Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 26, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 26, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6968. MORNING EZMTION? WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. f AETBKTOEMBWTS RB1TCWED ETKIT DAT. millV PVBUCATIOSS. TOl CKHT POPULAR BOOKB. BT DICKENS? JUST AMi published by T. B. PETKRSON, 102 CbeRnut street, ?Philadelphia, and for wis by uew* agent* and bookaellera everywhere. ?even Poor Traveller*. In eight chapter*. By Charles Dick Price 12 Ji cent*. the Befaoolbov ; 4.uJ other stories by the Chrlatmaa Plre. By ObutM Dickens. Price 12W cenia. The Tellow Mask. In twelve chap ten. From Dlckeiw' House "Old Words. 1'rlce 12U ceiiU. Skier Bom. By IMckena. Price 1JW cent*. Mother and Stepmother, in twelve chapter*. From Dickens' Household Word*. Price UX renin. Published at T. B. PK Ttt&MON'S. 102 Cheanut street, Philadelphia. Copies of any of the above will be sent to any one, freer of axwtage, on receipt of the price lo a letter. AtiKNSATION AMONG THE POBTsT Published This Day, EOIXJPORSIS: &HKUtCJLK KKJK.crru ahurkhsej. Mow just published from the origlual manuscript. One neat 32n>o., price H. The New York Morning Express call* It "a literary me teor." a ourloun volume," " aduilrablv sustained. and appro priate tbr the Crystal Palace festivities of Thursday next." J. 0. DKKBY, Publisher, New York. And for wale by all bookaeller*. A BOOK THAT WILL MAKE ITH MARK. 1 BORA'S 01111,1). One large 12mn. vol. Price $1 2ft. Pnbllahcd thla day by J. C. DERBY. 119 Nsssau street, New York, And for sale by all bookseller*. BOOKS AND STATIONERY AT CASH PRICES, AT WRONG'S PUBLISHING WAREHOUSE, No. fW Nassau street, New York. Country dealer* who wlah to buy cheap for cash, will do well to examine the large and moat comp'ete assortment of toy, aong, juvenile and miscellaoeou* book*, stationery, valentine*, almanacs, print*, Ac., at the above establishment, and note the prkfe*. The Htock of valentine* for tbe coming season will be found more extensive, varied and tuagitlHeeM than ever before ex hibited at thin old established valentine depot, and at priocs more l*!nl lower than formerly. AhnHaoorTtM now ready. N. ?.?Ail kino* of printing, engraving, lithography, Ac., -done In a superior manner and ou the most favorable terms. All order* V mall promptly and carefully attended to. T. W. HTHONO, 9H Nassau gtraet. JN ppp|pg . D. APPLETON A CO., 348 and 348 Ilroad way Have in pre**, and will publish at an early day, A Nctr Novkl raOM ah Ambbican P?;.s, which bid* fair lo exceed In interest and popularity any volume In (hut branch of literature which ha* yet appeared. It is entitled JUNO CLIFFORD. 1 vol., 12mo.; 2 plate*. SI. J From the opinion of a Critic who read the early sheet*.] ib> powerfully written novel portray* the vartoua phases of tbe human psslons? love, Jealousy, fidelity, virtue, mtgna mmlty patience, suffering and endurance ? In an exceedingly dramatic manner. The beautiful, passionate and selfish w ife of John Clifford, Is a finished and perfect picture. Her adopt ed son. Warren Hereford, 1* a model hero, without being be vond ordinary experience. Aud the kind and teuderly gentle tirmce U endowed with all the charms of the most gifted and fascinating ot ber sex. Bttnon Uoldwaithe is one of those New ?nglandera remarkable for their generosity and philanthropy; sad Mrs. Hereford I* endowed w Ith nil Uie cxeellent qualities of ? noble mother. Juno Clifford I* a remarkable book. The de llneation of character in its page*, and tbe moral tone of the narrative, will, it i- firmly believed, be found not inferior to nny modern American work of Action. ' POLITICAL* " ~~ DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN GENERAL COMMITTEK. ?A Wiecial meeting of till* committee will be held at Tain xnany llsll. on Thursday evening, Sept. 27, at hull' past seven o'clock. Punctual attendance is reauesi ed. ROBERT KELLY, Ohalrmau. Ja*es L. It I t. I DtCT, ? nanrfitai Ins Altkki> (-ham ixixiii. SB*creUl DEMOCRATIC MASS MEETING. EX (ioYKKNllK HEVHODU AT TaMMANV Hill.. The lion. Horatio Seymour having accepted th<- nomination Of the Democratic Republican General Committee, will ad dress our leiiow citizen* at Tammany Hail, ou Friday evening, Kept. 2K. ai liutf-nast 7 o'eloek. L. B. Shrpard. D. K. Delavan, Conrad Bwackhamer, Wm. Baled, Geo. 11. Purser, Committee of Arrangements. ROBERT KELLY, Ch'm'n. Dem. Rep. Uen. Com. jAHta U ltg N kiltCT, ) Ha-rptaHa* AlwupCuasckllok. SBecrc n"e "VroTICK.? AT A MEETING OF TnE WORKING MEN'8 i.1 Provisional Committi'e, held on Saturday evening, Sept. 22, at the Cooper House, Win. Arbuthnot presiding, on mo tion of J. J. l/radi-haw. It wa* resolved th it the plneo* or all xuember* wiio have not attended its meeting* be declared vacant, and Hut Uiu vacancies he Immediately filled. Va cancies wi re then accordingly d ?lared to exisi in the Second, Binth, Tenth, Eleventh, Twelfth, Thirteenth, Fourteenth, Sixteenth and Eighteenth ward*, and the following gentlemen Were duly rlerted to fill such vacancies, vii.: J. G. Abbe, B T. OakIFy, W. H. Decker, Andrew lteeves, G. (I. Hlbbard, T 31. Larsmoe. Humtiel S. Glbor-on, Isaac N. Deigbton, Jan. J>e la Montague. The following persons were added to th t Committee, viz.: C. It. Deeker, O. C. Moultoo, Franklin Cran dell and R. S. Collins. P. Dennis M Laughlin and Samuel S Clberson were then chosen Vice l'reslden's, and the Commit lee adjourn, d. WILLIAM WEST, Sec'y. <^IXIH WAliD IN'DKPHNDFNT REPUBLICAN l>KMO fO cracy? Hernial nomination? For Alilermiin. Kd*ard Rowc. For OouuHUnai., Eleventh dlatrisl. Mathew Murray; for Coun cilman. thirteenth dmrlc', Klrh.ird Butt. Kor Aaaeaeor, John Martin. Kor Fchool fJctmmtialouer. William I*. Power*. For School It ng i cor, Kelli Ifartt. Kor School Triwtee*. Patrick <iera?htt . .iohn llivnn, W. .1 MitGre. For t'onatablo*, Jamee Olns.% *m1 .liune* Nc*i>e't. Fortatpector* of Klei'.ion, Fin' dli.ii ? P. 0. Kourk '? ' I ('. \c?iry; Ke ond district, S. Waddcll i i l l> Kenny; Third dlntrirt, W. O. Murphy ami .1. J'.inm, Four' i dti-trlci, W J. M'iicc and I*. I?. Kelly. Kifth dlatrict. A 1 Ilmkley HCd I. It n>"*. .Sixth ill. / if". T. Klvlin and J. Klt ue I'M. KI.ANNKltHY, Chairman. P. D. bur( nTH WAPO.-AT A MKKT1X0 OK TTIK DEMOCRATIC Republic Hi ??M Committee ol (lie Eleventh ward. held *in Tuewlat evening, Hep'. 2.1. 1HS3, ai Colon II .11, the follow tog nrrma1 .<? ana resolution* worn adopted, uhI ordered Ui he publlaMd ? Wh?r?a , he N'alloiml IVraorra'ir Republican General Com nlttef ha* iiv n gro*? usurpation nfpo.vrr, deprived the demo eraey of tin ward of ifnv mice In the ? ol candidate* to ho ?npported b . UN pMple. and ha.? a-stimed this aut.inl ? vir lnallv to mak- nomination* lor the parly, In viola'lon of all principle aoo precedence, tfc*re:oi n Reiolvad, That ibc Oeneral Committee, la rcfiudnt; to .illow the elector* In Ox- *evrril warl i anv voice In tholr primary mat ten), ha- h idlcn'ed It* function*, abandoned It* legitimate dutlce, and violated the, trust* confided to U, ?