improvements. SINGLE GENTLEMEN, OR OENTLEMF.N AND THFfR wives enn be Reroiniuodnied with respectable andfurj nislied apartments, with or without hoard, at the prirat* iK .irillng house, M Walker street, five doori west ol Broadway. Hot, coid, and shower baths in the house. TirANTKD? BY A WIDOW LADY. A YOUNG LADT TV boarder, more as a companion than the protu arising from the board. Apply to Mrs. liritton, 313 Bleecker street. WANTED? A ROOM WITH BOARD. FOR A LADY IN a small private family, wh"re there ar? no oilier board ers. Must be ?ve?l of Hroa'tway above llnu>.t<u s'reet. For such, a liberal prlee will bo paid. Address, sta'ln# location. Ac., A. How ard. Herald office. WANTED? IN BROOKLYN, WITHIN TEN MINUTES' walk of Wall street nu.1 Hi. nth ferries, bv a single gea, a pleasant room. v. hli or without partial board. Pri vate family preferred. Address S., box KW I'o" offlce HOHHK^CA k T THE " W^ne^y.^s^^Vclock. a nam ^ onirics 5 carrluges,^rne?j YlVfTi KLD. Proprietor. ATROTTINO HOR.UE FOR SALE.? IIE IS A BAT hor.-e, is bands 3 Inches high; seven years old. sound, xiid perfectly gentle, ami Ik una of the but and li.iridaoiueaJ road boi-e- in tbe city; ban trolled a mile In 2:42. And ru Ira iiixld)- ol that now 10 a wagon. Applv at the Lard Oil Factory 6 Sullivan sit oat. ROBERT C. ETANS. FIR BALI!? a splendid team of iron orat lmr. '??, alt ycara old, perfectly sound and kind, atyll?h> arlvrrs. Tl>ey will bo sold cheen, the owner having no (nrtliar use for them. Can be scon for four day* at the corner Of Hicks and Harrlaon streets, Brooklyn. FOR BALK? a bat mark, SEVEN TEARS OI.D, 149.' hands high, aound and kind In all harness; also ? bos wag oo. nearly new, toother with all the harness. blanket, ly net and whip attached. Can ba seen at the atablea. 12? East Broad way, or at 283 Soulli atreeu Price lor (he whole establishment. For kale? trottino horses.? a chestnut and cherry bay, seven and eight year* old; tiro a 2:1ft, and 8 inlnutea; have not been trained for speed; promise to be bat. Alto, an excellent bay mare, suitable for the road or family use; tiuic, lehi than 3 minute*. AH the animal* are aound an* kind. Approved note* at not more than 80 days, or Harleaa lot* might be taken. Apply at the Empire livery stable, 431 Fourth itrcet, near Second avenue. r)B n IR SALE? A ORAT MARE, \i\ HANDS HIGH, SIX year* old, splendid style and action, warranted sound and kind; would make a superior family or road hone; ab-e, a light shifting top wagon and harness, iluln naad. Apply la UKI). W. FARLET, corner of Market and Cherry atreeu. H HORSES FOR SALE-ONE SPLENDID PAIR OF TJCBT closely matched black long tail mares, 18', hands high, of great endurance; can trot together a mile Inside of four mi nutea; perfectly sound and kind; six years old. Any one la want or really a good pair of horses would do well to call and examine them. They can be seen by calling on Mr. C. T. llOAOLANP, nt Nelson's Hotel, Flntbusli, L. I., or address box 1,060 Post ollice. Horse for sale.-oret pacing po\t, i4? IuumIs high, kind In single and double harness: can pace In 2:40. Must be sold in one week, an the owner Is leaving Ibe city. Call at 32 Hurling slip. MORflAN HORSES.-TEN TOCNO HORSES, JU8T from PomfVet, Vt.: three of Ihem nrc fast, and would salt Southern gentlemen wishing well bred slock ; the haUneo are ruond, pony built hor-ee, sult-tbio for the road; severs! wwuld make line doctors' horses. Apply at Biydenburf's atable, a Bocruin street, Brooklyn. ? SADDLE HORSE.