Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 11, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 11, 1855 Page 3
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ummmm kemewei kthi sat. B? IMAirM' KBOUTBB. A HOARDING HOCHE TO l.KT, A.SD PART OF THE ' urnlture for Rule; too year? eatabliahedj nearl* full o. boarder*; to the vicinity ol East Broadway and Murk * all eet; the present proprietor wishing lo retire would llko to I * 1 lo norne afroMble person, wi.h whom the pre-,eut ooirier* ; w< uld remain. For particulars addrei-a A. C\, Couth am square 1'' si offlce * * A HOUSE AND STORK TO I.ET.-THK SPLENDID , store which IiaK been oc uoled for the laal Ave years' aa ' * i< ncy Rtore, and fining a i;oou husinuaa. Location the best, liiui reuoua'iie. l'orise*s,on will he glren ImoBiiittlel/. In quire at Inj$? Howery, between Uroome and Spring. )ROOKLYN CITY.? TO LKT, A KINK THREB STORY _ J brick dwelling house, No. 142 Qoun ?tr vt, near Ainl y, five minutes' watk from iwuth lorry, city railroad nivdug ilie prenuaes every live mii.u e* io Fulton mrrj >ial oreenwool. K.-nt moderate lo a genteel family; poaaeMon fflveu Immedi ately. Inquire on the prealMa. (1HKAP RENTS ? TOUR HOUSES TO LET, IN B IND J lord strew, WUllainnbtirg; reut ?1JA; brick bulli, three story Kn(;!kh baat'inent Muaea. Apply a. 121 Nassau at, IprKNISHEK HOUSE TO LET, IN TW?5VTY,4tCOND ! atreet, near Fourih avenue? Uireo a'.or en, thirteen roorai hi altloa bath aisl pan'rlcs; ihroo renin* tleop tlrat Uoor anl bnaement; furniture nearly new: rout 9125 p t ruontU, pm -fCKinn ImnedlMtlj. Apply to R. C. READ, ti2SouUi street, at 12 o'clock. PVRNIftHKD APARTMENTS TO I.KT.? SEVERAL sUlUofh indaoniely I'uriiLslied iiparimciils, with ga<<> b.tlh rof m, and alitlie modern Improvement*. ut itl# Broadway, be tween P.lghth Mid Ntuth atruHS. # FVRNISIIKO HOUSE TO J.ET IN HOB iKE.V.? A KIKST etna* three story and basement lirtrk home, han lsomclr fttmb-hed ihroughout, anl pleasantly loenel in uIikhu lelil place, ai. out li\ e minuter-1 walk from the ferry. A idress, or inquire of 1 1. WAi'hWuRTH, li!8 Penal *u*eei, corner of Plne? Kent tBO per month. FJRNI8HKD ROOMS TO LET IN THE FIKST.CUSS hoilftii 77 B Hroad way; a splendid suit of parlor-* on the ?last Moor, wl ti extra bedroom* am exclusive klichen; also, two ?liule room* on the upper Hour, suitable for sin :le gen ie man wldilng to economise In lodgings. Apply bufore 12 A. M. H0U8K ANI) STORK 151 GRAND STRJ4JST, WILLIAMS burg to lei.? L nquesdonably one ol' the beat ?land, in I be city lor any buslneas, the store la ueaily lilted up for aul ?ori upfod aa a hat ?ior?, tlie present nrcupuul oelng enga;oi in tbo aurUon and real cma.e busmeni can *ive U no alien ion, loriaeqiienily it will be dmpoaed o, at a faerllloe. Anv pern in wishing lo enfjuii" inn genteel proUtal le buslnfea, i'u a rale Usmion, will And HiIh an opportunity raruly mat with. Apply on the preintaeaw JOHN U. UuLAUaN, AutJoueer and Real Kslnto Urukor. HOrSK TO LKT AND FI RNITPRB rOR SALE.? TO let, near Fiitli avenue, al uve Madison ?|iuire. an alt>{ant brown Hloue houw- with nil mo leru iinpruveuieu n, rent fl.tiJO. TIm? furniture nnw in the bouts), new and stylish, will lie gold at a low and very reilucod price. Pessei'iou at once, K. B. K INSllI.M Kit, .;ia Fourth arm. no, :i tn 7, R to ID. NO EXCUSE FOR liROADWAY 1IIUU BENTS.? TO let or lease, Hrnadway ofll"ei |H per nionth; l<m?, second, third, fuitrthund dr h Doors, or dlrkled Into iront rmd rear part*, with or without the use of counters, desks, gts, Hlturee, Ae., complete, tlflu 10 JiUM per annum.^e ni l small stores to lease. Apply to OKCROK P. FOX, .121 and #81 Broadway, PART OF A HOtTBK TO LF.T? I'l.F.AR.VNTLY LO eated; No. ,11 Washington terrace; three minu eii' walk Irorn ferrjr. Ons and bath. Rooms with steam power; or onf, detacii nd building 10 let, or leaee; they are airy and well light ed, andhave bcatlnc auddryuu apparatus throughoui: m.iu ufaemrera would 'lo well 10 eiainlne; rent very moderate. Enquire at 12 and H Pitt street, near tiraod. T>OOMS AND OFFICES TO RENT, IS APPLETO.VS XV HuUdlng, eorner of Hroiulway and Leonard sir, tel.? One large front room, one small room for an ofllee, one large room (90>2Q, accond lloor; two rooms on the fourth ilixir; an artist's room on the 6th floor. Apply to D. AFPLKTON A Co. CKOOND STORY KTOBE AND LA ROE BASEMENT. ON M Broadway, to let. 8. T. CORDON, 297 Broadway. STUDIOS IN BROOKLYN.? TO LET, IN DOD WORTH'S new building, No. 1% Montague place, new Court street, four studios, fitted up with ever? convenience, eipresely for 'Jindtieape or t>ot trait nrtlsUi, two having high north ll^liti and two wrth north skylight*. Can be wen hi any Hrae. For term* apply on the premises, or at A. DoDWOKTH'S, 800 Broad way, N. Y. TO LET? \ SMALL STORE IN BLEECKER STREET, Niity feet from Broadway. Apply at 044 Bromlway. TO LET ? THE HOUSE KNOWN AS TIIK ROSE III 1,1, hnuhp. lu, i'.u. I Twenty liiunli Hiroet; liar, gaa Utinres in I ~angc oomple'r. A Ornt ralo place for buaiiieini. Inquire al the stable adjoining. TO LET? tail PER ANNUM; POSSESSION" IMMSDl at??ly; Hie eecnnd floor over the store In brown stone Iiouko 'X& Ninth avenue. Twenty-eeveulh S'.rie , g .w, bath, water closet, <ve. Alao, to li t thir.l an I I'onrtii linor/i, bouse ift6 Krtht Fortieth street; reu($i>J an I per month. Apply at ?Vi N>n h avenue. A. DAVIS. fro LBT-TWO HOD8KH, WITH AI,I, TUK MODMRN A Improrttneiita; .bey art- new and well unfiled po?es ?ton Immediately, at HA? and 111 Wdat Twenty, between Mi h and Seventh avenues. Apply io M. WILSON, corner CortUndl and Broadway, under the Ullaey bunding. TO LET? ?PABTMKN18 IN BOISE HO WEST FOB Uetli st reel, between limadwiiy nn.l Sixth avenue, eoa a parlor, two iiotirooma au l kitchen. The housr It haiuiM.tiicly unuihed Wuh niarljle mantels, water, ga*, .ml all ?he model n Irnirov. turn a. Jteui mojerate. 