Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 11, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 11, 1855 Page 7
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iiTBimmn kmrvo imi nr. W)? S.IL8. / -m fWin-v chancb seldom ukt with- v ?y?^f7.uUU. -il for gale wlili'h boa 'j o a US abliahji k.t its tun a!t tutted In mm of tbo prlnclp il ?ur,ouort 'b. we*t>ldvn. Ine (own, now doiag a gOfedanaao From ?(i*? W|4?00 rentj'rtJ, which can D? ha I on reaaootijo t. nun; us ;be proprir or I* Ciliated In o'hjr bushier (h' vwll 4i | o. c of it to ft good party. For fttrthcr [' urtlctkiara m pure ?? Mil G/^enwIih atreet. i t nnn to !it,oco.? for a.u?E, v^ extknsivk ?5 t/sV O v roannfuc uring btudtt' -i, Wllb bulldln -* and m 4 cr It.eri (OdikcM therewith. e..inbh tor tin: p i -t 40 yoars. 1t> a i. u n.rc man, who wnuM invest witn- caraml, a for -?tv* u.*y b? )Tu- urfui. l or uii nooesmry particular*, apply OT " " Mt/WKK Jt !? KOUIbHI.B, 8* Naiicau street. dkCflfl TO fl.HUO.-V R \RE CHANGE; FOR SALB ?fC UU cheap, a Be of the oldest oatalillabod book, sution ry ami new* drpola in 'bo etiy. new dnfag fjtl ti *r vm - k pr* t<. Bent very low. Apply to IJKXTbli A BROTHER, 14 and !'j Ana atreet. ii Ki)fl ? FOB SALB-THK LEASE, FlXTlltES AND <1, t)vJU? goodwlllot a gentlemen'* furnishing "tore, h n tf C beat location oa Lrosdway, dolus a flourishing bi?*inc<s, ai <1 wUI bo will at a bargain. Any ponon ivlnhle:; lo engage fe. a profitable business, lonT ??- l?lii?ln J, *tll find this :\ r m opportunity. ilie propria'or Laving other cnnagomjuls. Ail drew K S. T.. H. raft of.ico. A/rnn ? volt s.u.':-vt a greyt sa< iufck, a ijpOOVr. >lnr? iu the musical toiidrumnMl* and fancy uood line, i?w itoli.r * g?mJ business, In an excellent thorough! ire. Keunm Hor selling, I he owner has a tii'in'.il.K tar In' business to attend to. Address I'. P. 1'., HomUaffiH. d;97K -BIILDIIW LOTS, I V HltOOXLYN, H VLF hour's walk tram terries location elevated and lw aitby. lenus S2^A each, for audi. Payuinit# nl fl wecKljr, ?rflu monthly, ulili ln(?r>'i-f, aonafdercii aitnaah. In^ulm ot Mr. DAY, Thirteenth street, near bovonth avtioiM, BrooUljn, utter 3 o'etoi*. Aoor WIU. 1U Y THK 1IFWT COKNEB I'OHTKR ?T ? *J' ) homn jt?u h?w?i, the nib one on Ih.i four rornnrs van ?tU? H'tuur. They keep nynial* in winter time. Tbei* In Iniir ycura' >,nn(! to run. It moat I"' oohl, brltut what It miv, uj UmetwiiiT in It'.ivlng iht) 'iiy. Apply .-?ooti at 1)1 Division Bticel. tk'XWl W1I.I, 1H Y AN OVSTKU AMI B V T ISO HA loon In tke best |iur of lh-- city. The place I* 'lolm< b tiri'i rute l iulneM, und In mil I on accoiiutof the prc-eiit pro >n h-tor unli i ^ to r.urope. Inquire on tic jirtnih-e . inki Cr.nul afreet, hnfiii '-nt. A<VVA ONLY.? FOR KAI.K, TUB LKASK, STOCK , ?7' a?'* ' 1/ fljeturef ami furniture of a thread, neo 11 and dr. cm nuililnit c."iublh>hmcut. now lining a sptrn<Uil btulni -h; il-.u a ?t*'kery n'ore; ul*o a eonfcc.Uonery and Ice cream wiloun; al- .i u segar store. Apply ul 2HSI Urotn'lw*v, room 10. GkOBGK W. SIMEH3. TO *2iW? A BAKK f'H.VNrK FOR ANY perton having Uiis umount, tnlwUhlni; a salu mi l Srofhable trareillug enterprise. Thl* In ?neh a chitnoe n- rnd rm oITcim io make n fortune on n ftuMll otpUal. For p trtlcu ?am apply to PKTCH A INOAI.I.S, rt'lii r- ?ite ?geut , 340 Broadway. ? nr. ?A RARE CIIANCB FOR A SMAIX OAPITAU? *Ir I t>. A lie lit tnrlnn bii-ini pailfn.' from l.e.lO to l.liOP per cent, will be aold for S<S^ iheov\ tier leaving the elljr tl'e ri ucnii for hi l'ltig. Addr< !M W. E., Herald oBlec, Htt.'.in _? "where an Interview may be hail. A LABOR FEED AND FLOUR STOItK FOB Svl.K EatahlU<hcd twelve jears, and doing fOU.OOO u> $;.1,iH)'l a ji at; location utisurpiutne<l being only '.'lie block, from tUe dork, and him a large number of regular cu-t'iii rn; capital ?wttitred about $2,UtW. HOWKH A KROBIMHKR.84 Natrruu atreet. A FLOATING DI1Y DOCK FOR SALE, OB WOl'I.D BK cxrliange<l for a veaael, or an Interest in one. ? Till- In a rplenilld ehani e for a bu?luex< man to mike money. I'll e I - 2u0. or lurtlier and free particulars apply to HOWES A FBOltlSHKR, *1 Naaanu atroet. A HOPPE FOR SALK-WITH THBEK LOTS OF GROUND in 21h' at rcct, nenr Iho ftili avenue, Brooklyn, one or two u.irntei' walk from raUrond, In a very Improving neighbor kuod. 'I bo 1 iou?e is built n!' the lien uiiteriala, replete wt h ? very convenience, containing 12 room*, mnrhlo maowla. Ac., 9 pan rle* imd store roomn, Cellar In front, uud- r the walk. The > l? in One eondltlon. with fruit tree* of evory variety, Crnpe vines with a lurge vrn?lli of Iuabulla grape*, .to. . Ac..; wU be told ut a great. naerttM, 76 per cent may remain on Bior'ttace for a term of yearn. Apply to HKNKV B1 r'.t.l., 22? Church direct. New York. AR/RK CHANGE.? FOB BALK, AN KSTAHLIHIIKD rc'all pork atore, 3S2 Fulton treet, Brooklyn, one of the locations In the city. Will be sold low, a- tb.i own ir la Itl ottn entering lu'o other builuesa. Kent la very cheap. In ?t.lre of A. L. Scaring, on the premises, or of White A OUa, ? nod ?9 We at Washington market. A RARE CHANCE AND NO HIJHBDG.? FOR SAI.E, A tea store, at a moderate price, e^uibllilie | sine - tin last loi.r )ears, doins a rooiI buslnecs, with a goo I run of cu-'otn, feline of the prtnetpul loeatlnnn In Wllllamsburir. Kerson for Helling, Ul health ol Uic proprietor. Impilro nt KID South SUtb a. reel AV11RY PROFITABLE DRUG STORE FOR BALE? ftltua'ed In Brooklyn, dolnu n bu-'iwtw dally of tr-.m fid k IK The store Is prominently located on a corner, an, 1 baa fcten established for a great number of year*. Apply hi U. W. RICHARDS, :it(T Broadway. A CHANCE TO MAKE A FOBTL'BK.? THE ADYKR iarr has Iti operation at 40ti Hroadway one of the most vslnable Inventions ever Isvued from the Patent Office. Tlie patent right for moat of the States Is for sale. To p irties of responsibility, capable of laklnu the entire charge for anj one Htan , I' will be otiered on terms of niutu il advantage, ('nil e iki *?? II . * BARGAIN.? A FARM FOR BALE ON LONG J\ Island, conmlulng forty five acres, for $1,100, five him drcd oi whlcn may rem iln: two honr*' ride from New York; good house' and burn and fruit trees. Vor particular* Inquire or H. WOK THING TON, or George W. Clnpp, 48 Kultem market, N. Y. A SPLENDID CHANGE FOR A GENERAL KNGBA vrr.? Hltot), tools, and everything complete, lor sale. Ad Orvaa H. L. P., Newburg Post oftlec. A DRY GOODS STORE FOB PALE? THE STOCK, a general assortnent of Maple atul 'nuey dri goods, ilie h eat Ion unsurpassed In the city, I, ring In a leading buslnrsa ? ureuuhfare: the lesse of store, atock, Ac., will be aolj o i rt a>onal le terms. The rerelpis of the a ore ff?) ti.floo p.'r day. Apply to IU>W ES A FROHIBHER, M Na>sau street. A CO A I, YA RD FOB SALE.? ONE OF THE YEBY BEST I\ in New York, corner of Fourteenth street ml Nlntli ?