Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 21, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 21, 1855 Page 1
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"I^INETARtr-* IN AMERICA? PRICK 12W I'RNTS WITH ?Z/.? upon Iciiipdnn'-e, (It* foiind?:,oi.,) Inu tnni r to Si n? Jrt oulturc of the grape vine J?u e Utuird >ialen, mid .ilhrr matl.m o. Importance to rich *"1 pool. H> John 0,1,0m. ol Oporto, ID Port . gal un, Now Y.ri. r oravo at N? ?fte,v?r vrA-t Now fork c. 1,1^ ? n^'nt". !'*rt "' ,b? ''*""??? or. receipt of inft'm CKQtS lu priHta^O HtAinpA w KANIilOKAHLK KA!,I, MIIJL.1NKRT. A NTH IP \TI NO \ I, \TKR STYI.K OE PA It Is lu.\ JX n*'? rli- HwlUc. H LE.VZ, m Broadaav wi >>.?/.' l?.. fpentr.d da v on Thiii-mlay, Sept. ^7. A PPLENDID STOCK OF FRENCH FI/>WER<. -TV '*?!" r*ATur.i i(, H' KlBKosi And colored draw K'?"d-. I- olTcri I l,y aawcr- ??>? - a~r?AKss. fv'n'hh 111 ?"""""lr>? 'irnvu ol il, .-m fir- 1 ImporluiSn ? MUmIm. mi'ik, kiooi! luartwi, ehin'-hdla, rrmlrie 1- \, WO .ire ^Oln, , ui Of fur trade, no. havtag ?*m*r i.*h b- sincMe,. we -hall , H our e? Ire ?.,? k of fur, at , ? v ,1 ? Madam K. IIAKKIS A SON j;i Broad**. _ Notice.? 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If ART "li?l iiRo 4 ihimT' opri.U I! onTh'.;"., -p sk^.;;;V4 PABIs Mlr.r.INKRY llfMHH^ITO- X~i ! TTF*~ rw porter. V l? Jolm ,u ? TJ/JJ- f*f cn.?? ihjii tavtru J?.. > '"i"? ofjeni,;, (rr?n, ,?r, VS^a 'o!T? ftl ft-.'Sn -?????>?'** "it for bl. ?W-h artlt)' b in, tinw rMI|H,rt T -??? mitfure. j "au Part! r ,nT .. ? i""' whir h the attention of bsyer, I. ., e. i?ii, tarl'' f ' T"o. < - '??"?? bo.or. ,1, * abT^o ?:? k . r ; i".':!".,; .-wVsX. "*??? ^ ?? m. u, i.ft i.TE.\stt:r\, ?.fi.,wsr. ? rornrr cf tfr?'er T:'.,": ?? . ,,,:t israg' 'v;. .1:-;, I'J imperial lo. o j 1', ",i , ih.' JCmpreM p.u . nio, a in be ., ,t ,?. ?,.'!*"? ">'?*? l.A. a1 N. '?? Hrtawlway. Er.irn, .in,,*,!'1, W?.-rau ." fro'., H? .ibo.t ,? utbUid. ??." " TUB mUTARY. BAIiri ? ? ' utl.r MTENTION ' It: ? EMBER of llu . on-1 any m. to n? . . , , ,"KK" "ln?. *1i a'. |,.|f , , . ?? M T/t.ol,* ^'v!> Itw irre ht.mT ,n,. 'O!1 V <r ... " ' tondanee K r?q.,. ,i,..| , 'I ? ? , > il, W Mw yv.?v <M?r,, ." MKAV. t ?mi,. "V^EM YORK III. RAM* <1 \Rir 4TTFNTfO> ?Tills "'T'' " v"' J a. ' ? rr?.? . ?i. s, ,,r,|.> Ml. I??* I M- > K > U . K'<u < 1 . ?i> ft?rWiwHkf 'in %\H IRfl StH? Ol TIH N (??ftia mrm ,* (ftiliH to 4l?#fWl tb# *rt M iiiny ? r#tfi?tiir. 24tf >n r?' tir%od ??f f <l?klh ?irr*v<* Bv <?' *??f. f'Murr, ;?!)<! I* rmik!5*. Or itriy \ 4 I ANOTHER RAILROAD CATASTROPHE. SERIOUS ACCIDENT ON THE NEW YORK CENTRAL RAILjtOAD. ENO INKER KILLED AND A NCMBKR OK PAMSMOHRS MtEADHLl.Y MANGLED. Another railroad dluMttr occurred on the Central Kail road yesterday morning. about 4 o'clock, to the tram which wa? due at Albany at 4 :'JO. It appeat * the cattle train was some twenty minutes behind time, nti'l wm consequently but a Yerv little in advance of the passen ger train, an I on Hearing Went Albany it switched oil at tlic l'sual place, while running under a light tieail o steaui. Owing to a shameful remissness on the part o the switch-' nder, the rails were not ro-adjuntod 10 as to allow the passenger train to continue its journey to Al bany, and It oonaequently a witched off alter the cattle train, and run into it before the engineer hail time to re vei >e bin engine, or. indeod, could have had time to re alize the impending danger. According to one account, as the cattle train wan switching oil the coupling broke, and M ine of the cars remained standing on the trie!., and hence llie accident. The collision nan fea'fiil and it was h deed aitoniahlng that more miachiet was not dote. The following are the names of the sufferer*:? John Pratt of Albany, one of the engineer- instantly killed by being hurl.-d off the car when the collision oc curred. ? Franklin K/rkman, of Albany, a fireman, had hi* le.