1 114 auc on Hie preni.w-'". 2 V) LET-TWO .NEW POt'R STORY BRICK HOUSES, wltl. modern Improvements, 111 Fifty Urn k roet, tie, ween ilrd and four I -avenues. Pomesslna ,;lven Immediately. Inquire of J. H \YKKK, corner 01 FU'tleth street and Fourth avenue. r> LET? 1HRBE THREE STORY BRICK HOUSES, IN Filly U-irrt street, between I- mirth and Fifth avuuues. item 01 oaelTmie year. . TO LET? hEYERAI, BEAUTIFUL FIRST CLASH house*. loca G<1 in tho vicinity nf Eighth avenue ?n1 Thlp. ty fourtli Itreet an firflnwa:? No. am West Twenty eighth street, THtO; three tine brick bouiea In Thirty ll!Ui street, near Eighth ai enue, WW curb; Forty second street Eighth avenue, 1*1 10; Thlrty-IMb i-tri ei and Fourth avenue, Ifrssi; 170. 172. and 174 Wist lhlrty seventh mreet, tMSO each, IA4 and Itt West Thirty nlmh street, Sua) eiu-h. Broadway an J amy inurth street. tltOU. A suitable reour Ion will be nude on the above price* lor the hatanre of this year. Apply 10 SMITU A WO .ilEIX, 444 Eighth avouue, near Thirty -fourth ?treat. TO LKT-FOUB L AROE UlFTS AT MIC I'EARL STREET, near 'Ilrnii'lway. 1'on.e.ston lmmed.ately. Terma cany. Sttltahle for a printing oQice or any other buslwa. TO LET? A 8TABLE, ROOM FOR FOUR HORSES, AND feed. Iieinlre at tVt Weat Broadway. TO LET-WORKSHOPS CHEAP TO OOOD TENANTS, at 1.% Mercer aireet. Inquire at 131 Mercer Itreet, at the Inn Worka, betorc lu WWt. rLET? A FRONT AND HACK OFFICE, FIRST FLOOR ot No. llM ity It.MI plare, near I'tiamiiern atreji. La rge WaiebMime io<>ma will De leased for the tialaure of tula year, with the privilege of two years inure. If deatred. Can beaeeu by Inuulrbig at tho ball door. Kor terma, *r., applv to A. J. DELATUOB, Z.V. Wall street. rLET? A NICELY FURNISHED ROOM, FOR A LA dy aji'l gent', man, hoard for the lady "illy, In Fourth street, with gas. lenua f I ij per week. Addreaa E. J. O., Broaoway I tmt olUce. TO LET? 1 HE THREE MToRV HOUSE, WITH BEAR hulloing aiinehed. well ealeulaieil lor a stote or Urruuin hotel, tisi iliu I ? "ii oeenpteit aueh for aeveral yeara. Apply U) I, I.EM iS HLii tJlli.>?, John tiroet, UolWeru 111 and U o'clock. TO LET? THREE I.AHi;r I. <H IS Allot K TUK l iK-r foor, auuiible tor any tuauufar nnng purpoar*. In j. nre ou lb" pri futtta, t/ m I'rliiiu and Croaiiy street*. TO LEI? A FURNISHED ROOM. INQUIRE IN FRONT r<s?n, ??-' omt Ik. or, northeast eurner 01 Canal .ind . Ireej# ?trecm. rlJST? IN THE LOWER PART OF THE CITY, A small hotel, tyar Broadway, ahv'h will iici'oiiimii w e |.?j peraoni; the .eaa? ami turnlture, every Unng in pei-.eet or Jar, tor saie on eesy terms, wt h inilivsdlaie i?we.i*ioik ,-<iiujuou uisuriian cU I01 Ualiaieiit uoaruera. 11. W. Uit HARDS, 307 Bnvidway. r LET? IN BROOKLYN, A SPLENDID NEW STORE, JU I 40 fetil , Miu heaat 001 tier of Jay and Couovrd streela. Tim ?vore is suitable lor au exu-n-ive grocery, or any ouaniesa a good location. For paructoiars, apply u? A. |? I '11 ring a M'AVOY, 171 Jay atreet. ri o LKT-TI1R SliPKHIOR THREE HTOKV BROWN 1 St<ine hoiiae, 146 West l hlrty sju. street, near Eighth it , t ' "??!??? ?-n ntieen namia. In perieri order, wim lama, aai a.i.l t rmon water t|irtm?i.<iui. 0< li?, speak-tng tuitea, launory, ton, i eany rent pAJO, w ith tjun.rjia * n, B. W. RlCU.iRl>S, 307 Broadway. TO LKT-THF STORE. I'BONT BASEMENT AND FAULT on the north west corner of spring aud Cro<tiy mreet/i. Inqntre lietw en Die hours ot lu o'elo-k A. M. aud U M., or 4 itel e P M , on lb- premises ot .Vmaai Ho me. rLTT?TO A BKSPECTAHLE FAMILT, THE SPLKN dkl two story anl aUlc KnglUn bssemeot brie* bouse VI henry atreet, r. . tie- 11 eaui'iy c* .1 UiroJguoa-. and with all the uwlrni uupio>eiu> -uta, uo>, euu| mvJ vapor '?oi| alao gaa iferotiMb.nii Ui. uouse, v>ldi i?a r am, aMaUicd. Canoe seen iroai V .1,1 li A. M. ?uil 2 bil 6 P. M. TO LET? THE HTnllE AND BA.SKMKNT NO. ft MKll cer linn . near Canal, and taring ilowarl, 10 be *e. 10 ttt her 01 ae.psiMleiy, also, a aor??: op In Uie rear Terms . . - 1 ? r ? ? .? . ... I' ? - Hat- - L..i ai/i A a M.tK.sCH \ f.L. TO IJTT-A STOHF, 2"3 <lllK?;NWIt H STKrfKT, I three Mn above Murray ftreet, a deelrama locau..ii mr a lewiery ami Leniieiueii'aturuUhUig atore Apply 141 J 1 1 J t .S 1,1 feart afslt or Hi 1 otrth atraet, aTter ?> dock, F. M. r LOT? THE OOTTAOE HOUSE ? HORATIO STREET ^|aa<i i> .*"i c?rp ta 101 ?a.e rffii KUu a /ssr; aim, one hali ot th** EiigilMb iiae-iiH-iii noua" .*0, 1 in /ratio afreet, ? . 'taalat ing ot twopai.or^, isu beUrooaos, glirnen and e *iiar, Deiolrt a, M Broa.i~a/, lOuuii .u sol M thirl atory, between ban past nine anil eleven. TO I.ET-A HELL FINISHED THREE STORY AMD high l.aaement btlrk la iiee In T?i'j.i mth lU"("'t, nea. -nth a?i i.u. . lis. Kas, nam, and all .be uealern linprove in n'? , rent i??vi per aiiyin; p.>aa< ??,ou I vsa on Moo lay n .11 Apply ai :>?. lirnaoway nam No. A ?fro LET. -A SMALL ENOUMB BASEMENT HOUSE J. with all tlie mo<lerii .mprovem. t. ?. Tbe fmntturr w.11. n le parti) new, win I.* a?M ai a -aerttee. Apply at ta - 001. :e o die Irvuig lluttse, or at die house Atu West ruirtlotn ?.re ?>. A. W. i>. aO LBT-FURNISHKD Al" VRTMENTS, TO SIN.JLt grn>l?wti'*n. wiUmu. I.rttnl. a parlor, landieitnely l, with beornotn, ' loae.i ai^l I.?u. ri>.n. in ib-i ursi . .aas Hut l?o. ft I. real ,(>t.i? S.reet, Ourd ?!???? tnun ttr<ia.lway, K?r?r ?lc? s rtehal i 'it run? THI*. STORK NO 40 RK VDE STREET. PIPTY fae4 eeal ot Broadway, nnpoaiu. St. wart's; r'iu4,.i(.,f year, also a^s?wal roosns, lor Itgtii lua'iMIa-iunn* pur,... IA. In hmHr Mt lKMte s.teet, ttrsi honee eaat from lirouleaj . Ap^ly at QKmMki,'. . 