Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 25, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 25, 1855 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. ttOtVUY MARKET. M DAT, Sept. a~0 P. M. Hie -.tuck market opened and clo-ed beovy thin morn teg Thei# weie large ti ansaetions in the leading spe nii.ln xtucki at (be flnst board; but price ? fell off from ?fee > pemng. Erie d. elined '? per cent; Reading IWil n.Mi, ; Michigan Central, '4. Nicaragua Transit ad van<*0 per eeat. Heveia r' and Toledo, RtinUug appears to bave attia led the attention of speculators mere wiilim the pa t two or thiMdtyii, aul the operation-! | have bee aie v rj laige. Erie in considered good ye I for j another dash. The combination dot a uot move it up ve. y teat. Ihey m cm to forget that a steady interest in running ; gainst them, llarlein wad in demand on buyeis' op'ion, uud the sales wero ununuully Urge. It was ba>ely sustained. Nicaragua Transit was In at tin? improvement, 'lhere were galea of the New York Central outride the board at a decline on Sitorday's ytieen. It is surpri-iiig how this stock is sustaine I. It is the most wortLlens dividend-paying railroad stork ia the Bh\ It* ei^ht jter cent dividends are barely mjuee/id eut, according to its own i-howing, without reserving a d< Uar for the rapid depredation going on in an old ro id, which is said to have cost upwards of thirty-eight millions ?file liars. When we see Michlgun Southern railroad celling at 102, Chicago and Rock 1*1 ind at 103, tou per cent divi dend payirg stock*, each with a large surplus, it some what astonishes us to see New York Central barely earn ing fight per cent, and having no surplus, selling only abnut four per cent tower. There is something wrong ?( sit-where. The first two aro either too low, or the la-; t ia too high. The public mind must be grossly ignorant of the merits of the first two, or speculation must be the cause ?f the inflation in Now York Central so far beyond its Mtual value, (ialeua and Chicago is the firmest and steadiest stock in the market. The earnings for Septem ber are roiling in enormously. Its capacity has never befere been fully tested. The receipts this month wili largely exceed all estimates, aud when made public wilt give tbo-e who have been selling the stock short a pretty severe t*iut. There is not another public w >rk in till.') oountry, earning anything llko the same amount of mo sey ob its cs 1 1U1. as the Ualena and Chicago Rtilrnad, ia tlie Trilutie -a.vs: ? "The Pel aware and Hudson Cam! Company only earn n.'t $1,100,000 on upward'* of nine Millions of capital, wlnle iho (-aloua aud Chicago can net *l,60O, OoO, on le>? than six millions of capital." The tor ner tells at 1 < - per cent, while the latter sells at 1 i I a 120 per cent. This difference is certainty worth the at tention of capitalists. Alter the adjournment of the board, the following ales of bends and stocks were made at auclion by A. 3. Nieolay : ? #lo,c: o Sacramento Funded 10' - 1874 int. add. 80^ a 80 ' j 4, 860 do. do. 1875 do....7>>S a 8OV4 2,(>00 <'.i>4te do. 18H9 do.... SO a 8J.'? Sin do. do. in, less a ?)?? >,'.62 d do. do. do.... A3 2.1)00 do. 1 evee 8's, 1803 do.... 72 a 72), 10,000 Stockton Ci y 10'H do 8.i. ft, 000 111. Con. and I'ne Ijind Bond# do 8'.'^ a.iitO Marietta and tin. RB lstmort. do 80 2,t;00 I hie. and Rock kl'rt Hit. 10. do 9'^ 50 shares New Yoik and Krie RB &'>?# 40 do. Island City Hank 83 10 do. Niu"-au l'jink 105 40 do, People's Bank l(HVl4 190 do. Hamilton lire Ins. Co 50 40 do. New Amsterdam Ins. Co 92J? 100 do. South Street Stage Co 30 50 do. Wells. Fargo & Co. 's Express 76 1,100 do. High Shoals Mining and Manut. Co 8e. At (he second board tlie market was weaker, but quite active. Erie fell off *4 percent; Reading ; Cumber land Coal closed at prices current this morning. In our remarks relative to this stock, in this day's issue, we do not wish to be understood as including the President of the company or its officers among the speculators who at one time are inflating, and at another depressing the jrtock. The office of eyery company in Wall street, tlie stock of which is speculated in to any extent, is more or less the scene of operations, and broken, anxious to put ?at contracts to deliver, frequently badger the directors in their dens, believing that thoy will buy when the de mand is inactive outside. Tlie Assistant Treasurer report* to-day as follows: ? Paid on Treasury account $'28,000 12 Received do. 125.400 00 Balance do. 0,674,288 80 Paid for Assay Office 1,092 46 Paid en disbursing checks 18,399 73 The warrants entered at the Treasury Depirtmc Washington, on the 21st inst., were as follows: ? For the Treasury Department.. $18,225 78 Por the Interior Department 1,527 .18 For the customs 6,i'84 12 War warrants received ami entered 62,6 17 82 War repay warrants received and entered.... 3,030 0! Prom miscellaneous sources 11,647 8! From enstoms 8,372 61 From lands 166,262 28 On account of theNavy 104,003 00 Bepaymfnts on account of the Nuvy 21,050 62 Tim Canal Board of Ohio have advertised for propo nals to keep the canals of that State in repair lor the live years ensuing. Bids ? ill be recei veil until the 1" tlx of November, at the office of the Board in Columbus. Several influential commercial houses in Porto Cabello have formed a company, have asked and obtained por miseion of the Vcaetuelian gov rrnment to construe) a railroad fifty-four miles long. This railway will unite directly Porto Cabello anil San Felipe. The cost of it Is estimated at $1,400,000, without counting the co*t of tho land, which, however, will for thn most part be given gratuitously. Tlie goverment, on its part, gives the Ihii 1 belonging to it through waich it j asses, and the wood for construction. It will also admit without duty all the necessary materials, and subscribes finally for a sum of $186,917 in silver. The company will enjoy an exclusive privilege of carrying on the road for forty years, und v ill remain in possession of tlie propt rty for forty years longer, after which tlie whole will belong to the govern ment. The work is to be begun before two years, and finiahed in the four following years. The annexed *tatrment exhibit* tlio average daily movement in the let ti ng department* of tl??- blinks ol' tliia citj during the week preceding Saturday morning, ie;>t. 22, 1865:? New Yubk City Bank*. Ijmnt, Sprir. I'irrul-t'n, Dr/iO'ils. Bank of N. Y. .$.'<,489,631 $460,648 $248,489 $2, 796,007 Manhattan Co. . .4,088,860 607,490 878,753 3,714,839 Merchants' 8.768,162 1.180,499 214.684 4,660,693 Mechanics' 4,113.507 806,610 408.936 3,688.713 t'nion 2,646,133 821,090 173,482 2,:?77.:-U Bk. ot America. .4.072,246 1,177,0^7 81,780 4 919,5. W l'benlx '_'.40'>,739 315.581 123,815 2,354,306 aty 1,686,100 196,905 61.229 1,236.472 Kor*h Hirer 1,104,577 77,971 179,956 888,488 Tiade*men'R 1,426,240 64,702 261,390 718,207 Fulion 1,699, 309 122,131 140,101 1,820,746 Chemical 1571,800 152,255 207,156 1.17>t.l87 Merchant*' Kxch.2,742,086 156,230 117 512 1,888 I7H National 1,687,927 188, '.<83 19$, HO 000,168 Butch. & InoT. ..1.611,485 64,020 78,20.; 1,077,176 Mech. A Tiader*'. 740,275 56,021 118,728 533,253 Greenwich 0?3.R04 20.911 10,460 012,586 Luther Mannf.. 1,902, 300 154,244 186,761 1,445,875 ?math Ward... 1,1 71, 444 104,618 206,938 981,901 Of the State 3,312 668 432,810 M>8,!>45 2,411,412 Amer. Fxchange.7,004,"56 770, Wxt 312 'K)8 6,860,40$ Mech. B-k'g A*. 1,106, 081 70,154 100,866 860,467 W Commerce 8,281,4 >8 8.W,419 02,666 5.158.0*1 Bowrery 1,063, Go 2 09.340 172.700 838,278 Broadway 1,499,892 06,923 204,825 1,257,681 Ocean 1, .81,888 03, 343 126,080 720,711 Mercantile 2,231,960 175,814 87 932 1,674.521 larlfic 948,950 08,670 115,781 083,034 Of th? Republic.. 3.116, 947 485,825 110 3fi7 3,2^9,822 Chat hum 0,33 .817 42,100 10:1,413 402,613 Beoplee' 877,770 62,036 160.120 G44,9;>0 <*!*. America. . 1.U21. 971 100,955 02,767 1.494,371 Haaover 1.880,100 68,64* 114.729 800,887 Inring 871,217 50.874 104.205 106,863 Metio|>oUtau .... 4.741,668 043,502 84.819 6.239.102 C iti/epn* 778.316 00,020 16...616 020,433 Grocer*' 067,888 02,228 00.051 58.., 949 Naur an 1.088.039 120,943 121.117 ;?87,112 Ka?t River 450.498 54,046 90.08H t ; irt.l Market 1,151,983 84,097 U9,5nti 016,892 Ft. Nich.da* 698,116 47,672 00,667 420,80$ Shoe A leather.. 1,006, ?.8 40,427 108.612 7S7,78<> Corn Kxchnnge.. 527 814 138,961 81,106 1,672.073 Continental 837.3*8 246.168 06,816 2,066,223 Commonwealth.. 1,18:; .612 61.794 99.742 042,674 Oriental 5nl 013 Sfl,2<>4 97 286 870,823 ?Win" 804(1.8 40.682 01.378 626,004 AtlauUc 5?'.9 f>49 60,464 98,341 310,45 ) - 3114.430 33,795 07,101 901.271* f - Y Dry iH.rk . . 