Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 26, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 26, 1855 Page 2
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The Whig and Republican Convention*. Ibe Whig and Republican Conventions will both be held V1 day at Syracuse. The first business iD order will be making preparation* to fuse. The following are the names of It* many ui the delegates an we have I?n able to col loci ' WHIG CONVENTION. SKW YORK. Williniu >1. Sparks, CtiarlM S. iappen. .HllASV" 'Win mo ' llllL-x n. i-iiicrt C. Davidson, SK Scheie raft, Abram Van Veehte" t-.mAiui it" X. G. Rloe, Jauie.t Kirkland; flllTCW. ,(.tr? 0. Hewitt. Hector C. TutbiU 111 (?UMUW. SSSEasu Walter y? rom am>. ferrin H- Met- raw. UKIA* A1Ja ?t^vinnf1 Muneon, w S. liuckley. DUTCH?8' jauies Vftcliin, Albert Vanklec' K, fi Witt C Mar.Ua". F.tilV Christian Vet*, I (j ^naubling, ? d Webster. ntvKKi^ ? r V Thorntlike. ^ ' asxxsx. Joshua Felro, tjeorge L. I r??ce. lUTHKlMKR. Harvey Po?)}ttle, Chauncey Mwood KIM? Oeorge H. Andrews, .taw Humphrey, ? raWvrtn LVINO8IOS. niorlfK Colt, ? W. BruUh. HIAP1S0K. r y, Halt, M?rUu Butts. MONBOl 8. T. Allen, Inane Moote, a 11. King A NIAGARA. DSrilliMn Keep, k? Ton>i'klnJ Kbeueaer W. Morgan, John J. -illrocks, George Hriggs, 1'avid Miller, Daniel llerrii-k, I'aviU A. Forltt-s. Henedict ! *ow is, Jr., William Lyons, Ei I win I). Morgan, lli'ary C. M i le ^ , Moses 11. tirinneU, James II. Taylor, James S. Bereft*. ONK1DA. J. A. Shearman, W H. Sheermen. 11. U. Conaot. ONONDAGA. Joseph J. Glass, Allen Munroe. ONTARIO. John M. Bradford. oewaoo. De Witt C. lattlrjoho OKANGK. Ambrot,* S. Alurray, Joseph Chandler. HUEfcLNB. John A. King. UENtWHLASR. Roger A. Flood, l.eouard Mory. BOCKLAND. John B. Wandle. HcllOIIAHIE. J. De I* Vergne. SARATOGA. J. C. Burlhurt. Hl'llVHLTADT. A. M. Veddcr. riSIKR. Erastus Cook, Peter Crispell. WASHINGTON. J. 0. Hopkins. WATN". William Hark, Joseph W. Gates. YATHB. Solomon I). Weaver. republican AIIU.VY. reniton Fifh, Hcnrv Hinder, J H. .'-hear, William 1'arnea, l)e< dflt u , Wright, Join I'rJI. 1 uTiti-. n, Janne < Brady 0. P. William!). MUX. ME. Robert Hart, Br. Hatid. 0ATTAABUGU3. R. 1.. Cary, J. II. Wnght, H. M. Allen, C. B. Allfn, CIIATArQl'H. Austin Suiith, W. P. Unimex, R. K, Fenton, Odin L'encdict. rilKJII NO. Wm. F. Hastings, J. 1.. Elmore. CIIKNANGO. Butts Pexford, K. Johnson, Ootl'MBI A. John Stanton Gould, Josiuh W. Fairfield, Daniel (?. Curtiss, Waterman l.ippitt. CORTLAND. S. Babcock, B. T. l.yman. 1)1 TmE6?, Janus Shields, H. J. Pearce, Augustus 1,. Allen, Stephen H. Baker, H. Thorn, Isaac Sitson. KRIE. P. Borphimer, C. E. C lark, T. W. Wolson, 1^ F. Allon, W. C. Johnson, J. W. Knight, W. H. lngeraoll ??o. Bigelcw. F>HFT. Jamea S. Whalloc, tteo. W. CofT. (1RKSNS. Abin. P. Nott, Alfred Peek, Jewee I^mphcrc, Ptopson S. Br 11. nKRKIMER. ltara ('? raves, Wm. TsIut, Volney Owen, C. T. K Van Horn. KINGS. E. Jacobs, E. I>. ("nlver, P. Stanton, H. N. Molt, Joarph Reese, a A. Smith. IJVlNGflTf IN. James S. Wadawortli. B. H. Abel, Ij. Bulkier, Justin Smih. MADISON. John J. Forte, James Whitford. MONROB. lUiswell Hart, B. Smith, Ceo. W. Pratt, J. W. Stehbins, Austin Spencer, J. Mai tlndale. JIONTGOMKRY Froth nghinn FIshj Clara lluzi'Mon, John Krey, James Grant. N*W YOHK. first Set. 1.uman Sherwood, OByer H. I^e, Dennis Mclaughlin. M. N. Jone>, Dennis McOilie, fhas. P. Mrller, Benj. F. Butler, John l*iriii, O. W. Sturtevanl F. C. Wyck, Thos. Nesbit, A. W. I a gjja ! , J. B. Taylor, M. P. Ferris, W. A. Weed, C. C. l.eigh, T. L. B?'rry, Wm. W. Kuhn, Holberton, B. 1? Macotnl<er, Jabn W. Hoe. firrr nit Stl. J. Philllpa Phoenix, Joseph A. Gardiner, Oaear W. SturteranL Ilerre C. Van Wyck, Dennis Mclaughlin. M. N. Jonas. Andrew W. Leogat. Jtifeph B. Taylor, K. Murray, William Boyle William I 'eel, H. B. Weed, Charles C. I.eifh, Ba?id Marsh, Wephen Thorne. Amos Myers, Jalinr. Glbbs, James T. Maguire, CONVENTION. William B. Grlllitb, Charles Riddle, 1? llarvey, Marcus P. Ferris, W. W. Kuhn, tieorge Holberton, Tin man Jefferson, S. W. Vun Wart, G. 11. Mi 'l;ay, J J. Brad >i haw, John W. Salter, Jiuuet !?. BerrieB, Dennis, Cliarles 1'. Millur. Third Sd. Jamee U. Bennett, Wm. Curtis Noyea, 1>. I). T. Marshall, I.ebbeus H. Ward, William Q. West, Roe U>ckwood, Dennis Harris, James Kennedy, Monroe P. Bryant, Charles A. I'eabody, Charles C. l.eigh, James K. Freeborn, Fxlwa'd A. Stausbnry, Charles W. KtUott, John W. Ijewis, Oliver H. Lee, Samuel I'. Towusend, Win. Fullerton, William K_ Whiting, Joseph Blunt, David B. Chi-.hester, Franklin J. Ottarson, Fxlwaril B. Fellows, Wm. E. Huryca, 1 Aimun Sherwood, Robert T. Hillock, Samuel I>eeds, Tliomas S. Uerry, Wm. Peel,' Owen E. Wes'lake, Marcus P. Ferris. NIAGARA. Peter P. Murphy, I I. A. Spaulding, John Johnson, OrsemuB Ferris. ONKIDA. Geo. W. Smith, John C. Blue. ONONDAGA . Geo. Geddea, Nathan Soule, Ahnor Chapman, Sidney Smith, l.yman Clary, Burr Burton, L. p. Noble, Edwin Miles. ONTARIO. T. J. licLouth, l.yman Catlin. oniKANf. ?. M. Burroughs, Dan. II. Colo. OSWEGO. C. G. Case, S. B. Taylor. OIIAVGF. Geo. AV. t:rler, Abe'. R. Watklns Henry Laskie, DeWitt C. Jayne. RKHMOND. Mintliorne Tompkins, H. H. Thompson. rk-.shkx_vKR Harry B?ttH, Conrad Richard. SARATOGA. Jehiel Millar, Win. B. Harris, A. I'ond, A. Watrous, S<ilKNE<TADY. I). P. Forrest, W. H. Heal. WHOHARIB. Henry Sherburne, B. II. Mix. PF.NB'A. Jason Smith, A. Gray. .-rntntKN. Geo. W. Pratt, Merrill Crdby. fr. LA WHENCE. Preston King, E. W. Abb jtt, James Reddington, Martin Thatcher, Parker W. Rose, Edmund llaldwin. TIOGA. llenj. F. Tracey, Fred. I*ach. lovFKim. I? A. Morrell, Stephen T. Brown. Alfred Wells. Wm. Woodbnry. rirfiTR I.u tlier l .allin, A. B. Preiton, H. J. Reynold'1, K. fcltinge. w asiiinuton . II. Bosworth, A. F. Hitchcock. WAYMK Harlow Hyde, Kobert Ennls, Clark lAson, Samuel C.Cuyler. wHariinnw?. Wm. Hlenkley. Jr., John Jay, Horaoe liieeUy, II. B. Riwson. Ttientree ?i?d Exhibitions BlKlADWAT llHUTHK ? (). H. linker's new tragedy, en titled "Franceses da Rimini," which hw beon so Ion* in relnarral, '? to be produced to-night, with now and a(ir propriate scenery, costumes, proportion, decoration*. ?p|x mtments. muxic und pageantry. The eminent Am'' tv?u actor, Mr. E. I j. I'arenport, will pcrsonato the 1<>?- 1 Ing character, supported by the entire strength of the company. The farce of "I'ooc l'iillooddy," Will ttlsA be flayed. Nihu)'* Oartikn ? BrUtow's new American opera, call ed "Kip Van Winkle," founded on Washington lrring'* celebrated legend. will lie produced for the first time on any *1age thin evening. by th.- I'yne and llarrinon Opera company. The scenery, costume* and properties are all new, and the principal role< win sustained by Mr. W. Harrison, Mr. Stretton, his fimt appearance, an l Mix* LooU* I'yne. H'WitRT THT.ATIUL? The popular trairedlan. Mr. J. W Wallark Jr., Is to take hi* benefit thl? eveninK. when It is hoped his numerous admirers will give him a huraper. The piece* announced are "Richelieu," and ??The ljwly and the Devil," in both of which Mr. Wsllack will appear. The other eharecters are well distributed. BcktosH Tiikatw:.? The bill for to-night comprises the ?ew remedy of ''Still Water Runs I?eep" and ''Asnvt ?lerjs," the ca*te of which include the names of all the principal members of the company. Tha theatre con tinues to lie crowded night ly, and the performances re ceived with the utmost satisfaction. WjUiCK'n Tntit**.? The new comedy of the " Oame ef Ixive" continues to draw large anil fashionable assem blage#. It !? received with signal (a Tor on every repre sentation, and will likely be continued for a long time. The new piece of 'Robimu>n Crusoe, the Second," is alsi quite successful. Both then* pier..