* the nttecutlve ?gent of the nmional dernoo.acy; and that the duly I* now on avoidably Iiojxi-. -d upon tbe people. In their primary capacity, to reorganl/' the |ar'v, and re-urn" the right* or which we have been d? privcd by a desperate cll'i tie of *elft*b facilonlata, ?kowrn id appeal w> the inuaaeii, because their only object ?M hi pack our convention* with tho->c who were willing 10 earn out He plan* of parlor lender-. Reeolvee 1 lis: a public meeting of the national democracy of tbl* ward I >e he'd on Tbnrs lav- evenln : next, 27th ln*t? nt 5X o'clock, at Cnlon Hall, corner Fourth arret and avenue C to take Into condderatlMi the aforesaid court* of the General Committer and i?k" nicb action n* the ocntirton demand*. ROBERT KARL, Chairman. Bnu. M< I'^ui.ami, Secretary. T\ IF. TBIKNDS OP MR. CHARLKH C. I.EAYf'RAKT are denlnm* of pi ?elnK him before Uie publir ami the con ?entkmp, * JrtTi-rsonlan democrat, for tbe nomination of 'oner of Repair* and Huppile*. JKKKKR'H)JnAJf DKMOCRATi?. TUB TURK. CINTRITIIXC 001 MB, L. I.? TKOTTI.VU.? MONDAY Octoln i 1, at S o'clock; tnateli Il.OOn; toil IteaU, beat 3 in B, In karnevi . Ki t'lnick Jobnaou rtaui'-H oh. g. Fulton; Jitiw* Conway uaiii. . cb. in Lady llulen. To be a Rood day and track. JOKL CON'tCLlN, Proprietor. g HtKTRBYllJ.KCOl RSE, U I.? TROTTINO.? TrKSDAY October a, ut b o'clock, F. M.; imne and Make 9I.3UU; be*' ,1 In S, In lwrneM. Mr. Off enter* g. if. Mur 4ock;Warr> n I'eatwily en era ri X. Tarony; J. M. Dauilola b. f . ChloafO Jack. To be a ^"<><1 day aud track. JUKL i DNKl.l.V, Proprietor. CBVTBSViLLni COdBHR. I-. I.-TROTTIWO.-WKDNJCS. day, <V[A. ZS, at S o'clock P. M, match. HO), two mile " " ,to waenn>, wnKonual driver to lM-nrh :?W Itj-. I) Pllfrr . ? b. m. Kn.r tt oodt uff; -lame* Wbe pie* g. m. Melleof JUehmood JOh.l>, CONkLi.S, rroprtotor. C1KKTRKMLLK COtRRM, I. I.-TROTTINO? KATI R. ) toy. Sri ''tnber -Jth. atSo'rlock, nn'cn t3iO. mil - heata, heat three In flee to kwi ii*; i . WrtyM n^rn?< roan mar* J*raiilc Mah'. II. Wuodrui; name- eh. -.alllon Pluu^b Itoy. .I'iKI, OOMKLIN, Prnprle'iir. Ct KM RCV lI.I.K t-Ot RSR, I.. 1 TROTTINil ? THI'RS / day, bep embT KT, at ? oVI >ek P. >!.( ?atch W.OKI mill keata. in )ia ne- - . Warn n Fealiody uainM roau g. rncouy Ore. rpkei hi. k JOEt. OONKUIT, Proprli r. FWTPO.M.V l.M.-THK OKKAT KtVr: MILK FO iT raee p. ?-'i.' lu oouaequeiMie of bad wea' .er irosn Frl day 2lat u "he rr,mlti? Friday, ?< h, at 3 P ki . , preciaaly ?*er the Union Ume I -la'tiJ. Maic'i tor t nil, be w "t> tbe celebrated per)?-?irl(in* it New York and Boa a-Wiii. iro Freeatoor, t <it. r kco* ij ?? Billy Barlo rj ami Jo?m S>et-oi, of Hoxton. tire m;.oa. Ike above rac:. will i ouie off a I'hoat regard lo ? . her. U> ?fi-'-r (I ARLRM.? TB 1H FATOKITK I'LACB Ot rewn i- no* III ornnplete irder. and ready to aanornao tbe nor'. iut and rbimg public The 'lotha.n and Italtla Ball vlvi ? niay <<o me '?ea-mful green attached to 'he i, end much ?port to tbe rtaner* of thia r^anUfiU TW ' e-' t:i I |f| edllll I ml I llflTI unhand WIUJAV A. BROWN, Pnprl -or. fflRoTTIM. ? O.N THrHRTUY, BBPTKMBKR 27. a' 3 J. o'claek, on U>< BukaoMck pUnk mail. I>nnn'? Bote. Stat, h tor i?>; rntie and repeat b' We> n Mr. D'a bk. g. Mr. i'.'a br?wn inai e. KIOK ml krK. L L? T Ht tTTOifl DOi IW.E TKAM raee ot> Tbnredar, t^p-. T,, at 1 o'clock, pr. i*e|y, A >taWi tnr |mi mi. bea'a. beai tli'ee In 0/ <*. H. Woo'truff tag earn againa* W. I'i at di'tteam. till I WjWilITK. Prorrletora. KIOW CMS, L. I. -A PCM* OF ?*). MU.B beaita, ?>??? three In lire, to harnea*. free for all trotting fUfi . . id Flora Temple excepted,) to come off on ?, fu inb t i, Kntrlea to rloae on Monday, rtopte-nber E v karaaa. (Mo-. and Flora Temple e*repted,j to come i>ff on fkntan, ">*' " < Kntrlea (n rloae on Monday, rteptemher i* at #?^cu? . P M. at Falkland * Otiryee'a. comer of Ka-t Mrm dwm> a *1 <'*'barlne atreei. Three or more ?> makea .ad twi. io ?iart. HIIAW A WIIITK. P ruprleuira. rKIOK ?4llRHK. L. I.-TROTTIXq.-OI* MONDAY. Oct. t ?' !* o'elnrk, P. M., a tnat h for flAWO, mil* beau, to -Jiau I Wo>*tr ii it naiitea >>. K Jack Potter. Mr. Hbnte 'aiaice* ti m - ? ' Jark Potter to oarry 75 Iba more weiifbi. SHAW A WIIITK, Proprietor*. VrRIOM t lttllH*,~Cr r.-TBOm*n -0 Jl TCMOAY. ' M. 1 all " rlork P. M . a ma.'-n i<>r ?i.<?*l. mlie heaia, MtlWf* Si five, hi barney, tleorte Hplcer name , b. *. Lan jjM-t,. (i v, * noil name* hr. S- t^jfitre?llle. *rr1,? U ' sil \ vt A WHIT*. Proprietor*. f MlOb rfl lt>k. t 1.? ' TROTTIVO.-^lN FRIP AT. I (M^t. to ?ragon> *f TMION i < ; RSS L 1-TROTT1 VO? 0* FRIDVY. (M?t. ji-A n^tcli tor W>i. u.Ue I.Mta, 'ic.i liree in flie. ?o wagon- II. Woodruff name* l<. *. JaekPoner, J. Vfb?lp assr blk. m lilaik IWi lack l'""er to ' arrr ?t Iba. *11 A W .? WIIITK. Proprietor*. murrinav. T? l>l sTIMe ? A DKNTAI. v||OW CAKI: I0R ?Al.R, Uw Muue aa ekiutnici by picierre A Iterbard. ta the I owery ?i I mate and lemaie fa.ea, to C '-l working order, caa be Van le *t> <t applied tor tr.iin'-iUa'-eir Addrea* J, W Uoaiifc. >; fi t SABBATH SCHOOL FESTIVAL. vutt or tke flMMrhnM lU Santiay- School Teachers?Over One Thousand of |k?n la ??W Vork-JnUIre of the Cluwttabl* laftl tntlona? Reception or tike TUNtn at the Crystal Palace-, Ac., Am-., At. Yesterday was an occaaion of the greatest interr?t to the various Sunday pckoul union* and the diflerent cbari table Institutions of Mew York and its vicinity. For Ih past two or three week*, the principal topic of convene lion among the rellgienu portion of the community was the expected visit of the Sunday school teachers- of Mas sachusetts. We have had visits from military and Are companies and benevolent associations, but th* is the first time, we believe, in which the Sunday school teach ers of a State have ever visited New York in a body. Soon after the Idea was suggested, whioh was about six *rek ago, conventioaa were held iw Boston and vicinity, ai d nf ter making arrangements, they flxed upon the 25th imt; ?? the day of their vistt. A committee were appoiute l," of which Mr. lienry Hoyt, of the Boston branch of the Sumicf School Union, was elected chairman. and this committee made all the necessary preparation*. At the appoint ai time over a thousand teacber?, male and female, from different parts of Massachusetts, but principally frot i Bosten, Lowell, and Worcester, set out lor .Vew York by the Norwich, Stonington and Fail Kiver boats, and ar rived here between six and seven o'clock ye.-terilay morn ing. An soon as they landed they proceeded at once in cars and omnibuses to the Crystal I'ulace, where they found a capital breakfast preparud for them by the New York Sunday School I'nion, who, we understand, will take care of them during their stay among uh. We should state that the fares were reduced oiv the different steam boat lines, and every eourtesy anu attention shown to them on their way here. After breakfast they were addressed by Rev. l'hlneas Stowe, of the Baptist Bethrel, Kottsi, w ho spoke of the great bene lltt. conferred on the community by Sunday school unions. It was now near 10, the hour ap]><>inted for the arrival of the children of the orphan ami other asylums, and, punctual to the time, the first delegation, consisting of two hundred and thirty of the boys from Randall's Island, made their appearance, nnd marched into the building with banners flying ami drums beating. Then followed the children of the New York Orphan Asylum, the l ive l'olnta Mission, the Half Orphan Asylum, the I .cake ami Watts' Orphan House, the Brooklyn Otphun Asylum, the Home of the Friendless, the five I'oints House of Industry, and the New York Juvenile Asylum. AH were dressed very neatly, uud each institution was distinguished by a different badge worn un the breasts ol the children. In addition