Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 12, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 12, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6955. MORNING EDITION? WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 1855. PRICK TWO CENTS. ADVERTISEMENTS RENiiWED KTKRY DAY. SEW PUBIiICATIOJg. 1 A nnn COPIES scbscbibkd kob in apvanci i' AF n.rrf?UN* ?>a?'346 AND 348 BROADWAY, ?greju* AM or N kkanchpo, Ciontainbig k hinnmirv of the hlntorv of the ftrst dlacorery, set tlement, progrei , oQQVKKUt conilUoBOf Ciumuu, Rnd b complete history 01 alitb*' important event* ocnnectod will, us a***? omr, Tu w itlch HI '- added Mflfrtpblcui memoirs of some i-m 'Sixcirr < TTUMifl. By John Fnn'p, John II. lilbon, M.I)., and. Jam-' Si.-bet. ?One lane vo uuie, H vo., ?LBSAHTI.T lli.UMIUTKD Wi h or? bordrw* mid fifty eunr.ivlngB. 1 rtrein cloth. *160; roan, outrble edges, $4; roau, gilt i-Jges, ?4 ?0. Thl- wnrV I?- the result i>f several years of oV.erTatlnn, laHor, and n-xeniob. of genUem n who I avo occupied position* uilord tag ample m?aui? of correct loo.-niailun. i'be norit may timre fore t? relied up :i u* brim; 'b.' o . y full, Impartial, aud lute replug history oi iJaluoriii.i and lib groat cny that baa over beun glvrn to the pat lie. lOMcofln it t In h woife were subscribed for In advanri) of Jpaolicaiioii. Historic truth and rokanvio intrrmt. HE...IY WILLIAM IUKB-141'tt MtW BOtlK. Now ready I HKN'EI VIII. AMU 111." lit W1VBS. Picrl portraits of King lli nrv and each ofhls <v|ren 4tl pp., 12?w> rrtce v: a? Comprising King IIkwbt the Kifhth, with Uk- ior.uut-1- H!Hl raltH Oi Ka1iI>.ki.i? or Abbaooh, married I50?, repudiated. 15XH. Asm* Boura. married 15,13; behead <?<1, 1K-6; J A * i tin M our, married, 1838; died, 13S7. or mat 1M0; repudiated, 1540. K at .?*?!!? R Howard, inarrli'ii, 1M0; beheaded, lsil. Katharlk* Fabr, mirrleJ Jf>4?, Hied, ll>4#. Mav tie hurt of all bimlwllrr-; or, po*t pall, direct from ihc fcublbher* Miller, OBTON A Mil I. MO AN, 23 Park row, New York , and 1U7 ticm nee sired, Auburn, Tllk PRETTIK8T OF MX HOOKS. Will bo published ofi the 15tli iiiB*. . the fairy 'nle of urrX T>KKKl.LA, "form lug the Ant book of HeWet'e series of Illu mlnaled llomeh.dd Stories for Little Folks, In n- it. Minll t-W' to, with u>u superb Illustrations, tluslgiied an 1 engraved by The beat artist* in the country, In u hi yio superior to anything of '.lie kind ever published, either in Kui ope or America, an 1 prtn *d ?uperbly, on very superior paper, PMcs In Illuminate i cover end edaes, 25 cents; full bound and gilt eitye1, BUnenl*. The novelty in this aeries ia a eoloroil frontispiece to wokralnuit, In imitation of tin Oil painting ? a new feat lire In hook liluira tioiiH In thin coon i .v. Krom uamenus loiter* addressed to hi.' tiublMier ? by distinguished gen letuen to whom die MitcrpriH' lias been lubtnucd, be ;.Jtea bIi ? tire In presenting the follow ing extracts, which will speak lor themselves "Cinderella In really beautiful In tie typography and illm tralioDN, Ami 1 am surprised and gratified that the drawlugi arc original, ilea., 'tied uud ou ;ravod ' t\ arliaia in our o .vn coucury. " WVHUINUfUN IKVIN.I." " I hare never anon no beautiful an edition of Cinderella. l*r?' ?eni me any other voluniH which yon m"iv puolwti ibUt year " "ItOWCK'i'C. WINTHROlV' Liloston.] Miss Loulwi 1'yne fprtnn donna In Enellsh npnra) "as sure.- the ptibiUhers oi'bor appreciation of the admirable way In win ti the puuliemlon ('dud i- i.a'j kits been gotten up, both tor lu utility, aii. I as a worn oi nr.." "Tli? Ultts radons of Uloderella are ercell"nf,flnd 'h* whol ? llppr:i i at.i e of the lii'le work is *> ivs.eful, that a oonlinuailuu fji the -'Tle'i will l>u looked for with pleasure. "Kt>BT. \V. WIIiK," [Government Artist, West l'otnl Military Aendemr.] The book trade will he ileal vrtth liberally. All orden will be promptly atfeuded to. 11. W. Ugfflil , No. 12 Dutch at. Triumphant surcKss. 18,0 0 roi-lt-t SOU) l>! Tuui.r., or MTCMOJKrt OK UKN.VKi'T AN f> HXrt i'lVlKS. Wl'li a fine Mri'.u una 1'onTu.ui ; 4.N1 patron. Prica SI 25. Frou the u. usand Independent journals tint have he irtlly irelconir.d end t immendet iMs vory valuable ita t Intcnsel) la It renting work, we select mit following!? The book ie, n? u life of lieu.iott should be, a history of inr *>wn i t. "w and the meu and th that hare Uf'tired in thoou< U'lie lone <>i it i. inipiiriial and independent, uu i i: ti (.'vbk'nUy the pn dne'lon < '.'i ripe scl?>l,ir ? rhQadclpbtl City ltrm. It pcurtrj.i - tilth apparciit Udell y 'he life and tiling of one ofthe n:'Kt r' ivi - tui i di'ui'f o iIm present century. It wtii be ren I I'eji tntere-i: ?Hunt's ??Setehsnle' Ibe auil.oi I'd h periorn.ed lii? labor with Kreitt nbilltv. He lw? priK*uc d U.e mom wiu 'ory ? id able biograp^ y tliat we buve come hi r.i'- for many j < r?.~ I nlted Mi'et :{e? i w. It pi. ' <ei genent lrttere,<t. It 1b not written in tlir npir't Off :b >i.i' a - lla io'i, nor ? i'h a purtltan tsal fu;1 a personiil luvorll> . ? liar er'r Mata/ine. Ul Ul Sit Kit & TOWNRKNT>, Pitbll?her?, N?. \?Zl Broadw ay. K. B.? M.iUod on reeclpl of prloe, free ol po-tlaxe. film PANORAMA OK I.IK! AND I.ITKU AKIKK J. Put Owl ? I morthly ui tli ? olll^ jol the At;". lto? />n. rosTk.HT <>r tun fill; n M. >OHHciTB?a".it. Myldt ! Vnu'h. !i? lTolek-or (xmgfellow. T?-|l;"hi: I fi In rr "? . Lor n. Menuilrot Hi Rev. Sydney <uuth. Would 1 u" To Miss Ni^hiiiic.iie. The Insanity of Kin? Uii'i. e ill. AMliVtor:. Nine' to Pompon ? n French . ort of I.ove The 1 o? Arctic Voyavere. The t.'oehtn CWm t une ikj i d> nee. Mietcr Anne; Part III. .Alcieiider I) tlae present K.niperor. The \ .itn .in bj Tnratllghl y.aldt > : h Komuuoe, J'ari V. Zaidee; Part Vi. fioawnirs Con'empontins; TUlemain. A Krv. Wotd'> il<out Jane Kyre. The )? i? in FeayH. A Toe i n U*r<lcatap. Js*D*i,<mae Po. iry ot the %I1 Idle Af[e? Mlee.laoi '. w n; Prtde and Prejudice, Ac. The I.if" <. Kiilin: lie Knrr you Uall. Home rii iht< ; I'.v the Klver. tfonnct b; T. Weetweod. Ottilia; 'i he Ariel; Klegiac. C'nrfcnii An'i)*r?ph? With Bum; >!iort articles, Kverj i.'m -r of this work vrQl eon'itln articles of leartlM interest; *rave and enn.e-t, ... um hci?\y; popular, kud yet o. abiding i .) ,e. ToUienewlll be added, in profuse abtiaiance nod gree' i tely, uile ., poetry, voyages, tra els, sail whsf ever ? w I'bln ihe liounds of sound taste and good pr aclples ? may be inoud"! under ;he !ar ..