Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 12, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 12, 1855 Page 5
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AimnffilHTS BEJEWED KTEIT MY. TKWAKT8* HKGISTEK. OD rLO?? OF A IJOl'HE TO LET? COB.VEH OF thirteenth streetsind Fourth IVI IHIP; h,e' four rooms, twi pantries, Croton uud wa?te <?ll on the tame fl?M>r, with every corn tukivc tor a iamliy lo live comfortably. Kent reft j5?jwt to a Root\ tenant. Al*o a lar^? shop U t let. Apply to t. KftAi*!' as above. IV-.-fs.-ion iiumeJuiteiy. AIIOUSK a NO STORE TO LET. ? THE SPLENDID itore which has Immui occupied for the la*t Uve years' as a in tic y store, and douitf u .uod hualun.**. Location the beai. f Kent reasonable. IW>*m,;ou will be given immediately. In | 'tuire at l&U^a Bowery, between Brooms and Spring. ' A GOOD CHANCE TO MAKE MONEY.? TO LKT, AN I J-Il undertaker'# store, Htock of coflins, Ae.f for sale, situ- | at?d 218Nrveruh avenue, an excellent ataud, where there is ? no opposition. Thl.i chance ia worth looking after, as it u* u j sure arid safe mvewrmeut. ARARK CHANCE. ?TO LET. T1IK GROCERY AND fruit afcve, (MO Oram! street. The stock and ti&turca for sale. Brooklyn cut.? to lkt, a fink thruk story brick duelling house, No. 142 Court atreet, near Amity, live minuted walk from South ferry, city railroad pawting the Premises every five minutes to Fulton ferry <ua1 < I recti woo 1. Rent moderate to a genteel family; posac.^ioa given hnuiedi ateiy. Inquire on the premises. C10TTA0K l6 LET. ? A BKAUTIKUL COTTAGE HOUSE I uptown, iK ir Eighth uvcuun, In a gool neighborhood; house 1*0 stories ?nd basement, painted w .ill'', stoop in front and r ear, Huted pillars In Trout, a largo grapevine ia the yaril. Bent $200. Possession Immediately . Apply lu ?SMITU & WODKI.L, -144 Eighth avenue. Drug stoke down town? with long lkabe, lor sale or exchange tor re il estate. No uw to invest In a small store i n an obscure street, where total ivoelpU Is hardly mi Income. The old slaud, northeaat corner ofReaae and llnd mm Mtreeu, beside*. Ma lucrative rotall trade, can do >.W to #xl per d*y tn jobbing. Terms ol sale easy. FURNIrHKO APARTMENTS TO LET.? SEVERAL suits ol liumlMimi ly I m ulshed apartment*. wltjiga*, balh room, and alhli" mode rn Itnprovemoiits, al'lio Broadway, be tween Elglidi and Ninth streets. FUBNISHKO APABTMET8.? PART OK A HOUSE TO let in a df irahle location In Houlh Brooklyn, convenient MiMHiUlvktNlitcin paaatiM door. Tim accom modations const! t ol back parlor and e?t"U*loa room, and three or four benrootiiK, together or separate, with or without partial board. Apply ul 221 Court street, Uronklyu. HOUSE TO LET AND FURNITURE FOlt HAT. K.? TO let, i. ear Kllili orenite, above Madison s<|iiaro, an i)l''L,Mnt bro* n alont" tionte ?tth all modern improvementH; rent tl ,i>00. Tbe furniture now in the bouse, new and Mylwli, will be Hold at a low and very reduced price. Possaiwloii at once. K. B. K INSH1MKR, ;tl!> KourtU avenu.:, :l to 7, 8 to 10. Houses to lkt, at b educed bknts-a bbown alone basemeiu bouse on K? t l.'tth at., MM; a lliree story brick house on Irving place, JKW; on" on 2SUi at, iS'JOO; a nice new bouse on 3Mh si., near 7"i av., SHO; twro nice tnree story brick bou-es on 4Mb at., $400 aud $500; onn on ltilli st., fjivt: and a number ot Inriilsbed honncs. R U. KINrilllMHK, .119 4th ar. , from 8 i o 10 and from 3 to ". Houston strect-bboadway.? to i. kt, tiik large dwelling house No. ftS.) Houston street, north west corner ot Oroaby. Contains 1H or 3) rooms, and haj range, hath, sa-, Ac. Aim, the apacUm> dwellinx No. tWH Broadway, suitable for buslnei-s purposes. Apply to JAMES PRICE, JU0 Hudson street. PABT OP A HOUSE TO LET.- V GENTLEMAN OK mull I'timily, owning a larger housn liianbe can oeeupjr, would let pari ot it lo a gentleman and lady \fltli no child ? ri ; locatlou in die central and pioanaui part of Brooklyn, Within iifteen minute^' walk ot Soulli and Wall stre.'t lorries. Address C., Herald efllcr. PABT OK A HOUSE TO LET? PLEASANTLY LO caied; No. 31 Wai-blngtoii icrraoe; threo minutes' walli liom ferry. Gas aud bath. Booms and okkices to rent, in appleton'9 Building, corner of Broadway and Leonard mjooi.? One large front room, one small room lor an oOi'M, one lar^e room 60x20, aecond tlvor; two rooms on thu l'o ir'b tloor; an artist's room on the 6th lloor. Apply to D. APPLETON A CO. EOOMS AND OKKICE3, CORNER OF CANAL AND HUD son -Irccis. ? 'I o let. or lease, several line light and airy suit* ol rooms, all fronting on the street, on Urstundse.tond lloors, above the stores' gas and t.'roton water on each llisir; (enteel entrance on Canal atreel; also, store and basemen* N?. 2m llnd son street; al.'o, "mall basement of No. 2J4 Hudson a'r<jot. Apply to JAMKSl'RICK, 200 Hn lion street. SECOND STORY STORE AND LARGE BASEMENT, ON Broadway, to ltd. B. T. GORDON, 237 Broadway. STUDIOS IN BROOKLYN, ? TO LET, IN DOD WORTH'S new buiJdlriK, No. 1.H7 Montane place, n ? ir Court street, lour ^tudio^, lined up m iiJh every eo:ivenk:ii.-u, for laitdscane or portrait ur two having hlxli north lljfhu and two with north hkyll^iits. Can be >it any time. For terms apply on the prutnl&cH, or nt A. UODWOltTU'S, HCK> Uio^d way, N. Y. [10 LET? \ SMALL HT?H K IN BLKBCKKH STRK.CT, nlily ft ft li oia Broadway. Apply at (H4 Broadway, TO LET? THE HOUSE K>()WN AS TUB BOSS HILL bom*-, Kli East Twenty fourth street; bar, gas fixture* aud range complete. A tirst rait plane tor biuluuss. Inquire at tie liable udjoiuuig. rpo LET ? TWT) IJOUHKH, WITH A LI. THE MODERN A Improvements; they are new and well tfnhthed: paste* aion immediately, ? 1 09 and 111 Weit Tw;nty-foiirtt? street, between KUtli and cot ner 11 sixth una -i venth avenue. Apply to M. vV 1 1. 40N , Corllundt and IlroMway, under ifjo Ull-cy building. mo LET-A STABLE, ROOM FOK FOUR HORdES, AND J. fwd. Inquire ut t>3 West Broadway. riio LKT? WORKSHOPS, CHEAP TO OOO0 TKNANT8, X at 196 Mercer street. inquire tt 191 Merwc mttet, at Uu Iron Work*, before 12 o'clock. TO LKT? 