Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 21, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 21, 1855 Page 5
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Ambtedly take a high rnti? In public oatSmut ca. ft l? ???Ik") the medallion b^rthe, and derive* .tx name from M<? l< - ut elaborately embroidered lac.. -<-t b?tweeu ba rt of ViutBtwnntri l&Mrtion. The corsage in low a ml deaceoda 'u tie v an' I11 the shape of a V bacV and frint ; at either ?ini i* a bow of cherry co lured ribbon, -villi a black feathered edge and from the point of the shoulder float two end?1 of 'he same bright hue. In the same establl sh mi nt ate collars unit sleeves Ol rarest workmanship1. tU"y ?ue ec chet k nit t< ?<! in the school* in Ireland, and know u a* Spanish ]>oint lace. Sleeves and collars fl I'froj* ra'ri *. fbvM) are inu of point il'AUneotl and lull''. ' ader the n>Ui?r passe* a rich ribbon of Napoleon green, and bows of the Mime gh.nn through the bouillons of lit !!? "D which point lace lulls. It ban a peculiarly fresh and rharra 10 g h ppea raoi-1-, and cannot Iiiil to become popular. nAITt MOSSING. We are indebted to one of the principal hairdresser* of Broadway for the following Htriklngly elegant and </<> H rig lu style, tind it 1* worthy of the artist from whom it baa emanated. Th?- back ha'r in plaited in the wide Cir cassian braid, and arranged *? a* *? form a star, a Cre eian braid, through which pearl* are intei woven, U brought round, forming a border or trimming to the wider braid, and in the centre a diamond stnr chine* forth trom ti contrasting background of black velvet. Between each of the four point* ol the star are placed bunches ol small flower*, violets, myrtle blossom*, or rosebuds, with pendant *pray* falling on each si<l>* of the neck ; the two upper dusters meet the front hair, which la looped up in two thick curls, b-ongiif down rather locg on the face. It is called the ''ItMlicI," and fornn a lout Mifmble which we have *eldom seen equalled. For iHyflipfe, the back hair is arranged In a double figurv il' / nit. diyided by a thick twist or cable, which surround* tbem like a frame-work; the front hair frizzed or curled From the fame source we have received tb" following ?decant wedding dres*: ? A white satin skirt, avar which folia a t iemi-jupe of point lace, looped up at intervals with ? aainelius; the corsage rounded and trimmed with tin UUtt of point lace, extending below the waist in broad lappet*; the sleeves short, with puttings of satin and falls ol lace looped up with camelias. Rapeneluld'a Full Style, for 1855, wan no Fonner out lhan It took the lead of all competitors. Tliecs'ab Muneiits In llroadway cannot compete with this iiiuiiuracturer, tvho puts Ills capital Into hi* bai* and not InUi orn invntal tlx ture* and high Broadway rents. Compare bis rl h, lil?lily flushed hat with those sold JO per crnt higher in Broadway, and it will be found a bettor and finer article. The store Is 118 Hawaii street, near Beekmnn. The Genln Ore km Hat fbr the fall of 1859, Jwt Introduced, I* entirely new In style and general appear ?Dee, and for lightness and beauty of finish for surpasses all former effort*. Gentlemen are Invited to view thia superb geir ?f the season. UKMS, 214 Broadway, opposite Bt. I'a Church. Ktallo'i Fall Style of Hot* Have J tut, een Issued. For neatness 01 finl Biaierial he ha* no equal. Corner < been Issued. For neatness of finish and superior quality of ' of Brojdway and < anal st. Wlilte'* Fall Style or Gent*' Drew Hat now ready: price lour and five dollars. WHITE, 321 Broadway, opposite Pearl street. David'* Full Style of Gentlemen'* Hnt? Are all the rage In the fashionable world. Tlane who wish a really beautiful article should give hint a call, at 301 Broadway, *c cond door from Dunne street. Kitoi'i Hal*.? Every manufacturer neee? narilv believe that hi* own bats are tho best. Till* Is natural. But Knox's hnts are particularly tine. dashl||e'> elegant and rc (hen bf. They are made with remarkable care, and are all of tbe finest quality. Knov keeps it No. B3.1 Broidw iy and coi ner of Fuhou street and Broadway, where we advise every one to call. ABaml of MunIc In the Park To-lVlght would not create half the enjoyment received from seeing one of those beautiful ambrotypes taken by R. A. 1.KWI8, 142 Chatham htreet. All who wish Instructions will apply curly. Rrarfy'a National Gallery, 359 Brondivny^ ever T types, ? Thompson's.? Ambroytypcs, photographs, dagucrreo s, large*! in the world. Visiters Invited. Meade Brother*? Photograph*, Daguerreo types, and pictures on jtlass taken ilally In every slyle, In the magnificent establishment ?t3 Broadway, tlissls at wholesale and retail. Galleries, four doora above the A-.tor llousu, free to the public. Holmes' IT. S. Patent Machine Portrait* for 2A cenls, and 1850 per doxen, the most doslrable. economical and beautiful works of art of Hie age. The glass types arc a foilure aside of them, *o say the Artists' Club, aftl Broadway. Piano*. ? Herare Water*' Piano* Having In folr improvements of action and overstrings, a length of scale ?ad power oftoneei|ual to the grand piano; T. GllbertACo.'spla aoa, with or wldtout the mollan ; llallett A Cumston's, Wood ward A Brnwn. and Jacob t'hlckerlnR's pianos, and those of five of foe best New York makers; new (l>| octave pianos, tor $180; ?maid hand pianos of all varieties, at great bargains, prices foom 930 fo f 140. Pianos to rent, and rent allowed on pur abase. Pianos for sale on monthly payment*. Bole aucney ot B. D. A H. W. Smith's melodeou*, (tuned the equal tempera asenL) Kach ln*trument guaranteed to give entfi 0 ?UlafasJtloc ar purchase money refunded. HORACK WATEBS, S33 Broadway. PUnoi? Sirund hand, $'i>, |SO, $1(10 and (180. Twenty new one* (same make as commanded tbe firm premium n( w World's Fall ), now ut HASSI' OKD'S finishing sootna, tiUS Broadway, up stair*. Sheet music anil a general assortment ol' mimical merchandise, name building, down ?tain. I'lunos to lei. The Smllhaonlnn Honne, on the Kuropenn flu, Broadway, corner of Houston MmU-Thla now and lame hotel, newly furn lulled and In thorough order, with all the conveniences of Uie highest priced hole In, infer* to travel ten and the public, Including families, unsurpassed aeennirao tfatkms at lower raU'n than can be afforded by any other first ?tew hotel. 