- headof UgntreMlinx. But mere Ugl.' i idi.u soon boconn? n.irlum . unhiMi Uer? breailie from i spirit aod heart ? life and soul, we promUe a magazine Uu.t shall be more au l lie l' r than m?ri' uto't:; ' nen': a book aui-el to the lebnre ol ib? :J an 1 wl?e ? i id yetabnD ?1antiy attraHlve to the yonn^ and ardent. It wll1 f eelypro ride tor t: i'ion, as well as lor the reason tud m^mur; TUBMIl. Forthrei dol.irs a rea- received at Ute Office of puhll i'ion the work will be seat free of po? are to bd> l*o.?t olilce lo th ? t'nltcd Hi:, e . Two copies, live dollara a year? lire copies tea dollars ?i m h t ;ubs to pay the r own po^Utgo. f Un loiuinea begin wl ti e J.muary and Julv numbers. U iTi;t,L. HON A 00., Office of p"l .. a'lon In New Vcrk, at 313 Brondway. T7TKRTAKT/H IJ AMRRICA? PRICK Wi CKVTS, WITTl V ren . r- ir n tempi lan^e, (its fo iod.i'lor.) Intemper ance, (Its i" i - and remedies,) the culture of the -rrape r!n* In the OhlteH Htates, and other matters of Importance u> rleh and poor, liv Jo'm < istiorn, o,' Oporbi, In I'ortupM and \e'T York. Put lie at No. 4.'i ileaver sireet, hew Yurk. Oplei tranamlUi ti 'n .? t any part of the United nutes, on recalpt of flfloen C'n p> igeatamps. WIli.DK PI ItLIMIKD ON SHE UTlTlNjTANT The pr k ? ut nil *>ks: 'ihe fairy tale of (MNIlKitKIj liA, formur- the b.'st book ol llonei's M. rles of fllutalaateu BouMd .nil " fo- Mule Polks, in nc.i' sinill qu irto wlib ten superb UhL-'rattona, desumcd nnl engraved by the he-' ?rtlste in die ? juiiti-.i . In a n vie so:?'rior to anything of ih? kind erer pn' fshed, either in Knropn or tin"'! m, and pr rit d ?aperhly, on ier,. s'ii>erior papi r. Price, In Itlumlnutei cover ?iwj odgei-. !*??.; full bound an 1 gilt edges, flOc. Th- no-el' ?? in thl? ?er;< !- colored fron'lupiore lo each vo'twv" In Imlta ilon of an -i p ibulug? a new nature In boflt qinstr.vions in this cnunfr. . From numerous tetters addrct-cl tr the ,uiii llsher- by <t . hd treiulemen, lo whom the enterprise baa been snl ;i i". 4, he takes pleastiro In pre-entln,'! the f itlow inr oitracii.. which will speak for them ei/e;:? tlnderel ?> r Mlly beau llnl In H i ty p -ra:>hy and llln^ri ttona. and I ' n mrprised and grallfied tin' tin': dtaVnjrs are vrtgtual, d \. ! c 1 a'ni engraved l?v ar't-d-i tn our own conir>. WA HHIN'ITON IRVIN'I. Ihaven'".' iecn so beiutiful an edition of Cinderella 1' e . ?end me a- .i- -r volume which you ?n?y p'thllsh th's ve ir. BOMKKt 0. WINTIIBOP, Itosloi MU? I/Ot Pyne (prtma donna In KnjrlMl open) "a " ir- ' the rubllf . n lier "|inreclfl'lon < >f the admirable ? y In -which the p l" ..tleii (Otonerella) hi " been goi'cn op, both tor Ms utility , s ti j ' oiis i v ork ot art." The iltus'ra'" ;i< rt!ln1erel'aar e*eet|enl, an1 tSe whf'le appearance , ? ihi nule work Is so tasteful 'ha' a dnttaiition c' the ser e ? ... te lo< <eJ for w i ll pleasure. ROBERT W WIKIl, r remmen' Artist, West Poln* A-id-ms' Orders 1 from the trado, to whom liberal discount frill be am '? Copies t.i i mull, p stage pn pabl on receipt of pries H. W. HKWKT, No 12 Duleh street hPIXlAJL MCriCKN. lAftl l.i i '.i: liafsu 0. K. 0.? MKMhK.Rr! ARE ll/ul, i - d io ui' et in ti." Is.; e rooms, on the e en ing of Wede- . tnO 12th lust, a' " 1' M , lo hi a; lh- report ?f ihe noo romiol'tees. |ii or ierol g'mrflk < I ' ABRAHAM, A"~ MKRI' tVtiT ,tl THK MKUJIKKii OPTHrTllorR ate I r<-'i t ed toem nd a special meeting, u> be held at the fris*..! i_s i," o l s'reei, this (We Inesdav) evenln flepi.12. 1 i, a rt^i'elock, foi i-oi-a ti< ol ;m ioru?nt oiisi nr-s. W. BWHON OWYN, President. Tp, P. Wwatt Secretary. Mason ;? : -r i< k.- thk mfm bkbs ok nav al lodok Ol * '. 't Am -pled Maso; s are reyxsetiaOj reqa^wl toatU't d . ''.iif aj i f their late brothir, Thomas If. .? in , P. M.,frt"' ?? re?Henee, S75 ?'?eood arenas, at lo1, A. M .BepU 12. i . membtrs of ibilrsuniM air re?p. < u iy ini lied Ic hi - id. 'J ae friends o: thi Imully and the ini-iriV r. of 'he Kit titii ? d are also Jivfed to attend Ihtfu. peral. H order it W. hi. f). L(}s.-t, He retary. TOTK "I ' M i i.lVKil PHKi-tnKK'H'tN' ft^ 'r*~ n a ' f ^ fU,r* *" m llOktTXN^l iK* !*) Uow?*TT. rrfii'T of ?iOMxl eftry *r \*y UU ITIil. \\ l KTl.N FAHM A CiHOCIA Tldi "wllA HOLD ,JL ihiiir rts^nUir w? kl> Dlf'tJnx tholr offlr#?, junfUoa of Artor pu -* KUbili Mri'H, (.off Opdro Hon*" ) i a li um C*y CTf ik.tii,. | . li Ti ?t.t a. f, CoitfUtQ ooi *rc iK>ir ! Ul... be d ui 'la ciffl. e. ^ , . JOsiN tfTEVKNS, PruUtnt. Wl. Jom Ji,, ivccrpttry, n IKIiDillRf AL^IIOMK ~A uric s, % Alt no . th* aftrt ".e i the tarn will hi- i, IbrcM upon ul irr?u* III /. ANDBRW II *NUSt;HLi'H He /. PLAV1IO ( tHI)S. ' API* Of RtTKtty OIMORIPTIOK ro* V i i.?i t ard Manulaciory. 177 and 171 Wrs ll I ? .(way bieliidint si/isle aod double bcja-1 ' I Iil.-.O, aod Hpaolth cards. A S';p< (inr arj. l. :d ?,i.?eaaou:d aod warranted to warp ?lj dealing. " ' JLOTHWO, *C. la 1 <a VANTrrv or Cawt off oi^yrnrNo w? tr 1 -t.^ni' im ti having !*f off wcariuK ajpie,.~a, sWrpoae of ll. ! 1.. or st.aUi lots, a ill iecrire U?e eerv Utah"*! prire for d. ni bi calling on or addrulnsi THOS H 'ION ROT, e91 Prat ' l.r ? i , et. t'l'.y Hal', t lace aud tens'# etreet. KXTIiA PA1. I^TTP A PAX^TATT HOC NTT LAWD AJTD "KXTRA JCj Pst ' Office -land warransa. "ei'ra par" and i>s'.?n ? f wage, due all Uriiied Kiatea navy sailor*. In all wars ?ii se ITW, their widows and t>etr?. promptly obtained and pVid, and tli kind* rf claim* against ihe (InHcd fa'e. recovers I oy KliWaRl) BH^Vi.L, A(en!, lale Vwntr V. A Navy, and Attorney ant Conr.aeUor at Lew, tf Well eiree'. PERSONAL. BARNARD O'llARA LKKT HIS HOME ON THURSDAY, filh September and Iim not bten beard of Minor. He wwt dresaed in a black mil, and wore a (told watrh, with a braid chain attached. He had a considerable amoirnt of money with liliu. Any Information reupeeUng him will bo thankfully re ceived by hU family at 182 Prospect a'reei, Brooklyn. IF TllB GENTLEMAN WHO WAB PRESENT AND heard the convention when the pvrty obtained twenty ?'ven hundred dollars (42.700) on a lot ol diamon'lx, at thi' Pi citic Ukd ('(Ere, will call main, he will ronler a favor nn4 Jearu miibi thing to his adumtaiie. Pacific 1-oau OlUcu, over Uie Pacific Hank, corner ol Broadway and Grand street. INFORMATION WILL UK THANKFULLY RECEIVED 1 Bt this office of the whereabouts of any of the heirs of Jolin Hurler, deceased, formerly of Pateraoo, N. J. Address A. R 1;., Hi raid odice. INFORMATION WANTWV-Or JAMES LAVKRV, WHO arrived In Ibe 2 o'clock train from Philadelphia, on Salur day, ;hc rtth Inst. If be will call nt pier C North jrivrr, he will we lhoa. Boone) , on board ol' altlp America. INFORMATION WANTED? OF PATRICK. KEATING, of Mohawn, county Clare, In land, who landed id New Vdrii oil the ^Vrtli of August. IKS/), In the ship Janu s Fouler, Jr. AS} information ol 111* vvhcreatiout!. will b" UiaukiulW received hv Ids bruihi r, Stephen Keating, at MarUioloin*- w Sullivan's, 14 Watldi.gtou ll, N. V. INFORMATION W ANTKlJ ? OK KLLEN HUI.V, WHO landed in New York Uiree yeurs iiko; uny information con riming her thereabout# will be thankfully received by hrr sister Mnry Cur) , at 2H4 Went SUIcenlh street, near Tenth a\ enue. Notice to charlxS (vrilky to comb anh lift bia money, ?? hr la of age. R. V. F. O'lULKY. vs HEN AND WHERE.? HIPPODROME TUNE. POLITICAL, AT A LARGE ANI) UNTHU8IAHTK' MEETING OF THE dimocrnlk' elector* of the Sixth ward, held at Mr. Oar rn k's mi!'