402.W)? 28.947 66.378 129, 3J9 t*ch*ngu. 207,590 10,181 119,158 126,295 Boll i Head. .. . 255 7P8 13,575 104.226 158,011 If. Y. County... 185,448 10 363 23,028 103,969 *>U1? $98,681,731 11,656,891 7,718.492 8 >,105^147 flJURDC: Hut mi TBAV" m tiovn. Exchange* for week ending Sept. 17 ..8111 278 M3 Do. do. Sept. 24- ' 110 'ivii77J ancoi for week ending Sept. 17 .... 6 816148 do Sept. 24 0.127 '.239 The annexed statement exhibit* a comparison of the leading deportment* of the bank* of tUU city from the firbt np to the la>-t weekly returns:? Nww Yoa* (Trr<. /Mtpt. Airrie. Oireul'*. /Vnottt ?, '64.. $81. 063.637 12.076,147 7,075 *10 02.828.020 if' .?*?? S'.y* "06 13 596.903 7.049,982 64.982,158 83,976,081 15,488,526 6,686,441 67, ?'*03, 808 . ' iw' >55" sr> 447,998 16 372.127 0.081,361 69,047,618 **"' *6.664,657 16.007.200 0,680,823 70 13d,6l8 ?1 88, 146, 897 17,439,190 7.000.766 72.023.817 r . 10, '55.. 0V,.h11,>89 in 670,009 7 131 7ft Ji'/jm T. 17, '56.. 92,447 346 16,033 083 7 001 ' 018 K ?? r. 24, '66. . W.060.773 16,602,729 1,469^. 76,'209|k3 Mar. Jl, >66.. 93,034,041 18,018,105 7,337,833 78.800,186 Atril 7. '56.. 04 499,394 14*908,004 7,7H,VVl 7T;31 1.908 Al ?U 14, >68.. 04,140, j99 14,890,979 7,523,628 77,282,242 Ap.llJl, ?65.. W?, 032,893 14,jOi),OU 7,610,1:44 78,344,921 Aj .il V8, 9*2,508,961 14,282,424 7,010,985 76,219,961 Way 6, *56.. 93,098,243 14,326,050 8,OK7,?00 78, 'Z14.189 Jlay 1'.'. '5o.. 91,642,498 14,686,028 7,804,917 75,850. j'H May 19, '55.. 91,075,500 15,V2&,058 7,08,880 77,151, -'18 Voy V0, '50. . lil, 1< 0,518 16.314,532 7, 46a, 837 75,705,7 W Jane V, 'W>.. 61 1">7,?W l^"97,i!74 7,855,"*(? 7<l,:U3,230 Juuo 9, '55.. 9" 1 <>'.?,< *?7 15,005.155 7,W?2,6?8 77,128,789 J i. ne 17, '5b.. 93,100,7:86 14,918,668 7, 462, lnl 77,819,454 Jukti 13, '55.. U,t>.9.4'.o 14,705,729 7,3;.. 8b. i 79.11:1,186 Jui* :,0 '.r,i>.. 06,577,1:12 15,041,970 7,304,084 81,!W3,9b5 July 7. 07,852,491 15, 481, OKI 7,V43,00# 85,047,243 J.-lV li, '55.. 98 415,432 10, 5?l, 756 7,515,724 85,?16, 033 i July ?1, '50.. Wi,0;'.l,]47 1? ??18,'.<99 7,407,08-1 82, 079,590 July ?8, '66.. 80,088,769 16,020,978 7,409,498 81,025,788 I Ai-s. t, '56. .100,11 8,.r>('9 16,'.1'h,M8 7,fi42,903 83,279,990 I An# 1V66..1GO 774,100 15.2.70, G09 7,714,401 83, 141, .(2 Aug. 18,'65.. 101, 164,000 14,049,246 7 810.100 81,948,071 Aug-. i6,'05. . lon,i 04,1 04 13, .128, 3.8 7,&8'i,0,l5 81,178,568 Kept'r 1 C' . .1' 0 4.:<; >70 1 ?.!, 852,823 7,^20,1,8 81,057 -10 Mffr 8, '55. .100,278,7:18 12,000,838 7,881,148 80,442,478 '?I, 55.. !??.? 07,009 12,21;!, 240 7 7.'1 8.15 80,510,306 ."?fir. Ei'. 65.. 98,581.734 10,865,391 7,710,492 89,105,147 He Unt i vturi.K, comi ared with those for the previous week, chow ii ilecteu*e, in l.i tins and discounts, of 8815,275 S-pecie 657,819 I irculation 5/1:1 lepoi-its 405,159 In e'ery ?'e; a: tment there has been a contraction. The movement in corresponding periods, in each ot the just three yearn, compare as follows:? Im am. Circula II Del Kit its. Kept 24 185.1.890, 002,705 11,340,9'5 9,477.511 58 il 2,334 s^pt 2::' 1854 . 02. 095. ?'11 12,98 ,388 8 892,023 72 018,451 Sept. 22, 1865. 98,581,734 ll,tS5,."<l)l 7,718,492 80,106,147 The banks have now a smaller am mnt of specie on hand lhan they have before reported thi < yrar. The contraction appears to be going on in tlie other depart ments as well. The shipment of specie during the noxt two weeks will not be very heavy, and the California steamers are now nearly due with about two millions of gold. They will arrive without doubt before the next weekly statement. It is the impression in thestroct that this is the lowe.-.t spirit1 point of the barks lor a long time. The deposits were with the line ot discounts. The different departments have not vaiied much in their com parative condition for seveiat weeks. The following circular, communicating an importnut change in the trade regulations of Holland, has been made public by Messrs. Schuchardt & Gebhord, bankers of this city: ? Ambtkktum, Wednesday, Aug. 29,1855. T>y rrcent. act of the legislature of tills Kingdom, whicu will come into operation the 1st January, 1850, the lonmtge dues hi'lierto charged on all ves.-els visiting our sea poits have been repealed. As this liberal measure mu-t have a deaided Influence on th" conditions whereup on shipowner! may be Inclined to accept a freight for our porls. wo deem it advl -able that a lull publicity be given to it in your country, and wi 1 thank you lor using your endeavors to tin* attainment of this object. In order to eniiLle you to judgu of the bearing of 'he new U''.t, we beg to state that the no w rejiealel duty, which wo* intro duced by un net ot the 26th August, 1824, was cli U'gcd to nn amount of 45 c. I>. per ton, on every vessel cleared inward, andt^tho same amount ou every veesel cloare l outward. 1 living the lirst time after its Introduction this pay Iment was increased to twice the amount, fo.? vessels be longing to foreign p >wers, by whom higher or other du tie were levied upon I'utch vessels tliuu upon their own. "At tlie reform ol out navigation laws, by the act of the 8th August, ltieO. i he tonnage dues lost this discrimina ting character. As, however, tlioy were only to be paid nt the Hist Intvttrd ritd outward clearance every year, a decided advantage was f t ill left to national ie<sels. many of which entering our ports several times the same year gotrtlofall payment at tlieir second ami sub?0f|ueut I voyages. lh<* repeal of this duty may therefore bo con Hio'ei od not only as a genernl benefit to trade ani naviga tion, but also as a special boom to foreign shipping. As such, it belongs to the series of measures wheroby, in the last years, the pAtection formerly granted to the national shipping interest has been gradually with drawn. As to the material results of the new act, they will be best explained by putting the case of a vessel of n determinate cupacity, viz. ? 750 tons, load ing 2,000 bales of cotton. For such a vessel tho tonnage dues amounted to 381.37 >3f. at its inward, and to the same Uguie at its outward clearance. By their re peal the ship owner escapes an expense of 78?.75f., or up ward of 8..00. At the same time it deserves to bo noticed that by the present reduction the general shipping costs at the Hutch port* (including the dues and other costs at the passing ol the canals) are brought all bat on a level with the London and Liverpool costs, whereas, compared with Antwerp where the tonnage dues, introduced du ring the union of the two kingdoms, remain still un changed, the scales are turned decidedly in our favor. The simple statement will be sutllcient to refute the ex aggerated complaints about the expenses incurred at our sea ports. It was under this conviction that we took the liberty to address you on the subject, and we will feel, therefore, obliged, if you will make such use of this communication as you may deeui best adapted to pro mote the diiect intercourse between both countries. The Netheiland Trading .Society, by 1)E MtJNOHY, President. 1?K Cljattxj, Secretary. $50(i0 Ohio li's, CO.. 105 111 Int Imp, "47. 1000 lnd State Fives 5000 do C 1000 Virginia 6's... 1000 do 5000 Missouri O'n. .. 2(00 Califor 7V, "70. 14000 Tt-nn 0'*, IK). . 10000 KrieC B?.'71.*8 2000 Br ie HI" fll '75. 15000 JhnlHl'.dmtRC Us 18000 111 c KR Rd*.s3 5000 do....b60 jf'OO (lo... bOO louoo do.... *30 .'?coo do.... M lAOOCfeRl RR lls.c 300 fhs Mech Rank . . 5 Bunk of America. 41 Ocean Dank 7 Metropolitan Ilk . 800 Cutnb Coal Co..b3 ?00 Ward Coal Co. . . POO do b20 300 do b.'S 100 N'ic Transit Co..r Stock Exchange. N?w Yolut, Sept. 24, 1855. 200shs Krie IW..biH) 100 10 50 '.'00 :.oo 800 Canton Co. 200 do... 200 Erie HR. . . 100 100 100 100 122 GO 100 100 . hOO .bio ..w ...A3 .#?8 .boo ,.?60 .fifiO N'.O ,..s3 ,1>tw .1.00 ...b3 105,^ 105 8:1 08 V 98 V4' 92 U 87 96 63 89 K 75 85 )i 80 80 ?? 85 'i 85X 97 115 113 80 14 100 20 1*. 1* 1 X 20 20 1??, 20* 20 -OS, 26? 26* MX MIX 66 V M,'? 6(.>i 57 50 150 50 50 50 I!50 100 300 do. do. do. do. do. do. do. 100 Harlem UK. 000 do.... 100 do.... 30 Panama Railroad 1051^ 202 Reading Railr ad ..b3 . bill) .010 .s?0 ,h60 . .?3 ? 1>00 .1)00 .1)30 56^ 50 >i an Si 66W 50 60',' 60 27,' s| 27* 27 do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. 200 350 uoo 200 200 100 200 100 100 200 100 Hud It HR i do 260 do 5 do 100 do 177 Mich (Vn KR. 10MS&N IRR. 5 do 20 do 6 Gal A: Clilc RU 108 do 200 Clcv h Tol RR. . b3 200 50 100 200 300 do . do . do . do. do. k(H) . ,L3 -..c 05 S, Oj 05 05 05,' ; 0>!d 05 ??}?' 051., 05 42 41 K 42 41V 42 .. 09 W . . 102 .. 101 .. 100 ^ . . liw* .c 119K sU 85* Im 85 85* 80 80 V* 8-i^ .w too ,k;o 1?30 b60 L30 100Cbic4Rkl?RR.e l(Ki 10.'