Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 10, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 10, 1855 Page 7
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I5TEET18EMENT8 RENEWED KTEEY DAT. FOR SALK. 41 HAH 10 wwi.? fob sale, i? extewttb fUtVUU n>?i>' ta' iurlui( hi ?im -s, ? iih otilkllng lin ?- and laaehbicr,, coniie. ted th -- in"ih. ontatillahrni brlhn peat fort* V'u r* To u, b 'in 11.41. * bo woukl adiltUjanpQAvi'UM ?ivest xnuiq cap a) a 1' >rtun? may r>? lnsut< d. HOWE* A PROB1SHEB, 8* Na^cu tt. -V THREE frTOBT AVD BASEMENT ^.CU" t>. i' K bo,iHK uiiu ,joro lot, 03x113, in Urotiuyn, M<*, hay loft, Ac., Included? a rare bargain. Houv%witfc nailo ami -arrlagtt hoUC, N .. York avenue; price W and aeverol bth'-'m, lit a naertilce. Aim ly Immediately. O. THOMPSON, 81 M.-ee', room 7. to ^AA ?FOR SAf.B AT \ SACK I Kit 'K, V THREE MaljUUt sti ry urii'k liOU~' llU I lot, M bv II)) )? '", DTI the wen' -?<;? oi Flr.t . venue, W Kightr-eighth creel. Tho bousi In new and hu t lr: : he ne ?t "u>>Ht?t>ilal nvinner l> day work, on the r ar o iho lot; location mo*t excellent, beftiK lu ihe i entre ol York' nle. Ii d<wlr?d, ?J,!fK> ' in reurttu ?/ 1 i?ni.| and BMm^.151 fur* I'-rni of year*. A j.ply uu tl> : p> eiui ???, or at lly M; ?! at ?-?mtv. ?-1 pi i/l ?A VERV VALUA BLE STORK LEASE FOR 1*1 .OUU. - .!??, with a cash busineiw In this city, wll i ?hlM"d luclu ling .be entire -lore, ttitur.m and furniture m>w on ih? preml "-i"4 iwwiurf ttt a profitable continuance ?l (tie business, which yield* HnDflio $on<) weekly. Owing to ether Immediate engaut meal*. ib<- admUMl' Is induced to ?rile Ibis notice. AdilrosaA. H., Post Oflke. AQ/)A TO id, GOO.? A RARE CHANCE; for hum V/ VF '-Ii#*: ; . ? lie* ?'f the old. *t established book. stationery anil in ws li. p.. ? n Hi* ? II y. now doing 920 per week prnOi. Ri it vi- rv low. Apply to DEXTER & BROTHER, 14 .mil 10 Abu streoi <AO<i ~TO -IIOWMKN AM) OTHERS.? A C0M pletc tet ol' dissolving views, wltU lanterns, ap ptrHlux, .tf., in pny! nrjiir, fflll bo ?old i'or Ibo abo,i' sum, If applied !?>r liutredlttteljr. foil ?>n G. 0. HKNDEItSON, 61 hai BrtKirtw..; . hi wt. n 1 uml 5 o'clock. AR/"K t'll.VNOK.? FOR SALK, AX ESTABtlSHKD roiiijl |ioi I. ? ore, 832 Knlton *tn ? (, llrooklyn, onu of tbo kdHloruilonii in :li< ''by. Will ms ?<i14 low, a-; :ln owaor U hbouf "tifi'rui Into olh.T builne**. ICout it Vi ry ohoup. In ?lilro ol A. I .. S.'iu inu on tho pn uilKei, ur ol wbitu <k 011a, oP and Ab \\ j-hln^.on oi.irki't. ABOABDISO HOl'ffl, )V 0SK OF THE BEST U*A tion? In Hri^iklyn, for n ile.? Thr furniture will be miM at a bargain, and i b? lion>c, now full of guod psylnx boarders. P?rt o: the pur luis't riomy will Ix? boarded out, ll * J - i r- 1 up ply (o IIOWKS A KROBISIlEli, M .Nrtssau lUe.jl. ALABOE KKKO AND FLOUR STORK FOR HALE? FnUbUitkml twelve ) can, and doing MO, 000 to ?l?,it(K) a y<?r; lin-aUon uiihurt unii d, being only one block nun tho 4<i- k, amlhuMa Iki';;>' titunb'T of r<:gulw cuntoinora; capital recall ed al>out fa.Ot'U. liOWEH A rROin<QER,S4 -Vagmti litre <?*. Afloati: t; dky dock i'or sale, or woiji.d bk Mt haitKi-il lor a vessel, or an mlcrcU in one.? Tbi* U a. Kplendl'l chanca for a '.L>int:- 1 man to inuki- luottt.'y. Price KJH). Forlur hrr anil treu p-irttoulara np.ily to BOWEf A FrtOBISIIRB, m Nnsiau ^iroet. A A KK'i l'ROFTT ABLK 1>KI'0 STORE KtiH SALE? Slitidicd In Bi'ooklyD. dains abtutluewi daily of iroin $10 uitib. 'H i .t p-'itnltw-nlly lcxs4ted<>n?corunr, andhas 'IP ti, ? ? !.i his- bed lor i. fei'irnt uutabrr of yo.irs. Apply to I!. W. KIOIARDS, 307 llroadway, BKADTU DL OOL'NTRY BEAT. AND VALUABLE FARM ef elgtity -nix aersH fi raul^-Wltb urrtolan* m inidon, > r vaut'n bouse, h<..l i.'itliiilldinKf., tiiteeu lulled from New York. Teu Iraliii vus> dally; tlV" mrnuU'V walk from the a,;iot. U lit Mwn to be appriH'laUnI. Will be soi l uta ImrKitln. A Pi'ly to y. h. OASLKKS. MS BroMway, up <itairn, or iwldr -s ?. 1'afct, Kliiali. :L City, Si. J. fjtOTTON M11L TOP. SALE, TO CLOSE AN ESTATE.? The .siibecrlbet w ill nell at )>i'lvate sai" tbc cotton mill at IhtterMin, Now Jeraey, knowaa^ llnrmony Mill, containing 30 v??te? ii looms, one wiIIown, two pickers, nineteen cardi, two Jrawtnc fr.m.f?, five speeoei-s. one grinding frame, ten Dan krih npiunlru: frames, two pairs of mules, warping ralll and ?erUn,f frame*, wlih all o:licr IH' ures und titenuul* lor uumtl Mwtanni.-, all In good runntoif order. The mill and d velUuc Soose stand on ie.iwtl i-roiind, ?l'h l|ght rent an. I it p >rpet<uii ?*e: lntiulre of PIEBBK J. HKBtINE, Administrator, '! I Warren street, up uiairs, or JOHN H. HEDLET, Attorney , 8U "" treel. BUti STORE.? I'OR SALE, CHEAP FOR CASH, OB will b>- lot. wlili prlvlU' ? to purcliase. This U .i very ' Id <,-.taliliHb?d aland, ai"l well known. Thla Is a ran. oliiuoe fur ?iih young man. Apply at tM Fulton Creel. DBl'Q STORK AN'I) Ll XSE FOR SALE OR JfXCIIA VQE for real estate, Ibe old stand, 1 1 I'm l?ni alreet, corner if Beade, by the Hudson River Railroad depot: It lias u lu.