Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 16, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 16, 1855 Page 1
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THEN E W V O R K H E R A L. 1). WHOLE NO. ?Jk>9. SUNDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER' IB, 18r.5. PRICE TWO CENTS. new ri/Biai v i ioxs?. HERBERT, THK PBIDK OK TIIK MESH? A TALE OK tbr? (Vltnea. 50 com*. Full accounts ol th?" ba';?- o! Alma and Inkei-mann; fatal cavalrt char,:''. opera < u-' u NebMopol, Ac., Ac. Mary Anne I'mnple. being ihere:ti'i; ccneetol ii viri loo susceptible oi'tko'enili p > -"ion. !, ?cent*. Th ? above mailed free on rerutpt ol price. I BRADY, 12 Ann street. _____ J I ST PI BLTSHEH.? Mirror of Cronstadt, Bebnatopol, tiient Bedan. Mirae.on nnd lialakolf tower*; map of the Crtuie i?<l bailie -'<?*. widi pot raits ol the principal nimi/'l at-n t'.i >n, r'reueh, Euijlish and Turkish elf! eer ?-. l'lilf la the only autheu liCfltit given of Cronstadt, H?>wiuf.* 1 exact (I- ' t!0'i mil correct name of all the lortlHeattrn-i with he uumtuvoi nuns tDucb. .\ new plan of Brtastnnn -ouibeust tew ? ti >? if the Ureal Helen, Mamolon ami Valnkosi toerei drat a on the spot; a to. aided force* in tin* i ruin- , Baltic .Sea, ,v? . Aneuis v. aiUcd In evei . : .u . t and j u k.' r>f tw mo1' useful character. Slaaof in"p, ?Ax?3 ln< In"*. I'ri ?<? !Se beautifully colored. Bent b> uiiui t? any par of the < mi: > fo- one ce it p<? ?*???. AgetM* wanted in sell from ai "f tl.c nio-t ; ..... Uai inapi evi r published. Litters ol latjit i promptly unawored. C i?a loftue and peclmen sheet fr . to ' ?? tr.? le A. II. JOCBLYS, 60 Xm?ii *trc-?? .V. Y. N. B.? New paper* copying the above, mid smiling tho Mine to the i3iec, will receive three copies. The new hook uy thk author or "alone - Till; HIHUKN PATH by ?.tkto!? "*>? Oii (Weemt 1'mo, ni!c . i : .. From th" New York Evening Post. TMp folio winy notice of this work, which we Unit l i tis Rich mond Euq? uer, 1* doubtless from the generous pen nt Mr*. Anna Core ltieide, and contains V ust 'rll'U'e io the ll'.- ? iry talents of the most successful leuialc w riier * Inch Virginia has yet produccti;? till* noble production (we imp i lie adjecth e In it- fullest ?cine) lie npon the table, enliven the bearin, be the hiii.'.'hold companion ol every true-hearted Virginian. Foster tills git c I iluufeliter of the South with the < xpatvilng sunshine ot appreci ation, the ntieshlng dew* ot prw< ? s:lm ilau> undeveloped sanli*. which ha* never yet "penned It* Ituplrattoii" 'o walk In her *ieps. emulate her aehlevemeim and nli ire her honors let VtrRlnli i rodtice a tew more audi writ em, n 1 14 lie crythtit the South hu? no llternture of Ha own, l? Mien' e l for ever. "Theilklden Path" is n work that .North or Houtli, Ea4t or West, may point to with the tinner of bout hi pride and *ar, ?'Our daughter sends thla meaeage to the world ? i>onr?IIu* balm Into it ounded heart*- tr iers for wavering, erring feel Uila Hidden Path,' which luail t to the great goal of eternal peace." J. ('. DKRBY, Publisher, New York, and lor tale by all Igokttllera. TBICMPHANT success. lC tt.D roriKii aoLD ik tiikkk wkkkh, or MKMUlIia OP BBNNETT A.N1) Ills TIMES. Wl'h a flue MriiAi.t.ion PouTKarr ; 4MS pat''-n. Price SI 25. Prom the thousand Inilrpen lunl journala ih vt hiwve lie irUly velcomed an I commended thin very valuable and hteoacl.v lu t . reatuig work, ?e aeleol the following : ? The book I-. us a life of Bennult ohuu!d he, a history of our own lunci and Uie men and thlnna Uial have llguri d m litem. The time ol 1 i- impartial anil Indepen lcnt, and It la evidently Oie prtsliictiiti of a ripe leholar.? Philadelshla City Item. It pourtr i>* with apparent tiddl y the life and limes of one Of the moat -iiecoaefui editor* of tin- preeent century. It will Le read with deep luteruat.? limit's MerchuniH' Magazine. Ike author hu? pcrturmed bis latior with great abllltv. He has produc. '1 the most satisfactory and able biography that we have crane across for many years.? I'nUcd States Review. it M**e?*e* a general Interest, it Is not written In the spirit ol fniiome ndulatlon, nor u Ith apartUnn zeal for a personal tavortie.? lliirper's Magaxltie. KTKINGEK & TOWNSE.VD, PublUhera, No. "H Broadway. V. B. ? Mailed on rccclpt of price, free of poatage. Tm. PANORAMA OF I.IFE AND LITERATURE. PublUbcJ monthly at the otllce of ibe IJvIti^ Ane. Boston, cosi T.Ms or mit rtiiuo MuaaEii? ?oa anitiMumt. My Ijost Vouth, Uy I'rolcsaor l.ougfeliow. Twilight Poem In Prlaon; Isisses. Men.oir of the Rev. Sydney Smith. Would Youf To Mlsa Nightingale. The Inaaiil v of King Ueorge ill. A sniy Soug. Ninette Pompon? a French Story ol Ix>ve. The Losi Arctlo Toyager*. The Cot hlu China (Jorrespoutence. StstiT Anne: Part III. Aleiandet 11, the present Emperor. The Vailcau by Torchlight. Zaijre: n Rntnance, Part V. Zaldee: I'ari VI. Souvsnlr- Contemporainf; Vlllenialn. A Few Voids about Jane Eyre. The Rzodiu Papyri. A Poet on (lunleiilng. Hynaaogne Poetry ot the Middle Arm. alius Jane Austen; Pride and Prejudice, Ac. The l.lfe ot Faith; ile Sine you Call. Home Picture; By the Hivcr. Sonnet*, by T. Wintwood. Ot'lllu; Thr Angel; Elegiac. Cnrtnus Autograph*. With many hort article*, Everr numtier of this work will contain articles of lei'lln? Interear; grsvc and earnest, yet not heavy; popular, and yet of abiding value. To these will be added, In prolus.