* will be repeated to night. Mitropoijta* TMATna.? Ra< ine's tragedy of lliMre" will be repeated this evening, M'ile itVliel personating the chaiacter of PI i-dre. Messrs. Chert, lteaavallet. Run sleoi ciieri, Jeune, M'llee lia Kell t, Braird and Durey will also appear in it. tfcoi/a Mi- uriimjs.? The amu?ing Earce of ' 11U k Bloo deri" U annouuoed far this evening, together with many other very popular feature* in negro minstreUy. Rixvixy'r Hekbnaums.? The new burlesque opera of the 'Tanghter of the Regiment" ih completely succossful. It will be repeated to-night, the new priiua donna appear ing as Marie. Tm Hidkbnu at niH Arotxo K'Omh. ? Mrs. Alexander Gibbti is to repeat thU novel and intereetlnf entertain ment to- iitj. ht. It waaTeiy Eavorubly receive! on Mon day evening. 1 nor. McAuistkr, the renownd wiiard, Ih making great piepurations to open at Mechanic'* Hall next week. Tan Battib ok Ri'nkkk Hii.l. ? This beautiful diorama, in connection with tho:-e popular voealiita, the Alle^ba niano will be put on exhibition at Academy Hall on, October 1. Mm. Aubott, an excellent ami accomplished actress, leng and lav< rabiy kuoan at the 1'iirk and Broadway theatres. Ih now in this city, and, wo behove, nut en Snged by any of our ?tauageis. Mrs. Abbott Is an nieiicim artist, and in some characters in not surpassed l>y tlie mo t tavorcd t >reign actroHsea that liuve beta im ported to thin country. V e are iotuimcd that a numerous troupe of Spanish ilan ei ?; under tlie direction ofSeftor Dob Jose M. I Jorente, in eijecte'l in tbe llrst steamer from Havana. From the accounts given ol" this celebrated troupe in tho Spanish ai d Cuban papers, v?? nee that Mr. IJoren'.e does not limit his representations only to the morry bolero* and lainet'i, so common in the land of Gil Bias, but has a repertory of coreograi hie performances, which cannot fail to make u furore also in our city. Tbe Fire at tho Oceanic How. TO T1IK KD1TOK OF THE HEKALD. In your japer ot this morning 1 find that yon have my nnme associated with the Ocnauiu House, at Cony Uiune, and that my family was still thete. 1 have not hud any interest there tor the last two years, neither hare I ever been there. You will pleafe correct this error, nnd you will comer a favor upon your friend, (.'HAS. M. ROGERS. St. Nicholas Hotel, Sept. 25, 1855. Joseph H. Ricker committed nuleide by shooting him self in the head with a pistol at St. Louis on the '20tn instant. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. nONET MARKET. Tuesday, Sept. 125?0 P. M. There wan not much change in the stock market to day. With a pretty lively demand prices were pretty well sustained. Nicaragua, Cumberland, Erie anil Read ing were operated in largely, und closed at yesterday's prices. Erie has not varied one per cent for several days, and the probability of the combination being even ordi narily successful is not very good. It is a big load to carry at ntiy price, ntid those w ho aro unfortunate enough to get hold of it at high prices will stand a vory good chance <f belrg obliged to carry it. Reading was in de mand to-day, and m me latge lots were sold. Cumber land Is a very strange stock. It in a very good card tor speculators, and that isubout all it is good for. The cooijany must bo losing money at present prises on its coal. Nicaragua Transit holds it" own. Wo notice manj put chases on time, both buyer's and seller's option. Neatly all the leading Western Railroad stocks were on? the mat tot to-day, and they were well maintained. Galena and Chicago op' ncd and closed firm. Only threw small lots were sold. Chicago and Rock Inland whs a little lower to-day. This Block Is not moved much either way by speculators. There is very little stock on the market, and that is boing gradually picked up for investment. It never will bo less than ten per cent dividend paying stock without any iucreasa in earnings. With even a moderate increase it could divido fifteen and reserve a large surplus. When it Is recol lected that, throe years ago, when the road was located, a large portion of the line traversed an open prairie, and that even now only n small part of the country along the line of the road is under cultivation, and seeing the busi ness already developed, it is almost impossible for any one who has any regard lor his judgment, to make an estimate sufficiently large to meet the increase of busi ness. The bridge across the Mississippi line at Rock Island will be II ni shed by the 1st of December, and the road to Iowa City by the 1st of January, 1850. That would open a section of country of unsurpassed fertility, the travel and traffic of which must all pour over the Rock Island road to Chicago. Rock Island is the only place on tho Mississippi lino where a railroad bridge can be extended across, and this alone will give that road a great advantage over all others running West. Illi nois Railroad bonds sold freely to-day, but at lower pri ces. Other railroad bonds were much neglected. At the second board there was no change of conse quence. Eric was comparatively quiet, anil so were all the other leading stocks. The Assistant Treasurer reports as follows 1'n Id on Treasury account $111,311 07 Heceived on Treasury account 13.'), 22- 00 Italance on Treasury account 0,t>90,199 73 I 'a id for Assay office 3,894 05 I'aid on disbursing checks... 42,772 04 The Bo> ton banks pay their usual October semi-annual dividend on Monday next. "Tho following," the Bee -ays, " has been handed us as the expected per centum from the several institutions Fieeiuans, Market, Suf folk, 5 per cent; Boylston, 4% per cent; Atlantis, Atlas, Slack -itone, Boston, Broad way , Commerce, Eagle, Eliot, Exchange, Kaneuil Ilall, Globe, Oroeers, Hamilton, How ard, Mechanics, Merchants, National, New England, North, North America, fhawmut, Shoe and Leather Dealers, Traders, Treinont, I'mon, Washington. 4 por cent; City, Columbian, Granite, State, Webster, 8J^ per cent; Massachusetts, 3 1-5 per cent; Maverick, 3 percent. Total, $1,289,850. 1 IviJends last April, 11, 268,160. The following semi annual rates of dividends havo been decided on by the I.owell banks named: ? Railroad. 4 per cent; I.owell, 5; Presoott, 4; Merchants, 3. Tho Applo ton will pay 4}i or 5 per cent, hut have not definitely settled which. The Wauiesit have not yet fixed upon their dividend. The Boston Jransrrijil of the 24th Inst, says:? The hanking Institutions in this city, after consultatl in and deliberation, have decided to settle their balances at a ch aiing house, similar in its organization to the one now so successfully in operation in New York. It was decided that before the arrangement was carried into effect, it should receive the approval of those represent ing two-thirds pf the banking capital In (he city. The i.lan has been agreed upon by Institution*' having three fourths of the bank capital, and it will doubtless be adopted by all the banks. The business of settling the daily balances will be greatly facilitated, and it is thought that the clearing honse will have a beneficial effect in keeping the banks in a healthy condition. We hear that the plaa meet with such fu\or that there can be no doubt of its complete success. During the last twelve months the cry among those having money to invest, has been, " In what can we place it with safety ?" Now, the tables Having turned, and the crops and business give prospects for a prosperous luture, the question occurs, " In what can we Invest for immediate income ?" Our railroads, with but few ex ceptions, however valuable to the country through whi :h they pass, from their grades, and otherwise defective construction, are liable to be superseded, or so far de prived of their trnde, as to leave but the local business for their support. To Albany we now have three badly constructed roads, with the river for tho trade. To B.h ton, we have so many air linos, besides the Sounl, that it Is difficult to determine which is thn right one, or on which the?traveller can reach the place In safely. To the West, again, the stockholder is without encouragement. The