Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 15, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 15, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW T ? ?it WHOLE MO. 6958. MORNING EDITION ORK HERALD. <r SATURDAY, SEPTEMRKR 15, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS WKITISEIEim SiiUfcWEII IfiTKRT DAT. KKW FIBUCATIOIS. Ake* story ? , . ? Will be toaUMBMd Ui n> inon-ow morning'* inue of tbe SUNDAY COUBIKK A new and lUrlllUiK romance of adrenturf, mystery aud <rinie cutIlleJTin5 ADnprRO r)AUO IITKIt "wMoh forabtorbtaj Interest will rank wifhtb mcrt powerful and Attractive romances given to the public within lite lust five and twenty year*. lie sure ui read It, and to prevent disap pointment; ii will be ne< c^ary to procure a copy early In the morning or the newsboy, agent or carrier. Among the add! Uotfal contents will be found the conclusion ot THE STOLEN CHILI) ; THte continuation of lift; CONFKS'IOWS OK A SATANIC WRITER , TBI! KXrKKir NCES OF A HI IftJTVALlST; THE CHILD BBf.R ; A Returned Calftornian; a Valuable Nurs- tin' Fugitive ? lave Law ? NulUty; Crime s aud Outrage*; Kifects. of Spirit nalipm; lie Yellow Fever *ln boitod in lftkJ: Mvludliuj by ?G>pt?'.ts Tur new rovcnirs at wall .tea's and apart)*'*; Tin. vie iHfiTOi is or the; THE MEANJ* ESS or THE KAt'llSL M AN AOF.MEXT; The Came ('c>ck Hero; Mules vs. Horace; Potte<* l'arade: Kt pocUve Charity . Fishing; Loeil Jieporis: Thustrleal Gossip, ' Critictvm. tic.; i'oreigu < orrrapondence, Telegraj?hie News,?c. Price three cents per coo v. h or hale everywhere. JAMES L. SMITH A CO.. 15 Spruce street. IN PBES^-A NOVEL BY THE AUTHOR OF THE 44 R^r of Kedclvite," i?. A IT I -KT OX A CO., 540 and 348 Broadway t Will publlsl 111 a Tew daya BEECiit'ttorr; By the author of the "Ilolr ot Redely ITe," "Heartsease,'* Ac. 1 vol. 12mo?; paper cover*, 60 cents: cloth, 7ft eenta. the ri.A* or thkauihou j.? this hekil^ or hooks. Throughout theae tiller the plan ha* been to present a pic ture of ordiuar y life, with in* sm?U dally events, It* pleasure*, and its trials, so nM to draw out it* capabilities of bomg turued to tbe be s*i ue< ount, great events, such as befall only a tew, arn ?thus excluded, and in the hope of helping to prewent a clue, by example, to the perplexities o: daily life, the Incident* which render a story exciting, have been aacritieed, and the attempt has been made to make the ii* mat o i the book depend on tiia racter palntimr. Wx 1 raetflrom 1 review of tli" MIIetr of Redely If" "and ''Heart ease," tn the. North American Review for April.] The lir.-t ot her writings tha' made a sensation here was the 4,Heir" and what a ??n*atio<t it was! Keicrrmg to there mau.t oi the tear waahed coy <-ra of the copy aforesaid, we tind It belonged to the '4e!v(bth thousand." Ilow many thousand have been b-?ued j-inee by ittf publishers. to supply tne demand for new, and the place* of drowned, dissolved, or swept away ? :ild eopie*. we do not attempt to conjecture. Not Individual vmen-J} . but households, consisting In great pa of ten ler bcatied young damsels, wei < plunged Into mourning. Wlt!? a tolerabie acquaintance wliii ficiltloua heroes, (no? to apeak of ~eal cneA,) from Sir (Miarlci* lirandlaon <U>wn tc? die uuraery idol, C?i lion, we have little limitation In pionouneln? Sir Guy MerVi'l-.ot itedely Ue, lfarone?, the moat admirable one that we ever met with, m atory 01 0 it. The glorious. ju>ou- boy, 'he hr'l!i?ui. ardent, chlvaln>us chll?l of aenius and fortune. rrowT.rd with he beauty of bis early holln?^*. nnd overslui ?dowed wifh the darkness ot hU hereditary doom, and the suit .and toruliloK sadness ui hU early death? what a caution ts i.beii I what a vie '.on I KKCENTI'Y I'UBUSUKD. By the same at V|l?Or. t Hear case; nr. Tl.<- hrother'w Wire. Two vol*. 12m?>. ; paper fover>, *1; cloth, ?l 00. The lletT ot UeticblVe. Two volume? 12mo.: paper. 9>i: cloth *1 (SO. Kei?;4> *. The Hear Guard of the Grand Army. Oue vol. i2uio., n?| ? r, 60ceuta;e!o'hf 7'>ccnt*. Thet-M-lic Huildcis. One vof. 12mo.; paper, 50 f'nu cloth *5 cents. The Two f?ttflrdlans; or. Ilcnie In Tbis WorM. One vol. llmo.; paper covers, 60 cents; cloth, 73 ccnts. INTKI'K- USC TO CHRISTIANS? STRUGUM: AMONG the nation -.?Persons wlshina to real an ar?lel?- nsm?'d The t oinitu NrtiKele arnonK t '?e Nattonn ot the liartii," which whs wdlteu and published before me cxiating onlllet began, may Hud it In 'l.o L(*verol /ion. No. 3. The is?vtr of Ziou la KubU-le d :ii Pariford, Ct.,by 11. Hcyes, of whom the four num ?rs bbher'o nubllsl maybe obtained and sent to drea<* tn i?' Catted States, i-y forwarding to him Ave letter ftjim' - 01 1 ; een cents. Adores* your lener* Urn < II. IlKVKs. Jl .iUord, Ot. HI NKLKY'S HOOK NOT YKT Pt HLISIIFD.-A CVrd ?Tlit: " Kscapetl Nun'' a book publish' *.t by >wlti fte.Teiiport, In New York, Is not my boolr and do**4* iot coi tate ray ?tateineu(s, nor doesit give a correct account of fonvcii hi'*. lam aware thai In many Instance*, H haa been fold *s mine, it. author l?e ? ; anotiymous, and hence t?ds card m the public. My book w Li shortly be i?ubli>bed. bin not by Messrs ? P .t D. JOSKI'IUNiC M. hi NkLKY. Nr0 I 1 HK VltY, ri'BLic OR PR WAT R. < A.N ItC COM lib e without having in a comple e set of CHARLES I?I(*KTNS' WOBlvH Pete- -oa'f i#t & only complete sml uniform cdhion ever pub* ashed Ja tU< w ta'W, and U 110 *v iheouly edition whatever pub ished in 1 h?- country. Kor .