Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 11, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 11, 1855 Page 5
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W felikfri or .VoDK(ochr? VortMi to Grow In ' ' ? * i" 't,,j ? ' 1 ' ? ' 1 1 1 *? iMMmiMMi I hare bM8 ic.-.ktr,. rnr f, ,lr yonr*, and m t**t tin'"! I have /iver?J 1,<>00 1 . t .-e^* md itp* with bearrf < an. I* glvirg i manly | Hi<k to the (???tor* punv, <-hlldi?h face; and I ? ill ?-'] my ou (t'.eri, urd It never fu'.Uorcati fall to produce tho hear t, or I n "u 'lucho, or lialr, In six win from th : tlr-tafpllcallon. f 1 a lolllo sent to any part of the ennrtv. tt. (J. OR til AM, "% Hro jlway. Dr. ftoaranrl wiur time alufr, that hl had a nui,'?i(t< teuiiy *'i staved envelope In preparation tor ?a- KorlilMiuwii' <1 Italian in 'lit at. d ~.ap. Il? in now I -pry 'u announce the completion of this splei.dld e?ver, and .-ons ? nuenily nn additional bar In pla. <M between the genuine M>ip and tt* horde of counterfeits. Tho wrippor of each "ake wtll tien^eforih have live word* prii.ted in go'd, "Pre? .r.'d by T PUL1X (JOIJHAUD," Instead ot a* t . retotV>?. f. Kelt* Unoraud? lie Judiciary Ooniinlttoo of ?he legislature Intend <?tK to report a bill to convert his nan..! to'i'ru*t Kelt* (louraud. Ihl* to te taken an a spe -Mi ' diet and people 10 govern then., selves according V. Dr. U. wouM^urth.-r stato, asan ..J?e n Patron* representing that hi h soap can be had below hie Uni term trnde prices, ihat It would be Jiuit "a* possible for a camel to dun through U>e eyo of ft needle," a* it would be toranyene to buy hi* foap except at bin oi iginal price*, at hi* original de pot, r>7 Walker street; and for rirgent 'omplaim, Dr. U. hue ?iher Invaluable preparations: his poudre subtile ?xt!n> ?, * hair from any part ot the b< *ly ; liquid rouge Impart* a delicate raee *taln to pale cheeks and Hp-, while hie hair d>e and I. ilr wetoratlve are unequalled. Found at the old e*'abll*h>'<l d. P?l, t>7 Walker street, tlr*l store from Bioudway; M? Hiye*, rooklvn; Bate*, l?t Washington *treet, Huston; C-alleniier, no ?tooth Yhlrd ?treet, Philadelphia, and respectable drugi;!*"* generally Or* H. S. Fltrli, Author of (l?c "Six Lcetara ?n Connamp'lon," office 714 ay, will be pleaeed to aflord relief to those who have been Injured, or who have fail ed to be benefitted by the speciality of inhalation, lor disease* of Ike lung* or throat. Open dally, 'Sunday* excepted,) from 9 to A*>ctocc. Treat* '-on*umptlon. asthma. diseases of 'he heart, and all chronic disease* of male* and female*. Conauitatiou flee. Dr. S. H. Fitch 1* always at Uome, and there 1* no peraoa elMwhcie, travelling or ot}ierwl*e, In any way . ounecU'd with torn, or authorized to hall from M* ofllce, . r refer patleuta to (dm. ValnleM DrntUlrf.-Dr. Johnaon Hrr?by Mam* hi* patron* that he ha* removed from 35 Bond street t?7B Ea*t Twelfth atrnet, where h? Mmtlnu"* lolill'eeth with fold (0(1, sponge gold, and hla h-'ml.^l compoun J, which h ' i an wnrtvafled cel"brlty. All who need artificial teeth are 10 ^neated, alter having examined all other improvement, to '*tt and *e4tho*e mane by Dr. JOHNHON, who ha* acquired, *v porehad? the right of Dr. Hi.Jiey'* patent, whl.-b, togethnr with hi* own Improvement*, > 111 enable him to attain the high ??*t perfection of the dental art. Four prominent advantage* will he found amid these Improvement*, vl/., eleanlluer*, dur ablttty, perfeet enunciation, and the restoration of the original (form of the face. All these must be regarded a* point* . f the nlghest Importance, particularly to public speaker*. l'lea*a remember the addres*, a* this uotlee wtll not be continued. We, the under*l<;n?d, cheerfully hear te*tlmony to Dr. A. Jahnaon's method ol treating sensitive tenth, and reeom toend hi* mtthodot removing the sensiuvene** of d?cgy<t leetb and filling them without pain, H all tho*e who may nc.xi hi* service*. Pranci* Hall, it. H. Wln*low. J. F. D. Lanier, Fraocl* B. Cutting, Hugh Haxweil, Henry Oimmell, Krnest Fiedler. John Orav, V. D. The Great Inhaling Bnurdy for Aiithma, C?Daumptlon, and alt disease* of the throat and ,'ung*. D-. Curtls'a Hygc.ana. Thouaands hat e been t estored to health the Vast year by the hvgeana. Prlnclpc.l >filce No. 343 Broadway, and sold by C. H. King, So. 196 Broadway. Price only W a package. Dr. Curtis *111 be at the ajfilco dally from 10 to 3 o'clock, where he may he consulted free of charge. Hem In. ? Only Prize Medal awarded to MARSH A CO., by the Industrial Kihibltlon of all Xatloaa, for (belr patent new radical cure trap*. Reference* as to it* ?torlty? Professors Valentine Mott, Wlllard Parker, and John M. Oarnochan. An extenalv e, list of name*, of mercantile r n/l ?tber gentlemen ciu-ed by thi* true* may be soen at M A RH1I AlOO.H, No. IK Maiden-lane, New York, and MARSH, C0RLE8 k CO., No. 8 Went Fourth street. Cincinnati, Ohio. Open {Tom 7 A. M, uinil 9 P. M. Holloway'i Pllli.-Heelurs of Health, thoae dyspeptic or sufi'erlng from weaknen* or debility of any kind, should take a course of these tine medicine*, which will quickly restore tb?m lo health, aa they never "all to cure, it' uFCd ae "Ordlng to the dir. lions which accompany cacii box. Sold at the manufactories, SO Maiden lane, N..Y., and 244 fitrand. London, and by all druggUit*, ut 20 cenW; C2>3 cec's, and$i per box. Pallia In the Cheat and Back ran he Re moved in a few minutes by ">'ng Ell W. Yondersmlth'x ami ea plasters; Just try them If you Cave any jmlns In ihe he t or back. Bold only at tho Bov ery Drug rfore, No. 1M juat above Broome street. Married, Ob Monday, 10, by tho R?v. Mr. Kingn, WttlUM H. Mi.NS.SG to Miss Asvj? E. Ro>:uw Qi jrtkrjka v, all of this city. On Wednesday, -'opt. 5, by the iVrv. Dr. Hawk*, W. W. ioHBiNR. of Utica, to M?rt C. 'laughter of JoUn Niblo, of thi>) city. In thin city, on Thursday, ^pt. ?}, fry the R?v. f>r. Millet, at the residence of ibe brile, Wles Willumunb S. Caaui to Mr. Koiikrt l'owru , all of this city. On Hut day, Sept. 9, t.y the Hot. P. 3. dunncey, rector ef St. James Chur-h, Mr. Will'am CitMOjr, of Harlem, to KiNAB Loci0.*, eldcrt daughter of r. 11. Bel!, Ehsj., of Ynrkvllle. May William's .lay: In pleasures softly Glidr with Hannah I y h! side. At Trinity Chur;h, on Monday, Sept. 10, by the P"T Bt. lllgbee, Akch'o D. TreiiW4V, Ka.}., of Madison, Wis., to Mien AittUiur C. Dodgb, youngest .laughter of Joua ti iD Podge, M. !?., late of tho city of NVw York. At Hoboken, N. J., on Monday, Sipt. 10, by the Re*. T. striker. Mr. R. Crpiksiu*k, ol Jt. John, S'ew Bruns wick, to M-4R7. third daughter of the la to S'r. John -hl?im, fewecthillock, Horaynhlre, Gotland. DM, Oojfonday morning, Sopt. 10, of y.'Uow j* ,n> S . , Joitx Mi Adoo, in the 68th year of his ago. The friends ot the tamily and th"ie of h Is son-in-law, Timothy Waters, Jr.. ato rcip^ -tf'-Dy lnv'ted to attend his fuiieral, fr?m hia late rf-idonce, 404 Tenth ivou', this afternoon, at two o'clock. His rema'i-s will bo taken to N?