Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 2, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 2, 1855 Page 2
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Ob, Havana CmnywJww. Havana, Sept. 10, 1?? Our Contul at Maimuat. I wrote ycu some ??<>> ?nJ mentioned J "?uld (Himuoiwtf with you on the subject of deceased Amen de estates but from what I knew ??< progress** ?Aeitlly here? or. rather, in Matanias? i suppressed all fcrterfcrence in it. I now learn from a friend U? Matan .Mltoat 'he (ousul there, Mr. Worrell, IS br.ntfn* th* ?faect to (in issue both with this government and hi. ?wn anil ar 1 know his determined disposition and the **,ies? manner he ha" stood by his countrymen'* rights, 1 know he will not shrink from the consequences, be Uiey what they may. Some time ago, he placed the ?*!?. ?.f his consulate upon the effects of an American ?itawn by the name ?r Hatfield, a citizen of New York, and braved the whole authority there, and referred the whole ? a?e, with the correspondence, to the Ca plain - General. 1 now learn the Captain-Geueral has requested tan to withdraw those seals, ?*d give the authorities ooasee-ion, which the Consul has refused to do, and has told the Captain-General that if he wsues the order to break those -.als, which he lias threatened to do, be wUl consider hi* government dishonored, and has sutked that with '.he order to remove the seals, if be furnished with' his iiassiiortB, as he will not hold a dishonored po sition. W'H 1,16 Consul be sustained by the people in hi* fearless defence of their rights ? He has advised his own government of the facts in the case, and long sinco sent them the whole correspondence. This question will oew come l>efore the |>eople, and they will then see how their fellows have been robbed and swindled in this ^You may he assured that Mr. Worrell will do as he has ?aid The fees of bis office, nor all all the cold of Cuba, would be no inducement for him to retain a position he eonaiders a dishonored one. )>ook for the resuH.^^^ Havana, Sept. 16, 1865. TV Spanish Bank? Ike Spitnith Slram Line. The affairs of the Spaui'h bank for the Havana are pro greening slowly To last evening 1,251 shares of stock had been subscribed by 1'2S persons, embracing three cttisens of the I'niteil States doing business here, making is approach to the ca- ital *107,500, about one-filth of die amount in!iinatod by the royal charter as neodful. Our second independent line of ocean steamers, called Ike Catalan line, is fairly inaugurated under the prestige of Catalan, industry and capital. The F.uropa leaves our port this afternoon, with a full freight and a good start tor lisf of pasaengers, for Porto Kino, Teneriffe, Cadi*, llalag.i, Valencia, Barcelona and Marseilles, and to re turn touching at same ports for delivery of mails, pas sengers am! freight. This steamer is commanded by Telipe Painon, a man of good nautical experience. Be sides the ports named above, she is to touch at Vino going ?adeeming. She is a propeller of 300 horse power, ami can accommodate one hundred passengers of all classes. The first cabin rates are to Porto Rico, $40 I'enoi iffe, $80; Owiii $110; Malaga, $120; Valencia, ?140; Barcelona, $150; Marseilles, $lt.0. l-irge deductions nude for other tabin and steerage passengers. This steamor N to be fcdlowe I by others of larger class and the company pro pese toe<|ual in tlieirm:iterial and accommodation any of thf Northern lines, while they offer tne temptation of no# views for the traveller, and courteous attention never to be forgotten. 1 hand you lilei? -ommorclal report for the week? and forbear giving yon a story or Itogla and the Black Saint, 1liat we parade tills evening. ?. Havana, Fop'.. 21, 1855. CtrwmsUirw s if Santa Anna't Fifth'? Th >. lla n.ta Pra% and Gorreipoiulentf. The H. B. M. brig-of-war Baring, Napier, commander, arrived here the lilst inst., from Vera Cruz, where She lias been at anchor during the political changes which were brought to the climax by the llij'.hl of Santa Anna. FW>m the officers on board, I learn some incldon's as to the manner of the departure of (he Dictator which may not have transpired from more direct sources, an 1 whic'o perve to show his self-possession under circumstances which, met. by the lightest hesitancy, would be fatal. Having entire faith in Ids Guards, Santa Anita had in :ended embark mg in tho day time, and to leave Vera Cruz with the i lal and honors ol' his position, and in the afternoon 'be Guard* were ordered out to escort him to the landing from his temporary resident. The troops were formed in open order? front rank to the "light about," as usual? for the chief to pass through, and us the abdicating President, &c., arrived a* the right of tho line, the Colonel in command advanced saluting, and in farmed him "that the Guards had determined not tope, mit him to leave the country.'' The t'l evident met the intin.u: ion with his happiest smile, saying Mint the troops '?entirely misunderstood his purposes, winch Were ol wr^at national importance, sod if the Colonel W "'1 ' or der them on parade the following dny, at 11 A. I. precisely, he would have the pleasure ol making an explanation in person, which would be pet jpctly satisfactory to their patriotism." The troops were on parade at tho hour appointed, and in the oBlug, over the verge of the horizon, could b" just discerned the smoke of the Iturbide, which was bearing him on his mission for tho pn. 'Bleat ion of the conn'ry, he having embarked at a l ite hour the previous night, with the aid of personal friends, and the protection of tiarti' s accidentally on shore from the iorelgn ariuc I vessels in port, .... .. ,? Tlx- Ifiario <le, 1c Mr rim has ben indulging it inab^ nity with some threats against correspondents of Uio iiress hero, which ?ro soarely w n th a . tending to? as far as yours are concerned ? as they >,ive utterance to no thing which Is net sustained by Spanish ro ords Mil tin Vert h'T Hiii-b authority ; and ft* i?>r tho no.^pUi?nty which he prates, they pay for it. There Ls a u eat war lure being wag' d by this j. real Against the J irtita, and as usu. 1 th- liiarii is in ihe wrong ; !">< the Pi ? " -tiiia-i ?ses him without glove on hi- rigln hand this press? the n: no <:? la . l/n m'/ki? lies , pea u. ned ag-ut it? UW Vnite,1 State* ? ?h'-,e all e, imen ? ':"h pubti ? n"'. ? ui eeale"! frr.m tlie community ? 1?> pet ip all your moral dirt to abuse your institutions ai d vilify your imbllc men, to feed Cuban intellig n v io ve the law do?a not permit the public?.tion of oil--, we ,-.>mm tted againrt it. Hie continuance of subscvipMon for the >ptuilsh Bank, ?whicl is to cover all ??? nee.unUry neeejsi'iei. show 1 IT'.' rliiive. tal.en by 102 individuals and coiupanios, Miii uii'.iiiK to $88tS,000. Havana, Sept. 23, 1865. f}*'nixk BomfsW ? ftixhfonabU Marriay: ? A Summoiu ? JJuih IvritJ ? Eju-iUim qf a Xrgrtf?'lht. Ua '.how Mm drr ? Hiix frni to f'mta ? Tit Din no on Cbrrexpondenls. I was riding in the oars batmen I>?pla and tiuanalu roa, n lew days iloce, tbe conversation turned npon the subject of the JJ, 000 men which it in reported Spain i? to (K-tiil to the aid of the riling In their wai agnl'uM Rut-si* and who would probably be the gener 4 wni to command them. One Spaniard cxpro- -o.l hi opinion that O'Dtmnell would he the man; "(nr?mba," replied another "if they w>>ul<i but send a<7Uco ( littli' fol low, ) that I could name, he would -ay to the English ?(Jo you to thi right,' and to the French, 'go you to the left, when he would advun tium the centro with the brave Sjaniuili, and. /,/ ? -,o, bcbaatopol would be taken.'' Thi* wait uttered in the peculiar ly jtompous man ner of the Spaniard*, and no doubt the poor man believe 1 what he said to be the positive ti nth, 'bough 1 contest il was tv ith difficulty I avoided laughing at bluing the very worst foldiera in the world thox praNod. 1 jttle more than a week since Don Juan ilelt led to tl " alt* r the lovely -en' ritu Carmen Munoc. The lady wa< the "boBe of the hull" at I'nente* Grnndea, which I *t tempted to describe in a recent letter. A handaouier ecmiiu it would lie difficult to produce in any part of tliu world Mr.JIVIt, 1 believe. is u tuuive of Maryland. A g? ntleiuan named Curio* Mola, "a neighbor of Puerto Principe,'' fa called upon, in a recent number of the CatiUi. to tj (ear it the royal castle, In this city, within nine days, to in^er it . lnrgi of infiilnwii (, (treasin,) preferred again*t him. Thtjr may "cWll spirits from the s a-ty deep, bat will they come ?" We we-e amused a tew days pa t at ;> dispute that had *ri?ei> between the i'r ?.