Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 30, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 30, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YOB K HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6972. SUNDAY MORNING, SEPTKMBKK 80. 1855. _ PK1CK TWO OKfTTb LBY!1TISEAEA1> *fcN*WEB KfFIT DAT. ni? fiiHuodTiont. AHUMOROUH VOLUME, Quizzical. aal irieal , uilr' hi ul, ami -par* ' J i < . A BA>KKT Ol OlllPfc, HY J.'tl* SHf'tJQHs S. Illustratod bv Mi'Lcn.iit : Out volume. 12ino., 4Us l'?Kej. PHee, *125. nxtfACt mom $ >na tns : "A Banket of Chips" la ? aomewhat dry and unpromising repaid lo ask any one to part clpa e In. lo be sure. and 'be uu uv on lU'fi- of lae nume will no doubt, he eagerly laid hold of hv some of the critic*. 1 know one who will hartlly let the op IWatiinnv escape for >nvlng a autar UiIiik or two. Perhaps It mlfht i>c a* well. In np um ira of the ilile, io say that the random Fkelt'he>. con a m-d In hi volume are but the >.awdii it and ?bari:m? accumulated d ir ng Interval. o more laborious carpentry. comMTK : Fome 1'utun In the Life of ? I og. The Opera c( ' ? I .a HIHe <1m SadUit." done into KngllsU. Love and Loyalty?an i.piaode In I'ngll h HWurfi invm O'Detirtnid'x I'Wa. The t'omlnt; of ki . auth. The Fairies' Warning. The Kllll* - ul ike -hark. Fvpi* I >??> Draw... - ii* rif?wir n ' ? HewSt-. Ell Cobb, the Cabman- A Ann ..rfvidtn I. ft. The Phantom Unlit ? A Tal- ot I'o tun Revolt of the Harem Miupiltted. Fatality? A Condensed Novel. Dramas of the I>ay? Revenge: Or, the Mr4lum. Ned Ueraglity's Luck. i The Eagle eud her Talona? An Ka- teru Apologue. Peace and War. Bummer Fi lends. Love's Mission. Evenings at Our Club. Romance ami Reality. Jumper Leech ? The Man who Never Had Enough. Nightmare*? I. The Lamp Fiend. II. Political Ambition. III. Murder. The Bunsby Papers? The Opinions nod Observations Of Jack Bunsby, skipper, and of Kd'ard Cuttle, mariner. BUNuK A BROTHER, Publisher*, No. 120 Nasiatt street. KOT FICTION BITT FACTS I? WU1 be published Thursday October 4th, THE RAG l'ICKKR ; or aopgn van rititB. I vol. 12 mo , 4.11 pp Price SI 25. MASON BROTHERS, Publishers, 23 Park flow. New York. PPTNAM1 MONTHLY FOR OCTOBER CONTENTS OF NO. XXXIV. Original Portraits of Washington. Wind and Rain. The Willey House? A Ballad of I he Will .? llllts. Benito Oereno. Unknown Toncnes? Language of Animals? Part II. JJTe among the Mormons. Mt Darling. Allred '1 ennyson. Living In the Country. The Helmet. Experiences in Monnt Lebanon. The Drama in France? t lassie and Uomauiic. The Legend of Ooodman Poverty. Horn, but not Burled. ?eantiithceuces of a Tempest toat Lite? Lafayette, The Kanaaa (juestion. Kdl'orlal Notea? American Literature and Reprints; Euro pean Lilt- ratu re; I)ni ma. Music; Plastic \ rt. ormiuss i?k rum*. Ptrr*AM' Mii'AziNK.? Two numuera of this leading Ameri can magazine have reached u? at the nam" lime, and brought upon n* an embarras de? riobtsta's. The aaucles number ?ocae eighteen lu each, anl ik't in not ono that we should be Inclined to pass over. Inde?J7'"Put.iim" hi. a peculiar at traction lor ua, as we s?e In it a reflection of the mini, man ner* and intelligence of our transatlantic cousin*. It carries us Into a new country, and makes u < ucqualwed with ail Us Chararterie'ks in an rimy, utiau.?te I manner. Politics are not neglec'.e<l; hut we do not detect fmslon, or evoii party, and we read under a persuasion that we arc ua'.bering the Impirtlal opinion of .he beet minds in the L'nl ci Htates.? I.onlon (Eng.) Weekly Times. PtTTOSM is growing every monfhmrouxi-r, linakhler, more U the purpose. It has with line Urilu* at work for it, and re illy begins to give the country s>itne gvuuiue cililouru on lltcratur..' ana art. Ita opening review of the poetry of Owen Meredltli, (Bui wer'e son) and Mstthow Arnold, nriiy ha'-k b? sensauotu with whith we used to devour the orlliolsnw of Ilia c WM>1 in Hi great i.aya. It gives us iileits? it teaehea ip HJuiciinn^? and better and dearer than all, it a lie.- us -uiuin'hinii to uuirrel with) Tbe brli f notices of new hooks lo "Pit uain ' are ltulepeod ent, condensed, to the purpo-e. They aonerally loaah the core of the matwr, and show iua* the l*ook^ h^ve !? n rued before betag notleed. Of loiw fejt crl.ical piibUcatlous can we say as mach:? Philadelphia Mbrtnng Ytoiex. Tihjjj - Three doftarsa year, or twenty-flve eents a nnml>e?. Ulinmii" reral'llng thr?4 uOltaM (rromp'ly, In Mvanoe. to the publ^-hers, wtU reewhre the wnrk lor one, po?ip.uil in any pan ?t 'lie Liait'l 8 inn .. i ? ' Ml A Mt?W \ iti>s, pgMMwa 1> Park filaoc, ?few Votk. THB CPEAT FASHION BOOK-PRANK LESLIE'S OA WMe of Faahlon and .he Beau Monde tor O toncr. Thia popular l ook of daaliUw has now nearly rompleted Pa fourth volume, and the uini:.lmou' vmoe of Ihe pre ? lias an corded to It ilie hU.hest i>nal'lcin as .m authority on fashion. So labor or ei|>eiu.e has Ik en ?|.-irad o 'irlng It to its preaent high reputaUon. and tl.e proprietor aniMuinees the present isnue with perfect aatMaetfcn, 'hat It Is 'he moat complete, reliable, and cne:i|*k' fasL'.ou ble mouth!) Ia-u*d in tin world. lite pre ?'tit butuher cotttal'.s a very elaborate article on the milliner) npeninga, wl'h a <i'--er1p!loii of the ido^i beautiful artleleatole hum In r?ch iashionahe' -isbli hmeni in New Tork. Alao doscrtptUlKMad wtwraWn-s ot the ia>eat Paridan etylea, reeelved u> tlx !?<?-? anter, among wldalt may be enu merated > < tmets an. I mm in m Mile. A'lriandrliia'i. raria, Madame LaWM'a, Madame ttile'?, " With twetHv iiesutllul en';rsv'n^ \l-? a lull report, wish pertecl detri lotion- of articles at lie foMSwiug e. a;di->imett'4 m New Vc W:? Madnaie Moihetl e'a, Ksd.?m< Ferre -n'a, Mtse La??nuN, M l>or?i!v'?. Madam, it.- Vo^' Mll< Marie's* Vlrpoloft. Mn.lmr.e Chatteeeel's. Oenln'a Lsrjar, Rrtsilr*', ltululn's, Pell's, ll.'ek Vt'n.'n, Clu dell, PlerMo .* Ijikt 's, A. 'f. ptewaii A IV?, and other en tablishmi r. ir too DtVMreui i o name In iht . no'ice. I he latest tai-hional.'e .nielllgeuce, music, droms. A'*.; new piece Of music by Thomo- Baker chess, t>, a ulitil .I '-i/n-t tor needl.-work, practical receipts, reviews ol new books, aud o ncr luterestlng Pt Ice, i? cents. Yearly s-tlwrrlp' Ion. >'t "t all bookjielleiT, and PRANK LI1.-1.IK. li hpmc?i4r#--t, N, Y. WHO IS THB AUTHOR t WB UUMti A I.VKlf. NEW York Life Illustrate !. lfiOiiA'S CHILI). One large and mat lJino, volutur. I'rtce $1 is The aecon. MlUon Of thta lo'erestlnif "ok - ready 'his d ay. It la a taking l ook, and we snail have '.lie pic it.-, uo doubt, to record a new sncenas by a new author. The I>e*i(.l. Daily Democrat N?yr: ? I hia l.nok ?'ars oil wi:h It* oha(>U'i flirt. um1 latrodaoea the read, r at ..uc. to the Ivroes and tacMeie* or the really charming Mory. II- will ipeedily flndhims'l; intereelad n? well by the grteeful style anl t lie ?kill with which the tlifl';rent scenes are arranged, as b? the beauty ot Ui> t?o eharactara and the lea IOUO ol lov ing (m, and n^tfencr which \rlll io *et him -U ?he turniu.; of alnMwt evir J Wif. I hm on?' of the biws prolac ous of i'? kind ib?t hit? bc<>n bmtMd tU- a-i?u, a ?l |> "iiu^i i<? in *ct with warm approval and abundant .f. 0. DRKBY, PnhlUbcr. ii9 S 4lroet, And for hh?c b\ all bi>ok4t*|i?