-i-a Uve retail trade, die i-e. ult v. thlry year* good i.ian.i^'etuuni? lie: Wen v. bleb, tS) to ti1! per d?y caii ),o done lojob'iln?. Fa rmkbs* ex< hanok.? fob sv.le ok exchange for oiiy lot*, well situated, or bulkilug materlala, tire houses and la'*, now finbblntt, eomer of - in!th and Devoo vrdeta, Itro klyi., (Kastern illsu-lei.) Also, bouse una lot In Hick* -tree'. B'-ooklvo to cm lwtu e. fue ;i firm or dry co'j Is. Apply u A Hilt, A P.OltlN'SON, :? Wall sirect, fox SALE? OR TO LEASE FOR A NtMBKR OF M ye^- s, on term*, eichieen lot*, 25 by liH), known MW Uuttenbei-g feny prop.'ity, fionilnit Hiu North river, op ?M Sixtieth street, with 'ho" wi.ier privilege, suiuiile for aanber or ?<sil liuslnens, slilp hulldlna: or niannl.icliirlni; pur iOSH. In a growlit" neii_hborI? o I. For partleultu-s. Inquire of & BECKER, Not th lluUoken, II. H. I P. BBUNJES, 278 T'vAtngton ni ce', or OLANDKB A STEIL, PI M'liray street. F>H SALE-ONE OF THOSE BEAUTIFCL BROWN ?tone lions."', on die noiili sku of Tlilrty-iixth street, be tween I^xliiRtoii and Fourth avenues, built In the lates' ttyle and wllb all th'.- mojern linprovenients, one of tbo beat street* totbe i n y. Inquire ou the pi llllilang FOR SALE? TWO THREE STtiRT BROWN STONE fren' house*, with b**euienl and under cellar, and hiijh ?Hoops, In Forty second n i ? t, ^00 I ct west of SUth avenue aallrot i. and 'Vt ftet ra .; of Iti a<lv ay, on south side of Forty Moond Street; thi *e house* <1 r bull) in the most "iihst-Mitlal.ind morknuiidllte manner, with all Hie modern lmprovem>nt*, M?el, as wa'er. Kits, bells, xpeaklng Mbes, A". Torms ea*v. Inqvlro of ?/. BllltiOS, |S1 West Twenty rventh St. CH)B HALF.? ONE OF THE BEST AND MOST KLE v ganily furnlalied restaurant* on Broadway, doing a dil.'y ?b4n< ?*< of Slllti. m Ul lie * "Id a burcnin, If applied for Immedi ately. Inquire of tJ. 1>. OLARK, (J3 Barclay j?lreet. PR HALE? ELEGANT BROWN STONK HOUSE, 199 Ka- ' Kichteentb itiviei; thoroughly repaired; modern Un provemenis; painted lro.n roof to collar, pannelled, freieoed, ?mrliled, ic. Terms easy; small amount 'town; or Would ex abauee Ini house worth $?i,n<X) or jy.iXK); balance on mortgage. Applv iot It VOOBllEBS, counsellor at law, 310 Ilroad way.Appleton's Building*. XiB SALE.? A TIIKLK STtiBY BRICK BASEMENT . ' h*.'.i-e. together wl'hsn tir.explrt d lease of nineteen year*, ??' H two lenewala <?! twenty one yearaeacb. Tho I*. ?e I sinu.rd j'. i'ki West iftth ?'. Oround I'M, 170 a year. Will be "old cheap. Apply to 11. PA1LET, No. 9 number atrMt. Fob satj-v-ikon planing MACiirxE, 12 feet bed. 9000; 17 feel slide lvh. . $360; 6 fe< t si lo lath \ $130, ?i net atlde lathe, f SI: (icni ciittlns engine. $(V); tuna lathes, fli to *.*!. W. J. BKCNUBKI* A CO., 7c Nassau street. l/OK SAL*? HOPhES, 1/iTS AND FARMS, IN' TltK JP cLelci !,: and in si loe.iuons ih elty mid coun'ry; from *1 400 telCO.OOO. AI-o, desirable property for ev.-hanife. Builders, ?n-nvrs aud purctissi rs nt properly ore Iniued loeallatAe Manta<u>n Land Oflr ', ?S4 Fourib a-, cuue. Fob pale? a leautifil country seat, at Fordliain. N. Y.. about seven minute*' walk from tlie de pot, One houre, hkm, and l?,-ntv el'y lots, well locked with ahaoe and fruit true*, and a tin" vetntable garden. Will be exld a Ri ' at bargain, If Upplle-I for soon, as the proprietor I* about rlootng his htioine** to removo West. I'oi partl'Urar* Di'iuueof B. K. PKRB1JW, ljlttrand street, Y. For bala-pour first class brown -tone front hc^iM?!i.c<mv ntentljr Inc ited on tb<> westsld?*oft!i. dty, ?Www* to rajruad and Ma#e*. Apply to F. WILLI .VMS * >OX, yVi Kin l b avenu<\ or dally, from ? to M at US rhombora t-'.r l For sall? tite three story and attic stork niid dwHIinc houaa HI Ninth uv<*uui* ? lot 22.6 y I'M !?? p; w>l{i fher with tbe three Ktorj brick dwelling lioa-?o lu tb? r ar. Separate entrance to mmit d\v* i'iug. The above i*onao;th* locution^ for bur.iieM.* vaay. Inquire on , tin pre ?Umw. 1,K)R 8AJLK ? A CHAXCK IS NOW OFFERED TO A ' bunlne** raun to raako a fortune In five year-. The atook an I lixti'r***, \s It.' h?n -e, Ji I rverytJiinjf ? om|>V?'<'. of w*' t e*t *dtiia'';d < 02 u*t t*ro fry and liquor -.tor*' lr? the ?? it jr. Th#* tor* ha* > . < n In tl.f ban?U of the pr? nut un ? tVu tu? la ' nv* y.itrf, and Ium alwayxdon** a tiral ? a?* i i !??. Ap;>K m th? to e o 1110s*. Mi at* IRK, Fir t .?v uw ?o n r of v?'jatb air cot. N. H.-An rl> appUe .l: will -*?*' a >* r^atu. FORKALF..? 1 THE STOCK AND k JXTU RF< ? >F A Ff fWT c?a** family Mr?" ?*ry, situated or* c ?. rwr I i u "on avenue and 1 wt-rur -wvemh ?tr ??t. *o!l &?< h |<r< ?nt otto^r* a goto* in tbc wimWr**!* mjom- . A iM-imhr ha- j. or ii. prnp??r*^ will t><* aol<!; ^,-itntc m a.t|ir?" ' * <?ry lirkk bou4C?u;d tfaM*. Apply o W. K. * W. SPAKK.^. For salf? tih: oottaoe nrri/r framk koi^k, n.lVd lu wtth t?rick,> J} llanovrr pa??:?\ mur Fa taw are oe, Prookhm. with rang**, \a llxuir*** 'tatniiur room A<\; ib* yard t? fill* *<i with a rare a?"*or.m*!it ??t iio\w r*. ct us vt*ie?, Ac Fo ? itlvtn In un< mon?h?ii' rrqnirrd. For Im'iw, inquire on b?- nrinW-i, o. rf |IOWAftIt?: liKO., 1 i!ton NUnar ? oi't*r itrtds??* ?r<?- Hit <kIm4. IV>R TflK MOffT HKAL1 JIT IXP PIJAfl ? NT ' Mrt iC Brooklyn, two ii^a' t^n*s e* Imlit hw# i?ottftn4 1MB. ?? nnuuidliig one n? fin^ot vl? liiUtocI*^ lli'inw'. t**v 4tor> an'! bt?*tnen{, bar?l rjurni ?