Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 19, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 19, 1855 Page 2
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The Perry R?? elktlont ?*wr*T run witu tiik i atb imflohatio oorrk* fi'N I HNUE BKTWUKN T IK UOVfcttKUKNlU Or 111 * vbLjti) grinsti a>'u hi'ain. Mil. MAJUJY TO MR. IUHKV. llWAKTOKNr '>K Sr*?, ' VaIUIIW ^ Hay -0 WM. Tt> K J m*T, I'BQ , &0 , Vi\oHH>? , , HeMttg as you be, a diplomatic p> -> "/n , l?K *1 If' ot OU of ll.e Bloat I. lip ' ' ' V" 1 ' - ? ?? I V i?ll H<i U<> auu r?prt?; u tetttu ui a H? ?> i" r r ' * - ? * our ^ touching uP?u a.. ? '??u' ?actions w?.u it ? govt., I, ? m . *?,, ?w>.b.n)t. & ?. . K.fcra-1 ... ( ; (| Jd maulfeHtly i,B ' ls. " i?L,,r i.i'ihi e<>> pruuien: iu public ?oi pioper. I.., ,.u ? J'rtf-idrnt Uirouah the P* vment ?b. ?d. ? , ,bUo, u, ?r offll uUoSWt, la^t.STan a i-ro-|.r. i lrrejfu ? rity. It is ft pro Z."n? wnkii <? .. i .MM. tvil to embtrrasa the it 'uirat ' ? foreign relation*, and othorwiJO ( ,inil tn the interests o( t: ? government. You con ill not h?*e been uocOB clous of the impropriety of tilt step V"''' ' eterm . ed ,0 takiv ami must have nu'lui iaied It? confquen.ri, #o far ?t leant as regard* thcac ui ti;# Pr> ?ideut. irrea^iective of everything u Us tut fbis impropriety. tlio President luis deernol it to be %? . duty i'- remove ">? u from the i Hoe you uo.v hold, and hjn ilni i eo mo to ooiumuui at? t? you ids decision iu ?m case. 1 aiu. sir, respectfully, your obedient servant, W. L. MAUCY. iimv or mr. FT'iirt. Mah!:,i>. JnT 12, 1355. Bon. Wiixum L. M-vR<"V, .-secrets y of Staio? fut? Your communication of May -?th rcauhi'd ma on Ibe UOth i if June, la accordance with the Huppimitfon yhkh vi'ur own enlightened penetration has inilu,".>d you tmiuke. the d?'i'i initiation which youannoiin'e to me an the part of the Preaident ha? n jt au:-prUed uie ; but it kiw been f?* rea?i ns somewhat ((liferent from thos-i which afpear to have occurred to you. Keu eipreM thv opinion that In publishing ray let'er to the Frtaicent of the 21th Vpril, 1 railed in regard to ?om? iiplcmatic custom c r ordinary course uf procedure. You aa> It ?un iriegiilit-, an I on this point I hold your jadtf sirat in profound reepect. \ ou nuallfy it, .iNo, as d 1-* - ?Mpeetful and improper. It may l>e that sinee my de parture from America a change had taken place ? >o that ^ue*titn.s of national interest and honoi'. wliith formerly ui, glit to hnvv teen deoid?<l by Congresa, or by the people, L?vt> recently been limitt i to a narrower circle ? 'urh as im Siireie la cui'cd that of the Court ot the Courtiers, if re, I hoi e tl a* the fact of my absenae for hIx years past stay bv eonaidered a> some lalliu ion of my o (feuoe. I atiil preserved freth the ira| n sfious of a time wlieti au honeet man who has served, us you know I havo - erve I, the country, might make lull to -peak the truth, iu care of nocef-slty, c1' a y ami energetically, ho that it fhuuM " be heard by the peoplo as wtM as the President . for they used to !>? but one. 1 anil pieserved the eusioun of a time when justice was toe flrst and best ,'itle whi !ig:netoa citizen tho right to addietw the Chief Magistrate of the hepuhlio, -.vithoiit ?sur either of being unheal (1 or of being chastised fur ftkiliire in the form i's w. ich he should nialie hid voice e?a?ti to the Pre, i lent or people. How then, could I stop to consider whether my letter was cerem iiuoiuly li rr.u i, .htn I knuiv that it was hv'.My patriotic? if my a I a step without a p e>edent, 1 a o happy ki believe that ;h cireiims(*nee4 'Uiicii called for it wo 6 ?kennprecedi'ii'il iu 1. 1 our histmy audi res|>ecM'ii(1y ?uhmit that thwe au. oo.e eut?. and not the totter, wort, ?rally wl at oonld ' scat eel; tail to enhariatv the matr agtmcnt c' its i.'u n-U'-iou0, .1 othor? is? l>o de trUrentn! to the inteif.-tH of the Gftveimnout." Tlie teller ni'ght. ir; 're-!, prove eni" u ra sing, In else the Vie.-: ent acd a a. ,ji i'y o, his Cahiue were theinselfti derived, or ioo strrrgly in:li.i iced b I he ?a seeking tection of the filibusters. Kut, ol'er !??? in c.-ne the fre-lcent and hit CaMuct sliouM be dUpoied to re-tist ftie inliuence oflhat faction en.': pn -trvo the peace it the ?or n try with it ? honor, the con ten's of 'hat letter would ?tiengflien their liauiln. A' any th n.h rayseli'de ati nn to be agreeable to the President, the circumjtftnoea of the rountty as regard its alTairs *lth^painon the fi?*t w?eU of .April, ?e;e not ucn as to lead me t> study Vo>: wliicli would he the torm most jilea -iug to the I'resi tie oi in which to i xpo. e the (rue character of events. When we had tn en f ' months upon the vcrgo of ivar, And my weak voice had been raised to warn the govern ?.( nt npiinst be ir/j conducted to dishonor by a minister deceived and deceiving, and when, ne\ ortlielese, after the ???' urn of that minister, he and his policy were found ?till to have weight enough in their councils to make the war then highly probable and immediate, so that the most ?rodent citizens regarded ho. tile measures altnos' as if they 1 ad already begun; under such circumstances. I My, knowing the beta, I had the ri^ht to addre-s tho President before the iieople; nay, more, air, it was my Aity. If ever the rigor ot olhcial etiquette ought to have been neglected, it was then. My silen:ewonld have been a erhiie if, by tny hilence, a true knowledge ofvtiie fact* sfcouki have still rt mainod hurled in archives where tho yeople could never come to know or judge of thom. Aftei the government had, by its own act, published the mistaken corresponden'e of tho late Minister to Ppaln ard the extraordinary papors of the Osteud Con ference, covering tho whole opoeh re'-'crred to in my let ter of April 27th, the publication oi that letter was proper and necessary. A half publicity could scarcely fall to , bead astray tlie i udgnu ul of the people. 1 cannot sup pose that the President had projmsod to effect that re Bult, and I called upon him, therefore, for the publication ?fothet documents, received by the Secretary of state, upon the same affiiirs, being the complement of the pa yers already published. I hardly need to at'd that I should be disabused of an ?rror if you were to inform me that any interest of the United States of America demands their retention after the world has seen what was sent to Oongrw on the tld wf March. No, sir; 1 had not supposed that the I'resi dent would think it advisable to assign the appearance o ?my letter of April27th as the motive for my removal. I I have imagined that he might tal.e advantage of the first euaiblc occasion to reparate me from this legation. It i only been because that would be a consequence of tlia system the government has pursued towards mo ever ?ince T felt oUliged to decline foil ming the policy iuaugu aated by the lion. I'ierro Soul.-. Ton. sir, are not ignorant in what manner I liave con ducted a flairs lieie for the last ten months, and you tan. not doubt the pertinacity with which 1 have insisted in |?ocuring jeaco and justice when war and viol, nc" were ?inch easier and the Cabinet itself bad apparently be ceme wavlike. You cannot have beeu ign..tant ot the persistence with which i have given color and force to ?very peaceful expression of your own to Mr. Soute, throw ii.g ioto the background the re.'t, so as to procure the arrangement of he questions pending; ami you are aware that Mr. Soule considered there was matter suit ?>1 to hi purpose, ns veil as against it, in those docu ment". You will also remember the tone of the only de pateh lever received fromjou concerning afl^ir', and yon will doubtless recognize how little fi II w a- to uumate me to continue in tho oourse I luid andertakea. In that haid. drv and tarilv answi r to my dis patches suinonn"lng the complc " and satlsfictory arrangement frf the Illack Warrior affair, 1 could not help neolug how little favor my labors had found with the governmnnt; ?u>l if, then, my further resj onse was to send you lmnie diateiy tertns for the settlement of other questions which you Informed me hud affected the government to the es teut of completely neutralizing the satiil icti .11 giveu by Fpain in the matter of the Illack Warrior; if I at that time made haste to forward tho settlement or tho ' ? i-.l - dorado'' and "Ihomaon" aiiairs it was, sir, iu order bo terve my country and to fulfil ray duty towards her, bnt not with any hope of thus acquiring Uie (avor of the Ckhloet. lor some time past I have OOnsidered it remarkable that I was still n i iice.1 at this; and 1 confess that J have attributed it almost eschi ivoly influence of the Secreta ry ofytate. It i i true th it I ha I no go< d rea.