.: Ward Hotel, on the lOlli Inat., Edward Rowe, E*i. ?a* unanimously nominated u candidate for the officii ofAl dimian. JUNKY O'KEKFE, Chairman pro tem. I". D. Kni.r, Pecrelary. BROOKS VS. UI8HOP HUGHES.? TWELFTH WARD. SUth Sena'orlul dlairlct.? The citircru of the Twelfth ward favorable to the re election of Krimttw llrooks to the Stale Se uaie, are requested to meet at Harlem Hail, Third avenue, tetween lJAth and 126th streets, on Wednesday evening, Sept. 12. >1 8 o'clock. Eminent speaker* ivlll address the m*edn?. CITIZENS OF TWELFTH WARD. THE NEXT REGULAR MEETING OF THE YOUNG Men'* NiHoaiI DtmenUt UtUb, will be held kt, their room, <*xl Ilroadway, Academy Hull. on Friday evening next, P'ciiiIht 11, a' ,>i o'clock. A full and punctual attendance Ot ihc memherN la earneatly requested. J AM KM T. liRADY, President. Gvrv. O. Btron, Jon-. H. Fouebty, J THE TVR^. CIENTREVILLB COURSE, L. I.? TROTTINO.-WEDNKS day. September 12th, at t o'clock P. M., niatnhtAOO, mile heats bent three In (lv*. 1). Pilfer names I), m. Katy Woodruff, to wagon; J. Bridges nauea Lr. it. Young Ktuperor, lo aaddle. JOKL CON KLIN, Proprietor, C1ENTRKVILLE COURSE, L. I? TROTTING.? TfTUR8 l day, September 10, at 3 o'clock, P. M., puree, fww, ivo mill heals to v. dgntifi, u agon and driver lo weigh 2, '5 pounds. Geo. Hpleer enters h. g. Frank Forre?ti.r; .1, IT. MOUnn en tora b. m. Flora Temple; J. M. Haulela enter* b. g. Chicago Jack; 1>. I'fUIer eaters ch. m. Miller's Damsei. JDKL CON KLIN, Proprietor. CIKNTRKVn.I.K COURSE, I? I.? TROTTING? MONDAY, J Sept?nil>er 17, M three o'clock P. M.? Purse. MOO; mile heat*; liext three In five, in harneft. Geo. Hpleer enter* lir. if. M?c; J. D. McMaun emers b. ni. Flora Temple; II. WoodruJ suit b. g. Cliietigo Jack. JOF.L CONKlaN, l'roprlutor. "|)KI> HOUSE, HARLEM. -THIS FAVORITE PLACE OP i I rc-ort 1* now lo complete order, and ready to ?poopimn dale Die s| ortlng and riding public. The OoUiain und Baltic Rase Hull Clulu play on Ihc neauiifui ,:reen attached te the bovae, and ntlord much (port (o tbevtatteraof thin beaittfui place. Ibt) best ol relreshne?iiis aiwa st ou liauU. WILLIAM A. BROWN, Proprietor. ITNION COURSE, L. I.? TROTT1M1. TIU'RSDAY. AT ) ? P. M., September 18. Mslehfbr 91,000, mile heau, heft llirw in 8ve. In tiarnew. Mr. Feabody name* a. a. John Henry, from Jersey; Mr. 11. Woodruff najiKM l?r. a. Montreal, from l'elu ware. S1IAW A WHITE, Proprietors, ITNION COURSE, L. I.? TROTTINO, O.V T'll'ltSDAY, ) September 1.1. A ur tc.j tor *1,4 Mile heaUi. Liest three In ttve to harneae. H. Woodruff, n.,u. ? g. g., Grey Boa tact. Oeorge So leer, names r. k. SHAW k WHITE, Proprietors UNION COl'FHK, I? I? TROTTrNO.? ON PK'DA.Y, foept. 14, bi linlf pant .'( o'clock, preoUcir, a nutUh for Sftdu, mile hrkth, beat three In live, 10 wafOM. ii. VVoolrutf n..ui"tf r. m. Ladjr Franklin; D. i'lilcr name:- a.m. Millc.r a Dmnatl. N. Ii. ? J Ll* match wll! com'- on without regard to weather. BHAW & WlllTK, fropriator i. Dtion cocrsk. l. i.-trottivo ? a pursk of i*), with an inrldc piakr of I3Q0, hall forfait, mile b>"t|a. tii'M f. In 5, in hamcm: aWo a purae of with ai. lnMdr ?'ak? ?i KM, half forfeit two miku and rtjiMI t.i wnaoni, bi conn- olf in. 'J inii'idlav. HcpL 27, ami Tnroday , Iwl. K Kotrlei, tor.oi-,, on V.i.ndav. Hi'pi. 10 &i llo'eli-ck P. Kaliliuvl 1 Hare ft n*. , corner ol Ka<?t nroadnar an l CuluirLiB Htroet. Tbn-n or more toin/ikc n rare ami two to fctnrt. N. B.? Kntraae n ocv and forlrtt to t?e dei'0?l?"1 a? tlni" of nnlry . Or. r Mrtt excepted In bo'h purae*. hHAVV * WIIITK, Proprietor*. 20 I) THE LIUI OR Q,UK?TIO*. I'KH OKXT SAVED /T PIKUflOW'S, 18 BL1ECKER b'rtv\ ?Brandies, whiskey, glu, ? itn, wine*. syrups, blackberry and cherry brand v, Alt?*, porters, segars, L'iif best gh *<a of brandy in New York for ceuts. /~1 A CTT* y.? DRl'OniFTS AND FAMILY OROCKRH \> v, Hi do well Id taste the articles offered them ah London cordial tin J ef ore they (nke them into theU stores to sell. K?w hngl??d rum, however lilgbly swh leaed with ay. up, in*?ki a 1 tit r? worry imitation of Charles' London cordial gin. Tin im porter* Iirv< been made acquainted with the fact that fTharies' Ixndon < ordial gui has been uut a?cd. aud, with another name pr< fixed, i* being sold (o nomc extent by many respectable drm-girt and grocers, for the sak^ of making a little more proHf. They w ill fiud before loop: they have done so !o a loss ot customers, if not of dollars. Faml'les arc Informed thai the ec let ra'ed Charles' London eo.'Mal p?n l.< on sale by all the p .netpa' hotels, druggist* and family grocer*, at tl per bottle, and a liberal alkwance made to wholesale purchaser*, by the a e tmp? rtei s ol (bai<( . l*<* l?-o .?.'?1ml g,n, I'-i *V ?rl Mmt, r* v. E VRNOGX A CHART IMPORTERS* OF CHARLES' London Cordial <ilu, i; & Pear! street, N. Y. fllO LIQUOR DEALERS AND UROfKRS.? NOTICE IM I b**rt t.y pt^en, that \*c have now laodm? from ships Mtlton and l>eureoH, from Hordeaui and l<a Kochelie, a euperk ^a# sortntcr.t of fine wines and brandies, whl.h *t? olTi-r at the low o* nairli t prices, in Octaven, quartern ar d !?ajf pipcM, la the original packages, trcm ttn wbarLar UoM?d Iwti hnniod warehouse, each package being aeeBBpsnied by n certlAeate oi importati n frma the Collecwronm !'<>r , th?*r. iiy m-.?t'ijm? any dlfflruJty by the M*.nc law. All arUelcs warran'^d as re t?r? m ntcd, and w?Ui on liberal vermes, by L. II. BUfltk)N Jt HUNH, 19 weaver rtreet. HZOWIIIOS. ~ OK*: lirNPRKD DOLLARS FEW ARD.? DL^APPKAU ed. on Psturday morning. H'h iim fames K. McOlarey, !'? ?h4 ? rast3iJ he - with lark hair and eves, and Klekly dark complevk?n; wcigli* otx tit l'JO lbs,, and h>*'i on a r.ark rotindab??tit, gray paota .? iih b!u** stripe, aod w^l?*awske bnt; be looi* up w .fn spoken to bir immediately turns hi? eyes tn ano'hrrcftrec^on; wa- ^e^n !n the M'-rol>?nt*rRx?')iAnfl(e between 8 and 9 o?cb*'k on tha. morning; U/es at Uroen wtch street and hr??< hl berto Keen of very correct ha'-ita. The above rem s rd will be paid for hH recovery, on application to the Chit t of Police, basemen? City halt. R>* WAR O ?LOST ON* UJIP VTiWAT, HKTWr.KS the 8t. Nicholas Hotel and ker aireet, a lady's ? ^ 1 1 Jr. ! * .'I Ufty dollar/, principally lntwe:.ty Ittllar iv-'en ot the liaok of the, this city, ano fliMi aev. raJ card# oiarke l with lady's name, arhlen can be given at (im Kt. Nicholas Hotel. Hie above reward will be paid on delivery of the pocket bo -k snd contents to Bmith & Patrick, t>l Wall si root. d?rn UK WARD.? ^TOLKM FI.OM NH.T JKRREr. ON 'T*"f MoQdny mornlu?, a gray 'tore, ha. ?? hit\ \\ h?ief tail, white fore Itj*, pony bull', alt .. <*ars old. t 'roi * d tfohoken f^rry at ft A. M. Strip i bridle and blanket. App y to Jt'il.N f VKK 43 Wooater st ?????!, S. Y. d>fl RBWAR?