-s and aims broken, and la otherwise so mangled that he cai ni t pom i My survive William fiiflinL' of Buffalo, an espresa agent, was dnu geioutly woundt I. Master-on Fox, an express messenger, leg broken, t.'eorge f-impson, n young lad, a We-t I'oint cadet, from Chicago, under charge of un exprena messenger. w? aUo much injured. Hi* hip was broken. A man, a resilient of 118 Water street, Albany, had hi spine injured. There were a number of other jernona who were iu jured. but the above list comprises all that could be a? certalned who were hurt seriously. The scene after the collision waw one of great tonfu aion. The engine, baggage car, and lirst passenger car wete broken in pieces, while the two rear cars of the cat tle train were smashed, and the cattle in them lille L Tli" broken ears, baggage, engine and killed animal* were all in a confused heap. The wounded people were taken to We-t Albany to be caied for. Much indignation is expressed at the coiuiuc tor of the ( little train, who, it is charged, was to blame insomuch as lie allowed his train to ' un behind time with out taking the necessary precaution- to prevent a col lleioti, which would be likely to occur. ANOTHER ACCOUNT OF THE DISASTER. 01 K ALBANY COBEMUKINDrv H. A I- rant, Sept. 20 ? P. M. Hot h passenger nnd freight trains were humid for Al bany. The freight train contained eight or ten freight curs, three emigrant ami one cuttle car. It started Schenectady twenty minutes ahead, and when near We ' Albany the engineer gave the signal to break up. At tint instant he heard the whittle of tho locomotive attached to the passenger express train in hit rear, opened the va'vea of hi* engine, giving hi* ear? a sudden jetk. which Impulse parted the coupling of the centre cure, which together were switched on to u side track as intended, in order to give the fast train the straight track. The s | >eed ol the disconnected cars was. of course, slackened, and' home ten rods before they arrived at the switch, were struck by the express lccomotive. '(he collision was an uwful one. luan instant the loco motive stone half way through an emigrant car; the ten der broke loose from the baggage car. and was thrown completely over upon the engine. The hrst passenger car mounted upon, and ran through, the passenger car, and i ne of the emigrant ears ran into tlie cattle car. 'Ihe (nplncer, Mr. Pratt, whs Instantly killed; the fire jo much bruised that he survived but u few hours. A hiakeman had a leg and arm dislocate 1, and the <r preas messenger had his Jawbone broken and otherwise Ituc'uied. Vive or si* pas-i-niier*. w ho were In the for wind car, were more or le.-s injured, hut n"ii were killed. \\ h ether those injured will survive is not Knm n. They were brought to the city, and received immediately the best medical treatment. A large number of trunk* una othei In gttage wi?* literally smashed to atoms. There ? et e seven cot tie killed. The express locomotive was grant* ly ipjured, l he tender, haifuag" en r. one pnas< nger car, two emigrant curs and two or three freight cars totally de molished. Such i a condensed itatetieot of the tie4., n .* rol leeted on 'lie spol this morning, A coron'M - jury w i held on the (lead h"dy of the engineer, and a ver diet of accidental deutU rendered. It happened at Suit o'clock in ihe morning, when there wa- rj clear 1 y. though subsequently some lonshler.itde fog arose. II hi dred- of cilimi vi-ited the sceaeol tie dL-n'ter this morning I elng only three mil#' from th"city nnd every one upon witnessing the coBdith n oftliing*, and the de *' ruction ol car-, wa filled with wonder inv of '.lie pa ..en;-' rs In the lii-t ear should have i -aped wii'i their lives. How anv one could remain unhurt in the tnids of surh a wreck ol iron and timber, i* truly inlrio ulnus. At daylight a large force w?