Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 21, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 21, 1855 Page 6
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ItfBtTISMENTS RENEWED EYEKY DAY. 20 ?K1 GOODS, M. CA8B8 OF FAB1U0KABB SILKS, FROM JV to 12*. per yard, will be opened this mnridn;;. UliSUBLL, PKIBSON A I, AKK <71 Broadway, between Grand and Bro'une streets. I A MIX ASSORTMENT OF FRENCH JBCnR.OIPBBm afj l and Maltese hands, at half the usual price, J<i*[ received. PKT KR ROBlBTt A CO., 375 Broadway. AVARIBTY OF AXMINSTKK RUflS? IN CHINTZ, wroll, and landscape pat er:is, ?l jo Freneh mosaic pictures ?nd ruga, in several styles mav b<? seen at IjOBD ft TAYLOR'S, fjrandnt.. corner ol t brysue LABOR VARIKTY OF THilBEPLYS, IXURA1N3, AO., .Hour usual standard price*. lord t TAVLOK, lirand st., corner of OhrysUe. A StJTBRB awobtmk:<t OF new laces just re ?A. cnlved? Brussels potnl -it at $7 lo point A. L. .Aiguille point Jo AoKifierrH, lloulton, Valeucii nnes, black Ihroad laoes from 10 cis. to j.1> per yard; also bUok thrsud Veils very rl? h napes, srarl - , riiiues.iud handkerchiefs; Pari* ambraiderle* of the i.cwt st designs, ill collar-;, sleeves, ,ua. JT. B. A carton of black thread shawls Irom $55 lo 81'Jti. * MILLER x GRANT, 3M Broadway. A BBAPTIFl'L ASSORTMENT OF RICH FLOUNOBD Jx aiik ro baa will be offered this morning. UBKHK1.L, PKIBSON ,t LAKE, No. 471 Broadway, between Grand and llroome ?'s. At tub entrance OF the lach dkpartmeot of the Exposition V tllv. rsalo a Paris, the most attrae'lv# tuid brilliant are the black luce t oinis, coif*, veil* and iiui bl las, from the house ol Htoqiiare Brothers, of Gayrmmont aiicy bad previously di ttnguishe't themselves at the various rxhlblUons on this contlnen , but 'heir grand aiblblUon at the Crystal Palace In London ' usoiuliited tlielr reputation. The WUoIor are numerous and varied, and tn distinguished for their clearness and beauty of doalgn, ami the superiority of the execution renders 'hem lite, most Incomparable and charming of work*. In tlielr present grand display, a superb shawl of Hack Brussels lace, a-tracLs universal admiration , the design le rich and elaborate, consisting of the arms o France, with Uio cypher* of their Imperial Majesties, ? From L'Ind6p*n (lance a Brussels. PETER ROBEKTS A CO.. Sii Broadway. A JAKOBI A CO. BEO TO ANVOUNCE THAT THEY Jrv. have opened the stoic 767 Broadway, (two doors below JN'Inth street, ) with an entire new and assorted stock. consisting Of silks, shawls, lares, etnbrniilerles, merino*, de laines, litmus, boutary, Ac. They recpecUully Invite heir acquaintances and the public In general :o favor them wilb a call. A. SAKOBl A CO., 767 Broadway, two Uours below Ninth street. A 6DFBBB ASSORTMENT OF RICH FLOUNCED SILK j\ robe* will be otic ret i this morning. iniSliKLL, PKIR FioN A LAKE, 471 Broadway, between Broome and Grand Streets. Bargains in embroideries? Fall deaigna just received ; 1,000 eleKanl French wc kuj collars at ?1. 2,000 do. do. do. do. 77 cents, 2,000 <k). do. do. do. 4a. ImI. Also, a fu'd assortment of rich laces and embroideries. LORD a TaYI.DK 259, ?57, ^39 and all Orand street, and new No*. 47 and 49 Catherine stroet. BULPIfPfl CLOAKS? FOR TI1K FALL SSASON. ARB now read V , ut lite Paris Mantilla Emporium, Iltll ltroad ?way. A spit ntJId variety til mo, re antique, velviit and cloii uid Laliuas, nu. i; l for llie earl\ fall. GciO. BULPlN, 3fil Broadway. Blankets and flannels.? a vrky l.vrqe lot of Wi'ney ami o b- r blanks s cn-ap IVoin auction; also, a Rood line of tlamnels o; every tiu.ilitv. RriviaBN ft ntj'sYUR, Nos. SIM and 20ti Sixth avenue, one door below 14th si. C111KAP HOSIERY.? J )wt received, ?K) pair* ladles' blnarhed and un bleached ooUuu Uo?e, at Is. u pair, worth Is. (4. A 1)1 v Hi: !i HAltU.UN. Also, ft Renernl ii> .nr.ui?nt of Winter Hoslory, and Under Garment* to' .;i os, ijeiiileuicii und chlldroa. LOl:l> .v TAYLOR, ZrA, 257 , 2.W and 261 O rmid street, and u.'? Nns. 47 aud 49 Catharine street. CLOTHS, OASSIMKRES, AND VESTINGS.? Also, plain mid fancy casbmereta and satlncui. Fancy velvet ami ca liuiure vestlii^s, Velvcieeu, moleskins, c. LAKUK STOCK *T l,OW PRICKS. Lin; 1 1 ,v TAYLOR. 'J6t 257, 269 and 2C1 Grand street, and new >os. 47 and 49 Catherine street. W^MBROIDKRIKS.? SPEC! AL NOTICE TO THE LA JuJ dies. ? Ureal bargains Iiom auction? 500 elegant embroi derod lace caps, at 7s. each; l.tWtl French double cuiubrie Land*, average prices of which wl.l be 3a. fid., 4s., 8 s. and tla. rarli ; 150 guipure act*, at ! eacli; 500 bauds, four yards ions, 10a. each. J A M IvS MADOK.V, 648 Broadway, aeoond door above Bleecfcor street Five casks of fbench de lainrs, kntirhly Dew. beautiful designs, v\ ill be offered this morning. UlISDKLL, PEIBSON * LAKE, 471 Broadly, Between Grand and Brooine* ate. GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS.- 108. T. OHI'T KOWSKI, formerly known us bookkeeper for the last ten sears wltli ihe firm of win. E. Whiting A Co., 37 Broadway, Iiaa the honor to announce to tils friends and the public in gene ral 'hut he ha* opened ageni'cmen'e furnishing store, at 159 Fulton street, corner of Broid-vay, next to Knox's bat More, tvhere be will have alwavs on hand, of the best quality and as sortment of domestic and imported (and of the bejt manufac lurer'a good*,) for gentlemen In general, lie solicits their Ubc gal patronage. Heabn bboth ers will open on Wednesday, the 20th Inst., the fall and winter styles of cloaks und ynanUea INDIA CAMELS' IIAIR KHAWLS.-HEABN BROTHERS. 42k Broad way, have a superb assortment of long ana square camels' hair shawls and camels' hair scarfs. J oar RECEIVE l>? A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF shawls from auction, cheap. MALtfTBAD A DYKE, 98 Canal St. T INBNS. ? JUST RECEIVED FROM AUCTION ? A ii very large lot of Irish, Scotch, and Barnsley sheetings, lowcls, diapers, tabic linen. Ac., Ac. REMSEN A DURYEE, Noa. 304 and 206 Sixth avenue, one door below 14th St, CW FALL GOODS. Upholate?7, Curtain mate rials, and Wench paper hanging* SOLOMON A HART No. 243 Broadway. are now receiving a full sbpply of fall goads, suitable for Curtains. Furniture Covering, and interior decoration, which they offer 'Wholesale anil ratal! Upon the must favorable terau, To which they Invite the attention of Mm TRADE AND PUBLIC. eloned on -Saturdays. FALL GOODS? JUST RECEIVED AT P. COLE'S, 886 Broadway, two door* above I'nlon square.? Plaid me rhioc*. bow ha fines, alpaccas, Canton cloths, black silks, de lalnes, hosiery, gloves, embroideries, bo.,?' wear, loge'ber With a full assortment of housekeeping goo is; sable linen, linen sheeting and shirtings, damask napkins, towelling, drug Beting, oilcloths, Ac. ?J"OTICB TO THE LADIES? MRS GAYNOB BEGS TO 1 apprize her numerous patrons (also ladles visiting New ork) and the public generally tbat she has just received her Urst importation for the season of her celebrated French wore Corseta, amongst which are single and double French coutille, railroad, self adjust lnu elnetic sides, lace In front, misses. Aa., Ac Her prices are only halt usually charged GAYNOB, Importer of corsets and embroideries, 45 Third avenue, near STenth street. s ILKS, ON MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 17? A cases striped silks, very cheap at Os. Ad. a yard. 3 cases very rich stripes ami plaids, at $1. LORD A TAYLOB. 25 ft. 25 7. 259 and 201 Grand street, and new Nos. 47 and 49 Catherine street. STELLA SHAWLS.? WILL BE OPENED ON MONDAY, the 17th Inst, eighty cartons, containing nearly one thou Kind heau'llul Stella shawls. of the latest and most reibeohd designs, and to which the attention of ladles Is respectfully ?oliolted; all at moderate prices. OKO. BULPIN, Ml Broadway. OHAWLS.? WQUARF. AND LONG SHAWLS ? WE HAVE I; now on hand a splendid lot of stella, broche, cashmere, nod wool shawls, suitable fur the season REMSEN A Dt'RYEE. Nos. 204 and 20A Sixth avenue, one door below 14th st. TflHK LATEST STYLES OK TAPESTRIES. VELVETS, J. Brussels and other carpeting*, are now exhibited at LOBD A TAYLt 'K'S, Grand St., coruer ot Chryitie. rpo WHOLESALE Bl'YEBS OP DBY GOODS ? WE JL would csll attention, to a few job lots ofsllka, merlnoes, ftaxony plaids, embroideries, Ac., which are offered at extreme ly low prices. KERB A ADAMS, Commission Agents, 40 Cedar street, up stair*. ? fTTHBEE CASES OF NEW AND ELEGANT SILKS WILL J. be opened for sale this morning. HALSTSAD I DYKE, 98 Canal street. URSDKLL PEIRSON A LAKE WILL OFFER, THIS momlnK. an Immense slo k of fashionable dry gool>, Im fiorled expressly for the retail trade, 471 Broa I Way, between 4>rand aod llroome streets. THE LIQUOR QUESTION. SPECIAL NOTICE.? AT A MEETING OF THE COM ralttec appointed by the Liquor Dealer"' Hoc.etv, for the ?iiirpone of couec'lng subscription' lor the relief of the suffer ers at Norfolk and Porlsroouih, held at Odd Fellows' Hall on Shicadsy evening, the 18th Inst., It was? Resolved, That the liquor dealers o! the cltv of New York are t*reby notified that the various Ward committee* appointed by lie general society for the above named purpose, wlU call on II, em during Ihe present wi ek for such aid to solaudable a an Abject as they can atlord to give. ? Yedenllals will be produced by those applying for subserlp lions P. G. MOLONY, Chairman. Cms. H. Bhiq, Secretary. SPECIAL NOTICE,? THE MEMBERS OF THE LIQUOR Dealers' rto. wtv are hereby noUfied that fh" clerk is now ?t*4uly to receive tlvlr respec ive dues, at his ofllee. Odd Fel owe' Hall, sreood floor All Mils not paid until October 1st JrW be given to a collector, snd charged lo per cent additional for collection. OBce hour* from 9 till 12 A. M. and from 2 till *?? ? <, J N HAYWABD, President V. P. PaiU, Secretary N, R. BtTNCE, Vice President rrw* LIQUOR DEALERS' CENTRAL COEVENTIOK J will meet on Thuradaj evening at National Hall. 31 Canal Mreet Members are particularly requested to be In auend lM?