>.? LOUT, #Bf TtTTlSDAY, UT1I JN- T , \ ?/ blark nd ??n terrier dog; had on when lot' r\ !#?.?ther strap orMlmr.w a iron ring attached; i.ij*v.ers to the name of Chf i y. Wh< vn rc'timi h;rr. to 430 Kigbtb iwiv, corner m Thirty fourth street, inthc dry goods fctore, will receive the above rewnrU. d?r RJ- WARD ? A BLACK fiV.W FOV'NDL \ ND IH)t>. %'t * liiai lag on Lc rfebt forefoot, loI tost at corne,r of liroad ws? an 1 Ptne street vester day, In tne afternoon. An or" who re; irnc the * nme a*. U>?< Mau'.?n Uw.e up stair*, will reeaiveUte ^(Sf rewsid, (J./T RFWARD? Df>0 T/'ST OK ?T XDAY MORMINO 10TTI I fn llattery pla-f A yebon /Wf.' *h terrier, ^^'h' monthsold Answer* to Hi** name of IkMine^. Aity tairwrn re turn In' hlt? to Ro!>ert Rogers, 10 Dutch sireet, wUl reonire the above reward. iMWr AM# 1'OiMI. FOR A P? ??t f FMOV V AIR A N I) ? a (ev, day - k^o in itobert Coud log ton's book rr, one dof?f above Fc i-*h street. I10r>I>-0N TifT'PhDIfY LAST IV WAH II5TOTON street, near f'hartd rr ? ?tiee*. a pfxk" l>oik. wit'if* iritll '?in'- 'of v4 money, which the owner can have of O. A. UOSKLI its r / Pi:jf( i T, f/??T .-TIIK PF.VCIL WAS O.N' i-. Of \JI ltlciift' ]*( {.' pa ? nt, with fiuv I side- and It wo highly v ,ued by t-jc fti1- Iber a. s tes^ituonlal from his wrnag seta olteU . Tl ' Si. ter w II > e suitably r? an ! ? 1 irti 1- ?rtug It at V^ . r t (3rr Ui -.a. eebool No. 3ft, I:, "f ilr '? nto str ?? t, o> tr y.^t, SVC tic. W . vKH iNt*T' ?N M. : ".t Til, PrUn ipal. \* r,{?? v :?l" ho '????? ?? *?? ' ,u.. ? ";r, ?* j. by ',"i V' ' ,K vr * t rir7:,Hor,:^T''r'?"p ' r*r*n\Mknk*<i ?tih fr? stud flowers. The Indr r will b# tnaahly r?- ' Ardal by to teg it at No. 6 St, Mark * [ life. I- OfT-ON TliK KVhNINO Of YUK IW INHT.. A P^IC* J et memorandum book, In go. 04 from Dev s?reH, 1 w?y to Frairth a and 1 hir.lst^ street. Any person re* turrdng th? same to Dfy itfj ' .-t, or 9H Past fnirueui ?tr?*et wiW be liberally rewarded and rtcaive the 'MaVi of tlx- owner. 4 it. WOODOtK'R COAX#. /tOAI. -TKHT hr>T QPAI.TTY OY RKD AHfl, KTOVF. \ - aiKt > tr, *\w coal acrcMi-4 *.,<! <l?||v. rod >lrr a m1 Ii. !>?"? 1 or.l?r fr.?o ijryler p?r lu., .oil vli xMati S. ffMB J?.-dt?0?e:ckiWKl. Wct?Maod warrwMed. MAI. Cl.OtO* Olty Int?UI|?nfr. The hmmnBHii Ot'A&o or lliwuo? Tito Kbov Tioif in Nkw \ ? Htfi Independence Ounrd [Oonpku/ l>>, of Buffalo, arrived in this city yesterday, ?n rout' from Albany. They were received in thi* city by the National Grays, flank company, who oscortest them to their hotel. I.unch having bet a partaken of, both compa nies marched into the 1'ark, and were reviewed by hU Honor, the Mayor, and many members of the Common ( ouncii. I he stranger company inarched exceedingly well, and in drees and bearing will compare Iworaoly with any company in this city. Robertson's Braas Bant attended the National ?rays, while the Union lfcud, of IHifTclo, In attendance upon the Independeac * (iuard. Alter tho troops had been thoroughly revewel they stacked arrna, und at the Invitation of the Mayo end members oi t he Common Council proceeded te th* G< veinor's Iluotn. Heie a short but ftppmpriitr oddress wan delivered by Mnyor Wood to the visitors. iu the course of which h ? epoke highly of the city from whence thoy cam#; said 1' ? Hi- the second in Importance in the Empire State, and wan the sister rliy of the Metropolis. lie thanked tk 1 renpan.-for the honor of their visit, mid raid it guv > him ((rent pleasure on h 'half of the corporation of the city of New York to welcome them to the Km pi re city of | the Rropire State. At the clone of the address the com panies proceeded to the I'ark, armed thomselvei, und to 1m hii? of "Lot') Not" inarched in beautiful order to their hotel. lost night the member i 01 company D. amused tbgguehres highly by vi-dting the theatre* and concert ro^gi, which at almost nil seasons afford the strange: excellent entcitalnment. Tlx Independence Guard purpoee going in Utira to-morrow, where they are imitcd by the Ctict Citiren Corps, to stay a few dayti and enjoy tho hospitality that will be cheerfully tendered Hum. Till* cempnny will be well ti,ken cure of while imorgst us, and all the nov?ltic4 that can be presented to their gim- will be gladly afforded by the National Cray* of this cly . A Bic; Gcs mm tub Rijsum? We are informed that a cannon in in process of construction In this city, which, if it realises th ) design of Its projectors, will make no little noise in thewoild, and do conal Icruble damage to the ships and armiex of the Allied. It U to be m-ide on new principles. or tSther it w ill Ik> an adaptation of Here nil old model*, and will combine the peculiarities of the 1 nixhan gun, the Minnie ride and the gr<k>ved musket. In addition, a new detonating pow ier has l?een discovered ot two imd a half to three tinr>e the explosive power of ordinary guii|Kiw I er and the inventor clalme that they wll) be enabled to throw thiir ?liot from vwelve to lift<-en miles at an angle of not moro than two Inches abo.e the level, One of our Kngllah exchanges states a gun ha been invented that will throw ten miles, hut then it must be elevated to a .p-eat an*'" to rcucli that distance, iheieby lining much force. This new American gun, when finished, snd improve*! successful, is to be presented to the (Var of Russia, to he used hy him against the Allies. A few gur s of this description. if pro|?rly alined, would do immense damage to shipping, und would be of great use in the Baltic and the Hlack Sea. DhIOBAKII f-TATK or Wi'mctuu. Snuacr at N'h.iit.? Tho present condition of Whitehall street during the night time Is the subject of a great deal of complslut on the part cf our Brooklyn citizen*. Krom dr. rk until two or three o'clock In the morning this thoroughfare 1< con tinually infested with gangs of rowdies, who, on every corner from the Howling tiieen to tho ferry, may bo fnun t lighting and quarrelling umong thems-lvc*; aud often gentlemen accompanied by ladii s are tho object of attack on ' Insult. The police in this locality never interfere with there dl oidc'lv characters, -ilthough they might vety well arrest half a doien of them every night, Ou Sundays especially tho annoyance is insclfrrabie, and it is with thi griatest dilhuu.'ty that respectable people can weud t'jeii way to and iroin the lerry w illiout mole ta tion. On nigh' last tho above street wni- the scene ot the wildest confusion and lowdyism; and ai 'bough there weietwo policemen stationed in the neigh borhood, not ,i fli,gle ancst was nude. Wo invito the attention of the Mayor to the remedying of this cry ing evil. Mkkilm; or thk Akkrk as Him* 8ocn*n\? The regular monthly meeting of the managers of the American Bible Society was Iwld Thursday, Oth tost.? lion. Luther liradish in the chair. even uew auxiliaries wore re cognised; of which two we-e in Arkan-as, rdiI on" in each i f the Htati h of South