to these we noticed the pupils of the Institution for the Ucafand fcumb. ol whom there were two hundred and eighty presen ? The whole number of childien in attendance was 1 , ? l'.?; und when it is remem bered that these do not form more than one-tenth part of the number supported by the charities of New York, we think we have every reason to feci proud of our city. V lien all were assembled beneath the ilome, the sight vss ? ne of the most gratifying the eye ever rested on. lwo huge platforms were erected, one of which was re :eiv-il fur the speakers, and the other for the visiters, while the floor uuder the domo was cohered with tern potaty benches lor the childien. Hanging In 'rent of one of the galleries was a llle like representation of the Old lliewciy und the banners of the various Institutions were displayed from different parts of the hulldlog. A largo portion of the galleries ovei looking the assembled multi tude below was crowded, and tl.e whole spare under the dome was occupied. At the very lowest computation there could not nave been less than ,-lx thousand persons pie-<nt. Among these were a largo number ot New York sunday school teachers and ministers of different denom inations. Mr. I.ucius Hart acted a< musical director on the noeesion sod led the eftdldren in siajrinr while the Rev. Henry Iloyt, of Boston, officiated as 1'ie-ident. At t< n o'clock the exercises were opened with prayer by lii v. Mr. Howe, of the Baptist Church, Boston. After which Mr. CcYUM addressed the audienco as follows: ? Men and women of Boston and the Hay state, we are right {lad to See you here this flMrsbg. Wltil our wlode carts we bid you welcome. We Uiwj ou have not come here to sec our Institutions because yon have no kindred institutions at home, we know you need not come here fiom the Bay State to see ! n asylum, to sue a hospital, a reform school ? no. for y u kuow something of these tilings in the old Itay State. with Plymouth Kock at one emi and the unrivalled hills of Berkshire at the other. You know something there ? Wla? never fear die -.keplic's iiHints W I. ue near the sebisil tbe church spu n -lands. We welcome you to-day to Vew York, and 1 suppo" 1 don't say too much when I sBy we have go* i few thing-' to show you on this thrifty settlement of Mnihat t.'m Island. We have something to show you in a city whose oldest Inhabitants can remember the time when they gather* d strawberries on the spot whore the City ll.ill now stand*, and whose population now numliors one million of liting "tils. We can show you our institu tions, and j olnting you to their humble beginning, speak of the increase of charity In our mld-t. We can refer y< u to Hie time when the sainted Isabella Urthnm, who did fo much fcr these schools, mane her first efforts on bebait of the poor and ignorant. We ean tell you how the plain nod h< ne>t hearted John Griscom, the" Quaker, ass< mbli d in the < ity Hall a number of chniitable friends snd lead tbo first report of the first House of Refuge 'he world ever saw. Mr t' here teferred to the institu tion!" <m Randall's and Rlack wrll\ l-l inds a< proofs of the charity ot New York. These, aid he. arermr forti fications ? nd they are atenfdd better protection than Fort Schuyler, that cost tbe g ivermncot three millions of dollars . They are our teal fortresses and h -east works against vice and crime, I'pon Randall's 1-1 md there are l,2CO children in the Nui ery, 40? in the House of Refuge, and in c ne institution sjom TOO who are iv>w ? exiting instruction. You have heard of the world famous Kite I'oints, which l? just a< diif 'rent from what yi u peoph of New Knglanl understand when peaking ol tl o live p- ims ot Calvinh m as i igbt is from day. It was the part of ^w \oik when) fifty years ago the bottom fell out ami don n through the enormous aperture in' n and ( hildn n fell throrgh to perdition by the han d.wl. We are n> w turning the Five Points into one of the missionary lights -tnd centres of New York. You know what the Berkshire nujn raid to Mr. ''lay when he rimarked. "yon have got a hard soil to wrrk." ""h pes. ' he replied, "we men in Berkshire have got sneh hard work to perform, and w? are obliged to work so late that our eyes are too tired fir US to see sny thing." Mr. Cnytor here proceeded to give brief -keteli"?of the juvenile asylnm and other iiuU'ulioas, and closed as follows:? li< re we are sum tmded by great works of art, hut ours if a different Work trmi ol the ssnlptor. lhey worked with marble while we *. irk with prayer, looking to the cro^s and catching our in -piration from the Saviour. I bid you welcome on behalf of the many institutions around you t.i 'he el'y of N"vv York, an I pointing to the ehlbi cm who are the recipients of their bounty, I say in the word.' of th>- Roman matron of old, 'These me enr jewels." f'et Mr. Two' in.v. of the Methodist I 'pi eopal Chnreh oflio-'.n, returned his thanks in a fe appropriate re irnrks on fcehalfof tke Sunday tchoel teacuers, lor the kind and e. rilisl reception they ha * met Mr. Haiti ? en khVi the signal to the c'lildr- n and in a niomi (seventeen hundred i tb tongai s were as bns^ as 'liev eould tie, sloging " l( il Colurabii," an ! tl.ey ? i ng It with sc eb ? plrit toj, Hint they received a perfect tbnnder < f applause. Master J .* *>? lltirat (of l eakefcW itt Asylum), a retrarkahly br<ght ?n I i'lielligent l>o\ ot fourteen years, made an apor>i;niat* address on b. hiif of the assembled i hll iren. ft was ?>!mir:ibly dtliveri-d, snd re ' In d s? it dp?ervtd, i ej ea1"?l maiks Of appreciation. Ali'.s c >nrlu ?i<n Mr. Simeon I'm per f lover nor of the Alnni. ? was intiodufrd to tb' mceiing and made feu rtum Ls on behalf of t ho Board of Ooveriiors. As one of tbe imver nor-., sai I he, of the Almshouse ot the i-ity of .Netr York, and the pioper r , resi ntatlve on this oe. >?lon ot the little ones you see befi ie us I have tlio honor to say to out friend- fri m Mas-achu-ett -< e a elcome y on ain. ill ? ur l.raita tits moming. We hom-i a> *e respect the 'banner of tliat r*'rilon of our population wht h |i Is to t' e e ly development ot the yoath of the e.inn. try. sai Which voluntarily lend ? lis aid to direct ihem tbiouvh the conini' u el>i'n??lsJof humani'y. A short time is allf t '-d, I understand, to thoee ?h" ire to speak '?n this occasion, and it become* my duty to say, s-> the rrj re-, n'ative ot the Ten '."ven -re tba' tlie?" children atetheposir of tb" cliy of N' w Y .rk, aod of which the city takes rare; and the city of New York will not be -alirlied unless they .ire properly cared for. Mr O^nper h'- ' grve a brief history of thelnstituU n- and then pr i ceded as f<dl?.wm>-We present the e i hiblren to ym as Worthy ifyour children t?? ng a place among the eh&'lren of the country, with frieo is all a ? 'Ui theni to rlner them on and aid tnem In irim'.ever in,iy lie pro per and tight and just snd good to the end that fiey u.i> l*f ice honorable rtiltcns ready snd willing to take the ssm? care ot those who come after lhem ? nat tou, men and women ot Ma>'arhn*>"t' are taking of those who come nnder yonr charge (Applaii'e.^ I leel proud on tills occasion as a sou of Massachusetts, to behold around mn here, uader this aohle dome my friends, my felb w ctivem from my nativ - Sta'e. fApplaiae.) I to w riglit well what deeds of charity they perftvin, know <h" -ineerity with which they take up this task, snd I feel proud, as a ci'i/en of New York? and of no si, i i" time either? to welcome the citii.