Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 11, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 11, 1855 Page 2
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MANIFESTO OF THE CUBA* JUT*. Grand Kxponv of Rrceul Filiw*, ???! A*"* nuiKfinentih TO THE FKOPI.K OF CTBA. I* aa.vs? Respecting your kn?wn anxiety and y inliliug ta mm ns of weight, your Junta wiU "?<" break lh? ritace, which conddoration* ?f 'b? important have hitheito nm-.--.-d "?e men whom you h*ve ?harged ?lih the sacred mission of realizing the revolu tionary idea. 1 ,rroat and painful disappointment ha* mooted your ardent ho |>o? and ballled your legitimate expectation*. ?>W?ii u? blood luia been shed, large resources uud great BHWiiv of action liave l*>cu sacrificed, and Cuba, still in bandage and tiampled upon, ban the right to Inquire what causes have again overclouded her destiny, and to a*k whether there yet remain* to her the basis ot a trust tor better days. Your just impatience -hall now he iwUk tied, ax fully as the duties of your Junta will permit ? a* far as the revelations of the pant .-In. 11 not euilauger Ike present, nor cieate new perils for the future. None of you are iguorant of the nature and extent of the plan you entrusted to us for execution. A sad expe rience hid twice demonstrated the insufficiency of attempts which, though they *tai lled the world by their aublime daring aud heroic achievement*, left bloodshed anil niourniug in their track, and only augmented the vigilance and discipline of our oppressor*. Cuba now tequlred better guaranties of triumph, though always resolute to supply by her courugo and constancy the ne-iouH odds she must inevitably encounter in the new atnifgle in which she was preparing to launch herself. This project ? the wish of the vast majority ? sanc tioned by your suffrages, and sustained by the mora' and material means you placed at our disposal ? this holy phin < four national redemption, whs frustrated ju?t as It tracked upon the point of effective execution. The simple rtnU tm nt of the Diets, and the publication In due time of the numerous explanatory documents, will eh iw how far your Junta is responsible for this misfortune. The elec tion of a military chief, the concentration in his hands of nil the elements anil powers for action, though sharply criticised and keenly censured since the events, were then founded on solid reasons, theoretic aud practical, A ad had the consent, tacit orexpressod, of all the patriots whe had in any manner contributed to the progress of ?ar revolution. In irrefragable evidence of the general sentiment we need but .-ay that on t'.ie question of select tag and empowering a chief, both the (tarty nominated and the powers conferred were in the first Instance sug gested and afterwards appr, ved and ratilied by the very revolutionist s whose present vehement objections' make them worthy? In some estimation* ? the distinctive title ?f " men of action." It could not be otherw ise, as these measures were cal culated to give to our proceedings the stamp of concert and nnitj, and to impress our enterprise with that chur aetcr of magnitude and importance which mado it so alarming ti our oppressors. To disregard these truth-- of y osier clay in the judgments of to-day would be a grave ?in against the requirements of reason an l equity . Ihaduly of the Junta thus became limited to com pleting the collection of the lurge resources now demand ed by the plan : to watch over tlio fulfilment by the chief of all the conditions of the contract, aud to forward ky every means in its power the prompt realization of the ?MTtment on which hung the destinies of our country. The Junta was occupied with these objects, and all, perhaps, would have been accomplished, if certain events had iiot come to disturb the harmony ol' our la or* and destroy the accord which ought to reign in ull our efforts Trwth is the first duty of your Junta, aud it will never shrink fuin it on any occasion; least of all when H Involves on one side the historical connection of the ?anses which produced the disaster we so much lanu^it, and on the other presents the facts on which tne Cubans must base the verdict they are about to pronounce upon the ?ten whom they have entrusted with their eonfl tmm. About the middle or the past year of IX) -1 the re volu tin broke lorth In which Hpain is still Inv :lved. C'olnci dent w ith this movement was the growing alarm produced In Caba by the measures of General I'czuelu, which pre ?aged a violent solution to the social problem that w igbs ao heavily on the destinies of the couutry. The occasion ?eemed most favorable for tho realization of onr enter prise. This Idea w?s fortified not only hy the complica tions likely to arise iu Europe fc-oui thv JSn't'.rn war, then ?onomenced, but tlif iilUluth' us. timed by the American government In its relations with ? an attitude which promised at the least that with reg-trd to the Cu ban revolution it would restrict its interference to the ob servance of the laws of neutrality which those who were hue for (he liberty of Cuba did not Intend to violate. This concurrence of circumslancet . by stimulating tho Impatience of a portion of theCubnns. "brought for tho flrst time discord into our already arr.tng> 1 field of labor, linforttinu'ely tho Junta it.-elf could not preserve the unity requisite to ensure a happy result to the enter prim. One portion? either act un toil by Ite own r?/otel ?on > let Inn* or yielding to the ii ipul-'es whieli HftM away the more aftlent ? began to put in action and pro vide tie Indispensable requisites for a project of its own, ?ii| loving for Its particular pnrpoee. w ithout the know ledge or sanction of the Jun'a or of the elected chief, the funds andu.atcuil that bail been placed at. the disposal of the latler: regardless of the plan they had agreed upon some time before, and which had >-inoe bev>u r|enii g, and wlilcit only a few dav- hetoro they had all mtitlci ? unanimously and unconditionally ratified ? and liy which the means and the execution of the plan were solely and exclusively coufided to the chief chosen to head the movement. tbei fHcial ewlsnution which nfternard* orctsnd *?1 to tc given of these *ceret and 'imjUUu combination* differ* hi mew hat from thl-. nt; but eren 1ft'. we.e possible to admit tt, it would not justify the ocep'ii cal and dtrguUed mo.iu bjr which they aimed to hurry the csecutkn of a plan alreasly oonfldcd to another ami sole direction. The Junta, howrrer, ha< ubundan . means to nn-tain nil it anions. The confidential dcola rations lavie in memtnts of expansion by one of the pm tie - to inrm ber* ot the Junta, imtl to many other*? tho orgnnfantl 'US anil preparations wl.ich Wtre undertaken and divulged In ? Southern Mato? tho written im knowle.lgment n .w in the of the chief, by which it appctrs that tlil< number of the Jun'a was working in common with some peison- in Culm to MconioUxh particular ends? in a word, the Junta has in its furor a mass of r\ii!< uce which H will tie impossible to invaiiiiate by simple denial'. In critical and abnormal epochs it may pcruap* be h<r ... li .ten to the impulse of entliuslnsm, that, abi le by I the imri'ahle slowucf..- of piemclitutel combination.! Ttr majority of the Junta wouM have wished ?o to per ?made itself wi t h regard ti the schemes of some of i ts members; but now, wtieu it la no bitterly undeceives! in Us ?.wn most flattering expectations, It cannot concede tliat tills unauvi.sisl and unexpected deviation waa ever fcjrnded on any solid readme, llie reigning | lan Lad ben tor two month- the object ol e< ntinu.d and anxious discussion among those mem bers of the Junta then stationed at th. S.uth, but these dlecnualotif w-rf postponed until tho whole body could lie nutted and other patriots he convoked, In aider to seek perfect ccrtulnty in the enlightened ?utn ela of tl e gieatet number. By common consent ? and what is were, by the di liberate advice and stringent j request of co -Isboiers of the highest eon-, tc.'ation? ' the ?nntinuatioii ot the plan wan agreed upou. ami a.'gifO a; the only one on which Culu plaool her faith and b< r hr;| ?s. Aft> r these solemn acts, could It occur to tie- Junta, could it even conceive, that transactions of suet, a clasi ?hoold be cast nsicti' for a new pioJ.