! .03 103 $8000 lliiMiiri fi's 111 Con RR Kdfl. 100 Oam C Co.h30 M do ,|S 100 -to 250 do. b.i ;ioo do boo 25 Nir Transit Co... 200 Erie RR 200 do K1 300 do Mio 400 do *3 :U!0 do 100 dc SECOND HOAK1). 02'., 10 ) Khx Erl? BR ,K0 86 h 26>,' 26 20 20", 27 20 >i 56 56 66 'f 66 ,'i 55 <? 5tl 100 100 1200 800 100 do. do. do. do. do .MO .*30 .1.00 ..b3 loociev AiTol i'Ji. 0 K) 160 do 500 do 000 do It 300 Reading RU. l>3 100 do 400 do 100 do, ..b:i .1)00 50 V 65V 56% 66* 56V MX 87 86 V 86 >2 86 ?4'; 94 V 04 <i 95': CITY TRADE REPORT. Monday, Sept. 24?') I'.M. Ahhf* -filing flowly, at $0 60 lor pearls, and $d 37* for pots, per lOO lbs. Urn apkti m.? Flour pretty active, but infirm, the day's business reaching 14 ;t00 bnl?., including common to extra state, at $7 75 a $8 25. mixed to fancy Western, at $7 87 * a #8 37 *; common to extra Canedian at $8 a J9 ami mired to extra Southern, at $8 25 a $'J 76 per bbl. Nothing now In rye flour or corn meal. Wheat favored factor*, the sales comprising 56,000 bushel*, at (2 05 a $2 11 for South'! n white; $1 86 a $1 90 for do. rod: $2 06 a $2 12 for Canadian white: $1 93 a $2 for Callfornln do.; and $1 70 a $1 95 for Western and Jersey red. 6,000 bushels rye were obtained, at $1 17 a $1 If, Oats unchanged. Corn was purchased to the ixtent of 45.000 bwhela Wo- tern mixed, at 87c. a 88','c. Comj dull and heavy, with sales of only 81) pkg* Java, at Vic. a 14*c., and 270 Rio, at 11c. a ll*e. per lb. Cotto.x ? A moderate biisinis?was transacted, at Natur day's la'e* which a few of the strongest hoMer* repeat ed, hoping to cot more when later Kuropean new* shall hare boon received. Hat. ? Thcrt were <500 baleii river taken, at 70e. a 76o. per 10?' lbs. Kn*i' iin<? For IJmyoaO. there wore mewed a few lots of d.tton at < Id rat. ? : 1 (KM) bills, flour at 2a. 9a. ; si tue grain at 9>1 a H'j.l., and heavy goods at 35s. \ 37s. fa. For l.undou tin sre not niuch *hippe<l, and rates wore unaltered. Kor other ports, the buriu"-v was inronaMtrable. Hors. ? Nothing new. Iri'X. ? 80 tuns ScoUh pig realized $37 a $38, uaual terum per ton. Lathk.? l-iistern were in demand at $1 4:1% a $1 50 i>er hous?nd. ^Icce our last there liaro been ^ol.l 400 tons foreign, mostly at $6 60; and 1,000 pigs Qalcua at id 50 a $6 66'j, usual teruu for 10o lb?. I jmk.? Rockland wax obtainable at 90c. for common, an I $1 16 for lump per bbl. Motiim unehnng?<l. Vavaj Ftdhw. ? Hosln, tar, and crude turp?ntfno ro maineil about the same. Iliere was more in ^iiry lor spirit 1 turpentiM at 47c. a 48c. p?-r gallon. (Ul/i. ?Turtles dlsagreeil about price* of whale and ?perm bonce, there waa but little done red and olive oils were In demand at steady rate* , Unseed was quoted *t 93c. a 96c. per gallon, with a moderate business ; nothing new It) lard oil. ? I IV>rk was d.iing bolter; the nates Including 660 l,bl*. at *22 ( IX lor ureas, and $21 37 JW a $21 50 for prime per bbl.; lard m. ved to the extent of 260 bbls. at llj<c. a 12e, pat lb. The sulea of beef ?nibraced SOObbU. av full pii'es Flutter and che<^? unchanged. Kur. ? 160 tierces, olil and now, were purchased at $6 a $5 76 per Ksr lbs. Si run ? We heard of sal** of only 376 hhds. Cnbf! *e . within our U?t quotoil range. T<U)iW. ? Sale* of In r?oo |> prime transpln.'d at 13e. per lb. ADmimiXNTS RENEWED ETERT DAI. ~ URf GOOIM, 0*1'. ilA'-l PKAHL 8TBKW.-MR9. STONE HAS JJST RE A AO reived, per la?t eteam< r, another addition u> her ?Uki* ol taur-h admired French and hngli: h wove corae'd, compris ing every ahape, atyle and color, suitable .or the oomlug wea pon, which she olt'ern at her uauaUy low pricf*. Also, cbil dr?*D'*and iuL?Hft8. Indies will find It to their ftdvui *4^ jp call and examine, before purchHMing elsewhere. Mrs. STCNB, 443 Pearl, between William aud Rose street*. inn STELLA SHAWLS? FROM AUCTION, AT $7 SO II/"' curb; new style plaid aiikd juu: received: will '>P?o r..ori, Ji;' a lot ol cheap black tf1 to-- . * 'Hi! plaits anl att rines: 100 jiie'v-s piranw la, sup - to.', 3m. ; ilunads, bl%n ItciH, Ac. THOMAS T ATK, Hjj imwU at., corner of Greene. OA CASKS 0? FASHIOIfABLE SILKS, FBOM SEVBJf lo twelve ahilluiA'H V* yard. will l>e up -tied tlu.s luirn Lib. UBSD1XL, PEIRS0N Jk I.AKE, 4, l J '.roadway, between Oraad ami Urooinc H'.reol#i. x. FTKWABT * CO. HAVE RECEIVED BY TUB ? l)a; lie twoeuBesnf vn i-.xcn poplins, Beautiful cot 'd" tor llu: leaaon. llroad way, Chamber* aud R>'a 10 ptroeta. AKTMi ASSORTMENT OF FRENCH KM BROI ORRED nuil malilsc hands, al hull the iivtal price, just recoiled. PETER ROBERTS X CO., 375 Broadway. BNOLD, CONSTABLE A CO. L Will exhibit Fall and Wi. tkii Gajutc-vw at Ietail, On Wednesday, September 26. til i an il sireet, near Broadway. B AT THE ENTRANCE OF THE LACK DH1' aKTMKNI oi' the Exposition Universale a Paris. !h? mast a'racdv, ami briUiau' an- tin li'uck iucc pom'H, eolfs, veils and man tilias, from the house of Sto<|umr llm hers, of Oayriumout They had previously dialing uit hud themselves ut the variotu exhibitions on thin continent, lint their graud exhibition at th? Crystal Palace in London eoiiMliilAted Uieir repu'aumi The articles are nnmerous and varied, and are distinguish -d io> iheir clearness and beauty of dentin, aud the superiority ol the execution render* them the most Incomparable and otiarmiua of work*. In their present grand display, a superb vhawl <i( black Jlrimscla luce, attracts universal admiration; the design In rich and elaborate, consisting of the anon of Franco, with ?he cyphers of their Imperial Majestic* ? From L'ludipeo dance a Brussels. A large assortment of iho n hove superior black Brussels lace goons, selected by Mr. Roberts in lirttssels aro now ready for .??ale by PETER ROBERTS &. CO.. 37? Broadway A SUPERB STOCK OF LYONS VELVETS, JUST Re ceived, comprising every width and color, amiable fur basques,, elonkn, ,\> ?. CB.SHKLL, 1'ElltSuN A LAKE, 471 Brovlway, Between Grand and Broome suree:.'). A SUPERB ASSORTMENT OF AASHMRRB SHAWLS just received. UBSBBLL, PRIBSON t LAKE, 471 Broadway, between Grand and Broome street*. ABtTPEBB ASSORTMENT OF NEW LACES" JUST BE cetved? Brusaels point nets at $7 to t'2h, point A. L Aiguille, point de An^leterre, llouitou, Valonelcn .e*, bliu:li thread laces from 10 cit>. o ?'2i) per yard, nl-o black 'Jir- .-u.' veils, very rluh capes, scarts, colli ui ex iind haridkerrlucfs; Parif eiubiolderies of ilie newest diNlttw, In collars, oleoves, A* N. B. A cariou of bluck thread hIuiwU from to $!.?. MUXKS A. OBANT, S3 1 Bwwdwiy. BFLl'lN'8 CLOAKS? FOR THE FALL SEASON. ARi now ready, at the Peri* Maatllla Emporium, 3dl BroatL way. A splendid variety of rpo re antji; tie velvet and clot., man til las and talmaa, adai>te I tor tlie early fall. IU l.PlN, :?l DcoUwav iLANKBTF.? S(*ILED BLANKETS AT ONE-UALF > their value. Wo liave received 50>l [itir of blam;> . . alii htly KOiied. We shall sell llie'n on Mouuay, 21 ;'u ei.i., at just oi'o liall their value 1 his is an opporttmiiy that Held nn occurs for ludles to KUppiy tl eiaselves ehoun for iha approac'i ing winter. W. B. BOND, li)6 and 1M> Sixth av., Directly opposite tne tn iricet. DBY rtOODB FROM AUCTION VERY CHEAP.? NEW fall (t) les and nt |TMt bargains, couslKiing of dl ibUI ? paranutttas, nipocsp, ni.'il'ios pilot-', shawls, flannels, Frcnoh ueedp'work, hosicri , Ac.", also. Canton llnjinels. wlil'e -hir. i ti'^ and sin 'O iii a 'so, white shirting llaen, Jin ti hurl. Ikvrclii-i - , At . ANDBBW I ni. m 8] Third avenue, Fall and winter fashions in cloaks, man tiling and furs. ? .MaKuiticent display of Paris noveltie s ? Opening day at the I lilted stutea elOak nnd mantilla store. ? WM, Jil.'CHANAN MACKENZIE baa the honor to nunnntico to the ludlis of New York and adjacent cities, that he w ill be ready to submit for their approbation, < n Wednesday, the ."i'li Inst., the mot! superb collection of icuhereli^ aud eletran' gar ments ever oll'ered In this country, i omprisiru; all the I itest produet'ons ol the most eminent Pin-Ulan modistes, which, on fnjtpee ion, will be found 10 evince a degree of tas'e fully corn mensitrutf with the advancing refinement and luxury of 'lie age. His three spacious plate glass win lows will ho ioutid to contain tut array of tempting novelties, which, for die conveni ence of visllciu on that day, he begs leave to describe as follows : ? Window No. 1 (nearest Broadway) w ill be found to contain the most complete and beautiful assemblage of mantillas and talmas for early tall wear ? tlutl In the cent re being one of those beautiful creations in velvet, elaborately embroidered, and richly adorned with guipure Inco, which has given to the maga zine of Madnine Lc Cann sucli enviable distinction among Parisian artistes this season. Window No. 2 (the centre) will bo rendered conspicuous by a tastelul prolusion of rare ami costly furs of ail nations, pro minent amongst which will be observed a Itusslan sable cape, price fif ecn hundred dollurs, of the most lustrous and truly regal aspect; supported on cither side by a set of royal ermiue and Poiish mink, of rare beauty and value. In window No. .1, will be .shown three of the handsomest blaekj Lyons velvet cloaks In America, presenting at one glance ilie ne plus ulru of perfection in the art, and surpassing hi beauty and exquisite finish any tiling of the kind hlthorto im ported. They are named respectively tho " Empress Eu genie." the "Favorite," and the " Rachel." Please to observe the opening day, Wednesday. Stith Inst. WM. BUCHANAN MACKENZIE. 