-on I'ersonnUy to think thus. It is true that ym. have never enoou ;^fed my course, ami thit, iu the eight ev'ntiul inoutlis durin? which I lia\e rece'itly reprcented the United Slates at this Court, you have ?ever honored me with a single line ot instruitions, eitner ?fflcially or extrn-ofliclally, nor by one expression of ap probation or even of satisfaction ?i n.yconduct; 1' la true that I have been left e.hne, absolutely alone to struggle against obstacles which ought to have beeu insuperable fcr a Secietary ol Is^ation ; but I re|ieat, sir, notwi'.li standing thl- greet prudence on your part, the singular ly of the fiict that 1 was n<it removed from rnv post was no striking, that 1 have not known how to explain it ?therwiee than by the supposition that the Seciet.iry of ?tate, whatevor might be the difficulties with whi '.h h? was himself conlenditie, was In his heart autistic 1 with what I was doing. Still, you will perceive how the reso lution of the President could not have been a surprise to war. He has thought (be occasion a favorable one to car ry that resolution Inti elfect, and I do not doubt miny will consider it Justified, and that to some' It will provo grateful. For me there remains nothing more than to ?crept it, and to assure yru that I am, air, with the highest respect, your obedient, humble errant, HORATIO J. l'EKBY. Common Pirn*.? Special Term. Before Hun. Judge Woodruff. LANDLORD AND TENANT CASE. f"rrr. 17. ? Edgfrton vs. J'a/r ?TbU *a* an aiHlon f<>r ?ent of lower floor of premises No. 8 Kulton *tre?t. for quarter ending May 1, 18W> at the rate of $1,600 per an num. Defendant allege* in hi* answer that the lea e con fained a privilege f. r renewal for a second year, at nam ?ate. and that thi* wa?i one of the chief inducement* to J the hiring and that the plaintiff, who waa occupant ? >f the premise* above. permitu-d largo quantities of water to un from hie run into ami upon tlio rto"endant'? promt oaufmg dan nge V. hi- gi>M-< and hi* taurine** to the Mtuunt of loll), und that in consequence thereof, he lelt the premise* at Uie elo^a o" the -aid teim, which damage fee claim" to set up by wiy of r-c mpmentor eviction, to tkic. plaiotitt demur*. H ??, ? intended by Mr. Wln -hrw ier Brltton, counael for plaintiff, that the facV ---l up constitute a trcspaas. and do not grow not of tlie trans Oetton, nor are they connected tlier. with, and U?nt, a< ?meb, conld not be net up by w?y of mi r.v oopmeat fa an action for the rent before the ' ode n ir c-an tluy now by way of counterclaim utiW the and that ik*r? can 1*' no ovi. tlou etlhei <<in*tj uctive or a<-tuil. while the tenant (till occupie*, and th it an ??Tt l >n ?ft?i fc> no answer, and the answer admi'* the wyjtjjun y till the eipirntion of the ti nn, ami there . ,n n> ?bum i.n account of any erictiou n> t-. tJie ?v nl j no demand and refusal of promt -km or notice of election t remain for the second year wan alleged Counsel fur defendant urged that the lone w.n equln Jent to a l*aM for t ao years, and that there wa? ua or - 4k>n ha to the Unt yew. A.nd nlao. that und r the pron ators d the Code tho def. ndaiit may set up as m.viy de ?snc?" a' be may either eqniteble or l"g*l, an i if It weald not hare txen properly set up before 'he Oide it M-n*titlite<l an equitable .. teuce which n?ay l>e net up u # Aeicnec under lt? proyi- :u. fecisiim reserved. Court of (.'amnion Pit .m Before Hon. J? tp. ln;rr?hai.i, PKATJI OF HENRY H. DODOS, E-<y. {?JTl ML? It e Court adj oi ie! p. gut ,.f reepee M> the memoiy of Henry . i . ber of fV New '?( ' 1 ha-, wh i <!i ? , yr- Mere*, I'eilTlle. Vfi\ Jt ry , y 'V'-- /, Th< iti wi'U '? ? meeffng ot l eMrhe. ii: ? ?, . .. ftiiirt fiener^l T?rti? i? < "i u* ? <> > 1 ? ' ? n JJ, te '/ e?t trf Jl-e me ory i ? th J- c. t Trial ??" W?" n? *?h??fciifcenf Mr the Oar ?'tr or II?l?na Meyer. OOUUT or an*HHAL HB-WI0N8. IWftoe KmoaWt Mnlih. r*T ? .- eit. 18.? The Court of General fissions ? | en?><l at 10 o'cl c!i this morning by ;U?*order (?mltb, uod the trial of WLlWm Hehaffleriberg, cli.t --y I whh the n:u:der I llilona Meyer, proceeded with. Too court rrom hum more oroxr.le I tb?u on the <'?? betore, Hn.cng the sp?rtator? liciug a (rut many Giratiu, trleude of the acenac'l. The tti-u.w) ?u< brought Into court looting perfectly ealm and colltt .'J, a* If he wan confident of an i,c<|nltlul oon as 'be Jury wore calld, (he c i?e wan summed U|> > n the part of the AtfniM, Vy Mr. H. L. f'lin'on. who ?pol<e from 10 o'clock (ill near 12 and then Mr. A. Oakey llal', I ist rict Attorney. took up the cane fur the people, and Kpi'ke for about an liuur. Tho Iteeorder then charged the jury an folli wh:? Gen tlemen of tlie Jury? In all criminal cases the Jury an the pole judges of (he fticts in the cane. The law must Ik* ltoeived nrem the co'irt. if the ooort err, there i? a higher lilbuna), where I ho error niuy be corrected. I'his prisoner in indlc'i d for the crime of mut ]er. When death if perpetrated from a premc-iltated design, it is murder in the eye ol the law. the tirst question tor you to pin>a upon is, whetllur ihe person uillud died troin the wouco inflicted, nnd if the wound waa inflicted bv the prisoner. The roeond question then, lit, was It the lntrn ion of the prisoner to take life when the bW*r w.u ?truck? If you do come to thin conclusion, tlion the ? rime if murder. If you belli v.- he did not Intend to take ? ife when hestrjek the blow, then ihe crimo Idof a lejser ? <g'ee, ur is called manaiaugbter. Now I will ra plain to > ou the law upon The various uegrees of man slaughter. (The Court here read the law referring to tho four de vices of manslaughter.) Now lot us look, for the pur pose* of a conclusion, at the facta of tbia case, and then apply them to the law, aa 1 have laid down. With what may be the result ol your verdict, you have nothing to do. The first that we hear of thin c.:<se Is, on a ^umUy aftor roon. In tills low den of prostitution, where person* were assembled. The company was about as tar re luced as human nature la capable of being reduced. The keeper of tl is house has himself since this murder married ono of hla own prostit utes. And, genilenii n, were those peo ple at all prejudiced aguinst the prisoner, 1 should instruct j'ou to recti re their evidence with much caution; these people appear to he the friends of the acouse 1, and he wax their pa'ron. Wo lind that on this Sumlay altornoon the prisoner, in this housa, atruek a d'.igger ! into a womun's breast. Now, whut is tho excuse for this killing? It is claimed by hia eounsel that he was intoxi cated. It ia claimed that this in anity of mind was produced by drunkenness. Upon this head, it is my duty to say to you that a man in an insane mind can not commit the crime of murder. Now the law in thin case Is, voluntary drutiki nueas cannot excuse tne crime I of murder; but the jury cat) te.ko into consideration whither the crime was preuKHlitnted or not. It is necessary that the power of diwvlinlnatlon should exist in the prihoner's mind at too lime of Uie killing, to nuke itjnurder. IV a baud of drunken rowdies were iboat the cily with knives and pistols, committing wholesale mur der, and llion come inn> court aud nay tl>ey were drnuk, and upon this plea should he excused ? if the posvr of i discrimination existed ? the charge of murder would be. < good. If ihe Intent exiated at the time of Btiiklcjf the blow, the charge of murder is taade good, fc'iuall and trivial circuins am c ? in such a case arc important some times for consideration. Now, from the evidence uf ttebel, we learn that the pH-oner drank v ine, but not of an hi loxicating Utd Nov was the e a aingle ix..i in hit. mva nern during that day. to satisfy you that he was in an abbcration of mind ? of this you a> is to be ihe judge, lle hel snys he c itne. to his hou o alsiut .'3 o'clock in ilie af ternoen. We usK him what he did. He says he drauk, and naked othcis to drink. He took supper and handled the po.atcei with his linger iua'oad of his fork. Now is there In all this a single act to convince you that he was ignorant < f what he was doiugV The man ner of proving iniiauity is to call a .vitriols upon the stand, and prove by lil'n the transactions of the party, I and then call a physician and a .k him if the le timony of the witness whs sufi'icient to prove Insanity. Wo next come to Caroline Kebel. Itid she discover anything strnnj,e in the manners of the at jused ? It she did she failed to make it known npon the stand. Now we come to Wagrner. He says, as soon as the blow was utruck the prisoner said, l' Fho will not rise from that sofh; I shall be hung for it, and that is all.