3H unnaway. _____________ ff?0 LET, CNrURMSHED TO A^M A 14, FAMILY. THE X npyer pan ot a ltr?t elans hotise. wi n all the rnol. ra i.n ;ir?retneou, in ooe 'if tl<e heai fcicanna tn he et lur. Knr p ,r Urulars inquire on the premiee-, No. 170 (new No. 1*^ West Fourteenth a' reek fpo urr. I* BROOKLYN - A OENTKKL SMALL THREE 1 asory aad bass meal brick luuaa dnatraaly located, a is * Okiaataa' waft frw? loiuh larry. Ken. fctlu the far.uture ia ?early nee aa>l will be aoM 1 heap, IT apptteat-oa be ?ade arawi, en tfcepreoitaea.Nn 1 llarrtfon Ot'ya^/Cts CD 4>?nr* and Ullmoa (treat*. THWAirr#' KB018TER. rro lkt or roB balk? a ykby bkaotifollt pus. i A nlthed liiiUM, U> a fine looaUou In Brooklyn, a abort dm I lance from tfie Koulb ferry, mw, and haa all modern imj>roro- | menta. None but rea-ionali'le famil.e* will inqnire. poraonillf, | between U and 13 o'clock, at ?J Ueckman street, drat Boor, up ' amir*. rro LKT OR LLAKE-TUE NEW FIVE STORY MVRBT.K ! J. fron' atore, W Itowery, l.y 90 fret with t>a*emen , ?U3- 1 cellar and vaulla: Pomowlon gl?en Immndia My. ipp r to M. H, Jk D. CAnllM AN, No. ft Hearer alsuM. TO MANTK irTTlERfl, AO.? TO LKT OR t.K VrlR I. )W. j A One, Hrge, now five slnry building. **11 IWhlc I * id ? centrally Mlua ed, U> a rcMpon-lble party will be ieitni nr re-it ed low. /pplyl.i II \ ullM.uN A OftliOKN, Ageuta, 4c., tiff W?Jki r, corner J.owry. rro DAuruuuBOTTPisn and oraiRs.? to Ljrr J. lilt- three niiper floor* of bull line; No. '.M Slow, try, n { *'li -r J or separately; cp by 'ift; r,?? in >1t ? ?. (nti i n id j AhUILIt l?)NNKLLl 'a carpet morn, S*t Uowery. ? TIMILUINKKS, Ac., Ac.? THP. FOUIIUPPBR 8r0ttI31 | of SHft broad way, pid.o'idng llie PreM'olt Hoi , ?), are o Hie loft* are well iu "range" t lor nub lulling auch par:* at lb ? ( lc?<<ec may uot wlnhto occupy. The lower pakt ok a orntkrl hojsk to let, tn the ca."l aide of Ibe el'y, wl!h whole or p ir u f.iiMi lure for aale, which entirely new. iho hou.e'1* i>a.h and Addrca* K . Morton. Chatham m<| nari- I'o* oJia4. KIN ANC'IAI*. $rC7 AAA TO LOAJI? ON WATUllIU, Ul'vMONUM. t)t) | ,UUU jewelry, *eg*r?, and every d?Hnrlii jo i of wiltialle proper)) , or Ixnight for cm<h, by IOS. h" | iVv?), t.aren>ent otuoe, 11 t liam bur* alrrui, from 9 till 0. B'I?Ui?mi in (inipi and conttd.n'iul, Old gold and Mtlrrr bought. N . tl ? No bv*lneaa tnuiaacted on Saturday. dblrt/tAAA IN CASH. TO ADVANCE ON 01 V <JT J ? Jt/.Ul/" moiid*. waiehc*, jewelry, acgar*, ic (tir I oil'. In oui ) on reaMiuablr and confidential terra*. It .-?l e* H ,} I ou((ht hiiiI foM. and eomintaalona p-ncrally negotiate I wlik piompincua, at !fl? Ann atreei, room No. 4. tl* -o rififi -t'LV.RK WANTED. ? AN ACTIVE, IN'IBV vi.'/UU, gent buklne** man. who cm le el in Irs ,mi plo.. er W,.'i00 onKiMxl ?ecnrlty, ? III l.e paid aialaryo $1. ) IJ per annum. I miles of theiilllm Ik'bt an 1 pleaaau'. doirl and lmlL'lng In the famllv of einplnrer. If d>'*lr :d. ai |L> p ir week. Aildrcaa U? ;'-M 1'uu olllce, t bli ugo, 111. rtfin T(l #?-0OT WANTED? <)N BOND AND M ?Rf C??yvU gttgr, on prndttellve r al e?'ate in ibe ip i <t pari i>i i hi city, wor'h more tlmn <lo tble the atnotin .. Apply to HECK A McADAM, No. iU Wall ?treei. ANY AMOUNT OF CASH I,<>ANK,D, OR PirROIlMKU at hlgbt, for fair prtcea, on diamond*, wa cbea, ricb jew-il ry, plain, mercbiindlae, and vnluai le perwmai propuriy g ue rally, l>y R. WOOD, 69 Pulton atreel, ncrond floor, (rout r,?ni? frotuSA. M. to OP. M. NY AMOUNT OP MONEY, IN AM A IX OR I.ARUK . .. auma, can aljiay* be obtain) d liikUtiuly, ou i>ernriUe?, Inert li.itiillze. valuables and proiierty Of all kiudo, at the <>;j re*poimiblo Paciflc Agency and Private Loan (itllce, over Pa cific I. II Ilk. All transaction* prompt, aafe, couQdcuiiai aud 1a tlnftictory, or no charge. KulWIiuured. I U Oram! aireet BANK OK THE OHIO SAYINGS INSTITUTE, tikpiv Ohio.? The paper of the above laatliutloii win oo n-celvai ail (ime> per cent illitcoiinl by the midcM-iiied. Vi . CLARK It CO., No. < llanuv or ttreet. f 1 ASH ADVANCED IN AVT AMOUNT, ON A1X V dlacrlp.louaol jewelry, nil* dry gooda, pihuok, or any other property, at tl Howard atreet, comer or tirnadwiy, ';ie oldest and luwl ret>ponvlDle olllee In Ibe ei.y; honor tad c iuj detioe ob*erved. McLOuOlItilN * o'NKiLI,. Money advanced pub short periods on ititvL c-'ate, illnniuU'U, walchea, jnwelrv, pla e plaoofjnes, ur> gianla, horaea, cat rlagex, an l every desur pllon of proper ty." by the responsible Empire Loan and Ageucy </Oiupauy. 0. WILUt, Agaut, SS3 Broadway, oppoallA the ItroaU Auy theatre. ROHV. BILL SA VINOS HANK.- NO. K! TIIIKD AYE nue, o|M>n rtallv from 10 A. M. to 2 P. M.. ami We. In ?* lay and Saturday evi nlngs from *5 to H o'elook. In. crest ai 6 p-r cent on suuis of SttV und under, anil ft per cent on att n i >?er ?vo. WILLIAM 11. PLA T I . PrratdellU J i.MKS H. KKELKR, Vice Prcs't. II Loor?o?*0WT), Scerelarv. A KDU<ATIO^. A ? BOOKKKKl'INO, TIMK L'NLIHITKD, WR'TI.Vi?f uriilimotlc, Ac.. ? Prior* retiuc?<J at PiiaVtC.-?', Oraiid slrcM't, corner of Jiowury; 100 Kulfou ntr??t't, .>ro;:Uy.i. Open day and orenlng.? Col. M. 8. Paln*?. TuH |>o.>iit>r i ll rinoHiifHi teacher oi f>fninah*)ilp Imh n^curd ' ift M'hool ever oiitrtlnorl in this place. ^ ? Daily .N'o^h, Newport. (tin ? WHITINO. BOOK KKEPfKO, ARITH A It'. ? tjpll'f MR. DOLHKAR, 6u9 Broadway, corner of tfotiiuio Hireet, receives c.fceap ciah? ami priva e pn,>ll-, ami ^au'auiet s to make elegant biHncHH writoni and practic al do'ioie e?itrr \ ookkeepern on U?e mo-it favorable teruui. N. B. ? ilaJ wri tern ar?* specially Invticd to call. A CARD.?' THE hWWRTltKR WfM- HKCKIV'E APPM caMonh daily \\\[h \v? ?