- ai>undanee and gr?ai variety, wles, poetry, voyage*, travels, an I what ever? wblitu the bound* of sound luate and good principles? may be Included under the large head of light ree ling. But mere Ugh- reading soon becomes wearisome, uttleas there lu eatha rrniu it aptHtand hoarl? life and soul. We promise a maKazme tnat shall be more and better than m"re amuaetnent; a book untied to the leisure of the old and wise? and yet abun dantly attractive to the young and ardent. It will freely pro Vide for the imagination, as well as for the reason and memory. TKKJI3, # For tkree dollar* a year, received at the oflloe of publication, the work Will lie sent free of poa'age to any Post olUce in the re dollari l ulled State.'. Two copies, live dollars a year ? live copies, ten dollars * year. Glub* to pay ihelr own postage, Tliovolumes tc;;in with (he January and July numbers. UTTKLI., SDN A CO., Boston. Office ?f pu' llcatlon in New York, at 313 Broadway. rriHK PRETTIEST OF ALL BOOKS. JL Will be published on the 15tli Inst., the fairy tale of "CIN DKREIX.A. iormlng the first book of Hewet'* Series of Illu DilnaU'il Household Sioiiestor Mule Folks. In neat, small qu-ir to, with ten -siperb Illustrations, designed and engraved by the t>e*i artists in the country, In a style superior m anything of the kind evpr published, either In Europe or America, and printed nnperblr, on very *uiierior paper. Price in Illuminated cover ? nd edges. IA cents; full bonqjl an l gilt edges, ,' so cents. Tba uovtiltv In this series is tv colored frontispiece to each volume. In Imi's. ion of an oil painting? a new feature In book Illustra tion* In this conn ry. From numerous letters addressed to ihe publishers by distinguished gentlemen to whom iliu eu et tirlse has been aubun'ed he t?ki s ill -a-uie In presenting the follow tug efirscis, ? hl< h w 111 speaa for themselves " Cinderella h renlly beautiful In It* typography and lllus trn'ious, and I am surprised and gi autled iliat the drawlngsare tirigiual, derigucd auueugraved by nrtis's in our own cuun'rv. " WABIIINUTON IRV1NO." " I ha. ?e never aecn *0 beaulltul all edition of Cinderella. Pray aead tut any other volume which vnu may publish Hit* year. " ROBERT C. WINTHROP,'' [Boston.) Ml*s Lotcss Pyne 0>rlm? donna In Eitiillsli operai " as sure* the publishers ofher aprtret Uitlon of the admirable way In which toe publication (' Cinder, lia'j has been gotten up, both for It* utility and as a work of uri." " The til u- rations of ctnderellaare excellent, and 'he whole appearance of the little work Is mi tasteful, tliat a continuation ut the aeries will be looked for with pleasure. " ROBT. W. W'IKK," [(Jovernment Arti-t, West Point Military Academy.) Tlie book trade will lie dealt with liberally. All orders will be promptly attended to. H. W. I1EWET, No. 12 Outch at. THE ONLY RECOONIZED AUTHORITY ON FASHION is Frank Leslie's Gazette of Faahlon and 'lae I lean Minnie. Ladles should consult tins work before making their purrliasn*. to prevent their buy Iiik old styles. Thla la the mo>' perfect work on fastUon publUbed In the world. Ot all booksellers, and of FRANK I. FX. IK, 12 and U Spruce street. THE MOST ISEAfTIFrL ROMANCE EVER PUBLISHED, apleodldly UlustraUd. entitled MASKHAND FACES, ia just commnnceil In Frank Leslie's New York Journal of Ro tnsnce. C.enei al Literature. Science and Art, contatuluga mrge nmount of t aluable rea?llng matter, and utiineroua beautiful engravings. 1'iice IK?* cenia, of all bookaellen. TTINEYARW IN AMERICA? PRICE CENTS, WITH ' remark* upon temperance, (it* foundation,) intemp'-r Imre, (It* causes and remedies, t the culture of the urape vine In the United Slate*, and other matter* of importance In rich ?nd |>oor. By John Osborn, of Oporto, In Portugal, anil Netv Turk. Foraale at No. 4S Heaver ?trcet. New York. Copies transml'ted free to any part of the United States, on reccipt of trie en cent* In postage itamps. POLITICAL.. 1NI?1"EM>K>T CANDIDATE FOR OOI NCH.MAV OP Ninth dutrict, Fifth warJ. 1!I* 1IAR1) S. ELDRIDOK. "*f of tub amkrican democracy 1VJ wilt hr held on Monday evening. September 17th. 1.184, ?t , o'clac!.. at Continental llall eoulhweit corner of Eighth BVeitui and I III iribttreel. All who are i>|i|io*ed to <be design* o: the know .Nothing*. the oppreiuilvr practices of the Maine In* lanntlrr the fraud* the contract ?) Nj^m an'l tbi brutality ol 'li' prreeut ayatemof primary election. 9d In favor ot protecting nn>l el?\?Ung the win king ctaea b> law* making it criminal to delrni.d the laborer iifhm ju*t dlKi, I til fiiuiff a Hun<laril "f wtige* on public ?urk, Ac., are invited to attend. ISj order, IKA B. DAVIS, Chairman C. I.rmri'. UiciitiH, Hecretary Thirteenth ward anti maIHE law. anti Know Nothing cwdkM for Member of A*-embly. J V M K> ?l. KKILLY, uubc nomination of the di-ai ? raUc con vention* THE TURfr'. g 1KM RKVIIXK OOt'RWE, I- I.? TROTTIVO? MONDAY, M.' Sep ember 17. at 3 o'eliek P. M. ? l'nrae *v?t mil* ih hen 'here In live. In burner* t JM* r J. D Mi-Mann enter* b. m. Flora Temple ; M W<?lrntf mourn b. * I htcBgn Jack. The proprietor teeln pru'i.l mire Renting In III* ptlbl c HUCII a m ill of lioraea a* the abort- They are ail well known a? the faaUat In the world. Mac i< biui ?elf again. < Incago lack I* all right, and Mora Temple gave t-videtice \he oiber day that ?he I- capable of doing wonder*, Three auch borne* itin>' make a capital race, and tne public are adTleed to to tail wttneaaliig hi* Intercatlng event. Ureal Improvi mi nt' have been made to 'be c<iiir*e, for >b. conitort and entertainment of "man and be*?