\enne, six full lots on a lonu and lavorable leaae; four etc..l it nt ln.rse^ and > arts, natures antl everything In tine orJcr, ov lng a buslneii. A rare opportunity to Into a eoriid huiiUrfF^. J. T. IIODOF^, Ptolflc Lonu Oflce, o/or Ftiriik back. B/KEKY? A SHORT DlSTANl'K FROM THK i'lTT, now paying $20 a wock. Th? honw, ????/??. flaking HM^vcrrthini nompk1^, will b<? iKild tor $*^60. Tula h a ;ood chance for a Grrmnn. The bakerr, Loum*, and lot, will be fold If required. HOWE0 A FBOBISIIKB, S4 Nassau atri et, ("tOTTON MILL FOR SAI.K, TO t'IX)SE AN ESTATE ) The subscriber will aell at private sale the cotton mill at Paierson, New Jeraey, know n aa Harmony Mill, ennlaliilng se ?*iweeii ktoina, one willows, two pickera, nhiet?en canls. two drawing frsncs, Ave speeders, one grinding frame, ten Dan fetr h spinning frame*, two pairs of mains, warping mill and roellng frames, with nil other fli' urea and titonscl* for matin fcetarmg, all In good ninnlng order. The mill and dw> lilm( booee sland on lea?'d ground, with light reat and a |? rp?tna! Veaao: Inquire of PIKRRE J. Hr'.R'llNE. Administrator, *1 Warren atreet, up atalra, or JOHN H. flEDI.EY. Attorney M Nam atreet. COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE AT FM 'SUING ? on Whttcatnne avenue, ahoui one mile from tho r illroiul depo.. ad. oiiilng In lale re?ii|cnee of Gardiner llowland. Ks|., crnlanini itbout lu acres of land, with gentool bouse, tloble, l>nm, carriage lions*', Ac. ; flne Is wn: Irult and shrubbery I n al nndaiice. Apply to t II AS. F. I'OY, at <\ II. Slw ulian A fkni'n, 9i Maiden lane. DRrG STOKE AND LKASK FOB BALE OB EXCHANGE for real estate. The old stand, 14 llu Ison s reet, corncr ? Reade. by tne Hudson Rnw Kallroa<l depo : It lta< a lu-rt t>ve retail rail*, ilie result of thirty years gond management? fee Hi a w he b, f 3U to tW> par day can be done In jobbing. DBIU? STORK.? Ft iR SALE, OTB\F FOB CASH, OR will be let, with privilege to purchase. This is a very old cstutliabed stand, and well known. This is a rare chatc e b r acme yovng man. Apply al 64 Fulton meet. DBl'O STOBB-FOR SAItE. IN a FINE LOCATION ON eu? of the pr neipnl arenue? doing a fair bmlnem.? A ?ood opportunlt) for a dnuglet . ,r physician; once, fi.iyl. ko a. ci.t need apply; address DBLGOIST, LnionH<tuire Poist office. DBDO FTOEE FOE SALE? DOING A GOOD BET AIL and prescription business will he sold k.w, owing to tne 1 1 hi sltk o. tlie proprlefu. Rem very moderate Apply at 1M Nti. h avenue, lor two days only. j^ABMB FOR SALE? IN OB AN OK, SITLI.1VAN AND j?' I ,?r?n cooniics, N. Y'.. New Jet <ev, Monroe county, 1 eh., in Racine and Waukesha counties, W i?. Illinois tss ul in ai < qnantt.y to -ull, and a long given lor payment. Ltn 1 warranta '(ocaled and eitchailgel. Applj at *1 Nasiia i <tn*i, ns m V. A F F*)B BAl.K- OR TO I.KAXK FOR A NDIUIF.R or tttn, on reaeoanMfl Wrtnn, Iota, 2b ny IK), koon-D %? (fee UuUeiibcrg fWTJ pro|x't 'y, ituuUiw the North rirer, oy M x MiUetli *Hb the mUc privilege. "Uilnbln tor Samntr or coal bimlnem, (hip hnll.ilng or maiiunciurin* piir mm I?, to a eroairvu n.UMorhooil. For parur.ilerv lo lulre of V HhCkKll, North lioiohen II. II. A P. BKtN.fK*. J.J W I I?ii<iu>n HTM!, or (SLANDER t HTKIl.. M Murray itraol FH>B HAI.F-OMK or THOHE BKAPTIFtl. UROt* 1 ??oo?! I oiiiw?, on ill.' unrtl. "Id or Thirty-ail Ji at re" . lie 1*iio?U>ii and Ko?ir?li ari niino. built Ui the lafti ?'?'? aud ?i'k al. UK' moJern Improri menu, nm: ct lb- be" KfMU to ihr city. Inquire ou lie premlwe. !,'?* HAI.K? TWO TURKIC HTORY URu'.VN -ToST. r (r> D h'luaea, '?lb b .? meat and und r ? ? Inr nod L..I1 (??.?) ? n I or j ie< o il ? n t, J00 f et weet of -tilth nvente m Irtt <1 ?i.c 5 0"ii* of Bruno ? ay, on aoqth ?t<te of Fort/ mt it, a Mb* et, lb M hui.Rrw i.r biijt in the um-i ftul>f4uii*i*iid varfctoaiilU'' maunr w.Ui nil Out rn-Klf.n intlroriii n a ? nrh a- I nil. I>f .? Mwk'n* lu ic?, Kr . t< rm* r*?\ . I^drr of J. llhlti. s. Itfl Vl'i' Tweoiy-een nUi FM?R tALK-THK <OTTAOK B' tLT FRANK HOfHK, it. IV 1 lo Hi,h l.rnk.i 3) Hanover pi* "a, iw Ful v,.i ? >-i ei. Hnvkij ii with raiife, fa* toWfeii baihti e r-Mu ; ?he yar>. I* ?\l I*? { wt ha r?rr *? Ortmnttt M rti* er? ?r?p? ? we.. As. I'?-?*>-?khi itlvrn Id o:ie mor.tb, If ilqVlral. For Wrmi, liKjilr* ? mi !u' prrmiiN ui of Ifi > W ARI) a BUO., w Faiioti m?u.?e rorti-r iifl'li." *trre', Itruklyn. F'O* HAI.K-IN THK ?( KIT FIFALTHT ASl> M.K V n f par ol I nutivn, two tie*' coifince h lilt b"'i?e- ami I'rta, ? n.mat.otrg otM rt Uv fln -?t ti^w- m ibx lton?"< (WO nr. ami I mrnl. luir-t knblMMt .ml inrui e?j ii-irr- pie ?r? l?d pni kir?. Iar?e lol?. 2ft by IK; prM? nali (l.NVi; term* ?U , ?ri..',.'rn\ rbaap, will dO'ible In Taloe. Amm1> imtr I..eo. -? , I i n en 'trr. t hetwean flrami aixl u avanav. u. ou at nne i?n p* ? a .'bin a ih< i ; iIvuit. F'i H I.*? TEOt OF \ frn^T R \TK BO \ R D li. ii ln,u?e. toeaied In one of ihe kM j*ri? of ih^ Htr , ihr !???? t a< >? ?"> ' ' !' b' wiDth- ui nm Th<- boqee con to. I e li ne rwto" Rrn' ?W.W per mnmh Will ?'I ".Idri?,. m. r?fh, * I h or u hou( (tarnl'Mf. In mire on Uw or rul> ?!, >lln?r?ry. f'OR S.VLt'. ? T 1 1 K TIIRKF. HTOBY A.NO ATTI'' tfToKF! ?Ill] dweiUliii boii'e 1U Math a.en tr.? lot 22 ? by l<*i,-,wp lo. irtber ? nb 'I* 'fcr- 'i > ?ry br! k ?twrllmf houM lo II, , iar. Ii' paraic ii.trm.!* ?? r< -?r tj < ? '31? sf ThBahove i? nni h*?i tacaitnwior bo>.'t4*a. ?i rm? <^.?y. Inquire an rk? pre niieee. yi R 8AI.K? 111 v i I IRetl l.AXX Sf W IIHort N -ToyK JT lionw So J2 1.1*1 Tin', t?r? r<- ? >, fir m ?? I* .Ma ?nd I < nr h t rrnnea, (?. # ;S bj <" '? ?T, ?' v ' ifl ' hi" n <? trn< ?r?,. ut. W til be ?oM rh<*?p, I ?;'>l|.-l tor l^i m Kfla'i'ly. I* the clieepee* h' Hi rv i* r lie. I t i e ot .1/1 ]l I . li * BF.* on ha Dr**ui - 'i. or a1 ^ ? ?if It ? . ? P V.V-T-? *"!?* FROM r:lF FK tRt ????? %r l ?i , w? eioe.-e . o r; I -n frvo' App,. t I HI 1 T" *? ' k?rl ?'J'l-aiOi.ue ji tbn t <> ? f i FOR S IMC. I[*OR BALE?' TOP. 1!L?K\RT NEW M VBBL? FRONT ' b?