Newspaper of The New York Herald, 30 Eylül 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 30 Eylül 1855 Page 6
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL, lonaf liiti*. Sattbdat, Sept. *9 ? ? P- "? There fii a better feeling in the stock market to-day; but most of the purchase* were on time, buyer's option. There were very Urge transactions in *U the leading se curities. At the first board. Indiana 6's advanoed ^ per oent; Illinois Central Boml*, H i Cumberland, ; Erie Railroad, if ; Michigan Southern, 1 ; Reading Railroad, X\ Clew land am) Toledo, >?. Hudson Railroad declined X percent; Illinois Central Railroad, %? Cleveland and Pitt* burg, Jf. Illinois Central bonds sold to the extent of 9100,000. All other bonds were quiet. After the adjournment of the board, the following stocks were sold at auotion by A. H. Muller '200 sha Francis Life Boat Co 7 % 'lift do. Marble and Stone Carving Co., of N. Y 20 >, 260 do. Newton Copperfaced T^pe Co 8 At the second board prices improved a fraction. Erie advanced, per cent; Cumberland, % ; Reading Rail road, X; Hudson Railroad, ){ ; Illinois Central Bonds, Bonds, \ ; Cleveland and Toledo, ,V Our remarks this morning about the New York Central Railroad Company have produced a fluttering in the hive, l'he managers and tlieir immediate friends are Like a ne l of hornets when a long pole is thrust among them. At first they are dis posed to resist the intruder, but by keeping up the atir rlng, they finally disperse and leave the long pole in pos session. The rural districts have been considerably agi tated by the statements we have lsfctly made concerning this company and the arrival of several operators front along the line looks rather ominous.. The fact is that when the rottenness of such a huge monster as the Cen tral is exposed, a desperate effort is made by certain cliques to sustain, and if possible inflate the market prices, to calm the apprehensions of out side holders. Combinations are therefore formed for purchasing, and the immediate elloct is seen in a temporary advance in prices. This is the time for small holders to realise. When speculators are buying to keep up the market is the time for out sider* to sell. This action is only spasmodic and cauuot be sustained. It would have been bolter to have sold a few weeks since, but the fiscal year id nearly closed and the next annual resort will not beat all satisfactory to those who hold the stock at anything Uke current rates. The annexed statement exhibits the quantity and value Of foreign dry goods entered at this port for consumption, for warehouse, and also the w ithdrawuls from warehouse, during the week ending at d Including Thursday, Sept. 27, 1865:? Movwraa a Foshicw Dky <;o,idh. Imports. WitMr'n. Manul.ictures of wool... $141,0.1 Ho. cotton.. 280,^07 Do. (.ilk .... L'SO.SCl Do. Hux.... 2Sb,uo5 Miscellaneous 19U,066 Total $1,411,119 $S8,091 $107,124 Total value put upon the market during the week $1,499,210 This week's trade in dry goods lias been a little brisker than that of the preceding me? the falling off in the demand from the country having been more than com pensated for by the improved local inquiry, nnd as sea sonable productions have not been pressed on the market, previous quotations for desirable article* have been gene rally well supported. If there bo anything of a languid feeling apparent it is In domestic fabrics, tUe production of which, though reduccd, seems to outstrip the require ments of buyers. Foreign goods are firmly held, in view Of the moderate and well assorted imports and stocks on hand. A pretty active Inquiry exists for brown and bleached sheeting* aul shirtings, at, however, rather weak prices. More activity is dlscernable in cotton flannels, at strength ening figures. The supply is light and decreasing. A moderate business is being transacted in denims, drills and duck, within our old range. Ginghams are in fair request and are Arm. There is not much movement in lawn*: manufacturers are engage I on spring styles, of which a good supply Is promised. Nankeens have not varied. 0*uaburgs are saleable and steady. Printing cloths are less freely offered at full prices, but rule quiet. Prints appear inactive at Iriegular rates. .Stripes and ticks display no really now feature. Woollen goods are in moderate stock and are pretty firmly held, but are not very briHk. A fair Inquiry prevails for blankets at previous prices. There is considerable animation in cassimeres, cloths and dueskins, at unchanged figures. Flannel* are quiet and rather langaid. Jeans and lin eeys seem less active, and intirm in value. Mouselin de laines are tolerably brisk and buoyant. A fair demand exists for satinets, at former quotations. Shawls are un altered. Tweeds are attracting increased attention, at Meady lates. teigu fabrics arc loss freely offered tlia'i they are needed, and on this account the basinets U restricted; but os lar as regards prices there in no no ticeable rlmnge. The import! are quite moderate, aud mainly enterudfor consumption direct, they leem inKv.tticieut to maintain a good assortment on the market. Those having desirable hu pplien are tiudiug ready buyers therefor, st ?????? ? ? ? 111 1 P1"""'""1' while those whose storks aro not exactly suited to the taste oi purchasers experience considerable difficulty in rolling them, and when they do effect a sale it is only by consenting to accept such pricus as are offered there for by buyers. These are the leading features of the trade in every channel. The quantity and -value of certain articles imported into this port during the week ending, and including Fri day , Sept. 18th, If 5ft, we-rens follows : ? CoutuarsoPTH* Port orNtw York ? Vauk ok Imports. I'h-g*. Alabaster orn. 'JO Barytes 264 Bristles 82 Books 7ft Buttons...... 33 Boxex. 10 Bunting 6 BaAets 09 Brushes 18 Bottles ? Cobalt 20 Chalk., 125 Cheese 8 Cocoa... 100 Coffee 2, 1.56 China 387 Cigars ? Corks 263 Clay 27ft Clocks 8 l ag. goo-i-.... 10 Drugs? Amonta 20 Bals. tolu.... 11 Barberry gum 69 Blea. powder. 260 Borax 160 Odor, potash. 10 Cubebs 30 tod liver oil. . 20 Cr. tartar.... 172 Bicarb, mxte.1,500 Copaibi 180 Castor oil.... 22 Ess'l oils 02 Ess. bergamot 1.0 Ipecac 4 Iodide potas. . 4 Lie. parte. ... 492 i.eerhes 14 Maqneaia 24 < >r ris root .... 7 Opium 2 (?jtilic acid.. . 6 I'erur. bark.. #3 Phosphorous.. 4 Quinine 26 Rbubard 21 Soda ash 401 Sugar of lead . fl Sal soda 80 Snccory 24 Tart. acid.. .. 9 Tonq. beans.. 10 Vanilla do.... 1 Other articles ? Oyewoodn, I'aluts, Ac.? Argola 4 Colors 6 Fustic 80 Indigo 48 Logwood _ Unseed oil... 142 Olive oil 2.216 Kalu'. Pkgi. 241 Glass Ware.. 324 1 74? Do. Mate... t.G 25, *'88 Mlrrois 120 12,488 Olue 10 6,760 Gelatine 5 lfto Hinimii Ilair. ?'! 7*2 HairCloth... 22 2,436 Hams 110 4 414 Honey 4 2fi0 Ilenip 420 153 India Rubber H91 1?9 Instruments, ? 149 Musical 00 987 Nautical I 2fi,853 Optical 1 14,321 Surgical 3 7,802 Ivory 3 1.243 Jewelry 19 14.1 oil fainting*. 51 1148 Mustard 89 2.070 Liquors, ? Ale 171 P47 Brandy 70 810 Cordials 10 1.330 (iin 144 717 Porter loo 6,?49 Whiskey 15 235 leather 29 C79 1'aV. leather . . 19 421 Bunts & shoes. ft 43,617 Dr'd skins. ... 156 4,422 Undr. skins.. ? 2.j.8 Metal go<ds.. 22 33# Brass g.vods. . 9 1,940 Cutlery 45 6,4!?7 Hardware.... 447 648 Guns 61 2,647 9.803 590 611 21 397 353 2 12 Litharge Madder Paints Vermillion . . . Verdigris .... Yellow Berries 60 Fruits? Cttrou 101 Currants 160 Nuts ? Oranges ? Plums.,,. ... M Sauces 20 tugravings.. 36 Fjnery 300 E. Ware Fancy Goods. Furniture .. . Furs Flak Felting Flower Roots OIam 867 93 41 73 "I as 83 >>9<i Chains 109 12,168 Cables 33 799 Iron, tons? ' 1 469 Pig 426 391 Railroad 4,830 714 Sheet 6.940 nOO Wire 311 Nails .... .... 21 238 Needles 22 5,U? Lead 11,130 4.326 Spelter 19,340 I'lat inn 1 Per. cap* 42 Plated ware.. 3 249 Silverware... 3 2,083 Steel 1,834 831 Tin 18,995 463 Marble 90 8,668 IJth. stones.. 46 Burr stones.. ? > 700 Old metal.... ? 790 Molasses 51 3.278 Paper 61 8.t>88 Paperhang's.. 2 ?.621 Perfumery... 115 18,288 Pipes 7 032 7,372 Plaster 1,068 679 Kags 297 6.1 647 Kaftan ? 8,288 Rice 600 ?<?? Salt ? ?'?? 34 1,680 *>,p 1,128 Hplcea 6?i 5.903 Sugar ,tofcbh.l,6?i 2. <02 lx>., bl,\W? V28 4 467 Stationery* ^ 115 Tea... y 1.680 Tobaceo 306 670 Toys 608 17,089 W?t. ?lies 44 J'!?f ^inM 1202 46.36o Cnamiiagne 1 7au 21,634 Wood? 3,424 Cork ? 20.(102 Cedar _ 11.206 Wool 308 Flocks 1.367 Wa?te :t8 834 Other article* ? Value of mdse put on the market during the week 81,646.249 Value of dry goods pot on the market during the week 1.409,210 Total importation 88.146,459 The above aggregate is not large for the season. The priur ijiul articles of import are of general consumption, such as coffee. $26,866; madder. $63,057, undre^ed skins, $164,280; hardware. >66,224, railroad iron, $80,843; lead, $68,603; tin, $160,067; ateel, 64,604; sugar, $118,272; watches, $$2,296. Week Exchange! Satcrimv, Sept. 29, 1866. 