>w Durham, N. J., for Interment. Un Monday, -"pt 10, Howard, the beloved "in of Jmm (t. and Harriet I'. Hart Lion, afed 0 years tad 10 <luyn. Ike friends of the lumily are roupe- tfully .nvitod to attend hie funotal, trom tho residence >f hi* grandmother, Mo. 6 Mott street, this afternoon, at two o'clock. His remains will be interred in Greenwood <'<>n ?tery. On Sunday, Sept. 9, J. Henry, son of Herniin H. ar.l Mary Bruntes, aged 0 years and 1 month. The friends and relatives of th? family are resptetfnlly tnvited to attend his funeral, f'om No. 12 Hsmersl'-y ?tieet, at eight o'clock \ M. 11. i romains will be lak'n to Ureensrood. On Faturday, c'?rt. 8, Ar, -m FrnriBtuo, son of Adam McCutchln, of the island of st. Cro'i, W. I., aged 19 years. His friends and tho?e of Graydon Jwmw>k 4 Co., and Colbert & Hn ay, aro respoiU' invited to atten I his fuii ei al, from St. Thomas Cht r-h, tlii' afternoon, at tw.i o'clock, without further ln\ iiatlon. Hi* remain a will be taken to Greenwood Omtery for ir.t rment. (m Sunday *v?oio g, '-ept. ?, at ha'f-paet e'ght o'ekv'lf, Du<ik. Cvnnisoiiaji, silversmith, aged 41 ya ? and 0 months. Ihe fil'nds and aoq'fun'.an os of tho family, also the members of Hoso Co. Mo. 3, ire respectfully Invite.! to attend his lumral, from hia late residence, 14? Mulberry ?tioet, this afi-'rnoi n, at two o'clock. His remains will be taken to Calvary Cemetery for Interment. On Sunday evening, Sept. ?, after a short, .'lines*, Ti..jh, H. Bum, ot this city. Notice of the funeral will is- ij'cen In to morrow's papers. l eparte i this life, on S mdny -'veting, Sopt, fl( Avv, ti e beloved wife of Mii-hael Kr^ady. The friands and relatives of the femi y aie respe-tfc' y Invited to attend her funeral, Vim ber late n slden-e, Mo. *S West Twenty filth street, between Siith and Se venth avenues, this afternoon, at two j'c/yit. OH Sunday m >rning, Sept. 9, at six o'cloek, >f con- ump tkin of tho bowels, OKmaft Rsnrr, sen of Ralph "pen-" and Lliiabeth Hamilton, ?.g*d 1 yen r, 8 months mid 4 friends md acinalBtaaees of Hie family are rer Ct folly inr'ted to attend his funeral, fr> m his late ? d ?o, No. 637 Klghth avenne, this afternoon, at two o'clock. <m Monday, ?'ept. 10, Mrs. Kss1" Ho?f*A?v. Tlie friends and acuuaintances of the fin. I 'y ar? ? ?peet fcUy invited to attend her fnneral, from h"r re-' !?U'" \ f T W. ncn street, ne?r Ilenry street, Sonth Brooklyn, this afvainoon, at four o'c!<>ek, without further not! im Monday, f'ept. 10, after a short but painful illi.e kUui KL A. Ssest uv, age<l 27 years, 9 months and 4 days. ll.e friends of 'he turwily, also h's kroth< r, Jtieob ? a >ury, and the members of Hngfn? Co, V.j. ? and M< ?o O). No. 1, are resiectfully invited to att-nd his fune'al, from the residence of his mother, No. 181 ilridga street f!rr>"k lyn, this alurnoon, at three o'clo< k. t)n Irlday. '???pt. 7, at her reaiderca, 223 Glnton ?t . Bro<.klyn, MtkV Mili kr, aged 23 yeirJ. her teioains ver ; interr"d !l the Cemetery of 'h> E * greens. in Brooklyn, on Tu<sday. ?'opt. 1<V of dy?entery V*rt Fiwmtt only child of J. W. and 'Jertrude K. H')Well, aged 4 years u months snl '.1 lays. Tb" friend- and rein Mvv? or the family are re?pe tful'y Invited to s-t' n ! f?ii*ial, from the rawderva of her parents, 131 John- m ?treat, this afternoon, r.ffour o'clock, without ft rtl; r notice. In Brooklyn, on Tho --day. Cept 0. after r pa n'ul ill new. of som* five month', whi:h 'lie was enat.l?.l to I '?? with true Christian fortitude, Icua W nni't lfn? f.< third daughter and child of David Mooteseote.i an ! Julia j H?n!geii, sged 1" yea's, she fell gently tisieep, *fth ti *lj.te*> lou : "He doe,t.h all thing" w?lf. " Norfolk, 1'ortsmouth, and letersbt-rg, (Vs.) r-a; 'J ple?-e copy. At New brun^wi' k. S. J., on -un-lsy ir ;min.> - p' 9, Pnia ?-r?t>?R, In tho "Oth year of h'n age At Hula1' l oint, L. L. on Mondav, "opt. 10 W.i/h KlCMrvii, son of Al?*ander W. an<; KJlral. h Ker:ne?an. la Bufhwiak, on Sunday, Jept. 9, (Un?aAjrv, srfo of Anw Hi lgg?. ^getl *i2 years and 0 months. U.e Iriends an l relative* <tt th< fandly ar- '.p< -""?illy invited to attend her funeral, fr-tr Myrtle trrut R wick, this aft' -uaoon, at thre?> ???? tin Sunday, Sept. 9, Mrs. Maw.*hti Kih?\-?. sgv'. y*ar?. * Her funetal will lake pla'" fromh'- lat r--- ..<-n ? M??. 191 v?wark avet.oe, Jersey Ity, th a"-rti n, at two o'^li-ck. (m Saturday, ^'pt. 8, Mr. Hkshi K. N<rtrrwn% Jt s/?d 31 years. Mr. Northup was a ship arp^nt-r empl y d on ftesmahip savannah, repairing at viu ? i -.'s y>rd. ?t.en I omt, L. I. He n?U from the plank 'h^nr, and wi < immo< lately killed. hall's *, S. ..nd 8t. John, N. B. pap*r- p i ise oopy. At llai'iush, b l.,on Monday. pt. 10, Vrs t'*ri<tK!>? fn?i s, widow of the late John Vernon, in the UMi y*> ot her sge. the trends and r?litlve? are r^jx^t^ny ,'nrftrsl 't attend 1 cf funeral, from the ro?ldeu?? of l?r Vard'rreer, at llaibu-b L. I., 'his aftern >on, at t?o o'clock. ? -n ? atuiday, Sept. 8, at the r? en < f h'.s jr.r. r.ts, Mott Haven, w- tcbe-t* Co. N V after ? ?l.ort >e>., Jt.tiv W., only son of John si. I Frances t. Vo-h, years and 11 days. ? allftiinla papers plea s -opy. In tkMgeport. t.onn., onTu? -usy, -Vpt. 4 'it e>ra tntaatkm, W*. H, RiftvoUWl, sob of ibranam Fl. and' r ?ne Kfyr.olds, of this e!ty ?i' ?! 18 non'bs in Nort'dk, Ta., on k r day, Sept. 7, of y< vf-ver, MeaaMaLL I orm, age>l 0 yeai ?? At New Orleans, on I'ue- lay, S?i '. 4, f th> fever, afer an lllnees of elx day, H>"wr l Vr- ar., ?aetor c ?hlp Raveoswoo-1 of Sew York, n the v8t?i year of his age. Thus baa been atrl -ken down pon the very IhreshoTd of a future inli ( prom -e, a vctiog n. .n who, 4er iirtelli(enee in hla profe salon, and HTsMmsI sad liMI in the aerforman'-e of evary tr lit wl n lh? TM^ iMl^milas of hia station Involved t,*d ?w, t any ? ii?rltr>. TJloee who kn^-w h m *??* Wt,: rr>r H ? 18YKSTIKEXENT8 RENEWED EVERY DAT. KITl'ATHtSN WASTED. k respb< table m <-rcH wo?\n wishes totake j\ gentlemen's washing and Inn y washing i<> I Mir home, .n Mould so cut by (be day 10 rcsp,-. i..ble families ; tbo work w. <11 b*' well .ior:o and terms reMOnab lo. Apply i.t 'iO West Wash ? tiigt on place, room )7 . * RESPECTABLE ENoLIRlI OIRt. WISHES A HITUA .1 I loo an plain - ivci N'.u.' but English or American pro i?m?i u ii' ? 'I apply a1 333 W ? t .lib nL, 10tha*euue, Mm, Foro mi?, ihli ??! floor, fi>int twin. Abespectablr wom\n wants a SIT unti.jn a* w. t nui?*?' hi A flivt lass famby. ^pply for two days at !.vKJ 7th iivcmi.- top floor. t BB8PX< I' WILE Vol' NO WOMAN WANTS A SITU A j A Uou as't s auite, and to ito i italn sewing; bim lived la tier last plac.. wo years. Beat oil j refereno#. Can bo ?eeu for two days, i. >ti MacJougal >>. t RESPECTABLE PROTRSTANT WOMAN WANTS V ./V xit >iAti?n ??