*r4. FA IX WltMSTKBT. /?QQ BI'.OaDWAY, NKW VoHK.? O, OIRARDON, \JO?7 ktir Irtntr, Inn Ptrii >\ll op it "? Taewlay nett. October 2, a new ?i I awortaMut ol ?n?l dWMOe ?ro1 flower* .feu ben , rlbboua choaaa In thi lint i'<tt 1* bonta* pftr f timer}. WW..' er ht((t? ? rOM)PKI? STRAW BOSNI Tv?W l H 4 VK JCflT RE called from our auMbi tory a few caaaa 'norn of c ilorod atraws. tanxtna Irotn 6tl '-on - n> #1 iS" iah moot of Uiern .i?u new aid rare i>imi 1?. W it BONO euvuy troallnf toe lu c 101- and 110 Wi avenue lil.K TALI. AND WIXTKB MIM.INKRY ' 0 BE1X * t'O , m Mo. 3 'ia'hertna street, tntorm the Utiles and 'b?u ouatomei ? 'hat tiny Kara n-w f>ir tie .? nr^a and ?alrct i-!>t.|. c of full iifid hoflnc * whleh trtr bnairt Outline ami t-lcRan. e cat not t-o aurpiaaod h* any aatabxti men' In tbe city. !??!?? ? II tint) It '? lh Ir Mfraalage to *1*8 on a call l.adix' and children'* .a^jO'" anil waiat pattern* cut b\ mea'lire warrnnted to lit I ii? la'" rylo?"f alien nr?d iiientilla pat'flrr,* now thirty ' 'n'wtrf m Inner* will ba arpp;,?.l wth paPertt b-inne a a< k real I J r luead prlre a the tullUucr> ai?t p-u ro -tor ? SWa'i te atrret, near IHrlxlon Firm PXFJitCM mii.unkbv.~wii ktobkhiix. No. 7 Ptrlatoa street *? ll opan "? Muni. , (?? .>,?*,? I it it Jarge and e|>l> u<lal aaaoi Uncnt of Millinery, W Uie luil ?mi winter oaaecti IJTM.? harm: vh kamui'in u?, mi Yl,m or n in. I J 11 P ?air.r, 34 Joan nr.. iter. will Make a public cxpo?iilou n# btaa^tfOiAfl-n' f'tr TVaaiiAT, tti Mtm Hl? a-'artn? tit ao<l at) tea anoeej any forra?-i year, and d ler from tiioee of - 1 inline turn c in 'he trade, births* toprwe. atyle anil quality. All aril ?! ?* warrant) J a* represented. vfB* mcI'(?\ai.d. im<, mnnoK hprmit wim. opf.x JW on *1 we -'I45- do' J. a fluiM K WtUaunt of Pari* ant Kew Y"rt lall and wta'nv MtWoari- 'o wMrh aha c*||e tbe a' lantloaof Uirtrale. Kerch mil .?nd eonotf) milliners ? jUI fln<l It to the::- adraniaKti to ei*w ne her MfKk. ?VflMJNMiV-M ua:*. VK BROADWAY, BKHPW.T 1*1 i-tllj invite, tbe I?4Nm> of .<?? Votk to c?? 1 -t wo.i.e a hlfllOUK .Mk"B il. N I Of M1U.I.VRBY. ?lie r" ht?t an l m- 1 rt'c I*1ra ai'^ lt <) b> fi.ntil In tnU"l y H 1 . iTrirlt hot n- ?! rc<-> fr"m Krauce by i-eery ?t?a;> r Wf arc er.ablrd to offer t* ?< went and rm^t fiaMooable atyle*. at p^ngei aa low aa any -Ai ar a*tai> trluaciil. M Alter. *? Ii.vaJ?r;.y. le'aeat Bn?.m- tI i?pe'.?w ? te. "JLTIU-IN lRr.-ll Jt y Kl.N ? 71 tl. HTRKK1 JTl aare o?,* 1 - ia cvioica of !*., bono -u, Kr- .i- t? ar'jftctal Ik err.., 1 ,t. 1 lie l*ile? a.-f r ;s^?.- / U) in etted to eal ta 1 eiitnlu - he itnuc. 0F AN,> WIKTUR ItUJIOIBV - \J Mr*, r llar irtr, Jlo 14; "Jatlierlna ^tr ?*^ re<pc -.tfiillf lafoctn* tb?- iaJO ? ?*t Nitv lorn aod tie 1 irtimv. that ?ti- In. re ret red ( > r eteaiuar Wa*iaa(tm ?-pl?t.'iit >.<orimcn ot tail atl l wn.ter bonnet- . artil< b "lie will 1 ibiiill a,o>tg wl<U a gren' trurteiy .if |yr o?,, rij?nu,ai ture, ou Mou lay. iat in to tr. P,ie f?e'? ror.n<l< at ber rl< h - tork gt mJltnery flir t.ean y, u?te an 1 ale"!.nr? t-aniK* lie >-tir) i *^*^1 in (twifffc X H. OoMitr; Bo. < toa.,t- 11.4 milliner- Will be aupplied aa ttatial *l'h pa' tern fcOBBe'* on JIIOO" rcaMjnable torrna at l>| Oa berlnt air at. ?tar IM*I? e.i?^ _________ Kicii p abic r;:.\niEBii. Bleb * ren' h ".owcr Klrlifofote i *w ; >^? Mr. At Urn *4 *n<1 rJt John HfW, r*trrt+' of V%il!Utn S*w Iwh ?re o^re. at redt.. e-1 prw- to, ^bfi> r ^ ? >CTBA? TRtKMINOH R1BBUH% MU AM) fKI.TETK, ?3 flawe-a aad laa'nr. "ai,-! wllM?fT W* jajreow-al, ai ,Sa lowe? i- rlrea In the clt > . wtBIKB W ?TalB. M anl ? John >t. corner o< William, np alatra. nlixnmtfl AMI DBVSf' CAP WAKKR."? WAN'TKO Drat hand milliner; a'ao. a if*x! ?lr??a '?aptaaher, to whom eonatan' em-ilurwi'iit *n<l heat af wa?'?' wlfl he flrefi. ^FP'T 'o l*T' liu * THE AMERICA'S MAILS. Additional 0*taih?f tlie -Fall of Southern Sevastopol. TBS TO Dim ZH VA1XB. THE LATEST 0E8PATCHES, &c., Ac., tc. <lor P?rl? l'om?|?a4tnM. Paw?, Sept. 6, 185.5. Appointment of the H?n. Francis Hmck ? to tht L fmtemW ,, 0f the ftnJwmri Umnds?Ht Im poHanct w ' v F-?itiet.^of *ir W. Mtoleneorti'e Improved Or^tmial Uitfi TV* Em..*. JIummi Krptct+d at Ffttma on hie Way to the Crimea ? Ia>??u of the Rmttant at Sweaborg Vans after the Queen', Visit -Denmark and the United States, Qr., fyc. The Honorable Francis Hinckn, late Prime Minister of Canada, ia appointed, by Sir William Molosworth, Governor of the Windward Inland*, hia residence being fixed at Rarbadoa, and his salary ?4,000 ster ling. The appointment in important, as showing tho determination of the new Colonial Minister in kngland to put the right m:in in tho right place, irrespective of family pretension* The character of Sir William Molesworth is just such at -tarids out in bold relief in difficult. tinttM. Aenist'uned from ifti early age to think and act for himself, to des pite the trammels of routine, and to l?eard public opinion in defence of his priv ate judgment, he will not flinch from the responsibility which attends his promotion to the seals of the Colonial Office. Un fortunately there is little chunce or his career being u long one, unlesa some signal pie<c of good fortune should speedily befall the armM of the uUies, and i-ecuie Lord Talmerhton's tenure of office by u longer lease. At the same time, even a few months admin istration may enable him to sow the ground in a manner to insure a fruitful lnc Tease in the future. Speaking of the war, thero is decidedly among the masses a more hopeful spirit afloat with regard to it, than has been observable for many months. The confessions wrung from Prince Gortschakoff that a serious blunder had been committed, and that the "fortifications wore suffering," have served to give heart of grace to many a desponding spirit. In relation to the prevailing disquietude about Anstria, the Mtmiteur opens its columns to a letter from Hncharest, in which it is roundly asserted that 0 f..r from there being any differences between the Ott*n ;.n troops and the chiefs of tho Austrian army, the best understanding prevails, ft states that the occupation of Moldo-Wailachia by the Austrian army, in not so heavy a burden for the in habitants of the Principalities as some persona have wfeLed to make it believed. On the one hand, the charge* imposed on fhem by this new occupation are not to l>o compared with those which were en tailed on4hem by the presence of the ltui^laus; and, on the other hand, the Austrian army maintains tho most perfect discipline. It I* still positively stated that the Emperor of llasKia, with the Grand Duke Michael, will arrive at Vienna in the course of Septeml*r, and proceed ? torn that capital to the Crii'ic.. to inject tho onnv There