8IDNKV KOFM AN. Movement of Dlitlngalnhrd Individual*. ? By the ntmospher c telegraph we are Informed t Hat otir cold friend, Winter, lefl Iceland, and mav beekpecte.l In town soon. Coals, overcoats, punt" and vents, proper to give him n warm reception, may he had ai KVA.Vs' cli.jilng wai chouse, Noa. Oti and (ih Fulton street, at ihe usual low prl< es. Millinery? Millinery ? Juat rfnlvttl, n Urge and fashionable assortment of chenille and siraw trimmings, ribbons, feather*, flower-.; also, a splendid lot <?' -Ilk and s'.imw hats suitable for pattern*, ut S. IKVI.VK'd, 1 I-' (.'anal street. Specialties? Onr Nrw Style* of HI reet or Bti* alness coats for tall. ranging from Sti to $16! are t> ape-laity with us, and will lie found no where else. D. DKVUN A CO., 2M, 250 and 2fi0 Broadway. Fall mid Winter Cndernnrmeiita, Oloven and hoairry, for the million, at McI,AUtlllLI.VS shirt and fur nlsbiii" sure, corner ol imd til nwlcfc street Hpeclal attention Is directed 10 the s!< ? k ol lamb's wool, silk, merino and cotton undershirts and drawers. Tremendous Baijalna In Clolliliig^-Snprr fine black and colored French < loth tire.. and frock ' oat?. lined through with satin, (w i ll worth *"<!,) selling a! KVa.NS' cloth ing warehouse, Mt and ?W Kul'on street, at ?>' City Trade.? Onr Lar|(< Stock of Fall and winter clothing for city trade la open foil nanectli.n It will be Sound to '?oiiiHtn a larger Tartetj of new and tiyllsh garment* than we have ever bewtt got up. Prices uniformly low, D. HKVI.IN A CO., Z.'i> Mi and Broadway. Brmilr'a Fall Cloaki.-Ocorjfr Brodle, Wo. 61 Canal and A3 Llspenartl a rret, I, as now in store a large assortment of novelties in velvet, cloth and nmlre antique cloak* and mant'llas, ui which he lnvitei the attention ol whole sale cash and short time buy era. Moaq nltoei were never known to commit mxh depredations on the tee I in js of cltlrens as at the present time: protect yourselves ugaln*t them. alat your < hlldren and do not suffer tnem to he tortured with these pests any more, or allow them to keep you uwake of night*. Sleep In peace? you can do by calling on W. STKATTO.V, isl Chamber* atreet, who ia the sole a gen: for the Hawkins' pa' ent Improved eaoopy and net, a aure guuranlec against nn.-|iilioos. Great Bargains In rarpetlnx? We have BOW In atore a large atoek of fall Importations, "omprlalng vei ret, tapestry, Hrnaaela. three ply and Ingrain carpeting, floor fcUeloths, Ac., which we are ottering at very low rates for cash. Bieh Brussels 7a. and X*. per yard. SMI I if A LuC'NHUKHRY, (M Brtiadway, near Mraud street. Carpet* 1 Carpets j Carpet a !? Splendid Kn? liah Hrnaaela, He. per yord; 90 t?KI vsrd? beautiful ingrain. JU , M.,4*. and fin. per yard: floor oil cloth- > t>l :t* , 4? per yard, at the great carpet establishment ol II1K AM ANIIKKriOlt, W ?owery. Moire Antique Scurf*, Tl< a and Cravnts, for Ctleuien. A rich a--irtmeni r. idy ; ?ls.i under shirt* an 1 were, gloves, shirts ut >nperlor 'pi i |t> ami miter fiirnl-tiuu Kooda. In large variety. Ill \ I1 KllKti'lJ fV.v. til Na aau si "The l>adlc? A?tlr "? l*mllc? arc l<ookeil at now, by gentlcnieu and each other, not to ji l/e their chnt? atoes and laces? not to admire t mm i l . < ? "inhere.: .iff ihe thee, or the dress that moat n-. the aldewnlk 1 a train-hearer, but to see who and Imts man> ha\e ia?ie and iitdgraeui ? tmugh to * car a pair of lie... a .a id tenoa ned and Inlmi'able Kalt# r hoots n it her kid. button, oi French -alio Frai..-ai? . which GOItMAX, tie* t.itmni- manufacturer, is selling at bia new ladles' Freni h ?ho< -l ire l<? I 'anal street <}..nn nilii- all kinds of shia-a, not only snilatde in ih> ta?'e, but also in the Paeta of Ihe wearer, tjaitera, all of his own rnanilta-' iire. Itl?., I la. , l? II- , |.i- I- .It 22- . U' , 2?. . ,i paw Mlippers, Ilea and Ini.kln- a t>- a and I'K a | ai all wji ranted to he best quality. DreMlng Caaea.? The compact Form aad per. leet atillty of thexe articles render tbein Indispensable m trsvel lera. They contain all that is necessary foi the lotlet. K r sale t>y A. 4 J. HACKHKR8, No. 7 Aator liouse, *a-l .?i, Bread* a) Comb Factory? A rich Aaaortment of Tor* MM shell dress comb". Tbe variety will l.c fuund to contaia tm very latest pattern.!. A. i J. >AL'M>I U>, M~, Broadway fancy Cntlmy, embracing a larjje Variety at aportanien, pen sod piifket knives of the ni-st rare awl heautiftil patterna. A A J. SAl'NDKMi No. 7 Aator House, M7 Broadway. The Great Rook of Fashion ? Frank !><? lie's Oasette at Fn-tiUm and the K*-.. i for (It "t'-er. w.ll be resdy (or delivery on Haturda'. neft. fbla will Iw the m e' imptirtant number ever (??.?ted |i 1 1 t?ln? a nrjr elshora'e article on tt.e millinery openin wuh a de*Tiptlnn ot d.e m ?- : beautiful la.nn. t* In each fsalilonalile establish ment Id thl- - ,t> . ako, dwcrtptlona aad ei.gratrtngs of iIm- lan st I'sri.iati style*, received b> last "tesnier This uurnbt 1 i- invslualne tneier* lady, and particularly to milliners dr. --maki r- and dr- ;'?rls rnenhant" Sub- . i li Ion Kl p- 1 annum May be )utd 'if eren tK**seller audi, .in- office, J> - ISand liHpru . - re t. I?ook'nf( Olaaaea, for the Fall Trade, at fraatfy reduced price-, Kuyees ar- 111 'I led u, erinnie rnrahiek l>el?ire else where Kl< IIAKDS, K1KUH MAMO ?CO.,inaou#srturo ? HD'T" 'irn urna. A Rare Opportnnlty? To CMnlry and City merchants ? >o sale ..ii otie >eai . e'.l! r eiehangefnr real eatate In New \ il or Brook in . ew h. .nsaad dollar amnh of scissor*, t skcar-t .? ? ? } ?? th? -aie.i Am-rt can pattern*, lie n no^v in hi Cu? m Hotise. Ad drcas t.'utlery, llerat l t.d ?wwlne Maehinee-? On? Tlionaand Mtltchc* a minute The rrest tmprovement in Ninger'a sewing ma. ah'ne*, wherehv they are rtiu a' .l> 'ile speed, and aeeom;<llah Iwlte the <|>tsiitl!y of werk, .an l" >e' n sod under<u?..