Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 12, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 12, 1855 Page 3
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ifrarraEBEHTS behewep ami pit. 3 TBT.RARTS* aKGINEni C)l> FLOOR OF A IIOI HK TO LET? CORNER OF Thirteenth wtr ccumJ Fourth avenue; has four rooms, tw?> puoiries, Crotoo nod waste piftflx, i? 11 on the same floor, with every convenience far a lamliy io live comfortably. Kent rea tontibie to a good tenant. Abo :t large. gltop to lift. Apply to C. KNAi'F an above. Po*ee*.<4on InitntJialely. A HOUSE AND STOKE TO LOT.? TOK 8PLKNDID ?tore which has been occupied for tbo butt live years' *w a inrwy store, ami ilouitf a ^oou huflino**. Lo ? ?tlon the b**i. Kent reasonable. Poutsiloo will be given Immediately* la 'luire at 180$a Bowery, betweeu Brooms ?n?l Spring. AOOQD CHANCE TO MAKE MONET ?TO LET, AN undertaker'* ?tore, Htoek of r"tUn?, *?., tor a?je, alio Hint ZJHKfwmh avenue, an excellent ?iaad, whore w no opposition. Thl* cbunce U worth lookiug arter, as It w a hurts and kale investment. A RARE CHANCE.? TO LET, THE GROCERY AND fruit Mo e, MO tirand street. The stock and (Lxtureafor Mir. Brooklyn city.? to let, a fi.vb three story brick dwelling home, No. 112 Court street, near Amity, live minutes' wulk from South ferry, cliy rullroail Bussing tin prruitoes every 8vc mlnutee to Fulton ferry and <> recu wool. Rent modcrnie lo a MDUd family; posse.i-loa given iintuedl ateit . Inquire on the premises. Cottage t6 let.-a beautiful cottage house up low ti, near Eighth avenue, In a gool nt'lghborho I'l ; house two stories mid basement, pxinteil walls, aloop In front and rear. Uuted pillars In front, a Targe i; rape vino In ihe yard. Rent f SOU. I'oBie-sion Immediately. Apply lu ?S Mil' II A WODKLL, '111 I.'i ,'iiLli avenue, Drug store down town? with lo.vo lease, lor Wile or exchange lor re tl e it ?tn. No u.-e ?o Invest In a small store i n nu obscure street, where total reoelpU It hardly an Income. The oM biaud, northeast corner of Read o and II u I son Streets, bealde* ks lucrative retail trade, can do 9.10 to |jd per day In jobbing. Terras ol i-.ile tjaay. FURNI.-H1'.I? APARTMENTS TO LET. ? SEVERAL suits uf handsomely furnisliod apartment*. wl'htta*, bath room, and all th" modern Improvemontx, at 76# Broadway, be tween Elgluh and Ninth si reels. FUBKISHFO AI'ARTMKTS.-PART OK A HOUSE TO let in a desirable location in South Brooklyn, convenient to the ferries, uml wln re the ear* pan* the door. Tlio accom modations conaltl of Imck parlor and extension room, and three or four bedroom*, together or stparale, with or without partial board. Apply ut : ?il Court street, llrooklyu. HOUSE TO LET AND FURNITURE FOB SALE.? TO let, i. em' Fifth aveutie, above Malison square, an elegant brown atone house with all modern improvements; rent tl, The furniture now in ihe bouse, new aud stylNb, will be sold at a low aud very reduced price. Possession at once. K. B., Sl*? Fourth avenue., :$ 10 7, 8 to 10. s Houses to let, at bbducbd bbnts-a brown stone basement house on Ka ,t i:uh st., JSOO; a tUrce story brick bouse on Irving place, one on 3#th St., WW); it ulce new bouse on 3MIi si., m ar 7th *v. , SSSO; t?vo nloe three story brick bouses on 4fah St., H00 and tfiUU; one on liith st $750; and a number ol fttrulshed houses. R It. KINSHIMEK, 519 4'bar., I rum 8 i o It) and from 3 to Houston strkbt? bboadway.? to, the large dwelling bouse No. 5&3 Houston street, north west coiner 01 Crosby. Contains 18 or SI rooms, uii'l luis range, tiath, ~ Ac. Also, the spacious dwelling No. liiH Broadway, suitable for business purposes. Apply to JAMBS PRICE, auo Hudson street. PART OF A HOUSE TO LET.? V GENTLEMAN OF mall tiunliy, owning a larger bouse than hi- can oc-upy, would let part of it to a gentleman and l.idy if 1th no child cm; location in the central anil pleasant part of Brooklyn, within ilfleen minutes' walk ol South urnl Wall stroll ferried. Address C., Herald ollii PART OK A HOUSE TO LET? PLEASANTLY LO cated; So. 31 Wahblngtoii tcrmoe; three minucn' walk Irom terry, (jaa and liatb. "DOOMS AND OFFICES TO RENT, IN APPLETON'S XV Building, corner of Broadway mid Leonard su-coi.?One large front room, on<' small room for an ofllcit, one lar^e rjom ?iOxaO, second (tour; tw o looms on the tourth Hour, tui arUat's room on the 6th lloor. Apply to D. AITLETON A (JO. Rooms and offices, corner of canal an d hud son street*.? 'J o let, or lease, several line light and airy suit* ol rooms, ull fronting on the street, on tirst and second tlonrs, above the stores u?s and Crotou water on each floor; genteel entrance on Canal street; also, store auil I iii'*n ' No. 2M Hud son street; alfo, small basement of No. 204 Hudson s'root Apply to JAMES PRICE, l(u 1 ou alrect. El'OND STORY STOItK AND LA ROB BASEMENT, ON Broadway, to let. B. T. OOP. DON, 237 Broadway. QTUilOSIN BROOKLYN.? TO LET, IN DO D WORTH'S O new building, No. lnr Montwue place, osar 0<Kirt street, lour studio-, tilted up m iih every *0urenle0'?, expressly for landscape or portrait artists, two having lit.; li north lights and two with north skylights. Can be seen at any time. For terms apply on the premie, or at A. DODWOUTil'S, tHHi iiroad w?y, N. Y. rpo LET- A SMALL STUB K IN BLKBCKKK STRECT, X slaty fret from Broadway. Apply at 644 Broml'.vay, TO LET? THE HOUSE KNOWN AH TIIK BOSK HILL bouse, It/7 Fist Twenty fourth street; bar, gnu ilxturcu ami range complete. A first rate place fur btislu'.i s. Iniulre at the stable adjoiuiug. I'O LET-TWO HOUSES, WITH ALL Till MODERN improvements; they are new and well finished: posses won immediately, at lot) and 111 West Twenty-fourth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenue*. Apply to M. WILSON, loi uer Cor'.Undt ami Broadway, uuder tuo Oil ey building. TO LKT? A STABLE, ROOM FOR FOUR HORSES, AND A feed. laqoire it ij few Bwflwny. TH) LET ? WORKSHOPS, OHEAP TO GOOD TENANTS, at ISti Mercer street. Inquire ai 131 Mer er - i?et, at Uie Iron Works, before 12 o'clock. 0 LET? THE THREE 8TOBY HOUSE, WITH BEAR j building attached, well calculated for a store or German bmel, hat ln^ been Occupied as such for set eral years, A,?i)ly to L LEW is Ill'TCUllNS, 38 John street, boitvo.u it) and U o'clock. rpo let-three labok lofts above the first J. Door, amiable lor any manutko tiring purposed. Inquire on the premise ?. i ? rn ?' ' ?