i- a cousidemlJe movement in Southern Rus sia for bringing ui> snpriie ; t.. the Crimea before tho bad wither seta In. There are now. it Ls calculated, 100, ?io Rnssian troops in lb, Crimes: and, as for merly, they received the main part or their supplies from the Stu of Azoff, which Ih not now open to them. '1 hey are obliged to have recourse to other poi ts. The storehouse* it Siiuphcropol and Bal.ikUva are w?id to be completely empty, and fr.un the vast quantities required for such an immense hodv of ir.en and hornes, it is diffi. ult to Imagine how their ' on be brought to the Crimea by land conveyance. The Monitrur publishes a de< ice admitting wal put tree wood sawed into lilanka free of duty when imported by Fieuch vesek Another decree admit* Doppy seed free of duty either by French veaseta or bv the vessels of the country where it Is grown, and iileo by lurid , and fixes the conditions under whieh the oil iu.,y be extracted from it. The fame officii) journal also announces, this morning, that from detail* collected at HcMngfors t he losses of the enemy in the lute bombardment of . wcaborg are much m< re considerable than was at fust supposed, and th;it the Russian three-decker anchored between Gustafward and llackholtnen was not simply withdrawn from the spot for greater protection, as was believed, but that be ing i.I ready t truck and seriously damaged by the shells of the allies, she was already in danger of sinking if the liusslnr.s hud not got her with all speed into .hallow water, where she remain* at present thrown on her side, and filled with water. The inJiabitaut* ofS tea borg were it seems, in terrible < onateruation lest the allies should have att.. ked and bnrnt the town. Ah it is, two powder magazines were de-troyed two . bell rinu'uzmes, on. ma >u, lie full of hemp' and cordage, two magazine* containing com and Hour tor the army, one also of tar, one lar-e building con taining mcdi' ines for the army. seventeen private habitations. tho house and ClunceJIorie of the J oyernor General, eighteen ships -truck in the 1 u-ins, and the granite qunrs damaged by the f.iells. n.e shells falllii,? on board the ship of war | i. ad wounded ninety-six men, who were conveyed , to the ho pital in the town, but the iiuinl?r of killed was not ascertained. Up to the present moment as n inv es ooo d? ..d are admitted, but it is supplied | that this m roher is fhr beneath the truth. The ho* I fetal at HeNinerfors Is crammed with otmiimM. und IS obliged to reject many, who are consequently lodged with the inhabitants. 1 On Sunday last the Abbe do Valois, hononirv f.f f , if) ratlii' 01 Notre D.imo, in prcN^iicf of Prime Luclcn JWupartc, who w>me yearn hack, it will ls> remembered, entered into holy order*,' pre* eeded to the inauguration of the chape l of the ???''tol AubervflLcrs. The colonel and officers of the 77th Regiment of the line were present, a? well a_ numerous coigr-gation. Divine service will be pe t .armed there every Hirndaj for the soldiers quar tered in the fort. J he liit.- vUit of the Queen of Kngland pr<w|iic*d fiucJi h lerrnentition in the i apiul that it is uo won ! r i ?H# nr ??j*l';'rtaie a species of stagnation | should follow. The hotelx sMfl remain interuicly J rowded. niid the tr. Ms .ire gorged with foreigner* roinevery nat ,n niidor heaven: hut ComiMreo with the ffn tor, bu-l'c. and exhilaration of the rny*l : 71' '* fal"1 1,1 a "O'omer lake. The la, tela must indeed be reaping ihh hanest Manrice a is mil to ti e roof ar d fan scarcely i.e. omm.?lHU; the num - rs w bo ever} day set down to it* ti?, d h?t,. Room Hmrrwom.s used up tor the purpoae, audits n/on ' I,!*" ?" pwmanently converted into a mmifrr. The fa -non. tnUr Hhotf at the Hotel < i s I mice- 1 now ohllgi .1 to convert i'aelf into four separate table*, containing from 120 t<> l-'.O guests A flow mm must doubtless Is made f..r suoh an in f u*; but A merit <ns viaitinc Ptife must on their jr??Td against b< iug seidaeed bv . rsvious repuUtlonN. 'h?y txpect to 1 1 rid a go.*l <)inner at the Hotel dc? I'rinee-M, th.-v will reckon without their ho*t. There will 1* infinite variety, .is far a? quantity is cow erned, bet the quality positive rubbish and two genti. men will dine a- well again for six franca a betd at any ordinary restunraut. as thev do there f< r a similar sum It i? oertainly ooe of ifie facts of t! e nge that tho nmint in p?rta i? fart retrograd ing To flr:d a good f/iVr i/'htMr is tmi'Mslble and even the 1m rt of the restaurant", such a* th.; Troia rten s. ti e Caff- <le Paris, require a vi-ry intelligent caieier to s^ money's worth. As tofindinx ag ???d prmteenok or taking an apartment, the general ?npj.o?iti(.n is that heaven, to reward the clasa for t |,o ir former virtues, by which ?uch renown ?ccrvod to the territory of I ranc, baa taken the whole rice to it .elf; certain It is, that it i* only by a miracle that u rot Htm Men la to be found in thta rabbifcary -bite. The Kngluh art quite adopting the plan of importing the?> most valuable members of the great human family from the other side the channel, ai a know'odge of French dinhaa is now ao general in grod private familiea. and the KoglUh "k *? In tlie in I' le of cleanlliieaa, that like a go d horee. If ?he once geU Into the count rv, all sorts of Impedimenta are thrown In the way of her leaving h. BIh<- prevailing topic of political Interext la the " P""*" with reaper* to the United *? la diplomatic circles the question i* heike.1 ? "fy one indeed, ud pregnant with fertile coBr,! .ration. It ia not believed that Ameri rn will budge a foot In thia pretty nwn|: that she Denmark, like a frightened bird, flee to the boaom of the Western Alliance for orotectioa. aorlous dif ficulties nay arise ? difficulty which many think an only the aha<lowa of a state of things long pre aag in America, aad which will h iduoe uer to s ? hr awe prnmt?nt part in Hbtodmo aflkir* than "he haa hitherto done. What frith the state ot the kingdom ol the Sicilies, where an outbsealt may be expected a Ay boar, when England And France alt even now ready to interfere? what With the atate of Hpain, which w that of* child sktping on the edge of a volcano? and *wl with the nigh tone adopted by the United State# io Denmark, we aeem to M near to that general K iropeaa !