>u?e, sod )o' . u< f'h s d ? o; Hoeon I pliae, /3 ffe?i of 4 In 'on Hroofc'yn, si** of io\ te-t ?? by I3H. Thi home l? bobbed b. moVm i?) le, aii I in if* com ?W;Uj order for (HfU|?irirj . i b? ei ii . bin, for health and li- nu y, I* am m ? tf?o test in Hi** cl'y . 'let-ma ew y. Aleo, *ever*t vary Jfilr *hlo tuildu u kit s tn'pio* * 01 four and *U ea h ?.n Ht*.e m l ->ci*er BTH^nrn - .reefs between . mi and Hoik!, HrookJyti. Ap ply in J A llhei < :KI IKcjIIANK, *1 Broadway. IWR MLE-TIIE A 1 prior BOAT QKS KJl iL PIKE. I 01 I'lii adelpuia, U u p'Hid ord? i , ?ilU and rivti:n? nearly lifwr, Iron balls. i w* 11 ilt'e I tor ? pilot twt* or plo wsire yaev, being a ln-f taller, abou* <*4 (ohm l tirfhen. Sold k?\v, for c ish, I v II. H. lifLLh P., I*,y .sooth street, New York, or JOHN KJL 1 Vm i'LiJ . ;t. . * "LVlR FALK? A TWO 8TOKY PRAMK UOIXK, IV J? Aii? lphi street, be \v.ou 1 nl'uu und Atianic arernio, Brooklyn. Apply to Joseph llopkuv* ou '.he prcouses. Price $1,CU0.' U(jR BALE? A ONE THIRD INTEREST IV A HTE\M r pruning e*t><blishiTicnt, entirely free from debt; and Uoiru? a good *; ?? out* 01 the b? it io? aiious for bu-inf *?* hi tlw oily; will L<: rold at a great bargain t or cash. Address (I. , Ui-ruid ollice. IP OR PALE? ON FAVORABLE TERM.*, AN EIGHT I year's lease, nl'htf'ork ?D1 rnfirw if desired, of a ir-t r fLAf gr?d ry slor*. on o?ie 01 ?!?? oe?> avenue* In this city. To a per> i n w*tn means he c *a mvke a loruiue. Vldre ?* ?. II. <V?, Herald ofllee, staling where an Interview e .u bo luid. J MHi BALK? A PINK FARM, CONTAINING K*i ACRES adjoining the beautiful vll Is j<o of llackotu?aek, N. .L, w I adepted for ''any gardening purposes, or oottkt be divided inU? village lot, ?. Am?lv to ft. WlI<B?>.V, 2U2 Proapi'ot pltt<#??, ,I*?r ???> ! i!y, or to liai-kcr ?t Owrnuder, l^i liro4dwu>. ?pOK KALK? A VALUABLK PUOPKRTY ON TlfK r Bonfoo I'oadi hJiuiiMkI be'wern ll.** villaisen c?l VSe-t Farina and MorriMiilB, eoivlHtiriff of at-oiU 'wo an I n half w.*r* -? of good land, inn hUh n a'6 of eul ivaUon. On tbe pr? ml* - Uiero J4r iwoit>mfort I'kj d welling Hand' wo pom! w oH* ??r' our? A-iur; hi unfed in a mont respectable neUliborhood, adjoin n^ ?ti ? landH oi John i-eek niui lliorn w K. Walker, Kf'tm., I?em^ wlUiin ten mlnutea' walk of tins M? rr\. .mia depot, wh ro Un? Went Farm* ntairen pa ? to n?o?>t everv train H'oppiror at said d* pot. 'litle liuli*-putui l?*. p. s.? For further par tlnilars aj? ply on tbe premise j. to tUe owner, WILLIAM KOI.8TON. IjlOn PALE? A LI MBKR Bl SI.NFSS: ONE OF TlfK b< Bl in the city of hrookMyo; oflire, *b<d?. r k-, all coinpli'le; a j/Ood s ock do n : a hiift'oe&i* ot a vcar, wl b good profits, n* books \slil allow. It Is j chatiec MMdoin tue: with, *o any p? rnou desirous of entering in the bu-lBc.^. ? or partJcaisrM, applv to THOMAB * KTRKRT, 34^ Plne?tre?C JlOK MA LK.? THIS LKAHK AND FUHMITURK OF A Udy'H boarding bou>* , near Can il street; n wvv re In* i twirl of ;be city. For patUctllarH, aXlrena A. T., Isroadway Post ortice. l^ORSALK? TIIKGOOO WILL AM) F I XT I r K KH OF A 1/ barber shop. ?Uuat> ?1 in a central part of the cltv, on L'roadway, dolnu a xood bu*lneK?. Plcahe a ldroH^ X. X. X., Herald ollice, lor three dayn. IJIOB BALK ? \ MK AT A NI? VF/i KTAIILK STAXO; ONR r of the bent in ilie city, being -fttivwi on ih corner <?f Prince and WoosU-,r str?'? Tb?-. present occupant oi\ 9kcumn of moving We,?t. To an eriterprialng man 4hie ia a obiiiicc leldom oltered. Apply r?n the preuilafH. IJIOB BALE, FOR ?4tJ<) ? If MJ [ NTKKI> r IN \ r t-pleudid old e-tabii htd e?Hh, gtnwel t>uji?ie >. down town, yielding net, yeany to eit?*h, ov r ?I1 ?*? penn? k; al^o partner wan < d wltli irom ?<?,00U to #1 ?.otM rn- i cap! al, in an old established and superior paying business. Apply at 81 Nassau street, room 12. For half, or exchange for part ca^h, in Hrooklyn, bargains, llr?U eia^^ three s ory brlek dw. 11 in*:, No. U Unjt Ktu e . near CUy Hall. M4.oot); uo, .*2 J> i\ f*y ette avenu' . corner of Ponlutid, near Wa.<tUa^toii park. Co high grounn. A. HA INK1AI X, 1SI Fulton sir* ct, Brooklyn. Fob sale op. exchange for hrt goods-popr brown freestone front botmea, with all tile taodtra ItA Srovf iiiems, at tbe. comer of Court street and Third pUc?*, ionkl>n. Also, a nlinilar house In Rapelyea street I no hou.Hca, with one oxeeption, are let for die present year. On?: ot tLeni wlli be sold, Willi tbe furniture., It a? 4red, au I Itume IIau' po^iesshm rlveu. Aiudy at 281 Broadway, or on the pre mises* tourth bouse iu the Lioek. F-or sale or exchange, furnished rut cnfch niched? One of the In nt, built und 1 l? i?ant lo %a?"d hounes in brookiVL, w ithin Ave niinuu .1' walk of W ill or lootb femes. Lot lAxftN); stone front; replete wltb all modern Im provt men ?; gss, runite, fut aac, baths, hoi, cold ; n I rb"?v. c, water close te, Ac.; will s* h, leaving halt or n.ore ou tuort^ ia.?, 6 per cent; or would exchange for n hrnail pi 1 ? or farm, in or n? sr i-otue % lilac** de|>of on New llaven or lladxoii Klv -r Vitll road. Address, with partlculsrs, Andrew, care II. J. IIOV* E.V, Post ollice. Fob sale ok kxchakok.? a good worn, now ditlnt a paymx btialaeie, loWM In a K<mt bu?ltvei? ?ti'< .1 ind within ten ntlnuiee' u .ilk oi'Uie Merchant*' Ki -han The 'urnlturc and hnu?? In nearly now, an I will aeeo.niuo laio trm& ativenty-IWo to one huodrad*o?a. fnern i? al-n a tood bllllu rd room attached to the lin-ia. . Will -ill the lea-"\ urnllure and tUture* ;>* they nuud for call, o.' p>i lunge lor food real eUat*. Apply to O. H. HASKELL, Krai estate Broker, 14 Pine ?<r. FOP SALE. OB EXOHANQB POR CITY PROPERTY? 104,000 n< re? id One Oeorsla land*. altnai?d wniilit mio uundrtd mile* of Mrtiinth. Alio, A.OOO air.i Tela* land?, ?ttaaied within fifteen mile* of (lalvriton. W1U be enhanced w Hold on very favorable term*. Applv to L. H. BIMPaON A Son*, 19 Beaver Mr>et. ? F^OR SALE, OK EXCHANGE POR A 0 MtT HOIt-K, A larjjc size rnren wation, nultnbie for a proper, milk or I aker'l nation, with h h?X"| top; ail In #oo d or In . any o.i i having ii liorwi ih'-y would like ;o exchange, will pleaae v. ill at So. (i hlttb avenue, Iront door, forenoon; or lor ?ali t.