*< i and th<' [harin <h la Mitrina. Ihe Prrnw. in a recent Mated 'the reas..n why the |<>or could not buy hre&d was tie heavy dutili Im posts! upon flour." This the Oi'iriii declared to ho an ?ttaeli upon tt e government, calculated to breed a revo lotion !n the country. To thi* har?h remark. the f ? ,o of course vepliea with becoming spirit. Ihe best of the joke - , n understanding that prevails that tJoneral Onii'ha . dviaed the publication of the original article In the Prmsn, and that his Excellenoy feels that the d itics ?>n -..-tiiles of tl," first necessity are enormously liigli, and 1>?- w.,-iirt tain reduce them but. the orders lie has ie eeived ftoro >?' j ain ;\re to rather increas# than reduce the tmpo*t* . l**t Monday morning, the negro who recently mur dered another negro, near the coiner of Aranrgura ami Ijunfai Ilia at reel- waaK?riot?l Ho went to ihe - af ioUl tike a hardened aeoun t el Hev< rai individual- have t?. ,i arrested for the munler of the late Mr. Bftokhous* ? one them having tieen taken on the pretninea on ike e nine of themunb-r >-et I uaferolandtfie evidence ia iyi -light agalmt them that they will all proliahly lie dia> liarg> d. I have aarerta ned within tii<- laat l -rty exht hours that unfortunate innocent Fell* )ia t>eeu aen! from i'adl? to the laland of ''euta. wheie he will aaaureAl] w.n <tlo f?f what use is it to enter into treatl** itt. au?h a coun try as -pain, who hre?l>s them whenever It *uit? hei pur { Ihe releat-c of (nxir Keli* is sorely worthy )fo preat diploma ticnbilit) of even Mi . Augustu- Cr*ar iirf'ige himaelt. Ti c Mario t'r la Marina of the HHh in?t. obtains a ?tufld attack upon tlM correspondents of the American pr' < In thla city, for havi' u reported the recent nume rt'w> a* ai<?in; tion- here. '1 > m>wer for mjrr -If 1 will but ?be# 1 1 ' !|i4. i have fSrely 4 ne mcM than MOd yov ac eewiterf matter* of titia Wml that hnve come uivl- r my own onal nb?*rvatlon. Had I sent you one Quarter ? if the f*|s,r'? i f ?,ich aHair*i that have bean in circulation here. I ?hould 1 >v ?? cupjrd n muck larger portion of vonr vnlnabb -p*r? than I have fell warrnn'e<l in doing. Among- ? "'her wt-e mar' - he ihnrv, tart:?' '? fhore who lire >n fie h nx n,,f i],rnw sto ic. " ftn getting aj | a, - ly a i?ng v o l :hr letter ofiteNew V? -k ? ? -map. nd n e. italned Uttle -he than %rc*mnU >?? , ^ jn ^ nf n,p Union I have no* leisnrn to ?, ? r, y (|1,| ,,, thP tHa.f.: If. however .n rej? rn . .t- rij, |, | shall And it w tbr of forthe eomi.K ? w|p h,, troubled witn t. 1 cannot I, w. i, >hi? letter Without reMing anotii r atahbiiig aflajr t hr . :<?' iin r? whi?h I myaelf saw. Taklnp a troll n lew morning' ?ince, o?t?lde tti< ?,,!< I got into Ihe I flu Srmtilo 1> <?? t, Where a crows -fniet' rry atti n?lon. far ?... he- 1 It, and fo h>.| -n't rtnc*te r.'ffro I; rj-onl. with -even frightful yawning gashes on his back, which had been, apparently, inflicted with ? knife by his pnrsuer. The wounds bled dreadfully, bat no oats dared assist him until the doctor and police officer* arrived. When these officials reached the spot, lull twenty minutes having elapsed, tho poor fellow was put into a volant? and convey ?rt to the hospi tal of ran Juan .If Ttioa. l followed in another volume, an# ooti ' il in the one from wnich hit was taken a clot of blood that covered at leant eighteen inches of the seat of the carriage. The Ditirio will please remember I say this. It is perhaps a fault in my character, but 1 ant naturally very infini tive. 1 cannot vet' a crowd without desiring to know the rauae of the assemblage; if I notice men laughing, I am IrreFinlIbly attracted by a desire to know the cause of their laughter?* and thus with everything in life. This may make the Viario wacpifh, but 1 heed not its striving to sting The British brig of war Daring arrived from Vera Cruz on the 21st inst. Klie had a long passage, and docs not, therefore, bring any news thence. B. OCR NEUV1TAS COBKESPONDKNCE. N?rvrr*.s, Sept. 17, 1851. Movement* of Santa Anna ? TK? War Starnsr Uurrr ro ? More Slant Trading. As 1 promised in my latt, 1 will give you notes of the career of his ex-Highness, Santa Anna. At midday of the 10th an express arrived from the Mexican Consul, l)ua Ramon < .'arvallo. of Havana, informing tho General that the English steamer lie.- went, from Havana to St. Thomas, would be off this harbor on the 11th, ready to take his cx-Highness on board with his family. Tho engineer of the (.'nerrero being absent at Puerto Principe, the autho rities made a pretext of going out in the Spanish war steamer Bazan to look al'ter a slaver satd to be on the coaRt. So, at half past. 6, on the morning of the 11th, his ex-Highness find family went on board the Bazan, trans ferring seventy thousand dollars, mostly in hard cash ? silver put np in canvas sacks, $2,000 to each sack, thir ty-sacks. and two sacks of gold. On the way on board of the B. the boat went alongside of the Mexican stoamor, and Santa Anna in a few words said good bye, thanking the officers for their kindness and attention, and leaving the poor devils without a single dollar. Tho commander of the steamer, Senor Bosquet, having received a hint that if he went hack to Vera Cruz he might find thealr n ucoml'ortnblo, drew up the officers and crew anil resign ed the command into the hands ofthe second corn-minder, Isenor Gastan&do, a very worthy person. The chief is a native of Carracss; so he merely returns to his home. The Bazon lay off and on the day of the 11th and the night, mid early on tho morning of the tilth, they saw the English steamer, ard at 111 o'clock his ex-Highness, lady, son-in-law, wife and child, Genotal Soto and the six servants wi'li the aforesaid sacks, were duly trans ferred aboard, and 1 suppose ere this are in St. Thomas, enjoying tho cool breezes of that lovely spot. Santa Amu lei', here thoroughly despised by everybody, authorities and |>eople. In Principe he received every attention from the. authorities ? serenaded t>y tho bands of the egl ments, visited and attended in every manner. He never called upon any of the authorities, ami left his hotel three times in eight day- ? and what tor f To buy gtmo cocks, of which he carried off u good assortment. The otti-er.s of the fteainor Guerretn left Vera Cruz with \ e ry little funds, and rather suddenly. What money they had on board in tho purser's hands when in Havana they laid out in provisions and extra stores lor Santa Anna end family; when he left here, whs t few extras were left he .carried off with him, !< living the officers nnd men without stores or money. 'I he purser, Perai, bought a few tons of coals nnd home extra stores, amounting to f even hundred dollars, and ilr. Peter Sanchez I ?oly, through charity, paid this amount, taking a draft on the Mexican Consul at. Havana. Tho steamer left this port the morning of the 34th for Havana, to atvait orders from V^fa Crur. It appears that while tho authorities at Principe were busy dancing attendance on Santa Anna's heels, tho negro merchants of Principe, at whose head stands a high offi cer ? tho postmaster ? landed near tSiut-a Cruz, on the south bide, It. 7 negroes in good order, vessel and captain American. They were distributed by tho agouts of the aforesaid postmaster to the different purchasers, but by some little pecuniary quarrel among themselves, D. I Mi nion Cents, Governor of P. P., got hoid of the whole iiir.iir, seized some '10. and is hnnl at work afier the rest. My dear 1 1 kim in. there is one solemn fact; all tho vessels for these last two years or more, on anger] in this traffic, have teen fitted out in your rity and mostly mannod and officered by American citizens. This is positive, and thoy have nlso been taken in and done for by the merchants generally, for after ti e negroes are on to landeil the cap lain bus no hope other of trusting to the honor of the Cuban -lave merchants. BUCKSHOT. Onv Key Wcit CotM?poudciiM< Kky Wkst, ?'opt. 25,4855. Tlit M'otfsrs rif the l'<-ar. The year 1855 will yet prove to be as prolific in ncci ikntn to Hhlpn ami marim losses nj>on tbia count an w,u itd predece*anr, 1854. < ?ur li-;t now number* 45 vessel*, and the most inclement portion of tlie year in to come, 'lb** additional facilities extended by our gonerou* govern ment In tlie cafe navigation of the f!ulf flops not hop in ti afforil tliat security that its advocates promine 1. Until the coctiMj and mysterious currents <if the stream arc robbed of 1 lioi r 'lungers hy -,he band of science, their courses, changes, mil velocity classified an ! aysteinati cally arranged, wrecks will be of common occurrence ; Ami mi far its *vn nov\ -an jodgp, the careful study of the e cunenth cjnnot result m any decided advantage to the navigator. The cause of their great speed, the fickle ness of tbeir courfp, their sudden and unparalleled changM, may be accounted for, but .