Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 14, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 14, 1855 Page 6
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. ?OUT aiBKIT. Tbvbbdat, Hep* ,3~? Th# stock market is d?Uy becoming mow de preaed. A | the first board ail the fanciea and some ?f the substantial* were lower, Illinois Central bee* ?eeu ned j per cent; Nicaragua Trausit J; Coal i; Reading Railroad Hudson River Rn" ' i; Illinois Central Railroad 4; Clove. 1?4 gnd Toledo Railroad j. Chicago and Rock advanced i per cent. There was more aotfrttramoog speculators, and a more general di*pwel5? to ell he bean were in high spirits, and aold right and left everything on the llat Money 1a getting scarce. The demand is daily in citmatag and the supply diminishing. For about sixty days there will be quite a stringency in the no My market. After that time money matters wfl probably become easy again, and we should not be surprised to see before the winter sets in a very active speculative movement in stocks. During the next sixty days, however, the tendency of [rioes will, without doubt, be downward, and we look for a decline ranging from three to five per cent. Stocks of a faucy character will, of course, suffer the most, and will be crowded upon the market in larger quantities. Those who get them off their hands first will realize the best prices, and those who hold on must look sharp into their aflkirs and be sure they will not be compelled to sell some time hence, whoa lowi r prices will rule. - Railroad stocks generally are not well held. '1 here an enormous bloc! in tli street, aud the bears know very well they mu>t come out. A few turns in the screws upon the money market will straight en out some holders aud oblige them to sell when they Utile dream of it. Very few holders of stocks know when to sell. Instead of selling at a profit when they might, they hold on for better prices, and finally sell at a loss. When there are strong indica tions of a contraction in the money market, the wisest course is at once to cell all doubtful or 1. y securities, particularly those which have been bol stered up entirely by speculation, aud patiently wait the money in hand for the decline hich ia sure to follow, and if advisable come in again at the bottom of the market. The tenacity with which Outsiders hold on to the most notorious faucy stocks is most extraordinary. We have ><eeu, time and again, large profits refused, ami ultimate losses to almost a ruinous extent submitted to. There are upon the list two or three railroad stocks which are steadily but gradually settling down m market value, and there is uo do.ibt but that sixty days heuce they will range from five to ten per cent under current rates. Notwitustauding the alirobt certainty of such a result, aud the oppor tunity which now presents of getting out, we shall find the sales at the lowest points quadruple what they are at ruling prices. Those who refu.? to sell now will ruKh into the street then to realize, glad to get back any portion of the amount originally in vested. We have for years tried to impress upon the minds of outsiders who are unwise enough to speculate in railroad fancies, the importance of realising a profit when they can. This class of operators never are governed by the signs of the times. They never are on the lookout for squally times, but blindly trust to luck. We can now say, for the hundredth time, to outside holders of faucy railroad stocks, that we are upon the eve of a con. traction in the money market, aud the safest course is to realize. Pocket the pi olit or loss for the time, and wait for a more favorable jteriod. It will soon come; but in the meantime we shall have pretty sharp shinning times in Wall street. Alter the adjournment of the board, the following sales ol bonds and btockn were made at auction by A. H. Nioolay:? 91,000 Williamaport & Hmirn 1st m.in1. nducj 67 *.,000 Cle>t', i'aine-vl h AHhtiibula KR 7's.rto. 87 i'oCO Mad Hirer auil trie Kit. ".<1 mnrt. .do. 81 &,Q0k? Chicago and Ali?*. KH. income 10'#. do. 75 ? 7 <? \ f>.000 Bridg*js>r1 , tt. Water Co. <'s do. IH> b 0'I.Sj y> ahare* Hamilton Fire Insurance Co 6;i lfiO do. Brook! vn lire Insurance Co 10 do. Pe<er Cueper l ire Insurance 0?., , 02 60 do. inwiictu Com! Co., /Ilrjriianv Co. 200 do Mineral und Manufacturing to. . . . $1 Simeon Draper's regular Hemi-weekly sale of bonds end stocks will lake place to-morrow, (Friday,) at half-past ICo'oloik, at the Merchants' Exchange. At the tecond board the market was a shade or two better for some of the leading stocks, while others ruled lower. Krie advanced 4 P^r cent ; Rend ing, 4; Michigan Southern, }. Nicaragua declined { per oent. The sound dividend paying railroad stoofcs are not offered in auy quantity. We do not gee any large Hales of Galena and Chicago, of Michi gan Southern, of Chicago and ltock Island, or any others of the good Western railroad stocks. The advance in Galena and Chicago, within the past two days, has been nine per cent, and no stock is offering at the maiket price. That stock is held for per manent investment, and in no other stock can the same amount of money be made to give such great returns. The leceipts thus far this mouth have averaged about $10,000 per day. The aggregate for the month will be upwards of $200,000, a rate of in come on capital unprecedented in the history of railroads in this country. The gross i nconie this rear will amount to nearly one half the entire cost of the road. At the saino rate the Krie and Ceutral should earn eighteen millions of dollars each this year. With a surplus of fifteen per cent on its capi tal in hand at the commencement of the present fiscal year, and a net income this year ot at least fifteen per cent more, we can form some idea of the probable dividends. For t'ac year ending May 1, 1866, the company paid dividends amounting to seventeen per cent, and hud a surplus in h-iud of $316,764 *?. The directors estimnte that with gross earnings for the year ending the 1st of May, 1S56, Of only $2,000,000, the company can pay 10 per oont dividend, and have a surplus of $6'.io,754. The official returns tor se\eu months of the present fiscal year show that the aggregate Anil be several hundred thousand dollars greater than the estimate, so that the surplus on the lgt of May, 1*56. is likely to b nearer one million of dollar^ than the figure named by the management. The earnings of the Michigan Southernand North ern Indiana Railroad, lor the month of August, amount to about $100,000, (the exact figures are not yet known) against $167,715 01 for the same mouth last year. The earnings for the eight mouths end ing 31i4 August (August being e.-timated ns above) amount to a total of $1,613, AM 57 ( arcing* panto jeriod in 1864 I.-'.'i.'j/iI;; 26 Gain tn eight month* $'4)5.141 M At the same ratio of increase for the remainder of the year, the total earnings for the year 1*5.* will amount to over $2,900,000. This is one of the few roads in tho country which can be operated under fifty per cent. This will give net $1 ,300,000, oat of Which ti pay a dividend of 10 per cent, say $700,000; itttafmA on debt, wiy $450,000, and the company hfcvt a surplus of $150,000 for future contingencies. The future produi tiveress of this road is beyond all colcnlation. The increase ha* been about fifty per cent in each of the past three year* The annexed statement exhibits the gro<-s and net earnings of the Reading Railroad Company for the month of August, 1854 and IK35:? PmLAJ'aJtnA a.\dKj,ai>i v; Raii r. up >864. 1M5. received fro* coal $456,607 fl8 $436, f41 34 Da. fteai morcnandlee. . 20.117 .'II 2?,d<?0 U Da. Croat travel, fko .... !H?,fl30 40 94,889 To?*l $606,; 46 39 $60.?,SB0~i* TrawpwUUtm, r.,*1wny, (tQi* il fund, and all char**, 177,207 82 18#,?08 08 KalHafltsfcrthsiyaUi,... $aa.i;fl 91 $410,fl?J ?) lorpOtlAM 8 month* 917.4*3 92 1,434.678 20 Tsftj a?4 ???