roads are not only badly located, but '-gauged" to conform to tho spirit of monopoly with which thoy were conceived, and now when the expenditure is adding to the capital ? is running away with the dividend fund ? and the policy of the management Is to kill off the opponents, in what >an the stockholder cling to, in the hopo of a return for his investment? Such are briefly tho prospects before us; and as the reciprocity treaty U cutting off tho trade and the population of the North, and the I cunsylvania roads aro doing their work in the West, we, the New York stockholders, are bulling our favorites, shutting our eyes to the tacts, and hoping lor a new batch of dupes to r< llcre us of our "perma nent investments." But "every dog has bis day." The people of Pennsyl vania started np< n turnpike roads, and, as they believe I, monopolized the trade of the West. The commerce of the country was likewise under their control, and In con templating the ships and C'oneatog* wagons tbey believed and proclaimed themselves the greatest ]>oople of the world. Financially, they were the lovers by which the movements of the continent were to be regulated; and commercially, their position secured the monopoly, and of course, their future greatness. But, In the midst ot their "glorious prospects," a dream or a mist 1 overcloud ed their hopes." De Witt Clinton, with a mind singularly in advance of his cotemporaries, and enter prise equal to the conception, brought forth his "Ditch,'' and for a time bnried l>oth his fortune and tamo, but eventually raised the city and State to their present Im portance. since then, his successors, with but a tithe of his genius, have expended $138,000 000 in railroads, and instead of 1 monopolising the business," they have, by their location, their grades, their gauges, and the fragility of construction, superseded the designs of Clin ton, driren the bulk of the trade to the Welland canal, and arc now characl?rWtieally catting the thr<iet? of their cotemporaries, an<l bestowing upon Pennsylvania the honors and the profits of the trade they desired to secure. These forts, though briefly alluded to, are suV stas vial sod truthful. Tbey are not the conception of ? selfish or a local interest. They fire every day illustrated end proclaimed in the official report*. In the monthly reports we have tL ? increased receipt*, but not the in creased expenses, and in the I dividend < we have either a corresponding increase of cubital or a floating debt equal to the sum divided. We have in this State an expenditure of nearly one hundred un<l twenty millions of dollars in railroads, which does not yield to those who have advanced that enormms Hum an average of three per cent. The Erie, Hailem, Hudson lliver, Ogdensburg and Saratoga do not pay a cent in the shape of dividends, and some of them do not pay the interest on bondsissued. The New York Central pays eight per cent on a capital of $26,000,000, which tends materially to bring up the smalt average named. That company, representing about ono-tHird of the entire railroad capital of the State, ia not likley to continue long in its pre.-ent apparently prosperous condition. It has been in operation ubout tv.euty-fl.e years, anl the roa I lias become old, dilapidated and rickety. No re ervatlon lias been made any year for itepreciation, and the trunk and superstructure had run down so low last year, tint three millions of dollars had to ho spent upon the line at I once, to keep it in even decent order. That three million * was raised by an issue of bonds, notwithstanding which the total net earniuga have since been divided in dividend* and mo provision made for future extraordinary repairs. The managers have squeezed out the regular four per cent semi-annual dividend by the skin of their teeth, while the decny and damages to property which is represented to ha? e cost upwards of thirty-eight millions of dollars, exposed to wear and tesr of heavy traffic, and dangers from the elements, are not provided for to the extent of one dollar. The attention and exertions of the managers have been devoted entirely to the payment of dividends, without giving a thought to the preservation in proper order of the immense amount of perishable property, so necessary to secure the future prosperity ol the company. Very soon another three millions of dollars will bo raised by a new issue of bonds to repair the track. Every dol lar of that hum is required for that purposo this mo ment, and every month's delay is only adding largely to the expenditure, llad this company done from the start what the Galena and Chicago, Chicago and Rock Island, and Michigan Southern have ? made a proper reservation from its earnings for depreciation and other oontingen cies ? the stockholders would have got smaller dividends, but the construction account would have been mauy millions less than what It is. The North American Gutta I'ercha Company have brought their manufactures to wonderful perfection. Tlu lr vulcanized gutta percha fabrics, manufactured un der patents, are, without exception, the mo*t beautiful and useful articles we know of, and it is not at. all sur prising that they have been compelled to extensively en large their works'. Gutta percha is far superior to India rubber in tho manufacture of articloa for domestic pur poses. India rubber is not a perfect repcllant of water, but is more or lorn absorbent, whlls gutta pcr -ha has an exceedingly fine grain, ami its oily property makes it a complete repollant of all liquids. For whalemen it is indispensable, for it will resist heat and oil. We learn that the government of the United States have ordered of the company two thousand entire .suits fjr the army, and that the British government have ordered ten thou sand Knapsacks. Until the works are enlarged, tho com pany eannot supply the orders already receive! from dil ferent governments, for garments, &c. for their armies. The freedom from mioll and sticking property, and the great pliability of the vulcanized gutta percha fabrics, make them particularly deairablo and valuable. The Secretary of the Navy gave an order to fully test gutta percha before introducing it iuto the service, and the re port was as follows:? Six pea jackets, mado of gutta percha fabric, were baled in the same manner as the cloth clothing for the navy, under a pressure of thirty tons. They were then placed over a steam boiler hi tho yard, and remained for sixteen days subject to an average temperaturo of 190 degrees, at times as high as 21- degrees. On examina tion, the garments were found in the same state as when packed. There was no adhesion of the folds, nor any de composition of tho gutta percha. One jacket was dripped in water, rolled up and sowed in the covers, (but not pressed,) and subjected to the same heat for throe days. On examination, this was also found uninjured. Tho following tablo shows the quantity of some of the principal articles of proditco left at tide water from the commencement cf navigation to the 22d of Sept., inclusive, duiing the years 180U, 148 days, 1854, 138 days, and 1855, 128 days:-? KECEIFTS OP PRODUCE AT TIDE WATER. 1863. 1854. 1855. Canul opened.... April 20. May 1. May 1. Flour, bM* 1,827,901 660,099 570,!>24 Wheat, bush 3,016,002 2,515,033 1,226,063 Corn 1,890,00* 0,300,1207 7,018,810 Iiaricy 409,379 635,643 107,720 Kyc 60,711 80.000 00,801 Other grains 2,1110,707 3,4U3 .'!74 2,821,430 Beef, bbls 26,702 9.858 9,711 I'ork 100,241 137.184 67,180 Ai-hos 26,641 lr.,641 10,166 Uultcr. lbs 1,227,070 301,062 461,503 Lard 10,240,401 16,087,190 0,110,189 Cheese 034,622 401,101 311,390 Wool 6,497,037 '2,214,216 3,604,214 Bacon 1!', 439, 010 17,714,932 8,016,279 The quantity of flour, w heat, corn and barley left at tide water, during the third week in September, in the years 1854 and 1856, i* us follows: ? Flour, III?. Whra'. Int. Corn, hii. 18M.... 22,880 71,602 712,113 1865.... 