| hy alL We ran furm.ti |>i-iintr Mhl~ proof that tli.-se who have any of the ms hlnea ni .-'her ruar, i sctiirer* ran make nvwev hy tiiiowing them s.lde ind buynur -timer'*. Vanr have made the i? t s* already. I. M. rlStiER k CO , No. 3SS To lite Friend 4 of Temperance? ft l? fair Co suppose that the e*<- apilnual clam* of thy Maine Jaw, io fav o: o t liiO liU'k, WU not tuteud* (1 to license the *al?* of bad 11. t U i tor the uae ot thou e who, oi all oth. r* Ui tb?* ouxmttnif v , w otiid be u?o?-t injured an uupure article. I therefore take It to.* granted that '"Veuiperance men," a* well as beuev?>ie.i (u r h.jim, ii-'-u ?? ) tu valid* whose oases require tie* exulblU< n ttlroholle Hilu ,ulants, should be furui.-h -.1 witu tie* pur <??' liquor* which the world ran produce, if this be s??, and I ? aim ???? doubt II, fiien the atricteai professor of temperance is morally I touud to recommend aud administer my helm* htm Aromitic Sebnap'ps in such canes. He Ik under a morul ooiigaiioa to do tbls tor the subjoined rea**ons: ? i. The unrlvulled purity ?>t '.he ardcle has badn proved by analysis. 'I. lis nstnraUve and curative elVe?*ta have been w.'nfc -ad in U?e practice of more thau three thousand (listing dashed phy sicians. 3. '1 he statainuiu nbove made are tested by the voluntary declarations <>i the leading medical men of the' Luite I > u and by ? munist* of high standing, over their own signatures. 4. No man can allege Ignorance of the e facts, as th8y have been published in hundreds of thousands of pamplets, In Innu merable circulars, and in uearly every newspaper in the I ii" n. Under these circumstance*, I have a right to call upon tem perance men, n* philanthropist*, u> aid In introducing into the Kick room, for medical purpose*, a liquor which tbv.must know, H tfiey recognize demonstration as a conclusive sr-pi incut, poseefcscs higher claims to the confidence of the physician and the paiii*ut than any other Hp irit procurable In America. ITUOLPHO WOLFK. Jlerrtng'M Patent Champion Fire and Bur ffcr proof safe, with Hall's patent powder proof lock. Both .??oeived prize medals at the World'* Fair, London, 1851. and Onstai Palace, New York, UW-'M HiLjbi 0. UKRUING A VQ.t 13fi, 137 and 139 Water street. Defiance Salamander laff?.? Rob*- rt M. Pat* RICK Is the Hole manufacturer In the lTnlted Btates of the above jele orated safe*, and patent powder proof dehance locks and trot* bar*. Depot t192 Pearl street, one door below Maiden ane. An Old Fnftliloiicd Bureau Desk wanted ? Any one having such an article, and wishing to sell, will -end a note, Mating price and where it ran be neon, to Mr. M, J. 1)KUMM0N1), regalia inanutacturer, 142 Chatham street. 1 1 Yon Want to Bee an Ingenloue Piece of workmanship, call at W. M. WILM A HTIi'H, 41 Maiden lane, and examine the new style of pen and pencil case in ide by him, called Lownd's pateut ; It m the moat comole'e arrange ment ever ottered for sale ; it In made ot gold and silver. Freneh Gaa Flxtare?? ? lin|?ortatloift of New Salterns, made for this market and exhibited at the 1'aUU 'Industrie. The beat and largest selection offered in this sity. Al.*o, meeluimcal, cartel and moderator lamps, Paris bronzea, clock*, Ac., Ac. rl. PA KOON V1LLE, Broadway. Til row Not Your Money Away For Wortli eaa artirleHr Beware of humbuga, pedlern, and all the nasty crew; try ('ostar's Kxtermlnator, it you are troubled with ra's, cockroaches, Ac.; It ill banlah them like ma^lc; not for a day. but months ami yearn. HKN14Y H. tJUSTAR'.S wuolcaale and retail depot 3 bb liroadway. Don't *>e HnmliUKurd^Hut lie *lfire Yon have LYON'S Hi^nature.?- A l'ae simile of K. l^on'a signature, appears unou the wrappers and labels ot tRe Renuln t Mat* net lc Powder and pllla lor the destruction <?t in> ' rats and mice. Beware of counterfeltM. Depot 4 24 liroadway, ami So. 6 South Kighth street, Philadelphia. Wtiltfken or Mouataehea Forertl to (iiw In six weeks, by my onguent, whieh will not atalrt or Injure the ?diin. $1 a bottle; nent t?> any part of 'iveeountry. It. <1. (lit A HAM, ^.r? Broadway; ib-iher, 44 South Third bUeet, Philadel phia; Brlggs, 37 HUiU? street, Albany, ffl* T. Lovet'n WoUpene? An Indian Vf^etu lle preparation, will restore gr ay hair u? ita youthful apnear uice and cure baMncha. Call at 7t>? Broadway, and hi ^ the proprietor, who has been gray and bald, *lth a good head of ?air. Hunter'* Medical Mpcclnilut, mid Jtmi nnl of Diseases of the Client. Fromthn N. Y. Evening Mirror:? J udging by the initial num ber.Ur. Hunter's Specialist will, In interest, lntelhgenc*, - ira ttflc and practical knowledge, and vi?*?r of conduct ranis at thu very head of medical journalism. la this number the Doctor seta torth hlii purpose ? already alluded to? modestly hut al??Qjd wily, u nd treat-* u to pnwrriul amdm on ?'Medicau-d Inula tton," "Diseases of the Throat and Lungs," "Asthma, Ivi nature, causes and curc," t% Medical Special itles," "The prevalent*** mm I Importance of Tuoercular Diseases," and an Interesting essay on the importance of a proper classification of diseases. Hut an article that will oomtnaixi general attention, aod Interest, we rather think, the medical profession, I* a reply to an oti-!.iii,'ht made by Dr. Hall, alitor of the Journal of Health. against in halation. The article la titled "A Concentrated Nlnuv, ' and though written wi.h marvellous good humor, i-? a *ort ofliay'ng alive of the Journal of Health man. It remind* us of a torture Ug u re of the Spanish inquisition, called "The Blessed Vlrg n," which hail an agreeable lir?t blush for the victim led to lis em brace, but Which, on touching certain springs, opened a glit tering breast of sword blades. A monthly periodica), 16 pajes. 