>ic?k-up no long predicted, but which still psases bjr tne warn , as if rehictaut to oent that Naming brant whose w nitinn do man may count the ena of. I know tint \ in high places great ream are entertained. The vic tories or Traknr and Bweabonrg are loobd to he still moit) important than at first imagined, but na tional securinea do not spring, and Kugll->h atalas 'aen * 3 cIsHy ,rK>k full ? f carp. TJkhtt*. TH J? FALL OF b&BaSTQPOL. Additional Putkolsn of tKa fall mt tie Heathern part or die Town. OVU LONDON OORHHSPONDBMCK. London, Sept. 14, K?. 1 Additional details coma dropping in by the events of the 8th September, when BebastdppjT to tlie Allies by the precipitate retreat of G ortsc h^4wad his gan ison to the North side. It appssr* from Mattel Fslissler's last despatch ? for the Kmpernr of 'the Frshjfh*,; ha* appointed him Marshal of France ? that the Russians* have not succeeded iu destroying everything before they left. Pellssier deacriltes the resources of the place, the mitferM, the scientific works of defence, an something unle ard of in the history of war. I believe 1,'J00 guns have fallen into the hands of the nlllea. , L'ntil fall de tails arrive, It would be impossible to fonn any i!ei of the actual state of tlie town. Soino of your readers msy not exactly know what in meant by the South Hide of So bastopol. It meuns the whole town, with Its faubourg*, the Malakoff, Great Uedan, little Iledan, ITagnUIT Dila tion, Central llastlon, Quarantine i'ort, toria St. Nicholas and St. Paul, the second line of defences, the Garden bat terlet ? in taut, the whole of Sebastopol. The north aide Is, howoer, rtill a formidable fortrc??. The great Star t?rt of Fort Hieverna is au iminoni<e citadel, capable of c >n tiiining an anny, and the laad army 1* encamped In its immediate vicinity. The entrance to the harbor Is also still commandi d by Fort Constantine and it< three tiers of 104 guns. Then there is the Wasp battery and the Tele graph battery. The siege of Hebastopol may, howi>\ t, be r< garded as concluded. I'he French government has actually ordered the ?hi[j[.lug of shells and mortar* at Mitrseflle>< to be stop|>ed, and a deciee In the Mmitrur disc harges the soldier* of the class of 1847 under arms. The north tide will probably capltuhite, or after blowing up the works, the garrison will retire inland. Not a single vessel of the KuMisn fleet remain 4. TV number of Fnt'llsh ' fleers killed li 26; dangerously woundod, 17; seveiely wounded, 54; severely contused, 2; slightly wounded, :i7 : missing 1.? 1 Total, 1117. Maishsl Pellssier give* the French tors at 210 olllrers wounded, and about 4, 600 isnk and lile wounded. He estimates the killed at one-third of the number of the wounded. It is said five French Generals fell; but the nauic hsve not transpired? at least not officially. It waa a sanguinary day's work that same 8th Sep tember. Some 16,000 human beings bit the dust, I do not trouble you with accounts of the rejoicing, here or elsewhere. It Is a great victory, and exultation is \ery great. I enclose yon the last circular of Count N easel rode relative to the proposals of p ic- It was observe 1 thai at tl.e Tc Deum given yesterdsy at I'aris, at Notre Paine, Wrththi A?a1i'?n ?n.1 I'm. tu-i um ? odor; w ete j>re sent. The Te Oeum was In kaui of the capture of Sebnstopol. A telegraphic despatch from Vienna announces that the Fmperor of Russia will be at Wsrraw on the 241 or 21th. Ill is is the first blast announcing coming negotiations. There is no other news. GEN. PKLISSIER'H DESPATCH. cmmm, s?pt 10?11 r. m. I Inaprctcd to <!a; Kpbaji'opf.l ami It ? line* of defence. The mind cannot lonn an n?ac' picture of ?mr rictory, the full extent of which ran on!/ he UAd<r?tood by uo Iri > poet Inn i.f the place llaclf. The multiplicity of the work* of defence un 1 the ni*t" mean* applied therutn I by fai anything hitherto ?een in the hiatory ?<f war. The capture of the M iL*k /If, which compelled th? mo my to fly In'foic OUWMLillMdf UtTM tlltlM iktttlHU, ha? placed in the hand* of the Allien an amount of mu' ? rul and iiiiinciiM- eatahlUhmenta, th" importance of which it la net yet poaaible to alate ex telly. To-morrow the Allied trnop* will occupy the K.iratxl mtiaand the town, anil under their protection an Anglo French connnUaioo will be occupied with in*:. loir oat a return of the materiel abandoned to u? by the enemy. The exultation i f our acldler* la very great, and I*. 1< with *liout? of ' Kiir I' t'/np- fur!" that lliey i elch.ate tl.eii victory in Um [Krom the 1'ari* Moniteur, Sept. 1.1.) The irregulail'ie* which hare occurred la the order "f anival of the ln*t nenpatihua froin th* 1'aat, the nee?' i-arji la< ' nirm of thoae despatch"*, itul the prodiglou* ra pidity with which the event* iher announce hif? "ic eeeded each other, have au el a ft-. I n* of uncertainty nod aurprirc. whltrh, peihapa, had not allowed at tlrot a f. II appreciation ? II ?!?'?<- IT" nnportan <? of I u- vl .-'i i which the ullied armie* hare Ju-t gainod lhl? triiiniph, ho laboiiotuljr prepared luring a wli le ytur, and gloiimndy achieved by a herotc an<t aupr'ina effort, La- aot beon generally understood in I * lull ex tent. Alter *? much expectation the new* <tf the trillion of th- ?truggUr h i-, been so aud-leu and ail" ting that it I a* not allowed autticlent calinuea* to the publi" mind to ex plain clearly the facta that hare been ucoouipll-liod and to eLable ill. into foiui a correct estimate ol their I in [mrtance. Ihee facia are irnm-n*e, ami may be atimmed up in two wor<b ? the fall of Sebaatopol and the destruction of the l!u*rian licet. "n 'he 8th of ftapteubar, at noon, the tignal f>>r the uarnult w?? girm. A few moment* altera ml* tii" alll"* were nia?tet>i of th" Mftlaluiff, and at duak the Ixiaieged. deepaliing of continuing a tarlatan"" in the oilier de fenr< ?* of th-- place. nlwiidoiied them all at the aaine lime, and baaiily evacuated i-'?ba*topol to pla<.e ju arm of the aea between them and our troop*. ? In tin- ttth, at a A. M , the whole town pr?'r. nted oti" immense conflagration. and anch Ruaaian r"*?"la a? had been -t ared by oar shell* disappear)*! beneath the wa'er* ?.f Ur? roaditead, aunk by the enemy hinivlf. THE LATEST FROM THB CRIMEA. I or>l I anuiure hit ' recein-d the following dejpa h >m 'ieceral Hmpaon: ? I RIMBA fept. 12 ? 10 40 A. * The en'my baa iU?troye.| the remalmler of hit See* nvthing n? w remain! in the harbor. ThltWrittfftotlw Admiralty ha* r'odiM the f I lowing telegraphic d*'*pat':h from Iten Admiral I y. n?, dated Sw. XI? 10 15 A. M. The Runatan* are hnrstwg their -tean??n>, Aereral have already be?n burm-<l to the water' - 'dire and hare *?afe. ORWERrt FROM THE FRENCH <i')VK!tNMENT. Hie Jfcwi/u r a!?o pnb|i-)ie? th<- f'lllowin^ de-|..i'< h a I dre?"td by the Minister ol the 'nw-rtar to the Protect* in the dej nine nt*:? I'aau). Sep* 11. 1?'>? Mo?atfia ijt Pmr? IV ind<.niit?Na cn irage of ..?r ?oMIM end ?f our al!le. ha* Jwt been <*rowne.l by a alriklng trlnmpll. Alter three battle* Which were 'hree rtetorie*? a'tei th" glfantlc "(Tort* of a *iage wlthrat a paialhl In military annal*. Kel/aatopol ita porta II* artenal*. It* malervt nr" In our b.inda. fl?e (^rwerful i.eet which ooc" ?!i mli.a'ed the Mack sea aad .'anae-l the dlriitar of Msepw, no lonjer ?xi?t? Th- *ub)ofne<l ''??|ial< h, which the Minlaler of War ba? )u*t reeelred fr m the comttian4e- in chief, an I whlc'i dewi-illje* the appearan'-e of Sabaat/>p>i today, will nak" trt-TJ (W underatand the grandeur of the ? tnm?ie -Yhb h ha* Ju?t terminate.! aad th" prite of the I aille vhieh the !tu??