> t for 9 99 $1,744, JO ) so ?Mai faataaaa <? net income in nio? months 84S0 .',78 81 Far the ftMt time this year the monthly returns show a feline of both in the groas and net income. The quantity of ooal transported to market in An p?t, 1W>6. was considerably larger than in the hm r.e. month tost year; hut the tolls this year were m' a Iot er i ate. Heretofore it has Won the rule of the company to raise it* rates on the 1st of Jaly , each year, twenty-five cento per ton. This year they omitted to do no; hence the reduced receipts from that source. In the other departments of busi nees there has been an increase. It appear* by the above returns for August, that the actual operating expenses only amounted to thirty-eight per cent of the gross income. There is net another road in the country operated at snt h a reduced rate. We are glad to hear that Mr. Qeorge D. Lyman, (he manager of the Clearing House, has beeu ap pointed by Mr. Schoonmaker, the Superintendent of Banking, agent for that department in the city of New York, to have charge of the bank note plates and printing. The place of deposit for these is the Manhattan Banking Company. A bdfter appoint, went could not have been made. The Africa's mails bring us detail* of the foreign news In relation to American stocks, Barings' circular of August 31 says: ? American stocks remain without regular demand, und without fluctuation in price*. Ctiited StotM 6's boo Is, 1808, lot h 108; Massachusetts 6's sterling, 103 a 106; Maryland 5's sterling, niaOo; 1'enusyhanla 6'* bond*. P.'! a 8-1; inscriptions, 78 a 80; \ irgii in O'h ilullar bouU, ?8^ a VCH\ do. 5>s Bleilin?, 85)?a8 New Orleans city eOBSoUaated bonds, 81 a 8i; tana-la O'h, 114 ^ a 116; Illinois Central Railroad bends, 79 a 80; Michigan Cen tal 8's dolloj bonds, Pti'i a 97>?; >ew York Central 's, 8" ? 81 1 aiuuia 7'b sterling, U.'i a 97; l'eunsylvania tut ml, PI a 92. Satterthwuite'a circular of the same date says: ? Tfcfieta Uen u steady market (or American nee un tie* dttrirg the past week. Some of the parcel* of boud* recently <>o the market have beeu taken nil", and tkere is a m >re general inquiry for well known bonds, r.rle, 1883, and sinking fund bonds, rule fully 1 to 2 per oent under latest New York quotations. We note transactions in New York Central anil Michigan Outral convertible bonds, lric,188o, Heading. 1870, and Ohio anil Pennsylva nia income bonds. Sales to a moderate extent have also been made In some of the bonds recently introduced to the I /.mill in market, viz: Cincinnati. Hamilton ar d Hay ton, Helvideio Dclawaie, fl per ceut guaranteed by Cam Jen and Amboy, and the Joliot and Northern Indiana 8 per cent bonds, guaranteed by Michigan Central and 1111. nolo (V ntral tail. nails. State s'ocks have been quiet. Great Western of Canada are moie ollered, and are heavy' Wright, Junior & Co.'s Liverpool Cotton Circular of the 31st of August, says: ? Our cotton market closed quietly on Friday last, the date of our clicular udviee* per A'luntic, and continued without any improving symptoms Tor some days gucseed :ng, 'he suss averaging about Q,0i<0 bales of all descrip tions. principally takou by the trade, who couluue their consumption to its pre\lous extent, and the short time movement is next to abandoned. Whether it arises from the want oi buoyancy to trade In the manufacturing dis trict*-, the prolonged absence of important a4viees lrora the seat of war ? the broken weather we nave experienced, or the nature of accounts from the United states in re spect to the growing ciop ? certain it is that speculators do not display that contidence in the future that the petition of our stock and the limited amount of supplies likely to be roo ivod within the next two months is calculated to inspire, und lett to the every day demand of spinners, ko., h .Iders have evinied a geneial willingness to meet the inquiry wiih an o>er-abnndunt supply, which deprives the market of all animation. A return of flno weather, and the barome ter iudicatirg Its continuance, has, however, influence lu more cheerful tone, with extended transactions during the past few days, aud wo close (with saies to-day esti mated a* 10,000 bales, iJ.OuO to speculators and export ers,) with greater urmueM, and an evident tendency towaids higher price? ? last week's quotations, which were scarcely obtainable in the early part of the week, l>eing resumed 1 he total sales of the week amount to 51.470 bales, of wli'ch ;)8,1'^0 are American. Speculators have taken 6,120 and exporters 6,700 leaving 40,550 bales of all kinds to the trai'e. The import tor same time is 47.50:! bales, of wliloh 28,728 are American. The quantity known to be at sea, from American jiorts, is nbout 49.000 bales. The return from the Bank of England for the week ending the 25th August gives the following results, wlien compared with the previous week:? ? l'ublic deposits ?0 9',1,8C5. . Pecrea8S..,.?564,06d Other deposits 11 ,074, 829 . . r-ec rease . . . . 575,5/7 Rest 8. 827,349,. Increase,... 42,40! On the other side oi the account: ? ' .overnment securities.?l;!,<)'. f>,lo4. . Increase .... <121 .'>.000 Other securities 14.995,282. .Increase,... 62.22^ Notfs unemployed ... . 8, 8. 4, 555. .1 ecrease.... 351,095 The amount of notes in circulation is ?20,042,215, Iteinp a deereat-e of ?234,926, and the stock of bul lion in both departments is ?16,545,087, showing a decreusc of ?570,l"Jl when compared with the pre ceding return. Stock Kxciuuige. Sept. 13, 186ft. 96000 ( > b'a '67.... 117>i 36 eh* Krie KR 6!?-; flOl'O U S 6'a 'GScpn. 117)i 100 do 1/25 6.W 10000 Tenn 6'a '90.1-3 9C.i4' fin 0 614. .1000 Virga 0'b... *30 98 1(10 do Li.'J 63 a 60(0 P8 V 50 do 531, 6000 M'ssouiIG'shOO 250 do l/J fill'1. 6000 do POO do 6;^ CCOO Ind State 5'h.. 8.'tt^ coo do bio 63)i 1000hriebd*'76..c 00',, 100 .btiO 6H. COO Hud it 1st m b? 102Jf 500 do b30 6 1 oOtO H R : dui b.bl5 7H 100 1'nnamn RK. .blK) 107 V ?*:0 do 76>? 10 do 107 ? 100C0 do bf'O "fi'i 300 Harlem RR. . . *90 28 : t?0 N Indiana bds. 100 200 do c 28' 15000111 CenRRbda. 8-t'j 40 do 28i "600 do 84},' 170 Reading RK 05 ' 10000 do KO 84^ 100 do b30 96V. 1000 N Y Cen fiV... 81 200 do sOO 94'i 1600 \ Y C?n 7'*... 103'j 400 do 04*?t 1000 Chi k Rk I Hit b 97 700 ao 05 '-"00 do 07 >j 200 do.HOOiifib 06 2000 Te Ilt&Al 2d nib 80 100 do ?30 05 11 fhs Am Ex Bk... 120 10 Hud Riv RK.... 41 10 Hanover Bk 98 28 Mich Cen KR 99>r 150 Nir Ti an Co 20 ? 27? Mh do k N la KR . 100 V -00 do bflO '-0?i 10 do laoC 100 do 1/0 iO'i 200 do b?0 102 1<? do 20 350 llbt Con RR....C 96K DOO do a60 20 100 do 05)!, 26 iVnn Coal Co... . 10.".>^ 6 do 05 100 do b( 0 103>? 8 Galena k Chi KR. 119 1? 2^0 <lo ?30 103 2?W Cley t Toledo RIl 85' ?<* do ?3 10.3 BOO do bl 86 200 do b'.o 103 WO do bl5 85 100 do 102?^ 20 Tliinl Ave HR... 43 2M) Cum Ci.ul Co ... . 20'J 20 Chie k Rk 1*1 RK. 90 800 do b30 27', 200 do 99 w 100 do b60 27*4 100 do.... at TO 100 60 Hanip Coal Co.aSO 13 26 Clerefc I'ltis RK. 60 200 Ward Coal Co . . c l\ SECOND BOARD. ?<000 N' Carolina 6's. 100 500 ?b* Krle RR ... 54 15000 Virginia O pt. . . 98 1; 200 Reading RR . . . s3 05 6000 do *90 99 60 do *60 95 1(00 Missouri 0'*... 92V 100 do 95'" 100 frlis N T C?30af(10 20 50 do. ! [ 95 1" ?r>0 do b30 i'O 500 do ..WO 90 4 100 do lfljtf 150 Civ At Tol RR . *30 86 10 Cum Coal Co 27 101 Chi k Rk lad KR. 99^ 100 Erie RR 53J? 20 do 90 V 300 do sCO 63?i 26 Mich fi k N la RR 101 2fi0 do 63 % 60 Harlem RR 28 K <*? <lo b0O 5 4tf 100 do b3 26 V 600 do: 1,8 64 4 CITY TRADE REPORT. TiirRmur, Sept. 13?0 P. M. Asmy.? The sales embraced about 40 a 60 bbU., at $0 87 a 90 60 tor pea rid, and $0 37 for pots. BBKAl*rt kw. ? Hour ? The market was ateady, at pre vious price*, with l"?s doing for futuro delivery# The xaiet. embraced about 800 a 'J00 bid*., including common to choice State at $7 75 a $8, Western common to good Ohio and Michigan at 98 a $8 50. Extra Cenesoo was at >1' a $10 37. Small sales of common State wore m ide deliverable all the month, at 97 60. Canadian win in light supply, ami irregular sale* of about 500 bbls. went made at #8 a $9. Southern wax firmer. The Hales in cluded SOO a900 bbl*.,at ?8 26 a *8 76 for Bali imore standard brand*, and 98 76 a t'i 76 for fancy and ex.ra Wheat? The *ale* embiiced about 9,000 o 8, 00<) bushel of Southern ted, in lot*, a*. 91 75 a 91 87^, and 91 'O a 92 02 for prime white do.; and 14,000 )>u*lieU new mixed Chicago at 91 7'. W, with "mall 1 it* common white Micui gnn at $1 80, an<i 3.600 do. IlllnoU red at 91 85, and a smiilllot common whlto (jenesce at 92. Corn ? The sale, embia^cd about 10,(00 a 50,000 bu.tliel* Western mixed at M'-jc. a 8/ '*c. IJoiiey ? A salo of Oilifornia vi< re port eti at 91 l'- V Ry" wa.-i Ann. willi .dies of 2.000 buahels. to uriive. at 91 16 a 91 17. <>aU ranged front 40c. a 50e. CornEE ? The market continued Orm, ?i?h sales of 600 bags Rio. nt He., ai.d :'00 llnracaibo, at He. a 12c., and 60 t a|>e at lie. ( <>Ttov ? The sole* footed up about 3,000 bales, the inatKet clofdrg rather Irregular, though without change from pi lens current lielore the new?. A circular from the oftiee of the Shiff >n<i nw1 Comm/r^iai //iif gl \ es t h<' following ?taieini'ut of the cot. on crop of the inited Stati ?