Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 22, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 22, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6965. ABTBRTISEMENTS RENEWED BYBKY DAY. IKW PUBUCATIOSfc 1$ pXTt^ PnrRkoNVZ!CBf'H-JvaT ??u?< ielphia, and for gale bv Chea^m street, everywhere. y *?ents and bookseller* chapters. By Charles Dick ??. By BS A!sk*w*? F?? n?w SS? ^ Prlee 12 V; cents. from Dickens' TKRHON-S irjrh^nHutr!^ ?T. B. PK. < oples of any of the above ?i!i i ^ a VOMtgr. on receipt of the price In a le?.?em any one' fre? <>? A GREAT FORTHCOMING BOOK rUK OLD HOMhSl'KAD: lir MK8 ANN H. HMCI-IIKSn), Author of "Kashtoii and Famine. " BUNCH A BROTHKH, Publishers. BKMAHKABMS STORY. There will appear to morrow In the columns of THE SUNDAY COURIER, The contlniiailon of a remarkable story, entitled TilE ADOPTED PAOUHTEU, A tale of adventure, mystery, and crime, which will be rend with great pleasure by all classes of readers? a tale beautifully told, and 0 surpafslng interest. The Courier also contains an interesting psper descriptive of The Police Telegraph; No. I:t ol the Confession* Of a Spiritualist; Mimical Meals; t/ontcssloiis Of a Satanic Writer. Also an admirable story entitled Tilt: airSKY'g euofHWJV, Crime- an l outrages, racy and piquant paragraphs, uews Stems, Ac., Ac. EDITORIALS. The Jewlnh Fast Day. Our Photograph Galleries, Publisher's Festival, Ootinclinien's Carriages, Tribune Titles, Ouc Mors Enl'ortuuate, The Raciiel Management, Theatrical Gossip, Theatricals at Wa Hack's, Burton's, Broadway, Metropolitan, Bowery and National. Our Bpei'lal Foreign Correspondence, the best of any cotem Crarv journal; uews Items, local reports, telegraphic up to the ur of Doing to press, 4c., Ac. Procure u copy early on ?Sunday morning. bold everywhere, and publlshedat No. 18 Spruce street J AM KM L. SMI I'll A CO. BOOKS AND STATIONERY AT CASH PRICBd ai .STRONG'8 Publishing Warehouse, No, 9H Nassau street, New York. I'ountry dealers who wisfo to buy cheap for cash will do well to examine 'lis large and most complete assortment ol' toy, ?ong, juvenile And miscellaneous books; stationery, valentines, almanacs, prints, Ac., at the above establishment, aud note the prices. The stock of valentines for the coming season will be found more extensive, varl-d and magnlttoeot than ever be fore exhibited at tlus old established valentine depot, and at {irices more than oue third lower than formerly. Almanacs lor H6tt now r'slv. N. 11? All kinds of engraving, printing, lithographing, Ac., done In a superior manner aud on the most favorable terms. All oideis bv mail promptly and carefully attended to J. W. STRONG, ?W Nassau street, N. Y. IN PRK-P MRS. SOUTHWORTH'S NEW YORK, THK DBSRllTKl) WIKK, And will be publislied, September 29, uniform with The Ijost Heiress, by T. B. PKTKRHON, itjj Chesnut stroot, Phlladel phla. Price, #1 25 In cloth, or $1 in paper. TOHK PHILPOT CURRAN. ? Published this day, The Life or THE RianT Hon. Jon* Fuilok t'UBRAN, l>v his son Wm. Henry Curran. With notes and addition,* by Dr. R. Shelton Mackenzie, and a portrait on steel. 12mo., cloth. (1 26. Just published, a seeond edition of Bit* or By Dr. R. Slielton Mackenzie, editor ot *'Hhlel's Sketches of the Irish liar," Ac.. Ac. limit. , cloth, $1. Also, Habits an a Mrs. By Dr. Do ran, author of "Table TralU," l2mo., clotb. $1. Also, now reaily, Dkkims's Little Folks. Lrm.i Nell. Irom "The Old Curiosity Shop" of Charles Dickens ISmo., cloth, S8e. Also. StMMB's boKDKit Talks. I. Gov Riveiis; ? Tale of Georgia. By Wo, Gllmore Simms. New and revised edition, tvltli Illustrations l>y D.irley, (uni form aeries.) 12uio., cloth. SI 2ft. On Saturday, 29th. II. Rlriuitn Bchpib; ? tale of Alabama. By Wm. Gilmora Klmms A tieiv ant revised edition, with Illustrations by l>ar ley. 12m0.. cloth. SI 25. J. P. RKDFIKLD, .H Beecktnan st. VTO LIBRARY, PUBLIC OR PRIVATE, CAN BE COM JLl pleie without having In It it complete set of CHARLES DICKIN.V WORKS. Peterson's I* ihe only complete nn<l uniform edition everpub IHbrxt in the. wurki, and In now ih?* only edition whatever pub Mailed In tbi.- country. For sale by .1. f. DKKKT, New York, and published a' T. B PETERSON'S, 102 Obealout atreot, Phllad. mr iiacktiiatid rntriox in twrlvk VOLVHK.1. Bach volume contain* a novel complete, and may be had in complete ae'?, beautifully bound tu cloth, for flB, or tiny vol ume will be Mild separately, price $1 SO. The following are *heir Bam<-?: ? Bleak llouae. Martin Ohuxxlcwlt. ?Pickwick Papers. llnvld Conperlleld. Old Cuniadiy Shop. Hmnliey A Sun. OVror T* i*' Cfcri*?BM Stories, and Picture* Bketohos by "Boz.'' troni I'?ly. Harnabr Rud?e. Dtrken?' New Stories, contain ?Nlcholai* Mcklebv. Ins all his lalu writing". We a!?o put ) mli editions bound in naif calf, antique, brown ?nd (lit edge-, Ac., lit various prices. CUHl'IJCTK LIBRARY EmTtOX. It l? In five large octavo volumes, and ronialna the whole of kla work*, handsomely printed, and bound in various *lylns. Price of a eoniplet** set. bound in black cloth. $7 SO. In scarlet elotb, V AO In full library style, marble edges, Ae.. for W. ffe BiM< publish a i'hkai* edition or mcaajis' wokk*. Thtaodilloti is very oompleto In twelve volutin;*. paper cover, price flitv i ? iik each. or|6 lor tlie complete s?t of twelve vol UVI Slid HOIK free of iiomap.: to any one. Oople*>(if sov or all of the above work* will he*entloanv person u? any part of the United ^ta es, free of pontage, on (heir remitting the priee of the one* they may wbdi to the pub lisher. In a letter pout paid. Bookaeller* will please send In their o'deis a' one*. Published and for sale liy 1. H. PETERSON, 102 Chestnut street. Philadelphia. Bonkeellera news stents and ull other# WlU be Supplied at publisher * prices, by jT C. DERBY. 119 Nassau street, New York. suae flmal VTEW BOOKS, PUBLISHED BY HARPER A HKO .1*1 THElts. Franklin square. THE NEWCOMKS. moil respectable family. Edited by Arthur Pendeiinin. Ki |, Illustrated by Kkhai d Doyle, 2 vol*., N tu., paper, >1 75; mtisliii, $2. THE ARAUCANIANS: Or. No'c? of a Tonr among the Indian Tribe* of Konthern ? hill. By Edmund Ituel South, ??l the U. S H. Astronomical In Ciilll, 12 mo. , muslin, 91. til. SIDNEY SMITH'S LIFE ANO LETTERS. A memoir ot 'he Kev. Sidney SinlUi. By hi* daughter, I .ail v Holland. W 'h ;i Selection fmui hi* letter*, edited by Mr-, Austin, a new edition. * vols. 12 mo., muslin, *2; hall call fcl. tv. PANAMA IN IMS. An a* i ontit o' the Pane ma Hallroa I, of the CI In* of Paii-iuiI and Aapinwall, a ith Sketches of I, tic and Cluiraeier on the isthmus, by Ko'iert Tunica; with llluiirittiona. lt> mo. . muslin, #0 <-eU'?. T. . WAIKNA; Or Adventure* on thn Mo<utii o Shore. By Samuel A. Bird, with a map of Uie Mo*<i alto pbore, and sixty original IlluMra Uut*. 