>.?ne hare left in our t an : For 'Jii* iiiiiicii-e r> iccoaa the tUitfrnror wtabe* o rWldar r Umi IhaiJi^l i luga In Oad. wh? dbp??? of tkw fat" of arm lea. <m sun<la< . th" Itth *?< itapteiabai a T- /l >m will tiw aun^ in all 'n? department* of th" empire f*m will -oncert meaawre* with 'he ee lrdaitl it, rlftl ar. ! "military au'boritiea ' gi?" a bHlllancr to thin oereiaoajr ehioh will ? nrreepond ? th the frm leur of ?nr tlctory you will aiao an'.h'iriv ??<!> public rejoicing* an tbe patrti-tirm of the people may imp:ori?e Thr eonn'fy cla'irig '?"lt, a* It a'WH> . loe* w) h th aentim r?'* f the licperor, w|U c lebr 'e with en'hnma m the h co lam r t 'in- aeldiara and the n>w g). ry they har" j i*t adderl to the ancient gloriea of I ran"" A'-epi U le frefet the ae*dram? >.f rtft dl?t a?u he 1 cmaWerati' n. ITlf f.Al'l.T, Tl.e Minister the la'erlo Th# Minuter of I'obU'- Inatruction haa addreaaed the i llowing '-.rcwlai to the Kr< o>h W?f <p* ? Sep* 12j 1?4> !!???! in r? Tlie ?? of frmrnrm Boata ?? (he ri n>?rf Keliaatopol. The dMrultlcr which had b. 'b' rto delayed rnr eoidler- I. art only tended to ahow th< WorUt 'bat iK- ir cr.aataeey I* n a par with their -ourag-, ar. 1 that their virtue* make ibem danen ing of rtct' y V allantly ?eeonded by the fcrceeaf oar aliUa. they hara > maJiilt led tte he lance of poorer of Karope by Maciri^f '>? frw* dowi of the Xaat. The Kanperwr eieraUaf hi* th??(hta the uapre?e Judge of armiaa aad Kmplrer. de?rea yow to call the taiOifnl iu the atepe of the altar, to render pwMIe thaaka to the Alaalghtp, Honnewr the will ooneert wi'h yon an .,aa aorea aa ahall girw to the 7> Dnra( wi tch you wt> naire to ba mug on Sunday, th? 1Mb ia?t all the wK-mii ty dedrable. Jtovtmt, U 'ti>?i|nfur the aaaiirmnecr ef mr high c in lUmrntLa H. KOHTOCL,

Minuter of Public Instruction aid Wonhip. TB**l>EEN OP POLAND TO THE AKMY. Wad fhnmura haj addreaae d the loiiowing telugrupiiic d< ft 1 to <>?n*ral Maipaon Wan ItarawMNT, Heft. 13, 185,.. * <M> J< ha* waived with deep motion ttar welcome 't-jir' ?'! th? fall of Sebaatopol . t aJlu'wl with profeuml gratitude to the Almighty. #n>M ewochaaled tbia triumph to tb? allied army, her rummawlwi me to eipnw to your*' w, uimI u to Ibe arm/, the pride with whlcli Kin- ru pWi t kit !>??' h inet&iic* of their heroism. 1 ' yo- -n congratulate* her troopn on the trinmuUnut iaai of. ?? i* protracted tiaga. and thank* them f .r tiie efc fate n>1 fortitude with which they have en ?\ .leree toil*, and the valor which ban led to i tn tavninat. tb? Qw 'li.'i'lr lament* that tbl? Nareaa/t in not ? w1jm( i illoy li> 'he heirv loawn which havo Immiii 4 1 . < while ?ui- reiolcpH in thu rict?ry, liar ia, !<? V *ympathi*eK with the noble miff?r?ra in !??? 4MV \ You will lie piearcd to congratulate <ien. l"eltK?i?r, in T>irjtaj< ?iy'n name, upon tlx- brilliant reault of the an ' tiult aa the Uulakoff, which prove. tl*> irre-Utibio foron fa well aa indi ini table oou rug* of our brave allien. THK KILLKD AND WOUNDED. A I'aiin curreaponilcut of tho h\tlcpmdan>s li-lj* iHho lXfeceGortachaknlf, in hia bulletin*, an you will lu?*n *a~ ' ~lkl of lix (UCJCaMTUaaaaulta. It in aal 1 tU?t were made on the MalakofT walla. 1 haTc il that, at the third Riwault, all diatinctlou of "?wl. (iunriMU, officer* ol every rank, and ' *11 n.lug'ed and confounded together, (ueli ?rnpiing* ol hia own during courage. Thin ,_iig? number, eat.maied at thirteen, of I M v ouiidad by the enemy. General I light gi :im> of tlie "boulder, and tienerel been equally fortunate in tlie alightneaa of hi* wound- (?? noial IJourlwki who bad recontlr return ed to the Crimea. la among Umi wounded general*. It i t now raid that OcnuraU de .Stllea, IUtol, Couatrn, aud IK* Mandlcn. hftfe been wounded moat aenoualy. He 1'iirin correspondent of /% Aeieji (rieoond Edition) ^he number of grnerala now said io bo killed during the a?ault on i-cliaatopul ai? five, boald"* ten atiperlor office r?. It in alao iittinued that t.oneral MacMahon aud Trocliu bat* died of (heir wound", ami tliat Ueneral bouix{uet wai killed. The nam'* oif (ieneral* I?u Iao ami St. I'aul ?te alao among th?> caaualllen. The name correapomlent write*:? 'l appear* that not loea than 1 iOOgnna of Urge calibre have been loom! by the Alliia at Sebaatopol. It i? thou* lit that < hv Ruaaiana will have made an attempt to >e<!eem tbeir dafnt by ugaiu Httacl ing u?, aud It la ra moored to day that the government waa in expectation of the nea? of u great battle During the aanault tho Kutaian artlllfiyincu were killed at their guna, but it la altiiuied that with that exception a paab took complete l>oai-eH*ion of the army at the upptwinro of the Allien in ihe MalulhofT Tower, Th'ir haaty retreat waa occaalon i-d by the feai that we aould lire ou the hi i Igo and take them prlxotier*. LIST OF ENOLIHIT KILLED AND WOUNDED. Will! PWARTJIKVT. Sept. la, 1845. laird l'anuure ben to for waul to tin editor of tho Titrn Iho a<T4>ni| anyinn li<t of officer* killed aud wound ed at .-eha-aopol, which he hua thU ilay recelTsd from (jencral Mmpson. laird I anmure thiuVa It right at the aama lime to ob nerve tliat lu Ute tranamia-inn of the lint by telegraph, aeveral mintakea occurred In ihe name* of the offirera wounded, and bo cannot therefore hold hlmaelf rMponal l.le lor ita accuracy >? LiriT or oirintB-s eim.kd. lieutenant-Colonel l*utullo .'Htth Regiment. I leuteiianl-Coloii'l < uddy, 6'ith Ragluient . I If ntenant -Colonel Han Irock, 07th Regiment. Major Welaford, Uith ltei(inie(il. Cuptaln J. C. N. Mt( Tendon. ?)lh Regimen'. Captaiu Every, 41?t Iteglmerft. Captain J. A. I/ickbart 41*t Regiment. Captain (J. Rochfort. 4t?th Prglmen?. ( aptaln R. A. Col, KA Iteglmeut. Captain W. H. C A. Parker, 77th Kegimcn?. (>? i!?ir H W. (Jionan Wtb Regiment. Captain II I'rc ton, <?th Regiment Caj.Uiln Hutton, '.?7th ISi-glinen' Cnptal i Ilnwinotxi, lMd?, lieu*?.*-'t 1~ Hlakirtoa, 'i'Jl Rafiu.ent. I lee'.jiitut W. Wiijht, 7th Regiment. lie J A"i>i O. CoJt. 7t'i l|^rtBNen|. ll.w'W'wt it. t ' 7V Regimen*. lieip 'fUnt |>. I'yrelr Sid Regiment. I leuli ; <nl li. Ivmovnii, PJH Regtmenl . lieutenant A. 1? >-wlfi 'K)th l^giment. lieutenant K. Wiluicr, IKHh Ki-jHrnent. I iuuttcnant 1). M'<.r<iror, ?7:li Regiment. lieutenant C. Ryder, RIHe brigade. Kn*ign I '-iilie, ,^)th h'evlment Icputy Aaaiftant Con mil aaary W. Hayter. D-IKOIIROI'VLV WoUNDKD. lieutcriurit Colonel T. II. (ioujrh, H-'id Regiment (.ieutrnant l'ol> nel J. Vinan 41 ?? Regiment Miijor K. I". Maudi , !M Roaim n?. Major P. It. CharniB, '.'Otli Rrgiment. Captain ' Klley, It. E. Captain tt . II. Poole, "i'Ul Regiment. Captain C. II. l.umley, WtU Regiment. 1 ieutenan'. W. Knr, J Oih heglment. IJeutiiuint W. II. Jonec, 7th IN-gimen' lieutenant P. tJ'xlfrcy, idth Regiment. li< ut*i.ant A. ti'oren, lPth Regiment. lii-uienan' W. Tliompn n. 17th Ri-giment. Ueutrtant W. I). M?a-ey, IBth Regiment I ieuttonnt I.. O'Connor 'S'A Regiment, Iieutauan' C. II- i k, 2.14 Regiment. Iicut?nant K. S. II' Men, .UVI Regiment. Knalgn C. Michel!, 4wth Regiment. MKVKRKLT W0CNHKD. Iji'Uteiiant Colon* I 1?. I.y^ina. HUi Iteulinent. Iieu<etiaiit-Colou<d limleaiy, ?'i3<1 lU-giiuent. lieutenant-Colonel I.. II. Tylor. 