Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 25, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 25, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW TOR K H ETC A L D. WHOLE NO. 6967. 4ETERTI8EMEHTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. raw PBBUCATIOIIS. lOl CENT POPULAR HOOKS, BY DICKENS? JUST I Zi published by T. H. PKTKItSON, 101 OhMMt stroet, Philadelphia, tai fur bale by news agent* and bookseller* Seven Poor Travellers. In eight chapters By Charles Dick ens. Price 12'; cents. The School bo v; and other stories by the Christmas Fire. By Charles Dickens. Price 1 2J4 cent*. The Yellow Mask. Iu twelve chapters. From Dickens' Ho us" bold Words. Price 12*4 cent*. Slsler Roto. By Dickens. Price I2.Sf centa. Mother and Stepmother. In twelve chapters. From Dickens' Household Wortla. Price 12)4 centa. Publlshud at T. 11. PK TKllSON'S, 102 Cbesnut street, Philadelphia. Copies of any of the above will be sent to any one, free of postage on receipt of the price In a letter. A qbwat Author of g^rBBOTHKB. FUbltahera. PUBLISHER'S NOT ICR.? TUB FOLLOWING ADVEB tlsement appeared In the New York papers H?|>t. 21:? "Another of those remarkable Fashion Platea equal to Le Monlteur. "Qodey is always ahead In literature, fashions and beautilul designs for ladles. See October number of Uodey's Lady's Bool. "The Lady's Book Is the only authority for fashions." Thla U to give notice that the remarkable fashion plate al luded to shore appeared in Frank Leslie's Qaietto of Fashion and the Beau Monde for December, 1864, and that Frank Lett lie's Ga/cltc is the only publication issued In this country that has an artist constantly engaged In Paris, who forwards color ed designs by each steamer, which may be seen by our sub scribers on application ut our office. The Gazette for October is the most splendid number ever -issued. Office Nos. 12 and 11 Spruce street. JJ1W0 8UPKBI0B NOVELS. THE ETjOKR SISTER; BT MAUUH JS-NKr.3. II. ETHEL; OB THE DOUBLE ERROB: BT TUK SAMS AUTIJOft. tn uniform volumes, price 7fi cents each. Thei<> h?o novels of "The Kldnr SUter" and "Kthel," are neat, exnuUlte and beautlAil stories, evincing tmusual power, Crest delicacy, and a style vigorous and pleasing, Tliey are sure to become verv much liked. Bettor stories have not been published tills year. BUNCE A BROTHKR, 126 Nassau street. The obeat fashion book.? frank Leslie's Gazette of Fashion and the Ueau Monde, ready Uiia day lor October. Thl* popular book of fashion has now nearly complete 1 lis fourth volume, and the unanimous voice of the press lis* ac corded to li the highest position as an authority on fashion. No labor or eitiense has been spared to bring it u> its pro sent blgb position, and the proprietor announces the present Issue with perfect satlsladlon that it Is th" most complete, re liable, and cheapest fashionable monthly Issne In the world. The present number contains a very elaborate article on the Millinery Openings, with a description <>! the most beauti ful articles to be lound lu each fashionable establishment in New York: also description and engraving of the latest Pari stan styles received by the last steamer, anions wliicli uiay be enumerated? Bonnets tied caps from M'lle Allexandrlns, Paris; Beimels snd cap* from Mme, I<aurcs, Paris; Bonnets and caps front Mine. Odo, Paris; ?with twenty beautiful Illustration*. Also a full report, with perfect descriptions of articles ut the following celebrated establishments in New York:? Madame Malherbe's, Msdaine Ferrero's, .M'lle Lawson's, M'lle Dorse j'a, Madame De Voi', M'de Marie and Josephine Vlrpolet's, Madame Chancerel'*, tJeoin's Uazaar, Hulpln's, Brodle's. Bell's, Beck A Co.'s. I'bsdell, l'elrson A Lake's, A. T. Stewart A Co.'*, -snd other establishments too nuinerous to name In this notice. The latest fashionable Intelligence, Music, Drama. An.; new piece o I music, by Thomas llaker; Chess, beautiful design* for Needlework, Practical Receipts, Review of New Hooks, and other Interesting matter. Price 23 cents, of all booksellors, and 1 RANK LESLIE, Nos. 12 and 14 Sprucc at., N. Y. rAHiuONAULU FALL MILUNEHV^ Brooklyn bazaab? fashionable fall bon nets, rlcb ribbons, and French flower*. at the Brooklyn Bazaar ? MRS. J. N. COYNE would kindly invite her Iriends, and the public In general, to her opening of tall mllUnnry. on Toesdsy, Sept. 25ih. at the Brooklyn Bazaar, 143 Atlantic street, opposite Journeay A Burnbatn's, where will be found bonnet*, ribbons, flower*, bead dresses and caps, of the moat beau tifttl selections of choice and elegant goods, prepared for ber ?opening. B RODIE'N FALL CLOAK.-. IW?Uil BAT. FALL CLOAKS AND MANTILLAS. AU fabrics. Tuesday. Oc ober 2. 61 Canal street nn<t G3 Llspen.ird street, Second mantUla store west ot Broadway. Fall and winter fashions for ism of fiiench bonne's and furs.? MADA M HARRIS A HON hare much pleasure in announcing the arrival of tlielr tlrst importation of French bonr.ct* lor the appri aching season In elegance o design ami ta?tefnl combination of material*, this Importation Jiaa never been surpassed. We call particular attention to our embroidered straws, so much udmlred at present In Pari*, the aame as worn by the Empress Eugenie, faculties other novel ties In ? elte', dr., Ac. FURS. Ottrvio kor furs will be found worthy of especial nolle?, tompris Ing a lull assortment of Kii.sians.viln inink asariln, itone OMtriiti, <+.lneb'lls, ermine, Ac., Ac. A* we are go n< oat of the nu- trade, not having room for both I>unlness4b we hall acl k.t,: entire stock of inr* at a great attention. MADAM R. HAHllIS a SON, S71 Broadway. Fall militnkrt.? mrs. sogers, im eighth ave ni.e. we-, side, between Seventeenth and Eighteenth *ts., will open le-r show room*, with h choice assortment of tall millinery. The lavor ot an inspection Is requested, from her friends M l ladle- generally. MRS. ROOEKH. llii Eighth ave uue, west side, between Seventeenth and Eighteenth street*. Madam f p. lai rent, no. mi Broadway, de sires to inform the ladle* that she will open her Pari* milliner ? on Tuesday, Hop'. 