Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 14, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 14, 1855 Page 7
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mrnmuam bkjikwbb ami dii. FOH SALK. fifin ? for salt or RxaB*iicw, mriiiv ?T*- v ? v/vf". dealrahlc lot-* froiUlrv; or? the r.?<lrovl, b-v wn C^ourt ;itreet and Third avenue, Hrooktyn. Will tm ^4 U?w. or would be esnhaitged in whob'or pirl, lor *>'her pro ve rfy. App?y to JH. K *41! Ml. DON, & Ninail btreet. <t7*hnn-A *"IVR, MJiWTANTiAL BrffXNI v fv?yUU? pfop^rlf, wlrualed In Aon ??'re*t, near N?? tau, paying f< ,Guj u*f per annual, vi ill be sold ?*<?r ffVtfW. or hcov* pMnot the pnrrJiM?) imrn ?v wouM tie Uk u In o'h?rcUy property. Apply Ui M. L. SUKLrto.V, M -"re ?'. C\4 A AAA ?for salk or bxcuahob, qx* or ,I'il/?U"v/t (bsprctiioA fy?ntry kuowi. J9 mile* fccm New York, near :te? Nrr-'h nver. ? .Jnlu * Ii3 a?r^n. 1 l*? mamoon alone coat f 15,000. Four largo barn*, two *?nant numerot.p out! tilMin tOb*-?ett to be appreciated; tlilfe perfect, no incumbranc**; or will divide the property, to ?ufc. M> prettier view, nor healthier location; bettor society, ?ohoo)e aiiil eburchea. WM. II. MKLICK, 84 Pevetith avenue. ?fU AAA ?FARM 92 ACRES, STOCK ANP FARMING ^OAH/U# otmudlp, In Rockland conniy. 2V. mllea from in*poL Hitjc awl numerous ?utbuiklir.g*f abunJan?*? of rrn.t; t?? ^utlful farm, IUI acre-*, four mile* iroin river, SiVrH); farm, tto aire*, bu.avun county, tour miles from railroad, magnfteent farm in New Jersey. one roiie frora r.i irnai, four nilbafrom PUindeid, f&ViOU; oo acres. WoaUbeHfer county, 5? lullr.a trom city, near New Uoeh lie $10,?J00; beautJfiil farm *n Fa**>air river, ntsar Fa; vr? uu, silo ,960. <??*> u rvs, iU^hly cul ] ?hated, two mtluH from Poujjbkeepaie, $M)W. i\ M. HAJBTW H*K, ifc8 Broadway, room So. 2. I #? *7AA ?POR 8AL&-TKRMS KAflV? WO viu>\ ! 25 W'Hxl, balance niiii'-r cultivation; trait, i>V| i nrn? ?<nd ou'builniii'! ; 26 iiiii 'M Iroin V??*v York, one I yolk* from depot; nUn, dire** farma, u?t?l buudin ,s, fm I, .uc.; ' i tcre* ,'ni "ji ai.*r ?n Other eh ,ai? IkuriLl Deif (ltv c;iy. W'^T. 11. MIXF^K, f I vea'h avcmiu. I tr\ *JAA M RXISIIBD oot NTttY ! ? hoU*c iui a)'*. A now larM'?: el? ant ho i.^o, , rewiy UtrnUhed, ccinpJuto. with litu cari na ,,r hou~e, IU><? i ?lcti, shrubbery, b? n mint I r,?*nm<i^, r-Utiaf^l one mti?; il?i > aide ' ??f.J: n ai( rt L. I. Will b?* oi l t*?r Sr?,/ioo. Nf. I,. SiiKlJMiV, h5 Va^viu ptreel. | AAA ? R BALK, A COUVTIIV HAW A.VD ?t-O iUv" ? grtet uiill, UU inHe^ froii4 Now York, UH> >ar la Ironi railroad: ffncnl xtream, h) ft ti h? a?j; lhre? ncren oi la ? I, two and u' g(ory boUM',hat a and oti'builllnsH, fruit, .te. JH<Kh niilJ.<< uru doulda geared, nvcrahot, at! In o-d?*r. Also, a ?urn oi 90 ucr?- ?, b? autirul bniidlnan. rtc. Prleo W. H. MKIjK'K, Si rievontb avenue. #? O AAA ? KOH BALK, A FIRST CUSS FAMILY ij?UvUt gr??co#y wfore, lea**?^. a'oek, and fist urea. This to n torn* r h and A No. 1, now Uotuc; a bu<ine^ woni 'o Mine in tlio ritv; aUo, a first rvte nalniry; alw. a rro K ?ry H'ore; aico, a and needle, and ? ir ?ssmakiug osUOIL^b meni. Apply at Uh9 Broadway, room 1>. ? ; K IROR W. BIMRRH. <fel WAA ? ?NK HALF TO RF.MUN OV BONO \NI> ?p.I?CvU# mortaa^e, will purcha*' a desirable ?Iwallin;. M V6 l?y IMj ifM-t. near temral V.orrHaua depot; will l?e wor h dotible In two yearn. AIho, to o a small family, piquant a|N<rtnn-ntH; price #'2 50 per nmo U. Ad lrean Cash, ller.ik) bl'? tier. dfl O/jA ?FOR SALK, A JOB PRINTING OFFICK, ?fl?iyUv? eonneeted with a daily pap??r, and well m ofk ??d Hiib every pattern (> pa neepv.varv for all el ?^?aof woric. The e^'al.lialimeut latw a j?ood run f?i ciw om work, and now ou brndfC^iWjO worth of public pnn inc. I'he rent wi'd be free iTitH May next. T< rnis tnadu ea^y. W<??t saM ??.' "le'ury re iMfnm *ir HfllUiti uili be plven. Call froui lu till Z o'ekvk, at room 11, bU. Broadway, tor two day p. Aj r.<| WILL BUY THR LI 8K, 1TOCX 4 WD VIZ ^pxfJrF lnre?? of a grocery and liquor ?toro that lias be-?n ?- abtiahed U?l?? IB ve.\r<, auffloletit r ?>n g1v?in for Helling on*, 1 by applying on tne rremi*r?, 14-H We-*t dtv ntccnth aircet, i l.fclvriH ii tievcotii and lilgbtti avenues. 4-07 r -for s.u.k, trr sto< k, fixttrks, At;. 5^0 I ?'f i? ' ook hiuI ii<-? 1 ar>cr wbtiin-! R? nvcraK* !.V?t >icr week. Kor panic -tarn Inquire of Ufo. Bh< ktr, 16 Ann - r< n. Ten acbks siti atkd in bkr(jkn ruirvrv, v. r? 1 W. * lour aillf p from the depof ?' NntTerna, on tlm K umpo rurr; toil llrft rale, tlirro or. luirdi, goo4 oulbnilditugfl. an I ?? uifor'alilr liotixp. Kur s.ile low by P. ('. UUf.KI.BY, ?)'! W nil cire. f, 1'iiKrnii'iii. N. B. ? ?3,000 ran /crniiUi on bond and UK.rtnnjr a' slk p. r ecot, J? COAL YABD FOB e vLK.? ONK OP THR VERY BUST I J\ In New York, corner of i our *vn' h siroet uri l Ninili ?' ii nor, ci* full If)!* on ? oik; and favorible I 'me; four e*c?l I* lit horse* util raru, fi^'uren ami everything In One or l r, ^elne ? brpe buslncsn. A rare oppor unity to tU'ji ln!<; ? M.ientiui buftne-e. J. T. H00rK.->, Paalflc Loan Ometi, orer PMllk hunk. A BARGAIN.? FOR SALK, THE LEASE \M) FI RNI A ?tir*? of an oOlce, constating o.' .1 h-tnl^om ? Mofe, d> ?'!,<, ? Ac., Inermute eorder, .n one i>< the bc*i lofavllDiui in lie cKy; niim; uo sold unmedla.uly. viaruw v. B., Xeraldoin ?? A BARE Oil ANCK. ?FOIl SALE, A GROCERY AMO Hqsor ?, tn - of ibe lif n loea l.iri up town. ^Itu iU d ?p|K>riie .bo Now York Powi r !,<? n t'utpet I'.wtory, w.ucb wniBjyr* over hundred luukU. Apply on the prcinUei. Utt> West Foriy ildrd street. ( W1TO.V MILL F(>U SALE, TO CLOSE AN ESTATE.? J The Muberrtber will sell ?i private ?ln tlw; cofon mil! at i^aMrttou. Now ./em'} , known hh Harmony Mill, mntalrilnx "o uaiteen loomc, nun willows, two ptekem.'ntneloea card*, two ^rawlnti fr.iuti-s, five np.'cdein. one grinding f; ame, inn Dan ta."<h^ frames, iwo pnlrsof mnl. s, w trpin^ mill and Mtrttoc frame*, * HI. &1! o hcrlli uit>? and utenaelifor luann fcotiUTiig, all In flood running order. Tlio mill mid d.vMlln^ lUMM* n'and on lea* d Kryund, wl'h llplit rem nr.d a i?'rprm?l *oe : Inquire of I'tKRKK J. Ki.Kll.NK. A iliuinUtraior, 'J4 Warren atreet, up fciairt, or JOlfh 11. UKD1.EY, Auorncy as> JNmuo Ktreet. (lOKFECTIONERY ? FOR SALE, A WHOLESALE AND ! J retail confectioner) -tore, with an I e crea'n -iiiu<>n at b.cbed n. i', 40rt i roedwuy, doingm >i"od huaiMaa at present i. l?o. all kiudfif tordn IUi I r u large w ho!r-.?|e trade. H ill ; n> kll M.ld rheap t..r . n-h. Tlie>;vu o: iclllng out is bad health CtOS HALE? OR TO LKAM!. FOH A KUMHER OF f? vwimj-k, on reaoonabli! tcrniH, loin, 2? by too, known Mr tilt Outienberg ferry property, fronting the North river, op mm(U SUtleili s"ruet, with die ?vaicr privilege, rxilim !e for icofcer or coal buuiuc"s, ?b;p building or monaneturlng pur In a aruwti..-' urlk'lii.ortioo.t. For iiartirular*. tn inlrn of f. BECK Kit, North i.oioken II. H. .? P BKlI.VJEf , 273 Wiwtim, ton street, or OLANUKR A hTEU., 'JjMtim a> itreul I T/WIR SALB? TWO TlfUKK HTiiBY BROWN BTONR P Iron' houeea, ?Wi baa- went a. d under cellar. and lajb *?