-n - of Msssac'itl ? etts in this capacity. I n n gUd to see them here for tloy ate my sisters am! my br.?ther? (l'.enewe?! ap t.lanre.) I l*liere v thins further is expeeted of th? Ten Coverneri Other thati to *ay that it is untierfUKei these children expeet you lo Visit them to-morrow aod they will he happy to treat yoo -veil and to ahow yon tbey have earned a g'*od chara e'er for themselves among their officers and teacher* I will simply -ay. in coa< 'asion , that I am happy, on this occasion, to see the poblic and Krlvate cfaritie* of onr city nnltc<l here, band in atid, feeling and knowing that they all tiwe their pre sent existence to the one .ource. (Applause \ Mr. C. (I. fan gave an account of the origin and pro gress of the New York Orphan Asylum, fr u. which we learn that It Is at present in a mo-t flourishing condi tion, ami We hope It wilt |png continue so. After he re suwed his seat, the children *11 nailed fa singing tbe well known temperance eong, "Sparkling and bright." Pv. MifYs* Sartn (mulatto) gave a history of tbe CM ered Orphsn Asylttto wbtch he eeid . was esuhbsh* I in 1*&8. A building wan ?rt 'a 1M0. on a portion of twmty loin which had In-** > 'urchaiteil ior the institution by Win. I'. Mott, of this v4y, .aud ?i"c? then it ha l beeu in a proeperou* londition. Wheu Or. f-mith concluded fl* I'nwldent anil falluliug to him)? "Do you believe, fro?n the auecimeu that h.*? j?*t left the phitfrrm, that Mw* >lored nice aie able to take rare of themselves >" fnnui Vouv*-"Ym, yen I" lb* "I I In nk mi too After tliin ebullition ef feeling, 11 pi*. nX creature, (.even yearn old, from th* Kive I'c '?>?? Mtulon. named Heimie Routkc, w%> put apou the plu"ivn *? and amid the repeated applatish of the muiiencv i-k ' following his tory of the institution:? a *11 Oa*Ti.tat.n? f fear thai one ?r a 'n*U *? ?y**l wtU nol be able lo interest so tar*.' a nutrher* "* people as I see brie to d?y. llm our nuasteuary anil <l>> ?? xrlnleudent of our Sabbath school w?re ajixwws lhat I ahovh^H ' i"" ?otue thing about t)Ur "lift Points BHioa." Our a ilsatou anl school were drat commented hi th? corner of t:rrw? and UUIe #?'rr wlreelH, la May. kg lUfr Lad:ea Hua<w I tlteouary Melflr. It was llie llral mJaaBB an* school that rr^t succeed ed at the Flic l'nnats, and lla-abUi mUMioD Dial tl es'.'m l*? have npeued la the di-Milim- and Us'gter'wl portion* r*- ?% * (treat city. The.v bad but few scholars wlmlMy tralMiM "need hot their number* have inrrrased until 'tar liverage i t!i>? dano* the past jeiir ha* been 30t> scholars, alil<a??h .vMchll barn Iweataki n froui time in Unm from our *cM>ol and 'Wis* ,|J In rood homes In the roaiMry. We um* muefc'bcoer olMtM ' w" have ever been, we havii an excellent day school, * w* are l.*tfght all the nect Mary KiikIIsIi atudiuo. srttli alagli a n? in the Nahhalli school we are taught tarn to In' jtt Unit \*e in u ist fear (lod. lhat we haws immortal * that ra wi he iiived or Iohi when wo Be. In oar ** lialh S'diool we are rewarded lor mmltung S-*?? lure and hymn*. and lorly two ol our whiten hare alri vn? learned the Parlour'* Senium on the Mount. w> which Itiry ua each presented with a handsome Bible, w 1ili ntissps. Ukc thi v . uf mine. All ihe children ol our school are rloUkad by tlie Ml? slon. Tknue of Us who learn llie moat, and balm*"* Ihe beat, g e. k Ihe lirnt ii-ward. Hut, inv dear Irlend*. I eautaal tell you i.> dn> all that Ihe Five Points Mliw.oi) liaa done for *e pi?or ol tl *? SUIhward. liiindi eil? of fanullen have been mpplled wlij i ??eddlnu and eloihlnif; durlnir Ihe pu*i year alom? liheen Ihou ? ?and ^armenlK have been ?l?i n away by tlw irdlr?. NelUier ? an I lei I yon what liie poor Uieee would have dnaa If Ihe pub llr had nol mipplled money 10 piu'cliinae liread ll?? ^aal winter. Why. aver tit ?> Ibouhand (oavnitof bread were Klmw away out of our beautiful chapel, whli li lias been built on ih? very apot t where the "Old Brewery" once alia>d, mid whwi-- 1 would atlll ?tnnd if It lmd nol been for your liberality. Wh> (f you had not helped the lad (en to purebnne II, Ihe Old Hi r*wry would be the Old Brewery mill, and we poor chit .?n would never have been im iitilu ihe excellent Uiinx* we have lieen lauijbi, and we never would liave ween you, and you would never have lolt ao luU'li Interest lo the Kleft rolnls MlHiilon. We lieloiiK lo you? the public adopted ed us. And now, my dear friends, let u* Intri duce t>vou the picture ol llie Old Brewery as 11 once mood on ihs Klwa'PolnU. Ijiok al It. With ihe "lleo ol Thieves" on the rli<hi and "Mur derers' alley" od tbe leil, dial was the home of many a child you aeo here today. Then we suD'eied penury and wwnt; now our wants are all supplied. Than we had nooue local# lor in-; now we ore lurnUied with two excellent inUslwiaries and a large number of teachers. Than we were In creat ia noraiiee; now we are taught Ihe thliurs which make mr our pruaent and future riksI. The scene has rhinged. On that very spot stands our beautiful chapel, school room*, imthlni; rooms, and tenements for twenty families. Hut I do nope you will all visit our aehool and see our new mission boose, Our M hool la not all here lo-i'.ny, only a part were permitted to come. But may I hope you will still remember uj? and I will pray llial when all the 'eai -hers and h. hoiars of th.' whole wot Id shall at tn?t assemble In Ihe great "palace of aniti Is and t.'od," we, the cbllilren of Ihe Five Points Mission school, may there meet all Ibe frlenda that have been with us Unlay and share 111 the delightful exercises of thm occaalon. In the tuune ol our school, I now bid joii all farewell? farewell. Utile llesrle Rotirke fuTO place to Re*. A.-si llullanl, Fecretniy of tb? Mild-alli HcliOol Society of Ma-wu lmsi'lts, wlio ir.ade n brief aud apprnpiiuto reply to the re muiks 1 if the juvenile orator. He naa folloired lijr Hr. I'ci t, of the Inatitutlon for th* Deaf and l?uml>, who, after a few ri'tiiHrlis, introduced one of the deal mute teacher , Mr. fi. W. t\ Cnnimage. Mr. <;aauuaS(> gave a represen tation in the language of signs of ChMst stilling tin storm, which was one of the most j^rfect and expressive pantomimes we have ever seen. The children shiik ano'.her song after which l!?v. l>r. Km x, of the Dutch I'efiumeil ("hunch, gave nn .iceotint of 1 enke n nil Watts, and nn ac, omit of tlie ltrooklya Or jilian Asylum wan given by Itev. Mr. liatchellei. The rsercUaa were hers varied by the juvenile ImaI of Katidall'a Island. cons:iting of four oi- llie drununer< unj a.? trany pcrfornu ra ontlia life, wlu> nscende.1 the pl?t foim and placed a number of popular airs, ainung which were anlte* Poodle " and ' Walt for the Wagon. '' Ac. Injustice to tlicm we must say that thev did their utjnoat to please the audience, and if they failed it was not their fault. They certainly played loud eumigU to bel eaid. atid worked uway with an energy at lite and drrm tl at deseived the highest sneeess. !<<ime of the auillence put 'heir hands over llieir ears, but they had evidently nn ta-te (or mode. Ft ts true It was not of the same kir.ii to which they have llsteoe<l fiom Alboui or Ji nny l.ind; but we doubt If either could play the llie or 0 1 uro so w ell . V hen llie little fellows hail sufficiently electrified the audience with their performance, they gave way to I'a-V lir. Tyng, who was introduced by the Presldi-nt as New 1 eg lo nil s tavorlte and tlie Kapoleon of Ssblia'h -chi?i pastors. 