< fot the year ending the -1st August, 1856:? Total crop of the Culled States lor the year eiid Ir.f Aug. 31, 1854 (bales)., 2, MO, 027 Total do. for the year ending Aug 31, I860 2,847,38*? I?crf a?e ftom yearemllng Aug. 31, 18.'>4.( bales). 82,088 reerrftee from the yeai before, (or 1853) 416,54;. llie exports to foreign ports exhibited a decrease tor the year of i4,93W bales of ?hi< h 64,0.14 were to (irtmt Bri tain 29,972 to the North "f KurO|te, and 20,800 to other jsirt*. 10 Iranco there was an tner' ,1.-0 of 36,873 bales. Omirum/1um. Half . Tutal crop of the I'nlted Stutes.V* before stated 2,817,389 Add ftocka on hand at commencement of the year, 1st Sept., 1861 ? In Souihcra |*>rts K.486 In Vorthern port* 60,117 13V60T Makr-* a anpply of 2,982, l?42 I'e<t\.ct therefrom expoit to fo reign port* 2,244 209 toieign iueiuded 891 2,243,318 StKks on hand l*t Jept , 1866 ?In Southern porta 76, 6M In Northern port* 66 002 ? ? , 1 ? 148,836 Burnt nt New > ork, Ifawton and I hila deljhla 2,704 *?,389,368 Taken for home uae 5 mi The ?|nan tty r> n*um< d and in the hsnd.'of inaoufc?c. tnrer* In 186'? '6.'., amonnu-d to 671 ?y? hUe*. <u lS-S.'V '64. to 610,671. and lo 18*;-'56, 6 M MM hawing a dt mini>lied amount 00m |*ri-l to ttie i? , j.rr vlou ? pa s. l aiii-inv ? Rati- wrre e^ain flru*r for l.i^(l?h port*. To Urlraanl <*,000* 60.000 bushel i of wheat were ??? (ilfJ, chiefly it bulk, and mostly fcr delivery all thai month and e*rly part of tietotoer, at ttd., and itome lota ware reported, in bag*. at D.Sd. ; 600 bales of c?uip?-e' -*.1 ootton were aupaged at la 4d. Kir (tour, on the spot, lis. waa asked, and So. td. do. for October. To I?ndou 1 -1,000 burhai* wheat were engir d, tn bulk, at 10 L To Glas gow 300 bbia. bams wete engaged at 2a. Od., anl 6')1 bbl*. rot-In at 2a. Vd. To Havre wheat wa- eug /el ??' 10c., and 200 bale* ootton at \c. To t .'alUbrni i r*t?? wete firmer, with some engagouiens at ."'6c. Bay.? About 1,000 bah* were tiold at 7 Jc. a ?!>?;. I rad was steady; foreign *u held at $0 31 * *0 37, an I Galena atW37. Navai. ?*<>??? About V00 bid*. s.<irlt# tur|>eu'irie we C Hold at 46 mc., and 1,100 bbl*. common rosin a p. ? Oil#. ? English Unrved is dull; American .rtslumnl erate demand at 01c. Crude whale w? Urvi al 75c Ke fined waa in fair request at rather firm r rate*. Pwivimoms.? The sales embraced about 70J a 800 iUd?., including now met, 3 at $22 66 a t.'.' 02, and f-l do. I >r prime, and $20 for prime mess. Beef continued in go ' I demand, which, ?l h light receipm, the market wat Ann; sales about 200 bids. at $1'J a H-4 for hicm, au<l at ?11 a *11 'J6 f'-r prime. Lard steady, ?l:h baled of 200 a IC<> bblo. at ll.Vc. a 12c. hur.? .^ales were moderate, without change in prico'. Mtt m. ? lhe sales embraced 16,000 mam of Ca-.iW at p. l.UWdo. do. in lota at 30c., and 1,000 lba. So. 1 uutmtgs at C2%c. M caw. ? Hie market continued firm, with a rather better feeling. Tlie i-ales embiaccd about 0,000 a 7.000 hbda. Cuba ii'Usoo\ ado* at 7 l4'c. for common, up to 77,c. a Be. for good to prime quality, and 100 lilids. New Or leans do. ut Be. a S^c. Messrs. Stuarts' house advanced tlieir prices for thr?e relined sugars to the following figure* :?LouMe refined loaf sugtr, 10>?c. per lb. ; double relined crushed sugar, 10 Sc. ; ground -ugar, lO^c. ; cir cle A ? cm shod sugar, 10 'ac. ; extra <|uallty ground bURHr, 10??c. Whiskey. ? There was more doing, with aale< of 400 a 600 bblft. Jersey Ohio and I'riaon at 40tfc. a 41c. AUVEHTWKMhNTS KtiMitfKB UVMV Ml. IIORHK8, C^UUUAtiliS, JiC. A SECOND HAND GROCERS OR SODA WATER WA son; one lop, one Uix wacon; two second hand coaches; k>i ol single harnesf; h'ho. a variety of new carrUaes, atyrury description. for sale cheap lor eaah, Ac. MAJOR THOMPSON, SON A CO., 26 Woof er street. A lio i it business wagon for sale-frame body, 6 or Ci feet long, with ban J.- owe sea. and plated dash, well nulled for a palmer, or auv liylit loads. Verj nh ? i|i a' i>0, a/id entirely new, 'lo bo iecn al DICKKL'ti sialikt., S'i. 7 West '1 hirteenth au-cet. ClARRIAOEri FOR KALK.? ONK PINE BROl'lillAM. ) l.a^ bean w>cdtwo or three times; one close pAnailed coach, nearly new : also one line hall ton phieton, four Mated, w I li a di op neat lor two children, co4 J-i.-O; and a lar^c t-a rx-iy ul'caiTlaMca and liarnnu, low. Apply to JOHN C. 1IAM, 880 Broadway. For salk? a brown mark, five years old, 16\ bands high, wmrHnU d (OHM, and kind lolnrness and Baildle, can Iroi a mile in three minuu-a lo ro<4d w.?i;oi>; for Hlyle and nppeni-ance has ten cnuala; alao a fast p.iclug liorae, yo'ins and sound. Apply al lit" Mullierry sireet. ]J*OR 8ALK ? A HANDSOME PAIR OF BAY UORHES, young and perfectly Rentle. A nea: carrage and a ll'ihl wagon for four iiersotu-, In perfect order, and would lie sold toucher or separalely. A vcr) desirable e<|Ulpnii!Utfor a pri \Hti: lainily. Apply at 168 Pearl Htreet, up Hairs. Fob hai.e-in westchestkk county, a hand some lar^c block horse, warranted sound and kitul, nine years old; also a nea! wu^on, lor one or two seals, made liy Browster 4 Lawrence, and harneai: all In best order, loip'ther or aeporately. Price for the whole. fcJiO; Inquire at llST Broad way, room it I, between 1 and 3 o'clock. Fob sale? a bay horse, la1,' hands high, war ranted sound and kind, llint can irot In 2:60, or belter, to a polo. Address t>. P. Q., IleraM ofliee. For bale? a liciit hay mare, ekjht years old, IS*;, hands lil^k, warranU d souud and kind. Apply al 2H Pearl sireot. For sale.? a long tail bay iiorsr, i? h vniw hl?b; ot koo<1 slvle snd artlon; a fine driver; can Irot la :t:15j is just from Ine country. Also, a splendid sorrel lioi-ie. l.'i'j hands high; Is very stylish In harness or uuder the ad lie; ha handsome stepper and can trot In four iniuuies. Also, a ir. a. burre, 1ft hands high, that cannot be excelled In any way; Ik very last. The abovo horses wlil recommend themselves to any jud^e. Can be seen al Tuttle A Wrlitlil's sulile in Wil li.", mslmrg. near Grand and Ilmisioii street ferries, or address W. O. y. , box 1,721, Post ollicc. Horse, light wagon ani? harness for sale.? The owner hating no life for them at prui>eu(, ivill sell at a bargain. Apply at the staldes of H. If. Ljon, 4ti Greena plj-e*-l, where t lit* establishment can oe seen, or toUKORilU 1)1 ROC11K, 120 Greene street. Morgan horses-ten young horses, jpst from Poralret, VL: three of Ihetn arc fit st, uud would Bull Southern gentlemen wishing well bred slock; Uie balance nn round, iKitiy-biiilt liorstJ, suitable for the road; several would nuike Hue doctors' iiorsea. Apply at Blydenburg'l stable, 2! Hocrurn street, Brooklyn. rpo PEDLARS.? FOB RALE. A FIRST BATE TWO A liorsc wa<;on, VH Mather 'op. mode to order, in good st.N le, with well m rauKcd drawers nod divisions, suitable for h cutlery , tobnccoiiist, or variety bualiiefm; also. a double lur i pis. To be seen at Klngsley A Sou'.- livery stable, 72 lie tdu strict, l'rice low. Inquire at 4? John Street second Hour. mo IMAM :1 ORTF. M VKKR8.? W \ NTED TOftXOIIA NGE .L tt light lay Oanndian mare, 4fj years old, pound and kind In nn harne ?