<?pe, in Kit: v m?o k if t, jnO C * Wf>t nf Sliib tiveO'ie M hr? d and 3.0 fc?t t? of tii a ay. ou south Mile ol Forty wtritt, U? ?>* l?uur?-? ar ? built ju lie mrni aubstuiual and ?erlBMinHl-i) manner, w i-b all the modc.-ti tBKu'orointsn a aueb a' water, paa, b?)'la. ei?;akln? tuuea, Terina ei-.y. Inaalre of J. 1SRI<J(.>. Ihl Went Yweuty act t nth si. PlR BALK? THE THREE jjLTORY \.VP ATTWi' STORE and dwelling hou<?" 111 KJfllarriiiu ? lot22.6 hj UXIdeop tMBtber witb fha ihrce atory IWek ciw. illng bouse In thr rear. Separate entranoc io roar dv.i King. The abort. la one of lite ?*?1 locations for huntne 4. Terms ea?y. Inquire on Uie pro rR SALE. TWO rot K .-TORY K.NQUXH HASE.YfK.VT dwelling kouwi. adapted for a family on |.n h llnor, ?ratty l.ullt, with Iron nalconbx and roun yard In front, ?ul'ate Ae*. 2U2 and 'M* Ka't Mnctr'nth street: term" verv eai jr. Apply to N. W. * R tiTL'YVh-ANT, Mo. ? Wall alrotik Fttt SALE.? T!IE STOt'K ANtl I'l KTl RES or A FIRST elaaa nonl.y grocery, altuated on ci rncr ol !<exia a>n avcbM and 1 wenty evitilh street. Sold ai th? pri ?ent owner* are fetalf In thr wbo,n<nlo bnalnesa. kUjgMOMlba kad, or thr .property will be Mild; conflating of n three m/iry hrtot ttflnatund triable. Apply to W. I'.. * W. Hl'AHKH. VOR KALF?? A QSOCHtT; ONE OF THE BEJT STAMH r In thl- el'y; lia* bent -UtlilUhed for the kit ten yt?r?, and dolric a iHriio an I prohtuble bunkum arnoit.' llrrt rla^a ?iiftuueni. Will be db pu-ed <d with the Ikiuv' and 1> an of tt.e let ier twenty yr.t.-?. Inquire on the pr?tt>ta?;?, 17 1 Third ave sue, corner ot Seveutacuth ?tr' ?t. ho mien" need apply. FOR SAJ.K.-A fl ML BOAT, SLOOP RIOOBD, .10 FEET ?<W, 10 t'eet beam, rri|>| er fastened, built h> hV!i ,t Mor lo?', ene yt ar old, in perfect or ler, two i-.ul> o all*, and aa him ae anytHtii; ofber '?? ?mth. und \i ry Will bn -old luw U nppHod for .-non. Adtlreas Sail iloat, box 2,?)8 Po?t utH'-.a. IftOR P AUS-ON REA80VARI.K TERM", AHOTKI. AMI ' I on llii / saloon, ci'uatid r 12 Bowery two d?ir- botuw llie tbenure. ln*(i>ir ? ' on 'be prcmii'M for p r Ictiljirn. For riALi: or rxchasoe-2w> acres timiikr lard. I* Addlnoi. ? lUtty. Vermont, near ntll'K and Im ptovt nmntr, Ive Dvlea frmi MUbury -latin. i on Rutum-I nllr> ml. a ehrap boa and lot. goo l var .n' lo , or m i huod're. *tll lie lak^n tn a fair lunjte. Apnly 'o K. tl. I.k.t w N .1 Wall mrei'i , I'n ri. 1 to :| P. M. F'OR HALM <? BXCIIANOK FOR DRY <l(?OI>8 -T'.rR lirowu frerateue Jrt .it l'unscj. ? lib all ihe m<x':m Im ?rotrtnenla, al iIm' crnrrof Oo irt ?t-rri aid flrrl pl.ier llreoklyo. A1m>, a idntllnr boai<? Ic 'wa|?elyra vrrei. i he Ixmw, Willi o?x^ eieepiloti, ar> ie: for the ore- n*. .-ear. Ono et 'lx-ui will be paid, ? lih iho furniture, If ir-lrrd, "en I lisrr.n dmle po.-ret i-ion (dven. Vr; I i?i 231 Uroadwn v, or on tlte pre. mi-?a, tourlh bou<?: In L'.io. Dluol(? T.HJR RA1.K OR KKCHANOE I I RM-H O OR I MTI{ J' nlnhed? tine o! t^? b??t t nUt and ml In *u d iMore* IB Krnnknn, wlihlr. ". . tnlatltmi' walk ol W.i i or -*nii"h irrr,e?. IxMilbaiuu. nrjon 1.1 it; r.-id' te wnl< ?U mo.|ern tm provemrn'?; pea reni. ". tartuet. Iiatlu, ho reid uti.l shower, vtater about*, .ye, will w it, leat tnR halt or more "t mor'^ata, 4 per reni ; or aoold > \ UnjiJZr fir a atnull pi ve- er l?rni tn or war -ome villa?" >^i?t on Xiw II in r or llud-ii Mln r Vhi| read. Addrr*?, v. i:'i particular!, \nd ? w rare II J lUWER, IM 'fl we. IX; R HALE ? A VALL'ABl.K I.I MBFRfN* ? P-T\BLlrlf menl op 'b** OiMierei i iv? r All* ,'unv county, .V. Y., In a rteaaant toeaii'Mi. and a rare ''hane? . ! ??-.? ' e . U' l.'i .* of aerea ot timi.rr Un l. pit.'' ? at, bemi.i. k, << . wltti two r-IU? on -he plm e in i ir.ri . iidlilnn I i f ill Itru For fa'lpar leuiar*, aiiidy to HOMER MOBUAN, r\a? n teetC 3 H (i?)?t linn Itat.k 'uiilillng 1|X>R SALIC? AT A liltEAT |i A HO A 1 M , A riMtCLAW F Vtbocapbtr r?i i.u.Iit. m, n> v In t | rP'| ifotia i.dl non. 1 he prnprle'rr will e'lh-r -r|' ntiivt? or 'tk* > rr'nrr a to ran i jrnl'di a tafcii . i a! ot ftj i?W- AildrtieO. , Nil 3tie Iriitb ?'iee'. ,Mlt HALE? TWO Ml 1 . I ? I II- i i I \ - SKKill.'IOR bO'?l. In M'. . i. ti ? 1 ' w> i:n fri to; .a n.t ! I? I enure, on th" nor n rl> r?rm? or.* v. I orj'ilri' tt .'.it tkfrt Ui'Qi) tlilrd et. ' ' i. i ' K, I l)t > \ ,s Klj.lf, froji b to l"J A. M. ? |.H'R !>A*.K.? 1 TBK liOOI' WILL AMI I'lITntM OP A F l-tirl ?r*!i bop. -i ..?ti d Ina^'o'rai (arlof 'h-'-l'v.on firoedway , ibrloit tg rib ..i FU . %L aidre?* X X. X. lU.riiM cniri . for ihn i da; >. 1!T.* ?ai.r? in ww iiv a r ;;ft ok-ih mii.y i/> eeird loi-rtker u. the WlUMaVvg and Jacnatca tarn P ke foad, bear t ? HI i i ?'l a 1 ? i nu (if *HlU rl rlini'fce f,/r I. . -Mnaod |,e,r H< 1 .n, ITI > yact HI! r>f F!i?l^tt?ba eiiUH. Ilrr<.jyn, or In. 1 i ?? no: fo In either if iknt Nlikl nr.ioJ*, Or advertlaer I'?*w i ilie d.l* r r?-^. *?a>. lu ea-b. A<ldi Kiel. boJ .1.K3I I'tMt o? ? ?*. it. , *?., k. FHIH H I I.H? ONE 01 t.KOt KK, WtKr.'t i t O.M Ol It.T tolHrlilM ; h?> liteu u?od bat a Jior Hue; i.Tn rom ?ire rimiilttjx order, and be ? Adtfre?n >ti-? M L.. Rrcai lway ''Oiit ofhee t'OR (I ALE- A <iO<ll? OPPORTt'MTY ~Ti M kK F. money.? Two atanda In the \i^n?lr molnt. tot dtilii'-* the Wm bu?lre?a In he?i'>. OaO l^ u r|, . | \ M.,ai ?li? rorner of lll>k? and Atlantle Iret.'-. Brookiiii Uo-il r* 4 - oi.? ^Krri for of' rln* I f ?al?. ?LX)R MLR-TKR LEASE Of A THREE STORY II it ?y V U Pe. k -Up. wt'li frot.i nod ba> t baaenMni, il?-. ? ?i?i;, w tth gi. 4 light air. all lite modem ft I tri- npi. i,? ? fc<ael ?t? yi ?r?; a nild atilt a pawner, k. rnr any im r n, ma Mr. bonne-.; be* (>*?? y?ar? lo r?n lr.ini May. >^OR SM.F ? LOT AM' rtM R STORK ENILl M H A^l mem bouae, wltli all J?<- modern laipro-.e>ii?rit.. in Ei?t 'I nlrtn ,i'h 'rret, n'ar ?oi iinl arrnn Eo | ilar- h( ; . a' <?> Broad ?tree?, beiTH M. Hand 4 o -: - k. >V\R SALE ? B15 TO fino,? PltnTO ; rt A ft ? H APPAH* lue cheap. Fall Inetrucwn la the art diCB, a.iboii yatrm- ot Add ' I'Ui' graphic, B"?tdwa) I ? ' is" "L,f,P OIkiH' u"li3iiTl- III" JT ? n ? i i . *OH SAUD. TJOR KALR.? THE UNEXPIRED LEASE OK HOUSE NO. I JP 113 Xomh KitvL b^wcen B ratify and University i.iaee, from the present da.e to fh? 1st of lfay n^nf. Apply at | \i e bouse, or at the store of IS. BOBBINS, 142 Pearl nt reeC Ft H SALE? THE OYSTKH ftALOON 4?l EIOtllH AVE not , cfaMlshe 1 in 1181; doing a good hiWneaa. R<- a*oo ! inr f-elUtw, ihc 0* tier la going to Europe. Rent low. Apply : a-ato ve. T^t.R BALK. ? TUB STOCK, FIXTCRE8 AN II LE UiB OK I? a wholesale and retail grocery ant liquor s'oro now | Ooinir a Rr?