-.tie by .) *-.'l)KRllY. New York, and published n? T. 11 PKTEHbON'f1, 102 Chestnut street, Phiiad. ?t% I1XUSTU ATV.T? VDtTlOX IK TWELVE VOLCKUv Each roiume oouuliifi !i noTrl camblele, nml may lie bud in omplf f 1 i.*;t dill ui ' y liotin'1 In eloUi. for 9IH, or j?n.v voi ime Will ?>?* -'.Id Kparately, |>rlci' $1 50. Tbr fullouln'/ urc belr aauii )V*?k !'i.ti?c, lUrlin rhur.Jji wi". ?'iwi- V Papet - iiiivlil Coiiporilclil. Jld Oik- <si'y Shop. I tun i hey * Hon. )Mrer I wi-' < 'hrlxitua-Siork'., uiiJ Pl-uiro^ IUIclr> I y Jk)/." from Italy. iarnab Ku-lvc. liiekenn' New Htorles. contain /i.chaiB- !\wkicv\ . ftnf all hi* late ivrltiugi-. We o o pnMlsu editions bound In half calf, an epic, brown ind glj' e'?-;."^f Ac. n' vario.m prices. ru-iririE i.T*K\nv ewtiox. It Is In . '*e .ar?e oct??vo volumes, and contains *be wliole of ita hoi >t ? liandnnnelv ?rl?iied. and bound In I'arious style*. ,'rtce t* m ? oinphne ant, ooui.d in black cloth. $7 .rS?. In *earle* W*")fn, .fs In :ull library atyle, marble edges, d.e., tor PJ. e a?so a CHEAP EOITIOX or r>ICSFV?' WOKK^. Thiaedixon ia verv complete in twelve volume- |?aper, ??rlccfti'^ ? em# each, or 90 for the eomfdeo* s^t of ' iwelv v?. ime*, ami nt free of 1 >oslage to an> one. Oople^nf nny 01 all of the above wo?*k? will he sent to sny jeraoo. " -a/ part of ihe l'nite<l Su? e*. free 01 postage, 00 lielr rem" ing 'he price of tbe one* they may wiali t>< the pub laher, in m 1? iter, ooat nald. Bookseller* will pleii^; send In !?e?i Off! a: om-e. 1 ublUhcd and for sale I# \ T 15. PKi KRSON, 102 Chestnut street. PbUadelpbla. Bor>keeliei s. nc ah agenta and all others will be foinplli'd at publisher' ? prtct-, by J. C. DF.ClltY. 119 Nassau street, New York. Historic t.?.cth and romantic interest. im tir W 1144 A M II EH HE RT S NEW ^0"K Now ready ! llK.VBY VTII. AMD HIS MX Wivr?. "Meelp i' if Ring Henry nml em-bofhi, Ml pp.. 13B>o. rrientl a.? ('ompilKln* Klnif IlKir the Kluhlh. with th# forluoc ?u ' fute? of Kjitiii.himk or Abkk.oi, uuiitI'- i U09; reptiln'' d. IMS. Amk Holkyh, murrii-d IKl'l; bebewl ?d. UM; Ji * > Si VMOOB. married. 153H; died, 15.17. Asii.i ? f'LKTHh marrleii. I .'> 10 . r?piidUlcd, 1540. Kaihakihk IIuwikh. marrtad. 1M0: ln-bunted, 15U. K.tihui.ik P^kk, married. ? l-W Mar be had of all bookwllrm: or, po?t pai I. direct from ibp triNUwn. >< tier. fiKTON A Ml'l.l.iu AN, 20 hark row. >ew ork, an-i '.u~ <ii"p ?,e .Irect, Auburn, TR I I' M !? II A N T SUCCESS. !?> t?W ctiriK* iolii iv niH>K W or MEMOIRS OF BENNETT AND HIS TIMES. With a tt-L' Ml I' PoRTCatT ; 4MH lact-K. I'i-ii-c >1 IV from tl\e :ii?ii<<aod Independent journal,. that have he i rnj jr welcomed vmI commended Uil* very valuable and In'ennely iu lercatlnc * k. vie aelect the followiiur : ? The b?" as a life of Bennett alioaki be, ? hlalatrof oar own time aud llie men awl thing* that have flttured tn iU"tn. The tone ot i? U impartial mi l Independent, and It i* evident!} Uie prod i < of a ripe ncboUr.? PMladelpbl i ( li f Item. It pour . on ? itli apparent ftilellty the 110- tinil time* nf one of the mo : -<i < i?-ful MUinr" of the prei-ent <?> triiry. It will be read witi de p Interest. ?Hunt'* NlerrbanW Ma*.>?.tne. IkeaiiUm ha* performed Ulx labor with i: real iiMltty. lie ban produo <1 (lie mual KaU?Uc;ory and able olo; r.iidijr tin *? have rami ..eio- for tnauy yearn.-? I ni'etl Mate- Review. It pot. t n general Imerr-t It h no' n . i " ti It, the ypii 1 Of fulaotnr ? lti>a kin, nor wltli Bpartliin men f r a p". - mi-iI /arorlte.? .i.ijix t' - M?i?a/iti". rITiUNCER V TOWNSF.VD, P. her*. No. i-i; H o*d* i K B.? V ' 1 >u rcrelpt of price, fr?# of post i TliF. .SOI TIIFRN NOVEL, TIIK RIDPES path 11 Marion llurlaud, Auile.r ol "At w " neat liin" . prtee ?l 3 The >wl erm>nt of thu Northern pre?" " Ii wl. ? . erjr wa> -u-iuii the p;*l-e v worthily won hjr I !heautlio< In -i ett.M t. It enhi'.m the MiTiA healthful *en'l , tnent and itlliii feeling. the name 'rtul.ftil ?ltnpll')tv and , re' eharrn t' t lecance, the aarae Juat npprr station <?( ititfi ran; phttnof ? il and dome*;!* t(e, Tv? tal> ot linei I can life, i' 1 1 In moat ap'ty and gracefully wif>'t;(ht."? S. Y. Courier a.. I fcu<|uuer. " The il 'Mi'ij Path' U tt w .rk of originally# d Ren ? -faUof gir!kttis thouffhu beaittUSI devrlpni.n*. and graeeful comerui. and J?!>! ln:eier iog enoiun ? a i r/To' i-rj the read- 1 ongh a nilnrn Irom the p' rt?l of whl 'h mm rlaea liei'a ' heart and anh a uiore genial kindly ifolln. toward l?i an. tu iicnernL ' ? Ho?' on Da(l> Journal. "We i: - the lllierty of rimlidMMtF eomni t, t'ntj i "i w rea lera a- n< of Uiomi nan le, eartieat inn* -. hIiMi Will be lound a<:t?-,. ... ? ? all pure be.rle and beo'ine. ?>- alao. relj trttn, an ? pe. ,ii fnvjiit. with tin' nouieo r ilenofAne rtaa. ? Pht'.i lrlphla Evnnlng Bulletin. T*elf'" I 'a1" u< w i i/1 y .1. DCTBT. r 'nr .Vete Turk, and ?ala t.jr all tiOOk<elli-r THI OM.I :?!.< DtiM/KD Al TilOBITY ON FAnlllOV P l i .i . l>e lie' i UaiteU) ot raahtonawl lieiieau MomP I^dleK kle I rou-ii.i thia ?? k befpre making he ir purrhi ? In pre* en' Ijelr buying Oh) wtj Thia l? th - n-../ oerfeM work on t? ' ? n iionllabed In 'he w>rld. (X a'l liookaellet and ?< f H >Mv f.K-MK. Wand UHprtire m ree T1IV. MCel HKAt TIKt'L K<iM \\CK EVi it pi M.tSUEO. nviei?d.. ' Ulttatrat, d. eutltleil MASKS A Vfi PAl la ju?l ro.i i ' need in Fran^ Le-ile'a New Vork .Ton, nal of R nu iK' i ?ral l l em nrfl. Pel* nreaad Art. < ?l*lnln*a Urj.' emoii . r,' eslnaVle readtnu m t and r,un,?rf>u? bta HTtl engrarln. I'rk e ? i all bookaelh i ? inh Aprv in A*KBlCA-pnicr ir;< kvt-. wmi remart* unon tttnjvra:r e, (Ua ffnindaunn,' m eonpir t, CL" ? 