Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 2, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 2, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW MORNING YORK HERALD. - EDITION? TUESDAY, OCTOBER 2, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. AITSKTUEffENTS BBUEWKD KfBIT DAK. political. TAEMWRATIO REPCBLDAN UKNEHAL COMMITTEE. 1) Tammany Hall, September fr. 1?66. j The Democratic Republican <? lee tors of UW city or New York, friendly to the national ailmlnUiratton, the utagesof the party and a taitbiul snpport of regular nominations, arc requested to mtnd a primary election. Ui be hebt In their reaper ite wards, on Tueaday. the 2d day ot October, next, between the bourn of halfpasttive and hall past all o'clock P.M., to eleo.l Ave delegate* to a City Convention, to meet a Tanunany Hall, on Thursday, October 4th. at Tj; o'clock P. M., for the nomination ol candi date* for the offices of Comptroller, Streot Commissioner, Com mliwloner of Repairs and Supplies, City Inspector and Uover lior of the Almshouse; Uve delegates to a County Convention, to mew at Tammany iiall on Friday, October 5th, at 7)4 o'clock P. M , for the nomination of candidate* for the ofllccs ot Sheriff, County Clerk and Coroners; three delegate* to a Judi cial Convention, to meet at Tamnukny Hall, on Monday, Octo berMth, at 7K o'clock P. M., lor the nomination of candidates for the ofllce* of Corporation Counsel, .1 uatlces ol the Supreme awl Superior t ourta, and Judges of the Court of llommua Plea* and (he Marine t'ourt; live delegates to a Senatorial < 'en Tent Ion, lo meet on Tuesday. October 9th, at 7J< o'clock P. ?., for I he nomination of a candidate for the office of Senator; wren delegate*, to meet on Wednesday, October 10, at 7H o'clock P . B. tor the nomination ot a candidate for the office ot Member ol Assembly; except in districts consisting of more than one ward In which chm' each ward will elect live delegate*; 1 *o persons for each Council district. t o meet respectively for orgaulz a! on on Monday, October 8tb at ?*? o'clock P. M., at such place a* may be designated by thl? committee for hold ing Uie iirliiwrv election, lor the nomination ot a candi date tor the office of Councilmen; and til\een peraons In each ward to meet for the organization on Tuesday, October 9tb, at 7*? o'clock, P. M.. al such place a* uity ke designated by this committee for holding the primary elec tion in a charter convention for the nomination of ward and a< boot officers: and in the IMh and 21 at ward*, live delegates each to a District Judicial Convention, to meet on Saturday, October I" J, ?t 7K o'clock P. M., at McCoy's, oorncr ol Thirty ?i-cond and Fourth avenue, for the nomination of a candidate for the office of a Police Justice. Resolved, That the several Senatorial conventions meet at the following places 3d district, al Sliakapeare Hotel, corner of Duane and William street. 4th district, at the Essex House, corner of Grand and Kwex streets. 6th district, at No. 65 Mercer street, tith district, at Cnloa Hotel, corner ol Third avo nue and Twenty second street. Resolved, That the several Assembly Conventions meet a ihc following placer 1st dial rlct, at 110 Greenwich street. 2d district, at Northern Hotel, Cortlandt street, 3d district, al VVm. Bard's, corner of Oak and Roosevelt streets. 4th district, at No. 76 Hudson street, ,1th district, st Knickerbocker Hall, corner of Uouternenr and Uraud streets, tith district, at No. 65 Mercer ?trcet. 7th district it No. ill Perry streets, tith district, at Kssex Bouse, corner Guild nnd kssei street. ?th district, at corner of Fourth itreet and :tveuue C, 10th district, at National Hall, No. 224 Forty fourth street. 11th district, at Onderdonk's. corner Grand and Clinton streets. 12th district, at Head Quarters corner Grand and Elizabeth street*. 13th district, B65 Houston street. 14th district, at Milliman'i corner Twenty aixth street ntid Seventh nvenue. 15th district, at Klernan'a coiner of Sixth street and First avenue. 16th district, at Union Ball, corner of Twenty -second street and Third avenue. Resolved. That the election in the r?spectlve wards be held ?t the places and under the direction of the Inspectors herein after designated ? 1st ward? At 110 Greenwich street. Blcbael Murray, Jolin Jt- Pryor and Jacob Schwnrzchlid, Inspectors. 2d ward? A 1 10 Dutch street. James Watson, Daniel Mee fcan and Arthur Durant, Inspectors. 3d WBrd ? At 111 West street, Charles Fletcher, Joseph Harrison and K. H. Crosby, Inspectors. 4th ward? At 15% 0:ik street. T. W. Sheridan, B. D. Welch ftnd Patrick Coyle, Inspector*. 6th ward -At 107 Hudson street. James F. Webb, Win. E. Allen nud John J. Sherwood, Inspectors. 6U> ward? At 47 Bayard street. John Qulnn, William U. Fay find P. Malhews, Inspector*. 7th ward? At Knickerbocker Hall, corner of Oottverneur and Division streets. Kdyard Green, Thomas Lynch and Jacob Valentine, Inspectors. Htb ward ? At Bocae's Hotel, 66 Mercer street. John McKlb Mn, John K. Lydecker anil Win. Wainwright, Inspectors. #th ward? At 00 Perry street. William ftpaldlng, Eugene Mc 4} ruth and John Donohue, Inspector*. 10th ward? At Tenth Ward Hotel, corner of Broome and For C? an eats. James Heed. Edward Welch and James Hopkins, [vectors, lltli warii? At the corner of Fourth street and avenue C. Wil liam Hogg, Jackion Verroilyea and Alexander Day. Inanctors. 12th ward? At Lutz's Hotel. Maniiattanvllle. James Pettlt, Joiin Hart aud Daniel Mctiee, Inspector*. 13rh war.i? At < hider dunk's, corner of Grand and Clinton ?t reels. Edward Worden. 'l'bos. II. Ferris and Johu H. llyde. Inspector*. 14th ward? At Headquarters, comer of Orand and Elizabeth Atreeis. Michael Murphy, Jacob Kays and Michael McGralh, Inspector*. 15th ward? At 6fi5 Houston street. Klnathan Thorn, Simeon T. Jlotlai and L. F. Harrison, Inspectors. loth ward? At 124 Seventh avenue. Mark B. Thomas, Put tick l<yncb and Jnmes Gregory, Inspectors. 1> tit ward? At Ford's, corner of Klvington street and the B<>wery. Manns Kelly, William Coulter and AnUiony ri. totals. Inspectors. I Htli warii? Al I'nlon Hall, corner Twenty second street and Third avenue O. 8. Hibbard, John Nosblt and A. J. Mathews, Im.pectnrs. mb ward ? At Huuon'a Rallruwt Uouae, Fourth avenue, be tween Forty first and Forty -seco.xt streets, (ico. Wlcr, ltoger Bolaii and .lames Reed, Inspectors. 2otli w.ird? At northwest corner of Thirty-fourth street and Bin tli i! venue William Simpson, James S. Kenuy and Thou. )|c< 'on key. Inspectors. 21st ward? At Hibbard A McCoy's, corner Thirty second alrec ami Fourth avenue Thoiuus McCoy, lieuj. 11. llalgbt ?lid Holit. Foster, Inspectors. 32d ward ? At feed store, corner of Forty -eighth street and CS> hth nvenue. Dennis F. itoot, Nicholas Sea^rlat and Alex. Ward, Insj'eetors. Bweivea, That In case of the absence at the .tme of said dec tton. ot uoy one or more of said Inspectors of Election, that thi n the remaining Inspector of Inspectors have authority to fill the vacancy In writing. KOLKRT KELLY, Chairman. L JiKSZI'ICT,> n CaaRCCixoB, j Secretaries. A CARD FROM DR. 0?D0NNELL.? IN ACCORDANCE with the wishes or many democratic friend*, I hlwiuii? ?