45 aud 47 Canal and 67 Iaspennrd street*. BrandreUi Building F RKNCU AND ENGLISH SILKS? Heavy rich quality new style, Winter Colors, .11 on ooLtaK rEit v aiep. A. T. STEWART A CO., Broadway, Chamber* and Keadu street*. TJ1L0UNCBD SILK B >?*>?- #mor UBUie, b V e > be opened On MoSUat. SrrtE?"? >*? IilBKNCH MERIN0ES ? 1 Of tho Manufacture of Puturlc, I.upln & Co. Five cases el choice color" will be opened on Monday, Sept. 24, ATSCVBN MIlLMtGH PEIl YARD. A. T. STEWART A OO., Bradvag , Ohutbw and iteadc 'Jreat s. Fms.-F. LANDRY, fi?l BROADWAY, N'KW YORK5 tenders Ids grateful Ihniik* to hi i customer* and th>' pill lie in general. for the tutors ho hao Mi long enjoyed nt their hand*, and solicit* tholr continued patronage and recommend ation. A new and substantial slock of lushlonable ladi**' furs now ready for vale on moderate terms. Orders stric'-Iy ob nerved. Visiters are Invited to examine his cltv trade slock. (1 EORGE RICHMOND, OF SCO BROADWAY. WOUV> J call the attention of the ladles to his stoek ol rMilaoes it I embroideries, which cannot be surpassed, and only require ; be seen. Our knowledge and tucuitles enable uatoplek tt t ie newest eoods and sell at the lowest prices. Brussels poi j 1 i sets, from W to $30; Valenciennes do., from >10 to 11 T

m -onment of black laces, vi lla, caps, bands, embrolde 3 b ndkerehiefs, One linen, from 10s. up; mourning goods, real J D an<tfu),ln thick andlhln Unen cambric; dre*acaps;headdre<K I 0 ht latest Parisian styles. Under the personal suporlnteu | e ice of Mrs. Richmond. ENTLEMEN'S FASHIONS FOR SEPTEMBER, 186#. U F. DERBY A OOMPANY Announce amongst their most eonnpienoni PERSON AD ADORNMENTS FOR GENTLEMEN, 1 hat the following may well be noticed. For morning frock coats, the Brighton beaver and a new ark cle In line Haui coating. They are boih hound on 'he edgo with narrow silk binding. For a walkintf or riding dress, i hazel out brown or Russian green c<mt ; the waistcoat of Tlii bet wool, very One in texture, and the pattern confined to start and running sprigs bound with ibe same color an the eo>vt Dress coats are made of blue, green or Bishop's purple, wlU Mark. For morning coats, a milled kersey In brown, blue ot black, and various double milled medley cloth* mid undrcssec Melton*. Overcoals, a truly English double milled drab grea coat, (no very nsehil on most occa-ions, particularly in wagon, or ou horscl.ack,) including n varlet> of caater, i laret and ollvi brown tri hle milled cloths water], roofod, yc'. evaporable; ?t 01 which we shall be pre pared to exhibit on Monday, August 27, Together with a superb assortment ol waelcoatings km trownerings, as also every article requisite for male autre n novel and elegant designs. 12 PAUK PLACE CIEXTLEMEN'g MERINO UNDER < LOTHI NG.-fiOO 1 pairs merino drawers, from 72c. to flifiO; SUO merino shirt*. from'Ic. to SO; 1,000 su? kji and ties of dllTerent styles, nt SI. N. B. ? Shirts and dri s'ln robe* made to order >? liort notice. JF.LLISON A 00. , Rioauuay. ]RTS1J MNENH.? KENTON. SON A CO., MANl'J'A I turers nnd bleachers, Belfoft, Ireland.? Tholr liuen?< handkerchiefs, Ac., can be obtained genuine only from JOHN W ATKON, 26 Park row, N. Y. note Agent for America. JUST RECEIVED? A SPLENDID ASSORTMENT OF French merinoes, In every color and uuiOlty, from As. fid. to 10s.: also, paramattas, cashmere-, and ae berges, nt equally low prices. REMSI.f* A HINOEK. ' 20 1 and 200 Sixth avenue, one door below Fourteenth si. VTEW F A IX GOODS? JlW RECEIVED AT P. OOI.E'S, li Htiti Broadway, two doors above Union square.? Plaid me rluoes, liombazinm, alpaccaa, Uanlon cloths, bla. W silks, de lalncs, hosiery, gloves, embroideries. boys' weir, togeth er nltii n f i .11 assortment of houaekcepltig wood.-; i ible lin"ti, linen sheetln* snu shlrltngi, dsmaak napkins, towelling, drug gettng. oilcloths, Ac. New r.ui. goods. Upholstery, Curtain material*, and French |,aper hanging*. SOLOMON A DART No. iiy Broadway. ar" now receiving ? full i- bp ply of fall good*, suitable for Curtain*. Furniture Core ring, and interior deeoraiion, which they otter Wholesale *n<l retail Upon the most favorable terras, To itklch they invito the attention M tfe* TRADE AM) I'LBIJC. Iterc closed on Saturdays, REM8EN A D1NOKE HAVE .11 ST RECEIVED A NO ther lot of stelln shswls In every eolor .|so, bro-he,"th mere, touare snd long wind sbawla, .-it such prices as cnnnol fail to please. 204 and 300 Sixth avenue, one door below Four teenth street. CTE1.LA SHAWIA? WILL BE OPENED ON MONDAl, 0 the Rth insl., eighty cartons, containing nearly one thou sand beauUful Stella shawls, of the latest and moat rerheobf designs, and to which the attention of ladle* I* respcctftill.' solicited; all at moderate price*. GEO. RULPIN, Ml Broadway. rp<i buyers of dry goods ? a stock or goods. 1 principally silks mertnoe*, la? es uml embroideries, can be porchased m s lump, or Otherwise, foil ID per cent below Ibe cost of mipor'ntion. Address Henry A Co., Herald o?cu, for one we?k. UBSDKLL, phbson a l\kk will open, this morning, several eases of rich dress goods, oooslsiing of silk, rl. n silks by the yard, Fren^h^le laines, cashmeres, vsleticlas and all wool plaids .calicos Ac., imported expressly fur the city trade. 471 Broadway, between tlrand and ftroome ttreets. \rALENCtENNF. LACES AND EDtllNGS.? THE l/NDFR signed has jnst reeelveii a large assortment of Vale 11 'irans lace* snd ed flngs, Mnlte.te do., Rrslish thread do., Brill Iw do., llonl?on Mti, Honlton follara, Iii|ic<d jniiptir" do., Freneh needlework do.; with every style of oolJars and band*. Infan's' *alMs, skirts, robes, *??.. A.-. K. rilOEAS, T0? Broadway. DRY GOODS. HK a UN BBOTHEBS WH.L OPBN ON fDMVDAI. ti n lUith inst. , the fall .Uid winter styles of cloaks ill mantles. WE HAVE NOW FOB SALS ONE OF TUB LABORS! K'ot Km of -Int.- us t vn iielore olfcred, ami at auction prices. Beautiful shirting linens, trooi Si. o l. to 4s tla.S 0-4 Barnsley table linen, 4h. ud.; 7 I do. do., an.; (M do. da, 6s., very l.i .ivv AM, a we1' assorted stock or towels, diapers, tfnet. tups, Piliowca' f luii'tts, Ac., &c. BEH8KN A iiFNOi^B* 204 it i,d Mi Sixth u'.euue, one door b low fourteenth ?t. "II/HaI.KULiNE KK1RTP.? THIS MUCH ADMIBED A VI) it improved ~iyle of . kiri run be purobas nl, or made to or ocr. toiiuther ?l:h every otter variety, horse hair, meehms nil clit ^ corded, moreen, ei&broldsrod; children1* wliaiebone itklric, cotton idled skirts for winter, Ac., sr. at the lace and embroidery biore. E. THOMAS, ,'<i5 H road way, lour doorj above Fourth streit. COP A KTMlKStlll' NOTK KS. St AAA ?A FABTNRB WANTED, WITH THE TtvwVj above amouut, to join die advertiser In ,i In cm Ivr. ic'm-lng i>u?iue.-s siieady oftU'illsbet and ae cured l y i a cut, wherein a large business can be dot to with large profits. Call at 22U ilroadway, room 17, from 1 to 3 o'clock. ?Q fCAA ~ PARTNKB WA.VTKD, WITH ABOOT $3^100 of a cash capital, lo the clothing buslne s, In a^oodK'uiiJ, now doing a lira; rate easiness on one <?f tin pru.olpol I u- inew marls ol tli's city; or would Sell the Store for cm li. bo acceptable to tho advertiser. Adders At) fA|j TO #3,000? A PaRTNER 'ANTED, IN A ?pi.u'JU business tha' Is new and without coinpetil'ou lu ilie line in this country, and will pay a 1 .rge per eentago, 'Die business will be uio.tlly with, wuolosale dealers and Iron fuundiKS. Apply In HOWES A KKOB1HHBR, 84 Nassau street. (CO AAA ? A RAKE CHANGE. ? WANTED, A PART l'V7. ner wlih $2,000, In a large II eery stable * t(M forty stalls, all above ground; Ion g li uf. #3,000 Ui #8,000 a i rear can be made with an Increase of stock. For par flcnliU'H address J. A. B., Herald odlcj, with real outue ad ad to* <Sf1 r>AA TO feOOO.? PABTNBR WANTED IN A FIRST Jjpi.t/V/ vf clan down town dining and drinking ?aloon: llio location Is one of the very best, aud is uoiug a good business; long lens c and low rent. A partner with the above amount la w to ed, in order to make extensive enlargement* now under way. This In a rare chance. Address, with real name, stating wh re an Interview may be hud, Johti.