24,182 161,076 000,341 Inc... 1,262 Inc. 70,484 Dec. 46.772 Inc. 12,065 The aggregate quantity of the fame article* left at tiilis vater from the commencement of na\ igation to the 22' I of September, inclusive, during the years 1854 and 18V is as follows:? flour, Ml*. Wheat, bit. Corp. hi. Barly.h 1861 660,019 2,515,933 6,360,207 4?i.ti ' : lt5C 670,924 1.220,953 7,912,810 1(17.7- I Decrease 80,175 Decl, 288, 980 Inc.l, 652,003 Dec286,91 1 The aggregate quantity of the same articles left at tide-water from the commencement of navigation to the 22d of September, inclusive, during the years 1863 and 1866, is as follows hlmtr, ihlt. Wheat, Int. Corn, 6m. Barlry , hit. 1863 1,627,091 8,016,002 1,899,005 469,876 1865 570,024 1,226,088 7,912,810 167,729 Dee.... 1,057,067 Dec2, 689, 049 IncO, 013.805 DeeSOl, 647 Uy reducing tbe wheat to Hour, the quantity of the latter left at tide-water this year, compared with the corresponding period of last year, showt a decrease erf 340 971 barrels of flour. 86000 Tenn 6's 00 9000 do 96 " 200 10000 Ijniisiann 6's. k3 9'! 200 1000 Ind Stato 5's. .c 83 loo tiCOO Erie bds of '75. 89 500 Ntock Eiclmngr. NntYnK, Sept. 26. 1868. 95% 3U0 chx Erie Hit. . b&O 66 5000 do. 3000 bds or '83 1000 ErieCon bds 71 3000 Hurl B3dmtbe..c 5000 HlCen!lKbs..j90 .xfiO 88% loo 17500 10000 ioooo 5000 2000 8000 do, do. do. do. do. do. 95 83 74f? 86 86 .b:;o 85% . l>36 86M . . . . 84% .1.3 84^ .C 84% 100 COO 100 do. do. do. do. do. do. <10. do 2u0 Harlem ItR. 200 do .blO 55% bflO 56% . s'i() 55 s? .?00 55 >0 ,.s? 56 X .blO 55% ?blO 56 . . b2 55" . bflO 27 27 50 Panama Hit. . bflO 106 100 do 100 Heading RIt. 400 11O0 4000 N Y ( en 6's.... 91% 400 60C0TH&A2dmt*bds. 81 &<K? 1000 Chi k It I Bit bs 97 % 000 SeOehsDel&llnCnlOo.c 130 1000 : tOO Ward Coal Co.. b8 1% 100 Nlc Trans I'o.blm 20 do. do. do. do. do. do. ,bQ9 106 . . . '.?? ,s3 94% ... 04% *30 94 % s60 91% ,.c 94% .s4m 94% 400 do 100 do 100 do

100 do 150 Cum Coal Co. 60 50 50 300 300 :oo '.00 .1)30 20% ...c 20 . sftO 20 ?WO 20% .... 20% MO 26% "" 20% 86% 88% 20% 88% ,s.:o ,b60 .1.30 .kGO . s3 26% 4( 0 Erie lUtilroad.r Im 56% 200 150 150 200 do. do. do. do. do. . *00 65% , 66% ?60 55% . ,b3 55% 55% 8EC0ND BOARD. 86 Mich SoAi Jf Ia..c 100 50 do 1.1)0 101 % 7 Mich SoAiN la Con 06 800 Hud Rir Hit. . bOO 42 21 (leve, (' k Cin. . . 108% 200 III Cen ItR 94 fXHSalfc Chi RR.bS 119% 120 do *3 119% 25 do 119% 100 Cleve k loi H.stiO 8?i 150 do 86% 700 do s3 86*, 100 do ?4m 80 200 do 1)60 80% 100 do b3 soy 200 Cliie & R Isl lt.bOO 103 150 do C 102 10 do 102% 10 do c 101% 86000 111 Cen RR bds. 11000 do 100 shs Nic Trans Co. 80 l let k Toledo RK 50 do '.60 Unison R RR.b60 300 Cum Coal Co. 100 do,.... 100 do 100 do sS 20% 100 do b3 81% 84% 20% 86% 86 42 26% ,.b8 26% . b60 26% 800 shs Com ClOo.hrtO 26 id 100 do bflO 86% 0 Third At RR.. 306 Erie Railroad. 100 do 200 do 300 do 100 Ilarlem Hit. . 200 Heading KR. 30 i'anam.i KR. 47 ... 55% ..1)3 55 'j, . . . . 5.'i .1)60 66% ? slO 27 26% ?b2 05 % ... 105 crnr trade report. Ti wjjat, Sept. 86 ? 0 P. M. Ahw>.? Sales of 40 a 60 bbU. were ma?ie at old price*. Hkr.iuti n* ?Flour? llie market favored pure hasers, ? nil prices declined about 26e. per bbl. all round. The rale* amounted to about 8,000 a 9,000 bbls., including common to straight State a 87 62% a 87 76, and extra at (7 67 a 88 26; Western fancy to common grade Western at 87 76 a <8 26, while extra Genesee was at 89 a 810 50. The transactions embraced ?ome lots common Htate, de liverable in October and middle of November at $7 50. Canadian sold to a fair extent at 88 a 80. for common and extra grades; Southern was heavier with sales of 1 2H0 a 1,400 bbl*. at price* ranging at 88 12 a 80 62 for com nion to extra brands. Wheat eontinniid Arm and in ?' dsmand, both for home nse and exoort. Prime qualitlee continued in light sup ply The Mice embraced 86,000 a 80,000 bushels, among which were 6 000 bushels prime OiniHan white at %i 11; ti 000 Jo. Southern good red at $1 96, with other lota of common at 91 86 a $1 00, and consideeahle pare. tin of Opper lake at (1 70 a $1 SO. Co-n ? The market clon ed lirui; the sales embraced about 30,000 a 40,000 bushel* Wtatern mixed at 87c. a 88)^c.; for white, $1 a tl 03 wu? atked. Ry?>- Stlea of 3,01 0 bu ihi Ij were nude at $1 17 a $1 20. Oats wore firmer, with sulea at 40c. a 4Jc. for ?taie and Western. ( om uc. ? Silo.s <>f 0^0 bag* of Ilio wore made at 11c. a l]Ue, Other descriptions wore quiet, with tun-ill salea St. Domingo at 10, '4c., ami 50 do. laguayra at ll ^c. Ci.tto.v. ? The niles einbiaccd about 50U u ti00 bale-*, the market closing firm. Ihe Iota proving oil the market having been diaposed of, the inai ket acquired a be. tor tone. 1 kiiciits. ? Tl;ere was a firmer feeling in rate*, and a further advance to llvorpool and Loudon. To the I iuier about -0,000 a 30,000 bushels of grain were Mi p?|jid at Pd. in bulk, and at lOd. in ship's bag*, and 10,000 do., by tho clipper Racer, in bulk, at lid., and about 1,000 a 5,000 bbls. Hour, at 3s. a 3s. I'd., and some parcels cotton at >'u0. , eb>.-?.ie wan taken at tOi , the ratea eloalrg very 111 ni. ft) London, an engagement of about t),( 00 bbls. was made, to till a ve-sel, at p. t. There w is al o an improvement In raliH for Havre, the packet of tho 1st filled up with flour at 75?. per hhl. The packets of ti e 8lh and lfth engaged Hour at $1 |>er bbl., and cottou at 1 cent per lb. A email vessel was taken to load with l,5i 0 busI.eiH grain lor itouen. at p. t. To Bremen, 100 baled of cotton were engaged, at 1 cent, and 76 tierces rife at 40s. To California rates were unchanged. IUy wui quiet, without change in prtci'S. Don ? Scotch pig continued steady and in fair demand, at $30 50 u $27 oO, ti moii hs. Ik>i> was firm. at cents. Lime. ? I'rices were lower, with wiles of about 1,000 bbls., Including common, at 85c., and luinji at $1 15. McLA&txti was liriu. 50 bbls. Texas sold on private terms. Naval Ftoris were quiet, and sales unimportant. HUinoM. ? I'ork ? >ew mess was firmer, with sales of -loo a f>(0 bblf., at $'-!?- a $22 75. Crime was at $?.'1 50. Beef was in limited request without change in prices, which runged from $11 50 a $12 for prime, ami Si 3 a $14 for country mess, ami $ltl a $17 for repacked Chicago. Beef hums were unchanged. lj?rd? Sales ol 200 bills, were made, at 11 ?ic. a 12c. Butter was at 15c. a 18c. for State, and 9c. a 10c. for Ohio. Jin u. ? The market was 11 rm at 5 }?c. a 5J?c. t-Piesa. ? 10 bales of cloves were aold ut lie., und 30 lings ol pepper at lie. Tallow. ? The sales embraced 8,000 at 10,000 lbs., at 13c. St outs. ? The saiCs embraced about 400 a 500 hhdi. Cuba ilufcovado, at 7 !4'c. a 7 '?c., with small lots at 7J^c. The whole dectiue within a week, has been about I.e. per ll>. Wiiipket. ? Tlie market was dull. Small sales of Ohio were mailo at 4l))^c. State prison was held at 41c. Logwood. ? 160 tons were sold In bond at $18 cash. Toeai to. ? The animation in this article continued and fair parcels of all kinds were rea lity bought up at full raton. Hie tales Include 134 hhds. Ky. toba too, part at auction ut 7'Jc. ; part at 8c. a lljfc.; 501 hales llavana tcbaceo at i-lc. a 38c.; 233 easea seed leaf, 7c. a 15c. per lb. ADVERT WKULuNTS RESIiWM fcVEttV UiY. HOdSEti, UOOns, AC., VVAMh-U. COALYARD WANTED.? A LIBERAL EE. VI' WILL flK given for a plot of ground suitable for a retail coalyard capable ol stowing four or five thoupiti l tona. Location In ihe veniitj of Ninth aveuae, not below Tenth above Twenty tixb streets. v lease for a term of year.' preferred. Vpply to l.ES.iUN, BROWteRA OO., 119 Weal street, corner of Warren. House wahteb-by a good party, for one or five yi urs, In a gcnteei neighborhood, somewhere be twecti Second atid Eighth avenues, Bleecker and Twenty fourth streets; must be complete, in every respeut, with mo dern improvement*. Year!} rent tiom $800 uj f l,?)tl. JJ. W. RICHARDS. 