< nur -'; will '?nt and make tho child ren'e ?lollies, or tak? 'are ol a baby, and make herself useful. Good referent ?. Plea-o all a'. lftzPrln-e at., for two days. A RBSPEtJTABLE YOCNO WOMAN WANTS A SITU A Jl lion as Hiamlierinald: a g'x>l wit.-ib'T and tamer, If re quired. Good reference, both city and country. Call at No. 4 ^f'tb ft. fou-'li floor, front room, between 2d and 3d avenm s, lor two day*. A R ESP Et TA BLR OIBL WISHES A NUTATION AS jA chambermaid .tnd unrN; is an excellent washer and Ironer; ati do up ladies' tlnerles la the best style. Boet of ? Uy reference from tier last place. Apply at :|12 Ml at ., top Boor. A RESPECT ! BLR YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITtTA non, ax ebambermaid and seamstress; 'an bo recom mended from ber present place ut employment, 137 Wert 2Sd ft. A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN, W ITU t FRESH breast of milk, wishes a bab.v lo wot nurse b.'i own residence, wbo ban lout lie r own, -Vonc hut respectable per -on* need apply, at 74 Rasi 24th ft., front basemcut. Caught bent city reference If required. ARESPKCTABI.R YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITE A - as good plain cook, excellent washer and m.ncr, mid c >od baker; haw the beat of reference; wage* n : so mu't an object an a nice family; no ob>e tlon lo the ountrj ; call be ?e. n lr not j engaged, for two da) ?, at 174 12th il, between 1st aud 3d avea. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A HITl'A J V Hull as nurse and ?esro*ires^, <-aii 'a* a charge of a bahy from its birth; has good city relrrence. Can he ven tor rhreu days at 291 1st avenue, between 17tb and Wth street*. ARE8PECTAHLR YOCNO OIRL WISHES TO OBTAIN a slttutloa to do ''hamb?rwork and waiting. The beat of hit references can be glwn. Can be ?een for two 'Uj s at 116 WWl 27tb ?' , Mtvfli aveuue. A RESPECTABLE YOCNO OIRL WISHES A SITU A Hon as cbamberniaid and waib'r. or as i hlld's nurse and plain sew er, or would n.nk" herself general! useful, Thf bent of cHy references given. Plea-e call at 27 Amity n>., tblrd tloor, back room, Brooklyn, for throe ilava. k RESPECTABLE WIDOW WANTS A SITUATION AS J\ seamatresa. and to take earn of growing children, or wait Sa lady; she woukl be glad to make herself generally uWul. n give good references. Can be seeu tor two days a' 12rt K'h st.. near ttth nveiiue. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT YOI SO WOMAN wants a sltusttou .ut nurse and ?cunutre*><; understands dr. s^maklng and all kinds of family sewing. Would have no obiectkm to take '-are of a baby. Good cl' v reference. Please '?all at <>22 tHh a ve. , thtr'l floor. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WI>HES A SITUATION IN A private family, orai chambermaid or waiter. Call at 23*> West SOth si., between 8th and 9th ave*. 'Jood reference. A RESPECTABLE PROTECTANT OIRL W \ NTS A SITU atlon as s<'amstrc?s; can cut and tit all kinds ot children's elothlng. and h :i nice, plain dressmaker. Ploane call at 71 West ISth st. in tbe rear, for two days. A RESPECTABLE YOCNO GIRT. WISHES A PITUA tlon bh nurse and -eamstress. Apply at riOO nh St., be tween avenues U aud C. None but t'r-.t class families need WW' A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL WANTS A situation to do chatnbertvork and waiting in a small pri vate family. Ha* the best city reference. rlea<ecall at IS3 3d avenue, between i uh and lath ~ts. second boor. ARESPE?TABLE YOUNO GIRL WISHES A SITU A tlon toeook, wafli and Irin.or todo general housework; no objection to a short distance In tho country: 'an be well re '-omincnd' il from her last pla -e. Oan he seen for two 'lays by applying at 272 Walker ut.. In the store. An Ear ROTABLE tilRJ, WANT* A SITI' vTIOS 4S ?hamberrniild and waiter, or m < hambermaUl and loai alat in washing and Ironing: best of oi'> ref'-rei given. Pleaae '-all at Perry at., in tlie r> *r. ABE8PKOTAB1.E WOMAN WISHES A Sill VTIOS IS a ?mall family to .look, wat>h and lr< n, or to <lo general housework. Apply for i'ouj 'lay* at 213 Monroe ?t., near Oouve rueur. A RESPECTABLE OIBL WISI1E8 A SITUATION AS child'* ntu?e or waller. Best city reference. P:*i>? '-?11 at 1" 1 Ka-t 22d s'reit. Abehpf/tabiji Tor mo oirl wishi ?? \ -ttia ilon ax 'lianibermald and waiter lu a re- family. HWflty rufeiWM from her lam employer. Iti'itij'Si \l, Waljh, Si Worth at, at the ofllce et^Hnlgratlon. ABESPECTABLE TOUNO WOMAN WA.VTS \ SITI \ Uon to do general nou?ework Tor it en.Bll private fan ily, or hamliei work and to a-sht In the washing and Ironing. !!"?; ?liv reference. Pleaao ''all at 191 Kmi lSih ?r-' floor, > i k room, for iwo days, If no* engaged. ABK8PKOTABLE VOUNO WOMAN WlflfES V -I T1 MklMMHIM NtBUlrMI. Ap| 'y 'I . ? tWO jlfl, |l izr I2ih M. , between .Vti and "tli avenue#. A situation is wasted? by 4 rk.-pk?:t ibi.r . |t Irl, a* ??aan)Mrft>? In .1 private 'ami') . |? a flfM nbU dNM maker, ?l?o ?'?!< and make* children'* clothing In die lie*t, *ty!e, and la willing lo learn to dies* li.dr, If required. i an give lli<; h>'<toi>jl> reference* from h.r laetempl' * iv I'. .-i ?all for two 'lay* at 1-1 5th are., netween wh and uth ? ASITUATION WANTED-BY A BEjjPEi TABLE Vi)l Mi girl, a* ''<*k, washer and Ironer In a n all private fami.y, 1 la - lived In li-r last place four yearn. H?'-i o. ? Ily referetK Please .-all ?? No. CI We?iS7lli *t., ??'??oiid door. 4 KIT I aTIoN WANTED? B* ? RESPECTABLE, Jx. young Aoiiian, a* good >K>k and nielleut washer an 1 no objertiona to llw country, He*tot'cHj referen ? fan b" -eeii for two days at Iff 19tb between 7th aii'l Mi avs. 4 SITUATION W INTEll? BY A NEAT, OIRL, I I a'\ do plain rooking, washing and ironing, "i- bonnet* ? .. would i?k? a laundress situation; Is willing and obliging: r nfmd lo work; >:'t**t of reroinmer. ' - ' 'nil bo *#?ei. a tnj ?<di avenue, ne.?r Mi li ??ireei. Mil engaged 4 siti' ATION wanted, by a ebsppi i milk J\. girl, fodoebamberwork and walling, or general hot. work In a small family; beet referenoe* given. To he M?n for tiirec day* at *.*) Smith ? ree' , between ParlAc and Dean atreetf, llr ook'yn. ACTUATION WASTIO? BY V in -P1V1 Vl'.l K voting woman, a* ehambernn.ld and tei 'i^ i? wi'. Ing io *<?l?il In lb-- washing and Ironing, id h a g'?>l plain sewer, liood elty ret'eren"** <l\ ''II for it.? *?t WO }eai?. Ajip.'y at 237 Hlnu atrcflt, llr > klyr lor two daye. ASITI ATIOV WANTED? BY A BEj?PE< T 4HLE YOC.VI} girl, todo the general boo worki f a sr.ull prha'.- aniily. or to rook, wa?h and Iron; It a Brit rat<* bi<*Kd and blue ill baicr. He t good rhy reference. Can be wen > mil emragvl at s7 I'nlon pla'-o, *erond IWr, l-a'.k roun, K- '.111 Bi'Oklyu. A8ITI'4TION WASTED HY A!* ETPt'BIES'KD dreoimaker and ee?un? ire**, in apma.