Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 30, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 30, 1855 Page 5
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Kspenscheld, tlw Popular Htttor, fcM ?>*? ? decided hit with his tell *tyle for LHQA. In beauty and bril ?aocy nothing excels this superb fabric. It la ?uperlaUie folly ?s pay 94 for a hat In Broadway, when a betlar and finer ono can be had at 118 Naasaa *ircot, near Bellman Jfnr IS 60. The Batter to be Mi ArlUt matt not 1m Htlr Bed by it'aklng a cover for the bead; the form, etylo, or shape el that head rover ha* to be made of proportion* of height, volume and shape, to correspond with the proportions aud feature* of the wearer. It joulet D. Iteaudln, the French artist In hat*, tit y?a with one after his own taato, and follow hit advice about ih? way to wear It, you will be satlslied that he l? a real artlat. and you will remember for ever D. b K A U DIN, the French haUcr, iflW Broadway. imbvotypet Ahead of all Patents? Call and see thoae exquisitely colored specimens taken by B. A. LEWI.H, 142 Chatham street. Instructions Riven U' desired. Photograph* of distinguished men on exhibition. Am brat y pea ?In Answer to Many Inquiries regarding the permanence of thla art, the subscriber would eav that the principle of finish ha employ*, though recently ap plied to (he ambrotype, baa been In uae Long enough to de monstrate lie entire indelibility; alao. that hi- Jia* the choice of every known method of flnlahlng the ambrotype. He guaran tee* the permanence and durability of every picture made at hi* establishment. U. B. llKADV, 359 Broadway, Daguerreotypes fbr 99 Cent*, or D W per dotes, and elegant photographic portrait* for 93 and $0 per Mien, may be obtained at the picture laotory, by the machine process, of Holme* and the Artist*' Club, 2W Broadway. Ham. Heraee Waters1 Planoa Bav1n| in Mr tMproveaaeatsof action and overstrtag*, a length of wale and power of toneequal to the (rand piano: T. Gilbert AOo.'* pia ?oa. wtth or without the aolian; Uallett A Oumaton'*, Woodward A Brown, and Jaoob Chlckericg'* piano*, and thoee of five of Ike beat New York maker*; new octave pianos, tor tlM; seecad hand piano* of all varieties, at great bargains, prteea from 9W to 9l4g. Planoa to rent, sad rent allowed oo par Maxtor ?ale en monthly payments. 8ol* agency of ??D. *11. W, Smith'* melodeons, (tuned the esual tempera - **st?C) Eaefctoetmment guaranteed >0 give entire *aU*faotioo, or purchase mosey refunded. HORACE WATKB8, S3S Broadway. Sew Sdksl Wow SUki I? Two eases of Rl' h Lyon* drees nllks of luperior quality, at 91 per yard. Awl, ?ve caaee of rich China and plaid and plain da, from f 1 to to per yard) one case superior black do., at tl. These were all ?arcaaaed before the advance, and worth at per cent mors faaa the price asked. K. H. LEA DBRATE R * OO., 947 Broadway. Plaid and Stripe Silks, 0*? and 8a. a yard. The cheapest and beat atyle* of the season. Open to morrow atLTOm A J ON EH, 277 Hudson street, between Canal and Spring street*. KM Olovnl Kid Gloves 1?1,000 dozen supe rior Paris made kid gloves, the beat ever Imported, will ho of fered on Monday, Oct 1st, at great bargain*. Alao 3,000 em broidered collar* from 1*. to 96 each. K. H. LEADBEATBR A 00., 347 Broadway. r French Merlnoes, all Wool Plaids, and an kraaense stock of psramatia*, selling at great bargains by 1/TONH A JONKH, 277 Hudson stieet, between Canal and Nprtng street*. Shawls.? 300 Stella Shaws, at |8 each, 100 brech* snd Cashmere do. at W, 200 rich Cashmere long shawl* from 915 to $40 Alao, Scotch and Hay State long ana square wool thawls. K. H. LEADBKATBK A CO., 347 Broadway. Black SUlt Velvets, For Cloaks and Man tillas.? Lyons A .lone* have juit received a large Importation of the t nest black stlk velvets, to an,.ln*pertlon#Bf which they in vlte the ladle* of New York and vicinity. 8tella shawls In great abundance. LYONH A JONKH, 277 Hudson street, between Canal and Bpring street*. Lace Cnrtalns flrom Anctlon? E. H. Lead BRATEB A CO., 347 Broadway, will offer 300 pair* rich lace curtains, from 96 to 930 per pair ; 200 Hwl*? do., from 91 to 90, worth doable the price asked. Ostrich and Marabout Feathers? Just Re ceived by steamer Baltic, a splendid lot of ostrich and mara bout feathers. The attention or ladles respectfully solicited by Mrs. CAHTKR, Paris millinery establishment, S08 Broadway. . %kN(lemeli's Furnishing Gooti^We Invite attention to our complete assortment ol fall and winter goods, ttaperlor made shirts, all size*; three-ply linen oollars, all sixes, kid. cloth, silk. Ac., glove*, all sixes; cravats, scarfii, tie* of all qualities; mufflers, robe*, travelling shawls, gauntlet*, ander shirt* and drawers, suspenders, hosiery, Ac., wholesale orfretall, at low prices. 1BA PKRF.OO A flON, 61 Nassau street ?vans' Clothing Warehouse, Bos* 00 and 9G Fulton street.? Flue fashionable cloth coat*, 98; splendid feiMtoeas costs, 96; 3,000 pair fancy casilmere pant*. 92 SO; riah *Uk vests, 92. extra superfine beaver overcoat*, 919, Ac. To Country Clothing Merchants.? Close barer* of elolhlng are invited to Inspect the extensive stock of P. 1>. UOOKHH A OO., corner of Pulton and Naaaau streets. Tkelr purchases of material* have been tnade under peculiar (r tovorable *lreum*tances, and If cheapnes* combined with style are desired, It is believed that country dealer* will con salt their own Interest* by giving them a call. P. L. ROGERS A CO. Ton Cannot Imagine why your ShlrU don't At, eh f Ask any man or fashion anil he will tell you. It 1* not because you got them of thin man or that man, or the other man, but ?Unply because- you did not get lhe:n of QKKtiN, Sc. 1 Ah tor House. Beat French Patent Leather Stitched Boot made to order, from 16 u>f7, by A. BAKKK, 15 Ana street. Kine calf $3 76; double soled $4; water proof 50. A wiving ?f SO per cent In your boot bills. A perfect fit guaranteed. Great Bargains In Carpeting.? We have now n aiare a large stock of fall Importation*, comprising velvet, lapestry, Brussels, three-ply ami Ingrain carpeting, floor nil ?lot be. Ac., which we are offering at very low rate* tor cash. *l. h Brussels 7i. and Ha. per yard. SMITH * LOUNSUEK BT, 4M Broadway, near Grand street. Carpeting*. ?Peterson & Humphrey, 370 Breadway. are selling off their entire stock of rich carpet* at the following price*:? Velvet carpets, 12*. per yard; rich tapes try do , fs ; rich Brusiiels do., 8s. Three ply, Ingrain, oil cloth, and all otlicr goods equally low. ffcTBRHOW A Ml'MPlfRKY, 379 Broadway. Carpeting ? Great Inducements are oflfored et Y 0 ( N O A JAQCK'H, 3M Broadway, opposite Tavlor's saloon. In carpet*. curtain inateruue, *. Hru**el*at 91 per yard, and other goods equally low. All who Write H ho aid Go to Wllmarth's, it Maiden lane, sod see hla now style of pen and pencils, called Lowud's patent. The beat things of the kind ever Imund, ?haala, elegant, convenient and durable. Warranted not to get out of order. The attention of the trade 1a Invited. Rich Fanry Goods.?' Tattle, 334 Broadway, baa i nst received by lata arrivals from Kurope a variety of rich Psrls goods of the latest ntyle. Klegani fans for Uie la dies, rich snd magnificent jeweiry, porimoimaw*, opera glass es, and almost every article <* personal ornament that ran be iiaagiticu. His mock of articles designod for presents and souvenir* I* declaedly the most complete and various In the country; and just at ibis time he sells very cheap. The Smithsonian Hotue, on the European ?Ian, Prnadwav, corner of Houston street. ? This new and nrge hotel, newly furnished and in thorough order, with all ?m eonvenlences of the highest priced hotels, offers to travel tare and the publlo, including families, unsurpassed accommo dations at lower rates than can be afforded by any other first ?lias hotel. 