-( y streets. rj'0 LKT? THE STOKB, FRONT BASEMENT AND VAULT J. on the north west corner of Spring and Orosby si reels. Inquire la tween the hours of 10 o'clock A. M. awl liM., or4 and o P M . on the pi curates ut Anson House. O LET? THE STOP E AND BASEMENT NO. 5 MIIR cer s'ree' nearUanal, and facing Howard; to bo let to gether or separately; al-u, a workshop .u tbe rear. Terms KLOderatc to a uovl tenant. lVj-if-slon irumeilta'clv. LAL'KtlTA v. MARm'HVLL. T rLFT? A STORE J73 ORKENWICH STRKBT, ti**e dooi ah<m- Murray street; .i desirable losalioa for a hosiery snd gentlemen's furnishing store. Apply to JOHN JAMlsnN. -,2 l't-url street or 117 Fourth street, af'er ti o' cloc k. P. M rLET.-A SMALL ENGLISH BASEMENT HOUSE, with all the imslern improvements, fbe furnitura wiilcb la partly new, will l e Mild ut a a- rill' ? V;>|ily .it "i ? mil ot the Irving House, or at the house ZJO We i Thlrtle" i street. A. W. G. rpo LET? n KM SHED APARTMENTS. TO SIN'OLE A gentletuen, wlilinut l>o<trd; a parlor, ly furnished, with bedroom, closets ami i>ath rnuiu. In 'ae :lrat elass ho j " No. A tin-ai Jones street, third door from Broainay. Refer ences exchange, I rpo LET? T1IF STORE NO. 40 READB STREE f, FIFTY X feet east of Hroa>l way, opposite Stewart' ; mi: Moil per vi-ar, also several rtmins, lor light manuf a "U: tng purposi s, in nouae S>> Dtianc street. Hi st iMMiae cast roiu Broadway. Apply at OEMMFL'S :?r' Broadivay. TO 'LET? BOl SK lfi COTTAOK FLACK, BETWEEN Bleecket and llous on sir of. is: the furniture will either be reived or aikl. < arpets, oil 1 >o 1 h * and part ru the furniture ws? new last May. Address C. 'f. EVANS, 37 Oil aey bulldiuir. r LET? WITHOUT BOARD, TO V GENTLEMAN AND his wife, a room and bedroom or two bedr'Wims,]Wlih uie uaa of a Kti'tiiii room and klu-hen. Terms nod-tru e. Apply at 131 Wei' Sixteenth street. Reference required. T> LF.T? A FINK FRONT I'ARLOK ROOM ON FTHST floor, uulurnUhed, to a g' ntleman in I uife or In a rs*p?'' lable old lady, wllli or Hlthooi bmrd, in a private family, flrs: '?lass bouse; no o'lier hoarders. 610 Houston street, corner of ? ireene. r LET? TO A RESPECTABLE FAMILY, TUB TWO story attic arid basement houae tv ii iuk street; hs ail the modern mrtoremenla, gas. Iu>< and oo Id rater, to , wtlb i tearoom at'sr ti -d. imiulre on tlnr fir' :m-' . T? LKT? A THREE FTORY HOCSB, PI.KA'ANTI.Y situated in Th.rfeen'h street. Iietiveer Sixth ami Seven'b avenues; rarpe s, oil eietlis nnd window i nrialns toe -ale; all ' In complete oirter. Apply bi D. il. DICK, 171 Sixth avenif, ! corner oi T* e'fth rtreet. TO LFT? FRONT AND BACK OFFICES, Flfl^T FLOOR 85 Nasfsi.u street. Inquire on tl.? pr'taises or ofWM. f KUHL, 6 Cort'andt siriet, [ fpO LET? HALF OF A VERY <i'EN I BEL HOUSE ON A West 3(Hh s' ., in a line neighborhood; the hou -? tw. ill mo ? Jern Improveuients.and is In line order; ? tuall family oecu I plea Jt. B?' *T&. K. B. KINSIIIMKB, 3tf 4<hav. I rpo LBT? THE HUILDINO ?11 AND m CORNER | J. fronting on Canal snd WaOs 'tre- 's, 70 hel on e,p'i str?e<. The wb?<le l.u.ldmi! U ?*H sd*|.t 1 tor a ?.a i ? ? ?trong light slid UtcllMy fur exhlbHlon. W III be let In separate apartmen a or together, or, II desir ? I, divided luto oili es, r<sims, st irefc. Ac , to suit tcuun's For lui tlu-r parueuiars inquire of TllOS. M. HOOK Eft. iaB- udwsy. LET? IN THE LOMKR PABT OF TH^CITY, V _ small Intel, near Broad an?y, which will ?.-eoHBio late I'M persons; the lease and furniture, nverytbinj In perfeo". order, tor sale on ea?> tenia, wti h Ini tn-viiau.' ^ca>ra-iiMiu. Slu^uiou unsurpa>* ed lo: ': l>oar*l*u - B. W. RICHARDS, *?; Broal way. T| O LKT? THE ODTTAGB HOUSE, V, HORATIO s'rett so-l i i doUr< at.<! earps's 'or sale. Ren! ofK ise t?(0 a vear Cbo, 'he half of the En,- 1 -h i?< m*m hott ??. No. [I Horatio stiee'. Kent WJO a } ear. Inquire at HB llfoiieiy. 1 1 otns I It.' ______ TIHO LET? THE LOWER PART OF A SMALL PRETTY honrs hn i:"o(l order, to a small family. If mse tviw oer i pied bjr three im-ihjo Lo-alk>n pletaari' and e, mr? . yard large Keu- lrrs to a go I triitti.1. Apply at No. ti7 Fourtii iavaaioe. TO LET? POSSESSION IMMEDIATELY. ONE OR TWO dooi", Willi KS' snd tJrolim, furnUl ' I or unftjenWied, 772 |Oreenw1<-hsirii-(, corner of Bank, ?e?i AhUii, loa wjutr a I ?: > ? private sisble, ; Bank st. Tl LET- -A MOsT KI.IOIRLI HTOKK FOB ANY RK | tad bu.-ui> as, ht the h> art of Bi-oadway. Apiiiv u? C. D. DESHLI.H, A\ Bnwlway. T) LBT? IN THK PBIY ATB HOUSE l.vt I.W HI'NS Street m-ar Heustoe , one luie mom on s?r. nd foor sl?o Pone on third Pom with panicle*, with prlTllagssfur foe I. woh ins, Ac., m veliar. (M| Wj suitable pav.les. Ap;dy on the I pretnl' e< rpo u;[-t GREEN HOUSE WITH PLANTS AND SIX X or tjrelre lota of grwmd, sttuale on'b Euh'h mu.-. tie t?een I tfl-'h and luiui sirseia. For par*trulara apply, adjoin Ins the prenil-, s1or at No. IS Cllj Hali. *o NATII WIKL J \RVIH, J?. (fpO LET IN BROOKLYN? THREE BKACTIFI L HOUSE J, X two In I'em siree', one In .-eeoiel pla< e, n'jH' ix?.,rent m ioearsrul ? a*e r ettes (las IITture? baths, A<\, will be let very reasons >le Apply to HAJ VEY k OOfiQI.LYj rpi ,V>5 Broadway I mo LI T OR FOR SALE? A VERY I1EAI TIFI LLY Fl'R. 1 nlahril honse, m a Itae location in BroekJyn, a sbon dta linee from lie Ssimli terry, new, and has all mod?rn improve Tieri' ? V<>l# h 'it resnaaatbie famillea wiUUV|.iif<>, pers-mslly. Ii?awreal< ?n-l Uo'eio. k. at 3J Btekman siree . ?Jtt &aue, op ?Utrs TDKAHTS' RBOISTBR. T ^' ln'l*irv ou U?o O MA.VrfA(*f[jJujjo . * ? C^.r hfZ^S'u"' " "?" '''"xVnZ?* r'P^K LOW AKTiii ? IW^rua'?^ *:"*< m,?MW rr wielW C1'rpct store, % Uov^y '"in're m FI\A*CIAl. (fcftOO 000 -**>WKY TO LOAN' ON DIAMONDS, ?"" vM/,U' IU, watches. Jewelry, dry kochI.,. sevars, Ac., or bought fore* >h; stocks, notes, mortgages, *r , negotiated. Business eontldeUal and prompt. liy THOMPSON A CO., bro k< i t. ,ii'd commission merchant*, loz Nassuu street, corner of Aim, r< oiii N'o. 2, second itoor. <feK? 7 (WW) TO LOAN-ON WATCUW, DIAMONDS, <IP< ?