\" aii'l tbo*e wbo are not out on ibi- o-t anion will long regret It. JUKI, CON KMX Proprietor. C1E.VTRKVILLE COURSE, I.. 1 .-TROTTIMO.? THfRH / day, t-epn-mber 20, at So'eloek. P. M. pur*. |0?i. two mi:e hea * to wagon*; wagnn and driver lo weigh 2, 8 p mini*. ti'f Hp" enter* b. ?. Frank Forrealaf. J. l>. Mr Ma-m en ter* b. m. Yloi a Temple, J. M. Itaoten enter* b. g. Chicago <lack; D. PrJTer enter* cb. m Miller'* l>am*c! JoKI, IXIMKI.IS, Proprietor. g lK.N TRKrU.LE OOfRHE. L. I.-TROTTI.VO? MONH VT, heptim? r 17, at three o'clock P. M. ? Pone, HiiMi. mile be*'*: Ue?t .hire In five. In barm -< Geo. Hplcer entera br B U:.c, J D Mi Mann enter* b. ni Flora Temple. II W...|ruU entera b. *. t ncagoJaek. JOB. fOVKI.lj, frayiMtr. KED HOr^l, HARI.EM? THIH FAVORITE PLAIT OP re-ttr t? now In corn p lei# nrder, and read y to arromrao date the * orung and riding public. IUe t>iAoatn ami Halttc Jteee Hall Chi be Play no the l>eaiillfu! green attai tiej u> the twoae ar-t a" ml much aport to the vxft?,-? of Uu* beautiful viae* Ibe Se-t of refreabtnenta a.waj ? on hand * WILLIAM A BROW.N Proprietor. T'VION CorRHE I I -TROTTIVO ON Tl MIllT V Sej,) |a ? haifpa.- xn'rbirk .mat. hfortvn Vi|ehe?t?. tw ihree in live, to wtgon* II Wor?lru(T na'nee b g Ja-k r<Kt* r: J Wbelpley nam''* tl m It a k lie?a HIlAM A WIIITK Proprleiot ? 1'CION rofRSE. L. I -TnoTTIN"? -A PI' RHE OF trw wl'h an inalda ?t*keof ball forfel- mile b?-<-a #>e?t 3 In &, In liarneaa alao a ptirao of !??). wttb an Inald- t ake ?- |CW?, ha : for-elt. two mtlea and repeat, to wagooa. to eomi onTho-ada* Nept 27, aixl Tu' alut Oct 2 En'rk?? 'or.ort ?.i M-atda^ ft pt 10 at 9 a'cloak r M at FatkJWd A l> ir jee"*, corner i.t KM Hruwlwar 4n-1 ? a'l -? -v.- I i'?e t<r more to make a race aii'l iwuto atar' N H -Kn ranee knooe> and forfeit to be dei?*led a' l!m" of entry Or f F^My farepietf m Wb pnraen. HHvw k WUIJR, Profr*-^#. I SHE GROWTH CF NEW YOHZ. I Iinj'roT(iuiul? l? Ibf t7i>|wi' Pfrrt of Inland* Fourteenth, Twenty-third, Tbiity-fourti, Forty I sctor.d, nod Fifty -seventh mctU? to nay nothing of many other* i.bovc? are one buwlrtd ieev. or avenue street*. We now remember no first c1?sh improve ments above Forty-ninth street, where a beginning was made a year or two since by Mr Philllia, near the old UUnd Asylum, east of Fifth avenue, llo tweeu Fitty-wventh and Fitly second streets, we have already, in a former article, mentioned pretty nearly all tlie import nt Improvements hitherto made, unleas it lie some very respeotable bouses east of Fourth avenue. And while our eye i< on this latter quarter of the town, we will stop to remark that there U no portion of the city lor which n*t ire baa done n ore than tor that atrip of 1 tnd lying along on the liLe of Second avenue commencing at Fitty seventh street, and running both cant uud west of said avenue, up to Sixty -sixth steet, or Jones' Wc od, sometimes called Mount Vernon. Thin might lie mode? and we have no hesitation in a.iying it ought to be? 01.0 of the handsomest quarters of the town. There are some spots, say in tho neighborhood of Fifty-eighth street, which already look beautiful. Take for example such a cottage as the one built by Mr. Rumsc-. late president or the Suffolk bank.- It is a cottago in true Knglish style, standing well back from the street, with a good pair of lungs on both sides or it ; that Is, if we rcme abcr right, it is a two story house, 40 or 50 feet square, undi-tnmling somewhere about the centre of lot) feet square of ground, and surrounded with (lowers, shrubliery, Ac. A little paradise to those who are fond of gardening. We believe the wh do .? this ru. in urhr has been sold within the last twelve months for less than iin.000. As yet .there arc very few nuisances in all this quarter of the town. L -U are worth about $1,200 ea. b on an average Now, we ask what is to hinder building up all this section of the eltv in the style o. Rumsey s cottage \Ve appeal to the l?<lies: and it this article should es cape their eye, we appeal to the gentlemen to show it to them, and ask them ir it would not be delig tat ful to have at least one-half mile square of this city built up in a cheap cottage style-one family to one bouse? each cottage wholly surrounded with court yard garden, flowers, shrubbery, Ac., and the whole renting for from 0 to $1,000 per annum or costing from $5,000 to $10,000 in all? The number of families intbis city, salaried gentlemen and others, living on incomes of from $000 to $1,000, or even Including $1 .500 people , is very great. Our st 'rev commission houses, banks, insurance companies, lawyers' ofliccs.Ac.. are full of them -all genteel, resectable, well bred and well educated pople.and often with better pretensions to relinement thin many who live between the Fourth and Sixth avenues on from J2.000 to $10. W0 per annum Now tell us where this clasi of people are to live, unless at the rate of two families to a house : and the bouse is yet to be built big enough to quiet y hold two families, let alone a down. Wheie.wi as, are these people to live? Where are the to bold them ? There is scarcely a dozen des rable $7,500 houses for single families for sale in all the city, and a most remarkable fact it U too. No such houses are built. Ask our builders why tbev do not build seventy Ave hundred dollar houses and they will tell you it canuot be done. Neither can it,il you insist upon building n house costing Iji.O'm upon a $3,000 lot ; that is, the house costing twi e the value of the lot. But. gentlemen builders, you can build a beautiful $3,000 cottage up ?n two $1 fi ><> lots. " i'es, but where are our profits . ? e re- | ply, build a row of twenty at one contract : it is as ei-sv for you to contrart for one thousand us for one What a Held is here for some enterprising capital ist! The lots designed for such improvements would almost double iu value before the contracts for building could be signed. 