4to. Bubscrlptlon for a year, $1; single copy, ten cents. Published by SHKKMA.V A < 0., Aator House, And for sale by oil booksellers. Bairheior'a Ilalr Dye, VVi^a and Too pee* . tffee best In the world. Nine private rooms for applying Ms aarlvaJled dye. Beware of i?m taLions; they result In ridicule, fha largest stock oi wigs and toupee* in America, wholesale mi raiail, at BATCH KLOU'S. 233 Broad way. The Original Thompson'* Hair Dyr-lhi best. In the world ? Is for sale, or applied by the inventor In person, at the hair cutting and wig maklmr rooms, fli and 51 Nassau street, corner oi Maiden lane, basement: Hill's Improved Inatnntancou* Hair Oye, four shillings a box. ? Black or brown natural colors; no tade Recommended by chemists, doctors and editors. Hold a' I Barclay street, and 4ft Nassau street. New York, and at 1'. W. Wood's, 247 Fulton street, Brooklyn. Hill, Inimitable ('utter of Hair nnvl Whis kers, In styles suitable to the various rbapc 1 heads and faces, In the neatest possible manner, ir No. i Barclay street, near Broadway. Hair dye, four shillings a box. Tan, Pimple*, Freckle*. Kruptlons, Salt rheum, Ac., cured by ClOt'HAUO'H Italian Medicated Soap. Poudre Bubtile uproots hair from low foreheads, or any part of the body. Rouge, My white, hair dye and restorative, u the old depot, f>7 Walker street, tir-t store from Broadway; Mrs. Hayes, Brooklyn; C. Mender, NH South Third street, riiiladt 1 phia; Bates, laf Washington street, Boston; Hand, Baltimore. Dr. 8. 8* Fitch, Author of the **SI* Lreturci on Consumption," ofllce No. 714 Broadway, will be pleaded to afford rellel to those who have been Injured, or who have Jail ed to be benefitted by the speciality of inhalation, for dis<; vhph of the lungs or throat. Open dally (Sundays eicepted) from toft o'clock. Tream consumption, asthma, diseases of the hear t, and all Hironic diseases of n Ues and otnaies, i taUonfree. Dr. S. H. FITCH is always at home, and there is do person elsewhere, travelling or otherwise, in any way con nected with him, or authorized to haii from ins ofllce or refer patients to bim. Red hair looks warm In flery weather, And k ray's a nuisance nl together. Iianlsb them both. ' What with ! " you cry. With CKISTADOKO'8 mat. hie-* dye. Manufactured, Mold, and Applied (prlvati ly;, at No. 0 Aster House. Hfrnls^Only Prize Medial Awarded to MARslI A CO., by the Industrial Exhibition of All Nation*, lor their new patent radical cure iru*?. Reference* i* to iu snpertorlty? Profe ora I U of ? MTotl v. lard .? Jonn M. C arnoclian. An QXtenslve list of name* o? mer.-an tile and other gentlemen cured by this trust, may be s -en at Marsh A Co. 's No. Maiden lane, New Yor k, an I Marsh, (Jorlles A Co,, No. 5 Wc-t Fourth .street, Cincinnati, Ohio. Open from 7A.M. until 9 P. M. Toothache Cured In Fire Minnie*, by Dr. TOBIAS' wonderful Venetian Liniment, or no pay; h? .da' he in halt an hour. Sold by ail druggist* nnd stoi ek ;c,;er i. Depot U) Cortland i street, New York. Price ^5 cents Holloway'* Pill* Cure any Case of Weak ness, oebillty and lowness of spirits. Tney Inebmraf* rhe ?y tcm, and give new energy, strength and vigor to all Uie fun< tions of life. Sold at the manufactories Maiden lane, New York, and ?14 Strand. I/mdon, and by all druggUt* at cent* 62lj cents and $1 per box. The Great Inhaling Remedy lor Asthma. consumption, and all diseases of the throat and lungs, Ur. Cl'RI IS'S bygenaa. Thousands have been restored to hraltli | the past year by the hygeoa. Principal office. No. Broad way, and sold bv C. II. RINC1, No. l'Jfi Brawwlway. Price only | fit a package. f)r. Curtis will be at the office da iy from U) U> o'clock, where be may be consulted free of charge. Drugghli' Fancy Good* Kieluslvely.? ? Tooth, nail and hair brushes, combs, pomades, oils, \.u bin's extra< ts, ? ?ps. Parts toilet aiil'-les, and ? very arttc?# sold by dru?jti?-ts. ??*,? cpt druun. o!b*red on the tii'Sii r?^a?o'?a??le tertn-, hy Itl Fl S Mi H ARUll A CO., imporxcrs and whoi#? sale dealer*, lft,i Broadway. Piles.? Flnnl Discovery of the Only Possible ?aire, by speeilii ? . Cure warran ed. 2,000treatid su"* ntully this summer. Relief Just as certain, in any case, as eject la u> ?a use. Dr. FR. OKRAU,34l Fourth ?treet, corner of Br<?ad way. ADTEBTISGiullfS RENGWCD EVERY UAT. PRRMINAL. ARTKMA.V WB1.IA? AKY PRBHON WHO I'XDKR . ??and? the m*'tbrxl of boring artesian wells, an?. p? ? ?? -a. h the ne< ? ssiiry Implein* n *, la rt t nested to csill on W K. Bur ton, 41 Chamber /" 1 F.OROK ORA If A ME ?I SHAM, UK ail. A f> TO MKKf \I you tomgh<. in Union > |uare. iwar i ;??* t<> intaan ? o'clock WILLIAM II. i\ INFORMATION WILL BK THANKFCLLY RK' KIVKD I at this <.fl < oi the wher about s of ans of the b- ? s of .l?>bn Hunter, deceased, formerly oi Patcrsou, S'. J. Address A. K. R , Herald ofllce. INFORMATION WANTKD-OF IlfOMAH O'DON'NKf.I,, ft from the parish of _ RaUikeate, county of Llrn? r- k Ire land, who landed in New York, July, lrt&y on ship I^ondoii, from Liverpool. Apply to John M> Malaon, 25 Tham s street, New York. INFORMATION WANTKP <>t WM. CLKART? BT HIS sisters KUen and Alice. When la-t beard from he w h hi Horb#?ter. An< in rma?iori given of him win ne thank) oily rreelvd a Mr ]?wyer% Oreenwteh ??? reet. INFORMATION WANTKH? Of M VRKs O'BRIEN, BY 1 pi wH?A MargltH (^llWU. Any imormatimi <#f him wtn b#? thankfully received by Wlillam M J onion, at street, corner of I^e vis xtr^et^ i*e Is ? nail v.