1 ? el rtme i.r . - the e'llt'ireof t-> cr-ne rLi" W V' ' I' ?*ea, at. I .tin. n.vr?i,: tint' ti ri poor By John Oaliorn, or Oportn, In Portugal, an'l New %. F' >.i ?? at No. Ilrxipi atrret, Srv, Yotii. t'< pl-a t ? in any p*n of the Cnlted S'a ? <, oi receipt u? ? 1 1 onaiage atampa. Kptmmo. - ? I.K t llKVP A I. ION IN riOOH i* iarite-t in the t tilted state*. A " .\n tfo-^l ? Fju,i Tweai) niu'h atreei. kt'01T--M\(?MAT?'IIK.- tO COME OIF AT ItKATTV s . ; In Mil'1 ri I ! N .1. .p. t . , I e '1 up, ^eemtd fatne 15 up. frpor'. '-?.tntne?ve V X ___________ if OK AND f! BO ATT A WII.I.TAK?PI.ACK II. /e Hotel ' i U'lfHlaj. -ne I,*, .at 1 o'''l,rck r .o a. ra. > t it) frt . y.' Tork Itw , f -. a p.n - irlfmln^ boat ?nl fit)'" Ik- ^ n l ?k?i? fr, t ou - ?aider Wry - . F-n'r^eee r. ? TTr f'ne plv -n ?< ??i . ?m-H'. ii Miimn rtvo n .irp.^fv !,** I- ? |l llx ur ANNIVERSARY OF THE OCCUPATION OF MEXICO. GBAND DINNER AT DELMONICO'S. rorinatioii of (lie Montezuma Society. A SENTIMENT FROM PRESIDENT PIERCE, Ac., Ac , ?io. Hie eighth iiQuit pr.inry of the occupation <t the rltv of Mexico by the Amir lean arrny, under General Wfuield i-cott, wan celebrated with all due honors in thu cily ye tordny. The national flnjf wan displayed troni the Citr Hall, (by direction of the Common Council,) the hotel.-", aud alJ the public buildings. The aurviTing offl.era who set ted in the war celebrated the event by a grand tllune. at I cItoOdIco'h r- w dining room s, in the trying Hi/tne At private meeting for bu?inou, held in thecuure oi the afternoon. the society to be known a* the Montezuma Society Fjs organized, and the Pillowing officer, ?c.e an pointed for the next year /Jrrsf<f. nf ? Com mo.' ore IVrr* ' Vitr-frrrld, nt. ? (.en. VV H. ITliina*. r Ileiiry tagle, I^eut. (Jol. A'vwr^n.mWo ( ..u. |; j'att^r Kcretaiy ? U. 1/iTell. Txmurcr ? Chief Engineer l ?r. The object of the Hocicty we unJ-r-t ..*! t., > to pro mote the interest* oi the aurriwn* offlcers and men of tl.e at my who Mired in Mexico, aud to pi .Tide for an annual reunion of the former. The company met Bl dinner at 7,Jj o'clock r. M. We received the following imitation to attend m - Nkw Vork, ?oi?' 1? To tti?: EniToit or Tire Hkimih? 1 " in view of the pclltene.* extended to ?? wenre,|e aiioua that a reporter from jour paper ahull be present Kt Inl . the Mexican war on the inst .and th h nolo delivered to the committee of reception, will ensure hi. admi glon. ijv the <? .m.mltee, M. i.os SIX. ll.c dinner was wrred up by Mr. Delmonleo, in lit, new room*, in a manner vhich rcflvcted the hlghe t eiedlt on him as u public caterer The tare and wine , wel'~ "r the moat delicate and rcrhm-hc kind, und the at tendance wa, unexceptionable. Indeed, we have been at but fi vr public dinners which we hare foandao well served up and co generally plea-ant. General W. H. Burnett presided, and the following* named oflfcer* wore aw?nir the u.HMff* k Cemral W II. nurnctt, K. \ Volunteer - Rodman SI. I ; ice K. A. Kimball. llrevel Major 9th Jnlanlrv Henry iuaenbury, tccomi l.ieut. late N. V, V ,.l , '.i0hn W Boj.ce, (apt IxiuJsianu Volt. ; Addison Kurnswi.rth Mrer .ijiijor S. S. Sole. George It. Mall Ihev. t tUjor s y Mole.: M. i.ovell, 4th Artillerv; Henry Kagle (on n> t. S. N.jhewl* W. Berry. Kirat I.t. ton,. (?' In. Alt. Sola.: John I>. dump. Ijeuf. 1 . 8. Nary I <ie.> Hani, lurser I .H Snvv; John OdUoun. Commander V. i'r Taj lor, of New .leixy, lute Cant TOIh i r 1 W Ti1} nl'"!"" 10,h '?'?'itrr; .1. How. arc) Walnwrfafht, Cl-rk to Commodore I'errr in Mexico I.. r W. H. loinpkins (apt 10th ( . Infantry (. O ^e Jtouera, (apt ?th Infant y: Wm. II. i.ray Ut mpF.l.t IV SoU (Jen. Albert C. Ram my latetol. 11th I K Infantry : Chief Ki.giun-i J. <;,n I y' N . . ainufl H. J ?? k. iJc-ut. Col. T?tJi | :cff t l i Vol Ueuta?tl, h^Ui r'*l" Jrl l"f"",r.v '? I Willi, rt." ieut Hth Kegt. Infantry; I apt. .1. A. Vard 1 nt h I ' ^ C r^ V vl0< a \i"V \ H. I JrdonUe; r i v\', \ : Invlor Urov. Major N. ^ Vol.*. f.eorge W. itainc. Hteiet Major t". S. A ? H M illark Isi ?? A '? w- J & u. The I'r?3idi\t gave the flr-t regnLir ?o,.?t _ of? A i'ia v' anc? N a i r ' U' A ** - ? - -The Cwuu^nOw lu-Chlcf It W.I? p-cfaeed by Col. ItrtiMflT in ?> few neat remark-. ' ' 'n' a "f" !'nl* -o the 1 'resident of the Cnlted States, but to one wL wa thdr comrade in M?xu*o, I'rmik wit!, all the h-mir-_ti,e b*. .d playing ? Hail Colombia.'' \iajor limn.wi re ponrkd. j hougli it was not cu-toma 7" ),r to re'?^,OIn, "J lhi- yet it wa- emlnenth flttirij ru thi? occasion to do so. The President of tl.e n. led -fate* i- command r in chief of the greate-t army v t'i li the world can bo??t, for he coinmaud* the iieo 1 le of the United State. ?? ? they would form one of the g:e8le?t armlea of the ?orld. The I re Uent learned bi ll t le- -i n ,n arum .n Die mliitia ot hK own Mate. Hot ?u? :.[utw?r<lt. ? ereifen ? |U)Jh commhi ion in the arm* in ** loturnpil to ( Iril life and rc< - he i tr.'.i.i J1 <? Th?^oi . 1 ' <>!^ent of the luted Ktate... TTK" "h to-dar he I> i're'idcnt <,f the l"i ite.1 State, and to rno row if turned 'o the le ve, tn.?,|ght he Uemi ..en.,y . . ? and to .ho. l.e vlt?, n-in heart "nd hit" '.hi: e,e^ng * d^IM,U-U '" '7 ' fr'"? i.V" i , A. Kiaaau.. Aa'or Ho V-# York:? affeui i,U o f-Ti-i" "i,l1,?." ? ill. r. ..Mhc.llon it would .Mi::: ,:rvr A p'au 'e "r 1l>" ie I? li*>< received with np The i-eeond regular U?a*.t wa' ? ri. nt. Hem winfiel.t Sc?l? II, e i .ir,maiid"r ? f din nrn, lorT^e'^SS.r^o^ "i ' '"1 h.v- the hnmai.l.v dl.