Newspaper of The New York Herald, 25 Eylül 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 25 Eylül 1855 Page 3
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lDTMTBEIEWTS REPTKWEP ETEIT DAI. I&LKS at Wtri'itlN. Auction notice? chock kky, glass and china. ?By J. 8. ii. Bartleti, auctioneer Tuesday, Sept. IS, 10 O'clock. 281 Pearl streoi ; In lu * Irom tJir shelves, nil kind*. Beat w. Granite, ltluc primed andcouimoo warn, China, Urt laniiia ware, Ac. Al?o, 10U package* i :iasiware. Thi* *?!?> Is "Worthy the not Ice of city ana country dealer*. Sale pereuip lory. Uoodi well packed tor shipping. A tTCTlOM MOT'CK ? TIIOK. BKi.L, AUOTIOXKKR. ? BY JX. HXU; A llt'SU? To soda a>< I mineral water dealers? "bit day, at 1IJ4 o'clock, will Le sold, at )*l Seooud street, wll lutmaburg. ncsr the Peek *iip lerr> , uie lollowlng articles, the properly of a gentleman ^oing to Cu>uago, via.;? Oouiploio up paraius for making sous wau-r, a splendid boullng raaehlue, i-evcnly five bones lor soda wait, large lol of bolUoa* porler machinery, too.n, oil, Ac., al?o, four pa>lng routes, ulli-a fur nlture, two \altuble youog homes, one IIim? wagon, iiuruciwi. Ac. The premises can be bad ou easy term*. Auction noticb ioriN Hotron, auctionkkr? Magniiicent and coeilv household furniture, carved rose wood parlor sul's, heavy French plate pier and oval mirrors, su perior rwewood pianoior-et, tapestry, velvet and Ur>f-.*el-, e*i peis, oil paintings, .-liver ware, Au. ? I. Ilougb will sell, without rt nervation, the entire ooirenis of tbo eleguitlv furnished resi denes, 70 Muriav *tri a . near College ultu e, Itua day, l*u?*d i?r, m lt)>4 A. M. l'be bouse Is completely famished uirmiituoul, and the good* wore entirely new "U lie Ik: of May last. A part lint la bereln run auied:?! wo curved rosewood nulla ? one In crimson, and green the oilier lu elarut and green brooatel. each consisting of one Mia. one easy chair, lour medallion bark chairs ami one Gothlo reception cliair; roaa wood 7 oetave plauolorle, of heau' Umo, In a lil^h) y liuMied eaae, and fully warranted by Ibe m >k r. ubtisson au I tapes try velvet carpet*. Axtninsler rugs, lady's eacraiolrs, beauti fully Inlaid throughout, with mirror dnur?; elegant! v carted eiecere, mirror front and back; papier uiaolte an! Paris Inlaid table*, carved roaewood centre tallica, with mutuary marble tops: lorge French plate plor and oval mirror*, rime wood sld.t, awa and pier table*, rosewood book shelve*, corner ctegere* and stands, rich Sevres vase*, parian marble and bisque *ts tnary, a choice eolleotlon of oil painting*, embracing fruit, ma rine and game pieces, by wall known artists; alio, Mime vory floe portraits and landscapes ou porcelain, cosily lace window drapsry, gilt cornice*, decorated shad< ?. Ac. lu the cham bers? Rosewood suit In brocatel, mahogany do. in haircloth, Brussels and ingrain carpet*, ro?ewo<?l and mabotftuy bu reaus, bedsteads and waaoaianda, china toilet nets, easy au 1 rocking ohairs, mahogany sprlnit seat clcUr*, heavy hair in-u tresses, French oounterpane*, gilt mirrors, bolsters and pil low*, lace and muslin curtain*, mahogany centre and work tables, cane seat ohairs, Ac. Dining room? t'hina dinner net of 1M) pieces, decorated tea net*, silver service, Halrers, cut ters, cake bankets, forks, spoons, Ac.; cut class wam. Ivory outlery, dining and left tables, mahogany solus, dining chairs, Ac., Ac. The sale will be poslilvo, and without regard to weather. Catalogues can be obtained at the bou*e, or at the Offloe of the auctioneer, So. 76 Beckman street. Terms cash. A deposit required from all purchasers. Auction notice? m. doughty, aitotionekr. i This day, at 10% o'clock, at the sMe*room 27 Centre street, a large "and general assortment of new anal *eoond hand parlor, chamber und kitchen furniture, viz: sofas, mahogany easy and parlor chairs, lounges, bookcase*, cmeasiou tables, centre, card and fancy do., cblna, crockery aud glass ware, cooking stoves, Ac.; also, a snm'l quantity of embroidery, zephyr worsted, silk floss, ladles' hats, Ac., by virtue of an cue cation. Also, one quarter cask ot brandy. Auction balk.? samcri. oseooit, auction krr, office 8a Nassau street, will sell on I'rklay, September H, at 10 o'clock, all thn hiock and ttstores oi tin* well knoivo pimiic hotifce 11 BiaU< street, cousls'lni; ot' couuuirs, mirrors, UMci, Ac.; also, all ths hoiuebold furniture. Auction notice.? m. douciity, auctioneer? This day, at 1% o'clock, at 321 liroadway, the eonlentsof a Ualrdresstm; mlis)u, rl7.. ? lour lnahogauy chairs and s; largu French plate lnirrorn, einira< iu,:s, 'luarlde top * ashntaaiis, (;lftsn rnscs, oups, Ac. ; tablas, ciuus, oUclotUs, Ac., Ac. Goods to bu removed iraintdi&taiy. Acrrrox notice.-grkat ralk ok di awo.vp avd gold jewelry, gold and silver Ma'.cbes, Ao.? gl?T.VIll> HOHkNCK will sell at auction ihlsday. Sep etulier 'JA'ti, a* 1U% o'clock, at hi* aalesrisiin. No. lti W all a in ignlllccit stock of jewelry, oonsi-tiiig In part of mis ly In earn ;.>ld du riles, dottblo ilme keepers, rail wa v do., and oilier * il lie i, l>y Maihez, Hreting, Krcres, houlet, Ja-r J i, Cooper, Tobl is, und others; ladles' elegantly euaraellrd watches, sri vvmi dia monds, rni'les, and pearls; also. e!e?nnt ctii?l?r und sln ;lo ftoue and diamond bracele s, pins, .tarrmgs and riiw*, in in >4 live 1H carat rold inoiniiinps. rich mosaic, ratuoo and gold, nlone onyx earrings, pins and rings; vest and gmr l chains; also, an line aaaorUunnt oi gold i*, consisting ^n part of pins, rings, earrings, sleeve buttons, studs, cUarin/, Ac. ACCTION.-NOTICE IS HEREBY (JIYEN THAT PCR Hvinnt to ft power given in a. mor gage i XnOUte 1 011 :ii" >1 day of November, 1SW, to Robert 1>. Ohinebroogb, nri ull 'li' furniture In iho bouso No. 70 Kmuklm street, I fbftU Jiltf tt'nesda) ) moruing, al 10>j g'olock A. M., so iiiucu oithe tur niture a* will satisfy the mortgage amounting to two tboueand dollars and routs, with intereat, from tbo above dm o. The fur allure consign In part of ? iacge assortment of parlor, ball room and kitchen furniture. In oitcellenf order, consisting of rosewood suits, in mwlln brouide, oue sail In plush, coat 9S7S; one seven octave piano, made liy Nunn * Fisher; roaew.iod bureaus, waidistands. centre, side and sofa tubios, sjltji marble tops; corner slamlx, iargv oval anil pier gi* * h, fflo 'ks, oil puintlngs, china vases, enamelled suns, chairs, carpets, oil cloths, Eat stands, bibles, solus, silver ware, crotk.'ry, g ias-i ware, and every article to be lonnd In ti flrnt cium house, too numerous to mention. 