*<! Jiir?pi? e?, Hr**h#Kt pa* I'v, hrx* k?iH. 25 l?y I'U; ppi*? ortt> t/rm? rat*y ?m * h?iiip. wi1' <k" ' e lu value. Vp|/'y outfit pfffuSe*, II* r yen brt v, v+.u <ir: i 1 ??r, 1 n , v.?j ttev. rnl.en ftvenut ? ir* pam wlihln a dlatatir^. tJHlH SM.E? THK LKAII OF A UH?T BATE HO.lRI^ Ina ht>u?'. iMftlM in (HM of ttt >?eat pjfti of ti>?? ettf b fv> i -v '* i? y??ai**- and ? i^b? ir.onlb-1 fo run. Thi on lu?' ? rativ n? ;o . H? n' *16 .*<0 prr ttW nth, Wi 1 ? ?<> obi rli .fc|? H,r <a-l>. .1 Ii or without furniture iiKjUire oii th<.! pnoii?<;ii. 391 Lo . * r; . ^ (MiV MlK-AV KXTK.VM1VE M \ MTAt'l IHINO F> w??i bin^tii in ' If my of .Nrv YortL havini; a l? .;?* ruu ?A r >, *?'b a pa^tU al>rad) tntroiior'oil uo<f well r- ?>> Ifrfei d. ? #? ?r \? deailtitw oi Ira^ioc ?h<j ? !?\ nil aoai.i db( b?v bu-ii?? -mi, and alio ilw pai#tt', ? i?bor for ?ftla . '? o. vu> c-'b- f?art <?t Uw I i Um. ?'fi f * v??f a* > lrriu<, ,kdd.. U * HERMANN E. LI DWl<?. K Wall - ??> l^Vtl s ;l.K~A IOB FRI N'TIXO OFFirR. rojf*K0TFD r tvirh ? daily iru?< r a?d vtil inM fro otoijroattom . 4 ??* rr**ary u i y'l of work. Th^ < . hm*i ba" ? fc'wwi run ?? CKtWM wo; It, and now * .?? h-nni 0>W w* r b ??? nih"' ^riviftoir Tb. r^nt will b" (Yet* U!! Ma ? w x T* .? mU- r?m jr. Mr-?? -.r^fiirWrrj -ra^ina filing wtP ? ?? i, I , 0 f"**' ? to r? iyf K m I OOtii ii So. H !*??.. 4 W .? * . I'OR F4LK IK Vi *RKVILLIC- A TH REK >Tt ?Ii V ? H A XV 1 ? ?? f *'i <j tn wl*h nrt'lr ard tni. k i ;> m ? i, ? 1 fvj#i?du,,l and woI^hI mar* 1? n< ihvn* ? s.d sjrah*- ?*!/.? i bou* ?, ?'4 h SL M * itvo#w atOe and ??? men' I m * ? #, Itoat ii sln'? ? ? b'twrfri T d . d F. r-T,#f- I* r?ti U'tifa, d r?n ,1 r pr n- '????*. Cru1'":, wa*er a, tla* trrt-t. # FMWmhl* <Hl ??C|I*\aK F R I?R\ i;oo?a.| i' r browc f!i'i.!:w f> f>a.? ? f%iih ail ?h* B tl*e "Ttwr of '< ?n **r??l Tbit*l | uet*, rn^rljit . a ?? o'l t Haf ?'ijr?a ti ? ^\a'?- p? , ifcUoa, tOttMa L s, poj a*?; written* r,' **< "urc and Nn aarmfy ? TlAflP! ATI? >"!' rtTI'p ? nl .jilt '?-? ? ?< ? (mi, Mm> ton in * ;m '? up. An i 'in ? . kn iMirp, IT. ?in: ato?iic, i v. ,r f,;"'\^ ?>? <n I-Y pTTTT? ~ *wia<?4 wfihi!! ?1 ,",4V?iiiiali 1 21* *!? nA ? fJL- nfe <i(wu * '.? r, 1 !u"? o <?> r '?*?**????. w m , ' ??? "MOh, L " t l'S'iJ" ^-'Vd ? ? ? 19 HOCPBB ANT) LOTH I OB HALE, OR m LET? FIVE three story brick houses, wtdj ui tn.n. rn impruve menu: situated in Clwvvfr place and fourth piace, Hath Hraoklvn. Terms easy. Apply to II. Mevuiaoo, ^la Court alreet, Brooklyn. LAND FOR 8A1X? XIUHT ACBH OF HIGHLY CITL tlv a'ed land, .u Ur< ?? uvtile. u wii oi Bergen, s-? miles trom Jersey City lerrv. House and tarn attached. T?riUN>r< Ill quire of JOHN tl. M1DMKR, Point Breeze flot.l, or of JAMES h. BENEDICT, Surveyors ofllce, :t2 Wall street. MILLINERY HI.-IVF.8H FOR HAUL? III CON8M quence of 111 health, a lady wishes to dl?po?e of a i'avor able le??o u ml a sood limine.** In Krioklyn: from Mtw to IftIO In wh would be renulred, or nrndb would be given on good security. Address,;. J. I icrald office. SIXTH AVENUE LOTS.? FOUR LOTS, RITtJATKD ON a corm-r south of the Crystal Palaee, and all fronting on the avenue; an excellent opportunity Rip Unprovemout or speculation, as ihe \ will be soul at it positive b*ri<ali A. J. BLEECKKK & CO., 7 Broad street, STATEN ISLAND PROPERTY FOR SALE, O"! FX ehanre,? Forty acre*, tormerly owned by Dr. Van Iloven burKli. 1'* miles trom Rns'Vtlle. House, .10 by 40; h i ? ;ran ary, Ac. ?all ui good order. Apply to P. BL'l.h t , 41) Wall street. TO BABBERS AND HAIR DI'EKSERS.-FOR HA'. I VT a aaerltlre, If applied for soon, 'bo Mock. Qxttn rum ? k?] will ol the ob I* si established hair dressing saloon In Hi < si ??. Tli in in an excellent chance. Apply ou Ion premiers, 2. 7 ni ton street, Brooklyn. DRY GOOUH, diC. r I VALENCIA PLAIDS FROM AUCTION. ? THIS ? ;?t beautiful material 1* manufactured exnreasly for tali w car. Price one 'lollar per yard. A. T. STEWART \ CO., Broadway, Chamber* ami lteade street*. A FULL ASSORTMENT OF rllAWI^, INCLUDING every quality? Bi oohe Khaw Li, Stella khan- In, Plaid aliawlt. For tale chrap at LORD A TAYLOR'S. _.W ^4T. 2M and >1 O and <t., atnl new ntuubern t7 ond 49 i 'ailx riw it AT. STEWART ,t CO. WILL OPEN, ON .MONDAY, ? September luili. twooly uiw-s or n~'.v -'ikJ, unliable for II, e ri-ttron. beautiful ill design, and of t>v r;-t? quality. IM<-n on? dollar per jiird. Uroad..ay, Cluiuibori and Reads MreeU. BRODir.'S FALL CI.OAKy (iFXJRGE BR0D1E, NO. 61 (.'anal and fKI LLipennrd ntnet, baj nnf in 8tore a in go M.xcrtmont ol noveltii i in t?1 vet, cloth and moire Rntiqu" cloakn aud rnantilloK. to wtuoU ii*i Invitaj tke Instil ? 'ion of whu'iCHolo ca?b atnl short Sno buyeri. B.' n.KY. FAKRINCTON A LESLIE WILL OPEN, MONDAY, Sri/. ID, thi' ntnro No. tiZJ BROADWAY, Wiih ?n rniirr tifw ati'l i'Xi"n>dve ?lock ol .hi' clioii-Brt FRENCH EMI?ROU)KRIF^, REAL L\( KS, MOl'IlNINO tiOOl'S, MCSU.VS, HANDKERC11IBF8 MITTS. A i'i) rtery olbrr dwrrlp'lon of lirb nnd'y ^'0,i l< In bo found at any Mmtlar h?u? in the etty. and at prlcatt uniu ice di'i (i dly low. 1 1 ? iu?proilun .?l'ili? linll.'i' of Now York, :i? ?l?o of slfnns; tm vImiIiik the dty, 1h rapt'i'lally luvlled U> examine the splnn-Ud ami exuu?lvo array oi l., bio.iablo novoltie* combined Uoi-o for thvlr approval and putcliiuc. s . ?j; Brussels lv<ts\-.i! st received, k complete (."