[,iiy,.,| i,\ hr. vlc"o, T^i nu\ with appJaupe. V' P01"1'"1 "? -l,i ; ? 'ientiemeu. you CO^I nill \ ,M "<?' ' t0 ' ^""(?er r..f Ji'exi ionre.M, /ri,? thlki "P^H-tiou onlv U I .i ge.i t,, one of the mo t valiant ?arrlor?ot old ehieal itir-e.t[h!f"tf*hj^i r J? that country serine. I too dc r.l . n il ? T, " daring and sueee-s bor <i(ied on the marrelions (alee ?f u,Jt io "?n day one of ojr own countrymen, on tho c,.m. soil With a similar disparity of forte ^urpa?sed the deed of hat renowned coinmatdor und trans'e-re I t., k: . br; ft l.e I'.fty title of ,he '( \,l' i - "J" thunders ^nt artillery had tcarcaly died on the ear fi> i k81e o?r (VrroVw l0'"'1 "f )An"'rlr"' w ?*' n un.uutaii. i., ?.| . leyei lierali d the din ol l-altle and r. ni!nt Own f no l .ngei etiMe I for th. enemy. lh. nnt'iili - I Jaii?|n th#* fro* nlojf oifltle ?/l?erotf? and the srge and lieautlfol city of foebla oi^ned their' ? - t.. the Tictor, and the w.-iv . cleared t'.wi.'dn the I e ,n."n "hP f>M '! fil r f"mH rHpItal of Mexico |? ;,eio h;?"e. lea ring the bio water, of thl g ' t ? li 'n t!'n",r ' v:"!' ,f American warrior he* led ?: their ."u-t, |o,.; hi fi; in. after o?e..-o?,i?x ?ll oh V ' pn-tru'ed to the heart Of the eucmv-. ? -.try and 'rem the loft.- dirt ing .? th. m.o? r,i. !Tn' ','r' t?*"-ten.''?l v '.lley ??? '. h la. -ties 1 ,.u ln nne.fua.led beauty at t'.elr f<-et. lint ? iV was t r, rrij leted. Again th.' I ke of battle eo rw ed -We'ims and th. wiU n. It- of war r. ou.,.1 .n,V.KMh,r 1 " fro. tl,. rerVhlla ? '"' ^ 01 " > ??"lred . M.I. n thunder^ C, t r, ZV?'1 "Rd ,l d' st i ndanU oi V V ' t, V ?"}?>?*** 0 '? their da. :.g In , ' ir,' * .-lunitei nf on i . fi.M .( (on u ; "'Vv;,nS,^!,l "n ,t " >"r! ? .-d gr .mid ' ' "> ? ?" towe-ii g >.i Omenta I If 'J ?'"U1"' 'w,y ""1 'h.i. 1 *???' Hie s.?r, #.?| 0f Vm.iir. ? In flen - hm- ' Id . r. - . ], ,n i ,, t, V/ > , ? grra' city r I the M. ? ? f...| It. , , , ?: '?? (. i. ,uejor of Me?v ,, ??? ' I he 'bird toas* t?a ? vVSJtJ!!-*?}10*' *7" '*<>>?? Nar% .In , t; ? J BO 0. ? ho f ftpu'ated Ia,, I . .. ? e ... ..f o^ra-to,,, (t., , anj apoUoCe > " " pond.d u ? fidlossr ? Mr. f're I of r p, - J!^t to r. nl- to m"1" " "" " ,bf r "?'?v.l ; ; : ^"r r,-T ,Uu; ,n ***? 4' 7. .! "ot .7 T, a 1' i r*1 ? >tt ? th!" ! kVt" ' ' <r to riU<rr i 4 1 ^ ? "f Wi m Tr,? r#. Ti he recent , ltf. _ ?, ViiIH lo r''*r9\u';u r ,,r- "'"i t'.AUl L'ti, ; "ve'st^ ? "? -??? to ?l< e yon a .rati men" _ ' 0t *efi i in", I 'll!) n,7. 'i ?*' '' ' ';' '? ? ?" the r?b( :..el ' ' ,J' f' "'*? 01 repnl.Ii. il.^.nk t. i.ppUose , JA'T], H* '^"Khttba toast -.T i . u t "*?> w.-ra all eiiiaao- and ail . ?he iKiiutt whirl,'d hmi at rou n t r? a nd'? Vwou ti "" ?he ? ? I . trj feD<l rfpre^ni t ?fi? vr ir)i i. t^irr ? wi"n i?l,c f,,"r h ?",i,h Vw r '?? ??;??.' morist,. t). -,m, ire -r.-ofth. I I . re ?7?a mu. ' 'N-eember, ISM. '? .7r V. ' '' ? vsretrof (her It tl ? " "? i 'ii >#!' <"nUr?|? h. w. re a .. U? ^ 1"" "" ???"< ??-? tn*r< w?rea taiiety of sentiment. ?...? -H retteetin4 T **r Haa il"-* ???.?*?? I lii it The war ?a ?? an umU,, , nn,;ute .ua a.M,,i t, vL... . n- ! /"t*"'1 *, r* IneUned < ? i'U h' -T U,J 11 ' PI ' rlanlt . I II ta 1 4 !*>??? hit. n. nif Tbr ru-p elw^V,"' " ,k"' ' -wh fiiiimui <*? vU, u* n j,r? in a < ..uutrj likr- f,ul> tlmt th ? ,f l.a<; c. n.mi med ami tio.t the appeal should I* and war r . . hut right or a rong ot.r wou i ? f" th-^nten pre .. .|? had -aid he ttbi i -the ?>-e Hi. :?g ..( hta country huioHled ti t? ? dust than that that flag h aid war - a ..our-, i country. ' Crie- . f > N'atneV' 1 name?" ' -en Hi *\JTI t;,.T jIr Iv T , . ' '.- to'i-'ir I.J ; to the ann. xatlot of te.rltn r aal '1 . > u "'?? ^ti-flHi that it , :?e ? (n.^.) JUefca ?h'^ai . '?""r\ ?jus./ iaa .? Jtai'-i Col K-?*J-fcV leaponded ? (ii'ii Zh y Taylor's f*uine' In' sjiJ, recalls the L.mie cl a gr( at a gcueroua, u^unl Iran. II* ci'miMlM the iirnir nf tbt UniM 'I te ? but It was t host that lie commanded Wp cannot recur to the war of MciXcn willnut thinking of hiiu Ik- i? and it woibl be unnecessary to allude to hi* many g.i ?' action* in tliat war. When lie thought of (.en. Taylor lip thought of all the dead who Jicil in Mexico. Think? lu1 raid ? of t lip number of general tell ers wUi ha vp died sim e the peace. IV ? -ihly un one here could reo embei how many ?' them there were lie .ulglil nam" linn rati Taylor, (i'tinp*, Cainey, Mason, Brook, Worth Itllrr, (illnt, Ac. feared; hop tiener*! Uitd r-mained. Ta'?s the next . .. ik of Colonel, aii'l how will, it I" Ni t one leciinent in thp annv but lout ft Colonel or Ijeu I. Colo nel Hp would remind thb> associate n that It was "Ue of their duties to prpser\e i n their rec >ril* the name* of tho. e who have since died ; and I e hopvd that duty wauM be well performed, lie was n minded tbia afternoon only bv an either, that thp subject id the ohaugei in the Mexi can and Ainciicait arm leu would be an Interesting one. It the rugirt stinn had been made to him forty-eight luiurs H ( nor, he might b?i? gimn a full statement of the clanpes which had is tin place in the Mexican itrin^r muci* the war. Of the sixteen general officer* of the Men inn lUui) who nn? an rvive thei <? uie only two ? i.M'iat tan'a Ann* and tieneral Carrera. The speaker re ioi.nfeil. at Icngtii, the numbi of other Mexican otfi tern who had died since the war, and gave 11 very inU* ? eating r mimf of n snts connected with 'he two armi? We miTl that we h??e not space to-day to publl-h it At the mention of the nan, en ol Comonfurt and