Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 13, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 13, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6956. MORNING EDITION? -THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE BRIQQB INVESTIGATING COMMIT TEE. Mayor Wood on UM Stand? Contnm clona bmi? ITothlng Elicited. The Briggs investigating committee on the pujce de ? pertmeut of thin city met, pursnont to adjournment, at 8 o'clock P. M. yesterday; present, Aldermen Brigga, C. I. Tucker end Hoffmlre. There >11 quite a number of persona present, and the iaterwt in the proceedings? stupid as they are ? appeared te be on the increase. The Hon. Fernando Wood, Mayor of the city of New Turk, was honored by the first call. Being sworn, he mo examined by Alderman Briggs a a follows:? <J. Have you visited the Fourth ward station house ?lace vou have Iwn Mayor of this cl? yl" A. Yes, sir. Q. bid you vi?it tlic private room of Capt. Norris? A. Ye., Mr; I vifti I e-i a room which they told uie was the Captain's room. Q. H I you notice In the room a great variety of clothes, drew, and other valuable property, as you passed tli rough It A. I cannot say that laid; I noticed the endmssy furniture of a room, and a good deal of clothing; the dot). in* I lielieve, belonged to the captain. y W,. ? there not something rather uncommon that attracted your attention' Did there not appear to be ?? re g 1- n the rooui than is usually the case in a r..m t* that kind1 A. My attention was attracted more prtiruiarly in that room by its unusually One equip ment ia every war: I made the remark that few gentle isen ha ' finei bedchambers than that; further thau that 1 ltd n ' tear** anything uiiuhuhI y M lut . Ind of olothiug was there? Did it appear to te old in- e. ? A. I think there win an old dross there; 1 ? liink I ieme:n!ier to have seen old dresses there at that akplUM'iv IH nil lady there ? 1 inn very 0011 Allan t y I yon make a remark to the Captain, asking him >< be k? j.- ku> lady or wife there r A. The Captain wan ("I the ? At the time I was at the station hoase. <1 ltd yw. oot observe any other property, or any tl iug A '< ' hing, sir, but the ordinary furniture of a l?dn? m. y Noting btslde* the ladles' dresses? Did you have any amiviT^iioo with the Captain about the furniture of ? in anything that was in the room? A. I re ?naiked ll Mat oaa-viwlte H was lieut. Keel, who .ad shown ms the room and carried me through the sta ll "n house, ft it I was on an ofleial vi<it of in ipectiOB, or Id the (a P'ain or the Chief, I have forgotten ? that Iliad e^e? s (Hun'i dress thrte. and I said I supposed it be i ngi-d I a thO I apt.iin's wife. After a m?m< ntary consultation between Alderman **r>*g* an > Ins clerk, the former announced to Mayor W'-od ths< he believed that wai all. A llersali iworn and examined by Alderman Briggs.) y What ward are you attached to? A. The Thlr Wnth y * lis' p. -itUm do you hold? A. I am on d ity t? a y. Haw li'Ug hwe yon boon connect!"' poltce r?)*n n .-u A Alxmt a year. y Hlyrawn recover any slol y accom I esueri !>? i pis n Sorris, or any otli A. Ye eM,l hs*e. V) Whi e di I you find this prnjiortv found it in Tklrti tifth -t e*t. between Kir-laud Isci id avenues; I 0n mil rv-olW. t the number. y What did it msni<t of in general? A. flentlemen'i f e?ing r "d and a lew silk drosses. y An o kind ol property? A. Not to my recollec ts I ii>m > < there was; we took a valine aud car y ? ? * U>"se goods taken? A. To the Tenth ? nil .tetl. ii house. y Wk? <U luu'li* of them thoref At Mr. ov< "I *ni goads, C"n.i-i|ng of these gentle m I <i ?> ug k'?' . he had a fancy dressing store ia O'tlliBi' i g and another in t^rond street, S'e* York. y W< ti Mty other go-"'* claimed or this lot? A. flWI* weee -.rue .tresee- - ii ? beck? < s vali e and carpet I I . t ku ? v lie* her ail the reet wi re sent back or y * ii . k to whom A To Mr. Jonee the rnn from ?Iwi ?i i ad tl.? g il who was what i* termed a y. Wee they ???' lm?k t<i hint? A. Yas; whether Ihej were all .ent back I i o not klmw. . </ J? ? '?* ow* 'hey retaiuad at the station hou e': A Tilt the ,?r ,)t. ?aa mw. y Mr Joimm < ttiAt thfv tfff hi" ifooji"* A ?*? I < wl ? - ' A oiiloyl hf mu?t kuft' rUiioM tjMMh to % Mm *+m wm* tOey t Mti're they were sent hack? '? Mi *? ; hi* io 'mi turwe 'lays; I saw .i iues' tsktnf ? ??- i(?d> V lot aaao-v spl.ii Ilk drasa among them* k I ?<? 1. say I reeav?red Ihoae mik dre se> 0 Am t ttiey wer^ am ?.?a' t??ek till after the - upp'tae 1 ?irgls- e? etat up tb? rl?ei' A. <Hi ya?; hoig be M V K?"? r ? a kn' ?l">lge -f stki'f stoh-n property, mefc a at a. |?M wst>h t he n* kept at the sta |i?0 I ' j A I lemeaihei a trunk only y l-v yi s ka > this Mi .lone.' A Vet. Q lit k? i*'>n vt?it tli? MstuMi bouse* A I have seen him 'br.-? ui i tiaae there y Ii > tueie itsa4 I ? I w?- thathagnt clesrand tbe o<t s?r fi< r i use >?<??!' A N? i> y. I%t os* 'k* s? g-?ds b>'- "*g to different individuals* A Ye. Q, Ws- i ie e- er tri.d !??*' re a e i ir< fur this matter? A Ve W' -e tke MH<4aO' he .u ?Mwhargie'1 AM- ?ii.?u iaiu?m?i i > ? itsi> ?b >w? tbe llikflttl' ? rf our pnhae system Tiie msn Who Is al wnpe enfav eit to I gue. v re'* I*. and the iaOoeent ?an | erh?| , *b' *a- l> I into II, I. sent to prison. wltiie- > ? \ er* fc? on' ' ? i.? is tli- were eugure l in that AMe'Wi.n H Lgg>? Well. It ?a. all thotr luek y >nu <li. a. B" >wkea t 'I* .UK. I H la the station fcuse juet n"? A *?? to my ka<>w|e?|ge. y tlav. v .ii known o I anv gods wurned to the rieyva , * t.. ir -old at anrtiaa as ataten goods? A. i .see srm 1 leant ?.? >n< AMeimaa Mugg- ? Well > believe that Is ail *?r the Wlllian' Itf^rt swora a a" enamined? y How long have y?e lest . onnecW?t with the psdlce department or llw O'i A Saatly four yej^s y ii. i y u an, i ussbqp of aay property reeovere l In tha< tiww by t Ke Tenth wa'djH.lire at yuraelf- A. I ? rreated a men ?h* name a) Hss> a will, a frock mat, nhieb wa* Wt la ' barge a I ' ep Nutria. He said he e ? sal-' take ear* af it y What toaaw ol tins eoa* * A. I eannot tell law ysr -per. wi a list he kail aouir cmveraatton witat be ime t* It sf'e r Ibst 1 ran !???' WH y WWi Weame of tke prtsaoev ? A. Ha was sent up t<>Mng Mag y Its e van any ka?wip4g>- af i<thar atnlen j-r^pariy ? A None ci"ep? {hat i ha?? ilk drease? a'i l ? I >tbe. ii hi- ram. I( ysm aUow me. twill .ta'e all the <a m. ilr^Ml Hrl|f> j njtly i? Well <ib ttt>1 I anaalnl hi. man at r ????>'. fourth atrvot, HnUal.n. .1 fca<1 br ?fi,( I, it, 4??b < *|itau. V.rrv M*-Hti?4 ki i!*-k at ???? tim* Utan I a*?i lj'- ! him in ! 41* b?. I a f. * <1"U?i iaont4?