-an never be untioi piilei! liy mean now within the reach of scion tific observer*. That the stream has its origin in iho Caribbean ?ea, or perhaps as tar south us (lie month i of the Amaxon. there can be no doubt. VVe have within the past week picked up from the 1 tench of Ibis hiy ,i laigo piece ot pumice >touc, of grayish white color, haul, tough anil pomua. and lighter than water. lATge <|>< n lti< art final OB 'he i>eaeh si Cap* Hoi iila. We helii-vo that there a -e no active volcanoes among any of the Wc-t. India inlands, and this stone was no doubt thrown up from a volcano situated upon the bankaof tlie Amazon, or upon one of its tribute <. It ha* probably tiavellod & distance of six thousand Uiiles before re ting upon this shore. New PnlMiH h'llril. l ist of patent* issued from the United States Patent ttlbce, for tin vv eU ending September 2!>, 1855, each bearing that date. ? I nmel Bedford, of New York, N. Y., for apparatus Cor discharging res, rvoir s &c. C. O. 1-tietei A: ii. .1. Itrunner, of N'afareth, I'a., for im provement in machines for sawing stone*. Krpdei irk Beerateoher, of Philadelphia, Pa., for improve ment in fire-anna. .hnnes Emerson, of Worcester, Mass., for Improvement in pressure stopper* for chain cable*. 1- zrii. tiould, ot Newark, N. for improved method of regulating length of stroke in m nti-ing machinos. .loshna F. Hall, ol t'i veland, tihio, tor imorovenvmt iu eolfee pots. t Hu man N. I upton. of Winchester. Va . for improve ment in ial>es to reaping machine*. Henry J. Bchrens, ot New York, N. Y., for improve ment in wrench. Win. Mt. storm of N'ow York, N. Y., for Improved me tbod in actur.ting gas engines. Hichnid Montgomery, of New York, N. Y., fir i in prove ment in corrugate ! beams. ?lacoh Nelsi n, of Cincinnati, Ohio, for improved awning for horse and dray. John S. Rob bin , of Snn Kr.inclnco. Cal., for improve ment in hip*' ruilitci H. am! Pit-hard S. Schevenelt, of Athena, <ia , for im proved machine for cutting ornamental mouldings. Robert H. Tolled, of tiuiastota, N. Y., for improvement in optical instrument Alonto Webster, of Montpelier, Vt., for improv 0*1 hold back tor carriage-. ? Iia Weston. T. F. We*ton, and John W. Weston, of Salem, Mas*., for improvement in leather splitting ma chines. A. WyckefT and K I!. Morrison, of F.lmira, X. Y . lOr im proved hoting machine Wm. WhiU>, uf Portsmouth Va., fur improvement iu bedsteads. I ctcr I. Weiiuer, ol Pcailing, Pa., tor improvement in trip hammers. i Samuel L Weed, of ^loueham, Mass., for inachin - fo. making printers types. j It. S. Wagoner, of Penn Yan, X. Y.. for improvement in I flowing mills John Taggert, of Rovbory, Mass., assignor t'i himself and Theodore i'arker, of Bniton Mass., for improvement in artlth ial legs. John 11 lie line ol Xew York, N. Y. .a- ignor to John 1!. Pratt and John It. Holmes ol same place, for improve meut In chips' windia Br I'M >. ? Samuel P. and Wm. I" |Vn)ge. nf Newburg V. V., for improvement In pumps. I'afented June 185.';. Krmnlr K<|tfrsl rln nslilp. The Albany county fair clo ed last wc-k with a riding match. The attendance wp a largo ? rec< ipts over ?t.iHK) Hut two ladies presented themselvis a contestants: Mis Kli/jiheth Morey, of Brunswick, anl Mrs. liallct, of Albv ny, the latter a somewhat "matured ' lady. Th-- A run dencrlbes Miss Morey ?? a dashing, easy rider, who manages her steed skilfully. Annth"r Albany paper iav she sits on a horse like n troojier, and possesses a degree ol ooolneri that peculiarly tits her for tiie wants of a -ad die. The competitors passed three times round the , nnr?e? once i n a walk, once on trot, and once on the gallop. Miss Morey waj mounted on a glorious an mtl and iloing her mile in?ide of two minutes, when her girt hi nke. causing a degree of alarm for the instant. Sin retained the reins, however, and sprauir to the groun !. without losing her balance or sustaining any serious in juiv. The coolness *nd coinage displayed by Miss M >r?y at this time were highly pra'sed. Ths contest terminated with the accident. The flrat premium. $2<*> aas aWirded to Mi's Morev the second prite, 910. was awarded to Mr< Hitlett Mi's Morey is the same young Udy wiio took tlie first pri?e at the Ijinsingburg fair. 1 he following ts a list of the premium* anardeJ tithe female i'i|ueetrians of the Washington county. New York fair First nreinl'im, con tintr of a silver cnp. valttdl at 910, to Miss XI, H.'nim of W hite IVeek. p, cond premium, a cuke basket valued at >8 to Miss P. A \n*en Whit. Creek Third premium, a ? t of .ilrer *pooM, valoed at >8. ti Miss ?ss rail M Cowan, of f 'amtiridire Fourth premium, a nair of hitter knives, valued at 94, to Miss Helen Iturdtck of flreenwir.h. Firth pr< mi in vol. on cooV ?<ry, to Miss Jo*ephin? Hriirg , of White < roek. Ukkat Riaf: in th*: Utpkr,. te'exrapldc despatch from i)ahi|i|iie, iated -^pti m' nr 'Jft, sit ?: ? "Tlie river has ri*''n four f.-et ind is ris'tt " Tills will he go?*l news to m- r^han's and ?teum s>at men. Immense rain* have fallen in rf, . c'ion and It is prnbahl# thnt Bnv grt i n svill B' i !*? uD.;,:erroptr,i nntll to clo-ed 1 y the ice, Hem from l?w Mrllc*. DBBTKfCTIVE BTOKX AT SANTA Vtt. We have received the Suata Fe Oatetu. of the iStb of August. Tnt- Volunteer) of New Mexico, called into service by Got. Merriwcther, haw betu discharged. Unit week Santa Ke wait vl uted by one of th ? severest storms of rain luat ha* been known here for many year.-). It was the openi-ag of tha rainy ????son, aud in right good earnest did it begin. It commenced raining Thursday noon, the 16th inst., but After continuing about half an hour with severity, it ceased for the time being, and we bad but little ii any more until ihe next day. The storm re-> ommenced itiout half-past nine, Friday evening, and continued nearly all night, raging with a fury almost unknown in Me.xico. It seemed that the window* of heaven wore fairly opened, and it resembled more the pouring of wi?t?<r out of buckets, than rain. The plaza was conver ted int o a great lake, and along all the street ^ ran torrents of water like small rivers. The Aceuulas broke ov<>r ' its ^banks, and the water, spreading with headlong velocity, Inundated gardens and fields, and, in some in altinces, washed down houses that obstructed its course. The Eio CUnuito rose to an unprecedented height, and for a time cutotf all intercourse between the two parts of the town. We had retired early to rest, and was not aware of the terrible storm that was raging without until about two o'clock iu the corning, when we were awakened by Samuel Ellison, Esq. , knocking at the door, and asking for shelter from the water. Two other gentlemen came with him, all of whom the water hau routed from their rooms. Iu a little while Major Fry, IJ. K. A., and family sought shelter with us, having likewise been driven from their hi use by the ilood. lhey were awakened in the miedle of the night by the water pour1 ng through the roof, and riishir g in at tho doors ? great cracks opened in trie walla, and some of tho back walls fell doivn The two rooms of the office adjoining the dwelling fell in. burying books and furniture under the ruins. In ono ol the.