<;eforU?oU*nsaetloiiotimp<iraiit i ustnxss Hyorder. P, W. RNOft. Presldeni, P. O. MOLONEY, Vice President. C. W. Hum, Secretary 4(7HOICE SELECTION OF BRANDIES, WINES, JA matca rum, Scoirh and Irish whiskeys Holland gin. Sehle schsapps. Ac. , blackberry brandy: white hrsadjr, (or pre ^ervtrig; Soouih ales, Ixinilon and Dublin porter, segars, Ac s-rsaleat UNDERHIIX A MATTERSUN'S, 4110 Broome at, biw of Crgaby. TJHH.AdII^HIA LAGER BIER ? F \M1LIES CAN BR J- "ippttxl at their residences, with this delightful and whole gome beverage, by the doren or keff, from the wine store, 18 ffVaii street ||. B. Samples on draught O. R. MENDAM. COAL. CH^OAL-PBICE REnt'CKD -THE SI1RSCRIBRR HAS reduced the prVe ,? kla peach orchard below Ihe summer r*:? ami Is toe receirtn* me nr., lie will fUrnMl direct flmm /klm. for sale, white aah, Iceland and Lehigh coals. fbfi 1 C^alrt. Md corner of Jane end West streets 1PCCXAL HOTICB8. LEHIOH COUNTY AGRICULTURAL FAIR? THE fourth an nits I exhibition of the Lehigh county Agricultural .society, will i? held nu their ground at Ailantown, Pv, on the 1st. 2d aud 3d day of Ofriobor next. Person* wUhlug in attend or send article* for exhibition will find the plaoe easy of arresa b? the New Jersey Central and reoenUy opened Lehigh Valioy Railroad. HIRAM L. SCHUNTZ, Pre*'t Allcntown, Sept. IS, 1886. NOTICE.? COUNCIL NO. 10, OF NSW JERSEY, WILL hold its retiular meeting this (Friday) evening, at odd Fellow*' Hall, o'clock.. A punctual attendance 1* de sired, a> bu?iiH'!t'.'. I* importance will come up for their cjnul deratlon. OIT. A.? THK MEMBERS OF HANCOCK CHAPTER ? are uolitled lo meet at the Chapter Roo'ns, corner .if Hudson and Christopher airoets, to-day, al 12k o'clock, tbr the purpose of a'tendlng the funeral of our I tie bro her. Morgan II. Pulu. The member* of other < 'hapters are lnvit-d. G. A. THITCHENKR, Hec., pro. tem. Q. F. Jr**, O.ofC. Twenty .seventh annual fair of the amkri can Institute, In ihe city of New York, October, 1H86.? Notice to exhibitor*. ? Hie Crystal Palace will Ije opentnrthe reception of armies from Thursday, the 27 ih of Beptuuiiier, until Tuesday, the 2d it October. Entrance from Fortieth street. By order ol the managers. EDWIN SMITH, Chairman. Jon* W. Ob AXRr.r.g, Secretary. HOUtlKS, WA9TBD. A SMALL HOUSE WANTED? IN BROOKLYN, FOB A small family (three or four), near ihu Fulton avenue rail roud, nnd no more than twenty inlnu es' walk from the Fulton let I V ; rent not to exceed $226 per auaum. Address K. E., box l,bl& Font ollice. Daguerreotype.- wantbd, a camera, size 4 4 or ft I. Address a note (o Photographer, Broadway Post office, stating ?i*e, price and mi Iter. FUKN1SHKI) HOUSE ?WANTED. IN A GENTEEL AND desirable location, between liond and Twenty lhir.1 sirens), nnd Fourth and ^ixih avenue*, a three or lour story house, ihree rooms deep, wnh all the modern Improvements" and ole ganilv luruLshed. Address J. P., Herald office. HOUSE WANTED? FROM NOVEMBER FIRST, FOR six month*? a furnished house, not higher than Twen tielh street, and not lar from Broadway. The advertiser wants u cood three story house, with modern improvements, completely furnished and Is willing to pav a rem of from $200 to KiW u month. Address box THh Post office. Mother and daughter only wish a for nlshed house, to lake the rent In bo ird, with the privilege king boarders. Address 67 Hudson street, one week. PART OF A HOUSE ? WANTED? CONSISTING OF A floor through, u kitchen and room In the attic, by a sin til, collectable family. Address box 1,21)4 Post olliue, stating terms and locution. Wanted? till the first of may or junt? next, a good sized botiae, tit: Uly furnished, and with modern conveniences, in the upper pari of the city, bet ween Eighth am! Twcnty-lirsl streets. Communications to bo sent to 2til and 203 Water street. Possession wanted by the 1st of Oc tober. WANTED-A LARGE AND BEAUTIFUL HOUSE, FOR a private, tamily; wanted on leuse, with privilege of purchasing; located somewhere between Fourth and Sixteenth streets, and on the west side of the city. Possession wanted Immediately. Apply by letter to 11. \V . I).. Herald office. TIT" ANTED? BY THE Fl EST OF NOVEMBER, A COT IT tage, furnished or unfurnished, on the North river, be tween Carniiinsvllle and Uastlugs; i eut not to exceed 00. Ad dress box 3, Oil Post ollice. TIT ANTED ON LEASE? POSSESSION TO BR TAKEN 11 lietwoen January nnd .V ay, 186H, a rear building, or pari of It, W/th or without steam power, for manufa^luring purposes, with a spacious front store, located on one of (he principal streets, between Cli.'l street, Broadway, Maiden l?ue. nnd 1 riuikfort street. Address Letterbox, 3,216 Post office. ?flT ANTED ? TO LEASE FOR A TERM OF THREE OR 11 more years, from Ihe firs: of November ,t> three or four slory English basemen' house, with all thu modern Improve menu; rent from $600 to <900 a year. Aadross D. it., box 3W Herald ollice. ANTED? A TEN OR TWELVE ROOMED HOUSE. V- i:ll mill genleely furnished, lor a t mrill family, BituuU'J between Fourth uud 1 weuty fourth streets. At/dross box S,4ti0, Pom oOleo. WANTED? TILL THE 1ST OF MAY OR LONGER, A null! I, neatly furnished house, m good order with can, baths, Ac. between Fourteenth and Thirty fifih strneis, Broadway mid Lexington avenue. Any person having such a house to let will find a good tenant, by addressing, with lull pariiculors, f>. A. S., lltrald office. ?flTA NTED? PA I!T OF A GENTEEL HOUSE SITUATED T I lielow Blcecker street, west of Broadway, tn th'> neigh borhood of St. John's park preferred, by a bin ill, quiet mid very respectable family, consisting of a gentleman, wlic and child. Address S. L., box 1,337 l'ost office. WANTED? BY A GENTLEMAN, A FURNISHED SE conil story front room, with convenience of bntn Ifpogal ble; rent not to exceed ?lf> per month; loc ition between t rank iln, Prince, Greene and Crosby street*; private faintly preier rcd. Addrtaa Frank, Broadw ay l'ost office. TV" ANTED? IX BROOKLYN, NEAR FULTON FERRY, If ? parlor, two or three sleeping rooms ,and kitchen, for a small family of three persons, from aboui the 1st November. Address Emerson, Herald olllcc. WANTED TO HIRE -WANTED, TILL MAV. A FIRST class furnished house, lor geuilt-man anil wife. Address box ?.1ol Post olllco. with terms and number of bouse, or uo answer. THE TRADES. A STEREOTYPE FINISHER WANTED? STEADY work will be given to a good workman. Apply to Thos. B. Smith, 84 Beekman st. A GARDENER WANTS A SITUATION-HE UNDER, stands the care of greenhouse, graperies and the laying out of grounds; or, would huve uo objection to take charge or a small firm; is n Protestant, andean be highly recommend ed by the last gentleman whom he served for seven years. Any commands addressed to (1. S., 64 White St., for twodays, will be respectfully attended to. A FIRST CLASS CUTTER, WISHES AN ENGAGEMENT with some merchant talloror clothing bouse, has carried on the merchant tailoring In this city for the last four years; best of references as to ability. Address J. A. B. ,|at Boyd's Dis patch Host ofllce, William st., near Wall. A COMPETENT SURVEYOR WANTS A SITUATION. He Is equally practlred in railroad, land and city survey lng. Apply by letter, W. R., box 1,030 l'ost office. C1ARVFR WANTED. ? ONE ACQUAINTED WITH ) bouse carving preferred. Apply to S. D. Lauter, 447 1st avenue, corner of Ifith st. D VERS? WANTED, A COMPETENT DYER, TO TAKE charge of a general dye house; also, a journeyman dyer wanted; also, wanted, a man with some capital, to take an interest in a dye house well established, and doing a good bu sliiess. Inquire of W. A. Corhtero. 