81DKEY KOPMAN. Bluffer's Sewing Mac It I nee ?We Have the pleasure of snnounclng to our friends snd ctisurniers that we areflncreaslr g our manulactu ring department with all possible dli patch The Introduction of our Improved machines. run ning st double speed, snd accomnlMhlng twice the quantity of work in a day. has raised a sudden rush of order" In a few days we shall have doubled our weekly product of machines, and will supply all orders promptly I. S BlVtlKB * CO., 323 Broadway. Defiance Salamander SafH? Robert H. Pat KICK 1s the sole manufacturer In the United States of the abort celebrated safes and patent powder proof defiance locks aad cross bar*. Depot 1V2 Pearl street, one door below lUld an lane. Lndlow'? BellHfcallng Can* Preserve Frnlta and vegetables for years In a perfectly freib state, without the ?ss of su>,*r or other preservative property, mid are the enly ean<- made leoulnng no wa?, solder or rem*tH. Mam factured and sold by TAYLOR A ll'tDOKTTS. Agenta, fio Beekiuan street. Hatehrlor'a Hair Dye, Wigs and Toupees ? The ke?t in the world. Mine private rooms for applying h.'s nnrtvalled dvc. I'ewareof imitation*: they reault in ridicule Tfcc bvrce^t Stock of w igs mid toupses in America, wholesale and retail, at BaTI'HRLoR'B, 23$ Broadway. 910.? Wigs and Tonp* i s. ?Where did yon Ret tliai ? !g ft"tn, my friend f At the on'y pl?<*e In New York, wtere TO't will find 'he best aa-ortmeot of arlgs. toupee?, baek and fr"tit braids, band*, curls, Ac.? from MKDHURHT A C'O.K, 27 Maiden lane. Apology.-1- Mr. GrandJean Res pee trolly araji" the ladits 'o eieus? him tor having so long delayed In mrmmg tbem of bis removal. He can bu found every da/, readv to evamine and g've advice on all diseases of ladles' hair, in a priv ate room, at M < .'hutch ''-reel, corner oi Barclay. Tap, Plmplei, Free hie*, Kmptlons, Halt rheum. erjsttieUui, rlnswtm, snd ail skin d tease*, positively cured by OOfBA 1 0*8 world renow: ej Italian tueii.-aa* *??!> ltl? moreover the very best shaving compound ever u*ed. I'oidre 1. litle uproot* hair from low foreheads or any part of the body warranted Liquid rouge tlly Wh! e, hair aye and restot fire, ai tbeoiddejot, ^ s I'ltr street, first store from Broaiitsay, Mrs. llayt s. Brooklyn, Hance, Balti more; Ils'en. it, ????!, Drnmlit?' Fancy Goods K*f I naively ? Tf< th, null and hair brushes, romb*, pomades. otl?. Lnk1! ?itrac s, soaps I'arif luMet articles and every artlrl- sold by druggie' ? ereepi drugs, ofl. red on SKMt r-a?onabie >rms. Rlrt'H K. McHAMiil g 00., imporer* aed uboieaate deal ers, 1W Broadway. The ??Canister ** Kmployrd In Battle Is not more uniformly fatal To \ltom ii rtrik*? tat bean or bra-'n, Thau Lyon'* aiatcbb ?? inteot uane. To every crawling insect thing* by night to Mte > r stint Dec t' r LYQM 8 Msgnrtic l'nwder snd Pi, Is fi r !??""? rats and mice. Broadway, an*. Ho t h Ktgtith *treet ilaladclpkia. The Great Inhaling Remedy for Astlirna, MOaomptlon. and all di*ea?e* of the thrust and lungs. Ur. Ol'HTlh'f* byssaaa. Thousands have be* n re*v>re<t 'o health he past year by the bygena. Pr^tpsl ofjl e, No. M3 Kr sk! ?ay. and v.UI by C. II. KIVO. .Vo 1 Broadwai PrtO* rmtf II a package Dr. Cunt* wiU be at tbe office dally from Ml 10 Aa'eiock, where be may be e?msulu*l free of Jrnrg*. Holloway* Ointment and Pills snrpa^s all e?her reifl.dtrs for the cure of bad Irs*, old ?r<ts and er ip'lona of the (1 ,n Tbe v act In unisos on tbe absorbent ?rsoti er* a?ate .il patmmam matter from Ow bo<ly; their eibet in many case* appearing IUe a rharm. Held at ths manufsd tories. HJ Maiden aio Net V rt, and M4 Mtrand l?odon and by all dmrglst*, at JBcenv. 6tH eesra, and gl per pot or bcl. All Bye Di?fs?? esnd hy Dr. C. W. Dpham, surcesfor tr. Dr. Re-brig, XW Fourth steeel, near Hroadwsv Office hour* fion. to 4 M. to S I" ** r-4Viir,< tn the oountry treatcil t>j letter. Ket -rences given at tbe ? <m ??.. Married. Saturday. Sept. 20, by the Rev. Ur MlK Jat' tiu hv sm, widow oi Jatnea, to flitiu tsooDiii, Est)., of Hawanasb. Ueorgia. la iireefclyo, on Uondav, Sept. Zt. at tl.e re4Jeo, e ,4 the br<de'* uarle. by the tier. >ir. J E. K-e-knell. Matf.s IUR , ascend daugb'er of Mr. John Imrte. <r! Ilelairare county. *. T., to Wiuja* f?. M>mcvsm. of i'uls<ln Bridge, Ip-.ecaess .hire )>er>tland. On Saturday, M at Bu<!*na Clfr. X. J., by Rev. Dr. (hasp, Mr Hrru.s w M -> >Isu> Uwn, Vrth tf thle city. in Vermont on Tuesday, Sept. 36, Judge J. Jcmom Ann. of ban Diego, Cat, to IUm Euia A. SiAXTOM, daugh ter of Dr. 0. H. Saiton, of Burlington. DM# On Friday, Sept. 28. after a long and painful (line**, which "be bore with Chrintian fortitude, Joua.vwa, wife of the lata Michael Tracy, in the Nth year of tier age. the friendH and lelatives are respectfully invited to at tend the funeral, from her late residence, No. 148 Kant Thirty-ninth street, thia afternoon, at one o'clock. Cn Friday, i-'ept. 28, after a lingering lllnena, MtMUB Rocub, aged 10 year* and 8 month*. Her funeral will taae place thia afternoon, at two o'clock, from her late reaidenoe. No. 127 Liberty street, The friend* of th<' family are respectfully Invited to attend. On Thurxday, Sept. 27, after a lingering illness of Ave months, Artbi b K., infant child of O. P. and V. A. Bart, of East Saginaw, Michigan, aged 1 year. Hi* remains will be taken to Detroit for interment. Detroit and Saginaw paper* please copy. On Saturday, Kept. 29, HuY Looub, aged 16 yean and 3 month*. Her funeral will take place thia afternoon, at half paat two o'clock; from her tether'a residence, oorner of Fif teenth street and Third avenue. The friend* of the family are respectfully invited to attend. On Saturday, Sept. 29, Aim, wife of John Read, aged 63 years. The relative* and friend* of the family, the police offi cer* of the Fifth ward, Columbia Lodge no. 1, I. O. of O. V., and Mount Vernon Ltfdge No. 14, Am. P. A., are re spectfully invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon, at half past one o'clock, from her late residence, No. 24 Jay street. On Saturday, Sept. 29, of consumption, Mr. StUiCK Mkad, in the 72d year of his age. The funeral will take plaoe thia afternoon, at two o'clock, from hi* late residence, No. 107 Essex street. The remains will be taken to Greenwood Cemetery for in terment. On Saturday morning. Sept. 29 Cbabur L. Lowdk, ?on of William and Ann Lowden, in the 10th year of hi* sge. The relatives and friends of the family, and the mem ben of Washington Chapter No. 2, O. U. A., are respect fully invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of bi* father, No. 66 Columbia street, this afternoon, at half paat one o'clock. Hi* remain* will be taken to Green wood. On Satnrdav, Sept. 29, AJOtia K., youngest daughter of James and Eliza J. Stalcnp, aged 4 years and 3 month*. The relatives and friends of the family are requested to attend the funeral, to-morrow afternoon, at three o'clock, from the residence of Mrs. Schotteld, No. 212 Mulberry street, oorner of Spring street, without further notice. Toproceed to Greenwoid Cemetery. Wilmington, Del., pa|>ers please copy. In Brooklyn, on Friday evening, Sept. 28, William Ful ton. aged 60 years. llie relatives and friends of the family are invited to at tend the funeral, to-morrow afternoon, at four o'clock, from the Church of the