* of the c.o miy Lim*'rt< k lielan l. INFORMATION WANTKO? IF fll ?M ? I RKN'TOW. 1 trr>m Kdmnurs, Scotland. Wtil lufai M. M . t^o* Nassau street Po?? cdfiee. S. Y., be will hear oi -otaeUitnK w> hi- aovaroage, or if any persan can give any ni?n raatiori - >m earning Mm, the same wil* be ihaasiuily mmfg$ I aad ?uUa idy reward* d v?y nddre??in. a- f*aid Tl ?ma* I*, lien ton let t New York for N? Or!cao I"l> an I i? ippo-**d u* liave gone theme to t incinnatl. IF N. I>. W . WIIO LATELY I.KI T PORT HI P.OV 1 MMhisan, *?11 write anain t<? Madame TVxsiora be will Iet?rn of *oate<btnz to Ids advunMure M ARIA VOLAN WISHKS To a threats ? of her ti^4h? i Catheri Edmund N? in, l'.*iq BsrranT usk, " she hl? wiw si'?f?piii4 a th?- Mate h< ingtott street; ??he ?hlnk 'h.c *he a Htm kl> ti If dM* should m?et tha* eye wlih her wterea'Knits, *he lv?p* - 'be v ed with it a* soon <?? powtb e THKCf;Kf?IT0R8 0F HART MAI rled on the dry *a>o?!- tu^.ne--, I York, will bear <?i ?on?eUiing to *he-r a pr*> petty, by calling on '!>? sub?*vlb Spencer utrert, near he Kalb avenn* rTO IJCTAUl* MOTIIFHS. WKDOWHR- "H | v ho n - v wi?h to find a true b n?- '< ?' iadv wis* knows she is rr?mpeo nt for the unde# a# Uke the ^hsrfe of ?e**r?f rtiiWl ? \ . ' - *. fi* iJ.jL'.V',. #'i vC* . i ". .J* lia?M(i aii A ffirUATlOJVfl WAHTIB0. A PARISIAN VOUKO LADY OF THE HWHESTRE- I *p? till liliv, d?*ire* a hUuhUoh a* I 'rein h u .1 U r in a ' private family, either in the city or country. ShjvU tboi ou^hly couvernDt with Ui? Kngluth language, and ha* nlf refereti'e* tor character ami capability. Apply to Dr. Alio ;0k, a'. Dr. Hrandreth's ofllce, Li Canal street. A LADY WISHING A NURSE OH WAITING MAID TO a< louipauy lu r to Kutope, can hear ot .1 scry valuable person by applying at ^4 K ihl I7U1 A PROTK8TANT GIRL WHO HAS LIVKD TWO YE \KS J\. and?cven month* in her la*t plae ?, want* a ?dtua'lou u? cook, washer andiron* r ma re- pecuvde private fiuulv; haa ill**, bent of reference from her last place. IMeaso call at 73 Perry st,, for two days. 4 SITUATION IS WANTKD? -HY 4 MAN THAT HAS J\ U?m*u lor several yearn ,4 *hip mat te, . either a , *hip mt feror Inspector of ships, receiving or (MH-erlng good*. In or out of dooi*. Reference* anil security glv- n, ii required. Ad dn>* Daniel, Hernia office. A RKSPKi TAIILU YOUNG WOMAN WWTS A SITU jfV. ation a* chambermaid, or to do plan 4cw|u^, o ? a-*i-> ?,i washing and ironing, Good rcterenee. Apply at 00 Gouver neur ?t. 4 N AMKRICAN LADY WISHES A SITUATION AS Jt\. housekeeper, Id either a hotel or private house. Under f muids her buaiiK *s In ail iIm t?ru!i> hen. having bad seven years1 eipeii^nee income of the lirst h m ?chi 111 thin city, \ pi 1 11) ii md pi 1 . ate, tod efto fun ? nt 1 ? -i Anyone de-'lroua ol her aervleea will plea/^; ?*all at 23 Irving \TOUNQ SCOTCH WOMAN WANTS \ i 1 \ i ;? >s \ ^ chambermaid or'o do general housework. Rent of city rdereuce given. Call at 1142 8th avenue, between TM and 2M Bis. Can be ween lor lour day 8. A YOIINO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION Art CHAM, l.ennsid and to insist in washing and ironing, or to do me housework <>i a private lamUy. lift? ?-! reference t,.?m her last place. Call for two days at 104 PJth St., between Otb and iihuvtnut ?. An kxckllknt girl wisiiks \ situation in a small private family, to cook* wash and iron. T tit*, best oi reference given If required. Pica** apply at .k'?7 12 !? u'., between 1st ami 2d avenues. 4 YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS NURSE xV and to assist at hon.e*<rk. Good ? l'y 1 e: , < n< ??. 1* n ? all at % WeNt 53d st., nr floor. VRKSPECTAHLK WKLSII WO M 4 N WANTS \ SITU V don as cook; 1* an ei<eilcnt laundrc-s; no objection to doing the housework of a binall family; g?#od city reiVtvufe Riven. Inquire at 170 West Ibtli M., first tlbor, in the rear, for two days. A SITUATION WANTKI)? HY A.N AMKRICAN LADY a.s dressmaker, l?y Ihedav or week. < 'all at fMJ Suflol! * In the rear, for two day*. V SITUATION WANTKD HY V YOUNG WOMAN, IN a respectable family, as >eam^tr?,-.?; ha- 10 obj^f ?n s to minding a baby; understands eut'lng ami iltfiuw childn- -u's < ioth?". llest oi city reference Can si.*en lor two days at her present employer'*, 1 1 I'nlver ity pla' <\ 4 RKftPKCrTAHLK YOUNG WoM \N WANTS A SITU A j\ Hon as good plain eook; m a fir^t rate washer and irouer. 'ih?' best of city retereucecau Ue given. Apply at 1V5 W. 1. 'h street. 4 YOUNG WOMAN v. ESHS 4 SITUATION A BAM ii : tren. She neit' < t|y und?rH'andK ' and wing IttOh s' dre>?i en ami manti??s in the n?wi^t siyle. Can be se-m at llH7th avenue, between 1Mb and liitb ?*?-. A KRKNCII WOMAN DKSIHKS A SITUATION, AS J\ rook, in a private family, who ?nu talk hrenrh.' Sl?? tv i? give ;ood re< ouimefeJatlouH. Call at 1 7?J Vari* k ?' m ti ? fetore. \ SITUATION WANTKD. HY \ HKSPFCTAHLK YOU NG . fir', to dochanbei work and washinu, or a- waiter. U< oi cltv reference K'iven. Also, a small .i?lfl, 14 >ears <?f a^0, to take care ot ? hiidicn, or wait ou a tab)*', t aliat -i\V - !:?.)? * 4 YOUNG GIUL WANTS A SITUATION IN \ PR1 JV vale family, to do general housework. Ha* the b?*st ?? ? ' . re fori nee, rl ? 1 aii a 86 Wen LHtb n and 7 Hi avenues. Can be k-cu for two days. V RESPECT ABLE YOUNO WOMAN WANTS 1 8IT1 at ion a.s chambermaid and waiter, and to n- .1st In the. v> ashing. No ol?je? 'e>n to do general housework in a small private larniiy. Goo>t elty retwrcnr e from her J.?*' pla ???. Can ln-cn tei ii lor two days, I'iease call at .No. 2U 1 Hrid^e stM Hi (s klyn. \ SCOTCH GIHL, WITH HKST OF l;K! I KKN' C, . wants .1 situation to go to California; finest oi imedlew^rk, cut and li< . No ohj? < lion to rem* n with the family in any ?-.ij?a city required, t all or address J. >1. I'earccj, ll'J Wa ?ihai/.um si., Jersey City. A SITUATION WANTKD HY A RKHPRCI VBLK YOUNG . w oman, in n good private famUy. is it ;-o?n1 ciwk, and will lio the washing if required; no objeetion '<? :oa ^hori distance In the country with a good tatniiy. H"nt ol ref?re?w? given, t an be seen for two day 11, If not engaged, at No. 50 Dean at., Brooklyn. * SITUATION WANTKD? BY AN KMJf.IHIl HTOTKHT ai,> Kil l, n? flrHt rale rook In a renpm mlilo pritale I untly. None neod .. | >|> ly but tin ne who nrc willing uigha Ubcral watC-c. I all hi Ka?l Itlli Hi. , lop Hour. \ YOU NO WOMAN WANTS A HITI KTION A ; COOK, wa*hrr ?nd Ironer; can l.akn If required. or wotilddo gi iier?I liouni work for a ?mall private family. (Jo- t n trii'lic k. Apply at .'