Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 18, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 18, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW T WHOLE flu. 6961. MORNING EDITION ORK HERALD. TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 1355. PRICE TWO CENTS. AEVEBTISEMENTS REM WED EVERY DAT. NEW PUMJCATIONH. Bulk of the n ew york herald for sale.? Hound vol timet of the llera.d, tbat great record of ew'nt* octal, political and otherwl ?*? i< r the yearn I n'j2 '53, ">1. ai d so far of '03 as has been publHieti, may be had for #.<}. A ddIv. bv letter, to N. S . E. \Y., Hml 1 office. g loUNTKY .MILLINERS HHOUM> PKOOURK FRANK \j Lfftlie'* Gazette of Faahion, ami the Beau Moud??, Ute only reliable book of fashion* pu- ?< ^heu in thin coum* y, mv l?f a full description ol ihe lali atjles honnew, dreaae* At. Ac. Persons subs ribiug ut lhe ojlice w ill receive Uteu (dTf ie, -if- vt'i.t 1 days in advance ol publication. FRANK LEsLIK, 12 aud 14 Bprute street. Biilk of tub new yoKiC herald for sale ? Bound volt - octal, polliioa i d so far Of 'OS a pply, by lettei fTHE NEW HOOK UV TIIK M rilOB t>F "ALONF."? J THE HIDDEN PATlt, II Y MABION IIAIXANI'. One elegan 12m", price 11 26. From ilia New Ycrk Evening Po*'. The following notice of this work, which we find In the Itic'i tnond Enquirer. U doubtless from the Bouerous pen or Mrs . Anna < ura Rrcole, and contains units' trmule to the literary talents ol the in, ist buccesaiul fetnaln writer which \ irglula has yet produced > Letting noble production (we use tno adjective in Its fillies' ?ensejlie upon the table, enliven Uie iitvrib, be the household companion, Di every irue-hearlcd Virginian. Fouler this gifted daughter ol !hc- Smith with the expanding sunshine of appreci ation, the refreshing dew* ol praise ?simulate undeveloped genius, which ban never yet "punned |?n inspiration" to walk in lier n epv emulate ber achievements ?nd share her honors? let Virginia produce a few more such writers, ani tbe cry tin' Ihe Sottih lu.s no literature of ita own, la silenced for ever. "Tbe Hidden Path" la a work lb* North or South, t? i ' of West, may point to with the linger of bom at pride and iv, * 'Our daughter sends this message io the world ? pour* this balm mto wounded heart* ? truces for wavering, crt no; feet Jlits 'Hidden 1'ath,' which leads to the great goal of eternal peace." ? J. f. DERBY, Publisher, New York, and for sale In ail bookseller*. The prettiest of all books. Wtu Iw published on the liui Inst. tiie fairy tale of "CIN DERELLA, "forming the flrat booitof ilewet'a Series ol l!lu miuated Household Stories for LirU Foik.<, In neat, sou II <|ti ir to, villi ten superb lUuslratlous, dei ,uic 1 and engraved b> the be*i ar'.i.sts In toe country, In a style superior to anything of tlio kind evei published, eliher in Kuro( e or America, and primed superbly, on very superior paper. Price In illuminate I cover nndedgea, 28 cents; rail lioiinil and udt edges, 60 cenU. The no,elt,v iu ihi< <crte? ia a colored fromiapioce to each voiurap, In itui'a on if an oil painting ? a >iew feature In book Ulu^tra tioux In thla country. From oumeroua letters iddr? led to t# ; publisher* by distlnsubriied genilomen to whom ibe cnierpi i^i naa been aubmi'ed, he takes pleanure In preseuling tbe follow, tug enrscMr, which will speak for ihtmselrua : ? t'indere'la is really beautiful in iut typography and lllo^ traooiH, and I am .surprised ami giatilled tliat tlio drawing^are OriL'tua;, designed and en^rav <1 ?) aril - i* In our own cotin' ry. - W aBHINHTON IKVINtS." " I have Otrer seen M bcauu.u! an cdlllon of Clnlcrel'a. Prai aaod me any other volume wbleh vou may puulUh this year. " ROBERT I'. WINi'HBOP," [Boston.] Mlas Lotilsi i'yne (prima donna In Ktnjllsli opera) "ai aures the pubUabers of her appru' Intlon of the admirable way hi which the publication (' Cinderella') has been gotten up, both for it* utility, and as a work of art." "The Illustrations of ( 'Inderellaare etcelient.and the wliol ? kppnarance of the little work Is so tasteful, that a continuation Of the series Will be looked for with pleasure. "ROBT. W. W1KR," [Government Artist, West Point Military Academy.] Tbe book trade will be dealt with liberally. All orOait i will be promptly attended lo. H. W. HE W KT, No. 12 Dutch st. VINEYARDS IN AMKRICA-PP.ICK 12^ CENTS, WITH remarks upon temperance, (ita foundation.) intempei Knee, (lis oauaea and remedies, J the culture of tbe grape vine Id lhe United Status, and other matters of importance to rich ?uid poor. By John Ogborn, of Oporto, in Portugal, mid New Turk. Knrsa!e at No. IS Beaver street, New York. iJopl.-s transmute I free to any part of the United States, on receipt of ?been cents in postage stamps. T ILL BE PUBLISHED ON SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, A new volume, ay ana. t.. d. E. K. "v.UTUwonTit. The dlsfltiKulslied American nttthoies-. THE DESERTED WIFE, By the author of "The Mlnslnx Bride, or Miriam, the A vender"' "The LcM Heiress," 'The Wife's Victory," A< Complete in one large volume of six hundred pages, neatly bound in clnih, for one dollar and ( vvunty five cents; or iu two volume?, paper cover, for one dollar. The announcement of a new book by Mrs. Southivorth, the Stnhor of "The Lost Heiress," Is a matter of (Treat interest to all that love to read and admire pure and chaste American works. It 13 a new work of unusual power and thrilling in lerest. The scene Is laid in one o. the Southern States, ntnl Ih ? ?tory gives a picture of the manners and customs of the pliut inn gentr> iu an age not far removed backward from th ? pre ?enl. The churacters are drawn with a strong hand, and the book abounds with scenes of lutenso interest; the witol" plot hieing wiouglr i ut with much power and eflbct, nnd noone, we ?re couBdent can read It without acknowledging that u po nesses more than ordinary merit. The au'hor is a wrltor of remarkihle genius an i original ity ? manifesting wonderful power In the vivid depleting of character, and in her glowing ae^enp'ions of scenery. Hsgiir, the herolno of the "De -rted Wife,'* is a magnificent helnc, while R'.ymoud, Dusty and Mr VTHbers are not merely names, but existences they live and move liefoi e is. > aeh artini; In accordance with his peculiar ti i lure. The p?