< on the g.oand ? - i i mr the pr sseiigers and attending t<j the mati n' I. The work M rleui lng the track wns al-'i commenced. and i: *m not l.ntil aitfi twelve a'elock ivmn today, that i> was sufficiently cleared to admit of the pa age ..f inward bt !i nd tra n?. N EWHPAPER AfCf >UNTH. (From the Albany Atla Sept. H. SMASH or ON TIIK CKNTKAI. KAILh'i.Wi I NGINI ! ft mim-wMiiw injiwkd and wi> VKHAL OTBSM BADLY HTTRT. A col Islun occurred on the Central Railroad earlv thi nn 'i nl ng. ii I -out miles oat of the city, by wliiciion? wan was in-".utly killed. another tat lly injured, .ml several others badly hurt. It sp| ' vi. that a tieight and cattle train ? oaiing to this i-lty was Is hind time at Srheuertady, hut was illowed to pr eeed. notwithstanding an expr> -<tr?in we* alao nearly ill e at >cheneetady. i n its wayhciv. On the arrival of the rip' e ?. train. the coadnctor ?a< inforiri -d that the tieight train bad just left, and In held be .me twenty Btiantes, in ordei to allow ii to teach the iurn out track reserved lor cittle trains. At the ctplratloa ol that time, the express tiuin ?<> starteil. the brakes ordered to In let uo. and the train was urge I forward at 1 1. e high' " iced, in order to make up lost time. Tliere wasadenae fog at the time, .ind it iapossi. ble fur the engineer to m-o more tkuo ;iv ? nsi? ahead T1 iokii.g the track was entirely clear, he poshed on, and when w iiliin two and a half Willi's of the citv. he discover ed, hut too Ute lbs' h" wa- coming down at lighrnin/ pud upon the freight train. I lie engine was reversed, but, of coarse, without avail. A rolli*i n ensaed? the engine and tenler piled n j.?.ri the freight train smith ing flu cars U.idly, an I with the following re ult to lin man lite ? John I'ratt. engineer, instantly killed. He wa aiexit twentv-ttve yeais of age. His patent.* ie-;.b in vl nne. tsdy, and he leaves a wife, having l*en married but a fen ni nths. f i ntiklin Cat ter, r I Albany, fireman ? inn cat oH leg snd hiji bones broken, and bnnlv hurt in the b*> k. tVaUaniQlflirg, af Albany? Well It Co a* ? ? senget ? jaw broken In two places, and, it i? (ear* I, later nally injured Matthew Fox, of Albany a xtant m< og' t "f Mi <j., slightly injured. t.eoi Sttup?on. I?.y. ol ' h ago. Uy brok> n in tw> plac.s and other* ' idly hurt Mr, Winne. fnimeriy cndiwrtor on Ihe ho 'hern I tail road contuslen on the bead slightlt injur d. Mr. I'. (' Wells, of l.yons, Wayne count.) j , v broken and face and head cut >1 r larks baggageman was "lightly Injured outward lv hut It is fr.iri'1 h' w,i- inj'insl inte: nally. A Btan nam* unknown. ?.<id to r -?le a' ? .K Water ?.tii et, w?? also -lightlv hurt Some two or three other passeag> r? wore illght!y in jurwl. There we?? six ear- ? ? rita.ning pn- eager in the >? pn -- train Oae car loaded with cattle was smashed ? itom- and the cattle nearly all killed. Tin* immediate can-*' of tho ?> rident is "tat^d tho? ? Tli" frelirtit train had reached the point where there is a side track rwrved for cattle train andtu engln* witit s> me of the ears ha>l tx^ea raa off np<in that ti-aek ami ? ti pf e.'. In doing this Ihe coupling w ich ?iffoche'l the tbiee la-t car? broke, leaving tho.?< < a 'tan ! in u ; .*m the main tr?-k. lt?i< these cars, till"! with 'Bttle that thi e 1 press train came d \vn up- n There were v irions opinleas a to there Ik ing I U>me in the altalr Some ?ajf tlK1 frelgh' train sli "ild no lnv leet all' > cd to leave Sf Wene? tadj when fc. 'dad tho" md SB ra press train due SO ""<in. 1 Hher tlrat tin expr ?s train un^er the circumstances, ?hould ha* l>e? u pro. ( ei deit wttti more cari'l'" -ly. Mr Hi II. e?ll'or Of the "ii uben fmn i < ws" a pa n get on tl e tr.i n and i ?nt in th" ecoo p.i ?enger car. lie siys, the lirst iatinuition Im lu iofap arnechlng dangi r wa- the engineer calling th'c? times to p' t down tbe brakea. Immediately after . felt . . b> k in tb'* "peed of tl.e cars, snd t hen the ? i lli?iori f * [i'Wed and almost iastantly he <aw the flr-t n.i ? ug. r car ei usb l?i|r through the car he wa? In, and after It- nnf . pi .t form came ploughing un the ?eat? and lealnst hlr .i-ia St'd breast. Its force Ii .wo> r. ap?s I>ei tn Is ? III what cheeked. a? he thlt k". by the tlBKiy iutrepi ilty of the engfneer in reiersing hi* ? nglnt ?and tho- he was ?aved from Instant death A- it wis t,owi?