1 he Itoctor made come very happy hits in the course i f his ri marks in which he was interrupted by frequent laughter aud iiiiplno.?e. 1 am. said lie, ? Now port boy. tlrnt eousiu to a Newport mackerel tran-j ort cd to Si w Yoik and received here like the be-t piokb-d marl.erfl wbich tlir-y pick at Topjy. ||.> nn I appy to seo that in the schools of Iloiton liey um dull d both white and colore i, aud In this re sjett thi j bad acted differently from New York. It proved that 'he people of Hustna admitted of no diitinctlnn on nrci unt of color, nml that they recognized all rac -? u brothrrs urdi 1 the Liw of ./1 -in. Christ. I et u?. he con tinued. 1 ever fotpet tl al on an neensinu His" tlii , tli of I ne Mood tjid has lonite the nati in.i of theei tii and wl:iu vi e 1 c me to the dislre-sed, or enlighten the mind, or rair lh- >oul, tlist as p?ivoi ty know s nodii tmctiors imil as the mind Inum im dlattnnlion, nn I hit n an 'i. lie 1 ii g knows n 1 distinct 'o-is. ? . neither doe . our I^>id 't-u < iii ist. 'Ihe icvei 1 nd diictor stite<lthat he repre.< n'cd the Asanciation for .\g'sl Indigent I'emal"s, ? t which nn ai'- unt lia heietofoie apnea>ed In th" llOUIB. li e following history of ihe Hume r r th' I riend lesa, v liicli l e g:ive, a ill, however, b" teul with in terest:? Tlila lr.slll i'lrn Is represented by sums two hundred chll ilren, snd if- 1 'Mi-liMu d In IM7 by the Aiio-ctcen Female <i iiaiiit.-ii (;ne ol !?? in -t o'.i.-is has tieen lolur.i.^h II In u.i and nn sus ol urolri tion to l'rteodii-i*a ehlidren, iin'U il.ey n n lie i ntrusled to ti e g'.srdiaii^blp 01 worth v families, win will train 'hem lor useluliies' Since the llunie was cpened, it has received over I .SCO child , en most of whom II l as iocn ed v< Itli mi client fo?'er J arm's ai.d r'urdi in- In v 1 rfcuis -rcilori ol llie country . To many tlie Morn's has ' ewri the hrld?e Ihrvt has r < rrl''d ihcni safely over a wide, snd placed Ibem far Irnin the t.auetiil Influence ot ihe ".it> ?nice'" corrupt cbmpanton hlp. he>-gary and vice, will In p.'i Slant bou < s, win re tliev are being edneaied In ibe dsv and ? al brtth .cl.i'ol" aud trained Id th* wajr ihev flunld tn The rrowoiiig claimed for 'his ln> ii rl .ii l?, ilia It 1 roves a stepping - ore to mi nd-er hip 111 tl e rhrl?". 1 il.i udy ? Ihe place r I all others he I adapted hv a Wl*e I'm, |e ? ,1 f the correct dcveV /iemi ill of th- youthful muni Through Its -cvcial ageia les, a l ons'aot nnrroaponden -e u su-'. .11- 1 w t'.i us l.cnefnctors and tienedclarb's. 10 <hat ihe inbsrests are cared : anm they Im i oruc prepared toa well tlielr p?i ii|?m ih - "Ite of life *1 be -oeie'y number* l-?*l lite ni"mt <?!-?, and ii"treron* aoxlliarb's In various te. nous of the rtmn'ry 10 whose 1 oiinb nunc ? ami upp irt It i> lart-ly lu.l->, . | I publishes a peiMlral ?veragi?g an i-sue ol UI.HUO -emi rr.-.iitblv, lo w leisi' agency In repress n'uig |u o'.,ccts and 'Isimsuiayl atirll uled Its enlarged farlU le* foi pnviding bovie* for the ilesdlute. I has bi en il:?ru-iecl l y Hie 5eW York l^glsbitu-e, and In addi'lon to ti < sr|?:sd and 'lie tbiuie, sustains a Urge sawing school for girl", known a ? the Home Industrial liool, where from one to three hui'dn I ne .l- .-d str'e' rlilalren receive dally InatrtKlkiri, fmsl and laliii' iil. As 'his Hoclety w*?. in 'heprovWini ' ofOcd, th- nluo' er In the t eoe?o>nt and laasl bie labor of dlnlnlfbliiv v ' r and nil??ry by iranali-rrlng the "una and beipless from and ' xpoeurr toperman'i ' hrlstian ! ??wii, its friends and cuDHihutjira may well aserjha praise to the Infinite Olver r.f every i;o<sl gifl dia'U ? f ami leedlly Im reaslne number* I. aye isn'.cred Into their la'sirs ? hat already, In different eec'ious of our coun'ry, simi1 etglit or ?on III ,?i ? lor the rrteridb-ne luiyc sprung Into 1 ? m e ?in e Ir.V, and aasi?la<lon? have multiplied for the apeclfh purpose of t.nennlng negle. ted rhlldhnsl, and plucking lieeipowrd IH<n 'he open ratsways of death May 'hl? grs I work he trea'iy ejtei ded, si I everierhcre Mirrlsl fhrward In 'he iplr 1 of Him ?bo ?ald ' rafter little i hlldr-'n lo coni u ito ml, arid ,'ortndlbem not." Al 'he rb -e of I 1. Tyn?' i?marks, the children saeg the >s ng ?

I want "1 lie an ante I, and with the ang*l? stsn I Mr. H N. Hio.ii- made a fe* remn'k- desertptlre of the Sew \ oik Juvenile Asylum after which Ibe children of the Colored Orpbsn /sylcm *.ing We aie a ban 1 uf tt'l K'' - " * i: ! ' tie), snr ? I S, 1','if they ?M e call.- 1 li J .on unaiiioionslv lo ic| ent it Itev. Mr. eio-ediha <?*' icb-es with a few obierra tii ns al'int li ' Hve Points lions* of Ii 1 -'ry lleniilii ? I' n wi s tl en pronounced snd all dbtf I ? ith tli" e? ? iptiori of thi- t earlier. *'? it ? t' u i-l of whom ?.it ?'ovn to an i *? ellent dlnnei \etn.? prepared for him ;n thi i.'-rth nave, y i - lnindtesl table my red >?ith viands ? I every de? -iptioii we:e spu-ad la-fore them. ?n<l if tin iHJ not do justice to tie in H wa ? tlo ir own limit, for the ' .en id to lie no irunt of ho?oiiAii'y ?n th< |art i.f their ln-t Af'<r dinnei they nil rej.slri?l to their h? f es to pr' pn'e lor the rn' ? ling at J'r. Clii . vr church. MOTINO IN Tfir i Ht BTH O V TIIB PtTttTANH. Ihe met *c itdltig to sppolntrnent in the ( i.utch t4 the I'liritan', t'nion aijuare, at seven clock !s?t eveBirg Ihe building ??? crowded alinrwt bi ? ifto *V n, and sevrrjl were unable to obtain admlt'aoce )',j v Dr. Terrla. Oianiellor of th* New York I nlysrsliy. pii i.Sed. ond after an anthem by the choir, prayer wa< die ?sl >,y Vev II Mattlt-on. of Trinity M. r <:viuicb A ^a.r?ion of the Hflvlpture* was then read by [cev l?r l urebsr l, of the Thirteenth street I'reshyterlan ' bnreh sfter which F?v. Ihr lertls mad* an add. eim |<. th* teach egs In which he spoke of the benefit cf Sunday scb'is.U ? 'he ioetiMaUon ? f < hriatiau m> laii'y up- o t i* Mnli <11 i hildien A brief an.; appropriate reply was made br Henry II 7 1, after which addre?ee? wer> made by A. Woodnf, Khi IVv. I j man Whiting, of Keadiog. Ma?saehns*Us and Itev J, Piit'ird, of toe Cannon street Rapt ist ehtirch srw! others. Hene^ictlon wa* then pronounced sn-i the ?meting adjourned. Thia morning the teachers will visit Black well'* an-1 I andall's islands lo which they will be conveyed by tli* ?rum' r Mm ?bi b i?ve. a< or ... of < h; mbers street In th? evening a public meeting will lie h'-M at the fljnioulh ihnreh, Itriiohlyn. Hrookly 11 Cltr Politic*. Tl e Km w Nothing council of the With w*"l hav a mtnated Janies 0. Wltllamaon aa their candidate for al ?letDKB at th* ensuing ?leetiow. B?iUi*<-.? A ^onventb.n of 4*l"gatsa from freir Know Nothing I OH tidl. of tl>? I astern I 1st r let of |lr>s4lvn w ?> i*cently held at th* hall crrrne- of Orand and V u rth stnets, at wl.ich it wa> dete mined that the Kastern Iilstrict i* et.tMlesl to two irf the p.or nomination* fur county nlRcert to 1# i lected this tall that ailks such two are vouchsafed to the Ka*t*ra IHatitet, memtser* of council* will vote wHIsowt regard to the n- ir'na'l-in An< tber rree'iog of de'c^itea trrr ec nferea'* 'i ? ??' 1 to thi* subject it to h* belT fct Jtbf s?u ? p'?f* < . e 1st o' OrtoNr M'lle Bwhi l'i KriMiRi at Ihr Tabein?rle. In oriier to accommodate the aaruplmi of person* who have aa objection to visit theatres, but who can*ff>>id to male ? CMU|jri>nuM with Iheii couscicnca when ? 