>*elt a candidate lor tiie office of Coroner, at the coining di t Uon, and I respectfully appeal to Ihe electors ol' this coun ty for ibeir nUlfragea, confidently hoping. bat my ipiallflcation* and iny unweai-ted attention to my public dirles will find fa vor for me, und that a discerning community will he Induced lo sustain nn- at this lime. When I whs nominated at Tamma By Hall ihree years ago, there wu concert at action In the democratic milks, and 1 have Dot, in any way, been a party to Ilk' e unfortunate difference* which have broken out since then, reiving faithfully on the ultimate kuwss of tho-e true demo nra'le principles which I bave cherished and defended for the J?i thirty years. WILLIAM O'DONNKLL, M. D. AT A MEETING OF THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE ol ihe National Democratic I ??>!>? ,:ates of 1 1.0 Thirteenth Cbuncil District (Sixth ward), held at 4W Fearl street, Mr. JUrfutrd Barry wa nominated for Councilman. (JEN IS BURNS, Chairman. MtHTi*. On.?*Rn!?, Secretary *TINTH WARD IN TlIK FIELD-UNION! UNION! I'uionl? Natiouai Democratic Republican eleetor* of the Hb.ih ward, who are opposed to the three men power from the Ftuyveaanl hutttutl, and In km Of ihe demo racy on na ikxial prlneiplea. are requeued to meet at the Howard House, corner of Hsrrow and Oreenwlch streets, on Tanadar, the 'it da> of October, at < o'clock 1'. M., lor ihe purpoae of adopting ancli measure* as may be deemed neceaaary for the aticcesa of the parly aMhe ensuing election. Hy order of the Committee of Arrant* menu. IIIKD SENATORIAL DISTRICT. ? AT AN ADJOURN ed meeting of the Natiouai Democratic Convention of the Thii l senatorial Diet net, held on Monday evetdng, Oct. I, 1 Xf hi lis Went llroailway. Mr. John II. Wniim ire wee called to (be i hair and Maurice O'Kccfe, Kaq., appointed Secretary. The convention he Inn duly organized, the minute* of the )a?t ?Mettna ? ere read and approved All the delegation* I' tbe -iufcrem wards being nresenl, It was moved ilia' we pro eeed to nominate a candidate to represent the Third Honalo TtalllUuli Previous to a voie, lint lollowlng letter was re Mtrad unit read to the meeting:? Nkw Tolta, <>?t. I. lt\55 Gentlemen? Learning that my mime In to be uaed beore tlie Mnventlan a* a candidate for State Senator, I wish If din Oac i j understood that 1 am not a candidate for ibal imtniua 41 gt) before this convention. Respectfully your*. JOHN D. DIXON, Fifth diatrlc:. JoThitd senatorial Delegation. A tier reading the above letter on mo'lon of Waller loycn, oftiei Second ward the convention unanimously nominated Thome J Hnrr, of the Sixth ward, a* the Candida >? of the de ?tot ;?? v of the district, for their Mipport at the ensuing elec A committee, consisting of Mewra. Nlcholaa Dlmond, Michael Ryim. K (ward C. Went, Maurice O'Keefe James I 'lark, iSlrVk Mrl aiiighlin, and the el, airman John II Whl'tno ??. wa* aopolmed to make the necessary arrangement* for a rauflca tiOB meellng Tbe proceeding* were ordered to be published in the Herald ?ad l*al y News The convention then adjourned with three ?heei slot flic siieccss of the nominee, and waited ujmn ihe Hern. '"r to apprise Mm of his nomination. Mr. llarr e-ponded tn a neat -peech, thanking 'hem lor this renewed assurance ol ifceir > o' lsWm e and endorsement of hi* course aa their repre MnUiiiie at Albany Governor F. (' Weat responded, iruii ta? tliui Hie delegate! ?ould u*e all energies lor the success of the nomination, and triumpbantly eloct Mr llarr, the ?i>Ie reprrs<-nuili\c ol the people On motion a voU: of thank.* was given in die officers of the convention JOHN H. WIIITMORE, Chairman. Magnify. 0'Krv.rv., HecreUry ijTWF.NTIKTU WARD.? AT A~ LARGE AND ENTHtT X ?ia?iie meeting of the national democracy of ths Twentieth Ward held at Continental Hall, corner ot Elgnth avenue and TWriv fourili street, on Mondav evening, October I, H H i Elii? was appointed President. Measrs, W Menck, John nelh. Thoniaa Maaoti, J J. Kelly and R. Monahan, VI*' l*re<e ten> and W. Montelth anil J. Ifourck, So retarie ? Tlie Cslh>?iiig preamb.e and reaoltnlona were tinanliunualy Whereas. Tlie primary political affairs of the city have Kradn* >. pa and Into irresponsible hands, and a clasi of men wl?> *er\i' es are at the bid of luuu rupulous cai?dliU'?? lor polltn .1 |.<?i lon. have attained the poaitlon of delegate* to ow * enei aJ 1 nmnliee at Htnyvesaot Institute, men who, alter ?\lnc lu'r<sluced Into our primary meeting! a system ??of riMineful eorropUon, bribery and InilmHlatlun, packe<I our MOnii'tee- with the tools of nbnoilous individitala, and by ihe met IIHM'I li.iulooa ablUK' of public confidence elf ??iied ihe nomu ? i r perxms renugnant to tlie rinyortiy," have, bv a trtmi ?? el ? unprecedented, an aaaumption unjuatiflable and a f- "f t.. in "jr. usable, driven tbe ijulat and re-pe-txhlc <? tt I any participation In the primary organization of carped h - pn?ver of sole 'ting ??nr >., lldatea, Thi le la My and Indbrritnina'e excrehe oi ihat power tmrr ? ihivt da determknatiou o rule or ruin, to sa ritke ?lene aU principle* and measure*, an l all chance* of demo oraii' i i h. to their private anlmosl.les an I pa. 'hari b ss tUitlc -'Verr 'cire Rer < ed. Dial nominations made by a convention tints s?lf ?Vpoti ??d u d fmu<lnlsnilv omatltnted, are not liln-ltng u|?>n a pt.t or ani/ed to vtndl ate tbe right, resist the wr 'ng, advnt .' iu be prinrl{ lea ot sell government aud utiiveraal JBJffh. e. Re? Ivcd, T^al ihe national denocra'iy ol this ward will rordls v u I earneaily untie wlih ihe other war<l* li perfect ln? t)? re or vaniiatlori of the party, and in securing to the Bailor ? lemo. racy of iheclty k nominating convention ?e todetl ?y li'ttiselvea, and .audi late* known to be hostile io the Kiet? XotUng, Maine law, black republican abolition ijree *< . i. nl lea nl the day Re r> I. Tba' we Invite all true democrats, hards and ?nfte anilnes find sliver graya?io c?o|iarai.' with u? in ?ecur> inii n, harmony, principle and triumph, up iu this Our p # ''i m. ? 1st ' piss-rlon to the Maine law? in favor of IU repeal. *1. i pi-os" >t> to all parties, organ! intone, measure* or 1? Kiala n i ec .nliln* religions creeds aa a test of merit, or de jrfivl' I in* rrl/en on account oi Ills birth place from a full and e ,i a' nar'icipallon In ilnr?e righ's secured by anlveraal anffr. *? ?? 'lie high and ihe low, tbe rich ann th? poor 3d. ' tppo-lllon to anv legislation by Congrnsa upon the sub Jeet n aieiy In the ferrl' n le?. and In favor oi the Kansas J?ehi, ka net, securing local sovereignty In the/Terrltorles, iadtl.? repeal of the Mlsimurl cr.rapromlae bill Hee.He.1 Thai a commlu-e of live be appointed by the Uhui io select a ward eommuiee. !??'? nig was ekxiuenily addressed by B' sar*. Daniel E. Sick: at"! Wm M Allen On motion, Re , ?e.i That W, Montelth, Timo'bv Waters, Jr and Henry l4rt i be .ippolnleo delegates to rejresen' the Twentieth ware n tbe national Demoeraile Repnlulran Oeneral Com BUU. ?'. i* IMmIARDI'S, Proeldent, W Mssra. Jons Dosuir. Taos Mas^x J J Ktui, R, Haa. Vice Fresld?n!s W. IvRIUW. i BuCkk a?<;iCl?f!et. Jhej.a ana i.i POLITICAL, Fourteenth ward national democracy tn the field. At a mee inc of the Fourteenth Ward Charter Nominating Committee, held at ?? Keiliey's," No. lad Mulberry street, on Monday evening, Oct. 1, istti, On motion, James ( 'arty. Ksq., wax called to the chatr. John Lanny ai d Thomas Lynch were selected a* secret vie*. After the transaction of the usual preliminary business, tbe commit lee proceeded to nominate, by acclamation, (he following named candid* ten: ? f or Alderman? Michael Toumey. For Assessor ? Williams. Cole. For School Commissioner ? Dr. Owen Sweeney. For School Inspector? John Duncan. For School Trustees? Pat rick Collins, David UiutUngg. To fill Vacancy? George Casaldy. For Cot, stable*? John Campbell. John Ilrady. For Inspectors of Klection? 