[in tied n hi* -?at. 1 <? Ih y, Mmps'.n II yes" ? t"s lifi i 'hi I 'r . I lad lev. of Chicago, are I wi,. w > u ii' r to a military school in New Haven. wa? In 1 h:"ge o< M: I ot tin npre?? me?.en*er. Kheti found he * ??! |. i- e Re:, fi the mhblah j So I '?n br!og * xtfi'1:' ed S1' i ? "gfl his 'if was broken in two places his f|r?t in- i.lry ? ? ? to thi ?hereabont? and safety of Mr 1 The engineer and tlrrinan wire left ut ti a- ens of tin ent 'hi other wi r> brought to this ritr Mr l> ' ',rifw?? 'i.?i ts th- Min.lon ll.a. wh*re he ??<irded ^t^if^ifcpoa ?s team to Ktaasa where hi* lig was set t?j I)r. A ; Uliby . Qr tiorcbi- -uSering* with ri oiHrlii.blo f >rtltu<lf ami coolne-s Mes-rs. Well.- and i'ark* were also taken to Stanw ix Hull It was feporlH at noon, that the fireman had died from hi? injuries' Mr. (iifling it is f'arod i* * ' rionsly injured internally . The heavy iron -al" of the cipn.ii company fell u|> u his head, bt raking his jaw aud the iron miuey trunk, which wait Jammed out of shape, it lit though'. Ml up -u bio back. (Fl ora the Albany Journul. Sept. 20. J MhLANCTK'I.\ ACCIDENT ON THK CKNKKAL It tILBO \D AT WEST ALIt ANY TWO HUN KILLED AND 8*VE BAI, SKHIOl'HLY WOUNDED. At an early hour t hi - morning a fearful and melancholy accident occurred at West Aibany, a lew mile* from thin city, ana mor geneially l<no?n a* tbe ( attic liepot. It appears that a cuttle (rain which had ju?t arrived w.11 being hwitcoed oil the track w hen a coupling broke. lea\ ing I wo or three of i he cam filled witb eat tie ou tie true*, which nt that mom en I lielmigedtothe expre * train, then due In aliiii 1 1 an instant aftrr ilie break. nirol the in n which connected I he earn tognther, the train due ne.e at ?1 : _v> came up ut rrgulai speed ami ran into the threo tars on tiie [ rj c k lb con nasion wa? mi great that the '.en derof the express train was thrown iwt and uixtn the OCl motive j ie I the baggagi' MilctprtK cars badly brok en. l)ii'' cattle car was demolished, anil till the rattle in it kili*d. So great and tearful was tbe concu-don that trunks wni* thrown out of the cars to the distance of Iroin twenty to thirty feet: and eren the iron trunk be longing to Veils k Cii.'a express. heavily strapped with iron band - . was ti tally demoii.-hed lly tlii- aci i lent we are culled upon to note the lo-? .( life of ..u |>erson, and perhaps two, and the serious injury of four it not ol live persons who wereon the express train. John I'ratt. tbe engineer, was instantly killed by the tendei falling upon biin and crushing Iniu to death, lie ban a wife and child residing in this city. I'ranklln Mil. Inn, the tiietuan both teg- and unit liri lien and otherwise ko badly injured that hit lit'' i. dcfpaii .*d el He is a single man and resided in this citv. William II (.ifflng, of HnlTaio, Well* k ('?.'* express mcrn-nger, jaw broken tt two places, and received sonie lioiiilv injuries l>r. Mann w?< Instantly railed upon, and Is rendering all the serviee in hi* power. Matthew fix ->f Kort Plain, express mesaeng'T , left leg badly cut. but not supposed to lie seriously Injure I. Mr. lark# ol Wateiloo. bajrunjti' man. badly wounded. A lad, tieoigc Simpson, oft hiiaRo wh<> was on his wuy to N , w Ha i i'ii to . chisil. wa- in chaige ol the express ine.-veng'-r Ills leg was broken, but not otherwise in jmed. Jle appeared to b" in good aplrlts. and b ar- hi* pum and sutte<iug with a manly fortitude. A gentleman, whose name we could not lenrn. but who reside* at No. - H Water street received soioe injury up >li bis back, as he was obliged to be carried home. We could learn ol no other person receiving any Injury, It i- leari-d that Mi. toiling has iecein i '< eriou- inter nal injuries bv the falling of a heaiy trunk up m hi back. Nut cniv i* his face tearfully cut and m.nntlc I, but he is stilfering Intense pain in hi* back. A passenger, Mr. Wells, of the linn of Dewey A Wi*IN, I y n Wayni county. N. V., received a wound upon. I he chin. He is the only passenger, except tbe lud previ ous!* mentioned, that receivedany injuries. The liny Simpson lives with a stepfather a' Chieiig'i, who is all that u father could be. lor he not only provide tor all his wants, but Is giving him a guo.l idu-atlon. He is in ch:> i g?