Carolina, Texa- , illinolfl, Cali fornia, snd one in Oregon Territory. A letter was re ceived from Iter. Mr. I'eet, l ih Chan, China, in regard to Hie work In Mint country, and the advantage of pub llshieg the Hcripturos In tlie olloqulal dialect ; from Kev. Mr. lloty, al the A"no\ ^'i^^lon, stating the unusual demand for the Scriptures there, and reuue diag fund 'or their publication : from Rev. I>t . Ilurbm, of the Me thixlist Missionary Socletv, asking funds to purchase Bibles tor Sweden; from Mr. fighter, with an account of i vls't to Rasslar prisoners to twrtrlt>ute the Scriptures i nd encouraging statemiuts as to the salt of the Scrip tures. A nuirbei of grant* ot llib-'es wercr.Uo mm"i ? to vn iou- public Institutloos. Fni I'oi.nt^ Mihuo.v. ? (?'lite s number of iromeu and children, and a respeetalde proportion of men assemble 1 Mon 'sy erening at the little cha pel ottae M1m1o?, situate 1 at No. CI I'aik stieet, to h?ar the Iter. Mr. Van Meter give an account or his mission to Illinois. Mr. \ nr, M"*er, who hi I be agent for the Ladle-' Mission luxjust returned flum thi- Went, ?'ierc he hsd piovi led n.nny de.tltute children and women with comfortable home, ll? gir a very encouraging account of those whom lie left there, snd wishes to bring some more to the name pljee. Mr.' Van Meter related some very interesting fart-, and ap peared to make u deep Impression upon his hearers. Th proceedings ot the eveulng w-re agreeably diversified ov the e'uai.nting of sacred songs by the children of the church and others pre-ent. Th?: Rowutv Dot hik Sriunr. Tlve sad fllfc W Cecelia ncd'le ftein, who committed suicide in the Biwery ln> t week, excites no little sympathy among our cltl '.en i. which naturally enoi-gh seiks some way in which to manlier Itself. It u proposed to take the bodies from Potter'* field and'nter them in Greenwood Cemetery. A gentleman has offered three tots if ground at 'hat place for that purpose and yesterday a young lady, whose n-.iiie v>< have Ixen requested not to mention sent us live dollars to pay part of the cost of trun^fi r from I'ot tor's Field to l,r< enwo**!. Any ruoney sent to the H' kamj office will tie s knowle?igi'!. and promptly used for the object designed. Harmonic Cu ?*fJ. ? A numh(r of associations under the shove title aie forming in the city, designed for the culti vation of the voice and practice in vocal in sic, free ?,f charge. These institutions are excellent In their way, siul will do much to 'ceep yo<*ng men awav from Improper aswiemiii ns. The 'nd War Marmouio Hub had thetr lirst snnual meeting last night, at 64 I A sjiensrd street, where, alter discus-lug a gf?d dinner, speeches were made anil si ngs sir fill of which were of a superb r character. Mr. Rayinonn presided assisted by Mr. lUshieigh. J. Ilieoks supplied the dinner, which was cxi-eliem. The company si jmrated al a late hour. 1 atal A ? 'tt>jc\T To a C|BU>. ? Information was received at the Coroner's effiee yesterday afternoon, that a child named Mary Hceiy, whose parants resiilo at 3lt West Nineteenth afreet, had been killed by Calling out of th' cond sto.y window of the hou?e No.?.' 0?l Mfneteemh ? treet Hie child, who in about two yes's of age w as on a visit to the last ni.utcd bonse when the aeeldent oe > urre<1. Ifer parents ?re In the country, and ?<ll no lie jbt feel deeply grieved on hearing or the death of their little i ne. An nqttCat wilj be held upou the bolt of decea ed t '-day. Amw TO Kioim ffo. M While engine No. .'A wa turning the ci rner of Ucwver street and Broadway on P tutdsy evening, owing to sonw carelessness In It* roai api m' ot ?hc nun hine tippi d over an i camo down on the Ws'k with A Crash. Tl.e h i in*, g "m- ne.-k ari l g*'ir ot tl.e inai I ine were all broken in phroes by the Cii1. and sha was taken to the C<,rp< ra'l. n y..rd yi ^tcrdey, t<i I* refitted. Mi. J.uoe? Merrifi 'id was krt'i-hed do*n, but r n picking himself up discovers*] be was more ?--aro.| than hui i . lortuna'ely no otl*rr accident occurred T*0 I>k J Uts t-K'iUH.r I.Mt'kH t ST A I'AU, niv 4 RnimM;. ? (>n M- nilay afternoon two laborers, named Join. Dari> and William Al' n ? mpl iyed in th" 4Dn ilniitiou ot H new buieling in llroadvay, near 0>lar s'reet leil from the s?-c<.nd st?>ry of the building -n>i lielug precipit ite i In the cellar floor, received vury severe fracture ol the legs und arms. Thry wi re taki n to the New York Hospital for medi al treatment. i six ihoii a laima'K. ? A nan, named I'eter Cooghlsn was a- rnit'ed to th.- New York II >spi'al on Monday, ?uf ^erlu (r si ver?ly trom fracture of the spine, reemved by a fell from a Ltdiler, whic'i placed apain>t a naw bnil<MR In T. enty eirhtli strw'., near S'xth avenue. Ill re ' iy I- considered doubtful b) the j iu at tewdsn?e. Had Ai i rig\r ? About half-past two o'clock on Mon lay afUiO'x n while Mr. James Bofard us was superintend. ...? the e-e? lit n > t a shot tower tor Mcf'alkiogh, In th" n ar

of No. ?3 ( entro street, the derrick giv r*y, striking Mr. Ifc-gardu", and thns puvirikaHog '.im from tlic atal frirm to the t oof >.f the ' udWie > distance > f twr 1 s ? *e t Mr H. had loth hi. wrist- bro'-en und w -1. w ?? s<vereh- Injured by the toll, lie ? ? taken to tin New York lio-; lfal. liMB fa- cwno?M.? The I'?r*l< I Ouaul- CW|.t?lr 1 1* r m? rift/ muokrtu itroaf, by lt"bert ?on'? I'ord nt f>n * target ixcnMon to N?w?rl nn m": t In*. Ihey *tfr*ct?t MRnUmUr *t<?T?Uon T> * invtig Mlfl.ory tioard. ''aotain ?"? m ? ?lod I f fl.elUiv'i Uuid, m?<l? tli> lr thirl ?onu*l <?*< of it< n t?. Fwit New York on M< tv. jr. Tljii < *n,+nj U ?<? 1 Mri?>^ ?n>l nirthfd *Wjr wi>U Th? Rrmifftiftm light '< .mrd, f'upt. J. Me'?*rr.?oM lium I. t|rf Ihiiljr MMfelM. faAtt- 1 our ?fl ? JPMiWf aa| ih?lr r'tnrn fr?m th mr B".h n.irmal tarfrt #r cordon, frftn f*0ll< rk'a, Hitjok'l. Tli?f MrrM ?>!' iMnul' ? tary rrflitabl ' t>|/(iC*r?Dtr Th?> ?f I credit to ?W cltii*n -??Mrr) . 1\,? IlarlUU Cuuda, aiwlar ib? rnnioii 4 > ? Chn'? u 1,1*. ?r*nt or Iholr (bird ?oiiul U(|?t ri'u n i n MotWta/ U?? 1" N'wirk V J "lU"j M iiu ?o?ll/ fine ?n<i martW; apf?or*a<-.>, mti*Vrmf ? ?ty *h <l?Wor*ai?d ft' -a Th r? ww- ulrw<' on j r ?< ? <? a tf>?t<d T r. md ?t*r lnli\( at Solitary Hal'. is M\r?>' ?trwt . th^J dtotributod to tho auoooarfsl m?r?? n n Itr 1 n?rrai<l (Joard. Oapt. our ?A<w f turtV annual Un?t ?imr. mtirtrwl thirty -Ct? "Hi r? w? > jHt?? to th? h?t m?tk j i if uc v .? 1. Relief for the Yellow lfever ttaffrren. The collection* in tbU city Is aid of the aufTerent by (be ?^Identic in Norfolk and I'ortaaacuth, Va., amount to IIS, (KM 60. Kve th"u?aaU doluwa weie remitted y eater - *?7 which, with the aum? preTtoualy went, inake the whole amount of remittance* by (be committee $11,600. Tit (oJlowh.g in n copy of a !pt4er received by the Troaaarer of the Fund, yeaterday : ? thncK ov int N. \ and Vnwirvi Hnumtiiir (k>. ) Nn York, Sept. 11, IMS. J !