Ascension, corner of Fifth avenue and Tenth street, in thin city. On Saturday, Sept. 29, Wujjax J Attn Bbooks, aged 2 years, 7 months and 20 days. The friend* of the family are respectfully invited to at tend the funeral, thi* afternoon, at two o'clock, from his late residence, No. 40 Trinity place. Hi* remains will be taken to Greenwood. In Brooklyn, on Saturday, Sept. 29, at two o'clock, Elizabeth, wife of Patrick DulTey, in the 28d vear of her age. The friend* of the family are respectfully invited to at tend the funeral, from her Ute residence, No. 176 Pulton avenue, this afternoon, at half paet two o'clock. On Ihursday, Sopt. 27, at No. 40 Macdougal street, Brooklyn, Eliza hith Stktzenrack, aged 70 years. The remains were interred in tne Cemetery of the Ever greens. In Hoboken, on Friday. Sept. 28, Martha C. Apjoe.v, aged 38 yesrs, late of Dublin. Her remains were interred In Trinity Cemetery. Dublin papers please copy. In Hoboken, on Monday, Sept. 24, Gborcc Edwahd Edot, eldest son of George M. and Mary K. Eddy, aged 6 years. Tbe friends of the family are Invited to attend the fune ral, at half past two o'clock thi* afternoon, from the resi dence of his father, corner of Hudson and Fifth street. On Tuesday, Sept. 26, at his residence, in Philadelphia, jAton Jwmi Roii.vkr, born in Rutihof, canton Aarg*u, Switzerland, in the 67th year of hi* age. Never again will thy face I behold, 'Ihou ait gone to the gTave, so cold, so cold; But 1 hear thy voice in the silence of nleep, And .start from my slumber to listen? to weep. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAT. FEVEH AND AGUE. VI EW PBINCIPLK I NKW REMEDY I JTO POKOK! IN KHODKH' FEVEH AND AGUE CURE; Or Antidote to Malaria; for the prevention and cure of lever ami ague, or chill fever, dumb ague, and other Intermittent and remittent fever*, also of bilious fever*, accompanied by typhoid symptoms; typhoid fever, yellow fever, ship and jail lever, general debility, night sweat*, and all other forma of dtae&be which have a common origin In MALARIA OR MAMA. These disease* are common to many localities of the United Stoles; but wherever they prevail, Norm, South, Ka*t or W?>t, they all equally spring Iroin the name mlaamal cause. The great variety of symptom* and form* of disease la owinK prin cipally lo difference In age, net, constitution and habit* ol liie mffererH; but a* the cauae In the name, they will all equally yield lo a i emedy that la competent to overcome or remove that MOM. By the law* of nature, every principle ha* Ita opposite, and for every dlscaae, or cauae of diseaoc, there In a re agent, or In oilier words a specific remedy. All malarw. whether arising from marshes, atagnant w ater, decomposition ul animal ana vegetable matter, or even newly cleared land', la the same In character and effect: la a poison floating In the atmosphere, causing diaease to all who breathe It. In accordance wi ll those unalterable laws governing the unerring affinity aubsisl Ing between opposite*, there la In the preparation before til Ottered to the pu die? THIS NATURAL ARTIPOTK TO MALARIA, which neutralises the poison whenever It cornea In eont*"' with It, even In the open air, and when taken Interna!]) out pletely purifies the system affected by It of Its baneful inrluetice, and thus restore* and preserves health. Tl?e remedy lr believed lo be entirely new, and unknown u> any fiut iue prupi ? ??? dfcuuctiy el&una the billowing ex traordlnarv result* from Its use It will instantly cheel the ague In person* who have auflTer' l for any length U time, from one day to twenty year*, and by continuing Its use, according to the direction*, a radical core wlllbe eflec'ed, the patient continuing free from the complaint for ever, unless subsequent exposure u> malaria should make Its nae again necessary. In it* opera ion upon the poison In the *y*tem, It will Itnme Ulately relieve all the digressing aytnpioma of hilioua orsgue dlseeee*. an. I when the disease Is cured, it will entirely pi c vent the accession ol UKRtKAL tivmurr right iwrats, which so often follow the administration o* other medicines. The patient at once begins to recover appetite and strength, ami continues to Improve until restored Ul perfect health. My Ita use fever snd sgue maybe banished from evrrv family and class In the community: farmers, mechaun ".and all labor It'g people may be using this article as a I Hfc V E*Tt V E, and pur?u* their respective aToeaUoa* In perfect safety from ague or blllotta a'ia> ga during the ab-kly season, which laoiicn tothem tl?e most valuable [iart of the year. Hlnee the Introduction ol the cure In every part of the United Rtate*, Its success ban been so complete and unvarying a< u> have fully proved these assertion* m favor of it* extraor luiary merit. When these d.-claratlona were made, at the da's ut Its intro du tion. they seemed Incredible to many, even of the mwt can did minds, because all the resources of science bad been ta?e<i In vain to subdue agne or hlliotia diseases; and what was -nil worse for ague snflerets, all their remedies or treatment, whe ther scientific or empirical, have been limited to the use of poisonous or destructive 'Imps, such as arsenic, quinine. mer cury, aallrlne, Ac. The effect* of thes.- arc aome'irne* worse than the dtseaae they subdue, and when such remedies falt.fir give only temporary relief, their poisonous eBi clear,; *'i;>v added to the poor sufferer's nrat eomplalnt. (In this account sgue sufferers should be partleularly eareful about twlng any secret fever and ague remedies, no with* jui 1 ing the makers of them uniformly assert tliat Uiey may betaken with perfect safety, even when It I* notoriously well known that their potency depends solely upon destructive poison how, a* a proof th/it the remedy Is not only valuable on ac count of |t* power lo cure diseases, but that It Is also worth r or rtsuo cnvnnwa, Because ol Its *l.s[<;CIAR A*p rsTlkg II <ttRLZSS.*gS*. the following cer'tle sie from one of 'lie m>>?t celebrated che n.i'ts In '.be Cnlted Stales has been obtained, and a copy of jt Is s'tacbed to every bottle; ? Ngw Yorr, June II, 1MA6. I bsve made a ? hemic*! exsmlnatlon of llV?1?s' fever anl Ag ue ( tire, or Antidote to Malaria, and hive tested it for arsenic, mercury, quinine and strychnine, bat have not found a particle of either In It, nor have I found any substance In It* comi/os.Uon Uia. would prove Injurious to the eoostlta ion. TAVtH R. t'HM.TON. V l? , fbetnlsC It Isa stubborn fa? t, therefnro, :h?' this remedy is destined not only to relieve the human family from malarious diseases, but to so sn equally good work, bjr preventing tbe taking ol other medicine* which do harm The enure absence of say baneful Ingredient make* 'hi* remedy not more valuable as a cure th tn it 1* as a preventive No Visas of disease w so easily toabaged as the one under consideration If the medicine be 'taken in advance Tills Is < wing to ike diseases i-eii.g produced t>y one and the satne cauae, and therefore all, both resld?i t* and travellers, should prr -cct tbemaelrea by the timely u-eoribi* preventive, and t o' v !\.t lor the poison already lurking loltetr veins u) da <et?t>'' Itsell In s violent sttack. Take the cure m a preventive, an-1 so destroy 'he ; .oison belore U does harm. full directions snd advice a* to diet ar.d habits of life, pre t ?red by a distinguished physician long reside ut in a bUenu cin.a'e, now accompany each bottle. I will often he nece.jsary to precede tbia medicine by a BUM csthsrlc or sntlhllio'la pnrga'lr.-, The v.