100 nil.-, Eric KK 55 % $15000 la State5's.s3 20C0 Calif 7 'a '70.. 1000 \ irgini t 6 s.. 600 City 6'b '68... 600 Albany Ex Cer ;000 MicSRRSFB 1000 Hud RlitMtrt 100 5C00 Erie Bds of >75 87 28000 111 C?a RI1 Bk. 50000 do h30 30000 do. ,...bS0 25000 do c 10(100 do U60 10C00 do bOO 15000 niKrBwtlipH3 80 10000 do *3 80* 7 fchsSh4LUk..t 110 '.'CO Nic Transit Co. , 10% 50 Jo 10 yt 10ft do bCO 20 16 Venn Coal Co. . . 15 do 100 Bi un City I.d Co 5 Mich ten KK... 250 Cumb Coal Co. . 87 97 % 1'8 55 08 84* 84* 84* M* 84* 84% 55 65 55 55 23 Yt .28* 60 do..b:t i?,vc 300 do.. a3 picc 100 do 100 do s30 100 Karlem RR. . ,s3 100 do 10 Mich S ft N la Kit 100 115 do 99 100 do bOO 103 * 6 do 09 y. 11 Panama Kli. ... . 101 60 do s?0 1J1* 10<) Reading RR...C 3d* !]00 400 iCO 6t;0 300 100 1200 100 COO 200 loo do s30 do c do b3 do .... bCO do .... b30 do.... blO do do.... b30 do.... btiO do.,., M5 do.... *30 860 700 500 360 150 100 100 423 5110 300 000 MX) 10'i 100 Erie R.R...?4m 110 300 3(0 500 200 600 270 2b0 200 do.... s90 do . . . opg do do do.,. . p&c do.... WO do...c|.&c do ... . bOO do.... bbO $3000 111 In to '47.b8 104 100<M) 111 Cti R Bs.btiO 85 10000 do 50C0 do sl5 1000 do tOOO do *3 200 f>lin Nic Tr Co.bflO 400 Cumb Coal Co. . . 100 do bSO 100 do 100* 101 6 07 26* 26* 26* 26* 27 36* ** 26 y, sex 27 27 28* 55 55 56* 65* 55 55* 55 a 55 55* 65* SECOND BOARD. do". do bfiO do .... . .atW do c do *3 do....bnwk do blO do do b jO do at'50 do ..... . soO do do b7 200 II River RR. ..M 260 do bOO loo do bOO 000 do b->0 50 do b'lO 10d 111 Cen RR....b3 ?80 do s3 100 do situ 500 Cler & l'itts.sl2m 126 do c 100 Gal i! Chicago Kit 117>? 100 do bSO 118 620 Cloy & Tol Rlt.s3 83 300 do 83 100 do b30 83* 105 Clii A: KkUl...s3 100 450 do bl 100 100 do bf)0 101 93 * 94* 91 94 91 91* 94* 94 96 95 91* 94* 40 40* 40>.i 40 40 93* 93* 94* 05 6 a?^ 84* 81* 84 * 84* 20 28* 27 20* 50 ?hs Eric RR ..sOO 56 V 360 do,.., ..opg 66* 100 do 85 ?, 10 Mlc So & Nor lu K lOd 250 Reading RR. ,s60 91 V 500 do M* 150 do 3d 94* 150 Cle k Tol KR.biO 84 100 Galena & Chic Kit 117 100 Hud R KK .. .b80 40* CITT TBADE REPORT. SaitrdaV, Sept. 29?2 P. M. I'lour ? The sales reached about 7,000 a 8,000 bbU., iu cluding common lo good State and Western at $7 62* a $8 12: nniong the sales wore 1,500 bbls. Western round hoop (sold for export,) at $8 12. Wheat was firm, with sale* of 26,000 a 30,000 bushels, part to arrive, at l'.fOc. a 192c. for good t-'outhern red, and 206c. a 210c. for white Canadian and Southern. Coin ? Sales amounted to 30,000 a 40, COO bushel* western mixed at 80 a 80*$c and closed doll. Pork Inactive: sales 200 a ^00 bbls moss in lots at $22 37 a 22 50. Cotton still waiting letters. Whiskey active at 40* a 41c. ; sales 1,200 bbls. Ohi j to ar rive nt 40j^c. AJfWtflSMiiJITS fiaEWUIi &\m Ml. SALES AT Al/CTIOIV. Albert n. nxcolay, auctioneer.? positive snip, toelose an Interest of OliRon, Stateu Island, re a I ns tate.? Albert !!. Nlcolsy will soil at auction, oa Tuesday, Oct. 2. ! at 12 o'clock, ut the Merchants' Exchange, a nea: frame outiage, two story anil basement, containing 7 rooms, with nearly au acre of ground, laid out wl,b fruit and kilchon gar den; aUo a new stable attached. This properly is situated ear ner ol the -and and finger hoard roau, located between the residences oi .Messrs. Pukerglil aud lteriy, and a good view oi the I'H.v.l Size of plots, 203 feet front by 177 feet In depth; house about '40 feet front and 26 feet deep. The proporty Is situated l>i, niiie from Yanderbilt landing, and is all that can be desired for a private residence. Terms, $1,500 ran remain on bond and mortgage for one year from May 1, 1K56. For further par ticulars apply to ALBERT II. NlCOLAY. Auc loueer. Auction notice.? crockery, glass and china. Itj J. 8. 11. BABTuETT, auctioneer.?' Tuesday, October 2, at 10 o'clock, a! 581 Pearl street. In lots, from the shelves, a targe assortment of best white granite, blue printed and all kinds of common ware; 100 packages glassware, gold band ten sets, Britannia ware. Ac. Auction notice.? bich rosewood and maho household furniture, velvet and Brussels carpets, targe pier and oval glasses, ol) paintings by old masters, rich (diver ware, etegeres, rote wood plano:orte, <vc.? H. WILSON, Auriionett? Monday, oolober 1, at tufj o'clock, llio entire col lection of elegant furniture, contalncl In the four story liou ?, Wo. 19? Prince street, near Sullivan, all of wnlch In of the very beat ile.-ci Intioii, a large portion having been made to-order 1 v one of Che first cabinetmakers in Broadway, and will ho 1'iuptorlly sold wltlioiit any postponement. Parlor*, ele khiu rnsewcwid pianoforte and cover, two magnificent siuts of parlor furniture, with upbol-tered ?eats, covered iu the rlohed of French satin, solid rosewood frames, most elegantly carved, n id oiii regard to coat; large plor tuid ovai udiTOrs; marble top ici ihi ood ceiilro, side and sofa tables; elegant roea-ood etegcro, marble top, with heavy plate gla-.* doors and back, made to order, ro- 3125: about 2iO yards tope-cry carpets, In excellent order: splendid ro-owood bookcase, very lar?e, co-t fiitiO; rosewood corner etetrcrex and corner s'ands, beautiful mtd heavily embroidered white lace window curtain*, rleli iiro tel curtain.- and cornlccs: lar;:n <3o.hie reception tiud easy chair*, In silk and embroidered brocade; oil paintings, among wblcli may be found a choice collection by modern artist- ; French porcelain decorations and vc a*, finished a?l painted in a hlplt . ui<; ?rt>'erie.-t!on;J^ap^<>,|j{|j^| rt::')i 'w"uh"VeryVle ganl niarlil ? "top dressing bureaus and waahstands to match; pure curled hnir mat reuses, beds, bolster* and pillow-; wnho gnny and maple chair.-;, aofa- and lounges, hoavy mdio.'inv ten teel exteii-lon table, black walnut do.; tea and ttl i In'; table*, eitina tea sets very expensively decorated, elegait tuantel clocks, common crockery ami glassware. In Via <eiuent; a large assortment Of silverware spoons, forks, heavily pi *4o(l easiere. with cut bottles, silver tea -e vice, elegantly oHastd and engraved; large solvers, with solid silver e i^es, best of Ivor) cti'lery. Ac. A cash deposit ,'?*111 he required iro n every purchase t tiuknowu to Uie auctioneer. 11. WILSON", Auctioneer. Art ! ION NOTICE.? JOSEPH t? SMITH, AUCTIONEER, will sell, tomorrow, (Monday,) nt 10'j o'clock, at jti Krnnklin street, fourth bonne went of Broadway, one roaewnod piano. of biiiluml tone and ilulsli; parlor furniture, ol solid rosewood; rich carpets, oilcloth, oil painting*, Urge oval pier glasses, rocking and easy chairs, mahogany and maple iirx, sotns, dlnhM and tea tables, rosewood and mahogany bed steads, bur< aus and washsttind* to mutch; he-,t hwlr tit ittr crockery, pia-sv.are, clocks, silverware, <vc.; three enamelled cottage suites. DO. NASH. AUCTIONEER? STORE nit) BROAD ? way. ? Mortgage Kale of the contents of the home callc I the North >'ar. 1M Chuieh street, ou Monday, October ), lb at In o't ioi k, A. II., on the premises, 1M Church street, all the fnmi'uie and saloon fixtures contained in said house, consisting in part of chairs, tables, settees, bureaus, bedsteads, mit iresses. oilcloth, pianoforte, two billiard tables with balls, cU:s, snd maces, bar tix;ures, decauters, tumblers, pictures, cur tains, Ac., dir. David scott, auctioneer-auction sale of houses snd lot* In -lersey City, near the ferry,? DAVID SCOTT, auctioneer, will sell at public auction, on the pre mises, on .Monday, Oct. I, at 2 o'clock P. M.. the following va I uable property, (sale peremptory? terms liberal):? first, lot 3.1 Morris street, 2Axft); seeond, two lots on Green stree', ho tween KVex and Morris streets, west side, 2i)?50 each; tlilri, two lota on the southeast corner of K.saex and Green s'reets, axCtlent h, elegant location for a residence; fourth, two three story brick houses on Morris street, between Washington and Ureen streets, Nos. 47 and -19, iinshed Iu goad style, water, balh room, Ac.; fgh, the lnr :e an 1 commodious brick front house and connected buildings, formerly ooeuple I hy Mr. Oeorge Dnmtoer deceased, with the two lots of ground 34 nud .'!