-e rooms Messrs Lend. -um and Brevoort were sleeping, and in a few minutes after they had left it the walls tell n. Adjoining were the moms of Messrs. Smith and Mil ler. both of wbi h were flooded, and one of the back walls fell in. Adjoining the house of Major Fry, on the other side, were the quarters of Mr. Ellison; his rooms are en tirely ruined, and some of the walls have fallen dowu. This wkole row of buildings, nearly three hundred feet long, is ruined, and will havo to be entirely rebuilt. The loss may bo estimated at two thousand dollars. The loss ol' Major Fry, in damage done to furniture and clothing, is about two hundred aud fifty dollars. In other parts of tlie town our citizens fared as brolly. The Quarter Master's stables, in the garrison, fell in, but foitunately there were no animals in them at tbe time A torrent ol water rushed into the house of Dr. Abadic, Hooding parlor and chambers, and doing much damage to the furniture. Part of the roof of Mr. Cungliug's house tell in, besipex being -generally flooded. The lie v. Mr. Talhuret and family were driven out of their rooms, and obliged to seek shelter with a friend. Mr. Spencer and family, in tin same patio, were also washed out, and for shelter from tlie rain in future they moved into his store room, which has a light roof. Tlie brewery establish mi nt of Myers h Ott is almost entirely destroyed, and the loss, in material, &c., is estimate 1 at from one thou sand to fifteen hundred dollars. Both the hall of th? Ma sons and of the Odd Fellow s were flooded, and con siderable damage done to the furniture; the buildings W?ie not materially injured. Three bouses of Simon D. were destroyed, mid that of Mr. Lerma is In ruins, ex cept one room. A house on the opposite side of the Chi quita, at the corner of the street and tho river, w is par tially destroyed. Besides the houses enumerated, many others wire materially injured, and scarcely one pro tected it - inmates from the torrent of water that descend ed. Fortunately, our merchants did not suffer much, having taken tlio precaution to repair the roofs of their stores before the rain. The Council Chamber and House of Representatives are yet filled with goods of families who were driven from their houses, where they will remain until the owners can provide themselves with other hou es to move Into. The quantity ot water that tell during tho twenty-four hours iva? about three inches and a half, according to the r it lii unagc at the hospital. The entire loss sustained by our citizens cannot fall much short of ten thousand dollars, including the damage done to the fleMs of grain in the valley, some of the crops being entirely destroyed. OrnCKKS (joxk to Ei, Paso, Texas. ? Major HI ike, 1st Dragoons, Urtvet Major Brooks, aud Lieut. Jackson, 3d Infantry, left t-anta Feon Monday, tho 20fli instant, for HI 1'aso, to sit as members of a court martial to bo assem bled there, surgeon Abadi accompanied them on busi ness connected with tlie medical department. [From tbe St. lxmis Kepublic&n, Sept. 27.] We have advices from Independence of the 22d. On that day the mail Iroiu Santa Fe readied that place with dates to the 1st inst. On the route the mail party report no news of special interest. A few Indians wore seen at oi near the crossing of the Arkansas, and at one or two other places on tbe way, but they all soemod very friendly. From the Territory of New Mexico there is no news of an exciting chai acter. Business was improving as tho trains reached their destinat ion. A letter from Foit Union, dated on the 1 -it, gives a few items of news. " Our Indian rotations," it says, -'are assuming a better aspect. Treaties have been made, or renewed, with the Moscaleros, the Jfuvajos, and the Capote I'taii- ? leaving only tlie Blanco I talia and the .lieaiilla Apaches, with whom wo have been lighting all the winter, out ot the mystic circle. These latter .ire, at their own request, to meet the (Jovemor at Abique in the early pact of this month, onl it ij expected that they will make a t reaty which they will keep in good faith, for a year or two at least, lhey are all behaving theinselve very well at present, and we hear little or nothing ol depredation- in any quarter. 'I be recruits from the States arrived hero on the 17th July. A lire at tbe little Ai kansas meadow burned up their caiup. It burned and discharged several of theii muskets, by which some of the men were injured ? ono fatally. They left here for Santa F# tho day after their arrival, and lost two men by drowning, in attempting to cross the Sapillo, which was swollen to a torrent by heavy rains Their wagon train has returned to this post, and leaves on the tith for tho States, ('apt. Bowen and family, (apt. Whittle y and family, and l.ieut. I'avid son, fctli iingoons, go with It. It is rumored tbat the Governor, (Jen. Garland and Col. Foutleroy, will return to the States in October though I tbin.. it d'uibtful as to the military men named, (ion. Uarlaud would, no doubt, like to be iu Washington next, winter, to keep an eyo on the vacant Brigadier Cencralfhip. Tho approaching election for delegate to Congress i exciting some inte rest. From prosaut appearances, ii i i probable that Padre Gallego, the forme.- delegate, will lie defeated by young Otero. This latter gentlen an was educated in the lulled States, (at St. liou)*, where be studied law,) and is an American iu feeling, lieing one of the most respectable men in tbe country, both by birth and education it is to be hoped that he will bo successful over tbe rene gade priest, who is a very corrupt man. W hile ha r e iu the United States us di legate bis mistress died, ll daughter was married to a moat respectable genllom ? one of the Armljos ? and since the padrs'a return lias been the menns of separating her from her husb Which has transformed all his former f b-n Is In A querque snd its vicinity, into bitter enemies, and its t <ev me among :hu most Influential men in tlio Territory, not unlikely that Mr. f.allego will be left at home.' n.e bishop is bury with bis school ami bi- pastoral 1 bom; as vet, howoier, very little improvement is visible in Santa l'c. Fire at Flint, Michignm We have a telegraphic notice of the dr.- at Fit at, Gtu see county, Michigan, ol' Monday last. Hie foUowiu# l>artieiilai* we take fioio the paper* ol that plac<-:? Mil Monday evening, lietwecn 8 aud 9 o'clock, our nourishing city was visited by the calamity of another of those awful tires whose ravages tuauv :i clean sweep from the 1 tub of .!. R. Walker k Co., on Saginaw street, to (hat of Hr. Moon, not withstanding the almost super human ellorti to stay its progress. It t * impossible to state vet, with accuracy, the preci-e lo - of the KUlIe era, but below will bo fuuml a* near an estimate a?% have yet lieen able to arrive at after careful inquiry. Fortunately there was time afforded, in the majority of caser t<i remove the goods from the store - before the tli .? reached them. It originated in the dagoerrean rooms of Mr. lacy, but in wliat manner is not known, as the room* were locked at the time. J. B. Walker & Co., merchant- ? i/i** $2,000. No in surance. >1. 1 . llifginK & Brother, boot and shoe store ? *1 20 /. No insurance. .1 skklmore. hat and cap store? $210. No iu-imiri e. Thomas Symon , bockbindery ? i i>0. All hi* tools !>? i stock. No insurance. A. I'. lacy, dague rrcau and dentist's offli c ? $30.?. So insurance. J. Sutton, tailor ? #1 -00. No insurance. Frnry & l.yon, grocer-* and merchant* ? $1 -VJ'i ' 1 ? ?t red. K. II. HnaleUin, building ? $1,400. Insured f.i $o,i (>u. I>. S. Frary, daguerrean rooms ? $200. No in-iiran l)r. S. C. Smiih. dentist ? $.'tl'0. No insurance. I?r. Axford. surgical instruments ? $50. No In'uran ?. A. B. WitherOee, druggi-t ? $2,500. Insured $1 700. T. \ Kodgers. merchant ? $500. No insuran t Curtis & Son, harness shop ? $400. Insured $.'00. T. H. earnings, hardware store ? f500. No in-m an *e (>? inan A llewev. building ? $250. No insurance C. M. l ewoy, building ? $2,5<i0. No Imuran ?. I). It. Dewey, merchant? $2 i .HI. No insurance. linker tt Patterson, boot and shoe sto.-e? $2,500. \o insurance. f/twn ft Raymond, hnker* ? $200. Vo insurance K. N. I'ett<-e. building ? $1 M00. No insurance, l> I note drug store ? $1,500 No insurance. l/ow e ,v Miller, cabinet wareroom- ? \ <? ,n ? 'i r ? nn" . .1, ('?. W. Hill, cabinet maker ? $1,500 No insur-mc. W. 8, ( at rick drug store ? $1 OX) No insurant >. Wm ( hamlierlain. saloon ? $200 No insurance. It. I'arker, segar manufacturer ? $200. No in*ur?u?e. II. I>. lamntM. building* ? $1 500. No insurance f'ewey k I'ier- 'n. building* ? M,<XHt No m- < II Tn'les. grocer ? $1 5o0 No insurance. S. Fr I -ell clothing store? $50 Insured. Wm Hubbard, grocer ? $.'100. No Insurance V in Moon bulbiing"? $1 2<i0. No inauran, e. Tine (iRKAT Polar* ok fiKPTKMiu.'it 2J, I87fl ? Twenty years from this morning, says tbe Boston TVntWIf of the 2Wth nit., there will occur a solar eclipee. wliieb will lie nuntilar in t hi ?- city, and central in part ot Vetmont, New Hampshire, Maine and Nova Scotia, in Ronton the Min will rise about twenty five minute- be tore the rinsr forms, and tbe eclipse will end about half part -even. Thl# will be the last central eclips- in any pnit of New England or the Middle St ate* during the re maindi r of the nineteenth century. In led, in the eour*e of the next forty-five years there will be here hot eight eclipse* of the sun in which the obscuration will ex eeJ ?I* digits *1*. IfiiO. July 18? < I'robaMy) total in British Oreifon. 18^5 tictl li ? Annular nid central in North and south < ar"lina lH?m, Aug 7 ? Total and Central in Virginia 1875, -ept. 2t> ? Am . ular and central in Masaftchnsett*.

