Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 14, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 14, 1855 Page 5
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To Southern and Wtrttm Krachanb^TlM ntaost universal encouragement ami support I hart received Worn the public stnee the (ntroducUou of tuy aromatic Kchiclain Wehnepps, tndurrx me (o say a ftrw word* In Ita behalf, that Its qualiifea may be thoroughly uri<ier>,Ux*l, and the very few ob f allocs which have been rained against it entirely answered. have never claimed for It the virtue* at a iq?erlflc for all dia eaaea, but staaply that its medicinal properties, an a pure arti cle of Holland gin, were unapproached by any other descrlp ?t<a of Kin ever manufactured. In order to establish tU purity and excetteace, and assure the public thai It was no quaok aasiruni, I submitted It to the scrutiny and test* of chemists ?nd the medical profession throughout the Uniles States, at a east of nes rly five thoiit-ind dollars, and, without a simile ex ception, they liavt* furnished me with the most onei)ilh?ow and gratifying te-rttnor.ials a* to Us purity anil efUcacy. Nor are 'twsc testimonials of a private character, for the X'* Yor* Medical (layette, and other public journals have freely and generously spoken in its favor. . It ts idle, to assert ihut moderate Indulgence in pure, unadul leratetl liquors Is productive ot Inteinperaiiee, when the re Y*r?e ta the ease. It Is an uncontrovertible tact that In those countries where pure wines and liquors alone are used m a anlversal beverage, Intemperance is almost unknown, and ab stemiousness Is proverbial. . It was ill view of the evils arising from the use of Impure Manors for medicines and other purposes, that 1 devoted my attention to obtaining a pure article ol Holland gin. winch a long experience, and an infinity of experiment* In the tuanu fcctare and dlMtlllatlon of liquors, enabled me at leniiih to pro daae, In my Aromatic Scheidam Schnapps. Hy tint careful se lection of perfectly sound berries of tli? Juniper us Phosnlca, or Italian juniper, a new and peculiar process of extirpating the poisonous omyl or foiiKell oil, and the cmnloymeiifof every advantage offered by science, I have produced a perfectly jpure, innocuous, highly flavored, beautiful beverage, uue<{ uni ted and unapproachable; a certain panacea for all in which Holland gin Is ever prescribed, and a refreshing, Invigo rating stimulant. In doing this, I claim to have supplied a great desideratum, especially in these sections of the country remote from the seaboard, where adulterated liquor* are sold la an alarming extent; yet no other liquor is so valuable, and. Medicinally, indispensable as It Is In the West and Southwest. My aromatic scheidam schnapps is sold only by the bottle, aluwr pint or quurf, stamped with my name, and liavlng my alffsiilure. I am highly gratified with the approval which my article has met. and am satisfied that the slight prejudices which exist, will be speedily dispelled from the minds of all who are open to conviction, and that nothing will Impede Its ?nlverul use. Aa numerous complaints are made of persona who keep ban on steamboats and In hotels, who fill my empty bottles With common gin, and sell to the unsuspecting for my schul dam aromatic schnapps, I would advise all who drink at hucI) places to mark the appearance nl' the bottle, and If the outside wrapper or label should be defaced to refuse to drink unless a ?reahBolUe Is opened. For sale liy al, the respectable drug glsta and grocers In the United Staes. UDCLPHO WOLFK, 18, 20 and 22 Beaver street. CUi a and Glunrart, from the Late Aoc Mdbs. ? A great variety china tea sets, from $3 upwards; dining acta, from 118 upwards; tumblers, from 36 cents to tY 50 per doien , gol'lets, from II &0 per dozen upwards. Coll and sec, at ear retail rooms 61 Chambers street. OOULD8 it KLLIOTT, (wholesale only,) 193 Pearl si. WhlU Granite Ware T. & R. Bootee' ew Sydenham shape, just landing from ship Normandy, and W sale by the package very low, at 1115 Pearl street. UOliLDS A ELLIOTT, Importers of cruckcry, 4c. The Rachel Polka, by G. R. Cromwell, hull ?aeved to lie a deckled favorite. More than 1,000 copies nave Mean ordered within the last week. Keeling confident that it Wtll please music teachers, we will cheerfully send to each a eepy gratis, (aa we did the Klverdale Sehottiache,) on receipt of Birae cents, to prepay postage, Price, with the beautiful phe tewraphlc likeness or Rachel, In six colors, SO cents. Without Barograph, 2& cents. Hetit to any part of the Union, free of ? ge. COOK i HRO., MS Broadway, sgenta for Haine's New York, and lJrown \ Allen's pr? i Boston Pianos. BT, Piano*. ? Herarr 'Waters' Piano* Having In their Improvements ol action and overetrlngs, a length of scale and power of toneeqttaUo the grand piano; I. Gilbert .K'o.'s pla aoa with or without tbeirollan; HalJett ACumston's, Woo- 1 ward A Brown, and Jacob Chickering's pianos, and those of live of fbe best New York makers; new 6}g octave pianos, l'or $1M); od hand pianos of all varieties, at great bargains, prices i*!0fo*H0. l'ianos to ret.t, and rent allowed oti pur J#. Piunos for sale ?>' monthly payments. Sole agency of 8. D. A H. W. Smith's meiodeons, (tuned the e<iual tempera Mat.) Kach Instrument guaranteed to give entire satisfaction ar purchase money refiiii<lcd. HORACE WATERS, 333 Broadway. Barlow's New and Improved Rotary Worn! planing machine ?The most simple and efficient machine for reducing boards to a uniform thickness yet introduced. For sale only by A. CONCUR, agent, 346 Broadway, up stairs. Herring's Patent Champion Fire and Bur proof nife, with Hall's patent powder proof lock. Both ' icd prixe medals at the World's Pair, Loudon, Ihfll, and . ?i Palace, .New York, IS5.V- 54. SILAS C. UKRttINO A I, 136, 137 and 13!) Water street. Lrt & Perrln'a Womntpwhlrr 8nnr? ? Landing, rx On'ailo, from Liverpool; also, f llenllvet and Inlay whiskey, landing. r*-Prealdent Fillmore, iroui tllasgow. For sale by JOHN DUNCAN A SONS, W6 Broadway. Klre and itcldtiit from Cumphene.? On Randay evening* liie occurred In dwelling bona* MMM place, by Lilt; upaetting of a ramphene lamp. A woman who Mid the lamp had tier hand* anil arms badly tiurned. Si y fountain lamps ami fountain oil will no', cannot explode, but give a brilliant, smokeless light, at a rout of one tliinl of u cent an hour. For lubricating machinery thin oil I* uumirpaaaod. MATTE W YANDKH1KXIK, 30 Frankfort street. Sewing Machines.?: 301 Broadway, Aajpaat 30, 1A66.? 