<> Essex street, 2fixIUO each, oil the northwest corner of Green street. This property tuay he considered very de slrahle, as It is the tno<t beautiful location In the entire city for a gentleman's private residence. Ti rrn* liberal Sale po?i live, to Close the esuito. Por turther particulars lu<iulre of the auctioneer, 75 Montgomery street, Jersey City. Il' K. AARON, AUCTION KIR, W1IJ, H KM, ON MOV J. I lay, October 1, at 10^, o'clock , ni the -ale-room, No 07 ,vu-*au -tret t, a splendid assortment of line gold wal -he , pan ol which are us Mite Watches as can be manufactured; al-o di? mond w ork and Jewelry. Sale without reserve, for cash Gm EORGE COOK, AUCTIONEER.? EXTENSIVE SAW. of new and fashionable furniture, on Tuesday next, at ltt1^ o'clock, tit salesrooms No 117 Nassau street, consisting In |..ivt oi superior mahogany and rosewootl sec re aire bookea.-:c<, par lot- fm nit ure. en suite, In satin brocatell; marliie top centre, si te ami sofa tables; t Ichly e*rved roaewo>*l etegeres and es eruiolres; easy and arm cltalrs of a variety ol styles; soras. 'c.e a teU s, lounges, extension dining tables, dining room and par lor tiiairs, mahogany and rosewootl beilsteads, bureaus, wash stands, wardrobes, maurcsses. paillasses, bed', bedding, Ac. rlROCK.RlKS. GROCERIES? A. M CRISTAI,AR, AL'C T Honeer, will sell on Monday, October I, at 10^ o'clock, at "7& Sixth avenue corner of Twouty third street, tiie eout-nU and fixtures ol a well slocked grocery siore, consisting iu part of a large and line lot nf sugar , teas, cotlees and spices, wax ti nd spi t m candles, china ornaments, < hinese womei fl<ures, Ac. Also, a v artety of i.-noi)s, suitable for a re ail grocery store, toguther with counter scales, shelving, Ac. HKNRV II I.KKDS, AUCTIONEKR-HKMRY II. I.E'iDS A Co. will sell on I uc -day. 3d, Wednesday, Id, and i'htirs da J, Oct 4, at half past ten o'clock each day, at the auction rooms. No 19 Nassau street Superb sets of firiey gis.<l?? Opening sale of the sea?ou, the tir-d bnpo. t e.ion of Paris bron us. the inannfac'ure of the Parisian Artiatlc Brome Co.u panv ; they obtelred the consul medal In Ixjnd ei. I nM , the golden medals m Puhlln and Paris, and at the Crystal Paiac-v New York, tiie silver medal, the only one awarded for hron*-s in the nation ihls is die most extensile company in th< woild. and iheir uotsis Mi|ierior to any manufactured (Via slstlnii of a large a -ortrrwtit of superb vases, coupes, oon sols, tirackeia, groups, iigmes large and s-.iall, superb can tlelabras hronxe and ormolu. I'allan daneera statueites of li tis rkms men. verv elegant ink stands, s muette h ttiiei -hep herd, Ac ; animals, groups oi deer, large site; !|o*r?r Itsng ing lases. eatd receivers, marble lasos This i? U>? first ? rest sale in thla country litmi tlili cxteuslve conceni S ;nr. J. |l. Paiidoinni's first opening nfihe season, at the tbnn and place, of real Carrara statuary. Agate. Itardlgllo. Yellow of Sienna, Ktruecan, Medici, Roman and llebe vases, froaj four to ulne feet high. Hohendan ware, china brvnjte and or mo' u clocks. Marble statuary? Group of Fidelity, the original bv I'ranxttit; the Shepherdess, by Delniadlco; the \<eg?a"-s. by Ml relll; superb statuary of Washington. Franklin and Jc> *.n, about feet high, and made by the well known artts Fl neill; figure of Mary Magdalen; Antonio from the Grecian sehi.ol; rletnlsh Cupid, with ncs's: Venus of Cauova; Amoire Devlne. hy Hcnerne: four busts or Italian poe*a, Dan'e. ArSw lo Petrarrh andTssso; bust of Zeno; two groups, repre-snt ing gammer and Antnmn; statuary for garlena or phmi*. ' i r ..topher Columbus, Bacchus. Panrirg Olrls of Canova; \'e t. Us Ae ?those are about tlve teel high. Alan, an asaortment of st titled blrda. Also, a Urge Invoice of real sterling silver tea arts Also, turqunis, opal and other gold bracelet*, earrings breastpins. *>.; pla ina do , leplne waiclies. gold cha.n*. Per sons residing (.?? of the cttv can have their good* carefully parked for shipment at a reasonable charge by Mr Pandolllni' Henry b. birth, jvh.. auotioneer.-iji?gk and attractive aale of line French, German and Knxlish iiraedr.o'hs doeskins, i>eavers, kerseymere*, ve*tlngs, trim D"5,**J*fdy made rloihlng Ac. Will be sold at anction, by order ofthsVhert Ton Monday, Oct. I, at I0?< o'clock, at the salesroom No &S Pine street, the entire balance Of stock of a ?frrh*iit latirtr Arid clo'Uinr Ti'rmi CMh cit? fundi All food< to be cleared ou u?e Uh> of ttif. MU? AT AWIMI. TTENBY W. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER-BY W H. I.KEDS XX A CO. ? Monday, Oct. 1, atloC o'clock, at No. 230 West Thirtieth street, handsome household furniture. nearly nev and id perfect order, being the properly of ? gentleman de clining housekeeping. and in use but Mix month*, vix;? Parlor furniture ? Medallion pattern Brunei* oarpeU, full length Fn ueh nlaie pier glasses, large slxe and richly framed; oral mantel do., carved rosewood and mirbletop centre ta'jlei, curved rosewood luitin brooatell ; side and pier (able* rwe ? <?d etegeret, elegantly carved, with plate giaa-i back*; ele gant carved rosewood 0% octave pianoforte, by one of oar finest clt) makers, In use out three months, with guarantee; nmnicl ornaments, clock and va?es, bronze figures. Bedroom furniture ? Mahosauy and blackwalnut bedsteads, washitande and elialra, In reps and hair cloth; bedding, mailing. and k'.tcb en furniture, with which tlie sale will commence. Term* cash. At IS o'clock, In front of store, 19 Na?au street, rmj shifting top light wagon, In good order; also, one set of harness, tu good order. JOHN L. VANDEWATER, AUCTIONEER.? MONDAY, at 10k o'clock, at the salesroom, 12 Maiden Lane a very large and exceedingly attractive hale of splendid Imported paintings, on ><tlk. aitached to glas-,, with gilt frame'*, and of every variety of land-cape, domestic sceres, marine views, figures, groups, Ac. Many of the above are of oval form and all exceedingly rich and beautiful; also superior oil paintings in # e ft ames. elegant engraving*, Ac. The whole to be soul at above, peremptorily, to close out the consignment, oUeriag a rare opportunity to a 11. J J. WALDRON, AUCTIONEER.? f 'ROOKERY, CHIN A., ?^o, and cutlery, from the shelve*, In lots to suit the city end country retail trade. Henry Q. Evan* will sell on Tues day, October 2, at 10 o'clock A. M., at 92 Pearl si root, 75 crates W. O. 0. O. dipt and common ware; decorated china te.iwarc; 4 * pieces china vases, Ac ; also, a large assortment of beet glass, from the Brooklyn, Bay State, American, Sandwich, New England, and Pittsburg factories, knives and forks, te ? Jiays, Ac. Good* packed lu the beat order for shipping. PAWNBROKER'S SALE OF MEN'S WINTER CLOT1I ing.? MCCAFFREY A WALTERS will sell, on Monday, October 1, at coiner of Catharine uud Henry streets, a very large and superior lot of men's clothing, remnants of cloth, Ac., Ac., worthy the attention of dealers. L. A B. KOFFMAN. PAWNBROKER'S SALE-W. N. LEWIS WILL SEW,, on Tuesday, Oct. 2, at 19ft Bowery, up stairs, by order of W. hud R. Simpson, a quantity of unredeemed gng, con sisting of gold and sliver watches, jewelry, Ac. Sale to com mence at half neat ten o'clock A. M.? N. B. A firs'. rate sow ing machine will be sold at one o'clock. PAINT.? TEH RKNCE BOYLE, AUCTIONEER, WILL sell on Tuesday. October 2, at 10>ji o'clock, at 222 Tenth avenue, near Twenty -fourth street, all the stock and fixtures in said store. SHERIFF'S SALE.? W. C. ALBURTUS, AUCTIONEER, will sell ou Wednesday, October 3, at 10 o'clock, at No. 19 Court street, Brooklyn, a small qtuinti y of dry goods, hosiery, lace toods, embroideries, A-c. E. LOTT, Sheriff. J. Uicoi.nh, Deputy Sheriff. SHERIFF'S SALE. ? W. C. ALBURTl'S. AUCTIONEER, will sell on Wednesday, October , at 2 o'clock P. M., at No. !>S Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn, the slock of ? drug store; also tlic shelving, drawers, counters, giuisware, perfumery, tttnuy goo ils, Ac. E. LOTT, Sheriff. A. Dui'Lon, Deputy Sheriff. WILLIAM IRVING, AUCTIONEER. ? HOUSEHOLD furniture.? William Irving A. Co. will sell, ut auction, on Tuesday, October 2, at 10H o clock, at the sain- rooms No. 8 Pine striel, Brussels and Ingrain carpels, mirrors, wluiow curtains luanlel ornaments, maliogany bookcase and secre tary, inuhoiiaiiy sola bedsteads, ro evood and in.ihoguny mar ble' lop pier anil ecu: ro laliles, card and qtlariClte tables; tnt liogauy sofai and chairs, in hair cloth; rockers, mahogany sit Hue desk*, mahogany French bedsteads, collage do., dressing bureaus, waahstand*, hair mattresses, feather beds, bolaters and pillows, dining and tea table-,; cldua, crockery, glass ware. and kitchen furniture. Also, without reserve, for ac couni of whom It may concern, au elegant suli of carved rosewood parlor furniture, in crim-on brocatel, made to Order by E. W. llutcl.ings. and cohI $600, consisting of soi'a, te'e-a tc'ien.nrm chairs, Voltaire chairs, six parlor chairs, four recep tion chairs and piano stool. WC. ALBURTUS, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL ON . Monday, October 1. at i o'clock P.M., at No 113 Co liiinlila street, Homh Brooklyn, a small quantily of household furniture of a family giving up housekeeping. IVnAflTS' MKUlfPTKM. o 7 < nrtiriON street.? to let? a small stork, ? J I i: suitable for a cigar, book, frail, or any other fancy business ; Immediate possession. Rent only 813 u mouth. BROADWAY-TO let, the spacious cor uer room in the secoud story of the building Broadway; also to lei several oflicca on tno same floor. Apuly to 11. BLOOMER, 208 Broadway. An elegant tiv it of furnished apartments to let, in the first class house, 776 Broadway. The entire first lloor, with extra bedi ooms and kitchen, particularly aiap led for ? family wlshhig to serve themselves, there being every convenience for housekeeping. Apply L oin 8 A. M. to 1 A. At Desk room to let.