12 u.o., muslin, (1 25. n. liVNOKNER'S COUNCIL OT TllKNT. Bferfory of the Council of Trent. Prom the Kmneli of L. F. Hon*' tier, author ol "The Prli ft a:id the llu ;ueoot," Kditoil, (mm ihe xe ond K ikIIsIi editiini tiy .J.ilin M'?'llii'o-k, l>. I>. 12 mo.. uiu>IUi. >1. LEARNINti fo TALK : Or, En'ertalnlnn ami Im rii' tlve Le .-ons m the use of lam te by J,, ,io Abbott; 111 tin' r> ? -I wi'h 173 <ili<r.iviii II 4lo . uititlin, 50? . vtft. VIS-< IirECHER'S LKTTKKS tu THE PEOPI.E, I^neiiulo . 1 1?- People on iii-tiih an 1 llapplne**, by Ml?s Catherine E. Beemer, wi h uimirroiLs illu.- m Ions, fjuio., papei. :?,< J tent?; ntuaUn, SO cents, JARVES'S ART BINTS. Arrhliet-'ure, Sculpture and PalnUnv. Hv .Inm? Jack-on Jarre?, Aulitor ol " Partnian Slijlita awl French Principle*." Ac., it. 12mo., mualiu, ?1 2f>; l.alf rail, $1 ",5 BUC'S TRAVELS. A Joornej llirriujh the Chlneae Empire. Bv M. If >|i", suthor ijf " R? i ollect on* ot a Journey Throo ? i TarUry and rhlbei " with a new an i beautiful map, 2 vols . 12tno., inu*lln. 9.'; half call, $S. XI. AIIBOTT'S NAPOLEON BONAPARTE The Hitiert ot Napoleon llon?| arte By John - . t' Abbott; with iii?n*. wood rut*, and portrait* on sle d. 2 vol*., Hvo , tnualin. <?*., ttiieep extra, tS7S. half calf, fci. ?il. KIRWAN S LETTERS I'OIHSflOP HUOIIRS. Le- era >o the Biitllt Rev. John lliwi na. Catholic II aliop of Bew Vort HvKuwan. Rcv1?<hI mi I enlarijed. l2ino. Ul i? Mn, it ceon. lady blessinhion's memoirs. Tbe IJ fitt. Ijii- and Corre*ponilow e of ihe Countess of Blc?- ntit.Hj Compiled and edlif-l l<y li Madden, E*<| ; With portrait. 2 vols.. I2m<>. ,mu*ltn. hall ealf, H. AlV. CONSTANCY HERBERT. A Norr' lit Oeraldinn K. Jew?nury, an lair of ' The Adopi 'l Chilli . ' ' Ar., (tvo., paper, 57 \ cents. THE HEIRESS op HACOHTON, Or. Ihc Mo'. er * Scerel. My ih- ao'hor of " Emilia Wynd ham " ' KaveniH'llire " " Aubrey," " Caaile Avon," Ac Svo., rape* , X !t cent ?*l. VOT'NT AINS A N I ' MOLEHILLS, Or. Herrtlt.'. win* a liurn't Jotimal. By Frank Marry it; ariih nitia< i oui- illustrations, by tin* author. IJmo , muslin, 91 ?. r* NEW niiI THERN NOVEL. THE HimiF.N PATH By Marlotr Hariabd. A ntlwr of" Alone '' <>ne nea' I2inn , price fl 29. Toe endorsement ot the Nor'b -rn pre**:? " Ii will every way ?uaialn ih" praise so worhily won br te lu'ii'e . His eflort It eaiilt-lu th? ?am? iieal nfiil *entl Blent and beautiful teelin*. oe ^anie irulhful ?Imjilirilv aiel jet rhaiqt ' z r>*aiice. ih? -am* ,u*t appreei?u<m ot 'l iferent pbaaer of -trial *n i domes |c lift. The 'ale la one of A meri esn 'Be, and la mo*t aptly and Kracafody wrought."? N. Y. Covlar ati1 Kn>]Olrer. 41 ' The Midden Path' I* a w irk of originality and tfenina foil of (tnWinx lhon*hu, heautttul de? nuiton*. and fraceinl Ono'ersat, *i. a>ul Just Interest!** enotixb as a tiory to carry ?m) ,-ea.ier 'ieouxb a volume from the perusal of which one rise* >"-r a' hi art and with a mire cental kindly recline toward tarn* 'ifty In *ei?eral."? Hos'm IhiTly Journal. "We take the liberty ot Cimftd-mly "'immanUne II to our a* ,im- of tibiae gentle. c?rne*t tanks, wbi h will b? jlxind MMOB-ahle to all pure iaisrts, and I.e-Otna, we sine. -rely m*i Ml eatiecjil favorite with 'he women reader* V Ante rtoa.''? Iliiis-lriphis Kveiun* Bulletin. Twelfth I is* i now ready J. DERBY, pub uber, New *ort, and fm sale by all bookseller*. ?pwr ro RIPFRIOR NOVKIJj THR BLDKK SISTER. *T aaaia* Jtpnm. ETHEL; OR TnE POPBLI! ERROR aT t*? s?*r. *mioK. la iinliona V.aun.. . prt. e 7S eenti each. TSeae two novel* of "The Elder -tater" and ' Kthol." are Mat, oxaii'"i'e and beaafif'il Kiorfe*. evincln* 'inusaal power, neat delieacy. and a atyk vigorous and ploarfn*. f?ey are ?ore to beeoae very much liked tidier slorto* have >9* beaa jxritllshrd 'bt* year. BCNt'E * BROTHER. U. Kaaaau I it'KIV PUBLIC ATIOITS. rpHK BOOK 11Y THH Al'TllHB OF AleJNh - 1 THE HIDDEN PATH. ?T MAB1UM HAULA M D. One e'.egm MdW, price fl ? From tho #fW Vork Evening Font. The following u?Ur* of lM> work. I'im L ?-i>iM In tlx- Blrh Bond Enquirer, U douiuln.'* from the geiieroii* pen of Mr*. Ami* Cora Rkehie. nod rouUMn* ? just tribute to the U entry UlenUi ol the must surcaaaful fe.tiale writer which Virgfcl* hat yet produced:? l*i this noble produrtlon (we iv?e the iwljev-tave In It* fullest sense) lie upon the table, enliven thw hearth, lie Uih hone-hold companion, ol every true hearted Virginian. Fiaiter this gifted daughWr of Ihe South with Ui* expanding huhsIiIbc of approb ation, Ihe relretihlng (lew* of praise? *tiiaulal? undeveloped Eentua, whtob I uih never ret "penned Its inspiration" Uj walk i her steps, emulate her achievements and share her honor ? lei Virginia produce a few more such writer*. an< ihe or y Unit tbehouMi ha* no III era! ?r* of it* ?wn, la silenced for over. "The Hidden l'aih" I* a work, that North or South, Kit it or West, may point to wliJ! the linger of honssl pilile nod say, "Our daughter send* tills meaaage to the world? -pour* litis halm Inlo wounded hearts? traces fur wsvertng, erring feet thin 'lllddm I'ath,' which lead? to the great goal of eternal peace.' J. C. DERBY, Publisher, New York, and for Hale l>y all bookseller*. THK OREAT FASHION BOOK-FRANK LESLIE'S QA yelte of Fu*Iuou and the Beau Monde, ready thl* day, for October, 'Ih s popular book ol fashion ha* now nearly completed in fourth volume, and the unanimous voice ol the press haa ac corded In It the highest poalilon us an authority on fashion No labor or expense ha* heen "pared to bring it 10 lt? present high repetition. and the proprietor announce, the present inaue with perfect satisfaction, that It Ia ihe most complete, reliable, and cheapest fsshiorublc monthly issued In the world The ] i resell t number contains a very elaborate article on the millinery npeulni:*, with a de*ct Iptmu of Ihe most beautiful article* to be found In each fashionable establishment In New Vork. Also, desci lp' Ions and engraving* of the luteal I'artslsn style*, received by the last ateainer, among which may be enu metaled bonnet* and cap* troin Mile. Alii xaudrlna's, Paris, Madame Lawze's, Madmne Ode's, " with twenty beautiful engraving- Al-o. a full report, with perlect description*, of article* at the following establishment* in New York:? Madame Mulltcrbtt's, Madame Frrrero'a, Mi?