1 have bad quilted during the pant twelvemonth* apward* ol ten thousand cloak I'tnngs by (HtOVKK, UAkKIt A 0#,'8 sewing machines, ami 1 have no hMltatlon in pro aaancing tliem superior in every respect to any other m icnlno Ulherio brought before my notice. I have aleo applied them to other purposes of manufacturing connected with cloak and ?tantllla making, and lo'uid them equally uk nil and desirable. Uicu. Bcli-li. Tbeae machines are for Kale at 40ft Broadway. (, A 00. Draggliti' Fancy Goo da En I lulvcly, ? TeeUi, nail and hair brushed; combs, p?mad> th, l.ubin's ex tracts, Miap?, Paris toilet articles, nnd every ai tide ?old by draAglsts, exoept drugs, ottered on most re,, unliable "srma by BDFl'H K. Mi II A I. (ill A 00, importer! and wholesale deal err, IAS Broadway. Koaqaltorx were Sever Known to Commit ?Mk depredation* on ihe feeling* of citizens as at the present Hbm). Protect yourselves agalni-t them, also jour children, and do not ?utlei them to be tortured with thes.i pests any tsnrer, or allow them to l.eep you awake night*. Sleep In ?Mre. whuh you can lo by calling on W. KTRATTON,90 tthamher* street, who la sole a ;<snt for the Ha-kin*' patent Improved canopy and net, a ' urc guar At. tee agalna' mo* ^nkoe*. Or flu nrc Salamander Safes.? Robert M. Pat niCk I* the so.'e u... riiifa' tiircr in the I 'lilted State* of the ahovo celebraied ?if. - and patent powder proof defiance lo K.* and wesa ban. Depot ,191! 1'carl street, ouo dour ue..,w U.i.dou am. J.H. Thr.mpnonN Ilnlr Oye U the only sr dclc upon which any dependence can be placed: warranted ?ever to fade or change color. Sol 1 and apple- 1 at Thompson'* private hair dyeing iwmt, No. ti Warren street. W : . , ? and toupees. Hill's Improve*! Instantainom Hair Dye, Mai to the world, 4 shilling* a box. Mack or brown, no fiute, aoA and glossy. i:beinl?i*, doctor* and editor* recommend i> ?a best m use. Sold and applied at No. 1 Barclay street, an< ? Nassau street. Hill, Inimitable Cntter of Hair and WWe hers la all the varied styles, to agree In haraorir with he dif flarent shaped head* and countenance*, at No. 1 liar . lay stlcet. flhavuig, fa cei,?s; hair dye, 4 siulilng* a boi. Sio ? ivin? and Toupees. ? Wlierr did yoa get that wig from. m> friend! At the only pla e In Sea V irk, where you will lind the best assortment of wi^s, tounes-, back and front braids, bands, cur a, Ac.? frem MKDHt'KST A ?O.'R, 77 Maiden lane. B. T. Uivet'i Walipeue? tu Indian Vegeta ble preparation, will retire gray hair t/i ii* youthf?' appear ?are and cure haldue-ia. ('all at 7tU Broadway, awl seethe rU tor, w ho Una b'"i gray ai.J bald, with a good head uf laiehelor') Hair Oye, Wlgl and Toapreo? Vfca best In the wnild. Nine private i?ioms lor applying hi* ??mailed dye. beware of imitation*; tney result la ridicule. brgest -lock of ?L< and 'onpeen in America, wholesale ?ad retail, at BATt.lllXCR'S. JXi llroadway. Tan, Kroptlona. Pimple*, Kieeldes, Halt rbeum, ary?lpel?s, Ac., positively cur?<| i,y OorRAfP'r !ta Tjan medl< ated soap. Poiidre sulnile uproo<s li.ilr from low loreheadf or any part of the body Kotu'e, i||j white, hair dye and rextoiatlve a' he old depot, f7 Walker ?tmet, timt store fiom Hroadwajr. Thf Valvar Herd Laughed at ftailleo wlit-n be told ihem the world wa* ro.iniTavind ?o they Lm,li at roe. It la not harder to make the beard grow than i wa* to inv. ut the telegi aph . and It ha* been proved that my onguent will feirce J>e beard to grow In ?l* weeim. on the ou'<o>ne?t face, and will no' stain or lnjnre il.e ?kln. fl a bottle, sent to ai-v rrt ol the country. K. *?. OH All A M. 1". ; oa<lway ; iir.^i.*. State aueet, Albany; Hays. 175 Kuiiou stroe', Brooklyn. ?ceelptra KnabllnK A'rr*ona to Make the beat cosmetic* known, at < ne ei^htli the u ual price, aUpv .l by M. D't'AMKHON, -li f'olunii III w liere ?i?chner s ran he i Tamtoed. Kc.-elp'e* f jrwar le<l'to any a<t drese by UiUil. l'rt e II. Dr. H. 8. FIU h. Author of the "*U Wlures on <Ofinn:,| ivnn '' ofllc* 714 Itroadwiy, will be plea*"'! to adord relief to tbo?e wlm have heen Injured, or ?'>o have fall ad lo be benefitted by the sprcialitr ol luhaU'lon, fur dls -a?cs ef ? ' longs or 'hr< at. tipen dally, (,-uicUye ex pted ) from 9 to ? o*rio<k Trea * eoiisnriiiitUm. asthma, disease* "f Ihe heart, aad all ehroi lc diseases <>t male* and female*, t V.usiil'a'lon tree. |)r. S. H. Fitch si alway* at home, and ther- is no person elsewhere travelling or otherwise in any way ronne led with him, or authorUe?l u> liaU frttu h.s '?(Dce, nr refer im icnt* uj lideai The ftreat Catarrh Dortor la Hei* Agaltts Dr.r HOVARH M ARMIAI.I.. who alway* mre, . ,h. hronchttl* and coMamp'lon, give* free advice, ai the Iut. rna tlonal Hotel. HollOMay'a Pllla.? S< ekers ofilrulth. Uitwr dyspertie or ?nflerr,g from weakne . or debility of any k nd, anrmwl take a'our-e <,t :be?- (Uie mc iletnea, wh h w.ll i|tii ki/ restore iberp tn hea'.th, '?'t>ey never lail o nre, If u-elac afc ding to the dlr> <"ion? w .eh a< mpany each ,ui h,.|?i the niaimfactertcs. *o Maeten lane, N V , and l?n.ido>i. anil by all drurglsts, at A cent*; 62}, cents, au I II per bo*. Hem In. ? On I y Prl*e Mednl awarded to MA ItHIl A CO., by the Industr' i I thltiUlcmof a'l Natlotlt, fbr their (miUti new radical ? ireti't*" Kefere .r* iv? in rs S'l.i" noiity? Proiessrrs Valeai.i.e Mou. Wlllard Parker, a. el J 'm ? ? Carnoi iJ?n. An ex'erjiive lie' ot name* of meri ai.tne tr>d ethei ger.ilemenciir. d bv Uiis truss may be *..en ,t MVB-il Alttl.'t'. N'J Msi.fen lane. New Y. rk. uel ktK H. CORI.W- A ( O., No. S West K.mrth str>et. 1 in :.ina'l, Open fro*n 7 A. M until? P. M From ancient gray to youthful bivtk Would you your grisai-4 Imlr bring or.ek. You've naught in do but to re.j (111 < ri*!.ol(.ro'a f ?mous dye. Crtatadoio'l Rin htor Hair Oye, *I?i, a far tsia d, aoid. aiU applied, at No. ti Aator House. Ruarhra Fallow the Cioton? Rat this Karl sua k* * on, Lnttm* powder will clwir tl ?m ?II OCT for m v*mr, MwwiJd core#* will u?^ ir*ck. m**: i#H?t? ik \ uk, l?>r ir.*^ 41. J ? ruj.o, bn*J h?>, at-J No 9 H'.atlj h *ir^' Ph;; f.uu. tar Caitsr't Ral, Cix kraarh. 4te., Kiterr il aater -lieesere of humble s and r?.tiii??; 'my the j, njine; aere ter,ulr^< uniess signed IIKNHY ft (.'??'TAR, wjv.e ?ale and rr'at! depot Vh iltwelway, New York, and ?i A, rh Third *U???, Phkailelphia. _ All Kye IMst usee Cnrel Ii y Or. Cphnm, an.? eei-ser to l<r. Rsbrig, No ,,t4 Four'H 'reel, netr llru^lw <Mt< e b'ur* from lo S V to .1 I' M 1'iian '? iu in.. nire?l aitl ut an era* 11 t lr> ular* e.,n atn certill ??.