-a very desirable desk room to let, H. MORTON TliPPEK, 167 Broadway, room 6. Furnished house in Brooklyn to let.-a modern built three story brick house, pleasantly situated, has arched parlors and gas. It 'agreeable, the present occu nam, a gentleman and Ids daughter, would board with the family. Apply to A. TOWNEY, corner Myrtle nveuue and Fulton St., Brooklyn, or J. O. Packard, 109 Pulton St., N. Y. IAIIGE CARPET STOUK TO LET -STOCK FOR SALE, J amounting to about #12,000 to $10,000 of velvets, tapestries, Brussels, three uly, and ingrain carpets, together with a large assortment of oil cloths, English and American, from 1 lo -'4 feet wide; also a large stock of rugs, druggets, mats, curtain muslin, Ac. T be above will be retailed for one week longer, at 161 Bowery, lliree doors above Broome s reet, eas' -Me. The cock, If possible, will be cleared ou1. the coming week. Still tortl ei reduction tu pi lees. Oreatust bargains ever before of fored In tbe city of New York. Great opportunities for hotels, housekeepers, and carpet dealers as tus ?tock will be cleared out at a great sacrifice. Store to let and fixtures for sale. In quire on tbe pi cinlsis, ltil Bowery, ea-t side, three doors above Brcomc street. 208 Rest ac rant ? corner of mott and Chatham ?fleets, i o lease, nlth Immediate iiowuloo, lo a compe tent person With means. Apply 10 J. II ARSEN, No. bi) Ninth

Hi reel. rfO I.KT? THE FRONT AND BACK PARLOR, WITH I psntrles be'wi en, and one room in third s.ory, of ho 1st) S? Morion blreel. Inquire on tin premises. TO LET? THE THREE STORY AND BASEMENT HOUSE 23 Chrever place, Brooklyn, about live minute?' wa!i l>nni the Atlantic or Hamilton terries; toe has^ill tha ?. OT(i 'ftW fC 1 fiiri ;ice", range, wash tubs, ,.c;. ; rent ehoap. Apply lit the house. ?rO LET? PART OF A HOUSE, PLEASANTLY SITU A I ted, to a unnll family, at 117 Twelfth -'reH, between Secjad and Third irmtwi, consisting of (our rooms on second floor, kitchen with range. gas, water, <tc. Possession given the 1st of Ociober. rro LET OR LEAKE? THE NEW FIVE STORY MARBLE J. frt ut store, 94 Bowery, 25 by 9tl fact, w . li basement, sub cellar and vaults. Posses-Ion given Immediately. Apply to M. H. A B. C ASHMAN, No.5 B 1TI . 'T O LET? FOUR OEKTEEL THRUK STORY DWELLIN'1 I 1, ousts with the modern improvi'iueniH, In Kin.' street. Two nf tin in to let whole, tm J two in pans, lo genteel 1'amlMes. inquire at 11) King s'rcct. TIO LET A BASEMENT AND FIRST STORY STORE, toge.her with the upper par: of bulldinv, situated at ltl Mercer street, noar Howard. A good locution for thepluiub lug business, or for manufacturing purposes. Apply to J. B. CORNELL, 139 Centre ,tceet. TO LET? THE HOUSE OYER THE LVROE DRY GOODS ttore 287 Fulton street, Brooklyn. Will be rented to one lennnt. or to suite of mourn for otUcaa or Itghi hu-ln ss p'ir | im?. It Is In the beat business pari of the city, dlieoily op posite Clinton street. The room* very unliable for dagaerreo ivplsts or ether artist*, law ofllces. millinery rooms, Ac. Ap ply to JAMKS VAN NORDEN, 2l Nassau street, N. Y. TO LET? UNTIL MAY 1. lf?fifi, AT A VERY LOW price, a brown free store Iron! house, with all the modern Imp mvtraenU i >.ie at tho bi:>ek oi In bouse* on the oorntr of Third pltee nurt Court street, Brooklyn, which will bo let tor r longer term at a sallnfactory rent. Apply ul 231 Broadway. TO LET? ON I11TH STREET, BETWEEN THIRD AND Fourth avenues, two new well finished en'taie hoi-os, i Ight rooms each, laigo yard mid garden; rent #iutl per year. Inquire on the premises, house nearest Fourth avenue. TO LET-A LARQE THREE STORY nOUSE, FREE stone front, in Dean street, near Hoyt, Brooklyn. Tlia fur ntture can bo had at a great discount. Rent moderate to a re sponsible tenant. For particulars, address W. M. R-, boi J.121 Foal office. TO LET? THE DWELLING PART OF HOUSE NO. 3 1 bird nveuue, one door north of Eighth strtw t, suitable for n gm'.cel family; a good kl chen, with range and bath room, l'osfesslon given Immediately. Apply to ALVAH IIALL, 12 Warrcu street. TO LET? A STORE IN BROADWAY, NEAR CANAL itrrrt; one of ti e best stands In this city; from .tow to th? 1st oi May, or on a lease. Inquire at M Canal >i. , ui the store rpo LI T.? ELEOANT FURNISHED APARTMENTS. CON JL slstlng of parlors with bed rooms attached; al-o -Ingle rooms with grates, t he house contains all the modern Im pi on met. is. aud has Utely been enlarged mm newly furnished through' ut. It has an entrance on Broadway und Prince ft. Appl} at &> Prince ?l. TO LET-TO A SMALL RESPECTABLE FAMILY, THE upper part of the house 172 West 23d ?L, near *'h sr., con v- Hi g oi tlu re rooms on lite second and two or three on ihe third lk>or. 'i he hutt-c contain* all the unsieru Improvement* < 1 1 as, lath, Ac., ,1c.. an.l v. Ill lie let to an agi eeabte tenant on hii derate terms. A front ba-cnient can go wttli die uppei pari, or be let tor a physician's oillte. TO LET? FURNISHED ROOMS AND BEDROOMS WITH all lie modern tmprovi ments, including both, gas, Ac., In the c entre of the city, near all the public arausemen's, at fU lire s me s'. eet, two doors east of Brnadisay, a: Mme Rol l, LIKR ANOIER'S; alio a room and parlor, with piano, at Ko. 5 Varkk street. cot ncr of Franklin. TO LET-TO A OENTLEMAN. WITHOUT BOARD, V furnished sleeping room, ivlih a largo pantrv off on the -ifond tloor, front. Rent (A, with the usual auuiidance. In quire at 1% Reade street. rpo LET CHEAP? IN EIGHTY FOURTH STREET, COR 1 ner of Fifth avonne. Yorkrille. acoiuge ho ne, oontaln In* seven rooms. bManient kltcheu. Ac., tuarble uiaitnl*. nates, Crvton waier and garden. Apply on the premiie,. or to JAM K8 GROW f, K, 21 Barclay street. TO LET IN HOROKF.N? A THREE STORY AND U\SR. n.ent house, containing fourteen rooms. Po?*e, inn im mediately. Kent Until first oi .May. Vi. I. Apply o I the pre mises, hird bouse abovo Scoond street, lu Hu l-oii street. Ho token. To lease for a term of vears-two loh with the buildings thereon, in Thtriv second strce', be tween Third and i-eilngton avenues; lo1 40 feat front by 174 feet deep. Inquire of H. P. LEAK K, lift Laurent street. TO RENT UNTIL MAY 1. TO A PRIVATE FAMILY only, a completely furnished bouse situated ne: r aivt west ot Broadway, In a most fashionable location lien" ? '.J5 a month Addrew A. Jo.ies, Union square Po?i oOee. ri'O WATCH DEALERS OR JEWELLERS ? OFFICE TO 1 let, ?t , ? Nassau street, ?ecot.d Uoor. Apply to N. J. M.ig nln It Uunlln, liyalden lane. fro MANUFACTURERS ? TO LET, HOUSE NO. ? EAST I 1 wenty third street, seventy Ave feet wesiot Firstaeea >??. 22 by M feet, Ave s'orles and cellar well adapted for matin lacnirtnr purpi-sen. |>o?ae>stou will be flvn Imme llsb-ly. Fc r lunher psrtK ulsrs apply lo THOMAS MORTON, 21.' Pearl street, up statr*. CXCL'RSIOKS. SPLENDID TRIP TO NEW BOCHKLLE. OI.EN COYE and Ptralenpotat -The swamM ORORUKLAW. Oaiitatn Jaseee Kenedy, wtllmake theabore trip on Sunday, thesoth Instant: lea*ys Peek slip at a quarter before 8 A. ?.; Caibe rinefllp, at? A. ?.: Orand street, atd^A. Tenth street, al KS *? Twenty -aitih street, at 8| 2 A. Thirty -tourth street, at 9 A. retumtnt at Um usual hours. ThUlsone of the most splendid trip* out or New York, and the last of the reason. Refreshments on board. ?oakpbio Aim LtmuuQ. 1 nfin BROAD WAT> ? A OENTLEM AN AND HIS A vOv wife, or two or three single gentlemen, can be ac commodated with plessaut rooms, with full or ?arti.?l board. The bouse is new, and ha* all the modern impiwemente. Abo a large room (o let, suitable for a physician or ck-ntlst. Q?Q BROADWAY, UNION SQUARE.? TO LOT, ON OUO the first of October, handsome suit of Ave rooms, three spacious bedroom*. dressing rooru, dtulng room, bath, MM, 4c., tor a select family (or gentlemen,) wUh or without bcurd, 01' on the Buropeau plan. llest cookkig anil auendanoe. ^AO HOUSTON STBKET, WEST OK AND NE VB UU& Broadway? Furnished rooms to let to single gentle men. in a respectable private Frerch family. The house Is pjovlded with bath, pantries,, Ac. Breakfa-st tf re ?uli id. Also, a furabhcd parlor with large room attached, uqulre within. A C)rt BROOME ST.