26. MRS- JOSEPHINE FINIELS, IIP f}B AND STOUT, COB n-r of Broadway, will open on Thursday, September 2?, her assort urn' of Pari* (All millinery. Ac. MBS. MOORE, 204 ATLANTIC STREET. BROOKLYN, near Conrt, will op< n her splonJId stock ot m Ulsery, per ateam -Oil' lisl'lc, together with those of her own manufacture. Dn Tuesday, Sept. also a beautiful assortment of rich fkney inrs. Her friends and the Inhabitants oi Brooklyn are respect tnlly In sited lo ,v.H MRS. W. OPENHYM, 21 S DIVISION STREET, WILL open llusilay with ber tali French pattern bonnet of Iter own manufacture. She inrltes the ladle*, merchants and mil ituers to etjmlnc her stock, as It wtu be to their advantage. M MII.UM.KY OPBKIWNG? HB8. CARTER W "LI, OPEN od neit, HeptombiT the riebeel aaaortai "at of Pari* milllnerv ever Imported and offered for ne'e In ihit rlty. Tb>- *:?<"k 'eomprtoe* dre?? bonnet*, rich fancy ?nd plain velvet* do. , l'ann embrolder^-d NeapolHan, tarK f iney Mrt , qul*?> new, ami o'Iht choice material* ?ultal>le lor the an pruarliluR n-.i-on. Mr?. OAKl KR. Impirer o I I'.irli mllll eery, (V.W Hroudway, the KrumpoUu Hotel. M1BH r. JOBL, 7C7 BROADWAY, BROS TO INPOUM the ladies ol and tUrsrwerx vletilnf Now York, Unit >tv will oi>cu Pm i? fall mtllltierv >m Thursday, the 27 'h Ainmn her n an} and varied bead-amiNB, which are In the m'*t re cliorcl e faate, may Ims lound one dedffnad eipre**!y lor the celclirau-d itai;edienna. Mile Rachel, a: no mdwi u o'her no velUe*. wh'.ih, tor rlrtomu material and elegance of ?iyl.*, riuif1 l?< 'hi Broadway. Jot ortuinic:it? m l ?nv-y COOde n firrn varle y. OURNINO ( LOAKS -OPENING or CALL FASHIONS mi Wadnenday, October 8, ?' WKKD'H m? train* store, 41 W Bro* Iwuy, 4 doors below ht. NlcUolaa Hotel. MOI'HMN'O VIM.1KBRY AT WBRD'S MOHRNINO ?inrf 4W Broadway ? KnaWonable Pail* |>*Ucrn bon net* of ihe rHMat mavrlala: aim, crepe, boniba/ln?. mo In Ac Ac. styles entirely new end mlunlc tor Aeep or wond monrnins. WkKIVH Mourning Htorc, 499 Hi midway, 4 door J elow IM. tflrbOlM llotfl. OP* NINO Ol FALL WLUKRRT.? WHITKIELD ? PROI i?. tx>? Broadway, under tbe Bancroft HMm. will m tl.eir apleiidld no k ol mt'ltaery ptrcMtnf Balrte, (nei ther adtb thmaef OUT own manufacture on Tti *Hy, -Vpciv ber Vb Oar friend* arid the iadiea Iii general W all Hud (A call and examine (or tbenuelveii. PAHl.- MILL1NEIIT- MRS. LEVI, 110 ni-KKCKIW ?tr- 1 1 near Broadway, tmvtiu: received an addl'lonal ?tp ply of Parte millinery, dr> -vape and h'-ad iIre*ee*,rB*pe~tftiily lnr) <?? llir a'tenuon of the I U.c* to tin- name. ?pAf;l - ? \f>K CLOAKS ipp MANTILLAS Ttll >i:?l Winter. A. i. n kWARr a oo. Will open a ?uierii alo^k on rupidny. riroUmtbrr i 6. tiioailway. Ihatabrra and Head* elra< M R I ol A. T HTKWART A CO. Will open, mi Wedaeedey, H. purai ?r 3i. thrlr rait rtoca ?r uwm a.?!ii)rAntntti> ruaa ltr(M<t?ay, t,'h?ml>er? and Reede atrrita ^ r7m.i.ip.<, lath <>p ic? water street, woctn O. r*>|wriful'y Inforni ' ?,? trini !a and the pnMtc >1 1 tr:r? >Uat be baA ojieind at K2 William - rrrt, rnrurr rif i'ed tr wh m hp offer* io ???>* to bla old ctMttmere and ell ncraooa (>07111; iur?. one of (he lant< ?t an I beai Maortmi-nt of fm-*<-rer otT-r edio u>" I tiKed Hiaiee, ei<d a'e^'oa.^blruly low prlcea. and 'UoiiM" *' TRlMMtffOM. RinUOKri. MILK AMI> VKI.VET'f nuintnerr Kooi? in gmmr%\, ?* beloaec prtc-ea In the e?y. V. Kl-KKR IlKul IlKKW. "> J^n ???. com-r ot Wll Hem. np aMIri. THB MI.-HfcH JOLT. MKOADWAT. BBICWtfTRR'if mar'le VuildiiiH- li?>lo? w*it<d tb<' arrtral of Oil ? <mii< 1 lUtl kr to r. relrp ui.' la r?t Part* j>*t>rna, baa toa,> pr?re Ow Indtea of ?nd vUilor? tn .Ww York, ilvw ibey will open toll ?wt'lHoery on Thursday, >i?pt<-mt>rr JJ. Their U l dr* w> ? ill h? loiindon Inepreiloo to ro.-n|irl?- every rarie'ir Tt the he*: and rlrkeat material, In atylee to ault the aimplo, o. he rnoef'-letant and dl-'tn?nr taate. CJ9 Bn*dway. Thk wopm jpht impobtbd ht haoamr oradk. from t-tephnme A H<>W*e I'otrlii, Mo. M R?- Nnn?e d-a Peine ?'hamp? a I' art* tn^ll-iee l?v tmiierlal leuer patent to tike kvnpre?e Knfrne will he eihl(iltel ea aonn aa cleared Iron ibe i'iimobi Honae, a' No, 76A liroadway. eniraw-e So i t:i?<Hoa plaee. war ran id direct from tbe above xetaoildi men', and rereited l>y erery n'eamer UWAU|k Ar RKWARIt-LOKT, ON HOBDAY, 1TTH INSTANT, A JJ)?) email hlxk aad 'an terrier <lotf. markej br a amtll whhe ?| Ot 00 the breaet, wPb earn cot. ao?weni to tb<' natn > of lie Aa* perwo reiurntng eeiild >? Ui Ua owner. 194 Wtl lotifikhy ftreet, Brooklyn. ?Tll rc<?-i e e ? ? ,.r l ac rewari>-uwt. oi? HirwoAT, p * . rn ? In Itrraklyn. a llrer i-olored po:nier 1o?. wit>i Wide on h.a hrea?' . had on ? hr? tcet * lemher cdtar with owner' < narre an1 addr"? "? I'. The reward will be paid oa ihe re I am of (be doff to tbe owner *? par eddr?n or 10 Hen/ r Hr n'? geeery ? ore, comer Of Itelialb aad Troupe avenue*. Hroo* IMPORTANT CITY MATTERS. Arrest of Three Aldcriuen ^u;l Three Councilmeu. Hprrial Messagr of Mayor Wood on Corruption. ARE THE CITY FATHERS OPEN TO BRIBERY ? THE TALK OF THE TOWN. PROCEEDINGS OF THE COMMON COUNCIL, ANOTHER VETO MESSAGE. 4c., 4c., 4 c. COCRT OF GENERAL SESSIONS. Airrit of Biz Member* of the Common Coun cil, Charged with Bribery- iuid Corruption Great Exiltcmcnt nt the City Hall. Yesterday morning Alilermen Herrlck, Moser and Drake, and Councilnien WHndell, Cooper uud Healy were ar rested by officer* Splccr andBostwick. on bench warrant* fri ni the Couit of General .Scions, leaned by Recorder Fini'h, where they htanu Indicted for bribery and cor ruption in office. The news Boon spread nronnd the lower part of the ei'y. und a few minute* after the occurrence the City Hal1 was the hcei e of great excitement. Stock jobber*, lob biers, contractor* and loafer*, all crow.lel into the pas sage woya leading to the office* ol the variou* dejtu.t menU, iu eager expectation of hiring the particular) of the iropot lant intelligence. The charges preferred ftgaiu .t the city father* are a* follows : ? THE ALDBKMEN. Ald'-rman Herrick, Chairman of the Committee on Finance, in charged in an indictment with receiving $100 from Edward Waring, on the 18th of June UH, for uaiug bin influence in the Flghty-alxth street grade; also, for procuring similar sums for the same purpose and from the same party on other occasion*. There I* also another indictmrnt ngiuiwt Aldermau Heriick, found.