1st dlntrlct? I'. B. McAvoy, Richard Barr) . M dlatrlct? Michael Burke. John Roberta ::<l dlatrlct? John I Jinny, Jefferson Hrown. 4th district? James Fe?ney, John Hoy J. 8th district -Michael ?mlUi, Charles NlAola. 6th dlatrlct ? Thomas Kelley, Peter Doyle. <m motion, the i.omlnatlon of the above named candidate was unanimously approved. On motion, ? committee of five, consisting of Messrs. Michael Hoi kc, l'airlck Collins. Thomaa Cunuliigliuir, John Roberta, mid Kuward Kinney were appointed with power to make ar laognnents lor a ward ratification meeting. On motion, tho lollowlng resolutions were unanimously adopted:? * keolved. That In the nomination of Michael Toumey as the democratic nominee for Aldertuiui of the Fourteenth ward, we n coenhte the name of one who, under anv and all clrcurn t tance*, has stood among the most faithful and fearless ip porters of the great Jell'ersoiilun creed ? faithful to hi< God, iw country, and his tellow man. lie It further Resolved, That In Mr. Toumey wc hall a trustworthy friend to that oausc whit h secures ? the greatest good to the greatest number." Without possessing the pretentious fa u it ? of those who are tn many casea placed in |Kjw<ir hy the working men ol our clly, we know him to he one of their must zealous friends, not from hearsay evidence, but tried services rendered In times putt. Be 11 further Resolved, That we call upon our fellow citizens of the Fourteenth ward lo "Join us heart and hand" In securing the elevation of Mr. Toumey to the aldermanic chair. He la honest, c able and worthy, the three great necessary quallfl cations, a lulthiul friend, an honest man and a deserving ciU zen. Ho it further R ed. That wo are rejoiced to see the great democratic situ rmn ? in the political horizon (Seasons of pleasure must follow those of sorrow, and we believe tliat the day la rapidly approaching When our Suite will be redeemed from whig inn rule and fanatical isms, whether It assume the form ol Maine law advocates or Know Nothing lanterns. He it ftirther Resolved, '1 h\t the democracy of the Fourteenth ward do pledge their brelhren residing In our sister States that in the coming political campaign we w ill give to them an ominous aa ?mm of our determination for 1800. The great national demo cratlo creed must and shall bo sustained. fin motion tho secretaries wore directed to publish the pro ceedings of this charter convention In one of the dally news papers, with the names of the delegates attached thereto. On motion the convention adjourned otter giving nine hearty cheers for the Ucket, the whole ticket, ana nothing but the ticket. James Cartcy. George Fanning, Tho*. Cunningham, Joseph Carroll, Thomas Blake, Thomas Obrieu, Michael ilogan, Ihomas Dowd, Michael Burk, Thomas Lynch, Michael Kegg, Patrick Gallagher, Patrick Cavanah, Patrick Fo?, Corde Manakln. John l.eamv, John McKle, Andrew Devltt, Daniel MrManus, Patrick Collins, John Ttmous, Wm. Wllbclm, Mr. Bslthans. Peter Doyle, Wm. Potter. t'harles Nichols, George Oaseldey, Frederick Burnt*, Edward Johnson, Thomas Harry, Michael Smith, Patrick Burk, Daniel Touley, John t'ampbeli, Jeremiah Bush, James McKelvy, Thomaa Storey, Phillip Uclley, James Feeney, Jamea Q. Spencer, James Smith, Thomas Kelly, Edward Kemiey. JAMKS carTKY, Chairman. Fourteenth Ward Democratic CharterConvcutlon. Jons Umy, i Secretaries Thomas Lraca, 5 B#cre?*ne? ANTI MAINE LAW. ANTI KNOW NOTHING AND Anti Abolition candidate for Coroner, Dr. E. D. CONNER*. PRIMARY ELECTION? TWENTY-FIRST WAUD -THE democratic electora of the Twenty first ward, friendly to regular nomlnationa and Ibe usages of the party, are requested to ntiend u primary election for delegatus to the various oon ventkins, on Tuesday evening, Oct. 2. between the hours ofSK and liii o'clock, at McCoy A llebliard's Mansion House, corner Fourth avenue and Thirty -second street. By order of the ward committee. CIIAS. U. HASW ELL, Chairman. Thomas MrCor, > a._r?,,.. 1H..NJ. 11. HaJ'JHT. j Secretaries. Regular democratic nomination. ? at a meeting of the Democratic Nominating Committee, held at the Slitii Ward Hotel, on Thursday evening, 27 th ult. . Mr. llcnry Hughes was unanimously choaen candidate for Couu cilm.ui of the Eleventh Council Dlatrlct, Sixth ward. D. Catoik, Secretary. J. MAIIONY, Chairman. UKCOND WARD DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN CHAR i ) ler Convention, held at 11 Dutch htree.t. on Monday even iug, 1st Inst.. Mr. John V. Savage was elected chairman, and Ji.mcs i-hcrndan secretary. The proceedings of the previous liiee'.itu: being approied, on motion tlie convention pro ccedsd to nominate candidate* for charter offices, whereupon Mr Chan. A. Brown received the unanimous nomination for Alderman, fawlwil, That D. Dodge, W Field and J. Don nelly. he appointed a committee to tender the nomination. K? solved, That we adjourn to meet on MondAV evening, Oct. K, at 7K o'clock. JOHN Y. SAVAGE, Chairman. James Shkiuhdan, Secretary mKNTH ASSEMBLY DISTRICT? TWELFTH, NINE J tecnth and Twenty second wards, ? An adjourned meeting ol the National Democratic Republican Nominating Committee, (or this district, will be held at the corner of Broadway ant For ty ninth street, on riVduesday evening, October 3d. at 7J? o'cloek P. M. Delegates are requested to bs punctual In their attendance. WM. A. TI'UNI HE, t'liairiuan pro turn. friUiuK H. Rtss, Secretary pro tem. HW PUdUt/ATlONk. 11^ ALL OF SEBASTOPOL. 1 THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS For September Z!, Which will contain numerous Illustrations of the HMM and urmi or nunora, And the Burnlnu and Destruction of the III SHIAN SLACK SEA IX1CKT, Will arrive | or the steamer Pacific. An extra supply will he received by ARTHUR WILI.MKK. Agent. Chai.lks Wim-meh'i Universal English aud Foreign News pnper Agency, lilt Fulton stre?'t, necond door. N. B. ? Ortfers. wholesale :ind retail, will lie received fur tlda paper at the ofllee, as above, which orders will be de !h rrt d according to priority of receipt of order. A KTHUR WILLMRR, Agent, 1U9 Fulton kireet, aecoud Hour, HALL'S fX;TOBER JOURNAL f>F HEALTH.? 8TKI VG ER .V. TOW NSEND.IH Broadway. Ten cents. West m.nster Review va. Teu.pewiice; Appetite; Decision of Clmr acter; Phy tit Inn's Lifetime; How to be Happy; Church choir*; Be Systematic; How to aieep well; To prevent over eaUn?. X^KW EDITION-THIRD THOUSAND. IN THE OLD FARM HOUSE. By Mrs. Caroline H. Butler Luing. This p ea-trn' and graphic story I* dailv increasing in the fa vor of the public. Among the many flatteruig notice* of tho pre*a Bre the following:? " TMs I* a wi-ll written and skilfully managed story. Pathos and excellence of description are no' wanting. The Old Farm Motive is a superior novel."? Dispatch. " I s tendencies ire of the purest and nohlert character. Mr*. Luing may coniiraiulaie hers, li upon having written a hook W' <-t)iy of her talents,''? Morning Time*. " Mrs. [ I* a lady of refinement and cultivation, and evi dently has her heat t lu her work We commend The Old Farm lloui-e to our reader* the prodti' tloii ol a true hearted wo man."? Home Journal. " The volume will t.e read with Intense intereat."? American Courier ' The child life o' the heroine I* depicted with great uute, de leacy, and effect,"? Dally Timea. There I* a freshness about u which we seldom find Pa rents r'innot tuid a better bonk tor their children to read aloud In the lainiiv circle. ?Sunday Dlapaieh. " Its sketches of l.ome. of person* and Incidents are very line, true, to nature, amuilng and Instructive."? Christian I liromclc. " The b<* k throughout In It* well ehrxen moUos and evenly balanced s'yle indicates a mind familiar with higher literature."