-* and references can be l ad at 1.6 pS. C Trea'u^at JJ is ~t ? Ix n tn | ffc.' s.ghl l? J it vied lUfRlCwnt Mlrrora, PviiKbn, Palnttin Ac., will be Mid thto morning, at lOf; o'clock, at HI NtoHv.ii ?? reef. ? Strangers and others should avail Un-mselves ol the opportunity to *?ve money. Kquat to any Broadway eatab lubnunt. Every attention given to purchasers. TUNIS HORRKLL, Auctioneer. 8* tin Do UIiim, Wonted Oninailu, Gilt Cornices, Window Bhadea, 4c.? KKLTY A KE1WU.SON, 291 Ilroadnay, bare juxl received per steamer a splendid slock "f the above good*; wn>e new patterns, very b'auiilul and neb. Also ibii lurgist stock of window shade* and other window or naun'iits In N?'w York. Wc are pri-pari-d to otter inducemenla lo purchasers of the above good*, liul Broadway. Mfilam'i Heated Term Again? Nfereary runs high, yet 'her. In no abatement in tnu great demand tor the Worlil'n Fair medallion velvet carpet* at HI it AM AMBER HON'S, N Bowery. N. B.? 00,00t J tapestry, He. ; 50, OyO in grain, 4*. aud in. Great Bargaini In Carpeting?' We have row In store a large ?tock of Call Impor unions, comprising Vi'l vi t, utiH-atiy, Bi u?wls, three ply ami uigr.un carpi:' iuk , (lt>- >r ol clotfiH, Ac., which we are ouenng at very low rate* Tor ca?li. Kicil liru-sclsTx. aud he. per yard. 8MITU Jt LOl/NHBEKK Y, ibb Broadway, near < it and street. Special Notice.? China, Crockery, Glau, Ac. ? Owing io ihe lncrea^lnp demand, we have established a branch naleSHMiin at No. til Chambers street, (nnt door <o Stewart's marble storej at whl>ii place we Invite our Hty friends, hotel and steamboat proprietor* and lamllic* local! and make their ?elecilnn. We keep every description of laxle and toilet ware, front ihe most common to the richest and tli, ill oontinue io give our retail trade the full benefit oi our wl-olesaln prtces, which tbev will And a saving ol twenty per cent. HOIi.liS A KIJJOIT, Importers, at>? only, ly.'j Pearl street; retail and wholesale, til < 'liatnbers street. Married. On Wednesday, Sept. 12, at St. John's Gitirch, hy the Ktv. Dr. Berrlan, Jamim Amnai to ADM Mama Smut, daughter of the late Mr. George Smith, of lierkely, (.Jlnu ceslerhhite, Kngland. On Monday, sent. 10. at the Church of the Holy Com munion, by the Kev. F. E. lawronco, Mr. I > it in Y. J. Mchei. til Mir* Jam! H. Blaik, both of this city. On Sunday. Sept. 0, by the Kev. A. S. Fraaeia, Mr. Jifiw; W. JIckkt to Miss Harriet L. Fioujrr, both of Williamibuig^ L. I. In Jert-ey uty, on Thursday, .Sept. 13, by the Rcr. P. D. Van Chef, Ja<oh Weant, Ks<|., of Jersey City, to Mi-n Kate J., daughter of the lute Walling W. Van Winkle, of l'nfBaiCj N. J. In Wilmington, Del., on Thursday, Sept. 13, a'. St. An drew's Church, by the Kight Kev. Bishop l^e, Captain A. Die Krt-tnr, V. S. A., to Fannie, youthen daughter of the lute Captain John Clitz, U. 8. A. Died. On Wednesday morning, Sept. 12- after a short vere illness, Maihua, youngest child of llobert and -la "Si'sSiKf .????, attend her funeral, from the reiddeuco of nerpafont", corner of Twenty-third street and sixth avenue, Urooklyn, ?n the ^HiM,T^en.u!1 a^'ac^ualntancea aro P^c^ly ^ r.uohte<l to attend hit* funeral, at three o clock, thi af* Duon tiiim hi" Ulc rBridi-no*, 60-1 UrwtdwiiJ, "Hli >ut ,0SX?i?uiVn. ?>???? l1?'" ?~ wi zvsszzi ffiJSflr s. ?-?r, ? .1. a. P<Tn Wednesday, *>pt. 12, at nine o'clock r. M., Mr?. Ma?<;ahbtC. IIiuuhj, wife of Jainus Uughw, lu the & tli Of the family, and 'f bin broU,erH Michael and Henry Hughe*, are respectfully invi .ed to attend her funeral, brum her late residence, No. i0 Ihvi si..n -treet, thin afternoon, at one o'clock. Her remain* Wl^uX?^r^^. '?** - ?f an l Alice Taylor, aged 1 year, B month* and ill day*. The friend* of the fiimily are respectfully invitod to attend hbf funeral, from No. 4 M C.reeuwicU street, thw afternoon, at two o'clock. Kin remain* will be token to ?OnnWedne?day evening, Sept. 12, of c3usiimpti.>n, NlAHY Kknskdy wife of Patrick Dunn, native of Portorlmjjton, Queens do Ireland, In the a3d ye^r of her ace The friends of the fau.lly are respectfully ^ J attend her funeial, from her lato residence, 211 tin atreet, ihia afternoon, at two o'cloek. Her remains will le taken to Calvary Cemetery for interment. asir.sK'ctvffi-, *g ?? m""' "t'SKSt j- ?*?, r rosi.'-ctlully invited to attend her tuneral, from her lute residence. No. 4fl Kobinaon s! reel, thin morning, at ten o'clock Her remains will be taken fro h-r lata r?- - deuce to ft. I'eter'H Church, where a requium mass will he celebrated. orThKv^ep" l?r!uww Uacusuuslt, in the 70^ey"r.n?d?h of^e family are respectfully inv.trf Jo attn.d his funeral, from his late rem tence, : So. ?> Tenth a>enue, between Sixteenth and seventeenth ntiect , morrow morning, at nine o'clock. On Thuibday, Sept. 13, Thomab Mosa.ilan, ?g<d - '*1 he friend* and relate of the family are .respectfully invifi il ' attend his funeral, from his late r'-siden e, No. 10: O lumljia street, corner yC ^teuton ttreet, this afternoon, at two o'clock. O, Iliuwdaj.^pt. 13, Pacmso, In the 60th J<Hi* fiiem's are ret^ctfuUy invited to attend his funeral, from 1 is late * nd-nce, No. ** ChM lton - treet. to-mor,ow afternoon, at two e'cltik, without further invitation. c^fbmdaj.t-ept. 13. Mahoarw feu*?. r'1!ct ?' Corneliu* 1'olhamua, ft> the Hod year of her age. The friends and relatives ?>f the family are i ! t. f ' 7 invited to attend her funeral services, from her late r dence No. *<7 Heater street, this alternoon, at jour o without turther invitation. Her remains will be taker, to ?crln?town, L. I., for interment. _ . < in Wednesday, *ept. 12, Maiu<t Ixnrts-r. y.i' nge?? daughter of Gerard and l'hebe Baucker, aged 9 years, I) months and 4 daya. lier remains vrrrf interred In Trinity (/in? 'iy. On Thursday. -*i t. 13 of ohmni'- diarrhea Mr. KOi i : Kaskin, bookblcd' r. fom-'rly f IMfa-t In atid. The friend.- of tie. tomily a. 1 r^pccUully aiv^ o attend his funeral, from his late resfdenee, lit N-c 'v 1 ttieet. >.*atwcoii Ptouth Vour'-h an t ?ifth?tr.?ts, wil Uu m. hu rg, ttoia afternoon, at three o'clock, li s rent will be taken to the Cemetery of the b.vrgt< ens. Its Brooklyn, on Wednesday, sept, la, J'MX Kkkw ai, in the 5. d y?*.r of his age. Ilia friends, and those of family, are reque^te.1 1 attend lus funeral, at n ne o'clock this mortuarf Horn his late reaidence, y)0 York stie<'t. In Itr.v^lyn, on Wednesday, Sep*.. 12, Wxluam II. he younger on of Charles H and Sarah (.. "alloek, . ud grandch ild of William O. O.idray. a?ed 1 y"ar and 8 day. The friends of Ui?