* I.nWHon's, Mi.t Dorsey's, Mndaiue I)e Vo?\ Mile Marie* 4 Vlrpolet'*, Madame Ohancorel's, Gcnlh's Rawer, Brodles', Kulplu'a, Bell'* Heck A do.'*, L'b* dell, Plcraoo A Lake's, A . T. Stewart ,t Co.'*, and oilier e< lshli*hmrul* too numerou* to name in this nolicc. The latest la-hiotiable Intelligence, music, drains. Ac. ; new piece of music by Tin. ma* Baker, chess, beautiful deigns tor needlework, piar'n al retclpis, review* of new books, and other Interesting matter*. I'rlee, 25 eenta. Yearlv subscription. #.'t. Of all bookacllcrs, and FRANK LKKLIK, llinnd 14 John street, N. V. riMlK. CRITK! FOR THIS WEEK I* Till-' BEST NI'MBKB J yet Untied, and cot.talna, among other tlnng*. a portraii of "one of the people." Wl.osr |ikeue>? U It: Uliu e No. H Spruce street. .Sold everywhere. FASHION ABLE FAU Kit Y. HA Q BROADWAY, TWO DOORS BELOW ASTOR I ] ij place.? Mr*. F. OAVSLLK will open, on Taeaday next, the i'Stti of Hepti'mber, a new an ) ele ;*nt a-sortment of winter bat*, < hoacu in Ike Unit 1'arl* millinery houne. ARFLENDII) STOCK <IK FRENCH FLOWERS, l am* rr.ATuniiK, bokkkt *ibbok-. And colored ntraw good*. I - oifered l>v HOMER A KETl'III'M. at very In *? prices for ca*h, at No-, oi and t*j John atreet, cor ner WllUati). Brooklyn bazaar? kakiiionabi-e fall now nets, rich ribbons, an l French flower*, at the Brooklyn Bazaar.? MRS. J. N. COYNE would kindly tnvlle her Inenls, and the public In general, to her opening of tall millinery, on Tuesday, Sept. iMh. at ihe Brwiklyn Bazaar. 1? Atlantic S'reet, opi tulle Journeay A Burnham'*, where will lie found bonnnltt, ribl oti*. flower*, head dresses and caps, of the inon beau lilul *etec lions of choice and elegant goods, prepared for her opening. IjU&L MIM.INERY.? MRS. COOLEY. 112 EHJHTH AVE tiUe. between Fifteenth and Sixteenth streets will open In r sliow rooms on Turiolay, Sept, 26, with an elegant assort mentor fall and winter millinery. MRS. COOLIV, 112 Eighth avenue. Fall and winter faphion patterns? all the Iinem Paris anil I?ondon model MMK. DKMOUST'H Km poriuoi ut FaHbloiiK, 370 l!roa<lway. MRS. MOORE, 204 ATLANTIC 8TBKET, HKOOKLYV, near Court, will open her k> lend Id ^uxk ot millinery, per aUtttnfthtn Biltlc, together wtth Ujon- of ber own m&imfonurft. oil Tueaoav, 8ept. 25; also a heauitful a.?*ortnien of rich fauc?> fun. Her friend* and the Inhabitant* ot Hrookiyu are respect fully luvi'ed lo call. PARIS MILLINERY GOODK.-OKO. N. LTTTRR, IM porter, No. 13 John atreet, up ata;ra, would inform hit* customer*, that having juat returned from Pari#, he u now opening (from ateamera just arrived) ?h- late?r style* f,,r! millinery, alerted and manufactured expre-?aly for bin Male*. Rich nrtlfirlaJ flower*, new atylea feathera, gold and allver coiffure* and ornaments. Parti oonaeta and capa, Ac., Ac., to which the attention ot buyer* U serially Invited. THK NKW YORK RIBBON. MILLINERY GOODS AND Dreea Trimming Mart? Bargain* in very rich fa^hiouaMe ribbon*, bonnet silk*, ind allk velvets, *utta*, ostrich feather*, French flower* dreee and rjoak trimming*. Ac. l'he undersigned would respectfully invite buver* of the Above good* to inapeet hia unrivalled and mAgniflcent ato-'k. being ileterm ned not to be undersold njr any liouae in Hia city. The wholeaale wurerooma have no connections with the retail ?tore. Store cloaed on every .Saturday. M. H. LiCHTKNSTEfN, 90 Bower v, TIIF MH.1T ART. Ai riM ION. OOMPANY.?HKADQU A RTRRS FOR T A R gelt, guide flag*, Ac. ?? Commrn-e* *rr >!lcitedlo call and i xiimine omr new.atylea before order. m; e"*e where. Political banners lettered at abort notice. Cu. red eagles and every varletv of target*, on hand and ftirnU'.ed *o order. HOJER A GRAHAM. 96 and 97 Dusne street VfEW YORK HERALD GUARD ATTENTION ? THIH en puny will me?t ui the carrier** room, on Saturday afternoon, 8ept, 12, at 4 o'clock. By order of HENRY H. KOOME, CSptaftn. NrOW A DAY GCARDS-THF. MEMBERS OF TIf 1(9 <:? mpany are requested to be punctual in attendance at tji? next meeting, on the Z'A iu*t . r z ?A ! -ck P. M.. 4*0 Broudwav. Tllti.M \S G. FINN, t'apatn, < . . h. vVinan*. Secretary. fTAUOKT COMPANIES AHOY !- bCBOlS'S TARGET 1 emporium U atlll at 2 H6 Sprinir street, near Varlck, where Committee* would do well to < ail and fiamine ?he largest a* aorttnent of targets in 'he city, before ordering flaewber**. Guide flaga, ensign re;?. < arved ea;ie*. Ac , painted to order. Target* from II to llw. X . II. ? 1 he trade *<tppUed. rrnoMAS if. fkrrir miskltekrs a meeting of J. the above uemed eorp? w)!l l.e lieid on <n unlay evening. 22d September, m-tanf, at h o'clock P. M , >?> the H-?e* Ifotiae corner ??f Gland and Esm?i a're??t?. Punctual ntt< ndauce U particularly requested. meeting i* called tor the tran actiou ot hostile - of an Important nature. Tin: hi kmtionl OPK( IAL NOTICE.? AT A MEETING OF THE COM U mltlee appointed by the Liquor Dealera' Society, for the Dttrpen ot (ollet fin^ StttNMTiMfciaS for tiie reliel ot die mlfer th m Norfolk and rortamon ;h held a^ Odd Fellowa' Hall ori 1 ue^day evening, the 1Mb it waa ? Revived, Thai the lk)Uor dea en ot the e|ry of New York ar* hereby noUAed U?at the varioua W ard coaiAiue^ apt>Qtn(* i by the ge" bt ral aociety for the aijove aam? 1 purpoae, wtii call oil hem during the present week tor auch aid to noU<i ialile a au object a* they can atlord to give t iedcnUai* wtll be producedbv tho?* applying f</r auhaerip t km**. P. G. M< >LO.N \ , \ 'h *ir ?ua n * naff. H. Rt?o, Secretary. QPI5CIAI. NOTICE.? THE MKMBKitS f)F T.IK Lf^COR lea11 rV Society are hereby n iu?-d \hM ?h? i^ilc ?a now rnftdy tit receive tliefr re?peedve d?ie?. at hi* oflie??. I Fel inur Hall, leiood floor. All t?ili* no pai l until Oetot>?*r |at vkill be Kt*en U> i? collector, and < Uai?[*'.l |ii jver cent a ld*W>nn! fbr Uon. OfDce hour* from 9 till 1- A. M. and from 2 till IP M. J. N II Y Y WARD. Prefhl-nt. I>. S. pAtce. Secretary. N R. IirNCK. Ylc Pre "ideal. TO THfc LIQUOR DKALKHS STATK l OMMITTKR ? TH E State t'ommittee appointed 1>> th?* Liquor lleal#rV Ma'e t^onventlirn. he'd at Syriicn-e, on the nth of Augunt laai are in vlled to meet at National Hall, in the cisv of N'ea York, on t|ie 27 h iu-f li rRENi II, t h ?iirn . , 4 imoio; SELECT ION OK BRANDIES. WINES. J.W A maw a r?im, ScoUh and Iriah whi-k'-y* llol.and *<Ui, Schte mm ack uappa Ac . blackberry* brandy; wht e brandy, for pre aervlng; bcotch aiea, Ixmdon and Dueiin porter, A? oraale at t'NDERHILL A M ATTF.RHOM'H, 4.10 Snwweat., ?orner jf f 'roaby. / Ml TION TO ftOtTTHERN NKR( HANTS. ^ Learning lrt?m aomeoftbe renpe firma m Net Or ieana, n arleanm and savannah, that my "chledam Art>iruiti? >chnappa U extewiively counter t el ted by nome liquor m!