8A.Ml.KL W. JI/DSO.V, Attoruey for Mor'.tf.vge*. AUCTION NOTICE.? TUNIH MORREIX, AUCTIONBBR. ?Lane and valuable stock of furniture, mirrors, Ac., at SI Nassau street, this morning, at lt)% o'clock, cou4stlag of English velvet carpeting (pieces of M to <0 yinlsj, French plate pier and mnntle mirror*, ttfty beautiful oil paintings, well lramed; eight mahogany wardrobes, thirty mahogany bed steads, black walnut suit of parlor furniture, Ae., worsted b ?'K'?(el solas, tete a ictes, easy rockers, parlor cliairs* lunges, copch bedsteads, bookeaaea nn<l stands; hall stands, ?"eotre, side, sofa and extension dining tablet; marble lop .bureaus and ws .hstands; block walnut sofa an lsix chairs tu? le for dining room; cane sent chairs of all kin is, desks, and lion rafe; large second hand desk, com *itl; curie t tiatr innuresies; tegaro, laney articles, 4c., <ti . N. if.? Expensive a Unions ha been made wliich tills the largest room In the cl y. lie posits art- not taken, neither are purchaser* required to t ikt nnyartlcie not satisfactory. Every provision made tor shipping Auction notice ? bobewood pianoforte.? JOHN F. Rl iMKI.L., auctioneer.? Day. Russell A Co will sell at their store, 16 Nn-sau slrei :, this morning (Tiles ?lay), ait loS o'elork, one seoond band ri aewood pianoforte end ?tool. soul on account of whom it may concern. Term ?i.-h; to be removed immediately alter the sale. Auction soap.-joiin f. bus BfiLIi auctioneer. ? Day, Russell A Co., wilt sell, by or I er of the ns>?(;nee, at hb Nas.-HU -ti re , this morning ( fueMls v), at 10^j o'clock, ? doxens Uroux's celebra'eil tulle' soap. ArcnON NOTICE? BT El) WARD HCHSNCK? ON Thursday, September 27. at l<)}j o'clock, at No. Iti Wail ftreet? (treat *alcof choice oi l Win s. brandies, ,tc , being the balance ot an importer's stock. Every article as represented. Particular* he realtor. Auction notice -m. wb av, auitioneeb, wiu. Fell tills day, Kept. 2?, at luS o'oln -k, at th? sales rooms. 4;I9 tirand street, a general a - 'i unout of no ,? and s< ???.ind In. id furniture, cotr iatiiu: ot bureaus, t-i- beds'oa*ls, tables, clialrs, atsnds, card tables, wardrobes, otlo ntns eri ? i. ? rallies, looking gliu?>ee, crockery and fancy [ood*, doieu socks, tl down buttons,, pockut boots; ai.-o, oae patent sewing machine. Auction notice.? ret ailbr'h stock of crook crj and gla?s ware? \Ve iri""lay, Sept. i al 10'^ ? clock, at .HT Klgbth avenue. Positive sale of a!l the stock, as Die store i>> let in lots to suit retailers, growers, and those wanting bargains. Wltl do well to at'en l. dale, rain or sunalilji.' Shelving sod gua fixtures for sale. Auction notice.-thomas brix, auctionrbr. By HKl.f. A HL'hll ? Tlila day, at 1j! 0 o'clock. In our Bales r<ihniH, 12 North William stre?i, w w II! sell s tlr?t ra'e asMirtmeiit of liousebold lur nlture; also, other goo Is, ;u boxee (?cgars, Ac. Auction notic#.? j. booabt, apctionkeb, bts. BOH ART ? Wednesday, Sept. Jt, at 11 o'clock u ? iecoi ner of Division and Flushing avenues, Hrooklyn. the genujel liouaehold furniture ot a small family:? maliogany French bedstead, foa'Jicr beds, mattressea an.1 onddiug, linn els "ir pet, and kitchen furniture. Also, store fixtures lot of ready made CioCM&f, Ac.. Ac. At ID', o'olock. at tliq auction ri?ims. by virtue ot an execution, a la. no lot of cuoxmg and parlor Moves, a general iiNaortiuent of household form n o. Ac., Ac. Auction sai.k-bv order of the snKBHr HF.NRY B. HKBI'H. Jr., will sell oil Tuowiay, depteoi tier ?, atkaif paet ID A M., at his salesroom No. i'j l'uie street, a large ei'H-k of cloths, caasuneres, vesting*, trlmmln ready made clothing, irent?' Avtiish'ns g'sxlo, Ac., Ac., con aistlngln part of black sad blue Kreneli ri > Us, do ttkuis, ennsimeres, Ac., iieaver and ensior ehuha, "aim velvet ana eilk vesting s and linings, Kngli-n and tlernmn beaver and trrsulcloths. satinet, siis.'ks. mir'i. >f!ove?, liandkerdiie;-, ?eota' travelling blankaUL eosis. pan's, vesis, ov -eoata, Ac., beiug the entire sbak of a meixinant tailor. M i ? ??. re fixtures, reiiipved for convenience, of sale, by order oi lbs RnHB l ei ins cash, in current lands. Abboi.otk baIsK? buperb bo-i w<xw, mabociant an t black ualbut furniture, rnsesrood jtiaooforte, rub lramed oil painUacs, mirrors, Ac.? -JOHN I . SL aac lioneer. ? l)aj , liu?s> 11 A Co. will aeli, lids morntoj (Tuea tiyl, j ftepiember U&, at 10^ o'clock, (absolutely wl'hont reserve, u> pay advani e* awl sKjrage,) a' KNlntu ilnei a large coil?e Lion of superb fiu iiiture. comprising several attitM for parlors, rosewood inabngatiy and black ?alna'; teverai ? laiueledio lage auita. extension dinm* tables sofas ?ud v>fa ? .... ? r<" ker-. irm ti tlrs. in&i Me i tabi on1- ui n l viod bi ' hslr tnatirei ? ? dre?sit b resu- w ?tands, card Uil < i - 1 pa.:? .t.,. uurr Ac., Ac. BY JOeKPll HKtiKB ? N ACi'TION ! .KB? MiiRTi i jsale. The iarfa stock of aplendid new cab Ini ' tarnli ure, 10 be siiii n i. ue' l. ui t morrow, We 1 Ji. . ;.i t'rki'U N.. will be on V|"W aMIie 1 ? - , an- -or rer of Wllloughby and p. <rl ? rw< n < . .. ?! i.'Vrn ?-n and evening. Wednaeday, .septcm ?. at hall c ? ? I- ? rloek P. V .. m the salesroom. corn?r . I" .,rla I Wlllon b' v a' reels. Bro klyn i pair ". lis ml son ; bis * horses, ai >n ?Ight years old . very acn I-.-, uno, , . Iln. ? ond 1 in, v., i, k sc> .1 I, a ' e . I.I J. ;au v l> . a ,d ... In excellent o ler l'bei.h ;e m > i,d "i ? i- r longed st 1.1 till mil III fcuio| e BY WILMAM O V I. VI SUMS. V ' TIONKKI1 <* iA> nesdsj 2oli ui"' a. 10 o'elwS A W. * .101 Bowery ?i?nr i- Irst stn th- ' . hi u, oi . . . , ? - < rUig tieds, I cldtna, ebairs, *?b >?*, '. . is, carpi's, ot, clou,'. i'b him. 7 1 i . ' ri.< k< r> and gl.f s \ <t f ? ' 'i , i-iri it n--' Bale poaPlve. (iooda removed on d iy of sale. IK InJAIOMM, ACCTIONRKR? THIS *?>BXIN(i, AT J WH o'ciotk, M M Nassau afreet, a general aiwor'meni ot ., ? i ;t'n ? us> numi r. u- lo m ?!. i , ? wo)'d black Wslimi ami 1...1I. ? ... ' ? , viai-ln!and?. aar.lioloM, bo" ,i., -, i> 'pll'oas <?! .1 -i ?, rocker- ei an el led on. Ai l.'o . a ol k sgi n and harness tORRR B. FRANKI.IN? BT PR ANKI.IN A nOBOU Jj at their sale? room, "D .S'a-sau strs ? , n?*tr Kui ' >n. to no r ijsw, (Wedneadar.) al lo1, o'c, ?-k, ai a<i' <l a, kirce sl.