> tainily are reepectlullj itt% ite?l to attend liia funeral, from the reaidenee of hia pfcrtnta, No. V7 last Degraw street, S< uth Brooklyn, tins after uooa at four u'clwsk. ? , In Brooklyn, o? Wednes.Jay, l-ept. 12, .VUht F Anjtm, in tne 23<? year of lier ajge. Ihe liienda ol the family ar? respsetfiiily InVl'e 1 to atttud her fnne<al, froin her tate r>- .'den ? , v9 Ua '.< in ?Venue, to-narrew nfternofin, at thr"*<; o'clock. In Brooklyn, on Thursday, t^ept 13, Kha? 'is 1 Drv.\U., ton of Joseph ?id ,-toiah HuvaJl, 3 ye?re and iidnys. The Irienita 01 the family are re^peeUully invited to attend hia luwral, fioro U>e r? ?!s>uo- 0* his parent", No. 66 Sands atreet, this uioittir^r, at half- pest tea o cl'ck. In Vv ilU*is'jurg, I.. I., ?? J'ne-y Sept. 7, of ship fever. (iRoVUiK Wiat M.l>^ Row* y.unges' son <tf NichoUa aad Bebeica How ag' <l 18 years. Philadelphia and \iigi*ia [?nera pl?i'.e? copy. At (>re< 11 I'olnt, on Thiiannay tor. rning, '-e;it. 13. MKvRT the only a.*- ol Clause aud Mary Olandt, ?ged 11 route and 1IC days. The iri?i*'s and relative < of ti-e faeiiJijr are resp< : fol.y invitwl to attend his Cnaera' from U>- resPleii -e '?f hi? parent*, oe'iier of Meeeeob- 1 uurth etreetn. thla after nootk. tifo o'clock, Py drowning ?u Tn-iatay. Hwt. 11, Ot.'.tUW I'., *"ri * J. W. and Aim Ooodwin ageil 'I ye?re, 4 monthr and tit he frtesla of th<- S-mily *re rear' tfully Inv 'ed to attend hia funeral, fr-Cii Uafl roaiuw ol " ti?rl<-a Marr, BloomfieM N. J., thi . after n??.r., at ?w ? o'.-.lock ?*r r lag' s will lie in att-n ifco. ?? at the Mewask depot ? 11 the a, rival of the twelve ..'.?look train f-oi?t Vwl-'k to convey tha; friends to tlae lmuae In KlrMcnttoUl. At Whitaon'a < "rners, (Msininy, \Ve.t. h- eier < ? J , < n Tuesday morning, Sept. 11, Hi. J< ?*e-u WiI.twi*, c .tie #7th year hia age. At Bridgeport, Ct., on iliur lay rt'riiirW ->"fit. ??, TBoe. M. kits vi b, of thlr. -L'f, lu th? aBthye ?r oi h -? Hi* lemaine will be taJ?'l? to Orea/iao-l l iy Mr iateiment. _ , , At Stamford, on W'dneaday s- p ' . 1? He>i rv ii ? ' y Child of JauMK A. and Ann Max .a .-Jaeldutj, ?<?? d 4 n n ma and 2" 'lay a. , The friend* and nlativea of tli? f n.ily ar<* r V y ?' ?] invt.ed to att? nd his fun?ral, from the resid' " * <' ' giandbth*r, Samuel lla:?tow, No. 14-1 *0;. * ' 'f. Oils morning, at half part nine o'clock, wltliot tt fu. notice. At1 an too , <ihio, on anday, ^e|,,. 9, tht It. > ? pwtti.< v A. Mvaj v tormerl* ofsavennah Oe o gi?, ar 1 . anwot* of Mis. I bilip 1 . A. Breach of thi* city, UugiiU r tf tue late ft'ltna Moore, K*i. At Cornwall on Wedne-day, Sept. 1J, of itila: oataaion of the hia.n, JAKtmlt. ii na, ?gt I H ye ... ?lb' iends and a<-.|in.intances . the lami y are e, .r-ct fully invited to attead Hi* toner*!, thia aiterr .on auas o'eloek Hi* renin In will '* tak- n from >0. 4" ?J rrt ? venue to Ut'fnwood for Interraant. iDftlTlSEHflTS ilJIi flU EVERY l) \T. HKIJ'.IOl :* auTlCKit. AM NKKAl. KKKMOK r>N 1 1I K MKA1H ')f KKV ItK *'or.? , wt'.llte ds.iv^red hy U?i*. Iho n Arm I? I* , lo 'ii^ aie. Un*t l??us" 'A U*.* rirsi Map .?t t'burda, ''.:us r w tiroma* and K'l/aneib us- 1 1 Uwrd a da . be 3 Ait ti.. v., !!vktl V miTitu. rrae *kxt I'.t 'ni.Ait mkktixu <? i nr. ii "v i 1 Men a National f*etno>-rati" Club, will be beM jt Itetr llr'^rtwsy, tTdrmT Hsll 01, frUlaj eventof itii 'frob?f 14, 11 o'f) ;?u. A tuiJ %tnl p'tficfij*!'M *ji iL? iwiBhcro rnqn- *u*< 1 ?IaM r> r BHiDf, Pre*,k I. 'Jln^yZlr vi' - HIISITUIK. (^ottaok asu vam y n rtNiTt kic irA/iKiUMiflrs^ At ?14 Hfuft4wiy, oppini ? HL >HfVi.4? HA TMXWH Jk HIA* KV vtfr k?r^Atnun^iUi.ivA feiujirt m#*nf of ii r, and t'rmrk f ? in sj.^ I At prtcd*', f >f tr*a,vjr* !?*#?, If , %. cnAnQfi^t' rtr'n yr4 PlsAYMU r'IKIW. FI AViN'J CAAIM or KTKHT AKnORirriiiN r<?n ?ale at -ba I ht4 ? Man ila eu rj , 177 o l 1.1 Hi . d s-r??i. near ,.rtm4wiT lr-l . l,i.? .itm, ? and K?ih^ 1 ...I, ornaai* .1 rd anat pl?.n aaid hptu.iah rarda. A anprivr trticim fctuneo faro nards. W#II aeaeotee aaai WVracMd untie w. fa B*tle fipreealy for dealing. * ? ?rrCATXOKB WAITED. AS VISITING OB RESIDENT GOVERNESS.-AN English lady. egperienctil la tear hi ug, W dMbOM 01 an engagement. Added lo the higher branchc* of Knyiuh, she in struct* la French, conversationally, mii'ic un.l drawing. Iialiun If required. The highest reo: rence* can be olTured. Address B. B., Herald office. AN EXCELLENT GERMAN NURSE, WHO CAME OVER with an American family a year line*, wlabea to return and will engage oa nurse lor her pasaagc. hl.e apeak* Kng II h and 1< never sea sick. Inquire at No. 4 Wert Twenty nlnlb afreet, soeund iloor from Fifth avenue. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT YOU NO WOMAN wlflheji to obtain a situation aa chambermaid anil wam Hl'mia; van be well i ecommendi-d from her litut employer. Call or address Rachel, .No. 'J S'.b st., near the Bowery, n the rear. k MOfMTANT QIHT. WISHES A SITUATION AS jl? ehuniheruutkl and plain seagMtre ? ; was live year* In her laat place. and baa good referon ee. To be Keen lor two dav* at 196 W. l(Hh at., b< tween 7ih and Mh avenues. A YOU NO LAPY WISHES A SITUATION SOUTH, AS J\. governess. Address C., bo* j,tTi I I'oat office. A KIDDLE AGED INTKLUQBNY MAN WHO SPEAKS English, German, Hwi-diah, I>ani--h an<! Noi wcrian, and a little h'rencb, and write* a (;o?><1 liaud, wlali.H it re*pe< 'able situation he I* an honest man, and ran be rntrudeil with any. thing. A ddrcaa B. W., Broadway Poatofflco. APHOTOGKAPIIER WISHES A SITUATION. AII dreea A. W., Broadway Post office. 4 PROTEBlANT OIRI. WANTS A SITUATION AS yV chambermaid and waiter, or chambermaid and *enm strc**. Ilaa no olfaction to go ln the country, flood eliy refer ence. Can lie wen lor two day*, at lea Went Juh ?t. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS chambermaid and waller. Can bo aeon a; ber List place, c.i Went i'lltli at., for iwo day*. A SITUATION WANTED-HY A RESPECTABLE young woman; In a flr*t rate cook; can mike all kinds oi p??trj; 1h also .? first rate woodier ntid Irmier; can net up all ?orfsul finery; deairea lo live in a private family. Ha* uo ob jection to uo ii abort distance lu the country, fan nlve ib-' bent of city reference. Can be seen t r two da; < at Mi At.uulo if., corner of Henry, room No. 11, Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED? BY V RESPECTABLE Protectant girl, In a small rrlttUo family, aa good plain rook and to a--i?t In wualung and lrouing. f 'an be seen at 47 Norfolk ut., in the rear. A SITUATION WA NTKD? BY A RE8P*rr.\HLK YOUNG woman, a* chambermaid and waller I o mind children, and do plain sewing or general housework ' ur ft ?utail f.nnlly. Good reference. Apply at 7" dOtli ?(. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIRL DK8IKK8 A SITl'A tlon a? flbaniberniald and waller, or iu cliambormald and to ajalat In the waahiutt atid Ironlnu, or to do general houte work In a email lamlly; l* wlllitiK to makit herself generally mn' ful. Good city reference. Can be teen at 701 Washington ?>t., corncr oi Perry, In the (tore. ARESPECTABtE GTRI. WANTS \ (UtVATlON A3 chambermaid and waiter, or M i liambermald and u> ai ?n't In the, w?sliin? and ironing; can produce the boat ot city reference*. Pleaae call at aw Zlit at., between iat and 3d av*. A LADY WISHES A SITUATION AH CUTTER IN THE J\. oloak aud nuuitUla bu?lne*H or would act aa forewoman over h woik room, or won; ! act a* aalenwo iian In a nUire, or would f lecule an orde ? for any city (,r country merchant, .ip ply or addreo* I9t) W<>i ?t., neat tith avenue. COMPETENT YOi'NO OIRI. WISHES A SITUATION ae chaoibernald and waiter, or a* nurae and Heam?trc>* . Can be ?eeu at her pt eKent . n.p, iyer'*, lor two days, \?t Uv li.KHlon at., second hon^e eaut oi Smith *1., l!ro Wyn. ABWPBOTABLB (1EI1MAN WOMAN, WHOSE HI'S l.n nil 1* gone on a w lullng voyage, wianeaapla ? In a *11.1111 lainlly; abe la a good rook, waaner und Ironer, and an do all kind* o> work. She Iiiih a bov about four yearn old, whom ?he wlahe* t/> live with her. W.irch no object, no xtie Hlid* a good home for hei ?ell and chial. Can be, ?ceti at S<i Harrison at, South Brooklyn, for two daj *. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT OIRL WANTS A ?ituation to travel with a urlvate lamlly, or h o a* chambermaid on boj. d a -hip or wanner to any part of 'he world, i lease call ntM Spring ut., third Hour, hack room, for one day. AYOUNO DUBLIN WOMAN WISHES TOUKT ASITi' ation lu a renj . . table lamlly a* w- t nurtie. Apply at Z!J Kaat 1. 1th at. A NEAT AND INDUSTRIOUS YOUNO WOMAN, OF kteaily habits, w an'* a situation o do ' -tieriil ho uiework, or ? Kamberwork and walling; I* a go-id washer and Irmer. Good city reference. Can b? ?ceu :or two daj? at li'l l-i?t 13. Ii >(,| between itd und A-i avenues. A COMPETENT AMERICAN WIDOW LADY, WITH out incumti ai.' e, wisb< s a situation to lonerinfend a house a Lt* re there would be no other mUtft ta. Beftt ot refer en re given and n < -.llred. Pleaae ail lc-s a note to, or call at, No. 100 (Jreenwlrii avenue, tor two days. Avery REsrK'TAni.E oirl wishes a situation bs rook, waxber und Ironer, in a r *pe tiibie family; l<t ft Brat role rook, washer ami Ironer. fan I tor two day* hi No. 10 Amity place. In the rear, (lrat Hour. Can liavo Um! iestc.ty refercu" e If required. a hi rr ation want: n-Hv a mnctAIUTOCM J\ woman, ?s < bainbcrtnaid. <.r t<i do plalu mwIuk. ssl city irfcrence. i nt. be seen attf; aveitwe A. A SITUATION WANTS' It? AS N'URSB AND SEAM ?.ires, by a Pro tc Man' youug woman. II' -t of rrl'-r f nee. Can be -en Friday and ;-'at'irday at K?.? I7tli betwe* n I-t a??nu'' and avenue A, tldrd Moor, room No 14. a voi- no woman wants a SITUATION as lacs Ja dte-s or rbiimbrrmald; is a k el washer anil n-oi The. best of refereuce given. Applv at :>} U<:Dougal it., nrar Hou-'on, In tb>- ba omen' for two day. DAILY OR RESIDENT OOVKRNESS.? AN f.Ni;i.I>H lad.v la drtirouii ot meeting w ltlian engagemen tnaiiuul 1> ; -he matrueta^n the high< r br*nrhea of Kngltab, Ernneli, (cfl?ver?allenaily,) Italian, m':?lr oivl drnwin flic hlgliest refereocea ran beotftred. A'J Ires* /. Po ' < >111 ", Iti ookJyn A AHi A RKHI Ki TABLE AM) RFK HIRST YOUNG WOMAN J\ de?lrc? * altuainn In "Ity or oountrv ai aen< il ?erv.irit, 'Up Ih a food rMk Hd tfr float ?wro-tiT lad .r> ner, 1 1 k ? ? < f.r?t rale bread well rcMMUWkd. Ar| ly ?? i;i Ml iwerjr J wage* fa to t> p. r m 'i'b. A SITUATION WANTED, CHAVBKRMUD A N T> mMr>u4wM In b king am of "idldren he aeen at be/ nrka' Dl plr. e for two iay*. An>ly ?1170 K -t 15ib si. k YOI'NO t-iRMAN. HAVfN i IIAI> TIIRKB A year? "ipertrno in n.- t..'ile .r- In n it. wanna altuatn n (In a Qenr.fcu h .i? . ahem I make l.tar-.f generally u HrfWl, beat .1 rel . m. '??. an lio Vm .1 een?n By u-ciui, bent .1 r e wMrrM J.. tKl! In P"M 'ill! DRruOlfiTt? A OFNTI.RRW. < ' MPF1 PAT T?? T AKV. el i>r v of aflril r]4 n tore, |h de?'ro in "f making an en in setr",.' 10 B'i t-i.'Hh "r Wt*t 1 1?* t ? ? iv ,n lie wt, -u uml rc'ail biuuneaa fur ovi .' -..i jwi?. II. m < t i-feren . ?a .11 be pr*l i' ed, ai ' .i| at- . d ur ' r Aih'-il. bet 210 fail olOee, If ud?"ti , N. V I^VKNINO KMPI.OYMKNT? A YOI'NO MANOV.THO i ronrh btiili;*** bh' ''i h?\ ?g a few tour* uiimaie id the tventng . would !<?- glad nagtrtlate ?tlli a I i-p- 'At- 1* ; art <r for he lull.''. Addreaa II. U., box lial II' a.d (Uw. PORTER? A .'4IPDLK AUKI) VAN If IN WANT OF A fitnatlon In t ? "mi aa r. whi p) In) could lull ? l.'m ?< lf generally iiM-ruI, r?!'-r? uj '.a'. /??? '"all or K fair, IW'Vl avenue, bikwr <?"i ltith a. hi I7ll. 1 a. CIll ATION WA M HI)? " Y A WKI.MI Yol.'iV . A'O ?) nun, at '?haroberuiald * and inwr. or a. rtun bermiild and 1 1 tafcn car" <J ehlldre-i. <1 .1 p'fep u<?? '"?:i It twt><lay? ai I'K Kant !"?? i?,, lo'irtb ttuoi', back ni.m CITI'ATIOV WAHTD-A YOI'NO ?r\V TWKNTV ) )>ara ?( ???, ?Ihj r,??k? Pranrb, (Mriaaik awl Kngitab, u*l wrli? a sowl bund wl?h<-? lo h im a M'aaUm In a nr. ? < *?illf h? \j?- Uood 'dtj' rcfeiTi. re. \| t'Jy to s ' R , > ? 4 lymrrci *i O 1 r >T" ? - WARTI ? I Wl ' ? * 1 1 O blfMy rrromm'n lr<l ?"?rv inla on* m n?r?, 1 ..>1, *bt h -i,? a in p< r'.orm Ut vritn- -m*!"'* iK>n I'.i ?'hrr iiOT-f and ??rjnxrooaj would <%> . harufm woik i;i -lo 'h?' n?a)?rt fln<- KWns and all kind- 11 < mbru lary, \S m?li rn!n n a k<k?I bum Aj p'v ??' tM -mIi ? >uur In ? n - . , bclwrai dry *"*tr and -VIiUij; >v w. ? grrPATIOR WANTRO-RT a v-.i man 99 maw t ya**!^' r?p?i* if <i In Hi* hard* Ji" 1 ?. y r ?t? I u r.'<, ?a rl( rk r MU'-ainaB; b* |t! ' t y ur. l'i andi lb" Krrncb, flirrnai. nad alto fe.n?rl. b l.uiwi j ??*. u y ni'. m Usui h ?n Object aa a p*rman?"v fltin?M> n; wmiM bav" no ol> 1?*. iiaa 10 h n y 'iili*r r. ?p?ytabir rr.p'ryin' rii c l() " 'h#. I'M if refrram ?? Addr>? *? . ??* . lav > II ?' ! , Herald effira c ITI A no* WAMF.r?-l?Y A TO! N'l M A S Afl W V IT V R 0 to a pri* !)<? family r tt'.Vf I'- I.-. iia?li litr iri- -.| h<ir?* w, I m ik" if n?'V. ,*if.l. A Mr* ? ' imr lb rai l oflirf All ' nmni'uit>wl"?r vim b? a'rttily an<,inl?l io" CtTtATTOR WASTKD-BY A FIKKT CI. *RH . 1 n*rr; 1 I prffi r to ? > Wr 1 prr'Krly und r- n .li hi 1 umrraa In all lia bra iTha*: i^n r'ii '.m.-tli'T arr dracrlpHo i til ma hincr . ui lrraiaixla (b.