02d Regiment Ijetcnant Colonel I), t. P. IWUnd. 7th Reg: in- nt 1 ji ut< aaut-Coionel P. ilaxwell, fWtb Rcgtaaent lieutcaant Colonel . I. t'uett, lv?th Rngimeat. Majoi W. Kooke, 47th ilegiment Najoi A. Cuie, 1,'itti Kegiuient. Mnji.r J. II King,4'.i!h Reglmi ut. Captain i'ocock, .JOtb Regiment. ttkptaia It Hume, r.ftt h ilegimen' (aptn'B II lilblicrt. 7th lt^tment. Optain .1 Dickie, 7tii Rkgimeut taptain I ? Vane, ?:id Rrgloaant. CKptaiu J. Ilutta, 77th H'idment Captain P.. Slauleverer ??tl? Regiment. Captain ti It. )!? roford. 88U1 lU-gimeu' ( aptain l?. ilroie. !4>lh Iti-gimeut. Captain V. Tingling. t i>tli Regiment Optaia J Wac!?, With litxriment. ( apta.a I Stibhorpe. WTiii Regiment Captain A. C. 1.. l-it/niy, {loyal Artillery. ( iiptaln K. Vaughan, BOth Rigiineut. I.ieuienant II. ? . Hp! lu ton R?>al >jvlne. i?. lieuiefcan' A. Moigan, Mth lUtgiment. I leuli neiit H. Williama, lat Regiment. IJculcoant H. Cnton, la'. i>gluiaat. 1 i(-ui"i? n' M. H?W, 30th Regiment. lieutenant <?. Nindeia, lilih lUgiment. 1 eutei tnt \V iohlM io, W'h l.>Ki>nen' lieiltcntm I King" ote, 41 t Regiment. lieuteiulni U I>?,v. npiirl, >'M Regiment IJentenant It. lloleaworth, ltrth Regim.'n' Ueuto>i*ir ?. C M lU tt, Z'd Regiment l,lcutei.?n J. Williamaon . 23d Regiment Ijeutemn' P M. Bare, '? d Regiment I |eut*n*nt ,t. Tupper, V/t Regiment. lieotcraii' .'. Ir*nt ?? ?''! Regiment I.l< utenai.l S. I a'li ie, .'H'h TU^lmeiit. lieutenant V. I!nnl<, 31th Regiment. 1, -MitcniOjt W, lAinlier' **th lUrflment, I i'-u tana*. ! P. Ilopton. HHlb IU-(fH!ien' liet: tenant I . n-olt, Wth ite*lment. II- utenaii' Watoen, 8*'b Regiment lien'i nant J Rait ay, !*?h Regtnaat, I.i. ti'ef an -ir C. PlgfO. Bart., t<Hh lUgtment. I. eutenaBt P. i IVr-rlll, tailb iu-uimeut. 1J" -itetiai' II. tioodrlehe, f"0th Refio>ent. I leotei.aat H. tHMidanougt', V7th Regiment, t Jeu'erait ;t 1 ttampion, r.. A lieutenant iyb-r, R. A !r <ign A. la-tta. i!d Regiment. Fnaign A. Merlin, II h "giment. Kraign ' . Walker, KOth it.-? irnent *KTKHrxY cowTragn. I.iet>ient,nt M Watera, T7th H^iinent Ueatmiat ' . Kio?le? 77th Regiment. HLIOHTI.Y WHI N t*HD. ii> naral>*n 4traut>earee t.encra I hirley. ?ieiv*ral Warren. OdoUme ll?n- P. Herbert. I laqtrieal rui'wl Manli v-r er ..<.tb Va lor Con | bell, 30th He*in.- a< Valor Pntt 41-? l:?gir?Mnl Major 7 arncr, 7th Regimen! Major U . 'ilen 10th hegimeot Major W|. df-rd, Hide tlri?a . Major i. II Kin?. ??th Re^ttnea' Cs.p'jin C. Ifceel, Hag! meat . t attain * ntaar ,'wt Itegiment. t aptaS* Rowlawle tlat ltegim?>'. " aptaln Punter, K1A Regtrrwnt < ap<ata Ouppawdall, Itfth Itagiavat t ?|/ 'ia KUia M4 Hegim. w' I aptaia l>rrln WMb Ragto -tit ( ap'ain W wida, With Kgtmen? Captain ha Net. H. r- ll?? I- Be Rrlrad' 1.1*1. tenor farker 17th Hegirr^wt. I.e ii<?aat Hoc W. Kl-inkatt, lot CafttMr.' I i-.'iteacat I >?, M R^iaaeat liai, tenant Aoa'ia 1th llaC>a>e?t I tamteoan' h la *m *?tb Ka^lmea' le> .teaani Maade Hit I'.i giaiaat. lieute??M Itajfcey 1Mb kagva^o' limteaaat ' reaort, tteg-.roao' I V a '-nan ? Kadr^fe %?\ ltegia?en' I te'tlaaaat Wallia. I'eai?aa?.< I te iteaa*' ia^a't 77 Ui Bafimani. ?* li"i*eaai. Ifaydaek *M1> Ragtw^ rt \,M\ I .e'ite??B' ' .rahaiua '*tb f'glaa'e , I ? itaaaa' Br- wa#, t?Ttti Hayawt I jMtaaaat V itagaraM OTth IK^taicat I jrutacat Kyre K.t?? Hrteada ?? I iantaaaat KlVtW. Kifla Wrlfila, lieaiaaaat K?cka Rita Mgade I teat CM at P I eqtaaaat Boroagh. I'lAa . ?ga4a Uewtaaaat P1aya*,|UAe ?? ?a4? ?twarw*. Il?e-^,? || I .?a?ea. <f , GENERAL rBLlHSIER MADE A If AR8HAL. Tin* * ai trur of i-ept 13 contain. U?a fdlowlag dr Napoleon, by tba of U?>d and tiit wiU afthe people, frmpeiur of the l ia? h. Taking luto coitaidaratiow the ? diluent eerTi.'ew rendered by lltarral l'ei?a> Iit, Mwritll; In t*e I'rimM, wlme cita inan.Wn U ?ar army in the Kant, wo decree a? foiled ? Ai triable Jnu iu? ? I'aUaetrr i.i-naral of IMvitWn, it rained to the rank of a Vankal of Vrance. Daikd Mr. Cu>l?, *ept. Ja, lH4ri. KAl'dl.ETN. THE TE DEUM IK PARIS. |l>< m I'aria letter 14 | Tbe 1> Pmm, U?a hymn of thank-tfititig for ttir t.t umpk of tb? allii-d ai luio* In tbe Ci irnaa ami ih<- tall *1 hibaatopol. celebrated wltt> dun p< up tbi> dav lu Ilia ihurch of Notre ]>ame. Twelle o'clock wee tin- limit at which the rcllgioua ceremony *a? to commence b'tt a' 9 o'clock tb?- population of I'arU WM In movement an t thronging loth* Ktrw-t- through which it ??? known tli luiporlal cortege wn* to pa** on It- way to tin- unclou catlii dml of Notara Han*-. A* 10 o'oluM the troopt, cm prilling the aiiuy ol l'mi* aud tha bott*Jlo?i of Ihe Na tli nal Uuard, arri??l no the point* which had Ma a? rigurd to tli of* i to for in ? douNe Uu? Tin- kue do Rieoli *...?! it.. n>?? IW M?. >i.., rjj,- hrfak-o of No tri) Ilnaic, tin- Huo de la Cite I" **?' ?'? atantlne, tba Rue I'.m.tuatlne, the itue d irn.U, an tbi' open apeee In Iron! of Sliltn llama, Wrf eecuplel nr troop* and Naliouat t.uarda, aud the grotmd it oxuplad by thim waa filled with a compact multitude. The nwaaii hIod| th? pvi*i|v wero ?lTefuo<l out with the of to# iillivd nation*; and tli* window*, rioni tli* b*?cii?ent utory to the roof, were allvo with * pacta tor*. Phi< tiim> honor ed cathedral il?elf oontnlnad only within i'a eanoluary llie ornamenla rauulied for a /iu wblch partook at the Mime time of a r?ll?l.m? aod military character. <m the Jbttf coiiiiitUM whlAi nupp??rt lilt Aral K*lW?ry of th? portico *era iliiplajed tan ahiwld.* of I rmit^, KaitlMM, turkey, aDd I la.lnn.nt. and it row of Hit**, with the colour* of the four nation*, eileiided aloaif the bat* of the two tower*, on ench of which ftoatwl tour vreen batiuer*, ouibroiiluiod with gold baal. Again, on tU? ?uiumil of the tow*r* rtoutail two laige ti*>*. Tho mium* in trout of tlia uatluolral, lh< ntieetn of Ai cole, (onatautine. ajut the tltc, a* well a* tkr lu..igo of Notre l?unin, wnl coTerwd with a liot <W'I pieaoutlng the api>eurancv ol a raipet for tho cortege l<i I . ii hji over. An Iiuuiimui crowd tilled tho a|ipr'?ache* tii tbi* Tullolie* and the 1 lac- du Carronael, whera the troop* who wora to e?cort the Ijiipomr wei?- drawn up At 1* o'clock pieciaely the Kuuenir and l^Jnco Jerome entered the Htate carrt*K'- In the ruurt of the Tullert.-*, Thf! itriM ruiloii tiiulcr th? trluwpbil arch t in rourvl nearly in the following order:? J liffieraJ Korta, thu eotiimMiid* the cavalry of tbo ariny ??r lArui, the t< gitneut of the tinido*, prec.?twl br the tappet* and the bnnl, U.e impeiial houw hold, on hor.cbaak; threo court carriage-, drawn by ?li horma, and couUlnli? tbe dlgnit?rl?? of tlw crown nnd the grand otUo<-r(. of tne pmpim and of tbo l ower*, inch of then* ???? uage* *?? allen.t?.t by 11m* M|UQnl(rt nf lb0 lmporbl boiiMilioVl. Tito jrnuu cmierHc* uf the Emperor prfomlixl lh? Impfrlil carrlmw*. llu n cftmo the Stiit? rariiiMJ# of tbe armwa by eight hor?e*, niagnlllcetitly enparlaoned, ami Ie?i by run ning foot uien In ^ liveile-. Tba Ruperor .woupie i the right of tbe cartl/igo. and at Ul *ide wa< ?e?te l hi* uncle, i'rlnse Jarome. Ill ? M*Je-ty, a* al?o tho I rtnee Jerome wore the uniform of lleuU'nant-trneral, and the grnnd coidon of the Ugion of Honor, foe nuignillceiit Minudri n of the Cent Oarde* followiii eloie W the imperial earilnre nnd the ivrtt.f wan rloi-ed by a ? |U?drnn ot Utiir aoaiei* of the linparal Ou?rd. Hie J-inperor'* de|?rtura frcm thr TuIUoriofl annu??n? ?vl !?y a *alut* of ? hun iIuhI Ktin?, tho truuip<'ti? *?onu?Usl, tiu- <)rjtn? lm*t t?? aim*, th- ll.ig* were lowered a* Napoleon i>a*.?e.