1 r - uiatic entertainments arc presented to them in Museum* or other less sinful bounding placea, M'llc Kachel ami the principal members of her cimpany gave at th? T ?? bernacle la?t night what they were pleased to term "readings" fioin the piece* in which they are in the habit of performing, but which wore in truth perfect dramatic episode* in everything but the mere aeefeaoriei of eoetuine and scenery. The reault of the experiment, in au artistic |s>int of view, was, as may be imagined, a very poor one and its success with the portion of the public which it was intended to draw must have been anything but satisfactory to those who suggested it. The hall wan scarcely half Ailed, and the g-eater por ion of this scanty audience wan #ompo-ed of clicolgitht. The whole affair had a Cold and spiritless aspect, and must have been exceedingly trying to artist* unaccustomed to these bald compromise* between reli gion and art. 1'ae programme of the owning offered all the attrac tion of variety and interest, inasmuch a* it presented Rachel in some ef her greatest parts and in the ex tremes both of tragedy and comedy. Of the selection* in which she did not take part, we shall not say much, although they recommend thi m.selvp* both by the merit i of the work- from which they were taken. an>t the man ner in which they were perforr " I. K<ery one knows that the "Ci'l,"' I row which the opening scene was elect ed -?b< the first thrf ri'iriii-rs issued from the pen of Con eille, and marked the regeneration of the French language, 1 heedi-el which it t, that lor many year* the Krt nch adopted a proverbial expression to tentify their admiration of It* merit* " lleau coramo te Cid" was in tart the highest measure of praise that could b"' accorded by them. "I* Famine de Paris" is txtrarted from the poem wHSch Voltaire consecrated to the glory of (Irnry IV. (la ftenriade). Thin work, noble in construction, although a*?urd in conception, inns oinch a* It exalta a false glory and a tonveirtional hero, contain* many remarkable pa/-sages, amongst which is ?he tsMeau given on Ihls o'casica. The soent from the I faarth act of "Iphigenie," entitled "1* Macrittce," is also j o*> i?l the hnest in tliat admirable -York. These ptnireeam 1 were all enrrectly and spiritedly rendered by the iubordl nate members or the troupe. He now cisjot' to the pie. ? * in wl 'eh the great trni"li rntf herseiY took part. This is the drst oixas.ou on which, we ktlieve, I '..'-hi'] lias ever 'rut ure>l on sua4> eu experiment. We ate inclined to till H, that It will H? the In t. t.i eat as Is her self possession slie Kp|>eai od to iiitb'T nerT<i*s autl excited, from lim fog hersidf will oil! tlie usual support which stage arrangement* afford, rvtirl exposed to the ge*e of the audlene" during the interval* between her appearance*. Her dre?* wh* a sort of cona promiso Is'taeen evening and theatrenl cutum", a. id ? n - exceedingly booming Three ol the four parts ? will' h sh>- appeared *erti tiiken from the rich and focund rtf yrtnirt of ftacine. In Athallo, the hloodthii sty an<C I eihdii. ue oiieen, struggling against suspicion and re inotsc ? In Esther, the Inspired and touching wifa of the* ferocious A man. ant In i'hedre, in which she give* way to such admirable hursts of pa -ion. hatred ami Ion? she, as usual. brought dona the ? nthu*ia?'i<* ap plause of her audience, fli" principal attraction of the evening, however, tlie most pi | lant. ami that perhaps which excited the most Interest, was the second act of the '? lllsinthrope" of Mollere. Ilere shppn->*e1 fmtn the highest tragi' efforts into those of coraedy, and In the rile of the c??)uctte Callmene showed that, like Cairiek. >he possesses utmost e<|iiai taleuta in both. Still, In tin whole of lh< .e peifurautnces the diauuitic illusion was o.mplrtely destroyed by the Ineonsl-teucy Ix-tneru the subjects, the actors, the costumes and the locality. We trust Uiut ?o shall see no more of these attempts to har monise ait with the narrow and bigotei prejudices of the eotmaUcle*. Tlie " Il?-?la" ?nil Oiorgf \ . Homier*. Srw York, >-ept. si, 1110. TO TIIK KWTOK OF THK BKMLI). Your ahl" reporter, In liln condena'4 anmmaryofmy impromptu rimartm on the gulll'rtlp-> bn? reprcientel nip quite tu- forcibly a* 1 without the rencludtng cmjlmi-ii). A deliberate exposition of n; rirat on Ikf iHhj.i.-lllcn to be made of the tyrant* and uaur;.er* of tii Km i | fun c< utiii' nt i given In the follow inj ??itrn ' of a rucnt letter of mine to the Richmond Ktamiiwr o ?ept. 18 ? 'lite fault of our noble co-worker* in Kirrope In '48 war. u* 1 lave Intimuted in my cimimuuie.itkm to th" Hi ti.tif". their too generous creiiullty. It ii dneerel* to ii bo) til tl it nt tb' next opportunity no chimlrli ilclf tet j >ha!l Interfere wi'li the puniidimi'iit due to the* ?>.<) jerjurei who hare ahow n fiut with them gtmroilf t l? i. nlir a atiuiulna to murder. an 1 truat n nu m.? to 1 etiny. T? fnut to aee at th" renewal "f the -ti ieiii.irt n volution, the fiuutii ? of V. a hingtou and I utnain, and Jarkann when they, With' 'it one moment of liu'ecirion. widely hung up le ? dani'iM iu-. bec.inte Sea* Important, men. In thl- limited and righteous crutlly "bete *111 l? litrge bein rolen-e, and In it only mfil). We nu t rigrct that .Santa /tuna bin iigilu n :n!e 111- ei ? :i[ e fn m Judgment. Ilii'ie ? ould ha* e l*ni anlutaiy m'iiii nltlon to hta l.nat-li fruterul'y on t!ie nde of the water in hU execution. I with al o to make a flight explanation of my nr-ntiou of Mr. f elide*. our Mlm-'.er to tlelglum t altadt I tu hi Amnican pellUca only to ay that Mr. Spitluiotiie <-atne to B.e to favorably introduced *? to wat rani me it pre -?riiiig him to all American democrat* ? n ? he bore letter* ol tl e bizhe-t character from Isjuli Hlnur on tl ?? ? lie fide if political opinion ii* well a- from Mr Sibb ? idiIm other. GKO. N. ilAMCil't. Ooroiiera' In ij m At ?. Kniji) in a Skw Bi iimMi. ? Coroner VTUfcelru h-dd an ini|in t jertiirday. at vo. H9 t han) eri nfrret upon th lody of a niun named 1/iuia l'uiaer, wl.<< w.i * a dentally ? illed by falling through the atnliway of the new b illd irg tl ere ercr i|ng. Ikeceaaed wna enrpenter and while - an,' log < n a platform rwlaed over tin atalrway on ?h" fifth utiry, *? i |M',pitat'd to th" -??< , nd floor by th" iTinf w y of ona i f the plank- Verdict, death h,> fiae | luia M the rSnll, accidentally ree-eired. Iloceaa'-d ?a- ii ? vram of age, and wa? a uatlre of (!erm*ny. I.invrii 1" hl*TK ?* D : O'lttmni'U h"l I art In | ir??i ii|m>ii the b>' ty of a girl 12 yam of aife, nanel flonora ' rob n, ?ho una burned to ri?ath by bar el..ihe?c*'"tiin(r lire by r< mil i in contact with the -tove, a> thtf re?| lei?<-' i f ber pai i ?, No. f'2 Frankfort atrei f. Verdict, dettb by biitn-. 1 t 'nwl *?< a native of Irel .?>d, Pmonal lnteMlv;? ii? r. Tin Iter, .!? I n 1'ierpnnt i? lying ilangerni-ly III at b' n-"len>e a< Mad ford, Va>i. lh? Cr/vernor haa appointed ilon I'ao H. Cole County iiu'l-e and -uirigi*'* for the c , mty of UtlMai, in p * of Henry R. C'arUa, decea?ed. "" Kfi.ntcr f>"nfl? l a- made thirteen anpointm**' - to blie a Mi ecnatltuenf ? on th" r!'"*lion, Ixfure the :4>th prr xlr o. The lion. ??