* 1 1 .Ul/l/ jewelry, segarm, awl every description of valuable property, or bought Tor cash, by J(*H. K. IS A AC. basement olllie, II Chambers street, frotnPUilti. Iliwitieis ttrompl nud cniifldcufisl. Old gold aud silver bou'i'it. N, B.? No business transacted on Saturday. <fc"i alia WANTED, FOB THREE YEARS. ON TWO V'' lirtok buildings, tu New York; there urn throe lots nud two buildlugs. This property I* free a:i I el -ar; no bettor hi kurer property ou be fiuoa. This property u worth four times the amount, no matter how timta are, Address l>oi 126, Herald office, for S. W tlxon Tim regular Interest nud n? more. d; j> enn ?clerk wanted. -an active, intel. ?r ? Kent business roan, who can lend to his em ployer $2,800 on good security .will be paid a salary ol 91,000 per annum. Omits of the office lltlii and pleasant. lio.trd and lodging In th;i iamilr of employer, If desired, at $& per week. Address box Kit Post ollleq, Chicago, III. d?9 r.AA T* W WAWTED-ON BONO AND M0RT iJ'?.tH/U gage, on productive r al esiato in the upper pan of Ihe elty, worth more than double the amottul. Apply (o HECK A Mi \I)AM, No. 02 Wall street. WANTED, ON PROPERTY WORTH SIX TIMES $(100 ANY AMOUNT OP CASH LOANED, OU PURCHASED al sight, for fair prices, on diamonds, wn'rlx s, rich j'jwel ry, plate, merchandise, and valuable personal property gene rally, by It. \V< >OD, 09 Fulton street, second lloor, front room, from U A. M. to 5 P. M. ANY AMOINT OK MONEY. IN SMALL OR LARGE auuia, can always be obtained Instantly, ou securities, uierrliamlize, valuables and property of nil kinds, at the old responsible Pacific Agency and Private I>?n Oillre, over Pa cilie Hank. All Ham-actions prompt, safe, eonHilential aud sa tisfactory, or no charge. KuiVy insured. 114 Grand street. Bank of the oiiio savings institute, tikkin. Ohio.? The pacer of Hie above institution will be roceWeift ai 1 (oue> per n ut discount by the understood. W. CLARK A CO., No. 4 Hanover street. Money advanckd for short periods on real estate, diamonds, watchru, jewelrr, plate, pianofiM'tea, dry Kotsls, horses, carriages, uttl every ifescription of proper ty, by the responsible Empire Loan and Agency t'oinpaoy. 0. WILLS, A vent, SS3 Rrotidway, opposite the Broadway Uiealre. XT OT1CE. ? OFFICE OF MOLLIKRK MANI KACTITRINfl i \ ( ou.putiy, No. 3 Broadway, Nc?r York, Sept. S, UB& ? By ? resolution Of ihe Hoard of Truxu-cs of the Molllere Manu fin lui lng C ompany of New York, passed lit si of Sepiember In staiit, Ihe stocUjolilers of said company are liereby called upon to pay in an innlalmciit of clghiy dollars on each share of the slock thereof, on or before ihe sUtecnili day o( December next, under 'he |ipii?lty of lorfelllii',' Ihe shares of stock subscribed lor. Ky order ot the !U?*i d of Trustee . EDWD. 0. Tt'CKKltMAN, Secretary, KOSi: HILL SAVINGS RANK.? NO. 2f.l THIRD AVE iine, open dallr from 10 A. M. to 2 P. M.. and Wednc-slay slid Saturday eveiilnga from 'ft to 8 oVIook. Interest at 11 per cent on sunm ol SGUU autl under, and 0 per cent on mtiiij over KfibO. WILLIAM If. I'LATT, President. J AMES 11. KEKLEIt, Vloo Pres'L H LooKBonnows, Secretary. THE JOINT ASSOCIATION OF WKLLH, FARGO A CO., luifi declared a dividend of live per cult, and payable on demand. EDVCVriOH. A CARD.? THE SirBSCRIIWR WILL RECKIVB APPI.I cations ihilly this week for instruction In Penmanship, ? locution, book keeplm.' and arll.'uuntio. OLIVKK B. HOLD S.MI'l II, liroadwuy, coruer of Franklin street. A PARISIAN GENTLEMAN, SON OF ONE OF THE most renowned Freneh protestors, gradtutlo of the schools til Paris, begs to Itilorin that lie w linos to ri '-elre some pupils for instruction In ills own language. Throe lesson* per week 60; six Ir?un . ft. Address R. L'lUon siiiuce Post cilice. T C10LLEGE OF ST. FRANCIS JAVIER, 39 WEST F IF / teentli street, between FBtt and SUth avunties. CI issns w l ie resumed hi this Inslliuiion on Mond.ii^ W'ptember M. Stiiiienls s re received on applying. Terms? For pupils ornr 9 years, S12 SO per quarter; those under, *7 30. MICHAEL DRISCOL. Ipni'CATION? TO TEAOHEKS.? A YOUNG LADY, J inxlovis to flnWi lit r > dneaUon, would bo happy to obtain a situation In a I onruinu school wliorc, as tin assistant In teaeij In'' Eli .'llsli brai.i ties, her ser\ i e- would lie taken for lior tui Unn, *c. The yonng lady Wishes to nuke lM<iiiuK tier v<s i Hon, ?nd would fully ippreclain the opportunity that w ml 1 qualify her for it P least! address Education, Ilerald ortlnj, for three days. ? INDI CATION.? MI!. L. DE GRAND VAL'S CLASSICAL J Englit-h, French and Spanish loarillng Institute, Hn l- n and W? hliixton terraces, llui oki n, N. J., u now opon lor Hie reception ol pupils. t;ircu!ai s and referen e? at the Instl'.nUou. ?tlRKNCII DAY AND BOARDING SCHOOL, DIRECTED J by ilie late Protrssors ol Mr. Pnusnot, V. A. Lespinoosc and J. Ilayd'x k Sumh. Maeilou^al street, corner of Clinton piaie, near \\ is!i:,igton park, la" Misrchauts' S> liool. M'tSSIH O'BRIEN'S BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL fi r yontii! ladles, 125 Wr ? I wi uiy serond strret. between M?th sod reveiitb avenues, will M n Hrp'eioker 10. Circulars with relerenc tiietr re-ideuce. Vfl.-S STEELE'S FRENCH AND KMOLISH DAY AV|? IVl 1 on riling M'liool, for voting laiiies. No. a K ist ThirUuth ? 'n et, ix tw i rn Flftb nud Madi.on avcuuu', will re-open on 1 hursday, September ikh. Madame coi tan's frencii ani? bnglisii board It e ainl ils.v si hc-ol for young Isilles, 270 Flllh avenue, corner of Tlilrly first street, will re open on Monday, Sept. IV. An omnibus Is attached to the establishment. Mm. MKARK' FRENCH AND KNOLTSH BOARDING and day aehool for young ladiea, (52 and :M) Weat Fifteenth afreet, below Filth areOQ^,) r e open* on Thuraday, September 6. Mrs. Me<*r* will b?? at home to receive par*ma an 1 * tiAr diana v. bo wuJi to confer wtth bur, from Monday, Septarabcr.'l. MK. AND MRS. COArf. CAXllA's HOARDING AND day *rh'?o? i'or yoWKj M'ca, (No. 17. I* Fayette Plare) will be re opened on Wedneaday, Hept. iilth. MP. AND MMK. NOKL RKRUIKR'S KNOLIHH, FUKNCII arid Spa niidi board im; and da> aehool, lor >ounK lad lea, No. 300 (kCoad ivcnne, Mwm Right uenth end Nineteenth atier:*, re open- on Monday, Sept. 1?? I'o ma~ For board and tuition, from 9450 lo ?j?J0, funaie In luded. A a age lit attached to (he inaiUutlmi. MR. AND MADAME N6KL HRROIKR'tf HOARDING and day aehool, lor young I adit*, rropeca on Monday, hep*. 10th. A atagfl fa a'tarhed to ibe e*tuhli0hmen'. a. ANGLADK, (JBADUATi:, FIIKM II AND bpav ? i*h tear her, wiilwi u? glre le^Motia, in hta ottice, 4*t Mroadv. ay, and in m college or private buns.- The pupiia may practice In the aeme bouae, over WaUack'a tlii ,vre. SPANISH.? PROF. i\ VILLAYBBDft t'AN DISPOSK iT} of a lew hour* , bofb in ie* day time and in Ibn evcoiai, to prKate leaaon*. Apply at No. U t^rroU plaoe, lllaecker atreet. CPA NISI! AND FRKVril LA HOC \OES? KITHKIt ONK O oi b? lanuuauta taught ?n a r) short ttme, by a nrulo* ?' r. wh?