*, and promises to become a \ < ryfast traveller. A light Vox baggy wagon, together with harness, Ac. Thu A'hol) would be mi nanged for pianoforte*, a* ilin proprietor has no lur her like far a hnrso and carriage. Apply 10 JAMEd Mc CIBDY , 411 Brood wajr. -\\T uren> TO Pl'lt CHASE ? A 8800X0 BAND R00I IT away coupee. It must Lc of good quality, and but bap tised. A Imi, :i mI double -el ot oarrlagii harness, for winch it fall price n U. be pal l. Inquire at Mi Broadway. COP A IITMJRSHIP NOTICES. nnn WANTED? WITH AN ENERGETIC YOUVO JTO.U""" bii-hit -< tutm, who I- Hilling to put thin sum ngnlm-i SI ,fiUU In establishing s wholesale and retail provision rloi-e. In heat locution in Brooklyn. M.UOO be cleared In twelve mootte. Address, with name, and a rre to be mm atler7P- M., Frank, Herald ofllec. CnO ?WANTED, A PARTNEB WITH THE ?F L.Uvlf. above amount of capital to take an iuieresi In a pleasant and a w ell established business, paring iW per ceni. Call from 10 to 2 o'clock at room 11, 368 Broadway, for two day*. <SH nnil ? A PARTNER WANTED AT THE NORTH, ?Jp I." " with it cash capital of at Irani. S1.000, to a t In connection with the advertiser In Virginia, in * Uitfluess a> read) e*t:i Wished, and which only wants capital to rank': It tin most profitable and extensive imaginable. It is perfectly agreeable and safe, nil ilie Investments being secured on real ea'ate. Pome of our wcnlihlrnt men hate made fortunes by It, and retired. None but men at ready capital need apply. Ad dress W. E. Y.. Port Royal, Va. ?iil Ann TO *1 MO. -PARTNER WANTED, TO JOIN ?P-l. the advertiser In a well established anil very prol. table t rocery and provision bumnesa, lu one of thebes' .ocnlloiia In this city. Mu?t bo an active business man, with the bc<-t ot reference*. Address Grocer, box 101 Herald olllee. statlnR where and when an Interview may be had, and It will be promptly responded to. #nAn -A PARTNER WANTED IN A MANl'F VC 'P'JI 'u . t urlng business that Is done strictly lor easli ami iiays a larce profit of fiOO per rent on sales, and L? used by business mon altogether, and la In successful operation; n store Is kept down town for the sale of the kooiN. Tne partner hi wanted to take cliarge ol the store and hninoes, as one ti .hi cannot do the business. Apply 'o HOWK8 A FllOBISHER, 84 Nassau street. (fcrnn to nooo.? partner wanted-an enter tJpsJiHJ prising, working man, to Join the advertiser In a lueratlve and exeUiuh'ely cash pnUnit business. Reference exchanged. Address J. W., Herald offlee, wlili real nana .in 1 relet enet". d>r[lAT? ?1,000.-PARTNER wanted t? join a ijluul/ genih man now engaged in n very prolltabto .aann faeturliig business In succeealul operation, l'ornn agreeable and lucrative business tula has not Its ciinal. For particular* aprl) to HOWES A FR0BISHER. 84 Nassaiii ircet. $zinn -P^RTNKH WANTED, IN OBTAINING A 'P'lUO. patent, and getting up models ,,f a uewly inreni i d machine, w hich Is light , and can he carried by hundrc.l* in a trunk. 1 bi? Is a rare inducement. Apply to CAMPBELL A CO., 118 Chambers street. a>OAn ?WANTED, A GENTLEM AN OF OOOD AD ilres'i. perseverance and budne.<s tact, with thi an eunt, to join Die advertiser In a buaineu already eatabhsh ed, in ?hleli u :..:fe Inrostmeni can he mode, and a ijood Ilvlnii secured. \ddrciis Orue^a, llcrald oflii p, for iwo days. ?a?"| to $200.?' WANTED, AN ENEItOETIC MAN 'PJ'-'" with this amount, to tako one hsir interest In, ami attend to, the financial detriment of a mfe popular IMvrlilni enterprise, jurt retnrm .1 from a pi oh able tour, and now r a dy to start weat and South. TliKb. an exc lleiit Pi r month can be reali^ .L Call on J. H. Daw-. Trench'. Hotel. / 10PARTNERH11 II' NOTICE.?' THE POPARTNRR-iHIP ' heretofore i listing and known as the tirin oi Meserole A ( ogeln?, IstbU day minuallv dissolved, and mi claims niwi. paid firm will be settled by Im?:ic Mcseroie, who will eon Inue the bosincss, and la authurized to receive nil inoneri due the lateiu-in. ISAAC MK8KSOLRL RICHARD C'OllQINft. 1 4 Sooth ftevenih street, WI111am?bur,j. OFFICE OF WM. S. BOWI.AND A CO.. NO. (5WVLL Street, New York Kepi. IS. Iw,.-Tbc mercantile tlnn o: w llllmii Rowland A Co., an i i sii u'cl prior to tie' gth day of Auguot last, was dls.ol>dd on that day by mutual oensent 1 lie 'luslnet s or the firm will b? settled by William!* Row lie buslneas ot importing and "cB'ng railroad Iron, and the t cneral railroad comiulhskm bu-ine^ and negotiation of imruad credits will be continued by tko tiodaraliiied under I be Unn ?uune of William 8. Bowiand A Co at No!# Wall WM UOWIjAND. PABTNER WASTED? TO ENCAGE IN THE SHIP briAerat-e find commission bubiueah. He nm-t be thor Highly co'ivetsanl with all Hj detailr. pi.snnn an extensive *e. riiiaii. tanco wi !. cb'i niaster4,nnd be able to inllui m e i-on?ign Bienls. With aueh a perfon, of mod buMue-* tab nth and rig .n'evrlt afa o Ihle oopoHuioty 1 11. r- Aiidrr-s. wilt real nsme, BUpping, Herald office, Mating whert to be seen. PARTNER wanted ? in tiif. old established (Vmnec'ieui pie. dep?it and dining t-aliH.n. No. 1 to Nassau areet, cornt r of Deekman. A fry profitable tnveatmcnt. PABTNEB WANTEP ? WITH A C ASH C^PfTA'Toi JS Ott", in a foreign contrition home; the i ipiwi ?m i*. seeitrrd 1 y ^lock; no ritks and fair proiiUi. Aidre-s M A K Hi rald{.ffi:e. ' PARTNFBS WANTED? WITH A CAPITAL OF FROM one to Ave hundred liol ara, to travel tbroughout be Cnlted e.atot to?ell apaented article, recently discovered whl.-hls o1 great valui . Nia e ne?l appi. unlets lia< Ins il,c me .n. at .heir command; to such, an opnortunltv win b? offered a? Is aebte* rnrt ai h. Apply at K M HINELEY A t u'o Ks piiaa. 110 Lroa<iway. TT ANTED- A PARTNIlt WITH A < APITAt hit rifv ii dollen. Ira autnafacturtag jewelry hwlaow w Ik h liaa been es'ahiiatii d tso years, an t which 1^ rail Al 1 rersoa having the a .o "n Oom will find a sale Invi tment. All mmnnmlriiiM. ~ "Iry I m ? i.?iiM..iii.i p. A!l "twttofileattoii will tVflYtiii oflT? Pkaae addreee, win, real nsme, boa BILI.IARI>g. G RIFFITIl a D WISER THV ONi.> COKRECT BM. T I aril 'a*... esi-liten msnuf*. tur?e? in lh? t nited M?ic.O' "?j< pe Buyer* wtli ?1? well to call an.' ? >smtn? r?i' fin H.Vk \.ti hand, ?uliat le h* prtiaie or public use Trimai nr? f.? saJ?- a? -he k ?e?t f*?h P't" ?. _ GRIFFITH A DBCMB, Uiliard t;U?.e u.wratactu.*trs,VJ Ana aiUT?t. TBIAJW MOMTML icnA ? QAKDKNEBS TAKE WOT UK.? A BKAUTI iptTVU ? fu) garden, containing SO acrr?. near the cltjr. to let, for a (arm of year*. A market lor >11 that can M raited on Uae spot. This is an oppor' unity seldom oitcrmt WM. U. MBLICK, 84 Seventh aventie. A FEED STORE, WITH STABLES FOR ABOUT T'URJ \ ty-fn ? bontea. The premises occupy two lot*, and by re lefbifc the real of the feed store, ar.. I* troe. The loe.Uioa U 03 mwhid fo the dB far >? homw. bwlkmnn ply lo 1IOWES k FKOlllSllKK, SI KnM street. AXIC1 THREE BTOBT HOI' SB To LIT? AMD TUI furniture tor ml*; or the home would l>e I t an 1 tin r. m 01 furnltnre taken out tn board. The house hu e/Jif imp i orement and the neighborhood gfwd, being hut five blocks next of Broadway. Addroas Stanhope, liroadway Post oflicc, for two day*. AP1RNIH1ED HOt BE TO BENT? SITUATED AT NO. I Bowling Ureen ; the house ooniaius 24 rooim, la hind w.uif ly iurnlabed In Uiu modern style, and hvi '>eea occupied as a llrnt class lioarding houae for a number of years, al-o 1 a and In a heautllul loca ton. Rao' for ihi' same pa/a hie quarterly In advance, to a responsible person, none o her need apply. Apply ai 9 Bridge street. Bakery to let.-the three wtory brick hoinb No. 10 aveuuc II, near Hon* on street, having n tiake Itouse a ad oven In the baMnmt, and *alM room on the Urst floor: possession glveu Immediately. Apply to E. I'NOKit I11LL, 22 Cedar mreet. Fl BKISHED HOUSE.? HOUSE TO LET AMD FITRVI ture tor sale; house iwo s ory, basement on>l atlie. lurnt tnre modern and but little used. Rent i-.V). N. B.? Bwn ?ml io let unlet* the furnllure Is sold. Apply at 90 Llspeoard street. Furnished apartmkts ? part OP a HOOSI to let In a desirable location In South Brooklyn, convenient lo I hi* ferries, and where tho cur* pan* the door. TIm aoooin modallotu consist ol back parlor aud extension room, and three or lour bedrootrb, together or separate, with or withoui partial board. Apply al '221 Court street, Brooklyn. Furnished rooms to let in the first ol.u*3 house 776 Broadway; a splendid suit of parlors on tin; timt lloor wi'h extra bedrooms and vrrluslvc kitchen; also, t.vo suu-le rooms on the upper floor, suitable for single pen leuiuu wishing to coonomise in lodgings. Apply before 12 A. J4. House to let and furniture por sale? to let, near Fifth avenue, above Madison square, an elegant brown stone house with all modern Improvements; real il.frH).