>ct? ILid the chief then Neii consulted aboi t dissolving iho co.npict. at he tad been in making it a itli him? I id one portion ot the Junta soli -it the acquieKeuce of the otl er in tills trans, end-int Innovation? Even in the supposition that it had Ik-. 11 invited c ul I or - hould the Junta cement to the modlNontton o, a plan W.i h van the well considered fruit of ao many painful i ?, pe ri nc*f? Had it the right to tmpoae a n< ? one, breaking the compact sanctioned by tta eowrtituenU And ere.i ?omedln* that, had it ttie tight to launch blindly into a new enteipri.-e. without cloning the old onf, hi a. n..t to huve it teave conaoquen<-os ruinous to Ita succeiaorr MimM it ru-h Into it without preparatl >n, will "it known chiefs, altii Insufficient pomws, with none . f the requisite* which hare been in-isted upon again ami again by the nuarlroous rote ot tluwe who gave as the mission to ? tv. our beautiful c iuntiy? not to Involve ber In bloody mockeries of revolution? Whatever '-ireumstaiic** they Invoked, eould uny exut that would redeem the errors and remove tho certain dangers of a pa ial isol .ted attempt, unneupCi-ted in tube conceived In precipitation, and which would un doubtedly hare !?en i-seeutad wit.. the confusion an I In pat en- y that atteii.) snrn Improvisation'? Where the Lope; for a wotV t f such niagnltuteP t)r Wu< this what t uha expelled, ami ha l a right t . erpeetr To ctafe the-e j'e 'ion- |._ w o u-| eve, loansaer them and to explain the sptrlt of the Ann opposition made br the comet eatirc part ?t th Junta to the n?w project fr?m the moment It came t<. Ita Vnoa-b^.- This Inlleji Me oj position It tnnintntnot wheuerrr K hna Mi'^ctod a renewed effort, and if It did not convince the min >ritj it had the effect of inducing it to r> turn. ?? ? nst'.ly t. th" way from which tl liad depart<st. In .-ons. ij i -n. r, it agieett, with every appearance of ?in.-? rity, t. mike iu wnrert new efforts to utge forwanl the origin*! pl\n. Ihe Junta th?*n addressmj n letter to the ch e .te l , ^ all the motlvna of e<inreni*n< e and opp..rtunity whif . (Wmnnded prompt action, and Invl'cd him to tin a t. rm to this *tat? of ?n*penw an.: uneert,iliity, an : ia*.i fy the le*.tln ate hi jit-ijr uf th. entire (\i!>aii people. Yet, . \en then w ithout w il injr the result of thi im portent .ITa t>.a tuer of the Junta aiMceesad a pH va^e letter to (he hiet, in which one is at a Ium w ilch to wi l der at rn.'.t, lti iur usUten -y or It- op- n coafe-wion ?f .be ?ri ci s p'iri" e to net nltngc her upon his osn ta'pirtlien*. and -he smir^i m?nts wlil^h nc ha I mule witn fome of his Mends In Cnba- a sinlder pie.ebnt, thai only Served to .r.nflrm the d?ubU and su ptoiotta *ki(h had sti'-jh a lalai inHuenee on -tf nf ei u's. It did tot. h'.weV'-r pt event the eh . f from nnswerinj the reoi eat of the .lun a., and in I. u'ing > pe io I lor the e*een Inn "f themiterp I ?? Urtamlgbt-bn ?eealm.>d the hn| atlent, for th"t gb th'- tlw w? p t ' < ?> I mc. r than It tn d e?| ccied or col Id I ive w i In ! I' wa al-o t e th t I wa. lil not l?c p. s?itle toae. ur .!,? e hp. u .? Sse?- CO 4l.d lo neen? a:.! orafc ft. all'heelt. Mn.U ei eeaitry to the de I ed end. The Jaata. relt tng on the solemn and renewed pletlge* of the chiif, c<m-?nt9d to everything, revolving on tt? own |urt to meet with tha utmost promptitude llie new tinancial ?otims'es he had tlxwd and to rem iv? every obstacle which oould on that side tut made a reison or a pietax'. for inciea-ed <u-tkyc, or fur the uiUunder stuii'llrg i and discussions which had hitherto occurred in (ho utLer Hide. 1hackn to the ready co-operation of many and good patriots, the first was soon accomplished, oven beyond the < cwand. Not thus the second, which depended on the course of events, and on the views and will of others; and whatever Its effort*, tl.e Junta conld not control it. It. inuat bo here observed that all the mean* and material stcrumtla'.ed for ihe enterprise, were in the ha^fcof the Treasurer of the Junta, and the chief exacted Jpe abso lute (lellveiy ot these etTects to him ad an indispensable ' .million of tlie renewed contract for realizing the eu te> bi inc. 11,e Junta Ik obliged to declare that, for one r as >n or another, through want of a good mutual andcrst*u<ling ? Kinetixue- from an except of susceptibility ariiiug out of ill-considered or bsdly understood expressions, written and verbal. and from other causes ? this condition wai iv t fulfilled in the form and manner exacted hy the chief. From tliis arose unconcealed disagreements, with con stant dif-trust* and leclauiationg, which tiie unceasing effort of the Junta, nor even the conciliatory prote-tutlouj which were frequently renewed between the parties, could extinguish, although the treasurer wa." then in many ways rendering the cause fre<|u0ut aud eminent set vices. tl>0O>mrH,'f!,C^t(!"<lT0<1."H? u" P""(i?n of tho eonse rva t 10 port inn of the Junta, in endeavoring, a* it belli veil ' "" ,,uly> smooth away these dUlicultles and avoid a ruptuie either with the chief or with the others which in any cu?e must be pernicious to the enterprise. ' ?.. ?"#? ?P J0"""'1' away In this painful hus ?i . . JunI" co?w e**ct nothing from tho chief who at eveiy appea referred to the .jo.7fullU.nent of one h ff .l l?I|,'S condition* of the contract, and hav ii g to legal recourse on the otlier imrti/ it . ? .i! arid escme ft>r the innction and delay of which the rM?f rfn^D"nd?cUt least ha?e lessened the magnitude (.f the d sJsW in which we are now involved Wh*t??? l1 then noieoxhdod ? of the depreciation which "from cer wouldl'i.ifnH' MS fi,,"ing up"" the and his plan/ would an enlightened patriotism counsel the indei^lti iSftsaSAtr* " M"- ?'?">' JJssts ,or t!ic "lM4n'^?nraent (!f ttw p.cer?jr ?ZereZ7r**2? ZiP? "*?'> ?t.i?i0.eXprrS8 ?PlnilJn'- but It asserts, and can demosT n Hu^ei"',c doe omen's, that the system of medla nrw? P u y the Junta? a e >un<e advised by the chief and recommended by an imperious necessity? as M oil n? | "walougojerUons to maintain the original nlauTn i * ei *'.? hV1?? r 'V*. a ?"?fc<-sf1il conclusion, inert r' !, tt?'l r:'b""ou, "f ?? the friends of Cuban UbTrty Besides, could this be doubled when the Junto was rf, Si mtab' toSle'lT1 ,Ti(k'?CC thp unction of they were pUataf ^t ta ?f ai'"i,ich " ere was a moment of doubt? a single moment? that th?1S5tie? intell'([pn.o which reigned between miPiki v, ^ ^ llu,lr representative* here but run then, when tho fact* were explained the Cubans were more han ever assured that the majority of 1 e Junta was laboring to carry out their Tiewn and wishes and confldencc wn* perfectly re-established. ' .. was I'?1* ll'e plan adopted by the chief *n 1 hi Cuba hat the latter should not pronounce More thi arrhal of ihe auxiliary forces, and that the ioterhr or tho head of Ihe woTutionary "lfbors in'the country? In in which oiganbmtioiw wore not yet eHtabfohed ^v,'r, Wus accompany bv an ixprem prohibition to the parties of insurrectionary attempt* or any movement whatever, of that cl.ts* until thev Should th^r V?A'tevA ?OIW from here?r in Cuba. With this- un it.. JrtKnTiis; ,imon* ^ I>:ltIi"t',? w^^ng t& uuu stiinrs |u>. adyanmge which would I* taken of it t. K,? h? V 1 Vs ;" lh"ir "wn- *Wdl J In til th-lr nakedness. lh, jilntn had not >| t f r tho ccmtlnnation of its fears, and to mw,,t st;i ron;VKe^uTh,,therT^; k"' *L"< " ? ? f7."n \Vwdvek'iC V?n " '^tnimprT^uoV'^UHd tn'n H(.P r? r ?4Pr"mo,uro an(1 111 navl,o.l Iwnrrwt n sponsibiilty vf {he"' trlji'e end '"'of thr'L ?',e Shtutf rf :,thr > " -S t"rhnof'i?Wdr,,!th" ??UVt.a. hiiv" ^^tion,-d a'nel"thm )!"hi : gr(tn" T : "[ ? .Vwn'tt r<'i,m;VCr ;V0,lU1 ft ^ * e subscribed for i ~S2SJ?^SU: "oina,b^;lTL?crcStt;hpfr Win lor the dis-lnl- plt* to ?S lo Fplp,'t in ??imi?,libV v, "r ? ?>?i'ei"P in Its v#Tj jjat'lle . - -7-, ,"'Tri v.f ^ hrtmant ??r^<<wmju(s. On 0 horc Own, but not o? theJnnft, rt.sU the resr^i bll.ty ot ihis intlam holy se. rlfice, and of the evils which H< \*rn from it to the rnu ,n Eut to ret in a to the optruiiotis here, ell the rlTective Means which .he i-hH In bis final requisition had iali <*c.l as indi.