>*** H<r ? In reply to your note of thin morning, wo beg lea?* to My Mint we wi " eona Mien Wallace, (the nurse w ho goe? r jt to attend the auffcrera in Norfolk) a* far M fid I'oint Com fort, free of charge, from theme ahe can Norfolk without dtfli alty. Wo have ulren y aent ou* a number of plnmclaiu and nnrsea, and ahould there be other* who wi?h to go forward on the aame errand of nuMCi , we will be pleas -d to grant them fr.?e pfifMgf* by either of the nte%mahipii Jai.?e?towti or Ito auolr. oa Wedneaday aud Saturday of rarh week. We are turty, ke., LI* I LAM A MJiASA NTS. Wb. H. #1 m r, Ek<)., Treasurer. Three ours. * anil due physician h..TC l.wu sent to Nor folk today. WM. 11. MAC If, Treaaurer. MKANS Hl'GflEMTXD KOIt FDKIPVINtt TIIE AIR. TO T1IK' r >ITOIt OK 111* lim.VUh We under t.ind that the hurting of pitch an 1 tar in the Ntreel* ha? beet. tried at Norfolk, l very onoknuw* the diaintectiag power of chlorine gaa, which can be Abundantly and rhraply supplied. Our Hiiggertioii would be, to mal.e Large solution* of the chloride of lime, and throw it by Ore engines over Infected diatricla, home tops and at), *( that It mluht run into water pipe*, gutter*, he-, ?ad purls 'heir content*. It might alr<? l>9 thrown Over cemetet ?? i nnd contribute to purity the air about li ' iu. If the chloride of liuie could not be had iu aufli eient quantities vesnela tilleil with common aalt andimtu gnn?-e, an't then diluted Hulphurlc acid (oil rltrol) pound or Ihe lua-H chlorine gust would be rapidly aeueiatcil, which might lie forced into water for xprlnk ling, or left in Ihe stieeti- or infected pi n**, to diffuse it aeif Ihrougb the open air. There in no bettor purifler knor n than chlorine. In a time like tbi.; every Huggc-i. tlon which inaj proml.-e relief ia worthy of beinj made jublic. mkimi'i Tbr Rite-union orChnmbura Htrect. Tbe wliolc- of tie Ommhtw. on S treetn, con't-ting or Mr. (J. V.'. .lenkin* (chairman), (?. Gray, J. T. Comjii liovin, W. 'i'nylar and I!. N, Wild, met a, rain laat ni?ht in the Council Chi. .11) *r, lu further connde? the exten Mon of Chamber* afreet from it* pre^nt termination at Chatham to Quite a number of inlvrrrtted particii wei e present , among whom may be nu-ntinrM'ii K K WUUama, It. C. Wetmore. J. U. I tckln. on. in fav.r of the tnenaure, anil Mnsrii. Skid mure lilac.kwcll and I/> rertdgc, oppoied to it. Theramemf the (ictilioncra nre eald 10 rr?.i?fent eight million* of dollail worth of pro pert? located along the llnt> of the propose 1 ex'?n?|.ni A great deal of opposition w?* displayed, ond a com plaint wai. madi that auffkient opportunity had not b -<-0 afforded thoae advci ae to 'be mca*ure to examine tlit* map and paper* handed in by tn<- pctiliune ra referring to the extcnalou. f?nthi? accoiin* a ni di .n ?iai made ard enferfoired hv the committee th t a further BiJourn 11 r nt or t tic counlacatii n of tho matter be pormltted un til every one luti rented could fully It. It m. abo moved Ibat the map be | laced Id tl,r pn. radon of the committer mid deposited In mihii. i-Urre it ciuld be Men 1 nd examined at any time. No further win thereto 0 lie tnken re peeling the e \t< naif -n fi r 11 Ti' tiier ironth i>'< that (be '? m:iy t,<> n 1 reat< n tor anv 01. ? to c< mphiln ihat the C Mtilltp ie partial to one party more limn the other Coronrrs' Inqueats. fri'iM i.r Ham, ma Coroner O'D" nnell lici i an in queat yesterdny at No. '/.'It Cherry klr*c'., upon the l.elj of a (ietman about 66 year? of age named ,l,.hn II. .tub linli??er, alio onunltt. I autcidc by hanging liinindf n the wocdlmtiae attached the preml-e". from the tcitln.i iiy adduced before the Corunc It appr ir. that I .r IK.TIM- year. pa?* deceased had led a v ty i?tcii|>. rn'c llf... ard in ri n -eqtienre thereof has been in v-rv hunt. I e cir cumMao tr. On II nda^ evening he wa- ob erved enter ing, the uoidhoute, win e 1. aid lie in tec Nd 71a lag tlx ni|;bt. Vi teriiiy morning, on the inmate. 1 f th" bouse g "Ofr ?.ut into the yard, they diaoove ert tlu- l..?ly of deceased auapended Iroin one of the raMerrt of the wood home. Ihi tiody was Immediately cut d"?u hut l'fe found to h'Tr been extinct Th'- jurv In thu ca.?e en dernl a verdict of " lien'h by suicide.'' FaTai 1 jj num a Bttoivi,.? t'oronei (;.imbi< h.-ld ?n ??>terday, at Ilellet-ne llonp'.t il, t p. n the l/?dy of a man named Edward litner, tiring ia l'iflydral ktreet, near Ninth avenue who on Monday evading, fell ? ?tfii tin third atery of ? new building ID Tlilrt' eeventh Mie? t, near Kif'b avenue, and injured himnelf ao p?ren I y that d< a'h enmi'd in a f< w hou-a after he raa taken Mi the lloapltal. Ihvjurj rendered a verdict of aecideotal death. Afnw^Tuir Dv.'iw.w ? f' r -i?r r?Tv ni.i II b I an iaqneat on Monday, at the f?it of Kranklia atieet, upon the body of an unknown man, abowa.i drowuei' on inn day evening by aeeidentatly tillin.; nverliorrd fr >m 1,n pier at the foot of thi< atree* IV-m ed ?a? ab. .i| 4.'. yeara i.{ age, and waa five fee' nix and a hal. Inch' high, with gray hair, and no wbtaki-r*. lie ?ai dreed in a hiekory underahlrt, white cot .n ahirt, I la' k Iro, k n ,t. with collar, yellow Jean veat, atri|te.l cant li re pant a, calfskin hoota, aie' gmv cotton aocka. It i. aup I<"-ed that the dereaf d waa a Imnd 011 hoard ii.e achoi.ncr Elit*. Hreoklyn City ltrn?. (if Mi'M'-traL Ijo. unov- 1'iic :ir o',.)v <V,i;,in n Council met in regular ae-ion on Mwula. . ri-u 1ng, for the Br it time alnce the Angttat v^cal'ou. lhe rri-M.o.nt ..f the Hoard preiide.1, mil there waa a rn:n, out audience Id attendance eompov-d pincipally o' fire men. who aatidpAted ?oaie action hy lhe l?o?rd relative to the recent pr. needing, by the Mayor, who had onW ed ?e??-r?| of (lie enginea to I* 1 , k d np ior i'v 1 iog a 'id dlwin'.aily enduet. Tlie Mayor auhnitted aeveral 1 tn m-inicail. n? relatiie t<i the Ire :iico'?_difflca!t>\ v li. h rauaed him to lock up engines Nix. 3, 4. 4 an.. 7 until . tkn could had liy the Hoard r'.itiv thc eto In n i.eetion with one of tlia i ommanicationa whlrh de ill' t the occurrence* a? U> eiiglnea a an.! 4, Alderman I'ancho. moved a M rie? of f-. .||Hi .n?, to thciff. rt "tl at the .. tlon of the rommlttee 'n re d llverlr^ , tfae eogini-i t< toe loefecMvc coinpnnlca la- an tain".) ? directing ih'- 'liief I rginier to ren.ore tbe locka pla> ?il upon the engine boo ?Ci? by order of the Mayor, uiul re- '.Ore the 1 r gill' I to the ie?(Kctiee r"iiij.?nie? ; and tilreeling the Chief l.ngi ueer to confine t he operation* ot the engine* t<. their r< 1 1 ectite diatrlcte until th-- chare * have hee*i removal " Iherereaclu ion were dia ?te.l a' great length, con - timing marly tbe entire ?>?,4,1 wSn. on lno-ion "f yvl> t rni.'n ilackhuuw, ti.e whole uUji?