-A FRENCH LADY, WITHOUT Tibl family, has plca-nnt luum.- to rent, with or without board, furnished or otherwise, to married or single gentlemen, where the comforts of home may be enjoyed, ihe no une ha . all tiif modern improvement*, ga>, bata, with hot and cold water. French and German *pokeu in the house. 7 BROADWAY, OORNfB OF LEONARD STRKKT OtI very handsome ftii-ntshed rooms for genilwuea, very Cheap. Apply to ALEXANDER LAWRENCE. on the IMHMi oc"i foubth avenue, third doob from twhn ZiUi ty first street. ? Pleasant furnished rooms, single or in suites, to let, with lull or partial board; the house has all the modern improvements; toe location central and of easy Moess to the lower part of the city. References exchanged. 1 no HUDSON 8TRF.F/T.? DESIRABLE ROOMS, WITH iiU board, for parties of gentlemen, or families, cau be obMlned at the above place. Transient boarders ean tlnd ko.kI sccouimodatloos, by tho day or week. House with modern im provements, near bL John's park. Referenoe exchanged. 1 (\n TENTH STREET, BETWEEN BBOADWAV AND JLU I University place.? A suite of handsomely furnished rooms, first floor, front parlor, and two large bedrooms sfcach etl with private table, or will be lei to single gentlemen, with or without board. Terms moderate. 1 /\{T WEST FOURTEENTH STREET. ? FURNISHED IUu moms for select families and single gentlemen. Refe rence exohanged. Q1 EAST TWENTY THIRD STREET? PLEASANT AND Oi handsomely furnished suits of rooms, on first and second t.'oors, may be secured for the season, by select families; the location is very line ; there is a large garden, of live lota, at tached to the house. Apply as above. rQ VARICK BTBBET.? A GENTLEMAN AND WIFF, t )0 csn be accommodated with good apartments and hoard by applying ut the above resldeuoe. References given and required. r A BLF.ECKKR STREET -PARLORS AND BEDROOMS, i)t furnished or unfurnished, with or without board, to let to gentlemen and their wives; aim), small rooms for single gen tlemen. Oss and bath in the house. Apply a*1 above. A n EAST SIXTEENTH STREET, AND S7 IRVINO ^ktj place.? A very handsome suit of apartments. Ju?t uow vacated, with private table if desired, can be had by immediate application; also, very desirable rooms on the second floor for families, after 1st October. 1 A AMITY STREET, NEAR BROADWAY ? TO LET, A III front parlor on second iioor, neatly furnished as sitting ar.d bedroom, in a plain but respectable private family, where there are uo other boarders. The room will be let on very reasonable terms to one or two single gontlemen, who can have partial board 11' required. A FEW ROOMS, SUITABLE FOR FAMILIES AND SIN gle gentlemen, to let with board, In u first class brown stone house, with all the modern improvements, situated near the fashionable squares, and convenient to railroads and om nibuses; referencere quired; at 49 West Twenty second street, near Filth avenue. A FEW SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN OBTAIN GOOD board in n private family, by applying at 36fi Broome street, between Elizabeth and Mott. Heierenccs exchanged. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, OCCUPYIVO A MOD ern built house, in St. Mark's place, can accommodate a gentleman and Iudv, and two single gentlemen, with beauti fully turnlshed rooms, with or without board. Address B. O. J., box 3,878 Post office. A GENTLEMAN AND III8 WIFE, OB A l'EW SINGLE gentlemen, will find pleasant rooms, with board, in a house with every convenience, situated in one of the most de lightful parts of the <i'y, where they moy eiuoy n pleasant and happy home within tho social circle of the family. Apply at 48 West Thirty -second street, between Broadway aud Fifth avenue. A WIDOW LADY OF RESPECTABILITY, RESIDING in Brooklyn, within a few minutes' walk of Fulton and Wall street ferries, has two very nicely furnished rooms light ed with gas, which she would rent to two single gentlemen on moderate lerras. Her tabic is well kept, and every attention paid to comfort. l'lease call at 61 lieury street, corner of Orange. 1 J ANDSOMKLY FURNISHED ROOM, FOR A GEN tlcuiMU, without board, in a first class house. Apply at 126 Crosby street; reference required. A STRICTLY PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD LET TO A single gentleman, or two rooming together, a very plea sant furnished front r >om, either on tho second or third floo-, without board or with breakfast only, with use of gas, bath, Ac. Terms very moderate. Apply at !8 Lexington uv. BOARD.? GENTLEMEN AND WIVES, OR SINOLB gentlemen wishing to secure board for the winter in a llrst class private house, can apply at 222 Thompson street. Loca tion near Washington square; accessible by two stage routes. Dinner at six o'clock. References exchanged. TJfiARD. ? FAMILIES AND SINGLE GENTLEMEN i_> wanting nermanen' board for the winter, ean find desira w accommodations at 151 Tenth street, near Broadway. The house Is first eliisa. French and Spanish spoken. Dinner at 6 o'clock. Referent es exchanged. Board? in west eleventh street, no. is. five doors from Broadway. Rooms on second ami Third Uxors, with board. The house has all the modern Improve meats. Board? on the Hudson rivek, within six miles or the Oily Hull, and Ave minutes' walk, to the Hudson ri*w cars; two tors* moms ; good (table and carriage boose; vonilrmpii wishing to keep tliolr horse* and carriage can have ihem well cared for. Address E., box 1,178 Post office. BOARD-AT 25 NINTH STREET, FINE FURNISHED rooms, In sii'tes and single, with or without boiril; the whole of tlit second llugr toB"1}? " ? *- r1- ? a ? . hc >\ ividmMioii, an ! modern improvements. Board? to lkt, a oood bizko furnished front room, ? lib gas. and privilege of bath, at MU Spring , street, witU or without pari ml board. BOARD- A VERY PLEASANT SECOND STOltY FRONT loom lo lei, wnb hoard; bedroom attached. It requested; also, one or iwo yount tuutlemou can be accommodated ?i b I oard, ai S3 Market street. Board-in a private house, to let to a ukn t|< man ntxl 111* wife. and a few single gentlemen, three or four handsomely furnished rooms, with partial board for the gentlemen; location central and very pleasant. Apply at l L2 Last Twelflli street, between Second and Third avenues. BOARD.-PLEASANT not IMS, IN SUITS, OR SINGLE, wltli hoard, may ho secured for the sea-sun, by soifct fsmUe* (Without children), or single gentlemen, at 106 and 10>' East Fourteenth slree'; the locution Is most desirable; the house* newly finished, and furnished with all the modern tin nroveinents for Brat class residences. Keferenocj exchanged. N It a Que suit ot parlors and bedrooms attached on thu Urst floor. BOARD? HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS on the second and third stories (Trent or hack,) of house West WnstilDgioo place, to let, eltluir to families or single gentlemen, with full or partial hoard. House contains the modern tin - prov? men's. References exchanged. B'AHD-A very pleasant room and bbdboom; on recond floor, to let, wlih full or partial board1; also slc? k lo rooms. In a llrst class house, wltn all the modern itu,>ruv:? tue its, bmh, fii?, Ac.; convenient to cars and stages. Apply at No. 76 West T wenty tlilrd a'.reet. References exchanged. B'ARD.-A SUITE OF ROOMS. SUITABLE FOR A i.iinlly, and rooms for single gentlemen, In the first* b.uwn atone houses No*. 102 and 104 East Fourteenth street, n ,'ar Uoloo square. BOARD.-SINOLE GENTLEMEN CAN I1B ACCOMMO. daied with board at 1SS Ellxabeth street, one door from spring, two rooms, well adapted to parties wishing to room together. References exchanged. BOARD-WANTED, IIY A OEN1LEMAN AND WIFE A furnished room with bedroom adjoining, In a strictly pri vate family; vicinity of St, John's park preferred. References cuhat ((? d. Address I) 8. T., Herald office. Board down town -two or three singi r tenth nu n can be accommo<lated with board and pleasa t n cms by calling at No. 110 Chambers street. References re quired. TIOARD IN CHAMBERS STREET.? AOCOMMODA J ) Ulii*, with board, for a gentleman ahd his wife, or a few single gentlemen, at 121 Chambers (street. References re quired. B ABD 18 WANTED FOR A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE. A ptt.ali private family, where they will be sociably .outed, preferred. A pleasant home and plain living I* all j it Is wautcd. Address Pleasant Home, Herald Office. Board and furnished room wanted? nv a gentleman, in a prhate faintly, where there are few or i:o ocardei-s. Location between Fifteenth and Twenty second street*, near Broadway. lite beat of reference given ir re quired. Address, for three days, stating locaUon and full pa t!fiil*rs, E. W. U., Union square Post office. Board in Brooklyn? a married couple can be pleasantly accommodated with a room on the second lioor. at 188 Henry street, between t'ongresa and Amity, live minutes' walk from Boutii ferry; also, two single rooms, and nn e i tension rMto or parlor tloor, suitable tor a gentleman. Every effort made to please. BARD in BROOKLYN? BETWEEN PIERREPONT AND laik street*, an 1 within Ave minutes' walk of Fulton and ???