< hcat-inet liiriilture ciin-i?Un? ot suits of parlor fixrui u ? iiereil In Frftcli .silo bcmslnile, did "ran' siyica, Knuli ti ?lr i nab, Ae.; ele.'anit* carved mi i nia' .. ? ;s -i ' >.e ; esd?. aardrolies b"?ik' a^ ?, etegcrc. earner siamH, fanoy gaewood marble lop pi?r si d sofa !at>le- sot s o tuning cm ftirrxiiire enverrtd in green leather, isik e\ien-s.i> dli lu nbles, oak ami bUHl wsimtt ba' Maods, rrenel and ?????. ? (h dsteadf in msbo. an . r- ?? ?e| an. b.a. , . u, . ^irn hair wMlreaH'K, palilaates, Ac., .m a painted e,,v,th<w braltare, rlorkat mlr* r1. oil | ilT.tin^s, . si - a l.llllr er's glass show s <e, ? ? ' >.?i. \ 11 ? ? , ? ? s ?ale ci. silvei | led w are, > n : th k i Hr . ? I . >? tianulaetarer. Poi t ' l! >,iunm. Also One srge i;llt frame aa?u'.ai u. -r ? ,| for the warer?siiua g a tailor. IROBflK OOOK, ACCTIOSP.ER, WIN. HTM , THIS f day. al III1, o'ni" k, a -.lie wo. II? Ns an. | . . ?ekrnsn street, a large and spien lid as e rr, n ol rose o ,J, ah..cany, oak and walnut fuinttu >. ? e? ?, I" r rl< r fumHure en tr, broealel, i. ?.-??.? >?r? sin! pi i?le cs-ntre, ..aa and pin la : ?? >*? .4 e ???. r raeea, extensi-'n dtiinig ta'.'. ?. -sil i ti <? a ie>. s, o n , ._ ts, arm and ea?y hair., bed- ?U t> i -si- * sasbiauds, maorsu *s. Ac x lm ?'K fr>iie mliTOrt .a, nga. silver p!j ted ware, Ac i si a. .re I BOORBtW riOW -OAP ,.l |?Y tl day. ai I0H o'elork, at 57 Uoyvn.-eet, ?sw-n' r n h, ". IVih. eoWee, prune*, tea. Ho ir. staeeb. mits.j Hi p?e Hi olive Ml, taiaup to. V - shis el?. Biea. ham -it r?, scales ' lo ti bn <*s r. ntJUng. A. t, du^'. i?<j<r ****** ** Avonra. D. NABII, AUCTIONEER, STORK S10 BROADWAY. . Sheriff's sale of Iron furniture. <tc.? This day, Hep'. 23, ?I 10'i o'clock, A. M., iii 51 Ureen street, consisting of a lar/:e and tivnvrml assortment of lrou luruiiuro, bed. leads, waib staudi, ornament*, Ac., 4c. FCOI/TON, ArCTIONEKR? IMPORTANT 8AMC OF ? roeewoinl and mahogany cabinet furniture, French plate Lnirrrr. cnri e.s, oil cloihs, oil paiDt ings, An,, A.' K. Col ion will sell on W ednesdny, Sept. Ml, at 1 "l , o'clock, at the auction rooms, sy Dei kmsn Mrei t. second (.lory , the entire furnllu re nf a family removed from the upper pan 01 tli ? city, unit will em brace all th? parlor, dining room aud bedroom furniture of tlie hou?, sonn- . 1 v I, ?:? is nearly new, and all to good ori?r. An. nnt. tlie . tiuitit may be fount roaewuud, mabogauy, oak and black walnut lurniture. carved and plain do . initiate anil Ootblc i!o.. ' irprin ami oil cloths, bed* and luattreaae*, marble top furniture, Kri ncli plait- an I ovul utlrr >r?, <>H || nut Ings, *oius uml trie h tries iud sofa l? daiead*. Also, twenty or thirty ili r >1 curl black w ?lnn* .md ?? tk rhsir*. Also. *1 tin unr linn', ttvi nt, rases 111 clocks, entirely If 1* putcru an I w a rT., uteri. I >? >> Ictm. 11-. well an the trade urn -i-sUy. arc In vited Catalogues of ?*1? will be r uly early Wednesday morning. No posipoueweut. HKNRT n. I.KKU8 A CO.. AUCTIONKEltH.? GENTEEL household lumlture? liKNlt V II. LRKUri A Co. will sell by unci Ion, on Titenlay, ?epumner 2ft, at lti>-i o'clock, at 47 I'ank near Fourth street the properly ol a gentleman reinov Inj.' irom the city? ?u assortment of genteel furnluiri ? iiiti swing Of velvet aud tfrUMels u*rpete,large pier i<lu*aea, par lor tumburc, Imported from France, ma. to In dark mahogany. Inlaid and covered In crimson plush; sola-, OOOehas, arui an I parlor chairs- clocks, o&ndelafc rn s of orraol't and bronze ; cm ire tabic with Turki?b marble top, MNN I pianoforte, 6}? OC'ave, made by KUsldanl; broil/'- tl?'irc<, ormolu ItllMr Horn, khh lirackebi, rtih I rench cblntz de lalnfl curtaiim Unoil wllh --ilk ; lai ?? under djllo; uiano^any aulUi lu b tlr cluUi, French vcretary, Ac. ; glaa*v\?re, bedroom* of mfcbo;any, I'cdsioada, dre-Jnn bureaux, cablnem, chair* , Intfraln carpels, curtaliu-, marble top waabaiatida, lienn. maHrivvws, Ar., with otlirr articles belonttlug to a well titruUbcd houite. Sale with out reM-rve. HKNRT H. LEKD8, AUCTXONKER.? ICIiKOANT HO08K . bold luriilture of Ibe nioat coilly description, all made to order, by Uulcblna. Klcb Hilk rnrlain*, ataluary, paintlnga, Ac, IJKMO H. L1KKJ18 a OO. will noil by auction, Wodnenday, Sept. 2b, at 1UX o'clock, at tbe rcni lcnce No. 4. Kaat 2Iat at., near Broadway, elegitut and faalilonable lurulmrn, the pro perty 01 a gem lemaul ravin* thocltv, all nearly new- and made 10 order In Ibe most elegant fctyln by lluteblni, conalH'lng of richly carved parlor aulta in rone wood, cove-?l la crlutaonan 1 gold medallion tapeatcy ; fancy chairs ; arm and aewing do, ; three elegant pier gla&ea with marble and gold baae ; twoela gjnt mantel glaaaca made by Williams ,t riint-ena ; crlmann aiik faiileull; aprlng back armchair; ifreon Hllkcurtalna lln.-d with t<dk and very richly trimmed; cornices ; lace euruklns ; xuperb rosewood etcgere, canopy top, plate glass aud columns, made 10 order ; one superb Bohemian vase, ruby, plak ami gold, four feet lilgh. Imported to order ; Japanese ll<ht s-and , cemre table, Moaalc and Verde Antique top ; do with Floren Unc Mosaic top : boia de rose and ormolu n'egere ; onn auperb roxewood pianoforte, 7 octave and coat 4U0 dollars ; ormolu gaa bracket* witli porcelain shades. Ikinlin; room? in roaewooil, auperb carved rosewood extension table, leaves and baae ; roM>woo<l ftirnituro , oil paintlnga j rod damask curtains ; KllsahethUn clioirs ; ormolu clock and vases ; inattlnir ; three superb pieces marble -tntiiary aud pe4astaU ; beauUfol glaaa ware ; atmerb void and llowered dinner hoi, tea s?t?, Ac. ; rich real She ILeld pl iled ware, with sliver edge*, made to order. Bast inent sull covered lu crimson de labio ; Brussels carpet; very tine mahogany crenelon table; marble top pier ilo; ma hogany secret ary, cheSbnalre. green wedgewood; white eMna defsi rt set Ac. " bedrooms ? Huperb enrved rosewood ward rob< h, lined In Hatiu wood, plate glass an 1 silk doors; dressing burr til do, tmvrbla top to match; wanU stand, sluvlng ttlass, pier glass, marble top and gilt table*, black walnut ward robe, bedstead ear -i d, canopy and lace curtains, cribs, cane sides; mahogany bedsteads and bureaus, cottage suit*, iluo multreKHeK, pmliasaes, Ac., mahogany warjrobe, engrarlnjrs, Hale will commence with tho kitchen furniture, the above enn be examined one (lav before the sale. Tickets ol ad mission cat! be obtained from uic auoUonecr, No 19 Nassau si. Henry t. lreos, auctioneer? ornteei. iiocse hold furiiitiiri:, pianoforte, tnirrnr >, Ac., at n'lctlon, oa Wednesday, Sept. ltd, at tl.e ln'-t class boarding house, tw Varick street, near ('anal, ? Ilenry T. J .enls will sell as above all tbc furniture contained In the above house, which was fur nlsheil complete on the Ki of May laHt.cotueip-uHy the I urnlture bi lu excellent condition; and consist* of one elegant ro* -wood *e\en (? ta\ c piano, fully warranted; >;llt French plate and oval mirrors; rosewood kuiic, covered In French brocaiei; ro.