>?4 business, will bo sold cheap. Sufficient reason w ill fx* given for sehln?. Apply on tho premises 111 Kaat j 'l went) eighth a? reel, mo ?loor? from Third avenue. Tj< U H.i LK CHEAP, OR RXCHANOE FOR A CITY LOT | I P bouse and lot on the north wait corner of Thirty second j *>?!?? et and First avenue; house 20 feet by 48, four store* and Cellar, lacing the river. O. FOUNTAIN, 1^3 Boat Twentieth street. flOR HAia:.? A GROCERY AND LIQUOR STORE. A fir- 1 rate sfand, for sal? cheap, Inquire of J. A. MIT S 'i KNilKM x ROM A N IK, 'J42 Washington street. f^t.K SALE ? A PIE BAKERY; BIST LOCATIOM IN I this eily; ea'ahlbdied light years, and now doing a gooi | I v* bole-ale and retail trade. Ilorw^. wagon* and everything In I I ctmplfie running order, will he disposed of on very ttberaJ I term*. Address Baker, tltt lufl Herald ollice. l?CRKALK,OE EXCHANGE FOR Fl RMTIJRB OR II ott? r approval merchandise, a three slory and baseio-nt I rtrk hou e, ill Urooklkn; haaeuwut httcd ui? lor a bak *ry. \\ ill he *nld cheap. Address bo* 4.5# New York Ft*' offl jo, or?. i t * KC'BOrT, booth seventh street, Ucar Third, Wil ! ! unci urg. FOR HAL?, OR EXOriANOE FOR CITY PROPERTY? lM,nuo ac res of line fleorgla lands, situated within one hundred nillrs of f-avaiinah. Also, f>.U0O acri s Texas lands, j ?"oa'cd vtlihin fifteen miles of Oalve?ton. WtU bo exchanged * >r void on very tavoral le terms. Apyl\ to L. 11. KlMPbGN A ttO&iS 19 Beaver street. (^U01> OPPORTUNITY FOR A PHYSICIAN TO LOCATE X ill a tillage about lft miles from the city. A nbyslcian. a ou' to give up his practice, 1m desirous of Introducing a good jdi> slclan In hi* place. For particular* inquire at the ?'tore 322 j Urecnwlch street. noi ?KK FOR 8ALK. ? UiM)I> INVK8T.HK.VTri. ? TWO three story brick houses on Twenty elgh'h street, betweon | >.ad son and Fourth $o,ft00; t wo on Kim sh eet, below | YW?iic, S^,UU0; two on Twenty tUvt street, near Third avenue, I |6,u00;t*Oon Twenty six h street, near Lexin^'on avenu'*, *.v ,010; one on West Washington place, near the squ ire, $11,0)0; ! one on 'lenth street, and a number of lino Kuultsh ba*u m< nt houses at $10,<IU0. K. 1). KlN.SUlMl'Ht, 319 Fourth U \ ? Mir; H to 1, 8 to 10. TIOUBKS ANO LOTS FOR HALE, OH TO LET.? FIVE XJ three story brick bouses, with all the inoiern improve merits: situated In Checver place and Fourtli place, Bouth Br?iok)vn. Terms easy. Apply to U. Stevenson, 21M Court sUcct, Brooklyn. MACHINERY FOR 8ALK-A RKM'LAR POWER lathe, strong ?uul wnrranU' I n? rfe? t wvtuht iwelve twiis, used eh ht weeks, bu It in lios on, Mn*s., and <JO?t til' oen bun dri-u do"ii rs. ras> Iron shesrs, twenty leet knitf, forty thr?te liiChee bread h, forty two inehes ?aiiitf, teed motion, no re \i r-i# mo k>n, price eight hundred dollar*; do. a lathe for swing wl eel ir?s. strong and warranted perfect, weight nine tons, med six months, built hi liar lord, Conn., and eoiu twelve hun dred iloU. rs; lion .d tears, fifteen feet *U Inches long, el?h t) sevi u inches r wing, Mpindle twelve inehiMnf bearlntf* elglu hi d a i alt inelo rt at end. price eight hundred dollars; do. one mai'blne fur cutting hoi'* and laiMitg nuu from one Inch down, two hundred doUara; o??. one engine eomplcte, with dou ble valvt^ and pumps, My wheels, gov? rm?rs, A<*., cylinder 1? % Inehes I v t'j iueiiei. price nine hundred dnlUra; do. om loi-o boiler, t we mv leet long, sheet tour leet diameter. *txty tlii. c 1 1 14 h iron tiiiK .4, u."??*d three mouths, taken out not l?ein< lari *? enough, price six hundred and lifty dollars; do. pig Iron, Scotch and Amr iican, 111 quantities i?i live toiin and over. JOH N SIT ART. m Broadway. I A NO FOR 8AL1C? EIOIIT Af'RKH OF HIGHLY CTL J tlvited laud, lit Qreeuvllle, town of Bergen, 3f? mllfts from J i r.<?ey City ferry. House and barn attached. Terms easy. Inquire of .14 ill N II. MIOMFR, Point llree/e llofel, or "of JAME8 L. BENEDICT, Surveyor's ofliee, 82 Wall afreet. Pl BUCHOl'HK FOR HALE.? TIIE OLD HhTABLIHlI KI) public house, 231 ii rand. street, with lodging an 1 clu'i rw ins furnished, now doing a first rate, bu>.ine>?>-. For further purilctilars iciulrfl on the premises. STATKN INLAND PROPERTY FOR SALE. OR Ex change.? -Forty acres, formerly owned bv Dr. Van Hoven burgh, l.U miles from lin^svllle. House, IK) by 40; barn, gran srv Ar. ? all hi go^xl order. Apply to P. C. BL'LKLEY, 49 Wall ..U ecU TO TRUGOISTH, PATENT MKDK INE DEALERH AVI) others.? J'ehlr.ible drug store for sale down town; Is com jde ely and handsomely fitted, well stocked and doing a girt*! i.usiru s a. BaUaflietory reuaona given for selling by caUkng on F. HALE, Medical Fitter, W) Nassau street. TO I'Ri CKHSTH AND APOTHECARIES. -VALF ABLE druu store for pale, situated In Brooklyn, In a first rate n< u hhnrhood. It is well fitted and s'ockcd, and doing a gool bus ness. A very g khI chanee for a surgeon or physician. Apply 10 F. HALE, writer on glass, 80 Nassau street. fTO PRCJGCJWTH AND APOTHFCA KIKS.? VALUABLE I. druv store for sale, in New Vork rily. Is hindsi?rn.?ly IV ted and eomple'e In every reapeet. It Is sltiuited in o?ie of the beat city U)oroughfares. Apply uo J. HALE, medical ia l.eller. tO Na^.-au street. TO HELIv? TWO LARGE FIRE PROOF HAP EH FOR ie AeJry, Ac., at very low ? priee. In<iufre at CH \RLE 4 KEUL'S, tfi Na- au street, or WM. RtllL'S, b Cortlandt street. rpo tit tLDKRri.? FOR SALE, ON LIBERAL TF.RMS. HF.V .1 end good lo's, with a liberal builder's I- an. Is>tsti'r sile; a!.' ?, hous? s and lots and bouses to lc?. Apply to H. W. t hONK, 1,110 Broadway. TO PENCIL CASK MAKERS,? A RARE CHANCE 18 ollered to an enterprising mna to rent or buy, very < he ip, shop and to. M complete, eapable of worklug from the to ton lisfi ls at ibe above business, from 1 50 to 200 miles from this eli.v. where ?h?*re is no eompetitloti. Ibe amount of rent or put chase will be taken out in ca&es, b* sided the pattsinage of a s'Ore dxlng a good buslncNS. Also food gold pen makers vnutrd. Apply Tuewlav, Sept. 1H, between land^o'elo k, ui Traey A Mcintosh, Artists' and Meehanles' Ooneral Agency, . ?*a Pine street. TWO FARMS H>R SAM4-O.V TlfK SI MM IT. KSSKX county, Nnv Jer ry, w live mlnutea* a n Ik nf tji? Itorrb- amf Kanei Itallroad depct, and only one anil a half hourt' ride of thi Ci v nf New York OnefMrtii eontaliM 1J0 ? r"* In the beat noa-thle MiiK of cultivation, and well ktoete I al'li fruit trcci. The dwelling hou?i contain- thltteeu rooinv furnished In lb"1 beat manner. Tl? outbuilding* :?rc very < ninmodlou*. A brook of water run? all iln yea. ihroUKb the farm. "lbe nlher form contalna twenty m rraof the beat eoil, and poaaeiiaeii the finest view of an> properly w llliln ten iuIKm. 1 bert l-i a dwelling bouae of aix room* ou till* farm. <leu Ic men doing lu?lnca* In New York rltj- would do well biBom* and view UM ibm larniH Tliev are very ooeveflleul country rethlrocea. The Summit L- higb ground, anil eotuenuentlT healthy. For lurther particular* apply to W. THOMPSON, No. 2 t'urroll plure, Hleecker atreet, or to (leorge Milne, the proprietor. ou the farm*. AMTUOUKiT. ASTBOLotlY.? DR. WILSON, 172 DELANCFY BTRI '<T. I give a In of day* for lire" and terlou* rallri.a.1 acciden epn tuber la and 10 very eool; September 19, 8 and 23 avci I ravelling; abo toi my on September ifl, 2ft and 2M; very acrl on- tltne< October 6; a very fatal day for accident*. Term? ladies, U\ cenia; gentlemen, 91 ? No BtiJubug uaod. A STR0L0GKR.-TH1 (III'SEY GIRL CAN RK ("ON , l aul'ed with tor a few day* only, at SO Bowery, rr> m No. i. Mie eau be contnlted wtib uii all even - of life., ami all who wlah lo know ilMlr future proepocta ahouid taU oa the Oi|>aey ASTONIsniNO TO AM..