Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 29, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 29, 1855 Page 3
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10,000 a 12,000 bbU., including common to extra State brand*, at $7 76 a M; Western at $7 7hH 25 for com mon to fancy ami ordinary extra brands. Extra Genesee wm at M a $10 60. Southern was in tair demand, with hales 1,200 bbU. at $8 a SB 02 for common to choioe brands, and $8 75 a $10 for fan<-y and extra. Canadian waa steady, with light sale*. The market for State cloned with a good export demand. Wheat ? Prices were ir regular. The Mains emuraced about 20,000 bush, red winter Upper Lake at 180e.; white Southern at 300c. a 216c., and Canadian do. at 203c. Aiming the sales were 20,000 bush. Western, to arrive in November, at p. t., supposed to be ut 170c. Corn was easier, with sales 40,000 a 50 000 bush. Western mixed at 80c. a 87c. Rjro, i0, 000 a 40,( 00 bu-li. were sold at 115c. a 117c. for infe rior to good (air quality. Oats were firm, with sales at 41c. a 44c. for State and Western. Conw. ? The sale* embraced aNiut 1,800 a 2,000 baft Rio. at lie. a 11 'ic., including some prime lots at 12c., and 100 Marac.-iibo, at lie. a 12c. G tto.n The sales were quite small, as dealers were Vfaiti?g the re ceipt of private lexers due by the America. Penguin.? Kates ? ne again higher, with pretty free ?offering* to Liverpool, to which were engaged about 37,000 a 40,000 bushel- grain, in Imlk arid bags, at 12d. ; 1,000 a 2 000 bids. Hour, at 4s.; too a 5ii0 bales cotton, at while 7-10d. was asked; 1,500 boxes cheese, at 40s., and 4,000 do., at 45^. 10,000 bushels corn were en gaged for delivery in November, at He., and 10,000 relet, atll^d. Tol<oudin, rate' were firm and room scarce, but we hen rd of no sugagcinents of moment. To Havre, Hour was ai $1. aud cotton at lc. ]ier lb. To Uretnon. 3, 000 bushels rye, at p, t. $0 ttmM rice, at p. t., an l 100 bales cotton, at lc. California rates were steady, at .'!6c. a S7*?c. per fool riv asurement. Hat.? About 1,000 bales were sold, at 70c. a 75c. bo 100 lbs. Iron.? 150 tons Scotch pig wore sold at $'J7, si c months. Leak? f-'aleti of 150 ton* Spanish were made at O'^c. Mol'sskm was ijuiet but IK in. Stoh?. ? Stiles nf 500 barrels spirits turpentine ?were made at 40c. Hosin was ijuiet, without change in prices. Provw.onB. ? Por!; ? A sort of bulling speculation, based upon the supposition, it was said, of a certain amount of stoci. in a certain yard being quit* small, as purchases were made for the delivery, it was believed, of more than it contained took place to-day, and prices w ere forced up accordingly to $2276 a $22 87, but, onascertain ing the facts, the yard was found stocked with an ample supply to meet its demands, considerable portions of It having been found stored in a sort of sub-cellar, conse quently on this being known the market for new mess again dropped down to $22 02 a $22 50, at which prices, abeut 500 bbls. were sold. Prime was unchanged und Hold at $21 37 a $21 50. Wool- ? There has been less doing in this article since our last report, and the market lias been very quiet. The sales reported of foreign are 175 bales South American, part Mestizo and \>a?licd Buenos Ay res; 00 bales Knt re Kioi, ai.d 5 C bales unwashed Smyrna ? terms of sate not made public. Domestic wool is also less active. We notice sales of ileece common to fine wool at 32c. to 42c. ?in all 250,000 lbs. ; and OO.uOO do. pulled 32c. to 40c. ABTBITISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. UWARXM. ?l jn REWARD.? LOST. (IV THURSDAY, SKIT. 27. ?J>_I J U two hundred and twen'y dollars, $200 Ineliv funds, an<l tour $f> in country bills; supposed to lis lost In ilroadway or Sixth a ven. e. Ttie above reward will be patd by calling ai 280 Hlmh avenue. W. D. SIMPSON. d>On RilWARD.? LOST, A BOOT THE 1STH INST., IN tlie upper part of the city, a lady's gold bunting watch, mark'Hl on the hack "Ursula." The tinder will receive the above rewaid by leaving It at i>5 Chambers street. $10 REWARD.? STOLEN, A LADY'S OLD FASHION ed gold leplne watch, KOld face and hands. The above reward will lie pr.ld and no questions asked. If returned, at 101 Spring street. AC REWARD.? LOST, ON WEDNESDAY, THE 26TH ?J)?J hist., between 2 and 7 o'clock p. M.. a parcel, contain ing a silk dress, marked Mrs. Dr. Pnrker, 279 Fourth avenue, from Dbsdel!, Pelrson A Lake's, 471 Broadway. Auy person returning the same to either of the above numbers will ro ceive the above reward and the thanks of the owner. <J> r REWARD -LOST OR STOLEN? A PAIP. OF GOLD special .ei. marked "Stewart F. Randolph." The above reward will be paid for their recovery by applying at No. 14'J ( harles street. djO REWARD? FOR A MOUSE COLORED GREY, lioui.d, wi ll s nr en nose. Inquire at 26 Second street Lost asp foisp. C1AUTION.-ALL PERSONS ARE HEREBY CAUTION ) ed against receiving or negotiating a certain promissory tiote, maite by the undersigned, James McElvaney, for ihe sum of seventeen hundred and tlfly dollars, dated New York, August 13. lHftfi, payable ninety dms (or three months) atier date, to the order of ihe under iwnnd. William Mclloherts, at the Bull's llesd Bank, New York, the same having been lost without hiiv.iv been endorsed by the pavec, and payment ihercot be n* stopped. JAMEs SlKI.V aNEY. WILLIAM McKOBEllTfl. Found? in twenty sixth streitt, near fifth avenue, a lady's black silk muntllla, which th^ owner cm have by r allim; at SIA West Thirty tlrst street, aud paying Tor ibis advertisement. LOST-ON THURSDAY NIOIIT, IN BROADWAY, BE tween CI umbers and Canal strecs, a portsmnnniilc con turnings smaU amount ot 'money, a ticket, and Herring safe key The money being of no consequence, the ownei kindly requeais the return ol ihe key. Lost? fbom 62 bleeokek street, a red setter dog. The flnder will be suitably rewarded on returning Ihe dog. I0ST.-STP.AYEI>, FROM 3R4 SIXTH AVENUE, A J small white and lilarkdni;. Had on when In left a reil and white collar, with the owner's nam- and address. Who ever returns hlui to the above number shall be liberally re wni dfd. IOST.? 8EPT. 2<, 1856? A BANK BOOK, NO. 4.1, l#o, ()\ J the Bowi ry Saviuss Bank, in the nam" of HI'.NltY V SMITH. The lltider will please leave It at Hi" liank. LOST-A I.AP.OE NEWFOUNDLAND DOG, FROM Waahing.or. Oarden, Williamsburg. The color of the dog la blac k, wIji white tips on hto head, vies autl laiL Whoever will return blin wlil be suitably rewarded. I (1ST? IN I BOSSING FROM BROOKLYN BY THE J South ferry to Wall a rest. uttv three dollars. The fin ler by returning it to No. 4 New street, baaemcnt. will be hind -omely rewarded, aud greatly relieve tae loser, who is a poo. man. IOST? FRIDAY MORNING. EITHER IN THE HARLKM A Railroad c.i s, rn In coming from Eighth street and Fourth avenue to 47 < hnstopher Mi ce' . tin oval bren-t; in. con taining the iiketiesa Of a voting man, which is Valued a- a keepsake. The findei will be suitably rewarded on ^Ivln^ in u rination e ; Uir above number, or at lu2 Fottrili street. 