| and arrlamation* bni*t from the multitude, whl' li Hew al ing the line. The gi eat of Notre ltitine pewM out It* uole* <>r till midi, and announci-d the tl.llngi of a great ?oli ii tut r to tho popu hit Ion ol I "ail* I rom ererr win dow hat* and handtarcbiefi were waYing. a*?h??wv^K ?ih anci d *lo?ly. and It approacbet tbe c.i',liitlial ul Notre l!i.iue mnld n dorm of acclamation* from the tr.Bl titude. Tbe weather wa* beautiful, the heaT-n* wore altboiit cloud, and a warn, though not tultry and a hrilliaut ;.UII looked down upon the?ieri?, to wtilrh It uiUUd life and spirit. Th. Eu parqr and I'l Ince Jarouje, with brad unci Yer-d. ialuin'^1 'lie nJutej of the K' pie, Mid It n r. lil ea-lly he , e? u how lui py thr y at tli!* tuaulfeatatlou of uiitiorial ?plrlt. Ibc Kmptlor ?a* recelred a' the entrance of Noire I ante hr the AtchbUbop aud hi* clergy and conductaji to the i ? v l> ?? pretated for lilrn In ffout of ,%ie liljfh al tar. The interior ol the ''athedial war lUc.iraled nerirly iu the r?tte *tj l? a? in the ruaarUgi' of the i.mperor. 'Ibc pillar* aerc I oveiod wlfli crlrn?ot? >'dret embroider ed with i;oM and dra|eiv of tbe aaine mateiint -analnag the upl et eidlerlei . whkh were adorned at teguUr lrt?*v V ila ?MhB' Weo u*gle* With exunde.1 wing* Cla"en" ot n.i| i ? 'v- nui*n *!*? n*\?+Am .i waeS > mil, and thoir mingled bannara adorned the gali< lea and ro*e to the lofty roof ol th* churcli. The < lml r wa< ci erred over with the oiiii;.i.iun: ? ol Fia#ae, Kngiawl. I Uaimont and Turkey, ami gllttnel in He .uobeaun m1. oli r??id through the Ooil.ic wlndow?. n.e *lt*r In tlie middle of the transept actually *p peaied like a ma** ofcarwd gnl'i. eoclrcleo by h ? nt red* of candeUbra The ;.lrl* and tran e|.t wire f imi?h<-l altli hero hr* (oTttel Willi teltel lor th" rifttci r? 'f the Crown the vaiiou* r inatltuleil corp*, an-l th* repre**o tatinn of frireigngoeernmenta. Atnongth* wi'Mt prmi> nfiil a* al?o the tuo*l r*rn.irked wre th" I'rm-ieo and Arirttlin Amlia^ad-ir* lh> dipiomatle eor|? an I tbe minl*<ei of the Crown were to the rljht cf tha Kinje ror and on tie l<ft the Mar.h.U ol Krame th- iJranl Cro. e, of the I re Ion ol Honor the Slrmlier. of th* lo>ll ntltute and othr r dignltarle? and high firn'tnniarie. A certain number r.f ladle, who had l-^-n .|.~ially ineltail aere aho preient. The aide al?le?, wl trh wen Mpa ra'nlfti in 'l.erent:al on* by wiHulett harrier*, wore I- f for the occupation of the public, who tille-l tiiein at an tarly hour. ., . At 11 o'clock the chnrrh w?t nearly llll"! A' Mlf cant 11 the Ardibl-bop of I'arln, wi'h ermlat and m Ire, ? nd followed by tba chapter, proceeded to th* -Otranee where * can py had Ikoii erected and under wh h he awaited the I mpero'a approach, lb* greale*' In'i reet atevaliet. a* the AuiU- - olora arrlTi d lb* p -?"?a<r? hi.weTi r wbo*e pteeenc* ?a* balled with inirk' i wel m ine w*? AW 'l-hader, who parhap* wa? the laa.t a? lonikhr I at finding bl?a*elf In a ehrUtlan V roph th.ak Ir.g hiavrit b r the triumph* i f 1 lancr At half pa?t 12 the drum* l* *tnir to aim* and the thoiila ol ti e crowd ga?e note of tl r Mn;?f|"' ?pr .a-'i Within the ehui h etary one m e, the or- he,ita *lr?ck ? triiin.pli.ii and ihe tr * n pri ^ui-d ar rti*. Ih* ?>)|.eroi allglited from the .arr.age anlafe- a few niori.etit?' co:iTer?atlon Willi the Arrhbi.hop -alare.] th' building Th" Kpl"' ot ?l ' ro?* w.* t*>tfie at th* h-a I of the Broce>*lob. The fmporo' a?l?*n to th* ai'?f alone lent .11 hi? Vnei, and t' nialne I In th*' p-ieiil ?n foi ?. mi mtiiU M alike f.e.t of 'he *t?p? laaHnftolt Hetlen dn ? hue' anl h wing right amt ie(t eaale t hi marl! In the favtsmil. ?H>f,i* wbl h a pray d- ?? covered with etlm<on eeleet ?** placed 11:. T /v. m mi th n ? hauntr I In the in 1?t of tba deaaett lUeure the /*/?!*. mJ'*' i" /"/V /eret'i'.-r' w. ter . a'rd line* time* '.y the ?o<al *n 1 iuHruitiesUI i<"? former*. The Ai.hbi-hop thm pren .unwl In th? o.o t oleti.a i. annar the , floral brn?ll. Hon while all >? ? rid r.r a" mote humbly than AM el Kader an I the Ai*b rhirt* by whom lie w?> at!?ud?d The I'mlr ap|?are 1 i|uil? *mvta'e| and *till in a ?!?>. of migei'n^ from bl? late malady. th? . -e n .at ?a? OTI at 'an mloute. to one o'clock the Kmp-ror laft the ? butch with 'he name .tale a* he . i"-"l It anl i tun rd to th. Tuilatl-* a*U ?h? ?am- *c I* ?Uo?i* It.e I'mprraa ?a> not i?-r?en' at tlie e?r?m"?ny, bwt her ladle* of hon-r at'mded en-l wet* -*trd near ihe 1 m per or It apjear* that tlw ee.tin ma Worn hf th? Archl.Ubop and tl - 'letgy on tb' pr*~nt .^e,. tl < n'ent eal rob' * thit were prw-"it?d t>y " - I ? ? ? rot ? at oleon I. to 'l>e 'Vrgy -A 'he eathedral at lh* bapti m .f tkr Mtg-f lb. in Tl>" IVigUo Mint* ?r l ln-.tat lend tbe ? //ri. at . atnl the n.lnlaUr. of -m?* ?* tka ? i/, liter "-'ale* of lletm-ny were al*o ab-"n< THE VERY I.ATKMT. ntLEOmAritlC I ROM LOW IK I a TO LIV?*fOOI l/itl*i>, Kept. 1J, 1*4? fk? Karta c.*tea(*>w.|eiil rrf tlie lAitly N ?e wtl' ?? I1 I* reported tha' A '**? tr.ert ha*' -?n??*rt"l at Bitakl.ea lor lu ?>*!?? "f ?*ba<*op"l 'it*" "* h MflM? prohakla Y?*u.rdaf'? /"?'t .-ita.a. th. fd lowing not" Irti the pf^tit oc ipatl-.B <i 1 tie" all ?! army, tftu th* pen of t'olooe ft Aw ? It ha* l?en a**ed if ???.n|*l W t?n?bla ? ling a - U.e I!n*aiin? r?toal? master* <rf all th f .ft* on tb- rw.rlh .Id* wklth In tha era la fr ?n? of th* V?wa? C idoaWdly It may ka h*id la epit" <4 iki* Wr radtel ball* and Horn'-* In oar r ? . -?? t> ?' -? .bettered m-raly ky parap-t* throw a up la ha?t the kre tin of grape a*d a??*a etry aad w 4 1 a?i, aa tba' trfinial abaudoa ika tre*rh^?. la "?imt?p.' we vhad h* *bettate<i ff'rtn tkr kall< by ' ? wall* '<f tba I. o*e- adeed of **-t*tal kowaea at -mr*. Na *e? a' ;rape or muaketry need be laarwd at the 4l.u?w nemy 1* ao?? 1,*? to i,*?? yar ia Aa te t*? koa. we tuaj t'rerti air??i'? If* II"1* a* th? R??*taa> tk e*w.??W" dW Kond wat?. " -netrwrK-.g ? ??<?<* 4ie? wiUi <a/*.k upxi tb*? Wt ?arw' w*a' tk- ?*?""*'? ?in?* to* Kuwlf. had art U*a l?< k-ira ?" ?"*' f veaey^iag Is tk*e great atty It k* tr tk*t t ? ? ta.a of the or r'k ky tb* R***k??* p??e*w - ?>?' *ala?i?f tba ruadaUad a ad tka ^>*t ye* wka* we?d H*?? ?? ti^ai whew *? alr-dy r-? ** *?'*"" "" ileiaiwa ' ilaeaaot MtrfiealraMypa^th. win t?r wtt*?M>l iaeatrtng *af We^?t la tka-a !? kaa aJ*i l*?l ' 'ka all**- w?fi kae. to a-.