Alvarez, Vajor Kimball proposed three (been, for the liberal jn >ii cy of Mc?ioo In pris-pecfite. (Ilveu with a gusto. The sixth regular toast was? The Da \ we t'elctirate ? Th-Hhof September, IH', w hen the tin:' of 'lie flitted Mates w as unfurled over 'In national [?.? la e ol a tonq'iered eapiial. In ink with three cheeri ? IHr baud playing tin SIm Hp.H'gled Banner.1' (apt. IsAMl. responded (af'pr three cheer* for ! ovell's battery. ) It was expected, lie Mid, that a distinguished of ficer and oiator was to have responded to tbia toast ; and it but ten minutes since that he bad l>een untitle 1 to impend. hight years -ince the stars anil strife* were, for the fir-it time, hoisted over the hall- ot Monte/uuui, and It wan a gri ut pity it dl.l not ware th .e now. (<hecr?.) If it had we ! hould have saved Santa Aona's journey t?> Ila\una. and we would have had the right of Way to California without asking for It Hp remembered the morning when t*al ting wan unfurled l"very man' hair stood Htilf an I the blood jumped to his top-. ( l-aigh ter.) It is a day that we celetirate now for the llrst time but lie lioped that herealter thl' would l e a great n? tiuual day, alter the Fourth of July, { A;. plan ??.) lbe ntxt toast ?a* ? The lta*ik and File of be Array and .he t - iyi il'.e V ry I)i ? 11k with three cheers. Air ? ? lhe lloulit .-oger Hoy." Hi -nond'Hl to by (i"T, I'ltter of New Jersey, ?ho w.i? greeted with three cheer-, lb could scarcely expre s the pr e he felt at meeting them here. The ?entirnent he was called upon to re.-p<md to ??.?? |*rlectlv consonant to his own heart if be felt he had the ability to speak f ir the rani and tile ot the army and the sailors of tt.s nary ? the e hearts of oak und thorn1 nerve* of teel that ?ri i form 'liose glorious i Ictorlen of Mcxlc >. (Ap.iUu-e. i '11k humble part which lie had acted in tiiat wa< *?- in .. ilist.iiit nuarter of toe Mexican ter. itory He W is in Ca!i(i.rniu tihen the fen scattered Americana linndrd themselves together and achieve! many victo ries. The buttles of .Santa Clara. Sacrai.enlo and others, have stamped upon the American character and Ameri can arms as brilliant a history as the greatei bnttlei Imighi on this side have done The victories of Monte rev, fian I iego and 1 * '*? AnKele* must be remembered liei e ;-(*ne ?f them were jnint victories of sailors and goldiers. 'Ilie e sn I others were ineiu"ralde ucru ions, which every Amei lean might teler t. with piide. Hut fi'iii.w the joint nctien of the army " nd navy by the northern Mexican line, and I hold that that cainpaiirn ot fc'COtt, fiom Vera Crux to Me\iro, is an unrivalied <utn paig.i, and I have often thanki?l my (lud that it vin vourh>' fel to me t ' e< the jrlnrious llug < I my enuoti v tleatiDgfri m the Halls of the Monte 1 uuiii*. t Applause. > lie held that the sei vices (.f t hi -e who loid achieved tin te tiiumpha weie never fuily appreciated, nod there fore he thought that the rntu of these .i\ thon-nud Ame* leans Into the caplt "1 ot the Mexican nation should be cciomrmorated. II it ban not been for the gallantry ot nui oiiIUts and sailors, they would have had a nur-.ii bi^g( : war than that on their hnuds. Their victory had a liberalizing effect on the people atid in titu!ioa< of Mex ico. and he regretted Uia* onefn t < 4 that territory had ( vei been g.ven bu ktoilexlco. They would hi tub tune hate been iac rpi :ated in the American Cniou as they must i xentually be (Clieers.) It often occurred tn him that if 'he tmii crsal \an!ce notion had l een in the Cri mca they tronld have driven the Ku.i laus out of Stb'n tcjiol i - if they bad been nn the Russian side they ? ul 1 bate di ven the Allies out of the Crimea, lie ??< .ilo struce with the fact that Ktigland had sent he: ut' - er- be> e to recruit nien f'.r her sriny and naV; Who would believe that en American nary, a* strong ? that ff (he Aides, WouM not have hh weil ii[i( roust idt be fore this'' Tlieir sympathie. should be with the mother country in ties *?>. and wuld be were it u 1 for tl.i alii apce. ".\apoleoii III had done more than N'apnh n I h?u (tone. Ife bad eonqttered l.ogland. A \citi ? And kissed the Queen on both the -. ? (?Iai*!"cr.) Urn l!-.:'Tict!. ? I have received a r unt- r ??).( (.? It Krervthing v:ilu .!'lc has il* ,n " ? Tbc Fri -e of !? ?? . I.a tighter. * A \ ui ; ? ^CW Jer-ey has ao ice .lUtone. (T. ..fli ter.) Mr. : Kte-*! (at the request of Major Kimball,) related au amen ?'.! of his having got a r KltgUah poss|?rt, and how on !i! 1 elag qofatloned as to v hat p.t of F.nglau.1 he bailed from lie replied, Jersey 1 lie L it t(a?t wa ? The mtmoTj ot tbase who have j,:cti Capiain Jou.s W. lH'ct re*p .i i( J In ebui'ient t"-n and ga. e:? OnrOofrrade ? We will r! ' own lbe : s siueii by tbc.. till ml Wti.eti they comer r?(i d by Ihi ,r ??.r>r. 't;er t(??t? am? ?#nt ni'-nt* were pi p , ed ? amour 'b<m ?? fl e Constitufjni." ' Th Ladles ' T^ie !' <?? Ate., and i! eei.mpaBy did nut eparate fill a la'e hour. tirtm t llool linn- In Boaton. ST. J Oil N (X. It.; V*. BOSTON, FOB tiJfOO ST. JuHN VIC'TOllOt'8. T !?*? tft-? rx|*ct?<l rrgc.tta bi-tweeii !h? oar- we a ? f Ho t< 'ii PD'! -1. J' I'll X T1 e-nn ? IT on ( htr'i - river iri , i. ? former oil v ( ij Thin* biy. t!ic l";li Inst. The ma'' li Wa for ?7,000 to be rov A for In eight .? ired gig- < r club >osit>~the M. John l>oat:ucii < n'.etlng a boat called ib ? S'uptilcr, tli l- Ho*U>n ('l .uid roving the Maul of i rln. The affair Lad created n .