'J'UJ : THREE STORY HOUSE, WITH REAR building attached, well calculated for a store or Gentian hotel, bat in^ been occtiplod us such for set eral yearn, Apply to I, LKWlS Ul, % Joha ?iroot, beiwoun It) and li o'clock. TO LKT? THREE LAKGfc I.OFTS ABOVR THE FIRST flocr, attitithle for any manutaeinriug pu rpo- Inquire on the premier-, corner of I'l tt^p aud Crmijy ?treoUj. TOLKT-TIIE STORR, FRONT BASHMKNT VNI> VAULT on the northwest corner of Spnu*; and Oro<i>y at recta. Inquire Im-iwi en the hours of ID o'clock A. M. aud 12 M., or 4 and H H. M., on the premises ol Atmoii House. TO LET? THK STORE AND BA8EMBNT NO. 5 M1IR cer Mree' near t anal, and facing Howard; to b8 lei to gether or ?epan?ul) ; also, a work-hop .u tho rear. Terms u.oderatc to a good tenant. Possession immediately. LALKOTA X MABSt HALL. TO LKT? A STORK T,i ORKENWH'H STRKET, ila-ee doot ? above Murray aired; .i doslrablo location for a hoslerv and gentlemen's fiirnlahlDitstore. Appiy to JOHN JAMISON, Tit I'rurl Meet or 117 Kourth street, af r 6 o' clock. P. M rpo LKT.? A SMALL KNOLISH BASK Ml' NT HOUSE, A with all the modern Improvement*, l'be l'lruuura which It partly new, will be aold at a acrltlee. Apply at th? ofHcc of the Irving Hou-e, or al the ltou>e &J0 West Tbirtl** i street. a. w. a. rpo LET? F U It N' I S 1 1 ED APARTMENTS, TO SIMOLK A gentlemen, without board, a parlor, liaodaoraely furnished, with bedroom, closet* mid l>atli rouiu. In u?* drat elans No. A Ureal ,loue? s'reet, third door from itroadway. ltefei em-en exchange,! . TO LIST? TIIF STORR NO. <0 RE A1)R STRRRf, FIFTY feet east '.I Broadway, opposite Stewart' ; rem 4V>I per year; al*o several rooms, lor fight msn'tl'.te urlng purposes, In house mi Duane street, ttrst liouse ea?i from Broadway. Apply at UEMMU-'S :*!?; Broadway, TO 'LET? H?l SK 10 OOTTAOR PLACR, BBTWKRN BWcfcer ami Houston streais; Ui" fanCttro will either be ren ed o. old. I arpeti=, oil 'io<h? and part of the furniture a :?? new last May. Address C. T. EVANS, 37 Oil scy building. fflO LET? WITIIOVT BOARD, TO V OF.NTLEM \ N AND A his wife. ? room and bedroom or two bedrooru?,j with the uaeofnil'UiK room and ktudiun. Terrm, moderate. Apply at 1S1 West Sixteenth at reel. Reftrjpec re--ithed. r) LET-A FINK FRONT PARLOR ROOM ON FIRST Boar, trafurnii-hed, io a genileauu and w ife or to ? rtwpac table old li<dv, with or wUhottt board. In a'e famll) tir?' fU?? bouse; no o'lier lioarders. tilt) Heustoo "ireet, corner of ?ireene. TO IJiT-TO A BKSPKCTA DLK FAMILY, TUB TWO ?torr ?i Me i.tid ha-ement l.otue 17 lt iuk siree'; ha* nil the mode'i n mp ovemenN. ?a.i, hot and Bold .vater, ?C., with tearoom altatlii-d. lni|Ulre on the premise*. TO LET? A 1IIRF.K PTORY IIOCSE, rLRA^ANTLY ultusted in Tlnrteen'h Mrrci. Iiet.veee (Vxth and Semnth atfuni nrpr nil rlsltn and window eartaltia liar sale; all m eomplt ie older. Apply lo D. it. DICK, 1,1 Sixth areuiv, cot ner ol Tw elfth street. TO LET? FRONT ANI) BACK OI KICEH, l ins'T FLOOR l>? street Inq'ilroon tl.e pr talset or ofWM. BPHL, > Car' land t street, TO LET? II A LF OF A VERY OKN I EEL HOV4E ON West 30th St., in a hue neighborhood; the houn has ill mo ' Jern lmiiroveu,rnt>, and In In lire order; a mall family tv.Cti ptcslt. Ren ars R. I'. KINf 1IIMRK, 3I? I'hav. rpo LET -THE BL'ILDINO 231 AVI? m, CORNRB A fronting on < anal and WaUN ?tre,,,s, 70 feet on eafi ,ir -et. The whole laiddinir Is well adapted for snv tnislii"?s rsquli in* a -'rang ligbi and lerlllty fur exldblilon. Mill In* let In scpuraiij apanmetrs or togclber, or, it doslrvd. dltldwl luUj, rooms, slurek. Ac., to null tenant*. For I'urtUer particulars in'iulr* of THOS. M. HOOKER, 123 B"iadwsy. r LKT? IN THK LOWKR F ART OK TH^I.'fTY, \ misli liite', neur Itrosd aay. which will i eotflhoU'e 100 person*; the leaw and furniture. KveryUilnj in |?:rfe?: order, lor assort ea?j trnns, wi'li inimidlaU) po? ? ?ou. Slit^iuou UHfUrp3i**ed iui No-inlei U. W. Klt'ITARDfl. 90? Broadway. TO Lfcr-THE COTTAGE IIOISE, r, HORATIO atrei' nod oil elo'lii sul etrp"'? ror -;ile Rent of bo'i*rt ft'l s \ear <l'o he hstl ot the f n ?ll^hba" m 'nt hottv*. No. I ilnr..iio ??tiee*. Item a year. Iiyj i reai 'fn Broad w iy. i corns aa/ji i .r TO IJsT? THE LOWER PART OK A SMALL PRETTY botes In . i '1 onl.r, lo a trail fsm ly. II si?? now oer i pted by thr"' tieivon Lo alion plcuani and e.-r,i'a . yard : io*.< to a go< I l< Lat.i. Apply al No. 4i7 I'oorth | a vennc. TO LET? POSSESSION IMMKDIA rVXY, ON'R OR TWO floor*, sltli ta nnc tlrolou. flirnUted or 'intifnlaled, 77.' ?iie?-i,wlrh *? ".rii<-r nt lluuk.n ? V ? n l-"i "]'i " ?' i a pmsN ?>? 1 1 1 1 , . Kant -t. rill V ?<i-l ELIOIIILI ftTOKK FOR ANY II K tall bt-iumr, 1m the b* art ot' Mi riadwa v. A pub lo C. D., ll lii i.mI v . rp) LET? I v TIIK FRIV\Tt HOI -f 1M I.U HEN I ? . ??? It < 'i ? II' *i . US' tin* I ? OOI O: , i -id t'n,,- ?, y) lie ?n It: .1 ? V. I'll 1 .11, ? tj, I -I, I . r ,. ; ? ia*. Ae., I'l eei.a: . Olteap 1 1 s'lll ???>!* jri, i,-, ,, . ? pietui ? * . LEI -K tillEEN IIOI -I' Willi l'LANT AND IH.\ or twelve It. of ur iund, .I'uate ontl I'.lnh h ?,c -ten MA'hf.tid IWtll -.reeie For | c. uiar< apply, ?.|_,?>in an the preni<- <>*, or si No. 13 Clt^JIsll, to VAT!! \ VI KL J IRVIS, Js IT' loLET I N BROOKLYN? THREE BE Al TIKI I.HOUHE-t. two In I lean -tree', OHO In Second place, quit*, eunreni n' i i r n'?,t ,y,. r. fines, tlai lixture* Iiaili4, A- , w ill he ?very re??ot I .ie Apply to HARVEY k f'ONOI.LY, ? , .v.l Broadway, r >iQ 11 IO LIT OR FOR BALK? A VERY IIKA' TIFI LLY Fl R. |* nl.?hed h< n.i*. m ? nne I.icaii'i0 In Brooklyn, a hIkwi dt? [itncefrnm .1 e SwhIi ferry, new, snd hn? all m<?l?m im;,.-ore n.s. None bat re'pon>tt>le (aunties wtU m i in o, pec?.in>it|jr, wees II rvl 1.' <Seln at 27 Ugckm^n n'rte , ttrtt floor, up _ TMKASW HJWHWBIL TO i.KT~0*"l.KAKR? THK (SECOND AND FOUKTil of 281 llru?'lwiiy, curner of ti'ldle street, being very elegant sale -rooms. Pot- .-Stolon immediately. Inquire ou tiij premise*. TO M A M'KACTEBKRS, AO.-TO LET OR LKaHK LOW. A floe, I nrgi w w Ave story building, well lighted ami eeu'rally uluiated, to a tt .