*a an 1 aaarehad ill Waamnfl am <ux I M4 *. ? I bu eoat briM^ht |t ??, ??4 < aii*ai i v.rri- .?i , )( irvj <-tw ?otmm Mr* ?>tb 1 IllWl ?<?WV I fir. bm< Ihf. r ?,,! <1 What aa- ihi* m> tnma< Ak A ro?n UrlbH Hull la ili?- >h* <mlt mm *4 <Mri ihwrtt t i la.,? ?f* A *? : U>> nf ah fctiait H ..-??(< at ??<tra <f Hat jr"?i! ?tnrr ba?a br Am ? i?a at 4<fr - -nt Urn*. ?nd 0U--4- ? ?!?? A Va* air <4. II ? a ??t Uw- * A 1 VI H->? ?a?<-b j r-.j* ?* 41 ' raa Imp \ Alt<***b** ? #4t* a' lb* ?4 MM, I r eeverel ab?tl ?r im V- fill i'Wf% tl?? ha?' ??( Wkmi ? m* A l*r Mr Nac |i> UHa ? ?* tb? frn?b g Any ihI*' ?4ka> i A he alf Q. I ? " a i-a ? -.11.1 ?>..?*. h rr, ?b' f In- HMWl al i1?' A Imn a -?.*!?*? (4 I ? y t. i a> ab? 'b* Bam tl IW ia??<iibrf A I IbW J> *? Q fba- kto i irff>-4? hai ?<hi A <1 ih? ratal '? ? i?? <a4 *??'.??* ?' ?' k ita*. mmI 4dWwat A?lla <1 * ??? aw a* U* nm4? ?p' A la >b* *r.? i?ti>. f Wlbi . 4rai> ? ? *?" ?'.rtb ?.*???. ta afi <| *? ?t ?>>???.. iaa4. ????(. t?*?a A. N a, at, tb?ra ??? ? 1 i a .* '- <*t uin r**4y ?*?? ? '? n.?? .??m g M- ? ? 14 ? a? f* ? >a?a< ?ia4 alth 'h ra t ,? ? ???-?! '4 ? i- ? li^Mk a. A I '"?* at. I lit aa aiH'Htb- > r abn?l tbai V I4?*a ? * aat k? 'a l*4f < 4 ........ at aay ?>?!?? f,rr>|#it ft i }. <???? h ?A?i ?( Ibtl ?? r4 A ??? fM^Va 0 ?lia' fc?w4aC f - "t? a?' ??* !%'? lb Vlt ? iat foai Ml ? la iiatfaf ?*-4a? ???,?'; A. I?f war* iwih ? .1 K*r ? a g H hat 4? ? i' '* ? aa p>aa ?il f n? '? ? i r .t l|? A. M ??? aaaaaii ? M<a a ????? ??? I ? ^ ?*a c-uil .i,l . ?' Ill <b' ?U'.. a b -*m h?t aba ^ lUaa ?< m> b?a?. g* ??' a f.M ? h I ??! < a <?.!?? parti* A ?ir t*% !???? aha! fk< i ail i bMMW ' *fci? ^'>1* Ijr alM !? ??? hot. v., ; l ' a i ? i rk ? *?il, a tn?l m?- (.? p:l? g< ? it . a-i* i.a?a. law ? f ?" it (A la".' g. I?4 ?*?r b?"? ?4 I ? ia tim iaa |.t- f ba.,i4 1, 1,1* j|, N <jt *4/ AM * / ? 1 aa?? t" (it il la Mb* ? ?ba*? lha atl.ka prvparly * ?? t.> Km iiltb- (???<?' I. u? I t '? ka'.-i b?"? bn I ?????? ?u?u? arvyrii i g if u, I ?hnaUUVf k??? It A. Tt.ria .. ima la 'b* itaKw bwa tbraa ot | %r i i-a t. ! i ? *>t kn'i? W >?l l?rani* ?<* r |til. i .,i "Tl lap tl i a h? t Ma( ta M it w*.\% )irt? in* f ' T? ? taa at* It ?ball la ff moaUi- l> <1 H "* ' *!*??' 1 ?* Vhara baa ba*a a uj ?k4.I id >.??*. ? , 0 TJirn an k ??<?? "f >' ' Mil,,* | <ai, tall "i at "lb*r? W4 n? AW.'t...'.ali ../f~ !?>?' '/ !l "? ' (?rot >a W Si i ra. . ?' ?? V iir*..-! ? ' mamaka .na fatwi k tw*wahn,d t<t AH?r MM Hi y. Von An u??t ???? n.a Vo c .? t mx-4 ** ...n B. ?;*??' ' ??.'?' Tfca Wklf mj*mf ?a tit# I# that property in# ?rinn*p*i ^ Joa#? Mr. No. ia? I hawa (ot tUa io? iro ri'a o War., al It .i|.|K -i-*n ? .? ma-'a ( ?' * a .tl. 4i**m / Tlia 4r- ?? ? rattm- I I > M' J ><? - ' r i mi 4 ?:>? i r" of ? ? . i. m H'< hi? ra? pt I hoM f r !) lma; Ihr- r- at all-nl'-l I" ?>? Mr Hnb" at b) of om a man al t a ? trt?a of Ban ?>". * < **? >'? f alfl f.?r roi at rlai*ir>? bit 'ID th( l it/ ?' t-ain . hvHb#?..' . ' > r- ?*' deretood it >u bought at Barnum'a. Chatham square. bat he h?i! paid good money for it; Mr. Sneuoer, hi< cuaneel, brought me an order from him for thin coat, and I hat ? hii receipt fcr the nine; but he never railed for it. and tt ia theie yet, that in what became ol this coat. Q. Respecting the gioda of Mr. Trempcr? A. When we arrested Jones, we Drought about a cart load of good* from him; Mr. Maaon identified about $1,000 worth; the ad\ertueiuent brought Mr Tremper there; whiUhjiden tilled weie delivered to the l'olice Court, a# VM to him; there his receipt was taken for them. y. Anil what bixame of the balance of goods unclaim ed V A. We hare heretofore been In the habit of keeping goi ds at the station house till the job wan worked up. but ever since the bill was passed In regard to them, we hate aunt them all to the court. Aldeinwn Hriggs (confidentially) ? I should like to see all the-e goods sold. Witness (firmly) ? If you inquire, you will find that my statement In regard to these goods is correct. Q. How many alia dreaaes were there ? A. Three or four* Q. J. id you never hear a rumor that they were taken fiom a house iu the Tenth waidV A. I weut to a (treat deal of trouble to write notes from the robbery book in the t hiot'a office, but I could not find an owner for them. Q. J id Alderman Oakley tee tiese dresses > A. fit her he or Mr*. Oakley did. lord ! everybody knew the dreaaes were there; tho men all knew they were there. (J. You did not deliver them ui> to Mr. Junes till you got the order of the Court? A. I hare got the order ?f the Court, and ulso tho receipt of Mr Jones; Judge Welsh lent the case to Brooklyn, Ix-cause the offence was of a higher grade there than it aould be here; Jones waa nuo'e ;i witness. Ahlemian llriggs ? Then Jones w as made a witness, and the thief allowed to go at large' Wittiest. ? The thief U not at large; the matter i/i not settled yet. Aldennun Briggs? I do not see why this Jones was not prosecuted here. Witness had nothing to do with the prosecution of the cae or the manner in which It *?? conducted. Q. Have y< u any knowledge of Jones being screened In tlie cityy A. Not at all: it was at the discretion of the i iMiict Attorney of Kinga county that he was made use of as a witness: the indictment is atill held OTer Jones' head a* receiver. Alderman Hriggs (in despair) ? Well, f believe that will do, Mr. Norris: ami now, in consequent of the heat this afternoon, I will adjourn the committee till the call of tl.e Chair. The committee accordingly adjourned, at half past four V. M. Commlulonert ofEiulgrailoii. The Hoard mot at 4>* I'. M. ? Present, Commissioners Verplanck, (In the chair,) Can igan, Kelly. Cumuilag<, I'urdy, Kennedy, G?rrique an'l Morgan. th* snir w^iiama. F.x-Judgc Rkbie, ou behalf of the consignees of the ship iimler seizure for landing her pas-cngers at some j oint other than Castle Harden, made a statement exonerating the owners from Mame, us the whole matter was a misunderstanding on their part. The Commissioners exprewed themselves willing to ci mpromtse with the consignees, provided the matter of the rented, who wm to blame, would he proceeded against. On motion, the matter wa< referred to tne President, Vice President and Counsel of the Board for settlement, piovided it could be done without loss to the Commis sion. TIIT StTCTtlYTKNIIK.VT OF WARD '8 ISLAND. C< mmibalouer Kkmnkiiy wished to read a protest agaimt the appointment of Amos Plllsbury us warden of Ward's Island. Ci mmlnslooer Muroa.n was opposed to hearing the pro test, as the gentleman wm not present at the meeting ?when the action was bad. Commissioner KK-vnupy was at