-' Now, U this the exclamation of an incoherent lnanf W.-geper says he did not notice the prisoner that day. He appe.iri to be friendly to thea?'ruseti. Now, if there had bwu anything very slraogo in the actions of the prisoner, would Wa gener not have observed it!1 This is a question for you to answer. (The Court here continued to review the rest of the testimony as above.) Now, this, gentlemen, is what this man did ami said, from the witnesses in the case. Now, gentlemen, 1 ask you if it is your duty to conjure up doubts when tho ovldenco falls to pro duce any doubts in the case? If you come to the conclusion that tho pvisoner was responsible for his ac tions, then you have to inquire Into the motive : was the act premeditated V 11 it was, then It is inurd?r. Now, the counsel, where In the motive? ? no criiuo Is com mitted without a motive. I believe there is no man on earth who commits crime for the love of it. But what is a motive for one man is not a motive lor another. One man will commit murder for half a dollar, and this is a motive. Now #?me motive did exist in this case. It was said by Meineke that this prisoner was very fond of this girl. The pi iaoner knew thut Meineke was in the room with that girl that day. Now was this a motive t This is for yuu to answer. I'pon the point of intoxication, gentlemen, I have ah eady charged you at length. Now, gentlemen I have charged upon all tho facts in this cafe. If this prisoner intended to kill this girl ? and this intent you must determine upon ? then he must be convicted of murder. You are to decide upon the evi dence. You are not to compromise the ca,-e from oue of murder to manslaughter, unless you consider the evidence warrants you in doing so. You are to decide only upon tho evidence, and the law Is to govern you in your de clarations. (lerulemcn, the case is now In your hands. The jury retired about lialr past one o'clock, and arier rn absence from Court of about two hours and a half, returned with a verdict of " Guilty of murder, with a recommendation to mercy." Ihe prisoner was reconducted to prison, and will be brought up for sentence on Friday next. Supreme Court. OPINION AS TO TIIK POWER OF THE JUSTICES 01 THE MAKINE COUl'.T. Before Hon. Judge Clerle. 77i. P'">ph on the Relation of De Im ftganivc ayahsl the JhzMou of the Marin - Court. ? The only power of review possessed by the Justices of the Marino Court over their own decisions and judgments i' (*iv."i by ths net p. - e \ July 21, 1853. to this they could not grant a new trial, or reverse their judgments (nee the l'eop'c v? . the Marine Court, 12 Vr' en., 220); but by th'.* act they .ire authorized to appoint eoncial terms, at such time a* they may deem proper, and an appeal may l>o taken from a judgment entered by the direction of n Hiugle Judge ol the court to the Justices thereof at a jjcncial term, l.i the fame mi>nncr und with the like effect as appeal* in the Supreme Court from th" dee: Inn of n single Ju'Ve to the the general term. There In no provision lor a motion lor a r.? w trial before a single Judge at special term, a* in the Supreme Court; but it does not follow Uiat a party can not obtain n new trial t>y appeal to the geieml term, on the hidio grounds end tor the name reasons for which n new trial could be obtained la the Supreme C??urt by mo tion. Ihe legal signification of procee lings on app al does ni t import the review merely of questions of law. ''Ap ia al" signifies simply the removal of a cau^e from an in ferior to a supe'lor jurisdiction; and any question of f.iot or law, or both, may bo the Kuoject of appeal, or the whole tacts at the whole c.i-u : as, lor Instance, appeal* in Nummary proceeling" to remove tenants, from the decisions ot Justices of the I'cacc to the Court of Common I'luas, or county courts. It is, indeed, now the substitute tor a wrU of error; but it in more: it is tho method by which all the mistaken in Ihe judgment of an Inteilor jurisdiction are reclined, except when otherwl 0 specially provided. If a motion for n new trial before a single .lodge had not boen expressly prescrllied in tlieSu[>e rli'i Coin t? by aection 2<io, thoMi courts would have the right, from Uiolr Inherent power of re-deliberation an l re view. to mouify andreveiseitsjudgincntsatgeneral term, for any cause. So, the Marine Court, a.< a consequence of the new power Invested in and by Uie act of 18ft I to re con sider and review It* judgments by appeal, without re striction or qualification, can, as It has done in the pre sent case, vacate or modify Its judgments on the ground of being ogalnst the weigh' of evidence, as well as if ex ceptions were taken at the trial, and the objection* raised involved only question- of law. 1 am, therefore, of opi. nion, that in the absence of any provision In the act of 1M,'!, requiting a motion for a new trial in the (lrst in rtntice, that the question.-' usually iur.tltuting grounds for such un application can be heard and determined in the Marine Court on aipeal at general term, arid only in thli way, and that the word* in the a*.t, 'in the same m inner and to the like elfect, " apply to the method of conduct ing the appeal and to the results, and not merely to the ground.' and reasons of the appeal. It wa* ur^ed by the coun.-el for the relutor that the power of review given by the fifth eectloo <4 thLs act, applies only to decisions on motions to open delimit*. This would to contrary to the whol - tenor and evident aim of the act extending the |uri? iction, re-modalling the organization of the i <mrt. and investing it with new and unicftrictod authority to hol la general torm. Wint erer may be the obaeurity of part of the lamrnafloof v~ti >n 6, I cannot suppeee that the Legislature Intended that all tb'a new machinery W?s designed exrl idvely lor case) of default. In answer to the remark that the deflenlant might to have apfdied to the Court of Common I'lea i lor a new trial. 1 aiu ol opinion that appeals from the Marine Court to the Court ol Common l'lea* con ouly l>e from its dei i.- ion* nt general term. The action ant deliberation of the inferior court niu? t be always exhausted I. "tore 'he a| pellate court eon entertain jurisdicion of th ? saaae. In the language of Judge Hr! -on in Unci] vi. 1 reeltnd, (1 Can. '-"-JO, i pon apjienls f.oin tie iptpieilM Court to the Court of Appeals, 'it i* uot to be pr?eno>?d tiuit the I*gl L-itur" intended the ; artie should gi to the, virt ol l?yt tesort before they lu?d obtained the judgment of the lull beni h In tho court wheie the proco> din.;* weri in*tl tuted. Weouglit to find unequivocal words to thv elf" I V< to we giie such construction to thu stutute and, rfain: "il the party lis* a right to a hearing at the g.-u 'i Item! th. n ho should g. there from tne ?peelil term n-tend of taking an app?U. The fy.fialntutv eo*l] n>t h i Inti nded that thete ehonM lc an at>pe:il >o thl* urt, beft rs the matter had been finnJlr dl >no?<l of In the ct.i.i ? cif orirfti al jnri-dl -tion." The defoudant, the c fot> . i, d no . the- teinedy then an app<ul In the first in stai.'t t tin term ni tho Marfu4 Coart, and th ? ?if*i"u > i> pioierly entertained there. It i . uBtv>. ??*? esryt' eon* '? i till, other points dletUv*ed. ihn applica tion mil- be <'?n 1?1, With A " ? x wn t|'. eti e I up.>n traveltira, 5.. 1 1. t wilheu. .? 11 *e*?. ft* .. *t ca'<* o(" the kin I < ?? 1 red i<"i iv .'l 1 ' ? ;.:nl. A per 0 ac ? sod a fellow tra iler 01 picking Ms pockcU o0 tlM? caia. Upton the arrival 'It',. Il in ? : e . a;, r (IK . 0 11 ? -i him and !