-ewoisl marble bureaus, wiisb-uiinis, centre, sldo and fancy billies, Brussels three ply anil ingrain carpets, richly de sn ated clilnn vioo- and lea si ts, malio -any furniture ol all descrip tlons, suitable for houaekeeping purposes; also, the furniture ot dining The sale w ill lie wlinout reserve, aud deposits re<iuii?cu Irom all purchaser*. HENRY T. I.EED8, nuctioneer, 30 Beeitniau street. Hardware auction notice? sixth rvtcatrr,\it ! fail trad" sale. J SO. K. VAN ANTWJGRp will noli, day, Hfpt. 2ft, at lOo'rlivk, 21? l*?nr) tirfoi, m ?>o <1>?yg, 800 pft' hngf 4 and lot* well ii*M>rti?'l liirmlnifliaru, SheftmKI aad hardware, cutlery aud heavy Rooin. AIho, ihe LulanCf of il?C fr'QOK of ;i rvwilvi ?' Alijo, '*9 \j\) groan Jcv% 'a hurpw, 1 one cu>sk w.w, two ti\ ~<in i#*.a irays, In sc m; fifty oil palotlo^, i ono ca-c Kngll?h pattern card ctvlery. A!m> fnr ^aie. tor ac i rmwit of whom It may concern,! 41 < W?i cant ateel ptck vxoa, 1 daubed on tlie voyage. I'Htaloguci now* ready. HOrPKHOLP FURNITURE A NO F ARM I'TENSIT,6*? Wedn* -day, Hi pt. 26, m( 11 o'clock, at ihe Prall farm, CheL sca, Suitcn Ihlantl. iimlwi(:ai?v parlor ami bedroom furniture, cnrpeting, oil dotn, bed* and beuding, kitchen utensil*, farm uju;oti, pl' UcliM, farm utem>ils, three bog,*. fowl*, lod hot b??d f-ashc- and be^B, Ac. W A. CAKTBR, Auctlbnecr, JMORIARTY, AUCTIONEER, WILL BELL, TlflH ? dft} , it 10 o'clock, at 173 Chtlhitn ? inare, fomtltiri from Hlxth street, a ro'H n^j-orr nt?*i?t; also from Second Mree t.agooJ aM?ottm?nt ot turntture. leather beds, mirror*. Ac.; also gltv^a warc, an u^ort merit, also au assort meui of fancj dry good*, Ac. Sale without reserve. J BR. BATLB. Ai;CTIONF:KR.-?TOK?. 4<f CENTRE Mrceel.? On Wednesday. Hi pt. 26, at the store. at lO1^ o'clock, a quantity of elegant furniture, removed from Eleventh b rcet tor convenience of h !o, comprising bureaua, tables, (hairs, wa^hstnniK sofa*, bedstead*, dre?*ing bureaux, car peta, cooking Htoven, together witli all lite kluhen furniture. MB. m'TI.Kn.^l'fTKWFKR-l'r'nUCADMrNTSTRA ? tor's :ale, ? Will bo soM at auction, ou W?ilne?d?y, September Stith, at 11 o'clock on the premises, *79 Brouiwav, the entire work, fixtures an<l lea <e of the retail f.iney dry t:*?ds and embroidery store belonging to the cm me of i'lwtnm Lock hart, Jr., deceased. By order of PKTEH H. BWKBN'V. Public Administrator. The whole of the above will be sold hi one lot, and o tier* an excellent opportunity to engage in business. M OKTOAGKHALE.- JOIIK W. BOMKRINDYKK, AUG tlohcer, will Bell on Wednesday. tfept yt, at lo o \ I ?. k ?>y virtue of a movtgaj!'* mad* by IScrden W. HanforJ, one half of the ateamer Thomas Halmond. her en , due*, boiler*. Ac. now lying at the foot of Mouvemeur streot. YARN I M ?*. MILLS, Attorney for Mort<rsjjec. XfOTIfK I- HEREBY OIVEN THAT, PlTRrtlTA.VT TO Xi a power given in a mortgage on the steamboat Allda, her engine**, tackle, apparel and furniture, and all the appurte nun< es thereunto oc>ougJnK, Uiat the undersigned mort^a^ee will *? U the said Kte&ruimal Altda, her engines, tackle, apparel and furniture, and all the appurtenance* thereunto belon :wm, at public auction, at tii e Merchants' Kxchan,"*, in tlir* citv of New York, on the 27'h day of September. 1H55, at 12 oVi?*-k, noon, ol that day. OEOiitir; J. s. I tlo.Mi'Mj.V, Mortgagee. J. .k 11. il. bU>\ <>ol>, Aioj ucy. New York. 8c pt. *J0. 18M. F:i VR PAPk \ ATTTIONKKU.? ADM1NIHTR ATOR'S hab of household furniture, piindngs, noolu. pla.?*d ware, ?on Friday, 2Htli_in^i., a* io1, <? ? ?ck. u- the r- -ndc'ie* of the late .luin -a li. Towniey, iirt r* lr?l i*tr betLjB . _._ avenue and avenue A. will be *<>M a .e-ier?l variety ot houn*" hoJd furulture; al?o, a large fnmuVr of tioe, h??li c<?-t paint l!u<*. wMTH&teilorlgina!^, painted by Wat'ci^j* { oiem,a:?d ,?uiet dlstuiKUifh'ol ar ista. Al*o, tine family sjver and pLitcd ware The ?*ale to conclude with a library ot npn ?Hh of three hun dred volumf*?ot choice works. The anle In worth the a l< ?ut.o't of connoiMM'urf, dealer*, and hou 'ek?ej?erp, HA V AOL at PARKH, AucUoneera, 514 Broadway, Gothic liall. POSFTIVK BALK OK THE DOM AIM OF Till-: WORTH Imti i . t W ? m lay It o 4mm nes . at 10 o'eWM-k A. M. Trrtnt: 10 p*r "en* ca?!j wt'hin 'hre^day^ | of day ot a^ile; 'Jj p r cent 1 1th of February next, wnen deeda an?l pohh< ?-e'lon will be given, and mor'tfaRcn tak n for remain der ot p(irchft?e money, payable In fonr equal annual tnma! men *, couuneut I a oi January, 1."^, inter l-M payable an i\u*lly. HU^KLL W. W^TOOTT, ALtTIOMPER ? KLKt?.\NT hoo?? hoId turnltore, .tcM at th?* re?iue ?? <? of ' hi*. Lent , I ??*{., Ki9 VVe-i Fittecnth it* t, ? R. VV. We-ueott will ?#dl. tfin Tuesday, September 'l?>, at 10* ^ o'clock, th?* en ire handsome f 'irnilure Of the above iiou?e, f on?l*tin a of rl*? h velvet, VWifon and other oarpeti, magnificent *? u ro%> vkvhI parlor furniture, larye larkf arm civair, ro hie chair and m??d>iliion back chain* with Blip covem, tliree splendid Frennh plate man te i mirrors, two bmiw noperb nuUKXiAoy par r i ml vered in it.arof u velve tete-#?le>e^ rover ? 1 tu velvet and haircloth; rosewood rweptlou ebatrs, el^j^ant c*? ttre ami pter tablet*, with Kfyntian marble toj>??; superior seven rxl<ive pianoforte, stool and over; frosted prism ar ran doles; divans and Otf^n arm. covered In velve , ?m /as, Fr nth ^prh?K J^ea^ rhaim, richly covered; ro ? wo*hi ?,i ^er". plate doors; iace cur:ains, anperior French hed^ eodi, hair mat trca-en, marble top wash ands, rich toBet set m, xotA be<istea<l, e i I ied cltambc r suit. .?<? . also, anuiobe. nt o pain tn richly framed; superior mahogany ex'enston table, rich chlti-i, filvp' ware, ivory C.uilery, cut irlaasware, ,%e. with i lar?e vu ;? v <?f k.u ! en ware, r. frlffi rsfor. oU e oUi. Ac. Oataloguea will be rmd v on Tin 'nv rnorninif No poniponcmenL De | | posit required of s%]\ pup on *cra. OHKf.f HALF OF PROt h RRY. fill N A . OL \P-* AVI? O 4 vi?ltr>- .1. J WALhKOV, anftwm >?<.? ?IIK SiRY <i h.VASP, 9- P? ar! itrret, wtJJ sell on Tue*l.?