2113 Broadway. French dver wanted -wanted, a steady man, who understands dying, to go a short distance In the country; he must undeixtand his buMn^vy; to ntich a man ?teadj employment will be given. Apply to Backus, Osborn A Co., 51 Maiden lane. HOLLOWWARE MOULDERS WANTED ? APPLY TO John Ha very A Sons, 97 Beekman street. MR. KELLY, PAINTER, 86 FRANKFORT STREET, wants 7 or 8 housepalnters. No Imitation need apply. TO WATCHCASE POLISHERS.? WANTED, A GOOD watchease polisher; to one who understands his business permanent employment at L. E. Olatz, 48 Beekman st. TO WATCHMAKERS. ? WANTED IMMEDIATELY. three good watchmakers. Orders constantly on hand for jeweller*, chasers, engraven, die cutters, gold pen mikers. sllversml'hs, platers, mid artists generally. The trade supplied with workmen. Apply to TRACY A MclNTOSH, Artists' and Mechanics' General Agency, 34, ^ Pine street. rpo COMPOSITION ORNAMENT MAKERS.? ONE OR J. two lirst rau- mounters will find steady work and goo I wages by applying at <J9 Worth street, directly. None hut men capable of uolng the very best work need apply. F. KREI'S. rpo GOLD PEN MAKERS.? WANTED IMMEDIATELY, 1 two good pen makers, who can get the pens froji the stock and finiali them. One an foreman. Steady employment will be guaranteed lit writing tor one year or longer at the following prices: ? Medium, per hundred. $12 50; engrossing, flti 50; I 'lilted Slates, 921 50; leviathan and mammoth, f.'U> 60. Kwk always nn band. Apply from 10 lo 3 o'clock, to TRACV ft Mc INTUSH, artlsta' and mechanics' general agency. 34)i 1'ine at. TO HATTERS-WANTED IMMEDIATELY, TEN OR twelve Industrious boys to learn the hatting business In all It* branches; also a number of journeymen makers and tinlsh ers w anted, on fell hat* Nothing but independent men wante 1 at the Ka si orange Hat Manufactory. N. ,1. N. B.? Cards given to the old l.ine to become members of the Independent Association. LEVI KNOW LBS, President. To silversmiths, ?Wanted, one spoon maker ami one tinisher. to go a short distance In the country Appl) to II. Ilavld, 10 Liberty plscc. Watch jeweller wanted.? one who well understands bis business and of correct habits can ob tain a permanent situation by applying to W- II. Wlllson, Ap pleton's Building, 348 Broadway. TITANTED ? AT COLUMBIA MARKET, 147 COLUMBIA Tf street, South Brooklyn, a single man. as butcher; one wbo understands hi* business; none others need applv. In quire Immediately, before 12 o'clock. John Klurd. WANTKD-A SITUATION AS GABDENER, BY AN Englislinian; is a married mini, has a thorough practical knowledge ot gardening in all It* branches; can give satlsfac tory recomnicndatloiis. Apply at, or address, J. A. Smith's seed More. 64 White street. TIT A NTED? A HOOD WAOON MAKER, TO GO TO A ft healthy and pleasant lown. about ISO miles from the city. To a s eady, industrious man good wates will be gliren. Inquire of M. 1 . Bllsh, In the grocery corner of avenue C and 5th si. WANTED-A COPPER SASIIMAKER. A MAN WHO has had some experience in the above hue liny apply at 211' Centre St., up stairs. WANTED? ONE CARRIAGE TRIMMER ONE II AR Tf oess maker, by DIltBLK A BUNCK, ISO Front street. reotaihajtw. A MAMMOTH SQUASH? GROWN BY JAMF.< CONNER, Esq., Westcheattr county, weight one hundred anl thirteen pounds, to be seen si Mr Howell's Rainbow lloiei, Iteekmaii street, during this week; II will be ?ericd up a ilis Babibcw next wttk. WM. J. iloWKLL. REST AUR ANTS- SHKLL FY'S MR KIIELI.EY DORS not lay clilm lothe po- ?e?s on ot any exlraor tinary destrea Ol mode 'lv, but what he lias would be shocked by the elfron terv i>l placing another man's name over his d ior, as a sign. Instead of bis own. Ilia new restaurant Is on Hie southwest corner of Fourth street and Broadway, w htch he win en le? vor to make pcrtect. Entrance to private roama, flrst iloor west of Broadway (OOt to a c?l.i r) No connecdon with an. Other estat hshnu nt where m\ name appears a> a sign Ki. gantlv furnished apartment*, lor families or single gentlemen, in the hotel above Waverlcy House. rro HPICU HE* A ND OTHERS ?AMONG THE MANY LC X 1 urles Dial we are ever offering lootir fWen Ka n 1 1 unom r-, w< now wish them fully to understand that we hare m id ar rancemems to keep constantly Uie best Phllalelpbl* lager bee on draught. C. B AM 11. WF.EKK8. Excelsior Dining Sa loon. 8# Nssciu street. fpuv RAINBOW HOTEL AND DINING ROOMS, 31 AND I St It. eVman .'reet, on the European plan. Booms to per mm,, nt k?tger? 12 and $2 60 per week. Transient lodger* room and breakfast. KIPRESIES. JM'ROPF.AN PARCEL EXPRKSri AND INTERNATIONAL d For warding Agency, by which samples and pireels are aani 1 0 all psrts of Europe, clones Saturdai morning. *19 o'clock, per Aragoand Artel. tbwawts' uegimtkk. 7frt) BROADWAY.?' TO LJIT-U ANH80MELY FUB I *Jta nulied roouu, to families or alnglo gentlemen. I'rl rate (able. RC SECOND PLACE, HROOK LYN.-HPLKN D1 1) BROWN l/l) MOUO dwelling, by 82 foot, with every modern con venience, to let at 1pm titan New York rent*. The house I* new , and oilers inducement* to strictly brut clan* tenants. Poi session now. Af ply to JOHN BKAI.NEKl). nl3 AND 15 ATLANTIC STREET, BROOKLVV. . These spacious stores, newly built, but old stand-. ? -II adupted for wholcmlo flour and feed, provisiou or roininlanlou trade, are eligibly located, and oifer superior la ducciiicnts. Apply tn JUI1N 11KAINEHD, Wall at. ferry, Brooklyn. A BARK CHANCE.-FOR LEASE (STOCK AND Fix turn lor rale), a substantial built four story oorner trick house and store, tn one of the leading uioromh lsies of this city. A m?Ht desirable location I'or the liquor (wholesale or re 'all) or grocery trade? and where an energetic business man ma> make ft competency. The proneul proprie tor is retiring from business. for parilcnlurs an 1 price appiy to RuBT. F. KIRKPATRIUK, No. 7 Broadway. A GOOD BASEMENT TO let-in oilsky building, No. I Cortland! (treat, near Broadway; a good aland lor any business; tos gooo tenant It will be lot low. Apply lo W. U.tiTltONU, trunk More, 103 and 108 Maiden lane. BROOKLYN-TO LET, IN A RESPECTABLE PRIVATE street, near Atlantic, on rea-^mabln term*, a b*f anient ?tillable lor an office. Address A. O. hox 8,766 Post oQice, New York. CHEAP RENTS.? TO LET, SIX HOUSES IN WILLI AMS burg, lour on landlord street and two on RlctnirJvin street, brick built. three story, English basement. Kent, *' i -5 per annum. Stages pass the doors. Apply at 124 treet. CAB ROLL PARK, BROOKLYN.? TO LET. ONE OK THE juhtly celebrated Nelson bouses, fronting the above park, will be let or sold on very favorable terms. Also, to let, for sale or exchange, a great variety ol Brooklyn property. Ap ply to .IOHN BKAINKR1J, Wall at ferry, Brook l.v n. CIOTTAGE TO LET-AT NEW BR Kill TON, STATIN J Island, next west of the I'avllli.n? Po<se?sion given i)ctober 15. The furniture or such portions as may be wished, can be purchased from present occupants. Rent moderate. Inquire ut IV Broad street, or on the premises. CtOURT STREET, CORNER OF BUTLER, BROOKLYN. / ?To let, the first cliss bouse, with or without stable, for Erlvate Inmliy or physician; the local ion is (WsurpaMed; the ouse Is In good older; sire 25x50; three siorv, attic, basement nrici collar; possession now. Apply to JOHN BRAIN Kill), Wall street ferry, Brooklyn. Desk room in a very desirable office to let? at lt>7 Broadway, room No. 6. Appiv to H. MORTON TUPPER. Furnished parlor and bedroom adjoining, (l)oth front,) wlih gas, and sleeping room for servant if re quired, very pleasantly situated, being opposite Niblo's (Jar ilen, 675 Broadway. Also, ha. fof a capacious furnished bed room, to lcl to a gentleman. N. B. ? Not a boarding house. Furnished rooms in suits? with the exolu slve kitchen, at K7U Broadway, or would lei the home, furnished entire, nt a very moderate price. Call from 10 to 4 o'clock. House to i,f.t.-yearly rent *550; oood neioh l orhood, near Sixth avenue, below Twenty-fourth street: idee furniture throughout; everything for housekeeping. VS III lie let furnished, or let immediately by purchasing th? oilcloth* and carpctg; him baths, bells, Hpoaklng tu wh, ch in leliers, Ac. ? IS. W. RIOUARDd, 30? BroidwAy. Hotel property to let.? a party who owns a plot ol ground well located for a boarding house or hotel of moderate size, would like to put up a building on the premises to suit a responsible anil desirable tenan . For par ticulars Inquire of It. U. HATFIELD, Architect, No. itlMi Broadway. T OFTS TO LET? ONE OB THE WHOLKOF F0UBL0FT8. Ij 5x100 feet, well lighted, In a good business losatlou. 