-i jm>* e of the author, pi ot'essediy, is to t-M b lhe " tbut 'he Ittttdantenlal causes of Utthapplness In a rnir ried life arc a defect ive mora! and physi' ai education, and u premature contrartirm of the Tna'rimonial engagemetit." it i . h book to read and reflect on, ami one that eannot fail to d< ? iu immense amottnl of good, and will rank as one of the hrigh'es ?n I purest ornnmentM among the lltera'ure o( this country. Copies of either edition of the work will be sent lo any per ?on. many par' of the i'nlted States, free of postage, on their remitting the prh e of the edition they may wish to the publish er. in a letter, pest paid. Published and ".or sale hv T. B. PETERSON, 102 Che?'nut street, Philadelphia. Orders from booksellers, news agents, arid all others, will be Uw?i>kluli> re vived, and they will tileasc semi In their order a ..nee, and 'hey will he filled with promptness and despatch, and the bonks will be forwarded to them in advance of the da . (11 publication Orders for the above work will be supplied 1. 1 (he rotation that they are received. THE RACHEL POLKA, BY O R. CROMWELL HAS proved to lie a d"Clded favorite. More than 1.000 rtordes nave been ordered wrhln the last week. Feellntr confident that tt will please music teachers, we will cheerfully send to ea< h i eopy gratis, (ss we did the Rlverdalu Scboulsche.) on receipt of lhice cen's n prepay postage. Price. wl:h lhe beatiUf il pbe toarraphlr likeness or Rachel, In sis colors, SO cents. Without lithograph, 26 cents. Sent to any part of the I'n'.on. fiee , o'isisrc. COOK A BKO., X43 Broadway, Bole Agents for Halnc's New York, and Brown A Allen's pre ?iliara Hnt>'on Pianos. MS THE TCKf . (XKtfTRHVITXK OOCRSF, L. I? TROTTIMJ. ? TIIURS J day, September SO, at 3 o'clock, P. .VI.; puree, MOO; (wo mile >?? His lo wagetn; wagon and dtiw>r to W"inh 2,! > noil nil*. Go#. Hptcer cnt'jr* b. g. Frank Forrester; J. 1>. McMann en fa ra l>. id. Hon Temple: J. V. Danlela >ntera b. g . Chh'ago ?Ink, 1). Pti.icr enteracb. m. Miller's IHniael. JUKI' UONKLIN, Proprietor. g tE.NTKKVIIXE COVRHE. L. I.?' TROTTINlI.? MO.N \J day, Sept. *i, at .'f o'clock IV M. ma'cb, VI. MM, mile bean beat three In five. In barBeae, mad" pby or pay. War n:n Pi .body name* Unknown Win, Whenlaii name* b. g. Pan Xwfalf. ^ JOKIi ('ONiClity, Pruprtntaf. CIKKTRKVIuLE COl'RSC, L. I? TROT n.Vt?.-T IKS 'lay, Sep . 25. at 3 o'rlock P. M.. match, 9000, iml>- boats, hwi three tn ftvr, In harness. 1> Pitft-r nam"a b. m. BcUtor Miiaio^a; Mi. Ort names g. ?? Murdook. JOEL UONKUX, Proprieio. N H ? Tim tuk'cli comc? off without legant t" w oaiket . f ' F.N I Kh V U.I.K COURSE, I,. I.-TROTTJXn. -WRDNES \j day, ?ept M, at 8 o'clock P M, match WM. two mil' brat*, In vtiMtit, wagon anil ill Ivor to w W) lb'. I? Pilfer nineab. in Kiity woodrull; .'urn ?< Whvltiley g.m. Belle of Richnn ad JOBI. CONK LIN, Proprletot 1>E1> HOUSE, HARUEM ? T11IH FAVORITE PEACE OF JV ra?ori u no.r in complete order, and ready to accommo date :b* sptnuug and riding public. The tlotnam un I liai'.c haw Hail UlnVi play on the > eau'lfut green attacMe.| to tb? house, and a lord much Bport to the visiter* Of thin t)**'i'l!'ijl place. The be?t of refre?hmciw? always on hand. WILLIAM A. BROWN Proprietor. TTNIOK COURSE, L 1. ? TIOTTIKO OK TUESDAY HtpL IK. a' half past :t o'clock; m.ifh for S0<mi Mile h?a'a, bret three in Ure, 10 wagon*. 11. Wo ?li III!' nainca u. g. Jink Poller; J. V . chiley names b. m. Bla< k Bena. SHAW ,t WHITE, Proprietor TTNION COfRSIC. I.. I? TltOITIVO? ON SATURDAY, rtep'i'in! <*i 22, ai 3 h'cIih k P. M. a aweepstakiM ol S3U0, mli<- he;rt?, wu. cm and drivers to weigh :??) In. iiei veen i a Yomac HHtmy. b. g. Hndwii ami a. i/. () > ?i - todiivi- a i.l ti> conic oO rain mi- ?dilii". SHAW A WHITE, Propvietor tiik mirriRV. ATTVNTHiN.-THB INIlEPK.VOK.NT t'ORPS or NEW Yo.k Volnnieera. trr rrquivitr,! 'o n.""' Of) Tm'-lii, feptember th liSM. at "hi o'ckn-k P. M., at lh? corner u! llt><< a?iaa?i'nu?' and Prnupwrt ntii et, fii >K>klyn, to nuk arrange, aient* 'or a ull. The n.'-mbei'i are reot"?ted n a ill i ?> nUbrn. H "rdi r ot It. *1 I1AKPKI: i u ]>? ?m KKD rORT Ol'ARDti ATTENTION ? TIIKKF WIM. HE ? mw m of the above Company a1 A M * u'b'n. fluraer Hubrri arid WonI Btreera. ou Tnendav er^nin ?, ? pt m brr In. All wiw intend to parade with 'b# Conipany will plaaae ?itend. Byartfer. J, a HUAIiISII Chalruun. H. F. fiat*?, secretary. "VTOt N<? TAMMAKY HAM, <11 ARP -THE MKMIil Ki 1 ol Ute ahmre onwipany arc reqiteautd to attend i in ? ,w -iiwl .in I on TvHtji evening, HrptmNr IK. ?? ; , n Jamb OnMro'a drill room, til Bowery, corn r m W,.ikr - ^'un'' iml atlnlinK la i auuned. by ^rier of OH. w. KB! OER, i:..p<?<? J. Mu"i\r Ord< rly ptAmo i %r?r. PLAHKO CARDfl tiF KVKHY HK.-'k RI PT ION fiH ?ale a', ib<" I nlou Oard Ri . . ic'nr; 177 and >7'* * ' > ? w^reet. near Hi oadway, InetWlllUt an I du'i 'le ornameoie t and |iuin. and Hpai.iiai car ls. A iuperior ?TUel? Ot Unen faro rardv well wawucl ainl wamuit'-i: ??> ? wm v wade eipreaal? t?r dealing. TIIK MHt llH ?il KNTIO*. OPF' f*I M.TM K-THK URMBBRM OF TIIK <?B O I Kale t a ' tty are hari by no'in^l 'hat the k r -ady to r.- Ite 'heir rwHH' Htc du??. a' bla i.Ji . ? ? J I I ?. Hull. ? ..'id Corir. All Mlla nix j- alri nniil i >. ;n?>. .? 1 ? Willi'. kWpii "> a rollartw, and ehai.-e ID par oen adt. ' . lor rollec Ion. i iflii e Mara from v till \ > a * an I froui i .1 P. M J N IIAYwARlt p, -M.i -n . It. S. f?i fH" r.tary. N It RCHOE, Vl.-<- P eMen Alfred pa< khaww.b. wo wii.UAijiTRiiif"^ ?'vi and 11,'i'T- "ir?rnr ?im?' 'v. . # cnr?. an fipkr. t -'-rtek Van H ijnaml t'-e'?. ik, A ? ?? lam I i ?1'ieura mjin-rllne* de Bordeaux, a- t "~t de Novaij*. eaa 'lis ?aaiviaie. iMirta amo' r. alkeitne., A Kli ?? frttcli corka Prewr?el >.'((U easrom Lube. k. cnoicv. - .t.K' TIO.N OF BRANmFfH, Wl St' Ta mok a i u.ii. srcai'h ant Irtah ? Hlak'-y lli.l ind tl- >.t.. <lam arhn-.] A- bla*kbery kran4f ; wt.t'e brand f<* pr.' eerrln*. rf-n-rh alea London and Ihinnn porter, e?a, ?, Hw.. Cor aale at IMiHt nll.L A *1 AT fKRM>> ?ui n ... ., mrn*T of Criaht. RANI I^ VvT N V.H. A . IN BOND, F"R* TufTv be" p pea. tTmrfTra'k* and *v 'avea, iroiu tmiwled w* *? twined, wi'ii . r Uaealeai f Importation, to -atle ^y I. It felMMPNOB Bean-rat Philadelphia laukx a ni.if s can hi a#ipj?;ie,l a' tielr realdeoaea irtMi Uile dellfbtfit! >4 wt. e eawue le^era,;.'. by ,e rto/en <jt f f'ora ?