- MADAMK MORROW.? Til A bicbly glfled lady la, without eaneptkm, the rnoet wmklei <ul asuoioitlal lu the world, or that haa h ?n kunwn. She wilt tell all the tvrui* of life, even lb* very Umughta, ami wU a uk- rpecdy nuirrlagr., and will ?bow the llkeneee of Uia In tended tiuabandf, to lie great aatonlabiu. ut of all wuo vlalt tier, So charge, It not tciUahod. "0 Broome aUuct, uoar Caonoe ' until men not admitted. / * \RD. ? MA HAM PREVTSTKK RKT! ItKfl .THANK* TO \ he:- trtin-U tuid patrooa, an I liega to aay that, after the t<nu.'altd.4. boll) la thla CUV aad l'hlliwlclphia, who Lave con ^ultr.l her wlt'i entire ?.vil*tncttiin ? he feel* confident th*t In ? he qui -.long nt eatrol >*)', love and law matter*, ami b'aikji or oi ?ci. a, a< relied on constantly by .Haptdeon, ahe b i? no i|UBl. Sbe will 1*11 tb" nauie ol Uie tu'uie Ima iutl,ao4 alao be name ofkei tlidtcr. speefly atid Bur*- cure U piles I?ml i woe by a remedy ol her ok u. "t Muduun -u ret. ( 11. VIltVOY \M K AI.I. Dll-KASK- PKt l LMR TO t Te-'tah and ehtldrtn, pri uiplly nllriH tnd Mllrclr 'ured, li cttrtal le: the nberaalxmi*. and fate of abaent e-- r.iltied hy WRS llAYK.*, the mo?t flla'de me ll<*al an I bu'it.e^a clilrM?jaiit In America t/flico 1/6 Grnn I JC' l?? ny all Uieaiia ' UU??ll Mi- 11k yea. / 'I.AIRVOYASt-R? ALL DISV'.ASKS OIn< <IV| UKI> AN'H \J cund. If cural'le. iraerrltig tdvl' "n hu>dn'?? the Oite *Lt wh'reHl.oitte o. nhaefit tru leli aacirt.ilned, by Mra. SKY klt'l h, the rn.aii reiki1 lr medlca! and Ini. in' m < lariroyant tt. ?? merk-a. li esiden- e no Spring - treti, ouu block went <A broad * ay . Kaltalivtion Kuoianteitl or no pay. MAIMMK MKYKR HAH RKMDYKO TO 191 SKVKSfTM atenoe, l.t t?>v n 1 aenty thlrtl and Twenty routh?tre?- ? eoiitinuc^ to tell vnt, pvtMeot, and future eventa, Ukewtei ?ut r a* e- ourie y?. li. -v atzlta, bualneea r,r"?|>e<-!a, ?Ickn-w, b?? n- Inetidi. property loet or >U len Madame Meyer "oo 1 etx a In K^igllab. Kret h , and Oenuati. and uh a (,"iaruiMee lor her art. MAOAMR ALWIN. FROM PARIS, nSKKRH m.R aervtora io 'he la4w? and geattemea in phrenology She can he com-iilt< d a out leve, marriage hu hm and wlU te! Im name of 'he lady or af n ieman they >-111 tnarry; alrn. Urn naa-ea ,< ber vialtert. Rialdenoe 21 RlvUigteo etre<N. r.fmr Bfiwsrr BAMOM iCAimnHi i UttflMtlKril h DAVf'JNH AC A liKM I Fjt. A> r?? Yoaa. Vo. Itejadv.ay, opiee.lte Klcre., i etreei. blMf ri, Mo. IS7 Moitague place t??ar t'oon -troet Mr. llt.llW Kill h?< U,.- 1. nor of MeMdKta| 'liat Uie < a-- e? a id !<ea?ona will coixi(i>*iire f??, the aoa-^n at H>e New Y"tk Avlein, on lATt'KllAl. Oct. 6. and at ilk llroohlyn A- vleiTiy. MtjK 1>AY, ?>?". 8. < Irrtitana lon.atiAug tercui. Air.., can be obtalifd al tidier of <Jw aca^t tc.ep Mr. I/OltfOMTH ha? die plaa-ere >.f Informing hl? fr.mtt 'ha , agreeai ly to thei- rrceae>l aeSrlMtoiie to ? -tA'.luh a I ai elm A< ademy 'rt brnokiy n ..u >b? ilM t) ramwAil In /he Turk, be hai ? rc.'tod a apadtuia hmiduig ootnbUiing every cfin teinvoee hal t.uW \f auggeated by IIM/ year*' eii^ri'lie*, ap I In every * ay u4?i e<1 to the beaJ^'ut rferctoe to Mi.vb it wlijledrvoed the io. a'l?>ri la one of U<e moat a.'' eaeh?le in l>r k y n. the ' iri .'ree Fulton air! Mytje aven ue rulmata*lni- at 'he head of Montague pla- e, but a lea ?'epa from ?hi MadMJP. SiVtet flclu- 1 wl> far puplla and parent*. X>B<*JKLY*.-Wll#0!rs DAM I.VU ACAllf.MY. OM 1) t ifnton ?lree' . ..rnf r of atreet, ? ill n . p? . I mi men i ib'l rtl ?!?? na >n Tue?lay. fv-totier jd. I. |i. , ar.'i chi' Iren n' " . iad tcutlemen o'cb? 1 P. M. Brier ne>? dati' ea. 1 ert. a* ti?irif I^RRNKRtrS DAMt'lVt; AtlA DKMY -M AHA M ? i I Imhi e?j leirernaad K Ferraro reafiecitulty a*?tueire ? ? I n their ? <?jl mil re .-|? n on Ha*..f lay, ?? '? . r t ' i ? ctilar> coti'alnt- 'era- au & day? of '??! n.n. .an he ut^wtnei at 'be a adtmy. M Wf ?' Fotif.- eotk ?<. MADEMOISF.I.r.K t \ KOLIMR YltZIKN'S l>A M FV'i academy, 21 H'.ward ?t?. ct H n< * "pen for .!k m a<o t B't n.'/.< for 11m itir rurtlisi of ladle- and geo'ieuirn a a'< Vwk P. ?.. and I o-' Uek lu '.ha evrtilng to: predxa. tl-a acliea AiUMante every Sanuday ortilnif. F.\TRl PAX. E'lTRA PAI? MAVY Htil NfT UMI IMt l*f?A t Pay OAee. -I and warran'N "?? ** pay ' and t. v > a? of watr ?dt"- all Ctdted sta'ea envy aaihjgi. In all r ?*? *i Kft', 'l.rir ? id. wi ?r?d heir*, prntiip' ? o Amtlwt a d t mid %U IN't' tr.'u -w all ?I 'be "Ml, .4 g-j ini T, u. - ,[ A H r> !'.!<?*? 1 /, A# \'t' "n 1 ^ v i , .. t I Ki". <?.*> 0Rf 0OOW, 4Kb AFTLL ASSORTMENT ?P SHAWLS, INCLUDING I tor J quality? Broebe shawla, HtcU* shawla, flaU shawl*. Por tale ebeap at LOUD A TAYLOR*. 290. 297. 239 and Ml Grand aL, uxl new number* 47 and 49 Catherine st Arrival op mm honored bi.acr thurvd lace vi'Un, unusually cheap, from $& upward*, at PMTitf K<> BERTH A CO.'o,J75 Broadway. Another akbival or A most klho\nt S nd farhloi.dble Hoc* of Pre nob lee.! good*. which have ?>eo* Mire e<l (? jf Mr. Koberta at the exhibition lately held la f aru Hie) are of the moat beautiful de-lgna, ami In point of ityle awl (jti iltv unsurpassed. Tbe ladles of Hrw York and atran ?em are now Invlled to ra!l. PBTER HOBKRTS A CO., 37B Broadway. A LARGE LOT OK GENTl.KMEN'8 FALL AMD WIN .erlurnUblng good* aellutg very cheap, at JELL (SON A t.O.>, Broadway. B ILKY, PARRINGTON A I. ESI. IE WILT. OPEN, MONDAY, i-e^t. 10, the store No. 63 BKOADWAY, With an enllre new anil extensive stock of tb? eholceat KIlKNfll EMHBOIDKRIE8, KRAL I. At TE8, MOURNING GOODS, ItlW.ISS, U.VNDEKiaUUBFH MITTS. A nd every other descrtp'ton of rich and buoy good* to be found at any similar homo In the cliy. aud at pricus unpreoa den'edl) low. 'I be Inspection "f the ladle* tif New York, a< alao t>f atr jngeve visiting Ute city. In especially Invited to examine the splendid undux'auslvearrar ot fashionable novelties combined her* far their upprotal and purchase. BRl S8EI.8 LACES It'HT RBCRIYED, A OOMPLRTR sa?or ineiit of nil varieties of point laces, aomn very rlck und ctu-ily, ami entirely new designs; *l?o Mechlin, Gulpura. ai d Itoul one, In every varloty; Hit i ui etuhrolilories In rollan^ sleeves, handkerchiefs, Jto., unsurpassed In style or quality, MILLER A GRANT, 371 ilroadway. B EDDIE* FAIJ, CLOAKS.? GEORGE BRODIE, NO. K Canal and ?3 LUpenurd atreet. ha* now in ntore * n (ft- assortment of novellio* In velvet, el.ilh :ind tnolrt tntli(u> clonk* and tnantillaa, to whlcr be Invito* Mm napccMon of wholoaale cash an<) abort time buyer*. IjMLL MILLINERY.? MRS. DAVIDSON WILL OPKN 1'utla fall millinery, on Thursday, September 91, at 131 I dim) street, corner of 1 .night. Fall and winter fashions for ikm. IN CI.OAKH MANTILLAS AN'D FlltS. WM MtH.t.NAN MACK KNZIE hu? much pleasure In aa nounritig the arrival of hi* Brat Importations of ladle*' outer gum, cuts, lor the approaching acitaou, which, for die convent, em e ol stranger* und vlalteri at preacnt In tbo city, he ha* da termlned on eihlbitlng THIS DAY. In Advance of hU regular opening for Um city trtule. In a r> llsilc i leg* me of design and tasteful combination of it uertal*, the present seaaou ha* ncir r been surpassed, un I from tba iiiiinl'i r ol einnlxl e tiovelTiea ho luta mm h autjafacUon In la ti<*tiU'.nK the loUowltii; styles oa preeminently diacrvltig of a.tcnion:? 