1O8T. ? A BLACK COVERED MEMORANDUM BOOK. J with Norwood .t Vston, Warrenton, N. C., nnrkoj Inside i rover, supposed to bays been lost at the St. Nicholas Hotel; he finder, by iea> .tiu It (here or at Fiirmsn, Davis \ i o.'s, H, will be suitably rewarded. \ f ISSINO.? SIXTEEN CASES MANUF \( TUP.ED TO JLYl bncco. taken from No. S7 Wa'er Street, on the I9i!i o jnih inst., shlpi'ini. tnai k D. A suitable reward w ill be paid :'or their recovery, by Dl HOIS x Y.VNMSRVOORT. CTOLI'N? FROM GOTHIC HALti, ON WEIINKflDAY morning las'., a pair of duelling o a I ,-y pistols A liberal reward will M gives for their i urn, or tor a know ledge ot their w.icieabouts. Apply as sno\ e THE BnUTAIlY. (COMMITTEES OF TAROET COMPANIES ABOUT (it) J Ingon etcutsions. will And It to heir literost o t all :ui4 eiamlne our s'iKk of jewelry, silver and plaU'd goods; also .uany styles ot fancy article* suitable or pri/"-. Persona calling to examine wld be under no obligation to purchase. CL'LBERT BP.0TUK1L- , 136 Can il ?tr< ? ' . N EW YORK HERALD GUARD, ATTENTION -A MEET Ing ol this eompaoy will be held In tine Mail Room ? .i the Herald ortirc, on saturd.i alternoon, Sept. 2U. at l.vo .'c.o' k, ? r the t let tion ot subordinate oflkers and the ransaetioii ol other biisiues v. hen (ill who have already Joined, and u I who intend Joining, are respei i fully requested o s:tend. WILLIAM BOBkttTliON. Chairman. C. H. Jonn^^. Secretary. PIsAYWO CARDS. PLAriNiJ CAK08 or EVERY DESCRIPTION r??? aaie at thr < iDo.1 Card Ma-iufactorv. 177 sind I7'J Grand street, near lii.suiway. Including ?'*ule and double b.:ada ornamented and piain and Spanish cirils. \ superior ar.inir if linen /aro cards we" seasoned and waTaoted not to war* ?ateeipreasli tor deal ins. PLAYING CARDS.? THE SUB- 'UlBER* HAVE THE eicluslve sale el A. IKmgherty's man ifai ttre ot playing cards, and hair rou inily on hand all the djib-rcat grades In L-. udlng his tele orated Ihii-n dsallns ? rds. A. VAN V ALK KN BUBGH A CO.. No. Is'JPesrl ureet. manufb'. ' v 78 1 HIT street. MATRlMOHll'? A PROFESSIONAL 'iESTLEMAN, A'. ED :ti, of P.! enec4abllit/ atiri vioie wrabh. wishes to marry s I ^ly .Ike ctrcnms a:n e>t. She must be refined, 'donated, in ib - r?? and amintiie. llo Interview desired until eorreepond nee -lat v roved mutual sincerity and ellgibllltj . Addiess Met. -s, care 1 1 flwart's ( itj Kiprees, N._ w \ ork. \f ATRIMON! M, OFFICE, 7 ? M \DIStiN -TREITT COR 111 ner ol < Vhai we ? Tho-e wtsi.iri; to . rm a m*U t nonia. slllanre. alii find It to tlieir advantage bj calling or address. n* post paid J Mrs . Pn wster who ) as < renrd a matrlmomal re Ulster, whereby am lady or gen leman may i r ure io tuem selves a partner for iltf . without resorting tome iinplea?ant alternative ol advertising to eijiress li.elr wtshe?. I'sr ie. b ray send liieit resi nsnie, residence, huslnc ?, reference, clr cumelances, requisites, 4e.. which w I sei hanged. Everj l tng concerning letters or Interviews strictly conudentia!. Ai applies!. on* must contain a postage stamp. CLOTHING, AC. BPOHT1NO. (GENTLEMEN HAVING ANY LEFT-OrF WEABINti J apparel in large or mall lota, wishing to d sp.>?e ot ibe same, t an obta!:i tli# highest chaJi pr ' e tnr liew by ca DC on, ci addresaing through the post. JOHN MURPHY, No. li.' >'sssau sin ct tisscmcti'. 1 ADIKS' AND I HILDBBH'S t'LOTIII VO I MPOR1I M ? \j S. CHAM HERS successor lo Hradbook. ;r, Broad wav early opposite Smart 4 Co. will often o# Thor~la>. (>? i oer 4. a splendid s- ortmen1 at ladies' anl eblMren'S ?ai meats, mm ? de HmnVi1, ladlen' dr-6* rip* and li'-ad ?iee?,e., Ifisses' and no. si i - hat?, cap , Ae.. Ac. Orders promptl) eiet iited. fTHEM $6 BUTTS AT I.I2X IIROADW W OETTEB OR POINTER fw>'? WANTEO-A THOROUGH aj ly hriikc ami ira.ned potn'er oi seller dog. Addi through Potc Office, tiot l.OTO. THE REGATTA OF THE SEA^ON-$l(*) IN PRIZP- _ tOO to lb. wuiu.iiir brsi(. $9<) to lite second, and lo the third. A refatia will take place Irom ibe Red llon-e dook loot of li*$tb -trect - n Motiday, Ot tab1 r I it I t/cks s P M Entrance $> ops t. for all boats j< 1i e' and unde' , alt boat, uj be entered liy 11 o'clock on the Jay of tb" ra c GIB ?> A TCRN'FR TOWOW'J F.tVi |(W.-t*PlfV|)ID WflCIt n[ it re<',n atxl Joint ? p>teo?j for sale ? ieai , corner r It d t Mkl Joha stfrw-l. ?>< ko i.^at . A. M mi' *'? | ?W PCTUCATMW. Books and stationery at cash pricls, at 8-raONQ'H I'lTIMSinN*! WAREHOUSE, J(p. 9H Nas uu street, New York. Country deaie n who *Mi to bur cheap for cuh, will do wel! to examine lha large and moat complete assortment ot toy, song, jujenlle and miscellsneous book*. staUonery, valenUnes, almanacs, prints, Ac., at Uie above establishment, and auto the prices. The stoek or valentines fnr the coming Mason will be found more extensive, varied end magnificent thsn ever before ex hibited at thl> old established valentine depot, aud at prices more than one third lower than formerly. Almanacs mr ltjM now ready. N. B.? All kinds of printing, engraving, lithographv. 4e., done !u a superior manner ami on the moat favorable terms. Ail orders by mill promptly and carefully a' tended to. T. W. STKONtl, Wi Nu'ju street. PHKAP LIBERAL BOOKS.? AQK OK REASON, JB TO \ > 37 \ cetiN; Volney's Ruins, S7H cents to SI ; T. I'ulnc'i Works and Life, $JtoM ."<0; Voltaire's Philosophic.-)] Dtotlon. ury, >4. .Itibt publl-ln d, tlic Philosophical Prayer Book. with n rational u< count of rapping, tipping. Ac., by "U. VAI.K, No. 1 Bowery, New York, up sulin. HARPER'S STORY BOOKS FOR OCTOBER. 1 1 a HrEit't1- Stubv Hooks. A monthly series of narra tive* biographies, and tales, lor the instruction and enter tainment of tna youac. By Jacob Abbott. Embellished with numerous und beuiititul engravings. Tr.unr. ? Kaeh number ol "Harper** Slorv Books" will con tain 100 ;sge* In small quarlo lorm, very beautifully Uln-tra ted and printed on superfine calendered paver. The series may be obtained of booksellers, periodical up>nK and post masters, or from the publishers, at S3 a year, or cent* a number. Subscriptions may commence with any numlicr. The postage upon Harper's siory Docks, which must be paid quarterly In advance Is two cents. Vol. I. t'ontalntng the first three numbers, "Bruno,"' "Wil lie," and "Hiralt (late," tastefully bound In musliu. Price >1 Vol. S- ? Containing "Tito Liitle Louvre," "Prank," and "Emma." Price >1. Vol. 3.? Containing "Virginia," "Timboo and Joliba," an 1 "Tlmbooand Fanny." Price $1. tub trail us no vr RXAur Aitr I. lititiNO; or, Lesson of Fidelity, Patience, sad Self denial, tun i>h I by n Dog. II. Wii.t.i* jimi tiie Morioaok: showing hotv much m*v be accomplished by a Hoy. III. The Stkait Oate; or, the Rule of Exclusion from Ilea veil. I V. The Little Locvii ; or, lite Boys' and OlrU' G-iU.'ry of Pictures. V. I'uank: or, the Plillosoiihy of Trlckn and Mischief. VI. Kmma; or. the Three Misfortunes of u Belle. VII. VlBtiiHiA; or. ? little Light on a very I)?rk Saving, VIII. Tmaoo andJouba; or, the Art of being I'seful. IX. Timroo and Fakmy; or, the Art of Sell Instruction. X. Tut I1ahi i:b Kst a a ?..?>!; or, lww lite story books are made. XI. l-'ranklln, the Apprentice Boy. *,*The above numbers are also bound In cloth, gilt, price 40 cents each. They are the best children's books ever published. They wisely avoid the Introduction or discussion of religious topics, jet are such as t'hriniun parents may unhesitatingly place itt their children's hands. The price Is marvelously low. Twenty five cents a number makes It about six pages of print and two ex cellent engravings for eaek ami "i 'he money The engravings, without a line ot letter press, would be cheap at the price. One gi khI thing these story books will certainly accomplish; henceforth Inferior authorship ami used up. worn out illustra tions < annni be palmed otr on children. Tliey have samples here of w hat Is best for thoin, and thev are shrewd enough not to put up with anything of lower quality.? N. Y. Itally Times. We have heard so many lathers and mothers who i ecognlze the pleasant duty of guiding the minds ol their children in the paths of knowledge a' home, speak In terms of the highest commendation of this series Of books for children, thai we feel ? de-Ire to see tlietn universally read among children. They constitute the finest series of books for the young that we have seen.? Louisville Courier. HARPER A BROTHERS, Publishers. MA I' Of EC ROPE? NKW AND JCST PUBLISHED.? This is the only desirable map to be had; It not only gives the feats of all tliewars that have been, but all thatwlll be, If con fined to Europe, as It Is a thorough geographical, national and railroad map, engraved on plates, on a large scale, being 2 'J by :i feel. It Is on lines! paper and e.aborately colored. Pttli li:-bed by D. O. JOHNSON, 71 Nassau street, corner of John. Agent."