-d on the complaint of W. It. Jones, who charge* him with asking a bribe In the Joseph Walker ca-e. Alderman lhakc also indicted on the complaint of W. I!. Jone~. who charges him with having petitioned for a bribe in the contract made to hare the ship Joseph Walker tailed. The sum in ijueitlon is not given Aldenuati Mo?er i* indicted for aaklng as it is a !? g?' 1, a ?1,CC0 bribe in the Joseph Walker ca'-e. THE COt'NCII.MKN. Councilman Wnndell, of the Finance Committer, f? charged in un Indictment with having offered to vote in favor of the H0.0C0 appropriation for the extension of Ceunl ?tie?t, kc.. for a consideration The sum is not named iu the indictment. William !.. Wiley i* the com plaluant. ' Councilman Cooper U indicted for offering his iafluen ?? to release Peter I 'aim from bis contract made to keep the atreet* of the Kit: re nth ward in a clean condition, for the sum of $(>00. Councilman Healy stand-, in licted for asking a 91,000 blibe from the farmers, on their application for a stand ut or near Washington market, where countrymen could sell their produce. The complainant in thU case is Mr. 1-ott. BA1L1NO OF TUK ACCUSED. The accuhed were conveyed before the Recorder, w'ugre they entered into Imil, each in the Mim of $2,500. to An swer the charges preferred againut them before tho Oct-> t?r term of the Court of Ceneral Hesslon*. as followa Act tiff tt. Borulmm. /tail. Anson Ilerilck John F Rope* $JiO' ? .-iincel H. Jfofer I?W- Harper. ev-May..r.. S O William B I'rake Nathan -4 S Wing - 5'?0 lori.oliu-S. Cottier. .. Altred i lj?grav* J 500 John C. Wandi II . I-aac K-iwaru? ii.M'l f'artholomew Healy,. ..Hen?y Henner J, 50* On the prisoner* being reltiaad tho City Hat: k' other public building In the Parkar- t.i o.i i w.tti politicians. oiilce holder* and ifflco jpc .er-, who talked tlie matter orer. N ms ot b -i : : ting excited, declared the whole pioeeeding on thi jv.-t of tte '.-tui Juir i complete (kree Amorg th- ihmi'c. of eieited office bolder* w!jo were loud in their nn-ctive' again t Vayor Wood and the flrand Jury, was o ae oi the Alder men indicted, who in loud tones lect-red that ujion Ji ne?' evidence iu tbe Joseph Walker cane ill the Comm< n Council including the Kxcatlf* cjuM be Indicted, but it was worth nothing r?-l *in not -ntl to the least reliance. To any the least however, tin arrest ?f the city a-le 'im-ir >'i? o'Bc ? hol ders ijiiake and the stoutest of them f.-el lo tbin:; I r comfortable. Already eminent counsel have been eng?ged try ?t#,erld the accused, who feel ijuite con:. lent of the indlf tni--?t I eirg i|ua*h-d when the mat "i comOs i:p le ore tin rourt in October next Hut a meagre ides <-r w he formed ? f the commotion the t.ran 1 Jury have p. odu ' d among tl.e membera of the Comm -u Council bea?ls of d- part nitrite and other city official* Th- ueas although an tici| ated on Saturday, Wl like a thuoderi.olt upon the nervoua nyateina of u.?- ief.,rm members of the city g .v ?rnu.eut , nn-l si'attere.'. ronfri!>ion an ' -lUtnaj v h ever the news reac!ie>i T11F. ACT CWDI1R WniCn TI1K CITY FATflKBS AUK IHMCTFD. Tlie following is the Metiou - : 'lie act un :t which tin iiidlrtm. ntf against the Al le-nieu an-i (.'oannUnen aVx'te alluded t" have been In-tlet.*': ? [law of the ?tate for 1863 ?? ("hap'e S39? :->? 'ion 10 ] Anv member of the Common (' incil or cori?"iatlori of any cltv in thi- S'ate. wh- -h.-. M ? e|4 any au-.h gift thing of value or adiantABe. <r any promise or und- r ?akit g to make or fuinish th- same under any Hgr>-? incut or undarstunding that hi vot<-. opinion Judgt-.ent or action eball tie influenced th>, - r "hull te- gl*?-n ta any particular manner ir on an articular nide of any 0 ueatlon matter, ceu^ or pr ri dding then pending, r v. hicli may, by law, 1* brought ef,-:.- him in ItK official ' ra| a- |ty, or who fnall di-e- ?'> ori , "- tly .eman I re <itiit?. to iecalve, rM . i*^ ? r *niertam any ro-{ ? tlatioii or prof*.- t;on for any -m-hgitt thiiw or a-t- ' vantage as ? e"U<i4cr?tu.n or u.oMve for h ai vote ortlon or Influence, ahall uts-h convi-tlon b?' f i?ver <ii ? ovflll'itd I m h-d'ili g till put 11c I f!i- tr 1 ?( or apt -in un i ui,-!?r the coii-'iiuib n . r ia? ? ? ? th.- -iate,-tj.. ! I'eltl.i-' I e and shall l?e p uushe t by tm; n -ai.iejit I, n -ta-e pr ? li n- J veeeding ten ye..r-, or i a I ns n ? .* -e-'up i.?>- -h"nsand iollar?. or both .n to* die* cn-1i< n of 'I e eonrt BOARD OF UDKBnCI, 1 l i Ii.tlM tmenta agnlnet the Aide t men? La ? ? ?? fiom Mayor WiMMl?The Konl Canker I i . Mli.g til thi Mnnlrlpal Heart, die. Hie w<?rd Inert at the uso.-il ho-:r. the Tre?tden' J ft. T itlee In tb? chatr. 8 rr.e p'tttions were received and referred (nawrs-r'ATTon mm Tin cnMrrWMJM Fr- nt Comptroller Fla^g, in reference to payment* made lor lien* on h - in January. l?f.3 ThefowptwUer calls "the attention of the Common Council to the N<-l tha^the m/B) of $3,713 80 wa? paid to Dr. i)ow?Ur?g for work d< ne under, and approved l.y the LateCltjr luape. lor, It. While, on the ,0th of January 18M. on acc?uint of lien* on kit* Mod the necessary paper* for reimbursing the treasury, made out by the pre?ent Oty laspeetor, aj , ear to have pa?"d down to that bourne from trfclch Do collection* are returned to the teerKiiry. lh. Comptroller addressed a note to It downing on the subject, and received an an*w-r|whle!i he trananut-. i >n rece.vlrg thU b' also address a w te W tbe .-treet ( , oiniiasii ner and obtained an answer Tlie Comptroller aaya: "It cannot fail to attract the attention of the Com n.on 0 uncil Out l?r. Downing ???*?* ?lth..ut re..rva tion that returns of these liens ware made to tbe Mtre. t I . wimlsai- ner am! he furnl-he. a ? spy of *bc-? r?tn,a. And vet the Mreet t>mmis.ion?-r .ta:e*inhl- letter tl,*i fr< m r*| ort* made to him by the Odieeter of A um at* mid by the Chairman of the H irran ?? A- e - n >1 is, no i etiirna for lh-' als,ve pnrpsa** hare le-ei tried la tbe Htii?t lepartmeftt an-1 no ?--<?istU raa4' a* required by law." Mr. White -ays, In a communication "let the ,?ta <? |<>i* tor the liens on tha amount of money advanced to were regularly made up and seat to lb' I ar-n.erit Ms term of office The matter ?e? re ler-eid 'o the I mrmittea on land. a auKJicx ?wim rut *>i>m <?* vti* m turri ov rw* ivmm ME- r* afiAiawi Ti? AUtawaa. n.e fallowing ineaaaga wa a received from the Mayor:? HiMi-iiimcj eejx 14. Isu To ma llimnliwi raa Hoaao ue tuasni. <;eoilem? n? I eocH? a rvvfo t a romaaaai' atlna ?