-: -in-ily. i?-?t .f ?*iiy rfl'Ttnc"!, U ''au vi*n t-.rtw-. a'. V<x 7 l M >n< ourt, wraerof Two th aici LiitT"'r-!'> p-a e. ASITPVTIOV W\NTE1? BY K WIDOW, ?'<>R HER - n, aged Eileen yar-, ui a ? 1 l? a> ? > i '?byr t. 4ddre?" W. H.. H?ra;d ofiee. AHITI VTtOX WVSTED-BY \ YOl \?; WIIVIV 4-1 llr-i ia-s laundr- s?; under .'aiide r'r< n h It n ling an<l l? oapuble of all her hualne' and ?( produee tie S..- of rliy reierenee. Please -all at 137 IHh ' between let atenoe and avenue A. fan be ?eon for two daj?. 4 HITVATIOK Wtvim BY A NI< K Ill? OIRI. TO J\ do cha ruber work and falling, ur etuur.berwnrk and take I rare <4 hlldren; has die b^*t "f - i refereu* e ir- oih'T Ia?t plare, liD h. ??' !. fotiWo4g>ia l? Ittli HI.. Ii'i'we":. Kb and >)'h aren'ie*. 4 SITUATION W A NTKD BY I BE>PM TABt.K YOI NU ! -iv n'liwn a^'*ook. "be perfectly imi'i ?'W.i1? f" In ne j. Han no obj "'-tlr'n to :? private bonrdlrg b. ?e Meat '<f rlty r-r'.T'-n e. t'len-.': nail at WI Watte a*. AOIRI, WvN'TH AHITI'ATlnN IN \ REBPTCT4BI ? I family. ?'*n ''ouk, waali and Iron. < *o lie well r - ? f | mended with good etiy reference. Call at So ? Oil. ??? fortwo , <ta> s. In the rear. a Aihri. want? a -irt tiinv is k ^ vi.i i \mi> \ Can d > light homework or iharnberwork. or ?e? ng. tan l.t een lor t?o dayg fall at So. -t .vi, -i in the tear Vt.IRI. wihiif:h A DITI'ATION A* OIAVHER* VlD, In a private lamlly. ilood '"tty refers*1 e glv-o *'a!! * So il t ( oiornlila ?t.. Ill - k.l;n. between Pre. dieint at.'. ? ar roll 2d floor. I'fk rwm. 4 YOl SO WON AN WIMIKM A ^ITl:ATIO.V 4H I.AU.V J\ dr>'??, or an 'Aambermatd and iaiii,dre??. t'ai, ?? - en lot iwo dayi at her present <ltnatl>iri, w Vnrtefe -t. i YOI K'. WtiV^S WIRHKB I f-lTl 4TIOS IV A RE JV epeciable private family ae rhambermald and waller, or rhaniberniald and nnr?e. t'an 'W well re -omm?n t?.| ? lib g'sxl iiv refer -iu'es I'an be seen for iwo da>>, If no- engagat, at KIO En* Twenty ?e?enih ?tre. t. A YOVNOWtiMiS WlhHBM A SITI 4TION 4y. J\ mtrm; in'ler*iand< line aewing of ? I kinds n old ?'llUngiogo ko-r.h fan be ?en all 'bia week ai 1*3 Ilk ?f , first fl'sir. front room t TOCSij woiirv wwnut % hiti Aims i.v * pgr vai. family, a* a s?,.in>'r?'*? an ? u' Mid lit rhllrtr'e a ?."titbit;, and do all kinds ol plain sewing and ltd, un.-y w k. fan be ag?b far twodaye, 10 tojo'rl" k.lSbW. verley place, 4 YOl S?1 R SOLID!! WilMtS WIxHI- A -III \TION a\ as haml ertnaid 'ir imrae in a private tarnlly. le a Pro "slant. A'tlr"' or loiuiri for Rut li v , 'iMiartl street, near 'It and. 4 VO0N-. Wt'MAS WANTff A HIT I ATION AN < IIW J\ beruiaM and <"aro?ireea, or nurse and sean sireaa fan !?? seen with her lire sent employer, eber-' she l,as l!rM two KIM. at *11 We, ?i h et, AYui V. LADY WHO IH TH??*tJCOHLY At<j' 4INT e.| w?li ibe ? inbrotdery. lace and faney g,s>ds bosh. e. ?. h ? t os ! ohta.nlng a ? ' ailon is s i < w :r.,o In a i ible at. .re Haa ao oktelkg to go Weel. Refeiei.^e^ ,?r bang"! PV- tae addr'-i N. W I llera. l ofl)ce. 4 TOrNO I'ROTEHT tST OIBL, 14 YEAR^ OI.D VTA NTH j\ a -I'll-. Ion in a gentlemaa'a family to as?t?? in liglii l?tm Le, ? ork or aa ntirserymald. sbe. la very sniar1 and aonidhe fr.tind airle !y honest and ? lllng None Inil bUhly ot I le people IV. "d appl> Pl< e -all ?' 3A'i 12th at.. ? rn" 1st avenue, top back mum*. t OflMPTTlST PERHtiS W Ik XT fl 4 -ITI MKiN Art ^a iwiiit ermaii and toas-m n the washing *ad froolag, or o asslai m aklDf care of bildren fan l><- er lr fJA be aeenMaad I.evtng on avenwa. Ho as .e .,od fnnr front ?? m. lor two 4a>?. Heat oMy references given. 4 f< WPKTF.ST DRKHMW \KKR Woll.D LIKK T?l il nork ujii by th^ itmf in :? rU I m < tii'tng *n?1 ft'Ufif . k(it\r*m 274 A fAiBjORABUe MBHiBn WASTa Wor* , To make. -ot and haaV ,a<>les dreaaee lias.,'.. ? inaaul . * pa?tern?. la the superv.r French atyleat J >r'aoto| apd Dp'fcf.'* SITTATIOHS VPAVTKn. . a cpmpf/i knt prk^ia^h worn. ) i. r k K to* I /V work <";i tv m? Jay; #? lia< worked for ?<w )! i >? rtrf 1 lainirU'" In ib? "Itv, who are at nreaeut out 1 a ton o. 1*|. j all ?t 46 V> ?t 1Mb ?tr?et, 4r?t floor. ? j * Fitly II LA I>v WISH EH A SITUATION AH I.ADY'S iiuiiU in m > urnein faintly to travel to Ku.'p*, or to May In Xp? \nrk ?v?i!4 have no obj?etlm to t?:acb Freo.'h l?> a I'C le >MH. l-biu limit r aridi dre??n.:il.lf!Sr, *lao u i >i< - :-Han la ?.r*v-'HK b.'.lr'. * an tilvo lb*- h*-*t ol m mei?d.uloi) frinn h.*.* luat |iU ??'. < .m be n*:':U until nulled. V'idi' ? 1 in (lev UW I' h street. __ AFRFNCHPROTI'STtNTOIBL. <l'.'AKP ; KNiiLIBH. w i-hcH a ? Ituatlou m * nrlVii'' Iin.iK a* . i, .n.! ? 'I - <t aa 1 to ??*?, or '?) Ink' ? cai ?? of - el 'Id. I. !??(. n. > .ill a' Nti. 2i3 Filth avenue, betw -en Tblrtl< th .mil Tldi y hi-tniH. AFBKNCH PEOTEHTANT I1IBL DESIBEH * HITPA. at lull na > ham'" rniald or inn*'1. Khe can - w well M r nn t'lirnl-h Hood r*'coiumendaUona. Call at H'" fli it corner of 3d avenue. \<IKHMAN GH'L, WHO HPEAKK OOOO ENtiUflH, want" a oltuaf n a* *eaii.?.ire -s an I ladle*' maid; * he ui. utrhMiiric ilr?H*tuakiOa( and all kind* (il1 pfnui,;. \ v.! < > ?. W. K., Hroadway Font oflt'ie, fur two dayn. 4 tICOl) PI.AIN NKEDLK WOMAN WANTS I MT'LOY J\ iufnt io work out In famtlle* by the iiiontb or ???k. \ioly at 32 Hamernley mraet, In (be front 'b# ?'?uierit. A HIGHLY RKNI'Kt'TAHLK PBOTESTA.VT VOI'JfO WO oian wanm a situation at -.?am (r?iia and ro attend grow lUK 'ip ladle*. Khe work* well with her nendle ,iol I. an a good knowledge of hair dre-t-lntf. fan bo hiehlv recommend ?id. Addre?a lor three daya tji) 'kl avenue, ^ .'?n J2d and 2Ttd ?t?., i bird door, back room. t HI'lHLY RESPECTABLE 01 HI. WANTS A SITI'A i? ilou tu leum-Hres*; In a dressmaker by trade, and la an excellent hand at plain w-win* flood >ity refer.-tie-H irlv.'o If required. < 'an !,?> ?i n, tf not mgMcd, a' 105 Kw< Tblnieth "Ir-rt, brtw^a Third arenui; and Loxlngi'in av^nui', nr.' H.jor, Irunt rooui. VI.ADY FBOM EI BOPK, WHO HAS TAfOHT IV THE lirtt laiiilhefl In tbln couutry, H dr-irnua for an ?u>tatt? in.'ii' ,? mori\Uti( Kovmncma, or *h? will k1v<i prirat"'. li'Mona in Krcn'-h, a.'oulr>d lu France. Oil palutiuK, pa?ie|. m<>no<-iiro iriailo, and oibcr new nlyleit ol' drawlnit. So objecilon to at 'einl a br-l "la?a chool twlca a week, either In Ne.w York or Itrooklyn. Terim iuo<lerale. Hlebly HaUala.-toJy relerenrna Riven. Addip*?tree lo V. P. S.-tiaor, 311 Hroailway. where a pa?tel painting inay bo *een, or KvereU'i book?tore, I'uiou aqiure. A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN WIHHEfl A SlTUA J\. tl?>n as ehainberwaUl or waiter, she would bp wining to mind children, or travel with a lady. Ha* the best of city re i s. it i ?*?julr??'|. Pl**? -e ?'all at 182 tith St., first floor, tr??ni room, Can be *e??n nil tide week. 4 PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUA lion In a small private family: u? a good plain <?