-potiMble partv w ili be leased or rent edlow. Apply lo I1AKDMAN A OttBOBN, V*ruu, Ac.. Walker, turner bowery. fTIo DAGVEBKE0TYW8TS AND OTHERS.-TO LET. I X Ibe three upper flour* of building No. lli,? r> logeUier : or feptirnloly- hft fee! di-.'p by 24; rent inodeflft. luciiilre m AltTlil'lt DONNELLY'S carpet xlorv.Vfc ilowery. riNASCUI.. <?U A Wk Afkft -*0!?gf TO LOAN ON DIAMONDS, ?|P' *v\/. w.ttch< s jewelry, dry goods, sonars, Ac., 01 boiirht fore??h; storks, note-:, nior! JM,,T H , Ac., Business < i n uIi'UhI ihuI prompt. Ity THOMPSON A CO., bro kcra and I'OtnmiNdMi merchant., 1 <ji Nassau nr> et, corner of Ann, n out No. 2, second floor. 4^7 AAA TO UJAN-ON WATCBJW, DIAMONDS. 'P' >'> % ?u"'W Jewelry, segars, and every description of valuable properly, or bought for ctuh, by Jf?H. K ISAAC, banrmem otuoe, II Cluimberii street, from 9 Ull t>. B unities* Prompt nml confidential. Old cold and silver bou ;ht. N. B.? No business transuded on Saturday. dfc rr nnn wantkd, fob three years, on two yu.VUU brick builitlng*, la Now York; tin re ure throe kHa n ml tu n bulldliu,'*. Tbi* property la llroo aat el '?r; no better or surer property can bo found. Thl* property >? \vorlh b>u, limes the amount, no mallei' Itow timJs are. Address box 128, Herald office, for S. Wilson. Th? regular Interest and no more. Q.J, CAA ? CLKKK WANTKD. -AN ACTIVE, INTEL treni business man. who run lend to bis em ployer $2, SOU on good iwvujitj .will be ptilii a salary ol tl.lux) per annum. Duiiei of Ibe uflji e lltiht unit pleasant. Hoard and lodging In ib'i lumllv of employer, II' desired, at per week. Address box ,H2I l osi olliee, Chicago, III. CAA Tt? ?,0W WANTED?ON UOND AND MORT , ? ?tJuU gage, on prodm-live real esuto in the tipper pan of ibe city, worth more tli?u double the amount. Apply to IlKt:K A Mi ADAM, No. 62 Wall street. di^AA WANTED, ON PROPERTY WORTH 81* TI MRS ?J50l "U the amniint. (iooil Interest will be given. Please address X. Y. lleralrt ofl'e e. ANY AMOtTNT oif CASH LOANED, OK PURCHASES at kixbt, for lair prlcen, on iliariu>n<|s, WA'ehf n, rirb j 'WHl ry. plate, meri bundtae, and \ 'tillable person it property gene rally, l>y It. W< IOD, G9 Kullon atreel, aocond floor, front room, trim i i) A. M. to 5 J". M. ANY AMOUNT OK MONEY, IN PMALL OR LAROE ?uuia, eutt always heubtaitud Iniitantly, ou Meurifiea, mercluiiilire, valuables and property of all kind*, at the old responsible I'aclflc Agency anil rrivale Limn Ollico, over l'a cllic Hank. All iiansocilona pi uppt. aafe, coufliUtutlai and a? UActflrf, or &o charge, rajnawni 114 Oraad ameC B.XNK of TIIK OHIO BAYIXOA INSTITUTE, TIKFf.v. Ohio.-? The paper of tie- above Ituilltutlon vvtll be ncekot at 1 (one) per cent iliw-oimt bv the und' rsli;ni)d. W. ULAUk A CO., No. 4 Hanover street. Money advanced fob short periods on rkal estate, diamonds, watchen, Jewelry, plate, pianofortes, dry (joods, homes, carriage*, utfl every description of proper ty, b> the responsible Empire Loan snd Agency t 'otnpauy. C. WILLS, Agent, .133 f!ron<Jway, opposite Uic llroaduay theatre. N'OTICK.? OFFICE OF MOLLIERE M ANI'FACTt'RINfJ t on.puny, No. ? Brotulway, New York, Sept. f>, lUift ? ity a resolution of the Hoard of Truftem of th? Molllere Manu facturlng t 'otopany of New York, passed lit si of rinplember in ?tant, Ibe stockholders of Mild company are hereby called upon lo pay In an Instalment of eighty dollars on each share of tint stock thereof, on or before the sixteenth tluy of December next, tinder the penally of forfeitin g' llie slutrcx of stock subscribed lor. Ity oider of the Ikmril of Tiustees. EDWD. ti. TECKEBMAN, Secretary. SSI. - ? William h ' ?/ att i'.' ""<? " ^"OrBonnows, Seerelury.^ "? The joint association of, farooa oo., bai? iit4cl?red a divlduuii of fl?i? j???r ccnt, ami payable on deumnU. EDUCATION. A ry\Rn.? TIIK R(rlWrRII>?R WILL RKCKIVK APPLI J\. rftlloriH dally thiM week lor Inniructioo In Pcnm^iiKlilp, e locution, bookkiii?pliit( ?ntl arithmetic. OIiIVBK li. GOLD SMITH, 302 Hro&dwuy, corner of Fniukiin Hireei. A PARISIAN ORNTLKMAN, HON OF ONK OF TIIK moHi r<Miownt;tl I'rf-nch gra'^utto of th?* M-hoolN <>! Pari?, kfi to inform thnt w to rroelvo hoiih* pupils for instruct ion in his own Untfuuffe. Throe )amoo4 per vcM'k 50; Mix k-Hsoii . Address H. R., Union I'o^t office. CWLLKOB OF ST. FRANCIS XAVIKR, :?0 WEST FIF / teenth street, between Ftfth and Sixth avunue*. 01 wssw* were resumed In this Institution on Monday. A'pt^mbcr lid. htudcntH sro received on applying. Terms?For pupils over 9 year*, $12 00 per ouarter; those under, $7 M. M1CHAKL DIUSCOL. IJDl CATION? TO tkaOhkrs.? A YOUNG LADY. J anxious to flnNh her ? Uucntton, wnuhl be hsppy to obtain h situation In a hoarding seh*?ol, where, as an as-dxMnt In teach in? Knglish bran* ncs, her sen i <m would he taken for hor tot tldi, Ac. The yi on* lady wialn ?? to make teaching her voe.i tlon. and wouM fully appreciate the opportunity that w ?ul 1 3naiif; lt?T for i' l'lOiiHC addicts Kduoi'iotf, Herald ortico, for in" day. ? INDICATION.? MB. I. I>K GRAND VAL'rt CLASSICAL J KnglMi, French and Spa ni?li board inff Institute, Hul*on ati'l W.i liiii^ioii terraee*, Hobok* n. N. J., is now opon tor the reception oJ pupils. Circulars and referem ca at the tnaUuUo:]. 171RF.NCH DAY AND BOARDING SCHOOL. DIRKCTKD " by the late Professors <?l .Mr. Pougnet, V. A. Leapituiase and J. llaydoek Smith. Maedouiral street corner of Clinton place, near Washington park, la'e Merchants' School. Misses o'bkikn's boarding and day school for young ladies, 126 We.