-ry bee th ( for g'nerai u?e le a moderate d'e^ of castor gji ^e <e je t ? whk h is to e lea nee the s'c*-*. b and free the biliary passer Hetcernber that ?her? this Is oeeeesary, or there 's coatlvenes It lavat be 'sken, or the operatioti of the antidote w,U he serl ously obatructed. 'iSI.V t A1 T lON.-Tt- ??ertain vpff '.fied c%se?, ponr the eon t<iita?i one or more hot ties of the ore into aha 'low vessels, ?lining plates.i arsj ( lace them in a!< ep'ng mms;fcr the vapor r;?!i g fiom the ml; ne and also the a 'r at red aemea tr cir C ilfited over the of it, after the Injntd .? cvapov.iied, ?t!l couii'eraci and deetrev, ton degree commensurate with its ei p ore. the miaertia'a of poison cot.utlned In the apartment. Tl Is m'?le of exhibiting the Cure should likewise >>e r -s"rte~l'? ?l 'n very >onng Infante are exposed i/i msUtHous situation*. Tbe l/Otties In which this medictos I* put up have the words ' Klusjes' P< v? r atid Agti" t'ure" Mown in the glass, sod of> tl.e ontstde wrapper la th' nan.e of the medk me (th?- eoprrlgbt ol nblch is *ecured) and the signature of the proprtetoe. These pre* auttoria are adopted to prevent i "unu-rfel's and t/n S'Km? The reluue r for it* aoc> ess Is enurely u|>nn Its a. tits' merits Whcirter In roduced tod used. These WUI be Considered su! flcienL Prepared sod s?tld hv the propr1e*"r, IAMKH A RH'lllK? R |, furaet of a letter from Professor Kieteher ahii was cured while engaged at Brown University, r I lis lilnija K | Isn March I I8H. Jang* A. Raongs, ltL?Detr 8tr Ton's ot IVh <iit ha* beer, received, and I am glad to bear tlta> a DMnli< trie ? i efTi^a eiotia is to be Intr- duced Into this agnlsh Bo? try. lh?<e the vreateet uj He aucoess, aa<! rati rtagsur* yeu of Us happy 'Iter t upon me In enurely brnafciag up the chl^s ???' leaving me Strong and le-aitby. I like the staten.en' on ycir wrappers that you win let the ?redlclne stand on Its own merits, and auutding thus, 1 ata uieat BSAgUlne of Ps aur cesa I expec to travel over s large portion of onr ft>at* thia Spring, and I shall have a'.un<l?o> opportunity to re. mmenl It verbally Wherevi r I go I shall '.ska great pleasure la thita iesttfyinn to pa meri> and If you urin ina-rucf y ,<u ageut to let me .>iave a few hottlea. I will carry ibcm wi h me tn durrl h'lte for J >ur beoeflt. ta haste, I remain, truly your*. MII.IW J. Pl.lrft IIKR. RAD TRg AGt'g K>R Tvnrt Vuu ! ! I PaoviDas<-?. Jon? 9 I'M. Ha vlr,g been Infot-- ed of the llinee. .f * p"?jr, but ? ?t hj wo man, who ha. not been free from fever aad ague a month ai a Jpe far the last twelve year*, I aut pted lier (ratoMoustf w.tb Rhrslea' fever and Ague t'ure. she ?*** In alt f >ur lioule*, which ewiyiseali restored her v> health ar.d strength and as tear month* hs* bow elapaad there is no iseauo to doubt the pemaneury oi the eur? ' MB*1"' aware of many o'her caaes in which it has hem used, and bavensvsr known it a fail C. A. f. MAHOM, Apelheearr. ? a *x WimifD, ?A4t m. Am. 1, im*. Iff #, A. esprf #? rm i four ol y | fever and ague. Fever and Acne Cure? ?end u immediately, aa t tun nearly out It has pveo saUataoilon. ^^VmblK. Pbovidemcb, lit, Aug. V. lllM. D?ae fiia ? ? ? ? ? I might u well mention here, th?t ever* bottle that t have beard of being sold baa (Ivan good satisfaction. Tbe agents thai I have left ra>li elite with ?ay that It rauks among ihe best of patent inedMnea, and tbal after Ita good quallUea once become knowu, ibit will be mora o< It aold than of any other article of medicine ui tbe Bute. Rcspcctfu'ly yours, Jofrepii smith. Pastk.o, N. C? Aug. 27. I?M. Dm. James A. Rhodes ? Dear Hlr? I take pleasure In asau ring you of the complete recovery of my daughter from lever and ague. of whlchabe has suffered aliuoat without Interim* akin for over Ave yoara paat, although I had triad variant kin In of medicine aud treatment. At my request Mr. Keddlck ordered from you twodoxen, and I can say that It has not oulv curud inv da ighter, who look two bottles, but every one who ha* usud It. This part of the country Is very swampy and sickly. With this Mr. Keddlck ?end? you the money for three doren more.? Respectfully yours, JaMKH QAYl/JRD. Messrs. Bsrr A (Jouldyn, Aurora,! 11. July S, IHM, advlae that " the Cure Is selling very well. We have noi loot a aaae, snd consider It a aura thing: also recommend It in preference to anything el**." When Mr. ltarr waa requested to take the agency, he said he "ahoLld have nothing to do with It, unlcat he found It better than tbe other ague remedlea already Ln the market." Pike Ron, Mirn., July 11, 1?B6. Dr. J. A. Rhodes ? Dear Kir ? Your cure ror the fever end ague bas thus tar performed wonders. It ha* not failed In one Instance to perform a quick and permanent cure. Home that have been troubled with the distressing dlaeaao have been en tlrely cured by using only one houle of the Our*. Please send us Immediately four down, as we have but three bottles remaining.? Truly yours, I.ATII KOI' A Mcl.K \ N. The following tetter ahows the rood street o? " Hhode'a Fever snd Ague Cure," and Uie bad effect* ot potaonous medicines taken previously, which tbe lady will probably never get rid of. Sooth IlEmtiH, Mass., Aug. 2(1, 1HU. Desk Pir? You wished roe to write ax to the health of my patient, after taking the fever and ague medicine you sent, which I now take pleasure In doing. Tbe patient was my moth*r. Hhe baa lived In Alleghany county, N. Y., for lire years, ami last fall, for the dm time, bad the fever and ague, which ah* cured in a short Ume by the use of ? # ? a s ? f?yer and ague pills; but last March aha came here to live with me, and In May was taken again with It. She has taken the medicine which you aent? she took 'he last some four weeks ago? and ahe seems to be cured ol the disease, sad her health Is quite good now, but her joints and bones aeeat to be sore, and pain her some. The medKlne, I think, la very good, and 1 could recommend It to ague sufferers, and I would procure It before any ether within my knowledge for that disease. Yours, truly. CHARUH R. KNOWLTON. UTTER ROII A rOBTK ASTIH Maxwell, Delaware Co.. Ohio. Aug. 19. IriSA. Ms. J. A. Rhode*.? Dear Hlr? Your medicine has met with tbe must favorable atiroess in this neighborhood. I have al>out five bottles left. I gave It to them at first, " ii no cure no pay," although I was not authorised by you to do ao; but I took Uie responsibility on myaelf. But not a bottle has come back, and as I am almost out of the article, I wish you would forward me one gross of the bottles If ymi ?? e propex to do so, ?'id I will be punctual In payment I enclose fifteen dollars on the medicine ) have rerelved, for which please wud me a receipt. Ship the Cure to me an aooo as you can? there never haa been as much chills and fever, since I lived lu lite State as at pre sent. Yours, Ac., RICHARD MARTIN, P. M. No. m Sack it Htkcet, I Kouih Brooklyn, N. Y., Hept. 7, HW6. { D?. J. A Rnonrs? Dear Hlr? Tho wonderful cure your fever and ague medicine lias effected on me. compels inc U> sity that It baS acted with miraculous elfect. I had been sufferln g for two months, this aummer, with the complaint, (which I caught In Pennsylvania last tall,) and during my engagement with the "Osslan's Bards," I was seldom free from It,? It weak ened me, destroyed my energy, and confused my inltul. During our Kaatern tour I enquired for your medleiue, but could not get It In New Hampshire, Vermont or Ma'nc. After the I' ards disbanded. I went home, snd waa again taken sick. 1 he first bottle cured the chills and fever, although after two