<?V v. ?neitnaday by A <>a*ej Hal IH.Wt A wnri nt Hie ItaUlg dkkt Alii. Mlia hate bat? bwi s/ saa jury against certain member* of vour body, fur rorrupt prac ilce? In tic dlx-barg* of their officii I du'ieo Ho* ev. r palnfut and hiim.Jlaim^ it in to me to make tlits announcement atk'l you to receive it. * in we owe a duty to the public from whiili w e mum not shrink, atTcc' whom t! may. Vour l.o ly aliould not onlj !?? purged of every < orr i!|i? member wi.o may holla place among you, hut the utmost penalty of the law kIioiiM be Indicted agaltiM every nun thus guilty. Tin* com luunll} ban struggled mjalnxt Ita own olTblali loug enough, lu repined ellorta to reduce the eipandlture*, to ral*e the Mun^fftl of the Incumbent* ol office, and to Improve tin- eliarac u-r ol tlu" government of tho city will continue futile so long a* ibe leglalatlve branch li impure and unfaithful From a tor tup' fountain nothing i>ut 'oiiiamuutioo ' an tlow A I'oitinm'n Council without Integrity being Ihe source and origl i ol the ut ilumnce* will not tall to Imparl lu own aplrlt to tlioa ? who arte^fo execute Iti proceeding* until the whole mncltln?rT ol govern* "Ut v 111 epiedlly become rotten ui'l demoralised It li the c<<o>vl''Uon ol hotie?t men thai In the management o our public ?k ?lr? we are la?t peogrrwlng to tin- lamentabl ? * nte of deunrt a"un In my opinion, public Indignation can not he much ka. I?r Nuppreaacd. We are appn&otitng a criais when uie geiir*?l cry will l.e " Kclorm it.on or Revolution." New York, to ?*trong. ao promt, to eminent l*i all that con?U tuten commeiclM Lone r. hard eat tied ueildiand eiilted aoeia' i osblon. cannot, ?Mil All her greatnean, long racial 111" gnaw lug* of thla foul c?aker, working thu* (teadUy at her oiunl<*tpe* h> nit. It behoove* u?, therefor#, to make common cauae In a Coliimoo ellurt. without reliTeuce to | arty predilection* or per wuial i.uimoOtien. u> redeem, II ppMfble.tne fair lam? ol our ejiy from the load of etlclal Ignominy which la now heaelng It dotvu. Very reapectfWly, F?KNANI)0 WOOII, Mayor. I KITOt Tiw IiIKTHI'T UTToHMfT. Crrr iitu Couicir or Nkw Vouk. > District Attornkt'" Oihk, Sept. Jl. Ltta.'., f Mr Pr*R htk ? In answer lu vour note of thl* morning, asking II I am lat llierty to give official Information tousnlnc the ru mot - agalnkt gentlemen connected with Ihe taunt' ipal govern n, cut. I have to nay that the follow ing member* of die (Vtnmon Council have given hall to respective Indieunenu n ;aiual the n for bribery Aldermen llerrlck. Mo?cr and Drake, and Councllmen Mealy. Wandetl and Cooper, These Indli tment* are on (lie In ihe office of the Clerk of Session* With V real reepeet, A. OAKKY HALL.. To hi* Honor Ihe Mayor. Alderman Klt npokefor aome time In furor of these in relitigation*. a* the only means of exempting the tneui iM-rtt of the board from lalse accusation*. lie bn.l been charged in thin bull<!ing with having voted in favor of every corrupt mea?uie liiat waa brought up in thia an nemldy: but be (Alderman defied bl* Honor Ihe Mayor to point to oue corrupt vote of bin He h:id votM in the ranks with Ihe reformers of thin board and men wboin the Mnyor claims nt bla Irlendtt. He inrited any ill tu<-k ou liimMdf. but he ii.vitt'il it above board, nnd In* wax ready to meet it. . Aldet man I!>.kkh k wan prt pared lo me?t any charges againnt him. lie had called for a copy of the indictment, aud when he known what be i* accused of, be will he bet tei able to define hi* position, but thl.i much he knew that he had not been guilty of any corruption an a mem tier of thin bnaid. and he ln-gged of hln colleague* to bear in mind t lit- uulveisal pilm.ipie tif law, to believe him in nocent until be i~ louud guilty. Aidem.nti 1<oio> KUggrslid that the oni.v ai tion for thin Ifc.tttd at pteu nt #n< to receive the comniunic.itii.n from the Mayor, and enter it at length on the luiautti. Alderimiu Mortal courted Inreitig.itlon, ami defled iiin accuMTH. He felt that bin conscience wan 1'ioe and be prcnounccd th< whole alTair an the ifc.ult of a eonnplracy, and l.o felt coBOdent. that after an inve-tlgntlou he 1 ci u.e out ftee. llin cbnracler was well known, and the e cbaigan eld not nffect him with 'hone who knew him. 'Ibc>e cbr.tgcn ure got up by tbu Mayor, nnd it un well kn< w n that Walter 11. Joncn hud l<e"ti three hour* with the Grand Jury. tin>i they could not ma!*e anything f hi tentiim ny v.nul the Mayor Interfered. Aldettimu 1 mn a oue if the unfurtunrile indlvlduaU who bad hten iiidlctmi, calle.1 for the lympathy and tb. justice that are due to manklud; be courted inTe~tiga tit>n ai.d lie feared net lli* ie<ult. He h >ped the mem bet.- oft Li board would tvot allow prejudice, railroad lalk, staK|. talk, and atreet ? rnei conver uU'ju to preju dice tlem. Ho (Alderman P.) then went on t recount ?i cinvermiion wb'ch be had with Mr. Waller R. J emeu and other < in a drinking ??lo> n in Hri.artw.iy when the C< ntract ?I s spoken of. <?nc inun i<aid be woul'l Jet it fo. f . t/fl and anotner for 91.000; and all be mi'! wo<*. ' tieu tien.en. when you are making out yorr ril?ti1btilion? don't lorget poor nrttUc.'' (lauglitw./ Ami for thin, which ?s" aid in a joking nianne-, i Bnvo been Indicted. (l.*t ghter.) the motion of Abb rman l^ord tlien put >nd car ilp<! ? to lay oh the table nnd print. Aldennat 1 hakk sal I lliat during th" pt udaucy of tun Iniiictment, be would take no actirc part in th? pruceed ing< of tbe board, but be h'ljcd ni* colUnguen would lia?e no objection to hln taking lila neat in tbe a*se?ibly. Alcinian 1^>iui asked tbe member* charged what flours'? they Intended to pursue la regard to the indict ment V Ai 'etu an IlUKirK, in reply, itald that be w?t n .t ]??? juitd to *ay wUat course he would pursue until he hie I consulted cot nnd, and us yet he ha l had no time to do *o. lie had not Toted on any nue*tlon to-night, and be migbt. or adgbt not ai^cai at (he next meeting of the b<ard; but be did not tblnl. it right for the gentlemen 'o prctumc that the aceneed weie guilty until they were foi. ml *o. It wim not enough, on the n 7?i rV cu.-e made befoiu a gtiitid jury, to condemn lliem unheard. Al 'etmau I/ m> ?n? not liaponed, a'ter the explanation id the Aldeni an of the Nineteenth to pre?< the quention wlib regard to him. l?ut he would be glad to bear what course tiie Al'!eru,an of the Third ward intended to puf?ue> Alderman M -?Ji auld that bin potdtlon *? preelnely that of Aid' llerrlck. 'n, and. until be took n itIi e, he *u- I lather bee-cu ?<l from giiing auy an?