*; Twcuty second strret, Iwtw en hlxih and Seventh avenue-*, will do re opened on Monuay, September 10. Circulars with refereneea, Ac., obtained at their residence. MISS KTKELR'8 FRKNCH AND KNOLISII DAY AND I oar <1 in i; school, for voting ladle**, No. 5 Kurt Thirtieth t treat, between l-'ii t U and Madwon AfCDwi4, wlU re-ope u on 1 hursday, September 6th. Madamk cot tan s French and kngltsit board ii. q and day school for young ladles, 270 Fifth avenue, corner of Thirty tirst street, will re open on Monday, Hept. ID. A u omnibus 1# attached to the cKuiblMnnen'. \IlfH MKARS' FRKNCH AND KNOLISII BOARDING lvl and day school for young ladle?", (32 and 30 West Fifteenth street, below Fifth avenue, ) rc open** on Thursday, September 6. Mrs, Hears w ill I " at home to receive p.trrna and guar dians who with to confer with her, from Monday, Septembers. MR. AND MHS. CO AS. CANllA'S HOARDING AND day school for yount; 'ad'et. (No. 17, La Fayette Place) will be re opened on Wednesday, Kept. 12th. MR. AND MMK. NOKL BKRGIKR'8 KNOLISII, FllKNCH rind Bpftotah boarding and day school, for youoi ladies, >o. 30U Fccond avenue, between Kightoenth an I Nineteenth afreets, rc open 4 on Monday, Sept. in. fo mv? For l*wrd and tuiii?>n, from |2fi0 to luusle in luded. A s age irf attached to the institution. MR. AND MADAMK N?KL BRROIKR'K BOARDING and day h< !wm?I, lor young ladle a, reopens on Monday, hep*. 10th. A stage Is atta? he.| to die entaniiahmcnt. \| a. A NGLADK, ORADt'ATi;. FKKNC1I AND SPAN lvl ? leli tea ? her, wiidica to give lessons, In his ofliee. 4Hi Broadway, and in a college or private house- The pup n* may practice In the f a me house, over Wa!la< k's tin a're. QPA Nl?i(.-PfiOy. c. TIUUATMM CAN DIHPOSK IT? ol a leu bom - , both in l*e day lime and In die evening, to private Ify^ons. Apply at No. 'J t-arroll place, Bluecker OPA NISI I AND FRKNCH LANGC \OKS.? KITUKR ONK O ot '.lw ianuunut s tn^^ht .ji a \? ry siiort time, by a nrui?v* H' r. who hi * had sono- eipcrien< ?? In ?'?aching. Private lt*?*on." ai th?* pupil's rc??kl? ii'? Tcrma im*1- raa-. Address or call on II. PlhRKA Jackfon Ho -1 341 and M3 Spring struct. QCHOOL WANTKD.? T11K SUBSi RIBKK HAS TWO io boy p , II and 12; cars oi a-re, wlw>m ha wlsho* o> put at sum1 w**i stt>?U *< '?'?d, vvlr'ie thi \ ' an boir I witb the prtttc4< rrtee not toe*? ci I $l?*i per annum '-a- h. Address K lu c 'ii ii. care of B. L' k v? ? ?f. ro^t manic r Broadway 1'ostofli ? % N. Y.,t? r? n< week. 1MIK KHKM H INKFTI UTK KOH YOl KG fJFNTl.KMFN, boa rati ig and day scho*d. No. AH Ka*t Twenty fourth s*icet. direct* d by Mr. KlJK ClURi JKK of l'ari* (former* ly H. laugnel's school;, sill open on Wednesday, Hept. 12th. WRHINO, BOOKKV.r.FING, Av -?.W> BROADW\Y ? ?? 1'OSTKR A DI.NON'S n a e.a- ? - ar? now lonu'ng Th*i' #; wl.o vtltih elea iM '- In penmanship. ??tper'neM m arl.lj Mictlc. and m ?fc,erTy krofrh'-Ige of bookkr cp-ng, ar?* r**?pe* ' fully imrtted 10 call as .ibove, nfid iudge for thcrns^lre*. a* to New > ark & hoot oi Writing ftPflllTIVU. BOVT R ACK. FOR $MK~A MATCH Jl VCIC, FOR f.?W. will come otf on Thursday. Sept !'< . from H rl< m bri .1- ?;*?. between ti?c ?? iH?ratc<! tioeta I^om a .lane and 'Jtj'ir. Boa' to ^tart from llarlern brid >? aroiind Tnrogg's Polo*. Wy snd berle. This will ho the mo%i interesting rar? of the season, as it ??? rn?d*4 to t#*?t th** stjfierk>i ?? y fa tho builder.4. Bo ut to start between the hottra of 1 1 A. M aihI 1 1*, M. ( Ml MJ^'NtiK .?THE FKIKJfD.S OF Till) YA? fIT IILCI5 * Bell ( hallenge sny boat, not ?*i ? ' i ng 2.5 t^ H 6 Inch" t in ! ngth. ?o msi I a inntch on th?? >kaneati P -? lake, thr?-e btindred dollars a ?i?lc. The -aid ra' " to )>* lo m't s lo wtndward and >?nd to be ac*vnn pllshed within Ave hours fr* m '!??? time ot ?u. ting. The **id r te eoeie ott during tn* pre## nt month. T'?e Blue ik*il Is 23 feet tu l-n^tb. For furtive particulars apply *o .i. S KOh*f Secretary tue ^kanea #*,cs fc' -i -I Yacht Club. Sk*nee0v;s, Onou t ?i. county, N. Y noiiwS i F.D-A HRh7! ~RATk W ATCii DOg7~AP J / ply at 111 Water * , up atalrs. f>ROAn A OF Til F. SKA SON ?A SPLKNTHD RROATTA 1 1 will 'sk^ place on Friday, the uth oi rvpt??n>her, at I M. Dl NLAP'e, llellgate terry, t ?.' of Kighty -.*'h street. Fast river, lor Jib and tnaln^aU boats. Hum > fe?-t in length downv rdf ; to ?t.kft from DunlspV dktck, bf win th*- hours of II A M and I P St., and mil around 'lie buoy a? Throgg*s Point un't bark to piaee of starting A 11 entries muiN t?e tuadc previous to the day ot sailing KnutMe f6. The prises wilt be tollews ? For the aint lng b?*t 9W); for th" seeolM b'rs^t tn |!5; for 'h*1 third Ikmii In, flu T *o uiisu'ea per fo4al |< e*l tot otfferenc#- in length. While 'hf* -aJJin* lxaita are trader way, there will be a rowiag match for nM>"'?oa feet w??rliiog ?.?#at<. Rot r mice f2earh. and a pnrse of $3) will be flven u the winning b si'. Mile heats, beat thiwe in five. ofoRl I N o~? -AI.L Tin: * HOI# K ihikkds of do*; M('{ O ?le ami f.?r stock. ?Mange Itnin ? at , k fl,-a e*t#r?ninitor, iniaiiibly curinr ??U sores and diseases #?t lb* skin, deanng ?ud den (U; trt?c< on to 'teas snd bug* on dogs, Ac. Price We. 393 vater street, comer of Fulton. 8 'HIRTTNO.? n-TR^ONH ? IMIINtJ 1^1 JVK< II *HK RKO ^ .rl<, I pniiplc. Ot h< |>ur>i?> .II I t,| -ri. , ,ri 1," ? utw.l by opplviiu' u> He? i . CIImou * I'ui nMr. K> .| Hoina l><jrk.lnM of inr.'h KrM, Hartwi. Til" ?trc tu l to Wcro loth fiom Ir^l.aiJ, uvl ettrj ?llc?i*>a h?t ber* paM u> ki'i p tko br? J par.. ThfIjkkIt M.\Tt ii "T: m "i: T?fiT?Kli~fHKCtiS I t rw! I.IU !v.\ ,I,\NK m..l (ItrsKV "P..- ?.im I oat WUIIIMl CKirriN ?t <? < n?np*?y ?!?<? ?>?ir? i?m' sfal le*rr a? follows:-- Foot of C>?tai <tr el. North rtrer, o'c|o? k A Mtt Brwne str#ot, Kasf rtrer, PoV|<? k A M , Don lap's, fooi of Eighty aixtb atreet, >j??t river. ^ctuck A M ; Bed I loose dotk.iiwvh ??reet, ? rt\*i In' *?rkH*k A. M Tl?e -lesnihoai mill leav* Harteni bruV sh n lm? beet? start for the race K#-ire?Utw*nt!* served on le-ard. F#?.re fsi eer?t . OIBKtlN k Tt \'<\VV XKf *> MFO-A r^ALL ITA14AN GRKrilO\>fl> 11 \ ? f f ir for a f.dy Aildre mollis C ? C. ei?? I i? ^t iierti '4 '*#' * BOARDING AND ?HWIRO, 7 f'sy iiroadw <i\? to !.*?, ri rhibhki> apaki 4 <)^ menu. wlita all thi' modern liafnivini-M, lo'tenili nieti, ur lo h tainiiy without clilMmi, wuh tirluaiv^t.- of knw,.-n. There I* dumb waifc-r, lai g?- b*;lmioui. an *bund?ai'r of <?'