The furniture now In the house, new and stylish, will be sold at a low and very reduced price. Possession al once, K. B. KINS HIM hit, 319 Fourtii avenue, 3 to J 8 to 1(1. Houses to let, at reduced rents-a brown stone basement bouse on Easl 1.1th St.. *800; a three story brick on Irt'lng place. $860; one on 2t>th St., $9J0; a nice new bouse on 3fcth si., near 7ih av., *M0; two nice tnrce s ory brick bouses on 4ith si., $400 and #600: oue on ItitliKt., #7 .">) 1 and a number of furnished houses, h. H. KlNSIilMKR, ,119 4 b av., lroxn 8 to 10 and fiom .H to 7. Houston street? broadway.-to let. the large dwelling douse No. ft S6 Houston street, nor.h west corner oi t rosby. Contains IS or 20 rooms, and has rung'', bath, gas, Ac. Also, the spacious dwelling No. (lib Ur<*d?ny, suitable for business purposes. Apply lo JAMEd PK1CE, jOO Hudson street. ON DEMANDE-DANS UNE FAMILLE FRANC AIHE, (inebiucB messieurs, pour oceupcr do belles chsmbres metibl?es. An faurnlra une excellenle table si on le deJircnl. h-uarc?ser au No. 119 CUulon place, Bmc rue. PART OF A HOUSE TO LET-PLEASANTLY Lo cated; No. 31 Washington tcrrace; three minutes' walk Irom ferry, lias aud balh. PART OF A FIRST CLASS HOUSE TO LKT, WITH kitchen, ard the modern Improvements, within Ave ml miles' wulk cf the Metropolitan Hotel. Inquire oi K. KiiKl'S, 646 BroatIwuy: Rooms and offices to rent, in appleto.vs Building, corner of liroadway and I<t-onard sirue:.? One large front rootn, one small room lor an otllce, one large room lioxiO, second lloor; two rooms on the fourth lloor; an artist's room ou the Sth lloor. Apply to D. Al'i'LBTON A CO. Rooms and offices, corner of canal and hud ?on streets. ? To let, or lease, several fine light aud airy suits ol rooms, all minting on the street, on lirst aud second l!oors, above the stores: gas and Croton water ou each lloor; geu-eei entrance on t anal street; also, store aud basement No. Hud son street; also, small basement of No. "Ji>4 Hudson a. reel. Apply to JAMES PRION, 200 Hudjou street. CTUDIOS IN BROOKLYN.? TO LET, IN DODWORTH'S O new bulMiitg, No. I.';7 Montague place, near Uourt street, lour stmllos, fitted up with every convenience, erpre-wly lor htndscsiio or ivortrait artists, two having high north lights and two Willi north skylights. Can be seen at any lime. For ter n* apply on tlie premlso!-, or at A. DOilWORTH'ci, 800 lii-o id way, K. Y. QTAH1.E TO LET? A VERY DESIRABLE STABLE; M stalls for three horses, very airy, nnd In perfect order, ui vlcluily ol, and address Washington eipiare, Herald ofllee. STEAM POWER TO LET-IN THE DEPOT BUILDINGS, corner Centre, Franklin and Eltn streets, one square eaM ol Inquire on the premise* at the otllr? of E. ANTUONV. TO LKT? T11K TWO STORY COTTAOE HOI'S K 27 HO ratio slri et, near Eighth avenue, In good order, eon '? M -e\ en rooms. Irf-ase ihrre yejrs Irom May last, at J.,fi I < r annum. I'o. -session Imniedlaie. Apply on the premnes. ??r at 1W6 liroadway. rro LOT? THE HOUSE KNOWN AS THE BOSK HILL L house, 10', Kaj"t Twenty fourth street; bur, gu flxluron ami range complete. A Orb', rate place for bustueas. inquire at 'lie umlilc adjoining. ?? ' r LET? TWO HOUSES, WITH ALL THE MODERN Improvements; ihry are new nnd well tlnlshed; posses slon immediately, a ltv aid 111 West Twenty fourth i.reel, between Sixth and Seventh avenues. Tlpply u> M. WILSON, comer Cortland i and BfMltffty, under the GttaOy building. rpo LET? THR STORK NO. 40 KKADE STREET, FIFTY X feet eaat of Broadway, opposite Stewart's; r?nt |3(iu p?r year; also several rooms, lor light inunuJVu'tiirtutr 1! uri to sea, in Douse hi; DuhT" street, llml house east from Broadway. Apply at (iUIHUi'H, b02 Broadway. TO LET? HOI7SE IB COTTAGE PLACE, BETWEEN llleeeker ami Houston streets; the furniture will el'lter be rented or sold, Carpels, oil ciothl and part of Um fundi m e wub now la?t May. Addiesa 0. T. EVANS, 37 oil aey building. rpo LET? A MOST ELIGIBLE STORE FOR ANY RE X toll business, In Ilia heart of Broadway. Apply to C. D. I1, 341 Broadway. rpo LET? THE SMALL THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE. X 3 (linden row. In Eleventh street, near Sixili avenue . llout-olii complete repair nnd will be lei ou reasonable terms to a small family. Ininiedlate possession given. In lulre of I). W. KEN'TUN, lt<7 Broadway, up stairs. TOI.ET? THE LOWF.R PART OF A HOUSE IN THE Tenth ward, consisting of front und back basement, 'wo parlors, and two rooma on third tloor, with all or part ot furul ture lor sale, which la nearly now and in good order. The hou.-" contains gas and bath. Addrces C. BARDELI., Chat ham square I'Oit oillce. rpo LET IN BROOKLYN? A GENTEEL SMALL THREE 1 n'.ory and hiuicment house and the furniture, lately pur eha?cd. tor vnle; home No. S Harrison place, ou Harrison street, between Court and Clinton, a short w alk from rin.uli ferry. (Jars pa is on Court street. Rem $300 a year. Apply on the premlsep. TO LET IN HOHOKKN? CENTRE HILL, lk MILES from the ferry, a splendid place built purposely for the r< arlng of poultry, having a good frame house, a w ell and a pond. Rent cheap. Apply to T. J. WALTKBa, 6 Sixth street, uext t'j the Bowery, rear building. To be seen for two days. TO LET-ON STATUS ISLAND-A NEATLY FURNISH cd hou??, near (Juarantlne larding; the house is lu line order, containing eight rooma, kill hen, wadhhouse and under crllai, Ac. Bent KO a mouth, from l?i October or November to May n 'Xt. Apply to E. It. KINSHIMER, 319 Fourth ave nue, lrom 3 to 7 r. M., and from ? to 10 A. M. TOI.ET CHEAP? 1\ A VERY HEALTHY VILLAGE, A KikxI house, Ivmi, and outhullulnga, with ten acres of land, u quarter of a mile from n railroad depot; 300 fruit treoi on mo premise*; to the right sort of a man the reut will be tow. Iu quire at 13} Chatham street. TO LET? THE SECOND FLOOR IN HOUSE NO. 2 Woo tor street. A good situation for the mtlllnt ry business. TO LET? A FRAME HOUSE, WITH A GABDKN, BEAU tlfully rliuated on Fulton avenue, corner of Ryer.ton street, Brooklyn; ront $325; possesion immediately. Apply on the premises. TO I.ET? IN WEST THIRTY-FIRST STREET, A VICE three s'ory and basement house, convenient to both c.irs and stages; vossacMlon Immediately; carpets, Ac., from 920-) to $vWJ. will De bold 1 ?w; ha C rot on water, baths, gas, Ac. B. W. It I'JU A R3JS, frfj Broadway. TO I.ET-IN THE LOWER PART OF THE CITY, A small hotel, near Broadway, which will strcommodaie 100 persona; the and furniture, everything In perfect order, for sale ou easy terms, whh Immediate ,)0ssc8.-U0n. Situation unstu-pa j.-xd for transient Itoardera. 11. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. TO LET.? THE SECOND FLOOR OF A GENTEEL house, iu Nineteenth street, pear Irving place. Apply at the tjfflee, >j2 East Nlnetocnth street rPO I.ET-IN HOUSE NO. W WEST TWENTY SIXTH I s'reet, nctr >lifli avenue? the entire parlor storr, with lrom and back basements, range, gold and hot water ana cellar room. Immediate possession given. Apply to RUKUS S. KING, No. n0 Greenwich street, near Hank. T O RENT? THREE ROOMS AND PARLOR IN A GEN teel house near Maedoucal and Charlton streets. Hand ?omeljf famished, ftirnllure nearly new; will be sold cheap. Addresn A. B. M , Herald ofllcc. TO LET-STORE MX CANAL STREET, OPPOSITE ll-.c Brundre'h Hotel. Oood rtand Cor segarstote, on m graver, or f?i- pa'ent medicines. rpo LET- A PHEASANT I'P.ONT BASEMENT AND TWO 1 nmm, to a ttnall fkrally ; Amertoans preferred: two very small fsmlles tn he house." Relerenoes exchanged. In pilre at 17S Monroe stri ct, TO LET? THE STORE COBNER OU IIKOADW vY AN0 Ll-peunrd street; the More No. -t* t'anal 'reel, n Urt-odway; the four lot's iti house No. H4 Chain'ters Mre nnd two rooms In hottso No. 413 Broadway, Apply at Iti Chambers street. TO I.BT? 9210 PI'.R *NNUM.? POSSESION IMMMH ately, the '.A llo<ir of brown sione house No. ISA Ninth nveituo, near Twerty seventh street; two an 1 four be I r?ims, g:ta, laths. *c.j genteel nei.-hborh'ssl. Foe sale, Jfl.xttt; a hand ome modern house. i.V West Thirty -elgld.'i street; alse gemcel ncighborUovl. Appty to A. llAVIs iu Ninth avenue. TO LET? FRONT AND BACK OFFICES, FIRST FLOOR sA N v- ,ii p rceu Inquire ou the premises or of WM. Kl llL, ? Conlandt streM. ^ rpo LET OR FOR SALE-A VERY BEAUTIFL'I.LT FUR 1 ntshed house, In n line location In Brooklyn, a shot dts tsnce from Uie t^outli ferry, new, and has "?ll modern improve men's. None but responsible lamllies will tmotre, pers-tn illv, l etwecn 11 aad 12 o'i lock, at T, Ucekman r.trvei, dii. Cour, up stalra. TO M *NUF \<TURUKS. AC -TO LET OR LF \f-E LOW J. A flue, large, rv v. flvr t-'ory t.nil.lir.f, well llshted a id centrally sltna.ed. U> a rcspnoall'le par ? * III be Icase l or rent edlow. Apply to llARliMAN k OrillORN, AgeLW, Ac., 1IT7 Walker. eoKifr Bowt ry. mo LET? A GRREN IIOI -E WITH PLANTS AND SIX J[ or twelve lo?s of ground, sltusb' on the Klahthavenu^, be tween 14?hand ls^tlt streets. For parUenlaes apply, a4joln lug the premies, or at No. 13 Oily Htul, to NATHANIEL . I ARYIB, J?. O LET TV BROOKI.YV? THREE BR VCTIFUL HOV8M4. two In I can Mrec', one In s? ,?nd place, q?lte cmivrai'iot to car and stat e rontns (.as Hi'tir**, hatlj, ic., will be M ttry raasonable Apply to n.VKYKV A OONOLLT, M6 Broadway, rnuas v. T AMBCTi RETEIYING AND FORWARDING ?JOHN W ( HAM M I.