#?ir now i nt i be eon ulted bin friendn. Alt', ?it, an I, PI> Intimated that he wotttd not pie-s tin matter taimu't* iit'tr >or rnr -. The resolution of thia Rom d lo direct the f.'oin ptroller not to lay iu futuri for cartiace hire f. r tbe inenibe; o' the t( -ninon (ounril or bead* of <le|aiment waa returned from tl.e ' lUtci'men non ccn'-unel in linmeti o of AldeiiiHUi tir thin lk ard adhered to their former a< tb n. Tit* hi mi<KR* ts soityotJi. A re-oln'l( n from the Couuclltivn appr $.'i 000 from the city treaeurr for the relief of the auHerer* by jt'.low fever In Noifolk wa* non-concurred In by a Tot" < f nine in the negatiT" and seven in the affirmative A lengthy communication was receive 1 from the Com n it lee on i aw Wpartment reUtlve lo the expenditure of tbe Commbiatoner* of Btpali- and Supplle*. (trdered t(? lie pnnte<l. After some other business, the Board adjourn") to Ihurnday next, at live o'clock. BOARD OF COVIVCILffE*. Rikl^nnllon of Two of Ihr lmll< trd Council. nirn?>( ommniiti atlytikof M< ?*ra.Coi?iM r *iul Hotly nnil Bperrh of Mr. %Vi?r?lill? Tin Major a, ?nd IMafrlrt Alforni >'* Comma ?l? rntioni ctr.,?tr. The I'' ?H of Councilman met !??t < renin* at 'be ua'ihI Lf.ur th" Provident, I). I>. Conow ia the th?!r It w:. t ericeut. from tb* ?xrit?u)< nt which prerailid inn r<tr tho tlikt tome action would be Ul?o oj ' h tb* r*?<- of tli* tbrt>* manbw*? Cooper, Heal/ nnil Wamlell ? who liar* l?'a IsdicM by tbfOr?j?d Jury f -i i corruption. When, ilirnfon tbe min ute- i.f tb* prfedintf mwdiof war- real then- w? a I an? in tin- I'riifiH 'lintfn nnd t f?? r?y l*r bu?in?* ?p l?rcii t# l? iii-pmiW b/ general antra*. aa if t< glre piae* tn < " Othinjr "f ft mor* mon ent< ue character in tb- in .dat f tb* gcueial ailtnre Mr. C'K>j?r of Die '..'M (lUtrl' t hfti.ded In ttw f"lloiriiy; rr>iniuunic*tli n ( * ).'? b wa? r ia ! by tb* rlerk : ? 'I r> me on ??lk m? Ilonan or Covhciuhk or thi ('irr i i Niw Yukk. (??n lMiii-n? I cing ? member of your Honorable body, and c .? .4 I' I h* 1 wnty third muw il dl*trtiM of the city f..r 1 .* iimiufoM/'ir, fr. tn ihe flr?t day ot January. l>wi, tr. the f r>* d*y "f Jftii' kr* le *' *i..l mr lerrn betn< ye i 'mcijnrol I M i,?.Jtr u m duii to Inform y?m rffli-iallj ih*t tb- Uir i?rai I Ji.r for H-p'imber term. bar* fliad, through iholf fort-roan, Lu'ilir i < ?r it, ft hill nf Indli-'wnt again*' me In Uie I olio* In* worrta:-? I i* iml i '? -in*/ VN* a? Tli? Juror* nr i|,,- I'eopi* of ??) * * ? ill ?r? York. In arid for ib* u*ty of the C'.ty nod i i. i, ) of >? w York. upon their n**th pretant ? 1 bat Cnro* i . . it . hin'h * *' ! of H.e rev of \ew >'<irk. I.. 1 ?? io?tn J ? S*w Vc.rk ? >rr ?irt, oti ih? l!m d*y of fr'? rw'J Vi.'-' : ?*-? "t oor lA>r I i ti ii. 1'iiril rub. btin tr<'d ft I * . at ii v?rt ryj ni. : rtnirny nfi>ri-??|i|, wt b '-ir ? sr. J mni? '?'ri ?M tk??? ft#* ?*"?""?? ? wiuwodhc i 'lim it .U < oni rll of ? ?!?' A K? ? T'Tk ?("!' -al t, " vtl in ' ? c ;i?r.i? o; i oanrllinan ( rtb? Twenty Mrt dMrtrtof ??1 en . , a, -i i,? i tun' ibatrlnr", tie n* >'nh ni"inln"r *o l *i u,? diitft <4 ibk pre en'men' ?MII no ' e nr *nA nc.lng a~ t u-b mem tier ftlDrii'wCl. did then and there wltfutlt. mrro,i'ty. u iU< fully. m?tt< w?u:y n.i M'in1ou?ij In bl* i ,il>? . > ft . tunn ? r afamald i .?*? and entr r<*if ? t rofxad tf?n lo Pi- tr ft 'm t>-n ? nd inere, beina tor ? reriain f\t or money to film, ttia ? kill < ornaliii" h i i/<>tier. iftreii frun bltn. ^be ?? d I'fU r I'a'm, t'l wit: forttie (rlf t-ve hnndie I it" Ur? *? ? itio'lto lt?r 'hi- ' ffii ai nf htm, 'be mttul t iirneliiia rt. t??|i?r, ?? nrn ter ol the Coibi'?in ' "uucli aloreuid. ia a (ikr Oeular m?r.tier. to wti: In fator ? ri-lewirm him. Uie -?i l r'e ?er t'ft.m. fioin it:* nnmi ton* oi a renkin coniraat (nr ele*iiiti< U .e mmunt thu Kl?.en'li want, wb.' b be, It* kauj i'e ee I I. Irr, had herr'iifnra duly en ered Into wltb the M?nir *1 d'imeii ?r.d < <,nmw u?ii? of be e;ty of Sew Vorti ib-- ?aid ii k >i <if relekdiik tun. l!>? ???! I'e ?r I'alui, Irmt ftfomali] (her ami 'beie ilnltr pn.din* Oetare 0>e iu .-?! tt Oiuwllitini o< the r|iy of New lofk. a? a biety duly e-m r mil wh? reof he. lb* ?et t oraello* t On per, waa a men b*r fta af< irmU. ki.d t?, lh* afttd > ornrllua H. I onper, I no aid it?ie, waU knowlm 'hat ? oeh inatier *iiire?4ld ?? Iwn atal 1/ *i e | endma aa kfiifi thnl aaa.ii?i 'he form of 'b* ata'u e In kucb 'kie miule and ptvirldc.1 *rid ??ali>?t l*ie peaee of the I ropl- ni die Mai* ot N*w Vor* and itclr dl.'n ' < A iitnir ttiU. Iiiairw-i Aiinrn-y Being 'h'i? under an aeniMiunn Mrf* by Hie Uraad Jury. I |' em Ii IMI nialli-r lea* tlian an ael ?< ju ur* lo my ? If a* ui )?.ur UitxTftbl* > od* tha: *?iu abo'id b* t .) y ap(>rUed iA Ihi ?lei.aaiirm a**tn*l me, atji) I wiah ifiat yoor t rmorabl* ikkIt w uld '*ke aurh a< t|on in Ui? nailer a* you ta jour ?l*-lom Iria v d?< m meet f onlrl I t>e!le?* Dial the preredhi* Indie ment waatllel >l?u?i m* tor ?ny oftwr.r*. moral or leiial. I *!."?! 1 1 k?k U? n* er.'lrr I , ?n | enilrit fiom any ronneeUon < (Bi i illy wtdi y?mr tonorahl* I >d< while aawl Indb 'tttnti I* pen-ling. t<o' *ba e- ? r 'he charaeter of ih* areuaetlon may l?e I ah ill iak<* In rr -dl* e mniau/** to hare a fall, tree ot>en awl le,al me-'iga i n m?de i?*f., r a Wmpe ent >?n rial trlhi n?i b-u Mag all the n?"eri t ? *d t" 'lrlnl?n<- ami for 'hr -*ke of .'.a*',ii,,rig ib? i -I f miai nfibe *rr-i.?'son madr. I ah* I) deem It my d<i y ? - ".utn o ail legal rtld'ne* which shall be u*an m tb* cane, fur y-'r fn'Ure ar-ioa. I am aware at d Uk?? been for anaie line j,?.i of tb* '1 - m?1c t.\ our |,re?er,' M*i< r 'i, I, ring *--. uaaront .* -? t ? ? 1 1, ' n.ett.b* ra it '-or f% n I . hi,, ii, (* | i|,|. -|u* Ii mi ri.*d* I ? h.m and through btm to he iira-id Jo'. ?? I bate I i-en 'ftl"imed*nd lieller*. *nd thai paper* we/ - aer tr- rn bi- iib?? 'oihefirftnd Jury lo rel?ii?,?, i? u, a n>* ter wb'h are Kit **. HI ? ? n 'b- n?i-c u>* I Ha rw tii*n?r I 1*1 e lien and am nnw i halrman of tb* Mandmg I'noia 're in Clrktitt.g h'reai* nf ymjr tumoral. |e ? ?df I bare l-iiul It m? d ly aa ??cb 'ba'rman awl a mun'ae of ihu '**iw w* i." r>p< it ai*iu*t emptojlng ih**irea| ?*e -puig avlmu -in . ? r Ifli.irftei wl.W* waa pre*e? e4 to y.t,r hoar I far rai. e#ai a* of ti forma ? Pei?rr /aJm mala w? tor eg llua indtcifn*i ' had * eoMead with lb* enrpor*iaoa . rc*>a In Ita Kleveoih ward *M he Waa i*n? r - 1?> -c I , Idl ?.r lh* ' "wp ml cr 'he Clf x- r'a-f W bar, . , m pa*t . mi dM* enMBaaicaat *ay? 'ha' he U* a**ar " cd any Inf-erre, cbber diris-'1? A< iadlr<f". r,. < "'I r> 11. |m priHOb i>r ntlin trtv'* 1 "ill 1 ?n- 1 ?< i lterancelled; i,i>i |,a? ,M.|i,y . 'an. id Ule m. 1.114 ? '