> b? * Iwd aome axperiem ?? in fiHiing. Private leaann* ai ibe ptiplPa rcekiem-i . T? rniM mod. raa-. \ddi??**? or caU on II PlhRRA Jackson flute I 341 a. id 54$ ftprlng atruet. IIOOL WANTKD.? THK SUMS! RIHKK HAH TWO O boy*. !1 and IS j ram ol vUk ui he wlAea ?<> ptit a' ?'IM mtmhI ?mall fw Imk4, wh<*re 'hf > < an tx?ar 1 w itn the join i p.i|. Price do* to e*i e< | $!???? per annum ra< b. Addre-a K in cji'Ii'Ii. care ??! R. . k v? d, l'o-'ma ; >. i hf aduay Poaf offl s, b. Y., t< r MK' week. 1MIK FRI-NCH IN^Tni Ti: FOB Vol SO GFNTUQflTN, U*aroing and -lay aehooL Xn. 48 Ka^t Tarentjr f? urth rre?l. dlr?ct* d by Mr. F1JK ClIARIJKR ofParla (former ly H. Icugtiet ? achool), ? ill o pen on W?aueftday, .Sept. x2th. WRITING, nOOKKKi:PINO, X ? HRO\DW\Y ? IT I'OSTKR 4 DIXON'S n? ^ ? Ja? ?? <* are now form'njf. Ibore w ho w ifib elefiaitc' In penin?ii-blp, etpcrtn^** hi ari.ii mt i- and n n? v."frly krowUMsje of b?x>Wkeep'n?, *rr reaper t full? Invited lo rail ** a bote, and Jt?d??? for fh'iinwlVM ** to r^ifsul improveineot eH? - ted at ibe New Y ork A* huul oi SVntlii^ and Acetiunt*. MPDim\(i. Boat rack, for t?i?i.? a match rack, for $.?*> will eome olf on Thnrtday. l't, from II rb-m brid :<\ beiween lj?e <*? lH?ratert lar>ut a Jane and Otj?s?y. Itoat to atart fr*?m Harlem brldif. around In r>*un'B |N4ati>nny nrwl bac k. Tb?a will or- Ibe meat iticnaUfif rae" of the ae?<*oa, a* ? ?a? Rtudfi to teat the impoH ort'y cm Uiu buikiers. R<i va Ui alart bKw^en the boora **C 1 1 A. M. ^i?d 1 P. M. ri|| VlJ.KNOK.~THK FJUKJfns OF TIIF. YA< ffT BLCK " PeU ( liafleoge nn> b?ia?, no? ? \ ff Jini< 'I'. i>"t fj irn'br i m ! n*tb. ??? w*?l a matdU on the ^kaneaod' < l*k?, ftir |:a??y thr? e hundred dollar* a aide. The -al 1 ra? e in \ ? |o mil<(a Ut Wtlid\* ard and >???? V, aod to be a^Miipllahr ??! witblu ftve houra fr * m < lie time ot utai lintr The aakl i to er?rn<* #?ll dtirinr toe prnrni month. T*te Mine ivil N IS fe?*t lo i^naib. For furtber parti< ui?rM apply tu ?i. S HOSM Herniary <a toe ^kao?*a elea ? l l ? ? ' < ** ? ' ? - ' -i ' ? n > \ I y .. U K * ! ! i ? ? : I \ \\, W KTi I ll'?0 \P X-/ ply ai 111 Waier ?t.t up au!r?. pKOAIlA OF THF HRAflON ?AMPLKN DID RROATTA 1 k will *ak?- place on Friday, the l4fb of September, a? .1. M hi NLAP'e, HellfaU* leiry. - ' ? : ! F.?m rivr-r, lor jib ti rid main's ?U boata, Ironi Jh feet m brntch downv .ird^; to Mart rr*.rn Dnnlnp'-i d"? k, be* *<srm *h? hotu*a >4 M ?a A M. and 1 P M. . and wall around the buoy at TtVO#gf* ' P 'In* ?nd b??? k to piaer of Mariinsi Ail tnU i?t muet be> ? ??* ? ' < ? 1 ? ' > ? I bf a- follow-:? For the *inrlnj{ boa fWVi ; for th<* aeeoo l boat 1 in. f!5; for ihi' third boat In, fl9. Two minutea p<r fo ?t *1 [ w rd fof nlff^rene# <n length. Whlta th" ?atltn4 are Madfr way, there will be a rovirm rnmeb for nln^'een fe#-i Working bow' 4 Kn'raurr $2 earh ,.nd a pnrae of |3u a dJ be | I ftTen '< th'- wini'ing boa'. Mile h??n ?, l>na' three in flr**. . i ? -ALL Tin; i ilfllt K IIS D or DO . FOR -ale and <*ft -lock.? -Man^e Jtnln eu? ? id fl?-a efur nln it/ir, , inialilbly curina all aorea and dtaeaaia of the akin, deatlox mid den dt'Mrori'on to fleaa and biga on doga, Ac. rrti*e flOc. MS i V?*aler atreet, rornar of Fulton. V^POHTINO. -PERSONS WI>IIIN0 TO Pi;R? HASF RRD m ?eiti?r piinpiea o< the pur-^at andLl***^ breed, e<?o be aup tilled byappl>in^ to Me < -? r . Oibnoti A Former, H rd Ilottao >ork, tora of lOTiih atj^-et, Ilarb-m. Tlie aire and dam were loth imported fiatn Irelaad. ?n<l etery atlonUrJO baa be?*a l?ald to keep the brec 4 poee. ripTGRitAT ma Til i ~irv ? ~i : "m. r \\ vv. x~~th C< i.i.f hrtMed beau MM ISA JAVF. and fJirsKT TI 0.1m t^at RDMOND ORIFFIN m\ u "mpany 'br abetre a rwl leare aa fo! low a:? Frxa ol < edar atr el, North rWer. o '< In* k A Mt: Hr< om<* airrut, flaat rir^r,J>o' k.-k A M , D in 1 apS o< 1 . , ?*. v !i mi-pm, r?v??* '? , iui \ \\ , I R?*d ffotia** do?k, lfXVh ?.iree'. Ka/* rtfcr, H? ??'ai*? k A. M I The *sran,boa? m fit leave llariero l?rid*r wh n ttf boai? ??af t for t l?e rate R rfft rfippnt ? 1 fr 1 f<1 on b ai '1 Fko rei f< -it ! oiiwon i n r <wn ! \ir ,.VTr,,-A MiAU. itai.u v nsKrooon hi ir ? 1 '* 1 ? ' " v ?.'?'< 'i n.-1u> ( . 4-4 j tjro- J i? V 11-. . < n BOARDING AHD ?HNHRO. 7 f'f) HKOAPWAY-TO f.KT, Fl BKIHHKIY APART I v)^ iiiarw. wl'hall Uie modern Improvim-nla, >otenU< men, ur to a family without children, wild ctchiatv^TW of ktirlirn. Ilwrr la tf tur<i> waiter, large bathroom. an almudaaee of elore i-onoi for coal and wood; the itiruliare l? new, and Ihu bou. ? li.m undergone thorough ri (>air?. ' 7 f-O BROADWAY? TO LKT ? 11 A N 1 itiott l-,'l?Y KUlt ti tjj ni.-lKMl rooini, to lanulu' ? or alnale Kenllftaen. The I botiae la #r?t claw-, omialna ull Uie iiioJ'Tn improvement*. Pn | vale table if desired. AND 624 HHOADWAY, UKTWKKN IlOL'dTO.V Uaiij and Man kei atreci,i.? Kin t i la^ accommodation lor iruilrmt u and fuuuUr* without i tuldrrii. QQO KOUttTli AVKM/K-A PRIYATK KAMII.Y 00,^ would accommodate & t'entlcwHii and hU wlf<\ or two r>'ii(li men, where lln ocmiluiu ol a limine cnn i>e en Joyed, nouoc pleaaatit and of eaay W9?m. Apply a* above. f)fiA UCOOND AVKMK, NRAIt TIHRTRKNTI1 " X Hreel ? fSrii iairien roc obf in a chotcft ill' handiMNue I) funii-l? d ruiinn, miiIi lull or p nUai li<?ird, II <t>-*lr?d, in u liouw liavliif f ifty model n convriiiuncu an.1 u rery de-irible locution. _ j lCltt WIRT 8IXTKKNTII 8Tl:KKT ?l'l.i:A>Af.T ROOMS 1?7?7 lo lei, furnlahe.1 or unfiirnlKbcd, with lull or partial board, ?uliiiljli1 lor ger.ileinm and ibrr wive* or ainqli* geu mm. A pieataut l"cai,ou, ol ran* arceni by car- and (.a? and lath. Hel'rituce> < xiluihged. 1 7/J 1III?<>N 8TRKKT. -DK81 R A.BLK ROOMS FOR 111) Jiartu ? ol uciitlenien or lamlllcH, i .in !?? oliltiuedat liw* nbo\? place. 'I rnnMi-nl hoar dura ran Imil gooJ arounimo daiiona l>> ihr da. or week, limine Willi modern improve rut in*, bt ar Si. JolinV park. Uefereure <??' banned 1 A 1WM.FTH KTRKFT, NKAR SKt'ONl* AVKWUF..? I I'J lit oiii- on ilit tri'oDd ami lurJ Doom, wlib iKiird, two until" gentlemen and a grmliinian and w Ife ran be aeeotninn dated, or n party ol geuilemeii, an no other boarder will be bikrn, or one lame family. KurnUhed oi nnfurulabed; board rMHMMli Mr NINTH STB KET ?81' ITS OK II A N DSOMKLY ? / fiiniu-l*<l room* to li I to lamillea, with private table. lloUM klrlc'lj lir>.t nla*a, and lOiiivmrntly located lie are :a lirtatlna) ..n.t Fourth avenue. m NINTH PTRKKT, HURl) DOOR KA8T OK ItUOAI) wny, ,1 suit of hand ;iini?? furni?lie<l roonn, and Mingle rocmiH, with breakfast, if required; aIko No. t> Oolh ^e place. lOl KI.KKCRKIt STRKF.T, THRKK BLOCKS WKSf OP J t liroftilway.? Kuoiiim can be bad in null*, or Hingl'*, tr in or fn*rrn.inrr?i, with board, ?n inod^rntf' |>rl< in the ttbovi* (lr^t da*- houi-e, with ull the modern Irnpron'm^nw. llatlm, g ??, Ar. 11QWKST TWENTY HKi 'OND HTBBKT.