length permitted to road his pretest, which was substantially the fcatne as those of Commissioners Kelly anil Purdy. which we have already publii-heii. While admitting Mr. PUUkury's tali nts a? a prison disciplinarian, the protest expresses a doubt of the propriety of employing a gentleman educated lu that maimer lur tlm office designated. A communication v. as received from Mr. Pill tiurf , ac oep'lug the appointment of Superintendent of Ward's UUni'. ] rovided he would be allowed to have full control at that | lace. The letter wa* laid ou the table for consi deration. Commit loner Mokuan made n report from the Commit tee on Utile - ameiuling the regulations governing Ward's lal no, of a charneUr to thn>? m?re power in the hands of the new warden giving him the power to appoint all subordinate officers, nurses, A'c. After the report was read it was moved that the discus sion ol it lay over, as it would involve important changes A* thl- *a> objected to. Commissioner 1'untir (-lightly excited) remarked, this is infsir auit discourteous, to push this matter and cum I ei ih< minority to act when they do not vflsh to do so. ttli> not give time1 < i ininis ioner hr*\Kl>r stated that this matter was ex citing no little public attention. He was asked on every ?tieel corner why he wa? not present to vote against the iniquity; and bad he voted for it. It would be called by a harder name. }or one he was opposed to this action, linn the lieg'unin* to the end. It now turm out that Mr. I llisbuiv is to be the Czar of Ward's Island, and in -tead of a'king him to come, he has actually dictated the trims on which he should be employed. Commissioner Mow. an stated that when he came into the commla'lun he found !?4ft peri ons employed on Ward's I- bind , nfthese IWi had been discharged as being useless, and l.y app inting Mr. I illsbury, a nompetent man. atlll greater airing would lie effected. It would lie well to put ?sid? all piolabilitics of appointments for political con aideialii n. Ci mmi-sioner K*>Mir>r ? I ask the gentleman If he know* of one caac of a person now in office w ho was ap is ijited for political reasons Commiaaooer VIhriia.n ? So, I do not. I have not keen here long enough to know. (i m mission ir CrMMlMW? I want to know how it I* that the > Id Commissioners did not kaow that lh>-y were |?)ing nearly Iw > hundred persons more thsn thoy h.ol need (or. Men * ere app< lnted as teamstsrs and bottlo wachers when there ?;.* noaort of use for thein. Itiir I I ti e i>a-t week seri ial names ot person* made their a| iH nrauce on the pay roll that bad no right there. I omtniasiofter iTUny i emphatically ) ? I distinctly deny thai I knew of urn persona who were appointed to of to ? for >tolng nothing, audit the gentleman insists on It I | ronounce it unqualifiedly faLie. Why press this matter? ? ? rniniasioner Mi>r<.an did not wish to press action neroilewly. We hold an Important trust, and when we kn ? that things aieviong we deserve impeachment. Onimlsstofie. I'ranr ? Impeach, sir? Impeach Is thl- a thieat t If so. I court Investigation, and am sa t? l,i d that no action you may take can hurt me After me i.el>?te the report was ordered to bo prin' > >1 md fterred to a s|?cikl meeting to tie held on Friday next. I I ii no ?|. ner T showed that the salary to be glim t). Mr. 1111a burr (M flM per yean wnogreater than t.nt of any ther official hololng a similar position in he Mate lie Concluded by offering a resolution to re nin lh) -alary '?0? which includes house rent, ve getable Ac I.trttirer tin -u oer Mule an ni#?iel that the house now used ' \ It phy> ir lan on Wa d's Is'.arid be ?et apart for the i.) . | . ?! u.'.endent. I*. l orer afte. some discussion. At 1 )'e j med . II It IN Of AMIVALe AT I A'.TI.K OARJiKN FKOM I KI'TtMUKK It TO HRITKMBSH It. t ll?T?l I Iterpo . l/<iidon WW VIKLT StKKtHV. ? >4 !.et an r. I to ept. S lH-,J 95 CM.'. !"?- m. since to la, 1HS5 1(>40 ? . t*i 9?r, ?' ?? aiwt ih &r, m>4. s ? ' i ?*e? m ia?ti',.,t; n on Ward's * ' 1 Ml 2,40ft v i ? loa'i .u y?.ii^Il .. piul I'.'.f ii:l r '? . i ?:o 2, am n. #? i '?? i l ?oi iw I., ?*fif 'e 'ki Ip* t. ?<?[.? f. $v>.m 'IW 2*i ? r* ' u r nails' *a ion is | sui I jfr *.< ft.. ... 4 ST1 09? 372, 'JM 80 t.'a! . $3BU.m n I )t>m>faiesii t' ^epf $ "W. If I . ? e.j* | ai' 6 1' *11 40? 4<M,547 '1 < " n ?*rk... AS Til- leptrai'Hr Heafid T) rni. A l? < el ^erm e umnio ; in a'unlay, .ep'e v's-r 8, : ??? prM'V i I y a '"iwi .f t#infs-ratnre in /mli'irin in 11 I M ? * I rt 1 ? ' ft A M. of ut u Hay st ftt ? h f- ? j ' t sw iv?# h ira. Tli? following are ? . ' and nnmli*r of ilagraei eliani/e in in >\ four I o . by b' iirly obaerratlon II ' ? !j> * f 'A mr. ?f?? a' lay * ? *? ?? If '"g. V?i ? ? i. . ?} .... HI "T J) 1 b-M.,i ?|. *. ? 10 I) I -T?? ay ... '? ? lilt tie.t'ay .... 90 M 9t The t<ii.p?-a ir? (Miftffi ' "" at ai*ty..i* diglOl frm l> I', M. of ye*t?rAay till 4 A. M. of Msy-*i?o ***mk oVre h the tea pern' ra In f|?* <un'? ray? to day rssn in 120 <ffie I ftitnlM *a? *l?itile In theaoqih. w down t 0 ? kmtiM f,B \?.n, j?i evening at I and ? 'I'aloek. It ie?tnlfe- a 'et?per#fur?- of nlseti dejfreee and up w?; i i . .?#? l?' wttt. s'-veral fiMaeea'ira iay- of '. !ri I* .ti?r? abure Mjtity dagrr**, to ?i??iitai? what I <i T ' nil' ate ? t ea'ad >nn that state of atmo'pbere ha* l?? rearbwt to-day, at 1 o elnak U,? two ?. -m? Hi-s{?il4rM, tAd.ea<* t? > aarth i uk> s wHhia thl* I *a?ed te-m L MKKIAM I." <'?tr? Hs-..n? -tept 13, 1M6 city MIBi ?? mromTAKt vi>Tixxrr iiom t?* sabim. We leam fr?m awthaaUc tbat ? raw* us of the Hard Sb*U Umw>1 Coaaltto* t? ?? Tw?4lf etea lag. t* detormuto wbat rw?sr?? was Wwl to jwrrne la ?? derto prearrw O* bant* V?m f?1u? or being absorbed In ike eot? rovatjr sod city l*Hsiii?atk"?? Vartoaa ?"?' ?ore* wwr* W j( it tu at V-wgtU 4?>rminw?t to ? f p?int a xmautte* uf ir? well kanwa and reliable hard* a bo sfewwld i??art ta Uto f??.ral committee a full ^et <?< names of ????? aaiUKlr to aet ?? city *nl county nomination* to eeleM ut^ to be v.tod fur this tall Tbi* acttoa, >4 mw vir'uaJj &rr? lhe?* five men full power to ?oieiaate who they i>-??e W hen this action of the caaeus ?? aois.-.| abrn# 1 li'tdar it rn>?ti-?l no little eaei-eaieat aamn* th? p >h ticUns. H l?