m '1. i> ti.'Ho till- : , and Wi n- 11 ii?ttbat v l? ? Jn>. ?!;?? admit, in i-rnd iticuaUi ,'oUi,. wit ? < m 1 ., n?Vl ' lir! lU|' V/' ' ' < u 'or ""Uli- tnunlK. " ",*? '?I nil. Iii.ll it , , K|, n|M| HJ) ' 1(1 Jill ,r, IV-, : Li1,',1 1 " "<>y t lit! I<i I.,r |. 1 ,ur> Bu-lh:? ??! ir 1 mi /"J!"' ln"1 unii' .armory . hi* i.'t ; , 7? ' ?rrr' "< ">* "r?m| . ''"??? * " III Gu, ij oniuj ' ? ,**' >? *0 InllBtlilaid atll r",' dirVlmi l/h! , ' " I1'"" 1 1 "P ">'? I' I'H.s ,M me I. <bls uidu: m-til u trarv'to ;w Bcllng under an u.,,irpi- I jiirtihe ,<>n t. andrrrri1.'.^.^?!? 1 ?n'1 J end rour' ?. :u!i I,,;,! I r- ? " Uf-; <" it,:. 1 ,!?,?! U*|. jiti 1 , i), n 1, u f Ian* connected w,ih t;,i? ,,, J< li in Ibf Mnyor ? oltlce and nut ol 1' belore lit* v I' >11 Mil. I IJK S. t'OOPKi: kJ y?'l; ?Wrd totr.. . V h, n (In- foregnii g leller wim read It produce 1 ,,ulto a .rr atp n lite Hoard, ?hirh .a* aom-wlmt increaaed * Mr- ?i"'< i reaenling the following reaolution:? mw H'fl ,h^ ro"">"iri'''?'l.,n of Councilman l'M.r ttr " ST*' "'!""ill,1UP <* ?>? Board for Utottit n vii ,, <*'?mmlUer? have pow r lu t tk* r-'| 1 rt liie'r ilZ.' *" J" f"r ?"?'?on* and papi>r?. ami i,? liiitd. , lD8 ul'd 'vldenci- UU-? bcfon them to tha lit.' I'tf idnnt, Mr. Covovbt Mlid the pr^eedinn w?m OU . Pf or, MIL), If werc no Ohj#otioaj( u h# wouid al'.nw the re?olu(i<10 t0 corl?. |wf?r0 (|10 u,)ar,j | ado,.?*" 1b0" au,, '?ec"n'1"'1 ?">' lh? fencluUiin be Wr-'OBUi dutriot. leairrt to .t-^W"lk~M> obj*rtih,? 1' inTe?l.U*ti?n ?ili<?*'17('?r0f"r"d "*",nV ! tfl" ""'>iilK.ra ifih T^i.;aV y"r"K."'y' chai-ft-stBd It U <lue to the hutu r i,f ihcue tnet,il4>r?. ?. w. ll a t) lln> 5r" th4t U,'y kU" 'M *nv.M,?ale.; mi MATlwr?I ,Uo to inquire whe'her ihern 1. ^nitnutdtatit t. frt.w the Major r?r the He,-onler mi l if 1 1 t 'n ?<>U| r"'"1 U,i" "? At tl;ec .nrlo,- 1, ?( tb,- leading <rf the M.iyor'a rotnuiu r id id '? r-\ Vr' ."r ?'??f?y-nln?h*dlrtr.e. acri'tie'l of gra'rTeh.-.?* ""r VrV U ' nTu'l ""I I mi. er ofeourM, I e*nn?t but fw| j,o,1i|?? ,|,0 I it k 'p<n.l"'?', '"rJ; 'he eomnmtilly of t|,P ;.,i? Of New ^rtk upon the n ,*rt, eUtiuwut and t-.tlrn'mr ?f i iip mmn a. having been gttlliy r.' an nr| , f tfr lSoT,.V:^U?r; ! 1 ? ' mJ nami 7.7:1 U Ion ti 1 1 II, until ,,r Ju-tl w|?.rr J llIlTC , (h? < l i ortunliy t l ting mjr ?rcuM-r f*t ? to > 1, .? 1 hi , n a? I "il w! ' ' ' ' ? ti'ion? tor 1 at ?' '1 ?' I'"l>'?* ion that wM In- made ?p,,n the 1 nl.M r I" I'll a! '.n i,l that affidarlt. I he" j,,;,; II.V p. 11 f p-.ti, ,i,ct tbo whole thing f.ilne m,.Hei..i.',|? (al- entiii- 1* IhIm- fr.?? hr^ung u, n?d and J h.Wno. i" '1 "'-v f':" ?"? ? con-'inu ,.f '"Wag done hta duty to his ronstltu-riU It. ,. ? In, lotaiiie an. h. ne?t manriej . I have performed t/10 dull. ? 1. my "iiic ? I'-arleKhly and hut i-dljr, notwItlMl'ind- I " K Ihe cbargea that have ><ei n t r?f, rre' na in-' .,,, ii I f ' ? rpf'r'' 1"'" >?atter; all | in.,.n,, mK. ,, tbP _ care not ht.w ?c>,.ti, e?cn to morrow I am n ?,iv f?. o ? U'oitfu laiid?.i.icMngliive ligation , but wl,i|? 1V1 t? ? | ' . * I elding, while I Htanil herea^ a f..|,,n clivvc.l 1 tVltr! 7"!" m> 1 f itnil v h ire their uiinda ha inted v. ith . pectr.-- and pb ?ni,,in . i I on: ' ?i"i?"1.|J1J" ' it but due to tr.ynelf to dennnre I the ehatg"* n en Itely m,' unoe i My??lr ?? .< ? ? I gi olicme? t.? thi? end the o'ber n n| '?rP pi,r?,rd br I CI ' lain JP?r,?" w'l an enneavorlim In rnlu n . no n.r in our mora! tha ae'.-r bnt in nor ; lit', ,1, ia abape at. I form. Aee< r !ing t. ti e r-n!uU?n th it I hav? t l , il..v e-.tne to. 1 t,.,.. 1, my ,, ,tr Uil lu!t._er nduwl by my legal advisor I fed itdoe to the d.plty of thn. Hoard, t .nd my cm llgrii-y 0 take t,,: further part in your proceeding,, oxcept n tlioie eutvecta Uin' nr.- lntltnat. y cnnneet?A ri'h th? m UotaL 0/ tnv cnnatituent-, and in which my own ni.?itl ,n l? concerned. 1 f^el b .und to do thn, a- mj constituent 1 cannot <kot anoth. r it. my , la,-e till my ..-"a, |? decUred \acant. 1 ha\e no tfnr? a? to the re*tilt : Icanprovn uiv I" 1,1* "? "J r"tt? Hoard, audi havr [?" "'iglilwt ?ipieUrti Hit n in t ? M?i? iovfNtiga foiiJ.'w,1 ? " ,U" ' * v "t!,r' whloh ?*? r* .1 ... ?I ,M,r " !';r,"-M;Sr"? *J*en tndfi-'ed by tbe flrand tnr* of ,' : ,(t'; i,? ' ?;? Now Vork. for .,?t.r- ?, I I > to Mail ibai Ihe rliarke? n.adr a.alnn 111" ar,- 1 uae In .-vr I a- I akaU be aldr to ?r 1 . . . , , ' if . re.t.d Hfteene; b.i* ?? tie- ? ..., t,?? wbl|^ firi|> intitK-rnlof ihi- rhar?-? a^iiin?i rr" .. pi,,j,.r- |J, ?. r." myae't and tellow m.mb^r?or ll.c I|,?r0, , ' ff t'' f1! t'nr,,ci in fi?#? pr?>? .1 lin-M of M??* Ki*nr>i ?jt? Ul l Mhallbai-.h.- t''v ,J tor,, the TrU ?>?h 1 ?*"''i'-d proie my?,< ..ntlrely Int.,, > r,- ,,1 :),? , rtl? laid my 1 barn<: U.', ttTtfi tf.ti.VKW IIK vl.t < wilt, ri.rf'i Wxthdtatr,-' At l!e cnictucibBo' the -.iter Mr Wa.hbu. ,.i,i . - ml'ii'f'e aCt":B ( } u,a"c" 1 r:i ~Jl' h':irtlU he n,Wii Jig ho 1 . ?i d bo ^ -ucii ncU< a t th< r tniwh ! I1 I" Ht i'.KU.J 1.1., In at; ,U .( until tli,,. ? eh.Mgr v r-i. Il.jtcw .1. }UU?A a. v-LVcr Bit 4 wt i? rt -.n in Ifgi.t . to |jv.'hiiiidti..J ,' '. ?Bd be woadet. rmin, 1 to f.ave th' . 1. ... ','0, d'. iV'i'rl. n'" ! " M'- VW ' ??"* hi. .e;.t ' 1*1, lui'. 'i,,., ,.). '?'?c.i-'w 1 have u ditfetcut ;enninntina ' IfAf rtki J '"alii ?i for lh?* r? Jkllir ff Of Ui?' r-.r <U f. rallt t. lit tb< May. r, wblr.b ?? rea- C "" . . ' ,1 " "?'* <??"? 'Wunient vl. hw prei. ated la 'ha 1 o?idf''f Ah ern.en, end which will bw f, uij I ,n i,,.r r ?? f iti .th p., 11 . .!,((. in that body. I tJt-iflglhi'irea..in1j of tin. ci u.m.ud, cation, Mr. Mat.ier *?'" Bade*. -id thi a'tri,i.,.n uf n,( p. ,1, nt ( , Hii ?hol..,n,,l ??aL...gbir,g,i,,l j.-i rn,,.' ?? ,h. ? ment Bad mid that it. uolng h- uae ol ti t' f i'elni'lual l.fitnwj t , i(, ? the I '- I' t ri. allowed hi- a lu. t 10 p,. . ?( . ff ??"M"h.-t. ?(? r ^e ol the cnurn* wbieh Mr WuD ile 1 Niid l.e would puiK.e. and rhara> tBf -'lit .. . ,, . v and uiipm i,,euted j.roci llof. it ^Wt %VFl ",!r"c'-'1 that although it w?* hl4 fnttmlor 1 ?