<?*, aud tirst rate waahor and Irounr. IIuh the be*t of city reference. Plea*** "all a* 209,' j Wooet *r sf., between Amity and Wicker. A PROTE8TANT GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS J\. chambermaid, and ss?.l*?t (a washing and ironing. or to do hou?awork to a small family , goodclly refcreivce. Call at 131 24th <*t., corner of 7?h avenue, A YOUNG LADY ? AN AMERICAN, ACCUSTOMED TO - A business, wants to attend a cotifeciionory, bakery, or any respectable store In the city or any part ot the country; good reference given. Please call at 362 I2tli it., between 1st and *id avenues, second floor. A YOl'NG LADY WHO HAS SPENT SOME TIME AT -a\. drearmaking wishes to place herself under inntru tiona in a reapectahle establishment. Addr* -m Miss M. Kelly, Chat ham square Post ofllcc, \NBAT, RESPE< TABLE AND TRUSTWORTHY young woman desires a if ?;??t i??n in city or country. In a good cook, and Urst rate wanher and Ironer. Makes good brrad and pie*. Ac. Is well recommended. Please apply at If? I Bowery. Wage* moderate In a k*xh! place. AV EXPERIENCED COOK WANTS a AITUATIOM IN a ptivate family; understands baking and pantry, and aould be willing to aMlftt In the washing and Ironing U re ?mired. Good reference? given. Can be seen tor two day a ut i?9 1* wraaoe street, between Booimo asd Bleenkei irtaMh La IM K .ir. i~N~FXPEK IE N C ElTi JOO K , W II O dT\I.SO~A V^KXCEL lent laundress, <H required,) wishes a situation In a pri vate family; understands baking and pastry; will be found neat ibotxtoer kitchen, trustworthy, ana conpKanl Inerery respect. Has the most satisfactory city reference*, Apply for two days at 10 Tlllary st. nub door trcm Eultaa it., Brooafyu. AN ENGLISH PROTESTANT GIRL WISHES A SITf'A lion *a "juk, w asbcr and Ironer; >*an show good city re ftrrat i'i; "au be seen at 141 Cherry t., rir?t floor, r?>oin No. 4, fur two daj s. 4 N HVOL10H WOMA3I WANT# \ MTCaIiON Ui j\. matron or housekeeper; can cut and make mlase** and boys' ? lothcs. laeit-;, pants and under cloth' *; would attend an Invalid lady, or n<*t as nursery Inverness or lady's maid. <#<**1 city reference. Apply at ftlaveuuc A, betwe- n otJb aiidTtb sts., tor thr<*c day. \S< OOK.?A RKfiPEf -TABLE YOUNG ^OM.VN WISIIEH a situation as rook In a privity family ; under-'an l- bait Int.' .in 'I pa-iry In all it#* bran- nes. ? an be ?ecn for twodayi at No. 1*2 t'nlon plaee, Hr?JOkIyn. k . n i MI.-A MIDDUB 40ID PBOTV91 km WO* \ s wants a ?ltua?lonto take eare of ??blldren. Is capable a taking the entire rharge of ?n infant from Its birth; ?he Is p?*r t>. tly bone?v, faithful and industrious Kor parU?-ular-. en 'julre of h? r ^mpioj "r, No. 2JW W st :i?rb St., wber- ^be now remain*. will ??hortly empire, Is antioiM to entjag*' in ?oni?* morgan Ui?- house, a" nMl-.?ant lujolik#*?*iKT, or entry ' i?*rk. In which bo is at pr^s# lit employed; Is willing to make himself generally u*ffiil. Ref?*ra to pretptit employ* r. Has also be#>n tor H-irno time * hd*v,' d in the hardw?tre trade. l*i"*?e adde ss X. Z., b? x M> lif't ald <4fiee for ihie" days. 4 YOI 'Mi MAN OF GOOD ADDRESS AND EDLVA ii ti'iti, ai: i ???at- derable busimtus ? kp**rW*n< e, is ?i??dr?><,n i ut' citKRg* ment wi'b a re*pf*? tubJe h?>uae. either wh. retail, v%ti? re the af ore .jua ifleatloiif wouH b?* a drsklfrafum. Address f L, care i?t M- -*??*. H?*wiU Jk - n, i*sj W r?-#. In.; i U't!?- Eiiflbb, wlnli. s a uttua'lon a- e|#*rk In an ?>fli to i ?*rf. * t hinwlf In hi hoslm sa. ijo ??! r o p*nc?Mi ?'n. I 'n I ait?*r 12 oV-leek a' J 1.1 St. Mark'- pla K.gbth at reef, th.rd flo> ?. AFUF NCHM4N WlhfiRS A SITU \TION TO ?iO TO Europe. t?> wait on a gentlrniin or an in v?ttd gei,'icn? *u, or a family. <*ai? *-i)f*ak tb?- Fren: h and Lnglinb s f! ? ri'Iy. Terms mode? u^. 1'1< a*?* call at .10 'Ah ? ' , 'v< ? i Hroad way and University place. TAFANNEH WI.-'HKS A *?1T1 A TION' ? UNDER taudshis busineM mor??uahly in all iu vaH?i?.s branch**. * line a?Mr?iMied 'o S. C. W Herald o(L<e, ? ill u*.,f with j ?' ??/. pt attenUou. 4 \>,\ SfG \f v N WHO HAS A fi;\. W. KVOW i\ b- Ijje of bookkeeping by donV?le ???. r> ?od writ. aro> I hand. '\i?h? s a aet of Looks to write at o ? o ??veiling-, r aouki like to cat ^ome rop>ing. The former preferred. Ad ?ii" Bookkeeper. Herald offiee. / CALIFORNIA THE ADVERTISER WIsiiES TO FN \ ^ ?.'<?ber servle#a to some family golt?K to i.ia, ts . pal b and r.ot to sea alekne*?. A lin?' arldrMMH to M. V. T., hoi I !!?? Il? raldoflce, will receive Uunedu'e atfen ii>.n, f 1HAMHKRWORK AND FINE WASHING -V HEsPEf \ table young v ? man, a< us-omed to wa?h <i d iroo, u ui. fur tlx* alxjve <t|i ua<i*>n In a *?jiall family. A two ??*} r?-t" ??nee from h#r !n?' slMr>.H?>n. Wagea aeven d"ii i Apply at ?WI4 a\etiu** H. 'ifts^n 12th and 13' h ?ta. i uu,K ? WANTED IiY 4 RESPECTABLE PHOT! I \ >T " si/tnan, lately fVoni Bo-ion, a eitoa mu ?? '?o>>k in a pit v? ? family; und#; etauds I r bu*ine*a In all i braneh' - &n?l ia a tir*t rair Imk^r; no objections to aa^isi in th?^ washing raid ironing. TlMbeat ?/f i#w 'iiimeodii.lMn ?. Ci . ij?. rr?d ? u h* ?r??n for i?o day*, at M' Rom* a. 444 4'b <t. in th i ar bn^m-nt. between I-t <tnd 2?I ai-u t*--. A / 4OuK S SITUATION WANTED, BY 4N f!NLIs|| WO " rna;i who |>erfeetjv under . .inds her t.u tn-^, -oup-. meaia, aaine, J* ?4?rte. ff^icood city ret?*re? ?? Mf - y at 06 4ih aveou?*. between ^h and lOdi s&ree.ts. / UMHIM V.N.? WANTED. A SITUATION A - c^ATH " o aii. I?sr a r**-;?eciabW'. youuie n >u, who r? a h?-r >'.. n groom, an w?*ll a? driver. Is <*ompe,#mt In m* iMistnens. *n.i is ** 11 Una io ibe whole 'rt bis lime to i'. lias th? !??? u >,( * iiy rcferenee. PU*a ?all <?r addrsw Mr, !>. Cam pi #? 1 1, L.. n? ?* maker. &) 4'h ari-uae, fir E. M l>., two i*. / 'oacum \n -wanted a situation as i oa< h " man, by a yotyitf man. Nan RnglisbmaQ and a Proves, test4iit. Hi ferrti< <'s from his prweo! employer. Dtr p*/-' pti 1. Mr. .1. T. SUilina, 1.U22 Uroa^iw ay. /mACHMS V OR i i ROOM'S SITUATION W ANTRD BY * J ?* ?'* ady, " r youu* rrrnn md-i *'ku * bti' \4 M l be tsiHln< to make alfnoe.f in *ny t^lur way -f'.i for bor.esiyand capability be highly re^ommen?ie<j. Add** s I. P., Ilerald office. /ioa' hma.v s -ituatiov wanted, iiv \ m sPEf t * able ottrtj man. Perfectly |und? - rare aivt mn?iait**meni >>f b^jr-es. Ae.; also % jr^wid aaf** driver Weil ?e?|. minted wi'b 'he r 14 v for i be last five y?-*rt. Tho i>e-?t f <ity refer' ii? " wiilbe ^fveu by addrestio* I). P. If boa 112 H? raw .,me?. yVE.MNG EMPLOYMENT? A YOI SG WAN OF THO ai r-figh HuMneaa Im' laiviDg a f* w hours W'pj e in %? ??v^nloit. Would '??* *lad to nefalaio with a party for th* -m.e. Address II. U , box 100 Hera ! otL -e. y 4frLOYVKNT.- -WAN1ED. H\ THE HUlt-cniBKR, 4 Fi U a eompoten'* men. of getitrrj ^ rai'?