*?id that thfl ' h-1 * "t l,**V?r* '"11 na.le to rait) the bald pi inarjr tim <i?m, w.thertew 0 fn.e 011 citjr and county caa ti tatow. and tbia aetioa la what the hard* wish to if Tbi? ""'*?? ment will cr.ele no Uttl. JndtmaaUoa th* " striken." and offi. eseekera of both faction., butlt ap pears to le th# only mean* the bard* have to preeerv* their urgim Icatlon intact. hakp a np Horr l AwniPATt* roil *o*iwatioh. We |five below a corrected Hat of the prualwat can. didatrs lor nomination beta* the x<tt aal Hard City and County Convention*, together with a statement of their present occupations The U i ia an instructive oo*. a. it phows what a large proportion of the candidate* are nw officeholder!!. The** gentlemen are all believer. In the good old democratic doctrine of rotation in office -that 1?, tbey belieseln rotatim tbem-elvee out of on. ? <?l fat office Into another a Uttla better and totter If pos.i We. The table also ah owe how great ?? influence the CuHt..m Itouac wield, la city politic, ?.<4uit- ? number of the Inspector* fl*ure on thi* l"t ?k candidate* <>?< of ceyenty cxld name* here irlTen oeer fifty are now ?? e holder*. Hy October the fata of most of then* can ll late* will be deteimined:? H> r SfwrijT. Jac. C. Willeit, Uaranth ?ard, piea? nt I nler Mberu, Aott fbell democrat. Kied. I.. Vulte, t-isteoulh ward, present l?eputy -he rid. *ott ahcll. . ? , HioinnH Dunlap, (of IVwter Mu?,) S*tee.ith ward, Councilman an>l l^jiuty Na\al <?fHeei . ?oft ?hi>U Benjamin 1'. Kaiichild, Twenty Second ward, gr?ei Mift hhell. . ... Jukiah W. Brown, Kirnt ward. Ald.-rtnaii democrat. Jame* B. Beuhol, ."eveuUenth ward, iKputy Mierlff, hard dhell. , , . , , l'etei Antcn, Fourteenth ward, liquor dealer, denvi 01 \Vm. M. Tweed, Serenth ward, e*-member of Cotuil<'?, Neliiarka democrat. Th< man 3. I'arr, Sixth ward, Senator, bard ?hoU. . I'. Turnute, Twenly-accon 1 ward, atable ki^eper, hurd shell. , . Solomon Klpp. Ninth ward, ?ta?e proprietor, noft shell Morton Kalrchild Eighth ward, democrat. Jacol. K. Oakley, Tenth ward hard "hell. Jainea H. Breunan, Kleteuth ward. Independent. Henry Klpp, independent. fiunruW to Corporation. lorento B. Pbepard, Ughtaentk ward b.wyer, aoft shell democrat. ... .lohn B. Hawkins, Fighth v,ard, Corporation Attorney. hard ihtU. . . , , ? ?? Horace V. HarV, FJ?hteenth ward, liwyer. hrvrd ahell. fcd^ard C. Went, l;even?h ward, liorernor ol Alms houae. haft shell. . . .!.,i,a B. Phillip#, Twenty flrnt ward, lawyer hard ^ . QrtWty ( Irrk. Richard B. Connolly, Serenth ward (pn nent County Clerk), hard ahell democrat. ? , M< j .hen Van Nortrand, Twelfth ward (Custom House), ?oft tiliell democrat. General Henry Storm*, Third ward (ex-State I n ?ij Impector), Hoft shell democrat. ?lame Ki^lihU Third ward, soft idicU democrat. J. Sherman BrowneU, Ninth w.-.rd (Register's office), Uaid shell democrat an<l Know Nothing. Omminumrr of /.vpair? nn>l Stifiph'" B. B. J'nrfly , Fftnrteenth waid (present Lomuustionor), hard eii ell democrat. . Iianiel W. N' orris, Tifteenth ward (r.vcry staUe keeper), so!t shell democrat. , William Miner. Second wnrd (Inspector Cu twn Uouae), rtott f 1) eli democrat , . TTioman I'.eil-y, of Hermitage Hall, Seventeenth ward, hard shell democrat. _ . Knt. S. Selah, Seventeenth ward (1'cputy Sheriff), hard ^V,n. 1>. Scaily. Fourteenth wa: 1 (inspector Custom House), soft shell democrat. N oi man Mcl>eod, Tenth ward (Contractor), soft shell l0?obert DonneU, Fifth ward (Cu torn House), soft shell '' Ji'lTn <i Sccley Seventh ward <C.*ncllm*n), democrat. William J. Hrfrley, Ninth ward (e*-Aldermao), soft shel* den?< crat. Thomas Monroe Third ward, ?"ft shell democrat. Tin mas St.-.rr, Nineteenth ward (Superintendent of lloads), hsrrt shell demasrat. Xrrft C rmmit*ion*r. .Tames Furey, Twentieth waid. present tVammlisiouer, deiDocrit, , , . . ., . ? CUrleti H. Fifhth wanl, drufj^tt, m?ft nhrll. Samuel Allen, Slneteeuth ward, beputy U>Uector of Assessments, soft shell. ? Han v H. Howard, Sixth ward. Alderman hard ^e?. I arlrfEwen, Seventh ward, OMy Surrey <>r, democrat. Casper Ilillds, Sixteenth ward, printer, Soft shell. John K. R'lKK". HK?'tem?i ward, merchant, i?>ft shell, tni.nles Devlin, Fourth ward, contractor. demi>enit. John H. Chambers Fourteenth ward, Deputy Clerk of C< mmon Council, soft shell. . _ , Isaac Vermilyea, Seventeenth ward, Custom House, soft shell. . _ J. Meech He-wy, clerk, soft shell. Hugh Smith, Seventh ward, Ccnaolidated Stago Com ' 'v^iiwin" ! small. Seventh ward, Folire Court Clerk, m>ft ' w?j. L. Wiley, Twelfth ward, Inspector t>f Vessels, hanl 1 hos. MrSpedon. 'Uneteenth ward, printer hard "h*-11 Kilwin IJouton, fcleventh ward, ex-Aliennan, liard b( harles J. Dodge. K'ev^nth waH, assessor, democrat. Jhs S. llalstmd. Fifteen Ui ward, in office of Coinml* sinner Of Hep* Irs ?nd Supplies, democrat. Citf Inrfrftnr. lh> mas K. Downing, rflneteenth ward, present Inspec "licnrv iV Johnson, Tenth ward, Cuitora House luspec- i "ai'j" I*1 V;i' lie. Twenty. first ward, physician, hard bj' <;eo. <;r,t'sberg*r Jr.. Fifteenth ward, liquors de m l" "'iiilip Me'kls, Tliirtemth ward, physician, demo K. H. him hark, Eleventh ward, Councilman, hard h[' ' j, \v. Ranney, Six'eenth ward, Councilman, refoim nno temperance (Hr?rmnr A Im'houir. Patrick TI"nry Third ward, (present Incumbent) de Witt, >m!t? Fi<an< nt. Twenlydr*t wasd. government agent, -oft ?1.? 11. I'. C. M< lonejr. Third ward, Uqnor dealer aoft ahell. ( t.odfrey (iunlher, (eighteenth w*rd, lur dealer, hard ahell. Jhwi Mulligan Fourteenth ward, blacksmith, demo crat . J' hn <?rr, Thirteenth wart, carpenter, eoft shell. < aK|>?t Killer, Twentieth ward, II juor dealer, e'ift h< !'. I ct?r f'olah, Fifth ward, ll/|n? r dealer, liard theU. I . F H.narl?<>n, Fifteenth ward, Cuatom llouae aoft ibcil. I dward P. Donnelly, Thirteenth ward, liquor dealer, M't ll' U. Ottif/roHrr. A atrial) f. H?gg. Sixteenth w.jrl, (prftM'nt Comptrol ler^ M)f! f hell. Ati'iin llerrick. Nineteenth ?mmI Alderman, aoft ahell. g e II. I ur?i'r, Fourth ward, las Commi "loner, toll ahell. 1hi nias .'eremlali He\ent??'nth ward, democrat. Ann* F. Hatfield, Eighteenth ward, I'recdent I'aclflc In-urmce < omj.any ""ft ahell. Talm.ta J. Water*. ,-i>t?? n'h ward, ei-Comptrolier, d . nv eiat Jeiemiah Towle. fifteenth wird, democrat. J ml',' Marin' f'n.rl. W. O ne, Fifteenth ward, (,'natom Houa" < >ft 'hell ? ha?. fweeney, Moth ward lawyer, ?"ft -hill. nnHOtMll, Hr?t ward, et-Aaaenihl/man, ?oft nhcl! HoW. P. IJ\ Ingaton, Fifth ward clerk court, hard -..ell. Jtlitir- 'Vja rn'iti I'lrtU. Amh-our F.. f'inmy, Twenty Br?t ward, lawyer ?of -1 .11 tier r ?e Har?tow -'eventeentll ward lawyer, dermwrat Horence MM arthy Fourth warl. Judge Ha ne Court, ?h mocrat. fVrrrjfUTI. Jc-ejh I tut' n, Nineteenth ward ") '' ft. H J*. Wflhehn?, Tenth ward, ! Pre cut locum f Pr ht. (n.mhle Nineteenth ward f M%rd. * m. O'l rmtiMl Fourth war-!, J IT F. [?. fonuery, old faali oried utraig'it u; atv! <>r d? mncrt'. Dr. Jnaeph Heine, Tenth ward, Kift ahell. I r '"ha- Mc' alfrey, Twentieth w*rd, dem - ra I?r. Hrp' nnell, Twentieth war ' derrv rat. I?r Joachim, Seventeenth ward democrat. I r. Nenl Uorlann Fighth ward d* ret. lh'?. Whilan, Fourteenth ward, Ihiuor dealer, l.ird aheli. Ji hn Ilrrwn *? Tenth ward el?rfc, lurd ahel I avid WnoH, Nineteenth ward t'untem Hn- ? ft ahell John f Klpj> Nineteenth ward, aoft ahell