>*; win aior IS *?? -lite s Jt xa3it<>- fr Ar. .1 0 !?' A.F FANHIOWAllI.K FALL MILMIkRItT. JARV1H * OO. Will op*ll fur exhibition thrtr _ IX MILLINKRY. A* N?IT, Tllhl 17111 If't No 72 Cu.'ial atr<*t Paris fpuhrrii. French flowers. ribbon* Colore*! straw rootle, Ac., Ac., Ac.* If offered a' ext rtiue'y low price*, for cash, at No*. i\4 mid Htt John ntlfM, Corner of Willlsm afreet, N Y . HOMER A KKTCHl/M. A t'ARD.-Mlss ARMSTRONG DKSIRKH TO SAT TO i\ lit r friend* and the ladii* generally; thai ahe will open 1 n entire new stoek of millinery goo- In, at 430 Hudson street. Thnrnlay, Sept. 20, consisting of the Iste*t and 1110*1 approved style o! Imnnets, A' ., to which hhe mo?t re*peufutly Invite* the attention of the ladies. BVM.L AND WINTER FASHIONS FOR 1*5(1 OF FRENCH HonneN and For*,? Madam II A 11 It IS A SON have much nleaiiire iu anrtouninff the arrival of their first Impos ition of French bonne '>* tor the approaching hcbsoq In elegance of d< ign ftnd Ihgfeftil combination ol material*, tin* iii)| nriAtlon ha* never been Mirpussed. We rail particular attention to our embroidered iUiihr, so inoeb admired at preterit in Tart*, the Kime a* worn by the Kmpreas Kutfenle; 0e*ides otiiei novel tb ? in velvet, At.. Ac. Fur* ? Onr *lo.k of fur4 will !>?? i?mtl wor'hy of especial notice, comprising a full a *>?rtment 01 Kim aiau liable, mink, stone marten, ehim h lij, ermine. Ac., A'\ \ ? w v are golnc ou? of the fur trade, not having room for both businesses, we shall m il onr entire Mock of fur* at a great Kac riliee Madam It. HARRIS A SON, 571 Broadway. Notice.? We open on Thursday, the 3Dth F^ali, FLOWERS AND FEATHERS -jamks ticker respecUslly reminds the trade thai the bmk of hi* rich autumn;*! ?.Jerk is now available, banket# with tVuit and flow erf and bridal wreaths for the million at 3d? Broadway, near While street. Madamk malhkrrk dksirks to inform the lad u * that she ha* removed to 522 Broadway, opposite the St. Nicholas Hotel, where she will open fall mil line v 011 Thursday next, 'UOlh lust. Madame dk vos, hi broadway? will opbn Puiis tik.ll millm*- v on Thursday, September 21), and re spectfully solicit the 1 ,, lies to c all ana examine her assortment, which she believe, will equal any heretofore ottered. Madam rarnbtt, sot bro u>way, desirbb to in form 'lie ladies that *he will open her Tail* millinery on Thursday, Sept. 20. MOVRN1NG MILLINKRY? < ?. K. BARTHOLOMEW, 6M Broadway, between St. Nicholas and Metropolitan Il<K?la, will open Pari* mourning bonnets on Thursday, Sept. 20 ? com prising over ISO sly lea of the most elegant mourning Uouueta ever exhibited. Mrs. simmonh, wvt broadwav, will open Paris millinery on Thursday, the 20th of September, and re spectfully solicit* a call. MRS. E. M. HUBBARD A CO., NO. fid WHITE STREET.? Hi fir firm opening ol fall milliners will take place on Thursday. September. 20, 1H5&. K. M. AUBBAKD A CO. M US. 1!. L. KMYTIIK. No. 673 RROADW \Y, WILL OPV N totiMouuble millinery oa Thuriday, Sept _i xli I Vh > MRS. KIDl), 194 BLKKCKKK STREKT, WILL OPEN A now :im) choice axMirimrnt of l'urts mlllinrrv on Tliur* day at !?, A. M,, anil ret pectfuljy noliclU a call. Mei chanic and mflllneri' ?iip|ili< >1 wttL bonnels. It?KS F LOANS h RTNUKBS,|49 t'AKAL RTRKKT. M will | tlinr fall fa-hloiiK for rthiblilaB, onj Thnrnday nei' tlif 20t? Itidlanl. Ijkdjei of No u York and vlcliiiiv a ro i pupeclfully Invited to call. ?\f I.-.S \I,I'NK WIT.t, OPKN A HANDHOMR ASSORT 1?1 ram of in 11 millinery onlhursdaj-, Sfptoinbrr 10. at 36 Canal alrcei. MIU.INKR7.-MRK. RALLINOB. ?7 ( AVAX RTRKRT, will i -pen fall la*!>ion? In Krenrh. mil iho^i' nf tier own make of honnrti, on Tburaday, Hie +i?h Inn MKS. KAL1.1NUS, ? ( uial rrppl. ' KW I'AU, RIBBONS. ."?SO rartona plagant liat and Irtmniiiu' rlbhon- lad- i fall e*. a Is. to IN. tier yard, w 111 bo aililwl to our PI'i'oOnt larjc . ton MONDAY, 8KPTKMMKR 17. LORD A TAYLOR. aft. I2A7. 289 and 2fll tri-.-t. and new No*. 47 and 49 Catherine *?reet. OPKNINO DAY At 20 *!*n 22Jonv Str* kt. LA It I F> RONNLTS AND M1LLINKRY t ALL FASHIONS. /?. T. Wilde will open for the Inspection of milliner* and others. I'D Thur-day, September 2Dth. ? magnificent rt ment of French pattern bonnets, received ? er steamer Ariel, from Havre. toRetlier w ith a !ar??c ntock of Indie?' and mi.- ?es' i'ennei i, of i,i* own manuiactnr? ol new and original design* and y Ii confined excluwively to himself. Al^o a large st rk of straw innnet*. colored atraw trimmings snd la? e?, French tiowers and teather*. rtl?bons. *ilk*, watln*. trimrninp- Ac., ot the rlcue.?t descriptions and latest importations. Merchant.-, mtV!r.f*r> and others from all pectlonK are inviteji to call and ? mi mine ihi ? hi! -:e *oi k of milliner v goods, nil of which will be nil", red el mod. rate prices. * H. T. WILDE. Importer and manufacturer, 20 snd i2 John *t 1>ARIS MIT-LINER Y. ? MRS. LEVI, NO. 110 BLRRCKER *tr? et. near Hroauway, will open on Thmsdav, th.? ? h ot Sepieml er* ner fall style* ot inlhlne ry, drens caps, und h- ad df ( sse.i. * pARIfi MILLINERY. -MRS. DAVIDSON WILL OPEN J on Ihinxlay, September^), fall miillnerv. No. 131 t mil street, cornet !?&Uht. PARIS MI1.LINKRY, 7-W R ROADWAY, NEAR ASToR place.? Madame M. U. Dou^al will open an iinu^ttallv ' holf ? ;r "o. o.eni ol Parin miilinery, on ThnrAdav the September. PARIS MILLINKltY? MRS J. II. GO SMLV. (FttR meiiy J. Daley.) No. X'l llroaiivay, v.,il open ??n Wedne-iay. cenumbtr 19, fall miinnery, direct fiom Paris, per steamer Ar n 1. PARIS MILLINKRY.? MADAMS FKRRKRO, NO. 5 (?rea? Jones street, will open on Wednesday, Sep-. 19 tall millinery, selected by her sell In Pari-. pARlS MILLINKRY? MRS HART, Wl BROADWAY, I ?vtil i.peti fall mil.iner ? on Tliuriwlsy. September 150; nl-o the newe*t ?.fy|i ?* of dreas, cloak and mantilla pattern-. The trade supplied. PIRI8 MILLINKRY OOODfl.? fiFo N CITTTRR, IMf* pin er. No. 1H John street, up ^tatr*, would Inform his customers, that h iving jus: returned from Paris, he ia now opening (from ateamera ju-: arrived) tt*e late a styles for Mil mil inery, seiec ted snd manufactured expressly for hN ale*. Rl'h hriifi'lal ffowera, new siyii* feathers, ?rol1 and silver (oiitiire iui?t ornaments, Paris DonnetM und ? ap>. &<?., A'*., to which the st'emioii of bu\er* i,- specially Invited. rflTK SHf>W RoOMS ATT At'HKD TO THK NEW YORK I VilJIni r\ I; i/aar, fi.'l Citia! street. wiJI be opened '?n I hursdav the 10th ina'ant, i??r the exhibition of fail mllJiuerv. Parisian I onne? *, Ac., will not be opened for Inspection until the Monday followinir, their late arrival precluding tin- po?? i b iiity ?