- wauled to sell this map. kTOT FICTION BI T FACTS I? \ Will be puhll.-hed Thursday October lib, THE KAG PICKER , or aotmn a. no hike. 1 vol. Hum , *.11 pp. Price SI 21. MASON BROTHERS, Publishers, 23 l'atk Row, New York, Read the Sunday courier to morrow. Over thirty columns of reading matter. All the local new*. All the foreign intelligence. All the criminal facts. All the I ben t Heal Item*. All matters of interest connected with the courts, l he theatres, churches and polHteal u>socla'ioiiit, together with editor tali up on tike book publishers''! annuel, Uto fall of Hebastopol, ihe light between Mayor Wood and Aldcrtnan Derrick, public and private schools, the new play a. the Broadway, Ac., Ac. The new story of THE ADOITKD DAURHTKR will be continued, with innumerable sketches, jokes, nnecdotcs, news paragraphs, Ac., Ac. Price three cent*. Sold every where. J AS. L. JjMITII, 16 Spruce h' reel. OHOULD HI HEAD BY THE MILLION. C1IKMJSTKY OF COMMON LIFE? COMPLETE. I). A1TI L'iON .1 (TOM PAH V, .WaudiM* Broadway, have tow rcudy ihe sixth edition, In two \ol? ties, l2u*o., data price 12, of TT4R CHEMISTRY OP COMMON LIFE. By .Javj h F. VV. .Joii/.sto:., M. A. F. It. S,, Ac., author of "Lecture* on Agricultural Chemistry aud Geology," etc., etc., U1 us i rated with 113 wood engraving. T A It I fc. or OONi? IT*. Tlie Air we Breathe, Th* PcUona we Select, The Water wc Drink. The t >d< we Knjov, The Soil we Cultivate, llu Sim !1 we Dislike, 'ihe Plant wr Hear, \\ hat wc Lreathe, aud Breathe The Bread we Eat. tor, The l^eef we Cook. What, How, and Why we 1)1 The Beverage we Infuse. i^est. The Sweet m we Extract, The Dodi we Cherish, The Liquors we Ferment. The Ciretj'utlon (? Matter, The Narcotic* we Indulge in, A Kecapltu-auon. '1 owi i s. (J rcat, IMii u, wi lt rr o nee maps 1 Black, I. -I A ' ' >-? ? - Mi iien ad | ii rill ?? 1 ? i ? ii" large sheet. Pr ice 25 cent*. Also, a view ofCi onstadt, show In ? nnd<P scribing its fortifications. with norlraits of the prinelpi' ciown ed heads, ai?o Kusalan, French, Turkish and English ofllcers, with valuable maps Prlje 'J5 ecu's. Published by A. II JOCKLYN. tJOI-^i'in -treef. Agcnta wanted. WHO IS THE AITHOR? WE OCESH \ LAI)Y. NEW York Life Illu?t rated. IHOH A*.H CHILD. One !an:e and neat ll'mo. voluiu'v Price f I 2ft. The second edition of this interesting hook Is read 'his day. It b a taking book, and we saall have the pleasur* no doubt, t<? record a new success by a new author. The Bnttaio Commercial Advertiser (good authority ) say.-; ? There is at .east one gtu-e she has invited to h *r literary cn'f,r talnmen* who will no' act the part ot a grumbler, and ? >rnp!aln | o! dishes "wanting or III dre^ed.'" The surest teatoi !?e in^rit ot ;i bHfk is the tact that it interes;* >ou. A t;oo I <?or> . of m b < i. hi :o- Idi b are in In and b chat utter ? II ?? IU a story which perpetual I y keeps curiosity on the alert, and an j perpetually bailies l? till i1 reai h?*s its d< nouemen', 1 < ceramly a good one. despite h 11 th?? carpirr, ol til natured Wo | titae p least* re In recommending "I^ora'a child" t?> the kind re gard of such readers of l.? >ou as feel mere satisfaction . ri en oy mg r?n entertaining book 'ban In turning over Ita "aves with malice prepense, for the purp< o? di*? us- 1 tit: us nvrita. The Hurl i fl on (VtJ centinel (J. <?. . axe minor isa; <?; I la one of 'he tew nooks oi r.ass that have read quite brooch ? for we found It to have the requisites of a i;ood book, ua*nely, the power ol entertain ng 'he reader to the end ol the volume. The story Is* no' complex, but Is na tn ally told; the ch tra ?<?rs are drawn with sharp delineation. and 'he dialogue is spirited. It is something to add In 'he present deluge of bad ?*i*k with pleasant names that bos !i tlie moral s and "the moral" ot the work are unexceptionable. It is understood 'o be the prod tie tion ot a lady who- ? n rre- v* not unknown 'o tho reading pun lie. and wc cmsgrmolai* heron the Ineroaaeof mptttatlon wl Ich Ipora's t.hild" will Itrlng her wh'?n her present tnco;;uilo shall be remove d. The 1 ?etroU Dally IV' mot ; ?t says: ? Thla b< ok star'- off with ' Its chapter fir?t, and n red' ? the rea''? r one ? to th?* h . ? *?? :.n'i ,n? .?!?!:' - I tie : . ' ha r mm,; ?..,?? II" i !?;?<???. ii\ tindhim-'lt Interested a "/well i?y ti?e gra<*f*fttl style and i lie "kill With which the different scenes are . rrant ?'!, ?s bv 'he I beauty oi ihe two principal characters and the ie^sni<* ol lov ing fai:h, hope and pate i ce which vr. ! mi et h rn at the ttirr,tn>: of aln.?'.t every leal. This i < one of the best prodtf .orin of l:s kind tie has' ben ! U-d thl- ' UOIi, and pt ol: ; ? ?? 10 e.- iJt with wai rn approval ai <1 abundant suee >s. From tbe Weekly ItlUHtrated:? Anotb' r ano;nmoua I novel, a au?< e^t- i one. There is mor< bold. t.-ss and ori gluiliiy, t ( th In ? ?? " n? ' ptioo and In Its . v ition. than iu almost* any work of fict-on w * hav? la*"ly r<*ad. J ?? char e ?ers an- few, well de''neated, and con-is #'n?Iy mantled; | there is no crowding and eon^equent contusion aoion ; 'he dra matls persona*. Th"re are two heron **s, however? Flora and < lata? ? bewitr-hlng cr?- iture-<, and what - ' ? ? ; uo-d" j | tme heart* d wr-men. e-!?ecially the former? I*o; a * rhild? lie dark <? ed and |-s?i?:ona:e, but sensitive tender and loving I'mtghttrM Italy. Tbe work will make lis mark . \N ?latl>e author? We ru':<-* a ladv. and that 'hl? t? her tir*t book ?t. C. I?EI! BY, Publish r, I \'J .Na ? iu And lor -:;le by all hock?e;ier?. VV ILL II K RP V DV \T 11 d?i L<e K HARPER'S VRW MOM HI. Y M V( < . 'ru t ? An f *f *or i 'hi ir -n- ?? m 'o o *?? ? u J. ' ??' 1 .oter. Illnstratod by nine engratrloaa. l-eai and Bear 11 tnting. Iliiistra ?d by eu-h n ;raviru 11 e Araueanlaus. I!'?i?t -ated 1 . eteven engravio * A Trip on the Panama Railroad. Iliu?lra d by l b<. en ^ta^ltii * Tlie Ifewcomes. Ii> w v Thackeray. (Con luded ) rt-h six lliuatraUona by Do Vie. t hapterT4. In whteb ? iiv* i? ins 'lie world. Chapter??. Foundet's d?y at <?re v l rm.? I'nip terTfi. Chrl^'mas at ko?ehtiry. Chapter 77. The xtiorteat and happiest iu 'be v liole Matfrjr, t liapo-r 7>t. In wbiea ue aut^mr l i? - on a ptea-ati ? rrand. Cftapter 7'? lii which t tiiend* "til- together. Charter LUX, In wh. h ;/?? ? ion':, "a^s " Adsttrn.*' "alien hUuame is * ailed. The Due!. Firs: and Last Love Our Ikrt'k* and Aulle - A buy I), earn. The Li 'tie CI rh'er. Doctoring be. na at ll< me Hi, hV Monthly Rocord of Current Event" Literary No eea? -Book- o? Uk >lou u. Kdltor's Table. F i-or's Fa-., C'hslr. Editor 'a Drawer. Mr. Slim' s Fiscal orlal Bspertenee. Illfi*'rat?o # Mr H im ri ads op about hahe*? Ptir? base* tackle? Prt?% i#te% - Nee* a rles? ' The stream? 1 he Mtes-Clr a trophy ? ' at* h?*a a saw mill? An accident? Cau'ioo? A MM ? An aitmt r*uft?t ? A n apolog}? AnoUicr bite? Mr. S,im ? ?klli? ^ hci the iro pl?v. . Fa shiona for October.? I llu?' ration* (iurn -hed by Brodle in ai. ? anoe ot their ap}?earaie ei.? I'rumetuKlc <a/t4ume.? MautUia. ?I hlid's CoftUBf.