1 he C'arnrllle, The Hnchel. 1 l,e Kavorltn. Tb< Kucuiocla, Tbe Chaiubord, Tlic Coradorl, And the Fugerjle, Expreaaly manufactured lor the Kinprean of the Preach, U* ? It.ttl of which l? now dl>|iUyed In the 1'jKII UnlVIKSAL KllttBtTtO*. KlIRK. Jlla illaplay of rare ami cimtly fnix, of all nation*, wtll a'.at ii tourd. a* nHherto, deserving of e*|? . lal notice, coinptb<ln| n full rnllrctton of the eholeent aklns to Russian MUlle, ermlua n iol>, Htonc marten, royal minever, Ac., Ac., together win that pcrtect combination, elegance, taste and comfort. 1 h< 'I VKOLSSK Wmmit, of whli-li he Ii tlie ?nl? SKent for tht ( nl cd Hi a ten. I.adh ? will la much grmltled by calling ot Monday at the I'nlied Cnucs clonk , niuutilla uml fur s'.ora, 41 and 4', Canal street. Ursndreth Uulldlng. WM. BUCHANAN MACKKNZIR, Proprietor. I^AHIIONABLK COLORED STRAW IIAT8, BKAl'TI fully trimmed, at MU.i II. ARMHTRONO'M, mi Hudson street, lor tbe unprecedented prices ol Irom ?2 ui fl. F'RKNCH MKRIN0R8 AND CA81IMKREH? Every <|iutllty, color and price, just received from a'tctloi and direct Iniportailtin, being the l<>r?;i at stock of thcae good! ever r.iblbltcd, and far oiceedlnj; our Imtnenao dlapluy of laa si iiaon. LORD * TAYI.OR 2S; . 2Sy und 2rtl t'.rund St., new numbers 47 anil ?'.? Catherine at IMMKN'HK HTtK'K (IK PA IX OfMlDH? Incltidlug every variety of desirable liry Hoods for the season. Opening vrlei win eomtnensn on Moti lay, Heptnmbdr 10, ? LORD A TAYLOR'S, Z5.V XS7, Zf.y and ail Grand a... and new numbers 47 and ID Catherine ak MII.I.INFRH PROM TIIK COUNTRY, CAN NOW SRR at tlENIN'H Baaaar, MS Broadway, under Mt. Nlehola* lio'el, pattern bonnet*, for tlic Call, of unusual aud surpassing beauty. Milliners and dealkrh in 8TB \W GOODS, Maaoxa, Paris feathers anil French flower*, are Invlled to examine a large siock ot goods In that lln> * liM are Offered ?t very I'lW tirlce* lor cash, at Nob. 04 aiKl fai John street, corn, rnr WlUUm. IIOMKIi A KKfCHi M. Mors DELA1NE8 AND DRESS fWtODS. A full a>soriment of beautiful Parbi de^lgna will bt opened and ready for sale, on and after Monday, September 10; also, low priced delaines and Jn m jooiU in great variety. 1.0RD A TA Yl/Oll. 3K, ??. . iVj and Ml Oram! st., ai.4 new numbers 47 and 4U t 'atberln* OL PARIS MILLINERY.? M \DAMK PKRIIKRO, NO. 1 Great Jones street, wBl op'-n on Wcdne day, Sept. 19 .*?11 inttlli.cry. -w-u-eied by herself In I'arls. IC11 KAI.I. AND WHITER 8ILK8. ?JiV25 tfnfl t R A full assortment of brocades, plaids, moire and at o tier laslikiuable allka; alao, plain and low arlrwd sllka, In great variety, at Lwltli A TAYLOR'S. ?M. W, . ZM and ail Orand at., and new lumbers 47 and 49 Catherine *i SPECIAL JfOTIPK.? IMPORTED WOVK CORfiETS ? Mr- HAYNOR tiee< la upprlMt hrr nunteroa* patrons, iiImi ladle* vttlilui.' N>w York, mid itw flttbUr Ki nerally, thai At hft* yUM hr IrM Importation for t'f i.ill of her (vit i rHii'd ? rcnrli and Knidlnh wove dormta. Amour el them hit elllflc and double Prenrh routlllr, railroad, II adjumliik', chUdrt-n'aand nilaee*', Ae.. Ac. II- r price w? <mu b*u usually rljirued. OAYNOR, linponer of cor*? '? arid emhroiderlrn. 40 'I biru avenue, mhmMM treet CTRAW T*r**IN0H. O ?WKIHKRR BROTHERS. Importers and Jobbers of ribbons, velvitn. ttowerr feaihen rlr> .rn ti >k?, muliroldi rtm nod iuIIIIm ry goorti In reneral. Not. 64 Mid <6 John *?., corner William, up stab*. ?CPUCATIOM. ~ (S>||? WOOKKF.KFINO WRITING, ARITHMETIC.? VR. ?P I ' ' IK iI.HKAK, IW9 llroadwav, corner Mraet, b** a f< w private aeale rarated v.Uf.h may t>e Dncorcd tlu? day *1 only flO for h full double entry coiirie. Student* slatting t.< tie guaranteed u this price, ruuV' ?f< iirn *eat* when oftfftC A LADY, A ORADl'ATE OF < RAMER'H MCfllCAt, Academy tendon, ilrJrw stew anrefpupw* to Inetriu t " ' ~ "1)8 l>est U". the r>l?no, either at tiielr residence* or bsr own. The y rwr'n'M Jlveti itUfmid. ?(., IlllHt. Mark's |la< A CARD? TDK HI HfM'RIHRR WIM, RECEIVE \P plication* dally thl* week, for liiatruutlon Ln penman*) ,j , elu< uUutt, bsohAeej'Uig aad arithmetic. ol.lVKK B. OOt.DSMITII, N(i, 302 Broadway corner ol Franklin Mretl, Auuy, experienced in tkacbimo, wism-t for nn engagement tn a private family. a* rMflng or real' .It fit governess; rb? la rompwn' to lost rue: in Kn^lleh, I mil li MM WMMM and '?nn furiinh iinoi'-vpUOiWila rncrrnec" Connt/y preferred. MdriM tlgrtnmt, ? 1?t.- 11 uflW. MIK- FITZiJElUMi H Kit K VI II AN|IKNUI,!MII?I WOOL lor) nun# l?dic< will re-open on Afwlay Sep'?r >>' r <?/>, at <73 \A??i Twenty third ?trrc' near tiie Eighth svsnue. Mish mteei.e'h French ani> knolihii iuy and boarding aebool, for roung laillea, No 5 K. fMrll< tii rest, between Flfih ?t?l faadtaoa i?tiuc<, till ret| 'Uu? Ihiu -4m y, Sepietnlier 61b. MR8. HA.VTtTOJPS ritF.Nfll AMI FyOl.THH PAY m-lior/l will ir/>pro on Monda> Hedn-mber I" at Vo PH VS r-t *| lnrl> <t?th ?irre?. bet* ri-n liroadwa) nn"! K>r?th av . mi' Clre* Ian rntr i.e oMatned ?i the Bcboot, nnd a' [ *nl .. t o.'* book xiore, 16] Fulton wreet. ? MRH. MF.ABH' FRFKtll AND RVOI.TKH BOARWNO itnd day l?ool fur yoang ladle*, fr'J nrd .In Wr?t I Iflceaik urrH, l*low Flrtli *?rn'i-j rr nprnt on Tliur?lay. Sept^a-in-r Mm. will be ?i home to rwrtve parents and jfn?r llaiiji wbo wlab to eoofcr wttb Ler, from KoMay, "ep^rubrrS. \JRH DAY H arflOOI, FOR CIIII.DRRV, I VPKR VI UK i? j ear? or ?** 9tl l!ro<w1way between Tweoiy (li?t to I n ??iii) ?er?md ihr"et* l? nov o(.>-n. Two llU'e glrh -a/i be c< itiiioodai'yj ?IUi board, MADAMK OW'TAK'H FRFM'H AJfD BUM. MH iiuakv lt>< eifl <la> * iiool f ir young 2,9 Flf?l. at-nwe, uratr Ihirtj iua< Mriwt, will rr "pee on Monday, %t. lu An owtilbtM Uattaeb d ut> Uie MtaMiKbO'.anU M|f AMI HRH. r0A?. I'ANltA't BOARDIJfi) AND ?1., . arfw . ,r ji'itnjf lh?l ** < No. IT l<a I a> '.i*e l'Ucti oi \j* .i opetiid it ?? dui:?day, H><pt. lab. MR. AVOMMF. N0F.I. BF.ROtKR'S KNalJHIf MtFVi'U i *?'1 epam*1! n a??l taj nehoa' for y nr.y !td?<? .?t?. .,i U ftr- au a'.eoue, beiwaaa Kifc'h rt-rlh end Vlfpr^^io ireet*. r? o; rjj an I. uday, hepL 10 lertr* ? For ixmr l ei^l 'ubKai, Imi e.ju Km), im.k Uk'1 ded. A a ugr. In ait^i^ o tbe luatliu .ou. Mf) A *'II. A HE OBADOATK, FRF.M.H ANP "PAV ? l.?b teacher, wUbee ui *lt? le--nn", pi bu off.' r. iK\ ro?d??y, and tn ? '?oiiene or prl??te houwo Tin puplj .?ay prae?l< e in tbe annie tto'ile, > *er Wa'l*" k'? Uieair? RI.WehKLARR Pul.YTF.i IIN If.' rVHTfTI TF? DF--<IOV ?d for 'ha eduraiwjii </ ?r?hli"^i? end civil " nind. e'iJ ?'poerej.lip ?l etiuliw r? > or rr^iU" of '-.V Am ul K' /l- ' r ,tMii< full liifot'iiei c i r? the tnetl'nte arplj <o ,t HaNKI.IN tiKUtNK IMreetor, *r R P. I Troy, < Y -FROF. C. Vll.l. A VKKIIF, I AN l>^Pi'-F, i) nit ie? hour*, tiwb in ibe <J/ij ttme ?od la lix erer mir. oprivati laeeuna Afpl) at N?,. t t^art dl pt.vx, WaMlur reel. T1IF H vJ KVTlitS r\ ENINOH AT DUtllROW - V1I?I>'.; ?e?i<*cfrty, for ,' of Miw ar.d genll.rmen, O" t i.e<ve ?iU??.mOBy e 'iwhe. 1MI> hQ*t., aad > i>nUni'< e*"b t'< . j 1 1 buj-Mia) ?i.d iMiuruay eTMlufa durloj; the Aw fed bate! <4 Bitufe la MlMilaai e. J Mil ?1U.M ? llUKTlStTI FUK rtK Vfl UtNimO*, >e*idiug and lay wlMul, N? 48 ^x<' Tventy bmrth '?t directed by Mr, Kl Jl. t 'HAlllJW. of PBria (forMer / II > eniroat ? erimnl), mtM open oo Wailne^lay -*p? '?