doses I was better, feeling a liule feverish, through over exertion by walking ln the aun. I took another iloae, and the aecond bottle haa entirely cured me. I am getting robiut and well, and It would be Ingratitude not to Inform you of the eOcaey of your valuable mealclne. I am constantly travelling In all part* of the United HlaU's, In the concert buainese, and aliall feel much pleaasd lo r?c..m mend It to all peraone Buffering from this dlatreaatng complaint I sang ln Providence, at Howard Ilia. 1, ln June, but did not then know of your cure. If yo? want a certificate of Its efficacy, pleaee write m* a line, and I will give you one. It may be ol some, service to you, as I sm well known thmugfcnat the country, especially In Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carollua, Illinois, Virginia, Ac. 1 remain, yoar grateful aorvuni, W. II HARBISON. P. P.? I should liave said, that I look quinine In conalders bl* quantities, which only cheeked the chills; hut your inedi einc effected a perleet cure. At this season, when there la ao much danger to be apprc herded truoi die malarls In Uic atmosphere we are conaiau ly breathing, no pe.r?o* should he without the gr*;it preventive snd sure cure lor lavcr snd sgue, and all bilious complaint*. Ibis Is Rhode*' Fevsr and Aijue Cmre. WIAaboltl* of It In bis pnakcaalnn, any om Is safe, though he may he in the m<Mt sickly locality. And at the aume time he may feel 1 lie la taking no remedy aorae than the dlaeuae. The cerutic^ie of lis riiHi e Innocence, of the celebrated Dr. CUiiton, Is *u.u.'.h?d to each hotile. J. D. Yerlngtsn, Wholesale Agent, fti Clark aireet. and fnr saleby Hay A llnldwln, K. Hcatmuoo A Co., and druggh's everywhere.? Chicago Patlitlnder. KIT 1 11 AS Li AI.L'r. >111111*1. In siiothnr column of to-day's paper will be found an adver tlaenii nt f"r Rbodct' Fever and Aguet'nre. We ate not In the kshlt of puff.iig niediclues, but desire to aay. for the ImiuoIH of the nttllcted, that Wm. N. Rowe. mercl^nt, nharpxhurg, who hiia II lot sale, Inlonna ua thai he haa aold aever il do*eu ties, and In every else It haa effected a cure. This proves tbe medleiue to lie good, and we t?ke pleasure In bringing I' before Uie notice of the public ?odd Fellow, lloonaboro, Md, Hejit. 4. C1KO. II. BATES, Wholesale Agent, LV1 Water atceei, New York, snd for aulo In New York hy nearly all wholeasle and retail druggtaia; I'hllsdelphla, T. R. Callender, He So'ith Tlilrd atreel; Detroit, Pratt A llamner; Chicago, J. I> Y*rrmi{ton. tfl t'lnrk atreer Mllwatikle, Oreen A Button, St. l?ouis, ICI. H. Whea'on; Imllanapolla. Robert Browning; Cincinnati, John D. Park; Baltimore, r.. 11. Htaliler A Co ; Augusta, Os. llsvllaod, Itialey A Co.; New Orleana, J. Wright A Co., Iftl Ctiartren street; and by uholraaleand retatldru(|(iata generally through out the Pnlted Hta'ea and Canailas. PKHHOli Mm Any information or jokh fitzpatkick will lie (liMitkl tiily received by H* jdater. Catharine FIUm trick, Iii Harlem, on Third avruue, between 121 mi atkl 12^1 ?tree fa, New York, or by bin fi iciidJMorria Muleomnry, who rcaide* in (Jaliaburg, Knoi county, IlitnolM. [Union Pilot pleaae copy. INFORMATION WANTED? OF JOHN HYRNKH. OF 1 Thorny Bridgl, County Tippcrary, Ireland, who landed in New Yor?' In hep'., IMO, and went lo Boat on to hUibr?Hh#T ItirliArd; H?-ni from Boaton to Virginia Nathtnjc ha* been heard <<f Mm since his brother Kirhard left him In Virginia. Anv Inforn n i k>ri of hlrn mill be thankfully received by tus y??unj|?^t. J danghtcr. who landed in New York on the I2?b of June, l*6fl, j street, bet wren Seventh and Eighth rJ?eu U?i? \ pl< a?c copy SHOULD THIS MKKT THK RYK OF W1M.HM TROUP, wht/Uft hi* home on the 16 h of March, 1*49, at tba' urn* reaidin*; at So. 11 tlrn??l lane, lioroiwh. London, he wtiile^rn ihat hi mother. Ann Troup, now renkte- at No. 4n UiOf iiur row. Ht. GeorK*'*, Mjnthwark. Ills mother in n?n?t anxioua to hear from I in. It being three y?*am ince. A' tltat tim? he wa-ln CaHlorfjla. THK MIHTAHV. ADKISh' CORNKT AND CLARIONKT BAND -M TLf tary and civic rompunie* can be furnUh'vl with tbi rn popular mu*te by applying nt the band'* b<-ad<)tiarl< r? Allen A rurran'* Crystal llotel, 'id* <?rand *tre#t, b<*t*eeri the Bow ery hi ?i F.lliabeth *tr<? < I he nev.*-Mi and moat pop *U rn i?;< furoiahi d lor braas aud ftt< in# band*. by T <'??????, iMmM r T <). ADKI.Vrt I/eed . ATTENTION, COMPANY? H F, UX|U ARTKRH FOR TAR geta, guide fla^t. Ac.? Committees are *ofi?-lu*l uj rail an I ? mmlne our new ntyle* t?e?o?* or-b rlna el I' . .??*! tanner- lettered at *hort r?oU?e. < arvd eat;le? and ??wry va rtety of target* on band and furm-hod to order. HOJKK A '.HAII AM Vft an l V7 Duane street. IjV)!<RF>T LIMIT OCTARD? THK oPFlt KR ; AND MK* ber* i f U? 1m < omnjand wlii meet at tbe Fort Hill House, 4 ^ Hroeme street, on Sunday. Sept. :to. at S o'el'^k P. M Hv order, WM P. VaLKNIIN*. Major Omim ind ixj/ Tno*. Hikhokp, Adjudant. WATOHKW, JKWKUIV, AO. CIAI.IFORNIA DIAMOND* .-TIIM NKW AND IUCAI1I i All artlele attlt take* lb' lead with nurnhaeera ni j ??rlry. 1h?- f ranmrt i?ii (hi-m fiotii th>' r??l iliArnxv-t Tim prtrct *''hln !h? rf?^h of f*ry </*??. DttiN, ? ' >4 ?n'l Ifl ; r?r nnt'K (A in f?); rliix* W lo $M , itu 1 Mlw' ptnn, irwrn. lock* '*, bmian, brsonlHn, A'-. ArU<lM 11 miir lo onlf r. f wl h H<r ?bw*? Juirii<>n<l? In *ii)r m A ~i ?ent by 11 *1 to *oT p*r of Umi rni'i* l su'en. ??y ?iirl w.u^ mnount, ?.|ilr? ???l >0 I.. A J JAi'Ol^. Iff; Hrorlura y. WAT' nKH ! WAT < ilM 1 1? THK HI'BJMy'HIJIKK IH SRI, " lln* *'J drttip'Ummt *iiM ut lilrar*., U ro'^t Inwcr ib*n ?u f hou*< In tbe < I'jr Unr iit.M I*| n???ieh?? four bolet (V i < kuUrul rwmrllm] ladJM' watcho* .V hplrhdKl rt ?? n.wilci 1 M4i *-? wmlt&ra, wlii dliui^itda in CI" - u dt'tcbtA Irr.ra, fall >**:?) ? BCMMifal |o)4 *nan.?IM aunUiif wsfckM. v (io d (lf ufhi t l?T?r? fur rich ?iifrmte<l *^-n S| Kta? Kdid fc unite* fi r liiill<? . . SB ?? "d 1 iiiituu <l? ?rt?*4 lull jr**li?t . . . .. 4b hltMliI lr*?r for ilJijC'^rrwiiypw In I'.kb whli I ? .i.d ap ami ??l will, mil a tay . ..of Rial Jn>a / ilrfrnfMi watebra, p?rfrn Nmt f I1i(i.i |i'A Haal 1 cu i r w*xl 1 ?, iiiitJ.-i a.-ul le?er?. IX. -u i, J !(.<!. j'l U'ii ni ii??<nid ?nd quartrr ??c.ind watchM, f. f ilm'c/r borw? luo uj 2X Fj.i.iuld 1 ;?il4 ahmiorno ?? >, perV'l Uoi? Urfvm I2f. tw 2St Wad.if nlilrti run ? .Kbt daf? ?r)i one wtndiD|| . UA ?) KS Rleh n ?,:f ira'r(:?i., t'ir Ivlli'* u. l (PbHum^ri, *' rl, rTmrice Inio 'hrtr 'llffrr^nl ?mV" ... . l'*> ? 1 IT" ' ? ! I r. I,|.n'.rll |ft J\ V Gold hanltBC ttt* Krr' nb patonl la*pr? Mto 9i Hlv? Kn?l i?lil>? ?!'? an Mm ? r varik wrlirU |p?era 1J 'a J ( TPfI*pir.P W?'rh*?... ? Uptctu!'.! f?.'il ?nd a<l*?r Rriiibh pa(. 1 la vara, made by V j T?ibl*a, ai.rt <vb*ro?l?(ir?i?d mak^ra. Xrry lire duple, wairb?, made I jr T. f. O. ; ar. W *1 '1 all r> ?liratrd maker* Wau-l aa cleaned and mpalrad (>. 'be trwt? nnai ai (?.?? k hw tkan U4 oaaai arira* all ?ai i.?> warraaiw! u> ae. , - "4 time. QK<> <?. AI l.( N, 1.1,1 r. \M,o ??e!e and Retai . S. ! W*l. ?! Kei^oayl fliy*. near Bro 'IWV Wi ,l>n' BE /10TTA01 and rAK< T rcRNrrrM warbmMBk \7 ?' iU l'r"?dara/. Iba Hv. b'<(, .ae I1 ?? KAUlKWS A ^TAI KT ooar tor eala th? ?'??? ea aael?? ?e mr.dient of fa.- ry, col a**, eiiedlan ' fr??tb nbrri 'Ir? K U f I bl'.ed ^'elae, at red-i. al 1 r*.rea r.tery ??i ,e<r >4 ifwai, palileaaea. ptilowa. ti. *tji.ra, Ac.. a< nanufar luare* prteaa For hal?: vkry ? hkaP-a* klhoaOT sm k>mr wi.4 l.arkir -u la n?ii?..|;fi' 'rta ^aii be el. . i^Kl) m 1^' Imi litre at .1 Ai ThN ateaae, T a eiii* aeaentli 11 id T*i-uif *l*Mb n?ieai? a Hie <aM el aaa ker'? ?V..p in tbe rr*/ . JM HNITI HI -A I f?T Of Afl.RXDID Ft HMTI'RK ry?ka;?i|n* 'f aidelifiarde ?'eirere? t??4.*~aart. Iiur^aiia Ae.. ai.d weli word) tbe ? ' *"?' Tt affa.iiiKaa relarntei 'r->m tM ronr l #y, at |.rt>aie >an . nadar i a4> prv-e, at Ml f wn iirt.? <if llrwlta;. "" currHWi, *0 nnil "0RT11 or ? a'T orr fwraiM f*n t.UUv ad.? Tbe ?aab pftoe UberaJlf fl?ai ' arfe <1* email lota nt grrA laft n> or e^;>?Hlaaua el .'>uoe v e?e. f d?? ni ll?a Addreee .r >?? id J A1IM M< ikij.s f. 1 11