-pt n able to undertaking tho desired m.i> e iiunt were r. ady and th<- Junta hud lull right to in?ist M at every one should now fnltil hi- resp,"tive engiure Mil ftiid tl "V thr. chl,f "ft deaf to tl.ii call, and tlie prejiaratloiia he arranged, the imnortint for" 1 o"ent aV n? ,h" Tr'*ngs he put i^C.tiVn I lor the enterpil e, evinced a dcterminatton to act wi h /'fi'.r'n'i ""t. *' *|-? ?ay that what occurred after this period l>ears heavily on the chief for e..n thongh somi acts which had preriouslv exclte-l dlr trust tfie'' li*'?" " I ' **? 1 11 ?' 1 'y ^'o' that never had the other party iiinnlf. -led a bet to.- di,iv,.si ion or taken nioie effect. r> mea"ur<\s to remove ivm can c?f dis Im'i^i'.i ' : -"cure of thi?, would th- chi? have con , , t!l" " la',ff rr?r ,?a,t ,lfti- - whi'b afterward- ab ^el'?ettnM,i't,-r ?rn,ruIr' ^ he """" h#. |1M ""' f'V' ut'a! le dlrecUou nor proYlde his as-ni- ?itl, ,he funds n-"#^rvhv llit li execution, and these pcrs,,Us were frequently o'blii; e*l to have .course b. lh- tre^un-r of the Junta f.,r r? i i I' Ht?'n' ' ""ll I,,"r-'"">1 loiins although III ha ' . er'ult 'it ? T a" ?rilh<lrawn fr,"n that body. Thus default ot neJye and competent agents th? chief him sell j er pctuMed tha! int. ry. ntloi,. direct or in llrecl In the control of tbcmateriaU and effects ot th. ..nternri? and i^rdT" ^ UlDt i0ttr,:c of th' *h,r f'uld ?"< MicTO-Dor even now cai I think thai the head of the ratt-rpri* lacked In I, I "d!t in 'ho cnpMcI'y anl resolution whi.hdiitm gm.-hed aU h.s thcr op. rations. A desire to conciliate? to which U.r Junta on it* part waa alvray- ii.cliu"d-a i l tli?; litte-Ai.j or cou\ei) ience ol av.iiling uim^clf of UJ?? r<>. ojw'iailoo of cue who #:i^ rcn.Iertii^ valuable nervirc-. * i" ! ? explaina wh it wr>uld oUierwU<' aeem culp ibJe U' h licence oi an iut?*ntioniii abunouruneiiii. 1h? lube Cud for the move ment had arrivtd at last ai d it wa? nee -ary to u-?e it m auffcr eno roiuaa io^ i. thiough the c-tilrac is before alluded to. *1n n the m Un chol>i ikllnga eanr fioin llayana, ahich were soon con vened the blocty U. u A the Icroclouj tyrnnuj of the rintni?h go\e ament. In treadi, g this delicate rv" 1',r Jl,,'u l"'"-1 t"1 'be p< ne r.itlon of erery u V." eo.,"'";hc'"1 th'' "bU?thm of U, lr wpr. sent/ rlnu rf .il" ' w,V,> * n,o t Pru'fent reeerre on tho feul ewnts prepa.eil and coaiumiuated tho-e lo 'eturn 1" their "rlgin. the JunU ha data ^nd di^-u ?hi\ n" ','n, P,V ' l "! " Pr"r" li"" "lll-bj?to r ii, i i ? Iniulu- r.t |.er? iuil an I ? direct' tVe , h . I'*" '-urr'' Mt* ' di crt the | rwti n-. Ai n. e., , t I' . . al,- i. ? th. irdon- ' "1"1 fallae ipo? . ..incldcn. e he'l^.l the 1 Ilqu. ous ?. r thn- rule. ?<? t'uba ... anop.s-rm nltv t? Mliale I s In-tin. t tor bl.H.d, to boast i J f re ? *t ?.*th ' *n(l licy of it; ni??sUre , defend ' " !" a of The tatse deciaraUons of ,, vilh.ln I, ? Jed with crhnM ?nd mlamj? imtimony which ?..uld rel rfed In anr Itlyllhed e., lety? were the . ol) ba-c tor the act . of lee r, ei-y and Kr-?.u, ion With which that g vc nment ha. ?;?.n s t;ihi?d the h.-tory of -p.iiil.h d uul.iat >n li. ?Mi. erica. The Junta s?.lniini? declare* 1? fore i;,,l ? ?.j n,. w. 1 1.1 that til. l.ei Iiblcpr. J.-?-T . fm rde an,, as iua , u ?Mh which it was pretended the revol.ition in mir oi m tr> Was to be opened. Is the 1st -e.t,>od of th" c l>j*"k n.a, hmaiioQs ah eh to the c iff ud the n > Me ^|Bniald, I on 1; anion I into. Phe eholc plan the in toitm | iet.n-le.1 to tevenl and was *ri2< 1 upon thrni lOiI pi. claimed bv a prc?? with all t ie additi -ns I <ci?ion.- that frar and malice could inspire 1 1 the n.ovt wickid aed roee.dly li.vcn ion thi' erer llgirel 1 ' Vi<?1 ,,r' r*v" fr?*erthel??s, It has biv.B twlieved ? < pi .?he.t ronnary PU tencc ,,f tnc.,. ,hat the ?.-i'l \ '1 1! i* Cflrnhin?,l' n wa? the nio.,t di n.'cn ? , * "li I thai ourrne I an f. 1 . t i Int. '. - ' r "h,,nl'1 ?>? -pared tb??tf If i,i X ' ^ ha* im 1 4*1.1* ? fn hII tula l? -t C^ iV.n^ ^ t?''-ntry a I" '!* ' , ' *T r*n no it .ouid cfMi n f ?M i, of,h" f"*r *ni f*tc. msny .. d. ? .. Vi r 'f"" prl M I ie|?. ?'!?,!. ae.ei.oO. ffi'r . **"? ^d at tU dU. heenu t 1 , " i..., V.''w '' whl 1 " I a Ml ImfortADt y Uf-w it U ew?y u ce.?.:.rcl.,uu the Utter r^ret with wbkh the Juufa saw successive obstacle* ?ri.-?, which it noall not obviate, while on the other hand the general anxie'y increased, anil the clamors and demands of the impatient gained utw energy. Passion and injusiice do n >t respect (acts and circumstances. Could the Jun'a do oherwice, in such time*, titan sustain and fo w?M to the ntmmt of its power the prompt realiia'.lon of a plm already no fur adtauced and ro earnestly ex.?ctMilP Ought it distrust the reiterated pledges of a ctil.-f * ww honor and repulation'were ao closely identified with the consummation and sncccs* of our enterprise? Were not ull our resources employed in preparing for the only m< veinent possible at ih? time)' And wax not this the critical instant iu which, casting aw ly prejudice* and suspicions, we aliould have united a* one man to conqucr external impediments, and spring to the rescue of our bleeding mother land)1 Unhappily this wis not done; but that the majority of the Junta exhausted every meuuB to accomplish it, in oue of those facta which rest on the highest amount of written and irrefutable proofs. Just then the chief had occasion to make a vi .it to the sent of government, though as yet we must ho silent on ita ostensible object. i The Junta must. howev t, call ut tentirn to this apparently unimportant iu 'ident, for whether by mere coincidence, or by u more Inlimite and iiiexi'lieahle relation, it is connected with thu grave oc curmtcci- about, to be related. Id effect, on the return of the chief from tho capital, the Junta observed, for tho first time. Humeihi ig re ceived and indirect In his language, which it then at trihuted to the natural anxie'y of one who foresaw great obstacles to bo overcome, but In no manner iiunute it in a change of sentiment wi:h respect to the urgency of t ie work with which he was charged. It coul 1 not believe thl*. since, peihapH, never before had he bettor pledges of hiH capacity and resolution to accomplish hi engagements so soon as he should have at his l.ou edi? e command those material means which his ugon's at to ?*orth ought, by that time, to have controlled wiiho it reler< nee to any oiher intervention. IJn ore?ecn and un avoidable accidents had retarded them, and the Jan * uow began to fear souie mi fortune. While the eh'ei on his | ait. locoiumenced tho>-e doubts an I distrust*, w ,i h he appealed to cherish more than ever, al hough the cauic of thin prolonged anxiuty and disturbance had at lust disappeared. This was the decisive moment. Now wan brought to the test the forecast, the acutenena, and the ene gy of him who bad assumed the responsibility of carrying liberty to Cuba, and It is easier to imagine than describe the anxiety with which the Junta iiwai'ed the measures the chief should adopt, when it learned with surprise, through a written communication, afterwards verbally confirmed and amplified, that uudor pretext, of legal ac cou inabilities ? which had never as ailed him bef >re, an 1 which he could readily have pro-arranged ? he refused to take possession of the effects; that he excused him. elf from mwting a slight pecuniary responsibility for which he ought to have provided when ho <raQS<uitted his aider*, or had the courage to accept, since it ouly re uuiied his personal guaranty tor un insignificant portion that he excused himself on the plea of new fears of the reliability of the expected delivery of the efTec s by one who hud already complied with hi.-, engagement, and w.u was at that time giving the most unequivocal proofs of dit interested generosity and abnegation; that he shrank fri m the duty of meeting the obligations eontraeed by 1 is o> tiers and agieemeuts, and put upon the Jun'a t >is charge, although he hud in his own hands the totall y of tl.e funds which Cuban patriotism hud renege I. wl h fli.gmen'atinuK, as many timc? as he had chin^e 1 and in ci eased his estimates; and finally that he declared his in tention to indefinitely procrastinate the en erpriie, as signing for it his intimate conviction that it woull ui 'e tl e mo ft active and dotorroined opposition fr?m the Ain? tican government ? as it he bad not repeatedly a* -cried that should never bean obstacle to de'.uin him? as if thtn, or cvr, there was any i bought of violating the law? or as if it was probable that any administration would at any time give its consent. 