-t waa nf. ri. | to ? he 1 Ire I epartment Committee of the W. ^tem dl .til t U r rejort. The Mayor alao aul mltte.) a commiini'uli n in wh . h he recommemletl the necen^py ,n julrmg ir.t., tbe ex|?d.?ncv of nrgau ng a paid fire .le|* t n.en ? J f ?? "ki w i?e culled attention to the fact that !h' wheel, ,f engiiK-a, ho-o, 4fcr. ioid l.t-.-n ulu*i d to fit tijeci'r ri.l i>ad ti? r - and ie. oiumend' I iba* an Heratton II . :e ao .1- t 1 pr'-rrni the 1 ?. of th' riil> by 'ir. -h< prnrtiie ofrunrlng on the raila ha I heen'iheca.i ofaiveral a'cidenl- After referring the conn iiini' a tixra to tl.e appi<iprt?fe et'ffinktee . lhe u>i'?l 1 i'i bnaiiMM? wa- taken up. tad ahortly after the Bia d , i Jouined. l-'lrra In N' W York. titlMfi A11 ( i"? About 7,'< o'c..^k on M"n ay ,rv.-i. Irg a lire broke ont In the pftrking bo? man u fa '..ry of ?.c rge Kohlnr, 4*1 Seventh avpoif. Tlie 1 dug a larpe tbrei' atory frame fa<-ti,ry th' ft*.?e .p-.*t a pldly and ao-^i extended t" 4H3 a two itoty frama leclt 'nf which, t"(r titer aitli thf fa^'ury wa ? t1 tally il* trrtyed. 1 h< Harrc, alao ?xlert.le.l to 477 ata ?t.,?v bib k Ill tig. dealrnrlog tbf r? "f 1.1, J i. of i|,? ?? > er.f'. kl hohiei'a loaa Could ri"t a ?ila Del . .ie Inclor. I . h ngt-d to Mr. A'igu.t.i? I" Wo |(.,i . . . ** .1 ?t.r?d in Ih' .lcitcr? .r In ,iii.nee I oinpanr for II VKj totilly <? royed. The fram" d?? mg L- 1/ n/. 1 ' . Mr I'a'iiik 1. aba 11, end waa Ineun ?? f.,r t in the ...... U-ker lii.oranca '.^opany, Hull'ing < ? f . .1 ) ' ? Mr. l-v?lj i< .|? "l ? ? ? 00 an ! 1- f. i'.y r.anrr.1 In the Rri*?twai I Mo ranre <?.*??... ny 71.. |..T lne? ?rre (ccuptf-l hy a 01m her of tm- l:? - wt ir out all their furniture, Iv ? ,1 ir r ? d? u frota breakage , wate .,o<l 1, .t >,i Hi* 10'*'. ia aupjaMt^l will amount to ab .u; I <nD Hi err*o or a Ca , I j*r ? <>n f n l .y er. n.14 -liortly after 7 o'clock a c.-im|.h< ? lamp * iplo la 'b? baixla of a woman living at ftl Trinity y .'e h! . i4< Ud.y hi 'n*l about th* baiel- an ? . Kitd?..,.?. the | regime. I aim ?? A-r-irtrrr? AW. m ft R * xa.?M. ?d. ivi.lng, between 8 ar>d d o'cl ?k, an ?iarm of lire *> gi?en to tbe fourteenth ward , .lie*, <?i? l i,. a ran.pltci; lamp b?i>tl*g at 211 l|. . ?* , eel renr. T a fire ?a? put 'Ht by rge nt IJ.I .1 .. fr..i?ll.k; ,, , 'id .- r.if'.n Mra ? alt.. oe Vfo!?.., . f( ,. 'arop at lb?- tiro" w>? ?ry , ? ? net a?. .,t tbe far. hrea.f ?,1 Unt. 7: . ,?'*t | ? J ??? "aaeonvey.d |.i,nt'dja-? i/ to the N * y. , I r? 15 Wrwr Rtovmwar.? AV j? a o-?rt?r ia- ? 1 cl'<k la t night ao alarm of ft-* wnj, ?t , * . , , 1 '1,1 a"..|e*UI et'ofDr. ... . ,t ,, . ' If I'- S< 7. W?, 1.. )w . ?? r ,... ' ' rrnt be 1 f-^e-a alight ly in pn'', tb# f tm . -re J . r ? of the t*d clotbing w,a u. ?? ?,htr ^ . 4 a j e* f ??rl Calendar Tit la D.r, f* mKaf Oit wi? ClRutt? Sna. 171 ?t jrt ?? ?, ?. m an nm vm, tm. m, t'-rtm* f?n?T ? '.enerv ' |erJ(-.',oi H* 'Jf. '/* r>l nt< ? ?1 <7 it ? * ? Cr.wwoa % >n "Y e* - , -A - . . jui, 7t? 7:0 .: ;bi t# ty'ai t a I Pollr" In<rlll|rii(?, ontnaK or palmk KttwrnnTKs aoainnt a pikth A VKNT/E U>r. Yenterday, a Uily name-! Ka ry Jane (iaylord, a re?i dent of the Itrevoort limine, Kifth avenue, van taken Into cuatody l?jr olhcer Smith, of the Second lHntrict Police Court, charged with obtaining moiiey uii.ur fiUe pre tence* frtu. tieorpfe J>rinc.oll of 'be J4t tleorge'a llMel, Ilreadway. The complainant nil-?- ? that from the 81?t vIDNrnbn, 1B&3, to II. e 101U of April, 1HM, he loaned the aeeued variou* ?nm. of money, amounting In (ln> aggregate to about on her repren*nlli>g to him tint an* WaajpoaaMaed of Rood mean*, hav log in li:cum<? ul at leant f&OO per month , an-1 that her ha.<bint wan a banker in California, and remitted lier the before roeuil >ned KUin regularly e\t<ry mouth. He further ataten that the aocuaed haa not paid him Im? rJe the m<?r]r lnrni*?l; that alie wan not In the habit of receiving $!>0i eve'y month, and that the ropre eutatir nj made by hor were mady with Intent to choat nud di fraud him out of ho* money, Hie prisoner, on being biouglit before J u th e Wt'ch, at the Dower I'olice Court, declared that ahe ?k? entirely innocent of the charge preferred agalnat her, ami Celt quite CTJiillder.t of the i! Uuiimal of the complaint whi n the mat i i became fully invoatigaled. Urn. (J. *? held to bail in the num of 91 ,tMl to an -wer, nopfrll Y01T11H? YOUNU AMMKIf A OV A HPRKK. T? t yourg geutlen en, named Keidinarei l.elluin am) Ji hii llan-ey, were taken into cuntody yi-wterday, by of ficer Holly, ot the Seventh ward police, on enlarge of grand larceny, (n having, an it Inilleged, atolen 9826 from Mr William Cloaa, of No. SI "Viuth atreet. Theftrnl mentioned of thexe pr moner a (Kellum). it ap|ieara. employed by the cnwflaimint a* a clerk, who on the 7t!i Inat entruated 1. iin with toe above amount of money, gn tng him inatruc tion? to take up a note then at ita maturity in the IV.. plc'l flank, but inatead of the youth obeying the in Htructiona ol hi<< employer, he, alonjr with llnl?ey. atart?d oil on a tour through I/mg Inland. Vlaiting the inont beautiful and attractive nunta, they dually hroughl up at f-'outhjiort, where they Kojonrni'd until they were arreet ed. li.eae f?at young Ui< n aj.ent ut-i.n1 tV> out of the nnieunt atolen, and very coolly handed tho balance oier tothe ow ner, They were cnaveyod Woro Juatico ?ren nun yesterday afternoon who c< mmltted thvm for examl nation. Kellum in quite ?n intelligent lad, and win at w?yn looked upon by bin employer ai Wn ; lioneit and tru; tworlhy. IiaWy In n companion of the (tr-tmen tinned, and will probably be held for ccunlrnctive lar tm) . WTAIIIIINU AFFRAY IN TIIK BOWKRY. At an early hour on M uulay morning a woman named ha i ah I liihpn wan taken inU> cuntody by o Hirer .lullivari, of the Kourtoenth ward police, cltarg-.i with having ?tab lie- 1 a mtltl named Dillon, in the left aide of the neck. The particulara of (lit aiTalt appear to W a4 foUown Atnul | 0 o'clock A. M . ii'. the primmer, accompanied by a female* friend, wan punning down the Howery, they were met by Dillon, win. fctopi-ed then when an alt-reatlon look place iceultiiig in a fight between the partlc Dillon re ceitcd ii ictir.* vuund, ai?d gave the wotnan tliUlp In thiugc of the oflice. , pri luhiiifl, at (lu* name time, to br preii'Ul at the 1'oliee t ourt in th** morn ng there to pre lei u (omtilaint ngalu-t the t*i Inoner. On ilonday, how** ver, lie rlift not. for wme r?Koo. mak** hi' a t'J"*n rail.'* and aUl.eugh ntrlct *eareh wio*m;*d<* f"t him, attll n<< tiace ot 11. i* ii: !tvidu il oouM 1 *? obtaimd The womaii ?b; i-he d 1 i.ot commit the null ui* ii ld'I n, notwiti. atauding whii-l? rile ?u? Wkeduplm eiainlnatiun b/ Ju.t ii e llronniiU. AllUKBT* toil. INTOXICATION Yl.'^TKRl) A Y. Ill* te were iifty arn ntn b in! xlnti n * enter In. , i Will U I fr III the I' '.it ? Ii,, t il.'.' Hint I !?tii-l J'* lice fourt .'nn'ice V'el h (?'???olid 1 ' ' .t inti'e le. coy I , lliird ' ' Ju..Uci ihe, man 10 loi?' t RA Or <? '? 1' TH A io. : d cai. i.'