0 We feci that it is tat iguing to the mind to travel over and about the city, and mett every where we go with i nothing but never ending bricks, brown stone, iron railings, pavements, dust and merchandise. V eil may it 1* said that man makes the town, (.od n? country, and no wonder so many are anxious to get awav from so much that man has done, to see some thing of what higher powers can do. We have only one word to add. and that is, that at this present mo. meat it is not too late to appropriate some portion, of the town to these Rumsey cottages, and we sav , as Decatur did before Tripoli, carpe ditm. But we have wandered. When we ?*gan this article it was our intention to mention some of the principal first class improve ments between Forty-second and Thirty-fourt i streets, chiefly on Murray Hill. This district cm braces the distributing reservoir and Crystal Palace, ( and the territory burnt over with the Crystal Palace fever: and it would not do much harm if some of it were burnt over again, and with the Vulcan fever. TOIBTT-MNTH STREET. In coming down town, wo believe the first Im provements begun this year, this wide of Forty-se cond Htreet, are on Thirty-ninth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. On the south aide the Kilput rick Brothers are building two three story and high basement brown stone houses, 25x.r>0 feet, va ined at abont $13,000 earh. I/Otn here are rained at about 13.000 a $3,;>00. There has hitherto been little or no demand for Iota on Thirty-ninth street, and we donbt If prices of lots here are well settled. There appears to I* some doubt yet whether Thirty-ninth will as good a street as Thirty-eighth and others below it. Near by, Jamea Madden is just breaking ground for two brown stone hoaxes, '20x50, four stories, 375 feet east of Sixth avenue. And on the north side of the same street. 2 00 feet west of Fifth avenue, the brothers Barton are about breaking ground for two brown stone hou*<M, 20x42, with a 14 feet extension, precisely like those they are now flnbdiing in Forty-second street. THIRTV-KIOHTH STRKKT. It appear* to be now settled that this is tol* in all respects. u first class street. It is the crowning street in [Kiint of height, and might lie called the k<y stone, or arch street, for on some of the avi-nies (we l>elieve Islington, Fourth and Fifth) the water run* Iwth northerly and southerly from this street. On the north side of this street, >?tween Sixth avenue and Broadway , Mr. Robert C? Voorhies. builder, has just finished the mason work of five brown stone houses, 20x.">5, four stories, and high basement, and tab-cellar. We don't know the \ .line, but suppose, when doi e, al*>ut 112/(00. On the outh *ide, a little east of Sixth avenue, and opposite the six brown stone hotu-e* which Ken is-n Wood ha? finished this >ear, Mr. Lovelace, mason, Is now commencing six brown st->ne hiu-m? for Mr. Thonfta J. Ireland, fhe of them 21 anl one 20 feet front, four stories and high basement. On the north side of the street, near Fifth avenue, Col. Devoe is now blasting and laviog the founda tion of a large and elegant house. 2.1x74 feet, which he designs for himself. Still further east, between Islington and Fonrth avenues, Messrs. Topping h Barr. masons are boild ing seven houses on (our lots. TLey arc t ? i*> three "tories and high Ist-ements, or ft c?poniid of the English and American style*, 14:*>t60, brown 'tone. V>e hear other improvements spoken of, but not yet begun. I-ots on thi* street are worth from (3,500 to $4,000, and some < an not l.< bought forle^s than ).>,ooo. Tl?. iiighv%t prims, if not the most v.i lutb'.e lots, will be found in the neighborhood of Filth ?ad Mftdi aoa Auuui> ( THIHTY-SKVKNTJI STHK?.r. I Thu street, at present, is the empire street on I Wnsrray Hill. The houses all stand bick seven feet, on L'U'i eldes of the street, which gives th& street, i tlie width of Mudiso.i avenue, within ??ue foi>t. And we believe the entire north hide of the Htreet between Fifth and Sixth avenues, m re stricted to brown stone front house1* ? irwt ?! o ng iiii it churches and stable*. Wo haMly ii ed remind the render that the most prine^fr and highly :nl-t iciatic house in the city, (of course we iin lmie the grounds,) built and lately sold by C'ovt'i trv Wuddell, stands npoo the as yet ualeveBcd ape* of Murray Hill, wc-.t aide of Fifth avenue, covering the whole front between Thirty-seventh and llilrty eightli streets. It seems almost a pity to destroy 11 ph.c,c \\ In1 h posaewes so many natural beauties, and wb.i h would always loim a refrwhiiig oliji- 't to the ^ ?ye in th** of the bri< k piles by which it is destinvtl tu V 5 hui ..stnded We hear that Dr. Spring's congrc gallon talk of building a church here- If they do, they would consult both good taste qpri ap propriate! ess of aite, by building it on tl# unle velled