? Evening Bulletin. " A very exciting lale, conuunlng uraphi' sketches of the vanl'y pride and jealousy often nurtured in the gay world of fat-idem /"?Christian Obs?'rver. ' Many of the dencrlptkm* sre iilven with rare beauty and lnt? rc*t.''? Poiighke< jisle Telegraph. " Amy, the heroine. Is a character one loves to study? noun can admire h< r tlrtnnesa of < imraeter without striving to iml late her exam) le. "?Cincinnati psiier. " Many of tne rsflectlnns are very fine, altkc honorable to t .e hca/1 and heart of the author."? ijodry '* Lady's Book " When <inee i i.niinenced, It is dlfflt uJ t u> leave mi. read through.'' ? Ponghkeejaile l-imle. " The moral Is ?ucb as to disarm iireiud.o tgains fiction of i ne of i'? most formidable wessons ? IHillar New. paper. " I h? authoress sketches with the power u! sn artist."? nun day Dispatch. One elegant volume, beautifully Ulna rated Prlc. $| is CHARLES II DAVIS, I No. S# Sou'h Fourth street, above C hestnu', Pbiladel| tnd lor sale by all lesikaeller*. j fARllIONABLK FALL M1U.IHKKT. MBM MrIK)NAX.D, 19', DTVIHIOJC Mf RKKT, WIU, OPKV IbiA ila* . Oc\ 2 * aptoodld a? ?u>rU7i'*n! of l'art? an ! .No? York (all and wlmer millinery. to wbl<:li ?he . alii the ai iftiUimo! Um- Ir*<t' Mcr< hunt* and country milllnera would bad It to ihrir advimia*.'. to axamlne Uer Moek. MIU.JNI-RY -JMRCY. m MROADWAY, RWPKiT fully Invlir* me ladiea ..r New York to rail and eiamliie ? Hl'Pr.RlOR Ahi?ORT*KNT OK MHXI.VKKV . the ao<l m< -t erenalr* at/x k u> b* found In Uii? Ity. Hy rennlrlM bonne ta d!r<"-t from Kraure by erery Hftum-r, we ar> enabled to offer <hr ii'taeat and moai (aahlouablo aiylt a, a: i-rlrcn aa low ??> aoy other mtalnlnhmeiU MARCY, 496 Broadway. b"iw<-en Urnow an<l Hpring -ta. MOt RHINO VM.I.I NKR Y AT HA RTriOI.n*KW K._ \ ?plan.lld aauininrnt ot Pai H mmtriiln* I nneu c m * anil* no band. ,V*w ?tylr? Itfralo^H in o?n* ahnw r'*>ma dally. . r. IIARIHoMJ.VKW. 361 Headway. OIKMNG OF rAU. AND WISTKK MILMWBRY Mr*. P Havart). No 1W Catherine ?i r?r . r??t>ectfully Inform* ibe indie - ?| ?w York and tu rirtnlty, 'bat aha hat reeenre*) |> er iVaner Washington a -pl?ndld a*?ortrnent of rail and winter bonnet*. wM<'h aba will eibiwt aiotu ( with a fr**t yarte'y of ber own manutv <$rr, on Monday, lot October Hba > ? o'lii- .mi 1 ,i-r rich -lock of millinery for beauty, u?ta and r i-Hni <r . armot 1 . .ijr| a>j .l In Vrw York. N II Country merchant* and ir.UIU?er? will be ?tip|dl*d a> itmml with pal tern tmnnet* mi moat reasonable term* at I>? flatherin' atre?t, MM iMialon. Tjia. Kit! color r'|n*" **if5,n romerol William. New York, J'.rA^at^^ foV 4 kktchlh \% All II KM, JKWKIJII, 4U . 4 I. v RUB AHHOKYMKNT (IP .IKWKI.RY PGR KAI.R. 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A little over twelve months ugo t Jio town of Grey town, or Sao Juan del Nord, on the month of tit* Han Juan river, in (Neutral America, wan u nourishing and rapidly increasing mart of commerce, being one of the chief en t repot* between California and the Atlantic (Hate*, and the point at which the Nicaragua Transit Company'* ateauiira transferred their pus*eng>rs an'l freight to the Hat bottomed boat* by which the pisaage up the :-'en Juan river ia effected. TVe nite of the town being claimed by two or three aovemign p wtia ? Nicaragua Coata Kick, and the ao called King of ihe Mosquito Coaat ? the diapute wan compromined by the tacit netting aside of all their claim*, and the erection of an independent municipal government, the prominent member* <4 which ..??re Americana, with a small sprinl ling of Bri'.i*her*. Aa the town increaaeo in importance, the pretention* of it* government in. waned also, and ao Car ai the?e pre tunaii clashed with the interest* of the Nicaragua Transit Company, they met in it decided hostility. The content b.tweeu the company and the citizen* wax carried on for mine time to the injnry of both, until dually a dire insult wa:. offorei to the person of our Minister, So lon iiorland, growing out of these dilttcuitio*. To a ve nge thi* outrage on Mr. Iiorland. the sloop-of-war Cyane wa* sent there in July, 1854, under the command of Com rnander Holiina, to demand reparation or indict cha*ti*e ment. The apology not being forthcoming, the valiant commander, actin* under the joint order* of Mr. Secre tary Marcy, and Mr. Joseph L. White, ngent of the corn piny, bombarded the town, reduced it to a heap of ashes, immortalized the Cyane, and gave undeairahle noto riety to' the Tierce adininixt ration. Such I* an epitome of the hi*tory ot the (ireytown ot the i>a*t. The material* for the flr*t page of the history of tho (ireytown of the future hate been Mipplied, a lew week* aince, by Col. Kinney and hi* baud of adventurer*. It i* known that that gentleman, being annoyingly con trolled in liia movements by the interference of the Uni ted State* authorities at New York and Philadelphia, mw himself forced to abandon the mighty scheme which he had contemplated, of Kinneyizitig the whole of Central America, and to content himRelf for the present with re suscitating the fallen fortune* of (ireytown. With a few I of hi* follower* he Hailed from New York, landed at Sin Juan, built himself a hou*e there, gave tmrert dantanta, and other entertainment*, to the few colored resident* whom he found there, worked Into their good grace- in a variety of way*, acquired real estate, and nettled it in hi* own mind that (Ireytown *hould become a ?reat town In deed. Wo huvo seen how he hat; entered upon tho reali zation of hi* plan. It in only a few month* since he arriv ed, and where, previon* to that time, there were only a few lazy negroe* to be *een ateallng from hut to hut, there l? now a provisional government in operation; a code o' la we? civil and criminal ? established, and all Ihe wheel* of a properly organized society net in motion. We gave in ve*1erday'* Ilnuu> a report of the prooe<-diug*of the con vention which gave form and expression to tiie*e me* luroi ? the election of Cot. Kinney a* Civil ami Military Governor ot the Territory of f an Juan, hi* inaugural proclamation or address on that occasion, the appoint ment of a Council of Five, he., kc. We now reeur to the first number of tho journal established there, for further evidence of the pleasing change* which American enter prise ha* wrought in ttiat desolated apot. In the first place, there i* the establishment of the journal itw If, one of the highes'. proof* of progre** and enlightenment. It Is called the C'r-ntml A mericam, I* piinted iu English, an I, although the work wu* entirely done by amateur compositor*, it present* a clean and re spectable appearance. The following i* it* advertisement ol terms:? THE CENTKAI, AMERICAN. 11', FtHUPHKIl KV KUT J-'ATI ttrUT HT \\ 11.1 JAM II. YOUNG, at the oSlce opposite lady I<ewellyin'? Landing, Front street, HAN Jr AN OKI NOBl*. Twvi-? Two MUM per copy. AilTcrtiscimnta will be inserted at the following rates: ? Knr i lie of t. n lim- ot |. lirxt InaM ti I, . 4- 00 Kvery subsequent insertion $1 60 A liberal discount made to yoni ly ami monthly adver tisers. All bill payable at the ? nd of the month, in American currency. Subscription $10 a year, payable in advance Sotirt ? With nil advertisements intended for Insertion in tljiN Journal must be diht Inctly stated the number of times they are to bo Inserted, other tflse they will he kept in until ordered out. V. N. I'almer Ik hereby authorized to act an agent for the "Central American" throughout the United States. After thii follow* in the number before u* ? No. 1? ' lov. Kinney's inaugural, which we publlshod y osier day, ami a paragraph of agricultural newt, which we ({live at the fame time, The third column of the tirst page is occupied with a letter from llaron Itrunow, rhief engineer of public road* in Costa Itica, on the subject o emigration to that republic. T)ie fourth column in en tliely devoted to a - I 1st of letters remaining in the I'ost Office of Grey town, on September 1. 