* c- nernl f*>minUklno merchi^t. ar.d rt<?1^1s4 ?nd M-wardiOf egt .?!, t^arkkkc S C. ?JlXJCS AT Atxmoff. ALBEUT H. NICOLA V, AUCTIONF.KB.? I. VHOE KALK ot line imported ttqunra.? AJJwrt II. Nleouy will wIL ? uia day, Friday, at II o'clock, a* the salesroom, 11 Brokl ?mat. ? targo eoiwtgnraeu of One brandies, wines, Ac., being I he balance of the Mark of one of our largest dealer* declining business, consisting of fine (Hard. Hitpuy A Co ; Muriel. Halt; net'e, Vineyard, proprietors, nnd other firorlta bran la oi brandy; Diilf Qnroon, Amontillado, ani oilier sherries, both Sale boil brown: Ixmdou dock and other porta, flue Ma-bun. lunn A Co.'*; Heldjiiek, Jaoquesson e* FU?. and L. J. Luquet jlittti pagues; Mulr A &>n?' Edl-jburg ale, Ac.; 10 barrels rtvln oil, and 10 barrela rosin paint oil. This aa i la worthy the attention of both dealer* and those purchasing for prha'e consumption, as every article i< warranted to be pre clrrly as represented. mid a* per sample shown at f ile. Term* ca?h in city fund*, Catalogue* can oe procured at the sales room, 11 Broad street. Auction notick.? m. douohtt, auctions**.? Tlils day, a' liHj o'clock, at the s'ore 27 Centre street, ?? brae nnd general assortment of row-wood, m ihoj; iny .ind wi.inut parlor, chamber and dining room furniture \l?o, the bill IMS of Ik* boa rdlng house furnl ure, Iw. n'y be 1* c.kls, cluilrn, tnblea, bureaus, washslunds, hair maUre?sea, cooking and room slovet, klchrn furniture, crockery, Ac., worihy me attention of house bolder* and ihe trade. AUCTION MOT ICR.? JOHN F. RLSSKI.l.-BY DA V, Kl'HSKI.L A CO. -Household furniurc, ront-wmid piano lores. oil paintings, mirror*, Ac. Tins morning (r'rll.ty) at li o'clock, at h4 Nassau street, two doors iroin rul'on - reel, sale of superior callnet furul ore, comprising furniture ior parlors, dining rooms, hall and bedrooins, anion! wlurh ara some rleli parlor suits In rosewood, satin broc itnl; rich en amelleil murule top collage suit*, mirrors, superior oil p\l.?: Iii(i; also, one superior seven oe'are roaewnod pianoforte, wl'li u -illau ailnr hrut-ul, a superior instrument, by J. A 0. Fischer, of (his city ; and one Huston nod one Germ, m do, ArCTION NOTICE. ? J. BOOART, AUCTIONEKR-SV S. lit <1 ART ? SuiuiMay, at 1111,, o'clock, at th- a ic Ion rooms, corner of Frankfort and William streets, a largo assort - luenl ol parlor, bedi-ootr and kliebcn furniture; spjen lid co'in ler, show case, oil paintings, fancy articlct, clocks, mantel or naments, carpots, Ac. Auction notice? thos. bell, auctioneer, bit Bell A Bush.? This day, nt III!., o'clock. In our salesrooms, ll' Nor'h William street. wewlll sell a valuable variety ol good household furniture. Also, by order oi assignee, the folio .v lug v aiutil le articles or superior cabinet furniture, to olo* - .in estate:? seven bureaus, eight French bedsteads, one set of chamber turnlture, one splendid set of rich l>rocal<;l ail I rose wood drawing room furniture; ten sofa bed* ant lo in ;es; one library rosewood bookcase, one parlor book?a*e, una polished wardro'oo, splendid sereu octave rosewood piano, and numerous oilier articles. Also, worthy the atteniiouof srorcra, Ac., flvc hall cbesls young by son, and four do. Oolong black leu, in tine order. Auction notice.? thos. bell, auctioneer, by Bell A Bush.? To druggists, aurgoona, physicians, Ac.? Will soli on Saturday, at 11 o'clock, ut 12S (ireeuwlen stt-n ie. nem Klghlh avenue, the valuable cholco dru.ia, linist in 'di clues, cbemlcaU, perfumery, Ac ; also, all the (liUires, ti l ings, and arrongcmcnU of I he store, with two years laase; al.o, a valuable medical library, surgical and deutal ins ru minis, denial chair, eleeiiic and magnetic midlines; g*s lluims, a iiuaniiiy of good furniture, ar. Also, worthy ih? nitt n.'.on or connoisse urs, two valuable original paintings, one l y Mr Peter 1 cly ; the other by WeatalL Further parilculars on the morning of sale. Auction pale op furmti rf in HOBOK1N? Ibis day, MihScpl.. at 11 o'clock A. M., at the house In Moomfleld street, next door to ihe grorsrr corner .SecinJ s'reei. The furniture conMsta of a beiutiful sofa beds'ead, a bureau 'secrrlaire, chairs, tables, French bedstead, nlih spring matiress oilcloih, Ac. All the furniture was male for the present owner's us" and upholslereil by himself. BV F. COLTON, AUCTIONEER.? AUCTION SALE OF elegant household furniture, oilek ihs, French plate mir rors, Ac., Ac. _K. Colton will tell, to morrow, Saturday, 3cpt. 13, at li V o'clock, at ihe auclon rtiim, 59 Ueekman stroeL secoud siory. a large and general assortment of new a'ld secondhand furniture, of every descrip lon, comprising rosj wood and mahogany parlor suits, in brocatell and halrcio h; rosewood and nialiogany French bedsteads, mihoi;uiiy spring seat chairs, sofas, leie a teies, rosewood and mahogany dress b ureas. wlUi marble tops; do. \>ashstands, black w.tlnu anJ onk illiiln;. and extonblou tables, mahogany, black walnut and oak bookcases And secretaries, rosewooJ ?na mahogany ccn re, side and card tallies, work tallies, music racks, corner r.tanis, hnlr mattresses nnd palllassca, oil paintings, mahogany riN-kers, nurse ilo., Voltaire and easy rh.ilr*, lounges ind lounge beds, maliogany wardrobes, otlcioths, mirrors, Ae. AL-o, forty cases inmid clocks, new pattern. Also, twenty dozen maple chairs, all ol which will be sold without re serve. Sale positive. i r> w<-ri'TRI.' AUCTIONEER? TBU8TBE3' SALE lWh day oi Juno, 1365. and woorded In Llbcr J0"; "i1.; S?E^SIS^^; JAMKS 0. McQCIBK. Auctioneer. WasIiKc'on, D. C.,Sep. 8, 1K06. . . ?r\ S 1HM (ill AV< TIONBK.n.-HOUSK HAl.K OF 31. elegant nnd rn?Uy furniture. I hereby J!'*u "?,jE ti,?t I shall os i 'OH t' lor sale tomorrow (Saturday). atbl.H o'clock In the forenoon, lor the bpnn (It of whom nil the magnificent and comlv furniture contained In the live 2<UaniU.&sem<mt l.ouae In <Hram>n street, No. 79, and oi poX the Hudson Klver ItaUroad station. ^ I Hfi n.cnt then In parlors, and pucceMlvelr tbrougu niO re malndcr of 'l.p rooms, two elegant in French brocatel. crlroaon and maroon, and cwreiwi i i,reeTi, cirved and pUn, v->ry ro???l etc :ere. the doors and taAMned wtthpUtc ?V,s; beautiful with Hi it airy marble tops; xuperhly ioni'd?rven octare ro e wood round cornered double action pianr.-orle, In a hMVlly (lease (warranted); roaeweod work awl Parts pearl Inlaid Sii ler nmehc mbles; Paki clialr., rosewood book, shelves and oorner elegere* and i.tarms ; magnificent tlotile rosewood eir cnlar front book' iwo; splendid Turkey and veMet e_irptli>i, also 'l?',^r^nj '^wy nindn'al gfdd'i^und l^a'fos, Quithic Inlaid Fr< ncli e locks, Wauuiully pain cd va* ?? q ? jj *e"co Uec and game pieces, marine anrt other*; also, some _i .cry ' A"? ? "* 1 r. wtlh wTtwbW tops; rosewood carved be-.t.tea<U, waetistands, commodes, amoire de glare, enrru'olres, maho gany do., mahogany sofas, sofa beds, spring goal JjJ*1?' ' and rncliliig chain, heavy hair mabrcssej., * rcr.eb counter tianea nlllowi and bolster*; rich china toilet etui, sc., jrc. i .blna dinner seta of i'50 pieces; t?a seta, silver tea m ? let, tnrka *?tjooti<? casters, cut k1a?* ware, wincn and sejrara, \c. i'lif pai.i will conimenco preclwsW at nil ?ml nrooecd according 'oiho plan above. Tormacafclu ne poidt required, Catalogues remlj to-morrow. No po*tpone Sm 00 tsar account. T1TIAR COMBS. AUCTIONEER?THIS MORNING. A1 Pi 1i?>a o'clock, at G#? NaM?u atreet, rich a^sor unen t ol new and second baud furniture? roae wood parlor suits, ^ahogany and black walnut parlor suit*, bureaus, bedateads, "ardro a*, mattresses washstandi, chairs, sntas, and a lol of sccond hand furniture, wl'h whb h the sale will commence. ErrnKNR B. FRANKLIN*. \UCTIONREB.? ?Y FRVNK tin A Nichols, at their sales room No. 7? 