Maim , Am ? 1878. July 20-* (Probably) total in Te*a*. Loulsiaan, and C uba 1885 March 16-? (Prebahly) annular in Oregon 18lr~ ?'ct. 29 ? (Probably) annular in Ist-t tana' i anl I abrador. l'HH) May -0 ? Total and central in Virginiv A WoMtN to r.K To-day. ?t Concord. New Hampshire. Ila?kell and a woman n?m?l Brown, wijl be hung for tlic murder of "'trpb-n C, Washer. Th. P^rfiUnt;. VHftto tt. : ^ngfJrmnU Aericelterml Fair ? M*. P??re* ? (From tlie Ba.rrisburg Uniou, Id rescue to the earnest l.i^Utloa ot the t^MjW^ nia Agricultural Society. Prudent l'terce Wt ton on Wednesday morning, the '-6th t irfter a rapid and agreeablo trip, reached Harri?burg? 12 o'clock 00 the same day. T he weather wja in^ P rably line, and the whole excursion was tilled w?.h ? < sant incidents. At Baltimore the Hon. J. 1 ? heuaMy, President of the Baltimore and Su*iuehMna Railroad. < -secretary of the Nary under the admimitratioo of Mr Erne,) lion. Joshua Vans.nt reprcsenUt.Te >n Lint CoDKrwa cfthe Baltimore diitrlct, Hon. L. K. Bowcn, R M*, E?q., and 'ierw* Barnum, Preddent and hi* party. At York they were met by the committee from Harrisburg, Governor nart ot the Agricultural Society, and John H. Bngk , Z Vrraldent of the O tn ciis. A- rived at the e?ptta of the Atate, the Pie-iident *as received by a from the Agricultural Society, and a c mmUtee of iu Zeus, in the midst of a great mn.i of eitiien* and Among those on the stand with the 1 resident, we no ticed his Excellency James pollock, Governor of the Stale, and his cabinet; ex-iiove morn thgler and judges Black, l/>wrie, and Knox, of the Supreme t.ourt. Hen Arnold Humor, democratic candidate for f'ommi- ioner . < anal Commissioner HopUnt, Auditor H1 lJanka, Surveyor (ienerul Brawley, in duding the eentleinen in tire suite of the President; Sidney Webster, fHu private Secretary , Acting Commoner ot Patent* S. S. Shugert: Hon. J. (jlaney Jones, of I eno ylTania; Hon. A. U. I'. Nicholson, editor of the WasU inirton Union, Mr. ^'ullivan and others. Order haying been restored. Jamb Oowav, ES'l-> ' dent ?f the Pennsylvania Agricultural foeiuty , addi ^Thc President proceeded to reply in clear, rapid. & sffss iiffiSiSffi' Svfii ?. &tl Nothing" could be more agreeable ^ ,^eh;f ,r0C" w^th hero an^^eriTthe'tlnui SeaTaimn, tat ye* m^!edUupon'CUH'Hwi'th flelds^in ^ r0 erssz&i norr t;rh?ow?: ^.rtsTi = In SnrietvV I am deeply moved and deeply giatuui. h irratilv inff to witnew, on any occasion, such a leprcaen la tioii of the patriotism, intelligence, industry, and high moral and religious tone of a powertul Commonwea th. which recognises no distlnctlors among its citizens bu. rs merit and worth confer, liut especially in -iidri"" is such a scene as tbis. where the yeomanry (rrosseTl during the year in their own pursuits, living upon 1 their own acres, cultivating their own soil, superin - nJ I inir the interests of their own domain? honest, thought I reflecting ? -hut much secluded by the very nature o the'ir noble and independent vocation, have com together for a better purpose than to crU^ ' 11 n,l condemn the tenlimenta and oplulong of others. 1 l assion and prejudice ?re loft behind to-day. 1' I Inst jnLnent, and kind emotions rule the hour. I You have come to examine and compare the productions the f lock and utensils ol your neighbor-, not to find fault I withth' in, but to improve your own; and I, hy your in vitation, have come among you to eojoy the neat 0., and with you to be gratified and inatructod. il is are markabfe^t that fn this country, >?; poses no restraint up.m labor or h?nocent mrtance 'the ori^matter of s'lUTrrfce is that'societies like other ci eat interests ef commerce and manutaoture* ivi* , Cn&nktSreof their ( pursuits cities and d?-nso communities, and, in tependent ot in 1 el.arahers of commerce and oorpovwe ^n. nlmoat daily and hourly intercourse, rhore is w'tn tnarn a continual ".mmunieatlon of thoughta, and taterchang ? of aentimcnta and opinions Mavevfal tacts are oliei^ und communicated with telegraphic rapi'UV- Are not these advantages moat important to t he two tionul interests to which I have adverted ttl ? thrive without them? Are they not, indeed, indispensa ble/ What but this interchange of thought, rivalry it I vou please, ot genius and invention, has whitened every M-awithyour canvassV What but this, let me ask ttt? distinguished gentleman (turning to Hon. J. I . K??ne<)>3r,i stnnoim: near nws upon th? platform, who recently p. sided over the Navy Itpavtment, lias made your ships as stanch and swift "as any which plough the waves o. tho 1 nan'' What hut this has given u vel n lty to your spin dles and a perfection to your fabrics wulch onab ? Ame rican manulaeturers to compete succoasfully with civilized world? And yet, let it be remembered, your pur Kuit ot agilculture is the basis, (ho torm-Ut oii. jiie on 1 > -nre support of both the others. Wuhout it their .hut ties would cease, uud their ships woulddecayat their moorings. Avery short crop throughout America fi>r a single year would not only cripple all the other .inter#- ? , hut it would seriously affe<t the emmeree of the wor d. 'lUe agriculturalists literiiUy feed and furnish th- mate rial Ot clothing to our busy millions at homo, and hast o sill ply the urgent want - ol sulTorlngmultitudesabroa when the voice of humMiity comc<to you over the 0 0. in. The cultivator ot the soil who does not realiie hese things live- unconscious of the true dignity ol bf caUtuir What agricultural societies have accom pu'ii'd cannot be computed, but I think it sate ui ^av tluit iu exainiuations und comparisons in stituted on such occasions as the present, in respert to the cultivation and gathering of crops, the wants or 1 farmer have teen cleaily diBclosed. invention has bee, stimulated, and the needed machine Prt?p,? ?r combination, has been discovered and pr.rduce. osoT v the want In proportion to tho numbers occupied, ^ science of agricultu.o is donWI-sj better un<fer?tood and the urt 11101 u skilfully piuetisisl iu some parts ol ?he ..hi world than in, the new: hut we are on the march, imp lied by th- energies of a .young Mid free |>onplc, with Mate agricultural Micieties leading the way, and they who wiU maintain the advance must content thoinselvjv with no slow movements. Meanwhile we may regard with just satisfaction ( ur improvement in machinery and utensils appliablo to hu bandry, some of which have gained such distinguished consideration at the great ex hlbitious in 1 uglaud aud l rance. Your vast territory, your central position, your climate, your soil jour ls ri lilies for reaching the great commercial mart* the boundless resources mineral wealth, contributing to your general power, impose upon the sterling populii tion of tf.e Keystone slate the duty of taking the lead In practical husbandry and in agricultural art and science. Nature and the events ef history have impose upon v?u .11 these respects, and in others responsibilities whi'h. Illidei the ? IO of lin.1 ?an e-t ,,p..n n?..ther .-late. You niv eountrvrnen of t'ennsylvania. cngtitute Hie ps litical eentie of this gloii-.u- l uion ot .States, in which v-u are an Imp. eg ..oic ? mpii- o ?< ol ;?hi:U you would be .'ill empire downed to wis . ! 1 s t action .iu<l oe ay How are these your grave re?|>onsibilities to be met How aretli. seyoui solelo.. dutie to be discharged " H ever 11.1 noble arch Of liberty ball be'.ill crumble, the era h of the Keystone will be the most fear ful and fatal? and it ought to be. can never touch the soil of I'lniisvlvau a wi'hout involuntarily recurring to the stirrii g incidents ?f her history wh.cti instea 1 or being shaded or obscured by time are inevitably, as years lion to be brought out inn stronger. cle?rer and more ab.rlou* light. Within her Ixirders the l^lara'ion of j independence was diafted, igi.ed and procUime.1 to the wcrl.i To the memorable e nventlon or the 1 lilted t<>lo 1 nice on the 1Mb. f June lTTi. h. declared, through be df>gates met In proiinciai conference, in favor or anso lute separation lion, the mother country. Within her botders the constitution ui.det which we live was framed adopted and signed by the ' Father ? f his cniin try' aud those a-sociates who e patriotic labo like hi- own. will neve, Ik- forgotten, though stu-na tures may fade aud parchm -nts perish. 