-dtrmiM'K1. I' has becorno one of ?he Jperary wonders f/ this noun try, AIm'?s? exclusively eofPpo?e<t ot th?* wof%s?if \wr wan authors and artiara. It nays Its <on'rit"inirs *ime 'w n'jr five hundred dollar^ m -nd.fy. snd ye* i- m widely souuht for. that 'his ?wir in is out ;ay does i?ot prevent ii i rom neing remoneraUve to Ita puh. I?er*. It Is, therefore, a happy de on^sncs 'ha' It aims a' the higher stand of h'erature ana the purest oi .morals to all it,* pa * * ? N V Observer hach month It gla'lrler m u* snd our household, to ?ay nothing 0 the neighbors who enjoy H wttb us. Tw?*etv five r??n'i buys p? the cheapest, riehaat, and m?e?t laating lutury forth#* money ll.;.' ae km^w t hree dollars *?euren a fi?r one ysar: srvl wlu?' three d *? ?rs # v. r tsent sr? far? Put the ?ame armaint in eU he- mating, d inking, fort ure, and ls<w miKh <if a *ub se ritknl ''hirigls obtained * If ' teas, facts, and arntl rnen*?, have a o.oM*nry vabr above ail. if th? humor ?l?a? refr^ahe*. the piee ann .as thai t?rmf a gent)'' ?mUe, anst brighten th?* ps??afe of s ?roth ?o your bram and ths happy romtdnauon ni tie- r ? al an?i 'la Imaglnanve. without which n<? one can Uve a life aliove tbe animal, are to l?e p i nto the ah* oouoalte io dollar ? and ?enta. then you maybe . ? rlaln, that it Harper wi* three or ftmr tim^s a* dear |t would amply repay Ita MM D ll a ma gn/rne proper, w iih the Ides and p irpo e a magazine?* wa <\ ix-ok . not a entitle nerKsle a', n*** >et a supphor ot light go* s;p srd ehaoy anecdote*-?! i a matfagflie inat take^ e\eey form of interest Hi tf. di^nltied^. and attractive llierwture in ua gra^p ? Sooibrrn Tvtnes. Term ? Tl?e Mags/?n? may he obtaine d of h"*kaellefs pe rfrdlrat ?g* ^its, or frr>m he f-uhltshrrs, at thr? ? d'dlars a |Car, 1 r twenty f ve e? nts s no nbe The s< mi anne vo.times m e#'?rpl. ? d. newly bound tn ? ?oth, are d at w ? doilArs ea? !i, and m* ?nn or .re ma r+ fim..t>ei| to ihu> who wtah tahave the.r bs< k r nmher ? rmilaemly bound, at twenty lite ee^:# ? sea. Tea ar?- fetw eadi , i*ot) ?W FUIUCATIOM. TpTKRYBOBT WHO CULTIVATES A LARGE OR TJ mna J 1 plot of ground, want* that old standard journal, the American Agriculturist. First number o I fifteenth volume tamed to day, 8end your name for a free specimen ropy. Only $1 a year. ALLEN A CO., Publishers, 13ft Water at reel. The game cock crow?! "War to tlie knife." Oet the STXDAY ATLAS of Sept 90tb, for a ftill and candid review of the charge* of official cobupi-tion, recently made against the anti Wood membcra of the Common Council, and an ujfuoofi iit opinion of the motives, character and characteristic* of the present ruiar mai.htrail or nkw voub cur, will be given; besides, IMF lU riilTlM Mt nAnt.ITTFR, an original local tale, founded on well known fact-*. row (AltEY ? HOW III BIC AMR \S OLD BACHKLOB, written for the A 'la*, bv Fred* l'evetiy. A Hack Door View of the Dm na. M\ Grandfather's Statue. Concluded. Editor lala Upon all port* of subjecta. TtestrHa1-. in uk leal matter*. book reviews, Ac., Ac. 'I he whole forming a paper thai cannot be surpassed for in teres?, en'ci tnintnont and usefulness. 1 bree Odti a copy. Sold every \* hero. IlKKKIt It A. ROPES, 44 Ann street. fASIIIOIVABUB VAJLL MIlXt^KRY. ?QO BROADWAY, NEW YORK.? O, GIRARDOX^ UOt/ hair drc&?cr, irom Parti, will open on Tuesday next. ?'( i ? r i n?- v a i 1 ??.??-runt i" 1 1 1 ?? * 1 1 ' ol'head <lr M and flowers, leather*, ribbon* cboeen in the first Paris house, per fumery, sasieter hixienlque. An immense stock or rich parts feathers, French flower*, bonnet ribbou* and colored straw Koods, 1* otiered at low prices for cash, at 04 and <?ii John street, cor ner ot William. HOMER A KETCH CM . MILLINERY.? H. a M. KINO. 71 CANAL STREET nave opened a choice assortment of fall bonnets, French artificial flowers, ribbon*. Ac. The ludlea are respectfully in vitcd to call and examine ihe same. Mourning millinery at barthoi. mi ?a spiencJtd assortment ot Parla mourning bonnet* cou Mantlv on band. New styles introduced iu our tthow roouiH daily. C. F. BAR I IJOLOMKW, tol Broadway. MA I>AT)E VINCENT. MILLINER, FROM PARIS, RE cently arrived in New York, informs the ladle* that they will find a rirh assortment of bonneta, head dresses, Ac., at low price. AH order-* iu her line promptly executed. Her store will be open on .Monday, the bt of Oc tober, at 1U0 Prince atreet, mar Broadway, at gar atora. MILLINERY OPENINNO? MRS. CARTER HAS JUST opened the richest asaortment of Paris millinery ever Imp triad tad offered far aale In this dir. The stock ?* imprlaea dress bonnets, rich fancy and pbiin velvets do., Paria embroi dered Neapolitan, dark fancy straw, quite new, and other choice materials suitable for the appnatching seanon. Mrs, CARTER. Importer of Paris millinery, Broadway, op popite the Metiopolltan Hotel. STRAW TRIMMINGS, RIBBONS, SILK ANI) VELVETS, flowers and featners,Qand millinery goods in general, at U*e lowest prices In the city. BROTHERS, 64 and titf John at., corner ot William, up stalra. The opening or modes imported by madame GRADES, from S. .% 11. Howin, ti-f Rue neuve !><?HoeMis Clmmns, Parla. modiste* by Imperial appointment to the Em* wres* Kugenl* til take place Oct. I, at 7r/> Broadway, entrance No. 2 Cllntoi e. Warranted direct from the above estab lishment. BPKCIAL NOTICK9. AT a SPECIAL MEETING OF HELLER'S BRASS BA ND, held Sept. 'is, the following resolutions were unanimously adopted:? Whereas, It has plea -d Almlahty God to take suddenly from oui mui-l our late worthy fellow member, Charles Hi ler. Upon the second annual target cx' u lon of the Independent W ohliman's Guard to St a leu Island, Sept. 27; therefor**? Resolved. That we return our sincere thank* to the mem bcra <4 the above comf*snv, and aKo io the following' Invited Kues%: ? Henry Bf < hoff, foul- 11 Vultee, W. A. fanlerrnan, W. Schneider, John Linn, Caiitaln Ferrety, II Wohltman, and others, for the fiib?crlptlon raided and handed to the wi dow ot deeea-cd tbr he. benefH. He olved Thai the me tubers of the above company and In vlted guests sre respectfully Invited to at end hl?, froin his late residence. No. 2U7 Inn street, on Saturday, at 1 o'clock P M Re olved, That we offer our sincere condolence and svmpa thy to bts bereaved wife an'! fsn.lly. Re*olv< J. That a copv ot th*^* proceeding h be sent to his widow and relatives and alM> be publbhed. C1IAKLEH HELLER, Leader of Heller's Bra n Baud. NrOT!CE -A MEETING OF THE JOI RNKYMEN PLATE pnni'is o! New York will be lie Id rm Mutidsy, Oct. 1. at H o'clc k in i he evening, at In Ion buildlnt's, I M llowery. All journeymen are solicited to attend, as an election for ofBrers will taite place. M. MORRIS, Treasurer, proteru. O. Gow, Sec. pro tem. V^OTICF.-THE JOI RNEYMEN HORSE SHOERS' PRO Xl tectlve I'nlon and Benevolent Society will hold 'heir next monthly meeting at Hermitage Hall, corner of Allen and Houiton on Monday evening, October 1st, at 8 o'clock, precisely. All the ue-mi ersare rc pieated to attend. By order of ' ThOM AS t^l 1 M, President. Jon> Tact, Secretary. NrORI'OLK AND PORTSMOl'TH SCFJ'ERER^ ? AS Treasurer of the Commi'tee> ij?polntcd by the. \? -a York Liquor Denlera' S?H*iety, to coll?'?'f money for the kiiderer^ iu Nortotk and Portsmouth, I acknow ledge r*'? eipts o; Uie f ?l low Inu' amounts, the aggregate of which will t?*? plo ed in he hands ol Rlciiard French, Esq.. TreaatU'ei ofUier aae y, to b?? appropriated tinder the direct ton of a ?oni nl ee. ;iiroit^h such ciiannel a* will ensure it* dh ^ bt:nefn tal ap;?u? a'.lon:-? From First ward liqnor dealers. .. .fl C .V) Second ward " . Jtt, w 1 bird ward " ... 