*k. tor Inn ruet.on in iVitm*tH up, eiOctiUon, tooKkceping and arUhnrnJc. oUVr.K iS. HMiTH, 362 Broadway, corner of FrankJiu wreet. A PARISIAN OKNTMiMAK, HuN OF ON? OP Til I most renowned French proiei>Mord. graUuite oi tlii* hci'OoJn of PjtH. begs lo Iniorm that he wi>uen to r.-jtfire *> n * pupils lor inatrucdon In bin own language. Three icau>n< ?>*r %%eek ,Vj; hLi lemons Addre^ j{.t t'oion nqu ire Po-t Ofllce. BOART> AND KDfM'ATION FOR YOU.VO MIvSE-i PerenUi and t uardlam* deairotn* oi' nn e ligihio anJ ?!Otn ?? ?? ai e 1 ome for their eh ldren. witb 1 1 ? advun c<r ? (?ol edncauon. w ill please apply to Miss AM t'uci ;tl :j moii'i, Maton Inland. Reference given. CIOLLKOR OF ST. PRANCI8 XaVIKR, W vV/ST KiF ) in atree^ between PfWi and HitthavrawM IM . wer^ ren timed in thia InMituUon on Monday, ?t?p ember SL 8tud< nt.? are received on applying. Term*? For p?ipii? o/er I* yciirw, %12 M) per qnarter; thuHO under, Ao. M It'll A F.I. mtlsk' JL. f^RKNCH fXAH^RS.? FRFNC'H LANOC AGK i vr'Olfr l>> a Pari?ian lady. rhlKtrenV cla?- *? evi *rj day a? P M. I*a<llea? claates will open mi >b<* l;iii of h*?p- eiob?*r. Prl vale le*?Monit given. Apply at 20V i hird avenu>*. |?BRhril \KD UKRMAN T.AMOUAOE?4 A Nil I.IT/HA J1 tore. ?The underMgned, favorably known f ?r ye tra, far bin proieasional compeicoey, ertntlnuiM to receive u<-w n.*btdani for private in^t ruction. Pa-** d the grent exjtiiilnat.nm on he continent of Europe. Broadway, near Broome -tr^'t, room H H. ffttliLMMlMU. French day and boarding school, iuhkjtkd by the late Profewiora of Mr. Peugnet, X. A. I<ei*pw: ?a?e a >d J. Haydoek Hmitb. Mncdou^al *tre**t, corner oc 'Union place, near Washington park, laie M^n1 'bant*' Hehool. Mlflft irriBLBt fEBKCH iNDIHQUII I?\Y \n:? boarding achoni, for ytrang India*, No. ft & : fhli ?? a ireet, between FtHh and MwUmju uveuue*. will re-opeu oa Thursday, September 6tb. Madame ooutan*h frknch and rn^lisii board lug and day school for voung ladftea, '/,? Ptliii avenue, corner oi Tbiriy tirnt street, will re open on Monday, .Sept. Itf. An onmibua iMattaencd to the eMiaLltMhment. MADAMR MARTINET'S PRKNCll AND ENiLIRII lioardlni: and day w bonl lor yimn* ladle*. No. gg vVesi 'A uruty ttrai street, between Ptnb tutd Mith avenues, w U) re open on Monday, September 10. MRH. HUM BOAEISO AND DAY ft'llijiH. r'ult ) otitic ladles, 101 Hi. Mark' - place, 1? now >!>rn for tb. re eeptlon of pupil*. Circulars, rcfcrcnto*, Ac., at Uic i n.iU MM. MRS. HAMILTON'S FRENCH AND KNOLItill DAY at h'K>l will r? open on M'.nday, Septeuib.-r In, at No. Iim ts ?.*l 'I tiirtjf silUi aUrrt, b-'iv-een ui..udw,i, and itcirolkut iiu>'. 1'lntilarn may he obtained al I be school, ami at rbepari] A ' o-'n book .nore, IS2 Falun ?treet, Mrs. okkt.i.b boarding and day school rot . *oung ladle. mm re opened Sept. 4. Pei ".in- d *..|rinif iiitttlarv may obtain them at I Iff rrakltwi!, Nus. 6 a.'ii 10 i i.titon place, highlit street. MIH. MK\K-' FRENCH AND ENGLISH HO A K DIN' I i.nd <1.1 j acbool Kir rovuii ]a?ll''?, 02 anl .>i W.-"> KiiVe:iib attaef, i elow. Hith aven'ie.i re open* t?n Thurs-lay, .*epie'u.,er I'. Mrs. hears * HI beat Iwuii w reel** pae?u(4 dlana who wlab to confer wltb her, trow M rtj.ty, Septatn&er & Mr. and mks (var caNoai hoarding AMD da) school lor yosing lade- I 'x. IT. I. a Cajrt At PlMo) will be re opened mi w e4jx *wy, (fc pi IJth. Mr \m> mm *> son ncnaiKft* boardtno an- i day ? ???. . Mr f""ni M*i,inf?*ioa Monday, r rpt. lie*. A s'*** ? at ? #4 " e?' .it Mneat. MO. AMOLADK. IIKaIH ?1F FRKNi II A VD HP AJ* ? lsh tent her, gl?e le-sotta. In bis ultlcn. VU l-roadw ay, and to a ???? ?. r t? u-. - I'be imptu it ?j practice in the mum ko'im , aim *a ?? k's theatre. PARENTS DKNIROI H OF I'RIM'T'HISIJ FOR TIIKIK daughters (ur.tirr I J >e trs of j?t> 'h? ooiiitort* or a ho ne iiTTiblned *lih a rood tilmt inii, will pl.ttar addr. -? Mia* A.< TIsltLI., Porl Richmond, Mat* rt la ano (ibe h-s at praaeni a lit* youuv laili'? uivler charge art l Urn ?r Mfiin iam *tu c<.mp.i ir ner n'lmber. Term* moderate an l rofere?t'c? ri el nijed. CHANIH1I ? PROF. c. VIIJ.AVRRDK I'AN DHPO^K I. J ot a le? hours, tKXh In the day uute uxl in th<- ot ntn^, ? t private Irsmft-. Apply at No. V Carroll plan*, Mleet'Aer I SPANISH ANDRNOLHH UANdl'AURti.? RITBRR ONK O ot ih?-i*r lantiuaaoa ln'i> hi In a very ?h?ri itano, by a pi mm. M.r, who boj* l ad jo'ii" e?p< rVi,c< In it a' hlttg. l"ri?ato I, ?* sons ai 'h- p'n'li'" r.'sld, rwt l> rtn? mndnraie. Addfi-aa or call on II. Fil.i.RA .latkioo Ilou-I ..Al and J4.? .iprln^ street. I'll J. nihNCU IN-TtTlT>: ?t)R TOUNO CtNTUCJUBs, iH-aJ iln* and ill/ school, No. M tait T wenty uiurtii niH't, dirucled b) Mr. 1 liAKlJtJ. of I'atln ^lurmer i) H. I *ngneC? (chovt;, ?iil upon tin Wa.ltten.Uy, -opt. Lrth. TID HDMBOLDT INKT1TI 1 R.-TH* CLAfHICAL AND I n.i r> smile *? hool .or votin* ^eru.. n.eo on tba #e.-u <an I tan. ur.der ihr d r. rilon of Drs Hi' hard and Hendaa. U now t4>t n .or lite ri eej uon of b<nsrdinK nnd <1ay pup Is, at \0 fourth av. nue, Dear I ? nH li: h aireei. i ire mar* rnsy oj Itati at Hu Juer A lit* w tt'.V, JCl HrtatJway. aod aA JM In ?i.t'Ue. l>AJIt?U ACADKNJKK. DANCINO ACA DKMY- TKOMCMf iR B YATRS> Inst, ins A'adt B) le now open ( .r thes? aa<Ht. al MU..a r . Hal.. I??ery, uppuapa . pr.t,g afreet Dara ot IMW Vi . 'Ilie-.ay* anil Frtuaya, front B tu 4 o'clock, lor I wiles. noam* ami n^-eta. nm \M INO.-BR'XiKK'M OrKNIN'l W)IRF.F WIIX Uke |tla"! at Brooke's /ta?.-ia>ly Bootts ,?l Bnfljte ?,eet on v etir.ewlay t ?eninK. I..I L" . afer woieu a soiree H^n' W ? tntwlsi e.enu.a :or It ?. fUMIRO ACADRMY ? MVKKAL YnUWU LADIKiA J f a atite-l. wlin are ^??d dat.Cn 1 Apply f?r waecaA ,W, I It*wl?t?), uv ?:a4r?. MtaacT. (^ARD -0*0*0* W COIXIDAY. PORMRRLT *?00* > tier <tf I eds. Ac , for the ? onaty of PAIIa lalpass, aaitcita vba patrnna<(e o> u?? peopla of ?