-A VBKV DK J. 1 e/ Mirabfi* nutt of roomM, coinprteiDX tho whole ol'ihe Me<on?l lloor, and rootling oi two lat^f roonitt, two b?'rlroom^, with pHUtrifH, suitable tor a K''"tleman uod hi* family, or two gun eh mm i. an i tbtlr wlrn; ilap rooms iwitnilMBuo. mawitf STHKKl, MTWAU miOAOWAY AND L'ulveralt/ plaeo.? A suUo of haodioiQely furob^MMl UMiins, flrxt lloo' , front parlor, and two I ?rqe bodr<N>tiH attach ed, with priVH?? <>r will i>? let toaingle ge&Ueuieu, wllb or witiiout board. Terms niodcrale. Ifir WEST FOrRTF.KJ^Tri 8TKEET.? FURNISHED J U? ) rooinn for aelect laiullle^ and Hingle ?cull?ui n. Kele rence exchariK*'d. QK GRAND STRKF.T TWO RT f WF..<T OF AND OtJ ne?r llroadwav- llandsorm Jv I'nruiKhed parlorn o let. on the first floor, Willi yan, l<? Kcntlemefi or gi'titioman ant lady; breaktaar wr%'ed In room if desired; family Hinjll and quiet; the romiorUi of a home can be rculi/ d. QA EAST llHOAl)WA y.? V I'l.KAHANT FRONT PAR O"/ h?r, with or without /?>drootn adjoining, to let, fund4icd or tinturnialied. wiUj tiOiu'fl VI w iiuzh uv ?ntlcmen can ah?o be DeeomiiKHlated. ljoust- con ait)^ batfi, A<*. rr(\ FRANKI.IN STRK^T.? SUIT8 OF ROOM*. NK\TLY 4 VI tuinifla d, witi? b?*dro?nnM aU.irh?*d. on th?* ftrfi h u l ?.? cond floors. GoodUx atlon for a phj Irian. Breaktast Merged if required. Also, nin^le and double roomi io K^n'h-rnen for lodfcinj;*. CleunUtWKi > observed, l&quire as above, flrnt house west ot HioH?.^ny. /*n COURT fcTRKET, C'OKNF.K OF r.CH KRMKRIMtlN, l)f/ ltnx'kl>n. ? IJeul amen and their wiven, or smith* tf?n tlernt n, can find ver> oh asant rooms, with or uiihoui bed rooms attac bed, iu a tirst class house, with mil or partial loard. References exchanged. rx(\ EAST FIFTEENTH 8TKKKT, HETWEEN IKVlN'G ? I"" place and Fourth avenue, a desirable stift of rooru 4, to lot, in a first < ia?- house, delit<hlfiilJy locat?<l near Union Bfjiinre, convenient to business by cars and stages. 07 NINTH HTRFJrr? HANDSOMELY FITRNIHIIKD f) I rooms, snltablo l.?r ?enth men or "gentlemen an l ibuir wives, w iil be let wiUi honnl, In '.he first class Uouhc .'ii" Nlu'h street, near Flfih avenue. Oft amity pi atk ? a sn ror farlors on the U lirbi lloor, eleK*<mIy lurnished. with u third st ?ry front r???m?, enniainin^ ras and ''rofon water, to let lotf'Mh^r or ?? *j> 1 ra'rly, to a partv of ^enUemen, with ci wnhotit partial boar 1. O/r CHKKNE STREET? A GENTLEMAN AMD W1VK, jU* f ?>r two single n? n'i? men, can l>e seeominodat*Ml wi'h a n. and full 01 pariiai board. Hot ? exchanged. m on third iloor, with pnr lal board, to a pleasant iwvUxt, beuven EiW,:h and Mnth avenues, not above Twen u: u slreel; or a grntltrnan and his wife takenut pf?r v\ ?- U, in Hd\an?e. Addn^s A. ii. C., I nlou ?muare l'o-?i ollii e, lor two v>e< Ks. A FIMVATI; FAMILY IN RROOKLYN WOULD LET J\. to hint;!,: gentlemen, of quiet hahiis, two line unfui nlaiied rooms, on tldrJ f.oor, with llr? j>l?< e? and ?hh, within U;n mi nines* walk ol any ot thft ferries; f2 per week tor each. Il??t 0! reb'iem cs re<juir? d. Apply ul 'Jr in au street, u. WIDOW LADY. HAVING \ HANDSOME FLTKNISII ed Louse, dow n town, west ul Hroadway, would lik'1 A A GEaMTJMAN AND WIFE, OR TWO SI NO I, K 0 X S tlemen, can be accommodated with board and han<lsoniely turntsluHl ro<iins. In a vriva^i family, occupying a ftrnt <u * boose, In the nei^hhorhwst^r Fotkrte?mtli street an 1 l alon squaie. Address A. IS. C., Herald office. A LADY HAS TAKEN A HOUflE. AND WILL AtJI'D^ modal*' a few ireu* lemon with furui*Ucd room*. Tltose d< slnitis of (he comfor's of a hoin e and a ph'afant locstion, will do vi< II to apply ifninedlai?*lv. a' No. ;t Hubert street . near Ht. John's park. Kcterrnce* exchanged. AI'LEaHANT ROOM AND BEDROOM FOR A GEN ilenian and wife, or lor gen Heroin. In a beautiful an I con venlcnt h^sUon ^ \ aihs and ca*: private family. Apply a* 67 Vvrry street, between Ble? cker and Fourth streets. A FEW ELEGANTLY FURXIHflED ROOMS. 8LfITA RLE for families arid si ujrle gentlemen, to let with board. In tlie brown stoiie bouse iu Vrs?t Taentv seeond street, u?t-?r Fifth avenue. The 1 se Is delightfully situated, near the Lir-liionahle square*, .nd oouvcnleot lo railroads and omni bus-en. References required. A FINE SUIT OF FURNISHED ROOMS. WITH Ci\* bath, Ac., U> let. v- ith beard, to one or two tf?*nieel fami lies, In the rommodlotH and hnely located bo>i?9 .Vi Ea?t Sif t* enth Htreet, near irvmg place, lle^' references g?^en and ? equircd. A CO I I'LK <H KINJLK OKNTLKMKN. OR A OKN'TLK t 2\l man and wife, ran be ????? ommodated uitb board hi a prl \ate family, in a Ii?um nli nil th?* tit'idMH tmprovpicni*. *tirb | ft bath. A? Kelt ren?v* ? u*tuuilted. Inquire at 12t We*t Tw *i? round between Slffh and llrren'h ivcoukn VfTRSISHKD KOuM AND BKDROOM TO LKl\ TO A gentleman him! v%lfe. or <? slngla lady. Apply ?t tfji el*th ? v* nuc, near of Thirty *l*lh atrvet. \OFNTi KMA.V AM) V1IH W1KK. OB A fN'll.i: OKN . fk limn, be aeeowmodated wlih n room an t board. at I hi.'. 11 ud - on ?ti rcl. opposite St. Joint ? park. \ WIDOW L.V0T or KKKtltCTAUILITf.DCl lJKVIKO ilmrif fDf bonne iii llriH'k])n. desire- i?? rcceltre '.wo ur I three grntl men lino her famtlv as partial hujrl>rn, wha^* ii?? y tun little nk*ly furnished loom* lighted wlh k?*. the ft a for ts of it hofiir. Mini a well table The Tio'i*? la vishin h lew ? of Kulton and W.?ll lerrie*. Pl?t*e r.tii a' til U*nn ilinl, corner of Orange. AIMUVaTF, KSMII.Y IN JF.ftSKY CITY, H%VfN<l 0.4 re r? ?n il an they require, would let * p trior on rood ; ?*, ni'li two bedr*/otne < omm niieatlri*{. anrabhf for two or ihrw ?t;tj<le Ken* l<* men; would like to ?u < ommodale *u< h with firr i ii Y*fmr?l. Ii-rm* moderate. Rffi'Mnr#* rwinlrel. Apply i<t iii Jersey avenue, or addres*, J. lh t*Ui one 4 GK.NTLKMAN AND LAI>Y WANT. IV A OOOl) LO jA. (j*'K>n, m or be -low Iloitwton atr?*? I, I'm uWn d or not. iwo or three r< < it- with privilege of kiicben, or two room* and fnli i mini, Iie*t of reference given and required. Addrea* J *m< . box 1,391 I'oat oll?ce. \DKSIftABLK bKi <>M? STORY KMONT ROOM WITH i <Mtid, tor ? jrenOuian and ou wue; a bedi *>ui aHicbed it i e iitiieu. mi .