mount. For s long lime ? in fart, until within the last year ? Wuddell and Embury have stood alone in their dignity 011 the north side of this street. Now, it i* Hi'U-niKh all built up. There is scarcely a single va ount lot left west of Waddell's, unites it be the one hundred feet of ground intervening between WaUdell and Burton, which, we understand, is owned by Moees Taylor, who talks of electing thereon a double house, Rome sixty feet tenure, or, at any rate, so.newhaton the ground and not all in the skies. These narrow liouaes, with a hcavenwaid leok, are most unearthly things, unless designed lor hotels and boarding houses. They would be improved by associating with some rural features ? such as trees and shrubberies, which would conceal the sler.derness of their bases. Next west of Moms Taylor's splendid location, Messrs. Topping A Barr are now building two first class brown stone houses for Mr. J. 11. Burton, "21 :<J X55, four stories and high basement. Lots are here woi th $4 ,500. The houses will 'oe worth snino $15,000. Contiguous to Burton's, on the west, are two llrs class brown stone lions s, owned and now being fin ished by Messrs. Topping A Barr, the gentlemen alsne named, 16x55, four stories, English base ment. Lots valued at $4400, as Hbove stated: housos about $12,000. Mr. Topping designs to tiuuh in su perior style. From Topping's houses to Embury's is. say 6"> fe"t, 40 of which Mr Hmhary reserves as a little eyelet hole for nature to peep through, and on the rcm-tin ing 2,"i feet, next to Topping's, we are informed that Mr. Chase it about to erect a very handsome house for himself, 25x60, brown stone, four stories, and English basement style Vest of Embury's, extending towards Sixth ave nue, Me ssrs Sinclair A Johnson are now finishing, for some half a dozen different owners, twelve brown stone houses, from 20 to 23:0x50. and one 55 feet deep? ull four stories and high l>aseiuents So much for new houses on the north side of Thir ty-seventh street ton the south side the lots came Into market at a lower ligure by at least $500 than they did on the north side- i'he consequence was that It wa- ear lie.-t built upon Mr John Just and District Attor ney Mi Kcon have led the way in this part of the street. The latter has reason to be proud of his house, from the good taste displayed in its construc tion. On each side of the District Attorney, Messrs. Keeeh and Hunt have each finished a handsome house last spring And next west of Just, one of the Kilpatrieks has nearly completed a brown stone house, 25x60, four stories and high basement; valued at some $15,000. Lots here are worth at the lowest $4,000, In fact, we would sooner pay $."? on the north side, and $4 AOO on the south, than pay the prices many hare paid for lota in other locali ties. Cretins; f'iltli avenue, eastwardly, between Fifth atd Madinon ? on the southeast comer of Fifth and Thirty-seventh streets, Mr. Fldward Stone own* some 6m I'ret on the avenue by 100 00 the street. in* eluding the well known cottage there nt,indinR. Contiguous to thia ground, on the eiwt, Mr. Stone ia now finishing. or rather Me-?rs. Pierce A Pennison aie lor him, two splendid brown stone Knglish buse ment houses, 20x60, (We stories, and with unusual expense- any, coating to build, not lean than $13,000; plumbing alocc over II, 200 each houae. It in un common to lavMi ao much money on a twanty foot house. But happily for the progress of American art and sciekce, our men of wealth fling their arm* uhont with niirtit enviable freedom. They are tram meled with no troublesome historical recollc Hon* nor forbidding architectural precedents. Every one who has the means, and aome who havn't, can build each aa he plewea. F.very taste is gratified, and every experiment tried. Builders and archi tects are con tantly exercising their ingenuity to in vent some new mode of constricting houses with more room |n?lde, and more comforts and conveni ence*, and at lesa (and sometimes at more) ex|>ense. \nd while on this topic we will mention, a- a speci men of a newly invented house, the entire front of ten l<rii k houses on the eaat aide of Filth avenue, between Thirty -third and Thirty-fourth streets, juat con.plcted by Mr. W. B. Astor. We will venture to aay tliey are unlike anything ever put together in the shape of a house. It would be utterly impossible to di *cril?e them? nor could any archltert draw 0 plan of them from memory. Indeed, we doubt if any ar chitect could imitate them if he were to try. It is our o^ini' n tl.ut two ]>eople might play at hide and *eek for a month ta one of these houses and never find each other. One new and decidedly good thing they have got, and that is a fire safe built in the wall for the preservation of plate and jewelry. Builder < and architei ts luake a note of this. Next Mljoii Inp, east of Mr. Ktone's house, above nau.ed, Me^rs. Arnold and Zabriskie are buiJdinK. each one lor hiro*e|f, two handsome brown stone houses, 2>i xRO, four storiea and high basement, A little fnither east, Mr. Foater has juat broken ut> und lor two first clas* hou-ea, 25x60, four stories and high biiM-meut. Next cost of Mr. Phelps, on the aouth-eaat corner of Madixon avenue and Thirty-seventh street? that is on the sonth side of Thirty -ex-nth street, dire tl v ' in the rear of Mr. flewge D Phelps, on the north aide of Thirty-sixth street ? Mr. l?oren/o M??es i? building a fir>t class brown stone house for limine Vermllyea, of the Butch Reformed church, 2.1 x'iQ, lour stories and hiRh ba-ement. fin tbe north- west corner of Fourth avem:' and Thirty-seventh street Mr. Tails/. Olyphant . (broiler of Robert M. Olyphant who, in conjoin ti n w ii his brother in-law Mr. Murray, of Murray Hill . 