0). how I"'111' tifully have the nralculn'ing courage and personal a scriileeg ol the fathers been requited W the children by the counties-^ rlmoi Wing- which that con.titutlon has so lavishly emterred ' lx> not, 5 ' convert it to purpo cs not embraced In lt", J not depart from ibe strict construction ol Its gran' d whiol. ha. secured sucl. harmonious action a.,d a decree oi progress, happine s and security, loeially .nd nolillcally, of which the history of nations 1 irnishes no example, no not lor a moment indulge the desire or harbor t'11 thought that you may enjoy th? j.rivilege" wliicli th. constitution coufers without according to each and ev. rr one of the sister Mate- or the eonftdera tion all the rl^lit- and immunities which it designed t < secure to them. As honorable men you cannot do it. yo lona as you are content to live under the compact, maintain it sacr.-dly In all Its parts, iu its let'er ^an in i s spirit. Without a cheerlul. practical obf dlenc to all its obligations the key stone. Ilrmly as it seem < t" be ,et may >.e shaken ..nd tn.nhle in its place lour rms't, however, is the best guaranty for the fu ture. from the .lays ,,t William i'enn, eminently ?1 iie?<e loving am a I^ace cultlvatii^j people vou have from no responsibility, and faltered Is fore w - danger which threatened our com. iro n country. Tlii- wa si?n#lW veriflel in the struggle of the He volution, in the war ol 18U, and in that la'er war when at the fir-*, blast of the summoning trua t your sons hastened to their weapons and forming thei.i. H ives in -enied .oium:.?. tendered more regiments t.? the republic than the government a proper repaid > natiiotic enrolment- in other States could consiaten-iy accent. But there is an. t her . lass deserving if poss - ble still higher prai?. . I mean the futhers of ti.o-?. gn lunt non?. the mt n ? own and ruhirate the lamj t * unobtrusive I nion ioviug law abiding agricultural com munity represented her# to day? -that great. al> omdi' t int<'re?t enparrd with which all other* are but fn tlons And now in conclusion, fellow citizen-, permit me ? ? -?v wherever lortnue may direct your f.^tatep- it will be'the sou: ee of jii-' pride that you hail ftom Perm ?vliania but individually your higheat pride and ?><? lie-t consciousness of security, at home or abroad will ,est in the tact that you ate an American citizen. Military Affairs Th<* fOlh Hogiinent, 1 <>1. K. Ryan. will , nra<)? for inapactlon and re?ie? '>n October lit i <>n thi* jmrade blue |*nt? will be worn, and the rank and file mn?t wmr kni?pt<.ick*. The folloirinf eingular otdcr h.m he'-n iitnued to the l^tli llejiment 12ih Rw;n??:?r. 4tu Bmi irn. V y. s. X. In acrortlarire <n II Uade <)i-lpr?. it*- UK R, nrn' will iMW?<lAnn th? fifteenth any ?t Oetoher t\ It, wi'h ftttgu? 'trent *i,rt owaoM*. The line will he !maM ni HU oVIock, A. M Feme# nN Will repori in ih- AilVam hv 14 minute < pv? ? n'i m'I . The eommandan' will lakn r, hi n mmutM p? i horlnrk, and the'ui will leave the (inaiid hi pre clwljr :,fi minute < |>a*t H o'clock. Ihe tteutHtent will proci^l to Ihe Re>l Host per Sceond nvi iiiie numad eaeh member will rrnne prepared r ? par hl? Itore which will he eollf *.! hf ihe en?d?rtnr? of the r ,?m. Ky n <ler "i R FRENCH Colonel. Thi? to the Hfht kind of A do iiment. and ?h?w? that ihe new Colcnel me<m? to nt?ke the roflment { un i tal. bUrinr W?n? y l?>ww? TO TBB BDITO* OF Tm w*w TOM ?***'-?' lB your journal ?f the 2M ? ",U** appeared respecting th. movement ??? "* Jr ,he ?u?picee of lh? N?w York Cok*? etto. - * , - explore the interior of Western Africa, for th- ???-*-? ? extending the civil end Chrt.t,ae i?.tKM?to-? rfu* r* public of liberia among *e h-Ul~ tr'^ " ,h*J direction. Inference ?? alae ?*>?? to .y ???" ? purpose# in behalf of thl* ntyeei. ? Wlllyou, therefore i pei.U ?e the rriv.Uge 1 a '* r^e in your colu?, for the forthet e.pfo~t>- el thin miwiion before the public ' . It irt -well known that tor eg*. ? J bwn a land of nn?urpe?s--d hu?*u tag*? *?<<"? light* of sci-nce. literature art. a?4 w** long vine. l**???tingutal-d h" ~~ *? r?, .. I . . ? the genius of civlli?*tlon and OuiatvanKy .ml* ?? M? ancient temple*, leaving her pojmletlea, '* -<????? ?? dredmtllioi.of.ouU, .ubjeeted to ? Um ? the wont bloody, .uperwtftto- and tem of social and dome-lk slavery, that thr ?" *? e\??r ^ItnesHed. The colony of liberia planted en her we -tern ??? * '?> American philanthropy. ?a- the first gaud ??*'? ' '*? of civil and Christian light to dark and bfoednf *' ? lir-t and only mission of true broths" ty ?.? ?' t "? evidence of permanent aa<l <nl?<ged r**' *? Al the African race, in fcer own l?M mi *nd th<o?gb >?? world. The Republic of Liberia -tend* t ? day U ? only p>> * ous civil, Christian and Independent "*? ??"' S ' h* negro race on earth; aadsi ' <h. n her well arj.,.. .? and efficient government, her virtuoue. nf- '.ligee *a happy cltiseni, comma*. th. eortRtem* ??' r* |* '? ' civilizod nations, while at (h. *au?- time ?b? i ? ' -e'ly demonstrate* the capacity and eligihill'.y ?t iw ? ? ' man to fieHom and aelf-govniwent. Her n'taro^ wherever felt in Africa, in lavorable to ax ial a? .. . .. improvement, and her telle* influenc- I* <al'-l " create and properly educate a turre t l-?ee u<i . ? patby renpecting our duty to the c?l?r??i ra? ? '??? country. ? , Liberia th?n, the great and legitimate accenH to Central Western Africa. And her mtelbge?' Chriatitn citl/cnii, t<? with correip"ml ng -vdorad pcrwna going there from thia country, compri-? the only appropriate :md reliable in.-trum n'al 'ie^ by who li U.< innitutiona of civilization and 1'1' " "g "' " L to be sue ceKufuUy iotroduci'tl lo the inillionw m mi ^ <1uty l-|?Wn. An ?ri,v. rwjlicy should do adopted, l it* >a .n i Ctaf relatione, in>liluti..uH and mlluenc^. ea- ? ? a d among the bettor heathen popnlation o> . ?* ' ?"? 1 ? 1 Halubi iou.H and healthy interior, tin* >??? )"?" b." 1 cherinhfd liope, n? well art the earned de-i.e oi U. ? ? higher civlliiol interior tribe*. Liberia as cv.'ry one known, i* citnaie.l > n lh> e > Central Western Atrica; its extent . ' i and (ettlement having now Ineiwiwd U? about -a '> dredmllw, while Jte depth or back wttJemrnt h.?; re mained lor yearn almost . Ulionary, and d.>e? u-t ei i U, i"y over from twelve to eighteen >mle*_a?.l o? r ja opened even thus ia. into tl.e Interior. ThU low r ^ ? seaboard h generally, an in all tromcal and . ^-i? - w? ?> ?? ?en rouKtH 1?'?h be?llliy ami i.rotiuctlvi* than U?? Ua % cMotry A high, healthy, fertile and "lubnou. u . eonnt ry, adapted to agricultural purposes, in '""''M -able to the growth md permanent oro*peiity of * hernelC, t.nd alike iudiapeneable to the encouraging inrt > cuee ot African eolot.iwition on the tree colored people >.1 thU country. The want of *uch baek country- tnte cor settlement*, affording Iruitful agricultural reHouroe*, aud Btimulating the proper entecprwe in cu ^vaiiog the abundant and valuable products of the country-..-* ' late greatly stagnated the progress and Tmpede.l the true prosperity of that intent republic, while at the "tme lim it 1ms cant a prejudicial Influence <iti our ordinary colo ni/ation work in this country. The time, tiierefore, has lully come when wc must encourage the opening of a healthy aud Iruitful back country to I Jberia? affording the only permanent basis of her true national greatness, and inducing voluntary emigraUou from this country , ot wc must cease our encouragement The thorough exploration of interior Western At ilea, directly east of Uberia, leading to the better ac.