311/ Broadway. KOOMS WANTED, WITHOUT HOARD, IN THR VI i einlty nf 8t. John's purk. A young gentleman aad wll'e ueslre ii furnished pnrlor and bedroom, with p intry attached. In a striotiy reepeclahle private family, (a widow preferred,) where there are no other lodgera. Term* not toe*eeed$'ii per month. Address W. C., Broadway PostOltlce. QTEAM KNOINE WANTED? A (iOOD KKUOND HANI) it one, of ten or twelve horse power. Aildieaa P. P., box ill 1 lei aid office. OTORE WANTKD? A FIRST OR KKCOND FLOOR. O with a ('nod frout olUce, tor a liquor Importer, for .i suitable store u liberal rum will be given. Aadj-ess box 9b Post ofilce. UNFURNISHED ROOMS WANTED.? AN AMERICAN gentleman and his wife desire an unfurnished room an id bedroom, without board, In a respectable neighborhood, not above Twelfth street, or In Brooklyn, near one of the ferries. A hcuhe. occupied by French or .swim people preferred. Ad dress, with term*, J. II. D., Broadway Posi ofllce. WANTED? A NICE AND NEATLY FURNISHED MO dera hom e, between Eighth and Twenty sixth strceH, ami between llroadway and Sixth avenuo. Address, with till: particuiais. No, 409 Post ofilce. TIT" ANTED? A MODERATE SIZED MODERN HOUSE, ii for a small family, between Twel'lb and Thirtieth streets. Possession to be Riven October 1. A good tenant may he liud b> addressing, at onee, A. I., Herald onlcc. WANTED TO RENT? FOR A TERM OF YEARS, A tour or five atory hamlsonio brick or brown stone front house, furnished or unfurnished, be: ween Fourth and KIk'Ii Ii avenues, Fourth and Twentieth atreeta, or In Bond, Madlaoo or Monroe street, rotiession wanted llrst of May nest Ad dress, with full particulars, price of rent, Ac., A. D. D., lleral 1 office. w ANTED TO BENT? AN ELEGANTLY FURNISHER house, In or near Fifth avenue. Possession warred about the Ifitli Oct., uud prli 1!<>P desired of purchasing ou 1(41 Feb m It. Addri# bin i,S37 Post oflicc. TV .ANTED? A WHOLE OR P.WtT OF A LOFT, ON TT the first tloor, suitable for the fruit business, for which a t ood price will be paid. Location mtint be between Chain: lera ui.d I)ey streets. Address Merchant, Herald ollice. U ANTED? BETWEEN THIRD AND SIXTH AVENUK-i i" and I'ctilh Kt.'t Thirtieth streets, the Be colli 1 lloor of a modern built houae, (private family preferred,) weil furnish ed, w 1th fire find ens. and full board, tor a gentleman and wife, villi Inlant and nurse. A permanent home I* desired. Terms not to exceed 36120 per olondar mouth. Address, tor three days, Mr. J), r. R, box 3,(HJ3 Tost ollice. WANTED? A SMAIX COTTAGE HOUSE, ON OR NEAR ii the Feeond, Third, or Fourth avenue railroads, of Brooklyn or Williamsburg. adjacent to the ferries. Address John ion. Herald ollice, stating location and rent, which must be moderate. V? ANTED, IMMEDIATELY? THR 8BOOND FLOOR OF a home, with all the modern Improvement*, sltua'ed be tween Tenth and Thirtieth streets and l-'lghih and Fourth ave nue*. The family will consist of a gentleman, his mother and two sisters, without servant. Rent no' lo exceed $2U0 per an Mint. Hen of reference* given and required. Pleaie address I". F., liroadway Post otlicc, for two days. biisoeuaneovs. onn Ann feet best ash oaeb eecmtbp ijV" '.UUV In good condition, and for sale \erv low. n applied lor immediately, at I.NGEK.iuLI/S, 250 Souui street. tjM n nnn _AT wholesale and retail, at v/?v/"7 \/? very low prices, French china, plain, while and richly decorated; cut, pliln and pressed ({lass; gas fixtures of every description, clocks, candelabra* und tancv ornamen ?, at J. STOU VKNKIi A OO.'S, 5?l Broadway ; glass cutting establishment, SOS Centre Htrect, corner ot Howard. C1ABD ENGBAVING. ? WEDDING CARDS, VISITING, ) at home and bimlncs card* engraved and printed In thu most fashionable style; also, n choice assor'nieut of woddlng envelopes, line silver plated door and number plates, seaU, Ac. Orders by msl! punctually attended. K. LEOOKTT, Engraver, No. 4 John street. JiH'RKKA I EUREKA I? FOIID'8 EUEIKA SHIRT IS J universally worn bv the etiizen* of 'no I' tilled States, also by the, gentry, merebnuts, trnitesmen, nnl people generally of Europe, the British colonies, India and China, Ac being unrivalled for its superiority of lit, work, pattern, and durability. Manufactured and sold only l>y W. T. FORD, 421 (Headway. Shirts and collars made to order. IflXTRA NEW HILLED BUCK WHKAT.-THE .St'Ii a scriber* are prepared to fill orders for shipping and farnl i\ use. A supply or extra family and bakers' flour. Super nne rye Hour, out, Indian and Graham meal, constantly on hand. J. T. ?t J. G. FROST, 234 Front street. 17 NOLI sn CAST STEEL, WARR ANTED.? I WILL SELL, Cj In lota of 2fl0 lbs., at 14c., all sizes of octagon and square. Country orders attended to, accompanied with the cash or cltv reference, ilpcr cent offlf lino wortli be taken. JAM t.S SCOTT, KM Elm street. FRENCII MECHANICAL LAMPS, CARCELS, AN' moderators. ? Just received a new Invoice of these bea'i til'iil lumps; Sivi a great variety of French gas flxtures, rape wed oil, glassware, *c. ; bronzing and (lie gilding done on ti n premises, lamps cleaned and repaired by competent wort mea. H. PARDON VII.LE, 445 Broadway. Gas rubnee manufactory, no. 41 qreenr street. ? Hollers who buy for cash will save twenty per Mil by senuing us their WW . A. A O. W. 1IKADV . IOOKING GLASS PIER, MANTEL, PORTRAIT AND J picture Irames.? Purchasers and country dealers would do well to call before buying eUewhere, a* we arc prepared to supply every variety In the above lino at exceedingly low prices. Old frame* re-gllt equal to new. All orders promptly and will executed. R. I.. OUTRAN DICK, No. 2 Murray street, I lip flairs, j adjoining Ball, lllack A Co. I EKCnES.? RECEIVED PER STEAMER BALTIC, A J fresh invoice of Swedish lccelies; for sale at low pricca by J. F, ('LEU A CO., WJ Maiden lane. IOOKING 0 LASSES FOR SALE.? TWO LARGE J glasses, about six feet square, with rich carved Irames, suitable for a public house or pat tors; also a handsome coun ter, about lorly Icct long. Apply at 221 Greenwich street. CTOVB8, STOVES, KTOVBS.-1W CANAL STRBRT. NE O Varirk, W. A II. VAN NOTE'S Nova sU,r.\-We have | reived n large assortment of the latest paiiern* of stoves, m.- ] tel grates and kitchen ranges, for sale on reasonable tor. I Moves put up and pipe furnished for same, grate* set. Su> r and r anges listed and repaired. Soap stone griddles, wholes J ami retail. STFAM ENGINES AND MILLWEIOIIT WORK.-W. ' I A DAMH, corner of Twenty ninth street and Eleventh av * has on hand, or manufactures to order. In the best matin 1 StMtaary MM eiiglnes, of all sires, Ion saw iniTs. of I kinds, aiso. venrer slitting, scroll, clrnilai and oJicr saw a I chiiii ry, sliaillng, gearwuy, pullles.^Ac., Ac. t?nOW CASES.? IIOFFM AN A FKRIS1IM SHOv^ CASE H warerooms, 87 Bowe'y, between Wa'iter and Bayard streets, rases made in every style, silver plated, brass, rose ami satin wood, mahogany, Ae N. B.? Old cases Ukeo in ex ' change. Orders promptly cxecuicd. CA8F8-SC1IM1TT * BROTHERS, MA NUF AO tor v ami w arerooms No. ft North William street, near Frankfort, New York and at 77 West Third *treet, Cincinnati, Ohio. A large assortment constantlv on hand ; old show c.iaua taken In exchange; orders promptly executed. OANDH' REMEDY FOR SALT RHKUM.-TIIIS CELE ij hi ated external remedy for scrofula, m orbutlc and cntane ous erup'tons. used In conjunction w lui Sands' sarsaparllla, has cured thousands of the very worst forms of these loath some disiasea, and es'ahliahed a repntaUon that has raised a hos< of worihiess Imiutlons. The public are cautioned that the genuine article la pifparei only by A. B. * D. ft AN DM, who'esale druggist*. 100 > uilon street. Sold also by drugglau generally. Teas, tear.