122 J ul'on street; rent moderate. Apply 10 1'. PARKHl'RST, 23 Market slrecl, ltoni Hlo 10 A. M. or {j'toK P. M. Montahue hall restaurant to bent or lease? For location It is not surpassed in the two cities. To n competent man with means, it will he let on fair terms. Ap ply lo A. 11. HAINES, Montague Hall, Brooklyn, oppodte the City Hall. Nick apartments to let, at no essex stkeet. ?A front basement, a handsome room and pantries on llrst floor, two attic rooms, part of cellar and vault; there are only two small genteel families In the house. Apply at 127 Rlvlnglon street. Eooms. with steam power, or one detacher - building, light, airy, strong and convenient; a most com idete apparatus for beating and drying permeates the building. To let at a moderate rent. Inquire at 12 and 14 Pitt a! ret!, near Grand, QTOBE TO LET-ON FOURTH AVENL'E, WITH FIX k? lures, front cellar, Ac. A good stand for a grocery, crock ery, hardware, or wooden ware store. Rent $350. E. B. K1NM1IMER, 319 Fourth avenue, 3 lo 7 P. M., 8 to 10. TO I.ET? THE SECOND FLOOR, THKF.K ROOMS DEEP, with pari of the thud floor if required, of a new bouse, with nil the modern Improvements, including gas fixtures. Rent moderate lo a small family. Possession given Imme dlalely. Apply lo Mr. K. DOWNING, 73 East Fortieth sireel, between Lexington and Fourth avenues. TO LET-TWO NEW AND WELL FINISHED THREE and a halt story houses, high stoops, basements and sub cellars, with all the modern Improvements. Apply to M. WIL SON, corner of Cortlandl street and Broadway, ander the Gll sey building. rpo LET-ON 8KVENTY-F1 RST STREET, CORNER OF X Fourlli avenue, a very neat cottage house, with Croton water In, and three lots ol ground, made In a gsrden, with stable attached, will bo let until first of May, tor $100. Inquire on the premises, or 24 llBrclay sireel. rl.ET? A NEW FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY AND basement brown sione house In West Fourteenth street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues, house 35 by H2 feet, size of lot '2!i by 1% feet, btillt in the most substantial manner, and contains all the modern Improvement*. For particulars, In quire at 1|0 West Fourteenth street, or 6Ji 1'ine street. TO LET? THE UrPKR PART OF HOUSE 112 THOMP son street, consisting of four rooms on second floor and trout basemi lit, fine under cellar, gun and Croion water. Pos session immediately. Kent f 'M). Apply on the premises, or ut CO Cherry street. rro LKT-TirE small store and dwelling no. A lc9 lirand street, Williamsburg. The slore la handsomely fined up, with class show cases, shelving, pis. counters, Ac., st unted In Ihe best business part of Williamsburg; rent low possession Immediately. Apply to 11UU11ES A URKKN, 15 Oraud street, Williamsburg. TO LET IN BROOKLYN-A THREE STORY BASEMENT and sub celiar house, painted throughout, range in the kitchen, as nlso pump and drain; all In perfect order for a pri vate family. Inquire at 42 Dean street. The lower part of a neat three story and basement house 1o rent, neatly furnish* 1 throughout. Ap eat 9:1 Khri Hlloetith street, near Third avenue. The house i all the modern improvements, chandeliers, baths, Ac. TO LET.? AT 762 iBROADWAY, FOURTEEN LARUE, airy rooms, elegantly furnished, including parlors, logon llcmen without board, or the whole or part to a timily without children, very reasonable, with IhUMMlw use o| Um kitchen. Dumb waiter, and all the modern Improvements, than dellen, croion bath, Ac., all In perfect order. TO LET? TWO NEW FOUR STORY BRICK HOUSES, wtth modern Improvements, In Fifty -first street, between Third and Fourth -avenue*. Possession given Immediately. Inquire of J. KAYFKlt, corner of Fiftieth street and Fourth avenue. TO LET? A FIRST CLASS BROWN STONE FRONT house (English bssemeni with private stalrsi and every mo dt-rn improvement. A most desirable location In 23d a reel, opposite London terrace, will be rented low to a desirable ten ant. Apply to JOHN OltKOOKY. iCIO 8th Avenue. fO LET-ON STATEN ISLAND, A NEATLY FUR n lulled house, pleasantly situated, within a few minutes' walk of either Quarantine or Staph ton landing. To a good tenant the rent will be very moderate till the 1st of May, UBtf. Address, w 1th real name, A. B., box Bid Post oiOce. TO LET? THE LARGE STORE ON TnE SOUTHWEST erly corner of Broadway and I.lspenard streets; also the store, bast ment, and four lofts in the house No. 4H Canal street, near Broadway. Apply at 144 Chambers street. TO LET? THE STORK NO. 41) READE STREET, FIFTY feet cast ol Broadway, opposite Stewart's; rent $j00 per year; also several rooms, lor light manufacturing purposii*. In house t*i iluane street, first house east from Broadway. Apply at OKMMKL'M, 902 Broadway. TO LET, IN WEST HOBOKEN-TWO FIRST CLASS cottages, of superior accommodation, within minutes' drive of the terry. Immediate possesion given. Rent very moderate. Stages pas* the door every half hour for the llobo ken lerry. Apply to Wm. Slnclaire, Palisade avenue, Weal llobokeu; or J. Slnclaire, 24 Pine street. New York. TO LET ? TliF. SMALL THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE No. H Garden row, Eleventh street, near the corner of Oih avenue. In an unexceptionable neighborhood: ju<t ttie ihiuu for a una II Ismllv; possession nlvcn when de-trcd. Ituiulre of I). W. FENTON, IGT Broadway, up stairs. TO LET, WITHOUT I'.OARD-A THIRD STORY ROOM, I and bedroom uiljolulng, II wauled. Inquire at 4J l iuvorsi tv place. TO LET, AND Fl'RNITURE FOR SALE-A VERY SU perkw btown stone bo'jse, near Fifth svenue. ahote Ma.ll Mill squart House and furniture new and stylish; rent 91,600; prii e ol furniture aboui $4,U0U. Also, one on Fourteenth street, near l ukm square K. 11. KINsUIMKIt 819 Fourth avenue, 3 to 7 P. M., 8 to 10 A. M. rpo LET OR FOR SALE-A VERY BEAUTIFULLY FUR 1 Dished house, In a tine loc*tion In Brooklyn, s short dls wince from the South ferry, new , anil has all modern Improve ments. None hut re?iK?nslble families will inquire, personally, between 11 and U o'clock, at 27 Beekman street, first lloor. up stair*. ' TO I.KT OR LEASE? A FINK THREE STORY AND basement brlek house, In complete order. Just pointed outside and Inside, and newly papered throughout, with all the modem improvement*; water and gas In each and every room U.iiuglioiit tin house, location li.'l L.ureus s reel. lnitnreof mo LET OR LEASE? A OOOD HOP SB, WITH ELEVEN I moms and nrsrl* two acres ot ground with a line view ol New York bay, about 2 >-4 Miles from Fulton f rrv, Brook lyn. Wages anil city rwroad convenient. Rent 9380. Inquire of J. PipLDIMO, No. M ryon row, N. Y. VALUABLE PROPERTY, KL1H1B1.Y SITUATED ON Broadway, to lease.? The new building 442 Broadway :vi It. 6 In. by I. hi.. well lighted and ventilated; high basement dry, M w.) finished and 1ms never r<een occupied; llr?t floor in one room, smtnhle for carpet, furniture or other badness r ? quiring large show room; seeond and tlnr 1 doors similar to first; fourth Hoar con ains eight rooms, suitable tor arm da 1 111 n eotyptsis, Ac. f unding contains ail modern Inmr'ov. mints, >as, Croton, water eloseis, Ac. Will be rented for a lei mot ten years toagood tenant. Can be seen b) applvlm? lo W. J. Hsi tng on, 09 Ihe premises. For terms, A-' :ii>i>lr iohlKVKN.'s A I10XIK, 2M Beekman s'rei t, ihir.1 tlmr POLITICAI,. Brooks- club-sixth senatorial district - A regular 11 eellim ol the above association will be held ?his sfeinion, at H o'clock. Punctual attendant 1s requested, as busUii'ss ol importance will be entisl*! r.d. ilyoidcr. WM. It WARKINF.K. Chairman, tiro. ft, Bru/iW*, Secretary. rpWKNTV tWOND WARD DEMOCRATIC UlTIONCl.rB 1 ? A meei ing of the above club will be held at Na'lo.isl Lall.ou this (Friday) evening All the m-mbers, together wbh all the good d'rmoernd ot the ward, are requested lo rtlcnd H T order of FRANCIS CROSS IN, President. Ii ' airi lis *111 v. Treasurer. Iinmss Brns, Secretary, The friends of mr charlks c leaycraft are desirous of placing him before the public and the eon