I >r F nlay Nineteenth ward, aoft ahell I r Fccrwb I em ',c ret Jtm'a N Irwin, Thirteenth werd, nett ahell. H -, t arpentier, ,-l?th werd, I hyei' ten d?nocret. Il< -iry <.ne?n?ey f< ?en>b werd. piiyetcien dew^rat r ( wketelr, Twentieth werd, Iwrputy (iijooer, dM Fa??r Fifth ward. d<-m> rat { t> f^h'eentij werd. dem-xrat. The Turf. CXKTRrVILLK OODB8K, L. I TROTTING. Thr aaaociatiom* connected with the fame of flura Temple are of *o attractive a character that when?ier her same in announced for a nee, crowd* are xure to In attendance . The wonderful euro1** that ha? here tofrre attended lady Franklin in all her matches, particn larly thin *ea?on. box made her hoat* of friend*, who bo rame no aanguine that they ventured to beliere ulie could rival flora Temple in her performance*. Under these iaipreaeiona a match wait made between them, two mile l.ea'a, to wagona, fnr $2, Oof). The race came off .in Tuex day afternoon, and the result proved the fallacy of their e?|*rtatlMn?, r.x it wax won Hlthout on eifort by flora, in fact, it appeared that aim wan never at the tup ol hfr ?pe?-d dui'ng the race. Another rcaaon why thU match lit made by the Mend* of l-ady Franklin, wax the Idea that Mt. Mi 'Mann wa* unable to drive flora in theatyle ah* had been driven by lliram Woodruff, ao tliat tkuee who bet on the driver Inxtiad of the horde, we<e duobtil air tin to disappointment. Mr. McMann drove f'Uoa in tiiie rare ax well a> it wax poaslble fir any ?ine to have driven her, an I lie brought her to the pout In capi'al condition fur a lace of any kind. Her tenijicr appealed much Improved, and there wait an ab<once of tliat fretfulnexa which aht> hax lately exhibited while acorilf befotea crowd. We do not thl.ik 1 jady I'lauklln wa* fully tip 'u the mat k either iti point of condition or galt.xheh." probably had too much wink thia *ea*an. and ?h>'ti!4 lie l?( up f< r a lime. She U a noble little, and ahould not he abused. fri-m 1 he m in nt the match wax made to the rnnrnltiff of the da) of the race, lady Kianklln had the call in betting circle* but on lueiitiy morning the friend.' ol flora 1 1 fan to diaw their wallet*, and offer alight odd* on their favorite One hundred to ninety ? to eighty ? to reventy, ?a- offered ami belr>re the nag* went to the tia'k laiger oi.d- than the above wrre naked by thn barkm iT Ia4jr I'niiUln. All present neeroed infected with a betting ? ? ma. and thmmandx of dollar* were -tal rd on the The race will long lie remembered by n>?ie gentlemen from tui* fact alone. The ?? atlier being n ?.t delightfully aulted for the rare, an c >m nurxe of people were in attend au<e ttnie weie more vehicle* within the encloeurca than ever aeeti before. The liiUte*i in tlil? race wa* ao gteat that the train of c?t? which lett Hrooklyn wax derut'dy crowded with pat -CD.erK for the Ontrevillc CoUrae, who were compelled to pay fifty cent* for the exrurxhm there and back. At the cncluaion of the firxt race about one-third of the excurflonlats returned to the cara, which atarted Imme diate)/ for the clly, leaving behind nrurly two hundred |t>ople. ('n the aecond race being declared a forfeit the ? emaining pawuger* went to the x'aflon iiuil found to their chagt in that thlr car* had gone and that no on vej anre could be fi.t.ud lo proceed to lliooklyu ? a tlia tance from the *' a* Ion ol neatly right mtlcx. After vent ing xutnlry h'-artt anatln max on the conductor aud ootn |any, the diaappointod excurxioniata concluded that, at they could not go home by a team, they would try the " 1 inple'a line"? am foot. A number went to rtnodi ker'i, otheiD to I axt Now York ? four tnilea diaUint? and from thence to the Bedford itatton, Hrooklyn, by that peculiar mean* of locomotion known a* ''Shrink 'a inare," invoking blerudngx meanwhile im th? company. Unite a number remained behind, and quartered thcinaelte* ax la-at they could on the neighboring farm houriet. Ax all the"!' i < o| le | aid for an excursion hack to Hrooklyn, which they did not get, of courae the railroad company will appoint aome time which they will publicly an nounce, when they will leluin the rnnuey |*ld for tare. Hut to the race : ? I'ir I //'ii'. ? Lady liaiiklln won the jmle. Tlie llrxt time the horaea came up Hiram xfiook lux heart for the juitg" >? not legist- tin word, a* bin man vm? not trotting squat e. TLey wont bark to tty it oier. Tin* next time they rame op Ktanklii) wn a ouple of lengths ahead fx t Mr. Mi Muni' nodian to tht> Julge- for the word, and it vat kWv >. I lota t vertuok Franklin befoie aiu had gi i:o l.lly ja da, but then broi." U| , and fell off ntx'Ut Ii ttr in live lengthx, whkh l*rty franklin held to the i)tiiirtir fade in thirty nine aeconda. flora went very itiklly tlt.wn the back-Uetch, nut u.aking an Inch on franklin un'U the latter ma le a break, and then ahe went up to f tanklln'a wheel. In thia way they pnacod the half mile polr in 1 ltf. dn the l iwer turn llora made ada-h. and waa xoon a couple of leuctha ahead of the riann. ate, :itnl lifter Mi Mann had xiiti-lle I Ii I in - ? ii that flora had the f<<ot. h" -at very comfortable Inhix vehicl ?>rra?ii nally takli.g a peep over hix ahouldcr at lliram, letting hie mate have lit r own way for the remainder o the hi at. .vhe (rotted very prettily, never making a ?kip alter the hr?t ijuaiter. Khc wa- about three length, i ah' ad on the flrxt inlb- ? time. 2;JiT ? an l came In a win n< r of the heat i u a j"g, making the laxl mile in total I'.".. 111 f Unit ? one hundred to twenty offered on Flora, without taker*. The ii rr' Ihrw-qairtn* of n mile ol t L i* heat ?a? mtct eating ; tin* n ig? keeping cl to gither, and ap| .arently 'Imgglmg for tho lead, but after lady 1'rankMn broke eomiflg up the home<tirt< h bwing ihrie or four length- *h? neier got * itliin hailing <tl t< uc?* Mots won by liotr a do?en l>'i>irtl> making the ftr?t mile in the liuil in and th' heat in 5.11*,. The following In a nummary ; ? Tt ?MY, h'rpf. 11. ? Trotting match, $'.'000 two mils hint*. to wagons. Jar. MiMaim named b. in. 11 ra Teni; l? I 1 II Woodruff nanxit r. m lAdjr I lanklin - 'i Time &:12>,? 