-hr tp. Fob sai.f, or to let- a new firpt class pocb Hlory and ba*eni<-ut brow n utoiie bout-o Iti Went Pour leaatb aireei, between Kbthtli and Ninth aveuw e; ho if JAxril feet, flat' of lot XSxlM fret, built In the nun nubeuutlal mm ner and cotitalnn all 'he modern Improvement*. Term* ea*v. lor particular* Inquire at 170 Went Fou leenth afreet nr Slj Pint* Htrci u IjViR BALK OB TO LET? THK TWO NEW THREE STOBY house* 150 ami IM) Woat 1 w . Illy fourth > 'reel. T!i*.< i<ru replete wltli the modern Improvement* an) are ivady fti.* Im media e occupancy. Al-o to let. tin: brut elamt three aw f ljuijf? 2M Kaat Tenth alreet. Apply to R. HOuAM, 171' Mac<tout(*l "treel. Ij^OB HALE OB TO LET? IN JERNEY CITY. A NSAT r three atorv houae, two yearn . Id, ruiiUln'ri.' trs ronin, I nth room and kitchen, fltteon clnct la and pantrlr>-. w iter an t s?f. I'bandellrra, A'-., fire minute*' waik trvtn the terry. Kent *400 Inquire at No, AO E*aei * r*et, Jarae? City. 1) ?? Id, ,j per ceni ran remain on bond and mortgage a' " per rent. Fob sale or to let very chkap? on emhty ninth atrect, near avenue A. two n< w three p-tory tma>--?, -a>')i havini! thlrtieii roomi, baih, ?anr clofc.'t, w> tray, Ac., f?ur hue, With fruit and ehriibbe y. Pare rt:4i\ hy rail road. Apply Ui H. HICBARMOn, 212 Klfth avenue. GBOCBKY! 0B0CKBY1? FOB KALE A SPLBNOID tlr?t elaee grocery upon n e( rner In :i batnn ? pla ?. Would exebange for real estate, or lake a partner- A pp y fee (iireedua at ?1 Wwt Tblrty-U/ili alreet; near Ninth ari nui. K ir.KKT JONd'l ("< l.N'EVA.? HOl'HE AMI LOT FOR HALE OK EX J chanye, ? A lart e double Uiriio atory tire l> U>. Iiim;, r*> ita-f K.|uuri-, ami lot f?f lagit. '??!* feet frf'TH on'Maln *irs?-i >i I 2W i t-i deep. In 'he tmmiiful ?llla*:i- of ileneta, euinaauadmg i ?ivnalvo view oC thenar* laki' It t? par Utnlarly well >l>p ?U lor rt IV mule rem! nary Iir .I boar lltiK hmiae A ?'-rnl inr.- of hUh ' harneirr la mueh ueedi d tfleri' It Im nflVr^d in a very <ivi prlea, the Awrer h?i.n;; rernuved therefrom. 1'art ol uu arraane rn- ury ( Mfi ren**iu nn inorlrfuKr. Apply u? V V II. >tl LLER, real ? atale and aloek auetloui er, ,vt Wall ure.-'. . JEWELRY AND WATOHMA KIBfl HTOKK Kill h lib lii'ureo. xo>?l will, and leu^e, < n ih or wbliont wfr> In at' If applied for Ininu .llately; the nun '-o'nenten' ami b? -t located iri the arenue, and reni low. Ad.lreiwi f[.' ' p.t I'l l or eali at 1V7 Hfveuth ai nntie. PRINTING OPPH'E POB SALE? WKI.I, LOCATKD. and furnl-bed for jobblnj;. Hold to order lo i nter on o her npagi menia. T< rm? rt .i*ni:ible. Apply on ihe (.reiuiM;a, ?t I priiee irwet. I PROPERTY IN NEW YORK TO KXTO 1NOP, F )H PRO perty In Weatrhejitereonnty or I>ruen. Ne* I rn-y? A ,r*? ri??. tuuraton hoaarand lot foexrhauxe for a .maL1 iHr,n. Apply at 4',b Pour iii afreet of ihc owner. TO ORfiCFRK. TFA DEALKRH. Jkr -THE I' I XT I R : canlatera, tr., of a grocery caiabllahmenl will be a ,i ?ai rtflce. Any pei n r?-.(ulrirn; nuch, may ! .i\ e ih. ui on bt< uwot'-ruiH. Appiy at SI Wunen nrw, 1 HE ARTlf -EOR HALE THE WML KNOWN PfB I lie houae called the A rtlr, St>. 'ftX HtalMm *ii t. now 'ke r: .? ?* )i?l bu?ine?- Benl low. u-id Mill b< "Id cheap. ?<i;, ? pri -? nt oropiluior !? engaaed In othi r busloea. A loti( lei^-* ? III be t-lven. Apply ac .iboie Uil iUy TlTANTEn TO EXCHANOR- A CIOOD M VBL'E AlTl'R f? lnc chcraiit buainoK, ?k ? 11 < -*? '? I on Bmalwiy, 0 r real e^iate In the country, M rnerrhrrnil*' , wortl. 1 . ?I 200. Apply to ' II A KM lit HBL'fttiEH. Drum ac- url. ?? 1 h* relet, lie llroada'ey, 1 KXTIt* FIT. E*XTIt \ PAX ? NAVY ROC NT Y LAND AND EXTRA J Pay" < ffiee. -I and warrv.ta. "erra i>a>'' am) balan >f ?M" due all Cnltrd "tatea navy suUora, o> all war? ?lr .< lifl? , tlrf-ir wldowa and Imira, proirpilv r, Lamed and o iH. aud ill klnda of elaln.a analnat <he I'nkt- rt r? nu . rem, ? r>v| ?y kijWaru hH' k .r., Agefit, late Paraer P. M Vavy aod A Ui?rne* and CoonwUM at U*. d Wall rye*. MIKEUASDOTII. (tritn rotPEiTRn to any ore who can mvk' a I i.inda?i?er, Uahter, belter, and elaaopet ae I preaa Iban Ml N N a t ULI.I.V s' linprore l pn'oro. ?rh<. b l> non ihemd H r ?a,e at tk< r (feneial en* ravlnj?.(id prlntlia- o U n, IA Na?aau ?ireet, one door from Pine. AMERICAN ARIIPIf'IAI. HTOKR COMPANY lf?R J\. ?alr 100 "hare- of lha ?lock ot ila- above i upini. Ar.'i* U/KMIL Wh>llll\L he. A Piatt airaat NY BRI -HM op EVERY I>?-^i l:IPTION 4TTI'E RHU8H factorv, ?; I'earl ?tre?t Prarittlln All ?. iei . ?i d a" Ox wweat factory prln ? Paint ben - 1*? it a rn.r oiutiity con-t*?'ly on luuid. Machine biaaliii tatda lao.'ter J>>H.N K MOPPKL J N OIMRRBTtR LEADER 0E P^RBloM IN t \RI? enirrai lug. han IfltrahmKl new Urn.* of *? ldlii< t ir 1 ? and jo?* r?e I red dlfwet f rotn Pnrtna 8ne a?v<r t.a.i ai ? a'lo , erj. N imca. Iidtlala. aruia. ?rw?t. A . a'ainpej la eoloTf an pt.|?r and enuk^t, lo order Wpeciinen* ?. ui - y io iti .e api .ka'ii tito J. N. OIMilHKtx., V t. | MMH Tt WANT Kit? TPS' TO TWENTY AD ladrr--' li liar* i ? Iifflrt ala laj Mia an I ft! ' at iwlare 1 1." y aa la aeea. \*EW PATENT -PEi TACI.KP. POR RF.-ITOBINO HI IT J\ arelna near ami dlatant o, f ?? tt-.roafk one pair uu latnlnit ;or lie. Icle pa1- n'e.e mi.) maker. Pi on ?aor P h a n K ?. lecturer on U? eye. ^o. 2 Park row, '<tp< .ie the At or It A (tenia naa daily m'J A M totil' M umtm C'AMW ? ftOEPMAM A FPRIKH'|4 HIK?'V CtM eifi nrir . ft*, I owery. N a ? . -i Walt* aid H> 1 ? reeia. t a*e* fnai!?* U every * y le ail eer plaied, ? nw, ? ? ? ud mIb end, Diitlof *y-A'* ^ ** ol i eaueetafeaatn ej 'harfe. Orderajrmui J ewei ' 'i qUBflrr tCMPAMEs Ml"' THE l A'i'l' -r I tor meat ol 'argr'i In the ? If v ^ >n b fourul ai J?P ? ?!?<? ? ( princ atreet, aear Vaf1< k. a! < jt .iJei' ?? i? >?,! toor d" N H.-iTanrM from VI tojlfm. fTO RLACKOMITTtK -J# TON' HPTIN I'l'HIN'. 1 ry.leaB, Ae., fhwnl^KlochioUure b^jlie?. loan l. p,? ???? In lota to *<ut. l,y vt M. I). VXLREWH, ur, fl.erry .a. 1 414 * ?r f|*BPP 11 RP oil ?Km HOKI1 fi|r EVEkY <!' 1 *l.v<h n ar >h? f'TTti - 1 man O- i? ? I ,,, . . i ea tor every erra are rr <it. . >ni.. t-, r 'e.e?vlr( -e?V;r C Welti 40? l|A Piweti lit rr '?< t eir i Hei wrk.e A i : I4t?ur Ktiv *?, ?, ?. , , V .rk, ' ,or "** tflflPPfJO. F)U L1VKRPOOI..? INItKIl drkTIH HMI. HTKVM ?hip AS'LAMTUJ, Jafc. \S w, ,n i. r. -t * a asm-hp will depart wl h die 1 u; ?? I iUi?a n,.iu- ftn- rinriH'"! laaauvnljr 1.11 \w ? dt.emiay, bcytru.ovr U, ai it nWk , M., iter twrta, ai 'he ft o. of t'anai airee rer >r *"11. .U- un equalled at romn.oda eni (hr elayauev md rmuftir. .tpply to Ki/WAKit KTOOf.r.l .SS UWuiin'rW. are reqi.e''>4 lo be an b'Mkrd t>v 11 o'clock A. *? Shippers |H?"a>o 'uku no'tee th it it" atilp* ol UiU Itu-mnuit earryanj kxhJ- emrrabuud uf w?r, AU l?U< rn must ,>tv? tbieni h the Port * Uii-c; iiuv oi> em \vi:| be ril ' i r : I - 1. Hll alcainrbip baltle wili aucccwf lb'* ViUuilic. an I -ml Oc.o >?r 3. rpHi Hitrriffl ami nokth amkhican h?