11 e Junta cannot understand how the chief can vin 11 catc this sudden de-eition, or this uncx|rf>cted change in what was but yesterday a fixed and definitive resolution, but it is certain that his conduct at that solemn and c i tical moment was the destruction of all our cherts icl, that it annihilated an immense quantity of re sources accumulated at a hea\ y cost; for the thiid time reduced the salvation of Cuba to a problem anil place I the Junta in the most desj orate of ull the por tions it has had to enconnter in the discharge of its la borious mission. Jt was indeed destined to dm In to the dregs tlic bitter cup ol deception, and there now remains to it no alter native but to present this end statement of its unmerited disuppi iutincnfs. the chief answer: Is tills what bad tlic light to cxpect from hie) pledge-, fr<im the engagement* and obligations he had contruc ed with her, with bin compntiiots, with the whole world V Are the hopee of un entire people to be excited only to lie mock _d thus? Is it for this tho sacrifices were stimulated arid the heroism excilcd which the Cuban revol illoniste dis played on mich a grand scale and so fruitlessly "r Will the chief perchance seek to vindicate himself by appealing to the dilu-ienccs, oppositions and embarrass ments which doubtless wore thrown in his way ? Why, if ho hid nut the talent and resolution to overpower them did he not stop tl.e undertaking at the proper time, instead of wait ing until there remained not the shadow of a hope that ti'e Cubans would owe their liberty to tlic courage and 1 adcrsl.ip of an American chief? Tho abnegation and euilinrlasin of al.ojez was not demanded of him, but sen e sincultv and consistency was ctr alnly to be ex jecied of the man who for eighteen months had c n en tinted on hinji elf the hopes aud expeditious of a people worthy of a better fate. In the presence of interests and considerations of such magnitude the Junta will not pause lo reproach him on Its own account, wi h the delusive confidence In whi''h lie maintained It to the last moment, nor with the steady support and faithful co-oj cuvtion which it unchangeably leut htm, to tho injury ot its credit and popularity wl h a good por tion ot its coin) .atriots. What could, or ought, the Junta lol ave done in this cri. leal emcrp?ncyv lirmand theannul Eiint ot the enntrret, and withdraw its confidence on the tn et evidenc e thai neither tho uian. ucr bio ideas, a ir his fl' eilij, nor hi" dtrTOtlon, were of the height required by the destinies of Cuba, and the legitimate umbiiioa of nil her children? The true statement of farts now gi/eu will tay whether the Junta could, or ought, to have curlier adopied this resolution. Kven supposing the knowledge of v hut It hud only then obtained, sure and reliable d itu, ought the Jnntu to lightly l reak a solemn pact, seeing, as it did on the other side, the danger of exposing the country to renewed and pntuful experiments, through the eager j iui! nit ? and feverish exclrcmeat thfn r< ign ii]f in some mind-', and which would not have for excuac this time the gt nius and influence of another Ixipez in it* diieotlon. The cosy readlnes- of the ohiefto renounce, on his i-art, ail luterve'ition in n caui-e in which thi n lie tiadappeared to Ik4 so much identified, is the suojeet of serious reilec tl< n to The Junta. Veihai.i- UU rtc^ll svulercnces in th" cajltal had pi e^is^^tid o'; mm,\ f?r Uii- unexpected ICStiution ."ijrl.aps the hopes of Cuba had been there ttcril><d to c insiderations of patriotism, and subordini tioi , or t?i the cleva ed rauulremi nts of American policy? s. the men nuw invested wnh executive power comprehend It. It wnuld not be the first time the destiny of our un. lertiinateCutie in every way s<i a orthv of" liberty. ha bcen immolated in that city to le .? noble and generous motive*. Ihe Junta endti; simple conjectures without otiu-r bash than the remarkable coincidence of the cvciu* jus' re lated, and the mind is lost in seeking a solution more .ui tislurtoiy and consistent with the reputation ami au '?? cedents of the man In whom it reposed an unlimited cou fidence. Cubans! this Is now the situation. <Jrect resourcc bmrenly sacrificed: the element.* which should concur t ? ti e accomi llshment of our enterprise dissolve I; ou enemies, Jojtul and triumphant for a result in w ileli thty had imt the slightest part; youi representatives a sailed and villifled: in revolutionary eras the failure 01 the best ci nibii.ations leads to such extremes. The mate rial loss Is of great consideration: but until the . Inula sbull have received from the chief n p rope statement, it cannot inform you of the exact extent. It cannot, without i,nre Impropriety, deliver to publicity the figure and Touchers which otherwise It w iuld b eai-y to offer in proof, of the integrity of lis ru tn.igemeu'. Ihe Junta must, therefore, limit it.-clf lo an invitation t-i all tubtias, without distinction, to come t? it< olR where they ctn fieely examine the books and recei c every desirable explanation. At present, it can only be said in Rene rat tern- tha tl.e funds which the Junta had in New York, I ? . r< re tin* pi wets were delegati d to the < hit f, In May. 1854, w.-re in j ait applied to the acquisition of war ma ?? isl fur tin etitei jii lse, as may lie i-oen t>y the Irea.uncr's account-. *lhe other part, with about, as much moie, a is cx|icn>1cel by the ti n-iirer in flic nrrangement demanded by tne r'i eeiiil p'i jwt of which he had placed himsclfa' tho 7i<ui !. lliis accoi.nt, k- ?el' a- ihe former, was uf,er vard* piovod and tho lialance paid by the chief. All the sums that came from the island to the Junta, lie it Till-' Stationed at Ne? ?>i leans were delivered e ? tii e into th - bands of the chief, ot those . liich, with ui ki.fwlm'ic and were applied t.y tliejunta to y(n i x| etisr t. tLere hn.~ been preserved i st. let account niih vouchers. 'Ihe chiet will duly account in time, for t'ie sums which " ? ! e I emitted directly to liiiu fr.'u Cului, uetlat 'h.i.i * bich *er? collectafl by hlm-eif 01 his ag^'.its in the I nit?d ??'o'es. of wuieh the Junta doe- n >t hn ?* ? j ?mount, though It has ie.?eou to believe it is not iui por'ant. Much has been aid of minou-- crintracts, of exorl l'an rewards, i tgriat pecuniary r?'con;|?n?i'<, wtiicii were U> t.e paid i|on the tilutnph of out enterprise. Tticy lorget in niskiig the <? in-inu*'|oo-, that the rulrs of ordinary iilfnli ? cann t b*1 ni-plied t' tl?< ? wh'*-e \*vrj nat ire ie n. audi- gnat *timi.lauU anl means unusual In pr-nm. tion to tl.erbAs, bvit ? vee and without pretending ? en er into Ji.-tih. jti..n? ? Iik h pertain to biin <rli ? as lord, wiih the l-m r> ot lie Inn ?, ie. g.-ne ,1 tircj le II of t. ? | I j. i 1 ' ? I I . thlt t. ..? no tiaa? t? m-|? t tl.e li '-ae a- of the rvc liu W o. those alio to-.* |*rt, u s- ' ly . to i ... jr, hi tht costly | araii< us for tl. ? evtrs rd?a- > ?? i n j tog e?.. ihe hkMaa u t'id no , ? i. , t eXiflr > ?'?? It wl en ii o? |t? |h I 4 i ? m ? t i1?u?r lag calcuUtii us ia fai. ? I t.ow rer, a.e .,i i t n ?' rh caa >? ' s ? . t . k ,t. , n< n y u |. i iuts ?? 'Imp* iu>i ? ,i ist. ui l a sin ihe deisil. and ext lana' t . ? h.rli e r die on the coief by the dl ?- 1. luli. a 'A I r?UtloT!- wi b tic r |I*|| rsa*' and with t) e Is. y r p" * a di are je. pi mlititf and un! ii id I ? f <*? nbnTidinltig thi- uiiplcbse.,. Iiuj. ? t tl le I. -an 1 of 'abelu <*l ii,ii> t '< ?et tifsin tf.? al iunde u I Inv n I .n alih which ih# -| a. U | !.a- ..Meni. tid i. I.Uix a the chaiac i't f oi.r . nil relist and o:tiK me a Wti i; ire tied It Ihe di ? ributi. n <d ( u| ? 