-it is faus that the war in China has created a scarcity of good teaa. or raised their value, allhe EmnlreCIty tea warehouse. .179 Bowery, corner of Flth street, oral Catherine. All the llnest kind, and of the latest Importations, may be obtained lower than ever; together with entires . sugars arid spices, unequalled in thn market. A large lopvly of those || . -addles of black tea, just as good a* you pay 4s- by the single pound. Try some. CHOW k' torv a men ANT* 1U6UTKR. WHITE HTHKJtT, FOUR DOORS WKST OP BBOAD U\t way.? Two large rooms on the ground, newly pltntoi hikI lii perfect order, lo let for a genteel business or to a pi I vate family; also, fcoinc furnished rooms In iliu upper part of Uic house, on lii'W Uoor, and Koine on murtb, ou very reason able terms. AS1 LEND1D THREE STORY AND ATTIO HOUSE TO lei at low rent, with .ill the modern imp. ovements; Orolou water, gaa, la., ami furniture for sale, cheap for cash. I'os Ht-hion Immediately. Inquire at xy sixth avenue. APARTMENTS 10 LRT.-THE FRONT KOOM AND entry bedroom, with Iront basement, of house 79 West Eleventh street, lo a small family only. Rent *12 per month. A small american family would let a fub Dished bedroom 10 a slnple gentleman, without board, or would lei the room to store furniture Hie remainder o! ibj year. For psr'tt u'ara apply nt 158 Molt street, between Broome ami Grand, any lime Uils weak. CARROLL PARK. BROOKLYN? TO l.KT, ONE OP THE j us! I v celebrated Ncl.-a* bouses, fronting the aoovn park, wl!l be let or sold on very favorable tonus. Alio, to let, for sale or exchange, a ureal varleiyot Brooklyn property. Ap ply io jou.n ujiAIXKRO, WftUekarry, orobklyn. C10TTAG* TO LET? AT NEW B RIGHTON, STA TEN J Island, next west of the Pavilion? Possession given October l.'i. 'I lie inridinre. or such portions us maynw wished, can be purcha.-ed from pre tint occupants. ltcnt moderate. Inquire ai lit Broad alrcet, or ou the premises. ?10TTAGES TO LET? WITHIN TEN '.UNI TES' WALK I of Fulton ferry, n< ar railroad; piax/a lront and rear, good yards, grape arlon>. Ac., all In excellent condition; also large cume* store, good business locution, with pleasant up liar. meats In tamo building. Inquire at IDS Nassau Btrect, Brooklyn. CIOURT STREET, CORNER OP BUTLER, BROOKLYN. ' ?To let, the first class bouse, with or without stable, f?r private laiully or physician; (hu location is unsurpassed; tint house la in good order; -izo 2ox50; three siory, aMie, lia^eiuout ol d cellar; possession now. Apply to JOHN B1CAINERD, V\ all street terry, Brooklyn. Drug store to let-the store no. 212 sixth avenue, one door above Fourteenth n reut; has been occu pied as a drug store lor the lust eleven years. Also, upper fixtures, counter, ic., lor sale. Rent reasonable. Apply on the premises. Desk room to let-at 23 William street, room 15. Furnished rooms to let, without board, consisting of a trout parlor ami bedroom, pleasantly lo cated near Broadway, ami will be let on reasonable terms to gentlemen only. Inquiro at No. 71 Hleecker street, or at fill ERSTET'S trunk uepot, Sua Broadway. I^URNISHED HOUSE TO LET IN liltOOKLYN.? A three story and basement brown atone home, in a very pleasant part of the city. This house contains all the modem improvements, line i us fixtures, velvet tapestry carpet and rosewood furniture. This bouse is thoroughly furnished through out. Possession given immediately. Hen' JUKI per month. Apply to SAMUEL SMITH, 70 l'earl street. IM RNI8HED HOUSE TO LET ? MOST ADVANTA l vot.sly located, below Bleecker street and near Broadway ; tour stories high; has all the modern Improvements; ooinalus about forty rooms, completely tarniahed. Rent $250 per month. Add rets Landlord, Herald office. T?OR RENT? TO A GENTEEL FAMILY, WHO OAN I furnish the house well, a iirnt class dwelling iu Soutli Brooklyn. The owner and lady would board with the family it dtp 1 ruble, arid furnish their own rooms. No objection to a f. w other genteel boarders. some parlor furniture aad a plane would be rented wl 'i the house. References exchanged. Address box 4,(177 Post office. (1ENTEKL HOUSE TO LET IN WILLIAMSBURG, A three minutes' w >tlk from either ferry. Th ? bouse is three . oryund lavement I rl< li, finished hi good style, wiiligaalix lurrion the Itoort^ lin;e } ard, with grape vine, 4e. Apply on the premise*, to W M. G. DUNN, Seooutl street, next door to Souih Fourth street. House to let in Brooklyn.? a small, gen teel private family, occupying a large and handsomely titmlsbi d bouseln a pleasant locution, and unsurpassed lit Brot.ku n, would let one halt' or more, furnished, to a small respectable family, without children; or would board a gentle man und ulie, or two or three single gentlemen. Address Place, box f 8 N. Y. Post ofllce. Rooms with steam power, or one detached building, strong, commodious, airy, and well lighted. It has every convenience for economy of labor and fuel, to let or It afe on moderate terms. Inquire ai 12 ami 14 Pitt St., near Grand. Rooms to let? one or two unfurnished rooms, without meals, near the Crystal Palace, suitable tor nn nrhbt's atelier, with gas. fire place, good light and free from tli. Will be rented cheap by addressing a note to box IDii Poet office, (prepaid.) STORE AND BASEMENT TO LET? 465 SIXTH AVENUE? tl.e best place in the city lor n elo hier, uplioh erer, dry goods denier, or a variety store. Goods can bo sold in It from ti A. M. 10 1U P. M. Apply at 57 Fulton street. rpOLKT IN BROOKLYN? A THREE STORY BASEMENT JL and sub-cellar house, puinted throughout, rauge In tho kitchen, as af.-o pump and drnln; all In perfect order for a pri vate family. Inquire at 42 Dean street. TO LET ? STORE 176 GREENWICH STREET? A CHOICE location for a wholesale or retail liquor store, or any other similar business. Apply ul 17ti Greenwich street. Possession given at once. TO LET-THE STORB NO. 40 READE STREET, FIFTY feet east of Itroadwsy, opposite Stewart's; rent $500 per year; also several rooms, lor light manufacturing purposes, In bouse feS liuane street, first house eusi from Broadway. Apply ai GKMMKL'S, 302 Lroadway. rpo LKT? A SMALL ENGLISH BASKMBNT HOUSE. X 'Ibe furniture for snle at a bargain. All the modern Im provement*. For particulars Inquire at tho house, 2.10 West Thirtieth street, or at the office In the Irving House. rro LET? IN THE GENTEEL PRIVATE nOUSE, 153 J I.uurens street, private apartments, su table for a small iinnly. References exchanged. For particulars apply 011 the primiser. rpo LET? A LARGE COACH FACTORY A NO BLACK i smith's shop, In a central location. Apply at 60 and Ki East Eleventh street. rro LET? TWO NEW AND WKI.I, FINISHED THREE 1 and* hull' story bouses. high stoop hwmt&U, and sub cellars, wlili all the modern Improvements, al 109 and 111 West Tnenlj fourth Hired: possesaiou Immediately. Apply 10 M. WILSON, corner of lurtl.uidt and Broadway, under Uie Uilwjr Building. TO LET-IN BROOKLYN, TEN MINUTES' WALK from Atlantic ferry, a thtecsinrv brt?