-i t ? ?!# iver? d nt the Custom Hoinw? tiefore. On th ?t day fa'!!^* can have the *atisfarUon ot viewing the m oat harm iiu prodwetolns of the first m^lste* In France, and of as bate date as the early part of the present month M F f'RIPPS. POLITICAL. 'pWHNTl cEv OXI) I'MON NAIIhNW J crui? ? W'' ofli r lor your hiariy mipport tin* name of our hl'4l>)v eatiumeil friend, tin' ?e If made man. Jamen Hkeldliig Brullejr, nirrcb.iof, of l.'#4 Wllltiin atreet, Mid rli.implon of Young iofHc.i, fcnrleM and bold In doing bin (lu'y tonl.f'l tow n.*u, und win ' " nice H. MANY YOTKit* OF TWKXTY KKCONO WARD. RKWAKDM. K K\V A KI>? flTOI.KX, FROM THK (-TAMI.K OF il?e *ub*erV.ier, frur' !> ' fi i re' ueai- TV.rd a*en*tf\ a br wiT h< r long will h tall, I 1 , hand* huh if year* ol I h.n a .< mi on hi * left hip and flank; aaddle and bridle and mnriio gale; newly ahod. .1 AMKH BROW aiaod No, * WaaMQg">n iiiiirk- 1, Weal >ireel nlde. |?1A RKWART-MklT OR r-TOI.KN, A MCH'MtXKK'.S ?PJ"' yawl boat, abnu' 30 long, lop painted black, hot lom grceii, and Inald* dark l'-ad rotor; rl. >M fur five oar* The above I** r.l will be paid to an* per?on delivering Uk ?an,e ^o W. II. Oakl?y A Co., Ill" Wmi ?;reet. OIA ltI.WARIi -r.0ST, IX MAIDHN I.ANK, NKAR <T 1 " ' Broadway, a Ml ???inornaie. onntalnlBg ?l>oo' tin Ap ty tor< huyVr, Hartley k Or.iham, IS Maiden laite til /I KKWARO.? MWT. OX THfRHOAY I.AHT, A ?p 1 V* Mack Mtii i#n terrl?-r *ln?, ?*nr >?* rut vrry b*>i, Ion * talJ. i ? to 'h* nam* or <Jlppy An It wa * arift 'n a > m<* rli?l?J. mho fre'1 icty much at lb * J?*?. th<* ftndor will r?* turti ii?*{ *o -VJ Bayard h' r?*et . and icc? iv ih* tfuuik-t <?t ?!?#? cm tier. $3 ItrWARP -I.OST. ON TIIR 17 TH, FROM '14 WHTTR a >r.u;i <iirlr pood.v |lu> her ear. pr<y< '".in bev bead t* Vila and WftHi' ; bad on * hr*? nrilar Who. *.-, i?lanM fcrrio the ali0T< place, will recelv, tbc above i.-war i and ??..?J ! ..I owner. IAJMT AMU rotlND. POt': :?-A riKAY MARK WITH HI. A X K KT A V l? HA1. A ?r. < ti 'li? inmn of Twflfh atrani and Klral aranoc, ?rfck-h thp owner ran have hy paring llie n rvtr if Tw*iPu airen I1 KKYH |.?IST? IOt<T f>N rtATI'llliA Y KYKVIXO . nlx-ii 7 o - k? k i wo door kpy? In Knlion arfniK1 >f t? ?ii Jn> ait<t Hrtdxi air?*i? Hi'?'klyi.. Auj nw wiio nlay harr font d i hern, will finfer a fa\<i: and recti rr a rcwar l i? jr Iravto^ilirii; a> if! Hrldgi: alrtei. Iljc* klj'n Jn-r-A I.A R<!K XKWror VOLAXD DO'i. KRoy J Wa?l. i k''?i ' ianiHj , WlK!am?barg. riin rolnr ih- Vbj m <-lf. wlih wl i <? tip* on lii? Iw-ad, loca and laU. Wtna-r?r ? i ) r? 'irn him will b# rewarded. J OsT ?ON OOIVO FROM TK.1 XY'.i FKWKI.RY -T"RK 1^ in i " IJr ?'! - ly and Mr: ray ?ree'. to li?- Aa'or, l'wn M> pier Ni. ... XorU. rt*er, a while <|iuu'< ?<ori? ???*( with ? : 1 k' y * 'iIht.iI reward will hi paid i. i eturned 'ifiji'e eg t ite V.'i i II a-e ? , -r - , ITOTt i?R iffv hy Tin: PJT101I IJTDtA I . p. i e ' ,,ni ii. daied July Vh, IrA'i p> a'i In -I 1 1 . in lai pi i Oeo. Dinnmer A Co . fi#r $677 9*~ ih* pay i, Mot a< !.??. n afi.pped. A litu rai re?-w4 l(rcn?n I lo I il'i art <tri ri ? n-T-* l.?M I.OX'i WflTlLl.KN s< OK I j .' 1 .. v* yrtrt. tonr. lb?y *.nda blwe paid .ie r.?ti ire mlted . win lef* In ifce n' iih aTwini" r?i ?r? on fll' :.v evei.intf, .-ep' 7. T>?# p*r,v har^ng foiuel 1' Will bo ??II ? ? '< '*?"1?"l by leaitHK l< al / J| > nil < 0; ?' nl. II "T- KITI1KR Of *.\TV til \ Y M?T, AVTKI! I P V J or oa Hu'^day. beloe'* II * V b<*t*een the?orner of Karelay ?ii i rl nun WblUo. krtlle ( >rw Y'.rk, $?2. in b..U if *a ?oij? li.iM.w, ||?IW?>> tl.srvwy rJ Kb . paM Ui 'b Bti lei In .t.'i . umnnfa- u.ry 23V Bi? ^/t??y, up !ulr I OWT - l.rn IN A R-'.iOAIiV AY STAi.i: CPU* OKT 1J Itng i?ul al ih# A -ur |p ,.r m fhe n.' rnio* l.i' l^*h IW! I?|, brw? gft ??? U. one ?!)'.(. I. w A .b-e,' re wi.l old | ?td urow ? rt. ,, ? t ai V i r i - CTH > Yl THI PFVMNI H flK riir. iWNKR ' . ?<??' - "OJ- :?v.. .el. , ,? . a I.,.., , . 1.1. ..| I. '"*?* "in . r t> Uude.- w ;. |. ..r . , ?? ? . i j ?. CITY POLITIC8. HARD SHELL GENERAL COMMITTKK. FULL LIHT OF l>KI.K(MTKM TO THE CITY AND COCKTV AN1> JUDICIAL t'OKVKNTIONH CHOMKK. The Hard .Shell Geneial Committee he.d a irmting but night at Stuyri KAut Institute, to flit their list- ..f dele Kate* to the county, city and judicial conientlonA, pur suant to the ie<|uireu>eu*. of the rei-olutioui p at the last mfetii, g Nearly all the hard shell daisies were present, and among them Recorder Smith, Suator Barr, Almshouse Governor We?t. John B. Ila-kim, and other h. Tie outride lobby was very large, ,-vi great inter. -ht wa* manifested by th * " outsiders, " who wer? priueipullv (iftiri-saekerH, a* t-? who would I* enrolled as member* o the several convent "uis. <'n tho meeting being called to order, Hi. race F. (lark v aa called to the Chair nil John V Sarag" o/ti iated a Secretaries. Home debate enaued^a* to who should fill a vacancy in the Twelfth ward, wl.Ai Mr. William Johnson v. a, chxen to till t be place. Before the delegates weie cho-en. Mr. T moth f Pai.T moved that no member of the Oeneral Committee he Chosen as a delegate, iir it might ?>'?u tliat they weic ac tuated by improper motives Were any of their owu members chosen, people w ould say ' This General Com mittee u a ittUni by selUsh iullucuces," rather than the success of the ciNute of the natioual democracy. ITii- ?a-i a huh! vemeut, and it had the sympathy of the people. I behind I" Us were I "rmerly ft weak organization t he / lia\e ci ntended with powerful administration. and have come out strengthened and powerful. i,et u- put a?ide n-Hisli consideration*. Mi. Ihaktib W. t.ujVKB wished to know wluit the mo tlon wast The Chair s ate 1 that it wn ? That the nieml)"!*.* of the cotniuitttc be recommended not to nominate IhcQiNolycn on the conventions. After an extended debate the motion was laid on the iuble. The committee then proceeded to till the delegation* for the city, county, and ju-li-ial convention, with the following result : ? Jwlii i.i, v Com ?n/ion. Ward 1. -Wm. 1,. Wiley, John W. Dowdell, F.dward luirke. Clark"*2 ? V SuruS' ' Uia/i. F. Sackmeister, John Ward 3.? Peter Urkin -, A IV Heath, John Kivkpatrick. ' "rd 4. ? William Clary, John Crowe, Andrew (uia-k Word 6.? KiuanualB. Hart, John D. Dixon Wm | bock. Wind 6w? Pat. Carrick, John Ryan. James Hogan. WardT ? Richard Squire", Orlando Grey, Thorn F McCaffrey. ' Ward (t.? Dr. Stephen Hashrook Jonas B. Philips A ,C. Miller. W aid P ? Chas. Kd wards, Henry H. Mil range Wni. C CIoi er. B *'? Glover, Henry C. Attsood Win. Waid 11.? Andrew Mills, John H. Baxter. 