*?,r" in New Voi k, and finding that tji?- pirate* daringly advent*# their perateirtUA de?-eptlooa under the nam'* which beiongx to iny ar t tele, f think It neeeaaarv to caution the cotittaoraiy against thei?e v? fidera of pol*on In dlAgtilae I latrodure<i the ix 'Madam Aromatic Schnapps for the pur po*e of aupp lying the medtoal tacul^f and the wh .ie rotoiaa nit/ with a pure m> dicina! -ptrit, whb ii might be pr* ?? r i?m?1 with cooftdenee In all ra*e* where .m?i*a?r*- wer?* r tuire4 without producing the fearful eonaaqu* r.ce? which invariabty result fit?m tiatng adulterated liquor. In order to ivmiee aa aurance doutly atire, 1 had tnear1? > anal by di'-mati ot world mirie ? eiebrlty, and aaMa!!f?d it tor exp^rtmeiital ie?i| to thoiaitid* ol die Utigu i*bed m< lie*. prartHi? ner? Tna re upotMies from ihe*e aonroas were of the mo- ou'-iuivoe^I and aattaftfetory characer ft l? aow hrfor* the prM;c *urr*?'ind ??d with th?'?e ruaraB'cen, and faring tht ^e animpeachah la '?ri'iifnernrtiti, and I call uj*>;i the c<immunlty to pr-aeet tn?-a? ?alvea and me, their ?wn health an $ my r*pu'*'e>n. by frown trig down and r podia un*: ihe plra icai -p? - i a om who are peddling th? ir foul cofaaaodlrfcM uader cover mv trade mark. No artejr bad ever hero tmpor'ed from Hoi land into th?<? mar ket, under 'he nAm* of s hnappa, pre . o?n to ft?e aypeorati e of Wolfe* ? hebtedam ArruaatV* >ehnapr?"ln 'bl? i v The brat importation r?emg made ioto thla c*ty in the vear vhlehran be a?4en by the Cu?tf*Oi H ? - I deieaaW ed my laf>ri a* a trade mark in Uie Crdted S ^'e-* lh?tru t t 'oart of the Soatbern dtatrict of New Y"rk, In the year IVil.ani have the errtiflkat# m mv p??**?aak?n of that date The grear demand whbh ha?? ???*? be^n creeled for ihe genuine arlc.e baa ae^ the whole ulve <4 eounterf^i'er* In tiW ?n %??t the du ty I owe to mv cuatofner* and Iriend*. and ? h ?? pablie, ? mof>?*lt ine to put them on their guard a^amai .ni( t'DOLPHO WoLFK, 22 Beaver auee New York. PWILADKLrHIA LAGER BfFR ? P 1 VILIKS I AN BE ? applied at th#tr rea^ieneea with t|Ha (Mgbifal and whole wwne beverage by the do?en or kag. from U *e wtne a'ore, W Wall acreet. h R. Sams?leA on dra igbt ^ o v, ken dam PINE AltTt*. /<ARD K.NfiR A MSG ?WEDDING CARDS, VISITING, \J at home and btreine^a card a ? rig raved and prlttled In the moat taahtooahfae trtyle; atao. a rhrfa? ^aaorme at of wedding envelope*, ftne irtlver p,ate<i do?* and numbe; pia^ea, aaaia. Ac. Older* by mail pom :>*al ly a* ten ded R LkOGKTI , Engraver, No. 4 John *reet. Kelly half ruoi knu&avbr and printer. 61 Pulton afreet. New Yofil Weddlna. viat ing ad ireea. au"?graph. and at home rard^, brilal enveSof><?. fanr a* a ?naery. Ar . bualnem card*, bill hea-ia, dr*f>a, bona au t mafarine wort, Ac Par aale ft>nr cofvf^rp.aie pnw, t ?i, J* .iM U um.U |M*aa. M U N I C I P A LA F F A I R S . BOARI) OK ooujrcn* MHN This iJoiii-.l met Ij?< ni^ht. the l'r?M -'X\ r '*? I 'ti 1 >e: in the chai . The minutes or the Unt meeting wnf rv1^ *|i<l up proved. Tlie following paper* *ipre preheated and i*w4'? - C'oinmonicKtion from tk* Comptroller, ia " to bills pi.ex'nteil by the an ouji'iug to 0 M for Ccrporullen advertising, Dialing I A- refusal t</ J>ny them till no ordered by the toard. Referred. la Committee on lYintlng. The following hill* were rem ? third tlnv and ? In favor of coalirBiuiff contriot lor forni. thing onwt. tou find nun lamp p??t- for the uh< i?f the city; in latir o reccnrlcg baain ami culvert at sauthweit corner of T*eu ty-eecond utrect anil {?math avrnne, In furor of rectitdng l.usin and culteit corner of TUitt/aeeond *tre?t An i Third avi nue; in favor i f Hewer an Washington atriiet lii/Ui Canal to Spilng street; In favor <>f restoring grail el I!i o< me street; in lavor of riigging well ana plit urn pump at terminus ol Tentl - avenue, in faVor <> continuing contract foi building carriage for Hoe ? oin pally No. 14 iu lavor of confirming contract for hiiildinf carriage for llose Company ho. bl> resolution to remnTe pump in 1 1 out of 270 MadUou utmt' in taror of building 11 fewer in 1 hirty nin'b street, from Madiaon avenu" to Fourth avenue; in lavor of bulldinir a house i ir Hook ami ljutilet Compimy No. 14, in favor of a reeoiving bitaln and culvert corner of Thirty -fixth st-eet ami Ninth arc uuc; in fuvor ot remunerating F. II. Kctuhr for error in aasesMiieul; concurring to fence lots in Thlrty-?i cond atrret ; in favor of fencing vacant lot" letwwn llijrty first ii nil thirty-second street*, An.; in furor of concurring with Pi.ard of Ablei men to fence lot* in '1 liirty fourth itreet ; in favor of repairing bulkhead in front of ilellevue Hospi tal; in favor of fencing let* went side of ttolaii-ov streot, betwei n Tompkins ami Eaat slreeis in lavor of fencing lot. in Forty -ninth street, near Broadway, in favor of diedgingout the slip at foot of lUnnftnn atreet ; in faror ol fencing, lie., lot 161) Fa?t Twenty-third street; in fa vor nf consurrlng with (he llounl ol Aldermen in lemit ting the tixeii ot sundr) person- in fuvor of concurring with the Hoanl ot Aldei men in remitting arid colloi'tintf tux of 1K&I, agti n-1 sundry |>erson ; concurring to remit Hun against 1'atrick lioylan: in favor of building a sewer in Henry street; in favor of building a sewer in Kid ridge street, between .Stanton and Klvlngton; in of lin ing lot in Htty-ftrwt street ; in tavor ot n sewer in l*exiiig ton avenue to Fortv -ninth street , in favor ol |>?viiig t'a t limine street with the l>*dgi?n pavement between l"iv i-ion and Snub streets; on petl'ion of owners ari l lessees of (Iers. tor an ordinance regulating, the hoi.ittng of cargoe* by hni aes; in lavor of taking up aidewalk*. Ac.. an und the I'ark; in relation to the rale of uii*hoie. Home meat, Ac.; in relation to an ordinance for the pre vent ion of acci' lent ?< during tlie om -auction \c , of build ing- relative to the driving of cattle through the strr.ets in favor of fencing lot* comer of Thirtieth street and Kif h avenue; in favor of removing pig-stye^ a!> .ve Fghiv-.-ixtli atreot, in favor of i>avlng Itleecker atieet fri in l-ighth avenue to Hrondtray ; in fnv<>r of tilling sunk eu lota, between Tenth and Thirteenth avenue* an; lian-eroort and Twelfth nil eet* : in faro r of flagging Ac., No. K1 Tenth afreet; in favor of flagging, Ac. No*. ;i4, ?'Mi ami ?' 