- running aud nii'ilnt l/irf' ihi* if in, II ??'?; can k"p hl? .-.'In' In ordrr, pro vld<?l in '.a<* '! ? proper tnr,|?. Na bwlZ'i y??ra ??tp',rlTiii-e m diffcw?-ti'. ^r nrbi-< i'1 lila hour* ?*. and all that li? .4?k? la a N r trla; I n<f a rr for lbre? daya ct ".'.1 Hr-iadway, for U. B t. TBI: KJMfNPH fi| A VOI'NO AMERICAN 'UK I. I ?! . k 11 -| ?nr '?? .1 dre-?n iktr?, wl?b 't> otiialt. a ? 1 'jailor* if hai in a Ian... j mi'T" ?!.? . ouid be employed In plairiMWlrgt taking ear *f "klldr-n, o ai .l?hi elutir ier ? rV l.'k r aMrm- V J 4. ui %b av , In 'be l, ? a'.rt fff) SSO "ERf ? k YOCRO MAN, TNOROC9BLT ?c J au u'rivl will) tb" gr?r?ry bnnlnem, luring be* ii emraged lnl'A,rth la?i t v) T' ar *t^'i"a a aui'alUn in a t'-?pe b> . e j;r'.r5ery kddre.n l' S,, LwmaiYt at. rpo mot1 1. PR' ?ri'.rvTf)iit'? wa>tki> my a v v i 1 man i't ytmrm . ? ?w and 110. mi ?<?r? etp. e .? n ' ? bu In**#,.- Miuanon a? boob eepar ar rwMKIng l'-rk In a drat ? 1*?? hotel no . hjeetl'in oiay nai' 4 U? I'nliH Ad rir?? li.ll W lli-rald le^r V H ? -1 he be*t city i ier*e-e famblei 1 IV ? TI1F. S|> K - k S Kf'l " I K S'T AN;i imimKNT on'inftw / nur-e, w|?hiaa>i iav.n a? n u rae ni m In faUd ^ty or *?&"? man, baa baon ?? the in K of lakin? 1 ? ' ' 1 *h lor many > nr?. and ran ? ?ll r?toi'jra< r de<| by phj ? i? ard etr,pkiytr? Appl> ai >'?; V iae'.aawtb arreet, onnm TbIH arr.oue. \riM7r."M. cioVKR' ? -an km.i nil mnitn n jaoy. ?.f 'hir"i en year#' ? *pei i-rv*e fi i . . ? 11114 a ttiormii* .<??i*a*eiiiefi', wlab. a '11 ra?e with an #0^r nwn and e*ei Inc on. bei i?n' :tj. ? . o ur# Hr?n> ?i ?n '?? r 'iian ... , i.i'a iidiinenvao* rrr.? . ?le natial Irn l.e< f in K b eiln. ?? m. Ha* ' .'y ref.''' ? AVf " ^ ^ iV ller?. l 'lOl* e. tl'ANTFO ? A t-'ITI'ATInV RV A I In Tr - r \ M <it< ? |? ,tt to do (er.ecal hou?e??>r? .? airil f?a?r an>l lrti?r; .I'd n moinha la tHrian' 1<U ? *. < ante awi far two da/? a' bj' %i?t irtb ??. II' ANTkO? t ITI All' ' 'IV A Rl ~ff 1 I t HI H " ). unir w ? 'i att >? ? 1 ?r ' A l? n? ???"* * in. " r ?er? In' t Ian i?y. i.?.<1 ral ???? ? rem her la .t i a, wheiaa 'He baa ,lns4 kor ?lt year a. 1 ail at '< Kid?e mrrtr. 1 1

two 4>ya. UrA?.'1WT) A aiTI ATI< )f , RV \ ('KfrT).' ?; t'l YfM ' I W", rian, aa nt.raa ?u.J ae ..u* raaa or ta do barn' orj, io"d e|l/ re.ereti' Kl< a>e eai. at >.j tl WmA Vk <?? rr er olAk avecv. II ?sTl.'? A -ITi Afir.v, 1. y v ?|-?> '(a lt TV r'ri b. do ebamk.erwnrfc and aaalai in aaabkwi awl ron n* "r to ke ( in a amall pniiin 'ajn ly Apr r 'o ?? I-. ?ark ? pVi ?. ' ac be kean '.wo 4ayt Tl'AMFD? A MTl'ATIOR, HY k f MPK< T A I'l F TT yo'i'i.' ?'i>aa, ae e'K.l piBia -ye^. arvl ftnt rate VHbf are! Irooer :lr? l>?elaf rliy referareie tan be /. >r> ?' -?ae'?; at " 2 3d ater.ue, wrrnvl ll'w, ran %eei, fri. 4aya Ijr A*TRI?-A ?m>tlOR, <31 a Tf ary a.a.1 ? "-uld M wiflMg M Mak ? a ml faaa ly l?t 4 ? IMIH |hwi Ii>.| r* e l.?r ri ?ei. .#i_ U*. *? K W<A At: WW*. grrC ATIOWg WARTUk Wanted- a situation ah axAiiaTBKftfll inr a reapecmblc youDf woman; ha* do otueotioo to *aual la the Dunterj B<?t of city reference. (mm ?e*n for two day. ?l her present employer's, 14 UnlvereMy place, 'hrre doors above ?h ni. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A KIIKN'TI WOMAN, u cook; underatanda her buutwwa perfectly well: wo'ikt null a hotel, reatauratit or boarding houM; no objection u> fo in the country City reference froui h"r la?t pirn* Apply at tit Anlbony ilitflt. between Kim and Broadway, Moor, front room, lor three duya. WANTKT? A HIT!' ATION AS OOOD < OOK UNDER nanda l>*kinj( perfectly, would In the w.wtunir and Ironing. Hc?t city reference given, Call at 1.12 Went 11th at. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A KKiil'KCTABf K ?li l; Ih i j:oo<l plain cook, mi her and Iruoor, no ohyc. t.ot.M to a liort d.atancc lu (ho country. Oood rewr* n-e ivin be clvcii t .in be ?? 10.- two days at JV> ?lb it., lirililmir, front room. TETAJiTKD? A ITl' A HON, MY A ItE.sfKt TABt.K I'RO TV tea'ant v.oin.m, ac cook. and to aaaiat III (be waahin*; auJ Ironlny, In a family, flood city reference an he glv.-n. Can be>n for 'wo duya. Pleaae rail at 1H0 Ka?rt lush xt , be tween annuel A oud B, th.. d Hour, front room. WANTED- A SITUATION, BY A RBBPKCTA HUK yotinv woman, aa rhvuili' rmald and Walter, In a private lumily. Cun jiivu the b? ~t ol clu reference from h- c laal |i !.?*?, where aho haa lived tor the l.iat t*o ymn. Can be eeon :or two daya at 27 State at., Bou'.h Brooklyn. WANTKD- A SITUATION, BY AN AMKRICAN WO man, a* houneke- per. 8h?> undcraianda houM', and lartte i'?lal>;i-l intnit*. No c a tion to ibe conotry. Ape / at h* Wmt KXb ^?., between tith and lit avenn., tor two<! iyf. WANTED-A SITUATION, AS COOK WAHllER AND Ironer, or to do general housework, by a r*pc< table i Sir), who hart ih?* beat city releren?'o tor honesty, ? tli U-n y, ' t. Apply a: i Bnadi it, biWBWBt, Broofclya. j llfAMiilM SITUATION, BY A PROTEST AaVT GIKL, ?f i ? .1 j wiui i ook and t:i i ate waaher and iroui r, in a pmall private family. The bent of city reference. Can uu aeen lot da . a iii I Oth it , near Broad* \\r AM ' i ' \ SITU II ION, BY k ' " v i ? ? yoimr woman, an nnr?o and ^am-'r** or nliamb?*r> maul; ?>d city r?f? rence iruui bi?r i;i?i place, wboro hIim lived three yean* and a hall. Call at 17H W? hi 10' I? s1., lor two day ?. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A UEHPKCTA BLR woman, to do general housework In a private (amtly ; la a pood wanher and lron?r and >{ood plain cook; goo*i rot'eren.-o. Apply at IH) Columbia tit., Brookiyu. b? tv% < o Warrrn tuid Congress, for two da>n. WANTKD? A SITUATION, BY A RT5API5CTABLB youn^ wt innn, a*? cook, waaher and ironcr, In a re Hpc t.n u> r -.mUy Uuod city retcrcn?*e. ? an L?o Mfii at 1&3 \Vefct M "h *ticoi, between "Ui and Stli averries. WA NT!- D? A SITUATION, BY A YOI'NCI W<?HAN, AS nur-o or chambermaid; atp ^ capable of takirnj the ?'n tire chHrtf** ol a \ aby, ran do pVn Mjwimt, bne wanldn^ and ironlr.if, nnd iind?T?tiindn how fulfil either *lt nation tho rounhly; li?- no oti ? >f,on to travel; con K'lve ??iceHenf. ci'y i>* fereneo. Call at HA <;th avenue. In the lanoy *tore, for two day*. WANTKD? A SITUATION, RYA KKSPBCTAHM? PRO t^^ant younr woman, aa plain cook; la willing to a- iat in the waalJng and irotiii>K< or an laondre*>4 iri a uniaTl family. Oty reference. I'lea^e call at Uii V\>?t Ikkl Kt., between C*h and 7'h avenue i, for twoday*. \Vr A NTED? A SITUATION, BY \ RESPECTABLE WO f ? iru n, hi wet nur?Hi haa I' .-it he. baby. Can t??? n tor thl? wtck at 17 Went Broa?lway, front room, H?