0. H. Town send. M aid I..? Clias. G'Counor, John Helme. M. Jnrvis, Jr. Ward 13, ? John i'iinou'i, Calvin Sweezey Aiahel S levy. Ward 14. ? Wm. FP spa hick, Jefferson Brown, Kdwurd K a van ah . Ward IS. ? William C. Wliet more, James, Fred De Pel ster. Ward 16.? Elijah Ward, Wm. Mead. John McKay Ward 17. ? Frederick K. Lie, It. C. lellows, Julius Joliimon, Waid IS.? R. J, Dillon. William K. Thome. John 1. Hoffmlre. Wind IP. ? William Woodsworth Joseph Cornell, An drew Mat) ew?. Ward 10. ? I'eter II. Sweeney, Jantey n. Fitzgerald John Pugail. Ward .1 ? Jeremiah Crowley, Wm. H. iiemtard Wm. It ( larke. Ward 2V? Wm. J. Stewart, Wm. H. Steinhenner, Henry 1,. Byer. City ap' i Cnunlfi (' Ward 1 ? Nichols - Pimond, Thomas We wart, Abraham Moore, John C. Bayley. Samuel Auld. Ward 2 ? John '1 ait. Walter Joyi>e Michael Ilyan Ah xandei C. Molten. John M. Freie h V, aid : ? I'eter K. Hteiie, James Htoci.eit A . .1 Mi < ar'y, Knorh Smith, hu Mi ore. Ward 4? H. M. i omi^, Wm. Philips B. Healy, Th>>m*Jt l it. ger.-.l<i, John KiO'leri. Ward &- Henry It. Holfmi/e, It. (,'. M. Intire, Jnms? lawrence. J. A. Ja<kt<n. John S. Henry. Ward t ? Matt. S. Hiennan, Andrew Nesliit. Anthony Giilen, Wa tar iiocbe. Kdward Welnli. W ard 7 ? .lohn Brown, Chas. ile;itli, Michael Wall, John Cusalier. Hugh ."mith. Ward H. ? ll. A Cliaiaheri Wm. deary, it. Coiowi. Sam. 1 1 ng, B. Haskin. W aid K? Chas. W. Houghton. J.Sherman Brownell. l-aac Williams, Win. H ii .senbury, |? Van Wa t. Ward 10 ? J? hn I*. Welch, John Harrison, Clias. I,, Mejiitt, Jeremiah Welch, J. J. Jennings, Ward II. ? Hob. Carle. Samuel Gillies John Mother, Andrew Ja- Knian. Job Pavipon. Ward l'J. ? Win. Johnston, Thom. Malonet H.irtlett Smith, Put. Mug, in J:mie> McGuire. Ward 1 ? J hn Monberry, Philip Arm-trong John Kerrigan Wm. P. MeCormick, Richard G Ne'ikiik Ward 14. ? I at. ilarnes, Michael I womey.T. T. -iiyihim Hugh <>'lh ien. M. W Mooney. Ward 1S.< ? Ango tus , S hell, Chat. I) Mead, Ii .- liar' Jonathan irotiei, <?i??. I, Thompson, Ward i'i ? Jared *iilson, John I), ^fc^ir^'li ,1'din >. Ijbby, Thales ?, UJI-h, .-am. Itrd iiTc. Ward 17?1 ewi' Carpenter, Jacob lv.yce, Frel. A. Pi ta hoi k Anthony IHigro Timothy DonoTnn. Ward 18 ? I lly * Ik Frenen. Il-nry Wart.- ilia . II. -mill . Wm. O'l nnell, J. Met; rath. Waod IP? I lias. \\ K.iip, John C Rutherfo d Tlo. <) Rielty W. W f"inr?*r, W m. O'Keefe. Ward ? Wm. ,loyc? A. P. Ilunn. John M-'ininn Francis Itarling, John W. i Joyce Ward 21 ? lohu g Bernard Mc< abe, Henry Snii'h, John l.yncli James Nt. Smith Jr. Ward 2? ? loi n Magness, Pat. Masterton, J. M. liar row J. Ma: tenon, John " Toole. ? ?'I S>rtaU,rinl /.?.'? ?'? ' ( onmt/i/m t ltft 21 3>> 4/A btl< > i l i'uh H'ttrto , Ward 1? Jay. Champion. Ja., I>uffy, ^lurtag foirha.a. Waid 2 ? P. S. tiait, <?c??. Mclntlre, Sylve-ter 1'arry. Ward .' ? Fd. i '. Wext. B. Curry, id. Burke. Ward 4 ? Paik. I'oberty, Maurice tj'Keefc, Win. C< Inn. Ward i? James Clark, Wm. Francis, John II. Wln t inore. Ward f ? Harld Itiordan. Pat. McLaughlin, Pat Wa.l?. 4tli Huaturial I'mintitum ("th, \0ih 1 .Uh aifl 1 T.'/i Want- ) . Ward 7 ? Geo Glarler, .lame. John on Jeremiah Mor rli. W aid 10? J Mi ( .ilium Kobt. F. Roberta, Dan. Bank -. Ward lit? Alex. Stewart. I*. A. lii-am*t''ad. Jithn T Ilv. Ward 1 ? Wm. Van Bi-nichoten, IVrnard lltAier, Henry Marshall. t ilh ,*? nut'.'inl Ui triii < '? 'ilrmlion iS M (*/ n,n t 1 l/A WuribJ. Ward f~? Arthur Crelgbton. Kobt. Unn, Wm. IJayley Ward P? Jacob Itrnsh, It. Rice, II. Kleinnr. Ward 14? Johu Iti yd, John Major, Anthony Conoran. ,S ijth Snxnuirinl l\,nr.v'< n (11, 12, 15 10 18 1? 20.21 iioii T'<l M'dri/s). Ward 11 --Joi n II. Hoagkiii. Hi-rnaid Kelly, Ai?dii*w ? Smith. Ward 12? Michael Murry, A. J Smith John More Waid K,- Wm M. Mclntire, Uijah Gt?ber, John Gil more. Ward 1" ? 'no. lin Sharp John OalTrey, John /eitcna. Ward It)? ( It. i.unthei F. W. liird -all ^tei.hen P. Russet. Ward P' ? 1 A Arculaiiu? John Jarv?- Thoina McSpaden W .rd '.0- -Mh ha'-l Martin '?a<. Cohen. Jamna M< !-'wieney Ward 21 ? J y. Hr'di-rick, M. Me^linri P. M tleer Ward 22? Wm. A Turnure If. A Mi-Corraick. Mi Ttacey. Fifth fh*'rtrt JutUrinl Crmr, nti'in War t IS .' *.o Moran R. - Woodward A 'I Hrmlh l.llliert M l latt J II. An'hon Ward 21 W Varian Mi' bai l i>?<n, Ja? I.yn i I'atro k mith ? Ferilah I II Anthon Af'er ' In- ad. ption of the ali ve name* the nwumttM adjo'.rni-d -uhject to the call of the rhairman. The pro* ?? ?? kario' niuva and the noni nation- wi-n well rni-ite!. T1IK \MERICAN DEMOCRACY. MKKTINO I* TI1K TWKWTIKTH WARP. 1k? imrii ui b?M a inMUig U<1 | in Continental IU11 eotn?r of Thirty f.Air'h *tr??t ?r< tighlh ?tn>u?.* wer* 1 ? l??n f-iiir an fW? hurt dr<?1 i*r?nn- a Wirf" proportion if irbm ?a?

'.irn.?u- 1h?' following c?ll <-X|>l*ina th?- i.Mect of tli mftlnf ? Mn?? om>*i|B4 ?f Uw Am^rVari d'Jr.'Jrao will I"' if ?l m V>>ndav <\*ai?i' 17 I'M at 'H n'< ?r?. ?i < ?n m.??tal Hall m'buiii rttrn?r m KW xh a*<T.n* ?i. I rfclrtf fourth atrmi All wh? oj.t>owid > i Jwi d??ui* m Mrvin Noi|iIii*?. ih? ifprrMrr prudl" ? n 4 Una MaImi l?w filw?U rm ifc<' fr?i?4t uf lh? rnliti^ antem and U??- I ruuliv of Ih iiri-??ni ???!? m of i.rtw.ary nWu-na, and In oj pro".-" nil and tltTKBi <a? w .rkin* cla--?. ?ijf law ? mak.n-.t M mm. t.?i !o drtraud i?* l?t or'r of til* jvi ??'?? ? i?d li i u* ? ?t*o I ?rd of ?t|N nn pnMir work?, Ar ar? in? **d ui ajt?nl. H) nrdfl IRA H I ? A V <?,al"na: C. I.PKWIU RKimii. iMwmy A (??? minnK' before th? argBllUktfcm of b?- rn#"-'in?r & ' mewhat tumult uotM ntn" UmA f>U < ? *!? I tlill ta qlift UiaM tkA hxt fWt n i ? M? ? Thoma? a?4 Mr I ?? itt iwk f*>- "f <h' floor, and r*for?^l to rMnnr >b?i r?~|?wit?<l in tb? oao-t p?i?u?-.T? mann'r In <lo '? Af'W a f*? ?|?ot in dtaptuinir ?!?'' ??? MtilM to prtwiltud., Mr Ira B. !%?.? ?l*. 'jH fiNMtnt, am) U ? I. Klr)i<? ? ?? > T>?* |ilatf?rm of |r)neif.)*a of th? <iwmh l?n??ja ? ?M iw) kfMl. KrrbUf . ta^n^lM itim . i . -W. .?<fc >,.>t tb? mw ' ? uf Mr. K.A. Iltn r? n.a>'? ? !*m l?W * < >n th# <?? ??<'<>. ; >.? 'b? ' (i | at. !