/, Hep u- nber 2ft, a* 10 o't lock A. M.. iii h?:?* to suit city and conn ry trade, a lart/e ax or ue nt of of W. r , * (3, and common ware: chiuv in ?eiB. f lam and handed: imparka;'** fflasii, k ?ive< and forks. ? i a U 'p ?. Ac. hnm^Laiely aticr the aSuvc will be #f?t4 by order of the a^lane*. a laru?- awrt;nent ot dacoratod etitDB. W. (j? <' < and comrre n ware, c?tt nod preset fiaosar**, of r very drat rtpUcn rv iulred by a larj^ ? ret*p ror*. rwlo piai live, to cjo-e the trust. Oo<*U wUl be paeke?I for shipfilog. 1% til oyoes now i eaily. oriKLF BALE OF rnocKKHT CHIlfA, (iLA??ANO 0 cutlery? J. J. WALDRtlN. anc i >n?- r,? HKNHV t?. K.VA>'H. No. W Pearl stree*, wHI sell ??j Tu- i lay, He^UraSer 2T>, s 10 o'elcxk A. M , lo !<?<s to suit city and country trade, a larK<- nmnrtmt n' of V, . <J.f ? . t . and eomm^n ware, eb^na in ?eta j !aln anU l inded. 100 p t kag' H ifiaM. knlve* andkaka. tea trays, Ac. A i*o the stock #?; a /titter deefinlng brurtaeia toaMis h* 11 packed iur ahipj".n^. CtMalogucs now ready. TI1I0 PAY, TIFHOA V, fFT*T 25, -i U VAXPKWATFR, Ant i mi? - i tirea; jewelry aaia, and silver *af i!Ms. A splei did stiaslt will be 'old d is <?av t fnesdaj ) ^'*p A. per* tir,yun ily. according to order at 10vg| ??'el o? k, at the aai"""'^! 12 Maid' n Isne, ? ? ns. - unt of richly wrought flti** ^old diamond WWipft flmt> rtdayxl Stn^le brllllaata; tine <old milts to eaw ai emt i.rate Mold brorn h* s, hreastpkA*. eardrops, aleeve butt?uj? and -"via, * *rt??u*iy Nft ar. l great var etv; m?**vf* frnl/l rt?t and oh chains, bra'c.e . snd g?.anl *>a.*i- tartlet* ?k?. , rich sold lockets, peivetla ami pena. gni t ?oo?hpt His, spe?. tar Irs, Ac.. ,|e ; very superior ain?*Je snd hunon*' fold lev?*r aa?ch?'? and t/'i?er?, wl'b the be*< mak?-ra' iruarantews; la^tjea* vabtsb*' jeaellrd and enamelled watches, all v??rr oestly siar>, tffti levera, Ac. Thi? aale aftbnla ?#i export u d ty tn all. One, 1 will H+ aeen, highly invtUng, and su' e as rao not be met with e?cry day. TIT H. MKLI.OR, At < TIONLF.K.? BY HOtftlflTON A fv ? lfKLlAlK.?' This day snd to nrwwrow. H?*pt. "JJl and 24, a' ?h?* spacious ? wei(s^m? 441 Broadway, at In*, o'clock a h da* .? As^tgtvec'a - .tie of th- entire mauuia tured suntk ot r eh i-af-in*" furnltni-e, roaoulacffire'l eftpr>-**Jjr i<-r prlv...e sale by John Oruiidy, to be w?>d without reserve hv oHkr m his a signer. Ihe trade, country m rchants and *u *m abo'it refu oiah ng, are pefffkuhtrlv tTivto??i The Hotldlnir tol?t wl''i ten venr -' ie ?*?#?, poaso^spat tKiober i*t Paefclng on ?he prvftiiiae* by Cf^mpe'eu* pens i s (or on ot town p ^-'lia- rs. 1 is ist crnbrs'i ?? the m? ??' In *h -on.ib,e ? c-,, roa**wocal, '?ak. ma;,/ig auv. wsinit'. and enam? ii?Nl rtiruMure, e lale irately ear \ed and lushed with tne mnei c^t'v maieriala K ? 'sat ^rvel 1 <?> wis <1 par lor fnrnlt ure an *np. overed Fre?* b bro ale satin, t?ro? ao-rie. iiwviusa, ngur?*d ropa. pbiah and balr cfo#h ? ia?ii' i' rr,v#a n d cefefftt'U, t U aec ?, wi' frcodi plate tu rror rk bly mrvad mu?|e # vo?n?"4 and ?*aada, ' ?r e.| ro?e w?a/l centia tablea, wttl? Kgyp'ian black and goM white I'.itian marble tupn, rt? li curved mabo/an v sofa?, e'e a Yoitatr partev and r? , ??]>? on ? bai/ , TurkUh - aay cUatr tu sat in at?d Ognrcd de lama; library and dm'n.; pa>rn furnitttft} m * wood. wi??nm maboicany, and oak, Wrttaimi dtnnig ta tden, i hatra tA Illsteh, covered to pluah repa aud ? %n?* *ea'. ?I1? hoard-. rHi 'a^t- a*?*% and sacr urt** had standa arat j cUMr?; thaatiber fumituri . U-^anUy earnd ro * wool and irai orno t < ala, lr.*? ing bnr'aw wMl nsarhle 'on*, sn'i pis e rla*? ma rid* "p wa?h*iaada ?o ma?rh, richly d'ora*- 1 Ihdcl amb< r son*, a^ver I ot which are very va'.u aMe; warvttoh^M, vVtily oarred roaawo^vtacnaowra, p %t+ gla*a d'^ir* lined w a ^atmaood aial cellar, |. urifffw, loufUfet>a4a lantvl t?* laurv delataie; faf ? and h*ir n?Ui, rbatr* u? ma*ea, wafnu a j d oak < t^inlM-r turn.* ure. ao(?a, tf > ? i^/a arm' n > nr, t * d f u t j rfcalrv. Alao, at 11 o? ./>-k, f <mr roV wiaal fda? o tort#*, rc-movad for wuroat^ue# or aale. ao4d ta pa? advances. ( atalog^ieaoo the UfcOramg of aa4?. ?AUOS AT AUCTtOI. SHKKIFF'H BALE? W CL ALUCRTl's, Al OTTO****, will Mil, en Thortday, SeptetrlMir ZI, at 10 o'clock, a1 I# Court nine), Brooklyn, a Ur?e aaaortmenl of Kvulleuien'ii, ladie*' BiiwiV and tliildrena' boot* and *Ji *?>?. A tlx. Dcrnoa, Deputy. K. I.OTT, Shrrlff. WL. MELLOR. ACttlOSEER-BY HOUOHTON A . MELLoR.? Thin day, at 12 o'clock, at +42 Broadway, will ho nold al anr'lon four superior loned?>?, 7, 7l? octavo p anofcrtea, ma lr hv'oman, Ollliert, Van .?? inkle. and '*h?r celebrated n :aker?, a I of which ate fully warranted. Mold to pay advance*, without re-erve. WM WITTERS, AUCTIONEER. WILL SILL ON WED pewlny, at 10'i o'clock, at 1K7 Canal etreet, .01 the gen loci household furniture of a gentleman going in Auatralla, roiici?(i:i?r of wrfui, liol .'!? nvilin^nuy cbalre, rocker*, ceutr* and dining lable*, pier oil palutinn, wln.l . *? rurlalna, mahogany liookeaee, euUery, glu*a anJ plated ware, Utpoatry, throe lily and other carpe'*, oilcloth*, atalr rod*, mv l,o.,uli)ltld w.i, . I'll l.ed*n ;lds, Ivai. nid" ill* ' lea bed*, Maiikcld, Hprcad*, drea-lng bure vua, w.i u-i n | . tolli t aota, wardrobee, diuiug and lutchea furniture, cooking alovea. I riNANClAU nnn ? MOVKY TO LOAN ON diamonds, ipUtiU.UUUi watche*, Jewelry, dry good*, aegar*. Ao. or bought for cn*h, alock*, liutea, mortgage*, Ac., tic /iUa'?*l Hin-men* conlldoUal ami prompt. Hv THOMPSON A Co., *>ro koraand eoraml?aton merchant*, 1U1 Haaaau aireel, owner o< Ann, room No. 2, aecoud floor. 