*?ond floor. vr a ni i d- \ m r \ now by i hi i'1 i vblr ? ? yMing woman, an good plain cook, and a ifOfMl washer and Ironer; uml r^taadc baking , good <ity n-forence. Call for two days at IH Prince vt. \Ir ANTUI)? SlTUATUiNH, BY IWn YOUNG WOU' N; f V one hh nur and cun do plain sewliif nr chamScrv. tirk, the other n* laundrcwa and chambermaid; tood cltv i**tV*r?iM*e from the.r la^t place. Apply at W> SullTvan t'rnt lloor, room No. 1. Cati bo aeen ror two day*. WA N H6D A f m A1 ION a i BKAM PRI Bf \ person who la fully ? oiupeteut o do dre?HtuakinK? "hlrt vnaklnff, nil kindle nt family ^ewln<f, and ctittlnf?; jh dla|K?icd to make nerse) r tiaefkil; no objection to tho country. ? ity refer ? nee, II required. Addr'^s M. !>., Herald otlV o, for 'wo?hiy* "yy ANTKI>? A SITC ATION. BY A HVNPE^TABLK ironli city r - ~ j ... . ? ~ , 7th av< nue, second fl<x?r, front room, lor ia< mumnwA riti itiom by i umrm 1 ?! young girl, aficook, Irk a ^nuvll private fmn '? in Mat run- washer and Ironer. II* -?t of r^fno <? \pplyat JMXI *d avenue, between 22<1 and ^t?l if#. , thli I floor, front room, for two day?. Ur ANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young ^Irl, to do chambcrwork and ftn? wa Kin*,' an ironlnjc, or cliamberwork and plain ? wln.r,nr wai'lio'. 'i?>?xl city reference. Lived 6 year* in her I. it place. Aj ply at I .'I I ?fh agfiiiiw ?ifinH tl<x?i" iiiii't (i.f itti? <Lia a \|? ANTKP? A SITUATION BY A NT'.l CIltL nE 15 T ? aa i nnrae and plrl vli'b children; will wanh th? bab) 'n? ;<? t ? - v.v ti , . vs,ut on a lady who taardx; e*? ellent cltv referen t , vv..^? ^jjo*r nu.nth. i an read and write. Call at . il au'i b?? w?- u }!?( and 22d id. TIT > N i ? 1 - \ SITUATION B1 I R1 P! m young woman, t i an eipei 1 ??.< ??d ; m#1 < > .?.? n. a.lklndaotje blauc man-?*a and u ??? ?r. am< ?nuaUkoi i? 0 -oupf. uood e|ty reference given. A; ply at inth -? . . t?? imgjsu tiili and 7th avea,, for two days. "li r ANT KD? A SITUATION. BY A RKHPRf'T\BLE Y? > < ung woman to do general hou<M*w?>rk In a aniall T-.iui Iv < r a pi ??at?- t o irding ho.t ?? d r? tiv?'u i all for two day* at 173 F'a-t la**h -fM be v enl- aiul 4l d avt'DU* *. TIT- ANTEH-A SITUATION, BY A VERY RFNPLCTA YY ble er, or to (!o general nou*ewoi1i; I * a cr^k .? ,<i a llr ' ra'? laundn|f>?, and willing to pleat ^ her ? mployer. Pleafie cail at 119 Bowery. SITUATION, BY a RKH'M TABLE "fir ANTED- A MT f ? Irl, about ^e1 ent i uJd Hkev. Im do hk'ht ci?i int. rr work a? ?: ?, aiMn ha? l?een brought up In iftln country, and !? *? s I ?*.} i n.'d make hen?? .f genera y ua?*ful. f'ttj give t hr ne apeeffthb* ciy r#f?Tenc?*. ' .n bf en tc . two ?tay* i pth *t. , St. Marka Flaee, third f'oor. TXT A NTFD? \ PITT \TTOK A ('OVVKSinV To \\* ff m-f't ''?<(> rrlM.M hv .! ?? If I'* .1 ? I Kr in ia.lj Hunt,. ? $ .tBaai required. Iw;'t . ??. 31* i * ??!???;? brc?kl)u \IMNtkii-a HITVATIOX IT A Til! KOVJOCTA it t it: tutu iri. |t 17 , ..f ... . (n * pi.T't 1. 1 Itt <lo ' !i.. ir.l v. ? rl. . in u ijftii %>- v. i . , .ii.'I ??. hi ull ki i U ? tuatmO ??n k . or INk 4 <? hi ? I., re.i. I b. if frreina. < ? >. I ?. ?c?n h r wo ila. t a' ; i'j IU i '.I \lTA>T?,rV-A ,T> ATJ'iN' WY <i It -I' ? ff f.r! '.ill ??;?: '0 ' I' . * ttu.sii i?n>Ujf, t ,ij rrcrt-ti- n i? en ? ? ? it tSj i"ol m ? U ?' , Jirc? k yii. \\r A.\TK1'-A SlriAll'i*, HV A RKCPRtT tlil.K " lllrl *? !?*(. a U>'1? ? . ; r M .lul ?fii'ltiil hi. i.. vt iV roml f it y r. . rn, ? .in > ? * i <?? pi . ? f'*n bf n, f?r two tfc??, ?i 1 1.' W. t j -'i ?> ,t ? \V \ N T KO?A PITI UK" '.<i I n, BY Vol v. ff 1. 1 ? in* wt.i < ti H H?I? I IT) \irAN*'V'.I? ? BY \ Y'H .'I WOMAN A llkBY TH V,' r ff mu I.a-. loct h?r '.wn ?!? il?) * ou, ht . rnt.jt , ,r<t .#?1 hr?l'h) . Plrarapplv Mi I' ? r. , . > ln-n* ii to>! Ha; ni'inil ?t. Hr Alyn, t, n 10 m.'l t o Y?* \\tv.i}? by \ rorsn woy<v. * rrr.\TK>N ff n ?.l i-unk; v on 0 ?*?!?' :i w ?l..i,.' hiiI ir ti.litc If r?t ?|iilr<tt!, nr WMild tin ihf it I.- . i. !rfiu?i * i!:ill|i vt. UK II) Ila* ?h? t.t -? t,I r ! 4 !?' r.'l. t> ' ? nil ff IK' | . wht-ri: ?!.* . mo t if yt-ar? J'li? ? < .ia'. ITS V.?r , ??. t? iw MB K!i>4 awl I I*. it ten, Ht i?<> tU; ?. TITANTKIV- BY \ TO1 T* \T?: ? t f f ?tnia<l?n in a pr'.vat* hutMM; ifea w(iiMi>!i ?;i k ad* of pa*trjr,j?IHr? in ? ii-fr.t, n.,'1 .'ia? m (J--0 I 1 "i. '? '> dr?-?* n not* Mr a ?rrt *i 1 P . l'.*J K. . \L'AMW)? BY ? *tri"W I.AI/Y V*,T|i?'i ill f f .lr. n a Krt,? ? a larr^r ("?i?r 'ittu'-il .n a (?nfc-i r.t .(h . i i .? - ?'!. Ic ? ?, 2tl *i?i Tilt ifiii n,i ijii. an |l' i mi t-rt ?. A I ?? bm 1 llil IVtl ofl.f UTAMKI)- BY AN AMKKi W'?HS \ 1'^ f* t- htl?-- I. t! .-1 M I "? ?karK? of an lnT*.^i| fi ' Hy r "1> : ?? i. \pplf ' " Oriuii?* rwtar tlia llo**rj if't'.m I talJo'i i t 11 r A NT Ml? 'tY A lirjII'KtAIUfltRL, \ ? I" I ' HO f* u. riit #; I riiU' ry W"i k ? t.-l ;4h '. ? ? ' .? > ? ??..l I ??'tT III' I V.i 1/1 ly.tiiii. . .,1. I . i *|t < !nr Iff I> ilavn a' f?, '.?> M. Ii a < (?.? ??? </', i af-i .? \l'ANTl:r> -liY A riKMP>^ "T *B! YiiCXU Won \\ \ ff .nialltf t ||. .crif.alj w ? 't-r . I " rn^?t (tvi-ii. Apply al V01 Itrai^l ai Oa>. n,n > I * u.a. WA.Ntl-^i-llY A KK-PKi TAI.I.I I'HOfl; T*NI VTil man. a ?Huatkin a< ?uxi pinla au>k. *?a<l ?a al-T aral lr> ti. on ' 'ijf ' ?'< ilo el m -k ??.?? -r ... ? < an hf araai unUi rn.;a?r*l at Xtll fnut ?' In - t*-)i. u'imkii- i v * m-i" r a I-I.I w . i i : f f * 'nft-v ??!... - t. ? ? r. ,, l.f .. ? ?ake.Miiir ?? a j ? al ??i 3tl a*? ? ?tk rootn fANTM>_HY A RKsPKTTABlf; Y'- Vt. WOMAN A ? t?< '?in ?? r t: r?t, haoili-rii.ttK) ?>. plaji . ?. . **?| ft, n. , ,rt? '1 at. ?. >n .... . ?? I -r pr?"n' ?in(.l.<?T . **t Mr- it* r ?t IP ... ? i . wfit-r* Vw ii. i) t.f -ff n ui|t|| y. i, . . j, .,j Ur liT A N AMKnK'AJf 'ilP.' A tf It? < ka/filifrniaM or wa|t?r nr |? ua?inr?.f I. 4, n Can *!*?? lha i??? of titjr t*ter*uee. P ? *f IV ' i t? niif. In tmrru M'h ami JSih pi? WAIfT*l>-IIY A Br?rF?T\BI.I *<it SO WOVkjir, A ft ???*<. i a? ft<^ plain ?/-.* ir. r?t It" 'i?? frf cm/ r?f?r??f?. A} | .j a: li J.U ?t room Ur AUTttn?BY A HMm-TABI r. TOPHU VOX t v A ifiit Imi i> ' ^wmtifrrri'i: I <.r Wi. "r r>*l ?. '?? ?>? *????. ' all ai 14 Ka?' fl.1 .1 , i^at M a -i. - ur<u 0'. n* for '-?o day v. wr w NTVf- BY % YO? M<8 ffims ? .JTI * ri. ;7h *'"? main f.ik i ml f.rrf ra'tt a^ ,ri,Zr u f t * ft* 4 f ? awl 774 **?? r*> *. I'lMi'i ?. ?? v iw * i W 1 VTK!'? "T * HOTItCTAKJ! OIKL. A h?ti ATIO* I* i H "* 1 *' '? lr"". ? l?4oi?<* irark ? a MMIi ||n il>" '7 W ANtrr i'V \ i A ? > .-.IS ' * ft - .- * irif Ut WW** n?K-ail 4<* , f-S* # .run ik#r l**t <**n 41 fri Kmmi iirAJfrr.n-fy a i. ? ? ? ? ? ' > mut. ho* t-r ff *? LK4r?n ? 