1 building on the north we. I corner of M idi- ?i avenue ami Thirty ?ixth street,) or Mr M?.-< ? above named for him, ia building an elegant brick bou-< for him -elf, 4.V*x<3. three stories aiid high lavement. And here we n.ust remark that many of the m>*t npiciidid and expensive houMe* in toe r ity ar'- mw being constructed of t?H ? k Instead of brown ?tone Brown atote bits evidently become no common the t de hs? tented in favor of briek strain which is ? pj>- ?? d by many to I* more d raUe than br?,wn nt< r e e*j eci.illy when the Utter is nfrt freelv exf??aH W> tin sul's rays, whi'haie suppc ?d to baft v hard ,.ninc infinem e l!et*< n Fourth and l^xington on the sooth ?ele. ib tiit i< sr of iVie I.ex.i ,n avei.oe lot, Mr. Me* ai iClt, : v U-' J ? t.'JS . VftKVtftt 2flx40, with 12 feet ort^nftoo. I*oU i,lon* herc are worth about |J,00*>. On the not th M eat comer of f<exi.% >n and Thirty seventh t-tmt. Mr. Wllluini* up two In own *toue and I trick hon?ui, to?etv '''r *?'* <>5, thiee hturien and attic. Theft, we believe, i??uke up Hie princijwl in>!if"*k " cneutM now begun oil Thirty -Mfentii street. We Khali next lake up Thirtj ?ixth and other *tree ?< :ind

he Avei.Qcu. Vlult tin1 Wtw? Pytic *iid Mr. H<irrU>.? lo , our i luu KaUlt A pica ant prb %W purl y, ctw .'tiliff uf M- J ou * Pyne, her ai.nter, Mr. liarriaon miii few fr nd? viriud. the charitable institution* on Kan all'* mil llackwell '* Jshml yenterday. Gefprnor We-* had been informed oi their do ire, aud, although n?t pie^e*%t to m l?or?o (hem h xnaelf. mute every preparation tor t?*-lr reception. A baige wan iu icndim** a? the ?:?*? ?f 1 vpeaty-** iUj *Le**t ami cenveyed them iu t% few minute* to BlaukweliN aland, wheie I hey were j dned by I)?, Sanger, I n der bin guidauce th*y proceeded ltr?t to KamJull'a Inland. where they were entertained on thefrr landing, with a grand military i-aiute by the <*iildren. l ire hundred boy m, from eight to flfleen year* ot age with banner* Hying nod drum* beat u,?r, marched, counter marched, aim performed variolic evolution* with a p/o cblon and order that might be profitably atudied by many of our older military companies Then wind.n^ up with three cheer* they proceeded to the school room where a upwxh waa mad** by one of their uum t?ei r< turning their 'h;*uk.> to tin* c mpaay I < ? . their visit. When the youthful orntor r< i ned hia aeat, Mr. John V tienin ic ?pondm) iu a jairth n laily haj>) v and appro}" late luannei, *ftcr wMcb Mi*-* l'\ n? Ming ?? Hon s? eet liouii*," and thos who hvard her wilt nut eaaily forge i the .on it made. There w?r?- tew wliow ey?'? ?i? I not (ill at the reed tec th n.- it called up, and even the children were much alfect od. A trio wa then uung by Mi * ?ne, her aiater, and Mr. Marvin n in their o a\ adum&lde 1 > . after * hi' h they vi*iu*d the girl ? department, .hi*' ui they ente ? I tin* childicn tcnuiK'ii' ed Miking "Yi det.>. blue viob-i * the iii ; t ^on^, we were a< iwud- iuf?rnnd, that M? I y ne leui ix' l. The memorb of tlm-e lay- when h ? wiiH her*' It a child, were recalled by the Incident and t<<r a lew mumcuU *%he could with difficult} ie tr.iin the emotion* 1 ex; ited. lb-re -he aUo **n? t?u the coil dun, a ud ?t murt ha\et?eeu h gr<?it natiM?vtlt?n to het to fit- tiie pieuHure wldch woe aihoded t ? them and the loarly uuitiuei in which they expre*?u*<i thei tfetini; From handaira 1-land the company went to lU.vrkweli'H, wheie after feeing the institution* they were en'ertait - ed by l>r. danger and hi** amiabie la iy with theh .ell known honpitality. Alter <peadiug ahout un h n.i h :? they leturued to the city, much plearonl with all they had teen. City IiiU'lltgctK ?? Ahkjmofa Yor.vii ';iki CliAnc *i> with an Attemit a r A ? ho.\. ? fii.?t evening an alarm of t i i ?* was Kiveo 'it the tene ment houfM' Iw?*. ii uml J. Washington ?um ; the Ham?*s were *oon extinguished enuring !?u t lift!" dama#". It miiii- t lui t ;i M . Men White pawned a -nlk dn*4^ belong i?g to her htej daughter. a young giil of n??ar ^vciiI^q ytaraofage. 11k* girl, vt hen ahe eame home mi*.ied her dre^x. ami tin- mother informed her It wa? in the pa*u ahop U r <r?. The girl, tfiahing to u >i< it on Sundn , h g n lo cry about it, and continued ? ni tig f?r over a n Lour. At 1st t ?Ur biMume desperately angry, and told her motl.t r that If ?he did n ?t get the die-* for hei <??? wov.ld hui n the hnu*e Ih'' mother >.1*1! reiu>?M when the g* 1 *rlied the randle mil put itugi.n t t!.e guur.e c< v? ting ot u looking gla ??. .n an i.mtair the g&ute wif In a blaze, hut ua noon pulled down and ev Mtigui' hen. Ill" un tl.ei tin n < -ailed n the a CLi*?d the girl of at. erupting to burn Hi hona** <M! <*r Smith. of he Fourth waid t<*?k the a- < u- I Into cu-tMy ami convened her to the fctatiou houne where iteu a tit 1 at g?.< u detail* t her t await th ? lie Marshal' - w* ra- tiff atom, Ihe gift guv<- her name a- Marv nuu White, and den I'- an) intuition of burning the nremi furtbet tl an to ! lighten her ?Ujj mother, to induce hei to take th- dr e? out < f i a* n. IP id !.