8 orchard utreet; in favor of i emulating and par ing 1 1 itv-fl rst afreet fiom t-eventh avenue to Itroadwuy; in favor of Hanging. Ac., No*. 10J, 10t> and 108 Kldrrlge street: in favor ot Ibiggim? in front of No*. !t8, tfl, :>4 ami tO Forsyth f-treet ; in lavor of pa tin" Fourth avenue, from Seventeenth to Twenty-soventli atr?et; in favor of pariug lit Mdway, from Serenteenth to Forty -ancond atieet; iu relation to purchase of certain land* on W ant's Island, in relation to garbage boxes in ironf of tenement hour"'-, in lavor oi n ntracting the cleaning of the street- in two contracts: in lavor ot repalriiiK. Ac., Pine street. between W illiam afreet and Uroailway; in favor of relieving Mrs. ? I'Hiea from erroneous aaaesanent ; in liiror of paying I r. Ilusted and other* tor medical serticea at variou statii n house*: in favor of building it bulkhead in liarleni river; In relation to building a new cariiage for Hose Company No. '.8 ; in relation to building an addition to tlie hou^e of (? iigiue No. 12, 4c. in favor of grant ing (ermholon to William Imnnlng to grade Twellih nvenne. in front of Id* propeity; in favor of lepaii itig pier No 1. Fast river; in favor ?f re pairing pier .Si . vrt. North riier; in favor of regu lating and paving ,-Wth avenue, and laying crosswalk* tlieie n; in favor of flagging Madi . ui avenue, batweeu Twenty-setenih and T? enty-elghth *treets in favor of I'agging Madiaon areatie; In favor ot flagging Teolb stieet from avenue C to I'ty lioc.k street; In tutor of eon. eurrlng to Hug Willett stieet in lavor of llugginir, A'-., 1 Ivceker slriit. iu favor ot Ac,, lunty-liflh street, beiween Ihird mid I vunh . t eu ue* ; In tator ol thiggin^tn f tlwton rtiBclk and Attorney -treet-: iu far?r ol Lagging Hamilton ?treet; In favor of llagglng No. li^j Ninth stieet: in favor of legulallng Fortieth ?neet, from Flint uveni e to .'^0 fi ct cost, concurring in relation to flagging in For?yth ?lrcet: in fmor of ilapging in Mardounai and ( hnrlton streets: in favor of il.igging N' *. i;7. and 31 .lane atrevt in ot (lagging A Foi ly ninth stieet, from Ninth to Eleventh avenue; la turoi ot regulating Kitty-fourth street, lietween -ixih and Seventh avenues , in tavbr of pning >orfy-flflh .freel l4tween t-e, ond avenue and Fa t river in favor of pav ing Ac., Fifty-thiid stieet. tH?twe?-n Ninth nnl fenth avenues-, in liiror of paying claim of John f. t.'arter M I'., for st'i vires recdeied during theth'deia In 1h<!>; (u f.iror (if building a plei at the (..ot ef Forty seienth stre-t, fast liver; in faror of fencing cornei ol Broadway and lhirty-flrst street in faror of fen. .ng -outh side ol I went lei Ii street, l*i?ecn ,sixth and -eveuth avenues. The pi.. i ? a'tjoti i i.e '*. on M "Ud.iv a'tci no. a jt live o'clock. 1 HE ALDKRMANU FINANCE COMMITTEE. Thi* committee, con tinting of Aldermen llerri-k (Chairman). Cbrletv ami Moaei , met at o'clock ih?> ' (lice of the Comptroller, n the Hall of Records. M I ?gg and a few lotercilrd pari ir< were j r<' ? nt. The (list matter tiiken Into c?n oration w* th" re port if the Hnuncel iramittee ol th" C'ouncllmeti in ?j? .r of paring nundry n--e ment-, amounting to 92,111 au<l -i tub rent*, ngainat the Color ??d Orphan A ?y It itu Tin* committee concurred in thi* report, awl uiao in the one in far or of remunerating Jacob Kolf fo< the lot* of 111* hi>r >?. wort!- tl'iC which *?? pieclpitated from the po loot of JacliX'ii alreet, In ti e irly part of April. 1K.V4. lie toromitlee thought th?t Hubert Mnitli win. horre lieeomtng IrigVened at a h '? in ore "f the pit" bailed off wi'h tlo c.rt lomlij wi'h nalla ati't am drowned, t-liiuld be ivmoue.a'.ed tor lii* loa* to thi' tune Ol C100. Iii tha matter of tin- petition of Ol-wl W. B Burnett f< i I at'tiK n< of monev - expended by him for the in ueflt of. i. U' I to aid In defraying tin? expentea of organizing the l*t regiment of New York Volunteer*, the Kinani I cn niittee agreed to concur with the Councllmen In j nylng < ? I' nel Burnett nut hi- a- "late. the ini f >714 7s being now in tb<.> hand of ?aLt Burnet* not hating been paid by him into the city tre-.ury h" being ai.ti ori/> by tiie ' oniplrollvr t?i adj ,-t the claim wU:? the I nitfl Mate- |j. eiUii.ent. With the report of th>- CooncUmen Committee enn ? i II i ?ig the judgti ent u mounting to $.7 ngair.-t the It' T "r. handolj h ? ie/.' Ick I'* tor of tin tieiman rhutili at No. MM . > ty flrM <tie?t, on ?ui: of the Corporate 1 r a violate a ol 1 1 ori 'iiatii.n ordinauee by dumping the eon" nt of hi.- pi i?y iut" a b' !e made in the gun nd op. j. -i:e lii? leiuae. and r< verlog tli* i-ati.e wi'h irt t o '? n mil ee would not conenr. i he hone of Jame? M. I,aw? -otno time ?iDio ?U:m I i ' mi tell and ??? ?o much Injured a* to !?> of n<> inw ti '? i wner, In conference of a dangoroua breakage or h> 1' hi the |a Verne ri ' of HIrecker atieet. In-tween Harrow !(?:?} and Uro?e atre' is. Jame managed to elicit th' h) ii . j athiea ol li.r ' ouneilmen. but found the Aldennanl i I iimitti e ti e. uncharitable to allow him (IUO dannwe*. 'i he petition of J. <>. Wintiire-. to I* paid for ?er?iee? in watching tbf wreck of the Jo-* Walker, Inasmuch it involved an expenditure of m< wy. wn ref.-'red to bi Ik aid of Health. COMMITTEE ON A SUED* HUNTS. A n i idling of the Comlttee OB A?-. -menti of the i'i aid of Ab.ermen. wa- called on ihur day aftern<>"n? ill! e a tiit place. !l t'eM, and the ofti.eof the "treet Com nn . inner. The e< mtalttee con 'la'" of Abler men X'nr'an V< i In-, an- Ii*. One of our ep-rte ? a- it ! be | - la ? ? I luietu.g punet ,ally a' the boar laiu l but at that