(?!? ronuj tor rfwl And wood, Ihr t'urullniv I" iw*. ?tiil th bou. c Iimm ufldrmouv thorough ri-|>air?. 7r<> BROADWAY? TO LBV? BANlMOtf Hl.Y KUH *'& ni/-ln*l rooint. tn lAiiulif ? or uliisle arntlfflrtcit, Th. b-niiH- la tint rhu*>, ronuilna all Hi* looJ-ra improvement*. Frt vale labia if dcniretl. Onn ANT) 624 BROADWAY. UKTWKKJf HOUSTON _ nuil lilac kn atrfru.? Klre! i Ia*a aoroiamotfMfcKM for feutlrtm u and faiiuliea without < luMrrti QQO FOURTH AVKN IIK ? A I'RIVATK K AMII.Y would nr. d nino'luii' a rrntlrinaii and hla wif* or two ainglr r' l'lli"""n, wlMT" the conifurU of it liuim* mo l><- en joyed IIuum- pU-aiwnt und of cj>\ u rrik . Apply :w ubovr. OA/1 SECOND AVI', NIK, NBA 11 TIITBTEKNTH a*" It i-'Pft l ? Of ii lumen roc obtain u choice oi bandwaui' l\ fiirin-liid nanna, Mlib Mil ur p.irtial liAird, It d.-*iraT, la a tiouw liaving rrrry iuodi?i ii oonvrnieuce ami a verj de-ir.iblr locutlM. 1 (U) WEST SIXTBKNTII STREET.? PLEASANT BOOMS A?T?I to k?L fuml?h<"i or uiifiirniKhi'd. wtih full or partial hoard, Miliuole lin' Kinilriiii o and ih<*r w 1 CM or atomic li'-n wn A pica.aui Incai.ou, ol ra?y iraril by car- nrvl ?In;"', (.na and Lath, lteirrewe* ? lUianird. IlTf ld'DSON STREET.? DKttIR ABLE BOOMS KOR I U partu a of gcnllrnirn or funl'lcx, i an be tlii* ahov* place. TrarudiMU boardura can tlnd coot aivommi> daiiona by ilir ila, or week. Ilouae wiOi iinxli rn improve rut m*. in ar St. JiJmV park, Rrlrraure <- (changed I I K TWELFTH RTBBET, NKAK SECOND AVENUE? J I ' / Kioiii - on lliv turond und ihiril llooix, with board; two kini'/c Kcntleiiipn atld n ijrtiileman and wife ran If areommn dated. ora party ol tfeinleiin n, an no other lioanler will In' Uiki n, or one lar^r family. Kiirtilahed or unfit rutahed; board ri amitatole Hr. NINTH STBKBT.? SUITS OK HANDSOMELY ? I furnished room* 'o I t to Vam'.lk*. with prlva'e table, llmin ttrtetlj lirM nlarK. hiiJ c onvcnirnily locati'd brnv.-u'ii llri.adnay ,.uii Kourtb uvrnni*. 1 J>INT" WBBCT. Till It 1> IKlrtR KAKT OK IIBOAII 1 r 1 wny, n suit of liaml umn? fiirr?l"!nM| nwirim, f*n l slns'l?? fo n, wflife bmkCut, nquind; i Mo. ?? UoUt phwt lOl HLKKORRIl STREET, THRKK BLOCKS WWST OF J ?*! hroadwHV. ? !<?k>h^h run be had iu mtilN, or t r ?n or pfrrnanrnL, with board, hi moderate priros, in (he above firht clat* ? huu^e, with all liie inodera Irnprov^mfntn. li ?|J?. gim, A?-. m\VK>T TWKNTY WRiONI) STRKKT.?A VICRT I>K Himhlo .Hilit of rooiuh,(-oiii)iriHii)K tho whole o! the *o< ??n 1 floor , a mi cocwiHttUK ol two large rooma, two bedrooms, wu!i pHiilrlfN, f>ui<ahle tor a gentleman atxi hU family, or two #011 ticiut it and their w l?4ie; ttl*o roomii lor ^entlem a. m TENTH STHRKT, BKTWKKN BROADWAY ANI) \ nlversltv place ? A suite of hanriHotix'ly luruiMlicd room m . flr?t floor, front parlor, and two lari;e bedrooms attiteh c*d. Willi jmivk o Uible, ?.r wtll lie let U? aiti^le geutkmru, wliU or witiiout board. Terum moderate. TAr WEST rorRTKK.VTIf HTHRKT.? FITRNISTTED J v?) rrnuna for aelect laiuillei and Mingle goutlnui ;ii. Kule rence e&Uianged. Qr GRAND HTRKKT. TWO BT OCKfil WF..-T OF AND OtJ near Broadwav? llan-i-oni; J v rurnixhod parlors o lei, on the firat floor, w ith ?.m?. to gemieuieii ur K- ti'lcui in an i lady; breaki**: served In r<H>in 11 dt^lred; family amall and | quiet; the eomlorta of ? home ran be rcali/ I. OZ| KAKT BROAIiWA V J 'LHASA N'T FRONT PAR Ol/ lor* with or wi' .'^it ? droom adjoining, U\ let, t\irtil4io l or onliirtiialied, wiiii botufl ^ ! w uitzl* ^'mtleincn cuu ai?o | bt ?ocoiaroodaigul U . ? on ilo bato, gai ?%??. j FKANKMN STRKjfT.? SUITS OF ROOMS. NKATLY 1 4 Vf turnlchcd, with bedroorna nUarhed.on ih?% flrxt and ne j I eond floors, (iood location fur u physic ian. Hreakt.ixt rei ved It required. Alw?. single und double ronca* to KeoUemen for , lodcingM. CieunlineM > i .< i.y obfeeivcU. luquire a? abov<?, | llrat house west ol Bromltvny. /;(i COURT hTRKCT, CYiRNRK OF RCIfKRMRRHiTR.V, ' *)t/ iirookiyD. ? Geutti- men an?l their wives, or smgli* tf?n ; tlnMO, cm flnd rerj' pleiUQt 1 '? with <>r a iilwmt t?ed rooms utfa< bed, lu a urst elasa house, with mil or partial board. References exchang* d. Ri\ KAST FIHEKNTH 8TKEKT, BKTWRBK IRV'i.N'G t/"/ j 1 la re aud Fourth avtnue, a desirable suit of room*, to let, in a tirwt claK- house, deliKhifuiiy located near Union js'|U ;re, convenient to buslm^s by ears and stages. *)7 MXTII HTR KRT? II A VDHOMKLY F0RNISHKD ? J I rooms, suilablo l *r >;eniii nien or 'gentleuitui an I tboir wivrst Mill he let with h<Mird, in tiie first class hou^c .'t? NlniU ? a , 1, new ftvuM, *>/' \Mii v placi 1 mm or parlor* on tub mU llrtt floor, elegantly turnisl led, with u third s' ?ry trout room, containing rax and t'roton water, to let together or ?* jn ra'ely, ton party ut gentlemen, with cr without p.irti.d boar I, Off < rrbnk ctrkei -a ORNTLKMAN UfU Wffl +*? ) <>r t\\f- r-ln^le n? it incii, can be aceunim??i?t>M wi-h bandsoiiiCly turnlshcd rcH>in, and full 01 p.irilfti board. Jloi Hud < old baths. K clcrcnce - 1 kc banged. I <JUO rx(\ ?TWO (i KNTI.I.MK.V Fill KM>8, WISI1I.NU to room) tv:eth<r, can tneoi with a comfortable r?x m on i bird lloor, with partial board, in a pleasant io?irUm, between l.ipl' U and Moth avenue?-, noi ;tb<?\< Tw*nuie u street; or ft g?nt)eman :md hit* wife takenat per w e< k, In Hd\an<e. Addict* A. li. C\, luluu square 1*0*1 oUire, lor two wet Km. A PRIVATE FAMll.Y IS HBOOKLYN WOULD LBT A GKNTLKMAN ANI) WIFK, OH TWO SI.VflLK (IKS Hemcn, run be accon?n?odalr'd with board and handsomely Imntsliod room*, in a private family, oceiif?\ bur a first < U* bouse, in the nebhhorlaaxT^^ Fourteeuth airefd anl I olon S?|tia/e. Addict- A. It. Herald office. A LADY HAH TAKES A HOUHK. AM) WILL Al.l'O.* modal c a few tfentlciuen witli turnieked room* Tlioao U< rirou- of the cornmr ** of a home and a pl>a?uiit loeattou, w ill do w < H to apply immediately, a* No. 8 Hubert Krrtt. n car ht. John's park-. Ketcrcnce* ex uati^cd. APLEaHANT KOOJK AND I1KDROOM FOR a GEN ileum n and vr !??-. ?.