<? >? : ; v l> I #AKi? < if i nui MahT A*1- l UlfoflOM'XM ADMJV^T- RMi TT Tll'f* Kr. ? < >n nturday morning between t we! > ? and three oYloc's. the -rhooner Mar) Anne (?ue*t Captain I>la*e juM arrived hum 1' r Kwen, bound for Hallowcll. Me when King ?t anchor off the 1'attery, wa^ boarded bjr rieer thieve and robfoe of clothing and imm v worth upwrii of flM). 'Ih m< ne\ amounted to . chieliy in ihe form of no'e? o tl e < it\ J'aok of llroo.Iyn ? hv ten* and aornt ? smaller denomina lion* "ihe trunk of Mr, it. K. Wood t>r t officer o! the v> ^el, wa u taken out uwn the deck and ? U.pticdof it oliteiit.- \ i/ ; rlojhiug. lelte.- budtie < jajei* K mL? -h Iati? r, afu*r toeing etuniin-d were i? I. <i r l>out h de? 1 A ^uautity ol cuinmer and under clothing v a Ulken oft, hut a new and oipenor overeoai. vhicheoat$27 wa left in th** canin. It ik -uu|0red hut they did not oh?-? : 7tf the door of the rap lain*- ?tat?' nom, a it had not bc#n di^turlH'l. ih male, n . veil u hi- tmnk who in a more eipo-e i -it: ?? tiorn ii' lelieve?lhat chloroform w?- rnad** u-?* of by the f ??Ma th. ftorii the fart that he had had it a 1 mini teiftd exj ei imentalh ome two ? r thrw y?*ar? -iu< ?? and t) e Fcmationa tthicn be eiporienc d, after a^aUiru in the morning, weie jue' laelv similar to what he had re alised on the former oeca-ion. Am* ITU) M K I if. < r A I H T nl J \U'> t,\ X S 'KT1I Uivrn M*ami*ut. ? <>n Friday while the New World wm < in her way tr< -u Altai)} i man umnUowph Hi -itht-rly, white un1 er the i ncitement Inci'leot toa brain le i-r, Jumped < iter Ixiaril t ? In g i ml << >ri -< t?*r n;? 1 1' >n of hi1 wife who ws with him. Ail mlffbt he etpeitetl, gnat excitement prevailed in the l? 'ii I , and a re.|iie?l t?> neut to the engineer to atop t lie boat hut that functionary re futed to do hi. <?!! the ground that the man "a" now a ijirartrr ol a mile In bind. anil it would be im|>o?aib e to find b in. 'the indignation < f the pa- enger* a' thia ??? e*ii n>l?e while Mi Heatherly iu be?TiJe her?e|f with grief ami terror. It i? more than probable that th" un foitunate ma i i* drowned, a- it i? but bar:ly |?-?il>Ie that he could have rca- lied abort'. Km* iv Mutt stu kit. ? At al>out ? '|Uarter pa-": 'me o'clock on ?11*111 day morning a fire broke out >n a Urge I rivy, rear of -No. left Mott afreet. The light of the fire alarm'-,] the Ininat' ? of 'lie adi'dnlnf tenement, an I with* few pall* of water the fire wat extinguished The fire ia auppoaed t?i hate been the work of an i ru'endi'. rjr, an I au-ph ion point- at a certain per -on who wa known to hare made fhre?ta agnln-t ^rie of the occupant* of the bi'iie. Hie c?*e i? n niter Investigation. t,nr in TwKTT-rami) ."tkkit ? About half paat twelve o'clock yesterday afternoon a fire broke on*, in the bmVr r- > tn 1 f tie New Kngland In llai nbber ? ar Spring Com pany, In Thirty thirl ?t.e<' hetm-n ond and lt.u-1 a v mi'- AM ti e workmen were gone to dinner, egcej. the foreman who dlecinrered the canva entering "ti th" boiler- on fire. Th'- flrerneii were pr> ip'ly n the ? pot and anon egting liahed the flame*. The damage will be alrf ut t'i'O ami I* fully covert 1 by insurance. Till A>T<itt IjihaKy. ? It in announced that Mr*. William II A -.tor ha- mu'lo i donation ol Mi a/j i.a re fi-et of it.nd aojaai nt t" the Alter Library Hu aiding, to be ua?d in furthering the tiurp> >>-e? f r ' bieh that edifice w,<? erect ed. A -| eel.-il ile| artrnent I to In- idded, flluatratlv- of the practical and mecbanica -rience- A co Tuple la <;a tal' K'.e i* al-o in cour-t > f p.eparati'n 1 Aiai lUti hdaii A hkm. ? I rMWridi Bellar. a boy two year* old, wa? kn'?ked down an I run - r*r by one of the Itatleoi Rallri a J car- in t'entre -treet and bad hi- leg cut off. lie <*a? " n***e<l to the V'-w York II" p tal ?l ere I e o-eil from the injurle- raoeiTed Ttie driver of the < . |!?rnar<l M'<.uire, wa- arrvated. to await the tor ooer'? in e.t gntl' n Nailnr ( ouit. Pefore Hon. Juatlce Ihr Ual tt. \!>.~('arirr ap y'lOhTtii - -Acti n In rh' to r? < o*er |4<)'i and upward* 'rr-m 'he d fen '.ant < ?ho I* ti.e well knnwn ' < me?liaii llarney WUlianin.) for gaa ft tu r ? - and ornament- tor the lighting and de /rating of a p'> of r mt'HtJ'-ni nt 40 How#ry in wbl' h It- iO|??n '-?ter tan merita ha e been fiw?-n by Ota; e< Whit' In 1*62, U'? In the ,1 White wh'. waa tiieti t! - le . ;i?mi?rii contracted with t be plnin'T to " i "rl n i. eat ion He tated that >e irvt n th de . n tan' ,?r.t I' -Ilpared h'W'te that thi? ?t- iC l? ntlnjai. that the uai -- ??' I'.abeity wa- n -' n tin I h i rut nll tifn wa ? It eie^uted Wh -g'-n* f *1 I - ai ' I lain rty at ei war ;* . a l#ratv-<,ne rmn e of the I retuiawe and built a btailding u|* n tk* r*wr ftliept nw-.lch tv e.e ?i'?e and ? <?a-..?nt- w -r< , la" I in July l?M anagri - int ??' t-? w u r 'feii am and 'A hite ,n * hi h W hite wa- ? ?p-e f r? l llilted tf m 1 in itng Ibe 'le^'-o-tant perw-nally any rt ten or oial rofitrart or in any ?ttier mariner t al?o .||ear<-' n 1 1 -of that a |?-r'lo-, of the wrk w .- d ,? <r l|,n" t|n<e and ' u t' ? retj, oer i f White w i i , the !'gt ' em?tit bad a rovlngent in'ereat >n h- p ? int>e?) and wltfc< ->1 t|ie dlreeti'-ti e' I 'aherty Mr H I |i ft.ea c tin el for the te-frodant r n'?n ? r? matter* ot law ?1. That tl ? Ciatnrt of 1 H . * V ?wteiiWM'e and 'b' |lal'i*ITwa jro-ae -lo ?r> Mi.]t'.t<- .<nt? ute.n ptfOoie- I wlilih White a int?r??' > i *l?e?l i.e |?rt? i mai??e <4 tt.