>.< st. set ferries. A gentleman and his wife eau he ac. om modated with a pleasant room, on the second tloor, who tied roi in aitai bed; al?o, several single gentlemen can he accom modated. Apply at L.<0 Henry street, Brooklyn. BOARD IN BROOKLYN.? A OENTLEMAN AND HIS wife, or a ftw sin. le gentlemen can he accommodated with Inrthhed or uiifurnirhed apartments, with or without !,o*rd, by ui plylngat 21 Johnson st., wlihln a fewminuir ' w.tUtot the I nltua or IsatagM ferr'es. Rch-rrnce* euthsnged. OOARD IN ilROOKLYN.-A LARGE FURNISHED Jj ris.m, with partial board, corner of Myrtle avenue and Wash legion ?ti*et. Inquire of F. W. Doiheare. BOARD IN BROOKLYN, NBA II THE FERRIK*.? A Single gentleman ran be accommodated wjo, ? pleasant, well lurnlshed room, and partial board, In s small genteel fa mily, rer) pleasantly located. Apply at SO Sands street Board wanted-in a private fa milx~ob when there are hnt few boarders, for a email family VI ciiilty of 8t. John's park preferred. Address R. H. F , Uer.ild office, testing psnliulars. BOARDING.? PLEASANT ROOMS .TO LKT, WITH board. In a house with all the modem improvements; the location desirable; ** llenry street. ^ BOARDING.? A OF.NTKV.L SMALL FAMILY WILL let one entire tloor, iplendldly furnished, with all the mo dern improvement*, lo a respectable party, with ?r without board. Inquire at 10 NeUon pl-ice, one block from Broadway, between Eighth street and Waverley place. BOARDWO.? FAMILIES OR 8INOLE GENTLEMEN wishing to secure board for the winter, will Sad vary dealrahlc apartments. in a flrst claaa private hoarding houee. delicbttully loeated. poasesstng erery facilltt of acres* from all parts n the city; also, an office to let, with board, suitably tun tubed for a physician. Reference* exchanged. Apply at Mo. 4 Abingdon square, two doors north of Bank street. Boarding -to let, unfurnished, with board. a large fmat room on second floor, and bedroom adjoining. <)** snd bath. For a gentleman and wife, desirous of a com fOriable home, this Is a good opportunity. Apply at 111) Sum van at. I ieJUtDDIO Alto lAMMHJia. BOAKD?S AT TWO DOLLARS PKR WKKK-TO A |MTM>u ??o would advance one hundred dollars; housr u>< Ujt upper parlof lie city . Add**., Board, Union square Pc-t office, stating where aa Interview mo be had. BOARDING IV BROOKLYN. ? OENTLEMKN AND ibeir wivea, alas triiiclo gei*k?*en. cube aocommodat.vl with pleasant room*, wtui fall or purllai board, at 147 Hick* ?Lreet, brook!) u BelgUU, within two minutes' walk of Wail I Bli eel ferry. Furnished rooms to let.? farlobs and bed rooms, handsomely turnlabed; tar fentlemu only, In a private family; breakfast If required; bath Mid gaa Id tho house. Apply at 302 fourth street. PI BNISHED BOOM ON BROOKLYN H8IQHTS, TWO minutes' walk from Wall streel fen wlB bp let to a quiet gentleman, at fc! 60 per week, gas included, crate In room; $1 SO each per week tor two. ^Address J, B., Herald olllce. HANDSOMKLY FURNISHED BOOMS FOB GKNTI.E mrn, wltb hreak'ast and tea. U' desired, can bo ha 1 at No. 1 Bowling arcea. App y ou the premises. LODGINGS.-HANDROMELY FURNISHED ROOMS TO Id, on the third floor, with or without board, at 79 East > Uieentp street. Prices, from M upwards per week. XTO. 7 BLEECK KB STREET? ONK OR TWO GKNTLE J.\ men desiring a ccnlral location, can liave a nicely fur nished room and partial board at No. 7 Bleoeker atrcet, east of Broadway. None but persons of respectability need apply. ONE OR TWO SINOIi* GENTLEMEN CAN BE AC cemmodated with a pleasant trout or bark room, on the third t.oor, with gas, and the use of a bath when wanted, at 97 6ntM alreet. References exchanged. PARLORS.? TO LET. TO A PARTY OF OENLLRMBN, or a gentleman and hi* wife, unfurnished, without bo.trd, two elegant lurge parlors, on the II rat lloor, with chandeliers and brarkels; piaxta tront aud rear; family small and private, and owns the house; has all the modern Improvements, and Is vtry respectably located, west of Broadway, near Bice ker street. Address Comfort (post paid), Broadway Post office, which will receive Immediate attention. ROOMS.-TWO PARLORS AND THREE BEDROOMS, elegantly furnished, to let to single gentleman, singly or together, with or without board. In a private family; house and furniture new, with all the modern Improvement*; terms reasonable. Appiy at 11% Ninth street, live doors west of Broadway. Rooms, with or without boabd. wasted? Snitable for a physician. In a private family, having more room than they want. Location above Fourteenth street, and bet ween Third and Sixth avenues. Hoarding house keepers need not apply. Address, for one week, Hippocrates, Union square Post oJBcc, ______ Rooms to let? with partial board, to gev tlentpn only, Uooil rooms on the second floor. Apply at No. 21 Ninth street, between Ihe Filth and Slxlh avenues. Ten bespectable kinole gentlemen can br accommodated wltb furnished single rooms and board, la the very respectable private house, No. 14 Stanton street, near the Bowery. rpo let-with ob without board, onk large J comfortable room, suitable for one or two single geutle meu. Inquire of Mr. Robinson, 300 Broadway. TO LET, WITn HOARD, IN A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE Southern family, a handsome back parlor, with chande llcr, pantries, hot and cold water. Also, other pleasant room!, furnished or unfurnished, milu'ile for single persons or fam lies. House is new, with all the modern improvements, and beautifully located. Spanish spoken In tlie fatally. Dinner at ti o'clock P. M. No. 19 Seventh avenue, one door above Twelfth street. TWO OR THREE FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET-MN Broadway, near the St. Nicholas, suitable for single gen tlemen? an unusual opportunity of procuring comfortable winter quarters. Location unsurpassed for convenience; rooms superior; family private. For address and particulars, uqulre of Gellatly A Phibbs, 183 Broadway. WANTED? GENTEEL BOARD BY THB ADVERTISER, for himself and family, consisting of Ids wife, son, daugh ter, two cblldreu and nurse. Four rooms, in second or third story. Loeatlon must be eligible and respectable. Keepers of large boarding houses need not apply. Address Immedi ately, box 4,119 Pest olllce. WANTED-BOARD, WITH UNFURNISHED BOOMS, for a family of three, where there are no children; the situation must be pleasant, and not below Washington square. Address, post paid, A. C., box 3,l>23 Post olllce. WANTED? BY TWO GENTLEMEN, A WELL FUR nished room with partial board In a private family, where there are only a few boarders. Location not above Grand sli eet. Please address David, Herald office. WANTED? A ROOM AND BEDROOM ATTACHED, for a man and his wife, with board. Address, Btatiog terms, it., box 178, Herald office. TV ANTED? A PARLOR OR PARLOR AND BEDROOM, T ? for a gentleman and lady? board for the lady. The houae of a widow lady, and where there are no other boar Jers pre ferred. Address, stating location, accommodations and tunns, Ou o'. us, Broadway Post office. WANTED? BOARD IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, BY A gentleman aud his wife. A furnished room ou second lloor, or ft ont room on third floor; not above 2Sd St.; must be on a staye route. Terms must be moderate. Address T. J., staling terms, location, Ac., Post olllce, prepaid. ^ V UOUAM| Oil n nnn worth of rich valrhciknnes JJpJU.UvU laces at uncommonly low prices, being the late purchases of Mr. Roberts while in Europe: Just received. PKTKB ROBKBT8 A CO., M Broadway. 1 or r FALL AND WINTER FASHIONS-GENTLE IOiW men's Fashionable Ftirnlslilng Baxaar, OAS Broad way. Uwll A 8EAOOBD invite atteutlon from tiielr Mnh patrons and the public lo their stock, which u unequalled ana without competitlcn, from the most staple article to the most costly fabric. The most rigid shopping solicited. r CASES VALENTIA PLAIDS ? IlICH FALL COLORS? ? J entirely new good*. manufactured expressly for fall dresses, price Ss. tid.; cashmere and sella shawl.s, delaines, cashmeres, flannels, casslmcres and satinets, will bo opened on M onday and ?old at very low prioes at tho Coinmei-clal llouse, M7 spring street. J. II SiLSBTT, Proprietor. N. B.? Another lot of moire antique lustre, at 3s. tid. A SUPERB ASSORTMENT OF NEW LACES JUST BB eeived-- ItriiH^elo point it-la At S7 to i>?