tli e tfc, r?' ?e i no aign* f the . minitN e. Af'erwa '? nf [at| ntly : it aliout a quarter of an hour. Alderman ^aiian, .a man ma ;e hla >f|ini'?i"e, an I WtM lei-ureiy to esa" iiie a Urge huadle of pa para wliick waa bawled t'. htm by on* of ? ,e clerk" Artar to. Ia| ??? ol aome fortv n. .lo re. Alderman l'-n battled into t e office with wiemy apobc/tea for hi? dilatorineaa ar.-i a ^uoram of the e< inmii'ee l.. n* now aaaeaibM, the oll..?ug ici. port -nt and tMttVCtiVe pne-eedlng" t'a.k |laee ? Alde-iiian Vnn' handed the ahine menticm d bnftdle o: j ap*r* to hi <i ikague and ?a-d, "Here. Alderman tl ? e areall tight i" e i? no obje. : na to nuy i f t tiem Alderrran j ? lie too Millrallld them 9 Al''< irr an VaauK (heaitatlagly ? yea. Oh' they at< illt i?ht Hie) ar>- unobjerteil to AKeimaa I oi ran lit. e\e haatily over owe or two of 'I e pn| eri . ?aUl " very well," and ih. ng t'i? h ..-nile upon ti e taf-le And that, aftei ?ome general Onnveraatl-'n Wi'h the eierka and a f'oonedni'n, ?ho h ipi-ene-l to be pnaeBf, the two Aidarinen atiollel out of the office, an I oi r rep iter went on hbt aay mio h adihad. Rianklyn Illy Pol It tea. KKrt'KLU AK liRLKO Atf. BLICT10XW. The repnkli'ana of the ^??<iBd Aaaamhiy dlatrict of Hna klyn l a?a aelee'ed the following 'lelcgatea to repre ?ent the | aily in the Republican Mate OmV*ntion. at Hyr?eti?e. on the ?lth met :-Adik P. Htant< n lene?rat and H. S itolt whig, delegate and WUJiaai Heard, democrat and J W. knapp, whig a< alternate# The Third Awmhly Idatriet Contention of the aama I aity I ave aeleeted JrrfWpb Hewva aa delegate, and Alphrua Mnith aa alternate, the l oitland Xat' rf Mat*r of the l*t)i iai' aaya ? lfr? Weanor Hallwy. rnaamoaly ealM " Nelly Hafl?y" ? a name familiar to evwty gradual.- of Bnwiotn t>>lle?? for the inat (r.ity reara? wae killed la BruaewVa on nmea o t y t?in? k?.?kedrtow? by the eara while aha aa> a a g aloegaide the railnad Nba waa one .,f the flrat ,e?" of the .ollaga a ad V-* a graat intevMt la , . daal welfare of the etudoata. <X late year? aha i , . .?i aa* an. fca City Politic*. utroBTA nt mov?:mkkt aM'JKU Tin: iia::o Ht*r.i.r-=s ? A NKW PARTY TO UK KlKSIKTI. "lbe late fotip d'etti' of the liar I nliel! l>eo " ul 0>3?mlt tee hiis pi i Jut*'! what thmtrni to U? a wrlnun ?tef ?? t it in the raoL* of the national (Jeuioers y. Wlillj the i Htkin of the primary election system u universally r /wi meutivd. the action ol the Central Commltte*' in taWir>f all th* |M?wf to Unaretrn, b >< (feneralljr eMdoioM I. Had tb?y proposed a rub -Mute lor the primary #liytiou -, or Indicated ? wish to reform tbeui. all would then h ive ?fi n trell, tut a* ni< ?uch action ha hern taken an t a Ifcdonl) i -aoge would be to nul?tit nt? one corrupt ay. (tat fi r ain4ber t\ua)!y objectionable much <liiiaati/<l ? tio* U Celt, .?iii that, feeling 11 t.?l ripening into on open mMI A attie of i*ect[n$* lw>< lately baen held with a view to f a nev? democratic pai ty, ut which tiw< ol I tiiiOtiu?< #?t h i: t and aott hheil ?iq to V?e il opped. Hiey piopoM'>?g> i tifj 'h ? ow two ouly, vi*:? of> j> -rvitiuu to the Maiiu> law, Md oppo?iU<iQ to Lnow Nefhuigin; and to drop all iaitv>r qmc*tion Tlii* oatuc* vf * m 'M who rank in the hard *Li 11 maku imy, *V>. uflvr IhuM S. l>l?*irn>on, ;?re the vviy head u vi front' < t that organisation. are known to be mtcretiiediii thin iww wioven>at. Kr?m prudent la consideration* we ic v utn f. om mentioning their name* at pre -cut. li i? propoiiMl Jjy th ? getter* up ?( thiil now n*ti mat democratic party to appoint n committee ol one from each ward, wh*> will m.?et in oouventtat and devi * a re formed aytdem t/ primary aleetiou*. at whiefo proper con vention* will be tla>Mwi Uvnouitaate e.ndidatM tr ?Mj>ec tive of the old dxtiiictiou* ol hard and *oftt it be vote ! (or next Novernl tv. Nothing i* to bentad in tfc* platform about the ndminiatratlon, the hlavery question, or tin* 4 'border ruflian*, * ae it will aim ply call tor a ftuion tor the sake i f the aj m\n, lor frae liquor, uid a?.i.a?t HHn dooUm." AUeady t hi - ajevment ha <?*eit4*d no little < ommotlon amnog the old lin< hard*, and it i- ? aid taany ot the lead er* in the late ton, ?i ?? >tnt hiv I v-iinning to i*lte?' II *va< lemai ked that at tat* Hard Jidiciary l ouvention. held oo Thursday night. hardy a quorum wa- preaan*. and it was yndicted that it the medium next week n: t more than tw? nty pciicn wfll be pr>-ent. I olltie- are now utdly mixed ? p. and the addition of thu new par y will make ? ei?n&4>ion wot-** cuf" u I." If a multitude of candidate* are anything like ? multi tude id councillor* , we will ha ?? wi dom'' enough in our next city and .State goveruuionU. II A K I) Ml i?L L CITY AND COUNTY" CONVENTION ? NAMKS T It I'. OAN'OIDATKM VIT IN NOMINATION. 'lln Hard She 11 City and (Jounty Convention net laat l.i? lit at St lit Vera tit Institute. Alderman Mi*t ?\ of the Ftr*t ward, r ilU-d th* meeting to order, nud n<-iul rated Augustus Hchcll, ot the KH tci nth ward an chairman, which wa ? carried. Jamo^ ('. i:?'th? i toid, of the Niin' teen Ui ward, and Ale*. IV Morton. * f thi en. ud ward, were appoint*! ecre*a.r Alter tLe toll wae caJled. A. C. Moirro.N uK?T<*d the apf'i intmeut o: a npecial committor to iejH>rt (leimaueut ofticerx. ?l* iin IJ. Haskim opposed thi? motion ? the present offi cera worego?*i ctiou^h tor him. He nniml a- an amen I ment that t he y officiate permaucntiy. Thw ?*a> cariio?l by a vide ? f W to '/'i. Aioi fjit* niuct.i. thanked the eonfpntii n f u *hi? honor doni htm. On the courne tha-t l>ody took would dejM r?<] the late cf the paitr. I he tale ticket wai a Rood one, and would receive the hearty support of the national dftni crary. lhat .^tat'- platlorm di*avnwe t all connee tlon witli ecret aoeietlew. (Apfihiane.) When the de mocratic party wan united, it wa* broken up by a Hecmt ?ociety ? the Tammany Hoeb*ty? who drove them from 7 & nui any Hall. Mr. Srhcll opposed Maine liwNm, and coi.du'.'d by hoping that tlie ticket nominate! might l?e ^uch n to command *tucceAH. Mi. concluded amid iiiucb applaiiMJ Mr. H>ui moved that after to-night no |>enon be al lowed *.* a nulmtitute unla-x he wan recommended by the othfi four di le/aten, a.? ?t wan posnibte that antt?* would creep in and control the convention. l*hi < after #ouie debate, wa- adopt ?l. Mr. I'lULlJPB, of the Fourth ward *aid that Mr. Sher man ilroMitcll of the Ninth ward. w.i* a Know Nothing, wheieuyon that K??it leman denied tint he had ever beeu a candidate for oftea from the Know Nothing*. I a good national democrat, and nothing el*e He hail voted for <ire* ne C. Brorinon. and would alwaya ntand by the national democracy. (Applause.) Heie i' v*a^ moved that the conTenti??n adjourn to mwt i n the Wednesday evening followiiig. 1'hlf, amid eorne conftiMiun. wuh lont by a vote of 07 to If*. He\e tv wa-- found tk^t ? nniubi1 ot nu *ei?o* wer?- In ] the room impeding the action of the convention, when1 Up< u it wa* moved and caitied to clear theroomand allow none but delegate* In. tiur reporter wm alio re. <1 nested to leave, and through Home inadv? ence wai no* pemutted to * titer until after much of the bu^inatw wa$ ttau acted. Thin creat?Hl soma talk anions the out i ie ? '.eliKHtea, who thought it utran^e that tf?e hard IksU fhoul'' oppi Hcetet "oeietiv-. set hoi 1 private meeting . \N ? icain that the following named pe;>"n were pla'.?' 1 in ti< tuii.tition on call of the sever*! watd*;? fbr Sh ? i ifl. Wm. M. Melntire, natm-d 1?. th ? 