\i ijHiiu-i Mree?. BOARD? OKNTI.KMKN' AMI W^VKS or SINOI,lv jrentlemcn w tshlii* to seenre board for th* win'* i Ins f rat At** private boo ean apply st X0 TbMRpKiN itrMit, I ocatkm i??.u Wa?htiift'rii af|iiar*>; a? ' r^aiiili* i>y two roulej. Dfamer at 0 o'clock. Reft-i ro< ea ecltanged. BOARfV-A FAMILY nwiso MORE RcK>M THAN r*?fi'-??re?l would dieno se of a room on fh* flor?r I iIdo otif on iIh third. The boo** bai ?ll th?* mode: n Irnpro*" m' lili* bnt?L ga*, J|r. Re?eret?re? gir*m and r?* j'ili"? d Apply i it M We?4 Iwentj #^ren?b airfi, neai Hltih arenue. BOA I'D ? I N NINTH HTRKKT, hKTWKKN FIKTII AND ?-ix'U avenue*, in * private family; two a??1*w of room?, fur rji?he?l <# unfnmtabad; private tali if* or not. To pariMw of the flrnt rf*pcr(^bllify term* will be reaaonable. Ad lrew. with name u&d cumber, H. W., Atlor place I''?at olll'- ?*. Board? a <?kntu:ma\ ov hmall famim, own lr>? ? lnr?? ? bow** than \m require*, would aft omm>>ta** a gentleman with room*, and brr^k/aai arid ?? a; Oration In tbo? v * rural part of HrtK.klyn, within fifteen rotnntea' walk from t-t tub and Wail street tftne-. Addrea* K A. C'.? Courier and Kn<|uirer offlet. Board-in hrookli'.n -klboant RfMistn with b?>ard. eoritenlenf to Wall street sr.d Honfh frrrle*. for ?Initle Kenilemeii or acntlem^n with their wir#'*, ran b*- o*> lalne*! mi 54 liardcn atreet. wotid house from Stale street, re lervneea ri Lan^rd, BOARD.-Ft RHIHIIKD RO<>Ms To RKNT. Ht*ITlBI?K for fsm lie* of alnfl'* ^eritl#?men. with fill r partial Iwjar ). *Ih#' hot!?e \j? pl< a-antiv P-^ai^d OT'-rJooklnif the r?ark R fer ei.??s ev Ii,ti.??d AppJ> at >o. '?? t moe plar.e, neai Ka.?t Ktftaentb street. HOARD? IN A PRIVATE P^MIIX WITH VI HV I'LCA , wint and airy ro^?nftatean V?e had on *t p'.Wa ion v J 'J** Wea* Twanly ferenih n'reet, a f? w d <x?r? waat <?t Kuhth se**nti" Htm?* rontalns the modern impfoieiitem Coo?*eQlent to r*r? j and stag*^ - tifUog^d Boa rd? a m rrr. rooms to i#Kt to a okntlk man and wite or two or thr?*e ste^ie n ^ with full or partial I nmrt Al?o ?trisle ro- m ? and a basement, ??il^aMe f"r a pli)/U lan. In a first ciaas bkum, wiM Bit th?? ritistern trn r?ro% t-m^n**. R? r**retM-es exrhu At'f?lf at 7^ W r.t Twenty thud **reet Board- 4 ukntuwan and lady can rk At if* m<*t? ed afth a n?li fnn iabed num in Kour'h slre-t ?lie Wa?l, (ftan I* iad* (,rof ?d Board fot ih- iaily ouh Ad 'Ireai t Vi l$r'i?idway Pom BOAK&.-PLKASANT RfS>MS TO LKT WITH I?/>ARI>, at l|f We?* f#e%m?r^ni^ wire#- , t y-?r s-v< n?h arami** aro fkawiae |>ieasartt r t#*u? m ?t h boaH. ?t | v, Kt|lik aevtttt# n< a r Ml'retUk ??rae*. M?-o*rrrt'e *tve? and re BOABD-KKATLY rctXfUHKD RfKiVS, WHH board, ran bt h?d hj ^pi .2>?n?? at *i Wasl fwenty at h street, a lew door* i.-au> 6ih a?m<i . rite w- fir <4 cl?*?, the a K?n pU- >an? snd terms moderate Bo4!-'*- Mv;|,K ORNTI.KMPN wn f ? fan .o ,,. a "foow4atl(?o. at air^s it, asar talker rt ?i. ' m?- <t?atoi/? euhir?#r "l^an airy m?#i/,?. v i- ?f?,ti rail i?lofte or d<**i#i? '#e< 1# a ?fna< e/tn ^ g'ei^^isien 1 aftr * atief??te? to th# toast'** 4 a^4*r? 1?. { V* ?. -rt' ms*' '** aw>.' BQAK" CP TOWN -A OOirri.H OK aKffTI.KMEM wdB Un'ir witph, ?p two or Uirw Mingle g?*aU*m*u, c?n be accommodated with board in a iiriviif family, In wlilcb fbrrf Wf DO o(b*f iMiirdarii IV h*?im? t* new; coa'tini 'ill U?r BiOd?'fu Uuprrvrm.-iii*. hicI i* ronvciii>nii to ear* ?o4

riiigee. Apply ai No. ltr> We?t Thiry -eighth atrcut. ootwecxi tfevrnlh Mw Klpll lygQUfn lteirrutue* exchanged B0AB1> I'P TOWN ?A CHMJPLK OK OKNTLFMEN. with their Wfvee, or t* oor three aintfle geirttemcn, i an In* a<< olnmodjiletl %v|t|i boaid inaprhalc family, where there art* no other bun-Arm. The ho?i?f f* t? .w, eotraln* ill th? modem improvement, and u convenient to care an i augea Apply m Nft WM Thirty eighth utrent, between Se\"utL aud fci^tvh avenue* Keler*?jice? eichaniged BOARD DOWN TOWN.? OSNTLFMKN AND THKlR wtvc ??, uU> single gentlemen, e in obtain k<m*1 b hi I an i verjr ounjlortahie apartment*. by applying **< N>; -4 Broadway, Ui?* loigc white iiouae oppo'He Bowling green Turn- n* boarder* taken Board in fTMOH square . rooms in mi mm ok Kindle, lurnielicd or unfurni* *hed. admirably adapt *i t>r In mil le? or aingle gentlemen, at ft Union square, we*f side, first bOiUC above Fifteenth street. Board at no h. state tfTBKET? FINE rooms on tneaccond floor, in nil* or separately, for gentlemen ,ai><l their wives t a xingJe gentlemen. References exuhuued. BOA UP AT 2ft MNTII 8TKKKT? PIBTK VUIiNIHIIKD loom in suit* and Mingle, u tfli or without boar I Kir? elaM house man iyf urmshed, and modern improvement* The w l.ok of the ?econd Moor may now be had Board, OB munimikd BOOMS, ON THE KURo pean plan ? Rc*>pce table psrfiea, not within# He* curei of bou*ekcep<njr, mill lind hum* ??t lutndaomely furulahcd nmiua, w ith \\ e <>f Mtchen: a rook and other necV*.*<try attendance will he supplied, raiilc ran provide their own table, an I ho a* retired aa in th* ir oh n hou?e, without the ear 4 oi borne keeping. Apply at 2M Fourth avenue. References required Board in urooklyn-a okntlkman and lady and *ing|<^cutlcmen, can be accommodated with large tocasint rootii^lfcmbdled or unfurnished, with litll 01 pnriiai board. In a bona* having all the n ? lora improvemcnta, arid In a moat desirable location, within five minutes* walk of tlt?? ->0 ith or Wall street t< rrica. Ituiuraoce required. In iuir<* at -H Ileory street, corner of Congre.^M, Hrookf; ti. Board iv Brooklyn.? aw unfurnished par h/T and bo?lr'Kj(ii will be let to a qeut.'pinafi and wne, aiao a room for a ain^le ^entlcuian; lo atlon pbM-aut, 111 d eonv?* nkent to South and Wall street Jerries. Inquire at 47 (Jon ,'i eaa ?treci^flrst hutisi; next to Henry. Board in hrooklyn, m pinkavplr strkkt? ain *le or auita, admirably adapted for a^?- family, three J furnished room-. ( onaeded, on s?< ond a'ory, near Wall and I KWtop ferries. Reference* exchaimed. BOARD IN BROOKLYN ? UNPURNISIIKD ROOMS OV ftrat and at t octd ftoora. for two gentleman aud wlvea; a^o, | ftimiahed aln^lc 1 <Mmia for I wo or three ^etiilemeu. ** ith h.nrd, . In a amaH family, at 7H WUioughby street. Location pie* uit i and fertu* reasonable. BOASO I If HROOKLYK.? A WIDOW I.ADT, HATIN'i a houKo pb'aMtitly ha-aUd. with the tund'on Imom.e. I incnia, Mould like to diapoae ot u b ttid^tur >utt oi rooioa to .1 | i/fritlrman and wife, or (wo Rontlemi n, with board; ffferetieee c xdiatiK? d. Apj*l> at lii) |?awrenc< atroeu Board in Brooklyn.? to ubt, two labor roonta, fi intalicd or not with cloa^ta Th<* hott-e N fur iieiiCd v.lih gra, imfi Ui?