750 int Fourth ward ' i mi Fifth ward 102 no Sltth ward " .. . ... Jfj ?>! Sev* nlh ward " 1 :| * ? Kiitlitb wai ?l " *.fl ) 'I eiilh ivnrd " . 12ft Ot Eleventh ward . IT ft ? Twe>fth ward 4 *.'>() > Thirteenth ward .... 110 0> Koiirteruth ward 4 io?0? Fif'eenMi ward " Sixteenth ward ' H7 *s> Eurh ? e: ili w aid ' 0,| Nlne*?'rnth msrd " -Jftt Twentieth w ? d 115 7*, uty Ural ward ' IP, m Twenty aecond do. 21 0 1 j? Met ! OtHdl'a'i <ua! Ri..'tit, on. lorty five itolh II be b> reaficr 01 KICK OF Til K O.FVEf,AND A M ? TOLF.fX) H Aff. road Company, Will ism Mreet, &tw York, .^ep*. 27. ? IMviiJknd.? A dividend of four (4) per ffflflt on ?hee.a|?iuil asoclt ol 'bia company has bton dcrUri'd om ?,:<? i-r-.i >! tl?e l#?.i #lx monib*. pa able at !h?oCW of < r? n tu> . < ?. and al?er ?he ?.'Mb Oemijer. The transfer 1 ?.ok~ vrlii l,** -flo? d from lOdi U* :be l&ib Or? lu orili-r <??" the lt??? ?1 h Director*. K. I. UT< iJi lKI,U, Tr??Aur{*r. rr\VMA!>Y SOf'IKTY. OR COLIMIUAN OHD'H I 1 . I.. ? %? A 1 * 11. Mi 4 o! h- . . t"\ ion Will I-" held ? he Couth U 1 1 a r - . 4 . ? r oi > Ur-ii Wr/wi tn, *?n >1 f\* 1 .?? . , lie l-t tctol ?'?, Al ill .in how n: r 'if 4 the 11. Geet nl and pime: :;il .su> n 'Un< t* r ju?' ? !. ? r?l< 1 I.OKKNZn II -IIKI' Ail !?. ..n 1 n St r? i;> r. Dri y r r < '.?rv Mnulmiian, s< ?-i?n of Iltiun j, loth moon, v?-arof O, ? > \ t ?J$i , 01 Independent ft), tu.d of hi* If " .?<? ??;* t i.e 67'b. rrWKNTV SKVK.MII ANNFAI. fAlK ' ?F TIIR AM .ill I c an liMti'u in tho city of .NVw V Oe;ob? r, IMS*. ? Nolier? to exhibitors. ? The i'r f*a!?/?e wi ! 1*6 on n lor he rM ention ot art* !e? Jrom Tnnr*diiy, he Tib ot . ,mt ? r, iiti if 'lu?*<"lar, 'be 1>J of U? ober. Kn /ai -e f<*om For letl bircet. By order 01 the managers. KIjWIN S.MITII. Cha<rn- vo. ?Ion > W. in awiim*. Perretary. ] UK Uiil Uli UtTJTIOt. \CHOi K i ?mow I BBAKDIM.ICINH.JA tr.a><n rum, K ? i- h ami Irtah *h H? nod "? 1 aii ??efr aops, ?e., black' erry brandy ; w! e brat. ! ? . lor pre *etVne; f <> ? > h a??*??, n.i.iu a- ?t fhii- in r <>r r, .?? h* u.i 41 > at I MiKKiiiLiL A M AT I hiisU.'* >?, i.A> iii - corner cf Cnaiby. A .^TAll. f fKW I * I ' N ? ' IOI -TH F,t',ur?r ile,(;eri? ??i ?!)<? : ? e ,fi <; ; 11 r. krteoer^ brewer^ lUMlller*, ?<ikH>a be. war a. jobo *. ?, r-> *r . I otiici . iMkm of i'Kl#r ?m?i <l? a ??r* ibt rein, ?r'* f in-t <1 o *er?1 iliree oi 3i' ir nnaiMr .. on. e*?eb /> <i ? . ?*; ? .' ?, n I K< W Vint and i?ro? klvn Jbr- ? .?oi ? a? h 'vard, .? ?"???! ? < to a Liquor ft* alern' t'onven ion. to he h*-!<i .* * . r ?< on i ?j '? 'I day ot Oe'ober rwt ? ' 5 .no ?: , ' ? - .11 iii?-a?un- e?ii??iH'erit with 'ln-p.i;o .m ^doo'e*! ?t u* I. Punier*' hlal? C<tiif pfiUan *?M *1 e*ra* <*ri ?' ? "'o ?> An?ua' la*' a# u If] b?at ??*</?* r? ?lw ?; U** ir .?i .8.n a e pi ?.?.ai rU'h * irf Hie [?? n>, ???d 1 ?? ? ?<?.*!* , . a) ??h| net r ii i,i* ot Hi ? [4qaor ii< ?i< ra of ij *? wai# . d* ? , cie'iion of all r ?nduU r* wbo eie not en in ??''?* > and ut*+ ? otvoc??H;r 0|?p'*a< d to any I'rohitd ory ! \ , or l, v? . ? ?s*? ia favor ot the ciMkductK oi any t uertne or op?#reaai*%s I.. i'*oj li oi'.lti of t.?c Lf| tor I ' 1 ? ? ? ? > r? '-r ; If. Bc/<'1h, of I>u ANr> rOR * ALK HOMD. wnh iei i N aie? of IcnjM'ritti^on, on literal term* J0?t ?i|. ona ? 1 , #n i orr*ifn piiir ai, 1 dark Ho ^-nti ornii'i *? . ..anf, airlWiivei pile hi <t ?>?** ?. ?ml ? A '?>, Ml# 1 brand- of ? '^xmc, Itt#cUcue, and kktrtXc* us tr?a*diei?, >or aa.t u) 1 tic f?ra, l?. ff. hlJII'hON Jk rtt i9He?v*-t r ^PKMAf, Stp'l H '' -^T \ MKf'Tfjvo (?f THK ? ' MVTT O appoine l by 'he Id?iuor Heab^ri* ^oei#iyt Ptr 'fc# f>*j r Rrm* of eol (??*?! rio'joo- f"t ?b# r?)Hf uiiant4 1 ? ? or*.? k and I*' ?r ' moo h n^iU at Oid t aoowa UA'. ,& 1 u ?;*; ev^tunf Uj^ ptli tne * It ?ai Rrai>ived, 1 hat be tioiior d^W rs of the efiy of New Tori a tp he-"?>* r.o' BN tha ?>?e var*>o? ward eomml*t#^a *p|K?fr#<e4 by tftr Gfiitrii ??r the ahore natn*^t purj? ? ? ? on 'brtn dnrtnn the orparn' lor t tub aid u> ? . uia "a* ofyert ?? ib*;. r an atfi?rd to CredenUaia wiil be predvcA * *h.,?"? p tb?n*. V, u. MMI.O.N V . i. < iiap. ff. Ri>r, 8e*reu?ry. RaUAKD?. BHf.fARhS.-WK ff A VK OK flANf> * -1 k K H!f< Hard Uihlea. with ?!a>e. marble, or wrrt-lffo 1 n; h aH on r modern f"r * *?* rH *1 > ??r n.idal a Mite World '*? K*rof \*l.i ,u *i, ??n ever irlven to a MIMard taM# riu?rn {? nrrr A ... r?. 1 ''krfbe, Ae , 4#.., |() p^r rrtst eh# n| ? ' h*n ar v #y|i#r r-' -bdab meau Ibrct a^'mwl hand :abie? ' r r ? , ? LKONAKO A HI nJAMJN - ?tr '*d t 4/. 11* E orKI R FOR HALF A F ! N F, HT ' " K OF IllLMARfl ?T tjihie?, wHh Ottr t>ew |||V? ; >! onl? ' "rrfrt ruvhlona now to um> ft > < rr? niJJ do w?-iJ 1*^ r .??! ao.1 C/I*e hand OKffKfTff A HK? K Ff? ?*> ^ a ? - . mum rk. /IOTTAOK AM) FAJfCTT rrKMTlMf IT * *? H'X)** ?' f.U* lt,? 1 ^ H'C. - MATHKHK I NTA' K V oitir Uw .* *? . m ? .Kttfwliv M mr rnrn( of fanry cn.taM, ummmr, nuntt?r* ? tkr 1 Bl'frt f (?!??, kl rr<f>icad prl, r, ' xmi xrr-'^i, [H lUmt, pJfWI, Mm 0n. Ac , M Hint FUKJIfTI RE -A l^'T or H > ? I R MTI l! K cmm irwt o' riff-., btina > A' Iti'l w?II ?or*h 'h? ??'?nuon I if f?m,. . . r. ? u ?r ? iw fomlrt ?< |.r1T?<# u*4?r CMii )i r . tl f . t (. ? ,? r !!? ?.!?? r rua ah 1 s. ?HI- ETC' RATI J*0?wKDDi*n, . tRw'r/. iynia * hoa? *M r ??? ' ?' U : ? ?i : .4 , ?-? -I *7)., lln A rfci**.. ? 1 in* f / - ^.1 "toif aaa ? u*mr p . *?, mm.,

y- tfri !,/ in* pi n? ?!? 1 %? ?? ; 1 ^ FOLITICAI*. ? DEMOCRATIC EKI'T'BLK AN oknkralcommittkk, Tammany Hall. Sent ember 27. 1466. The Democratic Republican rlccton of the rltToCVew York friendly to the national administration. the usages of the party and a taithlul support of re?ular nomination*. are requested to attend a urimary elocUou. to be held in then respe* ive ward*, on Tueadsv, the 3d day of October, next, between the bo uni of half pa*t live and halt atx o'clock IV M., to elect Uvo delegates to A City Convention. to meet a Tammauy Hall, on Thursday, October 4th, at 7H o'clock I*. M .. for ih? nomination or canal dates for the offices of Compt roller, Street t ommiasiotivr, Com mlasloner of Repairs and Supplies, City IniMelor and Gover nor of tbe Almshouse; Ave delegate* to a uountv Convention . to meet at Tamuiany Hail on Friday. October Mb. at o'clock I*. M , for the nomination of candidate* for th<- olkce* o? Sheriff, County Clerk and Coronera, tbri e delegates to a Judl clal Conv*sition. to meet ut Tammany Hall, on Monday. Octo ber Kb, at T Si o'clork P. M? lor the nomination of candidate* lor the c'fliceft ol Corj oration Counsel. Justices ol the Supreme and Superior Courts, and Judge* of the Court of Comtnod Pleas and the .Marin Court; five delegates to a Senatorial Con vention, to meet ou Tuesday. October {Kb, at 7 k o'clock I*. M., lor tiie nomination of a i-aud'tdtre f..r oflire orSe?nit??r . ???ven delegates, to meet on Wednesday, October 10, af 7 H o'clock I*. M., for the n? initial ion of a candidate for the offlce of Mrmber at Assembly; except In districts consisting ol more than one want in which en*? each ward will elect lire delega'cM, dve persons tor each Council disUict, to ti?e?t reapec lively for wgaitlr ation on Monday. October Sth af 71-, o'clock P. M.. at such place as may be de^naicd by thin committee for hold ing tee primary election, for the nomination of a candi date for the office of Cnu nci I ny*u; and tiftcen persons In each ward t*? meel for the organization on Tuesday, October Vtii, at?1* o'clock. 1*. M.. at wuch place a# may be designated by mis cotnnilt'ce for Holding the primary elec tion, in a charter convention lor llie nomination of ward and school officers; and in the isih and 2l#t wards, Ave delegates ca< b to a District Judicial Convention, to meet on 8a rday, Oc'Obcr t?i U, at 7k o'clock P. M.. .