6 11 ?, Ctirfcrl. A MIAN/ VH RAKI.r.V. Tlib cricket match commenced on Monday an 1 termi nated i n Ttie*d?y It *m tbe lir?t of a home nod hmne game, batween the two club*. Bnth < lutm hare hen or. gani/ed about two yearn, and are ?irtoed i?t a nuilnu* of old tilcketern in each. Md made up of other player* of lea* |.r?' ?i>?iom<. a* well a? many Americana, who hire imhft*-d a ta?te for tbl? healthful game, In thl< latter feature, tl e Albany club figure* conspicuously, counting among it* memtx r* rery many iniluential gentlemen of Aliiany. and baying Vt it* pr^ident Mr. i4ry, of the Al lmny Htn'r RrgUtrr, who U an ardent admirer and aup porter of U>i* noble game. The >UfSU of the Harlem rlub and their friend* and Mi Wm. Kawll, their umpire, arriied in Albany by the Krancl* -kiddy, and were e> ort ?d to thi' cricket ground, which i* *ituated acroa* the ferry at Cireenbuah. The Harlem ? le hiving won the choice, elected to put to the wicket* the A1nant?n? Thi? objectionable cour-e ariee from a de?ir'- to m?ke it a n* i!ay '* pluy ? the llailem eleven, although milMi* the of their l?**1 pla>er?, considering t hem -< ! ve . *tr,.'ig enough to nearly h the match in their fir t inning*, by Mich a pcore a* would enable them to run off the re miinder and leave by the night boat The te. It -ho , * h' w uncertain and futile are nil cab.Uti'...< a- to ie re cult of a game of cririet, for iu the moat ? .p ?nt joint, t li? ground, It w*a? ei ? pt le ' wean the ?i -el citremely rough ei|* Lilly for the long an t-r, m?uy eloie run* were made a* the mid wicke ml j ? from the Harlem f?*t imwllng H le g n?tt to im; - to f eld the t*U with any eer'.al-ity, on u unt ?' ".e rr i ghne * of the griii.nd, and we ni%y ?eil fra ikly ? that the Albany . en wi-re inurb b^lie jr. ? f . and they proTH the. i-el<e? urn h lietter f ?! t? tally fiilli 'ple a* ln?g- 'op? ?t?! were f?r m > i e thin wa? the Holim ?l??*n lie. >i, ||. .. ? ha* in tbl* mutch been (<uli?rly ,? r n?'i not i nly by *ereral ehamen given, |>ut nit taken by wlii h Moore l;< m ai.'I tillle?,|e ought to hn* ? ??? caught out, particular y in their ?< . - ,r?-l >, , ;ili < by two or three rbanc- . of runnii / tl eir I- ' me r ut J ai ticularly early iii Moor*'* *e nd ni in/ * ?unt of the h>rdlie-* f the beavr < lay ' irf w I, e? i-d 'lielikil to ii*e *h*n thrown In to ,e wic*e'. tn?n the ii ng hit* of Koae Hrxirw, (,lil?.p,e rrn'h Jr I' ? i J. Mnith all of Wiofn are ?.-ry flr.? t?t an : ? itai>g?>i'ri>, when Unn4 bw mm ? I" t-ita* 'h r 1 ad to contend with In thl* rnatrh The b*'wlteg of *roi i Jr., w*> ?low roi.nd am an t well ? n the a ke< w h a ?i?! pitch, bw lit grant ?-.(iiLJtin tot . A '?a e1i? "li* t- wlmg of Ro*e on the r. a-y l?tb-?t? ,* w ii h wl ' n eneonnUfed by t" A ?? ? ?e?er? ? " ? til < after having l+el in 'b? 111 .t .f p! . ^ if< ?' flrat rate howling, na- ely ioblnng b ? ?;1 ?. n?t' g|! .oil MnetittCfl wall up tfi the We 1 ?t mf I'Ve lie wicket, taking out *i h play r ?> an ? H rtgtit Va . r Wbart'n, T. and J. (ieltio and '?t?irn -v.e t,ar tr-ound n.xkii g ti e play BW |)m iii t#, h*e tl.etr wlekat* Ha'e* I*. Wrtgbt aftd I in i d* in played v ry iplii" ly f b- r ?< < u innir.y II Wright ar.d^b ?' u 'h- / ? at; ' W ilby, f with' nt<anl a* d '' 1 ia *1 ? t. t i ?. -i . ? made th> Ir ncofea In ftn? *4 y, ,H? *ba't ?, wt irradf anrh i It* di*plaj in the late HloWlykit Mkk yet Itte ? u.e ,4 th- r?.t in tb he wu e?,.,, ly , t?-i ate. The *tale nftb$ rr and may 1# oag oed t?y t'-* U , ? nt ir.ber of by > ? '?irly nire? to *ay autiiin) f l ? rer'.l r< w* f?? oi tV ' aie Ih? ? w i? ? * g tl i Albanian* *>i I fa?> Hit II* '1. I - * ?n by Allan? I 'y-ionr f.aa, its>? ?* . nntat le et| eetrd to t?ke I 4- 1 ?ut t be t|a,e f tha </? t ? M.otl ?l?lt to New V< * ?' ? I'Wt.etr. , I ' o ? 1 1 ? ? in ' * ' ' er pt,. J l l.e , , % . ? }?' I'm. The Harbin iiuh ?*r? trea e>l la t . fill odly to! liliwrkl ? a|oe- dartng their atay ia A '~i<y ird wrre fac'irtol t?i Ui?ll>Mit<e and ra** ??.t rwaay a> t* nikrfta. riot 'inly fr at Mr, l^ey, the J fe l lub, Wot alar. fWHn 'h? netnt~*ra and lh*i- f K I acy acte^ a# ampi-a for hW ' lab? ?ath r a <1 . f f in- in hi ? !''? iti ikM It U j?a tn hiai t- ?? t? the It*, '.? i^the 1 i"r i.ikiil Hailiit !. v ! re^ r-i U r?eiprr/?ate U* kin'r,? r**l H Of 'be . n ..t,h r 'tet la AlWay Mr l*-t, k*t< tfee ii?: -m (." **> v't wiahed | articularl.r t?i trlum hi* (haulm V' 'bat nterling I old cririeter, Mi. Wn?. KiimhI lor the lery (tir ami ulilr I roanm r in wbirh lie liwi f ni<*>l the poattioii ot umpire f >r tlio HiuUm ( luh. Wiwilnlri Were ghw Ly b??th rlubi, mid tin- pnriy vtMMMfM to the knirkerbockw. in which boat Ibey arrived in lht> < l!y ye?'e"l?y m<. nliitf. well pleated Willi ibeir ?Ult, not withstanding their d"-l v?' Tin' Inflowing in tin- acore : ? AIJU>Y nil. Wrrf Inninfl*. .trrmj Irtnt'UJt. J. Smith p Wiiby h. Huithenh.'ink 1 l>. WIlby 18 Chapln c. K. W i ight b. WIlby 4 t WIlby h. Swilhenbank I Moorr Ii. .' w Ithi iibauk . . 1 r b. WIlby . . S.?t Hone h. WIlby !M rWh.irt.rn I. WIlby ... tf b. Wilby U b. 8. Wiifht <i Smith, Jr., r. Swithen- * bunk b. WIlby 14 b Will./ !. Hole b. H. W right ii b. Wilby 1 i andern b. I1. nriihl... 0 not out 0 Cooper b. H. Wright 0 c. White b. Syner 7 Mancotil b. WIlby 0 runout 0 (illletpie, not out. 0 h, S. Wright "i" Wide* i? WUm ?. 15 Hv.. .7 H ?)?? by rii '1 l;eg by?? 5 Total ?H ToUl 17'i IMKU'M inn. It. Wright, run nut 0 c. Sunder* b. Smith, Ji ^ Fate* b. Smith, Jr 11 runout '.!?i Wharton b. Bom b 8nllk Ji iv S. Wright b. Rokc 10 li, Koae 19 wm.y b. Smith, Jr h li. Bom : FMtr h, Mn i tli Jr 7 e. Sondere b. Smith .1 1 I 1. (lodwin b. Horn 6 sot out 7 Hi ithmibauk r. and b, Rom' 9 b. Smith, Jr 1 Godwin, Jr., b. IIom..,, 0 b. Kone '? Unborn li. Ho?e fi c. Sanilere b. Smith. Jr . 0 White, not out 0 b. Hone 0 Wide 0 Widen * llyrH 4 liven ? leg by en 11 liegbye* '1 No balln 1 * No tutlln 3 Total IS Total 101 Bom- Hull. A very beautiful day 'a |ilny cmne olT ye lerday be. UctA the limi t led and > Ingle of the I'iooeei ("lirti ot New Jenny. The whole party, i?ri:oin|.auied by their lodl> proceeded to Centre \Ule Munition Houm, near llergen Point. they played for tlireo ?n l a quarter bourn - eight iunlngn each. The married men got the wurnt of it though they liaw- the bent pi tyern on llietr aide llnby, though unfortunate, In a very pretty but. (Iregory In good, both at a pitcher and bat. ItrlukerholT made ?time ot the l ent i uU of tl.e day?' two "t them tool, him right round the field. The aliigle played very well ? Jordon and Hr. Iiummer came out In good atyle ? but they mint lleld better; it ii very loone all round nnd needn great improvement. Afl>r the game all the company cat down to an excellent HiipiH-r provided by K W i'en iiojer, formerly of Htryker'a liny, and apeut a very ple.i Milt evening, nil returning to Jersey by nine o'. l.?'k. The following in the acoie: ? MiiltltiMi. rnxiiUC. Itolre 4 Ilixby...., ,'l Jordon (I (1 rego ry 6 llrown, J. K... n Hi i nk ci hull (I V?n Augin (I ll'iuhe !