>yal J. mall -tf?iii^hl;n rK.iM %*w Yf ilLH T>> IJVKRI'lOL. Cttef mhrj) paMuge $13U ?ecood c?t>io pa^-ape 76 fBi'M tUWT>N T< UVKHl^vu. (Tilt-f enbhi p%*rntm $11U -ecnd eqbln p>t.i-*yu bO Ihe i" 2 j *k frmu l>.*ton ral) U' Halifax. Al- Al'IA, ' upt. .ludl.ins AMKKICA 0?pt, l<ang PUvH.Vffcpt. Ityiie BUK'IPA Dipt. Shannon ihlA, LO f /iti CANADA Oi|it. sioue Al KICA, ' 'apt. Hnrrni'B. NIA'>A<tA Oint. l<Hi"-h. TrwelJ- eav i j ? clear vtlidi' li;'u at roant beul, y?-?n < ii i board bow, red 'in port bow Amrtlca. I Aug Ir.'trw Ffcwton Wednesday, Ang. I'ar.iidn, straw, " Ucatou Wo IiiumI iy,S?jpt. li' Africa. Hnrrlimti, " IVmtou Weduevitay, Stpt. 3fl America, Ijing. ?' Bontoo wnIomiU/, 0>"t. 10 < anuria Si one " Ixurtrin Wedno ??Injr , Oct. "4 Alt Ii-H, tiai rihon, " lloaton Wedae da/, \? T. 7 Ari?, (jitt, " Mti-'on Weduealny , No*. 21 In 111' cot neenred until |*Ud for An e*| ei fenced sur|p'iiii mi board. Ihf ?i?nrri> uf 'I e.'O rhiiw will nnt b? accountable 1or gold. ?il>cr million -in rie, jewol.T, prKlou* iftOMi, or mi i*ld iiulmK bill- oi I*. Hi ?( aic fivneil tbxrni'nr, and '.he ? tliprcof ?h?roin HZln oix^d. fur fiuijtht or paHMiir" up i ly to V. oONARD, No. ? Bmrllnn (tr?m. rhcre will be no ?.tauufblp' of thlit lino from Sew Vork until furtler ne'lec ?U'MPIRE I.I.VK rOR T.IVBBl'OOU-mi? OKI, KB II ITBI> Pi pa<k<" uhlp AMKHK'A, Cap). Uiu*'"W, will ikwIItc!/ will on Wodtie*lay. 'lie I'JIi h?pt?tnlwr. rtie l AOtnrTVi InUO'H of ll la kii|h rb iiaol.i i idnp urn not equalled iiy any v??i?l out ol Un port of New York, \ppllra imi ? for ca'itn, aaloon, m ci rid ? abln, unit steeni([? |ia?!" 'ii;i r<, be ui'i'U) on hoarl, pier No. ti Norh rifer, or to DKM \BKST X JONES, ?l Houlll firvel and ; d Old hMji. R I.IVKUPfKiL SKITKMHKK U-TIIK SI'I'KUtOtl favorbe packet chip UK WITT ( 'Li N ION, I'.iplilo Funk, ce'i brau-d mr niakln .- -Iiori voyavea, will po.liliely ?h'! ou lueaday, b'epteinber 11. She in- Hjib-udfi icwmiuvi^lonn for enbfc. necoiitl rabln and atcer ?ce in - m i>r?. Apply on board, pb'r'M Ea-st river, or to Wll.M.AMrt \ OHIOff, W h ullou street . Jlllt^T PACK KT FOIl LIVKUPOOI..? TO SAIL. POKI tlvlj liah September. Tin- xuperlor n"W pa -lit *11111, AMiHKW ItlMl.a, t'lip'ain bwtft, will f.ill in For pa?Mige, havltii; Miiperlor hiuto room urirmnio lation^ fur '?* lilti, aeeotid cabin Hint ateeraiiG jihhi vqeM, apply oa ooarl, pier 5 Niirlii river, or lo O. A. 1'KN i, Vt 'A , ii; South ,'rer.i. F JOTH K.? FIRST PACK HT FOR LlVRRl'OOL? VAC ke' l.' ib vpl^it'lid, new an<l t'4-^1 -u!l'i N pnekel eltip CENTLltlOK, t'ap . t'oui'i- , wbl positively m .ii tlVMflf, September IS. Th" aecommoaatlon^ lor riarseaof pa- i u> i r>* ;i a unKinw/weil. Karly ni>t>ll>-atlo.ia 10 ?ti lire beriha, bhoulii In- mail** on Iwiurd, pier 1 1 K. It., or ' > TAHHlun A WiiH 8wiki For iiavre via Southampton? tiif, vandeh bllt European lln. of NirMrni p*.? The llr?t eli?w? new aieatnchlp AH1KI., 2,'IW 'ana. re, m.i-ter, will 1 ive New York fnmi tiler :j0 N'or;h river, foot of Chamber* nr-w, ai i ooii prettaely, on i aturday, Sepu.mlM-r Til. for llarro, eallitiK at !-i>nihauipivn u> lawl malls, piuarnsnr and "peelr Fir*' riaMi paaaaiin to Havre or S<iulhaiupUia *110 Si i ond do. do. 60 the Artel will be followed by the North far, 'V-ober 11 n The owner of 'hew Te?vl? will lux he ae'ieinmble for uol I, ullver. I ulllon, apeela, Je?> Iry prerloiu sluii^ or metal*, un le?? blU> of bull i ut are mirneil tlirrelor, and the v alue there of therein riprn^Hd. Hpeele and btken at uaual rab n. Ho freight received alter noon of Uia day betbri aalllng. No ber'h fee u red un'll pabl lor. liC'leri" prepaid I"1! een'? n-'r ball ol., will be mreived ai ihe ofllea up lull A. ll of 'bo lay nl nalbnx, ami will be cai rb d In p rin.i; India rn iber b? ?? nn di r lo. k . and on arrital at S<n lhantp'oii and Havre, will be Inimedla'rlv deponl'ol In post odlrea Umro. Parcel* taken, eai.b prepaid, otie, dollar and upwarda. nun uari or luiuta. moil vxw vrutK. raoM n vtbk. Ariel Kept. 22 Artel Sep'. I North Star Oet. 13 Nnr b hlar Sept. ?2 Ariel Nov. S Ariel Oct. u Nort b Star Nov. 3 Artel Nov. 24 Thesi. iteamiihtpa are r lamed A 1 at 'he mniranee o Un -s, and ppeele and gooda will tie 1 1 ij? ur- 'l in Uieiu at an low rale* of pieniliini a* In any other ateaoiihip* that eroaa Uio ocean, ror fK'iglit or parage, apply to I) TOUIl.VJIl'E, No. .1 iinwiuur Orcen, N--w Vork. AUtgRT N. t llKVsflK, No. fi Place de la luiurae, Parla. f'JinVSTlK, m'ilMElWM \ N A iJO 27 tjiial I'aKiimir l>elavl?ne, llavre. 1jH>R HOrTIIAMPTON AND HATRK.? TUB UlflTKD Mlnle* mull Meamcr AltAtlO, l? IJh'H. eommunliT, w II leave for Havre, tombing at Km) Uiaxn pU >o to land ibe iuvU? ami naKaenger", <m Saturday, 8ep*n?>ier it, al U 0*01000, frriui pier .fi North river, fuot of bench alrcel. Prlcc of pa??aga? lira' cabin fl\| " Kocnndcaldn (f7i Thin atenmiihlp. In Iwr eonat ruction , rarablnaa uui-<| 11 u '.1 wfclj nllli ? retigtb, having fl*a wa'er tight eorapitr*ln 'ntn, and to eompleulv pro-eciing tbn rn ;lnea 'hat, even In o we of ?-ollla!nn, no Injury could occur lo eniUiiUci the aafcty otlhar of the TCMil or paraetigera. An experienced rurgeon on hoard. I.ui'gucr not wiuiled during the voyage nhnnld he a/niton board die day before nn Hint.', marked "Below." No freight '*ken on board af er Tbur?lny, s?pt JO. for freight or paaaage apply to V. MTI.VfiHTOK, M Hroad way. The Oenmrr Union will auoceod the Arago, and a.tll Oct. 20 fT>R BRKMKN VU BOOTH VBPTON? TIIK Fin-IT el* .a Meumahip KKK'SoON. A. II. Low Iter, iumtiuial r will h ave pier North river, on Ha nrday. hepLrm .er IS, at noon, tor Ilrcnien, tombing at i-ou Jutmtiifiii lo land nulla, liamengera, and aperle for Kngland and France. I la.: ;agi not wan'ed 'in tbe voyage akould he aent on board ihe day he ore K.?illnr miirhi-d 'below," Le'era prepaid, lM\c. per W niuii* will I? received at 'lie ageu 'a oflire till II A M. of il a day of galling. Klrat cahln paaaare, Wai: aa">ad d"> do., |H'. f or frXgbt or niuaaga apply to DC Ml A * A i "O. . Agotn a, IS WL'llam atreot. ' For California-new york asp a rteamalilp Una, via Nicaragua Arceaaory lorn;.