- sun d >n oil" of th ? litieat in Hro<?klvn; j alftooni hall 100m, -litable lor a Hiu^b' c* nth'inio. Applv .it bh Ohiitou atreot, bciwcu Wall .<nd Aibiu<u a'reot ferrfca. 1>OA1iD T\ BROOKLYN.? A OKNTLKMAN AND W1PF, J er two or th. e?? ?ln^le nentJeinen, cat) he j?lea- au'lv a< (MmrtMlated v?ilv room^. i?y applying at t'ueever place. Rath and gaa. Reference required. Board in Brooklyn. ? kinolk ukntlkmkn, or gentlemen and their aiv? ?, ran be aiTomnn>.l??^ d with full or partial board. Reference given aud required, fail or addrcMN 4?i Concord Mrcet. Board in Brooklyn, near tiik hoitm and Wall itroet ferrlea - -glngle grnib'tnen dealrouaof obuiin ing partial board on moderate tertna, In 11 genteel location, -an be in rornmodated with pleaaant rtiouia, < ?mtalnlng clo*e'?. Ac ., at 91 State street; I'reot h and Kugl >h spokeu. ]>OARP IN gOVTH BBOOKLYK.? \ < > KHTl KM ft N!? J li - wile or two or three pin file gentlenivn. em obialn plea ^iit 1 raniH, with full or partial board, a 2.' 2 liick? etre.?*t, h tween the Wall i>freel and South ferriea The houae hit* .1 1 ! lie modern Improvementa. Reference* cn lnn?jed TIOARD ON BROOKLYN IIEIOHTH -PLEASANT FUR J# Hi-led or unt'uruii*hed room^ to lef 1 1 li fit 1 1 or i>a lal 1 ctard, lor gentlemen and their wive* or tdngle gen'tefn^n. I'aib and vaa fu the h* n- . whb'h (otniuand a flue \i?u\ of i.':e bay. Inquiieat No. II Poplar ?tr?- t. three door* from I'olum bta, wl'Utu three inuiuu-K* walk ol Fulton uud V?.*U i-t 1 rie*. Board in iiobokkn^furnisiikd^ 'booms t>? lkt. wllU board, at No. 4 HieKou place InquUt ol t i?. MODDAKD, 40 Cortland t ?u-eet, Near York. Board, at im'rloatk? a party. DEsiRors m ?peu'iing thr tali In the toun'ry, may out.iin board. vtUi la 1 a< airy loom , u' a private lenidenee, d lt<ii fui.v be i**d on U.e rivi r. Iia\in4 eiten-ove grou;?>ia, i?a'h hon-? , A Excellent fbdilng at>d boating, t'arrl t|e aud Htabl<- room may le bad. Aeee. m to the eit> every It v ?? inluute* by r> . id Thud ami l <?ur h awnu ? cars. Adii ^ Au uiua ' .v ? ^ t qua re 1 0*1 offer Board WAlfTRD? BY A OK* 1 1. KM AN AID WIFR in a e funnl;., where there are but lea or n>? o-i, r boarder*. In the nel^hhorhrMal of T?*nth etn^'t and Siti'i ur nuc. Termi tiol lo <vc <i pet week Add; 11 !?>? lb r.tTd 1 litre. 1 BOARD WANTED? IN A MUTATE PAMILT (47ATH ) > li? ?* pre.'ered) bjr a **uung man, will pay fo u- t w* ? f<M breakJ't"< and ca in a f??ni?e with ne*d??ru lm;?rov. m if 1 e tween lib erker and Tenth street* . t?r r Stkth avcuua. Ite ei.' ?? (^IcbaiiK't 1. A l ire- < ;? no ? :o llcm-'ead, lb*. .?M olli e rtafiug location of room. Ac Board wantbd? ik a pbiyatr kxmi'. y by a gen ? man, wife, and iwo - )utni<*n, <.i t? ???<*'?* ^ ? i- . and fourteen, in roma p 1 ant lo tion. In thia ? itv or Hro \svn. Tv^o fttnib brut room* will be required* ona o> Utvt'n iirgf . )'et>otif? rcpiytng will pleas-' itate term^. mrludtng j, 1 - an*l I re. which iiiu*i be moderate. Addles i.awr? n*?, il 'r.iM Ofl?< e. Board wanti'd- by \""oKvrio:M \n win: i'iiild (three year* oid.) and erv?ai. from or t?et?re or, ,.*i j foi U^e winter, between Klgb'h and Tven , thi.d 1 ???a in I Fourth and Mveoth aventieM, one larne room, or two 4titaliar ccnnccdng. furol h' ?1, with plaee for ?or*u,i' Addt< d? *rrtbir>4 ai'uatioo, r^san* and lerm.c A. W. D., boi 1.^)1 l'?>?i oflir e. Reference* en hanged. B OAKH WAMKD-llY ASINHM-: i.KM.TKMW IV priiaif family of ht*b r*' ipee 'abillt > . wb*r?? !l?<-re .ire * * *' ~ * fur * no other boarder*; l*x atiou not Ur up (own, refereo changed. Add <??? P. V , Herald Board wantkiw for a widow lady < hiu> wu nun#, wbeii* the unrw cun work lor 'be family tiMif -?i Uie day, ,i ?* h recoinfienae lor ber o wo ! ourd. Addrea* a no'e to MrV Ilarri/*, 92 Hlintoo atreet. Boa it n wamkd by a mk< hank in a okntkhi, prlvaJe farnllv, *h?rf th? rr are no gentlemen t?MiMrr?, *1 60 *ouid he j??id for lb* aasite, ui a*i%*nnce, U rejUlrl / y one buvtntf a ouall room lo ?par? ran n?d a *?ei If r?< ?rdof, by a4dre?*injz Mi lludgtu*. Jirottdv.-iy l'o<*? Ofll ? / I Ion# family prrV i red. BOARD WANTKD-HY \ UKMJ.KMAN AND Ills wife, %her** <> mmual' at km ia t*>y ?>? *U * everjr <liy Referent ?*% el? htititffd. Addrca* L. A. H,, lln ?!4 itli'- ? BOA HI* W \MKI' ~.S M. KM HKI? J' \lll.o \M? be?l: ??? n?. by a k> n iriiftrt and .?<!> v>\ b i for '!??? l*?dy only, In a i and (donaant lot aJifjrJKrbere r .#r-* no oth*r boarder*. jUMmi. at?tini( UVW atfed MWMNRMNMBt H W M II , Poat oOkv*. BOAXD WANTK|.-|(?H A UEM TLKM AN AM? I. M?i l?i Hu*okl; it iif?r *b?' terrir*. ro*#m lid bedroom f irui- i?d, |? ? a?*rt|y aitiia>d, vtheie fe* o no boarder a are ?ftkeii fern?? dhi?i be moderate. Hoard from September I"tf?. p"rman? ;it mr tii* wtn'er. Addre^ BUhnften llenld on*'*, ?' itm# term*. BOA HI* WAMKIl-IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, HV A RrntiCIM'i and Wife. ehU4ren and aervaut. T w ? l? ire rotim* will l>?* n^iilrwl, mImi room fur ^erran' A h*'?nJr * Ubln^ lo reduce iliaftr etp< naea will find thia a eery u. ?u ahl* opportoijli.. . Tin- moat MaUafacW?ry referen e given sal e* petted. Addrene M V If., Im>? Pft-f offl '? Board wantfd with a v rvrri{NHHKi> room !?>'?? K* u(i$-iiutti, Mite Mi?d fbllil. (11 iiUiUlltM ?? >1 hi n pr, Vtt'e imi.iJy. h 'wceii KrinkJ.ii ?fid K< fi? h *'reeu; i* rm* ni'i *C be verj mitUert'e Afb1r?**? U. If I. ltn>??lw?y ?tatiiig i* tin* nnd io< aiton UOARO WANTl Ii IN ISRfHlKLY> ~ A HM ALL itfKlM and J** / M* i lio??ril hy * jro?i in. n^u'inftmn Refer ?me vlrfu near Ku.tou lerry. Ai lrea- ?# I , A , but ? lA N*-wr ^ /rk Po>l OfA'-e BOABI'INfi? A OKNTI.KMAN AM? WIJ K. OR fWO ^M?*.e k< ni?ro?-u <-.*u b*- ?<? -fouiol r 1 v.? !i ? iitWMu' (roni rwiii on >he M c?,n1 flooi , lurnl?f 1 <-r mlamliUvl, e good ??!*?' ?iiel b?Nlro<?in( H r*- |inr?d. tfliwe i-x ion. for*" '?f al.'rue m?> be en^xyul .i i ? i -mil-Jr prl v; j,. ? ?i hi lleory i*ire?*t. BO,\ KIiINO ? A 0MAI.L ClRNTHBfj FAMILY WILJ. I.KT tlaeii o'lr" utr^nd ?'ory. tlnee r<#?in^ d< * |? wi?a i *? i r?onih, pao'ri#?, Null n? . k> tiei . farm-ned ??? ? rr?|/f*-iri>> inirty i* *itln^ so for 6r?i < l-<*? ?' #miO'/i4 iw nv none n?w*r n? e?l ftpplT. Innmre m 10 Xe,?oti ?i*?e l? <^k fr u* br. ftM v u?*(w? -t t.^u u i?re?'