< !n'io e ti I Wee ftiiji' *1-' 1 gw.) where ' ..i .a i n v ?? ete red till m<>riii'ifr <n n ite .i ' 'n The JCpMrmtr at Purt^moat'i mid Nortrlfc. tIb ronf%MOBTH ohphan* in [From the JUihui- .id M*|m'.oh 1 :.) The o, |h?n-. fr<xu rortomouih huni biei ?iU mt?1 for, ar.d e u'Oj.t i no t t'TO, who ? heal ti w*- deltoite ?i* getting on biavely. They are ai abe ful and pl? ml ?? >? ui'g If ml)*. Ah iheir w>b?h ? o IraVvr unilc utixi 1 ?bey are made Kinre and mwe eomio a ,ij. t.rc r b J ly to 1- e an intercut fa them and are i uxlous to a< 1st lu maintaining them. fc"iiuj hnvo iui??li*couLrib.ition*. Mr. Ilotiij/ t'i * lj.?tead of tending oue cow, hai Ken three i>< 6iur, <H> ibHi the in?an s who reqa're H wdi have fcnsfe We i igge>.t to our i?uler? ttwt auy.ntag n tuo w?; of fiovliuii -inl <lo'hi?iK wlM be murft aooeptaMe Atyihiag left ?. the ollioe (if sir. Ulyson over Ail & Grey'a, ?>r attbe />?7u/< A of'-e will lie ci>uvey?i to th* o.llegv, and Will he grat< fully a<knowh'.tj?'<l. We tru*t that kind and hu mane mothers who kno<v eo well Mbat cbtldren no young a* tl:e?u ue<<d, w ill not ho-l'-tCe to make suitable contributions. No o.m who gives to tht^e little one* will fail to be lOwa'ded wirli iutwia-t. !'? oiEinK that tin publication of tl. e nam? of hiMe children might puaiiUly be of ad van' age to eomo of them, we givo a Ivt lu low: ? Clului m'i Nuiuts. Nam' nf Parent*. Jdjrs. Wiiry K. Me>cr Ge^). mid Na'iey Mover 10 Harriett Ann Ai n l Win. mi I Ann Au< 11, 10 Elizabeth iwoll V,m. ,i ?1 A.>n An-ell, U ? I evinia Acr.cU Win. and Anu An.- til, 7 Alice AnsuJl Wm. and Auu Ansell, 3 Huuh J. Bryant (-(.ml. and (litrrio. Ji, yant, 8 Mary V. I'ralt Thomas V. F'ra't, l.J Louisiana F. l;att Thoruas V. Piatt, It Mary E. Stillmsn Mrt. Abigail Kussoll, 7 Huweua Kawla and Martha A ltawls, 8 Mary F. Ha wis and Mar: ha A. Kawls, 0 Joseph Forehand Hardy L Charity Forehand, 4 Wn>. Hi icy forehand. I Jo. d:?., 7 Liyzle Forehand Do. do., 2 Ji bn 1'onovun T. and Margaret Donovan, 0 Samuel llatns, Jun ?aml. Pains, ^n., 1)4 GeorRoGrny George (J ay, 2 John O'lonuld ? and Catherine O'Donal 1, 3 Lirzle Lynch Miuhael l.ynch, 2 Alice V. Gates Mr Gate*, ft Walter Ca'os.. Mr. Gates, Vnknown, commonly called Captain, lljjht hair aud blue eyes, parents unknown 2 Manuel Bernard John l!e:nar<l, ^ 10 llenry Bernard Ji hn Bernard, ? Ano'Ua 1 Children of Dr. Samunl Nloliol tuiinett | hod, deceased, and Mr<. Mary Ida | Nicnobion. Their m itlier accoui Jan ch j paniof them. We otatcd on Saturday that tlicro were two children whot'c pairntu and un .io? were unknown. ThciO in only one. Aniidnt the confudou, diatrens un.l desolation ot the fever, at Its greatont height, thin little boy, whose purentn won understood to bu dead, was lcfc at the houne where the o'phr.nn were gathered together, and no name was given in with liim. H1b little oompaniona t-ook ijniie a f&m-y to him, nnd nic-named him the 1 ? Captain. " He In a bright, ohinful, little fellow. Mrt. 1 ?r. Nicholson ha- hid a period of ?evore a Miction. Her husband whh a highly respectable pby-iolan. wh<i pefiahed with llie lever, aud ihe was left entirely ilesti lute with her family .%ome of whom have had the fovor. Hno is an intelligent nnd gentle lady, who bears her af fliction meekly jet firmly. WHAT NOB FOLK AND PORTSMOUTH WANT. Vo are informed liy (.ernons f. om Norfolk and Portfl tioutii that what lhey rUii-ily want is froth btead, freih niefit and freth evory thir'g. live ehiokenD and yboep rov M be very acceptable. For the pro ent It is impossi ble lo have bread cooked for the peuj le, the bakeries bo iug all BUi'i-rniied. SEUEF MEBT1NO IN JF.USKY CITY. A r.ieflirg ofriti/.ens of Jersey City was held last c%-pn inc. in the hall in Commnr ial Buildings, to devise liuan to ruii-c money for the relief of the sufferers by yellow fever iu Niu f( lk and Portsmouth. The meeting was or ganised by culling ex-Mayor (.ildirist to the chair, ami appointing I. W. Scudler Sce,refary. W?. T. RoDCEiis, Pr., tu"vo(I the appointment of a com mittee to draft reioluilons, ond the Chair designnte l Mes-rs. itoclgiTi!, /.ubriskie and Grifflths as such com mittee. I.x-Alderman John H. Low mcved tlie appointment of a committee of four in each ward, to collect moneys to be 1 1 nt to the afKi'.led in those citio.i. He supported his motion by appropriate remarks. The meeting proceeded to aipoint tho following persons members of .-uch com nittw! ? First ward ? Charles A. Woolsey, Minot C. Morgan, Chailes .lenkiiw and Isaac J. Vanderboek. K'((.nd want? Samuel M. Chambers, A. A. Ilarden bergh, Alex Wilson and George K. Cutter. Third ward? Cornelian Van Vorst, Geo. Mclaughlin, Wm. 1'earsall and John 11. Malght. Fourth ward ? Seneca Alger, Wm. Keoney, Samuel Wescott and John Van Vorst. The Committee on Resolutions reported a set of resolu tions expressing the sympathy of the meeting for the suHVrer?i at Norfolk and Portsmouth; authorising tho appoiutment of the committee for raising funds, and riMpioting the pastors of the churches to take up a col lection next Sum ay for this purpose. Messrs. A. C. /ubriskie, Minot C. Morgan, John Grif fiths ant Robert Gilchrist, were appointed a committee to receive and forward the contributions. The meeting then adjourned. The Turf. CENTUETIIX* COURSE, L. I. ? TROTTING. Flora Temple, Chicago Jack, and Mac, trotted tor a $500 purse on Monday last, at the Ccntreville Course, on which occasion Flora's time was the beat that has been made for a twelvemonth. Sbo won tho race In lutnd, at times exhibiting astonishing bursts of speed, and seemed capable of distancing Chicago Jnok and Mac in each heat. She trot*, again on Thursday with Frank Forrester an. 1 two others, two mile heats, and should she succoed in beating Frank, ? will be s ome time before she will find a match. The >ace ou Moniay was of little interest after the first heat, and many left the track at that time satis fied wi'li Flora and her chance of success. The betting previous to tho start was Flora ogalnst the field at two to one. First Ileal. ? rhlrngo Jack won the pole, Flora the centre Mrc outside. At the Mart, Flora nod Chicago Jack both broke up; but before Ja k was brought to a trot, flora wn<i f;:r alien d of Mac. pacing the quarter pole in thirty-right seconds, and the hall' tn'lo pole in 1:14. Little notice was tuVen of Mac and Chicago Jack until tliev reno on (lie hon.cstretch, when the: linpre. rion became universul tliat Morn would distance them. She. however, was taken tip at the drawpate, and came home quite easily, making the heat in 2:20}^. There is uc doubt bnt that plie could have ma le tlieheat in '.i:27 or less, had Mr. McMynn urged h>>r the last quarter of the mile Mu? wfiH wcond, about seventy yards Ik bind Flora, and Chicago Jack wu? just innide the distance stand. frmnrl Ihal. ? Flora dashed away at tlie word 111; ^ a running horse, frolug to the quarter .liree lengths ahead of Mic in thlrty-slx >-econds. and to the half milo pule in 1:1.1; Jack far behind, i-b.e wait taken in hand on the lower turn, and tlie others got eloper to her. Chicago Jack made a capital brush at mind the lower turn. passing Mac and coming home second. Flora mado thin heat in l:ol>;. Thi il Heal. ? 1 lora led m before, going to the quarter polo in thirty-seven aeccn.lg, to ti e half la 1:13; anl making a tremendous bur;.t around tl"> lower turn, w* ? over a distance ahead of the others when she reache 1 iho homestretch. Here hIic vas taken up and Joggi-d home in 2:34. The tollowiug Is a summary : ? Mo.ndat, Sept. 1". ? l'urse, fc.'OO, mile h a's, best three in five, in harness. J. McMnnn entered b. m. Flora Temple 1 1 1 II. Woodruff entered b. g. Chicugo Juck 3 2 2 0. Hi.ioer entered b. g. Mac 2 3 3 Time, 2 :?!};? 2 :31 >j_2:.Vl. irSTON OOPHfE, L. I. ? TROTTISO. TiTP1>a*, ept. 18. ? Match $600, mile he..U, be- 1 thfpo in five, 1o wagons. H. Woodruff named b. g. Jack Totter 2 111 Jo*. Whelplev named blk. m. Hlack Be,s 12 2 2 ^Ime. 2:12)4?2:42 ? 2:44 ? 2:48. An Incendiary attempt was made yesterday mornlt 8 flie the buildings on the Centreville Course. Four K | rletecU-d in the act, weie arretted and taken' to Ja.ti.ii. | where an Investigation will take place to-day. Who or what Induced these young rascals to attempt tliia arson will probably Ik- brought to light before tko investigation jf over. Theatres and Hxlilhltloim. Proatiwat TirBATTK.? f-'hakespi rc's tragedy of ' Ham let" Is selected for this evening, the popular American actor, Mr. K. I., Davenpnit, sustaining the character of Humid, supported by Messrs. Fisher, l?ncrgan, I'enno, Etynge, Carroll, Whiting, W. IJ. Chapman, Mme Ponlsi, and >iins Manners. Ihe '-Wandering Minstrel" will ter minate all. NmboV CARrrv. ? the I'yne end Harrison Opera Com pony, announce Donl.ctti's comic opera of the "Duugh'er ot the Ftgimetit' to night. MUs L. I'yne, sustaining the rolo of Mario and Mr. W. lliirruon tlia* ofTonio. Huwtoy Tiik^.thk.? Byron'a tragedy of ' Werner" will commence the amusements here t'tii evening. Mr. J. VV. W alia ck, dpi en ring ti* Werner, and Mrs. W. Wi 1 , tm Josephine, The popular lane of the "l.tinBoy" will also be | laj cd. Ri rtt.n's TtiriTttF ? The s- re* ?fnl comedy of '-Still Water Runs Deep," and the laiifhibb' farce of the ?'Wrndering Mln.