< ? rge I'.. ncroft 1. a aignlfli d hi? mtPriU n of 1 1'irR pn ' nt at t .a celebration of th' battle ol i.!u{ ? Mountain <.n the 4th October. li e Washing' on < <\t> *pOnderit of the rl. f^iiil * I, an torril-he , that payer ?i h the following ?, ? of g> I --Mr. I .u" hi" a ? 'ileo, ; ; i', "d ? ? ? " on In ? t i r-i ft. the t'niti d Mat*", l a- l>e<*u ilea'ly iletin"! '- it hU ur|^ ea l av r Urn a rn i'fer of ronji" ' ire lie .tu t ?f I -rim I,- ami kru-i*!' up'l.aMi" ? ppi " M.-mpbi? ih>fr" to Naahvtllt ?, ibiu i- by no parti tiU< ro-ite to h - hi me in 1 1 or,>) Ithi I i ? ! <??,>? n-*r ? <}<tu ' ? < tacheloi b' me b.i? thl ? >tlld anflripale i'e Vrw i'i an llwt'H geneially io correct In It" ntati-nieot ? r? ? e? an e 'ill 'inkling fni'tmeat for the I'ie !? n'.ial i : i t.or. i, | ?.?,?, hi.' th i alia n.i ' te I bite I' from i ri" who * ? fn>m the lip* of a fair nmffhini- of the ii ?tlngui-hi l atatecriiin ? that ma'nurmy and n -t I retldriit ma- ing, t? the r-bjaet of tit* m ?*t ?? thr- igti ihe intr-iii r toan- The accoroph^fce 1 ant eat una hie W ' ow of thl "?.|'re-li!ent ,'jiri< K. I'-Sk i. the I lol ? t win? e -hi ii ? hla In heh'r - a'le -ll . r. re of r<l up ??1 It l? to ' ? iuf t' t m ar op?.n lt?r haart tb" ]>o* r ?' ?it< g -at lit- natie falenta that <11 I'ti - m i e hi tour ot .j." Ma'" wher In the lar>g'i"?-' of the ? ? < i gri' 'ng?B?m and / " to all old ta? !>? :? ? ? when ei gig. t In ? prat ? w i ? ihy ent- ? priai a, irniTiu. A i i) e n, ' ? r It' : -? f . ? ' H ? It v > ' , ' 1 >i,| h I,. ?/ I- P.I v I ' f , ! ? r* I/' we > lc-?l,l,'i'' s \ u-\ w i ?/<)' i? s v (<" <? Tu? . . e S Y tier John H<1n< I'I ? II, lt?> I t. r r it v? . He W It .it ? 0>e " ?' i y r ? , I'I, I , I I I W 1?", ?- I* * I Iw r Ui -ii ? t i,i? S \ H I* K i ? t> w. errlle ?:? r S ll >'i,a an T'b.:a II ?>** I-" ln?a < Mr A- 'he I ?ar t ''af, W "?>?r, M? Ret A * viii'i'., V ? 'ii .a K V ft., k ? V , ?tncto?au ? \ ,'V art. > Irftila It ' !!? ' ? N 1 i'"l a II II tl . . II, ?. 'A I. no ? Ha I. Ilati'.. I>-; K^ni'i'ky; H Mwar'ta It > n Ai 'he polllaa? I ?>l W Kor eriei i. Tenr, W f Hufe' thelia tia i.ernw e? Jolina I* . H IV-iil. N O W > Wym Ita ,n.o?? II l? Wilt <aa (Hi* /. It *??va *?a I* rt. I'linflarlram. ta aleaw. btp *?rna-*" tl * R. ktK, t l< Wrtaj, ? rai Mr John If f ujier. J tl HreVt. K II Iktra r. Itai e?lr ri J llendrVk. f *rr> ier?? 1 Pl?k'r?|:. I f (\<i tei. M < "*4 K H (lowro? t ? ihe auwra^a Prarfkai Irlwaa In Ik* Jary TO TIK IMTOM OP TRR Wm You hat' t aa? oi*ne<t rtdumna of y*ir r*p?r U? tl e lam?titattow <4 tho?? who hat a Imk retire Uia >aiy Mlntf IVaril A? fat myaaW I lia<a no tiirt* f,.r (hat. a iff in d tIM will ik"?kiit marh of ' r ith th?re la tn that .tart-l'ti At pr*a*nt I metal* vtah to any that 1 a at now la bu?lw??a at Xo ? fjiy Hall place, and w.U tar the pit "?at attead Io tMiataeM ?o?o?eted with the I'railna and l'at?nt ' Mr* Particular attaatiaa all! he (two to the tlalata ?d the aatt ea?a? wVtowa aixl et phana '/ ' h? nacy , kM Jarl I have lean inwaaeiH a'* an<t frtend fat ?ye?M? t4 tktr'y ?hea* ye?ra, and al?|| ta le t?t;? Ii ? vt afa o a? *>.<? ? al * ?? ?( . fmr ?a W- ' t - - I 11 , V. -? taa-tet .. 1 | >? ? | ? fl P Cltjr InlrlHw'i**' Iluta-O* Rniui 1U:;*|>..U? < Nii/vs it.? Tb? Committee of the Iioard if Hound liner* to w b'im lm been referred the queaflou of ri-ualng to the ll.ida.ri Illver Mail < :id the rigbt to run l"Cn|ii>>ti?i t below Hfly ninth atreet, on the I ievenlh iTrnur, iii?ct to-day at lb" City Hall, at 3 o'clock. It 11 i ' oul ?hlnjf to ra that a.? great mi nbu?a > the i uniting of loeonioMvat thiougli a populous avenue into U?e heart of the city xhouM have b?-eu no long auflered elth?r by tlie h gal authortie< nr by the |iopulatiou, mIkmm- IiT<-> are k.i cineUntly -nd.ui fried by them, to ??/ nothing of the incalculable hljury done to property and bu*ine-n a! nig th# abort i-f tbe N'oith river al>o\i 1 hirty-flrat ?tii*t. The II id on iUver llnllioa.l wai- mainly uudertakori to gin- inerea ?( value to lauded property In the river countieo. Tbe mad lu? w< rked wonder* in tbat re?r?eet e? it ha* ?iiiadiuplcd die valut of real entate n b>ng di?t?ne? up thn liver nu t bii I the foundation ol aorcrnl p< town* an 1 village., in tbe winter teimn only la it ux ful to the public in eon d'ylai fn igbt |o and from tbe city, but even in thai rv ?l ->t i' ban a competition in the liailetn itailroad. 'lb* u'lvauiaKe- oi leiin.ltUig !?>< ..mot.?e< to coin<* do?n m low n? I but; -Unit atieet inure* e?rJu?lvely to traveller* in I lie (iaiii i.l u few moment* <>l time, by an incrvaaed de gl ev 1.1 e|.<-ed I ver a dUtanr* t oi e and % ball milt * ? at ii. < -l i gain of t n or fifteen minute. To r rnlliiui In tbe eujoynient of thli- facility tbe bunne - men reddimr on ibe Nor Ui river in ml on coining to Tbirty-liret utrect with locomotive a peed, at the m>m<'ulary rUk of hun dred* of Uvea Not aatb fled wbh gn ally tagmentlng lb" value of tbeir real estate In tlie emutry, tYi"v, with u thoi,ghtlc*? but ruuideroun inhumanity, Imperil tbe live, of tb"ueaudn, and cheek the growth ot an entire aeeti<<u of the elly, where water prlvilegi . are wanted for all aorta of limine-.* pm p< *c . Now tliat lb" public begin to be legally enlighten. (1 a* t > tlo* IllllueiRi - whicb b*>" hitherto eiutauud atmaea, and retarded a healthy and lu?t adniinUtratlou of the law* we truat that a ?lop Will lie immediately put to tbia abuae, no violative of public and private rtfbta that ita exintcnoe would not be lob rated in any other country in the world (or a ulngla day. A Row i.n TttK Ntrrtt Avon (.'ale* ? Dowsmu, rile Cotom-n OrmcitMi*, rx a I-kav ? Thmnmi Downing, the colored oyster dmler iu Broad xtreet, attcinp'ol on lion day ?light, in deflance of the ru!i~?, to ride in one of the earn ol the Sllth Arenue Kailroad unt ae( n|?rt for color ed |ie<iple. It appear* Downing, in coni[miiv with a Colored woinnn. entered car No. i!7 and rode to Charnbera atreet and Went liroadway Iwlore h? wa? noti. l. Ileie the conduetor ordered him out, but iMWalng refuaeil to go, ami loedly aaeerted hi* right to ride when lie had paid nia fare, 'the conductor not liking to 1 to extre milieu let \bc car go on until they caine to < >oal and t arick alreeta, where, calling other* to hia aid, he In itiated on Downing >|uitt!ug the car, a I the rule* would not Juxlify b'ati in pri "eding further v. l!i him in It. The j)a?hei>g<*ri? ln-re began to ttk? liila., wmi tor and otbera agiiinNt iHiwiiing. aud utioug ?yin|it-?in* ol a row were m-'nifefcte t. liiWning however enute (>'d bin eat and re-nlutely li?|it hia po?llion until be iea<h?1 itie end of hia journey. 'ibe loilow ing M Dowriiiig'n vcralon of ibe '?*?! ovcnln#'?' iJoTJVm'' ? *TAT?*K*T BrtNul airrH wtili i JJIJ "it i.lit.'c of liuaji?., , ?, >fr. n. NluJfTti?, I,'I'1V""1 ? ?? *r fain, ,hrr, . ffc<- "o?n v;ir,'r' r ?? *A B? ( in** ton,, ?h J ? ?J' n'"'Ul ?uln ., , ,,?k h?firt? on my IwniMrr io'.i ? ! " l' '.nt ?".! 1'nttlou la. <Tr?,?| vrt l. (?.?.?"? t? do v., , *," ""' 1 ' h?V"? ?"' ?"?>' I. rKiil rh^ u Wl ?'""?Klnot IV. ?'l n? told ? ... ? K> till m-n ?i-. if ?ut, ?- *? i?, | ? '' '"v;";1'" i'?i n? n. m > nrlik, Hlirn I BlBil>- ? full ' ,! . r'""' I "I Ml I ,.l t?r u H,v?. I, , ? *?i '?? M l WI,|, ,tlr llm, it?'7 *Ud. "v.#. ar? ,u/.<l..a .1 7 ?* , ,r ,,rlv?r ??> It r%? ;;??? ' 1 mid. No y ( ii| noiiUl iM", '' *'i41 ** *"1 Ukr yon <*"' ?>J JO-U n. v." Th. iLi, ui <U!r" ,U""'*r "" I VI U, "if, liui fro in 'he iif,* li i# i , " "'? "'?l? ? rii-n '? (<?? .r,i. m.. I I.. 1 . , " U J *?