/tfc U'A NTF.Ii- A rK A'.lfFR OF IA< ef>K i?l KFIV',. TO I ?>% oe?*i wiiii 'he advertbw r. A fii'id writer ahd er.pu^.te of j ? e Iki o her liraertif prffeife^i. App MMtfiifclii y, ! ? i tier <<i i rot- ate m , roon ||, U^ANTM'-FOR A PARI OF F.ACII DAY Al.AllY loeo'iL' y eowit-e >-' i u. <mk- the bar^e M ? "la- in l.t.ll>b. Aptiy a* 43 Ke? ;M>> between the hour* ?T 9 an I o ? k 4 k. U'RIIINO ROtiKKl KPINO, Ar. M BRDADWAT MeD R A lillii^'H Orn r at"-* ef<? i for^i.* f .!'??< ?>? ??b ele.eiH* to penn ?n hlr. erpertne a Iri ,r, e".r, aad a ? lei ly kaow ij. </(?..?? A Iwtl "I oral: a* ?t?.-.e mvl I ut?e ' t n... . . ???* en. rut e?e. lad el N : w Y * bor > ( VA rfttM \? okvtiktr*. I AN Hf I I.I.Y WHO II 9IOPFIBIQ. rm LIVKRPOOL. ? UNITKD ffTATM MAIL *TBAM hbtp ATl.ANtlC. Jm. WajK, ?*vruivmd?*.r. ? This tffeamahtp ?.)l depart * i'h die United States mail* for Europe poHlflvelj ot> Wednesday, September 1'J. at 12 u'eto k, M., fi uos bar berth, ?t (be foot of Canal street > cr freight or puaiagn, having tin equaiied accommodation for e|<>france and comfort. apply To iW WAKI) k OOLMN8, M W *11 a'ree?. pMMni^ra iw requested to be on UmH by 1 1 cyolocl A. If. Shippers please take none* ihst the ship* of thin llo* oaanot carry any good* coutrsband of war. All letters wtet p ?** through the l*o?t idBee; auv others will be ra'ttrowl. The steamship Baltic will succeed 'he Atlantic. and noil Ociobci 3. FO* LIVERPOOL^flAim MONDAY, HKIT. 17. AT 12 *Vclock--Th** well known and uvorlte packer ?hlp NEW WORLD. tap'. Knlgbt. The aro>mm<Mlanoti? f?>r ca d u, se cond cabin and steerage passengers *r** un'oirpiLNse I by any oth? r saltlnc v? v#?l now In port. For pa*asg<* apply <?u boarl, at pier 19, foot of Maiden lan?\ or (o THOn. C. ROOI1IC, 83 fiou'h street. For iiavhk via houthampton-tiik vandkk bUt European bne of atcemahlpe. ? Tbe ftrst \ \tum new stcaimdiip AblKl., 2, WO fona, Lrfevre, mwirr, will keavo New York fmm pier SO North river, foot of t;Jiaiubcrtf street, at noon precisely, on Saturday, September 22d, for lUarru, calling at iMiutfiauipion to land malls, pa/wujfer* and sparTa. Plr*t el*** passage lo Havre or Southampton $110 Second do. do. (Ml The Artel will he followed by the North fltar, t)cl?lw 18th. The owner of these vessels will not bo accountable for gyld, Kilver, bnlllon, specie, jewelry. ore?ious stone* or metals, un less bills of foiling art- signed therefor, and the value thereof therein expressed. Specie and good* taken at mual rat-*. No freight received af er t?non of Uin day b< tore sadtng. No berth secured until paid for. tatter* pretwvld IHJ* cent* per lull! ox. , will be received at fhe ofli- o up to 11 A. tf. <U' U ut day of failing, and will be carried in strong India rubber hag* un dcr kick ; and on arrival at Snuthainrrmi and I la* re. will ho UuiiM-diatelv dfpwlWd in |*hic oin. -v* there. l*ai? ?dj taken, earb urepakl. one dollar and upward*. rtxxn dits or haiumo. vmom mw vokii. raoM ?utu?. Ariel Sept. 22 Ariel ...Sept. 1 ' North Star C>et n North Htar Hept. 9 Artel Nov. 3 Ariel Oct. It North Hur Nov. S Arb-I Nov. 24 These steamship* are rla**cd A I at the tiumrauee uOloe*. and *i?ecle and ^o?xls will he InnuriMt iu them at an low rate* o t iireinlum u* in uny other nteaiuidiips thai cross lim ocean, r'or freirbt or psM.iKe, apply to D. TORKANt'K. N?>. 5 Howtlng Oreen, Now York. ALBERT N. rilHYHTIlS, No. G rUeo de l.i Bounie, Parla. ( HRYKTIB, HCIII/UC8HM VN A (X).. 'IJ t^ual CaMsmlr U- lav Une, Havre. FOR SOTTII \ MFTON AND IIAVKK ? TIIK ITNITMP Htates mall vte.atnt r ARAQO, l>. I.lm *. eommamler, will h ave for Hav re. touching at Soutlukmplon to Und tlv* mill* and pusfienKer*, on Satunlay, K?*pteml?er 22 % at lio'cioce, from pier .T7 N^rtii river, foot of Be - h ^trett. Frice ol p?iA*a4?'? l '?r?t cabin $1.10 0 Se* indcaMn Tills .*tertm?hip, in her cooNtrU'dlon, eomblue* uuefjualh d Mftfuty wtU? m retiKth, having five wnti r tiuUt compartment*, and >n completely protecting the engines tliat, even in ease of eollisfon, no injury could occur lo cudjui^er tho sufoty either of the veh* el or | a.'-vengrr*. An elperlenced surgeon 011 hoard. Luggage not wanted ?^irit>g the vo\ace be ?? nt on board the dsy bef#ire milllotf, maik<*d "Below." No freight Lnken on I onrd af er Thursday, Sept. 20. For freight or pannage applv to M .'LIVINGSTON, Broadway The steamer t?nlon n ill succc^d the \rag?>, and full Oct *i0 l?OR BREMEN VIA HOl'TH AMITON ? TMK riRRT I" cla.?4 steatiifhip ERICSSON, II. Lowhor, eonimatvler. j u 1)1 leave bier .S7 North liver, on Katurday, Keniembor 13. at noon, for Bremen, touehiii ' at Southampton to lan<l muls, passaniers, axid pn it for Rnalimd ana France, Baggage not Vkiime-l on tl.e vovasfe fbonld be sent on board the d iy be I tore saillntf marked "below." I?et'ers prepaid, IS^jC. per w Hi bo re ??elvtwl at the ai;em's oHice, till 11 V, M. of | the day of nailing- First cabin po^a^e. $120: second do. do., | $H? For freight nr passage apply lo OUNliAM A CO.. Agen U, | lit WUUam Htreet. \?Oli CALIFORNIA.? NKW YOUIC ANO CAI.lKtVHNIA r fctenn?*hip line, \is Nicaragua Accessory Tianult C*>iopa ny. of Mearngua, proprietor*.? Through m advaii' e i?l tlie mall; i00 miles shorter than any other route, avoiding the deadly l*anarna fevf,r and two tniie* of daugcrous boVbig in t'unama bay. ibe Nkarngua lino ba? no eonneetion with New Orl?*ans. The MplendUI flouble engine *'va?n htp NtiRTIIhKN LP.IIT, J^ou Ion a burthen, <UpUlu '1 itiklepatich, will leave pier No. 3 North River, at 3 O'clock P. M. precisely, for runts Arena*, on Thursday, September 90, corneetii u with tbe steairuihlp Uncle Sam, 2.i) UU tons burthen, over the Nicaragua Tran^t rotife, lutvtng but twelve miles of land tramportat ion by first cia#* carriages. For iivtorm*tlon. or outage at the 1 educed raten, apply only to CilAKLlCH MOlttiAN, agent, N'<?. '2 Bowling Oreen. littler bags mode up at the olllee. Stamped 1< tters taken lor cents each. Lt s mail gmmip cxmfaky? orvat brpco '/ ? tiou iii prices? For (.'aldforula via l'anau?a~Tho Istli mu* crossed from <???? an taoe<-ftu In four bourn, mbr-t rail cam. Heal* on the I*thmu? freo toste<-n^o jiasHefgera. Bag gage for cal l n |>a^eTiger* fr?*e for HN) pounil>. Iki^gage fop ?tee rage j?a**eoger* ree Jot :*t pounds. Krnhai-kiirt at I'woa ma free n-r all pa**engers, by the following magnificent ^wn | nliip*:? II I.IVtllH, HONOR A, OKoKGELAW. OOLIIE.N \OR, JNO. L. STKI'liKNH, OOLUEN ?. VTE The i cii meamer will be despatched fnr A.