'reel, litwir Kulton th!a day. at l't,s o'cliM'k , large sale of iw cond hand furniture, conslsiiug of the usual housn^cep'njt ".'j'" " afsmllv, vl*.:? Walnut, cottage, mahogany, French and Iron bedsteads, the laiier with appliances Tor eanopr, bedi _a ^ >d dins, cutlcrv, gla>?ware, cookln? stoves and kitchen The abeftilon of dealers and housiikeepera generally Is invde J. \i-o, rich parlor sul'es, covorol n !? rench aaUu Pro at . I English hair cloth repi silk, Ac. ? elegantly carved ros.'Wood anil mahof.iny beds'rnds, marble lop dro-vng bureaus and uAuliMandH roeewootl commod^e, wardrobes, bo<iltc itie??f necretarles;' palnlod enamelled chamber furniture, i n ^uiie; rich French puite mirrors, flno "II paintings. cllver pW?l un.s ii'i m'I?, cake baskets, spoons, forks, Ac. Also, an 111 v(4ct: of JJ.OCO Havana scgars. Termi casli, bantable money. Deposit rciiuirt d of all purcharcrs^ /llOSOB COOK. M'CrfON KIP K NT K.SHI V K. A 1 f It 'Ion sale ot new and tashkmaUe fiirnuure, Ac.? Tills da). a\ ittV, o'clock, at talcsrooms, II, N assail street, a splendiil afsi.rtment of rotawood, oak. mahoganyand walnut furu lure, cr.n'lsilii^: in part of ri.sewood and mahogany parlor suit*, la satin, biocatel an.l haircloth; marble .op centre, side, i and sofa tables; secretatlcs, bookcasca, tldebo? elegerea, and coiner whatnots, quartettes and oth'ir * "? "f *; rlor oxtenston dining tnbles; rtlnlng room and patlor .IiiIm. tufas, tcte a tetes. lounges, arm and easy chairs, el. gant rose wood nnd tnal.ogany bed deada; marble 'op drcf <lng b tr -aiw, end wash?tat'd.s; hair mattresses. p?llla^ .ed? be. dlni., A^. Al?o, gill frame mirrors, oil pain. Ing<, china an 1 glii?s\ aie, lablo cutlery, sliver platod wan1, Ac. -- (IROCRRV AND LIQUOR STOCK AND PIXirKKS.? X Thl- day, at 111 o'clock, at Thirty sixth strcei. w.-si i of >lndj aieitic counter and 1 ?ar, Ice bo*, scales and wclghia. fla<? .ase tea cannls.lers and content*, oil cans, beer pun'ps. k w. s a .d 'a/kTdccanters, Ac., and contents. Deposlle re , tUred. \ y AKTKR. ilctloncer, fli l>cy s'^eet. i-or. OreenAl. n. /^BOCRRIW, WAOON8, FISH, REEF, OLIVE OIL.? It This day, at It o'clock, at 57 I>cy street, corner of Circa \? ich me.rkerel, anlmon, herring, pork, raisins, figs, prunes, nuts 'cutlery, tools, nails, c'uthlng, c ocks, .-ollars, stiAika. one ton bu uv wagon, one j,.jitare business wagon. topnujg. ?? , * a. CARTER, Aucltoneer. Hevky h leem, auction e br? by h. h. Leeds * Co.? Elegant sale of household fnrtilture, ol tne 8ms descr'ntion and In perfect order. Including work# of art, on Datn tags, Ac.? Henry II. ljeeds A ? o., will sell by auiUnn I rlc.a>, 6ept. 14, ai 111?; o'c|ra-k, ai IB We?. Heventeenlh ?W, nesrMlth aienac, the property oi a gentleman removing to 'li.liyiun rv, a.l nearly new.conei.dlng ol elcuant r.iigl' n "elvet an<l Irus-els ratptt'i, bnported eipressly to order; a^ont rareand valuable . tl paintings. Urge plerglawi ., rich crlm ion latin daum?k curialus, Lice do.; ro'?wood narior auli*. (ovr. i'd In crlmaon sailn brwatcl;ilo. Parisian m nle,co.-crt d In put?".- and gold silk brocatel, buhl I oji de roue secrwaf ' cbltonler uo. fancy chair-; carted bla.>k walnut cabinet, ??.J p'iSe s d'sirs; cliandelien of real lironw) and broiu ? an ' Oi-t'olu. elegant buhl eablnel, rosewood ctegere, wlUb pije u!i?s bai-a; elegant carved pianoforte an t sUol. luperb r?.H hevrcs china mantel vaaes, for gas, richly l'*1"1'' ' 'rhh,i a. i cd oHk bnilet rhntrs, cxtenalon oak tai le., *c gla ,* ?. dkiia r se . g ild and white; drof tng utiles, bed't'ifl*. < hairs I*-Uroetn?? r.leh FnlLJ. WIl'OB and llniF.sel. carpcU, ro^wis'd ,lr< rs.iu I uri aus, cov'd bedsteadi, !P!LS ,,? ? alts d.. covered, icdsllton repa.;also, suits In bl m kwal.i'i I nr. i u <lark enamelled Parta i made cot tage wodt, runken p in hels and very elegant; toreiher wt h oil. to hs. ehtai. glus. -up. ib (Old and white dinner sM, ran. clocks in 1 ornim "?*. The sale ?lli commenc# In the basemen'. ?'so, at l. o lo k on the premises, the dwelling Itonae, built In 'irst rste ?t?|e, ,r,-e s oil. s and a'dc, In prrfect order;lot 25by half the blocx; l'fHj-o rj feet deep, wl'li all the modern Improve m< nta. Terms literal and luade W.wn at the time ol ??le. TIKNPY H. LEEDS AUCTIONEER.? Wf H. H f.BF.W II ? ? o .on ?at i play, Sept. 15. at lj o'etork. In I ? Na aau street, a pair of black Canadian mire. 14S ba lds hi, h t^ears o5. warranted wend and kin l .n art ??rn o under tVe saodle; <an travel 'ogetber In four minutes, aj* , IWO llkhl * atoris. iHirfect.) new. _ T L. VANDEW.VTEK. ACCTIONTCB^mltAl J*? J. rj -ale-t.'old and silver w?clies-A ipl ' r llcPf r j I e sold this day, (pcremp orlly.o c'oseou the | ,{ln In? to ord. r.) at K ?; o'clock, at the aal?s room U||u f r# ( % ^ , Nert e?. tij line go d rth "S diamond W^ (n44 d rone tie. ?Ingle brill an'*; tine gold sul's In ca*e*. Vkrv,utl y ??. an 1 1 1 I natspln., caidr.-p, fo' cUm^ br weleW. an I jrea' vsrlety; ma?lve ^oldve.1 ana _ ^ rrncll? and p Hisrd ihat!^ ladle* do.; rl<*. C ,u).erl<'r sliwle an 1 g.ld t^-'livlrk". '^^;1'"' *1;-; and Oilier*, wltb he bed m.? hunting ease gold to^erwa' * ,^, Jeweled and rn..r,elle I kers' minui'ees: W1" Jure, levers, Ac. Tt.U ?al ? <? no, Woe me with every day. OKErb .-FIRST (IRAND FAI4 PETI R F*HES Ar( j'M^^ ? A, A((K ^ y VKK . 'n'e s^lTrd.f evenlni^S h ln?.an . at h lr.ils.MH ITLiliw.v Oo hie Hail between I'e.rt ?nd l?u%n ?? .14 '52I.IJ3' aiirmetlve r.l'ery of oil pa cm* com a isrre *nd wodli, enuipiattk^s. A?., by irftola The paintings are all moon ed In fwhV *? -le Abo an assor mer.t of supert. en ravlnn. h? ??LTfadrel'r des-lti.lng burine*. o cotcmeoee at , Si ?r?kl""ur,wh t-*'alomea at ea.e. 1-kl.NOEt liTES ?r AUtTION. ? JOHN F *rVE1.L, kS afe-aMtt.xaw' ? "swa d t^u el'j. Tern- <??-'*? IJUW AT AOOMM. RffSKLL vr WE8TOOTT. AL'CTTOIfraR.-KUJQANT household fumlmre, at Ihc n*U?et of Oharie? U*iu K./],, l. y Wc?( Flfletuib nwt, on Ihursday, September M, JL 1. >, o'clock, such being m w cleganl p trior, c*iarnl**^ ' dliilugiooin and bedroom furniture, calakgues Of which wfl be reed; and lull per Jc'ilar* adverti.-^d oo Tuesday. S" ui HUT'S bale.? w. albcrtim, ACOTiotniMi, Will e. U. 00 Friday, tent. 14, al 10 o'clock, at t? Uaurf ihe City Hall, Brooklyn, e general aatortrcadt 01 liardware, woodware, crockery. fancy good* aad to/a. Joan Puscn, Deputy. E. LoTT, eaWf. TUNIS WORRELL. AUCTIONEER.? RICH AND PLAIN fumi.iire, French p.ate, Ac., mirror*, English velvet oar-, ct-itng, oil i ain logs, Ac.? '.Rils U?y, (i rldeyJ airomeectoe at li }?, el No. HI Nasau hired, by catalo.-ue, the quaiUy ?mj to Broadway private warcrocms. from extenslvo maaufac. lurers, end tnr*c ueceMtllaled to tekc advances. The Duel qp poseti to attending auction sales, cither gentleman or lade-1, may expsct to be satisfied In attending et thU auc ton house ? l?l, ln?ii ad of weDlDC. l>y spe.iklwi lo the bookk.?eyer,nnr srUI will be put up, uiid witbou the Ifw' unJerf)Llaln<J n, should uny article he d arorer d 1 ad, you ere hot dedrod ia lake It; 3d, you are welled upon equal '.o the most poHte 3roa 1 *?>7 store*. Parkin;:, .'.e., In the beat manner Ulook oeoahfil 01 magnitlceui | |er and mantel lulrrorw of the boat qae'itv, rosewood pat lor , ui e o turnliure, English velv t curpedn^'-i, oli pa.mln* s tocor. *. pood,'tre^c* wl'h a lit ??. : "? ?? n nitun furt l.ure, Ac., ;or (ntlrc furnishing, d -e lbod oa rata* lo. ue. S. to.? etor. heupet., speeu.atu. ?, Ac., have e goaA chance. YiriLLIVM M. WKBKH, AriTION'KKK.? NXEOOTOR'S T T sole of very valuable reel ealu'e in the village of titaa ( ove, L. I.? HAkEU A V7KKKH will sell et aiii'too, <>a Tuesday, Sept. 18, lfM, et It M., on the premise* of WlU-ara Berrokl, deceased, by order of James Hit-roll, ciscntor, Ihe wl.ole of the real estate belonging to William Harrold, de ceased, vlt: ? lft pan el ? 'llir very valuable mill, water power, lancing and eliout ten acre. of load, 2d parrot? Tl>? Uri'.e dwt Illume boos* end oullituldlniia and garden, containing a'>o?t 2 ucrev. Jul parei l ? A lo of ground fruuMox on the ro?4 HO I eel. r.i <1 roualiMti^ a' outs a"'!-", a pan of whlrhhtae I run th Of hx'iiai ol abou' fill yearn. ?<h parcel ? A letof xrovnA li li ivv< iron' on tlici rtmd, containing 1 acre. 6th parent- A lot adjoining name ?!/?*. f jh parcel? Oontalna alm-H 1% ?rro% n ?h dwolllnu Ikiumi. 7th parrel ? A lo; on iiu roed auJ ro f pood conlaltuiiK al out I aire. Wb parcel? KronUe* on toe ro d and mill pond, and U a rnoet eligible alte, cealalulog al ou> IX acres, vutli a beautiful lor u it grove. 9th parcel? Hir farm, conlelnlnf al out fiU aero*, of whtrh almut IS are Hocdlarii.omt ? food barna a uicln J; 1> ht* a (Iron: on the rneA ai d mill pniid of at out 1UU fret, lu.h parcel ? An eii'hili at Cretk '<118111. AI?o, a of salt meadow, at Weal Parma, containing acre*. Terma.. easy, and partlculara oo the ot sale. Alao, on Wedne.