*<a i ^ ? ? *ri 1 r' -i ad drtup, to k?dleit ordsa-s Utt ttie ?plendWl il istmte'l ? -i ?'fcitia of fiin'irl W?i|af i 'wton. < *?t y re e^mr* I T**- . a liberal. Apply a' the ofllee No. t'A < Ka'ltaoi ?? , ui? ? a ? ? from y ? ' > k \ M. to 4<v? .> a P v .hiskph p*ii< > Housekeeper ?a lady ui-id;s a ^it. ation a b^iU*eke#per in a pru ite Amert*ao f?rn|}y. re < here sie no ivvfif -bii' r^n. or wmtid ito s??- ?b with *? iam v if desired. 1 l?e M) ?tneie**|.iiouabl ? i efererce given a? io ??haraetrr and ability Addrr*^ /oetfi&lDe, If ral* ' r iferte daya, SJITI VTI0V> WANTED? THR KB LADIES, HAVING O ? tp? ?et|?e# in vea?d??nt are deslf*iun ?g o'r *'OUig i <r ? tes- h. ra, ejcii#.r aitto or Horth, oualtfie-! t>? 4 ? I' j HtHHrtr/li#!. French, German, and ali ti?e 'r nn 1 1 a#*t >f r?f* ren< ?? |wen Ad tr? ??l. M H<ol, % i.?y, > V CfTEATD'N WAVTFh? BY A RE**PE? YO W ^ amr. in, todoehaun ? rwor* and ?*??*? n w?.??l <14 ??, I - 1 If g ani k"* fng. or to do the general lotM fmk of a re * l.Je far illy. Be?i of elty ref#-r#*ie#? r r<-m fcej* iaat p Mice rlea*^ ?;*ll for tw o da 3 ? at l4Ad*h a^tiu*, between i'"fi 11H H'b r? , in tlie faney More. <TOI"T AC man. willing to work; 'an give <*e ? fn" ? \d tri ? 1.. w hi <r, r.-> r? ' " ?- ? ? 111 I'mrl ?> r#?* 'hl< ???i. CITt ATIOS WAMTRIV- HV \ Bl -PK' 1 V MI.K V' > '?'> > ? UhMtSMmu''!''^ ' m, r*.crt ?.? fiqm b?-r ?.? .tor' wf'-ro ?>< ?? llrrl lor ?. rtn.1 'li'T Jr. r,. I'l.?'?> ? ?ll ?t 214 W ,*i|i ? I?1?n fh Miyt 'Kb ur.t fj. , >Mrk r, f'.r m il'.j' cm moi vimiMiT a wmow wom/.v ot ? .. or liriu^k Iii a r> ?I " ? pi )<??' l.uill) , Mi r ui, f,i .n.J n .?. U, 1i?r. t H - * /.Irirw. (I rn. N? oil .-nton Io *'? ? ' la 'In <-oii?irj:w1ii dmHi barvlf m.1111 r. -hn o>ii*in ? In ii hi f?U >M r iU ?,(?> w . iity?e?. <?<!??? ' it >f '??! ?:?) ? v II HoomvoH m.. Is point orvf >*rr .-ii . Will lT[< 1 WASTf.Ti? Bt \ RtSPR>l%H!.i TdlM I ~ ?\ ri. ?? 4" h.roK. rwork Ui * miu I |imi r <r * 'Hi.l Int. r, o ohjtrtlfm t/t 4o 'nr.fttnr I'.. M '? iw ? i?j. W i rw?? < Iti.i'm aryt lt*nr* M. , i-.tnli irxif ip m Cilnfc'n. Aouth bn?fclpi, CI1I lTIO*? WAMTKIWBV TWO Hr -ip- - T \ h( K t* (Irt., ik? <?? ?. oor*. ?M.r wv4 lr.n-r h ?< I'nrui hwo^wrirt.r o* ?im4ne. ru'a- i /-all ?< 42 Hrmrf m.. ro<m No. 12. lmtta th>v w^ntkh-ht ABwrinmn *..y.s 17 w '?or* . W BO o?i|M-U?n lo IKK m dkr ? mI? r u. I Ir l uf '.end rHy r?l?r?nr?. f'?B k. Mm ftrimterm ;i w..i i?> ?? ?>" iw CrrTATIO* W * M Kf>? UT ? Hr-Prr-TAHI ?? ?* ..? . 1 lillN -?? (or !?? *?f? M n !.>-?* Brv*.;u *lTV\TIO\S WASTED, ^ITTATION W\VTI'M-TO po O'VKUVI. iohkf ! O vorK, by ft ? vbie voung wr?m..n. TU?^ t> ? r u , u.^ndatloi.* fcivfin. luqulrt al 2S2 Hprln^ -t. ^ITUATIOV W WTKD ? liY V M<V I K*uSPF.? TAIU K and young woman, at* * ?.d plain cook andfl*t j . u : i ? : .1 I 1 * I I , V wiehiM, ami Ironing . Ila* will* tarn Hie* an I ! jv v#ry vr.ll ml?*d. <'all it i ? i !*?*<? t, b^w- u | 1 (?ITITATIO.N WAVTKI>-I')U V W! I I I1K.H*" | P tru*u\onhy and ??ump' t<*n? ynum: w?>man, to uo ! ral h^uacwork of a pi ivat?i family ; i* .* :?**! plain < .? | . \? ??!.? *i?i \v ; i ?- 1 ? ? .? ii?l ii "hi , <,< . ?h kl'it.i I tl oror.gbly. <?ood rt'i?P8nc Applv ?t I#? Myrtle av*nu?% P oaklyn, in the bi?'im. nt, SITUATION WW'TKD MY \ I'HHSOX AH 4'V>K, WHO uti l?ri*iands h# i imtitif*-'-. advert iw.-r i* -i I'r '(nvtant; oi city r?'l?T? n? ? Call a? 41 3d av.imt*, in tb? nai :iwr'? iiUir^ QITU ITION WANTED I ? A KK*l'?CTA0L! MIDDLE m ?g?*d i'iut?-unt woman, l? ?r lioum WOi k; I" a good plain ?:ook, wanker and Ironor; i ? ail mperioiHfd chambermaid an?l la undraw; <*an got up all kind ol Hoi waahli In nupertor *tyta. Can r*fer to h?*r l.wt <*mpk>y<*r. with whom mm* tiaa lived nix y^arn. Any lady requiring faKhitil help *111 apply at 346 Mh avenue, ba*<'tnent, u ili?j dry gOol* and 'Noth ing Htore. SITUATION WANTED? BY A KKhPBCT A BMC YOl'Nil O womnn, a* - hambermaid and nfwiuiifw; < *n tak?? _oareof an infant I rom lt? birth. B?**t ol iliy rcferanc <?. Call lor two day*, al h7 Wfni IVih *(., between bill and ?lh a \fnue*. OITUATIOH WANTED? BY v RKflPBCTABLR YOUNG ^ girl, lo do general hounework In a ?nnall family; ill go iw chambermaid and waiter, or mind ?*hildn n and do plain ng. Iii'i uirM at 17 Whitehall n( ms\ for two days. OITCATION WAXTKP? BV A RHXFBCTABLK W?)M V.V. kJ ?? -ifuni^irfMii anil iiurm1, or tvl rbHinber uittid, I>r ?H toud cook. Oty ref.Ti'ii. p. ? .><! at 133 i,t uvpLue, carucr of 9<h it. TO SOI THKRNKRS ? A LADY WHO II H IP CON fi.ler?bl<> rxprrlenco In (whlni;. wl?b?ii to ??ugw ? k<* 1?' 1 n'hocl, or u miUrtiion an iwwiximui umiifr In a ???n.uuLrv. Aildrni C. H. No. 169 West 4Uih St., .New Vnrk. IO 80iyrilEKNKR8.-A LADY WISHEfl ? HIT 1* 4TION a* hom.<'keep?r, or & situation in a ?tor?, or any ruw ity niiUblr for a lady. Acldrew M. A. W., Herald offiea, aUtltiK ?brre au Ini'rvW'W i an be bad. rpo CAl.l Kor.via KK? A YOUNG WIDOW LADY, WISH J tng to go limni'dtat' ly to Caltlornla, ininn-i *n|i u tanilly *oln* out by the neit otcm'-r, who would Iw wlilln* to advance her pa?ta(f through to California, which \? III be re turned immediately on her arrival at 'hat nW". Addreaa Vti?. Hall, Herald < m 'e. TO TflK HKADtf OF KAMILIKH- A* MIDDLE AGED lad} , from a re\?;r*e of fortune, desires to meet with a gen teel home, wher? hrr servleea would be invaluable as house k??*peraud to take the charge of a mo'twrlesa taiiuly. Ad Ureas Housekeeper, at Mm. Lungford'a Christian Home, (W 33th "t. Two vorxo OIRLS want *jtuationk? the one aa ? hainberrviald or waiter; the o'her aa hamherinatd or line xvaaher and Ironer; beat of rlty referent Riven. Pleaac ? nil at 190 Went 14th at., near 8th avenue, for two day*. TWO Yorwo WOMEN WANT 8ITUATIOV9-ONR AH rbambermaMI and to aaalst in wa*hing and IronUnr, the other n* waiter, in a piiviito family; or one as plain em k,wa*h er and lrOB?*r, and the other as rhambetiuald an t ? alter. Oood ilt> refer* nee from thew la*v place. fan he "'en. tor t*n <la ye. No We*t 2?tb at , in (he bak* rv. Two Tom womsk want ftrruATtoy*. tv \ i?ri rata i.uiiiiy 004 aa cook and tborouibly und*ritAad* her business; the Other as ?'liamberrnald, and to do tine \sa> hliuc and Uuttnn, or sewing. Perfectly understand all kinds f work, Hoth wish to live In the name house. Cneiceptlonable < ity re i ?"fence. Can be acen until milted at 225 6tb a\erue, between fttfc Mnl flM 0U, Two BBfPBCIABLI yOUHO woven WAK1 -in \ tlona. one aa ^'ood cook, wuaber and !rou?'i ; the other a* ? ?h.miheMiuiid or waiter or MUMtrfM, ud will k< t ? " UMeitil, 1 he beat of city reference; can bo seen Tor two day* at the third door from lltrrlion, In t'oiuuibU ? tr?*erl rteuU) Brooklyn TO n< . m m ? \ LADY WHCMMB FBESKX1 EK< iOK rnent will *oOU expire, la anllous foenitaire in bo'iaokd.