<trel '' are the pi r.M led f r ? his evening? Burton, Jordan, Miss Raymond, and Mrs. Hughes. sppin.iig in the leading |>aits. Waiuck rf Tiiurni.. ? Tin new Ave act eei oly nf the "(Jeitne of I/ve" continues to draw foil Uou-> ?. I* v. U l>e repented thl* evening, with the petite comedy tri the "f-pltaltieldi WeaTCr." MiTR4ifo:rT.iN Twiuthk.? Mile. R.vliel is to appear as i In I. this iv. bigg, in the beautiful i.i'.il?-:n drama rt "Argelo. the Tyrant, i f I'adiiu." Iho new couicdr of 1-n 1 igne Pri ite" will V plnyel It. Woi i.'* Mtxct ki- gfTe the same burl' jue. Ink IHssl " this (Tenijvr. but change th" program no' fir the vo ul and iii'tiunii ntal con <>rt. UriKinr's KnucfAOKitit offer ''fonttimbula," with t.!i? niiv piima ilm.nft, Vii ? Milli-r a. Amiua. t'. liui ii- y will psrfoTm n bolo on the guitar. Tv. at Ar.iiin I*. oms._ | i,i - now anil., t|\e chsrae'er ot enterti inm?nt w'll I* ^iren for 'he 5 i' t time on the 4tli in?t., by Mrs. Alex t;,H'i?. i*Le rrltiei ins of the I/^n 'on pre-s are ran^h in her f ive FAfl JttJlv and Ang ist <? ck? 1 are goin^ on a 1 i. nal tour h uth. 'ih- ir t -jcert here wll! I . t.util tie ir re? irn. Jn ,ey City Krws> , 1 ? I o. - . Inr>! , ? . Ir 1 ? ? i w l.il1' l?? ??'ed t.. th. h ? i ? , . I >fcr?an ?tn ?'? jey Cl'v and tiegai to abu-e Pe?B and | ) U wi>>. Dean or.'' r?l him ti lrrT'? -ev.T,v1 tin,., -n! Hi ally att'-mp' I to pu?'i him f im t'o> 'o-ip wh n 't ? ( illicot tire ? a i nlfr and ?tal i*l htm In the left shnnl'l?* ei.S in 'hi " '?h The wotmds are uf hr- r t . Jiff... I ot. :>:i- ' a d ie . FINANCIAL. AND COM-VlERCiAS-. j IOI1T OABKBT. Titbsday, Sept. 1J ? 0 P. M. The business done to-day w;,s rather sm tier tha i usual, uud prices generally ruled lower. A=t om paved wift the price.) of > oalerdtiy if'^ernoon, Krie de. lined j, Cleveland und Toledo 3, Reading J, Cumberland j, Cleveland und Pittnburg J, and most i f the other fancies in proporti <u. NkaragKi Tran sit and Michigan Central were ute-dy. In h <?d* the bneip< ;?(? was light, except in Illinois Central j, of v, hioh several large lotd were Bold at slightly ira pro> ed prices. The rise in Erie astonishes moMt observers, as the business of the road is fiUUng tflf visibly. Tire re turns for August pre: ? 1-aruingn In Augu?t 1854., M918M 90 Kurnirg* ia August, 18i6.??? 43! ,l-<6 57 Tcclino thi* year 4/, '>80 8.: ? Besides which, the road has now to provide for a sinking fund, which they Lad not last year. The unexpected snmllness of the lucre m in specie in the tanks is dne to the remittances to Georgia, which arc said to have amounted to a million of dollars last week. On the strength of thin, and the increase of mercantile paper, the B ulk of Commerco, Merchants', American Exchange and Metropolitan are contracting. Money ia still plenti ful. The grocers' paper is coming more freely into the maikot with the increase of the fall trade, and the unnBunl speculation in sugars. In the course of the next fortnight a considerable contraction in tho bank louns is looked for. Exchange is dull ? sterling varies from 100J to 109^. Broilers are paying 7 per cent on call loan*; merchants, In some cases, as high as 8 on good pa per, but ol tenCr 7 on short dates. The following were the operations at the oCSce of the Assistant Treasurer of tho United States during the day: ? l aid on Treasury account $'2S.'!,t91 73 Received " " 120,400 10 Pn)un< c '? " 6,281,5V.! 22 l'uid for Asfay office 868,008 07 1 aM on disbursing chock* 38,89! 71 The warrants entered at the Treasury Department, Washington, on the 15th of September, ivcre a? fol lows:? I or the redemption of *tocl; > $10 581 ?l For llio Trrn ury Department 17 661 00 For the Interior 1 epurtmi at. 18,7:j8 70 ]or tho Custonn 12,173 58 V. ;.r ?ar>cutn received and ent'-od Ill ?) ' ( 73 War rej.ny warrant* received ovl en'ered 105,022 70 Interior i"iin\ -varrpnts received and entered. 160 46 ( u account o't the Navy 1 '1. ?""> 34 repaj mi ntii on account of tho Navy 8,817 t?0 Covered !u from landa 4 -08 01 The following sales of stocks were in ado at tbo Merchants' Exchange, Albany, yesterday: ? II ehares Mechanic*' and Farmers' itunk $13 6 ? ?' " " Ill 50 " Commercial r..nk 13 1 60 <? " ?' 130 33 " " " new ntock 1U6 1(0 " Bark ol Albany 10 " Bank of the Capital It I *4 10 " Central liaiiroad 00 The directors of the Illinois Central Railroad have given noti<c that coupons falling due on 1st October will be paid at the office, No. 60 Wall street. The interest due 1st October on the Eastern Ex tension bonds of the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad Company wil? be paid at the office as usnal. Stocks arc lower at Boston. The Boston and Maine Railway especially has suffered a severe de cline. The decision of the Canal Commissioners not to make a fresh loan for the enlargement of the canal, will be a great help to the speculators who took the last at so high a figure. Their singular good for tune is a subject of general remark. Some one, it is understood, has made a fine operation of the last. The quarterly statement of the incorporated banks of Ohio for the last quarter, thus compares with the official statement for the previous quarter: ? JinovriYg. Aug., 1805. May, 1855. I iwounts $12,667,226 $13,fc0.818 t*I eeie 1,078 116 1.854,805 Notes of oilier banks 1,328,422 1,387,0 6 Due from other bank* 1,081,437 058,66 4 Eastern deposits 2,380,664 1,771,00: Uwb i'eiiiii 76,723 10.1,889 liunds of State und U. Htnte*. 2,590,478 2,480,718 P dil estate 401.600 344,232 Other resources 1,104,344 1.161, 061 LinliUHt . Capital F'oek $5,775,260 $5 670,7*0 ClrenUtlon. 8 527,480 8,381.261 trefety fund stock 1.0 S 109 l,ooa,">1.< Due haul.s end banker* 996,026 1,870,126 Due d"po*itor? C,0,r,0,'(;,4 6,t 4<5 4 >0 Surplus 761,302 770,361 lime drafts 18 birj 4 ;, 176 I'l- const intei<- 1 U>.i,2i:i 20.686 t i\idend ur.p.iid 6, 740 lV'.SlS Other llobilltie* 260,530 t?7,683 The above bliows a of 41,182, 102 in dis counts; nn increase of 112.!, 280 inspetio, $617,761 in Eastern deposits, $504,600 in capital stock, ?14(',,23G in circulation, and 1411,4*1 in deposits. The direct is of the Bank of Milwaukie talk of d ul ling their capital, which Is now $100,000. Th Mai ine Bank of Chicago has increased its capital to l?00,0?0, by nn additional subscription of stock to the extent of $200,000. The Chemung County Batik bus established a branch at Horn-heads, l/ctwecn E!mira and Carandaigua. TLe Canadian papers shite that the prospects of the Great Western Railway arc of the m .-t encour aging character. The report of the directors is published in the JTamiit< n Manner, and shows that the gross traffic for seven mouths, from the 1st of January to the 31st of July, 1854, was ?150,106 lis, Pd. This year, for tho same length of time, it i? ?240,093 16s. 3d., which shows an increase of ? >!>, 6*7 6s. 7d. in favor of this year. After deducting working expense* and intere t on bonds and borrow ed money, a sum of ?37,479 8s. 5d. was left o? tlic 31ct of July, lf>64, for dividend on the share capital. This year the sum of ?70,614 1*8. ] Id. is available for a similar purpose ? showing an increa-e of nearly one hundred per cent. We tike the following statistics of the trade of New Orleans from the Southern Price Current:? the rec eifits and export* of the prinelMl article* of Southern und We/>t4>rn production dming the pust year compare *itli the previon* one as follow-,: ? r~?RfCeiplt , , ? ? Export'.? * 1864-65. 1853-51. 1854-55. 1803? ">4. Cotton, bnliw 1,187,748 1,442.877 1,274,748 1 l'?' >73 Tobnoco, hlids... 53,000 48,504 Ct.883 64,317 Sugar, do 18i?,000 872.463 868,184 169.370 Mola."tD, bbli... 311, PIS S.7,298 26: 840 ?40.160 Flour, do 676,246 808,270 8-;8 018 576,724 Corn, Mkck* 1,108.223 1,702,614 600,780 1,103,268 Wheat, do 18,827 187.223 l?