Bauer aireel lata Oraace a few dn^afinxa <%amaa>. N rrtrr. or trXfiVAl. lor -foil* D4LAX FKO* '4 (-pnnc atreet fil. Niebf !a? IITei, ?r> 14 ' ..-a i nor m I'lne, w here b* a . ill n? '">p;>T UMf' b lri<?rt? ll?i i'ttAii lurnWiitii ibetr an I'ltn. > ai ba< <? )?( made ?a-l tr.oin.ed lo tbe baa* jKja?i> - aa*r - t aalattn. derate prlrea ? warraatad 1. fti . JfHIS DOf.AV. Her. ban i Tailor TkJOTK K TO lifcVT* -tow Ifl THK TIKf TO I /(OR i." ap v <?or tail and wtnier ? u btng <v*A 'ten to v.i INaf aarfet, near liraalaai wbera 'be; are rr't,?r;f '.eaned dfail and r?i alre>t wMk ?ot art. l!nin#? knd byvw l?nk ip ru-ir a?ar '?ai. bef.-re tM po'4 (n ArtrW aeai tar or A '*)R TIIW# TIUC TtJKJf. /tKNTRCVILJJCCuUKHK. L. I.? TROTTING, Mu.NDtT, ' ' I m* rh fl.UUU ? ?Ue half forfeit, Bilk uotia, Lenl mo Id ttroc. In b*.nr*?, J. W. llow?ll iutiu?? bmj Iuim Huhuiftua, T. Muguirc iisukk brown grilling. .luKI, OuNKLIN, Proprietor. CiKKTRKVlLLK COD RKK. L. I,? TROTTIN ? Mll.Vl) AT / Oatotwr I, ?l 3 o'u.iwk ni?irlj ?l,(Wil, mil* hn'<, i.e. I in 6, in harMM. Frederick .Uii?tm tuunns ch. ft. Kulw.i, l*nio. (V?iW?/ OMUuk ctL OJ. Lwl> II Htm. In lx< ? k.?>.| d?r and Inch. _ JOULCOKKUN. rr?.prwtor. 1 CiEKTRKVIUJCUOrHSK, L. I.-TROTTINll.? Tl'MOAT J Octct-rr 2, at j o'clock P. M., uium kil l .'aks II ,.V?l ; mil* tuHklH, brut S In ft, to barni-*.. Mr Off nnu-r* ?( * Vlur dock, Viri'u l*e?i><>dv enter. n ,| riooa;, J. * lUuieln taken b. g. (Ibicuii Jut To U< * ,:ood <lav anil irvt JOICL (uNKI.IN. I'mprteuir, | National hack coi'khe.? tiih hubhckibkk in i forma hid frte.<d* and ihe public that he at Worn- at alt lauure. JOdhPH JrlWi LL. j Bed ttoiHK, H ?fiiiH ka vokitk place or re MiriUuuv* in complete order, aod ready (o aoemnmo 1^(6 1?fce sporting and ,-uiUig public. The Gotham aud iialtlc Bane HaiJ Club* y lay <?n the beautiful gr can attached u? the, and ait??rd much s|K?rt U> the vUitere of UUa ?eauUi u) olaoa. The boat ?* re freahmcuu a! way* on baud WILLIAM % MOWN, Proprietor. TTNION COL'BHK, L. I.? TROTTING.? ON MtlND AT, U Oct 1, at .1 o'cloc k, I'. M., a ut audi (or $1,000, utile beau, to wagons? 11. Waodrull names b. g. Jaek I' oiler; Mr. Sbwa rtuoice L?. hi. ioto. bllAW A WHITE, Proprietor*. UNION COt'RKE, L. I.-TBOTTINO.-ON TCK*DAY, Oct. 2, at 2 o'clock P. M., a ma cn for $2, (KM, mile heats, beet three in U\ e, lu hari.*Ma. Geor*e Hplcer u.une - b. g. Lan teru; L. D. M< haim names br. jr- Cautrovllla. HIIAW A WHiTE, Proprietors. UNION COUUPE, LONG ISLAND -ORE IT RCNNINO inat?'h on We'lnetday, Ocob+ir 3, at halt cmti threo o'clock, a mutch for IfiOO; mile b? atn, b????t % la 5? t . tf. ^nln?? la, Dttnu^e b. h. Jim l?arU>n by tJray h'aale, out ot Ann InuU by Win. J. Hbaw namcM eh. k. Cmarlty K tti^r by Imp, 01cur< out of I?4'Op.M(ie??, by M? iloc. Care wlU tii? ^ouU. i^rry, iirookhn, for the course, at half pant two o'clock precisely, and return ua soon as the race Is ov? r. N. IV TIm? 4 v% t J * ojtue ot) rain or shine. HIIAW A WII1TK. Proprietor*. RKUATT kH. JjlMI'lKR t ITT RKOATTA CLUK?ORAMP RRtl ATT A J Wtdoewla y, Ucobtr i'lth. at the Ke-1 llotwe Plca-iuro tirouiMs? Three Ka< e?? PpleoaWl Prises? All Uie World In vt ted? Fifteen Boats buildiiuc for the oceaaion? Other cities to be represented? At) 000 persons ??ip< cte<l. Kiu.-t ICa? k? Kouh Oarbi> Boats. Four Men and Pour Oars. First Prise, purne. $150 | Third Prise $10 Second Prise, purse 40 I Kniranc#* fee $10 A silk (lag, vaiued mi $26, to k o with the tlrst prise. Hkoomo Kil -k? H??rs? Two Paiks tkvuj*. 8e.vent?M U feet hii?ooU? work boats. Fir* Prize, purn?* $20 1 Third Prtse $2 StiCOUil Prlie, purse 10 | KntraAce fe-? $2 Tamn Ka?-k? t iMui'iox's? Omk Pair itevLL*. Nineteen feet Whitehall working boats. First Prize, fiold Medal, and pnrne ot $H)0, $&'* 1 H? cond Prise, purse $Si) j Fourth prise 10 Third Prise, purse 20 | Kutraiice fee $10 A Uiamplon's Hlher Medal, valued at $.{0, will go with the first prise, If won by a member of the Club. All I oats, whether in the city or from a distance, must lie en'ered, together with their names, the names of the rowers s?.d th? makers, and the entrance fee paid, on or before Uui U th ot October, at George W. Warner's, Market Hotel, No. 19 Catharine slip. 1'UK RKOATTA OK TIIK HKAHON? $100 IN PRISgH - 1 $A0 to the winning beat. $.'U) to the a.-cond, and $'JU u> Ui? thin?. A regatta will take place from the Red limine dock, f<otof 106th ^trect.on Moodoy, OelobW I .at l o?..?kP ^C. Kr?tran?*e $A open lor all b<?ata 28 f.*?t and tinder; all boat* to >e entered by 11 o'clock on the day of the ra* e. UIIIHON A TI'RNIKR. MPftCiiAli NirriCKSi VTOTU'K- A MEKTING OF TIIR JOt'RNKYMKN PLATE pi Inters 01 New York will be held on Monday, Oct 1, b o'cloi k in eh** evet.tuy, at ( niou buildings, 1&4 Ikiwery. All journeyni*n are solicited to attend jis an c taction for ofllrers will take place. A. M. MOKHIH, Treaaurer, pro leni. O. (low, He c. pro tem. OFFICE OF TIIK CLEVELAND AND TOLEDO RAIL i oa^l Company, 18 William street. New York, Hept. 27, l^fift ?Dividend.? A dividend of four(4) j?er cent on 'heoapltal ssock ol this conipany hiwa been declarM out o( the profltaof Uje uirt sis months, pM>atde at the office of the company, oa til ba ejb and alter tl?r 2fith Oeudier. Ibe U-anslbr ix*>k? will fr? m be 20tb to the 2fttii October. My order of the Hoard Directors. I. H. LSfCHFlKLD, Traaaurar 1>HYC110i,0tiY 1-I>R. HKKTON, TIIK P.^Yt HoLOWIMT and eleciriclau, of 477 Broadway, alter repeated aoiiclta lions haw con-entcd ;o give two lecitires, illu-tra e<l by amu< ing and aMoni*h ng expeiiments upm subiec U loufid In the audiance, chowlng that magnetic or clertrv appiicatiouH In ??me of their forms are the KMte?t, most expediiious, m > t re liable, and of course the cheapen meaunof ? uring dUeaseo, which are lufMtly nervous in the** daye, ui which the nraetlre U peculiarly adapted. Ihe le?'tures are Monday and ftieaday evenings, Octobrr 1m and 2d, at Uie Odeon, Vt'llllaimdjurg. Admittance, one sh Hmg. ^JPECfAL NOTICE ? Kl ItTlCA LODGE, NO m f A M ?> ?The uieml era of this lolge are ber**by dlre< :e<l to attend a regular meeting at their rooms, Masook: Temple, corner o ItiCK ine and t-ro^by alreeta, on Monday, Oet 1, at 7!, o'clock P M '1 Ids t eing the fit at regular auttima) meeting. ev. ? . member Is eipe?te?l to attend, as btialnea* of Tiial Importance will be praeanUid tha' raqnlres the attention of all. By order of W If. ILMiKHHlLL, W M Ocokgc II. Bkowhr, Hecretary. TO TIIK PI BLIC ? IT WILL MK rTS^LLM/TkIT'tII AT A In the month of ia*t .Inly, a person named Mas'ertoa, wui ac< Mentally shot, In the vicinity ??f Oirnmunlpaw lane, near ,l? i?u-y l lty, by the discharge of a pu*o| in the hands ot his Wue ? leaving the poor wife, frantic With g: ief, for the dee i sb* had utt' witting Iv done, and two Minall children to mourn the ir?sM of an e*rflj#?nt lui>i<and and ta'h*r I- iil particulars wef?gl\enof tbta sail event a' the time of l'-4 O" urreie ?? lu the public papers j?nd the unefpee'ed re<*overy of the Inuo cem cause of the ndst??rtune, much lenr<*d ai Uiat perUni It l as, how#>ver( pl? ed God, after ihla nio?. pniiit ul attl ctioe, to restore the young widow to her wonted faculties, i>ut with a eoiiMtjlinion impsir* d mi l debliitaOM in ihn extreme. Tlil bereatement, and the support of her two small children, h?