-or.inent of all t; .ictloit ot |o ,t la<-oi?, .ntr.o very il<'h and cot-lly, and ?nt!r<?iy ne?/ di ^isii"! also Mechlin. tHUp'irc, and Honliono. lu i very variety: Parlaembiol'lerloMaeoilam, Hlnive.-, lel'-t, fin., utu.urpa.?od in ?tyl? or quality. MILLER X ORANT, ;>Tt Broadway. CALL AND SEE llHOWN'S NEW STYLE. F ILL HON new.? A boaiiilfti! a--,orinii iit fiOW ready for ItMpeeUon, of entirely new materlala md denlyiia. Aluo a Luv*'- a.-iort niint ol pattern bo'in ts ,or nilil'in *. WM. UROWN, 4i3 Broadway, up ?tair?. C1LOAKS? CLOAKR. ? MOLYNEUX BELL, Vf CANAL J street, Ik now ? vlilbbiiig hla fall importation* ot clojlu, In all the new materlnli .ml ?iyle?, nnd calU the attention of mi'p lianiH fri'm all j'mriaof tin I ulon lo Ins tiurlvalled l ick. Terms liberal. * Embroideries at half i'rickh- action goods. ? WM) Sv, inn mill cambric eoliarn, at 6*., 10a., l^i. , and U*. each; 31*1 ehildrea's collars, at 5 . each; .ttai I'am'irln ban In, foar yaro* long, b's. each; IM black spotted velli, ftt>m $1 .'n) toji<. Only one pri c. JAMKS MADDEN, tit3 Hroadwuy, second door above Bleeekor stre<". Fashionable fall millinkry ? We would call ih" particular atientlon of ladles .?e*Ient tir.d visiters to NPrr Yi rk, lo tbe lari;e- 1 and cliol ''-s! assortment of ilark utiaws and .Seiiju'llian lonneti* vcr opened In this It}' Now readr for inspection at Carter s emiorivm of fashions, ?113 Broadway, ? ppuMte Metronollutn He el. French merinoes and cashmeres? Every iinallty, color and price, just received from .' . and direct itnpo: la'loii. twins the largest stock of thet^ it .^ls ever eibibited, and lar exce- dlmj our Iminen Odlsplaj oi I 4 ?M. LORD * TAYLOR 256, 1 . 251' and 261 fir.. nil *?.. ami new uumbers 4; and t'J 1 atlierine st. FA VfY AND THEATRICAL DBESSE* WANTED? LA db - or centlemen I1.1v Ini- any to difpose of r an n i'lve a fair cash price l'or same b,\ (.etidtalg V) Mr. S. COHF.V, 101 t haih. ru, or titi Elm street. N. H. ? Ladies utiendeil to by Mn. C. 1MMKNSK STOCK OF FALL GOODS? Including every variety ' >f d.-,di'abln Pry floods for tbc -nunna. Opening Mile* will commence on Hon lay, September 10, a1 LORD A TAYLOR S, 26fl, 207, I'.Waud 281 Grand si., mid new Diifflb<'rn 47 and If Gatherlne st. M1LUNF.BY.? A. F. JARYl* ,t TO. ARK PREPARED lo ('Hit a beautiful aarfortinent of f.ill bonnets, copied ex artljr from inij>orl?d one*. The attention of stranger* It par Urularl) Invited lo 72 Canal "tree'. MILLJNEKS FROM TlfK COI'NTRY, TAN N i al <iE.Vl.VH Bazaar, 913 Broadway, under St. NOW SKi Nlrl.olaa Hotel, pattern bvi/Ucif, for tbc fall, of unusual and ourpa-vJiiK beauty, MOIS. DKLAINE8 AN'T> DBF.SH GOODS. A full assortment of beautiful Paris deigns will be opened and ready lor *a If, on and after H 'tiduy, Dqitdnb) r 10; al"", lew piirert Aelalnea aiid drew goods In ^roa'. variety. LORD A TAYLHR, J0!>, 'Z57. 2S9and '>>1 '.ruin! St. , ur.d Dew numliei i 47 and 4'.' Cstherlnr -4. New fall goods. J. ME. K A CO., MILL OH N OH Sr.lTf.aarH 10, 4 KT.1V AUD MU-Vpn ?T (N'B or fancy AND sfAPI.K DRY GOOD?. Mlks. Velvets, shawls, Cloak*, mantillas, mertnoes, L'aduneres, ladles' elollu, I'laln and printed de lalnes, plai l?, Call roe ?. linens, whi'e nmiiina, lloinbazlms. embroideries, la<-> ?, Wo?i. i r, gloves, Ar, T1 nbove nfo-'k will b'' found on In -pee. 'Ion to bo the lar;;, < ri b< -i and cheapest erer offered in tills ? 'v. Noii. 366 anil 1167, 1i *1 and 78* Broadway. VTKW GtHlllS FOR THE FAI.L THADH? A Hl'PKrtB stoek o' iti h dress *l!k?, bwrli" steUa and c ?ahtnere .-i.iwls; i ' I, Freucb " iihrii 't'"" and tno'i'ulin di'Ulo-^, Kniih m<Tluo-< Mil P?:ram.i' t.n wool, plaids, silk, velTi-t*. Ar . .(.I, rMs Rxanl'if 11' OEOBOK KEYKS, ;VU Kl*lltli ave.ine. N'F.W < VBl'KTS FOR Til K FAI.L TRAU&? OKOB0K IIKYBf, 'M.i Kl v'ln ii avuuc, ha- ju-> t ve-la liirti" and rplendid assortment of telvet, linis-els, !.k . p>> and luiruln enrt.ita, ru??., male, man mf, window - <, all the different uiak"< and a id'hs Of oU <mk uf tmro l.i >ard to eif lit jur-U wide. 1->ABlS FASHIONS FOR Til' I 4LL-MADVM HARRIf A SON, ."'71 RrOK twIT, I to Invito Ute ladlA> ot N ?? York ai.d vli-lrlt} m call ;iim! ii ? ?*< t tl.. ,r 'uMii'ifo1 - ie ; n' Frenefi l onn""-, ahlel tliey^ . reeel od by ih ?? A'ianil' . be in" i,i." i !>? ih'? neweot ? ? ' ? 'if niaUTiaJ, never beS'i' ?e"D in N* w Y?rk. pica FALL WDWIvrKI- sll.KH Jit A .11 a lii" I '? brt' 'li -, p.u 1', "'.ire run! Ml >9 1 ^ htaoat' It ?ill' ; alM>, Blaia ani' low i'H<e?i ?i!Vs, in ere..t rarieiy at LOKH A I S I.OR'S. i'.. . sr. V'< an<l 3t>l '"'f' : Lid f\< niimlor' <7 an I t? Catbcld' >U C11.K R' *14 Kei AT RKTAIL-ARNOLD. "ONST ABLB A U c., will "llr Muta'ay, !," In'b i ' l?iur&i? t> lin-nt of new and elegant - >lk rniioo. Mao ilk m!n-? a' very low pi i- e?, fecelteo pe i !e? Atluute. oU<'i,nat s'roct C1LK ItOHM IV cAnoomumi cawbi W1LI, BS i ( jini t. on Vi.odi.y , S?|<temb?v RKIi. Pri mo1!! a'e > T. STLWABf A co? lJroad?ay. Cham be rs und l( i !?? QTBAW TRIMMINGS p hkiskkr hrotto:rs. In porieri" ?i?! )ol ' > r? of rtbboi ?, vlvr'", flower"!.i r , trli'imlnfi*, ? mi'roab-i ins and nnlllnwy ?toi>i|h In rr n^ il. .No" 14 and IK1 John , r .rner William, up ?la.. CTI w ' OOD - 11 p: . i r. n c ? |i ?'ra? *??'l .i- Rami ' ? of 'bo bMt kind and Vftrlntj ; ?ale a' low i.rtces. by I" PATI'RBL. -TO I < ar: ?trt?.'