* "ItOARDIKO ? A PR VATK FAMILY WOI LT? LKT TO J> men, nrn?rr'? o.?n and ' .. , i U; r , , j ,,, f in?ttt i con i or room ?nd be'ti^i^i with j?<rtfal bowl. *? 4? KM li ilreH, oor biotl ftM^ve lji.<<n ujunfi1 i Jo (*<!v. ii> in, I FlfUi ftrer.-e. rwift |r#r !?.#?? J for ? ?f ??r ?'????. Boai dino? a privatj: famu.) will rkst, ?* ifli I ?. a !??%% fori. -*? d or u;i: . n , I r<**v* . . it I i ilie n ' 'lern trn^-fOf em^n'*. Ret< r<-rv*m Apply at 1 ? u Went Tnenij tottd ftjree be^e? . .1 ht^nm ?v? nu?*? BOARWKO - A LAROF If AM'MIMI T.Y H RMMini row. mo-abie lor ? Kcaikranno tiki bi> *%?!??, or ?wo o*i ^ . ii?irr;.ei? . al?0. too ?ni*Jl roovfto. In ? new K . n" *? ?'? ?ft h li,". rrn imi'fOi JUp Othitl |w* { de i I A; -I ? ftl : 2 Mii'h ?'i ?*??? BOA Kf)INO? -I LHRS^HKOoR CNFI KVIMff. OH iOMi* Mi.iftt fc#r a fen'teoimi and bU ?? '.'ft. ui.d ? *? )<>r )>if?>flft gftfiHttufn, wnb Loard. m* ? - ^ ? IT * ?'?'I 175 fliidfton ?free near #* John'* j>?ri. BoaR!?IN( ? APAKTMFATH. < 0!< VF.KIKMT POR FA or tingl* g*ntU men. in <? tir* j?rlv#o ? %i 4 o# h#M?ft# * Urftf offi"*, mi|iJ?Ki> lurtiUfi -l wr * j/ ? ? t un. central and |?b i*ar ' ? * ' o 1 ?#??? Jiom n/par'ft ?4 tf?e ?~ttv Aw?i* ?? V i A ?<*}ti?r* we** eld*. . lnt? do??r ? Jrooi iwok * ' r- ? * 1JOARl>INO ? TWO H? vjw- *r ^-l? m: ii / i - lo* -41. * hid ? > Id W?*'- - ?/ .i/ ?bh Ma ioo V* fan tfllen rn . . It- ? : BOARf?LS(l AT 99 Ml PorRTKEM SI ITXIST ? faiyihJ* ? don fer.'>ia?-Q V -r ! ?t iin winter ??tU f?>fl |e i -iu so ? fti?i mi f?r?r? -j? '?.fi f?* . r piftn! ' an. I ir^ ? * J ? PleaM *\>pir **r rm* *eea *! Ho rfi *A ??.' Ui* ti, #e f tn ai#d fc ii ? .ftf? .*>* BOAP.I?ltfO AT >4 VTARKKN eTRr*TT-A I*A H*l tr*m< * rft t/? Vi. wJ? o. d. |-?r*? ?f f*" ??*** ? bo -ke to nwm ?'?* r<l?r or a c <iiia#r??o ?*ed Ma *? a I lay toardrra /torr #4o** t atth ?a?r1 Pri'? ? n?d#ni?# TJOABI^M HO> THE CdURfTBY.HfT IB m<iH j J ,'t h? vteb ri h' ?' !#?? ? ; ^ ?#y. . ? t apt j A r*?a' rr??ny ? ? rvadf * o 1 n hr< t li,.*- a i ?-)* ?W' ? l*-/?# i " "'I ???^ I- *H ,, ???-. f ? -.4 I Li Uii* bi t *MI? iFJIIRAIU ? r ? H >v . N r * IT1* I* FPA r % T*.|. F 1 kFJIIRAHLf V I / . ' -a# I * h#4wa** f TftirUb a*/re* ?4 A ?Aor T||La4lAR7tY rt RKTallFU ROOli^ f ' r ' ?ftf*#eo Ii |t? rw ^ v ! f >ev or* - w < noAnniNft and iammhno. ? IIOAKI) IN BROOK IV. V? TO I.KT, WITH 1 I'?| iM lo?ri' l*n l.irvr avljutnta,, writ fur?t?S~l. *' ?W).? ?inflr run, v? iiii rn TV nPiutlim at If" If ?? *< mi I <*? ?i,t?ni to ih? W?l) iret* uUd houHi tMitd M. K , Hnraid Oflk*. Fit II Mr, IH 1 HOOM8 TO I.KT? Willi Oil WITHOUT board, la a fceiiv,. i,, ? p', t>nr, (lf ,|?. Uif nil o... II Oilrrii lni| iorrin<-nUi Aj.i.l> at lit Wnl Turgli tout ^trr< t, c<?riirr of Mrb a>i*nu?* liUi'MHHKD t NH'ltNHllKD fttOOM*? WITH I l .mr.l nwr be li?4 In lh?- InmirilUtv Tie tntl' .t *i Ju'iA'a I rk. *|>|)ly at No. 5 llui.rri mnfl. |^t'RNIMriKI> BOOM* TO I.KT? A I.U'CU ni'ivv I nmtn to w.vhJ Kitnr at fttprr w?.-k A attic r . m ??' SI JOpri we, It. lllilfW ii.t ie? ii , r.j iji, , I ]2H UMSIIICH OK ( Xri KMSUK.) ItOOWH TO I.KT? wttn or without board In the new )?. .?*-<? ftV) iVnr ! ?t ree?# a i 'W dpot 4 fr uii llr<>adwuy, containing the ino.l ?ri? imp iuu< tIlfUU?. TjM'U< r.tiAun-A fink, i.akok, muomd htkuv J front f-oofn will be rented to i*n i;enflemrn. with full l*nard. in a \ cry ple*n.tiwly Iw.uml hod**, In Ok- iinmr it iti* vb'lnliy of S( TUotnaa' church, uu i where all the eoiuforU of p pl? i?mt li>>m<* tniy reaM/??i Prior, Including ^ I t wjfek ea U Addina Mtcct Home Herald oM< VTO. rtST MAUK'H I'LAd ?A LAROK HKNIHMKI> II parlor on ttM'iii^l (loot . acui u pArlor an<l I. Imx*o it liotii f.oAlbciM ** - -? . NMrk-*|'! NO. II UNIVKKB1TY PLAPK.? ROOMS FOR KAMI I.IKS and ?? in^lt- ?t*nU?UUet), with full Ok partial laiaid ONK OR TWO 8INOLB OLM'l.KMKN t AN UK AOOOM mod a led with roaDiK and board in a fanbtofiAble livabiy hi Hrooklyn, ten minute ' Mn'k hum Wall atreet or mnitli/or rtea. Koii'i udc t* riMjuireil n'i?i givru. A<iiin'. ? Halwiruoo, to* 2,i"il I'ont ottv*. ]> A HTI A I. HO ARD POR OKN'TLKMICK, MAY III t?ll fiiifH'.l in i pr,rjH' Km; luit faiuilr, ivmkIiiu la n Uati Iwmiio , I otinc. v. if li tin hi i m imprtAiMirni*, In SitiUi lir<M?kiyii. wit liin mittuu H' Wfiik <?f Uio Houtli t-rry; to t< .m?l the Kulum tr/T} |miu? tin* iImu*. A'ldli<?? K. (#. II., l?oi l*o?t olllrc. lCHi rwit on ci imttgtHi. 1>KHM AN KNT liOAIMl, IT T(>\\ X-*FI'U.OK PARTIAL, i I < hii bf hiul for ? Im mil v of f??ur or fly* ?m* ttca iiH-ii ,-umI iti. ir \% iw-M. J l?n* no utlor f>?irt|^n?. ( IIoiim* vii'll fUrnlnhud with every com unit-nee. Apply at 21(1 ' \S ( ?t '1 Lil ly Ur?t AUroi, lor on* v v* k. P .KAMA NT rf'KVIHIIKI) (?H (TNPIJRN WIIBD ItOOMH , to In , wiUi boiirtl, for Ktuuicuicii aikI Uiair wivcn, or tan ' kIi* I'l'fitirn.oii, bAlh i?nd u.i* la tbo l?oa<*c lu|iilr?* At 908 I NliiiL i. ri o'. war > irM avcui d. PKfVATU HOARD IN A FRKNCII F \ MII.Y,- PIIOVT I hi ii r, ' ii i) "ml Door, W) w?*lj furi<l<*)i*Hj, to lt*i lo ?? j.' uij< in.-* i ?i ? 1 I oi.. , ?r to <i nentMiiAii onlf, with or wiUiou I mrU. Ajjply uiniralAtcl/ At UM liroumn ?trn*?. 1>l :l \ \TV. 1M)AII!>.? FOPR KINOLf? flKVTI.KMK V OA V Imvr tw'f UirKt* fiirni ???<1 r<Kiou on hi? oud i!'???r. two In ?*l^rli t< < u?, ? I h tnl: nj \>Artl.ii l?o*r<!. In a tn>>4( i?> ???Ttih|? prh at?* ixiuM) . wberr iii ey < uifniov permanently ti?e ??i?iu nrtu of home ,ui?i :? -(M-li'fy. rptuM ino^lrriiU'. A|?p!> At I . M ltru*?nn '*et daring Uttw week. TOfn NTI.FMKN TWO OR TIIRPK OKVTLttfKX DK i Htrini; com fort Able At'rorinniKlu'U'tiA with n priva'e iiuill) fan hare nr All) furnl?hed rooini And um oi ??, ?. ? ,iU. i*al i tUI l'iMi'?l tf rr-jutr^l Apply at 721 lloniton ?t ????t. 1IWO OKKTLKMKN, PRIKNDH. <'AX HK AProVMODA ted in a private fnmliy writli toll or p.irtlil t?o*r?l. llou?e w iili nifnji i ii itiptovctut-uu, loot lil?l?nrU<M*'l of H-ii av>imi? nod 22>l ^'ree?. I ri'ittentiorifiMc refi?r? nrr* ::lrrn nod r?i| illred. A'ltlrt'ei* J. !?., I'niou square PokI otli 'i*. p >-.t pal I. HVO IIANDKOMK PARLORS, WITH IIKDKOOMH AT iiA?*li?-cl? - will lo* l?*f to ningle Kfotl-rion, or U'liilciimti and | lioiv. v Ith er without partlnt r?n*nl, either firnUli" ! or unfnr n> In it, In a Uamlw?im? thrvi* ?tor> privAte l.ioue. Apply tAVl K??l 'I w i nty eighth nt,. tie if Lexington Avenue. llAlli, i?a?. Ae. rpiiKKP* <;knti.f.hf.n can uk m;<h?mmodatkd with I r? ry pleaniint fr??iit rfiom* In n *tr? 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