1-t I'd, ."id 4th, loth, lit 1 I i ' )i ?' ? i i ??? lHtn 'Oth .i d *.lnt ward' a v I . n il by t!. 1th. 1 Mi. 17th. I'M md -'M wntiV W. F. Till ward. W \ Tenure '.Otli i nil 'J. l ward-. Wn f Aitkin, 1 li war !. 1 1 ? >t. I . Vuhc" 6t!i ward. John Hrown 6th ?*id, fbr Cuuniji t'Oi I'll liar>l II. C :u.olly w;i- |>r?pi.-ed by ? !>?? 1 ? ?d, ud !? . ..Hi tiili - ? ti, S?U, mil, lmh, lltli liitii, l.;th, liih lTlli, lOtli. lOt li , .lm itml .. I w it li. .1. ?-|.?i M. M.unb 10th, l .'li an ? I81I1 ward., .'i liii K. Hiailv 1 '.th and .'I-' var u. Win. ,-inclnli, lat nurd. DdliO W. Boy ?\ i4>tb WW i d. I'm t ?!'' r. A i gi ?t n* ?< I. *11 a n niDic-l by tlii> .".I. 4th. Slh IUi llli liilli 1 'ill. Uth. ITth, '.Olli .1 iar i". Urn (. Witiuure. l-i.. 2<l Tin *lli. !>lli Il'li 1 ?>' 1?, lH'h, 1 dlj, 1- 1 ? aid'. II' k ti .* mi til, l?t wr rd Win. B. Waif i'l ward. H.*- I- hruilh 1' tii i ird. Jinathan Tn.'.tcr, 16th, loth ?*r i 1 "If rick I!. Lrr, 1 7 tli waid. I 11. ^trjrker. .1 t wind. Aimkiu 1 .i ri ii'k 'i* nau , wa? ppfxi' I hut it win ni'irel it I f -irlf.i n from the Hat fblch w?i don* aim. unani/nourly. fhr Strrrt Own mi' tinner. < l.arlr-. I i'i lin w? . nairn. by tli* lit, 2' I lib, loth, lull, VOlli. and Sbl waida. Ilarrv II. Howard, by .he lit, ibl. A ?th, 7th, ?th, JHIi 12tl>, l.itli 14th, ITth l#th, 23 't and ?ard* .lit*. .V Haleteii. by the Mh and i<>th ward*. IlKi'iii* Mi? p-lin, by the&ib. 12th and 2*?.l w?'d?. 1 i inatd Ki lljr . by tin* lllh ward. Main IVmghti.n by the lltli wa d. t .,-ta?i A U.n?*e by the lhth ward. !?t i ? Mcllioy by the 18th and ill"', ward Jam*.-. I ii r?-y by 'Ik- 141.-' ward. J.ilin li. >>y 'he -"01 b ward. hi ' -.ii, mi'' .'/a. ' ?/ li- i*n> I Vuf'j.lis I'aitholi mew It. l ardy ??? t?jr the I t, 'id, -A Itli Mb. Il'li, I '.th Uth, 10th, IStli l'?h and i/l-t wtrd?. Vi'hantel <?!?!> bv th* lid, Itli Hth, 'Jtb 10th 1 '.th 1 * 17th and --d wnid*. I!i nty Ijartbuf hy lb*- '"li an?l ..d ?aid?. '! ina ? .-lair by "be tli 1 ? h. ? *?t i> and 241 ward. Ibl ' \'i ln-1 "tint A!i xander V. Va/:1 * was ii'im.nat<~l l<y the lat. i> I, 4?h Ml. Uh. lib ?th I'lth. 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O"' .Inhn IViyre, ? mnel J I. illt- I atrl'k ll'nry. Wn,. II Coriwtl. ftr llmon I r. %. I>. fi onery, I >r. V',rit''<n, Ih'.ma- Wbelao J>?er h Hackfiarn, ),aar I ? rkefalre Vr. V- ? nai'l I r ' arperiMer , I> W , -In. I t. MrAnl#y I r. 0*D"?r(eil, I oheit h. ''amble w J i Kinney It. KoIIiS*, I'r I hi I r <li ?rri?wy f'r t^mliert, t r. IV y'an, John llrn? n It. Ilndkey lit. Iieinann I r. t affrr, I nrtf t 'he pr<w**?lli f th?re waa roii?lder?ble eon fa? "tl an<1 It waa ifer t?"l?? the "MiTention t r k* up. It van a' fib mured Ui adj'iam aaU I the Werineaday of nei when Ibe hallo'a wo?M be taken ?).'bb wa*<a ?!, and th* u>?tnl.U<> 4i>pera?il t'lTT rVMrKKlKK ALi.ltUCft. 1 bu v*iMy held a rt.??tiaj Iwet eeenlrjf at It* 441 Br'-adway, In ?leet de'ifate* t.? the l*Ut? tmp>iMK> ' DTei.tfcn, which I* t/1 ba held at I itnaia the A 'A ??? U>b*r, and to tak? InUi wa?i twaiioa the eoura* In ba j >or?n*d m r??ard to the - It jr 'and da'*, mrm het-ra the [wb'W there wer* ahwit ftfy pic*. pr~M-n' Tl.' proceeding ??" ' with ffayer by Rer I. M l>?'e alter wlileh the I reeMea' It-n C. C I h . aUt<4 the < h}*t lor whlrh the maetlaa h?l hoen ujiftd The miaule. o t th* meeting ,? M.y J| we-. tb*? re?t by th? iwywtary aftat akl'b th* nedenttaU y a aea at^ deiafatan fr'-m the flr*t W?i 4 war* anwital aa!i? ten ad to I'Dinill'a* <m <>?4esM?bi to report aa thxr ?akia* the jbrai tha aM dal?fal*w hi. It* ? ???** aa*! l-?. La W. *^i- aear?i u f. ap * w?rdor|^njui4tioQ ia (heS'Vutt'li wif) Hoi ??i <*<*?-, a h i iiim im; t\ ??} ? iiy ?? iii'utb*ip I'lli'* tht -? & : a' \y ?v , h' ?uJ U.?- ^?*u ? <?<? ?.% t.-> v. rn pr>'? ??ttfCtl jm i... .-if.i ?,,m Mitll *? * ? ? i. JP c| id'Jjn of U?*5 l#. U UUtt til* fC'.nv ,^.4 liVff Bit. B t * M.TT >.1 llul tlli! tvi?tli * ? rtlumUl I * U>li* j fiM it n?*vr ,M*t wa* i. UuAU ,1. In it-gard lo Mr l!u4kina:iV %*jt uv%t. Mr. QTauiu .?.liil that lit' Liif 1* ?-l the fcy.' ??*., I liu. >|J in ? .1 rd. Th* ?l? U uuttci \?u fln .ll, |^l ,,ii lliv Tip Bird IritJ tlifn pro<?'l??t l<> llir rUii >11 ' il wtUi thp :dk emit? - />/?*>. U'/rrrTr. I 1, li? T. I'olbairtM ?' IIo?v< ('?. It Wnf.>r. 1 c ? 1 II N?l wi, <).' ? : M :? 4?C. t Willliu ?. v?*. y. 1: .1 /1 11 .* ?.i. 4 F?W W? -(, N. Vf liuUJ, W. li. U1.M1.vl1 ft liflckman. A Hflutti, J. I.. tViMtl:i?. ? 8 I hom|*. u, V IT N". liar u? 7 r. 1 .1^1., Jthnkt-, a. :?. 1. m. M 1< ? A<? i n > ik< ' i J liiviiis J. H. Hntr. V 11? J. I fnnr-kl/iij, J. kCviuM^v, J l*. fr\ K?lf? 10 y: IS, 10? -K Ki'tchum, A. C. K".i ri -?juu , H. I leol 11 X I ? 1 -1 , fe II !iit , I . Ki?li-?rnr ,f. Hi it. 12 1 / ? J. I . iiniirr, K I.. lli'lSturfitr, II ">ln?v. lit I '-f. 1 ulfRcr. I J. ott?i ?..n, j. i i.unt.tio I I ' <??-<). !(. I ??? .1. r. CiimmuliC ? , J. O. H aui'ti. ir. 17--'' Kwtf, .1. WnrM'ii, K lm:i".iii. Ill lg_W. I'. K II l/iyf, J. 1 Pur. A irn iliitlnn wu.i Mt..|rt< il sunln rlllif lt?i* po\??r on t lio fmi?"lnff il< li putt's to Ml vnivm. i?.? Mr. !S)ri'?* in nil- * Boll' >n ti.ut th* n??* >n I frt'in Kirht ward bp ?lnn'ted. JWr Wmd i ahl llitl tl.? c>niniltl<?' h?4 n?( i.V* p..wpr to i i Koiiiit.' ai ? .Jltiir^*' in tin- w?rtl wit tlmr it *>< i-?llip|y UDIiri Midtntfl l??t tliom t" 'll*r?rit tin- ?l .vl lir* flit- of tap 'unm*. It. wan Ibi' Im <in- i*l thnt ? >..??? tnulii' tu inaki' lhair raport to till' rr.n rim r hi **i h?< l>y wUirh tlii>y U ill Ih'i'u ai.ppiutivl, mi.! ui4 t<> tin' at Ua ?v p . IWr hiMivo.N thon^iU there *hi?uM Itf* t??* ilferenre with t? r:u I tt? the ilil K*l#r up|M*nMrit. I f?r nao w?' v* I iiiilf \<> tfivo w ay !.?r < ny on** who thot^ht Vj - fould <i*? mote tor the t'tkitM' He thought, Imwtpr, It wi < II v hu*ine - of the Pira'ni'' "' t? report to Jt?M*xoo?tUw eon mitue at lo ih>nU)iiiN< A motion wan to r? f? r the matter to t !??? ??*.? >tu tiv* eouimittee with $> >w? r, au-i adopt**! Hie mating then adjoitr nod Mi \S .* ttHK \ ^ t.ite>t ttiat t ii* * \ >+? of Me* ? ' ?l?vman & Mel on wan now on tx*Al. ati't that it wua in i f dr way !?? l.i | i? ? to 1 1&?? t'oiirt. Mr. fVuftos, Hit* t( jiiu-l I ?r the aHiane<? in an*- u hriet < > t the inogtM"* ?*t the >,??**, ti rep-avt oC whuU nr Ml Im* found in aiiou/er par tot thu n ouiiri^V Hi utM>. MUIITKKNTH W.I ED WHIG NOMIM IVONH. The W hi# i hurter Convent e?a of thin v*?"i iw' ta*t evening M the IVluvjio Hon ??