#w York an1 .tejuAy mum ??u?r .< the pirrhaae ?od aala of real eiAA ui'as^aant of touaimm of 'laitna, prepare job, re^iaiey, aol r?nrd M ?Aimuanl Mari paper*, mr , r ne urf ui .aa iiy aal e*??*i> u Pbllaaelphla. .^aie of I'enns) I'ania. at. 1 o~ar Maiaa. Ha eiparianee of maay years. ^nJ na?Jt* ue BMtai of fa* sailaai aad ?t I ;.rae,jeal hHfal AaJeat, e^ajte aui la aaan r* A? fr?alea? aa altar 'ton to km parous He rtUf, ? i.b | erwtiaa^q, u, jnkm M t^tAairaa. K?i . isxi a.y . rea ur.-e, ri *<litajn ix.wara, rv-| , hi^mmr o, ia' .tu, 4o. , f"*01, i' fc~3CT' ?'re?,.iant ,-?ja ? ?aa hi , rei., I- kitMlwan i ?-1) , gnrrr. lituakjyn, ? /. A.llrnaa h'l fc '"l T-ilk a Haj |4or?rr ?-r?*_ t'lul I.,s v.ta. "'** v*ni>n -JonN ir mm ?a ,1;^'.!77!l *?d raeei rlag a*J ?' ?ff' t, (Wi,^ * ct 711 aOARDXHO AND LODOnO. 1AOA HB"AIW \ Y. ? 1*1. K NT R 4ML4 TO I.KT, ?I'O" wl h full *r ptr lal bo*r I. Hie bou?4* to i*<r, * 1 h f ali Uiii wKtoru uuprov.mea*; but few bOkrJuri i?k -a. Ki fereuc* rrqulrtd. C7f\ BROADWAT.-FURN1MRD BOOM TOUfT. 0 I U A uplondld diU of narlora no thn Urai floor, w".1 at IrH l-fr r(* mn, And f*wl> iltftk'frhcn; alao, tMnhu I wini ' b * I n<nw or ( emu ni. n. Tliwe nxm* are wo* hr at at iu !???? prim ???-IKK HO moderate. Hit ak rut If dcilrc.l, with (ha Ll h- of al rollon. H?q broadwat, onion s^uakk? h\nimo*/? ?O furn<?hi-d par or* m l b. Jroo.n? to li*t, tnaeth t <ir ?.? p. r?tf , with or W)tho it bov I; prrnii- iai>lr if pr -ferve 1; b?u. runui, (;??. Ac.; Kogltob bu wont lor ? pbyaicuMi. IT ro liROAUWAY? T(? t,KT? If AN'DlOM it.T FOR 1 nlidi?wl room* U> mmillni or aliuri* jcntloni' n. Th ? houa* ? lirat rla-?, rouulu.i *11 the modem Un,.ror6in P.I ?ne lublp if dinlrrd, il R<. Al'WAY. -A IIK XUTIKL'L KKOMT FAlU.Kl and Ihrf.- idi-rpmg apar mo?'? w. If to a p u"jr o. ir-'i i t*ii rinra, I M?rwi wr.n m,d W i*liU4 v 1 plv ? fi w 111 11 r? lYoni Ni w York llotrl. Will turulah botidlldo nun . bn .li mid kh?. lielVr.'iici a rcqub-frl. OCO KOI KTH AVi;MUR-\ HMV\TR F \ tff'.Y ? >C Ld would aocotniiKi.ivie it K*n li-m.ui <illi.a <ru> or tarn m.? f fi-ti'lrmi'ti whi'ro tbe comror.a of 4 hi.uo cat t?o '? 1 jojed. II. mi e pli-uniM unU of mny acci-a.. Applj ua <m. Of C FOLKHI AVKNIIK ? Kt RN1M1IK1) H ?'?M \ CO _ . f) lr o Lmi'!i?nn*ii, wllh pur lul l-Dird. Hii* ho-iv? 01 ikon lia'ht-Knu mid gn*; hI ii? ion iwnvrnit-iit to Urn J mini ?ib liim-i-, ? ri'i-tsurant uppuHiu-, or A ii u ks ft it kkt, hrooki.yn. -Fritvr u ::i V rta urn in Irt, <u tinilii nuin, with o- w i lio it ,1 1.- . I Ix v u, il. h pi. iuuio Iv Ic-HteJ li hisc, it fi*u inmu ca' *? uk iVo 11 V 11 lnr?*t nr.-oiiib l'irrti?. Q1Q I'AfT I ROADWAY? A l.tROK AN1> FI.B V-UVf 4. 1 it m mi ll ?ii ry froul riKint ai. I |?inry to let. wt.h botrd, tn ? ki-iii emmi a.. J wUe.or xln^lp gn< Irm.'n. fifll SKl.t ND AVKNI'K, NR IR TIMIIT.? i T I aLv/'x ? r>'i ilfii'lrniin rai: ihtain * cboira 01 hnlnin I. fur Inn riH'iua, wl>li lull orpiu al . otr l, tf dualret, 1 1 4 hoOM l.aviiig i'Vi r> modi-ru cuuiri<n!i'nut' aiU a 1 cry Je-urnle locMiho. FRANK!. IN 8TKKKT, TWO DOORS FR >M lirr? iiiii ? i tirnWhiM", wltb Or * ItlMi I' bo ir 1. outiiH, lor ainxln HKOiiaineu. oi ty bu b?iimd .or in > aprOinij 0011. i nto Krirlttiuriirttu ni/a u fur i ? 1 r. wilh brtukU itnd tea, lor Si each, or fl 5J r.? h, m l onril. I 1 MM n hTRKKT. THIRO POORRASTOK ?R?M> 1 HI ?ay,?aul. of hftt?l?>iu? fitrnlalMid room*, md ?|.t<l? IOOIIIX. w i b brcaltiati, U rt-quirrdi ?lxo No. o Ouiif^i- |.Uiv, 1% TWKN1Y PI ITU HTRKKT.? Kl.'KNl'IlID It-') riouiu 10 n't ? ih 1 oarJ. fuI HDla for iteatle.n'U ? 1 1 ;U r ? Ivi or ?tngte ui'iiUnin ii. Tlie hniue ma'jiiiui all tun twilrrii iruprov iruii a, and In pl.'*?:in I jr In -a ?i-.l ooiwitu . t* m li li 111. n Kiii'uli meiiiir"; coavi-umol lor ir? a id *l?< i. lin OR/ NI) MR KKT, A Fr'.W IKMIR8 WHrr OF i i M'- I nwlmiy ? 1 wo or ihr?'? ?.m )?? ni r 11 r 111 l>* tcrom U.I <1 ril Willi Motile room 1, an l bnard. 11 rr )U ri?d, ul?o, ,1 , i'i. I. man and lili wilt", ulib a Inr^r tur'ilnlu'd roam ou ilr?l Lour. 170 "2 KtrMi-k u TJ'er fii pi t Hllif 1! 1(\7 TKNTI1 STBKKT, BKTWKK.V liH?)AI>WAr AND J*' I t |?Ur?. ? A Biiiii* ol h?t(ri4<)ui *!y furul?^<ki n-ctit , fir*t linor, Ironl pap|??r, hiiJ i wo Uive livJnmm" nl * t\ fd, h if 1 1 pr1vi? o tabii*, or will let to bln,;le KcutlKiiien, Willi or without hoard. Tfiini uuh lrraif . 1 Ar? IHt.MPSON SIMKKT, BKTWKFN SPRIV 1 AVI), w th partial i cmnj; lw<i'. m Tf ry p|".i-ant an I ronse iiitiit: bMth rr^jfiiM and Kaa Prloen luoUtTa^. lnr WF>T roi'KTKKNTH riTKKKT ? FT ft Vldll^D X" 'fJ ro<niin for fiflKCi fafiiliteb and single grutlemeu. tte;o teiK'?* vichauged. Q fZ GKANH MTREKT, TWO HLOCK3 WKHT OF BH)AD ftny. ? Hand/- un^ly furu rnomx to Ji't in gfutlraiMi, w uh l.ri'MkiaMt if deniri-d, or in ?nl wlvi*^, ,m i??r<* all 'i*' con.iorLo of a liotue can l?r? r<'*4ijk??h h aixulv xiuiil aatl HM w. f7A WKST TWKVTYTflfRD STKKKT.-A VKflY l>K-<f I X ra? It* ?utt ol rxumm, romjjrtxtn/r tlif wh >la of tb ^ u?*eo id lio??r, and roiiNl-Unff <n iwo iar?j? hnhhh ah i two bodrootil i, wfh p?i.lrj?p, MitliaMf for a ftfutlfmait and hU r?imi!y, ??r ? wa K^'iUJ'Turn Hiid hrlr wlvf?i, rnaf of obtained, with prlva o ta bl? U a?; ai^o, one large frout room on third ttoor. 7 A WbT TWKNTY TIfIIU> hTKPKT-IIOAKIU.V I" furulsbeil or nufurnlnbt*dt wllh fml or uiru-il io?rd, In a iir?: i liou^*. w lib i>aih, ^a?<, <tc.; prUa^ (atoll/. Kc-ffronce f ke lumped. j-cw i.r'i Pvi m i:knth ftkfkt, corner OFHixru DO mfuut'. ? 1'1? sai?' rootiin for um.lle4 or ain4lA r;e??il? n?ft? o i f 1ft, wl h lull or patJaL ooaal. iloune coma ri- .?li tli? modfin ttupro> tftnenia. Ui) Rh%tM?N rTttKl T? IIROOKT.TN III? JO IIT^? WITH w in ihrac miuuffH' walk of Wall n*r -of Carry, .