< for gentleman. in a beautiful an 1 con venlcnt lea.on, I ail,* and ffftp; private family. Apply a* 67 Ferry street, bet w ee. j Mc> cker and Fourth atreeH. AFKAV ELF.OANTLY FTRN'jailKD ROOMS, Hl'ITAHLK forfamUiea and single gentlemen, to lat with I, Id the brown atone hone \\j \|e*t Twenty second afreet, u<* ?r Fifth avenue. The * *e la delightfully tltuatiMl, near the tnrdiionabie aquare-4, . nd nonvcoieot to railroad* and omni bus*ef. References required. AUNKSrn OF Kl'RSISHF.D ROOMS, WITH HAS hath, Ac., to let. with board, to one or two jionieel taint he*, In the romrti<Mlioti'< and tmely located hou?9 \i Kant nil teenth *Jreel, ncai Irving place, lien' references giveu and irqulred. A ( 01 PLK OF HI N ILK OKNTLEMK.V. OB A GK.VTLK Timn and wdc, ? ?n ho u< ? ommodatcd with board in a prt \ftte faintly. in a hou^e with all ?hi- modern Improvement*. ?ueb Ha-, ha'h. .V? KH? reru ? m ? KehatiK^d. Inquire at 12 i Vfeat Twenty i ct>nd ^t , between Sli'h and H?*von'h avontie* \FL'RKIKHKI? iuniM AND ItKDROOM TO LIT. TO A (rontloman and wife, or single lady. Apply at b\ii Mttb ivi ?me, mar iif Thirty *.ixth 4 ORXTJ KM A. V AM) IIIK WIFK. OR \ IVOI.f: OKV J \ tirrnan, ran ho ffcmnuiodaied w lt!? n room an f b*jar- 1 a' 1 <>'. liud.-nn utrcet, oppoMitu St. J oim * park. 4 WHXtW L.XDY <>h HKKfRCTABIUTV.OUI'trPTINt} J\ a v?*ry i no honao in Dro^klja, dt ;.?r o- to ro? ?dv<* ' w<? or three gentl nn-n ln*o her fnmllv nn partial hojr h rt, who ?? tj?# y cen ha%o nicely ftirrit-died room* lighted wt h tfn?, t|??* r? irfnrta ot fi horne, and a Weil kept f4ftt#Ir*. The lv?uit(> i \\ ithln a IV w mlnuo-t. <?! k'nlttm and Wall atre'M terriea. Piea-e call a' ft 1 11? fir > ?ti e? !t corner of OrariK^ Apuivatf, f why in jkrhky city, hwino d.i re r tn i' art Uiey leqim-e, would le? * p trior ou ??? cotid i iH4\ w idi t w ? lH'dr?ioma 'oroinutiioatjfi#. md'ahle for two or three single *ienth-iiien; would Ulte to accrifninodftte au< li w i h j. r i i| I'orird. lerrn* moderate. H**l'*renre? reqtifrod. Ap| i> .1 .lerjiejr aventte, or addri - J. llerald offlr ? 4 OK.NTI.KMAN AM) LADY WANT. IN A GOOD LO iV <e ion, in or bejow ilou^'on ?'re# t, ftiniUhrd or no', two r?r ?hie?* r< < n *.vi?h privilege <?f kitchen, or ?w<? r *im? and foil ? rmrd. Be*t of reference given tod required. Add rem Jatn<\ , I o\ 1 Po?i office. \DKAinAliLK SIM OND HTOBV KKoNT ItOOM WITH I '<?*id, t'?r u jreBtiein*n and UU wn-*; a bedr ^ont attach*' d ti i e , uireu hi Market wtrei ?. B<?.\ |:l, \ I KMKN \M? VIV/VKS OK sfNOLK renlJetnen w^hinif U> ?erru*e hoard tor the winter In a f- rat private hou***, e?ri apply at Sfl Thoinpwon MH^et. I <?< tti.ou ne.ii WlPhin|t(j0 aqttar**; arcewatble by two tla^e mob -. Dinner at 0 o'? lock. Rftfer^ncet fttchaaged. BOARD? A FAMILY HAVING MOflK ROOM THAN re* |Mtre<1 u'Hild di*f'f?e of a room on the meeond floor alio one on >h< third. The hou#?? hfti all the modem tmproee re .* , B# fne?"4 giv^n and r? inired Apply at W est I went) aerenth street, near Mlt'h avenue T>OAKf>? IN NINTH HTHIiKT, BKTWKK S FIFTH AND 1 1 hiiih avenues in t private fumiiy; wo *ul'? of room*, fur m?he4i >r unfumialaad; priv.?i?- tabic or not. To pnrtie* ot fhe fi rat rt^perf ability tern. <* w dl i e4in,t??l>le. Attdreaa, with name and number, b. W., Aft^ii place Poa* oHce. B OAKD -A OF.STLKMAN OF HMiU< FAMILY, OWN Irm a lnrB* t hotlte titati he require*, would ac< omnvelate entleman with roomi, and hre#kfaai and tea; I'e atlon in the central part oi Hrwiklp, witliin fifteen mtnote*' walk from ht uib and Wail street feme*. Addreaa K A. C., Omrier aial Fnquirer ofTiee. Board? in iibooicl/n ? ki^bgant RtntMH. with b ard convenient to Wall street and Hotnh f?*rrie?, for ?ingle fentlemen or gentlemen wtth their wive*, r#n b** o*? utftcd ai 34 fiardon street, second house from Htaic atreet. re lerencea ?s han?< d. BOARD.? ri'BHIfHIKn ROOMii Tt) iif.nt huitvblk for fkm !ies or Nlngl** gentlemen. wWt f ill ? r partial buarJ. Hm IMNM Ifl ph awinUy 1/a-aAed ov?-r!oe,klnj{ the park. R?fer ei.iet etr-lMngad. Apply a? No. '?1 Uiuoo piac?*, acm K**C Fiftei n<h street, Board-in a privatk family, with vfry plka ?ant and airy rtwjn*, ejn be had on a, , '.b a ion ;%? lr/t Weat Twenty seventfc freet, * ff* door* weai <t( Kltfhth avenn** I Umt* eontain*> ?|n* n.oder n imprtn eineni- CcQvcaicm to cara ami ? u* %<?. ReferUheex ejt<*l^?n.,"d BOAUD ? A H ITF OF ROOMS TO I, FT TO A OF.NTLK nuan and wife or two "r 'hf-e *frs'lr -tnen wtrhfull or ) ar'.ia> I *mri. AJ*o ?4iiRle r*r in ?r. i a bae^nwnt, ?>ii>aH)f l*ir a pli)rUtao In a fir*t clan- h? u ai wiU ail th# rniytern im provetn*'n*H Rrfereneea eifhajged Ajfly at 7?? We?? Twenty third etreet, Board- \ gf.nti^kman oi; lady fan hk At ?**i tnodated ti'li a well fur; ' ?hed r*" ?! In K'?urtJi ?tr?*"t. i g+t tne Wa?-!, - I* i adc <?rot #?! Boar4fot ih *?!) onlj Ad iresc F K B?'*idway fo*t yQ r* BOAKU -PLLA?-ANT R (M>m TO LKT WITH ROAR I), at 131 WtN l*e* ent?^?nf|i ?tr**#' , w ?r fl+vmh avenu# ?tat ^kawnw p?#a*ant rtwu# w?*l? board, a? ) "? Ka^Kta avenu?* mar Mlieenlli ?'rte. Kt^rrn'e *>ven *od r+ juir'd. B B rt?oms, on third t'.??or, wuh tin pim e? and gas, within wn ?ui nuica' walk oi tni ol ibsfeniMj 92 p r week for caofe. Bwt ofrelercncc* required. Apply at lie D? au street, Bi(x>klyn. A WIDOW LADY, HAVING \ II ANDiOMK Fi.'KMSll td Lottu- down town, WH oi liroadway, would lik'v >?? take gentlemen und Uwlr wivca to board, inquire at 14 Walker street, OARD ? NLATLY n RNIHIIKD UOOM" WITH ?PI i>tti ' at i ?i? h lie UoiaM* I*. fir *4 claw. OAIlfMlh'iLi: GRNTLKMFN WILL FIND ID int><4atlofw ?? \? F of ?ytli m t o*a- Walker, r* u?< baolr# r\a^tn? ejean a iry wUido W?U *# d/ii>i * tw, ftanm h t one gei*t#eit?^n i !itM| td lla> r<#' e*j> 'M __ WUtOUU mM -y Muua l<? Boako up town - a oown.* ok orkti.kvrn w?(i liM'lr mrrk, ur 1*0 or Uir?n nine!" feaUarorn, r.ii l* urconuiKXliUxl with l<mr.| In .1 prt.tir Umitj, m ? tilcli Ihpff ?r.' no iMlirr l???nirr? TUr hmiM> U nt>?; con'iinn :?ll Uip Biodrru liiiprrivrni'-iiii., ant la "> cmr* am I I'M A|?|>ljr Itl No. ltt< W ??'. Thir'y ?U')ith atrial i.elwc.i Kt'Vi nlli un.i J' uli u ?m itiv* lt?u-rutu <-* i ?cb?:i!Si,i BOAKI) IT TOWN -A foOPI.K O V <.HNTI> MKN wlili their or tv>nr Uirr* am el* K'MfltrMwn, ? vi be a. , i,iua>i"1^IMl uiili bom a in ? |>ii\ *lc fiijtUf. wtiffr i iiero ur<- no mbrr Ixwi-di i ?. Tlir lio'n" In ni-nr. con'tln* itll Ih? iii(hl,,t u iitiprovuojv'nu*, .nut u couvenloiii iu curt .iii a1. >j|4* A|i|>'* i*i WM I liir'v ri?