* retain hi* \? ih<*?il 1 n< ? vote upon any viu'm tiiat miglit conn* t?i ' ,rp it ineteiv dislred ?heUb?fty,f taking ,-,pU nation in r gaid to any antler, that telated p-irt, -ul-.rlr ? hilt -<-l' whereupon Mr Mather I hi* l,;,p' ine... It, b.dnir M, . Mi.iirn lhi n n. \e m f -tl.,w- I .Upp, ,? there |. no Itntr'prlely In ll.e arm' er ic upyln^ bin ?en'. a? any other ti'lght d' under the rite rnatano?a If tba' i? lb. posit ion of tbe gent;, man I har. noth loir forth-r loray In relation to tbia oubjert. 1 do >ay. howaver in tl'TTlJ L r.T,oM"n- tUt 1 ,1? ?"? tlii"k P" Per for thi* 1U ?n1 In Ihi- llr?? tUg* of lla? caa?, to adopt it f,,r the rear i n am. t.g othci - that I un l, ? t' n,l the. a ? n tl< men are ?'?termined In th. Ir r,? n vlrel'em. ,, t? f?rce H i mailer to aa eatlr mid trial That Ulg the ? e ario r?t ioU. of their inn. - . t? ?, a. U.ey alle?e th" elreat, a the ver.lct of tl.. )n, > or th- 'inaablw '? Itwllr rmti' will if c ': r?e put t l am right . a Hie e- id laf, ,r. uaatd tie w rid A .pe-tal . . tm-.l't, ?? ?f 1|.I? l i ard w- old lab. r tin ?r t> any i>fi,Wri. i>,, ?t. a, I dlffliBltiea wl icb they e. ?I4 ntlrely , error J ^ 1.1 d not give f e mt "er Ihe wign.l, ,, import ?t e and .olemtiMy rerjuire I wl-h to > .,i ,|n t u,i,? a' langueg. that might U deemed improper but I will ii? end I uae tt In ? mild and hon. r*| la M.n Tf) Bapyclai r< n riiittee ln '?.fi^atb nwnold inevltahlv I" s'ly and th>,i<jally. I,? butn ..hill a.i.hed op rat on j I ? y that with ?" Intention r.f Irnpugnlmr the U?v .it. - -he [ eimndtl;,. hut f'tta a U..i U ?fth. lobe nt , , | per lainlrg to the Inreatlgatir n ,.f a ml ].<! of ? f.uti t*. I dMmft tl ? ?*r. It ll.fliore *h- uM 1+ i.< L?< Cftmmltl'f nt f, nr hit U rf>nr?*rt)f% ) Jfth? V\ !V!V1 n "n r"r trU.! ,f 1 I Ot II tl ? ft. 11 in that, and If then I- ,.ri. ua al la ? i -y, th. n api i lata umrnltiee In . tde, u, ? n,,.,, jaMleii firm the ndiaui utn*et whi I the. re.' Ih?ie I '' I and a rea?lulloa whi h I .i,*|| ,(f..r ,ut. ?f he ca a and ahirh r?ad? a* f. d w _ I " olved. Thai ih?e mem < . of ibl. it.?rd a?a i..? wi, m .ir.T^i.r,'' Zlr**',"'- ' n*! fwy are bet-'.* f.' 0 u !?? * It f rim all pan., .pmtu*; m 'he t u? i, of i ;i"'ii j?U?m?ai *all bebajoa *e, , ei fWtba# action by the B/?r.| la ibta , ' re.'.'ulrf n continued Mr Mather | ;a - th* mat "* l*?l *' '"*!? Theea Mrtioa U-e tan MM ' Bi.-.IBW frtm | a. tie.;* bn la the bwinet ?f th . I 1 . Ill olthout Ha concent, but that re .,la'l??i " r'i,lt? H lu t o do f O .? ! % at>? -! mem h,y ffm' ullr/u iO j u Wi %* fr't i i inn of fh?- lw*n*y .'hlr 1 W+ ki,< w th*' **? -r " ,n ]' follfy til] h# b ,?th in iW ti.iurhl^r) IrflcrithAt Ii}fk?*i o ?h* f???r r irAfVr WOuM If*, tin \h+ I?>1\ rWM- n hnl ' *- n * n i|* f (? rulirlit f?- brfrf^ th# f .? vh?t It t? rth. I r. M*nrn-' *>r??Wr?<?n*2 thftt b# ttibf 1I??# ?n alt n '? 1 r JutH f##r [Militiml Ui# f?a '?? i -.*11 ptf<nd it r n twrrffii fh?t ? f/ tbf* +*>n, mrte. will In any al e InSaen'-e 'ha ?? .Ui.l f the , ?y ?? * th#*# ir?4icUo#i?t? %rt V t*% I Ir Wiir? V#, ? , Xinrn ? He tan it wlii Then h? le?iriw U? ln"ti . r. e IU e?,nrta tf j-utlce Wei! I Uk* bim ,pot> e.tbe altrrnatire. ?!r *iir? I d?|fe in |,a-e thin ma'ter go before the j? | te, that tt.e?e men n.ay have a change to pr ?. Ii r oeer.K * h,, iaeei ti e .ta'e <4 mind In ? bi, l> tbelr ?>e? are n. w fr-r I b,ok at It la a iM.-lai aa well a? n a 'L' ???*'' ! bop. to have thla fait y :n.?. 1 I *t'" la i teva there are mm b. re who wl?l do ilr H/rwni kere 4 fi t the t ie* and ma? Vr )'t BI T ?eid I cited lea^lngly that lie felt ?ell'4 np<.n to inlet ti pi the 4mel tela. Ufm thn nuei I i\ I?' '? apt eare>! to hin> that .ere he owe f th. |fc dl.ld. ela tboa charred be wo.,14 not be ?,!:(? -a,, ' (|e,l,enm...n,e..f -he e,.,. t, Ur, It refcfr^lfl I 'I* eta I corrn It ee t.anlU men vara we'l kr>> ? a- It.o.ny .aid ,f ?.,h t?J?, kTm' ; at?e lb-til wn W'mkWfa are trie*, 'hay raatrde! .1 ? 1 a wbi'ewB?l lr,g aBalr Ihia Wa> a ma' er 'hat did a d ' 2 , 'J" *?' wi'h o,.t.i4?, thay l^tv, 'hat a single ,harge7iwu,aw! in be wUle Hw iMmewt WMt .Ae by a me"..,, ,f i>? j , ' lfit.aa bi ght forward fa the IViwrd It w?aM U ?' B|?twfiHe?ev.t re a ap.M?] ???,,, u. ta> 'l.v?.tfale It. He h,.f?d W-* gew7iemea w.^14 at Bi.aeathed and that they wowld pr-ew l,.th tt?c. aadeW.wiere tj ey are r.ot fwl;.y II e | Mm 1- A l -a ma t-- .'a'-' U,.? 1 f u.a ti l. ah' lee Mer and the m?noa? ?? ?ho?.d he '.atl'rvi fcr ? wetter Bight 1 U.JU It w-*.d be aaaeh batter to mw?t it Calmly aiM I think thi* Board h ,?i?nnii*li dignity t<. j ro(?t itn own honor without auggntttoau ttvm aii>l"< y, nnil I nnn# i<t UlOM mcnitxr* win. hatn Im ? n iir-.,.r<j Hli| ( i.ti-ijute hi thr prnciH-lin ? . >it tun Mr -r> v i. -v.-ui.Ht wIimi tbl* a nr.! adjo irn journ to WeitiifMi *y < t morrow) aftem"on. Mr. Murium ? rii?* |irtiiM??itiiin now before the 'loir 1 . ? Mmjlv a fotnj diwe with the r?iuo*t of the me . granting litem tie i 'ivi'.eve ?, f withdrawing I n ?f fheiefore, In Jtmtif tr. them, that the matter . U a? they are concerned, mill not be referred to ait .? ?.?nl' tee If the It. ?nl *ce tit to take up the < oauoiin'. ..tli-u Hi the* Major, Ihey ran 'ioao. Jt'r. Rai:.?.v? I timeo that the ll-.-ard a*ten<l it* meat* ln#? to ciiO or mora olffhti. motion was hero nolle th it the w'> ?le aub;-'. .?! be !a? uIK,n 'l"1 ??M* M WeJnaadav even'u# 1 hi , /*>#.! ion w?* v te* I dnwu l?r 4A najii to '4 y vs and the re?#!u ,0|J ()t Ma ?her adopted by 41 ven to '2 tut*. Mr. Mathv r P^Hited the f Ikwirif Rc*cdvt<l. Tl* ll eominUfi*-* on cleaning *tr-et, anl fltiai e r*-pu K *jj? '"-'j and eaoh ?f tbeiu in hereby autho r)?cd and rorjto *i<s' lt> efe~* ? chalrmao from their own nu m 1m r, and to report Ihetr etUon tu that rr*j?ect u> tbe Itomrd wltl < ut dc?ny . A biief rtorr%*lon netted onthfa. which flna'ly reaulfed in it* nlopti n. by a wote of 46 a #ea to '-I n?x*? *hL? < noed tlii* u* Ov'i the Indictment. THK Fai POHWl ( IJAICTEi. The throwing reaolutiou wac adopted ? Heaolved, That the eoaetal committee* ?rppoint4**i t y b<rli Ho* rd? of the i 'ormmei i ouncil, to truine a chae'rrfor 'J*** more economical MOTemtnent of if*in cllr, lnv dix! ihrv nr? /*":el?> dm - i ij .-??p(iri naM f<?i ai of a eoarter tfiim^lUui*. wwt *?' ?ju? rt l<? due eoonldiMMUoii, tor Hie approval or i*MM*ii<!ute(?4 u! the Ootttmon OouneU, and nrlot to i^ndtng io ?