-k. bonut, with base ment hint sub cellar; lite house !?s been built two years; is 'Jo by 4H feet, handsomely flulabed, with gas, range, hot trtid cold water bath, water closet, Ac.; will be let very low. to a good tenant, for the balance of the occupant'* lew; possession given Immediately. Aiipiy at (*> B. rgen street, Brooklyn. TO LET? THE FIRST FLOOR, BASEMENT AND ATTIC of No. 12 sixth atreei; also, a room aud bedroom at No. K Inquire at No. U. TO LET? TWO FRONT ROOMS ON SECOND FLOOR; front basement to let lor a doctor'* office; w ould be let with tbe room*; If required. Apply at No. 3 Clinton place, Eighth mrect. TO LET? A VERY FINE STORE AND CELLAR ON the |Frurth avenue; a Brut rate Htitutl for a grocery, or crockery store, or any b Unities'. Rent low. K B. KINHH1MICR, /ill) Fourth avenue. TO LET OR FOR SALE? A FIRST CLASS STONE front house, with all the modern Improvements, 30 feet front, 7tl fret deep, on West Thirty-fourth street, No. 213. Ap pi) BBltar, Mi TO LET? THE WHOLE OR PART OF HOUSE NO. 215 West Twentieth street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues. Hie house is thrco atory. a ttic, basement and counter cellar, all In pond order, situated in a pleasant neighborhood, and wlj be rented low to a good tenant. Inquire on tbe premises. TO LET? AT NO. 61 BOND STREET, A FRONT AND back parlor; would answer for a fashionable millinery; a la-hlnntible dressmaker now occupies the upper part of the house, who Isdolii;: a large business; possession given Imme diately. Apply at #99 Broadway, In the btore. rpo lht-the small three story norsE no. s J. Harden row, Eleventh street, near the southwest corner of I Sixth avenue; just the Ining for a smnil family who wish a house ni low rent. Possession given Immediately. Inquire between the hours of 10 and 4, ol D. W. KENTON, 167 Broad way, up stairs. TO LET? THE STORE AND DWELLING CORNER OF Eighth a \ (tnic and thirty eighth street, $600; the dwelling house Mi Hammoud street, near Bleeckur, $600; three story i brick house in Thirty-eighth street, near Eighth avenue, $425; I the four slory store and dwelling 4*2 Eighth avenue. WOO; one or two stone lront dwellings, >7 IK) and $750; tbe dwelling house 690 Hudson street, near Fourteenth street, $4 JO. J. DEN liAM. Eighth avenue, corner of Sixteenth street. Office open from morning till 9 evening, The lower part of a very neat three story and basement house, to rent, completely furnished throughout. The house bis all the Improvements? chandeliers, gas, bath range, stationary tubs, Ac., and In complete order. Tl has very handsome accommodations Corn small family who may desire to keep house lor the w Inter. No. 03 East 15th st., one door from Third avenue. Terms moderate. rpo LET, ON BROOKLYN HEIOHT8 ? A FURNISHED I house, In a good neighborhood, near Fulton and Wall sirret ferries. It Is In good order, and will be let with or with out the iurnlture, to a good tenant. Inquire of CALKINS ,t HARROW, 42 Maiden lane; and oi WEEKS A SMITH, 67 Ful ton street, Brooklyn. mo LET? IN THE LOWTSll accommodate 100 SwaSSSsSffisaenaa unsurpassed for t^ent boardwa.CHABDg w Br0?dwey. TO LET? THE FRONT AND BACK PARLOR, WITH p.intrtcs between, and one room in third story, of house 87 Morion street. Inquire on the premises. TO I.ET? THE THREE STORY AND B ASEMENT HOUSE 2.1 Cheeter place. Brooklyn, about five minutes' walk Irtm the Atlantic or Hamilton ferries; the house has all the rrodern Improvements; gas, wilh fixtures complete; also, hot and cold balli, furnace, range, wash tubs, Ac.; rent chenp. -\|ply at lite house. rpo LET-A FRONT AND BACK PARLOR, FUR X nlshed suitably for any buslneaa; also, two basements, wltli rooms, suitable for thnboot or any other business; loca tion good, rent low. Inquire at 669 Broadway, up stair*. Houses to let-two nice three story brick houses up town, near railroad, 9400 ami 9MJ0 rent - a nice cottage, near Broadway, f326; a large dwellleg on Fourth avenue, ffltsi; a very nice half houae In a genteel street, fUO. E. B. KINHII1MEK, 319 Fourth avenue, 3 to 7 P. M. mo KENT? I NTIL MAY 18T, AN KLEOANTLY FUR J lushed bouse, to a private family only, situated near and west of Broadway, In a most fashionable location: rent CSV a month. Address A. Jones, Union square Post office. EXTRA PAT. Bounty land-kxtra pay, pensions, *?.,due to officers, sailors and soldiers, procured by J. B. NONES, late of the L'niled States navy, No. 1H Warren street, comer of Broadway. United Stales passports also issued by ). B. N. Nalnrallied ttutena must produoc certificates. Bounty land-claims fob bounty land, pen stons, Ao., successfully prosecuted by the subscriber who, being in possession of much record evidence of the ser vices during the war of 1M2, baa great facilities for collection ? _OALVI.V W. SMITH, No. 86 Chatham street, opposite Chamber*. Extra pax-navy bounty land and "*xtr p*y1_?*^fvr'.^2-.wyr*nW' r?y" and balansaf of wages due all United Stales navy sailors. In all wars sine 17?n. fcslr widows and brin. promptly obtained and paid, aa all kinds ?T daises anatael the United Stales recovered by . . , _ EDWARD HIStntLL, Aglet, late Purser U. P. Nary, and Attaroev and OwngtOor Mldnr, IT WaQttrWh ra? uhpoe ftpinoa. A^m OHOICT 8KLKTIO* UP BRANDIKM. WXM ik BISK * rm, Soofc-h IU.J Irish whiskeys, Holland i'ln. Koh*? flam ark lappa, Ac.; blackberry brandy: white brandy. Mr btd serving, hootch ales, London and liublln porter, aacara. br . for sale at UNDERHILI. k M ATTKKMUH'rf, 4SU UraoaaaL, comer ol Crosbj. SPECIAL NOTICE. - AT A MFKTfNO OP TIIF. COMMIT | tec appointed by the I.lauor Dealers' roctety, Kir Iha par )><?? of collecting subscription* fv ib? relief tM MlTfar* at Norfolk and 1'in'f mouth, held nt odd > elk>w?' I tall na Tuesday evening, the lfth lnst., It km Bck.Tved, That t be liquor dealers of live city of New Toe* h 1 1- :., ill v no'iii# .1 il>n' iVe various ?ard cnratnhtrws spptfatsi by the General Koclely l?r l.e above uamed p trpnss, will oafl on ;hi ni during llw present weak for such ildUiN laudable au Objee' as they < nn aflord in give, Credentials will le produced bvthoae applying f?i Uon/ V. G. MOLON Y, CI Ciiiti. M. Rise, Secretary. TO THE LIQUOB DEALERS' STATE COMMITTEE? THH Stale Con mitiea appolo ".1 liy Iha l.i<|Uoi leers' ttiao Convention, bold at By rat u on he Mb of Anew* last, are u. vl'ed to meet at NaUt uul liall, In me c tirtrt New Yort.onho ZWi ins: ., at 6 P. M. It. .1, _ THE SUUTAHY. ATTKNTIOK, C(JMi?ANV.? HKAIMJUARTI nnrfiRTAl. gcu?t guide flap*, Ac.? Commits en art) cdto csanurc our ucw fctyltjw leforu ordering di^wlter*. I'ouurai haunt rn lettered ai dituri Dullcf, Ouvod cm *k*?i varJeiy of largelM on hand and : iirnialW to oru??r. HOJEft <k tilt.MUM. lJi Duu TNDFPENDBNT BATTALION FOHRF-ST U?;iiV J Guard.? The officers and nu mbers of line command will meet for drill ut the Mir. cr House, this (Wednesday) evtmiM. Sept. 28, at ? o'clock precisely. iiy order. BM. 1'. V a?.KNTINE, Major Commanding. Tnos. Simmons, Adj't. JOSEPH LIGHT GUARD.? T1IK MEMItEltg OP TUB above company are hern by notified to at'.-i.d a nwvuux at Grose's Hotel, 134 William street, on Wednesday. the ?;ih last at TCP. M. By order of WILLIAM YOCDALK Caul J out. Ileum.*, Orderly. TTirUAT YOU CALL 'EM OU ARM.? THE MI'MBRRx or Tr this company are requested to attend a mw tin* at < >n trul llall on Wednesday, 2i?ib lnst . at H o'clock, I*. M. Hy or der. WHAT'S 1IIH NAME, t aptaia. OHT UOOOS, dW. on CASKS OP FASHIONABLE SILKS, PROM SEVEN ?d\J to twelve shillings per yard, will be opened tlila morn ing. U 1ISDELL, PKIK80S 4 LAKE, 471 llroa-Iway. between Grand and Brtntme (ttreew. T. STEWART A CO. HAVE RECEIVED BY TUB Baltic two ciiBtw of KltS.VCH FOPUM, Benntlfiil goodi for Uie m>a?on. Broadway, Chambera and Iteade itrMta. A. FULL ASSOltTMENT OF FRENCH EMBUOIDEIIEO and maliUe bands, at h ilf the usual price, just rcoelvnd. PETEB ROBERTS A CO., m Broiulway. Arnold, constable a co. Will exhibit TXIJL JJfB Wl TKIt OaiUUXV AT RkTAIL, On Weiineu'lay, SMptemher 2A> M ( anal street, near Ui-oadway. A ARI'PKttlJ STOCK OF LYONS VELVET?, JUST RE celved, comprising every width and color, suitable foi' basuues, ninntilia.s, cloaks, ,Vr. L'BhDELJ., PKlRdON A LAKE, 471 Broadway, ilctwcn Grand and Ilroome sireela. A SUPERB ASSOR'tMENT "F NEW LA' F.S JUST RE celved? Br Hand* point tela at $/ to ?? >. point A. L. Aigulilv, point de Angleterre. lloulton, Vair.icioiiMt'*, black laces Horn 10 eta. to fpl per yard; alao Muck ihMiwl veils, very rich capea, MSrfs, eoillurcs and handkerchief*; I'arbi emliroiilerles of >h? neweat ill in eollara, (teevea, Ae> N. B. A carton of I'lack i bread ^liau la from $.'??> to fid). MlLLKlt A Git AN V, 371 llroadway. SUPERB ASSORTMENT OK CASHMERE MI VWL8 juat received. I BEDELL, PR1RBON A LA EE, 471 Broadway, between Gra id and Uroomo street*. A IX VILLES l?E FRANCE. 