1H'>6," which U closed by the announcement over the signature of F. .'al ter, Post matter, that the 'local pontage on every letter pa-'ing through thin office U ten cents the half ounce at J five cents for advertising." Next come* an account ol the arrival it .-'an ,'uan o th<- Mritish matt steamer Clyde. having on bottrd Consul Fattens and more colonists; an apology for the unavoida bl< omtsrlon of communications and advertisement* an acknowledgment ol the receipt of a pre cut of ?' a chniso pi(< e of mutton, accompli nied by several jars of delicious pii ferves and piquant ?auce? " a rejKirt, of a " ml meeting'' at Greytown on the 4th September at which Colonel Kinney and others made speeches, and where a series of resolution* were |H*-ed ? published by us yes terday? organising the provisional g ivernment a notice of an able sermon preached on the previous riuhbatli | Kev. Mr. Smith, at which there was a l<rge attemUnce of ritiuM and members of the " Union. ' The first co lunin of th" third page contaiu* an account wri ;ten by one of the Kinney expedition uoder the heading, "ur Reception and Instalment in San Juan ? First Impression on lauding ? Meeting with Colonel Kinney and his St iff. ? We cop) ? We wended on* Might to th" "promised land," hemlie** of the iidvii e ol friends and Opposition of the enemies to tin Kinney expedition, the former wanting us of bugl<ears in the shape of y?Uow fevers, untutored savage* or wild men of the woiids together with reptiles vampire- and a c intonation of monstrosities *<?> n un?een aod "felt m? ?t dial- llcally " while the I ttfer, a certain company, declined most politely an I gallantly, to accommodate us w ith a transit in 'heli c<nr.inonloa> line of steamer*, giv ing a* a reason our perron*! attachment to the much esn ? o;ed and noble jroje- tor of this grra' and phi Ian throj.le enterprise. In despite of all prognostication, and in the dark re si>e. ? mg the fate of Colonel Kinney and hi valorous lit tie bond, we followed our first impulse which was to live or die in a cauve so Just and ?o ably represented, not .' ubtlogfor a ne merit th'- result ?,j Colonel Kinney , di plirnacy . profound espetl-nic and perseverance pro tided 1 ovidence who rules the destiny ol man brought him s-.ifely o'er the waves Imagine our delight and snrprine upon li st vn-aiig tin Hills of /Ion portrayed in th ? fx -.tutlful nft'l rno ,n tal.i- is coa* t of \i.aragtia, drawn with a pern ill?-d line against the clouds, aft' r a pssiuige of twenty ei/ht <lay ea'l> < ne of which and the nause* therein contained ?>? tied. rate as a funeral pile to the memory 'it our "defunct enemies!." W bat, then, wa? our joy to discern a long line of build Ini? apfoarlng in the dim distance Hke a oomineisHal eiiy ic> lead of the barrtn waste whlh the homlmr<!u.'i>t of July '64 had accomplished ? a cowardly and dea-lly nm saere, for so ?>? are constrained to rom-i der a wau'on and cruel attack npon heJpl'- ?" women and children who Were driven from the'r borne* a a moment's wirumg onconeclou of wrong, and unable to js*y a tal>e <ie whlefi only twenty four hours was allowed them Vi canrel. All suff'-reil in this overv, b.-lmlng affllcti .n Hi I. t were laid low and the one flourish ng little t<iwu of -mo .lueti wts levelled in the dust. Several death* occurred from eghatu'h n and evp. ?ure to the ratn?. u>(fefh?r Willi a want of proper II ,-ii meet ? Bioet of whom wer? female* None wsre ?|.?red the conflagrat Ion ? ArreHcans, "pan sard* Fr-nrti, anil residents all shared alike Truly r nmnm1 as much to answer Sir in count ?narftng thi ?<-t >4 n it vidual avarice'' and meanne?* W j tru?i th?t i pu'?e strlnga wiil lie I'awencd, an I the right* of Ikes# Ju l ' laims r^eognissai. If money can repait auch a dissfra< <-ful stroke of selfish and mlntaken |*ili< j As we saiiad sl< wly up the uisjeaii. hay, by aid o| nr t? lew ope we saw two boats appr'?ehing which n??el our heai 1a to b- unit with pleavan ami' ipktl'in I f we I ? U| |??l one to W the pilot sn>| the other wa et. .* u\ ed, must tje imr friend* tan tbej bar* arrived Is there so'b ptoa sore in ? ? I for usf t?ur auili'y was s>? n rein v*s|, oui nr f- ) friend Cent. Kw.fl, hea-ilee* of li* basar.; >?? )uurn*j *4 ten in a little canoe with a susiaeioaa l<eA og ? In the s e I.d one pa !? 'iw , pr-.j..' not w. 4 for "lie -eg 1*T mode < f entrarx-< <: rr v-4 the side o' e v*?-i a. 1 ? ? v ? "f .add- ? ?jl, ? t^ 1 1 t -s ? v and a beaming smile crIH, "Cul. Ktoner liar irrlrH, an I if sate :in<l prueneroun." Soon a long bi>?t hove fir sight, and a* our impatient* would not permit 11* to await ibe ship'* movement*, we rrobaiked u>r the lan?>ug. A- we apiironehrd the bar rack* we ["reel reft * group of bard/ pilgrim* who fe-ci lily rtmim'nd us of our torefWIh*?. With one aeeord a long and hearty cheer greeted u?, whih we an?wer?d, aiiii t< ntliiued oor way to the wharf, further uptown I'l id lit ext.- entity stood the hero of man y a unceessful enteiprine. among which Chicago and Cerpu* Christ! are hinting monuments. Hi* rnmnJy llgure wan immediately discerned, nurroumled by M- lorinx nod faithful til lower*. Another load and spontaneous cheering. which awoke the slumbering lire* of our iioul au1 seut the answering blood bounding in our veins, our feet towehort the wliarl, and ?e en'eie-l adjoining the printing office, (the *truc tu re of which Is the neatest pleee of meeh-inisra im-iftina hie,) built by our enterprising party. each nneof whom ha<l a hand iu th?* faiiy cas.le. <?J. Kinney aided in shingling the roof, which shows the veraality of his ta lent*. and the grace with Which hU kh>4 heart can bond to circumstances. The pre** wan then duly installed, and like magic, stand* and tablet- were erected, and printing le full ope ration, although there wna but one practical printer |>re ?i nt, a young n. an from Jamaica, who* e nimble linger" did nul far outstrip i-ur novice*. We must not torgot t >? ?urm greeting of our fair frienila, whene aweet smll* and pretty dimple* bespoke un a hearty welcome. Whnt a " change came o'er the Npirit of our dr*aia!" Instead of tenting out and living un a meagre auste nance, with naught but a horde of savage* to meet oar pue. we found a refined and affable people, with a deli cious bed. fine linen, and an good fare art one would wlnh to enjoy. T need not remark that the hirgi- tea kettle, tea pot, ami other eamping utensils with which we had fur nished ourselves. art at preiant superfluous. Another column will (rive full particular* of the meets* and move ment* of the Kinney Colony. K. L. L. After the above we find the following paragraph re cpectlng sugar cane* and pine apples:? A ?talk r.f augur cane, measuring over fifteen feet high, grown in the garden ot Mr. Walk, of thi* city, togeth'-r with a large pineapple from the same aoni re, were band er) to uh this morning, fully proving the adaptation ot the soil to the profitable production of thete ini)iort?nt arti cle* of commerce. In the aame page we have a culnmn of new* ? given yesterday? a Spanish version of Governor Kinney'* in augural; the maritime intelligence, containing the ar rival* and lint of vesaitU In port: advi-rti<?