*>< Motiaton Ht., <? rotid iHior. "V.'r thn K ;'0 eery ntoie, lor two No objei lion t u the < tmuu'y. AREM'Et TAM.E HOOTCH I.ADV WISHES AN KN Ruetnetit wlibare pectabkl tarnlis hoIiiii io Califovrtl.. t all at L'Ih ll?.?ory. \ YOUNG HEAI.THY WOMAN, WITH IIKH I I IIS I' . baby, r.i- hr? u Kl'uallon u ? Ai-tniii lie* city r<!> rim e. AI?o a woman to take a baby to lier r.--l l??i> >?. i:.iil lor two day* ?> 41 Spiln^ at., In tw i n Mulbrt rv and MoU. A YOI'JfO MARRIED WOMAN, HAVINO LOST HER J\ child, .nid bavins a Irenh breanl of milk, ?. lien to 1 i!;.' elillil to ntirce Reference (jlren a- In i!,. natter and health. Apply ai ?80 Mian ton -t., tin-' Ihx . ogi room. \B I'OBTER IN A WHOLE: < UK HTORE? BY AN A<" ilrr yottnf man, well auquu.iited v?l li ib.- i-ilj Any lartlm r. lUtrlliK inch a Denton, Hill pleaw call on Wtu. Whit lock, .tr., Bmj., 40 South ?t. AOol.OKKK MAN WANTS A SITUATION AH t'O.M'H man linjuire at 1? Ka> ' tTth ?* l>.-t?\ . >-n Mn and ,V sdlF' ti avenue*, in the tMhle. Uood i:lt) relHron^'?. / 10ACIIMAN? WANTED, A SITI ATltiN AS <OV<H 1 man and uardem *r, by a ninw'c man who und? ruLand* hi* i ho*lneaM, and can 1 r well r^ommended tor bniirvt y and no hi ?et> , no objff Ion to any dliiatx e hi the couutrv . will make I I !!)*?? ll gcncrallv u.?u(tsi. A i>o?t andrt-Md fc. W i?. >01 HenM WOI, will IMI tttiattd IO fin two da \ n. < I: > r? f? rono?M j given. / U)\( II MA N\ ? A PROTK-TANT sINOLK M \N WWW * n -itn in it i private fitnliv. u ii ! willing to mak?- him*- II ?<? i,rralJy inwtui lo m ?mpl- ^r n- ? fl- ? c ? Win to trvvu or foilli'r y Oirfid city \t rt, hi la-t |iiar?a- r?n nn a-? ;.?nini?T if n ???]. I'ji-.-i ?? ,? a note to < oachmao Tbotu<> , lltraM olL? e, (inUi engag' d. DAU.Y H O VK R N KPS . ? A Yot. NU I. U)Y, OF RKI IXKO Mutriiidin, in linn1 it* ?l*ny ((n .-t>i n*'* - ; *>!?'? I k thoroughly ronvirrsant wl?Ti kng'i->li ?ii<i Kr?-n?h. and the rtiilirurnU ol mu%ic. Apply to K M Iftl! Ka iy n ?\, u- ar *<i a\ ? it'ic. ^t'ftorK.? SlTtATIOX WANTKD. i'.V A KltKVni P j u<an, w ho cjh-hM i< ? m? invaiUt ? r Willi ft family l or fur'ber particular* lu<iuirc hr the u#-it Wt ? k at 101 and 110 i?h ^t. HKAD WAITKR.-A REsri <TAI{|.E VO l S<i MAX, wbo thoroupilyMwirr-i/iiKl. ho'?*l litmiiif *n>\ thn na?< uu tit ot both male and '? lualc wul ? ! ??, wiiti<*? n -itn *h he?d waiter tn a flr^l ?la?- w<mid <??? wUIUih u, ?? aiir of the- u# f.'rrn rltlt Atidrt -n, i?r two A U T |i>!< Kt-wi if . ON DKMANDR? Ua\K fRANTAlHK 1* AULA NT IUK.V fran^ai*. ?im*I nn nrtfi. i , tHtrr Itw #*t ? - o ir** par fakement. h^Mdrtaxrr No. 40 Em H -h *t., uvnot inkii. CITCIA IIONH WAMKI>? RV TWO R K- I'Kt'TA HLK O l'r?? #-H!anti?, one to r<"? k, nawln aitd Iron; .i th? ??,aniMirPw ; woijjd hav? iKHihfprlloi to Jo f*ha*nb#*r work or take care of < htldr#*n. (h,o?i e.ti v r^f'-r^m- * <* int? ? L'lvcri. PI* ' mi for two daj"^ a? .Jl Carroii st. . South Rruoa Fyn, third llcxir, front room. CITI ATION W ANTKl>? HV \ h KSPKtTAHLK <1IRL. \ O <rK'k; in an ekpertrrv -l ">k lu?- no nt- ? uon to#*' it? t|i? wa^htnff and ironing. TJi?* t? ?' ?<' i ?*f * r?*i .? ?? jrivrti. I' 1 ? ,*???? call at 226 im avn.ue, b<*twc?n 13th and I4?h mirciM. CITI ATION \V A MTKI>? \ riM.K RV \ PROTK^TaMI O woiimn, l? a prot r .?M*d ? ?w k in ail lu hrari- h'-" ? *?- ip??, rn<*atti, game, <ak*! and hn??d. or v?onld iak< rharg'* ol the houae keening of a *enU#?m??i?'!* ftin4ilv. Ho objr< twm to U**; f oiintry. rlea#?e call at 77 lfo?l?ot, ?tt # ri . CITIATION WANTKO?ltV a (OWPKTKNT \ IV f r ' n ttiral dratif bi-man. Apply to Ah*x. H i< kt>t- k??r. tl l?i l^-rty ?ir??ei. fpO ^CM'TIIKHN V MHII.IK**.? A M HSVSV IMlOIVsj \ NT I iMdy. v% ho Imm> r< i.ovrrn? -* hi t'-* o tk fl??- htn',w*t n ?l r (itrn'a Umiilfa tn Kn?'nrul. I d?-?iroim on meeting with an ?*n g**.un??rtf In thr so<uh. (>artkularl> tri New Orl^aiw. Addro-i K N Ilrr. Id ofho I TNE CI ISIN IKRK f ) I : ? IRK SK I'l A' Kit I>A.NH IJiVIS I inh ? i? t ? ur ? * oo *u't ' i .? ,n v,, * ? ? .. U -f,i pMtfne K'*drf'?? r an horvau d?- < e journal, on a |f?l I*' < oard I T N JK.INK IlliWf IK A N'" A I- I'ARf.AVT IN IK. T \J I'angtaia, a> ai. fraraillt^r a Parti, ri?#tr**rai! rn'rrr d ?n? one IniiiiHr lr*nr?i?f? on aro^i i? .iln? . H ? *'? ro?iujt de l?on otrM fi> ai>? h'.nlrt: r N?> JU0<"hnr'h*i \Y' \ NTK!>? I' % A Hhim.Y l:ivl'?> TARLK (i!UL f? \ . ). v *\ trlru w +*. ? ?I'uataai to ?io rooking. at?d trontn^ ?*r general h'-^ufwork. QndcriUait* r<r?ktu - ann bwkln# and I* a wry^ood wa4*r and Irouef . i'iea-to a?I a* l.W H< wtry. \lrANTFI>-A IlI ATM I'.V \ fih !'f (T\ ' i rrf't 'm. ? .< . ? ? -t < r a'?-l and < r 'Hy r<'frr* i,< ii ? ^ri hf- ? ri ?'iO t??? ? ? , h?r t v. Mi. ? * at liA \\ f*t Iftli ?*? In tv\. t u fi*h and t'h av? ii ir 11 ' ANTKIl I'.V A 'l -l'.- r ftl.K <J KRM \ N '.I Hi. \ f? Of, fO <' ? ? ' ? ' v- . I < ' -TV. k "f I hotiacwork of a ikvmiII f n?n* lo?|n?n? ai I ?1 fhti ?otj *t . in Hm -..nil, ri.rt, Iran > i?l ll and i till U. U'ANTHi-A ITl Al"?s. HY A Kh PI T ilil.' If sitiii ? 4 * wipIm r ao4 Imotr. R?n( ' lij refaratto*. Carl for two day* at Zi ri.. near th?? Hoarry. W A HTKf> |1Y \ '| "> N ? ? I. A !>V s JAM, ? f * in 1 1 v v. I.- . ti ? .. i" ... .. - - Adii ? ? A . ?0t(, ill (ata ^