-per In a hole! in the Month; understands her >oi*lnes? well, and ea? produce unexceptionable references. I'leav: i ids * ?s Houae Keeper, Herald office. TO KOl'THERXKR*.? A Vol NO I \DY WISili H \S l'.X lutgeuifnt as bouaekeepcr in a Southern u lly stands the inanagvmsiit ol house *nd aerv&nta. < an 'uinlsh unexceptionable reference. Pl?*a?e address D< ! ?/.??. JI?;aJd office. TO BAKER.S.? A YOC.VO MAX WaNJK \ ri 1. % I ION j. a third hand. Has u i(?iod chniacLer. ,|?!dr ? I*. knight. 31M spring *t. TO HOTEL PROPRIETOR* \NP OTHER#.- W \ S Tf D, a I '.iatton ha barkeeper in some tlr-?f uu hotel or res la ur a ?it. Has h? ?*n In ?'n?* ot th? nrat esi^jiUhnenu in the ' Ity, and ran Influence ,i large amount of ?;?i*?tu*n. ricaaoad drrm r. I) . H? raid ofi ? tTNB CriHIMKRK FRANC^IfiF. DRSIHK 1*1 -JT.II darn une umlllc i ran< alee imei'.-Hin w < ? r a i No. H Merger street. \I'\NTKI)? HY \ HKsrECiAlU.K YOl .<?; '.IU1 \ M i?ltuullon to d'? ? h?tii l.erw k uiel \u t ./ or '?> ? U.. wor k of a ornall tarnify Oocsl ? Ity ? . .-rer.< . i ^ all ?'<r iwo da) a, ?t 1 ?? , Do^nln.' VV * N'T EI) ? BY ^ VERY Rl'.^PEt T ABf.K VmIWO " v* ' uan. a k* ? to. f- ?? ?vi i 1. ' an. h< r work ?>r plain win*. U ?iWii' and U?ty. il * \ i. ? Please lnqalr*' at !2ih -t., tear M ttV# n ?e r/>,f4 1 ?; t, II rEI) BV t RKHPEi rAhl.i: YOl V.i ? i I I.T., \ ff situation, to do eUanilMiw^ikii. (J a?w,- .n *> ?..<1 iret^uff. or ? hambei ^ork and piMiii ?ewiiuf Qeid ity r?;fer ? i '-s ? >ui be *lv n, Pleaee c?* ?t 2d arei.u*'. \Vr ANTED? BY \ MKKPK?*'I' ^Itl.K PRO'F i > I \ NT yonuff fflrj, a sitiailon, to a*-! ' In h"n*r w-"k han h>-r ?*<?i k, or take are of > ?? I id r en. Is* _o??l | '?ur* aiwl will ln<( to be ?rnerally iK' f-ii. Wsif"s .i. ' -o ii, ' ii .n < t*je< t a* a i<K)!h.-me. ( ?n he w?? 1 Jr f r ? ? ?? *4 ' , ?? . ?*<> day#, at M l#it avenue. w ANTED? h V \ row PI I AT WOM W -HI ? w ? ? ' tof 1 , hs rnte 00k; -i. wi. ? 1 ? I - ? . ? - .? . i l? r bu(-iiie#i?, and can pr^aJoe#) the be-t ni riif t?*o-reivwi fi??*u ?' n? 1 the 10' -t r ?'*!?*?? ainll.? - In ?h'* Ity t* c%)i at ;? lti%tngton st., r? n? b^uae up - .? l,,t ^roda; - II* \ STK|I? BY \ VOI'Nii ^OMVN AH1T1ATION IS ? f a private tmnlly, ?? wal ?r *?>c h?m! 'i?l, <v 'h ifiberoiabl and a?aUiar<t wwther an#! Iitmer; laai<u. ? loodpladn sewer ?nnU very 'Apabie ?>t takiotf *r- t : c! lien an produce fo<id refe.renoM. 1 n?jt?lf e at fi < ?M h s* t??:ur t>th avenue, for lao day a. II* A VI ED? BY ^ w T E A D Y WOV \ N \ -ffi \ ? ION Vv til a ? mail private family to ?lo iffrieral I* oaework; la a ro 4 *ft*i.? r and tr? uer t'aii be ^11 ?,* t- H j* s ?' u ! t'oor, lor two d*y ? \lT A N'T ED? HY TWO KEM'l ? J WtU PROTI* I A N'T fv elrls, ?itmi'lon^ . n * as <? #ok, w.ts|?er and Ironer, tte >i|i? r aa ' ha mb? rtoa <i ?n.(l waiter, or Kild'a nurae. 1 1m een 1 or two o? j s t^a %|) a*. en'j<*. ?fl' ANTED? BY \ KI-PK' TtBI.K olKi A - H \ v > ? 1 arn* 1 roalO t wafer. ? wot k. In a ffinall private family. t'<in^lve i|00*i ? r-* eo- ?. i^ait tor two <rlaya at l.'W Kast ??, b'-tw- en M and 3datre ntir* up -?talr-, ov?*r th? w 7. T ED ? BY AN IMPtiKIIVii HOI sK MM* roan familiar wt t? he laer* trade v ill) ')?a '? u-?tr>Tu? i s oti'l WiH<na oi**4?*n will l?e all'.H*- 1 ori w ANTED? BY A Yol'VO OERMW lf>r UtRfYKD, who ?peaks aorne Enaljah l'i ti -it (taiiar.. flnrti<a.ta/i and ?*< lavom-"?, and ia aom* wnat acv|iiainnd with huatneaa, a ?|iua'ion ?*alary ?i?od* ra'e, Addr **s K , IferakJ vfttr*. "I I ^ ANTED BY V R}"i*PE> T IBM* Vo N<i WOMAN \ fv Mtttianofi 10 it/* ff+n> r.?i hr?o?t'W? an'l a alter. Ilaa r*? <l t*> ref# re?,i^ ?la>aat*4?ft !?? ave man, <?f liberal edueaU"ti and temperate ha bite II ? ? r k so a neyvhnvt 1 ? ? a o?ee, .#ra- v ^'h<f teaale '?a^ahllabment where Ui* ^rvl' ea rr.tftst be r ?julr^t tJ**id ref- r? uc?? hi to honesty, - .brb-'y, A- Wntf< ?? r^. ? of ?<i ru b Importance is a { m *r n' < n. P.ea -,e a t-i > J \\ * ? ? il. 11. - .. II' AN TED-BY t P.E-PE* TABLH W||K^ ^ * v v situnti'.' ? j '? > v.-\ ? ? f ?. ironini:; wlahe- a plaee tor h? r *elf aivl hoy* th?? hoy i? ?.* ? r ; . ten year* old. he v Kild ?? - fr?r itiui :] wag*-*. * : ? w .0 ^r. *anN a situation a* '?hair -ertr < 1 -j?l 0 , fe refine Please <- t ' I a' I3ft4're?ab3 - 'hi; i l o m>, tor no da)s. II . ? ( . fv tuutty r.t /??'?.< ..*U o. '!*? , ? 1 m -? ? i ? ? oiMkrr. * an be r. a' ar y Im#i tt .: o tltj 7. f? wo r - .? \I * A N TED? BY \ I Ef?PE< TABLE WOMA> v> ti'Hi t.? lake earn "f' hiMrer, ?oo makf h l|a? lO'd rr^re ? r U-r !?.' j . |* a^ Mad aon 4*re? % tn UN*^ II * ^ NT KD? I Y \ Ut>l n ' A HI ? w * Rltii V ? a ? hI.v to we , - at >?. v , ?. ? t . r |., tlofl to fO lo tie parti** wantitw ? Hi H \v * JIT f n? B Y A %M>rWC7A9tX TOT? mc-pf ? t \nr 1.1m TK'N In iinillprttiMnWI) 11 r? ? tKli'fsnl Irwi lift. f > *11 a llll l*?r.i.. . f? ? b> !??? i ..u. ' U**"TI'D-I.r I RK-I'K. Til ..K WIDOW flHIil'J ?f"1 If.., Ill* ft Up ? I.. ?r I ? n^. .vm . i , ... f.-r. A.p:/ ui Mr* ll II ..i. 'ai " '.I'llu1 .a tvm- m?i> ..<A ? t ? U'AJITI D-HT 1W* nr. in T ? I r. 1 .1 S . Wi iMr.X .iii.aiin'., ich- I. ? , '.1 a , | tr?- tut ?r t n. r "rj. ochr -1, **: n *,^iln|ii.l r . 1 Of -o ?4r ?f ?i l Ira. IU ? * ?W| i ? r ? "p* pp-l. 'I .?.< ,<?!?? Hi V. TTt?. ?' ttNtlM. ir M mam WxwK. KT ^ ww?yi?T?m.? vocxa oiw.. * V\ w i.y ? itr ri ? i A.ii.. wo*' i?Mm, w??h !r m. r ? I gtmiul I I ? m '1 \j i'1-rpp - A| ; ) *! til Ha<#- u ? 1*1 *m'?, i? ii-av a Ufi't-' iahu. '.in. 4 -i ?| v '? -.??it' I If* .1 I V, m?k' 'vip'ii -"' I K-^ Hi "V'" " NC f< n (jiiki - :.v a ? ?rv?ii.r |*T> r?t >nir? >nrrrV I ? ? . . ? 't ! * 14 ' ? ft - 'WU . . M -*l f ? * i- t ?ii<r. !? ?r. ' 1 ,1 mmnwr+m <\j, it ! # ' h. n.'?< ?p-.4mr "rj 1*1 rp"'tv," rmm W law a^. ft"' iai Hv"! * e^ a-j ?? , n m-rf^Sa t'antto# aeeii f*. >as<i .a * a' I.I h M<U * h" *?** 2i ae ! 'ef a*#. tMul * * r 1 1 " \ JITW- BY 4 HWVa TIBLE FrOffkMHf WO VV a ' ?iton aa | .tii i/?'' OO'# ?poetanle tn a >e?p?riaai* wtu ff>ad tlaaa ei*y fefey^ \l'%*irD-BY % f**Y T % M ?! *Nfl - vv patent 4MHHM, 4 <lw>a aa h-wae ar. ?' ??m I * La <?Mar?tafaia ''are <1 a Nafcs frmn her e ? an ?:.<! It 'Mm an.; ?4(> ,1. t.- a niw< ?>"< ???*. kilMni# ?tK-.min Mkl m >M(. Ca* V? MO '/m ! <u f v il I tsMrj M , IrTa'u CTTV Vnt)N 1 WAVTKD* \r ? n'ti p \-irrATi<iv ,, *T It ft ?r?' ?? -????% w?.' I': h *l , ??*rond fijmr, frm.t roo''': \1T ANTRP ? A Kill ATIOM A TY ?p?cteble iiiutk.j l??( flood r.-fi,. u. . h i-uU loth - t, ? " ITAfmiD? A tilTI * ' ION. f : 'j ? i ' , .? < . n rlmtiib'T ?r "i do l?. *? work. f. . i eaUhtl l ?UU BY A Rr'. hi fi KOTABLK ' ! ' ? Kuhtr?i| . - ? k- 1 ? tat# family ; cad Wantkiu< f f v*t?o th? ? ? lMiin?!r? ' f, ?- V l? r? Cai? ti ItuuMtWfcy. srn ? kill) ! IOV AS IY)U?; H\ K WOMBS' hrr liutlii* , U 4 AIMNTKD? A Sf .'l 1 ? ? lliJtf U) do )ij(lr *< < litldrr n i??*rf' ' ilv Oo?*l ?lay-, m t No. :*> lAih ?t., . . IS WIL Ut?? <' ir? of ??iiti for two W ANTKP-- HV A PRnl'Kfl \ NT ? ? INI t Mil \TloN uk, waidi and iron t kfixxl N.ik. Ill I r 'I-. I?