* placed ihe young mother In a m?#?f unforiunale noouou Hhe r? ?pecMul'y. therefore, aollcita eueb vol?inu?ry aid In assisting h? r to eetablUh son. e small htudnesa for the llveiPu?od ol her se t and her children, aa may meat with tha vtewa <n a reus public. Any contfihufk?n will be gratefully received by ?h? la v. parson ol M. John's i l.ui - n. rrilK NKW YORK ?'lO KH ('l.l lt 0PK.NM ON TI'KSIlAY, I Orioter 1 Hub nights are Tt>e?d?y, Tburwf ty and Fri day, 1 1 ?i? 7 to 11 P M Gentlemen d? -tr ?us * s a ' ??*- rlbin / iifaff/ tiJCj re ?ry on moderate terms Itt 1 ht >1 ,riiFi<M-^-.W<]NElR8 V?F CMSbI WA? If ?We are teliabiy inf'tmed Ihxtl mineral water?t under the iiAfne of 44.uar?kega ' water, a ud salts, under the name of *? Sarat?>g%M aalta, are tiien >vely imp M ttie'ii the pul He In the Southern and -? tliW- U' rn -tat* ? wnete p? buying these artlchfs denlre ar.d think they are pur? baaing Coitfn Water, 4e , w e - at aiatoira tl ere are watera of i?ll kirts-, from ( g s down to ditch wat??r, and the arti b s imp- se t in this manner on the pt.ldic are rn<<stly artllicial cunpounds, #n 1 1 rely worthless, and oftrn dangerous |<. jm* ons deelring the elTerl .,f fV.ngres* Water, the vltaKt '?f tbem la(ti| en tlrely different from that of Oe genuine f'on^rae- m ater, frequently producing |fi iplng p tins ver: i 1 > kr , ?omeUmea k > .liing in eerimi* permanent dlArulliia, by w*a?keo Ifjg the dig* "live powers aiid destroying th Urns of the st' riiA' li and bowels, often rendering a mill a e ??f dys iep Sa inearablo? the <??*ei leln| lu no U fc o.i? f ?m tl*at produced hy saline cat ha. tics dl ?lvel in ordinary aater, while ' tng-t 1 ^ ater pr l e w?i h r giipli gnor injurious olfeet la atty ca-^e, however dc bill* ta'.ed the patient may I**, it being tonic as well a* t ?rtr tWe Ihe t '??ngrees ? prlng, as Is wellkno - ;i, i < tba p i whi h, during aizty thue years post, has built up tae reputation of^arato?m, yet -Mine have c*>nfoin4?*d tUa n>- me of ti e aprin^ with tha' of the place ? th ia aH ? ling the opf t i .nii) for snlndlere to f?net w>rth'e s article* ujon the public nt? tbe stienfth of the rep itati *u < l> t? Ined by the i <m gre^s spring in a I ? v *>erie< of years. TKa lajuiy thus InlnVtad upon the public and our*e!vea is douklo, for nn al log the e ? fiurioua articles, ami rinding either no e^foct or Irj'irlooa effects from their U"e, they in failure refuse the gef.i in* On^resa Hatar, suppo; u# that Wiey have alr?adv tried It.. It i? not a anffl ient guarantee of it- pikuntftne -v that it 1- in b*rttle m<i r# <im h** ir ng our wtu ea, as the old bottles an 1 h"ies are gr'edily b'-ugn' up by counterfeiters for lLa ftiirpoae of hiLttg tbecn with tl.t ir > alualea* art!< le an?' selling It as Cong/e** or .wara toga eater; buy only of tho?ey?iu can raiy on ? 4V,.igre ? Water and none other? and be certain that the cork la bracked, aa i? the cork of every bottle of gen ?ine Coo grt'Ms Water, vir.:? *'fong?r * Water-^<*. &W."- If who out ?h?*?e words, it ia a valneleae, dangerous counterfeit. A- *0 the cs>mpon?ds ealb 1 rat ga powders, sin ir% ? alt* Ae., they are not only valu? l?>- hut litjurlou- n es> jug even the Virtu*M of the < omrrvon seldlits p*> ?!# / * of the s| op#. That it l* i?npo?s|;,l* 1 1, form (*' <gre * Wa*# r arGCelaily, we have rh? authorttjof (he ? l^aVd ehtmlst, rir Humphrey l>ary, as follow*:? it bt i ipo to re to bine the ingredient* ao aa to tn*ke an si i tie of e?|ital 'piality, the efTerta of which will le U??- ?ante as the natural water. " On writing ua, we will sen j y, j H t of l * ""*, ? '??? * tnd packa^ra* si? I by t,r W-ng ? , ? liert, er. I -ing >aft f#?r the tro -unt ? r le - '? ts.i i?ave it rauiy Wr*arde?l to anjf part of the H. We yaitovate ouv autlf-vt, to buj tha gvnu ^e (% j. #?< VI u r < nly of reliable peravixe, iM In txarr, t! ? ??Ifofthee'. k>'*!*a0. ll.Alifi 4 Willi; , C< r gre?s * pnng ?^a'og* cj rings and Iil fhame . "i/e. , Sew York city. THAVKIXK.n*' ?l IIJK. ?/<?* brt pour ahii r</*i Hawiltow t , , i r ?h r K KT F'iKT m*m Mirrt ' i i J? F M.*>- ? A . ? M' HM iia?t*' i. ink f<>k ai.u vt-fahk ?r. 1 ??' ?!**.: r? M ? MIATTa 1 .1 K .* M k I ^ fcli ?*?? 111' Jl at I "! H ?" -? ? lit ? ? I Kw'.'T' ft -n .1, *' F. M. *m*it t. A ' v , I., u. U tart VmI . ? .1 ,r j K'nr ton* a Nfi mi? i ? um> _ u . ?? ' r i * *"?'? ? a.f ? > b? Vf ? J- ? ? ??>??!??? 4 '* l?'.l II t .n r?. * 4.1,14, t.. IK*. I. iniM tfU !?*?? '?? I i?-r ' I I w rn a* n d* ? ? I'm ? u ?? ?l I n| rw# ?i f ? A * M. ?? ? 11 ' M UtoH ???????, ?? 1.1)1' w A i ? I ? *?*> **?"?>>' * .**' ir ?Ufa r> t ? 1 .*.-?? . ,1 1* ? 1 ?. ? C.,.r* M 1 rm r . ? ?? M wl] ? fj? If* n? n o?*? l?.f !'*? ?r f*r* Ijrt UHl ?M WDrln ''If tttn -?? ? ? Mw ????! firm f.lmln rr?? a# ??*#??. >'?* "> pr?T?1M 'fc? ??,??? nf 0 ? t m<i?i h? !?* 1 '? <?<' '?*! rf ?? ? w ?i'r| fr?imi(|i?M<ti>r. ?fi<i <h? 'WW m\u rmt ,t. t?4 '? Wirn nt ikrai >'7 '??* to ?;????? yr ^.-r MH * i*nv ?I [ tari i f t?< n -? *i -m Th'C li" ?.? ?' & w lit <f?.1 ?! <i - ? nnf,*r.y'? 4?J? M M?rf? '-.rm l?.? fr Jrrwj < c/. ?? "? '.'I'M' IUMMi <?r J? (?ft'. I) <' H'< AlJ.l W. r i.Ui. ?v KIMC AHT*. L"A>Tm> rrnM?B' n > w ? I . n U1'- H*{j? ?fc1 \ !??'# ?f <k# ? Wmr ' ti? i taMI < rtflv* Hark "? ? uwl Awl kr*< ?&? 4M ?J.?kI M*<< t fiwiw ?/.!?> ?*??' Ar ??f?< mmp T* ? t U IbrM* Ff*? ? <*w hi ?????. <t fms Hi t ' ? i r?tarr4 mm *>} "?Ml ?> of 11117 li? '>m r?.t A?- f ?? ?"t a if jt>rn,rs ?i r?iKM M- F'-l "cum* A '???'*> R.|?A *??!("'? >U K? ??'# ?1# rdkfWMM m< 1 1/ 1/ B? * h?i nr ?i?1 Atr* >? 1 ? II tn mn4 ???? >>< ? ? > l*f?xl>?< Frv* M ???<? Ate ? ? ?? 1 ran ???4. 1*1 w.'I IwniWll ?? tat HiMw ?v ?. mtvmm t lfc? |?ia ' t??t *ian H?M4sr. Fr?'?* T?>teat> a*l rrfMlg-ert >tt 'llM'./ ni? ff? S '?* ? AM iO'ldLfH. wlAMAmi s POLITICAL. DKMOCMATIC HKPt'BI ICaS (iKNfctiAh COMMITTER, lammaoy Hell, ^?D(? ub?r fl. 1*66. 1 h? 1 h inoer*U?; KepuMkan victors <?f the cttjr of New York, friondty to tbe ttfttlmuel edtulnlatraiioa, tbe ti<ia?eaof ih?* party and a isnhful ?upf<irt of regular uomuiauoua, ?r? rviuwUl U> atund ? i>rimar> en* Uou, to b* beta la their re*pe< ive ward*, ou I u? ?<f?y. tin* 2d day ?i < K* U)ber, next, b? iw?*?*n the hour* oi hftir paMhv uu l Sa.f ail ,?? k IV M ,U?<?ift?u tlve deletes to ? t.ny t onrou lion, to ru*-?t ?, Tftuini*ny llftll, on Tharadav, Or otir 4th .?( if, o\ io k I*. M., lot the i?>m:n*Ut?o <if nnai date* tor ?!?'* o0ke? of Comptroller, Htreef 1 oniniiaatonar, Co? in ia* loner of lit'onir* ind hum my !n?n* <-u>r and < lover nor of the Aiuiftfiou*"', ' ?* o.hvste* to 2* <*?unfy Omiveiwon. to ir.ert at Tammany Hal) on hri.ujr, <>. ud>t?r &th, al o'eh* k P. M , (or the in unua Jon of < aiidblan** fur On- orth'ea ?>? Nhmtf, < onuty Cl?.rk and Oor?n??r*, three doleftfttee w> a Judl ttel t onvetdtou to t 11 rimmauf llftll, cm Monday, Oil? l erMh, al P. M.,for tie noinlniu./n of raiidkW** for the 1 ?HVmh oftiorpora inn Counsel. J UOtires of the Supreme and superior ? 'our* md ?li.dKfi or tin? Court of tVnnm?>u Pit and lb** M*"tw ?.'ourt; five deh*i(ftiex to ft K4m*n>rtsl Con venUon, to uiee: >n I i"^Jav. October Pth, ftl 7)4 o'clock I*. M., tar the uoiiiiuft'i 1, of 1 hmma-i lor he <d!l cfrienaUir. aeveri d? r? (o ui" ' t. Wf Ji -fifty, O 'ober 10. nf J \ o'clock IV M tor ?t??? ante In* 'ion of a ? andldate for the office of Member ??! .1 icrnii ly ? In dlefrl< ?rtoon?latiiif of 1 i?