4i<\*V7 fWMl TO W* AM-ON WATCHKH, DIAMONDS. fflO'J I .1/1/ U jewelry, no^ara. and every dewrliitlon of valuable property, or liought for caah, by JOB. K. ISAAC, ba*omeut nth re, II Chamber* atreot, from 9 Ull 4. Bualneaa f and confidential. Old gold and atlrer bought, fi. B.? No bualneaa transacted on Sainrday. Q>nn AAA TO UMD ON BOND AND MORT'i AOK, tJtJO.UUU lnaumalo atilt appllanu, on Ural clan* pro ductive real e?tale In till* city or Brooklyn. Apply 10 S. S. ilKOAI), IS Wall alreet, aecoud floor, front rooiu. dt 1 n rWUk TO LOAN ON DIAMONDS, WATCJIKB. ?J>*? U.UUV jewelry, dry gooda, arid every deacrlpUon <M property tu large or aiuall amounta; entirely different u> other oOlcea. The full value advanced If required, or bought out for caah. Apply to MH llouaUm afreet, oua block fmmHroadway. Bualneaa prompt and confidential. B. MYKUS, Afloat. Ant amount or cam? loaned, or porchashb at alghl, for fair prlcea, on dlamotuU, waichca, rich jnwet rv, plate, morchAndlae, and valuable pervonal property gene rally, by R- WOOI>. lift Fulton alreet, aeoonti floor, front ruom, from V A. M. to 6 P. M. IX PARTI KS CAN SKI. I, CNOTHRKNT MONEY , foreign gold end nllvcr, drafia, note*, eboeka, Mr., at Wall au ret ralea, at SOb itrottdway. Al?o, ruah loaned, or adtoncea i] vatic at night In any atiitta on atwurltlea? vuluahlna or tn?r ch.tntllae ol any deaerlptlon, at the Metropolitan Specie and Hunk Nolo Klt haiih'e, CM Hroadway, Open from B A. M. to 8 P.M. __ ANY AMOUNT OK MONEY. IN LA ROE OR SMALL J\ ?unta, can alwaya he obialnca Ina'untly on aeeuritloi, ra il'.. I, let-, morehaudlac and propprty of all klmla, at the old ap> uatt>le Pacllic Agency and Private lxian olllco, over Par lie nk . All iranaaclkma prompt, ajtfe, coninlit!Ml and aatiaiaa A t nalhle Pacltic Agency and Private l^oan olllce, over Paeirtc ink. All (ranaactluna prompt, aafe, conudetlal and atvilalac lor . , or no charge. Alw.iya fully lntured, ooraer of lin>adway and t; rand alreet. Alaroe SI'M OF MONEY TO ATiVANOK on yalu al lea, aecurlUea, merchandlae, Ac., In amount* of t:*), $ ;n, tm. eu?, Wni, Mbo, moo, $m, tato, ti.uoo, $2,?w. K,IW. Alao, hiink tiotea, foreign told and aiher, .Vc. bought at market raica, at ihe hpc |? and exchange oflli <?, 1 i l?ro?J way, opposite toe Pacific llank. JOHN nOOPE A ADAMS. Bank ok the ohio baywos institute, tikkir. < ililo The pntior of the above Institution will lie reoelred at I (on*) per cent tliscount by ibo tuuii:r?lgnnd. W. l/'l. Wth A CO., No. t Hanover atred BUWNKSS CHANCES ? TO HARDWIKK AND LOCK njatiufucairern.- The advertlaer ownlns iht rr;le for Ihtt I nltett titutea 'o manufneture and acll tit" ! esi patent lo * In inarket. would Ilk" to make arrangement* with aome parties with com j j.llt) lo fl ,000 cajdlal. Addr?'? boi 2, US I 1'o-m olllflo. C1HI0AC0 AND ROCK ISLAND RAILROAD COM > pany'a dividend. ? Tins company will pay a dividend oftlve per cent, on i'* capital atoek tor the' ill tnontlui en Cng on <l>? 1 I el < t'i her proximo. The dlvliiend will lie paid ?' ino olll o of Uie Company, No. 22 William alreet. ovei lha titll'-e of the Uorn Exchange iJ?ok, 00 and aiter ih? IOUi of October noxt. anil the tranait r booka will be edoti'd Innn aald I it to lUUi ot October. A. C. KLACK1, Ti iaaurer. hew York, Fep'. 3). 1K8. ?Jk/fONEY ADVANCED. AT 7 IT. ft CENT PER ANNUM.? ill IVnow m|lllrint temporary advance* on real eat'ln, diaamwU, watchea, jewelry, plate, pnnoa, dry gooda, huritt?a, rai riauei.. or any nilier properly, can be promptly aeeounan dated oy the Knipiiu and Agency Co i?u> , 111 Itroed way. V, WILLS, A#eul, NroncE.-nmoK of moi.mkrk mamitkaotubixo fompany, No. Sllro^waj, New York, Hcpt 5, IW,? l.y a revilntlon of the lloartl of Truateei ol iln- Moillere M iriu fit' litrltlH C'otiij'Hiiv of New York, ;iv- cd [IIS1 ol S?p.env?-r til Har< the DtOfkDOlner* of naltl company are hereby < -j* 1 1 < ? 1 npon R/ pat In on InatalmeW of el(;hiv dollar*- on cab share o the atock'Ue rent on or before the dTteenthda} of l)?cmni>er n"%t, under the penal' v of fort'eliin* the aharea ol nU*k H'lbacrlOed for. By order M the lioard of Tru?te?a. BDW'P. O. TUCKKRMAN, Hecre" MJ. KOKR HILL SAVlNOrt BANK-SO. 2?1 THIRD AVK imo, one dour above Twenty flrnt a'rre'. open duly from In A. M. to 2 I*. M., and Wednesday anil Haiiirtlay ptrnnl'iRa. fn,iu ft to ? o'clock; Intereat at rli per cut oti <unu of WOJ and tinder, and live per cent on nuraa overturn WII.I.IAM II. IM.ATT, President. .IAS. U. KKKI.KIl, Vice I'r.a't. H. f /?or?oi< how*, Secretary. TO CAPITA J.IRTB.? TIIR ADVRRTIHKR IS IN PO.VM ?'on of infonnaUon retail i d to a ? ertalu ?t>x k now aelllncf In the m o ke' at a low price. Uje knowledge of which, to per Holla dcitrou* of Inveatli ibe etn would Drove hIgWy stwt abie, and nia> be readied In a vm y abort ttoie. The inform* Ion 1* valuable ? Uji- i" urre from which It emana'ei la an doubted, m u ill he proved on application. Addreatt, lorliiwi h, i i t -II onie.-. |.< . ? paid TOWER MINIMI COMPANT.-THK XHTM OF THIH company are lousbl at one per >"cnt dtaconnt. Iiy QUO. M. HOW KM, Broker, 7? Wall atraat. Mt'NICAIi. <*?<:? ?II AS JO TAt OUT IN BU KAKY MMSON*. ON A ?pA*. new mid rnproved method. Ternu* SO. In -ul- infe. | am tbe only banjo teacher In N it Y rk. Banjo* f " m $11)0 to f'iV Ai horra from A M. io9I\ M s. n. JAOOB.-t, banjo aud ban/, factory, sii HuUeou atroet, uliin of Jut bn, i ?aiijo Q/T -MY It BANJOS ARR AU, THK RAOR.? I NAM' lecture a apteral*! banjo for W. fall and nee iliem. I am the only banjo n. ikcr fci Uir cl'jr. Banjo t.i'ifbt > > ?!? l't Mina. 8. It, JaOOBH, t-in^o Oi.iii'ifarturep <u tho .\n"ifa tiry, 80 Hudaon Wtm, wgn t : Ik i hu* l.aoj". \ I.AKY TKACIIER OF TI1E PI \ NOPORTE, Will. J l eoe'lnue to Rive Inatraeiion. nnd will be b ijipy to eo.-ifer with parent* or gnarlinu*, at US F.lctitulli ? ect , wr- n MxUi avenue. I.AHY, TKAfllER OP Till', PIANOFORTR \ Ml win1 .iff, won! I .texo'" a few ?Rorcit;<ltid liotira lo l??- O'l", at ?? prr gtiartir. Iliiche?t refereruM civea. A'l I .< In Rro ' A at 13 utructrV-w, Rionctwii)' P(wiuffi< ALAROK STCX K <?F ri ASn FOBTV^, (SKW AN!> NH ooii I lunnct,) lor **l* htxi f?ir hlr*v iti Walker'-* wart? pihc* nii'l nir^"i Alno Msv#tmt fin*' lonM puti'K, b\ *Ln b*Ht Snu York iiul Hon on maker*, . ? ljrlMri?a2?. Allan rnvtNa of rtsuiso rif Ditibol irf prwlurlrn iviirt ntrt?iiKUM*r?i?i^ urn voiff }>i < mi ? i I.???raf<*<l In Italjr lint he rt?m i* ?,J &lo um. nlerttiiK Inn f>n?i#*x5or ifj ihr A ra it-my pi kotnr. for U>rui?i, apj ly tJL U.? rrai'Joucr N?? 5 pU^e. / ? riKRTT, TROI J-?UIR op ML'Slr, DfC^IRM TO IV V? Am Mi ?!??? ptfam&m Of ? aftd rumiUfM that h* m to ninkr rriK*umr rut* lor ln?lru'**lri|? in th?* MtKiri aH. Tl < hu?. Jtfiif r?*f#?r? ru-rn *i ri > r?m l??*ulvrn. A<l(JriM*, or call, at <5."i I i roadway. Kn r?nre Sn. 2 lan on pUwf (11IKA I' PIAMO FORTH*.? BKN.VKTT* OO. MA V(7FAfV J Itir^Tf Hroadwwj, bavi* Iin fltn'iTii n*!wrrt'nMnt of pmno f<nU-R lor of ??nf , dtir^hlllty a* ?! trrll+f'M, whi' h ihrv urn enabled to hi rcry low nrt? for ? n>*h. ??rKKl hand ptar.rn ai btri(ai*m HaU'I *m'|? l i * ?hI ihr? r < - tr<*' ,al*. AU Uwtrum -iiu arr *a ? mr.led. t'laiiOH to let. Ureal bargains a' J Hi lirua 1 way I31T1K INSTnrcriOff.