renHons. as a .'efTersonlan di mocrat, for the nominaUon of Ctmmle*lon( r of Repairs and supplli s JRFFKltSO.NIAN DEMOCRATS ?OAKPIWQ AHP toncna. Hl'H BROADWAY.? FAMILIES AND SINOI.K OHN I'M tlcinen wishing accommodation, with board, cau ob tain the same, in suits or (ingle rooms, In the large and com uiodioua house on the corner of Ninth street and Broadway, replete with all the modern improvement*. Parties wishing board please apply at 767 Broadway. mllROA DWA Y.? A BEAUTIFUL FRONT PARLOR, and bedroom adjoining, on second floor, and three sleeping apartment* oo third tloor, unliable tor a party of ??n tlemen, or would be let separately. The house is situated a few doors from the New York Hole). Bath, gas, Ac. Rufe rences required. PJQ BROADWAY? DESIRABLE S0IT8 OF ROOMS VJ^rO for lamille*, with full or partial board; also, rooms for sinsle gentlemen; transient boarders accommodated. The above house has recently changed b ind", an t gone through a thorough course ol repairs and renevatlon. MUH. P. BROWNING, Proprietor, Af\- 1 BROOMF. STREET.? MRS. BARKER CAN AC rxU L commodate a few more single gentlemen In that conveniently located bouse near Broadway, with plea-ant furnished rooms, on favorable lermi. House has all the mo dern Improvement*. OP A (NEW NUMBER) WEST TWENTY SECOND jZit ) r between Eighth and Ninth avenues. An elegant aui'e of handsomely furnished parlors on second Door, wl'h bo?rd ti'i rn first of October, Houseeontains l ite improvements. Lo cution unobjectionable. Family private. Of\A second avenue, one door wclow thir ZUt Uenth street? Gentlemen ran obtalnla a choice of handsomely furnished roc ins, with full or partial board if de slred in a house liuvlng every modern convenience, and a very desirable location. 1 QQ WEST F? TEKNTH STREET.? PLEASANT ROOMS, J. i; O furnished or unfurnished, wl'.hful: or partial hoard, suitable for gentlemen and their wives, or single gentlcmeu. Bath and gas In tlie house. References exchanged. TOO SECOND A VENDE.? DESIRABLE ROOMS FOR Xt'ju gentlemen and their wives, or single gentlemen, with full or ) artlul board, lias, bath, Ac. Location convenient, Ac., corner Twelfth street. m HUDSON STREET. ? DESIRABLE ROOMS, WITH board, for parties of gentlemen, or families, can be obtained at the above place. Transient boarder* can Und good accommodations, by the day or week, llouse with modern Im provements, near St. John's pork. Reference exchanged. 1 A n HUDSON STREET, FRONTING ST. JOHN'S IT I park.? Furnished rooms to lei, with board, to single gentlemen, or gentlemen and their wives; also, a handsomely furnished back parlor; house newly furnished, with all the mo dern improvements. m NINTH STREET, THIRD DOOR EAff OF BROAD way, a suit of handsome furnished r >oms, and single rooms, with breakfast, If required, also No. 6 College place. mBLEECRER STREET, THREE BIX)CKS WEST OF Broadway.? Rooms can be had In suits, or single, tran sient or permanent, with board, at moderate prices, in the above first class house, with all the modern Improvements. Baths, gas, Ac. 107 TENTH STREET, BETWEEN BROADWAY AND J U i University place.? A suite of handsomely furnished rooms, lirst tinor, Irmit parlor, and two Iar?e bedrooms attach ed, with private table, or will be let to single gentleinon, with or without board. Terms moderate. 1()C WEST FOURTEENTH STREET.? FURNISHED Hit; rooms for select families and single gentlemen. Refe rence exchanged. ?J flfT WAVERLEY PLACE, THIRD DOOR WEST OF 1 w * / Washington park. ? A suite of parlors and extension room, on first door, to lot, with hoard. Private table. If re quired. Also, one hall room an I front room, on third Uoor. References exchanged. Location delightful. Ol BLEECKER STREET, FOUR DOORS WEST OF OX Lruadwsy. Two furnished rooms to let, in sln:le gentle men. Persons desiring comfortable rooms will do well to call. 7(\ FRANKLIN STREET? SUITS OF ROOMS. NEATLY I I? furnished, with bedrooms attached, on the first und se eond floors, breakfast served If required; ulso, single nnd double rocu to (mtlemen for lo l-riu cleanliness strlelly obcrved. Inquire as above, lint house west of Broadway. REMSEN STREET, BROOKLYN HEIGHTS, WITHIN three minutes' walk of Wall street ferry.? Suits of rooms, tor families and single gentlemen, can be procured at the above delightfully situated residence, containing all the modern improvements. Dinner at 6 o'clock. Rulerences exchanged. K A BLEEt'KER STREET? PARLORS A NO BEDROOMS. tJrb furnished or unfurnished, with or without board, to let to gentlemen and iheir w Ives; also, small rooms for single gen tlemen. (las and bath in the bouse. Apply as above. A r GROVE STREET, NEAR BLEECKER. ? HANDSOME x?J apartments on first and second floors, to let singly, or in suits, with board, to gentlemen and their wives. House first class, containing all the modern Improvements. Also, fine rooms, with board, at 1ST Blcccker street, opposite Depau row. A Q MURRAY STREET? BOARDING? FAMILIES OR 1 ' > single gentlemen will find suitable apartments Ina house witbail the modern Improvements; rooms pleasant, situation convenient lor merchants and transient boarders. Also t'ur nl.Jied rcoms, without board. 07 ninth street? handsomely furnished it I rooms, suitable for gentlemen or gentlemen and thoir wives, will be let with board, in the first class bouse 37 Ninth street, near Fifth avenue. OK GREENE STRKF.T.? GENTLEMAN AND THEIR wives, or single gentlemen, can be accommodated with handsomely lurniahod rooms and lull or partial hoard, where the comforts of a home can be rcalixed. Good tables, Ac. Hot and cold baths free. Terms moderate. References ex changed. A WIDOW LADY OCCUPYING A GENTEEL HOUSE IN the tipper part ?( the city, furnished, with moJcrn Im provements, hath, pis, Ac., 1* desirous to let a suit or rooaui u> a party of single gentlemen, or a gentleman and hi* wife, with full or partial board. The house Is plcamtnUy situated, and of easy access to stages and cam. Apply at No. 1HS Went Twenty second street, near the Eighth avenue. Relerences exchanged. AI'RIVATK FAMILY CAN ACCOMMODATE TWO GEN llemen and their wives, or four single gentlemen, with full hoard, furnished pari irs and pantries auauhed; air fur nace, hath and gait, breakfast at 6S? o'clock, Apply at 107 avenue B, one door from Seventh street. A PRIVATE FAMILY, RESIDING IN A GENTEEL neighborhood, well furnished house, with every conve nlence, ran accommodate a family of four or live person*, or two gentlemen and wives, with full or partial board, and use of piano. Apply at 210 West Thirty -Orst street. A PRIVATE FAMILY, HAVING MORE ROOM THAN Uiey wish to occupy, would let to a geuileinan only, a fur nished parlor and bedroom, without meals. Location deslr able, beta? a few homes went ol broad nay. Apply at 120 Ninth street. A FURNISHED PARLOR AND BEDROOM COMMUNI eating, to let, to a single gentleman, in the first claiw house 772 Broadway, corner of Ninth street. Also a aingle room on the utiper ttoor, at a vory moderate price, l'lcase apply before 12 o'clock A. M. A WIDOW LADY WOULD LET TO ONE OR TWO single gentlemen, furnished rooms, with or without par tial board, on very reasonable terms; balh and t'as in the house; location very quiet and pleasant, convenient to ears and stages. Apply at 192 Waverley plaee, near Amos street. A SMALL FAMILY, OCCUPYING A NEW ENGLISH basement house, ran accommodate three or four single gentlemen, with sleeping rooms and parlors, with partial board. The house has ail the modem Improvements. Call at IA West Twenty-first sL, near the Club House. A YOUNG GENTLEMAN DESIRE* BOARD, IN A quiet, respectable family, where there are few or no other boarders; i.ot too far up town; will re quire breakfast an I dinner, and terms must be moderate. Address Q. K. D., lie raid (.Ilice. A WIDOW LADY OF RESPECT ABILITY, OCCUPYINO a very fine house In Brooklyn, desires to rerelvetwoor three gentlemen Into her fumilv as partial boarders, where they ran hut e nicely furnished rooms lighted with gas, the comforts of a home, and a well kept table. The Bouse Is within a few minutes of Fulton and Wall street ferries. Please call at 61 Henry street, corner of Orange. A HANDSOME SUITE OF FURNISED ROOMS, WITH bath room, Ac., contiguous, to let, together or separately, in the new house 47 West I'litrteenth street, near Fifth avenue; breakfast, If required. The house contains all live modern im provemcnta. Family private. References exchanged. a LADY, HAVING A FIRST CLASS HOUSE, WILL X? board a gentleman and his wife for f6 a week, with a targe room, with gas in: or a gentleman would be aecommoda 'cd with breakfast and lea far (,'t a week. Plea-e address a note io Needful, Broadway Post office, for I wo days. A GENTLEMAN AND 1UK WIFE, ALSO A FEW SIN gle cent lemon, can be accommodated with pie isant fur itislietl rooms, ? lib hoard, upon reasonable terms. In a private family. Apply at AC Fulton street, Brooklyn. Al.r- PERSONS WISHING BOARD, ROOMS OR HOUSES are invited to < all at my oflice. ,S)8 Broadway, as there Is constantly a large supply "on band. Vou may 'find It the only sure place to flud sudj All Information may be had free of charge. R. I). GOODWIN. A HANDSOME FURNISHED ROOM AND BEDROOM attached, to let?in a private house, with all the mo lern improvements; also a single room, with grate and rss In II. Apply at SH Prince street, a few doors west of Broadway. A FEW ROOMS, SUITABLE FOR FAMILIES AND single gentlemen, to let, with board. In a first class brown -tone bouse, with all the modern Improvements, situated ni??r tl.c fashionable squares and convenient to railroads and omnt busses, at 4'J Meat Twenty second street. References re <i Hired. BOARD-A SMALL FAMILY. RKSIDING~AT 81 WEST Twenty sixth street, near Broadway, could aconmniodate a gentli man and wlf?, or a lew single gentlemen, with board, bouse first class; tesms moderate, to suitable applicants. Refer once required. Board? families and single gentlemen wanting permanent Iwiard for the winter, can find deslrs hie scenratoodatlon- at No. 181 Tenth street, near Broadway. I he house is iirst i lass. French and Spanish spokon. Dinner at 6 o'clock. References exchanged. BOARD-A PRIVATE PAMTLY WOULD LET TO|A gentleman and his wife, a room and bedroom on second floor, unfurnished, and can accommodate |twoor three sln.;le gentlemen with furnished rootns; the house has all the lin pmvrmcnt#. Apply at 71 Macdougal street, between Bleeck er snd Houston. Board? a family having more room than required, would dl p ise of a room on the second lloor, also one on the third. The house has all the modern improve moitt", bath, gas. Ac. K?