^u 'a of rci ui*, i< r taUillifn utui Minnie KfOtlcineu, can u ? pro nr.- 1 .?! llif uio.o dt liKbliiiby loralfd rnnl'lenc?*, r iuauitu; all '>e n.od( ru Unorovemetits. I>inacr at aLk. Ue/erencei nxcaao ,fd. r i' I lel'K NAKI) .* TKKfcT, N K A R MHO \ I) W A Y. ? V ti \T fJ\J I y miniMbcd rooms o ie? u? gei tlcrnen, without board. rj Walker sirekt, five dookh w/.^r of ?/*i l?roadway. 'I mo looma Ui leloo Ji*geco??d c.i c>V) tbf ibirU fl'.ir, Witii or wlthfui bO-ird, *> i>* u en m i. Hi mtn unu their mIvch. not. roM au i fbowci* utUji a. lb? houw. ^rCih^VK r.TRFKT, NE vR RIjEECKKR. ?NlJl'ERDR 1 ?./ MtilU o. room* lo Ifi wt.h I.oard, to *o an ? vl?<- r w v?>; I o? nrrpi"if wi b iinprovi-nieiila, location iz> *t d. huul'f. nnd accessible Up Atago line. 07 MM U .STHKK'l? HaN1>.jOMKI,Y V KVI If ;i> Ol room#, suitable ff?r ;en?^*?n?n or n<-u lem 1 t 1 1 n r Witt*, w ,11 t>e lei wi lt tKMra, lu the flr-i elass h iu?o . 1 Nia h ?iroft, near Hub avenue. 4 /? MVt\ PUCK. A Mil OF PARLORH OH TUB fir: ?. oor, fi? >. miiiy furnUlif.l, wi n a bird *iory fro it <o<nif fofifflnlnc kss and i. ro au waifr. o Iff. o,' *?bfror *>% I nin ' ly, 10 a party of gentiemi'ii, wf:h or Without p?i ial iioard. 10 (ARKOLL rLAI'E I.AIiIKH AND OKVTLRVIEV JO ui?hlf)K 'o make arranue?'?-??'* for the wlu.#*r -til) .hi 1 ?<..?ai I** MUarmfftfa " No l.??arioll i Ble? ker utrfft l*:? .b kiid ^a*? In >bt) b<n?f. Kflt-rcu' e? re^nn e 1. lAC KHOIJi FLACK, BUCKf'KKK HTHXtCT.?P \ Ml X'/ llei? or ?irij.lf f:entl??uien can be jfenteahr a - oairn >ia h.j v\..h \ery deairaulf room*, wt.h lull or par'iaf ??oard, p.ngiyar ui nuiii ?. iMni^r front b to ti o'clock. ferenr# hailed. ti) r n ?BOARD DOWN TOWN Can HK OH TA1VICI) ?.?*)' *? at iba Farmers' lio'al at tbe aixira pri/^j per week, without lodging. One weak tn advance ro'|iii.ed HI W?uJ.m^ton itreet A LADY AM) OKNTLI MAN WWII A Frit.MHHKU rootn, whh full 1 ?ard for flte lady onl partial ooinl for b< gfUUftnun. Addr?*?e, stating u nns, it*., T. Y. iiarrie, l>roauwiiy l'o?i ofllee. ATRiVAlK FAMILY IN ltRof)KLY\ WOl'LD LKT Umiu^U* ^ouilfmen, <4 quiet bal It*, iwo Cm*' nuiurnlah?d ru4i?, tm blra nuor, wiib nruQlacos and u**, a. Lin Uo <u. i.nifw' wiiiL of any ol "die lerrie*, per lor ?'S"V?. lV?it ol 1 etc rem ?i n quired. Apply ai l?t*ari street, Brooklyn. AHII l>W W1IO OWNS II T. IfOfSK. WHICH IH N ' W and bnnd>on ely ftiri.hlied, would like to oo*r I a wti l?' n. u and h'P wUe, or a van Iiiximii who would t'?* M4.1U14 topiy ib?r. l > lor Ar?< ? las.. a> t omuiodsiMvu? i- th i^-wu A?< iid a . ? '*s blf, nil f b?* rom.orf* of a h"i m- alii Ih* ^iven Teruis n odemt* : n) pl> s' 2VJ. We*. TtHrlle l? p?reet, b^twe^n tu, h'b aH t Ntnth tvesm ft. VHI IT OF IRoOMH ON THIRD FLOOR TO LET. FI K, wth b4Mtid, U? a K?ullemiin and bU wif?, or two iitfit |?? nueti.f 11, wi b break!**! and i s, or aoaid let par' 01 b?- l ou*?- h ba* ml be w*trrn lli|>romnra *, dfiiau*! in'lwmtj lou r ilk street, t if ar Ki? l"li av? no?*. Aildresa K. A., I Ok Iftt ficraKJ oflir**. AOKN'ILI MAN AND LADY C'Alf RE PLEASANTLY aeeotom ^ta'fd with furnf?bed rr*>? ns, wpfi l>oar?l io. he tiy futl) , In a pif ? sni location up ?own; Mta^ra the door, ? r.T? r.H-iit to uventH- mr* Hou- ha*, an the u?o>lem im prcTfloffi.11. Adilr?^??. M. *?., hroalwttf 4'ont ullir*!. ARK - 1 L< TAbLE YOINO LADY WISIIEU JIO VRD. uno 11 rr* ni In a r? uper priTai? family. u >< far t.p town. Addrr*? li K . lie raid ? ?ff?? e. ARKAl'lfPl li H RNIMIED K<KiM, ON TIIF. MF.? !OND . 1 1 or, wi b lariefi pan net and bah rirf?m aoaetie I, sl*j , sa. to irt to s KeiitifniMti and wi'f fir two -m^ir m. wi h t OHMt, m a pnva.f taiui y. iWO hiocki wem ol ilToad Wa y . If. ween Finn li Miid Ki^h.b mroeis. Addrens l^ogan, ilrot**! May I f fncr. \WIIH?W LADY? RESIDING IN A PI.FA^ANT f |RT of i#(y<>klyn, ao iniii'i walk of farry, and oiie mm u*f*' walk oi ?hr i#reenwood cars?-4s d?*?irvos <it O; uui ink a t eo'icmaii and wlf?, <* iwo f>ui?i? f^n i titifn, o board. hTery ai'foiion Mill ur i?aid >0 Uiwr comfort. Apply ft4 No. 4 Ittifler ?tie^t, H-.uth i{ftx4tlyn. NTLKMAN OF REHPKOTAHILI TY WOULD LUK ui meet with a /entiwl famwy. m a?*r* b?* would ??ujo / Uip rlTlll 11 % <h retard and be com/. ma t * a ua^py ho n ? 11 dei. ruble, be aoutd sit* uu ructkai in npaoisn >>r rr 'ivn, snu In im hue aria, lor a fmalwa a delucuou lxi the term* /td'ircsa Linicits* H rood way Pom office. ARKhPKCTARLE ENULIHH WOMAN, LIYINO A short ulstaiice 1r? m ihertty, will take ofie or two eMkfrcn ui I oard wb* ie erery ei,re will b< 'ak? n *tt tfa t n. Oan tie neen lor two da|n si Kb Hift MkteanUi si. A private I AMII v. OCCUPYIffO A IfODMN J\ tulH hon-f In a quiet, drtlrsl?lo location, d.-*l/.- to 1 t * Mf il tun., -hi d *'t> of rooms, wl b .uJ or p*rtlai ^oard, to 1 pans of *etiUi va*n . or a lainiiy, wl nou? einidren, or * >uiJ le tbe parior Loor Willi priTa.f tabie, u dvsirei. apply at li Irving plane. 4 WIDOW LADY. HAVING A IlAM?-OMK Pf'RNIMH J\ fd boU e, down .own, went of Broadwsr. womd Ilka 10 r tit en. en snd dulr witcs to ooar-l. Inq ore st 14 *a nJki-r atre**t. ALALY AND GENTLEMAN WTPIf A PI R NTS?? ED if/cm, ai h t .<aid for iha lady o:*iy. Local bm a ? urth aireoi. Adurrae 1# II. D., liera^l 1 after. Akplendid plrnihhed paruir. wrrn one or two hfdrnoQiS. to lei to one or two jon*!*. geuur u en la a pi Tftif bm?i- with all the moiern ln.proT??m? nta; a Si a aiog'.e r?-? m whh^raie ??ai ?.a". Apply at W Prtti?e utre "t, s i'- * dca>rs w em 01 Lr s^lasy A YOINO MAN WlJ-IIEH A WEIX PIRNHHE 1 room, a hh break.'aat and loa, bH#f?a ?"b%u . -#ers aol kn?iier 1 ntti. A'l^r w ma>kk?p? r, lPr?kl*4i a. AOfcMI.KlMM AMU WIPK. <>K Ttil i?JKi|I.K Of.* Ut ii. m, '?*11 be m>< DMi'iiIiM ?iUi '"mr I m. 1 ??i. lan w.f Ii rnubfo ronti.?, lit ? .*?