^fdnwall on h*?r re ?ubir dav. Thnrnday, SefiU mlKT 2*>. at 2 o'clock IV M , from the plernnaof Warren street, N. It., eonri#cUuif at Tiftrkauta wl'h the I'aetfte MallMeamp4ilp < <*mi any * ?u ? tic*ut ?team erSONtiliA, t apt. Kichard Whiiln /. The public are informed thn* lb** P. M. S. S. Co. always have one or more extra v^sruem lying at Pnnama rmdv for iea to avoid any possible de'eudon of or mall*. Forps+nee, apply m LAV. KAVMONU, *i' 'ho ? of the companies. !j, West strc<*t, one ikt of Warren, irouUng I the North river. TpIRFT CLIPPER FOR S\N ] KWH^'MIIMIIAN r teed to *?ll on or before rhitr?day, 20th Sept. bi*' l>e* i !??'( h Line The magnificent first clas* clipper nlilp SKY l.MtK. Stephen II. l*ow, master, now r? ? ivlng h? v far 40 at pier 10, lf.a?*t rlTcr, ami will positively sail aboye. Shin peis are particularly reqtie-ted to M*nd their fieleht promptly on board, ?ml to hear in mind that iho vessels of Mil* Ui <? are asrranifd to ^ll an <?r before the 4ay advartls* <|, i?wl in no case have he??ff f?r will be detained. For balance nt her small caps* Ity diy>entmgcd apply to St I TON 4 I/O., V South - treef, eorn'r of Wall. [?TRALlA~ INr>KPBNl>KN'T LINE? Til K SI PKRlOlt |A I < Jipner ship B. B. MILAM, wtii have he u-^unl <!#*? , ? ch of >hiH line for Melbourne, on her second voyage, haviu'f made her In eighty seven days. Iter a -<-ominod*Uons for pai io|i lu Am and' jgeood oftblai i sa| rkor . ?? tip now up. No between deck passenger* taken. Passengers ?ro ?e<jtjehfcd to Inspect tl?i? favorite v? ?*-<?! l^fore engagintf else where. For freighter pas^ige apply on boaf>l, it pier We. H, East river, or to aIIKF.LL A VlLIoTT, lb'? Pearl street. A Aotrama? pioxkkr mm: -CARRY! NY) THK V 8. Mnil ? Shipper* per r ll|iu*r ?k?,? HL.V'K. HRa ar#i rv nifmtfd fo fltir fhrlr #oud? at * |?^? Cuatom If ?l?a thin d*y. P*.?# uuer* will l?* on board. nt pkrr ?. V H., on Kibtay, ?t 9 A W 1 he nr.iijtlfol A I Hippr Wk Uofcl? n Kra will ??i? r^. il Muck S?*i ami haMiitf two 'bird* of ttW(?rffn pvi fJvHy ef.**#**'!. will bare trumcdlaio dr?|?aoh. Vot tr? Igbl or p*a?agr, iu?|i li W. f AMKRO.V, .Vo. C Bowling Off nil CTKAMPHIf QEAKF.H rTTY.-TllK AMKItlf AffSTIC AM >1 *blp CompMir ofT>r fhr ml# their ?mwrlor ?Untoabip (juafcrr t'ity, t>tU!t m IH&4 Tbc Uiill, l?y V.iuirhiai A Lynn. I* ?1ia?ot?All/ braced U*i oiutboui, ainl ?opp' r (aatotMHl. length of d#rfc 217 feet. reiftaU-r tn< a*urrmt*nt 1,4^'WWl'W Thr marhlmry by M#-rrt? k A bona. Tlw *n*inr wilnwp^i (?fir- ?id' Irver < yllmW MA In* h?? In diamewr, right fart mrokr; four Iron tnbnlar bctl* ri, and is furnfebe?t with Plmon ? frr*h wat?rrond?n*er. r?b'o *"0<>uim<*UUoHA of ih? tno?t eleeant dearrtfitVma, with lar^e and alrr ??au :ror?in*; *?<pr?i I rldad with lifr b<.*ta, llfr niraererr*, Ar , fa ?roor<lnn ?? wifh *c*rt of ('<mzrr** rrlMtlnit th*retr>. fur aafaty uri<l *v??n tor t ah, ?? i* rqu*l in ?ny ?f#>nrii<ihit> in I hm I nllvd HW> *>. on no *i prnae fui? hrrn a pa red to ri><tk?* u?r firtt t!aa? In h? r ?0u*irttr. i Uci?. ^hl,l?ww Inw^r tw ImmMUW' ? r >!????. for fnrthtr pertlruUra Inquire oT? apt. JAMPJi H. IIOIWJDO.V, th?ONI,Y lUI'or i *#??! Mh'-rit for iht *1*1#. on b?mr?i ibe ahtp, ab'?v* Vino | ?tf*et, ui U r port uf PHILA I>KU'H1 A. fl H HAIL fiTEAMPHIUP COMPANY KOIl HAVAVA J* and New Orlean*? On Monday M^ptrinb r 17, at 2 I*. W . tfffit i U*r fool f?t Wiirr^n *'rf? ' N H , tM ur|| ltu?i?rn AMllaVtfrt ?? !>'? wn?hl|i ( KFX KNT ' I TV <'api*ln him Mr (2o?iin. lu?\'fK b?^n tiiorotifhly ovrfhM'ik<d -?u?J pntln flrtu I ??? ? uud't?MD. will rrnu/r.f! kw r pl*rr In U??i ! nui dhOtf I'* if*- ?n !>?? *???'irtii ?t th?? lyimpinv'i f rt , u ?o N**^ Origin* 30 rrn' |-?*r riiblA f?*ot. HhlH?#r? h||| I# aiipplM wl'h blank bl!l? of l*!tr" f-f 'H? form *?rnf?1 by tompmtiv on ?j i>.n af|on .**? fl- ?r om< r Vo 0 h^r furrow -l^nrtj. m>4 oo blilii ol ai/llti^ wl:] lw <i(rv l alt?r the U'lr <*f frftillntf. furirrirh" or pa#?*?i." appiy ?tf Ute '-fflr- of l?r ?ny. 177 Wti ( rr?f:i, corticr of W ' n. M.O R'HiMfh, fl'ff -Of TIIKH N TIC ^ V Kfl.KKH ? TIIK I MUM I I rniil I -'??.no !iip JAMr:sroW.\ <'i*pt, P.ifr, ? v J If ?#? pi#r II Mnr h rivr, on Ktlur'Uv. I5tn in.-f,. f?tr flu rrw?. . I. HMM MBS *' M P?'1nt PlMNMH|Vfi Mf lb?* ^>11 l?rf^ rd, fla Potf*r I urn. Without rjr|%y, Mill V(IH !m WfM'm, WHtnlnfun, #? a? *'-m mh! ?h .?? U I** #? tj . , ? - if ifrr mi-nt tl* tlf?rfollr Th<*y n* ? <1 rw n o pf > ? ? ?-? | any tiatipt-r frr>m thv lavar an th** ?li)p <?.>???? n^i* ;o n? ??r il.r iiu* o I r|rj'-? ft* .ig# an ) far?*. Malrr^w tti< )i>iW>l, I'ouit to Pell>r<tbtirg or Hi hmood $lo HUmne h,? ! r>r? r 1*1 IM. AM A I'l.KAH AMH. * I' ?Va?; HA \ \\ \ All \M> ? f/>Hir>A. ? I Mil i> -IAT!h 1 mall llo?? ? T l?r i ? ?> *1*1 ritgan <'"\n r ,U,\H \ M v tint, (||0, It h? lirit'k. Imv? on K;*'ur lav, H* )></ r, ? < r 15 tr?*rn p*#r No 4, N rth rlT^r *' 4 oVi^ k i* Hi) I ?.? 4afiM on bnsrn. I'or fr*lsrh* appl) oo or I ?r p v - ?|r to h !?. HIT* llll?l. IS I'natlww f ??tn j" ?v i*tr i<? , nah tVA; for Florida, thr 'ti|H k' u from >? * York in lurk .. r .fll#, f,>|; #?? PMatka to. Tb? KNoxV||,l>; < ir.' * l? wlii ?uoe#?4, nm^ ?llon HVdiw 4?y. H#?pu ? ?*rr I'l. FV?R tfAVANHAH.? PARK I I !>t < I !> rill' 1 MrXli mall hip K I " V ?- 1 ? ? N | . f ?i. (?iii R. Ha: ftr, ?IU travr Jphfa 'or Havannali '?n W"U*?im\ .-?p 1^. *' I" k if A M ? irr, ?BJ uormge $<* Tli# fl AlK OP OKtfNolA mi l W?vr n- afK?f* ?#n VI l Hrpi ??. Ar#?n?a lo Uf w Vwk Hi H A N T? ?N A TAIJ.MA.V, IV Old -Hp, ab^rf <r *tr rr?? ^4# ma> [** -m w J r ? i i i - ? mi wki 1 1 ?111 is. ?7 ? T)?? fi??* ind fa f uoiaf Mk?*m<.r VI f, im ?#r, win.namlff, will kav# frtrr Jfo. 4 Moflh rivrr, f,n Hat Mr <J?y, l?p"r?l?#r I.'-, a> I ?V,<^ k V. M prrrwjf, far frr ,b? apply 'if. t#o-r?1f wh?f ail MUn of la/|:riK v iH b< *!, nr 1 a*?<1 Urn pa ?a(fr, lw\inj ?ui?< rU.' h> >ht 4 rPO^Kt'HO. TILK?T(|K A < <1 *-? Hr?.w! *?? Tlw* !?? Ad^rr a ll! *u**? rd iht M *rt'>n ?M'I ?* .1. \A ??'f nfi-ia: ^i^Bbcr IV. I: OR MU.RftfkNK, Af TKALf A Mi fl U MM: . , li? l<rti . it] prr ?4iin ?,KI TR1 IM , * r*pa j. Phinn^v, o %? . will *?4l -in or t?af'?r#' ifcr af?r# ? dat?* lihr h#v Mir Im?? r< 11 mr?tft *ort? for Br? *iwl ae^xid '*Mi? nfrr* of a jr ? . ? * f>. | nw - ? 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Ritalir f rmn-aalej h? . ??W*e Wairi' Manayr. <Ja? ?*rt^ t ur ilii> ?' <k K'bluplan Mln?ir< hjr, whk IimWm allkw ImiI I'f.K ItMiKKU RiK)M. Con. n P??niM>) . II*. (Mr Tli- iww llall till |lroa l*?> i. bull' *t|irraalf la r llli M Va'i>, will l>" opxiMHl ahorOy ol whli b ilu' n?tV"? will b? i ?*1L I'* ih* I.W*""!, thr linu.lM.fn. ?i iumI ' twi baal V?WM|4 plan- ??l KOiKiplan rnierialnmaul In tbr world tin' prrfnrtnattrra will roiubli"- ail lb"" t**"Hy and BriflMl* i) fur wbb b ' UU nnu)iMy la m> t alrbralnl. I 'miii upi'ii a' o'^lurk, 'o ruannianri at A. Tl'k.'. BMMa. (iKORiiK rnRWY AND WOOD'H MlfHTMMM I ha rliii: di'ipruilned <m anil hinher antialHalilna thalr ????a, all lliuwlwajr, bi g ilia iiidiilifanre of Uielr palraaa lum d<ir' ' mi- 1 lui* no t- a will b? *lv-n vt lAo npantaf m ilile t I'ln. lid irfuplt! ol ainu<rii?-nt. J0M! klr I 1' WAI.IiKoN rr.pM' < I ai.'l Vlam.