(rent deal i f eicltcnn m which had been art uwd parti* on account of the St. Jiburiew l aving beatan the N> Vori Boat Hub on tlie ?'th of Jo j ln-t. and the Maid of Krln having (yen ?ue Ct' .'a I in the rlub boat race ia th# regatta ghen by tin* ii'y of I- -ton. on Independence Ifcy, and uLhj lmtfn,' I f n the wlnnt r in a Mib**ituftit r?et on Charle? rle>-r. A the t Tie drew n<ar for th darting if tbe boa' the g (al'?< enthn -'.a-ai wa* mir ife-ted. particularly on the |fi-t o' the Irbli population, who had ?et their heart* U|<I1I the 'Iirfttn of the \l?ld of I' In, and acre '>t>? (joenlly >? n;riiln< that ?l>e would pr <Te the \lcior. The I ortlpp gen' cmen an l knowing on. ? who *cre pit-rat. I'wr, 'bought <'lv;wl-c, . l < .1* Ix tH oi t ? " to < it( on the St. John 1m at. H unu;i - flat!', tl.e Mtlliam, and cfery aee*-.4lite I? i it fr<m whhh the race could i* uttae-nl, ?*- lite. I ally r iver*'' With humatt l?iug*, to the uumlx-r of ?t Ii a t thlr'v thoiiMuid, a If-eot t.i.inh. i of whom weie I.".", ? I.'enae w - the crowd that a large ?ht-d In the T.efgLN ih'Od (f m me ti nftnl ?ii?-I bull ling* on th* VIH'ii'in ? hl'-ti v b.iied with apeetatnrp, gare wa f ni the \ ? ir.t n e weight which "a. OOoli It, and fell to tli" gri en try lug wi ll It on r one handled tcr?on? A ..tat n wet* more or If - Injured hy th* aeej ? ? tit. a'. W|| aid that on* innti ?a? in-'jlltly I, lUM Into - ti o-le ->a ? u"'.Mc t<> ''l<c ?? r ?:?? gri tmd ft the ri. io> A man named .f' lift bad hi- at. nil / !!y . ? I ire . A boy'd ? l ad i.n arm bri'ki ;i a V?? the elbow, and a ni.n nnined t'arrgan had one i t 1 i- leg- fr?"ti rei). the on' mi in/ wer* iranoed na fi ll' ? ? hi r? .. <? .N'? r'.i \a i; Idnnrd \Vel< 'i, .loh-i *1' ri 1'nt l- MmH? .'ol ii Mi It eurn t'a* Irk d>!'/, J dm tojle Jati'if IJIIer .|| hn '*m' er'. V* : ? ? fn I lebat'l MK.'ar'jr. n jawain J' in Mc t rtv, At dre* Murra/ .lame ? Mur<ar J bit Jluriay, I ham I, arty Mirbael I '? . e'dl ltij?#' O'N'rtl A' n;i'! | :i?t ' lie (if ei i?ely, the tlrne whii h hi I l^?i ti-erkiti?'? anni unce<l for the com .utoeement of the rr. r? (i n *i fi.ii! ana the Loan atarte>l. It wa- ?'. >ri i tlicn i tbi ii(.erior ?ai hkelv to jiro?e the win ning l? at npd ihe ei oimence l to Ir^ul tli? Mnld of ' fin a in??t fri in the idart. and before three mil*-* had !?** i a i Tiijiii>*ia<l Hi* Si. John men were one eighth of a mile !? ami I'. ? f their crtnpetltr?. bat th* -li-tan"* tie rcaul ?a> twelre rnilM th* Haul of I rlu e< n'tnued the trtifjfli in the ho|i- of making n|> tbflr lo*. iti th* latter (?rt of the rae* when their antagonist* 'ho I I bare l<-ei ir,e wearjr. II?1? theli hojie [nored the h * Ii ai !ahri' ttf ? Tt>hn " a* tli* Hup*rlor * nMniiH ' i lin^thin thediata-iee hetvirn them. nn''l th'- Maid 'f I I n en (ne la three mile- t < ing Lei -ell ? j ? ? f a tnUt lehlixl. gn?e tip *h' con''*' an I 'I' 'belt.1 The iolUiW og it the time nwidi by .t h ? Sb,- r V- /' nf I. Kirat thr** mil en,, mlnnt*- .1 -? Ktconit " " %, II1; 1 .Ird " ?? 'lA i , ?> , lour'b " M wi Ir. ? i Total twelvaa mlle> lb ?' lw. Some dlaturLanee ocr arr*d n*U 'he race ?# ?* ? which w?? promptir quailed by tl> r(e< ? police wt.o . reMtd four if Die rinrleade >? t?.i o' ? n in to Lelontr to the Maid of Mrln*> en-* Jt iae> Cltjr %tm. I - .m> *aiaw aa? ? Tlie new' elected i tHc ? " 't>' t*r <'ak i bap'er, of O. A., wte in ? ? -ii t 1 Cay e?ening. at tL? new ro'.r n ci'uer ?*! I.rore aiv' North I 'tb ?'re' * r i n vblrh i ? <a?!on an ?'Mit ? "a . d< Uvlfd by ^'r?. H. I nt log TV- 'ha;tr n * nn 'e * ' eighty wewibera Tlie ftri' ia |> J ijrwea I) lta? ' lira' Cii. , Famue. he* ? , aat ?ee nl floe', Ja^-b S I' '??:* I G?h* T*-*!*.? Ti? trla'a t.f tlgh' I ,|iot -*4Ura i? >i.t HiiXA'ti, 1* for r Jnat.e* lUb. yh'?? r*? 'e-t Intle'1, Tia?a" of tb* e?,#r' 1? ? n' R? vm*> t>Hmi mt wa*wML^ *i - .Ur< tli'x or 1^1,,. Young Mr?V ftii, 1). ,nt? ' lullr C'tMti. ?UI?tfAJ? TO HON. HAMPJ. K. It:, Kjysr.v, ,VT T,? cwl ?? Vox, CLITB, J-.Tt ., ETC. Am#*?i..gnf Ibe i0uil(f Nlltk>|Ml ih.al0<.nii( ?'ul. ws- h.: 1 *?onlng, at Ac# .hut. Hail Hroadwar ' r the t su^acli-u rf llu* UMl-lJ vre. kit twuM-t. Tiler t.a*n it t?Ut' ame of inj-niber., pr "^-nl na it t.n ,1 that U>? club wns I. M'ri'u&'li* Hob. |a,n *1 t. ! t km, . -j r tfco r.incnf of the meeting l.i lie al>- irfe u? i're.i.lent, 'reru-rul Ward pie i?! <>?? orp |,,r, n officiating ?? ?ecr*t;?rr. Amotion I?:. ie I.V Judge Morton, of the .-Vromi' ward, that . . until . * ? , li..1 hi* jj?|m jnlcd to (ir?ft ,, ji u 1 11 u.' a j , r Tit r the i'lim . f Ika Stale National IH-o V r: tie ( .t, ? M..u which ? , b*. l at ."-jrnfu,, . on tlieiridor August **;? 11"' v 1 uitaninMii: adopt,*!, and th, ?on'lfj,...Q BI,polt.Urf?? Judge Morton II |{ T f ? ? j *t, (it : vettf! VHrl. W?. Mooter, of I", Tu * rd.r 1 V*nlw'"''1 ??w*N. IX French of K^hl^nth %PPoiiit??.i ?.> ; .iTrr , -t . .' '' " ' " in. -ting Ant he ! If li u" '"'X' V"'*"1" l f ,Up '!????? J?im II I> M.'nJ Joto B" T. ?nd ('. I then pr. ifnl^l th<> t?|. , Jj"'"* thiowglt Ihtir cl.ait i.ian Judge Morion, which 1 Sopt'^1 * nU ' '??*?"? ..?i auauun^ll ciihtr rtl' I. ? <?;h?i li* .-heerlnx pr.*.,.,-. i ntior . , *, tlar i nti4t nuiic*Uiiii m#? siit. "ice., h.' ,i,." ; 'I1 ??,. s? ? ; ggpfessss fif5 r-i '.;;?*!? ' ''hLz^a\ S?1 1 i"im ?? rid micI? t nnfllfl ih..i ? \ . ? [ ?< <? r ? i .<.?! ' \;:z ?i l.cri'fu;1,"' ' Mr "t""4''"' lOUlKtilllnus (ll III ? . otwtilullou. ? , li? -ri, , r>-| j | h < ?] , fioua) /Jcflii ?<T,t? ? Ki' I nil' ?.<%(-/* },l, or,F> r?II|t. i0 r, n1l\vwunrnVVt ?% il nu\ rZ. t "i.tmoN ; --?'v -,f:n ? r ? ??'