- A (JENTLEMAN WILL TAKE A ?.lddlo horse lor two tuon:h?. or for the winter, for hi<< keep, io be kept In bl* private s' lble. best of feed aad to be used moderately. Address box 83 l'o?t ollice. HOTKT.N AXD hl MMKIl RETREATS. DKLANCET HOUSE.? DKLANCET ITOFSK, NO 7!? Broadway, coiner of Wnverloy place, (opposite New Tort Hotel,) having been recently deiorated and pintod, is new prepare d to fm-nlMli rooms In suite or single, with private table, n? reasonable as other (list class hotels. E. S. 1: 1 1) DELL. EV ERETT HOl'SE? NORTH SIDE OF F NION SQUARE.? Ibis cstabllslim>-nt, erectcd on the most prominent and deMghtlul park New Turk attorda, Is appro iehtng a finish, and when completed will rotnblnn all that skill can devise aad money supply, toren.b r U iLo most desirable betel yet con atruetcd. 11, is bouse Is now In prnncaa of furnishing , and this depsrtn. -nt will be In keeping ? Kb the style and arrangeatenta of the house, l?jth In elegeneo end comfort. The proprietor* of the establishment respr< (lull) announce, that the honse will be opened on the 1st iL.y of Oi iober next, but that oa and after the lot!, day of September next, uppliestluns Will be reeatrad from psrtics ml'dina make arrangements for the winter merfJis t'LAI'P A JlWLIN. 11. D. CliPP. A. C. Jceu.i. The subscriber takes vi.easure in annovmc ing to hia friend" and tin-public generally that he has re turned from the Math House, L. ]., to the Wavrrlev I lot at, 41V llrosdway where he will be haj-py to show them Ills i iimaa which arc being luted w llli every con venteae* for eomfbrt ana I|iiletne'?. Attached to and connected with it is Obeli*?'* nstsa rent, flood net ed by celebrsted teste'irateur. atiM by Mr. I'alnio. 'o long and favorably known t i the lover, ef good sot lug in the et y. JOHN L teOOBE. Very 81 rERinn ACCOMMODATION rna r amii.ikx and persone, eao tie found M the Mrevoor; I louse, ! inh avenue, coi ncr of street; kept upon the K>irope*n plan. K. nis are ot'cied at rnlw d r ues frota lb" prtnej ef last season. ALBHRT CLAMC, Proprietor . _ MATRIMOinAL. PROrr.-SIONAL tll"VTI.FM A N, A OKU THIRTT. atslies loamrry. Tie lady ante' be i ? tin. i. eduean^ and amiable. No interview I" deslied until a eorre pondeorw* ' ae proved tin eHglMHtyot b" h partii Adire. attk tal ?rtevlara, Medtene, (are ef t^waru' d.y Post V * Vork and tratltful 1 1 iiftb n'ial answer Will bo r. tumtsl A A LAMM H "I' ABIMTT. V. On.K LIKE TO FfNO J\ some dsinf, I'll lieatity, llieratnre.and wei' sh.ire >.'i?l. i.inhis nasae, tt .a, . . . i. i> '? ????? ?> \ merte ?a. Ti t li ,i lit-ai-t like bis. to love ? not over I wonty -nine. i !.ou li tottri lie n ? .ui acthnr, ha< mt rb, erble'. say, !?' >ei ,llii" m ute v.iio liv e In ffline, or selMsri o( modern Aiy l ike hhn rd< v? deal In tin lor, e:,d to New York send yaar name. And. t ? p' for In.ervi l>i . wil dothesame. MATRTMON! At.? A OEN TLV:VAN Ol HTANDIWO sict Jw es'tii, di- to ci i' ry, se. ks Uie a- inalaitaaa if a lady in like i lrru?.istau< of hue arpearvn'e, la gwad l? ,i!'h. < f (rood banta, an. table rnd i nlUvat.^ matiiiers. aaf af,d i.lue:oH4i. wltlv?it mtith lie umbrsore (if any), and %?> lat rn Ibeagia of ? ai>d3t yeart from Ibe eotioiry nr e% "i .. iu? h as rep I) to till- po?s- ed of Die above requlremcaHL r, |< n n?-< - will b given, and a m<wt sincere, reaper'fnl aM k'nd eonstdvralkia. Adclres- tor ten day*. 0 L. D H., IbirvM office Matrimonial. -the adtmtiikr, a too no m\m ot resoe. lability, edueatlon end a Inol'i ?ie le. eo tf Wrabh, wWieato loim ibe a<?|ii Intao.^ o. an>ne reungUdr w.U'n ? to ms'rimoiii; sb, must be > >uii? iretr -at la e.*d ssr. ling. Sorb aa dealir to iln i a e..,n(^?ai.a? who ntakalilmse 'a-n??ab!e. sr* l?nted lo ? !?<*,, Utoif. It