*? M Coy's, coi et ol 1 lilrtv second and ponnh avenue, for the noiniiiatioii ol a candidate lor the clln e i i a Police Jmdi< e. Resolved, That i he several Hen ?i a! conventions meet at ?be fallowing p 1 ; o ? e ?* ? lUI district, ai Sh.ik | care ll*?tei, corner 0 Duitm am! Wl! matreet. 4th district, at the Usee* tJoiuc, ??orner *>l (it <1 .<nd K>*e* streets. 5ili dlatrict, ai No. 05 Mer* ? v sire* ? district, at Union Hotel, corner of Third ave nue and I w ? nt ond atreel. lt? >oh c?l, ih the se viral Assembly Convention** meet a th'* following | lace* :?Ut diftlrirt, at llu tlreonw l*h street. ?1 ?II j let, at Noi 'l.t rn Hotel, Cortlandt - r.-et. .'id district, at Win. 1 '.aril's, corner ol Oak and Uooaeveit atreeta. 4th itlsiriet, ut No. ',t> II nd>ou street. &th district, si Knickerbocker Hall, corner of (Jouvernenr and Oram! streets, fitli district, at No. lift Mercer street. 7th district, at No. ?.*) Perry streets. Hth dlatrict, at Kssex House, eornci O rand and atreet, yth district, a' corner of Kourih street and avenue O. ll>ih district, at National Hall, No. 224 Forty fourth street. Uth dlntrut, at Onderdouk'N. corner Oran*l ami Cllnuin streets. lJih district, at llca?t quarters, corner (iratai ami Kllxabeth street a. 1Kb district, 6#i5 lion {*m street. Uth district, at Milliman's corner Twenty sixth street and Seventh avenue. I Mil district, s' Klernan's corner ol Slxtii and I" list avenues. 16tb district, at Union llall, corner of 1 weiity -second street and Third avenue. Resolved, That the * ctlon In tb?* respective warda be held at the places a- t under the direction ol the inspectors herein after deslgnan 1st ward? At no Oreenwl'li street, Michael Murray, John R. Pryor and J acob Hcbwarxclilid, luape?n?ro. 2d ward- At 10 Dutch street. Jainc* Waisou, Daniel Mec boa Md Arthur llurant, Inspectors. ?ki ward ? At s? Murray street. Charles Flet'her, Joseph Harrison and R. J. Oroabv, Inspectors. 4th ward? At I ft'- Oak stis-et. T. W. Sheridan, B. I> W? I* h and Pntrick Coyie. Inspectors. 5ib ward? At 107 H uuaon street. James F. Webb, W in. K. Allen and John J. Sherwood, Inspector-. nib ward? At 47 liayard street, .lolui l^uirin, William It. Fay and P. Maibcws, Insm ctora. 7th waid? ai Knickerbocker Hall, corner of Oottvemeur and Division mtreet??. Kdwatd OreeQ, Tlaimas l?ytich and Jacob Valentine. Inepeetor*. hth ward ? At Hoese's Hotel, 8A Mercer street, .folm McKlb bin, .lol.n H. l.ydei ker and Win. VN ainw tghl. Inspec tors. Rib waid ? At ?.Hj Perry ??tie* t. William Spalding, Kugeue Mc (Irath and John Donohue Inspeetora. Iiaii waid ? At Tenth Waid Motel, corner of Broome and For syth streets. James Reed, Kdward Welch and Jamea Hopkins, l'nspe?-tora. Hth ward ? At the corner of Fourth street and avenue C. Wil liam llogg, Jnek**on Vermllvea ami Alexandei hay. Insnctors. 12tli waid ? \f laii/.'s Hotel Mnnhattanvllle. William Webb, John Hart and Daniel McOee, lnspectoi*. l.'lih waid ? At Ondei ?Ionk' <. corner of rjrand and Clinton streets. Kdward Worden, Thus. II. Ferris and John II. Hyde, Inspectors. l4tb ward? At Headquarters, corner of Oraml and Fllznbcih s1 reets. Michael Murphy, Jacob Kays and Michael McOrath, Inspectors. l.*>th ward? At 5<56 Houston strec*. Klnalhan Thorn, Simeon V Moflai ami I- f Harrison, Inspectors 1Mb waid? At 124 Seventh a\* nue. Mark It. Thomas, Pat rick I.yrch ami Jarm s Orcgory . In*?p# rtors. 17th wartl? At Ford's, comet ol Kulngton streat and the H< wcrv. Mantis Kelly, William Coulter and An bony S. Woods, Inspccors. I Hth vara? At I'nlon HsII. corner Twenty aeeond street atvl 1 bird avenue. O. S Hlbl ard, John Nesldt and A. I M.? b** \ *, Inspectcrs. llMhwaid? A' Hud on Railroad House Fourth avenue, be* hi cen Forty lir-t and Forty second ^tr* - -?s. Ceo. Wli r, Koger D* Ian and Raines Keeit, Inspectors. Utah ward ? At northwest corner of Thirty founh stre.*i and Ninth svet ue. William Simp on, Jam* s tv Kenny and Tboa. McC* nkey, Insiiet 'ors 21st want? At lllbbsr*! ,t McCoy's, corner Thirl v **?> ond street and Fourth avenue Thomas Mct oy, Benj. if. Haigbt and Hobt Foster, Insporiors. 22d ward? At Iced store, con ei of Forty eighth street ami I l iinver uc Dcnn's ? Poot, Nicholas Sea**r an 1 Ales. Ward, Inst ectc r?. He>clveo, Thai In case 6f ? e absence at 'he time of r tld elec tion. ot any ot.e or more of aid Ins;ieetors ol Klec on, that :h**n tie r* maining Inspector nl Insoe< n.r-* have nuthority to liii th?- vi" an cv In writing. HOUKKT KliLLY, Chairtnait. J AM I L H?.m wit. ^ - Allhllit 1MMIU.ON,) 1?I.KV FNTH WARII MA.M MKITIN'J-N ITHfJi! J n?t ?- ?uk of Hie national d< rno .i?*y ? ?I iln I.i vr-.'h . ir<l w.i li?*ld mi Thursday evening, 387th ?' I nion llilt,(!urR<ir o. KfiilHh #' tm i and nvfnin* i\ K?> .*r llarl. K i|., w? ?|? i? in Mi Pic^nm?; Term* i- I*. Proah. Willi, on Jn ihm If. I remain, K. A floetr. u >\ (J ro. *y 1 hot! wnr# < ?*?? ?? ? Vine 1" ? indent#, !'?< ; nl II. Bi?da?p ana 1 1? ury Wattrrman lit ! > <1 a~ !? wr? i h i ? ?. 11 r |4?|}< \%'I|1 .uMif1 fc wji bj V !l Roliin md Ui itii moti'ly odoptrd r o tor. iiATi^JMi. Iikmm: m* i tr rriK citr or f? w ro f. tl? tjnd(n ! red vvt r? uppom i-d ?' n mining t >f ui?s Word f < f, n ? t? r on 1 or <1uy i *? ntig Ja?t. lo report u Uii? m fill nd? . i u lid I ? ?o!ntii n*, Mn'bod; It ,4 Ibi VirWH ol t!i * n i ioi ?' litu ? 4 *?' \ of ihJ wmd, in i ?* ui il>? ? * i? ' u* i>t II in m li'riirn. ??!?? j?;? y of the < ? o: Vet* Yoi k, and i.i.rh r< vi mtfifiKlfttibi.'i aa tlie o- cMion *ei*n; * o '< maul. In f^riiHrniiw 'bi* du'y four t ttiimtttm! I iiottad lo uko into rt'tw tdi rut,* n ibe firm and inivf aj ?'??-Im <> fho di tix uA i' ItlO- <m, al li; * I line, to di*r ;ai 1 ail , .lfi ?r?!ijf et.i en, 'o forget paw mntim t <\i- .?nd dfa en?MMi?t ?fid to t ?* ta a: Uu iltifiixnaey upon i antim* a* UjnAl phiMor n~ G fit t tie ti.ii e and \oe and si tir-n* Utr J-.ntl i * e l', n OM*?'*i.iOli o '!?<? Kj.wW N(?<l> ri^R, AlH>.iti*Mii<* i, . .?! M iit j ?\ Niii'lri v.'u ?r? now lor a . ? -la l? gMoiut to fhr ; we, ki|>pin?ii ?r?i v? iiaio of fhac otrnnuofty. Tl tif iar, r,fif|i? / "I *ljr ortaai/ ?';on^ rf pr???** .ftiif Ibi* iw i h f un oi tl?? i pi.kk r? i?' |nuii imn (akim any ?trp u-ni a ; to I r ?.< nl Mil a on i-rii < ij ,?*--! .?? only h i .< oi inlon v h ? it d**?err? ?? ?u?c- ?. In ?i*l? omt* hefMt orriAtiifaUoiia I , .ii '???. '< A' ;?!>*. in ? i?. li '!??" i ?? .. ?*nt -it /ii in r.i u* fi ? ? i at* i < i| ? ?? ? i ? i ? i . It uua ?. ? f- tif* ?r .?* in.? ? i m tiif I -li tiUat iL" ifi dei t on toili w.? ? Uav pr ne<i thcui h ? rnwIJ ittr < r ttlMil>l? o tlo, 1 i ?r rt> do u.ji nlnt?*#?t ii ?*pnii?iw 'if the d^owKr ific ot# i ?? ?litoti' h ; arm* d l?y two <>. 4 ;??m ion??, i*n ir- y nf> ? I on ? terv |o ii' I .'f ?! n - ?-iitr .. -k?* ir ,*jjji ?.i i. 1 { n. 1 1? 'Acting ?hrUk 11 diil no* orii' ual?* in any 1 ?nM< t \ i'** | or? ??ill ? r ut ih" I' a.iin *fW - . ?n<? pemlu ; v% ?n i baj it t .i?i l*i*?n prrp< na < ! tvtlhoo* r n, ?jr iar- li? * ai t< o t* bil? in n ttnd ri - iw e# .?< e ariv-ii ?a; ? 01 ultn'h ?? d# nifrnail^ a .1 *?j i'^i , .?i, l n ?? i fiarOe* iia??- Ih?u .Of n*c?l to wl*U h w aic 'iiMn uwiUsiy ia.i?ti r. A 1 iiia * d 1?? a ?l< *#mlMtiOQ 'o ? op Una (r* 'ru ?bni v^ar fa;r lidai < ri', ?o tliP itrnio?r?tlr party, and b**rwi ftliu n ?ixv ly ? 1 "('? I *? ft want al>o!|tir)|ii 1 hi 1 1 itn ,in , < S > n n ?. hi* S;rt> \faauf InMitnto Hirfn ral ? omtnltf* ?% fcy a d^apcr.i ^ i* ir j? ? 1 n i ha* ?v??.| M* ?'Oi?* iHfrii a of a v . ?