^Ui7 121.781 Pork, bbU. & tea. ?82, 1M 267,080 Beef, do .".8 098 88,015 I'ucon.bbl .&ek*. 40.828 37.777 Bacon.bbls.&bx*. 4,f'0.'> 4,472 Bkc ii htnv, ck?. 38.247 32,393 Iar>l bW?. liU ?*. 13(1.814 13... 610 Ixid, kfTK 102.329 110,606 fcliUker, bbli... 11 2,982 133,420 Hemp, bale*.... 27, If 8 18.776 Lead, jigs 40 606 70,483 168,*?;.o 33,519 42, 72 774,126 4h,?;h 19 8k. 88,482 141>,f '08 20,110 ip?,ii? 4,1,847 1 4 8>.D 6 i 2. .8 lln' dutl?x recelv<*1 at the Cu*'."m limine during tli?> several months of the fiscal year ending .Kmc 30, *i << ? follows:? 1854 July ?02,231 Aiifiui-t 10<i . ? tH> Btptraber luu,8t*; < ic t> her . '. 1''.724 huvunbm '-19, .'ill 1S-,S. Jannary fj ir, 1 cbruary I Mar;h 50. fKV April 1.1,147 May. 1 * i "'.J iHceniber i&3,122 June..... ltrt :0 T< tal focal rear endl.ig Juae, 1855 S.,:,123, ? do. do". do. 1854 i.,6{if?.'47 rrcrea?e tbUyear $1 0 7 IV, e t*i/orlK ot produce of dnmeellc grow h rroin Nc-v ihli i ns ti r the lineal j car eadiuf June 30, ll><5, ?\/e .i fellows: ? (Yt'ici* ,'i ly. 1 854 *6.480,801 *1/-,8,V.M At j-. -t 2,-67,640 l.r8S, 1 i he I t'mVer l,f63.4(Vl 7?> (<? firtolwr 2,483,158 J i>s', 1 > r- i rol?r 6,318,213 2 ? Ncrmber 6,411.1(8 2 1> \ ii ? ?? i i.iy. ll56 6,872.400 2,5i ,i 1 lebrt.nry 7. '.'38, 041 3."51 Vai.h 5.888,475 3,1.15 10 Ajiil 4,696,208 ( ? ?> 6.0^.872 3 bo* 9.' : .,1 . ur.e 3,464,172 ( T. 't l 55 ''88.652 ."> Ti U 1 vnh-e > f eiporU produce y<ar ending Jiii.e to, 1845 8 f" /V Value easing t'"th Juae, 1M>4 H ; ? ? do. do. 1853 98,4^4, iW2 ( om'jiKtTni! VaWB of K.ii>om.< n,H i'limo; i'uii Fireif r, cunlrl' * )'*r ending 'urc 30. ?>.,7' d ** do. do, 185'!..'i *' dc <1 do- 1862 , , 60 SM,.'. 'J . . Iifo . .. U1 6'i .. V'.*3 h If 0 S' (fp 'ft <!-.up 11# '. ' ( ' (?' e r. or J #'? . . . 1 I ' {<<>? Va C'f Mm t > eo dn ?(( Mo*C'f . . .((CO io, It ( 0 Iou! !: I ]C( n d . ft Frl> Mk o 6<(( I,; i lU 0 Oo lliCll'bdi. . bio (OCCO do....U0 ic co tio b# lu(0 do,...b?0 tc<o do. ... *; o CCCG TR Fre. idb .b 0 ICO NY ( <n Vs... fUO'iU&A'.' mW.-.. J COO do (<K0 C1.1&RI i' KV's. IS chf Con i vf'k ... 60 ( 1 u nu o'\ 1 Mik. ?0 Nic Tr. a. it Co. . c '<0 do. . , , . .1*10 1)0 do ... 110 I enn ('< Rl Co 1(0 d< 116 do Stuek Bxrli< hi;". ' > i. Sept. 15, IS t-Uc iu '*? ivii. . ii K) 53 ' f X '.4 ?? X S3 ' * ^ ? H "6 81. K X 6. i.i i'Ji ho 101 $ H 8'X oo 10 fj< H-X '.0 IPX .WO 1 .'^s ,?a mm luO l > i ?V) 601 "I ; o do., do. do . do. < In. d'J . 55* tr. j, io . bi 160 1 0 SfOCoub CI Co...sS -7 ? '.1)0 puo 1,0 ?00 1(0 150 do. do sCO do. b30 do sOO do ........ . do a! in ;C0Gard(.d Uine.KI 2C0 <'o bio 100 Ward Coal Co.... 146 0 trie RR h;1 660 do s3 600 do blO 21) 27 07 1' h' 1 IX 65 MX 65* '? ? ? . > * ."(i ? u<V) 100 Had Rlv KR.. ,s3 10 do C V it Reading kit 9 0 do ?->' IC'O do sM) 4<M <lo 17 Mich Ceu Kit. . . . Si*''! do ?'0 ino do WW 60 do bJO 1:60 Hailem Kit 200 do vat iO MlohSkN'IijftCon. :f)0 111 C. ntra! fill.. . 66 Gal Ohlc iKolUl 120 CifV & Tol HU..0 100 do blO 60 do blO 6-10 do t>iV) ,;00 do re 0 260 do H-tni 60ChlfcRWKK.g*m 70 do 60 do bjn 26 do b30 60 do.......btiO 60 ? do 200 ClevWilts!Ut.b80 2c0 do b3 60 do 83 fir-ro nictn RRixin. tCOO do.... b!l : COO Hud R 2dMbdH. 2000 HRSdMbd?.,.*8 60 shs Cum Coal Co. 1C0 Erie RK b7 60 do GO 100 ICO 200 1(0 BECOMD BOARD. do. . . do . . . do.... do.. . . . .-10 Kt'O s'10 160 Erie blO lf>0 100 '.00 100 1(0 i.00 do . do. d<>.. do.. do do ui 0 bfiO 1.10 . ,l>3 80 80 V'X 76 fi 66 K 66 'i 66.11 fi..;, 66 j| 66', 66 % r.5'u 66 60 66*( 65 Hi CCifi 100 8hs Elie b' O 400 do b'>0 100 do b:3t> 100 do bl5 ; oo .io 10 Chi&Rockluldltli. 60 do ?4m ?100 Rarlcin RK . . . . b3 ; oo do b-;o ,100 Ke:i<liii(r 11R lOOHudnou Klt...b90 100 (.'alcn'i&fhl KR.. 100 CloyoAcl'oUiR.B4m tio do b3 CO do 200 do ^3 20') do b60 116 MlohSfcNIaRtt. . . 10u 10<? nu i - 'Hi 11"^ Hi 87 ii 1 1/t s ;i 8 X 80,4 103 xo.'i 104 3 < '?% 104 'f li?X 71 a 70>: 61 V 60>< 61 65 V 65jJ 10 i 102 28 28 05 % 1VX 8'1,'i &X 96% (?'?? The CoKuu Mi'iktt. .Nkw York, i^ept. 10, 1S35. Our 'est Ik: ,ir v.-bb ondf>r <l*'c of ctb In-lunt. Tlio At lantic arjtved afU'raoon of 6i.1i, and at ouec dl^aipated ail hop'" ( l a riflval ol the ? otton iipeeolaitlon at Liverpool, on v 1 icb, ft< in tlio pori'luu 1 1 IU..' growing crop, we wrorc (ntli Sly dependent lor (he maluti natioe, even uomioalif, of prices anywhere near the e- islli j hc iIo. Th? Halm were confined foi*the following vrbdk to about fiOO bio. daily, ar^ at ilm( -s ken, at r.itos nbov.injf a decliuo of?io. to V;c. i fvc.-il promlmnt holdor.-i . taliiK the ira,i>H-.i Mliiy of reab/inf tn cnntiderablu iiarcoli,, vltlidrrv tliom Trow . nl' , ami fib'o iu< ntly uaaBflrranguuienia t ? ship them. Buyeri for the home liade upjiear *,14 >m, :i lingc nnnif1' n f the will* iu Mtt3 n dl'.r etts, X!n > liltnd and f onneoticut bare lee^i. ly stopped for want of water, or at me' arc running l.ut lialf time. ThuA' i <ii 'h adviri"! to 1M instant which weio received at .'i 1*. II. tn Ti e day, 31th, although ' I advance did not affect tbe dept i-Mod tone, an some holders brought out la.};.' Midi.- ol col ion and j re sued for Biles. The letter.) to hand on Iburaday morning, >log strong liopo < < f on upward tendency in price! from the improving ;.i u Chester trnoe following the line nealher ihen i'alia<, about 8,000 b:iles were bought for I Jvi rj ool at a decline of >ic., and (luiirg tiio foil m inj; day I of that woo . about as much more wiin arranged to bf hliipj.od on Hie b i -Is oflOfcc. for middHng L'pi .ndil, and a .'^d, f fight. Tlio amount on ,'nlo coniinuii ghea^ v, the bm iuc-H .lon^ Uw last two days has been at our lower .[uoliiii ins for ex port to Liverpool, and amounted nt tlio clo e of busiue * last evening lo 4 CCO bales. We re\L o our quotailous by reducing them J,e. to r . in th^ fortnight. The oil'einl annual etatemuut of the cotton crop goes forward by this stenmer. W'ehavo embodied in out- ta bles a part of it. Ihe stock in the ports now ix larger than at this period for live yenrs. In this city nlme we have a supply of more than double that of last season. Vrom tho t-outb we have continued to receive the most fluttering accounts of its yield. Iniomeparta of Mbiiis Bippi complaints aro making of damage from storms, to which the cotlon in now liable, from the great amount of bolls oi cn on the stalks, and planters complain of lie impossibility of preparing their crops for marliot where na\igation will admit from this nee,' sity of keeping their whole force in 1he fields. The receipts at >ow Or leans continue on the same unprecedented scale, V.),f> >0 bales of new crop being receive ! in four successive davs. Die staple is very favorably spoken of. and the grades run ning w ell, a liberal classification is given. LIVERPOOL CXAeSinCABOS. Vr/lan i If. Ord. togocd. W^ga Low middliuglO nlO'i, Mid., ur. li-t. 10'* Mid.. ev>n lot lttj.a Good mid .... 7 0^4 u 11 Mid. fair ....II a U'? Falrtog'dt r tl?^al2 Florida. 0>ia0X lUalO'J 10 % 10? 107?lll I '4' M>?all? None. UliU. 9j^a9?i Oi'l (irw on*? T xnt |S? MK lO^alOJi lO'i ilOJi 10U loj^ 10J? 10% llWallJ< llVall^ 11X^12 12.1 -2^ 13 IJ^'iKl T. J. Sl'tTWART At CO. CITY TKADK III'. PORT. ? Ti tvd.vt, fc'ept. 18 ? ? P. M. A ere. ? The sales included about 60 bbls. without chanfe in j>r ic? s. Hi.i Ai.ii 1 ? ? i lour ? The sales nsbnicfl about 8 000 a PjOtiObbls.. dnb|il about 1'2'jc. per bid. decline all round. Among the triutaartlonH were comr.ton to atraiglif f-tite at i" 76 H $8; *\e teru mixed and funcy brand:! at 57 87 a ?8 25: COO bbla. St. IiouL extra sold at $9 60 a $3 75; extra Gencsee.wus at ?9 a ?!t) 62 ,V ; Canadian ruled t|uiet, with Pales cl -HKJ a 500 bbla. at ih a $8 75 fi?r common t ' choice; Southern v,a- heavier. The Rales above included .'ilH>ut 6( 0 hbls. langing for all grade ' from SH tn S'l ' I. I.j re Hour was etcadj ai 85 Of*., ami -00 a If00 bbla. of Jer sey cotnrmul was reported nt $4 75. Wheat was firm, with a good export demand. Hie tales embraced ab ut SO.000 a 40,400 burlipld, including We' tern to arriv ? at SI 75 for i< d. $1 SO ? ?1 85 fi i Southern red, and $ ' a $'.! OS f"i white, with a lotoi Cttii linn wli'e at >2 0" fir e*i oit. Corn ? H'e sale* embrace 1 about ' 0 OW bu -Itela Vio f'ir. mixed nt 8fle. a ?8c. ; one cargo prime at 80c.. and '0(0 bushel, white were hold at 104c. a 105c,. with Kmc lota < f y? Uow at ttic. Ilye wa? ve? iv, h it without fa U s of motiu nt. ' i In were dull with ni"d(.T>ite sal >s at 4'.c. a ?14c. for < Id Ci icejo, an 1 30c a 40.:. for Mate ami Wester n. Con. ? About 200 tonj Liverpool fold at t? at four month*. tiiw ? the un.irket was ouiof, being eonSned to salc-i of ; 1.0 la', i.'io, ai 11 J,c.. and M 0 do. l-uguayia triage, at p. t. Ornr" ? Tli" mar'.rt wss qtiiot, as dealers wi re wait ? icg the w-w.