* ny. ol Mrwratua, proprletora.? Thro'ub In advance or m mall: iOO mlle? ihortor 'ban any o'Jier routa, avoiding U>e deadly t'nnauia fever na<1 two tallee of dangxrotia hoe'loc n I'anama bay. The Nicaragua line tmi no c .nncatlGo ivllh New t'rleaua The apleiyMd double ent-ltM warn . hip NORTH)* UN I.I' .HT, i.BOO toua bitrUa n. Oapwlu libklepauah. will leave plar Ko. S Nurih Rlvar, at S o'clock I*. v precl?*ly, fur I'onta Arena*, on Thuradiiy, Hap'emtier J), noMieeth g wllb lb* ?teair??hlp t'ncie >-am J.W 'ont borthen. over the Nlcaragtia Truneit ron a, hnvlng hut iwalva mllea of ai d tranapor'a'inn hy flrat rlaaa aarringn*. for inftwuw/Jon, or jiiMte at tfca reduiel rate*, apply oaly >o i.'ll Mt l.tiAN, ageu'. No. 2 llowlliig lireeu. letter l>agii niaJu 'ip ?it the f- lamped lettera uian for II v? cenU nu b. D' 8. vi \ i| KTRAMsnir OOMPaVt? ORKAT RRfM'C . tii.riln prtNV^ht WMorakl Via I'??.iitu- Tltn la b inn* croa?ed fron wan ui ornan In four liotir". In flr*tcl*~" r?d ara. Heal.* oti 'be l?btnu* frae o. n'l-fra/*" pa^aangara. Bag ,'aie, j,n?a?i ger-free for luu ioin'U. Baggagn '!?? ra^e i'H? ngtra ree for I*/ ixmimJ*. Km Mrklnrai l"a i i ?na free lor all i-.i <aengera, by tin- following ni > nltli'ont ?iu n hll'?: ? II I.INOI*. PONORA, (Ihi.KIIKI.AW, OOI.DKV AOfi, JNO. I. hTKI-llKNK, OOtHtCN'l \TK lln rr*t ? eniner will he daapa'ebed for A<plnwall ^-i l<er ra v'tlliir da/. H"ir?da> . .-?<"eiiiiier an at 2 o'rlCK * P. SI fr >rn he pier not < f Warren atraat, N. It , nonfiaatlng a' 1'anam. wl b tl e I'aecbr MaU S'e.mi;>?bUi t>>oipaiiy'K i.^uJlcent i?aain erf' S(?lt, \, (yapt. Ktchard W hi Itii/. Ihe ptil l'c are iQfotoird 'lia ihe V M. H H ' rflwuyn hare ?t ar umn rJtra ? rnmiva lvtnt; ?' Punatn ? re i.ty H r ,, j ?\o.'i an) poaidhle de en'Um of iiaaaengty nr taiiifa, f or |.a?age, v to I. w. R ATMoNO, at tlie "ul y oTI a <(U,?e mpaniai, l;' Wut atroii, enrner ig Waicm. frooi. be North river. F'ir:!T CI.IF'PKR 1'OR lit W*IK'""V-(!P \RA N u .-<1 In yu<l I fin or ha.ore TMradav. ^)'|| -?e it, I '? |li , a el, l ine- ll.e mailnllieenl l.r*t ' t.?? e||p|,er >Jiip ? Iv i ? .J1}.K, t ti-pbei, B lioa , it. .titer In t,o* r^ ""Hi / Ii- i ? : i I pie. Ill, Ir a?t rliar, aril w II [wa* lv< ijr ? . .i !mv . ,-Ji . p< i >are pa' k ularly rei|i|i-?'e'l '? - n 1 heir faeUlilpro'n ?n l?*rd. ami bear In mind tha' U<e I'Ai" I o 'hi wi rraiiied :o i-;||| oti or hefo a the 1%/ a<lverU? "1, uni 111 i a?e I iif I aen or will he ri'ialneo. l or Mukm ot t* ? Oh. i apaciiy dl- nraged ..pnly to si 1 1 ON a f?i.. v< MMith - reel,' 'oe. uf A'*:!. TR M I t-riONKi I: U.VB? <? t RRTIV'i Tile: I'. * Mm ? MUpre ? per ellp,,rt hip Kl,\. i< si \ nr.' te ? ti-d i " el. ar irielr g'?al? a' the kNiaHMo Uo<i?. thi< d<) ?ei i.( ra will l>a on l.oard, at pier II. N. it., on A edne- Lay, AM I Iv to If'il A I > ltp(?er 'ark' Sold'n r'ra artll ? ir i 'lei la<k>e? aoi? having two hlnl- ol bar i irgo p ! I> eniriig'*.l. m|1I have iiaine.iU'.' de-p^tcl., fui fratglM I "faaee, a; plv M R W I WI.RON, No. ? ISo-KUu* Oreen. rfTR Al f A- INDRPBiniRNI IJVE? THK HUPKat )K I lppee*h.p li R. Mil M, will have Oia urn. 1 le a el o. Ira Uim lot Mail ourn?*. .ai le r ?,^ ?i <1 vo- aia. .la y i lai'e her f r?t in ? W* ae-.en il.>)*. fli ra '? ntoola'loia Ihf n> wr . ? r* In lirat and 0? o nd - a In ar ? auaieHor '0 *tv ? iipi ? .i[ fo h#tween deefc |ia wl) : r?tv.*n /'<?? n.; t? ?on- 'te4 'o ln?a>" tMa ftvarl't ruael e.l*e eitga lng.?l ? ?1 . v. lor freight or i ??.> ?? apply m totri ai pi-r N" ? rt v rr, or ta A RK kXJ* k t.l.U< 'I I, U'< fearl otfaac Cir " V|I Altr.R CITT.? THK aMKRK' s <rnt* .7 to hip t orriDanv offaf l<r aal>- Uwir all.wuvei -? am4i(> i.aaka'' ' I y, built In l*Ai The littTl. hy t'a?i r*iaa t yt.n, I 4iakon^lly '.raced tkr>aaxtwait, ni?l c.^p^r 'uk-uM < nrtl <?' deck Ztl feet . rretffcr meaa'treairnt I .? ji 40 * ton* I h* m?eb??ery l.y Nei. irk 4 k ?,> i'.e-.,^o laalowpr -a ur. f ?!< le . er n.a'lD?. '.yluiit. r ?* ln'i?e? Ih dmoet-r, el aiiek-; tour ir..? 'ulnlar b-Aiera, ?nl ?a "irijlej adih iraer n'a trnali water e n tenaer tSh n ve, nrr .lao?i ? <A t'e* b<? elegant /teaer-piH^n, with large and airy #? n. " -naa Wf?? .ie<l wl'h hie loata. Ilia prraervart, %r , la aeoor lao?.- wl'.'i e'r of i vbai >wa relaUdg twrvto V'tr ?"W"I, ?4ie<j vn.v.n ori ?h? la 'qoaJ '"any afaatnaliin la u.a f ri!j?l 'jU ? a> aa i ? tiv h?? he, n rpir?d to inaka t -g flrat ' laai In le r '? nan - Ion rhe l? !*>? In order tor Immadlakr m ?ie^ >'??* r mrtieqlara b"|Hli <? m '"apt. J AM Ma H il'ii*. lIMiS , (he OJlit utl "rtred aaeM to- lie ??l^, mi tma/ I the ahlp. atx>va f'n? amt.ln Uwpon o( l'IIII.AI>Ki Pill A I' .?. Mill. -Tl AMI'HIHP <?mPA*V K<)B lltVAft I J * ai.d v,? ( rlen- ? ? %|. -ida w* 'aw I I . a t V., ftrtu pi# i ff arm >1 arr-n ? r?^ N K , tl^ we'l lv?a ? rilllKf 'r mi?|tij'l| I l'l '' i l'|V ' ar'? n llt'i Mr < aan. Iiailiu. hern MmrMtghly '?> ri !-a'iled an I pu lo 1r?' i >? f l odisioi.. wo, rea i oe hrr placr In 1? '' a ajd aail aa I ? ??? r nan he >eenri 1 a' 'he eo-tipanf'n ofll-? ^ renh lo New t.r rain Vi ran'* | er r i e u* t hif.oer* wtil I e ? u) |.,i. i| s. h I I ink bloa af 'Ad n* rt *>.e Iti all ued I > the rottptni # n mf I ?* -atViri aT '.hetr o? ? Wo bar I rtna ?L ned, ai?d m Glib of fading wul ba al^aad after I.e h^.ir rif ?aUnif I ortreijUf (* ra eaare apply a 'he '? t ? ree' comer 01 Warren f Ol'IMIAMA UN? PfIB S KH ORLBANH -TIIK Pi' k I J et ahlp IT.IHt'Jf, I'apl. WllAama. will *ail <gi M'eijiv . h lnat.. arid I a~ ap.endld a<-? omtnrwU e.a a t <r I in ae r>n I a <ti ard "'erraje |a?angei? a tt? eiw. ? ! ra t|y) ?> ?'krt .alllar rtar wet mr He wuifi. k'^r ,?"**?'? ., a o CfBBUCM I Rlif , ISI foodl .-n-0 t. F'l R HATA??A||? parr BriM l Kft? TIIH xir .il H*a?e> nail a'r?n??iip e I * Tr, UK .. in. IIA. ' ?? ? ' art'. , alll ??a*a 1'hUadi-lphia I f eaeao iak on M In al? . r .I. '.r 1J, .1 M & Inek V M Pa< W ? ? . ?? II. IITITI M?: hT.tR wtllle,,. ,a on ? t. la .j l> m? f ' l? Acewa In Ni w ^ o?t, |U h 1 \ t'l . * T AI VAN, ItOM allp. whar* Mabi rorwna r.o he . , ?? I |.-f R a<ftNN.?ll ANII I'L/iKlflt? I NITKD Ml IT r : > a , l line,? ^ Ihe new and el-gtani ?e -m r 1' i I i p> Hi m?? ly?a. ? JI Jn?. a* We.i . j., a. , e fn n. pier N?. t, '?'rf'h r >er, u | ,, - r ? tf < I, , . >wd on r?H V <e fre??>. a h iarf a e I, wt. nilX la nia.'*.f Iki, n ? ^.\^e ? "a a> na? k.'* hw th- m.b -rtim ? fr?.,? *?? a ark.ri villi T i ? a I k-*" T>ia t ?? . i ,4, ,m. B r. lia. ^k, ? -u it #m*4 . a mi w. aa ila.artUy. Uah i*- ^ A1 4 ol A 1 KIITPPIK?J. FCR. CBA W.rHTUH? tHOll WKKKLY U. H. M UtUNH. Tte new lUdlui tou.r ?<>-?iur H4 UTH >'KN KK. r. Kwia ci ii QW^'r k?vr pur No. I S. K.. mi W.v|?.'?<Uy. Ikpt, 1* a |> o'lA- k I". M.. pnrl-clj. Pnr ft*, eh*. apply o i Uu'irti, whi-iti all ???III* "1 ladtfif Will b? l.iw>d Jul for |>* lUitf *t?vlnc . np'rb arrrrnruoda lon?, at lb., nfll. u ( flrOKFORii. TII.KS