*iih atrevt, If' ween hrvrutli mid t l^n h H.rulHH Ul-l.T-ll. rv i BOAUO DOWN TOWN? OKNTMtMKN Ahi> THKIR WH ( J. ul.-i) Hinf If gcnll'-riH n, < in nWiiii K K?1 I' <tr.l mi l very eutnimi?Me ?par muni*, by i)jp4> Hit? ?l N.?. -i Hi '*nl? lb'' TvhIU- ho t?r opl>u'iV it iwling grtK'ii Tr?ii>. ii' boarder* taken TJOAHD IK UNION SQUAWK .?ROOMS I ^ .-I'll: OR J * fin> lc. hit iii?b?4 or unfurii.. budj >dwlr?blj adapts lor I tunilllrH or Mingle ircntleni'n, at P) Union aq'iarr we.i M'li*, | flnti l>ou. v tbovr KitlMnili mn-pi. BOARD AT NO. W. STATE rf'lHKKT? UNK HtwiMh ON ' Hie Mini floor, in . u!U ot aenai *u*l> , for am* lrm -ii.tin I [ iJu Ir wtrtm or MO*)* gaallemea. KflrrMKM r\sb injiel. " BOAHIl AT 2ft NINTH 8TKKKT? KINK KPOKIHIIKI) ! KMBi hi ami Mingle, witli or without board. Fir? J cUu ueo lyf nrniahed, and tiiodam Improvement* Tin* whole ol (he accond floor may now lit* haul BOARD, or riBNIKHED ROOM#. ON TBK WBO* p?\?n plan, ? Hct<|'C("abi?i purlieu, not wishing the care* of l<ouM*l.?*<*|)<nv, will find auita ot handaofaely furoyi'ii ruouu, v ith t: e < f J a rook and oth?*r nro-^Mry ?(ttaridafir*(* will b?- >-ui>phtni. I'uriii*- run pro* Ui ir own nnJ \xn iw n* in"l u?< in th* if cmn hrniM-, wiil.onttf: - ? i?. , o! lion <? k^ei'lnv- ApjiJv at 2.M Fourth up. Kclonnic^H re nitroil' BOAin> IN BROOKLYN -?A OKNTLKMAN A SU LAIlV aix) ran ii?* a- ' OiniiiO-U' - l x%iU? lur^t* tiliMiMint or unfit rritJiiM. with I ?i H or pnrihl I/Otini, hi a l.aviiijj ?vll \hft in "tor a Unpr ?v??in :it? nad in a moM (Jwu.abln lo^atkm, wlUiinfhn rniiiMfpH' w ilk oft'." >o iifi or Wall btnu't fi rrifa. Uoiori'uco r?qutrc4. lllluir?, <ii iW Ilrury >trf?*t, rorncr a t Hro>k}. n. BOA HP IN J;lfOOKl.Y V ? VN* lTNFtTHNlKin;r? I'.vit l<>r i?oil ho<i!'xjiii wtll Ikj let to a i^ontlfman aud wne a r<#>m tor n nin^h* gentleman; 1k> ation pl^a-nut, ?i 4 ronv?* nirnt to S?ui!i it n I Wall atriu't n-rrlC'*. luquirr ai 47 Com v ?*m jtrect, flrai hou>. uf x( to lleur) . Board in hhooki.yn, 105 i'Inrapi'LK rui;i;r? ain 'ir or mlmirabiy ailapl^l J"or a l-uw family; thro furub-lu*! rrMui)^. (imacrteo, 00 ond n'ory , npar Wail uu?i FUluip fen u-- Kvt* rcnc<?h exchange!. Board in brooklyn ?unfurnisiikd roomk ov Hrnt aiui at < oinl ftoura, for iwo i<o4itl?*mftn and wlv?v;alHrt, fumi?l?od 1 (Mitna for two or tliri?<? KiMitlrrnt'n, with ?><? ird, in a anmil faintly, ni THWUlougLbx airnot. Location pic^ till and ferine reasonable. Board in brooklyw.? a widow lady, iiAvrN i a BOUM f?l? aKantly liaati d, tin* iiiixl'T.i lnv>r'?,?? IiwnU, MdUld liki* to dUaPOHt* ot a liandftonil* Hltit ol roouu to a fc''*rii|riiian aud uifr, or two jM fiilcnn u, with t?o.ird; rpfi?r^n?* * 4 txd**nK?(J. AppS> a'. l-?U i<awri*n - atrnvu Board is hrooiclyn.? to lkt, two larqk roon.i, fi.;nt?h*d or not ^Ihclon-n Thi* ho?i^?- 1* fur \. iih if. uud Ujc aitttai >n on?- of ta.? lin--?< In Hrooklyn; a,kooni hall loom, ? hmMo i? a Nin^lf* fti'tilU'tnan. Apply at fro Cuotou *tr?*0t, bc'weu Wall and Ailauii* H'ri'ot fame*. I^OAliD TN UltOOKLYX.? A OKNTLKMAN AND WII K, J if'ttt ?. tli. ?-.? .Untie (.eulleuuMi, can b,? iiU*a utitlv u< i Mtiti i?da?4*d wi h room*. I?y applying at 43 (utMjvei plao*. lta'ii ai.d UfffTi'tRf re<4Uln*d. Board in ur ook i. y n . ? *u ng l k uentlkmkv, or i?? nUrmi?n and Ihwlr wivi { an Ihmo -com>nn?1ui? <1 with full or partial board. Rrf?*n*nce f tveti and required. Call or addrt'?i 4A Con' Ol d atre?*t. Board in iirooki.yn, near tiik hoi tm and Wall iitreet fi*rrl?-H --Hlnuln fi'-nilemen dealrotuof obtain inK partial board c?n moderate term#, In a 1 Una turn, ran be u? <<>mnwMtal*<i with pb*aaat\l ru?>tn?, (ontainlnii . ? Ac., at 1*1 8tateatreet, l-'rem It and Kngl >?li spoken. J>0ARI> IN HOt'TII BROOKLYN. ?A (I KNTLKM A N AND J b.? Wife oi two or three hlnAle Keiitb'men. cm obialn plea rain retina, wi h Itill or partial board, a; 2>"2 llick^ ntr?" ', b tw'N'n 'he Wall ^,rc??i and Hottth ferrbv Tli?> hotim* h? il! !n* n.oUi-rn tmpruveiueoU. Refrrenef* ci< U vtM^d. Board on iirooklyn iikiohth ? plkahant prii ni-hed or iifilurni?ii?*d room* to let, wi'hfuilOi* iia lal t oard, for tfentlcmru and llidr wlvea or ulnitle ifen'/ennm. I'atb and traa In the bonne, whl'di (ommand i ftm* m?*w o? ' bay. Inquire at No. II Poplar .'re i. fhrea d^r? from <v?lum Lta, ivltUin three uiinu > *>* walk *?l I uitou and Wall t-t:^; * U i i tec . Board in hoiiokkn^furnisiikd rooms i?? u r. I will* b<>ard, at No. 4 Hudson pla- ? In iuh< ol t k,. M ODDAliD, 40 (Portland t *n^e! S*'w York. Bf)AKI?. \T iri'ni.O ATK? A PARTY I>BKIR0:'J? OK I fcpfU'ntitf ?!??* la I III ill'' (OOU'i v, lua) Ou'ain board, '\ ilii i imifi airy i (A)tr , a* a prlvat" re*i l??nef?, d li?<li.fii?.v be ted on U>e ii\ i basing rin-iwive. ^i?u ? lh. I?a'b |j,iu i , \ \ K\? e}!i>nt fip-hiliif ot?d l>oatln;;. < 'arrl i /? 4iid 'aM ? i;n ? i / b?* bad. At ee. t> to the <-?H ev?r> It * '* iniunieM by .w.-' ? i?i | Thud and i our h avenu?? car*. Addr ? A't'.iinui, l'n <? i | fqiuire I o.i| of! re Board wastkv-uy a ok mi. km an andwji map . a e famil . wrlieif ihne ai but t?* * ot ?? I ia?rrier*, In tlie n< |/lilHirl?<Hx| ( t Tenth utreet and ? Mir. Teim? ltf?! lo tu< 'd ftt pel wveA, A ldi ? ?! Hi raid < litre. UOAIM) W A N T *5D ? 1 N \ rit!V\TF fam n.v ? ' A i ' ! ) I) li? * pre!er?-d) by j \ouii;; mui, s* I pi , vv > j ?i brealLfaat and '?* III i b<iu>f wtih QMderu tinsir<tv(nu<,tit?; l<c twreri lllipckn nodTc :t. rdreeta, n? r Hutb avenu it.* ??! '. ?icb;mgt <1. Addrf-* uuo'i- to Ilem-iMMd, Hto *!d o:h< ?? Hating location of room. Ar nOAHl> W A Vf Kl>? 1 N A IM'IYaTK F V M f 1 . Y BY A 1 > r? ti ? u fin. w;. rttbt wo ' ? . lauru * n, tn > om? p< i ?t ; u tiou.m thH niv n, u< ?