(U?ni tance with the geography of that country? It* soil, pro duction!., climate, and Inhabitants? the opening road* from the seaboard tack? conciliating the (MipuU lion, securing their friendship, arranging trea'y stipula tions tor the unncxatlon of valuable and contiguous territory ? the settlement of enterprising American colo nists on their own homesteads, more Interior? the.intro duct Ion of teachers and inUsionaries among the native people, aud more extended comment! relation* betwun the maritime town* of Uberla and the central region of Western Africa? comprise an Incalculable tm pittance to Uberla and prospective, and to th ereat colonisation intere-U of this country, involving ili? best hope ol the African race among us. .Such are the objects coiilemplateJ by our inn-l .n < t exploration to Western Africa, and not the establish ment of any new colony. We 1 >ok on the Hepoblie of Liberia prospectively? in the ages ol her fature grea nes ? as embracing within the aims ot her con: -de. a'e.t l -tate all of that vast, rich and beautiiul country -"Ml. U ot the (ireat ie-ert, north of the t.ulf aud west of ;t e water- and valley oftbeNige,. True, we pr?po,e Utile more than the simple initiatory step* In this g rea. ^an I iutereitlcg mission. The Board of Itunagori ot ? Vo k Colonization Society had tiiis whole nucstion under proper consideration; and, with all the facts betoie them, unanimously rc -< lved lo sanction and encourage such an undertaking, even In advance ot the ordinary poll, y the Colonization Society. ... , The Importance of such exploration was ?o deeply reli bv the friends of Liberia and colonization, that a toy years iigo, through the lnflnence of a Mate society, th? government so far gave Its encouragement to the Sssion that a distinguished naval ofu. er was ^ eat*1 f take charge of the survey. He repaired to Liberia, .ef fected his arrangements, awaiting the Ha".:,\"n o' ere.s hut to Ins dismay, and the humiliation of the friends of this cause, the bill ?t appropriation to the mis sion was lost in one house ol the national legislature, and Commander Lynch recalled. But shall the work be abandoned because our general government has jailed to do it ? Have net voluntary benevolent association", and even indhldual enterprise, often gone in advance .. either Church or Mate, in the promotion ol great and frequently very Important progie-slve movements'/ True, there are ' difficulties and danger* in the way , and so tbeie have always been to every good work. And not nnlreoiiently the more important the work the g<"c*t_ er the diflicullie* and dangeis in accomplishing it. It Afii.a is ever redeemed to t.od ? ir lilierla .ha s trie g.oal work expected at hei hand? this Brut progressive step eastward must be taken. Thon anls ol the friend* of that republic and ot African eolnni/atlon, both Nor ti and South . areu nirouB that this step should 1* Uked atonoe, andonly wonder that it ha.- U-ens^ long delayed. IheeiU zens of l ils;.ia pledge their co operation? the govern ment will give her patronage? the more elevated tribe* el the interior hove long oxpectod and requested the intto .luction of Libei-ian industry among them. 1 et not a few difficulties aud dangers Incident to r? ne t rating and -ettllng any new country discourage this too long neglected mission. It Is not acting nobly for Anglo Sr.xon confidence and enterprise to be nfral.l of danger, o. -lirlrk from diniciilty In the way of human I"""*?*"; Every dlffleulty and d:.nger should be du.y apprehen 1 ? and provided again*!. Chrlvtian lalth and perteveran e should meet tm- ob-tacles in the path of duty, however foi midable, and either remove or surmount them. As to myself 1 mav bo |iermittod to remark that, shonbl my life and health be preserved, and the lund n- e ^.V t'J commence and carry fo. ward this work be *. cured in ttm - to complete mv orrangement*, lliope to leave for Liberi i, on this mission to t he interior, in our Novemlwr emigrant ' 'Should the means not be -.Qcured in time to warrant the undertaking this fall, it will be deferrcl, and 1 shall continue the work of my agency till such time a* tb. re dipt- lor this missi.n will enable arrangements to tie . ffected as iar as possible, Insuring safety, efficien y and fn the meantime, contributions Rre soUclte*! In this mission, l'ersons wishing to communicate on this subject, or to remit donations, can address the nm'er -iened at tbeColonixation rooms. Bible House New \ ork city. All letters will be personally answered, and . on trlbutions duly acknowledged in the J?grnal. Agent New York Odonisation Society for 1'romoting Alri. an Exploration. >>w York, Sept. 24,1855. Murine Court. Before Hen. Judge Thump-on. LIABILITY 01 HOTEL KEKPKRtf KOK BOAKOEKS BAQ a aob. ."'ki t. 'JR. ? W ilcor r.>. Rartlrlt. ? The plaintiff i? th" as signee of Henry (5. de Burlo. "Die defendant 1* the pro prietor ?>f the Washington Hotel. No. 1 Broadway. On the 22d December last . Mr. de Burlo, on his arrival at tiii* city with n friend. from Trieste, stopped at the Wanh nglon. He occupied room No. 21, in which hit b*gg.ige, constating of a trunk ami two carpet bag*, depo?ited on the flay ot hi* arrival. About one o'clock of the name ii?y, with hi? friend he left hi* room with the door lock ed, went out into the city, ami returned again at about the hour of five I . M. He left the key of the room with the Itarkeeper before he left tile hotel. Upon hi* return he looked for hi* Key, ami not finding it, went tip to hi* room. Here he found hi* door unlocked, and the key in side. He aUo (tl'covercd that hi* own baggage, together with hi* lileud'*, had beeu btoken open, and the con tenr? strewn around upon the floor. He subsequently discovered that he had lost clothing to the amount of alxty-one dollars. and ten Kngli?h sovereign*. The whole Io?h amounted to nearly one hundre?l an! ten dollar*. Tlii action i* brought to Kcmer the iimnnnt of the Una. Tim*r?o\, J. It i? a ?ell nettled rule of law thrft inn keeper* are liable for the loss of property deposited i ! h them by tbeir guests, wbetiier the property be stolen or otherwise taken from their premise*, and whether they be tit fault or not. If i* their doty to take care of the property of the traveller. They are insurer* of th* pro. pertv, and are ?n?*erable for it* *ife keeping It m<ke* no difference whether tbe property cou*l*t* of money or merchandine, or mere ordinary baggage? th'ir liability I* tbe name. The law give* them a lien upon the good* of their guests tor the aatlafartlnn of their >-h*rge?. t?n the other nand, ft exact* from them a vigilant aateh over th< property of tho*e who entrn?t It to their care. Hie very moment n perwm become* the guest of an Inn. that moment the liability of the landlord attache* f.r the ? ubaetjueiit loa* of hi* gue^t'a rirotK-i ty, and the e i? no limit to the afttount of hi* llaMlity. Nothing bat the act of liod or public enemie. trill excuse him. I <n tertain no donbt but that de Burlo"* property w?? *tolen from the hotel of the defemlant, and that tbe latter should refund to the plaintiff n damage. Judgment *g<in t defendant for ?101? -*8. and cv*'*. ?? rkvek tm Party. TV mt-m rraakytortoa ekar,.h vhlrk kii juat beta naitit to My I ?tmt, Mar Um Ktgbtk ?mi. 4t4toat?<t "? <eedey, wttk tha u?aa) i?%'oaa e?r? MM. TV ??* **? ?" ?T ?*?*? *M SMk iata m( ?? m?iW?l to *V ?tMr"..a?. TW aaratoM atr? th? MM m Omm aaaally yrWuiaii OS aarh ?ili?<, iM * mi m*b (M 4>HmH kf Rot. Dr. W. W. rMI Hp* TW m?tn4 (nUnmd '??* kii tact (rw Carta - UtMas, I at < kaftar Wk aaJ -!?' vwaaa, fnm whin* to* tiT?i Vkal tha Umynl ?aa tha a?lf ?n> ?f 'Wktnaa '.?aa aa^ oaltaM^a Na ??*)( .?rli- utorly atlMml af h?MaB ? tha iMtrarttoa of tfca aatal ?a nitfiH iratfc mxfUUimi <k* Mr Jm?4 <* aaJaatou Mi ?( WU ia ila a. .tpta.-- " ,r?* *a ?*M, thai M >?^< to aaaatfaia* ?*?*?* a- rardlaf ta to <Mr> at lb a?* ft* ijp a >M bat an .1 I iharr aa* Ma Ml* (?a<?ta )rtw a?a?J ? tlw l*,ati M hjyaafa W-?a4 toan*' A* Uto .araalatoaa '4 V a* waa ? toa ? r -*J -'B'.aaMn a( toa Mwii ta> |Nm hr Um taatnr W. fti K. Dm > M fraM ahMh ?* .aian ?fca *?.!>??.?( toito:? Tha 'h.. rM aa* 4MM< la 4 -If, MM. at akaa* l? ?? a I M>?".l tMntf aM'a> ? a? tha* A* MMI ii? ka> haa la naiat to ?h ?a haMtrat. IV HW" af <MMr?a I i|M I >.i rnmdrlt w4 ?-'Jf TV ?k< fc . '? i ?4 ? .? <M?>taa aa? >a IV r?? a- ?* I ?<? aar a a > ?j^-'h aaaaaa ?M I< ?u #?<-? ?? ? 'mm I* a Twa ?* *aa -m aaaa ? ? Mai '?>' ??? 'w?mtf n ? * aa4 *a"ar. atieh ?a> a ativir* n ua a? ' -a f H? ah . h j.c: naa iV abmh m*> .?? a Um Jl? ?< Wi* "to* '*? M.I af tha iM ftaf a , diuf 1i " 1. ft?4 ?k< a ?? />. 4.^1. s ??* . 'Malo. 1 ? . ? i ; ? aa al Ua* at Mi' ?? ? ? ' <? ??'??aa -i ?*U'. ??* * t.a ??!'???.( 4i ? . t". .. ?1 . i- i,? -f'htl tka ? a;? If ?M-a? -i? fcaa-! ?-> "V to ?"*??! ai? al t?> afa>laM-bi . h t m M I ?4 ? iM-tuia na n aa4 lt? ? k r .?????* *a4 -a'.?a'i. Km ' ????..- !?????>' M?toa .?! a ?- .. a'iaf >?- hiiu- rat a* an Mm aa. ? an ??? ? ? at Jy a>..< -a? a?al). ??*-? ? TV T> ?Alii mt Ui< Ha l? Oytfa. MTMMMtM ????*i .? n 41 l? Til or MliVl* |V(H |IM> ?V fl)t UWIWU ? IP!' 1 to mm4 WiA M I# Ml V. t ? Tli. >a'lf ?> ? i>t t wai i? i'i'aa>a- T*? a ??i t k> A? f? ?'? ??.? | .'<?? an ? aa?i ? ' U? wtito? to Um ait. a?4t*?tor tor ai.?a -4 tl>r In -t ?a<t Wt -?tMr ar a ? a? -anr ?? in m fc? f^aiat^ ? ail* at'k kna la an a^'ma ? '? ar ? ? ? - ?!<??? i t tV m * ?taring Ml ' at t a ra it i? not y M<a la ir.., i, ? - ka ptaih't" - iv ?????. r ??*?