11 i* Hroadway. Tti.! Marlon wtil nU'W.-d, and l.a?.i on Katnrlay, Mpixnl w 13. fTO H Q.IJI KN TRATKLLKRH,? TIIK l\ H. M. hTKAH 1 ?liu> lll> \>I.KE, < Opt. Hkinuor, ?nj tmve p? r 13, V II , mi W.'U?' ? <!. v, l?b lint, for l'r<*rM>urx *itd Rionatnml. u>ooh loe at Old Toiiil < omlori. P???en*<T? lor ihn fo rh w .11 pro rr< d rn rp'iT'burn Wt'boM m l will ?rrt?.- In Wcl loo, Wilmington. *t., h* moo and wiib a. imic -<|i-ii*. >. if rh. v want vU forfolk. 'I hi'r n-txj not apprabcnd *"Jf >Uit*rr from lh<- U'.yr, u? ibr kUp ? or? i.?l gn neiir .h? Infi-rUsd ritirn l'?a ?Mil t: an<l fart', catcrooiu lliftltfcltid, (o Old Point, (Mi Ut P?l*rv lur^, or III- hn-oud, (IU. A i>|>lv <o l.f'DLAMJt H.KAf?*!?TJ?, ra Krovlway 1?PAKT!VICRNHIP WOTICRM. <t i (li'tfl TO ?.?00.-AVY RHON WTHIfljrO TO ij"r ,1 HM I Inri'-i ilu* sbovo aatouut In a ImraUva m uiit ui tin !??: bnrtiir ?, wlil.Ji In Hrcun-d liy toltrr. ptUaut, wliirh liurc I: jrrni-s to run, ran lind a fuvornl.lo opportunity u? do -o by 4! ailing m( (In* comer ni Whin un l Kirn atreeu, ittoonj l<tx>r, room 1 4. Item 9 U> 12 o'clock, and from I to 5 I*. If., lot tbree day*. vj* i nnn -* PARTNKR WvNTRO. wuh tiir ?Tt*' JyJU* nt eve amount, 'ojolu with the adv??rU?rr In i liujiiuvi ii nuffe iirlsg biMlnm, .( .i ftdj wUbllitoli md urrd l.jy paent. wherein & !?* ru? bualutsia can bo with !arr?- urol ? tall at ItroaUay riKtiu No. 17, from 12 to J o'clock. AO AAA To **?000.? A Bl'HIN KSH YOIJNO H4N, with tho above in c>\*U, r4ir? h?nrol ?vrhiUcc iliUJ ?- M'iUom in ft will, h lit* re th?T? ran ?*?! a fortune n?ali/.??i in a -i.ort 'H.r, bj pplylntf '.o H. VAN VEIOTKN, 13 Wail sUrot, I'oor. fj/m ?A PKUSON ok STRICT IlfTKORJTY, wUh (bd ftbov* amnun' In o ihb, 1m w.ih'? ?l m I mi (i 1 r in n iitjht dry limnurarturiim bu>dn<?MK, now doing a proli'abk c**li ,nbl>lnn irad?\ w>lih more ordor* on hantl thau an lie ??>? ? u ?<i for t!m want of more capital. Ad<ti't*?i M. II., ll< laid ofiico. AAA -PABTim fAXTID i.v \ KAHUPiO tilling buf?ln#HH rM'abllKhid ten fiiam, one a monopoly. No a??nta n^c<t apply, or persona atraid or dietr whudowH. H?aal nainn and addrcMaonly aiu tided lo. Adiirvnii, pont paid, J. II. K. IVhtofUee. (JHO OOO ? PABTHKH WAKTKO, WITH A rAHtt capital <?t f2,000, In a ntanuf tcMirln* bnnlneiM, win r? npy ^rTll?rf. ent4>rprlMlni( man cui reallxe a fortune In i hhoi t tlrin* . wiili lilt I,, or no liaki*. rta'lahvrUiry reference civen and n fjuir-d. Apply at UriO Hroa<lwav, room 10. Ok'iRiiK W. HIMKIIH. <Jio r.n|t to r?.<MN> wantkd, axi? a ih siskss man, to tak" mi int* rent In a maniifiurtory, now undi r way. which pavM a proUt of ulity per cent, without rink apfi romp* Hlow; utiumited eiuli mien. K?t?p?*rtabln partlon, wi h Ih <aih, willapp y to (I. BOLLKTT, fiO KKdancey atreet, fan i ?" 9 ?? . )ork A. M., and 4 Ui 1 V. M. An AAA -fAXTKD s FAKDrKU WfTH TBI /v/? ?vbov?* amount to In tnanuf.i> -inrinu a val i.a' l?* |?a MH article. For further particular*, addrr*h M. W., box 1M llciald ollicc. 011(1 -A PAKTNKR WANTKD, IN a RK4PKITA bio arid prolliable c.a?h hunincMa, oiec intUc m i?m eliHt ai'i^r, tliua ltd down town; the bunlnran ?tral|<l?' forward. ii - Umato, and well wortii) th?: attention of any party With the above capital. IIOWKS A FROMHHKR, 84 Nmmq atr^ l. Jb7.": A? A PAITVIR Ii WvNTKO WITII THIS ?pi f/U( m mount In an citenalve uianufiu'urlnK busln''hi, tfi*? l.?? bc? n eMlabllabod no mo yeara, with about nuit-o mf'l -. The man l? wan ?*d to liitond to th?: on^loor bUilaosH mill Htipply iheao etintomerM. Thin u a rare chanee. Apply iTVmtHiia ely to IIOWKS A KIOittlHIM'.H H4 Naaiiau Htr#?t Al*AA -WAN TKD, A MAN JL'NT LIKK MVflKXF; '? l on? at and g?jod (br l?u?*lnea*, wt'h fftiu. to open In p rmcrililp a new* provision, fruit, dour and feed *?unc, in Jerrey i 'Uy. hnmedlaiely. Addrcus JrrteyOMy, lie niUI ofllco -kartkkr wantkd in a oahh nrviNKss, wiih th? abo\c amount. A buHlneM> mm can make ftutn two 'o three tliouaaiul dollar# per year, and every ?rnunacMon in done for eaah. To a ntl? tnuri of re*pootaMilty and liiduf'ry, ihb fa a rare chance. None otlier.M need apply, mm lliey will not bo treated with. Apply to ITAMPBKLF. .1 Of)., R* al e J?ie a^niM, 113 Chamber* ?frr?U 4l lA/l -WANTKD, A PARTNER IN tfI<TRIN(t A ?p i lM'( patent, and Afettliiir tip mod* N for a marhino Ju<t inverted, nnd which eanno' bii* r ime In'o ^rene. .*1 u?c through oul the country. Any amount of monej enn be made In the bua'nenK, Ma< )>lne liKht, and can be carried by the hundred* ?i* a large trunk. To an energetic man the abovr Ian rare .-haiiee. Apply to C AMKHKLL A CO., Real K%?af Ai'eM* 1U> Chamber* htreet. &OAA ?WANTRll, A YOl'NO MAN WITH FROM CdVVi |M *u J.VMi In t% reui ??-la'e and auc'io i bu'lnex^, uW a \oum' man la WNii'cd wuh from f&JUtofftOO In a <r?* ^ ry bu?lnena one hour'* rl- e from the elty, Ui a Uiv.? vpla<?*. C til i I. roadway, rot.m lit*, third *U;ry, iroru U to 12 o'clock. Oo?d w *1 Bt'KINKSrt OB A NCR- A YOU NO 0*WT LKMAK OK UV doubled eapa<Mty and rcipofi" Kitlivy wUhe? lo eonnoet with pr<'>ent ofticn Uo?lneaa a i"?od profitable a/eni'y, of any d? arrlpilor, or would not ohi?<-i to a partner with Qir a bovi ?iuaU/MHt4oni. Addreaa J HMpakb, Herald ofh<*e, with lull par ii iJai 4. D Bihinehh chanok? a young oi:nti>m an or un doubled cApAoHr and r#^r*??n?lMlity, wl-difato ronnct wi h pre??en? ofll?-e boiOne** a good p.i>in?t wir y,or woiild i.o object to a partner W'lih the above qimlihraiiouM. A<Ulr? *a DUpairh, Herald ofllre. le'ROM' TION.? *OTItJK I H FIKKKHY OIVKN TIUT lh? ro prrtnerab'p heretofore exiatlttf betweeA Herman ? ? brna and ticorgt* lenala, haa been, by mutual ron?t ni. dia _ ? ed I ) KK M A N' It K J I H \t<, ? ? w York, flepL 10. IaM. OKOBOK T K.VXH, FM<n%f grot* to $6,000 ? WANTKD, AN ACTfVR BUHl Hwi partner. with the abnre aum, ?/? engage in u umhu i?6rtrifl r tudiieaa. from which tar if* pronto ran be r^liH, K^r further particular* apply to WM. M. JOHNllON, ?