*% Us, ^^,:r "or <?!, ?ri|,t' rrtj ?"'??? ?>lv naiMinrtufl.nal * . I1' '?!? Wti(?n in lnclfli-. m . Vnfr-ir , , '?? ????*. -r< - . ion il co,,,,. -t "?!,? ,1' " "I ";'r I ro>|iriT . us a nnoiilr - If CM-tt i'<l , ] hat tl,<? ?irrii< ctu, a of riifhi m .?i .* i ol "" id' ru,:" i ?> ; i Zm. ?tt,i our limt cliTi?h.',l ?i?t vf.tvcrt |?rlhi'itii>-s.v,cli, t i.n ]'? " i?inicthon-'iiiL.I run: ant Wfiroiw thrm nb to a full *?lir? r#? <?i .!?? l.oiK i - u.ij VM,tmi i?l our Miniii n I moii \%!iinr? l)"' 0,,< eMi,bU hrl~1h?tthHr?-oovUunl|;^,h; r l:-??lv,-t Th ? vr-arroi to .i| rr ,i HI ' i <"'rlrrc, wl?.r? 1 , "? l? *uar?nfe. J In all. t- s,., , ...a, .- a. other barl ?t ??r I. toll, s,,' . ... j I- f.-.k : i irM, in ' 1 'r whiif we li .id t|,?t v (,.? i n ... .inil f.|ii ill> df"<l? n,.i -u ' , j,.,,., "'"?1" Haa hall water,., n pro ,?,-r ?il ?t?, ,.,.w " n - lull, C ow,p ri.-m,,, ?i?.lil?|. .....yaiiMio' ' '.I '.r .? j, ;;;U ijinnnWl " "" "" ,0 "i*1 rtuhl Is a!'" IiFl'Fo'F '"]? SJTft T,<'p,:!V * >?""?< *.. i.nri;' |iP 1>f,t thf' in ?7' 1 1 Ml IO|V 'I' V Tt5kJ < -.1 g??.| rlilwn protiK. .ohrt-'y a. it e, n ?..bcr vlri . ? , , Hi. |.i rirtiii.-i. i,,! r ?.t our bf'iple "?t. i . d. m- . iiilierllor. Hn"d- f, I Inr ,.| r. , , ? .. 1 I y ? I. ?| of our lure'mw, ? c (<?!' I mir itwiv tu V- ?" 1 ?""????< " erri", IU?la? . all-d th? ? )a n - ! I ci.'k i", ,)ni UlP |, n, .,,,, ,(ir rrl,'rrw . i i . " ' 'i L ' e... nijv hi - nn ^ru. j i[ , i l , ,WM .1. ?. nii'l.-r ih? |. ?iin.erf I, jt, ?? ii,.(i, Hl,,, r ,, ' r ? ? irt h I Int^ll*"!.' rill, -j.,,, ; " m.enntire. Mild ta itntirirv ti i i , ?? im"-! "? ?>vr'' !??????. Imll I..- ,. . , ' i.v. f"??| ti ." rignt pni i h ? i, ' '- "iik fi . ^ dot. i and liiiotai, i ..,.p|i . J ? I.o. "i "?* 1 lew? ri -ovr an , ' ' " . 1 'Ulnslj a,. I ..I.- urvl rnd ?r? l?,i- ?d.1,, a in- i. . o. n;. > U hiiixkL. :it* iu.ii, of th?- >iol<l?> ? a , *! \V. ''""""a j-di n. rjl A? ii^*r.,"'A? '?"?s; r?\ ni .va m r" *?ntrni C ? nriU' n ?, 01 Jol .i li i lV ? mi ' 5!" t'fii' ?h) 'V '?:* ni 1 ,.'!!! J i. ? ? '?? jiiHn'c iii :-J<r t l: ? '>'? ' " ' J," '? *}' modal m il on#- v. horn "I/: ! ?? offlo* In the fc'!o. .Irjtr ,j iuTi " -d !'?" ? VI ? >n. tu.n io .U.?.,,a , ' ?' 1 ? H< pui.|,? .m .I' li-ml i mil,,. ? II .'.,1V , "" " *"? ?'" 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JC i.iitapiiu .'.-true lil.itioi, of tkr (inn 1 jr. (t Mr. ? i.u. nut, il ?e a/e to i - j?r.,,lite.i l? , , ,h,.? e/1/ " ,r>.. igr iim If In , eloliiug poUfca in place ?f it?, i? r, - h'e ? M,r"." "** UlJt ">>""*? nothing ? -xzsTa:- TJuh:\zi , I'tn 'r' ' ? ' i'l' *"" * ?>e that i. r , f 't vv ,,r r h"u - ?o?, i, 4 a'.- 1 a<l,.il A , " niatraUj n. U irtter .? | t| . ' lucluationa an ! ilunr < tin lotll i?*l r. . . par jr i t, , J repent, t,u? Ui it- prm- 11, .e an to lb c,.n-l.tull?n-n ,t X , .1. ,0 t- e L ? , li". Which i- a. w nhv,. ' I. . VI hit, printed? h I ?? 4ue c .ilr"''" "V"! ": ~,l'V *uu" ,!'1* " "??i.ent . .. f, ??, 1 and ..p,., ?h .eh ft b.l-i i? ,,.a,.,t.n, .|_tr .. I.'I . , .it .r*" thai c aaiitulinn wh-h a K d I ,j Cwlta# rat to *aiahh hJ?.H/? t? , r .i" 1 | r ra/ita U.e puUI. , ' . ?" " j . , J a , '"?"?k'n I ? thai cot, t|'.,l . , I . whirl. ' ' " '''u# ' and , l??l, ???! wiiitii l| h Ui* 4,it> , It "II i-ri'la ?n . gl?rr , f ' " .. : yj . . 1,, ... . and 1 7 ,t prior , ' an.' .! , !p|., , 1 thai great aud *u..i d.a.'er ?| ii ? .. ?? ,r" - -- .-.mi,. .h?f, ,1 l !!"? "**U' <' "1. e Jr . Jfc" *l^l hy tht men 2hEC I ' " f i 'V f # 1 ^ ^ *?*o?i i,] - , Ihr ti n n .?* t|..i " ' ' not a- lb* J ^ *t ih* ?Mb'S X i(Lo ft'' laitg' ?.? . th. . ' * ' ' * i * '? f I ?1 ft^Tl ??#>,' I* Cri%t4 f . ra a 7t... - V ' 1. : * ... I n 1 t f JlL I ? ' "tt* < ? f ?: , ' '' if in MM ti'i 1*1 ' * , ' ? ' ' '' ? k? eiii ? .1, | i..vTt th# ivilc r.? ..til, , "*?h the g. j+f) aa,^., f. . Hi r -ep*. Hal* 'lr "h / '?* 'hal ,?h, 4, I II'T, free li II. i? ?Mi*- 1?) the people of .rt;. t^er >'t<* f . j i? Liter < iu in th word or lu deed, t'.it J that rvi'// Hate n ?y U* whit it purport* lu he ? a fr* , t ?o\ereign Mi?t i i'bttr ? Tli** national d^un 'ntlc j f : < ? n ir V f he *,i op c of j Teri it. i . i * f ill gi ' w;? n ri, j n ? ni' I 1# ng* ? it > ir??r ul' th pohtn a! rJ j'it* eon | ? ! H'lli IK. ; ; i II'. ? ? >ci?l|f ull ? ntitli d to ;C,|! . Iftr tl ??ii-tty? *i d ?<: i O f>-*:i i n ti* ?it !?? r#i u tl ? i | i W?l IMMO . I till- i .ur?lllTai 7 ? ? j j si ? t *? with hi I i Mn ? ??' ; j.iri ,i? they ?hall ??r* t, without condition or limitation. *<? that it he npaliKran ! | #1 ? ud elisor* f JJIhm" iii' 1 1 > c* principle* ? ?f th ? national . u?moc?lh ? reed and < he h* Urvio - in muti a crl*ed we :j.\ it t . ? i ,t .r ti t b' ? UMp tii* 4 Mltlii <i \ h> n?n W v* Mi' imcmnri ? I l?n ? >!) n> nr? c i* 1 1 > W* - * I for \aiianf 1 T\tv ? e not nf tldwdlr d"! fecib &r- > Ti.< " who canm' n:iM r* the *on*'< tuti'-u, whi'tl i rth ? uth, Ka*t or went. )i ? 4 h? tt? r not he national deuio< tali n puhlh ao*. (fhe? - > ilnl th*- ? ?? lie intent * tau-i hv the verei ;n right? of th Mate-. m??! i . Mif.j Ort e\ ? 'i v iirf < le and every *?cti ?n of the con iitu^hn ii m i - 1 join the mitlonal d?*m ??*? ? r. ii ? I iity, f< 1 1 if 1 L' n 1 1 y f the whoh> conn ir 1^1 i ?* V* 'i ? | '? ' i i.'ini l u| n th wn4 ch t 'WCi of fre' loin ami guard nil 1 1. ;? .* ? I u tin i iglit* ami iJ<i Ue tUnt lo r him 1 fin ' ?\ov?n t" u- \ y ni>? r-, mi< h hf n ? othi-i I plf ?m ( t i n iojfi i, !m ti,;- not , | . \i?rnm**nt wor th 1 '.'Pivirg S ? il'su' tin uf' to vifv 4t vrv ?it? rv? to Im in ^ ch W1 u? if r? poii;. M i T tin* uphoiii an in ?tttdti< n cb wi'lkAM u >l l* u n ? 