< Two I r ui ? d r 'a \\ >11 br r* ?i uli t ?i. one u? ' i i ti iH'H.H it-plying will pi ? i*< niit i - term*. lnchi'ling i . -und fire, which m'u*i 1m* in>i< Urate. Addiea* l4nrr< m ? , JI.t.iIJ OfJire. Bo a Ft r> w a n t f *6? n v a~< ? k vr i . i ; w \ n . WfFi: rrifLD Ohi <-e > ?ar? oid.) and ci vitit from ?ir beiorc m i , ,.t j, f.?i tl.r winter, b?twvi f? Klghfh arid Tveri'/lhi 1 i ?? ml Knurlb iiulllticuUi wreuiiM, oa<a UrKf n?um, or two wrimJi#-. c< nt<<ing. fnrni h? d, with pla^o t<-r Addi* ** . d< arribln? M' nation, and Utiuj, A. W. D., bo* I, ^>4 J'o^t oflji e. Referanrea esrhanged. BOARD WANTKII-HV A S|\OI.K i.KM,TKM\N IV m pruat?* l .niUv or huh re-ip*^ ah lit . wher** there in* no other boarder*; im a'ioo not Ur up (oh o, refer**!!' ? ci ebai'R# d. Add ? I V If- f %'#| .!?! BOARD WANTED? FOR A WIDOW I. A l>Y 'II IC.D \M> nurie. wbeie the nnrae ran work l<<r the family had ? >> ii??* day. ? *? h rtroinpenae lor brr ywu t ourd. Addr' h? ? no ** t.i MrV llnrri.-, W HMntoo atreM. Board wanikd uv a mm hank in a okntkki private where flu re ar?* no :,??*n?. "men i mro? fin would be paid for the haine, ui udeanee, u rejuu"! A . jr one having a email room to -pari* ran Hr?<1 ? ? ? ly n? teder, by addre-'ing Mr. iiudgiue, ttroaduajr I'tnt OQ ?. / j ioua family preft i red BOARD WANTKD-UY V (iFNT/JlMAN AND HIS wtfi , Hl?er?' criunttolcitlofl i? fit*- ? H?r ?U?- ri?* i*verf <1 ?v Kerrrem'-orx'httiiKtMl. AiMh-hm I. A H. , lb , . M >?*? - BOAKD WANTKJ?.-A FUHN'lSliKD I'AULOI! AM) be?l:'v m. by ? ^*-n>Ieman aiwS a wtUi t?o\rii for * Lo|> only, in a ?jui? i mi?<I ptaJUwat lo? ali'jr.Swbere fic v ir** ii i of i.? r l o.?r?!er A^<li ?-m?, atattriif *i*rm- ati'l M.^oiuiiir^U' rm? H VV M II , Foat oO. Board wantkd?ior a ukntlk.m an %m>i.u?? in Hrookl> ii near ?!??? trrru ?. room ??fi<t tiMroom furnl*}i4*dl, p:? a?*f^y ^tuu r-i, whrv? few o no bonnle^a ?.-?? ak?-o 1* -in* mtiat be 'numerate. l;o.?r?l from >?*ji ? ?nb? r li'b, | ' i uiaro it lor the Hin er. AtlJre^ U uivtori lleraUt olii"\ ?' ktirig hOARD WAMKD? 1.\* A PHIVATI FAMILY. BY A ??*n?kmnfi ftfi<l wife, children an'1 a*'rv?tit. Tv,o Urge rot nt- will be re>juira<i. aliwi i?Kim t??i h-ivwi a UmiiT* tailing ?" rednre ih? lr ?*ijx i?ae? wlil lin l ihi^ a v-t j n'?l" opportumtj. . The in<?*t wUiifaclorr refure'i ?? ,jiv?*fi a/i 1 ei |Hrc fed Addre-*. .M K If. . hoi ->i fo ? ofll- ? OAMD WANTED WITH AV I N IM'RN I J1fKD ROOM B?b,Bu lariilly, bi ?ncct* Fraokiin and F? fiiib *'/?< be ?erj riiKder**#*. Addr?*?a II. If. Ilroa^Dvay P"4 oflp ?. *taiiiii{ Kim* and ivfetion. Board wantkd in liJ'ooKLV.v v ,-mall i'OOM and partial Iwinl ??n'fd t?y u v<?'Uik ii'-.i'.-i an K? er en' ? kIvi?u I j? tti'rti near Kuiioo leiry , Addre-.- ?# I A . but (MA New V?rk Fo>? Ofli "* BOARI INfi-A Of NTI.F.M A N A M? WIFK OR i WO m l)ib'lo?U cm a be air-.fuwio.Jft' i v.ii 4 p.ea*n*i Qroi.t t'M in on 'he r?,n>l floor l?rnl?l 1 or ml jrnlU'd w 1 paik'i ? utiwlMil, iwt be<lm<tin, i. n- jmre?l, wrt???r^ lomforta f?f a home m?> be enjoyed at 1 n a?on*tble prlr?*. Aj> pit at 81 Henry utreei. Boarding.? a kmallokntiikm amily wiij. i.kt then i'iitir'* acc??nd (Mory. three rooinx d? ? p wi'ii b?? I rooerix pw n? riea t rat b *B^. A- and ajo. ndtdi , ftirn ?rt?-d ? > a re*pe< ti iiie u.u > *. -<anu to pn, f< Or*f ? l"?i a? nuiux t * i?< fifc. firme *i?iier ri'-ed apply. liK(tilrea? 10 Kf.#?i plu '>ne !>' o? k ti m Hi- adv a.? oel*? u hi^h a #11 r " au<l vVa*? ' Boarmmj-a PR'VATK FAMILY WOI' 'M? lkt fO men, or *?ntb;m*n nod , alaije ?? ??/ iM tittCOiii or room '> u4 In- ffK>ni ?hi p ?r:J.?I nmr-l, ? lw fUet Kijihie* n h ?u* ?*% one bi"< k a'.?Vf I o.??u ?M|u?i/e. . ? t jtroad^ay and Fifth are*, e, ?o||?e:ii"u y loeafed for ? ar . / IIOAIDINO ?A PRIYAJF 1 AMIIA WU.I, HKnT. J > v* . a 1 ..V i*1 f' ii 1 or ?i.?: . . t r ? ii all >he n.< detm itf?piOeetn**iiia Rett ? or# ??t? hai.v'1 Apple r?: l|U W?-?i Twent; ? <>ftd wree- h<*'??" ? tv, i?;? 1 u i In^n.ti mane* BOAIiDIKO-A I.AROF MAM>m?MKTY Ft'RNf.?IIFD n* /in >-<?. able lor a KeBileman ai.d i>, *.(!??, ?r !%*?> ?.*n*l ntl*n.en. al?o. I no >ma2l ri^irn-, In n new k ?*?; '1 j,r "? in'^iefii impto< emeiitw l^^ -t' .-n mo.t d# 1 v HOAKDINO? I Ui.NMIKHMR I M l RNIKlir.r>U H?\| f 'iiiab.r for a and Ma wt>. ao1 '?vai*,< <? -m n ,r unifle K?*n'len?en. * > h toa.d. ma >e 4 ? ITlatrl 175 Itodron ?tr?* near i*t Mn'i pari. OARDINc; ? AFARTMKNm, f ONVf .VI FN 7 *<?:* I ? mllieiior amrle fentii nu n. In a hr? prtr?<" b t- i Ii >?n. l.'<?Mr?ntraJ nno pl<MjMin . a*r, ?f?Hn alf par-a <h vl?e ?r**v Ap, ?^|Sar< aide. ? w?, <t?e? * iro?r> <: 1>OAHMNO? ^ IWO H ? Vf??? ?F ^ 1 *, in* ran ?* n? I a' N M V, Hrwhk- WtaMo? for famitle* <#r fci .fV waf: Koarmno At ** wiwrt ro0 |*?miU'?of alng. frn^^a Ufa .e Winter "* ti. fuel 1 ^ ' i,?* ? I o<*rd.rtg hotiee , rnxtw pie?a*n' and 1 l')?afcr .{?p.r ft,r of.< wee a at No f tfr and *; U a fn .ra Of?Akl?I <0 AT $4 WAKKK* eTRfi.T-A l?AR Dey boarder? a' - otntr da'M with ' ?*a 1 1'ri'* mMen * Y)f?Anr?KK- rRon thk i;oi *trv -it ja ik ,h J J ime ha' pera# <<*? ?1nh:r j| h' ar^f # te 'he ntnte- mUt","! hpj \f A f r* tjire airealt ?r q; ih-w Ik# # 1. - * Uiaftr af w>w ap|?ivf>4 1^^ ??e Hffc ?4 u?- Iw^rA . <1S| te?e*. free * 'hattfe a */* ,^l-*a Mr?i U o . m'r> ?a# I ?* 'he * *1 m li rjlf RABIJA iN litTTH Of fPA? a* 'He pleaaaft y 1 mrth ??/ - ?4 A?*#jr LSHAKTS.Y r? li K f !4|SK<> :i<x IMM ItOIfM; AM> T<<MM<IWO. ITTHMHTH tOAM IN ?MOKITV.-W WW, WITH fai 1*1 I'wl. Iwn Urvp room-. ?U*Hnin?. ?*?HI ftiriiMiwlj w Hli u>i ' A i *Imb, ft ?ln?'> r?jm. ?tir ira? Tbr ?l'u?Uuo of i|)<> lk^ufti- Ua#i??ait>la, im I cm 'rgM to ih? Wall mreti atlJ l-uU'h Irrrti* Aa if - H. 8 . ll'i aM olli. t. IpVHSlr.tKV UOOM* TO I K?? WITH OB WITHOUT lx>?rt|, in I ttfiw In ft pV'ji nit jpirt <if l(ir Plljr, r mUlili lug nil Urn II *l?-ru lui|iroTPinrnt- Aj.|>l.> Ml ti,'? Wr*l Twratjr lift iitfd t, c< inter oi Mr ti .iM'tlur 1 M IINI.M I KD <>K I NKIIKNMHRI) ROUM--WITK I Ixwirtl m?jr lis li*d m iIih u>itin dlMii' *|. iiiic . .r si .lu'ia'a I rk. A i>ply ?i No. 5 ilubrri *uvpt. tURNisnKD boo** to i,et? a i.m'ck iiovr I room < i ? . mul i1 ?ir ?i %4 i? t urerk \ )>lm*?fcl ?Utr rimnifl fltpei wn k. Hi ilii-1 u l ii- i il i i- piln l HNISHKII OR I NFI K.>iKIIK,? KOOMH TO I. Kr uno ?i wltfcont inaril. 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