yy AMI r>-KVIJM\MI ' I f ; . TIIF l?AVOR W VJ k 1'iod dr* tins dr#? t+fi und tied !' .? tti'jittre a W Si tirANTrn? to <io .-oi tic a -rrrATio* rv a r f? ??(.M'/'.i-rjTl, f< VI ?>.>!' t rt-nrh U.r.4 and " * on I '? ? '<? >u& * ? ? ? un ? ? drrn n <?e* man; ftndar>*tano>- dt * makn -i aa^l ? ?re> Apply at har prraent aaployi r * M fmytitr i?Ur# tor < \MKO- A irtVATK)K, AH hEa.IMTRK**. HY dr? i maknjj?. and mi h? ht?rdf r* ?of t ? ??* ^ 'or taooay* a< 543 ln? atti?i,?, . , jr !. aad *?? Ur AJ?Tr.l>? A -'ITVAtlOlf RY % Yi?f MO WOM t s m k wa.h md mm no atijarfwi* . > (i0 ^ %< ,,!<+ *1.. tn b' f aa ii i t i ? n \ \< v i ff ft " nog W'ia?a, m Imii. t^nnairt *'*?1 w aPer. sr rr %rio\* vyaviko. IT 1NTKD BY v R! KPKt 1 \ Hi I PROTECTANT KM ? ? f Usb girl, 11 situation a* chambermaid and to 4o pUn *e win*; would ko Houth; good reference. ('an be ?een at Granoft., oorner of Or.ibam avenue, Williamsburg. \\' \ M ? I'- 1 I5ITI l < B1 K RKriPKCTABLK PIlO i f teaiant vouog woman , ai ? h.imhcrmald, and la willing to , aMi-lxt in sewinj.', Av. Beit ? ! r^reo ci an to character and I capability. Inquire at 2M W#>: 21 *? . \|TANTKI>? A SITl Alios, BY A MIDPLK AOKP f? Amei Iran woman, ? s boo* k?vn. r. AuypenuMW to j atudlew eai eiulneis, economy aud eleaulhlc*a, would do *a ?* 1 1 to rail; i* willing to do all the work U th? family u snuil, n' lar^c Is willing to as*lst, reference u required. Apidy to J. K. Howell, corner oi tirand aud Eighth ?uM WilUamsourg, UrANTKD? BY A REBPRC 'TABLE YOl'No WOMAN, V Hit nation to do chainberwork ami waiting, or toui-i rare of children and do plain mowing; the best of reference* :'rom her last place, where -he lived three >e?u** ? all at Mulberry St., front room, second Iloor, tor two days. TlfANTHD? A MTl'ATlOV, BY A RBHPKCTABUC f ? young woman as good cook, washer arid lrou<;r. ?'iv? v car* recommendation '. rom her last place. Apply at 91 1)^*1 Ifctb St., lor two day*. VVTANTID a -in ITfOJf, BY a SI.VOL N' I - Ml f ? coachman; lias no ?? Meet ion to any pare ol the .v .*'<? ! references. Apply at 37 H Broadway, for M. K. \VTANTK1>? BY A RF.tfPRi T VBLK Y?M'NO WOMAN TT from Scotland, a situation as uurse and good plain sew er, andean take < barge r>t a baby, im fond oi' ehUdren; K'*Hi reference given; woulu go Houth with a lady. 1*1 ;a?o call at No. > Waat Washington placf.D'onMi X. till 2 P. M. IT \ n i BI> \ KITlTATIO> HI n Rl BPI ? I Alt!.': ? f Protectant w?.mHn, as >ook, washer and lron?M\ (lo.*l refer.-me given. < 'an be seen at 111' llih st., between 1st av?\ and avenue A, QTAIITK1) B1 HfO RKHPKCTABLB WOMKM, ITUA It tlons; one as t'<x>d plain ?'ook, U good bak?'i* On* o'her an ueanuitrem, cm < u' and lit dresses; would have noobje <lon to aMlat In ( .hamberwork. Be*t city reference. Please r ?U a 209 21st St., between lit and 2d avenues. 1\; AXTED k - ; i ' IT 10 fO 1TTEND WtoRI 01 ? V any kind, or *?w in a family, hy a la?ly. A porm mcnt placc is dcrlreo. Please addre-.n Hit'1* Bowory. ?\I^ANTKl>? BY A RKAPKi'TABLK Vol N<J GIRL, \ it Hpuutlon to lake care of children and do plain aowinif, or to do chainberwork and s?*w . ihiH un x'^puonablM ret'erenco firom i ast ] Call < i IrtM 196 13U) i and iW av? fitic". ^ANTI'I)? A Mil ATI )V. BY A RRSPRCTABLK > outu; wontin, u- rUam?H?i maid and walu*r, or to dt? city relereu'.e. Apply tor 2da>sai A\ WANTKli^llY A VKRY RKSPK T ABLE YOl'SH MAR ft d w? man, a niiu*?ion ?ih w? i nurn*. t '"?n wiv? th,% t>?*? oi city r? :< r. n Can be seen until luited at 678 id avenue, ou<l tio -r, hack room, betwe<?n 16th and .'kith ?>!*. TIT A N 1 1*: I >? BY V RKSPKt TABLE Vol NO OIKL, A \ T siiUaflMi io do I'hamhei vv??rk ??( new inc. ??r to Oil;'* fh ir^e ol a baby. No objection to ?o in the, country. . Sta'en Islaud j?i ? t?*rr* <t. !' ? i? ?-aH for twodayn at iy4" vHh st., ba;wee?i ? l and .M<1 avrnucM. Bc>t ot city relen-nce. \ 1 41 i ED BY K Itl 8P ( T tfil B TO! NO PR01 - | ?? ant woman, a -ituatlon as rhambfrmaid an I waiter, or lo ?lo ? barnberw?'ik and a*-o*t in the care of chlblr*tn; is a giaid plain *ew?*r. be it of city n h-i ? ti' -'. Can bo *-een lor two day < a' 1th it., between 1h' and ?d av?-!me^. \\f ANTIvh? BY A HK1I1LY R KSI'Kr T \BLR YOl VO ly ?Scoi? b Kiri. a ?>!' i'i ? ii a oi rluim'" rnt.nd In a |?ri vale I a ml)} . ha ? crv?d In i r-' 'las> b?> n Sa'i ,1 M*tory re leren? ? ? lo ? hai a i?-r, A? . auboi;: o. Aoplv a' ?kk) S?i? .iv? nue, betw eeft ?itli and li>'h -.iM., fourth Iloor, ' backroom. 11TANTBD I ITUATIOM BH k Rl PW r \ m K yi yo?u?K f.'.lrl, ms t hatjii'crinald and Is an excellent Hue w.^her and Ironei . or would ^o as I iuodr^rs; ??he has the b^m ol'elly i? teren?'r U"!n b- r la t pb? ? '??. a' IV 5th hi , In twe? n Lcv.mMoo an?l ith avenue, foi two da>s. TIT ANTE I ? A SITUATION. llY A Vol' NO WOMAN, To It i was) ? :? im rooing. (iood city reieri nee *'r in bi i la pla ?? ( uj be ?>??? ! lot two days, at \N ? ?' 17th >t. ANTKIK-A SITl* VTION, BY S UIWPBCT ARIA. Pro i - taut young woman, as ? baiiJM.Tinaid or Wat er, or Apply a' t(}2 Myrtle av mi.*, \\r ANTKO-- A SIU'aTIOV, BY V YO'VOOIIU.. As yy plain cook, lir*: rate n a d??T and lroti"r. O'<o?ii? .?/ ??o'*? i an I e s?^ I'D for two ?lav*t If no' nirai.'' <1, at -l.?J o'h a\ <,;ei , beiWeeii .".tih and 30th Ma , top floor, bio k nsan. \\"ANT\;H? A SITI'ATTON, BY % rVPABLKYol'NO T! w< m*tu i? ? profi ? ? d *"ok, attd pastry eook and baker; otm w hound'- stand-' .ill kfiitt otri ofr#' in t. rv ao-l d<"?serta, having II y ear*? e*peri?'nec, a b'f I ?r dinln;' a loon prefi*rre<l. Oo-nl rt fereiice?.; no objeeti?>i? to any part. Apply at M Ble? eker st. TXT | KTID- 1 ITDATIOf B1 h Rl PKCTABLI \y vramu woman, at . batob?- to.i. 1 and plain *ewwr, ii willing to make ln*r?" lf y ncraliy unei'-il; can give the '? ?*'. o. e | c v rrier? n? e . no obj?'ef l"ii to Hv ?* In Brooklyn. P!cai-e call We-t 1Mb st., use! n? 1 floor, bark room. *tlon to UffhA ehatnberwork, to locbddr b? !'.? to v.uit f?t, ii?( u* PifH>-<a ? aU for ?.w*> days *Mh?* t'ahior Ida bakery, <?'? t>fb av. "W'ANTKli-A VITI ATION, MY 4 RK*PE? TABLR yy y in ji'tr . as ehan>b rionld and w-ii < f <? ,irn- r?'- ? , ra j i give !)?#? i ? *?t rt rel?'r? ri I 'an >??? ?? ?mi fo 'w o da) ? <?i l.V? lrtiave oi ?? ibw r from oro- r> f ht. MarkS plao**. \\r A NTKI> A VITI ATION, 1; Y \ RK-PEf TA BLK. IN f ? tetUgf ?? i li . plain ? . and ira i)m r ? ronai o io do ? hainb<*i work or waltle/, n a prlva'e Urn'ly. Beit ?. e|t\ retrn'ie e etin b?