<rr (1 dl? fnviTlie aaOi'ill .lifii'-ut. l>i'K' to aunr uore ih? raiurn M Jfmrrl ? MR J W W klJ.ACK, Jf'V , TIIK POI* CI, AH r IIA 'I K II U k H >m t..j?in,- lor lb ? pra?ani, nirlu li-d hu i n^Mf-moato la I nNliiiN AMI I'AKIH. H 111 niaka bla l'ir -.1 itppaaiMti^n at tbla - *Uk ? ni*lib*h"4 kliai fcr II VK VK AUh, I'll MONDAY Krauln?, Arptrmlm 17, in a ari-a at II IH KAVOHITK CIIARACTKIIH Ybe play? will be prcar nU-'l wub rt'ie ra*ar<l 'a flaeaar*, |ii/-..? mid Atat'wikn, umlar tho linamllala auparlalMM *? nn: of MR J W WAt.l.Al'K ?a ihe enaafemeiu la tar a tlmltad nuinber af iiWhtaaal]-, ? arly atipHcalUm far aeala at Prlfala Bona la n <p< J^ll; ra d. SO A U V A N i g IN PRUTH. _ IN R MITII'H IJR A Ml TOITR OP RITIIOPI AMD KIlfrK "P HKIIAhTOWlU At f'NI*fc? A*>r?air lion", ll"9 II?o?CWi?, ahimitm OKK III .M'HKll VtKWH, for'* feel wide. f*l ihe nrlnra?l I nils A NH till/ K< Tm HP INTKRRHT IM ITtJROPR. Kri Ijr f-ti nlnx. at ? o'l l? k. ail I xerr Katimte/ aAeraaaa, a: .1 Thi- njinir by Mr. llw?n Pl>K, of l^mdoo. Ai'mlrinr tboaaanda nigh'ly n-mifjr mi ;Ma la Ifea lai gal, nioal biter' niiof snd elriralii ??n"'n?unn' iti la Maw Yark. Ma ?uret M liaa In i n Bioal wouderful. A'lml?. nil Iwll I lie la>' iwa werkg In New York, and IIKAM) AMimoVs TO TIIK Tof'R OP MUROPK Tin Hrtrrt Kipe>IHlon l? now rompHe, and Ifca wbala flMl HIIJ a:> lb- attai k, and rl.HAMOPul. PAUJI TO MKIirr. M'AI.M I HTRKKT TIlKATI'K, PIKI. HHCLpllU IIRNKPIT OP Mil R|i III.VOH lhlaar*Wn( Pridajr. M?pl II) will be preaaniad, lor IM flr?t line, a new Indian plajr, xriuen etprrrt|)r for Mr aarf Ml~?' HnWnaa by A V < h. , . i-'llun ol 'fce M rfhlw MornlOK Kij r ??, mililad k< Ml NOLI A, TIIK I'llllJl OP TIIK Pl/IWKRH. RA< IIKI. PLAY1- TIIM IVIMMI, pi) II mr. UK rnnd 1 1 r*M?, ? III ba pi nlol <\nitUafcj Mi.e Ra -brl Karl jr hi pll'-atkm i- a> -H - it?~l lor baaaa. aai ? jiieiie .e?' . *ml U m' pla- . a In ibe ft! * . tr*l? kl l? AMHRflI'M " pera ari l ? uni-arl 1 1 krl .01- e, Jr ,ite'a M ^V: a tore, Na. IIH KAfllKI, AH I'AMIIJ.K, TONIGHT - PROMT PAR ouetir and I'lwr rh iIt -Jiaia -an ha bad ?lllORAI*E \> klKRH' M . .1'irr*, MS H ?>? n| a'?-i ?nr?l ?eaia lae Kaiurdai, ?krn ?h" will apnear ?? I'bedre Ita'bel a par iraltn, pla)< and bv?ra|.lite? f * ?ala at l]> Hnwlwaji. / 'RAMI * fR KKT IIAM., I T. ".RANK -T HRITT - T A \ I lite* il Vl.ailv I adei i|f dlr?-'IOI. ol I'rwf PKRDI b 'M) M.KI K ilie ApoU'i llelrklera, from I'arx Ibauaw ? n. ageini hi ol 'Imi ?l<i'M Klrlm and K't ta Im I ainlnr'. Oi.eii rfrt nlittii Aher il-e peri rt/uio<-r. i^iwlrtlta Prlral*. kdl''' 'Ion 29 rr sla. IVrmmxi' * a In 'Irk. TIIK ? TIIKiPlAM" DR. 1 MATH RIVOUIATIOW HP New York ? III re.'?-ira a '?w |iw,?iwn >i"l u>ma Ia4w?. '? i|lt?nn'in Apply >n I ivl.y e?eain?a at >o?tn Ha t. M'lluiry 11*11 llowrry, ir |i* inter, addreaeexl * V* , at P' lry ? ."I llioa laay, or .WPrtn-e MicmrAU " I |M *IRDN I'MPORTI MATT.'I PRIKMD. A MB I / mh?r if.rlnalle I rerri'dl^ a nr.' in one boar JWf raragf ? i.l ^er'alr< dlarere* a" frlahMul If 1 r '' i? Ihantaaliaa araAaabt ? II ilei I'uiM'i" -ii aeada "f dU'aae in a t- w ta ya aaa aaaaad a# f.e ?? wBarCIa la tba world Ilia m iitun ara a baMpdtaai bnan lo Ibe inltrnaal* All ai. ikw 'or a "ira are r?rlala t? ol.iaii.livi lb.- .?io? wpboil *rir da'ay Oraal ? i ? ?'* alway? a arrant ?1. ORae, Banal aMaa< ?luur ea ,t of ||g llroalwa/. jli HklPII AOPPHPJ* ??J NOV -fUM HIRKirr, MRAR I V. . . . r . ? '? li A M ??.. ?P M Awadat m?R "urr ai W'?t?r *4b, bniri, ^ftliu j?hi -j, mg i' tn tb* km'i w tu-ortW rfci tj( *r? *f?4 l?? *1 ?.f ?ll fclfvU mV toy '?r A H 4 l? SOI** <i^kc '* Ml fultftt "f*\, tot* ?r .?? V> !lUr?, v v II m m i.Rtm ktkmt ?rrntt to i?a?i? I \ aula ?' *4 "lurln* Ma Uu' r jhi j??r? ii |?? ?? *J> I i??m V er* a XL it. ??*! r> ikHKIw la ail <??.,? < r % [.r\a to. <ura Altll ?*l) BPfRfrCAl. MROfAf * 1 1> n?"?r>HI?Rf? V/'jl" ? (kli III* I'ttf.. 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I'al 4ia MMI, Ml I'ali jrtra It>..f4 '.("aa'.'f, ' e? ?>?? a,b tha mailt n?? ari<l a#i-a?tii r???.>rl' ? a# 'J la ?art ? if?. ?i r?r.4?f TattHf* taa |> >? >lal? H ?. aH a mm '?ra4 all- ?' ai'F 4a*i < ka'iaa '.ol'a i/,|. r?a<- afrl Uv aaa* 'aw Uta i aia i ?aai af ??? t< V- -r- a I . arraralmi* n^ac ail n-l re?f. - -:l??aa?? la I ? . 1 a lf? i n t> ^ ra ? tt- . fvl !rr '4 ? <!?? >4 aaaad ?? aia*! I?* ' afi aa ? *-f fcf laa i in. a "aO'iaa ?a frangal* *?,^a l al ao4 a < |i H\M?<iS|i ? |i , 4u f X'lkal l?i?r?r..nail?* liaa. Mtttaaa ?? 4# , >14 Ha-aa4*aj hi^*.m <v S kuaa Maial rmn **n m.*iki? mvHi&a ? it>4 aurf?'?i. aaltaaa lit N'Uaal AtrWr aa>l 14a/ Irtar' <? It ''. |-a?a^. a.!# arti (? anaiaaal, aaa Ia4 ?laa? If I tl l> '"<?? ?<"? I al ?? H?? )a '?*?>*! >4 H .alui, 'n II 4 M ta 1 ara4 trim i 4 In ? t ? , aaaa4aya ?l tpml | Ti-? ?? a4iaub a t <a?l hj ?.a!i ?a4 as^aaaa Wa aii<aa at iai'b uihi I J..f.?-a a f? ? f.??"~tiaia |i a I, aail MiaaaHaa. la tiaa I o*a. - laa'a *?'. 'tag. %aia ?*aj DaarM Aa. I VI " T mroHTAKT TO niK UDIlMI. 'ilM ??l .? r H t '??' -a'.a4 rvi^/'ial (rt.'ii a/? -a<aa aa4a.?4*4Mf la Ikrfr .a.'U l?i raa.WM a?H ramnaan? Oa. ra?1*ei ? re#*6a| I im a n>|>a ?aab.aa i?4 aVaa?.uaaa 4 M?a lyaAlAli^ | , llrfa a" ita a ?a'a.aira??TM4M%,4a4 .atlrlal alua . 'a. a Maa M: .| "a*>l>Mif;r a -??? a. "aa.'al aa i f>aia??<a ??'???! laa (, r a- ?ia/ 'aala a ????. la Aa 4a > ?im. la ?!*>* . ia*Ma ")v^ f ; ?V^k va 'a Ma V *aa | b# it* ta ? i ,(a?4. aa **? aa alaV? a/ a ? aa I' .<|li tat, <aMaMrtn? atf. v? 4b i a ta-l I-/ l? H ? *a I '1 aa4 a< 4 ??!? ? 1 44 aM Ml ??>'i| alra?<, III f?- III ha. i r* 143 -./a?a, a I a a '.I ?? ?t "? ? ? ? I ' *- r ia- a','.?aW?.. P im>vaa)tr.ia4v>li' H a ?irt^-tfci, *. a > ? I ar la f 1* Ia?4 r??| [ ?>} rv-irm mat iKHHl I.TITKIM -Ml | ?, ? . v , (?a?i ? ? '?? ????? a? I'lln Ta- a.a-t ...>^?a _ 1 1.1 la! ra I *? fa! arflaa ??a aa4 ?r> law , 14 la-a ,m ?_ I aa ?a?aa la-a W ? <"a?a lataaauj t?jiK% ? ? ? a. ? a?( lan * ia? 4?i4laa4 trf <1*4 I am?<f?WHI?*l?1W"' ? * ?? a la. , ar*4 kf m ? a a/* ra^a. ^'^ .f ??t4 'aa <MU IB *a S3 M a au tht'f ( *? a 1411 ri4M, W 114.14* WAfVW. > ?. aa It r f.ft . "t-m ?? ?%? lyw* II aallt. ..1? l > a*4 ? ?<?. a iia-i -a fava ?( 0<| 4, ? ? alkar avt?4, taaar lt-ia??af . TinMr* it-m?ii4T riiirii4tiiii??rnr I i,. aaf'i |r?al I? i-a. IV.,' lal'aa^ atrf Ulr '?? ?a?i? ar *fca V<au 4a rtanaaif ta 'ark aa4 I ;-r CalMfa a4 KHata* V uara T ? 1 1 1 ?aa a 1 . ?a I, r.n<4;ta) |auiallah?; ItMahj Ha??^ a ia?? t a arutaf Va? *?"> a*aw. . t ? a? *rV"? ? ?? ? Bar a aa4 ?a4 f la . *ai<i..tvai vvtM a" aaiat/al. rtaa " . ? >. a aa llaral_ na. - ; r .a a .t"*' 4* a4 ? ? ar'.aa-ii ? "t a? ???*'??? 'a?a i m la rtag ? * Ina.|<a)aa4i44iil^ #*? mi in?*''** *a dMi nrii an 7r aaaaraa > ? 1 '??"> I * iruo'l l?a> ??<* aa^aiaai , . ? Trtawer Wa rv^rrw ?.i.?-aa >> *- a?aaa rf ??it*li l ai^ ijlifc i ,a ?l )liaat tan naati. a k M r. s .-.v. il ,.4 ? a a ii4k?i V wa <v a?aM. aM * %, , .. ,H, -a. .-a a-4? ????* la>4. .STIa5 aia# aa rata 4 r* afcj la 4Ni aaaaa ftl tara a * - VH aaa . ?aM> a. M?t?. -.r-ldi lul?i,|?4mal Ha 4. 1 ? fc.4 a'. .H.tMitlML a ?. H 4 M All <%>?#. .1 .... .. war ? 4?wL Kit t ,a ...? 4. , w 4 \ ? , ? ? ??????* #1# flLa %'?mt jMUfl ?sS

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