- dm by the Baltic, add tale, were cocSued to r bout ?' CO tiflh ?, w Ithout change in pricei. I iyu. ? Orj ii d weir (;im, with moderate transactions, st '.'4 ? ii 1.5. J, . Ki rel were in good demand, at $21 fbr Ko. l'.i and 4. 50 for N>'. O'h. Jlerilng* wa; e uu ?lutngcd. Fj.ijgbt-. ? Rates to (JrMi Rrl . tn were less acti -o. Gra ii w t, j-iarce; end fur wheat end corn aliippera were only i fl. -iup 8 '. ? S ' jd.. while shipowners demanded M, Kor 1 iverpud. about l,li 0 bale- of uncompressed cot won ? f re engaged at 6 16d., nnd 300 do. comprea-cl d >. at P O.d.; i n 1 "00 bbN. flour were engaged at 2a. 6d. To l ouden, 6d. waa demanded for flour. To Havre 20'J a If 0 bale.-, of cotton wcie engaged at 1. Kates were fiiltier at the cloie, and for (four 75c. was demanded, and 15c. for gr. in. To California, ratea ranged from ?0c. a CCc. J er toot measurement. Ct Cm mii.? 70 bales wre 'old at $13 87. Hat. ? The market was steady and tolerably active, witli tales t f about 2,0f'0 bales, at 70c. a 76c. Inow ? The market continued steady but quiet. MfiAH rs.? -caleB of o60 hd la. Cuba muscovado were made at jp. t. Naval finite. ? tales of about .'<00 bbls. sptrita turpen tine were made at 47e., and 750 bbls. common rosin at $1 50 jer 1.10 lb?.. delivered. pRovwiovi.? -Pork? The market waa less animatol und faUs v. ere conGned to !?00 a .".fiO barrel* new mf-< at 50; prime was $21 37 a SJl 60. I'ee: waa steady, with ii modernte demand, hales, about 150 barrel > at til 60 a #11 75 for country prime, an 1 $11 a $14 tor mi do., and $10 60 n $17 f r repacked (1i:cago. B ef hams weie aellisg at full prices foi ftitur" deliveiy. Inrd ?as steady, with ralea of 200 a ;t00 bid-, at 1 1 ?<-. ti l.'<v Putter was dull and pi ice-* unchanged. Cheese wai in deaiand for export at P^c. a 10c. iinr? ';uict, at '\c. a 6kc. Faii- ? Ihi- iiarkct coniinne4 firm, f-'ales of 10,000 liii-fce. Tuiki l.-tand were mad* at 66c.; 8,00oaac>-i Ij verpooi gtound, at $1 10, and 8,000 do. Jtffrioj'. at $1 5'.'? at the close Turks h land, coame, w as held linn at t o cents. Bo.' r. ? About TOO lore* Castile were sold at 11c. f'rt <i vete ina. tive, and sales confined to niKmt COO a <?' 0 id. da. ( i l a mu. ccvndo, at piicei ninjjiiw; from ? a 8c., bicludjttu smali lot high ^ua! it" piime at 8,'j<-. loi A(< ?7 lie activity in M-ed leaf Uibaeco cou inut,*; er e parcel oi eleven hundred cas' i ta?en by Johbe .* ic.r Ik rue use: prices are well supported. The demand I ir o'h?r (orta i> nl.'o geod, and price.i fitni. 'ine salt It* < ii . d 76 bin's. Ki ntucliy. 7 V c. a 18c.; M bab'* Ha v. nii.ot'e. a b. ' c. : 1' v do. Cuba 21 >?e. ; 1,240 caaee ??fri! leaf, e.allc.; ! bales Kentucky -teina, p. t Wi xkt. ? 1 he felr- include.!, iii hit , eO a 700 bbla., ??r' ':.(iiigOt io at 40JjjC. an<t p?.i^onat tic. WmflSElKHTS RE51WEI iYI'EY_niSf TRAVELLERS1 ulIIOR. /M'.EAV I'AP.K FOR ALBANY AND TROT.? r A"", r, ei lit ;pi e nnd berthl BOcens, and ae ris*n 75 i'.ii1' ib' ti am r liklto, CaptaAa itai iSve- i? not I '!iv of KoUiiaon :cct pter every Tua^.1 ? Tkur .^y nJ ind.1;- at t> P. M., trrlvio,: i>y 4 A. .w. TAIL Al*r> WINTER ARBAWnaSIEVT.? TM* FAVOR I I o sjd w i IJ know n a'DaU'er K AOT.n, Cap'., v. Il ftoril, wt'! i i n Wr Port Monmouth, Red Fc;'*, fhrewinury ?..J u<m ii; li, hoin 'Ue foot ot Murrey ?ii f t r''Cr dad', at S o'el ? * r M. C". the arrlial ot th. l>?ot ki Port M imnT'i i n^'oa wH) t f r< h i . m M vey paMienam to ali part, of Ina oemtry. Ob Hi i return, ah* will teare Port Mmiimu'Ii at 73?A.M. Pa? e?|.|.r- t r Inn roole will Sad It by far the moat omven. Jul ? m!i by \vh>h thny '.io Kelt nc injmol* .. i ?r- to Port :. oomoaUi, at came; to Red <uuk, |('l R Kl > P 1RT A_Np rr<'.T Tt A Mir, TON -TIIFPIEW day . A M. IH KliV PUBTIeare* Hurra; ?'.*ee! p'ar daii.-, i*c. pted.JMSo'elock P. V., a d Ki > Port el 5 o'clock i* A 1.1, \KP AKO'.MENT TOR CO.Vr.T I- T. VKi> ? Ti i fh' m .1 Kunnlai aea?on hivinr: >mmea ei t' a ? , jl i *ui as tobows, on aad at'ertod : - m ? ''.i'ioi I. j n'tjn. k A M. , 10*4 o'clock A V. s ,| |l, o'l Toek P Coney lamad at ; o*cto k < m 'o ctoekP ? ? i < V P. m. Htimtai j? Leave k.,i i ?.r ,i on> ?I |..?,0 O.K -,M r.i . , itlWia , M.. ',o'. o-k r M. had ovii ' k P H i iw > ll.vitLKM roitEK, PnfK .. '52 JHO/DV.' \' TO I.K'V? it \ w> . IMELT T UB rtotr.r, to faml'le* or tin Me mlcraon. Prl tiDKOMB FI.'RNI-HSD ROOM, WITH ON 8 OR i , iro. ? . * . hi 1, i" let in a p/i e. house, with all i n tlucravciaeD's; ?l?oa viable ruetn, wiui grate ind <' I'f'y n '' 1 f,;,> a 'uw iloorrtwejtof r . n }?? on a vi v ?k ft able o: croK. U lily at 16, r m II. u. r prm. F rr.MiBED ii' tvi; to hi. ??v.? a brown stone Louse i.. cor?| ri.'er, r? wly nail inmoiJ, ? : nr.. ?y ! ? i i ' ' .to'!, ? i I ???''?n vveuue an l/i li.w 'lb'r l< ih i ? - ; .v?ll ?>?? elite l .'or & '.??ru? of Jfeart. W. J. Ill l.ian IS Wall street, inuu Hoar. ITrBNWililiD APARTMHTK.--PABT or A norsE TO i let ui a d. j'lraO Uwa'iou n Smith Brooklyn, convenbmt ii tl . tsrrles, and ? i-i - km r* pt'tiM door. The acuom ?? cthi'loi * eous f' "i H parlor nu'l extension r?om. and 'In. .? or four bMlnniiiiH, mge i r or separate, w, h or witbuul pji in I hoard. Apply ?i i-l Ootirt street, lii'sjk'yn. T/IUFNIHKD APARTMENT;) FOB PIN'H.K GENTLE .1 men.? To ht, a p trl i,- and bedroom, h tndsniBely fur i >iied wi>h i low ; n , cut- a, ill bath, Iti tV* Ui ? ch ?- hutuo No. 5 < nai JoiiCB street, third iioor from Broadway. TTHJBNIfil'EP noova IV ITS ? WITH THE EIOLU & sh * lii.cbeti, at 1 "i 0 Broadway, or would the house, furnished entire, at a very inoU. rat*. prlee. Call from 10 to i trtjtmL IiU'R^'ISHED BOOMS.? A HACK ANP FRONT ROOM on Hi*' floor with folding doom, closnta. ., will be lot, to a party of gentlemen, or agentleman and ? Ifo, i'. *d per weolc: or would tu It". *?!.!. rati. ly, if duslred, with boor!,' ">u moderate ti rms, at (jt<> Iludiou ? n et, second door from Fourteenth at. F jU'RNIBIIED PARLOR AND BEDltOOM ADJOINING, ' (hot Ii front, ) tvith ( tin, and sleeping i n servant ffre liliod, vorj pleasantly silua'ed, beirtj oppo.-. e NIhlo'a flar u'tii, 3,5 Broad way. Also, half of a capacious I'lirfilHlied bed room, to let to a y t nllemun. N. B.? Sol a boarding home. Hotel propebty to let.? a party \vno owns m j. lot oi ground well located for r? bourdlnc lioiueor lou 1 of moderate v<\ w. ill I Uk ? to put up a buildlue an tlie primlMo to suit u ivspor-i . !?? and d^lrahlo tcrmnt. For par t lou air* inquire of 1.. ii. llA'll'IELl), Arc'.utoot, No. 306 Broadway. I A ROE BOA ItDTNfJ llOVfl!', DOWNTOWN, FILLED J wltii l oardui H, to let for it turni of yciir\ and turnlture for rule. 1'crBonn qn.'llliftd to keep it largti hotuc or hotel, and 1 vi i -i eiirlty, may addrvsn I). Ii. Herald office. 1)ABT OF A FIRST CLASH HOUSE TO LET, WITH modrrn Improvement an I Utuhuu. Apply at 34 Moc dougal Htreet. 1 ROf.MH WITH KTF.AM POWER, Olt ONE DETACHED l ul'dlnjr. cimblulng ri urtli and coorenlonce, ulry and well lighted, to let. An excellent clitncc for mnnufevtureni \ ho want a permaneu' place al u fair rent. Iu ; 'lire at 12 and 14 I'llt street, near Uri.n'l. OTEAM POWER TO LET? IN TUB DEPOT IIUILDINOS, 0 corner C'en're, Franklin and Elm atrects, ono miuitre east oi Broadwa) . iLqtnre on tbo nremiaevai :)!?? office of K. ANTHONY. CTEAM POWER TO LET.? LOFTS, WELL LIGHTED, suitable for ar.y meclutnli il purposa*, ivt 45 Ami ntreot. 'lciri i rcaiou&hle. Apply to W. FtLLBli, or. the prcmlrtoH. rro LET? FO? A STORE, A FRONT BASEMENT IN A I private house on Tw? i foi ? 'i s roit, injur Fourth ave nt e. p'e i." cb lit:' Id i >?- <<ub!>i r. t'nlou aqitare 1'twt oiii'sa, {??I Bicauwuy, lua. itlj'iccnih struct. rpo LET-IN TUB I.CWT:R PART 01'' THE CITY, A I vn.all hotel, in ?r Ht "a Iway, whl.-r .vill oaoomraoda'e 100 1 1 r, m>; the lea. i au.l tii i- ure. tit In jierl'eet onlor, tor Mtle on ensy Uji'ian, wit h lutmodlaio po^ession. Situation UtiMtri tkta ed lie uatiment t ouri>rs. u. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. 0 I.ET? A NEAT WIRE AND BACK ROOM, WEI.L calculated lor any light *bu*tnees. I .ocatlon unc of 1M . .