1? a ,t pi "i er y anion, the tie ic.ln-s ao I | o lins: they ai.noonceii as th? inren'ln . of o ,r p. o fian nie, t.tver L id a -ha le of life or .eality cx -ept In Uie cili uim ot iho r rile and mendacious ? !i;or< ihel'i tmn irvolu i. n challenge- th. m to p. ? ,. ir a tingle i - if I -a I it did net. in a 11 and for all. pr.K'etl with :| s;,|,>t re;; n id te>'? ? I rill right- and Inti rests, and to the J?s i . di.e thr n.eans.t ot (ts hihu'.ilUnts, of w. a'.seer cla s or c< niMilon 11. e existing materials hnv. 1>e?n t' m sua'ily confided to tl.e p. - n w'.m-e t.raciieal kuoa bdte. con" ant uul intimate c! ne< tiiin wi h 'he affnir, .tod the dl.e." lute e.t uliii h, ?s creditor, he has in i'.? p. . m> i ,n an I s. entity, wio. UI Indie i ? a* the mo?t ?ui a'.le p. > n to n. eeive etu! ft. Mil ll l- delicate charge. Inomlig to .111* determine' bin, the Junta was *<?-. . e red by tb.i adv.-' of e'l-'lngttisbed anil linja tiil l il ts lis satll ? lie t'te. ing urg ncy In v hi h it wis I . 1, at d the r. il.r,te.l a-.-trai ?? hs ? t e- ir.. ui" sUoiitil i*' s?e. iov?u ou .lie ai ?r toe eoun try. Ihe Junta ism* red. fid to tLc lliia. membe.s who eimposed the majority, by the voluntary withdrawal, immediately after the disaster, of one of the tour mein . berg which constituted iho body at that time | Your Junta ban now stated the lac U; it remain* wi'h I ynu to declare the Verdict. If to have otKai 10 I sanctl m ? ai d concurren t in the plan which was consider? I inoit j practicable for the liberation of Cuba; if to na.e eloce I a military chief, do ignated lung in advance by public opinion, and by the competent Vote of our heroic <tud 11 tated I.opez, an the most sui able nun, by hid ante eden ? ami personal eudowmentn, ax well as the conferva' lve iute restr he reinesented, and to have eutruste 1 bim with the powei n ann meant* at It* disposal ; if to have nus'alaod tbla | lun and thin nnan against premature impatienie and pu jecta which public sentiment and tormer foil. ire 4 bad alteady condemned In Cuba ; if to have sacrifice 1 its repose ana very often Its pergonal feeling*, to re-estab lish unity and the necessary harmony aiming all tho ele ment* it o^idereil indispeusable to the triumph of o ir cause ; if to have inculcated by the pie~n tiy wo Is by every possible means, the true principles of our rev lu tlm aa they are proteased by the Immense majority of you, without fatal exaggerations or violent and uujustiila bie cxclutb us; if all this and much more tliat you - Jun'a lias done to fultil worthily tho mission sontlled to it, must be imputed to It as a Ciult, because unforeseen event*, deplorable discords, and, more than all, the inex plicable de.-ertion of the elected chief have frustrated ho plan, It s ibmilri to your judgment, and hope* it-, de ni en and intentions will at least be saved from e instil e. 'there have been errors, there have been faults, thero have been deceptions and misfortunes, but all U u ?l. I04 , and you rbould Ux your attention on the imoien o ad vance of the Culuin revolution; far tears and sacrificed aic the aliment of revolutions. Anoccaiion lost lar<? sums eousunied without results? run this peichiiuiM) le cidc the fate of Cuba)1 Her vitality and her degiine < can emigre the loss of tluie and of menus, and perhaps a iny-.te lit us l'rovidence hus chor-en thus to direct in abetter putli the future of our mother-land. l et us seek instructions for the future i.i the failure* of the past. The Juu'u abstains from predentin* new filans. for it considers this to be jnur ex< ld?ive provin e. t Is easy t? fiame them hero, lar from tho men an I the inteiests they must necessarily affect: but it eannot be c mealed bom your penetra'iou how urgent it is to tmeige from the narrow tield in which tte have reap"l so many and such painful deceptions. It was not indivi duals alone, with their passions ami errors, that gave the death blow to our former hopes. The Junta has pro* od in another writing, that principles were nl?> ac countable for our misfortunes. The Hug of Cuba his been insufficient to win the liberty to which we aspire while plnnted on Iho especial ground of ihc intero-tsof the Amei icsn people. The Cuban revolution, misunder stood slid vilified by the European powers, on account or this connec'ion, must not persist in it' while on tlie other hit rid, indifference or hostility has been all the re. turn we have received for our offerings to the g. oat io publtc. A new v>..rld of principles aud alliances, ni'ire va it, more fruitful aud more active, presents itself, and it be longs to you to make the election. To you also it pertains, and to you alone, to deci le what can best be done with regard to your rep rosea n tlon abiond, in the way and form permitted b* the ex ceptional condition of our country, and most adapted to setve its tiue in:erests. A bitter and reiterated experience has demonstrate 1 what grave dangers must ever arlre from the absence oi unity it nil concert in the labors of your dclegitos. I'er haps tho powers and duties of your Junta h ive not been sufticiently deQned. iietwoen the simple uiand* ory of your orders, as thoi-o who now compose it have eve. consideied it, ami tin initiative and dictatorial power u others liuvo supposed it, there roigu- a difference wid" enough to explain of Itself the origin of former disagree ments, nnd the part they boro in too wreck of our lio,ie .. It is important that these doubts und misinterpre'a- I tli ns shall be settled at once and forever, that all of u expatriateil here may know what part legitimately be longs to us to lerfoim in the complicated ?'b of our re Volution. In this way, and no otiisr, can we ob'aiu the concert anil tinifoi inity which we so mucii need to en sure a trli mph finally. 'Ihe Junta awaits your verdict on the past, and you: resolution for the future ; Instantly Accepting the lit* whatever it mny be, and praying that the second ma. nccem] lish the liberty and independence of our country. Ni.w York, Aug. 25, 1858. THK CT'BAV JUNTA. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. HOIST MARKET. Monday, September 10?0 P. M. There was an active market for Krle to-day at a Flight improvement in prices. The sales amounted to fire thousand shares, principally on time. Reading was freely offered at the first hoard ul kwer prices, and closed at a decline. G ileua and Chicago leads the list in market value. on the re tains do every other rood in the country, in co n" parative monthly earnings- Within the past }wo years, wheu the receipts were not one half they now are, this stock sold at 142 a 145 per ccnt. It now bells at 115, with a surplus of fifteen per cent on its capital in hand at the commencement of the present fiscal year, from the net earnings of the vear previous. The quotations current at the flisi board to-day, compaied with those ruling at the close on Saturday, show a decline in Nicira jui Transit of 4 per eeut; Reading, and an advance iu trie of J per ceut; Galena and Chicago, 2. Cleve land and Toledo and Cleveland and Pittsburg ar. iniiielyin the hands of speculators, who keep nj> pi ices among themselvc. Every share of stock o feied they are compelled to buy, and the laid wilt oi e of these days break some of their backs, or l>0( lets. There has not been an outside order in the stmt to buy either of these stocks for weeks. Nicaiagua Trandt is becoming better distributed S< n.e of the mnnagement who have held thousands ot shares, have considerably red-iced their supply The ptoppect of tin arrangement with the Pacific ci mpany is improving. There is no obstacle of any >n poilance, but it will take some days to dispose of nil tl.e d( tails. There was to-day a transaction in the Hampshire Coal and Iron Company stock. This company ha been in operation lor a lew months, and we learn from the weekly repoits of the Cumberland coal Held thi.t they have mined and sent to market their full slrnre of the product of the region. Their iimi i.ess is bkilfully and prudently managed a id .is a natural consequeni e h is Keen lucrative*. The com l-nnv has wisely kept aloof fi-om operations upo tl.e stock board? an example worthy of imitation Within the last few days thi y have sold a portion it their outside lands, about HO0 acies in extent, fo f-3,000 cash? an example we re ommend to so m other companies iu that region. This leaves th< company rpwaids of eleven thousand acres of ian.i. upon which all of its roads, mines and improve meets ure situated The capital is *2,0iK),0Q0. Tic actual cosh cost of the stock to the original tmbscrl ben, interest included, is $25 a share. After the adjournment of the board, the followin sales of bonds and -t<xl:s were made at auction bj A. II. Nicolay:? tlt.CCO < 1ct< land Tnkdn K.K. Ineomns, lot, aided. flO'j 4 0C0 Chicago As lltit*. K.R. lacotpe lO'v do "5 li.i i>0 Ualciii k Ikk-aiu K.R., l*t Mort., <l >. F< POO d< . do. '.'d Mort., do 84 6,( 00 Tens Haute k Alton R.H., 3d Mort., <lo Si'* IfOilinri? N, vr Ym k Central K. Ft '2 <1o liiliH & Chlvijo L'nloii til}, */0 co Citizen's l!nnk 1<M y 0 do H*oM,vn t ire Inn. Co SS 0 Co Web*ler Fir* In*. Co <-'i l 1 do I II i<m lie! in Hull1. or Co 10 > 10 ilo I'm n!; of America II H, At the second board the market was with >ut m.i lerial < hange. Reading fell off 2 per cent ; Cuiulie. ? and, 4 ; Illinois Central Bonds, J. Chicago and Koik It-land Railroad advanced 1 per (V-nt Ha np shire C oal sold at an improvement of 4 per ce.ut, bu)er thirty days. 1 1 e Assistant Treasurer reports to-da^ as fol low a: ? 