*?r? th??? ?io?? wa^I in *hkh r*M' cft?'h w?id will h!h< - il%i? d?!<-*f.?un; 1vo p?*moo>i lor men t ounrtl rli? .ri ?, to iu *?t rcHti^Ttlvuly (*>r mraalt ftuot. tn *W.*y. M ? h ft( Ui o'clock P If., ftl iiiicIi oiftt o tufty ?>.? i'oiituftimi by tbift ?-ouiinH'?e for bold my ?1.? pnnjurf ?U# U?? ftir h? nouilu?tUofi ol ft cftridl ?!?'? tor tn? 1 fi ?' ?f 1 'oun<Mitu*!t); and nOreu Ui ?mh ^trii to n??'t tor t.. ^rgftitttft'Um <?n TiUMinr. October !Hli, ftl 7'? ? rio>,k, I' M.. ?t nu? Ii pu. ?i km m%y b?? detifiifttcd tb? "vmivl ? o for KoklVof ilw y^rUtmrj tilor Uon, In it rtorttfr <*oi)Vt oiloti for iho i>oiiiin%Uoo of ward and icbOOl oflii-i r- Mini m U. jxih and :l%i wurd? ttvn d^lo^ft!?ft ? wr|i m ft iJlhtrk.t dud! ui < iMivftJitlon, to iu ? 1 oti Hftinrdfty, t r ol rr Oth. m *,K ? i? k 1*. M w Mt-t'oy'*, ?orn?r ?>f rutrty ?"'mil and Ft or' n avt iiu<% for tbc ijouuibatiori of ? r^adidftUi lor tbt cflo?cfft I* ?!!-?? JtiMii 1" . K?*toh ? I, Thm lb*?-* \rrftl N?UAtnriai '*onr?tt>uor?? idmi hi Ujc ful ow 1 of ( ? ?3d dift'rtci, fti hliftk^j^ftro lUxel, oortvor 0 I uft|k< . id WUli:?ni fttr? ?'t, 4Ui difttrli t, mi ibit Km?i llou??*. romer id Niund ?nd K?if x hIu*?*u ftii? dbHrt< t, ?i No. Oft >!o?r? r ftr-cl. h dJitri t, a* I'uioo Hotel, oumr ol Third ?v c BU? ind 1 wentv ?#??ood *u kr%olv?dt Thai the ^wtaibUr C3oov?oti(MMi met! ft ih?? lollo??tr ? idft< ? * ?? Ut di^'ii' ', ftt llu tir?M5imrV:b *trt*L. id UUirict, r' North' n< llow-l, Uurtlan4i ?ire<t 3d d??u*i?:t, ftl Wm. I'ftidV ? firtuT of Oak ! |{')0?o?elt ??n ft*. 41b <liairlc(, ftt No. 'iti llaofton Mi. dtMciet, Mt Kuickeruwlicr llftll, iv>rr??*r <d fiouwrueor and <?rftn<i *> t * im. f>.b dutn<ti, mi No dA Horror Mtrret, 71b dUtiiiA, ftt *Uj. l'< rry ? frr??u. dlftirl?*t. m' \rjmm* lloux**, rornt'r (irftod ftnd lie* 1 ?tr?'?*t. jfth dlstrtei, ?t corner of Four h utrrti ftad an one < i tth duu ? t, ftt Nftuouftl lUll, No. 21'4 Portv fourth ?tro?^t. I l.h dUtrlft, ftt On<l<?rdotik'a} oorn? r Orftna ft&d ? llnum < ?,?**{*. i2Ui dutrkri, ftt llcftd Quftrtrn, romer Orfto?i ftnd Ulifth. tb Mtrreui. |.$ib dUtrli-i, Houston ?tret. 14th dlfttrh:!, ftl MUliuiftn'? ?*iru?*r Twenty ?Ixth ptre? t .md h* v nth ht? - nu?*. lUti dlAtilct, ftt Kl?*rtiftn'? corner of Blith and ? irnt ftv? tin?'ii. l??th du H? 1, ftt Uivkm 11*11. i-ortiir of 1 ft ? my *?? > ml ?'r??r' M?id Third ?rrtiu?* Buolved, Tbftl U?*' el? ' 'ion n the 1 t|?o v^*rd? t?e li^Ut ftt 'be ptftreft iird under tite dir^Otlon of the 'u ^ -cum herein uf ? r (IrMlgnftU)d ? lut^Aid? At 1 10 Urftnwi h ?treet, M^haol Murray , John R. I'ryor and Jft/*ob UchwftTiiJiiid, In?p< ' i?n. Vd wftrd- Al IU l*u??'U Htrw . JfttncM VV?*tii, OftiorJ M<iC hun ftnd Arthur Pursuit, lu?\j0<tUt?* :!d Wftrd? At Murray Mrert ? harlfm Kletrher, Jo?rph llarrtMon ?nd H. J. t'r-nhy, u.m. 4th WMrd? At !(.>? ???k a* r*et. T. W HbarKlaA, U. I), W?*h h and Pftirlck Co>h?, .rn?n?*< Ui?> &ib wftrd At Itn HndMOiifttn)H. Jamra P. Webb, Win K. Allen and John ?!. hlu/i wtMjd, Irifjioc'oi 1. Hard? At 47 bayard atreet. J??hn v^uinn, Wtlltam H. Pajr and P. Mftibcw*. Inapeetom. <ih wftrd? At Knirkoi ho<-ker fUdl, fomei ?if Oonvom?"ir and l'ivi?u n ?trrrta. l^lwftid Oracu, Thomaa Lynch and Jft'oh \ Alintlnr. Ina^fdoTN. '??h ftftid? A' Ho?Me'a Hotel lift M?rr?r Mtr?*t?l. J<?hn M^Klb bui. John H. L>do?ker and Mm. WaiowrWb', lri*prtcu?r?. Inh Wfttd? A 1 90 Perry Mtre-'t WiJlUin ^midline, Kiiftne Mo Ora'hnnd John Monohue, In#i?e.:forti. Itith ward? At Truth Ward (iotftl, ?*oro #r of lirooroe and For i>ih #ti**?ta. JftdiCA Rood, Kdirard Welch an 1 Jiuu.-a liopktaa, ln?|)or(ora. llh wftnl? At 1 he rorn?r uf Fourth street and aronne r. Wll Hnn? liogg. .fnrk^ u V??iTuUyeft and Al?ian ler !??*. ln?ocu>f?. H uid? Ai I.uU'm Hotel, Manli tiUftnvllle. Willi tin W.-hb, J?,bn liftrt and Daniel M ?ie?, In^pedora. IT h ward? At OnderdonkV corner of llrand and fTlinton ?'rent". Kdward Worden, lUoa. It. Keriigand John II. Ilyde, liiffpeeUir*. I4ih ward? At lleftdquftrtora, corner of Qiftnd and P.lljtftbeih w recti. Micbacl Murpny, Jacob nay? ?nd Mn h??*l McOrfttb, loanectore. I6'h ward? At M& ffott^on Mlreei. Kluathau Thorn, Hlim-on V JMofift' and 1. K. Harrl- 'ii, XnA|>ectorA |0s h wAid? A*. 124 t ? renth avenue Mark U Tliomaa, Pal rh k I ynrh and Jain- e Or^^ory, ltn?j>ertooi l'? ih ward? At l-oru'a, corner of hlviriKion ?treet and tl?e H? ftery. Manna K'Ty, \Vh) aiii Coulter and Anthony N Wraidi, In'pertora l^?h war*'? At In Ion Hall, corner Twenty second <tn#e< an<l Ulri! avenue, t) H lilbbard, John Neablt and A J Mftlhowa, li.rpector*. lVh ward? At Htid?on lltllmod . Ponrtli avenue, be tv?e?r Kortv flrnt ar.'l Por'y ??rond wtr ? * oeo Wier, K<-t<er l>olan aud Jattien K* ?'d, Ittapwtora ward? At n?>rtbweat oorner irf Thlr!) Inurth Mire^t and Ninth avenue. Will tain Miii|J*ou, Jain. r. t>. K.nnyand l!?o? S H onkey, InMpectora. Tin ward? At Htbbard A Mct'oy's. oornor Tlilrttr Aeontid ?ireei ?nd Kourtb avenue TbotnaM Mo< >y, Ih-nj it Height ai d Hoht Foairr, li??pei (ora. 2'.?i fturo? Al fe?d mor??t rornot oi f orty ? i*b?h atrr-et and Mfh'ha^enne H?nnuK Root, Mch iia* Hca^nti and Alex. VS aid, Inaoectora Hcaolved, That in cam? of the abaen^e at the tim*? of aald rler Ion, 01 ftny one or more of aald I napecn r* of hi* ton, that then fbo reniAlnlni! Inspect or *>f lnspt:?"-orv hav auu*"riy U> till >be varaocy in writing HOUKliT hhl.hV. i hauntan J jnr? L. hftSLUii-T. A 1 r?? a * if asi aixoM, ecretarles. A OA HO PROM Oil. CP DON NFL!,.? IN AlCOKDANOIK with 1 bo ftifhes oi inony den. r? nd?, I antioatHe u?>n? ll a candlda'e for t).e . fib;* ?#f (.oro'ier at the ? <*n'.<>K ? ?? < ilon, and 1 'fully sfp^al ioth* e . ... , of t>:ti n# ?n <} lor he?r uUras*-^, eoiiiktently bojnn#, h.*t n y 4 tald ? ?n o and my uuwo%ried aiien'ion to in> poioic u . i< ? w u And fa VOI Um tn**, aud that a dtaQsrotng tlOU? lilllfty h?U h?? lad I'wl o aim'ain me a' U?l? tin ? . When I ??* ii??n. . ?* ! a l aituna 11) llall ?hree y? ara m?4o, there ws >nrrr ?>? :>riion in ?l?e d? n ocratJc rank", mid I b ivc no* in any way, h< e ? m party ui h"*?* oi.'.urtutiau! dltl'-reii' ? i wht< 1. ha .? ,i'*l 1 "t| on* 1 the, reij t.f{ faithiully th" ultlmaUj >-i ? ? *n of tno ?? tr 1? 'tern-, rislie piinrlttlev wl sen I liave ' In r J an I d*l<-n 1 d i" \U Is* ? uorty >eft<?. 'AILU '.M 0'l;UNNHX M 0 l ouncliMian, Twen ioih illatrfct, hitftiu w.*rl. J.?hnllal.?. 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RoUINmiN. i Hh ?%???(??). Rri] ril liK WAKTKt>? AT WO. 9*3 HKCOND AVK MM. D V??fK. WANTKO-T?i TANK < ARK Of A TOUNO IN IV fanl and ? barfr uf anurarry A parann of rii.artaaaa auparlur >|*ra<-irr and n?al b>?l'h land b'?na olbrr naad aaair nmr In appltlna.) mai firar of a par laanaal aad d? ?ttiia<uin on appl raii. n al Nu H liramarr* park, ba * warn 'ba boura of un and tlirra i-? a Iba appU> <ui anal liara rny rrfaimira. and la a I'rotraianl. An Aiuararan pra Irrrad. OAIJ'HMKN WANTKP ? TWO MALKMMKN WW.I. A< t~ ', ialu ' (I al'b 'kr r ail dr> fi-xla ir?.lr t ail oa Moaday mnmlni a' Oaorite k< jaa, *1.1 Kifbtli avaauk C.lllrMAS WAMKIt IN I II K. <I<IIAK ANO HAS 1~ tilla bnalD*aa <inc who on-irr ' anda lk? irada raa app | lo Vfilfiiri.i ix ll, A* ''anal aireai. WO MNAKT I. ?l>w OK QKNTKRL AKHKA* AN' K i an I n-l a a^x/d >i uatum and >i> a-l) rn.pbii maal, by rail J a' Ili..a.|?aj, r,?n.r i.roouir ?i , OU M oral lirlwiro ? and 10 '/eka-k. A M UMHTlin A KHKNf'll U IHI Wfl.f.l NO Tf? 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