^dar, Sept. M, at 10 o'clock A. M., <mb he aame |ireTnL-et, ihe eu;ire nick, farming u'ccslla, fimii ture, Ac., of asld OHiate. JA.MKS ii ARKOLO, Kxoe?ter. Glen Cove, Aug. M, 1HM. TIT H. URKEKOUQH A CO., AH(,TIO.Sl FK?.? WBOLIC TT . i ale drug . lt>ek and fUiuree, al 62 Veaey street, oa Krlday. l-eptejnlier 14, at It) o'clock A. M., oonslaUng of aiedi ilnes; chtmlcala, palnia, olla, paieal medicinee, glassware, drawer", eounlera, glaaa eas< a, ulna, ahelvlng, oil end varnIA carif , M ales, desks, Ac., Id Inls to Null buyera. Ailva.'Ha^eeee purrhaMM may be made before the abere date. Terms cash. WATCHK8, JKWELRT, &C. Reduced prices. ? watches, jewblrt, ma rnou'l.s and silver ware. 'the underHltnod. "or 'he laat elMi'eon year* a well knewa dealer arid Importer, oifera for aale all goods in bis line allow prices for ihc name quality >han auy other iionae la Nevr \ork. riiilsdelphln, or any ether city, and will scad by mall or ciprets, WATCHES, JEWELRY, Ac., to all pa -it of ihc Inltod HtMes, fn-e of charge. All gooda warranted as represented. Orders by mail, port paid, faith - fully attended to. WATOHKfl. Watches, wl'h places for daguerreotypes 9100 to (15* Jari'?m>ei> Watches, l euulne, warranted ... ISO to IM ?onwer Watches, genuine, warranted 125 lo 275 lDd#|?ndnut Watches, for timing horses 12ft to 230 Pocket Chronometers 125 b? 2M Eight day Watches 140 ? lf? Ijidle^' Enamel Watches H5 '? ID* Iji'lle.-' l'iamond Matches M to MKI Unalc H a I hi s ItW to lik (iold Hunting Levers, full jewer.ed, 18 oarat ?to 41 fkild l!|>t-niate<l I^ivtra, fuli iowellad, 18 carat ? lo M Silver Cpenlaced Levers, full jowciltsd ?to IH SUtar Lupines ? to It JEWELRY. Escrln^c f 1 AO lo $26 00 Pins 1 M 10 2ft <? I trace lei a A 00 to W0 IN UolU fc'laeve liuttons, 2 00 to tt 0$ fiolil Locke. s, I, 2 and 4 glaaaen .1 U0 to 2ft 00 (.old t.unril I halns ID UI) lo 60 tW Gold Chaielahin, or )>elt t halns 10 ig) to 111) 1)0 (laid tn.a Vt-t uliaias 8 00 to 86 00 Cold Fob i-lisln, K 00 la to Ot Gold Pencllf 1 2A to 10 OS (iold l'i us and feucilf ftj to 2f 00 flold CriPfrct 2 oo t? 12 Ot Clincod Gold Kings 76 to U Ot) Pin In Gold Rlm-s..., 75,- to 6 00 Pure Gold Wedding Klugti 1 60 to U 00 It wclrv oi every dMcrlp loo. DiA&IuNDrt. Dintnond Bi/icle Stone Plits fl& 00 to Sl.MU 00 Diamond Ciu.-'er PIuh ao 00 to 400 00 ItUin.oiiJ Ring- J IK) to 2A0 US Iiiaii.ot.rl E n niis> 100 W to ,f>)0 00 Iilr.n.ond Crosw-- 2ft 00 to KiW Ot Dlutiood itKicelci- lo" oo io ?60 OS Ac.. Ac.. AC. SILVER WARE. Sllve" Teaspoon*, per *vt 16 00 to $9 04 Silver liewri spoons, per set 12 00 lo 16 04 Silver lal do !- pis. ns, per *ci i.'i 0J to 2ft 00 t Over Table t or).-!., per sel 15 1)0 lo 28 00 Sliver Dwiilt 1 ork-, per sei 13 00 lo B 00 Silver weddlg cake knives, pie Knives, Halt knlvea, plckla lorkt. Ice cream luilvns, fruit knlvea, butler knives. OiiU dren'a seu, viz.:, knlle, fork und spoon, giver cup.*, napkin l lll?;i, Ac. WaU'bes, clock' and jewelry repaired at lewilian asuul ptlccs. W aiclies and jewelry teiou In eicfaange. t)E(>. 0. ALLE.V, Importer of waloccs and jewelry, wholesale and relaC. No. 11 Wall siroet, second Ooor, Near Uroadway, Sew Yark. TIT ATI HI S! WATCIIKH 1 1? THE BCIWCRIHKR IS KKI. TT ling all descriptions of gold and sliver wsk lies, at re .U, K.wer than uny hoiipc In the clijr. > lue i old I ?pme waiohe*. four bolca jeweled t-% l'cautiful etuiim lled ladles' watches JO Splet.dkl etiumcllcd ladle*' watcher, will diat.iou lit incase.. aft Guld dclnclti d levi rs, full jeweled 2? 11< auilful t old cnan clled hunting watches 1ft Clold driarMd levers for ladles, rich engraved oaaca '(ft Pine gold hunting I/ipines for ladle* dft Fine sold hunting do ach< d levera, lull j.'welcd M Splendid lever wa'cho* lor dag ucrrcot > iw ij# . Kieli watch".*, which wind up and pel wllboui a key Rta! Jules Jurgcnren waiubc*, pirfcrt lime keeper* $150 la Mat Ileal Cooper wa che*, duplex and levers IK te ii/ft Indrpendem second and quarter second walclies, for timing horse* 109 to 234 Splendd Cold pocket chronomctcre, perfect Urne keeper* 125 to 2.T# Waicfie* wt><cli run eight days with onn winding. ? . 125 to 1/ft Klch instle ?? eltcs, for ladles and gentlemen, wl.lcb rhante Into three different watches 100 to ITS fold English pa'eiil lever* ... itftt* ft J Gold hunting eaee, English patent lever* 68 M 91) Silver English patent lever* In la Hi Silver detached lever* UU M Silver 1-eplno wa che? g Splendid gold and silver English patent levers, made by M. J. IkI lax, and other celebrated maker*. Very lire duple* watches, made by T. P. Cooper, Warner, and all celebrauxl makers. Watches cleaned and repaired la the best manner, at mu"h Ira* than tho usual prl-oa. Al! watches u arran'ed to keep gwi tune. GEO. C. ALLKN, Imuorer. Wholesale and Retail, No. II Wall Hi Seoond ll'ior. near K roadway WATtHIES AND JEWELRY. -8ITC ATION WAKTKD :tia wholesale house by a young man now employed la a relall *tore; tins had experience In the wholesale tin* ness. and can influence Kome tnide; hs* a thoroti ib knowledge <a ? aches. mid has no objeetlon to travel. He-t of refereuOS given. Addres* hak-smsn, boi 116 Herald office. rnfAiousi. niiO -monky to loak on diamond*. watches. Jewelry, dry good*, segsr*, Sc.. or boutht tor cash; stocks, notes, mortgages, negotiated. I"iainrs? eonltdeiLii and prompt. By THOMPSON k CO., bro kers and commission merchants, IK Nassau m eet, corner of Ann, rcom No. 2, second Uonr. H>r. nnn wanted-por three years, on TWO JT'J.UUU brl"k building" In New York. Thla proper r is tree and elesr; no be.tar or surer property can befbiinl. TIi la pn.pertj I* worth four tlmus 'lit- amouut, no m u<ar brnr time* are. Address l.ox 125 Hi raid office, for S. WLson. Tlie ic^ular Lntereet and no more. (> l\ nnA WANTKIi ON 0001> IMPKOVED PROPK't fiJ.UUU ty for th.-ee >?ars. No brokerage given. Ad orers A. I urald o0Te, boi 104. (J>.? ,-nn WANTED.? AN ACTIVE, INTEI, getit bualnesrf irnn, wbo can lend to bla eov p.o.. er f2,Miu on good *e?'iirity, will be paid a nlary a' 91. Jdtl per annum. Dutir* of the oflKte light an I plea*au<. Hoird and lodging In the lamllt of employer. If desired, at 96 pur week. Addreaa Loi 324 Post olllce. Chit*, to. III. t9 nnft "* RONDAND MOIIT J AGE FOB THIS amount on etty property f?r sale. THOH. I? IlitY.vRI), HI Wall atreet. T SIGHT, VALUABLES, WBBCRANDISB, H Ci'ORI -iv tl/'y, and propn'rlj* r* f value ad van rd tipon In sum* 9 Milt; abo. Northern, hantern. Western, StiuthiT.i anil Kurop><ia l?uu* t.ote*, lorHgn gold, sliver, fold du?t 4e.. bongh) a. bo* ra es, at the .?-pci le and Itank -No e office, 4ii2 i .roadway op dte Pae'flc Bank. JOHN 4 A It .1 M.S. Ant amount or cash loaned, on ruRi'ii ahkb at "Ijifht, for f,ir p^lis-a, on diamond*, we.'chee, liobjewul ;y, plate, merdiandlae, and personal property gene ?ally, liy R. W (>t il>, 60 ruiti.o svee', scond floor, front i torn 3 A. M. to S P. M. Any amoitnt or money, in small orlarub sum*, can always be obtained Instantly, on eeeurlUea. no rrhaiidt/ v valuable* and property <?( *n kinds, at th? ri-sp' nsIHe l'aciflc Ageney and Privalo Loan olllce, over Pa elfle hank. All transactions prompt, safe, coofldeuiial a. id sa Uriectory, or no charge. Kull> tiuu. ed 114 (Jrsud street. BWK or THE OHIO SA VINOS INSTirUTK. TIKPIN. Cibto.? Th'i paper of the above Inntliutlo.! will be reoeire4 ai 1 font ) per cent discount by tho undersigned. W. CLARK A Ct>.. No. 4 lUnover street. KNICKKRHOt KKR SAVINGS' INitTITfTIO.V.-DHPO rltor* can <ell their claim" by producing their book- aal m?*lng personal arpllcat on to CMAMLMfi HOLT, 11' Wall rt.. i>eeond floor. Money liberally advanced ox norsEnot.D furniture piano*, w*u be?, Jeweiry, plate, gun*. pUlo!*, hardware nautical, surgical and tnrtslrai Ins rttinenM, drr good*, l.orse*. wagons, burnea* an ! all o her 1 -senptiaii* of ner-ooal property, irfl to be sol.l si auvdon or boujlit out fur cash. Apply to MetlAPI'RA Y A H ALTKiiS. S& father oart ?trcet. Monky advanced por short periods on rkal a* ate, diamond* wa'ohes, Jewelrv, pis e, pianoforte**, dry good*, hnrsi-l, rar^1a*,e?, sad every desrriptlon of proper ty, by the r ponsiMe Kmptrc Ishui and Ageocy tkHapaa* 0. WILL*. A c*et, SJki ftroadmay, opposite tbe Broadway I R V'' ",iV'.K7NO M third Ary WII, II p? ? " '^eao.t^ws, Sc^sy "? vWpS^' Tobkrchants in a i?b< lining SITfATIOW. or In ?sni w> ea?h.? Tb?- adreniaer having ser *sj bi'iiaetfl 'M i'ara o Invest and wishing u at du a lar ;e I a ? i eat, aUl a<" ? 'lui iia.e any m< reautl..- firm ai cuc Willi re Ml r ta.:>. N 1. 1 Ml. at I'D of pardea not in the (ride and wt k prii Ipals ot.'y. 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