> point A I? iiaaw. rxini ,t? iiooiuMi. Valsricicnties. black In cud luces from 10 eta. to t'J? per yard; aim black threw) veils, very rich rapes, scarfs, i oil! uresaud bandkeri -hie fs; I'arV ? mbrnklerlea of the newpat designs, In co.lsrs, sleeves, Ad. N. B. A cur ton of black thread shawls trnm $U to iiaj. MJLLKit a GRANT, 871 Broadway. AT THE ENTRANCE OP THE LACK DBPARTKENs or ibe Exposition Universale a Pari* tbe inoat aur.icUvi and brilliant ure the black lace potnta, colds, veils and man tlllas, from the house of Htoqnnre Brothers, of Oayr.nmoat. Ihey bad prevtaunlv distinguished themselves at the vnriout (?ilnt>l<lon* on Ihta continent, but ihuir grand exhibition at ibe ("ryslal Palace In London consolidated their reputation. The article! are numerous anil varied, and are dlaUiuuiahed ftw heir clearness and beamy of design, and the superiority of th< sxectuion renders Ihera the mow Incomparable anil obarinlr i of HOI to. In their present gram) display, a super!) shawl is black Brussels laen, aMrasts universal admiration ; tbe design is rich and elaborate, consisting of ihe arms of Franco, *iti =hc cyphers ef their Imperial Majesties. ?From L'indSpeo lance a Brossels. A large assortment of the ahove superior black Brussels lae? goods. selected by Mr. Roberts In Brussels, are now rea.!y for sale by PETER ROBERTS A CO.. .<78 Broadway. AT RICHMOND'S, Mf BROADWAY, HICH LACKS AND embroideries bands, handkerchiefs. pure linen, a fine ai-'ortmem of ribbons, velvets, ben (loves ?*., feathers, Hewers, black plumes-, choice Roods at low prices. Mourning Bnd wade up good* always fresh. Brux.'d* point lace seta from f6 to ??. Valenciennes do. from $10 loS40. ilonl'on from SI 2 to SAO. The newest styles of Pari -Ian caps, hoad ilre- . es, Ac., selected nod made by Mrs. Kichmon I, whoso laste I- so well known. A^TV WOOL SAXONY PLAIDS IDftOB. A. T. STEWART A CO., Broadway, Chambers and Resale streets. BRODIE'K EXPOSITION OF LADIES' FALL AN1> WINTER CLOAKS. ORORQE BKOD1E, 61 Canal, and 6S Llspenard streets. Respectfully begs to inform the ladles thai ho will be pre pared to exhibit for their Inspection, on Tbckmuv, October 4th, A magnificent assortment of FALL CLOAKS AND MANTILLAS, (His own exclusive styles.) Embracing the following fashionable fabrics:? Silk velvet cloaks and mantillas; Moire antique do. do. Gray bearer cloth do. Moire antique, (with velvet combined); Ladles' plain cloth, (all shades). Ills stock Is the largest aud beat assorted, both In Imported cloaks and of bis own well known manufacture, that be ha> ever had the pleasure of opening a season, and he wnaia respectfully suggest to the ladles not to purchase until they have examined his goods. The leading styles will appear as u-ual in Harpers' and Godey's Magazine*. the fashions lav which celebrated periodicals be supplies exclusively. GEORtlE BRODIE, 51 Canal and 63 Llapenard sta., second tuant 11a store west of Broadway. BULPIN S ANNUAL OPENING OF FALL AND WINTER CLOAKS For city ratal! trade, WIU.TAKE rtACM OH TBPBSIl.W .NEXT, THE-tm 0<TA??R, AT TV rsais MANTILLA EMI'OUIL'H. 361 naoAUWAV. On which day he respectfully Invites public attention to his su perb Importations and manufaciures, prcpurcd expressly for this occasion, and embracing all the productions of Parisian taste and Ingenuity up to the departure of the latent steamer. Having completed his extensive alterations, his waremoms are now by far the moat commodious in America; and being thereby enabled (o condm a much enlarged bu>lnas?. be has determined that his establishment shall hereafter be known as n>u<-h by the extreme moderation in ibe pi lee of the articles therein conttlned. as It always has been by their exclusive richness and beauty. On the same day he will make his usual nnual exposition of ladies' fancy furs, consisting of the moat costly and valuable stock to be found In llroidwsy, all at reasonable prices. OK'O. HI'!, PIN, Cloak, Fur and Shawl Emporium, 361 Bnudway. RODIK'H FALL CLOAKS. OPVNUtO OAT. FALL CLOAKS ANI) MANTILLAS. All fkbrk s. Thursday, October A 81 Canal street and <3 I.ispenard street, Second mantilla store west of Broadway. BELL'S OPENING DAY IB rixu> FOB TUESDAY, i ictoher 2, when he will exhibit an endless variety of the mo* Isshmnsble cloaks and Tslmns to be found In any one establish ment In this cltv, both Imported and of his own well knows manufacture. MoLYNKCX BkLl, 80 l.'anal street. Bailey, farrinoton a leslie. No. ambroid way, would call the attention of the ladies to their lu.. style of mourning seta of collar* and sleeves, which is now ready. 'I heir -mourning department contains the largest a ? ?oi trnent of novelties to be found in the city, and at prices Ui it cannot fail to please. Also, to their large assortment or laces and embroideries, Brussels point, Hotilton, guipure, Valen ciennes and Parts embroidered sets, liilanta' caps robes ani waists, edgings, in-ertlons, flouncing*, elf., etc.. in great ra riety. A lew more of those splendid medallion -eta of collar snd sleeves and eollarette and sleeves, Jo?t recelv.-d (iLOAKB AND MANTILLAS? J Now Oneiv, Including the lalest styles, received hyjhe Baltic. A T STEWART A CO , Broadway. Chambers and Reade rlAITHB, CASSIMERES AND VERTIN'IS.? Black and colored cloths. Fancy and plain caaslmeres. Velvet and cashmere resting.. Tailors' trimmings, Ac-, Ac., at LORD A TAYLOR'S, ?S6, 2S7. 239 and 291 (Iran i street. And new number* 17 sod 49 Catherine street. B C1LOAKS AND TALMAS ? J Approved fall styles, now resdy at I/)RD A TAYl/lR'S IV 157 VVi and K1 Grand street. And new numbers <7 and 49 Catherine street. Mr GOODS. ELKO A NT HTKLLA SMA WIJJ? J?rI received an measive variety. Beaatlful Sella shawls, from Tl to $U. Printed wool shawls, frem>$4 W to 96. LORD * TAYLOR, 2K6, 167. 23) Had 261 Grind ntreet, And new auraiere <3 and IS Catharine street. E9XEKA1 EUREKA t? FORD'S EUREKA BillOT IS iral?rr?a!]y worn bv the aittsena of the United Stale*, alau by the artslwmoy, gentry. merchants, trade men. and peopto generally of Europe, the British colonies, India and China, Ac, being unrivalled for Its superiority a t iu, work, pattern, and durability. Manufactured and sold only by W. T. FORD, 421 Broadway. Shirts and oo liars made to order. Fall and wintkr fashions. '1 ho attention of connoisseurs, and these who are particu larly anxious of possessing a neat and beautiful fabric of syra metrical prousrunos and artistic finish. are respectfully in vited to examine the stock of unsurpassed millinery and niU nery good* at _ Suoiom' Fbekch Muunkbt KMromtm, MS Broadway. Fall and winter fashions for i?6 of FRiNca bonnet* aud furs.? MADAM H AKBI8 A SON tare much pleasure in announcing Uie arrival of their Aral Importation M French bonnets for the approaching season. In elegaoca at design and tasteful rpmblnetlon of materials, this lmporlauoa haa never been uurpassed. We call particular attention to our embroidered straw*, so much admired at present In Paris, the aame as worn by the Empress Eugenie, beside* other novel tiea in velvet, Ac., Ac. FURS. Our stock of fore will be lonnd worthy of especial notice, comprising a lull assortment of Russian sable, mink martin, stooe martin, chinchilla, ermine, Ac., Ac. As we are going out of the fur trade, not having room for both businesses, we shall selBour entire stock of furs at a great sacrifice. MADAM R. HARRIS! SON, 071 Uroa way. FRENCH MERINOES OF TQK MOST APPROVED MA nu&eture. KVKK Y COLOR, Q0ALXTY AND rater. LORD A TAYLOR, ' 258. 287. SW and afit Grand street. And new number* 47 and 49 Catherine sli ce'. French mouselike he laines. A. T. SrrWAM A Co. WIU open cn Monday, October 1, 10 case* of rich PHlfc'TFD OUBRK ALL WOOL DELAIIfKH, At 2b. 6d. per yard. Broadway, Chambers and Reade street*. Furs? at m Broadway and 41 maiden lank Americsn, Russian and Hudson Bay Compear ftum. Moser A Hunter can now offer to the public, far euy and country trade, an unequalled assortment of the above, select ed by Mr. William Moser during his late visit to Europe, and manufactured with great care. Every description. of furs can be found of such variety that cannot tall to attract attention. Every article will be warranted and sold at (sir prtee^. MOSER A MUSTER, Importers of furs, 41 Maiden lane and 3M Broadway. GENTLEMEN'S MERINO UNDER CLOTHING.? 