> HilliiiAU <1 lingeri ii Kirtb 4 Bsysolds ft 'I lllc ry I Brown, T C 4 I 'ii in irn-r. III (I Young 3 Fox ft DuuMr, tici 1 Kirkpatrlok.... U Cr#i:nic 1 Total S3 T.'tal 9$ Pltcber Jordon. I Itcher KeynoM-. I'a'elur liolce. Catcher Ilixby. Judge Jar. lb. Iirferee, W. C. llutton, of tbeKxcelaiot ll< e litllciu'i. T1.> Knlekerboeker and Ootliam play a ittor.f n i me I. -day at lloboken. City I tile I licence. C nt'Ki il CKRXM0N1KH ? K). I.KJIOt'H A DTSHTIK1SO. A nev. I.aptht congt ngutl<>n, couiiiaUng of n U ? u*nu* her of metntier* of that church, ahertl^-1 a f >Uovr* in a city paper on ilio morning of Tuclajr, 1 1 1 la in?t ? N< rtc. Yoi RTit.i Itarurr < nuwrn ? Th* corner atoiif of UU m w church tliti<-e, on Ktfty third ?iree\ *?*??? ran Hr"ind and 'khn <1 av? one*. * 1,1 \,i \m.l, v. lUi >j?ruu- rt*l nu ?et vW ? on W' din lay Co morrow; at i oc'oc k I*. V! pub tic arc ln\ lei to itt? t. l. IVrn ant to the notice, a reporter f ??in our office a* tended at Fifty. third atrftet, at a little befire the hour named. Ihare wa# a church goi ng up hut he found it UN * au Jp < j;?l edlllcc. After a I fiff wait hef mm! t !i a t the l..pU*t corner at una w.i* being Uhi ut fcighty third atieM. When he arrived tli<? n rentoof wn^ roncludrd. II#' J', however, that Uic church will be a line t mid in^r, utetaling ulmoAt fifty f?et in front an J eighty f"et ?*<?< fi. ft will Im built of brick entirely. fcle<<r? <' A l?. Ik 1 1 1?? ii are the bulkier* %n?l im 1 th?* f"nu'i?'|iin< *ome in? nth- r.inro. The home will he betw ? n thirty an 1 foity feet high and will ?rat a larg?- number of oeoph* J tiling yeeti i?iay the carenionie oh ?iracd on aocri o c a -I' iia we.c duly iierformed by the pmtor tX|fectaut wide 1 by .iH>i-tant clerical friend* There wn- prayer, hwtory of tin* ptogr* " of the fWtp'int", I ?)toir of th#* nt-?ne, with docuti ? nta and n< wif a| ?*r? enclosed arid then prayer atf.ilti. If the IttptiM* had 1*1 a correct adae tiwrn- nt in the allien nt papera we < outd have given a more full leport. WumnutJ awi> nm Kiwrr Winn !'? ujrr..? W<? are rt^ueateil to hy Captain fhfttptn, of the Firat war l police, In rc1? icnce to the j ar:i;? . ;i f ? l< pnhiiahe?i in ymter day'n piiftrr ?le?*cfihirg the ^depl/irahle cm<Ution of Whitehall #treet during the night time," that he u?e? a! ! proper vigilance to diatom* the rowdian wh?> fr^|U"nt thia tmpoftdint thorougfare, and foi tli?t pufp-?*?4 h?? lately detailed two additional tneo <?n that mhI. We are gl.vt to abWi to annr*un? a the )inp'>rtanl fan an-t bop* that Hi future we may bate n ? < ?ai?."ii to coinpUiu the mgiigcti' r of men under bm c? tiunand. flAe*. Mail. ? A match between the married and ?ingle meftiherN of the Atlantic Ila*** llall Club will take pi*'* n#*t Monday attemoon, a< 1 o'clo?k at lielford 1. I. Thi? club, tliovgh recrnflyr formed rank 4 c|uit?* high, and no doubt a l?'g< siH#r?s>!d;*n?* wiU t?e pra rot to Mltrnan theniatrb. Auust of J-ika tM V' 11* -T? rr^~ r*lay aftern n lietweett IV and 1 o'ch cK *n afarm of fire In th?? *rren*h ?U-trlct aaa cau. ad bj tb* hr caking of ?<>m** carliojpii of adds in the ct-llar No. 10 (iold ?treetf i*rrnpir ' It; Mi" l*'?e|J. Mai ?ii A If -nt wh<>'?*air druggiat* Th?* dama/r Wa# hut trifling iJetwcn 1 and 2 o ? bjck tf>e ??rn** af *etnro , another aMriu ?f fire ortginale^l at tl?" a*?n? prt li we* r>ecaal'ik?d t y t)?? namr eao^e. A^otnaa Ai.*um.?? About ]0oVh>rk n?*t nigh* tha Mty Hal? hell rung fi-r an alarm of fire In 1 ? ?lar wtrre* c?ueed ' y ?j.* ?? jkm? n in th? pifWlc an t fmtt ?t< r? of 1U< kb< ? '? f ? true. %?i lf/< <? ir p>trre? thr< wuig /trie rf>?!R Into O.e'. ?iii a ? >.,f uji 1 i?r t!an?* ru*hed it f tfei ? tn.ney thr -wing a if). i i, >*ei t hr nei/htyr h'K#?i, nd *!? alarm of ft re a* gtrrr? It ?pp ar? at thia ??* 'r 'fa ??.. be/ w k ail ni#-h* in puttu./ .pfr ,if |s /i r r I'uitvi a** ? J i.? k, ?t ('< io|f??ny fV>ntia#-<.'?: ? U.a?df f'apt; I* |{. ttf?e w r nt * ti an t- %> u r ?* ? ti t' S'ew^urg ? n Tue, 'ay , t*- aaeiat In the n 'Wbra'ton of tii*1 anni???r*% ry ? f ti #? Itat?!# * f I Utidinrg "D *>y wrr** i"it?,r,aii*#! at It ? I r, *e<i f'atm lir tel by the military and ^ i'lfcn* > t S> * t. rg TVey re?ur? ed to New York la?t eveniog Hell pUa ? *1 b tl.cir trip. I'filli t Inf ? lllflcure. a i,<i v nit or Tfia rixk Aftfi* in oirrit ri.Tr. V?#tetday a o* in naneed / n^gus? Kuteman wa# a r l y f liar r n m a* of tbr Ha*o?4 War I 'g'dnl'h ? .1# rg fr-m f|?f#p f, *,n> f4l r i ? nd * og* %t?oar of !>??? *ai -e of |4, tU j / ly ? f 11 o>a* It** |*f |-?*l *re fraaar liiiB itar'nrrf f So I# !#o * ? h afftrt tbr #?? j i?inaat ail?<wi 'hat thr ar# oae '. ??? h?? en r. *-y ?? gwastsl ag< ? t lr?t ?a gar aat !??' d'?r|i g ??? i'a| a I etft <pla oaa* ? ev? *ai . a f 'tttg* * ' t ?'t ir *?" #? ?*"a n.i ?# tba' ? r k nan t im h* h h? ?!? *??$ kla a tM ^a U> ad h*?fef if ftM III# }4A#tor walk th? ^>ktUr?i ?rWU>i '4 | ala*mg iial c?^ avag ?bwt. Im? ba4 fr^m hta at* fw. On ri.Atgi a h a^'CKMir* with tka theft *h? iat^r a ha I d I "I** ' ' * g* - ? aod ? a I hard a?h fi r 'V ?narf. U-a l?v??err u ^ >1 Vy g, ||. ^ ? J ? ? re *rlf atg?? hat ?ls# | t a* ?Lr- f? b?? ?f or a TV# a>- ? a r? vraa lrr*?wgHt k^ii'te Jaatroa Vetab at tW b l ' tt ? * < irt vk'< " ? Mra U? a>vvn MN Afl or A it>TUKI(K l aCKMklH. ?i*Hlay afta-ta#<?a ai-mt S Wat, a# #??#? 1 ('?tart general Mvai^aaf a ?? ? ?a A Mb aw H ? a at ia?ri ? *w*aa# rviia^ng &n*b> nf i m *%?r ?* -a" l?>yta|rwi ## Mil f e t*- lata't ea aulagf a^- tiaa ?? ? .,a\ al'l -g^ ifea 'i??k ?aH ?r a aaf| a^?a/a4 ttae avtlea a* -griT ? ? *hia m *$* #eai tlaai Umi* a yrtanjae k ki* ?Nafa f/?aa? 'Hfceaf kiapy &,*& rviaitr. i ra u at 'ti % .i*>aaa?v-ary. ?a? ? N*r?f ywatar^g^ taHt. irt?a4 ?? ta af f*aiial faavQ V a ar ? a* tk? wti I a< 'Ik f*| * "j * ( I aA*- ;?ay afc tkf <l>7 M ?aa |MK tV ???w.ala Mr ! Mr law f / ?**a 4 tfc? fferav*??<r1 f jifen ? %0 ?aaa? *a4 <h# a*i*a In ^ a?attmi.? fe???i - ?a Ma ^ ?^arfa'i-n aa a r4 a* *%* l?MtnlMl If* 1 ?a -?* kia In* a* Han ? ? *ha Will *m a* t*> ^fea nana. ?<f tka n?>*a ka ?< a *a at a ami ?? be* wS-nwi af tr - Wat ' a a a* a ^ -f**t TW p*- -9*1*0* a a* ka u- ? ! ? '<*? *?