> 1,. ' }i - i ? . n -i M? ??? m "j a? lUi ? po'-i h '? <? < l-:i ' ? O y" I hear anything about the whig* and ^giion**. <fcM | another." l7*but up, tii ?? '? enough," JBd a thiril. Mr Hailer wi? finally obliged * ?? (fiv inv, wl en Mr lVivi* took liii? place Mr. I avui warmly condemned the manner ofcoui'i Mug tlio primary pleriionn, and present*! the platform of (h?* Amen an ?^*cracy i. i)< ? great rw^v for all the ovila with which the peo ple uf ^HPed I'unng tbe pant wialet, when there wa- general d? ??titutnm among the working cla*-e?, and the Common Council had b**?*n ap plied to for etn payment, they retimed the only work that Would prove of real aerwef to Uieiu When it wan .? .g ge<f ed that if they employed them in building hou*e foi the working eta - oh to li > ?? in, they aid the plan wa* ? vision ary one and not entitled f<? their consideration The politician, wanted u? ? *ote the Know Nothing ticket, but, -aid Mr I'aviH. we .ire deteri ,nd 1 ) . . ? t toose own will nc\er pet ?i to off^e ?,* lonu a w \ . prevent tt (Cheer .?! .| hi- ) W< art* told tha' ' are dividing and detracting the deniorratic party, but 1 a*k in it |m?s hi hie for it to be more divided than it ?--F No, Mo* is u ? our oldect ? our object U to -u*taintru?- .a'rvciple *nd if Kn v N'othfngh-m will assist the can. ?e of the working n; it I wil* ho in favor of it and cheer ) If t> is i uy one here wl ? uject* t. the ?e pi.ucipa-- w w ? give them an opportunity ot rep ying Mr. I> . her* reti d, and I I1 n (a rejiiian) c;?rne t<'watd ?nd old ed the meeting lie wan received with groan* andhi?*cs l?ut he .??'< od them all, and when ?llenee wan restore I, !>? said : ? Although a Ccrmau. be wa- in American eiti/en married an Amein hi wife; his children were born in tin i country, and 1?#? was himself an American by < boicv. lie had been obliged by tyranny in bin native land to My to the I nited State*. the refuge ? f t lie oppressed; and n??w that he was he; r?, he wa ? determined not t<> be oppre* ed hy any more tyranny. He then addressed the m< "ting m i.innun, bn4 w.i ? frequently interrupted by a portion ?f the audience who bad evidently resolved that no on?> should speak aolong ? ~ they could prevent it. He, how ever .-ucce:*de-t in making hi* peech uid w i* lou ll) <i piauded by bin (ieiman hearer* Mr. Ch^RIW IloinwrTi. delivered r? '?i . -t id-lre ?. nf'er which a fe ? rernarkH were made *? y Mr Vr m.kohi?. Mt. Macaktuy i tta< aed the principle- of Know Nothing i>?ni as ant i-Ainei iean, and elaime?i, although born in Ireland, to 1 ; .ir goo?l an Ann-ricau ;n prim iplc a- any om born i tb Mr. <?l ?l:? v A:>\\ an id that it v* ;? abnurd for the worl* Inffiiu n to he eon^t ?n" v eomplaining of Mici wrongM, if they never net t hetnmeiveh to work to red e?* them. They would nevei have jn-tlre done theni till they elected Workingm? u to oMce. Tlii? wa a matter that cnrermnl the Know Nothing* ^eejdy, ant tb-y ahould take part with all woi kinirmen. foi they >iad a e? tnmon interest and a common cause Mr. 1 ?A \ ; ? ai l that if in making a nomhiatiim they had presented any men who were unworthy ot support thev were willing to withdraw their name-. Mr. S i th attempt *mI tOHpeak,but hi" voice wu* ?lr??wned l v the gioan- and hi*Re? of a part of the audienee. He however, persisted to the end, when he retired amid a perlect -lo*m of liieaet. Mr. <?tj\ Kit xaid he thought he wat in a room r?ecupied by men, but he was deceived with regard to ? portb nof the meeting. There were Rome boyu w ho a ? tempt e I to disturb the proceedings, but he would tell them that they would be put out if they continued to do *o. He then proceeded at considerable length to explain hi- principles, informing those who did not desire to hear him tlut they might leave, which a large numbet accord ingly did. S ou after the meeting adjourned. FOURTEENTH WARD WHIP. CHARTER N'OMI NATING CONVENTION. 1hh convention met lait evening at the Broadway Hon 'p. and organized by the appoint incut ol Mr lioncr V. .K'g r ? hulttnan, and Bonjamln W. Hicha r>U i-corela tv. The Convention then proeaaded to huainea*. The foU< wing ward charter candidate! were tli 11 nomi natrd;? ft/i- ? Edward D. 1-awrence, C-aptain of Com paoy I' Wa-Mngton timy*. it was th (a company whlrll guarded the remain* Of llenrv Clay, while tin / were nt the < i tv Halt and which accompanied tliein to Albany fir Counfitmrn ? HUtrUt 3ft. Chat lea I Mever di trict 37, John llcMjpe ; dititrict S8, Hr. Henry II. Kent A xr ? John V. Cornell. S f-"ol I' /timu o irr?lii neihrt I/?i- Jr. /?>! 'for i' Mic -William M. Wa ie. 7/ >r '? ? of >W m ' f-S'mt ? Hoi ui e \ si^let nnd Ahi t bam I let eh . To fill vacancy. Aaron lluidnian. < n-.'.i It. ? Thomaa HeiiuD^nad Jobn i'arni'jr. In fii t-!" t t'(Ti ? lot iiUlrlct John B H"gera, .' hn I tiringtild John II. Itrattyn John II Bo we l fld W iiliau! ** V nod, William W. kuhn: 4t!i Itenjaniin W Hlrl.a i .In. W illiam : . ?uilnll f?th. Horatio C. Webb W'illUm I yonc; Qtli, Alexander MorelieaA William Mil ler. Af'er the** no mination* were made, the candidafe w> e inrile I into the committee room r t icl. ?*t re.ul a* nominated, and tinanfmoualy endoraed by all tlie wli f? of the ward who were preaent. The Candida'*'* f r Aide: man and Gonncilmen ware called for ?perch*'* and mn<l<> appn pib'e reaponaea The nomination of Mr. Hkxjasii<i W. Ki'.tiajum for A. -emblj wm unanimously endurard, and that gentleman wa- ailed for a ch. Mr. Hlebarda mwde noma vc>y happy remark*, lie ?aid h'' h*d alway* been an ardent admirer ol tin- gloriu'ia and time honored principle* er pounded by Her y 'lav and I aniel Wehxter. mil I ?ii fevoteil to them and would continue to be a* h>n? a* they were political ii<*Ma. He honld five hi* < ? .tin) ?ujp; rt to Uie * ! ig waul charter nomination* ind urged * very one to d> the name. If he alionld be > !imen to the A einbly , be would do all In hi* power fo tl ? I rotectii n of Ameiloan Industry and harinr im provement*, the non extension of adivery policy, and laat, but flr't of ail, exert Inn Influence In tli" preservation of the I tiion lie had i rt< l 1. 1 - humble ahllHIe* lor tiie ale<- tion of that m ,nd In rnie roan tiencral M-ott. for the l*reridraey in IK'.V ind ri.ii r. v a d'-ui? rat who bad voM for I'ierce I rid ? \pr<- <'4 to lit i i the regret they ha lf. lt a tl dnfe t of that I^Mrtrfou patriot l> < HimiOWOX ?a- then called 1 1 j>. n to mat -on ? remark*. Ibe meeting, after pnitaklng of i collation '? Ijm ue I with three eheera for Ilonre t ' :(rler. (he chairman of the mei ting and with about* for the < tndidutea pu? ri to ininat .i n. FOURTH KENATOItl A I DlHTKICT WHIG CONVENTION. Hi Iheodor* A. Ward, who wna rer.