* .1 H li*i i U? < /r pir-'iihng atvt N'v< hutl <?. Hart f>fV.riatu?? ? ? Secretary. '?U/' fulV?w lng ehartei iloiot ha* heon nominated f??r : hi' ?'*}! ;tKe? of tin* whgra of the hi^Ut?'<*ivth war<t- ? /?-? Ahi' rwi?w-~.lueotf 11. Valetitiue CuHiuilwn ? M,th I i*ti >ui- William t; Htfr'jug 67th I>i tiht? No nomination van ma ie iti Ihi* dt-vUu:t t?? a In t ?* tour. Sch'stl ( Franklin. ,sv lw< ! ? -,la men V4'. fieraid. Si JkxiI Trvth+t ? William K. Strong Jatno* *'f? Hulu^jr, (harle* i >. Murch . Ay < 'nor~- Char leu Ma ton. (\mstaM* Henry DhIioji, .tam?-s Hi ? t # . / ' i ? ' , . . ? i I t f Unti l * ' ! ( . ? 1 ? ? |ju* Wemple. I'd Mbirict ? Pant el Vaii'h-watrr, Jatn^^ Au'ier-on. *ji\ I Hirirt ? I'eJafli^ld HmiUi> John If. Wurle n? n. 4th l'i-t? irt? l.udy Biigor, JohuHamp^TL. <?n t lit* u ruination for Courw 1 1 man in tt** I fty -^vrith di^triet nr me fll ( nsffi' n aroiif* am to Knots \o<hiii|fi?in. ami tl ere wna ijuite a row f ihh?*?| J I X I'll l'OLICK DIHTMIllT I!AHI? HIIFLL CON?KKTKlM. 'I lie National Democratic I'oli**# UUtrict t>>nvenU>m f ?i the Sixth dUtriet mat la>t evening a*. O'lMmnall'a, evrn^r of thud avenue and Twentieth plieet hut a4Journe i tu Welm vUy efonifvf without nuiUitig ? nonanati #u Police Iialflllgrncf. t IIA1U.K Or AllOUTlUN AOAlNrtT a I.ftZVIflOTOtf avk NL'I* Dot I OK ? MUSKHTION OV lll.H XflVK AND M i A VY KHOM THIK CITY. A ft w d.ijr* *?#.? it lady naloe! fane Talho*. upjvai I !??? for#* J u 'tire PtarctJ, at Un? .we< nod 1 ibUiH l'? Ii. ? r?#u; t nnd preierrtxl i cha?go of abortion against In. Win. J I' 1t?elr< ??f I^'iln^toa ivuim', 'atlfij? whit knew raU tlx* to t!ie fVc-tor'a rouduct In a lengthy afti Uvtt, whi'b "f t*r'?ow. I |M?n aueh Inloiumiion t V?r? rn>yl?< Ma i'.<ued wairnnl* fur the urtm* <,( nil tb?. ( ?nMf? c 1, but ?v# fun* <**<-apt tha aarvaut girl alluded to !><rl iw, n > M 1 ? (moid, <he all?*}|^i jmnrij-tl iu the ciw huvtng, it I- i ? | ?!?? f*l, got u iii't of th? complaint, und ma If liia e-<aj,? Urtoie tiia ofliuci** iiai! Hum to ar r+?V hiut. The crmpl nant, will !??? h<??h h*? hern living with the ?rftiM ?1 an liln rift for ?tr*raf yair* uu-l duHti* thai time hi- hi- ^ ai \ , Im < ii wit n<* - to ??. i ! i" (4 #* i ?.fa???r tl<-n that took plan* not only in m um*, hut In 1 h it faabloruble part of Twenty *U h atjr*.?t ti the 1 * f : U an 1 ixtli uv.dic ft tin < .iitenL- ??f r . ,4j <1. -\u ),? rorrol orated by wilm'*** wot' i tha m i. t.t.utc ha good i?;i iun tu UjMr w?il h?* tU" th* oaiflai'ttient* made ai? realljr *h<?? i.tng Ton .?u ?.?* Inn nl to inn -t jf.itr thi ? -n -** thorn uglily, und will ii ? every t floi t to arnit all | n- ie? alleg'd to impii ? *? I iu thfta grave thirgi, Tha folio wing i? th<* afl<iirit of tin* <;? n.| I?jinan> ? Jan# wonr ?t?*|?o?" in! ? n,f. f, ,,, Mf?(U..:( l' d wl h Mr. J. t I'tilrrM In It ft- in I \',i nfjjtn i.r Uii:?* lb tin- rnnn'^ ol trhruAt y !? h?* H# r to liv* w? him a* in* Mistv In* wan thrfi at i;i ??*? T ? 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'iv.-r*- 1, iol ?. r ? ? ? ,n< about Uhw vm ? kn w?mt bark to Harford, art* r w? rammH ? ? l^iln^tOii a?fii)Mi,a man *bo w??? h?- 1 ri a f?# '< ? In J**rvr ? v hm ?ti?* ? Intorrro-'l ) i;iofif lit a woti an 'o <l?r h i*? in Aur* ?bf wan hIhui! ibrif Mouttui Willi ftnin ?% ?rn an a' ??* ? v%?? ) jo?Ui< ? 4 on l?? i , i'-r w? ?? Ii l.S?" w* ? o r?*? #? l*r Sflii *!?? w a* in 'I** hou?i- itljtrtil ten day?; '!??? rn^trmm *.-? H and ?f.#? laft and (nril^r wya !/w?' a m ? i wb'.fii 'ifgu i ?* !?*? an Info m* I waa an rrvl."?*T 'i-'i ? r?' r ? %? I . briitmbi a f Irl t* iM booar nekmfloa ?o muohi iLajinwvi ?>h?* av-^>ut four nw/i.ilw unfa niM; ?h'* a'lArllMi wa<(>m ili^id and tha woman *t ilv Inmn al?#? r iwo it|4?t turtln t i (MM K. h happar t <?' ???, ft! 't* , un %?m ? wi'ff an a! ' ti' J ?"*arn '?f w-? ? w#n ln? u n# m ;i <h!M I #aa ff?*a#ot a* th# time of 'hi# aNiftlon. alao Mr i aid i?i*'l iln Duriuf ?ti'" lemain^d ->m |w <t vr??lu? at?tf 'two l?ft, and further am. tha? a 1 fi^raon, ab?at til jr?f?r? ?gr, ir m lUttfai r*n*r u> ti??* ai^on* ?!! n? . Ii* M 'ua a lib iitW. 1 wa fa the mom tJnrtnf N?rr 4l#*fv?irjr araJ ?awh?i rblid aflar It tai aiirr* t??it j|.-<i mm ?r ? ?h th**ra alO'i' f"tir wa#k? llu linHx Udl ?l ?,? bl??l aw?* ao I a *#? rHorfti d, n :d4tlen4auttha^ Inr bad ifei ?wii V ? .J- h# ?> lit rivri at Hnx>k))R Ais?*?, a Ia>. ? trout ula? #? iii-artTW ??< - wa hroitfelii Ihrraby a Bmii hak'n#.i ?? <?? nk af?/, MMtmiMla i iu i?abu<^ at'Ou! ta i a?*k> at'.?? uv ? or *>.4 A U?? ' i th** mrW inat a w?iw. ?n fr* jo 'iar/r^ta a? I i ? nih* Ui ?1k I on*' i?y a woman lirtntf a b?> M i?i# on # ? < * 1 tfo fKK kfMiW wWtbfr or l?'4 ?!??? J#?'yr'4< ?;? h*? > -vri |^**# f ?* ?< | rhr wa* n?*ar Ml io''Uil>? WHh rM'O- t"?to? la ?' ?a M** inn*' AKo.dafHikmt ?a;?tbat atar^aat <r?f1 nit In tiRbraw, naaa I Kan , n?* i <l#i t?t hat th? Dr had (*?* f o. m# I an r % i n on !**t ? ht' It l ad pro J writ tiuarar t .a >? an t i??w? Urlaai -i i)n lom^ a? ? wmni*. And d^p*i?'Ht fur t ?ay? b?i ih# In viaiib umuf women ai Durtr r?**' let.rr? i>r thm puty* J (ji-KMnilfig <?| ? ia *ou* wt vl? |>rorJia"' afco*U'ww J ASK tAIJiOl ALl.f.'i KD -TRUKT HOURki'.). I'afrirlt Kennedy a l? atiiun, *a< tak^n Into ea?My by tlMi T wanly ?fi rat ward rfaarjf l wl b ha*ln/ M.lilx^l Mori i* J .Iiia a *allor, < t ? *at?-h and roaln Di? eutnr tat na ot ?nejf?* ? tkaf h* met ??<#? a^ i '-! at thm N'a Uonai theatre ?ber?? h?* l#a?aivi?* a^iua?nt- I with hi o hat after t' ? ? ?* <?f the pwrlbrmanr" 1 tin jot# 0*0 ?i inm^ni'd to t?< %ary frigidly with "Mij-I 10 ?nl In #01 hi a'T* imj anylof him u|?*" ?n on ? \ ar >4 ob ' ?*i wa ? *' '?i "n thrir r?rh nf t } ?" 'i?#f i?f T 1 * ????" nil utrict au't ??"?mJ afin ?*, *ha pri** r>*r I l? j|?^i )?# vBit.t r it b u< an to the h?'ur, awl a* awl th?- *?*> ?f?tatoari* tv <i|iw oyt hi* watrh *o a* an 1 ?*,r?all n ^ ma?ta 1h'' ?a?Ioe v#?ry inn??*?ntly fn, : >-J ,u\ th*- t u ? i ,ieee abtft ki nnwlf H b tbarftd *wat Ka4 It "ot^rf hla 1 ?n - an't atartfd 'If with th* ?au?*? Ja*tk^ l*ai *? u lb# aewuaw4 fot trial MfAiujr or fHu 1. Ait 1 . I attic* i ?aniw>t, j?lia< HaffV* If *aa tai^n a to r? try r-:ay Sy ?? r?? A tt #* a ttlalrtr** poIir#'>H*rt ?4? f d * 1th ha rinf burg.arh' afy enta ?*J th# *tote of OiiUl laviam, emirr *d "twn'f * fb'b ?tirwt tnd VMHll awd ata? <nf tne*ef"?* 1 n I l4 An a<iar*?i *"">n,plir+ ,4 \ j,f ?. .,?? v* ariHt?4 a f?-w ??? a^ * A third |pa?ty yHt r*ti?a a? t ? iw arrew** Juattea l?a? *^? 'wnmittH fh# p-1 ?? ' f t lllintatiot. 411.101 D K0 0<ft '***#<*. 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