. up Hutr* 'I CI UM \ 'l"'. Mil LINKS AND DKU.'ll- P 1 ( <ll,<iKKII .'I K.?. W tUlOlt . PARIS FKATIIKItS. and FRt S< H Fl/lWHRS. H solle1 <d 'O'liniinr r< fo.1 of r <k*U lo that li'"-, wliieb bas I '< n ii'eeniiy hn| "i '1, ar^l is "tried at re-1'i'"^ pri*-.-* I?r ? asl ?< Ni.-. Cl si... ? "ho stroe', enrnerof Wi .m . N- w Yi?k. H?'*KR i KKT Ht M J. ?i r evived? 10 va-' ? il' b ?4< straw aod <3?ei.lle mPi ? IPBSIIKI. 1/ .\PRFjv-KS ? CAI TI".V?I HE n HI. I' !/? 1IKH: BV Vj i i '"I il V 1 In' ?? iiHrax n It '? *? -ok' ... K 'i i I '? "1 a 1 a .??> ? y K nr. ; ..1 a.i ,v I. nt ri i .ii.. . >i.*r b? !?< >? . < a alt .?' DM. \>< V K?.VM;DV. > W ' ,11.10 Sr-?i, s, p. g, KVI. A HN1KOUWY. *1itVD>MNG 10 *1 r..? MtDtMi: MORBOW^? TniA hl.' dM -idy ??. ?|tbo'.ie%eep?i??n, ;). ? m .< wond'*i . IriikfM . i ill" wot' I, or lw has bear Vnr.wn. S^e mil < . . i!.- ev-n ' >. II . ' -n i|i? li-rj \1 o'i<r,-., met will -. ?! i , . . 1 -<w k v i "f Ui^ In I hit ilid?. (rt i)'e , t . -t ?i!?b?li.- i' e' sll alw vtaliii. ii no? '<? ? d. Tti R. -i ie 'licKf MTtiHiM. / '.VlRVOV \,.t I '. |\-I li' t OVFHKD M? ''ured, if 'mrat t n.'ar. .rur a.J?i.*e eo, ti. >1 ?' wl . .1 its. .il nds*. rtalfird, i v 'l-i ?K1 *><?!? ? , i . . ? la! I liii ? ' " ir an' ' i Pro. ?> a jr. - i.i.. .... aE'.'.'. iri ? r, \? ? t* *? RYMR'l r? ft. Mi III PI SM K r il M -r ije, livtwoan T wi?iy<lil'l ard twei.'v oodVraa., M B VLWTN I ????" l h M ? 'W 'O t?" Ir '5and Mr i His ? Of thy ia*y i ??* #er rit'r*. Re*i'',uce 21 RIj, NHDPPrao. FOB LIVERPOOL.? UNITED STATM MAIL. -TBAM sMp ATI.AN lit', Juj. Went, rmt innnilill Tlilitl ii?Mp will depart wttb the t.uitcd KUtes irail . fur Kurop-' poeiUvety ? m W<"duea>!ay, Septambey 19, at Un'. '? k, V. , f.-<r i her reiltt, at the loot of Caiial street. l-'or freight >r i>.um?kc, h ivmfi uu eqtuUied aceonuiioilai Ion for elegance ind eouitort. apply !o EDWARD K. OOLLINH, fttj Will - <*l. I'a^wnc r* art requceted to be uu hi..ird by 11 o'clock A. it. Shipper* pleue take uotloe thut Ike ships ul fhia ilua aanoot carry any .toods contraband ot w?r. All leUcr* mist DM* ihrou.h the Poet (Iflee; any otiior* will bn re' anted. Tiw steam-hip Baltic will auccoed the Atlanuc, .iui Mil October i. nnHK NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL CNITEn -TATH8 I mail steaniera. ? The ihipe aompvtLuf thi? tin* are tie following All ANTIC. t.'upt. Went BALTIC, Ohpt. ConntodL PACIFIC, Copt. Nye. ADRIATIC, Capt. There ships hare been buflt hjunitraet, expressly for government aervioe. freer car* haa been 'ak *n in their tonatrncHon, aa alao In their engines, to ensure strength and speed, and their accommodation* 4br |?anengura are nneijunllcd for eleg&nee and comfort Price of puMaca from New York to Liverpool in ttrrt claae cabin, $130; To second do., $16; exclusive use ot extr-* aixe rLate room, $326; from Liverpool to New York, 30 and JO truineua. An experienced Burgeon attached to each ah) p. We berth secured until paid for. raorontD ditk or tux una. rrnon sww ion. raoM unopcWL Wednesday, . . July 26, 1864. flatn rday, .... J uly 28, 1*66. Wednesday, . . Aug. 8, 1866. Saturday, .... Aug. tl, 1866. Wednrttlay, . . Aug. 22, 1866. Saturday Aug. 25, 1866. Wednesday,.. Sept. 6,1866. Saturday, . .. .Sept. 8,1866. Wednesday, . .Sept. 10, 1866. S;.t' rday, , , . .Sept. 22, 1866. Wednesday, . .Oct. 3, J865. Salurduy Oct. 6, 1866. Wednesday, . . Oct. 17, 1D56. Helurday, ....Or. 20, 1866. Wednesday,.. Oct. 31, 18.16. Saturday S.-T. 8,1866. Wednesday,.. Nov. 14, 1856. Saturday, . . . .Nov. 17, 1866. Wednesday, . . Nov. 28, 1866. f^atunlny, .... Deo 1,1856. Wednesday, . . Dee. 12,1856. Satonlay I'm-. 16, 18.15. WednCMtay, . . Dae. 20, 1865. Katur.lay,... .Deo. 20, 1866. For freight or paiuugo apply to tl-W. K. COIJJNS, No. 60 Wall street, Naw York. BROWN, HIUTLEYfc CO., liver, I 8W3 I1KNKKNNARDACX)., 27 Austin FrUrs lajndon. B. 0. WA1NWRH1HT & CO., Parie. CKOIIOK H. DRAl'ER, Havre. The owners of ihcue >hlpi will not "oe s -co\ia< ible for gviii, silver , bullion, specie, jewelry. pre. ious clone*. or metala, unless bill* of lading are niguil therefor, *ud the value thereof therein expresecd. Shipper*, plcaae take notice that the ?hlp? of thU line exnnnt carry any good* contraband of war. I^MPIRK MNE KOBIilVKRl'OOf.,? THK CM.BIIItATKD J pu.kit tdrip AMKRIOA, Oipt lt?r.<tn?, ill pocl'lvdy f?ll on Wotlnewlay. tbo Lib Hi'pU'mbcr. The i ?? nuttio 'ntlorw ol' tin* xiipcrh packet idilp are not ???lunllcd .y ..t.v v.. el out <?( the port or Sew York. Appiloutkin i for e h.kloon, so rend ral.ln, and Hteera^e paarvnxer*. to bo m ?- on li >a d, pier No. C> Nerili river, or to DtiMARKr1". A JUS IH, 4d t onh h'reet and : fi <>ld nlip. T7IOR LIVERPOOL.? RAILS <?V MoNPU', SKPTI MUKR I1 I7lb. the well known packet ?hip ' . tV Wt'Kl.l1, < '?p . Knlxbl. For cnbin, (toi'ond oijlHn, or nte a ? pis m, , )>]>:/ on hoard, pier lOEait river, foot Maiden L .ie, or lo Tll< r). < . ROCHK, i-S South street. FOR LIVERPOOL SBPTBMBKR 11? T1IE F''PRRTOR favorite packet ship UK WITT CLIN'ION, ''h ?lti I'uuk, celrl rated tor making .liort vorm:e<, will po-|tiv- tv ?? ?