> in hi :< ? t ?,n of tn-tf lint: P" 'o bo pr? ** n o t to he p0r>|.!<\ i j?oo tl e ff r*?n'i'Ua and d"Hm?iing ii-^' inpU'-n Owl ?> ? mi ?#f . ?? do II nt , v v. ?* i"' t> ? ion* tno'lKh ' . old pi root . r ? ?n , it- 1 ? 1. fi.i?.'? #?t til \ <oh? iiifi ? f pftf.r J Ir ??od ( ?"? ?l^llf '* ? *?l" I i?ny ???p**al to ii* ?,a < nal d? mo* r.?' > u> ? i j r**?? 'o?'?r 1 1 tm m - i? ! r* - ?joii.fu 01 ? an- ?ia ? \< ii .fin?a?r o ii idff, boo?ver ti< wp aolft tb^y ml h! hi ? 1 : ,'?? trnm rl,t and fair'y f n netted, h %*? no < ?<?im win M?ri<> < or * up tort, r*>fp' vriuit iimv 0 ?** i I ? ih** | ri>* ia| mrritf of ibf rimiiitis. Thry w? "nfuujp ? ?u?di out' ? ' ar il n? ii or wotf *1 ; ? r*i nia, M b* tJ? m r*i Comi-i too i prorl'V '1 r fl?** *.fi of n m>i*a(inf ?nn ?*n*i ?n?, in ord ? -r t%. r iif* u.a^r- oi ?.i?|NW.>t h??-#r4 upon o aa':,c pi 111 ip f i fninr f? | .???? ') nfi??fi c.iv a ?,.i? nation*! ?!' >1 *-rt?v a out tm n.? atia tbroutfh tb? or ,?alutiun, 10 pr?- <?i earn- i'ui* k of firir rfeojre pof?oi?r ?ulfm4r il?rr?. 1 o*?* I# y I ia ari-^t t*? rtK?. <?lil^? i i- na <.?<> 1 .? fi1; 1 b? I <.?!>* "?H 4. II, In "' ?? t A; il I A ? i ffa POA ?r i*i *soi*:if)' 'U+ 'I ?**! oui.h'iiNi 0 |>, m* in .?*<* io . *nt of?i ? r HI* 1 l.r : N'fonn! 'ti'tf r f4 \ will f - *, i /aM oj oh el* MoyJmw* he#*? (i^rtvrd; U?*r wtii < h< *i iiotMi at' .? 1 ai 1 ? .,'in,t if* l^at o d rrfti ? t iia? w - ? ^ I . ? ? nm ?1 i*ip#ci?il- ia of ?ha 'l-i.'i- iMt nk ut tpt<*an#*l *i s? I" I y ViVltii i?a m.d fruit r#a n n ?**?? of ar on? *' ra* '? r.o %? in h*vH>ji?i?' ; im f?"r* .?! ? n. i*. 1 1 ' 1 aiK'iiai i.' ino? r*? y of ii?? Kn' /> iih w*r l in -ord anrr wriibi r?r y}?>wii, n?M f.on ?b?;ir f ojM* ? 1 ..- ??* a?- m iir o*ter oortfa 10 /Ho *h??to in rt^iruamxiatf Na'U/i?a? I** n ? i-m <? Or* ra! 1 ? tan it ? ;iii>i :i; e) r?? in ; *? n iw? Owl will fioiooiy d * iffra ? &o"<1 eiu l^i ? *1 v til ? so* AMI ?.'? isrunrh 'o who *crf* Wttb HI |rt prlnrin *? , ? i ' 1 t?f '.mx for an bonotmhl* omoo offer |k?t . , ? ty, . i ??? n tr. I,, . feoa?- 1 f t i ? (,?(???? iffy In n*it ? <ri m ... ? a*(i. tfci, - ?mnrf a Iriiin i ' tr, ni|iaovrr mj i.-? > > y . ? f|?? "i t#rn- n ? a i" i" y d a?a-n*' o ibr i oilf rd ?!-'Oio? r?*a in oh >? oo? - - ?*, is ai?< 1 . I. - tia br i*iUii' < Ui- uU i and ?? ? ? !. W #i rf;r*?n rn- 1 d, if ' 'iff that if p^croi* In 'h** r ft 1? ? /?{? ? ty, ? iImi iaf aai4?, iwiol iitu ?? a*?in ? ?? a i,?j ? r?i r? rmiil' of in r from < a* h ward. ?i J m ward r rmrr not no - favioaHjit, n w? l r-.,, #? ii prr?Nfi*? tear, IImm lor tbM t> rp*n?-, m < >. rv? rr ?*rd a? rar ? ? 1*. >m* ? -? r - 1 ri 0 ? ? *ird frfrim i>*? ?h <?.n ?.'? . .. t u,<, $? ? a < ai ?l,r Oi* < i|f?r h*4 io^kim d hy ?'trh r*r . ' ? It an a*?' 'iai on bo f?rrnm of . t? th in *- ? t?ar 1, ?> 1 ? 5atlnoit! |w o ? ? - ' I n on Aaar^-wn ?an ? ttarff Ibr a?nl ? a 1 w.i 1,'. rait* ? . 4 h* i> oard n.r?? t:ir?. lor tt*? rfarfi ?, oi' ^ ttard ? .? r d of meOibem t?# fba ittiffal oimni|Uri>, hf -' a >d ny 1. . ? t" ? .-I ftrnsorraitr I'nkm A*?r*'mt if, o t% , ft .?? i ? ? i.? r* anwHHf" ? he i J**?*n. aba It iminediiaJr of ?t <1 Mm* a ? a* I h r t|?e el#" 'mo hy tbr * *?arai aar-Sa o ? r ?u ?? o root* ti!.0'? 10 e?f4iua'ca fur ia? vara fcf- *? to It# bi'e?f . t lb* n"i' +t#0u* n In tlf a iftk f<*e#f?i km4 a<% ? 6? i fmniy *u~t Wioa !? fc >M y n %it - 11 it r naatii # iu?t. -t tfc.#> ? oai ru* I aid ?i it a ?. < ? tor t? 1 'I io tm?e la too ?lot. a 04 ?'twain* < m mtr ??*?' 1 .? a' to tbr a4?fft4oti of ary ra a * * /? ? tM * * irtm; hot P 5a n# '\ rod hy four ? * mm an t ? j ?. tfifly reioti io od tbot fh?* #oi .* . *ard owro ?? -b 1 Railia 4 tbo do- ' ?? fbe ? ?va t aol ? !ar> or ? u t'-i'iwrr I tary I r . ? Ni ^mf O,^ |o?'a i? tfet war '? ? bwb ?fe 1 ! ? . n < *b+ p*ir|H?e rf t nrntltng '+** * * <?> o, iU *? to r< ai daa&O Oi ? nfefrt ?t.r 'o oor BhUo tn 0 |.f n icnf pn j?ri>*af.ori , that thi" t)a? ?i?aP " ???ti?t# Aat|rai?' l??'a ^ratic "ri aoira ^ n of 'be ward, aod *'?ii > I' p*r??? wbo hat ?boa ibgMM, ata; hiffojae aneota-f? of o?ir ? ax*- 10I t h*? , 1# ? o n>d 'o w? f i?''y *etiora i**," . 1 i "*i 'naonc rnti*# n ?o*. r, oo.rra Ufce iou^rgi eowit**^ atd Wit ') rr?flMt! ?. tt,<r ? at? 1, a ro d#?oh' i . \t ?ht* plan f?p?r n ?1 a f ry irreot w?pro? w. | 1- - . r i 1 Poa?, Ofiti Sw arnmmmk 01 a "o?p ? ?* nim, wineu a# yea# m i t aa urH and pen** ? I o w tmly ran. air. ? for o* *o 'fto.i. i?e > r ?a^ V*.'i pr uripii- ?od MMKfia w* iw?#? # *a?ry a '. riarr. *? tt , s ?.?*#. a* ruri ' ai* .-?? kepi is ri#w and m tailed It il ?? deswrrai y ?f 4# # f I*' if at we appro* # '4 le d* #toe of **m tri^rfi^/awe I ? / ??|#?^ Wilb b# ttfirwlf-w of V 10 tlbe fa#! t,?*?rw?,r '-0*' ng tfaai ' V ..r . ? r <* iba rmwutlalimi m* n * u v*?* ? lai.r t # ' t?al#" tbe ri?te4?rtK.o of * 'Oifm 'a?f *1a4 hi,. ^ ?? M? ??be'l -r*. '! *? 'ke -?ljt?, #r*d ,n 4n .4 of u?? rr jr.?W' IflU too h to rr ten/ n, tlw Ter <<? ?f. 1l,a! <ba rlgbi "f 'lo poo? # tb? tirri^re* to #^n' ao:# m*a? ?brret ?**4 toa i^r aOla (tvM tbrrtr* . fi #4 s,} < f>frae< t*oo H tiaf ft <>ra? porrMON to V ?<* ' rtf h'f a, .to t our rrow Lnumti e?a? ar%e?bat fiw* or r at# fr the ai ?*. .#?? of tbe HOT h, t# r#i, , , , % , > id "feat ara , aa?aof * 1 fault. v? n adMbt d ? MB o\r p^i-jeo or raotoitket ia v* vh* ? i# r-Otita ?ai* ?l<4?4 ?a# <? a tferm lft>ffl *0'-0 0 ? 0* '^| o aira. tiflM fendrr;,?it '???># ,??- f ? < t '* it* * or fwart'-* >o4 rryo^u^ rufcr r t a? #? ^ 1 f #? I a# '.*m*t t pofaira; prtHkt' .ew' |.t? 0 ? t> * ta-ri or a" bo ffia* ? 00 aw ?? fd f i'<o* Or art OMifOad ' Ha * *m f ? $s% two Offban, !.|f 0, O toUr yatthe r *aH ?r m ?*?# ?ol 1 rounciL. drmnrritlr retorm In thr Mlmm.MrvUoo 01 the Hulr uJ 011/ governiucnia. Mi That wr ?r* la f??nr of the union of iii<- ditnnrrtijr p?r t j nl lUi. rtty, u|iua priw iplr* an 1 upon < .mduUi.n, nod will MttUaTor. by all hunoi ablr to prumot* IU ?i> crm u<r tc Uh: i-ommuo eurmj . A. M. Kolurs. Wa Oaui, Hknhy r W noour. Vr?*rp William Orandin. Daniel E. Klrkiea. iuh! H It lUrt, tddwmd tbt ibmMiii II - mS from ' * ? ? i > iT iirady, ? xprfv-'inK hJ* rfipttt it sot bfini abln IoIm premeat and his hearty concurrence in a movemeut ot tlx* union oi tb?* dnuu cracy. Tbv following resolution* were r? *1 and unarumoutly addl ed:? Whcrea*. The National Deuwsratir Republican Oeneral Committee h n . by a groat usurpation ?*< power depnvi 1 the dfmocnoy of the ward* of my voire in the < hoi< e of candi date* to be Nii|ipor1?vl by th?- people, and ha* l the authority virtually to nuikr nomination* for the party, in viola tion <>f a!| nrtnrip}# and precedent; (!>??? efore ? Reiotved, Tiw be Oei fel Comn i n refusing to w tin* clcetni h in Ui" M'veral wards any voire in tli- ir primary matters, has abdicated iu functions rvbandiwd tt? legitimate duties ami violate 1 the (rtiMt ? confided toil, a? the executive agent of the nations! democracy; and that the duly i* now un avoidably imposed upon tb> people. Intiietr pritntrv t anacity, to reorganise the t>arty and re? on.- the right* of which we have bet n deprived b> tlmae who 141 e *fi aid to appc*l to the rnawfn, because their only object wmm to park m?r convention* wrilh those who were willing lo tarry oul the plana of parlor leader*. Kf Holved, That Aaron II- llolUns, Bernard Kellr, and John Hmighkirk In* and they are hereby^ appointed u? represent tiila ward in the National Democratic Republican Cmnu Onto ial Committee of the < ity ??i New York, tor the year lnr>A. Resolved, That we Invite t*e national democracy of tiie neve nil wards to join us In this movement to promote the union and restore the ascendancy of the democratic party and. in fur tberancc of thl object, to elect forthwith three representatives from each ward, to constitute a general committee, with power lo convene nominating < onveruiiNM, and I o co operate in the noinma .ou of a union ticket. HOiiliKT KAKL, Preaidcnl, Ti nr vi K p. h?ti 11, ) W* iHtKAN, v,^d rTnltir'"' i* fi>u(.?: 1 ixiorr, J n?n?inll nr>Hor,)lJ II^Mcr Watbhhan, re' 1 MIKI'KVIIKNT T?rV04'RATir (AM?T[?VTC K < > It 1 Counc ilman, Tweuuetb district, l:i <'??)