-ou, Lioraid ollke., immediately. <fcl AAA ?partner wanted to takk thk bn JjpA.UUU# tire charge of the ofiloe department ofa maim facturlng business in this city, which U now paying In Boston t5,(?b0 profit per annuo,, cud will oay $*,000 per year lu nil city. All active young muu preferred. Good references re quired. Address Partner, Herald olllce. dfcQAA OR 11,000.? THK ADVERTISER HAVING TUB JJpOUv/ iibo\e amount In cash, and the boat ot city refer euce i In regard to diameter and business abilities, wishes ein plnymcut eiUier a.s partner 111 some well established bti inos or be would iccept ofa situation as clerk and give hln enpl ty cr the u?e of his money ou good security. Address K. K., bov 1-68 Post oOlee. dj^AA TO f.000-? A PABTNEB WANTED IN A stralghtlorward, legitimate, down own business that will pay two energetic men to S.1, 000 each, yearly, and no J ;i-k. The busltieiss Is donn entirely iiir ea U, and securi ty nt all tluicR fur money Invented. HOVVE? a i'BOUIiUe.K M Nassau street. <J>9AA T? W-WAVTED, 4 PAKTNBR, WITH Tin above amount, in a eash paying onalness, payln1 filly per cent, all cash. 1 o a smart but uie-sm in thla iaacliatiee. Hcli'nin met wi'h. Apply at 4S9 .rami street. <??"| en -PARTNER WANTED.? WANTED, AN F.N ?TiuU. tet prlKlng youn^ man, to join the advertiser In t.i manui'acture ot h!s newly lnveo'ei! door spring, wiilel. will eoBUWUKltt lttt c'c and ready sale. AddtvR* A. E. It., ll?raU'. otlice. Cil .^A 'ro f2')0.? ANY GENTLKMAN POSSESrflNO ?]pj?jv" tills amount, and wUhluc to invest ll iuasal'e and pleasant business, can bear oi on excellont chance oi purch u lttgtt one halt ititevf?i iu a splendtil, popular, uaveUing on' ;r prise, now ready to travel !u the Western and Southern Siaf'"*. li mu'ilcli SSOO per uiutitli cau be rcj . ilzed. Call on J. II. DAVIS, French's Hotel. PARTNER WANTED? WITH A CASH CAPITAL, FRO* $e,000 to f.'.OOo, in an old esUtbllsbed bunlnes payin thirty to lort.v per cent. Hood r eurliy given,, for three days, 11. W. H., Herald oQlce, PAP.TNEU WANTED? WITH 82,600 OAPIT W., IN A A splendid manuiai luring busine-H op town, which will yield tit least SB'S net profit per day Hie year through. A bet ter chance has not ollered la six nionlhs for an Investment. Call lmmoltately at 81 Nassau street, room 12. PARTNEltSHir.-A DESIRABLE OPPORTUNITY NOW presents its<\it' for a piutner, with about JfluO to #1,000, to join iu a profitable business dotvu towu. AddrcoS, eire of Mr. Buckley, 181 Broadway. THE COPARTNERSHIP FORMERLY EXISTIN'O BE iween Richard Doane, John B. Walker and David Nieliols, Is this day dissolved by mutual ooii' ent. The businoss will be hereafter continued by Richard Doane and David Nichols. RICHARD DOANK, JOHN R. WALK KR, New York, Pept. 24, 1868. DAVID NIUHOUM TO CAI/IFORNI ANS AND SOUTHERN AND WESTERN merchants, wishing to establish themselves In those Si j'e. In an exclusive cssh business, whl' i, will pay Immense proliu, can learn all particulars by calling at the oQlcc of the Rlppo wan company, 406 Broadway. WANTED? A PABTNEB, WITH ?1,609 TO #2,090, IN' the fur business, which pays a good profit. Tlie store is inn very good location, and is fitted up In Bi-at late siylc. Ad dress, D. D., box 114, Herald oillce. IU8CEIJ.ANEOI! S. 9AA Ann FEET ,,EST AS" OARS? BECKIVED AiUv.UWU in good condition, and for appllnd lor Unnicdiaiely, at INOEIISOLL'S, 2.W South street. BBl'KHKS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION? AT THE BRllSt factory, 337 Pearl street., Franklin si|Uarc. All article sold at the Iowrst factory prices. Paint brusbM of a supMioi quality couatautly on hand. Machine brushes made lo order * JOHN K: noPPKL. HATTKRS.-TIIE EXCELSIOR SEWING MACHINES ore nl\says for sub at VOl' N(i'.- cia, hlne sho|>. ,'t l.i St i,i ion street, nb,o tit J. W. Tl t'lvKH A t '( l.'S, l*;3 Water sveet, and w III be on exhibition tit the fair of the American Institute. Gas burner manufactory, no. 41 oreejtb street.? Dealers who buy for cub will wive twenty pur cent by sending u? their orders. A. Si O. W. BRADY. H BATING AND VENTILATING BUILDINGS.? A FREE public lecture on caloric will foe delivered by I>r. .! \MES BOLTON, ot Richmond, Va., on Thursday evening, ihe 'ii'li Inst.. commencing at 8 o'clock, at tho Stuyveoant Institute, iVjO Broadway; especially In reference lo warming and ventllatln 1' til liling.4 in which the new Bollon caloric furnace will be ex plalnetl, und I's beautiful adaptation to ihri well established principle* of adence, and its successful application In practice, will M demonstrated 113- elegant and stniide Illustrations. Physicians, aclenlO'c men, an nllecta, housekeepers. furnai e dealers, and the public generally, arc Invited i<> attend. OOKING GLASS, PIER, MANTEL, PORTRAIT AND I nun jaw UiiAon, rir.n, naii iau, romiiAii ?nu J pi. mrc frames.? Purchasers and country dealers would do elf to en 11 1 eforc buying elsewhere, an we ai? prepared to supply every variety In the nbove lino at exceedingly low prices. Old ti-nine;. re pllt equal to new. All orders promptly and well executed. R. L. Oh'l RANDKR, No. 2 Murray street (up stairs,) adjoining Ball, Black k Co. LEECHES.? RECEIVED PER STEAMER BALTIC, A fresh Invoice of Swedish leeches; for sale a' low prices by J. F. OUBC & CO.. UO Maldoa luue. I OOKINO GLASSES FOR SALE.? TWO LABOR J glasses, about six feci square, with rich carved frames, suitable for a public luiusc or parlors; also a handsome cotio ter, :? bout torly feet Ion*:. Apply al SI Greenwich street. OWNERS OF HORSKff A I: K Hl-RKBY NOTIFIED that if l)r. TOBIAS' horse liniment, in pint bottles of so rents, Is not found Hnperlor to any other, for the cure of cullo so-e throats, galls, 1 ui*. bruires, curbs anil s. rutchea, the mo rtey will be returned. Depot fsl Coi l kndt street. Over 2,000 certlflcalca c.ui In. mn at ihe office. PATEN I RIGHTS. ? V ALU A HLK PATEN I S ON SEWING machtnea. covering the best machines and the 1 heapeat to manufacture ever Introduced to Hie market, tn;e her with mn dels and patterns ready lor Immediate inanuiacture. For kali by C. A. DVBUIN, No. 3SA Broadway. RANDS' REMEDY FOR SALT RHEUM.-THIS CELR O b rated external remedy tor scrofula. scorbutic and rutaoo nm eruptions, used In conjunction with Sands' aarsaparllla, lias i nred thousands of llie very worst forma of these Ina'h sonic diseases, snd established a reput.itlou thai has rained a hos: of worthies Imitations. The public are cautioned that the genuine artlde Is prcpnred only by A. B. A I). HANDS, wholesale, druggists, luo Fulion street. Sold also by dru/gisat g ncrally. (JHOW CASES.-IIOFFMAN A FERISH'S SHOvP CAS* O u arc rooms, li" Bowery, between Walker and Bayatd streets. ('uses nutde in ever1 style, silver plated, brass, m and nitln wood, mahogany, Ac. N. B.? Ola coses taken In 1 I change. Orders promptly executed. QADDLBB, HARNESS, TRUNKS. AC ?P. TEAINOR. I I O porter and tuiinufaeinrer, 378 Broadway, presents for | spec lion, the largest ussortmeut of line ladies saddles, harntu | travelling trunks, horse covers, whips. Ac., in the I'nlteu States, which will be sold at the lowest rates for cash. TEAS, TEAS-IT IS FAI.SE THAT THE WAR IN China has created a scarcity of good lens, or rained their value, atthe Empire Oltj tea warehouse. 371* Bowery, corner of Ell h sired, or hi Catherine. All tbe finest kind, and of the latest Importation*, may be obtained lower than ever; together with eotlces. sugars and apieoa. unequalled In the market. A large supply of those /1.0U caddies of black tea, jiut as go's! us you pay 4s. by the single pound. Try some. TO CARRIAGE MANIT ACTURKRS.? WE, THE UN dcrsigiird. bating established a house In New York lor the Importation of J t ench carriage trimmings, would respect fully solicit tbe manufacturers In general 10 call and examine our Inrwe assortment of s.i tuples, consisting of French lamps, hrsx atels, eottellncs. di.masks, oilcloths, moq-iette carpets, and all kinds of orimnii nts. which we Oder lor sale on accommo dating terms, and In lots to suit purchasers. 01 IKT FAVAROEK k CO., Commission merchants. ?M llro.idu.iy. True turf oil-for sores of eyerykind which mar the form of man or beaot. "urcka of raedi elnes for every creatnre tliat moves on tlie tur.. Fur sul? by Schefll.n A Hroa k Co., 40 Beekuian street; Bush A dale, |sj tlreenwleh street; F. C. Wells k Oo., 116 Franklin .ireet; Kd ski A McCorkle A Co , 14 Water street, sole ageuu for New mo MERCHANTS AND TRADESMEN.? BOOKS AD 1. lus'ed, b<?k? or aoi-i unw msde out, br a flrst raut Isiokkeeper, on n s'ooable terms. Can i.'tvc tbe'bc.i ot city lelertixes. AUdrese. pM paid. Imh .t,!)"," I'ost olli e. To TFAcilKR> ? 