-ntly ooniin ilcl *. the eh% candidate ftrr Stato Senator in the Fowth li< ti fi ha.- declineil, and the n.n < ntion ha- Ik?ii r .tiled to ti a einbir oil Thursday I'M-ning at J.1 Ann tr* HKI'U nUC'AS M( )VKM ENTS. W<- learn that the committee ,,( ai?teen appOiat?l by the meeting heUI ai i'reemaaon'n Hall n the 1?' of ^ep temljer to ro imuate delegate- to th< Kepul)!n-?n -Uio Conwritlott ba.l a ,nry vnharnionioti ae -ion of ait live hour* at the Aator House, ye.Urday, an i adjourne.) to meet a?a!n at tbe >ame place at n M. tliia da Thei e ?ere ten ra< rnherii pr' -? lit, i n I a m ajority of tho.o agieed upon a m-aily i-.ompl< le li.?t of delegate* t<i lie eub iTiltted to tho ( ? unty Ma*? 0>n>ention t< > be hel l nt the Tjliernaetc ?.n W?<ln?*day evwninf Tlie City l>piiMif n i.i oeral Col&mltt4*e, t*hich e'lnaiat' ol 'hie.- di-i-gi^e from ev?ry ward In the city m> ?o- thl* evening ?h<' Merrer Huuie, when boelnri^of mj ortan''' wit' In- ut* ?ented. Theodore A Ward ha? declined the whi? eoatorial nominatloo In the Third ditlrii l Captain K*' ward l>. I a< ren. e In.- l*-<.n nominal" i the wh'g > andldata foi Alderman of the Fonrte^nth ?? 1 Cwroiiera' Inqnrtli, harir YaU ?Coroner Wilh<iin l.eld an II|.|II 1 ter day, at Cie inn ? of Thunai Kr< nrthy, ,Vo. I . Cherry 'reef npon the body of |,i*> w re Ma ry M'-r?rthr who tame to her death by fracture o< Ihe alinll at the ha e M' identaDy reeelvod by (aDlag doHn -Uir* m o th<- eel ?r w?f >?( the houpe No. 12< ' iierr\ nt eet, >.n Vf.n lir tiight. From th* evt>lanee eM>1te?t on the hr, a*t i? ?>. laaicdiha! on Monday night -h-- went to>l?lian ?< i|Ualntaoee of hen at ' i.? i ry ?rieet ,-nl in di o ' ing the cellar ate, e, aceldantaily mi?*o<! I r Oio'lng tnd waa preeipltotod to the ground la-i crf-h ?a*?*lv? ?ere fracture of Um ikull by atrflltog h?r heed . o ,-nMy againat the >t<.ne atepa. The Jury in the r-eae re?lnre<| a indlrt of accidental deaili ' !?.? ? *> .'I ?.-a ? of eg'' and wi? a native ?t l/1-laoH Bl H5i?? Kinn l.a*T A< lie r ? i.n. *t ,h o al" held an inqn' at at So 72 Maori ? <? ??? ,,?.u ti e of a w> man nm?l Jane Wllnou wh?? l?-4 on M n . nigh' tn in <-?'.n.i\e iniorl' a'^fclentally <? iv* n -rnday n?M. bj lh? "ipi ?!.>? ' ? 'ornlng fl 1 an.ji ?bleh wae being l iled ?n h llgl.od Th' ietn...n. f di ci a i '1 a hiiiiatnd '*) arle- Hi. M went t. ?tioa ' n hi ret irninii to hi* h'iB" on the n yht i'? , "i "l'*ven o eWl he foun*l a. * fc i. rig in -*-t ? ffei ng aevereiy fn<m burn ??? .??>?. I, *b? ??i-l r'. i vplo.i. o of a Wning ?md lamp ?bi- fu relfli^ n whe? I it li ted. H?,( r ? . . ? , j if ? ? , ? when !*aih pot an .oil to I" a?ful ?offerloi Th ?nrj in tbU ee-e, reniternal a iet.ii ? daaih oy . ? ten ive i.'trna a?- idenially r* e,\. . t.y fllltng a ti i l ^iai'> while i' wa* borolpg .-a u I ,tb ' ?p* mbi I' eaeed wa* twenty une yea o eg* ai ' Wa> . f Ireland Pellff Ififelll'geiiee. ti'Ri'-ra ro* imtlcifiw in H ? i Tli' ie were forty five err- ye-ter-lay , .,?i ?(*?? .1 'h- ?ar. ua |- -re Vri'.i M tuiiiivi - Hul Ji?t. filk< ".i?rt Ja.ti' e Vmnolly .. ... 1 fnrand do 4". do InaMe* (? -...n % Ihlr t de a. d.i Jn. t.c. ft w?| ,? Tot.; 7". Afi'tir 01 AWffl tlikftlD*** T^ter-Jny A*W ' a "liner a ppec ' . t bei.iw Ju?'.r* ^l'1 a' -ha 1 ? weg Fallen fiow H, *a toiaat a rip** ??' again i him !? r aieeult an! batterr pf?^rrwd > y a y .ng M?n -aal'tir g In f t*w N Y na:;#d WiJlu.o llcfi.y wiaa u -f t a ' i.ardtner r an m 1 1 1 e4 aa laar'ir <*4 i? watt fUe aeewt#.'. dcaaaa that t. < ??>"* **? K,ut an. P'O ..... ,, a. I.- mj . ' at' lleiry T..? e . f air* ' he'l U ?* ? he aana ' ? an?**t. X C ticket. I riur rH n. xr? clvb vx. m-va pk in arr lctb. Th 1.* *? / 1 1* t home match t*?tw??*n the nHot# cttlltfe ' ? k pf ? ?**!#? fiy !\ -wark Ne* J *r ey Ph* ll? *iti h . ,1* mi M Wrtfbl md Hate* to 'be b ??? 1 c?f .'efferaon > i t Pal i.( who ? >r sJ r n f?>t tram th? f m?*r t> -v ? and *<*v*a) w?dA< .'roui I f i II ?? ? . when W) -at,, i! j. i' liiu? <!f on ?' Jeffor son'* nil, and II Wr.ght? -who had dayed fn.vLiliiy w tma'd> r.i1 ,:ht by .'er * *"tr, aft?*r Wh.irt? f> t<w?k ?'>?? j of llu* wb h.? d made h; f'-ur n rw?d .?* Wb>? 1 -n played icliiii r ' \y f r hli flft. n j?ar?i :u*a > again *t Mi* bowling o* M, a bo had got w ' <>t? ?b^wnW*** Va> lor wb ' li 1 1 1 >d II Wright i refda ?*t hy 'h< veb ran i* Wi.ght v bo k *^1 hi w * *t up l t the *?? ?* tb?? inning- an ' ? ar< ted hbt bal "Ut f ?r . ? <f fourteen got bv hi* u^uii - ? MitJlir and *tevty pia)* <?<? t ti w? 1 *d "> tli t lvlr l ball hy ii ripper from Ha'.lu- It. a and !H 7 .* ? new ti 1 iition t? tb <!ub, w?*r* e>{u* . > nutortnnatf I though thair pla* u the -<*cotid innm?* showed 'Uat tii ?jf good er;? 1. t?o- ?nd Hrriui' how ling being vtv ?uj -ri o i^ci^t too N^wmktii ??<?,* win, Jr . w *n ?elt taught by .Jefl-i ?.?n fr.nn Wh"ab*ri?ft, aril WbWe, alio 4 m.? bin place. made t*'? two art-' w,. j bottle! br H i. ?' The tuning" i ? i i ?nty-ae i The Nf*wmrki?r - ?-eiit in W it him at? W urt%, am tb?* l.n ti-r, who i - i (In# tlfishin^ cncki't?*r, ? ul t ?*t w??tif out by oiiM >>( tJn* tiV pn/.-l.T-, mui w? nu< ? I ?/ H*kf?r iintber cm i ;<iM lj?' ImmI t ? "?? <? ii f i n ?? Iriil fr? in lb ;ou. Th?'?i r nni* tb" l*f* ? <>f man ? biiiM w?-ie Ji'tlrf i.n? :in<l llyroii ?li ?j- ?>-???! *?f hiui ? ? ri lb? fir n bail 1 !v ? ? ii tb'*ii ji' i \v ? twr, and tb t v # f??r fn- time \ \ *><i th?* Uiwl?-f. ami kt*p( lbf? (i'M it w??ti. 4 vrw ii at b'nglb run out. nffor making bi t'*Ti in g < <1 t) ? wh' tl Wb?'afriolt joim ?i Warm ? wit ? *iu< wK'U alt ?ii jo ? I of ffii Hi*', w }iic*b v? ? .?* in t Jr b/ vci y ? ' i avis j lay ami by ki'<*nttig bi- ? ickft up ?? '' U^ tbu-' ufir n,-t I lit* In ral" bottliug nf h Wright ati*i Mvrua. Ninth, t i*o .*\r'.?a ^ '"Uf( U'p.untia v. ry tlriP l?*t t?'r, doingK bine ofu*u b<*en or<i*k') lia i )>i?%viou?iy gone to tin* I it taut ? ulv mi I [ In ??! tig *li tirf -ro b?* w |m > \a Um I I ? v M- *.-n IbiUa1* nia?t? hi- on<* ami ? four tin tatter a ri -v^rtb;* w, au<t, although worth nioi- w?- iu?' r? ? iao by - hi an aii'-'io*! g- ? I l?at ,vh?w.^ t u t out f?? (' ? w!> u I ? <l'A tU took hi* f?iao and %i a.* finally f>' !<* I f i t ti t?;, !ty i?. ?i after having *w v-ral li v? -#> .In* ? ? t<? f ???? in hi- hitting t?i aafety Bedford was not out tor ? ?He, m-bich wlt'n Ho* t?y?