> ?*rr .fi., , , . , w? , k-.i,,. 1 V' !' 1 ??"" \i ill ? i,ib . i I"'' "?<? l ti^. T.,,i <n*nmi'lr.| < ?,r, ? ,, ,h,.^ !,r?, If ?i'.l or *#tf# (O find tin* ?? tim 1 ftrnhouk'mH n of ? ,, n ^'i'iIK:l"r r*fW ' U ,hf ?Wl, ?#?? ,? L ,' "!*"., u.. ,,,? >i i r Juu 'l. 1,111 moo,.. ,, ' '' "" ltii-ift i;, ,,, *ti wnii t. tii. i ii?* #, kn(l-? i, ? i ! ? i Mi ? ,ii lh. iti.-ii *!?, Li i,'JL'. /> ' II' " I ? ??r *fnr ? a !iu? ui> (r?f. u., ? . , ? ' " &?'" " ?'. ' b j 'io ...r 7?, , i '^rjrr "r 't'Wor rani? L , . , , *v '* w r'^ 4 "h^n ?1m* ^ iV'm^r1 !?r '?'??d'l.iM u2,|;r?uJS2",? I1' " 1 II" "!>> K.,1 IhAIMilld' tor ,i Z ; "J"" H|,,l ?"*? '' rifh ur>i tmtt+r w . ???) *, . * 2 . " T 1 1<" *-?f ?t ?; ? 'I'lw ??? I ,J, \ ? ' ' ' |.| "> *bll HM.H !< f i I 111 ? I, . "? lr,'o rir u. . 'jjluh >(n ? ? . i k1 m? ? V( n(?. i ' ,f'' *? of 1l?rt) r1'1' w III w ? kl!;,| |. I^'li/,,^ ' UV ?' " " ???> ?' 'or Tl.i- nrKw -*?d l3?,kl d^S. ' *'"? '? muji .. ... v <-o., Uw fiv, i, owl and noono hurt. ' 1,r'" ?? ?"< n'u-'H/ TMTta8o.?,?._nt ^ r.,?.H.r OO.IB Kith . ,,, l)M. 'z:::^r '?..i 1 ? ??V"nK Vl"* IruTri-V," ?""* f""4r'' *? ?."nr.V^8' :?*' t" *"iX ;; ' , ' v.tfj.v1,: tin Iv>?m! ?dJ.,utoii5 "* ' * U< 'wt< tBr' ' n" lyr. f.n u?U,?? m*n f,lri? d. ? ** ' ' - ""TufvUv, 28U, i6?. rYnnnil win J ?...i fc"??.-hw U>f 1. . i MI ???r* J t >?* rtr y.-ar* hH/i! r?? t? Twr\Tr-J'.if irnt m?n-A llo^r It , r, t o . " In i.?t/f?4?f) .tw( ^ ; n " -cr.?M t.r Mr. .li- 4 til. I, . ' ,, Tl T ',r ??? tut . . rfbtjj d?BMN(,,i. Tt. ..." I^.w I lo?^tl**tl. u tr tl? Utt lu".Jui "?.-t-'r.tuit m Itr.Hik*, I, < |,y K(tt, -'>,T >.? r?? ? AA>,tlt*r ?Ji,t u -ih ?-? - ? V i?'- of ; V( < cm I *. !?.? ,ir. ru~t ..A l,.r tll. IMMn, (|f tfc< 1 '? ? v- 't*t C.( f .... zi.i ^:z *!?', t" " *'? ? UllAttift i < g ?|>f K hMt?*D Mkjr :r::TI:f u" ' ur' r * m w ^u.. .j,.', f . V til" Il?tt ?.. r?? a f. '?Un^, fr. in ??,|^h it (7 , ' *i * C* <f fu'm.nV'; lY'''"";' **'*?**< ?? Tl!'. ... I m? *r>4 It !li? Uit r ..? i r># r?? U " "" m"" ' ' <?> < ? f r "I tb*( nt ;; : ,u /t/.Vw1'! 'If tiiy, u?4., ?mh ?. ? 1 ,, .7 f.T ' ?<>"" !* ?!. ..i ,r ,??'U ?;;; .*7- ? -? ? ? - | f t>.? <-?/?ii.?njr nu l^r ih? four, f r , ... , ' .'?irt.l on tfc. til. ,n (j, . r.^ ' ? -Mr.- in^ (acr*n*t ,? ".,* V 'TT". ""1 h..:, U in f.,,n ^;T.TV?1'r./ *"?<' *? ' M0-! hV."^L'li''^ T* tl- <; nt .uh?*?*.i t,, Ha. J Ur ?M . r, I (.'Dm u t? ,V ! b/ , ,. ^"7 / i ? * f ft* +r ? ? ; ? . u , , ' , | ,, " * ?jiC ;z ? isss r -.u-ZT . , ' . * ' ff'lr tti# !-? my] At vt rr.'*'2 .rU-- ?? t? i h*4r i.tktmUi tfcr.? r..? ??,p( 'fMl tJk* ?r?< t?rBl r<f !ir Z '? '?? r?*' ???< ??i ,i... C" ,w "?'! thB iktM tiw l),'M .,,1, ?, u !UT *'**'"* ?*'?* """" ???!! I. 'Wrtwl bi faaa <h.r4 t4 u* Mr?rv,n * ?kr1*i ^y "f ?v? u* ? ? r 'i- .t/^* .?wi.?.! J-.f fcy It ?, Itl^ wollJ, % Karti '<?>?.* *U*mb In, ,, h M *; ?f ?-a. r U W BU?*?4 W r*/?B ?. Ik* -Hirtl .4 y , TT 'Ik- No ?BW?>B? waBMt t,, ^ ^3?! ?? .) ? >4 4tr~U? TU ,n.^ WV1 ,J*f '""k~ r >?<? ??wi ? T7;,!'' *oi*? ' th* HJi '4 'Urn**, ?? ?*? Ki-AMfraiBB K*l|f, v ?T*,k 1 ^ 'w^B'ft.'TJ "? ^ ?"AT*KXKm;T ' r, CninmlMrr on Nark?(i. ATI-Lit Al ios tot A IIKII.L HIHIN yilU Til* MlTll A NO WrKXTt-riHHT I1MJIMKNTM. Tti>' (jnimillw of Market* of the lloiird of Aldermen m?l JT<0I<1<UJ at ;i ]* SI., at So H City Hall, prr.aee' AM. VcHiih; ((hminniu Hj 1>. Itnird. Ill" Coiwmllree Rut look up the leport of tin' lioard 11I ('..nnril-jen ? lavur nf granting t ? the ? nth ami .'-wvpiitjr ftiat rg./netiU ?New 1 i ik Mate Milllia Ui" Hi''-. a? a drill room, of twe roono n?er ( cutre Market >1 present nccupi<l by the Kourlt-rn'b ward poller. 1 he petition* of Oab. I'incknejr * rnl \ 01 fin rgh 11I llit Mtlh tml tmalj Hril irglmrnle leapei Utrrly, upon lln report waa male, ? ere rc?4 with the**' "inpMijtii,: report, a- ?l-iitnu remonitraneee adveiaa to ihi- petition < or < r M ij . .1 (,< natal Samlf>r4 and ihe other of i\ uulnbrr <f ouuitaaii'lanU of tarloua regiment*. The Ch a Inn mi of i|i>' (iuiiinlttH taatiitrti tlint tl.PT weie trad) t'l li.arthe a'atamenU of partlaa 1 a-.nt U-.I1 1. V up. 11 (111- i f Inn r.Hium III IUIW ilNi Cm. V<?m ;w 11 iea<l l?. utr.i.u from the pre tluua minute* of llii C. mm . 11 liui.rl allowing Uif prior un in of th< nuul< .pal authorities la rrUllon lo the?e room* 11m fliat ?aia resolu tion- approved !?)? the Mayor Jaiiuaiv \"i |na? granting tbilr i.< e?ij tnty fo the dilii-rant inlllti 1 regiment* of Ute city. (01 k< Hi-mi eicrclalug room*. 'tha ?. ...ivl war* rea.lutien* of lb/ 1, 1141, pmllUif th-u om '?? the fourteenth ward police Mallon, >1 temporary lodging plane lor vagrant*. I pon the latter re?ii(ut|on. *? da nlgned lo ufloril only temporary accommodation* to the police matlmi of that wait). Col Voaliurgli urge I concur ii n< c w ith I lit- actl< n ol I lie other lloard. In appropriating tliem to the u*e for ?hich thi-v acre originally aet apart. The nclualm occupancy l.y the hutb and Seeeuty Oral regiment* he deemed |#erfivljjr proper, from lit* Gael mi their being lb>- llml mi.l imli prtlllmiMt to thai effect. Major I. em ml fAMinxrti hoped the Committee would u t n nrur wit li the <'?.nncllinrii Tl-*- room* in qurattea ?bould. in In* rlew, U- pi nollti-.l lor ibi- u?? of tbr cotira rrglnii nt* irltliout ilUtliictloo Tli? c looelli and tliair ri|(liiHiil? ulioiitd U- ttll.t* im! t.. mm t;.?m 111 rit?ti<in Til.' 1111111 In < f ibr rl'j r <11 I not U<Ktii to Im aupplla4 w it la jr|i.ialtr acci.nittodatioiM lor drill, u4 lie ??' 1 |<| ..Mil to riirtaillnir my acc<.Hin?datioaa <|ld liari.. Attain It luliflit ba|<p?ii tlukt lo caaa nt 1 inciBi-nrj' lir inT((lit rrnulrr thr<?-?r ttiur tbouaaM un'ii In la. ordrrrd out at nnr time Mhould aneb a tlilaK 1 ??->- 1 1 r, tin- rix nia o?rr Ci-utn- Markat wouUI 1m In crnai ri'.|Ulaltloii. Iti-t .1 liii iib ao utanjr at tlia armnrjr ovrr niijbt woulil !?? ?a liad ?<? ti.i' notorloua whole al<> murdar Im in tin- lilai-k hot* of Calcutta Hr waa aalialtixl naarly all tl.i' ci lonrla. It 11 "till i-<1 to a|.|.iar Mora tlia commit tr? Mould prrn-iit tlicui alr.i In h| |.o.IHoii to ?i antirv* tin i'?iji ?tip UN1 of lb' ?i> ro. ni-. to Ilia ra|(tin<-nWi a bi have | etitlonrd or am t?<i aingla ragtnunit*. ("ill Bl Al 1*1 1 id tl)? I1 Ightli I lgtm.-ll< , oppna*4 e?IM!?r ran. i' in tin- oi-tioi of the < ouin ilman. ? I' wmild |kI tin- lainoral al. a where ill bla lagliiH-nl, who held (hidr pn-aanl haa^ <|Unrtara over tVntra Maiki-t. Hu ra*l mailt, ha aald, hlii'd their rmiuia, a.ioi 'lalnj tha aanio *a? undaralooa and approTa<| liy tba Militia ll ianL TIutt ha<l bee 'i a' raola < ipeii-< mi l would auHaT jm' cunlarilj weie an* chungi- t>. Uai lJ<-cled that woui I .<u?t then 1 I urtllir ii'iniirka i-nnuid by Major 'ienariil Saadfnit a ri < I (Colonel Vocliurgli, 1ml mainli raltaralloM of tlii-ii priTioii" atati'menta It waa llnally. upon auKXMtl. 1* of Mr. ."aiidfnnl, decided to |4>at p. mi' lui I her hearing in the uiatler until alter ibe Dueling of lh? Militia lloaid, lo 1... belli on the Mb of Ortof-er. The Cummitlre prixi .'de.l to c< n?lder the report of tba C? uni ilman refeirail to tl,ia l.mlj in lelallon to huiMni.t au iron market In Ihirir fourth alrei'l neur tb? Junction ot tb<- Hr-t aienne Two ?l tl<< << ;..mltlee (Alderinen Vooihlaniid Hr.) a'ati-<l that they had roccntly rtaiU-.4 tba loeallly. an. I <pi rmed of tb plan of the eillQce but ..Iiapproiid nf Ilia liwallly. 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