1~<'u(KjL DKSKis \VI? vKAT* I nil sale cheap; maliot-'sny. very handsome. nesrU nr?, Ps <oi ' < miiniifaeltitc kis late-i tmprovem 'tit. Alto, otiflitif* iiiir?* tor icaching i{eo?rai>liy. AppbUi.M IIAIIKKIl, l.) K??> ? if tectith street, thli d hou-e from Union square. TTPOM EFCF.IY1NO ONE DOLLAR, THE C*DK!' I ) sinned will send six receipts tor the nianufac-iire <4 a so Tiri-inr uiialltv of pt . turnery, hair die, hair prenenaltve, fan ev sasii niLki'les, color lor fhe ehseV., Ac., Ac. All ihe arb cics can be inatlc for one Ihe usual cost, and arc war ranted cdital lo anv manrnfaclured. Addreas, Madame E. Du r and. New York FwtoBce. "iVMHNF.B'S PATK.NT WAHnTI B -THE SUBSCHIBERS V\ wiuild respectlnlly Inform the public lh;it they are now nrrnared to supplv onlcrs lor this mat bine. It liai been tho rnuLlilv tested m this oily and el-ewhere, and Ita utility I- placed bevriB'i adouhl. We lire permitted to refer to Well known cllfat ns who have nse<] It. and w bo tin 1 It all tint It was recom mended to be. We have the etclttsire right to manufaclure ...II the mvhlne In *ew York and Kings counties, vnsr -r's Pa'ent Washiub Co, 2ii7 llroatlway. P.S.? We ?ra empowered 10 sell rights for several counties In KcwJeisey, Delaware, Ae.; also Cnllfornla, and a 1 art of Ihe Southern Ptaieo. KXCt'IlSlOlM. TO CHARTER FOR EXCURSIONS.?^ THE ELEGANT n. w sieutncr, TIIOMA.S tj. HAIOHT. Apply on board, loot North Moore street, North river. TK? AJVTft' tUC?i*t?T KR. f^AA -HOUliE TO LET. AND FURNITURE FOB ?TTOvV/. sale. Vny respen'ablc pcr?in having 85H0. and wishing to keep aiinn genteel board) rs may Iwirof a tavo ra U* epportoaHi of comm. uctn*,' the business hnmellalely, in* t0<>d loea'ion, by apply ng lo DEMAtili.ST X 11 ASSIST, No. i Aitor place. A SPLENDID three story AND ATTIO HOCSK TO l' l at low rent, w b ult the modem ftmpro -e mental Croton wu'er, gaa. Ac., and furniture for sale, cheap for cash. Poa te -ion iiiimeihately. Inquire at aJlje Hi r h avenue. (1ARR0LL PARK, BBOOKLYW.? TO LET, OXK OF THE ./ ju-tly celebrated Nelsou bouses, fronting the above park, will he let or sokl on very favorable leruw. At-o, to te', for ?sle or e-ichante, a great varletyot Brooklyn property. Ap ply to _ JOHN BRAIN KKP, Wall it. lMiy, ffrotiYlyn. C10TTAQE TO LKT? AT NEW BRIGHTON, STATUS I Inland, next went of the Pavilion? Pos*o*Mou given October 16. tliv furniture, or such por ions u may tic wished, can be purchased from present ocenpania. l;eni moderate. Inquire m Iti liread Htreet, orou the premises. C10URT STRKKT, CORN BR OK HUTLKIt. BROOKLYN, / ? To let. the lirai clam bouse, with or without -.Utile, lur private family or physician; the location is unsurpassed; ilia u nsc in (jiioJ order; alae 26x60; itiree a'ory. atilo, basement and cellar; posses.- Ion now. Apply to JoliX lIHAlNI.itl), Wall mreei lerry, Brooklyn. DKHRAllLE HOUSE TO LKT AND FUBNITURK FOR rale.? 1 bo advertiser baa a very convenient and neatly lurnlsbed twne'ory house Inu genteel neighborhood, which lie will lc;i-e until May, IW7, and sell a part or all of toe furniture, which is new and desirable. An excellent opportunity tor any oiii- oenuneoelni housekeeping who wants everything good and neat; ti c I'lirnl ure wait all manufactured l>v prescntowoer for his own use. Addresa tlraham, Herald ortice. Dltl'O STORK TO LET-THB STOBI NO. 212 SIXTH avenue, one door above Fourteenth h reel; has been occu pied as a clrun more tor llio last eleven year*. Also, upper fixtures, counter Ac., for mile. Rent reasonable. Apply on tbe premiers. FURNISHED ROOMS TO LKT, WITlIOrT HOARD, ?(.ii- idling ol' a front parlor and bedroom, pieasawly lo rated near Broadway, and will be let on reasonable terms io gentlemen only. Inquire at .No. 71 Bleeckor street, or at HUKRSTKT'S trunk depot, 605 Broadway. IU'RNISBED HOt'SB, OPPOSITE THE METBOPOU tan Hotel, to let; or would be let uuflirtilshed, wltli or without (jas fixtures and carpets only. The house his been newly palmed and bcautlned throughout. Elegant fur niture, both antique and modern, of the Fiest kind; cost. ovur ?1,000- Tbe advertiser having o'lier premises vaunt, can lis pose of Ibis house at n very moderute tout to a sa tsinctory tenant. Apply at 5CI Broadway. FrRNISIlED IIOVSK TO LET? WITH l.M MEIUATBB'OS sesstaB. wee! of Broadway, msv Blttektr streetjoon aiiniiK twelve roornf. Kurnlture (,'uod, everylhlua ruiah1 u tn nice order for housekeeping, with mirrors, enni'fiiW s, liathf, range, hot aud cold water, pan rlex and closeM throu% i ott', luundrj', ic, B. W. RICH 302 Broadway. (1 KNTKEL HOI SK TO LKT IN WILLI AM8BUBO, J three minutes' walk from either ferry. Thu liouso Is th.-en Nit ry ami basement brick, finished in good styl i, with gas tlx lures on tne lloors; larye yard, with grape vine, Ac. Apiily un tin premises, io wM. ti. DUNN, Second sircei, next iluor lo t-outb Fourth street. HOVSE IN BROOKLYN TO LET OR FOR ^AT.E -OOR ner nf Columbia and Poplar streets, two minutes' walk trrnn t'ullon lerrv: prospects l eautlful; capital cellars. Rent ?K.ti. Apply lo JAmE> kiL't-Il, fib East Fifteenth street, near Union square. Habllng in the rear maybe had, If desired. T OFTBTOLKT? ONE OR THE WHOLE OF FOUIt LOFTS I j rfixUlO feet well Ibditod, In a good business location, lis i niton sirei I; rent moderate. Apply o P. i'AKKllUltriT, Market street, from rtto 10 A. M. or J toB P. M. FFICK TO LKT? NO. 2 I'INK HTREET, ME1UOPOLI tan Bank Building. J. M. BEACH A (JO., 2 l'tue st. ]>OOM "IO LET AND FURNITURE FOR BALE.? .V A neatly, 1 front parlor io let, pleasan ly locatad, iiinl new turn It ins for sale, ut a i;roat sacrifice. Inquire at 010 liousluu bireei, comer ol liri ene. QTOHR TO LKT? OI'POSITB METROPOLITAN HOTEL. O i 'it liroadway, n i. > ; Hxiuich for sale An excellent stana for a fur store, jewellery, or any lixht business. Possession nutol tictobir. Apply to ANSON, Ml) Broadway. OTORE, BABEMKNT AXD TOB CELLAR TO LET? FOR O a term ol' years. If desired, at 17 Ann ?' reel, well adapted lor a res'mirnht. Also the third loft, well ailaptedfor olllces. Inquire oa Ibn iioor. rpo LET IN BROOKLYN? A THREE STORY BASEMENT L and sub cellar house, painted throughout, rani'e iu ilio knchi n, as ui.-o puinp anu drain; all In perfect order lor a pri vate family. Inquire at 4J Dean street rpo LET? THE STORK NO. 40 BBADI STREET, FIFTY A feet cost of Broadway, opposite stcwart's; rent $600 per year; also several rooms, for llnht manufacturing purposes, lu MWti Ni Huane street, first house e.asi from Broadway. Apply at UKMMKL'S, 302 Broadway. rpo LET-PART OF HOVSE NO. I RUTGERS PLAOB, A corner of Wonroe and .lefl'erson streets, conslstlni; of par lor, w ith i ntension room, four rooms on second Uoor, one In altlc. basements, with ranee, gus, w ater, Ac. Possession 1st oi Oclooer. Reference given aud required. Call at the above number. TO LET? $7 80, $8 80, ANB $0 60, CHEAP AND DE slrable floors, ISO and 158 Kast Fortieth street, between Second and Third acenttes; water on the floors, (/fates in front rooms, first class tenements. Apply as above, or of A. DAVIS, Ninth avenue. TO LET.? THE THREE STORY AND BASEMENT HOUSE No. 26 Clinton St., Brooklyn ; convenient to Wall and Ful ton at. ferries. The house Is fitted with cos, turnace, batb, ,tc., and w Ul be let with or without the furniture. Possession sjiven November lit or earlier ll' desired. For further particulars ap ply on the premises, or lo N. DOUUHERTY, 101 Water at. New York. 1'0 LET? FOR AN OFFICE, A FRONT BASEMENT, IN aprlvate house on Twenty .ourth street, near Fourth ave nue. Please call or address (Quaker, I nlou square Post oillee TO LET? IN ELIZABETHTOWN, N. J.? A DOUBLE dwelling house, containing twelve looms, wltli garden at tached. the Methodist church, within five minutes walk ol tea depot, post otllce, six churches, a number ot schools, Ac. Rent until l?t April next, >125? a lease may probably be liad. In quire at the store of Mr. BADKLL, opposite tho house. IiO LKT? ON 111 TH STREET, BETWEEN THIRD AND Fourth avenues, two new, well finished cottage houses, etgb1 rooms each, laige yard snd garden; rent $100 per year. Inquire on the premises, house nearest Fourth avenue. TO LET? HAI.F OF A GENTEEL THREE BTOBY bouse on Thlrty-Orst street, near ljcxloxton avenue; rent fl'80; also, one on West Twenty seven, h stree', $276; ilso, on i on ker slreet, near Greene, $400; also, a fine dwelling on Fourth avenue, $/>U0. E. 11. K1NSUIMER. .,1'J Fourth avenue. 