^ wi l **, ma de the ni Iling^ aim nt to fifty n n#, wiii h gav e tin* <fan ? to the ifarlemite* b? fight rum, It Moil* a one iiay'a matcb, and de< id**d by lb" tii>t inning*. In tl.v >? coud nmn/ <?t Harlem, S and It Wiigbt, Wbai ton. Henry and <?od%iin , made theft Mor*"* In fine ? tyle, the othvr Kf'piiig up tlodr wieket^ steadily tor tbeir tun- Ihirtng t ii^ - innit llatlai tiowled vary finely, and Wti atcn. ft deltrerril nome wry ftne overii, and taking m< li ** than -? it w ii ketM. al'hougti nio^t in wer?* m de from of!' hi l??aUng. 'Hie rutin from tin* but ? xrre>led the tir*t inmng . and the total amounted to eixt> -four. If i but >igl>t to wiy that the ftuiding on l>oth aider* wa* fir 1 rate in tbi mateh part i rtt ia i !y tin* v*iri%et keeping "f Watoer and Hate- And the day. whitdi ws* n glotioua one f??r eriek<*t, coni lnded very pieiuantiy f y the rre?.Ident of the f 1ul> go ing up tin tronJiy of Tietory to the rre*bb nf of the llarlem < bib. 'Hie "i?!etidld mar?jtn*e oJ the Newark flub, ta* i gi a< ?*<i by t !.?* |?re-etic" <?f ti. ? (air r? IaU* ??? an t fiit?mjM of the member* of the two rlub ft will b?? #o#?n that tb?' Harbin (lub played "in* man thort, and with a Nubntitute t?o anotb' r who wtn aUo ai?-'*nt (>n?> ab*.'n tee wan that fine bowler and l?aft**t\ V\ itt?v *h?w?* pl.i? ?* vaa -o ably filled at the howling t>r Mt. fly n. ami the other, Mi, I i . ken, who mad#* a l.t - u*' *'"ore at Neu?rK recently, and ?'<?? hi t"ftl cii 'keting ?>tyb? Mt Vinton, of the yt i e^ttge i 'luh, ti* ?ld*"I foi ! } m* absent ?*leventh man of liar em and *ery kindly left hU nain* on tin woie, |V?t \?hi(hhelii^ their th.itik" fo; hi - ? . i r . - % . HAK1|:M I 1 1 'i. hinino*- >"* ' iHm^H*. II Wi itfltt b. Wiii-.tcroft v. J*?fl*rMiri I b Whtutcroft .. . 7 I fate* b WiniVmlf. . I b b w.?t. b H - 1 in ? 0 Wb:nU>T? b. WheatiM^ft c W'nil , 1 .*? f>. Wb*fcatoroft . * Tb> b i b. flail.. j 1 not out .! S, Wright not <-? t 11 b. Wto*at roft '? T. <?<xlwin b. Hallo* il b. Wh?*al?jroft Wami-i % liy k n b. Hai!u > r \N b?*a t cioft , , . . . . 0 b. !??, c Hall.*-'. Ilonrv b. Wu?*fitc rott i llttl'u ? ?* Wart*? U JfJ- v ti '? < 'Hliriu Jr b. W ?' croft < .'?!!??' i?. .. . 0 b . .lefTei on . H Whi' b. !!:?V:i * . 1 b. an?l - V?beat< v<*U . . 1 llVCl* 6 leg !?;?? I wvlo* l??, . . !?*? bv> . H w.-b*-, tS . , . II Totals ...Hi . .0-4 M v ah ? if it ? l\t <t inuMtijt Warn#?t b Jtv ?>n r V li| tori . ft Wurt? b S. Wi Ighf 0 BnkiT b. undr. |t< roil. 1 J? tf?T ??n b. Ityron 0 f lreraon, run out . 10 Smith b. fly r on . 9 Wb'atrr ft b Ityron r 11 Wright 4 Haifa4* b. S, Wright ?\ Wharton . . . ... . * N ;? in a vi . run out . 0 I <-flw Ith b. IJ) ron 10 twofold, n- "lit . . 1 Mvf ? ?' leg hy* ?? . ? if* II , 17 Total Tin- eleven* of -t, i??*org* an t S? w V*?r!. pi ny * <? \V? it !)?' -. Iri V j?* ll' lx 1 ' M The V> ? t lnrrriM and Vorki ? * * ?* I'ltib- |"-<y a mat' b c n Saturday ntxl at Y??nke Th? A< mh'i- y ? t 1 pi ? it II" - ?mi at R .iUm, <11 th 'tr*et and 24 nfcti ?'ur I.m I i'K lb* ",n 'H'1 vacation ihe.t. ?-???, ry ol Si- York, i r 'b?' fhib b , t- ,i Club at Caffi'b'!) N. J. ?b " it tin* 'Mh In*"* ltn??- Hull. A i*ojr | i ttiil MAtrh ta? jr. Uy %' It- 1 ford I. I t?**t ?? i*'n tlif innrrio<l an?t ^?rt(tl#* ' ^lub 7 hoy ?ff? >i young -lut? . ri'l b?r?' mu?*h to lomrn Tt>< t ftoblfng ? iy lfH? o. On thr <r" n : ??* in' t,. Imm th#- Kmplro Ootli?m Baltic h n - ? lw r ml otbor . 'Ih? Atlanti' h ?>y* Morally or?t^rtalr?"l tl?*? frl lol- ?r'" Tb" -lb log i- tb?' -n K\ i it j Ktttiij Hun V Hnifflu,.,, . ... i ib?? I'owf * U W. P. WhitiOll. ? Th??? !a *ir 'I (? Hrayt/;n Wo. J Toptr I J H'.nt^'in. I E(h*rioio J It ( -rtt"rt 'J J. tHktotlttv* 3 Win IMt*? $ J VV>?< . V Ifamiitori It. IVfidb'toii . I Htmu'l <arharf H. C \^bit**b'?'l 0 A MrVfah'/n .. 1 it W. hut?n 2 l II A' k**rutaii J Total 1 ^ Total .1 ' . Mji lit n I'll* ?? Wai iVaiH^k lit h ft I* Whtta- u. 1 tithtr Tl)o I'- wrr ' tli'Mv. Ia?t ? i'i'V" A mat' h tafcM plao* tM? aft*rri"-o ?? Mi ' tlia two rilik? Uio f?otbam ' tnb, t<. '>*"nn<ri? w> r|. m artualW ?*nlit?? i U? tli* fikovo ??< ihr br b+ tli* gatnt m ? i uin*tftA at o' Ux < I* M Tlir Ttirf. t rxrnv vii.ijs corner, i., i. th MimlMY -?p* 1 1 ? Puff ' I 'mai il?" b?a' b* it. ? In fi \? In h?4 1?* ? I McMiiun *mt*r?4 b. m H-r* 7V? ?p, I 1 J If. W*44 1 nft #-nt?f' I# ? *)u*?goJa ? O. 5*|4rai istoiM b f it*'- 231 Tim* ?: 2 1 V-2 I tl> In fr llln' m r. A Nl* > < mi s >4 *4' fft'Br r AO" U? y. ?Ur ay n "rrfir?jf, ? t< ;f?itio f ' ?i>| ? i?? ? th* < "rfi"f f it** ar.?t N ? <#*?? ?* t**' lift a '???*? ; +' an,' r * i< ' J?*- ?n*J ? : *?- wrrm *m v.? * Ik* f fir <??# ?)'?? t - a ?t?r ' * a ? inir If a *h?ni- lor ?<> f.a? *n oj^ -mflf !of a ru" ?l in<ly t? paaa iolw?; for#-' ' thaatfif trb at ?*'-li"th<r'a h#vb AfU?r il* ulgltig n tb agi i<i?4a an>ua?tt?o' Or a tlm t*? tb* feat o.' *h tft ' tl ?? fig I .? ? . i.#t?l t- ?t it. ?*?#? ?t f m? ?' I ? U>\ g ? a' ? ?' itofi.rrj* At thla ! a tli- ^r- <ivt }? ? mln ??i? *?t ?????. l*at.<i|^ ??? 'all 11 ? j fcll' * at Irigtli a rlt?'. an t ' b> ri?4 a^a? m '?*?! I#- * b? o tl S?bf- # f fHiuaM * i #?( ? , k <$** >'U4'y ?r ???!.' t ll< > i ?a* ?' ? T> ? o?*oi9^>i d <!' ?? ? *#1' r a " b ' * t n " ? * ? * *< r r ?, bf tb'. a** ? ar * ?* ?fc "h ?.a# |'i t ?n a taka>-? lf*r faff It fat ft an t #h*#?r W r#' iM tsl a? J * km ft w N bit) n 'li- a* H ad r, ??. I f"? ? "? ' I ' ' : ' ? I -l ? tl w' ?.s i * f r . ,? / ? ,;k ^?at, ?? boa attftt ptiny f*i ,s* its# >?r at to?4 f i ? ll.' aan<?? baa# ( t j- t ? ,^-t * r . f ( ??? 7<t if ? * 4 / /y |f ?. p> \ ' ' ? * | 'f SftO <? *m| at rati ?!.? ?* i !?? a ir f U.# ?lu ? ?k< ?n?? tin, ' if * ?? a*! ' ? ?Uta \hml tl a |li : t u Hi -#? * ? ' ?b' <? vi- W ? # ? ir*? ?? trroM ja?* fb f ii? H?r?h?l ? 9ld?* tm im i' n**o* of a a*/*. . '?y ? t " ,4 ?M Tbtr4 iMrv ? #. f? r ?(Nt a *'"#??? r*?a aar??> 1 Walbw 1**8^' * ar*r * .#5 ? f ^ a* ?*r?ia tb*? a'Ot>a*4 ?Aar?^? , r ? a ?' *b? * *?? ? ? ? <? ?? 'I# N '? |'#i / f I. ? ? ?!?? 1 4 ? ? ' a T r* ? |?n *if t' r f ft ?b?l ,a- dvii' ???) #Vf* ba4 ?<?#, a? t ilka* ktrt Hart? bad **M*m %? >a tW V <al oar X* Mwrykr , aHaa?a4 'a tl * 1 I ' * 'b* ri 1 " lli? Vilto' b* ?'<* t * rffef"* *tvl|| in |4M ta lo flWI lb#l* V- "?p- ? 4 in Hr* w?t H ? ? -#t ?> ? b '' h?' * .?* ????...t aot g-? i?*' it ??f ??? ' ? # .* ini tl#* a 4 . t of a# ft a i?0 # - I m ? ? ? ? 1 ? 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