1 1 1.1 <j> Trcw-urj account 121 XII 11 le<etved do. 1?I7.0M jfi lilsnce do. S,W4,S1:9' ] n.d dbbursb g check* a 06,1014 The Michigan Central Railroad Company ea n? n Ai gust. IKo.'i, $202,607 25. against tl53,s41 5. . | ihe same month last year ? increase, 14 4,76.> 7n. A five dollar note, purporting to be on the Ocea.. Dank, of this city, was on Saturday morning oDfered tor deposit at the Mechanics' Rank, which proven to be a counterfeit. It- general appeartaoe is good . aud would deceive almost any one not fully c ? i ?eii?nnt with the geui ine n< te?. The note is letter A . No. 1,013, dated, In red ink, June I, 1855. On a dm examination the vignette look* rough. ? ipiu.tuie* of the president iuid cashier are mire silt th. n the original. We repeat to-day, for more convenient rercreiee, in tabular form, some *ta> ents made in ve-ter dpj's issue regarding the Cleveland and T >lcd >, the t levelsnd. Palnaville and Ashtab ila, ( mm Cleve land to Ki le.) the Erie aud Northeast and ? and State liue, (from R.iffalo to Erie,) and the (;? lei a and Chicago Railroad: ? (?krvu<iiv> tctiuuun Ran ass. I 'tin.ul. lie tlnDd T. Ai A. I' , t V (O fSK), 8 xtimth" ??rnligx loJulj, l'V, ti'iov v.ii AN. t Hfc f 1. l;K. . . O..VKJ do. 4 is ,"> ik't. ai <l Tcltiil KK r, 7oo, 000 do. 412.7119 ( ahaak n-kafo I H... 7.2M.MO do. | t< fa).iMnts r, lSf ,'i 1I.Ti.Rl. I (Vw i ? ' t'l< " 1 '1.... ' ?0<?oeo i ? ? ?? I illMlti'htc V Mrnlinr* IO Aufan* 1*50, $.0'i 8S1 I I Tr iced ?nd h le>U do. May J tic* J..! J an, | A..g*?t, ISM fctf.Ul Thee? figures require no comment. They silently tell tbe whole story. The Springfield ( 111.) Journal announces that the Chicago, Alton and St. f,oui-t Railroad has l?een leased for a term of twenty years to Himlltou Spea ker, late vice president of the company, at ? conside ration of 1600,000 par annum, including the interest 011 the floating debt of the company. Tbe toll wing table sha*? tbe quantity of soinr of tbe principal articles of prodnce left at tide water from the commencement of navigation to the 7th of Pel t ember, inclusive, during the years 1953, 133 du \ a; lt54, 123 days, and 185.r>, 123 days: ? ok I'RODtcK it Tu>rw.iTKR. 1863. 185*. lftW. Canal I'pnfd April 42f). Sfai/1. May 1. Hour, Lbls 1,480.184 628.oOH 6;i0,'08.l Wheat, bush 197,074 2,424,638 1,014.007 < orn 1.704.024 5.227,610 6, 781,914 harlev 276,696 '320,022 65,. ?2 lije 50.274 74,611 77 127 Other grains 1, 903, 272 3,189,70-2 l?,WVt,117 leef, bbla 26,188 0,868 9,709 Pork 97,670 132. 030 04 442 A. lea 25.8JU If., 877 9,7^> Butter, lbs 1,062,490 369 06M 3"5.0'I7 1 aid 9.913,474 15 509,926 3.975 7;7 (.boose 362.206 298,230 174, 6 9 Wool 6 114,940 1,881,770 3,296,466 Lao d 19,007,756 17,249,511 8.011,626 The annexed statement exhibits the average daily movi mrnt in tbe leading departments of the bunk* of this city during the week preceding Saturday niorniug, September 8, 1865;? Nkw Yokk Citv Banks. lAMM. dp libit', t. DryiOtitt. New York 3,021,776 629,338 263,794 2,900,610 tiauhatlun 6, 000,261 790,815 399,191 3.704,070 VpirbantK' 3,062.136 1 021,715 209,426 4,622.145 Mechanic' 4,080,920 631.720 439; Oil 3,20:1,582 Tnlon 2,094,345 200,400 188,777 2,261 915 Ameiica 4,019,446 1.317,497 89,795 4 732,312 1'liciilx 2,422,902 203,924 111,346 2,265,889 Uly 1,072,770 '206,65(1 59,140 122,191 Noitli Klver 1,047.261 136,600 182.196 921.743 Tiadewnen'o ....1,467,448 70,818 207,108 75D.0.12 lulti n 1,788.174 148.001 144,811 1,438,107 Chemical 1 658,071 253.263 284.857 1,271,731 H ercl.anlb' hxch 2,891, 706 209. 468 148,096 2, 08J.0 !9 .National 1,603.367 208,192 208,216 931,014 Bulch.&Urovers' 1,663,690 101.016 66.079 1,091,413 J.ech. * Trader*' 746,762 66,090 122,438 513,176 Ort-enivicb 6-27,50:1 40,731 10, 656 687,913 Leather Manors' 1, 019,240 146,257 195.702 1,4,12,238 rinMk Ward... 1,218,837 01,919 9*7,120 649,868 Mate of N. York.3,640,'i97 314,276 514,777 2,402,923 Ameiican Kxch.. 7,181,473 722,004 318,527 0.310,110 A??uciiitIon 1,1-46.000 79,731 196,469 900,097 .8,241,842 853,456 2.165 5,286,4:17 . .1,0-28,499 89,018 181,753 820,5)1.1 ..1.476,127 152.707 207,267 1,324,214 .1 290,0*6 113,497 125.561 761,981 .. 2.277, ? "95 164.657 90,956 1,583, 936 . 967,705 58,716 118..V3 696,4'JJ .3,3:17.584 615,570 117,016 3,40-1,707 . 063, 709 90,:H0 103 827 438,505 . S7T,5:,3 61,399 156,328 627,481 .1,570,666 160,766 81,739 1,238,346 , 1,339 890 69.711 115.201 710,859 .. 639,597 101,908 104,308 49-2,815 ..5,402,451 7 S3. 079 9J.029 5,912,675 . 748,208 98.5r,l 160,208 624,928 .. 668,409 182,323 91,929 620,097 .1,092,714 121,132 122.381 1,003,820 . 44..807 5.'!, -.00 06.566 286,191 .1,150,6.-19 114,046 12-2.717 920 649 . 668,604 49.084 93,618 427,730 .1 006,472 64,227 109,272 796,749 .l,5i.8,760 113,662 83.28J 1,4-20,682 .2 874,1.83 17., 444 73,444 1.086,533 .1.165.: 50 66,958 201 282 880,623 662,146 34,679 97,808 360 023 . 847,100 32.044 02.716 643.001 . 568,654 30,662 98,4*! 324,000 . 40i,6?8 38,^37 97.104 217,7' 8 . 401,286 28,501 6H,737 132,355 . 195, 3*1 10,201 120,019 111.688 . 241,137 16 466 103,222 136,929 . It 8,i.0O 8,00) 6,143 10 ..8*2 Total 9110,279,783 12,006,625 7,861,143 80.44J,4<? Kiehange* for week ending Sept. 3 9102,938,717 I- xcliaufti'H for week ending Sept. 10 108.' ? 0C219 Balance* for week ending Sept. a 5.6SJ 881 lialauceb for week ending Sept. 10 6,(07,404 The annexed htatcmcnt exhibits a comparison of the leading department* of the lianki of thi.i oity from the firrt np to the Ia?t vreekly retarLs:? New Yoiik Ctt Kan km. Imhu. 8f*xie. OircuVn. /VjxmiAi. Dec. 20, '64.. $81 ,663, 037 12,076,147 7,075,810 62,8iMU?20 Jan. 6, '66.. 8-,W4,;06 13 691.903 7.040,1*82 <84.1182.158 Jan. 13, '55.. 83,970,081 16,488, 526 6,686.46J ?7 303 398 Jan. 20, '66.. 86,447.908 18,372,127 8,681,366 ?9'fU7,618 Ji.n. 2", '66.. 86,664,667 16.6D7 260 0,639,823 7U 130 018 leb. 3, ?66.. 88,145,697 17,4.19.190 7.000,780 72.923 817 ? el>. 10, '66.. 8'.'. 802,177 17,124,304 0 969,111 73,794.34^ ieb. 17, '66.. 90,860,031 17, 339, 08.1 8.941, 80d 75.193,038 leb. 24, '65.. 91, 6W>,604 16,370,8.6 0,903,562 74 54 1 721 Var. 3, '66.. 92.386,126 18,681,271 7,106.710 79,' 068 Jilt JTur. 10, '65.. 92,&l,'i89 16,870,069 7,181,998 76,269 488 V!ar. 17, '66.. 92, 447,: U6 16, 1*13, 932 7,001,018 76,624 227 Mar. 24, '65.. 93,060,773 16,002.729 7, 462.281 76,289 923 Mar. 31, '66.. 93,634,041 16.018,105 7,337,633 76,60o!l81 Aprtl 7, '56.. 94, 41*9, 394 14'9U8,004 7,771,634 77,31a.?08 ill 14. '66.. !M,1;0,..D9 14,890.979 7,623,529 77.282 242 Apt II SI, '55.. 93.632,893 14,365,041 7.610,124 76.744>21 Apiii 28, '66.. 92,605.951 14, 28-.' 424 7.010.985 75 21 'J 1161 lay 6, *66.. 93,098,243 14.3'.i5,050 8,087.609 78.214,169 ' uy fc-. '65.. 91,642,498 14,585,626 7,804,917 75 860,692 May IS, '66.. 91.675.500 15,225,056 7,6.18,030 77,361 218 M.y 2G, '66.. 91, ll 0,518 16 314,582 7,489,637 75,765,740 Jun* 2, '65.. 91,197/63 15,397,674 7,655,609 70,343 230 i.ine 9, '65.. 92,109,097 15,006,165 7,602,568 77,l28!78!> Jim* 17, '56.. 93.100,386 14,978,658 7.46-J.161 77.848 454 J' yc '.3, '65.. 94, 028, 425 14 705,729 7.385,668 79 113 186 Jone 30, '55.. 66,577,212 15,641,970 7,304.904 81,803,806 July 7, '55.. 87.852,491 15,481,093 7,743,069 85, 647, 249 July 14, '65.. 98,415,432 It!, 603,760 7,615.724 86.816,033 Ji'ly 21, '56.. 99,029,147 15,918,999 7,407.086 82.079 590 J' ly 28, '56.. 99,083,709 15,920,970 7,408,498 81.625.788 A'.g. 4, '56..100.118,&e? 15,288,358 7.042,903 83,279 1*90 Auif. 11, '56.. 100,774.409 16,280,089 7,714,401 83 141 .32 Aug. 18, '66.. 