-rROFKSSOH K J. KUKS W 1 M * prrjiared lo rerrivi* a few more pupflj OA III fSoebm, Oernet arxi di ? "f k ft or To iuim (uat/?'el wl'i !i?m eJ'Hl' v as an lM'ru< lor ftfiuid rrfer to mux* ??f hi? pr^<"it l-ttpiu ^n th" 1<< ' m nO'*- Iftn H"gcnan. i> | , |H5 Hr ? l IW&| *1 K. TllT, JCa^|.. 32 Dry u'reet, J. R, ftMfnag, Kaq.. ?TI f ourtll n'rrn; A.Hirrrr?ian Rm\ , ^2 North WiUUam *' For trrma appfj at No, U Klnf ??rr?4, or of &. C. Jolli , 619 wflldviy, /M lfAR AND SI N ii f NO.? M A Bf OH IfOLMTKR MM \ H to infoi ? h^r ^ >??)!?, thr ?>? York ?ni * he bin* rt?#iiB?a<| for tr?whJn*' 1j4m ? prti*arr?l tor eonorrt ?ii.d oprrn. letter* Hddr^-Nir-i and HIM iplfeMfti maJfr, at hrr t, mi (lr?n?l ?trr**. (Miliar tangh< tfi ?ti teaaoita for r a' kota a mm: < imix, wa %rr \<Tr*HKK* or I j -tifH-rior j,laiKift<ru-*, No. & Mrrrrr ?-r?'-t, < anal. Mr?*n AMNHTRrmoir ?mr. w baahk, a okrm %n prof*** of rnwk of man/ yram ^tp^ri^rire, Inf'trrne ii ? pnl'M' tiuNt U pr?" trM *?? mr?v??n?w ptspl * for tiv nif nr'i tii ' ii 'be piaio ami oioiwintr No objMlno u> alurvi ?.f m ,'.o ?r- r?*?4?tin>f In r.? U hi>??rt?t* ritie*. Tboronffki ha-.naiao teo|;ln. 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pier for* #?f Dttanr al rrel, ai tlir folkialng tut ?!/? imrkiikart.i Puffaki ??preaa, at o .10 A * Mai\?t* 15 A M. NU hl riprma, at ft-.IO P M. And n i?|?rrj#U train itti.AU P. M., fbr frwr 4ar? mdlnf O-t 4 TPHrrtu will he ?o?d to t'lmirA iihI renirii, ?' - -I on 'V- m*tl aixl r*t&> at n?H! half ihe re?nl?r , ir? IJie ,i,?-k ai.fl artl? e? for eihlbl^m wt'l !,? tean-for'od k$ ai.<l frnoi Fjn. ra frtt trf -barii", bin to pretrni u<e kb? ?<? .rf I. prntl-*e. frm*h' mo* be jmid on de fry of lb- ?r ? or a'ock <"t ir*i>*\?rr>*tkm. and ik? mme will l>c r?f !0 l?l on r> ion of ihtm, hf 'b? p?r't?? In clwrae pru-IivuK pi ?paf ^i? r*'c that 'bey ware rt.,iiiMed a4 . ikllalr. aid ikti ew 'Mr ?I. p therrtf hai iei? l>'en fb?n#rf^l. |,i*e attxk ahoo I ba da ilverad at be "n[,aoy,? dej.. a at H?ifccn. 'bra* w * frv.a Jcraaj Uty, on t~ tore k j i*?T.>i?r IT Ml. Ii < Mff AfcLt'M, lleeaml eaper.nleedeet Ti:r crot'"* famx tr*in or thk rrtxr-XM K*llr???l, w^l<b ba? had o ?!? fr-ameri in.'l. .1 ^ op ra it n 'h? l rakr? ifc^u lb* cn?tn? or rear a I ih? ra n/ f>?' b* wie?., wilt make a ?hi?ei e?j*r rreotel trip, lo n^xr ral'ttwt r'ni>m<-B ihea*?ra<?<'?wary >vn? ..1 ib? mim l<a- .7V ?ta h "Iree* ai I'I#1 A M, Tt?*?|?r Ai, r>'u. ntr.f a I 9. AU raoruad t n.,?n,ea are lure .-4 w, i.. praatn'. _ _ _ Wwm nura -anvriit iifrrwi* mw Hailr<?4 ? ?er.tnf eipeaaa bo? tearna fU?tt,t*r. Ki ?U'MK) at ft V M , eonr^rt.a* al Alhaa) with ttw New V?e* Cat-bai Itaalraad, ar-d irrttc. ta HoBait, n. rt m,emai al K. ? A. ?. Para* redo?d w att jdaeaa ><*n?4 Haffaio ?r wn,ip?a ' i bf wMkwt (mb N?v T?rt 8G8 382 MAROtVO ASD uwom. BOA WW AY, ONION SQUARE ?TO tin tin' of October. hioil . nie mill of live lu apaclou* bedroom*. dreaajng rooin, diidug room, bath, gu i, 4c., for a (Milwi laiiulv lor L'-niienn ii,) wlvh or without board, or on Ihe European plan, Kent rooklug and attendance. HROADWAY, ONE DOOR BELOW KldUT I | t)i) alreet.? A IrnnUy or gentlemiu cao obtain iU drab c rooum, tiirniahed, with full or partial bou 1 . prlva'e uibl Ki lereneea exchanged. 7CQ uro a dw a v.? to i.vrr, AN ki.koanti.y kt it I i )jj i anile of room*, with board, to a I ?unly <n Ml I u 10 gentlemen: alao, ? parlor arid two liedro.>ma, oq tfil: i lloor. Hhehou-c u Brat cla?a and conlnlna ail the modern Improve uieuia. Private table, if required. Q.A Q Broadway.? dkeirabi.k rooms for fami DnrO Ilea, ''4M Broadway. Deairable *ulla of rootna brfaiui llaa, wtth full or partial board, alto, rnouia for alugl" gen'Je ii.i-ii, 'ran-lrnf hf?i n!m ucuotuni'idntcd. Tlojaliove hnuae lit-, recently changed hand* and ({one through a thorough ooUTM of repairs and renovation MUM, P. BROWNINO, I'roprletrcM. FOURTH AVF.NUE ? TWO OB TURKU PERSONS ran be acnonunodatcd I o?r.l and room' In a private l,.niiiy where Uie coniform ol a home in?y be en jovad; location pli?ianl, an I ofe*ia) ?''???, All Uiomj lu queat ol a buDiu will do well u> apply an above. Q70 KOURTII KTREKT.? EI.KOANTLY Fl RNl.SHKD Ol ?/? room, Ml the aeiond Door, to let, to gentlemen, or a gentleman nnd lii? wife, with or without l>oird. m{ HUDSON HTRKKT. ? DK8IRABLS BOOMS FOR IputMof geiith-meu or famlltev, can bo obtained*! Uie above place. Irmialent board' ra ran Hud (food aceoimno dallm.a by the dm or wet Ilouae with modern improve mom*, near fit. John'* park. Reference enhanged. 17QitftnTixTnum htrket, nrab htp>>? X ( *J ??nt ?<iuare. ? A family having more room than tliev require will let the entire aecond ?'o ry. irifurnlxhed, with loardlor the winter, on inodurate term-; also, rootna, with board, lur alngle genlleuien or gtnUouieu and tlirlr wlvca. mFRANKMN STREET, TWO DOORS FROM HUD wit.? 1 uriiMtrd room* for the winter, with or without board; plnuuint location and good m IghborUo id. Uoonu can be teen at 7 o'clock , morning or evening. UK} ORAM) BTRF.KT, A FEW POORS WEST OF >12 broad way ?Two gentlemen ran be accommodated With Hlnk'le rootni; alixi. a l.irge room on the *?.?? 00 I II ior. f'li nUhed or unlurnwhp 1, and it bandKome lurnlah-d room on the Ural Door, aullnbie tor k gentleman und hu wile or two alnglr gentlemen, with board If required. Q,< KAHT TWELFTH HTRKKT, BETWEEN' THIRD AND i/T Fourth aveouea ?Two plea?ant furnlahed front rootn<, aultabla for gentlnmen and tlielr wivoa, rail be obtained In a Srivate t.imliy, die houar liae ail the modern Improvemenla. iefereneea exchanged. 8r (IRANI) STRERT, Sfll I/M'KS WKST OF AND NK\R ? I llroadway ? To let, t'nrnt?he>l jiariitra on Mrnt floor, with gaa, to Mn/'le gentlemen, where every rare and att' tillori will he paid lo Ibelr ri inl. rt Family amall and qulel. Urcaklaat r.ei ved ill room it reqiili ed Q1 RAHT TWKNTY THIRD STRKKT? PLRAHANT AND Ol haiidtomely furnlahed anita ot rooma. on tirat and aecond tlooif , may be aei ired for Ihe -etHon, by aeloet fatnllloa; tliu liM'iitif.n Is very tine; iherelaa large (inrden, of five Iota, at tarLeii lo tlie hnuae. A pply aa above. /JO WHT VOURTKKNTtl HTHRKT, CORNRK OF SIXTH 'JO avenue.? rie.i?ani roouu for faiulliua or alin'le getiUn no n. to be lei, with full or partial board, liotue runtaiiia all tie iMn bnwiMMi {'() RKMSFN FTRKIT, UROOKLYN HKIOIITH, WITHIN 'lii'-e tulitu.f w i!k oi Wull itreetfern toutaol room*, IWr fi.miliea and idngle gentlemen, eun be pro'- in d at the at <li u hiluliv ai i luted r i.b-nce, eoiiiatnlng -atl the >n i iern in 1 1 on in* lib*. Dinner a1 ?o'cl( *k. Kelcreni'ea nxcb ui ?nt. HO Vri'-T TWBliVTH STRKV:T.? RINtM.K tiKNTIjKMt'N ?)0 i . in In* ?? ormiiialired wlih plena ml filrril i Ii iiiiih, wi ll partial Limrd, the houac u plea? vntlv kjca'ed; furuhlied Wl li i' .o* iilld tiath ; ?iia.e? end <? ira to'iveuleu'. .V. II ?Ait til/ uriiM-ci-' fr. id parlor and iieilroom on drat flooi in let, wltii or without board. Kef -rttorea exchanged. ro VARH'K STRKKT, OI'POSITW ST, JOHN'S I'ARIf - tlO A gentli man and wit. and . ?n Ingle genthnnBii <-an 1 1. o.i i 1 by applying at luc above re>l chatined. fr AND ti" WRt T TWKNTY TilfRD 8TRKET-A I'RW ?.J?) aelert fnni.llei of the tir-l re |i* ? Uolllty c hi bo ' coi mi4a<ed will ani*a or altoile rooma, with lull or panlil bi aid, lo fl.a eligil'le I .own a"n r building. wM'-ii i*. iie>v and m furtilahed, con ?? nlrig ill Uie tnOili . Inii.i u> nn* :i *, be b.g di ugliuulljr lor tt led betwccu liro.idwa/ uud HUt.'i avcu'W. COMiND hTRKKT. ? OKNTLEMliN ABDTIIKIR WIVBS f)*j or single geut!e*n.Mi, hcan be aeoiium alatial wltii fill or [i.-. . tin I board at llm ubovw very deeli aJd ? location. I'l'iiat w iiiiing io engn^e ri 0W? for tie: aitiuinn anil winter wUi plejuie uat^'hrT) tppltca'Joa. Ho h?uae poa tcaaaa all Ui? modent iftprovcowaii. 0 7 N sln STRKKT. Nl.AR r IFTIf avrnur hand O# Krnidy furnJabel r.Mtnw, nult*blc fo* /rent lonim mil U.eir v*lvi*?. or -riu men. will be IpI mm boa I, In a Arr t cJaa* !.? u>?\ 37 Ninth ?trc?t> noAr KifrU avenue. 4 VI LAFAYKTTI Pl,At K, RET WKKN FOURTH HTHKKT Zdl nitU Amor place? SuIji* of room*. and aiiutln .nonu to le?, with board, 1/ouhj ?Ui<- b Bis t cU/**, and itxaUou utimr p*?at6. 1 I I.t rrsr I - I I ? ? u: av\! ?r I w ? 1 ? aUiule tf'utiemen ? ?n n cmmnw.iuiad with toll ?>r par tu< board, ami a |>l*>??am front bedroom oo i?ecnud Hour; baUn, t<a - , Ac. Ternn moderate. A KHALI, PRIVATE PAMh.T, (X'CUPVTtfa A f,A KtlK and flfgnrttJf furnloM bou*e In a <l>*tfirabla ! oration no town, would let, lo a ^bUfmiU! ot r***p*cl4UitUty, a *uUe ot roam*, with full or partul board. A<ldia?i?* K. J*. 0., H-rald ofltoe. AHK(:uM) RTORV PARLOR. WITH \?\ I! OK l'MfTlllP.4 aMadif i, to lot, wl h or w<<bom uoard, iurutab-d or un f urn 1*1 eU. Apply af fljtfi (fi' ?ij?rlch itrrct, oppo*jn* Vandam. \PIiIV.4T? KAMI/ Y IIA VI i i o f , arr<iti?l lloor. eotubtralily fnrrv U"d, wb < h they ! I ? to a tnriih) Of three lo f, r~ p#j .??, r ?? ?? y r;, atmn and wive* wirti fuH or pumal I oaro. ami hup of piano. ii<i < lu?< all ii.tHfrrn improvi m<*nt*. KeMtrtncu* e&Uuuftttd. Apply at '/10 W<?t 'Iblrty flrat atreet Aham?hom* rtttk or rrRNwrn roo%n wrni bath room, ?e,, rontfccuo??fl u, to,?e 'it o< ? (. \rau?lv, In ibe nr* h?WMM* 47 W? t Thirteenth Mrr?*\ FU i> ??.? ??*; breaVlaM If required. *1 l:e hotiM#* nn' do* all tbe mo rn Im provement*. family private. K'-feriuK rx' bMigod, ArrHBrTfiiKD on i nki um hKP Krt(?.%T r.oov mi i1j?* a^" rid Uoor, to kWt wliji Mmall rwtn ndJ^Ah nif if riMjuifi <1. Iloi < -m or/:i?pif*(l !y a priv ? ?? f? fully. Hr ? ' i? a ?f ile*irr't. Apjlvai^ Wf* Twn'v <*wi ?tn*\ near Stx<h avenue. 4 H RNlHIIKlV ROOM TO I KT. ITU OR W ? 1 1!0* T J\. ho?n!, i n fi rn#1" 1 m)vAt? family, to one ft i #d v. rr- n No. h .W- uioe airw . IS. Jti/.hPII. Arotxtt man op vkut rf<; uutim, gto*l flpartiu^r N will) Ooenl. In I Pf*pf ?' i!i|? i rtva.e faiull> , whrr?? no o?l?? r t?o.?rt?*rA a r?? kitpl. (M'twln ilii-okij n or up loan, b* w Vork l? r a ??><? ! pn4tt |f?n %rti| pay IIih rsll/. A<ldr? * M?n? :oi nfry. Poat r.ifi' ?. 4 AM, PRIVATR FAMII.V, Or?'l pyi Vil A MOPKRN ?i-' ?r fiaM tl Vfry <!'?> ?v?- 4 of an I n?*ar i Ir i 1 r % y Jim! t #|r.w t'uii>rt annate uud Itx ftiK inorr rwMti hart 'h y rr ?jUlr#, hoiiM Ut* ui r? ni wiibotj bom 4t two or t??r t* u.iiid -utn* .". furid b "1 room* or. j. Mhrft'r *rrm? to tor tlt?? wiuitr. luenklna ^s?l h? lunsiaitMl, u r i'llriyi A?3 dre#M Chariaa Oos, Irikm ?i|Uarr I'cwt AHMA1J, I'RIVATK KAMlf.Y WJIJ, ii OMMOll.vTK Mng.a p iii^ iim), ?*r a n rty of arnil men, wt b p?f i ?| loard. tb^laiikHc i- i. v. *>kI i m a' tu ?? i< t u *mpr??v** OMutN.ied U Mtfuatrd In ?* uel^hua1 b ?^1. < 'Ail at ..4 W?at 1 ar nty fir at *tr? ji Aokntlf:ma> AMD in wirt:. m. o a ki w , idti; > ifhtlMMt, '*an l??> ArrtftCikriiCXlAt^'i wl l? olaaaiot roottja, fmnhM^d or uufurni !?-? 1, * *?l? inli or m* ?o ? i upon rraMMiitbli w rm-?, l?y appffttKj a' **; r iur, aref ItraokljK. Aril.AMNT FRONT ROt'Nf A NO RFOIOXm: To U?t to a l.i4v ard getiii*<roan wi'h fio*r<t (or if ? h . i , in Hi'- upprr part ??i Oroeuwkti a.i-*t. A^?lra*? FA'sm y, Itroaotaay roat Atsmy ruuiiJrT parlor to utp. o* hkoodtii ! r '<? 'wo Hingl* up '? ii.**n Wi'li br? *W. i atvl *-? H riflfllftd. lermi rn<?d"raJ?? Hail. ' I HU l?<*4, ? A . ?J# rourtb av< ntn% I Wo rtooi"* Iroin T? u itrr^t. A -i i.l>DIlJ HI11K OF Ft RVJsnrtl PAI!M?f:> . niili extra i-^ lr ^ Je?, in n jrv < >a a m 77'i hi?-a? way. f fry at '?n on paid Ui I? fire t < n ? b ?r.?t?*a ? un lave Uj?? | r? r cjf the ki, ,< i , n \ -d wb.rl in oippHfd with *'* -totiary tu < A" Ap, I y e ^ I o'clock I' M , only. A HANIH.MR rUE M HEP PO M. WITH ON 9. OR I v, o I ..r?Jr "? nM *Vui .-A ,\c\ut atn^!' o, ? A privat" lioinie, with all Uw in i >rn impPovrrr. <aU; al,^?, a .ri tfb: m, wPb ?; a' - m d y ? .n V Aj p?y at 'A> Prinze t> r.?ev, a faw ?1# or* ftral of Rroadway a fkw ho<?m- Mrn Mii.f roic i amh.ii and r n? i??$ w?tb >.<?ird, *i a li. ?t r.*?- *i? P'OMMIIM*, *itb all tkt lli?' l~ "" tl a (Aaiic* abb' ^i?u?ra , ?* Bibu?r??; rr^ T+rif* r* quire * near Fi?>b a\enn?*. Awii ow ladv, o< ? i pvixa a wookjin imi wr-ukl !n Wi n gHi li ' uiu *i.: ta t v tho iowar p*i ?*a? flifttn" of two (Aritri, Ifotit. bo^?*rnerttt U'rVl, with rmnt* and Iroooi tor Mfuftl, rompI?- fly wbli tb- iw "f ita*. k* I to j.*r m , tmjAMa in Aflviar#} or w? ?ikS t< * on fwrior. wHIj f^iard tor ?/** Ifti'y, it lb# hum prlee. l/y*' "a f.aar K?frti)ffoo a.*-n F#?r parU ' ularn a#l ire*a M If H rood way Poat flvbt. 4 PRTVaTI. FAH1U, INHROOKLYN Wll.b RK'.'T \ A r*?om with p ?rpr>. on ??roivl ftoor, to a jp-rni^mAo and a ft*' , f'?r (In* winter-* 1 2Ti ran k atr##t. \WTT.r. Ft PMHirro parmik fmkir to i,i-t with piltat# ?ole ft* ore or two A par?y w A ?|uu ? b< t*>?? dut.iiff tlair ?ioy in town. ?n*y o mn atr. i#nt A(?<NIO?nlMkA lo to pi.ra> BOOW, drairab ,y Afvl r??t#reOs' itly l*tr%u d near I n*on ar|UAr?, by a'Mr - 'fw TrAoa?a?ti, Ukw ??tnara hatnflr^, Boa mi? a vmai.t, ?amii,t nr*tmno at w 1 **f?ty ?iiib airoei, mwr Mr^andway. ??Mtk! ?o? 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