- c> o?ra< t ? n ? a w.' n t.1 anv ; * ty aa l?'w??n ' h? pla u lit aret l',e \-1i art i lhat any pn ml-e t ? |?y liy the defend) ,t wa? t ,? at t* a? aganw bin, ib>?. ma t? to tha pi.i 1 e tly ' ? ' ' a rharaeter w h.- !i w ul-! kr.nff It wtt t l,t f f fr f tt-t*. t Ttu?' a t ' * . e ? ork -i -w went tot e a green. ent o' Jo'i 1V>I I>.e ,#-f# a it w r 1 1 !UMe f - the reae? fi that W lute ?ktimWiet ' v t< | wr on l?r i?? i roT a -i? trj M-,4 t' !<-'? H' ? otir' a'"iW to tl e.? pe-,|^.ait> IM f av (tl der'-1 a judgment fo* lefa-uiant wttk Mailai Affwlia. 1 oe ?t ? .n.-b. p I j .eaa/ a 'apt. I>-w * aa jet y - **,- ir I' 6V i f -?c ,' s j l 'J. Hi lily ol' I he C.u.dcn unci AuiIm>) i tinoiit}. 'L'. ? 1 ttcutirc t of tin* t*mi?n anl A in bo/ UhJ. i ,%<[ any |iuMtrbt?i, in tho'trfijfoti .4r< i fen vt . i,ib< r 1.' a report on the lat?* |iu' in^tou (. Mil* mai.i ? < aie that the reg-iUtioa i? i.? !i>c to train* <AU.ii ^ u certain siinr airi ; hen .? iv.iu n* v> :tf a rUtiiidiy oni , enabling tin conductor to ? pcdito l?i. train without d:< of collision, that t i- Impo- , l.'ctodovi ii fun:' '<? pu<t<?t trail- t "to ?ud<iofi .in-? uiv'< W<-n ucn tent*; that 'in ait pu tirnhir* ilii i t ' of (hi* Haft* the- M tfuUtion* of th?* c t?p;,nv v.** o lu'ly co.T* j -iU'vi *ith ly thoiM* ;*#? n< and omp, . ? hiving ci xi so of Aiii'- ' ii 'be 'J'U of Au ?<?!,' and inn w\?>d that '%k ? ptoucr leolout on t i . p ?t * ?>< \ ?? > i . iii.i n, <v?nd u t i ???' ?? engineer h:j< ??' ? ? v i i ] > *u? tiMial ?tid laWt'll; the * aula# wiu' i- * .? ?*mn i?-d. Mini all dun vitf ?iune.? and p caul ,u ecu ,t ?tiousf#N and r . upuloiulv pr*cW?<iJ. ' ^ Ant?-9ft}iif l??fv Ht%l* C oiivriittiMi, Where >?* )ut ? t i? ; pa*M?<f by fbebut ix?rt?iiti mown a the ? *? M ?? i ???* low," t ' cnu?*n*? their inali eatable i fht*. in \ i<?Uik#?t ml m< **< r*djf?iNi ntii i" of 11.* ? ?m til *?1 i? n ot thi bhi\* jin 1 Hhi^l' ou#V. !o j t ;,t ||d ? I ? I,, n? I ? bit ?> ? ? i A ct nv> ut>? \i wilt. !>*? Vt?d?Vaf t*> .r . i- on tint tenth (|0t|.) mv ii Orobei i*-*t ?t l? o t i r. A. V , for tlit* *? nf :t<iopttn? uhmmvh* > nv.i ?? I" ne cn-my t?? l?r'nw ii t><?ut its n j.cil an'! t-> < ^ider mieh t?lh<*r ??at'< : h ?> iu%y pro|Kilv Ik* Ur>m^Ut it. I soriotiffi or >'iiiii/,ml h-r ti ?0 putpon#* oi it?.? rxiit.^ th??ir ?i.?ii ? tituti' iil . (?Uth ?'f tl??* c? ?viitU^ tit N* s V*?4k >?l Kitv? urn r< <|k rt'utlj ronui'-tf1'! to *cri?t tlu?*? ? t ? ' ?? ?t< -. foi ovn v Ar -i*nihly Ut-itrk t In ?ai<t countur< *mpI tn<* oj^ o rvntH <?! Ih?' Mai no htw'' i(Hidint( intlw*"'h. ? ? ?? n' Of tM 'itc , ?? ttTlII V H<jl?f?*t?Ht to ? n?t tli?* mi un* niiMihi'r J' i nt'lt Ah-?*nihly dtntH? t n*?f?<*rti* ? !y. to i o |#r*% m'*h tlii-jn in thu oonvi'iit ion. it q will tl ?" bi i'' In Ump . ? ? la i on 1 1.?* 4t l. ?t?y ot Oct. Iim n?*t wtJlA \l , bj th?? oj?p<? a?M. cfunjt -t and "pj r????ivi* l ."i? an<l * f ln\ it?* i II j.oi M ii- who rotfind tli?lr r??n-*t itutioii . i l inliUaint t)i? | . U t ? i io ilitt'J i?Ht? to HltllUli. TJjc rt fiveii' ???n Hill b?' addi ? 4-r?1 hy Knm# ?>f thcnio-t (?|o<|U? ni -in <r?n*e.l p^ ikr ?>{ t liin tat. MM ? \ MY. % T.x.A ? ?i *1T NVht'iiHab < a <?? : ui'uii S lihaui I 'i/i?rif II II. M ?????? Wm. W\t?ert. ? l oony, ,U>hn ( -hwr!?*r, iii li.?l lllll, John llft't d, i" . Whitafefr. Moiii 'I mv, \N in . Hannah. Ikrttrj iM'oktr. ?n om>.. o i n iv. Ci?*Orf? ? Ulil.e i ini'iii t'ha* l?. ralm??! rot SfT. ^ Aiai! .?.!'??? I ??l -.1 !. John \ ? ? xnrui. Snnu< l At' toll, V.IIX'1'! M'|. r Wood, J? lni 1?. Vn Win )iun^' OM?M?A'.A ??>? mv Jarifi It Hhonlll, II V i l.uown W vv < i\ . J? 1 1* j hen !?. I Jllay John I Sin* r rill. !? \%tv.\ ? "t ? *n . ? > a ? 1 ? ?n |t I . .!<?.?? tt. John Mr H my. \S . H. timi'inan ?>) >? you*. HICHK M) a ( o| ? TY. Th'"? I Hh v:? rd, J> hn Manning. J hn W. t uib?*rt, aiuas\ ???! iv. I'hlllip Harnii . J hn Taylor hin-.h ti?i >tv. John t- White, Thou. J J?*rrold !ii I r i v J. brhfttck .^ujfilain. Jon iniah t ' born !V? U Vork Ntiil* T? i?i|m i him * C onvention. At ?> DiH**ili|r of the J irrutlvr < '<?mmittee of Hit* New York Hti?fe Ternpernme Horiefy, held Sept. 1A, IMA, tin* h 11* wing r? ?? h linti wa* unniiimon?lv adopted . ? Bitohid, lilt the i'rerdient, lie# nuiktont^ an! a?niliV' ? 11>? ?Tf of the New VovU *':,?e T . ran. ?? -?? rlety are re ueatcd to meet in the city of I *i? u, "ii ftiea ?l:.v. the il tim of Octolwr next. Mm I c ?? of the o?if>tv and nil friend* of prdilhl ?n wn*? t\ ' * in ' " ??r of electing to offlre nnl> ?ucli men u* me total ;> I twiner. from Intoxicating drink i r? !>evrr*7e, aie invi ?? to meet with them, and tak?? pari in their do liberation l'\ order of the I x?rut?ve Committee, Ki WAHiy. DM .A VAN IV \W&. Tlie Nttvjr Hr1lrln|{ fit IV ? An the Naval Boat d ftppclotol under tin* net of < ?n trie? for pn-iung the ; .ante/ of ll*o aeniee. have * on clu*'cd their labor*, nnd a* M?m* of the Teaulta ot their in p if(vi<>n hn>e t au?>i>i(? <l ari l are calculated to ei'ite a warm controversy on the whole aubjwt. w- republish tl.i iin?"it yl ji'irtlou ?( the art un<te' wtl?U 'He le?atd whp* orf .t ni ? i to wit DiMt .fi t"? r? fi-4 practicable after the pi age of thi art, tin* 1 fe*idctit of ti e I ult??d Mate* fchail r i ; a 1; ard ot ?Nava i t'fflcera to be a**embled, to con \*l of 11? captain \< ?* * ??mmandem nod five lieutenant* which ho ird ' ' "ii < h regulation* a- th# N*eret*ry of tlio Vary n?.? * f'f ribe -linlJ make a careful exirnlri <ti >n into t)je * II ? 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