|l on TueiMl.iV, September II. Sbe W. p!w iul aeem 11%, /mm for ( ibfn. ro.ond raliin and nh'eraue 1 -ciuer<. tn*. V on l.oard, pli r M lUist uver, or to WILLIAM8 ii.U rl, 40 l'uiton (treet. FOR HAVRE VIA SOUTHAMPTON? T11H VANDER. bill Kuro|i<Htn liae of ?!.'nr.i?liip^.? Th-i first elaan now ntcan^M). AH1EL, 2,30)1 ton-*, befevr", riaater, 'vlll kavo New York fn>ni plcr.'iO North r.v r, foot of (-li?m..em <, at iroon preeiM'ly, on Hatunlay, September ?1 or lia .ro, t allliik' at Kouthaiiipton 10 land mailt, p i.- sender an i apecl". cliiM pus:.u"e to Havre 01? ;!oj'Iiu.i:Moii CUO Second do. do. dU 'lhe Aiicl will he followed by the North Star, 'I 'oln'r 1 <in. The owner of lUcse U ? ill no' bo ac?ouuu?hl" tor gotd^f i>Uvcr, bullion, specie, jewelry, precioua *ioi.p? 01 int;tah, un les? h||N of I.1.1 1 11s are aidiied U.' Tefor, and the ta 1- thereof therein ejKprcaaed. Specie and poo-Is t.ikeu at i.-n U raU-n No treiftht received after noon 01 tbo day before -.ullritf. No berth secured until paid 1'or. I .e'tora prot-aid 1R? f eenta per he M oz, n .11 be receft ud at the olll'ouptoll A. M. of the day ot ftillltig, and will he e?ri led In siro'u; Uidi* nhber bapa un der lock ; and on arrival at niiuthampton an J ll.uro, will 00 lo.mi illr.tely deposited in post odifca there, i'ar'ola Ukkon, each prepaal, 000 dollar mi I itpnat d?. Ill mi.- or in . ? n nu.x m.w tohk. run* nkvnE. Ariel Sept. 22 Ariel Sept. I North Star Oct. 13 North Star Sept. J2 Ariel Nov. 3 Ariel Oct. LI North Stir Noi. 3 Ari d Nov. 24 Thetie ?icam>.hlp* are el#???t A I .it th i Itisuran.-e ofl'.-?, ?aid spct. and ^ond* will be luanred In t'e in ut aa low rat' i or 1 !j;bt or pa 'tupr, apply lo I). TORRAN' R. No. h Bowfln* Oreon, N w York. ALBERT N. CHRYSTIK, Ne. ti Pla??! do Hourie, faria. CHRYST1E, B<'1U/I.SSM A N A CH . 27 tjuai Cauoir Di'lavi'jno, Havre. F'OR SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE.? THE URtTRD St.UeB mail steamer AltAOtl, D. [Jliea, rut.tin m l. r, will le^ve for Havre, touehtnff at Sou'liamntorvto Und the mat's m i paaaeuers, on Saturday, Septemher 21, at l.'o io e, frotuplor 37 North river, fool of Beach street. Price of puxaage? I'lrat cabin 81 To Second 1 abln Tl '1 Tlii* aleamrtiip. In bi r < '.nstru tinn, enmbtnea on o'tikll?d safety wtUi atren;;th, bavlntf wal. r tlvht nocnpAi'tmenta, and so completely prot*< tltiK the . ri(|in. * that, even in eu? of . olllsion, no Injury could o< cur to endanger the eafety either of the veaael or paaaengera. An experienced ?ut?. on on boird. I uft'rtue not wanted during thevovntfo ?hotikl he aonton i na. I'll the day before ?allin?'. lu iikcd "Ueiow." No freight taken on I oard after Thtiradi y, Sept. 20. f or irUgbt or paaaage apply to M. LI VI N<JSTON, 83 Broadway. The gteamrr Cnloo will succeed the \rnjo, an I nail Oct. M IfOR UK KM EX VIA HOrrHAMPTO.V-THB FIRST i:Un ?leam?l,ip KRICHMK, A. II. Lowlier, r'iinin*r>.li;r< will leave pier .'17 .Vifi lii H?tT. on Maturdar, 8<-p(einbnr 15. at noon, fur Hreuirn, iuu< hmg at Souttiaiwuoii to land m*l!?, pafwngeii, and specie tiir Krndand and Kran<w I jffnn/n not wanted nu the voyage ?hrmld ho ?Tit on board the <Uy b<; low miIUdk nurki-U "below." Letter* prep* Id |?sr >, ovm. will be received al the agenl't oOfe? till II A. M. of the day of nailing. K i rm cabin peaaaee, fl >): ?o <ond Jo. do., For frelyb: or pa-t-age apply lo Dl 111 AM A CO., Age oil. 13 William Hreet. FOR CALIFORNIA.? -N'KW YORK avd cialiforvia *trami?hlp line, via NlraiHgua Aocetwory Tranalt Compa ny, of Nicaragua, proprietor ?Throtuli in ulnimi of thn null, 70U HiUea ahor'cr than any other riMM, avofcUntr lb* deadly l'Mn*ri..i fever and two inlie* ?,f longeron* boding In I'anaiua bay. The Wl<ara^ua linn I m no counr.-tlon with New Oiltann. Tlie uplendid double eiigtue a>'an kfclp NORTIIF.KN LIMIT, 2?*K) ton* burth.ii. Contain Tinklepatixh, will leave pier No .1 North River, ai S o'clock P. M. prr> toely, for I'unta Aii*i>a?,oii Thursday, HepMniber 3), o tin re liny with tteamalup rnrleKun,') tona burthen, ovet the >'Ieam?ua Tnu.-<t route, havbig but twrlie milna of land (i ?n?|nirtai^m l<y In ft i , -we. on m?;r*. For [nlormi'loQ, or paMMe al the rrdueed r?tc-, apply oniy to t il A RLKn MOKUAX, agent, No. 2 Howling Oreen. U?it li?< made up al the office. Stamped letter* taken for fi't ri-uu each. UP. MAII. HTKAMKHII' COMPAWY? ORKAT It KDtTC ? Don in pill? Prn California via l'anam.v? The J*?b mux rrow ed from or. an u> ocean In t'jjr liour-.. la llmtcln- rail 'i,r*. M*?l><mih> Itibnun fif? loltrfrliiR |?* ,etu;er*. I .? : gage for onMn ) ?- ? nirct ? free for Iikj found*. B.iggaze for Mfitra up i tiger* tree for AO pound*. Urri'iar- i ; a' 1'ioa ?unfit e lorall | u <?vo(ar?, by tile following magnitlo. rit *>? -un ' Il.l.INf/l ?. MINORA, OKORUl LAW. (Htl.IIKS U5K. .IJfO I. TF.I'HKJft, I.OLDKXCATF. Th?* r.i tff ? < <i ??*r w ill be d+opttrhni for A j unwnll on her re *ul?rda; f#|?r#*ml?cr S0i?. m 2oV|#^ \ p. M , from thf plrr/t < ? i Wirnn N. H,, romi^Unif at Pi?iw*n? 4 Wl'h t|.?- farf.'ir Mnkl M^isnijirMp i 'i ?aH^ii?fl-?' i?i ilrarii ft Rk Unr<! Wui< In*: . Tb' pul 1 ?? ii.* *rrrn 1 *li.? '.hi f. M. H. H. Co. ul'Vfiy* h iri? r>fi? or irwr?r" nfr ? ntvrwu a lylritf Pttti/tTiM r>uuly for % ?.