>? ? a In n la t?n? torn a?4 I- , ? ?? iaa t ? > i??a . I ? -fc M I'latalilf- ' ??? a ? v> u r ?? a ||'1 III ill. Ii.laad ! ? . ? a ? ?* I '? I* ti lam aa- I ?l k i. . I ? ua ' ft a tiaa I--.BI ??. ?? t tat' a >?? a .? ? ,? M ( k'aar ?"*n ..t.i *IH It.aa fcy mh 4aw-a ? , .? .ito ? n np|?al \t inmai rr 1 ? tt'K >q^i Hm K??t ai.l ?? r?-ts a?? ta ?k ?i rn ????.(. -i ?? ? 'i ali?a tut wart la' <?r j*'t"faa ka? a'i'l al.m t ha Mia tract .^liai m**i a i. ?iaH. ai'l. Mar. ?a<. to 'XrtMtoat V rafifiiiiMt I' at|.?*? pmy Ik-i llmato a I tiilnk tt li ?'fbiaal ai'k ')m li -Ian ar to fcl- ? Oalfcr, Of ta Ji'tu laaf to tV a tl a au>t ra u ?r a|a-M i ayn raiant i.n ir a ?!? tti# a. ar aV. K 1 an ? a Itli tlM Jai|ga. tkat Uaa i-la a' " a i at 1 > toji iiim mi ll artiia ? rial >i fci ? ar t" than ikni van aa Jaa1 r >fkl ar MM TV j .(J*|||| ut ?ii.'iil.J a.4. li'.aiaiT V r-a -t t)i> fTi.bau, fur a? aa< li |Miuti aa* ?*??? aa i< trial. TV ayi'Uant .a?i?tol tfcat lk< ytola'i' emilil not rari'TiT tor tha ??>rai. aB IV a t? a it 0.4 ? ? ' ? ifKrat thai up'ia any "M-h fmia-t a- tk*< <tatot I) \ tirat Judpi., th> I'lamtil ?!?? .14 iurt ra?? var ?>.. alri a i f tin ha?l<i.B>1. Wkalh r tlia V. f-a V ?? na4? ti . cua tract juiatlyaitb "ll?n aa kw t* i?. I. M>t. aa taMMtarlM UM tV baa* ini4a V'?ta bt '!? fartia If ha alaiiad i<i rail aa tti* n m^nato' <4 V ')? mi tia? Kf a "titrar.-, t.r alrnull hair ?H up tha aa iato.|-i III bl? pli^rtli fa. Aimfiardt- ami wif> t- '4. fill' _f?>n ... n aer> prn|i?rlj Mn| ?i.ui Hixl uMk r tka -n.tu-. . .. U. t.l of t lift i a ii m*. (.Kit. U?> '.t > "O i ti. wn* any raHatiir ?*?>taa-ti thr mat >n? ?? -? t aa4 a? BM, tha o^mMm atMulil kaar i *aa aa>if tottoatfto JMm M Mittilag aapaaia bjf tV ratara -Ito* that tlivtawa* #U' li a xaiianr* An j. ? a Irai'tof liiiinp w?- |>r<<\rd l>r VtaK'Ua* tbatr.r . ||. thiit lii- h<i! ?iithi?it? ti. iiial.1- li I- i tin- !? ? i. ?. .. lip Iilwi prorni that M-n 111!* W<^a rami' r-*t in j. ai ? of thi- contract to (Ur full aim unt nt th? r- a- ??? I '. I Mt IMNl that any i-artiwraliip Ua4 t?"a f.-r I f '>? il. ftrrinnl with any <'th< r |< r?<a. it- <Ui< i?<t u. r. ?? to i uguKO the artlata f?r til* Bull A (.'<?. Mai. ?? an . Strakoaeh war* to be of Dm aaaipaay hat It ?i< a M Kh<ian thut itny j-attni ' lyn *?> i>a'-.'<t n " on -h contrary, tin' Uaaa aa* obfataad by Ik" <1 'aa " n < own nanus. Tlic ulaiotilT vaa aatitlmt t.. ? >? fc. i ir rvlcrs cl hi* wlfr. Thi- ju<L(ui?nt ? ti< i r it It cd Main riirull Con it. BILL OK LA III NO DKLIVKKV. (hf, 1.? 7 Tir SrhU'rur Jnn- rt. Jam " I.. /*? << ? V ? C. J.? The lit*! ?>? tiled in tiili aul' t?i Ms .<ve, h> * ? Of B p?rcl of good* r)>t| j?-d by lb* lirm o? V? .? 1 t !? i * (V in the schooner Jane, t?? Ntnturn V t . 4-.,. J. M. Ocoding, charging U?e ilali*ery of h- T".'- >>y the master. The decree ..I ti n cut! l-eto* ? and the libel Ji-misn <1 n ith ro?u, NAVAL 8TORKN ? PF.L1VKBV tHAli':. Jmat Smith atx! I'ttul //vi s rt //. ? .* a >? ' f H Wosum.? Nbmv C. J Thi- laa libel t. -i by ?: < W. Blossom to recover the value of a <, in'. :jr ??m ? The reain win. alilpfed at Wilmington \ C 0 a "I belonging to the defendant and eon- go i to lants. There were several ..ther con gnu o'- o Hame article. The ve'?ei nriivd the JOth May, 1W hauled over to Mitchlll'a yard at Brooklyn to ik cargo, where the different consignment* - re-. 1. wei ? livered. except that consigned to the li'mll .nt?. In. agent of Mitchill reluaed to permi* this nivnn ? be landed at the yard. Thn lllnllanU were u ,\i > . this by the master and were re.jnc'tod 'o en I 'njb e: to secure the resin from the wel. Th - they and requeued that it should lie delivered at a yard be longing to them-e'v. . la I 'ki abut a ?H? aod a half from Mitchill'a, or at wine otoerysrd there wit- ? 11a Mil i torrs were reeeired Hie master tlen ) < ? over to pier 2C, New York, (her own.) and r. .? < libellant of hi* readine to dellve the n ?in 1.' 1 1 they refuted. Reals la sot ptiiltled t* ?* j.*d in -h? cltv of New York. The m 1 >.< lighter* ton public yard in Brooklyn and n ? ! Hlieilai.tx, ana tendered the roreipt tor the d<-! <? y g, . ? at the yard, and demanded the freight iniliding ti. >1 1 penso 1 flight, mg. The llte llant* tendered ? excluding the ligliteiage, and demanded the r* n, * 0 wna refill sed. I think the court below erred. . n- jo. decree should be re; ??r-cd, air.l tin libel *'i ? * . costs. Vniltd States I>lat 1 let Court . I lot" re Hon. Judge Ing.r <41. CIJAKGE or OBSTEI'CTINO AS OFFICER IK 711* gXKU ? tion ok nis utrrv. Skit. 'J8. ? Thr I'nitil ,Staf.-t rt. 77i/.?na? !.? ri> ? i I ? was a prosecution against the defendan* Tli in* t". 1 ? ? harginghlin with obntructing 1'eter I?aw?on, an ln*p?- . of the t u?t? m flou'e, in tlie c-xccutr n of h" i'y nli. e on lioard the ahlp Devonshire, a? dl?"harg1og utt'er on the 15th day ofA. goat laat. The defendant, wuh ?mit other pernons wax enguged in a tight on !>?? d ^"d -h p on the day in <|Ue-tiott, while -he wax ili?eha./ 1 1 her pnxecngeri at the foot of pier No. 14 K??t ri -'"r and According to tlie ftutemont of Mr. |t?w?'iti, tiie <v>nd*nt flourished a hund-plke and afte. ward- hit 1 ?i (I??w-eri> on the head v. ith a utone. On the part of ti." deSendan! who was represented by M<^'rs. Rdmnn and B. J. Hl^nk man, a? hi* counsel, it was contended tliat the endaot had committed no offence kii"wn to any act of < '..ngi? and that If defendant was guilty of any offen'" * ?- ? ' nn assault and battery only, and that this o"nrt had no power or jurisdiction "to try such an "ffence and ths' the pniper piiiei' to try the defendant wn ina?rirniml court of the ^tate and not in the I'nited ?o'irt>, and that, therefore, the defendant was en'it!"d to a v?r diet of not guilty. The Court seemed to take the ><n? \i?w of the cause, and directed the Jury to r< nder a >er diet of acquittal which they did accordingly, <-nd tt.< prisoner was (Uncharged. The ComnUaaloiiera of Police. The 1'olice t ominis'lonerii mot on Saturday, wtih a fui. Mai calendar? preaent Mayor Wood and J'idge -ti art. Tlie caaa of Daniel I .inn was agnln p<'Stpon>- I cond i'-nally that it be diapoaed of at the next mei'tiiig. ?iev? rai other cases were also held over. The case of William Hathaway, Eleventh Uat let, wa trii i'., the cliargr l^eing that on the Oth Instant h>- d> manded $2 of a prisoner named John Noonan, ft>r servi to ha rendered, and asked for and received a silver watel In lit* thereof. A market runner wa* put on '.he stan i tor defence. He awore that the money was * kid for 00 his account, he having visite I some friend- of Noonan to pm cure the pajment of $10 fine. ? tn the otb?r tun ', it ?? * fated that no mention had been ma<\e .fa -< n l party but that the money waa asked and the watch g'v?n Se van! witnesses weie heaid on both aides. William t.orman. Fourteenth ward, e) arged w 'h til j treating Mary Ooinn 1 bile in his eustixty. ,?p|? 4,-e<l b.t wa* not fur trial, i'oatponed accor.iinirfy i'hilip Kiicy, Tenth district wa? calle ' oa, 'bargsl with ca lling Al'.nro Jordan a thief, I afer and sua uf a b? . Witne aes t'.r defrnee lieingon an excursion, thccaee wa held over. >?mnel l ellernian. Fourth district charged with 'ailing William '.ilmartln ' a d thief," and w th th tatea ing to club him. on the evening ot i.'ttft faptembt. (lev < ral Israel tc. nnpeare.! ..n the taud and tri" i ?? jaatify I .iefeadant. as fhey had themaelVi'S ?u?piei ns .f th character : nd intent of tha young man .in. I opi nions. t'oinplainrint aripear'"'! also, and gt .e a -uli (h. toiy account of himself. John Daltou. liantanant first .'.IsV l, wa" nett tried, charged with disobedlcaaa aferdea wiUihaiing era?rd and altered ? riting in the miMta Iniofc nl the sta j tien, and with negleeting to relieve l. ia.' nan; ?'nod graa?. Oal) 1 ne witne*" t?a< .jllH to ha . -hat l?al . n ?a< in the light, or ra'her, to ale w ho h it. -rot saed r 'ain impr. . ati.rv remarks, as rharg's). ) ra lefen e. IMI 'on allege . that .'l|lii%ia?? Was glupid. .? d e<> i t not aatfaratand ibe telegraph, and wa* eoaataatsr aer.Uag th^ station into diareputa An entire aeetli n of the Klrst dictrltt wa? ! ?n h id o -, cluirgi^l by Caplaln Haljin wlih negh : J luty n not promptly reiairtlng Ihenisi lve I nl ? tire in ij . I rtraet. (*?? liea rd and dismissed, aftar a long ????rili ed ro?s (ire of word*, which "howed the ladependea e nf rt i?ad the member , of the Plrat ward poliea, who Arelr n in !v n.aking mmplalata the on.- ags n d tfea oti it, 'nu* lieMlngUie district in a e.,n-:ant b rie ut. 7 he Hon 1 d then adjcurtuJ.