>menta, he. The last page in made up of advertisements and selec tions. Among the former we notice thoae of wveral commission, mercantile and land agency house*; of the Central American Hotel, kept by Henjainin Smith, ami described aa an "elegant, spacious, and well ventilated house situated on Victoria square, at a convenient dis tance from the principal landings," its proprietor ing, he *ay*, from New Orleans, and "a full member and mlnlater of the Methodist Episcopal church ;" of two other hotels, one after the Kreucli fashion, and the other the "Han Juan House," which announres that "the table will be supplied with the best the market affords an t the delicacies of the tropical clime," the bar Itelng stocked with the beet of liquors, 4c., he. ; several advertise incut* of physicians, lawyers, and trade. uicn. There l-i also a notice that Mr. Harris J. Fellows will opens school On Monday, Sopti-nilier 17, in the home of Mr Benjamlu Mooaey, near the lag>s>n. The worthy dominie announces that Scholar* will be taught the tlrst week gratuitously, and afterwards, on the circumstance* being represented to me, no charge will be made Ui iImj e who are unable to pay. All thi* *|.r uks largely for the enlightenment, intelli gence, and resolute character ot the few men who, un der such adverse circuiu-tanoev and In such a brief *l>ace of time, eould set in motion the wheels of pro gress, civilization, an I g> od government, in a ep< >t w1hm>< muoklng iuiu? and dewrted api>earancn were at once a un nuirieiit to the contemptible policy ot our adtulniUru tion, and h sljrn to deW uidlnary men from such an ad venture. llu- effect of Colonel Kinney'* prc?euce theie is el<M|uenlly expre?erd In the <>>i*Une which we And In the cji Am> r i-oti ? that real entAte lia? advance I oue huudrcd per cent, since hi* arrival. Court of Oyer and Tfrmltirr. IJefore Hon. Judge Roosevelt. OiTiiiacu 1.? The court niuptiml t-hi* morning with the iimi*I proclamations, The (iratid Jury were railed, i ml thirteen only huvingunawcretl to their d|iM>, uo lid ditinnal panel wiut ordered iofTnoaday morning. Till POOLK HOMICIDE? TBK TRIAL Of TDK ACCUSED HKT DOWN KOK THIS SECOND MONDAY OK NOVEMBER. The DUtrlct Attorney, (Mr, A. <?ukey Ball,) mid, in the cane of the people ugainnt Loul* 1 laker an'l other*, be ha I cnllod the wrtne-N**, and enough liare aaawrrod to enable lb# prosecution to proceed. Be wan de*lrou* of fixing a liar for the ti id). Mr. II. K. Clark -aid they were ready for the defence, but he thought it better to liave a day *et down. The IHatrlct Attorney niggt-ated Moridny ne*t. Mr. (lark had an engagement ont ofto*n, and next Vol, day would not *ult him. He would prefer the lift Monday In November The |ii?tiict Attorney laid. a* Mr. Whiting, who had I, < i aa*lgm 'I by the (invernor to ii'xlnt the Attorney C.' in rul and uywll, may be eugaged nest week, he would a rent the ?ugg< ?t Ion and -?l It down for the tir?t Mob day in No\rinZ?r. <-i neral Nye *aid the lirat Wednemlay would tie better, a* he who Informed Monday (election day/ would b? ra tber a hu*y day in the city. Tha Judge? 1 he lifflcnlty about November I* 'hat the (??neral Term of the Supreme Court *lu daring that month. The otlettdarof tue <len?ml Term I* unumially heavy, and there are (eventoea hundred caw* <n the n It ndar of the Circuit, The IfUtrlct Attorney ? Thi* <*"e of Lml? {taker *111 lie a very protracted one an rath peraoa Indicted will have t<< be tried wpaiate from 'he other*, ao that the mine trial will be repeated. lh<- ea e tet the people will t*fca at leant a week, lie made the auageation that hla Honor might decide the matter with a view to the time of the civil bnatoeea. Mr. ( la:k, in 'eply to the Court, >aid he did not know h' w li ng the defendant'* r? e might take. It dopoadnd on the testimony lor the pi o?c<utinn. The cw would j r? halily take, ailigether, ten day* or a fortnight. 'Il o I iatrlct Attorney ? And th' re are three inai< tiiat Htniid on the -k?ine footing. He plOpoacd the (lr-,1 Wed OOm lay. TI.e ( ourt ? Will, yon *111 have to 'ake your ? ha nee .t? to whether th< bu?lne*> of the Ooneral Term will permit the attendance of one of the Judge?. Mr. 1?. K. Hick leu -aid the aecood Wednesday would be he'ter. a* the fit nt WadOOaday *ould I*- the day after the election. The raea waa ultimately et down tor th' *coond Mon day of N'owmher and, in nn?*'r to Mi Hlcklea the lit* tnct Attn in*/ aald h? proixinod to try ix/ui* linker, who wn avppcaed to be the principal, flrat which of tfca other pa: tir would I > trie<i a> it l.e could not aay. THr) INDICTMENTS AOAINHT THE HIX MKMBIbK.1 OK THE COMMON COCNt IL. The In?trict Attorney n,"?ed that th" c* m ol the people ag;i a?t Ald'-rmen Her rick Moier and Hra'.." and ( >in < iln en ' i. "p? r, Heily and Wandell, I ? ? rd> rod from the f>ri-< to thin court for trial. Hie notion would not he oppoecd. an one of the co tin*oi (or th" d"fend?nt? ??? about to make the application to one Of tbe Hupreme Court Judge* this morning, (or an order to trsmoult the CO*" to the Oyer and Term ner The** gentleman hail all i" nt mo word th< y are roady (or an I I am ready. Oiunael for Mr. Coo|ier claimed hi* light t" reaer^e the power to male a motion to t|ua*h ib? ladli tment 11 e I .trift Attorney aaeented Mr. Jane* T. Brady nald: ? I appear for Mr Herrick **? doe* alao Mr. Buateeil; and Mr. Whitlog and my elfare 1 n^.'ged In i '.TOO of the oth' r ?. I appll?e the Htatrlct Attorney that in tl,< -e oe?e< tn which ( am engag~l mo lion* -ill be made to 'iua?h the indictment# on the ground* of gro<? mitnanegemeat and ai . > which t- ? k i la ? ?? in th<- <irar I Jury rr* m Mr Bt ateod, on behalf of Akl' rn,?n M< ? r had no oh joetl" rj to tl " removal "f 111* 0??e from tie ^WMiton" t/i tb|i < ? iirt, n.d it* hetng di?trf#*od of a* " "n m p???lble Thlf mailer ultimately *et town (ot Friday ne*l ' a a hoi: ? or mckiikh. TV" I utiict Att< rney pi ,|, .iad to art down the tr a) of \lwi) Anne Lin, l ert for Medneaday. Mr C fu r coet xoi *>? ready and ? -'?ntO'! li t uiirt latjuire.; why tl." Dm; r ,< ? Attorney lid no try%b' h cai e? to th# *mImw >m ier the f <?> ? nt a<-i ? The iitaUV t Attorney ?a.d the routuot for 'lie ?<-f o I <an -elee' whu'h eoort h< may dMlro to try H in He pre* n.ed that the objoat of that la* *u not to lak" ail tie - rj??< of n.urder out of thla n. rt , hut It wae Mil #d ii " o e<, aence < ( tjie long ruat n Ijetw*- n tht term ? < tl ' i our" of itymt antl l"i miM It n> not Intended to glr" lb" . i "ion? co oi in,? ? ; ,r?*. kct.ou with tbl Wturt. The J u. 'ge #upp?i-...1 i|,e id et t ,.f tj?. Uw waa to enaltl* tie ilfi'tetit hmttehee of 'b? -upiei?e ' #>irt Vi go "U with tlw atvil Itualne** He if HcU-rt I tii 1 1 1 1 ? f'irmuricr wa* ?e' .)? w u br lhu/*day. TH K CASK Ol LTM4N COLK. (tn motion of Mr Ihi-tee.; the ea*o of l.yman (><le, elWr god wtth forgery, which had h"?n tranaio.tte.1 tr<*n tl e Powlaaa, it- act down tor the third Mon U. thla '"tt??h. In t.rdar to give time for a roounU?l -n U, be *eal t' In,' meatl Thtt fit J juror* w"re diachargwd until W *.!??? '.at am' the I ourt ad .oa rood to T i"*-'ay w rwUie || a all eh. when the tiraad Jar; will be ei/ip*a*aUed (eart ( aiaadar- Thla Dayr. '' in"< lirji-? I'art I ? Wee M Kt ? ?ft w; )?? I01M/. I?? hltl>dM,7? 471 1 Ml ??". n-i. 4X. Ml MX 17" M*. 1014 ion 10 1" . nmum Cam in ? s.? ? 10, d. 4 > to t.l ? >4 " *?, 70, 77, Ti, 7* 7* 7*> 77, li, ^ II K ? H W ?? ?0 li Pi A t# tn *? ?*? lot 103 104 loa l"T j ^i r?rwmn rr? <tnolt ? Nt?u >M r.'i Wi, l;i*. 