> J. ? tipjt.i* ? nr? .n. hcr<m- , 10 ibr iK>lchM>rl?<'?l ol h><Ir>rrluM mf*m iuI t Mnu Mjuarc. Addr>-?* A. 1.. < HeraUuflhr. AI.ADT WOCLD (41 VK IXtfTSCCTIOIf IV n?Mk nuii' >n<l 'ir??uw. or wiu 1 ituoi J**J ? u .? immwi u.i? iim uf |liW 1 kw ><vJ, Lwh ?,u*r>- full ofljrr AI.AIiV II Ah TAKKH A HofHK, ASP WTI.I. A? * n..xl?^- ? ti w fc/-n.M-ni'ii triJi f ?*>>*" M.?u.ori? ?t * hom>- ku-I > !?*???? ? . * 1 1 do ?k ?-U to k|| ly iiuauiU.- j, ?> ,?o I it a 4ft >.f*' a *f t rtU'i ^irl i.nrrniir'iiifw^M ALAIiT HATUTU TaJUN A IIOI rr At no i nf*TK ? rr*t, '?!? wi.r?.n?.?i *i? <i,rnr '<f l?ur ^ u ? 'U- .. ? i Ji .... i <j?ril Mi l pltMAri ruunw ..p| lf ?Bf 'irn Jar. 4 lis.) okkcv r?i? m>ahu Ann fuiAmma i * ? 4 **T'?k -Ii4iiI?b?u UkI luaui", 1 ...Am, ? >*? .aUtom .. w? fn j ur ? rua#l <?jr ra..i.rlu4?>ti w ?Mi uiirf o MM. iniorv. . ?n a .Vf ?u-t k?" ? I <mrutr, I'M/ fe., ?|i iiraac^, ,jp ? p i/in^ fc*i B4MBP ? ri:**lcHiii> BootM Tf> nr.rr hhitaIU *? ??.air? .,r k-uUn,n. mi j, ^ KmT I , ) ?!.??? plMk^>KU) It-mmI nt- rk?*,?4 (,?-?. rt *>. ?*? n<wi..<L AfHiy at K? a VMM) plf >.w ? ??* V :. srt, > ?.r?r. I'M Kim 1 . 1-f i MUUUIUu MJIU liQuuli^ BOAKI>? TWO OH H1KKK C1KNTI.KMKN AM) THKIK ? thi" lilt- he, ! tt-t-pt riHhUity, ri'iy pi fr | 144' Oirlj'a II A pi .Vilf I'M Cli ly, i u?kliM it #f Hill atrr? ?, wtir k iltii iveoue. Addfeaa Hoileapont, Herald o Jc%. BARI>.? A 1*1 HAS A NT FRONT ROOM TO LKT TO A pi tl.rn n end hia wtle or two ulnar it- emithmi n urt h t? .1 rrt, u a prlva ? la in 11 y, whi re 'here am no oiber apiri^ri, ? uaw-d ?n anc a:re*', <?? menlen ?o the Kfglith aeemie e*r*. lit* Utwv baa a J the modern buprovcm?*liU. Addit** It. i? , lieruln cffre. TJOARD? OENTI^MRN AND W.IVKS, OH HIVOLK X) * ? wnfc iil' to aecure board lor thn wlnt r Inn bin o.'hm private houae, can apply at 1& Tboinpaon *Lr ? t, I*'OH on near V a-Liu'ion aquarel aeei-aaitdo by two a'.afe n uK'*. Dinner at (o'clock. Refcrcnc ? e&< hangod. BO/l:l -MN 1.H HRNTLFMEN, OH tilNTLKM N atal itu lr w ' vi m; .No, finale ladle* ran ob'mn n!??- ii, h?<l lot ma, null or without board, a* Howard ulrcfi. Btr/Hi.-A family having mouk room tiivn lec.irfd. would dHpwmof a room on tbo iloor, *o ? in- o#i he htrd. 1 lio house hM all tlia mo Icru lntprori' in f. lutfr, linn, a?\ U? ferenri < given an J required. Apply it N Wert 1 weiiy seventh Mired, near HUih nvtaiue. TDOARD.? A LAROK FltONT ROOM A ND PAN THY, n.-wiy Mini * ed, lor ? i ent toman aud vrffe, wtih boa/i i>>.* ?u. lauy, if n i-rim) private family, or wotil t ttcOAin > l?(?i a tl.a would rcnti re Ut? M i vn aof a nur*\ Terms molo i ? c. .? pply a Mi Iju t Twfiity fdtdfe street, near Jourh av. H* I I'.? A VKHY DKSIRARLF rtf'TT OF ROVMH. FOR .. m jiin fiwin Hiid l?l% Willi, wi h ill i ho mo Itrn Imprm ? i. ? ia i ? ?? ? . . ??.i m <?i Wont Twenty Uiird *>rtje?, nd*r I 1. ll aVil 110. HfTi Pi'lr <? l \flirt/l|{|vl. B? . Rl.? A ? l.Mi.KM W AMI HIS WIFK, OH TWO blti, t en 1 man. < .in o< (itu t #urd In u pri%*nt? luni'ly, oc i | \ ??? i n.(* i ri. i tin !^?u>i\ ronveiilriii to ear# an I ?u* i in wh< r li? cointort# o u liouin n.iy lid oujo) (*<1. \ppl) a( No h Wt?rr? n pi ???, ( in,rli*H m rml, R?*lirreu^0H ? ich.i ii^imJ. Bi^h.-a h:w yoi n'j ladirh akd younq Ii. li CAU I ?' ?W( oiurno lati'ij w 111 i |;im><! board i al#o tlllfu:* i 'i Ci iii niM o i? t I ) apriylnff f r wi*?*k at ilro niui nwi, i.i w? ? n V/irtaft aini .*? tiilivan al^. | OA IM -IK NIMH FT REFT, 1IKTWFKN FIFTJI AND J j Mifli nvi*nu?*>s In ?? p*iva<? (H:uily;tHo ?mii ?> roo m, ;*?ir ri > \ t'u or ui? u nihlii d; pn \ u.r Ubla or no . to u iriiiM of mo fu>l ri*^f-i ? lal ll 'y irrm* w II lu< ii inonublo. /iuiirctfH, with i. i n. ? ubd uuuiIm t, h. W., Aator place I'uMtoiUce. Bi /M -A WIDOW LADY, LIVINO ALONR, ffOT'LD hi ii pltiin I'uiiiaIhiI riN>m <o alu>l>; :??in^ un oipo i hm1 n^rp*- *ouM jwff r who vwul i i ? |U?r<' uiirHlu/. '1* wi huii; lie ooiiiloria oi a b"mi ruu 0? iwi*oinino Kti i m rf ooiiAbl*' tfrm*. Apply at 74 HMgc mijwi, p ?ar Hlv lii-m. Board? nos. too and ine k\ht folhtfwnth h e .?A lmn foin?? wuit of itfnni, wrlth board, may b?* m enftrd in 'ho a n?u firn rtuw bon?i* by a i'nmlljr wllbout otoli du n, on unin? ilia '* uppllrailou. 'I h* I101140 (vuiuilim all Uir tuo* n ii Inn rovi'ineiiU uid ronvrnli ucrs hp ?>*< %ry or d<*?li a lb- for u home, kl-u urn* or two fliiglii nwmi. Hcl-Jri'm: '* i xrimugrd. ? BO^RD-IN IlR'M>KLY N.~ RLR<f ANT ROOMS, WITH bi-aid, coiiVrn.ent lo Wall atrial iui-1 Souib li*rri?*4, (or t Urn*' i Hit ' no ii or KftfiiJfriirn wi h Uiftlr wivi-n, ran br oo alLrd a' St Oararn hircri, m roud Iiouar irom nlatft atreoi; r?; .oreoret tschangrj. BOARD.-A VKHY l.AHCJR, H \KDHOMK FRONT HOOM, \% Itii paiiirtra and (i0>iroom-< af a^wl, to list, with ioird, I ri ULru i r m..urri..-hl l, iti aprl\a'r h?u-*', Huhabl ? lor u i?r? i U iniiB and wu?? Hin> a hIokIih <ia? wnd baUi tu h? b<i?i.-r. i|ipl) ai No. ft llrnrb ? rrrt, i y. |x > > | u j hi. John * pa/ k . BO/UD ami HOOMS ? FAMILIKH OK MNULK HFN flcmrn wan!lnjj prrinnnrni boar.l run iin<l Ji?arabl** a? 1 1 'i. a<o h. Mm u< Noi.. Ju?and HM Kaxt F< ur lo*^h hirrai, nrai I i.MBi quart*. I !???-?? ritouiM hav? JuM l?r?*ii rvduUhrd, nri* io i.ih ra i onier, and contain all ?Im? modern linprMtruirnU \A flrM t ?uf *> liouKirM. !<? teroiicl^ rueiwinir^d. Board in a phivatk hoi hk-to i.ft, to a K'-iolrnuiii and bU witr and rv f? v* aloKl'* grntlfuirn, ihrrn or /i.ur bi?nd*i >mrly furnlthml room*, wltb pariul bo.ird fur tl.r ?rnUrno n. l?f?catlou riuitnil and vrry pi-?* *ant Apply at \t2 1* jajst 1 weliUi atn-i-t, between hccond and i'bird arcnuc^. 0/ Iil) FOR 1HK WINTKR, AT WOODLAND MAN ?.on.? Far'ira can obtain imii0a and flint; In ro m*. for iha i?