0 TO LET? A XKW FIRST CLASS KOUB STORY AND baaanert brown stone house In West Fourteen'h ?' reel, between Flghih and Ninth avenues; hottaa 26*02 lee'., alio or lot 2M. 211 feet, liullt In the most sulistanlal manner, ami con tains all 'he modern Improvements. Knr particulars, Inquire at 170 West Fourteenth aireat, or 6X Pine street. TO LET? TWO NEW FOUR STORY BRICK HOIJ8E8, Willi mouirn Improvements, In Fifty Ami s.reet, between Third and Fourth -avenues. Possession given Invnediatoly. Inquire of J. liAYFEK, corner of FIfUetb atreet and Fourib avenue. riio MOT, IN WEST HOBOK EM-TWO FIRST CLASS X, ol superior accommodation, wllhin minutes drive of the terry. Immediate possession given. Rent very moderate. mane* pass ilio door every hull" hour for the Hobo ken ferry. Apply to Win. stnclalre, Palisade avenue, West Hoboken; or J. S'lnclalre, 34 Pine street, New York. TO LET? FOt'R SPLENDID LOFTS, 98 FEET IN DEPTH, 2S In breadth. l'o?Hesi<iou immediately; terms easy. Ap ply at :,:o Pearl sti uet, near Hroud way. TO LET? A SMALL ENGLISH BASEMENT HOUSR. The lurnllurn lor sale al a bargain. All iDo modern iui provcmenls. For partteulara Inquire al the house, 2M Went Thirtieth atreet, or at the ofllce In the Irving House. rro LET-IN THE GENTEEL PRIVATE HOUSE, U.1 X I.nureiis street, private apartment*, sutable for a small lan ily. Ilefcrcuces e\cbaajed. For particular* apply on the prrnttaes. mo LET? A LARGE COACH FACTORY AND BLACK X "mi h's shop, In a central location. Apply al 86 sud UK En ?t Eleventh street. TO I.ET-A LARGE FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, WITH gas, !>a:h, Ac.. wtthont board, to one or two gentlemen. Tberarlors ol Mlvrrtlacr could be used for receptions If de ilreu. Tin- locution pleasant and not far up town. Family pri vate. Addreax bos 3,71u l'ost tflM. TO LET-TWO NEW AND WELL FINISHED THRRE and a half star} ln'tires. high Stoop bnscmi uts, and tad eelbirs, with all the modi rn Improvements, at lUBand 111 Wi ?t Twenty-fourth street; p<?se?sion Immediately. Apply to M. WILSON, I orner of Corilitndt and Broadway, under the Gllaey Building. TO LF.T? A FTRNM1IED HOUSE, OR WOULD PELL (he lease anil furniture. Also furnished rooms to let, with or Wtthont board. Address Lease, Broadway Post olUcc, for three days. TO LET-IN BROOKLYN, TEN MINUTES' WALK from A'la/i ferry, a tin or- story brick house, with ba*e tut nt ? ml sub cellar; the house bus been.bullt two yoars; Is 31 by 4M feet, handsomely finished, w Ith gas, range. hot and cold water bath, water closet, Ac.: will be let very low, to a good tenant, fir tho balance of Ihe occupant's lesae; pooaassloa given Immediately. Apply at 06 Bergen street, Brooklyn. TO LET-TWO MttiNT ROOMS ON SECOND FLOOR; front basement to let for a doctor's oOlce, would be let with the rooms; If required. Apply at No. 3 Clinton place, Eighth street. TO LET-A FIN* FRONT PARLOR ROOM. ON FIRST flc or unfural hed, In a ftnt elaaa bonne, gi-nteel location? a i|tile> home lor tin winter? Willi or without hoard, in a pri vate family. No other boarders. No. #10 Houston s'reet, eor tier oi' On ene. TO LET-IN THE I-OWER PART OF THE CITY, A small hotel, near Broadway, which will acoommodau- 1UQ persona; the lease an l furniture, evi rything in perfect order, for sale on easy terms, with immediate possesion. Situation uaurpaj ed lot uanatent hoanh rs. B. W. RICHARDS, 907 Broadway. rpo LET.? AT ;t.J BROADWAY, FOURTEEN LARGE 1 airy rnotns, elegantly furnished, Including parlors, to gen tl< men without board, or the whole or part to a Omllv wltliout <1. Hi In n, very reasonable, w lib the eaeluetra use of the kltchi n. doinb waller, and all the moderti Improvemetits; chauAiile.'i, t wm, bath, la, ull In pertcct order. r) LET? THE PEOOJTD STORY. WITH MORE RED ri n in- If required, with weodkoeae. to a small family. at UtFrsnkltn at., 'wo d<?u - west of Broadway. Fosaewilon 1st of Oi * >V-r fro LET? THE DWEM.IWG PART OF A HOUSE, OVER I ? "re con>l*'lni oi seven risitii- and a kitchen, situated on f .tb svi-niK . In the netfkl "Urhood M NenHk atreet. Ad ilri s A. He raid i>Uce. for two ilays. T>l/-r-\ VERY FINE KTORF MTD CELLAR ON ti e |i m il avenm ; a flrsi rate -land for a grooery, or crackeri awrr, or any buslMoa, Rent low, K II. KIXWHIMF.R, .*.1# Feiir'h sTerme. To LET-A STORE, 17? GREENWICH STREET, A ehoii e looa'km lor a wholewle or retail lienor s'ore. Iieln^ only three il .^.i? from the corn< r of Dry street. Iti-nt motlerate. PoaM ?-k>n given at once. Apply al liH Creenwlcb itrcet. fTO LET OR FOR SALE-A FIRST CI>ASP STONE X front house, wlihall the mmlim improvements. 20 feet front, ;n feat deep, nu Weal Thlny fourth street. No, 213. Ap ply next door, lift. TO T.FT IN ItROOKI.YN? A MODERN THREE STORY bou?e. 1M Dean atrwt, bataeee Bond and N"evin? ntted with ras, luith, rsnge. Ac. Prawe?im>i may lie had Immediate ly. Forturtherpar ieular?, apply at IM Csnal at., New York rpo LET? THE "EOOND FI/loR AND RACK bThE X ment of hiiiisa 111 l'.i?t Twenty fourth street, hetweeu Se cond an t Third av enues, in g .od order, wiih wssh-nin and sas; passes-Ion Imnie listslv. 1 /? a s.evl tenant the ren' will be lor. Maj bo iccn anytime ihron^h tiio day. TIBMAATtf' HBeiRTEB. TO LET ? THE FRONT ANI) BACK PARLOR, WITH pantrlc* hetW' en. und one room In third story, of house 97 Morion street. Inquire on the premises. TO I-KT. 27 CI AiibON AVENUE? A TWO STORY COT tagu house, w 1th basements; r* nt $16<> per annum. Alio, a house in YanderMM avenue: will accommodate two iuuiiUe?, reel flS per month Tl. ? flushing oar* pa** within a block. Inquire at ^. 8 Fulton s.reet, ltruoklyn. rro lei or t on tULB? a ykky beautifully pur. X Lisiietl house, in a um> lucauoo iu Brooklyn, a abort dla ?unco from lie Soot ? tcrrv , new, and ha* all modern impi-ora mi ut*. None but resnniLl le families will Inquire. pernonaily. between li and 12 O'clock, at !fj Iteekman street, drat door, up *'aii*. fPO l.ET-THE illttKIC STORY A ND BASEMENT HOI SR A ~i Cbcever piuce, Brooklyn. about live minutes' walk from the A tlnnfrc or I mull' mi rerrlee; the house lias all the mo<i> rn iui|"OV> nil it a; KH with m urea coiu|iioi?; also, hot and mid l uili. funiac*, n unc, waah tubs, Ac.; rent clieap, Apply'ut ihe house. rro I K.T? A FKONT AM) HACK PARLOR, FUR. 1 niidied sui'nti y tor sn* business; also, two basemeuu, with n.oiuH, Mutable mr ih boot or tuiy other business; loaa ilon good; rent low. at .IS.' ?roadway, up h lairs. HOI'KKs i(? LET-TWO MCE THREE STOHY BRICK honrcs up town, nea ? railroad, -e-too and #400 reo'; a ntro cottage, near Broadwa) t if; a large dwellteg on Fourth avenuc.JfcMi- a v.-rj nice bait homm in a gt.iiie.el stroet, $840, K. B. hlNMIIMKli, Jill) Fourth avenue, S to j I'. M. mO LRT-A COUNTRY RESIDENCE, DELIGHTFULLY A located on 'he hist river, live and a half mile* from the OltJ Hall; carriage house, stable and cliicken bouse on ins nlurc; or part of ihe lion .e furnished tor n sin ill family; would bji le' at a moderate rem until April or May. Ad Jreai Country Home, Union squaro Foat oilice. nio LEASE ? FOB A TERM OF YEARS, ONE OF THW 1 inoe. delithttol and pic urosijue country residencea in We-l cbcsier county, juat uelve miles from the city, overlook - in), the Harlem, with a small ilewol the Hudson river, oou mile from Fordham depot. The houne contain* two parlor*, library, anting rofm, eight chambers; batb room, water clo Bet, Ac.; a superior brick stable and a row hou*e, both sup plied with spring water; ? ti-h and lcc pond, with Icehouse; an excellent garden and grapery, with a variety and abun dance nl fruit. About i wenty acre* of highly cultivated land will be lea ed with the pr nnscs If dealred. The houae will bo par ly tuitiished. Inquire at S7 Walker *treet. T'O LET OR LKA.SE ? A FINE THREE STORY ANB ha*einent I. rick houae, tn complete order, Juit painted cu'plile and inside, and newly papered throughout, with all tha modern Improvement*; w titer and gas In each and every room throughout Ihe house, location i!3 Laurens street. Inquire of JOHN J. l'HILLll'B. eg Mercer mreot. TO RKNT, AT fflBO PER AN.VUM-TIIE THREK STOKY J. Ireo stone front high baacment house 109 West Thirty slx'h street, between liroadway and Seventh avenue; conUina ranr.'e, bath, gaa, gas flittircs, ail in ccmplete order. Inquire on the premise's or of W. A. CO Kit I ERG, 303 Broadway. rpo RENT? UNTIL MAY 1ST, AN ELEQANTLY FUR J infilled bouse, to a private (araily only, HiiuaMd near and veil l I Broadway, in a most fashionable location: rent KUfia, month. Addn i<h A. Jom a, Uumu Biiuaru Post oilice. HOtSEH, noonii, <xc., waatbd. ClOALYARD WANTED.? A LIBERAL RENT WILL BB J given fur a plot of ground suitable Tor a retail coal, yard, cupuble el .-.tow tug tour or live thousand lous. Location iu ilia ve'nltr of Ninth arena*-, not below Tenth nor above Twenty ? nil h et rei 1 1 . A lea-c lor a term ol year* preferred. Anplv ta Ll'.Sf I >M , liKOW l,K \ QQ,t 1, it West street, corner of Warron. PAHT ( "7T H01 'SB WANTED? 