609 pairs merino drawers, from 7 Be. to M SO; 800 merino shiAk, from 7 Sc. to 92 00; 1 ,000 slocks and ties of different styles, at 91. N. B.? Shirts and dressing robes made to order at abort notice. J ELLISON A UP., 32?K Broadway. Henry rice, 74 canal street, calls the At tention of the ladles to his splendid stook of embroideries and laces, just received from ICurope. A large assortment of renl Valenciennes edges, at the extraordinary cheap price of 1 2H cents per yard. Also, the newest styles of dreas and cloak trimmings. _ Interesting news to ladies. mqlyneux bell, No. 68 Canal street, will make a public exposition of his tall Importation of cloak*, Ac., on Tuesday, Oct. 2, and lias muoh pleasure In Informing the Indies tlial to far as he could control It his styles will te found not only widely different In materials and designs to those of liu-t Heawin. but also different from those of similar house** in the trade, origtualtty being his aim In catering for the American tnste, now acknowledged as having no superior, and Invitee the inspection of ladles to convince them of U>at fact. Remember, Tuesday, October 3, as the fashionable opening. J AMES CASEY. 83 NASSAU STREET? IMPORTER AND Jobber in gentlemen's furnishing goods, drygnods, em broideries, ribbons, hosiery, Ac., will sell cheaper than any other house in the city tor cash only. Lord a taylor have EECRivt3> pkr late ar rlvals, and from auction, the following ebrap and eleoant rmbroidkkikh and lacks. 1,000 French worked collars, at 91. 2, ?00 crotchet collars, at 91 . 8,000 cambric collars, from to Id. 3,000 Swiss collars, from 2s. lo $<> 60. French embroidered collars, from 92 to 910. Honlton sets, and French embroidered do., front 910 to 92). Also, a lull assortment of sleeves, bands, and h tadkercUefs. SfS, 267, 2S'J and 261 Grand street. And new numbers 47 and 49 Catherine street. LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S CLOTHINO EMPORIUM.? S. CHAMBERS, successor to ltradbook, 29? Broadway, nearly opposite Stuart A Co.'s, will open on Thursday, Octo ber 4, a splendid assortment of ladles' and children's gar ments, robes do chnmbre, Indies' dress saps and head d reuse-, Misses' and boy's suits, hats, caps, Ac., Ac. Orders promptly executed. Linens, white and brown table cloths, napkins, doylies, towels, handkerchiefs, nnltin cloths, danutsks, towels, Ac.; a large assortment,! for sale to dealers at lowest catih prices, by WM. MATHEWS, 62 and S4 Catha rine street. Mourning bilks.? o. f. Bartholomew has ra eelved a splendid assortment ot mourning silks and silk robes, together with a general assortment of mourning goods, comprising the most deslraole sloes to *>e found In the market. All of which will lie offered, at unusually low prices, at BAR1 nOLOMKW'rf Mourning Store, 661 Broadway, between the St. Nicholas and Metropolitan Hotels. New fall goods. HAIXTEAD A DYKE. NO. 9f. Canal street, have now fully completed their mock ot? Silks, shawls, De lames, linens, Merit] oes, plaids, Kmhrolderles hosiery, Ac.. And respectfully invite their friends and tbe public to call nii'i Inspect their latest and most recherche designs, imporu-i espi es*)} for the city trade. ATEW DRY GOODS. IN J. BECK A CO. Will open on Monday, 1st October, from steamers Baltic aud Washington, a large and beautiful -toci oi laucy dry good*, stilus i haw'.s, cloak.-, li? t?i>.??. pbii !?. merino*'", Kmbrolderies, lacen, c ilico, Musltns, lincn?. hneelry, gloves, Ac , Ac. No-, .V. Aii'\ Hroa.lw.iy. 786 and 788 Broadwajr. POPILAR TRADE.? On Monday, t ctober 1, the subscribed win offer, apart from their regular ?'ook, twenty rises of lilCH PI-AID AND HTRIl'KD BILKS, At 88 cents r rr yard, mid Tick Casta Wiok Kirn ? Rich Ditto, Al tl per yard. A. T. MTKWABT A 00.. P roadway. Chamber* and Ueadc street. PABIS Airx VII.LR8 I)K FRANCE? NO. SI HUE Tl vlenne? Run Rlche.tcu No. Iw. ? I-a'.cst noveltlei In silks, Hliav, Ik, mantles, merinos, harcree, muslins, embroideries, Ihccs, linens. gloves, handkerchief, eitnbrirs, ribbons. Tho Bist wholesale iind ret*! I establishment In Europe, situated 111 thtt most faahlonahle part of the metropolis, between ihe rue Vlviecna and th? rue Richelieu (trim an entrance to each street) near the Boulevards and tha Bourse, In these 'Ml galleries, the monumental aapoetoi which liaa been tltu admi ration of every vlatier, the moat beautiful textures of French taste and elegance, manufacture,! nnd exclusively designed for tlil* emporium ol fsthion, are displayed, and sold at the loweat 1 remunerating proliia. All gncsls are marked In plain lig'ire*? one price only. Goods purchased, If not approved of. eudntng id or tlie money re'urned. Attached 'o the establishment are English, American, German and Spanish aasltiiants. The pro prietors rarneat ly solicit the honor of a visit. Poplins.? nsw btyles. Received by the Baltic. A. T RTRWAKT k CO., Broadway. Chambers and Beade strcou. STELLA SHAWLS. -WE SHALL OPEN ON MONDAY 10 cartons of entirely new di ?lgns In stclla shawl i, at e*. tremely moderate price*. W. S. BOND. 108 and 110 Wh are., directly opposite Jefferson market. Q11AWLH 1 SHAWLS 1 !? HOLTO* A BOGUK, 496 KM II Til O avenue, one door from romer Thirty fourth street, will exhibit, on Mondav, October I, a largo stock ot chain lain, brocbe and Stella >hnwl?, entirely new patterns, Bought at auction, cheap. Abo, two lo'.s or gro de affrl jue iUka, at (P. per yard. HOHJBltW, CARRIAOEH, M. AT THE DAZAAR, 31 CROSBY rtbekt, will bk sold on Monday, at 12 o'clock. 20 horses, suitable for all purposes; also new and second wagons, harness, Ac. JOHN H. GATFIKLD, Proprietor. A PRIVATE STABLE, WITH COACH HOUSE AT laehed, in the vicinity of Lexington avenue and Thirty second street, will accouimodute a gen'leman in the keeping of a pair of hordes, carriage, *c on llrery, alio has a large black dapple gray horse, 16 bands hlnh, 7 yens old; sound and Mud in ail harncr's: one week glv< n for trial to any re- -ond bleman; for a famllv, cart or truek be canoot be excelled. Inquire of P. NEWMAN, 173 Lcxlngion avenue , corner of 1 hiriy second street. Fob balf.-a fiiwt bate family hobsr, war ranted sound and kind, la 16 ^ bands high, weighs about 1..1KJ pouixla; Is a good traveller. Can be aecn at the iron foundry. Fourteenth street, near avenue C, R. B. Price (WW Fob balr-a black pacing pony, oood in hap. neaa or uridi r the saddle, Mtund and kind. For further particulars and terms, apply al OW EX UcOOVERN'S stable, Ix>ve lane, Brooklyn. Fob pale ? a vkby desirable horse, bather above the medium sl?. kind in l.arneaa and easy under vidle. Offered for aala oniy for want of un. Can lit at W. H. Miles' stable, M West Nineteenth s're*t. iha saddle seen Fb or sal?-a very hcperior morgan HOBMK, chesnut sorrel, swluli tall, sound and kind, a very Uaud k me and showy animal; will be sold low. Caa l>? seen at tlJ9 Ureenwlch street. T.^OB BALR-A TAIB OF RI.ROANT CHRHNUT^ORRRI^ L' oarrlagc horses, sixteen hands high, sound, kind and fast, ?ery stylish driver*. Also a eouj>4 light wauon snd single ana double harness. Apply at OWEN McOOvEBN'S alable, lxiva lane, sear Hlcki street, Brooklyn. Fob sai.r? a bay hobsr, s yrabs old. u\ hands hii;h. of splendid style and action, and warranted sound and kino. Fersuns In want of an extra goo-1 family or road horse would do well to call and see him. Apply, after t o'clock, P. M. , st the stable Noa. 10 and II West Twenty. eighth street, between Broadway and Fifth avenue. rK SALE? A PLKASURE WAOO.M, WITH TOP; IS IN good order; also, s set of harness; also, one of the very t est express wagons, new, built to order, with top on; will be > old for two thirds their value. Apply to C. WILL*, 383 Lroadwsy, room So. 9. Fob hale? an imported calxchf. cabbiaor of superior quality; made to order by one of the flrat rnanu Inrtnrers in Kurt>|e; It is entirely new, and will be sold for rttneb less than the original ro t. <kn be seen at the r-foer<i ry of JAMKH BRKWMTBH A HON. 3W Broadway Fob SALE-AT 44 WOOSTER STREET. A BAY HOKHB 7 year* old, 1(1 hands high; a first ra'e driver, and warranted sound and kind. Also, a coal eart and harness. In w o.l order, and will be wild st ? reasonable price. Fob hai.e-a Vobbel mabe,- six years old, i* bands high; abo, atop ws son and harness, entirely new; told In consequence of the owner going South. Inquire st Mr. hheimami's -Lib e, corner of ilrt st. sod Mb sre H* ORKK WANTID ? ANY PMBM>M HATIlfO A SM \LL slsed horse that can tro? a mile In two minutes and thirty, five sernnds thai they will sell at a fair price, can bear of icisk customer by aildre?iD| B. B. B., Herald office. PHtfciii toW hoSSSC? a/>vRR fiRAwi, within one bour of the etty, no Htaten Island, al $? per month. Good stabling far wlawr, If de ttred. Best I gtrea. Address Psatare. box 2.9M0 Poet office. ?