1 -I", j UM, 1017, UMt, 1MTT. I'A4 VM ITT I II* rtnam o .-ri? -i?wa; It t u, it to ? 1 Ito. ta, te? 1 City I'?U(I?. TRK II Alt' HIIKI.L* OKOANWrNO. We underaUn'l that quit* an mi>rgr*i ? momwant ? going on in t>M? aevera! wariU to the aj e*Be<f ''half a hell" party. The (>? ueral Committee for IK* whole ctfy ?H1I alt thta weeV, and ward cnu:mitt?.-? ar? l>?ing appoiuteil to e?ect deiegatea. r,o luJ. >w.ii(t th - pLatfbrm of tkU mnr movement, win h i* new being .??' ?round for rigniitarr? : ? Tin' luideralgurd, national democratic reptjb!lcr? etacoea of the ? ? ward. brrebt enrol th?-ir mifiM a? uu-mt.ei* ?l Uie Rational I Jrutuet HepuMlcao Union Aaaociauiaa of I he -~? ward. We pledge oueaetvea I 1, devote our l??.l eirrtlnna ?o pro III ?'c Ike ?<ii< < iol lh utocmiU; party. We are int?vur of ft** union of (In- ilemoC'atlc party op< n pr iriclple, and will eu I'm vor, by ull hoooral'le amin. ui unt o It ?a the auppe-i ol flu aauic ticket Wc approve ol Do* do>:iiuu' ot mtn m'.. < uMtiint by Cougreaa wtl/i (lie <(ue U'on of ?Kt \ urr inrtbe Ten Itoriea l>e llevlmg Uiiti ill'' rU.IH ot I tee people <* U*<- T.-rrJ^riw Ui -Ml ?ovm iiincii' I- intierci.i and Inalienable. We vi' ui>(h? ?<! I.r the order of Know Notlilrir> ha principle* and objeeta? md we guaran'relo every a.lii.'c.l ciiurn lu oar nr*>?ti/e iiMi that neltlii-r pla< e ul birth 01 i?1ik?iu- crr'-U shall e >'f l be ?ct tip a? ihiIhIi kI ie?'? by UK In our nom.aattnjr nonventloua, ??r at tlic I'Oiln. or elsewhere We are lu larur ol U>? repeal of the ac' known aa llie Ma. tie LbiUor I,aw. We are opposed to Uie ret ent usurpation by the </?ier?l (Vramltie* of llic |?wer to ap|w Uil nominating rouvnnltnax. m il we dec tare, for otn selves, that nam. nations made bjr convention.. ?? eona'l'uled In vutU Unn n< principle and precedent a <? wHh.nU authority 'VMn< tlon, ami do luerot ei ot the party la uailer any otillcaiBm Ui auppnrt them We ate In fliror ot rr ori^ut'.bii; Uie nallnoal (k iaoi rallr partr of ibt? i lly, and to tlu? end w? will v> i?p? rate ? nh tbe tiallonal il.'unKary til Ibt- "ilfr wardaloelert Ing a (ieni'ial tVmimlttee, anil In holding HerUnn* lor d? lenatea to nominallut: roneenUona, -o thai e?nry Ue iiviM'taUc *< tor o?n liaae a vol' r In tin' rho4< r ul randulaiea to be preeenied to U>r people We are w ilHnu to eiti-ml Uie i^lve braii' ll to all w)m> a*rri' wllh u<ln piin. iple, iiu.1 will inrel Uie luxltle orxaiilu ll'.oa ol the denii'craUi' purly >i"W id enlalence balf wav, upon a fair. u>i ami honornM* baalx of on) m l>? whli b ilw whole dcnHx iatlt vote ul UiU rity may be niuu d In ?e.'iirilM a ti l i.mph over our common etieiniea? Uie whiK*. Kmiw Ni*h!ii*<. abolition lata, aud temperance fanatiea N1MBTKKSTH VAHD BUf KI1XLLH. Quite n large uwrllnir ol the ili?atle< te.1 adainMiliaca won held laat Dight, at Continental llivll, corner of H|(hth avenue and Thirty fourth aticet, C. t<. llouaidaa in the chair. Iteaolution* were propo^rd emliraritig the platform af i the new party, ugninat Know Nolhiogiam and Main and (a favor of doing away with the old dU tincliona of " hurd and aoft, udamantinea. aiwl ellner gtaya," and limiting in opposition to tbe re|mbliean ? UlOVt'DX til. Ibtu. K. .'-kklea and Wm. Allen a poke at aome length In HUfi|Mirt of leiolutlona which wet* eventually (?rile,l mid ordered to l>e puhliahed. T)ie follow iiiff named gentlemen were appointed del* gatea to the Half Shell (ieneral Commit toe: ? Wm. Mod teitli. Iliotuae W.'tterN anil llem y Ijirkina. The meeting then adjourned. UAKII HOr.M. HKNATORIAI. t'OIf VKCfTIOK. I'urauant to notice three of the Hard .Shell Senatorial Convention met U*t nlnht at their respective head HUArU-ra. We have received the foUowin( ? Third JHttrirt. The eonvenlion niet ut Itevdw'a, 1 1H Wo?t Ihoadwnr. John II. W. WU'lmore, of the Vt/Lh ward. In the chair, uml Maurice I ?' Kerf.-, of the Kourth ward, acting a? ae cretarjr. The Cliairiuau, In ? Intel and appropriate apeech, utged the uei eaaity of Ullitiil action and a for getfulneoa of private auiinoaitlea. There weie two isan didatch lieforethe convent ion. hut one withdrew, where upon Thulium J. llarr of (lie Sixth wurd iprcent Incum bent) waa uuaniuioualy uouilu tlisl. Mr. IJurr naa afti'rwardu introduced to the convention. 1 1 whom lie made a apeech expH-naing hla thank aud accepting the nomination. iUxrrlh /hut riil The con vnilton met at 41S (itund atreet, hut adjont tied without making a nomination. }\flh J>U1ri i Conventiun nu t at corner of Hudaon ami Domlnick atreela. Jacob Iti.cb, of the Ninth ward, waa called to the rhuir, and (Jul ert l.iuu, of the (.l^htli ward, oflb iale 1 aa aocrelaty. On motion, the convcuttou proceeded to ballot, with the following reault: ? Joel Wolf I Tliomoa Kay t Wm. H. Attkiu 1 No choice. On the second ballot 'Ihotna l ay rtcotve l live vole and waa declin ed elected Silllt IHttrirt. [Ion. Tlioreai J. Mun lay rei elvml the nominatloii in ttiia diahiet. 1IAUD Hlli I.I. CIlARTbK NOMINATIONS. I'umiunt to tin- <?;> 1 1 of the '??iiarkl Committee the charter convention* Ot lb* hard abelU met at their m l|Min headquarter* to notniaate < <*- for char ter ofltcer?. We has >? ret .nil the following which I* not complete owing to the fact tint tin- meotlnga failed in irvenl initance*:? t'tTII WAPU. Contention nu t nt IIS Weit llrna Inr.iy ? John Y. Parage In the chair. and John II Wl.ltmor.- aeere t?ry. I iie following nomination* v?ir made: ? Ajairneor, ?In itim a. Jacobue, l'?n?t?l>l?, Rudolf Uermer, f<clinol ( tmunbaioaei , Jowiih A. JitcbMiu Hehool Trmtin, J II, W'hiininre and Willlaai I>> ??? , tviiool Uijiti tor, WiliUia Y rune in. g.ll mil WAHII It w?< reported that Mi. Harthulnme* Healy, at p r*? ent on# of tlm OiiuKilmni, had ix-en nmlmM a> tin haul i a milt) a ic for Alderman. No other aaaifaation* tire inailr public. HI I Til W 41(11, In lh<- I lereatb Council dlatrlct, formerly rufirfwuniK] 1 >y Mr. J. < 7ancy, Mr. Hi'iiry Hughe* ha* been nominated tor Councilman In the Twelfth dlatrlct, Mr. James Vct.owan wen n>>mi liaM 'or Councilman. In the Thlrti<nlh Cogncll dial riot tbe convention met at Monroe Hall Mr. < harle- M Itryan pre ding, and la cob Morlatt, aeeretary. Mr. lame* !? . Kerrigan >? unanimoualy re wnoimM lur UmacIIiud. The Charter CoOTttntlon aeaaiaibb-* at the rtith Want Hot. I on \\ i riiny iTentntr, to complete the waul ri cirni nationa ot the Jaaree (ilaae and Jum N'e >itt aie < .?n<!i'l?t?"< for CuwtaUM. MKVMTM W4KI0 Th'? de legatee to thi? convention met laet ?'Toting at Hugh M' < :illiey in Madieoa ?> reel, hut did riot trau a. t any huelm On motion it WW agreed to adjourn in til lie it Tueeday ercnlrg aoHTll wtw. The Contention .iiim red hy the appointment of lil word K. Arnoul a< Chairman. ned Rob I. J Wild a? -? re la y. Hie billowing ticket waa then nominated:? For Alderman, Aliwrt W Muith. lor A*-- ?or, Robert I nn lor rcHool Comsruaa.'iner, Ilcnry W. t*iran? for ?<l,o. ..| 1ru?t< ea, l>eorge I hi roc he I ?r. train ia I 1<- ' , for ?ehool Inspector, I r. hd. I . Among; for Conatablee, Abraham M> Richard A. Chamber* A committee w? ? hiIm id to noilfy candidate* of their r< uiiiiatioa when the Conventu Ii adjouriieal, mm vm ?** >. Thi* con i ent Ion nu t at 41:1 '.ran-! atreet , and orgamred ly sailing to t }, <? chili Mr. ' alrln Hex aey, and appoint inf.