*r*ce given and required, Apply at *4 West Twenty -seventh street, near Sinh avenue. Board.? * very desirable suit of rooms for a gentleman and wife, with ail the modern Imnrnvem nts. can be obtained at 44 West Twenty third si., near Filth area tie. Hclerences exchanged. BOARD-A GENTLEMAN DESIRES BOARD AND A plesssnt r<?m fhr his wife, In a genteel private i imlly. Helen nces exchanged. Address J K., Herald ofllce. Hoard.? a genteel small family, having a nice house In llmoklvn, would let to n ccnteel iimi.'v six r< obis (sll on the second floor) of a lirst class house, with board or without, furnished or unfurnished; or would lei n suit of rooms tc a eentlcman and wife, and ch ldren. The fa nlly Ktrletly private, ami no oilier boarders In the house Apply on the'preimscs, 87 9 Gold street near Wllloughby, ten minutes' walk from Fulton ferry. Board. -a handsome and neatly furnish ed room, on the seeon.l floor, with or without bedroom alfsched. may be obtained, with partial hour! for one or two gentlemen. In a Drlvale family, by applying at 4t t;reenwteh aw litis opposite Rusaell place. House fli e class, and lurnlsh ed with ail the modem improvements. References exchanged. BOARD.-A LA EOF. SIZED COMFORTABLY Fl' RISKED room, hrst floor suitable for a gentleman and wt{ ? or single gctrlemen. at B Fnrsytb street, near Walker. A small room for a single uentlrnmn Rcsp?-i table meoh inl-s wishing clean, air) n? ms will do well to call. Ft cry attention paid to the comfort of botrdm. BOiEDING A.BTD tQBOMC. Board- rooms furnished ok unfurnishbd, single or ft) suits, to l-t. In & tirst clugs house, eon'lguotis to singes and cars. Appl) at 76 West Twenty third street. BOABD? VKBY PLEASANT BOOKS, VITU BOARD, can be obtained at 398 Fourth avenue; Ike house is wry Bleosant, | oration good. and everything to make home aweea ie. Persons who desire a permanent and pleasant home, on moderate U rms would do well to apply won. BOABD? HANDSOMELY FURNISHED BOOMS, IN HE e nd and third stories or house 40 Went Washington place, to let to families or single gentlemen, with full or partial board; bouse louialiia the modern Improvements. iReferouce* ex changed. BOARD-SEVERAL PLEASANT BOOMS, WITH liOAUD, ! maybe had at No. MS Klghth street, opposite tl?? Mer cantile Library. References Mr hanged. Boabd fob single gentlemen.? A SUIT of furnished rooms tor single gentlemen, at 97 Clinton place, 1 tinner at six. Board, with furnished booms if requibed? on the lino ot a railroad, within 40 minutes' of the <!lty Mall ? bv.u widow lady, without children; either a family or two or three, single gentlemen, can bo accommodated with a'l the comforts of a home; Iboso dolus business in the city will find this a convenient and ploasaut location. Apply to MBS. UlUsON, at the depot, Harlem. Board, ob furnished booms, on the euro peun plan. ? Respectable parties, not wishing thn cares of housekeeping. will find suits of handsomely furnished room*, with use of kitchen; a cook and other necessary attendance will be supplied. Parties can provide their own table, and lie as retired as In their own house, without the cares of house keeping. Apply at 'M Fourth avenue. References required Board in brooelyn.? a fbont pablob and bedroom on second lloor; also, rooms for two single gentle men, to let, with board, at 'HO Henry street. Brooklyn, between Congress und Amity streets. The location Is unsurpassed, and convenient to Wall street and South ferries. Board in Brooklyn. -a gentleman and lady and single gentlemen, can be aocommodated with large pleasant roomsTfurnlshed or uufumlshed, with full or partial board. In a house having all the modern Improvements, and in ? most desirable location, within Ave minutes' walk of the South or Wall street ferries. Reference required. Inquire at 848 Henry street, corner of Congress, Brooklyn. Board in Brooklyn.? rooms, en suite, for fa inllles, and Blngle rooms for gentleman and their wives, may be obtulned, in a first class house, In Montague street, second door east of Clinton street. Board in Brooklyn.? to let, a large well iumlsbed room; also, a hall room ailjolning if desired, Hiitabla for one or two gentlemen, or a gentlemen and Ills wife. Apply at (Mi Clinton street, between Wall and Atlantic streets ferries. Board in Brooklyn-vacancies fob two ob three young gentleman nt 47 Sands street. Also, about the first of October, a large and pleasant unfurnished room on second lloor, suitable lor a gentleman and wlfu (without a ser vant preferred.) Partial board for gentlemen. Reference ex changed. Board in south hrooklyn.? a gentleman and wile, or two single gentlemen, can have a parlor and l/edroom. connecting, with gas, with partial board lor gentle men, alia lull board lor lady, In a quiet, agreeable family, where every alien ion will l>e paid to their coiufirt; the house W healthily located, and within three minutes' walk of llamll tou terry. Inquire at DO President street. Board wanted-iiy a lady, Wlio is enoaged (luring the day in the. lower part of the <u'7i m Ute Kourlh or Sixth avenues, or on sotno Intermediate stage route. Ad dress a. B. c., Broadway Post oiiice. TJOABD WANTED? IN BROOKLYN, FOR A BOY It) J J years of ago, where he will receive parental convenient to a Rood school, and have a good home. Address Hoy, Brooklyn lost ell ee, for two days. Board wanted in brooki-vn? by a gentle man ami w tie, with a well furnished room, In a pleasant locatlrn, within live mlnate's walk ol South ferry. Address box 1,4W New York Post oOlce, stating terms and particulars. Board wanted in Brooklyn? On the heights, by n gentleman, In n sirictly private American or Kng ltsli family. Address box 1,883 Post oHlce. Boarding.? a few single gentlemen can br ueeommodated with board and pleasant ns>ms; alio, gen tlemen and Ibeir wives, with board, and furnished or unfur nished rooms, at 23 Harrison street. Boarding.? two youno mkn can be aocommo elated with good board and pleasant rooms, on the second boor, at as Hlvimrton street, one block from the Bowery; also a mini and bis wife; terms reasonable. BOABDINO.? FAMILIES, OR A PARTY OF SINGLE gentlemen, con have a choice of rooms nt 41 East Fif teenth street, near Union equate. Terms moderate. Boarding.? a private family, residing in Hrooklyn, very near the South and Wall street lorries, would let h furnished front room and bedroom, on third story, with partial board, to two gentlemen. Gas In tlio rooms. Terms, f8 per week lor two. Reference required. Address Home, Herald office. Boarding.