101, 164 OfO 14,649.245 7 010,100 81 1*48 671 Ai.g. 26, '56. .100,604,004 13,366.378 7.682, Oil,'. 81,178,668 Mpt'r 1 '65. .1' .0.4. ,6, 970 12,852,823 7 620,178 81,057.210 t< pt'r 8, '55. .100,273,733 12,006,625 7,861,143 80,442.478 The last return*, compared with thoie for the pre vioos weeks, show in I and discount*. u decrease of 9183,337 ie?ie. a decrease of 816,108 ? e| osit*, a deciense of 014,732 i i eolation. an Ini-it-aae of 240,906 The returns for the corresponding periods in the f reitnt and past two years compare as follows H'< rkavhng Lunnr. Specie. Virr'li-m l^nntiU. ept.10 '5;,. tl<l. 108. 347 11,880,083 9.597,316 67,546,1(14 -ept. 9. '64. 81,6.8,244 18,448,317 8,908,707 73,8)1,2:16 ej t. 8, '55. 110,273,738 12,086,826 7,861,443 80,442,478 The returns for lost week prove t) be J out abo>it what we anticipated. A fulling oft' of nearly a mil lion or dollars in specie wa*< expected, and it lias I ten realized. The lines of discounts and deposit* < ntinee pretty uniform. The amount of specie on i atid last Saturday was $2,439 ,6112 les-< tliau at the same date last \ car. Stock ExebaiiRfi M'i\P?V, SV pl. 10, 1**55. ?JfiCOO Ind St 6'n.hfO 84 10O sh*. Kric It H 1.60 54i? 4< 1 0 Migxotirl K'?.. 91 S00 do. ...b'iO 61 1M0 lnd Rank Rd?. 8-1 >4 1(h) do s.10 63 % 1COOO K Bda, '7 6. b60 90? 500 d? *60 51 ; ( eo do NX #09 d" bOO ||k MOO I an K R .id iM 107 *-* 21-0 Hut loin K.II..MU 28U li H O 11 C R 1 dn.W.0 R6f, 100 do 18^ f(0o do 86^ 100 do 28?, ! ? ( 0 . d<> 8.i ? 260 (let k Tol RR MO 8 K l.'WO do. . .buO 8oJ? 77 do 97V HOfkKI R Ril?.?3 9*1 100 iioading it. K. a3 MHt NY orV ( ea 7 * 10-. \* 900 do *3 9i' "0*0 do 1o:>'4 loo d(? blO 87 ( C the Can'oD ( o. . . 26 0 do s3 8tU. IMi do b?0 26 14 4iO do 8'-'4 ?.( 0 Me'gi.a Tr ('o.?:i 20 21,0 do sOO 9?c4 50 do ?3 SO', 100 do C 96i. <?0 do b.0 V0'4 500 do.... ..*60 90'. (0 do 20', 20O do r 96 "6 do ?30 '.0 100 do t>3 98 5 Hanercr l ank... 98 .">00 do MO !*6J, <ntunbCoalCo..c v7?, 50 Hud. Rlr. Rll. ?3 41', no do ?80 T. *, 100 do bOO 41 ?<0 do bco 27*, 50 do 41 1^ 60 0 2; 100 I'anauia R. R.. .c 107 K "0 do KO 27',' 10 do 107, .0 do 27 S 100 111. On. R. R. ?60 9d "0 <10 e 2'J* 150 96 f O lla ni| f-blre ? I Co la 100 <1 k lltt'u KK ?90 70 50 I lie Hll blO ih.'4 175 do .* 1 70), 0 do 3. ?, 100 do g'i 70 A, 10 do -'*0 63 *< l.'O do ... 71 \ 00 do blO 53 V 26 CiaL || Cbi. R.R.. 11 1 W 1'8 ?lo 6 \ 105 do .. 114U ' f'6 do *8 6.% 60 do 114 V 1150 d-> bl? 64 16 do C 115 RICOND HOARD. ??'OfO TH k 2m b. a.. ?0 200 h? Rea l g R R ,c ' (OO .N Y ' en. . 10 200 U k Tol if 1. , *90 87 IOON t(? f (... 91 '.00 do h30 8TW IC( tO 111 C R h I'd*. *3 85 100 Erie KR ?3 63 10 -1 1> Cnn'on . 1" 100 do MO 6?S; l.'f I.'- 11 p (1 ( o. . h 0 16*4 310 do 537$ 5 Mrau-iigua Tr f'o. ;0 450 do ?:! 6 \ C? 00 b10 20', 300 do hOO fU?, 6 tumti ( or! t'o ..e 2 1', 200 Hud Kir RR . b'O 41^ ftO do b3 27Jt lOOfbtRI R^.blO 1*:'4 .'0 do c 27 '{ 20 do 97*{ CO Rcadii.({ KR. MO 96 210 do 9. %' CINCINNATI STOCK SAI.E8. Hit Kirlt & ("hitvr, I { 'try .Sep#. 7 ?T.ffO' loo anO Wi<ai??ip| i Rail oad (onip\uT 7 jei ci n' fecond MortfrniO' B >od? 4 ;tj 0 rl arts <>hlo aud Vll??in-ippi liailroad fl'el ?hir< < 960 0 00 rbmi t I hi.) and MiisU*lppi Katlion l ?hare-i 950 Q% (*' rlaict (bio and Ml^.tUnippi Railroad ? -hare.. 850 9 ? 9 ?bi. rer * bio and Mianwuippi Railroad fl'rt aliaret 8">0 8,*j K no * In' lot, mi, Wilmington and '/?tw?rllle K-, lioad < ? m| any >ee. nd Moit^ng. Hond 66 ..<0? < ? \ iogton and lixingl n l.?ilroad t'oropinj err nd Vi r')r?^<- Rondu C"xi ? I . I ( il.1, lijiui'uM >U'I IXylnn Kul ro?d>t*ok ab^ren 9100 81)< 0 rturw Itaiiaita ?i.d (Hoe noall Rellrm l ? tivU Ivt 29 CITY TRADE REPORT. M INDAT, 8pp. 1(1 ? 9 p. M. A.-iiir. ? Hie market was quiet, nat price* uochangwi. BriuWTt m. ? Hour? The mark t wan quit* ttrm at Iratuiday's prices, especially for common brands, which were let* i leuty. The transactions cum raced about 8, l 00 a 1O.CC0 t>M* , including common to choice state, ut $7 SO a 97 "ft and fancy Hi extra at $7 75 a 98 a 9h 60; Western mixed t<> choice ant extra do. at 98 a 9fe 11^, Included in the Kale* were 1.000 bbl*. of eranmop Olno, deliverable in November, at $7 SO. i aoadian wa? quiet; small sale* were report*! a* 98 50. Southern wax tiimerfor ci mmon gra \es; -ales of 800a 900 bbls. were inn <!e at 18 12 a 98 7ft for mixed to choice, and $8 7ft a $9* ft for fancy to extra. Bye flour was qu<et. Corn ii irs 1 wan fl i in at *4 7ft asked tir New Jersey, an 1 IS 12>E for I'rondy wine. Wh??! ? There wa? wore doing; the sale ot Fouthern, amoun ed to about 15,000 bushels, Includ lug red, at 91 80 a $1 8ft, with aonio handsome lots quoted at $1 CO; und white d?.. at $1 90 a 91 90: and 1,000 bushels mixed sold at 91 80. A sale of 7,000 bushel* new Cenc-et white, the large- 1 lot of the season, wax made for milling at 9 2 per bushel. It whs considered too green for shipment. llad it t>een dry enough for thai Luiprce, It would have- brought more money. 1,000 bushels mixed new Michigan hold at 91 "ft. Corn wap easier, with sales of ;.ft 900 a 40,000 bushels, at 84c. ? 90c. Rye wns firm, with sales of 0.000 a 8 000 bushel*, at $1 14 a 91 15 a 91 lt'J;. <as were selling at about 40c. a 4<5c., for Hiate and Western. Cofhu. ? The market continued llrrn. Sales of abont 1.56(1 bags Kio were made at ll>,c. u 11 J^c., and a small lot (prime artl. le) was held at 12>0c.;aud 260 bags Mm acaibo were sold *> 1 1 ( fiTTov ? H e rales embraced about COO a 700 bale*, -*wl hoet change in lutes. though prices we**? rather ir regi 1' r, as dealers weie >> aitinu ne .? via IU ifax. Km. uiiTs ? Kooin lor Liverpool a id Und'iii flights was reduced and rates tor forward deliveries wit ? lirruer; lO.nbil bushels of corn were engaged, in liulk, for llie fo mcr port at fid., on the spot, and 0 000 do. do., atfld., fi r tbis month. For next month 71. wns asked. For rot loii. on the spot, J41I. was a ked. To i/ondoti, M00 ton* oil enko were tngugod at 27s. 6d. i'or liour, its. twi. , an 1 for wheat, 8c. a 9c. was asked, fliure was no change in rales for Havre. To Havre, rate 1 were steady, without change in quotations. For Australia, lumber was cn gaged at 9- '2 a 9>I2 60, and measurement goods at &V. 'Ihere was no alteration in the rates for Australia. The ship Uronoa, ol about 6fi0 tons, seven years oil, win sold for 917, OCO, carh. I nt rr. ? About ("00 a 600 boxes M. It. raisins were sold *t 92 75 a 92 80 ; 20 eases citron ut 19)^'e. and 100 case" jpivreived ginger at p. t. Hii*. ? The sales embraced about 1,000 bslos. at 70c. h 85 c. IltoK. ? Scotch pig In small lots rauged at about 9:>" , 6 months. IjiMi. ? Foreign was held at fl.^c. Moi.assi*. ? About 1.6 bbls. New Orleans, were sold n t 37e. Naval StoBFS. ? Tlie sales embraced about 500 bbls. spirits at 46c. and 1,000 a 1,700 bbls. rosin at 160c. u 165c. per 800 lbs. dolivered. I'ltox iPtONB. ? I'm k was firmer, at d the sales embraced 800 a "CO hhds.. including new mess ut 922 37 a 9(2 50 in which were embraced 100 bbls. at 922, though closing a' the higher figure And prime sold at 920 60 a9'l. The market wound up with a better feeling. Beef ? Sale* of about '. 50 bbls. vere made at Saturday's quotations. Cut meuta wore quiet, but lirm at last quota' ions. I .aril was in fair demand, with sales of 200 a 26') bhls.atll\c. a 12c. Iiuttei ? Ohio was selling modera ely at 15c. a Inc. and Mate at 18c. Jl 22c. Cbee.