( In il. o lotvc. y. iNo. i : e.wccii Oiand and Broom* sin e ?. luitu.ic iu tl.ii barber's fit. p. rro LET? A LABOF BRICK SHOP, ON RPR'ICB STREET, L i elow William, tn ti e n ar, itrtih wide eur way. i>ultai>ie icr a pfirkirn: bo* tnamifaetory or ni/pautar shop. Rent low. 1.. B. U I HIMfclt, 3W l'ou. tli avenue, S to 7 P. M. rru LET? THE SECOND FLOOR. THREE BOOMS DEEP, I wl h pari of the liuid floor if required, oi n uetv houae, v, itli nil ihe model n Improvements, including go* llxtiirei*. Rent moderate lo asniall family. Poise-'aloii kivcii Imme tllaiely. Apply to Mr. I l)o VVNINti, |S liaal Fortieth street, between l.exiugton and Fourth aveuuts. rro LET-THE I'PPEB PART OF TI1E TWO STOBY 1 dwelling 44 Fourth i-'reet: apartments coiiKist of front and rear "Ittlng room*. 1 1 droom .ind kitchen on necond <ttory, throe brilrtionif In il.u aitlc; u-e of open garreti wood house In ths yard. rcutJit'U, monthly In advance. T'O I.ET? A Til "EE STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK Iioiifo In Brooklyn, very pleasantly looaied, within thre? minutes' walk of Ilamll ou avenue ferry, near an exoollent veil ot wa'er; possession ulren immediately, or the 1st of Octo her; rent at the rat-1 of #. M a year from now till the 1st of J'.By. For further particulars inquire at 119 Union street, l-outli Brooklyn. IiO LET.? LOWER PART OF A SMALL PRETTY house, to a sunt 1 1, cat family; house In good order and now oi copied by ibreo persons; Im atlon very pleasant abd convenient, yard laixc. Apply u 46/ Fourth avenue. TO LET.? AN ELEGANT AND COMMODIOUS HOUSE, 1 orated In a good neighborhood In ihe Firth ? ard, to be let, and thefurnliure lor sale; or to a dc.lrahle tenant It would be let furnished. Il Is provided with range, bath room, hot and cold waler, *r. Apply to C. A W. KN APP, Washlnfton, corner ol Murray. TO LET-THE UPPER PART ANO BA KMRNT OF bouse 112 Orand street, secon'l door from Broodway, suit al.le for a W iirdlut' house, club room or inllllary armory. In quire on the premlsi s. ri^o LET.? HOUSE AND F1 IINITURE ALL NEW, TO i. let, for a term of years or furnl'nre for sale. Apply on he premlm s, No. '?S9 West l'wcnly second ? r< et. rro LET-THE STORE Iff.t ORBENWinn STREET-A J good buslncrs sliind for gentlemen's Inrnlahlng and fanny toods, Ihe same havl: t- been occupied for fli - veam iu tha r.l ovc Possession bnmedta.elf'. Apply to JlllIN .1 AMK FON, 272 Pearl strc.', or at lit Four li street, alter six c'cloek P. W. T?) LET? PABT OF SECOND AND TIIIUD FI^)ORS, ftnd basement, of house :4Tw lttb i between Sixth and Seventh avonun. 'ib? house is voi y ploasantly located, cit talns Improvements, ^uch us bathroom and iiw. To ? stii.i II respeetable lan.lJy, ltwiii he let reu.. table. Apply ou tl.e premises. rro LET? rART i)F THE THIRD I TIIRY OF nRICK J. l ouse 176 Ea -t Tv. enty s.itk street, to a small faintly, at u low rent, 'lhr hons" husall Ihc^uc lern linproe inent... rro LET-TWO NEW AND WEI L FINISHED THREE J and n b? 1 1 siory bou?es,Mgh stoops, tas> m. nta and sub cellars, with all tl m> ein miprovcnieiits. Apply to M. WH, SON, lomer of CortlaBdt street and Bre.tdway, wilder the Oil sey rro LET? TWO NEW FOl'R STORY BRICK HOUSES, J. with modem Improvements, In FlTiy-tlrst street, betweea 1 hli I and Fourth aveunoa, Pos'.t I. :i given Immediately. Inquire of J. U a, oorncroi' 1 uticUi stroe and Futirth avinne. rro I.ET-TO A SMAIX FAMILY. A NE VT TWO STORY I BudalUeand 1 nient I ise. if?i l^tit n< streel, neir llou on. Apply to < i. I. TEltHLNii, No. V Brotvd street up Stairs, from 10 to 3 o'elo k. rro LET-ON FOURTEENTH 8TRKKT, AND HURVIl J. lure fcr sale, a superior drat el i s boa Ji:t ? houae; is fait ft f.rst class boa rdcru; the Airnlturo '.tybsb. Sen f:..t .0. I/0rnU0n nnrirpu ->?d In Ui. city. E. I!., SIJ Four in avono", S to 7 P. M. TO LET? A FIRST CLASS BROWN STOKK FRO XT licusc (Knt llrtli l.r ?.?-!:.< n: wlthpr!v?!u?!nlfi) tiwl ?ivory rao o rn improvement. A in out deeLahlc locution In 23d sreol, oj IWelte London terrace, will be r.-r. '- 1 !? ,>v to a ledrAble tcu BM. Apply to JOHN QRKUOliY, 2 it) 8th Avenue. TO LF.T? OK KTATKN ISLAND, A .VKATI.V FUR tjihld Ikiu.-'', pi> situated, within a few mlnuicn' walk of either Imuran line or Htapleton landing. To a irooi icw.nt tbe rent will be very moderate till the 1st of May, 18S6. t ddreaa. v i*h real name, A. II., bo* KT? I'oul office. TO I.ET-A NKW MKDIITM SIZED bitO',TN HTO.VB l.onac, Kl/h n Ktrvet, wllh eight Le Irooms, km. bot sod cold water to tbe utile, .ind healed .villi ftt.-nace. Will bo l? t low to u Rood tenant. Inquire at 107 Ht. M rk'a place, or of ABAllH.L H. LEVY, Attorney at Lew , 19 W 11 atroci. TOLF.T-FART OF A COTTAOH HOCSB, 1#1 EAST Twenty-Ural street, near Second avenue, eoiHatlntf of front room, two bedrooms on second Hour and front base mi' nt. Inquire at 1 .1 iwuil '1 wen'y tir.-t atrnot. TO LET? TFIE SECOND AND PART OF THK THIRI> floor of house -J07 East Twen'y third atree . with hot and cold water and ga* complete. Posacaslon Immediately. T'O LET? A HTORK 176 OREE.VWICII HTREKT, HUITA ble for a n tui', H |iior or rlothlne ator" or any other almi Isr business; Is wnhln three doors oi l)ny street. Potseaaloa ran be bedat oucc. Apply a' 176 Greenwich str-et. fTV) T.ET? TtlE ftyOND PtyOOR OF A DWELLING CP X town for $20o |mr annttni or ti><^ w hoi.- will he let at he ri 'c of ftiou per a r i: u in ; location pleasant; lion o three s-ories, t . Ii Last n.ent aim nor I., m w, wlii nil the mo I'irn improve - ijii iii*. Aililreaa bo. 4 WJ I'oat eCloo. TO LFT OR FOR SALE ? A VERT HE AI'TT riU.T PC1U niahed house, in a fine location tn Brooklyn, a alion dia 'Bni" fW m 'he (? ou'.li lei ry, new, and Laa nil Modern improve rnen'a. None hut re yon nMe families will Inquire, persiinully, between U and 12 o' lot c, at *7 Heukman street, Bret floor, up Hairs. rro LET OR LKAPR-TIIIC DBHTR AHLE f'WEIAINO 1 1 hi. c (>2 ChrU'opher elreet, corner <>i Bleucker. Thin Umae HU a larre ho -etnent atiachcd to It, riitkble for ? ??loon. The hoi re hu? 'lie it as, I'roioa water, hoi and eo!4 hatlis, and ba? sll Ifce rt nvrr'eneps to III i iwnwlsls fifty loirderK. For It i ins, i, p| lj at : w Miu rr j uti-eei. rpo LET OR LEAhK? A FINK THREf HTORV A.VD I bailment * rS k hou?e. In complete nr '- r, just ptin'e I r insole s d in?idf and n-w'y papen- 1 Ihrembcni', > i h all tlw ir iui .n Btprovrnenta water S4M ns In euoh anl every room tliruuchoii the fcotwe totlbs (I wnMi ?mii Liqjlrvof .luii.N J. FHli.Lll B. 69 Mereer ? reel. TOLE\JF-FOR A Ti:RM or TEARS O.N : op THB tno?i drUshttnl and pie tir. aotie e. un-ry r ?i ien'-e* tn V leb' ?ter county ju^t '* els c miles fr rn the 1 Uy, ovtrlook bsr tfie Ilalic m, with a ?mall view of the If ildaon rtvert ona Ii t If f,-' m Foroh, M d' pot. The h' uae cnt ims ?ro pariorn, ll rary . dlnin* roam, ettht ehMnbera; h?th n o ,i, water elo ?et, A'l'.. a supertoe I rU lc stable and a oiw Iwnse, both aup plkd with iprti.f w.<r;ttiiii end Ice ootid, wi I, icehon*; nil ease nen' isroen and grapery, wdtli a variety and abun of fru't. I ?i twei tj S' rea of highly euHivsted lend ?li I ?? lease I With tl... pr, m> i If dealred. The hotiM Will be I r.rlj lun.lsl.ed. Inqo n at b ? Walker elreet. 're i:km-a fin :: stobi Horgjt, kfr I ii! tied, i r<* ? r< for ? widow lodywieiinf -a keep ? ?' v i, ? ? 1 1 . i,t., Mil an m-v octui , it .nl would re " '? ' rente, ' i,i,;. we taken o-ii In tonrl, if desired) I ; ' "ti lUiti Tracy, Bi'i?i"?iy I'osi KKSTAI IlAlVTf. r? r U RAWT NOTICE ? OENTI.EM^M AO , TOMt?I> t i m> style ot >1. ns I nalni *iJI pl?e"? no ? " liat i n> nriee-rd Wt'libu o * re '*nr*ut t fe? Ve, k. f this rsu'let dne to bit nptnaiion ?? ? oetere-, a? tny la tu?de o i. ; peir In tl .< f- ? .a of a .1,'" ever er In ??, wM|. ' 't? it .y S't'i er! y, a, all. tuy wl'hea. and <? n*ltr,- >li? ippo'ut nn nt i ,d ItieenVen n to nan/ who d ???re to n-?d ' fn* Ili-.I.LI Y'.-," eoni! w. ?t rernerof liro:.dway at i Kourtl ??. v. Tim l Y'M M W W WVR1.Y RE?TA' RAN). OI i >1 i ^ west i art r of Four ii a < j I Brts ! ^ ? , . fe ? e ?nr ? ? - tlor. with the norths e ir7ert. liiis . ^ unv >>^ r< H< d upon fi r aen up th? very li?a' ?> u I. ? la a td I era. Wgr.O 1'| ''no i f le , tilaloe; Win 1'i i." . . a?? , f.\ *rr t^nyer t's i.'ii'1' 'n f 'va'c tot'i,< ' ra wrt* n' I i o wsv t.c' in a ' '

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