- Mr. Jo.iab K Ihinn a* ??cret.ary Tlie f> 'lowing i e me* were put In in loluatton by tbe <teirgat<'a ? i or A* or ? Mr. atnui l lluuter Wr Terrenee Mc/hmald Mr lfcCormlcb. IViialahli Mr fi hn henigan, J W. ^>o? meiindjkr llr. t.uan l Mm. M' Irane ,v hool Com ii. -i> n> ' ~''.pl,?.n II. Hi ofcer N Iiool Truateee ? I It. Iniim J W Unnrran foga'ty Tli ontrwuti n then aojoutui >1 till in it Ihui-l.iy ning rot air* >i.i wim. Coneeatl* n met at Itielly a, lli M il < rry -'r-? < Jawtaa Mr< arty In the t ). air. and Tb>?. I.jiinli an'. John l*nny ?ecret.nie Ttie following Mooine'lon- eere roa )? ? ? Ahlernmn ? Mh lra?l I * m- ey a aeeeor ? Win f Hcb>-ol (oiiiii>ir>Urner ? Irr iia?- ri .-welter lna|*ctor? lohn ImaeaB Heh"?>t 1ro>t??? Patrick '?ii Hna. I la Tid l(a>'liiir< To (til Ti?i-eo. y of I Irun1"? tier < la'i'ty. ' < natal/Sea ? Joha < emptied John Itnly rtmoiiTii * tan Tl I* f itrentli ii met at the corner of WatrwHey |/ i ' anO Macdouiral ?tf et an l l ad tin following UTnlna tW)t,.? I'or Member of A?a?-mbiy I#? O C <t?hr\ for Couaelhnan Thirty Bintk dlatrW, I II firadt KnrlMlh i- ni t J- hnHmiOi I'iriy flrat dlatrVt ) hilip Wt? I a' i . foi Aa*< a or J*1' Tle*laa.|, Buumrrx wm. Tli'* f "iitenttoii met at the rorun <A Twentieth aen Tlord a?'i.'ie hut a?tjooru?d to W edeaeday rn it aiUiuvt making .mi aomfaatloae R c faitih, 1'. Veliroy and J-ilin IwUt aie th*- i ? wfcn u*. caiidi-latee for Abi.-tan n iw?*r* ri?<?-f waaii T|." f int< at n met a1 the ?. rner r I Tw?Vie", >ir?el an ' lourth aeenn". I<ut adjourned t /. < ae w?ea rooi to day aith ut nab I .g any nomlnatl' n?. vkitin joint it h i tin i oMMirrios. 11 <? ieg ,lar m< nthly averting of thl? enwrrilttee, en. |j?..| of ta ?/ d' legatee fr> to each f th' iwnty two war<'aof tbiaiity. aeierted e.('.?ily from tbe tealor ant Jut Ii r whig general .'-mo Itttee, V?'ther with thi >b*ir m*'< -4 tbe fa/ioua aobcol, r.(,fee? r.' ? it her ho>lr w .< i.eel atth" h." <dway II" ? a?t n??ii| W>Uiem Al*a Varj ebalimal! pt'M.ed .11 I ther> ?? a bu tiVa lak" of 'I.- memhera After the traaeaeti ?! e( ear Ura* b*>iae"- Mftf ? ' ga?,u?tf e r.ut i ; n-. pabiii lo.^.t t?ne.e Mi Je? e. II lur 1 iif"ii'l a ???" l?4i n ?t . .'??n>g t If '????? o aet taea t.tiy - at Hyrwoae Ttite muU-m "i~i in i" ' ehl? tb ?n?te aaatt^ded however w "h ti-e ?? cite e-ent aeaal in poliltaaiiio^eeabia* There wae a g.?.t .).?) of raattoae >i?rrtag, b t ' '"W? ataa put ia. Ih?e al'i 1 | |e???d the 101 1 ? ad let' a4?.pt'?a 'W UM raao Intfneete eibieatly eetaf <be - en f?r tb? araad iaU* t? n.?bt at tV e^ett.^ '4 ( nn.m lt?e>, Mr TeyW.i, whif edtaraUeg bi? reanlatlu* aeaerwl ??.* cnmmMee tba in "Me ..( IU ai> yU?a by t*e w ag the iwaVHrai ? ?H ??*"?? ?he -bo-, wbkg >Jty ao I eaanty ticket Tlda 6?ay w%* wi gwrally <-oneb(et?-. -el aoie and lif -lAr*, It weiirM Va *aa aftb' ta ia af -&?!'*? a? aw?g<lu? wotlie. MT|i tUni Kail >n't et AM. 'maa It II, .a. Adaai Uaat p.-.t.i/ t!i. r?pabtle?X t' tgh' aee Ut Vi y. r?a? t?/>i^? ,rt ,, u a">? ha 1 log a< o . , h>d all tbat w?? realty va , , 1 1., t !,?? ?* ?*? aa4 pit ip a ? an tie 1 '1 ? ^-s < i.t.rely of th?tr own u>euibar> It wae Wli'fid tba< to >ac*> **eeat the Moedaai It' e? orgaaiae'.b a aaatd f ' -??t a raa*ikaV*e . >bi , !??.r. >4 e*(e i..? ? 11 The "aaiei'tee laalli ieiarmlaat to ref- (tie ?h" -e inlije.' U tbe I.eoeeal I '?an<Ua aa! a). eU? at ter ?dj.jatne4 Mr TarWr eraa ?* aantir dee (air I it>i i ittba reeait an, n tea rt rig the i*/?n lntinatel that lie 1 ip aMteiae- unit eemliau a e?n?|> late t'.'t and wnn*y t. iet I* agi.t ftna btiaet e dM a ' a*v a to diatarb the ? ,eaai ?tt> ef a?u "?* ?.'e*it A i tVto fa '??* deted, 'hg we *ee? eah V.'ei w?< la'her ia '*.? "' f""' wu . ' 9 ha,rt*"t**1 Mir iii,. ,i 'V. t" ? ?; ?? <? U??l l**n a la. k n! . .. li.'u.r K ?n rL ' >" Ifou iu pL-inr,* Utrn ??? vntuall, P?raoo. wh,~t> appointment t iji(. . "ferial by the uuitpti Oil J- del* mn?b of ihe n., ,!,? 'v'm!',"11 >t >??? a.k.n# tu? ?M #urri*ri lrr ?u , t??., . ' " nam* '"*"?'1 ;;,h - <=?-? ! wrir.T,Hh'4;; ,,,sv;-h'"- ^"k,? WWWcr. rr;'vr rt w" * ?? u,-"? ? n ,, Ket?a?m'., s< Ao? ?,reat II .. , ? of tUlhiid w^t, dele.,.,,. .. . 0 (,"K "* M- N- ? ?f K.?, rm ,,r"*Wln? wild 1 *r,u,,,Mi Mr fuiu-tw,,, lud ... i '!r,r,f1 ?'?< ?..i ?<? fin. j!!^ "" 1?- *'?"??/ '?>. mttfubtr* of th* conv#. ? , i.? ofMr \t ard'a declinaUmi I ^ loramltti.- wa* received * ,h" '*',ort ?' ??? tmoMicu'), ,f, j.**" n ?u aMr"C'!l,,k'' 71 *?*"""?"?/ ,mMl lOJu *. ?ere nil the'w^.t'e, f^,t,I lhr?r,,fth,i0d "ItV'T ?f'd ?nly , ne nr|, ?f th(. | Til The 8econd ami V.,U: ()? trardn f, n. *?r<U the delegate. origin. , |lv . lected or bi . by ?n<i*r?tood (lint il,. ?u,. ..I,-.. ' '*?&<??,. u ? ftowly nominated by. ?na' |, NIXTH JUIMCMl tmtTHlCT W??t CO*riNTIO?. A m<?Ui.ff V,u ?o?rM,ti?.n km helJ |..i 0l?l,t far Ui* porpo* of nominating a p,,llr. Ju?t|ri. ?r j ' y Aekey artuijf a, rba/rm.n, ?u | T. (). |>4,u ,, ?...r#l?rr lh? <?m. far unabi, ? J. ?fi* WIM ,""1 ,or ? J?.?*atr ?t Ur. rT aftrr UhiI* t>kilu(iiiir> ... .hi. 1, ,i. . . t"?t fill' Miii ventlori a.lj.Miriif.1 ?? M?i?|?r oVr'/lo* Vir t'i ""ll' mini-lit ramliilate* ar,. I?<(|. . i.. * . 11 1,'? ill' Uliil*0?. aial J i l ' '' T 'V-I n , NOHIN4TIONK. /''/ ( iti/n, ilwn ? "JtMh flint li t u. <i . Wm. Iiunn, 2|ftt t t?t &?!'!. I i.nial I) t-?n..vfi V 1 1%^""" -""' ?? Jtalta; *l..c K. [^1 Ilrowu. Inmnftur -.i ? ' " "!V TrUAt<M'> J, J, ii II Hubby.' II l'i "(.V.*.,rt' "??*ct.,r. of Kli-ction, I?t <ll?trl't J(?>!h ,'. S /t/r AwmUyman. ? lflfh dl.tri. t, John it wium tb i ?aril, *?r r K?0r N"rn""' IfWIMATIOHt. .y> ... I.- ? noinluM r.? ?J? Ixworratlr <?ndlda1?. '" bwA?t Cl'RIOCH POLITICAL MOT KM (NT T1.rr?^U,r.l,d.UOT?,(,? frlmj U)U c, | rn,l '"7" ?"^Mu^.h.r til rlay, at JZ ??* up own linw, It i. nmtnd thai thay to ^ ^W. to .nd^ t|,M??a,t,., |,?UM1 f()r JT tliVr?'l?" *'",h1 r";"'*11 r?|.uhllran?. U r-uwal comailW in.i,., 'tb, 'lit '"U wluf Viw lb. ii..,,! ' ?" * xm ?? *' U< n i4iiT^Mfl lki,t a lltUg,. ll" ?**'?? ?? ih7i?7. *i,h0u, T? ' T"R rmT?* 0r Tlfk HOULD. Tb?.aa.rtl *hlrh app#arrd In tb. J?p,? ?f .If. ?bkh "M'unnt a, ,u Kt. Vicbola, H.^1 ma, L r^far.)H?i> a ri.lontaijr act on my nit it.. , ^ ^ u*u? i!. ...Hr.fy , ? ?yn.Vii^*ui7U%Ti rak'*"'1 ' 'T'"7 protent li??,.,r, ,i ! , mak?- on im |i(?, I d? -r ?r rjlr?l ii,y inJ|. .. | % , "*** . nt' ?f) l 'ha* m ".<? r.-... / '* prrYrnun? N*t? \ o|t*t I)ct. 1 JHIU, "KHWtr. TO Tur. M7BLIC. U?.- >"?? .?>?,?-! by a Hi,,,, w i ??/ ?V?? J J Wright a^.i?i ,n -hlrb ,(H .. J W*!"f.v ' "? %i'^1 ..^.1. J. Wr ' t / J """ *' aft. r Uptwa Wtk l,,.l 1? alaliliMl, bin, and beld him I^I|? or.yo/.f#.) *1, *!,?. ""V k* T*f fto jt?bl)?d. ajvf -.pi... n ,u ?1". ??-'y Mitiru > f ' ,"1'' f*lM, ?"*' oi>?ru? l? mail. i. uk. It t, rr tL * '"i unBr'*'?*?ftlr - - v.,. ,u ? , ^ ' 1 , '?;u ??? ; '? ' ??/ u' | M?! 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Tli y ??r? rara 4 vwt at in iay < Ity !?/ ? 'J?l- fa' W*> -A Jar >at I. ? i ??, ?lw ?*???* r?1 tlaain t" thi? rit* I/. ?ay ti>?ra ??ra n ? *<?? \ "tk lir?tini >? M|4 la M Ui? lK??n at>4 U.a It.lla la ?< ? laft tli? n<y Hi IV aA?i?*?i ? tl?"<4t any na Hr !.?'?< takn. f <h? m by ?ur U< ? nt Th?? aara, h<.a?f.r l-.untlfully M4l?f Uirjwl ?</ t)>? tif xpf lat/<r A U<a Ph ii gh*r Ih-U I la l<ay atraat At I' M tl>ay t/?A ilka ly?i Iwit i.f ftr.M<aa?ri alraat fur Albany Tlray alii l?a atamt ft ''Hi ltlWW)<b? lot I Yiia I'atmay Irani* I tilU-X Ihim I naarl nrUoital lualwit. (IW"f? II <i "Uart.| It, lapan Ita Vrt<,>,? tarrr* ya-'arHay ll l?lng itxl< i ?(?#?! tlaa trial 'A lh? i>f ll?a Hoai'l aaf AV>ia??? aa<t Hn*r4 of <><a?' ? K-UcM W rf) al t rru|>'ura ba ??"-! ? il lit* l??i f<.t Oaa ik? < "-i/l an ?al'J la p atlam4 a r?r? a a*< ' J a* i.Oi iifl a |,-. f -a ?prinkllxg 'rf ' Ua tw r inl'l^al Hoafia a ?i?Wi ??*? 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