( Iho inanula'iory, 171 Cbr/atle afreet, iffood floor. T VTliOOHAI'IIY ?THE OOP A HT V KRgf] 1 1* KXL-TINU I J I r*r f? the unleratgned under tin* firm of Nagt I I Welti ?rtn**r, b< thl* day dtaaolved hr militia! convent, |, Sage I h*v oif dlppo*' .| of bi? Intereat In tne huelnr** Th?* "?fair* of the a e firm will be *eUled by A. Welngartner, who U authorl/' I 'o -it, n the name of the late firm In liquid tilon L. NAUKI,, A. WKINOAIITNKR. 1I?*' baMnf?f> heretofore etMidueted under the late firm of W el i Weingutltier will be continued H? the n? ler?l?nfd lor b ~o|f nrrnifit A. WkINCIAHTSkR New York, Hep*. 10, 1WW. N'OTM'K IS HKRKRY UIVRN TH AT Till. FIRM OF Kaon A Burl on wan <Ju??lv?d about ihc l*'.?#f Augn?t, No more debt* will be comrfteted under that firm. is. HURTON. TO IMPITAMH7R,? A URRMAN HHKWKR HAY1NO 1 teen ? wrngC'1 111 lh?* maiiuUrt ure of la?er birr In thi< ?-I y lor n number of yuc* and wlnblni{ to e? end bt^ bn-m^-wi u * Urfe K*'e, #o am lo meet 'he plfMUt Uk:r??Md defnui I ? I* hiTidi' l>e#ome poiiuUr with all ? w\?heii io eonneri lin*e|f wl*hm?fne Am?'rtr*?n unit leriiAn who eould furuuba np 'al of 91U.000. either an a or ?lleut partner Tin- a1 verlner u> veil aivl lavorably known in th*> fommnnUy a?* i f^itnU rliarnner, me.?n?, and ? npabllHlr-*, 1i btini oh?rn in be almopt the bent brew? amoou fciM <f> ?ntr>rci^n. *n\ K*'i? It- tiuid of %tandmc aad b u*4n<*?* au t vrltn tl.e abort- named eaptial, wi?blni( u> anier Inm ibl* Imui it* ?* wtli be fully ?aU?Jle<l npon all p<Hri'e and all <-omai'ml *a w?n? will l e rc/wrued at atrlfily nMtndtntial. Tiw a?lfer wr l? open U# r?- flveanawer^ lo ih a nnttl *b* |" b ln?f , out % lit iiot '*k? ?nv m^l^e oi fleltioua nainf*. or tb* r?pli? (4 H rn a I ??na rtde ael % ln?r rral name, <?rvl ?tailnr t'lm* and plaraoi an Interview, will M* imm dla'^ly, l?t n< r ably , and ronfldttn'l*ll> aitende I *o, by ad lre?ain( a -Wo, wl b U>eiw partw >ilara, to Hrraer, ('buthun Mjnarr f'?art fftO r IV y -Th? bto?ine?a la now In fnll ami *u<'oe?aful oparaUuQ, and al! mai* rial-* neeeaaary, on hand and In co*m1 order. II r A N'TKI* ? A FARTNKR, WITH $3,000 f?R t^.fJOIK AHH, f t In fbt- rtty <ek> hintf bu-inena. #me tbai ha* been e^'abluib ??d or nevrral yaara in tlila Hty; the j.roor.emr * lislJea lo r n ar?.e hl? l?uati.e?? N?n?r nee<! ai*ul> bu4 twine <if rtwcw tai.tli y. AddrcM K. II , Herald #cQl? -es. U'AMKD-A YOUNO If AN, WITH $500 TO ffiOO. TO ? f ?alr?* an tn?m t lu 'h?* tailoring bu*ta?nM, ?Puaie f In in?e <?. .he beat bu?tn? ?t ? r?e??i In th.? eiir. having ?ol?* y a r??? p ??* hie rnn eu-tcm. 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FIJErKY, from I'urU i, whosw? rela Ion h%a l een <?. >n Unily f ot ? tilted by Napoleon I , glrea true information on ?l! ? %? n ? ot life gu*?lot)t if#- an^v. red by tb* power of m ne'i'fn, at ?#V.1 I'.r'mra** atr'-e f. / < aki> -maham ph rry k^t< i'.v- iiunk- TO V hi r friend a and paootis a? I baL(a to a v '.ita, a* U?e ft U/aiid/ . b'ab <n !bl* ^ artd I'tilaaifii/Uia, W hart- cm* *>uli(d Ker wl?h entire an-nr ion. at.? fWe|? roc Aden' ibat m rfie inrt'loMivl aitr^tfl, loveanrf law fBiliera, and I ##m* or mivm aa relied Ofi e- n^tanOy by NafwHtn*} *he h ta no w|i?al hbe wlil tell ib * n*me of ih# fu urvtu* *afwl. a *d ? -o be naaMi of her % latter rpe^dy and aare u*e of pile* an! ? urr.i S*y a remedy of her own. 7* Ma*l*on e?. / ?LAfRVOYANtK? AM. VIHKASk'H Ptt* OVRlKKf) \ N fl " ? t?r?d, If " oral la. unerring aOrV" '>n bt??lf? ? 'he fale ,/ * w Hr rea boute o> abaent aa? ? etaJUfd, by Mr? *f'T XOI I. , th?? m?ak rallahle rn*dt>*a! and hnjiiaa? 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FT Prlrra ? lion- aiid|>ari|< ???(??, OOri'nin, r.nntly I'lrrlo, M milt; h imIIm, ?1 Private Hoiri, M and $!. l?oor, <>|irn ?l *; pfifunuani* in ? ixiiiii' nrc at Tomorrow t Wixlnaada),) will to tierfiruird n new tot u. i rmoady, ? ailed l IIK GAMK OK i.IKK. Htul WrMno Mr. Iffier Councillor fury don Fosgltero Mr. II. Plicklo Nfd Murphy. Mr llroti^liAUJ .lirob ('hum?. . . Mr. deortfe HnlUuI Allri' IVfprmi. Mrs. Wary TIIK MOTIIKK \NO< II1U? A It K DOING WKIX. C1KO. ClUlhTY A WOOD'S MINBTRKLH, C2 BROAD T Way, above (irniul utreet.? OPBN BVKRY KVKNINO. linftim-hR tmnnar(?<S l>t H. Won4 Mnnn^rr . .. fjro. OhriBi; I of <hu wci k Riliioplnn rmHnaW wtib iLo iKil'Kr.H maiOhlf ROOM. ('oncin Ponir>?'V <joo f^hrVity The n? \v null <44 1 flraft'lwAy), bulli riprfwhly for cwiu rni?y. v II !>?? oprnfil hliorlly, *?i which d?i?* twti^ will he glvrn. I ' will !??? the tarKi'fti, 'he hM??l"oni? hi und '!??? 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A<1mtrt?)|t thooMtKlft nifthdy testify tlukt thu 1* th? large?l, mo#l Inter* *(*ruf ?nd elr^mii * r<tt;ri?kiniei)t In New York. IU ??urn r* l.u* Ini n inosi wo/uJerfal. #? . 2ft c?Qtj The luft f wo wrrku In New York, ai-1 O It A NO AhlMTroN# T<1 TIIK TOUR OF KIJROPR. Tin* H?-cr' t KipedliloD U now complete, mm J Jio m hole fleet wUI lUioitK 'h? ?t 'ik/-k, nOd MKDASTOPOL FAIJii TO NIOHT. (tftAND STRKBT HAM,, 1*7 ORANI> PTliKCT TA J hl< in Yhrente? rn/lrr hc fllrecUcm of frof FKROINANI) FI.KI R, the Apollo Ib l Tt< It- re fr*?tn I\r1i Tl?e new en Kftt'emi of Uie pun re F.)vir? nud Alvloe 14MJ.N* rt. Open every nl^ h? After the. perform* nc*. OitudrUli: I'riveUs. Ad uiifc*loTt ift cente. l*otniuencc et 8o'cl?ic\. FI^RANKMN Mt'hWM, OS BOWKRY .-TV BSD AY AT tern^on hii'I evening. Trememtfme eitrartiunv Tl. ?-nttre troupe of MOfiKK ARTlHTKci will iipp?4?r r*t 3. etid at ft, In a choi< *> in: lection > ' VWiiine." At?o, I.KA H FKMAI.K OPBRA Tl.uI pK Fee's nf Airllity by the Areb ??lrl?. Keliro*! KiptaSou, ei??i ? Hhrr orlKinttl end niib|ue |*erf<irm?ne*^i TKMl'LK of TIIK 316 HROAl'WAY. DIKiraV oppomU; the Olt* IPniplui. Thia plum >4 einiun inent will OPF.N FOE THF KK v*os till" f Tuesday) aMerrwwin and ereulnir, for tlie purpow itf gitlnig ? f?.? IK* of WAfiHiru ni l* a ? iitchih, i?rri<n|red nod p it on the wmktnn pedritiJ utxrr the ?t>i* tA Maduuir We rtoo'i troupe of ' M?<di I Arttetm," ? Uh a *%rP*?y of oiIht amti^tnf per forma ncea. I'ljrAcruanee^ rvKfj nfWooon ?t , and erenlna !? g'cloek. Remember. I#10 Rrnedway ~4UHhir Hell. w U.M T HTHI.KT TKKATKK PIMI AM'I I'M/A Mil AS f? Ml M I?f< IMN'i* w U, ihl- crfntog fTui day, U?i?iber 1 1 . I>WUI> |>rod??>*i ?' ?he alxn efwtiH'ri ? ? iii, n#r furwt ttmo in 4nvw*. ?*n ??!?(?'?. loti of M* vitI '? r# l?lir|lnl >oH/' rtrjflrd 1 llV? 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