* to nvy I** it>l< dri#*nMr?" of f?n*- ?ir lua l-. I'or Bpplr 'o I. KAYHo.VI), ni iJh; ouiv '/IW of 'b? ? ? \\"t W? ? rvrunr of W?rr?n fronting Uk Not ii 1 1' OTKAMMflf gt'AKI.H CITT-TlfK ^MKRP'ANH TV. \M ^ Uilp I v>mpMiy offtr for *.n!r tii'lr mip^rl' r >.[ 1#. nuam-fiip ^?iak? r r|ty, built In In*>4 1 ;??* by V A'ltfhvi k I. yon. I* rliJiKOfmll) tbr -M. ^nil, m * , I " \)[* r \< ? l.< ntcMi ol ?t# ? k jyx fr#'t; r*%;)*+r in nt ] X'* The Ifiarhinrry b) M< / rlrk A l hr ftiui ?r .j a low pr * ruro * A* Uvrr Kuirinr. fyllui'-r M5 in. 'h ? ftj ?}; im u?r. ?U'i f?#-l four Iron tubular Uwi m, MkI f i I'lrfwm'P fr* nh ^ I'rrcvjrj/i# f'stb'n n^'Ywnmodatiim" t i *? tUMtflMrbnt rip on^, wHb 1*r(r? and air? \ fr<r ? rklfld n f'b nfo bcmU. Jite prt mrrmp, A< .f n ?<T *r iIaoo with ncffkM < onk'n |\.r fj- ??<!, *Hf??v an-('<).n bjft Pi .r> i 4 * qti/il tottny ??? . ta. too I iolM Hun * m no ??** pi n^ l?fl* b? * ? f i par' d to m .k'* Lrr fir*' ? '.im In h^r c > *tr w t i* ii. now in oe?W for Imm'-'ll ?n* rt\r,> Vnrf trfh - p?iti< irqui ?? i * *'mpi J A M II. HODtiDON, ikC.MJ miUiOr./' l j?i . n far tbi? w?l. , on bwnl lL? ai*lp, above Vum ?U ????, n Uii port of I'lllI, A DKI.I'll I A. A tHTRAMA? IJOhKLB M XK-CK HHY1SO THK V. J\. S. Maiu.? Tli'- new fend beautiful rl pprr flhlp Hi, ACK >b.\, P <>t#? ii /? *rr, now at >tc r b? ' h. pn r 9, Nwhrlvrr, will | o ltlrriy Mil at or brfnr* 1 0*h mbor. T1i?* a rou nii^iatkirn fi f a ?I nmnbt r '?f ra?*?-aK?*r^ ar*? on the most approved pr1r?rtpi#*? f?r Hirfct, r# n Hat ?r?n and comfort, b*lnif a!) oi, <i?*? It. 1 h* ?j? be P?one' r ito? *lm*e ita hr?t r^tab i- 4 a, tut four >? ara itAo U p*rb?p? i?rpr?,c'vjrni'*4? no vrw^ia cr4d? n? barb k 'mur* ? J . and no rlA.m karl' f hri?r, raa^le rm ilir in-mr mrr ? wl?i > atitoc; tj?^ Ui'?i**au4a af pv^nun ah ofutriy o - ? n?* - l?aa been known. 'I be adtan a^ ? of rr pk>}inK t r-v i*bi ^ ?b!r ami r*p? rirtv* "d e*;*^m?n l^ra h ?!?? n n>t*'id by tta folio v. tna r^n*Arka'?> pa#MM<?^. n?*v??r f . f( <r?i, ?! * ro'ii??i> edilM ( tr.*-nn K.f ,r "i .??! '< m . 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M ULLINK. The new aud taat going steamer WK TlfKRMUl.T. K*an tttnmundcr. Will leave pier No. 4 S If on Wednesday, I?% a<|4 o'clock P. M.t precisely, For freight apply on t>ouid, w h ere all blJiH ol lading will lie aignod find for pa sage, Itaviruf tnoerb accommodation*, at the ottJce of fl^OKKQKl), TILKH TON k CO., 5?9 Hroadaay. Hie Mai .on will *uccc*d, and Iravc oi? Saturday, September 15. rjH0m^Lil}HS TRAVEL!,?*?.? 1 THE IT. H. M. HTKAM X aLTJ^^^^OKK, Cept. Skinner, will Iea\e nlcr 13, N. B., ou Wednesduy, I2>h iiu*t., for Peteraburg and Richmond. (ouch lug at Old Pouit Comfort. Paasenger* ior th* South will i?ro ceed via Petersburg without delay, an 1 will arrive In Wekkm, Wlllllirgton, A ?. as -tion and wish a- itnl<- c ipenae as If the y v ent via Norfolk. The y wed not uppreliei d any danger fW^m :) r fever, a- the *hlp does not go n**ar ibi* iiifriHtsl clUi?*. P?^ Mj'? and far**, ataUtrooDi Inrludcd, loOki Point, $ti; to Peters 'iMK, or Klftbtnoud $10. A t?|?l v to LDDLA M Jt PLKAMAN'TH, .12 Broadway $2 IH1VKKS, HINIMS, M\, WAVrKD. 2 500-?KO?KRT-WJL!miD TO ,il Y i!s"r? Kro--!-ry now <"<ialilliih<"l. (must b? down town) or w oalil piirrluiKH lb)' .lock iu -rfinii' ?tor? llmt W dnini; mi ?"itcimivi' Ihi?Iiii"W. UnvIiik ill.- nliovc aiimuni In ami u gnml c mllt, iIm ?Iiov?i ofliTu rrn-"' luducein^nO 'u anv Mr?m about rellrli.y ln<m bii.lni ? Apply n CA.MI'HKM. A IX)., c'.aie ngcnlii, 118 CKtml?nr? itrve'-. IpiBNIKHKD 1IOCHKH WANTED-TWO OR TlfflKK. foumtury, furulabiHlhoux i. Id ilie uppar par. 11' ibr city, w?wt oi Brondu ay, fur lint cUmi i. uanu. Apply ai M Hronawn.v. n< in 3d, third story, IidujI ' agency, f. vin nine to twrlf* o'clix k. S' IrBNIFIIKD rOTTAOB OK KM \ fX IHX78K ANTkD? In or near *bi? lollow^nj{ piar?v?, tor in oinn a** c? nib la fo N'?'W York):? IIol>ok?ri, City, Brooklyn. Su tt i> laland, tU?* banks of iho lludhon or * rk. Addrc**t In Z 3,4tH) Pout Oflice. GR KENWOOD < 'EMBTEllV.? WANTB1). TOPI R( UA8E lor ra.-b. n full or ball' lot, itnprort-d or unimproved, iu Greenwood C'einelery. Addr?M Mating, In ord? r to *:?v? trouble, full particular!, and lowent cauli prb e, to 1 1 n<vo*l, t'niun iti^uare Po l ??tli. ?? 8151 Broadway. IJOISK WANTKl) TO RK.VT DOWN TOWN, AND 1 I furnKure pui? )m^d. It pii c im/1 rau*. ParUcuMr", pre i <!. to II. Rom, (KSWhlUi sUro? t, HOPHK WANTED?KOR A 8MAIX PRIVATK FAMU.V. a? rent. ?ltuatod hoiwron Koa. <h,L :uid l\<m.. ill BtreoiK, on the east -??!??, in a *<??o?l 1? 'utlon. Any parte liavinc (lie above will find a choice tenant bv applylntj to V.. U. K I vw H1MKK, 319 Fourth avt-nue iromil loi P. M , or - tn H h M flKliVlNO AND KTOKK KIXTI UKS -W \N1l.h \ lot of fUturea, aiteh an; or win i?o male u? ?>)' ? a Kiocery store; aluo ? good lu-rf-, \\.\$nn\ .n I tuir ? < ? nr pai ate Please a?ldrt*Da Oroi-er, lierakl oft ?. mo PRIVATK F AMU.lhr- -WANTKD H ? ?V- ^MT 1 able for a pbytdclan, in h private i.uitlly >v ???, i?.- w? Ip' ourte^ nth and TnirUetti ?t reel m. titvutid an ? > iu niiu**?;a permanent enira?ement would ???*. made no 1 <m . - ?. -i*. kei pet n*'e<] answer tiila Au-'resn Pollio, I'n *.n -?{ m ? I *c? office. WANTKD? KOR A ? L.\-S OK TWFXVb Vol St; \.