|| r, llr. , Alj II. fw-are. PItum- -?l! ai 03 ?'i .1.1 . Tir A VI KP ? BV A MfPPIJ: m.i.K Woman. Willi IH TT h llr.l ral<- <'<*>!;. a alioatkni in a prh fiunl/v . M*?i of oily MferMMr*. t'an b lor two ita> ?, ai 71 W. i linn -i. WANTRD? BY A RIMPKt T VBI.K VOI V(J WOMAN, A hlitmiloit a- <-o?'k u a v% un)iit and trutsflr. Tbe br i i;iiy re ferania ?lvm. ln<i ir>' .1 1VJ mi ,iv. VI/ET VI'Mf-K-A VlilMi ASP lIKvLTHY ?n*Ay TT wllha frr?b bi?-a... ol :nlH. , ?n^? -iu.ailon. Al l1') i'ur wo <l?>?%i 20?> I'll nl., iirar M'uNliiiitffflB ?'| WANTKP-hV A HKKI'Ki TABI.R I'ROTIMYANT W<? man. a hIiiuiIoii ** ?<"*. w?<b?raiid iroi.'T In a prlvato family U?-M city r?*l<n n<e. t'an b ? i"rll lor (wo tlaj* at 316 in, .i "Wf ANTKIV- A sin \IIii- ll\ \ It I ,-t'Ki TAIII K Wi). TT mun, no rb*nib?mw|ii .?n<l plAln wiw#r, or to h??I?i In wii?hinjt an<l Ironing; or umiM do ?;?<nrral hoiurwoik In a ?in?ll prlvala I'amUy Itr-i ..i c <y n>fi rw ? r. m I .r lut .m ployrr. C?ll at 131 Kultnn ?., Hroohlyo, ft r t? .. .;?j <. TIT ANTKP. BY A RRSPKt'T \ III. I S 01 n<j I'ROTI' STANT TT jtlrl, a ?linatlon u waahcr atut li-on^r, ?nd plain po* or would ho w I nil is n. go In a aiaall prlvai? Utrilly to do K"n?ral homework, ind wa?h, *?*. Apply tor two ?!..< , 57 i H.i 7Jth <t., nrar 4ib arfnur. Ocod ?*|fy ri fri i>nr?. W ANTKP- A HITVATIOS B\ A YOUS?i WOMAN A* good plain rook. In 11 llr* ' rai** n a*>hei* unil irourr. Or wiiiilil (to hh laundma In a prltkM family. Hum uB-'n epUou able i'?wrvnv?. t Hi b? ???<?!. a( W7 Prxutway, l>c(.?nr.n and 1M ?(>. TIT ANTED? A HiTl ATIO* HV A Kk .-I'M I \ULK VAlt f T ricd woman an w r.i nuiv: In a r .p?. tab ? amlly. Hbo in of cood healthy rooalltutlou, and h?r Urat baby thrro v r?'k4 Wi Oil! |tVI IOOd !"?*!?" i ? ? and do ? MI. ;i'.V * ui. be #?***n for (wo <1h)* at 2.V) Mot *??.. *?? ? ltd floor bark roMU.| "IITANTED? BY A KEr?PK< T A BI.E I' ROTE* TAUT WO ff man. a nitiiutlon t? \s ,il: uij i ldi . y ..... and t<, n.akfi hern* If gem-rally tuMsful. Be^t of refers ??. ? an h? ?ij for two day n, at 79 5th L TIJ" ANTED? A ,-ITI \IIoN, ?l\ \ Vol s?. WuMW TO u do chaittbrrWOTk ami ??rwir <mk?I - u v r??|i- \ * i,rr. I be Ft'? o for two diiy-f. u' be ?t 1 irwrv v<,rx 2^7 M avono**, twtttt Matlidliifii. Tir ANTED ? BY A RV>P1? 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TXTAVTSD B1 1 DBI - u A BIT I IVIOM U 1? M'atnttr- - , ? a?? ? .0 .??!. - t. , hi ' . ? ?*n'n Of ? will ? riffaif by 'hn day, w#?#?k .?r month. ?'au bo w?ti tlil ??!?? gafcd at 047 Bod-on ??irf,?". ?bl r?l floor. j TlMMTRr>? A MITI ATIoN MOI -KK KEI'kR. BY A ff labf? inkldi*' w ;"d I ? e an, with rteuc#. uni ca|?a ?!*? ot taku.^ haw ? ' a dairy. "r rn "?* ! ?*Dce Irom last empioyi . %|?p!y ?t J4 ' avenuo A, n? ar I II' AST! D? A MTI' ATIOV BV \ Uf RPF.< I ABI.E I Ito f? iMtaBt J I ' u a lift ? i Ur itid irori^r al?o a bak* < an hr f t ?!ay? at 31 < ar h :?1 i!? , >r ? mi j Br'" flTAMTKD B\ r.l I ? ? : EPRUTI rAXTOIB Vf a nit nail' n In a prlv* ? v? .?*; i d* lu?fr.b*?rwork , > .* 4.oo?t warh?*r,iiid IronT. a -<n w?*a? j ? . I : *i?w?m . noobv lm u do gr n^rai h"i ?*?<,, k In a - ? .<?. ?; rilly; Im a ko^mI nlati. rook rl?-a?*? <4ain?<r .wo lay ? - IBB W' 17th m, B^ to' - Uy reffrrn" glv* n. TIT ANTED >A HITI'aTH ? WO fV m ,? m ? ?h .*nd . ? ? <1- 'au.'ii* O \ ? I* reri' \\.\ I i J. 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A I'HOTKH Uni, In it rti?t <Uw< fumljy, nirh only iu??sl apply, a ?m'imiiWhi *? ? hildr?'ii,? mild; nn>l? r?f ntida hrp huiiti"?i |?rr f**? iljr, U?t%inK IumJ hIi yrnr*' rijmrli iirr In Um? nu rvr?; >? A ui v im??? ('mi l?i? m>mi nl *?fi| Wr?4 4.1rd rirel, ?*i Uoii*?? fioin *!??? VH|? a vrmir . WA.vrtn? a hitijatiok, hv a tidt hhart nu^u?4 wointtii, *n rkuianhfrmtkd und waHcm* ?nd vo pIm' in tb<* tine * a bluff And Ironln;, or 10 do urnrrui hou??* work in a prlvAio f?liy; r?n jriv?? Dm Nit of rrflrff from U*t rmplo>rr. tNo? ????!? lof two dAyt At Ifll Ooun Mtrect, Hrofiklin, third floor, bAck room. "XJLt ASTKll? BY 4 4X>MPKTKNT PltHHOV, A HlTl'. ?? i. .a 1 hi-l)ii? M and vaHff?if mimibAimM1 n!rrn*> Iiam ibe b?'?t of city r?U>rn?'-?>. Cam hi* nAf*ii for tn# dAyn ?I7 ?T?h *'r. rt, bHwiN^n <WI? and 7'H av*. TirANTKIWA HITUATIOW, liY A KKHPHTTAHLk WO f f iriAli, ?4? rooA ??mI ' o muil?* In mm hirm ?ml U oiiIuk; b??l r?ly rH?l 'ur#?. OiiIbI II" VArUk ?!. ITANIID If \ ftMTOCTASUI ML 4 fClTVA f? tU'O. to A |ir1?Ht?? family. iv? rKnrnbrrtviAkl *t?! ?r?ltrr; bAn *oo?l ? ity r?-f**rri?. r 4 *11 ?t, or iddn-**, IU7 ?' I2vb ?! , b. in. ? 1, l?i aiiU 2d ?umiM tlTAIitflD- ^ l r r ATION, UY K RKHFJCTTABt ; riO if t^AlAiit w^inun. 'o ? 00k Atid ??nii?t in th* *?,.?' ^ to t priviktr 1.1 11 illy . U tk grind b?k*r rri? r?nw?? *? *1. v? k v.-h. 4 ui? be ??? ' !> . for two <t*)?,fctf* ' ?u !? it., ltrr>okl>ii. ANTK1) ? A H1TVATION. MY \ KWfV. T4H1.V3 ronriK w^mnn, n* ' h?iiit xrai/u'l or to dti *? n? , 1 IfOUA* rk. PIimia* ? nil At 22ft I6*b ?t, , 1>?Iwi?b HUi Attdff W ??rn'ic?. AV Uf 4 WTKO? HY A BK#PfcCTAtt!K XOVffO WOM4V, A ? 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A H rhmnhry iouw! an t Jodofu.c ? t > htim and ir >101 a , 4*> I ? fly anrr kI?' o fi rn hrr laa? <Jall ut 12$ nf. h ATeniia, t*?p floor, frou< roocu. w m.nn, ?o t > ttu<UM**ijrl, in u prl vii ??? fan.ll) * % &*>* I yl*tn and Ironcr, (fell .*i ti<4V Four'**". wr >?' U? ?v> n ? -? !-?r (wo?Uy?, iblN tk*?r, Nw~|i ri*m \l' \N rnv \ 1110111. Y W HI*' ? TAW K \<< V< . f y *? ?i> iii, ? l'i *r?' ? i|tu /i ?i? ? ?? ? ? - .a ?i and 111 rhil<lr< in' ?i >?-?, t**n !<*? ? ??'?? t?r ivre '!??)* ?i n?* #m ? *M, v? fn. ii lt >*? bu*, ti*-* r , from 10 Mil t <? ? t (?i><} 1 r- !>r*-n ?? j Ivn \ 4 ' 4 N r K ? ? ^IH UHiVH Il\r TWO YOI SO VMlM* . ? ' ? n** 'n >' ? r ni? i lr?.i? i, h oIk* ? rb-.?, or,\ ? n .h#^; fUnJ <h-i ?i?( w.'4, (kial i?-?i ??? Aif 'jr .-?I'il .-f f i'iU *i, * .|? f tv\ r<K?iii. ? ?n l?? ??. t| <l*j (JET* V I ? \ lit Vfl s \ l( ?> I i AHl Tf -h s<- .? * ... ? ? 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V* J. % f* InAf Mi fi?<?iifw? >? r t? * nh? rmi ?J m ;l% ?< , r^4? 4*1 v ,i mt, fM*< r i + (m ? It ir: ? . I J '14 f j - r ?? * ? ? ?%?*??? fc*vi ?t '* ? *Jr" ?*' *? " ?"? M ??" ? #*?' **'.'? ^jUi* #. m ?'.? I '?'* 0 U' *S1VI> ''l" * TM Jio af?U AH ? * * 1 *** w* *si 4m *t>* *??*,?%?? ' ? 4 ' ' ? ? 4--? jw f-y ??%???, -?*t %'f? '4 ?,?'?. f f - i'nm !?r *4 *-f <? l<* M , M?t>? 1*1 ? r.|v T- LI! r ?r ? * '? fca* ?' ?H it ' 1 ' ,4i , ?'l 1? Sin H ?? r.i> ? -iii n<.K hv ? n,;n ? ??"' ' ??' ' ' -?'Wrt,?4 ? u ?tr> .1.1 . I. ? ? M#* >#??f ?? ?? >>MaM -H?? -? , -0 w V' ? "l-ll f *? M ?* H... , lV*?Ttf?- A. HT \AT<r,% NT 4 ?? ri. T. * ?T J< -?4 -??<?-?? to* | ?? i/??r ?r ? !?<?? * *i'l *?4 ??|?? 4 k>f ?#. . f? W ?n?? -u . ? ??? r*? f im ??' ?< ?li ?? Tcr htatfUts H"r Mais'd, m< ^uin m ^

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