81 rnu Vlvlnnno, Paris. Rue Richelieu, 104. LATEST NOV ELTIKS IN SllkJ, shawls, matulea, in rinocs, Bai cgcs, muallna, embroldorles, Laces, linens, gloves, Handerehlefa, cambrics, ribbons. The first wholesale and retail ??atahllshmeiit In Enrope, situ ated in the most fashionable part of the metropolis, between the rue Vlvienne and the rue Richelieu, (with an cutranoe Id each street,) near the Boulevards and the Bourne. In these vast galleries, the monumental aspect of which baa been the admiration of every visiter, the most beautiful tux* lures ot French taste anil elegance, manufactured and exclu sively designed for this Iftnpoi-imii of Fashion, are displayed und sold at the lowest remunerating profits. All (,'oods marked in plain figures: one prloe only. Goods purchased, 11' not approved of, exchanged or the mo ney retnrned. Attached to the establishment are English, American, Ger man and Spanish assistants. The proprietors earnestly solicit the honor of a visit BULPIN'S CLOAKS-FOB THE FAIX SEASON. ABI now ready, at the Paris Mantilla Emporium, 361 Broad way. A splendid variety of moire antique, velvet and cloth mantillas and talmas, adapted for the early fall. GEO. BULPIN, Ml Broadway. BLA VKETS.-SOILED BLANKETS AT ONE-HALF* their value. We hive received 800 pair of blankets slightly soiled. We thall sell them on Monday, 24th lnst., at just one hslf their value. This Is an opportunity that seldom occurs for ladies to supply themselves cheap for the approach, lng winter. W. H. BOND, HIB amiHO Sixth av., Diri ctly opposite the market FRENCH AND ENGLISH PTLK8? Heavy rich quality new st> '??? Winter t irs. IT ONE DOIXAK rn V A RI>. A. T. STEWART ACO., Broadway, Chambers und Readc streets. TiLOUNCED by steamer Balilc. T (MU"' J"wm ??e opened OS MONUAV. F BENCH MERINOK8? Of the Manufacture of Paturle, Lupin A <'o. Five cued el' choice colors will be opened on Monday, Sept U, ATHfcTE!) MUUIKOS fRn YARn. A. T. STEWART A TO., Broadway, Chambers and Rcade aire at*. FA IX AND WINTER FASHIONS IN CLOAKS, MAN tiling and furs.? Magnificent diaplay of Part* novelties.? Opening day at the I n it fd Mate* cloak find mantilla store.? M, BUCHANAN MACKENZIE has th? honur to aniiounce to the ladles of Now York and adjacent cities, that he will hi ready to submit tor their approbation, on Wedoeeday, the 26tla Inst., the rnot-t superb collection of recherchf and degaat gar menu ever offered In this country, comprising all the latest prod urt.'oris ol the ruott eminent Parisian modistes, which, on Inspection, will be found to evince a degree of tamo fully com mensurate Willi the ad\ aurliiK retim uien' and luxury of tha age. Ilia tlin-e spacious plan- glasa windows will be found ta curtain an array ol tempting novelties, which, fur :ho convent cnce of visiters on that day, he beg* leave to describe aa follow* W Indow No. 1 (nearest Broadway) will be found to contain the most complete and beautiful assemblage of mantillaa and ta mux lor ral ly tall wear? that In thu centre being one of thosn beautiful creations In velvet, elaborately embroidered, and richly adornt d with guipure lace, which haa given to the maga zine (>f|Mad?tne La Canu such enviable distinction atnoug Parisian artistes thin season. Window No. 2 (tlie l en'rc) will be rendered conspicuous by a tuneful profusion of tare and costly fura ol' all natlona, pro minent amongst which will be observed a Russian sable cap", price fifteen hundred dollara, of the moat luatroua and truly regal aspect; supported on either aide by a aet of royal ermine ana Polish mink, of ram beauty and value. Iu window So. S, will be shown three of the handsomest black Lyons Telvet cloaks In America, presenting at on? glance the ne plus ulra of perfection In the art, and surpassing in beauty and exquisite finish anything of the kind hitherto im ported. 'I hey are named reFpectlvely the " Kmpress Eu genie. " Iho "Favorite." ar.d the " Itarhcl." Pleaae to observe the opening day, Wednesday, 2?th Inst. WJL BUCHANAN MACKENZIK, 48 and 47 Canal and 67 Mxpenard street*, Brand roth Building G ROUGE RICHMOND, OK 369 BROADWAY, WOULD call the attention of the ladles to hla stock of rich lace* ant embroideries, which cannot be surnaaaed, and only require t be seen. Our knowledge and lacllltlos enable ua to pick u the neweat soods and sell at the lowest prices. Brussels poln In sets, from (6 to 9.M); Talenriennea do., from 910 to 940: fla ] assortment of black laces, veils caps, bands, embroldem-1 handkerchiefs, fine linen, from 10a. up; mourning goods, reall J beanilful.ln thick and thin linen cambric; dresa caps; headdress* i of the lateat Parisian styles. Under the persoual superintend! ence of Mrs. Richmond. GENTLEMEN'S MERINO CNDKR CLOTHING.? 809 pairs merino drawers, from 75c. to $3 SO; MS) merino shirts, from JBc. to $2 90; 1. OUO stocks and ties of dllfercnt styles, at 91. N. B. ? Shirts and dressing robes ma le to order at short notice. J ELLISON A CO.. 325>>j Broadway. Hrarn brothers will open on WEDNESDAY, the 26th Inst., the fall aud winter styles of cloaka and mantle*. J BECK Jk CO. WILL OPEN THIS MORNING ? rich plaids and valencies; also, a large importation of cashmeres and delaines, at verv low prices. .ISA ami 30? Broadway, and 7Moad Hroadway. J BECK A CO. WILL OPEN THIS MORNING A ? new aud 'argc assortment of Stella shawls. .Wand 387 ilroadway, and 7 Hi and "K8 Broadway. T~ BECK A CO. WILL~ OPEN THIS MORNINO 25 tf ? cases of new and rich silks; also, flounced silk robes from 912 and upwards. SSfi and 387 Broadway, and 7W and 788 Broadway. Hen r y "rice, 74 canal street, calls the at tentlon of tlie ladles to his splendid stock of emhrolderis* and laces, just rerelved from Europe. A large assortment of real Valenciennes edges, at the extraordinary cheap price o( 12), cents per yard. Also, the neweat style 4 of dress and cloak trimmings. MOCBVTiro'CLOA K t-OWWIMWr ALL FASHIONS on Wednesday, Ociobcr 3, at WEED'S mmirnlof store, 490 Broadway, 4 doors below St. Nicholas Hotel. Mourning millinery " at weed s mourning store, 499 Broadway. ? Fashionable Pari* pattern bon nets of the richest materials; also, crape, boiaba/.lne, mode. Ao., Ac. Styles entirely new and suitable for deep or second mourning. WKKD'H Monrnlng Store. 49V Broadway, 4 doom below 8t. Nicholas Hotel. PARIS AUX YIIXKfl DE FRANCE? NO. 81 RUE~ YL vlenne? Rue Richelieu No. 104.? latest novelties In silka, shawls, mantles, merinos, bareges, muslins, embroideries, laces, linens, gloves, handkerchiefs, cambrics, rlbbooa. Tbo first wboleaale and retail establishment in Europe, -"ea'td In the moat fashionable part of the metropolis, between tka roe Ylvtenne and the rue Richelieu (wltn an entrance In eacti street) near the Boulevards and the Bourse. In ttaee vast galleries, the monumental aspect of which has been the adtai ration of every visiter, the must beautiful textures of Frenclf taste and elegance, manntactured a ad exclusively designed tor this emporium ol faahlon, are displayed, and sold at the lowest remunerating profits. All soods are marked In plain figures? one price only. Goods pu rcnased. If not approved of, exchang ed or the money returned. Attached to the establishment are hi, mnsth. American, German and Spanlah assistants. The pro prietor* earnestly solicit the honor of a visit, SmxT'sHAWLs.? will" br~opbncd on~monday, the nth Inst , eighty cartons, eontainlnff nearly one thou sand beeotiful atella shawls, of the latest and most r*cheeb4 designs, ard to which the attention of ladlea la i spsetflJl solidtea; aU at moderale prices. GEO. BULPIN, an Broadway. rf> 0 BUYERS OF DRY GOODS.? A STOCK OT Ijoofw. 1 principally silks, merino's, laces and embroideries can be purchased In a lump, or otherwise, fall 4? per cent below the cost of importation Address Henry M Co., Herald "See. for one we it. UBSDELL. PKIR?<ON A LAKE WILL OPUN, THTII morning, several eaase of rich drees goods, eonststhtg of silk robe*, rteh sUks by the yard Kreach|rie laines, "ashoaetWL valendaa and all woel plaids ealieos. Ac., imported exoreasly for 'he city wade, ffl Broadway, between Unuwl aud flisiman streets.