11Y A YOUNG M AN and Mife; three or mur rooms on second lloor, in a liou-o occupied by a p^vate family, contiguous to curuur of Bro ui wayand ('unal siri t; rem a ioiit S>i2 or iiii per mouth. Ad dr< si W. B. JONES, ly (,'ro?oy street. IJAItT OK A 1101 .-K. WANTBD, (UNKURNIflHBD,) BY a *mall respec'alde lamliy, (second floor); ihrao or four rooms, wi'b it good basemen- kitchen, and the modern lm piovt meD F, wiUnu ten mtnuiea' wulk or ride ut Fourth islreet tmd troadwsy j'.udreso 100m 38 Wavcrley House, 097 Bioadway. wlih terms. QTEAM B NO INK WANTBl)? A GOOD SECOND HAV1? O one, nt ten or twelve horse power. Address P. P., hor ill lictald cQi< c. "\VrANTFI> IN BROOKLYN.? THE ADVERTISER VV would he glwl to meet with an agreeable family havins half ota tmnlfiicd house lo let, with the necessary convent* puces lor Lonmckrrpimf Hliuated in a pleasant and healthy l*n 1 1 of Brooklyn, iw liln twenty mlntites' walk of Fulton i* rry. Tin* lamliy of ihe advertiser Is small. Persons apply ing will s ate all particulars, liultidlug price per month or j car. Address Montague, at the Herald oilice. ?WANTED? A NICE AND NEATLY FURNISHED MO Y> dern home, between Eighth and Twenty -nixtli stree's, and between Broadway and Sixth avouuo. Addross, with lull particulars, No, ?*9 Pott oilice. WANTED? PART OK A GENTEEL HOUSE SITUATED below Bleecker street, west of Broadway, in the neigh. Lorhoodol St. John's park preferred, by a small, quiet aud very respectable tamlly, consisting of a gentleman, wife and child. Address S. L., boi 1,337 Poat office. WANTED? BY A (5ENTLEMAN AND WIFE, A PAR lor and bedroom for the winter, with can, fuel, bath, Ac., furnished or unfurnished, and without hoard; no objection to a third lioor. If in a prlvata bouse. Location, U' iu Broadway, not higher up than Fourth street, if in the street* adjacent, between Fourth street ami Broome. 1 erms must be moderate. Ad dress, with full particulars and terms, A. M., Broadway Poat office, for two day*. N. B.? A private liunlly preferred. WANTED ? A FIR.-'T CLASS HOUSE, BETWEEN Fourth and Seveu'h avenues, Bleecker and Twenty fourth streets, by an enterprising lady; flrst rate housekeeper: Mho would like to make arrangement* to board a club, or party ol gentlemen that would advance the necosaar/ funds tor commencing. B. W. RICHARDS, .107 Broadway. WANTED? TO LIRE, ON OR BEFORE OBTOBER 1, four or live room* tn a cen'ecl bouse, by an American tamily, who wish Ui live quiet and retired? say second tioor, with water on It. Ren> from S12 to $IS per month till May 1. Address C. R. J., Herald office, stating lerms, location, Ac. WANTED-A MODE It ATE SIZED MODERN HOUSE, for a small family, between Twel'th and Thirtieth streets. Possession to be given October I. A good tenant may be had by addressing, at once. A. Z.. Herald oilice. WANTED TO RENT? FOR A TERM OF YEARS, A four or five alory handsome brick or brown sione front houfo, furnished or unfurnishod, between Fourth and Eighth avenues, Fourth and Twentieth street*, or in Bond, Madison or Monroe street. Posjcr.sion wanted llrst of May next. Ad dress, with full particulars, price of rent, Ac., .1. D. D., Hnrald office. AIT ANTED? THE WHOLE OR PART OK A GENTEEL 7T house, it h modern Improvement*, in the Wiy of Brook lyn, near the ferries, In a healthy location. Addrcn Tenant, bioadway l'uet office, or Herald office. ASTROLOGY. Astonishing to all.? madam k morrow.? this highly gifted lady In, without exception, tho most wonder ful asttoloK&t in the world, or that tins liee.n known. Hhn trill tell all the cvrnt* of life, even the vcrv thought*, and will Oausc speidy msrrlagr.s, and will show the llkeoi-M of the In tended DUibands, to the great astonishment of all who visit tier, f-hr is she very be?t ; she Is sure U> succeed when all oth er* Lavi- failed, all who are lu trouble all who have been un fortunate, deceived and trttlecl with, all whose fond hope* havo been rrushril and lila>t?d hy Ulso premises, and all who have hml had lurk and wauta good fly to her for relief and turn fort. MnUauie Morrow in roneulted by ladles of Lne highest order, All interviews are strictly pr*a'e, a* an admittance U givcniU) gentlemen. No charge If not satiaticd. 7t> liroomo street, be MM I 'Hunon nnd t'olumbia a'a. ASTONISHING to AIA.-MIK8 BRtCK, TICK MOST wonderlnl a^rologiKt In toe world, has arrived In the city tor a lew (lays onlv. All who wish lo cousult her can call at her old office. No. .'?) Canal, two doors eaat ol Hro.tdway, op stair*. third lloor. Fee M t euta. APALMIBT, THE OIP8Y GIKL? THIS RENOWNEI* and only true palmist In America, can be consulted wlUi on all event* of life at ftO Howcry, room No. 1, for 60 cents. K.BHtk can Impart a seem by which any lady or genile. man can obtain the aU'ectlon ol the opposite sex. Charge extra i "LAIRTOy ANCK? ALL DIWKArtEH DIHOOVRHKD AND cured, 11 rural'le, unerring advice on business, the fato mid whereabouts ot ? brent friend* ascertained, by Mr*. BEY UOI.U, Uii! moat reliable medical and business clarivoyant la America. Realdenca 111) Hprtng atreet, one block weet of Broadway. Katlsfaoiion guaranteed or no pay CLAIRVOYANCE? LADIES, KKMEMIIEK, MKH. IIAYF.H, tl<c beat seeing olalrvoyant In America. lias removed from Spring street to 170 tiranJ atreet, midway between Broadway .'I ml ikiwery. Ladies, Mra. I lay ex can lie consulted day anil evening respecting sickness, abaeut friends, btuineaa, 4c. Satisfaction guaranteed, or no pay. MADAME MEYER HAS REMOVED TO lM SEVENTH avenue, between Twenty third and Twentv fourth street*. Mk> continues to tell pasi, present and future eVenia; like wis* marrlegea, journeys, lawsuits, business prospects, sickness, alaem friends, prooerty lout or stolen. Madame Meyer eon vena* in Er.gllah. French and German, aud give* guarantee for her art Madame alwin, prom Paris, tenders her services U) the ladles and gentlemen In phrenology. She can be oonsulted about love, marriage bualnes*. and wtU tell the name of the lady or gentle'oan they will marry; also, th* names of her visiter*, lteaideno* Z> Riving ton (treat, near Bwmi HATRWOHUL. Matrimonial office, t? madisojThTrekt, qor ner of Catharine ?1 hose wishing to form a matrimonial alliance, will And It to theli advantage by calling or itddreesinR (post -paid; Mra. i'rewatrr, who has opened a matrimonial re jflstcr, whereby any lady or gentleman truiv sc ire to them selves a partner lor lile, without reeoiilng to the unpleasant alternative of advertising to eipreas Hieir wishes. Partis* may send Ihelr retil name, residence, btislne*. reference, cir cumstances, requisites, Ac., which will be exebancad. Every thing concerning letter* or Interviews atric'ly conlBroiial. All applications must contain a postage stamp. Matrimony made easy, or how to wis a lover? A book for the million.? It teaches how to make ladies or gentlemen win the devoted affe. Hon of as many of the opposite sex as their heart may desire. The plan Is ?o east and arranged ao well. Ihat detection I* Impossible. The book la Illustrated, and contains over one hundred and sixty pages, ?nd will be sent to any a. 'dress In the world by mail, on re celpt of the price (Yli in a leuer directed lo P. K. HARRIS, lib Broadway, New Yot k. Matrimonial? a of.ntlkman twenty five years of are, of prepossessing sppeii, and enjoying a liberal Income from his profession, but with only a limited rlrcle of fetnnle s<^|tiainianors, la desirous of meeting with a ludy of pleasing exterior and attractive manners, with a view lo matrimony. Fortune no object. All communication* will be considered strictly confidential. Addreis A. I?. P., Herald i Hire, for one Week. BILLIARDS. Billiard tablfx-wk invite bi'ykr* to call at our fac-ory nnd examine the spienlld s'.> k of rose wood and mahogany tsili* wrt h our new Invented ? ushione one secondhand table lor in pert, ct or<ler. GIKKITH I DECK (.It 90 Ann street. EXTRA PAT. BOVNTT LAND.? TLAIMfi FOB BO IT NTT LAND, PUT sions. Ac., successfully prnaecuted by the subscriber who, being in possession of much reoord evidence of th* s*r vires during the war of 1S12, ha* great fkdllUe* for ?>ilec'ioo CALVIN W. 8MITH, No. 66 Chatham street, opposite ( lumber*. B ~Or NTT LAND ? EXTH A PAT, PENHIO.VH, Ac. due lo Officers, ssllora and soidiers of any war since liV4). procured by J. 11. NONKf. No. IM Warn n street, cor ti'r of Droadway. It. H. iiaaspocta also ls*'ie<l hy J. B. N. N.itn rained cltixm* must produce c*Mthc.itc?. XTRA PAX? 1? ATT BOriTTT LAl*i?T?) "EXtI" Pay" Office, -l-aod wamuiU, ??*?? |iav" and halanaaa V Agot, lai* Parser V. ?. Navy, and A J..n??y and C*ut*Uo? liUf.l W*ilstr*<%