? ward, John Haley. National in mo< uact ? at a mpi tino f?F tub 1Mb A *t uibly lliotrift Convention, brld ai 'h*? hoo ?* ??l Mr, S. II. Holy, cornel- Hnverv and 3d Htrr?*t, ?m Friday eeenlnff, hepi ember 2?\ lWft. Mr. Jani<M W. Ilnrlell wan rni)ed u? U?h chair, and Mr. K<i*Ard t*arrlKan appointed <*erlHary. Mr. Arthur W(mm1?4 ?a? unanimon?lv nominated a<* randidao* tot A??embly. <ln tiMition the c?>ti^ent|ou then a*ljoni in*d. John Mannelly, Henry Mar-bail ChArte* roriod). JAMKH w. II \ KTKIX, Chairman. tCnwApn CtKRinAN, Herrotai v. QIXTII WARD.? AT A MKKTIMU OI TUB NATIONAL H charter i 'otiveniiim, held on Thurwlay eveitlmr, Hept. '/T, IsftfV, at Hie Sliili Wurd Hotel, the iollowlng tfenilrmen ?rrr?* aclccted to represent the waid hi the A**i*tnt?Iv Convention ? Dennla Hums, Patrick Mullln-, JaiueaOlaa*, Tboinaa Kyan, John T^nahan. And on motion, fliat **#? pr?n-? ?*.i to i?a!lo' for a eandl Inte far Alderman i?? he atip ported at the ensuing election, the tellera reportfsi that Jonv Ci.ANrr, bavlnt? reep|Ve?! thirteen rotea, he w*- <lnetirf<l 'he nominee 1 1n- met'tinjf thenudjourned, in meet again and < otnpb-t* llae tHk?t. PATRICK MrLOt 'OIII.IN, Clialrman. W tLTrn Ttrs ur, Heeretarv. rP\VKNTY PKCOND WARD NATION A I. DKMfH'R ATIC I RrpuMican Commltiet* ?An adjourned t'o>eiing or this committee will t ?? held 011 Mmiday evenlnir, 0? ? |. itt II ? J tjuartcra, etirnrr H? venlh arentie and Filt> fuirtli aireet, at;1^ o'ewsk Member a are r?<|tii Hied t?> be punctual in their ai tendance, an hiihliiena of the utttn ?t importune** will be pie ented for the ronsidfratlou ot the couunlt'ee. PKTKK MAKTKKSO.V, chairman, ?l0R7V H. Mfefi^cs, Secretary. TIIK TU11P. (1KNTRKVIU.K COIJRHK. L. I.? TROTTING, MATUII da> . >f \ if 1 1 1 1 ? r - ???< ... w. wecpaUfcelOOO, mileb - , beat three in five. I?? wn|0llH, ownera lo drlvr, tie o. .lenkln-* narnea if. u. ilmy Trouble, Mr. Van Name nainea b. jj. Youn*( I'l Jlium, Jinenh CltH heron naiie^ b. in. Maien I -land Maid. JOI L t 'ONKI.IN. Propi leUir. / ? r\i R] I n 1 ,1 ? i .1 I -r 1 1 - 1 ROW I n ? ; MOVDAY, \J October I, mat* h fl.otN) a 'aide, half forfeit, mile hr*ta, I ?" t two In ibtee In bar inv*-* . .1. W. Howell nntii'M buy hor?o WiiHhingtot' T. Mu gilli e naiiira brown geldtnir. /'IBNTRrVIM.BCWRSK. h. I.? TROTTIN0.? MONDAY 1^/ I, a' o'elra'k . match fl,tltH); mile heata, heal 3 in 5, "in liarnesa. Ki fsleiick Johnaon natnef eh. #?. fulton; James t 'onway uamt a cb. 111 Udy II* h-ri. To i??* a Kf?sl day and ? ra<k. JOKI* < ONKLIN, ProprtoUir. / 1RNTPKVIIJ.K COl KHM, L. I.? TROTTING.? TIJKBD AY \J October X, ui H oVbiek, P. M.; nur*e ?u,| ?take fl/iO'i; mile heath, beat .'J in ft, in harncH*. Mr (ill euUtr* 4. g Mur* d? ? k , Wan ? n Peat. ?-dy en*er? rc g Taeouy .1 M llauieia ui t< ia b. g ( bic?go Jack. To be a *:ood dav and track. JflKh t ON K I.I N Pr 'j ? r. BNTR BYILLB COURJlK, I- I.? TROTTI Ntj? HATCH \ y day, Hrnlrrnbrr JWh, at S oVior k. ma'rh $AH), mill lie?fa bi ??! ib.<e in live to wagons; C. Wiiglit nfeuxs ro>an tn<*iO Prai.teMa d, II. Wo>^lruti names el> a' a! lion Plough iloy. JOKL CON KLIN, Proprietor. RED Ih.l'SR, II ARLKM.? Til 13 T A VORITK PI.A< I! ? f report la now io cotnpleta order, and r?-adv to a? -omm i Jrt'e the Hportin^ an I tiding public. Tha Oot/?ain and I tap a Ha-?* Ha ! t'iuba play on the i.eautlful greeti attached u? lh?t lo *e, and atio.d much ^jMirt U> the v*ailera of liua be*uiUui (kiiu.e. Tu?boatoi rei'reahnouita alwav* on han't. WH.i.l A M A. BKOW.N, Proprtev r. 'I'lIK 1 1'l:l'. ?MR .Hills !' T \ Yl.uir IIAVIMiltl 1 r? Mil nrli ii In, in Mr. Win I in*, in.', , it/iwn ua "llllly lai' '* tlm ii i.i I rh 'liai ki? to nn.r* iHl MrtlJ nnl talk* pi*** lla iiliM-rilirr In open in uU lite win* tau'rli Inr Ii nut tU M loll.CW) lor U,e name ra< r. JOIIM f. TAYliO It. l'NIO.V ( OI'ftSK I. I ? TllOTTI.Vli ?ON MllMOtV, (J <;???. I, ?( 3 u'riork, I*. M . ? malrh lor #l OOfl. rnlla liaa.a, in . i ?II. Wn-airii oiiiii' h J i . tt .I.*, k. I*., i", Mr hn , ?t 1.mi.ial' u. How. .Iai k lo rarry ;.1 Ilia inna wi-i/ir. II AW .1 WlllTK. I'mpi ?" i. fTXIOM IMRHK, I. I.? THnTTI.Nii.? ON 1 J ; : I f A V I' (h i 1 al F. af.i I MMfe l"r #2.i*W ttilln li-*a a, bi "I Ihr'-r In lit r. In barM-aa. iii<ori;i* : | i< r. uiJil'iili M u~.. I' ill, I.. H *. V .Oil uuilit < It i i i rn'r..M,> i?ll \ W a vMIITft I'rujir' > IIOKNK*. I'AKIIMdl ??, ,?i . i rnv -i< ia.v s oio. or vrRr mtkrior htyi k 2. V ufi?l i.nlali, awl liu' Dltii iihiI, I'-r ? p Can I i* ?'< n ai I'i ..m'l aiabla, rorin-r ui llarri "n ami II <'ka *i ? <? w, Himfcl.m. ?flar 2 I'. .M ilatly /MHHIAi.KniR sM,|, OM TIMTIM BK vt.KY a . i ? ' ? ?in| , i -*? 1 V% . ... ; , ).liy applying 1 I WALT I IW, Mirnri nf i. anry awl i i **r a. l.? 'mat tu, i umua .i- 1 1. h - ait ?iai. i.i in i. . * in * J i .. I . . i [. .4 1 a lii i .ii , ' * .. .? i i,. i, ?*>cl ?p. A vi i r ui ?.ral.V ?i?i , In, ?? atupl-ia onto, ' v, ..ii.itii': aii 1 V' a.,*. Ai.'l/r *a Via la. ? . ... . II- ??...! ... I, i 'II *1,1 \ K 1 1 I II Ml, KAMII.k IIURM.. W * 1! I hii'") ?, i.?l a i.'l t ','1. i* I' 'el * '. ? . ii? all it I.i i j.' j a ,i?^l trax'. Ian in* a . u i,i.i drv I ..uiti i. ?i|i'?i, waratrnne (*, F It fri <i tn*j r< " UF * I I.A< K I-AIIM; I'll V IV HAH J? n' aa or andrr ilia aiukli*. n..nntl ai.-l k nil. 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At tiik entrance or Tnc lacu dkp ahtww ol thr UnlTrruIn a Part*, the mow atlrana.% am) brilliant arr thr black laea potma, rulfk, valla aad oh? ... ? ? . room artli i ? *r<> niimt i n ami %ar>nd, and *>rw <lln)'uy their rlearnraa and I nut* of MfK, ami ha ?upariort>y afy e?rc?tiU.n rrn l'-ra ihnm Hi* m>?' Mn impa. a)>l?> and nharaMB of work*. In i)><-ir pri ori > r- ai^l dt*| U > . a aii|*rb ahawLs lila. k In imarla la<?- atnwk uuiir ?: aditurauuu , Ik* daws 1* rv h and claborat.- ("ii?.*Uii? ol Ui?* arnji o( franca, wtm Uiit cypb?r? of Uirlr I mix kn,rj>t Ciw It'lmMfM dam r a i!> uwli. A !>r|' i.?>r'inrnl of Uir n'mra ? t>" i black nruaaaia tAM (nnda, aa let uvl lit Mi Itnttrr in llri 'la are now ready far aalr I jr rKTKIt BOHKKTH * CO.. Xi llruadwaj. Bmmm MgaMMBi at I. A III K- I M.I. AND Wl.NTV.Tt (1)0 A KB. OKOROK HIIODM f.l I anal, ami <3 l.laprnartl alrMtfc Reapectfnlly l>?*? in lai"i m th?- ladira thai ba will he p?% part--! in rihlbtt Ini ihrli m*.| fci,..u, on Tin i '!'*> , O. !..??, ? 4TII, A m:<Kn!fWnt aMrtincnlo! lAl.l. I I.OAK AMI MANTIU.Ait, iIIk own ai 1 w i Kmbraclr* ih? loltwwtnjf faal'ionahta laiiru ? ? Mlik *el*i>i rloaka and m^n'iilaa, Motii* aiilUjiu* do. do. Oray b?av?r i loih do Molrr auU'tur, lalih v*l*at eomMntd); La (lira1 plain cloth, (all atad.-a). 1 1 la ab rl la i!i<- lari(Pa< hii-1 l>r?l a??on>-d, tvfh In auia.ta4 lal at hMI l-a.|.c?' iiia.n doib, (all al.^di ?m fta Im peer had h(? |tl?*a?ur(* of oppnln*; a ?-i ar.Ui, and hr and ?f hl? own well known inanufa< inn\ MHHB NHj m Hi-- lailii a tm>( M HMM .iiUI I liait- rtaniinrd M? (fno>l?. Tim iradln* ?iyli-a will appnar aa Ociial In llarprra' and (lolr^'a Nuaiiiu'a ihr faanlawa far width ri Irl raliil peii.nll' U n he >llU|>iw< rlrluaivi'lf. OrJlROK HKOIUK. AI ('anal an4 ft? 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