1 ..?ci ?nof i>ur?? th< y al?<nf? nro ri'hpotiKibii* ?"? it. chci*rti. ? Th?* inwiit'itinnoxUtf^i ?u uil (Uvi on th** t nmalion ?>f 1ji ? fo^rrnnn-nt. Knch of I avr n' < I h? t it ih to <to it wt.on tUc J5? t t -ty l?*t tU ?itt*<* fcbot inh whfrt thr.r ir*oty nn?t n<?t l-ffori* M'hiM**'*,) An<t let ev? ty uAltontu <ttir K-iatii icotiblo ?ii <t ? u I ami Mir?" Lm* wi J ? f. ftntl a* I will do j nv 1 1 ?? into tin' ?1*1 1 of rnnlmt ? jiolit | meitn? ?ny one *? ho f'iiin doctrine. M heei -.) I will ttiki* th#* whli'lii- of th'-u Hr'an '!t.? Hoik t Ht?trU with th ? polntM i-u?! of my ( I ,oii*l cheer*.) Wo rnu ' < f.nnd . jr th< -?e an I by th?? emihtitutinn an*t the I'nfori A I xwrl I -Afore *?n ii #Mniflnr orea?-|on. the detnoiition ot t!,i? AmiTiran I nl"n wonl't I - the he< ?'*.'! full ot mnn More Hoful tliaii t)i flr^t. tieeau^* without teioj iMnn &\<{ imo e futal I" enu-e ! oyoml tin of M' hMtijrt u It h - !?? n m?M fl at then |Minclj?e- eannot * u?1?ir?* Vor on** my fellow eltlf'Ti*, 1 tnt'*fj?l t?? know vthHher they eari or not, and I win mire you will j In me, < ;? wh.'if i< the mihio thin^' I *ill j in with vm lint k'i nllenien, I am 't*'tai*un|r % . i t ?o I or>^- ! eti'l t intend \> ay hull aa inueha^ I hav?* jil ? ??j . Maid, hut th* Mi h ? ? c t i" a HiigK^tift' one In the?ie time even ma ? . railed upon to dei Mirt* hin position, arii *tiow whether h' ptnr'N uj* n the idd<*ofhi? country *?r wh th'-r h> i-i willing to e<* or determined to ??? how ni'ieh < rurlflth ti th;it imrj'rv will b< nr wilh -'i* gi\ ing up the j<ho<t, and 1 am glad * i an opjiortnnit^ t > r ? I ?? rr.y vol !? in h h ilf of -a'und prlnciiih-H i nil in helialf of my ? ouutrjr a^.*in?4t all fii ' '.lon^. hrwhat-' < vr name ehUi^t ft h? er. 1he??|"j,Ki r then hr ? tlv nUuded to the recent dttii< erntie victory in Main** It If. V.*' Hiild hut th* riiiniu' n etnent it i- the -tar In th<* and like tl.e far *n another <m i H-hu it *ii 1 ?*a ? i >* f men to 'I,*- ti j p ?nt *?t duty t ! ou*l rhe*M ? It i- mi id that the Net thern <letn" ratic pirlr eannot ft-iild l*rej rit, y ? -i? ear *4and It N thin ?'ay a mo t living nnd I ? a utlf >il andh..ppt llin tratl'-n of th'* word4 of a pi " t v ho* po< * v 1 a'imi mu o mote tii n ' i ?m. tim* n! : ? Truth cno?b*tl to e .rth, r\*<- awa'n The eternal ye;<rH ot *h*<t ar her* Hut error weti titled wr he- in pain And 'lien amid Iwr .?r-!oj?pn - (( ] it-t'i N^lia'^ tie ugh th? nit' iitia' m ?'.i! ;?oit ha leen nf at crushed down ami cru h* lotj*. and liter alW ; n* up-n h? the powers >? A hiyhei pf'Wei !?* up ri the p<- ?p!?* on eve; -, hand ehoerffijt d en f?:i?t fy-njr g*? on in th* w >1 w rk ffMiee*?? It $ - o< ? not 1 : ve t ? ?{':*!. Ihem out with :i ferked t-uigue, In order that tt ej may n>? ?t? t > - (Ir'ng** ari I r* ?d te way-. f'rifeefh distinct, determined and p:itii? !ie. th'*rethry are ?? h* trhorn' < n ?> t-vl " lint how i it m ith the ? rp r.ple- o' our |M lite a! ?pp'itti fit-, r ho al"? ie th? ;ivm Wi> \h? ? d? t m? * r> ' fc j nrt s H ' v. to ii'i may tend their principle* too, hot he who r . t- will run fgieftt tau^n'.e iv\ v !.? ? ? i. * -uru. * !u in e.< frauduli nt? <lei*lgt * ?: to dt i 1 i v??? eah ulat? I t? he r? vl i ne way n * -tie m< t ?? and anothet in anoth ? ? pu renting * whit* fare to th*- Vorlh. f* hl i !. htee t*? the l*o\itli. . i u a uiulatto face to the Mit.tll '.-t.itt -. iH'^ra ? f laughter.) sow, my y ing friend.* of t! < tfional l< ttioetatic C luh, I ngattt rituii' ? iu mv ttiunV -my nlucere thrit .. ? for the h*m?? ' you Inve dom *?- Mid f*?i the grfctlflc'iJinn jouhave nfT r. < t me in th'i- eafting u|K?n n.e Th- tineiple. ?hhh I ;?d <?? ,te at'- voi r prin ilpt* ? an thi .in iplea <>f th? m*-<M ?? t i party lam hut a hgmhh ina tit.meut in tarrying them ?>>? i have piv*n nme little evi*?enee of my ?t?vi tion to th * priu r'pira *n ihe pi"*, vim lia d? ne m* th' < tcf \> ??y tlir , gh your vrii ill, :?ti*t f inleml to * ntlti'ieth ' t Ti*sence vhe future. <1* ml and proionfed eh**er*. At the tot. !\t- Ion * f Mr. IH< kir> ?m'h kp. < < h nine h? ?? i *,ie glv? 4 Mitt r w! i h 'h* c:- . li*p? ' ?* ' 4 11) Pntltlia. WlllfJ A-flHIII.V NOMt\ ITI'<*. Thi llii i A' -untily Wl.ig < lUvaiiUnn ? are nil f r. lit \n -J Umti/ <n aire*' .if I alj niueil '?? No. , (I i ? r r til* t. 'I fa* a tit ? ill' ?'?? ' l?*-r? <i '/'?<!, ati'l I'D molli'd of !'? fid i Mrl.ii ftiiiu, I' ' ?!!" {I ? ? uti 'i '? < uiiiiiirix u*]/ ?ili jit<'I:-r Ita-oirf ?!. That t)ii< ( nrfi)<t?ii hr./l.y ?!. . c< ; ? if I r lor > ? Mr Wi i ! ij. j- 1 \t Mitr'ni-o cu lulPiii t r lor A? 'tnhly fur tl. lb I \ ??n.l.h M?lrlf Mr Wi .t \*.| lUn !' rl?frj the ?<? i nn of ' I m I .11 r? ntloti 1< . ?<?< lauui; loo tml ;bt rnnrmll'iii i-ljoi .n-l W 11 Hi KOMIN iTIONh H,r .1 '< '- / hi 1 I I ? T * ' ntirlh wartl? TV- ,n f'h 1 1- ' I "r A mlJi.m'i ? Ibinl i ? < \u. < '.I. / > I '? 1 ? . f7 n< 1, ? Mu'li !i ?! ' in ? A lUmi' 'i iili ill . , 1 1 ' ? W. II linn- llilrtli-lb ? Vt . I>ury?* th'r'j Uiat i'.i*Mli.t ? J. 'I I ii'Il' know NoriiiKU ?rioNj. n f .1 1 m"n? I I,/ ' eentli *;!?<! ? I r?* !i 1. M th< r. /.I I'l *!<? , / 1 , 1 r r n ? K 1 1 1 T ?ittll i|l-trlr'? Joint I' If ;* tor. MM,. ? ? tenth illatrlr' ? I >. t Win. . MOM' < \NMfi*1 1.'-'. Jy'l, ri;f('"h\ .?"?! I'll I I frill J II ll lii'll tinl .'ohn W, It- ntv-H har'l nru! -oft h r At- -mlli/mm ? 11, -mi . H ? 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