.ioi 'i I .,v nd <> ? .1 at a re- 'id Tnn'erd.y hv oft'.-er : n'e.- ?f th 1 lice I' chaise1 w>i|. ati-alii / a v ? I wat'h and ill ii. w 1 ? I a1 *'0, fir- prop r'y 'in < ? i, b"ll, eiloie . 1 . "O .i ? Vn e , 'f r ? : ? ti'Iibr ?Ju 't - V' 1. ft*?-r*<?f ii) Ii?tr)!ljs? (? . T* " iHi-nj* (Vug)' ? ? ' n* ??* 1' i/nl'n 2Vw? ?, v ? i ? . a* /. \ ;u . V'-I , i i > ? lh* I '-lU-ncy lie. llucl'ftT ' ?, ill' Aihm <ao !* i to t of ; A. Ju lot ' a ?ruij?n:..i ' by M / j j.hdo n, the ivnVvyof I p?ati< o. nod V. . l< <: f* , I i> u ? n t ' < **o i ?ul"f r tv ?> .Ml. id , fclli <-! vif rv ? - ?? i. n:; fr ru 1/ ji \t 11 af I ? } Irv# n ho* t ir it ' ? 1! < ? n n j i b! ir ? .Mi ?% of li t ii it in1!#, . i (<?; a ton f?-v d*/? in Hi hi* of rigf.t. Arnf r ?,% (ho , ri <?>.?' r?r* by fb< A ? ,r< darday, II. J. hurt 'm mi' ? friltiji Mi;. i trt \ ictoi Aontral.a. IV'iiJna!", f 1,? r** d'Afh- i ?< ?t? I ( n*ul for ha i < ' i i ' a , I r. t Rivo ?rid ' v i . KdfO'A** I 'land, I'i' hop of l*r! V t. A M . I i t<*r-J"ifsr cf?re > n "Tit of fh<? Cri i?n! ? -J'Mio .V'-ifr/WO* ? Th? rV ar nt J,rf ? r* If) M !>t? r?ourg i.'atiy American*. and an>< f ?**? 'h ^ of ti" !'rii'c*d army ? M?*Jo: ? I ;?o?!d an1 aril f'aj/jrn I* 'loliiiri'!? r .p i t hf comnl - *?? o Mlit out to ili-.'Mt til r- for tlf all m- of !???? ;*?* *r* n w at vnr r ri tb* r-Mirifnt h iring *h'lr to if tb'ntif1 I rain ml a?.1 f'ran* ?- ih<y had, I a*u ir f ini'd. nil tlif llbcriii- Krr,n' ?' Ihnn that th y dt i:< and Uui* jU'lv <U - % ? . ! t.u ..kti ?t uv?j?r<tv?'?ri??t,t ?> Dadclnliiflr pr"%MOB? WmtaWfiU; ia t,n- < jty. t h?7 liav?- en ler) bua| In tlif ?.i{/.<$ b ii I t y ini rii t to tli? U i ? t ?? ).<? l4a ui hf u/ p? ti m.? ? thr 'a I. Jilli-ttr ' ? Jiirii inttotheirHiilri' nlU b'tkl Itiflf T i It to f r .r -U !t v .. ?*? ?- * ? ' fi|flj pJe* Kint rp?! intfrf ag < a". I? .t wlil h h' t a'* hi h<?o ?r ',< ui?d t' mil. ,?.?! the f.?* r ?? if I* I uo^^ftiiri mlr th'T 4h*v *?'! Ti- ? tl <? < v ? T 1' MtxfffW, rf K? n* vu-Vy, r ^? riMfn an i f M' uniiiU ^ ? n'ltnri"! y, li? rr ?i.(ffipid in the ' of a World-*! it'll** 1<-hjrri?)li %k).irh ha? t y ? i .*? )?< *n i?H'% <S* y * j* ti lona? ? iiUa. but whl' h now pn-rnlM -'h" p^?-*? nt ? of Llfairp in Kiitojk . rn o^ ? . ( * '? *?**? of thi? [( wc* I! t t<* the advaMag** . ndnt^ ?i'j of it, whila iit j ??- ? ,fv !i? I i.jft? r admit ? of ?. .? :,t AHHlVAta, At t! f mlth?or Ura !!?/<? * ? J II V-nr ** 1 .nFr*'?'? o r ?I ; M. W li'tr Auiri . lt? - I r ? 1'^ 1 / . rr*r ^ N <' , lion 1. M i'or4' r. III. . I?r I von I * At tb' I'f^Eird 4lo!<?|? ffo-i. 1 ;tl Hf ' , PorJo^fl^ d; fiorlof K. flu i h, hi * it, If on J Mr' off,., *? v Ul/i>. J** Hrr# fc# iNVw A Ir?U.. lion J a* Miilcrr, MobCr A' tin t; *?f, i*dt#n-?A vn Kf^itod; Vr. Ju'U*' M ? 1rr*l; ? '?pf. -frnfir Kntflimr! J 1. n ? ek# and Unil *. M ?? ??; Mr*". Kul'?-r ^tid da i*t?>r, rrofn H i \rr, Ir 'hi- *** tirii*Lp irnrtt?Wm P M ijr'? wlf?* %nd wj \arit; li ?f (</omriiWioo"r of K? -<u>re< w * ?? .tif . Yi> torln, ^ n^rniiaj l?dy , t '-lid mid Mr. i.**tMi ? IUr; Kit rliMdii r ^nd ^rr?nt. K.* Taylor AmrJia fl?r/i -4^n, A I,f-rt lud v, thr'r' i Mlarrr* %/ ; ? ?r.', *'../? ? f^r* t V f?rl I Nl oft'-, .1 fjtoi Wtt, Czr Uj ?u*l Uiy, A Wnl -r, Uh9? af?d rhi'd K It "' r ? ? * 'I ?U tgh^r u 1 ?j. II l? 4? u eber, J*?dy a ad t^o ct?!,<mft, I I *ry ?ivl two r, Arm J'- .# Hi, 1 1 ^rt, Mi#? B?rthr rii>, J l> ?i ?i lad/ II P?m, K l>oj??rid ii Ht%c.r?f d a 1^1 oii A Anuria# pM ladr, I. KX?? t. If K ? i* ?y, A f rvM. ' .?ly, ???/ *i*l 'wo wrv \ t Kot I J <'? i?rr ?? ??! .. ? > , IU' Mi K 1 ? ? T I'.-r ,U< r *ru\ J |; iu?* 1* Hmrifi, lad/, two (Mldrtt) Kf rritOt; Mm H (*mW Mt* f sjiih W A l o ??? rf ?*-!. f>' . ri ti hoHh and > w?? r .o<l * r>, I", ;v : . V? L ktoif* .M.J UHiJui, A M-'W'I, fit -ir-. K'vfu-ll 1.' K I# Iltil1 A A r t;>tn 1 ? i i '?! .**? 1 ? Iwi ?' H ? I* 1 1 'f ? ? i ? ' ?? . K"t, (^rataiao fJot auljatrl Mf*knt, an How in an and s*ifi. A Htt'ar.ri, ^ Ka^ '*i*r .? *i?d twa r??.? u n A t>*?< o 'V*f# ia*i? .d'j v*i ift'Wfu, H II Uti'Uf ' .1 O Wry J A Wot*: I J VV t:ai?? J ./irfiiwiJiirt., Ur?>'?? Ywinf, lull. Ml M .r ? N,.d rtlid. Mr- '-mywar I I I,' a ( Mi * 1 a', moort Mr - lia>, da arid arr? ???< J bmit*nln, i4? biitl ilihd. Mrr A?'>af l<-. *?fld two tkJ dr<rn, O ' / rot. ?? -r li Ho .U. I - i I'oiikr J N Ir* .?* ? v'i'k*. -?mt-o h, M KriKifM I < ? t?# |wo 'lii lirn arvl i*n*. >a * Hart main. A I 1 4 r r < : \ Ma^oa ^i?*t o# ? in w, J ? trfa ^ial ??. #. 1 >-.1 /?' , f F I y*4i hr* ttirr I# d? ?i' ? ?' r*f?'J, (Hahm? ftif I'liriili ) \ r/ttem'. . M I/aaBr <'?*, f l'ir ?rd. I* Calrwj A 0tr.o|i. ? ? ? ' -? i D#/ M t* . - f r / i ? r A I !u r? t" Knri p *1 ' *rr? *v1i?, U *?*" ?< ?ln f > -? ' :?* t ?' A i.itt *1 ? .* t j ' * r * 1 ? I K * ?rit, 1* <*pj" ? o r fl>d ? . , A M. i S m 'j ? I'd' Ms' ( \4 M . H W HJfh ^ ft '*r hf?d ? -n Kf y K't+ti krrta* l?d ani| rlMid; R J Y Wtt?laif>a. J W frmrr r ? *?>rtr|?V#?. a< Ja'Jv M >?*>'? iy .1 I) iMiffliftf i/X| ffl ||r avf 1 H^'ts w !> j ir" * < rr#*/ t If '? rt.M ^ a. ?.#.f ' ? 0-^*rr? y f ir f. i ; I'r I, r*?. ?. a iv t Mr* - i *#t; . n n fhf^rv % II !>?* '* ^ M I t*nr*\s$r ?r%% Jv. r? |*i n r l>r il W U(i^ l#r In* * Wr* Mi | , > V ' f I' !*,*? A a;, , f a . > M f * ' ? f .a . I, ,'#? * V ' " i m ? ?%riJ |>r !? -r. I #rrv? d ?*rnn( K M?? lad? In - In*. f ^ W V?i - r tNirf Vat. I'rai > "fa? ft f ViiwH Mr ? rifht vi riweVr ao4 M-# f#f? 2?t "Kit flratr, I i" tt** fr yo ta 'a * * ' He* ka tji (. wrtw, m fotvi* H'tn I: J <fafcr?/ liffii* < Itarrlt I way, K M P A t, .1 K Ilr-ra'>, n \m<>' i , J h HI* r|? 4 I o Mf JlMrkiay. Jw? r^. Mr II I, ' ot (1 M T M # V A %& !?'.? W? r4. ? I' ? -*4 '???>! |ii W M ? . ? .1 >? * ? ** ->->/?' "m Jvtmm ' . t. A i'f, * % A ? ! Ji *' W|l 1 lM| r. n J kf, I ? ??? m> ...? I* **f ke#e* Mw'?? ? ? ? i mlt"*1 ?"!?**??? ' l?r <?*,?? t* i I *?? ? . i km ?..r. ?#.<?* *?i h, w ?? *, !!, i ?i .M iM) Kf r-? i- a> '>uv-ia?: ?4, a rrdMt' ? *? fV? f>?*r ? . I*r H * ,>./? ?f ?w?u w J TrHK. ?f rfc". i - fo. 'iM Hwtfl J'm* fUMl I C'cinll^ r?*?t aMblt. 1/1(1^, of f. ? I*' .<* f. ' >',r y ?( f. f Irat'.'i i ? '}. Km- . ??? 4. ?#. r*-l bj . u. ?<? l? ? The (*} r?u riar Hard >h?ll CodTmUmultrlcv Irani Mr. Daniel K. to the Koiron or thk iijchai.v. All m * C'riTxiK'ijdpn?, (n hi* letter of th. 3-1 m?ta?t, printed In tbU ini>raiitff'a Imittm, nfmriag fa I be propoeitlon for a anion i f tlm two dirialunji Of th? di inwr?' y upon principle. and upon ramli I a tea, uk niitled by uie tu (It* ( ' of tin- 'i3<l ul.irno* ?ny?>? Ir.m ftrl* wblrh ha?i' itab?e>|iiently tranajllra^ lliein i? nwl ren on li, )m* i j t*> i* II, |> motion wntJii have been fcii.tninH li nil an y ? tlier prominent m e m bee o8m( It oi lii l Mi i vi.., ptfi?oH It nnlw dilfiireut *<u I ' ''? were auaplciuu* i?f the movement, m4 inuhte.1 tin- rh*y RW4r? that Hr. H Mmodirectly ti. 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