- of the best medical tin n in thl* city. It was fi ggy and i|tiite dark wh"ti the collision occur red, und thi- blame is chargeable unon those wlio had contiol ol tbe rattle tram. I', fi. ? One or two of the passenger- in the forward car were slightly hurt, among them Canal Appral er Hull. Si Vi ral others had a narrow escape. The roof ol the baggage cur broke through the pa- ' iig' r ear. and I arsed over tbe head* of those in the front -eats. The motion stopped i. it had uncomfortably pinned Ur. Hull to his -eat. six Inches more motion would have crushed him. The piessure upon him ha? left him In con-i'iei a ble pain. Another pamcnger was so tastene l In by the nei k as to require several minutes to extib at> him. Ttor lV?-ntlier and (he TO THE KDITOJI O Y THE llSUAII). The following the -tate and condition of tUo o tirioi#|?lier <* frnii Saturday. 16th, to Wednesday 10tb, both dnys intluhlrc: ? /fifth yf. lAntn*. Saturday 1.'dh.?.'rdef< at 2 k 8 P. M. f?8 deg. at 5 A.M. Sunday. With .74 de? ?tS&ftl*. M. tfldeg. at fl A. M. Monday. 1 , t U .KV ?!<?# at ?tl*. M. *>4 d< jr. ut lt<.r? A. M . Tuesday, 18th. 87 deg. at 2 1'. M. f>iidej$. at 11 I'. M. NV e?in?- *y . . r <U ?r . at 1 I'. M. I? deg. at l&f? A. M. And thlt* imiri :n# at 5 aud 6 o"< U?< L. 4!i degres*-. Aurora Uoicall# on Saturday evening. <'n ^nndaj ICth. an eijullibriatfon of ti mpera*ure from 11 A. M. to ? I'. M.. duration seven consecutive houiv. from 7 J to 7 ileirMe*. and again frc m 10 V M till f> A. M.. of Monday nine eorin*!utiVo hour#, from tkl to 64 degree. At b A M. if Monday a thick log netted down, and reruaim i f#>. >< eral 1m ur-. On that m? nting n *h?>rk of etnth|Uuka ?aa l?-l I in ("afaraujrw* county. New York. and in MrJ\? on county. I enijayhani* A chimney top *a- thrown down n one j la . ?? II is ahock. if m If I ho wn, preceded t h ? I cat of Monday and Tuendai . and wan cooue?tod with tbe Aur? i.i and eijuilihriatioiui mentioned. A - prink le of in at 10 and 11 A. M. of Sunday, an i apf.iin a< .'tan! ?" '(II M. < ?n Tim -day morning a t ? m- ? #*??r c ur??l ah n : tl i* ethcrial from ea-t to west. ut Oh. l<hn., and UU into ? lit afn>< -jl.cne and dUapj cured. We me! the rain on T? c-iav. h * we *?ere travelling ca*?f in VVor<*'*-tf?r cottntv, Ma* at : 1 , I' V! It re, ' hed hen- ut 7li Jnn. !'. M continued to fail in the night of Tin- day u nd Wednesday mi'' < 1 1 Wedieday moinintf rain at 41a . rod 10m., and .it ?ih 4< ' ! i ? In hv* rain. Ibechnnjre of u>mp<- ature ti ?ui '5 to 7 1 M. of Tii' 'day wa- It degree* and from '? I' M. to II I'. \f . i.l <U?i < <. The chanff from ? I'. M. of iy dav to 6 o'clock thi- innrninjar i* 44 degreoa. hk' \\ H .11 if, .%rpt. .u, 1&0. I!. MKUIAM. Crleket* st. GFonar. yh. n? w york. tht' y-cut cvi? ket match han terminated in lavor .?f the New V??rk 4 liib, and wi'h hut t?n? wicki t to |ti dov.u. ll'? re ullfof the match wan, St. ?.por^e 1-t inningf, H>H run,-; ?M .ju'\ n^. ll.'i run*. % ? v, \ ork Inf inning<?. *A n?n> '.d i? idujf- K#7 Tlie re*u|1 < f thl /atne van 0 otiexc < ??'*? t.; the erleketor- generally, and th?? match N ii>4 tf ?iiiiu #?d aft< r rundown ye-lentny evening . u.?<%t t!? gnate t c*< vt? :i?vnt tlisit we -IiaU d?>ftM an account of 1 |?r? i?ame until w? have rnor?' t* |?afe to dov ?te to tin -ul ?]. . t which will 1k? in "nr Sunday - lition. Hi' nia*< !i l>? twei n the mar ied and single uw iiil er <?f the New Biijt'iton (Inh < j.laco on .^ittird.i v n? (to morrow,) at the cricket k rout id. n?ar New Brighton Ail tie ie?i?l<t.t#4 ff Krw Itiiglitou are { to Ik* nt on the occa ion. Prmonnl f iilf lll|<( n? ? . > t ator f*nynrd ? f I ? laws?r?' a*?d lion J t.l-in ** Jon ? t l*e/ M} ivunla, arr vt-d in Wndiio|t('fi on tli< iHth I Tl/" i a lit. <ol.lN?igjj t s. A , ?-f " a little more icra|?e memo hi sived m f vn< hhurjr Va., from the Hprtofpi, on the 1'oh infant. AUR! VA!.*. \ r Twr Ht. N'ii iioi.v)*? |(f\ . Dr. Ii?* ' U* ( iiniuh WV I . Tvh Vir tOA.i li. John, W ? ?.* TUiUoUd pf.N; M Midth. It ufa I' ? l)r. .Ian.. * Ifuker, I'l. Ud :pl, . i. \ < tver, do, I), H. Ymmg, Alabam i A r rai. Mirr?orr?uT? a IIoTfci..? 