>? ui Kha pi? ?a#e ol iln* miui' hy tit* I.? ^'ilaturf Ihe fcUowii.g v?'t< memuige In iidation to the i4niwn<1i*t charter, ner.t In hy the Major au-1 /eferrtd t ? the pre par commit tee. Matom'r ori'W'K. Nkw Yohk, . Ji TOTltK ff < ois^r.ijr. Ufr HoAicior I 'oomi n.ati Ot.p^riKMRa ? I n uru yon bfi rwltii <t pr*?irohi>a aiil r*'V) luttoi > pr? Hfiiicil ti? m,'- for approval. mIh. 'i or??p.?^i-<? t?> c r< n't; a io ni ( oiodiittee of tlw two of ti*<? v txmoofi < oi;i?f (| for the purpo-t of <icvw>iujr * n^w chitrier lor th? rl'jr l'?> tin' 4?1> UM iltai of ill#' HliM'luJUl? l?U* !</ till* 4- liar'. pa* ?? l A|wl)?lM9 I provided Uia* MTLe tao IUMr?l^ LUiha * ? oiu urrent j r? w ? r - and a n?-?aUve cm each other'* p <?<*?<'d tut' and tvliall iuailoi ->*? net an pep a rate 1km1i*??, and ?.?'! bo! i?| potni Jol !nt ci uuuliteeM except m committee on a to m'* '? Thereii re, ll;?* t "tniiMn 4 - ' utiolJ hav?* u ?' llw* power to cr- ??.? . "Ifii M iiiirlt'i t?.- tot mi or any o Uui purpose, ? x? i.jji . it r?? ate* to a-c 'cottnta I urn aware that ?h*? rehnluiiou bv faliiiu;. tlr-?t for 'h" ip po:n<ni?*iit ol a < < mmtftrr b% >t?tir uoard, uud then a atmtiar iotiitiHM'?< to "i onicr with It, ' l?y ?K" Ittmnl ?*r Alderman. <???? ki? u? a\oUl wlt.u l? ti-r?i?? I a jomt 4-ouvuiUe". >?ni Ihe w? ?d li a " '-lif ?eeoi. i r? KoJuiton, i* I *'at4iw; that the two commit*' ??* ir-.ay "jointly M tnak.- appltrafUm to tm* Lej;lalaiur< ?fi?r liav lii^' "jolu?tv '* nv reM ?'X>ou a < Uartt r, (\<??? t<n iln .n ii'i < W nr ly within i 1m* i < -frt' tlon of tin- amendad el?aru?r r ?*fcrr?*d to i*<;t ?dmt??lnjj tlm? tin ? objPf 'Um l.<* ? 1?^< o n oi?l- d, til -r ? ? e otLeiv ot ?ojtli? lent i?? prevent toy approval. t u.'- of ?) c pe< ollar and fcu??p5ciooa t> ?tor?*? ot thN^iro* ei- 1 ili^ I ? the hiiti c lu *? of tire t **< ??nd l olutWai, ahl-di tflv'-t lo thle o n* c mtnUiee power to ' ioak? application to i,.< Ut;u ln'nr?- at It* tie it KfMilori, for the ena inetito' the thino whli hlt i < ihiiM eo.poo . r I t i 'i? \ |.p, 'lit uny ?vhfnU*ion of it to the Common t 'uuncM* or to tie* people of theftiy. I c.'iiuot -on ? .''?) .'?*;??; ? .n ?? | n< 1: a power to any Cnaioi'Me. hoaever ut Cv- epllouable an ?o atildiy or ? h ir,i- t"i I en men ?o he ? elec ed I J the pre?liilniK officers ol ll<e pre*en' ( -o ri rti >> i C'otifrlf, ?>hou d t o* Io* ea'roH'ed wltt? aueU mi Important 'nu, to i e performed w;*h< ut ct !<?? k, without atjperrijeoo, and ?**.,en wiUii'tit ae? < uilahiMtj. Ai.other ol ?. ? 'ion, hoi much lea* forcdUlo, t* that thu couimt* it ,' 1, audi < n/ed to proei't-d ion I??glalaiure jrt to he ehoaen, wi i u ti.?* t ajy l? pur]rt>rta t?> repre-iuit tiiu?i hav?* < ????! it, l?n ve an ofl;?' la I ? 'Ha'eiice. ^ he l^?*.'i?<i.i'ure do?* not r-invena belore ./uiciii' , t,. ? n!i?n an entu. nrw I'mr l >>f i n m< H nu nod r ? vv metnHei ? tor one h*U of th< IW>ard of ,j, will t'? attrin^ in the place* now Ailed !?y the I ? I'ei wht' !i gnf up t|?U t>riae<' l)i>w thro toul I lbi* >>ln' eommHI?9| wi?h j < prt< Iy.*r< j i r.t the Mayoi at cl ( Vtutnotvaktj of New YorV at tfie r Influence tj? io I c eiarciaed f l? !* i.t?i nee? > ?ry to -'a'athe nmn- dlfflndtJi M ahh ti pre *? nt flieni*elv* ? to me In the wav ovtiti* tneafoira. Tha' the chatter td.ouid l?c an * nded ail ar'mtt: that t' U e*t . <? iu??h de i ini', and !> ' -< 'epitt *e i?t jtreat tmpr?>vemant we all kno* 'I Mihjii ? w?i? ii ii "li d (o In the I i *? r > noioiili aiion ?uj mltted io 4'..f i inn. I O' 12 on :i<# in / o; J ano .i y la*' A portjoii i f he liiter%enUiu inon'o ? ? <ul?t !*.?? '0:1. pi ? i'at pa?i?ed In de\ iMlnf a pr??per charter , wht<U. wtier due delihei u i< ti aod Keneral e?.n puliation would t>e rea-ly tobepre<eu'<* 1 h> tiie r.eti l#eLM*-fa'ure f<?r adnptioii It '* now t< o late lor tbie ? < mmon t oUQCil to take tip the mbect . 'I* rei4 t ommnn fyotuirU alii he "fre?h from the piatplc and probably ? - 11 inn ml pub 11' < onii 1' n< ? to * araater e?? *n! la'iOiedu'v ol auirnduiK tb?* c Uartet bt If't * h > >n. c: '-ol " Vei y reaper hilly V "KKN \ N IM# V% 1 ?OI> Mar .r Hie Jhwir'l a 'Jourred to meet on Monlav 'KJtober l*t. at f. V M tmdi ftnvi! tlie Imllrtefl f>#flc! fn. TO Til* rtJULIC. 1 1.?- nudt ridgncd ha\int( ln?en tna4e tlr ?m of .1 ?r ?? ani t?u'raa? ?.Ufc al>o < of powi t by Uk* 'as' <?r?n?l Jnry ??f tbl" t'r, in livii n Indited for e<irrnpUon In itie-e, re|?re>?-nta ?o h * friend* ani the P ilic tiiat I? I* a \.ir ciiutunj a^aln-.' ina t*it?rnc*rr and n'y derold 0/ truth In cvei > j> ir l - ..??r Krotn I'i tn , hiti.d* I am prepared to pro?e it?e mntter aidtri.K iliat judgment v% tii i?e i*u*pei>ded uu'tl an cpf o.-tuult/ U a.'Ioided mi of esfaM'ahinrf Ml Innoicnre in Hie m iffer HA Kill HKALY. rtUth dl??rlct. to tiii rrittir. Ji n i?r***d ' itiif el'y havina' d mad It proper to And a l?|l. ff 'W-'J (1 Alftftt foe Up' II e r, y tr - 'tl U v ! of i t e ii ;in ' hut* m,p n.. with 1I1" offeree of nniler the*er<?f \rf- kr \ fli|{ ft i I do thai If '? <??;. .? hi-e and 10 * t'clmi* autmft* "?to. 1 't ? a one bleh 'n ? rhorl'y h- Innir* i? ? In the ? t ma 'i?n or the rornfuonU) and rf.'ir' w*pe fillv my In oicdifltv i- uitt'nen * f, thr r* 'ore re*pe* ?roii j r^|U#n n > ft t? ? \ ft* ? ' ! ?? ' . j ? ' I 1 . 'i la 1. 1 ut* II I *ha)J be ' rial led '?*fore the Proper trll unal U. prove mf enure Ini ti ? .. 1 of he vh*< r$*> and iha1 the v? fni> tunt ia a f?a*e ind mat tc ftii fabtU a'. on wt'l ? ut the !???*' <<f lru;l i*wla.?^ei fflffN ?* WAfflKl.f. ( mtndhRan ? \Py nln'b ditTk?*, to TifC 1 pitch o: Tin ffrn O p. N? w \ >ua. t*4"p* 2*- l" *' nirb'f 1-eertptthlift.hed to ?be woriil a* b*-lna ton . hi 'liat loerrt o'*l krMtwn ??* a ' 1 ? r* rid Jnrv," for an affernp* at m?l fea>ati' e tn ofi'e, I haifien to appear bef<*re ihe tintdle, itiroufb } ur valuable oonial. In my own def en a Tlie eft detM e ujor* abe b the tndi. m?*nt wa* found aa-*ffi*t ine rm ti- r ab one wtineaa, wh . U yourr- Waiter l< JiiON, U?e f?rr.i<o i*' 'or to raia#* tha H'aiker. f ?? tar a* tnl-* Jon* * fia* raorn toany *t *tet?ie* ? '?-iatifa m r?'* rrqie Inif "a bri? e." I pronoune* therri rnsi i?!y fa ?e. and flia' at-v v rr* only promo ^a'**d to laj'ire t?e v* m my con?tp ti'i I do no' Inow ib. Wal e It J n?*? eteeyrt u>a' f w..? ir ro du?*?d to bim one rvenii - when lu eotnpany Wiih **? 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