6 ^*^ *ir 1 ? ?n?*# v???h r k sad 1 -i-1 ? il ??? rti If a ???? ?' -*-1 "?*" \\ A? Tj.ti? iiv * Kt if1 1 > 1 1 ? iimt. a . 1 r r . M.I-,?'? t., , ' A , r?,i' liv ? ?t? .1 t\ n?_nr a *' Fl ' TaUI ifi?l || W'.Kr. \ >? . ... r n?r -r ?!' r ? " , ? I. ..'*1.1* '.004 iiptulfil li* ;.TH H ? A ItP.-l r>1 AP1.I. I > K ' N 4 II ... ttf ?Wl '.||'| ? -?* <f?6 la faiijr rf |c?nl to ak* lln .r ir- k?r?? if a ' ?> ' fl. tn 1 ? iitr*li. Httak a{ otana a fmi. ho 4a ?!i>ri ilu i?#4 ?< ?p? Uri.? I'm l???ii % l?t 4a??a?IJ' Uk m iwl B. i \\ '/ ! 4 "! v11"* x - - 4. r?* ?? ^5 *#-?(., f*. ^ ^ t iw* -m?. IfifwA WHVATUm* h \irrKO? WANTED? BY A HRhPKCTAllMt YOUNG WOMAN, A Mtuittoo a# nlwrrihi rniwld it?d wauer, or would aaalat in washing and Ironing. In a prlvaio family. Can tfjve good city referen c? and * an foe ?et:u at VI Seventh avenue. TOTAWNK** WANTKP, BY A YOU WO MAW, WHO bavin# nrvrtl three yeara at the trade In the oM eoufiirv, wl?he* to ?,;o under Imtrtietb n? Where ho co?M j??*' hU tr* ie in full; no objection to go In he ? ..onu y. Adm-*? a note tor 004 work to If RelDy, M W- *t 3 Otli *t. WANTED- A HJTl' ATION, IV hoMK WIKU.K ll.K vv or o*b*r establishment, by a vtiinf m!?rrt?d nun ( ling IWth), who haa lor 'he la Hi l/? ><wo ? b? ?* ii employed In the ao locilng, making np, and keeping aoooun oC v?r m klnd? of goodu. Ilo fee la ? nnfldent ol hafnx able to ?lve ?atUta<'Uon lit | it iOMi nil nation a who re we, Ir Ml and ex.ietn * a*'? required. Would h? willing to enum^* for a very wodfra'*' -alary, Can Klve uM<-;.u'ot y o fere nor s to any on? wi.d.iit,; m-uiploy In j<iuiio of l.lvi Hf, m ollifr , printing office, 71 Fulu.< <tr??t,or j address V. Inson. Ilern'd oflloc. . "lyANTKD? A H1TUATION, IIY A THOROUGHLY I v | t a? 'in ?!? imt ami ornamental planter. To **?* 'tooMe no gentleman n?*>^ ti|iplv trho ift|tiirM hla gardener to tak* hariie .* horses, com, A<\ Addresa T. I) F., al Mr. Smith's *< ra store, i i White -li on T1TANWD-A SITUATION, HY AN KN0M8IIM IN, AH v? rea? hman. ot would 1>m willtnf! to make hlm-wlf iw<*fcl In any ??apaouy. float of city reference. Addresa W. II., at Mr. Mju\\r? y . ' oi nri "I I aloti lane and M rsl' avenue. fan bo he ?orn tor throe day* at Or. Ayre'? stable*, Union lano, Itroofclyu. Uf ANTEP? A HITUATIOW. KITHKIt IN N'KW YORK or Brooklyn, by a young man 17 year* "I I* ?* us to mod to the eharge of horn*?* hut ran imikr himself ^??u -rally .?] Can >?o #? **n between tfund 1 o'clock at the otb ^ t>f Mr. < oif, 51 Liberty ?t. \irANTK!>? A K1TUATIUW COACHMAN AND T1IK IT cai o of a pairol^hm u^, \lhirhlu* ttidrraMHtd will tan bo -i en for 'wo day* a J09 llib ???, , botwo>'u tfth and M'lt av^. T17ANTKP? A H1TUATIOW Nrt COACHMAN. MY A Y ? oolor**(l m;tn, who ? an be uo|| n^o<iinmend?Kl Apply for twodayh a' hla \ m i *'Ut ompl tyer'w, l? Ma iiMtn ??(Uai o \\rANTKP? MY A YClCNO MAN, A HITU ATION AM If rl? rk In a whoJ* -*alo or routli ^r??-pry or u- \ h .m ? (' ?n give ?bo beat of city n frreii' <'a. Aduroaa t^lorlt, II rai l offlc, WANTKP? IJY A HTRAPY, ACTIVK YOU NCI MAN, A altnahon a ? port?r, or in a ?rt>. ?*r, Can write a ko?h! hand and ke?"p ao?-ounta. < 'ail at, I?r addro** tb?* <Srooory Store ? 61 Kultuu Htr? ?*i, from H to II A, M., for tiirei; day a. fKMUUP WANTKU. \OIRL WANTED TO DO OKNEHAI HOI KWORK IN C?OVl i K'reet, b' twoon lat ami 2'1 avonu.'n. Sin* miwt l??. a rood plain om>k, wa^hor ami lronor, and underhand hakh>?| v eil. Inquire at 136 l.ldrldijo ?t., from rt to lOo'clook A. M., lot two day*. \l.AL NUH KSH WAS'IKIMINK WHO TIIORfHrofl , ly underKtaiida her buwltto ** and oan conie woll r??**?in mended. <-au hoar of a porrnan?-ii> NlttiaHon by appl '. In^ thbi day (I iUi.t) ? be'wt ?*n the bourn ?-t I 'J and 3 1*. M . , rvtU*?j turner ? ?i Montag'ie and Clinton Nia., Brooklyn. i I'KOTKHT A NT MIDDI.K AMKI) WOMAN, AH COOIC It. * ti" . dlnn'. N'ou. I i "> ? 'tmjttfU'nt j?oi itft fji f I apply at .'kl How ly, I otwocn 2 and I P. M., f irthr-'o -lay^. \FICKNCII Cfl SMIiKRM \II> AVI) SK. \\f TUMK wan tod. to go In ih> ?< ' . i . ? t , al o vera) oooh ami gkrlx lor nertii notice work, in tow n and oonnt ry. Apply Un o U ately af 7 C'arw?bn? stroot, near llloooker. i Bf)Y WANTFD? TO ATTFAO \ FfWIt HTOKW ONK J\ about ltl or 17 year a of :?/? , ono th.V 1- uw! I to Itoix a (,ood i < i mmondatlon rofjuli' d. Apply at 191 I >?* i-%n o/ A?;OY WA NTKD, \V||o HKS1PF.S WITH HIH P \UI.N r and can Ktve ho il* factory roleronm. Apply to W <l Jvt.k' ,l66 uud Pearl M. BOOKKEI PI It WANTED TO KKKP Itf>OK KO; mu?t write a gtXMl haul. tmd?*i ?ta*td doublo ? i , 1 . | and 1 ?? <t i ' k t figtirca; nttual Ive th oAh ooco to Integrity, oapaoUy. rapidity uud aecura'-v ,a p?*rina nent m uati<? kiv? n o one that wl!!?ult. A ddr?* ??,<?? itln.* *a!ary oipco eu, name *.nd ro?-ld? n- o, tj. \S , but ti Hei <tkl ofllco 1101 WANTBD W AKTKD IN A H HO U kiA IRO J eery establishment, a bright >-jniirt boy, 15 to 17 v< u < of a^e, who writoaa good hand, and lw ?|ttlok a' (Ik ttr?- ?. mu ?' i > *?i do wlih his parent*, in be lower part of tbaeoy, or in llnwik Jifj. i*a!ary ne d< raio. Addn ->?, wltb re.'erenee<4, box ti50 Pod ? fTl . pogt paid. / U OK WASTKP.? A OOOII PI A!NC<mM> W\.H|lr.?; " ? hi id Irnnei*, In a amnll pi I vat#* family n HeatM I Or o?m ittHf Prot? tatti won an, wltb ?ood role. one**'*. Applyatl^ I.? ili ifion avenue. / H OK WANT.:H* A OMPI.TI NT PKKHON \ V 111 l\N " ti? i - .tod? ' *?>kiuv., rnalii'n' d# >? ?*r' j ? 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C c"Ar: nP.Y uoopj? W * N 1 ply 170 Kul <-n -n. r> OAt 11MAN -W ANTKP AN KXPKttlKNCKH ? ? an. wl o la a Mtaal driver and under vl <* iho ?k. A ? ut;0' n*an. and A t. m. { i I attriK pdrrriicen. -taton taland, Itoi ? I ib. ?? I Kb, TWO coop \\x- Mf.N oklyri YKK WANTKP? 0\F WHO llA MM* FXP KK1> 1 1 1 <o'/on ? WM-.b-n dye frig, at, I >rt ot o. i ?? if 4^ Wlf XING r< ? If Jy f.-w'-il, old a ? ' ? ?- t II t ? II *l?e nnm boa Proteatain . mid of of r* ?<(?' r * f o;e v> jjj be a <?"itl< home. A;>p *,i \|;II I.NH: W SI II V. ? I I! r THK l:P ? I IM I i.? ? . ?| liil '? i > j . .* ? l> A, . > * ??.?: ml.'lUwt y m.4 |?- "*ri? ?toi' , .v . 3 <'utii*rln? 01 prrs i>iiv H'Avna-A ncxn I >v t? i<? i V?"?r? oUI. willli.* !?. Hliw?'U u*?fuJ, >IU/ api'lj ? Hi K* i nVH- |ii? <?. rAiv wi:iii vi.n wis.Kii ? mas who i \in:u 'linim .ni'l < *> ?? I... i ? ; 1 ? ? !>t 1 r. ?<: , !.? i.' ? ? in. ? ? i... lit* i Ir rtii V I 10 A 'il ! MAN * 'NT; Il WANTKH m?it. ? Mr i j, ii "Hi I- ^1 jr# ? r Kf. 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