4'a|?f D. W?M?*lntff lr. H \ 0. W. Anderpon, ^-wvannah: V. II MoHt'on, I'. H lifirj; it)4(? . I* /-??*? hrni'h Wa#hirurton: (? . \| < * r VairaU, BrtJi*h Army; C*ol. liairor, U. H. A.; J. I,. TW*ell. I . A ; H I'urk, I > A <Jen NhiI .ui Wliif ?? !d. A inf - 'n i Trtr, H*im>?oMir. Hocm* ? Hon. Tr'iman Hrnlth. o fiir 1 *r?! . iiou. hamui ' i*. ltf H#on. Maine <\*pt. (2?iiH*t I . r Arm> W. If. i.ord ar>1 family, WafHIii^'on; t'apt. a- <?. Orah tj e ^wvannaS .lohri K. Il> n.a - . Vaj t'a|?*. S;-i ouK, ? ui'Mn ra" f? K 1/ , ^prtriffteM, Ma?- VV t Walko, t'?i , r Willi*! ? V .) l?j I,. .Jay, H. i ltr> I, |/wli, h. r, At fii Mow ?ap lloTf r. l{ r l?r Fn'fwm, l(<nMir V I'r (' < i Hp H.,f, ,/. |(i.Im\ ay. For*. Mwdu. Hon I? M . <Htttwa% ? 'tinwda; ll<?n. It nry fl. i*litn?otA Ku ii. ?l. I A. Mm-. K-m ,.iiai?- n?, !M, W Jf ll nn? ti , Kn?l -i.d I on &fliRk, miMkil' inne r, K*?j . N C; Hon. If. K t dell, Pi mtu r. At imp Ti U'? -i ,o?r ? It .h Kirrdler ' Henor Don Mfon?o > K * ? note. MifiWrr from 0:* ' '.in i?f* pain '?? the t i??' .| *'nf# , II:- r. .? e'lem-j lien I >-ch. M' ttc+h Minht*-r n ,<? ISnkH of FrftM^la, A. (Jraham D"r?l#?p, Kn^land . Th<>i/taa C. Mnidi VI m nit i riff Um I r' it. I . k * i ? -tl. i hip VV; Tin- - ?Mr- I' <lnu u id barfly, Mr and Mr? <?nuiau? Mi^ H.oi'ia, Mr Vn|#?ri<l#r, J?* KtrkpatrUk. H< nrf Kr ki.Hr k l^r'ml.o. ? n' ' *M|> Vka?rto-tlr? ?w? ^nldr? u ami aertant. Mr (ic?ddard and !?djr. M?- >-r ? |*vm, fw ron. of <i?d. Mth Terr?*y, Mr?h**nu.?, oi Jlew Vork Ju <Ian?e,of > r> m J-tia Fraor o. in m,1|? T< ?; ^rai'h?Mrw lljai I- ? v iovt - u Mr? Hu? ?< H and rhild. From llavr In iip Ad*? al? l>r I" Vllai-fi John I.'- e?i. ?f N?*w Or ? rtn? ? V, Marehal. <4 Fran? , M>-? I<iv*. Ki^TAirrrKKf. For Hao f*raori?ro. via N rar.i^u^. In ib*" H'l-ianhip $<>rth ? f. I, <,?tv ~ V* * ar .. A ? ,. ?'.^ n*ff II Jt-'i-. A I o'? Krwirwi'i A IVi'? ? tj? e*- m* -*e*i ;#r !*?? ^ \) > 0 \ o ? ui* -?? iifc'cr ; t -'<?ti*, 4i and wU-*; M/a M J ^ '*'? w m?. If. ? *#?>., FlHol.rMl - l*n? ... nd wi*> Mr- H .I aixt? n id Mr Al . knn !. I - Latham ^ It f*r??fi?f'if. Mi - \V K Rohi r .or,. V If Ta)k#r, Ue?. I Hr . . If 1. Potivla-*- It I, |>o Ifln If fl ?' lilt or.-, Vk ? ?r. I r f? rl.? rtren Mt U'r hti Mill] I W#l /? '.lodfen ? ? W I I J> 'r <m. .Mm J vl 1 n*on I f . > t nad w . , .1 |? Ho*'w ? * l? 1 H nurrif. J Hl'hrfl wlfoandtw.. ehiMrvn; K K vv -ri. <? If \l? m!, wile ?? ?t dMlrln r Mi - fl HooW and " 0, J (' Al?rah>? u* V .f Mo.1( iet r r. ,|( M If I. . . ft M I#I ' . I 'lit u ?r, wlfi and ihrre t hlH ? r?. H .1 Tnm" W ? K Irj- i*" .1 U W. M m; ? r. Y M,i\w? ll mA wife, A Oro- II l^irnor. P WeMb < V- v.- ? ?f. nfant and r M rer t, Mi-< eo-veii- n. Mi* - K ll * tie- Mr *. M.. n,tr . H Mr> C roftrell. lt#?Serf Ontrelh Mm w II Tayfo tu?l wnrii draft. *1 < Hwrti* ??td w,-.- .1 M v ?td. Mm t ? vj r, K 1 . n. V< .1 a l p. Kwrr, I U U fi - v* l'? - arnt mfant I H !(??'? . Tl?' <? < .r M ? 'orison ?od wife, f fw? Tlaom. Mr?? ? r ?io.?. ;-ii r? . } ? ^ ff

I'm-* <; H nradf.,.1 JUK n Mr M I M.?. - , Mr l.'ar . v, % .Nb'ir Mr? Mhew :? t urul h?% ?. K If ,-J f 1 K '? t ? Mr* ^ H Perc . ao Iniu V Mr . 4 riti*lt< Um, II Weiia. T pdbaaiw, W I^lw wk. wtfr and two.t.Udnr, Mr* I* fl ( urey ami in^n I! V V I ?r ? II I Lwwia ?# VI Irwin. ? a n*; Mr ? M Ijn-t.n and ,wr? lr i , 'l. v If .< I II P rarwf N 1^ vv. Mr* Th?arif.? , \? . . M r l. ,t ?al-? atMl ?ni*n Mr K- irr i? f ?r ? I .J ... I, i ^ P'l'l^r, Mr- Miu M. \ H I ?, Mrn Margaret Pcrai w K l.row. M-- ft \ Mr i Irkrrinan Mra P F'yn ar>*i 'wnrblidrf M -i . r M ' l.? "x ' M r . It f Mr I Ml . , I, , I M ? In I fl- I P?? *? It Wl.d n %f fl M hiwk i?, M h rn# > and Ov #? <-Mktrer? J r ft... i I r- * '* d "? .1 V.rt W ? f! nr .! ti,rw f h.' irmi, wrw A V??urr . af.4lw?? riMn ? ? ? fl I'.nd ? rrt, M ir ? [ -un.iar^ oil Hr ?tr|. r- o \% |i , I.I*. , It H er I K fvrrh? \ finM v. . fr r ??. M- M ##? H To* narwi. / fu.M w - |f . e W It ? r a?dlr- .'i W M ?' ?->.?. 1* tK t, Ik %%* ry Mr* 1 Maar^. Mr ll* rw *r *\ f M-* i If M i und rf i? f K if M . * A t b J P M * M ? ' 4 H ,? .1 ;l%f^lc-%f W Hi./. I >? USrrty Mh?? % .1 l.aff'- ... M?