^t aa. nw or W e. "<? ?* *' "a aa O- . atiV 1 her* app*a a ? ~**T f" *" ' t).h* ? 4. -a .gam ak * , . r.f d ?? a> k ha.* '*? -agtod i aa <?* ? - ** 'u M*0' ?.r *?< *" a>w#A awf TW hey to tV?? , brt a ? Jtery o?at tk* Ibiakat la tka 'itnea tell ?< U<*-neala~ aae ag !h?t ikey ???' ia*'a?t)y iMatoi Uma a* if tk* Haw** a* dw? to re ,,1. \t*-m etnt. a htorkad* aad tawkiaa ?IU '.-nf* Vkaa* Iiiifaoto, aad tki* . a kamii a?W>a tka' ltoa??a ? r ' l,mtt mr.ra tkaa aU tka raat T* * forta '' tka wi*t\ , 4* raa e?^?iaaalJy aaltk** p*?-eaai aw* ?^aa??t-?* ?* ? W ?a-i t'ay 'b-.r* " ^**att w. ? ??. ?f ?i" " '. ar-aat e tiea. Wr should not be surprised at Mielr Mtarn tip *0 MM II the Ululiii army is couip-d\ d V> retreat from th* im(liborb(H>1 of 1 tapof. Thr reepe-tlve pc I lions of the two reinairte Hie aams, Md Will do ao until our of th? two elmii tahw ?**>? initiative of a niifHMo< that will loi?r the other to ? na-uvre fn Its turn. for the pre?ei?< (In aft?d aVH% ? hi* Malta strong poaltiwit until tbe oaeapntloa of tl?e !<>??* ?ball have Wo properly arrange. t ,nd ite chief <Mmmm thoroughly repaired. It d ?a a?t tJ hi" any ttilnf elee at K'xwt to Ho. The llutilii army, (of lt? pert, occoplca thi? eirellert- poaiUoea ol Marker, atrengly Interallied ind I 'tied ?i! rtg??t ti ll eour ?w? On Mh iliUn tlx n|*billly ? ? ?(? in wii'm the at tsck with chaw trieraMy equal H wrlotu reelataaee aad samees, aad wtt* the c|ual H. ? of lowing a great many men. The ftasaian alii probably e utiaae la obeervatii.a W '?UI within '.heir atrniig pujIM mm nntll tfm allied aruijr /rue. ?lgui ..f mm* m onion < Alt what wUl that ir. rement I o ? Khali we ?*u.4fete **"* " -.t?. -t?la *..1- r h ? r... 5 Ivo ta Wn^iteropnl wind* a.mjf V i we peeetrat ? lata Aft heart of the ( rim Mi l.? an iir n u If w, wha* rontf and *k?c All tlieae ate preiatl ira , aan tioaa. I*t aa avoid trac.n* eat Imaginary plaua of .aai palgn. Kathar lat u< permit lime to develops tka ?Tent*, ot K our ltnagtnatim nml need outstrip (beta, the flakl of rorjecture la 0|MM. ITir Aan fiprw??< a hij>* that la aeenrUnne with precedent aad with Uia u?age of ovhor uaU'U?, a da/ maf be appointed for a public thankagiving tor tbe glerfoae victory and that upon the arrival of theoitutai >1- pa to hew the honor* due to who Vive altered In th ">n>i?Mt ol Kebeatopoi anay he di*tribul?l without data/. ? I ocd I'alOMraton yesterday rate' . ed an addreas froaa tbe Inhabitants of Melbourne, It I>> ijrtUire, where h? ?aa paying avtalt, la cnuplinwut to the tale triumph ef the alllea. THIS ABMAl'LT ON THK M A UtoTV. I'AUM, hwpt 14, lWt. The Fraakfort Jrmmtl ?ta>f tjjat tf7 bMtwi tadlM men wi-ie take* prUemer* at the atormiof of iho Matakuf THE BALTIC. lM<m tepi 14. 1?M Tlie lirlrer hu? ar-lfM ("hr left the allied lleeta at W<Tjiar and Nargou. A dnapatrh fr"m Unnttlr, dated iiltfht of Hapl It ?tatpn that thr hto'k ilitpn waift e?p>" I' d to be erd re-l home on Moaday nest. roMtimcm. aitd MowKtAttr. [Kiom Tlaaee eii| artl WJ ImtM, M, 1 1>' The ban? teturna ahow a further illinn[^P"0 of Ll:l, '42 In the Stock of bullion, an I thr oif>t< tdtlun Uiat th" doollae wiiiiU *41* In be laiga cau.r.l b"itiii*M la the atock market throughout the 'lay. thr operation* dart vc thr ilay were not ?xtaaan?. hut lh?re wa? a coatinued demaml f r n uey, allli* ug'i to a le?>?r eatent than warf eiperlaart<l a day ortfl back The apjdieaUeaa Inr dlafounli at tuc bank are le j auati i <u< *u l uetwllh ?tandlng a fuithei iniprovenx at iitUi* fnr* ga etahan, ** , guld i* atill hi eourae of withdrawal laige auma, II la aai t, b< ing remllled toVlrana fui rn< n puti-haaea on the Daou Lf* I'ull weather aad a alight ad4Hf?aal ria* In wheat ilk" alaa tended to In rea?e the ratim of itapreaaloa. (Hi tl e idhei liaml the notlflealloii of f)e?h (?bm of gold am their route fiotu Auntralla. C"U|.led with the le?i severe areimnta of the K ?oo h lo><> ? before Hahaatopol, war* rslculaled to l.are a sualaluln/ nil. . nee, la the larelga eaehsngea, thie sf*ern on Ihe bualaeea traasa' tad we* not eiUn?lTo, bat a lurther adranoa oaearred ape* all > hlef plaree. Th< Hamburg ?<lvi e? deeeribe atoaey aa being very acaroe at (Ur par eenl At fatla the rata la (??ur p<-r cent. 1 he Kr ancle Heoly le awnouawd te have touched a' I'ei naml.u . fr-m Melb<iurne on her way ta I nglaod with alxiut ? S tMO .c.ut?i uf gold aa<t 4'4(M ?.*?e*%n. anil., a t??at ,.f <!4M,?W. The ?sta <4 tear ?ailing waii June M, V ing <?? 4ay> later than the ee eounta by tbe lb* | liorua ?trainer 1 1 r< ill tbe I'eily Neara city article.) |jr??<m, Viiiiut k<K?isa, Kept u, mm The rlty funds maintain gi at roroperatl >a ?taadlaaea, but clia?<l to day at '? per cent lower than ye?'erday. la the othei departments ef the market the downward tendency Is more a|>parrnl The chief feature la the Mtoek ttuhange today was '?^4erable prw?ure I ?? money, which o rnmareie I a! ? ne period of tbe day aa much aa 0*r per rent up n deposit ??f g irerameat ?? curitiea. hotoe Urge parsels -.1 eishe<iaer bllla Itawa I*' n throwa upon the rnarke' for raaltutloa by baakera amlrdliera who are now al.l. U. Oirl in ,r? pet. 'liable aaa plojment for tl.elr ft.i,:. lht-ae sales ' aitlct with the rtwt heavy raaMaatbiru of -toek or, arvrunt '4 tbe lisak >4 Khglaod and the lasUlrneot i>n th- Tarkl.h ).?a, whtrb apt eara to ho largely held t.jr dealer* and ? llrtent It acconnta far the preaeure la the M. <? I tehaisr" Th* dt'caaat boueaa to day ral>ed llietr n'? for money at call to :i?< per rent, and a' a >h n n .tiea Ui : \ par reat. Tbe retae ofd!??ui<' ate m<in aln?l at the ea hatred rangr lately e*tshll>h> I by th? bank, anl a * evl general demand for a" ? rw-'at. i Is ? till ei .ea^ad The efUui ? it gnl I fi'-in th- liaak haa net yet eaaatd further paireU I,a? I.( le -a withdrawn In day. The f.Ml^ao-Vange. ?). .e-1 , fu > ther impmvw n.etit? the ?applr <4 !? I! l/?i g> .nelieraldy Is ea?e?s af the demand The corn marl ? to i,y was grai at la>t y relay *s rates. Mit rrverai pa .?i.of?h<.l raatir.l aa advaaee' fle U< 'to p i >| n <rt or i l.e d< need f ar eer tain klnde >f ?l es' aad panlih fl -tt Vn et^ortaUrm ta Iranrw roatlnare vry ar- e Th* lat< ?? ra)?rte fruw abroad r nfun. 1 1 ? o'ba'laae ? .ld? able p- r lion of Wrwte.ri Karope, laelo ^ l-ra'ee, Helgi am II' llan<lar d | art i/fe -n?a ?? be re?ial af ike harvest |a nwaet ratiefaetary Ike deiaarel taa eapp <y Ihia f all oental def- aeney oil] lead !?? eheek the f? Call la >?? <>, A' I'a Is a fre.h rite la the prtee .f ? .r hat <ateU pi**, The Mldlan- a I ail way I . ?pe i hat. )a,? >a?l a notiee invltlar teasers of I >?at n? d> letatarta la si ma of /.IWi an u ear U It le a |Stp thai thla t?g.i| , .... ..It not ha a teeaa ear tied oat a weae <v a?o ' f-re Um lata rtae > f <>na p*r rent a", -a'- 'A 41 The hatf yearly dividead lareUt g of the I'a a 4 ls>glaiel | roprletarf le railed for the Mth I 't ' T , re is? . (I r .la the ?ogar aaarki ? eont n ?? 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