-an unfurnished room and bed room, (the rooms are front,) to let to a gentleman and wife, with hoard for the lady, where there are no boarders, nt AS Downing si. Stages pass every few minutes. Call up stairs, for one week. P. 8. Only three in family. Boarding.? pleasant rooms to let, with board, in a house with all the modern Improvements. The location Is desirable, No. 2S9 Greene street, three doors from Eighth street. References exchanged. Boarding.? a lady can be accommodated with board, and a nice front room on the second lloor, in a genteel locality, in a small private family, for the, winter; no boarders. Those looking lor a quiet home can be pleased. Address for iwo days T. U., Herald odlce. BOARDINO.? A ROOM AND BEDROOM, WITH CLO sets and Croton water, attached, unfurnished, for a fami ly; also rooms lor single gentlemen, to let, with board, at 77 Murray street Boarding-handsome furnished rooms to let to a gentleman and lady, (board for the lady only,) 111 a new boose up low li. Ideation pleasant, wltbln one block of I, road w ? v. Vive lines Of stages and cars pass the house. Ad dress A. B., Union square Post office. Boarding.? to i,et, two front parlors, onk furnished, the other unfurnished, with pantries attached, at ihe Pleasant]}' situated house, 27 North Moore street. Baths lo tiie bouse. Boakdino-a lady wishes board in a pri vate family, or where they bike only a few boarders, or would take an unfurnished room in a genteel house and privi lege to stand a piano In the parlor. Referenee given and re quired. Please call or address Mrs. Webb, t*> Fulton street. Brooklyn. Boarding.? to let. to a party of sing lb gentlemen, the second floor, with partial bonrd. In a ro speciable private family. Hoqm first class, with all the modern Improvements, a lew blocks west of Broadway, near Bleecker street. Those wishing the comforta of a home, may address il., box 1M) Herald office. Boarding in hrooki.yn can be had for an European gentleman and lady, or one or two single gentle men, in a private Inmlly, having no boarders, In a desirable neighborhood, near the City Hail, with a large room, hand somely furnished or unfurnished, hnvinga large closet attached, wiili gas, and the use of the bathing room. Address Brook lytiite, w uh real name, Herald oflice. Boardino and lodging? a lady would like to hire a small genteel house plainly furnished, where llie tamllyfnould be willing to hoard oul the rent, with Uie j.ri vllegc (.flaking a few seleci boarders; the best of reference giv en. Address L. F., Herald office. Desirable rooms to let-with board, fi r. Dished or untarnished, in a pleasant location, at No. 50 West Washington plijfe. References exchanged. Furnished rooms to let, without board, in a first class h man, 96 Prince street, near Broadway. Apply on the premises, or toG. H. King, 192 Broadway. Furnished rooms to let? with breakfast and tea, if required, for one or two gentlemen, in a brow ii stone front house, whh all the modern Improvement*. t'i nveiilent to the cars and stages. No. 71 West Fourteenth si., first house westof Sixth avenue. Furnished rooms to let-fob single gentle men, without board, at 143 Franklin street. Furnished or unfurnished rooms to let to single gentlemen, in a private family, where French and Knglish Is spoken, with or without board. Inquire at M West Wellington place. IjlCRNISHED OR UNFURNISHED ROOMS TO LET? wlili board, on the second and third floors, in families or single gentlemen, or day boarders. Apply at 64 Henry stroet. CI ENTLKMKN AND TH KIR WIVES MAY BR ACCOM T modated with board and pleasant rooms, in a private fa mily, by applying at 1<*7 West Twirl, street, betwocn Fifth and sixth avenue*. Reference required. HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM; FOR LAIHRR and gentlemen, board for the ladles only ; in a delightful location. The bouse has all the modern Improvements, and Is In the vlelnlly of Washington l'arade. Ground. Address A. C., Broadway l'ost offlri . Handsomely furnished rooms-at 22 water. ley place, without board. T WISH FOR TIIK COMFORTS OF A HOME, THROUGH 1 the winter, for myself and wife, in a small private family; a pleasant luruished room, containing eroton sni, required; location must be of ready access to City Hall. Address, with lull par lei ilars. Wm. Archer, Herald office. NO. J LEROY PLACE, BLEECKER STREET, ONE block west of Broad say. Rooms to rent to gentlemen, 11. eluding a splendid parlor. House and furniture entirely new, gas and bath in the house. Location unsurpassed and terms moderate. V"IfE FRONT APARTMENT TO LET, AT 1(10 PRINCE J.1 street. It would be a good chance for a millinery or em broidery trade. Rent low. PLEASANT ROOMS MAY BE OBTAINED WITH BOARD lor families, where children are no objection; also for sin Se persons; the house has all the modern improvements and e I oration is desirable. Enquire at 230 loth East street, near 2d avenue. PERMANENT BOARD WANTED.-A GENTLEMAN I and his wife wish to obtain board In a pleasant family, o ? ' npying a house with the modern Improvement, on reaso >a bie terms location between Fourteenth and Twenty e gh'Jl stireta, Sixth aveniie and the East river. Address, post paid -tm.n;- terms ai.d particulars, Permanent. IHl Kast Twanlr flrst street. ' RO< 'MS, WITH It HEAR' F AST AND TEA FOR TWO . gentlemen, In ItrnokKn. Apply ai Ml Beaver street from oflee. up sairs. lie lore 10 or after 3 o'clock. TO LET? TO ONK OR TWO GENTLEMEN, THRHF line rooms on third story, furnished or unfurnished, In a ?mall family (man and wlfei; breaklasl ran Im> furnished If de Sire.l Apply at No. 7 Brevoon place, TenU) street, neat broad* a} . Tm O l.ET- ELEGANT SUITES OF ROOMS, FURNRIHRD. nl 2ft Washington place, between Broadway and the Park A private table will be given. TO LET? WITH OR WITHOUT HOARD, ONE VERY neatly furnished front rm.m, second floor. In a good loci tion with baih on the same floor, also, adjoining rsjrn. fur nirhed and the same slse. If desired, at 47 Third street, near Strand avenue. Terms easy lo a genteel person. TO RENT? WITH BOARD, A HANDSOMELY FURNISH ed parlor, with three bedrooms adjoining, suitable for s family or a party at gentlemen A private laole, if desirmi. Alen. a parlor and bedroom, on Uie second floor Apply at U* Second aveune, convenient to Eighth street. References required. Three or focr sinole gentlemen can be ao commodates! with hoard and pleasant rooms in a >ut Brfvaie family where there are no other border*. Ann'v M ?. t First street, three doors from Ue Bowery P'7 WMunwa tiu towin^ WANTED? BY A MNGLE GENTLKMAN, A BMDROOH and parlor la a private tawlly. Address box 477 HaraM ollice. \W ANTED ? A FURN IH1IKD PARLOR AND BEDROOM. If with partial board, between 2Sth and 32d sW. Adlms box 3,026 Pout office. WANTKI)? ROOMS, WITH OR without PARTIAL board, iu a private family, not too I ar up town, whore Uie comforts or a social home may he onjoycd by two ytmng gentlemen. Address William, Herald office. HORSKS, CARRIAGES, AC. ALIGHT BUOGY FOR SALE, LOW, AT 73 WATER street, where It can be seen. ClARRIAUES.? AN ASSORTMENT OF COACHES, ROOK. ) a ways, single audaxtenston lop breta, doctors' phsBt/ma, some second hand coaches. one top and one squire box wagon. lo> of single harness, 4c., for sale, very low. MAJOR THOMP SON A CO.. Ti Wooster street, uear Canal. CARRIAGES FOR SALE.? A FINK BROUGHAM, BERN used but a few times; also, a clone panelled c?neh. nearly l new, one llgnh phaeton, lour *1* t-eab-d rockaway, and four sea'ed rockaways, top bugles, barouohes, gigs ana carriages, and harnesses of all descriptions. Apply at J. C. HAM'd. SW Broadway. For sale-a very stylish bay horse, fiftbbm hands high, seven years old this spring; sound. and kind ta every way, with great power of endurance. Can trol inside of three minutes, and with proper training can be mnch im proved. i.lkewlse, will be osld with him, a now light wagon Willi shifting top, and a now set or harness. Any gentleman wish ing a complete establishment, and willing to pay a fair remu neration tor what he receives, may call at 349 Broome street, near the llotvery, from 1 to 4 Y. M., or before 8 A. M. For sale.-oreat bargains.? a very fine fa mlly horse, warranted sound, gentle and without fkult; Btands without hitching; admirably stilted for a doctor; also, * splendid matchless hlttck Canadian puny, 14 bands high; a lady or child can ride or drive htm; an excellent lainily oar rlage, with douiilo and single harness, and two first rate mil ah cows. Apply to J. B. RAE, Atlantic Hotel, Jersey City. FOR SALE? a pair of well matched black horses, seven years old, sound and kind in single or doubt* harness: will be sold a great bargain, at the Matropolltan (ta bles, corner of Prince aud Crosby streets, as the owner has no use for them. For sale-a splendid black horse, isk bunds high, seven years old, perfectly sound and kind In single or double harness, suitable for a private family: he wOl be sold cheap as his owuer Is about going to Europe In a few i lays. For further Information apply at 176 Went street, or at the stables in Collator street, third door from Bnach. For sale-a pair of beautiful ligiit orat mares, 15 hands high, well matched and seven or eight years olu , perfectly kind and gentle, and affording a good op portunity lor any one requiring a pair of rollah e carriage horses. Sold fur want ol use. May lie seen at Post's stable*, b2 Kast Twenty fourth street, before 11 and after 3 o'clock. For sale? four fast horses, warranted to trot a mile short of three minutes. Also ten good carriage horses and two splendid saddle horses, suitable lor la lies or gentlemen. All to be seen a'. the lllppona Stables, 85 and 91 Watts street, corner of Canal. Fou sale-a gray horse, six years old, round and kind In Finnic and double harnetis. Also a eotrjl horje. Ot tame description. Sold lor want of use. Apply at HURSON'8 stable, 23 K>u>t Twelfth street. 