*? h I lAfmi ?r ? | I I Ifttty, MWa iarw OrtSr, Ji* Var^w k 3?# H p !>" ? A ^ t ? ftt J | M * ! r. Huilul'v Truth !V?lj{t?t? >> Itejiiicl.'' I Itacbel played Uoiauu iu tu?- tr?g 4) <?' 4i P?Ji:; i ? " |ii Hariri" to a nonteroun and rpprecut atd.< n> it tb MetiopoU aa theatre, U. I eicnlog i Hie i- er.i- i f I )i in piece in laid in Coiiatantim H'-- >'? ' laid bulf i if 'he ?cvenleen'h century, when Turkey win j | not exartly ft tick man, but one of the great lYwer? of 1 the earth. The incident upon which Racine toumfcot the ' play I- purely lege ndery but ha? been no often ri-pi ated ?xi ?tory i, nil ii | < <11 the ntuge, that, like many Komaii tictii n?. It ban ?"tne to be considered an hUturUal fart. V hen the pieec? open* Aminatli the Fourth N tern mau ler ot the 1 lithlol. A little killing expedition h?* taken Mm ???. v into A-i?, aid lie leares nupreme p ?or in the hand* ? l!oxi.a? ? ho in Sultana in name, though nr! In taat. Ammuth hue uo! inaniedher becau-e ?he did not happen to belang to tbr omnnuli uud tho?e who Wore the green turban co ild iu>t ally themtelre* with the itinaillr. Hie i-nlian leave* hi< brother, ll?Jaxet, In the hand* of llu\aiia, in uit amiable young man in a while ro/"<. . lie i* p.pulnr with young Turkey, anil Ammath ha* reunited upon bin <b nth as be Ik a dan getout pemon. The execution ol the ntntence i* coullded to the gentle lt< xana. who, ha* tig nothing el?e to ?lo, fnlU in lore wi'.h her pria< ner. Hajaxet, however, IiiTM mure ore el c ? a young woman naweil Atallde. The (?land \ hier Aimnet. like all true pvlltl"iann.| allies hlmnelf will the aide tluit *eem* utroogeit, and ntn ngly adTi-e* Romim to proclaim Itej&.vt Sultun. ISut llniana in not a fool, and ?he ? 'email In the wedding ling ot ttajazet before nhc elevates him to power. He tempo rize*. A'alidc in anxiou-. I'.aju/.et Ih weak, but not willing. Koxnna i? furious and loving by turn*. Tin Grand Vizier plot and wail*. Koxann dot' not at llr-t nil ? peel A'alide but noon dim over* her treachery. When II cointf t'ltbfpolot, I!aju/.t-! refuaci to marry Roxanii, til t ntlll elii ig* to hi- life. Rnxmia demand* tliut lie ?ball ee# Atalidt die and tin n marry her. lie refiiae". He in executed by a nperial order from the Sultan, wtio ha been po.tcd up In political utTuim at home. l'oxuna I* included in the rkliie fl-mun anil Atalide kill- herm ll. 'I be (itand Vi/ier leave* town by the li t train. A'n literary effort, the | ii-rt* i- not consi lerel w orthy ' f RaeineV genlu . The character- wear Turkl h dre -e., tut there in nothing el?e Turki-h about tliem. It M-einn like a acent in a In I mmifiir ?t the Opera. Madeuiol .ell? Hn hi I I layed llcxana ?ery tlm ly; Mie had a true idea of the character of the haughty wmnaa who, though on y the mhitre-." i t n king, held the liven of million* of p -oj.le in her hand, 'ibe exhibition ot thin feeling wm nic- ly tenipcri I with her love f- r llajazet, aud her jcalouay ?? gi anil to behold. We have before npokeu of her power in ilelii.i atlng inti n?e pa-?i( ti. In thin renpect.mi or two nrenen in "liajazet" nie very nuperior. To our mind, hi i l enl point van in the npeecli after th ili-1 overy that I'njn.el !? ve- another woman, and that all hei plotn, Is bom and toil have been for the benefit of a 'rival. Those who have -een Iturlicl can imagine wli.'i ' nlii would niali '( iirh a aituation. It mnnot be df M-rlbed. All hi nrerii"- with llaja/.ct were very fine and 'he la't i|Uiti e |Uftl to anything nhe ha yet done heie. Jb r lontunn? we-e more magnifi cnt tiiuu ever ? ? ) e*i literally ei rei dwith je?e Ai ii- ml ?he ? > cb --ly b llowed by t lip audience, ami often Uitcrri pte I by I'lithimlantie nno long-et^^l'ieil appLaune. >1 lie i i I elix jl?v(d A'ftl! "e very ffflb M IV'turaV.ct wa- r .llier nl< i pv In Hajatet, and M.C Uorl <i n *a good though Cot quite mobile enough ill elpren-mn. ?- the I. mud t'i/ier, W think Bajazet ought t - Ix repenlefl. We n il 1 remind out readei that 11 . !e. I'a In ? > en ghgeWient hue in drawing |o a clone, and that tba> >h<iubl tic t in!