* ranged from 9c. a 10}, c. RliS. ? Hie -ale cmbiaced abont 100 cask at 0c. a tljjc. A small t ample ot new ilce was showu by Ur. O'.Sullivan, which, howeier, was of ordinary quality, and conalderec to be some thiee or four weeks In advance of the first re gular supplies of this year's growth, from the South. St i Aks ? The market continued firm, thongh some less actlvc than on Satuid iy. The snlea embraced 500 a COO hhds. Coba iduhc vado, chiefly at 7?.,'c. a 8c., with sorot lots under, and others of prime quality over 8c. Includ ed in the sales was a so all lot of New Orleans at 8c. Wiiiskky.? r mall lots of fatate I'ri-on were sold at 42 !ac., while buyers in targe lots were offering 41c., too wide apart to effect sales of moment. tiJlKBTttKMBflTS ftlMbWNI Iff BIT Oil. _ THE MH.IT A R V . At a special MEETING ok thk AMERICAN Volunteers, Company A, held at their armory, tin fot lowing preamble aud resolutions were unanimously adopted. Whereas, The Supreme Head and Ruler of the Universe, hus w en lit In Ills tons to remove from among us our much esteemed friend and atuoc.a'c Inarms, John w. Doty, who alnce be has been RtnotiList n- h is b -en an energetic and fslthiui member of his company, Tlierefore Resolved, 'I hat we, the memhera of the American Voltiu teers, In this alMrttns dtspuni at en 01' Jilvtne I'rortdence have siistatned a deep feh loss of one who had endeared himself u> us by hit kind and ueuilemaaly deporiiuent, both an a soldier anu a friend. ? H< *ol\?t, Tfist we tender to the wif- and relattvee of the H .fst our heanelt at tupalbles In this their . ere tvetueni. and woiihl rmiiiin nU diem io lie l areot liun w ho h is seen Ut, to hi> sliwlte providence, to bring this uttlrtion upon them us. KeMilteu, a lia', tu show our ivupect I'or ihe meiiHiry o. oiu di reared friend and fellow soldier, we, the mum.iers 01 me coii.pany, do wear the usual badge of mourning for thlrt) dat ?, and tliat a ropy of tliese resoiudon* ho sent to the f tml.y of the deceased and ..Iho i e publl lied In the New York llerald aud the Brooklyn Kvenliig -uir. Ity order. I.lbl I. U. K. llYAK, He' ri tary pro tern. Brooklyn, Sept. lu, 1-W>. ATTKNTION, COMPANY ? VKAltgi'ARTKRB FOR TAB pets, ijiilde flaps, m .? Commlitecs are sols-lied to call and examine our new styles before ordcriuit elsewhere. I'ollilral banners lettered at short notice. 1 arreil e? ,'les and every variety of targets on liand aud fusnished to order. lKKilSB A ORA1IAM, 95 and > h Duane street. CIRYSTAL, 2J* ORAM* STREET, NEW YORK, 8EPT. U, ' lfEfl.? Lfndsey Mines. ? lb* members of this command ? rr hereby noutled'to attend the inon.hly meeting to be held this Clusdayj evening, llih mat., at 8 o'clock. Uy order. KDUAR A. RORKKTS, CapUln. John T. To*l, Secretary, VJKW YORK 1IKK .1.0 OCABP ATTKNTION.? THK i.1 above, company will meet at the 1,'rystal, Orand streei, 00 r riday evening, M ptcmi cr, 14, ut h o'clock 1*. M. Hy order 1? HENRY K. RCMJMK, Captain. YOl .NO TAMMANY IIALL Ol'ARD.? THK MEMBERS ot tlie above rootpany, aud those d< m-otis of enrolm-nt, ?re requested to attend al nauiel Caloir's, 13 r'erUre street, this fl tu sony) eTenlng, at 8 o'clock, to eouiplete the election 01 otli rr rs ami traniaet other business apperurtmn? to Ute comp.inv. I.y oruer of (.'It AtS. W. KKCUKR, Captalu. J. .MiHoav. Orderly Herpeant. THE TURK. CENTREV 11X15 COURSE, U I., TR0TTtN0"TPEflI)Ay Reptcuiber 11, at S o'clock; matcli S2 0UU, two mile brtu 10 wagon*. J. 1). McManti, name* b. in. Flora Temple; Hiram V, oodrtill, uamcn ro. m. lady Franklin. Thin race will en ma nil wIiIiomi regard in wraher or condition of trai'k. Smee tlx* rarei bem rt n lik bland ktuld ami Flout Temple. nothing no urn rt'Mlui; lu lUilmin ban comr oil an Mill uiHo plai'e oil liile oecaalou. Ludy t i hi. kiln ha.* been eminently ?ticeewful the Ian >eo?oii, anil now aypirr* lo H'ad the van. She IiH." made the best time lo wagon* at Iwo uillen thai wan e ver recorded. I 'ora. i n tbe hand. ha? uiiule be i>ect two mil*:* in bar i i 'ii. mill now ilutt they ure Batched together, loo* out for Wonder*. JOKI, * M)|fKJ ? I N , Proprietor. .N . h.? Tlie ear* will leave Kou.h Ferry, Brooklyn, at 2.36 o'rli? k 1'. M., returning at noon an the rai-e 1h over. pKMlBKVn.KKOOrE.SK, I? I.? TBOTTHfG.? W1JDXE8 " ' day. September Utb. at 3 o'clock P. W . match tBiJO, mile linii>wil three in live. i>. I'W'cr name! 0. in Kaiy vVoodriul, to Wagon; J. bruise* uatuea br. g. Young Mmperor, lo saddle. JuKl. i:oNKJ.l.N, Proprietor. Centkeviij-e course, l. i.? tiiottimo.-thubs day , September 2U, at 3 o'clock, P. M.; puree, ftklU; two n.ile heat* to wagon*; wagon and driver lo welch -,S pound*. i,i o. spleer enter* b. g. Frank Forre?ter; J. I>. McMaiin en Urn b. ni. Mora 1 emple; J. M. HanleU enter* b. g. Chicago Jack; l>. Flitter enuu t ch. m. Miller'* Damsel. JOKL OON til.IN, Proprietor. KNTRKVIMjK COI'Ri'E, L I.? 1 TROTTIffO? MONDAY, J Mplrml er 17, hi three o'eioek P. M.? Ptine, IfiOU; mils i.eaK", bei l Uiree In live, In barnr.nn. Geo. Spirer enter* hr. g. Mae; J. D. Me Mann eniern b. m. Flora I emple; H. Wu?irult enters, b. g. Uilcafco Jack. J OKI, CONKLiN, Proprietor. KF.D HOUSE, IIAKI.KM -THIS FAVORITE PLACE OF re?ort Ik now bi complete order, ami ready to arconuno liuio tbc f ,.<>i t lug iiinl ruling punlir The GoUiain and Baltic bane ball ihiM play on Hie ueauttlnl green attached to tho l.r rue, and at.urd mwli -port lo me Miutn of Mia beautiful place. Ibe beat ol refreshment* aiwayn on haml. VVII.UaM A. BBiiWN, Proprietor. IfKION COt'RSE. I* I.-TROTTINO. TIK'RSDA Y, AT / 4 F. M., September lo. >1* i h ior H.OOl), mile boat*, be* U iee In*. :n barne-n. Mr. Peai o.iy naraen n. ?. Jo!u? lb nry, trnm Jers'-y; Mr. 11. Woodruti nunc* '.r. *. Montreal, from Inlaw are. KH.vW jt WUITK, Praprie or*, ri.NKjN (XilKSF, 1.. I? TROTT1NO.? fl!* FRIDAY, L ^epi. 14, ai half pants o'dnek. pre>-lnely, a ntau-h for iwo, n.ti* beaix, beat three in Ave, ,o araigna*. 11. #??jaii n ime? r. m. I.ndy (?Vm kiln; li. 1'IUer name* *. m. Mble. '? lUuutel. N. b.? Ihla u.aicb Will rouie oil' wn'Miii regard i? weather. mi iW .* iVUITti, Pmprlei*?. ITIION com HE, U I? Ti'.OTTI.N'O ? A PUMS OF J tun, with *n Innidfl nakeof fc*jn, half foi foh, mlieheiut, in >? 8 in 6. In harne**; aikoa pnrMOl ?>*?'. wlih an ln*id ?? aki oi fcSMj, half forfeit, two ?nle? ,< nd rej??et, to vawua.Mii " on llninday, S>epu ?. . ami Tnewlo/. Oe % hnitea iOi-ixe ?ti Motiday, Sept. In. ai DoVinekr. M .at Falkland * l?nre r ee"n, eortier ol Kan i roadway and i ? Iwrine ?tre?L Iti '-e in- n ore lon.iVe a raoe ann iwolo nar. -N. B.? Knirane inoni j nnd Inrlett lobe depiWed at lime of entry. Or ir Kdyd netted ID boik ponrl, SBAW a WHITE, Propriejirt. THAVELTil JtS' til'IDR. ( ?HE.?P FAHF. FOB AI.BWY AND TKOT. -FARK Ti? \ AH any, li1, rtr--. Troy, 25 roritn ? Tli? nwlfl naillnif *.i nmer 111 HO. <;ap\ llanooz, l?avi ? th.' nor'h nileof Kobtn ??n wreel pier ev, ry l u-'ihIw v , Tburwlay and Httoday ai f' I*. M., ti rlviim by 4 A. SI. IVM I !, AM) WI.NTEU \RRA NUKMEVT ? THE PAYOR r 1 e nnd well km.wu nl earner E\Ot<E. Cnpi. 0. Mmforl * ,11 rnn tor Fori Mi nu.nuih, Be I Hank. Shr 'Wnnurf au l long Br i- mli, from the foo of Murray ntrwet r i-r dally at So'elm k P.M. tin die arrival ol llie html at Porf M nmouili ? agea wll' beieady 'o rotivej pa?cii|er? to all |'ar'* ol the eouotry (nt her renin., ahe will leere Port Moammi b at I V, A . M. Pa* ?? I. Hi r? for 'hi* mule will find II hy far Ihe rvmi rnorenlnn' ai d e?p* dltlnu* ol any by ahlcb <ber ran ne? k ae '/mimr'ia Uonn. Fare lo Pon Moiimoiiih. 2S eentu; to Bed Hank. IfOR KF.V Pf'RT A ND FOP.T H AMfl.ToN -TlfK gTE KM I boat KEY PORT I eavee Mui ray ntreet pier dallv, (?'un eieepied.) at 3 o'clov k P.M.. and K<> Port at ? o'clock A. M. I/CR r NIOff, RIYPORT. MIDDLKTOWM POI?fT, AC., r Ae.? Tbe rbamer THOMAS (1 II A H1H r will leave m* ia Vurrmy n'rei t Cally, eicepi Hundav, at 9 o'clock. Reiuru m , leave* I nlon n S t. M. Fare IH, print. II FOU. A B DAY BOAT FOB ALB4NV. LAMDINO IV " arh any al YotikTn. Ora-ny Pon'. Wet Point, New burg, prut hkerpile, f<l;inr;ieek, Brta'ol. t'a nktll, lludion nnd Oritfarkle. Meal* nerved <?n boanl. The fa*: nteam-r I IK M^K P? WhI.I. Capt A IlinhrOu* will ? ? tve Mew Yetk. fr? mi ler fno of Jay mr-ei. on Klonlav. * edne?d?y and I rl..*y atjo'elf-k A. M.'arr v nj*t Albany In ttiae er heetm. I. unriM, alii leave Albany every 1 u *uy. Jfontoy and fatnrday. I or fur her partfcularn Inquire ai ttl W,*t atrwi, nrar Jay. V l'lt< PtINlW. 1)Rt!P<iHAlJ*. ? OFFICE OF TUK fJDV FR.VORS OF THK / .mnfiouae. A uriint <1. ISM To plnuh< rn? Seile 1 pro ernln ? III l>? re> e ve?l by 'be (lovemnrn at the Ahnnh"U*e. a'lhilr'S" Ho onda Pnrk. mril V o'rlo k P * o' the t < 1 1 I I . i for 'h?- plumbing w> rk o fee Vi w Sm ill I'm llo>p<'al o i I k ikwel '* filand. The ?p??' ill a Ion for Uw> a'm.e work ea i I e ?e?n a' 'betr offli a. and propunala in be a oin in ?? I wl , If*!., fc. C# ol two ri , - ^.-laotaa- * ^ J- ^ ? -mi* - * ti'? for the fnl hfit perliHlnnce of the eao r* ., ard 'I e f'mert om rweei re 'o 'hetnaelriw the r.^Hi of any ard *11 offer* MM dee?ed by iieu, adt aa'a^eoit* lo wlQ ' li|wuan'.

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