- ulven. < uii i - -i-^o for tw?? da . ? at 4 it 1 1 on ?tr?.cl, rear bulhitn^. 1RD? A AITrAYtON BY A UK>PE< r ABt.P. <iIRI. k or to do gcit?* h.aLse^ ork Iti a small * atofr ' family. Ha* the brut of reference lion; ber las' |ila 4ii*j <th avenue, first fl \\r ANTKB? A HITI ATION BY X BKSPRI T \ MLR 'J 1 RL > t looool v?a I. and iron in a prl vau fami . mm lit id ?ii vara In ber laat place, and can five uni-.t reference, t'a'l a ^7 W est T, th "t., lltlril floor. i?" in Vo. M. I v ' BP I ? ITI ? I ION V ? ' 001 BY I II iPW i .ible Wrnian. with g?w?drllr reference; under iao Is eook (a!t s *'Jl> Mioadvvay, b-'twe^n 11 lit W T|.rANTKIi? A RFPI'K(TtHI.E A V f) A'TIVK WOMAN T? led. till- rrxikln (j, w.i.K t ? a rut I" ? ,i -n ? ? rl ?*t finillj. on Hl.trn I tiri \r,. hf . ! . vixii I A j - j .y '1,1 ,j?. . I-M.k-' r< Si Dejr * fe', from 12 I KIJ? A HI T1 ATIO.V . IIV A YOVS ') lit It I., TO dO rhnltihcrwoi'k hi"! lla- lh?? !>#* n: ?*Hv rr 1 ' i.-i ? , all ?i jri . ,i,ritrre>' >Ki ?. lu Hi ? W'ANTKII? BY *V A M K It I < ' A N YOI'N<! I.AllV, A ?? tti.itKm lo a ri'iitrriMnTv. Imkery or fcnry Miii?:lw InDK rip?iii-n<*>' ?Dd rood rltj r?f<tvi. ?. ri' .?? ? ? ill ki I'M K' I. , firtHitn If *n?l ?1 ?v? , I rlinr U'AMI'.li V I I ' > I |HN ll v A Viir ; \ ' \ ' V? eh', lii \ ?? i r im\ i,i "nn 'I ,-l . Ir i <)??! ? ti > ri'ierrn A|'|il> ?i l'? K. lzih .1. nrliiTiD-i him 1 now n \ iwictam f f v ? ;-ii, ?' ?!<. ? h? . k. work hihI |?h?m -?'V. m#. Jor a prlvao fm i? l)\ ( ' m < i.m.m w i n < mm' I'l'iifp ??Ji *t v? llam? r?l? . *i., hi ih?r rear. YtTAftTO v ITtJATKlH B1 I OtfMO WOVAV IT 1 1 * | < I it ! 1 1 1 1 ii 1 r in ft pr. a-, ? v , 1 1 '! > i??r? I I.'HI-pwo k U- /. I ?-?.>- t ? ri, ? A jij h' h 1' ? * j < ? , M*i Hon 11 m. \\f A NT EI > HY fWO r??MJ'KTK>|f J'l iSOS -SUN rr ttont; <m? (m ItatidnM < r 'baml?rrinfti?1 aini todoftni W4?U!l?j. "tl ft | t vn!?* t ? * ? . 1 1 % (fir rffwr ?? * eU%n iU* in h<1 oi v\'i|rrrMi. Tt? t>#*l of o?y r? ?'rer< #?. Aii?I> or a44r**> ? M . 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TIT" A STKI>? A HITrvnoN, MY A UK -l*K? T MILK ? f yountf woman, a? ? hauitse maid mill Wtii'i'i or ? t? *.????? ? tuaitl and line washer and lmu?*r, or take <?.*??* til ? Uil t ? ti, I'l'UrC I'Uil ut ,'lft Lalu VeUe pl.t' ?? fi?r IWoda. ?, \\it - tth?. tl.(X lived. The boat of city r? iVrcn. "llf A NTKD? BY A ICKVI*K? l'AHI.K AMHIh'tN JIKI. If a tdluaiion t?* *? r . tit u n \U\,' | > i ...? if,. .? , ?di? perfectly utider?U*iid? iuUUi^ mm i limn* la -it - ' * i < -- , at rt itll kind* of lamilv ?>-*lnx. All m ? l ti ? 4 ' ? H. ^ muki-r, ||oumI<*i it. , will bt am n?l. it ?. Y\ ANT1 i? ?; \ \ HI (PI CTAR1 Yo N?i WOMA ? f ? it nation a* ro?>k , wa*hei and i??? . r i .,r? i?rii - the o?*? <>! * t > 1 1 '< i . i,> ?? t in < t ? , .V I , '? . ?? U - ' n?-i* flTANTBD \ s m ITIOK. BY A UlCsl'KrTVIll.K ? T ? < I W 00) ill ) W .tr'l | make heraelf Ki i.eittliy Ii oliil it I > u'llre I lit*. good r|i> it relive I'l tiHi-i.tU .ti l_u Hth ? t, , l'litil"ii pLi 1 ' Will I ? front room. MfASTK.ll -A Mi l ATIOV li\ A UoMAV OF I.O\ ? ??*iierlen?e, it ' -ok, ha . no olM? ? U-n In ill 111 Hit feujl and ironing; U a flri rat* i >mk timi h ? ?pHa I l. tiu i , i ?o jet lion t?) ko lit tli#* ??oijuu y, will \\ y iitfl pit*. i iii every i a 1 euhu. I'leaitft t all at No .1 '-d *t. In the ? ?>u WANTKI?-nY A ItKHPKtTA BI.K < . 1 1! |? \ HIT! V U'IN to ' ?H?k, wa^h <m<l lr?*n. ^I'ply ui tUt oi m i oi ll?.\ au?l Wy?'k? ff Hrtx?kl>n, ,-outh ?|?l? T1TA M Kl>? BY A R KM*K< TAB 1. 1. Vol N?. -t >T? U ? f inttU, a nlttimion an |?or?*r; U wilHux '?? i??tk?> geoi I ill) iweful: ai-.i, urn ? i ( . ? i , . city reJTel'Pfit'C. Can b< ?e?ii for inoUityiiai H lit vli t^u>n ?t. \I,r A.NTKD? HY A IlKHTKCTA Ifl.K YOl NJ W ?Nf\N, \ ti -imatlun In r? private laiulls um chMiitlM'rnialU. -t i i?? H^>1^| In th? 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MV V ICl>l'l? lAKl.K ? I >onriK woiirnu, a- \m I niu>o, v o han i ?? t ?v ??l . moo h o!i|. ? an r?" . iv r tin- I'C-1 i > ? 'Hiioii >?/ < 1 1 in w|i?ro ?-li ? hah mil-' f\ bt'loir. Ap| 'y hi I'J I ./?? . h l< r 'w ?< la . A\r ANTKD?A MTl ATlON liY A YOrNHUlKL To yy do ^onrnil hou^fWork tn u ?iiiull pri\n'<- ? riy, waifrH no olijwl lull a Mi*ad,\ pltn <? nu ohj? ? Ion ui ir.i 1 li.Hnj r*al<*r<*iirr vpply f' I.Vt \\i -t J. ?, ki . . la. i-n , ?l Mh avenue*. ' an l)? rf it in. ill t-fipiuci li -i lioor. fruu' n^ u, Uf A NTKD A SITI ATloN ss riUMMKiCM All! \SI)'fr, or ? Uaiiila rmai'i and ia'.mdn- - . t?n?- wit ? j- v fe< tly undci - and# her Ihi?u ? m.<l i ? Pron ' ant. vim rider' t.ri*, I'll a m* rail at l<M We^t l'i li i-'r? el, third <io?>|-i. Immii i lie? ^;h avenue. WANTKD-A^lTl AllnS.HV % III- !'? ? 1 \ lil.K Vol Mi ?? \v? man, an . <iok i i ? '?ainlx rioald; imder-i tf?J* a ^ n and IrotiltiK . han lived v? i? U lt< r hii^?h. it ? - ui * i'l t rail n? 'JIM lark afreet, b'-'Weni Hi < tor and hj-rlni I an 1 < . i ii folP ivn i lav ?. Tlf A NTKI)? A HIT I ATK ?N HY A Vol'MJ WoMW, A H \l laiuidri i--; no ??t^i*. tlon '? ? ti miom woik ? ...? J elty reit nut Apply a' It*) We.i 27 iu *t., m ai tln- .H avt-ii-i' ? an I ?i Heen lor ? w o tla) 117 \ N i Kt) V ? m iTION ll\ v KKMI'I Mil ) i > ? ?nti woman, .t - ,'ofnl piuiti ??< i <>l w.i . i mh I ironer, In n prl*ai" lanilh, In lh- i ,i . Hie Im-?ii oi ? iiy i < it-mit t*. I'leaae call al 4(rUi y?'i?" i. . t .?m?-r#oi Walker, tn l be store. UM.VTKP A HIT I \ T I o V , I* V \ HKsrKf *T A 111.* yoiin. ?lrl, fo do >?? n?*i I i.ou h irk. !- i v?h.| plain ri^-K, unda lii nf i an wn-hi'r and Inmi ? It ah the be*i <?t cliv i ?< h r? im *? iiKin h'-r I > ' pia- ? f'uub" "'rn lor 'three tia fl not enllii^ftl, at l.iH M < ? u t , ?? hi Orand Uf ANTIT \ I'ROTKSTA N T <* I KM A \ MIKI., WHO -i.? ?k-? 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