-- the J re-ent opportunity to >tf the jrrMtent hi tren? of tbe eentory. V It. IV : x lian j u - 1 r. turm ii fiou. Philadelphia, and M. Sa-jiiet from Bo-ton. in both of which el ien 'In will hortly *ppeur. M. Fell* lia- com I I < (1 with the ainb of the people a- exprewed through the pre- .od lui n lurni tb? pri ?n on" third, on no t i alter Mor.d.iv. wb'n tin- next perfoi n ance take- pLiee. The - -at- In the lower | art of t be limine will txm ld at t indi an-l in the Ibird tircli at fifty rentn. The Imu-e have alaay* !??#? more than remunerative but SI. fi lit hn- tnWeu the atWire of the Ii itti and belie< e* tliat with tbl. ri diutlon he i aoriot only draw houne- larger In ni lober-. but that be can make more money. ,lAi->e|n on Monday. Tin. it o m i r*ic i;h. t ' i i n? r f'lfi! or fn> (if. ii *i.i? Vo?i ! lt;n ).??! df'ply nlfWtf'i ?li?' kfri'lri#"** u 'wr ?t* < v <\ i Hi' | ? ?? nri'l tin- public i.i Sfw York. Im? #*ipr? I '?> (i ? ? ?!*?* i" ???? t I nI?oi?}-I * icMn. i in* wKI? ta n* i li.'t < 1 lit! b - i d. bv I *)?;.; t! ?? pr ? ?>( plftt'fi- ?it hi*r timi' < m .r? in u> ? ot'f ii,' i wtlh 'h<? haMta ol ib?' of j 4*1- ? .1 i am m? *?*!f ?*.it>py Itimwi ft-** of tlw* In tbi- r<* ?P?c ib? : I, ) itVt not cxpm-t to any per tin tart a'lvanu ??? In 't dim.i <?? f?ri? for m? inr tb?? nvcr ?t'? <?i m\ ? .? r?*b?< < h*? h< ?*n b< ion I Vkhut I iu?d ttwtiHht i? jufct < m*( ' \ ...? I ?' u.' ' *rii)> - ol ? !*?? rl> , ti? . . ?!??? Ut *? Hb? ??>>? *, ?? ?>? \ i -ut ,n t * it aiicli UMUHttilU*. I tint I think I o t . tit no !???,? r <0 relu^r to u >i'? !,? r t S, A*-M>r<ti!?!{h -lor'toi tin- ? i-rlliU'i W?' !> whtrh |i will be pf*>?tb|?? ! ?r im* '< i '?avHii 't ? N'i w Ymk * fftnts pn> ? to fnJbJ tbti eni^o-fi ?n? m - 1 t\? fo iiiC'l ?" IkNon l*o "I- Ipl ? Ifarrtna timl m (i?i*? of th< i num. the prkr* will i'f* h* f??:low - ? I u'cony an<l nr? h **??!>, Alt irqueu* . iU? >?* rirrta and e!r< le, $2. r f in l#v HO r?nv will b? no u<Mltfcna! rt*r?pfnr wtirltb/ **yt? In ? J I' fi.-n mvniCAiinr fart*. to vow ? .1- ?<??! > r? a?!i < ?? ' ymir ol?i*<U?ni t-ajii, KA(*i(Af!f? r'Ki.l ??) Wall r? -i. .N-pt j i i^.Vf 1 1.[.. f ? 1 1 ? rp wl Tlx Tin I. T?n mr. ill njr ' ?<r? ar<. >nii?iinr< <1 l*tw"?"ii .llin H ? r ' ? n l.j <.iny I ikIp ' lit of A r. ri Inni- !?> frll|i-i> mil 1 Im Kii ! \>y t.lrin .i. nut ut I ??' | .1 ! > ? ^5 In nil (ii?t ia?. millcmi' nfl ?.? -. jit.'iV nn<t tU* ? '?l ? t> <'il. 'J. 11ii> r?. ? ? will rnn on Ilif I'lil'm < ? >ir?- I.. I. (?crroi.K < ofi:.- ? . r.. i. ii?ittim>. W > i<?r, 12.? 1'iirn1, 91." nnr n.l irnd r?j. in Iin i n? ?. <>. Knvm r rmnu l b. m. Kulr I'.nlmjf ... - I 1 t'. J-iiiIUi nnnn'' It g limy Irmihli 1 J. ( . 1 -n ii . ? wr.< ii?nie<l |f. in. tatinjr II ?? J M Tini'', ? 1' . .r> M y.ivr. Tat ? I'iir-< ?. 91", ? i?< mile ?o ! rcpaitl. in War nf- ? for eoli - . f4. < Hi v Minnl ft. in. 1/nlv Suffolk. Jr 1 1 I :< ? i 1 lUrtl nmiM' 1 K H 'irijr Sjuirtel . . . . .... 'J - V |l?il?jr iciiiiH u*. (f. H?-lr r ?!? I' I'.rjmi . nan, til r. In I >1 H. June* i.Miiie.l |p. g. Alm*>k f. !r "1 ^ouiig in, ii <i| b. g. H*?frr 0 'li linn*, .T:ll? ;i (W. I'lrf Mar?lial'? OOli r. INVUHTIH ATIUN |VT(? THK OUIOIN OF I II. I . V" -ill W ..''iiukstii* iia \ . m t 'i a >?! mi >!? ? iajivni'ir .?.?|it<.|iiln,r .i, a Im- w*- diwovi-ir-l In lli? 1 1 II i r ol IK M':i ?Illusion ut r" I, o< i .ipi#x| *- ? nil, Im' Irr in*) rkMp* Mori', l?r V'lliH'J Elliot. f'|win th# Iiiti *1 if * ? Ii n it ??? ?li"?n D..I on l)i" afternoon pn vlon-, VI r. I ari'l Wlimn- ?n.l In- >on ?rr.?. e> ?ininim( ? jg* in U> . i ir; llml t H< -y a-'-il i lljrlilwl r iivM* ?n.| iti?" tl,i lai *'.o?.r wai* r'.??.|#-i| with rhafi kr taWcti out fifths l?o* in winch tin .jriC" wi-r?> |mm-Ii< iI that hIkiiI ft o ,1 u or ju. before l< ?Tli.:{ th? rellar, tl,? i h iff wm all ra'h' r>'l up .ii'l pot into a In IS. It ??- In thi> lx<t >>, tin lira orlf Itati-)!. It i? ' ipjx??l that tli? ?nnff of the fir, a n'i-' kin' | il In tnwii( tin chuff ami tliua >?il((!iu?"^l i li? ftr?. A' i r* Stkiv^ ? 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