1r\0R sat.e-a gray mark, isv hands nion, six 1 vi urs old, i plendld style and action. Would make, a very excellent family or road horse. Warranted sound and kind Also a light wagon and harness, little used. Apply to OKO. W. FARLEY, corner of Market and Cherry streets . For bale? several five youhg HORSES) one black horse, 6 years old, and one very tine bay ?ua-e and i nesorrol horse; also ens second band top wagon: one do., rx press wagon, l'or i >l? cheap. Apply at WOOD & OLIVKK'S livery stable, i'U8 West Twenty-seventh street. BM)R SALE? A SPAN OF THOROUGHBRED JET black Canadian ponies, loot: manes and tails, about flf teen handshlgh, aged (i years. To be seen at OKAY'S sUblna. No. 2.} Warren street, on Friday and Saturday, 21st and 22a lUgtMrt For sale-a very superior moroan horse, chestnut sorrel, switch tall, sound and kind and a very handsome ?nd showy snluuil. Will be sold low Can be seen ut the Hlppona Stables, ti3 Watts street, ne vr Canal For sale? a handsome coach and a rook away, bo'h city built and to order for Uie present owner; In perfect order; each has a full set of harness lr required. The stable w ill be let to the first of May, or longer U required, at 94 West Fifteenth street. For sale? two horses, one new express wa gon; also, two second hand do., of K. H. Bralnard's make, Boston. Inquire of C. D. R0B180N, 140 Chambers street. Express office. For bale- a noRSE and wagon? house i5? hands high; price tSciS; one light butcher's wagon, wlin (op; used but little; will be sold low, as the owner has no use for them. Inqulro at LENT'S carriage factory, corner Tnlrd avenue and Forty-seventh street. IilOR SALE? A PAIR OF GRAY PONIES, 15 HANDS high, sound and kind in all harness, aud can trol fast to gether; price $:ao. Also a very handsome brawn saddle mare, 14'j hands high, six years old, kind In harness, and a fast tra vcller. AIko two square bo* buggy wagons, nearly new; one with lop. Apply at THOMPSON'S stable, 110 East Thirteenth street Good family horse for sale-only for want of use. Can be seen at W H. MILES' stable, 64 Weat Nineteenth street. Goats.? two very handsome milk ooatb. young and good milkers, for sale, the ownei having no place to keep tlicm. For small children, or to lake to sea, thejr re very valuable. Inquire in the dry goods store 307 Sixth venue or to TBOS. MARTIN, 84 West Forty ninth street, be ween Sixth and Seventh avenues. Horse, wagon and harness for salr-a very line turnout. The horse Is a bay, l.'>\ hands high, eight | years old, a very stylish driver, and can trot a mile In less than i three ndnutes to a road wagon ; sound and kind. Tho wagon Is a square box shifting ton. made by ontt ol the best city ma kers, and nearly new. 1 he harness Is nearly new, and In Unit rate order. W ill be sold low for want of use. To be seen at the lumber yard 172 Monroe street, near Montgomery. Horse wanted -must be handsome Am* stylish, lfi hands, trot Inside four minutes, suitable for a first rale carriage horse. Apply at 73 Vesey ?t. nOBRE, WAGON AND HARNESS FOR 8 ALE. -A Morgan bay horse, of great endurance, for fast road or dra/l work. A No, a ll^ht business or express wagon. Apply al 157 Soulii street. IOOK HERE.? A SECOND HAND TOP WAOON, IN J pood order, worth MO, will be sold for $65, aa the owner 1h about to leave the city. Apply at Urban k Howard'* livery stable, Classon avenue, be' ween Fulton and Putnam avemes, Brooklyn. MOROAN HORSES? TEN YOU NO HORSES, JUST from Fomlret, Vt.; three of tbem are ftuil, and would aatt Southern gentlemen wishing well bred *t?ck; the lial.ince are round, pony luillt li'irwn, suitable for the road; several would make line tf<s tors' tuir*e?. Apply at Blydenburg's stable, X Boeruni street, Brooklyn. OFFERED AT A SACRIFICE-A VERY HANDSOME sorrel Vermont horse; flfleeen hands blah; seven year* old this spring; warranted perfectly sound and kind; I* a very tact traveller mid possessed ol great endurance; offered for ?li6, to dispose of It qulek, a* the own?r has no further use tor him. Address for two day* box 2,41*3 Post office. OTABLK WANTED. -A STABLE FORTWO HORSES AN ? O a carriage, anywhere between Houston and Tenih streeta and Macdougal and Second avenue. Address W., Herald office. TIT A NTED ? A SADDLE TONY OF GOOD 8TYLK AND TT action, young, gentle and gnnd? to p?< e or can er? tree from all tricks, 14 to lt\ bunds hi*h and suitable for children. Apply at Lynch'* stable, No. ? East Twenty-first sireet. EXCURSIONS. Grand excbmion to Tns sea bass banks? or better known a* the Choi em Hanks. The commodious and double engine sea steamboat HUNTRESS, Capt. (Mia T . Worrell, will make the last trip fi>r U>e season, on Sunday, Sep tember 2>'ld. M ill Icai e ns follows:? Foot llrwint atroet, 7 o'clock; Peck slip, %;pler3 North river, $ o'clock, lhoaa ? ho delight In tl.e sports of fishing, wdl tlnd Uils will well repay their line and trouble. Tickets SI each. MUCELLAiniOrS. 4.1 A AAA -TnR CHKAFEST AND BEST OniNA dinner, deasert and tea sets, decorated and plain wlitte; rut, plain and pressed gl is* of our own manufac ture; gas fixtures of all description* clocks, candelabra* aod fancy ornaments, at J. HTOUVKNEL A OO.'S, ?94 Broadway, factory 3U3 Centre atreeL Attention, company.? headqu arters fohtab gets, guide flags, Ac. ? Committees are solicited to call and examine our new styles before ordering elsewhere Political banners lettered at short notlcc. Carved eagle* and every variety of targets on hand and furnlshod to order. IIOJER A OBAH AM, Uft and Hi Duane street. B BUSHES OF EVERY DESCRIPTION- AT THE BRUSH factory, :i37 Pearl sireet, Franklin square. All artMea *?ld at the lowed factory price*. Paint bru-ne* of a superior quality constantly on baud. Machine brushes made to order. ' JOHN K. HOPPKL^ CAMPHORATED TRANSPARENT STRENOTHENINfl plaster spread on Canton tlannel. Judge Ktrdaall, of tlie Marine Court, wa* conllned to hi* room for seven week* with ncuralg.a rheumatism; medical aid Istled to relieve film, he applied the above plaster* and It gave him instant relief, so that lie went about his business and a cure wa. u i Tect'4. 1 here i* nothing equal to these plastera for rheumaUao. nJn*. bnitses, wrttk luni:*, Ac. Made by R B NEWMAN, M. H., 8t<3 Rwtitt street, a physician of over twenty year*' practice. Price only cent*. FISHING TACKLE. OF ALL KINDS. WHOLESALK and retail, lor sale by J. A J. C CON ROY, 66 Fnlum sireet (removed from 62). bamboo pole*, get. ulne grass line* from Canton, lance wood for rod and carriage mikers, ssim, tykes, and nets of all kinds on hand and in.ide to order. The most approved squids and lines for blue halting. Gas burner manufactory, no. 41 oreknk street.? Dealer* who buy for cash will save twenty per tent by sending u* their orilers. A. i II. W. HIUDT. N OTIC*.? T1IF. PUBLIC ARE INVITED TO CALL AN? examine an artificial fuel which 1* manufactured print* pally from clay, loam or marl. The n.ivelty or this fuel la the trlflmg cost ot making It. while It producer a brtght and heaa tlful fire, answering all the purpose* of cowl It can be mm burning at 196 Broadway, ruoa?4. _________ CJANDB' REMEDY FOR SAI.T RHEUM.? THIS CKLK 0 brated external ri med., for s. rofula. . -orbullc and culane oos eruptions, used In conjunction with Hinds' sarsaparflla, 1 as cured thousands of (be very worst forma of these loa'h nmf diseases snd established a reputation that ha* ralaad a host of worthies* Imlta'loiis 1 he public are cautlo t?d that the genuine article Is prepared only by A B. A D. SANDS, wholesale druggists, luu Fulton strecL Sold also by druiiXMIa generally. TO MILKMEN ? CONTR ACTS FOR THE SEASON WH X be made for grains Apply at HARRISON'S brewery, 1T?6 Sullivan Street Fresh grain* every day, True turf oii^-for sokes of every kind which mar the ferm of man or beat*. Knrekaof medi l ines fur every creature t'lat moves on the turf Fur sale fcy Schefllln ,v Bros. A Co.. 40 Beekman street; Hush A dale, MO Urrirwich street; F. C Wells A Co., Ilfl Franklin etrwet; M ^?r A Met orkle A Co., 14 Water street, sole events for New Teas and coffees-families who haye paying full price* for laitele** tea and *<*l" coffee. wl*b to rnjo> the rich flavor of the finest kind*, freak freei me ?tew- opened chest* and !>***, can hare that privilege a ad mm mrney b} the change by dealing al the Empire ?Siy Tea Ware hou-e*. T,9 Bowery, corner of Fifth street, or *1 Catherine. J (1*1 received a large supply of those one dollar caddie* of Mack lea, containing three pound* each, noflWs roasted and growdWlfee pr mises d illy, the l>e<t of old Java, la id JaSAic^ lA. H, St. 1*. jwr pound.