\ i)1?m, a light airy rtMiin n first i?r hoc? ?i?1 Hom-. i?e<wi <<u Mb and itMh sT'vi- and 'M hu I t??b ?? nuns, !? .. n i. im, n; ? * preferred. Adtlreaa !???* I.M7 |K>-tt ??Hi. ? . COP AH T\ b: RAHXP m rrt < i : 4i 1 fiflfi ~A WANTKD. WITH TIIIC ?P*i Hbovc amo'llil, to ;.<m ?v|ih Ui?' , ,n a IttoraUve manoikntirtnf bttalneaa, . i h . ,uj. . securttd >?v patent, wbe>i |ua larxe b.i-ine?n ? .??. ?m dr?n>' vrlfb IwrR** piontz*. Call at v;*y Uroa r<n in No. !?, rotu k* fo .' o'i'oek. ^1 ()(U1 r,K v 1 1 KM,V WI I If r?:i I VI tI*vv" ainoum wi , - i? lnv?'sf , w. Mr?% rrMp?.<-(j?>de and remuera'iv bii'. i ? Th?<-4. ,h ? utiy tiling tootle r ibai will ben; li?* ? ?Hgallon, n.?> a'ldi' ?* Phillip Steer, ll?*rald olliee. vitl nilA ? A PARTNKI n VVTI D. IN A ltK5PKtTf A f l.vUU. Me, profltabb' . i?!l b??l m?- t a. -Hi.: . i.,l?UW? n>? nt, fcltiiAt' ?l ?!own town. In * ? ? nlre <4 ti I*. lbebu?i ne??? In ?tralihtit>rward. legitti ?t# ?n l w?- i w? ? *uy the au?*n lion of #nv pari) with il?e nh ?t?? rnouni ot Capital \pplvlo lit) W Km .v. FIMMUSHKU. M Na-^k i m RAA ? WANTBD, A PARTNRE in i , ? | ?irl**/"*". with the advei Uer In a hi^blv r?"?pe'Uiiiil.- -a-h budne?a, wblch lum been ? ?tabli'lipd t? n y- ai r. A|<pl) *? niOO 11, N". HifMlw.iy n iu 2 *>> ? o'eUa"'. . AeAA ?I WANT A PAtlKn, WITH TK8 ABOV* r V/# guin. to manufacti i #? a paU-tit arte -la. a bieh Is , ? quired In every Loum- in tbe Piron. ^ not#- ^l*lre?v t ?o I . Herald ollke, fiatlng namo and addre*a, aLn re< "lv? pion p? atti hi Ion. NTF.D IN A CAS IT UVfttSPW djr.AA -PAHTNKH WAN with t Y??* alKiv^ amount, a nn^ne^s man uiak?' from two to three Utou^arel dollars f >?*r year, and tmn -a** tlon Is done for ea*h. To a gen'JfinAn ul ro?perta*ili?^r and Industry, this in a rape chance. None olhcr* no< d ipply, a ibey will not !>r 'r .t?<; a??n. Apply lo i A A. CO Real estate a^ent", ll.'l Chamber ?? ?treet. AN ACTIVK, KNKROKTIC MA V, WITH i!W). is a anted to take part in an < i '? a short dU'ai ' In th<* country, which aiilnctt $) u<IO o? r annum. To a person having the above capital, and po*a* h spirit of tjo oh'-ad Itlveness, this <?fTcr?* an Inducement r?-ldom m? t wl'h. F <r f'uil Krtlculari' Jaddrt-ae. encki-ln^ fitamp, J. Jl. Klmber, Kldgc rry, Orange eoumy N. Y. VPARTtfKR WANTED? IK A CARH HX AtSFAfi KfTU ated down to* n. and J? in tW* *Ui?loaa)e aud retail lin?s pay?< Inra*- profit*, and don* *ntlrHy for ra*h; $000 will pur ciu?*?? atiTotrrrft, at* I $1.0(JU will pur? baneotte tudl of the html new and become mii ? otml partivr HQWkft A PKOIUXIfKR MNj^u FROM ?3.000 to *ft.000? WANTKD. AS K( TfVE Mf'Hf mm p*r*ner. witli th?? abov turn, to t-ttgaitr in * 11*401 fur lurinL' twin"*. from Hhk-k lai#? profit* o/wi bn roattted. I? r ftirfjwr particular* apply to WM If. JOI1XBON, al U i' manufactory, 171 Chryalle at reef, **???, nd floor. TO OriTALUTM? A f)RR? BRRWKR HAVl?f(> been t'Dfiiel !r? th? manufacture of ia^r bier In Jii ri'y for u numi?.r erf }eara, and wUhin.: to enrnd Ui* bu*in ?** cij a larr* **-a>, ?r*itH to mrrt the pr<**"nt lorrr nrxj d*<:? ,md? It Kuril u' li^win* pot uUr with nil '?U? ??*? * W;*h??? to '?onm hint #*lf with *on?e American tu who - onld fumfah % ? ot $3i>. two, Mtin r u? e? m re or ?U'uit p*r*n? r. ft ..1 vrrtl^r i# w#-]! and favorably kr*?wn in n?* < ominanity a /Turd* r hara<ter,*, and CApahll ??!#??, It b'intf ' ?* f*od# <t H? liiiit to be a'ino?< t|>??. l?e%: t>r*wf r emoutf hie 'ountrfm'-n. An y tffmN ninn of "oo?! ?fttandiw and bu*m<* haoita, ?ud MltJi the nbof. neni<*d caulial, wl?hltij| to cn'? r In'i) <lii? hu . n*?? \\t!? ?>???.? ?> >e?ti?fi**.l up<?n ml |M?tn'? and an o ommn.i '?etlonn will l>o r* *nrd#*J a* roahdeirui. fm .ntf*-. tin-r !? o| ? m to r vt* anna< r to till* until the 17Ui in ? . t? ? will not .*>.< *nv Doiire ot tv ?i'ioim ni.niM, of iiin r?-pij"-? t "tui ffrlr tQiw m, rral u^fnr, r?**.J? n ?% .?ri i statin# t ifi. n*1 p|ur?rit an intrr v i< w, v?iU ?>? iuu n '^U/ .y, honoi Mu<i ^ontM|?*riti*IJy aUrruk.j to, hy a?l I **Jnf* .i no;< , with th^? l artJ^ulam, to Hrew#r, ' hiii?..*ro *?|<iar? V ?.ffi ? I*. F ? 'f ) r hii?ine?fi ie now !nf?ll aul s . ? f?il ??p? r uio. on*t ?1! nmtr rial ae wwry, on han>t anrt in ?o? .>1 o t? r. COP tRT.VKEHHIP Op I HAFT A Y'?l> . IS f Itlh 1 '!?r hy m ifua! ? '<t ^tu. Tli bu-i'i*- h h ... ill he i of.ifntM*! a' thr ohl 'an?I. So 71 Miii< 1 " > .. * 1 Crall, and hy vihoca aii cUUflia ?lu** ?'? an?l >?y t^,- , j ?, will he a*" M hy WILTKRI I'ltu r At?v. '-W 1IM6. 71 M. in rreet t'"^ yn \Vf AN TRIV- A P4RTM K WITMfJt^r ? ?H f -?>? \-H, ? ? . In th#- ? Hy rjo httijf t niiin* on? tha* lw? h^ nr * ?!!<? . ??d for ??< n-ml year* in toJ* H1 tin* |>rof rtetor 4 >? a?o tarrf hi* hti?)n< '?*?. N*i#e n^??l apply tu? ibe*" of p j>? ? ty. Atldrim K II. If^raW oftl"* I IRANI) KXM H-IO.V in I II K Pi HI Wi I \ VK?-TIIK f?*w ??t. Hi i ??KuH<;K I.AW, * <i? ???. t A It4f r%>ti, fooni??r,y CNiratii "1 hium v ill n^ke four trtf?# to ?h'- H*nk* t? . we- f, r-o ii rtirtnf on Tueeday, llth HefMrmrH*r. ?* w* '<#?*?. ? Ttilrtjr "'ondmre#" rhrrr, a' ? , ovl^fc * H iri* ? -tun at 7 A. M. . >min* t at 7V, * M ? ,n, Hroollyn at 7'. A. M P*? k ?up - n a. M iff A M , ? i./l Pu t V > .'i Not ii rirer, a' Vo . ?ii ban<J orcotiipMio' * the ' <*??. 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