<i aim * liner on rftM*"iiahlft Itdih. Ilauar r.My ut nr, *** b> linde n Klvcr i:?il!' ????!, ?4t the fool of t'ici / iouioifl Apply to Mrfl. DU^KNHKItit Y, at Lbo Mantlon, ('artbiiiMTUIc. Bqard i ?? town.? a couflk of c*kn tlrmk v w i h thi-lr wlvcw, or two or threo ??ini;^ K' ntl^m :n, ran ? i afcotntnoila'rd \\Ul? 1 oard In n prlv* <? i.tu ly, in wblv h tlierr ar?* ao ofher boar lem. lb"hou?r 1 * new; ooii'aina ail tbr |i chIcii. iiiiprovt nn ntn, and w ? ouvnu-n, to an* nod atnifH. Apply a' Nn. lift W>-t Thirty -?? iirhlb Ktrent, bnt wr*fit HjvcihIi kikI Lrit<lith avenue*. Heierro. * ? i-ielia ihciJ B0Al:D D? W.N TOWN. ? OFNTLKMFN AND Til Kf H Wl\m 1m. "In?l?* Kcti J ??men, ran oj'miii ho%i 1 in I . 1 1 y rotnioi ?tb a|u?r rm nta, by?pp|>in^ ai No. H ?li I it ? i. ? *%hlie lioiiM? oppoalie jtowlinx iir?-- 1 1. Traruicnt oanlei ?? ink. n B BOM IiDCiWN TOW N-TWO oh TlfRKF MIN'IIJ! ORN Oeinen may oi Ulli pi- ." ant t" ut - wuh -a,. I, b> ailing a i'b> t lifiuii oit' ht i eet . Ki^i r^opi * rriimr?*l. hi?* M? IN F *-1 I ROADW a V A FUIY \TK FAMILY l.av tii i, ore raorii than they di lire, wool I !*? ? < n ort i.l. .y tin i i- li* <1 ;o in \%lth { aril*] ooard, to tWO -M*uluij oirini "i ? l.i-r, or n. e ?*n.>:V No o?mr uoar tee . ? btane* pan* tlw ?i< "r AdilrtM It. i'., 4,21.t, l'o#i hfllee. 1>r.Ahl> A'l lot) Y V^T HIXTl l-VTII sriKF-T. . iMl l> door cm .ro-f! 1,1* iti .-tai | 4 .-I H i v v. an? ,?**, tti i i4 | riVMi. inriol) , lor a trrn leman and wrif**, or two r Oir?*?* ?. j i?- . ? n e n ? n . <ti?* ri#?m? bav** lar, ,;?? il'.-**?ntoh I, run a ijiit, IiOihimi uikl AAUr. Itaicrvii Hiib*u>>i. Board, ai HI A PAKIY hK ll'.ni Bui ? j i ii- imf ihi tu) | 111 I'lf roun'r*. ioa> obtain i.<? t, wltb , 1, 4 1 a r) i</ in , ai a prlvnte reatlenre, U IlKbiftilly lo i??* 1 o< ll f* < 4.i. r,M r having e*t. n^lve ^roiin t . rh r ?*, \i i-hi'ii ff l? in: and i o niiu:. > urriai ?? and 1 ? ? i#*?i?i 4.' > In IpH. AecfN to il e eiiy cveiy il?o m ii'i .^ iiy moo ??!, U.lrd a 'id I i ur li avenue rarw. Ad-!r?-.< A*1'?mh , i n on I ?**! o|i ' f. j T10 VliD IN IIROOKLYN -iiKNTLKMr N A.NIl Til: IK J# a h en, al'O a iu'Io i o ilb" ??o. can lint r ? ? a i I ? uli f?r | artljtl 1 tard, at H) 1 1 irk % ?'re ??. !frO"klyu bright*, a nbtii i wo mlnu i**' walk of WaJI at/e?*t {vrry. CARD IN illioOKI.YN ?A tiKN fLFM \ S AND LtDY B H i?.it #ii,jif fceii'i'"^ can V f;i? tnmo laf- d wlU? i?ri/ p < a*,^ iji ro* nj?? in/ n-boo or unfttrnl.hrd, wltn i<?u >h pa# nl . onr? , Ui n koitaf luniusf all ib?* mod^eu impi o*?-no -i?H. and ?n a io??*t <Jffttral>li Ji^ratioti, wl bin Ave i. lou , w i'k 0i ?!?#* r*o . h or Hail piirri f# riirfl. licferene#- raoalrcd. In^ulr - ?*t 2tH H? m y olrrrt, co/ uri of CoD^rc?j*, Rrocdiiyo. 1>0ARD IN RIDKiKLYN? OFNTLKMFN AID TIIMK I A wlfea and a few *in? la ifrntlein-'n ran oe a inmir wi h 4fn?u l-oard and iilea^tiif n ?m^ by applying at Art rtu4to atraiM rorncr of Harden street, three inlnuien' walk, from ^lUih aiid Mooia ue frroea. 1>OABD IN BROOKLYN ? A FKW OF\Tf,FMFN f'AN y !?#? a* roinfniMjaii il v* .ili room*, bf?*afcuMM .. . 1 ? i ? rt ?' * f|?ur? JotaiMin, and eon\ enl- nt to the f^rrt-'? Ap# * ?? 41 W iiow att eet. bO AKD IN BROOKLYN.? AN FNH HNIMH.D FA lor and bedrrom will b<* le.t t/? a geotlfinan and wifi*. al*"? for a aentb tn ui; bv atUiu pl? a-ani. and ? m*o* i .i nt o ^ ouili aod W all at r ret ferric^. Inqtllro a* 17 i.'oii o. 'a r* e*. Aral boua?t neit io Henry. OARD IN BROOKLYN. -A PARISH AND HKDRtKiM ktnierl/ f irti abnd, with board, for fauilllr ?* or aimflo gen ? uin.aU>ai? unfurnlalH'd room; noua* ban >,??*. an-l' -u.e i ' I)tl> at'uated, lH??Wfrn Wall airen and Fu,i?ni frrr..??; n-rin" r atonabla. Apply at FuMou etn et, oppo U? t'llnf' n. I) OA HI) IN HOI TIC RKOOKLYN ? A Or.MLKVlAN \ND > bin Wlfr. or two gentlemen, - an be aroocn i o U'**d w, h un aaati r< ' rioi. and board, wttfc ao afrnaM.; fundi y, a lure la Due ?'enlof.a ar** Inaored. reiridlng af ^ki Pre-tdnit wi bin ibree minu e*' walk or Haaiilmn avnue i- rry, and ten ot ."C'i h terry, (do In ihe, H ??oa". Location b? althy. Board wantkd? by a okntlkman. for hiac n* li and little boy, t? noo-e reaper fa-ib juiva'" Uimly, wt r re bli eniki can bn vn tbe ?..* r+> and etteatuwi of a lady. Mii,? be near Pedl nlfp. T i rn* moderate. Apply at V atei arri-et. * OARD Want Kit? BY A rot' NO LADY, tn a rkh prnable pn^at" family, wbarr ?*bc c?ild bav#* f,. ro to ?i .aof a l?' tor would pri-ter he rMfiH'y o Cl-and *t rv?-\ ? m-i .?l ihe |w>wf#^y , rrfeiesic^a giv-ji and reqiUX' d. Ad !r?*aa V. L , 1 1 era i cfti^e. 10ARD WANTBI>? FOR A HIIKiW LADY, In \ RT > api rtabie prl*?" laratly, wheir tWrear** f?*w or *i? ar I ? i A'ltiri??L M t' , >'Oi lb, Hera' 1 of < + a'.n^ '?ri ? i.( atiirb fntj?l be mml r*i . Kr/erencea ?i<*iani:'--! hO \ RD W \NTF.D? RY A OKNTI,FM\N AMlWHK In a prt*a e family, wlw-rw .here are >at f?*w or no >? h+r oaruara. Ill tbe nelKbtKirhuraS or lentti - re.*? *rxl Kiftn are nu?* lerma not U> exceed I e per week. A Ur- il itM m raid t4. ee, hOABD WAKTTO? IN \ PRtYATE FAMTLT ?ATHO Hi* pret??T ? di l-y a i "in/ man, will pay $9 j?rr a *? fur t r?aJu?*? ?iel te* !n a onu%e wit#i moiern i.opron t/ '?>, twien Ivbei'ke.r and leiub ? rerie, mar amh arioui Hal r rj > *1 exctalured. A'lurev* aiiirfi IO IJenv -acf, Her *Jd o ?. ?, torauon of room, ou BOAR1 WANTKD? BY IHHKK rKKH??NN. IN A PHI ?ale lanrli) , p **' a?nily ai.iiai^). we#' from llrn,?,|way, a parlor wnd three Mrwltli kan.iJ*o?'!/ furnlai?M, r*i tir -I. mili??a,i r'Ufti water, afel arr. lu.iio'r aa 5 ?? a, lor w l.e b 1 1 iUt' w I.} b^ (and p*-r annum. .% rtrt ? ppor . nnHy for l.oaa lav ina looma \<- apare .n nut ntiia fr MiMt will tie g'fen. u'ire-1 H ollam Ik>i I I12 l*'fl?t ?? hOiKD W\STKI. 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