< nm: m t I Tlu Pcatllence M Horlolk find Prntrniovtli. BKLIKK I OK Tfli. N'OHKOLK AM) FOXn'tfftlOl'TU hUK^ KKKKJIH. Hie c<*U#rUtm? In Oiia city for the rf'W of thr Mtiflfererr by the i*j I- emir in \ itg n t m w amount to $1^,4 lit 60, Die following n<?tr ??een by Ih* committee >? W. II IUr4 K | - I rj|< Hiff ? W# inrlo-e a further oonti ihution of m?o hundred ?J<> for lb* un fortune I* nthi-un i>l a ii' I i urUmouth, and l?efc I'hw to enjr that if a r? f?e ml# load II I .ring for nn J for I In* relief of ihm orrlan ehlldren, we wouM profer lin v f ng our fundi ep |>lied to Uutt ? I jrft Very ti uljr, your uMiwttl eemiite, J. 1< J AM- It At ft HONH. 73 H*iauwav, N-pt 11,1*56 (tm i <-? thi Siw Yuvk Uh !*w *am * (Viufany, I Kkw Yokv n-| t. 13, [ W H Mam I v T*?a?uver? If? Dkar Mr? -At the m nf til jr meeting ??f our |S"?r?l of Trti?l(tM, held thU der, the eufTet injf? ?( tin tow iMiuimtn^ ciUx*-{ui of Norfolk and Port# n?"UtJi ktritif I'wn bro* irht litfum it for ocnri* ?idniti n, itnirU f* ? liry of ftnuntliy wm etprn* *?d, n^l only f.#r the |*dlrj hold* r* (f th? r..iup?tny noW roeldibjf H ere, hut foi *U who me nuut-lr to tiff* ftotn th?* dmucer* ehh'h ?MtfOt in? th' n. It Mi *. will* entire unanimity, and with 'he wjinuo.f feline* ?.f HtriitUfi ri ? i?ed to Mtj'h' H '? thr ?fflrtri to forwai*! to jrou * cheek for $ M) in l of th# fund of which jr??u ere Tiea^urer. In iCfoH?n< . with *oi? h ie?o|utioit, mid in entire ajrinpe thr with i l I ? 1 1n* pl?**aute of w cloalrg jr. ii the f in pa ny * rheek f ?r to he toward* *Jl#?h|tifjjj tin* *uffering< of th "M* who are khe nhjmte ?f lellrf It) th*#.- clth ? of | e?tilence end de*itv 1? llietiiriitit h >|<* that othrra of our iu<-orpo reted inrtitutj. iw* m;?jr thu* unit' with ?ou iinl uiia tl.i tno?t i?oM? w?'tk lr?ioe?n rei r tr ufr, your f i lend tiiiMiitimaftt! i TI??. IMi AHt> Of BKALTi. TO fill MM! a o? TMI NlKiU*. The /V of i*?t iT?*nitk^ iite et lent th?? f??et thet lh? el ti n?|on of Ui# !-*m d of It#- ?Kh h*? rwll?^| to tln? |nm p?gr ft an ordinan p f"i the InHfer j?r ? of ??r city ii in i yellow tifi f, ro??ilng f ii th* ^>11# in th<* riciml|r of .Vorhdlk ?nd fVtiui*iutk It ?<h?W ??- ? m that thr* H**?HJi <Vn,n.l..i-D?r? h??e f|? ?uffht | r ? ? ? -?*r f*. nuhm f t? the IW?nr4 ot INiUj en ot4l **?*?'> e whn li if |?? ? - a) w ' < Id <*??iii|ieA erery t ?***?' I fiotn the f 1ie?e|?? eli# M ie ^Hiiiuf to our ? him'- to ml ml* it^if f?.r eietm o?to i ?* ?;? <%rentluev mid if th?re ?^"uld >? I ' iiAm ?' < n t at 1 ?>f ?eit ?*wee4 or lern-ii, fhtn tl? ? -e wm ill n?. I.h. I'tti < ??? (Mr fining nr?tj? <,? '!.<? fl't hut ?? U, ?'o er hand. If jtdlow frrrr ?h'?tt) I" f' ud on *- ?i ' ?? t*? !???#? tn'ni on t?? eid. then mimJ ti ?el h wU t?* -j?- -rt !?? th u???el irtfuUtlorMi of ii^ritiiiiie it njy ?t? further Inm aKit th# #*???' r?M, Hint their ??? tnui h need ?<f the | <% ? f Mian* men untl netn t< i Mhtf'j h* jeUow fmvcr ?\ We^hiiifton n?ai r ? f ,i ? ?' liifitii dti?* tir frow llurk n?ert w)i (h h * i< e fort * m .? ? fiom Noit ?W If the ^ai(| iiniifiti" i le j???? i what ?af- 4 y he rt w?- in regard to ?*li.?w f? iei I r? I rarikdu lot* ? fainer width i'?rrM*<l th#' f**\ ? i fr lu I Ih i t<< N'.i f. U U tii'e at lieitfiM . *% ? fpninltiv th?? ? iiU|imi "f r^lloe le%er,aud what law ' ? |?rt ? n* h?r minx dl e*tle into ti U |-< r ' < . %\ <> \\ i .te*io-i ?- at n Irrrtj ei un; inoment t<* > u?r mto j^.rt ?nh ut ? t?- ;*?'? et ijIiri uiiliQi lie ohje* ' of j e- / <he ordni* o to pU ? * -?el/i finio tl.i* airl?lv ?.("ita?f t h? t i?* ??\ ? a?* under tine 'i n.*k? tin in <-t In u? ? v ? . i.ati 'i? hjr lite I ii salt Ii ? fli er If ilo? l-w It- ?i -r. the oidineare should In* i an ? d ihe rl(/ caortel l?e foo ae< ore fieM dUen^r. Hh'? c.i II douht ah' sf th? J? w ? ' Die of HemlUb to |>ha* ? ih ft i) ? 4 ?>? t ? il.? . !,?%? fuj |??avr %m I'Maa ttliv law ? I or.,* n %i . f I e , t ? to o of |>uh i !.? ?hh . *? lid * h.?< >. 4 ? .Ii r? n ? *n j iu* than 1% m.w fi?? <"ii* fi in !h? ltu}?orf?'u?n *if jrt II ?* f?*?erf ill- liom <1 of %? v! I U o ii^l Uy |l?e |?>*ptein tl e ,,.,a ?age "f ? in Ii i*t| i rdifuin* ? *d Ikxi im, iliepr e?*uld twi gtaU-ful to know thet it he p* < d end ff*H?e ilitoi-ifert The/ would then f?-? J ? * II ?' nie pfut^ tie? oxU <? d n? itiii! I ' l v - . ?t * < < ? '-?** ? *lf jut ot the I lit raj o*k?* i In* or< Inai ' ? rid We |.n - ?ed witho?4 d* L> 1" I'U" it A".' ti.- iw ti ii?>k uh to* tut nfet iii? will he too iafe. No u * t*/ tthut uj? I He utehii after the hofM- la atoieu TO 1HV I III TOR Of Till III Mil l>. Nl? V u?l, l*a{it 11 1 VaA W'uuW I'. U"' ? V ? * l I. " V ???? ' 1 ' i?rU ?# 1 1?. < I t!.r iti ? lalrl cl'ir., of V "ill in' I'riiUm'mlfc# TJiia wiibM tlx |w.l? n ?? itg li?? ll.i' vcmj ti|( IslUi < f tin- '? ? n'i> ? ?i?'l *???*?! K'??Uf to 11.** tit* flu I'1 ili'.n i?f the f..ul n. iabftl?4 l.y U*a ? Uk.tli- nut mil lb* aril ami <i i\tbllM *\?t Ito i?( if' ? ' f 'b'1 'I' .'Iful laatllmr# l.y p.ji ify.i.f tlaa atlnl?|.b<'(*, I! | : ? ? rl. .J 'Ink: t till. ?><!.. at II, r tufa, I e<llllrt?icU. NKW 1'ukfc jCorr< fin i ue? ot tha llaltunora *ua 1 N'*rin, aut if, 1*4* 1 <|i?-| I* Ujrn l I I In" Mil ..>1 Ii r. :??.? I'ra* ?Iriit nt till- ,.f ai<t ?ii I .1, r I'all a>l an>l J W i t illii', ?<( ll.ff rr#wf''iil Hi'Uw I irrl?i?t' mIIi ilt?*l y rata* i'?> l>r. Hi'. Hi ? I*., ol jtjri.ui ml , 4i?4 wrl; jwtar i!?? tninninff, at tha ' uril ll?.|,ltal IJa irgt ' "amaara, ?fr . illi .l ala> r?-?trrila i* ri. a *rr? Mtima at* jT"Ui X u?u, i)r|?jtT ("-'marlar i?f I'urU-u'iulli ?!,?? ! la ill-' I ur?l Mat* It' -I'll ml ' ii i<la y II** th> mala I tit .!>? I if tin I , till!,- ? Mr l >t?\f ?|,., | . a'*> at ) ? i-nlay tlwir wr'p fifty ilra'laa In V if.Jk ? f'UI ? frightiul moitallty In r<'Tl>ni>' .<h !!,?* nnaiaralj IklW I i Wnght firmatljf nf N < ?!??? b?% law M l.'lcf lli? kihxI ?ai?|i<. L ilk with thr fr?? I am |lai ti> is; that It 'tox-h, -? l>? llaa at* k In Hi.ifi.lh liffiUto 'lUttrr ari l I am ?l?i (Tatl0i~l Ii' b> ilila I" iu tkal it I n ?, al?' of K>ctiii,<iii4 ? h la ?<rk at tha t nil*' 'a'w llif?j'l ?! v>n" ii.u' Ii l?< Mri yr* ri>la? In N I' Wlilti I ? .i! of S' if kill "< fli 1,-r r*|>"it?4 >!?<!, la raur Ii l<att?i an Ii ala*> Ii ? laufhtr r tau.ntl Ut. mi ? I. Iim Ulf ia>l fir ?? ni? tti?,? Um !??t nn'art anil tl. laal . fir ?r In lli* Itenk >4 V I (lr>;a In I <irt?!,.<m{h, II, *t tnaut itton a?4 !aft M ? Uarri tliaf tl ? 'iai fliti-r ' f 'aj t ||?'4'ii|. nf tla* < i.(l. i ill mu ? It 1? tl fi-t II ?lll baann Ihal av unli' ti la ba4t al !>ra M?ft a, Wataliall i.f Wnltarn i.f tl .la r 1 1 * ( aha aft ai'k TVi Kirbii.' nJ Anm/iin t . alirn lb? f-ill .?inf il??|^t<-k ? Wa.tona, *ti( ? I *U. Thr i?ra mrt J n t In Tl.?i? U m. abalamffat tfc? (mi If ' < llltia i 't la?t ? 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